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Description: In This Issue: Cognitive Report, GI/Health Digestion, Immune Support, and Vision Health

w w March April 2015 w. N Na ew Vis tu i ra W t O lP eb u ra ct si r iti te on er M ag .c o m A VRM Media Publication Go to davinci for info about this advertiser Go to americasfinest for info about this advertiser TABLE OF CONTENTS March April 2015 VOLUME 4 NO. 2 18 FEATURES 18 The Path to Healthy Digestion A happy digestive system may be the key to overall wellness. 24 8 COLUMNS 4 Editor s Note 8 Practitioner Corner 34 Product Focus Vision Health 24 A Beautiful Mind Proper nutrition lifestyle choices fuel cognitive health. 29 Boosting Immune Health Natural may be the most promising way to build and maintain a strong immune system. 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All other issues are 10.00 each. 2 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to xlear for info about this advertiser EDITOR S NOTE Supplements and Your Practice n the surface the recent front page news regarding the New York Attorney General s cease and desist notification to four of the nation s largest retailers (Walmart Target Walgreens and GNC) ordering them to pull from their shelves certain store-brand herbal supplements may not mean much to those physicians who have already been hesitant about encouraging their patients to use nutritional supplements. But a closer look should stir up some cause for concern especially among the complementary alternative and integrative physician world about what this attack on supplements may potentially mean for their practice going forward. Many integrative physicians support or even encourage their patients to supplement their diets with nutritional supplements and nearly all trust that the products they are purchasing from their vendors and promoting to their patients are safe and effective. Is there a way to guarantee the safety of these products Regardless of which side you stand on regarding the attorney general s actions (not to mention the alleged flawed DNA barcode testing methods) the front page news should make all health care practitioners re-examine their selection process for purchasing herbs and other nutritional supplements for the safety of their patients and the good of their practice. The chances are pretty good that those physicians who have historically turned away from nutritional supplements will continue to do so equipped with only more evidence to say I O told you so. This may be especially true among conventional physicians many of whom have waited for an incident like this one to find greater justification in turning a blind eye to nutritional supplements. So as alternative complementary and integrative health care practitioners looking to treat the whole person should you now be scared off by the attorney general s findings and move away from nutritional supplement use in your practice As mentioned previously perhaps the best way to approach this for both your practice and your patients is to not lose faith in herbal products or other nutritional supplements that may indeed be the right call for what ails them. Instead a closer look at your purchasing methods who is involved in making those decisions and perhaps asking a few more questions of your supplier is the right path to choose. Remember there s nothing wrong with asking questions which in the long run will likely only enhance the relationship between you and your supplier. Review each product you select carefully perhaps bringing in the opinions of other physicians in your practice if possible along with an herbalist and or nutritionist to make sure all the bases are covered. As health care practitioners you are likely receiving higher quality grade supplements products than those that were pulled off the store shelves at your favorite retailer. Make sure the pharmaceutical-grade supplements you recommend are top of the line not taking anything for granted. Remember your patients are worth it. 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Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Natural Practitioner P.O. Box 15246 North Hollywood CA 91615-5246 USA Phone (818) 286-3169 Fax (800) 869-0040 nprcs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer naturalpractitioner company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to mitoq for info about this advertiser Meet Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board Adam Killpartrick DC Dr. Adam Killpartrick earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA. His primary practice focus has been a synergistic blend of NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic) with Cranial Release Technique for which he has attained lead instructor status. Dr. Killpartrick furthered his education in clinical nutrition functional diagnostics and lifestyle medicine and has since successfully integrated this blend of specialized chiropractic care and functional medicine into his New Hampshire private practice. This practical experience led him to clinical consulting for numerous nutritional supplement companies. He is currently the chief scientific officer for DaVinci Laboratories. In its search to provide readers with insight and perspective that will help them build and better their practices Natural Practitioner has culled together an Editorial Advisory Board of authoritative practitioners willing to do just that. You will see our Board members present in key editorial as well as each authoring their own column Practitioner Corner throughout the year that highlights their expertise and professional experiences. They will also lend us their perspective on trends and topics that Natural Practitioner will be covering in issues to come. Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of Walter J. Crinnion ND After receiving his naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University in 1982 Dr. Walter J. Crinnion opened a family practice and began specializing in allergies and treating chronic health problems caused by environmental chemical overload leading him to open Healing Naturally the most comprehensive cleansing facility for chemically poisoned individuals in North America in 1985. A frequent lecturer he has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals in addition to his book Clean Green and Lean. Dr. Crinnion has been on the board of directors of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and is a two-time recipient of their award for in-office research. Having taught at Bastyr the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine he is currently a professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and the chair of its Environmental Medicine Department. Holly Lucille ND Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally recognized licensed naturopathic physician lecturer educator and author of Creating and Maintaining Balance A Women s Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health. Her private practice Healing from Within Healthcare focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care. Outside of her practice Dr. Lucille holds a position on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians board of directors and is on the faculty of the Global Medicine Education Foundation. She is the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association where she spearheaded a lobbying effort to have naturopathic doctors licensed in the state of California. A graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Lucilles commitment to naturopathic medicine has been recognized with the Daphne Blayden Award and more recently the SCNM Legacy Award. Jared M. Skowron ND Dr. Jared M. Skowron is a national expert in natural medicine for children. Author of the best-selling 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child his lifes work is dedicated to the optimal health of children. A faculty member at University of Bridgeport and founder of their Pediatric & Autism Clinic Dr. Skowron has helped thousands of children fulfill their optimal potential. He is vice president of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and his expertise is in pediatrics autism ADHD and acute and chronic EENT conditions. Shailinder Sodhi ND Growing up near the Himalayas Dr. Shailinder Sodhi developed an early interest in ayurvedic plants and herbs and received his BAMS (bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery) degree from Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar India in 1985. In 1993 he received a naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University as well as a degree in diagnostic ultrasound from Bellevue College. Dr. Sodhi practices naturopathic medicine along with his wife Dr. Anju Sodhi and his brother Dr. Virender Sodhi at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Bellevue WA which he established in 1989. In addition Dr. Sodhi serves as president of Ayush Herbs Inc. a manufacturer of high-quality ayurvedic herbal formulas is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr and has been published in several natural health magazines. Jacob Teitelbaum MD A recognized authority on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers nationally and does phone consultations with CFS fibromyalgia patients worldwide. He is the author of the popular iPhone application Cures A-Z and author of the best-selling book From Fatigued to Fantastic (3rd revised edition Avery Penguin Group) and Pain Free 1-23--A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now (McGraw-Hill). His newest book is Beat Sugar Addiction NOW (Fairwinds Press 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America CNN Fox News Channel the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. Amber Lynn Vitse BA LMT CN Amber Lynn Vitse BA LMT CN majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences and additional certifications in bodywork and nutrition. She is the founder and principal of AmberLynnVitale an independent producer and presenter of unique media content designed to educate the public and the medical establishment on current health trends and ethical and legislative concerns. A leading edge provider and educator of Fusion Bodyworks she practices an integrated modality of ayurvedic medicine yoga advanced bodywork and holistic nutrition. Vitse uses her 17 years of experience in integrative medical practices to provide consultation on marketing to the consumer mindset. She recently joined the Garden of Life team as their Northeast Educator. Deborah Waddell Dipl Ac LAc Nationally licensed through the National Commission of Chinese and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) Deborah Waddell has served on the faculty of The Eastern School of Acupuncture she is a member of the American Pregnancy Association and is currently obtaining her Plant Based Nutrition Certification from Cornell University. The founder of Skylands Acupuncture & Wellness Center specializing in pain facial rejuvenation womens health and fertility optimization Waddell also educates her patients and the community through seminars on the virtues of a plant-based diet for optimal and preventive health. Through the use of acupuncture Chinese herbal formulas dietary therapy and mind-body techniques she has helped women realize their dream of having a family naturally. 6 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to albion for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER The Importance of Recommending Clean Supplements By Amber Lynn Vitse CN S tarting in 2002 I entered the world of functional medicine. Up until that time much of my nutrition consulting practice had been focused on ayurvedic lifestyle herbal and daily dietary recommendations along with Health Food Channel over-the-counter supplementation. But that year I began practicing in an integrative medical clinic. As those physicians were discovering a more evidence-based approach to a holistic alternative medical practice with the support of the National Institute for Functional Medicine I benefitted from the exposure. They utilized practitioner-exclusive product lines and I had many opportunities to sit in on the visits from the reps. I had access to what I thought must have been higher quality products than my clients could get in health food stores and from that time forward I recommended those supplements and medical foods whenever possible. I began working with patients and clients who had long-standing health issues compromised cellular metabolism and who were often ultra-sensitive to any new med- ication supplement or even food. Because the physicians trusted these product lines I assumed they must be of the highest quality and safety. But I admit I never did my own research. I moved to another part of the country for family reasons and found myself blessed to become a part of another integrative clinic with more doctors adhering to and even leading the movement in functional medicine. There I was working with their very sensitive patients from children to the elderly autism to heavy metal burden and cardiovascular disease. The physicians prescribed the supplements but I taught diet and lifestyle along with educating patients on the purpose of their supplementation regimens. I could see every day how tricky it was to balance the patients deficiencies and needs for supplementation with their fundamental core issues and incredible reactivity to both foods and supplements. Again I like many people in the world just figured if the doctors trusted the cleanliness of the products I could too. I remained in that field for several years and gained much valuable insight into the efficacy of the functional medical model along with integrative nutrition. But fast forward to 2009 where I attended Natural Products Expo West for the first time It was like Candyland for me Once I got over the overwhelming need to visit every one of the thousands of booths I settled into a more streamlined method of learning what was new what companies were intriguing and how they put their formulations together. Suddenly before my eyes were the raw material suppliers where I could find out directly about their origins and quality. I could sit in on seminars and understand more about the industry the regulations and the level of enforcement in compliance. For the next few years I attended Expo East Expo West and Supply Side West and it gradually dawned on me that there was a movement afoot. The natural products industry had been largely unregulated in part because of resources and because it is such a rapidly expanding industry. It was the 8 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER Wild Wild West for a long time with each company choosing their level of self-regulation. Now logic would dictate that any company who hoped to develop a sound reputation and enjoy longevity would certainly regulate itself with regards to safety and low toxicity. But as for efficacy...who s to say Just think like a businessperson for a moment and imagine how much money you could actually rake in on a well-marketed product for a few years without ever having to demonstrate efficacy (because these natural medicines take time to start working you know ) and because there is no regulatory body holding you to a standard. All you have to do is make sure no one gets ill or their condition worsens in a way that can be linked to your product. And then next year you come out with the next best product and market it beautifully and everyone wants to give it a try. From the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website Although dietary supplement manufacturers must register their facilities with the FDA they are not required to get FDA approval before producing or selling dietary supplements. So efficacy is a big concern in this Wild Wild West of natural products. What goes hand-in-hand with efficacy Truthfulness in advertising does the product contain what it says it does This latest hullabaloo out of the New York State Attorney General s office brings this question to light once again. The American Botanical Council addressed this round of concerns well highlighting their testing methods. However the topic of actual content in natural products repeatedly raises its ugly head casting a shadow of doubt upon the industry as a whole. As I visited the various Expos as I sat in on seminars and industry discussions both on the regulatory end and the product development end and as I perused booth after booth of newer and older products on the show floors I came to certain realizations. Times are changing when it comes to regulation in the industry. One of the telling indicators was the sudden increase in the number of people marketing themselves as expert consultants who can help a company navigate new and upcoming FDA regulations. There was a call out to companies to get ahead of the curve before an investigator shows up on their doorstep. It s only a matter of time before this sector of the FDA grows enough to make the rounds for even the smallest companies. Look at GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling. It s highly controversial even at the Natural Product Expos. We all know labeling should happen. But the economic effects on individual companies can be grave in the adjustment period. These bills have come up multiple times and passed in some states like Vermont Maine and Connecticut resulting in threats of lawsuits filed by the opposition. Independent non-GMO Project verification has become a voluntary means for any company to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. small farmers cannot afford to just move on to the next piece of land. Many companies who seek certification for both organic and non-GMO also engage in global FairTrade and Microlending exchanges for the more exotic raw materials they include in their products. Companies concerned with local and global efforts toward greater sustainability are definitely distinguishing themselves in the industry. As I look back over my years of recommending dietary supplements to patients and clients in need it is hard for me to fathom that I once did not investigate the actual cleanliness and sustainability of the products that I assumed the industry was regulating itself out of some hippie code of honor. Here are the facts my fellow practitioners Of the approximately 26 000 dietary supplements out there in the natural products industry only about 260 are dual certified for USDA Certified Organic and nonGMO. And with many of the popular supplements today we are getting a powdered liquid encapsulated or tableted concentration of a plant or animal substance. If that original substance contained herbicides insecticides fungicides other agricultural chemicals or GMOs that dietary supplement is a concentrated source for those poisons. One kilogram of dried peas is what it takes to make a serving of pea protein. A kilogram is a gallon-sized ziplock-stuffed full. The same is true for brown rice. What population of our patients have used rice and pea protein for years now The allergic ones. The autistic ones. The heavy metal intoxicated ones. The ones with autoimmune conditions. The ones with inflammatory bowel diseases and leaky gut. In summary the most vulnerable ones. It s devastating. This is my call out to you to please look for the seals on the products you recommend USDA Certified Organic and NonGMO Project Verified. If you don t see them call the companies and ask why. Demand transparency