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SAGE GROUSE SMITH & SONS PHEASANT FOOD PLOTS BETTER VENISON THE SPORTING CHEF FEMALE HUNTERS BULLIED BEST BOATING IN THE U.S. BRINGING BACK THE WHOOPING CRANE WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 1 ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE 2 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM http 5MveCGisXgg 3 4 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM TABLE OF CONTENTS RED SNAPPER 11 DR DALE ROLLINS QUAIL DECLINE 16 IOWA PHEASANTS RECIPES 26 CYBER BULLIES ON FEMALES 24 SAGE GROUSE MONITOR LIZARDS 42 CAN T GET ENOUGH OF THE OUTPOST 14 SWEEDISH HALIBUT 49 WHOOPING CRANE O NEILL OUTSIDE THE BOX 56 60 62 64 GEAR 74 80 DU MOVIES 84 TOP 100 BOATING SPOTS ON POINT LEGAL CORNER PHOTO OF THE MONTH BACK WOODS 88 96 THE OUTPOST MUSIC 78 CLICK HERE 5 FEATURE STORIES THE SPORTING CHEF SMITH & SONS The grinding from the work area can be heard from the parking lot at Smith & Sons. Located in the small Louisiana town of Sulphur just outside of Lake Charles this knife manufacturing company epitomizes family values. PAGE 18 CRAPPIE STRUCTURES There are few activities more exciting than catching aggressive game fish. If they happen to taste great there s an additional bonus. This describes fishing for crappie perfectly. While they can be caught any time of the year and many fishermen prefer the summer and fall seasons. PAGE 69 If you are not hungry now you will be after reading this article. Scott Leysath is one of America s best known chefs he s passionate about cooking especially when it has to do with fur fins or feathers. PAGE 32 6 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Proud to be an American Show your patriotic pride in our 2nd Amendment and Flag Tanks Save Big on GWG Apparel Get 15% off your order when you enter code OUTPOST15 Offer online only at Also available at fine retailers Be ready for life s adventure in style WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 7 FIELD NOTES FROM OUTPOST READERS What an awesome issue although I was hoping for the swimsuit issue. Maybe next year Love all that you guys do and have just started listening to The Outpost Radio as well. Alan Raleigh NC Nice article on the hog brucellosis. It was a good reminder. I have been hunting hogs over in SC since 1997 and a Doctor friend and Hunt Master frequently warned us about this and how to avoid. We were hunting hogs in November and Jan-Feb however the club was open from Aug. 15 to April and hogs could always be taken since they are not a game species in SC - good article I like stalk hog hunting more than deer hunting. Tim Rosweell GA Man this is the best looking issue yet Got the entire magazine and the entire issue is just first class my friends Mike Marietta GA Absolutely love what you guys put togethe Very professionally done David Alabama Loved everything about this issue. Keep up the great work THE OUTPOST Lee Pittsburgh PA The Outpost Media Group LLC 770-675-7200 Jason Martin Partner Art Young Editor in Chief Phil Hall The Outpost Radio Sean Richerson Sales Bill Young Sales Contributing Writers Art Young Jason Martin Andy Dye O Neill Williams Photo Credits Jason Martin Flickr Commons O Neill Williams Mike Dunn Art Young Greg Thompson Nordic Sea Angling Joe Mathis Russell Graves Scott Leysath Kendall Jones Melissa Bachman Eva Shockey Carolyn Tomlinson Tony Eckler Kirk Driscoll Sam Lashlee Cody Hicks THE OUTPOST is produced and copyrighted 2014 by The Outpost Media Group Reproduction in whole or part without permission is expressly forbidden. 8 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Editor s Letter The high sheriffs of federal fisheries must surely be steaming. Back in June 2012 the Commission took action to extend Louisiana state waters from three miles offshore to three marine leagues or approximately 9 nautical miles offshore. Extending the boundary and continuing the recreational season is not without its perils for anglers. In a press release LDWF officials encourage fishermen to use caution and their own personal judgment when fishing beyond the three-mile boundary that is currently recognized as federal waters as it is fully expected that federal agents will continue to enforce federal law. Count on them being out in force. Until U.S. Congress confirms Louisiana s action the battle will continue over Louisiana s state water boundary. However the states of Texas Mississippi Alabama and Florida agree with rescinding this ridiculous ruling on red fish and they have the political clout in Congress to get this corrected. Stay tuned. In the meantime you have to love the closing sentence of the press release issued by the LDWF. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is charged with managing and protecting Louisiana s abundant natural resources. We also have an abundant collection of news you can use in this issue including a guest article about the red snapper snafu. There s also a fascinating interview with Dr. Dale Rollins about his group s efforts to bring back blue and bobwhite quail an interview with The Sporting Chef Scott Leysath and a bunch more. Let us know how we re doing by shooting us an email. If these emails happen to have a photo of a red snapper you caught in the Gulf that would tickle me to death. Later Art Young Editor The Outpost Magazine Follow us on Facebook https pages The- Outpost 406025349447632 Follow us on Twitter outpostart https outpostart email me at art 9 Men and women who hunt and fish hate bureaucratic nonsense. Take the arbitrary 10-day federal red snapper season which was just concluded for the Gulf of Mexico for example. Based on slim to no science the federal bureaucrats who work for the most powerful nation on the planet have decided that 10-days is long enough for you and me to fish for red snapper. This is in spite of overwhelming evidence that the reefs and old oil rigs in the Gulf have helped to produce booming populations of this species. One state is feisty enough to say enough The state of Louisiana is called the Sportsman s Paradise for many reasons. One is because of it s abundance of fish species whitetail deer almost every species of ducks dove quail woodcock hogs well you get the point. However another prominent reason is the state s relentless defense of the rights of recreational sportsmen and women. Every year millions of hunters and anglers come to the state and spend billions of dollars pursuing their outdoor passions. When the Feds said red snapper season was over on June 10th the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries calmly reminded recreational anglers that the season for harvesting this species in Louisiana state waters remains very much open. On March 20 2015 this state agency opened the red snapper season in state waters seven days per week until further notice. The bag and possession limit for the state-waters season is two fish per person at a 16inch minimum total length. WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN A TRIBE OF LIKE-MINDED DYED-IN-THEWOOL OUTDOOR SPORTS FANATICS. IF YOU LOVE TO HUNT FISH HIKE CAMP OR ENJOY LIFE IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS WE WANT YOU TO JOIN US FOR THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE JOIN TODAY CLICK HERE WIN FREE HUNTS AND GEAR 30 off first purchase of 100 at Qualified to win FREE Hunts and Gear An Oupost Hat 10% off most products at 12 months of The Outpost Magazine An Outpost Sticker FOR JUST 29.95 YOU GET MORE THAN 100 WORTH OF FREE STUFF 10 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ANOTHER EXPERT ON RED SNAPPER THINKS IT S TIME FOR A CHANGE More and more it seems that the regulations about Red Snapper are silly at best and grossly counterproductive at worse. Many if not most marine science experts have concluded that the Fishing Federales are seriously out of touch on this Red Snapper issue. Recently Dr. Bob Shipp a professor emeritus of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama and the author of Dr. Bob Shipp s Guide to Fishes in the Gulf of Mexico offered his thoughts in a piece published by In the hope of clarifying the Red Snapper snafus here are Shipp s comments from that post. --In all likelihood there have never been as many Gulf Red Snapper in recorded history as there are today. In spite of these soaring populations a broken system of federal management is precluding what would otherwise be a robust and sustainable economic driver to a regional economy in desperate need of a break. Last year the recreational season was limited to 9 days in federal waters and this year s season is 10 days. Just 10 days with only a single weekend -- for anglers in their own boats to catch perhaps the most popular offshore fish in the Gulf. Conversely the commercial sector can fish year-round and under a similar plan approved by the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council this year the charter for-hire sector will have a 44day season in 2015. The glaring inequity of those regulations has rankled everyone from regular anglers to congressmen yet a solution has remained elusive. The road to this point is roughly 30 years in the making and there is now virtually no escape from it under federal management. I served on the Gulf Council for 18 years and encountered countless elected officials in Washington D.C. and in the Gulf states wrestling mightily over the red snapper conundrum but all ran into insurmountable roadblocks under the federal system. This year recognizing that a system that produces results like what we are seeing today is unacceptable the state fishery management agencies from all five Gulf states did something extraordinary they came together to produce a viable way out of this mess. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 11 THE OUTPOST RED SNAPPER Under a plan unveiled in March the states have offered to take over management of the red snapper fishery and have outlined exactly how such management would be carried out. Their plan recognizes that there are regional populations of snapper that are fished differently according to local tradition and practice and would have the flexibility to manage them in different ways. For example off Alabama our research indicates we could have a six-month season with a two-snapper bag limit without making a dent in the population. This is due to our extensive artificial reef program. Such flexibility is impossible under federal management which tends to treat red snapper as one stock fished one way. The state fishery management agencies all have seats on the Gulf Council and know that snapper management is at a dead-end under the current system. Responsible for commercial and recreational fisheries in their state waters they know there are far more efficient and equitable ways to manage this fishery. The system has the same goals as federal management but the means to reach those ends recognizes that one size does not fit all. The individual Gulf states all know how to provide access to their citizens while managing for conservation of wildlife resources but rarely do they all agree on anything. The significance of their cooperation here cannot be over-estimated. Faced with an untenable situation they have come together to offer the one path out of the manufactured mess of federal management. I encourage Congress to take it. Bob Shipp 12 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 13 https watch t 46&v 7E7vdLlkbRI SWEDISH ANGLER JUMPS IN THE ICY COLD WATER JUST FOR THE HALIBUT Actually it was a helluva fish...bigger and likely older than the man who caught him. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet Swedish angler Erik Axner jumped into the freezing waters off Norway s Loften Islands to release his catch. It was a dream fish--almost two meters long and incredibly well fed thick and wide he told the Swedish newspaper. The angler compared the fight to Hemingway s classic novel The Old Man and the Sea in which an elderly fisherman fights a massive marlin for several days. While this fight did not last several days it will never be forgotten by this 24-year old angler. The fish was so powerful that it took me an hour to get the better of it he said. By the time I got the fish to the boat my arms were aching and my back was pretty tired as well. 14 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM When the time came to release the halibut Axner decided to use his last bit of strength to jump into the water alongside it. There he measured the fish and took a few photographs before releasing the largest halibut of his career. According to his pro staff profile his previous best was a six-foot two-inch fish although halibut over 200 pounds have been regularly caught on his boat. Being in the water with a fish that size is a powerful experience--it gives you a whole new level of respect for the fish he said after the catch. Even with its massive size this is not a world record. Hardly. According to the International Game Fish Association the record for Atlantic halibut belongs to a 418-pound 13-ounce fish caught by Thomas Nielsen in 2004 also near Norway. Image by NordicSeaAngling HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 15 LACK OF SNOWFALL BENEFITS IOWA PHEASANTS 16 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Based on the positive comments that filled Todd Bogenschutz s email and voicemail Iowa pheasant hunters saw more birds last fall and after last winter s below normal snowfall that good vibe should continue this season. Bogenschutz the upland wildlife biologist for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources uses winter snowfall and spring rain totals along with historic trends to predict pheasant population swings. For five years in a row heavy winter snow followed by cool wet springs sent Iowa pheasant numbers into a free fall bottoming out in 2011. But after more favorable winter nesting seasons including most recently in back to back years things are looking up for ringnecks. We had a good winter and should have had good pheasant and quail survival. Every region in the state was below normal for snowfall except the east central region and it was only one-inch above normal so we should be poised for an increase in bird numbers as long as we have a good nesting season Bogenschutz said. It will be interesting to see the August roadside survey results. The two year reprieve to more normal winter snowfall is encouraging and there are steps landowners can take to help ensure the trend continues plant shelterbelts and food plots. Virtually all of Iowa s winter mortality is attributed to persistent snows or blizzards with the birds dying of exposure to predators or from the weather. Well designed shelterbelts provide important cover and food plots an additional food source to help pheasants quail and other wildlife survive periods of prolonged or heavy snow. A food plot associated with a shelterbelt likely improves survival because food plots provide additional winter habitat as well as food. Pheasants can get a meal quickly and limit their exposure to predators maximizing their energy reserves. If hens have good fat supplies coming out of the winter they are more likely to nest successfully said Bogenschutz. Planning shelterbelts