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Description: Want the best tips for a healthy summer? Look no further! This issue is packed with tasty recipes, secrets only doctors know, and an inspiring story about how 92-year-old Scottsdale conservationist, Jane Rau, saved the Sonoran Desert and her health.

Our Favorite 49 Calorie Dessert And other healthy no-bake summer recipes 92-Years-Young SUMMER 2014 How Scottsdale conservationist Jane Rau saved the Sonoran Desert and her health 7 FAMILY-FRIENDLY WAYS TO BEAT THE HEAT SECRETS ONLY DOCTORS KNOW Our experts reveal them all THE ULTIMATE SUMMER SKIN GUIDE PLUS How to choose the right sunscreen 9 HEALTH EXAMS YOU AREN T DOING ...but should be Are you aging too quickly TAKE THE QUIZ STRESS TEST You shouldn t have to worry about healthcare coverage for your family. You ve got plenty on your plate already. When you re used to healthcare as usual you may find this a bit hard to believe. Our simple and honest healthcare plan always includes 24 7 365 concierge Visit-by-Phone access Unlimited Primary Care Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (including Chiropractic) Same Day Next Day AppointmentsTM On-Time GuaranteeTM Individual Plan Family Plan 150 per month 300 per month Learn more about healthcare coverage options for your family online at healthstyle Contents Editor s Letter ....................................................................... 3 Avoid a summer meltdown with advice from Healthstyle s Editor-in-Chief. Healthy Appetite Food Therapy with Bethany Lindsey .............................. 4 Step away from the oven and make these healthy no-bake recipes instead courtesy of nutritionist Bethany Lindsey. Doctor s Orders 9 Health Exams You re (Probably) Not Doing But Should Be ........................................................................ 8 Stay on top of your health with these doctor-recommended exams. Ask the Experts .................................................................. 12 Your health questions answered Our panel of medical experts shares their secrets. Inspiring Valley woman Jane Rau talks about breaking boundaries on what is possible at 92-years-old. PAGE 16 Mindful Saving the Sonoran Desert ............................................. 16 Scottsdale conservationist Jane Rau shares her inspiring tale about saving Arizona s Sonoran Desert and preserving her health at 92-years-old. Vitality 7 Ways to Beat Summer Heat ......................................... 26 Snap out of summer boredom and have some fun with these cool family-friendly activities. Summer Skin Guide ............................................................ 28 Easy how-to hints for protecting your skin and preventing melanoma. Mommy Knows Best .......................................................... 30 Our favorite mommyhood expert shares her pro tips for fun and protective summer fashion. Just for Fun Puzzle Page .......................................................................... 34 Are you aging gracefully Take our quiz to find out. Deborah Brandon Photography Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 1 SPECIAL THANKS ON THE COVER Ajsa Alikadich Mike Bechtol David Berg Guy Berry Keith Biggs Kimberly Brabentz Deborah Brandon Robert Byrne Aaron Castiglione Charles Clark Lisa Conrad Anna Czuprinski Amy D Acquisto Rob Davidson Vicki Dean Linda Farris Joe Feltham Danielle Giordano Ted Grasse Kathy Heasley Doug Houvener Bob Iversen Janice Johnston Megan Jorgensen Kayla Knisley Theresa Lambe Ken Levin Bethany Lindsey Ernesto Meza Jane Rau Bruce Richardson Dianne Salazar Gail Shoultes Talia Vandegrift Aida Vega Annette Valenzuela Michael Wells Robert West Kim Wiskirchen Model Jane Rau McDowell Sonoran Conservancy co-founder and Knee Osteoarthritis Program graduate Photography by Deborah Brandon Photography CONTACT US Have a question comment or idea Want to advertise in Healthstyle Magazine editorial HealthstyleMagazine HealthstyleMag Healthstyle Magazine is a product of Ear Nose and Throat Issues West Valley ENT Can Help. Choose West Valley ENT for helpful friendly personal service that will have you feeling better in no time. Adult&pediatricheadandneckdiseasetreatment Allergytestingandtreatment Hearingaidclinic In-officeballoonsinuplasty SinusandtemporalboneCTscansavailableinoffice Dr. Brian Rizzo DO FOCOO Dr. James Osborne DO FOCOO Dr. Luis Vazquez DO Two convenient locations Phoenix(31stAve.andBellRd.) Surprise(148thAve.andBellRd.) Call Today (602) 892-4866 2 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Editor s Letter How to Avoid a Summer Meltdown Blazing. Scorching. Feverish. Scalding. Blistering. As an Arizona native I ve heard people use each of these (and a few other choice words) to describe summertime in Phoenix. I ll agree there s absolutely nothing desirable about triple-digit temperatures. Vehicle seatbelts turn into fiery cattle prods calorie-crazy ice cream becomes the most appealing food group and even the swimming pool that was once a backyard oasis reaches bathwater temperatures. But even though the sweltering climate is relentless this time of year it s part of what makes The Grand Canyon State unique and us Arizonans stronger. Not everyone can take the heat like we can and that s something to be proud of because it proves our strength persistence and unwillingness to give up. If you embrace your love for the desert summer can mean freedom relaxation and unexpected beauty. Invite the season in and focus on the desirable qualities Arizona has to offer this time of year. Beat the heat by experiencing fun activities in your community (great ideas on page 26) treat yourself to a chilly yet healthy homemade frozen treat (delicious blueberry ice pops recipe on page 6) and most importantly connect with your Arizona roots by exploring the ruggedly-stunning side of our incredible state (inspiring story and amazing summer hiking tips from our cover girl Jane Rau on page 16). Whatever you decide to do this summer stay safe have fun and avoid a summer meltdown by making the most out of the season. Cheers to a healthier happier you Sarah Perry is an Arizona native and NAU alumna who has always had a passion for storytelling and helping others. Her zest for life and experience as a marketing pro and communications expert at Arrowhead Health Centers has helped her explore new ways to find happiness through healthier living. Her favorite things about summer are lying by the pool with a pi a colada and exploring Northern Arizona with her family to escape the heat. Deborah Brandon Photography Sarah Perry Editor-in-Chief sarah Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 3 Healthy Appetite Food Therapy with Bethany Lindsey In Arizona summer is no joke. And when hunger sets in this time of year overheating the house with your oven seems like the worst idea ever and a surefire way to satisfy the air conditioning company more than your stomach. We ve turned down the heat and amped up the flavor with these healthy no-bake dishes that will satisfy any hunger without weighing you down. Dive in to the refreshing flavors of aromatic immune-boosting rosemary and cool sweet antioxidant-rich berries with these delish summer recipes. Scrumptious Strawberry Feta Salad Serves 4 Serving Size of whole salad 150 calories per serving 2g fiber 5g protein 11g fat Ingredients 5 ounces of spinach or mixed greens (about 1 package) 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries cup crumbled feta cheese 3 tablespoons coarsely chopped toasted walnuts cup balsamic vinaigrette dressing Salt and pepper to taste Directions 1 Combine all ingredients except dressing in a large bowl. 2 Chill in refrigerator for about 5 minutes. 3 Right before serving gingerly add dressing mix lightly. Mmm Vitamins Not only are the greens in this delectable salad rich in vitamin A but the juicy strawberries are packed full of vitamin C. Tangy balsamic dressing and crumbly feta cheese were meant to be paired with crunchy walnuts. It s science. 