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Description: Women of Distinction Magazine.

1 Women of Distinction Rosemarie Forsberg Funeral Services Monument and Casket Sales Owner Funeral Director Celebrant Aftercare Coordinator Heritage Funeral Home Tisdale Funeral home Lasting Legacy Granite and Southwest Caskets Saskatchewan Can Heritage Funeral Home - Nipawn 901 Nipawn SK S0E 1E0 1(306) 862-3979 info heritage Tisdale Funeral Home - Tisdale 916-111th Ave Tisdale SK 1(306) 873-4077 info heritage 5 61 contents... Shameika Amin Alicia Sauer 23 71 Jacqueline Anne Helms Kelly M. Willenberg features 26 JaRanda Randi Doveton Local Government Zoning Land Use Zoning Director Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission Macon GA 36 O. Virginia Mitchell-Phillips Ph.D. 47 Ginger G. Reed Christian organization with emphasis on national & international reconciliation restoration and renewal in families men women youth mentoring counseling training and extended family homes Founder President - Women of Purpose International Newberg OR 66 Aleksandra Kardwell IT IS Business Intelligence Administration and Data Warehouse Development EDW Architect BI Admin at Clayton Homes a Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary and Activist at State of Tennessee Legislature Maryville TN DomesticStaffing President - Hamptons Employment Agency Inc. Southampton NY 3 Women of Distinction Women of Distinction Magazine ISSUE 12 Women of Distinction Staff Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HEAD WRITER EDITOR Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COODINATOR Rachael Raffna Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Deihl SELECTION COMMITTEE Woman of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 http Rebecca Valuch 4 Women of Distinction Alicia Sauer Marketing Graphic Design Owner Creative Director der Punkt Creative Studio Bloomington MN 5 Women of Distinction AliciaSauerknewfromaveryearlyagethatshewantedtobeanartistandmakemoneyatit.Butitwasn tuntilshewasabout13 years old that she decided that meant a career in graphic arts. It made sense even back then once you looked at my clear obsession with advertising print publications pop culture and fashion. I threw myself into every art class I could find and eventually pursued an art degree from a fine arts college so that I could round it out with written language and music. I got my first job two weeks prior to graduating as a packaging designer and illustrator with a small candy importer. Today Alicia is the visionary at der Punkt. I not only shape the vision of der Punkt as a company but also work with my team to develop the strategy and creative face of the companies we serve. I have my hands in a lot of the idea generation a good amount of the strategy a bit of the execution and a little of the implementation. Alicia shusband Brett alsoworksforthecompanyasitsSeniorProductionArtist. We met while working at a small ad agency in St. Paul MN. I absolutely love being able to spend time with him and work on projects wearebothsopassionateabout.Wehadourfirstson UrbanMaxwell in2006.Andoursecondson BeringerTate camealongin 2010.MyfamilyismynumberonepriorityandIfeelsoluckythatI mabletobuildacompanyI mproudof whilestillhavingtimeto volunteerinmysons schools betherewhenthebusdropsthemoff andhelpwithhomeworkeverynight. For anyone starting out in this industry Alicia offers the following advice First look at everything. Collect everything that strikes your fancy. Make Pinterest your best friend Inspiration comes in all forms and you will need it. Second talktopeoplewhohavebeeninyourchosenfieldforawhile.Talktothedesignerwhohasbeenworkingforfiveyears. Thentalktoonewhohasbeenworkingfor20years.Thentalktoonewhohasbeenworkingfor50years.Theyallhaveamazing stories that you can learn from. Third be open to all challenges. Take on any project that seems interesting as it will teach you something whether it s about yourself your craft or your tools. Q What does der Punkt mean A der Punkt is German for The Point . I chose it for my company because it has multiple interpretations. The Point can be a physical spot or the purpose of something. I want der Punkt Studio to be the point of convergence for creative and strategic thinking as well as the place where businesses go when they want to get straight to the point in their marketing. Q How is der Punkt Creative Studio different than other design or marketing agencies A I think every agency has the same basic goals in mind when embarking on the design and marketing for a company to get the company noticed remembered and visited. Our big differentiator is that we approach the puzzle of marketing by presenting ourselves as a tool for our clients to use. We do not claim to have all the answers nor do we have a format for every situation. We come to you with a blank canvas the tools (our expertise and abilities) and together we create appropriate and dynamic solutions for your company. Q You started in corporate design departments. How did you get into running your ownfirm A I was a weird kid. I dreamed for years of working in a high-rise and having a cubicle tocallmyown.Ididn ttakeintoconsiderationthestrictprocessesandconformitythat go along with a corporate environment. Those things are important for a corporation to produce trackable consistent results but not so important for a free-thinking problem-solver.Ifoundmyselfboredandfidgety soIfinallyrealizedthatIwouldbe able to spread my wings if I built my own company structure. 6 Women of Distinction Q Howhasyourcorporateexperienceinfluencedhowyourunyourfirm A I think it has helped me understand where the client is coming from. I have worked in businesses of varying sizes throughout my career and each stage of a business produces its own character and culture. I am able to mold my presentations to my audience in a way I may not be able to had I come out of an agency. It also gives me insight into how to build a brand strategy that is scalable and can grow with a business over time. Q Howdidyoureducationinfluenceyourcareerchoices A I spent a lot of time deciding where to go to school. Choosing a small liberal arts college allowed me to study and experience a wide range of activities that I was passionate about that an art school may not have. I was able to develop my writing speaking and performanceskills aswellasmyfineartandcomputerdesignskills. Q How do you give back to the community A Ithinkit simportanttobeactiveinthecommunity notonlyformyself butformykidsaswell.Iwantthemtoknowthatvolunteering your time and talents feels great and gives you the opportunity to experience new and different things. I sit on the board of directors for a professional choir and hold the position of president in my local networking organization. Q Speaking of your kids how do you juggle building a business and raising two young boys A Well since my husband is my production artist der Punkt is truly a family affair. I have always been a huge proponent of work-life balance. I am pretty strict about my work time vs. my family time. I make sure that I am present and available during family time and able to focus on my clients during work time. I have also gotten the boys involved in some of my business activities. They attend someclientmeetingswithme.Iwantthemtoseewhatbusinessisreallylike.My2ndgraderlovesmathandhastaughthimself howtoinputmyexpensesandorganizemyreceipts Ithinkit sreallycoolthatmykidstrulyunderstandwhatmommyanddaddy do all day. Q Do your kids want to be designers when they grow up A Idoubtit.Theybothhavehuge amazingimaginations buttheyalsohavemindsoftheirown.Sincetheyareonlyfiveandeight they insist they will live at home forever but one wants to be an oceanographer (in Minnesota ) and the other hopes to grow up and be a rainbow. Aim high I say. Q What advice would you have for someone just starting a business A Makesurethatit ssomethingyoulove.Youaregoingtospendalotoftimedoingit.Also takeaseriouslookatyourstrengths andfillyourteamwithpeoplewhocomplementyourskillsandfillinthegapsyoudon tcover.Ifyouhatedoingsomething itwill taketwiceaslong andmaybeworththemoneytooutsource.Youcanbewhateveryouwanttobe butyoucan tbeeverything. Q What stheonethingyouwantpeopletorememberaboutderPunktCreativeStudio A Ourwork.Ihopethatourportfoliosupportsourvisionofbeingthetooltoarticulateourclients visionandmakeitauthentic understandable and memorable. Contact Alicia Sauer (612)432-9615 http Alicia 7 Women of Distinction der Punkt Creative Studio Bloomington MN 612.432.9615 scott Barbara Marie Barnes Self Help Support Group Founder ChiefExecutiveOfficerofEYESEvolution Hampton VA Knowing what it was like to be homeless Barbara Marie Barnes knewthatshewantedtohelpothers soshestartedreaching outtohomelesswomen ssheltersin2011. I had my group in the shelter I stayed at for three years with approximately 17-22 women in attendance each week and at the sister shelter a block away with less in attendance. I also spoke to at risk teenage girls at community centers. EYES Evolution is unlike any other support group because Barbara runs her group in a non-traditional manner. The participants get to do more than sit and talk. She is a Law of Attraction Practitioner and the facilitator of the group as well as an inspirational speaker. It s basically a book about how I developed low selfesteem which lead to many undesirable behaviors including drug and alcohol abuse as well as homelessness depression molestation dealing with domestic violence and more. The book was written for therapeutic purposes and for others to read with the understanding that they are not victims and that it gets better (if you let it). I also completed a short e-book entitled Self-Esteem To Know You Is to Love You . That should be out soon. Barbara believes that EYES Evolution is one of the best things she could have done for herself. I have been through so much in my life from childhood to adulthood. I see myself in so many women. I know their pain because I lived it day in and day out with what seemed like no reprieve. It took a lot for me to work on myself. It did not happen instantaneously but it did happen. In fact I still work on myself consistently. You have to otherwise those old patterns of negativity will creep right back in before you know it. I have worked at a variety of jobs most of my life and can only think of two that I really loved. Other than that I have worked just to keep a roof over our heads (before and after my experience withhomelessness).EYESEvolutionhaskeptmesofulfilled so ever ready to help these women who are reaching out for someone to hear them help them and make them feel that they are a special and important part of humanity. I am always contemplating on ways of improving my program and help others.ItbringsmesomuchjoytoknowthatIamfinallydoing something that gives me purpose. Most importantly I do what I do for the sheer love of it. I use a sort of holistic approach to help women with low self-esteem envision the brighter side of life. I help them see that their life is worth living and that the trials and tribulations they have previously gone through or are currently going through in no way determines who they are or where they can go in life. People who are hurting internalize so much. They take on so much onto themselves when things don t go as planned or whenever things go awry. We wonder Why can t I do anything right Why can t I have a good life like so and so Why can t I have the love and relationships like others seem to have etc I have recently re-structured my program to include more aspects of self-esteem forming topics as well as methods that teach women to become stronger and more capable of changing their lives. I am excited about my new program and can t wait to execute it. In2013 Barbarawroteabookonself-esteemtitled PrettyUglyHowLowSelf-EsteemAlmostRuinedmyLife abiographyof 9 sorts that chronicled her life from childhood to adulthood. Women of Distinction Q What does EYES stand for A EYESstandsfor EventuallyYou llEmergeStronger .Itwas originallyYESfor You llEmergeStronger . Q When you started your organization did you have others working with you A No. In the beginning I did everything myself. I still do everything myself. I learned how to do certain things that I used to pay others to do. I had a partner to help run the group in my home state but she is starting her own business venture and no longer has the time. I miss her but am rooting for her success. Q Wheredoyouseeyourselfinthenextfiveyears A My original intention was to have a couple of groups in the DC area then move on into other states. That is still my desire with the exception that I am in Virginia now. I also have plans to train others to do what I am doing because I have things that I am working on that will take a great deal of my time and willexpandmyorganizationinaBIGway Ican tdiscloseit just yet but believe me it is phenomenal Q You mentioned that you spoke with at risk girls. What was your topic A Iusedvariouschaptersofmybook PrettyUgly givingthe teens ages 14-18 much needed admonitions examples and warnings to stay safe. I spoke about molestation domestic violence among others. There were also discussions on their particular experiences. Q Youmentionedyourgroupisunlikeanyother howso A LikeIpreviouslymentioned wedon tjustsitaroundtalking about our experiences as is the case with support groups. Weuseaffirmations havereadingmaterialthatisdiscussed provide games participants can delve into their creative side and so much more. Q Where are you speaking A Right now I am on hiatus from my groups and speaking during the winter months. I intend on starting back in June. Winter can be so brutal on traveling. In addition I wanted to take a break and venture out on a few other interests. I am learning to play the piano. I also want to do other things. Once Igetstartedonmygroupsandspeakingagain I llputallofmy focus on that. Q How long is your program A It was ongoing while in the shelters. Since I moved to Virginia and re-structured the program I made it a maximum of 90days.Therewassomuchtocoverand90daysjustdoesn t do it. I have again re-structured the program so that it will be ongoing for at least 6 months. Q Which do you prefer facilitating the group or speaking A Thereisnopreference.Ilovethemboth.That slikeasking a mother which child she likes better. Yes I know that some do play favorites. But when it comes to my baby there are no favorites. Q If you were approached by an organization or individual to switch gears and choose another career would you A I highly doubt that I would make the switch. In fact I may evendecidetotakeonanotherfield dependingonwhatitis butIdon tbelievethatIwouldleaveEYESEvolutionentirely.I wouldhavetofindtimetotakeonthenewventureandstillrun my group speaking. Q Are you a counselor as well as a Law of Attraction Coach A Absolutely not. I am not a counselor psychologist therapist or anything of the sort. I make that absolutely clear to the women in the group before we even begin. I have those who decide to join the group sign a disclaimer stating that they understand that fact. Contact Barbara Marie Barnes (202)316-6695 http www.e-y-e-s speaking2inspireu s.e.eyesaffirm11 10 Women of Distinction Bonnie Russell Outdoor Power Equipment Administrative Assistant Buchalla Small Engine Belleview FL 11 Women of Distinction Working for a small company based in Belleview Florida as an administrative assistant Bonnie Russell loves dealing with the publicandsolvingeverydayproblems.Enjoyingthepleasantriesofhermanyroles sheenjoysfindinganswerstoquestionsand is okay with being persistent and at times a little pushy. I believe that the brain is meant to work as well as the body otherwise it will deteriorate Bonnie said about her drive to constantly challenge her mind at work. Most people learn best by doing and I have always found success in diving right in and giving it a try. The company that Bonnie works for which sells and services outdoor power equipment is called Buchalla Small Engine. They represent the biggest names in outdoor power equipment in particular lawnmowers generators pressure washers and handheld equipment such as trimmers blowers vacuums and chainsaws. Because the business is relatively small Bonnie dabbles in many different areas. She keeps the invoices and statements correct does the warranties on all of the equipment they sell and those they receive serves as a liaison with the warranty companies sending their customers to Buchalla she maintains theschedulesandkeepsthemtight fieldscallsregardingworkbeingcompleted pick-ups parts andsoforth handlesonline warrantiesandorderingofparts aswellasthereceivingofpartsandequipment.Bonnie slifeastheiradministrativeassistant never gets boring. AcertifiedmedicaltechnicianinthestateofFlorida BonniealsoholdsaBachelor sDegreeinChemistryfromOhioNorthern Universitysince1961.Challengedbythechemicalengineeringfieldwhenshefirststartedpursuingacareerinthefield women were not commonly found working in the industry. Over the years she discovered that her setbacks would soon turn into opportunities for her to grow and change and Bonnie rolled with the punches to land on top. I have learned from each mistake and have moved forward Bonnie said with satisfaction. Time will give you much knowledge if you put forth the effort to learn. If you expect others to lead you than you will never achieve what would have been possible for you. You must always be a doer in order to achieve your goals. After college Bonnie became a medical technologist at a hospital in Glens Falls New York. She then became a technician workingforherhusband sdentallaboncetheymarried.Eventually theysoldthebusinessandboughtasailboatthattheylived on for a while before moving to Orlando Florida. Bonnie found an assistant manager position there at the Orlando Plasma Center. After getting a divorce she relocated to Houston Texas to help set up a new plasma center. Then she was off to Los Angeles California to become a supervisor at the Lopapa Institute until she was made vice-president of medical affairs. Next she became the manager of researchers doing subpoena and copy work. Bonnie then founded her own copy service business until makingthedecisiontomovebacktoFloridain1992toworkforDr.Brydinherdentallab.Finally shebeganworkingasanoffice administratorforBi-LoSalesandServiceintheirofficebeforeswitchingtoBuchalla. When I worked alongside the doctor I never hesitated to ask a lot of questions about the way he was doing things they were much different than I had previously known Bonnie said about her ventures in the business world. In the end it was he who taught me how to work smarter rather than working harder and to this day I try to live by his motto. InBonnie sfreetime alotofitisspentvolunteeringforherchurch.AsacertifiedlayministerandaStephenminister shetakes worship with others into the community to nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities so that the shut-ins can enjoy worshiping God. She also sings in her church choir and does a lot of reading for fun. 12 Women of Distinction Q How do administrative assistants make a big impact on businesses A ThefirstpartIcan tanswerforyou thatisyourownanswer.Thesecondpartisbecauseallbusinessesrunonorderand time. Someone must see that the day to day items get done in a timely fashion. Q Why an administrative assistant A All companies should have an administrative assistant and they are the glue that keeps the company rolling and expanding. You are a valuable member of the team. Q What are the responsibilities A This would depend on the size of the company. It would also depend on your abilities and how willing you are to work and to grow. I feel that the sky is the limit. Q Why would someone be rejected A This is a lesson to be learned that the rejection is not personal but against the idea the project or some of the content. Businessisbusinessandpersonalispersonalandshouldnotbemixedorelsedefiniteboundariesshouldbeset. Q Whatisyourwork spassion A If you truly love what you are doing it will not be a job but an avocation. You will enjoy getting up in the morning and going to work and you will not be a clock watcher. This applies to any job or profession. Q What is most important about your profession A Youareprobablythefirstcontactwiththecompanydependingonthesizeoftheorganizationandyouwillbethefacethatis remembered as being pleasant or not so. You will be the one setting the tone of the company. Q How much do you care about your position A Do you care enough to see that what is required of you is done and done well Do you care enough that you are willing to pitch in and help others get the whole project done and on time just because you are a member of the team These are good questions to ask yourself. Q Are you in an industry large or small that you respect and feel comfortable with and want to see succeed or is it just a job A It is so important to being doing what you like and enjoy because then you will take pride in your work and do it well and on time. Q Who is representing the company A So