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Description: Women of Distinction

Women of Distinction mAGAZine I decided to start my own wellness coaching business to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and health goals just as I had to do with my own Debra A. Bartz Health and Wellness Owner Learn Conquer Soar Coaching Clayton CA orderinquiries or (415) 273-8000 Customer Service is available Monday through Friday from 6 00 a.m. - 6 00 p.m. PST. Wanda Stephenson Independent Consultant at Rodan Fields Dermatologists 10 DebraA.Bartz 13 contents... 26 42 Ann-MarieCorbeil EmmieOelofse Dr.TesStout features 5 Alice Grega Preschool and Elementary Education Motivational Speaking Writing Owner Alicegregabooks Toms River NJ 21 Sue J. Clark Writing Editing Teaching President ChiefExecutiveOfficer SJ Clark Literary Specialties LLC Lincoln CA 35 Rev. Dr. Margaret Frazier Dawson PhD Psychology Therapy Ministerial Psychologist Cedar Lake Christian Academy Biloxi MS 45 Yael VanGruber Contemporary Art Unique Custom Jewelry & Fashion Designers Boutique for Men Women Artist Jewelry Designer at Clique Gallery-Boutique 3 Women of Distinction Women of Distinction Magazine ISSUE 8 Women of Distinction Staff Contents... Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HEAD WRITER EDITOR Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COODINATOR Rachael Raffna Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Deihl SELECTION COMMITTEE Woman of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 http Rebecca Valuch 4 Women of Distinction AliceGrega Preschool and Elementary Education Motivational Speaking Writing Owner Alicegregabooks Toms River NJ Attending the College of New Jersey to study elementary education and psychology Alice Grega became a licensed elementary school teacher. Teaching special needs children for a brief time Alice ended up switching careers leaving the classroom behind her to work for Dun & Bradstreet as a credit analyst meeting a strict quota of 50 reports weekly. Feeling dissatisfied yet again she changed roles making the decision to pursue a more creative field. Accepting a position as a fashion editor for Women s Wear Daily followed by a role as fashion copy editor for Simplicity Fashion Alice s career was finally beginning to take shape. She loved the concept of writing and the many creative techniques used to master this amazing trade. Staying true to writing she then explored a different genre altogether landing a position as a computer technician writer and consultant for various large companies in her area. But by 2012 Alice was ready to get back to her roots where it all began. Remembering a few courses that she took in high school and college that she thoroughly enjoyed the impact they had on her ultimately paved the way for the formation of her current profession as a book writer and owner of her own publishing company Alicegregabooks. Starting in high school I took courses in creative writing and public speaking. I didn t know where I was going at the time or what I had wanted to do with my career but I knew that I enjoyed these classes very much Alice remembers noting that she also took a course in children s literature once she got into college. While working for Simplicity Fashion as a copy editor Alice was blessed to work alongside some amazing team members. One in particular Alma Cunningham who was the company s editor-in-chief at the time inspired Alice to always give it her all. Alma had high demands for authenticity and creativity and expected every writer to follow her lead. Not wanting to let her down Alice strived to be the very best fashion copy editor she knew how. Years later Alice is still very grateful for everything she learned during her time spent working there. The experience was priceless. Founding Alicegregabooks just two years ago Alice serves as the organization s owner and sole proprietor. Located in Toms River New Jersey where Alice resides the business was formed as a way for her to write and publish her books with less hassle than dealing with other publishers not knowing from one book to the next when or if it will get published at all. Once she completes a book in its entirety Alice now sees it through the various stages as the book s publisher including the editing page design and look and feel of the cover. Once she publishes it she then markets the book which is also now her job as publisher of Alicegregabooks. 5 Women of Distinction For myself I find it necessary to take part in the marketing and promoting of each book Alice explained. I have my own various methods just as other authors have their own methods unique to themselves and their books. PriortoformingAlicegregabooks Alicewroteherveryfirstchildren sbook ThePigThatRanAway in2012.Itwasoneoftwo booksthatwerewrittenandillustrated25yearsearlieruntilAlicewasfinallycontactedbyapublisher.Herthirdbook which wasalsowrittenandillustratedbythesamepublisher wasthefirstbookinatrilogyseriesshehadstarted.Butafterbecoming dissatisfiedwiththepublisher Alicedecidedtotakeherbooksoutofprint.FindingaNewYorkCitypublishersoonafter she publishedthefirsttwobooksintheDocgitandRocgitseries DocgitandRocgitGetMindfulandDocgitandRocgitMeetButterfly Angel.Thesebookswerepublishedin2014throughPagePublishing.DocgitandRocgitGetMindfulisataleofhowadragon andfrogwholiveinBocaRaton Floridalearnhowtobe mindful toothersandhowtobefriendswhenneedbe.Thisbookwas writtenanddesignedforreadersages4-8 .DocgitandRocgitMeetButterflyAngelisataleaboutmetamorphosisandbeing what you want to be through change and friends. This book was written and designed for readers ages 4-8 . Alice sdesiretowritechildren sbookswasinanefforttohelpchildrenexistintheworldasitistoday oratleasthowAliceviews it.Nowworkingonanadultcreative-nonfictionbook calledGetNicewiththeMagicTriangle LoveHappinessOptions Alice no longer needs to worry about actually getting it published she just has to follow all the necessary steps to see that it receives the proper marketing and promotions for success. She also hopes that this book will eventually lead to motivational speaking appointmentsonceitisreleasedtothepublic.ShehopestocompletethisbookandhaveitpublishedbySeptember2015.Get NicewiththeMagicTriangle LoveHappinessOptions isabookaboutwhatittakestoachievethemagictrianglealtogetheror in parts. I hope that through all of the many phases of my writing and my five published children s books that I have somehow contributed to my own success. It is what I enjoy most Alice said about finally focusing on what makes her the most happy in relation to career. If you are really sincere about the industry it is important to work in the field no matter what the level in order to start climbing the corporate ladder. I personally found that it was not always easy and that there was no magical ladder to climb so it is crucial to find a way of getting recognized in order to make it happen. OneofAlice sgreatestassetsisthatshetrulybelievesinherself.Shehasalwayshadfaithinwhatshewasdoingforaliving regardless of the title or task. Believing in oneself she says is the most vital element to success. Howwouldyouexpectotherstobelieveinyouifyoudon tbelieveinyourself sheadded. When it comes to public speaking Alice intends to start out by focusing her talks at various institutions and corporations on topics of happiness love and options and their interaction noted in her Get Nice book. She hopes to begin this venture in mid-April 2015. Alice previously did a lot of volunteer work with Head Start with the preschoolers and also at her local community hospital in risk managementdoinggeneralofficeworkagain learningfromthepeopleandthechildren.Butsinceformingherownpublishing company shebarelyhastimetokeepupwithherownactivities.Dedicatingmostofherdaystoherwork however isn tasbad asitsounds.Shedoesn tcallitworkbecause forAlice itispureenjoyment.Spendinglonghourswriting editing publishing andeverythingelsethatgoesalongwithrunningherbusinessjustfliesby andshewouldn thaveitanyotherway. When Alice does take the time for herself she takes up acrylic graphics which is a technique that incorporates using highly colored paint in a quick and meaningful way. In fact Alice recently participated in a solo art show in Island Heights New Jersey where she was able to display her artwork to the public and included a champagne reception. It was a wonderful experience and a great way for Alice to show off her artistic talents and network with others. Anactive longtimememberoftheOceanCounty(NewJersey)Artists Guildinvariouscapacities Aliceenjoysmeetingwith othermembers artists sharingnewideas andsocializing.Thenon-profitorganizationworkstopromotetheartsinthelocalarea serving the artists and community by providing an outlet and training for artistic talent enhancing quality of life for residents and newcomers and attracting tourists to the community. They also provide exhibition space and offer various art classes workshops demonstrations and open studio time to members of all ages. Marriedbrieflyyearsago Aliceiscurrentlysingle.Actually sheprefersitthatway.Withmuchtimeforhertoreflectonherown thought provoking ideas for future books Alice is known as a kind person who loves a good laugh. She is also a great listener and people sometimes see her as a quiet person. She aspires continuing living a life followed by what she had written down on paper 6 Women of Distinction Q Whydoyoufeelthatyourbusinessisimportant A Oursocietyisbecomingmoreandmoredependentonhope.Alicegregabooksandmymotivationalspeakingstrivestoprovide readers and listeners not hope per se but the means to achieve it. Q Whatmakesyoufeelthatoursocietyisdependentonhope A Themediaprovidestheanswertothatquestion.ItgivesbothexamplesofwhyweneedhopethroughTVnewsandatthe sametimehowtoachieveit(i.e.musicsongs Happy andalbums Hope filledwithtales). Q Whatmadeyoudecidetotakethisdirectioninyourcompany A Ialwaysbelievedinhopeasaworthwhilegoal.Recently Ifoundittobemoreandmoreofaneedinmyownlifedueto changesandfeltIcould speakup . Q Didyourearlybooksfollowthispath A NowthatIthinkaboutit no.ItstartedwithDocgitandRocgitGetMindful althoughIhavereadextensivelyonmindfulness since2000. Q Whendidyoufirststartthinkingaboutmotivationalspeaking A Mychildren sbooksweregettingmoredetailedandIhadmoretosay.Motivationalspeakingwasanoutgrowthofthat. Q Whydidyouchoosethetopicyouchoseformotivationalspeaking A InspeakingtootherpeopleandlisteningtoconversationsIrealizedthatmostpeoplewereinvolvedandfocusedontheday-todaydetailsoflife.Iintendtofocusonspeakingoflove happiness andifthatdoesn twork options. Q Whatareyourqualifications A IbelieveIhaveledamorecomplicatedlifethanmostandhavecometoresolutionsonthesethreefactors.Also Ihave listenedtomanyhoursofmotivationalspeaking how-to sontheinternetandtheirexperiences. Q Butwhymotivationalspeaking A Intoday sworld readingisnotalwaysanoption.Someprefertheonstageperformanceofconnectingwiththespeakerand consider it a live performance. Q Whichdoyouprefer writingorspeaking A Thetwoareoneandthesame.Youhavetowritebeforeyoucanspeak. Q Whatdoyouvalueasprofessionalsuccess A SuccesstomeisgettingmymessageacrosstoasmanypeopleasIcanand ofcourse havethembenefitfromit. Contact Alice Grega (732)318-1984 http agrega10 ajgrega43 7 Women of Distinction Ann-MarieCorbeil Show Business Live Entertainment Artistic Director Zarkana Cirque du Soleil LasVegas NV GraduatingfromtheCollegeLionel-GroulxinSainte-Th r se Quebec Canadawithadegreeintheaterproductionin1986 Ann-MarieCorbeilbeganhercareerinentertainmentasaresidentassistantdirector stagemanagerforTheatred Aujourd huiin Montreal. Later working as a technical director for outside stages at the Just for Laugh festival also in Montreal Ann-Marie was reallycomingintoherown.Bytheearly1990 s shehadbecomeaprofessorinstagemanagementatheralmamater.Butitwas in1993thatAnn-Mariewaspresentedwithanoffershejustcouldn trefuse.Leavinglocaltheaterandherteachingdaysbehind her Ann-Marie got her big break. Landing a general stage manager position for Cirque du Soleil the largest theatrical production company in the world that consists of a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment Ann-Marie was about to work with some of the best in the world. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. Ten exhilarating and successful years later Ann-Marie had gone from stage manager to artistic director for Cirque du Soleil. Overseeing the La Nouba show in Orlando Florida a gig that lasted for six years Ann-Marie would later take over ZED in Tokyo Japan. After two years working in Japan Ann-Marie requested a transfer to the US. Granting her wish she became the artistic directorforZarkana aninternationaltourandresidentshowinLasVegas.ShehasbeenapartofZarkanasince2008. Zankana went through multiple show versions. We travelled the world with a huge show and had to adapt in every city in a major way and in record time Ann-Marie said excitedly. I ve very pleased with the final result. The positive public reaction and the increased ticket sales are a testament to that. As an artistic director for a show as big as Zarkana Ann-Marie is responsible for how the show looks every night at every level from quality of performance to level of acrobatics to how the show looks technically. She tries to keep every member of the production informed of her new ideas as much as possible while inviting them to feed her their ideas too. She looks for involvementasmuchaspossiblesotheycancollectivelyfindthebestsolutions developnewconceptstopushtheshowfurther and create a memorable masterpiece that everyone can be proud of. She also organizes workshops for the artists throughout the year to keep them motivated in new avenues and to push their artistry even further. The effort as a team to put a show together every day is very addictive Ann-Marie added. Good communication and participation is important and I value the level of empowerment it affords us all. Ann-MariehasbeenapartoffivedifferentcreationsforCirqueduSoleil.Everynewproductionisquitechallenging.Working long hours creators get tired directors get frustrated and artists become physically exhausted. Admitting that she is not known for her patience Ann-Marie is great at being able to absorb a tremendous amount of stress like the many besides her. She is a problemsolver agogetter andaworkhorsethatbelievesthatlaughteristhebestmedicineinatensionfilledenvironment. It srarethatyougettoshareyourpassionwithoutsiders Ann-Mariesaidaboutthebiggestperkofworkinginshowbusiness. Live entertainment is such a great way to touch people. I have heard so many testimonials that Cirque du Soleil has changed theirlives.ThisismyworkandI mproudtohavehadsuchanamazingjourneywiththiscompany. Ann-Marie has also spent time organizing Cabaret shows to promote her artists in other avenues and disciplines. Putting together small shows with nothing but volunteers her hopes are that people will discover new horizons by participating. For many artists it sawaytoprepareforafutureintheater. 8 Women of Distinction Havingenjoyedarichandfulfillinglife Ann-Mariefeelsveryblessedtohaveexperiencedmanywonderfuladventureswithso many fantastic generous people. Despite the many pressures that go along with working in showbiz it has never felt like work to her. However being away from family so much has taken its toll. Her parents sisters niece and nephew mean the world to her. Now helping her dear friend raise her twins who are over a year old and growing every day Ann-Marie has been involved in their lives since the very day they were born. A professor in college once told me that if you want to make it in this business you should forget about your personallife shesaid. Atthetime Ithoughhewasharsh and heartless but he was right. I chose work and have noregrets.Youcanalwaysfindwaystomakeeverything happen but for me it was the right path. Q Howdidyougetaninterestinshowbusiness theater A Iwas16andabouttostartcollegewithamathmajor. Afamilyfriend whowasaTVproducer invitedmetogo on a shoot where she gave me odd jobs. I fell in love with this business and knew I wanted to be in show business in any way possible. Studying theater everything interested me and I wanted to learn as much as I could and could nevergetenough.WhenIstagemanagedmyfirstshow I understoodthiswassomethingthatfulfilledmecompletely. Q Whatmemoriesdoyoucherishthemost A IhavebeenaroundformanyyearsandsometimesIcatchmyselfbeingalittleblas butdefinitelywalkinginRadioCity MusicHallfortheveryfirsttimewasachillingmoment.ItreallyhitmethatthistheaterwasamajorpartofhistoryandIwouldbe walking in the footsteps of legends. I felt the same way when I arrived at the Kremlin in Russia. So few people have the chance to even see beyond the walls and I had the privilege to work at their theater. Q Whatpartofthejobisthemostsatisfying A Iloveworkingwithactors performers makingthemunderstandtheintentionandseeingthemevolveintoitandfindingtheir ownway.It sfascinatingformetofindtherightexpressiontoconveythewriter smessageinatheatricalway.Ofcourse thefinal product of a quality production is the ultimate achievement. Q What syourregulardayatwork A Usuallyitstartswithtwohoursofrehearsalortrainingwithartistsonstage.Igivethemnotes theytry andIcorrectthemor give them things to work on in the future. I have meetings with stage management artists the bandleader and the technical team.ThenIsitintheaudienceandwatchthefirstshowandtakenotes.Duringthesecondshow Iusuallydoadministrative duties or walk around backstage and socialize with the cast and crew. Q Whatareyouresponsibleforontheshow A Iamresponsibleforprovidingtheartisticleadershiptotheshowteaminordertoensurethequalityandartisticintegrityof each show night after night. I share with the artists and artistic team the initial essence concept of the show by making sure artists master their roles in order to maintain a high level of performance. Casting is also part of my responsibility the selection and integration of new artists for the show. I also prepare guide artists to create back-up acts and to be back-ups for the main characters.I malsoaparent priest psychologist andmanager atonepointoranotherIcanbealloftheabove. Q Whatareyourmanagerialtasks A IevaluateandmanageanyseriousdisciplinaryactionsorsensitivecasesforartistsincollaborationwithCompany Management and Human Resources recruit artistic team managers (general stage manager performance medicine supervisor and head coach) in collaboration with Company Management and Human Resources ensure their integration to the show and support and guide them in the recruiting and management of their teams perform the yearly evaluation process of all artists and artistic team managers on the show and contribute to the career development of artists within their show. 9 Women of Distinction Q Whoisunderyourresponsibility Howmanypeopledoyoumanage A Thecastconsistsof67full-timeartists tothatweneedtoaddon-callandreplacementartists.Theartisticteamconsistsof stagemanagers aheadcoach andourperformancemedicineteam.Onmyshowthat sateamof10people.SoonaverageI manageabout80peopleonadailybasis. Q HowlonghaveyoubeeninvolvedwithCirqueduSoleil A IjoinedCirquein1993whentheywereopeningtheshowMyst reinLasVegas.Thatwastheirfirsthugeresidentor permanentproductioninLasVegas.AfriendofminecalledmeandaskedmeifIwouldbeinterestedinstagemanaging.Ihada nicecareerinMontrealbutagreedtoasix-monthcontract.IfiguredIwouldliveanadventureforashortwhileandIwouldperfect myEnglish.Well 21yearslater myEnglishisprettygood Q WhyhaveyoubeenwithCirqueduSoleilforsolong A Whenyoustartworkingonmegaproductionsandyougetveryinvolvedinthecreationprocess it sreallyhardtoimaginegoing backtoregularplays.I maddictedtothebusyworkloadandresponsibility.Cirqueofferedmeuniqueopportunitiesandachance totravelandliveincountriesIdidn tthinkIwouldhaveevervisited.Iworkedwiththemosttalentedcreatorsintheworldandfeel blessed to have had a crazy busy life. Q Areyoureadytoslowdown A Yes.Idiscoveredfamilylife.I minvolvedinraisingtwins(aboyandagirl)andIhavetosaythatitisthemostexhilarating experienceofmyentirelife.TheyarethemostcreativelittlehumansandI mlearningasIwatchthemgrowup.Theyaretrulythe best creation. Contact Ann-Marie Corbeil (702)494-9325 http zarkana ann-marie.corbeil 10 Women of Distinction DebraA.Bartz Health and Wellness Owner Learn Conquer Soar Coaching Clayton CA Suffering some health issues over the last several years Debra A. Bartz felt threatened that it might affect her longtime career as a pilot. Diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder she found that the medical establishment where she was being treated wasn tconcernedwiththecauseofherailment butmoresowithherstartingonadrugthatwasn ttestedbytheFederalAviation Administration(FAA).TheFAAtoldhershecouldnotcontinuetoflyunlessshecouldprovethatshewouldnotreacttothe medication forsafetyreasons.Empoweredtofindoutwhatshecoulddoforherself Debra smedicalsetbackandpossible lossofcareerledhertopursuecertificationswiththeAmericanAssociationofDruglessPractitionersasaboardcertifiedholistic practitioner to pursue different options. I decided to start my own wellness coaching business to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and health goals just as I had to do with my own Debra said. As a holistic practitioner I have coached clients with food allergies thyroid issues psoriasis and inflammation issues related to arthritis. I have assisted them with accountability challenges with planning less stressful weeks reduction and elimination of their use of over the counter and prescription medicines and weight loss. Sinceshewasonly10-years-old Debraknewshewantedtobeapilot.Sheputallofherenergyintoschoolingandappliedto theUnitedStatesAirForceAcademy.BeingthethirdclassofwomentograduatefromtheAirForcein1982 Debrastartedthe firstpartofher20-yearcareerasanAirForceOfficer.Inherfirstyearasanofficer DebragraduatedfromUndergraduatePilot Trainingandearnedhermilitarypilotwings.SheflewtheT-37 T-38 andtheKC-135AirRefuelingaircraftasanactivedutypilot flyingworldwidetorefueltheSR-71. In1993 whileflyingtheKC-135part-timefortheWisconsinAirNationalGuard Debrabecamearecruiterandinterviewerwith the United States Air Force Academy liaison where she recruited high school students to apply for an appointment to the Air Force AcademyandAirForceReserveTrainingCorpscholarships.In1997 shebecamethehumanservicesadministratorforthe128th AirRefuelingWingMedicalSquadron.Debraretiredin2002withtherankofmajor. While serving part-time in the Air National Guard Debra started her full-time civilian career as an airline pilot for United Airlines. Forthefirsteightyears sheflewonthe727asaflightengineerandfirstofficer.In1998 shebeganflyingasacaptainonthe Boeing737 757 767 andAirbus320 flyingpassengersdomesticallyintheUnitedStates. After learning about her autoimmune disorder Debra was not ready to give up her career as a pilot. To search for answers she begantoattendtheInstituteIntegrativeNutritionprogramaccreditedbytheStateUniversityofNewYork becameacertified holistic practitioner with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners a Mastery Transformational Coaching Method Coach andaHormoneTrainedSpecialist.Then in2012 DebrafoundedLearnConquerSoarCoaching aholistichealthcoaching business to help others in similar situations. 11 Women of Distinction Debra leads by example every day. She assists clients in reaching their goals by providing them with access to a better quality of life. By helping them realize their dreams through good health she teaches them about mindset principles how to conquer their food and mind issues and how to soar to success. As owner coach of Learn Conquer Soar Coaching Debrarelievesherclients stressesaroundwhatmaybeailing them. She does this through a step-by-step approach for their specificandgeneralmalaisetoempowerthemtochangetheir habit patterns to form a better quality of life free of stress and withlesspain.Shecontinueshereducationwiththetop1%of worldwide coaches to expand her knowledge. I am a person who is striving to get the message out to other women that service to others is the most important issue we need to help others heal Debra explained about her ultimate goal. We can control our health and don t have to succumb to avoidable health issues. InadditiontoearningaBachelor sDegreewhileservinginthe Air Force Debra received her Master of Science Degree in Human Resources Management from Golden Gate University in1989.Tenyearslatersheearnedafitnessandnutrition diploma from International Correspondence Schools in Scranton Pennsylvania. She continues her education at the SchoolofLiberalStudies StateUniversityofNewYorkandis very happy with direction her career has taken her. Many of the qualities that helped Debra become a successful pilot have transcended into her successful coaching career. To become an Air Force pilot Debra had to be competitive and was mentored into an elite status. She was at ease being in command had fantastic leadership skills a great ability to follow procedures and techniques and had a great understanding of management principles. Workinginamaledominatedfield bothinthemilitaryandas an airline pilot Debra felt the undercurrent of being analyzed for decision making how well she executed those decisions and the difference in approaching the situation to rectify each problem. She learned not to take things personally to keep her emotions in check in each situation and to talk about challenges with those who care about her and her overall success. Debra also learned through passion perseverance and understanding that critiques served as feedback and were not intended to point out failure. 12 Women of Distinction Q Whoisyouridealclientandwhatproblemdoyouhelp themsolve A Myidealclientisapersonwhocannotfindtheanswersto theirautoimmunitydisordersandinflammationissuesthrough the traditional medical community that usually results in giving prescription drugs to mask the symptoms and never gets to the root cause of their maladies. Q Whatdoyoutypicallydowithyourclients A Iofferasystemoffindingtheircauseoftheirinflammation issues related to their autoimmunity disorders to prevent further degradation and pain to their endocrine system (thyroid pancreas liver hormonaldeficiencies etc.) Q Whatdoyouexplorewiththem A Iexplorethewaytheylive whattheyeat andwhen they eat saving them time and guessing in their day by day planning what to eat healthfully why there may be food allergies their body may be reacting to reprogramming some of their beliefs related to what they traditionally ate that contributes to their health problems that blood tests cannot detect life coaching with realistic techniques of exploring why they have pain around changing their patterns of behavior related to stress with environment and relationship issues etc. Q Whatcommonquestionsorsituationsdoclientsbringto you A Clientscometomeconcernedwithstress-relatedhealth issues like cravings food allergies autoimmune disorders relatedtoinflammationthattraditionmedicineisunabletofind the cause. I assist by empowering the client to take action in findingthecause. Q Whatarethedefiningsteps A Learningaboutyourmindsetaroundwhyyouhavecertain habits through reprogramming their thoughts around how they plan their days effortlessly and conquering your food and mind moods to get to the cause of their stress problems related to living in our toxic environment whether it be internal or external to our bodies. Q Whatarethebenefits A Livingwithsomuchstresswhereyourbody onthecellular level cannotkeepupandtheresultingactionisthebody s systems start to malfunction. These chemical reactions from thestressusuallyresultininflammationissues.Insteadof coping we would explore why and how you can change those unhealthy patterns for good. Q Whataresomeofyourclients successstories A Accountabilitysuccess Ilovethedailyreminders Ican t tell you how many nutritionist trainers and friends that I have askedtokeepmeaccountableanditneverworksout. ... Jane TransformationalCoaching Debrahastobeoneof themostintuitiveandbrilliantwomenI veevermet.Shetook the time to get to know me learned who I am at my core validated my experiences and helped me make sense of them. Moving through my roadblocks has never been this easy. I was so stuck before I met Debra. I feel full of energy andconfidence. ...Karin. Q Whatwouldbetheresultsofworkingwithyou A 1)Makebetterdecisionseffortlesslyregardingyourlife choices 2)Gettingmoreaccomplishedinallareasofyourlife with healthier choices for clearer thinking and less stress and saving time every day. Q Whatwouldmyfuturefeelingsandexperiencesbelikein mylife A Havingmorecourageandconfidencewithopeningyour heart to opportunities by empowering yourself to go more rapidly from a mindset of inaction to action-oriented growth and effort to be all you can be. Q WhatdoIneedtodotogetstarted A Contactmeforaninitialconsultationandtoworktowarda harmonious and stress free life. Contact Debra A. Bartz (925)673-8527 http http debbie Deb.bartz.82 13 Women of Distinction SandraL.Hooper Flowers Owner Designer MaryJane sFlowers Berlin NJ Over30yearsago SandraL.Hooperdiscoveredthemanyjoysofworkinginaflowershop.Thecompanythathiredandtrained her all those years ago sent Sandra to their company headquarters to teach her everything there was to know about the business. Althoughshewasonly16-years-oldatthetimeandstillinhighschool shelearnedquiteabitaboutwhatittooktorunafloral shop. The company even promoted her to a manager level position for several of their locations giving her an abundant amount of hands-on experience. Even though her job at Flower World ended after meeting her future husband she never forgot just how much she loved working in the industry. Today after having traveled all over the country as a US Navy wife and mother of two for manyyears Sandraandherfamilyarefinallysettledbackhomeandisnowabletodowhatshehaswantedtogetbackintofora long longtime openupherveryownflowershop. I love working around flowers. It is a proven scientific fact that flowers uplift people s attitudes Sandra said about the very unique working environment. I especially enjoy the look on our customers faces especially brides on their wedding day when I show up with their flowers. It just makes it all worthwhile. Designingflowersforeveryoccasion includingbirthdays anniversaries holidays weddings andfunerals notwodaysareever thesame.AstheownerandheaddesignerofMaryJane sFlowersinBerlin NewJersey Sandra snumberoneroleistowork with brides planning their big day. Weddings can be very time consuming since great detail goes into every single arrangement. Sandracountsonherfantasticstaffinassistingherasshedelegatesworktothem.Shegivesthemspecificinstructionsonwhat tasks need to be completed which will vary from day to day depending on the events and orders that have been scheduled. Her teamisveryflexibleandintunewithhowtheflowershopmustoperateinordertobefullyfunctionalandsuccessful.Thriving flowershopsmustadheretotightdeadlines sobeingadedicatedandreliableteammemberisessentialandSandracanonlyhire and train the most dependable of employees. Sandraopeneduphershopinatownthatnotonlyalreadyhadthreeflorists butduringatimewhentheeconomywasnotin herfavor.ButSandrawasdetermined andshedidn twanttoopenherbusinessanywhereelse.Herfather whostartedhis ownbusinessinthesametownofBerlinover40yearsago wasveryprosperousuntilhedecidedtoclosehisdoorsandretire. Sandra wanted to plant those very same roots just like her dad did and with any luck will someday be able to pass her business down to her daughter. I come from an old school family. I value business relationships as long as they are beneficial for both parties Sandra said noting her father s influence on her. I also feel that it is very important to give back to the community that supports you. Sincethecompletionofherhusband sserviceintheUSNavy Sandrahasenjoyedhiscompanyandsupportattheflowershop. Althoughthingsaren talways rosy asitcansometimesbetoughspendingalldaywithyourspouseatworkandthensettlingin athometogether theyhaveagreatworkingrelationship.Workingsidebysideashusbandandwifehasitsbenefits andhehas learnedagreatdealaboutwhatittakestoworkinthefloralbusiness. MaryJane sFloristmakesiteasyforcustomerstoshop whethertheychoosetocomeintothestorefrontorshopdirectly onlinefortheirarrangements.Sandra swebsiteoffersatremendousamountofphotos wherecustomerscanshopforspecific arrangementsfortheiroccasionorcanhaveacustomarrangementprepared.Sheevenhasaseparatewebsitespecificfor weddings only since weddings are big part of her business. 