4 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Healthy Appetite So maybe this isn t our most complex recipe but it s awfully hard to beat a cool crisp chicken salad sandwich when it s toasty outside. We can t get enough of this marvelous meal Low-Cal Rosemary Chicken Salad Sandwich Serves 5 Serving Size 1 sandwich 360 calories per serving 4.4g fiber 33.6g protein 11.6g fat Ingredients 3 cups chopped roasted skinless boneless chicken breasts (about pound) cup chopped green onions cup chopped smoked almonds cup plain fat-free yogurt cup light mayonnaise 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard teaspoon salt teaspoon freshly ground black pepper 10 slices whole-grain bread Directions 1 Combine first nine ingredients stirring well. 2 Spread about 2 3 cup of chicken mixture over each of five bread slices and top with remaining bread slices. Brain Boosting Recipe Researchers have found that rosemary contains memoryenhancing properties and can also help boost your immune system. Nosh on Bethany Lindsey is a Nutrition Coach and Lifestyle Educator at Arrowhead Health Centers in Glendale. She particularly enjoys helping people lower their cholesterol blood sugar and blood pressure to prevent debilitating illnesses like diabetes heart disease stroke and other health-related conditions. She is dedicated to helping people eat healthier lose weight and overcome obstacles to live better healthier lives. To request more information e-mail Bethany at firstlinetherapy Deborah Brandon Photography Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 5 Baby Healthy Appetite Blues Clinical studies have found eating three servings of blueberries a day can lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration and actually slow down visual loss. Photo by Mike Mertes Bring on the blueberries At a mere 49 calories per frozen treat you can t afford not to have one. The Valley s TOP LAP-BAND Experts Blueberry Bliss Ice Pops Serves 12 Serving Size 1 ice pop 49 calories per serving 4g fiber .4g protein .1g fat Ingredients 1 (32-ounce) carton low-fat or nonfat vanilla yogurt 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 5 ounces fresh or frozen blueberries 1 dozen ice pop molds (paper cups and wooden sticks will work too) Directions 1 Using a blender blend 28 ounces of the yogurt with 2 tablespoons lemon juice transfer to a bowl. 2 Wash the blender jar and combine remaining 4 ounces yogurt with cup blueberries and remaining tablespoon lemon juice blend. 3 Fill each pop mold with alternating layers of yogurt and puree adding whole berries to mix. 4 Swirl with a knife. 5 Freeze overnight. If using cups and wooden sticks for your ice pop mold freeze in cups for 25 minutes insert wooden sticks halfway and freeze overnight. 6 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Dr. Michael Orris Dr. John DeBarros Experienced board-certified surgeons specializing in Lap-Band Covered by most insurance plans minimizing your out-of-pocket expense Comprehensive 3 year Total Care support program focuses on long-term success not just the surgery Pre-and post-surgical nutritional counseling On-site surgical center 24 7 on-call surgeon availability Results may vary The Lap-Band Experts 855-PHX-THIN Scottsdale West Phoenix Tempe Tucson (call 520-544-THIN) Serving the West Valley Since 2001 West Valley s Premier Urologic Care Call Us at (623) 935-5522 http Accepting Most Insurance Plans Adult and Pediatric Urology Kidney Stones Prostate Cancer Bladder Cancer Kidney Cancer Incontinence Urinary Leakage Pelvic Prolapse Bladder Drop Men s Health BPH Urinary Retention Erectile Dysfunction Low Testosterone Infertility Vasectomy Overactive Bladder UTIs Doctor s Orders Y 8 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Health Exams 9 U (Probably) Aren t Doing but Should Be We all know prevention is the best way to avoid serious health issues but with thousands of tests and exams available choosing the right ones for you and your family can be overwhelming to say the least. Thank goodness our HM health experts have all the answers. Here s a list of doctor-recommended annual exams that will make staying healthy as easy as counting to nine. Doctor s Orders 1 Annual Physical Having an annual physical exam is the easiest way for adults and kids alike to prevent and catch serious illnesses while they re still treatable. During a physical your doctor will review your medical history screen for diseases determine your risk for future medical problems recommend helpful vaccines and answer general questions about your health. 2 Mammogram For women a mammogram can identify abnormalities and detect breast cancer at its earliest stages. During this X-ray the breast is compressed and examined from multiple angles for clear and accurate results. Every woman should begin regularly scheduled mammography at age 40 but if your family has a history of breast cancer your doctor may recommend a baseline mammogram as early as age 20. Self Check Monthly self-screening will help you know what is normal so you can report any changes you notice to your healthcare provider. If you do find a lump schedule an appointment with your doctor but don t panic -- 8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous. Learn how to perform a breast self-exam at way to detect it and avoid irreversible damage is by having your cholesterol tested which your doctor can do with a simple blood test. Risk factors for high cholesterol include being overweight smoking regularly consuming alcohol or eating a high-fat diet. Everyone with high cholesterol needs treatment although for many that can be as simple as changing your diet or exercise habits. The American Heart Association recommends everyone should have their cholesterol levels tested every five years beginning at age 20. 5 Glucose Monitoring Diabetes affects more people than you might think. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) more than 23.6 million people in the United States have diabetes and nearly 6 million don t even know they have it. And an additional 57 million Americans are pre-diabetic or at high-risk for the disease. This debilitating illness affects your body s ability to produce or process insulin causing your blood sugar levels to climb. The disease can have few (if any) noticeable initial side effects and many people can get diabetes later in life which means many people who should be tested often aren t. If you haven t been diagnosed ask your doctor for a quick blood sugar test during your annual exam. If you have been diagnosed whether you have type 1 or 2 diabetes most doctors recommend regular screenings every three months to test glucose kidney function organ health and other important parts of your body that can be affected by the disease. Self Check If you have diabetes it s important to monitor your blood glucose levels often to manage your treatment plan and prevent long-term complications. Depending on your age weight and the type of diabetes you have your doctor may recommend that you test your blood sugar one to three times a day. Learn more about diabetes and prevention at 3 Prostate Exam Prostate Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men but survival rates are over 90 percent when the disease is caught early. This quick exam includes a blood test and a digital rectal test that can be completed in about 60 seconds. Most doctors recommend regular prostate exams beginning at age 50 but if you are at higher risk due to family history your doctor may advise that you start getting regular prostate exams as early as age 40. 4 Cholesterol Test High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease heart attack and stroke but the good news is it s 100 percent preventable. The only Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 9 Doctor s Orders 6 Cardiovascular Test Over 70 million Americans (almost one-fourth of the population) have some form of cardiovascular disease with the most common forms being high blood pressure heart disease and stroke. An Electrocardiogram better known as an EKG checks for inconsistencies with the electrical activity of your heart. During your EKG your doctor will attach electrodes to your arms legs and chest that will communicate with a machine that traces your heart activity. By checking your heart s electrical impulses your doctor can find the cause of unexplained chest pain understand the root of your heart disease determine whether your heart chamber walls are too thick evaluate how well your medications are working and test the overall health of your heart. (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) bone density scanning is an enhanced form of low-radiation X-Ray technology that gauges bone mineral density and measures the overall health of your bones. The scans are quick painless and instrumental for preventing fractures before they happen. Doctors recommend a DEXA scan for anyone who shows signs of even one osteoporosis risk factor inactivity smoking family history of osteoporosis or osteopenia. 