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Description: CHOIS Connection is a quarterly homeschool magazine published to encourage homeschoolers in Idaho.

IT s noT Too laTE to register for the convention Connection summer 2015 a magazine for idaho home educators summer Learning with sidewalk chalk Yellowstone national Park Tsunami cyber a Different view of summer vacation 101 Travel Tips for the Best Vacation Ever 8 Reasons You Don t Want To Miss This YeaRs ConvenTion 1 2S 6 7 eneurS ung entrepr o ceS of our Y thuSiaStic fa eeing the en opS and ique workSh n of our 42 u ncing Some experie SpeakerS ee uSed alS at the fr e e fabulouS d pping up Som Sna le curriculum Sa dren S 65 member chile convention bY our 1 being bleSSed at the concluSion of th preSentation of another at the cloSe g takeS biddin ng in high S participati ent auction amazing Sil their daY in hare about iaStic teen S ith mr. peterS Your enthuS hearing and public Speaking w ut home Stem claSS paSSion abo Share Your friendS who meeting new education larg don t miSS the eSt haS ever hall choiS exhibit hoSted 3 4 5 8 HomescHooL convention 2 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 A WOrd FrOm tHE EdItOr Homeschool Friends Are you ready for some Summer I know I sure am It s going to be great to have a slower pace and some free time with my family. In this Summer issue of the CHOIS Connection we thought we would spend a little bit of time talking about vacations. We all know that traveling with children adds another layer to the planning and organizing and as a results there are times when a trip does not seem like much of a break. We have asked a few of our experts to share some of their best ideas on this topic. Whether you are looking for ways to occupy tots or looking for ways to make your trip double as an educational experience you will find some great articles in this issue. And since it is only a short drive from any part of Idaho we asked our friend Patrick Nurre to give us some specifics about Yellowstone National Park. A trip to Yellowstone is always a good idea Whether you are planning an elaborate multi-facetted extravaganza or a staycation to the local park we hope that you and your family have the memory-making experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the long days and especially one another SubScribe Today Connection IT S NOT TOO LATE to register for the convention a magazine for idaho home educators Summer 2015 1 year 10 SUMMER VACATION 101 Travel Summer Learning with sidewalk chalk Yellowstone National Park cyber Tsunami A Different View of Tips for the Best Vacation Ever Name Street Box City State Zip Code Phone Mail this form and checks to CHOIS P.O. Box 45062 Boise ID 83711 Email or go to to subscribe online CHOIS does not want financial hardship to keep anyone from being connected so please accept a complimentary subscription if you are unable to pay. CHOIS exists to inspire Idaho parents to educate their children at home to promote parent-led family-funded relationship-based home education and to preserve homeschool freedoms. We are a non-profit organization committed to encouraging homeschooling families. The CHOIS Connection a quarterly magazine seeks to provide encouragement and help for Idaho homeschooling families. ................................. WEBSITE Please visit us at LIKE US A faithful community where we share our days with you. CHOIS FOLLOW US Get on-the-go homeschool updates and see what we are up to. CHOIS PIN US Check out our boards on the things many homeschool moms love. CHOIS WAYS YOU CAN HELP Linda Patchin Glowingly editor Linda Patchin Spread the word about CHOIS to family and friends. Like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to Like us too. Collect Box Tops for Education for CHOIS. Donate to the CHOIS Silent Auction. Join us in our effort to connect the whole state. Check out the website for volunteer needs. Pray for the CHOIS Board of Directors and volunteers we really need it Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 3 time ....... 6 8 ....... 10 ....... 12 ....... Incorporating early learning into outdoor playtime is easy. 16 ....... mAYbE mIrE there is simply no room for maybe mamas or Perhaps Papas. SummEr A dIFFErENt VACAtION VIEW OF 101 Yellowstone travel tips for the best vacation ever National Park there is another way to view these amazing sites - in light of what the Scriptures record as the history of the earth. SummEr LEArNING WItH SIdEWALk CHALk expectations don t let unrealistic expectations rob you of your joy when traveling with your family. GrEAt 4 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 PUBLISHER CHOIS EDITOR Linda Patchin MAGAZINE LAYOUT & DESIGN Diana Childress COVER PHOTO CREDIT Beauty of Life Photography digiTal formaT Now get the same greatmagazineon your tablet & mobile devices --- free --Visit Copyright 2014 by Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State. CHOIS Connection is published quarterly by Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State. 2014 CHOIS Connection. All rights reserved. No material may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the publisher. CHOIS is solely responsible for its content. DISCLAIMER The articles contained in this publication have been prepared for and are intended to provide information that may be useful to Idaho home educators. The reader must evaluate this information in light of the unique circumstances of any particular situation and must determine independently the applicability of this information thereto. COLUMNISTS The views of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of CHOIS. SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe by mail (see page 25) or online at http chois-connection subscribe ADDRESS PO Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711. Phone (208) 866-5773 WEBSITE ADVERTISING Rates are available upon request by email at advertising or by calling (208) 866-5773. CHOIS reserves the right to refuse without explanation any advertisement it deems unsuitable. Moving Please send your new address to info so that you can stay Connected 18 ....... 24 ....... 