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Description: In This Issue: Food For Thought, Ingredient Purity, Women's Health and Delivery Innovation

A VRM Media Publication VI M ING SIT A BO RK RED US OT ET IE AT H PL NT 5 AC 72 E April 2015 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to healthco for info about this advertiser TableofContents Proud Supporter of VOLUME 20 NO. 3 APRIL2015 F E A T U R E S 26 Food For Thought The brain is the most complex organ in the human body and it needs to be nurtured with all the right ingredients to support many aspects of healthy cognitive function. 32 A Woman s Worth Suppliers and manufacturers must consider the wide range of women s needs when it comes to creating dietary supplements. 36 The State of Purity A L S O I N S I D E 10 17 22 23 24 25 46 47 48 48 Industry News Ingredient News Association News AHPA Update Science Update Conventions & Meetings Ingredient Marketplace Booth Preview Contract Manufacturer of the Month Equipment & Packaging Advertiser Index Industry leaders discuss botanical adulteration in the supplement industry. C O L U M N S 4 6 First Word Condition Specific 40 Production Line 44 Marketing Innovation FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) & E-newsletter Available Copyright 2015. Nutrition Industry Executive (ISSN 2331-2602) Volume 20 Number 3 April 2015. Nutrition Industry Executive is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February and July August and November December) by Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc. 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles or advertisements are not necessarily those of Nutrition Industry Executive or its owners. Publisher is not liable for advertiser product claims or representations. Advertisers assume total responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. Printed in U.S.A. Basic annual subscription rate is 50.00. Application to Mail at Periodicals Postage Prices is Pending at East Brunswick NJ 08816 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026. Subscription Customer Service Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues & Single Copies For order information contact (732) 432-9600 or info March issue is 25.00. All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 April 2015 Go to plt for info about this advertiser FirstWord Expo Unrest t s been a couple weeks and my feet are just now recovering from walking the many show floors and aisles of Natural Products Expo West and Engredea. I think I took in as much as I possibly could the three days I was in Anaheim and have come away re-invigorated about the natural products industry--new products new ideas and innovations can have that effect. But despite the excitement this show was a little different from past Expo Wests I ve attended in that there was a hint of unease pervading the show floor. I attribute it to the continuing New York attorney general supplement debacle that is maintaining traction in the media (see the news update on page 10). Just mentioning the situation at Expo West I found that everyone has something to say which is a good thing. The industry is understandably very concerned and giving the topic plenty of thought. I learned a lot from those conversations. Overall my sense was that those on the branded product manufacturing side are on the defensive and I don t blame them especially given the inappropriate methods used to test the products in question--and performed by a scientist with little or even no experience with botanicals. It begs the question Why Dr. Daniel Fabricant CEO and executive director of the Natural Products Association said it s all about politics. Rather than help protect consumers politicians and reporters want to make names for themselves and grab headlines. I also found that those on the Engredea side were a little more inclined to point fingers at the supplement industry and utter We told you so. In this business cutting corners can be disastrous. And suppliers confid- I ed in me that they have seen evidence of cheapening out that left them not only scratching their heads but also concerned 1) that doing so can very possibly be dangerous and 2) where are these retailers manufacturers getting their ingredients and products so cheaply We have some ideas. So is more oversight of the supplement industry an answer to this type of scrutiny Not necessarily however it s not out of the realm of what may come down once the dust settles. This issue s highlight article on ingredient purity (see page 36) delves into the topic more deeply. Whatever comes of this I can tell you that my belief in untethered access to good nutritional supplements is unwavering for several reasons. One occurred recently I had gone to several doctors and tried different therapies for a pain issue that was so severe I thought it might end my ability to work. A sympathetic ingredient supplier CFO gave me a sample of the company s product to try. After a few days of taking it the pain was finally gone. When I told him how his company s product helped me so dramatically he wasn t surprised. Not all supplements have that kind of immediate and noticeable result but when they do it makes the consumer a true believer and I remain grateful and loyal to that branded ingredient. Wherever one may be in the industry whether an ingredient supplier contractor brand manufacturer etc. the consensus is that there are bad actors in the industry and now is a the time to take professionalism quality and standards up several notches ... especially since the public is relying on natural products more and more. Please remember that if a supplement is of high quality and really works well for consumers they want it and need it and it doesn t matter what any attorney general says. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Roy Kieffer Sales Manager RoyK Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Assistant Editor Cristina Goodwin CristinaG Contributing Writers Todd Pauli Lisa Schofield Suzanne Shelton Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Circulation Manager Yoko McSweeney General A PUBLICATION OF VRM MEDIA President Daniel McSweeney VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 Email info Website VRM Media publishes Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer Gluten Free Retailer Natural Practitioner and FitnessTrainer magazines. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 April 2015 Go to jiaherb for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific Tight More emphasis on the importance of a good night s rest on overall health is opening up the sleep support market. B Y S HARI B ARBANEL Sleep G etting enough sleep is essential to a person s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 25 percent of Americans say they occasionally are not getting enough sleep while almost 10 percent experience chronic insomnia. Further a National Sleep Foundation poll found that 43 percent of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 say they rarely or never get a good night s sleep on weeknights while 60 percent said that they experience a sleep problem every night or almost every night (i.e. snoring waking in the night waking up too early or feeling un-refreshed when they get up in the morning). The National Sleep Foundation also noted that how well and how long a person sleeps is a good indication of their overall health. Sleep quality and duration should be considered a vital sign as they are strong indicators of overall health and quality of life said Kristen Knutson PhD National Sleep Foundation Sleep in America poll scholar. Extremely long or short sleep durations are associated with more specific conditions but for many people who are close to getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep getting just 15 to 30 minutes more sleep a night could make a difference in how they feel. Further just about anyone at any age 6 Nutrition Industry Executive can be plagued with sleepless nights for a plethora of reasons. Sleep issues have notoriously plagued older demographics but Millennials are starting to drive an increase in market demand added Daniel Wallace CEO and cofounder of Massachusetts-based NutraClick the parent company of Force Factor and Peak Life. Sleep is a growing American problem fueled by caffeine work stress constant connectivity and other everyday life factors. While sleeping is often considered to be a passive activity getting enough sleep is now being recognized as an essential part of chronic disease prevention. According to the CDC insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions-- such as diabetes cardiovascular disease obesity and depression. And not only is insufficient sleep associated with the onset of these diseases not getting enough rest also poses important implications for their management and outcome. The Sleep Market As we learn more and more about the importance of sleep for health the market for sleep support supplements continues to grow. Studies have demonstrated that inadequate sleep can contribute to obesity and diabetes as well as to reduced cognitive and athletic performance said Dan Lifton Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 president of New York-based Maypro Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group. Findings that link sleep to muscle growth and fat reduction have also spurred interest by fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Now that the vital importance of sleep to a person s overall health is being recognized many consumers are transitioning from taking over-thecounter (OTC) and prescription sleep aids to natural alternatives. However OTC and prescription sleep medications have side effects such as vivid dreams often nightmares and drowsiness the next morning and they may also cause people to become too reliant on them making it almost impossible to sleep without them. Quite a few people have sensitivities to OTC sleep-inducement products these side effects are often uncomfortable and can include feelings of drowsiness and may be habituating said Mitch Skop senior director of new product development for Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. in New Jersey. Calming the body and the mind is what we believe consumers desire. Essentially many consumers seeking natural calming relaxing alternatives to prescriptions sometimes seek yoga and other types of exercise plus supplementation with clinically supported ingredients. Natural sleep aids continue to April 2015 Go to alkemistlabs for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific dominate a good portion of the sleep support category. Increasingly Americans are looking for solutions that don t leave them groggy the next morning with sleep hangovers that can stymy their productivity added Wallace. and therefore requires a lower dose (just 50 mg per day). Standardized to contain at least 4 percent hyperoside and isoquercitrin Venetron has been shown in several placebo-controlled human clinical trials to promote a positive outlook alleviate occasional stress and improve sleep quality. Another ingredient Lactium offered by Pharmachem Laboratories is a hydrolysate of milk proteins that contain a bioactive peptide with relaxing properties that regulate stress naturally. Lactium may be incorporated in to supplements and functional foods and has been the subject of several research studies according to the company. Almost all marketers have products with common ingredients like melatonin or GABA said Skop. From a uniqueness perspective Lactium is a one-of-a-kind French-made GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient which has been proven to be safe non-habituating and effective and helps people relax improve sleep patterns and overall mood. he explained. Maintaining immune health and getting quality sleep are so important for athletes and gym-goers to stay on track with their training goals. GainZzz helps to rebuild muscle throughout the night and limit catabolic breakdown with a unique combination of three blends--a body recuperation complex mind relaxation matrix and a sleep rejuvenation blend. Sleep-promoting Ingredients While long-standing sleep supporting ingredients such as melatonin valerian and GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) have been at the forefront of the category for some time Maypro s Lifton noted that the science may not be in their favor and that there are other ingredients on the market that have studies behind them that prove their effectiveness. Valerian chamomile and melatonin have all been used as sleep support ingredients for many years in both modern and traditional applications. But these supplements have their problems Lifton explained. Valerian and chamomile despite long histories of use have not been proven effective in quality studies. Melatonin is a hormone and as such can have real side effects. Studies have found isolated substances in several common plants that show more promise with fewer side effects. Maypro s new sleep support ingredients are ETAS and Venetron. ETAS is a proprietary ingredient derived from the tough lower portion of asparagus stalks which has the unique ability to increase the production of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70). According to the company double-blind placebo-controlled research has shown ETAS effectively increases quality of sleep alleviates occasional stress by improving heart rate variability raises cognitive performance reduces fatigue and improves the stress response. ETAS is unique in that it is the only ingredient in the market that works to increase the production of HSP70. Demonstrating Credibility With consumers reading labels more carefully offering access to information such as studies and what certifications suppliers and manufacturers have helps provide reassurance that sleep products and ingredients can be trusted. Now more than ever consumers are hungrier for scientific information ... We believe products that start with safe efficacious ingredients supported by numerous peer-reviewed clinical studies will earn credibility among consumers noted Biothera s Walsh. Further communicating quality clinical research in a digestible way can earn credibility among consumers and support-marketing claims that can help better define the product withstand regulatory scrutiny and ultimately drive consumer value. And as more consumers accept and fully understand the impact sleep has on overall health and well-being it seems that the sky is the limit for the sleep support category. The market is gradually moving to favor higher quality verified ingredients that also lend support to other functions concluded Lifton. People are gaining a greater appreciation for the role that sleep plays in their overall health and productivity and will therefore be looking for reliable ways to improve their sleep. NIE Sleep Immune and Workouts David Walsh Minnesota-based Biothera s senior vice president of marketing and communications noted that a current trend in the sleep support market is that athletes coaches and trainers increasingly recognize the importance of immune health to training readiness and recovery. Further because recovery is often connected to both immune health and sleep we are seeing the manufacturers developing combination products such as GainZzz--a sleep aid product that captures Wellmune s unique ability to boost key immune functions maintain healthy energy levels and sharpen mental clarity--to differentiate products and meet consumer demand. According to NutraClick s Wallace Force Factor s GainZz is a powerful formula designed to target the sports nutrition consumer. GainZzz helps support sleep and immune health for individuals whose bodies are actively stimulated and under stress from working out (specifically from lifting weights) Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Venetron a patented purified powdered extract of Apocynum venetum has some of the same active constituents as St. John s wort but is considered safer because it doesn t affect the CYP3A pathway according to Lifton. In addition it is more potent 8 Nutrition Industry Executive FORMOREINFORMATION Biothera (651) 675-0300 Maypro Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group (914) 251-0701 NutraClick (617) 229-5670 Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (800) 526-0609 April 2015 Go to saybrook for info about this advertiser IndustryNews NY AG Seeks Coalition to Further Investigate Supplements n March 11 New York Attorney General (NY AG) Eric T. Schneiderman announced that he is heading a coalition of state attorneys to further investigate the herbal supplement industry. The coalition is comprised of state attorney generals from Connecticut Indiana and Puerto Rico. Prior to the announcement the AG s office said it decided that because the supplement industry was not limited to New York it needed to enlist other attorney generals. Schneiderman believes this is necessary in order to combine resources to examine labeling quality control and other aspects of the herbal supplement industry he stated. On February 2 the office accused four major retailers--GNC Target Walgreens and Walmart--of selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and demanded that they remove the products from store shelves according to a New York Times (NYT) article. Authorities said they had conducted tests on top-selling store brands of herbal supplements at each of the four national retailers and determined that four out of five of the products did not contain any of the herbs listed on their labels reported the NYT. Further the tests showed that the supplements labeled medicinal herbs often contained little more than cheap fillers and authorities suggested that in some cases these O substances could be dangerous to time that a law enforcement agency those with allergies. has threatened the nation s largest The formation of this coalition by retail and drugstore chains with legal Attorney General action for selling what it Schneiderman is purely a contends were deliberpolitical attack said ately misleading herbal Natural Products supplements. The four Association (NPA) CEO retailers were issued and Executive Director cease-and-desist letters Daniel Fabricant PhD and the attorney generformer director of the al demanded that they Division of Dietary each explain what proSupplement Programs at cedures are used to FDA. He s using the verify the ingredients in dietary supplement industheir supplements. Eric T. Schneiderman try to bring more media These actions by the attention to him as well as the other New York State Attorney General s attorneys general who have signed office smack of a self-serving publicity onto this group. If this were meritoristunt under the guise of protecting ous we would see attorney s case public health said Steve Mister here signaling that this is an alliance president and CEO of the Council for spearheaded by Attorney General Responsible Nutrition (CRN). Schneiderman is not approaching a Supposed concerns about the prodtangible scientific foundation. ucts in question are based on a novel Among the initial AG s findings was testing method that has been roundly a store brand of ginseng pills at criticized by botanical scientists who Walgreens that authorities said conquestion whether DNA barcoding tained only powdered garlic and rice. technology is an appropriate or valiAt Walmart authorities said its ginkgo dated test for determining the presbiloba products contained only powence of herbal ingredients in finished dered radish houseplants and wheat botanical products. Processing during while three out of six herbal products manufacturing of botanical suppleat Target tested negative for the herbs ments can remove or damage DNA listed on their labels. The agency also therefore while a DNA testing said they found pills with unlisted method can be useful in some cases ingredients used as fillers at GNC. this method well may be the wrong The announcement marks the first test for these kinds of products. New Survey Shows Americans Committing to Vitamins in 2015 mericans are committing to taking vitamins in 2015 according to a new survey conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). The survey conducted in December asked more than 2 000 U.S. adults to select (all that apply of) health and wellness habits they are committing to in 2015 and taking vitamins made the top five (47 percent) along with drinking enough water (72 percent) eating healthy healthier in general (66 percent) getting more physically active A (62 percent) and getting more sleep (49 percent). With research pointing to a real life issue of nutrient shortfalls in Americans diets this survey might be a positive indicator that people realize they are not getting all the nutrients they need from food alone. Vitamin supplements help fill in the gaps. With the hectic nature of our lives we don t always eat what we know we should eat. And while we should continue to focus on getting the healthiest diet adding a simple multivitamin supplement presents Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 an easy