9 Spine Health Screening 7 Safe Skin Exam Arizona has the highest skin cancer rates in the nation and the second highest rates in the world and is the most common form of cancer in the world resulting in one death per hour. Early detection is the only way to prevent and treat melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Adults should get a head-to-toe skin check every year regardless of age or skin type. The most effective skin cancer exams are performed using dermoscopy a hyper-accurate technique that magnifies lesions and removes surface reflections so your doctor can have an unobstructed view of your skin. Self Check Don t just leave it up to your doctor. Remember to do an at-home skin check every month with a buddy. Use full length and handheld mirrors to carefully examine your body and ask a close friend or family member to inspect hard-to-see areas like your back neck and shoulders. Get step-by-step self-exam instructions at The 26 bones in your spine provide structure and support to your muscles allowing your body to move freely and with flexibility. Your backbone also protects your spinal cord a column of nerves that connects your brain to the rest of your body allowing you to control your movements and help your organs function properly. If your spine isn t functioning properly you can be at risk for painful infections tumors injuries and conditions such as scoliosis herniated discs or spinal stenosis. A quick exam with a musculoskeletal expert like a chiropractor or physical rehabilitation specialist can prevent disease and the need for back surgery. Need an exam Look for the seal. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has created a program called the Patient-Centered Medical Home that s designed to make sure patients receive top quality care. If your doctor has earned an NCQA PatientCentered Medical Home certification it means they re going above and beyond to make sure you re receiving the best health care and the most thorough medical exams possible. Offices are graded on six standards and are able to be awarded three different levels of designation. Level three is the most coveted and difficult to achieve. Learn more at 8 10 Bone Density Scan Think osteoporosis is just for older ladies Fact is even men can start losing bone mass at age 30. That s why it s important to assess the state of your skeleton now no matter your gender. DEXA Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Life is busy. Have your next appointment over the phone Introducing Arrowhead Health Centers AHC NOW the app that gives you convenient 24 7 365 access to all your family s healthcare needs -- including billing referrals scheduling and even having your appointment over the phone Download for FREE at Scan this code on your smartphone to download now Doctor s Orders ASK EXPERTS the How can I naturally cure heartburn and indigestion Kick start your body s natural digestive process with papaya extract. The natural enzymes release vital nutrients needed to support healthy digestive function. Papaya extract is also a great alternative to chalky calcium carbonate tablets which actually slow down and inhibit your body s digestive process. The supplement usually comes in small orange tablets and can be found at your local drugstore. PRO TIP Since you our amazing HM readers have been sending us so many great health questions we thought it only fair to pick the brains of our favorite local pros at Arrowhead Health Centers. They are the experts after all. We ve compiled some of their favorite super secret health tips you know the stuff only doctors know just for you so you can live a healthier happier life. Special Edition Health Secrets Only Doctors Know form. This will help you make sure you re getting the recommended daily dosage of these important minerals. Eating leafy dark green vegetables and drinking plenty of water will also help flush your system and reduce cramping. How often should I have a chiropractic check-up or adjustment Many doctors recommend a spinal checkup anytime you feel pain in your back neck legs or shoulders while others recommend a spinal checkup once a month whether you have pain or not. Even routine activities like typing on a keyboard bending down to tie your shoes or picking up your kids can add stress to your spine and joints. Your body is like a machine with moving parts that need to be maintained on a regular basis to stay strong and working properly. The more active you are the more often you ll likely need a chiropractic checkup. It s never too early to have your first chiropractic checkup. Spinal adjustments are beneficial for children carrying heavy backpacks teenagers who are active in sports and even newborns who have difficulty latching on while breastfeeding. PRO TIP Wear loose-fitting pants to avoid pressure on the abdomen that promotes regurgitation which can cause acid reflux and esophagus irritation. What can I do to help ease nighttime muscle cramps in my legs Evening muscle cramps in your legs can happen for a number of reasons but are often brought on by a lack of minerals such as calcium potassium and magnesium. A common error people make is selecting the wrong supplement. Make sure the one you choose has at least 1500 mg of calcium and 750 mg of magnesium and comes in a citrate 12 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Doctor s Orders I keep getting recurring bladder and urinary tract infections. Help If you re prone to bladder infections chances are you ve already heard about the benefits of cranberry juice but beware. Many people accidentally choose cranberry juice cocktail which contains very little cranberry juice and a ton of sugar and or high fructose corn syrup. Drinking one quart of pure unsweetened cranberry juice per day will help prevent recurrent infections especially if you ve taken antibiotics in the past. We also recommend stopping by your local health food store and purchasing a pro-biotics tablet with one billion live viable organisms per dose. How can I keep my family safe from heat stroke sunburn and other sun-related issues this time of year It s not always easy coping with our extreme summer weather but there are ways to avoid overheating in triple-digit temperatures. Heat stroke affects hundreds of Valley residents every year and the single most important thing you can do to avoid it is to stay hydrated. Aim for 64 ounces (two liters) of water every day or more if you plan on spending time outside. Protecting your skin from the sun s damaging rays is equally important. If you head outdoors prepare by wearing sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 30. Re-apply regularly when spending extended time outdoors. Pick up UPF-rated swim shirts for pool time and outdoor activities (you can find these at REI or Costco this time of year) and avoid the sun s peak hours whenever possible. PRO TIP Summer has completely zapped my energy. How do I get a quick healthy boost Steer clear of sugary snacks and unhealthy energy drinks try a nutritious smoothie instead. Smoothies are a great source of natural energy and combining the right elements can give you a healthy burst of zest that won t make you crash later. Our favorite oomph-encouraging smoothie mix blueberries a banana strawberries half a lemon (no peel) and a big hand full of Kale or spinach. It s a surefire way to replenish the calcium and iron your body needs after losing energy and the sweet fruit flavors will mask the taste of the greens. Add a scoop of whey protein powder and you ve got yourself a healthy power-boosting snack or meal replacement that will only cost you about 350 calories. Combining citrus with veggies will help your body absorb the healthy vitamins and minerals they have to offer. PRO TIP Are there any easy remedies for heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis Rule 1 retire your flip flops and purchase a great pair of orthotics. Custom orthotics can be a bit pricey but there are lots of budget-friendly alternatives on the market (we like WalkFit Orthotics available at Simply place them in your shoes and give yourself a few days to get used to them. Go a step further by doing daily calf muscle stretches about 15 seconds per leg three times per day. You can also ease pain by placing an ice cube on the tenderest part of your foot and letting it melt (about five minutes). Are pre and post-exercise stretches really necessary We certainly think so. The American College of sports medicine found that for the average active adult a good warm up and cool down can help prevent muscle soreness and injury. A first-class warm up includes more than just stretching choose movements that mimic the exercises you plan on doing during your workout to pinpoint and loosen up the