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Description: In This Issue: Well-baked, What's for Breakfast?, Special Repot: Gluten-free Industry Update

V EX ISIT BO P U OT O W S H E AT 1 ST 41 9 Go to edenfoods for info about this advertiser Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser Spring 2015 VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 Page 10 Page 12 In This Issue 3 Editor s Page 6 In the News 10 Well-baked Innovative and improved gluten-free breads and flours now taste more like their wheatbased counterparts. 12 What s for Breakfast The gluten-free breakfast market is continually growing and expanding offering consumers more options and on-the-go meals. 16 Special Report Gluten-free Industry Update Consumer interest appears to have abated at least based upon Google searches. 19 New Gluten-Free Products 20 Advertiser Index 2 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 EDITOR S PAGE Customer Appreciation any Ameri cans think we are an overly litigious people--quick to sue which is often perceived as an attempt to escape individual responsibility by blaming someone else. But I disagree. Sometimes it just makes sense to fight things out in a court of law and let a judge and jury decide what is right at least legally. However when I heard about the lawsuit brought against a popular restaurant--P.F. Chang s for allegedly violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with higher pricing for gluten-free items--I too thought it was over the top. The lawsuit is seeking compensation for all diners with celiac disease or gluten intolerance that ordered items from P.F. Chang s gluten-free menu in California during the past four years. The restaurant has been voted the second most allergyfriendly restaurant in America by Allergy Eats with its 18-item glutenfree menu and its special plates just for gluten-free diners. The lawsuit does state that on average gluten-free items cost 1 more than their regular-menu counterparts. But doesn t it make sense to charge a slightly higher price considering that restaurants bear a financial burden for the employee training and other accommodations that are required to serve meals that are safe for those with celiac disease Not knowing for sure I contacted Ronald Taylor for his opinion. Taylor a partner with Venable LLP heads the firm s Maryland Labor and Employment Practice Group and is well-versed on the ADA. He pointed out that Lesley University in Cambridge and Boston MA settled a case brought by the U.S. Department of Justice claiming that by not accommodating gluten-free diets and safe food for those with food allergies the school was violating the ADA. But the case with the restaurant is not the same Taylor said. We still M don t know if celiac disease would qualify as a disability under the ADA and Taylor also noted that not all who order from the gluten-free menu have celiac disease. The Department of Justice has said public accommodation doesn t have to subsidize eating habits. Further charging a few dollars more for gluten-free menu items would not be considered unreasonable and would not significantly impair one s ability to eat at the restaurant. In Taylor s opinion this case has no toes much less legs he said. If the court agrees it will be relief to many who follow a gluten-free diet and who appreciate restaurants that responsibly serve gluten-free fare. K.C. Pomering founder of the GFree Foodie website and database who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009 said when she read about the lawsuit she thought Somebody should do something to support gluten-free brands. That thought quickly became I should do something to support gluten-free brands. So I did she told me in an email. In response she initiated DineGF. Between February 7-15 2015 she asked participants to post photos of themselves their food friends or whatever they wanted with the hashtag DINEGF on social media sites. She even put up 200 of her own cash to send gift cards to the best DINEGF posts. I prefer not to call attention to the lawsuit Pomering said but instead focus on our efforts to highlight safe GF (gluten-free) dining options and the people providing them she explained. In short as a food and wine professional for over a decade I understand the effort and associated costs to provide safe gluten-free meals in a restaurant setting and when restaurants go to the trouble of doing so and feel the need to cover their costs I feel cared for not discriminated against. As for the retailers of gluten-free products I agree with Pomering--the focus shouldn t be on the lawsuit. The big takeaway here is the appreciation and even passion that your glutenfree customers feel for the people and businesses that help improve their lives. It shouldn t be underestimated. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Roy Kieffer Sales Manager RoyK Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Independent Glenn Dulberg Sales Representative GlennD Editor Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Shari Barbanel Editor ShariB Assistant Cristina Goodwin Editor CristinaG Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Contributing Writers Tricia Ryan BA BSc MBA Circulation Yoko McSweeney Manager General VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 E-mail info Web Site President Daniel McSweeney DanM Mission Gluten Free Retailer magazine is dedicated to providing information for and about the gluten-free products industry in order to foster growth understanding and education. Gluten Free Retailer is a supplement of Vitamin Retailer that s published by Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc. 431 Cranbury Road East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. Printed in the USA. Gluten Free Retailer Subscription Customer Service Gluten Free Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 3 ADVERTORIALS EDEN Pocket Snacks A perfect snack for any pocket nine varieties of the finest nuts seeds and dried fruit that can be found in single serve packets. Low sodium no refined sugars sulfites or chemical additives. Gluten free. Visit us at or call (888) 424-3336. Reg-Activ Cardio Wellness Essential Formulas is proud to introduce Reg Activ Cardio Wellness. This innovative formula pairs known cardio nutrients with a patented heart-healthy probiotic strain. Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 actually boosts antioxidant glutathione levels in the cardiovascular system. The blend supports the integrity of the endothelium and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range. Other formulas in the line will include Detox & Liver Health and Immune & Vitality Support. Call (800) 430-6180 visit and stop by booth 1562 at Expo West. Organic Fudge Brownies So Good You Won t Believe They re Gluten-free Living Now offers tasty and convenient ways to offer affordable gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods without sacrificing flavor or quality. With wholesome ancient grains flours and delicious baking mixes Living Now is big on flavor but made without the eight major common allergens including wheat nuts soy dairy eggs and fish. All products are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) certified gluten-free and kosher and many are certified organic as well. Their Gluten-Free Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix is one of the most delicious brownies you ll ever eat glutenfree or not. Made with premium organic cocoa for a rich dark chocolate taste it s hard to believe these decadent treats are gluten free and made without eggs milk or butter. For more information visit Ultimate Whole-food Supplements North American Herb and Spice provides the ultimate source for whole food supplements to individuals seeking optimal health and wellness. All of our products are gluten free and we can ensure that no cross-contamination takes place at any level throughout the manufacturing process. You can always ensure the rawest wild and nutritionally dense chemical-free whole food plant sources in the world are used with minimal processing. North American Herb and Spice always offers you something special and you can be confident the company cares for the health of every individual. We are dedicated and passionate about supplying the best food nature has to offer while using ecological fair trade and sustainable methods. 