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Description: Women of Distinction

Women of Distinction I am enthusiastic about helping others embrace healthy living principles as well as assisting people in alleviating the everyday pains and discomforts they suffer from -Barbara Goto Suyehiro Co-Founder General Manager Eye-On-Edge LLC I absolutely love working with children. It is so rewarding to watch students work on mathematics problems and get it . I feel that I have done a good job when they have been successful. -Gayle N. Karnik Math Tutor Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants Betty Rundle Owner of Satin Doll Boutique Retired Anesthetist This issue has been dedicated to the memory of William Rundle Jr Be on the Edge of Health http contents... 6 16 32 34 features 10 Luanne Prima Broker Owner Prima Properties Palm Springs CA Burbank CA 13 adrienne C. SCheCk Phd Research Associate Professor Neuro-Oncology Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center Barrow Neurological Institute 19 GayLe n. karnik Math Tutor Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants 21 GeorGette Lee Manager Special Education Case Harvey Public Schools District 152 Also available as Digital Download on your device Call us today at (954) 486-8156 24hr. availability 7 days week personalized services to fit your Home Health Care needs We provide Registered Nurses Licensed Practical Nurses Therapists Certified Nursing Assistants Home Health Aides Companions Homemakers Medical Social Workers Services include Skilled Nursing Medication Management Rehabilitation Care Management Bathing Grooming Laundry Errands Doctor Appointment Escort Light Housekeeping Meal Preparation Veterans Care Medicare Medicaid Private pay and most long term care insurance accepted Broward licensed 299992226 info Dade licensed 299992909 Women of Distinction MAGAZINE Is your company missing that next big marketing tool Editorial E d i t o r - i n -C h i E f Marissa Bacchi Contributing WritErs businesses thrive when they have professional videos to help explian who they are what they do Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons Angie M. Hoffman & Production ProduCtion dirECtor Antonio Meneses Contact us to see how we can help you market your business with video production Editorial Coodinator Rachael Raffna sElECtion CommittEE Anne Silar Kimberly Diehl Rebecca Valuch Women of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone 631-465-9024 Fax 631-465-9035 http owner of Satin doLL boutique retired aneSthetiSt - tuCSon aZ betty j. rundLe Owning your own business you must prepare yourself to work at it constantly. But the work I do now is a lot of fun and I am inspired particularly by the jewelry that I design and create. I feel that making jewelry is somewhat of an invention for me each and every time. I have never run from a challenge at any time in my career I want to be the best at what I do always. 6 NOT MANY PEOPLE GO TO WORK EVERY DAY WITH THE SATISFACTION OF FEELING THAT THEIR JOB DOESN T FEEL LIKE WORK but rather something they absolutely love doing each day. Having spent a career in healthcare that 45 years until retirement Betty J. Rundle devoted most of her life to being an anesthetist working in hospitals in multiple states and traveling the country as a locum tenens Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Working in anesthesia was the most rewarding work I have ever done Betty said. I enjoyed every minute of it until I decided to retire. To become an anesthetist one must first become a registered nurse. After high school Betty entered the Augustana School of Nursing in Chicago in 1955. As soon as she graduated in 1958 she began working at the Children s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. It was there that she realized anesthesiology was what she truly wanted to pursue within the nursing realm so Betty enrolled in the University of Michigan School of Anesthesia in 1959 only to earn a Bachelor s Degree in Healthcare Administration at St. Joseph s College in 1985 later in her career. As an anesthetist Betty s responsibilities consisted of much more than simply administering a needle to put a patient to sleep. She was to first interview the patient attain his or her medical history and then decide which anesthetic was appropriate for that particular patient. Then once an operation was over Betty would monitor the patient until they were fully awake and interview them again the next day. At many hospitals she was employed with she was also required to run code blues and intubate patients that had stopped breathing. Although Betty encountered many CRNAs and anesthesiologists who were great mentors and made her extremely competent in her profession not every task was easily accomplished. One of the more demanding tasks of her profession was working in the labor and delivery section of the maternity ward performing epidurals on patients. The reason it was so difficult was that it is a blind procedure performed by feel and even more of a challenge when the patient is in pain. Despite the many obstacles the field presented to her over the years Betty found it to still be the most satisfying work she has ever done and persevered through each and every hurdle along the way. Throughout her career in healthcare Betty awarded 16 1 000 scholarships through the Bill Rundle Nurse Anesthesia Scholarship fund to student nurse anesthetists. This Scholarship was sent up in memory of her son F. William Rundle (Bill Jr.) whose life was taken from him in a car accident. Betty served as president of the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists from 1985-1986. At the 1986 Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetics annual spring meeting she also served as chairperson as well as on their workshop committee and as presiding officer. Upon retirement from her career as an anesthetist Betty found the need to keep herself busy. She always had an interest in fashion and even sewed her own clothing in high school. She 7 even made her own prom dresses. A few years ago while at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Betty saw hoards of people purchasing beads and did not want to be left out. Deciding to purchase her own share she went home with an assortment of beads to tinker with. Soon after however she discovered that she had no idea where to begin when make jewelry so she took one jewelry design classes at a local bead shop. Much to her surprise Betty reveled in designing jewelry and it has now become a necessity in her daily life. Betty s online business venture began on Ebay. As an amateur seller she was not quite experienced and needed a little more training. Ebay contacted her about assisting with a website creation and she welcomed their invitation. Combining her high interest in fashion with her new endeavor in jewelry design Betty wanted to combine her two loves to sell upscale evening and cocktail dresses along with her handmade jewelry pieces. Betty is a firm believer that if you make the effort to look good you will feel good and that will bring countless benefits. As founder and website manager of Satin Doll Boutique Betty selects every gown and dress designs and creates all the gemstone and beaded jewelry takes photographs uploads them to her website and writes product descriptions. Although managing a company and creating jewelry can be a lot of work Betty thoroughly enjoys it and has plenty of fun each day running her online store. Owning your own business you must prepare yourself to work at it constantly. But the work I do now is a lot of fun and I am inspired particularly by the jewelry that I design and create. I feel that making jewelry is somewhat of an invention for me each and every time Betty said. I have never run from a challenge at any time in my career I want to be the best at what I do always. Betty attributes the name for her company to a song by Duke Ellington titled Satin Doll. She feels that through her quality dresses and jewelry she will certainly be able to make any customer feel beautiful just like a satin doll. All of Betty s jewelry is made with high quality materials. She uses 49-strand stainless steel wire covered with nylon to make it extremely durable. Her assortment of beads include but is not limited to gemstone beads Swarovski crystals Czech fire-polished beads MuranoVenetian beads sterling silver beads and 14K gold filled beads. All the clasps are sterling silver vermeil 14K gold or 14K gold filled. The fine jewelry is made of 14K gold sterling silver and genuine gemstones which include diamonds sapphires topaz emeralds tanzanite and rubies. Each piece is an original design. Betty strives to be the best at what she does and her successful business proves just that. With every new piece of jewelry she is inspired to create more and more. When she is not creating beautiful designs Betty enjoys playing golf bridge taking cruises reading playing in the church bell choir and singing in the church choir. She also loves to sew and of course make jewelry. Residing in Tucson Arizona with her husband Bill whom she married in 1962 they actually met in Ann Arbor Michigan while Bill was performing a tonsillectomy and she was administering the anesthesia. She has a stepdaughter Mary a stepson Charles and two children of her own Lynne and Bill Jr. She also has three wonderful grandchildren Courtney William and Joseph. Betty loves spending quality time with her family as much as possible and she has absolutely no plans to voluntarily retire from her second career as owner of Satin Doll boutique anytime soon. 8 Why is your business important in today s society More than ever today you must dress for success if you want to get ahead in the business world. If you knew what you were up against as a small business owner would you do it again Yes I love what I m doing so of course I would stick with it Where do you get your products from I only buy from manufacturers of quality merchandise. That s why I don t drop-ship. These products are inferior and I would never sell anything that I wouldn t wear. What do you want customers to know about your business What materials do you use for you gemstone and beaded jewelry Small businesses are the backbone of this country and when you buy from a small business they have to produce quality or they won t survive. Department stores don t have to produce quality since they have a command audience. So I believe in seeking out smaller businesses if you are looking for quality. I use only the finest. The findings are 14K gold sterling silver silver plated and gold plated. I use only multistrand wire for the necklaces not string. I use only quality gemstone beads. Where do you get the beads for your necklaces and other jewelry Every February Tucson Arizona has the largest gem show in the world. That s where I get wholesale materials and new ideas for jewelry. How do you decide the price for you products I realize that this is a failing economy and that is why I have a cap for my prices but also know that my products are of the finest quality so I must charge more than the dime stores. Do you sell outside the continental United States Yes I do. However postage outside the US is very expensive so I must charge more than I do in the continental US. Do you accept credit cards No I do not. I use Paypal and they will accept customer credit cards. As I single owner business I cannot afford the liability. Contact As a small business who is your biggest competitor I m sure it s the large department stores that can buy 20 of the same product at a time therefore they can sell at a lower price. 9 Betty J. Rundle Owner Satin Doll Boutique Retired Anesthetist Tucson AZ http Luanne F. Prima Broker Owner Prima Properties LUANNE F. PRIMA IS A HIGHLY ACCOMPLISHED REAL ESTATE BROKER with years of residential and commercial sales experience. Her interest in real estate came to light in 1997 when she began investing in residential properties by buying fixing up and then reselling homes in the Palm Springs area of California. Shortly after Luanne decided to purchase properties for the purpose of building and selling new homes. The success and enjoyment Luanne has found in real estate has truly launched her career and paved her way in the industry. I decided to obtain my real estate agent license to become more knowledgeable about which properties made for good investments Luanne said about learning the ins and outs of investing in real estate. I enjoyed the sales aspect so much that one thing led to another and I got my real estate broker s license. Representing sellers and buyers throughout the Southern California beach communities including Venice Marina Del Rey Santa Monica and Malibu Luanne s mission is to deliver world class personal service to her clients that are selling their homes searching for their dream house exploring leasing and rental options or looking for profitable cash-flow 10 Palm Springs CA Burbank CA investment properties. Luanne s intimate knowledge of the desert resort and country club communities along with her superior negotiation skills and expertise in successfully navigating all types of real estate transactions all contributed to her making a name for herself in the real estate community in California. Growing up in Toluca Lake Luanne has extended her business there as well. In 2011 Luanne founded her own real estate company Prima Properties with locations in Palm Springs and Burbank. She has assembled an outstanding team of sophisticated sales professionals and administrators who excel at securing the best real estate deals and opportunities available. Becoming a certified mentor Luanne is committed to mentoring and educating her agents while helping them develop their own business that adds volume and contribution to both the community and their lives. When it comes to assisting clients in making probably the largest investments of their lifetime Luanne has built the Prima Properties Real Estate brand upon one very simple principal Experience Makes All the Difference. As a Certified Broker Price Opinion (BPO) Luanne provides her clients with the knowledge and skills to reduce risk and increase opportunities to create professional and accurate BPOs and in turn use those abilities and skills to increase revenue. She also uses strategic marketing and advertising to build a successful business that has resulted in millions of dollars in sales along with the complete trust of her local and international clients. I remind my clients to always remember that there numerous houses on the market so they should never feel like they have to settle for a home that does not suit all of their immediate and future needs she said about the advice she gives clients when searching for the perfect house. As owner of both Prima locations Luanne oversees and approves all real estate transactions and contracts. She makes sure all her agents stay current on market trends Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) mortgage options and other aspects of real estate transactions that benefit their clients. But ultimately Luanne is responsible for and takes legal care of every single contract that comes her way. Daughter of show business legends Louie Prima and Keely Smith Luanne s background in the entertainment world instilled the importance of contributing to the community in positive supportive ways wherever possible. An American jazz and popular music singer Luanne s mother Keely enjoyed popularity in the 1950 s and 1960 s collaborating with her husband and Frank Sinatra among others. Keely made her professional debut with Louie in 1949 and four years later the couple were married. They recorded many duets together including Johnny Mercer s and Harold Arlen s Top 20 hit That Ol Black Magic and in 1959 Keely and Louie were awarded the first-ever Grammy Award for Best Performance by a Vocal Group or Chorus for the song. Keely went on to have a wonderful solo career. that promote her real estate endeavors and her love for film and music production. She s a member of National Association of Professional Women Beverly Hills and Palm Springs Chambers of Commerce National Association of Realtors California Association of Realtors Palm Springs Convention Bureau and International Film Festival. An avid volunteer Luanne lends a hand in her community wherever and whenever she is needed. She has participated in the Wounded Warrior Project and donates to the St. Jude Children s Research Hospital. When she is not helping clients find that perfect property or studying the real estate market Luanne likes to meditate exercise play tennis dance and attend the BNP Paribas Open an annual tennis tournament held in Indian Wells California. Never give up on your dreams whether they are professional or personal. Be proud of yourself and live your life with passion. In 1961 Keely signed with Reprise Records and married the top record producer Jimmy Bowen. Most recently Keely has made appearances on Late Night with Conan O Brien Jimmy Kimmel Live Mr. Warmth The Don Rickles Project and the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. In January 2015 Luanne and her family are planning a tribute to her mother in New York which will include the release of one of her songs and a TV Special. Luanne is a licensed aesthetician a certification she received after obtaining her associate s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. For 25 years Luanne enjoyed being a make-up artist winning several awards for her work. She is also creating her own skincare product called Prima Elegance by Luanne Prima Skin Research. She is also a successful music producer and currently she and her sister have a theater show called The Wildest Hip Cool and Swinging that travels the world and she still enjoys choreographing and dancing in her own dance videos. Never give up on your dreams whether they are professional or personal Luanne said finally. Be proud of yourself and live your life with passion. Active in her community Luanne s involved with organizations 11 What makes Prima Properties different than other real estate companies We deliver excellent personal customer service and we strive to help our clients create a lifestyle. Why should someone use a licensed real estate broker rather than trying to buy sell or rent property on their own Their knowledge of the real estate market is vital. There are many legalities in the transactions that the broker knows about as well as having good negotiation skills and communication. What do you believe to be the most important attributes of a successful real estate broker A successful real estate broker must be personable compassionate honest knowledgeable well-educated have excellent negotiation skills and must possess integrity. It is vitally important to stay current in the market because the market and the economy changes from day to day. We are in a new real estate era now that requires assistance of knowledgeable and capable agents. It s all about execution. How important is it for a real estate broker to stay current in the real estate market and why How do you motivate your brokers to set and reach their professional goals I am a certified mentor and coach and I work with my agents on a one-on-one basis to provide their business plans and help them to develop the skills to accomplish those goals. I do individual meetings on a very personable level and this keeps them personally accountable. As a result these meetings make them feel good about themselves. I also send out a weekly motivational newsletter to all my agents. Is it important to have a marketing plan or strategy when listing a home or business Yes it is because it is what ultimately sells the property. What is the most common suggestion you make to sellers to improve their listing so it sells faster I tell my sellers to look at their property objectively as if from a buyer s point of view. I always recommend a home inspection too as this