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Women of Distinction mAGAZine I believe that by having great expectations that is by bravely assessing your current state and situation by awakening your hopes and dreams as well as by expecting the best of yourself you can achieve any goal you may have in life. Shirley A. Weis Leadership Development Healthcare Consulting President Weis Associates LLC Scottsdale AZ Tina Cantrill Management Consulting Building Sustainable Employee Engagement through Organizational Alignment Organizational Culture Development and Purpose Centered Leadership President Oxford & French Consulting Group Ltd Ottawa Canada (613) 795-6324 tina 10 61 contents... Dr. Euraina Barnes 37 Freya Velander 71 Liliya Kamalova features 5 Elise S. Sobol EdD Samantha Inesta 31 Traci McBride 53 Vivian Ducat Special Education Higher Education Music and Music Education Music Educator Rosemary Kennedy School Adjunct Professor New York University Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music of City University of New York and Long Island University-Post School of Visual and Performing Arts Author Speaker Concert Pianist Wantagh Brooklyn NY Image Consulting Personal Branding and Wardrobe Stylist TeeMcBee Image Consulting LLC Avon Lake OH Media (video interactive multimedia museum media ) and real estate Owner of Ducat Media LLC and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Halstead Property New York NY 57 Debra Capel Ross Healthcare Direct Marketing ChiefExecutiveOfficerofBridgestoHealthCare Inc.(Nonprofit) Campaign Manager Business Representative at 5LINX (Direct Marketing Company) Greenbelt MD 3 Women of Distinction Women of Distinction Magazine ISSUE 11 Women of Distinction Staff Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HEAD WRITER EDITOR Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COODINATOR Rachael Raffna Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Deihl SELECTION COMMITTEE Woman of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 http Rebecca Valuch 4 Women of Distinction Elise S. Sobol EdD Special Education Higher Education Music and Music Education Music Educator Rosemary Kennedy School Adjunct Professor New York University Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music of City University of New York and Long Island University-Post School of Visual and Performing Arts Author Speaker Concert Pianist Wantagh Brooklyn NY Upholding her music teaching philosophy that is deep rooted in the belief that the classroom should be a happy place where all students can feel safe secure and successful in a learning environment where teachers can consistently build student assurance esteem interaction opportunity andunderstanding EliseS.Sobol EdDhasbeenamusiceducatorforthespecialneeds populationformorethan27years.Nomatterwhatthediscipline Eliseexplainsthatitistheteacher sresponsibilitytofindout howthechildlearnsbest.Usingevidence-basedpracticeandspecificinstructionalstrategies onecanthenbeinnovativeinside theclassroomtooptimizeeachchild ssuccess. There are extraordinary learning needs of the special education students I serve Elise explained. In order for students to reach higher levels of cognitive understanding it has been necessary for me to be innovative in designing a music teaching approach that could be inclusive to all. Implementingthisconcept Elisepublishedherfirstbookin2001 entitledAn Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners.Inthebook Elisetalksaboutsevenfoundationsforteachingspeciallearners teacher sloveofchildren understanding those with special needs training skill presentation of materials through a reality-based system that uses multisensory techniques activepatience andthebeliefinthepositiveandpossible. Elisehassustainedamulti-facetedcareerinmusicsinceherfirstpublicpianorecitaldebutattheageofeight.Shehasworked inartistmanagement publicity promotion andpublishing allpriortobeginninghercareersinbothperformanceandeducation. PriortoearningherMaster sDegreeandNewYorkStatepublicschoolteachingcertificate(1987) shespentseveralsuccessful yearsinthemusicbusiness runningapianostudioandearlymusicaldevelopmentprogramsforyoungchildren.Beginning in1988 shealsobeganworkingfortheNassauBOCES DepartmentofSpecialEducation attheJerusalemAvenueSchool andcurrentlyattheRosemaryKennedySchoolinWantagh NewYork.Aspartofalargeteachingstaff servinghighschool studentsage16-21withmoderatetoseverecognitive languagedelay includingautismspectrumdisorders Elisemustsupport theirIndividualizedEducationProgram(IEP)goalsthroughmusictoassistintheirmeetinggradelevelexpectations.Inaddition toacademicgoals herspecifictasksaretoalsohelptheirsocialemotionaldevelopmentthroughschoolwideperformance andcommunityoutreachopportunitiesthroughouttheyear.Besidesclassroommusic thestudentscanparticipateinGlee Clubandmusicensembles suchasguitar keyboard andchimeensembles.Toenrichandintegrateculturalactivitiesacross the curriculum Elise serves as the PTA Cultural Arts co-leader booking appropriate events throughout the year widening the educationalhorizonsfortheschoolwidecommunity. 5 Women of Distinction Eleven years into her teaching career at Nassau BOCES Elise expanded her teaching after school hours by accepting a position in1999asanadjunctprofessorinmusiceducationatLongIslandUniversity-PostSchoolofVisualandPerformingArts.Oneyear later she accepted a position as an adjunct instructor in music in special education at New York University-Steinhardt Department ofMusicandthePerformingArtsProfessions.Stillteachingatbothuniversities withanadditionalpositionatBrooklynCollege ConservatoryofMusic Eliseisinvolvedinmusicteachereducationandthesisresearchadvisement.Hercoursesatthe universities include Music for Exceptional Children Enhancing Literacy through Music in Special Education Music Foundations for Teaching Special Learners and Music in Special Education. Elise has since written and released additional publications Loud Louder Loudest- Teaching the Dynamics of Life(2004)inSpotlighton Making Music with Special Learners the second and foreign language editions of An Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners(2008) MusicLearninginSpecialEducation FocusonAutism and Developmental Disabilities in MENC Handbook on Research on Music Learning Vol. 2 Application (2011) and Autism Research Music aptitude s effect on developmental academic gains for students with significant cognitive language delays in2014 amongothersrelevantto herfield. Over the course of her career Elise has gained much recognition for her dedicationtoeducation.Herinternationalprograms ReachingHigher withMusicinEducation and BuildingBridgesforLearningwithMusic firstdevelopedforprofessionaldevelopmentofteachersinArubaand NewZealandareapartofElise s brand .Herspeechesatinternational conferences workshops and presentations which showcase progress inthefield havehelpeddevelopcontinuinginvitationstotrainteachers andworkwithotherresearchers.Hercuttingedgeautismresearch is now published through ProQuest and is available worldwide to scholars who are interested in music research concerning individuals withintellectualdevelopmentdisorder.Thisresearchopensupnew conversationsforexpectationsofcontributionsofthisspecificpopulation toourglobalsociety.TheNewYorkStateEducationDepartmenthas selectedEliseasoneoffive2015NewYorkStateTeacheroftheYear Finalists.Shehasalsoearned todate twoMusicEducatorAward nominationsfromtheGRAMMYRecordingIndustry(2013 2014).She isarecipientofa2012DistinguishedServiceAwardfromtheNewYork StateSchoolMusicAssociation wasoneoftherecipientsofthe20052006NationalHonorRoll(NHR)OutstandingAmericanTeachersAward wasnominatedforaWomenofDistinctionAwardfrom theNewYorkStateSenatein2003 earnedaCitationofExcellenceAwardfromtheNewYorkStateAssemblyin1998 aVery SpecialArtsAwardofHonorfromVSAandtheOfficeofAccessibilityatJFKCenterforPerformingArts Washington DCin1993 in thanks to her support of the Long Island Very Special Arts Festival and her work with students with disabilities and has received severalothersimilarawardsandglobalmusiccontributionsforherwork. Elise is a member of several organizations that play a role in her background including the National Association of Music Education Nassau Music Educators Association Association for Supervision Curriculum and Development Royal Overseas League Phi Delta Kappa The New York State School Music Association as chair of the Music for Special Leaners since 1993 NewYorkSocietyforMusicTeacherEducationasamember-at-largeandhassatontheirexecutiveboardsince2006 International Biographical Centre as an adviser for Arts and Humanities and United Cultural Convention where she previously servedasexecutivedirectorfrom2002-09. InElise sservicepositionfortheNewYorkStateSchoolMusicAssociationasstatechairforSpecialLeaners shehasservedas ago-toresourcepersonforlessondesign curriculumdevelopment assessment evaluation andasaleadertoshapethefieldof musicinspecialeducationformembershipthroughoutNewYorkstateandtheiraffiliatedmembersinotherstates.TheNewYork StateSchoolMusicAssociationisapartoftheirNationalAssociationforMusicEducationcommunity. EarninganAAinLiberalArtsStudiesatSimon sRockofBardCollegein1971 ElisewentontostudyPianoPerformanceat MannesCollegeofMusicfrom1971-73andTheoryStudiesatJuilliardSchoolfrom1973-74.SheearnedherBADegreein Music and Arts in Education at the New School for Social Research followed by her MA Degree in Music and Music Education at TeachersCollege ColumbiaUniversityin1987.Elisethenacquired60post-graduatecreditsindiversespecialeducationtopics from1988-2010beforeultimatelyearningherDoctorateofEducationinInstructionalLeadershipandCurriculumDevelopment fromSt.John sUniversityin2014.Sheholdsseveralteachingcertificationsaswell includingaResponsetotheNeedsof StudentswithAutismSpectrumDisordersCertificate. 6 Women of Distinction Although Elise is deeply involved and dedicated to her work her biggest most profound and joyous role has been in being amother.Allgrownup hertwosonsarenow34-and32-years-old.Theyshareapassionalltheirownasco-ownersofa musicpromotionandproductioncompanycalledSobolbrosLLC.Individually theybothmaintainfull-timecareersoutsideof theirbusiness.Marriedwithfouryoungchildren MarlonisthemanageroftheCenterofMusicandNeurologicFunctionatthe Schnurmacher Rehabilitation and Nursing Center of Center Light Health Systems White Plains New York while Aaron is a vicepresidentandpartnerofIntegratedInvestment MediaUM-McCannWorldwideinNewYork. We as teachers can never underestimate the power we have to positively shape a child s life Elise said lastly. Every child can and should have school success. Every human being processes information differently and is unique in his her learning style whether designated in special education or not. When I came into this world I weighed just 2.2.pounds and on many levels I ve fought every day to survive. Grateful for each blessing I feel obligated to continue my work with those children who cannot advocate for themselves. Beginningeachdayinprayer Elisekeepsadailyjournalforreflection.Sheexerciseseverydayandhasanutritionistthatworks withhertokeephealthy.Althoughbothofherparentsarenowdeceased shestillkeepsacircleofelderfriendswhomshereally cherishesandshemakeseveryefforttoseethemonaregularbasis.Alsotakingtimeoutofherhecticscheduletospendtime withherfriendsandfamily shealwaysenjoysattendingandparticipatinginculturalarts performance dance andtheaterevents. Q Whyshouldonegointomusicteaching A Itisamostrewardingprofessionthathasawideandlastingimpactoninfluencingthegrowthanddevelopmentofastudent andhis herlifecourse. Q Whenshouldmusictrainingbegin A Musicisourbirthright.Musicrhythmicandmelodictrainingbeginsinuterowiththemother sheartbeatandrespiration babyrockingbackandforthinasteadypulsegrowinginsidetheprotectivewatersofthewomb.Tokeepprogresswiththis naturaldevelopment earlymusicaltrainingcanbeginatthePre-Klevel.However itmaybeginatanystageofone slifeandbe beneficial. Q Isdualcertificationinmusicandspecialeducationrecommendedfornewteacherswhowanttoworkwithstudentswith exceptionalitiesintheschools A Attheuniversitylevel Irecommendthatmystudentswhohaveearnedtheirundergraduatedegreeinmusiceducation pursue theirMaster sinSpecialEducation.Forthosestudentswhohaveearnedtheirundergraduatemusictherapydegrees toworkin thepublicschools IrecommendthattheyearntheirMaster sinMusicEducation. Q Whattypeofinternships fieldworkexperienceisavailableinmusicinspecialeducationsettings A Moreandmorethereareinternshipsavailableinthefieldnon-paidorpaid.Gatheringthistypeofinformationispartofthe work that I do as State Chairperson Music for Special Learners as a resource to New York State School Music Association membership.Theinternshipexperienceisaninvaluablepreludetoseeifoneiscutouttoworkinthefield. Q Howimportantisittobelongtoprofessionaleducationalorganizations A Thisisabsolutelybasictobecomingexperienced.Onecannotdevelopinavacuum.Throughvisibility innovationcan develop.Leadershipshapesthefutureoftheprofession. Q Inoticedthatinyourbiographyyoumentionthatyouhavehadcareersinotheraspectsofthemusicbusiness suchasartist management publishing andpromotion.Howhasthishelpedyouasaneducator performer andeducationalleader A Thisisaverygoodquestionbecausethereis business totendtoinallprofessions.Everyskillfromhandlingpaperworkand pressure multi-tasking working with people with different personalities booking events organizing meeting agendas producing showsatschool rehearsaltechniques etalarestrengthenedbymypreviouswork.Iconfidentlycansaythatmyextensive experienceinthemusicindustryhashelpedmesucceedinallmyeducationalactivities. 7 Women of Distinction Q Canstrategiesforlearningamusicalinstrumenthelpstudentstomasterotherskills A Inordertosuccessfullypracticeandbringinstrumentalperformancetoamasterylevel strategiesusedinspecialeducation called taskanalysis areemployed.First then next finished(alldone)isanorganizationaltechniquethatallowsastudentto havesuccessstep-by-step.Buildinguponwhatonecandoiskeytoadvancinginthefield.Thisproactivepositiveattitudeof buildinguponstrengthtostrengthallowssteadyprogresswithanyskillnomatterhowsloworfastthepaceisofaccomplishment. Q DoesMusicLiteracyEnhanceELAandMathSkills A Yes.Developingmusicreadingskillsfordirectionality lefttoright toptobottom andreturnsweephelpstudentsdevelop conceptsinprint.Mydoctoralresearchtopicwastoshowhowmusicaptitude(thenaturalabilitytodifferentiatetonesand rhythms)hasapositiveeffectonthedevelopmentalandacademicgainsforstudentswithsignificantcognitive languagedelay.A three-prongedprocesswasusedtobuildbasicskillsinmath.Sincealiteratesocietyraisesthelevelsofresponsiblecitizenship it is wonderfully fun that music and all of its attributes pitch rhythm harmony form dynamics tempo can be integrated across thecurriculumtoassistalllearnersadvanceinEnglishLanguageArtsandCoreMathStandards. Q Howdoyouselectrepertoireforyourconcertprograms A Solorepertoirehastobemeaningfulformetospendtimepracticing.Themeaningformecomesifthere ssomethingabout apiecethatcanenhancetheaudience sknowledgeandappreciationofthecomposerasahuman.Whatwashis herstateof mind Whatmessageisthepiececonveying Doesitmarkanhistoricalmomentordoesittranscendalltime ForyearsI performedaprogramentitled AGentlewoman sPursuit .Itwasnamedafteralong-playingrecordthatIsawonetimevisiting historicWilliamsburg.Thecoreoftheprogramwaswhathappenedwhenthepursuitofthe19th century woman became a passion.WorksprogrammedwerebyprominentfemalecomposerssuchasFannyMendelssohn ClaraSchumann andCecil Chaminade.MynextconcertrecitalwillbeinEdinburgh ScotlandinJune2015.Repertoireplanningisunderway andformethe musichastoconnecttotheaudienceattending. Q Canyoudescribeoriginalquotationsbornefromyourworkteachingandreachingexceptionallearners A Yes.ThefollowingareapartofthesectioncalledPearlsandRoses(mybirthstoneandflower)inmy2008Soboltext An Attitude and Approach for Teaching Music to Special Learners 2nd Edition.Lanham Md RowmanandLittlefieldEducationin partnershipwithNationalAssociationforMusicEducation 97-100. Thereisnogreaterlivelyartthanmusicforbringingoutthelearningpotentialofastudent. Mymostimportantfunctionistobringmystudentstoahappyplaceinmusicwheretheyfeelsafe secure and successful. Speciallearnerscanseeaworldofwonderchallengingustoextendourownhumanpotential. Dealingwithcognitiveandaffectivefunctions musicprovideslanguageforcommunicationanddevelopmentofselfexpression. Musicisalanguagebeyondwords.Itismathematicsinprocessandprogress.Itisthescienceofsoundanda studyofhistoryandcultures.Itisarchitectureofformandgeometryofdesign.Musicisanessentialpartofhealing givingpowertothewilltosucceed. Insideeachandeverychildisaperfecthumansoulwithunlimitedpotentiallockedupneedingtobesetfreetofind his or her ultimate power of expression but it depends upon your own understanding.ItdependsuponY.O.U. Themicrophoneandthevideocameraareindispensableteachingaidsforthespeciallearner.Theyhelpmold instillasenseofprideandaccomplishment andhelpshowmusicaltalentsnotusuallyrecognized.Thesetoolsare empoweringfortheeducationofthechildwithspecialneeds. Musiceducationcanprofoundlyaffectthementalhealthandwelfareofthestudentsbyteachingaboutpeace harmony beauty calm silence love andlaughter. Seewithyoursoul hearwithyourheart touchwiththegiftsthatyouhaveeachbeengiven. 8 Women of Distinction Contact EliseS.Sobol EdD (516)396-2600 esobol es86 Dr. Euraina Barnes Mental Health Owner CHOICES Queens NY 10 Women of Distinction EarningherBAinArtHistoryfromEmpireStateCollegein1998 Dr.EurainaBarneswentontopursueherMAinCounseling PsychologywithatranspersonalpsychologyspecializationatVermontCollegeatNorwichUniversitytwoyearslater.Atthetime itwasnotrequiredtohavealicensetobecomeaprofessionalcounselor soin2000shewentintoprivatepracticeforherself. Sincethen EurainahasworkedasamentalhealthcounseloratSCAN-NewYork forthosewhohavebeenaffectedby9 11 as a Mentally Ill Chemically Addicted (MICA) therapist at Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling as a licensed mental health counseloratFEGS ProjectCope andasaprogramdirector programcoordinator andintakecoordinatoratHandsAcrossLong Island.InMay2014 shecompletedherMDofAlternativeMedicinethroughtheIndianBoardofAlternativeMedicine(IBAM) andisnowaPhDCandidateofEducationatNorthCentralUniversitysince2008 concentratinginorganizationalleadership with planstograduateinthesummerof2015. I am a lifetime student. I love to learn Euraina admits about herself. I don t fit into a box so it s hard to categorize me. My love for alternative studies has taught me to go beyond self. That is exactly what transpersonal theory is. Presently in its development stages Euraina has founded CHOICES a mental health counseling facility located in Queens NewYorkthatincludesmanycomponents suchthatitdeliversacomprehensiveprogramforanyonewhochoosestouseit. Including programs such as On-Line Therapy Anger Management Spiritual Development Cognitive Remediation Mental Health Counseling TraumaTherapy ConflictResolution andConsultations Eurainaalsoservesasamentorandhaspartnerswho contract with her to do substance abuse counseling marriage and family therapy as well as a wellness self-management program asshedevelopsatravellingwellnessprogram.SheisalsoplanningtotakeonanacupuncturistonboardtoofferAuricular Acupuncturetoclients. I love watching people have their own a-ha moment. That is what counseling is Euraina said about the many benefits of working in this field. As a therapist we are there to provide possible outcomes of the choices that the patient makes. The session should never be about what the therapist thinks you should do. InEuraina sopinion learninghowtolisten beapathetic andcompassionatearefundamentalqualitiesacounselormustpossess inordertosuccessfullyworkinmentalhealth.Sheknowsthistobetrue asshehassupervisedstudentswhobothexcelledand struggled.Shecannotstresstheamountofpatienceandempathythatisnecessaryinordertobeabletoefficientlyprovidethe properguidanceandsupporttothosegoingthroughcounseling. Havingagoodmentortoguideyouonyourpathisalsoessential.Dr.WilliamSutton whohaspersonallyguidedEuraina throughouthercareer beganworkingwithherwhenshestartedhermaster sdegreeprogramatVermontCollege.Hetutored her pushedherwhensheneededtobepushed and mostofall spenttimetalkingwithherabouttheverycomplexfield.Heis likeaseconddadtoher. Eurainahasalsobeenblessedtohavelovingfamilytheretosupportheraswell.HerAuntWilhelmeniawasprobablyherbiggest cheerleader.WheneverEurainawouldgetdiscouraged shewouldalwaystellher Youcandothis .Whenshewalkedinher capandgowntheveryfirsttimeforherundergrad herauntwastheloudestonecheeringheron. 