affordable and safe way to help ensure we get the nutrients we need said Duffy MacKay ND senior vice president scientific and regulatory affairs CRN. While vitamins and other dietary supplements can play an important role in good health they are meant as supplements to not substitutes for other healthy habits. Consumers should open a dialogue with their doctor or other health care practitioner about which supplements are right for them. For more information visit April 2015 10 Nutrition Industry Executive CRN Releases Guidelines on Iodine in Multis for Pregnancy D ietary supplement manufacturers should include a daily serving of at least 150 mcg of iodine in all multivitamin mineral supplements intended for pregnant and lactating women in the U.S. according to the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN). CRN developed the guidelines in response to recommendations from authoritative medical organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics the Endocrine Society and the American Thyroid Association that pregnant and lactating women receive a daily multivitamin mineral supplement that contains 150 mcg of iodine. Scientific evidence shows that similar to folic acid adequate iodine is critical early in pregnancy when the fetal brain is growing rapidly said Duffy MacKay ND senior vice-president scientific and regulatory affairs CRN. Currently many U.S. women of childbearing age get insufficient dietary iodine putting their children at risk for decreased cognitive function. CRN s guidelines call on manufacturers of multivitamin mineral supplements for pregnant and lactating women in the U.S. to provide the scientifically backed amount of iodine that this population needs. According to CRN s guidelines any safe and suitable iodine-containing dietary ingredient may be used as the source of iodine when used in accor- dance with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations for dietary supplements which will ensure that the product consistently meets label claims. We commend the Council for Responsible Nutrition for stressing the importance of iodine for pregnant and lactating women in order to ensure normal brain development of the fetus and baby said Robert C. Smallridge MD president American Thyroid Association. Our association strongly concurs that pregnant and lactating women should get 150 mcg of iodine daily from their multivitamin mineral supplement. CRN s recommended guidelines Iodine Quantity in Multivitamin Mineral Supplements for Pregnancy and Lactation are available on the association s website. CRN recommends that dietary supplement companies comply within twelve months. CRN s iodine guidelines are the latest in a series of proactive sciencebased guidelines that the association has developed as part of its self-regulatory initiatives. CRN also has recommended guidelines for caffeine-containing dietary supplements and for labeling of protein in dietary supplements and functional food as well as best practices for enzyme dietary supplement products and safety considerations for dosage recommendations and labeling. For more information visit Go to uckele for info about this advertiser April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 11 IndustryNews Nestl Commits to Removing Artificial Flavors and FDA-Certified Colors estl USA (Glendale CA) has announced its commitment to removing artificial flavors and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-certified colors such as Red 40 and Yellow 5 from all of its chocolate candy products. By the end of 2015 more than 250 products and 10 brands including Nestl Butterfinger Crunch and Baby Ruth will be free of artificial flavors and certified colors. Products will begin appearing on store shelves by mid-2015 and will be identified by a No Artificial Flavors or Colors claim featured on-pack. Nestl is the world s leading nutrition health and wellness company and our commitment to remove artificial flavors and certified colors in our chocolate candy brands is an important milestone said Doreen Ida president Nestl USA Confections & Snacks. We know that candy consumers are interested in broader food trends around fewer artificial ingredients. As we thought about what this means for our candy brands our first step has been to remove artificial flavors and colors without affecting taste or increasing the price. We re excited to be the N Go to ayushherbs 12 Nutrition Industry Executive Cylonphoto first major U.S. candy manufacturer to make this commitment. According to Ida Nestl USA conducted research on brands like Butterfinger which indicates that U.S. consumers prefer candy brands they know and love to be free from artificial flavors and colors. Further findings from Nielsen s 2014 Global Health & Wellness Survey show more than 60 percent of Americans say no artificial colors or flavors is important to their food purchase decisions. Nestl USA is achieving this commitment by removing artificial flavors and colors and replacing them with ingredients from natural sources. For example in the Butterfinger center annatto which comes from the seeds found in the fruit from the achiote tree will replace Red 40 and Yellow 5. In Crunch natural vanilla flavor will replace artificial vanillin. We never compromise on taste. When making these changes to more than 75 recipes maintaining the great taste and appearance consumers expect from the chocolate brands they know and love is our No. 1 priority said Leslie Mohr nutrition health and wellness manager Nestl Confections & Snacks. We conducted consumer testing to ensure the new recipe delivers on our high standards for taste and appearance. For more information visit April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Alive Media Group Launches TV Showcase for Natural Products live Media Group (AMG San Clemente CA) has announced a new national TV production to showcase natural products. The Alive & Well HEALTH MINUTE is a hosted and branded series of minute-long feature segments airing on major cable TV networks nationwide. According to AMG CEO Mark Harris AMG has deals in place with Lifetime HGTV Food Network Discovery and every major cable network. We are now able to offer natural brands the ability to choose the networks and schedules that are best suited to their products. TV host and healthy lifestyle expert Michelle Harris who is best known as the host of Alive & Well TV will host HEALTH MINUTE. The tagline for the new series is Tips for Living and Products for Life. The Alive & Well HEALTH MINUTE A will feature tips and product information across all natural categories including nutritional supplements natural beauty products fitness and sports nutrition as well as vegan vegetarian and organic foods. After over a decade of marketing natural products to TV viewers we are thrilled to offer this new and unique television format Harris said. Hosted and branded segments retain viewers and provide deeper brand messaging. Harris noted that companies will have a number of call-to-action options including tagging retail chains or driving traffic to brand websites and or store finders. The TV campaigns are formatted for effective cross-promotion on online media. In today s world of connected media natural brands want content that can be utilized across multiple media platforms said Harris. Our participating brands can easily promote these TV features as digital video files on their websites blogs and social media for maximum exposure and a long shelf life. This is an effective way to introduce natural products to TV viewers and an easy way to add TV to any natural brand marketing strategy. AMG has several other TV minute formats available including the Alive & Well BEAUTY MINUTE FITNESS MINUTE ORGANIC MINUTE GLUTEN-FREE MINUTE and others launching later this year. For more information call (800) 790-4788 or visit Go to apl for info about this advertiser April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 13 IndustryNews Frutarom Acquires Vitiva rutarom Industries Ltd. (Haifa Israel) has announced the signing of an agreement to purchase the shares of Vitiva of Slovenia for a cash payment of approximately 10 million. Vitiva specializes in research and development production marketing and sales of specialty natural extracts from plants exhibiting antioxidant activity or scientifically proven health attributes backed up by clinical studies and of natural colors for customers in the food pharmaceutical nutraceutical and cosmetics markets. Among its customers are some of the world s top food pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacturers. Vitiva s revenues have grown from 8.7 million in 2013 to approximately 11 million for the 12-month period ending November 2014 (27 percent increase). Its activity will be integrated within the framework of Frutarom s specialty fine ingredients division. Vitiva has many years of experience and excellent capabilities in extracting active elements from plants (particularly rosemary olive and citrus among others) and this will help Frutarom expand its portfolio of natural products for the food industry as well as in the fields of health and cosmetics. In addition Vitiva has R&D abilities and a pool of knowledge based on longstanding research for continuing to expand its current product portfolio and toward entry into other fields such as the field of pet food and livestock feed preservation. Combining F Go to extracts 14 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 these abilities with Frutarom s capabilities in the field of antioxidants particularly in the area of food preservation and protection and lengthening shelf life based on natural ingredients will even further strengthen Frutarom s position as a leading player in R&D production and sales for these types of solutions. The natural food colors activity will join the natural food colors activity by Montana Food which was acquired by Frutarom this past September advancing the implementation of Frutarom s strategy of penetration into this burgeoning field with the intention of continuing to invest in a major expansion of its global activity in this growing area. The acquisition of Vitiva brings Frutarom advanced R&D capabilities and a top-rate experienced management team. The acquisition represents another milestone in carrying out Frutarom s rapid and profitable growth strategy while broadening our portfolio of natural products and solutions at this important crossroads of consumer preference for healthier and tastier products making inroads in the worldwide food health and cosmetics industries said Ori Yehudai president and CEO of Frutarom Group. Thanks to Frutarom s proven experience in successfully executing acquisitions and capitalizing on the inherent synergetic opportunities arising from combining the acquired activity with Frutarom s activities and the many cross-selling opportunities we are convinced that this acquisition will also contribute towards Frutarom s continued rapid and profitable growth and generate value for our customers our employees and our investors. For more information visit April 2015 You reHired PLT Health Solutions Inc. (Morristown NJ) has announced the appointment of Barbara A. Davis PhD RD to the posiBarbara Davis tion of vice president medical & scientific affairs. With the company since 2012 Davis will continue to lead PLT s scientific and regulatory efforts related to both the company s existing ingredient portfolio and new ingredient development. Wixon (St. Francis WI) has named Mark Wagor as director of supply chain operations. Wagor will manage end-to-end Mark Wagor supply chain within the company integrating supply and demand logistics across Wixon s customer base. The National Enzyme Company (NEC Forsyth MO) recently announced the promotion of Charlie Amidon to president of NEC. Amidon will continue to serve as COO in addition to his new role as president. In addition Kim Crouse has been named chief financial officer. Crouse previously served as director of finance. Florida-based Enzymedica Inc. has appointed Puthugramam C. (Sundar) Sundareswaran Sundareswaran PhD executive vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs. Sundareswaran will join the Enzymedica team in their Venice corporate office to oversee the company s research and product development operations. Algatechnologies (Algatech Kibbutz Ketura Israel) has announced the Ronnie Meninger appointment of Ronnie Meninger as CEO. Hagai Stadler of Grovepoint (Algatech s major shareholder) who served in the last two Hagai Stadler years as an interim April 2015 CEO will become a director on the Board of Directors and will be in charge of M&A activities for Algatech. Sammy Boussiba PhD was appointed chief scientist to Algatech Board of Directors. Michael Baim PhD has joined Ohio-based Q Laboratories Inc. as chemistry laboratory supervisor. Baim will be responsible for the everyday operations of the pharmaceutical and food chemistry labs including analyst training technology upgrades client outreach and supervising of personnel. Paul Burns has joined Alkemist Labs Paul Burns (Costa Mesa CA) as director of sales. Robin Mullin has also been hired as director of talent learning and culture and will manage organizational Robin Mullin and talent development conscious management and culture. Kemin Industries (Des Moines IA) has recruited Riaan van Dyk to lead its marketing and strategic efforts worldwide. Van Dyk will serve as the worldwide vice president of marketing and strategy and lead the corporate marketing team. Neptune Technologies & Bioressources Inc. (Laval QC Canada) and Acasti Pharma Inc. have announced the transition of Dr. Tina Sampalis from chief global strategic officer to a consulting role as medical science liaison for Neptune. Essex Grain Products Inc. (Fraser PA) recently announced the appointment of Matthew Rita as vice president of sales and marketing. Most recently Rita was national account manager at Cargill. Rick McNail Sabinsa Corporation has announced the addition of Rick McNail as eastern regional sales manager and Jan A. Obirek as regional sales manJan Obirek ager--California. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Go to mackflavor Nutrition Industry Executive 15 IndustryNews Orcas International Announces Formal Name Change to Orcas Naturals rcas International (Landing NJ) has announced its formal name change to Orcas Naturals which took effect on March 1 to better reflect the company s refocus on its core business of natural ingredients. Orcas also announced the recent acquisition of Unique Encapsulation (UET) a manufacturing partner for product development that is considered a best-in-class custom encapsulation manufacturer of all kinds of nutritional supplements. The recent acquisition has resulted in a new production facility including state-of-theart manufacturing equipment and warehouse space. The expansion enables Orcas Naturals to offer unparalleled cost-effective solutions O for its clients and includes innovative formulation capabilities. As part of Orcas commitment to excellence the company offers product and ingredient testing seldom seen in this industry according to the company. Orcas lab capabilities far exceed larger supplement companies and feature HPLC for testing actives FTIR for identification UPLCMS testing for actives molecular weight pesticides identifying new molecules titration testing for actives Karl Fisher Titration for moisture Biolumix for testing micro clevenger for testing volatile oils content tap density and bulk density as well as disintegration testing for tablets and capsules. The R&D team at Orcas is fully capable of offering turn-key supplement services from sourcing raw materials to formulating and testing to encapsulation manufacturing of extracts including bottling labeling and packaging. This is great news for our customers. With expanded capacity enhanced capabilities and new product development resources we will continue to build on Orcas Naturals strong heritage of providing best-inclass services to our customers said KG Rao president of Orcas. It will be a one-stop shop for innovators in nutrition. For more information call (888) 80-ORCAS (67227) or visit Lallemand Wins Poster Award at Probiota allemand Health Solutions (Montreal Canada) has announced that probiotics research presented by Dr. Pierre L Burgui re won the Scientific Frontiers poster award during Probiota 2015 event held in Amsterdam in February. The poster described an innovative method for the specific quantification of viable probiotic bacteria in a fraction of the time required for traditional culturing methods. Such approach shows promises as a complementary method for quality control in the probiotic industry. During a plenary session dedicated to allergy and inflammation Dr. Chad MacPherson unveiled in-vitro data showing potent immunemodulatory activity of individual probiotic strains from the Lallemand collection shedding new light on recently pubGo to nutritional Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 lished clinical trial on individual strains from ProbioKid formula. At present the quality control of probiotics is performed using classical microbiology enumeration the specificity of these techniques is limited not all microorganisms are taken into account (so called viable but not culturable bacteria are omitted) and it usually takes several days to get an answer said Burgui re a researcher at Lallemand Health Solutions. We have investigated different techniques to overcome these issues and finally flow cytometry appeared to us as the best option for a strain specific quantification of viable bacteria within a couple of hours. We confronted this approach to traditional culturebased approach and found it effective. These findings provide promising options for the development of complementary methods for probiotics quality control and other industrial applications involving microorganisms and could set new standard for the industry. For more information visit or April 2015 16 Nutrition Industry Executive IngredientNews NattoPharma and Hofseth BioCare Launch Heart Health Ingredient N orway-based NattoPharma ASA and Hofseth BioCare (HBC) also located in Norway combined their clinically researched and validated ingredients including MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 and OmeGo EFA from salmon oil to create a new product for heart health that improves arterial elasticity while reducing oxLDL GP. NattoPharma s new ingredient MenaQ7 PURE is a nature-identical synthetic vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) that is fully validated by numerous human clinical studies as well as invivo and in-vitro research. It is recognized by the world s leading experts in vitamin K2 at the University of Maastricht (The Netherlands) for purity and quality while HBC has recently introduced its OmeGo a 100 percent traceable sustainably sourced salmon oil balanced EFA. In Menaquinone-7 Supplementation Improves Arterial Stiffness in Healthy Postmenopausal Women which was published in the journal Thrombosis and Haemostasis NattoPharma studied 244 healthy post-menopausal women randomly assigned to take 180 mcg of MenaQ7 daily for three years or placebo capsules. Ninety three percent of the participants completed the threeyear study. Results confirm that MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 supplementation not only inhibits age-related stiffening of the artery walls but also made a statistically significant improvement of vascular elasticity. As for HBC There is emerging substantiated evidence that a new marker oxLDL Beta 2 Glycoprotein Complex 1 (oxLDL GP) is directly tied to the risk of having a cardiac event and the scientific community agrees it is a better marker of cardiac event predictability than cholesterol and or triglycerides said Matt Mixter managing director--U.S. for HBC. Our human trials produced evidence substantiating OmeGo s ability to lower this marker which is a highly differentiable market position compared to commodity grade oils affecting less relevant markers. The companies will launch their first unique formula in the U.S. which is backed by NattoPharma s U.S. Patent for the use of K2 in food products for heart health as well as a Canadian Patent for the use of K2 with omega-3 fatty acids to support optimum bone cartilage and cardiovascular health. For more information visit or Joint Health Research on UC-II presented at Scripps Conference Z ainulabedin M. Saiyed PhD FACN director of research and development for California-based InterHealth presented new UC-II a novel patented collagen with undenatured type II collagen joint health research findings at the Scripps 12th annual natural supplement conference in San Diego CA on January 15-18 2015. The presentation summarized the combined results from two identically designed randomized doubleblind placebo-controlled studies with people who have osteoarthritis. A total of 186 subjects took 40 mg a day of UC-II 1 500 mg glucosamine hydrochloride plus 1 200 mg chondroitin sulfate (GC) or a placebo for 180 days. The primary endpoint was defined as the change in overall Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) score by day 180 opposed to the placebo. Secondary endpoints encompassed reductions in Lequesne s Functional Index (LFI) Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for pain and the WOMAC subscales for pain stiffness and physical function. The conclusion showed statistically significant reductions in the overall WOMAC score observed in the UC-II group compared to placebo and also demonstrated a significant reduction in total LFI and the mean of VAS scores compared to placebo. The GC group did not achieve statistical significance versus placebo for any of these clinical endpoints. For more information call (858) 800-3642 or visit OmniActive Introduces Gingever High Potency Ginger N ew Jersey-based OmniActive Health Technologies featured its new Gingever High Potency Ginger for the first time at Engredea from March 5-9 in Anaheim CA in conjunction with Expo West. Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and allergen-free Gingever is a high-potency super-critical fluid extract with 30 percent bioactives made from a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-acknowledged GRAS (generally recognized as safe) source. It is produced without the use April 2015 of harsh solvents and manufactured under strict quality programs including current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 22000 2005. We developed Gingever to provide supplement manufacturers with premium high potency ginger extract to meet consumer demand for premium products said Lynda Doyle vice president of global marketing for OmniActive. In addition the company showcased Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 its other innovative ingredients including Lutemax 2020 Lutein with Enhanced Levels of Zeaxanthin Isomers Lutemax Free Lutein and Lutein Esters OmniXan RR-Zeaxanthin Capsimax Capsicum Extract and CurcuWIN Curcumin With Enhanced Absorption. For more information call (866) 588-3629 or visit Nutrition Industry Executive 17 IngredientNews Cranberry PACs Inhibit Biofilm B iofilm a key virulence factor for pathogenic bacteria in diverse environments may stay under the radar to produce chronic lowgrade infections such as sinusitis tooth decay gingivitis or chronic urinary tract infection (UTI). It can lead to full-blown deadly infections such as kidney disease or pneumonia and even periodontitis a more severe biofilm infection of the gums beyond gingivitis. PACs (proantnocyanidins) in cranberries have been shown to inhibit biofilm formation. They have been reported to possess antimicrobial anti-adhesion antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Flavonoids may play an important preventive role in oral infections as they have been shown to prevent the attachment of pathogens to host tissues and can inhibit the formation of biofilms in the mouth. In one study cranberry PACs inhib- ited adherence and biofilm formation by Porphyromonas gingivalis a bacterium associated with gum disease and markedly reduced its invasiveness. It reduced the proliferation and destructive activities such as P. gingivalis and other pathogens in periodontal pockets. They also prevented adherence and biofilm formation by Candida albicans the causative agent of thrush and many yeast infections. Cranberry PACs prevent destruction of connective tissue in the gums and neutralize enzymes that destroy gum tissue. They also inhibit the production of inflammatory chemicals (i.e. IL-6 IL-8 prostaglandin E2) produced by host cells. These cranberry-induced processes help protect against bone loss and promote gum integrity. Regular use of cranberry PACs serve to reduce antibiotic use and help prevent bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Cranberry PACs also prevented sugar-dependent biofilm formation on teeth (dental plaque) by the bacterium Streptococcus mutans the major cause of tooth decay. A human trial Go to somalabs Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 showed that daily use of a cranberrycontaining mouthwash for six weeks significantly reduced levels of mutans streptococci in saliva protecting against cavities and tooth decay-- despite consumption of sugary foods--would have an enormous impact on oral health in children and adults. And a pilot study conducted by Canada dentist Dr. Hilary Rodrigues showed that 33 patients who had bleeding gums all exhibited signs of improvement after brushing their teeth with Oral Cran. Reflecting its mission to take cranberry beyond UTIs Fruit d Or (Quebec Canada) the world s largest grower and processor of cranberries has launched Oral Cran an ingredient for the oral care market containing allnatural whole food cranberry powder with no preservatives or excipients. And as an added bonus part of the proceeds from ingredient sales will be donated to Oral Cancer Foundation. The success is indeed almost 100 percent positive reported Rodrigues. The periodontal condition has improved and in all cases bleeding from the gums has ended. Swelling of gums was reduced bad breath was eliminated and the gums turned back to a normal pink color. The results of this study are most encouraging and significant in moving forward to the next steps of doing clinical research Lukawski added. For more information call (819) 385-1058 or visit April 2015 18 Nutrition Industry Executive Pharmachem Laboratories Offers DietSpice Seasonings N ew Jersey-based Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. s DietSpice a new dimension to the growing category of functional foods offers functional seasonings in a variety of flavors including Italian Asian Butter & Spice and Cinnamon Sweetener. As a functional seasoning DietSpice provides flexible packaging options from individual stickpacks to boxes of assorted flavors to actually incorporating it into frozen foods. Each stickpack contains a 1 000 mg of Phase 2 a dosage shown in studies to reduce starch absorption and aid in weight loss. We think our manufacturing customers will readily see the marketing advantages of this new delivery system for Phase 2 said Mitch Skop senior director of new product development for Pharmachem. People are willfully trying many of these--which do contain carbohydrates--in their attempts to lose weight. As part of the lengthy R&D process that led to DietSpice he continued Pharmachem subjected Phase 2 which is a food-friendly material viable in a wide range of packaged and prepared foods with the ability to open up a whole new carbconscious food sector to third-party sensory evaluations by the Tragon Corporation (Redwood Shores CA). Research found that the ingredient does not affect the taste or texture of foods when added including baked goods. A recent placebo-controlled 12week study published in the journal Obesity showed that from as early as week four subjects who took the supplement lost significantly more weight than their placebo counterparts. The Phase 2 group showed significantly more marked reduction compared with the placebo group at weeks four eight and 12. The authors concluded that the body weight reduction stemmed from loss of fat mass not muscle mass. For more information call (800) 526-0609 or visit Go to generexlabs for info about this advertiser April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 19 IngredientNews AIDP Launches PreticX IDP Inc. (City of Industry CA) entered the digestive health market with a new prebiotic ingredient PreticX contrary to probiotics is highly stable (does not require refrigeration) and can be used in food and beverage and unlike probiotics it can be used in small doses reducing the chance of bloating. It is a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified and non-GMO (genetically modified organism)-verified prebiotic that according to clinical studies significantly increases the proliferation of bifidobacterium in low and high doses a result of its partnership with Life Bridge International (Riverside CA) and manufactured by A China-based Shandong Longlive BioTechnology Co Ltd. PreticX is a cornderived form of oligosaccharides called xylooligosaccharides or XOS comprising of a group of polysaccharides called xylans constituents of plant cell walls based on xylose a pentose sugar. According to Markets and Markets The U.S Digestive Health Ingredients market has been segmented into very different markets prebiotics probiotics and enzymes and is in the growth stage. It s currently valued to be 265.9 million and is expected to grow to 495.3 million this year at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2 percent. Prebiotics and probiotics are significantly growing at a double-digit growth with prebiotics being the largest revenuegenerating ingredient among all three. We see the potential in digestive health and particularly prebiotics. We think the benefits of XOS and consequently PreticX will provide a standalone platform for this ingredient said Kathy Lund vice president of marketing and new business development at AIDP. For more information call (866) 262-6699 or visit Tetrahedron Receives GRAS Designation etrahedron (Paris France) has announced that an independent panel of scientific experts has confirmed the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status of its L-ergothioneine under the brand name ERGONEINE. For the first time with this GRAS designation ERGONEINE is available for incorporation into nutritional products. It also helps create a balance in a diet potentially lacking this nutrient the company stated. L-ergothioneine is a unique naturally occurring nutrient produced in nature only by microorganisms and fungi. Plants absorb L-ergothioneine via symbiotic associations between their roots and soil fungi and animals and humans absorb it exclusively through their respective food chain as they are unable to produce it on their own. L-ergothioneine has been recognized as a physiological antioxidant T that may support healthy aging by strengthening the body s defenses against oxidative stress. In fact several wellknown and highly respected scientific authorities have suggested that L-ergothioneine may be an unrecognized vitamin. With the GRAS designation Tetrahedron now offers this highly pure and safe source of L-ergothioneine for incorporation into a wide range of nutritional products therefore providing the opportunity to balance a diet that would not integrate known or reliable sources of this nutrient. Its patented process is the first to provide pure L-ergothioneine produced from natural amino acids in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and available at an economically viable cost in commercial quantities. The company will begin to market the ingredient to the function- al food and nutraceutical industry. Lergothioneine has been used in highend beauty products for many years. According to the president of Tetrahedron and a recognized world expert on ergothioneine Jean-Claude Yadan PhD Over 100 years of published research have suggested the untold potential health benefits of ergothioneine. Until now that potential has gone unrealized due to the unavailability of L-ergothioneine at a cost and quality that makes it fully marketable. Our new ERGONEINE ingredient now generally recognized as safe will fulfill the unmet need for this very unique antioxidant L-ergothioneine in health nutrition. For more information call 33 (0)1 41 83 75 00 or visit Salt of the Earth Launches New Umami-Essence Sea Salt Ingredient S alt of the Earth Ltd. (Atlit Israel) recently launched its UmamiEssence Sea Salt ingredient designed for a comprehensive range of sauces. Using Umami-Essence Sea Salt can help dramatically decrease sodium levels--in some formulations by up to 50 percent--while boosting flavor. The allnatural Umami-Essence Sea Salt is low in sodium and most importantly contains no monosodium glutamate (MSG) or artificial ingredients. Aliza Ravizki R&D manager of Salt of the Earth Ltd. said This innovative ingredient can help food manufacturers keep the consumer-craved salty flavor while maintaining a low amount of sodi20 Nutrition Industry Executive um in the final application. It s a readyto-use liquid formulation that can naturally intensify umami the so-called fifth taste of the finished dish. The characteristics of Umami-Essence Sea Salt help food scientists innovate healthier reduced-salt recipes that contain only natural ingredients and don t compromise flavor Marketing Manager for Salt of the Earth Giorit Carmi explained. It provides food manufacturers a much simpler way to include a clean label claim on products and to comply with the global salt-reduction agenda of cutting sodium in processed foods. We tested the formulation in a range of sauces pizza toppings and more and Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 achieved outstanding results in terms of saltiness and savory flavor. This superior ingredient enables clean labeling while avoiding MSG and enhancing the final product flavor Ravizki added. Umami-Essence Sea Salt is a proprietary blend of sea salts and a natural vegetable extract that provides distinctive umami flavor. Umami Essence can be easily incorporated into sauces pizza toppings salad dressings Bolognesestyle meat sauces lasagna and other products. Umami-Essence Sea Salt is highly soluble vegan and holds kosher certification. For more information call 972-4-9549555 or visit April 2015 Ganeden Biotech and CapAble AB Create GanedenBC30 hio-based Ganeden and Georgia Nut (Skokie IL) announced a new partnership. Joe Bradley sales director of Ganeden said with a shared commitment to innovative product development Georgia Nut and Ganeden will be working together by leveraging the processing and packaging capability of Georgia Nut and the significant probiotic expertise of Ganeden to create fresh on-trend probiotic product concepts by means of novel delivery systems. The second announcement from Ganeden Biotech maker of its probiotic strain GanedenBC (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086) and Sweden-based CapAble AB a global leader in unique probiotic packaging solutions was that they had made an exclusive arrangement to create a new telescoping GanedenBC LifeTop probiotic straw that can be used in both refrigerated and shelf stable milk or juice boxes pouches and bottles. CapAble will O have 1 billion CFU (colony-forming unit) of GanedenBC30 and can be seamlessly applied to Sweden-based Tetra Pak and other shelf stable beverage containers. The new probiotic straws will allow the healthy bacteria to be available in beverages throughout the store including shelf stable SKUs. Each straw delivers a full day s supply of GanedenBC30 probiotics by sipping through the straw into the beverage container and drink. As consumer demand for probiotics grows so do the delivery forms available. Not everyone can or wants to eat yogurt or take pills these straws offer a new option for consumers to get probiotics said Ganeden s Senior Vice President Michael Bush. A child can get their daily dose of probiotics from a juice pouch in her lunch box--this is groundbreaking. CEO of CapAble AB Staffan Palsson said We are excited about this collaboration with Ganeden Biotech a perfect partner to successfully bring the attractive combination LifeTop Straw and GanedenBC30 to market. It is a milestone for us since this is the first agreement for CapAble for the LifeTop Straw. The probiotic market is growing enormously with no indication that it will be slowing down anytime soon. By 2018 the Probiotic market is expected to reach 36.7 billion globally with about 30 billion from functional foods and beverages. Probiotics are quickly becoming a household word with 93 percent of today s consumers being familiar with the term probiotic and associating it with good health. For more information visit or THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 NIE s Upcoming 2015 Issue Highlights Weight Management June July August 5 14 15 ad closing 6 29 15 ad closing Company Profiles Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 or e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 107 or e-Mail GaryP April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 21 AssociationNews Sheldon Baker Joins AHPA heldon Baker supplement industry veteran and senior partner with Baker Dillon Group has joined the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) as vice president of strategic engagement. Baker will be based in Clovis CA. In the newly created position Baker s primary responsibilities will be maintaining and expanding AHPA s membership managing AHPA s member meetings and educational activities creating brand strategies to further promote AHPA and its work and AHPA s participation in herbal industry activities relevant to the membership. We re thrilled to have Sheldon join S our organization said Michael McGuffin AHPA president. With his years of industry knowledge he ll be a great asset to the AHPA team building an excellent operational relationship to benefit AHPA and its members. With more than 35 years of creative management experience Baker has developed and directed a wide range of supplement industry corporate and product brand marketing programs and celebrity promotion. As senior partner with the Baker Dillon Group he has directed campaigns that have generated millions of dollars for agency clients. Launching the firm in 1986 Baker merged the agency with Karena Dillon forming Baker Dillon Group. Dillon will continue as the managing partner and president of the agency. Under Baker s direction the agency received top marketing communications awards from the Los Angeles Marketing Association San Francisco Press Club Peninsula Press Club and San Francisco Bay Area Publicity Club. He is past president of the Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry and the San Francisco Bay Area Publicity Club. For more information visit NPA Announces 2015 Committees and Work Groups he Natural Products Association (NPA) has announced its 2015 committees and work groups including the newly formed Next Generation Leadership Committee the Natural Food Work Group and the Sustainable Standard Work Group. Each NPA committee is responsible for facilitating progress on association goals and initiatives and helping to further the mission of the organization--to ensure consumer access to natural products while protecting retailers and suppliers right to do business. Longstanding association committees include Communications Membership and the Committee for Product and Label Integrity (ComPLI) among others. The Next Generation Leadership Committee will focus on reaching mil- T lennial consumers and industry stakeholders providing perspective knowledge and expertise on this new generation and how to better bring them into the natural products industry fold. The Natural Food Work Group and the Sustainable Standard Work Group will operate under ComPLI. The Natural Food Work Group will collaborate to develop an association definition of natural for foods much like NPA did when it established the natural definition for personal care products and home care products. The Sustainable Standard Work Group has been created to formulate a standard of sustainability for all natural products. All of our committees and work groups play a vital role in tackling the big issues that lay ahead for the indus- try said NPA CEO Daniel Fabricant PhD. Our committees work from the ground up providing focus for the organization. NPA is moving fast on a variety of issues from advocacy to science and regulatory to communications and more. These committees and the volunteers who contribute their time and energy ensure the association is seeing all viewpoints and receiving input from all facets of the industry to better both the organization and the industry as a whole. For more information visit ABC Welcomes New Board of Trustees President he American Botanical Council (ABC) has announced that Thomas Newmark has been elected president of the ABC Board of Trustees. He succeeds author photographer and botanist Steven Foster who has served in the position since 2008. The decision was made at a meeting of the Board in December 2014. Newmark joined the ABC Board of Trustees in 2012 bringing with him a deep devotion to environmentalism conservation and organic herb production along with more than a decade of experience within the regulatory environments of the natural products industry. We are pleased that Tom has agreed to serve ABC as its new Board president said ABC Founder and Executive Director Mark Blumenthal. The ABC staff and I are looking forward to working with him and his dynamic energy to help ABC con- T tinue to expand its unique nonprofit educational mission. Newmark holds a degree in law from Washington University and was an attorney earlier in his career. He is perhaps best known for his past role at New Chapter Inc. where he helped the dietary supplement company become the first to have its entire line of vitamins certified as made with organic ingredients and all products verified by the NonGMO Project. After serving as a legal consultant to his college friend and New Chapter Founder Paul Schulick Newmark joined New Chapter as its president in 1999. In the 13 years that followed his roles at the company included co-CEO CEO and chairman. With Schulick Newmark co-authored Beyond Aspirin (Holm Press 2000) and The Life Bridge (Herbal Free Press 2002). Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Newmark co-owns the biodynamic organic herb farm Finca Luna Nueva in Costa Rica. He also co-founded and chaired the nonprofit Semillas Sagradas (now Sacred Seeds) an international network of 16 botanical sanctuaries that preserve traditional and medicinal plants and the knowledge surrounding their important uses. Newmark is also chairman of Greenpeace Fund USA a tax-exempt funding organ for the environmental activist group Greenpeace and is the cofounder and chair of The Carbon Underground a nonprofit that teaches farmers ranchers and corporations how to use regenerative agricultural practices to sequester carbon dioxide and possibly reverse climate change. For more information visit April 2015 22 Nutrition Industry Executive AHPAUpdate Leading Industry Association Speaks Directly to Nutrition Industry Executive Readers How the New York Attorney General s Baseless Allegations Can Strengthen the Herbal Supplement Industry T he negative publicity sparked by the New York attorney general s allegations that some herbal supplements sold by four major retailers did not contain the herb on the product label though based on a flawed application of DNA testing may provide opportunities to address other myths and misunderstandings. To begin with there is an opportunity to educate key stakeholders--including policymakers and consumers--about the scientifically valid methods already used to verify the identity of botanical ingredients in supplements. In addition the increased attention provides a forum to correct the many misconceptions about dietary supplement regulations and may also result in increased consumer demand for high quality herbal products. by herbal product companies to guarantee identity and quality will help put the industry in a better position to meet future attacks like the one launched by the attorney general. Education on Supplement Regulation The attorney general s investigation has prompted policymakers and consumers to question how the supplement industry is regulated providing an opportunity for the industry to correct some common misconceptions and provide accurate information about the steps supplement companies must take to comply with comprehensive federal regulations. Educating policymakers and consumers about the extensive steps taken by herbal product companies to guarantee identity and quality will help put the industry in a better position to meet future attacks like the one launched by the attorney general. The truth is that dietary supplements are highly regulated by the federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act as amended by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). DSHEA authorized the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to impose current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) regulations issued in 2007 that outline minimum requirements for all aspects of supplement manufacturing. The cGMP rules include the requirements to conduct at least one appropriate test or examination to verify the identity of any ingredient and to test finished products to ensure they meet the products specifications for identity purity strength and composition. DSHEA also requires that dietary supplement labeling accurately represents the identity and quantity of the ingredients. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Education on Testing Methods The supplement industry has been actively refuting the results of the New York attorney general s flawed DNA testing of herbal supplements. In March the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) commissioned a white paper that exposes the flaws in the attorney general s testing. The industry has been supported in this effort by some unlikely experts including Pieter Cohen assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and Tod Cooperman president of ConsumerLab. These vocal supplement critics and the industry have effectively articulated some of the limitations of DNA testing to explain why the attorney general s allegations are unfounded. The next step will be to educate policymakers and consumers about all the scientifically valid and appropriate methods (organolepsis microscopy and chromatography among others) that the industry uses to verify the identity of botanical ingredients identify potential contaminants and ensure high-quality products. Educating policymakers and consumers about the extensive steps taken April 2015 The FDA regularly inspects manufacturing facilities to ensure compliance with cGMP requirements. In addition FDA reviews product labels and websites to ensure companies comply with labeling requirements and are not making claims that are not permitted by law. FDA regularly takes enforcement actions against companies that do not comply with these stringent laws and regulations. Despite all of the laws regulations and enforcement actions and the fact that the first sentence on the FDA s dietary supplement website states FDA regulates both finished dietary supplement products and dietary ingredients media outlets regularly publish articles that claim the industry is not regulated. The additional attention generated by the attorney general provides a platform to correct this prevalent misconception. If the industry can capitalize on this opportunity it will have a much greater long-term impact than the short-term negative impact of the attorney general s unfounded allegations. Focus on Quality Some herbal supplement companies that have reputations for selling highquality products are already reporting positive outcomes from the attorney general s investigation due to the increased demand for quality. The reality is that herbal supplements help many Americans attain and maintain a higher quality of life. Nothing that the attorney general or New York Times says is going to change that fact or reduce these consumers demand for supplements. Companies that can capitalize on the increased demand for highquality products will likely be stronger thanks to the attorney general s recent actions. Michael McGuffin President and Board of Trustees American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Nutrition Industry Executive 23 ScienceUpdate Resveratrol May Help Prevent Memory Loss esveratrol found in common foods such as red grapes and peanuts may help prevent agerelated decline in memory according to new research published by a faculty member in the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. Ashok K. Shetty PhD a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine and director of Neurosciences at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine has been studying the potential benefit of resveratrol an antioxidant that is found in the skin of red grapes as well as in red wine peanuts and some berries. Resveratrol has been widely touted for its potential to prevent heart disease but Shetty and a team that includes other researchers from the health science center believe it also has positive effects on the hippocampus an area of the brain that is critical to functions such as memory learning and mood. R Because both humans and animals show a decline in cognitive capacity after middle age the findings may have implications for treating memory loss in the elderly. Resveratrol may even be able to help people afflicted with severe neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer s disease. In a study published online in Scientific Reports Shetty and his research team members reported that treatment with resveratrol had apparent benefits in terms of learning memory and mood function in aged rats. The results of the study were striking Shetty said. They indicated that for the control rats who did not receive resveratrol spatial learning ability was largely maintained but ability to make new spatial memories significantly declined between 22 and 25 months. By contrast both spatial learning and memory improved in the resveratrol-treated rats. Shetty said neurogenesis (the growth and development of neurons) approximately doubled in the rats given resveratrol compared to the control rats. The resveratrol-treated rats also had significantly improved microvasculature indicating improved blood flow and had a lower level of chronic inflammation in the hippocampus. The study provides novel evidence that resveratrol treatment in late middle age can help improve memory and mood function in old age Shetty said. For more information visit Study Diabetes Risk Varies With Magnesium Intake Genes Ethnicity agnesium is an important nutrient in part because it appears to help regulate insulin secretion and or action. Studies over the last decade have shown that low intake of the mineral is a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. But everyone is different so doctors need to know much more before they can accurately tailor nutritional therapy for patients. A new study in the Journal of Nutrition found several deep specific interactions of diet genetics and ethnicity in determining magnesium-mediated diabetes risk in postmenopausal women. It s not informative enough to examine disease risk in terms of just genes or just magnesium intake said study senior author Dr. Simin Liu professor of epidemiology in the School of Public Health at Brown University and professor of medicine at the Alpert Medical School. The ultimate effect of a genetic mutation on a disease outcome is indeed dependent on environmental exposures Liu said. It is an interaction. To better understand those interactions in the relatively understudied pop- M ulations of black and Hispanic women Liu s team looked into the rich dataset of the Women s Health Initiative a massive study funded by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute. With this resource they were able to analyze the magnesium intake type 2 diabetes status and genes of 7 287 black women and 3 285 Hispanic women between the ages of 50 and 79. The study aimed to account for all genes known to regulate how the body handles magnesium. In all the team looked at 17 genes and in particular at 583 common one-letter differences in their genetic code (e.g. what would normally be an A is instead a G). These differences are called single-nucleotide polymorphisms--SNPs. For example lead author by Kei Hang Katie Chan and her co-authors found that among Hispanic American women with high magnesium intake those with the SNP rs8028189 on the gene NIPA2 had a 35 percent lower type 2 diabetes risk than women overall an uncommonly high advantage. Black women meanwhile showed a 16 percent lower risk for each copy of the Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 gene CNNM1 they carried with the SNP rs6584273. Here however there was no clear dependence on how much magnesium they consumed. The study provides clues into underlying physiological connections that link magnesium to diabetes. Nutrient metabolism is genetically regulated and each gene typically has some specific functions Liu said and our study suggests each one s relative contribution to diabetes risk in different women. But more study is needed to understand these links well enough to craft interventions. For more information visit 24 Nutrition Industry Executive April 2015 Conventions&Meetings 2015 Ingredient Marketplace T he 2015 Ingredient Marketplace will be held April 7-9 at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando FL. The show brings together buyers and suppliers who drive the nutrition health food and beauty industries. Every buyer and seller from around the globe will discover more than 350 booths as well as learn from industry speakers through training programs and presentations. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and develop their businesses. Ingredient Marketplace is where buyers and sellers connect for exploration and innovation said Jon Benninger Informa Exhibitions vice president of health and nutrition. Registration includes two days inside the expo hall (April 8 and 9) access to The Taste Place (April 8 and 9) to sample the latest in functional foods and beverages the opportunity to hear valuable speakers at the Trends In stage (April 8 and 9) and the Drinks on Us reception (April 8). In addition the Ingredient Marketplace Trends In stage will feature critical market information across five hot ingredient categories including omega-3s probiotics protein sweeteners and hemp. The Trends In stage offers attendees the latest market research on purchasing trends and sales and the chance to discover new products that illustrate how ingredients are being used in the global consumer market. It s a very valuable part of the Ingredient Marketplace experience said Benninger. For more information call (866) 230-2311 or visit Annual International Halal Food Conference T he 17th annual International Halal Food Conference will be held at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel in Schaumburg IL on April 13-15. This year s event will discuss key issues within the halal food industry including updates on halal regulations in Indonesia United Arab Emirates and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region harmonization of standards with emphasis on The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and The Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (OICSMIIC) standard global accreditation of certifying bodies updates on Codex Alimentarius revision mutual recognition among certifiers discus- sions on critical and unique ingredients handling issues of alcohol by the flavor industry in particular food and beverage in general addressing issues of halal gelatin shortage and animal welfare food service humanitarian efforts global trade dairy enzymes nutritionals supplements and more. The conference s tentative program consists of the following sessions Implementation of New Halal Regulations in Indonesia Halal Activities in OIC member Countries in Reference to SMIIC Standards Mutual Recognition and Reciprocity Among Halal Certifying Bodies as well as Harmonization of Halal Standards How Can it be Done Other sessions will include Mutual Recognition Among Certifiers Ethanol Restrictions and Allowances in the Flavor and Beverage Industries by Importing Countries Issues Concerning Halal Gelatin and Addressing its Shortage Role of Enzymes and Emulsifiers in Halal Food Industry Ensuring the Integrity of Halal Nutritional Ingredients and Supplements Future Trends in Food Production and Regulations Animal Welfare Concerns Is Halal Certification a Barrier to Trade as well as the Impact of Halal on Diaspora Economy. For more information call (847) 993-0034 or visit Marketing and Labeling OTC Drugs and Cosmetics in Compliance with FDA O n April 28-29 at the Schaumburg Hotel and Conference Center in Schaumburg IL EAS Consulting Group will hold a session on OTC (over-the-counter) Drug and Cosmetic products and compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Registered attendees will learn about cosmetic and OTC drug labeling and compliance from former FDA officials who helped shape current labeling April 2015 regulations and who understand compliance issues. The two-day seminar will cover the basics of how cosmetic and OTC drug products are regulated and what is needed to comply with the labeling rules which have gotten attention from FDA. Instructors include former Director of FDA s Office of Cosmetics and Colors John Bailey Jr. PhD William Schwemer who provides assistance in interpreting FDA policy in domestic Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 and international matters building quality systems evaluating compliance with FDA current good manufacturing practices regulations and developing regulatory strategies and Norma Skolnik who has 30 years of regulatory experience in the food dietary supplement and OTC drug industries. For more information call (877) 327-9808 or visit Nutrition Industry Executive 25 By Cristina Goodwin ccording to President of Florida-based HP Ingredients Annie Eng as a result of the growing concern for brain health many companies are formulating new cognitive supplements to address this consumer need. President and Senior Scientist for New Jersey-based PTM Food Consulting Peter Maletto added that the state of the brain health market is at the very beginning of a nutrient revolution that will push for a better quality of life through specific nutrition continually learning about how the brain functions and how environmental and dietary factors contribute to brain aging. However due to new ingredients and scientific research the market has increased awareness on how it is possible to increase consumers intelligence and sensory per- A ception with nutrients beyond the predictors of aging and genetics. Lately new ingredients research and new technology has brought brain nutrition to an entirely new level he explained. Therefore the supplement market is becoming even richer in functional cognitive ingredients as consumers look to enhance and influence brain function. Brain Drain While aging brings the benefits of wisdom and experience it is also associated with mild memory loss as well as short-term recall of faces names numbers and words--symptoms often referred to as senior moments noted Novel Ingredient Services a New Jersey-based ingredient supplier. According to Lynda Doyle vice president of global marketing at New Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Jersey-based OmniActive neurodegenerative diseases include Alzheimer s disease (AD) Parkinson s disease (PD) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Huntington s disease (HD) Down s syndrome (DS) multiple sclerosis (MS) glaucoma age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic encephalopathy (DE). All neurodegenerative diseases share an inflammatory process involving increased cellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation and oxidative damage to lipids nucleic acids and proteins she said. According to the Alzheimer s Association an estimated 5.2 million Americans had Alzheimer s disease in 2014 including approximately 200 000 individuals younger than age 65 who have younger-onset Alzheimer s said Eng. And by 2050 the number of people age 65 and April 2015 26 Nutrition Industry Executive older with Alzheimer s disease may nearly triple from five million to as many as 16 million. Brain Boosters The human brain is made up of about 100 billion brain cells (neurons) that drive our thinking learning feeling and state of mind. According to the Society for Neuroscience some very recent studies suggest that the strength of a memory can relate to how many new neurons remain in the brain after learning. Yet as people grow older brain cells diminish. Maletto noted that the most exciting area of brain enhancement is neurotransmitter manipulation which can be achieved with certain amino acids as well as specific plant components that have active ingredients to boost the chosen path of cognitive influence. In fact neurotransmitters have been known to directly influence dietary supplements and recent documents have shown that as much as 20 to 40 percent have increased brain activity with dietary nootropic synapse enhancers he explained. Chase Hagerman brand director for Texas-based Chemi Nutra said that his company has offered two popular ingredients SerinAid PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GCP) for brain health for about a decade. A-GCP s properties increase the immediate formation of acetylcholine which is the cell s primary neurotransmitter chemical he explained. The ingredient may play a crucial role in cognitive function and is highly involved in the transmission of impulses from neuron to neuron and in all brain-based cognitive operations. PS on the other hand is more of a protein-specific ingredient. According to Hagerman PS assists proteins that manage membrane functions that are involved in transmission of molecular messages from cell to cell helps nutrients enter into cells and helps harmful stress-related waste products to exit the cells. In fact the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) granted two health claims for PS and made a statement that said the ingredient may reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly. April 2015 HP Ingredients NeuroActin ingredient may be able to protect postsynaptic protein loss. NeuroActin is a standardized extract of andrographis paniculata standardized to andrographolide 14-deoxyandrographolide and neoandrographolide which is U.S. patent pending. The ingredient is derived from the plant andrographis paniculata a traditional herb from Southeast Asian medicine and has been known to be a common anti-inflammatory agent. In addition it shows effects in the central nervous system including a reduction of oxidative stress and increased potency of the vitamin E effect. Better Mood Not all ingredients tend to the physical aspect of brain health. Mood enhancing and brain alertness ingre- Branch Out and Join VRM Media s FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 NIE s Upcoming 2015 Issue Highlight June 5 14 15 ad closing Weight Management Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 or e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 107 or e-Mail GaryP Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 27 dients are being sought after as well but not without a struggle. When the FDA banned ephedra the industry had no success finding an alternative just as strong and when DMAA (geranium extract) surfaced it was said to be harmful to consumers health. For a safer yet effective replacement PTM Food focused its efforts on new ingredients with the nutrient theacrine or the nature identical Teacrine which is patented and distributed by Compound Solutions. Multiple studies with humans and animals have reported additional benefits way beyond the typical neurochemistry of caffeine for example improved alertness and neural drive analgesia (reduced sensation of discomfort) liver health and diminished adaption or sensitization phenomena the company explained. Teacrine is also a dopamine and energy enhancer that helps provide a feel good mood which according to Maletto makes it the top cognitive nutrient in the industry for years to come. He explained that based on recent studies the brain contains only 2 percent of the body s weight and consumes approximately 20 percent of the body s total energy and 80 percent of the brain s energy is used for brain s signaling processes--which opens up a market for theacrine. Along with the promise of theacrine Maletto pointed to a few other influential ingredients for brain health. Amino acids such as tyrosine and DL phenylalanine and old standards that are still mainstays in the feel-good dopamine influence on the brain. Acetylcholine he noted acts as a neurotransmitter that helps increase memory retention and learning influence in the brain. Disruptions in acetylcholine neurotransmission are associated with many memory-related or age-associated disorders and result in impairments in learning memory and cognitive processing alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (GCP) a cognitive acetylcholine enhancer form of choline. However GCP is not the ordinary form of choline he said. GCP is a source of 28 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 phospholipids and choline. It is utilized for phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis in the brain and for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine this one of the chemicals that enable brain cells to communicate with each other. Still too much choline could be hazardous so he recommended the acetylcholine esterase (AChE) enzyme that breaks down excess choline. PTM Food offers another ingredient that is just breaking out of its shell in the American market and being recognized for its attributes including positive cognitive health benefits-- cannabidiol (CBD). Long overshadowed by THC Maletto said many scientific references suggest that CBD could help people with anxiety by managing their symptoms with doses ranging from 200 to 400 mg. The only issue he said is that CBD is very costly at the moment however when it is fully legalized we could see this market as one of the largest most effective forms of cognitive enhancement we have ever seen. Omega-3s According to Dan Lifton president of New York-based MayPro one of the core ingredients that continue to lead sales for brain health is omega-3s. The omega-3 LC-PUFA eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) has been proven to support cognitive function and mood such as depression. Supporting that statement Dr. Isaac Berzin founder and chief technology officer for Israelbased Qualitas Health said The 2011 meta-analysis by Sublette et. al. shows that EPA and more importantly unopposed EPA can be effective to treat depression. In addition DHA is able to attach and fend off the receptors but without initiating the same anti-inflammatory cascade he continued. The company s brain and mental health ingredient Almega PL is rich in EPA omega-3 oil with phospholipids and glycolipids which have been shown to have high bioavailability. Berzin noted that one way to ensure an effective dosage is incorporating ingredients with high bioavailability. Research and Efficacy Two other natural mood boosters include PLT Health Solutions Zembrin Sceletium tortuosum and Synapsa Natural Memory Support. These represent two distinct needs in the April 2015 Go to cheminutra for info about this advertiser tive health market and both ingredients have excellent science supporting them Executive Vice President Seth Flowerman explained. According to the company Zembrin is the world s first patented standardized and clinically studied extract of Sceletium tortuosum a succulent herb commonly found in South Africa which has been used to relieve stress with moodenhancing effects. The strong convergence of historical anecdotal in-vitro in-vivo and clinical information provides compelling evidence that supports Zembrin s experiential stress benefits Flowerman added. Vice President Medical & Scientific Affairs with PLT Health Solutions Dr. Barbara Davis reported that in 2014 the company along with HG&H Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd. announced their published study Acute effects of Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin) a dual 5-HT reuptake and PDE4 inhibitor in the human amygdala and its connection to the hypothalamus. The double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial using 16 healthy university students showed that 25 mg of Zembrin reduced anxiety-related activity of amygdala and its associated anxiety circuitry within only two hours of being administered. When you look at what the market has been in the past for mood products like St. John s wort 5-HTP valerian and others Zembrin represents both an economic and social opportunity for our industry to provide a safe effective and high-quality product that can tangibly improve the quality of peoples lives Flowerman said. PLT s Synapsa Natural Memory Support is backed by six doubleblind placebo-controlled clinical studies where healthy adults showed great improved performance in the following areas visual processing learning rate working memory information retention mental activity. Synapsa is the standardized form of Bacopa monnieri which has more than 30 years of research. The studies have shown support of two types of benefit from Synapsa Natural Memory Support--daily long-term use to enhance learning and memory and short-term use to improve mental performance in cognitively demanding situations for example test taking Flowerman said. OmniActive Health Technologies offers CurcuWIN Tumeric Extract (min. 20 percent curcuminoids). According to Doyle In addition to its documented brain health benefits curcumin has demonstrated benefits for in several areas of health heart joint immune gut and sports nutrition. Curcumin has demonstrated its ability to support a variety of heath benefits related to inflammatory response and oxidative stress. With high bioavailability and dispersibility in water the company allows manufacturers to expand their applications beyond tablets and capsules. The company used its UltraSOL Nutrient Delivery System to enhance the bioavailability and solubility of curcumin by dispersing a highly purified powder (95 percent curcuminoids) in a water-soluble carrier along with other food grade excipients and antioxidants so that it can stop the degradation of curcumin. The result is a turmeric extract powder (20 percent curcuminoids) with solubilized curcuminoids in a special food grade matrix which withstands metabolic degradation and enables higher uptake of curcuminoids in a naturally balanced ratio Doyle noted. Lutein and zeaxanthin can also play a role in the brain s development and health in fact 75 percent of carotenoids in the brain are lutein and zeaxanthin Doyle continued. OmniActive offers Lutemax Free Lutein Lutein Esters and Lutemax 2020 Lutein with Enhanced Levels of Zeaxanthin Isomers. The award-winning Lutemax 2020 provides tons of premium lutein enhanced with zeaxanthin isomers specifically 5 1 lutein and zeaxanthin ratio helping address common inadequacies in the diet to help visual function and macular health. Because its dose is higher than most commercial forms the company explained formulators could add nutritionally relevant amounts to their products. It s important to formulate products with ingredients at dosages supported by clinical research and not April 2015 30 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 fairy dust to capitalize on popular or up-and-coming ingredients said MayPro s Lifton. The company created two researched and studied ingredients BioPQQ and Bluenesse. During double-blind placebo-controlled studies have backed-up BioPQQ claims of improving spatial awareness short-term memory and concentration. BioPQQ has been used in all of the clinical studies on PQQ published to date and is the only natural NDI (new dietary ingredient)-accepted PQQ on the market he said. Its newer brain health product is a proprietary extract of lemon balm which has been used as a calming herb for mental performance and ETAS a proprietary ingredient derived from the lower half of asparagus stalks so it can help boost production of heat shock protein 70 (HSP70) as well as helping to increase sleep quality and cognitive performance plus improve stress. Moving Forward According to Eng Manufacturers are looking for new ingredients and ideas with unique mechanism of action proven effective and address more than what the traditional St. John s wort can offer. There is remarkable room for growth in this area particularly in the area of cognitive performance related to study and work he said. There is no doubt that the ingredients that will be most successful will have an experiential effect on consumers Flowerman added. This produces positive reinforcement and better compliance on an on-going basis. We have had success with ingredients that generate results on a short-term or acute basis as well as based on scientific studies. Feeling ingredients kick in immediately is one of the benefits of the growing market in brain health Maletto said. Another obvious benefit is when manufacturers have a clear understanding of brain biochemistry. The manufacturer or supplier should be able to provide information to support any labeling claims so that the consumer can make an educated decision on whether it will benefit their health or not. Flowerman agreed it is vital to have quality science as a foundation for the value deposition for the consumer and as a source of label claims on consumer products. Further he said manufacturers should keep their eyes open for new well-researched ingredients that address more than one mechanisms of actions while keeping up-to-date with current research since the market has many natural ingredients being used for multiple concerns. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about a new study that suggests the act of remembering could be the reason why we forget. FORMOREINFORMATION Chemi Nutra (512) 823-2500 HP Ingredients (941) 749-7066 Maypro Industries LLC (914) 251-0701 OmniActive Health Technologies (866) LUTEMAX (588-3629) PLT Health Solutions Inc. (973) 984-0900 PTM Food Consulting Inc. (888) 736-6339 Qualitas Health 1 432-242-4620 x105 April 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 31 Worth Suppliers and manufacturers must consider the wide range of women s needs when it comes to creating dietary supplements. By Shari Barbanel A Woman s W omen are able to have moments in life that are unique to them--such as the miracle of childbirth. But they can also face issues throughout their lives that evolve as they age including premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menopause. Because of the vast range of issues women face dietary supplement manufacturers and ingredient suppliers must account for those changing needs and concerns. For most women s supplements one size doesn t fit all here--health-conscious women are aged in their 20s through their 70s and each life stage has certain concerns said Dean Mosca president of Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. (PNI) in New Jersey. Women in their 20s and 30s are generally ready to become mothers dealing with pre-menstrual syndrome. Women in their 40s and 50s are dealing with peri-menopause and menopause plus concerns about breast health. Women in their 60s and older are highly concerned about the integrity of their 32 Nutrition Industry Executive bones and of their heart health. At each stage in their lives women experience specific health and wellbeing concerns linked to hormonal and physiological changes added Morgane Maillard product manager for Lallemand Health Solutions in Quebec Canada. Hence probiotic strains have been selected to address the specific issues of the child-bearing age pregnancy and menopause. Menstruation & Pregnancy Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are often recommended for women of all ages for the benefits that they offer the body. In addition Patrick Stano vice president of sales and marketing North America for Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. in New York noted that iron calcium and magnesium are all important minerals for women noting that naturally menstruating women need more iron. Iron fortification can be found in many forms including ferrous sulfate ferric ammonium citrate ferrous gluconate ferrous bisglycinate ferrous fumarate and othCelebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 ers he said. Calcium and magnesium are also important minerals for women because both are essential in the development of bone tissue. Calcium is also involved in muscle contractions while magnesium is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body. Further during a woman s menstruating and childbearing years PMS cramping bloating head and body aching can be experienced from time to time. According to David Foreman RPh herbal pharmacist and a consultant to PNI menstrual cramps and headaches are very frequently experienced by women of childbearing age. Too often women turn to ibuprofen to make those disappear he explained. However ibuprofen can cause rebound headaches if taken for more than two days a week and using too much of this painkiller can lower your threshold of pain requiring more of the drug. Foreman recommends Perluxan as a natural alternative to ibuprofen. Perluxan is a food ingredient made of a supercritical extract from hops cones April 2015 (the same Humulus lupulus L. used to flavor beer) to be nature s ibuprofen. In a study Perluxan went head-to-head with ibuprofen and exhibited COX-2 inhibition for more than nine hours equivalent to 400 milligrams of ibuprofen (two tablets) without the gastrointestinal side effects he noted. Menopause The market for women s health is especially booming when it comes to addressing menopause bone and joint health cardiovascular health memory and cognition as well as skin health. According to the North American Menopause Society there are approximately 45 million women in menopause in 2014 and 2 700 women are going into menopause each day based on the growth model of the aging populations. These are women that will take something for menopause daily for five to seven years and according to the recent JAMA story in the New York Times 50 percent of this menopause population size are going to experience severe menopause or women with the more severe symptoms would take something for menopause daily for 10-12 years said Michael Jeffers president of New Mexico-based Helios Corp. While cramps and bloating may affect menstruating women once a month menopausal women may experience symptoms such as hot flashes anxiety mood swings night sweats among others daily which has made some women look into hormone replacement therapy (HRT). However according to the Mayo Clinic the use of HRT may pose more health risks than benefits. Hormone replacement therapy such as Estradiol may give many women relief of hot flashes mood swings and other annoying symptoms of menopause--but if used in the long term could cause major health complications like heart disease stroke blood clots and breast cancer explained Foreman. The bottom line is the liver was not designed to metabolize hormones forever. Herbs such as black cohosh which has been scientifically proven to have estrogenic activity and vitex agnus-castus to replace low progesterone levels can be highly effective. Helios Corp offers EstroG-100. We developed this technology 10 years ago and with the intent to fill a gap April 2015 that was created by the negative WHI study in 2002 and the lack of safety and performance of nutra ingredients that attempted to fill this void Jeffers explained. Today we have technology in EstroG-100 that maintains three placebo-controlled double-blind and randomized human clinical studies where 10 of the 12 menopause symptoms significantly improved. We also demonstrated safety in multiple studies along with evidence that EstroG-100 works in as few as seven to 10 days or six times faster than black cohosh. health. We believe this is an emerging segment for the industry. Maintaining a Healthy Body Menopause is not the only issue women need to address as they age. For instance heart disease is the leading cause for both men and women in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Growing awareness to cardiovascular prevention and realizing that the equality between men and women when it comes to cardiovascular risks isn t going anywhere said Golan Raz global vice president head of health nutrition division at New Jersey-based LycoRed. This growing awareness amongst women is part of our encouragement to keep investing in our cardiovascular nutrition health program and fine tuning it to be as beneficial as possible for women looking to improve cardiovascular health. Taking care one one s bones and joints is also vital for women as they get older. Being proactive about this issue will help many women remain active well into their gold years. AIDP conducted a survey of 400 postmenopausal women on bone health. Approximately 90 percent were aware that bone deteriorate as a women ages said Kathy Lund vice president of business development and marketing for AIDP Inc. in California. Surprisingly only 50 percent were taking something for bone health. This is likely due to the negative press on calcium. However 35 percent were aware of the role collagen plays in bone Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 AIDP offers KoACT a patented combination of collagen and calcium that is clinically proven superior to traditional bone remedies in improving bone mineral density. According to the company KoACT s patented composition drives collagen to the bone matrix providing a stronger more flexible bone. Its s unique collagen formula delivers more than bone mineral density. KoACT provides a strong flexible and fibrous protein network that supports bone structure and helps bone withstand daily impact. As one of the largest suppliers of chondroitin specialty calciums glucosamine and collagen of all types AIDP has developed an expertise in joint solutions Lund said. KollagenIIxs a type II collagen glycosaminoglycan offers the complete building blocks for cartilage support manufactured through a patented process. In addition maintaining one s mental faculties becomes a topic of great concern for women as they age especially if they witnessed their aging parents cognitive abilities deteriorate--they want to be proactive and not follow the same path if possible. AIDP s Magtein is the only form of magnesium shown to effectively cross the blood brain barrier. According to the company it increases brain synaptic density by rejuvenating neural cells. Four published research studies in prestigious journals demonstrated Magtein s ability to improve short-term and long-term memory recognition and learning as well as alleviating anxiety and phobia. Magtein is suitable for both the nutraceutical market and the food beverage channel. It has a clean taste is odorless highly soluble and is safe. It is FDA Nutrition Industry Executive 33 Worth (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and available exclusively through AIDP. Lastly until the fountain of youth is discovered physical signs of aging are inevitable. To hold off Father Time women often seek out anti-aging products to look and feel more youthful but are looking for more than promises on the labels. For more than a decade LycoRed has been a leader in digestible skincare ingredients and products noted Raz. Our commitment to digestible skin care and skin health led us to develop a unique composition that is being tested in a challenging set of preclinical and clinical trials he said. As we speak we are getting closer to the finish line of a well-controlled clinical trial with an investment of just over 1 million in that trial alone. Collagen has been a popular topical ingredient when it comes to skin health but ingesting it is gaining traction with U.S. women. An important building block collagen makes approximately 30 percent of the protein in the living body and 70 percent of the protein that makes up skin. Further collagen ensures the cohesion elasticity and regeneration of skin. AIDP s Naticol is a natural source of type I collagen peptides that is produced from 100 percent fish skin and scales through a validated and safe process in Europe. It is bioavailable allowing the body to circulate necessary amino acids used in collagen fibril synthesis and other connective tissues. Studies on Naticol and fish collagen peptides supplementation suggest health benefits related to skin hydration antioxidant and anti-aging according to the company. A Woman s UTI the likelihood of having another one escalates he said. While antibiotics are often prescribed for UTIs Foreman said that numerous studies have found that an increasing number of UTIs are resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotics have been the standard solution for urinary tract infections (UTIs) that are responsible for seven million doctors visits a year he said. But according to a newly released report from the World Health Organization every region of the world is reporting antibiotic resistance to UTIs. Reports of this resistance are alarming considering that UTI medication was introduced only in the 1980s. Now every part of the world is reporting the treatment basically ineffective. PNI s Cran-Max is a natural concentrated cranberry ingredient which has been scientifically proven to be effective in treating UTIs even in severe cases. Cranberry supplementation is key because it inhibits bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall preventing the spread of the infection according to Foreman. Cran-Max has leading research notably demonstrating dramatic results of fewer UTIs in humans explained Mosca. One groundbreaking study pitted Cran-Max against trimethoprim the top-prescribed antibiotic for UTIs and Cran-Max performed on par--but without any side effects. No other cranberry ingredient has this portfolio of human clinical efficacy. According to Maillard a woman s urogenital microflora is fragile and women are more commonly affected by digestive troubles than men. He noted that probiotics are beneficial for both issues. If we focus on urogenital troubles they are mainly linked to a disequilibrium of the vaginal microflora. studied in women having c-section. In addition we have the expertise to develop tailor-made probiotic combinations targeting feminine health but also everyday health and age-specific health based on our portfolio of probiotic strains noted Maillard. Safety First Women want to know that the ingredients and finished products that they are purchasing are not only safe but contain the right ingredients and do what they claim to. LycoRed s Raz noted that finished product manufacturers should accept that putting together few scientifically researched ingredients isn t good enough in 2015 and should aim to offer products that are proven to be effective as a finished product. This goal once achieved will improve the quality safety and efficacy of products sold on the market and as a direct result will increase the trust women have in the dietary supplements as an important part of their diet Raz said. Jeffers agreed noting that women are savvy buyers and they expect safety proof of performance and evidence backing the performance. In my opinion this can only be achieved with human clinical studies conducted at independent test sites where the evaluator can prove said results were achieved without the influence or contract of the study designer who might benefit from positive results he concluded. Clearly the FDA is cracking down on structure function claims and Helios CORP intends to stay ahead of this pattern by continuing to produce deeper and broader clinical evidence of our claims we are providing to the end user putting our ingredients in finished form. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about the link between early menopause and chronic fatigue syndrome. Ageless Issues While women may face health issues at specific times in their lives others can occur just about any time such as digestive health problems and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Foreman noted that health statistics estimate that nearly 50 percent of women will develop a UTI at some point in their lifetime with symptoms that include pain while urinating blood in the urine and pelvic pain. What s worse once you ve had a 34 Nutrition Industry Executive FORMOREINFORMATION Lallemand s Fermalac Vaginal is a probiotic vaginal capsule that is registered in many countries worldwide and sold for decades. The company also offers Lacidofil a probiotic food supplement combining L. rhamnosus Rosell-11 and L. helveticus Rosell-52 that is highly documented in various areas and Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 AIDP Inc. (866) 262-6699 Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. (631) 851-8810 Helios Corp. (505) 982-8836 Lallemand Health Solutions (450) 433-9139 LycoRed (973) 882-0322 Proprietary Nutritionals Inc. (519) 647-2071 April 2015 Go to lohmann for info about this advertiser The State of By Janet Poveromo The Participants Are Purity giving this a lot of oxygen which is concerning. Science doesn t always work in sound bites. The meticulousness of DNA testing doesn t make headlines. What is going to make headlines is Hey we tested these products and they didn t have what we expected to find based on DNA. Jaksch It seems to have had a significant impact on the industry in some ways more so than the announcement of FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Association) GMPs (good manufacturing practices). As an independent third party testing laboratory as well as regulatory and GMP consulting services we have seen a significant increase in business since the story broke. This action has forced some companies to take a serious look at the quality and GMP compliance of their products. As long as the NY AG continues to pursue this we expect that it will continue to drive further reflection. Yes I think it will stick especially if the NY AG keeps initiating new action as he has over the past couple of weeks. Das The news story is definitely getting a lot of attention and April 2015 Industry leaders discuss botanical adulteration in the supplement industry. Rupa Das Vice President of Global Quality and Compliance BI Nutraceuticals Long Beach CA (310) 669-2100 Daniel Fabricant PhD CEO Natural Products Association Washington DC (800) 966-6632 Gabriel Giancaspro PhD Vice President Foods Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines U.S. Pharmacopeia Rockville MD (800) 227-8772 Frank Jaksch Founder and CEO ChromaDex Inc. Irvine CA (949) 419-0288 Rupa Das Daniel Fabricant Gabriel Giancaspro Frank Jaksch H erbal products are under scrutiny like never before. Nutrition Industry Executive asked experts in the field their opinions on the state of botanical adulteration and how the issue can best be tackled. NIE The New York attorney general (NY AG) recently tested five herbal supplements from major retailers and stated the products did not include any of the herbs listed on their labels. How is this news story affecting the industry and will its 36 Nutrition Industry Executive stick with consumers Fabricant It affects the industry on a few levels. The first is sales and I don t think this affected sales. That s probably good news. The second is does this mean we re going to have 49 other states looking at this The answer is possibly. The third area is what s this going to do to affect us on a federal level Are we going to have the introduction of legislation that cites this sort of thing and I would say probably to that. Those are the lasting effects. The newspaper cycle is Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 suming a lot of time and effort by the industry to respond to it. The story will have an effect on consumer purchases however most consumers will still go by what works or does not work for them. The industry is pretty well regulated currently but not all players play by the rules. Giancaspro This obviously has a major impact on the industry. There are many industry members very concerned with quality that invest in systems to ensure quality and compliance with current GMPs. For them assurances are already in place but the story is a reminder that looking for savings in quality matters implies a risk in doing business including risk of litigation. We may suspect that other manufacturers would like to take advantage of the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) loopholes. For this other kind of manufacturers nothing is changing until the regulation is changed. It is interesting to note that the AG has chosen to analyze store brands rather than specialty brands. Is there a perception of saving in quality to reduce price Trade associations and other media are amplifying the discussion with many repercussions. It is hard to say how long this would last. Fortunately this story is not about dead or sickened people. It remains to be seen how general attorneys in other states respond to the way shown by NY. Should this cascade to other states the story will continue to run. NIE Should the supplement industry consider more regulation to combat Wild West accusations and eroding consumer confidence Fabricant Is there something the industry should do to address declining consumer confidence On a Federal level I wouldn t worry about consumer confidence. We have to worry about people in congressional office. What are they thinking That s where it starts. If you re not a member of a trade association you should be obviously preferably ours. Participate in political campaigns PACS. You should participate in grass roots efforts like we ve done. Get the word out. Let congress know I m a consumer I vote and as part of my liveliApril 2015 hood this is how I help keep my community health. Let s consider all the facts and all the facts appropriately. To help restore consumer trust would you suggest something such as requiring third party GMP testing I don t think you can require it. But yes of course that s a good idea. The industry wants quality products too. What are the stepping-stones toward taking the industry to a higher everevolving quality Also providing a clear understanding of what regulatory agencies require. The story will have an effect on consumer purchases however most consumers will still go by what works or does not work for them. The industry is pretty well regulated currently but not all players play by the rules. -- Rupa Das VP Global Quality & Compliance BI Nutraceuticals This is a political issue it isn t a scientific issue. I used to regulate supplements for the government I can tell you as a matter of fact this is a political issue and we have to engage politically. It has much less to do with the actual quality of products in terms of what the industry needs but how the industry is perceived. That s the action of trade associations and advocacy groups. I don t know if there s a direct way to hit it but I can tell you we ve been successful by getting thousands of emails and tweets up to the attorney generals office and that s been important. I think if the science was all the way there transparent in a peer reviewed and published in a prestigious journal but considering that it s not we ll look and see what remains. And what remains is the politics of the Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 issue and grabbing headlines. We have to show our industry is not interested in that and is not going to be supportive of that. These ideas don t stay in one place. It may spread to other states. This should be concerning to any industry not just to natural product retailers but to all retailers telling them what they can and cannot sell based on incomplete data. That s concerning. If it happens in this industry there s not an industry it can t happen to. Jaksch Two things to consider here. One is that the FDA has implemented GMPs for dietary supplements so the industry already has the appropriate framework for regulation in place therefore no new for more regulation. With that being said having a regulatory framework in place and enforcing that regulation are two different things. So if we all agree that the FDA GMPs already in place are in fact suitable then we need to get the FDA the resources (money budget) it needs to do its job and enforce the rules. My opinion is that the FDA division of dietary supplements needs to be carved out as its own division and receive a separate budget as well as an appropriate budget to fully enforce the regulations. The second thing to consider is self-regulation meaning that the market should maintain its own market surveillance by routinely pulling products off the shelf and testing these products for compliance. This entire attitude in the media about the market being Wild West or unregulated has been going on for as long as I have been in the market over 15 years now and I think that unregulated sentiment carries over to consumers including some regular dietary supplement users which I think is now supported with survey data. What does that mean well to me it is very simple whatever message the market is sending is not being heard so time for a change. A message of self-regulation initiative would send a strong message to the world that the market is willing to take a hard and critical look at itself. Giancaspro Third-party verification programs are not part of the current Nutrition Industry Executive 37 The State of Purity States since it brings a component of international harmonization. Would these manufacturers start to see DNA barcoding used by other countries to detain U.S. exports NIE How have GMPs affected botanical adulteration Jaksch In my opinion they haven t really affected it very much as evidenced by the continued flow of 483 s and warning letters coming from the FDA related to failure to perform appropriate identity testing of ingredients such as botanicals a trend that would continue to grow with increased enforcement. Don t get me wrong I think that there has been significant improvement since the FDA GMPs were put into place but that was more than seven years ago now and there are still plenty of failures in setting simple specifications and identity testing. Das The GMPs are forcing companies to identify the genus and species of the product they are selling. Giancaspro GMP requires identity testing for all incoming dietary ingredients in 100 percent of batches used for the manufacturing of dietary supplements. However GMPs gave to manufacturers the power to decide what test to use. Unless the manufacturers claim compliance with a public standard such as USP there is no way to know what quality specifications the products are subject to. Moreover two products labeled in the same way but produced by different manufacturers are likely to be subject to a different set of specifications with the consequent lack of consistency in quality of dietary supplements containing the same ingredients. This will not happen if both products claim compliance Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 with USP or if USP is mandated as the standard for all dietary supplements. NIE More than a year ago the FDA reported to the industry that 60 percent was not in compliance with GMPs. Has that improved Fabricant I haven t seen the recent numbers so whatever they are we can revisit the issue. There were some concerns early on with meeting GMPs and the agency has done a good job creating a deterrent and actively going against cases that have no interest in GMP compliance. NIE What are suppliers and manufacturers doing to address the issue of botanical adulteration What are the biggest challenges Jaksch Some are simply not doing enough if anything at all and that really needs to change. Quality is expensive but it can also be managed. If some of these companies would have started the process even at a slow pace seven years ago it would have made implementation costs much more manageable. Fixing these problems in damage control mode is much more expensive. Das Suppliers and manufacturers are doing more testing and partnering with reliable supply chain. Their biggest challenges in this area include Lack of standard testing methodology for ID For example a certain product may test ID positive by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) but ID negative by a different method. Not all labs are equipped to do all types of ID tests. In most cases several different types of ID tests are required to correctly identify the product. Lack of standardized methodology also leads to different results from different labs. Lack of proper standards Chemical constituents of the plants are impacted by weather. Therefore the standard being used may have been impacted differently than the sample and will produce different results. In case of extracts the extraction process may be different from one factory to another. This difference in process will affect the ID profile of the product. Therefore if the standard was produced under conditions different from the sample ID profiles of the standard and the sample will be different. Giancaspro The market laws of April 2015 regulation. Rather they are already an available choice for manufacturers and store brands. Manufacturers may promote a more relevant role of these programs within the regulations as another way to keep control rather than concede this role to government agencies. Yet another way to avoid this accusations is to make transparent what are the standards being followed. USP (United States Pharmacopeia) public specifications can help should these manufacturers or store brands have claimed compliance with USP specifications the AG would have known what standards to test against and what analytical procedures to use. Since USP standards are internationally recognized this approach would have an additional advantage to those exporting dietary supplements outside of the United 38 Nutrition Industry Executive price demand and competition drive the industry. In order to stay in business they must maximize the return and save costs. Responsible manufacturers will not save in quality costs at the risk being forced out of business. The biggest challenge will be to invest in quality keeping the competitiveness and consumer access to quality dietary supplements at reasonable price. NIE What kind of investment is needed by manufacturers to not only avoid adulteration but also produce a quality botanical product Jaksch Quality is done right comes at a cost but as I said before the costs can be managed but that would require a change in the way many of these companies do business. The quality control quality assurance costs will essentially be the same whether you are running 1 000 bottles or 100 000 bottles the costs will not be that much different but when you run 100 000 bottles that costs start to become a rounding error. Quality is not simply a matter of testing ingredients and products it goes way beyond that. It goes into the entire process of supply chain management and business practices. Manufacturers need to qualify vendors and part of purchasing practices including physical audits and inspections as well as sign formal contracts or agreements with these vendors defining the expectations under the relationship. You cannot test quality into a product it needs to be manufactured properly first. Das If the manufacturer has to test every incoming material per spec it would be a huge investment whether they have an in-house lab or use third party testing labs. However if their supplier has the testing capability in place manufacturers do not have to test all the parameters for every incoming material. They can qualify their supplier and validate the supplier COA on a periodic basis. This will reduce testing duplication and cost. Giancaspro Analytical equipment laboratory personnel quality systems (quality assurance) supply chain control third party verification programs. NIE How has detection of adulterants improved Jaksch Sure there have been some advances in analytical testing technology and I think that there are some April 2015 new advances with techniques such as NMR that have been around for a long time but advancement in software and data analysis have changed the game but more on that later as we are not quite there yet but getting closer. There is no best testing methodology. In reality there is no single analytical test method available that will work for everything unless someone of course invents the Star Trek tricorder but until then we will need to work with what we have available. Testing botanicals can be challenging but not insurmountable. In reality because of the complexity of botanicals an orthogonal approach must be employed which means sometime more than one analytical method is necessary to really confirm identity. advances in chemometrics made easier to detect a material that presents variations with respect to a set of what is typically expected for that material. It would