in raw materials sourcing and manufacturing processes they may be clean but not have gone though the certifications quite yet. But please investigate. When you support product lines that are truly clean and go the extra mile to self-regulate you support local national and global initiatives for rejuvenation of soil atmospheric CO2 sequestration in composted soil cleaner water cleaner air healthier more prosperous farmers and thriving small agricultural industries worldwide that support entire communities. Not to mention you provide a better service to your vulnerable patients who are seeking better health and longevity. Here are the facts my fellow practitioners Of the approximately 26 000 dietary supplements out there in the natural products industry only about 260 are dual certified for USDA Certified Organic and non-GMO. And with many of the popular supplements today we are getting a powdered liquid encapsulated or tableted concentration of a plant or animal substance. Currently it is only if a company wishes to adopt the seal of USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic or NonGMO Project Verified that they must prove the product s adherence to strictly specified standards from the soil to the first seed to all other raw materials solvents excipients and additives. Even detergents or solvents used to wash equipment are restricted. The FDA is only concerned that companies evaluate their own product safety and labeling. But as agency involvements and concerns are growing there will be more audits and companies already adhering to organic and non-GMO standards are less likely to be accused of creating products with unacceptable levels of metals microbes or other toxic substances. In addition a company concerned with using certified organic non-GMO raw materials is automatically enlisted in more sustainable practices. There is not nearly as much certified organic material available globally as there is conventional. True organic farming requires long-term sustainable practices to maintain viability of the land. Land globally is diminishing daily due to unsustainable agricultural practices and 10 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go toGo to carlson for info about this advertiser probioticsinternational for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS IOM ME CFS is a Legitimate Disease That Needs Proper Diagnosis and Treatment M yalgic encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome (ME CFS) is a legitimate serious and complex systemic disease that frequently and dramatically limits the activities of affected individuals according to a new report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The committee that wrote the report developed new diagnostic criteria for the disorder that includes five main symptoms. In addition it recommended that the disorder be renamed Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease and be assigned a new code in the International Classification of Diseases Tenth Edition. Diagnosing ME CFS often is a challenge and seeking and receiving a diagnosis can be frustrating due to the skepticism of health care providers about these patients and the serious nature of their disease said committee chair Ellen Wright Clayton Craig-Weaver Professor of Pediatrics and professor of law at Vanderbilt University. The new diagnostic criteria will make it easier for clinicians to recognize and accurately diagnose patients in a timely manner as well as allow a large percentage of currently undiagnosed patients to receive appropriate care. The committee recommended that physicians diagnose ME CFS if the diagnostic criteria are met following an appropriate history physical examination and medical work-up. Diagnosis of ME CFS requires that a patient have the following three core symptoms A substantial reduction or impairment in the ability to engage in pre-illness levels of activities that persists for more than six months and is accompanied by fatigue which is often profound of new or definite onset not the result of ongoing excessive exertion and not substantially alleviated by rest. The worsening of patients symptoms after any type of exertion--such as physical cognitive or emotional stress known as postexertional malaise. Unrefreshing sleep. At least one of the two following manifestations is also required Cognitive impairment. The inability to remain upright with symptoms that improve when lying down-- known as orthostatic intolerance. These symptoms should persist for at least six months and be present at least half the time with moderate substantial or severe intensity to distinguish ME CFS from other diseases. The proposed criteria will not improve the diagnosis and care of patients unless health care providers use them the committee recognized. Therefore it recommended that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services develop a toolkit for screening and diagnosing patients with ME CFS in a wide array of clinical settings including primary care practices emergency departments and mental health clinics. To convey the complexity and severity of ME CFS the committee recommended that the disorder be renamed Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease (SEID). The committee along with many ME CFS patients believed the term chronic fatigue syndrome perpet- uates misunderstanding of the illness and dismissive attitudes from health care providers and the public. The term myalgic encephalomyelitis was deemed an inappropriate name by the committee because myalgia or muscle pain is not a core symptom of the disease and because there is inconclusive evidence of brain inflammation in ME CFS patients. SEID captures the central characteristic of the disease that exertion of any sort can adversely affect several organ systems and many aspects of patients lives often seriously and for long periods. Individuals who meet the proposed criteria whether or not they have already been diagnosed with ME CFS should be diagnosed with SEID the committee said. In addition research on ME CFS is urgently needed especially given the number of people affected because too little is known about the causes development and progression of the disease or about effective treatment. Future research could lead to findings that refine the diagnostic criteria and understanding of ME CFS subtypes. Therefore the committee recommended that a multidisciplinary group re-examine the proposed criteria after five years or sooner if firm evidence supports the need for modification. This disorder is often devastating for those who suffer from it said Victor Dzau president of the Institute of Medicine. The diagnostic criteria offered in this report are intended to promote prompt diagnosis for patients and enhance treatment as well as improve public understanding of the disease. For more information visit Life Extension Foundation Supported Trial Finds 7 000 IU Vitamin D Improves Immunological Parameters in HIV-Positive Individuals D r. Virginia A. Stallings and colleagues from the Children s Hospital of Philadelphia published a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial in which treatment with a 7 000 IU vitamin D3 product benefited HIV-positive children and young adults. The vitamin D supplements used in the trial were provided by the Life Extension Foundation. The publication titled High-Dose Vitamin D3 Supplementation in Children and Young Adults with HIV A Randomized PlaceboControlled Trial was published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. Over a 12-month period 50 HIV-positive individuals aged 5 to 24.9 years were given 7 000 IU of vitamin D3 or placebo daily. Blood tests showed that 95 percent of study participants had suboptimal vitamin D blood levels at baseline. Vitamin D3 supplementation increased average serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 levels from 18 ng mL at baseline to 32 ng mL at three months. After the 12month study period vitamin D3 subjects maintained a 12 ng mL increase in 25hydroxyvitamin D blood levels compared to placebo. The supplement dosage was also observed to be safe in this population. Several measures of immune function improved with vitamin D3 supplementation compared with placebo. There was an increase in the percentage of na ve T helper cells CD4 cells and a reduction in RNA viral load at several time points during the study. It s encouraging to see that high-dose vitamin D3 improved important aspects of immune function in these HIV-positive study participants without causing any major side effects. This study certainly supports further research into the use of high-dose vitamin D3 supplementation for individuals with HIV said Dr. Steven Hirsh director of clinical research for Life Extension. For more information visit 12 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 CRN Releases Science-based Guidelines on Iodine in Multivitamin Mineral Supplements for Pregnancy and Lactation ietary supplement manufacturers should include a daily serving of at least 150 mcg of iodine in all multivitamin mineral supplements intended for pregnant and lactating women in the U.S. the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) advises in guidelines for industry. CRN developed these guidelines in response to recommendations from authoritative medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics the Endocrine Society and the American Thyroid Association that pregnant and lactating women receive a daily multivitamin mineral supplement that contains 150 mcg of iodine. Scientific evidence shows that similar to folic acid adequate iodine is critical early in pregnancy when the fetal brain is growing rapidly said Duffy MacKay ND senior vicepresident scientific and regulatory affairs CRN. Currently many U.S. women of childbearing age get insufficient dietary iodine putting their children at risk for decreased cognitive function. CRN s guidelines call on D manufacturers of multivitamin mineral supplements for pregnant and lactating women in the U.S. to provide the scientifically-backed amount of iodine that this population needs. According to CRN s guidelines any safe and suitable iodine-containing dietary ingredient may be used as the source of iodine when used in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations for dietary supplements which will ensure that the product consistently meets label claims. We commend the Council for Responsible Nutrition for stressing the importance of iodine for pregnant and lactating women in order to ensure normal brain development of the fetus and baby said Robert C. Smallridge MD president American Thyroid Association. Our association strongly concurs that pregnant and lactating women should get 150 mcg of iodine daily from their multivitamin mineral supplement. CRN s recommended guidelines Iodine Quantity in Multivitamin Mineral Supplements for Pregnancy and Lactation are available on the association s website. CRN recommends that dietary supplement companies comply within twelve months. CRN s iodine guidelines are the latest in a series of proactive science-based guidelines that the association has developed as part of its self-regulatory initiatives. CRN also has recommended guidelines for caffeine-containing dietary supplements and for labeling of protein in dietary supplements and functional food as well as best practices for enzyme dietary supplement products and safety considerations for dosage recommendations and labeling. For more information visit Go to emerson for info about this advertiser MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 13 HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS Bastyr University s Master of Science in Ayurvedic Sciences Now Open to Licensed Massage Therapists icensed massage therapists have a new option for meeting the increasing client demand for ayurvedic treatments and bodywork. Bastyr University s Master of Science in Ayurvedic Sciences is now accepting applications for its Fall 2015 class. Previously open only to licensed medical professionals such as doctors and nurses the program was recently revamped to allow qualified applicants with a license to touch and a bachelor s degree to enter the program. The two-year graduate program which is the first regionally accredited program of its kind in the United States offers hands-on clinical training with experienced faculty and includes an optional externship in India where students observe and assist ayurvedic practitioners in clinics and hospitals. After years of hard work we are thrilled to see Bastyr University s ayurvedic program become a reality said Bastyr University Senior Vice President L and Provost Timothy C. Callahan PhD who collaborated with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and ayurvedic experts in both India and the United States to design the program. We believe that this form of natural medicine is growing in popularity as people seek preventive solutions to their medical issues and the need for providers with accredited training will increase in the coming years. Ayurveda which has ancient roots dating back 5 000 years in India is the Hindu science of health and medicine based on healing and prolonging life. According to a 2007 National Health Interview Survey more than 200 000 U.S. adults had used ayurvedic medicine in the previous year citing reasons such as the high cost of traditional health care side effects from pre- scription drugs and ineffectiveness with other forms of medicine. That number is sure to grow as more people gain exposure to ayurveda. Many licensed massage therapists looking to expand or augment their services with other healing modalities may find ayurvedic medicine to be a perfect fit to meet their clients needs and interest in time-honored healing traditions from around the world. Ayurveda addresses the purpose of life and how to live your life to its full potential with minimal suffering said Dhaval Dhru MD director of Bastyr s ayurveda program. It offers a way to keep ourselves and others healthy and happy and to proceed with the full benefits of what life has to offer. For more information visit Emerson Ecologics Launches 2015 Emerson Grant Program merson Ecologics LLC (Manchester NH) has announced that it is now accepting applications for The Emerson Grant. The Emerson Grant program supports the work of practitioners and promotes integrative medicine in the United States. In April 2015 Emerson Ecologics will award grants totaling 25 000 to support projects and initiatives designed to improve expand or support the practice of integrative medicine. The Emerson Grant is a competitive discretionary award ranging from 500 to 10 000. Projects may include legislative efforts public awareness campaigns or enhancements to education or clinical training but all projects are welcome. The New York Association of Naturopathic Physicians (NYANP) a winner of The Emerson Grant in 2014 used its grant to help further their efforts toward licensure for naturopathic doctors in New York. NYANP President Rick Brinkman ND said The Emerson Grant was a blessing to the NYANP legislative efforts to gain licensure for NDs in New York. The grant revitalized our efforts at a crucial time when financial support was essential to forward progress. Thank you Emerson For more details on The Emerson Grant program or to download an application visit grant. For more information call (800) US-ALCAT or visit E 14 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Healthy Talk on Transitions To Daily Health Radio Show H ealthy Talk hosted by Michael A. Smith MD senior health scientist for Life Extension (Fort Lauderdale FL) and heard on the premier digital health talk platform has moved from its live weekly Thursday afternoon time slot to a one-hour daily show from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST. ( is the online talking health information resource for consumers providing important health and wellness content in a conversational spoken-word format. An integrative physician Dr. Smith also known as Dr. Mike is committed to providing listeners with up-to-date health information. His show is the place to interact with respected guest experts in the fields of health wellness fitness and medicine. Dr. Mike s engaging ability to present complex medical topics in an easy to understand manner has attracted a sizable following of anti-aging and disease-prevention enthusiasts who have dubbed him the country doctor with a city education. Healthy Talk will have a featured guest Monday through Thursday for two live 10minute segments as well as several segments providing health news information and comments from Dr. Smith. Listener call-ins and emails will be taken daily by Dr. Smith. Listeners can email their health questions to AskDrMikeSmith The media platform has teamed up with some of the nation s top medical and wellness organizations and experts including Cleveland Clinic s Dr. Michael Roizen to bring health- conscious listeners quality health information online. is about your health wellness mind and body as well as well- being plus providing a variety of live and interactive talk-audio features and programming and online library of top talk shows on every health and wellness and fitness subject noted Disa. For more information call (954) 790-5512 or visit healthy-talk. I was taught that learning is the beginning of health said Dr. Smith. And learning something new is what my show is all about. My job is to focus on my listeners and engage them in conversation while helping them apply what they learn in their daily lives. offers Healthy Talk and other programs such as Podcasts that are available by subscription. Interview segments can be downloaded to your computer smart-phone or tablet for easy offline listening. Healthy Talk and all programs can also be accessed on and dominates a unique space in online health while delivering quality talk-audio programming said Tim Disa Sr. founder. Go to hevert for info about this advertiser MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 15 HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS TAP Integrative Launches an Online Educational Community for Integrative Practitioners T AP Integrative (Green Bay WI) has announced the launch of an online educational community resource dedicated to furthering the evidence-informed and experience-based knowledge between integrative practitioners. is a membership site designed for on-demand access to clinically reviewed and sciencebased clinical practice topics and research leading clinical experts and to a community of integrative health care professionals. A non-profit organization founded and sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics TAP s mission is truly unique. TAP stands for the teaching advocacy and practice of integrative medicine said Dr. Lise Alschuler executive director of TAP. Our goal is to support the community of practi- tioners that are committed to the practice of integrative medicine. 