many times we assume it is the president or owner and yet it is really every employee. How we act and what we say inside andoutsidereflectsonthecompany.Wearetheirambassadors. Q How important are you and do you make a difference because you have this position A Forthecompanytorunsmoothlyeachpersonisimportantandeachjobkeepsthecompanyrunningsmoothlyandefficiently. Onemissingcogwillslowordelaywhatcouldbeanefficientlyrunship.Neverthinkyouarenotimportant. Contact Bonnie Russell (352)347-2112 http bonniednnlln 13 Women of Distinction Diana R. Di Barrong Philanthropic-NonprofitforCrisisCare Founder of Bags of Love Eugene OR 14 Women of Distinction DianaR. Di BarrongistheFounderofBagsofLove anonprofitorganizationestablishedtohelpchildrenincrisis.Sheparticipates inspeakingengagements attendsmeetings andisarecognizablefigureinthecommunity. I also do other tasks for the nonprofit like contact the agencies (all 52 of them) on a regular basis and take orders for bags for the children in need. It is my responsibility to write up the orders give them to the Inventory Coordinator and make sure they are filled and picked up in a timely manner. I work to keep Bags of Love in the community s eye. I also work with each of the Coordinators and the Executive Director to make sure that Bags of Love is functioning at capacity. Di comes from a diverse work background including (but not limited to) working as an Intake Assistant for Lane County Juvenile a collectionofficerforafurniturestore anofficemanager abookkeeper andawordprocessorforthreeinsuranceoffices. Myfinaljobbeforeretiringin2007wasasabookkeeperforafinancecompany.Myretirement however didnotlastlong because IstartedBagsofLoveinMay2008.Workingwiththisnonprofithasbeenajoy.Ithasrejuvenatedmeandkeptmebusy.Thechildren we help are so important because they are the future and will become our leaders. Making children feel valued and cared for has become a driving force in my life. Her free time is spent with her husband of 47 years two sons and six grandchildren. I have had a wonderful life with my generous and loving husband children and grandchildren. I do as many activities with my grandchildrenaspossible.Iamaverysimple grandmotherlytypewhosawaneedinourcommunityandtriedtofillitwithBagsof Love. I do not like to be in the spotlight. However by necessity I have assumed that position. But with Bags of Love although I stand in front it is all the wonderful volunteers that make everything run smoothly. I am so proud of what Bags of Love has become and of thechildrenwehelp.Mylegacytotheworld beyondthegiftofmyfamily isapowerfulnonprofit.BagsofLovechangesthelivesof children who are in crisis as well as the lives of the volunteers. Not only do the bags provide comfort for the children but producing them allows an opportunity for volunteers to give back to the community and build a better future for all. 15 Women of Distinction Q What is a Bag of Love A Thebagsandquiltsaredesignedandsewnbyagroupofcreativequiltersandsewers afarcryfromthegarbageandplasticbags typicallycarriedbythechildren.Eachstitchissewnwithlove somethingthesechildrencrave.Eachisfilledaccordingtoage(birth to 17) and gender. The bag contains basic toiletries such as soap toothpaste and toothbrush shampoo comb or brush as well as pajamas clothing school supplies books and the comfort of a plush toy and handcrafted quilt. Everything in each bag stays with the child regardless of their placement to give them a sense of security and belonging and continuity. Becausechildrenaretheinnocentsinoursociety fragileandunabletoprotectthemselves especiallywhenremovedfromtheir normallives aBagofLoveprovidesasenseofsecurityandhope.Ithelpsfillthegapbetweenwhatachilddeservesandwhat life has dealt him her. The child now has something of his her very own to hang onto as a security blanket while simultaneously providing items they desperately need. Our goal is to provide a ray of hope for each child during this time of crisis. Q Where is Bags of Love located A We are located in Eugene Oregon and serve community agencies throughout Lane County. Q What is your mission A The sole purpose of Bags of Love is to provide necessities and comfort items to children in crisis due to neglect abuse poverty or homelessness. Through our unique distribution model we address the immediate needs of these children and help support the community agencies caring for them. Q What inspired you to create Bags of Love A IbeganBagsofLoveoutofmyhomeinSpringfieldasaverypersonalresponsetomyfirst-handexperienceofdealingwith children going into the foster care system. Abused profoundly neglected often homeless children came with maybe a pair of underwear and a change of clothes (if they were lucky) and that was it. It was heartbreaking. I knew I had to help so I began collecting donations of basic necessities for the kids in Lane County Oregon. Whendonationsoverwhelmedmyhome IknewthetimehadcometotakeBagsofLovetothenextlevel.Ifoundofficespace mademycausepublic andrecruitedvolunteerstohelp.Andin2008 withanever-growingdemandforourservicesfromcommunity agencies schools andlawenforcement BagsofLovebecameanofficial501(c)(3)charitablenonprofit.Today BagsofLoveisthe only organization of its kind in Lane County. Q How is Bags of Love helping solve the problems of at-risk children A LaneCountyhasthehighestnumberofat-riskchildreninOregon(Source OregonCountyDataBook2011 ChildrenFirst).And accordingtoa2013analysisfromtheSouthernEducationFoundation 49%ofchildreninOregonliveinlow-incomehouseholds. Bags of Love seeks to meet the immediate needs of these children. Statistics prove the direct correlation between poverty and abuse. Data also reveals that children at-risk tend to do poorly in school. They lack self-esteem and security. They often feel disenfranchised and (as a result) act out and are unable to focus on schoolwork. This is one of the reasons we have begun a special Back-to-School event in August. We provide children from kindergarten to high school with a backpack and school supplies. This way they can rest assured that they have the basics to begin school with confidenceandcontinuetheireducationrelievedofsomeofthestressoftheirsituations. Wewantthesechildrentothrive.Inaperfectworld everychildwouldgrowupandbenurturedinaloving caringfamily butnot every child has that opportunity. That is why Bags of Love was created and we hope to keep it going as long as there are children in need. Q What hurdles have you had to overcome to meet the needs of children A It sdifficulttokeeppacewithdemand.Overthelastsixyears BagsofLovehasprovidednecessitiesandcomfortitemsto over5 000childrenincrisisinLaneCounty.WhileweincreasedthenumberofbagsdonatedtocommunityagenciesfromJanuary -August2013by42%inthesametimeframefor2014(617v.879) weneedtoincreasethenumberofbagsdistributedbyan additional45%foranaverageof200bags monthtomeettheincreasingrequestsfromagencies. Contact 16 Diana R. Di Barrong (541)357-4957 di dibar45 Women of Distinction Gail E. Thomas Higher Education Professor of Sociology at Soka University of America Aliso Viejo CA 17 Women of Distinction GailE.ThomasjoinedSokaUniversityofAmericaasProfessorofSociologyinAugust1998.ShewasnamedDeanofFacultyin 1998andservedinthatcapacityuntilFebruary2001 whenshewasnamedVicePresidentforInstitutionalResearch&Assessment. After laying the beginning foundation for institutional research in this capacity she returned to full-time teaching at Soka in the fall of2002. However her career as a sociologist researcher and humanistic educator began during her high school and college years and wasaresultofthreekeyevents (1)growingupinaraciallyandeconomicallysegregatedcommunityintheSouth (2)havinga numberofexcellentandcaringteachersandamongthem (3)meetingDoctorsWillandGloriaScott herfirstmentorsincollege and subsequently encountering Dr. Daisaku Ikeda who became and remains her prime role model and teacher of humanism compassion and winning at life. One of the major goals of the Scotts was to successfully educate and produce African American PhDs. They expected us to successfully assume a broad array of occupations and to model and help facilitate the success of other young people. Gailwasoneofthe pioneer facultymembersatSokaUniversity whereherinitialrolewastohelpbuildanewliberalartscollege from the ground up by developing academic curricula and recruiting faculty and students. Ouruniversity smissionistofostera steadystream ofyoungpeopletobeglobalcitizensandleadersforpeace.Dr.Ikeda our founder stressestheimportanceofcare global andhumanisticeducation andtherespectforculturaldiversityforeveryhuman being. Therefore apart from the daily expected roles of teaching student mentoring service and research I have voluntarily assumedpersonalresponsibilityforbeingthe heart ofouruniversity.Indoingso Idomybesttodemonstrategenuinecareand concern for all students and colleagues to be a bridge for cooperation and collaboration and to help keep the focus on our mission. I believe that these are essential elements for helping our institution function at its maximum capacity. She is also the editor of three books including Black Students in Higher Education (1981) U.S. Race Relations in the 1980s and1990s(1990) and RaceandEthnicityinAmerica MeetingtheChallengeinthe21stCentury (1995).Gail sworkhasbeen widelypublishedinsociologicalandeducationaljournals including SociologicalQuarterly HarvardEducationReview American EducationReviewJournal InternationalJournalofHigherEducation and SouthAfricanJournalofHigherEducation . Additionally Gail is the recipient of numerous awards but the type of legacy that she aspires to leave behind is still in the making. However it will be a manifestation of her mission to successfully use her skills and resources to help address human suffering by supporting and empowering youth. Beyond teaching mentoring and continuous self development I have targeted three potential areas towards leaving a personal legacy (1)To create co-create or make a meaningful contribution for the development of a publication or media outlet that features and honors ordinary and unrecognized youth and young adults who have beaten the odds overcome major adversities and are using their experience and skills to support and help others. (2)Tocreate co-create ormakeameaningfulcontributiontotheestablishmentofmoreaffordableandqualityhousingforyouth and young adults in high cost cities and urban areas. Quality and better paying jobs affordable and safe housing and fear of not having a secure future were listed as prime concerns in my survey and research on young adults in Orange County. While there are relatively more affordable housing options for adults age 55 and older in Orange County this is far less the case for young adults. (3) To be a role model and pass on the baton to my son who in his own way will contribute to empowering youth and working to reduce inequality and human suffering. Q Howistheeducationthatyourinstitutionoffersrelevantintoday sworld A Theongoingcompetition conflicts andtensionsamongandbetweenracial ethnic andculturalgroupsareglobalsocialproblems. They suggest the need for greater understanding of the other and a broader context in viewing and addressing these issues. Humanistic multicultural and more dialogued based education that prepares students for global citizenship is the type of education that our university offers. I believe that this type of education is currently needed and will prepare our students to contribute to solving these and related social problems. Q What is a college education worth in the job market today A A short answer from the standpoint of economics is not much as further education is required for most top paying jobs. However obtainingacollegeeducationremainsanimportant firstbaseticket forhighereducationandforachievementandmobility.Awellrounded liberal arts college education also promises an expansion of perspectives and personal growth and development. These are priceless returns on investing in value creating education. Q What type of leadership do you think is needed in education today A Thereisnota onesizefitsall typeofeducationorleader.Therearebasicandperhapssomeuniversalcriteria suchasbeing competent genuinely caring and being good human beings with egos intact. However if I were to paint a broad stroke of the type of leadership needed today I would add three major ingredients (1) creative and long-term visionaries with a passion and genuine respectandembraceforhumandiversity (2)aglobaloutlookand perspective coupledwiththeabilitytoextend education and servicetoaddressproblemsinlocalcommunities and(3)theabilitytodemonstrateandcreateacultureofcare cooperation and support within and outside of their immediate work environment family and community. Q Whatdoyoufindmostchallenginginteachingyoungpeopletoday A The bombardment and rapid change and pace of technology driven knowledge production. The research continues to be mixed on the impact of technology on student learning and the preoccupation of students with technology. Additional challenges I perceive are an increasing sense of entitlement among many students (not all) a low tolerance for old school teaching and learning and assuming prime responsibility for their learning and success. I think there is a need for a balance between the old and the new in teaching and learning methods and in the use of technology lest we throw out the baby with the bath . Q How would you describe a truly educated person A That satoughandimportantquestion Iwouldsaythatapersonwhoacceptsthatheorshecanneverbecompletelyeducated andthusseekscontinuouslearningandself-improvement aswellassomeonewhounderstands seeks andacceptsthatmostreal and lasting knowledge comes from experience and hard knocks . Q How can sociologists social scientists and educators contribute to a more peaceful and just world A The task is too big for sociologists alone. Therefore joint collaboration in teaching research and service across disciplines and across professions is a must In addition living and fostering inner and outer peace within our own lives families and local communities (I believe) are important pre-requisites. Finally expanding peace studies curricula and programs at all levels of education and especially at the earlier levels are important. Q What do you think are effective ways of increasing college access for young people who express a desire for a college education but are not able to realize their aspiration A There is obviously a difference between having an aspiration and achieving it. Therefore being prepared and adequately knowledgeable about enrollment requirements remain important prerequisites. In addition identifying supporting befriending and mentoringtheseyoungpeopleshouldproveuseful.Inaddition financialsupportinourcountryshould never be an issue for aspiring students. Contact Gail E. Thomas (949)480-4038 thomas peace.get 19 Women of Distinction Glorious K. Dunkerley Ph.D. ABPP Healthcare - Psychology Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Life Lessons Psychological Services PLLC Brooklyn NY Women of Distinction 20 Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher. - Oprah Winfrey GloriousK.Dunkerley sinterestinpsychologycanbetracedallthewaybacktohighschool. IwaspartofTheBarefootDoctor sProgramatmyhighschoolandwhilelearningaboutthefunctionofanEKGmachine Iwas asked to introduce myself and learn about the patients. I realized they were happy to talk to me and likewise. Culturally my family wasnotintocounseling soIdidn tknowmuchaboutthefield.IaskedtheheadnurseatMontefioreMedicalCenteronedaywhat youcalledtheprofessionwhereyoutalktosomeoneabouttheirfeelings.Shetoldme psychologist .Andthat swhatI vebeen licensed as for the last sixteen years. She began her career at Lutheran Medical Center as a supervising staff psychologist and coordinated a program for juvenile sex offenders. At the same time I was a testing consultant for Community Healthcare Network completing psychological evaluations for children whose parents were HIV positive. I later opened up my own private practice and continue to do this work providing individual group marital and family therapy. I also provide counseling to the geriatric population and to injured workers. Today Glorious is the Owner President and Licensed Clinical Psychologist of Life Lessons Psychological Services PLLC. I provide individual group marital and family therapy as well as treatment to children adolescents adults and to the geriatric population. I also conduct psychological testing forensics and immigration evaluation. I provide services to EAP Workers Compensation and to military families. I m also a certified and trained sex offender specialist. My passion and love for humanity has kept me both dedicated and intrigued with the practice of psychology. She is currently a member of the Association of Black Psychologists and New York State Psychological Association as well as a member of the Employment Assistance Program and often attends conferences.Inaddition shewasthefirstapplicantandrecipientof the National Health Service Corps Scholars Program Scholarship in2001atLutheranMedicalCenter. One of her greatest inspirations has been Dr. Nancy Boyd Franklin becauseofherfirstpublishedbook BlackFamiliesinTherapy . I have followed many of her teachings in my clinical work with people of color. Glorious has been inspired by other professors and colleagues as well. Dr.JaneConnorwasmyfirstcollegepsychologyprofessorwithwhomIconductedmyfirstresearchproject.Shecontinuedto mentormethroughoutmycollegeandcareeryears.Ialsocan tforgettheoneandonlyDr.ConstanceDalenberg whomI burned themidnightoil with conductingnumerousresearchesandwhohelpedmepublishmydissertation.AndDr.Costantinohasandwill continuetoinspireme ashegavememyfirstpsychologicalpositionatLutheranMedicalCenterofSunsetTerraceFamilyHealth Center. We worked very closely training interns using his TEMAS techniques and working with youth sexual offenders. She is a person who loves to read jog and volunteer her services to young people of color. I am a loyal sensitive and genuine individual who is driven to serve my community in need. I would be happy knowing that I made a difference if even in just one person s life. 21 Women of Distinction Q Does stigma continue to exist regarding mental health in the Black community A Yes there continues to be stigma around admitting one has a mental psychological problem but there is also a breakthrough. More and more individuals are coming in for help and that is a great thing. Q Would you say people of color are mandated to attend therapy or are they willing to attend A That depends on the nature of the situation and the reason for the referral. Most of my clients voluntarily come in for treatment. IfyourreferralsourcecomesfromACSorpoliceenforcement thenmostlikelyit sgoingtobenon-voluntary achallenge anda process to make a therapeutic connection. Q Is racism a common issue discussed in treatment A Thatdependsontheclient sissue.Althoughracismislike theelephantintheroom itmustbediscussedatsomepointintime because it is a fabric of our society. Q How do you balance raising a family and your business A Thisisanongoingbalance.Knowingthatmychildrenandfamilycomefirstisachallengeattimes especiallywhenreports evaluations andlettersaredue.Attimes itisdifficult.Thatiswhyrelyingonfamilysupportiscrucial. Q Does the issue of religion and psychology ever come up If so how do you blend the two A Yes at times religion and psychology do interplay in the therapeutic process. Because I pride myself as a spiritual person I may make statements related to the bible without trying to offend clients who are not spiritual and who may have issues with religion. I am extremely careful in not imposing my own spiritual beliefs onto my clients and if necessary will ask them about their spiritual belief systemfirstbeforemovingforward. Q What types of psychological evaluations do you perform A The referral questions vary but parents usually inquire concern if their child has ADHD or not. I perform psychological educational forensic immigration and psychosocial evaluations. Q What is the percentage of male versus female clients who seek mental health services A From my experience I would say 95% of my clientele are female. Most of my male clients are brought in by their parents spouses or family members. Rarely do my male clients come in voluntarily. Q Who are some of your favorite authors A NancyBoydFranklin SueJohnson Na imAkbar JoyceMeyers JamesC.Dobson ScottPeck WadeW.Nobles HenryLouis Gates Jr. and Bell Hooks are among my favorites. Contact Glorious K. Dunkerley Ph.D. ABPP (646)679-6975 22 Women of Distinction Jacqueline Anne Helms Industrial Commercial Real Estate Consultant at Avison Young Houston TX 23 Women of Distinction DuringherjunioryearattheUniversityofHoustonin2013 JacquelineAnneHelmswasabletoprocureajobasaconsultantwith one of the top leading industrial brokers Bob Berry at Jones Lang LaSalle. Today she is a consultant and research analyst for Avison Young. I inquire on potential leads in an effort to examine correlations for making a warm contact with