be very difficult and even inappropriate to say what works best in every case. In many cases simple methodologies of handheld equipment like Raman or NIR may work fine for an initial screening in real time. Microscopy is an inexpensive way to look for adulteration but requires specialized operators. Further confirmation may require more sophisticated methodologies like different types of spectrometers (NMR and MS) and chromatographic procedures. Perhaps the most universal equipment to analyze a sample suspected of adulteration is the HPLC-MS. NIE Where can industry members get training or other assistance on avoiding adulteration and testing methodology Jaksch There have been training program and seminars discussing the topic of botanical identity testing going on in this industry as long as I have been actively involved which is more than 15 years now. There are many great resources available such as NPA AHP USP AHPA AOAC NIH-ODS NIST the list goes on ... not to mention several very good laboratories and consulting businesses than can help navigate this process. If you look hard enough you will find a lot of published material available to address many of these issues. Das There are several industry organizations such as AHPA ABC AHP and USP that are working on adulteration issues. There is a lot of information available on their websites. Also there are training sessions offered by these organizations as well as thirdparty testing labs to help the industry in these matters. Giancaspro There are numerous organizations offering basic training on the use of specific methodologies applied to the issue of adulteration. Equipment manufacturers usually do this. USP has a pharmacopeial education program that may help in this regard. Manufacturers need to qualify vendors and part of purchasing practices including physical audits and inspections as well as sign formal contracts or agreements with these vendors defining the expectations under the relationship. You cannot test quality into a product it needs to be manufactured properly first. -- Frank Jaksch Founder & CEO ChromaDex Inc. Das Sensitivity of testing methodology has vastly improved over the years and has led to better detection of adulterants. Depending on what form the product is received in (dried powder extract blend) the ID testing methodology will be different. In most cases more than one technique may be required to confirm ID. Giancaspro The vast majority of adulteration of dietary supplements with drugs occurs with known adulterants. It is easier than ever to know what to test for using a targeted approach. Libraries of analytical data of known adulterants help with the detection using targeted approach. For a non-targeted approach recent Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Extra Extra Visit to read Fabricant s suggestions to the industry on confronting botanical adulteration and the NY AG s accusations. Nutrition Industry Executive 39 ProductionLine Special Delivery When it comes to delivery format innovations consumers--especially children and seniors--are willing to give them a try. By Lisa Schofield N ew and improved. What does that truly mean If something that already exists is improved can it truly be new To most consumers the answer is yes. If it is a product that has been dramatically improved then it does possess the appeal of new. And this is where formulating--and reformulating--with newer delivery options may give you that competitive edge. Tablets capsules and soft gels remain top-of-mind and the dominant form of consumption however when presented with new formats that propose the bonus of flavor ( a little treat ) or a different experience consumers are ready and willing to give it a shot. Plus there are many folks who either cannot swallow pills have some difficulty doing so or just do not prefer it at all. David Cai PhD consumer health business development manager of New Jersey-based BASF Nutrition & Health noted that according to market research 68 percent of all U.S. adults report taking dietary supplements yet nearly one-third of consumers do not always comply with their supplement regimen because they forget it doesn t taste good or they have difficulty swallowing pills. Pill fatigue is driving the need for user-friendly novel formats to 40 Nutrition Industry Executive integrate dietary supplements in one s daily routine he said. As the market for natural products has grown so has the need to develop new ways to take them observed Mitch Skop senior director of new product development for Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. in New Jersey. Tablets and capsules are easy and inexpensive to manufacture however according to a Harris Interactive Poll as many as 40 percent of American adults either can t swallow them or prefer not to. Skop reported that with increasing frequency Pharmchem s customers have been requesting ingredients suitable for use in a wide variety of new delivery alternatives including chewable tablets soft chews ready-to-mix powders liquids and blast-cap technologies. In addition the company is more often asked to provide specific mesh or solubility or flavor profiles to accommodate specific needs or to solubilize an otherwise insoluble ingredient for use in a beverage. A main driver of development of innovative delivery system Cai added is the increased awareness of supplement needs for specific consumer groups such as children or elderly people who have difficulty swallowing Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 tablets or pills. Because 30 percent of most dietary supplements are still in traditional formats like pills and tablets other forms are especially relevant for seniors--more than three quarters of the population of those aged 55-plus regularly use vitamins and usage of vitamins minerals and supplements increases with age. Lynda Doyle vice president of global marketing for New Jersey-based OmniActive Health Technologies asserted that the delivery system is just as important as the ingredients themselves. No matter how good or potent the ingredient is without the right delivery system the ingredient may not provide the intended benefit for a number of reasons. Doyle explained the need for continued R&D in delivery is often based on the raw materials themselves. Many nutritional ingredients are hard to handle unstable insoluble not bioavailable or have organoleptic issues. Sometimes an ingredient will have all of those characteristics that make it difficult to formulate for mainstream consumers. The need for the most effective delivery becomes apparent she said when an ingredient needs to be converted to forms for specialized applications that require specific April 2015 tures such as solubility dispersibility stability bioavailability or taste-masking. Technology Spotlight The disparity of technologies that provide unique delivery experiences for the consumer--as well as the all-important preservation of the actives contained within for optimum bioavailability-- showcases the gains in sophistication achieved by the dietary supplement industry and portends a much more vigorous future. Omniactive OmniBead beadletting technology was developed to stabilize ingredients and protect against organoleptic issues allowing them to be included into a larger variety of products. A prime example is capsaicinoids (from hot peppers) which can cause oral and gastric upset when taken in the amounts needed for weight management. OmniBead beadleting technology to encapsulate the pungent capsaicinoids of red hot peppers without the burn associated with consuming unprotected capsicum enables formulators to include it in viable amounts to their products. OmniBead also helps protect the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin for greater inclusion into a variety of products. Capsicum extract has posed challenges not only to consumers but production line employees noted Doyle because it is an irritant and is a small particle size making it difficult to clean machinery after processing. Capsicum particles easily become airborne causing irritation to formulators in the lab and operators on the production floor. OmniBead beadlet technology enrobes the pungent capsaicinoids in a controlled release coating protecting both manufacturers employees from irritation during handling and the consumer from gastric irritation. UltraSOL is a molecular dispersion ingredient technology that converts lipophilic nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients and enhances the bioavailability of poorly absorbed nutrients. According to Doyle UltraSOL provides greater dispersibility to ingredients that may be difficult to include in aqueous systems and increased bioavailability of nutrients that poorly absorb naturally in the body. OmniActive employed its UltraSOL technology to enhance the bioavailabiliApril 2015 ty and solubility of curcumin by dispersing a highly purified powder (95 percent curcuminoids) in a water-soluble carrier along with other food grade excipients and antioxidants to prevent the degradation of curcumin. CurcuWIN is a turmeric extract powder (20 percent curcuminoids) with solubilized curcuminoids in a special food-grade matrix which withstands metabolic degradation and enables higher uptake of curcuminoids in a naturally balanced ratio. OmniBead and UltraSol platforms allow many new and exciting bioactives to enter the market and these technologies have also been instrumental in creating new categories and allowing formulators the differentiating factors that they would need to make them unique contenders in a competitive landscape Doyle explained. Pharmachem DietSpice is a brand new and tasty way for consumers to control carbohydrate absorption. An example of Pharmachem s ability to match a need in the marketplace said Skop is its con- cept brand DietSpice which he called the world s first functional seasoning for weight control. DietSpice is a family of tasty seasoning blends containing Phase 2 Carb Controller previously only available in tablets and capsules. This new form enables marketers to offer consumers a flavorful way to season their food and reduce carb calories. Unlike some other ingredients Phase 2 is essentially odorless and tasteless yet Skop asserted that the primary challenge was producing it in the proper granule size and adding the appropriate flavor--Italian Asian Cinnamon Sweetener or Butter and Spice. Pharmachem relied upon the expertise of its master formulator Mahesh Desai to develop each DietSpice packet to not only be delicious but to contain the viable amount of the active Phase 2. Because of our vertically integrated processing capabilities we can change particle size improve solubility flow characteristics and taste consistency from batch to batch (blend uniformity) Skop explained. Go to herballyyours for info about this advertiser Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 41 ProductionLine BASF BASF delivery systems include a broad range from chewable tablets orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) gummies emulsions stick packs and chewable soft gel capsules. But said Cai when certain ingredients are used integrated taste-masking or modified release technologies may be needed. For example caffeine-containing orally disintegrating tablets with built-in taste masking and modified release technology can deliver the energy boost throughout a period of time without compromising on taste. These types of disintegrating tablets provide consumers convenience to get an energy boost anywhere anytime without having access to water. To minimize soft gel sizes for omega3 supplements BASF has introduced a broad range of high-concentrate omega oils high in EPA or high in DHA depending upon the consumer target group and targeted health condition. These high concentrate omega oils were developed leveraging BASF s Pronova s decade-long experience in producing pharma grade omega products (Lovaza Omacor). These oils are designed to deliver high doses of EPA DHA with outstanding purities low intake of saturated fats and superior oxidation characteristics. The overarching challenge Cai noted is to make the product consumer-friendly with the same effectiveness and health benefits of conventional tablets and capsules. BASF Consumer Health provides differentiation opportunities with delivery forms and technologies to help customers overcome R&D issues. BASF s proprietary co-processed excipient--Ludiflash--offers customers an all-in-one excipient (filler disintegrant flow aid binder) to make orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) that melt in the mouth within seconds for ease of swallowing. ents are absorbed. Vieceli reported that in 2013 the results of a scintigraphic in-vivo study of DRcaps capsules definitively showed that the specially formulated acid-resistant HPMC capsules are an excellent choice for delayed and targeted delivery of acid-sensitive ingredients like probiotics and enzymes. Data and images empirically demonstrated the capsules effective protection from early activation caused by stomach acids and for a majority of study subjects complete release in intestines where products such as probiotics work best. More specifically the capsules began release in a mean time of 52 minutes after ingestion and when they were about to leave the stomach--a full 45 minutes later than an immediate release capsule. The capsules completely released the ingredients in a mean time of 72 minutes after ingestion and when most of the ingredients would most likely be in the intestines he explained. Coni-Snap sprinkle capsules are hard capsules enabling the contents--usually multi-particulates or bead formulations--to be orally administered by simply opening the capsule and then sprinkling the contents onto soft food. The motivation for development said Vieceli was to fit the specific needs of a growing number of consumers who have difficulty swallowing pills and capsules. The sprinkle capsule was designed to be much easier to open than the standard capsules used with powder or multi-particulate formulations to work on standard capsule filling machines and to stay closed once filled. There were two specific R&D challenges for Coni-Snap sprinkle capsules Vieceli explained. First was to create a capsule that was easier for consumers to open and use than the standard capsules for sprinkled contents. Capsugel invented a capsule closure that reduced the force required to reopen from a fully closed position by a factor of four (four times easier to open) compared with standard capsules. A consumer panel of 37 tested the performance of prefilled Coni-Snap sprinkle capsules and traditional standard prefilled capsules and 81 percent found the Coni-Snap sprinkle capsule very easy or easy to open compared to 29 percent favoring the standard capsule opening. Second was creating a capsule that could withstand normal filling packaging and transportation conditions without separation or loss of content due to April 2015 Capsugel DRcaps are vegetarian capsules with acid-protective properties that slow down the capsule opening after swallowing. Made of low-moisture hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) that helps keep acid-sensitive ingredients stable in the package before ingestion the capsule also disintegrates more slowly than conventional gelatin or HPMC capsules helping protect the capsule contents from opening in stomach acid after swallowing said Capsugel s Mark Vieceli senior director sales marketing and business development. The capsules delay opening without the addition of synthetic chemicals solvents or other coating ingredients. Eliminating the coating step could reduce production time and cost for manufacturers. It is also appealing to nutritional health companies whose customers often perceive coatings as unnatural he said. The impetus for developing DRcaps was three-fold the booming growth of probiotic use among the general public the potential takeoff of enzyme consumption and the recognition that many sports nutrition ingredients are acid-sensitive. Capsugel created a polymer with special inherent properties so the capsule would not disintegrate in the stomach but would open immediately once the pH rose above 6.8 which is the average pH level of the entry into the intestines where probiotics and enzymes work best and most ingredi- 42 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 reduced locking force. Capsugel invented a locking-unlocking component that would work for manufacturers during filling packaging and transportation of product as well as for easier end-use opening by the consumer. To test the effectiveness of this newly created locking force mechanics for sprinkle capsules Capsugel put two lots of 10 000 capsules through a transportation study. Empty locked capsules were reopened for filling filled with ingredients using a semi-automatic filling machine closed to recommended closed length inspected for proper closing and no loose pieces bulk packaged and shipped via air to a bottling facility bottled (to include applying sealers childresistant caps and neck bands) then shipped to final study destination. According to Vieceli the capsules maintained robust performance throughout the various processes showing zero loss of pieces or premature separation after encapsulation before bottling after bottling and during final transportation. the straw affects none of the parameters as GanedenBC30 has been optimized to impart no sensory changes in finished products Bush reported. These are but a few examples of what supply innovators now offer and a taste of what s to come. When considering your new and or improved heavily consider new delivery options--the same old same old may lead to line stagnation if not industry stagnation. Stagnation occurs when you stay in the same place too long Skop said. Consumer demands are constantly changing. If you re not moving forward developing new convenient delivery systems that meet their needs you re going to become stale. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION BASF Nutrition and Health (800) 526-1072 Capsugel (888) 783-6361 Ganeden Biotech (440) 229-5200 OmniActive Health Technologies (866) LUTEMAX (588-3629) Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. (800) 526-0609 Ganeden Biotech According to Michael Bush senior vice president of Ohio-based Ganeden Biotech the company partnered with CapAble in order to create a telescoping GanedenBC30 probiotic straw. The straws have 1 billion CFU of GanedenBC30 and can be seamlessly applied to Tetra Pak and other shelf-stable beverage containers such as milk or juice boxes pouches and bottles. The probiotics are in the straw so all that is needed is to unwrap the straw and use it to enjoy your favorite drink he explained. The look and feel of the straw is similar to what you would find on your child s juice box and because GanedenBC30 is extremely safe for all ages and does not change the texture or taste of the product the straw will be especially attractive to children s beverage manufacturers. The shelf-stable beverage category has always been a technical challenge Bush emphasized but this new straw enables GanedenBC30 to be integrated into shelf stable beverages of all types which he noted was not possible prior to this innovation. The technical challenges of producing the straw were handled by CapAble while Ganeden Biotech focused on stability and ensuring a beneficial level of GanedenBC30 in each straw. As far as sensory issues (texture flavor fragrance etc.) drinking through April 2015 Go to nutraceutix for info about this advertiser Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 43 MarketingInnovations Measuring Marketing Success with Online Brand Analytics B Y T O D D PA U L I W I T H S U Z A N N E S H E LT O N easuring marketing results can be a tricky business with some aspects being more quantifiable than others. When it comes to identifying what marketing activities are working and what needs to be rethought the key is to leverage the measurable activities in your plan to give a more holistic picture of how well your marketing strategy is driving sales and brand awareness. Back in January 2014 before I joined Suzanne Shelton at The Shelton Group we had a conversation about the expanded capabilities of the business including analytics and measuring client success. It s a conversation that summed up the who what why and how of measuring digital advertising and it s a discussion we ve found helpful to recount for clients on occasion. So for those of you who have ever wondered how do I know if my website digital ads and all of those social media posts are really working We have revisited that early analytics 101 conversation below to demystify all of that digital data. Shelton Okay so there are tools out there that can give me information to fine tune a company s digital marketing Pauli That s right. Hundreds of tools are available to measure everything from your website visits to the number of people finding your brand through social media and the good news is that many of the tools are free. Sure there are more expensive options that give you even deeper insights but for most companies just beginning to measure their digital efforts the free tools work really well. Shelton Where is a good place to M start Pauli Well you really don t start with any online resources at all. The first step is reviewing what products you re selling and the buyers you are trying to reach. Clearly defined sales objectives and an understanding of your intended audience will be the information you ll use to determine the success of your online marketing efforts. Once you have an overall view of what you are trying to accomplish and who you are trying to reach it s time to start assessing your digital marketing efforts. The first place to start is with your website. Head to analytics and sign-up for a Google Analytics account. Once you ve verified your website Google Analytics will provide a block of code you can drop into your website pages. The code won t be viewable to the public but it will track visitor behavior and all kinds of other metrics to help determine the success of your website. After a few weeks of collecting data you ll have information about how long website visitors stay on your site the paths they take to move through your site and even demographic information to help you start building a customer profile. It can also tell you if there is a specific page on the site that may need revising based upon viewer behavior. Google also allows users to set up specific conversion goals. A conversion is a specific site action a visitor performs. For instance if your brand sells a finished product to the public a helpful conversion to track would be the Add to Cart button associated with a product or the Find a Store link if the product isn t sold online. If Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 you sell ingredients you ll likely want to track actions that indicate an interest in receiving a sales follow-up or opting-in for additional brand information. Actions like white paper downloads newsletter sign-ups and clicking to email the sales team are great B2B conversions to track for ingredient suppliers. The point in tracking website behavior and visitor conversions is to identify opportunities for improving the site content and optimizing the navigation to make sure site visitors are becoming paying customers. Shelton What about online ads Are there metrics to measure the success of the campaigns clients run Pauli Definitely. This is also a function of Google Analytics. Whenever you send a digital ad to a media outlet you can easily include a specialized URL that will track the success of the campaign. Google supplies an easy form that prompts details like campaign theme the website the ad will appear on and the format of the ad. With this information attached to the URL when a person clicks on a banner ad or any type of link your Google Analytics account will display information about that campaign. You can find the form here https analytics answer 1033867. Tracking ad clicks not only reveals how the ad performed overall it can also tell where the visitor headed within your site after clicking the ad. This information will reveal a lot about the success a particular ad campaign and whether or not the ads are driving people to the conversion goals set up on your site. Tracking ad campaigns with Google April 2015 44 Nutrition Industry Executive Understanding Facebook Analytics Facebook s in-depth metrics section Insights can reveal a lot about your online audience and the success of the content you share. Here s a quick breakdown of the Insights section to help you get started Likes--This is the metric most people are familiar with and it represents the number of fans a page has. Reach--The number of people your page post was served to reflects not only the people who previously liked your page but also the number of views gained by those people sharing commenting and liking individual posts. Pages--This section shows how many times your page was viewed. One valuable metric found here is the listing of top referring sites. Your company website will likely be a top referrer but also look for other sites that may be leading visitors to your brand like partner websites or media sites where you advertise. Posts--The Posts page breaks down each of your brand posts and tells how many people saw your content and how many people engaged with the post (liked shared or commented on it). Look for trends in this section that reveal what type of content your audience reacts to and make sure to tailor the posting strategy accordingly. People--This section provides an overview of the audience and shows how fans demographic profiles stack up to the general Facebook user statistics. You ll see metrics showing fans by gender age and geographic region as well as reach and engagement numbers for each group. This information is extremely helpful in determining what content will likely drive further brand engagement. Also once you have a large enough brand presence on Facebook this section can be a good indicator of your online audience in general. April 2015 Analytics is also tremendously useful when it s time to renew advertising contracts. Any ad rep these days will be able to provide online ad impressions and click through rates but in our specialized industry most click through rates average about the same from website to website. What s really valuable is knowing which advertising opportunities led to meaningful audience engagement on the site. For instance an ad that results in visitors signing up for an email newsletter means you now have a way to reach out to that potential customer regularly and move them through the sales pipeline. Knowing which advertising opportunities are successful in this way allows you to shift advertising budget to those sites that deliver the best conversion rates and we all know it s easier to negotiate rates when you have meaningful metrics to guide the process. Shelton Is there a way to track the success of social media Pauli Yes there are a lot of methods available to track the success of your social media efforts and even use metrics to get a better picture of exactly who makes up your social audience. While not free Sprout Social ( is a reasonably priced tool for tracking your brand s social media efforts as well as associated campaigns and hash tags. If you re searching for information about brand sentiment or the way your brand or products are perceived online Social Mention ( is a great free tool. Simply enter a keyword on the homepage and social mention will search blog posts and popular social sites like Twitter YouTube and Reddit to provide an idea of how frequently your brand is being discussed the ratio of positive vs. negative comments being made and the top sources and hash tags associated with the keyword. For a deeper look into your brand s Facebook audience you can t go wrong with Facebook s own Insights section. Provided you have admin rights to your brand page you ll find the Insights tab along the top navigation menu. From there you can drill down into more specific metrics about your page s likes reach visits posts and people. Another aspect of digital marketing that is important to track is your email newsletter. So much of today s digital marketing landscape is about building an engaged audience and email newsletters continue to play a vital role in that process. Using MailChimp or a Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 similar email service allows you to track newsletter activity by measuring opens clicks and even partnering with Google Analytics to tell what website pages individual email recipients visit after reading your newsletter. Identifying newsletter performance provides the ability to segment and audience by their interests and provides an opportunity to tailor content to each segment leading to higher conversion rates. Shelton Once a brand manager knows where to look for analytics what should she do with the information Pauli The key to using analytics is to identify trends in terms of the content a brand posts online and the makeup of the brand s audience. Using analytics to identify these trends will help you adjust the marketing strategy to convert as many people as possible from casual site visitors to engaged customers and brand advocates. A great way to keep track of trends is to develop a monthly digital scorecard that tracks the brand s entire online audience and reflects the growth trends across all the online and social channels your brand uses. The scorecard should also highlight content trends showing how your website digital advertising social media and newsletter content work together to build a loyal brand audience. NIE The Shelton Group is a boutique public relations and marketing agency working exclusively in the dietary supplements and natural products industry since 1990. Suzanne Shelton has provided public relations services to both international and domestic dietary supplement and natural products manufacturers suppliers and associations. Todd Pauli works with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that integrate social media advertising and content marketing. Prior to joining The Shelton Group Pauli led marketing communications efforts for several well-known businesses including NOW Foods one of the largest supplement manufacturers in the natural channel. Nutrition Industry Executive 45 Ingredient Marketplace 2015 Booth Preview April 7-9 2015 Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando FL The following companies advertising in this issue have submitted information for Ingredient Marketplace--product launches show specials and special services are all included below. In addition we have included their booth numbers with each listing and encourage in-person meetings to learn more. Avanti Polar Lipids Inc.--Booth 244 Avanti Polar Lipids (Alabaster AL) Analytical Services Division provides extensive laboratory testing using modern analytical techniques to the research food nutraceutical and pharmaceutical communities for their lipid-related projects. Testing under cGLP and cGMP is available with appropriate notification and preparation. For more information call (205) 663-2494 or visit Ayush Herbs Inc.--Booth 508 Ayush Herbs Inc. (Redmond WA) will be introducing its new patent ingredient Amala Oxy as well as shilajit triphala ashwagandha curcumin saffron and morus alba. For more information call (800) 925-1371 or visit Jiaherb Inc.--Booth 428 Jiaherb Inc. (Parsippany NJ) is a top-tier sponsor at this year s Ingredient Marketplace. The company sources and sells ingredients of herbal botanicals to food beverage and nutraceutical industries. Using optimized formulations it currently offers more than 400 ingredients to other markets as well such as pharmaceutical and cosmetics. Jiaherb operates in a state-of-art facility that is strictly in compliance with cGMPs. In addition to being a leading herbal extract manufacturer that is unmatched by other foreignbased companies Jiaherb provides clients with professional technology and customized service to help them develop innovative products. For more information call (888) JIAHERB or visit Nutraceutix 3243 Visit the Nutraceutix (Redmond WA) booth to learn more about the company s next generation of patented and patent-pending BIO-tract delivery system enhancements for tablets caplets and its new advanced capsules. Nutraceutix will also be sponsoring this event and will be holding a probiotics workshop. You will also find Nutraceutix at the SupplySide You Service Center. Visit booth 3243 to learn about Nutraceutix s current offering of natural probiotic organisms. For more information call (425) 883-9518 or visit Sabinsa Corporation--Booth 413 Sabinsa Corporation (East Windsor NJ) has introduced uC3 Clear a new form of curcumin which is completely water soluble a major breakthrough in curcumin technology. Curcumin health drinks are very popular in countries like Japan which consume it for managing joint health liver health antioxidant oxidative stress and even hangovers said Anurag Pande PhD Sabinsa vice president of scientific affairs. However poor curcumin solubility and resulting sedimentation in these beverages make it visually unappealing. While nano technology has been able to overcome some of the limitations many people just aren t comfortable ingesting nanos. Our R&D scientists have created uC3 CLEAR to make curcumin visually appealing without adding a science fictional element to it. uC3 CLEAR not only provides an improved more convenient delivery system for curcumin but also overcomes the challenges and limitations that can be present with solid dosage delivery systems such as poor disintegration slow dissolution or difficulty swallowing thus enhancing the uptake of curcumin. The GRAS status of Curcumin C3 Complex extends to uC3 CLEAR. Sabinsa s expertise with curcumin innovation is indisputable with Curcumin C3 Reduct solving the problem of staining and C3 Complex the most clinically researched curcumin in the world. For more information call (732) 777-1111 or visit 46 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 April 2015 ContractManufactureroftheMonth James VanBrocklin Axiom Nutraceuticals 33 Herring Rd. Newnan GA 30265 Phone (877) 524-8239 (770) 683-6033 Website Axiom Nutraceuticals is a full-service contract manufacturer of dietary supCEO plements and other nutritional products. Axiom s 100 000-square-foot state-of-the-art GMP (good manufacturing practice) and FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-compliant manufacturing facility capabilities include a complete portfolio of tablets capsules powders liquids and creams as well as a staff of highly knowledgeable scientists chemists and biologists to aid with formulation and production. Axiom also offers nutritional support through an innovative doctors advisory team custom labeling and packaging marketing support quality control and dynamic fulfillment services. James VanBrocklin is CEO of Axiom Nutraceuticals. Although relatively new to the nutrition industry VanBrocklin has several decades of experience managing and growing successful businesses in B2B B2C and MLM environments. With strong leadership and strategic vision as well as a commitment to ethical business practices VanBrocklin has built a team of industry leaders in sales nationally recognized marketing talent full-time physician oversight as well as a highly skilled IT and operations directors in order to best serve nutritional distributors around the globe. NIE Axiom offers a number of services including private labeling custom formulation fulfillment and marketing. How does the company work with companies to ensure that get exactly what they want need VanBrocklin Every customer works with a dedicated account executive throughout each step of the process in order to ensure accuracy as well as determine the unique needs and provide tailored solutions for each specific business model. With extensive knowledge of the nutritional health and dietary supplement marketplace the account executive can support dietary supplement distributors with formulation and nutritional information logo and brand development FDA compliant labeling comprehensive marketing support and global warehousing logistics and shipping services. es. Axiom Nutraceuticals brand update was designed to align with our long term strategic vision emphasizing the need for high-quality direct supplement manufacturing stringent quality control measures and providing distributors with safe effective product that they can rely on. NIE In December Axiom Nutraceuticals launched a new website for nutraceutical distributors. What does the new website offer and why did the company decide to refresh the brand VanBrocklin Axiom Nutraceuticals recently unveiled a new website featuring a modern and streamlined look that allows dietary supplement distributors to easily view product information find the latest industry news and learn more about Axiom s streamlined contract manufacturing processes and nutraceutical distributor support servicApril 2015 NIE Axiom Nutraceuticals recently acquired a new facility. What was the purpose of this acquisition How does it help the company expand VanBrocklin Axiom Nutraceuticals recently acquired Metaugus LLC located in North Georgia and all related assets. This acquisition was designed to allow Axiom to better serve a rapidly growing customer base with both large and custom orders as well as to provide structured quality control for supplement distributors. Unlike other wholesale private label nutraceutical manufacturers Axiom Nutraceuticals is not a middleman which allows for complete control of ingredient purchasing vendor selection and guarantees highquality contract manufacturing by allowing Axiom to monitor multiple quality control checks throughout the development cycle. NIE Jeffrey Hendricks MD has been named chief medical advisor to Axiom s Medical Advisory Board. What is the purpose of the medical advisory board and what will Hendricks bring to it VanBrocklin The medical advisory board has been developed to proCelebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 vide dietary supplement distributors access to accurate and FDA-compliant nutritional advice for marketing and other distribution purposes. The medical advisory board also supports distributors during formulation and development. This unique service sets Axiom Nutraceuticals apart from many other distributors and provides our customers with comprehensive education that can help increase sales and profit. Dr. Hendricks expertise includes a vast amount of clinical knowledge along with a passion for studying how nutritional supplementation can positively affect health which can be leveraged to assist distributors in each step of the supplement manufacturing process. NIE Axiom recently made a charitable donation to Vitamin Angels. Why did Axiom choose that charity and what other organizations does the company support VanBrocklin Vitamin Angels is a truly worthy cause with a long-standing history of vitamin distribution to high-risk populations. As a dietary supplement manufacturer we feel that it is important not only to provide our customers with high-quality nutraceuticals but to also support those less fortunate while also promoting the benefits of nutritional supplementation. Axiom is planning on supporting several other philanthropic organizations throughout 2015 and is currently evaluating both local and national charity opportunities. Nutrition Industry Executive 47 Equipment&Packaging Heat Technology Texas-based HeatGenie has announced its newly developed patent-pending Recloseable Easy-Open End technology available for license. The technology is highly efficient with self-heating packaging and is in consumer trials with a handful of food and beverage categories which continues to be the company s focus. It is currently manufactured under a license by WANHO Manufacturing LLC an ISO 9001 2000 certified manufacturer. HeatGenie is designed to be reclosed and offers additional consumer-friendly advantages with greater ease of opening the elimination of sharp edges and at a cost that is comparable to existing easy-open ends currently in commercial use. It is available in a variety of sizes from a conventional pour spout to quarter half and full aperture food cans. HeatGenie Recloseable technology is shared with leading food and beverage companies under non-disclosure agreements and will soon be licensed for production. For more information call (512) 501-3800 or visit Separate Shaker Manufacturing and packaging startup company Amerigo Laboratories (Lenexa KS) launched its innovative and interactive dual-chamber bottle in North America. It keeps dry functional ingredients separate from liquid contents until the moment of use the company explained. The New Shaker as the bottle model is called is a single-dose and dual-chamber system to store dry functional ingredient powders in a plug and plunger placed under the cap with a flavored liquid contained in the bottle. All consumers have to do is screw the cap down past the safety ring until the cap lies easily on the bottle s shoulder. This causes the plunger to press through the plug which releases the dry powder into the liquid. Give the bottle a quick shake remove the cap and you have a delicious drinkable beverage. The separation of the powder and liquid is crucial to keep functional ingredients the most stable and fresh as physically possible which also helps to prevent degradation. This unique packaging offers consumers more opportunities to mix an array of ingredients and ingredient types into liquid formats. The bottle is available in sizes ranging from 5-60 ml in a variety of colors and shapes. For more information call (913) 742-2187 or visit Advertiser Index Alkemist Labs Avanti Polar Lipids Ayush Herbs Biova LLC Chemi Nutra Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. Generex Labs Healthco Herbally Yours Jiaherb Inc. Mack Flavor Ingredients Inc. Nutraceutix Inc. Nutritional Engineering Inc. PLT Health Solutions Inc. Sabinsa Corporation Saybrook University Soma Labs Inc. 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