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Description: 2015: The North Carolina Session | 2016 Democratic Candidates | 2016 Republican Candidates | Turnaround Arts

Public Policy Notes S outhe r n E a r ly C hild hood As s o ci a tio n Open Educational Resources The Wave of the Future Traditional textbooks may be giving way to a new way of providing educational content. Open Educational Resources (OER) are beginning to gain momentum as a way of providing highquality resources that meet the following goals goal of creating comprehensive high-quality open educational resources (OER). Two SECA states Georgia and North Carolina are among the 12 states supporting this effort. The Collaborative includes national organizations such as the Council of Chief State School Officers The Learning Accelerator and the Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics. For a complete list of national organizations click here. Although the accessibility of educational content is of interest why would we include this as a public policy issue If educational content becomes open access and the purchase of textbooks and instructional materials becomes very limited will this affect the school funding decisions made by each state Could this option free up state funds to support other educational reforms or programs within the state These are questions that will be answered at the legislative level in each state with resulting discussions about future support of education. July 2015 Public Policy Notes Inside this issue 2015 The North Carolina Session 2016 Democratic Candidates 2016 Republican Candidates Turnaround Arts 2 2 3 4 The Collaborative has awarded 1.3 million in Additional choice to grants to 10 developers to local education agencreate a repository of free cies. open access content. The Reduction of expendi- RFP specifications were tures for instructional informed by extensive edumaterials. cator input with the goal of Greater flexibility with creating OER that offers a quality educational con- full range of instructional supports and state learning tent. standard alignments. These Adaptability for states to meet their particular materials will be vetted by teachers openly licensed needs using their own channels of review and regularly updated aligned to assessments and availadevelopment. ble for free in both digital Open Educational Reand print format. sources are high-quality comprehensive resources aligned with state learning The original content develstandards that are available oped by the 10 grantees will online and at no cost to the be 2-3 week open academic user. These materials are units in English language currently being developed to arts and mathematics. It is support K-12 mathematics anticipated that this conand English language arts. tent will be utilized to provide the foundation for The K 12 OER Collabora- more extensive year-long tive is an initiative led by a academic materials. group of 12 states with the 2016 Presidential Candidates In this newsletter you will find a list of declared candidates with ties to the SECA states. (Declared candidates are those that have made a formal announcement that they are running.) The Democratic candidates are on page 2 and the Republican candidates are on page 3. There are links to all of their campaign websites included with their photos or names. 2015 The North Carolina Legislative Session Although we first reported in the April issue of Public Policy Notes that the North Carolina Legislature was scheduled to adjourn on June 30th the session has been extended primarily due to a failure to reach a budget agreement. The Legislature is still at work and facing major issues such as Changes to the state tax code including reduction of individual tax rates increases in the standard deduction and additional sales taxes. Economic development financial incentives. Road and infrastructure funding. Developing a compromise between competing spending plans by the House and Senate. A continuing budget resolution was approved prior to July 1st (the beginning of the state s fiscal year) to con- tinue state operations and will expire on August 14th. Legislators will need to act prior to that August date in order to maintain state operations. One bright spot The continuing resolution authorized 100 million for schools to address more students this fall and raised minimum teacher salaries to 35 000. Source The 2016 Declared Democratic Candidates with Ties to the SECA States A Much Smaller Field Declared Democratic candidates for the 2016 presidential election are much smaller in number than the Republican field. There are really only three candidates that have had visibility on the national scene Hillary Clinton Senator Bernie Sanders (NH) and former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia. Two of those candidates have ties to the SECA states. Jim Webb former U.S. Senator from Virginia served in the Reagan administration and later as a Democratic Senator from his state. Click here to go to his website. The Candidates You Probably Don t Know Robby Wells of Michael Steinberg of Florida is known as an advocate for the elderly disabled and veterans. To access his campaign website click here. Lloyd Kelso of North Carolina speaks strongly of empowering the middle class. He also advocates for changes in fiscal policy. Click here to access his campaign website. If you d like to access a complete list of declared and potential Democratic candidates click here. This article featured only those declared candidates with ties to SECA states. Source http The Candidates You ll Recognize Hillary Clinton former First Lady Secretary of State and