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For more information call (888) 328-9992 email jessica or visit Correction On page 23 of the cardiovascular feature ( Keeping Hearts Beating Strong ) in the January February 2015 issue of Natural Practitioner under the sub-heading Offering Solutions in the section that talks about red yeast rice should have read Sylvan Bio Inc. noted that practitioners should use red yeast rice that s only organic made under strict quality standards and sourced 100 percent in the U.S. According to Sylvan Bio the company believes that practitioners should use red yeast rice that s organic made under strict quality standards and sourced entirely in the U.S. 16 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to pharmax for info about this advertiser Healthy Digestion The Path to A healthy digestive system may be the key to overall wellness. By Shari Barbanel H ealthy digestion is essential. It is as simple as that. When the body is under digestive distress a person may encounter symptoms such as abdominal pain and discomfort bloating heartburn constipation or diarrhea. Digestive issues can result from a number of factors including eating a poor diet stress or intolerances to certain types of food such as lactose or gluten. And the number of people dealing with digestive issues is staggering. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) digestive diseases affect approximately 60 to 70 million Americans. Additionally gastrointestinal (GI) issues can have an effect on the rest of the body s systems. For instance approximately 70 percent of the immune system resides in GI tract. Digestive disturbances are common place now days with symptoms ranging from bloating indigestion feeling full soon after eating lack of appetite cramping constipation or loose stools said Natalie Lamb nutritional advisor for Maryland-based BioKult Probiotics which is manufactured in Somerset U.K. by Probiotics International Ltd. (Protexin). If symptoms reoccur regularly the label of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is given. IBS is currently estimated to affect between 10 and 20 percent of the general population with approximately 70 percent experiencing at least one symptom in any year. Food intolerances and allergies are becoming more widespread and other more serious conditions experienced include diverticular disease Crohn s ulcerative colitis and pouchitis. Why So Distressed The million-dollar question is why are digestive issues so prevalent There are a number of factors that can contribute to the issues that people are having today. According to Dr. Rachel Marynowski a naturopathic physician that practices at Intonu Wellness in Atlanta GA there are many causes of GI issues beginning with poor in-utero health before a person is even born C-section delivery being formula fed food sensitivities allergies and intolerances stress lack of sleep excessive energy expenditure poor dietary 18 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to enzymescience for info about this advertiser Healthy Digestion habits chronic dehydration infection and toxic exposure. The standard American Diet lives up to its acronym--SAD as it is high in unhealthy fats and processed foods low in fiber and plant-based foods which can wreak havoc on the gut. According to Robert Kay PhD chief science office for Florida-based Advanced Naturals SAD can affect the digestive system negatively by depleting beneficial gut microbes. And it should be noted that even the healthy whole grains turn to sugar in the digestive tract he explained. The SAD diet also tends to be high in unhealthy fats that can be difficult to digest especially in older adults. Instead choose high-fiber low-sugar fruits and vegetables The Path to proteins and healthy fats. We have moved so far away from traditional ways of eating. We buy a lot more processed and fast foods for convenience and eat a lot more sugar than our bodies are used to dealing with added Lamb. Diets high in refined carbohydrates and simple sugars can feed pathogenic bacteria and yeasts. We have lost connection with where our food comes from and simple cooking skills. We often eat in a rush in front of the TV or computer. Jacob Teitelbaum MD director of the Practitioners Alliance Network (PAN) author of the popular free Smart Phone app Cures A-Z and a best-selling author noted that another key issue with problems such as acid reflux and indigestion is the destruction of enzymes that are critical for digestion during food processing and inadequate stomach acid from aging or excessive use of acid blocker medications he said. For colon problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or dysbiosis unhealthy gut bacteria or overgrowth of Candida represent the major problems. In addition inadequate water and fiber contribute to constipation. In addition to poor dietary choices and acid blockers genetics environmental toxins prescription drugs a lack of sleep and chronic stress are factors when it comes to developing digestive issues. Further digestive issues can affect just about anyone. While aging can be a factor when it comes to developing GI problems people of all ages can be saddled with GI distress. And with a rise in food intolerances and sensitivities more attention is being paid to the digestive system. According to Hamilton Cabanilla National Educator for Florida-based Enzyme Science the interest has grown due to more consumers suffering with food intolerances such as gluten and dairy. There has also been more interest from those with children on the brain gut connection specifically how poorly digested foods may have an effect on behavior health and more Cabanilla said. A Natural Transition Many Americans are now looking beyond convention treatments for digestive distress because they only address the symptoms not the cause. Cabanilla noted that common treatments have been to block or inhibit stomach acid and the use of laxatives and that methods have fallen out of favor with many because they only mask the symptoms of the problem. Standard treatment is prolonged use of acid blockers. Research is showing that these medications are addictive and also trigger severe osteoporosis and nutritional deficiencies added Dr. Teitelbaum. This is leading to the realization that we have stomach acid for a reason and turning it off long term is a major mistake. In addition there is growing realization that indigestion is not from too much stomach acid but rather from poor digestion. The best and only approach is to determine the root cause of dysfunction said Dr. Marynowski. Once discovered a treatment protocol can be tailored to meet the needs of that individual. According to Dr. Marynowski the treatment plan should include proper hydration suggesting that a person should drink half their body weight in ounces of room temperature water daily. This is key in supporting tissues of the GI tract as well as in moving foods and wastes throughout the entire gut tube (and it s long ) she explained. Dietary modification and food elimination are also common treatment suggestions. In addition to dietary modification Dr. Marynowski recommends pre- and probiotics as well as anti-inflammatories such as essential fatty acids and curcumin nutrients to help rebuild the GI lining if compromised Distress Signs ccording to Robert Kay PhD chief science office for Florida-based Advanced Naturals one of the most prevalent causes of GI digestive health issues has to do with the balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. There are 100 trillion bacteria inside the digestive tract--some good some bad some neutral. The balance of these bacteria helps to determine a person s digestive health and also their immune and overall health he explained. Beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract help digest food and absorb nutrients and they help to support the function of the immune system. Dr. Kay noted that multitude of factors can negatively impact the balance of bacteria in the gut including Poor Diet--The standard American diet (SAD) which is high in sugar refined carbohydrates processed meats unhealthy fats chemicals and additives but low in fresh vegetables and naturally fermented foods can be incredibly disruptive to the balance of bacteria in the digestive system. Aging--As we age our levels of certain good bacteria start to decrease especially Bifidobacteria in the large intestine. Antibiotics--While these drugs can be lifesaving overuse and misuse of antibiotics is a serious concern. Along with killing pathogenic bacteria antibiotics also wipe out the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. A Acid-suppressing Medications--Acidsuppressing medications work by reducing the pH of the stomach which creates an environment that can favor the development of gut imbalance or dysbiosis. What many people who take antacids do not know is that they may actually have too little acid in the stomach not too much as both conditions can create similar symptoms. Stress--The detrimental effects of stress are often discussed but what you may not have considered is that stress has an effect on the balance of your gut bacteria as well. Not only does stress lower the levels of good bacteria it also affects digestive function. Environmental Toxins--Toxins from the environment are known to destroy friendly bacteria in the gut. Since the middle of the 20th century we ve introduced more than 80 000 new chemicals into our air water food supply and homes. Yeast Imbalance and Parasites--When antibiotics kill off our natural probiotic bacteria another organism that can proliferate is yeast. Yeast imbalance can lead to leaky gut and a host of other health disruptions. Parasites are another potentially invasive intestinal organism that can thrive in an environment that lacks sufficient friendly bacteria. Parasites can be difficult to detect and they can trigger a range of digestive symptoms. 20 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to advancednaturals for info about this advertiser Healthy Digestion including glutamine vitamin A as well as other anti-inflammatories. Probiotics are a natural component of a healthy digestive tract and today s modern lifestyles tend to get our good bacteria out of balance said Gregory Leyer PhD chief scientific officer for UAS Labs in Wisconsin. Supplementing the diet with probiotics is an excellent way to maintain or restore intestinal health as more and more data continue to point to the role of a healthy microbiota (microbial intestinal community) and digestive health. In my experience probiotics are one of the go-to s that a patient should have at their disposal. The Path to Bio-Kult offers a number of products for digestive health including Bio-Kult Advanced 14-strain Bio-Kult Infantis and Bio-Kult Cand a. The main benefits of the Bio-Kult product range are that they are multi-strain probiotics providing a wide range of benefits do not need to be refrigerated have a guaranteed two-year shelf life are proven to survive the stomach acidity and reach the intestine intact and are backed with a growing portfolio of research Lamb said. According to the company Bio-Kult Advanced 14-strain is a unique multi-strain probiotic with 14 strains of beneficial bacteria. Bio-Kult Infantis is a scientifically-developed advanced probiotic formula for babies toddlers and young children. Lastly Bio-Kult Cand a is a multi-strain probiotic supplement with added garlic and grapefruit seed extract. Taken daily it could help strengthen the body s natural defenses against Candida overgrowth and may help to prevent it changing from its yeast-like form to the invasive filamentous fungus form. Like probiotics digestive enzymes help promote healthy digestion. According to Cabanilla Enzyme Science produces digestive enzyme probiotic combinations as well as different enzyme products for specific food intolerances. For instance the company s Complete Digestion and Critical Digestion are full spectrum digestive enzyme probiotic products that have enzymes to cover every food substrate in a typical meal including proteins carbohydrates fats etc. It also contains a Lactobacillus Acidophilus DDS-1 and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) while the Identify products (Identify Bean and Veggie Identify Dairy Identify Gluten) are more specialized for the food intolerances indicated in the product name. Enzyme Science also offers Acid Calm which helps soothe and coat the intestinal tract stimulate GI rebuilding and provide relief of occasional symptoms of indigestion acid reflux and heartburn. Natural approaches such as the use of enzymes and probiotics may get to the root of digestive disturbances and contribute to more optimal digestive function instead of just masking symptoms while the causes continue or possibly worsen said Cabanilla. Optimizing digestion may also improve overall health. By absorbing more nutrients out of our foods we give our body more fuel and building blocks to sustain life. We also get rid of waste in a more optimal manner. Digestion is the foundation of overall health. In addition to probiotics and digestive enzymes Advanced Naturals Dr. Kay noted that fiber is also highly recommended for good digestive health as well as healthy fats. And while it is ideal to obtain these nutrients from food sources it is often not possible. It can be difficult to consume all of the foods and nutrients our bodies require so along with a healthy diet we recommend taking digestive supplements such as high-fiber formulas omega-3 fish oils high-potency multi-strain probiotics and plantbased digestive enzymes every day he explained. their patients along with samples of the products so the patient can try the products before buying. The company also has an education department available to conduct phone or online trainings with its practitioner partners. We feel that education is the key. The better the practitioner understands digestion and how natural supplements may support good dietary choices and nutrition the better he can incorporate and suggest natural products to his patients. And according to Dr. Marynowski patients can greatly benefit from their community of natural health practitioners working together to help them get well. The old adage there is a time and place for everything also applies to health care she concluded. I believe there are many types of wonderful practitioners...medical doctors chiropractors naturopathic doctors acupuncturists cranial sacral therapists colon hydrotherapists health coaches-- and so on. In bringing as many modalities together as possible to care for a single person now that s comprehensive In doing so we can combine the best of traditional or conventional treatment with that of the alternative or natural varietal. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) digestive diseases affect approximately 60 to 70 million Americans. Approximately 70 percent of the immune system rides in GI tract. Poor dietary choices acid blockers genetics environmental toxins prescription drugs a lack of sleep and chronic stress are factors when it comes to developing digestive issues. Healthy Take Aways Support System It is said that knowledge is power and the more information that a practitioner can pass on to the patient the better. Manufacturers can assist their practitioner partners by offering information trainings and other services that in the end--will benefit the patient. Enzyme Science provides practitioners with literature they can share with FOR MORE INFORMATION Advanced Naturals (800) 690-9988 Bio-Kult (800) 899-3413 Enzyme Science (855) 281-7246 Master Supplements (800) 926-2961 x 1 UAS Labs (715) 849-3333 22 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to probioticsinternational for info about this advertiser By Daniel Breeman W ith aging comes normal changes in cognition...and the desire to slow the process for those most affected. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services three specific changes in cognitive health as we age include reduced processing speed greater tendency to be distracted and reduced capacity to process and remember new information at the same time. Is this cognitive impairment or cognitive decline simply normal changes our mind and bodies go through as we age As of April 2014 the U.S. Census Bureau indicated that there were 76.4 million Baby Boomers in the United States representing close to one-quarter of the estimated 2012 U.S. population of 314 million. The Census Bureau also projects that the Baby Boomer population will total 61.3 million by 2029 when the youngest boomers reach age 65. And by 2056 the population 65 years and older is projected to become larger than the population under the age of 18. According to numerous studies a large majority of Baby Boomers fear the loss of mental capacity as they age. Mild cognitive impairment can be defined as cognitive decline that is more than normal for someone of a specific age and is said to affect up to 25 percent of people over the age of 70. The further rate of decline to dementia is about 10 percent. If cognitive changes are indeed inevitable for this enormously large population and others as they reach their golden years what can be done to help patients remain in good cognitive health Research points to prevention as the key to the slowing of cognitive decline spearheaded by nutritional information and guidance and exercise for both the mind and body for the young and old alike. In fact according to a February 2015 Harvard Women s Health Watch report the four best ways to maintain your brain include physical exercise eating well (Mediterranean Diet is recommended) staying connected socially and keeping mentally active. Health care practitioners are in a unique position to be at the forefront of this charge to help patients maintain healthy cognitive function in the years by recommending prevention measures and guiding them along the path to cognitive wellness. Cognitive function can be influenced by many different factors including dietary genetic environmental and psychosocial said Andrew Halpner PhD vice president of product development for Pennsylvaniabased Douglas Laboratories makers of Optimized Curcumin with Neurophenol. Given the ability of the integrative health care professional especially those practicing functional medicine to integrate all of these areas in their management of patient care complementary medicine practitioners are uniquely suited to address the maintenance of healthy cognitive function. Feeding the Mind Nutrition for the brain is just as important as nutrition for the rest of the body experts say. Making sure patients have the proper nutritional intake to help counter negative factors such as stress fatigue depression and prescription medications and their side effects which can all contribute to cognitive decline is imperative to keeping the mind healthy and happy. As with all part of the body the brain especially needs to be properly nourished said Mark Kaylor PhD CN MH vice president of education and research at New Jersey-based Mushroom Wisdom which promotes lion s mane mushroom extract in its Amyloban product to help support cognitive function and health. On top of this and somewhat specific to the brain is making sure it does not get the toxic and non-nourishing compounds. The brain is more sensitive to toxins high sugar levels pro-inflammatory foods and bad fats. Make sure that the person gets overall excellent nutritional support with a multivitamin that contains folate B12 and zinc added Jacob Teitelbaum MD. In addition 24 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to mushroomwisdom for info about this advertiser be sure that they get good amounts of omega-3s. For those who have a family history of Alzheimer s I strongly recommend a special highly-absorbed curcumin supplement. India has a 70 percent lower rate of Alzheimer s than does the U.S. and this has been traced back to the high curcumin levels in the diet. Dr. Teitelbaum