4 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT RETAILERS GFR s Upcoming Issue Highlights Summer Fall Winter 5 4 15 ad closing 8 4 15 ad closing 10 5 15 ad closing Gluten-free Snacks Expo East Bonus Distribution Best Gluten-free Product Awards Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 107 e-Mail GaryP IN THE NEWS Study Celiac Disease Does Not Increase Consultations for Fertility Problems omen with celiac disease present with fertility problems no more than women in the general population according to a new study in Gastroenterology the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association. Despite inconsistent findings from small studies concern has been raised that celiac disease may cause infertility said lead study author Nafeesa N. Dhalwani PhD from the University of Nottingham U.K. Celiac patients should rest assured our findings indicate that women with celiac disease do not report fertility problems more often than women without celiac disease. Researchers conducted a large population-based cohort study analyzing more than two million women of childbearing age in the U.K. to compare the rates of new clinically recorded fertility problems in groups of women with and without celiac disease. The findings showed that women with celiac disease do not have a greater likelihood of fertility problems either W before or after diagnosis of celiac disease. However rates of infertility were 41 percent higher among women diagnosed with celiac disease when they were 25-29 years old compared to women in the same age group without the disease. Dhalwani provided guidance on these findings It is important to recognize that this represented only a very small increase in the number of women consulting with fertility problems--if we followed women between ages 25-29 years over a one-year period presentation with fertility problems would occur in one of every 100 women without celiac disease but in 1.5 of every 100 women with celiac disease. The fact that this increase was not seen in women of the same age with undiagnosed celiac disease indicates that it is unlikely to represent a biological impact of the condition on fertility. It may instead be related to heightened concern that may prompt earlier consultation if women experience delays in conception. This does however warrant further assessment. While undiagnosed celiac disease is likely to be an underlying cause of unexplained infertility for some women these findings indicate that most women with celiac disease either undiagnosed or diagnosed do not have a substantially greater likelihood of clinically recorded fertility problems than women without celiac. Therefore screening when women initially present with fertility problems may not identify a significant number of women with celiac disease beyond the general population prevalence. Previous studies associating infertility with celiac disease included small numbers of women attending infertility specialist services and subsequently screened for celiac disease so they may not be representative of the general population. This is the largest study to assess the association between celiac disease and fertility problems to date with data on more than two million women over a period of 20 years. For more information visit Boulder Brands Partners With Pizza Hut to Launch Gluten-free Pizza B oulder Brands Inc. (Boulder CO) has announced a partnership between Udi s a division of Boulder Brands and Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut will launch two varieties of gluten-free pizzas cheese-only and pepperoni using Udi s signature crust in 2 400 locations nationwide. Pizza Hut Gluten-Free Pizza will be co-branded with the Udi s name and Pizza Hut will be the first major pizza chain to sell a pizza prepared with procedures that have been certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). This is a great day for the glutenfree consumer said Stephen Hughes CEO of Boulder Brands. Udi s is proud to team up with Pizza Hut and the Gluten Intolerance Group to ensure the needs of this community are well-represented so they can enjoy the simple pleasure of ordering a pizza. GIG partnered with Pizza Hut to develop customized procedures for preparing the pizzas inside Pizza Hut restaurants. Ingredients will be kept in a designated Gluten-Free Kit inside each restaurant and all team members preparing the gluten-free pizza will wear gloves bake the fresh-toorder pizza on parchment paper and use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter. We partnered with the mostrespected names in the gluten-free community to develop a best-in-class pizza for those looking to limit gluten in their diet said David Gibbs glob- al CEO Pizza Hut. Our gluten-free pizza has all the flavor America has come to expect from a Pizza Hut pizza which is why we are thrilled to add this great pizza to our lineup. For more information visit or glutenfree. 6 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 University Of Chicago Receives Gluten-free Accreditation T he University of Chicago (UChicago) has received certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group s (GIG) Gluten-Free Food Service (GFFS) Accreditation Program for its medical center and campus food service operations. The designation makes UChicago one of three medical centers in the United States to carry the accreditation and the only academic institution to do so for both its hospital and campus facilities. The GFFS designation the leading such program in the world certifies that University of Chicago Dining Services staff are equipped to safely prepare and serve gluten-free meals and food items to inpatients in the Center for Care and Discovery Mitchell Hospital and Comer Children s Hospital visitors at the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM) outpatient clinic and students and visitors at the Cathey Dining Commons. The effort was spearheaded by the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center which is an international center of excellence that conducts research and provides comprehensive treatment diagnosis and education for both adult and pediatric patients with celiac disease. Our center has long been known for its expertise and leadership in research and diagnosis of celiac disease but just as important is being able to walk the walk when it comes to its treatment the gluten-free diet said Carol Shilson executive director of the Celiac Disease Center. We are thrilled that the campus has now followed the hospital s