and food plots for next winter should begin this spring and there are a few things landowners should keep in mind when designing these areas. Corn provides the most reliable food source throughout the winter as it resists lodging in heavy snows. Sorghum or milo provides better winter habitat. Pheasants prefer to eat corn. Half-corn and half-sorghum plots make the best of both worlds. Place food plots next to wetlands CRP fields or multi row shrub conifer shelterbelts that provide good winter habitat and away from deciduous trees that provide raptors with a place to sit. The size of the food plot depends on where it is placed. If it s next to good winter cover the smaller the plot can be with two acres being the minimum. If winter cover is marginal like a road ditch then the plots must be larger in the 5-10 acre range to provide cover as well as food. Depending on the amount of use some food plots can be left for two years. The weedy growth that follows in the second year provides excellent nesting brood rearing and winter habitat. Food plots that have heavy deer use generally need to be replanted every year. Cost share assistance or seed for food plot establishment is available from most county Pheasants Forever chapters or local co-ops. For information on how to establish or design shelterbelts or food plots that benefit wildlife contact your local wildlife biologist privatelands Landowners with existing cropland who want to establish pheasant habitat (winter cover food plots nesting cover) should consider Iowa s pheasant recovery CRP practice. Acres are limited and enrollment is first come first served. More information on pheasant recovery CRP is available at habitat WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 18 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM A FAMILY ON THE CUTTING EDGE The grinding from the work area can be heard from the parking lot at Smith & Sons. Located in the small Louisiana town of Sulphur just outside of Lake Charles this knife manufacturing company epitomizes family values. The reason for this is simple. The entire Smith family works here and they are all dedicated to the values of quality and craftsmanship in making knives. The Smith family consists of Pamela Gary Alex Anna and Zac. As with any small business everyone has the opportunity to wear many different hats on a given work day but it is clear that Pam wife to Gary and mother to the two other boys is on a mission to spread the word about the amazing knives her family is creating. As such she manages much of the company s day to day operations. This started out as Gary s hobby she said. He has always had a deep interest in knives and in what seems like a very short amount of time we ve turned this into a business. After health issues forced both of us to change our occupations we decided to start Smith & Sons Knives. As anyone who has started a business from scratch knows starting and sustaining a business requires more than a good idea. It has to become a calling. That s exactly what has happened with Smith & Sons BEAUTY AND THE BLADE We want to make knives that are as beautiful as they are useable noted Gary Smith. In order for that to happen we have to use the best raw materials and craft them into knives that will last a lifetime. The knives which are carefully crafted by the Smith family start as D2 Tool Steel. The blades are then hand ground. This steel is then heat treated and tempered in house under very tight tolerances giving the blades and unmatched edge-holding capability. You can have good steel but if you don t know what you re doing from a heat-treatment standpoint the knife will not be strong enough to last said Gary. Our heattreatment process takes 3 days and while this seems like over-kill we ve found that this helps our knives hold their edge longer. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 19 THE OUTPOST SMITH AND SONS The handles are also works of art. They can be made of heavy duty G-10 composites and carbon fiber fossilized mammoth ivory or rare burl woods. In a matter of a few years word about the quality and craftsmanship of Smith & Sons knives has gotten around among outdoorsmen and those who use knives in more tactical situations such as military personnel. We sell our knives to folks from all walks of life from all around the world notes Pam Smith. A KNIFE FOR ANY NEED Smith & Sons builds a wide variety of knives with offerings for most any application The company s fixed blade knives include Desperado Ranch Hand Ultralite Huntsman A T (tactical knife) Cherokee Brave M T Brave Pioneer Tataille Rougarou Smith & Sons has also introduced a line of folding knives including Billet Trapper Shadow Trapper MudBug The Mudbug is one of the most popular of the folders and it is named after the crawfish a Louisiana delicacy. This is a tip of the hat to the home state of Smith & Sons. 20 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The company also carries other brands of knives in its spacious retail store which is located in front of the manufacturing facility. Due to the superior quality of these knives the word of mouth about Smith & Sons knives has accounted for the majority of the company s marketing and advertising. We do a few trade shows such as the Blade Show in Atlanta noted Pam. However people telling other people about our knives is still the best way for us to reach new customers. All of these knives are on display on the company s website MEET THE SONS The next generation of Smith & Sons Alex and Zac Smith came to the business from diverse backgrounds. Neither had worked in any kind of manufacturing environment. After college Alex was involved in graphic design. He is the self-described computer guy in the family and his knowledge is invaluable for both manufacturing and web-based marketing. Zac earned a degree in business and uses this training to help the company manage finances supply chain and planning for the future. Both young men are learning lessons that college can t teach How to build a quality product and get it out the door. On any given day they could be grinding steel cutting and sewing leather sheaths designing social media posts or negotiating with suppliers. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 21 WHAT IF YOUR CUSTOMER WAS YOUR NEIGHBOR In a time when most families see each other once or twice a year it is clear that the entire Smith family enjoys being able to work with each other. Smith & Sons is the antidote to poorly-made mass-produced junk that often passes for manufactured goods. In many ways their story is a textbook on incorporating the pride and values that America once had. This knife manufacturing company in a small town in Louisiana is a throw-back to an earlier time. It was a time when multiple generations learned the right way and the wrong way to make products and they passed this knowledge down. This was a time when quality mattered because your customers were your neighbors. Smith & Sons is using high technology combined with hands-on craftsmanship and a family pride to make a product they are proud of. In the process they are making knives which will last a lifetime. A FAMILY ON EDGE THE CUTTING 22 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Joshua Carney Son of the South HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES They re all waiting for you at GO AHEAD. TAKE THE SAFETY OFF AND SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 23 GREATER SAGE GROUSE ENDANGERED OR JUST IN NEED OF SOME TLC The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) took a critical step forward in ensuring the future of the greater sage grouse during the last week of May when the agency released plans to amend nearly 100 resource management plans across the West to benefit the bird. The reveal of 14 environmental impact statements comes after years of federal state and local stakeholders working to better protect sage grouse and other sagebrush-dependent species while allowing for energy development livestock grazing and recreation. The plans include measures to minimize new and additional surface disturbance enhance habitat and reduce threats from rangeland fires. In the very best remaining sage-grouse habitat mining activities will be prohibited. No surface disturbance will be permitted in most priority habitat and landscape surface disturbance caps will go into effect in other areas. 24 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WILL THE SAGE GROUSE BE LISTED AS ENDANGERED The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is set to decide whether to list the range-wide population of greater sage grouse under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by September 30. The looming deadline has inspired unprecedented coordination among federal agencies states private landowners and numerous other stakeholders. The BLM and the U.S. Forest Service manage nearly two-thirds of remaining sage-grouse habitat. Sportsmen s groups are applauding the BLM s new approach and support federal efforts on public lands as a vital foundation for the range-wide conservation of the species. The BLM should be commended for their work on these plans and today s release is yet another step in the right direction for sage grouse sagebrush ecosystems and the stakeholders committed to balancing conservation with other uses of the land to achieve a positive outcome says Howard Vincent president and CEO of Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever. These federal plans combined with strong state plans and contributions from private landowners through the Sage Grouse Initiative and other efforts will hopefully set us up for success in the form of a not warranted decision on the listing in September. In order to reach this decision the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requires regulatory assurances and conservation measures grounded in the best available science that the agency can ultimately defend in court. While we still need to review the details the revised plans appear to have improved the conservation measures and assurances needed to prevent the listing says Steve Williams president of the Wildlife Management Institute and former director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Ultimately the decision to list the range-wide population will end up in a federal court and the BLM has taken a positive step forward by producing plans that hopefully can be defensible to a judge. As the BLM finalizes their efforts on federal lands Western states continue working on their own efforts for state and private lands. Some like Wyoming have had a strategy in place for years and have already begun implementing conservation measures. Other states have yet to finalize their approach to sage-grouse conservation. We need the states to finalize their own plans to complement strong federal efforts and keep the momentum and collaboration going says Whit Fosburgh president and CEO of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership. We also need Congress to step up to the plate by funding the federal agencies for long-term implementation and success rather than promoting delays to the process. Whether these revisions will be enough to reverse declining sage-grouse habitat and population trends remains to be seen. The bottom line comes down to implementation of the BLM plans and commitments to sagebrush ecosystem conservation that will actually improve sage-grouse populations says Miles Moretti president and CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation. We not only need strong conservation plans but also strong commitments and funding to ensure the plans manifest into real conservation actions and long-term improvements on the ground. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 25 DR. DALE ROLLINS IS DETERMINED TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THE MYSTERIOUS DECLINE OF BOBWHITE AND BLUE QUAIL To date nobody has figured out what s happening to the quail populations in the United States particularly in the Southwest. Bobwhite and blue quail have been experiencing dramatic declines over the past decade and this has been called America s greatest conservation tragedy. One man who spends every working day trying to fix this problem is Dr. Dale Rollins the director of the Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation which is headquartered in far West Texas near San Angelo. Earth Day 2015 had some special significance for Dale and his team at the Rolling Plains Research Foundation. This was the day they officially launched Operation Transfusion. 26 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The Outpost What does that entail Where are you putting them and how are you catching them Dr. Rollins In 2015 we ll be working on three new sites. One will be the Matador management area north of Paducah Texas. We ve released 97 blue quail up there. We re also working in on some sites near Breckenridge Texas and near Weatherford Texas to see if we can jump-start populations of bobwhites there. We have special permits from the Texas Parks and Wildlife to catch the birds with quail traps and we have a network of co-operating ranchers that we ve developed over the years that allow us to come in. I ll send a team of two people out there to pre- baited site and we ll hopefully catch 30-50 quail on a particular ranch move those quail immediately. Half of them we put in a surrogator and we sequester those birds for 30 days. We re testing the efficiency of what we call a hard release where we just take the birds and dump them out versus a soft release where we put them in the surrogator containment systems feed provide feed for them for 30 days and then let them out. We hope that that acclimates the birds better and protects them from their various enemies during that first month there. Operation Transfusion means can we take wild-trapped bobwhites and blue quail from an area where birds are still doing fairly well and move them further east to where those populations are either at very low levels or have blinked out over the last 15 years Rollins said. The habitat looks pretty good but there s not enough quail out there. So we re wanting to know if we can jump-start those populations and that s what we call Operation Transfusion . WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 27 Aren t blue quail usually found in the western part of Texas New Mexico and Arizona If so what if you move them east Does that change anything about their population Well first of all you need to be a student of history. As a former Okie I always cite former Governor George Nigh who said we study the past and apply it to the present that we might affect the future. After the drought of the 50s there were blue quail as far northeast as El Reno Oklahoma. I was raised in the southwest corner of Oklahoma near the little town of Hollis and we used to have lots of blue quail down there. The blue quail essentially vanished in about 1988. I have the question about disease in quail populations because something happened mysteriously to those blue quail. They disappeared and they really haven t come back. There might be some token populations. But historically if you had the mesquite and an old rough-looking ground - chances are before 1988 you probably had blue quail on it. So we re moving back into some of the areas along the eastern edge of the blue quails historic distribution and see if we can jump-start those. So you re trying to determine if there was something about being farther east that kept them from growing We know that blue quail are a Chihuahuan desert species and typically you get your maximum populations at around the Pecos River in Texas. But there were some incredible blue quail numbers during the 60s and the 70s over much of Southwestern Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Once you get too far east and east of those points - roughly east of the hundredth meridian the rainfall gets higher the country gets better and it becomes more bobwhite country. I hunted blue quail once upon a time and I remember they ran like crazy. Didn t fly a lot but they ran like crazy. Blue quail have a bad reputation but I hunted them as a kid and still enjoy hunting blue quail. They are a product of their environment. They live in a harsh country and so they ve learned to cope and adapt and so forth. But if you can get blue quail where you ve got some grass cover. You can have some incredible dog work on blue quail. Tell us the latest on what s happening with the idio28 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM To listen to the complete interview with Dr. Dale Rollins go to The Outpost On Demand or click here http pod_ popup1565.html pathological decline of bobwhite quail. I know you have lots of experts - including yourself - working on it. What s the latest research By the way the term idiopathic is medical jargon for the doctor don t know [laughter] In 2010 we had good weather conditions but our quail didn t respond and we got curious. My Board of Directors at the research foundation said Go for it. So I assembled a team of scientists from Texas Tech Texas A&M Texas A&M Kingsville and we came together and came up with eight different research efforts initially. We looked at these across 25 different sites in Texas and 10 in western Oklahoma. We ve looked at over 2200 quail during that time. The two things that have got our antennae up the highest right now are these eye worms that we re finding in about 60% to 70% of the quail and gut worms that the quail have. We ve known they ve always had the gut worms but for whatever reason we think we re seeing abnormally high parasitism loads. The latest thing is one of the principal investigators up at the Texas Tech University is working towards a medicated feed. If we can develop a feed and dose these birds in the wild and control their eye worms and gut worms we can determine if this has a meaningful population response associated with it Can we take the lows out of the lows We re following the example or the analogy that Dr. Peter Hudson and his associates found in the United Kingdom in dealing with red grouse. They ve studied red grouse for over 200 years on some of those moors plantations as we d call them and what they found was that the grouse that were heavily parasitized were more vulnerable to their predators - red fox in this case - and just had lower overall fitness. They developed a medicated grit that the grouse would consume and then they controlled the internal parasites. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 29 As a result of doing that they took the low out the cycle of the grouse population. So we hold that up as an example and say Could there be an analogy here in the rolling plains of Texas and Oklahoma And that s what is giving us hope right now. How can somebody get involved with the work of the Rolling Plains Foundation One of the things you ll want to do is go to our website and subscribe to the e-quail newsletter. It s free and it comes out every month. That will keep you alerted to the things that we re doing and if we ve got a field day coming up for example at our Quail Research Ranch there east of Snyder Texas. We have a field day on the last Friday of September and we re going to be having various educational events out there. As my appointment as an extension wildlife specialist for Texas Agrilife Extension Service I m a quail specialist too. So I have quail appreciation days at various locations across West Texas. Those are one day workshops. We also have our Bobwhite Brigade Wildlife Leadership Camps. Send us your best and your brightest and you ll be proud of the products you get in return. The Rolling Plains Research Foundation is doing cutting-edge conservation work and you can support this with tax-deductible donations. More information on this can be found at 30 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WIN FREE HUNTS AND GEAR 30 off first purchase of 100 at 10% off most products at Qualified to win FREE Hunts and Gear 12 months of The Outpost Magazine An Oupost Hat An Outpost Sticker JOIN TODAY CLICK HERE FOR JUST 29.95 YOU GET MORE THAN 100 WORTH OF FREE STUFF WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 31 32 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE SPORTING CHEF SCOTT LEYSATH OFFERS TIPS ON PREPARING THAT FREEZER FULL OF VENISON If you are not hungry now you will be after reading this article. Scott Leysath is one of America s best known chefs and he s passionate about cooking especially when it has to do with fur fins or feathers. He s the host of the most popular wild game cooking show on TV The Sporting Chef on The Sportsman Channel and he has an incredible cook book that every deer hunter will be salivating over it. It s called The Sporting Chef s Better Venison Cookbook. As one of the best known TV chef s Scott has some excellent insights about the reason for the large number of cooking shows on the air now. It started with the Food Network he said. They ve changed the way that we looked at food. I grew up with a handful of TV chefs there s Julia Child Graham Kerr and Justin Wilson. The next thing you know you ve got Emeril with a one-hour variety show where he s cooking on prime time five nights a week. By the way if you ve ever had to do that every night for five nights a week-- and fortunately the majority of us haven t - it s not easy to do. We ve gone from fast food places just serving fast food to now having places like Chipotle. These and all sorts of things we hadn t heard of and it truly changed the way we look at food. So we re no longer satisfied with the basic steak and potatoes at least for most of us. So we re looking for new stuff. I don t think the people who watch cooking shows actually sit down with a pad of paper and write down recipes I think they just want to be entertained and everybody eats. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 33 Outpost You ve been cooking on TV for 25 years and your book Better Venison Cookbook is absolutely packed with innovative ways to cook what many feel is a very difficult meat to cook. Why do you think most of us have such a hard time cooking venison well Scott Leysath I think most of us overcook it. And so the solution is we need to cook it longer. And we need to put all these things on it that make it not taste like venison. I just had Benny Spice is a guest. He s got a show called Gun It with Benny Spice on the Sportsman Channel. He sent me some moose loin because he said I can t eat it. And what the meat processor had done is cut it up and left all the silver skin and fat on the loin. When I just started eating out of the center of the loin it was delicious. Once I got to that outside part it was rancid. It starts in the field. Don t drive your deer round on a hot day at the back of your truck. Get it cooled and cleaned as fast as you can. Plus different parts of the deer require different kinds of cooking. For instance the way most processors take a deer backstrap is they ll take the back-strap they cut it into chunks and then they butterfly it right Right. Why You know that s a good question. Why do we do that Somebody tells us I guess. That s the standard deal. It s the butterfly cut because someone somewhere said That s so you can cook it more evenly. But I say You know what I d rather have the whole loin. I m going to take that silver skin off and that way I can butterfly the whole thing stuff it tie it cook it as a roast. I don t have a problem cooking a deer cutting a deer back strap into steaks and butterflying them if that s what I want to do but once you do that we lose the option to do anything else with the meat. 34 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Very often people will bring me deer steaks with the bone in. They re basically a cross-section of the hind quarter that s been put on a band saw and that silver skin fat and gristle doesn t taste good. Plus there s obviously not a whole lot of fat on some of the better white tail deer. You re going to see that rump fat on there but there s not whole lot of fat on the deer and very often deer fat doesn t taste good. And that s why we soak it in something wrap it in bacon and jalapeno and call it a - whatever it is a deer bite a little appetizer. We go to great lengths to make deer not taste like deer and basically if it s just well- trimmed silver skin s removed you don t cook it past to about 130 - 135 . You slice it across the grain when you serve it people will go Man this is incredible. But once you start overcooking it that s when you get into the dreaded livery muttony zone and then that in-between zone is where it hurts the most I think your choices are either quickly cooked so that it s rare to medium-rare or slow-cooked until it s pot roast. And for the tougher cuts like shanks - deer shanks are one of my favorite hunks of meat - you have to cook those slow. You can t speed it up. And so it s basically-- we don t cook whole cows as a general rule. We break them down. A breast s going to take a long time to cook. The tenderloins take very little time. And it s very much basics like that that I try and get across in the cook book. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 35 I think the introduction to this book is worth the price of admission You have a couple of really funny insights about such things as meat tenderizers and marinades. I m okay with injecting. It s not a personal preference of mine but I ve done it. What you get when you inject marinade is you re going to get pockets of marinade. It doesn t seem to distribute as evenly as I d like it to do. And the thing that I would marinade the most would be a roast. If I m going to inject something that s going to be like a hind quarter roast. I ve found that if I take that hind quarter roast and brown it well on the outside and cook it to about 130 degrees internal temperature put it into a little Playmate cooler and pour the marinade over the top instead of injecting it. Once it s cooked when it s hot and porous it will absorb all that marinade very evenly and it will penetrate a lot farther than when it s a raw piece of meat. Most of the time though I d just rather give it a good rub and then cook it to rare temp put some marinade over the top put it in the smallest cooler it will fit in and just let it sit there for about an hour in that marinade. It will still come out screaming hot and that marinade will be absorbed by that hot more porous piece of meat. 36 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Are there one or two things that an amateur cook or someone who doesn t cook venison as much as you can do to dramatically improve the finished product When you re cooking a deer steak for instance or a backstrap or a tenderloin rare to medium-rare makes every bit of difference. Now some people have been raised on well-done meat and they cannot venture out. They can t get themselves to take 15 seconds out of their lives and try a bite of rare to medium-rare meat. They go I just can t do it. I can t help you there. However if you re open I want you to take your next deer steak and cut it in half and cook half of it welldone and half of it medium-rare. It s two completely different pieces of meat. So as much as I like bacon it s not necessary to wrap everything in bacon. But to me the tenderness comes from not overcooking that very same piece of meat. That s the single biggest mistake that I see people that cook venison that have decided they don t like venison that s the mistake they make. I don t like livery muttony flavors. I don t like gamy flavors but I also don t want to try and disguise what the deer taste like. My venison doesn t taste livery and it s not because I soaked it in something or marinated it in something. Dry aging makes a difference to meat. If you have got a deer roast in your freezer and it hasn t been aged for very long put it on a rack in your refrigerator with a pan underneath. Leave it in there for at least a week after it has been thawed and it s going to get a little crispy on the outside. You can always cut off the extra crispy part. What that will do is it will evaporate the capillary blood which carries a lot of the weight from those animals and it s going to dry it out and it s going to make it infinitely more tender than if you don t. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 37 38 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Many hunters like to prepare their game immediately after they ve harvested it. They like to cook it at the deer camp. And from a preparation standpoint how does grilling at an open grill differ from cooking that venison in a traditional kitchen environment You know it s funny right now I m writing a feature piece that s going to be in the DU magazine on duck camp cooking. If you re going to deer camp any kind of hunting camp do most of your chopping at home. Cut your vegetables cut your onions make your marinades put them in vacuum pack bags take whatever meat there is go ahead and trim it up. If you re planning on eating deer steaks that had been recently harvested and they re hanging on a tree somewhere in camp the least amount of work that you have to do when you re there makes a big difference. Any heat source will cook game. I m a big fan of outdoor grilling. So to me it s no difference in my backyard than it is in deer camp other than the fact that I m going to bring seasonings vegetables already chopped in bags. I ll vacuum pack them and I ll freeze them and I will put them in my cooler so it requires less ice for transport. That way I can spend more time talking to my buddies and having a glass or whatever when I m at camp as opposed to spending the day in the kitchen. Like I said anything you can do in your backyard you can do in camp. It just taste better when you re in camp I think. I ll bet you end up cooking a lot in camp. I don t mind doing that. I tell you what I minded. If somebody says You know what If you come out to my duck club we ll let you duck hunt if you cook my dinner. I ll cook in dinner if they don t make it contingent upon me cooking dinner. I think the duck hunting is not contingent upon me cooking dinner but it s just a personal thing. I d rather cook than sit around and talk about same thing over and over. It just keeps me occupied. Do you have a favorite kind of hunting or fishing Or do you just like it all I prefer bird hunting over most things. Where I live in Northern California we ve got a 100 plus day duck season. We can shoot ten specs a day here. We ve got seven ducks a day and people that are unfamiliar with Northern California they go What kind of ducks We re shooting Pin Tail Wedge and Teal. We re shooting puddle ducks. We also have a fair amount of pheasants here. We have a six or seven week pheasant season. I m looking down at an English Setter and a Gordon Setter that are under my desk right now. Where I live we have a lot more access to birds than we do antler game. We ve got plenty of pigs but I like watching the dogs work. I like getting out. We ve got a ton of quail a ton of turkeys. We re just a little short on deer. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 Do you have a Go To recipe for wild game...your default I ll tell you my go to recipe for just about any dark fleshed game or antler game and it s so very simple. I mean my favorite foods include raw oysters homegrown tomatoes sashimi fish that s not cooked. So I m cooking all the time for others and I m not looking to disguise the flavor of that meat. I ll take a deer back strap or a good hind quarter steak from a more tender animal. I m going to rub it with olive oil and salt and paper. I m going to put cook it rare it to medium-rare. Just before it comes out I m going to put a splash of balsamic vinegar a spoon full of whatever preservative I have in the refrigerator take the meat out and don t let it overcook. I m going to throw in a little bit of garlic some chopped fresh rosemary reduce that liquid down whisk in a little chilled butter take the deer slice it across the grain mount it up on a pile of garlic mashed potatoes and then just take that pan sauce And if I have some fresh berries throw them in there too and just drizzle over the meat. Anything you can make in one pan you can do you can cook your deer steak and four five minutes with the sauce. To me that s the victory and that s the one that I m most likely to use. Man oh man. As I said at the beginning if you re not hungry at the end of this interview you should check your pulse because that sounds like a great great venison recipe. And it doesn t require any special skill or any obscure ingredients. There s no free-range anything. To me if I ve got a recipe that s three pages long nobody s going to do it anyway. So give me a handful of ingredients and a good deer steak and we re all going to be happy. Where can we get Sporting Chef s Better Venison Cookbook Probably the best place to get it is on Amazon. And if you just type in better venison or sporting chef it ll take you there. And I m also a part of a new Boone & Crockett cookbook called Wild Gourmet which is a collaborative effort with me and Emeril Lagasse and Hank Shaw and a few other names you might recognize. I ve got a website that s got plenty of free stuff. I know that doesn t help me sell cookbooks Sign up for our email deal when you get to the website and we ll send you a free e-cookbook. We just want to connect. We want people to watch the show on Sportsman channel. Our new airtime Eastern time 12.30 pm on Sundays and it s on a few other times. We ve got Stacy Harris Hank Shaw and others. We have 25 people at last count that are on the Sporting Chef show. If you don t like somebody you see just wait about a minute and a half and you re going to see somebody else. We call that short attention span TV. . To listen to the complete interview with Scott Leysath go to The Outpost On Demand or click here http pod_popup1543.html 40 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 41 WHY CYBERBULLIES ARE ATTACKING YOUNG FEMALE HUNTERS This article is sponsored by 42 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM While bullies have likely been around since prehistoric times technology has made it much easier for large groups of people to become cyberbullies. The latest target for these bullies is a group most would not mess with (at least in person) young women who are hunters. For many reasons some simple and some complex several young female hunters have felt the wrath of tens of thousands of cyberbullies. Their crime Pursuing their passion to hunt. Even superstar professional hunters like Eva Shockey has experienced this hostility. More on this later. The actions of this mean-spirited cabal are as diverse as they are cowardly. Violent threats delivered via texts emails and social networks home addresses published online along with encouragement of wackos to go over and show them how to shoot and countless other bullying tactics have made this a problem for any female professional hunter whose livelihood depends on harvesting game and for any amateur who has the misfortune of being photographed with whitetail deer or feral hog and having it posted online. TEXAS COLLEGE STUDENT BULLIED FOR HUNTING Kendall Jones of Texas is one of the young women who has weathered a firestorm of hostility because of her passion to pursue wild game. In spite of this the college student is not backing down. According to several press reports Jones 19 is being targeted by the anti-hunting crowd as being a ruthless killer and harming the ecosystem. The controversy started during the first week of June 2014 when Jones started posting mobile uploads of her hunting adventures to Twitter and Facebook. Hundreds of violent comments resulted. One example I hope next time you get hunted by an animal you heartless biatch wrote Eva Mulek on Kendall s Facebook page. You deserve it Despite all the negative comments Kendall remains undaunted. All the anti-hunters posting negative comments and sharing my photos on their page has helped me get over 600 likes in the past 48 hours said an unapologetic Jones in an interview. Brought up in a hunting family Jones harvested her first animal a white rhino at age 13. A year later the Texas teenager downed her first elephant a charging Cape buffalo and a heavy-maned lion. A few weeks later Jones returned to Africa and bagged a leopard and a hippo giving her six of the infamous Dangerous 7 at the tender age of 14. Aside from support from countless hunters the Sportsman Channel will be airing a show in 2015 featuring Jones and her amazing hunting adventures. That makes the score Kendall Jones 50 and Cyberbullies 0. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 43 MELISSA BACHMAN HAS FELT THE WRATH OF ANTI-HUNTERS Another example of this cowardly trend involves a professional hunter. According to the website Outdoors Now Melissa Bachman a Minnesota hunter and TV host was recently at the center of an international firestorm after shooting a lion and posting a photo of it to Twitter. The image is also her Facebook profile picture. Bachman s journey into cyberbully inferno started with a tweet she posted An incredible day hunting in South Africa Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion...what a hunt Condemnation rolled in from around the globe. The U.K. based Guardian newspaper led the charge of righteous indignation and it was followed by shoots from actor comedian Ricky Gervais and former Minnesota Twin catcher Drew Butera. Of course soon thereafter this vitriol went viral with the help of social media. A Facebook page condemning Bachman amassed more than 275 000 likes while a page defending her garnered more than 43 000 likes. Bachman who grew up hunting in central Minnesota and graduated from St. Cloud State has remained silent on the topic as have the producers of her show Winchester s Deadly Passion. 44 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM MORE YOUNG WOMEN ARE CYBERBULLIED Charisa Argys a Colorado native and avid huntress who recently came under attack after a photo of her with a trophy mountain lion was shared on Facebook by an animal rights activist. That person Silvia Wadhwa is a German financial journalist currently working in Frankfurt Germany. I went on my first hunt when I was three years old said Argys. I have been hunting with my dad ever since and it is a family tradition to us. I really can t believe this is happening to me and my family. According to a report in Ammoland the website of the U.S. Sportsmen s Alliance Argys is not alone as women hunters across the country are finding themselves under attack like never before. As reported by the group in an earlier publication titled Hunters in the Crosshairs celebrity women such as Melissa Bachman Olympian Corey Cogdell Olivia Opre and others have come under scrutiny from the anti-hunting community in recent months. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 45 46 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHY ARE ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS TARGETING WOMEN HUNTERS They ve seen an increase in women hunters over the past several years and that makes them nervous said Nick Pinizzotto USSA President and CEO. The increase in women hunters shows that our hunting heritage is not only being passed on from the father of the family but from both parents. Certainly something that the anti s don t want to see as it puts their agenda in great jeopardy. Numerous photos of women hunters with downed game can be found on all branches of World Action Facebook pages and at times full names of individuals along with locations of where to find them are posted. This is just the beginning says Pinizzotto. The anti-hunters are attacking all methods of hunting to spread their radical agenda. Women unfortunately are just their next target. We have to come together as a community to make them stand down and to protect not only our hunting heritage but all who enjoy it. The fact that these hunters are attractive young women drives many people men and women nuts. Of course this is the classic definition of sexism. This issue proves that a well-educated progressive female (e.g. German journalist Silvia Wadhwa) can be as sexist as a Tennessee redneck. According to Tom Opre whose Tahoe Films produces a number of hunting shows including Extreme Huntress anti-hunting advocates specifically target attractive women. Anti-hunters hate the fact that attractive smart mothers -- women who are making things happen in their communities -- are involved in hunting Opre says. They don t fit the stereotypical definition that they try to play off with non-hunters. Opre says contestants who have appeared on Extreme Huntress a reality-style hunting show have similarly been targeted including death threats. As a participant in the recent Outpost special edition Women of the Woods & Water TV host and profession hunter Eva Shockey was asked about her experience with cyberbullies. As far as negativity you only get this on social media she laughed. When people can hide behind their computer. I don t take it seriously. I know what I m doing is a positive thing and if people want to say negative things I think they are just misinformed or na ve. They don t understand what hunters stand for so it s pretty easy to let it roll off. Clearly not every young woman who loves to hunt is as mentally tough as Eva Shockey. So it is up to mentors male and female of these women to support them in their passion to hunt. If you would like to listen to the Eva Shockey interview in its entirety click here http e women-outdoor-sports-eva-shockey The Outpost ON DEMAND. WHAT IS CAUSING THIS CYBERBULLYING OF FEMALE HUNTERS It would be simple to chalk this hostility up to antihunter vengeance exacerbated by the mob mentality which can occur in an interconnected world. That would be simple but it is also simplistic. This cyberbullying of young female hunters goes beyond this. Some of the hostility is the result of the distaste that many people feel for trophy hunting. This is also an uncomfortable topic for some avid male hunters. Putting meat in the freezer is much different than putting a mount on the wall and the people who hate hunting on basic principle have moral club to swing when there is a photo of someone posing with their African lion on a Facebook page. However this issue is even more complicated than a distaste for trophy hunting. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 47 48 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM BRINGING BACK THE WHOOPING CRANE TO LOUISIANA A MODERN-DAY CONSERVATION MIRACLE Photo by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries One suspects that James Audubon would have enjoyed the company of Bob Love. As we know from natural history Audubon was an American ornithologist naturalist and painter. He was notable for his expansive studies to document all types of American birds and for his detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats. His major work The Birds of America (1827 1839) is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. Audubon identified 25 new species. Robert (Bob) Love has a few things in common with Audubon including earning recognition for his work with birds. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries division administrator was honored back in March by the Louisiana Wildlife Federation with the 2014 Governor s Award for Conservationist of the Year. Love who manages the Coastal and Nongame Resources Division at LDWF was recognized for leading the department s biologist team involved with the reintroduction of the whooping crane to Louisiana. The vision that awareness leads to appreciation which leads to protection is working and I m hopeful that our citizens can take pride in accomplishing yet another major conservation achievement in restoring this long lost iconic and charismatic wildlife species said Love. The vast majority of Louisianans respect appreciate and support our wildlife resource management efforts. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 49 A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children. John James Audubon Love initially secured approval for the whooping crane reintroduction project to begin by proposing a funding model which has value-added component utilizing privately raised funds. He also led efforts to define the entire boundary of Louisiana as a non-essential experimental population status with the Department of Interior. This is a critical and on many levels brilliant distinction and allowed him to garner the support from all interested parties farmers businesses environmentalists. This designation allows the experimental population to be treated more like threatened as opposed to endangered status. It also allows much greater public acceptance of endangered species restoration as these birds will not impact the normal lifestyle and activities on the Louisiana landscape. BRINGING BACK THE WHOOPING CRANES In a recent interview The Outpost Magazine talked with Bob Love and Sara Zimorski Whooping Crane Project Biologist about the state s efforts to bring back these majestic birds to the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The Outpost What happened to the whooping crane population originally Why did they go away Bob Love It s a very vulnerable species. They do not have the survival advantages of say the Louisiana black bear which our agency has been working hard to down list and resource. They re not easily hidden. They re very white and they re not nocturnal. They re just so vulnerable to human harm. During the period of exploitation of lots of wildlife across America in the late 1800s and early 1900s all the buffalo the antelope whooping cranes many other species were extirpated and abused in this country. It s not just Louisiana. They were shot they were eaten their habitat was dramatically altered. A species that has a low fecundity - a low reproductive rate - cannot sustain that. That s what happened to them and we haven t had them in a long time. It s been on the radar and a lot of people have been encouraging us to get back in the game. The other re-introductions that have been attempted around the country have been failing. Millions have been spent years and decades of dedicated service. It wasn t because of lack of hard work. But it was time for Louisiana to step up if this reintroduction of the species at large in America was going to succeed. We always knew we had the key element - shallow water on the prairie. It s a prairie species and shallow water on the prairie is the answer. There s nowhere but Louisiana that can offer this. They wintered in the western Gulf Coastal Plain - which used to have a lot of that shallow water on the prairie - and it s been disappearing all over America. There s 350 million people in America two-thirds of them live in the eastern one-third of the United States. Wherever man goes he alters the habitat usually in a negative way. In Louisiana conversely there has been some modification by mankind in the form of aqua-culturing that actually benefits the species to some degree. Plus we ve still got a couple of million acres of old Cajun prairie right adjacent to our Chenier Coastal Plain Marshes. So the mosaic available - smorgasbord if you will - for whooping cranes is something that s not offered anywhere else in North America. 50 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Sara tell us about the whooping crane. What does a whooping crane look like How are you going to help them survive Sara Zimorski One of the cool things about them is their size. They are the tallest North American bird. A lot of people might be used to seeing great blue herons or maybe even sandhill cranes egrets things like that. Those birds can be three to four feet high but a whooping crane can reach a height of five feet. So they are as tall as some people and they re going to be much larger than anything else people might be used to seeing. They re distinctive in how big they are. They are a solid white bird that has black wing tips although the black wing tips are only visible if they re flying or if they stretch or flap their wings. So if they re just standing on the ground the black wings tips aren t visible. As adults they ve got a bare red patch of skin on the top of their head and some black facial markings on the side of their face. They re a real distinctive looking bird just bright white. As Bob said they re not easily hidden. They don t blend in with the surrounding vegetation or habitat. We re certainly trying to do what we can to help them but there s only so much we can do. At some point once we release the birds and they re out on their own it is up to them. Part of that is placing them in areas where the habitat will support them. Louisiana certainly has a lot of available habitat that we think will be good for whooping cranes and that the cranes are seeming to find perhaps even more habitat than we thought. Initially they re using a lot of actually agriculture rice and crawfish areas which is essentially a shallow wetlands. So it s the same type of habitat they like even though it s in an agriculture setting. The birds are doing well in that. Photo by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 51 Photo by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries The other component that we re working hard on is public support because ultimately without public support - not just here in Louisiana but across the country - if the public doesn t support this project in whooping cranes and help protect them - whether it s protecting and preserving their land or reporting instances when people are harming whooping cranes - then ultimately they won t survive. They have to have public support behind them for this project and for any other project to succeed. So a lot of our efforts aside from the birds are to just try and do a lot of education outreach to the citizens of Louisiana to make them aware of the project. Not everybody has to love whooping cranes or be a big super fan of whooping cranes but we just need folks to just leave them alone and let them do their own thing. The whooping cranes that live on the Texas Gulf Coast Aransas Pass - in the winter fly all the way back to Alberta Canada in the summer. It s amazing how any bird can be hardwired to do that but will these cranes in Louisiana do that Will they go back to Canada or what do you think s going to happen in their migration Bob Migration is amazing and sort of fascinating. How birds and how various animals can migrate and navigate like that is stunning. Historically there were both populations of whooping cranes that were migratory but also populations that were non-migratory which meant they lived in one place year-round. For cranes migration is mostly a learned behavior. So young juvenile cranes would learn that migration route by following their parents. Once they learn it one way then they know how to repeat it on their own. Historically Louisiana had a non-migratory population of whooping cranes and also our birds have not been taught or shown the migration routes. So they ll live in Louisiana year-round. 52 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Photo by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 53 Migration is also about a need to leave a cold northern climate. In the Northwest Territories of Canada in wintertime the water freezes the snow covers all their food resources so the birds have to move south to be able to find food and fresh water. In Louisiana that s not a problem at any time of the year so there s not a need to leave to find food or water and they haven t been taught. So our birds will be non-migratory. You led the charge in going to the Department of the Interior and established an experimental population status where the species was treated as not endangered but threatened. Why is that an advantage for Louisiana In 1976 the Whooping Crane Recovery Team came to Louisiana and wanted to do a restoration here because they knew the habitat that we had and the project in the north was not working. And our Wildlife Commission said no because of threat of critical habitat designation. Subsequent to the amendments to the Endangered Species Act in the early 80s they allowed this rule which allows for the nonessential experimental population. And it s really in simple form a method that allows the general public to accept endangered species restorations where the animals have to basically live in modern society and the people don t have to stop their normal lifestyle activities - whether it be coastal restoration projects waterfowl hunting oil and gas extraction cattle farming or whatever. You go about your lifestyle and that bird has to adjust to you. If for example crawfish farmer wants to drain his water to replant rice that bird s going to end up without water under it if it s standing in his crawfish pond. We ll adapt and we ll adjust to that. It s a provision that allows us to catch them and handle them put transmitters on them do things which are very difficult to do to a fullyendangered status. It allows for us to experimentally reduce this population. What that means is if every one of our birds dies it s not essential and it has no bearing on that wild population from Aransas to the Northwest Territory. It s really been beneficial to many different endangered species restorations. Our modern society allows the public to accept the kind of things that we re doing. After all what is wild anymore in our modern society Where has man not impacted the earth And so the species have to adjust to this modern lifestyle. 54 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Louisiana is the sportsman s paradise and a lot of people from all over the world come to hunt and fish. What can somebody in Georgia or North Carolina or Texas do to help you get the whooping crane back to Louisiana I ve been reading Robert Porter Allen s (he was responsible for saving he whooping cranes in the 40s and 50s) manuscript the last couple of days while I ve been home recovering from eye surgery. He says in his summary that public outreach and public awareness efforts are the most important tool to a wildlife manager in such situations. I m so proud of our corporate sponsors that have helped us to put this education and public awareness and outreach effort together. Without Chevron s support and several other corporate sponsors we would not have had the funding to do so and that has been critical. And like Sara pointed out earlier that would be critical all over America where the current restorations are ongoing. So the public has to want it number one and if people in out-of-state or elsewhere are interested in helping us we have a foundation in Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. And financial support of our foundation is critical because this is a very expensive project that- it was actually sold to Louisiana based on the valueadded funding model of one-third privately raised dollars funding everything that we re doing - in particular the education outreach effort. Information on this can be found at http wildlife whooping-cranes. My own personal religious philosophy is that God created all these species with the innate ability to fill the earth with their numbers. As long as you provide them a good habitat a little protection they know what to do. They will get it done. I think they re going to do their part we re going to do our part. We must convince the rest of the Louisiana public which includes crawfish farmers young people coming out of middle school and high school when they re out joyriding out around on country roads we need them to do their part. And everybody be aware-- we believe that awareness leads to appreciation which leads to protection. That s hopefully how people can help us. To hear the complete interview with Bob Love and Sara Zimorski Click here for the Outpost ON DEMAND http podcasts.html WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 55 THE OUTPOST RECIPES CLASSIC SOUTHERN COCKTAILS 56 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM LYNCHBURG LEMONADE Ingredients Lemon lime 1 1 4 oz Jack Daniel s 3 4 oz Triple sec 2 oz Sour mix Preparation Shake first 3 ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Top with the lemonade or lemon-lime. Add ice and stir. Garnish with lemon slices and cherries. Served On the rocks poured over ice Standard garnish Maraschino cherry Lemon wedge OLD FASHIONED INGREDIENTS 1 scant teaspoon simple syrup 2 dashes Angostura Bitters 1 half dollar sized slice orange peel 2 ounces good-quality rye or bourbon 1 maraschino cherry PREPARATION In old-fashioned glass combine simple syrup and bitters. Fill glass halfway with ice then stir about a dozen times. Add enough ice to fill glass. Squeeze orange peel over glass to extract oils add peel to glass and add whiskey. Stir just until drink is cold and alcoholic bite has softened about a dozen times. Garnish with cherry swizzle stick and straw. MINT JULEP INGREDIENTS 2 oz bourbon (100 proof or above) 1 2 oz simple syrup 9 sprigs of mint Crushed ice PREPARATION In a metal vessel combine bourbon simple syrup and the leaves from two sprigs of mint. Press gently on the mixture with a muddler and fill the vessel with crushed ice. Stir it a bit until the liquid rises then top with crushed ice to form a small mound. Garnish with the remaining mint bundles. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 57 THE OUTPOST RECIPES SMOKED TROUT WITH SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP https watch v PLs83s0KzzI&list PL56FC3 INGREDIENTS 1 pound rainbow trout butterflied and bones removed 1 tablespoon plus 1 tablespoon olive oil Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 3 cup minced shallots 16 ounces cream cheese at room temperature cup mayonnaise cup sour cream dup finely grated Parmesan cheese 1 (10 ounce) package chopped frozen spinach thawed and drained well 1 cup canned artichoke hearts packed in water drained and chopped 2 tablespoons chopped capers 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 cup dried bread crumbs 58 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM METHOD Place 1 cup of hickory chips in a large bowl cover with water and let soak for 1 hour. Brush the trout with 1 tablespoon of the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Scatter the presoaked hickory chips over the preheated charcoal and place the grid on the EGG. When the chips begin to smoke (about 2 minutes) place the trout on the grid skin side down and close the lid of the EGG. Smoke for 7 to 8 minutes until completely cooked. To check if the trout is done touch the fish for firmness. Using a long-handled spatula remove the trout from the heat and place on a sheep pan. Remove the skin and crumble the trout into bite-size pieces picking out any bones. Place in a small bowl and set aside. Using the Grill Gripper and grill mitts carefully remove the grid and add the Plate Setter legs up. Place the grid on the Plate Setter. Heat the remaining 1 tablespoon olive oil in a small saucepan on the stovetop add the garlic and shallots and cook for 3 to 4 minutes until translucent but not brown. Transfer the garlic-shallot mixture to the bowl of an electric mixer. Add the cream cheese mayonnaise sour cream parmesan cheese spinach artichokes garlic shallot mixture capers lemon juice 1 teaspoons salt and teaspoon pepper to the mixer bowl and combine the ingredients on low speed until just mixed. Add the smoked trout and combine briefly do not over mix. Pour the mixture into the baking dish and cover tightly with foil. Place the dish on the Plate Setter and bake for 30 minutes. Uncover and top with the bread crumbs. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes more until brown and bubbly. Remove the trout dip from the Plate Setter. Let the dip rest for 10 to 15 minutes before serving. Serves 8.for doneness. The flat bread should be crispy and browned on the bottom and the toppings should be hot and bubbly. Cook for an additional 5 minutes if needed. Transfer the pizzas to a board. Let rest for 2 minutes. Slice each pizza into six pieces. 59 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 CAT-EATING MONITOR LIZARDS INVADE FLORIDA Another set of pet owners is screwing up the ecosystem. This time it s in Florida and it involves the Nile monitor lizard. The species is originally from Africa but established a population after being released by pet owners. They are large they are hungry and they have been in Florida since at least the early 1990s. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Nile monitor lizards have breeding populations in at least three counties and have been sighted across the state. On warm days the lizards can be seen basking in the sun along the waterways in Palm Beach County or even sauntering on beaches. Since surveys of the species started last year officials have become increasingly worried over what kind of effect the lizard could have on the state. This is especially true since the monitors seem intent on eating just about anything that comes within reach. Nile monitors eat a wide variety of food items including small mammals reptiles fish amphibians and more said biologist Jenny Ketterlin Eckles. Because their diet is so varied we are assessing whether this species may have an impact on Florida s native wildlife. THE LIZARD THAT ATE FLORIDA For now the FWC has listed the Nile monitor as a high environmental concern and is asking the public photo- graph and report any monitors they see. The lizards are especially active this time of year for the breeding season and residents of southern Florida may see some of these ugly creatures basking or foraging for food along canal banks. The FWC will capture any Nile monitors they see but warns residents not to try and catch one themselves. Monitors are not inherently aggressive but will readily defend themselves if needed. In their native range in Africa Nile monitors have been known to get into fights with large predators such as wild dogs and lions and come out unscathed. The lizards which can grow up to five feet long have a notorious reputation as thieves and will often steal prey from right under the noses of other predators. In Florida however the monitor lizard has made another name for itself a cat-eater. Pet disappearances and the discovery of dead feral cats are often blamed on Nile monitors yet officials cannot confirm whether domestic animals make up a significant part of the animal s diet. What is known is that the monitor lizards are having a negative effect on alligators. The crafty lizards have been documented crawling into alligator nests to devour eggs similar to their habits in Africa with crocodile nests. Interestingly it seems that the monitors will also prey on other invasive species as well such as young Burmese pythons. 60 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 61 SEPTEMBER SONG 2015 By O Neill Williams It s summer but September will be here soon and I have a suggestion for you. Soon we ll be feeling the temperatures begin to drop and the air get dryer. It will feel good. The football season and match-ups will drift into your thoughts. The golden days of autumn will wrap us in crisp dry days just filled with outdoor activities. You ll have lots to things to do lots of trips to arrange fishing will be excellent deer hunting will be the talk of every guy in camo thousands will fill local stadiums for Friday night high school contests and the colors of burnished yellows and dark reds of the mountains will draw campers from all walks of life. You and your family will be really busy. I ve been there. I know what you ll do. You ll try and do it all. That s OK. However what I want to recommend here is for you to recall those times as a youth when your family wasn t quite so busy when every moment wasn t filled with planned activity when every evening and weekend wasn t with a group of thousands. Take a moment to recall long ago when you and your dad went fishing alone or walked the edges of a frosty cornfield with shotguns cradled. Sometimes it s better to be able to look forward to individual instruction individual attention and one on one conversation not the game not the team and not some type of victory to attain. Don t you remember when you and your father or grandfather had a fishing or hunting trip planned and you knew it was going to be just the two of you I do. I was always lying in bed wake and waiting for the sounds of the floor creaking as he got up and started the day. 62 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM My mother would make lunch and we carried it in a brown paper bag. We had no coolers. We just took a Mason jar that doubled for a thermos. I dressed in jeans with big rolled up cuffs a striped tee shirt and an Atlanta Crackers baseball cap. I had one old square fiberglass rod and a Zebco 33. Boy was I nervous. I either talked a mile a minute or not at all. We bought a small box of red wigglers for 50 cents. The bait shop guy would pour the wigglers out on a cardboard sheet to make sure there were plenty there. If an extra coin or two was available a small sleeve of crickets came along too. Sometimes in preparation I would catch grasshoppers or crickets myself for several days before hand by putting a piece of loaf bread in a gallon jar in the bushes on the lot next door. I d catch a dozen or more. As far as the catching goes a few lonely bluegills fell to our offerings but it didn t really matter we were there together. I would roam the banks trying one spot after another thrilled at the sight of a small bass or two and thinking that one would bite on the next cast. The point is to spend some time together planning and going. I ve never forgotten those days. I m sure you remember them too. Why not plan a trip soon with your son grandson daughter or granddaughter not to a football game not with a crowd just you two. I guarantee you ll see eyes light up in anticipation and a little person thrilled to be thought of as so special as to be taken fishing. O WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 63 R G EA ST U TP O 64 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Girls With Guns Clothing Head cover These boots were made for more than walkin ...and that s just what they ll do Girls With Guns Clothing (GWG) has got you covered. The dog days of summer are here but the chilly days of fall and winter are just around the corner which means deer season. Make sure you are warm and covered. This Mossy Oak camo pattern head cover is also great for those spring time turkey hunts to keep you hidden from that giant gobbler. O The head cover fits perfectly and breathes. The soft and comfortable microfleece is made from 100% Polyester with Zeobound Scent Control Technology. It is also wind resistant. For only 39.99 your GWG Head Cover is not only functional but fashionable. Get yours at O Under Armour Unleashes Pinnacle Fishing Gear From foul weather conditions to sweltering summer days anglers know that extensive time on the water means damaging wear and tear on your body and gear. New for 2015 the Under Armour Ridge Reaper Hydro Series utilizes apparel technologies designed to perform and protect against all-weather conditions keeping you in the fight from dawn until dusk. Spawned from Under Armour s proprietary Ridge Reaper_Barren series the UA Ridge Reaper Hydro line is a state-of-the-art system for the extreme angler. This new fishing apparel series features UA s pioneering HYDRO ARMOURTM incorporating quick dry technology with unparalleled UPF and chlorine salt protection for superior on the water performance. UA Ridge Reaper Hydro Jacket 399.99 UA Ridge Reaper Hydro Bib 349.99 UA Ridge Reaper Hydro Shirt 119.99 UA Ridge Reaper Hydro Hoodie 99.99 UA Ridge Reaper Hydro Shorts 89.99 The UA Ridge Reaper Hydro line of products is now available at WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 65 U O TP ST G EA R R ST G EA TP O U 66 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Frankford Arsenal Releases the Platinum Series Hand De-primer Tool For those who prefer to load-their-own this revolutionary hand de-primer is perfect for the job. It s another premium product offered under the Platinum Series line by Frankford Arsenal. The Platinum Series Hand De-primer is made of robust die cast aluminum and features a full length ergonomic grip. The fully contained operating system captures the spent primers in a collection tube of which can be removed and emptied with ease. O The Platinum Series Hand De-primer features the (patent pending) Universal Collet System that can handle brass from .20 caliber all the way up to .338 Lapua. This versatile Hand De-primer can also de-prime pistol brass and Military crimped primers quickly and easily. In just 4 easy steps you can de-prime your spent brass by hand The Platinum Series Hand De-primer is truly an essential tool to add to your reloading station. Battenfeld Technologies Inc. based in Columbia Missouri is now owned by Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. The company develops and sells shooting reloading gunsmithing and gun cleaning supplies under several popular premium brands including innovative top quality products under Battenfeld Technologies Inc. including Caldwell Shooting Supplies Wheeler Engineering Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies Frankford Arsenal Reloading Tools Lockdown Vault Accessories and HooymanTM Premium Tree Saws. For more information about Battenfeld Technologies Inc. products visit or call 573-445-9200. O New RedHead Reality Series Custom Cherry Friction Turkey Call It shouldn t be so hard to fool a turkey. At least that s what you tell yourself each season. But sometimes it just doesn t go your way. The RedHead Reality SeriesTM Custom Cherry Friction Turkey Calls which are available in glass and slate tops can up your calling game and bring that gobbler into range. Each pot is crafted from a gorgeous cherry wood that not only looks great but resonates well with the call giving a deep and natural tone. Select from either a natural slate calling surface that produces warm and extremely natural sounding clucks yelps and purrs or the long-distance reach of a glass calling surface that produces outstanding long-range turkey tones and rich tones at lower volumes for close range work. Either surface is designed to give you optimal control and tone with minimal hand movement something that you re sure to appreciate when the birds are closing in. Each call comes with two strikers. The Redhead purple heart striker produces perfect yelps purrs clucks and soft tree talk. The hardwood striker helps you make quick changes in pitch plus it has a waterproof tip for those hunts when Mother Nature decides to open up the skies. This striker ensures you ll still be singing in the rain. Add one or both of these calls to your turkey-talking arsenal by going to http or your nearest Bass Pro Shops store. RedHead Reality Series Custom Cherry Glass Friction Turkey Call High performance glass-top friction turkey call for hardcore turkey hunting Glass calling surface for long reaching calls Beautiful cherry pot for consistent sound Comes with 2 strikers - purpleheart and hardwood with waterproof tip Retail price 24.99 RedHead Reality Series Custom Cherry Slate Friction Turkey Call High performance slate-top friction turkey call for hardcore turkey hunting Natural slate calling surface for soft and natural clucks and yelps Beautiful cherry pot for consistent deep and resonant sound Comes with 2 strikers - purpleheart and hardwood with waterproof tip Retail price 24.99 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 67 U O TP ST G EA R 68 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HOW MAN-MADE STRUCTURES CAN ATTRACT CRAPPIE SOME TIPS ON CATCHING THIS GREAT GAMEFISH There are few activities more exciting than catching aggressive game fish. If they happen to taste great there s an additional bonus. This describes fishing for crappie perfectly. While they can be caught any time of the year and many fishermen prefer the summer and fall seasons. In order have success in catching crappie it s necessary to understand how crappie survive. They are ambush predators and they rely on concealment for finding food. If an angler can find the concealment and present a credible prey bait in a tempting manner it s crappie time Crappie can be caught by the beginner angler and they offer a challenge to the most experienced fisherman. They have been called nomads because they cruise a wide area especially after the spawn. They avoid the noon heat by going deeper and they tend to follow creek channels from deep to shallow water where they will feed in the late afternoon. Because these fish are like to hide and wait for their lunch to swim by some proactive anglers choose to give them a little incentive to hang around a specific place. THE HOW AND WHY OF BUILDING UNDERWATER STRUCTURES Crappie like children need a little structure in their lives. This structure comes in the form of old tree stumps tires and any other detritus that finds its way to the bottom of the lake or stream. This junk is a magnet for game fish. So if fish love to hang around these structures why not use this natural inclination to catch a few of them This is exactly what some anglers are doing. They re building artificial structures and in the process creating their own private honey holes. WHAT TYPES OF STRUCTURES WORK BEST This idea of creating fish-friendly environments has been around for a long time especially among bass and crappie anglers. There are entire fishing clubs who collect discarded Christmas trees bind them to cement blocks using baling wire and sink them by threes and fours in locations they want to fish later in the season. While this is ingenious there may be some legal ramifications and anglers should always check local regulations. In the northern climes where lakes and even slow-moving streams freeze over in the winter proactive angles drag the trees or other fish attractants over the ice mark the location with a GPS device and come back when the ice is melted to see if the fish have found the spot. In warmer areas the trees or other artificial structures are placed on the deck or towed to the locations where they are released to sink to the bottom and start attracting fish. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 69 Another strategy involves using wooden stakes to build these fish hang-outs. The stakes are driven in to the bottom of the lake or stream using some form of extension such as steel pipes. When the GPS coordinates are taken the fishermen can return after the structure has had time to develop a following among the area fish. WHY THIS WORKS Game fish are predators and as such they will always look for places which (1) have smaller fish such as minnows swimming around and (2) give them cover so that they can get within striking distance of these smaller fish by hiding and waiting. These artificial structures supply both. The wood of the submerged trees and stakes catches algae which then attracts plankton. In a short amount of time the entire food chain follows. Crappie bass and other game fish hang around to consume the minnows that gather to eat the plankton and the word gets around fast among the other fish In a very short time a honey hole is created and for the anglers who built it and know where to find it it can result in some very productive fishing. These artificial attractors can be made of a wide range of materials not just wooded stakes pallets or trees. Plastic PVC pipes are particularly popular and well-known outdoor commentator Bill Dance has his own model the Porcupine Fish Attractor which is sold in most big-box and many smaller independent sporting goods and fishing specialty stores. Dance s Porcupine looks like well a giant PVC porcupine and when secured underwater is rumored to be very effective in attracting the big ones who want to eat the little ones. WHERE S THE BEST PLACE TO PUT THEM First it is best stay away from areas where there are already lots of natural structures in the water. These areas won t benefit much from an artificial attraction. Experts in building these attractors suggest that the best locations for setting them up are along deep rock bluffs at the junction of two bodies of water along the edge of a creek channel at the deep end of a long point and the slope of a hump and in the middle of a channel. Avoid placing these structures in too-shallow water because they will impede navigation by boaters. Also avoid placing them in too-deep water because if they are at the thermocline depth there will not be enough oxygen to support the food chain. It is important to remember that it is illegal to place the structures in some public waterways. It is therefore advisable to check with local water regulatory agencies such the local river authority local fish and game agencies or the Army Corps of Engineers. It s also important to keep the location of your new honey hole a secret from the other anglers who might be fishing the area. Don t set up markers or other obvious locators where you have placed the structure unless you want every other fisherman reaping the benefit of your hard work. Best bet is to mark the area with your smartphone s GPS and keep those coordinates locked in a safe place OTHER TIPS ON CATCHING CRAPPIE This type of fish requires the angler to master the art of brush fishing. With brush fishing there is a constant challenge of losing hooks jigs and weights. Expert guides have a wide range of high tech electronics that help them find the exact depth where the crappie are congregating but for the beginner it seems logical to apply the famous KISS principle. 