recommends CuraPro 750 mg from Wisconsinbased EuroMedica (one to two daily) which he says has a much higher rate of absorption than other comparable supplements. One of the most important things we can do to promote healthy aging and cognitive function is to recommend a whole foods anti-inflammatory diet that keeps blood sugar balanced according to Aimee Shunney ND advisory board member for California-based Nordic Naturals maker of ProDHA 1000 an essential nutrient for maintaining optimal brain and mood health cellular fluidity and normal memory and vision. We know that chronic inflammation plays a role in the development of Alzheimer s disease and other forms of dementia said Dr. Shunney. Emerging data shows that nutrients particularly omega-3 fatty acids are important to not only support memory focus and overall cognitive function but also to help treat age-related cognitive decline. David Perlmutter MD FACN ABIHM and author of a new book on brain health Brian Maker also cites inflammation as contributing to cognitive decline and other conditions and believes that the hundred trillion bacteria that lives within the human gut plays a critical role in brain health. Probiotics may also come into play here. The brain is exquisitely sensitive to the process of inflammation Dr. Perlmutter said. Indeed it is inflammation that underlies virtually all the degenerative diseases of the brain including Alzheimer s disease Parkinson s disease multiple sclerosis and even non-degenerative conditions like autism. Now we understand that the health of the gut modulates inflammation in human physiology. When there is a disruption of the balance of normal gut bacteria various chemicals and proteins can escape the gut as it becomes more permeable and enhance inflammation. Dr. Shunney also warned about the longterm effects on excessive sugar intake and its role in cognitive decline. Science is catching up to what integrative practitioners have long been saying about sugar she offered. The long-term impact of excessive sugar intake and subsequent insulin resistance is metabolic syndrome of the brain--increasing risk for cognitive decline and dementia not to mention diabetes heart disease and immune system dysfunction. Integrative practitioners are uniquely equipped to present their patients with the full spectrum of treatment options thereby empowering them to take charge of their health and sometimes prevent the need for more invasive therapies and treatments. Inflammation and cardiovascular disease are the top drivers of cognitive decline as we age according to Christopher Hobbs PhD LAc director herbal science at California-based Rainbow Light who said that anything that can be done to keep these conditions in check will support cognitive health. He also agrees with Dr. Shunney about eliminating excessive sugar intake. We can reduce chronic inflammation by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables whole grains nuts and seeds which will also help normalize weight and reduce fat stores Dr. Hobbs said. Strongly reducing or eliminating any foods or drinks that contain added sugar will also make a huge contribution to cardiovascular and cognitive health. Regular moderate exercise will improve blood circulation which brings more blood and therefor oxygen to the brain supporting improved cognitive function. Lifestyle Choices Eating the right nutrient-rich foods may be only half the battle when it comes to healthy cognitive function as we age. Getting plenty of sleep supplementing when needed and being active are all major contributing factors to staying ahead of the brain game. The body has a use it or lose it approach to efficiency said Dr. Teitelbaum. Because of this the more you use your mind the more likely you are to keep it. Aging well with optimal brain health depends very much on your genes your environment and your lifestyle according to Greg MacPherson CEO of New Zealandbased MitoQ. You can make a difference to your patients regardless of their circumstance and delay cognitive decline by encouraging them to exercise keep their weight in a healthy range and prescribing a range of evidence-based supplements to support healthy brain function. Any supplement recommendation should have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements at its core. By resolving chronic oxidative stress you down regulate key triggers for the inflammatory cascades that directly cause neuronal damage and disease. Combining effective antioxidants with antiinflammatory supplements give you a synergistic effect for maximal brain protection. MacPherson points to mitochrondria-targeted antioxidants as a new and emerging category of brain health supplements that not only lower oxidative stress and inflammatory sequelae by tackling free radicals at the point of production but also improve cell energetics to support optimal neuron function and repair. Evidence suggests mitochondria-targeted antioxidants improve vascular endothelial function which further benefits brain health by improving blood flow to the brain. At the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York NY in February Michael E. Greer MD in his presentation From Mitochrondria to the Spoken Word Important Brain Herbs for Maximum Memory identified some of the top nutrients for mitochondrial and anti-inflammatory wellness. The list included bacopa rosemary eleuthro carotenoids proanthocyanidins ashwaganda rhodiola gotu cola and omega3s. Dr. Greer stressed that specific nutrients can positively affect cognitive functions such as learning and memory and can actually modify the aging brain function in part by increasing formation of brain synapses. New-York-based PatientOne MediNutritionals offers NeuroOne supplement containing BaCognize an extract of Bacopa Monnieri as a key ingredient in its NeuroOne brain health supplement. Other brain supplement champions may include vitamin D grape seed or pine bark extract (pycnogenol) creatine theanine (l-theanine) found in green tea and mushrooms and DHA omega-3s. Mental health issues such as attention deficit disorder depression anxiety among others are rapidly increasing in society and while the 26 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to quintron for info about this advertiser causes may not yet be fully understood dietary and lifestyle choices have an important impact on mental health according to Jim Daily III PhD president of North Carolina-based Daily Manufacturing Inc. Maintaining a healthy active lifestyle is critical of healthy cognition said Daily who also explained that nutrition interacts with the brain in two major areas supplying key energy sources for the brain and providing substrates for making neurotransmitters and cytokines. Providing the brain with critical nutrients oxygen and rest are all essential. There is no one food or supplement that can provide reverse poor lifestyle choices. Sleep deprivation is just recently being recognized as one of the most common causes of mood disorders and cognitive dysfunctions such as attention deficit disorder. An Early Start While much of the focus on cognitive health is on the aging and elderly and the steps that can be taken to help the Baby Boomer generation and beyond there is a renewed effort to begin the preventative measures at a much younger age when the brain is healthy and fully functioning. Cardiovascular health has long been linked to cognitive health and new studies show that cognitive function may peak at age 22 and decline beginning as early as age 27. And once symptoms of cognitive decline set in there are more often than not difficult to reverse. That s why starting early and finishing strong is the way to go when it comes to cognitive health experts say. Cognitive decline rarely happens overnight said Dr. Shunney. Insulin resistance oxidative damage and chronic inflammation happen gradually. Because it is so much easier to protect the cells of the brain than it is to restore function once damage has been done starting early is crucial. How early Ensuring optimal brain development with fish oil during pregnancy is a great place to start. It s never too early to starting thinking about how diet and lifestyle can impact cognitive function added Dr. Halpner. One does not have to wait until their 50s or 60s to start considering how to best optimize their brain health. Choices that are made early in life can ultimately impact cognitive function many years later. The early years of life when the brain is still rapidly developing is one of the most important times to think about healthy cognitive function. Developing healthy habits from a young age like getting plenty of rest and exercising regularly helps set the stage for a healthy body and a healthy mind as one truly does have the potential to feed the other. Cardiovascular disease is the main driver of cognitive decline and can begin as early as our teens studies show said Dr. Hobbs. We need to develop good health habits as early in our lives as possible not only to make it much easier to maintain health later in life because it s a life-long habit but also to slow the progression of chronic inflammation and vessel damage which directly leads to reduced blood flow to our brains. Many believe that the process for optimal cognition for an entire lifespan can even begin prior to birth and that there are vital nutrients that should be made part of an expected mother s health regimen. Early brain development determines the potential for optimal cognition for the entire lifespan said Daily. This probes beings before birth. Over the last 20 years we have learned that epigenetic control of gene expression in all parts of the body including the brain is largely determined in utero. Most people are aware of the importance of folate during pregnancy but vitamin B12 and choline should also be included. daily lives that keeps us in constant motion. Anger hostility depression and shame have all been shown to increase inflammatory markers in the blood. Taking the time to slow down helps calm and balance our nervous system. Activities such as yoga tai chi meditation and anything else that helps clients get to a quieter place benefits our health. Closing Arguments As patients age many begin to worry about cognitive decline. So what can integrative practitioners offer patients who are looking for real-world answers to their questions that conventional medicine or prescription drugs cannot My best advice is to get started now on a holistic program that supports health and integration of the whole the body-mindspirit and not to neglect any of these aspects said Dr. Kaylor. It may be upsetting for patients to learn that diet and lifestyle contribute to cognitive decline dementia and even Alzheimer s said Dr. Shunney. But to good news is that diet and lifestyle are within our power to change. My best advice to patients is not to look back. Start today to preserve brain function tomorrow. The Baby Boomer population in the U.S. will total 61.3 million by 2029. Mild cognitive impairment is said to affect up to 25 percent of people over the age of 70. The further rate of decline to dementia is about 10 percent. Integrative practitioners are uniquely positioned to guide patients in cognitive wellness. Healthy Take Aways Healthy Mind Healthy Body So if patients make the right lifestyle choices then does a healthy body really guarantee a healthy mind I think the two are inseparable said Mushroom Wisdom s Dr. Kaylor. For some reason at some time someone separated the mind from the body and place it solely in the head. That being said there are always things one can do to support a healthy mind while getting the body healthy. It s also no secret that stress and anxiety are common enemies of cognitive health as the body s battle with these conditions often set the wheels in motion for a harmful event. The mind and body is an interconnected system that needs to be in balance added MitoQ s MacPherson. We are all familiar with the physical manifestations of chronic stress and anxiety. Keeping your brain in optimal condition is going to be reflected in a healthy body not least because you will be motivated to make good lifestyle choices. I believe that managing the stress response is as important as diet and exercise added Dr. Shunney. We do so much in our FOR MORE INFORMATION Daily Manufacturing Inc. (800) 782-7326 Douglas Laboratories (800) 245-4440 EuroMedica (920) 593-6277 MitoQ Ltd. 64 9 3798222 Mushroom Wisdom (800) 747-7418 Nordic Naturals (800) 662-2544 Patient One MediNutritionals (877) 723-0777 Rainbow Light (800) 635-1233 28 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Boosting Immune Health Natural may be the most promising way to build and maintain a strong immune system. By Janet Poveromo O n the whole the immune system does a remarkable job of defending against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails A germ invades successfully and makes one sick. More than 170 000 Americans die each year from infectious diseases caused by pathological agents from bacteria viruses and fungi. In spite of immunization and medical advances the rising threat of global infectious diseases could threaten the health of most of the world s population noted Roger V. Kendall PhD vice president of research and development with Vermontbased FoodScience Corporation. There is also a growing concern around the increase in antimicrobial drug resistance which is in part due to the excessive use of antibiotics over the past 50 years. Common disease-causing microbes such as E. coli salmonella Staphylococc aureus and those causing TB gonorrhea and malaria have been become harder to treat resulting in an increase in mortality Dr. Kendall added. Emerging infectious diseases such as ebola SARS H1N1 avian influenza methicillinresistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and hepatitis C and even the rise of old diseases such as mumps and measles are becoming a serious threat for which the medical community is striving to find answers. The increase in globalization international travel food imports environmental factors poor nutrition and lack of drinkable clean water are all contributing to the problem of immune invaders. In addition Dr. Miro Smriga PhD director of scientific & regulatory affairs with New Jersey-based Ajinomoto North America Inc. noted that there has been a significant surge in stress-related immune MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 29 Boosting Immune Health system complications and consequent damage to gastrointestinal tract and mental health. Researchers have identified 80 to 100 different autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 additional diseases of having an autoimmune basis he said. These diseases are chronic and can be life-threatening. Symptoms cross many specialties and can affect all body organs. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from autoimmune disease and that the prevalence is rising Dr. Smriga pointed out. The reasons are numerous perhaps tied to the chronic mental stress lack of exercise and reliance on prepackaged food with low content of basic nutrients are the leading ones. We live in a very fast-paced high-pressure society with many demands on our time Dr. Smriga continued. Stress and diet are key root causes that get cited frequently as relating to a number of health problems facing the American population today. Stress in particular has been identified as a contributor to elevated blood pressure headaches stomach complications lack of sleep and cardiovascular issues among others. When factored in with a poor nutrient deficient diet which is common in the American culture today this is not an ideal combination for maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. Finally whether we like it or do not the impact of aging on the immune system is profound. As people age a number of critical immune system components including cellular response antibody production and response to vaccines are reduced or slowed. At the same time susceptibility to infection and cancer is increased Dr. Smriga said. Some of this increased susceptibility to disease is linked to chronic inflammation which is associated with many disorders of aging. Keys to a Naturally Healthy Immune System Doug Williams herbalist COO of Kudzu Natural Resources and broker for Amazing Herbs both in Georgia said the most important new threats to our immune health seem to come from the combination of changes we have made to our environment with pesticides herbicides preservatives airborne and water pollution that create constant challenge for the liver and antiinflammatory functions of the body. But there are interventions that offer hope for producing a better immune response. As always good health starts with a healthy lifestyle A) Get plenty of sleep to recharge and repair your body and B) eat your veggies Williams said. You do not have to be vegetarian but eating a diverse more plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to support gut and thus immune health. C) Make functional foods a major part of your diet. Seek out greens and bitters seed and nut oils bright colored fruits and veggies beans and rice. Medicinal mushrooms and fermented foods benefit your body as well as your palate. Bitters in particular are being more appreciated for their support for liver gut and immune health. D) Drink plenty of water so that your fluid systems can run at optimum effectiveness. Dr. Kendall added that maintaining a healthy immune system and practicing good hygiene is critical to reducing one s risk of getting infected. He also said eating a nutrient rich diet getting adequate sleep reducing one s exposure to pathogens toxic chemicals and drugs adequate exercise and elimination chronic stress are just a few points that will help to improve significantly on immune status. Research has shown that by consuming foods that are known to strengthen the immune response such as yogurt (probiotics) oats (rich in beta glucans) garlic (allicin) seeds and nuts (minerals such as zinc and selenium) whole grains (B vita- mins) fresh colored fruits and green vegetables (rich in beta carotene vitamins A C E) and fresh fish (supplies essential fatty acids vitamin D and coenzyme Q-10) people can improve on immune status Dr. Kendall added. Other natural immune builders he suggested include colostrum green tea medicinal mushrooms such as maitake and reishi as well as herbs such as echinacea elderberry ginseng astragalus bayberry hawthorn licorice root red clover and golden seal. Kris Vaughan clinical herbalist integrative nutrition coach and marketing consultant for Wise Woman Herbals in Arizona pointed out that a healthy immune system requires a healthy environment in the digestive tract specifically the integrity of the mucosal lining prevalence of beneficial bacteria maintaining proper pH and elimination of inflammatory and allergenic foods in the diet. Vaughan added that demulcent and bitter herbs pair well together to stimulate digestion while coating soothing and healing the mucosal lining of the gut. My favorite botanicals in a digestive protocol are demulcents such as slippery elm marshmallow and mullein paired with ginger fennel gentia and licorice. Beneficial Supplementation Just about all of the essential nutrients including vitamins minerals amino acids and essential fatty acids play a role in maintaining a strong immune system. Dr. Kendall explained that research has demonstrated that supplements that provide optimum levels of vitamins A C D3 and E minerals such as selenium and zinc coenzyme Q-10 essential fatty acids Beta1 3 glucans high potency probiotics amino acids such as N-acetyl cysteine dimethylglycine (DMG) curcumin olive leaf extract and green tea extract all support a healthy immune system. These nutrients work with the body to balance the immune response in regard to macrophage B-cell (antibodies) and T-cell (cell-mediated immunity) activity he said. Case in point would be DMG which enhances both B and T cell activity plus macrophage and natural killer (N-killer) cell activity when there is a demand made on the immune system. DMG also balances the production of the cytokines (protein regulator of the immune system) produced from the T cells to reduce inflammation as well make the immune system respond more quickly. Also addressing N-killer cells and enhancing the immune system is the natural ingredient rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC) developed by Daiwa Pharmaceutical in Japan in 1992 and introduced into the U.S. Notable Immune Health Research Participants in this article were asked which research studies on immune health were of interest to them. Here s the references and links to the studies they deemed important Vaughan Berg J. & Baker K. (2014) Autoimmunity and the Gut . Fulop J. (2014) Disease Health and the Human Microbiome. NDNR Dr. Smriga pubmed 21446353 pubmed 25322775 pubmed 25527658 pubmed 24285149 Dr. Baldwin-Lien J Am Coll Nutr. 2010 Dec 29(6) 559-62. Cod liver oil young children and upper respiratory tract infections. Curr Med Res Opin. 2013 Mar 29(3) 251-8. Larch arabinogalactan effects on reducing incidence of upper respiratory infections. 