former First Lady of Arkansas needs no introduction. Click here to access her campaign website. North Carolina announced in 2012 that he would run for president in 2016. Click here to go to his campaign website. Public Policy Notes The 2016 Declared Republican Candidates The South is Well Represented The 2016 presidential campaign season is promising to be an interesting one with the number of declared Republican candidates that are already in the media spotlight. In reviewing the declared candidates for the 2016 election it appears that the South is well represented with 14 declared candidates according to Many of them are high-profile politicians but we found a group of candidates that certainly haven t been on the national media radar. We ll give you info about all the currently declared candidates from SECA states including their campaign websites. We hope you ll take some time to see who s out there. Lindsey Graham is a four term U.S. Senator from the state of South Carolina. He s known for his work on foreign policy and the military. Click here for his website. Marco Rubio is a first term Senator from the state of Florida. He is the son of naturalized Cuban parents who fled Castro and has clearly defined policy agendas. Click here for his website. Rand Paul of Kentucky is the second generation of his family to seek the presidency. His father Ron Paul declared as a candidate in 2008. He is seen as the leader of the conservative-libertarian bloc in Congress. Click here to access his campaign website. Mike Huckabee is a former two term governor of Arkansas and until recently the host of a television talk show. He is also an ordained Baptist minister and author. Click here for his website. Bobby Jindal is the current governor of Louisiana. Jindal has recently been embroiled in a state controversy over the adoption of Common Core Standards. To see his campaign agenda click here. Rick Perry is known as the longest serving governor in the state of Texas. This will be his second try at the presidency having run as a candidate in 2012. For a look at this campaign website click here. The Candidates You ll Recognize Jeb Bush is a former governor of Florida and the son and brother of former U.S. Presidents. He has extensive experience in education reform initiatives. Click here for his campaign website. Ted Cruz is a current U.S. Senator from Texas. He s a staunch conservative and Tea Party favorite. Click here to go to his campaign website. Volume 8 Issue 7 The Candidates You Probably Don t Know Top Row left to right Jim Hayden (TN) Jack Fellure (WV) Michael Kinlaw (TX) Bottom Row left to right Brian Russell (FL) Shawna Sterling (KY) Mark Everson (MS) Page 3 Southern Early Childhood Association 1123 S. University Ste 255 Little Rock AR 72204 Phone 800-305-SECA Fax 501-227-5297 E-mail info How to Use Public Policy Notes If you re interested in advocacy one of the most effective tools that you can have is access to information. This newsletter is provided as a service to locate and share information that we think will be helpful to you in your work at the state level and to keep you updated on what s happening in public policy. You ll find information that Compares your state to other SECA states--how you re doing what issues you have in common what the hot topics are in your states. Brings the national scene to your fingertips and gives you a perspective on how national events might impact you...You ll also receive information about where to find additional information. We hope you ll find it helpful. Children need you to be their voice in your community and state. This monthly newsletter is produced by Glenda Bean SECA Executive Director. SECA strives to provide non-partisan and non-biased information A Voice for Southern Children that is of interest to early childhood educators. Sign up at http policy_newsletter_sign.php to receive notice of its availability each month. Turnaround Arts Initiative Begins in Broward County Florida The President s Committee on the Arts and Humanities announced in June that five districts have been added to this program. We first reported on this education initiative in the summer 2012 issue of The ceive an array of arts education services designed to increase their chances of success engage their community and raise the visibility of their achievements. Key to these efforts is building arts education programming that is rigorous effective and integrated holistically into the school as well as strategically targeted to addressing larger school challenges. The program works closely with each school throughout the year to help the school community plan and implement their programming and ensure its quality and impact. The schools in the New Orleans Louisiana system were one of the first participants in the program and they have reported the following results A 51.32% overall reduction in suspensions. A 81.13% reduction in in-school suspensions between 2011-2014. Data from all participating schools demonstrated A 22.55% improvement in math SECA Reporter. The Turnaround Arts Initiative is designed to assist turnaround schools that fall into the bottom five percent of their states schools in student achievement. Schools that are selected to participate are designated by the U.S. Department of Education for extra resources from federal agencies and private foundations. As part of Turnaround Arts schools re- proficiency. A 12.62% improvement in read- ing proficiency. Click here to access the impact data provided on the Arts Initiative website. To find out more about the schools in New Orleans and Broward County click here for links to the schools individual websites.