protects the seller in the future. What is a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and why is this important in real estate CMA is the best method available to sellers to help them find out what their home s current value. It s an agent s in-depth analysis of a home s worth in today s market. What is the most common deal breaker that you see before closing on a property The washer and dryer believe it or not. What do you enjoy more real estate or film and music production Music is in my blood but I also love helping people which is why I chose real estate. One day I hope to innovatively mix the two. Contact Luanne F. Prima Broker Owner Prima Properties Palm Springs CA Burbank CA 760-587-2426 818-861-7444 http luanne 12 Adrienne C. Scheck PhD Associate Professor NeuroOncology Research Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center Barrow Neurological Institute Phoenix AZ Associate Professor and Cancer Researcher Adrienne C. Scheck PhD always knew she wanted to be involved in scientific research. After graduating from University of Rochester with a BA in Biology in 1976 she attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where in 1980 at the age of 25 she received her PhD in Biology. Beginning her research in herpes viruses and HIV Adrienne has since spent more than 30 years conducting research that contributes to the advancement of science and in improving the length and quality of life for cancer patients. I love being involved in cancer research my laboratory is working on new therapies diagnostic and prognostic tests Adrienne said about her research efforts. The fact that my research translates to helping others live longer healthier lives gives me tremendous satisfaction. Living on the east coast Adrienne started her career at Pennsylvania s State University s College of Medicine completing her postdoctoral fellow in herpes simplex virus latency at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. In 1986 she was invited to become a research associate at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City working on AIDS-related dementia remaining there for three years and collaborating on brain tumor projects before relocating to Arizona to pursue research on brain tumors full-time. Since 1989 Adrienne has held research and education positions at the Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) dba St. Joseph s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix Arizona. She is an 13 associate professor in Neuro-Oncology Research has a joint appointment in Neurosurgery Research at BNI and is now part of the Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center. She is an adjunct professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Arizona State University and an associate investigator in the Cancer Biology Program at the University of Arizona. In the past Adrienne helped form the DNA Diagnostic Laboratories at St. Joseph s Hospital and Medical Center and served as chief and director of the Solid Tumor Section and Infectious Disease Section. In line with BNI s mission which includes education and community services Adrienne participates in activities that are not specifically part of her job description. For example Adrienne has been the director of the Scientific Enrichment Program for the past 25 years a program that places high school students in research laboratories in the hospital and other locations. She also participates in educational programs at the Arizona Science Center and serves on a number of advisory boards for area high schools and colleges. In academic institutions most scientists are faced with the difficulty of getting funding to maintain research in their laboratories. A lot of institutes require researchers to bring in outside funding to support at least some of their salary and most if not all of the supplies used in the laboratories. For this reason Adrienne has learned to be extremely frugal working harder to do more with less. But it has also made her tenacious and has taught her to take the time to learn how to explain her research to nonscientists and to go into the community and explain what she is working on. Having published over 55 peer-reviewed papers and 10 reviews and book chapters in her field Adrienne also takes the time to review professional articles and is on the editorial board of three journals. But Adrienne feels that perhaps the biggest contribution she has made to her field are the students she has mentored over the years. With over 145 high school undergraduate graduate medical school and medical students that have come through her laboratory she knows that some will make a huge difference in the world and will certainly contribute a great deal to the fields of science and medicine. Aside from cancer research Adrienne involves herself in the industry outside of BNI. She is the co-principal investigator for a National Institute of Health funded grant with the Arizona Science Center entitled Pathways to Medical Discovery for Families Students and Teachers and is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research Society for NeuroOncology and the Arizona State University s SOLUR Program. She is a past grant review committee member for the American Cancer Society National Institutes of Health Department of Veteran Affairs Susan G. Komen for the Cure Auckland Medical Research Foundation and Paracelsus Private Medical University in Salzburg Austria. To find a good balance between life and work Adrienne turns to her horses. Learning to train her young horse and improve her riding skills on her older horse provides the balance she is looking for while teaching her how to relax. She loves inviting friends colleagues and even some of the cancer patients that she has met to share in the experience particularly the people who do not have a chance to interact with horses on their own. Whether the interaction includes just learning not to be afraid grooming or riding the horses Adrienne likes to share this peaceful part of her life with others. With all the money and time that has been put into finding a cure for cancer why isn t there one Cancer is not just one disease each cancer type is different and what works as a therapy for one may not work as a therapy for all. In addition cancer cells can change and adapt to therapies which makes it even harder to cure them. Has there been any progress in cancer research There have been great strides made in our understanding of cancer and there are many people walking around that have been cured of their cancers. In addition new technologies are allowing earlier detection which improves survival. Will there ever be a cure for cancer Yes but it won t be one cure for all cancer types and it s unlikely to be a single drug. I believe that combinations of different types of therapies combined with earlier detection will eventually allow people to be cured of their cancer. Are all the cancers inherited and if so how can I avoid getting them Very few cancers are inherited however susceptibility to cancer may be inherited just as susceptibility to other diseases such as heart disease are inherited. Maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle and avoiding things known to increase cancer risk such as smoking and excessive exposure to sunlight are probably the best ways to avoid getting cancer. What do cancer researchers actually do There are many aspects of cancer research including everything from studying prevention causes how cancer cells grow and treatments. What a researcher does to some extent depends on what aspect of cancer we are working on. You may think that scientists spend all their time in the laboratory doing experiments but in reality much of our time is spent reading published literature to increase our knowledge of what has been done and help us understand our experimental results. We also write papers to let other scientists know what we have found and write grants to obtain funding to support the research. Why do other countries seem to be able to bring new drugs and therapies to the market faster and cheaper than the United States The United States has a very strong policy that requires new drugs to undergo very strict testing to prove safety and effectiveness. This is not the case in some other countries. Why does it seem like physicians in America do not believe in herbal and holistic remedies There are some physicians that believe in the use of holistic remedies however there is often insufficient research to demonstrate that they are effective and they may even work against more proven therapies being given to the patient. They are not regulated so it is possible to get differences in effectiveness between different companies and even different lots of a given herb. Having said that there is more interest in studying the potential effectiveness of holistic therapies and the National Institutes of Health has an Institute that specifically funds studies of various complementary medicines. 14 If some things are known to cause cancer like cigarette smoking why do we all know people who smoke all their lives but do not get cancer We are learning that there are interactions between our genetics and the environment that can affect whether or not a person will get cancer when they are exposed to substances that are likely to cause cancer. Thus while things like cigarette smoking will greatly increase your chances of getting cancer some people are genetically more resistant to this. What are clinical trials A clinical trial is used to test new therapies for safety and effectiveness. Clinical trials for serious diseases such as brain tumors do not include placebos and new therapies are compared to the standard of care which is the best therapy available at that time. Are all tumors cancer There are tumors that are called benign and do not usually travel to other areas of the body or invade the tissue and they can often just be removed by surgery. Malignant tumors typically what we think of as cancer usually do invade normal tissue may travel to other parts of the body and are often treated with chemotherapy and or radiation in addition to surgery. Contact Adrienne C. Scheck PhD Associate Professor Neuro-Oncology Research Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center Barrow Neurological Institute Phoenix AZ adrienne.scheck 15 Christina Garibian Associate Broker DTZ formerly Cassidy Turley San Deigo CA According to Christina Garibian commercial real estate is considered a male dominated industry but being a woman has never stopped her from achieving success. After being hired by a small commercial lending company in 2008 Christina realized that she loved commercial rea estate and wanted to pursue a future in sales. Today she is a Broker at DTZ formerly Cassidy Turley San Diego Office. Previously to DTZ Christina worked at Stan Johnson Company New York City office as a team manager and analyst. She also served as director of investment sales for ERG Property Advisors. Real estate is one of my passions. I fell in love with it years ago Christina admits. I am fortunate because not many people can say that about their job. Although being a woman in the corporate world can be a little grueling and working in a predominately male industry is definitely competitive I wouldn t change a thing. With only 5% of the brokers at Stan Johnson company being women Christina found this percentage to be a good challenge to create a presence for the future Now being at DTZ a top three global commercial real estate company with over 260 offices in 52 countries and Christina is excited to start her new role as Broker and looks forward to the opportunities San Diego will bring. With her previous position at the Stan Johnson Company one of the top three investment real estate brokerage firms in the country Christina has learned a great deal from the executives and directors she was surrounded by and believes in learning through the help and wisdom of all those affiliated in the industry. The last three years working for the Stan Johnson Company have helped her pursue her brokerage career today. Some of her day to day responsibilities include establishing strong long term relationships with clients Deal analysis Managing Marketing Process long term 16 planning among many others. As an analyst and team manager for Stan Johnson Company working in The Big Apple Christina s day is very demanding. While her tasks vary some of her responsibilities include managing team operational systems and team efficiency longterm planning researching pricing assets confirming deal closings and reading leases. Communication is very important in real estate and Christina knows how valuable it is to create connections. While she has heard people say to say the right thing and follow this criteria to succeed she tends to believe that being forward and speaking honesty and sincerely will earn respect much faster. For her it has proven to create long lasting business relationships. Christina s parents came to the United States from Russia leaving Christina behind with her grandmother so they could begin building a life for their family in the states. Selling all of their belongings to flee to a new country they knew little about unable to speak English Christina was proud of the courageous act they embarked on for the sake of her future. Forced to live without her parents for a few years Christina learned to become extremely independent shaping her into the autonomous strong woman she is today. I took it upon myself to do what I needed to do to make my parents proud. That had been my life ever since I was a young girl and I wouldn t change it for a minute Christina said. Life has been hard but overcoming obstacles is a wonderful thing. It s important to go after what you want and to follow your dreams. Christina is currently attending New York University to expand her commercial real estate knowledge and earn her certificate in real estate finance. She has come to the conclusion that until she is able to teach someone what she does she will continue to immerse herself in commercial real estate education. To help further her career she is becoming a member of the Commercial Real Estate Woman (CRW) Network which seeks to influence the success of the commercial real estate industry by advancing the achievement of women. They do this by focusing on fulfilling four key initiatives business development leadership development industry research and career outreach. Last year Christina was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and with the help and support of her family friends co-workers and Dan she is in remission. She doesn t let the challenges stop her and with the support of her parents husband friends and co-workers she is 100% back and hard at work growing her team and continuing to thrive in the net-lease world. She now lives and works in San Deigo as a full time broker at DTZ formaly Cassidy Turley. What is the main difference between selling commercial real estate versus residential real estate There are a few differences between the two. Average deals are much larger the length of the closing time is longer and the buyers and sellers are different. In commercial we deal with corporations who own billions of dollars in real estate and purchase and sell properties everyday vs. residential where individuals are buying homes for personal use. Although it s harder to create relationships in commercial real estate we may work with the same client on numerous different deals. What types of commercial real estate do you sell Are all the deals in the big city of New York I mostly work with single tenant assets more specifically retail properties such as drugstores banks fast food restaurants etc. Because my work is mostly based on the credit of the tenant I basically sell bonds which are nationwide. I have worked on deals that are located in California without seeing them. What is one of the best ways to network in your line of work Most commercial real estate brokers look for developers and larger companies that own our niche of real estate. We make many calls a day go to networking events and receive a great deal of referrals. What is one of the hardest parts of your job Although the single tenant net lease industry is growing it is still a small industry and everyone is chasing the same people. Do you work typical hours or does your schedule force you to always be available for clients and your team at work I am usually always available for my clients but I typically work normal hours with the occasional late phone call or weekend crisis. What are some of the ways in which you try to stand out amongst the others in the field and even in your own company Knowledge and Communication I go out of my way to understand a deal and present it properly. An excellent broker is an expert on deal he or she works on and I strive to be just that. What was one of the biggest obstacles you ever faced since getting in to the industry in 2008 There are many commercial real estate companies in the New York MSA so finding a company that will train you and give you the proper guidance is extremely difficult. I was lucky enough to meet some great people along the way who have helped me advance my career. If you weren t working in real estate what type of work do you think you would be doing instead Why I could be doing a few other things I am an amateur chef so I would own a little bistro. Also I love event planning. I am extremely organized can be very creative and love doing DIY projects. Lastly I love botany. I have a very special appreciate for flowers and can see the beauty in all of them. I would love 17 to be a florist putting together unique arrangements I guess this could go along with the event planning. Where do you see yourself five or 10 years down the road professionally One day within real estate I would love to do consulting and of course own my own real estate. I always say that I love to help people and at some point helping individuals grow their own business would be a great accomplishment for me. Contact Christina Garibian Associate Broker DTZ formerly Cassidy Turley San Diego CA Christina.Garibian 18 Gayle N. Karnik Math Tutor Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants Longmeadow MA retired CoLLeGe ProfeSSor heLPinG StudentS SinCe After meeting her husband Arvind the two of them decided to open their own tutoring company Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants. Gayle has been tutoring with Arvind all these years. I absolutely love working with children Gayle said about tutoring children. It is so rewarding to watch students work on mathematics problems and get it . I feel that I have done a good job when they have been successful. While teaching mathematics in college most of the students Gayle taught and tutored were adults. She found this to be a little more challenging than tutoring children. Though she enjoyed teaching math all those years tutoring was something she found to be just as rewarding if not more. Gayle spent 18 years as a college professor at American International College located in Springfield Massachusetts. She taught finite math and statistics. Having retired just two years ago she was then able to dedicate more of herself to tutoring and she is enjoying every minute of it. She now tutors not only for her own company but at the college for the past three years as well. As the co-founder of Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants located in Longmeadow Massachusetts Gayle s only role is to tutor students and help them work through their struggles in understanding the subject. She works with children of every background and age group and also works with several disabled students. She works diligently to find creative ways to teach every individual what they need to learn in order to continue progressing in the subject. Gayle and her husband tutor in a classroom designed within the confines of their home. Each tutoring session