14 Women of Distinction Eachyear MaryJane sFlowersparticipatesinthelocalMemorialDayflowerprogramforhertownofBerlin.Theprogram which wasestablishedseveralyearsago contributesbydonatingfreshrosesfromtheflowerfarmsformSouthAmerica.Everyfamily member of a fallen veteran at the local Berlin cemetery who chooses to attend the ceremony is given two roses one to be placed on the headstone of their fallen service member and the other to be taken home in remembrance. Admittingthatowningherownfloralshopconsumesalargemajorityofhertime Sandraissuretomakeeverysecondcount both at work and at home. I never stop Sandra added. If a situation at work needs a resolution I have a very hard time stopping and shutting off my brain until it is resolved. At the same time I enjoy what I do for a living and it doesn t seem much like work to me which is important. In2010 SandrareceivedacertificateforcompletinganonlinefloraldesigncoursefromPennFosterUniversity.Itwasrefresher course to sharpen her skills since she had not worked in the industry for so long. She also just completed the FTD University bootcampforfloraldesignersinDownersGrove Illinois.Thebootcampisathree-dayfunandinformativeworkshopthatblends business design andqualitytrainingforflowershopownersandmanagerstosharpentheirbusinessanddesignskills. Nowallgrownup Sandra sson now26 recentlymovedoutofherandherhusband shousebutstillliveslocally.Heisworking full-timeforalocalcompanyandhopestobecomeamanagersoon.Herdaughter 23 alsocompletedtheFTDbootcampwith hermotherforfloraldesignersrecentlyandbeganworkingforheratMaryJane sFlowersfull-timeasofOctober2014. 15 Women of Distinction Q Whatbenefitdoflowersbringtotheworld A Itisaprovenfactthatflowersbringjoyandhappinesstopeople slives.Tobeapartofthismakesitallworthwhile. Q Howdoyouhandleaniratecustomer A Themostimportantthingistolisten thenweaskthemhowwouldyoulikeussolvetheproblemandcompromisefromthere. Q Howimportantisyourstafftoyourbusiness A Withoutareliablestaffthebusinesswouldn tsucceed.Youneedtobeabletodependonyourstaffsinceothersaredepending on you to get things done on certain days and times. Q Howimportantarethewholesalersyourelyon A Wedependonourwholesalerstohaveproductwhenweneedit.Whentheydon twealwayshaveaback-upwholesaler. Q Howdoyouhandletheaddedworkloadonholidays A Wepreparewellinadvancetokeepstresslevelsdown.Wealsotrytokeepstaffhighlymotivated(buyinglunch etc.). Q Howdoyougetpeopletostopinyoushop A Keepingtheappearanceclean keepingseasonaldecorationscurrent andadvertisingspecials. Q Whatisyourbestkindofadvertising A Wordofmouthisalwaysfirst.Thenwedonateflowerstolocalbusinesses peopleseethem and inturn askwherethey came from. Q Howimportantistheweddingindustrytoyourbusiness A Weddingscanbeveryprofitablebutsomefloristschoosenottodothembecausetheydonotwanttogetinvolved.Hereat MaryJane sFlowersweembraceworkingwithbridesandtryingtomaketheirdayasspecialastheyimagineittobe. Q Whatprocessdoyouusetoworkwithpeoplewhocomeintotheshoplookingforfuneralarrangements A Wefindaquietareaintheshoptositwiththemandletthemtalkforabit.Thenwe llaskthemwhatkindofpiecestheyare looking for and if there is any way we can personalize them. Q Whatdoyoudowithyourolderflowersattheendoftheweek A Theyarenormallyarrangedinvasesanddonatedtooneofthelocalassistedlivingfacilitiesinourarea.Theresidentsand staffgreatlyappreciatetheseflowers. Contact Sandra L. Hooper (856)336-2912 http http http maryjanes 16 Women of Distinction SandraMcManus Retail JewelryDesigner Sandy sAdornments San Diego CA 17 Women of Distinction Enjoyingaveryaccomplishedcareerinfinancialmanagementformorethan25years Sandra McManus retired only to pursue an entrepreneurship role doing something a bit more creative and personally rewarding. Founding her own wedding consulting business Social Happenings she used her skills in management training customer service and attentiontodetailtoembarkonabusinessthatspannedformorethan14years.Butafter internet media began to change the dynamics of her business Sandra knew it was time to move on. Making the decision to explore a new chapter in her career yet again Sandra soughtoutanewcareerthatwasoncejustagreathobbyofhers makingjewelry. AsthesoledesignerofSandy sAdornments Sandracreatesone-of-a-kindjewelryfor customers by using natural gemstones. All made with the highest quality components no two pieces are ever the same. Sandy s Adornments gives me an outlet for my creative side Sandra said who has loved stones since she was little. I have always been a jewelry junkie. I love using colored stones and beads and am truly inspired by the gemstones themselves. Nature has created such beautiful rocks and minerals for me to choose from. Sandra is very passionate about designing jewelry and is especially fascinated by the jewels of royalty. Personal Adornments are one of the oldest forms of human expression. Ancient cultures and royalty adorned themselves with beaded jewels and gemstones to show power and prestige. While attending museums and studding historical adornments I drawinspirationfornewdesigns.Eachjewelrypieceisuniqueandhandmade Sandra explained. During my travels I am constantly looking for new beads to use and jewelry to elevatemyexclusivecreations. SinceopeningSandy sAdornments Sandraisalsodedicatedtostudyingandlearning about the many stones. Participating in various juried jewelry craft shows and fundraisers throughout the year Sandra recently participated in a trunk show at the Mingei Museum inSanDiego California.HernecklacesarealsodisplayedatJewel&Vine alocal jeweler at the Rancho Bernardo Winery in San Diego. Active with the Wednesday Etc. club in Rancho Bernardo and the Rancho Santa Fe Business and Professional Women organization both organization contribute by getting involved with charities within the local community. Sandra began her career with Bank of America as a teller and then as a branch manager working for many major banks through acquisitions and mergers. She then became an independent consultant for banks in production management and later worked asamanageroftheBillingCallCenterforKaiserPermanenteforCalifornia.ShecompletedChapmanUniversity sNon-Profit ManagementProgram SouthwesternCollege sEntrepreneurialManagementProgram aManagementSkillsandCommunication Series at National University and two years of general education courses at Rancho Santiago Community College. Contact Sandra McManus (858)248-0495 mcmanussandra 18 Women of Distinction MicheleMcHenry Technology Managed Print Services Ad Specialties President ChiefExecutiveOfficer LaserLab Inc. Ephrata PA Afterthebirthofherfirstchild RegisteredNurseMicheleMcHenrydesiredtobecomeastay-at-home-mom butunderthe condition that she would still be able to earn an income in some capacity. After the opportunity to learn how to remanufacture tonercartridgescameabout Micheleknewitwouldbetheperfectfitforherandhernewfamily.FormingLaserLab Inc.in1991 the reward has made a difference in not only her own family but also in the lives of her employees customers and friends. Laser-Lab employs a very diverse workforce bringing individual skills and experiences that inspire employees to perform at their best ability resulting in high productivity creative strategies and great customer loyalty. Offering quality printer repair and services theirtechniciansareavailabletotraveltothecustomer ssiteorcustomerscanbringtheirequipmenttotheirEphrata location.Laser-LabalsoofferspreventivemaintenanceservicesandPrintWebTM whichisfreesoftwarethatmonitorscustomers printers and tracks toner and maintenance kit levels error messages and more. As president my job is to take care of my employees and in return they will take care of the customers Michele said who is an expert advisor on the strategic use of Managed Print Services (MPS) enabling clients to streamline functionality and optimize their workflow. I believe effective communication between coworkers and management is crucial in providing the best working environment engaging and motivating employees to build strong customer relations. For23years LaserLabhasdesignedanddeliveredcustomizedsystemsthatincreasesefficiency eliminatesdowntime and optimizes performance for their customers. As authorized providers of Brother HP Samsung Dell and Xerox equipment Laser Lab services and repairs most major brands of multi-function printers and laser printers and sells both new and remanufactured quality toner cartridges that are either remanufactured at their facility in Pennsylvania or in the USA. A member of numerous organizations nationally and locally including representing the Ephrata Area Chamber of Commerce as their president Michele is the recipient of several awards for her hard work and dedicated service to the community. Happily marriedtoVinceMcHenry theyhavetwogrownchildren Paul whoisstudyingoptometryatIllinoisCollegeofOptometryin Chicago and Emily an actuary analyst in Harrisburg. 19 Women of Distinction Q Whyisyourbusinesssignificantintoday sbusinessworld A LaserLabstrivestoprovidecustomersthemostefficient usageoftechnologybypartneringwiththebestoffice equipment manufacturers and providing customers with superiorproductsandflexibleoptionstofittheirofficeneeds. Q WhatisMPS(ManagedPrintServices) A MPSistheactivemonitoring management and optimizationofacompany sprintenvironmentandrelated business procedures. Q Asaggregateprintvolumesareonthedecline howhas thisaffectedyourcompany A Seeingthechangingneedsofourcustomerstomanage theirprintenvironment in2007LaserLabhasbeeninthe forefront of MPS helping customers eliminate emergency service calls free up inventory space and conserve both the environment and valuable time of procurement and IT personnel. Q Howisyourcompanydifferentthanotherofficeequipment dealers A Bybeingbrand-neutral wecanrecommendequipment based on customer needs. We manage the full life-cycle of our customers documentprinting copyingandcommunication assets switch out product on demand and provide the best services to meet their needs. Q Whattrendsareyouseeingintheofficeprintenvironment A Colortechnologyisgrowingasmorecustomerspurchase colorprinters MFPsintheiroffices.Wesee20%color penetration through our MPS program in an industry average below10%. Q HowmightyouimproveonyourMPSandothersolutions andservicesmovingforward A Weareconstantlylookingatwaystoenhancewhatwe do to provide our customers with the best customer service possible. Many companies are competing in nothing but price and that is not our mission. We never said we wanted to be the biggest we focus on being the best. Q Isthereanyonethingaboutthisbusinessthatyouwishyou knewwhenyougotstarted A Twenty-threeyearsagowewereinanichemarketand even though price and value were important customers often confused the two. Today is no exception with MPS. They don talwayswantthecheapestprice theywantthebest possible service they can get at the best value. Relationships mattermorethanpriceandknowingwe llbetherewhentheir equipment is down is the most important service we can offer. Q Withthisyearcomingtoaclose whatplansdoyouhave fornextyear A ManagedServiceshasbecomeoneofthegreatestgrowth areas I see in our industry. We are excited to be able to offer this service to our customers at an even greater capacity than we have in the past. We have looked at 3D printing but haven ttakentheplungeyet.Themorewelookatitthemore we realize it is a different beast we will wait to tackle. Q Whatwouldyouconsideryourgreatestprofessional achievement A Beingabletoworkwithmyspousehasbeenvery rewarding as well as my team of dedicated employees and their ability to embrace change. All businesses are unique and are looking for a customized and personal approach to their organization. We are able to deliver that service. Q Whatdoyouseeasyourgreatestopportunity A ManagedServices.Enduserswanttobeconnected anytime anywhere and be able to use their smartphone tablet pc large-formatdisplays andprintdevices.We re excited about the new products coming out that integrate all of the technologies on one platform. People want managed services for all their devices that seamlessly work together like they want them to and will require a smarter approach through the managed services we offer. Contact Michele McHenry (717)738-3333 http info 20 Women of Distinction SueJ.Clark Writing Editing Teaching President ChiefExecutiveOfficer SJ Clark Literary Specialties LLC Lincoln CA Professional Writer and Consultant Sue J. Clark has been the ownerofSJClarkLiterarySpecialties LLCforthepast39 years. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to her business that spansmorethan50years Suestartedoutasacontinuity director for both radio and television. She owned two newspapers and has been published in magazines journals and anthologies. She taught graduate level writing courses for the US Department of Agriculture in California Nevada and Washington was director of university relations at the University of California San Francisco teaches writing and literature classes in the Olli Program at Sierra College in Roseville California andteachesprivatefictionandpoetry classesinLincoln California.Suealsoheldamonthlyfiction writingworkshopintheBayAreaforover20years. AspresidentandChiefExecutiveOfficerofSJClarkLiterary Specialties Sue provides expert editing services writes poetry critiques manuscripts edits and rewrites materials for businesses and corporations conducts workshops for current and aspiring writers and speaks at public events. In 2014alone sheassisted27authorsinwritingandpublishing theirbooks.In2008 oneofherghostwrittenbooksabout theVietnamWar Is Anybody Listening won her the Gold MedallionAwardfromDreamPressanda2006National President sAwardfromMilitaryWriter sSocietyofAmerica. She also wrote a monthly travel column for four years From Here to There in the Lincoln News Messenger. In November 2014 SuepublishedTell Them I Loved Life Brian s Story A Mother s Memoir. I become filled with a great deal of joy when I see my writers swell with pride at their accomplishments in the field of writing Sue said about her clients and students. It s fun to help develop so many people into great writers. What could be more rewarding Sue loves to travel. In fact much of her poetry stems from her experience visiting other places in the world. A native of Washington she moved to California 55 years ago. As a singlemotherwithfourkidstoraise allundertheageof10 with no money or a job Sue found a way to make her dreams come true by earning a living doing what she loves and seeing her children become successful adults. Despite the ups and downs in life she has experienced great happiness in seeing these goals come to fruition. A member of numerous organizations and a recipient of several awards including a Lifetime Achievement Award from Sue holds an AA in Radio Writing from Stephens College has done coursework in speech communication radio and television writing at Northwestern University has a BA in Speech Communication from the UniversityofWashington andseveralcertificationsand licenses. 21 Women of Distinction Q Didanythingsurpriseyouaboutthewritingcareerfield whenyoufirstbegan A Everythingsurprisedme.Ibeganmyagencybydeciding whatkindofagentIwouldliketohavewhenIfinishedmy novel building it around that and what I learned from my meetingswitheditorsinNewYork.Iwantedtohelpfirst-time writers get published. Q Wasitdifficulttofirstbecomepublished A Asmyagencygrew Iboughtotherbusinessestopaymy expenses so I could run my agency and build my clientele. I spent less time writing for my own pleasure and more time editingotherwriters books.I veneverhadaproblemgetting published butIhaven talwayssucceededwithmyfirstcontact in the business. Q Whatdoyouenjoymostaboutwriting A ThefactthatIhavetowritetobehappyandworthwhile keeps me writing. Writing is the way I express myself. Writing is who I am. In short I cannot not write. Q Whatistheworstpartofyourjobasaliteraryagentand writer A Theworstpartaboutbeingaliteraryagentisseeingan excellentwriterunpublished.Today sP.O.D.publishershave solved that problem in most cases. The worst part about being a writer is not having enough time to write what I want to write. SinceInowmakemylivingintheliteraryfield Idon talways have time for my writing projects. Q Howlongdoesitusuallytaketocompleteabook A Abooktakesaboutayeartowrite.Thegenre amountof research and time available for the author to write all play a part.MybookaboutVietnamtooktwoyearstoghostwrite themanuscriptaboutWWIItookthreeyears andI mintomy second year for my current book. Q Doyouwritethingsaccordingtowhatpleasesawide audience or is your writing more driven by your own interests andpassions A WhatItellmystudentsistowritewhattheirinterestsand passionsare.Don twritetowardthemostpopulargenreof the day. By the time your work is ready to be published the popular genre will have changed. The publishing business is fickle. Q Whatisyourbestpieceofadviceforaspiringwriters A Readasmuchasyoucan asmanyauthorsasyoucan andasmanygenresandnon-fictionasyouhavetimefor. Spend as much time as possible with other writers. Writing is a lonely life. Nothing is more exciting than to be with and learn from other writers. Also follow your passion. Q Doyouhaveanyotheradviceorcommentsforwriters A Alwaysstrivetobetheverybestwriteryoucanbe.Don t letpublishers rejectionsphaseyou.Itellmyclientstopaste everyrejectionsliptheygetontheirofficewallbecauseeach onemeansthey rethatmuchclosertohavingtheirwork accepted. A rejection slip is not personal. Q Whatdoyoustillstrivetoaccomplishinyourcareer A Atmyage I dlovetoghostwritemorebooks.That san assignment I thoroughly enjoy. Q Lookingback hasyourcareerbeenwhatyouthoughtit wouldbewhenyoufirststartedout A No.MycareerhasbeenmuchmorethanIeverexpected. I vegottentoknowhundredsofotherwriters readthousands of manuscripts and have worked with excellent writers who havebeenverysuccessfulintheircareers.Asaresult Ifind that my writing improves every day of my life for one never stops learning how to write by reading other writers work and from studying the craft. Contact Sue J. Clark (916)434-9226 http suejclark 22 Women of Distinction De AngelaM.Reed Early Childhood Education Owner Chief Administrator D sAngelsPreschool&ChildDevelopmentCenter Sacramento CA Holding a special place in her heart for women children andfamilies De AngelaM.Reedbeganhercareerstudying human services early childhood education and Christian Studies.Nowasoughtafterinspirationalspeaker life koach published author authentic leader and mentor for women everywhere De Angelahasalottobegratefulfor.She seven the owner director and chief administrator of her very own child development center and preschool for infants through preschool D sAngelsPreschool&ChildDevelopmentCenter whereshe slivingoutherdreamandGod splan. Currentlyworkingonherthirdwritingproject De Angelais focusing her input on those interested in becoming business owners in the early childhood industry. She also loves to mentorand koach womenwhenshe snotatherschool.Her truest calling is in inspiring and empowering women to pursue their dreams. As a woman of passion and purpose she says it is essential to be intentional with creating the life that you want. Shehas koached womeninrelationships relationshipsin business business matters career and health. Love and Trust are key components that transcends through our mission and philosophy. Every parents wants their child to be loved and safe De Angela said about her Sacramento California school. AsownerofD sAngels De Angelaprovidestoursand oversees the entire enrollment process for new students. She alsohandlestheaccounting payroll andfinancialaspects as well as the insurance and state licensing regulation standards. She ensures policies and procedures are always enforced doesallhiringandfiringofstaff trainingandsupervision employees oversees curriculum and staff development maintains vendor contracts chairs staff meetings and teaches among other tasks. De Angela studied early childhood education at Cosumnes River College human services at the University of Phoenix and earned a BA in Christian Studies at Sacramento Theological Seminary School bringing a wealth of knowledge toherfield.Shehas17previousyearsofexperienceworking inleadershipandmanagementrolesinbothfor-profitand non-profitorganizations includinghavingservedasdirector of operations in a human relations and business relations capacity and as the director for a large child development corporation. But it was her time at the child development corporation that supplied her with the building blocks in which she stands upon today. We are all here for a purpose she said. God s calling on my life has given me the motivation and desire to help others find their purpose in life and their destination of success. Hoping to someday become a best-selling author as a voice that leaves a message of love courage hope perseverance faith and allows others to believe in themselves capable of findingtheirinnervoice knowingthatthepowerlieswithin De Angela spositiveandupbeatpersonalityissomethingall people should aspire to. As a role model for her daughter she aspires to instill these very same values in her own daughter daily themostimportroleshe lleverhaveasamother. EngagedtoherBFFandconfidante De Angelaissurrounded by family and loved ones as much as possible. Contact De AngelaM.Reed (916)585-6753 http director dr koach.d 23 Women of Distinction DoritM.Dormayer VacationHomeManagementandRentals Owner Manager - Top Florida Properties Fort Myers FL 24 Women of Distinction After Dorit M. Dormayer got her degree in home economics she worked at Disney World s EPCOT Center in Orlando FL as an international exchange student to serve as a Cultural Representative for Germany. When the program ended she went back to Germany and worked in the travel and real estate industries. At Disney she met her future husband (Mario) who shedidn tseeagainuntiltheybumpedintoeachotherfouryears later at the airport in D sseldorf Germany. Five years later they moved back to Florida and took over a property management andrentalcompanyinFortMyerscalled TopFlorida . Ilovehelpingourrentersfindtherighthousefortheirvacation and seeing them again year after year. And our guests see that assomehavebeenwithusfor14seasonsnowandIam very thankful for that. When you go the extra mile people will appreciateitandcomeback. And Mario is responsible for the realty aspects of Top Florida such as providing unparalleled services for buyers or sellers of real estate business opportunities or commercial transactions. Mario proudly looks back on decades of experience and expertise. Of course Top Florida is a small team so he is also responsible for many aspects of the property management and vacationrentaloperation. Together theyhavea10-yearoldsonnamedPhillipandadog (black lab mix) named Connor. ConnorisourGreeterandChiefofSecurityattheoffice. In her free time Dorit likes to read (and discuss books with her book club) travel scuba dive ride her bike go camping and entertain. Top Florida offers hand-picked vacation properties for guests and unparalleled real estate services that address their needs goals and market conditions. We provide property managers who offer friendly personal service and ensure that guests are happy. Because in the age of social media it only takes a few negative guest reviews to ruin a property s good reputation forever. Dorit is responsible and oversees most parts of the property management and vacation rental aspects of Top Florida and does most of the booking. Her professionalism and can-do attitude always earn her top marks by guests and customers. And evenifit snotright shewilltryaboutalmostanythingtomake it right for you. I throw a mean Halloween party for my friends and a (fabulous) Christmas party for our subcontractors and in town homeowners. It s just another way to show them our appreciation. Contact Dorit M. Dormayer (239)690-2030 Dorit 25 Women of Distinction ElizabethHaddon Ed.D. Education Elementary School Principal School Counselor University Placement Advisor & Director of Student Services Retired International Educator & Author Flagler Beach FL Elizabeth Haddon lived In Seattle working as a psychotherapist for over twenty years. Whenhertwosonsleftforcollegein1989 Elizabethaccepted a position at the Canadian Academy in Kobe Japan as a middle school counselor drawing on her years of experience counseling children and families. My daughter and I moved to Japan where I began a second career as an international educator. I ve been privileged to work in international schools around the globe including Japan Kathmandu the Dominican Republic Argentina and Croatia. Between postings she added an Educational Administration degree and a doctorate in Instructional Leadership to her psychology background. Put simply my fascination with the learning process effective problem-solving and the development of compassion has kept meactivelyexploringtopics suchas Neurodiversity (everything from Multiple Intelligence Theory toneuroplasticity)...Quantumphysics(theessentialnatureof whatweperceiveasreality)... Technology (especially how it relates to neurodiversity and learning)...Theartoflisteningandthinking(beyondreacting)... Communication between humans and non-humans (especially intheareasofcompassion forgiveness andacceptance)... Cognitive and behavioral alternatives to violence (how fear and cultural cues impact problem-solving)...Biomimicry (how the naturalworldsolvesproblems)...Andlastly swarmintelligence. Society siron-cladbeliefintheconceptof normal asitrelates to neurological and cultural diversity is an important issue that Elizabeth has written about. One of my favorite quotes comes from Morticia Addams (through the pen of an Addams Family writer). What is normal forthespiderischaosforthefly. NeverwouldIsuggestthat we do away with social agreements or condone abusive or dismissive behavior. What I do suggest is that we recognize theideaofnormalforwhatitis amyth.Without normal we d be an us instead of an us and them . Without a them our perception of each other is free from stereotypes and bias. How would our educational system change Our political system The implications go on and on. Most of her time right now is spent writing about these and other issuesshe sencounteredasatherapist aneducator aparent andaresidentofearth.Herfirstbook Milo Autistic Warrior waspublishedin2014. MiloiswhatTrumanCapotecallsanon-fictionnovel.Whilethe charactersthemselvesarefictional alloftheinformationinthe bookaboutautism physics andareasofscientificresearchare accurate. No discussion of autism would be complete without including parenting bullying and social psychology. In short Milo Autistic Warrior is an exploration of the underlying issues that impact our sense of belonging and acceptance through the eyes of Milo and his family. At the same time it offers a blueprint for how to deal with the social and institutional patterns of isolation and discrimination that so often lead to violence and suffering. Elizabeth is currently working on a sequel to Milo Autistic Warrior tobepublishedinthesummerof2015.Visitherwebsite and blog at Contact Elizabeth Haddon Ed.D. (386)338-4510 ehaddon 26 Women of Distinction EmmieOelofse Hospitality and Aviation OwnerofMountJeffersonView Randolph NH 27 Women of Distinction In2004 EmmieOelofseshiftedcareersfromprojectmanagementintheminingindustrytohospitalityandaviation whenshefound Afric a la Carte CC a hospitality and aircraft import business based in South Africa. Flyingwasmypassion mysport andmybusiness.IstartedcompetitiveflyingaftermydivorceasagifttomyselfthedayIturned 50.IcompetedinRacingandRallyflying whichthelattertookmetothe2010WorldChampionshipsinSlovakia.AlthoughIwas onlyareserve itwasstillamajorachievementformetorepresentmycountry. Emmieshowcasedtheplanessheimportedatairshowsandevents.Intotal sheimported24planesfromFranceandtheCzech Republic to South Africa and neighboring countries. In2011 EmmiesoldherinterestsinSouthAfricaandmigratedtotheUnitedStates whereshegotintothehospitalitybusinessand is in the process of establishing an aircraft dealership with the French. I made the decision to apply my talents and business experience by purchasing a bank-owned motel in Randolph New Hampshire. Mount Jefferson View is a sole member LLC. I am using my skills to grow the business to its full potential. Since this is a seasonal business I will focus on the motel during the summer months and establish my aircraft dealership during the winter months. Soon both businesses will be integrated to complete my lifestyle. Emmie is doing her sea plane rating in Maine as this was not available in South Africa. She volunteers at air shows and has been privilegedtohaveflowntheC-130withtheBlueAngels. To Emmie self-motivation is the key. This energy comes from a positive attitude and believing that failure is not an option. My divorce was a setback. Being diagnosed with breast cancer inspired me even more to succeed. My drive