28 ....... CYbEr tSuNAmI We must build and keep building the tsunami until it forces Congress to move to the higher ground of passing the Parental rights Amendment. IdAHO trIPLE CrOWN Since 2008 Idaho home schooling families have been on a winning streak. And now they ve won the triple Crown. discovering IdAHO A vacation is the perfect opportunity for your family to be refreshed through educational adventures. A MAGAZINE FOR IDAHO HOME EDUCA TORS Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 5 CHOIS Tidbits MaybeMire by Linda Patchin How often do we use the word maybe It seems like such a hopeful little word. It is not a definite no. It might become a yes with a bit of coaxing. The word maybe was designed to be an imprecise word. And yet this is the subtle slippery slope that seekstoensnareusinitsooze. Some Bible commentaries say that Matthew 5 37 declares this form of indecision which is just beyond the reach of yes or no from the evil one. Through many years of experience with this wavering word this interpretation seems plausible to me. Sometimes we use the word maybe as a filler because we do not have enough information to make a determination or to gain time to consider the choices. The danger lies in how others interpret the word. Children almost always see it as a delayed yes. For those who are waiting and needing a response maybe can be one of the most frustrating words ever devised. maybe is intentionally vague. maybe is a demotivator. It leaves us wiggle room. We can straddle a commitment with one foot on yes and the other on no. When only half-committed we only feel half bad when cancelling. Maybesetsusadriftonaseaofselfishness by allowing us to keep our focus upon ourselves. If it works for me if I find the time if it suits my purpose if nothing better comes along... One does not have to be warming up for choir practice to be belting out the Me me me of maybe. Maybe does not consider others. Does the hostess need a head count before she purchases food and drink If the maybe becomes a no will others be left in the lurch at the last minute No host wants to come up short on provisions nor does a wise manager want to have to deal with excess and perhaps wasted food. RSVP your yes or your no. Not responding does not mean no to the hosts. It leaves them stuck in the uncertain mire of maybe. If nobody cares enough to commit than why botherplanning organizingandexecuting the party class event...anyway Why put the effort into doing something that may not be appreciated. Soon opportunities will begin to fade away. Maybe can be deceitful. Sometimes people respond with a maybe because they want to avoid hurting another with a negative response and yet their vagueness only prolongs the agony building up hope to cruelly crush it later. What masquerades as a kindness actually wounds others more deeply. How much better it would be to be honestly intentional in our responses I will need time to think about it and to check my schedule but I will get back to you soon. And then following through. If prayer is needed to reach a decision there is still an expectation to respond in a reasonable timeframe. 6 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 Sometimes parents can be expressing a maybe attitude about homeschooling to their children. Whether it is verbal or nonverbal matters not because children are especially adept at reading their parents maybe barometer. Our children often misinterpret maybe as a yes. Maybe often means that a little more whining and wheedling can garner the desired yes. And who needs that type of coercion Maybe we will homeschool next year. This type of indecision often leaves a child feeling like the rug is about to be pulled out from under them. Can they depend upon a reasonable commitment to continue with the form of education to which they have become accustomed Certainly there may be unforeseen circumstances which must force the alteration of our plans but children need to know that there is a plan. That something as important as their education is not being esteemed lightly. We all have doubts. Find answers but not at the expense of a child s peace of mind. Another place where maybe can cause harm is in our interaction with other homeschooling families. For all of our touted independence we are a highly interdependent people. Even brief and irregular contact with another homeschool family requires some degree of intentional decision making. The community of Idaho homeschoolers depends upon one another. We do not have a powerful union. There is no federal Department of Home Education. No administrators superintendents nor lunchroom monitors. We must work together to protect our freedom to educate our children without restriction. Idaho is fortunate to have two state organizations. All-volunteer they pour all of their resources into serving Idaho homeschooling families. They depend upon individual homeschool parents taking active roles. ______________________ Yes I can bring a pie organize a field trip monitor a workshop build a website or schedule a play date. We need each one committing and following through working especially within their own area of gifting. If your maybe becomes a yes here are a few things to keep in mind. Jump in with both feet. Hold nothing back. Invest fully and reap the reward that comes fromfinishingwell. Give grace. Shared experiences require us to think of the needs of others as well as our own. Be kind. Be gracious. Be forgiving. Keep commitments. Build a reputation for dependability. It would be better to not commit at all than to consistently back out of commitments at the last minute. Keep your word Remove yourself from the messy murk of maybe. Stand squarely upon the firm foundation of solid investment. Purge perhaps. Prepare to take decisive action. Skip searching for someday. Commit today. You will be glad you did. For the last seventeen years as the chairman of CHOIS Linda Patchin has been privileged to meet and work with thousands of homeschool families across the nation. She counts it all joy. There is simply no room for maybe mamas or Perhaps Papas. ______________________ It is everyone doing their part and working together that sustains this lively community. When a call to action lands a tepid response it signals weakness to those who would oppose our freedom. It is erroneous to think that someone else will make the call write the email testify before a committee when we are unwilling to do so ourselves. Within our smaller communities of coops support groups and every other arrangement under which homeschoolers congregate together for a common purpose we need strong and committed Yes People. here are a few Things To keeP in mind Jump In WIth Both Feet GIve Grace Shared experiences require us to think of the needs of others as well as our own. Be kind. Be gracious. Be forgiving. Keep commItments It would be better to not commit at all than to consistently back out of commitments at the last minute. Keep your word Hold nothing back. Invest fully and reap the reward that comes from finishingwell. Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 7 CHOIS Convention Speaker Vacation 101 by Amy Vassar 8 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 Summer Travel Tips for the Best Vacation Ever ummer vacation. Your kids are counting down the days with giddy anticipation. Your own anticipation is tempered by the knowledge that you are responsible for planning this vacation that s taking on epic proportions in your kids imaginations. Here are some timely tips for maintaining your sanity while planning and executing your family vacation. First let s talk about packing. My favorite packing tip for families is to buy a box of gallon-sized plastic zipper bags. Pack full outfits for each child including pants shirt socks underwear and any relevant accessories.Thismakesmorningsabreeze. Just hand each child a bag and they don t have to rummage through suitcases at all. Dirty clothes can go right back into the empty bags. I even use this system for myself although I use the larger 2-gallon bags. Because you can squeeze all the excess air out of the bag it also helps save space in suitcases. Along the same lines packing according to day or activity may make the most sense for your trip. For example instead of having a suitcase for each person have a suitcase forthefirstcoupledaysofthetrip thenthe next couple days and so on. This works especially well if you have mostly young children are visiting multiple destinations and want to limit the luggage that you have to unpack and repack at each hotel. Besides general packing tips there are certain items that I recommend to help make your life easier while traveling. First if you ll be doing any sightseeing invest in some of those cheap string backpacks (IboughtmineonAmazon).Theyfoldup small so you can take one per child in your day bag or purse. When a child buys a souvenir or takes off their jacket they get a backpack to carry it in. This keeps you from being the pack mule of the group. Next pack a manila envelope some collapsible canvas bins from the dollar store and a power strip. With the manila envelope you can collect tourist brochures ticket stubs receipts and anything else that you want to keep either for records or for scrapbooking. The canvas bins can be set out in the hotel room for each person to collect miscellaneous treasures that would otherwise end up scattered around the room such as change phones souvenirs and pet rocks. The power strip makes it easier to charge several devices using the most convenient outlet in the room. S The next category of tips is smartphone apps that will make your travels more enjoyable. First I recommend TripIt a website with a mobile app available for Apple Android and Windows. It recognizesincomingemailswithflightsand hotel confirmations to create an itinerary with all your confirmation numbers and details in one place. The next app is Field Trip available for Apple and Android which uses your location to provide information about nearby historical sites. This is a great way to add in educational value throughout your trip (without having to stop at every roadside historical marker). Last but not least consider downloading a white noise app. These can help children fall asleep in a new location with unfamiliar ambient noise like traffic or other hotel guests. Finally let s think about where to go. Living in the Northwest we have great options for vacations. Within a day s drive of my home in the Treasure Valley there are national parks big cities ghost towns beaches rocky coasts amusement parks and much more. Here are some questions that will help you choose the best destination for your family this summer. How far will you go This follows right along with the previous two questions. Besides the length of your trip you may have other reasons to stay close to home. Motion sickness medical issues poor fuel economy and a general dislike of road trips are logical reasons to limit the distance that you travel. On the other hand there may be good reasons to choose someplace farther away such as a desire to see a new part of the country. What is your goal That s a funny question to ask about vacation but it s a valid one. Some people want their trips to be all about relaxation others want fun and entertainment while others want to include educational value. For relaxation choose an itinerary that involves plenty of down time. This means avoiding multiple hotels and long hours of driving. For fun and entertainment consider an amusement park or a large city with lots of fun new activities. If your goal is education think about what kind of education you d like to focus on. A large city with theatrical productions and workshops would be great for studying the arts. For history look for museums and ghost towns to visit. For science consider interestinggeologicalfeaturesorzoosand aquariums. And remember that any trip can be educational Even an amusement park can lead to interesting conversations about physics psychology or business among other topics. Ultimately though you should base your vacation on what works for your family. Do not give in to guilt about that choice. Guilt can come with any choice especially given the wide range of opinions that barrage us every day on the internet. Parents who take their kids camping may feel guilty for not giving their kids a more exciting vacation. Parents who choose an amusement park may be afraid that they aren t doing enough to combat consumerism in their kids. My advice is just don t Family vacations are about memories and bonding not about another person s opinion about the value of your vacation. Go make those memories and bon voyage How long will your vacation be A 3-day vacation will by necessity look different from a 7-day trip. If your trip will be fewer than 4 days consider a vacation destination that s a half-day drive or less so you don t spend half your time driving. For us that might mean choosing Sun Valley Idaho or Bend Oregon instead of northern California. You may also want to limit yourself to a single destination. It sounds fantastic to plan a trip that encompasses the Craters of the Moon Grand Teton National Park Yellowstone National Park and the Cody Nite Rodeo in Wyoming but that itinerary would be better suited to a long trip that allows for travel time and at least a day at each location. How will you travel My previous paragraph assumed a road trip but that might not be your preferred way to travel. Especially if you have a smallfamilyandcangetgoodrates flying can sometimes still be cost effective and it opens up many more options. With air travel you can swap a 9-hour drive to Seattle WA with a 90-minute flight. This makes it a much more feasible option if you have a limited amount of time for your vacation. There are also certain destinations like the East Coast that are not usually practical for a road trip. Amy Vassar is a homeschool mom and the owner of Travel Whiz Vacation and Travel Services specializing in family travel and the Disney parks. Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 9 CHOIS Convention Speaker Yellowstone When I became a believer in Christianity in 1972 there were very few books that attempted to explain how the Genesis Flood could account for the age of the earth and the geological wonders in our country. A Different View of NatioNal Park oday however we are wonderfully supported by thousands of good books on the subject and we are more informed about it than ever before. I call this the catechism of creation learning the what of creation. I have noticed however that many have not been able to bridge the application of thatcatechism.Ourkidscanrecognizethe error of millions of years of earth history but many cannot apply the Genesis account of the Flood to what they see around them. Theyneedfieldstudytofleshoutwhatthey are learning in their studies And when it comes to field study in geology there is no better place to start than Yellowstone National Park. So pack up the family car and let s get going Yellowstone became our country s first andtheworld sfirstNationalParkin1872 signed into law by President U.S. Grant. It was designed to set aside and protect lands from commercial development so that all could enjoy the natural wonders of our new country. Most people in the 1800 s were unaware of the geological features in what is now Yellowstone National Park. In fact the first American of European descent John Colter who had seen these wonders in 1807-1808 brought back fantastic accounts of fire and brimstone steaming hot pools T and spectacular erupting water spouts. His description soon became known as Colter s Hell. People thought he was nuts. The first official geological expedition to record and verify Colter s Hell was the Hayden Geological Survey of 1871. Many of the thermal features in today s Yellowstone were named by this expedition. As with the other national parks Yellowstone is viewed officially through a lens of uniformitarianism. Park authorities rely on this idea to explain the history of theearth itcanbedefinedasthe present is the key to the past. In other words what we see today has been going on throughout the billions of years of earth history. Uniformitarianism is supposed to explain the geology of the earth from a naturalistic perspective without reference to the Bible or what it has revealed. Consequently official park literature will give fantastic dates for the age of the park area based not on science but on their viewthattheearthwascreatedoutoffire in a time long past. This brings me to the heart of a Yellowstone adventure. _________________ There is another way to view these amazing sites - in light of what the Scriptures record as the history of the earth. _________________ 10 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 event A trip to Yellowstone should remind us of the greatest geological event in earth history the Genesis Flood and what it did to the earth because of man s sin Without a suitable framework for viewing the park errors can be and are made in interpreting its features. One of those is an area called Specimen Ridge. It is an area of fossilized trees and plants in volcanic ashandmudflows foundinthenortheast part of Yellowstone. This was one of the amazing finds of the Hayden Expedition. They proposed the idea that these were 40 000yearsofsuccessivepetrifiedforests. This explanation was allowed to stand not because of the science supporting it but rather because it fit their long-ages worldview. This idea remained entrenched intheofficialParkexplanationsuntil1980. SPECIMEN RIDGE Let s examine just one facet of Yellowstone from a different view a Biblical view the Yellowstone Caldera. THE YELLOWSTONE CALDERA Much of Yellowstone National Park is a caldera essentially a super-volcano that erupted and then collapsed in on itself at some time in the distant past. And one of thefirstthingsthatcapturesmyattentionin Yellowstone country is the vast amount of volcanic rock thousands of cubic miles of it Many scientists believe Yellowstone to have been the largest volcanic eruption in earth s history. To put this into perspective the amount of volcanic material that was erupted from Mt. St. Helens in 1980 was .25 cubic miles. The amount of volcanic material that was erupted from Yellowstone s caldera and the surrounding area was over 10 000 cubic miles That is 10 000 cubes each measuring 1 000 miles long by 1 000 miles wide by 1 000 miles high Thisisastaggeringfigureandshouldcause ustoreflectonjustwhatthesignificanceof this earth-shaking event was. That brings me to the Genesis Flood. Geologists have written off the historical account of the global flood in Genesis as nothing more than a myth or children s story. But wait a minute we don t see volcanic eruptions today that even come close to Yellowstone s eruptions. The present simply cannot be the key to the past. Something else must have happened. So I turn to God s revelation the historical Scriptures for answers. It is my opinion that the Genesis Flood is one of the most neglected historical events when it comes to interpreting earth history and by extension Yellowstone. When the fountains of the great deep burst open on the first day of the Flood this would have set off a series of volcanic chain reactions of such magnitude that the earth would never be the same. Thousands of observable cracks in the earth s crust testify to the outpouring of magma and crustal upheaval. The fractures in the earth that ensued would produce terrific volcanic eruptions the likes the earth would never see again Some of those were the eruptive events of Yellowstone which helped to create the Yellowstone Caldera. Geologists today attempt to explain how volcanism has shaped and formed our earth atmosphere and even our oceans by way of millions of years of past volcanic eruptions. Volcanism is a nasty and destructive geological event. It is not a creative event. Not only is there the destructive power of moving lava as in Hawaii today but there are all kinds of poisonous gasses and choking ash that come from these things. The very nature of these things would have worked against forming any kind of suitable habitat for life. And Yellowstone was the largest