prospective clients. I am also heavily involved with the revision of data and facts in our database and assist with advising and making strategic decisions on current and future projects within our brokerage team. My ability to provide solid facts and forward thinking resourcefulness helps management function at its highest and most lucrative capacity. My facilitation on many of our team s projects requires flexibility on my end in order to deliver desired results. Jacquelineisalsoacancersurvivorandhasbeencancer-freeforfiveyears. I would like readers to know this about me because through this struggle I found strength through my perseverance. This strength comes from God and the family and friends I surround myself with. They support me in my endeavors and in my times of weakness. Cancer was truly a wake-up call early in my life that success is not just about achieving goals that you set for yourself but the impact and inspiration that you can give to people in this short amount of time you have. Givenwhatshe sbeenthrough JacquelinetriestogivebackwhenevershecananddrawsinspirationfromNancyTucker. Nancy is one of the most inspirational and incredible people I have ever known. I look up to her because she saw a need for thosewhoarestrugglingwithcancerhasreachedoutandtouchedpeople slivesinsuchapositiveway whileleadingandbuilding anonprofitorganizationtotheastoundinglevelthatCanCareistoday.IamheavilyinvolvedwithCanCareinHouston scancer community and feel so blessed to give back now because of their incredible assistance and support through my walk with cancer fiveyearsago.IalsoenjoyrunningandbikingincharityeventsasoftenasIcanontheweekends.It ssuchanamazingfeeling joiningthousandsofotherpeopleforacause knowingI vemadeanimpactonthoseinneedofsupport. The legacy she would like to leave behind begins with her relationship with God. Throughthisrelationship Iwanttorespondtotheworld sneedswithcompassionandaction.Leavingalegacyofhopeandgrace beginsdailyformeandismadeonedecisionatatime.Throughthesedecisions Ihopetoimpactwomen slives sothattheymay experiencethetruefreedomthatallthingsarepossiblethroughChristJesus whogivesusstrength whetherinthebusinessworld or personal life. 24 Women of Distinction Q Whydoyoufeelthatyourbusinessisrelevantintoday sworld A Houston is not only dominated by the energy industry but many new emerging industries such as health care and technology are takingastrongriseamongthemarkets.WithHouston scurrentmarketgrowthmomentum manyexpandingcompanieswillhave industrial brokerage service needs. Q What do you enjoy most about your job A I enjoy the fact that I can walk into work each day and know that each one is different. There is always a dynamic atmosphere that keeps my job interesting and challenging. Q Wheredoyouseeyourselfinfiveyears A I d like to have received my master s degree in accounting and be a licensed CPA thus pursuing my desire to work in the accounting financeindustry. Q What are the core values of your company A Thecompanyisorganizedaroundclientswithproducerincentivesandcompanyfinancescenteredonlong-termvaluecreation to build the leading global real estate solutions company by aligning the interests and needs of clients with the superior skill sets and intellectual capital of our professionals using a unique and transformational delivery structure. Q How do you think the previous generation of women in the business world has affected women in your generation A I believe that the women before us were the true trailblazers into the business world where women held positions that were never thought possible. From the hard work and inconceivable trials these women have overcome I believe that my generation will have the opportunity to be more successful than any generation of women ever before. In the next decade you will have a new wave of women executives and CEOs because of this ease of access and a new found respect for females in the workplace. Q What would you have changed about past decisions A I think about this often but honestly I would not change anything. I have learned so many valuable lessons and knowledge from the different jobs I have held in the past and the mistakes I and others around me have made. Experience is one of the most coveted andusefultoolsinbusinessthatcannotbelearnedinaclassroom onlyinreallife. Q Howdoyouseewomen spositionschanginginthebusinessworldinthefuture A Women spositionswillbecomelessofasupportroleandmoreofaleadingroleinseveralindustriesinthefuture.Ibelievethere will be more of an equal regard for women in the more male-dominated industries as well. Q How do you see women balancing home and work life in the future and is it possible A It is very possible for women to balance work and home life although it can be very stressful. Societal roles in families are shifting though as men are more involved at home and man and wife are becoming more symbiotic in their relationship because of the increase in dual-income households allowing women to keep their careers. Q How do you feel about the current level of involvement of the government in the private sector A The government is too involved with the private sector and is hindering the potential growth of our free market society. The government scurrentlevelofpowerneedstobereassessedanddialedbackfortheUnitedStatestocontinueasaleadingnation economically in the future. Q Howdoyoudefinesuccess A Success is too often measured by simply power and money. Success should be measured by more such as living the life we truly desire and enjoy improving ourselves and not just a career we settle for. Success is about thriving not only in our career but as a complete whole individual. Contact Jacqueline Anne Helms (713)485-9684 Jackie.helms 25 Women of Distinction JaRanda Randi Doveton Local Government Zoning Land Use Zoning Director Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission Women of Distinction 26 Macon GA Passionate about her community JaRanda Randi Doveton has been working for Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning CommissioninGeorgiasince2003.Beginningasasenior developmentreviewofficer shelandedthetitleofzoning directorinSeptember2014.Ithasbeenamostrewarding experience. I am determined dependable fiercely loyal and believe that the city of Macon has some of the best buildings in the state or possibly the country and a rich history that everyone should learn more about Randi proclaimed. I always give it 110% and while others may sometimes outshine me I know that I m always doing my absolute best. WhenRandienteredtheworkforcein1990 sheentereditas a board drafter but transitioned to being a CADD technician. From1990to1998 sheworkedorvariousengineeringand surveying companies in Middle Georgia both as an employee andasasubcontractor.Shelefttheprivatesectorin1998 after accepting a position as the Zoning Administrator building OfficialfortheTaylorCountyBoardofCommissionersinButler Georgia. With the assistance of a consultant Randi wrote the firstZoningOrdinanceforthecountyandcreatedtheinitial zoning maps for the county. During this same period with assistance from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources andtheUniversityofGeorgia sCollegeofEnvironmental Design she wrote the Historic Preservation Ordinance that created a joint Historic Preservation Commission for Unincorporated Taylor County and the cities of Butler and Reynolds. WorkingastheseniordevelopmentreviewofficerforMaconBibb County Planning and Zoning Commission from2003 throughSeptember2014beforereceivingapromotionto zoning director Randi oversaw the daily operations of the zoning portion of the Commission. She supervised other developmentreviewofficers zoninginspectors andsupport staff. She also conducted performance evaluations revisited job descriptions approved leave requests updated the records retention schedule checked daily deposits and activity reports issued zoning permits answered questions regarding zoning and the application process for prospective applicants as well as many other duties. In her current role as the Zoning Director Randi still performs many of the same duties that she did as a senior development reviewofficer butshealsopreparesreportsfortheexecutive directorandfinancedirector makesrecommendations regarding fees based on analysis of activity and increased costs associated with processing applications and permits interviews and evaluates applicants for new hires make recommendations for organizational policy revisions and does organizational restructuring. Land use standards provide individuals and companies some reasonable expectations that their investments are protected from incompatible land uses. My profession absolutely makes a difference in the quality of life of a community s residents. Being employed in the public sector can be a tricky thing. Randi has experienced her share of disgruntled citizens. People do not like having to ask permission to do things ontheirpropertyorbeingtoldso.It simportantthatshe remember that they are not upset with her but with the regulations. Just like every other business you cannot please everyone. An ordinance that one group embraces will be viewed as abrasive or impeding by another group. Working as a public servant she must always keep in mind that she works for the citizens so she must always be available for questions be open to new ideas develop creative problem solving skills and treat people the way she would want to be treated if she were in their position. Most importantly being a person of integrity is key to her. Graduating from Middle Georgia Technical Institute with a degreeincivildraftingin1985 Randilaterwentontopursue her BS in Business Public Administration at the University of Phoenixin2012andiscurrentlyworkingonherMaster sin Urban and Regional Planning GIS. She holds a number of certifications includingaSBCCIcertifiedZoningandProperty StandardsInspector SBCCI(nowICC)certifiedInternational Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector and the ICC certifiedZoningInspectorandHousingInspector.Randi passed the ICC Legal and Management exam and the legal andmanagementsectionoftheCertifiedBuildingOfficial exam. She has also received training in other areas outside of her formal education including most recently Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement and Code Enforcement Department Management in1998. Randi is a member of the American Planning Association and theNationalAssociationofProfessionalWomenasa2014 Woman of the Year. She has also received numerous industry related awards from the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgiain1993 1994 and1995. In addition to her positon as the zoning director Randi is licensed as an Assistant Laser Practitioner by the Georgia Composite Medical Board and works in conjunction with Pure Skin Body advancedSpaServicesat4705NorthsideDrive Suite800 inMacon.PureSkin BodyisownedbyRandi s friend Anne Bragg who has been in the skincare industry for morethan20years.Ifthatwerenotenough sheistrying to grow a home-based digital printing customized art and framing business with her son Clint Nelson. When she has down time she enjoys baking. Her specialties include old fashioned tea cakes and divinity both recipes that have been handed down for multiple generations as well as creating new flavorcombinationsforcookies cakes andcupcakes.Randi is married to Trey Doveton and has two sons Ben Nelson who resides in Dallas Texas with his wife Melissa and Clint Nelson who lives in Macon. For Randi life is purely sweet. My job is never boring Randi admits. That being said I believe that zoning and land use standards are vital to economic stability smart growth and community identity. 27 Women of Distinction 28 Women of Distinction Q Whatisthemostdifficultthingaboutbeingazoning director A Administering regulations with which you disagree or believe are antiquated. Q WhatdoyoulikebestaboutworkingintheZoningoffice A Feeling that what I do on a daily basis improves the community. Q What is the difference in Planning and Zoning in MaconBibb A The planning department of the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission administers transportation and planninggrantsandsimilaractivitieswhiletheZoningoffice is the regulatory arm of the Commission issuing permits and enforcing the regulations. Q Why do communities need zoning A Zoningprotectsaperson sinvestmentbyprovidinga reasonable expectation of what can and cannot occur on their property as well as the adjacent tracts. Q WhyisMacon-Bibb sPlanningandZoningdifferentthan most Planning and Zoning Commissions A The Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission is not a recommending body that adds a degree of separation between politics and land use decisions. Q What do you look for in an employee education or experience A I look for a balance. A person must be given an opportunity or he she will never gain experience. Education shows me that the person can learn but experience provides insight into their ability to apply what has been learned. Q If you could pursue any other career what would it be A I would probably pursue a career in skincare. Q Why skincare A I am a licensed laser practitioner and I enjoy helping othersfeelgoodaboutthemselves.Ithinkthataperson s self-confidenceisimprovedwhentheyfeelgoodabouttheir outward appearance. Q What type of skincare can a laser practitioner provide A The use of the proper laser can remove unwanted tattoos remove acne scars birthmarks spider veins reduce pore size remove age and sun spots toe nail fungus and improve sin tone and texture (including wrinkle reduction). Q If you could draw a parallel between being a zoning director and laser practitioner what would it be A I think it would be helping people. As a zoning director I help people with issues related to land use but as a laser practitioner I help people feel better about themselves. This is especially true when Anne and the Pure Skin Body team performs pro bono tattoo removals for probationers. Contact JaRanda Randi Doveton (478)751-7450 http rdoveton 29 Women of Distinction Suzanne West President and CEO Imaginea Energy Corp. Calgary Alberta Canada The world is in desperate need of AND rather than OR solutions F or several years Suzanne West tried to make change in the big companies where she worked only to come to the conclusion that the only real way to make change was to put her money where her heart was. So at 33-years-old Suzanne refinanced her home and founded her own oil and gas company. Graduating with a Bachelor s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary in 1987 Suzanne began working for Imperial Oil. It was a difficult time in the industry so she was happy just to get her foot in the door. Working a summer position at the Imperial Lab the head of the lab saw potential in Suzanne and was willing to take her with him when headed downtown to look after the information technology (IT) group. Giving her a position supporting the development of the engineers she graciously accepted even though she knew she probably wasn t qualified to take on the role. Spending night after night reading about IT so she could give her new role her all she did better than expected and within one year s time had made a significant difference in the department s capabilities. She was recognized as an engineer and was subsequently moved into the reservoir engineering group. I love the complexity of the industry and the opportunities if you are willing to work hard and focus on fundamentals Suzanne said. I ve been motivated by demonstrating that I can be successful with a different organizational model than the traditional one one that reaches deeper into the potential of people and organizations in order to achieve better results. I ve pioneered a different organizational model and have refined it through the years. Mine is based on learning from nature s wisdom. Explaining that a good organizational model has no hierarchy but instead teaches self-management initiative and strong accountability Suzanne values collaboration teamwork equality and authentic communication. A good model also seeks out each Women of Distinction 30 Women of Distinction 18 individuals unique value what she refers to as mojo and fosters personal development and growth in addition to drawing on people s passion drive creativity and problem solving to reach audacious goals. Since leaving Imperial Oil in 1996 as a technical leader Suzanne went on to serve as Leader of Plains District Gulf Canada for two years until December 1998. She then founded Touchstone Petroleum Inc. then Chariot Energy Inc. Auriga Energy Inc. and Black Shire Energy Inc. In November 2013 Imaginea Energy Corp. was born. Based in Calgary the private oil and gas company is committed to developing resources in a more efficient way while broadening their success criteria to the planet people and profits. They believe in choosing a path that mutually benefits the planet the people who participate the company s profits and is an integral part of achieving extraordinary results and growth. Passionate about providing a new way of doing business and being an agent of change Imaginea believes that it is this change that is necessary to create a sustainable future. As President and CEO of Imaginea Suzanne develops strategies and vision analyzes results continually assesses how all the pieces fit together finds balance and integration for maximum effectiveness provides coaching and mentoring ensures good execution of projects reports and provides stewardship monitors deviations to the budget and sets realistic weekly and monthly goals. Believing in several very important qualities Suzanne says the importance of accountability being creative collaborative and being yourself is imperative. Accountability is doing what you say you re going to do creativity has to do with dreaming being curious and constantly seeking possibilities collaboration has everything to do with being interested in others success as your own while being yourself is merely discovering who you are and what you love to do by following your heart and trusting in yourself because being yourself is the most powerful place to be. Owning your own business has its ups and downs but Suzanne explains entrepreneurship as one that provides an extraordinary experience to truly learn what you re made of . When you re facing significant challenges rather than succumb to defeat and negative emotions you instead wake up every day to focus on what else you can do to find solutions to problems. It is through those experiences that you are more likely to find your deepest relationships best creativity bravest moments and biggest potential as a business owner. After the success of Suzanne s second business she set up a charitable foundation Power of One which provides funds annually to charities in need. Most recently they helped sponsor a new initiative to take unused dead space in an elementary school to create a learning living space outdoors for children to learn in. For the past five years Suzanne has organized a charity event Steps to End Homelessness. People climb outdoor stairs in her city just north of downtown with her in return for sponsors and donations. Last year they had over 500 participants and raised 22 000 for the homeless. Valuing balance in her life Suzanne works incredibly hard but finds time to do yoga and meditation read and write and take walks with her dog. She s been a fitness instructor for 20 years and teaches two indoor gym classes and two free outdoor bootcamps in downtown Calgary. She has been incredibly blessed in life and loves to give back in return. I have unique gifts in that both sides of my brain are fairly strong. As a left brainer I am a hands-on type of president who is structured in long-term planning is a stickler about deadlines and is disciplined about providing comprehensive stewarding for clarity and credibility. As a right brainer I am a concept and systems thinker and love visioning and strategizing. I see everything as part of a whole. I employ creativity regularly value my intuition and encourage others to do the same As a leader Suzanne believes that people can do far more than they think they re capable of. She provides clear focus and boundaries sets high goals learns from her mistakes knows the benefits of diversity works hard and leads by example. She has a strong ability to see what others do not and enough boldness to try it. She can usually see the end from the beginning has a strong critical thinking ability and is passionate and tenacious essential qualities of a successful entrepreneur. Women of Distinction 31 Women of Distinction 19 Q Why is energy and usage important today A Energy has an important role to play in the standard of living for people all over the world. The energy industry has such a potential to be a force for good. We need to extract and create energy in a way that is sustainable and beneficial to all stakeholders. Q Why aren t there more women in engineering A We need to change traditional organizational models to