is typically one hour long unless special arrangements are made. Most 19 GayLe n. karnik haS been 1987 when she was still in college. students see Gayle or Arvind on a weekly basis in order to get their understanding of the subject exactly where it needs to be. It requires a lot of dedication from both the student and Gayle Arvind. Tutoring requires a lot of patience and perseverance two key attributes that must be maintained in order to be an efficient and effective tutor. Gayle has learned that these traits are equally important in the success of every student not to mention the tutor though no two students learning style is ever the same. Although at times it may take her many attempts to be effective and for the knowledge she is teaching to set in she pushes through until each student understands fully. She is persistent in seeing each of them through until they are confident in what they have learned. After earning her Associate s Degree in Accounting from Springfield Technical Community College in 1989 Gayle then attended American International College. In 1991 she graduated with her Bachelor s Degree in Mathematics graduating Summa Cum Laude as salutatorian of her class. She has since taken many classes towards her master s degree in mathematics education but has not completed it to date. Gayle and Arvind have three adult children and five grandchildren. Gayle loves to spend her down time by volunteering at her local church. She bakes for the homebound people within her local community and sometimes tutors a student in need for free when necessary. She is a very giving and inspirational person to many. I want to be remembered as a person who helped many students find success in doing mathematics Gayle said about the complexities of the subject. I would like to be viewed as a patient and caring person. Why is tutoring helpful and then I work on strengthening their weaknesses. It gives the child confidence so that they can perform well in the classroom. What kind of students do you work with I work with learning disabled students and students who perform poorly. I also work with students that want to excel. Have you or your husband ever had a student who just could not grasp the subject matter And if so how did you handle it We have not been in that situation before. We just don t give up. How does your material and tutoring style differ when teaching learning disabled students as opposed to regular students that simply perform poorly In some cases with learning disabled students we have to use special computers and writing implements. The teaching is also different. You have to work with the disabilities they have. A student who is performing poorly usually has more homework and practice on the same topic. What is the biggest difference between teaching students at the college level in a classroom setting versus tutoring children in your home Teaching at the college level there is very little time for one-on-one interaction and students are expected to work independently. Tutoring is all one-on-one for an hour and we try to foster independence. What makes you different from other tutors How do you acquire your students Do you advertise I have over 25 years of experience working with children of all ages. I think that is instrumental in being successful. Most of our students are from word of mouth referrals. We do some advertising in a local newspaper. What is the myth about girls and math It has long been believed that girls are not as good in mathematics as boys are. I have found through research and experience that some girls actually perform better than boys. Does Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants operate year-round or only during the academic school year What are hours of operation How do you evaluate incoming students We work year around although we are busiest during the school year. We work Monday through Thursday from 3 00pm to 9 00pm and on Sunday from 9 00am to 6 00pm. I give the new student a diagnostic to see what level he she is at Contact Gayle N. Karnik Math Tutor Arvind Karnik Educational Consultants Longmeadow MA 20 Georgette G. Lee Special Education Case Manager Harvey Public Schools District 152 Harvey IL Growing up in Barbados under a British System of Education Georgette G. Lee knew that she wanted to pursue a career in teaching. As a high school and college student she was the one to organize study groups and she excelled at explaining work to her peers. Going into education seemed to be a natural choice and three decades later Georgette is still making a positive impact in the field of education. I enjoy seeing my students grow in confidence overcome challenges and develop into beautiful and responsible young adults Georgette said about her career in special education. My students progress is the motivation behind my hard work and making a difference in the life of a child is extremely rewarding. From the onset of her career Georgette has primarily worked with students who were academically challenged. She gained experience as a remedial reading specialist cross categorical special education teacher and an inclusion teacher in Barbados Bahamas Illinois and West Virginia. She currently works for the Harvey Public School District 152 in Illinois as a special education case manager. 21 Overseeing a team of professionals including psychologists therapists nurses teachers and other service providers Georgette ensures that students with disabilities and their families receive the appropriate services necessary for them to become successful individuals. She is responsible for making sure that students are provided with a free and appropriate public education as guaranteed to them by state and federal law and she does this by planning and coordinating the Individualized Educational Program (IEP) meetings for each student. Last year to benefit her students Georgette organized a homework center at her school that catered to approximately 25 students. Initially the center was for students with disabilities but soon grew to accommodate both special education and general students. Working in special education Georgette believes takes a significant amount of patience as the fruits of her labor are not always quickly understood. But by having faith in what she does she bases her decisions on the well-being of her students while tenaciously advocating for their needs. In times when she feels overwhelmed Georgette reflects on the positive impact her work has had in the lives of her students and their families and she becomes reinvigorated. Georgette is involved in the American Educational Research Organization Literacy Research Association International Reading Association Council for Exceptional Children Illinois Council for Exceptional Children Chicago Black Authors Network and National Council for Teachers of English. She has also presented at many of their conferences in some capacity. Educated at the University of the West Indies Georgette earned her BA in English Linguistics and Education graduating in 1991 with Upper Second Class Honors. In 2002 at the University of Miami she obtained her Master of Education with a 4.0 GPA. She returned to school in 2010 for her PhD in Special Education at the University of Illinois and in 2014 she earned a second Master s Degree in School Improvement Leadership from Olivet Nazarene University maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout. During the course of her education Georgette was encouraged to research and present her work both nationally and internationally by several of her professors. In particular Dr. Marie Tejero Hughes Dr. Michelle Parker-Katz and Dr. Sophia Jones-Redmond all helped guide her down the path of success she s on today by demonstrating what true professionalism and hard work really looks like. An avid poetry lover Georgette conducts poetry workshops at local libraries and presents on poetry and literacy across the nation on various topics in academia teacher education literacy and learning disabilities. She has authored three collections of poetry Seasons Poetically Speaking Poems for the Elementary Classroom and Writing Poetry As Easy as 1-23. In addition to her poetry work Georgette has written two non-fictional prose Layers of Living and Hear My Cry O Lord Reflections on Widowhood and Singleness. Married to Charles J. Lee Georgette resides in Steger Illinois. The fifth of seven children who all still reside in Barbados Georgette grew up very poor. Never using her upbringing as 22 an excuse Georgette uses her past experiences to overcome the many challenges of today to motivate her students. If she can succeed so can they. njoy I e nce overcome chall confde en ults ge ow in g ad s gr s a youn dent nd d nsible y stu evelop into beautiful and respo gm eein s Why do you think your job is important in this generation We live in a society where discrimination sadly still exists and bullying is on the rise. My job seeks to advocate for and protect the rights of a vulnerable subset of individuals those with disabilities. I am a voice ensuring that students with disabilities receive the kinds of curricular adaptations that would give them a chance to be successful in their learning environment. I also ensure that families of these students are aware of their rights and responsibilities and receive appropriate resources to help their children in the educational process. What are some common related services provided for students with disabilities The most common related services provided for students with disabilities in my school district are social work physical therapy occupational therapy speech and language pathology services school health and school nurse services and vision and hearing professional services. What is IDEA What is an IEP The Individualized Education Program or IEP is a legal document that guides the delivery of special education services and related services for students with a disability. It documents the specific measurable educational and functional goals for the child how when and where these goals will be achieved and the persons responsible for ensuring that these goals are achieved. IDEA is an acronym for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act the nation s special education law. IDEA was first passed in 1975 where it was called the Education for All Handicapped Children s Act. Every few years the law has been revised (a process called reauthorization) and the most current version of idea is Public Law 108-446 which was passed in 2004 and reamed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. What is special education Who make up the IEP team The IEP team is comprised of the parent administrator general educator special educator case manager nurse psychologist social worker student (depending on age and purpose of the meeting) and other appropriate related service providers. IDEA defines special education as specially designed instruction at no cost to the parents to meet the unique needs of a child with a disability including instruction conducted in the classroom in the home and in hospitals and institutions and instruction in physical education. What constitutes a child with a disability As a parent what should I do if my child who has an IEP is failing Your child should be receiving regular reports showing how they are meeting their IEP goals and objectives. If these reports show no progress then you have the right to request an IEP meeting to have these goals and objectives reviewed and rewritten to ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate services accommodations and modifications to support their educational progress. You should also have documentation such as work samples and progress reports that support your claim of your child s non progression. As defined by IDEA a child with a disability is one having an intellectual disability a hearing impairment (including deafness) a speech or language impairment a visual impairment (including blindness) a serious emotional disturbance an orthopedic impairment autism traumatic brain injury another health impairment a specific learning disability or multiple disabilities and who by reason thereof needs special education and related services. What is FAPE How best can parents advocate for their children with disabilities FAPE or Free Appropriate Public Education means special education and related services provided without charge at the publics expense include appropriate preschool elementary school and secondary school education and are provided in accordance with the IEP. Parents should get to know the laws of the state which are available at the school district office and the state board of education. Parents should get to know their child s teachers and administrators be willing to ask questions and attend meetings. Parents should also keep the educational records of their child to document their child s progress. Most importantly parents should work with their children help with homework and talk with them to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate support. Parents can also contact the parent advocacy resource center in their state for information and help specific to their child s needs. 23 Contact Georgette G. Lee Special Education Case Manager Harvey Public Schools District 152 Harvey IL gege glee Jacinth Jackie Burton Owner Administrator Conquest Home Care Plus Inc. Lauderhill FL Miami FL In search of a better life for her and her family Jacinth Jackie Burton left her home in Jamaica and moved to the United States in 1990. Jackie worked as a secretary in several departments at Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay Jamaica and decided to become trained as a home health aide after relocating to south Florida. She worked as a private duty aide secretary and business manager with several home care agencies becoming well-rounded in both sides of the industry and finally after 15 years in the US Jackie chose to start her own home health care agency. Healthcare is an interesting and challenging field and I am honored to play a key role in helping others particularly the elderly who are always in need of care Jackie said about working in home healthcare. By assisting others I feel like I am doing God s work. 24 In 2005 Jackie founded Conquest Home Care Plus Inc. in Broward County Florida. Two years later she opened a second location in Miami Florida. As owner and administrator of the company Jackie plans organizes directs and evaluates operations of the agency to ensure exceptional compassionate and professional care in patient services. Overseeing all performance evaluation of staff Jackie also provides in-services for safety in the workplace as well as hurricane preparedness. Since healthcare is such a highly regulated industry Jackie oversees absolute compliance with all state and federal regulations. Jackie s team at Conquest Home Care have had excellent commendations for compliance from surveyor teams from the state who typically present themselves without advanced notice. She is proud of her administrative team who scrutinize compliance in field activity patient status scheduling and oversight while always being in constant contact with her. Agency owners who have not complied with regulations have faced criminal charges with very stiff penalties or even incarceration so Jackie is sure to understand the laws and she takes compliance very seriously. Jackie s strict compliance to regulations aided her in getting Conquest Home Care of Broward qualified and approved as a Medicare provider and CHAP accredited. Becoming CHAP Accredited Medicare approved involved several years of forms follow-ups conversations inspections references financial requirements and even a few disappointments before finally receiving accreditation in 2011. in business from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. After coming to the United States Jackie then earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix. Very active in her church Jackie enjoys volunteering with Grace Fellowship Center formally called West Broward Church of God. She also volunteers with the Alzheimer s Family Center and Hands-On-Broward. Aside from her volunteer work she enjoys traveling and taking cruises and she loves spending her down time listening to music and watching television to wind down after a long day. A kind caring woman with strong values when it comes to honesty and integrity Jackie is a dedicated human being who believes in respect for others. Aiming high she set her eyes on her goal to start her own agency made a plan as to how to get there put all her energy into it and today runs two successful home care locations. Jackie has been married for 21 years to husband Cornell Burton. They have three children Dwayne Nicole and Cornell Jr. Dwayne is an information technology specialist working in Las Vegas Nevada Nicole is an attorney in Oak Park Illinois and Cornell Jr. works in hospitality back in Jamaica. Jackie has four grandchildren Breanna Kahlil Korel and Cornell III ages three to 11-years-old. I believe in living my life as a role model for my children. My work ethic is strong and I believe that Prior to opening Conquest Home Care Jackie researched critical market needs and became familiar with state and federal people must work hard for what they want. I give regulations and other home care agencies in the area. South people a fair chance to succeed especially if they Florida is inundated with more than a thousand agencies and are sincere and put forth their best effort. case managers and doctors are flooded with agency requests. Jackie has spent years building relationships and a reputation for the highest quality of service so that case managers and doctors are not only comfortable but confident when referring others to Conquest Home Care. The most important research that Jackie did to ensure the success of Conquest Home Care was refer to a highly qualified consultant before making any major decisions about the startup of her agency. In her case she turned to friend and geriatric care manager and owner of Elder Options Inc. Stephanie Swerdlow. Stephanie encouraged Jackie to further her education while opening her own agency and she has served as a mentor and guide along the way. Stephanie is Jackie s greatest inspiration and the two women continue to maintain a wonderful professional relationship and friendship. The biggest lesson I have learned from starting my own business is to know everything that is needed to run an agency successfully Jackie noted. I have learned to hire the right people for the right job while giving them my input and allowing them to do their best within my parameters. I try to keep both an open mind and a tight rein on the operation and bottom line of the agency. Jackie is a graduate of Montego Bay Junior Secondary School Montego Bay Technical Institute and has a two-year degree 25 What do you see in the future for the healthcare industry Healthcare is an ever-growing industry. As baby boomers retire opportunities for employment expand. As they age the need for healthcare will increase. How is the industry influenced by state and federal regulations I have found that healthcare is a highly regulated industry so it is important to have proper qualified staff in place and ongoing training. Regulators conduct site visits both announced and unannounced to ensure compliance so it is important to stay vigilant. Can you name three important benefits for the elderly receiving home healthcare services Three of those benefits include personalized services the ability to remain in a familiar environment and home care that is cost effective as compared to a facility. What made you chose the healthcare industry instead of something different My working experience and knowledge of the industry were deciding factors. Additionally I enjoy working with the elderly. What factors contribute to the type of services you provide at Conquest Home Care The type of care required for each