volcanic Mt. St. Helens in Washington State erupted in 1980. Thousands of trees were moved intoSpiritLakebywayofvolcanicflows.It looked eerily reminiscent of the petrified trees in Yellowstone. Consequently geologists began to change their story of thepetrifiedtreesofYellowstone thetrees had been moved into their present place bywayofvolcanicmudflows thesameas at Mt. St. Helens They were not buried in place over thousands of years. There are so many other features to examine in the Yellowstone area Ice Age evidence earthquake effects rock types and of course the marvelous geysers hot springs and mud pots. And all of these are evidences of the enormous power of a global flood but more importantly of a God who is not silent. Make a trip to Yellowstone from a new perspective. It will change your life Patrick Nurre conducts classes and seminars in Seattle and speaks at numerous home school conventions on geology and our young earth. He leads a variety of geology field trips every year including one to Yellowstone Park where he helps families discover the Biblical geology of Yellowstone. Patrick is the driving vision behind Northwest Treasures a non-profit ministry devoted to producing fine geology specimen kits and curricula from a young earth perspective. Patrick and his wife Vicki have three children and one grandson and live in the Seattle Washington area. Patrick s book The Geology of Yellowstone A Biblical Guide is available at WHY 1980 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 11 Sidewalk Chalk O neofthegreatestbenefitsofhomeschoolingduringthepreschoolyearsis theopportunitytoshapeyourchild sfirstencounterswithformallearning. As parents we endeavor to raise lifelong learners who view education as a daily adventure and what better place to start than preschool This summer forget the flash cards and leave the pencils in the cupboard. Incorporating early learning into outdoor playtime is easy and lesson plans or special materials are not required. Here are some fun educational activities with sidewalk chalk for you and your little one to enjoy. These activities are designed for three to six-year-olds but don t be surprised if they draw the attention of older children in your neighborhood. Have a great summer full of playful learning Learning Summer with by Copper Webb 12 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 square. t in a 5 x5 e alphabe toss it tters of th ave them Print the le bag and h an here the child a be the letter w hand your y identify e a step er. Can th the game onto a lett can take ou ake the landed y an they m bean bag arteners. C starts h kinderg word that further wit think of a ey nd Can th letter s sou tter with that le etter Practice l tion Identifica alk with Sidew oss T Bean__Ba_g ___ ____ __ ___ Interested in learning more on how to effectively teach preschool at home Check out the Learning at the 2015 CHOIS Convention Early new track recall Sequencing with Sidewalk Simon as a child whenever i wo uld visit my grandparents in Bismarck ND one of the first things I would do upon arrival is run to the basement and locate the electronic memory game simon. my brother and i would hold tournaments to see who could remember and repeat the longest simon seque nce. i don t recall ever lasting longe r than my brother but i still loved the game. you can recreate a life -size version of the ga me on your driveway by using sidew alk chalk. first decide how many color sections you would like to use. The original simon only had four colors but you can use as many colors that exist in your chalk bucket. once your sidewalk sim on has been created have you child stand in the cente r of the game. Begin my saying one color (ex green ) an d have your child jump to that color and then back to the ce nter. Now say the first co lor and add another (ex green Blu e ). have your child jum p to the green segment then the blue then back to the ce nter. keep adding one color until yo ur child can no longer rem ember the sequence or misses a co lor segment. This ends a round. now switch places with your child. it s your turn to get in some cardio as your little one co ntinues to build their brain by calling out a sequence of color s to direct your jumping. _______________ We appreciate the love and support of Grandparents chois would like to invite all non-homeschooling grandparents to attend the homeschool convention as our guests. Grandparents of homeschoolers register at convention Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn be a part of two special workshops on the topic of 13 The CHoiS annual Used Curriculum Sale Thursday June 4 tter inforce Le ewalk Re ith Sid Sounds wet Jumble alpha_b___________ __ _ ut the ay write o our drivew like y rder. give rge space random o Using a la letters in a while e using larg to perform alphabet activities ific letter-spec abet. your child of the alph ber each mem finding g examples e a s-s-son s-s-sing m d find s an op to h h-h-h C en you find -c-clap wh C bra to Z uail to Q ke a z-z-ze as a q-q-q Z-z-zip li -q-quietly tiptoe q Can you ce on d es of w d-d-dan -wiggly lin on the w-w lk all on B w-w-wa ke a b-b-b -bounce li b-b for on P Can you raise god n you p-p-p F what ca flamingo to y like a f-f F-f-fl 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. FREE AdmiSSion Johnson Sports Center NNU Campus 313 East Dewey Street Nampa same location as the remember Name Spel lin with Sidewalk Hopscotc g h _______________ Create a hopscotch ga me with one square for each letter in your child s name. at the end of the hopscotch write your child s name in a large rectangle. have your child hop on each square saying each letter that they land on and then shouting their name when they reach the final rectangle. example m-a-d-i-s-o-n spells madison chois convention visit for more information 14 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 e cup of water rnstarch to on molds d 1 2 cup of co or silicone ice ng soda an e cube trays 3 cup of baki ble add 1 mixture into ic two of washa ghly. Pour the add a squirt or and mix thorou craft stick. cube section. ice ick or room in each with a toothp mold mixing leaving a little alk has set. ion of the tray sect until the ice ch paint into each into the freezer Place the trays n ice ove the froze vinegar. Rem ur child to ttle with white y bo ruct yo l a small spra sidewalk. inst Meanwhile fil ill have an place on the the vinegar w ys molds and e tra soda and chalk from th . r. The baking ga melts chalk with vine will sizzle as it spray the ice and the chalk ase reaction acid-b er what faster or slow e chalk melt