include more collaboration more intuition more integration and more nurturing that will attract more women. Women can be very powerful leaders of change and we are in need of that in today s world. Q What are two key characteristics that entrepreneurs need A You must believe in yourself and your idea you must evolve constantly learn and embrace change. Q What do you love about being a leader A I love to inspire people to do more than what they think they can do. One of my main roles is to make sure there is nothing preventing people from being amazing. Q What do you think holds people back from changing what they are doing A We have conditioned people to fear the unknown. The unknown to me though is one of the most exciting places to be It is the place of creation. Q Other than the Necker Island trip did anything else inspire you for Project StepUp and Imaginea A Yes. I spent two-and-a-half weeks last year in Ecuador living with indigenous people learning how they live in harmony with Mother Nature. It was another life-changing trip. The indigenous people and the amazing jungle taught me so much about the true essence of AND . Q&A with Suzanne West Q What do you think is the biggest thing that is missing in the business world that is never talked about A I think that soul is missing from the business world. Spirituality for me has nothing to do with religion it is the deep awareness that you are part of an energy that is you that surrounds you that is in all life that is full of wonder awe meaning beauty and extraordinary potential. If we could invite and include that quantum world into business it would be transformational in what we could achieve manifest and create. Q What is preventing the advancement of women A Be a natural leader (no matter what your title is) by using your abilities to influence the world positively around you and you will likely end up as one with a title as well. Q What are some of the benefits of your organizational model A People are happier more productive motivated creative and satisfied with their contribution due to a high degree of integration communication accountability freedom trust and creation. Things develop organically (processes roles ideas influence) so things are typically more efficient and more effective. Q What is the biggest challenge for your industry A Being creative and innovative so that it can be a force for good and removing the polarization that is limiting the AND solutions that can benefit all stakeholders. C O N T A C T Women of Distinction Suzanne West (587) 794-4310 http swest 20 32 Women of Distinction Dr. Tiffany L. Jordan Higher Education Administration MBA Chair International Business & Professor in MBA & DBA Programs Keiser University Graduate School Fort Lauderdale FL 33 Women of Distinction Dr. Tiffany L. Jordan is the MBA Chair International Business Concentration Courses Course Development Manager and Professor in the DBA Programs for KeiserUniversity sGraduateSchool. After graduating with my doctoral degree in International Business with a minor in Management in 2000 I did not even attend my ceremony until the following year. I sent out a few not overly impressive resumes curriculum vitae to test the market. Within weeks I had an interview from a university in Dubai. I was hired and the rest is history Over the last 14 years in her position Dr. Jordan has been responsible for a lot. She has developed and maintained concentration curriculacontent programobjectives andstudents learningoutcomemeasurestomeetaccreditationrequirement(s).Dr.Jordan has developed syllabi and lesson plans for campus-based hybrid and online learning using eCollege Blackboard Socrates and Angel asynchronous modes. She has evaluated and assessed learning outcome measures for continuous improvement while monitoring courses and continuously updating them for quality assurance. Dr. Jordan has participated in faculty development through internal and external conferences and published articles on current issues and trends in peer-reviewed journals. She s participatedinconvocationforstrategicmanagementandendoftermimprovementlearningsurveys whilefacilitatingcoursesin the MBA and DBA programs and attending Community Advisory Board meetings faculty meetings and committees. Dr. Jordan hasevenmanagedstudents performanceforretentionandsuccessusingbestpracticessuchaschecklists rubrics webinars live chats e-mails phone calls forums debates news clips videos calendars videos case studies problem solving surveys praise and encouragement (to name a few). Finding a job or beginning a career can be difficult but Dr. Jordan offers the following advice for anyone wishing to be in an administrative and faculty capacity YoumustobtainaPhDorDBAfromanaccrediteduniversity althoughsomecollegeswillacceptanMBAtofacilitate.Manyclasses areofferedoncampus online andhybrid(combination).Studywellanddon tfeelasenseofentitlementtogoodgradesyoudidn t earn.Surroundyourselfwithencouraging positivepeople family friends and orfaculty.Learntoaskquestionstofindoutwhatyou need. Speak the lingo of your profession. Find a mentor. Attend free seminars and conferences to gain knowledge and network to buildconnections.Visittheofficeofcareercounselors.Alignyourselfwithafacultyyouadmire.Publishanarticle.Writeanewsletter on an important matter that affects people with some solutions. And avoid student loans if possible Aside from her desire to be educated Dr. Jordan credits Dr. Prosper Bernard (one of her professors in the DBA program) as one of her greatest professional inspirations. Iwasgoingthroughsuchatoughtimethen divorcedwithlittlemoneyandraisingmychildren.Ihadtoleavethemwithgood neighbors early to get to work. I took a night or Saturday class and brought the children to the library with me to sit and do homework. Itwasdifficult buthisconversationsmademerealizeitwasachallengeIcouldovercomeandnotanimpossiblefeat.Irealizedthat to experience the career I wanted having an education was critical to my internal growth and development. Life is about the journey andnotthedestination.Meaning Iamaliveandshouldsavoreverymoment joyandpainallowmetolearnsomething. 34 Women of Distinction Dr. Jordan has lived and traveled among many nations and taken courses in Homeland Security from the United States Department of Homeland Security and Naval Post Graduate Academy. I mlikeanomad Iliketotravel.ItcreatesawarenesswhenItravelthatcanbeincorporatedintoteaching criticalthinkingoutside thebox.Ifeelthatthisisresponsibleformy littlehumble successandbroadeningmyhorizons.Itakeawaypositivethingsand discardanyofthenegatives usingthemas teachablemoments .Forexample tellingstoriestocompareandcontrastwhatlifeis waslike mythsandfacts.Notgloating butIfeelproudofmyselfasapersonwhotakessensibleriskstolearnaboutlifeinaglobal community. Shehasauthoredandco-authoredarticlesforpeer-reviewedjournalsandiscurrentlyauthoringabook WhenLifeHappens or SecondChances . I have not determined a title as of yet or have a due date but it is in the works. Sheisalsowritingamini GuidetoStudents SuccessinOnlineLearning andhopestogetitontoAmazon. I am genuinely committed to the development of helping all my constituents develop sound judgment of reasoning and decision making for critical thinking to be prepared for the real world in which we live in and encounter challenges. Dr.Jordan scommitmentstemsfromastrongbeliefthateverythingwedoinlifeiscenteredonbusinessinsomeway. We should educate students to be capable citizens in a complex multicultural and diverse society. In short students should havethefoundationtounderstand(Bloom sTaxonomy)andethicallyandeffectivelymakedecisions.These Itrytofosterasgood approaches from individual differences as we embrace diversity cultural awareness similarities and leadership as part of our core competencies. They require continuous improvement to form essential frameworks Finally these enjoyable experiences in a global communityhelpmetransformandtransition hopefullytofacetheglobalworldinwhichwelive. Thebiggestlessonshe slearnedisthat aslongaswearealive lifewillhappen . Youmayfallonyourfaceoronyourback notevenonce butafewtimes.Dustyourselfoff Iknowitiseasiersaidthandone butthinkofthepositionyoufellonandstayingtherehelplessforthenexttwoyears notapleasantposition.Findthestrengthand determination to slowly rise. Reach out to someone you know will have your interest at heart to give you comfort while motivating you to stand tall. Know where that mistake occurred and set in place a method to make better decisions and not repeat the same hurt and pain. Dr.Jordanlovesdoingthethingsshedoesandthelifeshe shadsofar. I am forever grateful each day as I open my eyes and see the skies. I am not afraid but I do not take unnecessary risks to exotic destinations.Iseemyselfasagoodandhumblepersonwho sverydetermined.Idonotliketoaccept no asafinalanswer butwill whenthewritingisonthewall.Ibelieveinahigherforce somethinggotmethroughthosehardtimesotherthanself-reliance.The global community is ever evolving. Change is the only constant in a world of rapid technology with variables to consider in politics economics culture social environment and technology. Shebelievesthatit snotthedegreesorsheepskinonthewallthatdefineher buttheworkshe sdoneinherlife. Of course I m proud of those things. I did my best with the circumstances handed to me but I believe I am a product of my environment. I came into the world to fulfill my purpose-driven life s work helping others particularly women and girls who are always struggling for equality of education or human rights. Maybe I will be fortunate in the future to at least get a few more years to travelandhelpmorepeopleoranorganization.Ibelievethatifyouteachapersonhowtofishtheywillbeself-sustainable. Contact Dr. Tiffany L. Jordan (305)330-4686 tijordan doctor_tiffany Dr_tjordan 35 Women of Distinction O. Virginia Mitchell-Phillips Ph.D. Christian organization with emphasis on national & international reconciliation restoration and renewal in families men women youth mentoring counseling training and extended family homes Founder President - Women of Purpose International Newberg OR 36 Women of Distinction O. Virginia Mitchell-Phillips Ph.D. is the Founder and President of Women of Purpose International. She oversees the national and international leadership and determines the direction and vision of the organization by maintaining the foundational principles of love acceptance inspiration and overall health and welfare of individuals and families. Hercareerasa Bridger startedatayoungage.ShewasinspiredbythelikesofSt.FrancisofAssisi MotherTeresaofCalcutta andDr.MartinLutherKingJr.fortheirdevotiontotheirlife swork. It is my calling and God-given purpose to love and care for people regardless of age ethnicity culture or religion improving the quality of their lives spiritually physically socially and emotionally. Over the years many have come to the ministry received healing and training and have gone out to continue their own ministries that have been given to them. TheyhavebecomeourconnectivesandweremaincloseinthebodyofChrist inunity onetoanother.Icontinuetobeavailableto these connectives to provide training and speaking engagements on a regular basis. Some of these connectives include Glorious Prophetic International Ministries The Heart of the Father Ministries Heart to Heart Connection Ministry for Couples and Pathway toMaturityMen sMinistry.Iwaspreviouslyamemberofavastnumberoforganizations societies butImadeadecisiontodevote my time and experience to the ministry of Women of Purpose International on a consistent basis after our outreach programs expanded. Virginiahasbeencalleda trailblazer becauseofhermanyaccomplishmentsunderdifficultodds.Reachingforwhatseemedto othersasimpossible shebrokedownwallsofracismbybecomingthefirstAfricanAmericantoteachEducation Psychology and Sociology at two universities Sonoma State College (now University) in Rohnert Park CA and George Fox University in Newberg OR. This integrated an all-white community and brought together women men and youth from all ethnicities for the purpose of reconciliation in the Northwest. However her most important accomplishments have been her relationship with Jesus Christ and the love she feels because of Him. He comforted me in my loneliness for a family while living my teen years in a boarding school on my own. I am humbled by this becausewithoutHiscalluponmylife Iwouldhavegivenup andthat ssomethingIbelieveyoushouldneverdo.Letyourchallenges becomeyourstrengths.Speaklifeintoyourselfandothersdaily.Bethankfulforeveryobstacle.Whatyoubelieve youwillconfess andyourconfessionbecomesyourpossession.Walkinlove grace andhumility andbecomeaconqueroroftheimpossible.Don t allowyourselftobeinfluencedbyanotherperson snegativeestimationofwhatyoucanorcannotdo. Shehasalsoauthoredseveralbooksthatarepracticallywrittenfortoday sandtomorrow saudiences. Theyarewrittenfromfaithandawealthofexperience.Inthem thereaderwillfindinspirationandcourageinthese timesofchange astheyaremeanttoaffectchangeandaretoolsforreconciliation restoration andrenewal.Thebooks fallintovariouscategoriesofInspirational Devotional Family HeritageSeries BibleStudySeries AskOfidean(questionsontopics suchasadoption raisingchildren andextendedfamilyculture) andChildren sBooks. 37 Women of Distinction In her free time Virginia writes poetry travels and teaches. She also writes encouraging letters to her family extended family and whoever needs them. I mapersonwho salwaysfollowedthepaththatGodchoseformeandlovedwithoutreservation. Q Why is the organization called Women of Purpose International if men and youth are included A Its purpose is inclusive to reconcile restore and renew families. Q Howdoyouincludeallethnicitiesandcultureswithoutconflict A Wedoitthroughteaching training acceptance andlove livingwhatwebelieve. Q What is the organization designed to do to bring about the mission A Wereconcileandrestorerelationships identifyandimparteachother suniqueandspecificgifts promoteaunifiedvision and strengthen the family. Q How does one become a member A Wechoose belonging notmembership.Anywoman man oryouthcanbelong. Q Howdopeoplefindoutabouttheorganization A Peoplefindoutaboutusthroughwordofmouth conferences ourwebsite newsletters supportservices communityfellowship gatherings newspapers and radio interviews. Q What are some of your outreaches A The House of Reconciliation connective ministries regional prayer summits leadership training and local mentoring support groups are some of our outreaches. Q Doyouhavespecificguidelinesforstartingamentoringgroup A Yes ourfoundationalmanualcanbeorderedfromournationalofficethroughinfo Q Which states are you in A We are in Oregon California Missouri Washington Virginia Florida (most recent) and are in the planning stages of establishing Men of Purpose in Las Vegas NV. Q Where are you located internationally A We are in Kenya Sierra Leone Ghana Tanzania Panama and Guatemala. Q How are you funded A We are funded by donations from individual contributors. Contact O. Virginia Mitchell-Phillips Ph.D. (503)443-2007 (Tuesday Thursday 10 00a.m. 3 00p.m.) info 38 Women of Distinction Catherine Chadwick Entertainment Actor Writer and Producer - Mercury 16 LLC New York NY 39 Women of Distinction Catherine Chadwick is a nurse by profession gone rogue to the world of imagination creation and entertainment. I started my company Mercury 16 LLC about a year ago. Although it s still in the developing stages I have several projects underway. The company does not yet have a dedicated web presence. I presently operate Mercury 16 with exposure through Catherinestartedwritingmonologuesearlyinhercareerwhenshesawsheidentifiedwithsofewofthefemalecharactersinthe ones she was reading in her acting classes. The more plays that I read and the more time I take to observe all of society the more I understand how female roles are written. Herfirstmonologuewas HotUndertheCollar asatireonmenopause.Catherinehassincewrittenseveralshortpieces including WaltzingDowntheLossofMemoryLane (inhonorofhermother whosuffersfromdementia) Fracking TheWaterSpeaks IneptInsurance (anSNL-stylecommercial) and OFFMYROCKER (depictingpossibleperilsofself-absorption). Nothing is achieved independently and some pieces improve with input from others. I believe we are all connected on one level or another and recognize that being a Jill of All Trades does not equate to being a Master of All Trades . I am better now at honoring my knowledge and part of that is the understanding that I need qualified advisors to help me move forward with what I m good at. Catherine sgoalistobeoneofthebestrolemodelsforwomenthatshecanbe. I am following what I am learning from strong women who have traveled ahead of me and those who are traveling with me. I am indebted and grateful. A life of service to yourself and others brings joy all around. But Catherine learned more growing up with her children than anywhere else in her life. 40 Women of Distinction I believe that I provided my children with experiences and opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to them. I had limited assistance from a busy professional spouse and help from grandparents and others on the days that I worked. I had to also withstand the scorn of some of the professional community when I chose to be a mostly stay at home mom. Nonetheless I still believe that being a mother who strives to serve as a nurturer teacher role model and provider of exposure to various experiences andoptionsisoneofthemostdifficultjobsthereis.Ialwaysthoughtthatitwasmyresponsibilitytoexposethechildrentoasmany possibilitiesasIcouldfromasolidhomebase andteachthemtobeasindependentaspossible allthewhilekeepingasenseof humor.Itwassomuchfungrowingupwiththekids.Andit sworked Mysonisinvolvedinenvironmental strategicplanningwork andmydaughterisanoccupationaltherapist bothfindingjoyandmeaningintheirendeavors. Sheispresentlyconductinganinformalstudyofwomenandhowthey vehavebeentrainedtointeractwithinsocietyandtowards one another. A person grows and develops with so many influences that sometimes it appears as though there is little room for individual discovery of passion and strengths. People seem to be drawn toward corners that are most comfortable for them where they can continue to do what they know. It is my belief that if other territories and possibilities are not explored along with all the fascinating people within those places then little will change within those lives. I m crossing many of society s invisible lines most times welcomedandothertimesmetwithsuspicionordisapproval butIhaven tmelted.Ibelievethatwomenarethebestresourcewe have for improving our lives and that we need to get better at being a cohesive group with some tolerance for our differences. Even thoughnoteveryoneknowshowtobekindorrespectful apositiverolemodelcanbenefitall.I vealwaysbelievedthatwhatyou tolerate is what you teach. Catherine admits that making changes later in life can be bittersweet. Noteveryoneisasexcitedaboutyourdiscoveriesandaccomplishmentsasyouare givingcredencetotheargumentoffinding andfollowingyourpassionassoonasitisevidenttoyou.Ifyoudon tdefineyourself otherswilldothatforyou.Aclosefriendonce saidtome Notallflowersbloominthespring .Ifyoufindyourpurposelaterinlife itshouldnotbedisregarded.Inmycase Iwas unable to ignore it. I believe that the negation of following curiosity passion and calling causes much of the discontent and illness suffered by many. It seems to me that too many people are caught up in societal expectations and in the happenstance of helping someone else live their chosen life leading to the question of what happened to yours. Learn more about Catherine Chadwick at Contact Catherine Chadwick (212)760-4803 catherine 41 Women of Distinction Eileen Mille Lee Baldwin Eileen Mille Baking Owner&Chef Eloise sPastries Warrentown VA (540)764-0113 Baking http Owner&Chef Eloise sPastries bakers eloise Warrentown VA mb Lee Baldwin 42 Women of Distinction Owningabakeryisn tjustaboutmakingaprofit it sabout creating memories through the beautiful and delicious workings of Eileen Mille Lee Baldwin and her fabulous team of bakers andpastryartistsatEloise sPastriesinWarrenton Virginia. Everycake cookie muffin andloafofbreadismadewithonly the best freshest ingredients and taste-tested for excellence to give customers a special gift made with love. Mille began her baking career at the age of eight. Her grandmother shousewaswhereshefirstcreatedanelaborate three-dimensionalcakeandshehasn tstoppedsince.Early on Milleownedachildren spartyplanningbusinessandbaked theme cakes and cupcakes. She lived overseas for a time and worked as a baker honing her skills while learning about many different desserts from all over the world. AsownerandmasterbakerofEloise sPastriessince2010 Mille teaches and empowers her team to do their best job every time.Everypieceofdeliciousnessreceivesfinalapprovalby her which is held to very high standards from taste to aesthetic appeal. She and her team stay true to their motto Real Service Real Ingredients Really Fabulous. Thepathtoopeningabakeryhasnotcomeeasy.Mille s a cancer survivor and full-time caregiver for her daughter who has a debilitating neurological disorder due to cancer. Although in full remission now the effects are permanent. Mille understands how precious life can be and works to bring happiness to others through her bakery. She never gets tired ofmakingsomeone sdaywithasmileandacookie. Although the needs of her daughter the bakery and the management of a home take up most of her time Mille unwinds by playing with her dogs reading or just relaxing in a quiet environment. She donates to many organizations such as The Fauquier Family Shelter Habitat for Humanity and for Wounded Warrior events. She is a member of the Bliss Connection anelitegroupofweddingprofessionals Women s Wedding Network and Retail Bakers of America. She also a member of National Association of Professional Women InternationalWomen sLeadershipAssociation andColonia Dames. Mille resides in Warrenton and has three beautiful daughters. Her eldest lives in Singapore and travels the world for work her middle daughter is semi-retired as a known artist in the DCareawhohasrecentlycometoworkinmom sbakery applying her painting to cakes instead of show scenery and her youngest enjoys writing and playing the piano as much as herbodywillallow.Throughoutlife sstruggles Millecontinues to bring sunshine to her family and others by way of her delectable creations. I know without a doubt that I am doing what I am meant to do Mille admits. I believe our customers see the dedication and effort that comes through in our fabulous creations because I see it in the smiles on their faces. 