lead in providing best-in-class tasty safe and reliable food for those with celiac disease. UChicago Medicine Dining Services provided by Aramark began the certification process when Aramark took over as the medical center s food service provider in April 2014. Gluten-free meals for the medical center s three inpatient facilities are prepared in a dedicated kitchen with separate equipment and food storage areas. In the gluten-free kitchen all ingredients are carefully screened and verified with vendors and staff members are trained to safely prepare meals and avoid potential cross-contamination with any food items that may contain gluten. Inpatient floors in the three hospitals and the outpatient procedure areas are also stocked with gluten-free items for patients who need to take medications with food or need something to eat after a medical procedure. As part of maintaining the GFFS certification licensed dietitians conduct ongoing quality control monitoring for all food preparation activities. Inspectors from the GIG also conduct periodic unannounced visits to evaluate procedures and provide guidance. For more information visit or Go to frey for info about this advertiser GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 7 SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM IN THE NEWS Clif Bar Transitioning LUNA to Gluten Free C lif Bar (Emeryville CA) has announced that it is taking the entire LUNA family gluten free and introducing a new flavor Chocolate Cupcake to the portfolio. The new bars will still provide women the same great taste and nutritional benefits they have come to know and love but now are gluten free. We recognize that some women were not able to enjoy LUNA bars because of gluten sensitivities or celiac disease said Tara DelloIaconoThies RD manager of nutrition strategy for LUNA. We re thrilled that we can now share our bars with all women--it s just one more reason to fall in love with LUNA. In 2010 LUNA introduced its first gluten-free option LUNA Protein which was immediately embraced by the gluten-free community. Since then LUNA has been on a two-year journey to make the transition to an entirely gluten-free portfolio taking care to preserve the bar s taste quality and nutrition and ensuring the ingredients meet Clif Bar & Company standards. The gluten-free ingredients in our new bars are sourced from our trusted farm suppliers explained DelloIacono- Thies. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are sharing the highest quality products with our consumers. As LUNA transitions its bars to gluten free be sure to look for the bright pink gluten-free burst on wrappers and boxes. For more information visit P.F. Chang s Sued for Gluten-free Upcharge nna Marie Phillips filed a lawsuit in Santa Clara County Superior Court on December 9 2014 against P.F. Chang s China Bistro Inc. (Scottsdale AZ) for discrimination and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. According to Legal Newswire the suit claims that P.F. Chang s charges 1 extra per gluten-free item while regular menu items do not have the surcharge. Legal Newswire reported that the lawsuit is seeking class action status claiming that over the past four years more than 3 000 people in 39 states A have been affected at P.F. Chang s 204 restaurants. Phillips claims that the gluten-free diet is medically necessary for those with celiac disease and those who eat at P.F. Chang s are forced to pay higher prices for gluten-free dishes even if the dishes they order are naturally gluten-free. Phillips noted that this constitutes discrimination against consumers who have celiac disease and gluten intolerance and that the added surcharge is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Phillips seeks an immediate injunction against any further surcharges on gluten-free items civil penalties compensatory damages and punitive damages. Groove Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches Recalled G reat Feeling Foods LLC (Portland OR) has issued a voluntary recall of all Groove Gluten-free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches produced between May 16 2014 and December 20 2014. These products contain custard ice cream base produced and recalled by Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream Inc. as an ingredient. This custard ice cream base has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children frail or elderly people and others with weakened immune systems. Although healthy individuals may suffer only short-term symptoms such as high fever severe headache stiffness nausea abdominal pain and diarrhea listeria infection can cause miscarriages and stillbirths among pregnant women. Groove Gluten-free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches were distributed to and sold in various retail outlets in Western and Central Oregon and Southwest Washington. No illnesses related to the consumption of Groove Gluten-free Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches have been reported to date. Great Feeling Foods LLC learned of the potential health risk from the Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream Inc. recall notice dated December 24 2014. This voluntary recall is being made with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For more information call (503) 329-2750. WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 8 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER Nexvax2 Selected as Top 10 Autoimmune Anti-Inflammatory Projects to Watch I mmusanT Inc. (Cambridge MA) a company focused on restoring tolerance to gluten and overcoming the need for gluten-free diet in patients with celiac disease announced that its immunotherapy Nexvax2 has been selected by Informa for its annual list of Top 10 Autoimmune Anti-Inflammatory Projects to Watch. Nexvax2 is a therapeutic designed to restore immune tolerance to gluten in patients with celiac disease that could eventually allow them to enjoy a diet containing gluten. The adjuvant-free immunotherapy is comprised solely of three gluten-derived peptides in saline that are responsible for the immune reaction that causes celiac disease. We believe the recognition Nexvax2 has received as one of Informa s Top 10 Autoimmune Anti- Inflammatory Projects to Watch testifies to the strength of our therapeutic platform and commitment to improving the lives of patients with celiac disease said Leslie Williams president and chief executive officer of ImmusanT. Currently the only treatment for celiac disease is the elimination of gluten from the diet which is a difficult regimen for patients to maintain. Nexvax2 is the only disease-modifying treatment in development that seeks to tolerize or reprogram patients immune systems to tolerate gluten. If Nexvax2 proves effective in the clinic it has the potential to establish a new precedent for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Nexvax2 is effective in patients who carry the HLA-DQ2 immune recognition gene which accounts for as much as 90 percent of the global celiac disease patient population. Early clinical trials have so far proven promising with Phase 1b trial results demonstrating clear proof of mechanism and Phase 2 trials expected to begin in 2015. ImmusanT is also developing a companion diagnostic to diagnose celiac disease non-invasively and identify patients that are likely to benefit from Nexvax2 as well as a standalone blood-based diagnostic for celiac