the ic is a fun ling ice chalk vinegar make raying lots of together sizz does sp melting colors rience n you mix the d sensory expe happens whe art science an Chalk Sizzling Ice recipe Review Colors and Shapes with a Sidewalk Maze __________ Use sidewalk chalk to draw various shapes in different colors in a grid pattern. add a starting line and a finish line on either end of the grid. Call out a shape or a color. have your child hop from the start to the finish line landing on only the designated shape or color. determine an object to be hunted in the wil ds of your backyard. (my child chose pinec ones and pushed a toy dump truck around the yard to collect the m.) in the meantime use sidewalk chalk to write numerals on the driveway. Under each numeral instruct your child to place the appro priate number of objec ts. alternatively you can write on the sidewalk a list of nature treasures to find and include an outlined square for ea ch type of item to be placed. examples Find three purple flo wers. find six white rocks. find seven brown tw igs. Find five big leaves. find four thin leaves. A muffin tin makes a perfect palette for find one smooth ob sidewalk paint. in each tin place two ject. find two rough objec tablespoons of cornstarch. add four ts. Collect & Count Natu re Sidewalk Scavenger in a Hunt _______________ Sidewalk Paint recipe tablespoons of water and eight drop s of food coloring or a couple squirts of washable paint. mix well. Paint awa y on your sidewalk canvas you can also put sidewalk paint into small spray bottles and let your child squirt rather than brush the paint. not only is this a fun activity but it is also a great exercise for strengthening little hands. Copper Webb is a second generation Idaho homeschooler residing in Meridian. She and her husband Mike have a colorful driveway thanks to their four little sidewalk chalk artists. Copper occasionally blogs with a toddler on her lap at Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 15 EXPECTATiONS hhh...the joys of summer. Slower days floating the river grilling steaks iced tea on the front porch and family vacations. All but one of those things can lower my blood pressure almost instantly. Can you guess which one does NOT Family vacations can be a source of great joy but let s be real. They can also be a source of conflict. Whether you re road tripping or taking to the skies there is some inevitable stress involved with family travel. Shopping packing cleaning and organizing just so you can get everyone out the door with clean underwear is sure to leave most moms exhausted from the get go. And trust me when I say no matter how many times you tell everyone to pack their toothbrush inevitably someone will forget forcing you to stop at Target for a new one where your sarcastic side will win out and you will purchase a toddler lightup toothbrush for your teen in hopes of teaching him a lesson. Of course I m just surmising here. The thing my husband and I have discovered over the years of traveling with our four kiddos is that the problems usually don t arise from a lack of naps delayed flights crazy schedules or too much sugar. The problem is our expectations about those things. Trust me when I say Great Charles Dickens wasn t the only one with Great Expectations. When we surprised our kids this past spring with a road trip to Disneyland to celebrate our oldest son s graduation we envisioned a magical time where everyone was happy kids smiled for every photo the coffee was always good noonewaseverselfish tiredorcrankyand we never had to wait in line. Do you see the problem Not one of those things is realistic In fact it s probably more realistic to think we wouldn t have to wait in line than to think everyone would be happy the whole time. Our expectations when traveling with our kids can lead to disappointment but if handled correctly can leave us with magical memories. We understood that not everything would go the way we had planned and we determined to be OK with it. Setting realistic expectations allowed us to roll with the punches more easily than if we held tightly to the ideal vacation we d built up in our minds. Three of our favorite rides at Disney were closed... bummer We could ether grumble and complain or hop in line and ride Space Mountain again. We chose the latter. A couple of the teens wanted to stretch their wings and explore the park by themselves. Rather than hold tight to the vision of all of us spending the entire week together we gave the kids their freedom and witnessed by Angela Snodgrass A a funny thing in the process The more freedom we gave them the more they seemed to want to hang out with us. Yes teenagers are funny. But that s a topic for another article all together. Whether you re taking a staycation or sailing across the ocean this summer here are a few tips for taming those great expectations . ______________________ Don t let unrealistic expectations rob you of your joy when traveling with your family. ______________________ By letting go of our expectations for the perfect trip we ended up with some pretty magical graduation trip memories. To quote the 16 year old That was a GREAT vacation Enough said. If money were no object Angela and her husband Mike would travel the world spending copious amounts of time on the beach. Instead they live a crazy normal life in Meridian with their four kids and one half blind cockapoo...and no beach in sight. 16 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 Have a family meeting before you leave to find out what everyone is most excited about then try to capitalize on those things. Giving our kids a voice and validating that voice with our actions shows we care about them as a person. Try to make something special for each person in the family even if it doesn t look like you envisioned. 1 Have a plan. Talk with your spouse to make sure you re on the same vacationpage. If one of you is expecting to be at Disneyland by 7 30 a.m. and the other is envisioning sleeping in later then you may have a slight vacation problem. Of course the lateriser can always be bribed with Starbucks. Just sayin . 2 vacation 3 Compromise. Maybe you can visit Mickey early one day followed by something a bit later the next. Being willing to compromise in order to honor your family is key and I bet you will end up with many more smiling vacation photos as a result. Let it go Cue the Frozen music. Will you make a big deal when things look differently than you d planned or will you just let it go The question isn t if there will be issues but what will you do with the issues that arise 4 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 17 Res Piece Cyber Tsunami By Res Peters katrina. Breached levees. limited escape routes. 1600 dead. 700 missing. Flaws within the government s design to protect the people remained silently undetected. Voices predicting the looming disaster unheeded. And ominously vulnerable many perished under the external forces that overpowered them relentlessly destroying all that was property and their very lives. stated in our federal constitution as fundamental rights. With the absence of express parental rights written in the ink of our federal constitution our newly enacted Idaho parental rights statute would be rendered unenforceable. Under the CRC it is the duty of parents to act in what the UN considers to be the best interests of the child. And the burden rests on the parents to prove that they are fit to do so rather than the state to prove that the parentsareunfit.Effectively parents are presumed to be guilty rather than innocent. Our own freedom to home educate would be precariously close to its demise with this threat of international law. The sTorm We too have been warned of an impending storm that threatens our families...President Obama s stated intent to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Under the Supremacy Clause of our federal constitution ratified international treaties such as the CRC become the supreme law of the land. The UN then would determine the rights of American individuals unless those rights were expressly 18 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 THE TSUNAMI An estimated two million homeschoolers across the nation each of whom have the most to lose without the amendment are the most powerful network to create momentum. Using the same technology employed by the successful Obama presidential campaigns 2 000 emails per congressional district are needed. Even more effective are calls. ___________________ Those emails coupled with hundreds of calls each Monday from every district in every state are essential to build the cyber tsumani. ___________________ To convince Congress to pass the PRA this tsunami must gain enough momentum across the nation to deluge D.C. What must each of us do to make this a reality FIRST Go on record now by calling or emailing your two senators toopposeratificationoftheUNCRCwhenitcomesupfora vote. NExT Signed by President Clinton the CRC lacksonly67Senateratificationvotes to place us under the authority of 18 UN appointees. Go to and do four things 1. sign online Petition Email friends to sign 2. Print Petitions Gather signatures 3. View 7-minute Video Share with friends 4. Call every monday See contact box page 21 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn The safe haVen What can be done to thwart this threatening event Force a congressional vote this fall on a Parental Rights Amendment (PRA) to the United States Constitution. With the storm of international law pummeling our freedom the only fail-safe remedy to protect us from Senateratificationandthecapricious rulings of our courts is a constitutional amendment making parental rights both express and fundamental. 19 THE SACRED TRUST This year Idaho home educators became Free at Last when our state legislature enacted parental rights protections. This is a sacred trust. In this same year the UN may snatch that freedom away if we don t act quickly with our new Congress. What are you doing right now that is more important than defending the right to raise your children where and how you choose The CRC cuts to the very core of parenting removing all rights of parents to determine the upbringing education religion and values imparted to their children. An international body is substituted for your rightful parental authority. This is not a fleeting commitment. We must build and keep building the tsunami until it forces Congress to move to the higher ground of passing the Parental Rights Amendment. Ifwewinhereandnow oursameIdaholegislatorswhorecognizedparental rights at the state level can lead the nation in securing the PRA for our childrenandtheirswithstateratificationnextspring. That will preclude international treaty law from trumping our newly-gained Idaho parental rights. Edmund Burke looked down the centuries to this day when he observed All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Will your family be robbed of this most fundamental right Or will you make it your priority to defeat this great evil today by building and building the tsunami until the momentum is inescapable And if not you who will AS fOr my fAmIly we ve AlreAdy begun. see idaho Triple Crown page 24 for the idaho Parental rights victory Res Peters is the State Testing Director for the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators (ICHE) and has her phone programed for Monday DC calls. 20 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 iChe BUlleTin Board maY 1 2015 teSt reSultS mailed loSt in the mail Contact registrations maY 1 - auguSt 1 2016 teSting regiStration open ICHE TESTING IS NOT ALIGNED WITH COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS JOIN THE WAVE ___________________ Find Your District legislatorsearch.aspx regiSter Online at Mail-in download form & info Offered at 19 regions throughout Idaho Closes midnight August 1 honor StudentS & cordS Qualifying scores earn Who s Who nomination 5th - 12th grade Summa Cum Laude Scholars designation 9th 12th grade Idaho State Homeschool Graduation honor cords COntACt yOur COngreSSmen dIStrICt 1 Senator James Risch (202) 224-2752 Congressman Raul Labrador (202) 225-6611 dIStrICt 2 Senator Mike Crapo (202) 224-614 Congressman Mike Simpson (202) 225-5531 June 5 & 6 fearleSS public Speaking training teen program Presenter Barry Peters Esq. ICHE President Discover & Practice 4 secrets to fearless public speaking Location CHOIS Convention Register Online Follow us on Facebook IdahoCoalitionOfHomeEducators Follow us on Facebook Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 21 IdahoCoalitionOfHomeEducators 10% Discount on Wills & Trusts for CHOIS & ICHE Members Call 939-2600 now for your Free Initial Consultation Learn more at 22 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 23 LegiSLative Update Idaho Triple Crown By Barry Peters Esq. Since 2008 Idaho home schooling families have been on a winning streak. And now they ve won the Triple Crown. First Crown The string of victories began in 2009 the year that the Idaho legislature recast the state s compulsory education statute in a way that expressly allowed home education for the first time. That change also gave home