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Description: In This Issue: Flexible and Strong, Company Profiles, Sensory Quality, and Pet Food & Nutrition

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NI W Visi eb t O Em si u ag te r az in e.c om A VRM Media Publication July August 2015 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to healthco for info about this advertiser TableofContents Proud Supporter of VOLUME 20 NO. 6 JULY AUGUST2015 F E A T U R E S 40 Flexible and Strong A shift in ingredients that address bone muscle and joint health is underway to meet the interests of a broadening marketplace. 44 The Pet Food Clean-Up Keeping prices down and clean labels up is the challenge for natural pet food ingredient suppliers. 53 Company Profiles A L S O I N S I D E Nutrition Industry Executive s Company Profiles serve as a vital reference tool for companies researching potential business partners. 10 20 30 34 36 38 83 83 83 84 Industry News Ingredient News AHPA Update Association News Science Update Conventions & Meetings Equipment & Packaging Advertiser Index Industry Events Supplier of the Month C O L U M N S 4 First Word 6 Condition Specific 48 Nutraceuticals 50 Food Technology FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) & E-newsletter Available Copyright 2015. Nutrition Industry Executive (ISSN 2331-2602) Volume 20 Number 6 July August 2015. Nutrition Industry Executive is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February and July August and November December) by Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc. 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles or advertisements are not necessarily those of Nutrition Industry Executive or its owners. Publisher is not liable for advertiser product claims or representations. Advertisers assume total responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. Printed in U.S.A. Basic annual subscription rate is 50.00. Application to Mail at Periodicals Postage Prices is Pending at East Brunswick NJ 08816 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026. Subscription Customer Service Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues & Single Copies For order information contact (732) 432-9600 or info March issue is 25.00. All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to plt for info about this advertiser FirstWord Healthier Hot Pockets t s safe to say the natural industry has led the way and has long been working to provide healthy ingredients and perfect clean labels. But for casual observers who are not all that interested in the natural channel it may seem there has been a sudden influx of restaurants chains and food companies announcing cuts of artificial ingredients as well as sodium from their food products. For example Nestle USA a leader in frozen pizza and snacks has pledged improvements that will encompass more than 250 products across six brands in the U.S. DiGiorno Tombstone California Pizza Kitchen Jack s Hot Pockets and Lean Pockets (I can t help but wonder what will remain when the artificial ingredients are removed especially from the latter two). Nestle plans to make this happen quickly By the end of 2015 the food giant said it will have removed artificial flavors from every product within these products reduced sodium by 10 percent across the entire portfolio and incorporated guidance tools on packaging across these brands to help educate consumers on appropriate portion sizes and the importance of eating vegetables and fruits as part of a balanced plate. In this month s Food Technology Sensory Quality article (see page 50) Layo Jegede senior manager global sensory and Angelina De Castro senior marketing manager both with Ingredion Incorporated said Consumers believe that natural products are minimally processed have reduced use of or no additives (colors flavors etc.) no allergens reduced level of or no pesticide residue with more of the essential nutrients from the main ingredient. And this healthy and natural phenomenon isn t confined to the U.S. consumers around the world are paying closer attention to what they eat and how they choose their I food products according to findings from a recent consumer study which has been commissioned by the GNT Group a global provider of fruit and vegetable juices for color. This becomes apparent in the supermarket setting 64 percent of Americans take a critical look at the product before placing it in their shopping cart evaluating both the front and back of the package. For the study the market research institute TNS interviewed more than 5 000 consumers from 10 countries in Asia America and Europe on their shopping and eating habits. The study concluded that consumers scan the label for certain ingredients they personally avoid. In the course of this process consumers pay special attention to coloring ingredients. For nearly two thirds (60 percent) of consumers worldwide the absence of artificial colorants is of major importance to their purchasing decision. The study s results clearly show that natural ingredients determine the choice of food products. Many manufacturers already comply with consumers wishes by for example using color solutions exclusively made from fruit and vegetable sources and clearly indicating that on the label. This development will continue to gather momentum in the upcoming years said Dr. Hendrik Hoeck managing director of GNT Group which supplies more than 1 200 companies in the world with natural colors made exclusively from fruits vegetables and edible plants. While this rise in healthy ingredient activity in the U.S. and around the world is certainly positive news there s been a history of replacing one seemingly unhealthy ingredient with another equally unhealthy or worse substitute in the name of better nutrition. Let s hope that s not the case again. So here lies an opportunity for natural ingredient companies to continue to lead the charge and provide the best quality and healthiest ingredients for everyone. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Roy Kieffer Sales Manager RoyK Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Contributing Writers Angelina De Castro Layo Jegede Anne Lee Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Circulation Manager Rosie Brodsky Rosie A PUBLICATION OF VRM MEDIA President Daniel McSweeney VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 Email info Website VRM Media publishes Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer Gluten Free Retailer Natural Practitioner and FitnessTrainer magazines. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to jiaherb for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific Ingredient research is hopeful to help people breathe easier. B Y S HARI B ARBANEL B reathing is just something people do--no one really thinks about until it becomes a struggle. According to the National Institute of Health s (NIH) National Heart Lung and Blood Institute located at the base of the brain the body s respiratory control center controls breathing and sends ongoing signals down to the spine and the muscles that are involved in breathing. This is a complicated process and injury disease and environmental factors can all have an effect on the respiratory system. For example for those who have asthma breathing in certain substances can trigger the airways to narrow which makes it hard for air to flow in and out of the lungs. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive disease that is often cause by cigarette smoke or other environment pollutants that damage the breathing airways and air sacs. According to NIH COPD pre6 Nutrition Industry Executive vents proper airflow in and out of the lungs and can hinder gas exchange in the air sacs. Those with COPD may also deal with symptoms such as coughing that produce large amounts of mucus wheezing shortness of breath chest tightness among others. Healthy People 2020 reported that more than 23 million people in the United States have asthma approximately 13.6 million adults have been diagnosed with COPD and an approximately equal number have not yet been diagnosed. And because many prescription drugs come with unwanted side effects consumers are looking elsewhere for relief. Supplements play a vital role in sustaining a healthy respiratory system and reducing the risk of developing diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease emphysema bronchitis tuberculosis pneumonia and asthma explained Victor Ferrari Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 CEO of New Jersey-based Horphag Research the exclusive worldwide supplier of Pycnogenol (pronounced pic-noj-en-all). One of the major concerns for consumers in regard to respiratory health is finding natural supplements or other treatments that actually work for the individual and do not prompt unwanted side effects he added. Horphag Research s flagship ingredient--Pycnogenol is a patented French maritime pine bark extract which as been proven to have an anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic potency. According to the company Pycnogenol was found to inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells that were aggravated by an irritant. And since Pycnogenol is an antiinflammatory it inhibits production of pro-inflammatory mediators helping to relieve swelling and make breathing easier. Available in more than 80 countries Pycnogenol can be found July August 2015 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific in a number of natural products including vitamin and dietary supplements functional beverages and dietary supplements. and evidence-based ingredients in their formulations he added. The respiratory health market is no exception as it represents a growing opportunity for distributors of high quality efficacious and safe ingredients. With more than 340 scientific publications and clinical studies over the past 40 years Pycnogenol has earned an exceptional reputation in the industry. According to the company multiple studies have demonstrated that Pycnogenol can help asthmatics improve their breathing ability in both adults and children. For instance on study that was published in Volume 53 of Panmiverva Medica found that Pycnogenol improved asthma symptoms by nearly 50 percent reducing participants dependence on inhalers. The study also found that it decreased the frequency of doctor visits reduced night awakenings caused by asthma and improved overall allergic asthma management. Carolina Burki-Sozzi director of product development at Horphag Research added that according to studies Pycnogenol was also found to inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells that were aggravated by an irritant. And since this powerful antioxidant is an anti-inflammatory it inhibits production of pro-inflammatory mediators helping to relieve swelling and making breathing easier she said. Study participants who supplemented with Pycnogenol showed a significant reduction of inflammatory mediators (leukotrienes) which cause inflammation and bronchi constriction commonly associated with asthma. In addition to research Horphag Research aims to stand out from the crowd as a supplier by adhering to the highest quality manufacturing practices in state-of-the-art facilities and methodically monitoring its proprietary extraction process. One of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today is ensuring ingredients prompt the results they claim and are valid Ferrari noted. In our industry research is one of the most important aspects in product development and helps to protect brands and gain third-party recognition. As the category continues to grow both suppliers and manufacturers will have to create ingredients and finished products that meet the wants and needs of consumers. We ve seen a trend of consumers looking for safe evidence-based natural products and supplements to achieve respiratory health without unwanted side effects Ferrari concluded. Therefore it is crucial for manufacturers of finished products to use safe and evidence-based ingredients in their formulations. NIE Research & Standing Out Ferrari advised that manufacturers should conduct their own research on branded ingredients to ensure their products address the needs of consumers and prove product effectiveness. There is an increasing number of health-conscious highly educated consumers seeking out safe and effective supplements to achieve overall health and well-being. Therefore it is crucial for manufacturers of finished products to use safe OptiMSM Provides Relief From Nasal Allergy Symptoms M edicus Research recently presented a poster titled Efficacy of a Proprietary Methylsulfonylmethane Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis Induced by a Standardized Allergen at the Natural Supplement Educational Conference (organized by Scripps Hospital). The poster detailed how a recent randomized controlled study demonstrated that the MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) used in the study (OptiMSM) provided significant relief from allergic rhinitis symptoms (nasal allergy). The OptiMSM product appeared to provide a protective effect against nasal obstruction following standardized allergenic challenge at multiple dose levels said Dr. Jay Udani CEO of Medicus Research. The results as measured both by Peak Nasal Inspiratory Flow and Visual Analog Scale symptom scores showed that sub-chronic consumption of a dose as low as three grams each day for 14 days was effective in providing this potentially protective occurrence. Manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition (Vancouver WA) OptiMSM is the world s leading manufacturer of MSM. An ultra-pure branded ingredient OptiMSM is the only GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-designated MSM in existence. It has earned a reputation as the purest and most trusted MSM worldwide due to its proprietary four-stage distillation process that guarantees optimal purity quality and consistency. This new data is exciting because it suggests OptiMSM may help modulate a healthy immune response in individuals subjected to environmental allergens. It also supports prior data by Barrager et al. (2002) suggesting MSM may help mitigate symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis said Rod Benjamin director of technical development for Bergstrom Nutrition. The results from these two human studies strongly suggest that MSM has potential to support healthy immune response to environmental allergens and that MSM should be studied further for potential uses in mitigating over active allergic response. This study represents another example of Bergstrom Nutrition s commitment to research and new applications for MSM. Additional studies extend MSM s joint support benefits to include even more benefits for skin care exercise recovery sports nutrition support for healthy aging as well as immune response added Tim Hammond vice president of sales and marketing for the company. FORMOREINFORMATION Bergstrom Nutrition (360) 693-1883 Horphag Research (201) 549-0300 8 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to herballyyours for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Non-GMO Project Publishes Updated Standard F ollowing three rounds of public comment the Non-GMO Project recently published version 12 of its comprehensive Standard for GMO (genetically modified organism) avoidance. Prescribing best practices for GMO avoidance is a highly specialized technical undertaking said Non-GMO Project Executive Director Megan Westgate. Finished products cannot be reliably tested for GMO content our standard requires engagement from the full supply chain to ensure meaningful testing. Process-based specifications for traceability and segregation practices complement the comprehensive ongoing testing requirements. We are always seeking a balance between meaningfulness and achievability. The new standard reflects input from a record number of public commenters with more than 300 stakeholders weighing in on critical topics ranging from synthetic biology to livestock feed. All input is reviewed and deliberated on by a Board-appointed Standard Committee of expert representatives and proposed changes are presented for further public input prior to ratification. We are committed to transparency and rigor said Westgate. Our Standard revision process reflects a core belief in people s right to partici- pate in shaping the future of food. Version 12 of the Non-GMO Project Standard also reflects a complete overhaul of the formatting. Standards are notoriously dense and difficult to navigate continued Westgate. With this redesign the Non-GMO Project Standard has become one of the cleanest most navigable product standards in the world. The new format includes a number of features for enhanced accessibility including information mapping a reorganized table of contents and hyperlinked section references. With experimental genetic engineering techniques emerging at a rapid pace the Non-GMO Project Standard continues to respond and evolve. The current opportunity for public input to the Standard closes August 14 2015. For more information visit Applicants Worldwide Looking for Support for Antarctic Research he Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) has invited applications from scientific researchers who can aid in determining the impact of the krill fishing industry on the Antarctic marine ecosystem. The first call for proposals closed June 16 2015. This first round of grants marked an important moment and the culmination of an enormous amount of effort by scientists by industry and by NGOs to create a new funding stream for scientific endeavors in the Antarctic said Phil Trathan chair of the AWR Science Advisory Group. Only by working together will we be able to ensure that the Antarctic marine ecosystem receives the necessary protection which so many people feel is so vitally important. The fund has received applications from renowned institutions from different continents on different species and their dependency on a changing eco-system. The research will serve to ensure ecosystem protection while improving the management basis for the fishery. It is important that the research that AWR contributes to is made available and used in the management of the natural resources found T in the Antarctic the more research we have the better our foundation to understand for example how much krill and fish can be fished said Karoline Andaur member of the AWR board and conservation director Policy at World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Norway. Now the fund s Science Advisory Group will evaluate and prioritize scientific research proposals submitted to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund. The Science Advisory Group will base its evaluation upon a number of criteria when selecting and prioritizing proposals for funding. The Scientific Advisory Group of AWR will assess each proposal based on its scientific excellence how it matches with the specific criteria outlined in this current call its effectiveness in terms of financial cost and the track record of the investigators proposing the research explained Dr. Andrew Lowther member of the Science Advisory Group and scientist at the Norwegian Polar Institute. Using these key criteria we will be able to ensure that the funds available are used in the most effective manner. Launched in February 2015 AWR is a first-of-its-kind partnership between industry academia and non-government organizations (NGOs) to facilitate and promote research on the Antarctic ecosystem. BioMar Group Blackmores Mercola Ridley Corporation and Swisse are supporting the fund financially. AWR believes that only through better understanding of the role of Antarctic krill in the Southern Ocean will it be possible to comprehensively protect the animals that depend on it for survival and ensure precautionary management of the fishery. AWR s founding partners include representatives of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) WWF-Norway and Aker BioMarine. For more information visit 10 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to biova for info about this advertiser IndustryNews RIBUS Peirce Named to USDA USTR Technical Advisory Committee U .S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack and U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) Michael Froman appointed Steve Peirce president of St. Louis MO-based RIBUS Inc. to the Agricultural Technical Advisory Committee for Trade in Grains Feed Oilseeds and Planting Seeds. RIBUS is the global leader in GMO (genetically modified organism)-free and organic rice-based alternatives to synthetic ingredients with sales in 23 countries in North America Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region from 18 distribution offices. RIBUS has exported to more than 40 countries around the world since 1992. Peirce is one of 129 private-sector mem- bers appointed to the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) and six Agricultural Technical Advisory Committees (ATACs). The four-year appointment became effective June 10 2015. The Grains Feed Oilseeds and Planting Seeds ATAC provides technical advice on U.S. agricultural trade issues to the secretary of agriculture and the U.S. trade representative. This committee plays a critical role in the development of trade policy providing advice on negotiating objectives and strategies and on other matters related to the development and administration of U.S. agricultural trade policy. I am more than honored to serve the U.S. in its efforts to increase the trade in agricultural products particularly organic and natural products stated Peirce. Other members of the organic sector appointed to the ATACs include Laura Batcha and Robert Anderson Organic Trade Association Paul Scheifer Amy s Kitchen Arnold Coombs Bascom Family Farms Lynn Clarkson Clarkson Grain Company John Foster Earthbound Farms Roland Hoch Global Organics Hal Shenson Nature s Sungrown Foods Carlos Ayala Perdue and Kelly Shea The WhiteWave Foods Company. For more information call (314) 727-4287 or visit Kemin Continues Growth in Iowa and Globally emin Industries (Des Moines IA) recently further deepened its roots in Iowa while continuing its strategic growth in global trade and supporting regional economic development. A ceremonial groundbreaking for its new Des Moines corporate headquarters included a footprint of the 90 000-plussquare-foot building with hundreds of Kemin employees inside their future office spaces. K We are in a race with the global population growth to find molecular solutions which help improve the lives of others through molecular science that helps feed the world said Dr. Chris Nelson CEO and president of Kemin Industries. As lofty as our goals are and as technically complex our research and related science is our success comes down to relationship--starting here at home. We could not have made this commitment without the help of the City of Des Moines Polk County the State of Iowa and of course our employees. The company has steadily marched forward with its growth plans after an event in October 2010 during one of the worst economic recessions in history when publically announcing a 40 million expansion plan that would add new jobs multiple manufacturing and research facilities and a new global headquarters. Then in September 2014 Kemin increased the total expansion investment to 125.5 million more than tripling the initial investment to support its focus on providing safe and healthy food to a growing world. Every time I visit Kemin I am reminded that this is a global company and can Go to somalabs Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 choose to have their corporate headquarters anywhere in the world--and they continue to choose Iowa said Governor Terry Branstad. Kemin is a family-owned company with a culture of innovation setting ambitious goals and exceeding expectations. Specifically a couple of years ago they committed to adding 98 jobs. Instead they went well beyond that by adding approximately 140 full-time jobs and I am pleased to learn that they are looking to hire even more. Expansions like what we re seeing at Kemin today are occurring throughout the state of Iowa which has led to our unemployment rate decreasing to a seven-year-low of 3.8 percent added Iowa Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds. The careers created by Kemin are high-quality and demand a skilled workforce. Our commitment to companies like Kemin is to continue providing a world-class education that incorporates innovative STEM education to ensure we have a talented workforce ready to fill the jobs of tomorrow. For more information call (800) 777-8307 or visit The Kemin team makes construction footprint outlining part of the fiveyear 125.5 million investment July August 2015 12 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to deerland for info about this advertiser IndustryNews InstantGMP MES Software Update Makes Production Records Easier nstantGMP (Cary NC) has announced the latest version of its Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) which includes improvements to Specifications and Batch Production Records. The InstantGMP team built these improvements based on customer feedback. These latest improvements were based on feedback we received from our customers said Dr. Richard Soltero president of InstantGMP. Our goal is to make good manufacturing practices (GMPs) easy. We listen closely to our customers suggestions for improvements so that we can improve our software s usability. InstantGMP develops software and I SOPs (standard operating procedures) that reinforce good manufacturing practices for the dietary supplement industry and for other industries that manufacture FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulated products. The FDA requires that manufacturers include specifications for verifying the identity of incoming and outgoing materials. The latest MES update improves this process by providing filtering options and the ability to view all specifications information without having to change screens. Batch Production Records include information such as the date a product was manufactured the batch and production numbers and the name of the finished good or WIP. InstantGMP improved upon this part of the program by adding the ability to order the records by time date stamp of the batch issuance making it easier for operators to locate relevant batch records. The latest version of InstantGMP MES also includes a faster platform for generating traceability reports as well as improvements to the Quickbooks Data Transfer Tool and associated reports. For more information visit Ingredion to Acquire Kerr Concentrates ngredion Incorporated (Westchester IL) has announced that it has agreed to acquire Kerr Concentrates Inc. a privately held producer of natural fruit I and vegetable concentrates purees and essences. The transaction of approximately 100 million is expected to close within 30 business days pending customary closing conditions. Kerr is a profitable company with an exciting portfolio of valueadded ingredients that will broaden our current line of wholesome cleanlabel solutions said Ilene Gordon Ingredion CEO. Kerr transforms fruits and vegetables into natural ingredients that resonate with consumers and are increasingly in demand by customers. Kerr s ingredients uphold the integrity and richness of raw fruits and vegetables while providing multiple functionalities. These ingredients can be used to enhance the nutrition texture flavor and appearance of a Go to nutritional Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 number of foods and beverages across a wide variety of categories from smoothies juices dairy products and baked goods to soups and dressings. A single ingredient can add color flavor and texture to food or beverage products making it possible to simplify the ingredient list. This is an opportunity to grow Kerr s portfolio with our advanced technologies and product-development capabilities. And we intend to expand the business with our broad customer network and global presence Gordon added. The trend toward simple ingredients is rapidly growing and the Kerr acquisition is another step in expanding Ingredion s clean-label ingredient portfolio. This extends our clean-label offerings beyond ingredient solutions made from corn tapioca and potato and we continue to look for acquisition opportunities in this space Gordon explained. Based in Salem OR Kerr operates two production facilities with state-of-the-art capabilities to ensure consistent quality efficiency and safety through process design automation and innovation. For more information visit or July August 2015 14 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to dynamicenzymes for info about this advertiser IndustryNews DSM Campaign Pays Tribute to Scientists SM (Heerlen The Netherlands) has announced the launch of a new campaign entitled Science Can Change The World designed to shine the spotlight on the unsung heroes of our time the scientists who are helping to change the world for the better. The campaign kicks off with a video celebrating four visionary scientists with the strength and persistence to come what may pursue their dreams and drives home the message that science can play a pivotal role in creating solutions to societal challenges. On the campaign s new website a series of vignettes are also rolled out that salute the pioneers from the past and tell the inspiring true stories of some of the most influential game changers working in science today. D Science has had an enormous impact on the development of a healthier more sustainable and more prosperous society yet there is still much to be done to tackle the world s most pressing problems such as hunger poverty disease and climate change. Every day scientists across the globe strive to provide answers to these global challenges making huge personal sacrifices to develop solutions that will benefit all. With its new Science Can Change The World campaign DSM is highlighting the positive contributions they are making and the importance of these for our global society. Scientific innovation that benefits society also reflects the ambitions expressed in DSM s Bright Science Brighter Living tagline. As a company DSM seeks to put its outstanding scientific capabilities to work in creating brighter lives for people everywhere by sharing ideas insights and inspiration in order to find ways to solve the key challenges facing the world today. Bright Science is the backbone of our company and allows us to fulfill our purpose of creating sustainable value for society said Petra Severit R&T director at DSM Engineering Plastics. We acknowledge that in order to have real societal impact science should be a truly collaborative effort. The world s scientists are a daily source of inspiration to us. For more information visit Frutarom Acquires Taura Natural Ingredients rutarom Industries Ltd. (Haifa Israel) continues implementing its rapid growth strategy and recently announced that it has signed a purchase agreement for the acquisition of 100 percent of the share capital of the Australian company Taura Natural Ingredients Holding Ltd. in exchange for a cash payment of approximately 70 million U.S. Taura was purchased without any debts and holding cash amounting to approximately 2.5 million U.S. The purchase agreement includes payment of an additional amount of approximately 3.5 million U.S. conditional on Taura s business performance over the 12-month period ending June 30 2016. The transaction will be financed using bank credit. Taura was founded in 1973 as part of a New Zealand agricultural cooperative. Today Taura has evolved into a world leading player in concentrated and texturized fruit ingredients possessing efficient state-ofthe-art manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and Belgium along with sales offices in the United States and the U.K. with an overall workforce totaling 130 employees. Frutarom focuses on developing F and producing natural products and views these as an important strategic growth engine. More than two-thirds of Frutarom s products today are natural and the company invests heavily in developing unique and innovative products with high added value at its sites throughout the world. Taura s activity is largely synergetic with Frutarom s global flavors activity into which it will be integrated allowing Frutarom to broaden and reinforce its supply of natural products and offer a portfolio of products and solutions that combine fruit components natural flavors and colors and ingredients with high nutritional value while continuing to expand and deepen its activity and market share. Taura s highly experienced and successful management team led by Peter Dehasque will continue managing the company and driving its strategic expansion. The acquisition of Taura a global leader in taste and fruit solutions is the continuation of Frutarom s implementation of its rapid growth strategy and the realization of its vision to be the preferred partner for tasty and healthy success said Ori Yehudai president and CEO of Frutarom Group. This acquisition continues to solidify Frutarom s position as one of the world s top companies in its field and reinforces its presence and standing as a leading global producer for natural flavor and fruit solutions. Through its global footprint and infrastructure Frutarom will enhance Taura s presence dramatically in key growth markets untapped geographies new business segments and new customers and will set the scene for solid growth in the U.S. market one of our key strategic imperatives added Dehasque. For more information visit or 16 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to nutralliance for info about this advertiser IndustryNews Sensus America and Ganeden Announce Strategic Alliance ensus America part of Netherlands based inulin manufacturer Sensus and Ganeden the Cleveland OH-based manufacturer of patented strains of probiotics have announced that they have formed a strategic alliance. Through the alliance the companies have created Frutalose PRO a liquid prebiotic chicory root fiber syrup blended with the highly stable probiotic GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086). Frutalose PRO was created by combining chicory root based Frutalose SF75 which is a prebiotic liquid inulin fiber with the probiotic GanedenBC30 this allows food and beverage manufactures to design products that provide a multitude of health benefits. This highly stable ingredient combination is a low calorie and low sugar clinically- S proven symbiotic designed to maximize health benefits to the consumer particularly in the areas of protein utilization and digestive health. The alliance underscores the companies shared vision of improving quality of life through innovative food ingredient solutions. A combination of Sensus scientific and technical expertise in the area of innovative inulin based solutions and Ganeden s leadership in probiotic innovations will bring pre probiotic fortification solutions to the yogurt industry as well as the food and beverage industry in general. Andrew Lefkowitz president of Ganeden commented Partnering with an industry leader such as Sensus will enable us to broaden the applications of GanedenBC30 into more functional food and beverage applications. The experience knowledge and high standard of quality that Sensus brings to the chicory root fiber inulin market further supports our commitment to provide superior formulations to food and beverage industry. We are excited to partner with an innovative probiotic company that shares a vision of improving quality of life through healthy ingredient fortification added Carl Volz president of Sensus America. By integrating our unique strengths we will accelerate our business and growth opportunities by capitalizing on the unique opportunities and synergies that these innovative ingredients provide. For more information visit or You reHired R.M. (Dick) Griffin has joined with NFP announced a number of new hires at the the United States. Lovett has joins the marProperty and Casualty Services Inc. company. Grant Bergstrom joins the comketing team in the role of marketing man(Lincoln CA) as an insurance consultant. In pany as vice president of sales and market- ager where she will manage the marketing his new role Griffin will work directly with ing while Rodney Storms has been hired activities in North and South America. clients and continue to support as Unigen s regional sales direcColinKurtis Advertising (Rockford IL) has industry associations providing a tor. In addition Regan Miles has announced the addition of Valette Piperwide range of insurance coverage been selected to lead the compa- Bledsoe. She joins the team as account for the dietary supplement and life ny as president and CEO. director and will be responsible for many sciences industries. BI Nutraceuticals (Long Beach of the agency s key accounts. TR Nutritionals (Alpharetta GA) CA) has hired Matthew RIBUS Inc. (St. Louis MO) has added has announced the appointment Overholser as the compaLaurie Wittenbrink and Lisa Dror Levy of Deanne Dolnick as regional ny s Southeast Harter to its staff. As global marsales science director. In this new position Intermountain regional sales manketing manager Wittenbrink will Dolnick will be responsible for sales with ager. manage all marketing efforts primary focus in the Intermountain region Salt of the Earth (Atlit Israel) has globally for RIBUS. And in her and will direct science and technical affairs named Revital Ben Shachar as marnew role as global business Revital Ben all top priorities as the company expands. keting manager and Dror Levy as development Harter will lead Shachar Aker BioMarine (Oslo Norway) has retail export manager. RIBUS global dietary supplement hired Rick Kaiser as vice president of sales Biova LLC (Johnston IA) has added group and manage its broker and distribufor Aker BioMarine Antarctic US. Chris Groutt to its sales managetor network in 23 countries. The company also announced ment team. Groutt will be based Lars Asferg has joined Lallemand Inc. that Matts Johansen will take over in the San Francisco CA Bay and will be heading its Bio-Ingredients as CEO for Hallvard Muri. Muri area. Groutt has 15-plus years of Division. Asferg is based at the Lallemand will join the company s board of professional experience in natural offices in Zug Switzerland and will be directors. products and fitness spanning responsible for the division s Baking April Hollub PLT Health Solutions consumer B2B and professional Solutions and Bio-Ingredients business Thiel (Morristown NJ) has appointed channels. units. C. Gregory Greg Sowards as April Hollub Thiel and BENEO has announced the regional sales executive--West Elyse Lovett have joined appointment of Jon Peters to the Coast. In his new role Sowards Kyowa Hakko USA (New position of president of BENEO will be responsible for solutions York NY). As sales manInc. He leads the company s busiand business development with ager Southeast Region ness for the Americas Region PLT s supplement industry Hollub Thiel will focus on (U.S. Canada Mexico and South C. Gregory portfolio. the nutrition market in America) from the U.S. headquarSowards Jon Peters Unigen Inc. (Seattle WA) has the Southeast Region of ters in New Jersey. 18 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to natreon for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Curcumin C3 Complex Shows Benefits In Lipid Levels I n a recent clinical trial published in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 2015 New Jersey-based Sabinsa s Curcumin C3 Complex showed promising results in reducing the serum levels of triglycerides LDL cholesterol and VLDL cholesterol in subjects with coronary artery disease (CAD). This randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical study was conducted at the Tehran Heart Center Hospital Iran between December 2011 and February 2013. Scientists and clinicians associated with the Department of Clinical Pharmacy School of Pharmacy Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Tehran Iran) Pharmaceutical Research Center Department of Pharmacodynamics and Toxicology School of Pharmacy Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (Mashhad Iran) and Tehran Heart Center School of Medicine Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Tehran Iran) conducted the clinical trial. In this eight-week study 33 subjects with coronary artery disease were recruited. The subjects were administered four capsules of 500 mg of Curcumin C3 Complex each per day or matching placebo for two months in addition to conventional therapies. Blood samples were withdrawn at baseline and at the end of the study. The results revealed that curcumin supplementation significantly reduced the serum levels of LDL and triglycerides compared to the baseline. This study also showed a significant decrease in the VLDL values in the curcumin group. The authors of study concluded that curcumin seems to be a potential candidate for decreasing cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The findings of the present study requisites a larger clinical trial which can assess the metabolic and anti-inflammatory effect of curcumin supplementation on people suffering from cardiovascular disease. For more information call (732) 777-1111 or visit Study Indicates Probiotic Shortens Duration of Cold and Flu ith the completion and publication of the world s largest clinical study on the immune effect of probiotics in adults Chr. Hansen has obtained results indicating that the probiotic strain named L. CASEI 431 can shorten the duration of common cold and influenzalike illness lower the use of health care resources and reduce use of antibiotics. Recently e-published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition the study was initiated by Chr. Hansen in 2011 and included more than 1 100 subjects in Denmark and Germany. It investigated the effect of the probiotic strain (L. CASEI 431) on the immune response to an influenza vaccination and on respiratory symptoms in otherwise healthy adults. Results from the study indicate that in cases of influenza-like illness the number of sick days was reduced to five in the group that consumed a daily dairy beverage with one billion live bacteria (L. CASEI 431) compared to eight days in the placebo group. Furthermore the proportion of subjects who required health care system support during the follow-up period was reduced from 28 percent to 22 percent. Mikkel Jungersen scientific advisor human health and nutrition Chr. Hansen noted Not only is this a clear benefit for individuals. It also indicates that products with this probiotic strain can have a significant impact on productivity in society. For more information visit AIDP Releases Science White Paper on PreticX alifornia-based AIDP released a science white paper based on peerreviewed and published science including a 2014 randomized controlled trial from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) behind the mechanism of action safety and efficacy of a new prebiotic ingredient PreticX. The product is a nonGMO (genetically modified organism) prebiotic that has GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status and has been shown in clinical studies to significantly increase the proliferation of good gut bacteria bifidobacterium at a very low dosage and thus a significant better tolerance profile as compared to other prebiotics. Jennifer Gu PhD AIDP s vice president of research and development said PreTicX a new prebiotic XOS provides unique benefits including a low effective dosage superior gastrointestinal safety acid and temperature stability and excellent taste profile. It has strong clinical data on its ability to increase healthy microflora as well as reduce biomarkers of certain health conditions. PreticX presents a compelling option in both foods and supplements to effectively target and promote gastrointestinal health. The 2014 UCLA study determined the tolerance and effects of prebiotic xylooligosaccaraides (XOS) to gut microbiota and whether these changes could be achieved without side effects. The study showed that bifidobacterium counts increased in both PreticX groups compared to the placebo subjects. Also significant when the prebiotics were compared researchers found that bifidobacterium favored XOS and confirmed findings from other human and animal studies suggesting that XOS is an effective prebiotic that can change microbiota levels with a lower dose. For more information call (866) 262-6699 or visit W C 20 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to ecuadorian for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties Identified in Cyactiv s recently published in the Journal of Medicinal Food Jensen et al. set out to characterize the basic biological properties of Oregon-based Cerule s Cyactiv which contains a known anti-inflammatory cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor phycocyanin (PC) as well as a high level of non-phycocyanin bioactive compounds. While quite a few of the observed effects were attributed to the phycocyanin component of Cyactiv the results indicate that the non-phycocyanin components were equally important to Cyactiv s efficacy. The overall conclusions of the study suggest that the natural synergy of the phycocyanin and non-phycocyanin components provide superior nutritional support against chronic inflammatory conditions. Cyactiv s antioxidant properties were tested in parallel in the Folin-Ciocalteu assay (chemical antioxidant capacity) and in the cellular antioxidant protection (CAP-e) bioassay where both the A phycocyanin and the non-phycocyanin fractions contributed to the antioxidant capacity and cellular antioxidant protection of Cyactiv. Cyactiv was also tested for its ability to inhibit the inflammatory enzymes COX-2 and Lipoxygenase. Results indicate that Cyactiv offers a synergistic inhibition of both enzymes. The formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) was evaluated using polymorphonuclear cells from healthy human donors. The inhibition of ROS formation was observed in both the PC and non-phycocyanin fractions with the most robust effect being observed by the introduction of Cyactiv. Other research teams have previously suggested that phycocyanin may have value as a blood thinning agent as phycocyanin can under some laboratory conditions lead to reduced platelet aggregation platelet activation and platelet membrane fluidity. NIS Labs researcher Jensen explained We feel that this interpreta- tion may be too simplistic of an explanation. Previously reported effects of phycocyanin on isolated blood platelets may possibly be a downstream effect of initial anti-inflammatory events. The study findings suggest that the presence of Cyactiv and phycocyanin in the Euglobulin fraction when triggering fibrin clotting led to stronger (not weaker) clot formation whereas the following natural fibrinolytic clot dissolution happened at normal rate. For more information visit THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 NIE s Upcoming 2015 Issue Highlights Contract Manufacturing SupplySide West Show Issue September October 8 11 15 ad closing 9 4 15 ad closing Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 or e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail GaryP 22 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to vitatech for info about this advertiser IngredientNews KD Pharma Launches KD Active Omega-3 Concentrate ermany-based KD Pharma has launched its new KD Active Omega-3 concentrate following the 2014 Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM) publication of study results evaluating the Influence of Omega-3 (N3) Index on Performance and Wellbeing in Young Adults after Heavy Eccentric Exercise. The 90 percent total omega-3 concentrate was shown effective in alleviating delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is different from acute soreness that occurs during an activity rather it is the pain that usually develops 12-24 hours after heavy exercise. The greatest soreness typically occurs between 24-72 hours after the exercise. DOMS is believed to be caused by microscopic damage to muscle fibers during activity. The 2014 JSSM study by Lembke et al. evaluated the associations between G the tissue levels of omega-3 also known as the Omega-3 Index (N3 Index) on various clinical and quality of life outcomes in healthy young adults after heavy eccentric exercise. The study participants were subdivided into two groups with one group receiving N3 dietary supplementation (2.7 g d 1) for 30 days prior to performance of the heavy eccentric exercise and the remaining participant received a placebo supplement for the same 30-day period. Subjects with a higher omega-3 (N3) Index reported less pain related to DOMS following heavy exercise at 72 and 96 hours post exercise. Reduced pain in the higher N3 Index group may be due to an increased concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in the muscle cell walls thus triggering a higher elasticity flexibility and lower risk of physical damage to muscle tissue during exercise. Serum levels of blood lactate were lower in subjects with a high N3 Index CRP (C reactive protein) was reduced at 24 hours and POMS (profile of mood states questionnaire) scores were improved in high N3 Index subjects demonstrating the better perceived QOL (quality of life). No serious adverse events were reported further supporting that omega-3 dietary supplementation is safe bio available and may improve athletic performance and well being in healthy young adults. For more information visit www.kd Potential for Krill Supplementation Algatechnologies Fujifilm Join Takes New Directions to Promote Natural Astaxanthin R esearchers from Norwaybased Aker BioMarine recently authored a paper in Nutrients which comprehensively reviews all animal studies using krill products and aims to give insight into their mechanism of action. The overview also discusses the potential of krill-specific health benefits in humans. Overall the review article shows that omega-3 fatty acids provided in the form of phospholipids can benefit various organs and help support overall health. The reviewed animal studies show improved outcomes of krill oil supplementation for obesity depression myocardial infarction rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis and more. In particular the phosphatidylcholine part of krill oil might offer an advantage to people who have issues such as fatty liver disease and mental disorders said Lena Burri director of scientific writing Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS. On the other hand the krill powder because of its high protein content could also be of interest for the elderly due to muscle loss and frailty Burri added. Line Johnsen director regulatory affairs Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS explained that the summarized benefits described in the paper are important for planning future clinical studies to substantiate the health benefits of Aker BioMarine s krill products in humans. Previously only omega-3 fatty acids have been in focus but a new direction could also include studies looking at choline benefits Johnsen said. For more information visit 24 Nutrition Industry Executive srael-based Algatechnologies Ltd. (Algatech) announced it has signed a supply and long-term collaboration agreement with Fujifilm Corp. (Fujifilm) in Japan for its AstaPure natural astaxanthin ingredients. Fujifilm recently took over Algatech s major distributor in Japan and will promote astaxanthin raw materials. The company already has been using Algatech s natural astaxanthin as the main active ingredient for its nutrition supplement and cosmetics product line named Astalift. Astalift is one of the most innovative and successful cosmetics brands in Japan says Yutaka Yamaguchi head of the Life Science Products Division for Fujifilm. This is due to state-of-the-art collagen technology and nanotechnology cultivated for our photo film products coupled with the high antioxidant astaxanthin from Algatech. The Astalift line has built an impressive reputation as an anti-aging cosmetics brand. We are proud and excited to strengthen our relationship with Fujifilm. Japan was always a major market for us and supplying our ingredient to Fujifilm for its Astalift line is an important distinction for us said Ronnie Meninger Algatech CEO. We are certain the solid reputation of Fujifilm for quality control assurance and its strong credibility in the Japanese market combined with Algatech s expertise in astaxanthin production and development of other special active ingredients from microalgae will increase our leading position in Japan and the rest of the world. For more information visit I Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to alphapackaging for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine May Reduce Muscle Protein Breakdown University of Texas at Austin study showed taking New Yorkbased Kyowa Hakko Bio s Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine inhibits signaling proteins that activate protein degradation which helps to maximize muscle protein build-up after resistance exercise. The study published in the journal Amino Acids included 89 male Spraque-Dawley rats aged two to three months who performed resistance exercise. Immediately post exercise the rats were given either whey protein (.4 g kg) low-dose Sustamine (.1 g kg) A high-dose Sustamine (.5 g kg) or placebo in random order. Sixteen rats were used as sedentary controls. The primary findings were that Sustamine altered immediately post exercise the phosphorylation state of signaling proteins in a manner that theoretically should reduce muscle protein breakdown while whey protein accelerated the phosphorylation of proteins in the mTOR-dependent signaling pathway thereby theoretically activating muscle protein synthesis. Sustamine is a dipeptide of glutamine that provides several substantial bene- fits such as enhanced recovery immune system support and increased metabolic rate. This was one of the first studies to demonstrate its benefit on inhibiting muscle protein breakdown. For more information visit Enzymotec s K REAL Krill Oil Gains E.U. Novel Food Approval srael-baed Enzymotec recently announced that its high-potency grade of K Real krill oil has received Novel Food approval from the European Commission (EC). This approval allows high grades of K REAL krill oil to be used in a wide selection of foods and beverages in Europe and to be labeled with additional health claims beyond the standard heart health-related clam of other krill oils. With the approval Enzymotec is now the only krill oil manufacturer that offers E.U.-approved high grades of krill oil solutions. Enzymotec customers that offer high-grade K Realbased products in Europe are unique in being able to use all the following I health claims on their labels Contributes to the normal function of the heart Contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function Contributes to the maintenance of normal vision The E.U. s Novel Food approval process is very strict and challenging said Dr. Ariel Katz president and chief executive officer of Enzymotec Ltd. Enzymotec invested great effort in this filing and we are pleased that following very positive reviews from the E.U. member states the Novel Food board has voted to approve our innovative krill oil ingredient. K REAL high potency krill oil is manufactured through a specialized and proprietary technology called multi stage oil extraction (MSO) developed by Enzymotec. MSO technology assures high quality oil and superior organoleptic properties compared to other commercially available products. For more information call (973) 912-9400 or visit Cognizin Citicoline Added to New Supplements r. Hyla Cass a renowned MD in integrative medicine psychiatry and addiction recovery is offering Brain Cell Support Plus with Cognizin Citicoline. Brain Cell Support Plus was designed to support optimal brain health mental focus and mood. It contains Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) plus Cognizin a potent brain-health nutrient clinically shown to support mental energy focus attention and recall. The formula also provides DMAE phosphatidylserine and two well-supported brain-supporting botanicals-- Ginkgo biloba and Gotu Kola--to support healthy neurotransmitter production and mood. Additionally Cass is D now including two additional natural compounds--Huperzine A (from the Chinese club moss Huperzia serrata) and Vinpocetine (from the periwinkle plant) to aid in supporting cerebral blood-flow and memory. I created this unique formula myself after years of research and practice and find that individuals with impaired memory get a marked boost in memory focus and overall mood from taking it. They and their families are very grateful said Cass. In other news New York-based Bionops Laboratories has released Biomacula the first eye health dietary supplement with Cognizin Citicoline to French consumers. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 The specialized eye health formulation contains a variety of ingredients to help protect the macular cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. In addition to citicoline Biomacula provides necessary doses of vitamin E glutathione resveratrol Gingko biloba as well as vitamins B1 and B6. This is the first dietary supplement in France that contains citicoline for eye health. Citicoline is an authorized novel food ingredient in Europe. Biomacula comes in quantities of 60 and 180 capsules. For more information visit confort-visuel 4-biomacula.html or http July August 2015 26 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to nutrition21 for info about this advertiser IngredientNews Hinoman Reveals the Smallest Veggie Protein H inoman Ltd. (Israel) has launched Mankai a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with high nutritional value. Mankai is an aquacultured source of vegetable protein with exceptional nutritional value. The vitamin and mineralrich Mankai plant is a native of Southeast Asia and has been enjoyed in Thailand Laos and Vietnam for generations. Hinoman s hydroponic technology enables it to grow the product faster and in large quantities without pesticides while guaranteeing a high protein content of at least 45 percent by dry weight. Mankai is the world s smallest vegetable--0.5 mm (less than 1 5 inch). Due to its small particle size it can be easily incorporated in its natural form into food or beverage applications. The Mankai plant boasts the closest protein profile to animal protein explained Udi Alroy vice president of marketing and business development for Hinoman. The paradox is that this tiny single-strain microgreen delivers huge health benefits to a wide range of market targets and addresses not only the race for new protein sources but also offers perfect solutions to trendy diets such as Paleo and vegan. Protein quality depends on digestibility amino acid profile and content. A high-quality protein contains all the essential amino acids (those the body must source externally) with a high proportion of the branched chain amino acids (BCAA). Mankai is rich in vitamins A and E the B vitamins plus minerals and fatty acids. Mankai s precision cultivation method produces reliable and consistent nutrient levels answering all free-from requirements and enabling a clean label. All the protein parameters are high in Mankai said Ron Salpeter CEO for Hinoman. With its high PDCAAS rate of digestibility--0.89--it is more potent than super vegetables such as spinach spirulina and kale. Mankai has a light vegetal flavor superior to algae-derived ingredients in the market. For more information visit Anderson Global Group Partners with CJ CheilJedang to Launch AllSweet nderson Global Group in California has launched its AllSweet Low-Calorie Sugar. The company partnered with South Korean manufacturer CJ CheilJedang to offer Allulose under the AllSweet brand to food and beverage formulators seeking to reduce total calories especially those from high fructose corn syrup. We are excited to be joining forces with CJ CheilJedang to bring this truly groundbreaking sugar to the U.S. market said Russ Anderson president of Anderson Global. This ingredient performs like regular table sugar but at a fraction of the calories. The functional advantages of AllSweet are tremendous and we are looking forward to supporting our food and beverage customers to see what kind of innovative low-calorie products they can produce. Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and foods such as raisins figs kiwis and brown sugar. At 0.3 kcal g AllSweet Allulose Low-Calorie Sugar provides a clean satisfying sweetness to beverage bakery frozen confectionary and dairy applications according to the company. AllSweet performs like sugar in formulations and delivers the sweet satisfaction consumers crave. Allulose is recognized by the taste buds as a simple sugar and yet is not metabolized and has no impact on blood glucose levels. For more information visit Study Suggests Preventive Effect of Glucevia on Liver Damage rance-based Naturex s Glucevia is an extract of Fraxinus (ash) derived from seeds fruits that helps to regulate glycemia naturally. The efficacy and safety of this extract on blood sugar control has been demonstrated via seven scientific studies including three clinical trials. A recent pre-clinical study published in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolism shows that Glucevia decreases insulin resistance while reducing fatty liver in diabetic mice after seven months of administration. The liver of supplemented mice presented 54 percent less fat droplets than the control group. This demonstrates that non-alcoholic steatosis in the liver was markedly reduced in treated mice. A previous clinical study demonstrated that daily consumption of 1 000 mg of Glucevia for three weeks reduces the incremental glucose area under the curve (AUC) by 28.2 percent vs. baseline. Studies on Glucevia have shown an improved glucose tolerance in humans and the reduction of long term insulin resistance in mice. These results support the potential of this unique ingredient for use in blood sugar management said Dr. Antoine Bily R&D director at Naturex. We will continue investigating Glucevia s hepatoprotective function because non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is the main manifestation of insulin resistance and is linked to metabolic syndrome he continued. Currently only a few preventive supplements exist and there is no evidence-based approved therapy to manage this common chronic disease in Western countries. For more information visit A F EVNol SupraBio Shows Protective Effects for the Brain A recent human clinical trial published in the American Heart Association s journal Stroke reported that EVNol SupraBio supplementation for two years at 200 mg twice daily slows down the development of white matter lesions (WMLs) in the human brain (Gopalan Y Shuaib IL Magosso E Ansari MA Abu 28 Nutrition Industry Executive Bakar MR Wong JW Karim Khan NA Liong WC Sundram K Ng BH Karuthan C Yuen KH. Clinical Investigation of the Protective Effects of Palm Vitamin E Tocotrienols on Brain White Matter. Stroke 45 no. 5 (2014) 1422-8). WMLs are closely related to vascular events of the brain and are indications of Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 fragile brain vascular network and an independent prognostic measure of future stroke risk. The study involved 121 subjects--the largest human clinical study ever conducted for tocotrienol to date. For more information call (732) 906-1901 or visit July August 2015 Go to bergstrom for info about this advertiser AHPAUpdate Leading Industry Association Speaks Directly to Nutrition Industry Executive Readers Federal Legislation That Could Impact the Herbal Products Industry he American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) is monitoring the progress of several pending bills in the U.S. Congress that could impact herbal products companies. T GMO Labeling There is a growing consumer demand for labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and foods that contain genetically engineered (GE) ingredients. The increasing number of bills introduced to address GMO labeling reflects the growing interest and suggests that the issue will persist until a federal solution is implemented. Representative Mike Pompeo (RKS) may have the votes to push the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015 through the House before the August recess. This bill would create a voluntary federal labeling standard while preempting states from passing their own mandatory labeling laws for foods that contain GMOs. Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) is expected to introduce a Senate companion bill to Rep. Pompeo s bill. While the Senate bill is expected to be similar it may include some differences in an attempt to generate more support for the legislation. Another bill introduced by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is the Genetically Engineered Food Right-to-Know Act. This legislation would require that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensure that GE foods are clearly labeled. Neither the Boxer nor the DeFazio measure has enough votes to pass in its respective chamber in the 114th Congress. AHPA has long supported informing consumers about products with GMOs and continues to advocate for a federal standard for the voluntary labeling of products that do not have GE ingredients. Given all the controversy and lack of agreement on GMO labeling legislation AHPA believes a federal voluntary GMO-free labeling system modeled after the National Organic Program is the most practical 30 Nutrition Industry Executive and immediately achievable method of informing consumers. cine within Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers. Study the barriers encountered by veterans in receiving and administrators and clinicians in providing complementary and alternative medicine services furnished by the VA. Establish a program on the use of wellness programs as a complementary approach to mental health care for veterans and family members of veterans. Another proposed bill the Creating Options for Veterans Expedited Recovery (COVER) Act was introduced by Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL) to establish a commission to examine the VA s current therapy model and the potential benefits of incorporating complementary alternative therapies. Supplements in the Military AHPA was monitoring three proposed amendments to the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act introduced by Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Blumenthal. The proposed amendments would have required that supplements sold on military bases be verified by a third party or comply with Defense Commissary Agency policies for inventory carried by commissaries. They would have also required the tracking of military personnel s dietary supplement use and recording of adverse events regarding dietary supplement use by military personnel. AHPA opposed the amendments because they could have hampered military personnel s access to supplements but fortunately these amendments were never brought to the Senate floor. AHPA is also monitoring legislation that seeks to expand veterans access to complementary and integrative medicine. The Expanding Care for Veterans Act which was reintroduced by Rep. Julia Brownley (D-CA) in January would Expand research and education on and delivery of complementary and alternative medicine to veterans. Establish a program to integrate complementary and alternative mediCelebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis AHPA generally supports federal efforts to ease constraints on producing and selling industrial hemp because it will reduce the nation s need to import foreign-cultivated hemp. While most of these bills face a tough uphill battle to be enacted there are mounting consumer requests for access to hemp- and cannabis-derived products. These pending bills are aimed at easing restrictions on hemp and medical marijuana The Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act introduced by Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) which would amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude cannabidiol and cannabidiolrich plants from the definition of marijuana. A companion bill the Charlotte s Web Medical Access Act has been introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA). The Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) would amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. It defines industrial hemp to mean the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of such plant whether July August 2015 Go to specialtyenzymes for info about this advertiser AHPAUpdate growing or not with a delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. It deems Cannabis sativa L. to meet that concentration limit if a person grows or processes it for purposes of making industrial hemp in accordance with state law. Fiscal year (FY) 2016 Commerce Justice and State appropriations measures in the House and Senate include provisions to prohibit the federal government from taking enforcement action against medical marijuana providers and hemp farmers in states that have legalized these activities. conventional foods bear no such burden. Despite the numerous authoritative references already available to provide safety information on dietary ingredients including AHPA s Botanical Safety Handbook for herbal ingredients the previous version of the bill would have directed the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate with the Institute of Medicine to compile a list of dietary supplement ingredients that could cause potentially serious adverse events drug interactions contraindications or potential risks to subgroups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women. The issues addressed in the previous version of the bill propose legislative solutions where regulatory standards would suffice. AHPA is also anticipating the reintroduction of the Family and Retirement Health Investment Act. This legislation was introduced in the last two Congresses (112th and 113th) by Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) in the Senate and Rep. Erik Paulsen (RMN) in the House and is expected to be reintroduced sometime in the near future. The Hatch-Paulsen bill strengthens and expands health savings accounts (HSAs) and flexible spending arrangements (FSAs) which were limited under the Affordable Care Act. One feature of the bill that is important to AHPA members is that it allows reimbursement for dietary supplements and qualifying meal replacement products from HSAs and FSAs. Legislation on the Horizon AHPA is expecting Sens. Durbin and Blumenthal to reintroduce the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act or a modified version of this bill. A previous version of this legislation introduced in 2013 would have imposed a product registration requirement for dietary supplements even though Michael McGuffin President and Board of Trustees American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Branch Out and Join VRM Media s 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 or e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail GaryP 32 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to biocell for info about this advertiser AssociationNews Omega-3 Coalition Assembles Scientific Advisory Council T he Omega-3 Coalition has announced the formation of a scientific advisory council. Comprised of a team of cardiovascular experts researchers and nutritionists the council will serve in an advisory role and complement the coalition s efforts to educate consumers about the benefits efficacy and safety of the specific omega-3s eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Specifically the council will provide independent scientific insights and perspectives regarding omega-3 claims for cardiovascular health guide research on the connection between omega-3s and cardiovascular health and broadly serve as advocates to peers and consumers for incorporating more EPA and DHA in the diet. The Omega-3 Coalition is governed by the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED). Decades of research and thousands of studies support the heart-healthy benefits of EPA and DHA omega-3s yet many consumers still don t have the information they need about the effectiveness and best sources of these important fatty acids said Adam Ismail executive director of GOED. We are excited to bring together such prominent health and nutrition professionals to help turn the tide toward greater omega-3 awareness and consumption to support overall cardiovascular health. Members of the Omega-3 Science Advisory Council include Cheryl Forberg RD James Beard awardwinning chef New York Times bestselling author and the nutritionist for NBC s The Biggest Loser. She is a food and nutrition spokesperson journalist and a blogger for The Huffington Post. Bill Harris PhD FAHA FNLA Internationally-known expert on omega-3 fatty acids and how they benefit patients with heart disease. Harris has researched omega-3s since 1980 and has more than 190 publications related to omega-3 fatty acids in medical literature. He is a senior scientist at Health Diagnostic Laboratory a professor in the Department of Medicine Sanford School of Medicine University of South Dakota and the president and CEO of OmegaQuant. Daniel Soffer MD FNLA Internist and lipidologist with Penn Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. He lectures regularly on lipid and lipoprotein metabolism and clinical management of lipid disorders and atherosclerosis. He is a Fellow of the National Lipid Association (NLA) serves on the board of the Northeast Lipid Association and cochairs the Publication Committee for the NLA. Marie Spano MS RD CSCS CSSD Food and nutrition journalist spokesperson and frequent guest on national and regional TV stations. She has authored hundreds of magazine and trade publication articles written book chapters and is co-editor of the NSCA s Guide to Exercise and Sport Nutrition (Human Kinetics Publishers). In addition Dariush Mozaffarian MD PhD Dean of the Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and a board certified cardiologist and epidemiologist will be serving as scientific consultant to the Omega-3 Coalition and GOED. Mozaffarian has authored more than 200 scientific publications on lifestyle and cardiovascular health. For more information visit 34 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to pinnaclelabs for info about this advertiser ScienceUpdate Vitamin D Supplementation Shows Promise for Crohn s Disease ew research published in the journal United European Gastroenterology (UEG) suggests that supplementation with vitamin D may impact on the intestinal barrier dysfunction associated with Crohn s disease (CD) and could have a role in the treatment of the condition. The study is by Professor Maria O Sullivan and Tara Raftery. Department of Clinical Medicine Trinity Centre for Health Sciences St. James s Hospital Dublin Ireland. Incidence of CD varies across Europe with up to 10 cases per 100 000 population per year. Generally case rates are higher in northern and Western Europe than southern and eastern Europe. There is emerging data that vitamin D supplementation may prolong remission in CD however the clinical efficacy and underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In this new research the authors aimed to determine changes in gut barrier function (as N determined by intestinal permeability and antimicrobial peptide concentrations) as well as disease markers in CD in response to vitamin D supplementation. In a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study the authors assigned 27 CD patients in remission to 2 000 IU day vitamin D supplementation or placebo for three months. They found that patients treated with the supplementation were more likely to maintain their intestinal permeability whereas this deteriorated in the placebo group. Increased intestinal permeability is considered a measure of gut leakiness which is shown to predict and precede clinical relapse in CD. In addition patients with the highest blood levels of vitamin D had signs of reduced inflammation (measured by C-reactive protein and antimicrobial peptides) and these patients also reported better quality of life. This is the first reporting of effects of vitamin D supplementation on intestinal permeability and antimicrobial peptide measures in a CD cohort The authors concluded. Whilst the data requires further confirmation it broadly supports evidence from previous experimental studies that suggest a role for vitamin D in maintaining intestinal barrier integrity. While the data is promising the authors highlighted that in order to understand its translation into treatment for CD further larger randomized controlled trials will be required. For more information visit http Is Dietary Supplementation Appropriate for Children With ASD hildren with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are often picky eaters which can lead parents to suspect that their children might not be getting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. This sometimes leads parents of children with ASD to try nutritional supplements and dietary regimens such as gluten-free and casein-free (GFCF) diets without professional supervision. In the largest study of its kind published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics researchers report that these well-intentioned efforts can result in both insufficient nutrients and excessive nutrients. Despite supplementation children with ASD still were deficient in calcium for example while some were consuming excessive amounts of vitamin A and other nutrients. A total of 368 children aged 2 to 11 were recruited from five AS ATN sites at Cincinnati Children s Hospital University of Arkansas University of Colorado University of Pittsburgh and University of Rochester. All had been diagnosed with autistic disorder Asperger disorder or pervasive developmental disorder as defined by the DSM-IV. C Three-day food records were completed for the children by their caregivers. A registered dietitian nutritionist trained the caregivers to record the amount of all foods beverages and nutritional supplements consumed including brand names and recipes used for food preparation. In the case of nutritional supplements photographs of the labels were taken to insure that ingredients were accurately recorded. Registered dietitian nutritionists verified these records and immediately called families if clarification was needed. By examining these detailed eating records investigators found that the children were consuming similar amounts of micronutrients as children without ASD. They also had the same deficits in vitamins D E calcium potasCelebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 sium and choline as the general pediatric population. Although ASD children are given supplements more often (56 vs. 31-37 percent of the general population) even after supplementation 4055 percent were lacking in calcium and 30-40 percent were lacking in vitamin D. Children on the GFCF diet consumed more magnesium and vitamin E. This may be due to the substitution of soy and nut-based products. Children on this diet were more adequately supplemented with vitamin D. Calcium supplementation was equally inadequate in those on and off the diet. Despite different eating behaviors children with ASD received much of their needed micronutrients from food consumption. This might be due to the high levels of fortification in the modern food supply where vitamins and minerals are often added. This fortification may also be responsible for the overconsumption of certain nutrients by children with ASD. For the supplement users in this study many exceeded the tolerable upper limit for safe intake levels of vitamin A folic acid and zinc. For more information visit July August 2015 36 Nutrition Industry Executive Go to barrington for info about this advertiser Conventions&Meetings Vitafoods Asia Conference 2015 Translating Science Into Good Business itafoods Asia has announced the program for its second edition of the Vitafoods Asia Conference. Running alongside the exhibition on September 2-3 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong the conference boasts a brand new format and an increase in content offerings. Delegates can expect to hear from well-respected industry experts across segments and job functions during the two-day event. Speakers include professionals from A STAR Agence Tesla ASEAN Food & Beverage Alliance BrandHive The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chung Shan Medical University Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School EAS Strategies Euromonitor International Food Industry Asia Frost & Sullivan HealthBrandBuilders The HealthyMarketingTeam Ltd Herbalife Taiwan Inc. Hong Kong V University of Science and Technology Innova Market Insights International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Kaohsiung Medical University National Yang-Ming University and NSF International. Building upon the success of our European event in May the Vitafoods Asia Conference will bear a similar program structure said Chris Lee portfolio director Vitafoods Events. We continue to highlight best practice with market research and development in areas such as weight management and healthy aging. The conference also focuses more on regulatory aspects this year in response to industry demand. Through this platform we aim to facilitate dialogue knowledge-sharing and innovation within the industry so as to facilitate the development of better and safer end-products for the consumer. With sessions that cover both commercial and science aspects of business delegates are presented with a full picture of the production cycle from idea to retail shelves. Content is divided into two distinct parallel streams Your Business focuses on how to turn consumer and business intelligence into insights and competitive growth strategies. The second stream Your Science presents the latest R&D product and ingredient innovations across a number of health categories. Delegates can choose to attend a mix of sessions from either stream allowing them to customize their learning for a more personal and relevant conference experience. For more information visit 38 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Go to globepharma for info about this advertiser Flexible and Strong A shift in ingredients that address bone muscle and joint health is underway to meet the interests of a broadening marketplace. By Janet Poveromo N o matter what your age maintaining muscle joint and bone health is key to staying active and vital throughout life. As for natural products Barbara Davis PhD RD vice president medical and scientific affairs with New Jerseybased PLT Health Solutions said the market for joint health is huge and growing. She noted that consumer sales of joint health supplements topped 1.65 billion in 2013 with bone health supplements reaching nearly 1.9 billion (NBJ 2014). Consumers trust the ability of joint and bone supplements to improve their lives with rankings for extremely believable and believable claims among the top in the supplement industry. Davis noted that For the past decade glucosamine and chondroitin have dominated the market in terms of product launches. At the same time both patent applications and scientific publications in the area of joint health have slowed--this despite the fact that new product launches in the category continue to increase globally. It can be 40 Nutrition Industry Executive fairly said that this market is in need of innovative ingredients to take advantage of the interest in the marketplace and respond to consumer demand. Dr. Aparna Kalidindi technical sales and marketing manager with New Jersey-based Natreon Inc. added the market for bone muscle and joint health has remained very stable with a loyal consumer base. However over the past few years new ingredients with new research have emerged along with a new consumer. The global market for bone and joint supplements is forecast to reach more than 9 billion by the year 2017 led by developing markets in Asia-Pacific. Although industry members are optimistic about the future for bone joint and muscle support natural products health news on calcium has negatively affected the category noted Kathy Lund vice president of business development & marketing with California-based AIDP Inc. The bone health category has been declining she said adding that collagen as an ingredient for joint health is Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 growing. Collagen has been strong internationally and now that awareness is gaining a foothold in the U.S. Consumers are interested in the benefits of these ingredients agreed Dr. Andrew Halpner vice president of product development with Douglas Laboratories in Pennsylvania adding that he believes there is a trend moving in the direction of healthy aging. More people are interested in focusing on maintaining healthy bones and joints into their older years versus trying to address an existing problem. As a result we see people looking to be more proactive in terms of their bone and joint health. We are also seeing more people being active and exercising as they get older and maintaining healthy bones and joints allows them to continue being active well into their later years. The Evolving Market For all its benefits there is a downside to getting physically fit. Annie Eng CEO of HP Ingredients in Florida said as more Americans are getting in July August 2015 shape by regular workouts to fitness centers ironically they often lose more than just weight they often lose joint integrity via the physical stress of repetitive motion. Similarly as more women are now being advised by their ob gyns to be conscious of their bone density in their mid-30s there has been a significant uptick in the demand for bone-nourishing supplements. In our later years Xiaoming Sandy Chien PhD vice president innovative products with HORN Nutraceuticals in California said osteoporosis the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass or sarcopenia and joint issues are health risks that highly affect the degradation of the quality of life once people reach their golden years. Menopausal and post-menopausal women are still very much the target audience for bone health she said but agreed that muscle and joint health markets have been expanded to young populations in addition to Baby Boomers. Weekend warriors young adults male and female have increased awareness of the benefits of lean body mass due to increased scientific research. Manufacturers are targeting this new demographic with wide variety of offerings in proteins for muscle strength and sports nutrition for muscle recovery. Eric Anderson senior vice president of global sales and marketing NattoPharma USA Inc. in New Jersey said the company sees the supplement and natural self-care market experiencing aggressive growth in industry launches as well as consumer demand. Anderson pointed out that according to the World Health Organization (WHO) osteoporosis currently affects some 200 million people globally. Worldwide one in three men are expected to suffer from osteoporotic fractures in the future whereas lifetime risk of fracture for women is nearly one in two he said. Women are more vulnerable due to two factors. First women in general have less bone mass than men and secondly the annual loss of bone mass in women accelerates after menopause. cosamine and chondroitin. While these ingredients still maintain their popularity said Halpner there has been a shift to a much broader base of nutrients that have become associated with bone and joint health. This ranges from other vitamins and minerals including vitamin D vitamin K2 and magnesium to ingredients such as omega-3 fatty acids curcumin and even collagen. The industry is gaining a better appreciation for the complex set of factors involved in supporting bone and joint health and we are therefore seeing different ingredients approach this category from different angles. Chien concurred Calcium vitamin D and K are still the dominant ingredients for bone health glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and proteins for muscle. The big shift is the awareness of vitamin K2 and its importance to bone health via the uptake of calcium. She noted that new guidelines now also call for increased vitamin D daily intake. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommends daily intake of 600 IU for ages 7 years and older and up to 4 000 IU day. In addition formulations with joint support herbs such as turmeric and ginger are now on the rise and Kalidindi noted that another ingredient that has gained popularity is UC-II Natural Collagen Concentrate. Natreon s AyuFlex is a vegetarian organic non-GMO (genetically modified organism) joint product developed from the ayurvedic ingredient Terminalia bellerica which is an edible fruit. One study done in moderately osteoarthritic subjects has shown that supplementation with AyuFlex resulted in significant improvements in WOMAC scores knee-swelling index and VAS (for pain stiffness and disability) compared to placebo. Two additional pain studies showed that single dose administration of 1 000 mg of AyuFlex resulted in significant improvements in pain tolerance. This is a safe efficacious and vegetarian alternative to glucosamine chondroitin and UC-II. Another ingredient with a history of use in Chinese and ayurvedic medicines is from Andrographis paniculata an annual herbaceous plant. Although HP Ingredients has been providing their version Paractin for a few years Emphasizing the Importance of Bone Health L Product and Ingredient Shift A decade or so ago if you mentioned bones and joints the ingredients that would come to mind were calcium gluJuly August 2015 ast fall AIDP launched a lifestyle fitness campaign focusing on women. We surveyed menopausal women and consulted with industry experts including Dr. Doug Kalman a fitness nutritionist and clinical research expert to better understand the role of bone and joint health said Kathy Lund vice president of business development and marketing with California-based AIDP Inc. Highlights of the survey include 93 percent of the women polled were aware of the role of calcium plays in bone health. Less than half 49 percent of respondents are now taking a bone health nutritional supplement. 42 percent had read or heard something recently about the role of collagen a critical factor in bone health. The survey showed that women get it when it comes to understanding the relationship between menopause and bone health Lund said. But half are not taking the right steps to achieve optimal bone health. Most importantly knowledge is lagging behind scientific developments. Almost a decade of rigorous science demonstrates that collagen and calcium are the dynamic duo the best for you answer yet surprisingly 42 percent of those polled had heard something recently about collagen. As follow up to the survey AIDP launched a social media outreach directly to consumers. There is significant interest in field of bone health but consumers are confused on what is the right solution Lund noted. We believe there is a gap in the industry in what consumers want and what manufacturers are offering. (This survey was conducted by Survata between September 2 and September 13 2014 via online interviews of 404 U.S. adult women age 35 and over. The margin of error for this survey is 4.9 percent with a 95 percent confidence interval. Survey numbers were rounded up.) Nutrition Industry Executive 41 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Flexible and Strong its sales team has witnessed increasing sales and inquiries about its use in joint health supplements said Eng. This may be a reflection of increased media exposure about the role of inflammation in joint discomforts. Paractin is a patented extract of Andrographis paniculata standardized to andrographolide 14-deoxyandrographolide and neoandrographolide. (U.S. Patent No 8 084 495 B2). Preliminary research has shown ParActin to promote healthy inflammatory response by naturally inhibiting NF-kappaB the key regulator of our inflammatory response system thereby naturally reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteins associated with pain and redness from everyday activities. Claims our brand marketing partners may use for Paractin are Supports healthy inflammatory response Supports healthy joint function and Supports healthy bone structure Eng added. Category Trends Answering the trending demands for natural and organic vegan ingredients HORN offers ErgoMax which is a vegan vitamin D2 derived from conventional and organic mushrooms. Another ingredient that answers to trends in this category is Nutri-K offering the most bioavailable form of vitamin K2 derived from fermented natto soy beans. Nutri-K is made in Japan and has 99 percent of the active trans form of menaquinone-7 noted Chien. Lund added that collagen is gaining ground beyond skin health. It is widely recognized as a strong supplement for joint health and with our research KoACT a patented combination of collagen and calcium is proven effective for bone health. kollaGen IIxs supplies the body with more hyaluronic acid than any collagen products on the market Lund explained adding that it is an important nutrient for joint health eye Adding K to Bone Health Products T here is a growing interest in bonesupport products that are reformulated to include vitamin K2 with calcium and vitamin D said Eric Anderson senior vice president of global sales and marketing with New Jersey-based NattoPharma USA Inc. The company s MenaQ7 is the only vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) ingredient supported by the first-ever long-term study proving benefits for bone health. Osteoblasts produce a vitamin Kdependent protein called osteocalcin. This protein helps bind calcium to the bone matrix leading to increased bone mineral content. Consequently the skeleton becomes more resistant and less susceptible to fracture. Osteocalcin needs vitamin K2 to function optimally. Long-term vitamin Kdeficiency will lead to significantly reduced density and quality of bone. The three-year study of MenaQ7 on 244 women showed for the first time clinically statistically significant protection of the vertebrae and the hip (femoral neck) against osteoporosis. 42 Nutrition Industry Executive (Knapen et al 2013). This was achieved with only 180 mcg daily of MenaQ7 which is considered a nutritional dose meaning it is much more easily obtainable through supplementation than pharmaceutical doses used in previous studies. The MenaQ7 supplementation group significantly increased the circulating active osteocalcin (cOC) a well-established biomarker for bone and vitamin K status. The inactive protein ucOC in the MenaQ7 group decreased with 51 percent - 21 percent as compared to the placebo group ( 4 percent 49 percent). After three years of supplementation improvements in both bone mineral content (BMC) and bone mineral density (BMD) were statistically significant in the MenaQ7 group. Moreover bone strength (BS) was statistically improved demonstrating therapeutic benefits for the MenaQ7 group as compared to the placebo group. This study appears in the January 2013 issue of Osteoporosis International validating the credibility of the research findings. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 health and skin health as well as offering more chondroitin an important nutrient for joint and cell health. The company s kollaGen II-xs is denatured type II collagen processed by using an exclusive water extraction technology process without using solvent (ethanol) to change the original molecules for assimilation and is recognized as a nutrient as building blocks for damaged cartilage. The category s inclusion of more vegetarian and herbal ingredients has seen a rise in turmeric boswellia and Terminalia chebula (unlike glucosamine chondroitin and UC-II) said Kalidindi. Natreon s AyuFlex (Terminalia chebula) is a vegetarian organic non-GMO ingredient for joint health. Ultimately noted Davis bone and joint health are among top concerns for consumers and they believe supplements can help. Joint and bone supplements rank in the top 10 in health benefit believability for statements like promotes healthier and stronger bones helps to maintain bone joint and muscle function with aging and promotes healthier and more flexible joints (HealthFocus 2012) she said. This type of reaction helps drive product launches and product sales. It is interesting to note however that despite a constant increase in product launches over the last decade the number of patent applications and scientific publications have leveled off in the last few years. This points to a need for innovative new ingredients with proven efficacy in the joint and bone space. Delivery Innovation Supplements are by far the leading application for joint health ingredients. At the same time suppliers said they see a good deal of interest in the development of beverage-based gummies and other delivery forms. To meet the required 1 g of calcium daily intake any tablets that meet such requirement would be a horse pill noted Chien adding that sachet effervescent tablets and ready-to-drink beverages are more suitable delivery forms compared to pills. Another option is HORN BlastMax a new delivery system that stores active ingredients in a universal bottle cap. When in need the July August 2015 consumer just places the HORN BlastMax cap on a water bottle blast the ingredients into the water with a push of a button and enjoy the drink instantly. The HORN BlastMax technology can increase the shelf life of the actives. It can also reduce the use for fillers and excipients. Delivery innovation in this category includes development of liquid and soft gel formulations which can increase patient compliance added Kalidindi who said that powder delivery system for both drinks and food is also becoming more popular. Natreon s AyuFlex can be compressed into a small tablet capsule or caplet compared to the large tablet size of glucosamine and chondroitin she said. Addressing Category Hurdles Despite reports of high intakes of calcium being associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in women calcium is good for bones period said Chien. However like every other nutrient calcium has to be utilized properly in the body for it to be beneficial for bone health. In the case of calcium it needs help from vitamin K2 which plays a key role in metabolizing calcium. Vitamin K2 will remove excess calcium from the arteries and deposit into the skeleton. Better formulation is the key to overcome the calcium controversy. In addition to vitamin K2 magnesium phosphorus vitamin D and boron can be beneficial bone nutrients. Partnering with a seasoned ingredients distributor like HORN helps finished product marketers gain confidence in working with high-quality efficacious ingredients backed with formulation experts who offer reliable technical support she added. Another issue in this category relates to the allowable language that can be used to discuss the actions and benefits of dietary supplements noted Halpern. Certainly it is well understood that disease claims are not allowed when marketing supplements so references to osteoporosis and other overt diseases associated with bones and joints must be avoided. However more subtle claims involving topics such as inflammation are also being called into question. FDA s (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) posiJuly August 2015 tion that inflammation is closely tied to disease processes and therefore most often constitutes a disease claim presents challenges when trying to communicate the attributes and science that support various ingredients and products. The challenge the industry faces is continuing to find ways to clearly communicate how and why a product works while maintaining regulatory compliance. The National Institute on Aging calls osteoporosis the bone thief and rebuilding strong bones is the obvious challenge. Lund pointed to a study done on AIDP s KoACT product. It s important to understand the bone remodeling cycle. Every day old bone is broken down by cells called osteoclasts in a process known as bone resorption. Meanwhile new bone is built by cells called osteoblasts in a process called bone ossification. At a young age ossification outpaces resorption giving bones strength and flexibility. But as the body ages the opposite occurs making bones fragile and rigid. Dr. Bahram H. Arjmandi at Florida State University conducted the randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trial and found KoACT caused a significant increase in total body bone mineral density among post-menopausal women compared to the same amount of calcium after just three months. It also increased biomarkers of bone synthesis. Post-menopausal women should be losing 3-5 percent of their bone mass each year and in this study that was the case. Women taking a calcium vitamin D supplement lost more than one percent of their bone after three months said Arjmandi. But the amazing news is the women who took KoACT not only did not lose bone mass but rather they rebuilt bone. That is pretty difficult to achieve. and mobility within seven days. Daily consumption provided significant benefits in WOMAC VAS and LFI standardized testing methodologies for joint health and positively impacted biological markers associated with joint and general health including TNFa CRP and IL-6. 5-LOXIN was also shown to significantly inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-3) enzymes that break down cartilage collagen and connective tissues. According to the company Apr sFlex is the next generation boswellia extract composition based upon the clinically studied Boswellia serrata extract providing acetyl-11keto- -boswellic acid (AKBA). With this composition ApresFlex provides improved bioavailability and bioactivity of the AKBA. ApresFlex has been clinically evaluated in three studies two of which are published showing joint health benefits in as early as five days from 100 mg. Similar to other areas of health a growing area of research in the bone and joint category is investigating the ability of ingredients and products to show a benefit in people who do not have overt disease said Halpner. Populations such as older adults who may have normal age-related wear and tear and bone and joint complaints but an absence of clear disease are becoming an intriguing target of research. Can we maintain bone and joint health in these individuals as they get older Can we show a benefit of supplementation in a disease-free population Positive results in this type of research will lead to further growth in this category as well as increased interest in the overall usefulness of supplementation in general. NIE Extra Extra Visit for more information on calcium vitamin K and health. Other Research PLT Health Solutions markets two boswellic acid extracts 5-LOXIN and Apr sFlex. Both ingredients have been demonstrated to inhibit 5-lipoxygenase and MMP-3 enzymes thereby supporting healthy joints and connective tissue. In a recent human study both 100 mg and 250 mg of 5-LOXIN daily provided improvements in joint comfort FORMOREINFORMATION AiDP Inc. (626) 964-6910 Douglas Laboratories (800) 245-4440 HORN Nutraceuticals (800) 442-4676 HP Ingredients (877) 437-2234 NattoPharma USA (609) 454-2992 Natreon Inc. (732) 296-1080 PLT Health Solutions (973) 984-0900 Nutrition Industry Executive 43 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 By Anne Lee W hat s good for people is good for their pets. That s sound nutritional advice because the basic biochemistries of humans and of the mammals that are their companion animals are much the same said Pete Maletto founder and CEO of the New Jersey-based PTM Food Consulting. Maletto whose company develops food products for manufacturers pointed to the growing revolution toward natural and healthy ingredients in manufactured pet food. It s amazing what s going on and taking place in the industry Maletto said. People are reading labels and looking at products they want. For the past three years manufacturers have been cleaning up pet food labels. The clean-up goes far beyond packaging it involves the removal of fillers and poor quality sometimes adulterated meats Maletto said. Increasingly pet food is being made with natural flavors with lower carbohydrate and higher protein content and with a host of supplements to promote health and wellness. There are smart people out there really trying to make it he added. 44 Nutrition Industry Executive State of the Market The growing markets for natural and healthy pet foods are mostly coastal Maletto said adding that is the usual pattern of growth for markets in America. For natural ingredients and products for animals the market is strong noted Melinda Fernyhough Culver a veterinarian and PhD who is the business development manager for nutritional sciences for the Ohio-based ABITEC Corporation. But she pointed to a large issue The price for these ingredients and products can be inhibitory for those wishing to supply these to their pets. So there is a limit to the ability of certain market segments to purchase these types of products. Culver however does foresee the demand remaining high as people become more concerned about how the food that is fed to their pets can affect their overall health--something that is gaining more traction as more evidence is discovered. Jane Petrolino vice president for HORN Animal Wellness a business unit of the California-based HORN specialty chemical and ingredient distributor. The phenomenon is known as the humanization of pets she said. And unlike the human food industry there actually is a definition of the term natural in the Association of American Feed Control Official s (AAFCO) Official Publication. This can help product manufacturers and marketers seeking to make natural claims. Though pet food and supplement space is growing steadily the regulations governing the inclusion of natural products are complicated and unclear noted Anurag Pande a PhD and vice president of scientific affairs for Sabinsa Corporation a manufacturer supplier and marketer of herbal extracts cosmeceuticals minerals dietary supplements and specialty fine chemicals for the nutritional cosmetic pharmaceutical and food industries headquartered in New Jersey. Humanizing Pets Consumers looking for more natural food ingredients for themselves want the same for their pets according to Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Latest Research How diet influences the health and behavior of companion animals is July August 2015 ting increased attention from researchers. With cats there is interest in determining how our modern diets (mostly with a high level of carbohydrates) affect the animal and obesity rates compared to a more ancestral higher fat higher protein lower carbohydrate diet said Culver. There is similar interest in dogs and determining if the modern diet has altered genes such that the modern dog is more of an omnivore. Culver continued Other research focuses on alternate protein sources and the health of the animal as well as how alternate starches can impact the health of the animal. A very hot area is the gut and modulation of the immune system and digestion of different nutritional components. The microflora within the gut and imbalances of said microflora is a large research area as well. HORN has seen concern over weight management diabetes and age-related disorders Petrolino noted. Ingredients such as pea protein potato protein DHAgold (DHA source) L-carnitine flax and medium-chain triglycerides are all showing promise as ingredients used in condition-specific formulations. Researchers also are looking for longevity benefits to extend the life of animals and humans said Maletto. Both have a lot of disease. Maletto who worked for Dr. Robert Atkins after earning a bachelor s degrees in biochemistry and food science from the University of Nebraska in the 1990s said the principles of the now-deceased Atkins hold true for pet nutrition. Animals need a proteinheavy diet with good fat and amino acids he said. A plate of leftover pasta he noted is not advisable. The latest research he added has included fiber nuts and seeds. Greens he added are getting big. So are chickpeas cranberry protein vegetables and fruits. tion many may be asking is whether probiotics can help in pet health. Recent studies he added have shown the benefits of probiotics in managing digestive health. To deliver efficacy stability of probiotics is required. The probiotics have to survive formulation conditions packaging storage shipping and finally the low pH conditions in the digestive canal of the pet Pande explained. In many cases the cold chain needed to keep many probiotics viable until they are consumed is difficult to maintain. The question also arises of what kind of probiotics should be given to pets since the microbiota of humans and animals differ. Therefore the choice of the bacteria and its delivery system is an important point to consider. LactoSpore a spore-forming probiotic provides a single strain of spore forming bacteria and hence is able to survive the harsh environment of processing as well as gut without the need of maintaining any cold chain. ease. Both Maletto and Culver named allergies as a top concern. In companion animals allergies to any of the aforementioned items will show in the skin and sometimes as gastrointestinal problems (such as diarrhea) Culver stated. Petrolino noted Historically much of the nutrition research done on humans has served to support ingredient nutrient application in pets. This can become problematic when pet food and treat marketers want to make definitive claims about the efficacy of certain ingredients or finished products. It is encouraging to see more companies conducting clinical studies with the specific species ... dogs or cats ... with the expectation that they can then make better supported claims on their products. Ensuring Ingredient Safety PTM follows a protocol of heavy metal testing looking for mercury content in fish and for arsenic content in soilgrown plants Maletta said. Culver explained that ABITEC begins its manufacturing process with highquality raw materials which are essential components for a superior final product. The company s manufacturing locations incorporate a quality management system based on ISO 9001 which is the internationally recognized standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) Codex Alimentarius HACCP principles and IPEC guidelines as applicable. In most cases ABITEC s facilities have been certified and possess GFSI-BRC Global Standard for Food Safety ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification and or registration and have undergone batch processes quality practices product recall and traceability drills. We operate our business safely and in compliance with all applicable federal state or local laws rules or regulations she said. The result is a quality and safety profile for products that is well-documented with studies and registrations with regulatory agencies worldwide. We also maintain kosher and halal certifications for all products that meet qualification standards. In addition to these certifications many of our products have been filed with the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) through a drug master file (DMF) or are listed in the FDA s Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Nutrition Industry Executive 45 Top Health Concerns I would have to say that the top health concerns may differ if you are speaking to a veterinarian or a pet parent Culver said. Certainly obesity is a top concern for veterinarians as more than half of the dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight or obese. Obesity in companion animals leads to many other health concerns such as diabetes skin issues and arthritis. Pande listed obesity joint problems and digestive health issues noting that more than 50 percent of cats and dogs are overweight and suffering from obesity related issues. The need for balanced nutrition and supplementation is well understood by veterinarians today he said. Good delivery system proper choice of nutrients and clinical evidence are of great importance when it comes to pet supplementation. Natural products such as turmericbased ingredients and digestive enzyme blends can be of great help to manage inflammatory and digestive disorders. Probiotic supplementation should be part of most pet s food regimen from time to time. Culver added dental disease as a top health concern. Almost 90 percent of dogs over the age of three have some form of dental disease which has been linked to heart disease and kidney disease she said. ...Many owners are reluctant to check their pet s mouth for the very obvious signs of dental dis- Fatty Acids and Probiotics Maletto pointed to research on foods such as omega-3 fatty acids to inflammation which he defined as an underlying cause of many diseases including cardiovascular problems and cancers. None of these are created unless there s inflammation he said. Pande spoke of probiotics. There is a long history of use of certain probiotic strains in humans. However the quesJuly August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 tor like HORN helps manufacturers gain reassurance in the quality and efficacy of the ingredients in their finished products she added. Additionally this partnership can provide manufacturers with the level of formulation expertise needed to achieve reliable and experienced technical support. Pande pointed to the need for what he termed the proper delivery system. He explained Excess treatment or harsh conditions of formulations or the sterilization process may be detrimental to the activity of certain nutrients such as enzymes and probiotics. Microbial contamination is often a concern in pet food and supplements due to the nature of raw material hence proper processing and avoiding the possibility of cross contamination is important for safe product formulation. Further it should be said that everything that is safe for humans may not be safe for pets. Therefore pet supplement safety should be drawn on the evidence from the studies performed on pets and not on humans. Proper recall systems should be in place for managing any safety concerns on the product once it s in the market. And Petrolino commented Forthcoming expectations from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the past few years have given pet food manufacturers the heads up on tighter regulations being put in place to ensure the safety of pet products. Companies now focus added attention on good manufacturing practices (GMPs) including ingredient quality sourcing and traceability. Forthcoming expectations from the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in the past few years have given pet food manufacturers the heads up on tighter regulations being put in place to ensure the safety of pet products. Companies now focus added attention on good manufacturing practices (GMPs) including ingredient quality sourcing and traceability. -- Jane Petrolino Vice President HORN Animal Wellness HORN Animal Wellness purchases ABITEC s CAPTEX Medium Chain Triglycerides for use in its products. Culver explained its benefits. First it is important to note that medium chain triglycerides are composed only of fatty acids that are eight or ten carbons long Culver said. Lauric acid (C12)--often cited as a medium chain fatty acid found abundantly in coconut oil--is not due to its metabolic pathway. Supplementation with CAPTEX Medium Chain Triglycerides she added has been shown to support cognition in rats dogs and humans. I believe this would also work in cats but there are no studies demonstrating this she said. CAPTEX also is credited with a healthy weight balance in humans rats chicks and other animals but there have been no studies in companion animals though). Culver concluded Additionally because of the rapid metabolism of CAPTEX Medium Chain Triglycerides they are a great easy to digest source of energy for performance animals (such as sled dogs and performance horses) neonatal animals (puppies and kittens) and geriatric convalescing animals. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Utilizing Finished Products Petrolino reported that HORN Animal Wellness has been very proactive working with manufacturers of finished products and that processing conditions such as heat acid and pressure can have deleterious effects on sensitive nutritional ingredients. Manufacturers need to be familiar with how to formulate with these unique ingredients to ensure the full efficacy of the ingredient in the finished product she said. She added that some nutritional ingredients may contribute unique flavors or off odors to pets that have keen senses of smell. Ultimately if we want to deliver enhanced nutrition we need the pet to actually eat the product which is why tools like palatability studies are important Petrolino stated. Partnering with a seasoned distribu46 Nutrition Industry Executive Noting the trend toward natural Pande stated There is a great demand for natural preservatives coloring and flavoring in the pet food industry. Enzyme-based blends are of interest to pet food manufacturers as well as pet supplement manufacturers. These enzymes can be used in the food processing area to make the meat tenderer as well as supplementing the food for better digestive benefits. Culver spoke of inherent difficulties in using new or innovative ingredients to meet the needs of today s pet. One she noted is cost. Many of the better more bioavailable ingredients are quite costly and when added to animal formulae greatly increase the formula cost. Additionally other ingredients that may have benefits for the animal are quite costly to add to a formulation at an effective level (CoQ10 for example). A second challenge Culver said is the regulatory body. I know that there are changes planned for AAFCO FDA CVM (Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine) but it does hinder the ability to offer new ingredients for pets. However Culver continued I do know that there is a place for these regulations--we are all stewards of the animals and it is a great responsibility as they are voiceless. Manufacturers can help to meet pets needs by reviewing the literature for ingredients that have some basis in science and are allowed in pet foods (as outlined by AAFCO) and by adding them in the formula at levels for which the animal will realize the intended benefit. Pande pointed to the importance of regulatory bodies and industry associations such as AAFCO to form associations for streamlining shortcomings of pet food regulations as well as making regulations friendlier to introducing the new ingredients in the market. NIE Extra Extra Visit to read about research on the emotional and physical benefits of companion animals and the elderly. FORMOREINFORMATION ABITEC Corporation (614) 312-9276 HORN (800) 442-4676 (714) 523-6339 PTM Food Consulting (888) 736-6339 Sabinsa Corporation (732) 777-1111 July August 2015 Nutraceuticals Mineral Efficient Increased awareness of their benefits and improved technology is driving the growth of mineral sales. By Janet Poveromo ssential for a variety of bodily functions minerals are experiencing good and consistent growth said Max R. Motyka MS RPh consultant to Utah-based Albion (previously director of the human product division for 23 years). He noted the compound annual growth rates reported by multiple sources states the market to be 7.3 percent for 2014-2020. Pharma sales are projected to be the leading segment for the mineral market by 2020. The U.S. is the largest mineral market followed by Asia Pacific and the E.U. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for minerals. The mineral salt ingredient market has been gradually expanding over the past years in terms of demand and varieties said Tony Xue general manager of GWI China office (U.S. offices are in California). With calcium being the most dominant mineral product magnesium iron and zinc are also widely consumed by many industries. Xue noted that according to the U.S. export and import statistics some of the main mineral ingredients products are calcium carbonate calcium citrate magnesium citrate and gluconates. Calcium carbonate dominated the mineral product category with an approximate 9 500 MT total import and port distribution in 2013. E 2012 to approximately 9 500 MT in 2013. The figure for gluconates has also been climbing from 1 272 MT in 2011 to more than 1 500 MT in 2013. The top three minerals in terms of sales according to Motyka continue to be calcium magnesium and zinc. However magnesium has been the category growth leader now for several years. The feeling is that the changes are based on an increase in awareness when it comes to the intake shortcomings that are most important and prevalent. It is being driven by emphasis being given to the end users in categories including pregnant women increased aging population infant health and lifestyle. This is true for the supplement market in general. Mineral Updates Motyka stated that new findings in regard to zinc could make this trace mineral the new magnesium. Of course being a trace mineral it won t hit the gross numbers of calcium or magnesium but it will be important. It has been popular as an ingredient in supplements aimed at the immune system and men s health. Now its importance to cognitive function is receiving emphasis. The growth rate of the aging population in the U.S. and globally should drive the growth of the zinc supplement market. Zinc deficiency has become a pandemic in developed and developing nations according to known experts. As many as 40 percent of elderly Americans and two billion people globally have diets deficient in zinc. Its deficiency leads to neurodegeneration and a decline in cognitive function. Like other nutritional ingredients said Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Xue the current trend is that consumers are looking for natural and organic products. However many natural mineral products have not yet able to meet consumers satisfaction. Formulators have various factors to consider as consumers are not just looking into health results but also the tastes doses and the easiness to be absorb. Thus some synthetic mineral products have earned customers favor with their balance in all factors. Another future trend lies in amino acid minerals which will gradually replace certain natural mineral products Xue added. However due to the high cost of those amino acid minerals calcium citrate and gluconates products still have the highest priceperformance ratio with the advantages in terms of quality absorption and dissolving. We predict that those products will be leading the mineral market in the coming years. Innovation in the area of new delivery systems has been seen in the supplement market just as seen in the overall supplement market. For minerals there has been more marketing of forms like soft chews liquids shots melts and effervescents Motyka noted. Obstacles Motyka acknowledged that the implications that calcium supplementation has a negative effect on cardiovascular health have had a negative impact on this market as seen in industry reports of calcium sales declining in recent years. In addition the taste of mineral products has also been an issue particularly for iron potassium and zinc. Not with regular tablets and capsules Market Leaders With its low price high calcium content and easiness for absorption calcium carbonate is still the leading product in mineral ingredients in terms of volume said Xue. Based on the U.S. export and import data its total import number has been increasing from 7 711 MT in 2011 to 9 254 MT in 48 Nutrition Industry Executive (Continued on page 52) July August 2015 Go to lohmann for info about this advertiser FoodTechnology Consumer Expectations Dictate Natural Sensory Qualities By Layo Jegede Senior Manager Global Sensory & Angelina De Castro Senior Marketing Manager Ingredion Incorporated ensory quality as perceived by the consumer is the driving force in the development of natural food ingredients or products. Notwithstanding the current key trend issues such as sugar reduction consumers expect that the essential sensory quality attributes are maintained in the products. In recent times consumers are more aware of or are looking for four main areas. These can be grouped into natural organic clear clean label and country of origin. Of these four natural is the most used in the U.S. Also it cast the widest net due to a lack of standard definition. In most cases the defini- S tion of natural resides within a company. Every company has a set of guidelines that defines natural. Looking at natural from the perspective of the ingredients consumers classify it as being close to the identifying ingredient in the product. This means that orange juice must be yellowish orange in color with a pulpy texture. Consumers also believe that natural products are minimally processed have reduced use of or no additives (colors flavors etc.) no allergens reduced level of or no pesticide residue with more of the essential nutrients from the main ingredient. Organic is the most specific of this Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 group. It is defined by certification which is visible to the consumer. It is either organic or not organic. Consumers are willing to pay more for organic products. This is quite evident in the growth of the sector. Recently an analysis released by the financial firm BMO Capital Markets showed that Costco the wholesaler discount chain is projected to sell just over 4 billion in organic products this year edging out 3.6 billion by Whole Foods to take the national lead. Clean cleaner clearer clear label is a very strong consumer trend globally. Consumers are looking at products through the lens of their pantries. The cleaner aspect of clean label is the July August 2015 50 Nutrition Industry Executive length of the ingredient list. Consumer expectations are that a clean label must have a short list with ingredients they can pronounce. Country of origin (source of the main ingredient) is a growing area in terms of consumer trends. The source of origin labeling has existed for centuries in the wine liquor industry. However in the mainstream food industry it is now reflected in flour crackers et al. Taste Rules No matter the consumer trend it is all about the taste This of course means it is all about consumer perception. How consumers define sensory quality is how we approach each customer. Consumers associate certain sensory cue to the certain foods. If it does not taste good it is not worthy of driving 20 miles to the store. In all the current consumer trends matching consumer expectations to sensory quality tops the list. All the ingredients that are considered in food formulations always focus on the sensory delivery. Sensory quality is monitored by maintaining an up-to-date comprehensive sensory profile and consumer insights of product categories. Ingredion s proprietary sensory language TEXICON and SWEETABULARY in combination with our consumer centricity approach enables us to translate consumer language to actionable product develoment. Ingredient solutions created to meet consumer expectations are continuously maintained so that consumer expectations will not waiver. Often combination of ingredient solutions is employed to focus on the sensory qualities that define these expectations. The DIAL-IN Technology (see Figure 1) is the innovative shortest path Ingredion uses to get to the customer s perfect texture and sweetness. Our IdeaLabs is spread across the globe and they are equipped to partner with our customers. Using the example of the current sugar reduction trend in the food industry aims to reduce calories from sucrose while maintaining the same sensory profile (see Figure 2). Naturally sourced sweeteners such as stevia extract can provide this solution. However careful development must be undertaken in order to ensure that the sensory quality matches the existing product. What Consumers Want Clean labeling or transparency in labeling is strongly driven by consumers that are paying more attention to ingredient lists and their dietary habits. Increasingly consumers are moving away from processed artificial foods and seeking clean label food and beverage alternatives to maintain wellbeing. The challenge for manufacturers retailers and consumers alike is determining what defines a product as clean label. In lieu of a legal definition for natural or clean label food companies take what resonates with consumers as well as what key influencers are promoting. The access to information and the awareness of choices have helped fuel this trend. Back in 2010 in the absence of an industry-wide definition Ingredion Incorporated wanted to help manufacturers tap into and benefit from the clean label trend by providing a clear definition. Ingredion s published definition is based on consumer insight and regulatory labelling guidelines from around the globe. The three key components that we have defined as clean label are as follows Free from chemical additives Simple ingredient listing that consumers understand Foods processed using traditional techniques or that are minimally processed The most common front-of-pack claims that manufacturers make when marketing clean label food and beverage products are natural organic and or free from additives preservatives. Across the globe clean label Nutrition Industry Executive 51 Figure 1 DIAL-IN Technology approach Figure 2 Discrete time intensity for sweet taste intensity WITH enliten July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 FoodTechnology research has demonstrated that ingredients matter to consumers. In a recent consumer research commissioned by Ingredion we found that 73 percent of U.S. consumers say recognizable familiar ingredients on labels are very quite important and the majority of consumers prefer short and simple ingredient listings. And while regional differences occur as a general rule if consumers had the choice artificial additives and preservatives would be out and natural or unprocessed ingredients would be in. tionality equivalent to conventional ingredients. Artificial flavors colors and sweeteners are often the first targeted ingredients to replace. It can vary by category and type of positioning of the product therefore it has to be based on consumer research. Many companies are using the pantry as a guideline looking to replace ingredients that consumers don t understand with ingredients they can find in their pantries. A good example is replacing modified food starch with corn starch (see Figure 3). Overall sensory quality as perceived by consumers is the overarching factor in every step of ingredient and product formulation. Ingredients and products succeed in the marketplace when consumer expectations are met and maintained. NIE Layo Jegede is responsible for Ingredion s Global Sensory which entails expanding approaches for understanding customer and consumer sensory perceptions of product textures and sweetness. Layo also lead the Sensory Global Expertise Team and works to build functional excellence globally in the sensory program. She has 20 years of experience in the food industry and worked previously at Nestle at multiple locations in Africa Europe and the United States. Most recently she worked at Pepperidge Farm. Layo has a master s degree in food technology from King s College University of London England. Angelina De Castro is responsible for Ingredion s Wholesome Innovation springboard in the U.S. and Canada. She leads commercial and communication activities for ingredients that enable clean label front-of-pack claims including NOVATION functional native starches and HOMECRAFT functional flours. Angelina joined Ingredion in 2006 and holds a master s degree in food science and technology from Texas A&M University and a bachelor s degree in food industry engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM) in Mexico. The Pantry Model Clean label foods must deliver the taste and texture consumers are accustomed to eating. For a food manufacturer that means that ingredients used in clean label formulation need to be robust-delivering func- Figure 3 Clean label - matching sensory quality Nutraceuticals (Continued from page 48) but with the emergence of the alternate dosage forms he said. This problem is lessened with improvement seen in tastemasking techniques and flavoring science. Certain minerals have been known to cause various forms of gastric distress (acid rebound stomach upsets nausea diarrhea and constipation). These problems are more prevalent with the form of the particular mineral associated with the GI (gastrointestinal) problems. Organic mineral forms are seen to have less problems in these areas. Mineral amino acid chelates have been shown to be a better choice for avoidance of gastric distress. Xue noted that some of the negative news reports have been focusing on the difficulty of certain products to be absorbed by the human body. Gluconate products can be great alternatives to traditional carbon52 Nutrition Industry Executive ates and will gradually be embraced by more consumers. With updated technologies and more synthetic innovative products available in the market we are expecting to observe increasing customer satisfaction in the next few years he said. Another hurdle our clients have been looking into is the heavy metal and microorganism contaminants of mineral ingredients products Xue added. Thus we believe that quality is of vital concern to suppliers and manufacturers. For our manufacturer partners we examine their quality control procedures and the solutions add-on service they offer. GWI possesses a vast connection network by working with more than 100 of the leading world-class manufacturers to provide the best quality ingredients. The supplier should have a long-term business operation experience with a minimum of three years. It is important to examine their Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 reputation in terms of quality and reliability. When any issue occurs they can be resolved by effective communications promptly. He stressed GWI s established quality control system offered in six steps manufacturer qualification testing program preshipment inspection third-party lab testing program manufacturer origin trace system and customized shipping. As for the future of mineral research Of course we are all interested in new positive findings for all minerals Motyka concluded. However new research in the areas of cognitive function metabolic syndrome sports performance and infant development are of great interest. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION Albion (801) 773-4631 (800) 453-2406 (U.S. & Canada) GWI (877) 550-3600 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 2015 Company Profiles R esearching a potential partner is an important part of doing business in Following is an index of companies participating in the 2015 Company Profiles section Alkemist Labs ................................................................54 Alpha Packaging ..........................................................55 Avanti Polar Lipids Inc. ................................................77 Barrington Nutritionals..................................................56 Bergstrom Nutrition ......................................................57 BIO-CAT ........................................................................78 BioCell Technology LLC ..............................................58 today s marketplace. Let Nutrition Industry Executive s Company Profiles serve as a vital reference tool in that endeavor whether you re looking for an ingredient supplier a contract manufacturer a packaging partner or simply general knowledge about companies serving the industry. Each participating company in this special section has provided valuable insight about its mission and history products special services and quality assurance methods as well as contact information and key executives to facilitate open and direct communication. In addition the 2015 Company Profiles highlights the participating companies focus on quality and their quality control standards and practices. The Company Profiles represent a strong cross section of resources available to those doing business in the dietary supplement market. July August 2015 Biova LLC ......................................................................59 Deerland Enzymes Inc. ................................................60 Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. ..................................................61 Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC. ..........................................62 Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. ..........................................79 Generex Labs ................................................................80 GlobePharma Inc. ......................................................63 HealthCo International..................................................64 Herbally Yours Inc. ......................................................65 Jiaherb Inc.....................................................................66 JT Naturals LLC ............................................................81 Kyowa Hakko USA ........................................................67 Natreon Inc. ................................................................68 Nutraceutix Inc. ..........................................................82 Nutralliance Inc. ..........................................................69 Nutrition 21 LLC ..........................................................70 Pinnacle Labs International Inc. ..................................71 PLT Health Solutions ....................................................72 Sabinsa Corporation ....................................................73 Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies ..........................74 U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention ....................................75 Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. ..............................76 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 53 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Alkemist Labs 1260 Logan Ave. B2 Costa Mesa CA 92626 Phone (714) 754-4372 Fax (714) 668-9972 Email sales Website Year Founded 1997 2015 Company Profiles Natural Products Testing Pioneer lkemist Labs is an independent contract testing laboratory specializing in plant authentication botanical ingredient identification and quantitative analytical services to the food and beverage nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries. As a pioneer in natural products testing Alkemist has assisted thousands of natural product companies approach achieve and maintain cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliance and is a trusted partner in assuring the safety and effectiveness of products sold to consumers. The company s mission to bring transparency to all areas of natural products industry testing includes education tools designed to demystify testing and help companies get accurate results to support regulatory compliance and illustrate their quality commitment to consumers. Alkemist Labs an industry recognized leader in botanical identification services renders comprehensive analytical testing solutions to its global base of clients to meet their food product safety transportation and quality guidelines. Because Alkemist Labs specializes exclusively in natural products testing the company is the trusted testing partner for many of the industry s most notable companies. Testing natural products is all Alkemist Labs does and A it does it extraordinarily well. Alkemist Labs offers clients a wide range of specialty research services to evaluate the identity purity and quality of botanical raw materials dietary ingredients and finished products. Alkemist Labs has become the ideal partner for quality to companies interested in producing high quality natural products requiring independent third-party analysis stability shelf-life studies certification of analysis and cGMP compliance. Alkemist Labs specializes in routine QC compendial testing method development and validation verification services and dedicated research services. Alkemist Labs offers high throughput HPTLC analysis for botanical ingredient identity testing of whole herbs and plant extracts with a standard five business day turn-around time. In combination with HPLC microscopy and the company s on-site herbarium Alkemist Labs offers the most reliable technical support and highest quality services so that companies can achieve and maintain cGMP compliance. With botanical product testing in the headlines and on consumers minds Alkemist has launched an educational campaign to demystify testing and is offering short educational videos columns and checklists to guide the industry in its increasing focus on testing. With accurate herb testing becoming an even higher priority than ever before Alkemist Labs announces the expansion of its reference material offerings to include phytochemical reference standards as Alkemist becomes the U.S. distributor for Lyon Francebased Extrasynthese. Reference standards are used in the measurement of content or presence of the many phytochemicals contained in natural products and have direct impact on the ability to assess safety quality and potency of raw materials and finished products. Specific services include Identify Botanical microscopy HPTLC HPLC fingerprinting composite reference botanicals (CRBs) Analyze HPLC GC UV-Vis UPLC & wet chemistry Verify The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) requires brands to able to prove their label claims using scientifically valid methods. Alkemist Labs offers custom verification and validation services for their clients unique finished products. Key Personnel lan M. Sudberg CEO & Microscopist Sidney Sudberg Founder & CSO Paul Burns Director of Sales Holly Johnson PhD Senior Analytical Chemist Petra Erlandson Strategic Sales Manager Reference Materials 54 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Alpha Packaging 1555 Page Industrial Blvd. St. Louis MO 63132 Phone (314) 427-4300 (800) 421-4772 Fax (314) 427-5445 Email marketing Website 2015 Company Profiles Leading Manufacturer of Packaging Solutions lpha Packaging is a leading manufacturer of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) bottles and jars for the nutritional supplement pharmaceutical personal care animal health consumer chemical and niche food and beverage industries. Sizes range from 1-oz. to 2 gallons and include styles ideal for tablets and capsules powders and granules and liquids and lotions. The company continues to work on sustainable packaging solutions including bottles and jars with FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-approved post-consumer resin (PCR). Alpha has seven manufacturing plants and one decorating facility in strategic locations across the North America as well as a manufacturing plant in The Netherlands. The company also operates a warehouse location in Southern California where customers can purchase a wide variety of stock bottles at jars with one-pallet minimums. Alpha offers in-house tool making capabilities and can build everything from unit cavity molds to complete high cavity production tooling. A as nutritional supplements drink mixes and dry chemicals. Samples of all stock items are available at Over the past two years Alpha added substantial HDPE vitamin packer capacity to the Northeastern U.S. The company built new molds for more than a dozen sizes of bottles ranging from 50 cc to 950 cc. Sizes up to 300 cc are manufactured using the injection blow molding process. Larger sizes are extrusion blow molded on new equipment with state-of-the art vision systems and leak detectors. The company stocks these items on the East Coast and also in its Southern California warehouse. Major Markets Nutritional supplements Pharmaceutical Personal care Niche food & beverage Consumer chemicals Most manufacturing lines include leak detectors and vision systems installed in-line and many lines also feature softtouch take-out systems or automated stack-packers to minimize scratching. Alpha continually invests in new quality systems to ensure our packaging is ready to be filled when it reaches the customer. Specialized Services Alpha Packaging offers complete package design services from the initial concept to the finished decorated bottle. The company s design center located in its Cleveland OH plant works closely with its Alpha tool & mold department to create custom bottles and jars for a wide variety of manufacturing platforms and plastic resins. Major Products 900 stock bottles and jars. Custom styles in HDPE PET PLA and PP. Custom-colored PET packaging. High-quality container decorating on a variety of substrates. New Products For nutritional supplements in dry and powdered form Alpha now offers a full line of indented label PET packers in sizes ranging from 1 500 cc to 2 gallons including two options in a 1-gallon (3785 cc) size. The 1 500 cc 2 000 cc 2 500 cc 3 000 cc and 3 785 cc bottles all have 110 mm necks and the 5 000 cc 6 250 cc and 2-gallon bottles each feature 120 mm necks. These are ideal for powders and dry ingredients such Association Memberships National Association of Container Distributors Institute of Packaging Professionals Association of Dressings and Sauces Canadian Health Foods Association Quality Assurance Quality is top priority at Alpha Packaging. The company s manufacturing process integrates the finest FDAapproved raw materials with state-ofthe-art equipment and stringent quality control processes. All manufacturing and warehousing is conducted in sealed clean controlled environments. Founded 1969 Key Personnel Jeff Kellar President and CEO David Kunkle COO Brian McCarthy Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development Jack Baily Executive Vice President of Distributor Sales Adam Doane Vice President of Direct Sales Marny Bielefeldt Vice President of Marketing July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 55 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Barrington Nutritionals 500 Mamaroneck Ave. Harrison NY 10528 Phone (800) 684-2436 Email sales Website 2015 Company Profiles 100% Nutritional Ingredients R ecognized for more than 24 years for our commitment to quality reliability and unparalleled customer service Barrington s diverse product portfolio serves the nutraceutical pharmaceutical and functional food industries. The company s focus is on vitamins minerals carotenoids excipients and specialty ingredients that conform to or exceed the latest compendia of quality standards. Innovative partners with state-of-theart manufacturing facilities coupled with the convenience of nationwide warehousing provide its customers exceptional sourcing and problem solving capabilities. The company partners with integral manufacturers in the industry and accept only top-of-the-line ingredients that allow Barrington to lead the way to better health and wellness. The company is faithful to doing what is right for its customers partners and industry. Major Markets Functional foods and beverage Gluten free Nutritional supplements Personal care Pet Food and health Pharmaceuticals Celny Hydroxypropyl Cellulose GadoCal Soluble Calcium Citrate GadoMag Soluble Magnesium Citrate HuberCal Calcium Carbonate and Oyster Shell HuberSorb Calcium Silicate Mag-Gran DC Magnesium Oxide PureFruit Monk Fruit Extract Regenasure Glucosamine Transport C Plus Truzox Zinc Oxide USP Vivital Carotenoids and Vitamins ZeoFree Silicon Dioxide Mission and Values Barrington Nutritionals is dedicated to providing high quality science based ingredients to the nutraceutical pharmaceutical and functional food industries through efficient ethical customer service and superior product expertise. Display Integrity Share information with honesty and transparency. Take accountability and ownership. Take the time to connect and listen to others. Live Passionately Take pride in our products service and work. Deliver the best experience possible in our interactions with others. Have fun Value People Cultivate positive relationships with its customers business partners and employees. Support the community. Show respect and compassion for all. Thrive Challenge itself to strive for continuous improvement in all Barrington does. Always respond with urgency and energy to opportunities and issues. Find Solutions. Evolve. Embody health and longevity. Competitive Advantages 24-plus years of reliable service National warehousing with available stock cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliant warehouses GMO (genetically modified organism) free available products Fast response time and proactive service Complete documentation with supplier product transparency Key Product Categories Amino acids Antioxidants Carotenoids Enzymes Excipients Herbal extracts Minerals Proteins Probiotics Specialty ingredients Sweeteners Vitamins Memberships American Beverage Association American Herbal Products Association Council for Responsible Nutrition Drug Chemical and Associated Technologies Natural Products Foundation Nutrition Industry Association Vitamin Angels Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Key Personnel Stu Gelbard President Anna Zielonka Vice President of Sales Stuart Robertson Western Regional Vice President Connie Grass West Coast Sales Representative Lara Bova California Sales Representative July August 2015 Branded Products Accel Microcrystalline Cellulose Amizate Salmon Protein Hydrolysate AstaPure Natural Astaxanthin BiAloe Organic Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Powder 56 Nutrition Industry Executive 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Bergstrom Nutrition 1000 W. 8th St. Vancouver WA 98660 Phone (888) 733-5676 ((888) SEEK-MSM) 2015 Company Profiles OptiMSM O ptiMSM is an ultra-pure branded methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) ingredient manufactured by Bergstrom Nutrition. The only GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-designated MSM OptiMSM is the result of a proprietary four-stage distillation process that guarantees optimal purity quality and consistency. OptiMSM is manufactured exclusively in the USA in a dedicated cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)-compliant ISO-registered FSSC22000 certified facility and is backed by thirdparty testing to provide essential traceability. OptiMSM is kosher and halal certified non-GMO (genetically modified organism) gluten-free and vegan OptiMSM is also registered with Informed Sport. OptiMSM supports a variety of health benefits including joint health exercise recovery healthy skin sports nutrition healthy aging and reduction of oxidative stress. OptiMSM can be formulated into dietary supplements nutrition bars powders and beverages. The marketplace has witnessed an explosion of healthy-aging products targeting the growing number of consumers looking to slow down the aging process. MSM is a science-backed ingredient that can provide multiple healthy-aging benefits. the top of the wish list for people who want to look their best. MSM is a rich source of sulfur--34 percent by weight. Sulfur is a key component of collagen that supports the skin s structural framework. Sulfur is also a building block of keratin the chief structural constituent of hair and nails. and the pain and muscle soreness following acute physical exertion. Add OptiMSM for Healthy Aging The marketplace has witnessed an explosion of healthy-aging products targeting the growing number of consumers looking to slow down the aging process. MSM is a sciencebacked ingredient that can provide multiple healthy-aging benefits. MSM has a 25-year history of providing nutritional support for healthy joints and connective tissue to help people continue enjoying the activities they love. And MSM is a rich source of sulfur--a key component of collagen and keratin that supports the structural integrity of hair skin and nails to help people look as young as they feel. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Nutrition Industry Executive 57 Add OptiMSM for Healthy Joints MSM is made up of 34 percent sulfur--the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfur is an important nutrient necessary for the maintenance of healthy joints tendons ligaments and other connective tissue. OptiMSM is an ultra-pure high quality MSM that is backed by numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies for safety and efficacy. Add OptiMSM for Sports Nutrition Due to an increasing awareness of the benefits of physical activity sports nutrition is a fast growing category fueled by its appeal to mainstream consumers. While athletes look for nutritional support to maximize exercise performance and benefits they are also concerned about potential wear and tear on their bodies. MSM is an ingredient that provides nutritional support to help keep joints and connective tissue healthy. MSM has also been found to benefit exercise recovery by reducing oxidative stress Add OptiMSM for Healthy Skin For many people looking good is part of feeling good which can help instill a confidence that provides them with a competitive advantage. Healthy radiant skin is a sign of vibrant good health and is often at July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 BioCell Technology LLC 4695 MacArthur Ct. 11th Fl. Newport Beach CA 92660 Phone (714) 632-1231 Fax (714) 632-5866 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles A Steward of Quality and Integrity B ioCell Technology LLC founded in 1997 is in the business of researching developing branding and distributing innovative science-based raw material ingredients that have applications in nutrition health and beauty. The company does not sell finished products but rather licenses its branded ingredients to leading consumer packaged goods companies for use in their finished products. As a steward of quality and integrity BioCell Technology believes that licensing is the best way to ensure the quality safety and efficacy of the innovative finished products that contain its branded ingredients in the market. Each of the company s branded ingredients has a trademarked logo of authenticity that is proudly displayed on the labels of finished products utilizing BioCell Technology ingredients and marketed by leading consumer packaged goods companies under their own brand names or formulas. Products BioCell Collagen BioCell Collagen is a science-based clinically tested dietary ingredient that promotes active joints youthfullooking skin and healthy connective tissues. Unlike other collagen and hyaluronic acid ingredients on the market BioCell Collagen contains a patented composition of naturally occurring hydrolyzed collagen type II chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid in a highly absorbable matrix form that has been the subject of numerous human clinical trials including trials on safety efficacy and bioavailability. BioCell Collagen supports the body s regenerative ability to maintain healthy connective tissues not only to promote joint mobility and youthful-looking skin but also to protect and help the recovery of musculoskeletal tissues such as tendons and ligaments after intense exercise or sports activity. Thanks to a patented BioOptimized process BioCell Collagen was shown to be effectively absorbed by the body. Various studies including five human clinical trials support the safety and efficacy of BioCell Collagen. BioCell Collagen is self-affirmed GRAS (generally recognized as safe) holds multiple U.S. and international patents and is available for both oral and topical applications. full spectrum of phytochemicals called isothiocyanates (ITCs) that support your immune system detoxify and maintain healthy liver function and provide strong antioxidant activity for cellular health. i-Sabi is trademarked The Master Switch to Wellness given its ability to stimulate Nrf-2 a genomic master switch that induces a set of genes that are involved in the protection of cells against various stresses and damage. i-Sabi is laboratory tested and has been shown to exhibit the following properties Supports liver health and detoxification Supports healthy immune function Supports brain health Supports cellular health Potent antioxidant support EstraFlex CMO Esterified Fatty Acid Carbons (EFAC) EstraFlex CMO is a complex blend of cetylated fatty acids including cetyl myristate cetyl myristoleate cetyl oleate cetyl palmitoleate and cetyl palmitate. Mechanism of action of these esterified fatty acids may include the modulation of the immune system in a beneficial way. EstraFlex CMO is an all-natural bovine-derived ingredient aimed at improving flexibility and mobility of the joint. i-Sabi Wasabia Japonica i-Sabi is a natural dietary supplement made from the rhizomes of pure Wasabia japonica. i-Sabi provides a Key Executives Suhail Ishaq President 58 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Biova LLC Kansas Bioscience Authority Bldg. 10900 S. Clay Blair Blvd. Ste. 1000 Olathe KS 66061 Phone (877) 682-2673 Email nutrition Website 2015 Company Profiles Discover Why Biova is the Clear Choice P rivately held Biova applies advanced research and technology to develop innovative egg-membrane based commercial ingredients for customers worldwide. Sustainable production anchored by vertical integration with some of the largest U.S. egg producing and processing partners assures Biova unmatched raw material supply--the right combination of access and capability to drive opportunity and growth. Key Technology Founded on innovative technological research Biova holds multiple patents including OvaPure Biova s patented technology for separating nutrient-rich egg membrane from eggshells. OvaPure is an eco-friendly process ensuring the egg membrane s natural nutrient matrix remains intact while leaving minimal calcium residue. Hydro5 Biova s proprietary patented hydrolyzation process for making egg membrane water soluble while retaining natural nutrient ratios. The Hydro5 process assures uniform ingredient profiling for consistent formulations and better products. These two processes are integral to creating Ovacore the world s leading water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) material for commercial application. Standardized at 85 percent protein Ovacore s natural nutrient ratio contains beneficial proteins (e.g. elastin 20 percent) collagens (e.g. total collagen 20 percent) and glycosaminoglycans (e.g. chondroitin sulfate glucosamine total GAGs 8 percent). Hydro5 processing means Ovacore has only minimal calcium remnants for low-ash content. Supported by benchmark pilot studies plus ongoing research efforts Ovacore-based ingredients provide a perfect natural active for cosmetic pharmaceutical animal health and nutritional health applications (supplement plus functional food). July August 2015 Key Products For human product applications Biova offers the following 100 percent made in the U.S. WSEM branded ingredients BiovaFlex supports the stability and flexibility of synovial joint functions. It features natural nutrient ratios of beneficial proteins (e.g. elastin) collagens and glycosaminoglycans (e.g. chondroitin-sulfate glucosamine). Preliminary clinical trials demonstrate fast five-day results matched by sustained 60-day support. Further BiovaFlex has shown WOMAC reductions of 20 percent plus improved functional flexibility by 19 percent all within 14 days. BiovaDerm targets connective epithelial and neural tissue functional support plus support for healthy skin tonality and moisture retention. BiovaDerm is elementally rich in glycosaminoglycans dermatan sulfate chondroitin-4-sulfate and other elements including ovotransferrin 3desmosine isodesmosine lysyl oxidase and lysozome. Preliminary research shows BiovaDerm resulted in up to 50 percent reductions in the appearance of deep skin wrinkles in as little as 14 days. For the companion pet market Biova offers BiovaPlex designed for canine feline equine health applications. Its natural matrix of collagen elastin desmosine isodesmosine and glycosaminoglycans is clinically shown to improve joint support and coat condition. Canine research has shown improved joint mobility within seven days. Water solubility makes BiovaPlex optimal for a variety of companion pet finished goods. Quality Assurance Biova s Ovacore-based products are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and manufactured in a certified cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) production facility. This facility and the entire line of WSEM ingredients are also kosher and halal certified. Key Personnel Matt Stegenga President Craig Rowles DVM COO Kathy Hockla Project Manager Chris Groutt Domestic Sales Manager Allen Levine International Sales Manager Applied Science. Innovative Ingredients. Better Products. Naturally. Nutrition Industry Executive 59 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Deerland Enzymes Inc. 3800 Cobb International Blvd. Kennesaw GA 30152 Phone (770) 919-8907 (800) 697-8179 Fax (770) 919-1194 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Deerland Enzymes Serving the Nutritional Industry D eerland Enzymes Inc. is a leading specialty formulator and contract manufacturer of enzyme and probiotic-based dietary supplements. With a team of industry experts working in a state-of-theart lab the company is poised to serve its customers from the initial stages of customized product conceptualization through the design phase final formulation phase and contract manufacturing services. The company makes significant investments in working with customers at the early concept phase of product development in order to ensure a thorough understanding of the benefits customers are focused on delivering to their consumers. From there Deerland Enzymes is able to customize a solution specific to a customer s individual needs. Deerland Enzymes serves the nutritional industry domestically and globally through a spectrum of offerings including product development custom and proprietary formulation design and regulatory compliance. The company also provides contract manufacturing services including bulk single powders or blends liquids hard-shell capsules and tablets as well as bottling and labeling capabilities. Company History Deerland Enzymes was founded in 1994 by long-term veterans of the enzyme industry Richard (Dick) DeSenna and Hilton Dawson. Over the years Deerland Enzymes has remained laser focused on the development of science-based enzyme supplement formulations and is proud to be considered one of the leading GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified specialty formulators and contract manufacturers of enzyme-based multi-component blends. In 2010 Deerland entered into a joint product development alliance with health care technology company Thione International Inc. which lead to the launch of the company s first branded products the ThioZyme line. Products Deerland Enzymes rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all product formulation. The company is committed to helping 60 Nutrition Industry Executive customers achieve a formulation that fits the exact performance benefits their consumers are seeking. Deerland Enzymes no-cost YourBlend service helps guide customers through the product development process in order to achieve the right combination of ingredients to ensure optimal efficacy and safety. Although Deerland Enzymes specializes in customized formulations the company has also developed an exclusive line of university and clinically studied products which can be used as-is or as the basis for a custom formulation. Branded products include ProHydrolase--ProHydrolase digests whey soy casein pea and hemp protein into a bio-usable form. It greatly reduces digestive discomfort associated with consumption of protein supplements which is caused when protein is not completely broken down. Glutalytic--Glutalytic breaks down gluten proteins faster and more efficiently than other traditional DPPIV supplements. The unique proteolytic enzyme blend targets both the internal and external peptide bonds of gluten. Dairylytic--Formulated with lactase and protease enzymes Dairylytic is designed to break down the lactose associated with intolerance as well as make milk proteins easier to digest and absorb. DE111--A fully genome sequenced and clinically studied strain of Bacillus subtilis a probiotic spore supporting digestive and immune health that works as a complement to many of the nonspore strains on the market today. PreforPro--Supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut through a novel prebiotic that s not fiber or starchbased and requires a significantly smaller dosage than typical prebiotics. ThioZymeGI--Formulated to support normal populations of bacteria in the GI (gastrointestinal) tract such as E. coli and Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Bacteroides. The formulation includes natural ingredients of enzymes essential oils and chelators which act on the unwanted bacteria. ThioZymeYD--Promotes a normal population of yeast such as Candida albicans in the small intestine. The formulation includes natural ingredients of enzymes essential oils and chelators. ThioZymeAO--An antioxidant formula designed to replicate the body s own defensive network by regenerating the antioxidant ingredients it contains. This novel blend of ingredients combines pivotal cellular antioxidants with their vital partners antioxidant enzymes to combat toxic free radicals and help alleviate damaging oxidative stress. Quality Assurance Deerland Enzymes boasts two separate quality functions to better serve the needs of its customers Quality control (QC) responsible for all lab-based functions microbiological testing assays identify testing and all other facets of technical support including R&D. Quality assurance (QA) responsible for all process-based quality initiatives GMP certification batch records document control and regulatory. Quality Certifications GMP certified through NSF for dietary and sport FAMI-QS Kosher Halal Association Memberships Council For Responsible Nutrition Enzyme Technical Association International Probiotics Association Canadian Health Food Association Key Executives Scott Ravech Chief Executive Officer Tod Burgess Vice President of Sales John Deaton Vice President of Technology Chris Martin Vice President of Operations July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. North American Office 1757-10 Veterans Memorial Hwy. Islandia NY 11749 Phone (877) 4DPL-USA (631) 851-8810 Fax (631) 851-8815 Email service Website 2015 Company Profiles Responding to the Changing Needs of Customers D r. Paul Lohmann is a leading manufacturer of specialty mineral salts with 130 years of manufacturing experience. The company combines innovation and flexibility to enable it to respond rapidly to the changing needs of its customers while offering products with the highest quality possible. Products Offered Dr. Paul Lohmann offers more than 300 different mineral salts in a variety of qualities including Ca Fe Mg Mn K Zn and several other metals in a large variety of salts such as acetates citrates gluconates sulfates fumarates oxalates aspartates etc. Micronized minerals Microencapsulated minerals High-purity food grade minerals Triturations of trace minerals Key U.S. Personnel Patrick Stano Vice President of Sales & Marketing North America Ralf Dieckhoff Vice President of Sales & Administration North America Services Dr. Paul Lohmann offers customers the following A long history of manufacturing expertise Customized product development Two ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified production sites located in Germany State-of-the-art production equipment Markets Served The company supplies mineral salts to the following industries Nutritional supplements Personal care Pharmaceutical and biotechnology Specialty food and beverage Technical industrial Dr. Paul Lohmann is a leading manufacturer of specialty mineral salts with 130 years of manufacturing experience. The company combines innovation and flexibility to enable it to respond rapidly to the changing needs of its customers while offering products with the highest quality possible. Nutrition Industry Executive 61 July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC 25 Main St. Bldg. 6 Belleville NJ 07109 Phone (973) 759-2002 Fax (973) 759-3002 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles The Premier Choice E cuadorian Rainforest LLC is your premier choice for all-natural nutraceutical ingredients from South America and beyond. The company carries hundreds of fruit vegetable spice marine herb and algae ingredients great for a wide assortment of products. For years Ecuadorian Rainforest has been offering its clients the best all-natural ingredients from around the world. Working closely with local farms in many countries the company provides consistent quality in our ingredients that its customers have come to expect from it. Marlene Hurtado-Siegel opened the doors to Ecuadorian Rainforest in 1997 with modest means using her established network of small farms in Ecuador to introduce ingredients from her home country. Ecuadorian Rainforest went on to become one of the largest natural ingredients distributors in the business. Along with her son Steve Siegel who joined the company in 2004 they have created a network that spans the globe to bring the world s best nutraceutical ingredients under one roof. Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC has opened the pathway for some of the most sought-after nutraceutical ingredients from countries on every continent including Guayusa powder Maca powder Garcinia Cambogia powder Kale powder Mango fruit powder Coconut water powder Yacon Root powder and many others To view a full list of Ecuadorian Rainforest s ingredients please down62 Nutrition Industry Executive load the product catalog at Some of the services Ecuadorian Rainforest LLC provides include Star-K Kosher certified ingredients Conventional and wild harvested ingredients Published white papers on superfruits sports nutrition South American ingredients and more Bulk & specialty ingredient supply Custom formulation and manufacturing Gluten testing on its ingredients Meeting state and federal food and drug regulations says that you are committed to passing a periodic review to ensure that your business continues to operate. However when a company creates its own standards and enforces them on a weekly basis that company is proving its commitment to the clients themselves and to the quality of what people put into their bodies. Ecuadorian Rainforest exemplifies the latter scenario. The company provides rigorous testing and keep stringent quality control over its ingredients to surpass the demands its customers Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 ask. Take note of some of the ways that the company defines and enforces rigorous standards of quality for its products An internal qualitycontrol program to ensure that our ingredients are free of toxins and undesired by-products. Alliances with science laboratories to enforce rigorous testing procedures. Weekly testing for microbial pathogens and heavy metals including lead cadmium arsenic and mercury. Microbiological testing including total plate count yeast and mold coliforms E. coli and salmonella. Random testing of materials moisture content. HPTLC (high-performance thin layer chromatography) testing for initial approval and supply of materials. High performance liquid chromatography testing for powdered extracts. Prevention of all sub-potent and contaminated materials from entering the products. Regular testing for proper identification and chemical efficacy. Ecuadorian Rainforest s goal is to provide its customers with the world s most sought-after ingredients at the quality they would expect from a top nutraceutical ingredients supplier. The company prides itself on maintaining tight-knit relationships with its clients and goes the extra mile to help. Ecuadorian Rainforest aims to surpass a customer s expectations to show its commitment to them and to its natural ingredients. Discover the ingredients you have been looking for. Visit Ecuadorian Rainforest today at and call for a quote. July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 GlobePharma Inc. 2 B & C Janine Pl. New Brunswick NJ 08901 Phone (732) 296-9700 Fax (732) 296-9898 Email sanni Website 2015 Company Profiles GlobePharma Industry Innovator G lobePharma Inc. has been innovating the industry standard for 20-plus years. Founded in 1993 by Dr. Sanni Raju GlobePharma introduced the Model I Unit-Dose Powder Sampler. As applications changed new designs and modifications transformed the sampling line to include more than 25 variations and models from bulk and unit-dose powder liquid and semi-solid samplers. GlobePharma Inc. now offers blenders from formulation to pilot scale R&D tablet presses instrumentation powder segregation testers mills granulators valves and cleaning validation tools and coupons. The company s pipeline is full with new products to be added in 2015 including its new GP Mill 1 GP Mill 5 and the PowderEx III Accelerated Powder Segregation Tester (Fall 2015). GlobePharma Inc. is a worldwide company serving the pharmaceutical food nutraceutical automotive and cosmetic industries with solid-dosage form equipment from lab to pilot scale. The GP Mill 1 introduced at Interphex 2015 is a small bench top R&D hammermill with fixed blades and interchangeable screens. The GP Mill 5 Model GP-M-5 debuted earlier this year at Interphex in New York. This portable mill can be used for de-lumping pulverizing and controlled size reduction of various materials. Constructed of 316SS contact parts and a 304SS enclosure operators can change between both hammermill (impact) and chopping (knife) actions with a 5 screen by the turn of a knob. An optional interchangeable chamber allowing for milling with a 2.5 wide screen can be interchanged by simply unscrewing the mounting bolts and sliding the new chamber and blades into place. GlobePharma s newest attachment in blending is the SIFT-N-BLEND. This apparatus allows for you to screen July August 2015 and blend your materials at the same time. This attachment is a stainlesssteel screen and paddle. The screen is attached to the vessel and the paddle replaces the intensifier bar. Therefore the screen turns with the vessel and allows for the material to tumble in and out of the screen several times within one blending cycle. The paddle then turns in the opposite direction and has a potentiometer in order to control the speed. The paddle helps to push the material through the screen as it tumbles. Thus there is a shearing action that takes place and causes the agglomerates to breakdown more effectively than with the intensifier bar alone. The SIFT-N-BLEND can be used with all GlobePharma blenders and can be retro-fitted to existing blenders with an existing intensifier bar arrangement. It will decrease production time and costs while increasing blend uniformity. GlobePharma proudly offers the following products Unit-dose sampling technique and bulk powder liquid and semisolid samplers. MiniBlend V-Blender MaxiBlend Lab & Pilot Scale Blenders with interchangeable VShells Bins and Double-cones from 0.5 qt to 10 cu. ft. and high-speed intensifier bars. SimpleBlend stand-alone blenders from 1 cu ft. to 10 cu ft. SIFT-N-BLEND attachment for single-step sifting & blending from 4 qt to 125 cu ft. cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) Sanitary Butterfly Valves GlobePharma Inc. is a worldwide company serving the pharmaceutical food nutraceutical automotive and cosmetic industries with solid-dosage form equipment from lab to pilot scale. PowderEx I PowderEx II & the New PowderEx III (Fall 2015) Accelerated Powder Segregation Testers Tablet Presses & Instrumentation VersaPress MiniPress I & MiniPress II MTCM-I High Shear Granulators GP-HSG1-6 and GP-HSG-5 Hammermills GP Mill 5 GP Mill 2.5 and GP Mill 1 Cone Mill Remote swabbing and microbiological sampling tools Cleaning validation coupons Vital Statistics Founded 1993 Number of Employees 17 Annual Worldwide Revenues 2.5 million Nutrition Industry Executive 63 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 HealthCo International 244 Knollwood Dr. Bloomingdale IL 60108 Phone (800) 477-3949 Fax (630) 545-9080 Email info Established 1991 2015 Company Profiles Value-driven Science-based Products S ince 1991 HealthCo has been providing superior bulk and raw materials and private label services natural sweeteners and sports nutrition products. The company is proud to offer an extensive selection of value driven science-based products and reliable customer service. HealthCo offers premium raw materials and bulk product inventory established customized private labeling technical expertise friendly support and extensive domestic sales and sourcing capabilities. ing quality or product integrity is one of the most common obstacles facing businesses in the natural product industry. As a company committed to quality HealthCo can assist you in leveraging the relationship you have with your own customers by providing superior bulk products and private label formulas at fair competitive prices. By buying in bulk and working closely with some of the top names in the industry the company has built its own success by finding unique ways to pass these savings on to you. experience explosive growth and HealthCo is proud to offer some of today s most exciting products. The company s essential oils and carrier oils serve as an ideal way to add value to your company s selection. Sports Nutrition Raw and Bulk Materials Regardless of whether you re looking for bulk powders or finished shelf-ready formulas HealthCo offers one of the industry s most extensive inventories. The company s highly skilled Quality Control Quality Assurance department holds all raw material providers to meticulous quality safety and purity standards and all raw materials are thoroughly inspected upon arrival. The ongoing investments the company is making in its laboratories instrumentation and technical employees help it ensure dietary supplement quality. HealthCo s in-house laboratories are equipped with the most advanced analytical instrumentation and staffed by some of the most knowledgeable employees in the natural products industry. HealthCo is one of the very few companies to offer a full spectrum of potent sports nutrition products that are free of artificial sweeteners colors flavors or preservatives. Whether you re looking for raw materials or finished formulas HealthCo is your best source for truly natural sports nutrition and amino acids. Products From raw materials and bulk orders to private label and specialized products HealthCo believes that quality products begin with the finest freshest raw ingredients. New items in HealthCo s food category include many that are gluten free organic kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified. From the company s 260 000-square-foot operations facility GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified since 2000 it manufactures and tests all raw materials and finished products to ensure identity purity and potency. Many of HealthCo s products utilize patented trademarked and branded ingredients from companies such as Lonza National Enzyme Albion Labs Sabinsa InterHealth and many others. Direct importing state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing technology extensive quality control and longstanding vendor relations allows the company to offer a wide range of nutritional products at very competitive prices. Contact HealthCo for it most current catalog including it expanding food category. Natural Sweeteners Stevia FSE--What s unique about this particular extract is its proprietary preparation it s organically grown and goes through an enzyme-treatment process that greatly reduces the aftertaste that s typically found in stevia. A high-intensity sweetener with zero-calorie impact but with a superior taste profile. Other sweeteners include xylitol beet sugar coconut sugar date sugar dextrose erythritol fructose sucanat and turbinado sugar so HealthCo has a lot of expertise in this category. Private Label Service HealthCo s award-winning private label program makes it easy to tailor your own line of premium natural health products completely personalized to fit your company s unique image. The company offers hundreds of popular products and low minimums to help you explore options. Creating your own line of products is virtually effortless from choosing the best products to fit the scope of your business to assisting you in selecting a label that jumps off the shelf its private label specialists will guide you through each step of production development and shipping. Key Contacts Regina Flight Private Label Manager Donna DeSantis Sales Executive Service HealthCo s goal is to provide ingredients products and services that enable you to be successful. Whether looking up past orders tracking order status obtaining documentation or providing technical support the company s friendly knowledgeable staff will assist you throughout the entire process. Main Products Natural dietary supplements Natural sports nutrition Natural health food organic nonGMO (genetically modified organism) gluten free Essential oils & aromatherapy Natural sweeteners Stevia FSE organic Bulk capsules tablets and soft gels July August 2015 Value Staying cost-competitive without sacrific64 Nutrition Industry Executive Personal Care Products The personal care industry continues to Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Herbally Yours Inc. 1504 W. San Pedro St. Gilbert AZ 85233 Phone (480) 892-8220 Fax (480) 892-8240 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles A Different Approach to Contract Manufacturing H erbally Yours Inc. is an accomplished contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements and skincare products of 20plus years. Good manufacturing practice (GMP)-certified through NSF International certified for Sport by NSF USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Organic certified U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)inspected and authorized to produce kosher-certified products. The company offers R&D and contract manufacturing services backed by 40-plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical arena for a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including but not limited to liquid dietary supplement products two piece capsules effervescent powders standard powders drink mixes creams lotions and serums. Established in 1993 Herbally Yours was founded on a pharmaceutical backbone the company s roots deeply embedded in formulating and compounding with analytical chemistry as its nucleus. Herbally Yours takes a different approach to contract manufacturing. The company s core is an analytical team who put the anal in analytical. The goal is to confirm quality strength and composition. Products originate with laboratory analysis development and review. The company painstakingly creates samples and pilot batches tasting sniffing spilling and breaking them down chemically until there is a product that the market would be proud to carry. Raw materials are scrutinized to ensure they meet specifications customer satisfaction and chemical stability. Vendors are carefully sourced tested expected to be transparent and diligent. The company s analytical team builds confidence and pride in every material it buys and manufactures with data and results Herbally Yours can rely on. From formulation to shipping Herbally Yours does it all. You know you have expert formulators when they can taste something and break down the formula in a flash with compelling accuracy and then turn around and make it even better Reverse engineering and new product ideas are the seeds of every opportunity at Herbally Yours and we take these in earnest. Formula creation is a sacred process The company protects customer formulas created by us or others under confidentiality. Formulating is a passion at Herbally Yours countless hours of research and lab time go into nurturing the seed of opportunity which the company hopes will grow strong with deep roots and branch out into new products and new opportunities. After analysis and formulation it is time to scale up and produce as many bottles as the company s customer can sell. The tiny seed that began in the lab now has an opportunity to spread across the world change peoples lives improve their health make a difference. Herbally Yours is humbled by the hope intertwined in each bottle it fills labels codes boxes up and palletizes and hopes that the person who opens this bottle has high expectations and those expectations are gratified. Compounding teamwork machinery speed capacity quality control all these things about Herbally Yours are well worth the trip to visit the company in Gilbert AZ. Words cannot describe the assembly line whirring buzzing puffing working in concert the drum beat that is the heart of the facility. The company is always upgrading innovating automatizing to be better faster more efficient to be champions at what we do. Setting up production takes planning and time and the minimums are a reflection of the materials the company buys machine set up cleaning and processing. Typical minimums are around 2 500 units but it is best to get in touch with Herbally Yours to discuss. The product is made wrapped in its pretty presentation ready to ship to distribution facilities all over the world ... But wait Herbally Yours analytical team won t let it go before a final robust analysis to confirm label claim documentation appearance accuracy and all the other things they obsess over. The lab is equipped with instruments that identify analyze quantitatively and qualitatively spectroscopicaly and microbiologically. The chemists inject purge centrifuge decant inoculate pipette separate spin sonicate twist rotate dip scoop weight and more. Behind the working orchestra are conductors with incredible analytical minds who don t rest until data is complete and questions are answered. While all this is happening in the background the company communicates and updates phone calls and emails to keep customers aware so that their inventories can be finely tuned and efficient. Sometimes Herbally Yours is a superhero (can you please expedite ) and sometimes the company acts as the villain (I am sorry the material failed testing) but at the end of the day the company is a partner with some of the most courageous and innovative people in the industry its customers the people selling their products. Companies who s mission it is to put products on the market that make a difference that are cool practical and inspired not only to make money but to build hope plant seeds and watch them grow. Key Executives Mimi Potocnjak President Kathy Nasic Vice President Nutrition Industry Executive 65 July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Jiaherb Inc. Phone (888) JIAHERB (973) 439-6869 Fax (973) 439-6879 Website World Headquarters Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co. Ltd. No. 45 Heping Industrial Park Hongguang Road Xi an China 2015 Company Profiles Mission Statement Jiaherb was founded on the simple principle of providing the highest quality ingredients backed by superior customer service and competitive pricing. The company is committed to offering its customers peace of mind through stringent quality control perpetual inventory and complete regulatory documentation of all our products. Jiaherb strives to develop new products in partnership with its clients and introduce more companies to the benefits of working with a large-capacity NSF-GMP (good manufacturing practice) certified supplier. Quality Ingredients. Superior Customer Service. GarciniActive 4 1 50 percent and 60 percent HCA ReserveNature Emodin-free natural trans-resveratrol ThistleMarin Milk thistle extract with up to 57 percent HPLC low solvent residue Q-Di 95 Quercitin dihydrate with high tap density Epuredium Up to 98 percent icariin Rhodiola5Plus Value-added rhodiola rosea extract InnoSeng Low pesticides innocent ginseng product line TTT-Bilberry Try the true European bilberry from Jiaherb Pro-Tribulus Highest potency tribulus extract U.S. Headquarters 140 Littleton Rd. Ste. 200 P Parsippany NJ 07054 West Coast Office 12440 Firestone Blvd. Ste. 319 Norwalk CA 90650 Company Description Jiaherb Inc. the largest natural ingredient manufacturer from China has distinguished itself from other ingredient suppliers as a company with the unique ability to capacitate massive projects involving high quality extracts. Since arriving in the U.S. in early 2008 the company has expanded its sales and support staff to ensure unparalleled customer satisfaction and increased options for product development. Offering more than 400 ingredients to the nutraceutical pharmaceutical cosmetic and food and beverage industries Jiaherb aims to let customers feel secure in their purchases through perpetual inventory and full documentation to support strict GMP regulations. Jiaherb raises the bar in the everchanging supplier industry by collaborating with companies that desire more stable prices and products backed by strong research and quality testing. Its technology and proud service means superior product development for its customers Offering more than 400 ingredients to the nutraceutical pharmaceutical cosmetic and food and beverage industries Jiaherb aims to let customers feel secure in their purchases through perpetual inventory and full documentation to support strict GMP regulations. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 Featured Products Pea Protein Powder USDA organic product line HTPurity High-Purity Peak-X Free 5-HTP 100 percent water soluble MacaPrime Powder 4 1 and up to 2.6 percent Macamides Macaenes 66 Nutrition Industry Executive 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Kyowa Hakko USA New York Office 600 Third Ave. 19th Fl. New York NY 10016 Phone (800) 596-9252 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Research Innovation and Quality K yowa Hakko USA Inc. is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD a world leader in the research and manufacturing of highquality ingredients for use in dietary supplements functional foods and beverages. For more than 60 years Kyowa has maintained a constant commitment to research innovation and quality. Key products include Setria is a clinically studied form of glutathione that when taken orally has been shown to replenish the body s reserves which may be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices stress or natural aging. Called the master antioxidant glutathione helps protect cells in the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria Glutathione is manufactured through a patented fermentation and patent pending for increasing natural killer (NK) cell activity is pure vegetarian and allergen-free. A recently published study on Setria Glutathione in the European Journal of Nutrition May 2014 shows for the first time that daily consumption of glutathione is effective at increasing glutathione blood levels. This long-term randomized doubleblinded placebo-controlled study puts to rest the long-standing debate on the efficacy of oral glutathione. The study performed on 54 healthy adults (mean age 46 years) showed that blood levels of glutathione increased after one three and six months vs. baseline at doses of both 250 mg day and 1 000 mg day. At six months mean blood glutathione levels along with various immune markers were shown to have increased 30-35 percent in the high-dose group and 17-29 percent in the low dose. Natural killer cytotoxicity increased two fold in the high-dose group versus placebo at three months. A reduction in oxidative stress in both glutathione dose groups July August 2015 was indicated by decreases in the oxidized to reduced glutathione ratio in whole blood. Glutathione levels were shown to return to baseline after a one-month washout period. Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline a potent brain-health nutrient. Cognizin has been tested in numerous clinical trials to support mental energy focus attention and recall. Developed using a patented fermentation process Cognizin is a pure allergen-free GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient that s stable and effective. Key studies on Cognizin include a 2008 study on healthy middle-aged adults (2008 Silveri). Researchers using the latest brain scanning technology at the Harvard-associated Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital observed increases in brain activity among people who had taken 500 mg Cognizin for six weeks--particularly when they performed tasks that required sustained attention or memory. The study reported that Cognizin speeds up the formation of brain membranes by 26 percent and restores brain energy by 14 percent. In another study on middle-aged women (2012 McGlade) researchers at the Brain Institute at the University of Utah found that 250 mg of Cognizin improved attentional focus and inhibition. Women receiving either the low or high dose of Cognizin citicoline produced fewer commission errors on the CPT-II compared to the placebo group. Specifically individuals in the two Cognizin citicoline supplemented groups made fewer errors when responding to non-target stimuli. Pantesin is a branded form of Pantethine a derivative of vitamin B5 that helps the body maintain a healthy cholesterol ratio. Pantesin is the only pantethine backed by 35plus years of research. With numerous studies supporting Pantesin s effectiveness in high-risk subjects current research (2011 Rumberger) shows that it is also effective for low to medium risk individuals. This positions Pantesin as a smart addition to a heart-health program for anyone concerned with maintaining healthy blood lipid levels. Sustamine is a dipeptide of Lalanyl-L-glutamine designed to supply the body with the protein precursors needed to rebuild muscle replenish energy stores and increase electrolyte and water absorption. Sustamine is tasteless odorless vegetarian allergen-free and the only GRAS L-alanyl-L-glutamine. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that has been found to play an important role in nitric oxide (NO) metabolism and regulation. L-citrulline is converted to L-arginine in the body leading to increases in both L-arginine and nitric oxide. Increased production of NO promotes vascular dilation which helps support normal oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. As a result interest in this nutrient is emerging in various applications for improving health and wellness in the areas of vascular health muscle protein synthesis ammonia elimination and immune function. Nutrition Industry Executive 67 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Natreon Inc. 2-D Janine Pl. New Brunswick NJ 08901 Phone (732) 296-1080 Fax (732) 296-1075 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Science of Life Mission To bring scientifically proven ayurvedic products to the dietary supplement personal care food and beverage and medical food industries worldwide. tathione by more than 50 percent Decreases LDL cholesterol Decreases inflammation biomarker hsCRP by more than 50 percent Inhibits collagen-induced platelet aggregation significantly Increases HDL decreases triglycerides FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) GRAS (generally recognized as safe) affirmed Sensoril is the best-selling ashwagandha in the market with anti-stress antihyperlipidemic cognition enhancing and antiinflammatory properties. It is derived from a unique blend of the leaves and roots of Withania somnifera and is available as organic and non-GMO. Reduces stress fatigue and sleeplessness and increases energy Experiential product with increasing market share Improves mental cognition without significant adverse events Backed by eight clinical studies selfaffirmed GRAS Pre-DSHEA No adverse events reported in 12 years of world-wide market history PrimaVie is high-quality purified Shilajit from the Himalayas containing dibenzo-pyrones (DBPs) DBPChromoproteins (DCP) and fulvic acid. PrimaVie naturally contains several trace minerals and is a mitochondrial energy booster. Improves male sexual health by increasing total and free testosterone levels and nitric oxide levels Increases exercise endurance and overall fitness level Up-regulates genes for collagen synthesis and improves the health of skin connective tissues muscles bones teeth eyes and blood vessels (patent pending) Has an ORAC value that is better than many super fruits Decreases overall pain pain after limb manipulation and pain after physical exertion in moderately arthritic dogs. Crominex 3 is a chromium III-polyphenolic complex which is a safer form of chromium as evidenced by in-vitro testing. It comes as a fine powder with a 2 percent concentration of chromium which results in greater content uniformity in the finished capsules or tablets. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 History Ayurveda means science of life and it has been the traditional practice of medicine in India since 3500 BC. There are nearly 1 500 herbal products in this system of medicine. Ayurvedic products did not gain much recognition in the Western world until recently because these products have been made in the traditional way described in ayurveda without any scientific standardization safety studies and clinical evidence. Natreon Inc. was founded by pharmaceutical scientists to bring ayurveda to prominence in the world by using a scientific approach. Natreon Inc. is a 16-year-old company located in New Jersey with a state-of-the-art R&D facility in Kolkata India and is focused on developing and marketing ayurvedic products backed by extensive research high degree of standardization multiple clinical studies safety studies and intellectual property. R&D Team The R&D team headed by Professor Shibnath Ghosal a Fullbright scholar and an eminent natural product chemist with hundreds of publications in scientific journals and a group of PhD and master slevel scientists. Natreon s scientific research includes process optimization development of chromatographic analytical methods such as HPLC HPTLC GC-MS and LC-MS for standardization development of marker compounds and pharmacological studies. Safety studies are done in the USA and clinical studies are conducted in reputed institutes in India as well as the U.S. Product Portfolio Capros is a super antioxidant (ORACFN of 47 000 moles TE g) and an excellent cardiovascular product which is all natural derived from the edible fruits of Phyllanthus emblica organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Improves endothelial function by increasing production of nitric oxide and glu68 Nutrition Industry Executive Decreases blood glucose levels especially post-prandial in type 2 diabetics when added to standard therapy. Decreases arthritic pain in dogs as well as horses. Designed to give excellent content uniformity in finished dosage forms. Better bioavailability than other forms of chromium Economical compared to other branded chromium ingredients--less than one cent per 400 mcg dose. Recommended to be added to fish oil or krill oil capsules to provide a more complete cardiovascular coverage. AyuFlex is a clinically proven water-soluble vegetarian organic non-GMO product for joint health. It is derived from the edible fruits of Terminalia chebula with high concentrations of chebulinic acid and chebulagic acid. Improves joint health in subjects with moderate osteoarthritis Increases pain threshold force and time in healthy subjects Adds to cardiovascular health by reducing TC LDL TGs and hsCRP while increasing HDL. Vegetarian Water-soluble Super antioxidant Small dosage form Ayuric is a clinically proven patent pending vegetarian organic non-GMO product for helping to maintain healthy blood uric acid levels. It is derived from the ayurvedic plant Terminalia bellerica with an ORACFN value of 26 645 moles TE g. Decreases uric acid levels by 27 percent in one clinical study Exhibits potent xanthine oxidase inhibitory activity on par with prescription gout product allopurinol (based on an in vitro study) Vegetarian Water-soluble Super antioxidant Key Executives Sanni Raju PhD RPh CEO & Chairman Jeff Lind Vice President Sales & Marketing Aparna Kalidindi Pharm-D BCPS Manager Technical Sales & Marketing July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Nutralliance Inc. 23600 Via Del Rio Yorba Linda CA 92887 Phone (714) 694-1400 Fax (714) 694-1411 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Trusted Supplier of Premium Ingredients to the Food Pet and Nutritional Industries N utralliance is a supplier of premium ingredients to the food pet and nutritional industries. The company prides itself in the ability to cater to its customer s specific needs while maintaining our focus on integrity honesty and the commitment to high quality product standards delivered at a competitive price and in a timely manner. Incorporated in 2002 Nutralliance is owned and operated by Brian Salerno a veteran of the nutritional industry since 1989. The addition of another industry veteran Michael Sodaro in 2011 further strengthens the company s position in the industry with his extensive knowledge of the natural vitamin E and natural beta carotene markets. It is through their vision and dedication that Nutralliance has established what has proven to be a valuable asset for supplement manufacturers. Pleased to Announce Nutralliance recently launched the SunE900 and Sunvitol lines of natural non-GMO (genetically modified organism) vitamin E from sunflowers as well as a new line of natural mixed carotenoids including beta carotene lutein and lycopene. Nutralliance is a first choice for natural antioxidants. industries. SunE900 Natural Non-GMO Vitamin E from Sunflowers Tocomix 70IP Natural Non-GMO Mixed Tocopherol Oil Tocomix R Natural Non-GMO NonSoy Mixed Tocopherol Oil Sunvolec Sunflower Lecithin Sunvasterol Phytosterols 90% Bio-gen Extracts Pvt. Ltd. India established in the year 2000 is a GMP (good manufacturing practice)-certified fine chemicals company that specializes in the process development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients therapeutic enzymes specialty polymers and nutraceutical raw materials. BetaCarogen Natural Beta Carotene from Blakeslea trispora Lute-gen Lutein Lyco-gen Lycopene Zeaxanthin Mixed Carotenoid Blends tency and performance. Pork Skin Gelatin 8 & 40 Mesh Beef Skin Gelatin 8 & 40 Mesh Hydrolyzed Collagen Product Traceability With Nutralliance as your key supplier you can rest assured that the raw materials you are receiving are of the highest quality. The company has developed long consistent relationships with its manufacturers and perform third party testing to ensure that specifications are being met or exceeded. Nutralliance also has strict SOPs in place from order receipt to point of loading and open communication with its customers regarding variations. Fortified with Information The following documentation is offered for each of the raw materials that Nutralliance supplies. Product specification sheet Certificate of analysis Nutritional profile Material safety data sheet Manufacturing flow chart Allergen declaration Statement of origin GMO statement BSE TSE statement Kosher and halal certificates (if applicable) Proudly Representing Advanced Organic Materials (AOM) is an Argentine company dedicated to transforming regional crops into valuable ingredients. AOM s products are used around the globe in food feed cosmetic pharmaceutical and biofuel July August 2015 Gelatin Gelnex with a unique vision of conducting business has become one of the largest global manufacturers of gelatin. Throughout its history the company has positioned itself as a leader in the segment through product quality consis- Key Executives Brian Salerno President Michael Sodaro Vice President of Sales April Martin Vice President Nutrition Industry Executive 69 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Nutrition 21 LLC Phone (914) 701-4500 Email blevi Website 2015 Company Profiles Years of Nutrition Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Experience N utrition 21 a wholly owned subsidiary of JDS Therapeutics has a longstanding reputation as a leader in the nutritional supplement industry. Nutrition 21 is a developer and marketer of efficacious high-value and clinically substantiated ingredients for dietary supplements medical foods and nutritional bars and beverages. Its flagship branded ingredient is Chromax chromium picolinate and its newest sports nutrition ingredient is Nitrosigine bonded arginine silicate. In 2013 Nitrosigine received FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) Notification status and is now affirmed as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in nutritional bars and beverages. With many years of nutrition biotechnology and pharmaceutical experience Nutrition 21 s scientific platform has created unique patented products that are safe and clinically effective. Rigorous preclinical and clinical trials are a key part of its product development strategy to ensure product safety and consumer trust. Nutrition 21 ingredients are compliant with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) and E.U. quality and safety standards. Nutrition 21 currently holds more than 100 domestic and international issued and pending patents for its products. Many support unique claims associated with among others glucose metabolism weight management brain health cardiovascular health and sports nutrition. diovascular and muscular health. Nitrosigine is fast acting producing increased arginine levels in as quickly as 30 minutes and long lasting delivering benefits for up to three hours--with just a single dose. Nitrosigine is supported by categoryspecific preclinical and clinical studies. Abstracts from clinical studies were presented at the renowned Experimental Biology annual meetings in 2014 and 2015. Clinical study findings support the use of Nitrosigine as a bioavailable source of arginine and silicon and demonstrate connections between Nitrosigine supplementation and various blood protein markers that contribute to the understanding of the ingredient s mechanism of action. Findings from additional Nitrosigine clinical studies are scheduled for release in 2015. Nutrition 21 offers co-promotional opportunities for our key customers helping drive sales for products formulated with Nitrosigine. An integrated program with major consumer publications generates millions of consumer impressions per month both in print and online. This targeted awareness campaign drives traffic to the company s dedicated consumer website and communicates the powerful benefits of Nitrosigine directly with fitness-focused consumers. used by the USP to create and validate a new assay for testing chromium levels. There is a vast body of evidence supporting the role of Chromax chromium picolinate in healthy glucose metabolism and in maintaining healthy blood glucose levels. Additionally a number of studies have contributed to the understanding of Chromax chromium picolinate s role in brain health and have uncovered key insights into the beneficial role Chromax chromium picolinate supplementation may play in the metabolic and biochemical pathways of the brain. The body of scientific evidence behind Chromax chromium picolinate provides Nutrition 21 s customers with marketable substantiated claims and numerous health benefits for the consumer. Chromax chromium picolinate is a perfect nutrient to formulate into products positioned to address health and lifestyle issues that are of increasing concern to consumers such as cognitive function weight management food cravings mood and glucose metabolism. Other Nutrition 21 Ingredients Selenomax is a high selenium yeast that has clinically substantiated benefits in promoting immune function. Selenium is an essential trace mineral antioxidant necessary for a healthy immune system. SelenoPure is a yeast-free highly bioavailable source of selenium that has clinically substantiated benefits in supporting a healthy immune system. Zinmax zinc picolinate made in the U.S. is a source of the essential trace mineral zinc that has clinically substantiated benefits. Zinmax zinc picolinate is often included in formulas for immune support vision health pregnancy (when doctor-approved) sexual health fertility bone and joint support and children s health. New sports nutrition focused products are in development and anticipated for launch in 2016. July August 2015 Chromax Chromium Picolinate Not all chromium is the same. Nutrition 21 s Chromax chromium picolinate is supported with more than 50 human clinical studies including 2 300-plus human subjects affirmed for GRAS doses up to 2000 mcg per day and has 35 non-rejected DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) claims. With more than 20 active and pending composition and use patents Chromax chromium picolinate made in the U.S. is a clinically efficacious form of dietary chromium that has been reviewed extensively for safety and efficacy. Several clinical studies have shown that Chromax chromium picolinate is significantly better absorbed than other forms of dietary chromium. In 2015 Chromax chromium picolinate was Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nitrosigine Bonded Arginine Silicate Nitrosigine is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with FDA NDI notification status and is affirmed as GRAS. Nitrosigine is clinically tested and safe for use in products that benefit fitness focused consumers and athletes engaged in muscle-building training programs. This non-stimulant ingredient is made in the U.S. and has been shown to significantly boost nitric oxide levels. Increased nitric oxide levels are a key factor in generating greater blood flow to working muscles supporting overall car70 Nutrition Industry Executive 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Pinnacle Labs International Inc. 284 Industry Way Upland CA 91786 Phone (800) 600-4634 Fax (909) 920-6631 Email sales Website 2015 Company Profiles Smart Solutions F or more than 15 years Pinnacle Labs Int. has been in the business of developing and producing Nutraceutical Products. Since 2000 Pinnacle Labs Int. has expanded its focus to provide its customers with high-quality innovative and cost-effective products. Pinnacle Labs Int. is recognized as GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance privately owned and operated with a successful leader in the production of private labeling nutritional supplements and vitamins ... now with absolute emphasis on GMP manufacturing and satisfying all FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) standards the company is now doubtless at the forefront of the industry. Pinnacle Labs is committed to providing you with products that not only meet but exceed quality and efficacy standards. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on growing your business to the next level. At Pinnacle Labs the company s partnerships are based on a promise its approach to that promise is to treat your product as if it were our product and to translate your innovation and passion into Pinnacle Labs passion to deliver the quality and services you deserve from a reputable partner. The company produces gelatin and veggie capsule formulations based on your specific requirements. Furthermore Pinnacle Labs can produce your private label formulations Pinnacle Labs is committed to providing you with products that not only meet but exceed quality and efficacy standards. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on growing your business to the next level. July August 2015 in a variety of sizes and configurations based on your target audience. The company has been in this business for more than 15 years and has built its reputation on excellent customer service and performance under tight deadlines. At Pinnacle Labs International the company is proficient at problem solving innovation and discovery. Whether it is creating unique formulations just for you or resolving custom manufacturing challenges and process issues the talented staff will investigate the problems test new theories and deliver inspired solutions. Pinnacle Labs offers prompt quote turnaround times on all requests submitted via or through its team of product advisers (800) 600-4634 and the company continues to strive to turn products around faster than any other manufacturer. Pinnacle Labs also employs the most knowledgeable and experienced customer service team who are ready and able to answer any type of nutraceutical manufacturing question. The company s business understands that customers have many contract manufacturers to choose from ... and that is why Pinnacle Labs is determined to deliver smart solutions form a strong relationship and make a secure commitment to promise you can count on. GMP certified facility Free--no obligation quotes Prompt product turnaround time Friendly and professional customer service Quality control and quality assurance Nutrition Industry Executive 71 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 PLT Health Solutions 119 Headquarters Plaza Morristown NJ 07960 Phone (973) 984-0900 Fax (973) 984-5666 Email plt Website 2015 Company Profiles Leading Ingredients Innovation P LT Health Solutions is a trusted discoverer developer and marketer of highquality scientifically-supported ingredients that enhance health and functionality. As a leading ingredients innovator PLT s global network of strategic partnerships provides unique access to impactful solutions. By delivering an unsurpassed mix of expertise resources and service PLT Health Solutions is committed to helping both its strategic partners and valued customers grow. High-quality science demonstrating safety and efficacy sets the foundation for building high-quality brands. Providing rigorous scientific data that can support label claims and attract consumers is the standard that PLT Health Solutions sets for itself and is what differentiates PLT Health Solutions approach to ingredient development. With the company s partners PLT Health Solutions helps develop product substantiation using in vivo and in vitro studies as well as double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical studies not only to define ingredient safety and efficacy but to understand how they work in the body and the potential for engaging consumer-relevant claims. Once an ingredient is launched the company continues to develop the science supporting it creating the right studies to strengthen the claims our customers can make with their branded consumer products. PLT Health Solutions partners with its suppliers and participates in many aspects of product development including key investments to ensure alignment with the marketplace. PLT Health Solutions welcomes ideas from companies with ingredients that match its high standards. Immune Wellmune is the proven immune ingredient that s ideal for foods beverages or supplements. Nine clinical studies have demonstrated the unique ability of this natural GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient to enhance key immune responses to promote health wellness and vitality. 2. Xanthigen demonstrated to promote weight loss through synergistic effects of its all-natural components this ingredient holds a recently issued U.S. patent and 3. Adipromin shown in a double-blind placebo-controlled human study to promote weight loss reduce body mass index (BMI) and positively impact cholesterol triglycerides and serum adiponectin levels. Skin Health Lipowheat a natural vegetarian source of ceramides is a class of lipids which are the skin s natural sealant. Lipowheat helps hydrate skin fights signs of aging and leaves skin soft and supple. Joint Health Apr sFLEX is the next generation boswellia extract for joint health. In a recent clinical study Apr sFLEX supplementation demonstrated significant improvements in joint comfort function and mobility. Heart Health Along with MenaQ7 Crystals PLT Health Solutions has three more naturally-derived solutions for heart health. In clinical studies MegaNatural BP and MegaNatural Gold are both grape seed extracts. MegaNatural BP supported blood pressure within the normal range with no adverse side effects. MegaNatural Gold is an antioxidant grape seed extract. Hytolive is a 100 percent natural solvent-free water extract of olive fruit which contains high purity natural hydroxytyrosol. Ongoing research continues to demonstrate the benefits of the Mediterranean diet a key component of which is olives and olive oil. A dosage of 100 mg of Hytolive powder contains the hydroxytryrosol equivalent to 10 table olives or one half liter of extra virgin olive oil. Cognitive Zembrin is a patented botanical ingredient that relieves stress by elevating mood promoting calm and enhancing cognition. Zembrin has been clinically studied for safety and efficacy. Zembrin is unique--you can actually feel its benefits. Bone and Heart Health MenaQ7 Crystals is the purest vitamin K2 for proven bone and heart health. NattoPharma holds U.S. and Canadian patents for the use of menaquinone (vitamin K2) in foods and supplements for cardiovascular health. Key Personnel Paul Flowerman President Seth Flowerman Executive Vice President Barbara Davis PhD RD Vice President Medical and Scientific Affairs Devin Stagg Vice PresidentStrategy and Business Development Sid Hulse Director New Product Development July August 2015 Weight Management PLT Health Solutions targets weight management from three distinct approaches 1. Satiereal clinically studied to support weight management by controlling compulsive behavior toward eating Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Whole Nutrition Vitamin D Earthlight Whole Nutrition Vitamin D is a cost-effective real vegan whole food source of vitamin D. 72 Nutrition Industry Executive 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Sabinsa Corporation Corporate Office 20 Lake Dr. East Windsor NJ 08520 Phone (732) 777-1111 Fax (732) 777-1443 E-mail info Website West Coast Office 750 Innovation Cir. Payson UT 84651 Phone (801) 465-8400 Fax (801) 465-8600 2015 Company Profiles S abinsa Corporation founded in 1988 is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts cosmeceuticals minerals and specialty fine chemicals. Sabinsa s mission is to provide alternative and complementary natural products for human nutrition and well-being. Over the past 20 years Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardized botanical extracts and privately funded several clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. Its present operations have grown to employ 1 000 people worldwide in ten manufacturing R&D and or distribution facilities. Additionally botanical cultivation efforts undertaken by the organization now total nearly 40 000 acres to ensure sustainable supplies on its key products. All products intended for human consumption are certified kosher and halal. tion. At the company s Utah plant Sabinsa has contract manufacturing services to help you develop tablets bi-layer tablets capsules as well as intermediary services such as milling blending roll compacting and granulation. Sabinsa has established marketing offices in the USA Australia China Europe Japan South Korea and South Africa. The company also has agents that represent its product line throughout South America and Far East Asia. Science & Technical Merit Industries Served Sabinsa s mission is to be a responsible biotechnology based research manufacturing and marketing company supplying the finest raw materials to provide innovative solutions to the dietary supplement cosmetic specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sabinsa s specialized services include custom product development technical support and testing lab facilities assistance in clinical evaluation and protocol implementaEmphasis on developing and bringing to market products with scientific and clinical substantiation is Sabinsa s core business philosophy and is in large part responsible for fueling the company s ongoing commercial success. Sabinsa has obtained several IND approved clinical protocols for its products from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). With more than 100 scientists working full time conducting ongoing research both in India and the United States Sabinsa continues to develop and patent beneficial nutrients for the world market. Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award given annually by the New Jersey R&D Council in recognition of the most revolutionary product innovations and important scientific breakthroughs originating in New Jersey USA. The company also has many recognized trademarked ingredients such as Bacopin BioPerine Boswellin Citrin Cosmoperine Curcumin C3 Complex Curcumin C3 Reduct DigeZyme Fabenol FenuFibers Fenusterols ForsLean Gugulipid Gymnema Sylvestre GS4 LactoSpore LactoWise Momordicin Picroliv Resvenox Saberry Salaretin Selenium SeLECT Silbinol and Venocin. Application Specialties Committed and dedicated to the principles of innovation tradition and research Sabinsa supplies high quality innovative standardized herbal extracts phytonutrients probiotics enzymes spice extracts minerals specialty chemicals and fine chemicals for applications in dietary supplements functional foods pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Every product is backed by application-oriented scientific research. Sabinsa Corporation has developed novel approaches to retaining the biological activity of these ingredients while simultaneously addressing formulation challenges and product safety criteria. Proprietary Intellectual Property Sabinsa currently owns nearly 100 U.S. and international patents and has 100 pending patent applications worldwide. The company is also a three-time recipient of the prestigious July August 2015 Key Executives Muhammed Majeed PhD Founder Jayasankar Nair CEO N. Kalyanam PhD President R&D Nutrition Industry Executive 73 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies 13591 Yorba Ave. Chino CA 91710 Phone (909) 613-1660 Fax (909) 613-1663 Email adm Website 2015 Company Profiles Worldwide Leader S pecialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies is a worldwide leader in the production of nutraceutical food beverage and industrial enzymes. There are many marketing companies that sell enzymes but only a very small number that actually manufacture enzymes. That is companies that actually have facilities with fermentation tanks to produce enzymes. Specialty Enzymes is one of those companies. In 1957 the company s founder pioneered the production of papain a proteolytic enzyme extracted from papaya fruit. Today the son of Specialty Enzymes founder Vic Rathi continues to advance the many uses of enzymes for health and industry. Rathi an enzymologist with more than 35 years of experience continues to innovate and pursue enzyme solutions that not only aid health but many industrial applications as well. Currently Specialty Enzymes offers more than 400 unique natural enzymes and enzyme blends for more than 25 industries and 40 countries worldwide. In the last decade Specialty Enzymes has added probiotics to its line of products. This further expands the range of supplements available for a natural approach to health. Specialty Enzymes prides itself as one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces a full-spectrum of enzymes derived from all four natural origins plant fungal bacterial and animal. The company s state-of-the-art ISO 22000 2005 certified manufacturing facilities utilize the most advanced solid state and submerged fermentation technologies available. Specialty Enzymes offers full production capacity which allows for the timely delivery of products to its Nutraceuticals Animal Health Alcohol Wine Textiles clients around the globe. Specialty Enzymes has recently introduced advanced enzyme blends to aid with specialized digestive issues like dairy and gluten intolerance as well as general intestinal health. The company is a major manufacturer of cutting-edge enzymes such as Peptizyme SP (serrapeptase) NattoSEB (nattokinase) and Chitosanase. Because Specialty Enzymes is the actual manufacturer the company can offer custom enzyme formulas that meet the specific needs of our many customers. At Specialty Enzymes the goal is to continue paving the way for technological advances and applications of enzymes and probiotics that improve the quality of life. Specialty Enzymes is a family owned business that is part of Advanced Enzymes USA. This is a vertically integrated group of companies manufacturing nutraceutical food beverage and industrial enzymes worldwide. Enzymes are vital to all life forms most importantly-- humans. It is with this conviction that the company stands dedicated to educating and providing the most effective enzymes on the market. Specialty Enzymes is dedicated to the goal of developing and manufacturing cutting edge efficacious and all-natural enzyme solutions with the highest quality and activity. Rathi oversees operations for all divisions of SEB including Specialty Enzymes which is responsible for all industries in the Western Hemisphere. Company Vice President Mike Smith is directly involved in every aspect of the business heading up sales marketing and technical support. Specialty Enzymes laboratory manager Inmar Munir PhD oversees all the QA QC laboratory functions GMP (good Industries It Serves manufacturing practice) Protein Meal Athletics compliance and appliHydrolysis Replacements cation research relating Fruit Juice Brewing Baking to every industry at the company. Grain Starch Dairy While the nutrition Processing industry is a very imporWaste Detergent tant part of the compaManagement Enzymes ny s business Specialty and other Enzymes is also comindustries Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 mitted to providing eco-friendly solutions to many other industries including animal health fruit juice production renewable energy waste management textiles and many more. Since enzyme use is very technical it is essential that the company has the right personnel to provide technical support for the many different industries it serves. This value added service is a large part of the continued success Specialty Enzymes has enjoyed over the last two decades in particular. Laboratory and Analytical Testing Services for Enzymes Measuring enzyme activity is a precise undertaking that requires technical knowledge skill and technique as well as modern laboratory instruments and facilities. At Specialty Enzymes the company has both. In addition to the enzyme products it manufactures and supplies the company also provides cGMP certifiable laboratory services. Enzyme identification activity and stability as well as testing for heavy metals and microbial pathogens are among the lab services Specialty Enzymes provide to its customers. Specialty Enzymes Offers Custom enzyme formulations Technical and enzyme application support Full on-site GMP laboratory testing ISO 22000 2005 manufacturing facilities More than 50 years in enzyme research and manufacturing Specialty Enzymes will continue to provide the industry with the highest quality enzyme and probiotic products unparalleled technical support and formulation expertise. The company s goal is to continue to grow with the natural products industry supplying quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of everyone. Key Executives President Vic Rathi Vice President Mike Smith Laboratory Manager Inmar Munir PhD July August 2015 74 Nutrition Industry Executive 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) Corporate Headquarters 12601 Twin Brook Pkwy. Rockville MD 20852 Phone (800) 227-8772 (301) 881-0666 Website 2015 Company Profiles USP Setting Standards for Dietary Supplements Food Ingredients & Pharmaceuticals Who Is USP The U. S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) is a scientific nonprofit standardssetting organization that advances public health through standards and related programs that help ensure the quality safety and benefit of medicines dietary supplements and foods. Headquartered in the United States USP has facilities in nine countries around the world. USP s standards are set by volunteer experts in an open and public process based on scientific exchange and its drug standards are used worldwide. Headquartered in the United States USP has facilities in nine countries around the world. USP s standards are set by volunteer experts in an open and public process based on scientific exchange and its drug standards are used worldwide. dures and acceptance criteria Admission Evaluations regulatory guidance and full-color macro micro photographs diagrams chemical structures and HPTLC TLC GC pictures. The DSC is a comprehensive resource for producing and authenticating the quality of dietary supplements and their ingredients. Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) The FCC is a compendium of internationally recognized documentary standards for authenticating the purity and quality of food ingredients including processing aids preservatives flavorings colorants nutrients and other ingredients. It includes monographs tests and assays general good manufacturing practice (GMP) guidelines for food ingredients and excerpted data from the USP Food Fraud Database. USP Reference Standards USP offers highly characterized physical reference materials for use in conducting quality control tests and analytical test procedures associated with documentary standards found in the USP NF DSC and FCC. The catalog features more than 250 Reference Standards for dietary supplements (e.g. vitamins minerals amino acids botanicals and fish oils) more than 200 for excipients and more than 225 for food ingredients (e.g. flavorings preservatives nutrients colorants). USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program USP s voluntary third-party testing and auditing program helps dietary supplement manufacturers confirm the quality of their products. Supplements that meet USP s stringent criteria are awarded use of the USP Verified Mark for display on labeling packaging and promotional materials. When consumers see the USP Verified Mark on a supplement product label they understand that the product s quality purity and potency have been verified by a reputable independent organization. What Does USP Do Product Quality--Documentary and Reference Standards USP establishes documentary standards and reference standards that demonstrate the identity strength purity and authenticity of dietary supplements food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. USP s documentary standards are published in four authoritative compendia The United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary (USP NF) the USP Dietary Supplements Compendium (DSC) and the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC). USP Dietary Supplements Compendium (DSC) The DSC contains dietary supplement standards from the United States Pharmacopeia National Formulary (USP NF) and food ingredient standards from the Food Chemicals Codex. It features monograph standards test proce- USP Dietary Ingredient Verification Program and USP Excipient Verification Program USP also offers voluntary third-party verification services to help manufacturers and suppliers demonstrate the quality of the ingredients they sell for use in the manufacture of dietary supplements. Dietary ingredients and excipients that meet USP s comprehensive stringent testing and auditing criteria are awarded a Certificate of Standards Compliance and use of the USP Verified Dietary Ingredient Mark or the USP Verified Excipient Mark respectively to display on the label of bulk ingredient containers and the corresponding certificates of analysis. These two ingredient verification programs help dietary supplement manufacturers qualify their suppliers. Nutrition Industry Executive 75 July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. 2802 Dow Ave. Tustin CA 92780 Phone (714) 832-9700 Fax (714) 731-8482 Email vitatech Website 2015 Company Profiles itatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. is an FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)registered custom manufacturer of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals for the global natural products industry. The company is a respected international leader offering innovative pharmaceutical-quality formulation production quality control and distribution from its campus in Tustin CA. Vitatech is a manufacturer of choice for companies that seek product differentiation and build their business by offering private label products of the highest quality. Respected International Leader V Multi-level Mail order Private label Contingency back-up partner for national brands Major Focus Market differentiation Unique formula design Commitment to cGMP compliance Tablets twopiece capsules powders Multiple vitamins and minerals Herbs herbal extracts and concentrates Key Personnel Thomas T. Tierney President George Santana Vice President Production & Operations Stephanie Stauffer Director Client Services David Jiang PhD Director Technical Services Sue Lamprey Director of Purchasing Elizabeth Junco Director of Product Quality Vitatech is a manufacturer of choice for companies that seek product differentiation and build their business by offering private label products of the highest quality. Specialized Services Formulation assistance for tablets two-piece capsules and powders custom packaging PhD-level technical direction R&D capabilities enteric coating of soft gels two-piece capsule banding and custom coatings. Technologies Patents New Products Gusset bag filling capability Microbiological laboratory High-speed packaging Heavy metal testing Two-piece capsule banding Lot tracing capability High-volume water-based continuous coating systems Pharmaceutical laboratory licensed since 1954 In-house analytical laboratory Comprehensive quality assurance program cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) validation systems Major Markets Food - Drug - Mass Store brands 76 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Avanti Polar Lipids Inc. 700 Industrial Park Dr. Alabaster AL 35007 Phone (205) 663-2494 (800) 227-0651 Fax (205) 663-0756 (800) 229-1004 Email orders info technical analytical lipidomics Website 2015 Company Profiles vanti Polar Lipids famous for purity leads the world with lipid manufacture and analysis for research and pharmaceuticals. The company was established near Birmingham AL in 1969. Leading the World in Lipid Manufacturers A Detergents Sterols Glycosylated & phosphorylated sphingosines & ceramides (including fluorescent derivatives) Recent developments include antibodies and analytical standards. Core Products & New Introductions Phospholipids Sphingolipids Services Avanti Polar Lipids Analytical Services Division provides extensive laboratory testing using modern analytical techniques to the research food nutraceutical and pharmaceutical communities for their lipid related projects. Testing under cGLP (current good laboratory practice) and cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) is available with appropriate notification and preparation. Areas of service include qualitative and quantitative analysis method development method validation stability testing and consultation. Avanti specializes in nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS) techniques. Key Personnel Walter A. Shaw CEO Rowena C. Shaw Vice President Stephen W. Burgess Director of R&D Jeff Moore Director of Analytical Technology Go to apl for info about this advertiser July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 77 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 BIO-CAT 9117 Three Notch Rd. Troy VA 22974 Phone (877) 912-4622 Fax (434) 591-4507 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Quality & Safety B IO-CAT provides the very latest enzyme technology and custom formulations. Founded in 1988 the company s extensive range of products from single-to-multi-enzyme blends service food and beverage dietary supplements and industrial commercial markets. BIO-CAT is cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)-compliant and maintains an ISO 9001 2008 certified facility featuring state-of-the-art laboratories for scientific research product development and on-site quality testing to better serve customers. you with an exact enzyme match or substitute that can offer you cost-savings and increased efficiency. BIO-CAT provides halal and kosher products and are an exclusive distributor for Amano Enzyme USA and Shin Nihon Chemical for dietary supplement enzymes. supplements as directed by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Research & Development Whether you are trying to replace an existing enzyme in your application or discover new enzymes that can improve your products BIO-CAT has the knowledge experience and technical expertise to help you raise the bar. BIO-CAT offers laboratory support to customers who are designing products or seeking replacement products for existing formulas. The company is customer focused and provides tailored guidance and support as you use enzymes to achieve your product goals. BIO-CAT will walk you through every step of the way as well as provide new ideas for your consideration. The company also carries out experiments to provide the necessary data specifically for your production conditions. Quality Assurance Quality and safety are of utmost importance at BIO-CAT and strict adherence to quality standards is followed throughout its manufacturing process. All products blended at its facility undergo rigid testing in its in-house Quality Control lab to ensure that the products BIO-CAT manufactures meet all listed specifications and pass all quality standards set forth by the industries it serves. A certificate of analysis with the testing results is included with every order shipped. BIO-CAT is an ISO 9001 2008 company that meets the GMP regulations for dietary Services BIO-CAT s custom blending service is designed to meet specific client formulation and application needs by providing a tailored solution for every customer. When approached with an application need or replacement to an existing enzyme the company will develop solutions that provide Go to biocat for info about this advertiser 78 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. One Gary Rd. Union NJ 07083 Phone (908) 688-9009 Fax (908) 688-9005 Email dfondots Website eni 2015 Company Profiles Smart Solutions E xtracts & Ingredients Ltd (E & I Ltd) founded in 1997 as a division of MORRE-TEC Industries Inc. focuses its business on importing distributing and producing liquid and powder botanical extracts and derivatives nutritive oils fruit powders purees and concentrates for the personal care cosmetic nutritional and food industries. The company s intent is to provide high quality all-natural conventional and certified organic products. Key Executives David Fondots Managing Director Debbie Schwartz Marketing Coordinator Jackie Kim West Coast Account Manager Jenna Jelinski East Coast Account Manager Core Products A supplier of natural specialty ingredients to the Food Nutraceutical and Personal Care markets E & I Ltd offers organic specialty oils water based botanical extracts oleoresins essential oils fruit concentrates and fruit vegetable botanical powders and extracts. The company manufactures and supplies micronized particle powders of TCP DCP bran phytosterols etc. using a patented Vortex milling technology. E & I Ltd is a major supplier of magnesium potassium and calcium chlorides which are available as FCC (Food Chemical Codex) and USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) grade material. New Products Grain based liquid extracts as a potential source of anthocyanins etc. Magnesium chloride for tofu production and beverages Quality Assurance E & I has ISO 9001 2008 FDA registration and is cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliant. Future Goals To expand E & I Ltd s product offerings in the natural and organic areas. July August 2015 Go to extracts for info about this advertiser Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 79 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Generex Labs 1915 Trade Center Way Naples FL 34109 Phone (239) 592-7255 Fax (888) 434-9146 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles Committed to Customer Success G enerex Labs specializes in the formulation and development of premium dietary supplements. Generex utilizes proven delivery systems that adhere to GMP (good manufacturing practice) manufacturing practices with a commitment to exceeding customer s expectations with the best pricing and extensive personalized service. The company s clients have the unique advantage of enhanced services offered through our multi-faceted organization. A Generex customer can also count on the company to help them beyond formula development and manufacturing. Generex offers valuable assistance in the areas of strategic marketing product positioning regulatory compliance and implementation from package design through distribution. The company remains committed to the success of each customer big or small. The Generex Solution Combine nutritional science and innovative technologies to provide a wide range of nutritional formulas for a successful dietary supplement and unique packaging options. Work with each customer individually by focusing on their individual needs and desires to accomplish the optimum results. Develop effective economical solutions using the highest quality ingredients. Develop and manage ongoing successful marketing campaigns that strengthen product awareness. Products and Services Generex provides custom formulation and quality manufacturing for your existing formulas and welcomes the opportunity to provide its experience and expertise to your business. The company offers prod- ucts sold fully packaged or powders tablets and capsules sold in bulk at a competitive price. Generex provides a wide range of natural products and delivery systems to meet every need Custom formulations Turn-key packaging Capsules Powders Soft gels Chewables Tablets Bottled Blister packaging Packets Key Executives Robert Riess CEO Megan Galler Vice President of Sales and Marketing Go to generexlabs for info about this advertiser 80 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 July August 2015 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 JT Naturals LLC 7930 E 24th St. Joplin MO 64804 Phone (417) 553-0977 Toll Free (844) 791-7037 Fax (417) 622-0388 Email sales Website 2015 Company Profiles Products You Can Depend On J T Naturals provides competitive quality soft gel manufacturing made in the USA products that you can depend on. The company sources raw materials intelligently and offers competitive pricing and flexibility. With shorter production times JT Naturals gives its customers more efficient lead times which improve reliability and profitability. The company has friendly customer service and it is always ready to help. In addition JT Naturals looks for creative and out of the box ideas to find new ways of supporting you as our valued partner-- the company is ready and willing to earn your business. Located in Joplin MO JT Naturals LLC is a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice)-compliant manufacturer of dietary supplements. The company pro- vides high quality capsule manufacturing specializing in OEM and private label solutions. JT Naturals has complete labeling and bottling capabilities ready for your next project. Some of the company s many services include private labeling and bulk packaging. It manufactures for several key nutraceutical and dietary supplement companies. From formulation development to mixing filling and packaging JT Naturals can provide a turnkey solution for any customer s requirement. The company has the best lead times in the market and can ship worldwide helping you meet your next deadline Centrally located the company s ship times coast to coast are three days maximum. The company has a large stock soft gel program for small orders. JT Naturals sources the highest quality raw materials with a focus on U.S.-made ingredients. All ingredients follow a systematic third party lab testing procedure to insure the highest quality products. Key Executives Jeff Hicks President Co-founder Tina Reeves-Hicks CEO Co-founder Chris Hornback Operations Manager James Melton Quality Assurance Go to jtnaturals for info about this advertiser July August 2015 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Nutrition Industry Executive 81 1995 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Nutraceutix Inc. 9609 153rd Ave. N.E. Redmond WA 98052 Phone (800) 548-3222 (425) 883-9518 Fax (425) 869-1020 Email info Website 2015 Company Profiles ith an unmatched collection of specialized process and technology patents combined with more than 25 years of experience in the industry Nutraceutix contract Nutraceutix Making Probiotics and Nutraceuticals Better W manufactures the industry s finest probiotics in a variety of forms--from bulk powder to capsules and advanced tablets in bulk or fully finished bottles. The company also formulates and manufactures superior controlled- release nutraceuticals that offer distinct advantages to brand retailer and consumer. Bulk Probiotic Powders Nutraceutix has grown natural probiotic strains for well over two decades. It controls the entire process from growing the organisms through the production of the final delivery forms ensuring organism purity and viability at every step. All Nutraceutix strains are naturally occurring and selected as appropriate and effective for human use. They are not genetically modified and have a long history of use in dietary supplements and food applications where they are generally recognized as safe (GRAS). Patented LiveBac Processing for Extended Shelf Life Tablets and Caplets Many probiotics found on store shelves fail to meet label claim and many of those have no viability at all by the time they are consumed. Over a decade of extensive research development and testing of probiotic delivery forms has led to a number of exclusive patented processes that allow Nutraceutix to craft products with outstanding shelf-life performance even at room temperature. Patented BIO-tract Probiotic Delivery System Delivers the Goods It s a fact. Unprotected the vast majority of live probiotics entering the stomach won t survive to reach optimal sites in the gastrointestinal tract. To overcome this obstacle Nutraceutix has researched developed and patented the BIO-tract delivery technology that protects the majority of a supplement s probiotics from gastric acid while providing optimal release of live organisms throughout the digestive tract. Registered GMP Contract Manufacturing All LiveBac and BIO-tract products are produced in Nutraceutix s NSF-registered GMP (good manufacturing practice) contract manufacturing facilities. July August 2015 Go to nutraceutix for info about this advertiser 82 Nutrition Industry Executive Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 Equipment&Packaging Beltorque High-Speed In-line Capper New Hampshire-based NJM Packaging has introduced the redesigned beltorque high-speed capper. Equipped with the new servo-driven patent-pending cap elevator feeder which features adjustable cleats and indexes on demand NJM has increased the speed of this continuous-motion capper by 50 percent. Now rivaling the high speeds of complex rotary cappers the in-line beltorque caps up to 300 bottles per minute with simple mechanics fast changeovers and low maintenance to ease use and reduce the total cost of ownership. Precise torque and gentle handling maximize product quality. Unlike traditional in-line cappers that use discs or spindles this two-station capper-torquer uses two pairs of belts to gently rotate and tighten caps. Using patented technology one drive synchronizes the linear displacement speed of the container with the rotating speed of the closure even when the cap stops turning. This innovative design maximizes product quality by eliminating damage to the cap knurling and cap finish. It also minimizes slippage to achieve more consistent torque values which prevents leakers and reduces rework associated with out-of-tolerance rejects. Precision tooling minimizes skewed caps. The beltorque capper is ideal for pharmaceuticals nutraceuticals cosmetics and personal care products as well as foods and beverages. For more information call (603) 448-0300 or visit Advertiser Index Alkemist Labs Alpha Packaging Avanti Polar Lipids Barrington Nutritionals Bergstrom Nutrtion BIO-CAT BioCell Technology LLC Biova LLC Deerland Enzymes Dr. Paul Lohmann Inc. Dynamic Enzymes Ecuadorian Rainforest Extracts & Ingredients Ltd. Generex Labs Globe Pharma Healthco Herbally Yours Jiaherb Inc. JT Naturals LLC Kyowa Hakko USA Natreon Inc. Nutraceutix Inc. Nutralliance Inc. Nutritional Engineering Inc. Nutrition 21 LLC Pinnacle Labs International Inc. PLT Health Solutions Inc. Sabinsa Corporation Soma Labs Inc. Specialty Enzymes & Biochem United States Pharmaceopea Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. 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Today the company delivers solutions across a number of health and wellness platforms that respond to existing and emerging consumer demand. These solutions include more than 20 proprietary branded ingredients that are considered either market or scientific leaders in their categories--as well as the supply of high quality botanicals extracts raw materials and functional materials. Seth Flowerman is the executive vice president of PLT Health Solutions and oversees corporate strategic initiatives and manages strategic alliances. Prior to joining PLT Health Solutions Flowerman was the president of Career Explorations LLC--a staffing firm he founded in 2003. He has been featured in Forbes the Boston Globe and Yahoo Finance and was named as one of BusinessWeek s 25 Under 25 Entrepreneurs in 2008. Here he discusses PLT s focus on innovation and success. NIE Where is the company today and where do you see it headed Flowerman From our roots as an ingredient distributor more than 60 years ago PLT Health Solutions has evolved into a company focused on ingredient innovation and on providing strategic health and wellness solutions for our consumer products customers. Our goal is to bring innovative and impactful solutions that help our consumer products customers develop new concepts new products and grow successful brands. Recent times have seen PLT working as a co-developer of ingredients with consumer product companies and creating strategic alliances with other natural product innovators to bring new health and wellness concepts to market. Increasingly PLT is focused on international markets outside of North America. Our new product development team is focused on developing ingredients with global compliance from a science and regulatory standpoint. Vibrant Harvest Whole Food fruit and vegetable powders. These are whole food ingredients that provide quality nutrition. Earthlight is a patented mushroom powder ingredient that delivers 40 000 international units (IU) of natural vegan vegetarian non-GMO (genetically modified organism) vitamin D per gram. The Vibrant Harvest Whole Food Powders line is made with a patented technology that gently evaporates water molecules in foods--preserving the flavor aroma color and nutritional quality of the original materials. These powders are the single most effective way of introducing serving sizes of fruits and vegetables into food and beverage products. NIE Please discuss some of PLT s recent ingredient launches. Flowerman A major push for PLT in the last several years is in the area of clean label ingredients to support consumer product companies who are looking for solutions to this major trend. Recently PLT introduced two ingredient concepts that meet the clean label challenge and more-- Earthlight Mushroom Powder and 84 Nutrition Industry Executive NIE How does PLT ensure ingredient quality as well as transparency to its customers Flowerman At PLT we build issues like transparency traceability sustainability and the ability to deliver only the highest quality material consistently into our new product development process. If we can t deliver these to our customers--we won t develop a product. Sound science is also important. In addition to safety data we need to support studies that examine mechanism of action as well as the health benefits available. We feel a continuing program of scientific study is important in our ability to develop trust with the consumer and support the branded products made by our customers. Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1995-2015 NIE What is the latest research on the company s ingredients Flowerman In today s environment the need for science to support a botanically based ingredient that promotes human health and wellbeing is unquestioned. To us at PLT though we look at science beyond just a single proof of efficacy study. The acquisition of intellectual property a unique value proposition and the ability to demonstrate higher value all come from the science we conduct on these ingredients. A good example of this continuing approach to science is our cognitive health platform--which includes Zembrin Sceletium tortuosum. In late 2014 we announced the publication of a clinical trial that used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology to study the effects of acute (short term) supplementation with Zembrin on the threat circuitry of the human brain. The double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trial showed that 25 mg of Zembrin reduced stress-related activity of the amygdala within two hours of administration. These results provide the first evidence for the areas of brain where Zembrin s anti-stress activity acts and confirmation of the potential for Zembrin to work quickly and experientially to help in the management of stress. This was a follow-up to previous studies--one of which demonstrated efficacy and the other which resulted in a patent for the ingredient. July August 2015 Go to alkemistlabs for info about this advertiser Go to usp for info about this advertiser