is to be an example to my four children and to show them that one canbesuccessfulnomatterwhatsetbackswearefacedwith.Theskyisthelimit Emmie has written a few articles on aviation events around the world that have been published in the African Pilot magazine. She has registered a patent in the US for a Road Zipper sign which is currently being licensed. She is writing her autobiography which willbefinishedinlate2014.SheisaproudmemberofEAA ExperimentalAircraftAssociation andaVIPmemberoftheNational Association of Professional Women. Contact Emmie Oelofse (603)466-2191 info emmerentiaoelofse 28 Women of Distinction JenniferE.Granata Consulting Project and Team Optimization Owner Jennifer Granata Consulting LLC Albuquerque NM I m a translator she said. I bridge the gap between technology and people. I have an ability to listen to the unspoken and speak to people according to what their needs are. I m an excellent facilitator and work hard to have everyone s voice be heard. Coming to the realization that it is the human aspect that drives her even more than her interest in the clean energy technology she had been working on for so many years Jennifer formed her own consulting business as a way to continue challenging herself.She sovercomemanyobstaclesalongtheway but has learned to be strong in who she is because it takes a lot of tenacity and talent to succeed in this industry. Standing up for what is right regardless of the circumstances or resistance from colleagues was one of her biggest feats but she knew in her heart she was more than capable. Interested in personal growth and development Jennifer attendscoursesandvolunteersoften.She sinvolvedinwork withLandmarkWorldwide sWisdomDivision lovestoread travel and be near the water. She holds a BS in Physics from FairfieldUniversity anMSinPhysics andaPhDinPhysics both from Colorado State University. Idon tknowtheanswerstocreatingapeacefulworld butI ve become a student of inquiry of human nature and am willing to give my life and career to the pursuit of a new conversation for humanitybasedonconnection Jennifersaidfinally. When Jennifer E. Granata was a junior in college she became very interested in the solar industry. The Gulf War had just begun and she began investigating the causes of why humans togotowarinthefirstplace oneofwhich shelearned wasconflictoverresources.Decidingtobecomeapartof developing alternative energy sources as a means of creating energy independence for the planet Jennifer pursued a PhD in Physics with a focus on photovoltaics solar power beginning hercareerin1999. All of my research between 1999 and 2013 was in solar Jennifer explained. In 2013 I left the solar field and began my own consulting business. I ve taken parts of my expertise in quantum physics the energy sector and reliability and combined them with my expertise in project development team building and human relations to create a process for optimizing teams and projects based on the connections between people project areas and stakeholders bringing a systems or holistic approach to all of my projects. As the owner of Jennifer Granata Consulting LLC in Albuquerque NewMexico Jenniferiscombiningwhatshe s learned previously in larger companies and is putting it to work forothercompanies non-profits individuals andteamsto bring them beyond their boundaries and often undistinguished limits. She works to help them understand their own roles within the integrated system while developing risk assessments and mitigation strategies. She works in teams and one-on-one speaks at workshops and regularly presents her work at conferences. Contact Jennifer E. Granata (505)270-8122 http jennifer 29 Women of Distinction KarenB.Ross Food Service Personal Chef Chef OwnerofKaren sCreativeCuisines Tavares FL Karen Ross had always enjoyed cooking and wanted her own business.Soin2002 shedecidedtobecomeapersonalchef after taking courses at Boston University where she received certificationasaPrivate PersonalChef. As my business is a sole proprietorship I am the CEO chef owner grocery shopper tax preparer accountant and more for Karen s Creative Cuisines . I am also responsible for the day-to-day tasks of menu planning food prep and cooking for my clients. This business allows me to help others eat healthier meals. It s nice to know that I am also helping busy professionals and families to sit down and have dinner together. The reaction from my clients empty food containers and plates let me know their meals were enjoyed. Her love of cooking came from her mom Bernice. She was very creative in the kitchen and my greatest inspiration. As a child I really enjoyed watching and helping her cook. When I was old enough she turned the family kitchen and groceryshoppingforthehouseovertome. Prior to becoming a personal chef Karen worked as a health benefitscoordinatoratPublicConsultingGroupinBoston MA (PCG) which at the time was contracted by the State of Massachusetts for the state health insurance program (MassHealth). We assisted individuals and families with obtaining state and employer-funded health insurance. I also volunteered at Horizons for Homeless Children as a Playspace Activity Leader (PAL)andKidsCanCook(anafter-schoolcookingprogram). Karen sadviceforsomeonewhowantstobeapersonalchefis to know your market and never give up. Don tassumeyourloveofcookingwillmakeeveryonewantto useyourservices.Youwillcomeacrossthosewhocan taf fordyourservicesandthinkthatyouareoverpriced.Don tgive up.Beconfidentinyourselfandknowwhatyouarechargingis worth every penny. Next make sure to network. There is always thepotentialforfindingclientsthroughnetworking.Marketyourself everywhere you go. Hand out business cards wear your chef coat while you are out running errands and be visible. The biggest challenge I have faced is getting people to understand the concept of a personal chef. However failure is not an option.Youshouldalwaysacceptyoursetbacksastheycome but don tgiveinorgiveup.Alwayslookforasolution.Obstaclesare teststostrengthenus. Karen likes to try out new recipes in her free time. One of my goals is to write a cookbook in the future. I also would like to start a cooking program for low to middle income children that will teach them how to prepare healthy budget-friendly meals. Contact Karen B. Ross (352)343-1196 http mychefkaren cooks4ross 30 Women of Distinction L.KayHayes Non-Profit Co-Founder ExecutiveDirector Avenues12 Inc. Daytona Beach FL KayHayes saffiliationwithrecoverybeganinSeptember2002 whenshedecidedtofaceherproblemandembracethesolution. Choosingtocompleteaone-yearresidentialprogram Kaylearnedhowtostandonherowntwofeetagain findingcompassion and companionship among other women along the way. Surrounded by others who understood exactly how she was feeling Kay walkedawayastronger moreconfidentwoman. After leaving the house I realized that other women in recovery could benefit from my experience. In March 2004 I started working for a new recovery house in York Pennsylvania. As manager of the houses I was able to learn grow and mentor residents. During the five years I was house manager I knew I wanted to have a recovery house of my own someday to pass on what I had learned and help as many women as possible. Runningintoherhighschoolcrush JefferyJohnHayes ather30-yearhighschoolreunion Kayandhemarriedandrelocated toDaytonaBeach Floridaattheconclusionofhis25yearsofdedicatedserviceintheUSCoastGuard.Soonafter Kaynoticed there were not many local recovery houses geared toward women. It was time to live out her dream. Co-FoundingAvenues12 Inc.withfriendJanetWhiteandthesupportofherhusbandin2008 Kay beganestablishingstructuredandorganizedwomen srecoveryresidences.Theirfacilitiesserve as the additional piece of the recovery puzzle that involves bridging the gap between treatment centers and homelessness while integrating residents into daily family and societal life Avenues 12isa501(c)3non-profitorganization.Theircompetentboardofdirectorssetthetoneand direction of the organization. Their effective board leadership and governance helps ensure that thenon-profitcanoperatetoitsfullestcapacity withoperationsoverseenbyKay anowhighly qualifiedexecutivedirector.TheboardiscomprisedofcreativeanddedicatedmembersofVolusia County withmembersencompassingabroadrangeofprofessionals includingthoseinlaw media finance andrealestate. Asexecutivedirector Kayinteractswiththepubliconmultiplelevelsandoccasions presentingAvenue12 svisionandworthiness for goodwill referrals and fundraising success. She supervises the recovery residences operations from implementation of policiestoenforcementofrules managesresidents financesinaccordancewithpolicy andensuresthecontinuity growth and acceptance by the community. During2013 Avenues12RecoveryHousesprovided9 791nightsofsafeandsoberlivingand29 373healthyhomecooked meals ensuredemploymentof100%oftheirresidents andgaveback2 922volunteerhourstotheircommunity. Myhusbandgavemetheinspirationandstrengthtocontinuemydream Kaysaid notinghis2011passingduetobraincancer. Many people think of addicts and alcoholics as disheveled homeless people living under a bridge somewhere. Nothing can be fartherfromthetruth.Addictiondoesn tdiscriminatealongsocioeconomiclines.Avenues12embraceswomenofallwalksof life. Contact L. Kay Hayes (386)237-5101 http info kayhayes 31 Women of Distinction KelliHansen BSN RN CMCN LNC CSA Healthcare Nursing Patient Advocacy andConsultingChiefNursingOfficer and Founder of Advocate Nurses LLC LaVista NE Kelli Hansen has always had a passion for helping people. She started as a youth volunteer in 1989 at the local hospital. In 1994 shebecameacertifiednursingassistant whileworking her way towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Kent State University graduatingin1997andbecominglicensedasaRegistered Nurse. Kellijoinedtheteamof AVoice4U LLCbasedoutofDayton OH in October 2012 as a business development coordinator hoping to contribute to the improvement of healthcare and followingherotherpassionofpatientadvocacy.AV4Uislaunching its first product Medical I.C.E. Card (In Case of Emergency LifeSavingMedicalCard)in2015. My extensive background in acute care home health nursing patient advocacy insurance assessments long-term care insurance case management medical writing and more has allowed me this opportunity. Her experience has also allowed her to write about what she knows best. Since then I have obtained several nursing certifications and am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Healthcare Operations Management with a planned graduation of December 2015. After years of working in professional administrative and direct care settings KelliestablishedAdvocateNurses LLCin2012 which focuses on providing General Nurse Consulting and Freelance Medical Writing Services. She continues to perform all business functions including direct services as Chief NursingOfficer. For years the biggest challenge I faced was company reorganizations layoffs and businesses closing due to economic changes. This made me see that no matter how good I was I had no job security. I decided to take my knowledge passion and experience to start my own small business. If I fail I do so on my own terms. I have learned to take life in stride and embrace change with a positive attitude no matter the outcome. Every obstacle improves my potential. There s a quote that has stuck with me Without change there can be no butterflies . Everything happens for a reason even if you don t know that reason until later. I recently contributed work in Lippincott s Chapter 3 Patients Rights in the Nurses Legal Handbook 6th Edition that hasn t been published yet. Kelli has learned to never give up even when others say she can tdosomething. I like to prove them wrong. I have worked hard to get to where I am today and the sky is the limit for me. As a nurse I have great compassion and as a leader I empower others by example. I would like to leave a mark on the world knowing that I have made a positive difference in others lives. Contact Kelli Hansen BSN RN CMCN LNC CSA (402)397-5352 kelli 32 Women of Distinction LauraJ.Olson Healthcare Retirement Community Executive Director at White Cliffs Senior Living a Milestone Retirement Community Kingman AZ Laura J. Olson grew up in a family with seven children as the middle child in a small town in northern Wisconsin. My parents have influenced me greatly and have always been community supporters volunteering for our church and many other organizations. Therefore I ve always tried to do the right things for the right reasons and treat people how I would want to be treated. That philosophy eventually led Laura into the healthcare industry. I got a job at the local hospital (where I met my husband) working nights in the Emergency Room and stayed in the same hospital system moving up into various positions and in time I became the Human Resources Director of the Home Health Hospice area then moved in same system to Administration in the Durable Medical Company (DME) and ended up as a Director in that area until thehospitalsystemsolditoff. Duringtheseyears IwenttoschoolnightsformyBachelorofBusinessAdministrationfromMarion College in Milwaukee WI. Laurahasnowbeeninthehealthcareindustryforover30yearsandintheassistedlivingfieldfortenyears.Sheisalsoamember of the local Route 66 International Rotary Club Mohave Lions Club local Chamber of Commerce Arizona Geriatric Society and was appointed by the Governor as a member of the NCIA Board for the State of Arizona. Assisted living became an interest of mine because it was a broad arena where you can learn something new every day and the elderly have stories beyond what you can believe. My residents are my passion. As some have said I am like a bull in a china cabinet when it comes to taking care of my residents . They can say one little thing one day to you and it makes life worthwhile. HavinghadahusbandwhowasinthemedicalfieldandworkingwithgreatteamshavekeptLauradoingwhatshedoesforsolong. Both have served as a support system for her over the years. I can t tell you how much support I had from my husband. He put up with every crisis and celebration. Don t be afraid to accept help and support. Today Laura is the Executive Director at White Cliffs Senior Living a Milestone Retirement Community. My day-to-day tasks are makingeverythingcometogetherandmyteamdoesitall Theresidentsarewhywearewhereweare.Thepassionthateachofus hastotakecareoftheresidentsanddotherightthingfortherightreasoniswhyWEdowhatWEdo. Contact Laura J. Olson (928)263-2203 laura 33 Women of Distinction LindaL.Thomas Complimentary & Holistic Healing Crystal Healing CrystalHealingCertificationClasses Gem Rock Mineral and Crystal Retailer Owner of Eternal Ice Enterprises Powell WY In the late 1980s Linda Thomas had been drawn more and more to crystals and their uses in healing. She signed up for a crystal healing certification class and was certified in January of1988. As I began the class and the instructor demonstrated a layout of stones on the body I wanted to tell her to step aside because I knew how to do this. Keep in mind that I hardly knew one stone from another at that time but something clicked for me that continues to this day. I love teaching and helping others to heal on all levels. Any time that I wanted to quit and retire I found myself asking how I could ever give up something