right muscles. Dynamic stretches that last between five and 10 minutes help increase blood Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 13 Doctor s Orders flow to your muscles and get them ready for a more intense workout. Cool-downs are also important because they ve been proven to lessen the possibility of blood pooling in your extremities which can cause lightheadedness musculoskeletal issues and cardiac arrhythmia s. For a good cool-down simply decrease the intensity of your workout for a few minutes. PRO TIP The American Heart Association suggests 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes five days a week of moderate exercise to help prevent heart attack and stroke. Meet the Experts Deborah Brandon Photography Keith Biggs DC is a peripheral neuropathy and osteoarthritis expert at Arrowhead Health Centers. Dr. Biggs has more than 27 years of experience including extensive training in pain management techniques and the care and treatment of peripheral neuropathy. When he s not helping patients find relief from their symptoms you can find him spending time with his seven children and wife of 30 years or reading up on World War II aviation. Kim Brabentz PA-C is multi-specialty healthcare professional with more than 12 years of experience treating patients. She enjoys helping people in her community with a variety of health topics from sports medicine to peripheral neuropathy to family practice. Kim also has a passion for caring for others outside of the office and regularly shares her first knowledge and expertise as a volunteer throughout the Valley. When she s not practicing medicine she enjoys hiking and spending time outdoors. Linda Farris RN is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner with more than 24 years of experience as a multispecialty medical professional. Linda believes strongly in holistic care and loves helping her patients at Arrowhead Health Centers find healthcare solutions that work best for their lifestyle. When she s not in the office you can find her running in marathons or cheering on her son who pitches for the U of A baseball team. Robert Byrne DC is a doctor of chiropractic and osteoarthritis expert at Arrowhead Health Centers in Surprise Arizona. With more than 13 years of experience in the medical industry he is passionate about helping people of all ages live long healthy happy lives. Dr. Byrne believes strongly that holistic healthcare and a multispecialty approach to wellness are the best ways for patients to reach their best possible health outcomes. Janice Johnston MD is the cofounder and Medical Director at Arrowhead Health Centers. She is also an expert instructor having received her Master in Primary Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland in Australia. She teaches skin cancer courses to medical students at A.T. Still University in Phoenix and other physicians around the country and the world. She s also a music nut who regularly waves a lighter at local blues and jazz venues. Can I really get a cold during the summer And if so how do I get rid of it quickly Summer colds may sound like a myth (and an oxymoron) but they re 100% real. Viruses that have been lying dormant all year are once again rearing their ugly heads. Put the kibosh to viral symptoms with an easy at-home remedy that will cut your downtime in half. Simply combine four ounces warm water one tablespoon organic virgin coconut oil and one tablespoon raw honey. Stir and drink it down three times a day and you ll feel better in no time. Also remember to avoid spreading germs to others by washing your hands regularly and coughing or sneezing into your elbow or shoulder. Sore throat Gargling warm salt water will reduce inflammation and ease pain almost instantly. PRO TIP Bruce Richardson DC is the lead chiropractor and rehabilitation specialist at Arrowhead Health Centers in Surprise. He has over 20 years of experience as a physical manipulation expert and belongs to the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners. When he s not treating patients you can find this former New Mexico bull rider heading to a dirt bike racing or mixed martial arts event. 14 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Research Today for a Cure Tomorrow. Become a Clinical Research Participant The Research Department at Arrowhead Health Centers is currently seeking volunteers. Qualified research participants may receive study medication and health assessments free of charge in addition to compensation for time and travel. For more information please send us an e-mail at research We are currently enrolling studies for Type 2 Diabetes Uncontrolled Asthma Weight Loss Opioid-Induced Constipation Prior Heart Attack or Stroke Contact us today to see if you qualify 623-334-4000 x7174 research Mindful S AV I NG T H E Sonoran Desert If you re up for an adventure take a trip to the northern Scottsdale desert. There you ll find a remote dirt road nestled deep in the desert that leads to a traditional Navajo Hogan home surrounded by towering saguaros and yellowflowered palo verde trees. That s where you ll find 92-year-old Jane Rau one of the Valley s most important and decorated volunteers. She s gone up against Arizona s most influential lawmakers played a huge role in preserving the Sonoran Desert and overcome debilitating pain that nearly ended her life s work. Describing Jane as amazing is an understatement. 16 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Mindful 92-year-old pigtail-wearing Jane Rau is a lifetime Board member of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy a master steward and a former member of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission. She has been honored as the Land Trust Alliance s National Conservation Volunteer of the Year won the Han Kachina Volunteer Award and has been inducted into the Scottsdale History Hall of Fame. Photography by Deborah Brandon Photography Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 17 Mindful and experience everything the desert has to offer. When thinking about the world s most beautiful The Preserve is a living piece of Arizona s history destinations Arizona s Sonoran Desert seldom tops and has always been a representation of the beauty the charts but it really should. Many people think our uniqueness and importance of our great state. It s arid home is hot dry and desolate but after a closer a piece of who every Arizonan is. But our desert look you ll find abundant life and beauty thriving wasn t always under the protection of the McDowell all around. Even in the dead of summer it s difficult Sonoran Conservancy. In the early 1980s developers to imagine a more stunning backdrop when you re were taking advantage surrounded by deep of the wide open space purple mountains We absolutely loved Arizona. We found so in the Sonoran Desert. fragrant wildflower blossoms remarkable much beauty in the desert and appreciated They were constructing homes businesses and animals golden sunsets everything it had to offer. We chose to live every other structure and 200-year-old saguaros. away from the city and off the beaten path needed to produce an upand-coming metropolitan for that reason. area. Unfortunately while Arizona s desert is city planners worked to more than just striking grow the community they didn t consider the plants scenery. It s home to Scottsdale s McDowell Sonoran animals and natural landscape that had been growing Conservancy the largest urban preserve in the in the same location for thousands of years. Americas and one of the richest ecological regions in the Valley. The 30 000 acre preserve is home It took hundreds of dedicated volunteers to advocate to 743 species including plants birds mammals for the desert enact protection laws and regulate reptiles amphibians and invertebrates. More than construction saving our native environment from 115 miles of marked trails pave the way for visitors total destruction. and native-Arizonans alike to learn research observe Life in the Preserve Believe it or not the desert is full of life. Here s a snapshot of the incredible flora and fauna species dwelling in the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. 380 Plants 128 Birds Mammals 25 Reptiles and Amphibians 35 Invertebrates 175 743 plant and animal species have been identified through the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy s Field Institute making the Preserve one of the richest ecological areas in the Valley. Information courtesy of McDowell Sonoran Conservancy and Mountain Lines Magazine. 