disease. For more information visit or SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 9 By Janet Poveromo or many reasons from celiac disease to gluten intolerance to the paleo lifestyle trend and best-selling books such as Wheat Belly and Grain Brain people are choosing to remove gluten from their diets. Therefore the market for gluten-free foods is booming said Jason May owner of California-based Great Low Carb Bread Company. In fact by 2020 the market is projected to be valued at 23.9 billion U.S. The company sells a number of paleo items which are both gluten free and low carb. These items continue to do well for us and we are responding to these sales trends and customer demand by continuing to develop new SKUs to add to our paleo line. The market for gluten-free breads and flours is experiencing robust growth and has mainstreamed more quickly than categories that start as specialty foods usually do agreed Category Manager David Rosenberg with Illinois-based Living Now. With this comes a broad range of quality with some products being nutritious nat- F ural offerings and others being relatively less nutritious because of certain ingredients such as an excess of sugar or sodium. Products have become more innovative with a wider variety of offerings and improved formulations that are closer in taste to their traditional wheat-based counterparts. Alfredo Avila president of DeLand Bakery & DeLand Natural Market in Florida said the company has also seen significant growth in gluten-free products. DeLand Bakery can confirm these statistics from their store sales at DeLand Natural Market 30 percent of all daily purchases are gluten-free products. The interest is broad Avila added. We are noticing more people many Baby Boomers interested with their health and well-being especially with health care cost increasing. With mass media reporting the benefits of good eating habits and exercise we are also seeing an increasing trend of young people between 18 and 30 years of age that are generally concerned with what they put into their bodies. Market Impact Peggy Sutton founder and president of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. in Alabama said where gluten-free flours and breads are concerned she believes the biggest positive impacts made in recent years include taste and variety. Many manufacturers have figured out how to make great tasting breads and baked goods with a variety of gluten-free flours. In fact To Your Health offers 11 different sprouted gluten-free flours and 18 additional sprouted grains legumes seeds and other products she said. This year the company plans to introduce gluten-free baking mixes. In addition seeing more paleo items enter the market has been a positive change said May. To me this is an indication that people are not only eliminating their gluten intake but they are lowering their sugar consumption as well. And more awareness of food sensitivities by the public has certainly impacted the market as well. Food sensitivities can manifest in subtle ways that are difficult to diagnose so many people have turned 10 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 to elimination diets to see if that helps Rosenberg pointed out. Because of the wide visibility of gluten-free diets and rapid expansion of available products consumers find it relatively easy to explore gluten-free diets to see if they feel better. From mainstream and natural food labels and supermarket shelf talkers to restaurants offering gluten-free menu items to articles in mainstream press and even comedians making jokes on late night television awareness of gluten-free diets is nearly universal. Trends in the market for glutenfree items cover the gamut of allergy friendly lifestyle diets and more. Now many manufacturers are participating in or considering non-GMO (genetically modified organism) status for their products noted Sutton. Certified organic products like To Your Health s products already meet this criteria but for conventional products non-GMO certification seems to be a way to increase sales and maintain low product prices. The cost of purchasing organic ingredients and obtaining maintaining organic certification may not be a feasible option or even an entertained option for some conventional manufacturers. And since those who are sensitive to gluten can also have other food allergies manufacturers are seeing more brands eliminate other potential allergens from their foods Rosenberg said. Consumers are looking for products such as Living Now that are made without soy eggs dairy peanuts and other allergens to accommodate their specific dietary needs. Along with these demands consumers are also looking for healthier options with natural ingredients but still expect a greattasting product. The variety of products hitting the market continues to expand but clean labeling is becoming a higher priority said Rosenberg. This means non-GMO ingredients no artificial colors or preservatives and more organic options. At To Your Health the company s product line has increased largely as a result of customer requests. However Sutton said the company also looks at very popular items in the market place and ask whether or not sprouted versions would be favorably accepted. The company s newest sprouted gluten-free products include rolled oats cornmeal corn grits popcorn a variety of sprouted seeds and almonds and a baking mix. Mastering Manufacturing Quality and Cost It can be a challenge formulating healthy nutritious products that taste good and are easy to work with but it can be done with time expertise and commitment. For Living Now we looked at favorite foods like pancakes and brownies and found ways to take out bad or questionable ingredients and make natural mixes that are made without gluten and other common allergens and are non-GMO Rosenberg said. Most importantly these products had to taste great. A chef rather than scientists created our products and we think our Living Now mixes taste even better than the conventional ones containing gluten. In fact we get that type of positive feedback at the gluten-free shows we sample at. In addition people who have gluten sensitivities typically have other food sensitivities as well so making them without common allergens in a dedicated facility better serves the consumer but again that takes expertise and commitment. Avila said that considering the robust gluten-free growth DeLand Bakery s concern is supply and demand. With the demand of gluten-free products comes competition for the best quality raw materials he noted. When I mention the quality we use non-GMO grains so the competition will be fierce. DeLand Bakery is interested regarding the gluten-free product line in using the best ingredients we can buy when producing a delicious and nutritious product Avila continued. We would like to see more growers produce more certified goodquality grains and raw material so we can continue to grow and produce our product range. At Great Low Carb Bread Company May said the company strives to bake high-quality products using all natural and non-GMO ingredients without adding all sorts of inexpensive and low-quality junk fillers that raise sugar content. We have been perfecting our baking formulations for over a decade and I believe this experience helps drive our success. Sutton agreed that manufacturers have cleared the taste hurdle but that there remains the challenge of making finished products that