that wasandisapartofme.AndsoIcontinuetodowhatIlove. Linda is now Owner of Eternal Ice Enterprises a company that she started in her garage. I tell my students to keep an open mind and to be aware that people may or may not agree with what we do. One of the biggest considerations is letting go of fear and honoring who you are and standing in your truth. It is important to just take the firststepandgettheexperiencethatcomesfromdoing.Ialso tellthemthatapieceofpaperdoesn tmakethemahealerand thatIcanteachthemwhatIknow butthatIcan tgivethemthe loveforit.Andtheloveiswhatmakesagreathealer. LindaalsoofferscertificationforCrystalHealersandhasfilmed twoclassesforDVD. I oversee everything including the company website inventory advertising promotions and even the cleaning and dusting of the stones. I have traveled extensively for years to teach classes do private healing sessions and sell my growing inventory of crystals and other stones. While modalities such as aromatherapy have become more mainstream Reiki and essences crystal healing has remained one of the fringe modalities. If someone can t attend a class they have access to the information. I am currently writing a book on crystal healing that relays my journey on the path. It will be full of pictures of the crystals and stones and how they can aid us on a day to day basis. In her free Linda likes to travel with her husband visit family and grow her own food in their large garden. I love being outdoors but in the winter I will curl up under a blanket and read. These are all nice things to do but I derive the most pleasure working in my healing center in the energy of thestones. Contact Linda L. Thomas (307)754-4396 eternalice 34 Women of Distinction MadgeM.Meyer Innovation Information Technology Award-Winning Author Public Speaker Founder Madge Meyer Consulting LLC Boston MA In her award-winning book The Innovator s Path Author Speaker and Consultant Madge M. Meyer describes eight disciplines that help individuals teams and organizations innovate more effectively. Innovation Madge explains is notjustchange it schangethatcreatesbusinessvalue and competitive advantage and it must be constant part of business-as-usual in order for individuals and companies to sustain their leadership positions. Madge developed the principles and practices behind each discipline (Listen Lead Position Promote Connect Commit Execute and Evolve) while she rose through the ranks at IBM Merrill Lynch and then State Street Corporation where she servedasexecutivevice-president chiefinnovationofficer andtechnologyfellow.Madgecreditsherfirstrole asanIBM scientificprogrammerassignedtotheNASASpaceprogram as generating several important sparks that continually fueled hercareer aloveforinnovation apassionforachieving beyond expectations and a commitment to zero-defect execution. Madge grew up in China where her mother taught her children self-confidenceandresilience tellingthemthattheycould do whatever the other boys and girls could do. For Madge having a positive attitude has been essential to her success. When confronted with obstacles she would simply circumvent themandfindadifferentpath.Forthingsshecouldn tcontrol shewouldn twastetimeworryingorthinkingaboutthem. Also stressing the importance of developing soft skills such as emotional intelligence and relationship-building Madge said We should help others whenever we can and hopefully they will thoughtfully reciprocate if their assistance is required. For leaders vision passion andintegrityarekey.Aleader smost important role is inspiring people and teams to achieve beyond theirownexpectations. Madge sabilitytoinspireachievementisevidentfromthe 32industryawardsearnedbyherteamwhensheranState Street sglobaltechnologyinfrastructure.Shehasalso received16personalawardsforherindustryandcommunity achievements and her book The Innovator s Path was honoredbyAxiomBusinessBook2014Awardsinthe Success Motivation Coaching category. Now the owner of Madge Meyer Consulting LLC Madge is a sought-after industry speaker and consultant. Her focus is on helping individuals teams and organizations change their culture to become more innovative and make innovation their business-as-usual. She is married to husband Werner a retired IBM mathematician and they have a daughter Michele an attorney in California. We can achieve our dreams as long as we are willing to not only work hard but work smart Madge said referring to the eight disciplines. Noting the importance of keeping an open mind and never stoppingfromlookingforabetterway Madgesaysthatit s easytoget stuckinthemud especiallyafterexperiencing success. In order to stay ahead of the curve she says we must evolve and innovate continually and rapidly and we should always be innovating rather than clinging to our achievements. Contact Madge M. Meyer (781)416-2988 http madge 35 Women of Distinction MakishaWhite Catering Baking and Pastries Owner and Head Chef of FairyLand Cakes and Catering Nashville TN MakishaWhiteisadevotedwifeof15yearsandamotherofthreewholovestocook. God has blessed me with the gift of cooking and I want to share it with everyone. Anything that anyone receives from me whether baked goods catered food or even to pray for them comes from the love that is in me. I strive to make people happy and will do whatever is in my power to do so. Shestartedmakingcakesandpastriesin2000forhereldestchild sfirstbirthdayandloveditsomuch thatshefoundherselfbaking and cooking for other people as well. Makisha has provided baked goods for the American Cancer Society to support Relay for Life at her church and has also participated in business expos. Itissofulfilling.MydesireistofulfillGod spurposeformylifeandblessasmanypeopleasIcanwithgreatfood. Today Makisha is the Owner and Head Chef of FairyLand Cakes and Catering. Fairyland Cakes and Catering is family-owned and operated in Nashville TN and is designed to become a legacy for my children. Sinceopening we vetreatedeverycustomerliketheywereapartofourfamily.Othercompaniesmayoffersimilarservices but ourservicescomewithapersonaltouch.IwouldloveforFairyLandCakesandCateringtobecomepartofeveryone slife maybe even a family tradition for years to come. The thing that makes us different from other companies is that we take the time to make everything.Iprepareallthefoodandamconstantlytryingtoacquiremorebusiness. Whenshe snotcooking Makishavolunteersatherlocalcommunitygarden(whichteachespeoplehowtogrowtheirownfoodto live healthier lives) and for the annual Relay for Life events. She also loves zip lining indoor skydiving white water rafting and going on bike rides with her family. My family has been my greatest inspiration both personally and professionally. They have been pushing me to be successful since day one and to never give up. EvencuttingpartofherfingeroffherfirstweekattheArtInstituteofNashvilleCulinarySchooldidnotdeterMakisha. I could have given up but instead this made me want to work even harder. My father made me promise him that I would always trymyhardestatwhateverIdo.Sincehispassingin2012 IfeellikeInotonlyoweittohimtobegreat Ioweittoeveryonewho hassupportedme. Contact Makisha White (615)573-8333 Makisha 36 Women of Distinction Rev.Dr.Margaret FrazierDawson PhD Psychology Therapy Ministerial Psychologist Cedar Lake Christian Academy Biloxi MS Having lost her father while very young Rev. Margaret Frazier Dawson PhD knows what it is like to hurt and long for a loved one. While she missed him a great deal Margaret was cared for by her loving mother and grandparents. Her motherremarriedwhenshewasfive-years-old changingthe dynamics of her world. As she grew older she learned to love God and to care for others but she never stopped hurting for herfather slove.Thechoicesshehasmadesincethattime have been deeply tied to her desire to help others that are hurting. In1973 MargaretgraduatedfromZionBibleInstitute(now Northpoint Bible College) as a ministerial major. To enhance her knowledge in the helping profession she went back to schoolandreceivedherMaster sDegreeinMaritalFamily Therapyin1989fromAzusaPacificUniversity. Currently Margaret works as a mental health professional at Cedar Lake Christian Academy as a therapist and crisis counselor using her expertise to help those in need to become emotionally and mentally healthy. When a student or family has an issue that is problematic she makes referrals to the appropriate professionals that will be helpful for the individual during each stage of becoming emotionally healthy. In2010 MargaretreceivedherPhDinClinicalPsychology from Saybrook University. Her dissertation is entitled An Exploration of Assemblies of God Pastoral Care and Mental Health Issues among Their Congregation. Because congregantsgototheirpastorsforcounseling itisMargaret s opinion that pastors need training in the area of mental health or have a trained mental health professional on staff. Margaret is a member of the American Psychological Association and the alumni board of Zion Haverhill Bible College. She enjoys reading material that she can use during speaking engagements and biblical training. Priding herself on being true to her word Margaret is trustworthy on both a personalandprofessionallevel.Herhusbandof31years Chaplin Arthur Dawson works for the Biloxi Mississippi VeteransHospitalasaclinicalChaplin.Herdaughter Taketha LaShana Dillard works in Accra Ghana Africa and is involved with the sustainability of the water system. I have a deep love and compassion for hurting families children youth couples and those who are in unhealthy relationships Margaret said noting that her passion for staying in this field for so long stems from the hurting children. Margaret has held positions as an individual family and couples therapist and has worked with traumatic stress victims and rape victims. As the Assistant director and primary therapist at Allied Fellowship she has worked with incarceratedgirlsages12to18withsmallchildrenoftheir own.Theprogram ssolepurposewastoreunitetheseyoung ladies and their babies with their families. Margaret supervised the counseling and support staff did proposal and grant writing and initial intakes when the young ladies and their babies entered the program. Contact Rev. Dr. Margaret Frazier Dawson PhD (228)396-6279 margaretclca margart_442 37 Women of Distinction Panagiota PapadopulosAAIA LEED Green AssociateTM Commercial and Residential Build Design Principal Owner Designer Oreon Design Group Missouri City TX Asaninterndesignerworkingforanarchitecturalfirmin2003 PanagiotaPapadopulosgotherfeetwetmakingamodelofa design project. At the time she was pursuing her graduate degree in architecture at the University of Houston and she was eager togetstartedinthefield.Hercommitment persistence perseverance and mostimportantly courageallplayedarole and Panagiotaisnowtheownerofherownfirmastheprincipalanddesigner showingoffhermanytalentsandprovidingavarietyof servicestoclientsalongsideateamofmagnificentprofessionals. BorninVenezuela PanagiotacametotheUnitedStateswhenshewas18-years-old.ShebeganbystudyingEnglishat the University of Houston and Houston Community College. After completing her Bachelor of Architecture with a Minor in Construction Administration she followed a path toward entrepreneurship and is now the proud owner of Oreon Design Group in MissouriCity Texas.Offeringdesignexpertiseinmanyareas sheservesastheclient sconsultantinprojectmanagement while advocatingthroughoutthebuildingdesignprocess.Oreon sprojectsincludeinteriors remodels residential andcommercial work and their philosophy is one that includes building structures that are both functional and unique sustainable and engage allthesenses.Takingintoconsiderationbothqualityandbudget Panagiota sfirmfocusesondesignsthatboastanartistic scientific andcraftsmanshipsideinarchitecture. It is important to keep making change in architecture by developing and creating new ideas and providing services for everyone Panagiota said about working in an industry that prides on creativity including everything from low income to high budget projects. Also a full-time artist who is known for working with various mixed media as well as painting and photography Panagiota strives to deliver her best work for clients as possible at Oreon. Experienced at identifying client needs and requirements and turning that information into viable design solutions they pride on good communication with each and every client demonstrate patience because everything takes time and recognize that client relationships are key due to the very competitive market. They are a design-buildfirmconsistingofexperiencedarchitects artists designers thinkers engineers andcraftsmenwhosepowerfuland impressive work speaks for itself. Bridging the gap between architect and builder to create a united resolution in the decision makingisOreon snumberonegoal. Panagiota previously worked for Gant Architects as an architectural project coordinator and for De Zeta Designs as a project designerfrom2004-10.ShealsospenttimeasanartcuratoratDeZetaArtGalleryfrom2005-10.Fromtheresheworkedfor PageSoutherlandPageasaprojectcoordinatorfrom2011-14 learningtheskillsnecessarytogooffonherown.Inspiredgreatly by famed architect Sahad Hadid who is internationally renowned for her designs of soaring buildings Panagiota also active with several professional organizations including American Institute of Architects National Association of Professional Women and US Green Building Council. Contact Panagiota Papadopulos AAIA (713)204-8831 http yotap 38 Women of Distinction TerriAHowell Health Insurance Director of Provider Relations and Member Retention at HealthNet OfficesinCalifornia Oregon Washington and Arizona. Terri A Howell is the Director of Provider Relations and Member Retention at Health Net where her role is to maintain positive relationships with the provider community. Maintaining positive relationships with our providers is important for access to care for our members and access to qualitycareforourunderservedpopulations. Her career began with a health maintenance organization in 1994 whereshewaseventuallypromotedtosupervisorofthe memberservicedepartment.However thisdidn tcomeeasy. I worked my way up through various positions (Project Manager Manager and Director of Sales) that challenged me to grow as a leader to learn create and implement different programs and projects. And I did all this through grit hard work anddetermination.It sactuallyonlybeeninthepast three years that I earned my Bachelor of Science. I want younger women starting in their careers to know this so they canseethatthere sawomanouttherewhoclimbedtheladder (andisstillclimbingit)andthattheycantoo Twoyearsago I hired a receptionist (single mom) and told her that once upon a time I (too) was in her position. She has since gone back to school and was recently promoted now looking forward to a career(notjustajob). But with great power comes great responsibility. She has learned some valuable lessons from her experiences. I learned that you must have faith in yourself and your abilities. Enjoy gray because nothing in this industry is black and white. Embrace change because nothing in managed care stays the same. I also learned from a previous boss that if I did the opposite of what she did I would be a good leader. Youmustbefair honest kind andofferencouragement. Andwhennecessary betough butnevermean.