30 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Go to daiwa for info about this advertiser Boosting Immune Health market in 1997. According to Hank Cheatham vice president of marketing and sales with the company RBAC is currently sold to U.S. doctors and other health care professionals by Daiwa Health Development in California under the brand name BRM4 and is available in 60-ct. bottles of 250 and 500 mg. Cheatham explained that BRM4 s active ingredient RBAC is a polysaccharide dietary fiber derived from rice bran modified by an enzyme from Shiitake mushroom using a patented biotechnology process. BRM4 provides essential support for the body s first line of defense--N-killer cells. RBAC in BRM4 strengthens the immune system by more than tripling the activity of the N-killer cells and significantly increasing the levels of B lymphocytes helper T and cytotoxic cells. Helper T cells also signal plasma B cells when they encounter their cognate antigen to secure a healthy production of antibodies. In addition rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC) in BRM4 supports the body s natural production of cytokines to control inflammatory response. BRM4 is well researched Cheatham noted 28 published studies including 10 clinical trials. Moreover clinical trials have shown BRM4 is safe with no harmful side effects. Additionally in more than 12 years of use worldwide there have been no reported cases of drug interactions. There is evidence that various micronutrient deficiencies--for example deficiencies of glutamine and essential amino acids but also zinc selenium iron copper folic acid and vitamins A B6 C and E--alter immune responses noted Dr. Smriga. The research at this stage is promising but requires far more advancement he said. Some herbal dietary supplements are currently being suggested for immune health--the most typical ones are aloe vera echinacea and garlic (probably the best option among the herbs and plants). But some of the best strategies for immune health are very simple and widely applicable according to Beth Baldwin-Lien ND director of medical affairs & education with Connecticut-based Vital Nutrients. For instance taking a multivitamin has been associated with significantly fewer infections in adults under age 65. Liquid cod liver oil probiotics with acidophilus and bifidobacter and larch arabinogalactan (a prebiotic) have been shown to reduce frequency severity and doctor s visits for upper respiratory infections in children she added. Another concern is that autoimmunity causes low stomach acid in many cases and further compromises proper digestion cautioned Vaughan. She said supplementing with betain HCL and pepsin is beneficial along with digestive enzymes. L-glutamine daily helps to rebuild the intestinal lining to prevent further damage and reverse a leaky gut. Reducing a low-grade inflammatory response through botanical anti-inflammatories such as turmeric and ginger are helpful Vaughan pointed out. Studies have shown that assimilating turmeric in the digestive tract is challenging and there are different theories on how to work around this. We have formulated a turmeric blend that we are presently testing for efficacy containing digestive enzymes such as lipase and protease to see if this is a viable solution. TQ content depending on the source of the seed he said. However the discovery of stronger and higher potency oils of Nigella sativa have allowed for greater efficacy and health benefits for consumers. Amazing Herbs 5X-TQ Premium Black Seed oil contains a minimum of 0.95 percent TQ the highest naturally occurring source currently available which is cold-pressed from select Turkish Nigella sativa seeds and offers five times the levels of active constituents and antioxidants than other available forms. Product Innovations In recent times there have been some beneficial innovations when it comes to improving the absorption and utilization of nutrients. One example according to Dr. Kendall is the introduction of ubiquinol the water soluble coenzyme Q-10 which gives a three to four times better uptake as compared to the fat soluble ubiquinone form. Liposomal formulas are being introduced that not only provide better uptake and retention of water soluble nutrients like vitamin C and glutathione but also aid in absorption of fat soluble nutrients he said. Phytosome technology is being used to improve absorption of plant derived fat soluble nutrients from green tea curcumin and grape seed extract by incorporating them in a matrix of phosphatidylcholine. This process increases their hydrolytical stability and their oral absorption and bioavailability. A trend in immune health supplementation said Steven Fink marketing director and business manager with Ajinomoto North America (in North Carolina) is to add antioxidants to vitamins and minerals by creating proprietary blends which are most commonly a blend of vitamins and herbs sometimes combined with prebiotics to specifically target and protect gastrointestinal tract against stress-induced inflammation he said. He noted the company s AjiPure amino acids such as the immunity boosting Glutamimmune were launched in 2014 with the purpose of providing health conscious consumers the opportunity to benefit from the world s most premium line of pharmaceutical grade amino acids all of which are produced Black Seed One of the oldest and more popular foods consumed for health--black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) is beneficial for immune digestion liver inflammation response and blood sugar according to Williams. Popularly known as black seed it is grown in countries such as Turkey and Egypt and is regarded as a panacea and used as spice oil and snack as part of the daily diet. For decades top university researchers have been publishing studies showing its benefits he said. Williams explained that black cumin seed oil is the only source of thymoquinone (TQ) the active ingredient that has been studied for being a catalyst for immune system and inflammatory response. Levels of naturally occurring TQ in black cumin seed oil tend to vary with percentages ranging from the low 0.2 percent to the highest 2.2 percent 32 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 using a patented vegetable based fermentation technology to produce the cleanest purest plant based amino acids available on the global market. Other innovative products said Dr. Kendall include ingredient combinations such as DMG Maitake D fraction arabinogalactan powder and beta 1-3 glucans or vitamin D3 and elderberry. Olive leaf extract products are also known for immune supportive qualities. Dr. Baldwin-Lien explained that combining elderberry with other synergistic herbs and nutrients can be even more effective for prevention or acute treatment of a URI. For instance Vital Nutrients Viracon utilizes elderberry and licorice for their antiviral effects along with astragalus as an immune tonic to stimulate lymphocyte production zinc and propolis to reduce duration of common cold in adults and the Chinese antimicrobial herbs isatis and Coptis sinensis she said. The company has focused on children s immune health as well. With so many conventional over-the-counter children s medicines being removed from the marketplace in the last several years due to safety concerns one of the innovations in the Vital Nutrients line has been the development of a versatile children s immune support supplement Vital Kids Berry Well Immune Powder which can be used for either acute or long-term immune enhancement with dosing recommendations for children as young as 6 months of age she said. Moving Forward To be innovative Vaughan said she believes that focusing on the underlying cause instead of a symptomatic approach is a huge step in the right direction. I am encouraged by studies on the gut and its link to immune health. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of illness is diet related and we can no longer ignore the role that the health and proper environment of our digestive tract plays in our immunity. Williams added that scientific research is proving the truth of old traditions diets and therapies providing more evidence and support for ancient wisdom is also encouraging. The microbiome research is revealing how gut health is fundamentally central to overall health exactly as understood by ancient ayuvedic Persian and Chinese medical systems he said. Research on bitter compounds has shown to be greatly supportive of both phase I and Phase II liver detoxification with corresponding benefits for gut bacteria and colon health with increased bile production. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are now understood to be so essential for cellular health that the problems associated with deficiency look like an all of the above list health challenges. Antioxidant research has shown that certain foods can be the most important part of our preventative heath strategy. In conclusion Fink noted that it is important for consumers to research any supplement being considered for use along with the manufacturer s background and industry reputation he said. Unfortunately there are some companies that make dubious claims or take regulatory short cuts to bolster profits thus ultimately the consumer pays the price. The increase in globalization international travel food imports environmental factors poor nutrition and lack of drinkable clean water are all contributing to the problem of immune invaders. Researchers have identified 80100 different autoimmune diseases and suspect at least 40 additional diseases of having an autoimmune basis. Maintaining a healthy immune system and practicing good hygiene is critical to reducing one s risk of getting infected. Eating a nutrient rich diet getting adequate sleep reducing one s exposure to pathogens toxic chemicals and drugs adequate exercise and elimination chronic stress are just a few points that will help to improve significantly on immune status. Microbiome research is revealing how gut health is fundamentally central to overall health exactly as understood by ancient ayuvedic Persian and Chinese medical systems. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Ajinomoto North America Inc. (201) 292-3200 Amazing Herbs (800) 241-9138 Daiwa Health Development Inc. (866) 457-4810 Vital Nutrients (888) 328-9992 Wise Woman Herbals (541) 895-5172 MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 33 PRODUCT FOCUS What Can You See eople yearn for 20 20 vision and there are a handful of lucky ones who have perfect eye health for instance pilots and a number of young adults. However the eyes are delicate organs and any damage to the macula and retina can literally ruin ones vision in the blink of an eye. With the use of computers smart phones video games and excessively large TVs eyes can be easily strained from fatigue. According to the eye muscles can gradually retrain into true nearsightedness. Further a recent study found that 33 million Americans suffer from eye health issues like dry eye syndrome. The following are some ways to prevent dry eyes. First are specialized treatments such as LipiFlow a revolutionary eye treatment procedure P By Cristina Goodwin lasting only 12 minutes. Next one might try warm compresses to help secrete natural tears or products that provide temporary relief for instance eye drops. And a couple tips practitioners might suggest are to stay away from fireplaces and indoor heaters as well as wear sunglasses. noted that the right nutrients will preserve patients eyes and will notice a difference as they keep their focus sharp stop or slow macular degeneration relieve pressure in the eye reduce eye fatigue and irritation protect the retina from UV damage and strengthen blood vessels in the eye not to mention sooth dry eyes. As we age the size of our eyes and pupils shift focus causing many people to turn to eyeglasses. However Marc R. Grossman OD LAc a holistic eye doctor in New Paltz NY said The Bates Method continues to look beyond glasses for natural ways to fix vision. The Bates Method tells people to get rid of their glasses and that doesn t work. You have to give people a slightly weaker prescription so they can work into it gradually. Most people s eyes get worse little by little so their eyes have to get better little by little says Grossman. In addition he recommends bilberry lutein zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids to help myopia which is also known as nearsightedness. Many companies offer natural remedies to promote vision health. Below is a list of products that practitioners can recommend to their patients. Dry Eye Relief Patient One MediNutritionsals soothes dry eyes with its Dry Eye Care a combination of vitamins minerals and antioxidants to combat the discomfort associated with Dry Eye Syndrome including vitamins A C and E zinc omega-3 fatty acids flax seed oil black currant oil and borage oil. The eye relief restores normal tear production and protective film. It also provides natural calming support for those who suffer from dry burning itchy irritated eyes or have had previous eye surgery wear contact lenses or for patients who spend prolonged time in front of a computer screen or television. The suggested retail price for 60 servings is 22.94 for professionals and 39.95 for patients. For more information call (877) 723-0777 or visit Triple Eye Protection Life Extension offers MacuGuard Ocular Support that offers triple eye protection. The product supports concentration of lutein a major component of macular pigment and essential for proper vision in the eye. It also supports efficient absorption of lutein in the blood stream and enhanced by phospholipids in the cell membrane. In addition it supports zeaxanthin concentration in the eye and provides meso-zeaxanthin that is difficult to obtain from dietary sources. Each capsule ( 42 for 60 soft gels) contains its MacuGuard carotenoid phospholipid blend along with cycandidin-3-glucoside (C3G) from European black currant extract. For more information call (800) 544-4440 or visit Bioflavonoids Eye-Rite Ocular Nutrition by Carlson Laboratories offers functional bioflavonoids (MSRP 39.90 for 60 capsules 104.90 for 180 capsules). According to the company certain nutrients are essential to vision through their metabolic functions. Eye-Rite Ocular Nutrition utilizes cranberries bilberries and citrus fruits in addition to antioxidants and vitamins C and E. The dietary supplement s recommended dose is two capsules per a serving. For more information call (888) 234-5656 or visit Hyaluronic Acid Support Aging increased exposure to harmful environmental factors and the lack of nutrients that support healthy eyes in our daily diet have caused an increase in vision health issues. Hyalogic offers Hylavision uniquely formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA) lutein zeaxanthin bilberry extract vitamins A C and E and zinc to support healthy eyes and vision. The elite formula helps maintain healthy eyes and is all natural. Each bottle contains 120 capsules (twomonth supply) for 24.95. For more information call (866) 318-8484 or visit 34 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Golden Eyes VisiVite now offers AREDS2 PLUS Gold Eye Vitamin Formula that exceeds the National Eye Institute s newest recommendations for macular degeneration. With 50 percent more lutein and 138 percent more zeaxanthin than their original AREDS 2 the new eye vegetarian capsules offers 200 mcg selenium to offset vitamin E effects on prostate health naturally-sourced FloraGLO Lutein (marigolds) and OmniXan Zeaxanthin (paprika) vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherols) as well as no artificial ingredients or colors and no synthetic meso-zeaxanthin. To promote vision health patients should take two capsules daily. In addition AREDS2 PLUS Gold Eye Vitamin Formula does not contain egg milk peanuts tree nuts shellfish fish soy wheat or gluten. The suggested retail price is 49.95 for 60-ct. For more information call (877) 800-5251 or visit Hawaiian Eyes BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin by Nutrex Hawaii offers eye support with their nutritional supplement line. The company s patented vision health product EyeAstin (MSRP 39.99 60-ct.) contains lutein (FloraGLO) an antioxidant that promotes healthy eye function zeaxanthin a carotenoid and powerful antioxidant with specific eye health benefits and bilberry a close relative of the blueberry for extra eye health support. It is a proactive comprehensive eye health supplement. For more information call (800) 453-1187 or visit These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Maximum Tears MaxiTears Dry Eye Formula by MedOp Health Inc. contains omega3 fatty acids and the ratio of their consumption to that of the omega-6 fatty acids affect the overall amount of inflammatory activity in the body. It also contains 1 000 mg of EPA DHA helping to enhance tear production by replacing the oils lost in our bodies as we grow older. With 200 mg of tumeric root to aid the body s natural response to inflammation the mucin complex acts to target the mucin layer of the tear film by enhancing the mucus amount where the production by the conjunctival goblet cells have decreased. MaxiTears is the only product on the market to address tear quality tear production and inflammation all in one enteric-coated soft gel preventing the unwanted fishy taste. The MSRP for 120 soft gels is 33.95. For more information call (888) 290-6294 or visit Eye Promise EyePromise vizual EDGE by ZeaVision LLC is an advanced high-quality formula containing the highest level of dietary zeaxanthin and other essential ingredients proven to maximize performance for improved vision. The product is available in one serving size of one softgel and comes in