individual determines the services we provide. Each patient requires a different level of assistance. How does the economic condition determine the healthcare climate Unfortunately the cost of healthcare has risen significantly. I am seeing that more and more family members are taking on the role of paid caregivers. How do you recruit quality personnel Most of our personnel are referred by current employees clients or other professionals with whom we do business and who are aware of our high standards. In a culturally diverse area how do you provide care We have to be aware of and respect the different cultures including but not limited to language customs and religion. A big part of our orientation process deals with cultural diversity. Do you think home healthcare promotes healing and wellness and if so why Yes. I believe it does promote healing and wellness. Studies have shown that most people will thrive in their home environment. Our goal is for the client to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day self-care activities. What are the business skills needed to start a home care agency Experience in the field is very important for the success of any business. You must also possess good marketing skills and be familiar with the healthcare market in the communities you serve. Contact Jacinth Jackie Burton Owner Administrator Conquest Home Care Plus Inc. Lauderhill and Miami FL 954-486-8156 http info jburton 26 Patricia Woroch Chief Executive Officer Immigrant Services Society in British Columbia (ISSofBC) There are some people who love to travel and then there is Patricia Woroch. Whether embarking on an adventure alone or with friends and family her journeys over the years have taken her to all seven continents. Throughout the world so many similarities and differences exist that it is impossible to not take away a valuable experience learning from other people and cultures. The constant learning and personal growth that comes from exploring new places and new things has contributed to Patricia s success as the current chief executive officer of Immigrant Services Society in British Columbia (ISSofBC) located in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. As chief executive officer since 1998 Patricia leads the largest multicultural immigrant-serving organization in western Canada. The agency consists of 14 offices and more than 27 440 employees all of which she presides over. Through her demonstration of ethical leadership Patricia motivates encourages and engages employees to ensure they recognize and believe in their value as part of the organization. She influences activities and processes toward achieving goals which will include planning setting a vision crisis management strategizing and political engagements. Critical and strategic thinking and calculated risks are essential tools to advance the organization. The reputation of ISSofBC is outstanding and places excellence in client service as their top priority. Patricia s career aspirations did not originate in social services. In fact her initial career was in science where she worked as a laboratory technician in mycology and cytology. She did however volunteer at a women s center and a drug rehabilitation center but she soon realized that science was no longer the path she envisioned for herself long term. Returning to school to study social work Patricia worked in areas such as juvenile probation and child welfare. Early in her social services career she managed an agency in a small town and became formally trained in management. This opened the doors to many senior staff positions in fields such as healthcare legal services community services and other philanthropic agencies. While working she earned her Bachelor s Degree in Anthropology and Sociology and her Master s Degree in Organizational Management. I enjoy the process of change Patricia admits about career. Growth always occurs with change both within an organization and within oneself. The challenges one faces are immense but can provide great satisfaction. Patricia s lifelong belief in civil society and commitment to making a difference in her community can also be attributed to her many achievements. The work is difficult and time consuming so it is crucial to find a balance between work and life. As serious as her profession is she claims that having a sense of humor is a great survival tool. The work is complex and emotionally draining so it is important to take the time to laugh and recharge. She was very fortunate to have had wonderful mentors that shared practical skill-based and experiential knowledge with her. The time interest and energy they invested resulted in Patricia s superior accomplishments as a mentor to a number of young women. Women s issues have been of particular interest to Patricia. She has been very lucky in life to have had truly amazing strong and determined female role models such as her mother friends and mentors. Not every woman is fortunate enough to have people like this in their lives so she is compelled to assist in any way she can by aiding women involved in domestic violence helping to feed single mothers and their families mentoring young women or volunteering as a big sister. Women everywhere can make a difference in the life of another woman. As the leader of a non-profit charitable organization Patricia is always pushing forward to create a more efficient and effective agency. This task can prove difficult at times due to the lack of stability of core funding. There is a constant search for new 28 sources of funds and the inherent instability of government priorities creates a complex environment to manage the organization. The ISSofBC competes and collaborates with other agencies that also seek funding most often from the same sources. Much energy is exerted to find solutions to these dilemmas. An adequate amount of Patricia s time is devoted to raising awareness in her community to support the organization. She is a member of the Mayor s Working Group on Immigration a lead member of the Immigrant Integration Coordinating Committee a board member of the Tenants Resource and Advisory Committee and co-chair of the Regional EthnoCultural Advisory Committee. She has also sat on boards for various community-related groups such as the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and participates in provincial and federal government consultations and advisory groups. Throughout her career Patricia has made countless efforts to stabilize faltering agencies. She is tactical in her technique as she assesses the situation determines a course of action and implements the tough changes required while simultaneously ensuring that the talent within the organization and the history contained are respected. She has also had the opportunity to speak to various groups and clubs including international Metropolis conferences which is an international network for the study of migration. The job itself changes rapidly and it is often necessary to be reactive as well as proactive Patricia adds. Sharing my values of honesty and integrity ensuring that decisions are based on respect for others and being open to new ideas are important facets of leading. In the spare time that she has Patricia quenches her thirst for knowledge by spending hours reading. Her parents instilled in her the practice of lifelong learning so along with reading Patricia also enjoys watching documentaries on television on many different topics and going to the opera live theaters museums and art galleries. When she is not venturing around the world she is an avid photographer takes pleasure in walks around the cities and volunteers at local events in her neighborhood. Patricia and her husband first met as teenagers and have been married for 40 years. They celebrated by taking a cruise through Europe on the Danube River. He is now retired and spends his days playing bridge golf and learning how to play a number of musical instruments. Their siblings nieces and nephews are scattered about the world and family reunions are not very often so Patricia treasures her time with her family when the opportunities arise. Currently living in Delta British Columbia Patricia and her husband spend time with the friends they have had for decades. Patricia s concern for humanity is inspiring and humbling. She leads a caring life full of love and the genuine desire that every person she connects with will have more confidence believe they can achieve their goals and live a life with honor and integrity. She makes every day in her life count and her actions leave the world just a tiny bit better. Why is your industry important in today s society Canada requires immigration to ensure a healthy and viable economy. Low birth rates an aging population and increasing demand for skilled workers contribute to the need for immigration. Additionally Canada is a signatory to the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees generally referred to as the Geneva Convention. Whether arriving in Canada as an immigrant or a refugee information and other services such as English language training are necessary to assist in the settlement process of the individual. The goal is to have newcomers integrate find appropriate work and become engaged in the community as soon as possible. Is it only the government that can bring refugees to Canada Refugees can come to Canada as government-assisted refugees who upon arrival receive settlement services as well as one year of financial assistance from the Canadian government or as privately sponsored refugees who receive settlement and financial support from private groups such as church groups families or any other groups of five people willing to support the refugee. Where do most refugees to Canada come from To the USA What services do you provide to help newcomers (immigrants and refugees) We provide a full range of services including basic settlement services of orientation and information English language training employment training and various community development projects. English language training ranges from pre-literacy to university level. Community development projects range from art therapy for traumatized refugee children to developing an Afghan Women s Sewing Co-op. In Canada in 2012 government assisted refugees came from Afghanistan Columbia Iran Iraq and Congo. According to Refugee Watch in 2012 the top five source countries for refugees to the USA were Bhutan Burma Iraq Somalia and Cuba. How many of the total number of refugees are resettled in a third country (i.e. sent to another country for permanent residence) What is the difference between refugees and immigrants According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) a refugee is a person who owing to a wellfounded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race religion nationality membership of a particular social group or political opinion is outside the country of his or her nationality and is unable or owing to such fear is unwilling to avail him herself of the protection of that country. An immigrant is a person who has chosen to settle permanently in another country. For more information on refugees you can go to http refugeereport. In 2011 only 0.7% of the world s refugees were resettled in 28 other countries who take part in resettling refugees. The UNHCR states While UNHCR s primary purpose is to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees our ultimate goal is to help find durable solutions that will allow them to rebuild their lives in dignity and peace. There are three solutions open to refugees where UNHCR can help voluntary repatriation local integration or resettlement to a third country in situations where it is impossible for a person to go back home or remain in the host country. How can I help How many refugees are there in the world currently According to the UNHCR there are 51.2 million forcibly displaced persons worldwide. In 2013 an estimated 10.7 million individuals were newly displaced. Developing countries host 80% of refugees with Pakistan hosting the largest number of refugees at 1.6 million. Contact any local agency and or group who are working with refugees and ask how you can help. You may choose to help in the various efforts by volunteering donating funds or sometimes goods to a local charity or donating to overseas efforts. In Canada you may choose to sponsor a refugee or refugee family through the private sponsorship program. How many refugees does Canada accept each year The USA Canada accepts approximately 20 000 (plus or minus) refugees each year. The USA accepted 66 200 refugees in 2013. The USA Australia and Canada provide approximately 90% of global resettlement with the USA accepting the greatest number. What are the biggest challenges newcomers face Newcomers for the most part tend to settle in major cities. In Canada the majority settle in Toronto Montreal and Vancouver cities with a high cost of living. Affordable housing is a major concern for all newcomers. Professional immigrants are challenged by credential recognition issues and with finding work that is appropriate to their training. Many refugees arrive traumatized are multi-barriered and need assistance in dealing with numerous issues. Contact Patricia Woroch Chief Executive Officer Immigrant Services Society in British Columbia (ISSofBC) Vancouver BC CAN 604-684 2561 http patricia.woroch 29 Rosalyn A. Jacquett PhD Founder and Chief Executive Officer The National Coalition for Building Bridges Inc. Oklahoma City OK Born in Houston Texas but raised in California Rosalyn juvenile justice social services protective service and more. But in 1996 Rosalyn decided she wanted to make a change and she left California to pursue other goals. Moving to Oklahoma City Oklahoma where she still resides today Rosalyn first became a review examiner for the State of Oklahoma. Still working for the state today she now serves as their senior investigator performing adjudications mediations technical research audits and investigations of public complaints and or grievances filed with the Commission against state regulated utilities in 77 counties. She has been serving in this capacity since 1999. However just one year after taking on this role she attempted and succeeded at also becoming the founder and chief executive officer of her own organization the National Coalition for Building Bridges Inc. I ve always had a passion and commitment as a public servant and to utilize every opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others as I remain focused in my career and purpose Rosalyn said. I haven t taken anything for granted and recognize that nothing in life is free but that all things are possible and achievable. The National Coalition for Building Bridges Inc. is a domestic not-for-profit organization whose mission is directed toward opportunities which lead to eliminating prejudice and barriers of racial discrimination. They are currently in the process of establishing transitional homes for single parents women while raising the grades of elementary school age children through a partnership established with the Mt. Triumph Baptist Church Sky Learners Program and the Oklahoma Public Schools. Her organization s task is to transform current setbacks into opportunities that empower individuals in diverse populations 30 A. Jacquett became a young adult member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in the early 1960 s the nation s largest and most recognized grassroots-based civil rights organization in the United States. In 1968 she began participating in a variety of communitybased organizations that pursued social and economic equality for minority group inhabitants who are also US citizens. With her father s strong support influence and leadership Rosalyn soon became involved in human and civil rights as an advocate for social justice. Rosalyn has been working in her current field since 1994. She simultaneously pursued two Bachelor s Degrees one in Social Science and one in Business graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of Phoenix in 2005 followed by two Master s Degrees one in Business Administration and the other in Human Resources Management also from the University of Phoenix in 2007. She then began to pursue her Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration with a specialization in Organizational Leadership and is expected to graduate from Northcentral University in Prescott Valley Arizona soon. Starting her professional career during the 1970 s as an educational specialist with the Urban League of Greater San Diego Rosalyn managed and supervised education programs and training did grant writing developed partnerships with schools and performed many other duties and responsibilities. Staying true to her roots she then accepted a position with the National Urban Youth Coalition in the mid 1990 s as president and chief executive officer managing and supervising staff developing partnerships with community-based organizations serving as a liaison for members of various boards and for by building bridges and closing gaps. As CEO and chair of her non-profit Rosalyn creates communicates and implements the organization s vision mission statement and overall direction. She leads the development and implementation of the organization s strategy and leads guides directs and evaluates the work of other executive leaders such as presidents vice-presidents and directors. She is active with Voice Organized In Civil Engagement National Organization (V.O.I.C.E.) the Oklahoma City Public Schools CAB Committee the Oklahoma Department of Corrections Prison Leadership Academy the Prison Action Committee and the Educational Committee. Rosalyn has also served as author and co-author of several programs including Golden Pyramid Scholars Program Best Educational Skills and Tutorial Program HIS Army Youth Mentorship Program Westside Drop-In Center Educational Programs and Civil Rights Advocacy and Training Courses specifically for state employees certification as a civil rights administrator. Another passion is to assist and to advocate for the undeserved population of single parents and incarcerated women. I ve been an ordained minister and senior executive for 44 years and have traveled extensively within the US and abroad providing spiritual leadership and guidance Rosalyn said about what s important to her. I ve been an education and community activist for the past three decades nationwide and have dedicated my life to educating myself and others by mentoring coaching and developing programs for self-improvement transitioning transformation and upward mobility. One of Rosalyn s biggest kept secrets to success lies in critical thinking. Learning the art of negotiation understanding the essence of public service and human resource management and acquiring a strong professional academic foundation and related experiences have served her well over the years. But her greatest inspiration is in giving back more than which she has been blessed to receive and achieve through her public service and scholastic endeavors. You must dare to dream and pursue those dreams to the fullest Rosalyn says and you must always be prepared and study to prove yourself. You must also be able to walk worthy of the vocation you endeavor and establish full proof of your purpose. Quoting Barbara Jordan who served as a state senator and later became the first African American woman to serve in the United States Congress from the South in relation to her field s work Rosalyn says We cannot improve on the system of government handed down to us by the founders of the Republic...but we can find new ways to implement the system and realize our destiny. When Rosalyn isn t consumed in her work she makes an active effort to give back by volunteering at her local elementary school for their reading and mathematics tutoring program in addition to mentoring youth and college students. When she is at home she likes to read listen to music and watch true story movies. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with family. She has two daughters Abeni Oni Sharp Jones and Oyeka Aliece Sharp and five grandchildren Daunte Sean II Amare Jazae and Steven. 31 Why are civil rights and humans rights relevant in today s world of business enterprise Our organization continues to build on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights embracing the fact that the US Congress has adopted many vitally important human rights laws such as the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Do people that violate rights have rights The answer is yes. Although there are restrictions placed on those who commit criminal offenses such as jail etc. it is important to remember that no excuse should be given to violate the rights of individuals outside of that framework. What can businesses learn from your non-profit organization Non-profit organizations are becoming America s management leaders. In two areas strategy and the effectiveness of the board are crucial. What is the first lesson a business enterprise can learn from a nonprofit organization Our mission and goals are our primary focus and is metamorphosed through leadership and teamwork. Why is there a vast need for organizations specializing in human and social services There is a need to meet human needs through interdisciplinary knowledge base and focusing on prevention remediation of problems mental health issues and to maintain a commitment to improve the quality of life. How does Human Services make a difference Human Services make a difference by improving accessibility accountability and coordination among professionals and agencies. What is the primary purpose of Human and Social Services To assist individuals and communities to function as effectively as possible in major domains of living. What is most important about generic human services professional competencies Generic knowledge Understanding the nature of human systems the conditions which promote or limit optimal functioning and classes growth and goal attainment planning implementation and evaluation understanding organizational values and processing skills. How is the Social Development Theory useful in organizational Improvement The theory explains qualitative changes in the structure and framework of society to help society better realize its aims and objectives. What is the role of pioneering individuals To engage the mind in creative thinking new thoughts and ideas. Contact Rosalyn A. Jacquett PhD Founder Chief Executive Officer The National Coalition for Building Bridges Inc. Oklahoma City OK 405-802-9159 drofbusiness 32 Heal thy living has changed my life Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Hydrotherapist - Port Huron MI Naturopath Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND started her career after her children were grown. She was always interested in healthy living and she recognizes and teaches that good health is certainly a journey. Healthy living has changed my life Veronica admits. I like teaching people how to get well and stay well and I love seeing positive results in others. Veronica teaches that we are all Mind Body and Soul or Holistic. When one is out the other two suffer which is why we need to treat the whole body. There are several different ways that Veronica suggests to do this. First it is important to know your blood type O A B or AB. This encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others based on their blood type. It is also believed that your blood type also determines your susceptibility to certain illnesses and how you should exercise. Second Veronica stresses the importance of water consumption. Our bodies are made up of 70% water so if you take your body weight and divide that number in half that s how much water you should be drinking per day. For 33 example if you weigh 150 pounds you need to drink 7.5 eight ounce glasses of water. My suggestion when it comes to drinking water is to drink one eight ounce glass of lemon water first thing in the morning using organic lemons or organic juice and steam distilled water Veronica explained. And please please don t use tap water. Wait five minutes or so and drink a second eight ounce glass followed by four ounce glasses throughout the day. At first you will urinate quite often but as your body adjusts to the water intake it will get better. It is also important to find out if you are allergic to anything. Allergies are an abnormal response of the immune system. People who have allergies have an immune system that reacts to a usually harmless substance in the environment or a substance being digested. Veronica suggests keeping a food journal to help track what you eat. Muscle Testing is another holistic practice that Veronica recommends. Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluating the body s imbalances and assessing its needs. It involves testing the body s responses when applying slight pressure to a large muscle to provide information on energy blockages the functioning of the organs nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities among other things. Veronica also says to add regular chiropractic care. Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternative treatments. The proper alignment of the body s musculoskeletal structure particularly the spine will enable the body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Being a certified iridologist Veronica sees the eyes as windows into the body s state of health. Iridology is an alternative medicine technique that claims that patterns colors and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient s systemic health. Practitioners match their observations to iris charts. The chart divides the iris into zones that correspond to specific parts of the human body. Veronica also suggests Colon Therapy because death begins in the colon. Their national website is http and they can also be reached at 210-366-2888. And finally the last and most important thing Veronica recommends is to have faith in God. Self-employed Veronica goes to seminars to stay informed. It s important that she be a good example to family and friends and tries to be friendly helpful and positive when working with others. While some are much more pessimistic and negative than others Veronica does her best to explain that it is our own responsibility to get healthy and that everyone needs to work to be less dependent on medication and other drugs. Veronica holds monthly meetings at her local health food store. She also does food demonstrations featuring a variety of healthy recipes at her house through another business she started called Veronica s Kitchen. She recently became a consultant to Thrive Shelf Life and plans on sharing this through her Veronica s Kitchen website as well. She is also a certified food handler for the Health Department. As a stay-at-home-mom while her children were young Veronica didn t start her career in naturopath until 1990. Under the guidance of Dr. Shasky ND a good friend who happens to be her nearly 90-year-old sister she went back to school. She attended Trinity College of Natural Health becoming a Certified Natural Health Professional in 1998. In 2004 she earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. Finally in 2007 she became certified in iridology. Crossword puzzles and challenging computer games such as Words with Friends are some of the things Veronica enjoys doing on her down time. She helps serve breakfast for the needy every Sunday at a local church which is the highlight of her week. She s also a past health and temperance leader at her church and used to volunteer as a driver for the American Cancer Society. Through prayer and her faith in God Veronica made a positive difference in the corner of her world. She loves Jesus her faith in the Triune God and the Bible. She believes that by helping others she will be helped too. Two key thoughts she tries to live by are 1) It s nice to be important but it s more important to be nice and 2) People don t care what you say or do but how you make them feel. Veronica and her high school sweetheart husband have been married for 59 years. They have seven wonderful children seven precious grandchildren and four sweet great-grandchildren. Four of their children live out of state but they love traveling to visit them. Several of them are in the health field too so Veronica is happy that her legacy will live on. I love life and people have a strong set of Christian values and a sense of humor Veronica said. I am a loyal and faithful friend. The caption under my high school picture was Cheerleader and leader of good cheer. Contact Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Naturopath Healthy Solutions Veronica s Kitchen and Hydrotherapist Port Huron MI 810-982-4319 http vmdnd76 34 BarBara Goto suyehiro Co-Founder General Manager Eye-On-Edge LLC Stockton CA Barbara Goto Suyyehiro was suffering constant shoulder and elbow pain that was beginning to affect her normal everyday activities and quality of sleep after a long day. Losing her father to colon cancer her mother to Alzheimer s and her husband to kidney failure due to his type II diabetes Barbara s health and desire to take care of her body became imperative. She began educating herself on areas that directly impact one s health quickly became conscious of ways in which to live a healthier life and now encourages others to do the same. I am enthusiastic about helping others embrace healthy living principles as well as assisting people in alleviating the everyday pains and discomforts they suffer from Barbara said about her eye-opening experiences. In 2012 with business partner Dana Ueda Barbara founded Eye-On-Edge LLC. The company offers products containing cuttingedge technology that help promote a healthy lifestyle with reduced pain and discomfort while lessening the amounts of drugs and medications necessary. By use of bracelets tubing sheeting and shoe inserts their products help ease pain with proven negative ion readings. Negative ion bracelets and shoe inserts can be commonly found on the market but the sheeting and tubing are unique to EyeTo-Edge. Used for specific areas of discomfort the custom-fit tubing can be wrapped around a knee elbow or other joint pain while the sheeting can be placed under the sheet of a bed to provide relief from lower back spinal or hip discomfort. The sheeting can also be cut to fit an office chair car seat or armchair and can be used as a head wrap to alleviate migraines and headaches. While it can be difficult to present eastern medicine devices to the traditional western medicine world the alternative solution that the products provide is natural and gives immediate comfort and relief. Believing in their company motto Not to live with pain or discomfort nor rely completely on pain medicines their products are a healthier way to recovery from accidents athletic injuries and age-incurred aliments. Traveling throughout California and Nevada Barbara and Dana maintain their booth display at festivals fairs and expos to educate others on the effects of negative ions. Our health the environment and what we eat and drink including medication all impact our internal system Barbara explained. I thoroughly believe in our products and the positive effect they have on our customers health. 35 Why is your wellness company needed The world is continually changing and technology can be a positive influence. However the consequences of technology can be negative to our health. Medicines improve our health and make us comfortable but overuse and dependency of such medications can be dangerous. Our goal is to reduce the dependency not necessarily eliminate the need for medication. What are your future plans for the company I believe we can find many ways to incorporate negative ions into different areas. The sports and medical industries are clear opportunities to reduce inflammation pain bruises and burns while the dental field provides the opportunity to help with gum inflammation and pain. As a company we just have to figure out how to create workable applications for various industries. Does wearing your negative ion products heal injuries Nature s negative ions help the circulatory system by reducing the positive ions we breathe. Optimizing the efficiency of our circulatory system helps pain and discomfort allowing our bodies to heal quicker with less scarring and infection. Are your products just for adults Will the products work for everyone No. Our products can be used by young children who get hurt active teens who receive injuries while their bodies are still developing adults who suffer from athletic injuries veterans who endured constant pain or seniors who suffer from circulatory issues. We can t guarantee that our products will work for everyone just as Tylenol doesn t work for everyone. Not every medication is effective but if someone can feel relief without taking pills I think it is worth a try. Would you say your company is fluid and constantly updating its direction Absolutely. Negative ions is only one way to reach a healthy lifestyle. I look at our business as reaching for healthy living not just about negative ion products. Are there any other applications for your products Yes. Some veterinarians are starting to specialize in holistic applications and I believe our negative ion sheets in a pet s bed can help with their joint problems. How do you plan to promote a healthy lifestyle We are looking to products that reduce our waste recycling efforts that create usable new products and encourage healthier eating alternatives. Who else would you like to be involved with to promote your business I value anyone with eastern and western medical training. I am open to opportunities that involve alternative health centers individual sports organizations and physical therapy practices. How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition We use a meter from Japan that reads the negative ions in the air competitors bracelets and our own products to demonstrate the difference of output. Common negative ion generators in a home can provide atmospheric benefits but only in the home. Wearing our bracelets one receives the benefits constantly consistently. Contact Barbara Goto Suyehiro Co-Founder General Manager Eye-On-Edge LLC Stockton CA 810-982-4319 http eyeonbgs 36 Cathy Tucker Owner KTW Wraps LLC Powder Springs GA Cathy Tucker adopted a former show dog in 2010 and the beautiful long haired Maltese whose name is Kelly immediately became part of the family. But Cathy quickly found that Kelly was having problems with her long hair falling into her food and eyes which meant she had to keep her dog s hair up in a topknot using none other than a conventional rubber band. As most know rubber bands cause knots damage the hair and are painful when it comes time to remove them. Cathy knew she needed a better solution to the rubber bands for Kelly s sake so she started to research alternatives. I played around with a lot of different ideas for several months before coming up with the idea of a self-adhesive tape Cathy said about her revelation behind her business. I knew I needed something that would stick to itself but not to my dog s hair. After finding a manufacturing company that carried the tape Cathy had samples sent her home. Working with different thicknesses she found what she needed to would work well for Kelly s hair. Cathy continued to use the tape for several months on Kelly before realizing that if she loved it others would love it too. She filed for a patent and in 2012 started KTW Wrap LLC to manufacture and sell her Knotless Hair Wrap exclusively to customers. Running the family-owned and operated business from her Powder Springs Georgia home Cathy shares her mission of ensuring that her customers pets experience less pain damage and knots when putting in top knots by using the Knotless Hair Wrap to band their hair. Cathy is also responsible for selling advertising ordering filling and shipping orders and conducting tradeshows to spread the word about her amazing product and does demonstrations on her beloved Kelly. The biggest challenge for Cathy during the business s start37 up process has been advertising. With a limited advertising budget she has found the best way to advertise is via word of mouth. She gave her groomer a roll of the Knotless Hair Wrap to use and asks her customers to tell friends about it if they are satisfied with the wrap themselves. Kelly is happier since Cathy replaced her rubber bands with the Knotless Hair Wrap. Through continuous use Cathy has realized that it can work for all types of hair including other animals and human hair. Cathy provides how-to videos on the company s website for dogs children and adults to use the wrap for top knots feathers extensions and up-dos. While KTW Wraps LLC takes up a lot of her time outside of her full-time job at a printing company Cathy finds ways to get involved with animal rescue groups whenever she can. She also loves to play with Kelly and spend time with her husband daughter two step-sons and two step-granddaughters. What is the Knotless Hair Wrap It is residue-free tape that only sticks to itself used as a band to tie up hair. It originally started out as a product for dogs but we have found that it works great with human hair too. What is the advantage of using this product versus traditional hair bands and clips Because it only sticks to itself the hair does not tangle or knot up like it does with rubber bands. If applied properly the hair does not get wrapped into the band so when you remove it the hair is not pulled out and there is less pain involved. If you see hair coming out when you remove the wrap it s because it got stuck in between the tape as it was wrapped. Is the wrap reusable When putting it in if you need to unwrap it for any reason you are able to. However once the tape has created a bond to itself it is not reusable. How much do you need to use at a time That depends on the thickness of the hair you want to pull back. You can use as little as one and a half inches per use. Is the wrap hard to use No different from learning to use regular hair bands or clips there is a learning curve. It might take you a couple times to become good at wrapping the hair but the more you use it the better you will become at it. Where and in what manner can the hair wrap be used The tape can be used on all types of hair for example using it for dogs topknots or anywhere on their body. It is also great for human hair in topknots up-dos ponytails and feathers. An additional feature the wrap will not move as you are swimming around and playing in the pool. Do you ship outside the United States Yes but it will take about two weeks for delivery. We are still looking for distributors in new countries. Is the wrap harmful to hair No the wrap will not harm hair. And if accidently swallowed by a pet or child the wrap is non-toxic. How do I place an order You can place your order by calling the KTW Wraps LLC sending an email sending a message though our Facebook page at KTW Wraps LLC Knotless Hair Wrap or clicking on any of the contact buttons found on the website. What if I am unsatisfied with the product While we believe that everyone will love the wrap we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Contact Cathy Tucker Owner KTW Wraps LLC Powder Springs GA 678-862-2044 http ktwwraps 38 Eileen Mille Lee Baldwin Owner & Chef Eloise s Pastries Warrenton VA O wning a bakery isn t just about making a profit it s about creating memories through the beautiful and delicious workings of Eileen Mille Lee Baldwin and her fabulous team of bakers and pastry artists at Eloise s Pastries in Warrenton Virginia. Every cake cookie muffin and loaf of bread is made with only the best freshest ingredients and taste-tested for excellence to give customers a special gift made with love. Mille began her baking career at the age of eight. Her grandmother s house was where she first created an elaborate three-dimensional cake and she hasn t stopped since. Early on Mille owned a children s party planning business and baked theme cakes and cupcakes. She lived overseas for a time and worked as a baker honing her skills while learning about many different desserts from all over the world. As owner and master baker of Eloise s Pastries since 2010 Mille teaches and empowers her team to do their best job every time. Every piece of deliciousness receives final approval by her which is held to very high standards from taste to aesthetic appeal. She and her team stay true to their motto Real Service Real Ingredients Really Fabulous. I know without a doubt that I am doing what I am meant to do Mille admits. I believe our customers see the dedication and effort that comes through in our fabulous creations because I see it in the smiles on their faces. 39 The path to opening a bakery has not come easy. Mille s a cancer survivor and full-time caregiver for her daughter who has a debilitating neurological disorder due to cancer. Although in full remission now the effects are permanent. Mille understands how precious life can be and works to bring happiness to others through her bakery. She never gets tired of making someone s day with a smile and a cookie. Although the needs of her daughter the bakery and the management of a home take up most of her time Mille unwinds by playing with her dogs reading or just relaxing in a quiet environment. She donates to many organizations such as The Fauquier Family Shelter Habitat for Humanity and for Wounded Warrior events. She is a member of the Bliss Connection an elite group of wedding professionals Women s Wedding Network and Retail Bakers of America. She also a member of National Association of Professional Women International Women s Leadership Association and Colonia Dames. Mille resides in Warrenton and has three beautiful daughters. Her eldest lives in Singapore and travels the world for work her middle daughter is semi-retired as a known artist in the DC area who has recently come to work in mom s bakery applying her painting to cakes instead of show scenery and her youngest enjoys writing and playing the piano as much as her body will allow. Throughout life s struggles Mille continues to bring sunshine to her family and others by way of her delectable creations. Are your products only available locally No. We ship all over the US. In the summer we ship next day air. Many customers have standing monthly orders and we also have regular customer corporate accounts. What makes Eloise s Pastries different from all the other bakeries Everything in the bakery is first made with love then fresh all natural ingredients. I use the best ingredients I can find with 60% being organic. Better than grandma used to make Why are wedding cakes so expensive The quality and quantity of the ingredients used time for preparation electricity assembly stacking and decorating all contribute to the cost. An average wedding cake serves 130 people and averages conservatively 100 pounds. What advice would you give someone wanting to open their own bakery It takes money to make money. Invest in the right tools equipment ingredients and people. You need a willingness to put in the hours needed and I recommend really comfortable shoes. Where do you get your recipes They are handed down hence the heirloom bakery part of our name and are also of our own creation. What qualities do you look for when building your team I usually don t hire from within the industry. I can teach the skills needed but I can t teach creative thinking. I believe in empowering my team. As natural strengths emerge I rearrange and by creating a team that I can rely on they work confidently. Do you bake gluten-free dairy-free or vegan Yes We bake fabulous gluten-free vegan gluten-free vegan all-organic and diabetic friendly. What type of experience do you want your customers to have My desire is for my customers to feel respected. I want them to walk away feeling special listened to treated courteously and professionally and that their purchase of a cookie was treated as importantly as the person ordering a wedding cake. I want to make a connection. Do you ever make anything for pets By request for dogs and horses. Living with three dogs needing specialized diets for various reasons I created Dog Nibbles. All ingredients are human grade gluten-free all natural and preservative free. We also make horse biscuits which many of our clients enjoy eating as well Contact Eileen Mille Lee Baldwin Owner & Chef Eloise s Pastries Warrenton VA 540-764-0113 http ktwwraps 40 What are you planning to do next I had cancer last year so we went into survival mode with little emphasis on business growth. This year we are in growth mode pushing for product placement in specific area stores and working on products that we anticipate selling nationally. In the meantime remember Eloise s Pastries will ship from our door to yours for those of you living in the United States. Gale H. Thomssen Owner - Designs by Gale Tucson AZ Stumbling upon her life s work by accident Gale H. Thomssen got started in her career after attending a mineral show in Houston Texas to help a friend select beads for his wife. Immediately drawn to the limitless creative potential that surrounded her it brought an artistic spark to the surface that Gale was able to bring to life. Designs by Gale was the result and in 1984 Gale founded her home-based business in Carson City Nevada which is now located in Tucson Arizona. As founder owner and chief designer of her company Gale is constantly finding new ideas to incorporate into her jewelry making. Her endless stock of beads crystals metals fossils and tools allow her imagination to run wild with beautiful handmade designs for customers. My art is my passion and it is important for me to share that with others Gale admits about her 30 years in business for herself. I enjoy working with copper and combining different ingredients to bring my original designs to life. Early in her career Gale attended many classes to grow and expand her knowledge and techniques in jewelry making. Her longtime friend Pam Conner and she attended classes from the late Cathy Park. Both of them provided her with much encouragement and support over the years. Gale now shares her love of handcrafted jewelry with others by teaching her own classes at Mani Om Bead and Jewelry in Tucson. Her work is also being displayed in three different galleries in Tucson and is featured in exhibits at shows in both Arizona and Nevada and she often travels to display her jewelry at various art shows and events statewide. Getting started took much work and dedication. Gaining exposure for her name and style of work was time consuming but Gale s positive outlook and ardent desire to create jewelry allowed her to keep moving in a forward direction. Gale spends the little free time she has volunteering at Cross Street Community Ministries preparing and serving breakfast for some 200 homeless people in south Tucson. The loss of a friend due to cancer inspired her to become the president of the Carson City Chapter of the American Cancer Society too and she later co-founded and served as a volunteer director of Carson Advocates for Cancer Victims an organization that raises funds for cancer patients without health insurance. She is a member of the Tucson Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women where she received a VIP Woman of the Year award in 2014 is a member of the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society and a member of the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club. In 2013 Gale was honored by receiving the Worldwide Who s Who award for Entrepreneur of the Year representing the jewelry design industry. Living in Tucson with her husband Richard she has three step-daughters and five step-grandchildren. 41 Why do you call your style of jewelry Southwestern I live and work in Tucson Arizona and every day I can see the sun rise and set. I am surrounded by the desert and share it with all the living plants and critters. These are my inspirations. How is your jewelry different from the thousands of other jewelry designers Each piece I create is unique. The stones and fossils I incorporate into my work are also unique. My copper work is different from most other jewelry designers as well. What type of items do you incorporate into your work I work with gemstones fossils agates jaspers glass beads metals bone and just about anything that can be integrated into my imagination. How do I keep copper from turning green on my skin Each person s skin reacts differently to metals. I use an auto spray paint that is clear to coat my pieces. It is hard but does not change the character of my work and it protects your skin. How can I keep copper from tarnishing and how do I clean it Where do you get your ideas Copper that has not been sprayed with the protective shield can be cleaned with ketchup. I can often look at a stone and begin to see what it was meant to be in my mind. When selecting slabs or stones to buy my friends often say Oh my she has that look. Do you make copies of your jewelry Very rarely and only on request do I copy any of my work even earrings. Each one is just a little different. As each one is handmade by me no two pieces will be the same. Your beadwork looks like it takes hours to make. How much time do you spend on each piece My bead weaving pieces can take anywhere from 14 hours to two-and-a-half months to make as each bead must be stitched in place. My copper work requires many steps and I often work on several pieces at the same time. Are there healing properties in copper Copper has long been used by those with arthritis and many of my clients tell me it has worked for them. I know it has helped me. What direction will you go next with your work I never know what direction I will take next. I see some unique piece of jewelry and it inspires ideas using things I have. I take a class using a new tool or concept then go back to my studio and go crazy with ideas in my head. Late at night when my mind is clear of the day s interference new ideas form in my mind. My jewelry designs are ever evolving. Contact Gale H. Thomssen Owner Designs by Gale Tucson AZ 520-437-9103 http gale3thomssen Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Hypnotherapist Emerge Transformational Coaching LLC Jessup MD The United States Navy served as a platform for Berthena BJ Allgood s transition to a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Hypnotherapist and Life Coach. It all began when she joined the United States Navy as a Religious Program Specialist (Chaplain s Assistant) in 1988. During her 20 years of active duty she was a mentor to her fellow soldiers. I absolutely loved it . After retiring from the Navy BJ s passion for helping people find solutions to everyday problems led her to the Fleet and Family Support Center at the Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center in Silver Spring MD where she found joy in helping military personnel transition from the military lifestyle to civilian life. BJ facilitated career development events and seminars for resume writing job searching interview techniques conflict resolution and team building. She also provided new member orientation to officers and enlisted staff while coordinating the annual job fair for hospital staff (both military and civilian). Additionally BJ managed the five day transition assistance seminar for those preparing for retirement from active duty. However that wasn t enough for BJ. A very close friend told me that I would make a great Life Coach. I knew people were very comfortable with me. They opened up and shared the most intimate details of their life. And while I had never considered coaching it turns out that s what I had been doing in the Navy and it was natural not forced. My friend was on to something. So her journey to become a Certified Life Coach began... BJ went on the internet did her research and discovered Bennett Stellar University where she received her certification July 2013. After completing the training I knew I wanted to do more than work with people individually. I realized that I wanted 43 Berthena BJ Allgood to empower and motivate groups of people. So from there BJ began seeking opportunities to provide seminars to universities military installations and hospitals civilian hospitals and local churches. Her focus had been on transition and how to maintain a positive mindset in the face of adversity and failure. She has since founded and become sole owner of Emerge Transformational Coaching LLC. BJ customizes coaching and seminars to meet the needs of the individual and group using a powerful combination of techniques to optimize the receptiveness to new behaviors and ideas and bring positive successful thoughts and actions to the forefront of the mind. The techniques she employs with her contagious positive attitude and openness are naturally drug-free empowering powerful and effective. And when she s not working she s still working. BJ is involved in several non-profit organizations and ministries. One is the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) an exclusive network for like-minded women to come together and exchange ideas both professionally and socially on topics such as business career development family philanthropy and economic and political issues. Among other organizations she also volunteers at Sarah s House which provides safe shelter daily meals and personal professional casework support for those in need. When asked what she would like people to know about her BJ said I genuinely care about the well-being of others. I meet people where they are with unconditional love and acceptance. I am the way I am because of my own life experiences. I am very grateful that I can relate and empathize with people on a human level. Bia K. Tyk Private Detective and Owner - Tri County Investigations Willowbrook IL In 1998 Bia K. Tyk applied for a process server position at Tri County Investigations (TCI). The job had no previous experience required and provided on the job training. Once I started working I was surprised how much I liked it and wanted to learn more about the industry. I find that there s always something new and interesting in this field. I m continuously learning new tactics and techniques to improve service to my clients. I love the freedom I have to be in the office or working in the field. Having been inspired by the founder and previous owner of TCI Harry Petraitis Bia opened her own agency 15 years later. Her official role is Private Detective and Owner but she likes to do a little bit of everything. I take on responsibilities from process serving to notary public to private investigations. I think my taking part in every aspect of this industry keeps me current on new and changing laws. It also shows clients and associates how much I care about improving this business. I m always available to servers if they encounter a problem. My dedication to TCI is unwavering. Bia feels that whether it s in this industry or any other you should learn about your chosen field. This industry deals with very sensitive and private information. I would advise individuals looking to join this field to work with reputable associates and not be afraid to ask questions. Never stop learning. When working in the field be diligent and 44 honest in your efforts. Never compromise your integrity. Also have respect for all individuals involved. Everyone has the same rights according to the law so don t judge people. As part of this male-dominated industry Bia is one of the very few female owners of a detective agency. I ve had to work harder to prove myself to my peers and gain the respect of many who have been in the industry for years. That being said I ve also learned from all of my experiences and have great respect for my peers. I would like women in this industry to be viewed as equals to men. Hard work can overcome challenges and those willing to learn and follow the laws will succeed. But despite everything Bia loves her job and company. I wake up every day wondering what is in store for me. What am I going to encounter today I love a challenge and am pleased when I can help a client with a difficult assignment. I try to stay grounded by working in the field. I want to understand the challenges facing my industry and improve it any way I can. Today TCI is a family business. I hope my legacy will be keeping TCI in the family. We all work together which makes the office interesting. Connie S. Brookshire The oldest of seven children Connie S. Brookshire learned to be many things a problem solver negotiator diplomat and a consultant to name a few. These role along with an unrivaled work ethic and penchant for sales has allowed her to continue with another successful business as owner of Professional Standard Chemical and Equipment in Lake Worth Florida for more than 30 years. Connie s career in entrepreneurship began in 1983 when she and her husband Charley opened a carpet cleaning and restoration company together. Having grown up in the industry Charley shared with Connie his knowledge and expertise and their business flourished. However due to a serious injury he sustained they had to sell the business in 1995. Connie returned to school honing her natural sales and business skills to join her husband yet again with another business venture. They started a distributorship in 1998 but sold it in 2010 due to a declining economy. In 2012 Connie gave it another try and they formed Pro Standard Chemical and Equipment. This industry is so diversified and I learn something new every day Connie admits. A large part of my job is consulting with my clients helping them to increase their knowledge and grow their businesses. As owner of Pro Standard Connie handles event planning customer education marketing and business growth fosters relationships with vendors and clients and is always looking for new products and equipment. They have their own line of chemicals that are superior to most national brands and several new chemicals are even being developed today. Since clients work at various hours Connie s created a new website to order products at their convenience and to also reach a larger 45 Owner & President Professional Standard Chemical and Equipment Lake Worth Fl audience. Providing excellent customer service is an essential part of owning a sustainable business. Treating customers with respect and being honest has forged lasting relationships with clients too. As a woman in this industry Connie had to put in extra effort to gain the trust of many customers but over time her knowledge expertise and sincere desire to help has shown through and set her apart from the rest. Connie is in the process of expanding Professional Standard Chemical and Equipment. She expects to open several satellite locations while continuing to improve the online and social media presence and there s also the possibility of some equipment manufacturing in the future. She participates in local and regional tradeshows provides educational classes and holds an annual in-house trade show. Connie s also authoring a book about building maintaining and growing small- to medium-sized business services. A BS graduate in Human Resources and Organizational Management from Palm Beach Atlantic University Connie is certified in mold remediation through Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration and in upholstery and fine fabric cleaning through Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. She volunteers with the National Alliance on Mental Illness and enjoys boating fishing snorkeling with her family and cooking. Connie and Charley have been married for 32 years and have one son Matthew 20. They live in Palm Beach county and continue being a successful team in their business endeavors. Emma J. Wisdom Publisher Post Oak Publications Nashville TN Emma J. Wisdom penned her first book A Practical Guide to Planning a Family Reunion in 1988 a result of her planning for her family s upcoming reunion and later organizing numerous other reunions for friends and colleagues. It was written as a way to answer many questions to common queries about issues of money menus correspondence housing activities music photography and other relative aspects of a successful family reunion a guide that Emma believed there was a real need for. Struggling to find a publisher that agreed with her she then purchased The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing and How to Publish Promote and Sell Your Own Book and then decided to start her own publishing enterprise Post Oak Publications. I read both books from cover to cover and implemented much of the suggestions they offered into my business Emma said about forming her publishing company. The 30 I spent on those two books was the best investment I could have made. They were invaluable resources to me. After self-publishing her first book which earned over 200 favorable mentions and reviews Emma wrote and published Family Reunion Organizer. Since then she has written and published 26 novels novellas novelettes and books including three books for young readers. Post Oak Publications has also published a number of books for other writers. During the time that Emma was writing her weekly book review column she gained the reputation as being a very tough reviewer but she ranked among the top book reviewing voices for contemporary African American novelists. Her column appeared in 13 different publications but eventually discontinued it to concentrate solely on another project reviewing the Chattanooga Courier. Emma had earned her AS at the University of Tennessee by taking night classes graduating in 1979. Several years later she became a Certified Professional Secretary. For 16 years Emma worked at Meharry Medical College an institution that has trained more than 41% of African American doctors within the US. Emma earned numerous promotions and left as the school s executive director. Continuing her part-time studies Emma earned her BA from Tennessee State University graduating Cum Laude in 1991 alongside her son. Later she worked for her alma mater in the writing center subsequently earning her MA in 1995. Knowledgeable in media relations promotions and marketing and special event planning Emma s used her verbal and written skills as an author seminar leader and public speaker gaining effective interpersonal communication skills along the way and earning multiple awards throughout her career as a result. After being married for over 49 years Emma s husband Edward Jr. was tragically murdered in 2011. They had two children together Rolanda Michelle and Edward III. Rolanda holds a graduate degree from Trevecca Nazarene University and Edward holds a graduate degree from Tennessee State University. Emma has one grandson Erik who s employed with Vanderbilt University and is now in graduate school. Writing has been my salvation giving me respite from grieving the untimely death of my beloved husband and other dear loved ones Emma added. 46 Juanita Corazon Rodriguez Risk Manager Rocky Mountain Service Employment and Redevelopment (SER) Denver CO Juanita Corazon Rodriguez s journey has been one with severe hardships. Raised by her father a single-parent she lived a life of extreme poverty in a one-bedroom house that had no heat or hot water which should have been condemned. Becoming a teenage mother Juanita still never gave up. She was determined to accomplish great things in life. Finishing high school with honors she persevered and graduated college with a Bachelor s and Master s degree and today is working toward her risk management designation certification. Beginning her career at Pueblo County Health Department as an environmental coordinator and health specialist Juanita worked in public outreach and education regulatory affairs and enforcement activities for nine years. During this time she became a Registered Environmental Health Specialist with the National Environmental Health Association and a State Food Establishment Standardized Officer with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. In 2011 Juanita was hired at Rocky Mountain Service Employment and Redevelopment (SER) an agency that provides quality education training opportunities and employment services to over 3 000 low income and disadvantaged families annually in Colorado. She is proud to be able to use her knowledge skills and years of experience to give back to many of the same programs that helped her to accomplish her dreams and enjoy a rewarding career. My career has always been based on a mission to help others specifically the disadvantaged and in making an impact to promote positive community outcomes Juanita said. I understand the struggle all too well and strive to help make a 47 positive change in the lives of children families and migrant workers. Rocky Mountain SER is an organization that is highly charged with compassion and dedication. When Juanita first started with the organization she was able to help children and families across Colorado as a health manager for the Head Start Program. She now works for the corporate office as the risk manager helping the Rocky Mountain SER mitigate organizational risks that could result in enormous loss. Any risk that occurs in an accumulative nature can be quite devastating to any non-profit organization and could result in large losses. To sustain an effective and efficient organization Juanita identifies assesses controls finances and administers operation risks such as catastrophic loss fiduciary or employee injury exposures and juridical risks. She devises management systems that are systematically created to reduce risk during operational processes in addition to creating systems capable of continual improvement and enhancement. Juanita earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Health and minored in chemistry at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. She obtained her Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis in Healthcare Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Currently single Juanita has three children and is enjoying everything life has to offer. Her very wise grandmother once told her to do all things out of the kindness of her heart and Juanita does her best to live up to that great advice every day. Joy Parker Blackwood President Waypointers Inc. Gormley ON CAN When Joy Parker Blackwood was faced with what should have been a difficult journey moving her mother from Florida to where she lived in Ontario Canada her natural organizational skills thankfully took over. Extremely impressed with Joy s skills and efforts during the course of the move the owner of the trucking company that helped them explained to her how he always sees senior clients in the need of more assistance than the typical services of just packing and shipping. Sparking her curiosity that was all Joy needed to hear to start her business venture managing every aspect of the relocation efforts for senior citizens worldwide. I get great satisfaction in knowing that I have done something to help people who really have no idea where to begin in making downsizing and relocation decisions or even the process or details involved. The smiles on their faces when the job is complete is well worth it every time Joy explained. Joy started Waypointers Inc. in 2006 and as the president her key role is to find new client opportunities make the initial contact to discern the client s specific needs and prepare the work plans. In addition to the daily operations of the company when Joy takes on a client she prepares organizational plans with timelines and budget in place while managing the distribution or liquidation of possessions financial assistance legal assistance real estate packing and sorting personal travel arranging of trucking companies and transportation finding new residences and liaising with facilities. After the move is satisfied Joy assists clients with interior decorating ongoing personal care finances. 48 Building client relationships has been key in Joy s success of Waypointers. By building a trusting relationship from the very beginning Joy minimizes frustrating issues that often occur during the relocation process. Positive and friendly Joy listens closely to her clients specific needs and desires and does her best to provide as many as she can for them. Aside from Waypointers Joy is the executive director for C.R. Vint Foundation a private charitable corporation that grants funds for religious charitable and educational purposes related to Christian Science. She is also the vice-president and director of business and event production for Northern Lights Award Foundation an aviation and aerospace program that recognizes and honors women who have significantly contributed to the industry. Joy has been passionately involved in aviation since she obtained her private pilot certification in 1982. She also holds certification as an International Aeronautic Federation (FAI) international judge and held the role as first vice-president in the FAI s General Aviation Commission. She is currently the director of marketing with the Aero Club of Canada vice-president of Canadian Precision Flying Association and a member of Ninety-Nines Inc. International Organization of Women Pilots where she is conference chair for the International Conference in 2016 being held in Ottawa Ontario Canada. When Joy isn t enjoying worldwide travel she is at her Ontario home spending time with her husband and dogs. Very athletic Joy belongs to a gym play tennis swims bikes and canoes. LaKisha MitchellBuffington Executive Director Holly Springs Tourism and Recreation Bureau Literary Artist Holly Springs MS There is a small city in northern Mississippi called Holly Springs. There you can find warm southern hospitality a Civil War museum Blues festivals small shops and boutiques and LaKisha Mitchell-Buffington. She s a woman who takes pride in her hometown and encourages others to come and experience the culture and heritage that she lovingly adores. As executive director of Holly Springs Tourism and Recreation Bureau LaKisha began her career in tourism in 2012 as an office and sales manager. Her dedication to her town and fondness for meeting new people quickly advanced her into her current position. At the bureau she s in charge of marketing and advertising preparing and implementing budgets to cover activities hiring employees and is the official spokesperson for the organization. She s regularly developing new ideas to increase community involvement and participation to promote tourism in Holly Springs. I was taught to always take pride in your home your presentation and yourself LaKisha stated. I can get up each day with a joyful spirit go into an office that I love do a job that I absolutely adore and work with people that I wholeheartedly admire to promote a town that is my home. LaKisha takes pleasure in building working relationships with partnering organizations both locally and abroad. She works hard to establish a rapport with colleagues and people in town. She supports numerous events to promote tourism 49 like the Pilgrimage of Homes the Ida B. Wells annual birthday celebration the Hummingbird Migration Celebration Blues festivals and more. She s also an active member of the board of directors for the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area Alliance and the Mississippi Tourism Association. Using a more personal approach LaKisha likes to promote her town through writing. Encouraged by her late grandmother to keep a journal she began writing at the age of 12 and has since developed many ideas and storylines she plans to convert into novels. Her first Fate at Birth My Course or My Curse is a semi-autobiographical account of a struggling young girl in search of her identity and purpose in the small community of Laws Hill just outside of Holly Springs. Afraid of not knowing how people would receive her writing LaKisha overcame her fears and summoned the courage to share her talents with the world. She realized God had given her a gift and an opportunity to touch and inspire others around her. She attributes the person she is today to her mother s and late grandparents unconditional love guidance and support. When she isn t writing or working at the tourism bureau LaKisha is devoting most of her time to her husband Mario and her two children Mario Jr. and Kaici Maree. As a wife mommy writer executive and friend LaKisha s many roles in life are all just a part of who she is and she wouldn t change a thing. Mary S. Yamin-Garone Owner Freelance Writer Editor The Y s One Writing Service Niskayuna NY For as long as she can remember Mary S. Yamin-Garone has loved to write. At the age of 10 she knew she wanted to follow in her father s footsteps and become a writer. Mary wrote stories poems letters and journals on whatever she could find. Writing has always been a lifelong love of mine Mary said. It s never been work or what I do but who I am. My love for writing and words along with the satisfaction I get from seeing how those words affect inform and influence people is why I continue to write. After earning an AAS degree with a concentration in liberal arts followed by a BA in English and Journalism from the State University of New York at Albany Mary began her career as a writer. She served as a general news reporter for The Record Newspaper a feature writer for the Capital District Business Review and worked as a writer and editor for New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control New York State Bar Association and Cleaning Industry Research Institute. In 1993 Mary started The Y s One Writing Service a part-time venture that slowly evolved into a full-time business. In addition to completing all the writing editing and proofreading Mary is responsible for the day-to-day operations involved in running a business. Mary simultaneously works as a correspondent for the Construction Equipment Guide newspaper a feature writer for Superintendent s Profile magazine and a book editor for Savant Books and Publications LLC where she helps authors in their quest to get their manuscripts published. 50 After her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer s Mary began using her writing to help increase awareness of the devastating disease. In doing so she became mindful of some of the major issues individuals and their families faced every day. Now Mary centers her writing on the caregivers and families who are on the same journey she is. The experience of caring for someone with Alzheimer s is overwhelming frustrating heartbreaking and at the same time rewarding. Thanks to my mother my writing has a newfound focus and purpose. I know that when her journey ends she will live on through my words Mary added. Providing the same advice to other writers as Mary s father gave her Sit yourself down and write write write. Involved with Alzheimer s Association of Northeastern New York Mary has been recognized for her fundraising efforts having contributed nearly 15 000. She s also in the process of reaching out to other local and national chapters to join forces to increase awareness. An avid runner for the last 32 years Mary also enjoys weightlifting non-contact boxing Muay Thai kickboxing spending time with her family and as someone born and raised on the East Coast rocking out to Bruce Springsteen. Mary has been married to her husband Gene for 32 years and has three step children. Jesse is a hydrogen generator technician Jarrad owns Garone s Concrete Pumping and Angela is a stay-at-home mom and accomplished accompanist and vocalist. Mary and Gene have nine grandchildren. Michell Ellis Owner Homewatch Caregivers Evansville IN a huge part of getting Homewatch Caregivers up and running because they both viewed things professionally but with a great sense of compassion. Initially Michell had no idea what to say to people while marketing her business. With no real experience in this aspect Michell started attending networking groups each week to help her open up feel more confident and be better prepared to answer random questions about her company. But in the end she has found that if she believes in what she is doing others will too. The company s guiding principle is Let our family care for yours and you can pretty much guarantee the importance that is put on family. Michell has been married for 25 years to her husband Rick Ellis and they have two sons. Recently married Austin lives in Florida with his wife Emily and works at a power plant as a construction manager. Koltin lives in Colorado and works as a diesel mechanic in Glenwood Springs. Michell and Rick enjoy riding motorcycles and often participate in rides that support worthwhile causes. I love to assist others with everyday life. Helping is such a reward Michell added. I could have started any number of companies but at the end of the day I am able to lay my head down knowing that I helped someone or made their life a little easier. President of the Parent Teacher Organization Michell Ellis was extremely involved with her sons school for 11 years. Being at the school so often Michell was asked if she would mind substitute teaching for a special needs class at the Chandler Elementary School. She had no idea this one substitute job would evolve into something much greater. After working with children in special needs classes I moved on to help those with special needs in their own homes. But I knew I wanted to reach a broader base and offer the best and most compassionate care possible in Southern Indiana. I also knew I could make a difference in the lives of not only those with special needs but in the lives of seniors and anyone who might face challenges in their lives that required home-based care Michell explained. In 2012 Michell opened Homewatch Caregivers in Evansville Indiana. The company provides in-home care services from companionship to assistance with daily activities to the elderly those recovering from medical procedures or those with special needs. Homewatch Caregivers mission is to provide basic needs for their clients. Michell feels she has discovered what most clients want to feel special to feel safe and secure and most importantly to feel appreciated. As a person ages they want to maintain dignity while living as independently as possible. This is the goal for all of the staff at Homewatch Caregivers. Starting a new business Michell surrounded herself with people who supported her had knowledge of start-up companies and knew how to handle money. Her accountant and lawyer were 51 M. Michele Geiser pa S Be av e tudio t ner Artist a r to wn PA M. Michele Geiser launched Bepa Studio in the fall of 2012. The studio was created because of my passion for nature and strong faith. I wanted a way to share my intimacy with nature in a way that others may also come to appreciate the beauty and splendor of Earth s elements and God s creations. Both of her parents were artistic so Michele has always had a passion for the fine arts. However nature has been a strong influence in her life as well. To me nature is a phenomenal gift from above ever-changing and always becoming more magnificent. The beauty of nature and the astounding environment that surrounds us (from the simplicity of a third world culture to the complexity of a butterfly s life) all mesmerizes me. Yet faith is the main factor that keeps Michele going. Bepa (roughly translated) means faith. I see our picturesque world and want others to see and feel its majestic splendor as well. My art allows me to try to capture it and hold on to it forever. As the sole owner of Bepa Studio Michele pretty much does it all. The photos creative process and artwork