70 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The simplest way to catch crappie is to use a tandem hook rigged with a heavy weight on the end and two hooks tied to the line. With this configuration it is possible to feel the weight as it bumps into anything substantial (a stump old tire buried treasure or manmade structure) in the water. Another simple technique it to tie a 1 32 ounce white or yellow jig to the main fishing line which is usually 12-pound test then tie a separate drop line of less strength (6 pound test) and cinch a split-shot to this line. The light drop line should extend 6 inches or so below the jig so that the fisherman can feel the stumps or other hang-outs for crappie. If the drop line snags and is lost it is easy to replace the split shot. Many fishing guides suggest trolling with a jig and minnow combination. In this scenario it is recommended that the angler uses a drop line with a light weight - maybe even something as simple as a nail. One can also use this technique to catch crappie at night. It helps to use floating lights a jacklight for night fishing. Just make sure that are wired to a separate battery from the one that is used to start the boat THE JIG IS UP The best baits for catching crappie are jigs plastic grubs marabou spinners as well as good old-fashion minnows. If minnows are used it is best to hook the minnow through the lip for trolling through the eye socket for jigging and behind the dorsal fin for bobber fishing. A jig is a type of fishing lure that consists of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it and usually covered by a soft body to attract fish. Jigs are intended to create a jerky vertical motion as opposed to spinner baits which move through the water horizontally. One well-respected guide in Texas Wally Marshall (aka Mr. Crappie ) notes that jigs are far superior to minnows because they don t die you don t run out of them in the middle of catching a bunch of fish you don t have to worry about them being too small or too large and you can get back to fishing quicker after catching something Needless to say Mr. Marshall doesn t use minnows to catch crappie. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 For successful jigging the fisherman needs to use a rod which is good for feeling a strike and needs to stay in contact with the lure and get it to where the fish are. Most fish caught by jigs are on or near the bottom. On his website ( ) Marshall suggests using a chartreuses or pink colored jig with a weight of 1 16 1 8 or 1 4 ounce. KNIT PURL AND CATCH One of the most important tricks to snagging crappie is to develop a fine tactile sense. If you think tactile is something you put on a bathroom floor think again. Crappie tend to be nibblers and more than a few have been caught by fisherman who have a keen sense when their line is moving. Interestingly women and young children tend to have a better tactile sense because their hands are more sensitive than hands that have been involved in working on car engines and sawing tree limbs for years One cool technique that can be used to get a better feel for crappie thinking about taking the jig or minnow is called the knit and purl approach. Rather than using an up and down jigging motion an angler can try lifting and pulling the line with a forefinger while twisting the hand holding the rod around. By handling the rod this way it is possible to feel even the gentle nibbling of a crappie and it makes it easier to anticipate a crappie strike. Whether you have a tripped out boat with a side imaging sonar depth finder and a tackle box full of jigs in every color of the rainbow or you re 10 years old and have a cane pole with a string a couple of hooks and a bobber you can have a blast catching this game fish. Whether you call it crappie or use the term the Acadians in Louisiana use Sac au lait all it takes is some patience a little luck and the good sense to change strategy whenever they re not buying what you re selling. 72 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 73 Summer time Summer Time MEET Sum Summer Time Sum REBECCA WOLFE SPRADLEY High Time to Check Out America s Top 100 Family Fishing and Boating Spots In case you missed it National Fishing and Boating Week was celebrated June 6 14 which makes this month the perfect time to grab your gear and family and get on the water. The popular website Take Me Fishing.Org along with state fish and wildlife agencies identified more than 250 family-friendly places to fish and boat across the United States. That list was then voted on by 23 000 outdoor enthusiasts to select the Top 100 places to fish and boat in America 74 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The website used these family-friendly qualities The spots are within an hour drive of a major city or town so they are easily accessible. Have a public body of water that is known for having plenty of common fish species such as bass crappie bluegill and trout. Often times these public places are stocked with fish. Amenities such as playgrounds and campgrounds picnic areas restrooms and parking spaces. Plenty of places to cast a line like a fishing pier. May also have a boat ramp to allow you to reach other areas by boat. Recommended by other anglers Anglers from across the U.S. cast their vote and thought these parks offered some of the best fishing spots in the country. Without further ado (because after all who likes further ado anyway) here are the top of the top. THE TOP TEN PLACES 1) Everglades National Park Florida 2) Bahia Honda State Park Florida 3) Blue Springs State Park Florida 4) Kissimmee State Park Florida 5) Keystone State Park Pennsylvania 6) Clear Lake State Park California 7) Skyway Fishing Pier State Park Florida 8) Galveston Island State Park Texas 9) Presque Isle State Park Pennsylvania 10) Lackawana State Park Pennsylvania Here s the entire list PACIFIC REGION North Cascades National Park - WA Potholes State Park - WA American Lake Park - WA Southwest Region Galveston Island State Park - TX Cedar Hill State Park - TX Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge - TX Woods Canyon Lake - AZ Inks Lake State Park - TX Lake Livingston State Park - TX Lake Corpus Christi State Park - TX Lake Havasu State Park - AZ Lake Pleasant Regional Park - AZ MIDWEST REGION Starved Rock State Park - IL Chain O Lakes State Park - IL Brookville Lake-Whitewater Memorial State Park Complex-IN Table Rock State Park - MO Cedar River State Harbor- MI Fort Custer State Park - MI High Cliff State Park - WI Itasca State Park - MN Sleepy Hollow State Park - MI August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area - MO Dodge 4 State Park - MI North Point Marina on Lake Michigan - IL Lakeshore State Park - WI Portage Lakes State Park - OH Mosquito Lake State Park - OH Johnson Sauk Trail State Park - IL Holly Recreation Area - MI Eagle Creek Park - IN Pymatuning Lake State Park - OH Carson Park - WI Father Hennepin State Park - MN Grand River Park - MI Jim Edgar Panther Creek Park - IL Sioux Passage Park - MO Fort Snelling State Park - MN SOUTHEAST REGION Everglades National Park - FL Bahia Honda State Park - FL Blue Springs State Park - FL Kissimmee State Park - FL Skyway Fishing Pier State Park - FL Jordan Lake State Recreation Area - NC Lake James State Park - NC Lake Norman State Park - NC Savannah National Wildlife Refuge - GA Kernersville Lake Park - NC Guntersville State Park - AL Tugaloo State Park - GA Table Rock State Park - SC Tropical Park - FL High Falls State Park - GA Natchez-Trace State Park - TN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 75 Summit Lake State Park - IN Maumee Bay State Park - OH Bayshore County Park - WI Riverside Park - IN Governor Nelson State Park - WI Fort Yargo State Park - GA Oak Mountain State Park - AL Lake Cumberland State Resort Park - KY Lake Talquin State Park - FL Georgia Veterans State Park - GA NORTHEAST REGION Keystone State Park - PA Presque Isle State Park - PA Lackawanna State Park - PA Round Valley Recreation Area - NJ Bull s Island State Park - NJ Spruce Run State Park - NJ Moraine State Park - PA Hempstead Lake State Park - NY Lake Anna State Park - VA Nockamixon State Park - PA Grafton Lakes State Parks - NY Cape Cod National Seashore - MA Smith Mountain Lake State Park - VA Little Buffalo State Park - VA Pocahontas Lake State Park - PA 76 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Belmont Lake State Park - VA Oneida Shores Park - NY John Heinz at Tinicum National Wildlife Refuge - NY Bear Creek Lake State Park - PA Niawanda Park - VA Gantry Plaza State Park -NY Prospect Park -NY Walden Pond State Reservation - MA MOUNTAIN PRAIRIE REGION Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area - NE Harlan County Reservoir - NE Lake Wanahoo State Recreation Area - NE Chatfield State Park - CO Two Rivers State Recreation Area - NE Lake Pueblo State Park - CO Aurora Reservoir Park - CO PACIFIC SOUTHWEST REGION Clear Lake State Park - CA Dockweiler State Beach - CA Echo Park - CA Lake Chabot Regional Park - CA Moonlight State Beach - CA Pleasure Cove Resort and Marina - CA Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge-CA If you re near any of these great places you have no reason to hang around the house. Get out there and wet a line. All information courtesy of WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 77 Hit the Long Road to Nowhere Over the past three years you may have noticed The Outpost Music columns never offer negative comments. This is not because there s not a lot of musical crap out there there most certainly is. Just listen to your typical radio station. It s just not our role to point this out. When we decided to cover music along with outdoor sports gear food wine whiskey and books we decided to only feature that which we believe our readers and listeners to The Outpost Radio will dig. Yes that s definitely arbitrary. However it s not capricious. You will never read a snarky review about any artist featured in The Outpost because they won t show up unless we think you will like them. The task of writing these drive-by criticisms will fall to others. This makes us think long and hard about the artists we feature in these music columns. We want to find those artists albums and individual tracks that men and women who love the good life in in the great outdoors will have on their iPod and listen to when they re sitting in a deer or duck blind. 78 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https watch v FKOtTsuCJ50 This brings us to the second musical group featured in this month s Outpost. This time it s just one track (the group is cutting a new live album and it will be out soon) but if you are passionate about the outdoors we think you will be hooked by this song. Micky & the Motorcars is an Americana band formed in one of the most beautiful areas in the world Stanley Idaho. They then decided to move to another beautiful spot Austin Texas. The band has released five mainstream albums including a live album. The members of this up-and-coming outfit include Micky Braun (acoustic guitar lead vocals) Gary Braun (lead & harmony vocals guitars mandolin harmonica) Dustin Schaefer (lead guitar) Joe Fladger (bass) and Bobby Paugh (drums & percussion). If you follow music you might recognize the name Braun. Micky and Gary Braun are the younger brothers of Willy and Cody Braun of the Austin-based-based band Reckless Kelly. Whatever their mama was feeding the Braun brother should be put on the market because they have grown some serious musical chops. Micky and the Motorcars perform yearly at the Braun brothers Reunion held in Challis Idaho. As for this track the musical hook and scenery from this video is worth the price of admission. Sit back and enjoy the Long Road to Nowhere. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 79 https watch v Wl_eNu4NUVI When you listen to Brandi Carlile and The Twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth harmonize on Eye you realize their voices and this song are a rare combination of message and media. Her unique vocal ability and sheer strength reminds one of Patsy Cline (whom she says was an early influence) and Adele and the words of this song are masterful. However this is just one of a dozen great songs on The Firewatcher s Daughter. Carlile and The Twins have been known as a folk act since they emerged from the Seattle area several years ago but that should change with the release of the wide-spread play of this record. There are some cuts Mainstream Kid and Alibi come to mind which rock your socks off. The Heart and Melissa Etheridge kind of sound complete with big fat guitar and chorus hooks that would shock the bejeesus out of any self-respecting folkie At the same time Carlile and Twins have not forgotten who brought them to the dance. Raw personal lyrics delivered in three-part harmony that their fans loved in their last offering The Story (produced with producer wizard T Bone Burnett) are very much a part of The Firewatcher s Daughter. They just have a little rougher edge. Some of the better ballads on the record include I Belong to You Stanger at my Door Begin80 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ning to Feel the Years and Heroes Songs . All are beautifully constructed stories played and song by three people who are clearly at the peak of their talents. There are some great pop songs in this album as well. Wherever Your Heart Is sounds like the next single and will definitely sell LOTS of downloads. It s dominated by rockin acoustic guitars (Think Wake Up Lil Susie by the Everly Brothers) and is a perfect summer song. But let s return to the first single from the CD Eye. The three part harmony on this tune are reminiscent of those sounds and lyrics heard on a clear spring Sunday morning at a church in Appalachia...way back in the holler. It is no exaggeration to call this song and this performance spiritual. The lyrics of Eye co-written by trio are simple but brilliant. You can dance in the hurricane But only if you re dancing in the eye In an interview with NPR Brandi said The Eye used to be two separate songs. One of the ways we write is just to walk around near each other playing our songs and passively wait for the other two to say What s that you should go to that minor chord earlier or something. Tim had been playing these two songs that you could really tell were beginning to take shape into something special. Phil and I just suggested that he combine them and I added a last verse. When they took shape we just decided to go for it and make this our one song where we sing evenly all the way through. As several reviewers have noted this song epitomizes this entire record. It is indeed a hurricane of original songs and dead solid perfect musical arrangements. Listeners will want to stand in the eye... listening closely and dancing when the spirit moves them. Photo by Shore Fire Media WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 81 DUCKS UNLIMITED LAUNCHES NEW ONLINE FILM SERIES FOR WATERFOWLERS PASS THE POPCORN Tea Sweet https watch v a65FgT4kxxo The world s largest non-profit organization dedicated to conserving North American waterfowl habitat wants to take you to the movies. And you don t have to leave the comfort of your easy chair. Ducks Unlimited has launched a new online film series for anyone who is passionate about waterfowl and waterfowl hunting. DU Films includes six short films that will premiere on the DU website this spring. To see the first film Carving a Legacy and find more information about the series just click here dufilms This new film series captures the essence of what it means to be a waterfowler said DU CEO Dale Hall. We set out to explore the lives and stories of duck hunters across the country--to find out why they became hunters what drives their passion how they are passing on the traditions and why they are giving back to the resource. I think viewers will really enjoy the thoughtful and artistic approach we have taken with this project. These short films help to convey some critical values that drive us to do what we do Family love of our country and our responsibility to take care of the natural gifts from our creator. THESE ARE NOT THE USUAL FORMULAS FOR OUTDOOR SHOWS Produced in partnership with Rock Road Creative DU Films goes beyond the confines and formulas of traditional duck hunting shows presenting the beauty and passion of waterfowling in new and unexpected ways. Advances in digital cinematography help capture breathtaking waterfowl action like never before. Remote cameras catch the action from unique perspectives. And with state-of-the-art editing and evocative storytelling viewers will find themselves immersed in unforgettable waterfowl experiences. 82 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM At the heart of this series is a drive to conserve the habitats that make it all possible--from the prairie breeding grounds in the North to coastal wintering grounds in the South and countless areas in between. DU welcomes Sitka Gear Buck Gardner Calls and The Original Muck Boot Company as sponsors of this unique project. We re thrilled to have these organizations partner with us to bring DU Films to the waterfowling community said Hall. Their support of DU Films illustrates their commitment to the future of waterfowling and the conservation of the resources that make it all possible. According to the announcement of the film series Sitka Gear is the leading manufacturer of high-performance hunting apparel that utilizes cutting-edge technology to keep hunters warm dry and comfortable in any condition. For more information visit the Sitka website or call 877.SITKA-GR. Buck Gardner grew up duck hunting. In fact calling became such a passion of his that it led him to a multitude of awards for his skill with a call culminating with taking the Champion of Champions World Duck Calling Championship in 1995. Buck channels his unique passion for duck hunting into every call he designs. Each call is hand tuned for a precise and defined sound that is true. Find out more at The Original Muck Boot Company provides premium high-performance footwear for hunters hikers and all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. The brand s signature neoprene material provides comfort and 100-percent waterproof protection offering lightweight boots for every season. With temperature ratings in cold weather conditions to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and for warm weather up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit Muck Boots offer style with substance. Established in 1937 Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 13 million acres thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science and dedicated to program efficiency DU works toward the vision of wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today tomorrow and forever. For more information on the organization visit WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 83 Editor s Note Like it or not we have become a very litigious society. This continues even when we re out in the wilderness relaxing. We re proud to begin a new feature which we hope will make you think and save you some grief and money. These columns while not intended to replace the advice of a lawyer are written by an avid outdoorsman who just happens to be a very smart lawyer - Randy Hall. PRESERVING THE EVIDENCE THE 6 STEPS TO TAKE AFTER AN ATV ACCIDENT By Randy Hall - Attorney at Law An Arkansas man did not return from camp as expected. All that was known is that he was riding his four wheeler. However friends generally knew where he hunted. Two hours after dark a private search party was formed. After an all-night search he was ultimately found in the woods with a broken leg a closed head injury and extreme hypothermia. His four wheeler was found nearby overturned with massive front end damage. Every year all year the news media and social media are filled with accidents and even deaths involving deer stands firearms all-terrain vehicles mules or other hunting transportation vehicles. Some are minor while some are more serious. Most if not all are discounted to operator error. Indeed 500 cc s of raw power and the outdoors reminds one of fictional Bubba s last words Hey you guys watch this Adages such as this have created a preconceived notion by both operators and onlookers that the vehicle was being operated recklessly or the accident would have never occurred. And while this is many times the truth it should not be generally accepted in all cases without investigation. Many accidents are caused by unknown and unpublished product defects. THIS STORY HAD AN ENDING WITH A DIFFERENT TWIST Fortunately when the search party that recovered the man and his ATV attempted to start the vehicle it was discovered that it was out of fuel. This confounded all involved. Luckily rather than refuel and ride the ATV out of the woods they chose to haul it to shelter where it was unloaded and left to speculators as to what occurred. The man slowly recovered but not without permanent injury. Even so he could recall one simple fact as he was starting the ATV it charged ahead at full RPM without notice or warning. And despite his best efforts to slow the machine down it forged ahead at high speeds until the crash occurred. With that limited information an investigation ensued. Attorneys were hired and experts examined the ATV in its original post wreck collision. Engineers determined that the throttle cable had stuck in the wide open position when the man had gassed the rig upon starting it. Thus the empty fuel tank mystery was solved. 84 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM CONTACT RANDY HALL VIA EMAIL AT RHALLLAW GMAIL.COM IF YOU HAVE LEGAL QUESTIONS RELATING TO OUTDOOR SPORTS AND WOULD LIKE FOR RANDY TO ANSWER THEM IN FUTURE COLUMNS EMAIL HIM AT THIS ADDRESS. What was ultimately discovered was that the manufacturer of this particular brand of ATV had known about this defect on this particular model. But rather than a recall in the hot selling ATV market the manufacturer simply chose to pay the claims for injured persons. The man ultimately recovered enough money to care for him for the remainder of his life with punitive damages. Fortunately for the man his friends and well-wishers neither attempted to repair the ATV nor did they refuel it after the -accident. Had they done so the valuable evidence from this collision would have been lost. If you are ever the victim or a party to an accident in the woods and products are involved it is important to follow these important steps. FOLLOW THESE SIX STEPS AFTER AN ACCIDENT One secure the product in its current condition. Do not attempt a repair. Do not allow others to alter or repair the product. Two take steps to keep the product dry and out of the weather. Water and element damage can change or alter the product such that a defect cannot be determined. Three if there are broken parts or pieces secure them as well and keep them with the product. Four is there is original labeling packaging or users guides keep them safely tucked away for examination. Five once the accident victim is taken for care take photos of the scene the product as it is found and where it is found if possible. Six contact a professional attorney who is experienced in products liability to guide you and protect your rights. Not all manufacturers of products are unscrupulous as the one in this case. But there is continual market saturation of new or new and improved products that have rushed to the marketplace without proper testing labeling or warnings. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 85 https watch v nZZw02b8ErI HUNTIN IS GOOD 86 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 87 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 88 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It s is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 89 WWW.GUNDOGBROKER.COM 90 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 91 THE OTHER FALL TRADITION For 39 years we have been keeping the Bird Hunting tradition alive by producing lasting memories at the Plantation. Explosive coveys outstanding dog work and up-scale accommodations are available just one hour east of Atlanta. Season runs Oct. 1- March 31 Come just once and you will be a customer for life 1161 Blackwell Rd Newborn GA 30056 (706) 557-0407 92 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. Isadora Duncan P.O. Box 983 Reitz 9810 Free State Province South Africa Matt 27(0) 72 540 0057 Jacklyne 27(0) 82 091 5903 Fax 27(0) 86 538 3660 info likhulusafaris WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 93 WWW.GEORGIAALLIGATORHUNTING.COM (229) 251-9929 94 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM MICHIGAN U.P. GROUSE HUNTS & FISHING TRIPS These action-packed hunting & fishing trips are conducted in the game rich Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our Cast & Blast Lodge. We hunt on over a million acres of premier grouse habitat - recognized by many as the top grouse hunting destination in North America Both grouse and woodcock are plentiful in the surrounding aspen-filled forests. Fishing takes place on Lake Superior and Lake Gogebic the largest inland lake in Michigan. Lake Gogebic encompasses 13 380 acres with 38 miles of beautiful shoreline and boasts more state angler awards than any other lake in the Upper Peninsula. Species on Lake Gogebic include Northern Pike Walleye Perch and Smallmouth Bass. On Lake Superior the prized Lake Trout is the most abundant species and will be the primary species we will pursue. Coho Salmon is the next most abundant Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Chinook Salmon and Lake Herring are occasionally caught. CAST AND BLAST GROUSE HUNT AND FISHING PACKAGE 1750 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1500 per person). 5 full days of hunting and fishing - your choice. Hunters are welcome to bring their dogs with them or hire a guide. Upgrade to a fully guided trip for an additional 1000.00 per Group (includes dog handler trained pointers and fishing guide). MICHIGAN COMBO FISHING PACKAGE 1575 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1250 per person). 4 full days of semi-guided fishing on Lake Gogebic and then 1 day on a Lake Superior Charter Boat chasing Lake Trout and Salmon. Trip can be upgraded to fully guided for 200 per day INCLUDED IN ALL TRIPS Lodging in our resort which consists of 7 completely furnished cabins overlooking Lake Gogebic. All trips start with check in on Saturday afternoon and end with checkout on Friday morning. Each day starts with a continental breakfast a lunch at the lodge and a home style dinner each evening. 17 Crestliner Boats equipped with 90 HP motors. The closest airport is Duluth MN (2 hours from the camp). Corporate groups and family reunions welcome we can accommodate up to 30 people. Additional Activities o 4 public golf courses are located within a 30-45 minute drive from the resort o The Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino is located in Watersmeet MI approxiately 40 miles from the resort HTTP CASTANDBLASTLODGES.COM PHONE (724)290-9338 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 95 THE BACK WOODS PET FISH A man gets stopped by a game warden with his basket full of fish. Warden do you have a permit for all these fish Man no sir. These are all my pet fish. Warden your pet fish How s that Man well every night I take all my pet fish for a walk to the lake I let them swim for about half hour and then I whistle and they all come back and jump in my basket and we go home. We do this every night. Warden Well that s just a crock of lies Man here I ll show you... (Releases the fish in the lake) Warden well this I got to see 5 minutes later... Warden well Man what Warden the fish Where s your pet fish Man what fish Do you have a funny hunting or fishing picture Do you have a joke that everyone should hear Email 96 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM them to art WIN FREE HUNTS AND GEAR 30 off first purchase of 100 at 10% off most products at Qualified to win FREE Hunts and Gear 12 months of The Outpost Magazine An Oupost Hat An Outpost Sticker JOIN TODAY CLICK HERE FOR JUST 29.95 YOU GET MORE THAN 100 WORTH OF FREE STUFF WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 97 HAS BEGUN Introducing the best hunting arrow ever Maxima RED TM. The enemy of superior consistent accuracy is Dynamic Spine the flexing of an arrow in flight. Broadheads can make this flexing even worse. The new hi-tech carbon Maxima REDTM is engineered with stiffer ends to contain and control Dynamic Spine to the center of the arrow or the Red ZoneTM . The result is a breakthrough in broadhead accuracy and simply the best hunting arrow ever created. Shoot BetterTM 98 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM