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Home Simple Ways to Increase Your Home s Curb Appeal Beauty Working With a Personal Stylist Culinary Asian Spices SARAH KAY HOFFMAN Of A Loving Spoon A Mission with Deeply Rooted Seeds of Love 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 staff & contacts Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Kimberly Mullen kimberly 209-224-8810 For advertising information please call 209-224-8810 Kelly Moore kelly 209-200-1229 Vikki Sandor-Girolami vikki 209-629-5382 Editor Art Director Advertising Art Director Contributing Authors Marilyn Isaminger Cyndi King cyndi Elana Bell elana Adriana Brogger Melody Bussey Lisa Taranto Butler Patty Cook Melanie Corbellini S.E. Filomeo Stephanie Fox Rebecca Flansburg Marilyn Isaminger Carrie Rowlands Johnson Melissa Haines Lavin Kimberly Mullen Heather Noble Linda R. Price Tina V. Savas Allison Turnberg and Catie Watson Briggs Photography Dee Yates Studios Julie Nicole Photography S.E. 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We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 HERLIFE CONTENTS features 26 18 20 52 72 12 14 Welcome From the Publisher Mother s Perspective Getting Back to School with Confidence Health Fit Travels Staying Healthy on the Road Beauty Working with a Personal Stylist Cosmetic Surgery Common Cosmetic Surgery Questions Spotlight Doctor s Hospital Inspiration Sarah Hoffman Cravings Blend Ultra Lounge HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 36 Wine Screw Cap Wines From Down Under Culinary Asian Spices Garden In Anticipation of Figs Recipes Lemon-Mustard Orzo Salad with Shrimp & Asparagus Simple Salami Salad Foodies Spotlight Corner Scone Bakery In Her Garden Linda Looper Home Simple Ways to Increase Your Home s Curb Appeal 54 56 58 60 62 Real Estate College Housing Buy vs. Rent Spotlight Mocse Credit Union Green Living Beating the Energy Bills Blues Water Wise Wash Clean Be Green Travel Road Travel Treasure Hunts Geocaching and Letterboxing Finance Grand Theft Auto Is Your Vehicle at Risk Spotlight Twin Arbors Athletic Club Fine Things Your New Hot Wheels 2016 Luxury Cars 70 Pets Foster Care for Companion Animals 72 Working Women Volunteering Is It the Right Choice for You 74 Book Club The Lives of Stella Bain 76 Scene and be Seen Girls Night Out Daisy Dukes and Cowgirl Boots 80 SSY Samantha and Anthony 82 Tie the Knot Chris and Emily 86 Horoscopes 88 Calendar 38 40 42 18 20 22 44 46 48 52 64 24 26 32 10 66 68 HERLIFE WELCOME lucky girl Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity. Never have I been one to believe in being lucky or unlucky for that matter. I have always worked toward the mantra that success and happiness are direct results of hard work persistence dedication and focus. I don t avoid black cats I willingly walk under ladders or open an umbrella indoors. I have never believed for one moment that my successes or failures were products of being lucky or unlucky. I was either prepared for the sales meeting and closed the deal or I walked out without the sale thinking of ways I could have pitched my product differently or used a different closing technique. Yet something uniquely special happened on the day I was born at Lodi Memorial Hospital on a warm August morning and as I think about my upcoming birthday I am forced to rethink my ideas about luck. I came into this world by a teenage mother. I imagine she was scared and overwhelmed as she hid her pregnancy from her friends and family. As she went into labor she kept her secret from her parents as she cried in agony. Her parents called their family practice physician who listened over the phone to the symptoms of the teenage girl. He advised them to come to the emergency room. Busy with another patient upon their arrival to the ER the doctor called his partner to assist the family and the teenage girl. The partner agreed and headed the few blocks from his home to the ER. Walking into what he thought was possibly appendicitis in the teenage girl the doctor hid his surprise when he gently spoke to the young girl about her pregnancy and then turned to her parents to share the news. I was born a few hours later. Dr. Ken Mullen delivered me held me and was the first person to love me. His wife Nancy Mullen gave me my first bottle after which she frantically drove to Mervyn s and bought my first pink outfit. She was the second person to love me. Their three boys Chris Pete and Kenny were the third fourth and fifth people to love me. I was adopted. I had a family. I had a name Kimberly Mullen. The stars aligned perfectly for the circumstances of my adoption. What would have transpired if my birth family s doctor hadn t been busy upon their arrival to the hospital What would have been different about my delivery if my birth mother hadn t hid her pregnancy What would have happened if Dr. Mullen hadn t ended his morning run early that day only to walk up the steps to his back door hearing the phone ringing A missed phone call a missed opportunity were any of the people involved really prepared for the events of that morning The only answer I can land on is simple. I am a lucky girl. Congratulations to our beautiful August cover girl Sarah Kay Hoffman and the lucky girl Samarah Thank you for sharing with us your exciting news. K i m b e r l y Mu l l e n p h o to by stu d i o m o h s o h facebook Herlife of Central Valley twitter HERlifeCali 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE getting back to school with confidence by h e a th e r n o b l e p h d N your child. ew classes new teachers new friends and much to learn School will begin before we know it so it s time to do some initial homework and get ready. Simple steps can be taken to get oriented to the school year prepare for academic success and strengthen social connections that benefit are anxious about remembering their combinations and correctly dialing it so practicing this can be very helpful. If your child feels more confident about where everything is located and how it works first day jitters will be substantially reduced. Practice the route your child will take if she s walking to school along with noting alternate paths if that would ever be needed. It also doesn t hurt to consider where and how she can seek help if that s ever warranted. Both you and your child will feel greater ease knowing such plans are in place. Ensure that you and your child know about any policies or rules that the school follows. It s likely that there are guidelines for all students to follow including a dress code rules for cell phone usage collection of vaccination records and policies on attendance including late arrivals early pick-ups and missing blocks of time for appointments. It is especially good for you to know the details about any documentation that is needed so you can ensure you have it collected and submitted in good time. If there are rules about proper dressing it s helpful to have time to find the appropriate clothing. If your child has flexibility for choosing clothes you might also encourage her to wait until the school year begins to make final purchases after she sees fashion trends among peers. A second and very important area for consideration is determining resources and opportunities for strengthening your child s approach to learning studying and test-taking. Many children benefit from guidance on getting organized. Consider whether a paper day planner is useful (or might get lost ) or whether an electronic device and program might be used with greater ease and consistence. Some sort of system will be needed to track assignment deadlines maintain awareness for upcoming tests and avoid procrastination. Time management is key and if your child learns such skills at this stage of life it will benefit him immensely in his future academic and career pursuits. You and your child will benefit from considering and implementing a routine schedule that will be followed throughout the week including time for study extracurricular activities and leisure time to rest. At some point all students need some extra help with learning their course material. Let s face it the subject areas can be quite challenging for the parents too Proactively line up resources. The school might have additional services or tutoring available for a student who is struggling especially if the child has a diagnosed learning difficulty. However all students can benefit from a program uniquely tailored to Continued on page 16 Getting oriented to the school is first on the list. Does your child s school have a formal orientation meeting If not it doesn t hurt to ask staff if it s possible for you and your child to look around a few days or weeks before school begins. You can find the classroom or multiple rooms where your child will be attending classes and other school functions. If your child will have a locker locate that too. Even better have your child practice unlocking it or a similar kind of lock. Many children 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 their needs targeting and strengthening areas of concern. Explore programs and services in your community such as Huntington Learning Center or Harp Learning Center. Additional support to your child s learning can result in an immediate improvement in classroom performance and also make a longer-term investment by bolstering self-confidence for future learning and pursuits. The third area to address is the very big social piece to the academic experience. Your child is likely focused on his peers but effective socialization begins with you. Express receptivity to hearing and addressing your child s concerns however small or big. Maintaining an open exchange of information with parents is essential. If your child feels comfortable addressing minor issues with you this will pave the way to approaching bigger heavier concerns when they arise. Encourage your child to develop a strong social network that supports her well-being. If your child knows of particular peers attending the same classes with her it might be helpful to get together before the school year begins to reconnect. This strengthens relationships and buffers your child against stress. Especially if first day jitters are a concern plan ahead for your child and a friend to meet and enter the school together. It s always a comfort to begin a new adventure with a good friend by your side. It s time to finish any remaining homework to prepare and begin a rewarding successful school year HLM Sources and 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE HEALTH staying healthy on the road by l i sa ta ra n to b u tl e r fit travels A Plan Ahead mericans are on the road. Whether we re taking a family vacation to the beach or spending a few days in the big city on business we re traveling. Although we will research and plan everything from If your hotel doesn t have a trainer or if your budget doesn t allow make use of the gym s equipment or bring easy-to-pack bands or light weights. Use exercises you already know or check online sites such as Pinterest for simple programs that pack a punch Use What Ya Got We have all been guests at a hotel where the gym is the size of a walk-in closet but don t get claustrophobic get clever. Watch TV or listen to your headphones to zone in on a quick workout. If you normally lace up for the treadmill how about trying the stair stepper to get your heart rate going Better yet use the stairs and set goals such as running to the top or walking up and down five flights. Try stationary cycling and imagine you are racing in the Tour de France. Ask the front desk or concierge for the nearest safe walking path or hiking route. If you re near the beach use the sand to your advan- of whack that doesn t mean your nutrition routine has to suffer. Even if you are taking a break from real life you can t let your diet take a vacation. Airline food usually looks small in portion size but carries its weight in calories. When making your reservations ask for a light meal if possible. Pack easy travel snacks such as almonds granola string cheese and fruit. Apples and bananas are convenient fairly durable and stay fresh for several days. When eating out skip the urge to get fast food and sit down in a restaurant complete with a waiter waitress and a menu in front of you. Order fresh. Anything that is fresh will look better and taste better going down. Don t knock a good buffet either. Pick a restaurant with many healthy items to choose from so you don t feel deprived if you re watching what you eat. Just stick to the good stuff. Plan Snacks Nibble a small healthy and planned treat every few hours to keep from overeating at mealtime. Restaurants are known for serving huge portions so leave some on the plate. Try ordering an appetizer as a meal just make sure it isn t fried or creamy. making the perfect hotel reservations to developing a winning powerpoint presentation we often slack when it comes to adhering to a healthy diet and exercise program. So how do we stick to our food and fitness routine while traveling The days just before a trip are crucial to our well-being. The week before you leave make sure to get extra rest exercise eat plenty of nutrient-rich food and drink lots of liquids. If you stay healthy before you travel it increases the likelihood of continuing your fitness streak on the road. Choose Wisely Reserve a hotel or resort with a fitness center and or a trainer. If the hotel has both a trainer and a gym they likely will take your preferences by email and schedule workouts at your convenience. tage. There is no better sensation than running on the beach and the workout is more challenging too. Stick with the Program Just because traveling gets your schedule out 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Drink Up Travelers are susceptible to dehydration when a regular routine and normal diet are not followed. Make sure to tote a refillable water bottle on your journeys and sip plenty on long car rides in long meetings and between meals. Fill up at the airport (after you go through security) and make sure to drink the good stuff while on board your flight as well. Drinking water promotes good cleansing too so get your drink on Indulge (A Little) Vacationing is meant to be fun and enjoyable so an occasional indulgence in some regional fare does not mean malfunction. Even business trips are a source of change and experiencing a new city can be intriguing and relaxing. If you are traveling to Boston go ahead and have a taste of that crab cake or a bowl of creamy clam chowder and if you re heading to a state fair let your nose lead you to the funnel cake tent. Just choose one or two treats that you know you want and eat in moderation. You will be traveling back to real life very soon. Don t Divide One of the most important healthy travel inspirations is to try to keep it routine. Don t separate vacation from at-home life. If we do that then we may be giving ourselves permission to make poor eating choices or forget our exercise goals. By treating travel like any other day you are bound to return home a more happy healthy you. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE BEAUTY working with a personal stylist by c a ti e w a tso n T here was a time when personal stylists were the exclusive domain of the rich and famous but today almost anyone can enjoy the professional services of a style expert. tant role in easing the transition by reducing a client s anxiety about fashion choices. Celebrity stylists such as Rachel Zoe have helped familiarize everyone with the concept but personal stylists also known as personal shoppers or shopping consultants have been around for a long time. Major department stores such as Nordstrom s and Macy s have long offered the personal stylist services for free. You begin by making an appointment for the type of service you need special event job interview trend refresh or complete wardrobe update. Before your appointment a stylist will get in touch to discuss your style needs preferences and budget. You will probably also be asked about favorite brands and designers. When you arrive at the store for your appointment your stylist will have picked out a variety of looks to try on frequently with coordinating shoes and accessories. Together you will decide what works for your body type and lifestyle. If you ask around you may also find smaller shops and boutiques that offer a free personal shopper service or that will assign a knowledgeable sales person to provide personalized clothing suggestions. Keep in mind that in both large and small stores the stylist is expected to encourage you to make purchases and may be working on commission. Even so a good stylist should keep the sales pressure to a minimum and allow you to reject fashion choices that exceed your budget or don t feel right. Freelance personal stylists are another alternative that typically offers a wider range of services than store-based shopping consultants. In addition to helping pick out a single outfit for a special occasion these stylists serve as makeover artists and image consultants. Like a store shopper a freelance stylist will begin by getting to know how you live and work and how you want to look. The process may involve going through your closet together and evaluating each garment for fit wearability and style. The stylist will provide advice on discarding outdated pieces and finding new combinations for pieces that are being underutilized. Following wardrobe evaluation many stylists will also play the role of shopper but in this case the items may be borrowed from a variety of stores and brought to your home to try on. Alternatively your stylist may help you create a shopping list and then meet you for a goal-oriented shopping trip. As a final service many stylists will provide a set of digital photos of different pieces from the client s wardrobe making it easier for the client to put together a complete head-to-toe look. A good stylist should be able to discover your inner essence and help you build a ward- Just as an interior designer helps you pick out furniture and home d cor a personal stylist can help you choose clothing and accessories that reflect your personal style. Services provided by stylists range from shopping for a single look for a special event to organizing a client s closet and providing advice on a whole new wardrobe. Clients are frequently undergoing significant life changes that require new clothing such as embarking on a new career or experiencing a sudden change in relationship status. A stylist can play an impor- 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM robe that is both flattering and practical. Stylists need to keep informed on fashion trends have a good understanding of how clothes should fit and possess the ability to put together fashionable outfits for a variety of ages and body types. The fees for personal style services range from as low as 20 per hour to several hundred dollars per session so it pays to shop around for services that fit your budget. Since there are no special training or licensing requirements for stylists it also pays to look for a stylist who comes highly recommended by former clients. As with many other lifestyle industries technology is having an impact on the world of personal styling. Online styling is the newest trend in personal styling providing access to a real or virtual stylist. Examples of online styling services include a website that connects customers with stylists who handpick a selection of clothing built around items you already own and where you complete an online quiz about your personal style and budget and then receive five garments by mail that you can try on at home and then purchase or return. Whether you re working with a store shopper or a live or virtual shopper the most important things you can bring to the experience are a basic understanding of your body type a well-defined budget and an open mind. HLM Sources nordstrom. com and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE COSMETIC SURGERY JOSEPH R. BURLIN MD American Board of Plastic Surgery Stanford Trained More than 25 Years of Experience WANT PLASTIC SURGERY DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST common cosmetic surgery questions Q. I have always been large breasted and as I have gotten older I am having problems with upper back and shoulder pain. Could this be from my large breasts A These are very common complaints I hear from patients who are considering breast reduction surgery and it is very likely that your breasts are contributing to your upper back and shoulder pain. Other common complaints are those of neck pain poor posture difficulty with exercising shoulder grooves from bra straps and even rashes in the warmer summer months. These symptoms are likely due to the excessive weight of the breasts and the position of the breasts on the chest. As large-breasted women age the skin often stretches and the volume of the breasts tends to hang lower on the chest causing more strain on the upper back and neck muscles. Breast reduction surgery can help to alleviate these symptoms by addressing the factors causing them. There are three factors to address (1) excessive weight of the breast tissue (2) too much skin and (3) the position of the breast on the chest. Breast reduction surgery addresses all of these elements. By removing excessive breast tissue and skin the breast is made smaller and lifted higher on the chest for a more youthful appearance. Patients will often comment the day after surgery that their upper back and neck pain has already resolved. The most common method of reducing the breasts involves three incisions. One incision is made around the areola. Another runs vertically from the bottom edge of the areola to the crease underneath the breast. The third incision follows the natural curve underneath the breast. After excess breast tissue fat and skin are removed the nipple and areola are shifted to a higher position. The areola which in large breasts usually has been stretched also is reduced in size. In addition liposuction may be used to improve the contour of any excess fullness under the arm. Usually the nipples and areolas remain attached to underlying breast tissue and this allows for the preservation of sensation. The ability to breast feed is routinely preserved by this method although this cannot be guaranteed. Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure often with minimal Q. I previously had breast augmentation surgery and now that I am 40 my doctor recommended I have a mammogram. Is this safe with my breast implants A. In terms of mammograms and other breast imaging studies implants do not interfere with imaging findings. The majority of breast implants are placed under the muscle and behind the breast tissue keeping it in a separate space from the breast tissue itself. Another concern women often have is that the squeezing from the mammography device may cause their implants to become displaced or rupture. This would be highly unlikely with an intact implant. To help prevent this you should always inform your mammography technician that you have breast implants as they may use different techniques when taking the images of your breast tissue. HLM Q. I have noticed that my ear piercings have become stretched out over time. I am hesitant to wear my expensive earrings as I am afraid they may fall out. Can this be fixed A. It is not unusual for ear piercings to stretch over time especially if you tend to wear heavy earrings. Sometimes there can even be a complete tear in the earlobe from trauma or prolonged use of very heavy earrings. Earlobe surgery or repair is a reconstructive plastic surgery procedure performed to restore the appearance of the earlobes. It is performed as an office procedure using local anesthetic and takes approximately one hour to complete. After adequate time for the repaired incision to heal you are able to re-pierce your ears in two to three months time. Earlobes that have been extensively stretched with gauge earrings are also able to be repaired by removing the stretched skin and reconstructing the earlobe to form a natural shape. discomfort. Most patients are able to return to work within one and a half to two weeks and the entire healing process takes six weeks on average. Due to the fact that breast reduction surgery often alleviates symptoms of upper back and neck pain it is routinely covered by health insurance policies if certain criteria are met. If you have questions or would like to hear about a certain topic relating to cosmetic surgery or skin care please email your questions to Kimberly 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Doctors Hospital of Manteca s Labor and Delivery Department by rebe c c a flans b ur g p hot ogr ap hy by b r i g g s p h o to gra p hy HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM We want our patients to know that despite the fact we are a small community hospital this department has everything that a big hospital has with the exception of a NICU. Our labor and delivery unit is very much like a birthing center but with the safety net of an operating room and all of the benefits that go along with being attached to a hospital. generational history of Doctors Hospital of Manteca it all makes perfect sense. Founded in 1962 Doctors Hospital of Manteca was one of the first in the area to offer family-centered birthing. This facility has been available to Central Valley residents for over 50 years Director of Perinatal Services Carla Lund shared. We think that longevity speaks volumes. Our labor and delivery department is actually in the original part of the hospital and now we are seeing those who were born here having their children here and even their children are having babies here. It s become a beautiful and inspiring generational tradition for families in this area and one that we are all incredibly proud of. This 73-bed facility is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is licensed by the state of California. When I talk about Doctors Hospital s labor and delivery department I feel it s critically important to share two things Carla noted. We want our patients to know that despite the fact we are a small community hospital this department has everything that a big hospital has with the exception of a NICU. Our labor and delivery unit is very much like a birthing center but with the safety net of an operating room and all of the benefits that go along with being attached to a hospital. The second thing I d like to convey is the true passion and dedication that our nurses and physicians have for helping families moms and babies. I ve been here six years and it is a wonderful place to work. Carla went on to reveal that the Doctors Hospital labor and delivery unit was named a Five Star Department through Tenet Health Care in April 2015. This hospital is very committed to offering only the very best care to residents in the surrounding counties and with that in mind we ve taken some steps to provide additional services for our patients Carla shared. We are instituting a Spanish-speaking tour of our labor and delivery department plus many of our staff members speak Spanish. We have a physician who speaks Punjabi and that has been tremendously helpful as well. This area is a diverse and growing community and we want all patients to know A tagline of families are born here may seem a bit puzzling at first for a Labor and Delivery unit but once one takes into consideration the that we can accommodate their needs. As a full-service community hospital Doctors Hospital has continued to raise the bar in regard to patient care. One team member shared not only her focus on maintaining quality measures within the department but her continued passion for helping all moms navigate the sometimes anxiety-provoking waters of labor and delivery. Bili Benson RN and Doctor s Hospital s Clinical Nurse 2 joined the staff in 2007 and has been a significant asset to the labor and delivery unit ever since. I am very proud of our ability to slow things down and be very hands-on with our moms whether they are here for the first time or the fifth Bili declared. I know the attentiveness that we give to our laboring moms is very comforting and our first-time mommies really need our guidance and reassurances. That gentle and nurturing care is something our staff and doctors are very experienced in. How a woman labors and delivers plays a very significant role in how she will mother her baby. That s why the staff and the doctors at Doctors Hospital all have the strong vision and the commitment for providing a positive birthing experience for all of our moms. Though she admits that what happens in her unit is not always sunshine and rainbows Bili also acknowledges that even during the sad or frightening moments she feels honored to be part of that intimate moment. To ask me what my favorite part my job is in this department is like asking a foodie what their favorite food is she added with a laugh. The main benefit for me is not only caring for others but I really love being able to be present when mom and baby see each other for the first time. It is simply magical and it s something I will never tire of witnessing. Our team is amazing as well and I love this unit the doctors and the nurses who work alongside me every day. Families are born here may be a tagline for Doctors Hospital of Manteca s labor and delivery department but it is also a sentence that reveals a generational story of the love and passion that takes place there on a daily basis. We are truly committed to big-city care with a hometown feel at this hospital Carla concluded. Families are families no matter where they come from and we are here for them. HLM Learn more about Doctors Hospital of Manteca at HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HO N OSI T FA AFN DME NAT R ENP R E N E U R NUTRITI by rebec c a f la ns b urg p hotogr a p hy b y j u l i e n i c o l e p h o t o g r a p h y h a i r & m a k e u p by t h e b e l l a s y ola nd a a guila r & m a r a r a n d a -g a r z a o f m i r a be l l a s a l o n But even though she felt healthy and was active in sports and extracurricular activities she began to notice a pattern of being overly tired in her teen years. Her health continued to falter during her college years as her gastrointestinal issues became more pronounced. Visit after visit to doctors and nutritionists yielded only brief improvements or no improvements at all. The medications prescribed not only didn t help they made her feel worse. Sick and tired of being sick and tired Sarah Kay decided to take matters into her own hands. After settling down in Mountain House California she spent countless hours reading researching and studying the gut and how to heal the gut. She also spent many hours studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Shortly after finishing the course in 2012 she began to use her knowledge of nutrition and health to work as a Holistic Health Coach determined to help women with their own digestive issues while also helping them lead healthier happier lives. As she continued to study and coach she used the information she was gathering to write document and share on a personal blog that she had created in 2009 shortly after her colitis diagnosis. In 2008 I was diagnosed with colitis Sarah Kay remembered. It was such a confusing and stressful time so I started blogging about my journey with the intention of sharing my story about my struggles with colitis. In the beginning my blog A Gutsy Girl was more like a journal where SARAH S arah Kay Hoffman started her rural Minnesota life just a regular girl with big dreams. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 I talked about what I was eating how I was feeling and what I was doing to better my health. My goal was to get well but also to create a diary of what I was doing and what I was changing so others could benefit and follow along. Soon I found that my readership was growing as more and more people were finding my words useful and helpful. That s where it all started. In 2009 Sarah Kay found a new nutritionist but once again found that her stomach was in an uproar on a daily basis. It was so frustrating to always be taking two steps forward then four back with my health and digestive issues she noted. But then I stumbled upon the GAPS Diet. The GAPS Diet which stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome cuts out much of a person s sugar intake and limits other foods which feed the bad gut bacteria. That meant no desserts for me Though I finally felt like I was headed in the right direction I still constantly craved some sort of satisfying snack. That s when I discovered nut butters and they became a dessert replacement for me. I could eat one to two tablespoons right out of the jar and it was so satisfying for me. I knew I was onto something. The discovery of nut butter also got this ambitious young woman s creative wheels turning. Once I discovered nut butters I never felt deprived Sarah Kay affirmed. It was my fix for when I got sugar crav28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ings. Then one day I was in a store and saw flavored nut butters for sale. When I looked at the ingredients on the back the list was a mile long it had all sorts of additives and preservatives along with dairy and gluten two things I couldn t have. That was my aha moment. I knew I could create my own snack and dessert nut butters with only healthy easy-todigest ingredients in them. Determined to create a dessert-like nut butter that was as natural as possible plus dairy and gluten free Sarah Kay set to work testing and creating new nut butter recipes thanks to a recently gifted food processor. The result was mouth-watering flavors such as Honey Vanilla Bourbon Peanut Butter and Purely Cacao Peanut Butter. With her recipes perfected her new business took flight in early 2013. The name A Loving Spoon was symbolic of the continued health Sarah Kay was experiencing one loving spoonful of her nut butters at a time and also of how using these products was an act of love for herself healing through food and lifestyle instead of drugs and medications. My mission was so clear to me she stated. The mission of A Loving Spoon nut butters was and still is dedicated to producing a portable and superior snack and dessert. They are gluten dairy soy and corn free with no refined sugars or artificial ingredients preservatives or chemicals. My I believe that a product without purpose leaves a business without mission Sarah Kay continued. And that belief is what inspired me to support the 147 Mil ion Orphans Love 1 Food Project. A Loving Spoon has agreed to allocate ten cents of every jar purchased to various charitable organizations that support foster and or orphaned children. nut butters have only five ingredients like peanuts honey coconut oil vanilla and sea salt with a bonus love ingredient. I never promote it as if it were peanut butter and jelly because that s not what it s intended for. I have customers who put it on rice cakes or crackers fruits and vegetables and use it in the baking recipes on my website or they eat it right from the jar like I do. As her business continues to flourish so does Sarah Kay s determination to juggle it all and have a balanced life. Not only is she the CEO of A Loving Spoon t she continues to work full time plus be a loving wife to husband Ryan whom she credits as her biggest fan and the most supportive husband a wife could ever ask for. Together the couple are also launching into their newest adventure parenthood. The adoption of our beautiful daughter Samarah was finalized last month in July. In 2013 we got the call that there was a beautiful little girl waiting for us at the hospital in the NICU ready to be taken to a loving forever home. Samarah was a preemie and had reflux issues early on so for a while my business went on the back burner as Ryan and I learned how to be parents. It was and continues to be the most joyous time in our lives. Samarah was our miracle baby who we had been waiting for and we couldn t be happier to be her mommy and daddy. Around March 2014 Sarah Kay felt it was to time to delve back into business. During this time she also addressed the overwhelming feeling that she needed to give back and found the solution in an organization called 147 Million Orphans. With the arrival of Samarah A Loving Spoon took on a whole new meaning for love and compassion for Sarah Kay. 147 Million Orphans was founded in 2009 by Gwen Oatsvall and Suzanne Mayernick and provides food water medicine and shelter to orphaned children in Haiti Uganda Honduras and even in the United States. I know we can t adopt every single child in the world but it s important that we do everything we can to help as many kids as we can she added. I believe that a product without purpose leaves a business without mission Sarah Kay continued. And that belief is what inspired me to support the 147 Million Orphans Love 1 Food Project. A Loving Spoon has agreed to allocate ten cents of every jar purchased to various charitable organizations that support foster and or orphaned children. Even when customers buy offline at one of their three retail locations The Daily Grind Espresso Shop in Waseca Minnesota Van s Health Foods in Livermore and Arya Farm Produce in Mountain House Tracy California ten cents from the sale of each jar will still be donated to their Love 1 Food Project. Things are moving along beautifully and A Loving Spoon is growing every month Sarah Kay affirmed. Some of the positive changes to my business include the hiring of new staff the sending of my products to Southern California for full nutritional analysis adding new flavors adding a larger size jar and the victory of securing a retail spot in a major international airport. There are such exciting things in our future and I can t wait to see where the path unfolds. If you ever thought a four-ounce jar of peanut butter couldn t make an impact think again. HLM To learn more about A Loving Spoon visit them on the web at Learn more about Love 1 Food Project - Haiti go to 147-million-orphans-love-1-food-project-haiti. Read Sarah Kay s blog A Gutsy Girl Bible at e-books gutsy-girls-bibleapproach-healing-gut-2-0. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 BLEND Ultra Lounge by adriana brog ger p hot ogr ap hy by b r ig g s p hot o gra p hy HERLIFE CRAVINGS the beautiful and historic Woolworth building on downtown s School Street. Owner Michael Thorpe is very excited about this new adventure. He and manager Alexys Reno are thrilled to offer Lodi this new blend of food and night life but want people to know this We are a restaurant first. Michael continued We have a farm-to-table philosophy. You won t find any cans or bottles in our kitchen. Everything is made from scratch. Both Michael and Alexys have close ties to the area. Alexys is a Lodi High grad and Michael is a graduate of Stockton s Stagg High School. Michael and Alexys also have several years of experience in the restaurant industry that gave them the expertise needed to open up a new restaurant. Michael has worked in cities such as Sacramento and Las Vegas while Alexys comes to the table with a well-rounded resume featuring many of the Valley s top restaurants. Lodi is ready for Blend Michael said. School Street is a great place for us to be. We re committed to providing an upscale experience for everyone. Our name Blend is a take on our blending the restaurant and night life together plus the fusion of the Califor- L odi has a new restaurant and night life option. That s right delicious dinner full entrees or small plates and a place for upscale drinking and dancing all set in nia bistro menu with Mexican South American and Japanese flavors. Michael and Alexys handpicked local chef Shane Tracewell to come on board and create magic in the kitchen. So now my HERLIFE readers you know what s next a breakdown of my tasting menu. Bruschetta Here s a tasty appetizer that is just exploding with the colors and flavors of summertime. This bruschetta is perfect any time but I recommend enjoying it on a hot August night. It s delicious refreshment fresh cool and creamy all at once. The ciabatta bread used comes from Genova Bakery in Stockton. The sweet peaches tart berry creamy mozzarella bleu cheese herbed cream cheese bitter arugula and pickled shallots come together flawlessly. Burrata di Stefano This dish is Chef Shane s take on a caprese salad. It s beautifully presented with toasted couscous basil heirloom tomatoes burrata and kissed with a balsamic reduction and a mix of basil oil and olive oil and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. I loved the burrata cheese which can be described as the creamier cousin to mozzarella. But Chef Shane said this dish is all about the tomatoes. The tomatoes are what really make that salad work. The fruit John grows at Golden Bear Ranches is out of this world he explained. Salmon In all its perfect flakiness is served The salmon in all its perfect flakiness is served over a bed of delicious earthy red quinoa. This dish is perfection. It s served alongside corn heirloom tomatoes and green beans balancing all the flavors out. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 over a bed of delicious earthy red quinoa. This dish is perfection. It s served alongside corn heirloom tomatoes and green beans balancing all the flavors out. Pork Chops With grilled peach and blackberry glaze are all done with a Southern flair. The side dishes are insane To complement the chops is an amazing side of corn green bean English pea roasted red pepper and bacon succotash and some traditionally divine collards and chards. The commitment to high-quality ingredients is evident all the way through from the local veggies to the hormone- and antibiotic-free pork from Niman Ranch. Lamb Chops Next up we enjoyed the lamb chops. The chops are coated in pomegranate molasses and then dipped into pistachios. Potatoes fennel tomatoes and arugula are the base for this simple yet well-done dish. Chef Shane said There s also a subtle mustard and mint sauce in there. Just a hint of spiciness and minty freshness helps to open your sinuses so you can take all the flavors in just that much more. Lemon Tart For dessert we devoured a plate of light sunshine and summer. Oh wait that s what it tasted like not what it actually was. It was really a lemon tart one of the most delightful I ve ever had Blend s take on the lemon tart features the perfect ratio of light lemon curd to mint-laced meringue all set in a glorious pistachio shortbread tart topped with a bright mint sauce. Chef Shane says the creation and execution of these dishes is really a team approach. My guys do a fantastic job of complementing my ideas and helping to breathe life into the dishes. It s our collective palate that will make this venture successful. Some people see the word lounge and think that s what we re all about but we are very focused on our food notes Alexys. We are a restaurant that also has a lounge. For those who are interested in the lounge you should know that a strict dress code will be enforced. On Friday and Saturday nights the upscale lounge will be hosted by a live DJ from 10 00 p.m. to 2 00 a.m. complete with bottle service. On Sunday Blend is open from noon to 9 00 p.m. with a standard menu. Also offered are a Bloody Mary bar and bottomless mimosas. Sunday funday The full bar also serves craft cocktails local wines and has eight beers on tap. Other fun things to look out for are an upscale take on Taco Tuesdays and Winemaker Wednesdays. Honestly there is so much going on at Blend HLM For the latest please check out their website at or you can call 209-334-2036 for reservations and information. Blend Ultra Lounge is located at 115 S. School Street 13 in downtown Lodi. One of the Valley s leading proponents of all things things multimedia Brogger has worked worked as a reporter One of the Central Central Valley s leading proponents of allmultimedia Adriana Adriana Brogger has as a reporter blogger blogger producer host emcee writer and actress performer in localfor more than ten years. She teachesteaches producer host emcee writer and actress performer in local media media for more than ten years. She Multimedia Production Joaquin Joaquin Delta College and loves it Born in the the monkey monkey Adriana has a Multimedia Production at San at San Delta College and loves it Born in the year of year of the Adriana has a clever a magnetic personality. Seriously though she enjoys enjoys good spending time with her hubby and clever wit and wit and a magnetic personality. Seriously though shegood comedy comedy spending time with her hubby and four cute boys and of great food. If food. If you a local a local restaurant that would welcome a visit by 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM four cute boys and of course course great you know ofknow of restaurant that would welcome a visit by Adriana Adriana please contact Kimberly at Kimberly Mullen at Kimberly please contact Kimberly Mullen 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE WINE screw cap wines from down under by m e l i ssa h a i n e s l av i n A ustralia The land Down Under may conjure images of knife-wielding Crocodile Dundee vegemite sandwiches and Top 40 songs of the 80s by Men at Work but there s much more to explore In the sense of spirit and practice Australia emerges as a cowboy in the fields of tourism coffee cuisine and wine. Creating and sustaining growth in niche markets requires a bit of cowboy enthusiasm bucking the methods of others and making it work to Australia s advantage. The influence of British Chinese and Mediterranean cultures in Australia has created a delicious bounty of flavors spices and selection in nearly every region and this applies to food and wine alike. Many of my favorite Australian wines are produced in the southern parts of the country where the climate is cooler with a moist influence. In addition to Australia s sheer magnificence and beauty what s fascinating is how the diversity of soil types and climates in each unique terroir presents and influences wine varietals that are also found here in the United States. Same grape varietals plus different terroirs equals variety which is the spice of life. No matter your preference Australia offers Riesling Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Chenin Blanc as well as less commonly known Semillon and Verdelho which are delightful and crisp white wines that offer fruit without sweetness. Prefer red wine There s plenty to appreciate in Australia s Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir Malbec and Shiraz. From the Margaret River which is tempered by the Indian Ocean to the Swan District as the warmest area each of the eight agricultural viticulture areas has distinct and unique contributing soil elevation and rainfall factors that create some pretty amazing wine. We often think of Australia s wines as the sweet and often fortified wines so prevalent in the 1970s. But vintners studied the wine consumer market and made great strides in producing the quality products we enjoy today. With the heritage of immigrants from Europe and beyond generations of Australian vintners have perfected their wine offerings and distribution throughout the world. One of these successes is Shiraz. James Busby 1801 1871 is revered as the father of the Australian wine industry. According to Busby syrah grapevines were brought to France in 1833 and were thought to originate in the chilly Iranian town of Shiraz where Shirazi wine was enjoyed and well respected throughout Europe for more than a thousand years. Australian winegrowers began cultivating this dark thickly skinned Persian wine grape and a successful legacy of shiraz was born. Although syrah and shiraz share DNA they are generally viewed as separate varietals with unique interpretations handcrafted by the specific winemaker who will play with the natural tart tannins and berry-like fruit on the palate to create either a lighter fruit-forward wine or a heavier smoky-rich wine. Try either with a traditional Lamington dessert of chocolate-soaked sponge cake with coconut and you have the makings of a home-based Aussie adventure. In price Australian wines vary from under 10 up to 75. Australian wines were value priced a decade ago due to supply and demand. In the 1980s and appreciate from the fourth-largest exporter of wine products. 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM the abundance of Australian grapes on the market created more shelf product than was consumed or exported so much so that the government sponsored a vine pull to help curb the volume of fruit. Currently one can find high-quality Australian wine in the local supermarket with tasting profiles that compare to California red wine blends for around 20. But what about those twist-offs Don t be afraid of the screw cap enclosure for your Australian or New Zealand wine. You can safely store an opened bottle in your fridge and the twist-off is perfect for picnics. Although wine experts go back and forth on this subject the twist-off enclosure economically seals the wine extremely well from air contact. On the other hand some experts believe the wines need a bit of breathing via the natural cork even microscopically. The romance of pulling the cork is often part of wine enjoyment however sometimes that cork isn t 100 percent natural and may contain part or all synthetic material. Does the screw-cap cheapen the wine or lessen the quality Perception is everything. Marketing efforts are slowly softening the wine consumer s perception of screw caps however restaurant sommeliers wine directors and most winemakers maintain their adherence to the qualities of natural cork enclosures. When you purchase that special wine for your anniversary or your boss the screw cap still affects perception. Generally though I d suggest not letting the screw cap enclosure determine your everyday wine purchase. Instead consider whether you re going to enjoy this bottle now or in the next 6 to 12 months. If you plan on laying it down for a year or more to age do so with a classic natural cork enclosure. Otherwise twist it off HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE CULINARY asian spices by p a tty c o o k and experience home cooks grow from helping out in the kitchen to running the show in their own kitchen acquiring favorite go-to recipes the right tools for each culinary task and a pantry stocked with familiar ingredients. But even the best cooks appreciate it when someone else does the cooking. Whether you re at a dinner party or a restaurant there is the possibility that you ll experience a dish that is new to you. Have you ever come across such a totally new set of flavor combinations that you try to figure them out When you realize you cannot there is the aha moment when you know you have to find the recipe for that dish. The first mystery dish I tasted was hot and sour soup. It was remarkable it did have some spicy heat but the soup had no red pepper flakes or hot pepper oil. The surface of the soup had a few drops of some kind of oil I had never tasted 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM I f you love to cook you probably remember when and how you began learning your way around the kitchen. Maybe you helped Mom or Dad fix dinner or you baked holiday goodies with family and friends. With practice and it was delicious. There were other new flavors in the soup that were excellent and totally unfamiliar. I had to find a recipe for hot and sour soup When I finally found a recipe the culinary secrets of the mystery dish were revealed. The hot part of the dish came from white pepper which I could taste but couldn t see in the broth. The oil was sesame oil which imparted an intriguing and delicate flavor. Another unfamiliar ingredient was dried shiitake mushrooms soaked in hot water that was subsequently added to the broth the mushrooms were chopped and added to the soup. The sour part of the recipe was rice wine vinegar which I had never tasted. Shopping for these ingredients was a challenge in itself. Making the recipe for the first time was quite a project. More recently I tasted another mystery dish. Once again it was soup Vietnamese Pho. The tantalizing and unfamiliar flavors were far more complex. Once again I had to find the recipe. The spices used in the dish included star anise stick cinnamon cloves allspice and peppercorns. Even the broth was more complicated. Authentic pho involves roasting soup bones with onions then simmering the roasted ingredients for hours followed by chilling defatting straining and finishing with more spices vegetables herbs and protein. But any good cook knows that after you ve followed a recipe once you can start taking shortcuts. I ve been known to use packaged ramen noodle soup as a base adding hot and sour soup ingredients creating a dish that s as tasty as it is economical. And if I m craving pho but short on time I make faux pho by using packaged broth as a shortcut. Coincidentally the two dishes that caught my attention were Asian. You may use some of the ingredients in baking and other recipes. Let s look at how they are used in Asian cuisine. Cloves are used whole to flavor soup stocks and ground cloves are used in stir fries stews and sweets. Its strong flavor is best used in small amounts so that it does not overpower other flavors. Coriander also known as Chinese parsley and cilantro is a staple in Chinese Indian Greek and Mexican cuisine. The seeds are used to flavor roasted meats and crushed to blend with spice mixes such as garam masala. The leaves are used in soups stews and salads. Pungent ginger root has been used for centuries in both cooking and herbal medicine in China and India. Peeled sliced and chopped or minced ginger root adds flavor to stir fries sauces smoothies and rice. Powdered ginger is not quite as strong but is often blended into spice mixes. Sesame seeds can be used whole steamed or toasted as garnish. Sesame oil is used in stir fries soups and other dishes. Star anise seed pods are lovely and impart a licorice flavor similar to anise seed and fennel. Cardamom is associated with Scandinavian cookies and breads but in Asia and India it s used to make teas and flavor coffee and is added to blended spices. It s also an ingredient in curry sauce. Shiitake mushrooms are sold fresh or dried. Their unique flavor complements stir fries and soups. When you reconstitute dried mushrooms remember to save the water for soup stock. Get to know these ingredients by playing with them. Add them to your favorite tea or simmer them in broth. Kick your morning coffee up a notch by smashing a cardamom pod and tossing it in the brew basket. And if anyone asks how you discovered a new and mysterious flavor profile just smile and say It was Occidental. HLM Sources blog.seasonwithspice. com and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE GARDEN in anticipation of figs wr it t en a n d p h o to gra p h e d by s. e . f i l o m e o June comes and goes and I am too preoccupied with plums and obsessing over apricots to pay much attention to the first crop of figs. I nibble a few fresh ones right off the tree at the family farm but I don t get serious about them until they re gone. So naturally I spend July planning and savoring what I will do with them when their second season rolls around. Like heirloom tomatoes fava beans and kale figs have been around forever but have only recently become uber trendy. I believe part of the fascination is due to the rarity of this hard-to-get fresh fruit. With a shelf life of about 24 hours it s no wonder the short-lived fig is not a grocery store favorite. But when they can be found it seems everyone has a fancified recipe. From ice cream to bacon-wrapped figs are showing up on more and 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM more menus as we embrace their unique habit and flavor. I always give a little eye roll whenever I read about someone trying to describe the flavor of figs. Strawberries kiwis honey among other fruits and condiments. But why can t figs just be figs To someone who grew up with them they merely taste like figs wonderful sweet luscious figs. Simply figs. And that s how we ate them simply fresh off the tree. However if I were to describe them I would say they smell and taste of summer the beginning and the end and all the memories that go with it. The first fragrance of June figs brings to mind all the nuances of childhood summers and standing under that tree waiting for the first ones to ripen. The anticipation tasted of hot days and warm sul- try nights to come playing hide and seek in the cornfield swimming in the irrigation ditches and sleeping outside under the ancient sycamore with a dozen cats and a heap of dogs. And when they return in August they smell and taste of freshly picked vineyards fragrant with bitter tannins and fermenting grapes. They harbor the essence of green-chopped corn and freshmown hay and of wooden lug boxes full of ripe red tomatoes. They presage the inevitable end of summer and the dreaded beginning of school. Figs are like that so unique that if you miss them the first time you get another blessed chance. Cultivated since ancient times the fruiting fig is native to the Middle East and western Asia and is now widely grown throughout the temperate world. The unfussy fig can often be found grow- ing wild in dry sunny areas preferring well-drained soil and is one of the few trees besides the oak that actually welcomes our Central Valley drought years. It is without surprise that one might happen upon a lonely Mission fig in the neglected backyard of a neighbor. It does quite well left on its own as shade for livestock or where its extensive root system won t invade one s flower beds. It might seem the humble fig has minimal requirements but its flowers are of a more dependent nature. Although considered a fruit the fig is actually a flower that is inverted into itself. The seeds are drupes or the real fruit and require pollination by a particular species of wasp to produce seeds. Figs are high in dietary fiber and a great source of potassium and calcium. Ongoing studies have shown that fig leaves which are actually eaten in some cultures have anti-diabetic properties and may reduce the amount of insulin needed in injections. While there are several varieties of fig produced in California the Calimyrna and the Mission are the most popular. When the Greek variety Smyrna came to California it was re-christened Calimyrna and the Mission was named in honor of the Fathers who sowed the fruit along with their missions up and down the coast. California actually produces 100 percent of the nation s dried figs and 98 percent of the fresh figs with most of them from the Central Valley. As August dawns my excitement mounts and I foresee the many fig delights with which I shall experiment. For starters I will make my fig and Brie galette with a ton of butter for a flaky crust. Next I plan to dig out my panini maker and grill up some fabulous fig prosciutto and goat cheese paninis on ciabatta brushed with my pungent extra virgin and garnished with a few leaves of peppery arugula. I could wax on but really I just anticipate standing under that tree plucking off a fat fruit and popping it in my mouth rough purple skin and all relishing the tactile crunch of those tiny flower seeds. Fragrant and sweet summer and sun June and August kiwis be damned that s what figs really taste like. HLM For daily garden goodness as well as quirky recipes join me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram Tumblr and Twitter. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE RECIPES lemon-mustard orzo salad with shrimp & asparagus Serves 6 Prep time 15 minutes Cook time 15 minutes 2 cups uncooked orzo pasta 1 3 cup fresh lemon juice 2 teaspoons lemon zest 2 teaspoons grainy mustard 1 tablespoons fresh thyme chopped teaspoon salt teaspoon ground black pepper cup plus 1 tablespoon extra ingredients virgin olive oil 1 pound shrimp peeled and deveined 2 garlic cloves minced Salt pepper and cayenne pepper to taste 1 bunch asparagus sliced into 2-inch segments 1 cup cherry tomatoes halved directions Cook orzo according to package directions al dente. In a large bowl combine lemon juice zest mustard thyme salt and pepper whisk and slowly add the half cup olive oil. Whisk until combined and smooth. Reserve 2 tablespoons. Drain orzo and toss in the bowl with the vinaigrette. In a large nonstick skillet heat the remaining tablespoon of olive oil over mediumhigh heat. Add asparagus and reserved vinaigrette cook for about 2 minutes stirring frequently. Sprinkle shrimp with salt pepper and cayenne to taste add to the pan. Cook for 3 minutes until shrimp are pink and opaque and asparagus is tender. Remove from heat and toss in the tomatoes. Add shrimp mixture to the orzo and toss to combine. Serve hot or cold. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM simple salami salad Serves 2-3 Prep time 15 minutes ingredients 2 cups baby arugula 1 cup baby spinach 1 scallion diced cup cherry or grape tomatoes sliced in half 2 ounces thinly sliced salami 1 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 4 cup freshly shredded Parmesan Freshly ground pepper directions In a large bowl combine the arugula spinach scallions tomatoes and salami. Drizzle with the olive oil and lemon juice gently toss to combine. Divide among plates sprinkle with the Parmesan and a couple grinds of pepper. Serve immediately and enjoy HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE FOODIES EAT GATHER SHARE 1924 Pacific Ave. foodies (209) 466-3683 Stockton CA 95204 Taps De Vega Brothers Italian Cuisine DeVega Brothers Taps craft beer house featuring 28 handles of locally brewed craft beers changing regularly. Delicious food in a comfortable relaxed setting stop by for a cold one soon Open 7 days a week. Happy hour every day full service bar and patio dining. Semi-private banquet for all occasions. Catering for large or small events. Serving traditional Italian food Seafood Steak and Chicken. Open 7 days a week. Sun-Thur 11am- 9pm Fri and Sat. 11am -10pm. 5757 Pacific Ave A140 Stockton (209) 323-4339 1924 Pacific Ave Stockton On the Miracle Mile next to Whirlows (209) 466-3683 Corner Scone Bakery and Teahouse Now proudly pouring Temple Coffee Coupled with our made-from-scratch daily baked goods we have an award-winning marriage We also offer many delicious lunch items such as fresh cafe wraps seasonal salads and meat hand pies for healthy eating on the go Join us for High Tea this month on Saturday August 8th or Saturday August 22nd from 3-5pm. Call to reserve 322 N. California St Lodi (209) 747-3418 Blend Ultra Lounge Blend is a Restaurant Ultra Lounge in the heart of Downtown Lodi. Our cuisine is a Californian fusion with International influences accompanied by a local friendly wine list craft cocktails and 8 rotating beer taps. We offer DJ dancing on Thurs-Sat. after 10pm in a fun upscale environment. Open Tuesday Wednesday 3pm 9 30pm. Thursday Saturday 3pm 2am. Sunday 12pm 9pm. 115 S School St 13 Lodi (209) 334-2036 The Shadows Steak House Towne House The Shadows Steak House Visit us for excellent drinks and some of the best steaks around and more Join us for dinner and stick around Friday and Saturday nights for our live band. Book Shadow s for your next special event or mixer too Dinner at 4pm bar opens at 3pm. 7555 Pacific Ave Ste 155 Stockton (209) 473-3200 Towne House Restaurant at Wine & Roses is a legacy to the country farm it once was and our cuisine is made for sharing. We look forward to sharing with you the innovative dishes warm traditions and gracious service that is the Towne House Restaurant. 2505 West Turner Rd Lodi (209) 371-6160 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM foodies La Palma Meixcan Cuisine HERLIFE FOODIES Thai Spices Chef Bun Khotakoon has long been captivated by the many ways to combine sweet and fiery spices to bring together flavors that mingle and enchant each other. Pair the traditional and monthly special menu items with a fabulous local wine or ice cold Thai beer to create a fascinating culinary experience. La Palma is a quaint authentic dining venue located in the heart of the Miracle Mile. La Palma specializes in superior Mexican cuisine such as Sizzling Fajitas Fish Tacos and Mole Poblano Enchiladas all of which come served with Spanish rice and your choice of black pinto or refried beans. Alongside an exquisite selection of local wines La Palma Mexican Cuisine boasts a full service tequila bar with more than 52 of the finest imported tequilas. Open every day for lunch and dinner. NOW BOOKING our new banquet facility that seats 64 comfortably. Call for further details. 2301 Pacific Avenue Stockton CA 95204 (209) 941-4179 2401 W Turner Rd. Ste. 224 Lodi (209) 369-8424 ThaiSpicesLodi HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE BEHIND THE MENU Corner Scone Sweet and Savory The Treats and Teas of and healthy breakfast or lunch it also acts as a reminder to Lodi residents that the treats and delights of Corner Scone Bakery are ready and waiting to be savored and enjoyed. Corner Scone Bakery is the product of the hard work and determination of the mother-and-daughter team of Terrie Green and Tara Miller. To- D BAKERY by reb ec c a flans b ur g p hot ogr ap hy by d e e ya te s elightful smells of baking masterpieces gently waft through the air and effectively catch the attention of anyone walking or driving around the general area of North California Street. As the tantalizing smells work their magic on those looking for a hot the lunch crowd. High tea is a British tradition that we brought to the Lodi area and it s been very popular Terrie shared. We have offered a high tea service one Saturday afternoon each month from 3 00 to 5 00 p.m. and occasionally on Sundays as well for a while now. We work very hard to transform our bakery into an elegant intimate tea room complete with window sheers fresh-pressed linens and china. gether they have created some of the most delicious and unique scones pies quiches and baked goods in the Lodi area. This boutique bakery has gained a reputation for amazing breakfast foods and locally roasted coffee specialty teas and a full espresso bar that complement their mouth-watering wraps hand pies and soups made fresh every day for Our hand pies are very popular because it s a delicious lunch in one neat pocket Terrie noted. Our hand pie shells are made from either pastry pie or bread dough. Then we stuff them with a variety of ingredients including combinations like bacon potato and cheddar 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM or meats veggies and cheeses. We strive to make wholesome foods that are delicious but fast and convenient for our customers as well. Another highly popular and unique offering at Corner Scone Bakery is the business monthly event known as high tea. Mother and daughter have implemented this high-brow uniquely British tea experience at their bakery. High tea is an opportunity for participants to sit down to a tea service that includes petit-fours sandwiches meats homemade lemon curd and jam sweets pastries and of course tea. High tea is a British tradition that we brought to the Lodi area and it s been very popular Terrie shared. We have offered a high tea service one Saturday afternoon each month from 3 00 to 5 00 p.m. and occasionally on Sundays as well for a while now. We work very hard to transform our bakery into an elegant intimate tea room complete with window sheers freshpressed linens and china. It s a fun and special service that our participants have raved about and one that we are proud to offer the people of this community since there are no other tea rooms in the immediate area. This unparalleled high tea service has become so popular Terrie noted that she has recently decided to open a new tea room just a few doors down from the bakery. We ve noticed a resurgence in interest in high teas and quality teas in general she affirmed. So much so that we started looking for ways to not only have them more often but to have them in a permanent and more intimate setting. In the past we ve had to do quite a bit of d cor work along with adding and removing furniture for our high tea events at the bakery. It s been in the back of my mind for a while that we needed not only a larger venue for our high tea gatherings but a more permanent one as well. Confirming that the bakery itself will stay where it is Terrie revealed her excitement at the prospect of this new expansion. When the opportunity to purchase the new space was presented to me I jumped at the chance. I am thrilled that we will be able to have a permanent place to conduct our high teas and I hope to have this 50-seat space open for business around mid-summer. Along with more private parties we re excited at the opportunity to expand our children s tea party offerings as a birthday party option as well. The expansion has also allowed Terrie and Tara to increase the variety of their high tea menu. Our high tea services consist of five courses and each one is delightful in its own way Terrie confirmed. Our courses will consist of everything from remarkable teas to savory items such as homemade quiche hand pies or even puff pastry. And we can t forget the final course dessert Tea party guests will be able to enjoy our fresh-baked bakery goods such as pies mini cupcakes or sugar cookHERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 ies with butter cream frosting. It s such a unique and fun experience and we are proud to be able offer this to the residents of Lodi. Excited and inspired by the growth and future plans of Corner Scone Bakery Terrie shared that she is grateful for the continued success of her business. The bakery continues to grow and is doing so well. I love what I do and I m always excited to come to work every day. And now with the addition of our new tea room the possibilities are endless. HLM For more information on Corner Scone Bakery visit them on the web or on Facebook cornersconebakery. Corner Scone Bakery is the product of the hard work and determination of the mother-and-daughter team of Terrie Green and Tara Miller. Together they have created some of the most delicious and unique scones pies quiches and baked goods in the Lodi area. HERLIFE IN HER GARDEN Linda Looper p hot ogr a p hy by j u l i e n i c o l e p h o to gra p hy 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM What do you do during the day Think Inside The Box. Once upon a time there was a garden that lived with a family. In trying to ease my way into retirement I ponder on how I can become more sustainable to be an agrarian which supports a basic simple lifestyle of healthy living connecting the virtues of homegrown and homemade. My goal is to transfer these values to the future generation by teaching them that carrots do not grow in a plastic bag beets can be eaten cooked baked pickled or shredded and popcorn does not need a microwave. Who designed created your garden outdoor area About four years ago I purchased Easter chicks and then announced to all the neighbors that by Monday morning they would be gone (my family lives in the country). One of the neighbors said Oh aren t they so cute and another said Do you know they lay eggs So I decided to keep them. They started out in a sand-filled wading pool then progressed to a playhouse. Soon I realized that all the girls had names and therefore were pets so I decided to build a log cabin chicken coop. I started with five peer blocks and built it as though I was going to live there. Four years later it does not leak and it hasn t blown over. Soon after I finished the chicken coop I decided to build my garden beds so that I could cycle the produce to my table with leftovers for the girls. The chicken coop gets cleaned out regularly and goes into my worm farm to generate organic compost which gets rotated into the next season s garden box. All of my creative juices stem from daydreaming studying the perspective of the sun the delta breeze and shade trees. My raspberries get morning sun and the tree provides afternoon shade. Corn is planted so that the delta breeze naturally wind pollinates. Taller plants are on the north side of the yard with shorter plants or root veggies in front. Potatoes are planted in boxes along the perimeter so that I can dig them up upon demand. Lemon balm grows wild to be dried for tea. The asparagus will feed the entire neighborhood over the next 15 years. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 What is your favorite feature The tranquility I receive from living on a farm in the heart of Lodi. Historic family heirlooms and vintage decor rock treasures and tree stumps have been used as garden art in an attempt to provide ambiance to each vignette area. My neighbors are phenomenal and have had a material impact on my decisions which makes my venture possible.I am truly grateful for them. I in turn put all my power tools to bed by 9 00 at night. What has been the most challenging part of creating your garden Harvest time. When the produce comes ready to pick there is abundance and I don t want to spend my time in the kitchen canning freezing drying or processing so I pick on the neighbors. The one behind me gets a bag on a hook over the fence the next-door neighbor gets a basket on her front porch and a ring of the bell (she accuses me of doorbell ditching) and passersby get a bag to take home from their walk. Never expecting anything in return I have had mysterious bags of fruit on my front porch or zucchini bread made for my Gkids treats in a bag on the hook over to my side of the back fence or meals delivered by the neighborhood kids including dessert (which did not get eaten on the way to my house). I am so blessed 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM What has been the part you ve loved the most Being able to make a potato salad from the backyard organic eggs potatoes red onions green onions carrots parsley dill and anything else in season. There is such a feeling of satisfaction knowing that it all came from my gardening efforts. Another love is the impact on the neighborhood kids. One little boy and his father stop on their way home from school. I have taught him how to properly pick the strawberries and carrots. One day I noticed him a block or so from my house walking his bike. What s up I just picked two carrots from your garden and can t hold them and ride my bike. I rest my case. What is the most popular area or feature of your outdoor space with friends family guests Actually it s the sandbox very creative thoughts ideas and menus come from my beach box. My Gkids spend hours building sand castles making science experiments playing restaurant by drafting menus on the chalkboard and taking orders and trying to put one of the chickens in the rabbit hutch convincing them that chicken sandwich is not on the menu. If you had to give other garden enthusiasts one piece of advice about creating their outdoor space what would it be Dive in. Get started. Today. The only reason I know as much as I know is that I have made more mistakes than anyone else. With Lodi temperatures and climate now is a great time to start planting your family salad garden veggies herbs pizza garden salsa garden kitchen garden BBQ garden take your pick. What are your future plans for your garden Just like everyone else I enjoy the beauty of a lush green lawn and radiant flowers. But I can t eat the lawn and some flowers aren t very tasty so if I am going to water during this drought I would just as soon have it be appetizing. Therefore I m hoping that soon everything on my property will be edible. HLM Linda Looper s veggie gardening business Pill Box Gardener has the tagline I plant It grows You eat. She builds custom raised boxes using heart redwood organic compost and organic seeds then installs to the client s wishes giving a novice gardener the traction to get started. Contact her at gg.gardengirl to learn more. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 51 HERLIFE HOME your home s curb appeal by c a r ri e row l a n d s j o h n so n eyes dart toward the house once again. Something about it keeps pulling you in. You can t quite verbalize the reason. It s appealing. It s probably one of the most attractive homes you ve seen outside of the pages of a magazine. You pause long enough to burn the details into your brain. A fresh driveway sharp lighting and a manicured lawn seem to be the superstars here creating a trifecta of perfection you immediately vow to replicate. Whether you are welcoming guests creating a cozy lair for your family or inviting potential buyers increasing your home s curb appeal is key and it may not be as difficult or costly as you might think. One of the most important and most obvious features highlighting a home is the landscaping. Before you even hit a garden nursery yank out all dead and dying shrubs and plants. No matter how pristine the rest of your yard and gardens look that one dying brown bush will attract the most attention. Plant new grass in any thin or dying patches then fertilize. Lush dark green grass is far more attractive than straggly faded crab grass. Weed your flower beds and prune trees shrubs and plants. Unruly overcrowded beds are unsightly. Shovel on fresh new mulch to restore color taken away by sunlight and harsh weather. 52 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM simple ways to increase A s your hand pushes the shifter into park your eyes absentmindedly wander through the side window then linger on the lush landscaping that frames the structure your friend calls home. You turn the key and pull it out of the ignition grab your purse and open the car door. Before both feet even hit the ground your Next add in bits of lively color. Annuals are an inexpensive easy option. Container gardens are quite popular and add an eclectic welcoming feel. A staggered asymmetrical arrangement is suggested to create a dynamic setting. Window boxes with an interesting mix of annuals or perennials will draw the eye to the front entryway and create welcome. Consider installing stones or pavers along the edges of your beds. These will neaten the appearance and create increased visual interest. Accessorize your yard by investing in outdoor art which will add flair and spunk to your home. Use natural materials to enhance exterior elements. Birdbaths metal cutouts sculptures wind chimes a classic teak or stone bench and fountains are all great choices. Before you stick a lamp post into a front flower bed and call it lit consider a variety of lighting options. The right lighting will add to a home s value highlight landscaping and architectural details and provide safety both from falls and intruders. One popular technique of lighting specialists is to mimic moonlight. This natural effect offers an illumination no brighter than the intensity of a full moon yet is bright enough to create beautiful shadows and highlights. Other popular tips include lighting trees and plantings using uplighting which is more unexpected than the typical overhead lights and adding a variety of fixtures such as area lights step lights post lights and bollards. The type of light bulb is important too. A soft warm light is always best. Though they re more expensive consider LEDs which will last longer and typically come with a lengthy warranty. For safety and security add motion lights near the garage and walkway. Additionally that moonlight effect we ve already discussed will provide soft overall landscape lighting and eliminate dark areas that might hide an intruder. And you might want to install a timer so you aren t running inside to flip a switch when you need a light. Current trends include solar lighting which have made drastic improvements in quality though still pale in comparison to hard-wired systems. When searching for elements to add to your curb appeal don t neglect your driveway especially if it is cracking chipped stained with paint or oil or too small to fit more than one car. If you can t afford to redo the entire thing patch the cracks and then think about staining or seal coating it to give it a fresh finish. Also consider adding flagstones to the perimeter to make it more visually pleasing and offer more room. Finally get rid of any unsightly weeds invading the edges. If you are in the market for a total driveway redo consider steering away from asphalt or plain gray concrete. New trends include stamped concrete colored or stained concrete and brick pavers. You might add an interesting pattern as well. At the very least power wash or hose down your existing driveway to neaten its appearance. By paying attention to simple details such as landscaping lighting and the driveway you truly are dressing your home for success. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 53 HERLIFE REAL ESTATE college housing buy vs. rent faced with writing a big check to a landlord. Before this happens parents should investigate whether buying or renting is their best route. Owning the property your child lives in can be beneficial in many ways. Financial gain Your property may provide some tax benefits all the while increasing in value and netting a nice profit when the time comes to sell. Security You choose where and how your child lives and there is no need to move each year or wonder where to store clothes and furniture over breaks. Stable expenses Instead of being locked into a landlord s rental increases your property s loan is fixed. Plus there is no worry about chasing down security deposit refunds. Real-life experience Your child will benefit from the responsibility of home ownership from paying the bills on time to collecting rent from roommates. All good right Maybe...let s turn the tables below. Financial loss Some college towns don t have good property appreciation rates so you may not recoup those four years of expenses when you sell. Security If your child decides he she doesn t like the college you are stuck with an investment you may not need or want. Stable expenses In addition to the mortgage payment you must factor in taxes homeowners association fees insurance and regular maintenance such as mowing the lawn or snow blowing not to mention unexpected repairs. 54 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM M by ti n a v. sava s Real-life experience If your child rents to other students he she must learn how to act as a landlord. That means dealing with delinquent payments paying bills on time and general oversight which may translate into added stress for you. A thorough review of all of the above is necessary to make sure the investment makes sense for you. You can check the Zillow Real Estate Research internet site for a breakeven horizon or the time it takes for the accumulating costs of renting a unit to exceed the costs of having purchased the residence from the get-go. They have produced a table that ranks U.S. cities by the number of enrolled students relative to the total population so you can see the corresponding college town you are interested in. If you choose to purchase meet with your accountant and attorney to decide the best method of ownership whether owner occupied or a pure rental. You can even create a family limited liability company. One option for your loan is a FHA Kiddie Condo loan. Your student has title to the property and you get a minimum down payment. It helps students qualify by allowing them to co-borrow with a relative. Down payments can be three percent and they usually have lower interest rates than other investment properties. You may also choose the non-owner occupied loan which acts more as an investment loan with conventional financing. The property is classified as a second or vacation home with 20 percent down but fewer paid points than on a rental property. Another option is an interest-only loan with a lower monthly Sources and payment than a fully amortized loan. When your child has graduated and it s time to sell you have the option to exchange it through a 1031 exchange for another piece of property if your next child is ready to attend a different college. You also may opt to continue to hold the dwelling for investment purposes. Since the real estate crash property values have increased but rent has increased at an even faster pace. With high rents and low interest loan rates this could present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for parents who in normal times would prefer to rent. Demand for rental housing is usually high in college towns and owning your child s residence may give you an investment advantage. Say you buy a condo for 150 000. Your total cost of ownership for the first year may be 20 000 including the down payment loan payments insurance utilities new appliances and some maintenance costs. The following years expenses will most likely be around 12 000 if you consider minor maintenance. So over four years it may cost you 56 000 to own. Now compare that to a rental fee of 650 per month which would equal 31 200 over the four years. But the good part is you can subtract any rental income from your costs. If you charge a roommate 650 you are now only paying 24 800 for your child s four years. And hopefully when it comes time to sell the market will have appreciated and you can realize a profit on your investment. HLM ost parents save for their child s college expenses typically tuition and books but living expenses don t seem to get as much attention. That is until parents are HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 55 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT Mocse Credit Union Mocse the communities of Stanislaus Tuolumne Mariposa and Merced counties and has endeavored to give back to the communities it serves. Mocse now serves everyone who works worships attends school or volunteers in these four counties. Mocse Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is owned and operated by members in order to best serve members shared 56 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Credit union Bringing Service Home range of financial products. When asked about the notable longevity of Mocse Tracey shared that she has been with the institution since 1979 and has held almost every position within the credit union. The reason I am where I am in life is because of Mocse Credit Union she revealed. I started working here back in 1979 as a part-timer my main job was to run the Burroughs L9000 Machine. At the time the credit union was small and had only four employees but it was growing and changing rapidly. As the years passed I evolved into other roles CEO Tracey Kerr. Our members have an equal share in the ownership of this credit union and benefit by receiving competitive interest rates and a full M ocse Credit Union (pronounced moxie ) has been committed to the philosophy and credo of People Helping People since its inception in 1959. Since day one this well-respected credit union has proudly supported and eventually was named President and CEO of this institution in 1999. I like to say that I grew with and grew up with Mocse Credit Union. During my early years here there were so many new changes as we added things such as checking account and debit cards. I truly believe that being part of that new growth gave me a deeper understanding of what our members want and need today. Our focus is and always will be on putting our members best interests first. Always having a mindset of providing the best credit union experience for their members Mocse has two locations in Modesto and one in Turlock. But there s one branch location that holds a special place in Tracey s and her team s hearts. Our Sonora Wildcat Branch is a student-run credit union at the Sonora High School that was created through the Regional Occupational Program Tracey noted. If I were to look at my career with Mocse as a whole this program is something I am very proud of. We created this program about five years ago during a time of deep recession. We have a branch manager who trains the students and takes care of the day-to-day operations. We use this program to educate a new group of three students every fifty minutes and our staff has created the program s curriculum. During their block of time these juniors and seniors put on their Mocse shirts and learn a wide variety of things from our staff including how to be a teller and how to open new accounts. The students receive the same training our new employees would including areas such as financial regulations and financial literacy. We ve had great success with this program and a number of students have gone on to work at other financial institutions in the Sonora area and at Mocse Credit Union as well. We are so thankful that we are part of the growth and education of these students the process has been incredibly fulfilling for all involved. Cultivating the success of the Sonora Wildcat Branch is just one of many things Mocse Credit Union does to give back to their community. The institution is also active with local non-profits such as the United Way American Heart Association and the Education Foundation of Stanislaus County. Because of my job I ve had the honor of sitting on the boards of a number of local non-profits Tracey offered. Community involvement is something that is firmly woven into the fabric of this credit union. This belief was cultivated by the first CEO an amazing woman named Lucille Hammer. It was her commitment to giving back to the community that set the standard for what we strive to achieve within our community today. As with any successful business Tracey acknowledges that the strong and experienced staff that makes up her team is a huge part of the credit union s success and longevity. I truly love our staff and our management team and I wouldn t be where I am today without them she affirmed. A long-standing philosophy at Mocse is that our employees are the most important resource in our service commitment to our members. By applying the principles of trust honesty respect and commitment not only do our employees thrive in an environment of encouragement and support but our members do too. I am proud to be able to share that Mocse has been voted Favorite Financial Institution ten times by our local newspaper. I think that is proof of our pledge to provide the finest personal service with professionalism and integrity to all communities and all members. HLM Visit to learn more about this venerable financial institution. by rebecca flansburg photography by briggs photography HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 57 HERLIFE GREEN LIVING beating the energy bill blues by a l l i so n tu r n b e rg P olar vortexes and extreme droughts have been hot-button topics for meteorologists this year and we ve all experienced the effects of those extremes on at least one end of the spectrum. When the temperature hits a terrifying number keeping your home comfortable is paramount but the result- openings in your home. Hidden gaps and cracks in a home can create as much airflow as an open window and can cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder the EPA states on its website. Sealing coupled with insulating your home s shell is often the most cost-effective way to improve energy efficiency and comfort. Common air leaks include attics and basements wiring holes plumbing vents recessed lights windows and doors. Small changes such as sealing door and window leaks with caulk and weatherstripping can make a significant change in your energy bill. Keep energy use efficient The way you heat and cool your home plays a large part in your energy bill so be smart about how you use your systems. Start by setting your thermostat a few degrees above what you d normally decide is comfortable in the summer and vice versa in the winter. According to the U.S. Energy Department your heating and cooling systems won t have to work as hard (thus using less energy) if the difference between the outdoor temperature and that of your home is smaller. If you live in an area that gets significantly cooler when the sun goes down turn off the air conditioning and sleep with the windows open and only use your cooling system during the day. Try to avoid using heat-generating appliances such as ovens during the day when the sun is beating down on your house if you re trying to stay cool. Take care not to place lamps or other hot electronics close to your thermostat it can misread your home s actual temperature by sensing the excess heat from nearby appliances. Finally get a programmable thermostat and turn off the air conditioning or heat when you re going to be gone for more than a couple of hours there s no sense in cooling or heating an empty house Be a fan of fans Ceiling fans are a common installation in most rooms. Take advantage of them. Ceiling fans can reduce thermostat settings by 4 F and use much less energy than air conditioning. Just remember like any appliance they re only useful to people when they re actually around according to the U.S. Energy Department s website. Use ceiling fans for fair-weather days and save the air conditioning for days of sweltering heat. Unplug the unused Just because that lamp is turned off doesn t mean it s not using energy. Unplug appliances whenever they are not in use and you ll notice ing energy bill can put a lot of stress on your budget. Sometimes you just can t avoid running the heat or blasting the air conditioning but there are things you might be overlooking that can really add up on your bill. By taking care of these common money pits you can brave the elements in your climate s extreme months and shave some dollars off your energy bill at the same time. Consider these tips to help your home weather the storm without breaking the bank. Lose the leaks When you re looking for ways to skim off the top of your energy bill the Environmental Protection Agency advises first sealing any cracks or 58 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM a small change in your energy bill. Lamps coffee makers computers chargers and the like do not need to be left plugged in. Buying a power strip that these things are connected to streamlines this process then there s only one cord to unplug. Start a new laundry cycle Change the way you do your laundry and you ll see big savings on your bill. Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible cold-water detergents are easy to find and make your clothes just as clean as washing in hot water. According to Forbes magazine this switch can save you up to 152 per year. Save on dryer sheets by line drying your clothes no dryer sheet can beat the smell of clothes dried in the fresh air anyway. If it s raining or chilly outside simply dry your clothes inside on a drying rack. According to Michael Bluejay an expert on energy savings frequently featured in Forbes NPR and Newsweek you can save almost 200 per year by avoiding the dryer. It seems that no matter your location and climate there will always be those times when your home needs to work extra hard to keep you and your family comfortable but that doesn t mean your budget should have to stretch to accommodate comfort and affordability don t have to be mutually exclusive. There are tons of tricks to employ both big and small that will help you keep your energy bill well within your budget without your becoming weather weary. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 59 HERLIFE WATER WISE by kimber ly mull en p hot ogr ap hy by b r ig g s p hot ogra p hy toric drought we see and hear messages everywhere to conserve water to save water to continue to make cuts to outdoor watering and overall water usage in general. While dining out we see marketing materials regarding water being served upon request while driving we hear commercials over the radio waves about the new campaign of California Gold a clever attempt to make us feel better about our lawns turning brown. Water is a critical part of our way of life. We need water to flourish in our daily lives our economy and our environment. I decided to take a closer look at the water usage in my household and examine areas where we continue to make cuts. Like most of us my outdoor watering this year was the first and most effective place to start. Our front lawn is peppered with shades of brown yellow and few remaining patches of green. We skipped planting flowers this year and the side of our house is lined neatly with stacks of flower pots I have collected throughout the years all emptied and organized by shape size and color. My hanging baskets have been removed from their designated homes where they once flourished with brightly colored blooms. My research on water conservation efforts led me into A s Californians everywhere are bombarded with public service announcements regarding our statewide his- household water usage but the most surprising findings came when I entered the garage and found my shiny and clean SUV staring back at me. My heart sank as I worried I would have to give up on my clean car. I travel quite a bit for work and my car is like a second home and office to me. This couldn t be happening I thought there had to be a solution and a way for me to continue my water conservation efforts and maintain a clean car at the same time. I immediately jumped into more research and made a phone call to Evan Porges President of Prime Shine Car Wash. I remembered seeing some marketing pieces on my last trip through a local Prime Shine regarding Wash Clean Be Green. Evan was quick to return my call and before I knew it my inbox was filling up with statistics and facts about home car washing vs. washing with professional car washing facilities such as Prime Shine. I was excited to learn about all of the areas that Prime Shine has found to cut back water usage and one statistic stuck with me more than others. Taking your vehicle to Prime Shine uses 75 percent less water than washing your car at home in the driveway. Even more impressive is that 95 percent of the water used is captured for potential re-use and 60 percent of water used to clean each vehicle is recycled. As I talked with Evan he shared with me the environmental impact that Prime Shine has been aggressive over the years to educate the communities we serve that washing at Prime Shine will use 75 percent less water than when washing at home. We collect for potential reuse approximately 95 percent of the water that is used in the wash process. Additionally 60 percent of the water used in the wash process is a recycled product affirmed Evan Porges President of Prime Shine Car Wash. at-home car washing can have on our precious water resources and I learned that Prime Shine does not send waste water through storm drains. Not only is Prime Shine water-use efficient but our waste water is properly handled by being sent to the municipal processing facilities and not down the storm drain that runs into our rivers as is the case when washing at home Evan shared. Several environmental studies have revealed that significant quantities of storm water contaminants are generated annually from residential car washing activity. Storm water carries these pollutants soapy water and all to storm drains in urban areas which then flow to surface waters with little to no water quality treatment. Prime Shine has been employing water-saving technology since opening for business in 1991. Early on they rec- 60 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ognized the best practices of utilizing recycled water in the wash process so that fresh water was not necessary. During the past several years as the drought has continued Prime Shine reviewed all of its washing and employee practices to see where we could continue to cut water use Evan stated. I am proud to say that we have reduced our fresh water use in excess of 25 percent. We also adjusted much of our physical site cleaning processes to reduce water and even eliminated the planting of fresh flowers and shut down sprinklers to save even more. After talking with Evan and reading environmental impact reports I felt a sense of relief that I could continue to keep my car clean during the drought in a responsible fashion. Not only is Prime Shine on the cutting edge of water conservation their facilities are maintaining environmentally friendly strategies for wastewater. For this California girl I may struggle with buying into the so-called California Gold as my front lawn turns fifty shades of brown but at least I can keep my windshield clean and my car looking new as I travel through the Valley. HLM For more information on Prime Shine s water conservation efforts please visit To review statistics on the California drought and find ways to save and conserve please visit and drought. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 61 HERLIFE TRAVEL geocaching and letterboxing by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r road travel treasure hunts containers may contain items for trade and trackables. Other types of caches include a multicache which involves two or more locations when you reach the first stage there are instructions to the second stage and so on. The final location is the physical container with a logbook. An event cache gathers local geocaching enthusiasts its location and coordinates are provided and the event is archived when it s concluded. A mega-event cache can involve as many as 500 people and often involves one or several days of planned activities. These events may be held annually and attract people from all over the world. It s easy to get started. Set up a free account on and visit the Hide and Seek a Cache page. Search by address or zip code select a cache enter the latitude and longitude into your GPS and find the cache. Smartphone users can download the free Geocaching Intro app which provides portability especially for a road trip. You ll then sign the logbook and report your find online. You may also want to take photos of your find. Some caches contain treasures if you take one you re expected to replace it with another of equal value. A trackable such as a Travel Bug is a Letterboxing H Geocaching o-hum. It s another road trip with the kids...or a cross-country drive to see the sights or visit relatives. Why not relieve monotony add some fun and stretch your skills with the tech- tag that you can attach to an item it becomes a hitchhiker that travels from cache to cache in the real world and its progress is tracked on the website. Each Travel Bug has a unique tracking number stamped on it that s used as proof that the item has been found the owner gives it a task or goal such as traveling to five countries. Enthusiasts say the fun of a Travel Bug is to invent new goals for the bug to achieve and see where it goes related activities of geocaching and letterboxing We love our GPS devices don t we In May 2000 24 satellites around the world received new orders that removed selective availability and gave an instant upgrade in accuracy to tens of thousands of GPS receivers. Enthusiasts of the technology were thrilled and began brainstorming new ways to use the ability to precisely pinpoint their own location or the location of items left behind for later recovery. Within a few months computer consultants and web developers had hidden containers posted their locations on the internet and created a new hobby that today is enjoyed by children and adults all over the world. The name combines geo for Earth defining the global nature of the activity with cache a hiding or storage place. The original and most simple geocache is a storage container at the given coordinates that contains a logbook larger 62 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Letterboxing is a unique form of treasure hunting that uses maps compasses and clues instead of coordinates. Letterboxers hide small weatherproof boxes in publicly accessible places such as parks and post clues to finding the box online or on a website. A letterbox typically contains a logbook a rubber stamp often hand carved and an ink pad. The finder imprints the letterbox s stamp on their personal logbook and leaves an imprint of their personal stamp on the letterbox s logbook. The activity started in England in 1854 when a Dartmoor National Park guide left a bottle by Cranmere Pool with his calling card in it and an invitation to those who found it to add theirs. Visitors began leaving a self-addressed post card hoping that it would be mailed by the next visitor leading to the name letterboxing the British term for a mailbox. An article in Smithsonian magazine in 1998 brought interest in the game to America. Getting started requires a few low-tech tools. The user selects a trail name which is their letterboxing identity and indicates something unique about them. A rubber stamp that means something personal is either hand carved or commercially made and is used to imprint the log book of each letterbox that s found. A pen or pencil adds the trail name and date next to the stamp imprint. A sketch book is used to collect imprints from the stamps found in the letterboxes. A compass is needed since most letterbox clues reference magnetic compass bearings. The next step is to find clues to a letterbox near you two sites are and You can search by region state or narrower criteria or browse a map of the area you ll be visiting. It s advisable to print a trail map of the area where you ll be hiking and since letterboxing is intended to be an environmentally friendly activity leave the area clean. Be respectful of the letterboxer s effort in creating it once you find it and then return it to its hiding place. Explore the outdoors and make a trip fun with these two activities It s easy to get hooked and make new friends too . HLM Sources and the experience of the author. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 63 HERLIFE FINANCE is your vehicle at risk by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r ing up with this hassle in your life Be Aware The Honda Accord leads the National Insurance Crime Bureau s top ten list of the most stolen cars from all model years with 53 995 stolen in 2013 followed by the Honda Civic at 45 001. Rounding out the list were the Chevy Silverado Ford F-150 Toyota Camry Dodge Ram Pickup Dodge Caravan Jeep Cherokee Toyota Corolla and Nissan Altima. The top-selling older cars are actually stolen more often usually sent to chop shops or sold for the scrap metal value. In comparison pilfered newer cars are frequently resold intact with doctored paperwork often outside the United States. The Nissan Altima topped the list of the most stolen model year 2013 cars with 810 stolen followed by the Ford Fusion Ford F-150 Toyota Corolla Chevrolet Impala Hyundai Elantra Dodge Charger Chevrolet Malibu Chevrolet Cruze and Ford Focus. Thanks to the abundance of new anti-theft 64 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM grand theft auto technology newer models are harder to hot-wire and easier to trace if they re stolen. The FBI notes a slight decrease in theft rates but it s still a 4.5 billion a year industry. The NICB suggests some simple tips in a layered approach to the owner s vigilance and preparation in preventing theft. Use Common Sense Lock your car half of all stolen vehicles are left unlocked. Take your keys if your set contains a home key you ve just given access to your home as well. Program your home address in the GPS under a name other than Home. Park in well-lit areas and attended lots thieves work at night and don t like witnesses. Park with your wheels turned toward the curb and always engage the emergency brake. If you have a garage use it and lock the garage door. Additionally make sure the garage door leading into the house is locked. Stealing a vehicle is very difficult with today s anti-theft technology and leaving the keys in the vehicle is an open invitation for the opportunistic car thief said National Insurance Crime Bureau President and CEO Joe Wehrle. Leaving your vehicle running to warm up on a cool morning could lead to your making that dreaded I t s a sinking feeling. You leave the store return to the parking lot and your car isn t where you left it. Or it s missing from your driveway in the morning. Yes you eventually figure out that it s been stolen. What can you do to prevent end- report to the insurance company and earning a corresponding increase in your insurance rate. Make Noise If you ve ever walked too closely to a car in a parking lot that warned you to step back you ve encountered one of these audible alarms. Other devices include steering wheel and steering column locks brake locks and tire locks. Glass break or vehicle tilt sensors provide additional attention to an attempted theft and are reasonably priced. Slightly more passive protectors include a protective window laminate and identification decals on various surfaces. To assist in recovery of a stolen vehicle have the vehicle identification number etched on windows or have microdots imprinted with identification information applied to surfaces. Immobilize It The third layer of protection is a device that prevents the thief from bypassing the ignition and hot-wiring the vehicle. Smart keys require a handshake between the ignition system and the key before the car will start. The remote locking feature in higher-end cars depends on the proximity of the key fob to the car the passive door locking system activates when the key fob moves a certain distance. Track It The GPS- and RF-enabled technology that keeps theft rates down on newer vehicles is nevertheless available for older models. Systems such as LoJack VectorTrac or GuidepointTM are aftermarket solutions that protect older cars and can work directly with law enforcement to track and recover a stolen vehicle. For example Guidepoint s GPS-1 records the vehicle s exact location when the key is removed from the ignition. If the vehicle is moved without being started by the key an electronic signal is sent to the tracking station which contacts the owner to verify if the car has been stolen. It s a good precaution to keep a copy of your vehicle registration and insurance card in your wallet and at home as well. You ll be able to quickly provide this information to law enforcement and your insurance agent. Sell Smart Law enforcement agencies report that thieves using counterfeit cashier s checks or money orders purchase cars frequently on weekends when the banks are closed. In a few days after the buyer and car are long gone you are notified by your bank that the tender is no good. It s always wise to take payment at a bank where the funds can be verified. Protect your investment and hard-earned dollars follow the above common-sense tips and reduce your risk of becoming a victim. HLM Sources fbi. gov and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 65 HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT Helping Lodi Get Lean The Lean Up Lodi Program by re b e c c a f l a n sb u rg T win Arbors Athletic Club has been a proud part of Lodi for more than 30 years. With four Lodi-area locations this vibrant athletic club maintains a focus of improving the health and well-being of local residents while also having a strong initiative for giving back to their community. One such initiative is an innovative program called Lean Up Lodi. This proactive movement toward better health was designed to help residents who have struggled to become fit or need one-on-one guidance to achieve a path to better health. Lean Up is a community outreach program that offers a free eight-week wellness program to the people who need it most. There is not a more complete health program for an inactive person who wants to shed pounds and improve their nutrition and fitness than this program. 66 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Lean Up Lodi is an amazing program that is growing in popularity Kelly Geist Twin Arbors marketing director observed. It is so empowering and fulfilling to witness the transformation of individuals who have previously tried but failed to become healthier. For many the will exists but the supportive environment and the expertise has been missing. Thanks to the guidance and direction of Kelly Nuss our Lean Up program director we have helped hundreds find their strength motivation and the will to continue the healthy journey. Many life-changing and compelling stories that have come from this amazing program. Here are two examples of the powerful testimonials from the Lean Up Lodi class. Chris T. I decided to participate in Lean Up to become healthier in all parts of my life. I looked at Lean Up as a manner to re-enter life more fully. By joining our great instructor Kelly N. for three workouts a week and having Julie as a personal trainer I have gained greater focus in my life. It s a fitter me Energy levels have increased. Mental awareness along with physical stamina has increased and my diet has improved greatly. (The best part of the program) is the positive reinforcement given by both Kelly and Julie. Their style greatly complements someone like me who is reentering the fitness world. Laura T. I decided to take part in Lean Up because I needed that extra encouragement to get up and get in shape. I was lacking self-motivation and I knew that having a group of people encouraging me would help to hold me accountable. As for benefits there are several. I m much stronger physically. I have much more stamina and surprisingly I m finding reasons to be more active even outside of the club. I love that I m no longer self-conscious when I walk into the club. They have taught me the right way to use the weights machines and equipment. You don t have to be a fitness pro to get in there and get stronger. You have given me the confidence to do this on my own. Thanks Kelly N. In 2015 Twin Arbors teamed up with the Lodi Chamber of Commerce as part of the 20 20 Vision Project a summit of area leaders elected officials and business owners. During this summit five areas of great challenge were identified and a plan was put in place that would help to ensure that the Lodi community would be a healthier and more economically sustainable community by the year 2020. One of the areas of great challenge identified by the leadership team was Business and Community Health. Twin Arbors is Lodi s long-time health and fitness destination and we have stepped up and embraced the 20 20 Vision Project by offering our free Lean-Up Lodi total health program to 150 participants in 2015 Pat Patrick CEO of Lodi Chamber of Commerce added. There is not a more complete health program for an inactive person who wants to shed pounds and improve their nutrition and fitness than this program. We want to encourage area residents who need and want the help to apply online and the participants chosen will be guided by certified trainers and professional staff who will be there for them every step of the way. Registration for Lean Up Lodi began July 13 2015 and runs through August 31 2015 so we encourage people to take the first step towards a better way of life and apply online today. We are proud and honored to be able to offer this to Lodi citizens who want to make a change in their life by becoming healthier and fit. HLM For more information on Twin Arbors and the Lean Up Program call Kelly at (209) 334-4897 or go to click on Lean Up Lodi or visit Lean Up Lodi is an eight-week community program that is guided by the fitness professionals at Twin Arbors Athletic Club. Apply online at by telling why you are ready to dedicate yourself to this life-changing commitment. Applicants will be reviewed and 225 chosen to participate absolutely free. The program begins Sept. 14 2015. In addition selected participants will enjoy free unlimited access to all facilities at Twin Arbors Athletic Club through Nov. 4 2015. Please note that all selected participants must receive medical clearance from their health care provider. HE ALTH FIT N ES S N U T R IT ION LIFES T YLE Lean Up HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 67 HERLIFE FINE THINGS 2016 luxury cars by m e l a n i e c o rb e l l i n i your new hot wheels Y ou know that feeling when your eyes are so overwhelmed with excitement you don t know where to look When you can t escape the crisp scents of something new and untouched When your spirits are instantly rejuvenated at the prospect of making quite possibly the purchase of a lifetime tayga is sure to be one of the world s most luxurious and high performance SUVs. It will offer more than two choices of sound system including the most powerful system available in any SUV with a flexible interface that offers a choice of touch control rotary dials gestures or even voice depending on user preferences or driving conditions. Rear seat passengers can also enjoy TV and video entertainment navigation features games video calling and media streaming. Production is due to start in 2016 it s expected to redefine the entire auto SUV sector market. 2016 Audi A6 Quattro If you still want a gorgeous car but affordability safety and reliability are your main priorities the 2016 Audi A6 (named a 2015 IIHS top safety pick) is your new set of hot wheels. People love Audis because with each model they always flawlessly incorporate a stunning design superior performance and cutting-edge technology without being too flashy or exclusive making it the perfectly well-rounded luxury vehicle. The A6 also comes intact with the latest driver assistance systems and seamless personal device integration truly making it your Audi. 2016 BMW x5 xdrive40e SUV BMW is excited to announce that its first plug-in hybrid model will be available this fall. Like the Audi A6 mentioned above if practicality sustainability and reliability are what you are looking for in a luxury car this model is an obvious choice. The hybrid X5 comes with the Driving Dynamics Control switch which changes the vehicle setup from comfort to sport or eco pro. Each has its own throttle mapping steering characteristics and responses for the eight-speed Steptronic transmission. When powered up the xdrive40e Yes we are talking about the moment you walk into the dealership ready to purchase your first (or next) luxury car Bentley BMW Mercedes Benz Navy Black Silver What style do I want Do I want a fast car Is this vehicle a safe one While the anticipation of picking out a new luxury car certainly brings about much elation there are also many things one must consider and it can be an overwhelming process. Therefore if you are sick of your 2015 Rolls Royce or have simply been in need of a new car for the last ten years keep reading because here is your cheat sheet to the 2016 models we deem most anticipated. 2016 Mercedes AMG GT S If you are someone who is won over by the aesthetics of a car then look no further. With a state-of-the-art aviation design theme this car was made to be breathtakingly beautiful. The most sophisticated materials and craftsmanship went into the design of the vehicle made with Nappa leather interior which make it so exquisite and exclusive. Also if you have a need for speed this may be the car for you as the AMG GT S has a 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine that can go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of 3.7 seconds. 2016 Bentley Bentayga SUV By now you have probably heard that Bentley s first-ever SUV will go on sale in 2016 and it doesn t take a Bentley connoisseur to know that the Ben68 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM will default to auto edrive mode meaning that both the engine and motor are working in the most efficient way possible. The xdrive40e will be composed of advanced dynamic hybrid-specific instrumentation making it the most stateof-the-art and efficient hybrid of 2016. 2016 Porsche 718 Roadster If you ve ever dreamed of driving a high-speed beautiful convertible the 718 Roadster will make that a reality. The roadster is very distinct in terms of its exterior design as it is a little shorter than the Boxster but shares the same wheelbase making its shape unique and striking. If you are looking for something with high-speed powers that still offers superior control and precision the Roadster is it. This car offers transmission choices of either a sixspeed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The 718 will also offer razor-sharp electrically assisted power steering confidence-inspiring brakes and a suspension tuned for five-star handling. In terms of speed and engine the 718 will be Porsche s first four cylinder boxer since the demise of the 912 offered with a 2.0-liter variant rated at 285 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque as well as with a bigger bore 2.5-liter flat four good for 360 hp and 345 lb-ft. It s safe to say the 718 is the ultimate high-performance vehicle while also being your perfect everyday luxury ride. Luxury and performance what more could a woman ask for These models will be available in just a few months start planning today to make your dream a reality HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 69 HERLIFE PETS foster care for companion animals by ste p h a n i e f o x That was five years ago. My most recent foster was adopted last Friday and I m scheduled to pick up my next foster either tomorrow or next S hannon Winter had never planned on fostering dogs but when told of a 12-year-old nearly blind and deaf bulldog she didn t hesitate. I didn t want him to end his life at a shelter she said. She took him in and working with a rescue organization in a large metropolitan area found him a permanent home. week. I am in the sweet spot of having a bit of down time to decompress and clean the house before the next dog arrives with his hobo knapsack at my front door. Fostering dogs and other companion animals isn t for everyone. It can be stressful to bond with a dog and then to give it up even to a loving home said Winter. Some dogs come from abusive or neglectful situations others may suffer from separation anxiety. Some have serious health problems and puppies and sometimes older dogs can need house training. Dogs come to rescue organizations for a lot of reasons divorce death job loss an illness or an unexpected move. Too often someone adopts a dog and then decides the animal is too much trouble. Dogs purchased sometimes unknowingly from puppy mills factory farms for dogs can develop expensive health problems. Some people surrender their elderly dogs when they re not the lively puppies they once were. Deanna Jarvis who has been at the helm of Noah s Hope Animal Rescue in Sioux City Iowa for eight years tells people who want to foster that the work can be heartbreaking. Fostering is not for people who are too soft-hearted she said. You see the dogs coming in in rough shape. Some don t make it. Why foster Jarvis says that people who welcome these dogs into their homes know that often there is no other alternative. The need is great. During last May s puppy season Noah s Hope s 20 foster homes took care of 68 dogs including four litters of nursing puppies and a number of elderly dogs. Foster families are expected to provide a safe environment transportation to veterinarian appointments exercise food socialization and sometimes training. While rescue organizations are always in need of volunteers families must meet certain requirements that differ from group to group. Prospective fosters must fill out forms usually on line and answer questions from rescue organizations. Some even require a home visit. If a family doesn t qualify to foster for one group they might for another and rescue groups will work closely with new foster families to find a good fit for any lifestyle or living situation. Sometimes foster families end up adopting they re known among rescue groups by the tongue-in-cheek term foster failures. Margie was a breeding dog spending her first three years with little attention or socialization. When she could no longer produce puppies she was placed with a second family but they did little to rehabilitate her and she spent much of her time in a panic hiding under the bed. Frustrated they surrendered Margie to Rita Guthmiller coordinator of the Bulldog Club of American Rescue Network Minnesota. Guthmiller contacted a family who had just lost their elderly dog. I asked them to foster Margie for a few weeks she said. They ended up falling in love and keeping her. They re happy. 70 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Margie s happy. That s not a bad thing at all. People looking for an opportunity to foster a dog should contact local dog rescue groups including breed-specific groups or groups that specialize in types (terriers small dogs etc.). In many cities there are dozens from which to choose. Most of these take in dogs from high-kill shelters so there is always need for foster homes. In some places there are also rescue groups for cats ferrets and other companion animals. There are also specialty groups such as Dogs on Deployment a network connecting dog-owning members of the military to foster volunteers. Service members in need of a temporary home for their dog whether it s for a deployment boot camp a move across the country or another reason can find someone willing to foster their pet. Service members have to prove that they re in real need serving their country. We have foster homes in every state and if you re willing you can apply said the group s PR director Corynn Myers. The group can be contacted online at For those who are willing and able to foster a pet the rewards can be great. These dogs come in to us sometimes with a lot of problems and we get them ready to go to their forever homes said Jarvis. Our local animal control once had an 85 percent kill rate. They just didn t have the resources to keep dogs for more than a few days. Now it s down to about one percent. We save a lot of dog s lives. If we don t do it who will HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 71 HERLIFE WORKING WOMEN volunteering is it the right choice for you by l i n d a r. p ri c e ing is a passionate undertaking. He feels that you should do only work that you are passionate about not to enhance your career. Inevitably family demands life demands and professional demands will conflict with your volunteer demands so unless you are passionate about your volunteering choice you won t last Barbera claims. Becoming a quitter could have a negative effect on your career. Known in her home as the Queen of Volunteering Glenda Standeven firmly believes volunteering is a passion. Standeven has won numerous awards for her volunteering efforts which began as a way to fulfill the emptiness she felt after losing her leg hip and pelvis to bone cancer. She says you should only volunteer for jobs that you love citing two miserable years as a treasurer for an organization she worked for. Find your niche and you can do what you like and serve the organization at the same time. If you like numbers serve as treasurer. If you like asking for donations work on the fundraising committee. If you are a good 72 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM V olunteering is an effort of passion according to Brad Barbera who has worked both as a volunteer and a staff executive for a volunteer-driven nonprofit. He has no doubt that volunteer- planner work on the events team. In other words play to your strengths and not your weaknesses. Volunteering is a choice many people make because of their upbringing. Parents often take their children with them when they work as volunteers. Children learn firsthand how rewarding volunteering can be. Chantel Adams grew up accompanying her dad the chaplain of a nursing home on his visits. In high school and college Adams continued her volunteer work. By the time she got a paying job after college she couldn t give it up. Now she works at a leadership academy for children that she started. One of the projects her group developed was a product to help kids with cancer. Adams believes the investment she has made in the kids will ensure that her influence will spread across generations. Is volunteering a career boost According to many it is. For Rasheda Kamaria volunteering makes her feel most alive while she is paying it forward. Kamaria has worked with Alternatives for Girls in Detroit for the past 13 years. The organization helps homeless highrisk girls and young women avoid violence teen pregnancy and exploitation. Kamaria states that helping these girls isn t so much a career boost as a life boost. Renee Tabor CEO and founder of Metamorphosis in the Metro Chicago area believes that through volunteering at the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commerce she has immensely enhanced her career. Volunteering is work but showing up at more events results in more benefits. Because of her volunteer work Tabor serves on the executive board of directors and is slated for chamber presidency in 2018. Is it an assist to networking When asked if volunteering is beneficial in networking several respondents answered a resounding Yes. Volunteers are sometimes able to turn their volunteering into a full-time job through contacts made while volunteering. Lindsey Conger volunteered with the Dream Builders Youth Project and was hired as a publicist for the organization. Kendra Ramada gave up her job as a New Jersey state s attorney to follow her Navy husband to California. She started volunteering at an animal rescue shelter and was able to parlay her experience there into a job as a copywriter social media coordinator with a small start-up. Volunteering may not always lead to paying jobs but sometimes your network connections can help you get one. When to say no to volunteering. For those who are passionate about volunteering and giving back to their communities saying no doesn t come easily. Still it is important for your well-being to say no if you are becoming stressed out with the work. As Standeven puts it This is work and it should not cause you grief worry stress or unhappiness. There are paid jobs that will do that Know your limits. Look at your calendar and decide how much time you are willing to give to a project. Be realistic. If it s more time than you can spare either ask for help or turn the offer down and take on a smaller role. So is volunteering for you Ultimately this is a personal decision. Whatever you re passionate about there s an organization waiting for your help. You may have interest in a medical issue because your mother had it such as breast cancer. Perhaps a friend or relative died in a car accident and you re interested in Mothers Against Drunk Driving or you care about children and work with Boys Girls Clubs of America. You have concerns about our returning servicemen and women and seek out Wounded Warrior Project or you love sports and help Coach across America. These are just some of the organizations waiting for your services. Pay it forward. Volunteer. HLM Sources and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 73 HERLIFE BOOK CLUB the lives of stella bain by anita shreve rev i ew by by l i n d a r. p ri c e T he Lives of Stella Bain by Anita Shreve is a novel set in the era of World War I. It involves the loss of memory evil love and the horrors of war. London she has no idea of how to get to the Admiralty no food and no water. She walks the streets until she is exhausted. A woman in a rose-colored suit named Lily comes to her rescue. Lily generously takes Stella into her home and Stella collapses with pneumonia. It is clear to her hosts that Stella is a woman of breeding and education. The Bridges nurse Stella back to health. Her recovery is slow but her case intrigues Lily s husband August Bridge a neurosurgeon. Stella appears to be suffering from shell shock or PTSD. Shreve describes the battlefield medical conditions in painstaking detail. Battlefield medicine was in its infancy. Many died gruesome deaths but Shreve emphasizes the courage of the doctors and nurses who worked under primitive and inhumane conditions to save those they could. She also recounts the beginnings of Sigmund Freud s work in psychoanalysis. Dr. Bridge becomes interested in talk therapy and tries to help Stella remember her past using the technique. When Stella recovers her memory Shreve switches gears to present a custody hearing in which Stella tries to gain full custody of her children. Stella s medical condition intrigues the judge but it is misinterpreted and used against her. As the novel progresses women s rights from 1896 to 1930 are shown in evocative scenes that bring the era to life. The contrast between modern society and the end of the Edwardian era is eye-opening. Shreve explores the plight of a woman striving to be independent and a contributing member of society throughout the novel. She relates with conviction the ignorance of women s medical problems and the effects of shell shock on its victims. Shreve makes the novel work within the framework of society as it was in the early 1900s without judging the era. Shreve has won the John P Marquand Prize . in American Literature for her work and has been short-listed for awards. Her writing style is crisp and clean and her characters are complex with human faults. The Lives of Stella Bain is character driven with an air of mystery that pervades the entire book. It is a compelling exploration of human failure love and the devastation of war. The novel is commendable for the style and grace of the writing as well as the evocation of an era in which societal expectations of women and their rights were virtually nonexistent. Different themes are explored throughout the novel but it is ultimately about love accompanied by pain loss and healing. With each setback Stella grows stronger. She is able to surmount the obstacles thrown in her path and ultimately triumphs over all her adversities. She becomes her own woman on her own terms. It is a challenge women still face in our own society. HLM A young woman awakens in a field hospital in Marne France. The nurse Sister Luke tells her she has been unconscious for two days. Her feet are filled with shrapnel. The woman doesn t remember her name or anything about her past. The name Stella seems right. From her accent Sister Luke who is British suspects that Stella is American. Stella is wearing a British VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) uniform but Stella can t explain the discrepancy. Stella blurts out that she can drive an ambulance. While the nurses aide is dressing her feet Stella remembers her last name Bain. It takes a month for Stella to heal before she can resume working as a nurses aide. She discovers that she is a talented artist and begins drawing pictures of her surroundings the other nurses and aides such as herself. Some of her pictures are of grotesque trees and unknown houses. These pictures create a sense of claustrophobia and dread in Stella yet she continues to draw them. One day Stella hears a man say the word Admiralty. For days Stella puzzles over the word and its significance to her. She comes to believe that the Admiralty headquarters to the British Royal Navy in London may hold the key to her past. She is determined to go there to look for answers. In October Stella is granted leave. She packs up her uniform sketches and the money she has earned from her portraits of the nurses and aides. She goes to Paris and boards a hospital ship to London. Because of the horrific conditions of the wounded and the chaos at the coast it is easy for her to don her uniform and slip by officials. She boards a train on the coast with the seriously injured and heads to London. When she arrives in 74 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 75 HERLIFE SCENE AND BE SEEN Girls Night Out Daisy Dukes and Cowgirl Boots T he Downtown Plaza in Tracy was flooded with cowgirl hats and boots on June 19 as the City of Tracy hosted its annual Girls Night Out event. Women were treated to food sampling wine tasting and exclusive shopping from local boutiques. Stay tuned for the next Girls Night Out event in October Witches & Broomsticks. These events sell out fast visit for more information. HLM ph o t o gr aphy by HERL IF E s t aff 76 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 77 L di Living HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 79 HERLIFE SHE SAID YES by marilyn isaminger p hot ogr ap hy by b r ig g s p hot ogr ap hy date of proposal NOVEMBER and Anthony Ancrile the course of their lives to allow their relationship to fully flourish. Anthony would show up after class to walk me to my car Samantha smiles. And we both got A s in the class although it s a sore subject. Anthony s proposal on November 8 2014 in Cabo San Lucas caught Samantha off guard. Under the light of a thousand stars poolside by the ocean with waterfalls all around I turned around and he was on one knee she recalls He managed to get a custom ring into another country without my knowing Of course I said Yes Samantha and Anthony feel that their 80 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Samantha Rodriguez lthough Samantha Rodriguez and Anthony Ancrile shared a class at Delta College fate took her sweet time in 8 2014 A relationship is a true example of the saying What is meant to be will always find its way. Although we met at Delta College we didn t get together officially until after I returned home from Fresno State she shares. I told him before I left to Fresno that when he was ready to be happy he knew where to find me. He and his beautiful daughter Amaya found me two and a half years later. The couple has set the date for their wedding celebration as November 7 2015 they plan a traditional wedding in a Catholic church. We re not sharing photos or details of the wedding on social media because we want it to be a surprise to our family and friends. There will definitely be some unique touches although I will share that since it s a traditional Mexican wedding we will be using my parents lasso. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 81 HERLIFE TIE THE KNOT Emily Chris A man who is now her husband. on the date Tied the Knot May 24 2015 dinner date arranged through eHarmony that Emily Faszer Peyton didn t cancel proved to be the best decision of her life and led directly to Chris Peyton the tall handsome Peyton & Emily is originally from California while Chris grew up in Oregon. They now reside in Seattle Washington. Chris chose a dramatic and scenic setting for his proposal to Emily. He surprised me with a ride on the Seattle Great Ferris Wheel Emily reminisces. We had a ride in the VIP gondola that included three circuits around the wheel. Despite my being terrified by the height of the ride after the first trip around the wheel Chris still decided to move forward with I had grown tired of online dating smiles Emily. I almost canceled the date but I didn t have his phone number Thankfully I went 82 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM by ma r i lyn isaminger ph ot ogr ap hy by julie nic ole p hot ogr a p hy businesses that shared in the love Bridal Gown I Do Bridal Bridesmaids Gowns Mori Lee Hair Styling Amy Ost Photographer Julie Nicole Photography Florist Addie s Floral Cottage DJ Brian Wilson The DJ Reno Caterer Southern Accent Catering and Event Planning Cake Traci s Sweet Surprises Rentals DISHGrace Party Rentals Day-of Coordinator Klytia Dutton Joy Simplified Mountain Weddings HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 83 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 83 his plans. He got down on one knee inside the gondola which required some serious effort for a 6 4 man and proposed at the top of the ride. It took a while to process what was actually happening but once I was able to gather myself I said Yes It was the happiest day of our lives The blissful couple tied the knot on May 24 2015 in a ceremony at the Graeagle Community Church in Graeagle California. Emily was attended by Maid of Honor Melissa Brandon accompanied by bridesmaids Sara Raudelunas Gina Sans Tanisha Lemons Nicole Davis Hilary Grabner and Elizabeth Haim. Standing with Chris was Best Man Brian House groomsmen were Scott Poulton Marvin Park Jeff Wilson Chris Hinkle Ryan Bohlander Luke Scoggin and Glenn Dowling. The bride was resplendent in a sleek gown with lace overlay and embellished sash and lace-edged fingertip veil she carried a bouquet of cream roses and baby s breath and sported cowgirl boots. The bridesmaids aubergine short dresses in varying styles were set off by their cowgirl boots and bouquets of baby s breath. The reception followed at The Corner Barn in Graeagle with a Western theme and many handcrafted elements. The tables were set with Mason jars wrapped in lace and ribbon filled with roses and baby s breath and illuminated by log candles. We are thankful for the help and support from our family and friends who helped put it all together Emily and Chris agree. Klytia our day-of coordinator made everything go smoothly and alleviated all stress. It was the perfect day and we truly enjoyed celebrating with everyone. Emily and Chris had the honeymoon of their dreams in Fiji. We were able to stay at the Likuliku Lagoon Resort in Fiji in an over-water bure Emily beams. We can t recommend Fiji enough It was a once-ina-lifetime trip for us and will treasure the memories forever HLM 84 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 85 HERLIFE HOROSCOPE star journeys This is the month of taking stock and enjoying the seasonal slowdown. For most signs this will mean that things are not going to manifest for you as readily as they usually do while others will find themselves frustrated if they attempt to move at the same rate as always. Most planets are going to be below the horizon in most houses making change come slowly. This is a great time to plot and plan for the future. HLM by m e l o dy b u ssey Leo JULY 24-AUG. 22 In July your 1st House of Self will be almost entirely full. Take this time to manifest your own destiny and set forth creating a path all your own. The conditions will be right and as long as your path doesn t harm others you will reach whatever goals you set in motion. Aquarius JAN. 20-FEB. 18 With your 7th House of Love being visited by at least half your ruling planets you can expect love to find you easily. The main thing to keep in mind this month is if you don t put others first you will be going against the flow of the planets and you will be undoing everything they are doing for you. Go with the flow and happiness will follow. Virgo AUG. 23-SEPT. 22 With higher retrograde activities near and in your celestial houses life seems to have slowed down a bit but your personal life will speed up significantly in all areas except for love. Love is like a flower and shouldn t be forced to bloom until ready so have patience. Money won t be an issue this month either. Pisces FEB. 19-MAR. 20 After the chaotic month that just passed take time this month to loosen your tie and let your hair down. Relax and you will find that life will flow with you rather than against you. Avoid negative thoughts as they will drown you in self-pity that is a door that shouldn t be opened this month. Libra SEPT. 23-OCT. 22 By the fourth your planetary movement will have completed and will line up to allow you to follow your heart and dreams with great success. Take this time to manifest your desires and follow them. If done well no one will single you out for being different and will actually follow suit and help you. Avoid being rude to others. Aries MAR. 21-APR. 19 Rest and relaxation are two words not usually associated with Aries but this month they will be synonymous. With your planets firmly in the west attempting to strong-arm anything will make everyone including you miserable. Scorpio OCT. 23-NOV. 21 With a retrograde in your House of Love and Family the signs are to let your love and family issues resolve themselves at their own pace. Your House of Career becomes unusually active and this is a sign to take work opportunities to the next level as you will have major career success. This is a safe time to concentrate on work matters but not family matters. Taurus APR. 20-MAY 20 Your 4th house this month becomes increasingly more powerful as the month progresses. Finding your happy place will be difficult since most of your ruling planets will be below the horizon line. But once you find your happy place govern your life around it and prosperity will follow. Gemini MAY 21-JUNE 20 This will be a slow month for you as most of your planets are in retrograde this will make you antsy and anxious to get the ball rolling again. Your personal life will make a fast ascension and should be directed to domestic tranquility and resolution of family issues. Your Career House will also be improving over the month. Sagittarius NOV. 22-DEC. 21 With a month full of lessening stress from the planets moving from your houses it would be a good time to travel and get some fresh air. Health is going to be a concern both physically and emotionally. Pay close attention to your upper body and make sure to be happy in all that you do. Capricorn DEC. 22-JAN. 19 This month is all about you. Your 7th House of Love moves into alignment around the fourth and with this you find love and social situations effortless. With your new-found social prowess you can expect to become the belle of the ball so to speak. Cancer JUNE 21-JULY 23 Personal growth will be a big issue this month as your past experiences will help guide you. The time to build your life is now and with this power you should strive to make your home and heart one. Good health follows you and others will start to notice your radiance. Let your light shine and it will attract opportunities like moths to an open flame. 86 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 87 HERLIFE CALENDAR august Downtown Tracy Artwalk DATE August 14 TIME 6 00 - 8 30pm LOCATION Central Avenue and 10th Street in Historic Downtown Tracy DETAILS Join us for the final Artwalk of the summer on Friday August 14 Artists will be exhibiting in drawing painting printmaking ceramics photography gourds glass and wood. Enjoy live music across Downtown Tracy along with activities and demonstrations. Mural Project on the corner of Central and 7th limited edition commemorative posters restaurant dinner and drink specials and much more The 2015 Lodi Farmers Market DATE Thursdays through September 3 TIME 5 00 - 8 30pm LOCATION Downtown Lodi School Street DETAILS Stroll down beautiful School Street in Downtown Lodi and have the opportunity to taste and purchase farm-fresh fruit vegetables baked goods crafts and food from hundreds of vendors. Enjoy a beer in the beer garden and taste local wine in this fun atmosphere of Downtown Lodi. For more information please visit events farmers-market . Evolution A Journey Tribute Band DATE August 7 TIME 6 30 8 30pm LOCATION Stone Creek Village Pacific Ave and Robinhood Drive Stockton DETAILS Summer concerts are back at StoneCreek Village Come out and enjoy the music of Evolution A Journey Tribute Band. StoneCreek Village restaurant food and drinks may be purchased and brought into the concert area. Please no outside food or drinks lawn chairs or coolers. For more information please visit Zoo After Dark at Micke Grove Zoo DATE August 15 TIME 8 00 - 10 00pm LOCATION Micke Grove Zoo 11793 N. Micke Grove Road Lodi DETAILS Zoo After Dark at Micke Grove Zoo brings together the best parts of a camping trip creative activities exciting wildlife sounds of the night under a starry sky and hot cocoa and marshmallow-toasted S mores all topped off with fireside storytelling. For date night or the perfect family outing it does not get any better than this fun-filled after-hours program Open to children ages 5 and up. Each participant must be registered and children under the age of 17 must have a registered adult present. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED register online today at Parking is included in registration. Registration may be completed online through midnight the Thursday before each program date. Limited space is available. 14th Annual Taste of the Delta DATE August 8 TIME 1 00 - 4 00pm LOCATION Tower Park Marina 14900 HWY 12 H Lodi DETAILS The Taste of The Delta fund-raiser for the California Delta Chambers showcases Delta Wineries and Restaurants. Guests sample wines food enjoy vendor booths craft booths live music and silent and live auctions. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit www. Roller Derby in Lodi DATE August 22 TIME 5 30pm LOCATION The Grape Festival Grounds Cabernet Hall DETAILS This event will benefit Lodi Animal Friends Connection. They will be there with adoptable pups and we will be accepting dog food pet care items on their behalf and will be donating a portion of the proceeds from our ticket sales to their organization. After the event head over to Take 27 and eat drink and be merry with your favorite derby team Loco City Derby Girls Lodi s own flat track roller derby team. Guys and Dolls DATE August 8 TIME 7 30pm LOCATION Gallo Center for the Arts 1000 I St Modesto DETAILS Guys and Dolls is a musical with music and lyrics by Frank Loesser and book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. It is based on The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown and Blood Pressure two short stories by Damon Runyon and also borrows characters and plot elements from other Runyon stories most notably Pick the Winner. Multiple dates and showtimes are available. For more information please visit or call (209) 338-2100. Family Movie Series The Wizard of Oz DATE August 23 TIME 2 00pm LOCATION The Grand Theatre 715 Central Ave. Tracy All calendar event submissions must be received by July 25th for the September issue and adhere to our guidelines. E-mail kimberly for guidelines or to submit entries. HLM 88 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM DETAILS Bring the family down to the Grand to enjoy a classic movie. Popcorn soda and candy available in our concession stand. Tickets are 5. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit www.atthegrand. org. Wine & Roses Decadent Affair DATE August 23 TIME 5 00 - 7 30pm LOCATION Wine & Roses 2505 W. Turner Rd. Lodi DETAILS Be inspired with the latest trends in weddings as Wine & Roses hosts Decadent Affair. Visit with top of the line vendors enjoy specialty food and drinks and enjoy a bridal fashion showcase. There will be a lot of giveaways bride and groom contests and tours of the grounds. For more information or to purchase tickets visit or call (209)371-6117 Solar Day at the WOW Museum DATE August 29 TIME 10 00am - 3 00pm LOCATION The WOW Museum 2 N. Sacramento St. Lodi DETAILS Come join us at the WOW museum and have some fun with the sun Come drive a solar-powered cart. Become a human sun dial Learn about the uses of solar technology. Also view the sun s surface through a telescope and many more activities For more information please visit Evening in the Vineyard to benefit Lodi s 180 Teen Center DATE August 29 TIME 5 30 - 9 00pm LOCATION Oak Farm Vineyards 23627 N. Devries Rd. Lodi DETAILS Evening in the Vineyard is an annual Lodi tradition held within the gorgeous vineyards of California s Central Valley. This year the live and silent auction raffle and our NEW progressive wine and dinner event catered by four local chefs on the beautiful grounds of Oak Farm Vineyards. For more information or to purchase tickets please call (209)339-2308 or visit SAVE THE DATE Brunch at Tiffany s DATE September 29 TIME 11 30am LOCATION The Grand Theatre Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Theatre DETAILS Put on that little black dress and pearls and join us for Brunch at Tiffany s. Your ticket includes a wonderful brunch an opportunity to win a prize for the Best Dressed Audrey Hepburn and admission to the Breakfast at Tiffany s movie that begins at 1 00 p.m. in the Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Theatre. Tickets are 25 and can be purchased online HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 89 90 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 91