43 Women of Distinction Q Are your products only available locally A No. We ship all over the US. In the summer we ship next day air. Many customers have standing monthly orders and we also have regular customer corporate accounts. Q WhatmakesEloise sPastriesdifferentfromalltheother bakeries A Everythinginthebakeryisfirstmadewithlove thenfresh allnaturalingredients.IusethebestingredientsIcanfind with60%beingorganic.Betterthangrandmausedtomake Q Where do you get your recipes A They are handed down hence the heirloom bakery part of our name and are also of our own creation. Q What qualities do you look for when building your team A Iusuallydon thirefromwithintheindustry.Icanteach theskillsneeded butIcan tteachcreativethinking.Ibelieve in empowering my team. As natural strengths emerge I rearrange and by creating a team that I can rely on they work confidently. Q Do you bake gluten-free dairy-free or vegan A Yes We bake fabulous gluten-free vegan gluten-free vegan all-organic and diabetic friendly. Q What type of experience do you want your customers to have A My desire is for my customers to feel respected. I want them to walk away feeling special listened to treated courteously and professionally and that their purchase of a cookie was treated as importantly as the person ordering a wedding cake. I want to make a connection. Q Do you ever make anything for pets A By request for dogs and horses. Living with three dogs needing specialized diets for various reasons I created Dog Nibbles. All ingredients are human grade gluten-free all natural and preservative free. We also make horse biscuits which many of our clients enjoy eating as well Q What are you planning to do next A I had cancer last year so we went into survival mode with little emphasis on business growth. This year we are in growth mode pushingforproductplacementinspecificareastores and working on products that we anticipate selling nationally. Inthemeantime rememberEloise sPastrieswillshipfromour door to yours Q Why are wedding cakes so expensive A The quality and quantity of the ingredients used time for preparation electricity assembly stacking and decorating all contributetothecost.Anaverageweddingcakeserves130 peopleandaverages conservatively 100pounds. Q What advice would you give someone wanting to open their own bakery A It takes money to make money. Invest in the right tools equipment ingredients and people. You need a willingness to put in the hours needed and I recommend really comfortable shoes. Contact Eileen Millie Lee Baldwin (540)764-0113 http bakers eloise mb 44 Women of Distinction Karen L. Kline Veterinary Healthcare Staff Veterinarian Medical Director and Veterinary Neurologist at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle Lynnwood WA DVM MS DACVIM (Neurology) Karen L. Kline graduated from the The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and then went on to complete a small animal rotating internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. From there she went on to complete a neurology residency at the Animal Medical Center in 1993 and became a Board Certified Veterinary Neurologist in1994. Today her role at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle is two-fold. She is one of two staff neurologists and practices both medical and surgical veterinary neurology. In my role I oversee patient care and quality assurance as well as hospital morale. Karen smostimportantprofessionalinspirationshavebeenDr. Bill Fenner and Dr. Sally Haddock. Our practice is quite busy and it is pretty much a 12 hour day sometimes with client callbacks seeing appointments performing neurosurgery and teaching our interns. She is also the medical director at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle. My mentor Dr. Bill Fenner was also a veterinary neurologist and was my inspiration for becoming a neurologist. The second is a friend of mine who I worked with in New York City. She started and owns her own veterinary practice and has been a strong presence in my life. For anyone starting out in this industry Karen insists that you shouldknowwhatyou regettingyourselfinto. Being a veterinary specialist requires hard work a positive attitude and persistence. You must also remember that in order to succeed you must have an open mind and have good people skills. 45 Women of Distinction Q Whydoyoufeelthatyourbusinessisrelevantintoday swo rld A Our society is becoming more and more involved in having pets as an intricate part of their lives and families. As specialists we work to enrich the lives of our patients and their caregivers. Q As a Medical Director at a large specialty referral hospital what is the most challenging part of your job A The most challenging part of my job is managing multiple individuals of different specialties as well as dealing with hospital medical issues and assuring excellent service and patient care inacollegialenvironment.Ourclients animalsoftentimeshave very severe diseases that may or may not have a good outcome and it is our job to make sure that we answer their questions and be there for them in their time of need. Q As a Medical Director at a large specialty referral hospital what is the most rewarding part of your job A There are many perks to this job but it is also challenging. One is my clinical practice in which I can help my patients recover from serious neurologic illnesses and make paralyzed animals walk again. The second is the intellectual perks of being able to work with other specialists. The third is the ability to teach our interns who need mentorship and coaching. Q Howdoyoufindwaystogetyourstaffengaged A There are many ways to get your staff engaged. One is to empower them to better themselves and to educate them. The second is to promote ownership in their positions and to have them own their decisions and make constructive recommendations. The third is accountability and to hold everyone accountable for each other. Q What do you think is the future of veterinary education A We need to be very cognizant of the oversupply of veterinarians not only in the U.S. but worldwide. And we need to make sure that student debt is minimized so doctors of veterinary medicine do not need to get a second job to support themselves. Q What do you do on your days off A LivinginthePacificNorthwest therearemultipleopportunities for outdoor adventures as well as urban adventures. One thing I like to do is to go downtown to the Pike Place Market and peruse the vendors and their wares. My husband and I also like to go hiking and visit out of the way towns that are nestled in the Cascades as well as taking a trip to Victoria BC each year. Q What do you think of the income disparity between men and women and what can we do about it A This issue is not going to change overnight and the glass ceiling for women needs to be opened. Over time we will see that the boundaries between the genders will eventually become blurred and that people will be paid for actions and strengths that supersede their gender. Q In a service industry such as yours what are your utmost goals and values A My main goals are three-fold. One is excellent medical and surgical care for our patients. The second is excellent customer service bar none. The third is education of our medical team and staff to allow them to empower themselves and feel like they have a stake in our hospital. Q Howdoyoudealwithconflictandnotletitovertakeyou A Thatisadifficultquestion butonethatisveryimportantto answer. One needs to look at all sides of the story and try to come up with a resolution that is equitable. Second there needs to mutual respect between all parties involved. Third a bit of humor never hurts the situation. Q How do you develop a work life balance that is acceptable to your family A The key to finding a work life balance that works for you is to try and not compare yourself to everyone else as this never works. The other key is to have a partner and family who recognize that you are passionate about what you do and are there to support you. On the other hand recognizing them and theirsacrificeisveryimportantaswell. Contact Karen L. Kline DVM MS DACVIM (Neurology) (425)697-6106 karen.kline klinester 46 Women of Distinction Ginger G. Reed IT IS Business Intelligence Administration and Data Warehouse Development EDW Architect BI Admin at Clayton Homes a Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary and Activist at State of Tennessee Legislature Maryville TN Asateenagerin1996 GingerG.Reeddreamedofearningan engineering degree but circumstances derailed that intention shortly after high school. Since I had to work full-time while attending college I chose accounting from a limited list of degrees offered at night school. I felt this area of study would complement my strong desire to remain in the technology industry since my work experience to date consisted of computer input and operations. Upon graduating with a Master of Accountancy a standard professional developmentrecommendationfortheaccountingfieldistowork ashortperiodinpublicaccounting soIbeganmyprofessional career at Coulter and Justus P.C. auditing information systems andadministeringa50 nodenetworkandmultipleapplications forthetaxandauditfocusedfirm. Today Ginger develops and deploys enterprise data warehouse solutions for a multi-billion dollar manufacturing organization. The enterprise data warehouse solution provides resource relief to business application transactional systems. Relief comes as increased bandwidth to business team members to process anincreasingvolumeoffinancialtransactions whiledelivering highly available historical information for business decisionmaking and analysis through the use of business intelligence tools. However that s only her real job . Ginger works for a greater purpose in her free time. I pursue justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in form of legislative change. I believe one person can make a difference because that belief is the motivation for trying to balance the justice scales for survivors of child abuse. 47 Women of Distinction Ginger goes into more detail about this in the following Q&A Q WhatisthepurposeofGettheLidOff sonlinesocialmedia presence A Social media plays a huge part in proliferation of educational and inspirational information (blog links for example) that supports overturning current laws that lean in favor of a perpetrator (child rapist). Get the Lid Off not only provides an update status for my efforts in TN but also includes links to international crisis hotlines for victims in transition or contemplating escape as well as a link for healing guides and workbooks. There are SOL links that combine status of efforts in all 50 United States of America linktomypetitionatCare2Petitions bloglinks(mine and others) and other helpful resources. Q What is a statute of limitations A A statute of limitations is the amount of time an injured person has to bring a lawsuit from the time of injury or other grounds. Statutes of limitations vary from state to state and from lawsuit to lawsuit. Q What is the civil statute of limitation in the State of Tennessee for child abuse victims A One year after turning 18 years of age and is comparable to a tort. Child abuse is more than a tort. The effects of this type of abuse last a lifetime. A survivor at 18 is in no position to be required to decide what if any action needs or wants to be pursued. Q Are other states making changes to the Statute of Limitations for out of balance limitations within which charge perpetrators A Yes I would like to see ALL states follow Delaware and Minnesota sexamplesandprovideforNOstatuteoflimitations for these crimes against children. Both states have unlimited civil and criminal statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse. In Tennessee Bill SB0373 is awaiting signature from Governor Bill Haslem to extend the criminal statute of limitations to25yearsfromage18afterhavingpassedintheTennessee HouseunanimouslyonApril13 2015.Myactiontoremovethe civil statute of limitations in Tennessee would align the civil and criminal timelines for survivors in my home state. Q What is the importance of legislative change to statute of limitations for a victim A Eliminating statute of limitations for child abuse survivors would allow victims to seek closure from the trauma that has shaped their entire life. Victims suffer the remainder of their lives with the scars of child sexual abuse. I believe those who harm a child this way should be held responsible for the same length of time. Q What is being done in addition to visits to the state capital to educate and inspire change for justice for these crimes A Radio broadcasts sorority row speeches online media distribution of petition and other educational material including self-help guides and crisis links on my website www.gettheLIDoff. com. All kinds of social media are used to spread the word as well Twitter Facebook Instagram and Tumblr (just to name a few). Q What do you see as the next step after changes occur in my home state A I envision approaching the federal legislature for law changes at a national level so as to encourage other states to eliminate theirstatuteoflimitationsrelatedtothesehorrificactsofviolence against children. Q What is one of the most memorable questions I ve been asked on my healing journey I was asked if I slept with my clothes and shoes on after the physical part of years of abuse ended. A I replied Not anymore . Q What can any individual do to help A SIGN my petition SPEAK OUT (literally and online) and support victims and survivors who are struggling to stand on their own to address this international pandemic. Support causes to stop child abuse in all forms such as child brides genitalmutilation humantrafficking andpedophiliaworldwide. Q Are you a victim A No I am a survivor. Contact Ginger G. Reed http wobzdEsTAC Twitter thangel77 ginger 48 Women of Distinction Kitty E. Little Animal Care Service PresidentandChiefExecutiveOfficer DanK Pet Sitting and More Inc. Gilroy CA Kitty E. Little and her partner (Doug) started DanK Pet Sitting and More Inc. in 2011 after caring for friends and neighbors pets when Doug became unemployed. We were encouraged to start our pet sitting business and offer pet sitting services to our small growing community in the South Valley of Santa Clara CA. We have been passionate owners of varioustypesofpetsfromcatstoreptilesandcan timaginea home without some type of pet. Pets bring joy into every home and the companionship they offer is priceless. We have two dogs two cats and two birds. Every pet needs a buddy so they will never get lonely. When Kitty and Doug established the business they already kneweachother sareasofexpertise. Doug has been in Sales for many years and we leverage that skill competency in obtaining new clients and working closely with them throughout the engagement. And my background is in Operations. We leverage that skill competency in the business planning risk management and budget management areas of the business. Kitty is the President and CEO of the company and Doug is the ChiefOperationsOfficer.Together theystriveforthehighest level of service and professionalism. Our emphasis is providing the kind of in-home care that the pet owners would provide if they were there. We strive to enhance the animal s enjoyment minimize stress maintain confidence and eliminate feelings of confusion or disorientation that may occur when pets are boarded. That said we review what went right on pet sits what areas we could improve on and any feedback from our clients. 49 Women of Distinction What s kept Kitty and Doug in this career for so long is the opportunity to meet new people and build long standing relationships. It has enriched their lives in so many ways. We have the opportunity to meet and care for a variety of pets including dogs cats snakes birds rabbits hamsters horses donkeys pigs chickens goats etc. Doug and I would never have been exposed to some of these wonderful animals without this business. We learn something new every day and it is a careerwherepeoplesay Youaresoluckythatyougettocare for pets and do what you love to do. We truly love learning about various cat and dog breeds and how the siblings from the same litter can be so different in personality temperament and agility. Kitty sadvicetosomeonestartingoutinthepetsittingindustry is to not rush into it. Do your research and set up your company in a way where you can build long-standing clientele. The business requires 24 7 dedication and attention and you need to build in some time off to prevent burnout. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. The Gilroy Chamber of Commerce has contributed to our company s success. Organization and anticipation are also very crucial in this business. Therejustisn tenoughtimeinthedayforeverything.Ittakes being super organized and preparing for unplanned situations. For example you need to buffer your trips to each pet sit to accountfortrafficdelays sotimemanagementskillsarecritical in this business. And when starting out the best advice I can give is build out your business plan and set realistic goals right at the onset. Continue to refer to your business plan and goals throughout the year. This will help as a checkpoint to see if you needtomakeanycoursecorrectionsandmakemodifications that can enhance the service to your clients. Maintain regular communicationwithyourclientswhenthey reaway.Iftheclient is expected to return on a certain day communicate with them toensurethey reontheirwayhome orathome.Sinceitisa 24 7business wedonotrestassureduntilweknowaclientis home when they said they were going to be. A new pet sitter must also realize that this is an emotional business. There are times when you might be caring for geriatric pets that are unable to walk see or hear. And you will never get used to it when someone calls to tell you that their wonderful pet has passed away. You become emotionally attached to all of them. Kitty s greatest professional inspiration is in knowing that she andDoughavemadetheircustomershappyandtheconfidence that they will care for their pet just as they would. I am also inspired by the pet sitters who have been in the business for over 25 years and blazed the trail for all pet sitters. Recently Kittywasrecognizedasthe2014VIPWomanofthe Year by the National Association of Professional Women. She wants to leave a legacy and be known as someone with high integrity and strong work ethics (which she inherited from hermotherandfather) avaluedandtrustedfriend confidante mentor coach and someone who likes to have harmony in life. Contact Kitty E. Little (408)499-1648 kitty kitster99 50 Women of Distinction Martina Nardo Cake Design Cake Designer Owner Sugar Sketch Manhattan NY 51 Women of Distinction Following in the footsteps of her grandmother Martina Nardo was born and raised in Italy. Food was a very important part of herupbringing.Hergrandmotherwouldcookandbakeallthetimeforfamilyandguests itwasatrueartformforher.She dlet MartinaspendtimewithherinthekitchenwhereshelearnedtoappreciatethesimplicityofItaliancuisineanditsmanyflavors. Eventually Martinabegantoapplyherownimaginationandcreativitytowardvariousformsofart.Butitwasn tuntilshemoved totheUnitedStatesthatshetookalikingforcakedecorating.Itwas2004andItalywasstillverybehindinthecakedecorating industry.Shedidn tknowwhatbuttercreamwasorhowfondantwasused.Still Martinafounditveryfascinating herplanwasto incorporate cake decorating in into her life as just a hobby. Back then my plan for the future was to become a psychologist Martina said who is now the owner and cake designer of her own bakery Sugar Sketch in Manhattan New York. I graduated from the New School with my BA in Psychology a semester in advanceandIwasn tscheduledtobeginmymaster sprogramuntilthefall.WhenmymotheraskedmeiftherewasanythingI wanted to do during that semester I told her I wanted to go to culinary school. That was my graduation present. While in school Martina decided to take a few internships to learn more about the food industry. She had the opportunity to work in several settings learning all about life in the kitchen. She loved the long hours and the close contact with food. She also loved knowingthatshewaspartofaworldthatlovedandappreciatedfoodasmuchasshedid.Shedidn tknowwhatshewantedtodo exactly butsheknewforsureitwouldinvolvebaking.Then oneday Martinatookaninternshipinacakeshop.That showitall began. Martina landed a position as a pastry cook and two years later she started her own business. SugarSketchisstillayoungbusiness soyou lloftenfindMartinadoingmostofthecakedesigns baking decorating and delivery. The past two years in business for herself have been overwhelming risky exciting exhausting and never boring. However despitetheconstantchallenges itis withoutadoubt thebestchoiceshehasevermade.She slearnedtobepatient and persistent and she has stayed on course growing day after day. I have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but the lessons that this process has taught me are priceless Martina said happily. Ihavelovedeveryminuteofmycakejourney andIamlookingforwardtothefuture.Thisisatoughcareerandit snot necessarilytheglamourouscareereveryonemakesitouttobe it stiringandcompetitivebutit sworthit.Beingabletocreateart throughpastryandseeingthehappyfacesofmyclientswhentheyseetheircakesisoneofthemostamazingfeelingsI veever experienced. Fornow Martinaiskeepingherfull-timejobsinceSugarSketchisstillrelativelysmall.WorkingatPip sPlaceinNewYorkCityas headcakedesigner theyrecentlyfinalizedapartnershipofferinggluten-freeweddingandbirthdaycakes.Martinahasworkedin manyrestaurantsandcateringcompaniesovertheyears butshefeelsrightathomeatPip s. Q Doyouhaveanyadviceonhowyoudecidewhetherornotthisindustryisagoodfitforstudentsthatareinterestedincake decorating baking A ThisstartedasahobbyandendedupbeingacareerthatI mheadoverheelsinlovewith.WhatIwouldsuggestistakingsom eclasseswhilefinishingschooland orapplyforaninternshipinabakeryorcakeshoptogetafeelofwhatlifeislikeinthe kitchen. Q What would you have done differently and are you happy with the decision you made A Lookingbacknow IwishI dtakenthebusinessmanagementcourseaswellasthecaketechniquesanddesignsprogram. Most schools offer a combined program. Back then I declined thinking I was only interested in learning about cakes and pastry. However nowthatIamrunningabusiness Iregretthatimmensely.Businessmanagementisvital Ihavegonethroughmany sleepless nights trying to catch up with what I could have easily learned in school. Q It sincrediblyoverwhelmingtothinkofabusiness.Howdidyougettowhereyouaretoday Wereyouafraid A Iwasabsolutelyterrified.Fearoffailureispartofthedealwhenyoutakesuchabigfinancialrisk.However youshouldn t thinkofthisasahugejump.Inreality youaretakingbabysteps.Youwillseethatbyfocusingonwhat srightinfrontofyouas opposedtofocusingonthebig finaldream youcanslowlymoveforwardandthenonedayyouwillsee orstarttosee abigger picture.Don tgetdiscouraged itisahighmountain butitisn timpossibletoclimb. Q Do you feel cake school was absolutely necessary to help you with what you do today A I believe it helped me a lot in various ways. Some basic skills I learned in school were important to professionally handle myselfinanindustrialkitchen butIalsobelievethatIreallylearnedthejobonthejob.However thatappliestoanyschool college forexample doesn tfullyprepareyouforwhatreallifeislike butitgivesyousomebasicskillsthatwillhelpyouonceyou are out. Q Wereverycautiousatfirst A I was very cautious and I still am However I am learning more and more as my business grows and I feel I am getting a little better at avoiding the bad deals than I was before. It is a work in progress though. You grow with your business and you learn from your mistakes. Contact Martina Nardo (646)420-2161 martinanardo 53 Women of Distinction Paula Vail Health and Wellness Reiki Treatments and Training Alternative Healing Modalities as well as aiding in Self-Empowerment and Divine Awakening Online Talk Radio Host Reiki Master Teacher Host of For the Love of Reiki (Live Internet Talk Radio Show on Voice America) Inspirational Speaker Owner and Operator of Wellness Inspired Tacoma WA (253)732-2550 paula 54 Women of Distinction PaulaVailhasbeenapractitionerofReikisince2007andistheOwnerandOperatorofWellnessInspired.Shealsohostsherown worldwideliveinternetradioshow FortheLoveofReiki onVoiceAmericaandoffersReikitreatmentsandclassestoclients. In this Q&A session Paula discusses everything Q HowhasReikiinfluencedyourlifespecifically A Reiki has given me joy enlightenment and self-empowerment. Physically I have gone through three neck surgeries due to a car accident. I am now pain-free. In years past I have known extreme pain. The ability to activate my Reiki and give myself Reiki is what got me through those traumas. Having Reiki in my life assisted me in getting right off pain pills and sped up my post-surgery recovery.Emotionally Reikihasliftedmetoahighervibrationfilledwithpositiveenergy love andenlightenment.Ithaschanged howIseeandrespondtotheworldandgivenmepeaceandself-love.Reikihasinfluencedmyfamily friends andpetsinthatI have the gift of Reiki to offer them. All of my pets are rescues and seeing the beautiful effect that Reiki has for them physically and emotionally is remarkable. Q HowdifficultisittolearnReiki A Anyone can learn Reiki. The teacher shares the principles and information with the student. The student is then given an attunement (originally called an initiation). This attunement opens the door (so to speak) to this beautiful energy. In my opinion learning Reiki is life changing. Q How is it possible that once someone is attuned to Reiki that they have it forever even if they do not use it A Once that beautiful door is opened it will remain open forever. It then is up to the student how much they will use this new found energy source. I believe the more we activate and use our Reiki the stronger that beautiful connection becomes. They may even wait years until they choose to give Reiki their full attention but it will be there with them. Q Whatdoyouwishtoaccomplishwithyour FortheLoveofReiki VoiceAmericashow A My aspirations for the show are that love caring and enlightenment be spread to our listeners worldwide. With the valuable information given in every show I hope that this will not only have the effect of more people receiving and learning Reiki but that an overall awakening comes to all listeners. I wish not only to share information about Reiki but also many other aspects of healing health and self-empowerment similar to being gardeners that plant seeds of light that will always grow bringing a heightened vibration of love and positive energy to the entire planet. You can listen to the show at http 55 Women of Distinction Q What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you began this career path A Ihavelearnedtosurrenderandtrust toletgoofself-doubtandfear.Insayingthat itdoesn tmeanthatIdon tcontinueto have goals continue to research and learn. It means that I trust and allow source to assist me in manifesting new opportunities & possibilities in my life. I have created three steps for myself that I live by. (1)Feelgratitude Eachoneofuscanliveinloveandcompassion ifwechoosetoo.Focusonwhat spositiveandfeelgratefulfor it. Positive energies attract more positive energies. (2)Acknowledgethenegativeinyourlife addressitwithloveandcompassion andthenletitgoandmoveon.Iwillnotallowthe walls of doubt fear and lack of self-love to contain me. I will rise above walls of hurt and pain. (3)Iwillfocusonliftingmyselfupoverthesewalls notintearingthemdown.Allowjoyandpeacetoliveinmyheart.Allowdivine sourcetoflowstrongthroughme.Letthelovinglightoftheuniversecreateandbringself-empowerment awareness andawakening. Q What else can Reiki be used for besides healing And what other healing methods is Reiki compatible with A Reikiaidsusinsomanyways.Physically inwayssuchaspainrelief boostingourimmunesystem acceleratingthebody s own healing abilities increasing energy levels assisting the body in clearing toxins and reducing blood pressure. And emotionally Reikibringsdeeprelaxation relievesstressandanxiety andbuildsself-esteemandconfidence.Itaidsusinself-loveandselfempowerment.Itaidsustohealfromtraumaandloss.ItisalmostbeyondwordshowextensiveReikiisasabenefittous. So many healing modalities are a complement to a Reiki practice. Examples include sound vibration healing crystals theta healing shamanism essential healing oils meditation and massage. Reiki is also used in combination with many medical practices such as chiropractic cancer treatment and nutrition. Q How can someone take classes with you A IofferclassesatmybusinessofficeinTacoma WA.Ialsoofferout-of-stateandcountryclassesinareaslikeMaui HI Sedona AZ andCabo Mexico.IcurrentlyhaveaReikiretreatscheduledinMaui HIinJune2015( If there is interest in a particular area I am willing to schedule a workshop there. Contact Paula Vail (253)732-2550 paula 56 Women of Distinction Paula hosts a weekly show on on the health & Wellness Channel called For the love of Reika . A live show every Wednesday at 11 00am Pacific time. Paula is also a Reiki master Teacher and inspirational speaker. VoiceAmerica Is The Online Leader in Original Live Talk Radio We reapioneerinoriginalWeb-basedtalkradioprogramming. Infact wepracticallyinventedit backinthe1990s.Butwe renotrestingonourlaurels.VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network is the single largest producer distributor and online broadcaster of original live and on demand talk radio programming in the world. As a leading independent digital entertainment media company for more than a decade we currently reach a rapidly expanding domestic and internationalaudienceofmillionsoflistenerseverymonthinmorethan60countriesworldwide.We featuremorethan300hoststalkingaboutavarietyoftopics--fromsportsandfinancetohealth hobbies pop culture business and well you name it. Our Hosts Connect to a Global Audience with Impactful and Relevant Content VoiceAmerica hosts style their unique message through weekly one hour live conversations on what shappeningnowandwhat snextonthescene.Ourshowsfeaturepopularleadingvoicesin avarietyoffields recognizedbusinessexperts bestsellingauthors socialchange-makers trend influencers andinnovativevisionaries. For our listeners We strive to inform shape and change the way you live offering content that inspires entertains andenlightens.It snotenoughforustoprovideprogramming--it sgottobethestuffofwater-cooler conversationanddinnerdiscussions.Andit sgottomakeanimpactonyou.That sourgoal. 57 Women of Distinction Rosemarie Forsberg Funeral Services Monument and Casket Sales Owner Funeral Director Celebrant Aftercare Coordinator Heritage Funeral Home Tisdale Funeral home Lasting Legacy Granite and Southwest Caskets Saskatchewan Can 58 Women of Distinction Introduced to the funeral profession by the man she married Rosemarie Forsberg spent 11 previous years as a registered cytotechnologist and eight years as the owner and photographer of The Portrait Shop before being grandfathered into the business. Thirty years strong Rosemarie is a licensed funeral director for Heritage and Tisdale Funeral Homes is the owner of Lasting Legacy Granite and Southwest Caskets and is a celebrant aftercare coordinator and facilitator of the Seeds of Recovery aftercare program all located in Saskatchewan Canada. I feel honored to help those in their time of need Rosemarie said. Being in the caregiving profession is rewarding although it s not for everyone. To be there for families to guide and walk alongside them to be trusted to provide them with their wants and needs is very fulfilling. Arranging and directing funerals serving the community as a celebrant running grief support groups and providing aftercare to familiesandcommunitymembersareallinaday sworkforRosemarie nottomentionhandlingthefinancesandoverseeingthe general workings of her businesses. Often working long hours with an unpredictable schedule Rosemarie earns a good living but never got into the business for the money she did so as a way to assist others during the darkest times in their lives. Recovering from two bouts of cancer and divorce Rosemarie has persevered and has never given up. She still works hard but shealsotakestimeforherself. You renogoodtoothersifyouaren ttakingcareofyourself shesays.Andalthoughfuneral directorsaretypicallyperceivedasstrongenoughtohandlealmostanything thiscouldn tbefartherfromthetruth.Rosemarie has weak moments too. Rosemarie sSeedsofRecoveryprogramthatshecreatedforherfuneralhomesincludeanumberofdifferentsupportprograms for bereaved families. She also does presentations for hospice groups churches and schools focusing on helping people with grief and other topics of bereavement. A weekly church goer who loves to read garden travel bake meditate and still loves photography Rosemarie is a member of the Lions Club Saskatchewan Board of Funeral Homes Funeral & Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan The Funeral Service Association of Canada National Funeral Directors Association and Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Association. She is also on the funeral services advisory committee for the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute. I truly enjoy life and am grateful for what I have the mother of two wonderful kids said. When times get tough I hope my children remember the many words of encouragement I gave them. 59 Women of Distinction Q How do you explain death to a child A Iexplainwhatthey llseewhenenteringthechapelandthattheheartkeepsourbodieswarm likeafurnace.Whentheheart stopseverythingstops.I dsay95%ofthetimechildrenwilllookandtouch.Thisexplanationhelpsparentsandchildrenbecome more comfortable. Q Should children attend funerals A I encourage families to bring their children especially when it is a close family member. Many of my aftercare sessions are withpeoplewhodidn tattendtheirparentsorsiblingsfuneralswhentheywereyoung.Thesepeoplehavealwayswonderedwhat happened and there is an ongoing fear of the unknown. Often their grieving process is prolonged. Q What is a Celebration of Life A It sacelebrationofsomeone slegacy acommemoration andatimeforclosure.Itmayberequestedinaprearrangementor it may be chosen by family or friends. Q Is it important to preplan your funeral A Whensomeonediesandarrangementshaven tbeenmadeitcanbedifficulttodecidewhatthisindividualwantedattheend of their life. I encourage everyone to make arrangements. Q What are some views people have of funeral homes and what methods can change them A We invite the public to come in and we host different events. We recently held a pumpkin festival and families brought their children in costumes played games took photos and pumpkins and cookies were given out. We hold luncheons meetings a local church organization uses our chapel on Sunday afternoons and we have plans for starting yoga classes. Q Does avoiding a funeral service or celebration of life ease the pain A Whenadeathoccurs shockanddenialarethefirstofmanyemotions buttogetthroughyourgriefyouneedtofaceit. Having a service is part of the healing process and closure. Q What is a bereavement support group and should everyone attend them Support groups are for people struggling with the death of a loved one who are seeking help and wanting tools to help them cope. Being in a group makes them realize they are not alone. Q The Talk of a Lifetime campaign what is it A FuneraldirectorsthroughoutCanadaandtheUSareprompting TheTalk .Inourfastpacedsociety we velostthetimeto sharestories.Talkingtogetherwithfamilyandfriendsandgettingtoknoweachother sstorieswillhelpwhenthetimecomesto memorialize so memories live on. Q Is grieving for a pet loss the same as grief for a person A Yes. A pet is part of the family. Recently my dog Cricket died. She came with me to work every day. She is greatly missed by myself thestaff andeventhefamilieswe veserved. Q As a funeral director how do you view our present society A Inourfastpacedworldwithallthetechnologyandsocialmedia we velostourpersonalcommunication.Whenadeath occurs people are lost. So many times there is no funeral no time for healing. At the time of a death we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. Contact 60 Rosemarie Forsberg (308)862-3979 (308)873-4077 http info rose.forsberg Shameika Amin 61 Public Relations Founder President Let sMoveForwardCommunity Development Corporation (LMF CDC) North Las Vegas NV Women of Distinction There is no better achievement in life than knowing that she can touch the lives of the youth and witness their progress in life. Shameika Amin has always had a love for helping others. Beginninghercareerasamedicalassistantin1999and laterobtaininghernursingdegreein2008 Shameikaworked with intensive care children in home health for a while before making the decision to follow her heart and get involved with unwed and pregnant young teenagers. I wanted to show them that although they had unfortunate circumstances happen in their lives that they could use their experiences as a stepping stone to pursue their dreams Shamieka said. I too had once been in their shoes and they are more eager to listen when they feel we understand them. Shameika spassiontoworkwithteensresultedinthe formationofLet sMoveForwardCommunityDevelopment Corporation (LMF CDC) located in North Las Vegas Nevada. Itisanon-profitorganizationthatpromotesfamilywellness and preservation for families and foster families. Equipping them with the necessary tools to improve the family unit the goal of the organization is to keep the family unit together until all siblings can live under one roof or return to their primary residences with a left and right hand approach called Prevention and Preservation. Programs include Parent Youth andTeensSupportGroups BehavioralModification (throughlifestylechangesandchoices) FamilyPreservation andPrevention FamilyAdvocacyandIntervention Clinical Services IndividualMentoringServices ParentEducation Workshops ParentSupportGroups YouthandTeens SupportGroups FamilyEducationEnhancementWorkshops WorkforceDevelopment andYoungParentsAcademy. As founder and president Shameika is responsible for the overall direction and strategic management planning and operation ensuring strict adherence to policies and procedures setforthbyMedicaidMSM400 andallotherpertinent directivespertainingtothebehavioralhealthfield.Shealso creates business plans and growth strategies highlighting growth potential while minimizing attrition rate. Using a handson approach Shameika helps the organization function at its highest capacity. Coming from a long line of strong women who encouraged and supported her and helped her stay focused on becoming a better person friend and wife Shameika said lastly Everyone with a vision should stay focused on their goals. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams. 62 Women of Distinction Q Whatwasthebiggestreasonforformingyournon-profit organization A One of the reasons for starting LMF was because not everyone has this type of support and sometimes we just need someone to depend on. My organization wants to be that someone. Q Did you have any mentors or people who inspired you to take on this challenge A Yes My greatest inspiration would have to be my son and my husband. My husband is the one who pushes me to always strive for greatness and keeps me motivated to help others. Without my son I would have never known how to love someone more than I love myself. He is and will always be one of my greatest accomplishments. Q Can you give any advice for those looking to get into the non-profitsector A Stay humble. This is a fast growing competitive industry yetrewarding.Don ttakeshortcuts bedeliberateinyour approachtobusiness anddon tcompromiseyourethics. Q Areyouaffiliatedwithanyorganizationsthathelpyoubea moreefficientleader A I am an active member with National Association of Professional Women and Vegas Young Professionals and I am also on the Board for Advocacy for Community Legislature. Q WhatareLMF shoursofoperation A WeareopenMonday-Fridayfrom9amto5pm.Weare closed on Saturday and Sunday. Q What steps does one take to become a client at LMF A Youcanfilloutaregistrationformthroughourwebsite.You can also contact us directly to speak with a representative or schedule a tour to visit our facility. Q How can the public help A Individual and corporate donations are accepted by phone (702-636-8502)Monday-Fridaybetween8 30am-5pmEST orbymail (Let sMoveForwardCommunityDevelopment Center 3925WestCheyenne 401 NorthLasVegas Nevada 89032).Alldonationsaretaxdeductible. Q What other types of donations do you accept A Assistance in providing our families with essential items can greatly help and are necessary when a family enters a crisis situation. Items include but are not limited to twin bed linens potsandpans cookingutensils hygienesupplies bath linens diapers nonperishablefood clothing(especiallyfor teens) furniture andbeds mattresses. Q You mentioned an approach called Prevention and Preservation. What is this A We develop programs that can catch some situations before they happen. These programs are strength based and focus on developing different strategies to strengthen and empower families. We focus on a highly individualized basis and these strategies develop in collaboration with the needs of the family to promote and maintain needed change. We work directly with families using education and therapeutic interventions to build upon the child and families strengths keeping them together as a functional and vital family unit. Q Can you explain the role of the Family Resource Center at LMF A The Center helps families facing different types of hardships focusing on strengthening families neighborhoods and community through programs that promote family wellness economic stability and social responsibility and deliversservicesthatpromotesself-esteem buildsconfidence and encourages wellbeing. These services programs are designed to meet the needs of surrounding neighborhoods. We believe that by helping build a stronger family we are helpingbuildastrongercommunity.Needsinclude food energyassistance transportationassistance application assistance employmentandjobtraining jobreferrals and identificationneeds. Contact Shameika Amin (702)868-2905 http letsmoveforwardcdc 63 Women of Distinction Sydney Gottlieb-Hirsch Flooring President Richard Marshall Fine Flooring Inc. Gardena CA SydneyGottleib-Hirsch sbiggestadvocatesgrowingupwereherparents.Herfather aself-mademan taughthertheimportance ofbeingofserviceandthebeautyofartandcolor.Sydney smothersupportedhereducationallywhenshewastoldherIQtesting was too low to pursue academics. She lost both of her parents to cancer within three years of each other but not before providing herwithalovinghomeinstilledwiththeimportanceofpursuingherdreamsandknowinghowtoputfamilyfirst.Sydneywenton to lead a successful life of service helping others and taking care of family. No job is too important to neglect children partners family or one s self Sydney said about taking time to care for loved ones. Working in the family business I am able to take care of my loved ones while running a successful company. StartingatRichardMarshallFineFlooringInc.in2002 abusinessthatwasfoundedbyherhusband Sydneyhandledmarketing sales and human resources. After working there for three years however she was forced to take some time off after undergoing surgeryrelatedtoprolongedexposuretodustanddyes.Duringtheeconomicdownturnof2008 thecompanydownsizedand Sydney was asked to return to help both the family and the business. Weatheringtheeconomicstorm Sydneywaspromotedtopresidentin2012overseeingmarketing humanresources andthe development of new products plus direct and indirect sales. She also works with the board of directors making key decisions regardingfinancialsandotheraspectsofthecompany. Sydneyattributeshertalentsforrunningasolidbusinesstohercareerinnursing.From1963to2001 shehadaveryrewarding career helping others. After taking pre-med classes at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) she worked at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center as a clinical nurse specialist and in vascular surgical service. Years later she became director of education at a largemedicalcenteruntilbeinghiredatUCLA.Shesimultaneouslyreturnedtoschooltoobtainhermaster sdegreeandpursue a nurse practitioner (NP) license. As a nurse practitioner Sydney worked on the liver transplant service during a time when it was an experimental procedure. Her experience with critical care and vascular surgery was an asset in her 18 years of working in the transplant department. Her writings on liver transplants have all been published and she has written three continuing education coursesonthemanagementofpatientsafteratransplantiscomplete.Afterretiringfromnursingin2001 Sydneywasasked multipletimestoreturnasaninstructorforUCLA sDepartmentofNursingIn-ServiceDepartment butshehascontinuously declined. She still maintains her NP license but has never returned to practice. Active as a volunteer with the Audobon Society the Language Foundation and Cat Rescue Society Sydney is also involved with the International Society of Classical Arts and Architects. She is interested in art in particular watercolor acrylic and collage loves opera and classical music and attends the LA Opera and LA Philharmonic often. Sydney dedicates this piece to her mother and father Esther Danning and Max Jack Gottlieb. 64 Women of Distinction Q What is the most important quality needed to be successful in business A Good communication skills the ability to listen and good people skills. Q What are good people skills A The ability to listen be patient and tolerant and to ask pertinent questions. Q What do good management skills look like in your opinion A The ability to assess interactions between people to help employees problem solve and to come up with the solutions to those problems. Follow-up is essential with all parties involved. Q How important is it to be on the cutting edge of technology in business today A It is extremely important but not as important as good communication skills and management skills are. Q What was most important to you regarding your success in two different careers A The ability to adapt to communicate and to be of service to my profession clients and co-workers. Q What is most important to you in maintaining your success today A The ability to take time out to care for myself. I need time to exercise meditate attend educational programs to keep me abreast of changes in my industry and most importantly to spend time with my husband children and grandchildren. Q Whatkindofadvicewouldyougivetosomeoneenteringintothehealthcarefield A It simportanttobeopenminded listen andaboveall bewillingtolearnandtobeofservice.Itisnotwhatyouget butwhat you are able to contribute through service that is most important. Q Whohasbeenyourgreatestinfluencewhenitcomestocareer A My greatest inspiration came from my father Max J. Gottlieb a self-made man who sold fruits and vegetables to individual families movie production companies and corporate catering services. He taught me about color art and being of service. My greatest advocate as a child in school was my mother who supported me when I was told my IQ testing was too low to pursue academics.Mymotherdiedofbreastcancerin1987andmyfatherdiedoflungcancerin1990. Q Who was your strongest advocate professionally and personally A InhealthcareitwasPatriciaO ConnerMBA RN inbusinessitwasRichardP.Hirsch. Q Wheredoyouseeyourselfin10years A Iam72-years-oldandin10yearsIwouldliketoretire havetimetopaint travel andcompletesomeitemsonmybucketlist like visit Africa and the Galapagos Islands jump from an airplane and build a state-of-the-art art studio. Contact Sydney Gottlieb-Hirsch (800)689-5981 http sydneyghirsch 65 Women of Distinction Aleksandra Kardwell DomesticStaffing President - Hamptons Employment Agency Inc. Southampton NY Aleksandra Kardwell is the Owner Operator and President of Hamptons Employment Agency. She leads and is active in all aspects of the business from client service and marketing to financialmanagement. While working in the domestic field I came to know many people in The Hamptons. They frequently asked me if I knew a good nanny or housekeeper. At the same time I had come to know a wide range of people working in domestic positions. IopenedmyofficeinSouthamptoninthespringof2011 andin July2013 IopenedmysecondofficeinManhattan.Wehave been fortunate to experience rapid growth. She enjoys helping domestic employers find great people to work with them. Hamptons Employment Agency has also been recognized for its professionalism and client focus. It is very important to listen carefully to each client s needs and to present each client with great candidates. Because of that wewereproudlyvotedtheBestDomesticAgencyin2012 2013 and2014(Platinum 1)bythereadersofDan sPapers a weekly paper that has the largest ABC Audited circulation of any publication on the East End of Long Island and in the Hamptons year-round. Aleksandra has also received individual recognition for her business and community efforts. I find it very satisfying to find just the right worker for my clients. Moreover it is fulfilling to help dedicated and professional domestic workers find gainful employment. Plus I have a great team of associates at my agency that I m continuously energized by working with. Inadditiontoworkinghardtomeetherclients needs Aleksandra also values giving back to the local communities. ImmediatelyfollowingSuperstormSandy sdevastationofLong Island Hamptons Employment Agency held a collection drive to gather clothes food household supplies toys and other goods for those affected by the storm. With community support we collected items that completely filled a 22 foot box truck. I m proud to say that we were presented with The Salvation Army Appreciation Award for our relief efforts. More recently I have served on the board of Southampton Rotary Club where I am involved with a range of activities that help the community. I was a recipient of the Long Island Business News 40 Under 40 Award in 2014. It is given to accomplished business leaders under 40 years old who are making an impact on Long Island NY. Her accomplishments are (in large part) the result of her mother sstronginfluence. When I was seven years old my father came over to the U.S. fromPolandinordertosupportourfamily soIwouldn tseehim for years at a time. (Being closer to my father was one of the main reasons that I moved to America.) My mother raised my two brothers and me alone and instilled in us many values that guide me today. She taught us that no matter what we should always help each other and others in our community. She also taught us the importance of honesty treating everyone with respect and doing your best at any job you have. Contact Aleksandra Kardwell (631)204-1100 info 66 Women of Distinction Alma B. Apostol Publishing Self-Published Books Author - http Gervais OR 67 Women of Distinction After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from FEATI University (Manila Philippines) in 1967 AlmaB.Apostol sfirstcareerwasteachingmathand physics to high school seniors. This was a core facility instrument that can separate different cells in the body based on the density of the cells. I analyzed samples from different departments. However she missed doing laboratory work so she applied for ajobattheChildren sHospitalofLosAngeles. I was hired as a Research Specialist II to study pneumocytes fromrats lungs.IhadtosacrificesixratseveryWednesday formyexperiment.Iwasn tawarethatIwouldbeworkingwith live animals when I was interviewed. It was too late when I found about it. I decided to learn the technique and became an expert in removing the lungs without puncturing it. Years later Alma took a job that would change her life. Onemorningin1993 IgotacallfromtheDirectorofKing Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I had declined his previous three job offers but he persisted until I decided to go. It was a big mistake because my rights as a woman were restricted. I lost my selfconfidenceandself-esteem.Butitwasagreatlessonforme. In2012 Almapublishedherfirstbook SurvivingRiyadh . Although I only had one year of experience as a teacher the lessons I learned guided me throughout my careers. Later Alma worked at the National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST) as a researcher where she was involved with several projects. Oneprojectwasthepurificationoffloodwater(ordered by President Marcos at that time) to provide clean water to familiesinfloodedareasofthecountry. Meanwhile Alma applied for a Professional Visa (3rd Preference) at the US Embassy in Manila to come to America. Ittookfiveyears butIfinallyarrivedinChicago ILin February1974.IfoundajobatG.D.Searle&Co.(Skokie IL) using high pressure liquid chromatography. I was sent by the company to train for this job and became an expert. Two years later Alma decided to go back to engineering work. I worked for the Civil Engineering department at Northwestern University analyzing wastewater from different treatment plants in Illinois. I later found a permanent position as a Research Technologist in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology department. While I was there I co-authored an article published in the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Journal. In1986 AlmamovedtoCaliforniatooperateaFluorescent Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) for the University of Southern California (USC). I was inspired to write this book to challenge women to fight for their rights and remind them to enjoy their freedom and never take it for granted. Almaalsoself-publishedthebooks LovebirdsasPets (a memoir)onJanuary7 2015and DiabetesTomorrow Your UltimateGuidetoManagingDiabetes onJanuary31 2015. Contact Alma B. Apostol (503)792-6501 http alma 68 Women of Distinction Ashley Sherrill Communication Consulting and Human Resource Management Founder of LaughMore Consulting Charlotte NC Ashley Sherrill has an extensive teaching background that datesbackto2001whenshebeganteachingareading enrichment program to students ranging from kindergarten to secondgrade.That swhenshefellinlovewithteaching. Soon after she served as a teaching assistant for adult students and found that she enjoyed that as well. In2007 Ashleyreceivedtheopportunitytoteachchildrenand adults as an educational program director. As founder of the company I am responsible for strategic planning training and workshop delivery and marketing. However startingthecompanywasn teasy. I offered workshops for free for friends and colleagues for years before I founded the company. I like stability and certainty so the idea of starting a company felt scary. But once I had a clear plan I realized that anything is possible if you have faith. Her mother has been her greatest inspiration in both her personal and professional life. This role allows me the privilege of training and supporting aspiring teachers and encouraging students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade to make a difference in our world. She loves connecting people to information that can improve their lives. When I was in school I had teachers who helped me believe that I had something positive to contribute to the world. When I mteachingyoungpeopleandadults Ilovetoseethe light bulbmoment whentheyunderstandthattheycandothe difficulttasksandhavethelivestheywant.I vestayedinmy field becauseitofferstheuniqueprivilegeofbeingthevoice of clarity and encouragement. Making boring or complex communication topics understandableandengagingisAshley sspecialty. When I was younger she worked full time while raising two girls by herself. She taught me to trust the Lord always and ask Him for wisdom daily to treat people with kindness and to keep my word. As a woman of excellence my mother has set a wonderful example of what it means to be detailoriented results driven and customer-centric. For anyone starting their own business Ashley offers the following advice Do not be afraid to tell people about what you can do and the value that you can offer to them. Be sure to follow through on your commitments and always under-promise and over-deliver. And in life (in general) believe in who you are. Be who you are and the doors that are supposed to open will open. I find people fascinating and am skilled at helping people with very different perspectives to understand one another. This is the value that I bring to clients. In our diverse workplaces it is necessary to be able to navigate different perspectives successfully. Other positive contributions that Ashley has made include thetwochildren sbooksshe swritten GoodMorning My Sunshine(2013)andMaddieMcBattyisNOTAfraidofthe Dark(TatePublishing dueforreleaseinlate2015). Ashley also started her own company LaughMore Consulting. Contact Ashley Sherrill (704)249-6403 http 69 Women of Distinction Christine M. Pantilione PhD Writing Inspirational Author Sewell NJ Determined to live the best quality of life possible Author ChristineM.Pantilione PhDwroteandreleasedherfirstbook Better Health Can Be as a way to share with the world the many struggles she has faced and will continue to face as the result of her degenerative disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS). PublishedinMay2014throughLifeRichPublishing Better Health Can Be is an accumulation of current research intended for those of all ages on the quality of life that we all should strive for. Christine provides readers with a list of balanced supply of supplements to take foods to eat information on the toxicity of certain foods healthy and tasty recipes a wine list thatisgoodforyouinmoderation andspecificexercises.The 74-page book serves as a tool in guiding others in gaining a life worth living with simple changes that anyone can utilize. Not only must Christine deal with her disease on an everyday basis but after a terrible car accident that left her with permanent damage after another car broadsided her she knew it was time to share with the world a new path towards better health. Writing the book not only served as a way for her to heal emotionally but for a way to tell others suffering similar struggles that they are not alone. ChristineearnedherBachelor sDegreeinMusicEducationin just three years then went on to teach music to kindergarten through grade eight. She also earned a graphic arts degree took several courses in photography and later obtained her PhD in Nutrition Magna Cum Laude. Her talents far exceed beyond writing books. Her formal training in music and photography has offered her some amazing work over the years. She has spent time as a professional photographer learned how to bring photos to light in a darkroom has done a lot of calligraphy work for events such as weddings and other parties as well as for various companies and country clubs and she continues to compose music despite the fact that she can no longer sing or play certain strings on acoustical guitars due to her illness. She also served as the director of art and marketing for a nationwide company for several years. I have always been a dedicated creative professional Christine said about her character. My main goal now is to help improve the health of others. I refuse to give up despite MS my car accident and other health problems. My loving God has always been with me Christine noted. I do much more than those much healthier than me do. We should all do whatever it takes to be as strong as we possibly can. Although Christine will never be able to have children nor will she marry again she keeps focused and positive in her everyday life. She encourages others to do the same. Everybody has something going on in their life. We just have tobestrongandutilizeourlovingfaith shesaidfinally. Contact Christine M. Pantilione PhD (856)582-0083 pantels3 70 Women of Distinction Diane Pratt CPC CSP Coaching - Grief Coaching Grief Coach for Phoenix4Life Coaching LLC Westchester NY Diane Pratt is the sole owner and primary service provider for Phoenix4Life Coaching. I discovered coaching in my 20s and became interested in the concept practice and results it produced for me and others. I applied coaching techniques in my professional career which aided in creating a motivated executive team resulting in meeting and exceeding sales goals and associate retention within various departments. But it was her own loss that would cause Diane to focus on grief coaching. My husband passed away unexpectedly 15 years ago. I was heartbroken for my loss and didn t know what to do what to feel and how long I should feel this way. The expectation of others was to go back to my normal routine within a few weeks as if nothing really happened. This life changing event prompted me to seek counseling for myself. It gave me balance kept me moving forward and made me realize that this was my grief journey. The time it would take to heal my heart was my own andnottobecomparedtosomeoneelse s. Over the years friends and colleagues would come to Diane for advice on many different life situations. Finding a reputable web designer deciding on a name and look and building a clientele takes time. Another challenge is coordinating and scheduling time with clients while still working in the corporate world. To resolve this issue I do individual and group sessions via Skype calls or face to face. This eliminates missed appointments and allows clients to be more relaxed in their comfort zone and