contain clean more healthful ingredients to truly impact the glutenfree market in a positive way. To Your Health provides its organic whole grain true-sprouted products to many manufacturers of gluten-free products who are becoming the backbone of a possible new paradigm shift to products with ingredients you can pronounce and that make a difference to the ever-growing more discerning food shopper she said. Along with finding the best raw materials there is the issue of the cost of glutenfree products. You can always fine-tune the production side of the process with new equipment and working procedures Avila noted. Deland Bakery strives to manufacture the highest quality product accompanied by its certification and to pass down healthy nutritious products to the consumer for the best price. Healthiest Options Health benefits for celiac sufferers and other people with gluten intolerance are obvious. Gluten has been linked to immune system issues leaky gut syndrome as well as other ailments. Recent studies done by the American Journal of Gastroenterology showed that many people who don t have celiac disease are still abiding by gluten free diets for the overall health benefits. (Continued on page 14) New Gluten-Free Variety Authentic Foods Steve s GF Flour Blend is the only gluten-free flour on the market that contains no binders such as xanthan gum or guar gum according to the California-based company. Steve s GF Flour Blend mimics wheat with it special high-fiber formulation and the result is a true fast-rising dough that creates the texture of bread without any binders or grittiness. Authentic Foods new variety can be used to create delicious tasting baked goods and pastas including ravioli croissants pretzels and more. Plus recipes utilizing this new flour blend will contain more fiber than traditional baking products making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a healthier diet. GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 11 SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM What s for Breakfast The gluten-free breakfast market is continually growing and expanding offering consumers more options and on-the-go meals. By Cristina Goodwin ccording to the Journal of American Dietetic Association breakfast has been labeled the most important meal of the day and the journal published the article Breakfast Habits Nutritional Status Body Weight and Academic Performance in Children and Adolescents supporting this claim. The article noted that people who eat breakfast generally consumed more daily calories yet were less likely to be overweight. And evidence suggests that breakfast consumption may help cognitive function in relation to the memory test grades and school attendance in children. Breakfast as part of a healthful diet and lifestyle can positively impact children s health and wellbeing the authors wrote. We advocate consumption of a healthful breakfast on a daily basis consisting of a variety of foods especially high-fiber and nutrient-rich whole grains fruits A and dairy products. In addition to breakfast supporting a healthy jump-start in the morning it has helped people shed pounds by waking up their metabolism after the early-hour meal. This can lead to consumers actively paying attention to all of the health benefits that breakfast can offer. However not everyone can consume the appropriate daily foods specifically for breakfast such as whole grains and dairy. In fact breakfast has arguably been one of the most challenging meals in the gluten-free market. Most cereals together with other traditional breakfast items such as pancakes waffles muffins and toast are all typically full of gluten said Leo Griffin CEO of California-based Artisan Bistro. There are hundreds of blogs recipe pages and websites dedicated to helping people on a gluten-free diet live happily without wheat rye and barley all which contain gluten proteins. The gluten-free market has been on a rising path growing nearly 35 percent over the past few years explained Griffin. Manufacturers and retailers noticed a trend with consumers they were seeking other options especially when it came down to the most important meal of the day. We believe the gluten-free trend has also been influencing the breakfast category he said. This can be the most challenging for consumers on a gluten-free diet because they usually have to prepare their meals themselves which can waste time. Mornings are often incredibly busy getting ready for work and getting kids fed and off to school. According to 2014 SPINS data the total category of gluten-free breakfast foods generated more than 13 billion dollars in sales with an average growth rate of approximately 15 percent. However it is important to realize that 12 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 this number includes many naturally GF (gluten-free) products like yogurt cheese and even coffees and teas noted Anne Lee EdD RDN LD professionals manager for New Jersey-based Dr. Schar USA Inc. The real GF category growth is closer to 30 percent growth rate with 2 billion in annual sales she said. The now wider range of gluten-free cereals is seeing growing demand for quick breakfast foods such as mini pastries burritos and even breakfast bowls Lee added. These items are geared to provide the GF consumer the convenience of meals that fit a graband-go lifestyle. So the response is very positive. In addition manufacturers are now accommodating consumers who are looking for foods with higher protein content for example eggs and breakfast meats in breakfast foods that are also nutritious and convenient. Breakfast Alternatives A person s first thought in the morning is often coffee. Before sitting down for breakfast or even when in a rush coffee--as well as tea--drinkers enjoy a morning blend to wake them up. The coffee alternative category is growing at 12 percent and Teeccino is leading that growth at 20 percent in 2014 said Caroline MacDougall CEO of California-based Teeccino Coffee. In fact Teeccino is the top-selling coffee alternative brand in the U.S. with more than a 50 percent share of the market. Teeccino offers gluten-free coffee because coffee has been shown to be cross-reactive with gluten and can aggravate gluten intolerance symptoms MacDougall noted. Its coffee offers a rich full-bodied flavor that delivers all the satisfaction without the caffeine or acidity of coffee. Teeccino s Dandelion Herbal coffee is certified gluten free and is the only coffee alternative that is 100 percent barley free the company stated. The brew is avail- able in Dark Roast Caramel Nut Vanilla Nut and Mocha. In addition tea drinkers can steep its herbal teebags. In addition to beverages Teeccino also offers TeeChia Sustained Energy Cereal a great sit-down breakfast alternative for people on a gluten-free diet. When people switch to eating certified gluten-free cereal they find that most brands are loaded with sugar and made with refined grains and starches that don t provide enough nutrients MacDougall said. Teeccino s cereal is made with six organic super seeds chia flax quinoa amaranth ramon and pumpkin. It can be served hot or cold and provides morning-long energy. According to Griffin beyond the obvious health benefit of being gluten free Artisan Bistro s breakfasts are made with cage-free egg whites that support lean muscle and keep you fuller longer. They all contain phytonutrient dense organic vegetables like kale bell