18 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Mindful None of us were ever paid to do any of this. It was all a labor of love for the desert. The people the citizens wanted this. We worked hard to get things started but the people came together to keep the Preserve alive. I always tell people my middle name is Tenacity because I won t give up says Jane. One of those incredible advocates is Jane Rau a vivacious Jack Russell Terrier loving 92-year-old who rides her bicycle five miles every morning and wears pigtails so people will recognize her wherever she goes. When people recognize me it gives me a chance to talk about the Preserve Jane says with a laugh. As master steward and co-founder of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy Jane is one of most dedicated and valued volunteers. It is because of her unyielding tenacity that the Preserve exists and even in her golden years Jane has no plans of slowing down. As an adult Jane was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a degenerative joint disease affecting 27 million Americans that causes pain inflammation and stiffness most commonly in the knee hip and back joints. Cleveland is the third darkest city in the U.S. says Jane and I learned that causes a lot of moisture in the air too much when you have osteoarthritis. With her doctor s recommendation and her family s support Jane opted for a climate that was easier on her knees. In 1967 the Rau s moved to the sunniest place they could think of Arizona. We absolutely loved Arizona says Jane. We found so much beauty in the desert and appreciated everything it had to offer. We chose to live away from the city and off the beaten path for that reason. AZ or Bust Jane s Arizona pride began long before she pledged to save the desert. In the late 1930s Jane was an active spirited teenager who taught swimming lessons in her hometown of Cleveland Ohio. Growing up my whole family had always loved to swim Jane recalls so when my father passed away while I was in high school [teaching swimming lessons] seemed like a natural way for me to help support my mom and six brothers and sisters. Jane s neighborhood had an indoor pool which meant swimming lessons weren t confined to the warmer months. That was the era where girls didn t wear long pants remembers Jane so in the winter I would trudge through feet of snow to and from the pool every day in my skirt and goulashes. My knees were exposed to the freezing cold and I m positive that s why they started hurting later on. Desert in Distress In the late 1970s the city s rapid growth encouraged developers to expand into less populated areas. As a master steward Jane supports the Preserve however she can. Educating the community pruning native plants and promoting trail safety are all in a day s work. Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 19 Mindful I remember when they started bulldozing right through my neighborhood Jane recalls. I m not against city expansion it s just that they could have saved the plants and animals living there instead of destroying everything. It was so sad to watch. They just didn t understand. That s when Jane knew she had to get involved. There s only one Sonoran desert in the whole world. Period And it can t speak for itself Jane exclaims. In 1980 Jane began attending Scottsdale city council meetings to advocate for desert preservation. We wanted to get to know the people in the community says Jane. What we found is that they wanted to save the desert too. It wasn t just my neighborhood. Jane s passion was contagious. The more she connected with her community the more others wanted to get involved and support her efforts to save the Sonoran Desert. I teamed up with so many people who wanted to stop the destruction of our home. It took a small army to do what we accomplished. We sat on taskforces spoke to city leaders and did a lot of research. Jane s advocacy attracted attention from the Arizona Mountaineering Club (AMC) Arizona s oldest and largest rock climbing group. Together Jane s team of I remember when they started bulldozing right through my neighborhood. I m not against city expansion it s just that they could have saved the plants and animals living there instead of destroying everything. It was so sad to watch. They just didn t understand. volunteers and the members of the AMC were able to accomplish more than they had ever imagined. [The AMC] wanted to preserve the mountains and we wanted to preserve the desert says Jane so we teamed up in 1990 to do just that. We learned the mountains didn t belong to the city. They were all part of privately-owned trust land. We filed for 501(c) (3) charitable status and generous people started donating their land to us. That s how we formed the McDowell Sonoran Land Trust and that s how the Preserve started. Overwhelmed with gratitude Jane reminisces about the years people frustrations and successes it took to create the Preserve. None of us were ever paid to do any of this Jane says. It was all a labor of love for the desert. The people the citizens wanted this. We worked hard to get things started but the people came together to keep the Preserve alive. The desert is precious she says. We did what we needed to do because we loved it. I love it. And now that my husband is gone I have to keep going. Preserving Her Health Jane s spirit for advocacy translates into every aspect of her life from preserving the desert to preserving her health. In recent history Jane s ability to continue her work with The Preserve was threatened. The osteoarthritis pain that she had hoped to escape in Arizona had found her once again and this time it was much worse. The desert is so forgiving says Jane. After all it s been through it s still so beautiful. 20 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Mindful Right before Christmas in 2012 things with my knees were really bad says Jane. I was barely walking. I get up early every morning to ride my bike because that s what s helped my knees all these years. But one morning my knees were so swollen that I couldn t even ride my bike. I couldn t do anything. It was horrible. Earlier in the year Jane had undergone treatment at the Mayo Clinic to ease her knee pain. They gave me HA (hyaluronic acid) injections that loosened up my knees says Jane. The people were nice and the injections kept me moving and biking but I felt like something was missing. It didn t last very long and the pain came back. That was when Jane s daughter saw something that gave her hope. A local newspaper ad boasted stateof-the-art treatment for osteoarthritis pain at a nearby office called Arrowhead Health Centers. The program combined functional strength training a tailor-made Recovery Game Plan and the lubricating HA injections Jane was already familiar with. I was open to the program my daughter showed me because it had nothing to do with surgery says Jane. I ve had enough surgeries and I don t want more. They suck the life out of you I understood the importance of treating the whole person and not just doing injections with medication says Jane. I know the exercise part is important that s why I ve been riding my bike every morning for 50 years With the help of her team at Arrowhead Health Centers Jane was able to get back on her feet after living with debilitating osteoarthritis pain. I always felt like they cared so much about me says Jane. They ve done so much for me Right before Christmas in 2012 things with my knees were really bad. I was barely walking. I get up early every morning to ride my bike because that s what s helped my knees all these years. But one morning my knees were so swollen that I couldn t even ride my bike. I couldn t do anything. It was horrible. Jane s Summer Hiking Tips Just because it s hotter than usual doesn t mean you have to stay locked indoors. Here are Jane s life-saving health tips for venturing into Arizona s great outdoors this summer. Go early in the morning to avoid the hottest part of the day. Make sure to bring plenty of water even more than you think you ll need. Always take a hiking buddy because people often push themselves more than they should. Bring your cell phone. In case of an emergency rescue teams can find you using trail markers. 21 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Mindful The Future is Here Stem Cells and Knee Pain Treatment Medical technology is getting better and better. And the proof is in a new FDA-approved formula called BioDRestore that was recently added to the same OsteoArthritis Program that helped Jane get back on her feet. This proprietary restorative placental tissue is comprised of collagen stem cells and other important proteins your body produces naturally. Over time or when faced with physical trauma these proteins can break down creating pain inflammation and damage to your knee s tissue. The regenerative placental stem cells in BioDRestore bond with your knee to add strong healthy tissue to your knee space repairing the joint and reducing pain and inflammation. Thousands of patients have already used and found amazing pain relief with BioDRestore. Here s what they re saying... It probably all started when I decided to be a baseball catcher at the ripe old age of eight but it wasn t until a very serious car accident in 2005 that my knee pain became debilitating. I was afraid to run across the street let alone exercise. After losing my ability to practice as a chiropractor and gaining an extra 45 pounds I decided I needed to do something and do it fast. I had been working with the doctors at Arrowhead Health Centers for few years and had seen thousands of patients of all ages come in with knee pain ranging from mild to severely debilitating and the vast majority (over 90%) responded fantastically. So I decided to bite the bullet and do it myself. To my delight the introduction of the regenerative stem cells had just been introduced into the Arrowhead Health Centers Knee OsteoArthritis Program. I had always thought that placental stem cells where something of futuristic science fiction or only something elite athletes or rock stars could afford. But I was wrong. When I found out how easy and affordable it was to receive the BioDRestore stem cell formula I said Of course sign me up It has been a little over five months and I ve already lost 25 pounds and I feel great. More importantly I haven t felt any knee pain at all even when going up and down stairs and exercising for the first time since my accident. The relief in my knees was almost immediate and has gotten better with time as the cells continue to regenerate. I can without hesitation recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from knee pain. I cannot wait until I can do the same thing for my back and shoulders It s amazing to me how technology is replacing debilitating surgeries. For 35 years I ve been a runner hiker and avid outdoorsman. I ve run ultramarathons and completed long strenuous hikes into the Andes and Himalayans. About 15 years ago I started feeling the stress I had put on my knees for all those years. I have seen the benefits that come from surgeries but also recognized how surgery can often mean the end to the active life that matters so much to me. I knew I needed to find an alternative. That s when I found Arrowhead Health Centers Knee OsteoArthritis Program now included stem cell therapy I signed up right away. The program wasn t like anything else I d ever tried. They gave me simple exercises in the office and even allowed me to do some of the exercises at home. The medication they gave me was injected with precision fluoroscopic guidance and professional well-trained doctors. Everyone on the team really cared about helping me feel better but the best part was the difference the program made in my knees. The improvement was dramatic and started within only a few weeks. -Paul Johnson former Phoenix Mayor -Dr. Robert Iversen 22 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Mindful I ve had enough surgeries and I don t want more. They suck the life out of you To Jane s surprise the treatment wasn t what she expected. The rehab they had me do really helped to loosen up my muscles each and every time Jane remembers. I thought it might hurt with my knee pain but it actually helped me feel better. I love doing the exercises. Even the injections didn t bother me. The team did a perfect job of locating exactly where they were supposed to go because they used a live X-ray machine. The worst part was ripping off the bandaid. Even more surprising to Jane was the concierge-style service she experienced from her healthcare team at Arrowhead Health Centers. Everyone was so thoughtful and helpful Jane says. I always felt like they cared so much about me. They helped me through every exercise and even helped me when I thought I couldn t do certain parts of the program. They ve done so much for me After five short weeks Jane s recovery was undeniable. Before the OsteoArthritis Knee Program every step hurt. I just remember that I couldn t ride my bike or even walk really when I first started the program Jane recalls but as I went through the program I was able to ride my bike more and more even before I was done with my program. It really worked. Jane fractured her leg last August adding stress to her knees. So when they started bothering her once again she didn t hesitate to call Arrowhead Health Centers and go through the program once again. In a funny way it was great to see the team again Jane laughs. It was nice knowing I had a team in my corner to go back to when I was hurting again. They helped me feel better all over again and got me back to doing what I love. For others experiencing knee pain Jane s advice is simple Go and get answers at Arrowhead Health On March 22 the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy honored Jane by opening a barrier-free trail that shares her name. The Jane Rau Trail is a handicap-accessible stroller-friendly half mile loop adorned with shade trees benches and educational signs noting important landmarks. It s a symbol of her hard work and an opportunity for people of all ages to explore and fall in love with the desert just as she has. Centers. They have evolved a system that really works. It helped me so much. Now back on her feet (and knees) again Jane is able to carry on with her life s work and continue strengthening and protecting the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy. It s a wonderful feeling to be able to keep up with my master steward duties in the Preserve again. I m back to digging planting mitigating trails teaching people about the desert and working on all sorts of projects. And that s important for the Preserve. If I m out there helping more and more people will learn about our desert which will connect them to their Arizona roots and help them understand how important it is to keep this going. I know things are going to be greater and greater for the people in Scottsdale and in Arizona. WANT TO SUPPORT JANE AND THE PRESERVE Learn more about the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy and find out how you can help save our desert at WANT TO RELIEVE KNEE PAIN Call Arrowhead Health Centers at 888-550-6063 or visit Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 23 Why Let Chronic Knee Pain Stop You OsteoArthritis affects millions of Americans. It s time to get your life back. What s your OsteoArthritis keeping you from doing Maybe it s playing catch with your grandkids. It might be hiking that mountain trail. It could be your weekly round of golf. Whatever it is that you re missing the team at Arrowhead Health Centers wants you back in the game. We ve helped thousands of people just like you relieve their OsteoArthritis pain and we have a 91% success rate. It s time to get your life back Believe it or not surgery isn t your only option for OsteoArthritis pain. Your Arrowhead Health Centers team will create a Recovery Game Plan TM including clinicallyproven functional strength training allnatural hyaluronic acid injections paired with state-of-the-art proprietary restorative stem cell tissue therapy and customized medical bracing especially for you. No surgery no downtime no hassle. Don t let another painful day go by. Call today for your FREE priority appointment. 888-996-0366 Six Convenient Valley Locations Chandler Glendale Mesa Prescott Valley Scottsdale Surprise Sun City What is stopping you from getting a good night s sleep We re now conducting sleep evaluations. Take control of your health with a consultation today Are you experiencing Shortness of Breath Coughing or Wheezing Chronic Fatigue Daytime Sleepiness Insomnia Lung Nodule Valley Fever Sleep Apnea We offer Complete Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPX) Call our office for your consultation Most insurance plans accepted 602-978-6100 13606 N 59th Avenue 1 Glendale AZ 85304 MANJIT BHAMRAH MD FCCP SALAM RAFIQUE MD FCCP Breathe Better Sleep Better Feel Better. Now Accepting New Patients 7 Vitality Ways to Beat Has the steamy weather radiated you and your family into a dull lull There s no better way to snap out of summer boredom and distract yourself from the heat than to keep busy by staying happy and healthy. We re sharing our secrets and showing you seven ways to put an end to summer madness once and for all. SUMMER HE AT 1 Trade Fire for Ice Escape the summer heat by spending an afternoon at one of the five public ice skating arenas in the Valley. AZ Ice in Peoria and Gilbert Arcadia Ice Arena in Phoenix and Ice Den in Scottsdale all offer public skate times. At 7 to 12 per person (depending on location and skate rentals) just about anyone can enjoy a cool day on the ice. Keep your eyes open for Valpak coupons in your mailbox which often offer buy-one get-one-free admission. 