call in from home. She truly believes that grief coaching is what she was meant to do. I love supporting and providing a safe place for my clients on their grief journey to reclaiming their energy and passion for life. Through all her work Diane would like for adults and children to be informed and have an understanding that the pain of bereavement and grieving is a natural process. It is one of the most painful events we will experience in our life. But with the support and guidance of a grief coach you will come to understand that your loved one will always be with you in thought and spirit and that you too are allowed to continue withyourlifetofindandexperiencejoy love andlaughter. My coaching included loss of loved ones and pets relationships marriages job issues and business decisions. This made me realize that there was a real need for my services to fill a void. So my own experiences that of friends and the heartbreak and comedy of grief prompted me to open my practice Phoenix4LifeCoaching. Diane is responsible for all aspects of the business such as marketing social media sourcing new business and product development. As a solo business owner she admits that starting a new business can be a challenge in itself. Contact Diane Pratt CPC CSP (914)589-8877 Diane 71 Women of Distinction Jeane Daly Writing Author of Looking for Jimmy Stewart and HelloAgain(2015) Hingham MA 72 Women of Distinction Jeane Daly started her writing career as a humor columnist in 2002 following in the footsteps of Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry. A few years into writing my column I was contacted by a reader and asked if I had ever considered writing a novel. I hadn t but thought Why not So in 2010 I published my first novel Looking for Jimmy Stewart . And my second novel Hello Again will be out this year. Her good friend and inspiration Mildred Riley got Jeane into writing. Mildred and I took writing classes together. In 1990 she published her first novel Yamilla . She then wrote 15 more booksthatsoldaround20 000copieseach.Mildredhasbeen my greatest professional influence as a writer. I also admire Maeve Binchy who wrote warm and comfy novels about family friends and co-workers and Jan Karon a gifted author who writes so beautifully and poetically that her writing never ceases to move me. Jeane s advice to any writer starting out would be to join an organization such as Romance Writers of America Mystery Writers of America or American Christian Fiction Writers. Remember all writers have had their work rejected at one time oranother.Don tdespair.Andwhateveryoudo don tgiveup. So why does Jeane continue writing Plain and simple I love to write. The love of meeting fellow authors gives me considerable pleasure and joy. Through Romance Writers of America I have met fellow authors from all overtheworld.Viae-mails we vesharedregrets frustrations rejections good news bad news and for some goals we ve met. The biggest lesson I ve learned is to write the best book I possibly can even if I have to rewrite it several times. I want to give the reader true to life characters a wholesome story and something new they haven t read before. I m hopeful that by doing this the reader will look forward to reading my next book. Asidefromwriting Jeaneenjoysgardening fishing photography long walks and reading. She also volunteers to make meals for peoplewhoareverysick mostlycancerpatientsinneedofa wholesome meal. They thank me but it s me who should be thanking them for the honor of being able to serve them. I m grateful I can do this. My husband of over 60 years Jack is currently battling cancer. I m blessed that I am here to take care of my best friend. We have five wonderful children and four beautiful grandchildren who I cherish. Professionally Jeane has been a nurse business woman newspaper columnist and a lecturer. And now my most favorite occupation is being a novelist But I also love traveling reading and spending time with loved ones. I am grateful for the amazing life I live. I am an eternal optimist and believe that if you sleep on it and re-evaluate the situation in the daylight things will work out for the best. Contact Jeane Daly jeandaly jeandaly 73 Women of Distinction Kelly M. Willenberg Healthcare Research Compliance President of Kelly Willenberg LLC Chesnee SC 74 Women of Distinction Prior to opening her own healthcare research compliance facility Kelly M. Willenberg earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing fromtheUniversityofAlabamainHuntsville(1984) aMasters in Business at California Coast University (2005) and is now pendingaDoctoratefromCaliforniaCoastUniversity(2015). Kelly then worked for nearly 13 years at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in a variety of positions including Director of the ClinicalTrialsOfficeattheCancerCenterandDirectorofBilling Compliance. I also had to become a road warrior learning the ropes of frequenttravel.It snotalwaysasfunassomemightthink. She is passionate about research compliance work and wants to bringaboutpositivechangeinacomplexfield. We owe it to ourselves and others to help make a powerful impact on patients lives with debilitating diseases. Therefore I m active in the Society of Clinical Research Associates National Speaker Association and Oncology Nursing Society. I also serve in various ways within the research community on different working groups and committees. And I volunteer for Multiples of America which is a national organization for parents of multiple birth children. I was Presidentofthatorganizationfrom1999to2001 presentingat the International Twin Congress in both England and Finland. Kelly is most proud of her accomplishments and achievements. First and foremost my strongest accomplishment is that as a mother. My husband (Dale) and I raised twin daughters Mariel Norton and Brandy Troisi. I see them as successful women in their married lives and as future mothers. My achievements includeaccoladesfrommylife sworkincludingclients friends books recordings etc. All of that means nothing without the love of my family and friends. If I am remembered as a good wife mother grandmother daughter sister friend and colleague my legacy is complete. I have worked in clinical trials research in some capacity since 1986 and opened Kelly Willenberg LLC in March 2009 after I was laid off from my job. I had the opportunity for client work in research healthcare compliance that prompted me to open up my own company and it has been a rewarding fulfilling experience. She was also one of the editors and chapter authors in the 3rd edition of the Manual for Clinical Trial Nursing for Oncology Nursing Society. Kelly has authored many articles in various journals and chapters in manuals and books for numerous compliance healthcare and research organizations. I am viewed as an expert in clinical trial billing compliance. When she first started her business Kelly was afraid of the unknown. Inowwelcomeitandfinditchallenging.Youjusthavetotrust yourself and take the leap Consistent support from family and friends is important too. And once you get started it helps to develop organizational skills. Learning to be creative with organizingtimeandworkwashardatfirst.Takingadvicefrom peers and colleagues within reason helped me strategize what I saw as my business. I have always been organized but owning a business has made me realize what being organized truly 75 means. Contact Kelly M. Willenberg (864)473-7209 kelly Women of Distinction Lori Kline Food OwnerofLori sOy-veyCaf Rehoboth Beach DE 76 Women of Distinction LoriKlineistheproudownerofLori sOy-veyCaf inRehoboth Beach Delaware. She was previously a special education teacher in Silver Spring Maryland butfellinlovewithRehobothBeachin1995whileon summer vacation. Ihadalwayswantedtoliveatthebeachandfinallyseizedmy opportunity that summer so I rented space in a house and was abletorelaxandenjoymyselfafter10monthsofteaching.But after about a week I found myself looking for more to do and stumbleduponalittlecaf calledCupofJoeandbeganworking afewhoursaweek.Thecaf wasinaperfectsettingonthe second beach block of Baltimore Avenue in a cute courtyard where Camp Rehoboth (the local community center) was and is stilllocated alongwithanartgallery aflowershop lotsoftraffic and tons of friendly people. Needless to say I was hooked but Labor Day came too quickly and with lots of mixed emotion I had to get back to my classroom. ButthatwouldbeLori slastyearasateacher asshemovedto Rehoboth Beach the following summer. I had to be because I was broke All the money I had went into the caf . I was even living on a friend s boat docked about two miles away in Dewey Beach that summer. In2002 Loriexpandedthecaf tositabout14peopleindoors. And given the good fortune to be located in a courtyard there are10tables 40seatsoutsideavailableforanyonetouse. Ihighlybenefitfromthisspace Shehasneverhadaproblemfindinggreatpeopletoworkwith. My staff is the absolute best I love going to work and attribute much of that enjoyment to the wonderful folks I get to see each day. Lori also loves her patrons. And her patrons love her sandwiches. I have a really great local clientele. Some customers frequent my place for sandwiches several times a week. One customer comesineveryday sometimestwiceaday Heusuallycomes forouraward-winning(BestofDelawarein2002)bluecheese chickensalad ournumberonesandwich.Ialsoreceivedbest sandwichesdownstateandthebestkosherdeliaward whichis funny due to the fact that while I do sell corned beef smoked salmon whitefish andpastrami Ialsoservethebesthotham andcheeseyou veevereaten. Though I enjoyed teaching I felt my heart really belonged at the beach. ShewentbacktoworkatCupofJoefull-time.Theydidn trenew their lease the following year so Lori took it over. I was elated to obtain the lease and make all 197 square feet mine In a matter of six weeks (with help) a floor was laid equipment was purchased walls were painted health permits and licenses were obtained and I was ready to go. Contact Lori Kline (302)226-3066 Lk6628 77 Women of Distinction Maryellen DouglassVan Royen Hotels - Hospitality & Tourism DirectorofSales&MarketingforHiltonPhiladelphiaatPenn sLanding Philadelphia PA Maryellen Douglass Van Royen is the Director of Sales & MarketingforHiltonPhiladelphiaatPenn sLanding. It is a multi-faceted role where she leads the sales & catering teams oversees the top producing hotel accounts creates advertising marketing promotions and public relations maintains the websites handles the social media and managespartnershipstobenefitthehotelandthecommunity (76ers basketball organization MLS Philadelphia Union Soccer Old City Historic District Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau and more). I am extremely grateful for these honors. She has been married to her college sweetheart (Donald Van Royen)forover20years.Together theyhavea12yearold son (Aidan McDougall Van Royen). Donald is one of the most brilliant mechanical engineers that haveadvancedthemedicalfield.Hecreatesandevolvestools that assist doctors in helping people live longer. He has even embraced the additional role of Mr. Mom so that I can travel for work (a necessity) and accept more challenging roles in the industry. And Aidan is my sunshine He makes me smile laugh and creates many prideful heartfelt moments for us to sharein.We vealsosponsoredayounggirlinthePhilippines who wishes to be a nurse when she grows up. Aidan and I enjoy having her as a pen pal and learning about different cultures and traditions. Maryellenstillchallengesherselfaftermorethan20years so that she can be a better leader each day. My excitement for adventures and travel as well as the opportunity to provide solutions to colleagues and customers on a daily basis keep me going. ItallstartedforMaryellenin1993whensheansweredablind ad in The New York Times. IwashiredbyDirectionalMarketing aconsultingfirmbased in New York City that supported hotels in their Advertising Marketing Public Relations and Sales Training. Ms. Julie Andrews myfirstbossand(now)dearfriend(withover30 years of hotel experience) is one of my greatest professional inspirations. However Maryellen sparents NancyandPaulB.Douglass Sr.wereherfirstmentorsintheserviceindustry. My parents showcased service and hospitality in their daily lives.Theytookelderlyneighborstodoctor sappointments mademealsforthosewhocouldn t wereactivemembersin the church and were good listeners over a cup of coffee at our kitchen table. Maryellen was recently recognized by the American Registry of OutstandingProfessionalsandStrathmoreWho sWhoastheir 2015ProfessionaloftheYearforHospitalitySales&Marketing and by the National Association of Professional Women as their2014VIPWomanoftheYearforherachievementsinthe Hospitality & Tourism Industry. Once you put your mind to something you can do anything. Hard work and perseverance does pay off. But ultimately Maryellen would like everyone (particularly her sonandthosewhoshe smentored)torememberonething It takes one random act of kindness to make the world a better place. Contact Maryellen Douglass Van Royen (215)521-6551 http profile view id 39603561&trk nav_ responsive_tab_profile NAPW http profile 11410640 MaryellenVanRoyenCHME Mevanroyen 78 Women of Distinction Michelle R. Mobbs Electrical Contracting (Industrial and Commercial Installation) Vice-President of Impulse Inc. Mt. Juliet TN After graduating high school Michelle R. Mobbs got started in the electrical business when she was hired by A & S Electric Inc.(Nashville TN)in1985.Shestayedtherefornineyears beforegoingtoworkforDuffBrownEngineeringin1994 where she became an electrical designer. Backin1994 engineeringwasstillconsideredanartform. All plans were drawn by hand (which I truly miss). A year later AutoCAD became popular. This is where we would create a red line electrical design and an AutoCAD operator would take our design and transform it to a drawing. We would look over it and make any corrections (if needed). I stayed here until1996 whenaformercolleagueaskedmetocomeand work for him at Ted Wynne Engineering. I continued doing the sameworkthereuntil2005. In2006 Michelle sbrother(JohnBenbow)offeredtogointo business with her and start an electrical construction company. Itdidn ttakemelongtosayyes.Soforthelastnineyears John and I have put all our time and energy into Impulse Inc. John and I have built Impulse Inc. from an electrical constructioncompanyandexpandedintoMillwrightServices mechanical installation and general construction. John has beenmygreatestinspiration.He samazinginthisfield.It s great to know that I always have someone I can depend on to have my back. Michelle sroleatImpulse Inc.istomanagecontractsin all three divisions of the company and serve as a project manager. In her spare time Michelle enjoys the company of her family and friends. If I had to choose between my job and my family my family would win hands down every time. My husband parents children and grandchildren are the center of my world. I couldn tfunctionwithouttheminmylife.Ialsoenjoyhaving dinner with a group of friends that I went to high school with almost every Friday night. I truly look forward to this time with them.Asidefromthat I vevolunteeredasacoordinatorfor the baby wing at Long Hollow Baptist Church for the past two years. Michelle wants people to remember her for her kindness honesty frankness and openness. I hope that those who knew me in or outside of work knew that they could count on me that I would help in any way as long as it was within my means. I just want people to remember my big heart and generosity. There saquotebyauthorAlbertPinethatembodiesMichelle s character What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. Contact Michelle R. Mobbs (615) 335-6133 mmobbs I have the responsibility to make sure that all contractors licenses are current. I take care of our taxes in the states where we do work (Alabama Mississippi and Tennessee) and a few local city taxes. I also handle the accounts payables and receivables. 79 Women of Distinction INDEX AlEksANDrA kArDwEll DomesticStaffing President - Hamptons Employment Agency Inc. Southampton NY (631)204-1100 info chrIstINE m. pANtIlIoNE phD Writing Inspirational Author Sewell NJ (856)582-0083 pantels3 AlIcIA sAuEr DIANA r. DI BArroNg Marketing Graphic Design Owner Creative Director der Punkt Creative Studio Bloomington MN (612)432-9615 http Alicia Philanthropic-NonprofitforCrisisCare Founder of Bags of Love Eugene OR (541)357-4957 di dibar45 AlmA B. Apostol Publishing Self-Published Books Author - http Gervais OR (503)792-6501 http alma DIANE prAtt AshlEy shErrIll CPC CSP Coaching - Grief Coaching Grief Coach for Phoenix4Life Coaching LLC Westchester NY (914)589-8877 Diane Communication Consulting and Human Resource Management Founder of LaughMore Consulting Charlotte NC (704)249-6403 http EIlEEN mIllE lEE BAlDwIN BArBArA mArIE BArNEs Self Help Support Group Founder ChiefExecutiveOfficerofEYESEvolution Hampton VA (202)316-6695 http www.e-y-e-s speaking2inspireu s.e.eyesaffirm11 Baking Owner&Chef Eloise sPastries Warrentown VA (540)764-0113 http bakers eloise mb gAIl E. thomAs cAthErINE chADwIck Entertainment Actor Writer and Producer - Mercury 16 LLC New York NY Higher Education Professor of Sociology at Soka University of America Aliso Viejo CA (949)480-4038 thomas peace.get Women of Distinction 80 gINgEr g. rEED IT IS Business Intelligence Administration and Data Warehouse Development EDW Architect BI Admin at Clayton Homes a Berkshire Hathaway Subsidiary and Activist at State of Tennessee Legislature Maryville TN http wobzdEsTAC Twitter thangel77 ginger kArEN l. klINE Dvm ms DAcvIm (NEurology) Veterinary Healthcare Staff Veterinarian Medical Director and Veterinary Neurologist at VCA Veterinary Specialty Center of Seattle Lynnwood WA (425)697-6106 karen.kline klinester glorIous k. DuNkErlEy ph.D. ABpp Healthcare - Psychology Licensed Clinical Psychologist at Life Lessons Psychological Services PLLC Brooklyn NY (646)679-6975 kElly m. wIllENBErg JAcquElINE ANNE hElms Healthcare Research Compliance President of Kelly Willenberg LLC Chesnee SC (864)473-7209 kelly Industrial Commercial Real Estate Consultant at Avison Young Houston TX (713)485-9684 Jackie.helms kItty E. lIttlE JArANDA rANDI DovEtoN Animal Care Service PresidentandChiefExecutiveOfficer DanK Pet Sitting and More Inc. Gilroy CA (408)499-1648 Local Government Zoning Land Use Zoning Director Macon-Bibb County Planning and Zoning Commission Macon GA (478)751-7450 http rdoveton kitty kitster99 lorI klINE JEANE DAly Writing Author of Looking for Jimmy Stewart andHelloAgain(2015) Hingham MA jeandaly Food OwnerofLori sOy-veyCaf Rehoboth Beach DE (302)226-3066 Lk6628 mArtINA NArDo Cake Design Cake Designer Owner Sugar Sketch Manhattan NY (646)420-2161 martinanardo 81 Women of Distinction mAryEllEN DouglAssvAN royEN Hotels - Hospitality & Tourism Director of Sales & Marketing for HiltonPhiladelphiaatPenn sLanding Philadelphia PA (215)521-6551 http profile view id 39603561&trk nav_responsive_tab_profile NAPW http profile 11410640 Maryellen-VanRoyenCHME Mevanroyen Rosemarie Forsberg mIchEllE r. moBBs (308)862-3979 (308)873-4077 http info rose.forsberg Funeral Services Monument and Casket Sales Owner Funeral Director Celebrant Aftercare Coordinator Heritage Funeral Home Tisdale Funeral home Lasting Legacy Granite and Southwest Caskets Saskatchewan Can Electrical Contracting (Industrial and Commercial Installation) Vice-President of Impulse Inc. Mt. Juliet TN (615) 335-6133 mmobbs shAmEIkA AmIN o. vIrgINIA mItchEll-phIllIps ph.D. Christian organization with emphasis on national & international reconciliation restoration and renewal in families men women youth mentoring counseling training and extended family homes (503)443-2007 (Tuesday Thursday 10 00a.m. 3 00p.m.) info Public Relations Founder President Let sMoveForwardCommunity Development Corporation (LMF CDC) North Las Vegas NV (702)868-2905 http letsmoveforwardcdc syDNEy gottlIEB-hIrsch pAulA vAIl Flooring President Richard Marshall Fine Flooring Inc. Gardena CA (800)689-5981 http sydneyghirsch Health and Wellness Reiki Treatments and Training Alternative Healing Modalities as well as aiding in Self-Empowerment and Divine Awakening Online Talk Radio Host Reiki Master Teacher Host of For the Love of Reiki (Live Internet Talk Radio Show on Voice America) Inspirational Speaker Owner and Operator of Wellness Inspired Tacoma WA (253)732-2550 paula Dr. tIffANy l. JorDAN Higher Education Administration MBA Chair International Business & Professor in MBA & DBA Programs Keiser University Graduate School Fort Lauderdale FL (305)330-4686 tijordan doctor_tiffany Dr_tjordan 82 Women of Distinction 83 Women of Distinction Paula Vail Health and Wellness Reiki Treatments and Training Alternative Healing Modalities as well as aiding in Self-Empowerment and Divine Awakening Online Talk Radio Host Reiki Master Teacher Host of For the Love of Reiki (Live Internet Talk Radio Show on Voice America) Inspirational Speaker Owner and Operator of Wellness Inspired Tacoma WA