are the easy part for me. However the business side of things (finances day-to-day operations bookkeeping marketing and advertising etc.) is a bit more challenging but I ve been able to hold it all together so far. 52 While she loves art Michele also feels that being in an industry that is a non-necessity business can be frustrating at times especially in today s economy. Taking the first step toward your dreams visions and goals is not only frightening but also liberating. Once you start on your journey don t let anyone or anything stop you from becoming who you were meant to be. Education is something that distinguishes some artists but having a degree in art doesn t necessarily always make you a better artist. I m a strong believer in education and although I do hold an Associate of Science in Education I ve never pursued a degree in art. This may be looked at by many as a double-edged sword. However I believe that my works are very distinctive unlike others who have taken classes. I feel that my art comes from within me and cannot be duplicated or taught in a classroom. I believe this makes me and my art unique. Creativity runs through my veins. Due to several family members and close friends who saw the potential in me to share my talent with the world the dream of having my own studio became a reality. Michele believes that pictures are a way of enjoying all of the things we forget to appreciate while we are experiencing them. Art s place in our world is to bring peace where there is anxiety joy where there is sorrow love where there is hate and healing where there is pain and suffering. I hope that my artistic creations are able to help people endure and be happy. Sh Ow Monique M. Maldonado Chief Executive Officer MD Educational Consulting Firm LLC Evansville IN Professor Monique M. Maldonado is a PhD Candidate with over 12 years of experience in national and homeland security as an Active Duty Technical Sergeant in the United States Air Force as well as over five years of teaching anti-terrorism research and criminal justice courses. I believe it was very important to open a business combining all areas of expertise since it seems to be one of the largest demands in today s industry. As the Founder and CEO of MD Educational Consulting Firm LLC (MD ED) her daily responsibilities consist of overseeing the company s budget as well as forecasting future financial results for the end of year. Monique also develops the organization s educational strategic planning concepts and establishes policies and regulations that are within Maryland state guidelines as well as the academic and professional requirements within the firm. Additionally she provides consulting services such as strategic planning capabilities career mentoring academic planning and is the face of the company by speaking across the country and spreading the word of the firm s mission and existence. Even though MD ED is newly established I have much experience in the services provided thanks to my military background. Quality training and multiple certifications from the Air Force are responsible for my success in the field and also the reason why I was able to establish a consulting firm. However marketing and publicity have been major challenges in generating business for MD ED. 53 We have quality and competitive services but it s been difficult trying to reach people who need our assistance. Even with social media pages and websites companies have to be very dedicated to providing updates and gravitating followers to get the word out. Thankfully MD ED now has a branding service that handles all social media and books events. It definitely has increased business as well as lifted a heavy burden by removing that tedious responsibility. At a time where innovativeness and technology is taking over the world we rely heavily on computers mobile phones tablets apps and social media. It seems as though going back to basics is not only a memory but no longer welcomed in our increasingly technologically driven society. Monique s only hope is to touch the lives of people and assist them in their educational or career endeavors while instilling the traditional applications that she was taught growing up which have made her successful. I d like be remembered as an individual who did everything possible to make this nation a better place educationally and professionally. I m a very hard worker and even though I have accomplished so much in the past 12.5 years I m not finished yet. I don t know if I ll ever be finished because every time I complete a specific task I move on to the next challenge. I m very determined and will never give up no matter what lies ahead. Consistently staying motivated has gotten me to where I am today and in order to build an empire for my family I cannot and will not stop. Natalie A. Wade Owner Operator of Mrs. Natalie s Childcare Children s Author and Blogger Paris TN Natalie Wade s love for childcare came from a project in an entrepreneurial class. We had to create a business on paper. The instructor told us to pull from our passions and hobbies for inspiration. At that point I had been a stay-at-home mom for most of my adult life and homeschooled my children. All I knew was school and kids. Opening a preschool seemed like the best fit for my background and talent. The project did so well on paper that I opened one for real in 2005. Writing was my childhood dream. I did a correspondence course many years ago and tried to write children s stories for magazines but it didn t go anywhere. I always told myself that when I finished school I would write again. So after I earned my Master of Science in Family and Consumer Science with an emphasis in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee in May of 2013 I started writing blogs and children s stories. Having been both a stay-at-home mom and a professional woman Natalie brings a very unique perspective to the early childhood field with her background. This led to a unique perspective for her writing career. My legacy is all the knowledge I have imparted on the children in my care and the ones I inspire through my books and stories. I also want my grandchildren to remember me as a teacher first and foremost and want them to learn from my example to get back up and keep trying no matter how tough life gets. Natalie believes that teaching is in her blood. Homeschooling (my children) was the happiest time of my life so I was devastated when I had to stop and go to work. I needed an outlet for teaching. Therefore the preschool was a perfect fit for me. I don t think I can be happy unless I m teaching in some fashion. As the owner operator of Mrs. Natalie s Childcare Natalie pretty much does everything from the cleaning and care of the children to the teaching. I cook two hot meals a day and must take care of all the administrative duties as well. I am the childcare. And I also believe that this is a job you do because you want to make a difference not because you believe it will make you rich. However opening a preschool or childcare isn t something that anyone can easily do. You must first do your homework. The regulations for childcares vary greatly from state to state. It s much better to know what you ll be facing rather than to have your licensing counselor give you an incredibly long list of things to be done before you can even open the doors. A natural progression for Natalie was to become a children s author and blogger. 54 Owner Know Where to Hold Em Lehi UT Stacy Henry s motivation to start Know Where to Hold Em (a company specializing in women s apparel to carry concealed weapons) came from an unfortunate experience as well as having lived near the Mexican border where people with criminal records and guns would illegally cross over on her property. I had been stalked when I was a teenager by a rapist and sexually attacked by a neighbor. My environment didn t help either so I needed to figure out how to protect myself and my family. There wasn t anything on the market that worked for me to conceal a weapon for protection so I started asking some of my female law enforcement friends what they used. They actually didn t carry their weapons around off-duty because there wasn t anything out there that worked for them either other than a purse which none of them wanted to carry around in case it got stolen with their weapon. That was when I designed a camisole holster shirt. My law enforcement friends and neighbors all asked for one. I was then asked to produce more to sell for others so I kicked off my business in 2012. The first year was mainly spent researching and finding the right materials for the product and field testing the designs. However Stacy s research uncovered how difficult it was to create apparel for women to conceal their weapons. Women have many different body shapes and things to consider that make it difficult. What works for one woman s 55 Stacy Henry body shape may not work for another s. That s ok because creating something that works for a particular body shape allows more options and helps women who may be struggling to find something that works for them. As gun holsters generally favor men Stacy was able to take advantage of an untapped market. Part of the problem has been that men are not built like women so men struggle with designing options that work well for women. That s where I come in. I can get input from women and design items that work better for them When she s not finding ways to protect women Stacy has some well-rounded hobbies which include reading playing the piano basketball water and snow skiing camping hiking shooting guns and most of all hanging out with her family. She also volunteers with the American Red Cross in Disaster Services as an instructor and with the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This world is not about you or me. It s about learning to love and helping each other. That s how I ve tried to live my life. Through my volunteer work the talents that God has given me and the skills I ve developed I ve been able to help a lot of people. Lifestyle Trainer Nucerity International Houston TX Valli Elizabeth Cleal they need to be educated on every product from the ingredients to how to properly use them and learn to utilize the support system in place. Last Valli encourages advancement within the company by assisting her salespeople to set attainable goals and remain involved with their business for the first three months to guide them accordingly. In an ever-changing economy Valli has learned to stay positive and true to the belief that maintaining healthy skin works in conjunction with maintaining a healthy lifestyle using the company s unique product Skincerity is a one-step solution to combat skin problems while deep cleaning and rehydrating the skin. This was exactly the type of credential she was looking for in a new opportunity as well as working with friendly happy employees that were willing to help her and the company succeed. She is a savvy successful business woman who is devoted to paying it forward to help others succeed too. Valli is currently the president of CP Limited and Joyner Holdings since 2004. She has also developed marketing material for new salespeople with Nucerity International which she is very pleased about. Her dedication to having consistent success and helping others create a beautiful and abundant lifestyle has not awarded Valli much free time although she is very active as a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Residing in Henderson Nevada with her husband Valli plans to continue living the life of her dreams through her home-based business for years to come. 56 Finding the balance between owning a successful business and gaining financial independence and the freedom to spend time as you choose can prove to be a very difficult venture. But Valli Elizabeth Cleal welcomed the opportunity to live out her dreams doing just that as a lifestyle trainer for Nucerity International a skincare company based in Houston Texas. Valli s career in skincare began in 1982 while working as a salesperson for Mary Kay cosmetics. She graduated to become a coach for their organization and over the next 17 years changed the lives of many women. She joined Nucerity International in 2010 as a salesperson and now as a lifestyle coach Valli s job is to train every new salesperson to ensure they have the proper tools to reach their goals. There are many steps that need to be taken to coach and support your salespeople because each person and each situation is unique Valli explained. If you are a good coach you will make the adjustments necessary so that you both will succeed but at the seat of any success in any business you need to take heart in what you are doing and that is helping others. It is the right thing to do. The three main components to the training Valli delivers are all vital to becoming a successful salesperson. First she helps each salesperson believe in his or herself by showing them a positive attitude examples of sales techniques and ways to dress and present themselves to potential clients. Second Inez D. Price Direct Sales - Honest Abe Log Homes Moss TN Inez D. Price has been working in sales since August 2006 when she was hired as a Sales Assistant at the national headquarters for Honest Abe Log Homes in Moss TN. I was required to work on Saturdays and was alone at times. I didn t always know the answers to some of the questions posed by customers so I would write them down get the answers and call e-mail the customer back. Inez s role within the company isn t simply sales. While my primary role is to sell I m also responsible for processing the proper paperwork and getting the log home plans started. I then obtain a quote and relay that information back to the customer while keeping a record of payments and tracking the delivery of the home. I also coordinate the project with the construction crew and general contractors. This is all to make customers dreams come alive by assisting them with their dream log home from start to finish. When I see my customers smile I know I m in the right place. She believes that people tend to buy from people who are real. Customers don t want to work with fake people. You have to sell yourself by gaining trust through listening. God gave us two ears and one mouth. I use this in my personal life as well. Being a woman in the construction field Inez feels like she has to work harder to prove herself and prove to others that she can be successful. I draw influence from Dolly Parton. She is a go getter and very sincere. I don t know her personally but know that if I did I would ask her to be my mentor. She hasn t changed since the first time I ever saw her on TV. The owner of Honest Abe Log Homes passed away from cancer three years ago. In his honor I m assisting with a fund raiser for the Relay for Life that involves a 5K run walk. All proceeds will go to the charity. It s the least can do for him. 57 Latiesha Sherri Hollingsworth Co-Owner - Hollingsworth Facility Maintenance LLC Detroit MI For 15 years Latiesha Sherri Hollingsworth had been employed in the healthcare industry attending to the needs of others. Coming to the conclusion that by starting her own business would not only benefit her financially but it would also fulfill her desire to work for herself Latiesha joined forces with her husband and ventured into entrepreneurship. Opening Hollingsworth Facility Maintenance LLC a facility maintenance facility Latiesha continues to tend to the needs of others but now at a very different capacity. I m passionate about helping people and find joy when I see that my clients are satisfied with the janitorial and maintenance services we offer Latiesha said about being in business for herself. I believe that if we take the time out to make someone else happy whether through a smile or a job well done we will receive internal joy. A dynamic team Latiesha and her husband Robert complement each other as business partners. Latiesha is responsible for all the administration work and serves as a contractor manager cleaner accountant social media advertiser marketing manager and driver. Robert who holds multiple licenses in the field including TracPipe Asbestos Contractor Supervisor Lead Renovator Universal EPA and HVAC Contractor also oversees his share of the bargain. With all of his education and 58 experience in the industry there s hardly a maintenance issue he can t handle. In addition to her marketing and advertising efforts Latiesha frequently attends to the landscaping of properties that have been recently vacated or abandoned. This not only allows her to practice her skills but also gives others around her the opportunity to see the high quality work she offers which often leads to new clients. Latiesha and Robert continue to operate Hollingsworth Facility Maintenance in a way that the company will thrive and ultimately become the best maintenance company in the Detroit Michigan area. Grateful for her clients Latiesha is appreciative to have the opportunity to assist them in every janitorial and maintenance need. No job is too big or too small and she is humbled by the the support of her customers because she knows that her small business would fail without their continued business and referrals. Residing in the big city of Detroit Latiesha and Robert have two children Myka hla and Riley. An admitted home body Latiesha loves to hang out at home with her children and relax in her down time. She enjoys cooking and loves the satisfaction she gets from her family after a nice meal together. Tiffany La Vigne Owner Happy Tails Pet Supplies Owner Dog Tales 4 You Racine WI Some people dream of owning their own business at some point in their life. If motivated enough that dream will come true. For Tiffany LaVigne she has taken her love and enthusiasm for animals and opened not only one but two companies. Tiffany worked for a Fortune 500 company for over 20 years in customer service and managerial positions but still looked for a way to be involved with animals while utilizing her business skills. In 2010 she decided to begin a new venture with a pet-themed greeting card company Dog Tales 4 You LLC. Earlier this year she opened up a second business Happy Tails Pet Supplies LLC which sells natural and holistic pet supplies. Both companies are located in Racine Wisconsin. As the owner of both businesses Tiffany is responsible for the day-to-day operations marketing and advertising. She also tracks sales trends and researches new and exciting products. For the greeting card company she creates the text takes the pictures and works with a professional designer to ensure each card conveys the intended message before providing final approval. Owning and running the companies have sometimes been difficult but Tiffany has remained focused on making sound business decisions to achieve success. She s worked diligently to establish lasting relationships with customers by creating pleasant shopping experiences a physically appealing store and she takes the time to listen to customers needs. Her extensive knowledge on holistic and natural pet foods allows customers to make informed decisions as to what best fits their pets needs. She has many years of experience working with traditional and holistic veterinarians treating severe cases of pet allergies pet digestion issues and other ailments. Tiffany s commitment to pet organizations goes beyond selling greeting cards and pet supplies. A percentage of her profits are made to animal rescue organizations. She feels that contributing in this manner will make a positive impact on people and animals of all kinds. She is a sincere and honest person who works tirelessly to serve her community through her caring and selfless efforts. When she s not busy with her two businesses Tiffany spends time with her husband and business partner Ken and their three Boston Terriers. 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