peppers and eggplant so we re definitely helping our consumers to start their days off right he said. The company s secret is to provide gluten-free foods without compromising flavor. Our new line of gluten-free Beyond Breakfasts were not only created to give the frozen food aisle a facelift but we ve elevated our taste profiles with bold spices to create a delicious meal for the nearly 40 percent of consumers looking for international flavors in their foods Griffin said. The idea that consumers have to sacrifice taste to follow a healthy gluten-free diet is one that Artisan Bistro absolutely rejects he added. The company s mission was to make delicious nutrition-rich meals with every single serving frozen meals and bowls balanced with the best sources. We use a lively mix of organic herbs and spices together with ingredients frozen at the peak of their freshness and combine them into authentic regionally inspired dishes that are bursting with great flavors Griffin said. Dr. Schar USA s Lee agreed that manufacturers are always striving to make the best quality product from a taste texture and price point of view. The company carry s frozen breakfast bagels that contain no gluten wheat or lactose that are perfect for the gluten-sensitive consumer. The Gluten-Free Frozen Start the Morning with Gluten-free Juice Whether people prefer orange cranberry or grapefruit juice is a sweet way to get essential vitamins. Consumers on a gluten-free diet would most likely be safe when sipping a cup of orange juice however brand name companies are not always 100 percent gluten free. And it gets trickier when you start to consider juice drinks which usually contain only a small percentage of actual fruit. These products are more processed (which increases the risks for gluten cross-contamination) and may even include gluten-containing ingredients such as barley sometimes used as a sweetener. has provided a list of companies that ensure their products are gluten free. Dole. Dole makes numerous canned and chilled juices plus frozen juice concentrates. According to the company none of its juices contains gluten. IZZE. IZZE makes sparking juice fortified juice and sparkling soda. According to the company every flavor of IZZE is absolutely free of gluten. Lakewood Juices. These organic and premium 100 percent fruit juices are produced and bottled in a gluten-free facility according to the company. They re also casein-free and free of genetically modified organisms. Minute Maid. Minute Maid which includes various 100 percent fruit juices plus several lemonades and juice drinks is made by the Coca-Cola Co. According to Coke s gluten-free list all 100 percent juice products are gluten free. Minute Maid Lemonade Light Lemonade MultiVitamin Orange Juice Pomegranate Blueberry Pomegranate Lemonade Pomegranate Flavored Tea and Juice Bars in Orange Cherry and Grape flavors all are considered gluten free to less than 20 ppm in the U.S. Simply Orange. Pure juices from Simply Orange (another Coca-Cola subsidiary) are considered gluten free in the U.S. as are the flavors Simply Orange Juice Medium Pulp with Calcium Simply Orange with Mango Simply Orange with Pineapple Simply Apple Simply Grapefruit Simply Lemonade Simply Limeade and Simply Lemonade with Raspberry. Tropicana. Tropicana said in an email that all its products including Trop 50 are naturally gluten free. V8. Known for its trademark tomatobased vegetable juice V8 actually makes a number of juices including pure fruit juices and blends. The company stated that none of its products contain gluten. GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 13 SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM What s for Breakfast Bagels such as their plain bagel and cinnamon raison are soft chewy and delicious according to the company. The bagels also contain nearly 25 percent of the daily value of recommended fiber. In addition Beyond Breakfasts offers five easy-to-make gluten-free breakfast meals that are sure to offer a flavor for everyone Country Style Potatoes & Egg made with Organic Kale and Red Potatoes Huevos Rancheros Verde made with organic Black Beans Jack Cheese and Tomatillo Mediterranean Breakfast Stack made with organic Polenta Eggplant and Romano Cheese Italian-Style Hash and Egg made with organic Asparagus White Beans and Bell Peppers and Veggie Chorizo Huevos Rancheros made with organic Veggie Chorizo Potatoes and Jack Cheese. Retailers To make inroads with the gluten-free community one of the most important things a retailer can do is partner with both the manufacturer and a local celiac support group Lee said. We have worked very closely with some of our retailers providing educational opportunities for both the local community as well as the retail staff. Lee said she has found that the combination of education and sampling creates an environment that is positive for both the retailer and the consumer and it creates a supportive community. Artisan Bistro advises retailers to ren- ovate the frozen food aisle into an area where customers can find reasonably priced nutrient-dense meals with organic sustainable gluten-free and non-GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients. Busy parents Millennials Baby Boomers and more are always on the lookout for healthier food options Griffin explained. Retailers have an immense opportunity to shift consumer focus solely from the produce section to the frozen food aisles for healthy hearty and convenient foods he concluded. GFR ForMoreInformation Artisan Bistro (866) 328-8638 Dr. Schar USA Inc. (201) 355-8470 Teeccino (805) 966-0999 es the nutrients available. All of To Your Health s products are certified organic and are True Sprout certified said Sutton. We do not add to nor do we take away from the whole grain goodness of our gluten-free grains and flours. Our glutenfree products are manufactured in our dedicated gluten-free facility. (Continued from page 11) Living a gluten-free lifestyle can be a healthy choice but it depends on the products being chosen. It s all about balance and making the right choices said Rosenberg. Cookies and cupcakes are treats and just because they re gluten free doesn t make them calorie free. For consumers and retailers the most important thing is to look for ingredients that are natural and pronounceable and free of ingredients that may cause digestive distress. By using high quality non-GMO ingredients such as almond flour flax meal oat fiber and all-natural stevia. We produce high-protein high-fiber foods that won t raise your blood sugar said May. Our products tout an impressive nutritional profile--we even have the lab reports to prove it. Sprouted grain bread uses the whole grain the process also brings out the individual subtle flavors and sweetness of each grain legume and seed removes bitterness increases digestibility and increas14 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER In-store Promoting Retailers should make sure the offerings are clearly merchandised--visible signage that shouts out gluten free is imperative said Rosenberg. Calling out other allergenfree qualities such as dairy-free or egg-free is a huge plus and helps differentiate product offerings that can give your store a competitive advantage. As the glutenfree market matures allergen-free products will continue to become more prominent he added. Using promotional vehicles such as circulars couponing demos and in-store classes helps reach