(There sa difference.) Terri would like to leave behind a legacy of strong women leaders. Irefertomymanagersasmy FFFManagers (Fantastic -Fearless - Female Managers). I enjoy working with them helping them reach their goals and watching them blossom into these amazingly strong managers who share a passion for the business and earn the respect they so richly deserve. I have been thrown into very challenging situations like taking over management of poor performing departments or units with the expectation that I would turn them into high performers. Managing poor performers is never easy. I ve had to make some very difficult decisions but through a lot of hard work perseverance luck and always keeping the company s bottom line in mind I ve been successful. I am blessed to have the support of my boss and executive leaders. Contact Terri A Howell (916)591-8267 Terri.A.Howell 39 Women of Distinction TeresaE.Dye Hospitality Catering Owner T&K Custom Catering Muskegon MI Confessingthatcookingwasn talwaysherforte TeresaE.Dyewassearchingforawaytohelpmakeendsmeetafterher divorce.Bakingcakesoutofherhomeforcustomerswhileworkingasaparaprofessionalinapublicschool Teresa sskill s in the kitchen evolved into preparing and selling meals. Honing her skills over the years she became the proud owner of T&K CustomCateringinJune2007. Teresa scateringbusinessiscentrallylocatedinMuskegon Michigan.Workingwithalltypesofeventsandsizes including wedding receptions family reunions funeral luncheons graduation open houses and any type of social gathering that requires atastymeal T&KCustomCateringalsooffersintimate dinnersfortwo whereclientsarewinedanddinedinthecomfortoftheir own home. Focusing mostly on Soul Food Teresa is always open to preparing other food types based on the needs and desires of her clients and no event is too big or too small. Cooking and serving others is very personally rewarding. It gives me a measure of joy unlike anyother Teresa said. I have gone through some ups and downs in my career but this is something I have much more control over. It s still a learning process for me but the fact that I stepped out and took a chance before I had much experience is something I am very grateful for today. Teresasurroundsherselfwiththosethatenjoycookingasmuchasshedoesandhasthesame cando attitudeshebares.So whenshe spreparingforanupcomingevent it simportantthatheremployeesputasmuchloveandperfectionintothefoodas she does. Although she tries to do the majority of the cooking herself her small skilled staff is a luxury she cannot do without. CompletingMuskegonCommunityCollege sEventPlanningCertificatein2008 TeresabecameServSafeCertifiedin2013.A member of a local BNI she caters for her group and is often rewarded with business referrals from other members. She also participates as a vendor for exposure recently participating in a summer concert at a community park. Teresa previously worked in direct care aid for mentally and physically challenged adults living in a group home and worked as achildcareaidforabusedchildren.In1995 sheearnedherassociate sdegreeandtookcoursesineducation.Afterlosingher jobasanin-schoolsupervisorafterbeingemployedwiththemfor10years shedecidedtotakeculinarycoursestobroadenher horizons. I ve learned to strive to learn as much as I can. It s okay to lean on others but not to the point that you feel lost without them. It s important to be able to stand on your own and never limit yourself. You never know when your situation may change Teresa added. Livingherlifeasapersonwithintegrity TeresaisavolunteerBibleeducatorasoneofJehovah sWitnesses.Shehas beenmarriedforeightyearstoherhusbandRobert.Togethertheyhavefivechildrenandeightgrandchildren. Contact Teresa E. Dye (231)578-3248 tekdye 40 Women of Distinction TinaLouiseBarker Transportation Trucking President Owner Carbon Copy Enterprises Inc. Tulsa OK Ontheroad25-28daysamonthasatruckdriverisn tfor everyone. Time away from family and friends dangerous road and weather conditions and solitude are aspects of the job that can be taxing. But nearly three decades into her career Tina Louise Barker is quite fond of the trucking industry and the many years she has spent on the open road. Fascinated by trucks since she was a kid Tina had already gottenhercommerciallicenseatage17.Findingpart-timejobs hereandtherewhileshewasstillinschool Tinafinallylanded herfirstfull-timepositionwithamajortruckingcompanyatage 21. I ve worked with some of the country s largest truck companies Tina said. I ve driven for other people but have owned and operated my own truck for the last 15 years. I ve seen all 48 states and Canada have driven in all kinds of weather on all kinds of roads including mountains canyons and deserts and I ve driven every make and model truck and have pulled every kind of trailer. Tina is currently employed through Carbon Copy Enterprises Inc. out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Making sure her equipment is always working safely and complies with federal and local laws Tinaalsomakessurethatcustomers needsarealways met whether it be delivering product on time or without damage to the freight. Striving for professionalism at all times her reputation and the reputation of the business is of great importance too. Following in the footsteps of her father and grandfather who werebothtruckdrivers theindustryhasn tbeeneasyonTina for many reasons. As a woman she had to overcome many unfortunate and chauvinistic obstacles. Most companies didn tliketheideaofhiringwomenbackinthe1980 sand theymadethingsdifficultforTina.Shewasusuallygiven older equipment like trucks with no power steering or no cab heat during the winter months. Shippers and receivers would give the female drivers harder docks to back into and the men would refuse to help. Men drivers were often given loads that didn trequirethemtounloadtrucksbyhand whilethewomen were.Discouragingwomenwasatthetopoftheindustry s priority list. I have always been the type that if you tell me that I can t do something I would do it for spite Tina said. Someone like me was not going to get discouraged. If you have a wall in front of you Tina says you have four choices gothroughthewall goaroundthewall gooverthe wall or let the wall stop you. Women are here to stay and her only wish is to be treated like any other driver because women can do the job as good if not better than any male driver. CurrentlypursuingherBachelor sinBusinessManagement Tina hopes to acquire her own trucking company in the near future. In the meantime she focuses on her work spending down time with friends and family watching a good movie and working on home projects. Contact Tina Louise Barker (918)409-4837 tinaa24fan 41 Women of Distinction TerriLiselle Career Coaching and Start-up Business Coaching Founder of The Millennial Woman LLC NewYork NY TerriLiselle sjourneytoentrepreneurshipstartedin2008 at the University of Central Florida when she launched her own promotional product line a special electroluminescent t-shirt with a screen that acted as a sound equalizer to the user senvironment. I also created promotional tote bags with the same technology and customized them with my clients logos. After college Terri moved to Miami and worked with a multi-level marketing company. It was a rewarding experience as I learned how to manage people and how to develop an organization. It also allowed me to understand the power of residual income and adopta worksmart nothard philosophy.Thiswasthe catalyst and foundation for my future endeavors as an entrepreneur. Having lived out her dream life Terri founded The MillennialWomanLLC tohelpmotivateotherstolearnand understand the process of starting up a company and creating thebeliefthatflexibilityispossibletoliveoutone sdream career. As the Founder of The Millennial Woman my role is to motivate. Not everyone is educated in the art of entrepreneurship. Many people would like to start a business but few really know how to make that happen. There are challenges including the fear of change or failure. I work primarily with individuals who need counseling in how to launch their own business. The blogs I author are mainly to create a new mindset and the ability to take chances. Although I mprimarilyfocusedonstart-upbusinesses Ialso counsel on career changes or visualizing new opportunities. Terri sbiggestinspirationwasRobertKiyosaki theauthorof thebook RichDadPoorDad . His book completely changed my perspective in the way I make money. I even had the privilege of meeting him once ataCollegiateEntrepreneurs OrganizationConferenceand have viewed him as a role model ever since. Because of Robert Iunderstoodwhat worksmart nothard meant.Ialso learned how to think like a big business owner or investor rather than as an employee or a small business owner. He set agoaloffinancialindependenceforhimselfand reached it. I set my own goals and reached them as well (thanks to Robert) and would now like to pass the torch to thosewhowanttolivetheirowndreamlife. She is now the author of her own book The Millennial Woman HowtoAchieveSuccessfortheNewWomanWithin (available at Amazon and This book restores the inner Queen within for the Modern Woman by identifying and reworking unwanted influences to achieve her maximum dream-life potential. Asa MillennialWoman herself Terrihasexperiencedthe ups and downs of an unstable economy and the pains of not living out the life she dreamt of. Determination is the one thing that has allowed me to succeed in my endeavors. I promised myself that I will only work on my labor of love. This means that I will never work on a project unless I absolutely love what I do. Contact Terri Liselle dream 42 Women of Distinction Dr.TesStout Executive Personal Coach Consultant Human Resources Executive Owner of Change Technology LLC Bonita Springs FL Beforefindingacareerthatwouldultimatelysatisfyher Dr.TessStouthadbeenworkinginsmalladvertisingagencies.However shewantedtofindsomethingthatwouldprovidebetterbenefitsforherfamily. I started an entry-level position at Allied-Signal Aerospace as a Recruiter and loved Human Resources (HR) so I went back to school to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1988. Tes continued to learn and grow to pursue her Master of Science in Organizational Development. I also made it a point to work in all areas of Human Resources so I could be a well-rounded HR Consultant and coach to business leaders. I have been very fortunate to work with clients seeking guidance to achieve their goals and objectives. They allow me to do the work I love to do. I have also been fortunate to be a student of Dr. Matt James President of Advanced NeuroDynamics. Tes is single and has three children. John is in heaven Michael lives in Phoenix AZ (recovering extremely well from a motorcycle accident) and her daughter (Tara) lives in Colorado. Taraisawonderfulmotherandafull-timestudent graduatinginMarchof2015withherBachelorofSciencein Management.Shehastwobeautifulchildren BraydenandAva.Theyallcontinuetobemyinspiration. ThelossofTes oldestson(John)tosuicidemotivatedhertopursueherdoctorateinClinicalHypnosis. I had exhausted all traditional avenues (psychiatrists counseling medication etc.) for my surviving children. Her free time has been focused on continued learning and perfecting the techniques she uses as a coach and in her business. She also enjoys reading music and her family. I am currently seeking the opportunity to work as a coach for children at risk in Naples FL. This has not yet materialized but it s something I would like to do for my community. I have made a contact with a former Sheriff in Florida and hope to make this happen soon. Tes strongly believes in the value of education and wants to leave this world knowing that she has assisted others in achieving their goals and provided direction on their path of choice. Go get the degrees. Education provides insights to you that you may never have considered and guides you to other individuals who have similar goals. And most of all it opens your thinking to so many possibilities. Know who you are andbeimpeccablewithyourwordtoyourselfandothers. Contact Dr. Tes Stout (239)221-9176 drtesstout 43 Women of Distinction ValenciaG. McDaniel CIT Construction Manager of Compliance and Administration IBG Construction Services LLC Atlanta GA WhenValenciaG.McDaniel CITstartedintheconstructionfieldshedidn tknowanythingabouttheindustry.Sheworkedherway upfromthebottombeginningasafieldofficeadministrator andlearnedasmuchasshecould.Quicklyadvancingthroughthe ranks Valenciabecamethemanagerofcomplianceandadministration thepositionshestillholdstoday. Once I began to understand the different nuances of construction contracts and started assisting with standardizing administrative processes I got hooked on the various aspects of the construction industry and wanted to learn more Valencia said. Education is a continual process in this field and there is so much to learn. Startingasanindependentcontractorin2004 ValenciawashiredonatIBGConstructionServicesLLC(IBG)in2005 whereshe nowmanagescomplianceandadministrationforallthecompany sconstructioncontracts.DuringhertimewithIBG her10years withthecompanyhasbeenanamazinglearningexperience.Withvastexperienceinvariousareasofadministration Valencia has standardized the administrative processes and documents and has assisted in developing various tracking forms used by localgovernmentagenciesintrackingfederaldollarsonconstructionprojects.Alongwiththetrainingoffieldofficeadministrators shealsooverseestheoperationsandmanagementofthecorporateoffice supportstaff andmanagementoftheproceduresof project compliance on government documentation reporting requirements. ValenciaisamemberoftheNationalAssociationofWomeninConstruction(NAWIC)andcurrentlyservesasthe2013-2014 Atlantachapterpresident.ThecorepurposeofNAWICistoenhancethesuccessofwomeninconstruction.Valenciahasgained additional knowledge about construction through various education courses that the organization offers one of which is the ConstructionIndustryTechnician(CIT)Certification.InadditiontoherCITCertification sheisaSection3CertifiedCoordinator and completes relevant continuing education when required. You have to have thick skin in this industry and can t let setbacks deter you Valencia said. Although women are making strides in the industry as architects engineers and tradeswomen it is still a man s domain. We have to continue to prove ourselves to show we can do a job just as well if not better than any man. AfterearningherBSinHumanResourcesfromGeorgiaStateUniversity Valenciareturnedtocollegein2004toobtainher MEdinInstructionalTechnologyfromAmericanIntercontinentalUniversity graduatingMagnaCumLaude.Valenciaresidesin Atlanta Georgiaandhasbeenmarriednowfor31yearswiththreeadultchildrenandfourgrandchild ren with one on the way. As her family grows she looks forward to guiding and directing her grandchildren with sage old Nana advice . Contact ValenciaG.McDaniel CIT (404)865-0412 vmcdaniel 44 Women of Distinction Wanda Stephenson Skincare Independent Consultant at Rodan Fields Dermatologists New Orleans LA 45 Women of Distinction Wanda Stephenson has had a home-based business for33 years.She sanentrepreneurblessedwithmany talentsandenjoysthefeelingthatshe smakinga differenceinherprofessionandinherfamily slife. When her daughter (Jennifer) was looking for a business opportunity that would allow her to be a stay-at-home mom theytriedtofindsomethingthatwouldbeagoodfit. However every business for sale was going to take a great deal of start-up capital investment and the hours would be nolessthanworkingforsomeoneelse sothatwasn tgoing to work. But then they attended a Rodan Fields (R F) Dermatologists presentation. TheR Fbusinessmodelfitourneedsperfectly sowe both joined the company as Independent Consultants and haveneverregrettedthedecision.Thetop10reasons thatimpressedusaboutthisbusinessopportunitywere (1)WhatR Fcanhelpusaccomplish.