11 Women of Distinction Morethananything though itwasEuraina sbrotherRaywhowasprobablyherbiggestinfluencewhenitcomestoworking inmentalhealth.Rayserved30yearsinprison.Duringthedurationofhistimeserved heearnedtwobachelordegreesand waspartofamovementforhelpingat-riskyouth.Afterhisreleasefromprisonheworkedasacasemanagerforanon-profit organizationhelpingthosewhoneededsupport.Herbrotherpassedawayin2012. My brother and I had a long talk as he travelled through his end of life preparation Euraina said. He said Sis the answer to life is love . Through love everything is conquered. Everyone works to put their fingerprints on something in life. What is your fingerprint going to be Eurainanevergotintothisprofessionforthemoney.Instead shefollowedherheart.Socialservicesissomethingthatoffers differentlevelsofprogramspecifics suchassocialworkormentalhealthcounseling.Shewasluckyenoughtohavethechance toworkwithpeoplewhohadbeendiagnosedwithmentalillnessandwerechemicallyaddicted.Thispopulationofpeopleisone ofthemostchallengingtoworkwithintermsoftheirbehavior.Itbegsthequestion Whichcamefirst theaddictionorthemental healthissues Althoughshedoesn thaveatitlejustyet Eurainaisintheprocessofwritingaself-helpbook.Ithasbeenafewyearsinthe makingandshehopestocompleteitrealsoon.Sheisamemberofseveralorganizationsrelevanttoherfield includingthe AmericanPsychologicalAssociation NationalAcupunctureDetoxificationAssociation(NADA) AmericanCounselingAssociation aswellastheNationalAssociationofDistinguishedProfessionals.Sheisalsoalifetime registeredmedicalpractitionerofIBAM. Eurainahasmadepresentationsnumeroustimesoverthelastfewyears including PersonalizedRecoveryOrientedServices withinaPeer-RunOrganizationatCreedmoorHospitalin2011 PersonalizedRecoveryOrientedServiceswithinaPeer-Run OrganizationatQueensMentalHealthCouncilin2011 PersonalizedRecoveryOrientedServiceswithaPeer-RunOrganization atNationalAllianceonMentalIllnessin2011 andasapanelpresenteronIntegratingPeersintotheWorkplaceatTheCoalitionof BehavioralHealthAgencies Inc.in2013.OnOctober19 2014Eurainawasaskedtodoaradioshowcalled VoicesBeyondthe Wall atVassarCollege.Discussionsincluded alternativetherapies forensicsandmentalillness andhowanincarceratedfamily memberaffectsotherstheyleavebehind. EurainawasaCertifiedSchoolCounselorthroughNewYorkStateDepartmentofEducationandCertifiedDoctorateofAddictions IthroughNationalAssociationofDrugandAlcoholInterventionists.Sheisalicensedmentalhealthcounselorthroughthestate ofNewYork CertifiedAcu-DetoxSpecialistthroughNationalAcupunctureDetoxificationAssociation CertifiedHypnotherapist throughTheInternationalAssociationofCounselorsandTherapists andaSecond-DegreeReikiPractitionerunderPatriciaBono. Foryearsshehasworkedinthefieldoftrauma addictions mentalhealth andrecovery.Shehasbeentrainedinunderstanding and navigating the criminal justice system in New York City as well as in anger management social cognition interactive training motivationalinterviewing smokingcessation familypsychoeducationtraining andcompassionfatigue. Inacommittedrelationship Eurainahasbeenasinglemotherformanyyears.Now asherdaughterpreparesforgraduationin May2015withplanstopursuehermaster sdegreeinfashionjournalism Eurainacouldn tbemoreproud.Euraina sfather who has been living with her for the past seven years due to health issues consistently provides her with his many words of wisdom andsheisgratefulforthat too.Growingupwithfourbrothersandtwofostersisters theyallresideindifferentpartsofNewYork withtheexceptionoftwoofherbrothers RayandAlexander whobothlosttheirbattlewithcancer. Recently Eurainastartedherownwinecollection.Sheislearninghowtotastewines pairthemwithdesserts andenjoyssharing theexperiencewithfriendsandfamily.Itisagreatwaytogeteveryonetocometogetherandenjoyoneanother scompany. We as humans are multifaceted Euraina said lastly. We are limitless. There are so many times that we place glass ceilings on ourselves out of fear. Fear is the response to physical or emotional danger which can save your life but can also leave you powerless. Step out of fear and step into your life. Q Whyismentalhealthcarenecessary A Accesstomentalhealthcareisworsethanothertypesofmedicalservices.TheBureauofLaborStatisticsestimatedin2010 thatthecountryhad156 300mentalhealthcounselors.Accesstomentalhealthprofessionalsisworsethanforothertypesof doctors 89.3millionAmericansliveinfederally-designatedMentalHealthProfessionalShortageAreas comparedto55.3million Americanslivinginsimilarly-designatedprimary-careshortageareasand44.6millionindentalhealthshortageareas. Q Whyarepeoplenotgoingtoreceiveservices A Mentalhealthcareisexpensive with45%oftheuntreatedpeoplestatingthatcostasabarriertothemreceivinghelp. Majorityofpeople whodohavesomeformofhealthinsurancecoverage mayhavelimitationofservicesformentalhealthcare. 12 Women of Distinction Q IfIgotoseeatherapist doesthismeanI mcrazy A Attitudesandstigmaaboutmentalhealthserviceisabigbarriertocare.Goingtoatherapistshouldnothavethesocial awkwardnessthatpeoplecarryasbadgeofshame.TheshameisnotgettingthehelpYOUdeservetobesafeandhealthy. Q Whatmakesthementalhealthcaresystemeffective A Thekeytopositiveoutcomesinreceivingservicesattheendofthedayliesinthereadinessofthepersontotrusttheirmedical doctorsaretheretohelp beingabletoaccepthelp and mostimportantly behonestaboutyourbehaviorsandsymptoms. Q WherecanIlearnabouttypesofmentalhealthtreatment A agencywithintheU.S.DepartmentofHealthandHumanServicesthatleadspublichealtheffortstoadvancethebehavioralhealth ofthenation.SAMHSA smissionistoreducetheimpactofsubstanceabuseandmentalillnessonAmerica scommunities.They alsomayhavelocalofficesnearyourcity.NationalAllianceonMentalIllness(NAMI)isanotherorganizationforhelp.Programs andserviceshelppeoplewhoseliveshavebeenaffectedbyseriousmentalillness.AtNAMI.orgyoucanfindthehelpyouora loveoneneeds. Q Whyaresomanymentallyillpeopleendingupbehindbars A Manypeoplestrugglewiththeirsymptomsandsometimestheirsymptomsgounnoticedanduntreated.Haveyouevertriedto makehealthydecisionswhenyouareunderstress Everyonerespondstostressorsdifferently.Whensomeoneissymptomatic makingsound healthydecisionsaredifficultandtheoutcomecanbedangerous.Theotherissuesthatremainthesameareso many mental health hospitals are closing down throughout the country and people not having access to appropriate treatment or recoveryoptionsduetothelackoffunding.Thesearesomeofthereasonsforrecidivism. Q WhatcanIdo asacitizen topressureforimprovingthecareandtreatmentofthementallyill especiallythoseinprisonsand jails A Onthenationallevel wecancontactourcongressionalrepresentativesandsenators.Onthelocallevel wecancontactour stateandlocalgovernmentsorourstate sDepartmentofCorrections.Weneedtomakesurethatprogramsarefundedtohelp thoseinneed.Thefundingforprogramsisgettingsmallerandsmallereachyear.Therearepeopleouttheredoinggreatwork butthelackoffundingcausesthemtoclosetheirdoors. Q Howcanethicaldutiestorespectprivacyandmaintainconfidentialityaremet A Identifiablemedicalrecordsshouldnotbemarkedinawaythatmakesitobviousthattheycontainpsychiatricrecords.Only theminimalinformationneededforemergencytreatmentshouldberecordedanddisclosed(pleaserefertoHIPPA). Q Whatdoesitmeantohaveamentalillness A Mentalillnessesareamedicalconditionthatinterruptsaperson sthinking emotion disposition capacitytorelatetoothers andeverydayfunctioning.Amentalhealthissueisjustasorganicassomeonewhohasdiabetes.Diabetesisamedicaldisorder ofthepancreas.Mentalillnessisthediminishedabilitytocopeappropriatelywithnormallifestresses. Q Whatcausesmentalillness A Theexactcauseofmostmentalillnessesisnotknown.Throughresearchitsuggeststhatmanymentalhealthissuesare causedbyacombinationofpsychological biological andenvironmentalfactors. Contact Dr.EurainaBarnes (888)354-5660 DrBarnes http drbarnes Jody Hyun Agustsson Arts Entertainment Studio Artist Lomita CA JodyHyunAgustssonhasmadealifetimecareeroutofart drawing andpainting.ShewasborninLosAngeles CA thedaughter ofparentswhowereartistsandmusicians. I was inspired by my parents. My father graduated from Chouinard s Art Institute. He also played the piano. And mother was an artist who also played the violin. My parents painted with a group of artists in Los Angeles under the direction of Stanton McDonald Wright. Another member of this painting group was Pauline Majoli Khuri. Pauline later became one of my drawing painting art professors at Loyola Marymount University. I also drew inspiration from Charles M. Thompson Ed.D (Chair) and my mentor professor while I attended California State University Long Beach. Charles encouraged me to write a thesis and have a drawing exhibition titled Interior Abstractions . JodyearnedaBachelorofArtsfromLoyolaMarymountUniversityandaMasterofArtsfromCaliforniaStateUniversity LongBeach. It was during this time (May 1981) when I presented a Master of Arts Exhibition titled Interior Abstraction which consisted of 14 drawings. I was influenced by solutions that were developed with selected linear and value combinations. My drawing themes follow anti-classical ideas with line remaining the vital core of each statement. My purpose is to create structures which are subjective personal interpretations and to integrate them by the dynamic use of line in multiple view images. I perceive a field in which abstract experiences can be realized through the use of line in multiple view images and can be equally removed from naturalism and abstraction but which unites and embodies both domains. The multiple view method attempts such a fusion. GeorgeBraque schangeofscaleandhismultipleviewtechniquewereinfluencesonJody swork.BenNicholson whosework offeredpictorialpossibilities withinanothergenerationandtimeframe wasalsoaninfluence.Withamasterfullinearstyle Ben NicholsondevelopedtheideasofSyntheticCubismandPurismanddemonstratedtherichnessoftheirpictorialpossibilities.Ben Nicholsonusedmultipleview linewithshape silhouettes andtimespacejuxtaposition. During my Master of Arts program I was influenced by solutions that were developed with selected linear and value combinations. My drawing themes follow anti-classical ideas with line remaining the vital core of each statement. My purpose is to create structures which are subjective personal interpretations and to integrate them by the dynamic use of line in multiple view images. I perceive a field in which abstract experiences can be realized through the use of line in multiple view images and can be equally removed from naturalism and abstraction but which unites and embodies both domains. The multiple view method attempts such a fusion. AfterthemasterofArtsexhibition Jodyexhibitedherdrawingsandpaintingslocally nationally andinternationally.Jody sartwork isrelatedtootherareasofart suchasmusic theater andballet.. Artisanall-encompassing yet ever-changinglanguageofenergy.Artisthelifeforceofcreativityandpersonalvision.Itissimply awayoflife.Asthedaughterofparentswhowereartistsandmusicians Iexploredalifelongcareerinart drawing andpainting thathasresultedinajoyousexperienceandlifetimeofbeingabletomastermycraft. Heradviceforanyonelookingtobecomeanartististhattheyshouldbeclassicallytrained. Great artists take the time to learn their art history. They know that contemporary art does not live in a bubble and they honor the legacy of those who came before them. It is important to never stop learning to learn about the issues facing your medium or mediums today and to understand your subject matter inside and out. We live in an age of technology. There are benefits to technology. However I sometimes feel as if art has become less. The fast paced gimmicks of digital cameras videos websites etc. somehow diminish the value of the artist to master their craft. It questions if the artist is creating the work or if the technology is creating the artist. That is why I would prefer to publish my art catalog in book format when it is completed. 15 Women of Distinction Q Whatdoyoubelievethejustificationofyourartworktobe A Myartworkisperceivedasafieldinwhichabstractexperiencescanberealizedthroughtheuseofobjectiveelementsofform. ItismygoaltobuildapictureenrichedwiththeinherentbeautyandlyricismoftheobjectsIperceive. Q Whatisyourmethod A Mymethodforfindingbeautyistocreateartwhichisequallyremovedfromnaturalismandabstraction butwhichunitesand embodiesbothdomains.Themultipleviewmethodattemptssuchafusion. Q Whataremultipleviewpoints A Representationofvolumeandspacewithoutanchoringthespectatortoasinglefieldofview. Q Whatare found environments A Environmentswhichwerenotarrangedbytheartist butwerediscoveredastheyexistinnature. Q Whatisyourdrawingmethod A Eachdrawingisexecutedbymovementsfromtheshoulder.Withthisapproachthearm wrist andhandareleftcontinuously freeformotion.Thepencilliterallybecomesanextensionofthefingersanddrawingisamoreintrospectiveprocess.Thegoalisto attainaqualityoflinethatdoesnotfall becomerigid orloseitslyricismandbeauty. Q Doyouhaveafavoritetechnique A Iliketomixtechniquesandmediums.Drawingwithgraphitepencilisoneofmyfavoritetechniques.Icanevokeasymbolicsense ofmysterythroughwhichIcanderivemyownpersonalresponsetothelinearstatement.Watercolorisanotherfavoritetechnique. Ilikethetransparencyofcolor thespontaneousmovement andthenaturalism. Q Whatisyourfavoritegenre A Iprefertodepictscenesoreventsfromeverydaylife. Q Doyouprefertoworkinthemorningoreveninghourstocreateartwork A IprefertoworkinthemorningsothatIcanutilizethenaturallight. Q Doyoucreateyourartworkinparallelordoyouprefertocreateartworkoneaftertheother A Iprefertocreateartworkinparallel. Contact JodyHyunAgustsson (310)539-4429 jagustss 16 Women of Distinction Cori Rucker Music BandManagement ChiefExecutiveOfficer Owner Founder Rucker Entertainment Helena MT Overcomingcancerafterbeingdiagnosedin2010 CoriRuckerrealizedhowshortlifewasanddecideditwas nowornever whenitcametoherdreamofowningherownmusiccompany.Beginningasastreetteamer(voluntarypromotor)in1991at just14 shemovedupinthemusicbusiness.Workingonthebusinesssideoftheindustryasasideprojectforalongtime she steppedbackintomanagingbandsfull-timeastheCEO owner andfounderofRuckerEntertainmentinHelena Montana. Workingalongsideheroperationsmanager righthandwoman NikkiMastin Coriandshearebothveryhands-onwhenitcomes topromotions marketing publicrelations andothertasks.Whilemostbandmanagementcompaniesusuallyhirepeopleto performthesetasks RuckerEntertainmentdoesnot. Band managers usually hire other agencies to do tasks and then oversee the tasks being carried out. But I m too much of a perfectionist for that and I have too much experience Cori said. We personally send out press kits to radio stations and record labels as well as delegate promotion projects to the Rucker Entertainment street team who s a huge help. We even send merchandise to fans ourselves. Admitting that this business is all about making connections in order to be successful Cori relies on loyalty kindness long hours andhardwork.Whiletheiraren tnearlyasmanywomenworkinginthisindustryastherearemen Coriisunlikemostband managersinthatsheisoneofthefewthathasworkedwithbandsthataren talreadyestablished.Establishingaband shesays takesmanylonghoursofhardworkbecausenoonehasheardoftheband .It sverytoughtogetpeopletolistentoabandthat they veneverheardof.Shealsotakesprideinherreputationandneverallowsinterviewstogosouthwhereshefindsherself beingtrickedintobadmouthingsomeonepublicly.Theentertainmentindustryis afterall atrickybusiness.Youhavetoactlikea proandbeprofessionalatalltimes. RuckerEntertainmentspecializesinheavymetal rock simplybecauseit sthegenrethatCoriabsolutelyloves.Hermusic band managementcompanyhasbeenmentionedonTVinLosAngeles CaliforniaandChicago Illinois Cori smadeanappearancein thebookMetalQueens Vol.V byArmandRosamilia evenasongwaswritteninRucker shonorin2013byItalianRockGuitarist DarioBobbio entitledR.E.Cookies.TheycanbefoundonLinkedin MySpace Facebook andTwitter wheresomeoftheirfans includemembersofIronMaiden PopEvil andGunsN Roses. Rucker Entertainment s fan base is at over 116 000 which is pretty good for a business and is growing larger every day Cori noted. We have merchandise in 25 states and 13 different countries all over the world and we still have demand. We have a great reputation. 17 Women of Distinction CurrentlyrepresentingabandcalledCoreZerowithBryanWayneonvocals MikeMcCoyonguitar ChrisGeorgeondrums Jeff Garbarino on bass and Doug Wilmarth on guitar with Producer Extraordinaire Billboard Award and Emmy Winner Steve Avedis theyareaDenverbasedmetal hardrockbandthatwasoriginallyformedin2005underadifferentname.Uponreleaseofits firstfull-length professionalproducedalbumDoxology CoreZeroadoptedtheircurrentname.Themusiccanbedescribedas melodicvocals soaringsolos heavyguitars andatightrhythmsection. CoreZerooriginallyconsistedoftwobrothersandalifelongfriendoftheirs.TheybegancollaboratingwithRuckerEntertainment in2010afterthereleaseoftheirfirstalbum.In2011thebandmakesomeline-upchangesandthebandtooksometimeoffto regroupandfindnewmembers.Thenewline-upwaslaunchedin2012andtheirfirstsinglewasreleasedthatSeptember titled LaborofRage.Afollow-upsinglewasreleasedinMarch2014 FindMe.Releasinganewalbumin2015 Betrayed CoreZero can be found on most social media sights including Reverbnation Signmeto Roadrunner Facebook Instagram Twitter Dagno Music andMySpace.SomeofCoreZero saccomplishmentsincludebeingnominatedattheLAMusicAwardsin2010and2011 forBestIndependentMetalBand sharingthestagewiththebandAmericanHitmenwhoappearedontheTVshowAmerica sGot Talent beingofferedarecordcontractwith TateMusicGroupin2012 beingofferedanendorsementbySpearGuitarsUSAinAugust2012 theirmusicwasheardontheTV showInPursuitofLegendsinJanuary2014(theirsongUncommonwasusedastheshow steaser) beingselectedamongnine finaliststobenominatedforBestRockBand HeavyintheDenvermusicandentertainmentmagazine TheWestword playing theirfirstgigwithaninternationalact PrimalFear fromGermanyatTheBluebirdTheaterinMay2014 havingtheirsong Labor ofRage selectedbyPandorawhichbeganinrotationinOctober2014 andbeingranked 1inDenver 24intheUSA and 41 intheentireworldforindependentmetalbandsinDecember2014. SinceRuckerEntertainmentdoesalotofbusinessintheDenverarea thecompany samemberofDenver sEliteProfessionals andMileHighScenesters.Cori salsoamemberofNationalAssociationofProfessionalWomenwhereshewona2013Woman of the Year award for outstanding leadership and is working on starting up her own music charity for kids which she hopes tolaunchbythebeginningof2016.Corifrequentsconcertsandgoesonroadtripswiththetwogreatestlovesofherlife her childrenZildjian 19 andSheri 13.Shereadsquiteabitandvolunteersanddonatesmoneyanonymouslytocharitiesfor homelesschildren cancersocieties animalshelters foodbanks andorganizationsthathelpteenagersfulfilltheirdreams.Sheis enjoyingsinglelifeasahappilydivorcedwoman. Cori thanks God her mother Ann and two greatest accomplishments Zildjian Kyle and Sheri Kaye Allyson Campbell Katy Tynan NikkiMastin Ward Tonya ChrissySousa DebbieCasperson AudreyFerguson AmyKnight JessicaArmstrong Daniella Schneader JeaniseandSteve DarioBobbio GlenDonald TimEllison GwendaHughes IgnacioBarbe herbrothersKris TeaoteaandKyleFreeman LaurieWalter BrandonReynolds JeffSingleton SteveAvedis thebandCoreZeroandtheirwomen MandyTate LoriMcCoy ChristineButler JacquelineBurris andher furbabies Hammer Bullet andSiobhan. Q Canabandmanagerguaranteethatabandwillgetamajorrecorddeal A No Abandmanagercanguaranteethattheywillsendyourmusictomajorrecordlabelsbuttheycan tguaranteeyoua recorddealwithamajorlabel.Anybandmanagerwhopromisesyouthatisafakeandascamartistandyoushouldwalkaway immediately.Havingagoodbandmanagerhighlyincreasesyourexposure getsmajorlabelstoLISTENtoyourmusic andmany otheropportunities. Q Howmuchdoessubmittingmusiccost A MusicsubmissionsshouldNEVERcostmoney.Thereareinternetscamsthatrequestmoneyformusicsubmissions but again theyarescams.Ifanyoneasksyouformoneytosubmityourmusic don tgivethemmoneyandleaveimmediately. Q What sthebiggestmistakethat susuallymadebyindependentbands A Theirbiggestmistakeisusuallyputtingalloftheirmoneyintorecordinganalbumbutnoneintopromotions.Thenewalbum isn tgoingtopromoteitself.Youmustputmoneyintopromotionsorthemoneythatwasjustspentonrecordinganalbumthatis goingtogodownthedrain.Thealbumwilljustsitonashelfgatheringdust. Q Howoftendoesabandmanagerhavetotravelfor withtheirband A Abandmanagerisadifferentjobtitlethanaroadmanager.Abandmanagerissomeonewhooverseesallaspectsofthe band.Aroadmanagerissomeoneappointedbyoremployedbyabandmanagementcompanytotravelwiththebandwhilethe bandistouring.Theroadmanager sresponsibilitiesarelimitedtotheactivitiesofthebandwhiletheyareontheroad.Aband managerisresponsibleforallbandactivities ontheroadorotherwise.Indiebandsdon tneedaroadmanageruntilthebandis morefirmlyestablishedandreadytoplayoutsideoftheircity.Nomanagerisneededattheshowsifthebandonlyplayslocally. 