2 Have a Friday Funday Enjoy the spirit and culture of downtown Phoenix at First Fridays a FREE monthly self-guided tour of more than 70 art galleries venues and unique businesses. Each display showcases art from local 26 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Vitality national and international artists. The art tour takes place on the first Friday of every month from 6-10pm. Start at the Phoenix Art Museum or Oasis on Grand where you can grab a map and tour at your leisure or travel from one gallery to the next on a free shuttle. Learn more at about all of the different camping amenities and check out detailed maps of numerous Arizona State Recreational Parks. 5 Dive Into Summer 3 Show Some Skin To your doctor that is. Chances are you ve already spent some time outside this year and with astronomic skin cancer rates in Arizona it s never too early to have your skin checked. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends seeing your physician at least once every year for a professional skin exam or every three months if you ve had skin cancer before. Call the experts at Arrowhead Health Centers (locations in Glendale Mesa Scottsdale and Surprise) at 888-550-6063 to make safe skin appointments for you and your family. DON T HAVE A SKIN DOC 4 Get Campy Nothing makes you feel more like a kid than spending the day at an aquatic playground. There are three major water parks splashed throughout the Valley Big Surf in Tempe DON T FORGET Wet n Wild in Phoenix SKIN SAFETY and Sunsplash in Mesa. Protect yourself with Keep an eye out for sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) coupons from Living sunglasses a wide-brimmed Social Groupon or your hat and regular skin checks favorite newspaper for with your doctor. special discounts. If you plan on taking the family or visiting often call ahead to check on season passes or group discounts. Stay local or head to cooler country while you have fun camping across the Grand Canyon State. Experience the beauty of Arizona on a family adventure at any one of hundreds of statewide campgrounds. Whether you want to rough it sleeping bag style roast marshmallows by the campfire explore historic and cultural parks or rent a rustic log cabin in the woods our great state offers many options and some locations even offer cheaper rates during the summer months. Take a peek at to learn more 6 Snag some DB Freebies It may come as a surprise that the Arizona Diamondbacks have a ton of scheduled promotional giveaways. This makes it easy to plan a family outing where you can show your team spirit and take home a free souvenir to remember the experience. This season s freebie lineup includes Fireworks Night Star Wars Day a D-back s Zombie Bobblehead T-shirt giveaways and more And the best part is that Chase Field closes the roof and cranks up the air conditioning so you can get your outdoor experience minus the heat. Learn more at 7 Prep for B2S Yes we realize the kids may have just ended the school year but it s the perfect time to get ahead on their back-to-school exams sports physicals and immunizations. If your high schooler plans to enroll in fall athletics chances are they ll need their sports clearance exam before the summer s over. Not to mention back-to-school checkups are often the only visits most kids and teenagers have with their doctor every year so why not schedule it during your downtime this season Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 27 Vitality The Summer Skin Guide When triple-digit temperatures fill the air there s nothing quite like grabbing your favorite frosty beverage and heading for the nearest pool. But while you re taking advantage of the refreshing water it s important to remember that staying safe this season includes remembering to protect your skin. Choosing the right sun protection can help reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by summer rays. SUNSCREEN is one of the most important tools you can use to combat cancers like melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer. ONE IN Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime FIVE ONE OUNCE of sunscreen enough to fill a shot glass is considered the amount needed to cover the exposed areas of the body. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends consumers choose a sunscreen labeled with SPF 30 or higher SPF 30 When caught early skin cancer has a 98% cure rate. An annual skin exam could save your life In addition to using sunscreen the American Academy of Dermatology lists annual skin exams among the best ways to prevent and catch skin cancer. If you ve had skin cancer before remember to schedule preventative skin exams with your doctor every 3 months. Broad Spectrum Water Resistant Broad Spectrum Means a sunscreen protects the skin from ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays both of which can cause cancer. Water Resistant For up to 40 or 80 minutes. Sunscreen can no longer claim to be waterproof or sweatproof. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rated clothes absorb ultraviolet light to protect your skin. Special weaves and chemicals like titanium dioxide give these clothes the ability to block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and clothes that are loose and light-colored or have a UPF rating to ward off harmful sunrays. Sources American Academy of Dermatology and Arrowhead Health Centers. 28 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Vitality Mommy Knows Best One mom s guide to ultimate health & wellness by expert momager Vicki Dean Are your children among this season s best (and safest) dressed kids 30 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Vitality You can t escape it this time of year. Every store is adorned with hundreds of brightly colored bottles a life-sized cardboard cutout of the Coppertone baby and the intoxicating tropical aroma of Banana Boat. Of course I m talking about sunscreen and additionally all of the amazing sun-protection products humanity has invented in recent history. myself) from ultraviolet rays. I m not suggesting you take residence in an underground cave to avoid the sunshine but skin cancer is preventable and a little self-education is the best way to protect your family from melanoma and other deadly skin cancers. Safe skin is so this season So where do you start If your children are like mine they spend nearly all of their time in the water during the summer so that means learning how to dress them with safety in mind and determining which products are best to use prior to their fun in the sun. Sun protection is a multi-billion dollar industry whose thousands of companies are fighting for our business. With all of the options purchasing the right products can seem a little overwhelming. You wouldn t believe how much time I ve spent comparing 50 SPF to 30 SPF worrying about the type of hats my girls should be wearing and wondering whether the combination of my makeup and daily moisturizer would be considered sufficient sun protection. And because my countless Google searches only added to my stress and confusion I eventually sought the expert advice of my family doctor who specializes in the detection and prevention of skin cancer. I was surprised to learn how much I didn t know about sun protection but her guidance led me to make better decisions for my entire family in terms of head-to-toe skin safety. Extra crispy... and I don t mean chicken I think back to my childhood and the whole concept of protecting myself from the sun was non-existent. Like many Arizonans who celebrated adolescence in a previous decade I frequented tanning salons spent countless hours in the pool with minimal sunscreen and did whatever else I could to turn myself into a bronzed goddess. Confession I can even remember a time or two where I used baby oil cocktailed with a few drops of iodine to enhance my tan. I feel like kicking myself for those poor decisions but the reality is we just didn t know as much as we do now