(2)Twoofthemost recognized names in skincare. (3) The power of our network is amplifiedwithsocialmedia sowehavetheabilitytocultivate more connections than ever before. (4) Their unique business modeloffersalowcostofentry highprofitpotential and unlimited earning potential. (5) The number of people seeking theflexibilityandfreedomofself-employmentisontherise. (6)77%ofAmericansaremorelikelytopurchaseaproduct or service from someone they know. (7) Brand recognition is a key factor in decision making for consumers. R F hasmoreunpaidmediacoveragethanthetop10direct sales companies combined. (8) Clinically proven products thatdeliverlifechangingresultsbackedbya60-daymoney backguarantee.(9)100%ofwomenwanttolookyounger so there sa 3.9billionmarketforanti-agingskincareandit sstill growing.(10)Skinisourlargestorganandeverybodyhasit. Whywouldyounotdothis Prior to that Wanda and her husband (Doug) owned and operated several other businesses including a cattle ranch in Oklahoma a trucking company a trucking broker company and a restaurant while raising their two children (Jennifer and Nicholas). All of these businesses required making large investments for equipment and start-up. The hours of our lives spent on building these businesses werenever enough. We never had time to take vacations but we did work close as a family. However after seeing how dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields grew the ProActiv product line and the immediate results on my own skin we strongly believed that their Rodan Fields AntiAging products would have the same success. And you have the opportunity to take this business as far as you want. As a leader Wanda believes that communication collaboration knowledge and vision are the keys to success. Throughoutmycareer I vefocusedonadvancingmy skills and encouraging my teammembers to do the same. I believe that everyone has the potential to be successful. If you actively follow and pursue your dreams you can do anything. Contact Wanda Stephenson BusinessPhone (504)833-3103 HomePhone (504)833-3103 Stephenson100 46 Women of Distinction YaelVanGruber Contemporary Art Unique Custom Jewelry & Fashion Designers Boutique for Men Women Artist Jewelry Designer at Clique Gallery-Boutique YogaInstructor Addison TX YaelVanGruberistheArtist JewelryDesigneratClique Gallery-Boutique a gallery and fashion boutique in uptown Addison TX. The Gallery carries a wide variety of her contemporary art designs such as digital art acrylic oil water color & print making as well as sculptures glass decors and other types of visual art. The Boutique carries crystals unique gems pearls Italian glass gold & diamond customjewelrythatYaeldesigned as well as fashion scarves designer bags art decor spiritual books and more. Her unique art & jewelry are meant to bring joy both to the maker and their buyer viewer. It exposes the unseen and unknown areas of our lives inawaythatempowersus.Yael believes that just like in art when she uses contrast to bring out the beauty of her paintings it is a metaphor of how God also uses contrast in our lives through challenges trials and pain to bring out our inner beauty for us to appreciate who we are. The purpose of her art and jewelry is to move her customers emotionally and bring them to a higher dimension in touch with their inner soul. Shebelievesinwisdomofthesoul whichisareflectionofa deeper sense of where a person is coming from. My artwork is about my spiritual beauty and the essence it embodies.MytalentisagiftandblessingfromGod.Youwill findalotofgrace romance happiness andlovethroughmy art.Ispecializeinfivedifferentkindsofmedia digitalart acrylic oil watercolor and print making. I truly enjoy working with all of them transforming my ideas into reality. Since art makes me think in a special creative way without telling me what to think art also questions me and lets me arrive at my own pace to my own answers. I bring a lot of unconditional love and passion to my artwork without any regard to what I willreceive. YaelisalsoaYogaInstructor specializinginHathaYoga which she teaches out of her Gallery Boutique. Hatha Yoga focuses on physical health and mental well-being. It uses bodily postures breathing techniques and meditation to make the spine supple and promote circulation in all the organs glands and tissues. Hatha Yoga postures also strengthen and stretch muscles and align the body to promote balance and flexibility. Shehasbeenmarriedfor29yearsandhas10children(5 boysand5girls).Inherfreetime Yaelenjoysspendingtime with her family cooking reading writing working on various art projects (such as painting in different media knitting crocheting sewing and designing jewelry) movies friends travel and of course yoga. I enjoy devoting my time to my artwork and helping others seek harmony and peace within themselves whetherit sthroughmy art jewelry designs yoga classes or blogs that are published on Amazon and onmywebsite. Contact YaelVanGruber (214)219-7777 http cliquegallery yaelvangruber 47 Women of Distinction KerpashaB.Davis Website Graphic Design ChiefExecutiveOfficerofQueenKDesigns LLC Albany GA When her father (Kenneth Fletcher) struggled to find an affordable graphic designer for his books Kerpasha B. Davis took the initiative to learn the available software to help him. Her work became part of his published works and thus Lady K Productions (now Queen K Designs) was born. SinceI mameticulousorganizer QueenKDesignsfunctions asefficientlyaspossible.Withsomanyspecialistandgraphic website geniuses in the industry our business stands out because we look at our clientele as family. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology so Queen KDesignsstrivestoprovidecustomersthemostefficientusage of technology by providing designs that impact and capture people s attention and brings recognition to that particular company or brand. It s our goal to create projects that each memberofourfamilycanbeproudof. Therefore Kerpasha wants her designs and words to impact those who view it to their core and inspire each individual to live their dreams with no regrets. Since the unexpected passing of her father in 2013 family time has become very important to Kerpasha. Activities with my mother (Bettye) brother (K. Benjamin) husband (Ricky) and three children (Ke Von - 14) Ryon 7 andK Niya-2)aremostimportant. My father has been my greatest professional and personal inspiration. His encouragement for me to be all that I could be and press for the very best continues to motivate and push me towards success. Although his physical presence is no longer here his words of inspiration and wisdom are reflected on frequently and applied daily. As the Founder of Queen K Designs and a small business owner her daily functions include designing client projects handling accounting issues and advertising. She s also responsible for creating and maintaining clients social media pages updating their websites and much more. In November 2013 shelaunchedQueenKJewels wherecustomersareable tofinduniquejewelry accessories handbags andmore. Contact Kerpasha B. Davis (229)329-1651 kdavis 48 Women of Distinction MichelleWise eCommerce PetSupplies Owner of BD Unlimited Inc. Hamlin NY Asasoleproprietor Michellereferstoherselfasa companyofone . Myroleiseverything However mymomvolunteerstohelpoutwiththe packaging sometimes. She s been my greatest inspiration. When I was growing up she always told me I was going to go to the University of Michigan and become an engineer that I was too smart not to. Well she was right I graduated in 1989 from that very school with a Bachelor of ScienceinChemicalEngineering. Andwhenshe snotrunningherbusiness Michelleisactiveintheanimal rescue community. While she s really a Manufacturing Process Quality Engineer by training andtrade MichelleWisedecidedin2010(after20years)totakeherlove for dogs and start a small business when things started to look bad for the economy(asa back-up incaseanythinghappened). I m a foster mom and the Northeast Transport Coordinator for Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue a National Toy Breed Rescue group ( I also donate a portion of the proceeds from my eBay store to the rescue. There are a lot of owners who love to spoil their little dogs so I sell mainly supplies and clothes to the toy dog breed niche through my company BD Unlimited Inc. (BD for Barking Dogs ) DBA Michelle s Dog Stuff (my eBay store). Being an engineer is far from easy but e-Commerce has its challenges as well. Youreallyhavetobeonitfromtheget-goandhaveyour hook .Youmust have something that distinguishes you from the next seller. You have to answer the question of Why are they going to buy from me instead of the nextwebsite Youcan tbeafraidtofailandtryagain.(Ialreadyhaveone failed website.) Time management is also very important. And if you sell your products on eBay you must be aware of the ever-changing rules in placeforsellers whiletryingtomaintainyourtop-ratedsellerstatus. Contact Michelle Wise (585)281-1119 http Michelles-Dog-Stuff-and-More bdunlimted officechik Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionals spanning all markets and industries. Ever thought about video production or a multimedia press release Consider your prayers answered For more information call (855)893-NADP 49 Women of Distinction indeX Sandra L. Hooper eLizabetH Haddon ed.d. Flowers Owner Designer MaryJane sFlowers Berlin NJ (856)336-2912 http http http maryjanes Education Elementary School Principal School Counselor University Placement Advisor & Director of Student Services Retired International Educator & Author Flagler Beach FL (386) 338-4510 ehaddon ann-Marie CorbeiL eMMie oeLofSe Show Business Live Entertainment Artistic Director Zarkana Cirque du Soleil LasVegas NV (702)494-9325 http zarkana ann-marie.corbeil Hospitality and Aviation Owner of Mount Jefferson View Randolph NH (603) 466-2191 info emmerentiaoelofse de angeLa M. reed Early Childhood Education Owner Chief Administrator D sAngelsPreschool&ChildDevelopmentCenter Sacramento CA (916)585-6753 http director dr koach.d Jennifer e. granata Consulting Project and Team Optimization Owner Jennifer Granata Consulting LLC Albuquerque NM (505) 270-8122 http jennifer Karen b. roSS dorit M. dorMayer VacationHomeManagementandRentals Owner Manager - Top Florida Properties Fort Myers FL (239)690-2030 Dorit Food Service Personal Chef Chef Owner of Karen s Creative Cuisines Tavares FL (352)343-1196 http mychefkaren cooks4ross debra a. bartz Health and Wellness Owner Learn Conquer Soar Coaching Clayton CA (925)673-8527 http http debbie Deb.bartz.82 KeLLi HanSen bSn rn CMCn LnC CSa Healthcare Nursing Patient Advocacy and Consulting ChiefNursingOfficer and Founder of Advocate Nurses LLC LaVista NE (402)397-5352 kelli 50 Women of Distinction KerpaSHa b. daviS Website Graphic Design ChiefExecutiveOfficerofQueenKDesigns LLC Albany GA (229)329-1651 kdavis rev. dr. Margaret frazier dawSon pHd L. Kay HayeS Psychology Therapy Ministerial Psychologist Cedar Lake Christian Academy Biloxi MS (228)396-6279 margaretclca margart_442 Non-Profit Co-Founder Executive Director Avenues 12 Inc. Daytona Beach FL (386)237-5101 http info kayhayes MiCHeLe MCHenry Laura J. oLSon Technology Managed Print Services Ad Specialties President ChiefExecutiveOfficer LaserLab Inc. Ephrata PA (717)738-3333 http info Healthcare Retirement Community Executive Director at White Cliffs Senior Living a Milestone Retirement Community Kingman AZ (928)263-2203 laura MiCHeLLe wiSe Linda L. tHoMaS eCommerce PetSupplies Owner of BD Unlimited Inc. Hamlin NY (585)281-1119 http Michelles-Dog-Stuff-and-More bdunlimted officechik Complimentary & Holistic Healing Crystal Healing CrystalHealingCertificationClasses Gem Rock Mineral and Crystal Retailer Owner of Eternal Ice Enterprises Powell WY (307)754-4396 eternalice panagiota papadopuLoS aaia LEED Green AssociateTM Commercial and Residential Build Design Principal Owner Designer Oreon Design Group (713)204-8831 http yotap Madge M. Meyer Sandra L. Hooper Innovation Information Technology Award-Winning Author Public Speaker Founder Madge Meyer Consulting LLC Boston MA (781)416-2988 http madge Flowers Owner Designer MaryJane sFlowers Berlin NJ (856)336-2912 http http http maryjanes MaKiSHa wHite Sandra MCManuS Catering Baking and Pastries Owner and Head Chef of FairyLand Cakes and Catering Nashville TN (615)573-8333 Makisha Retail JewelryDesigner Sandy sAdornments San Diego CA (858)248-0495 mcmanussandra 51 Women of Distinction Sue J. CLarK Writing Editing Teaching President ChiefExecutiveOfficer SJClarkLiterarySpecialties LLC Lincoln CA (916)434-9226 http suejclark vaLenCia g. MCdanieL Cit Construction Manager of Compliance and Administration IBG Construction Services LLC Atlanta GA (404)865-0412 vmcdaniel terri a HoweLL wanda StepHenSon Health Insurance Director of Provider Relations and Member Retention at HealthNet OfficesinCalifornia Oregon Washington and Arizona. (916)591-8267 Terri.A.Howell tereSa e. dye Skincare Independent Consultant at Rodan Fields Dermatologists New Orleans LA BusinessPhone (504)833-3103 HomePhone (504)833-3103 Stephenson100 Hospitality Catering Owner T&K Custom Catering Muskegon MI (231)578-3248 tekdye yaeL vangruber tina LouiSe barKer Transportation Trucking President Owner Carbon Copy Enterprises Inc. Tulsa OK (918)409-4837 tinaa24fan Contemporary Art Unique Custom Jewelry & Fashion Designers Boutique for Men Women Artist JewelryDesigneratCliqueGallery-BoutiqueYoga Instructor Addison TX (214)219-7777 http cliquegallery yaelvangruber terri LiSeLLe Career Coaching and Start-up Business Coaching Founder of The Millennial Woman LLC NewYork NY dream dr. teS Stout Executive Personal Coach Consultant Human Resources Executive Owner of Change Technology LLC Bonita Springs FL (239)221-9176 drtesstout 52 Women of Distinction 111 W White Horse Pike Berlin 08009 Berlin NJ (856) 336-2912 maryjanes Mon-Fri 9 00am to 5 30pm Saturday 9 00am to 3 00pm Sandra L. Hooper Owner Designer MaryJane s Flowers MON- THU- 10 00AM - 5 00PM FRI - 10 00AM - 4 00PM SAT & SUN - BY APPOINTMENT 15402 ADDISON RD. SUITE B ADDISON TEXAS 75001 (214) 219-7777 CLIQUEGALLERY GMAIL.COM SHOP.CLIQUEGALLERY.COM WWW.CLIQUEGALLERY.COM Yael VanGruber Contemporary Art Unique Custom Jewelry & Fashion Designers Boutique for Men Women Artist JewelryDesigneratCliqueGallery-BoutiqueYogaInstructor 1438 W Main St Ste A Ephrata PA 17522-1364 (717) 738-3333 jerrypage Michele McHenry Technology Managed Print Services Ad Specialties President Chief Executive Officer Laser Lab Inc. Elizabeth Haddon Ed.D. Education Elementary School Principal School Counselor University Placement Advisor & Director of Student Services Retired International Educator & Author