18 Women of Distinction Q WouldyouconsideryourselftobeaCoreZerofanaswellastheirmanager A Yes.I dneveragreetomanageabandunlessIwasadiehardfanfirst. Q Whatcananindiebanddotoalleviatetheirtouringexpensesonaprivatetour A Therearesponsorshipsandendorsementsforbandsthathelpwithexpensesaswellasfundraisersitesspecificallydesigned forexpensealleviation suchasindiegogoandgofundme.Bookingatourwherethecitiesarefairlyclosetogetherhelpswith expensestoo.It snotfinanciallysavvytoplayinLAonenightandNewYorkthenext regardlessofhowmuchexposureaband gets.Usingtheindieonthemovesitealsosavesontheexpenseofpayingabookingagent. Q IsitimportantforbandstoowntheirownP.A.systemstobringtogigs A Yes it sdefinitelyagoodidea asitensuresthesoundqualityoftheband.Someprivatelyownedbarsandclubsdon town theirownP.A. sorownpoorones. Q What sthemostimportantthingneededbyanindiebandinordertoproceedtothenextlevel A Exposure Playlive postlinksonsocialmedia faninteraction.Getagoodmanagerwhoknowshowtogetyourmusicto radiostationsandrecordlabels andspendmoneyonpromotions.It sworthit Q Doyousupportotherbandmanagersoutsideofyourowngenre A Yes.Bandmanagersalwaysrespectandsupporteachotherregardlessofourband sgenre. Q Whatbandsshouldwebeonthelookoutfor A CoreZeroofcourse Iamleadingthisbandintoworlddomination Contact Cori Rucker (720)785-3657 ruckerentertainment 19 Women of Distinction Laura Blakney Online Language Education Co-Founder Academic Director Live Lingua Boston MA BeginninghercareerinMexicoin1999asaSpanishandEnglishlanguageteacher LauraBlakneystudiedandearnedher BachelorofArtsDegreeinTeachinginbothSpanishandEnglishasaSecondLanguageattheUniversidaddeMorelos.Moving into administrative roles at different schools and organizations after teaching at Universidad Internaci nal Sol xico Spanish School and as a volunteer teacher for the US Peace Corps Laura co-founded Quer taro Language School in Quer taro Mexico in2008beforesellingitin2013.Thatsameyear with her husband which has been in existenceformorethansixyearsnow. Working out of both Boston Massachusetts and Quer taro Mexico as co-founder and academic director Laura travels quite often backandforth butshesimplylovestheteachingaspectofthebusiness.Sheknewshewantedtoteachsinceshewasjustfiveyears-oldandithasbeenadreamcometrue. I can t imagine ever retiring from teaching in the conventional sense Laura said honestly. I will keep teaching for as long as my body and mind lets me. I still wake up every morning and cannot wait to get started. Even though I mainly do administrative work these days I always make sure that I personally teach two to three students at Live Lingua in order to keep myself up to date. StartingLiveLinguawithherhusband Laura sofficialtitleisacademicdirector.Itisanall-encompassingtitlethatessentially meansthatsheisresponsibleforanythingrelatedtotheteachersorthestudents.Shepersonallyinterviewsallnewteachersand pickstheoneswhoarethebestfit.Sheprovidestrainingforteacherswhoneedit generallyonthetechnologysideofthings andalsoworkswithteachersandstudentstocomeupwithcustomstudyplansonastudent-by-studentbasis.Sheregularly evaluates student progress based on teacher reports as well and steps in to help if necessary in order to help them break throughaplateau. At Live Lingua we have been aware since day one that the teachers are the key factor in language education Laura added. Technology changes year by year but a great teacher is always a great teacher. So my main responsibility is to make sure they are able to do theirs. Whenitcomestokeepingfocused Lauraalwayshasalotofideasstirringinherhead.Whilemostofthemusuallysoundgreatat thetime shehascometotheunderstandingthatsheisonlyonepersonandshecannottackleallofthematonce.Eventhough shehasafantasticstafftosupporther shestilllikestobeginallprojects oratleastbuildthegroundwork byherself.Inthevery beginning itledhertostartalotofprojectswithonlyfewofthemreachingcompletion.Shehaslearnedtofocusmoreandwork ononeatatimefromstarttofinishbeforemovingontothenext makingwayforalesshecticworkdayandbetterresults.This newwayofdoingthingshasservedherverywell. 21 Women of Distinction Comingfromtwoverydifferentbackgroundsbothprofessionallyandpersonally Laura ateacher andherbusinesspartner husbandRay asoftwareengineer aresometimeschallengedwhenitcomestofindingacommongroundwhentryingtosolve businessissues.Butsomehowtheyhavemanagedtopulltogethereverytimetoformagreatworkingrelationship andbothof thembringgreatabilitiestothetable reachinggreatcompromisesonalmosteveryissue. Likewise theeducationportioncanbetricky.Youwillhavegooddaysandbaddays.Lauraadmitsthatsomestudentscanbe awful nottomentioncomplainingparentsandrestrictivebureaucracy.Butthoseteacherswholovewhattheydocaneasilylook past the bad to appreciate the one student whose life they have changed forever or the student who says thank you for that has beendoneforhimorher.Keepingfocusedonthebiggerpictureasaneducatorisalwaysworthitintheend. I had a teacher in college who still inspire me to this day even though we are no longer in touch with each other Laura said with great fondness. She had escaped from Cuba and came to Mexico to teach us. Even though the school had strict government mandated material to go over she would always find ways to add material to her classes that were useful for us and that we could actually use in our careers after graduating. I still aspire to be like her and to find new ways of teaching that works. Balancinghercareerwithherpersonallife Lauraspendsalotoftimesweatingitoutdoingfitnessrelatedactivities.Shegoesto thegymeveryworkdayanddoesyogathreetimesperweek.Shebelievesthatexerciseisimportantbecauseintoday sworld weareallsacrificingfamilyandhealthforworkwhenitshouldbetheotherwayaround.Shemakessuretospendatleastan houradaytakingcareofherselfandthinksthateverybodywhoworkswithherbenefitsfromhereffortsasaresult sinceitmakes herhealthierandlessstressedonthejob.LauraalsovolunteersthelittletimeshehasleftoverbygivingEnglishlessonsather churchandatalocalschoolforthedeaf. Teaching in general and teaching languages in particular is all about providing people with different ways of understanding and communicating with each other Laura noted. I strive to help others understand each other better and I believe that this is the only path to making the world a better place. Marriedwithoutchildren LauraandRayhaveablackLabradormixthatenjoystherunofthehouse.Livinghalfoftheyearin Boston MassachusettswheretheirmainofficeisandtheotherhalfinQueretaro MexicowheretheirLatinAmericanofficesare located thereisneveradullmomentforeitherofthem. Q WhydidyoustartLiveLingua A LiveLinguawasactuallyjustaspin-offofabrickandmortarlanguageschoolIhadfounded.WestartedofferingSkype Spanishlessonsoutofthatschool andwithinsixmonthsouronlineclasseswerebiggerthanourphysicalones. Q Areyouworriedabouttechnologymakinglivelanguageteachersobsolete A No infactthecontrary.Weareseeingthatstudentsarerealizingthatthegimmicksofthelanguagelearningsoftwareand coursesthatteachyoualanguagein30daysareexactlythat agimmick.Andtheyarecomingbacktothetraditionalwayof learningfromliveteachers. Q Whichofthelanguagesthatyouofferisinthemostdemand A Spanish.OneoftheprimaryreasonsforthisisthegrowthinSpanishspeakersintheUSandCanada. Q WheredoyouseeLiveLinguainfiveyears A Ourgoalistofocusonquality notquantity.Asaschoolthatofferslive onlineclasses wecannotscaleupto10 000students overnight.Werealizethat.Soourgoalistobethebestatmatchingupteachersandstudentsandprovidingthemtopquality service. Q Doyouplanonaddingotherlanguagestotheonesyouoffer A Yes.Weplanonaddingtwolanguagesayearstartingthisyear.Wedon twanttogrowfasterthanthatbecausewewantto beabletoguaranteethatwecangetgreatteachersonboardbeforegrowinganymore. Q Outsideofteachinglanguages whatdoyouliketodo A Ilovetocook.IactuallyalsoofferMexicancookingclassoutofmyhomeinMexicofortouristfromaroundtheworldwhenever Ihavethetime. Q Doyouhaveanyotherbusinesses A Yes.IalsorunanichetravelagencycalledTeachMeMexico(http toLiveLingua.InLiveLinguaweofferlanguageimmersiononline.WithTeachMeMexicowehelparrangelanguageimmersion inperson. Q Ifyouweren tateacher whatwouldyoube A Ican timaginebeinganythingbutateacher.Imayhavetaughtsomethingelse butIthinkIwouldalwaysbeteaching. Q Whatwasalifechangingexperienceinyourlifeinrelationtocareer A OneofthemostlifechangingexperienceinmylifewastheyearabroadIdidintheUS.IstudiedattheUniversityofTexas Austin.NotonlywasthattheyearIlearnedEnglish italsoshowedmewhatgreateducationlookedlike. Q Whatisonyourlife sbucketlist A IwouldliketogetmyPhDineducation andthenhaveanopportunitytoteachoneachcontinenttogetexposedtodifferent teachingandlearningstyles. Contact Laura Blakney (339)499-4377 http info 23 Women of Distinction What do all language students learners scholars students have in common Nothing How you learn is different from everybody else. That is why it is impossible for most people to fully learn a language using a book software or audio course no matter how fancy they are. At Live Lingua you work 1-on-1 with a professional teacher that customizes a curriculum to you based on how you learn and your goals Email info Skype live.lingua (339) 499-4377 Margaret Lupyan ProfessionalWritingService PersonalHistories CompanyHistories TributeBooks ManuscriptAssistance Coaching Principal Memoirs Unlimited Chagrin Falls OH Spanningmorethanthreedecades MargaretLupyan scareerinwritinghasaffordedhertheopportunitytoworkonavarietyof writingprojects bothcreativeandtechnical.Havingspentmanyyearsincorporatecommunications shedecidedtofocuson whatshereallyenjoyed writingbiographiesandhistories.OfficiallylaunchedinJanuary2000 MemoirsUnlimitedhasbeena wonderful source for documenting personal histories company histories legacy statements and other special projects such as heritagerecipebooks familysportsarchives oralhistories tributebooks andcelebrationbooklets. My legacy truly will be one of helping others create their own Margaret admits. I hope to produce as many personal histories as possible before I decide to retire. I m an introvert who really likes people This is what makes what I do so perfect. I enjoy meeting a variety of clients but I am also very comfortable spending hours alone working on a memoir. Memoirs Unlimited charges by the hour so the cost of a personal history will vary based on the length of the story and the amount ofdetailthatgoesintoeachpiece.ThelengthoftimeitwilltakeMargarettocompletetheprojectwillalsovary butclientsare alwayswelcometocheckinonitsprogressbyreviewingdrafts.Margarettypicallyconductsweeklysessionswithclientsthat lastforapproximatelyonehourandareheldattheclient shomeortheirplaceofbusiness.LocatedinChagrinFalls atown innortheastOhio itispreferablebutnotnecessarytohaveface-to-faceinterviews.Interviewscanalsobeconductedoverthe phoneand orbyemail.Shewillintervieweachclientforuptoaperiodofsixmonthsbeforetranscribingtherecordedsessions weavingthemintochronologicalordertocreatestorystructure.Draftsarelatersubmittedtoclients givingthemtheopportunity toadd change ordeletecontent.Clientsalsoreceivefinaldraftsatcompletion.Ifaclientdoesnotdesiretheirmemoirin book form they have the option of receiving their project unbound and placed in a folder or are provided a copy of the recorded interviewsessionsandtranscriptions. 25 Women of Distinction While in the process of writing and editing the memoir I will sometimes research a client s family background to add extra depth to their history Margaret added. If a client wants their personal history bound the next step would be designing the page layout of the memoir which also includes photographs and graphics. Attheendoftheday however itisultimatelyMargaret s sole responsibility to uphold all the aspects of her business from creating her own ads for recognition to representing the company at networking functions and producingallofthecreativeworkherself.Ifnecessary she will even outsource transcription if she feels she is gettingbackloggedoroverwhelmed. To be very transparent Margaret concedes that the support of her husband has made running her business mucheasier. His sincere interest in what she does has gonealongway.Likemanysmallcompanies Memoirs Unlimited is subject to the many business peaks and valleys and she has been lucky enough to have that muchneededsupportduringthosevalleys.Because shefindsherworksointerestingandthoseshemeetsso special shewoulddosomeformofpersonalhistorywritingevenifhercompanyhadneverbeenestablished. Margaret has worked as a documentarian and communications specialist was a partner in a small graphic arts company and wasbothafreelancewriteranddesignerforavarietyofcompaniesandorganizations.Shehaslearnedthatanyamountof networkingisbeneficial regardlessofherpositionandespeciallyasabusinessowner.Shehasalsofoundthatevenwhen she walks away from a networking function with no new business she still collects the names of many contacts that could be usedifsheneededtooutsource.Shebelievesinkeepingupwithtechnology asitisalwaysadvancing andonewilltotallylose themselvesintheworkforcewithoutit.This forherinparticular canincludeanythingfromcreatingawebsitetokeepingupwith changesinprepressproduction. BecausewhatMargaretdoesforalivingisveryspecialized thecontributionshemakesinherfieldisinpublicizingit.Infact she evenhopestoworkwitheducatorsthisyearatthehighschoolleveltohelpcreatealessonplanformemoirwriting.Thethought of students being interested in recording a memoir particularly learning the skills of writing and interviewing puts a smile on her face.Sheisthrilledatthethoughtofthembecomingacquaintedwithwhatthefieldhastooffer. In addition to helping individuals record and publish their memoirs Margaretoffersmanuscriptassistanceandcoaching.Thisservice is geared toward those who have begun a writing project and feel overwhelmed havelostdirection orhavesimplyrunoutoftime. Currently a member of Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce Margaret previously served on the executive committee and as a memberofWomeninNetworking.Sheisalsoaformermemberof AssociationofPersonalHistorians.SheholdsaBachelor sDegreein JournalismandPublicRelationsfromKentStateUniversity. Although she admits to having very little free time Margaret is attemptingtolearnasecondlanguage.Shehasalsobeencollecting genealogical data on her family for years and she has plans to write afamilyhistoryofherowninthenearfuture.Shehasjustrecently finishedcomposingandillustratingthefirstdraftofachildren sbook andplanstopublishitbeforetheendoftheyear.Fascinatedbythe propertiesherbsandplants Margaretgrowsawidevarietyofherown. Amotherofoneamazingsonwhoisnowattendingcollege Margaret s lifeismorethanblessed. I have a strong conviction that my service is needed and in my opinion necessary Margaret said finally. We tend to think that heirlooms are pieces of jewelry or antique furniture when they are really the stories and experiences of our ancestors. Preserve your memories they are your essence and legacy. 26 Women of Distinction Q Doyouthinkyourbusinessismorerelevanttodaythanitwouldhavebeenyearsago A Actually no.Ithinkrecordingthethoughtsandexperiencesofafamilymemberhavealwaysbeenverynecessary.The storiesincreaseinvaluewitheachnewgeneration.Thepointistorecordthememoirsofthoseyoulovebeforetheyaregone. Q Whydon tpeoplejustbecometheirownfamilyhistorians A Ithinktherearemanypeoplewhoaretracingtheirgenealogyandaregatheringnames dates andlocations.Thistypeof researchisfascinatingandprovidesstructuretotheirfamilyhistory whatitdoesn tdoisadddepth personality andlifetotheir familytree.Amemoirbringsafamilymember spersonalitytotheforefront. Q Whatequipmentdoesapersonalhistorianrequire A WhenImeetwithaclient Icarrythreethings adigitaltaperecorder apadofpaper andseveralpens.MyPCisusedfor transcribing editing andweavingthememoir. Q Howdoyouspendmostofyourtime A Whencreatingapersonalhistorythemainportionoftimeisspentsiftingthroughmonthsofinterviewtranscriptions.These transcriptionsarethenorganizedandplacedinchronologicalorder.It saformofstoryweavingwhereyoutakefragmentsofcopy tomakeacohesivestory. Q Whatisthebestthingaboutrunningyourownbusiness A Oneofthebestthingsaboutrunningmyownbusinessishavingthefreedomtodevelopmyownsystemandmethods. Thoughthereisstructureinmywork everyprojectisthoughtfullywrittenandunique nocookiecuttermemoirs. Q Whatisthebestbusinessadviceyoueverreceived A YearsagowhenIwasfirststartingoutandwasexperiencingafewbumps myfathersaidthreelittlewords Everythingis temporary. Sosimple yetithasalwaysstayedwithme. Q Howlongisatypicalmemoir A Thougheveryprojectisunique amemoirisusuallyaround100-150pages.Thisincludesanyphotographsorgraphicsa clientwantstoadd. Q Howlongdoesittaketocompleteaproject A Amemoirorcompanyhistorycantakefromsixmonthstooverayeartocomplete.Italldependsontheclientandtheir schedule. Q WhatisthedifferencebetweenPersonalHistoriesandCompanyHistories A PersonalHistoriesareanaccurateaccountoflifeandtimes.Ourservicepreservesstories anecdotes andspecialevents forfuturegenerations.CompanyHistoriesconsolidatesdataandimagesfromcompanyarchiveswithrecordedinterviewsfrom retireesandseniorstaffmembersforanaccurateretrospectiveofthecompanyanditsproducts. Q WhatisaLegacyStatement A Alegacystatement orethicalwill isanon-legaldocumentthatprovidesanindividualtheopportunitytoshareadviceandoffer explanationsandlessonslearnedfromthelifetheyhaveled.Legacystatementscanbeasbriefasonepageorasdetailedasa personalhistory. Contact Margaret Lupyan (440)708-4045 http memoirs.unlimited1 27 Women of Distinction Shirley A. Weis Leadership Development Healthcare Consulting President Weis Associates LLC Scottsdale AZ ForShirleyA.Weis goingtocollegewasaticketoutofhersmallhometowninMichiganandawayforhertobuildthelifethatshe hadwanted.Raisedinaverytraditional patriarchalfamily shewastheeldestofsixchildrenlivinginalower middleclassfamily. Shirley sparents whohadverylittleformaleducation neverunderstoodwhyshefeltthewayshedidaboutearninganeducation. Determinedtosetthebarhighforherselfandbecomethefirstpersoninherfamilytoattendcollege sheearnedaBSinNursing in1975.Soonafter Shirleybecameanemergencydepartmentnurseandworkedinemergencymedicinewheresheeventually becamethemanageroftheLansingGeneralHospitalEmergencyDepartmentinLansing Michiganin1979. I have been involved in healthcare leadership and management for more than 30 years now Shirley said. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with other healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing high quality cost effective care. Throughout my career I have also found much satisfaction in coaching and mentoring others. I believe I have made a real impact on the lives of colleagues and staff who had an interest in growing and progressing in their careers. RetiringfromtheMayoClinicinRochester Minnesotain2013astheirvice-presidentandchiefadministrativeofficer Shirley s workinvolvedcoordinatingoverallinstitutionalstrategyandoperationsfortheMayoClinic s60 000employee 9billion healthcaresystemthattreatsmorethanonemillionpatientseachyearfromaroundtheworld.Sincethen Shirleydecidedthat withallherformaleducationandhands-ontraining itwastimestartherownbusinessbusiness focusingonconsulting. ShirleyfoundedWeisAssociates LLC anationalfirmspecializinginleadershipdevelopmentandhealthcareconsultinglocatedin Scottsdale Arizona inlate2013.Herbusinessfocusesonseveralkeycomponents strategichealthcaremanagementconsulting tohelporganizationsdeterminetheirbestfitinthechangingworldofhealthcarereform whichcanincludeassistancetohospitals physicians and payers as they form accountable care organizations leadership development and coaching as a way of helping individuals and groups become more effective leaders and managers keynote speaking to provide organizations with inspirational presentations for a variety of professional and general audiences and strategic marketing which involves facilitating services in developingorganization-widedepartment businessunit ormarketingandpromotionstrategicplans. 28 Women of Distinction Shirley has a real desire to make a difference in the lives of others whether through excellent direct patient care collaborative leadership ormentoringandcoachingbytailoringtotheneedsofindividuals.Shebelievesthateveryonedeservesandshould betreatedwithrespect.Infact she sdevelopedthisconceptintowhatshecalls JustRespectTM whichinvolvesgroundingor self-respect givingrespect andgainingrespect.Thisconcept sheexplains allowspeopletoperformatoptimallevelsandshe has seen the tremendous impact of people being treated with respect as well as the devastation that comes from those being deniedthisvitalhumanneed. I have observed that many women fail to progress in their careers due to a lack of self-respect or selfesteem Shirley noted. They may been raised in a dysfunctional family or may never have believed that they were capable of becoming leaders. I believe that by having great expectations that is by bravely assessing your current state and situation by awakening your hopes and dreams as well as by expecting the best of yourself you can achieve any goal you may have in life. Shirleyhasheldnumerousclinicalandadministrativeleadershippositionsinhernear40-yearcareer.Sheservesasadirector of the RTI Surgical and American World Clinic boards is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors National Speakers Association Medical Group Management Association Women Business Leaders Board Women Corporate Directors WomenintheBoardroom andWomen sHealthLeadershipTrust andisthepastpresidentandacurrentmemberoftheMichigan StateUniversityCollegeofNursingBoardofVisitors. Featuredinthebook TheTrustWorthyLeaders-LeveragingthePowerofTrusttoTransformYourOrganization in2012 several ofShirley sarticleshavealsobeenpublishedinpeer-reviewedjournalsintheareasofcostsavings financialperformance and developmentofhigh-valueaccountablecareorganizations.In2013 herbookchapter SevenSecretsforHappyCommuter Couples waspublishedinTheInternationalWomen sLeadershipAssociationbook HERspectives HowICreatedWorkLife Balance andwasfeaturedinacoverstoryintheirSeptember October2013magazineedition.ShirleyalsoreceivedtheTrusted SeniorLeaderAwardfromtheWomen sHealthLeadershipTrust hasbeenrecognizedasaseniorhealthcareleader andhas receivedtheModernHealthcaremagazineTop25WomeninHealthcareawardin2007andagainin2013. ShirleyearnedherBSNfromMichiganStateUniversity herMaster sDegreenineyearslaterinManagementfromAquinas Collegein1984 andanhonoraryDoctorofSciencedegreefromMichiganStateUniversityin2014.MarriedtoEmeritus ProfessorandChairoftheWinonaStateUniversityMassCommunicationDepartment JohnN.Weis thetwometwhenShirley wastheemergencydepartmentmanageratLansingGeneralHospitalandJohnhadjoinedtheorganizationasdirectorof planningandpublicrelations.Together theyhaveoneson Dr.RobertWeis onedaughter LauraGraves adaughter-in-law Jennifer ason-in-law Jonathan andfivegrandchildren. Shirley Weis was raised in a small rural Michigan town Q Whatwasyourgreatestaccomplishmentwhenyouservedasthefirstwomanchief and was the first in her family to attend college. After administrativeofficerinthe150-yearhistoryoftheMayoClinic graduating with a bachelor s degree from Michigan State University she worked as an emergency room nurse. She A Mygreatestaccomplishmentwasprovidingthestrategicandoperationalleadershipto earned a master s degree in manage-ment while managconvertMayoClinicfromaholdingcompanytoanintegratedoperatingcompany.This ing a busy career and young family. positioned Mayo Clinic to be nimble and more effective in this dynamic climate of healthcare reformbroughtonbythepassageoftheAffordableCareAct(ACA). Shirley went on to hold a variety of senior management positions in the healthcare and insurance industries. Q Whatmadeyoudecidetosetupaleadershipdevelopmentandmanagementconsulting corporation In 2007 Shirley was named the first woman chief administrative officer in the 150-year history of the worldA AfterIretiredfromMayoClinicattheendof2013 Iplannedtotakeayearofftojustrelax andtravel.IfoundthatIhadsomanyrequeststoprovideadviceandcounselthatIneeded famous Mayo Clinic. In this role she coordinated overall tosetupabusiness(WeisAssociates LLC)tohandlealltherequestsformyexpertise. 9 institutional strategy and operations of Mayo Clinic s billion 60 000-employee healthcare system that treats Q WhatsortsofproductsandservicesdoyouofferatWeisAssociates LLC more than a million patients each year from around the world. She earned the reputation as a world-class busiA Iprovideanumberofproductsandservicesforwomenwhowanttoexpandanddevelop ness leader adept at leading communicating and protheircareers.Ispecializeinhelpingexcellentcliniciansmoveintothebusinessaspectsof viding financial expertise to deliver high quality care. healthcare.Ialsoprovidestrategicmanagementconsultingservicestocorporationsthatare interestedindetermining whatisnext inhealthcare. Shirley is now sharing her hard-earned lessons about how Shirley Weis has become a popular keynote speaker to succeed in the business world with others. Her seven providing informational and motivational talks to groups Q Whataresomeoftheservicesthatyouprovidetowomenwhowanttogrowtheircareers across the country. secrets of Happy commuter couples is featured in the new A Iprovideindividualizedcoachingservices.Ihavedevelopedanumberofwebinarsandonlinecoachingprogramsforgroups IWLA book HeRspectives Rules & tools that Build successful ofwomen.Ialsoofferday-longworkshopsthatfocusontheskillswomenneedtothriveintheircareers. Women How I created Work Life Balance. Her book the Rules of the Game--Playing to Win in Business will be available this fall. Shirley also provides leadership development and men29 toring public speaking and strategic planning services as president of Weis Associates LLC. She particularly enjoys speaking to and working with other women to help them Shirley now shares an inside view of Women of Distinction the on-the-job life lessons used to balance her self-image lessons this extraordinarily well-accomplished wom- Q Iunderstandthatyouhavewrittenabook Whatisitabout A Yes.Iamveryexcitedaboutmynewbook TheRulesoftheGame PlayingtoWininBusiness.Itisdesignedtohelp aspiring women understand that they are playing a game at work that they need to understand the rules and that they need to developastrategytowin. Q Thatsoundsveryinteresting.Whataresomeofthe rules ofthegame A Thefirstandmostimportantruleis JustRespectTM .Ibelievethat groundingrespectTM orself-respectisvitalforwomento mastersothattheyhavetheconfidencetobeanddotheirbestinbusiness.Once groundingrespectTM ismastered individuals areabletogiveandreceiverespect. Q Doyouhaveplansforanyotherbooks A Yes.MynextbookwillbecalledTheRulesoftheGame JustRespectTMandwillgointomoredetailaboutthepowerand importanceof JustRespectTM .Itwillbereleasedlaterthisyear. Q Doyoudoanypublicspeaking A Yes.Ilovetospeakwithwomenaboutbuildingtheircareers.Iamoftenaskedtoprovidekeynotepresentationsand orshare myinsightsthroughworkshops. Q Howcanourreadersreachyouiftheywantmoreinformationaboutbookingyouforameetingorseekingyourotherservices A Icanbereachedeitherbyemailorthroughmywebsite. Q Anyfinalcommentsforourreaders A Ibelievethatthisistheperfecttimeforwomentousetheirskillsandtalentstomakeadifferenceinourworld.Womenneedto understand therulesofthegame inwhateverareatheyarefocusingandtobewillingtotakerisksinordertobemoreeffective andsuccessful.Alwaysplaytowin Contact ShirleyA.Weis (480)314-3342 http saw shirleyweis 30 Women of Distinction Traci McBride Image Consulting Personal Branding and Wardrobe Stylist TeeMcBee Image Consulting LLC Avon Lake OH 31 Women of Distinction Afterdoingsomeserioussoulsearching TraciMcBridemadethedecisiontomakeacareerchange.Movingoutofrealestate andintoanotherfieldthatwouldmakeherashappyasshewaswhenshefirstenteredtherealestatemarket shemadealistof herstrengthsandweaknesses.Stepbystep shefocusedonother sself-esteemandconfidence adirectionshewastrulydrawn to.Throughtheprocessofelimination acareerinpersonalbrandingandwardrobemanagementslowlyrevealeditselftoTraci andin2008shehadmovedontobuildingthenextchapterinherlife. I loved to focus on people and the real estate industry was shifting in a way I wasn t interested in moving Traci said about the complexity of the business. Now I am completely in control of the steps and services of my business. Never tiring of watching a woman change right before her eyes Traci says that every day is special every client is unique and the ah-ha momentsareaddicting.Clientschangenotonlyintheirimage butalsowithanentirenewbeliefinthemselvesafterworkingtogether.AsapersonalbrandingandwardrobestylistofTeeMcBeeImageConsultingLLC Tracienjoysthecreativeprocess. Offeringherexpertisebasedonclothingfit cut proportionandfabric personalstyle lifestyle andbodyshape aswellaslife goals supportingclientsinlookingandfeelingconfidentiswhatTraciwasborntodo. Having lost my mojo self-confidence and self-esteem in my early 30 s after becoming a stay-at-home mom was a pivotal time in my life and continues to color my world Traci shared. I can actually see when another woman has lost herself and is in need of a reboot. This motivates me every single day. Creating tips and offering advice on her Facebook page Traci also writes article for her monthly e-newsletter and a local CBC Magazine attendsmanynetworkingevents isonthreenon-profitboards andprovidescomplementaryphoneconsultsforpeople todecideifsheistherightpersontosupportthem.Additionally shedoesspeakingengagements closetdetox powershopping color analysis mastering the mix & look book sessions for clients to effortlessly build a wardrobe that visually communicates their goalseachday. 32 Women of Distinction Havinglearnedhowtoloveherself Tracisayssheis perfectlyflawed .Shehas embracedherflawsandimperfections astheymakeherwhosheis.Shehasn t alwaysfeltthatway butthroughself-reflectionshehaslearnedthatsheisaunique andgiftedindividual.Shesayssheisnotthesmartest prettiest fattest shortest or funniest yetsheisenough sheisstrong shefightsfortheunderdog iscompassionate thoughtful engaging opinionated anddirect.She sgreatatafewthings andgoodatmanyothers.Sheknowswhatherweaknessesareandshehiresotherstodowhatshe snotsogreatat.Mostofall sheletsherstrengthsdefineher notherweaknesses. Traci wants all women to know what their super powers are just as she knows her own.Asshe too wasoncelost shelovesshowingothershowtofindthemselves. Surrounding yourself with the right people that embrace you and all the growth you aremakingisthebestgiftyoucangiveyourself.Shealsodesirestoshowand teachteenagersthesevaluablelessonsthatmostwomendon tdiscoveruntilthey are sadly eithermucholderorneveratall. Currentlyservingontheauxiliaryboardforthenon-profitDressforSuccessCleveland Traciwasonthemainboardfortwoyearsprior.Sheisalsoaboardmember ofNationalAssociateofProfessionalOrganizersandNationalAssociationofWomenBusinessOwners.PriortoformingTeeMcBeeImageConsultingin2008shewasanindependentconsultantofUndercoverWear adirectsaleslingeriecompany.From 1994-99shewasasalesrepresentativeofluxurycustomhomesandsince1999shehasbeenalicensedRealtorforRealtyOne PrudentialLucien RGLRealtyReferral.In2010 TracibecameStyleforHireCertifiedwithStacyLondonof WhatNottoWear fametoenhancehercareer andwasinvitedtostyleforStacy scompanyhereinOhioanddidsomestylingeventsinChicago andNewYork. Alovinganddedicatedwifeandmotheroftwosons Tracihasbeenmarriedtothemostsupportivemanintheworldsince1989 andheisatruegiftfromGod.Theirson Ryan ismarriedtoAngela andtheyhaveadaughternamedEmilyandtheirnewborn son Kingston.TheyresideinLouisville Kentucky.TraciandherhusbandtraveltoKentuckyoftentovisit.Son Mitch isacyclingenthusiastwhoisengagedtobemarriedinthefallof2015tofianc Alexis.Togetherthisyoungcouple havehugehearts thathaverescuedtwodogsoverthelastfewyearsandhaveremainedlocalinCleveland. Q Whenandwhyshouldaclientcallonaprofessionalconsultantforpersonalbrandingadvice A Usuallywhenthefrustrationintheclosetisbeingreflectedinthemirrorandwithhowthey feel aboutthemselves.Newmoms goingbacktowork professionalsreadytoelevate unemployedinneedofanedge basicallyanyonewithanyshape sizecanbe atacrossroadinlife. Q Whatarethebenefitsofaflatteringwardrobe A Morerespect morecredibility moreattention(fortherightreasons) moreclients moreconfidence morelove morefriends andmoremoney.NeedIsaymore Q Whatqualitiesdoessomeonewithstylehave A Theknowledgeofwhatlooksbestontheirbodytype withatailoronspeeddial.Theyshopmindfullyandnolongerspend moneycreating garmentorphans ortrendsthatdonothonortheirbody goals anddefinedsignaturestylerecipe. Q Doyouhavetobeamodeltoachieveyourgoals A Thankgoodness no Asacurvy full-figuredwomanmyself investinginawardrobethathonorswhoIamwhileelevatingmy messageandgoals thatisagiftyougivetoyourselfeverysingleday.Nooneisbornwithastylemanual itisalearnedskill. Q Likewise canyouachievethosegoalswithoutbreakingyourbudget A Yes Onceaplanhasbeenestablished itwilldeterminethestoresandshop everyeffortistosavemoneyandconsiderCPW (costperwear).Ajacketthatcomplementsfiveoutfitsthatcosts 50vs.ajacketthatcoordinateswith20 outfitsbutcosts 100 aredecisionswemaketogether.Thesamegoeswithevaluatingyourcurrentgarmentinvestments.Aretheyworthtailoringto updateorisitbesttofindanewerfresherversion Knowingwheretoinvestiskey.Ibelieveyoucanownfewerclothesbuthave moreoutfitsthat llstreamlineyourdailyroutine. 33 Women of Distinction Q Whatshouldprofessionalsconsiderwhendressingeachday A Dresstobestconveyyourmessageandgoalaswellasbeingmindfulofyouraudience.Doyouneedtovisuallycommunicate yourauthority berelatable showyourcredibility demonstratehowdetail-orientedyouare orshowhowcreativeyouare Color texture details andgarmentscanhelpyouachievethegoal.Itisallaboutmasteringthemixofgarments bodytype message budget profession andpersonality. Q Doyouhaveanyexamplesofprofessionalimagekillers A Icanwriteabookonthisone ill-fittingorworse nofoundationwear VPL(visiblepantylines) muffintop chippedpolish(toes andfingers) deodorantorotherstains lowcleavage anythingtootightortoobig poorgrooming stilettos flipflops eveningwear duringdaytime ringsoneveryfinger visiblepinjobsfakedesignergoods oranentirewardrobeofblack. Q Sincenetworkingisoftentalkedaboutasanimportantbusinesstool whatwouldyourecommendtootherslearninghowto networkeffectively A Severaltipscometomind 1)MindyourP sandQ s.Askmoreabouttheotherpersonthansharingaboutyourself.Havea greathandshakeandgiveexcellenteyecontact 2)Wearwhatmakesyoufeelconfident Wewalk stand andtalkdifferentlywhen wearedressedourverybestandwefeelit.Trustme otherswillrespondbecausetheywillfeelittoo 3)Itshumannaturetowant tobenoticed valued andrespected.Whenyoudressasifyourespectyourself otherswillgiveyourespect.Alittleself-awareness goes a long way to practicing the body language and facial expressions that will encourage others to interact and engage with you Q HowdidyougetinvolvedwithDressforSuccessCleveland A AsIwasdevelopingTeeMcBeeIwaslookingaroundforacharitythatalignedwithourmessageandbeliefs.Havingbeena single mother at a young age many years ago I know what it feels like to struggle for the basics in life that life lesson has never leftme.Whenwehelpwomenfeelconfidentandempoweredweimpactandhelpthekidstoo.Beingontheinsideofanorganizationanddirectlyhelpingandsupportingwomenisarealconnectionthattouchesyourheart.IhaveservedontheBoardof DressforseveralyearsandamnowanAuxiliaryBoardmemberaswellasaspeakeron managingyourimage eachmonthfor theclientsofDressforSuccess.Ifindstayingconnectedfacetofacewiththewomenthatcomethroughtheirdoorsandsharing mylifeexperienceisagreatjoytomeandhonorsmymissionandpassioninlife. Q Whoisyouridealclientandwhatareasdoyouworkwithclients A Womenover40usuallygoingthroughsometransitionintheirlifearemyidealclients.Fullerfiguredwomenfeelcomfortable withmebeingacurvy plus over50wardrobestylist.Thisisanojudgmentzone.IworkinpersoninbothNEOhioandLouisville Kentucky aswellasvirtually. Contact Traci McBride (440)670-0440 http traci 34 Women of Distinction Liliya Kamalova Finance (Private Equity) InvestmentOfficerinPrivateEquityatCalifornia PublicEmployees RetirementSystem(CalPERS) Sacramento CA LiliyaKamalovahasbeeninterestedineconomicsandfinanceeversinceshewasinhighschoolbackinRussia. One of my teachers had us play a game where we had to start a business and learn how to promote it take care of the finances and report performance. That s when I first became fascinated with the business world. LiliyastudiedfinancialmanagementincollegeandstartedworkingatalargeretailbankaftermovingtotheUSnineyearsago. Shethenworkedforastart-upbank. Because the bank was brand new and a lot of processes were not in place there was an opportunity to learn and grow very fast. I participated in everything such as day-to-day operations. I dealt with auditors. And I was also a project manager responsible for launching the first investment product. Atthesametime LiliyaenrolledintheCFAprogramandpassedthefirstexam.Shethengothiredbyaprivateequityadvisory firmin2011asananalystandhasstayedintheprivateequityindustryeversince. Ipracticallyknewnothingaboutthisindustry.Butweallhavetostartsomewhere.Iworkedhardtolearneverything.Istudied outsideofworkjusttogetmybearingsintheindustry.It sbeenaworkinprogress.However Irealizedearlyonthatapositive attitudeandgoodpeopleskillsmatteralot eveninmoretechnicalfields.EventhoughIworkwithspreadsheetsandpowerpoint presentationsmostofthetime it stheinterpersonalrelationshipsthatmakeyourlifeeasierandmakethingshappen. Today Liliya is part of the Risk Research Analytics and Performance team for CalPERS one of the largest players in most financialmarkets. We analyze different industries geographies and general trends to help make asset allocation decisions. Additionally we review the portfolio fit of potential investments and risks associated with them. Eventually it all comes down to investing the savings for retirement of the public employees of the State of California. Andinherfreetime Liliyalikestoplaytenniswithherhusbandofalmostnineyears Sarwar.Shealso(beingfromRussia)isinto wintersports likeiceskatingandskiing. I veevenbeenteachingmyfiveyearoldsonhowtoski. 