a 30-ct. bottle for 35.95. EyePromise vizual EDGE offers maximized performance both on and off the field. According to the company its formula helps athlete s sight and reflexes by improving visual contrast clarity comfort color and reaction. The new product is NSF Certified for Sport includes vitamin D and omega-3 fish oil and is doctor recommended. For more information call (866) 833-2800 or visit Lipotriad Vision Lipotriad Vision Support helps patients keep their 20 20 vision the company stated. The eye health product contains 20 mg of lutein which is an essential carotenoid proven to prevent degeneration of the macula and help preserve vision in people who have early stages of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) 80 mg of bilberry (herbal) and according to the National Institute of Health bilberry has been shown to improve the blood vessel integrity in the eyes and can help prevent problems with the retina of the eye in people with diabetes or high blood pressure. It is also formulated with 100 mg of grape seed DV (daily value) vitamin A lycopene n-acetyl l-cysteine taurine and 100 mg of quercetin all of which protect eyesight. Additionally these ingredients have been known to help protect eyes from age-related eye diseases. A one-month supply of 60 capsules is priced at 19.99 and a two month supply is sold for 35.99. The recommended suggested dose is two capsules a day. For more information call (888) EYE-LIPO (888)-393-5476 or visit MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 35 NATURAL STANDARD MONOGRAPH Ashwagandha Based on a systemic review of scientific literature edited and peer-reviewed by contributors to the Natural Standard Research Collaboration. A shwagandha (Withania somnifera synonym Physalis somnifera) is a small evergreen shrub that grows to about four to five feet tall. It is found in dry areas of India and the Middle East as well as parts of Africa. The word ashwagandha means odor of the horse due to its distinctive smell. Ashwagandha has been used in ayurvedic medicine in India for hundreds of years. It has been used as an adaptogenic herb (rasayana) meaning that it is used with the intention to help the body resist physiological and psychological stress. It is purported to tone and normalize (revitalize) bodily functions. The berries may be used to coagulate milk in making cheese. ulcerations backache and hemiplegia. Safety Ashwagandha is possibly safe when used orally and appropriately short-term. Ashwagandha has been safely used in clinical trials lasting up to 12 weeks. Pregnancy Ashwagandha is likely unsafe when used orally. Ashwagandha has abortifacient effects. Effectiveness Anxiety. In a preliminary clinical trial subjects with moderate-to-severe anxiety received dietary counseling deep breathing exercise instruction a multivitamin and ashwagandha root 300 mg twice daily for 12 weeks. Anxiety scores decreased in the ashwagandha group compared to a control group receiving psychotherapy breathing exercise instruction and placebo. The impact of ashwagandha alone is unclear. Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In a preliminary clinical trial children with ADHD were given a combination herbal product including ashwagandha or placebo for four months. Measures of attention cognition and impulse control improved significantly in children receiving ashwagandha complared to placebo. The History Orally ashwagandha is used for arthritis anxiety insomnia tumors tuberculosis and chronic liver disease. Ashwagandha is also used as an adaptogen to increase resistance to environmental stress and as a general tonic. It is also used orally for immunomodulatory effects improving cognitive function decreasing inflammation preventing the effects of aging emaciation infertility in men and women menstrual disorders fibromyalgia and hiccups. It is also used orally as an aphrodisiac and emmenagogue and for treating asthma leukoderma bronchitis backache and arthritis. Topically ashwagandha is used for treating dose of ashwagandha in the combination product was not reported and the effect of ashwagandha alone in ADHD is unclear. Cerebellar ataxia. A small open-label study evaluating ashwagandha 500 mg three times daily in combination with ayurvedic therapy for one month showed improvement in balance indices in subjects with cerebellar ataxia. The effect of ashwagandha alone is not known. Diabetes. A case series including six subjects with type 2 diabetes showed that ashwagandha 3 grams daily for 30 days decreased blood glucose to a degree similar to oral hypoglycemic drugs however it wasn t specifically compared to oral hypoglycemic drugs. Hypercholesterolemia. A case series including six subjects with hypercholesterolemia showed that ashwagandha 3 grams daily for 30 days decreased serum cholesterol triglycerides low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL). Infertility. Ashwagandha root powder 5 grams daily given with milk for three months decreased oxidative stress and improved indicators of semen quality including testosterone luteinizing hormone (LH) follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and prolactin levels in a clinical trial of 150 infertile Indian males. However sperm count and motility were largely unchanged. 36 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Osteoarthritis. In a preliminary study patients with joint deformity pain stiffness and swelling were given a specific combination supplement containing ashwagandha 450 mg ayurvedic zinc complex 50 mg guggul 100 mg and turmeric 50 mg (ArticulinF) two capsules three times daily for three months. Although symptoms were reduced there were no radiological improvements after treatment. The effects of ashwagandha alone in osteoarthritis are unknown. Parkinson s disease. In a preliminary study symptom improvement was noted in 13 Parkinson s patients who took a combination herbal product containing ashwagandha cowhage Hyoscyamus reticulantus and Sida cordifolia. The impact of ashwagandha alone in Parkinson s disease is unclear. More evidence is needed to rate ashwagandha for these uses. Dosing & Administration Adult Oral General According to secondary sources 1-6 g daily of the whole herb has been used in capsule form. 3 g of powder taken twice daily in boiled warm milk has been used. A tea has been made by simmering or boiling one part root in 10 parts water for 15-30 minutes and ingesting twice daily in the amount of 1 2 to 1-oz. at a time. Some sources have suggested 1-6 g daily of the whole herb in tea form. Tinctures or fluid extracts have been dosed at 2-4 mL taken three times daily this may contain high concentrations of ethanol. Five teaspoons of dried herb in one cup of boiling liquid taken as 2-4 cups daily with raw sugar or honey has been used. Diabetes (type 2) Powdered roots of ashwagandha (dose and frequency unknown) have been used for 30 days. Diuretic Powdered roots of ashwagandha (dose and frequency unknown) have been used for 30 days. Longevity antiaging Powdered ashwagandha root has been used in tablet form (0.5g) two tablets three times daily with milk. Children Oral Childhood growth promotion 2 g of ashwagandha daily in milk has been used for 60 days with a lack of toxicity. Standardization According to secondary sources tablets may be standardized to 4.5 mg of withanolides. effects associated with ashwagandha and some studies did not report the doses standardization or preparations used. One Indian trial reported treatment of 101 males with tablets totaling 3 g daily given by mouth with milk for one year with no serious adverse effects. In a case series no adverse effects were noted in 12 patients treated with powdered ashwagandha root for 30 days. No toxicity was noted in 13 children treated with ashwagandha 2 g by mouth daily for 60 days. Cardiovascular Dermatologic Endocrine Gastrointestinal Genitourinary Hematologic Neurologic CNS Psychiatric Pulmonary Respiratory Renal Other gandha might lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Theoretically ashwagandha might have additive effects when used with antihypertensive drugs and increase the risk of hypotension. Theoretically ashwagandha might increase the effects of benzodiazepines. There is preliminary evidence that ashwagandha might have an additive effect with diazepam (Valium) and clonazepam (Klonopin). This may also occur with other benzodiazepines such as alprazolam (Xanax) flurazepam (Dalmane) lorazepam (Ativan) and midazolam (Versed). Interactions With Herbs & Supplements Animal research suggests that ashwagandha might lower blood pressure. Theoretically combining ashwagandha with other herbs and supplements with hypotensive effects might increase the risk of hypotension. Some of these herbs and supplements include andrographis casein peptides cat s claw coenzyme Q10 fish oil L-arginine lyceum stinging nettle theanine among others. Theoretically concomitant use with herbs that have sedative properties might enhance therapeutic and adverse effects. Some of these include 5-HTP calamus California poppy catnip hops Jamaican dogwood kava St. John s wort skullcap valerian yerba mansa among others. Interactions With Foods None known. Interactions with Lab Tests Ashwagandha contains withaferin A which has a similar structure to digoxin. Ashwagandha can falsely elevate digoxin levels when using fluorescence polarization immunoassays (FPIA) microparticle enzyme immunoassays (MEIA) or the Abbott Digoxin III assay. The Beckman assay for digoxin seems to be only minimally affected. The Roche Tina-Quant turbidimetric inhibition immunoassay is only affected by very high ashwagandha levels equivalent to plasma levels after an overdose. There is some evidence that ashwagandha can stimulate thyroid hormone synthesis or secretion. Theoretically ashwagandha might suppress thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) increase triiodothyronine (T3) or thyroxine (T4) values. Interactions With Diseases Ashwagandha might have immunostimulant effects. Theoretically ashwagandha might exacerbate autoimmune diseases by stimulating immune activity. Advise patients with autoimmune diseases such as Toxicology Animal Data In mice doses of 1 000 mg kg produced fatalities while 500-750 mg kg given to total cumulative doses of 7.510 g appeared safe. The intraperitoneal LD50 in rats has been reported as 465 mg kg and as 432 mg kg in mice. Subacute toxicity studies in rats did not reveal any toxicity. Human Data One Indian trial reported treatment of 101 males with tablets totaling 3 g daily given by mouth with milk for one year with no serious adverse effects. No adverse effects were noted in 12 patients treated with powdered ashwagandha root for 30 days. No toxicity was noted in 13 children treated with 2 g of ashwagandha by mouth daily for 60 days. In a case report a man taking ashwagandha mucuna for two months experienced hemolytic anemia and abdominal pain. Lead (7.3 mg per pill) arsenic chromium and mercury were discovered in the ashwagandha mucuna supplements. Dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA) a heavy metal chelator was used (30 mg kg of body weight daily for five days then 20 mg kg for 14 days) successfully lowering blood lead levels. Interactions Interactions With Drugs There is preliminary clinical evidence suggesting that ashwagandha might lower blood glucose levels. Theoretically ashwagandha might have additive effects when used with antidiabetes drugs and increase the risk of hypoglycemia. Animal research suggests that ashwa- Adverse Effects General There are few reports of adverse MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 37 NATURAL STANDARD MONOGRAPH multiple sclerosis systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) rheumatoid arthritis (RA) or others to avoid or use ashwagandha with caution. Ashwagandha might lower blood glucose levels. Theoretically ashwagandha should be used cautiously in patients with diabetes as it may increase the risk for hypoglycemia in patients on insulin or oral hypoglycemic medications. Animal research shows that ashwagandha might lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Theoretically ashwagandha might increase the risk of hypotension in people taking antihypertensive drugs. Advise patients taking antihypertensive medications to use ashwagandha with caution. Animal research shows that ashwagandha might lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Theoretically ashwagandha might increase the risk of hypotension in people with low blood pressure. Theoretically ashwagandha should be avoided by people with peptic ulcer disease because of its irritant effect on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Ashwagandha has CNS depressant effects. Theoretically ashwagandha might cause additive CNS depression when combined with anesthesia and other medications during and after surgical procedures. Tell patients to discontinue ashwagandha at least two weeks before elective surgical procedures. There is some evidence that ashwagandha can stimulate thyroid hormone synthesis or secretion. Theoretically ashwagandha might exacerbate hyperthyroidism as it might increase thyroid hormone levels. Ashwagandha should be used cautiously in people with hyperthyroidism or in those being treated with thyroid hormones. contains withanolides selectively demonstrated cytotoxic effects against cancer cells. Furthermore the two closely related purified phytochemicals in vivo and in vitro withanolide A (Wi-A) and withanolide N (WiN) demonstrated differential binding effects in (normal and cancer) human cells. These findings were validated by undertaking parallel experiments on specific gene responses to either Wi-N or Wi-A in human normal and cancer cells. Wi-A bound strongly while Wi-N bound weakly the latter demonstrating milder cytotoxicity toward cancer cells. It was purportedly safe for normal cells. Anticoagulant effects Ashwagandha has been reported to significantly increase coagulation time in rats although the significance in humans is unclear. Antidiabetic effects According to limited human research (in patients with type 2 diabetes) ashwagandha may lower blood sugar levels and therefore may interact with diabetic medications although the mechanism is unknown. Antifungal effects In a controlled animal experiment ashwagandha prevented the development of aspergillosis. Ashwagandha has been reported to have a protective effect on the liver and kidney of rats with carbendazim fungicide lesions. Antilipemic effects In a case series ashwagandha significantly decreased serum total cholesterol levels triglycerides lowdensity lipoprotein (LDL) and very-lowdensity lipoproteins (VLDL). Antioxidant effects Ashwagandha has been reported to possess antioxidant properties including prevention of lipid peroxidation in animal studies. Antitumor radiosensitizing effects Alcoholic extracts of ashwagandha dried roots as well as the ashwagandha constituent withaferin A have been suggested to possess antitumor or radiosensitizing properties according to in vitro research as well as animal research in mice and rats. Antiangiogenic properties have been reported recently. In vitro withaferin A dose-dependently induced apoptosis in Panc-1 cells and inhibited Hsp90 chaperone activity. WA-biotin bound to the Hsp90 C-terminus and unlabeled WA competitively blocked it. Withaferin A disrupted Hsp90-Cdc37 complexes but did not block ATP to Hsp90 binding and did not change Hsp90-P23 association. Withaferin A dose-dependently inhibited tumor proliferation in pancreatic Panc-1 xenografts. Cardiovascular effects In animal experiments ashwagandha decreased blood pressure in dogs possessed myocardial depressant effects in rabbits showed mild positive inotropic and chronotropic effects in frogs and produced bradycardia in rats. Smooth muscle relaxant properties have been found. Bradycardia has been reported in rats. Ashwagandha has been associated with anticholinesterase activity which theoretically may lead to decreases in blood pressure. Central nervous system (CNS) effects Central nervous system depressant properties have been reported in animal studies as well as interactions with sedatives such as barbiturates ethanol and urethane. However inhibition of morphine tolerance has also been noted in a small animal study. In clinical research circulating monoamine oxidase and GABA levels have been found to increase while glutamic acid and 5hydroxytryptophan levels decreased following 12 weeks of ashwagandha therapy. In a functional assay using spinal cord neurons ashwagandha demonstrated GABA-like properties and enhanced diazepam effects in animals. Ashwagandha has also been suggested to posses antidepressant effects according to rodent studies as well as to enhance stress response such as when swimming in cold water. A small experiment reported that ashwagandha could improve memory function in rats. Ashwagandha extract has been reported to promote the formation of dendrites in human neuroblastoma cells. Cholinesterase inhibitory potential In laboratory studies withanolides 1-3 and 4-5 isolated from Withania somnifera have shown cholinesterase inhibitory potential along with calcium antagonistic ability and safe profile in human neutrophil viability assay which could make compounds one to five possible drug candidates for further research to treat Alzheimer s disease and associated problems. Cyclophosphamide toxicity protection effects Protection of cyclophosphamide toxicity in rodents has been reported including beneficial effects on bladder mucosa and reduced delayed-type hypersensitivity and myelosuppression. Cytotoxic effects The active withanolide components withaferins A and D have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. W. somnifera water and methanol extracts were tested for their cytotoxic effects. The three smallest concentrations (0.007 0.042 and 0.25 mcg mL) of the plant extract had a lack of a significantly different effect in the assays. The authors concluded that low concentrations of extracts (up to 0.25 mcg mL) lacked cytotoxic effects for MRC5 cells. Higher levels however may cause cytotoxic effects. Diureticeffects In a case series significant Mechanism of Action Constituents Constituents of ashwagandha which have been suggested to possess biological activity include alkaloids and steroidal lactones that together are called withanolides. Numerous medicinal properties of ashwagandha have been attributed to the constituent withaferin A and it has been suggested that longer maturation time for plants may be required for the production of withaferin A. Withanone and withanosides are also present. Anti-inflammatory effects Withaferin A purportedly exerts anti-inflammatory effects. Further information is lacking. Anticancer effects Withanolides are secondary metabolites from steroid oxidation and protect plants from herbivores. Ashwagandha alcoholic leaf extract which 38 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 increases in urine volume and sodium levels compared to baseline were noted with use of ashwagandha. Fertility effects In humans W. somnifera decreased oxidative stress. Testosterone luteinizing hormone follicle-stimulating hormone and prolactin levels which are indicators of semen quality improved in infertile subjects following treatment. Hematologic effects In mice protective effects against cyclophosphamide and radiation-induced myelosuppression have been noted. Protection against chemotherapyinduced myelosuppression and leukopenia has also been