about the long term damage from overexposure to the sun. The C-word So far I have been lucky and my full-body skin checks haven t revealed anything suspicious. Unfortunately I can t say the same for my mother sister and best friend. All three have had pre-cancerous moles and lesions removed from their skin. Of course that s been a huge eye-opener and their too-close-forcomfort experiences have encouraged me to be extra cautious when protecting my family (and can choose the one that provides the best protection. Quiz Time Take a look at these three poolside outfits (modeled by my 10-year-old) and see if you Beachy Bikini Two-piece swimsuit baseball cap zinc-oxide sunscreen on nose Rockin Rash Guard Sleeved rash guard with UPF defense widebrimmed hat anti-UV sunglasses water shoes high SPF sunscreen and lip balm Terrific Tankini Tank-style swimwear sun visor darkly-tinted sunglasses flip-flops low SPF sunscreen Photography by Vicki Dean Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 31 Vitality Best Dressed Rockin Rash Guard If you chose the Rockin Rash Guard ensemble you re right on the money. Lip Protection We often forget to defend our lips but they are more vulnerable to sun damage than you might think. The layer of skin protecting your pout is very thin and is less capable of blocking out the damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays alone. It s important to wear a quality lip balm with an SPF of 30 or higher. Footwear It is best to wear shoes that are designed to be worn in the water. Not only will these aquatic kicks protect the skin on the top of your foot from harmful rays but they will also protect the very delicate flesh on the bottom of your foot from burning on the hot ground. Photography by Vicki Dean 32 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM Hats The best choice for headwear is a widebrimmed hat. While a visor or baseball cap is better than nothing they fail to protect the neck and ears and the visor won t protect your sun-sensitive scalp. Vitality Don t forget the agua Eyewear Did you know that the sun can damage not only the skin on your eyelid but also your cornea lens and other parts of your eye Sunglasses that block both UVA and UVB rays offer the best protection. You would think most sunglasses sold in stores would contain this type of protection but be cautious especially with children s sunglasses many fashion glasses offer no protection all. Children need between five and eight cups of water each day according to a study led by researchers at Queens College of the City University of New York and published in the October 2010 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Your child may need even more water during the day when it s hot outside or when they re sick or recovering from an illness. Sunscreen Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more and be sure to reapply it at least every 2 hours as well as after swimming or sweating. Look for a brand that s both water resistant and broad spectrum to make sure you re protected from cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays. Swimwear As cute as bikinis are they do little to protect from the sun. A much better option is a rash guard or full-coverage swimsuit with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating. Don t make the mistake of thinking a T-shirt will do the trick. UPF clothing contains special weaves and chemicals such as titanium dioxide that block the sun s harmful UVA and UVB rays. To receive a sun-protective rating clothing must have a UPF of more than 30 and retain its defensive qualities after numerous washings and exposure to sunlight. Vicki Dean is a dedicated stay-athomemomager who is passionate about creating a fun warm and loving home for her family. Her outgoing personality and 17-years of experience as a marketing and sales pro have helped her find innovative and functional ways to help families stay healthy save money and maximize happiness. Vicki is not affiliated with the products in this article nor their subsidiaries. Deborah Brandon Photography Sources The Centers for Disease Control American Cancer Society Mayo Clinic Arrowhead Health Centers Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 33 Just for Fun Quiz How Fast are You Aging Do you smoke cigarettes Never even had a single drag. (0 points) I used to smoke but I m a champ for kicking the habit (1 point) Puffin away. (2 points) How do you feel about your weight Best I ve ever looked I m at my ideal weight. (0 points) I could stand to lose a little weight but I m not too far off. (1 point) I need to shed at least 10 (or more) pounds. (2 points) What are your sleeping habits I sleep 8 hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed and amazing. (0 points) Have you discovered the Fountain of Youth Take our quiz to find out I usually doze for about 6-8 hours most nights and feel pretty okay in the morning. (1 point) What s sleep Lucky if I get a few hours of Zs and waking up is really difficult. (2 points) Is exercise important to you Yup. I m at the gym 5 days a week. (0 points) Sure. I exercise at least 2-4 times a week. (1 point) I m not very active and rarely exercise. (2 points) Do you eat fruits and vegetables Love them I get my 5-6 servings every day. (0 points) They re not my favorite but I eat them almost every day. (1 point) Vegetables are those green things right (2 points) 34 Summer 2014 Healthstyle MagazineTM 0-3 Points Baby Face Sounds like you re aging slower than most people. That s great but don t forget to live a little. At this rate you ll get carded until you re 60 Answer Key 4-7 Points Right on Track We ll just call you Steady Eddie because your health habits are pretty balanced. Keep up with preventative exams and you ll continue to age gracefully as expected. 8-10 Points Pump the Brakes Someone s eager to get their senior discount. Talk to your doctor to learn what you could be doing better to live a long happy and healthy life. Struggling with asthma even with medication h searc A re y is stud now. l i ng enrol ee s to s Call u u may if yo lify. qua Local doctors are testing a new investigational drug for uncontrolled asthma. Study medication for uncontrolled asthma Study-related care from a local doctor Compensation for travel If you re 18 to 75 years old and get asthma attacks despite using inhaled medication you may qualify for a local research study and receive at no cost Ask your doctor for more information or contact our clinic to see if you may be eligible to participate. For more information or to enroll contact Natalie Searle 623-334-4000 x7174 research Injured in an Auto Accident With most accident cases an attorney will substantially increase the amount you receive and assist you in getting all the benefits you are entitled to including making sure all of your medical bills and lost wages are paid. Wade & Nysather P.C. is the leading personal injury law firm with over 25 years of experience with offices located throughout the valley specializing in representing clients who have been injured in accidents. Equipo biling e sirviendo a la comunidad Latina por m s de 25 a os Contact the offices of Wade and Nysather to learn more about how we can help you. There is absolutely no cost to you until we lutely get money for you. Glendale 16222 N. 59TH Avenue Suite B220 623-748-9211 ScottSdale 8961 E. Bell Road Suite 201 480-258-6200 We Can Help. ACCIDENT LAW ATTORNEYS Free Consultation accRedIted BUSIneSS a Living with Peripheral Neuropathy If you ve been struggling with numbness burning and extreme sensitivity in your legs and feet we have your solution. Nearly 60% of people with peripheral neuropathy suffer from sleepless nights which can increase your risk of heart attack heart failure stroke and high blood pressure. Your life doesn t have to be this way. You can get a good night s sleep and improve your overall health at the same time. Thanks to our comprehensive integrated approach to care you ll have-- perhaps for the first time--a team of practitioners working together to create a Recovery Game PlanTM especially for you. Relieve your discomfort and enjoy some of the things you thought you d never be able to enjoy again. You can begin your path to comfort faster than you think. Let the professionals at Arrowhead Health Centers get you well rested and then back on your feet confidently doing the things you love. Why put it off another day Don t let another sleepless night go by. Call today for your FREE priority appointment. 888-995-4899 Four Convenient Valley Locations Glendale Scottsdale Mesa Surprise Sun City