38 Women of Distinction Q Privateequityfirmsareknownforcuttingjobsandleveragingthecompanies.Isittrue A Privateequityinvestingisallaboutcreatingefficienciesandgrowingcompanies.Bothinvestorsandpeoplewhoworkatthese companies end up benefiting from the changes that private equity firms put in place. Because of the nature of private equity transactions privateequityfirmsneedtouseleverageasapartofthefinancingforthedeal buttheydothatwiththegoalofpayingit offinthefuturewhileinvestinginacompany sgrowthanddevelopmentinthemeantime.Thisallappliestoresponsibleanddiligent privateequityfirms. Q Whataretheadvantagesofprivateequityinvestments A Generally privateequityinvestmentsprovideagoodmeansofdiversificationforlarge usuallyinstitutionalsizeportfolios.In addition privateequityisbelievedtogeneratehigherreturnsthanpublicinvestmentsoverlongterm.Butthesehigherreturnscome atapriceinaformofadditionalrisks liquidityriskbeingthemostnotableofthem. Q Whoarethemajorplayersintheprivateequityindustry A Majorplayersareprivateequityfirmsthataremakingprivateinvestmentsandactualinvestorsintheseprivateequityfirms.The investorsareoftenlargeinstitutionslikepensionfunds endowments sovereignwealthfunds etc.Butsometimes itcouldbefamily moneyorpersonalinvestmentsfromwealthyindividuals.Minimumcommitmentsstartfrom 1to5million.Additionalplayersinthe marketsareprivateequityfundoffunds secondaryfunds privateequityadvisors andplacementagents.Investmentbankshave supportingrolesinprivateequitytransactions. Q Whatarethemorerecentprivateequitydealsweallhaveheardabout butdidn trealizewerebackedbyprivateequity A Someofthemajordealsthattookplacein2014includetheacquisitionofSafewaybyCerberusinordertocombineSafewaywith fellowgrocerychainAlbertsons.Thatwasa 9billiontransaction.AnotherbigonewastheacquisitionofPetSmartbyLondon-based BCPartnersforalmost 9billion. Q Whydidyoudecidetoswitchfromworkingintheprivatetothepublicsector A Firstofall sinceCalPERSissuchalargeplayerinmostfinancialmarkets itattractsapoolofveryexperiencedprivateequity professionalswhoIcanlearnfrom.Alsoit sagreatopportunitytogetexposuretothelargestprivateequityfirms.Andontopof everything yougetawork-lifebalancethatissohardtogetwhenyouworkforprivatecompanies. Q Whatistheroleofwomenintheprivateequityindustry A Therearesignificantlylesswomenthanmenintheprivateequityandfinanceindustryingeneral.Evenifyouattendoneof theCFAexams you llnoticethatwitheachleveloftheexam thepercentageoffemalesisgettingprogressivelysmaller.Butthe situation is changing especially with such initiatives as Women in PE conferences or Network of Professional Women or this magazine.Thesetypesoforganizationsincreaseourexposuretothenetworkofprofessionalsandtheiractivemembersincrease theawarenessinthecommunity.Ireallybelievethatthere sapositivetrendinthisandtheUSissomuchfairertowomeninthe workplacecomparedtomanyothercountriesintheworld. Contact Liliya Kamalova (805)215-3193 Liliyakamalova 39 Women of Distinction Melanie D. Holtz ProfessionalGenealogy(specificallyaprofessionalItalianGenealogicalResearcher) Owner of Holtz Research Services dba Lo Schiavo Genealogica Raleigh NC Bari Italy Melanie Holtz researched her own family for about 10 years before determining that she wanted to do this kind of work professionally. In 2002 I began to seriously educate myself on records methodology history language and genealogical standards. Over the next several years I studied took classes and attended educational conferences. Shelovesreconnectingpeoplewiththeirheritage. As an adopted child the importance I place on familial connections is perhaps stronger in me then in those who are notadopted.Therefore theideathatIcouldhelpapersonfind their ancestors and regain a piece of their self that was lost wasnaturallyappealingtome.Ifindgreatsatisfactioninhelping peoplewithsomethingasimportantastheirownfamilies.ItalianAmericansareveryfamily-oriented.However mostofthemno longer live in enclaves and the stories of the past are not passed downastheyusedtobe. As the owner of Holtz Research Services dba Lo Schiavo Genealogica Melaniemanagesallprojects. My ability to see five steps down the road on a research project helps to progress each project in an efficient manner. Learning to build the research upon previous records (and redirect the research as appropriate sometimes at a moment s notice) is key to finding correct lineages. Sometimes I m in an Italian archive and a record points me to a different town or parish. Being flexible and understanding what records were created and where they can be found now is essential. Q Howdoesonebecomeaprofessionalgenealogist A Istudiedfornearlysixyearsandwentthroughtheprocess of board-certification with the Board for Certification of Genealogists (http period I also honed my Italian language skills a necessity in thespecialtyIchose.Therearefewformalopportunitiestogeta degree in family history and the majority of professionals have to self-educate by choosing educational opportunities that will help growtheirskillstoaprofessionallevel.Thiswayofeducating oneself is often harder to accomplish as a university has not laidoutthepathtoprofessionalismforyou. 41 Women of Distinction Q Inordertobecomeaprofessionalgenealogist isitrequiredto beboard-certifiedbytheBoardforCertificationofGenealogists A No buttheprocessisawayforyoutoevaluateifyourskills are at a professional level. Being board-certified is also an assurance for potential clients that the work they will receive willmeetgenealogicalstandards.Inordertobecomeaboardcertified genealogist one must submit a portfolio of work that isthenjudgedbyexpertsinthefieldofgenealogy.Yourwork must meet genealogical standards and is evaluated against a rubrics created for this purpose. Being certified or accredited (through the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Researchers) is required for certain types of work likethatwithgovernmentagenciesandtheU.S.military. To maintain your certification you must submit current work samples to be judged again every five years. These work samples must address any deficiencies noted in the previous applicationandshowgrowthwithinyourfield. Q WhydidyoufocusyourbusinessonItalianresearch A AsIwashoningmygenealogicalresearchskills afriend askedmetoresearchtheItaliansideofherfamily.During the course of research I found that I loved working with the Italianrecords.Italianrecordsrevealsomuchmoreabouta familythentheaverageAmericanrecord.Ihavealwaysloved languages learning about other cultures and was excited abouttheideathatIcouldtraveltoItalyregularlyforwork. Q ArethereanyotherreasonsyouchosetobeanItalian researcher A WhenIbeganmybusiness therewereveryfew professionalgenealogistsworkinginmyspecialty.Thosewho were working in Italian research were near retirement or not takingclients.Therefore therewasagapinthemarketthatI sawIcouldfill.Thisisimportantandbetteredmyoddsofbeing abletomakeafull-timelivingwithintheprofession. Q Do you offer any other services then Italian genealogical research A Yes I also help Italian-Americans acquire dual citizenship with Italy. Many Italian descendants are seeking dual citizenship because they plan to move to Italy want to travel within Europe more easily or want to send their children to Europeanuniversities.Thisisalife-changingdecisionforthem. Additionally I lecture write courses on Italian research and helptracelivingItaliandescendantsforprobatecases. Q Whatdoyouconsideryourbiggestaccomplishmentsinthe lastfiveyears A In general my biggest accomplishment was being able to make a full-time living doing a job I am passionate about. My business has also expanded so rapidly that I now need several assistants to handle the workload. One of my assistants is a native Italian with a great deal of experience in genealogical research which enables me to provide quicker service to my clients aswellasabroaderrangeofservices. Q What have you done in the last five years to promote the professionalgenealogyindustryasawhole A I served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Professional Genealogists for three years. Additionally I ve served on APG s Professional Development Committee for six years and am currently the Chair of the committee. We have made great headway in expanding the organization s educationalofferings.Inthisway wesupportthegrowthofthe professionasawhole aswellasthatofindividualgenealogists. I also established the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research with two of my colleagues (Michael Hait CG and Cathi Desmarais CG)in2014.TheVirtualInstitutewillgrowtobea strongoptioninthefieldofgenealogicaleducationintheyears ahead. Q Howcanonefindoutmoreaboutyourbusinessandwhat youdo A youwillfindexamplesofmyworkandinformationthatwillhelp youlearnaboutmeandmybusiness.Ialsohaveablogabout Italian research useful records and genealogical standards at http Additionally I am listed in the rosters found on the websites of the Association of Professional Genealogists (https www. the Board for Certification of Genealogists (http and the Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy (http Contact MelanieD.Holtz (919)889-3581 http http (Blog) Melanie 42 Women of Distinction Samira N. Haddad Permanent Cosmetic Markup and Micro Skin Needling Owner ChiefExecutiveOfficer Samira sPermanentMakeup & Training Center Greensboro NC WhenSamiraN.HaddadfirststartedoutaftergraduatingfromGuilfordTechnicalCommunityCollege shebecameahairdresser. Threeyearsintohercareershehadbecomeself-employed rentingoutherownchairinabeautysalon.Quicklybecomingvery interested in skin and beauty she left her home state North Carolina for Houston Texas to learn about skin before heading to New Yorktolearnallaboutrunningadayspa.By1985 SamirahadfoundedtheveryfirstdayspaintheentirestateofNorthCarolina Samira sEuropeanDaySpa.Butherentrepreneurshipspiritdidn tendthere. Samira suffered allergies to cosmetics and as someone who loved working in the beauty industry she wanted to solve this frustratingproblem.Soin1986 justayearaftersheopenedthedoorstoherspa shepursuedacareerinpermanentcosmetic make-upandin1990shewasinbusinessforherselfyetagainastheownerandCEOofSamira sPermanentMakeup&Training CenterinGreensboro. At our Center we transform appearances and change lives Samira said whose business partner is her son Enad and is certified in permanent makeup skin-needling and cosmetology. We enhance accentuate and define eyebrows and lips and rejuvenate aging skin with micro skin-needling. We give clients the freedom to be able to hug others and not have to worry about their eyebrows being wiped away. We also helps cancer survivors gain confidence and peace of mind with a permanent cosmetic areola re-pigmentation. It s our goal to make sure each client is 100% satisfied. Permanent cosmetic make-up also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing gives Samira great satisfaction knowing thatsheisgivingeachclienttheabilitytolookandfeeltheirbestatalltimes.Aftermeetingwithaclientforthefirsttime Samira will provide a consultation to help them with color and design of their permanent cosmetic makeup and then discuss pricing options.Samiraalsoworkswithwomennationwidewhowishtochangeoradvancetheircareersbyprovidingbeginningand advancedtrainingandcertification. As a 30-year pioneer in permanent cosmetics I ve created several techniques combined with my artistic ability and color expertise to create a soft natural hair stroke look for eyebrows Samira added. I m also a pioneer in color correction procedures for grey green or pink eyebrows or gray eyeliner and blue lips results. I ve documented over 10 years of records that led me to understand that the background or origin of people have a lot to do with them requiring warm or cool undertones helping me choose the correct color to prevent it from turning to gray or pink or how to correct it if it does. 43 Women of Distinction Q Whatisyourgreatestachievementprofessionally A GivingmylifetoJesusChristandtrustingHiminallIdoprofessionallyandpersonally. Q Whatdoyouloveaboutyourwork A Knowingthatitisnotwork.Ifindsatisfactioninseeingtheclientshappyandreceivinghugs. Q Whatispermanentmakeup A PermanentCosmeticsmakeup ormicropigmentation isarevolutionarymethodofapplyingnaturalpigmentsintothedermal layerofskin.Thisstate-of-the-arttechniqueismedicallyprovenandcompletelysafe.Permanentmakeupisusedforcosmetic enhancementssuchaspermanenteyebrows eyeliner lipliner lipcolor andareola.Hypoallergenicorganicpigmentsareusedfor permanentcosmeticproceduresandareMRISafe. Q Ispermanentmakeupnaturallooking A TheIntradermalPigmentationprocedureforeyebrowscanmimictheappearanceofhairinthehairstrokebrowline.Anyone whodesiresmorefullnessofthebrowswilllovetheprocedure.ThosesufferingfromAlopecia(hairloss)arepleasantlysurprised athownaturalitlooks.SoftTapisonerevolutionarytechniquebyahandtoolthatcreatesanatural featheryhairstroke permanenteyebrowsmakeup. Q Whatisthecostofpermanentmakeup A Pricesrangefrom 300to 900.Whetherit sforperfecteyebrows lusciouslips orheadturningeyeliner permanentmakeup isaninvestmentthatyouwillneverregret MyCenterisNOTtheplacefor bargainpermanentmakeup. Q WhyChooseSamira sPermanentCosmetic A Iprovideartistry comfort experience andsafety.I mtheONLYcosmetictattooartistinNorthCarolinawhoismaster certified.Awinnerofseveral BestPermanentMakeupArtist awards myworkisnaturallookingandcustomizedtoeachclient s satisfaction Iusethesafest mosthigh-techequipment andfollowCDC-OSHAinfectioncontrolstandards. Q Ispermanentcosmeticsmakeupagoodcareertogetinto A Permanentmakeupisinhighdemand.Itcanbeyourpathtobeingyourownbosswithflexiblehoursandearningwhatyou areworth.Thishighlylucrativefieldiswideopentocosmetologists aestheticians electrologists andnursesintheofficesof plasticsurgeons. Q WhatisMicroSkin-Needling A Skin-Needlingisasophisticatedtechniquethatpromotesthebody snaturalproductionofcollagenandmelacantis(pigment producingcells).Itsmoothoutscars removeswrinklesandagespots andevensthetonesofsomeskindiscolorations.This non-evasiveprocedureislonglastingandanall-naturalrejuvenationfortheskin. Q Whydoeseyebrowandeyelinercolorturngray blue pink A Whenthishappens it sbecausethetechnicianappliedwrongundertonecoolcoloroncoolclientwithcoolblueundertone. Q Whatareyourcredentials A I mahighlyregarded accomplishedpermanentmakeupspecialistandtrainerwithintheUSAPermanentCosmeticsIndustry. I veachievedmaster spermanentmakeupcertificationforinnovativetechniquesforbrows eyeliner andlips. Contact SamiraN.Haddad (336)558-8023 http lastingpermanentmakeup 44 Women of Distinction Stevie G. Riedman Green Health Products Zrii Independent Executive Draper UT AftertryingalineofgreenhealthproductsthatafriendofherswassellingthroughanorganizationcalledZrii StevieG.Riedman fellinlovewithwhatthecompanystoodforandtheresultstheyhadonher.LaterjoiningtheorganizationinDecember2007as an independent consultant as Zrii was just being introduced to the public as a new multi-level marketing (MLM) company under FoundersBillFarleyandDr.DeepakChopra Steviehasbeenmakingadifferencebyteachingherclientshowtoeatandlivea greener cleanerlifestyle. All of Zrii s products are formulated by Dr. Deepak Chopra s scientists and are endorsed by him as well Stevie said. As an independent executive my role is to introduce these products to people and get them to buy and use them for a healthier life. I also offer them the opportunity to join the company to earn an income while getting healthy. Always encouraged by her up-line Dallas Baldri Founder and CEO of the HDGroup a division of Zrii Dallas Baldri constantly encouragesSteviethatshecanbesuccessfulevenwhensheisfeelingatherlowest.Hepushesherandinspiresherbytellingher storiesaboutwhenhefirststartedinthebusiness.Advisedtoattendasmanymeetingsaspossibleinordertohearinspirational stories of others and how their struggles have turned into success stories Stevie believes that staying in contact with her up-line is averyimportantpieceofthepuzzletoherownsuccess. Some of the products in which Zrii manufactures and Stevie sells to clients include natural vitamins supplements and diet products.Theirmostpopularitemsinclude Amalakitosustainenergy improvedigestion andisapowerfulsourceofantioxidants Achieve a meal replacement that curbs hunger and cravings and promotes fat metabolism Accell an all-natural energy booster Purify to kick start weight loss by cleansing and increasing energy AM vitamins to power your day PM vitamins to give you a restfulandrestorativenight andZriiRisehealthycoffeethatcanboostweightloss. I have learned that nothing is impossible Stevie added. I started doing this without any experience and it was out of my comfort zone. I am very sincere about our products and I use them daily. My health has improved and I don t get sick as often as I used to. It s a win-win for me. SteviegraduatedfromFordsonHighSchoolin1971andlaterbeganhercareerwiththeSocialSecurityAdministration.Beginning inanentrylevelpositionwhenshewas21-years-old sheremainedwiththeAdministrationfor35years workingherwayupto retirementinJanuary2008asatechnicalexpert.HernewestendeavorwithZriiisnowtheperfectfitforher.Attheageof62she gets to remain active in her spare time help others to get healthy and enjoys the personal and professional satisfaction she gains fromtheexperience. Marriedfor20yearstoherhusbandDon aretiredFBIemployeeof33years theyresideinBelbrook Ohio.Stevie sdaughter Heatherisacardiacnurseandhasfourchildrenofherown Morgan Dylan Boston andJordin.Theyliveaboutthreemilesaway inatowncalledKettering.MuchofStevie ssparetimeisspentwithherhusbandandgrandchildren.Shelovestoattendthekids activities goonfamilyvacations andgotothemovies.Shealsoenjoysshootingarcherywithherhusbandandvolunteeringher timewiththeHeartandLungAssociation.Well-knowninhercommunity sheisbestknownforherlovingandcaringways.Sheis adependableandhonestwife mother andgrandmotherwithmanyblessingstoshare. Q Whydoyoufeelyourbusinessissignificant A MLMisgoingtobecomethewaythatmostbusinessesarerun. Q CanMLMreallyprovideanincometosupportafamily A JoininganMLMthatisoutoftheinfancycanprovideanincomethatcannotbecomparedtoasalary. Q CanMLMbedonepart-timeordoesitrequirefulltimeworkhours A Inthisbusinessyoucanworkasmuchoraslittleasyouwant.Yourincomedesiredependsonthetimeyouspendinthe business. Q Isthereanofficeyougotodaily A MLMcanbedonefromanyplace home onvacation anyplaceyouare. Q Doyouhaveabossyoureporttodaily A No.Youarethebosssoyoucanworkarounddoctor sappointments meetings oranythingelseyouneedtoattendwithout askingfortimeoff. Q DoesMLMrequireconstantface-to-facecontactstointroducetheproducts A No.WithFacebook Twitter LinkedIn andallthetechnologyavailable youcansetupadsandlinksforpeopletogotofor information. Q DoesitcostalottojoinanMLM A Thereisusuallyastartupfeewhereyougetyourfirstproductstouseandshareandamonthlyproductpurchaserequired. Q Areyourequiredtousetheproductsyouareselling A Unlessyouusetheproductsyou llbeunabletotellpeoplehowtheycanbenefitfromthem. Q Isithardwork A Itrequiresdeterminationandtheabilitytocommunicatewithpeople. Q Doyouhavetocontinueinthebusinessifyoufeelitisnotforyou A Youcancloseyouractivityatanytime.Justcontactthemainofficeandtheywillguideyouinwhatmustbedone. Contact StevieG.Riedman (937)477-1047 http http Sgried53 46 Women of Distinction Sue Markgraf Media Public Relations Marketing Communications Services Sustainability Founder President GreenMarkPublicRelations Inc. Chicago IL Writingprofessionallyformorethan30years SueMarkgrafbeganreadingnewspapersasayoungchild fallinginlovewiththe waywordscombinetotellstories.Studyingwritingthroughoutherschoolyearsandconcentratingonjournalismincollege she workedasanewspaperandmagazinereporterandeditorduringthefirsthalfofhercareer.In2006 SuefoundedGreenMark PublicRelations Inc. basedintheChicagoarea andtodaycontinuesasajournalistrepresentingclientsthroughmediarelations. GreenMark exclusively represents clients dedicated to green spaces places and issues through integrated communications services specializinginmediarelationsandincludingreputationmanagement publicrelations andmarketing.Asthefaceofthe brand Sue sworkistoprovideexecutivecounciltoclients whileleadingresults-basedstrategyandtacticaldirection. Early in my career I never expected that I d be one day running my own firm and leading teams of people on communications projects that contribute significantly to our environment culture and society Sue said. To work shoulder-to-shoulder with remarkable people and help make an impact is a privilege I don t take lightly. Sue spassionforherworkandthesustainableindustryoftenforgesalliancesamongthefirm sclientsthatprovidevalue-added networkingandresults.She sonthecuttingedgeofnewmedia guidingthefirm sdirectiononopportunitiesthatareinadditionto traditionalmarketingcommunicationsstrategies. Marriedtoherhighschoolsweetheart SueandherhusbandliveintheChicagosuburbsandraisedtwochildren.Shehas dedicatedhercareertousingwordstomakeadifference.PriortoGreenMark SueledthepublicrelationsteamattheChicago BotanicGardenandworkedatFleishmanHillardChicago.SheisapastpresidentofthePublicityClubofChicagoandisa regionaldirectorofthenationalGardenWritersAssociation.Whenshe snotinheroffice Suecanbefoundtendingherhome garden anotherpassionthatgrewfromchildhood. 