noted in an animal research. Ashwagandha administered for 90 days has been associated with increased hematopoiesis in rats. Hormonal effects Ashwagandha may possess androgenic (testosterone-like) properties according to rat evidence of increased testicular weight and spermatogenesis. Immunologic effects The ashwagandha constituent withaferin A has been suggested to possess immunosuppressive activity and in vitro has been found to possess protective effects on peroxide-induced cytotoxicity and DNA damage in human nonimmortalized fibroblasts. Prevention of granuloma formation has been noted in rats. Other authors have reported additional immunomodulatory effects and anti-inflammatory effects in mice and rats including enhanced cytokine production. Neuroprotective effects In vivo withanolide A and withanosides IV and VI (10 mcmol kg daily for 12 days) restored preand postsynapses in cortical neuron axons and dendrites following Abeta(25-35)induced injury. Impaired memory neurite atrophy and synaptic loss improved. In mice with spinal chord injury withanoside IV benefited locomotor functions. In mice withanoside IV (10 mcmol kg daily for 21 days) increased axonal density and peripheral nervous system myelin. Protein synthesis effects Ashwagandha administration was reported to decrease synthesis of alpha-2-macroglobulin and enhancement of total proteins in rats. Thyroid effects Ashwagandha has been reported to stimulate thyroid function in mice including increased serum T4 concentrations. For a full list of references visit Natural Standard Research Collaboration ( provides access to the most comprehensive database of high-quality evidence-based systematic reviews on dietary supplements and CAM therapies. This database is a clinical decision support tool that is designed to advise clinicians and researchers on the safety and efficacy of herbs supplements vitamins diets nutrition exercise and complementary practices and modalities. Using a comprehensive methodology reproducible grading scales and the collective expertise of a multi-disciplinary Editorial Board Natural Standard s mission is to provide organizations with access to the highest-quality evidence-based intelligence to make more informed and safer therapeutic decisions. Questions about the database can be directed to (617) 591-3348. THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR ALTERNATIVE & INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 1995 2015 NP s Upcoming Issue Highlights May 4 15 15 ad closing CAM Innovations Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 107 e-Mail GaryP MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 39 PRACTITIONER CHAT r. Dennis Goodman is director of integrative medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York where he also serves as clinical associate professor and cardiologist in the Department of Cardiology and Preventative Medicine. Consistently recognized as one of the The Best Doctors in New York as well as one of America s Top Doctors by Castle Connelly Guide his area of special interest is prevention early detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease with an integrative approach for optimal patient health care. Previously Dr. Goodman served as chief of cardiology and medical director of Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the prestigious Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla CA. Dr. Goodman has also worked at the renowned Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine. He is board certified in internal medicine cardiology interventional cardiology critical care clinical lipidology integrative medicine and cardiac CT imaging. He is author of Vitamin K2 The Missing Nutrient for Heart and Bone Health and Magnificent Magnesium. D Dr. Dennis Goodman Phone (646) 754-2000 E-mail dennisgoodman18 Website A Q A In our department we have a team of practitioners who are focused on nutrition weight management supplementation exercise and stress reduction. We recommend to our patients yoga meditation massage physical therapy biofeedback and essentially become a life coach for them on their way to wellness. Why is magnesium critical for overall health term vitamin K2 (menaquinone-7 or MK-7) use on cardiovascular health by improving arterial flexibility. When the science behind vitamin K2 is validated in more medical journals I believe the medical community will recognize this nutrient as a very important safe and inexpensive way to help reduce cardiovascular risks in patients. Speaking as the director of integrative medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC what does integrative medicine offer patients We focus on a holistic approach to patient care. We look at the whole patient and use multiple techniques nutrition supplementation exercise stress management and we monitor their sleep. We work with a group with of physicians to provide ultimate health for the patient. How can integrative medicine be applied as it relates to heart health Is prevention the key For 50 percent of people who die of a heart attack it s their first and last symptom. Prevention is crucial. Being healthy is something you must participate in and be proactive about. With an integrative program we are looking at how the patient can be well through proper nutrition supplements and exercise. We are not just doing tests we are coaching them on ways they can achieve wellness. Q A Q A Magnesium is important because the body doesn t produce it and most people are deficient in it. Magnesium is necessary for normal muscle function and all organ functions including the heart. If you don t have magnesium your cells cannot function properly and you ll end up with health problems. Magnesium can help increase calcium absorption the management of diabetes and can help you sleep. If you feel tired you do not have enough magnesium. Q How do you use integrative medcine techniques in your practice Few people know the important role vitamin K2 plays with bone health but far fewer realize the importance of vitamin K2 to heart health. Vitamin K2 helps calcium bind to the bone mineral matrix keeping it away from blood vessels. This is important because if unwanted calcium deposits accumulate in the arteries it can lead to blockages that can contribute to heart attacks and strokes. A recent study published in Thrombosis and Haemostasis is a breakthrough for vitamin K2 research as it is the first clinical study showing the beneficial effect of long- Q A What role does vitamin K2 play in heart health Diet and exercise are essential and play a vital role in heart health and we have known about this since the beginning of civilization. As Hippocrates said Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. We do know today what is healthy food but our bodies have gotten so use to process food and sugar. We have to fight against these urges because they cause inflammation in the body and are the source of disease in the body. Omega-3 plays a major role in reducing inflammation. Omega-3 plays a very important role in any condition that involves inflammation. Q A What role does diet and exercise play How important are omega-3s important I am a proponent of supplements and I believe in them. They especially have a role in the American diet which is loaded with too much sugar and processed food. Even if you are trying to eat organic food you still may not get the nutrients you need so we do need supplements. My big five supplements I find most essential include a multivitamin magnesium fish oil vitamin D and vitamin K2. Other supplements may be used in certain patients with specific needs. Q A Does supplementation play a key role 40 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Nutrition Education May Help Prevent Breast Cancer Reoccurrence reast cancer is the most frequent cause of death among women worldwide and five-year survival rates are just 58.4 percent in Brazil lower than in many other regions. In a new study however researchers from Federal University of Santa Catarina provided Brazilian breast cancer patients with nutrition education and found it could benefit patients and may help prevent reoccurrence of the cancer. Eighteen patients were included in the intervention group in this study which was compared with a 75-patient control group. Over 12 months the patients in the intervention group were educated about proper nutrition asked to record their food consumption on a calendar and contacted via phone by the researchers to learn about their food consumption and offer recommendations for improvement. Patients in the intervention group also attended meetings and received a monthly bulletin to fur- B ther their nutrition education. The main goals of the nutrition education were to reduce the patients consumption of red and processed meat and increase fruit and vegetable intake. These goals were selected because red and processed meats are purported to have a negative effect on cancer patients and the antioxidant effects of fruit and vegetables have been shown to help reduce the aggravating effects of chemotherapy treatment and consequently may reduce the risk of cancer reoccurrence. Although the sample size was small and data were collected at different times this study provides evidence that women undergoing breast cancer treatment might benefit from immediate individualized and detailed nutrition monitoring lead author Cecilia C. Schiavon MsC concluded. The researchers based their conclusions on the fact that patients in the intervention group showed significant reductions in red and processed meat consuming 50 percent less than peers in the comparison group. Comparison group patients also had twotimes greater body weight increase during the study. Both red and processed meat consumption and body weight increases have been linked with increased oxidative stress which has been shown to affect increased cancer recurrence. Fruit and vegetable intake was also increased among the intervention group and likely helped those patients limit BMI (body mass index) unlike the comparison group which had three times higher BMI over the course of the study. Despite limitations in the study including sample size the study not being random and data being collected at different times between groups (control and intervention group) the findings are promising. Further studies should be conducted to verify the conclusions of the authors of this study. (Source Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior-- January February 2015) BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Causes Oxidative Stress in Child Mother xposure to the endocrine-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA) during pregnancy can cause oxidative damage that may put the baby at risk of developing diabetes or heart disease later in life according to a new study published in the journal Endocrinology. A chemical used to manufacture plastics and epoxy resins BPA is found in a variety of consumer products including plastic bottles food cans and cash register receipts. Research has shown BPA is an endocrine disruptor--a chemical that mimics blocks or interferes with the body s hormones. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have estimated that more than 96 percent of Americans have BPA in their bodies. This study provides the first evidence that BPA exposure during pregnancy can induce a specific type of oxidative stress known as nitrosative stress in both the mother and offspring said the senior author Vasantha Padmanabhan MS PhD of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI. Oxidative stress is associated with insulin resistance and inflammation E which are risk factors for diabetes and other metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular disease. Researchers analyzed blood samples from 24 mother and infant pairs to examine the effects of BPA exposure. The women had blood drawn during the first trimester of pregnancy to measure their BPA levels. The women were divided into two groups--those who had lower levels of BPA in their blood and those who had higher levels. Researchers also took blood samples from the umbilical cords after the babies were delivered and measured the amount of chemical byproducts created by oxidative stress. The blood analysis revealed that the human mothers exposed to higher levels of BPA and their infants showed signs of oxidative stress caused by overexposure to nitric oxide-derived free radicals. The study participants had larger amounts of byproducts caused by this type of oxidative damage in their blood. In addition to the human subjects the researchers studied the effects of BPA on pregnancy in sheep rats and mice. The sci- entists fed animals diets containing either high or low doses of BPA. The researchers then measured the resulting oxidative stress on the mothers and their offspring using blood samples. The results corroborated the results in the human study. Whether or not BPA is harmful to human health has been vigorously debated Padmanabhan said. These findings demonstrate that more studies like this one are needed to determine the disease risk of exposure to BPA. In the interim these results indicate that pregnant women should minimize their exposure to BPA to safeguard their babies and themselves from oxidant injury. (Source Endocrinology-- January 2015) MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 41 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Eating Blueberries Every Day Can Lower Blood Pressure W ith hypertension (HTN) affecting nearly 80 million people in the United States and cardiovascular disease (CVD) the leading cause of death any intervention that can lower blood pressure has the potential to save lives. In a study in the current issue of the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Florida State University researchers found that daily consumption of blueberries for eight weeks resulted in significant reductions of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Although the prevalence of HTN is associated with aging in both sexes the increased incidence of high blood pressure particularly systolic blood pressure (SBP) in women after menopause exceeds that of men. Endothelial dysfunction may play an important role in the increases in blood pressure that occur after menopause. Further endothelial dysfunction is known to increase arterial stiffness which is involved in the development and progression of both HTN and CVD. The recommended intervention for controlling blood pressure in pre- and stage 1-hypertensive individuals is not pharmaceutical interventions but rather lifestyle modifications including dietary approaches and there is evidence that many cases of HTN can be prevented and treated through diet and lifestyle changes said lead author Sarah A. Johnson PhD RD CSO postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Nutrition Food and Exercise Sciences and assistant director of the Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging College of Human Sciences Florida State University. Considering the prevalence of HTN in the U.S. preventive strategies such as dietary modifications (e.g. functional foods and dietary supplements) that aim to improve HTN and its related complications are warranted. Forty-eight women who met all inclusion criteria were recruited to participate in an eight-week randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. Investigators found that daily incorporation of freezedried blueberry powder equating to one cup of fresh blueberries into the diet of postmenopausal women with pre- and stage 1HTN improved blood pressure and arterial stiffness potentially through enhanced nitric oxide (NO)-mediated vasodilation. Nitric oxide bioavailability is believed to increase endothelial-dependent vasodilation leading to lower blood pressure. To our knowledge this is the first study to evaluate the effects of blueberries on arterial function as was done in this study as well as in this study population said corresponding author Bahram H. Arjmandi PhD RD Margaret A. Sitton professor in the Department of Nutrition Food and Exercise Sciences and director of the Center for Advancing Exercise and Nutrition Research on Aging College of Human Sciences Florida State University. These findings suggest that blueberries may prevent the progression to full-blown hypertension. At the conclusion of the study mean SBP was lower by 5.1 percent and mean diastolic blood pressure (DBP) was lower by 6.3 percent in the subjects in the blueberry group with no corresponding lowering in the placebo group. In addition NO measurements were significantly increased in the blueberry group rising from 9.11 to 15.35 M with no change in the control group. Pulse wave velocity is a non-invasive method for assessing arterial stiffness and has been shown to predict future cardiovascular events. In the current study brachial ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV) which is a composite measure of central (aortic) and peripheral arterial stiffness was significantly reduced after eight weeks in the blueberrytreated group whereas there were no changes in the control group. Carotidfemoral pulse wave velocity (cfPWV) the best measure of aortic stiffness did not change in either group. This suggests that peripheral arteries may be more responsive to dietary interventions than central arteries. Among all fruits blueberries are one of the richest sources of phenolic compounds including flavonoids phenolic acids and stilbenes which are known to have biological activity and high antioxidant capacity. They are a promising functional food with respect to vascular health. The changes in blood pressure noted in this study are of clinical significance as they demonstrate that blood pressure can be favorably altered by the addition of a single dietary component (e.g. blueberries) concluded Dr. Johnson. (Source Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics-- March 2015) Pull Quote needed here and here Pull Quote needed here Study Poor Vitamin D Status Linked To Longer Respiratory Support in ICU Patients itamin D status may influence the duration of respiratory support needed for surgical intensive care patients according to a new cohort study conducted by researchers at Boston s Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The study demonstrated that plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) levels on admission to the surgical ICU (intensive care unit) were inversely associated with the need for mechanical ventilation in critically ill surgical patients. The study s results are published today in the V OnlineFirst version of the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN) the research journal of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). It is well known that an optimized vitamin D status is important for ideal musculoskeletal health regulation of innate and adaptive immunity and expression of endogenous antimicrobial peptides. Therefore the researchers hypothesized that low 25OHD levels likely contributed to respiratory muscle weakness systemic inflammation and infections which all affect the duration of respiratory support. However because of the observational nature of this study and other limitations these findings must be interpreted cautiously. The researchers suggest further studies be conducted to validate their findings to assess potential benefits of aggressive vitamin D supplementation in critical illness and to identify how vitamin D may reduce the need for respiratory support in surgical ICU patients. (Source Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition-- January 2015) 42 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 Green Tea Ingredient May Target Protein to Kill Oral Cancer Cells compound found in green tea may trigger a cycle that kills oral cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone according to Penn State food scientists. The research could lead to treatments for oral cancer as well as other types of cancer. Earlier studies had shown that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) a compound found in green tea killed oral cancer cells without harming normal cells but researchers did not understand the reasons for its ability to target the cancer cells said Joshua Lambert associate professor of food science and co-director of Penn State s Center for Plant and Mushroom Foods for Health. The current study shows that EGCG may trigger a process in the mitochondria that leads to cell death. EGCG is doing something to damage the mitochondria and that mitochondrial damage sets up a cycle causing more damage and it spirals out until the cell undergoes programmed cell death said Lambert. It looks like EGCG causes the formation of reactive oxygen species in cancer cells which damages the mitochondria and the mitochondria responds by making more reactive oxygen species. As this mitochondrial demise continues the cancer cell also reduces the expression of anti-oxidant genes further lowering its defenses. So it s turning off its mechanism A of protection at the same time that EGCG is causing this oxidative stress Lambert added. The EGCG did not cause this reaction in normal cells. In fact it appeared to increase the protective capabilities of the cell according to the researchers who report their findings in the online issue of Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. The researchers studied normal human oral cells side-by-side with human oral cancer cells to determine how EGCG was affecting cancer cells differently than normal cells. They grew the normal and cancer cells on petri dishes and then exposed them to EGCG the major polyphenol found in green tea at concentrations typically found in the saliva after chewing green-tea chewing gum. At various times the researchers would collect the cells and check for oxidative stress and signs of antioxidant response. We also took a lot of pictures so we could use fluorescent dyes that measure mitochondrial function and oxidative stress and actually see these things develop said Lambert who worked with Jong-Yung Park a research technician and Ling Tao a doctoral candidate in food science. The researchers said that a protein called sirtuin 3 (SIRT3) is critical to the process. It plays an important role in mitochondrial function and in antioxidant response in lots of tissues in the body so the idea that EGCG might selectively affect the activity of sirtuin 3 in cancer cells--to turn it off and in normal cells--to turn it on is probably applicable in multiple kinds of cancers Lambert said. He said the next step would be to study the mechanism in animals. If those tests and human trials are successful the researchers then hope to create anti-cancer treatments that are as effective as current treatments without the harmful side effects. The problem with a lot of chemotherapy drugs--especially early chemotherapy drugs--is that they really just target rapidly dividing cells so cancer divides rapidly but so do cells in your hair follicles and cells in your intestines so you have a lot of side effects said Lambert. But you don t see these sorts of side effects with green tea consumption. (Source Molecular Nutrition and Food Research-- February 2015) Children Who Get Vitamin A May be Less Likely to Develop Malaria hildren under age 5 living in subSaharan Africa were 54 percent less likely to develop malaria if they had been given a single large dose of vitamin A new research led by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests. The researchers say their findings published in the online journal eLife indicate that vitamin A may protect children against the mosquito-borne malaria parasite especially if administered under certain conditions such as during the wet season when malaria-infected mosquitoes are most prevalent. More than half of the world s population is at risk of contracting malaria and the disease is a leading killer of children in some parts of the world so we urgently need to find better ways to combat it said study leader Maria-Graciela Hollm-Delgado MSc PhD a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins C Bloomberg School of Public Health. Our research found that children who received vitamin A supplementation were less likely to become infected with malaria. Now we need to test vitamin A in a randomized controlled clinical trial to better understand whether this could really be an effective way to prevent this disease. The researchers analyzed national survey data from four sub-Saharan countries (Burkina Faso Mozambique Rwanda and Senegal) on more than 6 100 children between the ages of 6 and 59 months. The researchers were looking for possible links between malaria rates and several types of childhood vaccines as well as vitamin A supplementation. Only vitamin A was found to be protective against the disease. Vitamin A appeared to be more protective under certain circumstances including when administered during the rainy season as well as when given to older children and when more time had passed since supplementation. The researchers aren t certain why vitamin A would reduce the rate of malaria infection but they suspect it is because vitamin A which is known to boost immunity and improve the ability to fight off infection may help the body clear out the malaria parasite more quickly. Only 62 percent of the children in the study had received vitamin A supplementation despite the known link between vitamin A deficiency and blindness and even death. Rates were higher for many vaccinations Hollm-Delgado said. Even though World Health Organization guidelines recommend that all children in sub-Saharan Africa receive a single large dose of vitamin A HollmDelgado noted that the guidelines aren t as specific as they are for most vaccinations and that vitamin A supplementation may be less likely to be administered as a result. (Source eLife-- February 2015) MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 43 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Compound Found in Grapes Red Wine May Help Prevent Memory Loss compound found in common foods such as red grapes and peanuts may help prevent age-related decline in memory according to new research published by a faculty member in the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. Ashok K. Shetty PhD a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine and director of Neurosciences at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine has been studying the potential benefit of resveratrol an antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes as well as in red wine peanuts and some berries. Resveratrol has been widely touted for its potential to prevent heart disease but Dr. Shetty and a team that includes other researchers from the health science center believe it also has positive effects on the hippocampus an area of the brain that is critical to functions such as memory learning and mood. A Because both humans and animals show a decline in cognitive capacity after middle age the findings may have implications for treating memory loss in the elderly. Resveratrol may even be able to help people afflicted with severe neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer s disease. In a study published online in the journal Scientific Reports Dr. Shetty and his research team members reported that treatment with resveratrol had apparent benefits in terms of learning memory and mood function in aged rats. The results of the study were striking Dr. Shetty said. They indicated that for the control rats who did not receive resveratrol spatial learning ability was largely maintained but ability to make new spatial memories significantly declined between 22 and 25 months. By contrast both spatial learning and memory improved in the resveratrol-treated rats. Dr. Shetty said that neurogenesis (the growth and development of neurons) approximately doubled in the rats given resveratrol compared to the control rats. The resveratrol-treated rats also had significantly improved microvasculature indicating improved blood flow and had a lower level of chronic inflammation in the hippocampus. The study provides novel evidence that resveratrol treatment in late middle age can help improve memory and mood function in old age Dr. Shetty said. (Source Scientific Reports-- January 2015) Meditation Might Slow the Age-Related Loss of Gray Matter in the Brain S ince 1970 life expectancy around the world has risen dramatically with people living more than 10 years longer. That s the good news. The bad news is that starting when people are in their mid-to-late-20s the brain begins to wither--its volume and weight begin to decrease. As this occurs the brain can begin to lose some of its functional abilities. So although people might be living longer the years they gain often come with increased risks for mental illness and neurodegenerative disease. Fortunately a new study shows meditation could be one way to minimize those risks. Building on their earlier work that suggested people who meditate have less age-related atrophy in the brain s white matter a new study by UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) researchers found that meditation appeared to help preserve the brain s gray matter the tissue that contains neurons. The scientists looked specifically at the association between age and gray matter. They compared 50 people who had mediated for years and 50 who didn t. People in both groups showed a loss of gray matter as they aged. But the researchers found among those who meditated the volume of gray matter did not decline as much as it did among those who didn t. The article appears in the online edition of the journal Frontiers in Psychology. Dr. Florian Kurth a co-author of the study and postdoctoral fellow at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center said the researchers were surprised by the magnitude of the difference. We expected rather small and distinct effects located in some of the regions that had previously been associated with meditating he said. Instead what we actually observed was a widespread effect of meditation that encompassed regions throughout the entire brain. Baby Boomers have aged and the elderly population has grown the incidence of cognitive decline and dementia has increased substantially as the brain ages. In that light it seems essential that longer life expectancies do not come at the cost of a reduced quality of life said Dr. Eileen Luders first author and assistant professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. While much research has focused on identifying factors that increase the risk of mental illness and neurodegenerative decline relatively less attention has been turned to approaches aimed at enhancing cerebral health. Each group in the study was made up of 28 men and 22 women ranging in age from 24 to 77. Those who meditated had been doing so for four to 46 years with an average of 20 years. The participants brains were scanned using high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging. Although the researchers found a negative correlation between gray matter and age in both groups of people--suggesting a loss of brain tissue with increasing age--they also found that large parts of the gray matter in the brains of those who meditated seemed to be better preserved Dr. Kurth said. The researchers cautioned that they cannot draw a direct causal connection between meditation and preserving gray matter in the brain. Too many other factors may come into play including lifestyle choices personality traits and genetic brain differences. Still our results are promising Dr. Luders said. Hopefully they will stimulate other studies exploring the potential of meditation to better preserve our aging brains and minds. Accumulating scientific evidence that meditation has brain-altering capabilities might ultimately allow for an effective translation from research to practice not only in the framework of healthy aging but also pathological aging. (Source Frontiers in Psychology-- January 2015) 44 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 NATURAL MARKETPLACE NATURAL MARKETPLACE PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO THE NATURAL HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. ALL STATEMENTS CLAIMS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. NATURAL PRACTITIONER DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN NATURAL MARKETPLACE OR ATTEMPT TO CORROBORATE ANY CLAIMS MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER. To have a new product included in Natural Marketplace please send a press release and photograph to Natural Practitioner by e-mail to DanielB Soothing Stress EUGENE OR--Hevert Pharmaceuticals LLC released Hevert Stress Relief which is tough on stress. 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This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. 46 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2015 BOOKSHELF The Prediabetes Detox Author Sarah Cimperman ND Forward by Walter Crinnion ND Pages 224 Price 16.95 Publisher New Harbinger Publications Inc. Contact (800) 748-6273 Author of The Prediabetes Detox Sarah Cimperman ND is a naturopathic physician and an expert in natural medicine. Her book explores prediabetes such as how to find out if a patient has it and lists the 10 most dangerous foods for people who suffer from prediabetes. It provides natural therapy by detoxifying the body and making lifestyle changes. In addition the prediabetes detox program lists appropriate foods as well as general guidelines on what and what not to eat. Dr. Cimperman gives her recommendations on beneficial supplements and discusses the importance of exercise sleep saunas stress management and other lifestyle interventions for turning back the clock on prediabetes. After her step by step guide of her detox program learning how to balance you blood sugar increase energy and reduce sugar cravings she discusses what to do once the detox is over and offers long-term advice on prediabetes. You will also find sidebars including her dietary practices 12-step detox foods and recipes to jump start the process. Let Your Soul Evolve Spiritual Growth for the New Millennium Author Phil Diaz and P.D. Alleva Pages 131 Price 13.95 Publisher First Edition Design Publishing Contact (978) 465-7748 Mental and substance abuse disorders have a powerful impact on the health and well-being of individuals their families and their communities. Hoping to bridge the gap between the past and present forms of healing authors of Let Your Soul Evolve Phil Diaz and P.D. Alleva created a new paradigm for treating mental illness as well as addiction. Known as Spiritual Growth Therapy (SGT) the practice utilizes ancient philosophy new age spirituality traditional psychotherapy logo therapy neuroscience and quantum mechanics to create a new model for healing. SGT is based on heart consciousness by viewing the world through the eyes of love and understanding. Let Your Soul Evolve is a comprehensive look at the ways spirituality leads to fulfillment and purpose in the face of adversity said Alleva. The book serves as a guide offering many techniques and practices that lead to a powerful mind and heart. It s a philosophical practice heart consciousness providing an understanding of different points of view during day-to-day decisions and provides a favorable outcome to all involved. MARCH APRIL 2015 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 47 CONFERENCES AND EVENTS April 10-12 Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine Tempe AZ Topics such as Alternatives to Common Psychiatric Medications The Cytokine Connection to Insomnia Clinical Uses of Cannabinoid Compounds and Working with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) are only a handful of topics discussed at this event. Natural practitioners students and physicians can register in early March for the natural medicine conference. Registration includes numerous timely topics and a team of herbal experts to educate attendees. For more information visit May 1-3 59th Annual NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Association Convention Seattle WA Physicians medical practitioners and students can register online for the annual event. Registration includes conference lunches on Friday and Saturday as well as the banquet dinner and dance on Saturday night. Live entertainment will follow the banquet. Speakers will be announced in the near future. For more information visit May 29 - June 1 Medicines from the Earth Herb Symposium Black Mountain NC Registration for this spring conference will begin on April 14 2015 for all natural practitioners medical practitioners physicians and students. Attendees will learn the about topics such as omega-3s and mental health early childhood mental health prevention and treatment of skin disorders and more. There will be a variety of herbal experts discussing today s market and new innovations. For more information visit August 5-8 AANP Annual Conference 2015 Oakland CA The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) will host its 30th annual conference and invites naturopathic doctors and students licensed acupuncturists and doctors of osteopathy to register and attend this year s event. Dr. Tori Hudson will lead the event that brings together participants and attendees to interact and network while learning about the most up-to-date information in natural medicine. For more information visit November 12-15 ACAM 2015 Fall Conference Las Vegas NV The American College For Advancement In Medicine (ACAM) will open registration on May 1 2015 for the 2015 ACAM Meeting Integrative Medicine s New Landscape Practical Applications of New Technologies. For more information visit December 11-13 The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Las Vegas NV The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine hosts its 23rd annual World Congress covering topics including anti-aging regenerative and aesthetic medicine. The conference invites physicians scientists and members of the public on biomedical sciences breaking technologies and anti-aging issues and will learn from physicians health practitioners scientists governmental officials and members of the general public representing more than 110 nations. Attendees will learn advancements in technology helping to detect prevent and treat related diseases and will promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. For more information visit ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER Advanced Naturals Albion Laboratories Inc. America s Finest Inc. Carlson Laboratories Inc. Daiwa Health Development DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont Emerson Ecologics Enzyme Science Hevert Pharmaceuticals LLCe Kyowa Hakko USA. MITOQ Mushroom Wisdom Pharmax Probiotics Intl. Ltd. (Bio-Kult) Protocol for Life QuinTron Instrument Company Vital Nutrients Inc. 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