out and educate this growing market. Living Now offers a wide range of support materials to help retailers highlight gluten free and allergy-friendly products. Great Low Carb Bread Company products should be marketed as gluten free sugar free and low carbohydrate. Although the company does not currently offer marketing collateral to retailers May said they are interested in developing materials for retailers in the future. As for To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. the company has established an educational web site to inform customers about the benefits of sprouted flour. While still in its early stages of development the website will soon also offer a catalog of recipes and baking tips identification of true-sprouted products on the market and where to find them. Being organic in addition to those benefits adds health-ability to our products too Sutton added. To Your Health glutenfree flours are usually prominent on the baking aisles of most large retail stores and sometimes can be found in the gluten-free sections of small or conventional grocery stores. Our rolled oats and grits can be found on many cereal aisles and our sprouted granola seeds and almonds most often find their home on the snack aisles of stores. We work diligently to ensure that our retailers customers are informed to help our retailers maximize their sales and to ensure them that we are easy to work with and available to assist them. GFR ForMoreInformation Authentic Foods (800) 806-4737 DeLand Bakery (386) 734-7553 Great Low Carb Bread Company (818) 505-9499 Living Now (888) 669-3663 To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co. (334) 584-7875 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 SPECIAL REPORT BY TRICIA RYAN BA BSC MBA A lthough Mintel reported that the gluten-free market continued with 63 percent growth from 2012 to 2014 and sales reached 8.8 billion in 2014 consumer interest appears to have abated at least based upon Google searches. (See chart 1). Chart 1 Increasing diagnosis of celiac disease acknowledgment of other gluten sensitivities and an all around greater awareness of the diet and the perceived health benefits of the diet have fueled this dramatic growth. Mintel continues to project an additional 62 percent growth from 2014-17 and for sales to reach 14.2 billion by 2017 at current prices. (See chart 2). Gluten-free products appeal to a wide target audience. Mintel reports that up to 41 percent of U.S. adults agree that they are beneficial for everyone not only those with celiac disease or a glutenfree sensitivity intolerance. (See chart 3). Chart 3 Gluten Free What s in a Label Canada is one of the only countries in the world with rules around use of the term gluten free. The rules are intended to protect the health and safety of individuals who require foods for special dietary use according to Health Canada. In the U.S. unlike in Canada products that are inherently gluten free (e.g. bottled water carrots) can be labeled gluten free whereas in Canada only products that are specially processed or formulated can be labeled gluten free. A Packaged Facts report suggests that American consumers think differently from Canadians about gluten-free food and generally feel that gluten-free food products are Generally healthier (35.3 percent). Can help with weight management (26.8 percent). Are generally higher in quality Chart 2. Total U.S. sales and fan chart forecast of gluten-free foods at current prices 2012-17 Source SPINS Information Resources Inc. Mintel 16 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 (17.5 percent). Included in my diet because the product in market is gluten-free and I eat it normally (37.5 percent). (See chart 4). Chart 4 The Impact of the FDA Legislation of Gluten Free As of Aug. 5 2014 packaged foods across the U.S. had to comply with the new federal rules for labeling foods as gluten free. The rules set by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) require that any packaged food with a gluten-free claim must contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten. After finalizing the standard in August 2013 food manufacturers were given one year to come into compliance. The standard applies to terms including gluten free no gluten without gluten and free of gluten. It s Sales of Gluten-free Foods by Segment at Current Prices Rolling 52 Weeks 2012 and 2014. important to note that while the standard covers all foods and dietary supplements that are regulated by the FDA it does not apply to most alcoholic beverages cosmetics prescription and non-prescription drugs pet food and foods regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (such as meat or poultry). While the FDA is unable to test all products to ensure they meet the standard a study published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition approximately 95 percent of the 158 labeled gluten-free food products tested by Gluten Free Watchdog tested less than 20 ppm gluten with approximately 87 percent testing below 5 ppm gluten. While most of the products tested in this assessment contained less than 20 ppm gluten there remains room for improvement said Tricia Thompson study author and founder of Gluten Free Watchdog. A discussion with Cynthia Kupper RD executive director of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) suggested that the FDA regulation has provided the guidelines for safety that many companies were looking for and more companies than ever are now labeling products gluten free making it easier for consumers to find safe foods. Overall it would appear that the impact of the legislation has been positive for the U.S. food market for both retailers and consumers. Chart 5. Sales through MULO natural supermarket and specialty gourmet stores does not include private label items or sales through Whole Foods Market Source SPINS Information Resources Inc. Mintel Key Gluten-Free Categories to Focus On... All gluten-free food segments increased over the year. Key growth was noted in the following categories Snack foods 163 percent. Energy bars 135 percent. Breads and cereals 43 percent. Meat & meat alternatives 14 percent. It is important to note that each of these categories has very different dollar value to a retailer. However the addition of gluten-free claims has revived several stagnant modest growth categories (i.e. bread energy bars condiments etc.). Sales of Gluten-free Foods by Retail Channel at Current Prices Rolling 52 Weeks 2012 and 2014. Where Do Consumers Shop for Gluten-Free Sales across all channels increased steadily from 2012-2014. Conventional channels remain the preferred retail choice for those shopping for glutenGLUTEN FREE RETAILER 17 Chart 6 SPRING 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPECIALREPORT Chart 7 Store Type Regular Supermarket Chains Discount Supermarket Chains Walmart Canadian GF Shoppers 51.0% 5.8 43.3 U.S. GF Shoppers 41.9% 5.8 46.0 All Canadian Shoppers 92.5% 92.5% Other discount stores supercenters such as target Kmart or Meijer Wholesale Club Independent Neigborhood grocery stores Other Health Natural Food Stores Whole Foods Gourmet Grocery Food Stores Specialty Stores Catering to Diets Drugstores Trader Joe s Internet Catalog Convenience Stores Dollar Stores Community Co-ops Farmer s markets 0.0 17.3 12.5 11.5 9.6 5.8 4.8 3.8 1.0 1.0 1.0 N A N A N A N A 16.7 12.6 5.8 7.1 12.3 4.1 1.6 2.2 10.4 2.2 0.0 N A N A N A N A 31.7 21.9 6.5 4.6 