48 Women of Distinction Q IsGreenMarkamemberofanyprofessionalorindustryorganizations A GreenMarkisaccreditedbytheBetterBusinessBureau.ThefirmisaCertifiedFemaleBusinessEnterpriseandisIDHR Eligible.WebelongtotheGardenWritersAssociation PublicityClubofChicago SocietyofProfessionalJournalists andNational AssociationofProfessionalWomen. Q Whatclientsdoesthefirmrepresent A Ourclientsarethebest-of-the-bestinthesustainableindustryandincludeChaletLandscapeNursery&GardenCenter ChicagoFlower&GardenShow LurieGardeninChicago sfamedMillenniumPark NationalGardenBureau NavyPier ROC ExhibitionsfortheNationalFireProtectionAssociation andotherslistedonGreenMark swebsite. Q Howhassocialmediachangedthelandscapeformediarelationsprofessionals A Socialmediaoffersexcitingnewchannelstoreachaudiences.Itprovidesnewsmakerswithvenuestoinstantlysharetheir point-of-viewdirectlywithconsumers.ThismeansGreenMarknotonlyreportssocialmedianewsforitsclients butwemustalso monitorthevenuesforinterest-itemsthatmayrelatetoourclients businesses. Q Whatisthebiggestongoingchallengeinyourfield A Fromelectronictosocialmediaplatforms there sawealthofopportunityfortellingclients stories.Anewsoutletthatwas onceconsideredlocalinfocuscannowbeconsiderednationalbecauseofitsWebpresenceandsearchengineviability. Understandingthesheerwealthofplatforms whattheycover andwhotheirreportersareisoneoftheindustry sgreatest challenge. Q Haveyoufacedanyprofessionalbarriersspecificallybecauseyouareawoman A Frommydaysasanewsreporter andthroughoutmycareerinmediarelations mypersonalfocushasbeenonnurturingmy ownself-confidence.IfeelstronglyaboutmyabilitiesandI velearnedthroughtheyearswhatworksformeandwhatdoesn t.In my opinion the most successful women learn to push through barriers others impose on them by taking responsibility for their ownprofessionalnourishment. Q Doyoubelievethatwomenarepaidlessinyourprofessionthanmen A Ireallydon tseeevidenceofthat althoughIsupposeitmaybetrueinsomecases. Q What sthebiggestdifferencebetweenworkingwithalargeorganizationvs.asmallone A Forme it sreallylessaboutanorganizationoracompany ssizeandmoreaboutitsvaluesandintegrity. Q WhatareyourplansforgrowingGreenMark A Thenextfiveto10yearswillbeoneofmeasuredgrowthwiththebestteaminthebusinessandwithclientswhosemission centersonsustainablevalues. Q WhatdoyoulookforinaGreenMarkclient A I velearnedtobeselectiveaboutthetypeofclientGreenMarkrepresents.GreenMarkclientshaveabasicunderstandingof howgoodcommunicationworksandtheyvaluethatasanintegralpartoftheirvisionandmission.Theyalsorecognizethatin ordertoworkwell publicrelations marketingandmediarelationsareamixandreflecttheirbrand smessage.Ofcourse valuing teamconceptsandworkinginanatmosphereofmutualtrustarerequirementsalso.GreenMarkisn tavendor.Weareapartnerin thepursuitofourclients goals.Thatrespectmusttranslateintoallfacetsofourbusinessrelationship. Q Finally whatmediacoveragehasGreenMarkreceivedsinceyoufirststartedthebusiness A In2012 theChicagoTribunerecognizedusinitsongoing RemarkableWoman series andin2013theDailyHeraldwrote aboutus.Wearegrateful andyetwealsobelievethatmediacoveragebelongsfirsttotheimportantworkofGreenMark s sustainableclients. Contact Sue Markgraf (847)917-9654 http smarkgraf GreenMarkphotosarebyJackieJasperson 49 Women of Distinction Tina Cantrill Management Consulting Building Sustainable Employee Engagement through Organizational Alignment Organizational Culture Development and Purpose Centered Leadership President Oxford & French Consulting Group Ltd Ottawa Canada TinaCantrillwasbornandraisedinEngland movedtoCanadaalmost16yearsago andhaslivedandworkedinmanydifferent partsofEuropeandNorthAmerica.Shehastravelledextensivelyandisbilingual(English French). My travel and international business experience has allowed me to mix with many cultures from many parts of the world. As a business contributor in our rapidly growing global economy the experiences I have had and continue to have are invaluable to my work with national and international organizations. Followingahighlysuccessful 20-yearcareerworkingforseveralFortune500companiesinthehealthcareindustry(withclosetoa decadeattheExecutiveLeadershiplevel)TinafoundedOxford&FrenchConsultingGroupLtd. As President I help organizations build long-term sustainable success through the power of people. I do this by helping organizations engage their most precious asset (their people) in unique and sustainable ways. I deliver keynotes and develop presentations and programs for leaders at all levels and guarantee my clients a valuable memorable and action-oriented experience. 51 Women of Distinction Q Whydidyoustartyourcompany A Duringmy20yearsworkinginseverallargeorganizations Ihavebeenexposedtoallaspectsoforganizationallife.Ihavean overwhelmingpassiontohelporganizationsengagetheirpeoplebyfindingtheirpurpose buildingtoptobottomalignment and creatingenvironmentswherepeoplecanexcelandorganizationscanenjoylong-termsuccess.Whenorganizationsunderstand andworktowardsacommonpurpose theyexcel.Whentheydon t theydon t.It snotcomplicatedbutnorisiteasyorintuitive it needswork.Ieasethepathtohelporganizationsandleadersfindandsustaintheirpurpose long-termemployeeengagement and sustainablesuccess. Q Whatdoyoufeelmakesyouunique A Iunderstandtheworldoftoday sexecutives I vebeenintheirshoes.Ihaveseenorganizationsfromtoptobottomandknowwhat drivessuccessandwhatgetsintheway.Ichoosetofocusonthethingsthatdrivesustainablesuccess.Iamaverydown-to-earth no nonsense collaborator and am very genuine in my desire and determination to see people and organizations enjoy sustainable success.Ihavealong-termviewandtheprogramsandkeynotesIdeliverareaimedtocarrytheorganizationforyears notjust afewhours.Ibuildmemorableandactionablecontentsothatpeopleleaveinspiredandimpatientto getbackatitandstayatit . Myexperiencemakesmeunique.Ihaveworkedinseveralcountries haveextensiveleadershipexperienceacrossmanydifferent commercialsituationsandhavetheacademicback-up.I mnotjustaboutbooksorexperience.Iblendmyexperience knowledge science current trends and the experiences of some hugely talented associates to build and deliver a really valuable product that helpsorganizationstaketheirsuccesstothenextlevel. Q Youareamentorwiththreedifferentgroups FuturpreneurCanada InvestOttawa andtheTelferSchoolofManagementat OttawaUniversity.Whydoyoudothisandwhatdoyougetoutofit A Igetatremendousamountofpleasurefromseeingpeopledothingstheyoncebelievedtobeimpossibleorneverevenconsidered doing.Mentoringisaboutnurturingself-belief.Itisasmuchaboutaskingtherightquestions asitisaboutprovidinganswers. IalsolearnalotwhenImentorpeople.Irrespectiveofage experience orindustry wheneverIworkwithsomeone Ilearnsomething newandIbecomemoreselfaware.SowheneverI maskedtoactasamentor Ijumpatthechance.Ithelpsmetogrow learn and developasaprofessionalandasaperson. Q Therearehundredsofpeopleouttheredeliveringleadershiptraining.Whatmakesyourapproachstandout A Iunderstandpeople leaders andorganizations.IhavewalkedthepathoftheleadersIworkwith.Ihavebeencoaching training and developing leaders at all levels of organizations for many years. In addition to being a coach for my direct reports I have coachedpeoplefromthematrixteamsIhaveworkedwith peers andevensomeofmybosses.Ihavedonethejobofanexecutive. I vebeenthereandknowwhatittakesandIunderstandtheworldofthemodernexecutiveandorganization.Ihaveseenfirst-hand whatmakesanorganizationtickandwhatgetsintheway.Igetit.AndIwanttoshareeverythingIhavelearnedandcontinueto discovertohelporganizationsandindividualsbuildsustainablesuccessforthemselvesandtheirorganizations. Contact Tina Cantrill (613)795-6324 tina 52 Women of Distinction Vivian Ducat VivianDucat scareeristwo-fold. Media (video interactive multimedia museum media ) and real estate Owner of Ducat Media LLC and Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Halstead Property New York NY After graduating from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology (Archaeology) Vivian realized she was moreinterestedinlookingatthefieldfromafar(thewaya journalistdoes)ratherthanbeinginthefield. As the owner of Ducat Media she is responsible for complex mediaprocessesinvolvingweb video andtextcontent. I have a sense in my head of how a media project should come together. I also do client relations and sometimes do project management. I also write and direct videos. She also buys and sells real estate for Halstead Property workingwithvariouscustomersandclients. It sdifferent yetsimilartomymediawork.Ihavetobeable to talk to anyone ask a lot of questions and keep a lot of informationinmyhead. I found out about an archaeology and anthropology series that was in the planning stages for PBS and to prepare myself I became a radio reporter stringing for NPR from Boston. Vivian began her real estate career after earning her Master of Science in Real Estate Development from the Columbia UniversitySchoolofArchitecture Planning andPreservation. I was always interested in buildings and apartments and what lay inside New York City s walls. 53 Women of Distinction Q Whyisyourspecialtyinmediaonethatis evergreen A Iworkwithcontent findingappropriatewaystopresent content depending on the information that needs to be delivered andthemediumweareworkingin.SinceDucat Media works in so many formats (video web exhibitions kiosk and informational websites) we are unlikely to be phased out andtherewillalwaysbestoriestotell. Q Whywilltherealwaysbeaneedforrealestateagentsin theageofincreasedwebinformationaccess A Awebsite evenonewithvideoorinteractivity canonlygive youasmallwindowintowhatapropertylooksandfeelslike. You will always need a human advocate a broker who knows the building the neighborhood and the ways of the city which isinformationthatistoohardtocondense. Q Doyouworkoutofanoffice A Idon tneedtobeataparticularplacetodomymediawork. I work in cafes and park benches communicating with subs working out of their homes in Beirut Abu Dhabi Bogota and Toronto.WhenISkype Ihavetoworryaboutthebackdrop butotherwise mysurroundingsdon treallymatter. Q AreyouworriedthatyourbaseofNewYorkCityforyour real estate business will become outdated as other centers of populationbecomemoreimportant A NewYorkisstillamajordrawforpeoplefromallover the world looking to park money in places outside their own countries.Ihavelocalandinternationalcustomerswhoare very eager to work with me in buying New York City real estate. Q Doyoueverworryaboutlosingyourjob A Formyentirecareer Ihavehadmyownbusinesseswith theexceptionofone10-yearstintatColumbiaUniversity.I havehadtolearnhowtoadaptandchangeconstantly.Ihave alotoffaithinmyownadaptability. Q Whatdoyoulikebestabouttheworkyoudo A Iliketobeconstantlylearning andIlikefortheworkIdo tobedifficult.Therealestateworkischallenging becauseof the all the hidden competition that my customers face every timetheybid.Andthemediaworkischallenging becauseitis complexandintensive. Q WhyisithardtobeanexecutiveproducerforDucatMedia A Workinginmultipleformsofmedia thereisalotoftechnical workIoverseethatImyselfdonothavetheskillstoperform. The trick is to understand it enough to make judgments and knowwhatcanandcan tbedonewiththecontentandwithin thebudget. Q Howareyourtwoindustriescomplementary A Inbothrealestateandmedia theworkisfocusedon peopleandonnetworking.Iamanaturalnetworkerand connector and those abilities serve me well and often cause me to have crossover between clients in media and real estate. Q Howisithardtohavetwocareerswithtwodifferentwork cyclesandsetsofdeadlines A Youcannotcontroldeadlines astheyareoftendrivenby the needs of clients in media or by the particular sequence thatmustbefollowedinthepurchaseofrealestate.Flexibility and love of hard work are two qualities that allow me to juggle asmuchasIdoandtobeassuccessfulformyclientsasIam. Q Whatdoyoudrawupontogiveyoutheconfidenceto be responsible for spending lots of money for clients in two differentfields A Ioncehadabossintelevisionabout30yearsagosayto me Yourinstinctsaregood Viv.Gowiththem. Iremember hisobservationeverytimeIdoubtmyself. Q Whathasbeingamotherofferedyouintermsofstrengthin yourprofessionalwork A Iamthemotheroftwospecialneedsteenagerswhoare bothautistic.Infiguringouthowtoservetheirneeds Ihave had to learn to not accept a lot of advice that I have been givenandtogowithmygutinhiringandfiringstaff aswell as making choices about what types of treatments to pursue forthem.Thisexperiencehasbeenverybeneficialandhas influencedmyprofessionalwork. Contact Vivian Ducat (917)301-1120 http vducat vducat 54 Women of Distinction Daisy Magalit Rodriguez Nursing Education LVN to RN Associate Degree Program Former Assistant Program Director Associate Degree Program UnitekCollege(beforeretiringin2012) Fremont CA Daisy started out as a critical care nurse but spent most of her nursingcareerinnursingmanagement. With a full government scholarship from the National Science Development Board Daisy Magalit Rodriguez attended the UniversityofthePhilippinesasoneof12scholarsinthecountry whopassedanationalcompetitiveexamandinterview. As government scholars we were required to major in either chemistry or physics. I chose chemistry but in order to keep the scholarship I had to maintain an average of 3.5 or an equivalent of A-. Because of the high attrition rate from the scholarship after the first year the government relaxed their academic requirement a bit and we were allowed to keep the scholarship as long as our instructors verified that we belonged to the top 5% of the class. But after two and a half semesters of this rigorous requirement I lost the scholarship. Daisy was forced to look at other options to continue her education. I was also a nurse educator for a total of seven years so I have a combination of clinical nursing management and education experience. I worked in four major acute hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area as an administrative nursing shift supervisor where I was acting as representative for hospital and nursing administration. In her role as educator and assistant director of the nursing program Daisywasaleadinstructorinmedical-surgicalnursing. I did classroom lectures and clinical instruction. And as an administrator I assisted the faculty in following curriculum guidelines conducted faculty meetings where student issues were discussed and provided guidance for student success in passing the RN board exam. And based on her experience Daisy authored the book The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing . The book proposes a unique model in nursing practice based on the concept of balance called the Balance Health Nursing Model . She also contributed as co-author in two book chapters and research articlesintwonationalpublications. I applied at the University of the Philippines Philippine General Hospital School of Nursing a free three-year government-funded nursing program. I graduated in 1965 and passed the nursing board soon after that to become a registered nurse. It changed everything for me. Soon after graduating Daisy came to the United States under the Exchange Visitors Program for nurses where she worked fortwoyearsbeforegoingbacktothePhilippines. I finished my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and eventually a Master of Science in nursing. In order to finance my graduate education I took jobs as a nursing instructor in two nursing programs where I discovered my love for teaching. Combining my passion for nursing and education found a realization for me during those early years of my career. I feel that my literary and scientific endeavors have contributed greatly to my success. I was named Nurse Educator of the Year in 2011 by the Philippine Nurses Association of America the national organization of Filipino nurses in the U.S. Contact Daisy Magalit Rodriguez (925)735-1043 daisrod 55 Women of Distinction Deanna Dorr Siler Retired English Teacher Traverse City MI Deanna Dorr Siler is a retired English teacher and current author of children s books focused on religion. Her most recentbook It saMystery concentratesonthelifeofChrist from conception to his death on the cross and ultimately the Assumption and Coronation of his Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary QueenofHeaven andEarth.Sheiscurrentlyworkingon hersecondbook. DeannahasaBS.EdEducation aMAinEngishanda Doctoral Studies in Curriculum and Instructional Design With Cognates in English Education and EducationalPsychology. Q Manypeopleoftensay I mgoingtowriteabookabout... buttheyneverdo.Why A Therearemanyreasons butfewresolutionstothisproblem. Mainly people have no idea how difficult and challenging writingabookcanbe.Also writingachildren sbookisfarmore complex and complicated than one would think. You have to assume the role and speaking ability of children in order to write somethingontheirlevel.Mostadultscan tdothat. Q Children sbooksareoftenmoredifficulttowritethanadult books.Why A Thelanguageforchildrenmustbesimpleenoughforthem tounderstandwhatisbeingsaid.WhenIwaswritingmyfirst book I often I had to change the context so children could understandthepoint. Q Shouldbooks storiesbeusedasarewardorpunishmentfor achild A No never withhold reading a story to a child as either a rewardorpunishment.Readingtoachild(oranyoneelsefor that matter) is an instrument in itself and not an instrument for reward or punishment.There are myriads of ways parents or others can discipline a child without using the one activity that is sovitaltotheirgrowthanddevelopment. Q Who should choose the book story of the day children or adults A At first the adult parent should choose the book story. However after this becomes a routine event children begin to developaloveforcertainbooks.Itmaydriveyoucrazytoread the same book 375 times but how many times have you read The Great Gatsby or some other book you especially enjoy. Thereisnothingwrongwitharepeatperformance. Q Whydochildrenasksomanyquestions A Childrenwerenotbornwithalltheanswers.Sotheyinterrupt an important conversation to explore questions and answers they need at the time. This is where the PATIENCE virtue comesintoplay.Yourconsiderationoftheirquestionwillteach them to not only learn the answer but to observe how you react tohavingtoanswerit. Q Growing up is such an incredible task. One of the criteria for kindergarteners is for them to develop the ability to think for themselvesandsolvetheirownproblems.Whyisthisnecessary nowwithallthetechnologyontheinternet A The answer to that challenge is a line my husband always tells the children grandchildren and now our precious greatgrandchildren BEGOOD.NOTBAD Contact Deanna Dorr Siler (231)922-1850 Silerwbay 56 Women of Distinction Debra Capel Ross Healthcare Direct Marketing ChiefExecutiveOfficerofBridgestoHealthCare Inc.(Nonprofit) Campaign Manager Business Representative at 5LINX (Direct Marketing Company) Greenbelt MD My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and to do so with some passion some compassion some humor and some style. - Maya Angelou Debra Capel Ross started her career in healthcare in 1982 after graduating from North Carolina Central University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Education. Her public health service career began in Winston Salem North Carolina as a health educator where she worked with teens in the community to help them make responsible family planning choices in additiontootherpublichealthprojects.Inthemid-1980s Debra relocated and started working as a health educator specialist in PrinceGeorge sCounty Maryland.Shespentsixyearsworking with HIV AIDS issues and later formed her own nonprofit to servetheaffectedpopulation. For over 16 years Debra has managed the largest African American community-based organization in Maryland (Bridges toHealthCareInc.)asitsChiefExecutiveOfficer(CEO).The organization provides HIV AIDS prevention treatment and supportservices. As CEO I provide leadership vision and set the goals for the organization. It is my responsibility to make sure the organization is functioning at its highest capacity. I look for opportunities that fit the mission of the organization and advocate create and support the projects we undertake to make sure goals are met. I ve managed several millions of dollars in health care grant contracts from major funders such as the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Ryan White Care Act the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other funding institutions. This experience has also allowed for management and oversight to programs and services such as primary medical medical specialty dental and other health and social services. Additionally Debra spent six years working with a local political campaign. She served as campaign manager of a county executive campaign and became skillful and successful in the politicalarena. Debra also works as a Business Representative for 5LINX. 5LINX has helped customers live better lives since 2001 by offeringlife-enhancingproductsandservices. By offering a complete training and support system 5LINX gives you the power to market a wide variety of outstanding services and earn a residual income stream that can grow month after month year after year. And in her free time Debra loves traveling and experiencing different cultural events family activities and advocating have peoplewhoneedhelp.Shealsolikestoreadanarrayofexciting booksandmagazines. But ultimately she would like to be remembered as a person who loved God and family and dedicated some of her time to helppeopleliveabetterlife. Contact Debra Capel Ross (301)520-2363 rossdebra 57 Women of Distinction Donalda Jean Carson Healthcare Executive Director at Prince George Hospice Society Prince George BC Canada After graduating from the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of Nursingin1966 DonaldaJeanCarsonworkedasaRegistered Nurse at the Great War Memorial Hospital.And at the young ageof23 shewaspromotedtoHeadNurse. BeingpromotedintoamanagementlevelofNursingbroughtme greatsatisfactionthatIwasmakingadifferenceinthepatients care.Theleadershiprolegavemeasenseofachievementin knowing that I created improvements to the care that people received.Italsoallowedmetocontributetothefinancialwellbeingofmyfamilyandthreechildren. Today she is Executive Director at the Prince Hospice Society inPrinceGeorge BC Canada. They had their own tourist business where I learned to serve the public . This approach to patients has been received well and is the main reason for our success. Our patients trust us to provide expertise and a friendly cheerful attitude. She believes that every patient is an individual When providing an established method of care ensure that you explain methods and procedures all the while adapting it to theirownspecificneeds. But unfortunately grief support is also a large part of hospice palliative care and very misunderstood by the general population andmedicalcommunity. Amajorpartofoursupportservicesaregriefsupportgroups. When a guest dies in the Hospice House we light a candle and burnitfor24hourstoallowourstafftoprocesstheloss.Aside fromthedeathsthathavecomewiththislineofwork I vehad to experience the deaths of many elderly relatives and even the sudden death of my cousin and best friend when I was only sevenyearsold. Donaldaalsowentthroughabadfirstmarriagefullofdomestic violence but out of that marriage came three sons who are now successfully employed and married with children of their own.SheretiredonJanuary31 2015 butisstillactiveasthe Board President of the British Columbia Hospice Palliative Care Association(avolunteerposition).Donaldaisalsoabletospend moretimewithherspouse(Fred)andfamily whilefindingtime toski travel exercise read andwritepoetry. Initially my role was to develop the programs and services as well as develop and execute fundraising projects to support the organization. Specifically I developed the methods of care delivery through policies and procedures organized fund raising events and frequently made public presentations to educate the public and health care professionals about our services. However it was necessary to lobby the government to fund and valuehospicepalliativecarelocallyandprovincially. IappliedforfundsateveryopportunityanddevelopedaDream Home Lottery (now in its fourth year) which has been and still is verysuccessful. Donalda learned her work ethic and creative problem solving fromherparents(ArnoldandJessieCarsonofPerth Ontario Canada). Contact 59 DonaldaJeanCarson (250)961-4404 doncars Ellen R. Brown Nursing Owner FounderofBrownLegalNurseConsulting RegisteredNurse andCertifiedLegalNurseConsultant St.Augustine FL From a young age Ellen R. Brown knew she wanted to be a Ellen recently obtained her certification as a legal nurse consultant and is in the process of getting a legal nurse consulting nurse. businessupandrunning. I am a nurturer at heart so nursing was the perfect career for me. When I was a senior in high school I applied to one nursing school in New Hampshire (the only school I wanted to attend) and was fortunate enough to be accepted. So I entered nursing school in 1976 and graduated in 1979. I am currently the only employee and am in the beginning phases of developing a business plan and marketing my services to prospective attorney clients. So for the immediate future I am the company. Her advice for others pursuing a similar career path is to treat everypatientandfamilyasiftheywereyourfamily.Ellenwants to be remembered as a nurse who impacted her patients and theirfamiliesinapositiveway nomatterwhatthesituationwas. While in nursing school Ellen developed a passion for working withinfants childrenandtheirparents soshebeganhercareer working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in the summer of 1979 and has worked insomeareaofnursingeversince.However itcomeswithits shareofchallenges. Rightoutofthegate Ilearnedthestressorsthatanintensive careunitbrings.Notonlyisitfast-pacedandeverchanging but one minute you are assisting with the delivery of a baby and the nextyouarewithafamilywhoislosingtheirchild.Nursingprovides so many different areas of practice that I have been able to continue to experience and learn new things and adapt my careertopersonallifechanges.Helpingpatientsthroughhardship and advocating for them and their families is really what nursingisallabout.Quitesimply Ilovebeinganurse.Ihave been fortunate to work with so many incredible people (both colleagues and patients) that the opportunity to make a differenceinsomeone slifekeepsmegoing. There are so many demands on nurses these days that I think we often forget about the patient and their family. We often think it is important to get all the big things done in caring for a patient but really it is the little things that matter most. Pay attention to your patient look at them touch them be kind to them and they will be so appreciative. Nursing is about caring for our patients not using our equipment. You have to find a way to let your patient know you care and also take care of them. I started in and continue in nursing to make a difference. I want people to feel that I genuinely care about them. Contact EllenR.Brown (207)321-9452 ellenrbrown.Lnc 60 Women of Distinction Freya Velander Professional Aviator Author and Speaker Author Motivational Speaker and Promoter of Women in Professional Aviation Flying into the Night Fort Myers FL You don t look like the type to poke around an aircraft on a cold dark and stormy morning. Freya Velander often hears this from others in her maledominated industry. But having grown up around boys she didn tseeherselfas justagirl . I admired my brother for his accomplishments and believe that his example gave me the ability to follow my own endeavors without a thought about gender. Lars is the reason I drove motorbikes before I was old enough to drive a car. He was a mechanic by trade and raced motorcycles professionally before taking up flying war planes so he definitely didn t put up with whining about broken nails or split ends. FreyaflewaCessna180withLarsandlovedit. However the guidance counselor in my high school discouraged me from becoming a pilot advising that it wasn t a girl s career. Instead I should ve become a stewardess a recommendation I didn t take her up on. Freya married a businessman after high school while pursuing a career in the securities industry as a registered representative licensedundertheNationalAssociationofSecuritiesDealers. Flyinganaircraftbecameadistantmemory. Butoneconversationin1982changedeverything... I ll never forget this bright sunny day the kind of day where the sun glistened off the ocean outside our favorite San Diego restaurant. I was so mesmerized by the sparkling sea and the sound of seagulls in the background that it took me a few minutes to realize my then hubby was talking about something clearly upsetting to him and it had to do with aviation. Now he had my attention He was saying he was now independent from the corporation of which his company had been a part and it was all good except for missing the aviation portion of the larger company. (What was that ) I offered to get my licenses if the corporation would pay for them a tax write-off for an in-house pilot. And just like that my aviation career began. Freya sbook Flying into the Night celebrates the professional womanairlinepilot. I am proud of the accomplishment and that I can say both men and women enjoy the story of how a strongwilled woman followed her dream and grew into her own self-empowerment. Hereisalinktothepressrelease http releases 2014 12 prweb12390788.htm Following the success of the book Freya has been asked to speakaboutwomeninprofessionalaviation.She salsowriting the sequel to Flying into the Night as well as a motivational bookaboutsuccessandpromotingwomeninaviation. Andwithapostreachofwellover5 500 herblog A Pilot s Life on flyingintothenight follows the benefits thatpilotsenjoy. Contact Freya Velander (949)829-3597 FreyaVelander http Freya-Velander e B00LYUQWP2 Ilona Nogarr Performing Arts Director of Denison Dance Academy Denison TX Ilona Nogarr is the Director of Denison Dance Academy in Denison TX where she manages the business teaches all styles of dance does choreography makes costumes and props findthelocationstoperform andhandlesadvertising. As a member of the Denison Art Club I ve had my art pieces on display at Grayson County College. In2013 Ilonachoreographedatapdancepieceforthe Drowsy Chaperone by the Sherman Community Players which received a good review from Joel Taylor Associate Critic for JohnGarcia s TheColumn . In her free time Ilona makes costumes props and netting paints and takes singing lessons. She also takes part in community events as a board member of Denison Downtown Incorporated and played QueenAnne in the Sherman Community Players productionof TheThreeMusketeers. Ilonaalsohastwosonsandonedaughter.Herolderson Renal Loit was born in 1970 and currently is a superintendent at SpainCommercialConstructioninHampton VA.Heryounger son ErgoThomson wasbornin1981andcurrentlyisastore manager at Panera Bread in Sherman TX.And her daughter DarliLakovleva wasbornin1982andiscurrentlyaprofessional ballerinaatColumbiaCityBalletCompanyinColumbia SC. I love for choreographing age appropriate pieces of dance for children while letting them be aware of their talents and encouraging them. ShefirststartedteachingdanceatTartuUniversityin1975while she was a student before earning her Bachelor in Rhythmic Gymnastics.Shestudiedtobeamilitarynurse butshenever served in military. Prior to that she attended Tartu Medical Schoolfrom1966to1968 whereshewasamemberofadance company. Ilona also took competitive ballroom dance lessons atTartuCityClub.Andfrom1969to1970 shestudiedfashion design at Tallin Fashion House where she learned how to make dressesandothercostumes. Ilona sgreatestprofessionalinspirationiscomposerandmaster violinplayer NiccoloPaganini. Niccolo s hard work is an example of what can be accompanied with any talents you might have. His example inspired me to attend Tartu Children s Music School and learn how to play the violin and the piano. You should never give up on your dreams. Just have hope and faith in yourself try to avoid negative people and stay close to God. She has published two children s books with PublishAmerica (one about her inspiration) Niccolo Paganini Boy Music Genius and Lola and theApple . She illustrated both books aswell. I also have two grand children Louie and Lillian who both dance under my instruction at Denison Dance Academy. She wants the world to know women are capable of multitasking anddoinggreatthings. Women are deep in soul and strong-minded. There is no limit to what you can do if you put your heart and mind into it passionately. Contact Ilona Nogarr (903)337-0196 DenisonDanceAcademy ilonangrr 65 Women of Distinction Julia Matto Weisner Online Retail OwnerofJewelSilkScarves Stratford CT After 20 years of working as a secretary Julia Matto Weisner retired from the Stratford school system in 2013 to pursue thedreamofstartingherownbusiness.Ittookmanyhoursof research sleeplessnights andafewmajorsetbacks butJewel Silk Scarves was finally launched in the latter part ofAugust 2014. She was greatly inspired by her dad a man who was born in a small town in Sicily and worked with his father creating a homegrownfruitandvegetablemarket. Part of my research involved finding a product that was environmentally friendly and would enhance a woman s self-esteem an alluring accessory which would accentuate a simple outfit. I explored a variety of wholesale companies for eco-friendly accessories clothing and hypoallergenic jewelry. After several months of searching I came across a catalog that included hand-woven silk scarves merino wool shawls metal craft jewelry and beautifully embroidered tunics. This unique clothing is created by artisans of India using traditional methods dating back 5 000 years. Julia believes that giving the best customer service creating great connections along the way making the environment a betterplacetolive andgivingbackiswhatlifeisallabout. Dad always told me that being in business with his father making people happy working hard while learning business practices from my grandfather and making time for his family were his greatest joys. My Dad had some wonderful traits but the ones that stood out most to me were his incredible diplomacy honesty fabulous sense of humor and charismatic ways with everyone he met. I d like to think I inherited some of these qualities from him. Thank you Dad. Attheageof52 Juliadecidedtoreinventherlifeandgobackto school to earn an Associate of Science in Psychology from the UniversityofPhoenix. It never hurts to do something for personal growth. Does it really matter how old you are I started my business when I was 58 years old And in her free time Julia enjoys cooking Zumba classes dancing and hanging out with her beautiful boxer bulldog (Roxie)and diva kitty(Butterscotch).Shealsolovesspending timewithherfamily. Each phase of starting your own business is a nurturing venture from finding the right name and logo hiring a website designer you can trust creating your blog finding the correct product for your customers the use of color and images advertising keeping your books accurate adding to your customer base search engine optimization and social media marketing (like Facebook). Continually updating your website and weighing out what works and what doesn t is an ongoing process and takes tenacity but it s all worth it My loving husband (Brian a retired iron worker) and daughter (Melissa living in New York as a hair and wig designer for Broadway theaters) have given me the continued encouragement to follow my dreams. Contact JuliaMattoWeisner (203)212-1709 julia 66 Women of Distinction Margaret S. Flores Professional Writing Services Owner Founder and Senior Writing Consultant of WritingwithAFlair LLC. Middleburg VA MargaretS.FloresistheFounderandOwnerofWriting with A Flair LLC. She is also a writing consultant and Certified Professional R sum Writerwithover10yearsofexperience in r sum writing who helps job seekers communicate their uniquevaluethroughpolishedcareerr sum documents. Q Whyhaveaqualityr sum A If someone is fairly new to job searching you might have been led to believe that a r sum is the document that gets you hired.That snotquitehowitworks.Yourr sum isanimportant document you use to apply for jobs along with a customized coverletter.But therealfunctionofyourr sum istoimpress employersthatyoucontacted sothatthey llbringyouinfora jobinterview. Q WhatshouldIputonmyr sum andhowlongshoulditbe A Your work history educational background and earned credentials careersummary objective andcontactinformation aremust-haves.Lengthofar sum canvary dependingonthe careerexperiencesandprofessionalhistoryoftheindividual. Q DoIneedtolistallofmyworkachievementsgoingback20 yearsalongwithmydutiesandresponsibilities A Intoday sindustry anemployerislookingtoseehowyou have added value as a worker. I recommend adding a Core Competencies section on your r sum to stand out from the competition. Q Which r sum format is best to use a chronological a functional acombined oraCurriculumVitae A It depends on your background skills work history and achievements.Employerstypicallyliketoseethechronological as it focuses on work history in date order. The functional resume is popular with career changers people with little work experience such as students and recent graduates those that havebeenoutoftheworkforceforanextendedtime.Combined and a Curriculum Vitae typically is for professors teachers researchers scientists andrelatedprofessionals. Q WhocanIgettoreviewmyr sum forerrors A Hireaprofessionalr sum writerforanexperiencedopinion or trusted advisor or colleague that knows your professional background. It should be a person that is neutral and can provide constructive feedback about your skills and professional attributes to list on your r sum or can look at your r sum objectively. Q Arekeywordsimportanttobeusedonar sum A Yes veryimportant.Addwordsfromthejobdescriptionofthe positionyouareinterestedin ifavailable.Sprinklethosewords as if they apply to your skill sets throughout the r sum and coverletter.Also addthekeywordsfromacompany swebsite iftheyapplytoyourskillsetstobothdocuments.Byhighlighting your skills on your r sum to match the requirements of the positionthattheemployerisseekingtofill youwillbeableto maximize your potential and help to improve your chances of gettingnoticedforaninterview. Contact MargaretS.Flores (703)599-6507 info margo1275 67 Women of Distinction Mashell D. Carissimi Construction Electrical Contracting ChiefExecutiveOfficer Owner JMCElectricalContractorLLC Clinton Township MI MashellD.Carissimihadalwaysdesiredtosuccessfully runherownbusinesssomeday.Beginninghercareerover 35 years ago in accounting she had opened several small endeavors butnonehadeverreallypannedout.In2009 however whileherhusband semployerwashavingsome financialdifficulties Mashellmadeanoffhandcommentthat shecouldrunacompanybetterthanherhusband semployer could.Tellinghertogoforit shetookhimliterally.Passing theelectricalcontractor stest shesubsequentlystartedher own company from her basement as the owner and CEO of JMCElectricalContractorLLCinClintonTownship Michigan. Learning how to make connections with those in the construction business Mashell has come to the understanding that in the end it is usually the lowest bid that will win a contract.Butitisjustasimportanttogetonthebiddinglist and in order to do that she must form solid relationships with othersintheindustry.Trickyasitmaysound shehasgotten prettysavvyatit.Sheisalsofortunatetohaveherhusband a master electrician and the president of their company by her side.Hehastaughthersomuchandhasbeensuchaguiding force behind her that she never could have tackled any of this withouthim. Involved in the National Electrical Contractors Association Mashell also serves on the Labor Management Cooperation Committee of the Southeastern Michigan Chapter and is the 2014 2015treasurerfortheNationalAssociationofWomenin Construction sDetroitChapter 183.Additionally sheserves as trustee for the National Association of Women Business OwnersGreaterDetroitChapter sNAWBO EXCEL whichis theirnon-profiteducationdivision. Mashellenteredcollegeattheageof30 onlybecause shewastooshytostartsooner.ShenowholdsaBBA in Accounting from Baker College and an MBA in Human Resource Management as well as an MBA in Industrial Management alsofromBakerCollege. MarriedtohusbandJamesM.Carissimi theyraisedfive childrentogether fourgirlsandaboy.Threeoftheirchildren workforJMC.Theyalsohavetwolovelygranddaughters. I find this industry very interesting and challenging Mashell said with enthusiasm. Every day can bring about something different. I enjoy the people I have met in the field and I really love being able to provide lucrative employment opportunities for others. AsChiefExecutiveOfficer itisMashell snumberonepriority to make sure her organization continues to grow and be profitable.Sincetheyarestillarelativelysmallbusiness sheisverymuchinvolvedwiththeday-to-dayoperations. Althoughshedoesn thaveanelectricalbackground she workshardtounderstandthebusinessandmakeagoofit. Surprisingly ithasalsoservedassomewhatbeneficialtoher asshegetstobringfreshideastothefieldbecauseshehas no preconceived ideas of what may not have worked in the past.ForMashell thereliesnohistory sosheismorelikely to jump into her work and develop new strategies to make her businessthrive. Contact MashellD.Carissimi (586)773-8026 http mcarissimi 68 Women of Distinction Niki L. Evans Robinson is the Founder and Chief Executive OfficerofN&HServicesInc.andN&HIndependentLivingInc. Shealsoworksinthefieldandknows hasmet and orworked witheveryclient. I make sure that our services are delivered my way with compassion and much respect for the individual. About 90% of our clients were one time my client before I opened my agency and or I have worked with their coordinator and have received the referral to provide services or to attend our adult day center. After Niki s mom got sick in 1978 she knew she wanted to becomeanurse. HelpinghermademerealizethatIwantedtohelppeople.Itfelt goodtohelpsomeoneelse. Prior to opening N&H Niki worked in various places like the OSU Medical Center (trauma unit) Nursing Homes and Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix AZ (labor and delivery) a physician s office and New Beginning Transactional Housing for Women (helping women who just got released from the institutionbecomeapositiveproductivecitizen).Nikihasalso served on the Health Ministry at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church (her home church) in Columbus OH for the past 10 years. Niki L. Evans Robinson Home Health Agency & Adult Day Center ChiefExecutiveOfficer FounderofN&HServicesInc. andN&HIndependentLivingInc. Columbus OH I am diverse in many areas but working with individuals who have disabilities holds a special place in my heart. Her mother husband and children have been her greatest professionalinspiration. Theillnessandtragicdeathofmymotherandbestfriendhas opened my eyes to a whole other world and made me see that life is too short and if God has blessed me to live another day I need to share His word and do His work while I m able too. My children have inspired me to unspeakable words. I was determined to give myself and children a better life than the oneIwasgivingthem. However Iwasan8thgradedropout amotherat17yearsofage andasingleparent.Sowhenmy children started asking me about college I could not even speak onthat.ThismotivatedmetogetmyGEDandenrollincollege immediatelyafter.InowhaveaBachelorofScienceinBusiness Administration(withaminorinOrganizationalLeadership).Iam alsosevenclassesawayfromearningmynursingdegree.My husband (a graduate of The Ohio State University) is my biggest support next to my children and grandchildren but my strength comesfromGod.Wehavebeenveryhappilymarriedfornine yearsandhavesixchildrentogether.Threeoutofthesixwork formycompanyandhavegraduatedfromvariouscolleges.We alsohave15grandchildren whoresideinColumbus OH. Nikibelievesthatfaithisallyouneedtomakeadreamareality. Contact NikiL.EvansRobinson (614)575-9000 NHServicesAndNHIndependentLivingInc nhservicesinc nrobinson1nh A dream is only a dream if you do not act on it. Faith persistence and determination will bring you success. Rebecca (Beckie) Jorgensen Leadership Management Training Professional Career Coaching ProfessionalCareerCoach OwnerofPeople sChoiceConsulting LLC Mesa AZ After earning her Master of Science Rebecca (Beckie) Jorgensen spent 15 years working in the Human Resources field.Butthatwasuntilsheexperiencedwhatshereferstoasa toxic worksituation. After having my professional values and ethics challenged I knew I had to make a change. I looked long and hard at my situation and evaluated the impact it was having on my life family and health. I said to myself repeatedly there had to be something more to life than this. I had the choice to stay stuck in a job for which I had lost my passion for or make a change. In January 2014 Beckie had a surgical procedure on her left wristwhichpreventedherfromworkingforthreemonths. During this time I realized that I could not just go back to a traditional job. I could not bear the thought of returning to a work environment where I may run the risk (once again) of having my energy depleted and losing sight of my dreams passions and hope. So instead of going back to corporate work Beckie trained with the Organization for Entrepreneurial Development (OED) became a Certified Business Advisor and opened her own consultingbusiness. Buttheactualtasksofthisjobwerenotaligningwithmytalents and I was once again left searching for my life s purpose. It wasthroughnetworkingthatIwasintroducedtoacoach.The firstthingheaskedmetodowastakeGallup sStrengthFinder assessment.MyStrengthFinderreportbecamethefoundation for discovering my true calling and purpose. As I worked intensely with my coach I began to research and read about the work of Gallup and Marcus Buckingham. I bought every used book I could (as I was broke) watched YouTube videos by Marcus Buckingham and soaked up all the knowledge I could abouttheStrength sRevolution.Learningtoalignmystrengths tomypurposeandcareerwasnoteasy.ThereweredaysIhad meltdowns felt confused feared the loss of stable income and cried.However onceIalignedmystrengthstomypurposein life IfoundmyWHY. Beckie is now a Professional Career Coach and Owner of People sChoiceConsulting LLC. I care so much about professionals who feel stuck in their jobs burned out and no longer have the passion to do the work they once loved. I took action to build my coaching business to show such people that when you put your unique strengths to work the possibilities are limitless. Knowing how to align your strengths to your purpose will positively transform your personal and professional life. I personally relate to my clients need to rekindle their passion overcome fear and dig deep within to find the motivation to make different choices take chances and pursue positive changes. My clients work with me to discover their strengths connect them to their talents and implement a plan of action to achieve professional fulfillment and success. Contact Rebecca(Beckie)Jorgensen (877)229-1184 beckiejorgensen 70 Women of Distinction Samantha Inesta Nonprofit(HumanRightsOrganization) Founder and Executive Director of Beasister2asister Brooklyn NY Samantha InesSamantha Inesta is the Founder and Executive DirectorofBeasister2asister.Shemeetswithpeoplein communities and foreign delegations and works with law enforcement and advocates for stronger legislations and protectionsfordomesticandforeignbornvictimsoftrafficking. So what does Samantha hope to accomplish with her programs Iwantmyprogramstoteachwomenandgirlstonotjudge but careforoneanother.Iwantmyprogramstonotonlyreachthe cities and suburbs of this country but the towns and villages ofothernations.IwanttoseemothersinSoutheastAsiasay no tosellingtheirdaughterstotraffickersjusttoputfood onthetable.IwanttoseeyoungwomeninEasternEurope form groups that will help stop fraudulent job opportunities thathaveclaimedthelivesandfamiliesofsomanywomen. I want backward cultural practices performed on girls in the Middle East to be replaced with education empowerment and a support system of families and communities with men and boys embracing women and girls as equals and strong contributorstosociety. And here in the US I want to see freedom and democracy fully endorsed whererapeandsexualassaultisnota Women s Issue butanissueforbothmenandwomen.Iwantmy programs to reach girls from broken families to set them on astraightpathtoafulllifeandneverknowwhatit sliketobe enslaved.Iwantmyprogramstowakeupthiscountrythat we call the land of the free and home of the brave and tell everyone that is far from the truth for a lot of women and girls wholivehere. One of the things I love doing at my job is bringing women and girls together to be a support system for one another. To see them looking out for one another is what makes the organization reach its goals and vision and function at its highest capacity. Shegotherstartinthenonprofitworldbackin2004 while workinginthefinanceindustryforawell-knownwomen s organizationinNewYorkCity.Butherpassionforhuman justicearoundtheworldprovidedagreatercalling. I have always been interested in human rights (particularly those of women and girls) and wanted to get involved. I soon found a niche where I felt comfortable and would be effective human trafficking. The issue is linked to the most criminal human injustices all over the globe. Butthislineofworkisn tforeveryone.Therearethingsone mustconsiderbeforedecidingonasimilarcareerpath. First you must develop a tough skin. This is NOT an easy issue to work on. However if this is something that s truly in your heart don t give up. You ll hear a lot of horror stories but there are solutions. One thing to remember is that these women and girls don t need your tears they need your help. Contact Samantha Inesta (718)749-7594 samantha 71 Women of Distinction Dr. Shamecca M.Scott Medical Provider (Clinical Psychology) ChiefExecutiveOfficer&FounderofMindSet From an early age Dr. Shamecca M. Scott was intrigued by successful African-Americans such as judges lawyers and doctors. Shamecca s mother and grandmother are her greatest inspirations. Iwitnessedthesewomengowithoutandworktwoandthree jobs to pay for my college education. One of the greatest lessonsI velearnedisthatifyoudonotaccomplishagoalby your deadline it does not mean you are a failure or that you will notaccomplishyourgoal.Mygrandmother sfavoritesayingis You llwinifyoudon tquit. Thesewordshavebeenmymantra. Despite the racism and sexism I have faced as a professional I continue to work at being the best that I can be through masteringtheskillsandtechniquesofmydiscipline. Shameccawouldlikereaderstoknowthefollowing I am authentic. Thus when you solicit my services you are getting someone who prides themselves on a being woman of integrity who is empathetic and passionate about people and delivering quality work that renders sustainable results. Also I am no different from you. If God blessed me to achieve my goals hecandothesameforyou.Andnomatterwhereyou come from or what obstacles you are confronted with pursue yourpassion staycommittedtoyourgoal andkeepGodfirst inyourlife. When I was in the 10th grade I was introduced to the field of psychology. From that moment I knew I wanted to become a psychologist. My career in mental health began in 2000 when I worked as a behavioral specialist while attending graduate school. There are several subspecialties in psychology which allows me the opportunity to broaden my scope of practice and never get bored. Today Shamecca holds a PsyD (Doctorate of Psychology) and an MSCP (Master of Science in Clinical Psychopharmacology) and is the CEO and Founder of MindSet an online-based business that provides services nationally and abroad via videoteleconferencing telephonically orin-person(ifrequested). After my nine month combat tour to Iraq as an Army psychologist I decided to establish MindSet. The duties and responsibilities that I had during that tour showed me the need to help others unearth their hidden potential and to educate the public about mental health disorders and the social occupational and interpersonal impact that can occur if untreated. Contact Dr.ShameccaM.Scott (800)360-6150 info Twitter psychdoc2008 72 Women of Distinction Sharon Ann Stanton Health Manager Dignity Health Center for Faith Health Ministries Gilbert AZ Nearly eight years ago Sharon Ann Stanton was invited to work within the Dignity Health System (then Catholic Health CareWest)inArizona.Shewasinchargeofdeveloping a Faith Community Nursing Program within the Mission Integration Division which was oriented toward partnering with faithcommunitiesintheEastValleysectionofMetroPhoenix. While one of their major efforts was in developing a seamless transition between home and hospital and back home again through the supportive healing ministries of respective faith communities Sharonwasgiventhespecifictaskofdeveloping anetworkoffaithcommunitynurses. Whatevolvedwasarelationshipbetweenhospitalsystems and faith communities connecting to bring the highest level ofmedicalcareandfaith-basedhealingtogether Sharon explained whohasoverfivedecadesofnursingexperience andisnowservingasamanagerfortheCenter. When Sharon moved into the community health arena she realized that the health system in America was being dominatedbythemedicalindustrialcomplex.Compassionate healthcare was losing its edge and she gravitated toward a mission of accountability for responsible workers who dealt withhealthandillnessprevention.Shefurtherrecognized that the medical system was centered on providing medical services for the sick and dying rather than being centered on healthpromotionanddiseaseprevention.Butnowshegets tofollowherheart yetstillmakeatremendousdifference.It s theperfectfit. Dignity Health provides high-quality affordable healthcare services in a compassionate environment while meeting the needsofpatients physical mental andspiritualneeds.Their healing philosophy is to not only serve patients but their staff communities andtheplanet. Beginning her career in nursing following the completion of her BSNdegreein1962 SharonworkedatSt.Mary sHospital inRochester MinnesotaandhomeoftheMayoClinic.She s spent52yearsinnursing withover30yearsinfaithhealth ministry as a registered nurse and has since earned her MS inCommunityHealthNursingasaspecialist administrator. Notably Sharon searlierprofessionalyearswerecentered within her ministerial journey beginning in nursing within the shadow of Assisi Heights motherhouse for the Sisters of Saint FrancisinRochesterandtheMayoClinic. Sharon held several national leadership positions including six years as president and three years as immediate pastpresidentofPresidentHealthMinistriesAssociation.She servedmorethan15yearsinadministrativedirectionforthe Center for Faith Health Ministries in Atlanta Georgia and in the Dignity Health East Valley of Phoenix Arizona and ten yearsasacommissionedspiritualdirector.She spresented numerous presentations and workshops and has authored manyarticlesforthefaithhealthministryaudience.Sharonis also entertaining the idea of writing a book maybe two when shehasthetimetositdownanddedicatethetimetoit. I ve realized that the heart has to be put back into healthcare. The only way to do this is to acknowledge and own the model that the faith community and the health medical system must engage in holistic healthcare. Otherwise health doesn t result Sharon added. Contact Sharon Ann Stanton (480)728-7492 sharon.stanton 73 Women of Distinction Donna Lynn Franklin Handcrafting SoyCandles Soap BathSalts Owner Operator CrafteratCoreSoundCandlesandTreasures National City CA While Donna Lynn Franklin is just getting started with her Handcrafting career shewasintheUSNavyforalmost23years. IjoinedtheNavyat19yearsold searchingformyselfandwhoandwhatI wantedtobe.Ifoundmyselfandmycallingincaringforothersinunusual places. I worked in hospitals clinics tents and even from the back of a Hummer I preferred the field settings helping keep those warriors on the line healthy and ready to defend our nation. I also found a deeply rootedsenseofpatriotism.I vedoneandseenalittlebitofeverything.I ve provided hands on medical care in a hospital setting taught Emergency MedicineandAmbulanceDriving beenthesupervisorforasmanyas210 personnel actedasanadvisorinfieldmedicalsituations andhavebeen theCustomerContactpersonforseveralareas.WhenIfirstjoinedin1980 women were just beginning to really show themselves in certain areas of service.IfinallygotthechancetobeaFieldMedicalServiceTechnician (FieldMedicalfortheMarineCorps)about13yearsintomycareer butit tookalongtimetogetthere.Therewerequiteafewofmypeersthathad neverreallyworkedwithwomenorevenworkedforawoman.Ihadthe opportunity to show that women can and will be successful no matter the job thelocation orthecircumstances.OncetheysawthatIwoulddoany job or task under any circumstances and managed to do it well I earned theirrespect. DonnahassincefoundedCoreSoundCandlesandTreasures. I started this company because it s hard to find good products reasonably priced and get awesome customer service at the same time. I do it all. I am the purchasing agent money supply website manager and crafter. It s been a great learning experience but I have much more to learn. The military taught Donna to think on her feet to plan for all that she can anddealwiththethingsthatshecan tcontrol. I learned to function in a man s world and meet all the challenges head on with my head held high believing in myself and my capabilities. You must believe in yourself and act with honesty and integrity. If you believe in yourself others will too Contact Donna Lynn Franklin (619)488-4481 coresoundcandles dlfranklin0916 Professionals speaking to and about professionals Executive Broadcasting Channel is the newest way to have your voice heard. You will be able to reach a vast network of executives and professionalsspanningallmarketsandindustries. 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