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Description: Articles, resources, events, and news for Virginia homeschoolers, published by the Home Educators Association of Virginia.

The Virginia home educaTor 1 Visit us at Booth 726 Discover WORLD News Group s Enlightening New Offerings at the 2015 Home Educators Association of Virginia Convention For nearly thirty years WORLD has provided clarity for the entire family with compelling Christian worldview news and enlightening educational materials for kids and our offerings are even more compelling today. ENJOY THESE PRODUCTS WITH YOUR FAMILY WORLD provides numerous ways to access reliable news including biweekly issues of award-winning WORLD Magazine the dynamic programming of WORLD Radio and the fully-shareable content of WORLD Digital--all bringing clarity to the news that matters most Get WORLD today by visiting becomeamember. God s Big WORLD is a rich environment for preschoolers to explore God s creation. With appealing magazines and fascinating sights and sounds found online and on convenient mobile apps God s Big WORLD will foster your child s love for learning. Join today at purchase. 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HEAV Board of Directors anne miller President Williamsburg Patrick ryan Vice President Purcellville Kevin mulhearn Treasurer Omaha Linda Linder Secretary Manassas rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg cherrie moore Board Member Virginia Beach Advisory Board Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro craig & Stephanie Konicki Midlothian Joseph & Tiffani miller Newport News Kevin & Katrina hoeft Goochland HEAV Staff anne miller Interim Executive Director Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support & Government Affairs Lauren Bell Convention Director helen wright Finance & Administration Manager ann miranda Office Manager Lora howard Assistant Office Manager Lisa workman Director of Special Events HEAV BOARD & StAff 16 Publications Staff maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Kathleen dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Linda mesibov Update Editor arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor michael grice Webmaster alyssa mulhearn Web-Content Editor Linda mesibov HTML Coder Susannah miller Graphic Designer Jennifer covington Social Media Manager Kelly Pedone Communications Coordinator Send addreSS changeS To Home Educators Association of Virginia 2100 W. Laburnum Avenue Suite 108A Richmond Virginia 23227 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2015 Home Educators Association of Virginia SuBmiSSion deadLineS Winter 2015 (Issue 4)--September 15 Spring 2016 (Issue 1)--December 1 Summer 2016 (Issue 2)--March 15 Fall 2016 (Issue 3)--June 15 Cover Image michaeljung 20 14 Features Crystal Paine 14 Three Keys to a Better morning 16 Practical Strategies to Stop Power Struggles Kirk Martin Departments 4 5 6 8 From the editor Mary Kay Smith From the convention director Lauren Bell 17 Sidebar Sitting to get Kids attention Kirk Martin From our Facebook Page... Freedom watch 18 einstein s connection creative expression Jeanne Fulbright 22 ClassifiedAds 20 handwriting is a Boeing 747 Technology Kristin H. Barbour mystery speaKer Ken Ham Buddy davis more info on page 11-13 fROm tHE EDitOR Mary Kay Smith One day I passed a group of women talking about stay-at-home moms and overheard one of them say scornfully Well I certainly didn t expect or want to be a kept woman I almost laughed out loud. What a ridiculous notion. Let s see--housekeeper chef laundress seamstress decorator gardener chauffeur shopper nanny nurse many professions in the role of a homemaker and when you add homeschool teacher records keeper and guidance counselor in there (for how many subjects how many grades ) the list jumps substantially. Just think how much money and frustration we re saving our families by caring for them ourselves Kept women we most definitely are not. I happen to think homeschooling is fun. My own children are grown but now I get to work with my nephews. We re always learning something new. Today we read about Dizzie Gillespie so we looked him up on YouTube. His cheeks really did puff out when he played Yesterday we checked to see what ptarmigans looked like. We ve learned Hawaiian vocabulary cooked Swedish food gazed awestruck at petunia petals under a microscope and written funny limericks. We discuss ice-skating lessons Civil Air Patrol meetings and how expensive it would be to keep a parakeet. As a homeschool mom--or in my case now aunt--we are privileged to be not just part of the children s school but of their life. We hear what they think sympathize with their frustrations and share their excitements and dreams. One of the best parts of being with the kids so much--especially in the casual environment of a homeschool--is the opportunity to have spontaneous God discussions. Last fall I had a vase of my carpet roses on the table. They were gorgeous with dark pink outer petals that faded to a beautiful delicate peach inside. As the morning progressed some of the petals began to fall onto the table. The boys decided they would arrange those petals around the vase like a wreath since the petals were still pretty and soft. The next day though the petals had withered and shrunk to half their size and their edges were curled and starting to go brown. The boys were both fascinated and disappointed by the rapid rate of decomposition. But that gave me the perfect object lesson and opportunity to discuss the principle and application of abiding in the vine from John 15 Of course in order to have quality God discussions we homeschoolers need to be Bible scholars too. So add that to the list Being the keeper of your home and children is a full-time job ministry and money-saver wrapped into one. Don t ever let anyone talk down to you because you stay at home. We are not kept women--our value is far above rubies...literally After homeschooling through high school I pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Science and Management with a minor in Biology at the University of Kentucky. I plan to be a veterinarian and Apologia Science gave me a solid foundation for my college studies. Virginia Stilwell College graduate Bachelor of Science Degree in Equine Science and Management I AM APOLOGIA SCIENCE 4 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 Give a BiG GEnEROuS SPOnSORS Something different is happening at the HEAV convention While all around us we see prices going up HEAV has been able to maintain--and even reduce--the cost for families-registering for the convention. In 2012 we introduced family friendly pricing which allowed a whole family to attend the three-day conference for one low price without having to pay additional fees for their teens and tweens. Now four years later a member family still pays just 59 to register. So how are we able to keep our prices down even though the cost of running the convention has continued to increase We have been blessed with contributions from companies who have agreed to sponsor the convention--for YOU Thanks to them we have been able to add many new features to the convention while keeping the same low price. KEynOtES AnD tHuRSDAy S PROGRAmS This year Heritage Foundation and World News Group are sponsoring our keynote sessions and The Masters College is sponsoring the Ballroom Workshops. That is enabling HEAV to bring top-notch speakers without passing on the cost to you. Sonlight is making it possible to keep the Thursday-afternoon How-to-Begin Homeschooling sessions FREE for anyone and the Institute for Faith Works Economics (IFWE) is supporting our How to Homeschool High School workshops. Liberty University School of Music Csehy Summer School of Music and Music & Arts are sponsoring our music competition for the second year--and Liberty s sponsorship is allowing us to double the number of participants REGiStRAtiOn fREEBiES Thanks to Regent University and Foreign Language for Kids each family will be blessed with a canvas bag full of helpful homeschooling information when they check in at registration. Who has not enjoyed watching their kids explore the Sprinter van roar for our parked in our lobby But did you know that it is thanks to Sprinter EuroMotorcars that we are able to use computers for on-site registration (Before that we used a much slower paper-and-pen registration.) If you have a child in our Children s Program or Special Buddies program say thank you to Learning Rx for providing T-shirts and pizza to the volunteers who selflessly serve in these programs. nEw PROGRAmS nEw BlESSinGS Thanks to sponsors contributions we are able to add new events such as this year s college fair and master classes and also expose you to wonderful companies that have a heart for homeschooling. The shuttle bus--FREE to convention attendees--is now expanded to three days thanks to Alpha Omega Publications and Samaritan Ministries. The Adventures of Rush Revere is providing scholarships for thirty active-duty military families to attend the HEAV convention free and is giving away 1500 copies of The Adventures of Rush Revere hardcover book. PASS tHE BlESSinGS HEAV uses the sponsorships as well as donations from numerous families individuals and companies to bless other homeschoolers. Through the sponsorship from The National Institute of Learning Disabilities (NILD) we are able to host a free support-group leader luncheon to thank and encourage 130 homeschool leaders. And the proceeds from this year s silent auction--a great success last year because of the many people who willingly donated items--will be used to fund an after-high school scholarship program. We encourage you to support our sponsors and our exhibitors by visiting their booths and purchasing from them on-site if you can. Stop by our sponsors specially marked booths in the Exhibit Hall and say thank you. And remember when you hear And now a word from our sponsor at a keynote session know that hundreds of people are blessed by the generosity of our sponsors. We pray they are a blessing to you Sponsors by Lauren beLL Convention DireCtor The Virginia home educaTor 5 from our Facebook page... my husband wants to stay at Embassy Suites and drive to the convention but i m concerned about parking. Any thoughts or advice for a newbie ann Park at the Coliseum parking garage and walk straight across the Coliseum yard to the convention center. (The convention center has parking but you have to get there early for that.) There is other parking around but we always found paying at the garage was easier than trying to find a spot on the street or in one of the public parking lots. Jennifer Most of the surrounding hotels will have shuttles available. That s probably easier than finding parking. NEW HEAV also has free shuttle buses all three days of the convention more info at convention shuttle-transportation. join the online conversation when attending the convention what do you not leave home without mary A sweater comfy shoes and a rolling cart. I use the lid as a writing surface lunch table footrest and bench for my youngest--or someone else s youngest if it helps. cheryl Sneakers address labels small backpack rolling cart notebook and pens. amy A copy of the Exhibit Hall map with the vendors that I have to see circled Looking for the most up-to-date convention information Get it here first Join the HEAV Convention group page at groups heaVconvention. what has been your greatest find in the usedCurriculum Sale ashley Last year was my first year in the curriculum sale. I loved all the books and several teaching resources (like the wipe-board map) I was able to find. This year I am hoping to sell as well--so I can buy MORE cindy I found kindness. I was looking for a specific curriculum and mentioned that to the person beside me. She gave me the copy she had just found saying I don t need it. At check-in to sell my materials I forgot my stamped self-addressed envelope. Someone smiled and gave me the extra one she had brought just in case. Both events showed me that I wasn t alone. Outside the Box Car wash for budding engineers Take PVC pipe and garden hoses and have fun learning about water pressure math and engineering--and get some clean bikes toys and kids in the process Get complete instructions at http pin 328833210265530218 6 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 REACH HIGH. GROW DEEP. Redefine your Summer Moot Court June 7-13 Presidency Article II - From Washington to You June 7-13 Mock Trial June 14-27 Christ Commerce and the Economy June 14-20 Lewis Beyond the Lamp-post June 21-27 PATRICK HENRY COLLEGE Strategic Intelligence Level 1 July 5-11 2015 TEEN LEADERSHIP CAMPS Strategic Intelligence Level 2 July 12-18 Debate July 12-25 WWW.PHCTEENCAMPS.ORG Leadership and Vocation July 19-25 540.441.8105 TEENCAMPS PHC.EDU The Virginia home educaTor 7 EDuCAtiOnAl BillS Although several important homeschool bills passed and will go into effect July 1 of this year Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed two educational bills of interest to homeschoolers homeschool access to interscholastic sports and a safeguard from the implementation of the Common Core for public school students. PASSED lEGiSlAtiOn Homeschool Privacy SB 1383 (Senator Black) This legislation prohibits a division superintendent or local school board from disclosing any information from a Notice of Intent form or religious exemption letter to the Department of Education or other person or entity. Initiated by HEAV this law will prevent homeschool information from being included in the developing Longitudinal Data System. Student Identification Numbers HB 1307 (Delegates Landes Bell Cox Gilbert Hugo Kory Senators Black and Ruff) The Department of Education or local school board cannot require any student to provide a social security number. Instead the DOE must develop a system of unique student identification numbers. Initiated by The Organization of VaHomeschoolers. Home Instruction Testing Options HB 1754 and SB 1403 (Delegate LaRock Senator Martin) The SAT ACT and PSAT tests may now satisfy year-end assessment requirements for homeschool high school students. This legislation was initiated by HSLDA and supported by HEAV. PASSED But VEtOED By tHE GOVERnOR Homeschool Student Participation in Interscholastic Programs HB 1626 (Delegates Bell and Ramadan) This legislation would have given local school boards the authority to determine if they would allow homeschool students to try out for public school interscholastic sports and other activities. After being introduced for many years this legislation passed both houses only to be vetoed by the Governor. Common Core Standards HB 1752 and SB 724 (Delegate LaRock Senator Black) These companion bills prohibited the state Board of Education from replacing Virginia s SOLs with the Common Core without prior statutory approval of the General Assembly. There are now no safeguards to prevent Virginia from implementing the Common Core. Spending Money on Your Homeschool Curriculum SAVE 15% EVERYDAY on SimplyFun s award winning products to enrich your homeschool experience. to learn more about our award winning games Visit Follow SimplyFun 877.557.7767 8 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 wAyS yOuR GROuP CAn StAnD fOR Many home educators appreciate the freedom to school at home but shun policy issues hoping to avoid conflict or politics in general. What do you do if you are not interested in government While we are not all called to be Paul Reveres every homeschool parent can and should contribute to the preservation of homeschool liberty. Support groups and co-ops are the face of homeschooling in our local communities. Encouraging parents to become involved is not about supporting a particular political party or candidate but about protecting the freedom to homeschool. Here are five practical ways your group can be proactive and make a difference for generations to come 1) PRAY. Make it a priority in your group to pray for local state and federal elected officials as well as legislative matters relating to home education. 2) EDUCATE. Equip your group by explaining the foundational principles of parental authority and religious liberty. Don t assume your members understand the basics of these debates or the legislative issues surrounding homeschool liberty. 3) INFORM. Provide up-to-date infor- Freedom KaTrina hoeFT mation about local state and federal policies affecting homeschool freedom. Don t assume your members know what is happening legislatively. Find helpers to assist in this task. 4) NETWORK. Create a group directory and regularly communicate with your members and other local homeschool groups and leaders using electronic networks. Get to know local school board members and contact them when issues arise. They are your neighbors and should know homeschool families in their jurisdiction. 5) SHOW UP. Organize members to attend and monitor school board meetings. Report local issues to state and national advocates. Encourage your members to vote and support advocacy groups such as HEAV and HSLDA that lobby on behalf of home-school freedom. Katrina Hoeft the leader of the Christian Homeschool Connections of Goochland and her husband Kevin worked in with local homeschoolers and other groups to successfully change Goochland County s religious exemption policy. Their television interview can be seen at http 2015 01 09 goochland-parents- Achievement Cognitive Career & Practice Tests National standardized achievement tests The Iowa Tests Stanford 10 (paper and online) TerraNova2TM - California Achievement Test Brigance Woodcock-Johnson III Strong Interest Inventory Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI ) CogAT OLSAT (paper and online) Career Tests Practice Tests for Iowa Stanford CLEP TerraNova California CogAT OLSAT S pecializing in Group discounts available Some restrictions apply Your Child is Uniquely & Wonderfully Made Triangle Education Assessments LLC 5512 Merion Station Dr Apex NC 27539 Ph. 919.387.7004 orders Toll free or fax order 1.877.843.8837 The Virginia home educaTor 9 Co-ops established around the Southeast Reduced shipping & Quantity Discounts Call or email for co-op locations. Also visit our website for online store special offers and free cooking class videos. You can also subscribe to our free email newsletter We specialize in appliances & supplies for making fresh bread in your home as well as teaching people about the health benefits of real food. We also offer bulk food items for long term storage and high quality cookware and kitchen appliances. Bulk Foods Grains - Wheat - Kamut - Spelt - Oats - Rice - GF Grains Whole Foods Real Bread Unpasteurized honey Unprocessed sugars Olive Oil Natural sweeteners Coffee & Tea Natural Sodas Much more Kitchen Supplies Electric Grain Mills Hand Mills Mixers Bread Machines Pressure Cookers Canning Supplies Yogurt Makers Tortilla presses Dehydrators Fermentation Crocks Soy Milk Maker And much more support Phone 770-516-5000 Fax 770-516-7588 305 Bell Park Dr. Woodstock GA 30188 Beans - Kidney - White Navy - Black - Peas - Lentils - Pinto - Much more Grains and beans available in 6 gallon buckets 1 gallon pails and some in 2lb. baggies Study Law From A Christian Worldview At Liberty Law faith and reason are seamlessly integrated both into the curriculum and into student life. Student mentors provide their colleagues with emotional spiritual and academic support. Students are equipped to think analyze and communicate from a Christian worldview. Faculty members teach from the perspective that law originates from God. STUDY LAW IN AN ENVIRONMENT WHERE YOU CAN GROW IN YOUR FAITH AND REMAIN UNCOMPROMISED IN YOUR CONVICTIONS. LawAdmissions (434) 592-5300 Christian-Law-School 10 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 32nd AnnuAl VirginiA HomescHool conVention n June 11 12 & 13 n ricHmond conVention center Ken Ham mystery speaKer revealed voddie BaucHam 79 for the entire family there s something for everyone nEw COnVEntiOn APP Download the BusyEvent mobile app and get all the convention info in one place the schedule exhibitors downloads and more Plus connect with speakers exhibitors and friends--even before the convention. Just download the app here http homeedVa at the door 69 for heav members & exciting n n n n n n n n The Extraordinary Odyssey Dissection Lab IEW s High School Intensive Writing Creating a Masterpiece Art Camp Dads Panel Discussion Special-Needs Panel Discussion Moms Economic Panel Discussion Robotics Expo The Marine Science Consortium n n n n n n n n n n n Silent Auction plus a Live Auction Music Competition All-New Children s Program with Buddy Davis Special Buddies Program Graduation Banquet Hands-On Demos by Uncle Rick s Adventure Stories Seventh Annual Chess Tournaments Music & Arts Instrument Petting Zoo Special Exhibitor Discounts And More bring the whole family--there s something for everyone. fREE SHuttlE BuS Problem-free convention parking This year there will be a FREE shuttle bus service all three days of the convention. Park your car--free of charge--at a nearby lot and ride the shuttle right to the convention Buses run all day. SiGHt-SEEinG SPECiAlS Exclusive discounts for convention attendees Just show your HEAV name badge and get special deals on local attractions. NEW Buy it HERE See it here. Buy it here. Keep em here Support the exhibitors by purchasing in Exhibit Hall when you can. Plus for every 25 you spend on-site you ll b entered in a 100 drawing. There will be one drawing EACH day of the convention NEW tEEn PROGRAm By APOlOGiA Dead things don t lie In this two-day seminar students will follow the evidence of fossil data learn to recognize fallacies and discover the truth of God s creation--plus get excited about their journey to get to know God better COllEGE fAiR & PAnEl DiSCuSSiOn Visit with representatives from colleges hear tips and advice-- and get your questions answered tElESCOPE GiVEAwAy Homeschool Astronomy is having a drawing for a brand-new Celestron 3x optical zoom telescope perfect for viewing the planets and our moon NEW CHOCOlAtE witH EnCOuRAGEmEnt What could be better than fellowship with other moms and carol Barnier Oh and don t forget there will be coffee chocolate and give aways NEW DADS & DOnutS mEn On A miSSiOn Let s not forget that dads are a vital part of home education and Todd wilson is the perfect person to help them navigate their role. Todd will present Help I m Married to a Homeschooling Mom at 7 a.m. on Saturday. What a great way to start the day SCHOlARSHiPS ARE AlwAyS AVAilABlE Please don t let a sincere financial need keep you from the convention If you or someone you know needs a partial or full scholarship submit a request online ( scholarship) give us a call (804-278-9200) or bring a written request with you to the convention. We want to bless your family. The HEAV convention is a life-changing experience for many whether they are just beginning or a veteran homeschooler. Every year thouTHe SILeNT AuCTION IS BACK sands of distressed and fearful parents call our The proceeds from this year s silent office seeking help--often because someone auction will fund a scholarship protold them about HEAV. YOU can be that gram for 2016. Donations are coming someone who helps a struggling family We in--be sure to check the web page for new additions. And again the auction will end with an absolutely need YOUR help. Please let your exciting live auction at noon on Saturday friends church MOPS group local media and FRee Qualified first-time parents of preschoolers can online communities know attend the whole convention free of charge. about the convention. Resources are available FRee How-to-Begin Homeschooling workshops on Thursday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. are open online at The Virginia home educaTor 11 to anyone bring a family GreGG harris Voddie Baucham Todd Wilson This is a tentative schedule subject to change. schedule-at-a-glance Thursday June 11 1 00 6 00 pm Ken ham Friday Session 2 1 30 2 30 pm 11 30 am 1 30 pm LUNCH Moms Economic Panel Shelley Noonan & Marilyn Boyer ricK Boyer Friday Session 3 3 00 4 00 pm A Prodigal Speaks Out Carol Barnier Room Ballroom Building Ballroom Building Friday Keynote A 8 30 10 00 am Beginners Of interest to Teens Men Preschool Exhibitor Workshops Friday Session 1 10 30 11 30 am Teaching Your Child to Read Made Easy Carol Barnier Shining Armor Your Son s Battle for Purity Hal & Melanie Young Classical Christian Education Its Value and Benefits Marlin Detweiler From Copywork to Composition Learning Writing by Imitation Andrew Pudewa ROOMS E-10 A-D 1 pm 2 pm Introduction to Homeschooling Yvonne Bunn 2 30 pm 3 30 pm How to Begin What You Really Need to Know Yvonne Bunn 4 pm 5 pm Know the Law Notifying and Testing Demystified Yvonne Bunn Free beginner SeSSionS B-10 B-15 A Identifying and Correcting Blocked Learning Gates Dianne Craft Charlotte Mason Excellence Without Sacrifice Jeannie Fulbright But...but...but...What About Grammar Andrew Pudewa Weaving History with His Story Biblioplan for Families Training Your Child s Photographic Memory Dianne Craft Imparting a Biblical Worldview to Your Children Jeannie Fulbright Ballistic Homeschooling Hal Young Ballroom Building B-15 B Ballroom Building B-15 C B-11 B-12 B-13 B-14 B-16 B-17 B-18 B-19 B-20 Why Can t They All Be Just Like Me Virginia Baptist College Sonlight is About Stories Sonlight The Language Arts Tool belt What You Need to Teach Your Kids and When Analytical Grammar Ballroom Building Healthy Eating Simplified Bread Beckers WorKShopS ROOM E-11 A B C 1 pm 2 pm Developing a Plan for High School Diane Kummer ROOM E-11 A B C 2 30 pm 3 30 pm Transcript Clinic Diane Kummer ROOM E-11 A B C 4 pm 5 pm College Panel Discussion ROOM E-21 B C Noon 2 pm High School Writing Intensive Andrew Pudewa ROOM E-21 B C 1 pm 4 40 pm Music Competition ROOM B-16 1 pm 5 pm Photography Orientation James Staddon ROOM E-21 B C 3 pm 5 pm The Extraordinary Odyssey An Expedition Through The Human Body Lainna Callentine ROOM E-23 A B Noon 2 pm Adventures in Writing Kim Kautzer ROOM E-23 A B 3 pm 5 pm Creating a Masterpiece Art Camp Sharon Hofer v Ballroom Building Ballroom Building WordBuild Teaching Vocabulary at Home Word Build By Dynamic Literacy Adapting Instruction for Individual Needs Modifications and Accommodations Judi Munday 1 00 2 30 pm Pastors Only Voddie Baucham Ken Ham Dave Miranda and Eric Wallace How to Build Lifelong Learners with Math-U-See Math U See Have You Ever Dreamed of Owning a Family Business Built on Biblical Principles Office Pride Precept Upon Precept from Spelling to Latin Latin Road Becoming a Transformational Educator NILD How to Teach the Principles of the Founding Fathers Heritage Foundation Teaching with Tapestry of Grace Tapestry of Grace Ballroom Building Ballroom Building Successful Homeschool Entrepreneurship World News Group 10 Benefits to Teaching With a Natural Approach GeoMatters Minecraft and Beyond Being Creative with Technology Digital Transforming Your Struggling Reader Bob Jones University Vocal Master Class Liberty School of Music Instructor Blogging as a Business and a Ministry Jamerrill Stewart Experience Excellence in Writing Institute for Excellence in Writing Ballroom Building Ballroom Building Religious Liberty Common Core and the Threats to Homeschooling in Virginia Family Foundation Speech and Debate Demonstration NCFCA v The Benefits of Classical Education Memoria Press Ballroom Building PIano Master Class Liberty School of Music Instructor Instrumental Master Class Liberty School of Music Instructor Ballroom Building Ballroom Building B-21 A B C E-10 A Keynote A B-21 A B C Ballroom Building Genesis & the Authority of Scripture Ken Ham Help Q & A for Parents of Struggling Learners Judi Munday & Sarah Olbris Where Can I Go in Music Aiming the Career Calling of Music Toward Adulthood Dr. John Kinchen III Stop the Yelling Lecturing & Power Struggles Kirk Martin Learning to Delight in Your Children Marilyn Boyer You Don t Have to be Wealthy to Eat Healthy Crystal Paine The 7 E s for Choosing Curriculum Jeannie Fulbright Don t Tell Me What You Believe... Live It Todd Wilson Beyond Beautiful Girlhood Shelley Noonan In My Seat Event Steve s 9 11 Testimony Steve Scheibner The Seasons of Life Gregg Harris Classical Education for the Average Kid Laurie Detweiler The 7 C s of History Ken Ham Successful Home Businesses for Kids Gregg Harris Greasing the Skids Marlin Detweiler Exhibit Hall Building Voddie Baucham Exhibit Hall Building E-10 B Exhibit Hall Building E-10 C D E-11 A 10 Ways to Stop Defiance Disrespect & Meltdowns Kirk Martin What Every Mother of a Preschooler Needs to Know Kathy Lee Using Common Chores to Raise Uncommon Kids Crystal Paine Teaching Discernment Hal & Melanie Young Discipline That Works When Consequences Don t Kirk Martin Manners Matter Shelley Noonan Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Crystal Paine v Exhibit Hall Building E-11 B C E-21 A Leadership Luncheon Carol Barnier Exhibit Hall Building Homeschooling a Houseful Melanie Young Exhibit Hall Building Exhibit Hall Building E-21 B C E-23 A B E-24 A B Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World Todd Wilson Writing Skills More Important Than Ever Kim Kautzer De-Stress Your Homeschool Creative Ideas for Getting Grandparents Involved Beyond Babysitting Barb & Rich Heki Why History is the Most Important Subject You Teach Bill Potter Number Sense How It Develops in Children - Kristin Barbour Marriage Communication and Friendship Steve & Megan Scheibner Record Keeping for High School Simplifying the Process Diane Kummer Ten Stumbling Blocks to Writing Kim Kautzer Exhibit Hall Building exhibit hAll hourS ThuRSDAy 5 pm 8 pm FRiDAy 9 30 am 8 pm SATuRDAy 9 30 am 6 30 pm v Exhibit Hall Building You Can Homeschool High School...If You Can Make It Through Tomorrow Diane Kummer Fearless Being Dauntless at the Hands of Science (Hands-on Workshop) Lainna Callentine Math From a Biblical Worldview Katherine Loop Exhibit Hall Building E-25 A How to Integrate Art into My Already Busy Day Sharon Hofer Exhibit Hall Building E-25 B Teaching a Foreign Language Barby Mouring Teen Track E-22 A sTeVe & meGan scheiBner hal & melanie younG Jeannie FulBriGhT carol Barnier Friday Keynote B 4 30 6 00 pm Beginners Of interest to Teens Men Preschool Exhibitor Workshops KirK marTin Saturday Keynote C 8 30 10 00 am marlin & laurie deTWeiler Saturday Session 4 10 30 11 30 am 11 30 am 1 30 pm LUNCH Teaching the Right-Brain Child Dianne Craft dianne craFT Saturday Session 5 1 30 2 30 pm Smart Kids Who Hate to Write Dianne Craft The Flylady Room Ballroom Building Saturday Session 6 3 00 4 00 pm Finding Joy in Everything We Do Marla Cilley (The FlyLady) B-10 Ballroom Building B-15 A Ballroom Building B-15 B Men S SeSSion B-15 A Ballroom Building 7 00 8 00 am The Biblical Meaning of Success Hugh Welchel Chocolate with Encouragement Carol Barnier (By Pre-registration Only) The Biblical Case for Home-Based Education in Music Dr. Paul Rumrill Solving Your Science Struggles Jeannie Fulbright Dads & Donuts Men on a Mission Todd Wilson (By Pre-registration Only) Notebooking Creativity with a Purpose Checks & Balances Teaching Children Jeannie Fulbright to Handle Money Better than the Government Does Hal Young Shipwrecked or Seaworthy Three Ways to Keep Your Child s Boat Afloat Shelley Noonan Knowing a Foreign Language is Fun So Learning One Should be Too Foreign Languages For Kids by Kids Ballroom Building B-15 C B-11 B-12 B-13 Perfectionism is NOT a Virtue Marla Cilley (The FlyLady) Mentoring Your Daughter Shelley Noonan Ballroom Building How Can I Teach My Kids a Foreign Language When I m Not Fluent In That Foreign Language LaClase Divertida A Well-Planned Day Yes It s Possible Home Educating Family Association (HEDUA) Right-Brain Learners Dianne Craft How to Ace The Sat & Get Free College College Prep Genius Ballroom Building TheTop Five Life-Lessons 90% of Homeschool Families Miss Cat and Dog Theology UnveilinGLORY Learning Styles and Right Start Mathematics Right Start Math How to Teach the Constitution Heritage Foundation Ballroom Building My Dear Aunt Sally Was WRONG Common Misconceptions in Math Algebra & Geometry A Fresh Approach Ballroom Building Ballroom Building B-14 B-16 B-17 B-18 B-19 B-20 Servant Leadership & Building Your Child s Transcript National Beta Club News Content in the Homeschooling Environment WORLD News Group Special Needs Autism Spectrum Panel The Fundamental Right to Food Whose Choice Is It Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association Ballroom Building Why Are ADHD Learning Disabilities & Autism Spiking Causes & Solutions Brain Balance Geology Rocks Corner Stone Educational Supply Studying Online Through High School HSLDA Ballroom Building Step-by-Step Elementary School Science Success Apologia College Preparation and the Homeschooled Student Regent University What Does the Bible Say About Birth Control Family Vision The Sound Connection Presentation on AIT and Learning Issues Berard Auditory Integration Training Systems Inc. Dinosaurs for Kids & Parents Ken Ham & Buddy Davis Legislative Update Yvonne Bunn Ballroom Building Ballroom Building Exhibit Hall Building B-21 A B C E-10 A Keynote C B-21 A B C Ballroom Building 8 30 10 00 am Defending the Christian Faith Understanding the Worldview Conflict Ken Ham The Making of Mountain Movers Rick Boyer Single Parents Luncheon in the Marriott Hotel Restaurant 11 30 am 2 00 pm Keynote b B-21 A B C Ballroom Building Write at Home Brian Wasko Ballroom Building 3 30 pm 5 30 pm Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony Making Learning Fun Rick Boyer Exhibit Hall Building E-10 B Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World Ken Ham You re Not the Boss of Me Motivate Strong-Willed Children Kirk Martin Homeschooling Your Adopted Child What You Need to Know Kathy Lee Trying Not to Trip Over the Stones Developmental Milestones in Your Preschool Child (0-5 years) Lainna Callentine This We Believe Todd Wilson College Alternatives Barb & Rich Heki Exhibit Hall Building Exhibit Hall Building E-10 C D E-11 A Taming the Techno-Beast Parenting in the Internet Age Todd Wilson Help How Do I Grade My Kids Writing Kim Kauzter Homeschool and Home Organization You CAN Have Both The FlyLady Rhetoric The Formidable Discipline Marlin Detweiler How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up Todd Wilson The Character-Conscious Mom Megan Scheibner Doing Real Things For Teens and Their Families Hal & Melanie Young Cool Critters of the Ice Age Buddy Davis Exhibit Hall Building E-11 B C E-21 A Help I Fell Off My Lesson Plan Carol Barnier Writing Across the Curriculum Kim Kautzer Don t Wait Till It s Too Late Kim Kautzer Exhibit Hall Building Exhibit Hall Building Exhibit Hall Building E-21 B C E-23 A B E-24 A B E-25 A Stop Sibling Fights Stop Being the Referee Kirk Martin Getting It All Done Marilyn Boyer Conquering Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators Andrew Pudewa Creative Teaching Laurie Detweiler Time Management for Kids Gregg Harris The Importance of Fathers Marlin Detweiler GWP Grandparenting with Purpose Steve & Megan Scheibner Parenting Preteens Hal & Melanie Young Exhibit Hall Building Heroes Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Rick Boyer Walking the Battlefield Brings the Dead to Life Bill Potter When Grandpa or Grandma Lives With the Homeschooling Family Barb & Rich Heki Revealing Algebra Katherine Loop Exhibit Hall Building Increase Your Child s Working Memory and Target Auditory Memory Development Kristin Barbour Explosive Joy Reclaiming the Wonder of God Through Art Sharon Hofer Exhibit Hall Building E-25 B Dad as the Primary Educator Darren Jones and Brian Wasko teen track E-22 A Teen Program speaker to a better morning CRYSTAL PAINE i f you are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of a packed schedule and a too-long to-do list may I encourage you to start doing a morning makeover The morning sets the tone for your whole day. When the morning goes well the day usually goes well. And conversely when you wake up rushed and stressed those feelings often filter into your entire day. I ve spent the last few years really working on changing my approach to morning and while it s far from perfect I have found three keys that are imperative to having a better morning BEGin tHE niGHt BEfORE You re tired at night. I totally get that. I am too. In fact most nights I can t wait to get some comfy pants on put my feet up and enjoy a good book or movie. But I ve found that if I take fifteen minutes to prep for the next day I do myself a huge favor. I use that time to do three things Quickly clean up the main living areas of our home. Look over my plans for the next day and make a short to-do list or loose schedule for the next day. Get together anything I need to get out the door the next day (diaper bag library books to return etc.). When I do this I enjoy crawling into bed or curling up with a book a whole lot more because I know I ve got things in great order for the next morning. Those fifteen minutes of effort often completely change my morning. Not only do I wake up to a cleaned-up house but I wake up feeling in control of my day because I already have a plan of action in place. Now all I have to do is follow the plan Tip When making your to-do list challenge yourself to immediately cross three things off. This will force you to carefully evaluate everything on the list and help you weed out what isn t that important. 14 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 i wake up feeling in control of my day because i already have a plan of action in place. GEt uP A littlE EARliER I know I know. Getting up early is not fun glamorous or exciting. And if you re currently in a stage of life where you re getting up multiple times in the night due to illness pregnancy or caring for a fussy infant or child you can skip this point entirely. But the rest of you hear me out. Getting up just fifteen minutes earlier can make a tremendous impact on the overall success of your day--and quite possibly your entire life I dare you to just try it for three weeks and see if you prove me wrong. Instead of pulling yourself out of bed at the last minute and then rushing around like a mad woman try waking up fifteen minutes earlier than normal in order to spend quiet time praying reading the Bible or an encouraging book or writing in a journal. This will give you a calm start to your day and will allow you time to be still count your blessings and begin your day with a great attitude. Tip Find a friend to join you in your early rising challenge. It s so much easier--and more fun --when you re not going it alone. You might text each other each morning when you get up to help you stay accountable. AttACK tHE HARDESt tHinG fiRSt I m a master procrastinator. I can come up with all sorts of seemingly good things to do instead of doing what I really should be doing. But when I spend most of the day procrastinating I feel behind and unfulfilled. At the beginning of this year I challenged myself to stop putting things off and I committed to begin my day by tackling dreaded tasks first. I thought it was going to be hard--and it was. But I was also delighted to discover that those tasks I was loath- pathdoc ing really weren t that hard when I just set my mind to do them. They took a lot less time than I thought they would and it felt good to be able to check them off my list early in the day. You know what else I discovered I have more time than I thought I did When I stopped burning daylight and stalling in order to avoid unpleasant tasks I found it freed up a lot of extra time. This in turn made me feel much less busy and able to go through my days more calmly and cheerfully because I wasn t constantly feeling behind. Tip Have a dreaded task to tackle Set a timer and challenge yourself to race against the clock. This will motivate you to work harder and faster--and will make it more like a game than a difficult task. You ll probably find you get the project done in no time at all Crystal Paine is a child of God homeschool graduate wife to Jesse homeschool mom of three founder of and author of the New York Times bestseller Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. Read her bonus article How to Afford Real Food on a Budget online and visit her at the HEAV convention in June 1 to 4 Years Behind in Reading Make a Two-Year Leap in One Year Using A Totally Di erent Approach to Reading Right Brain Reading Package Become Your Child s Own Reading Specialist Brain Integration Therapy Right Brain Teaching Strategies Daily Reading Lesson Plans Discounted Price Colored Reading Transparencies Make THIS the year your struggling reader actually breaks through the reading barrier No rules No writing No memorization For use with teenagers adolescents and young children. You re not alone. Email questions to craft Dianne Craft is president of Child Diagnostics Inc. Denver CO The Virginia home educaTor 15 speaker KirK marTin O ur job as parents isn t measured by how kids behave. Rather (2) No matter how out of control you may feel I am a rock you can it s how WE respond when they act up. Seeing a child throw count on. I am a safe place. Each time you approach your child or spouse ask yourself Do I a tantrum in aisle four at Wal-Mart doesn t surprise me watching the child s parent throw a tantrum disturbs me Realize want to have a conversation or a confrontation Instead of standing that we cannot control our children--our primary job as parents is to and barking orders sit down. Kids are drawn to adults who sit. Sitting says I am in control. I cannot be manipulated. I m not going control ourselves and model proper behavior to our children. Are you able to be the calm connected problem-solver when to yell lecture or overreact. I want to connect with you. I like it. It s simple I can do it anywhere I don t have to think in your kids are upset Or do you respond to their fussing by raising the moment and it works. your voice too If you are tired of power struggles you and your children just need our primary job tools--specific words to use new actions finD yOuR tRiGGERS as parents is to to take. And once your kids learn to conWhat are your triggers Write them trol their own behavior their self-discidown. Then develop a specific action to control ourselves pline will last a lifetime counter each trigger. I cannot control what and model proper other people do but I can always control behavior to our kids. my own behavior. When I am running late Sit. DOwn. nOw. I will slow down and allow a stranger to cut No this isn t about commanding your in front of me. When kids are getting upset I will become calmer and children to obey. This is what you need to begin doing. Sit down next time you feel like stomping through the living room draw them to me. When my spouse or kids are demanding or disreshouting at your kids. Sit down next time you feel compelled to lec- spectful I will firmly reply I respect myself too much to listen to ture or hover above your child. Sit down next time your child is really you speak that way but if you want to come talk to me like an adult I d love to listen while we walk cook dinner fold laundry have a upset. There s something magical that happens when you sit. Sitting changes your posture. It forces you to breathe in and relax. It snack. Instead of lecturing I will sit speak softly and ask questions. Here s the big insight When Mom or Dad lose it emotionally changes the dynamic between two people. If you stand above a child you create a defensive response. That child is going to lie blame others kids do not respect you. They will resist negotiate or dawdle beor run away. Stand above a child (spouse employee customer) with cause they know they can manipulate you when you re not in conyour arms crossed and you re going to have a negative confrontation. trol of yourself. Or they will become outwardly obedient to mollify you but grow up with anger and resentment inside. When you are Sit down and you have a conversation. Sitting calms upset people. The most effective way to calm an emotional child is to be calm. sitting however you are communicating that you are in control Instead of threatening an upset child which will make him more you cannot be manipulated and will not negotiate. You are firm and upset draw the child into your calm place. Sit down and color or authoritative but calm. Kids respect you. build with Legos. Play catch or do push-ups with your child. Invite him into your calm. This will freak him out at first because Celebrate Calm founder Kirk Martin has given 400 000 parents and kids he is used to seeing you get upset. What you are communicating concrete practical strategies to stop defiance power struggles and sibling though is (1) Your actions cannot control or manipulate me and fights in everyday situations. Learn more at 16 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 Voyagerix to stop power struggles to get kids FALL HOMESCHOOL DAY October 2nd 2015 Discounted Tickets Online at 5 Adult 3 Child (under 6 free) attention KirK marTin Over the course of a decade we have had 1 500 children with special needs in our home. Most apparently had trouble hearing directions. Some days I marched into the living room and announced We are leaving for the pool in five minutes--I need everyone upstairs now Put your swimsuit and suntan lotion on. Grab your towel. Come on move it Guess that happened They would start fighting each other over who got which bathroom. My anxiety created chaos in them. They moved more slowly. So here s how I got all fifteen kids ready in less than five minutes I put a beach towel around my neck and sat by the front door. Just sat there. One by one the kids saw me and got changed. They knew exactly what to do. I didn t have to tell them. And when they were ready they came and sat next to me. Know why Because when adults sit it makes kids feel safe. EASY AS PIE The Frontier Culture Museum tells the story of the thousands of people who migrated to colonial America and of the life they created here for themselves and their descendants. The Museum features outdoor exhibits of original and reconstructed farm buildings from England Ireland Germany West Africa and Virginia. Historical interpreters provide hands-on learning and interactive education. Visitors can expect to see activities such as cooking gardening woodworking flax and wool spinning rare-breed animals schoolhouse lessons and much more. Frontier Culture Museum - 1290 Richmond Road Staunton VA 24401 - 540.332.7850 Chalk Dust Company s Quality Math Programs -- Basic Math-Calculus I DVDs accredited books with student technical support s Math Drill Express and Grades 3 4 5 s 21 Years Serving the Christian Homeschool Family s Discounts - see In God We Trust One Nation Under God My son began with Chalk Dust in Pre-Algebra and has steadily progressed through each of your courses. He has been through most of your SAT prep course...he just got a perfect score on the math section of the PSAT. Thank you for the role you and Chalk Dust played in giving my son a great education in mathematics. - S. Allen Dana Mosely (aka Uncle Buck) FREE DVD Evaluation Sampler 800-588-7564 Visit us at Booth 1005 Richard and Minerva Mosely The Virginia home educaTor 17 speaker einstein s connection JEANNIE FULBRIGHT y oung children tend to beam with pride over their own creations. Every picture they draw every tower they build and each new discovery is cause for celebration. Indeed joy in creative expression and delight in learning are natural for the young learner. Yet as our children age too often their joyful creativity fades and their delight in learning suffers a slow painful demise. Albert Einstein said It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. As a college professor he sought to bring that life back to older learners. We all know how important knowledge is. But what about creative expression American high schools typically relegate anything creative to the arts department. However Einstein believed creative expression to be an essential element in all academic fields of study including science. Einstein actually connected creative expression to knowledge thus revealing a powerful truth concerning learning. CREAtiVE ExPRESSiOn tHE linK BEtwEEn JOy AnD lEARninG Consider our own schooling experience. Completing worksheets and memorizing facts for tests characterized much of our public school education. How strong was our knowledge of science history government and foreign language Most of us would admit that although we made decent grades we left school with very little working knowledge of these subjects. Why Could it be that delight in learning was 18 rarely awakened in the classroom Think about the classes you loved or found the most interesting in school. What was different Was creative expression encouraged by the teachers I remember well the two courses that awak- critical-thinking skills and long-term retention children need to acquire before college. My teen boys took a Shakespeare course that required students to break into groups and make a movie about a character in the play Julius Caesar. Throughout the course their conversations often led to whether or not Brutus was justified in killing Caesar. They talked about it as if it were breaking news not ancient literature. If engaging the imagination can ignite this response in two teenage football players creativity coupled with knowledge may indeed be the key to a lifelong love of learning. EnGAGinG imAGinAtiOn Einstein also wrote The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. If he is correct then our high schools are going about education all wrong. As we have seen their methodology restrains creativity focusing instead on a system of input-output-delete. Is this going to be on the test is still a common classroom refrain. As homeschoolers we do not have to continue this failing legacy Let s instead strive to keep alive our children s youthful imaginations so full of ideas and inspiration. It would be tragic not to nurture and refine this beautiful gift from God. So how can we engage our students imagination in order to increase their knowledge Replace some or many of the assignments in their textbooks with creative activities. Instead of answering rote questions about the kingdom Plantae have them create a scrapbook with live samples of the different phyla in the plant kingdom. ened in me a joy of learning government and creative writing. Both classes were taught by passionate professors who gave imaginative assignments role playing interviews contacting lawmakers designing our own constitution writing our own legislation. Tests were essay questions that allowed for creative thought and expression. Therefore I graduated with a strong understanding of American government and an ability to write creatively--but sadly very little else. Creative assignments stimulate the mind. They fully engage imagination and intellect thereby activating long-term memory. This higher level of focus actually develops the The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 inarik In place of a chapter test about the three branches of government let them create a storybook that teaches this subject. Have them make a Civil War alphabet book or write a personal scrapbook of a soldier in WWII. Creating board games writing and acting out plays drawing comic strips and even producing videos and PowerPoint presentations are just a few of the many creative and imaginative activities you can use in place of standard assignments. The Internet is full of ideas for projects. Google creative idea for (subject)--high school level. Pinterest is also a great resource for homeschooling helps. Search the topic you need help with and a plethora of ideas will come up. It might also help to find another homeschool family who will help plan and do activities with you. nOtEBOOKinG CREAtiVity witH A PuRPOSE My favorite method of enhancing creative assignments is the notebooking journal. It is an educational scrapbook of interesting and creative assignments--a place where all the student s innovative efforts can be preserved. Although homeschoolers coined the term notebooking this creative approach to learning is as old as the hills. Leonardo da Vinci Lewis and Clark and Alexander Graham Bell are just a few of the brilliant thinkers who employed this method when acquiring knowledge. When these men encountered new concepts they wrote their thoughts down recording their experiments and ideas in sketches drawings and diagrams. In doing so their imaginations were released to explore tangents and discover and design wonderful inventions. So what exactly does notebooking look like Basically students creatively record and preserve what they learn in a notebook of some kind. Written narratives illustrations diagrams photos of projects and activities newspaper clippings articles--all may be included in the notebook. The student essentially makes his or her own book about the subject being studied making him not just a learner but also an engaged author in that field. Creativity becomes both purposeful and productive. Notebooking has been shown to be extremely effective at both fueling joy in learning and enabling long-term retention of subject matter. This is true for all ages. Of course students must learn how to take tests and write timed essays for college but there s no good reason why they must abandon creative expression as they pursue knowledge. Not only will your students spend time contemplating topics longer as they work on these assignments but by the end of the year they will own a work of art created by their own hands and imaginations. Indeed their notebooks will become treasured possessions. PuRPOSEful AnD PASSiOnAtE As our children grow let s be purposeful in cultivating their creativity as they learn. With their imaginations unleashed the possibilities for their lives become limitless. As we seek to keep alive the natural joy in learning our children can envision a bright future and pursue their dreams with passion. As Francis Schaeffer said The Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars. Jeannie is the author of Apologia s elementary science courses. As a homeschool mom of four she enjoys encouraging parents and sharing the lessons she learned along the way. Follow her blog www.jeanniesjournal. com for homeschool encouragement spiritual edification and helpful tips on navigating college. The Virginia home educaTor 19 is boeing 747 technology KRISTIN H. BARBOUR O ne of the most hotly debated topics in education these days is the issue of handwriting. Mr. Shapiro a journalist for the Washington Post published an article about this on April 4 2013. The handwriting keyboarding debate is definitely gaining momentum. However in my opinion the rationale cited in this article regarding the pros and cons of handwriting focused on the wrong argument. Equating keyboarding skills with cursive handwriting skills is like equating flying a kite with flying a Boeing 747. Keyboarding and cursive handwriting are not equal nor should they be viewed as interchangeable skills. Yes keyboarding aptitude is necessary in today s technology-driven mode of interaction where children have more digital friends than neighborhood playmates. However researchers in the nation s top institutes have substantially documented how handwriting develops reading writing language and critical thinking. Keyboarding does not increase brain activation and impact performance across all academic areas as does handwriting.1 Dr. Virginia Berninger professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington indicates that students in grades 2 4 and 6 who used handwriting wrote more words wrote words faster and expressed more ideas than those who used keyboarding. Additionally Dr. Berninger demonstrates through fMRI (Functional MRI) studies that the sequential finger movements needed in handwriting differ from the movements in keyboarding and actually activate massive areas of the brain involved in thinking language and working memory. Thus the physical act of writing by hand makes a significant difference to brain-activation patterns.2 Another researcher Dr. Laura Dinehart at Florida International University reports that handwriting is key to developing reading and mathematics skills. In a recent study Dr. Dinehart found that four-year-olds who demonstrate strong handwriting skills are more likely to have better reading and math skills in second grade. Dr. Graham professor of education at Vanderbilt University indicates that good handwriting improves test scores from the 50th percentile to the 84th percentile.3 Let s not settle for kite-flying by offering elementary students keyboarding instead of handwriting. We have the Boeing 747 technology and power of handwriting When handwriting is properly taught students are equipped to more efficiently perform the hierarchy of skills required in other subjects and ultimately this leads to better grades assessment scores and overall academic performance.4 Today s students and tomorrow s leaders need to be radically prepared to face lightning-fast advances in technology evolving social-media influences and diminishing insular-geographical limita20 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 tions. I would argue that if our society desires to prepare students to face these new challenges cursive handwriting should be included in the standards of all elementary programs. Kristin H. Barbour M.S. SLP-CCC is the executive director of the National Institute for Learning Development. NILD has been changing the brains of students for more than thirty years and teaching cursive writing is the DNA of their work. Come hear Kristin speak at the convention this year Footnotes 1. Handwriting in the 21st Century An Educational Summit www.hw21summit. com media zb hw21 H2948_HW_Summit_White_Paper_eVersion.pdf 2. How Handwriting Trains the Brain The Wall Street Journal 10-5-2010 3. James K.H. How Printing Practice Affects Letter Perception An Educational Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective. Presented at Handwriting in the 21st Century An Educational Summit Washington D.C. January 23 2012. 4. Schools Try to Stop Trend That s Erasing Cursive Writing Associated Press Los Angeles 11-25-12 Kaleidoscope Camp Safe Fun Christ-Centered Ages 7-18 Week-long overnight camps Two or three night Mini-Camps Williamsburg Christian Retreat Center Toano VA Igor Mojzes The Virginia home educaTor 21 JOin HEAV tODAy nEED JOy Happy Heart Fill er Up --written for children and appealing to all ages-- provides the key to a satisfied and joyful life. This Mom s Choice Award winner is new this year at the Richmond convention. Connect now for FREE art tutorials and inspiration at Contact happy RiCHmOnD AREA lAwn CARE Chesterfield Lawn Services LLC provides top-tier landscaping lawn care and lawn treatments for the south Richmond Chesterfield County and surrounding areas. Veteran homeschooled family owned and operated. Mention this ad for a special discount just for homeschooled families. call for Free QuoTe 804-768-4743. CEntREVillE HOmESCHOOl EnRiCHmEnt SuPPORt SERViCES (CHESS) Helping you homeschool through high school. We offer a variety of classes for 7th- through 12th-grade students. Small-group classes will challenge students to develop life skills and prepare for college. See our website for classes schedule and registration http want to advertise here HEAV members receive a free ad Check your mailing label to find if you are a member and when your membership expires. istory H Is Fun Families will become immersed in hands-on history at these two museums that tell the story of America s beginnings. 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Check our website email any questions and we ll get you answers right away Prices are subject to change. Orders may be revised. No refunds or cancellations after we ship tests. Fees apply for late returns and lost or damaged material. American Revolution. Visit... learn homeschool-scouts homeschool-program or contact Group Reservations at (757) 253-4939 or group.reservations to find out more about these exciting opportunities for homeschool families. No matter your test provider we have help for you with our full-size 28 page do-it-yourself Teacher Guide that includes the skills tested and sample scoring reports for each test level and grade. It s written for the CAT 6TM but will help you prepare your students for any of the other nationally standardized achievement tests. 14 (PLUS TAX IN NC) & 2 POSTAGE ORDER THE CAT 6TM--JUST 50 PER STUDENT Choose CB Grades K-12 or SV Grades 2-4 6-12 (SV Grade 4 or 6 or CB can be used for Grade 5) 22 PO Box 250 Kill Devil Hills NC 27948 orders voice messaging 800-723-3057 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 Visit us at Booth 534 A Top-Ranked Academic Home as Remarkable as Her First Hope Ammen grew up in an environment where academic challenge and a spirit of inquiry were celebrated and encouraged. Today the former homeschooled student is experiencing the same in her classes at Regent University. She s enjoying new opportunities new friends and professors who are preparing her for her future. Ready to join our family Learn about Regent s homeschool-friendly admissions policies and tuition discounts for HSLDA members. Associate Bachelor s Master s Doctoral ON CAMPUS & ONLINE A Rated. Top 2% Nationally. American Council of Trustees and Alumni CAS150174 APPLY TODAY. success 888.718.1222 Christian Leadership to Change the World 23 The Virginia home educaTor 2100 w. Laburnum avenue n Suite 108a n richmond Va 23227 Non-ProfitOrganization u.S. Postage Permit no. 297 richmond Va 23230 PAiD More info on pages 11-13 at the door Train up a child in the way he should go... GET AHEAD with SAVE 35 000 on yo u r c ollege educat ion THE MASTER S COLLEGE THE PERKS Take classes anytime anywhere Pay a reduced fee for each course. Finish classes at an accelerated pace. Watch class lectures from home. Classes start every 8 weeks. 24 The Virginia home educaTor Summer 2015 dual enrollment program de T H E M AS T E R S C O L L E G E 800.568.6248 online APPLY NOW For more information Visit us at Booth 235