3.8 4.8 N A 18.8 1.0 N A N A 7.1 10.6 2.5 9.8 free foods. Walmart with its focus and endless aisle strategy has been important to the U.S. consumer seeking gluten free along with specialty gourmet grocers like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Debate continues on whether to integrate gluten free with regular SKUs and or to have a specialty section. There has been success with both strategies and a better understanding of your target audience may help in your retail store shelving strategy. Consumer research suggests that 22 percent of consumers have a hard time finding gluten-free foods in stores. Retailers such as Wegmans are making it easier for consumers to find these products with clear on-package labeling separate gluten-free aisles and online resources. (See chart 7). Planning for 2015 Even with less search online for glutenfree terms it appears that gluten free is here to stay much like our experience with low-carb diets this one has entrenched itself in the consumer s mind. An infograph prepared by the Hartman Group suggests that glutenfree food consumption is driven by those who do not have celiac disease. Eighty-two percent of consumers who eat gluten-free foods or used to eat them have not been diagnosed with celiac disease. Millennials appear to be key drivers of the product category use. And we all know that they represent a sizable long-tail demographic influence. As a brand champion and trend expert Tricia Ryan has more than 15 years of progressive experience in marketing and communications with a focus on food and consumer packaged goods in the food and beverage industry. She is a principal at the Gluten-Free Agency providing strategic and communication expertise on the gluten-free market. She also leads the Gluten-Free Certification Program in its marketing efforts across North America. She has an MBA in marketing and business and has completed her internship as a registered dietitian. 18 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM SPRING 2015 NEW GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS No Cow Bars CINCINNATI OH--D s Naturals recently launched No Cow Bars a new line of high-protein bars with no added sugar or artificial ingredients for a nutritious on-the-go snack. The bars are perfect before or after workouts or just as a protein supplement. In addition all D s Natural products are vegan non-GMO and free of gluten dairy lactose and soy. Each No Cow Bar delivers 20-21 grams of protein with only 160-180 calories and 1-2 grams of sugar (MSRP 2.49- 3.49 per bar). The bars come in Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Mint Chocolate Chip Blueberry Cobbler and Chocolate Pecan Pie. For more information call (513) 404-6494 or visit Spray Lotion LAKE SUCCESS NY--JAS N gluten-free personal care has released Sheer Spray Lotions which are free of parabens sodium lauryl laureth sulfate petrolatum artificial colors and phthalates. The botanically rich lotions provide all over sheer moisture without any mess and are made from 95 percent all-natural contents. Each bottle is packaged in ethically conscious spray bottles that are airtight and free of chemical propellants. The sprays are available in Soothing Aloe Vera with chamomile and ginseng extracts intended for sensitive skin and Softening Cocoa Butter with shea butter and vitamin E for dry skin. Each 6-oz. bottle is 10.99. For more information call (866) 595-8917 or visit Perfect Bars Vegan Liquid Stock CAROL STREAM IL--Massel s newest gluten-free product is its Concentrated Liquid Stock. The gourmet bouillons are available in vegetable and vegan chicken and beef made strictly with vegetable ingredients with the savory taste and smell of chicken and beef. The liquid stock is also lactose free has no added MSG is low in carbohydrates and is cholesterol- and preservative-free. Concentrated Liquid Stock is available in small pouches that make two whole quarts of bouillon (MSRP 3.49). For more information call (630) 384-6145 or visit SAN DIEGO CA--Perfect Bar (originally Perfect Food Bar) launched its new packaging design and two new flavors to their line of all-natural protein bars. Aside from the high amount of protein Perfect Bars are also gluten free packed with vitamins contain 20-plus organic superfoods and offers an easy-to-read product label. Each bar is sweetened with honey and contains zero refined sugar and comes in five flavors Peanut Butter Almond Butter Cranberry Crunch Lite (200 calories or less) Carob Chip and Fruit Nut. The company will also launch Vegan Almond Coconut and Almond Acai Lite (24.99 box of 8). For more information call (866) 628-8548 or visit Fire Sticks FRAMINGHAM MA--Ian s Natural Foods announced their new line of Sriracha Fire Sticks spicy French fry-shaped chicken sticks. They re an allergy-friendly and gluten-free appetizer or snack that are great with any dipping sauce. The new healthy snack is made with whole grain breading and antibiotic-and cage-free white chicken meat. They do not contain wheat milk casein eggs peanuts tree nuts or soy ( 4.99- 5.99). For more information call (800) 54-FOODS (800) 543-6637 or visit Mediterranean Munchies NEW YORK NY-- Mediterra offers six new bars in unique flavors with ingredients such as fruits vegetables seeds and grains. All bars are natural non-GMO and gluten free and are inspired by the Mediterranean diet which is thought to be one of the healthiest lifestyles worldwide. The six flavors are available in three varieties. The Savory Bars contain high amounts of vegetable content yet are kosher dairy-free low in calories sodium and sugar and contain protein-rich pea crisps with a hair of olive oil. The flavors include Tomato Basil and Capers and Olive Walnut and Chives. The Sesame Honey Energy Bars contain only limited ingredients including roasted sesame seeds Greek honey pistachios from Aegina Island and orange peel respectively. These come in Sesame Seed Pistachio and Greek Honey and Sesame Seed Orange and Greek Honey. The Yogurt and Oat Bars contain 7 grams of protein and come in Yogurt Oat and Apricot Pistachio and Yogurt Oat and Cherry Pistachio (MSRP 1.99 for single and 23.95 for a box of 12). For more information call (800) 228-1091 or visit Gluten-free Gummies WHEELING IL--Easter is right around the corner and Surf Sweets offers an array of soft and chewy confections from rings and bears to jellybeans. All of the products are Non-GMO Project Verified and gluten free. The candies are also free of artificial colors or flavors corn syrup dairy and casein. Allergy-friendly they also contain the daily-recommended dose of vitamin C per serving. Surf Sweets Organic Goodness manufactures Organic Spring Mix Jelly Beans (MSRP 4.99 8-oz.) Organic Jelly Beans (MSRP 2.19 2.7-oz.) Organic Watermelon and Peach Rings (MSRP 2.19 2.75-oz.) and Organic Fruity Bears (MSRP 2.19 2.75-oz.). For more information call (224) 676-1070 or visit Coconut Yogurt LAKE SUCCESS NY--Dream brand by The Hain Celestial Group introduces its new Coconut Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt available in Plain Vanilla Strawberry Blueberry and Raspberry. The coconut-based non-dairy yogurt is high in calcium low in sodium and contains live and active cultures. The product is free of gluten lactose and soy is vegan and is made with non-GMO ingredients. The suggested retail price is 1.59- 1.99. For more information call (925) 300-3966. 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