schoolers more autonomy in educational decisions than are found anywhere else in the country. A year later in 2010 in a collaborative effort among the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators (ICHE) Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS) and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare the state adopted new guidelines for the investigation of educational neglect by home schoolers. Instead of over-reacting to wild accusations or unproven rumors allegations are now pursued only if they appear to be substantiated. And any investigation is to be handled in a gentle manner which gives the family ample opportunity to disprove the claimed neglect. In a situation where actual neglect is discovered there are now more nuanced options available for the Department of Health and Welfare to come alongside the family to deal with that shortcoming. Second Crown 24 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 Third Crown And now in 2015 the Idaho legislature has again blessed all families in the state by overwhelmingly passing a strong Parental Rights statute. Pedigree of Parental Rights To understand the significance of this new law a quick look at several U.S. Supreme Court decisions is needed. In the 1920 s the court considered two important cases. In one Oregon required every school-aged child to attend a public school. In the other Nebraska outlawed the teaching of any foreign language prior to the 9th grade. In quick succession these cases arrived at the U.S. Supreme Court where novel arguments were made by the parents under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That amendment prohibits a person from being deprived of life liberty or property without due process of law. In these two cases the parents claimed that the liberties that cannot be deprived without due process of law include the freedom of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their minor children. The Supreme Court agreed. And the court went even further to declare that these rights were actually fundamental constitutional rights implicit in the concept of ordered liberty and deeply rooted in our nation s history and tradition. The significance of these declarations wasfleshed-outtwodecadeslaterwhen the Court ruled that the government may only interfere with a fundamental right in very narrow circumstances. It imposed a two-part Strict Scrutiny Test. First the interference with a fundamental right may only occur in the pursuit of a compelling state interest. Second the interference must be undertaken in the least intrusive manner possible. If the interference by the state is not prompted by a compelling state interest or if the state s interest is being pursued in a heavy-handed fashion the action fails the Strict Scrutiny Test and is deemed unconstitutional. the mother to court under a Washington state statute that gave them the right to do so. At the U.S. Supreme Court the mother reminded the court of her fundamental parental right to direct the upbringing and education of her daughters. In its decision the court agreed with the mother and ruled against the grandparents. But it declined to apply the Strict Scrutiny Test. And in so doing it took off the table the high standards that historically had to be met before parental rights could be trampled. That opened the gate to a steady line of court decisions across the country that allowed heavy-handed state actions that would have been deemed unconstitutional under the traditional test. To date 23 state appellate court decisions and two federal circuit courts of appeal decisions have taken this path. Fortunately none of these state cases have been in Idaho and neither of the federal cases was in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Had they been parental rights in Idaho would have been demoted with the stroke of a judge s pen. The Train Wreck But then 75 years later things changed. In 2000 the Supreme Court dialed back parental rights under a new decision. The case involved an appeal by grandparents who wanted to spend more time with their young granddaughters. When the mother of the girls refused the grandparents took Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 25 Idaho Legislature to the Rescue Representative Janet Trujillo (R-Idaho Falls) has a passion for protecting parental rights. In 2014 she introduced a bill to fill the gap left by the Supreme Court s decision. But the bill struggled to make headway. In 2015 she returned with a short and simple bill that declared that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the care custody education and control of their children. The bill passed the House State Affairs Committee by a substantial margin but managed to pass the full house with only a 37-to-31 vote margin. In the Senate State Affairs Committee Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis (R-Idaho Falls) asked to hold the bill in committee for four days so that he could work to make it an even better bill. With some trepidation the bill s sponsors and supporters met with Senator Davis to discuss revisions to the bill. Our concerns quickly melted as it became evident that Senator Davis meant what he said. He really did want an even better bill. And after an extended meeting the bill was redrafted in its entirety. A new section was added declaring that the legislature recognizes parental rights as being among the unalienable rights that all people retain under the 9th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. That insulated Idaho parental rights from any additional demotion of those rights by the Supreme Court under the 14th amendment. That same section also rooted them in the due process liberties under the Idaho Constitution. Again this declared that the foundation of these rights was the Idaho Constitution not the U.S. Constitution which the Supreme Court has the annoying habit of reinterpreting at its whim. The amended statute still retains references to the fundamental right of parents to direct the care custody control and education of a minor child. But now it explicitly states the two-part Strict Scrutiny Test that must be passed before an intrusion upon those rights will be tolerated. This precluded any court from failing to apply this test when considering a casejeopardizingparentalrights. With these amendments in place and with the leadership of Senator Sheryl Nuxoll (R-Cottonwood) as the bill s senate sponsor the bill was rapidly passed by the Senate with a party-line vote of 27-to-7. The bill then returned to the House that had passed the original bill by a tepid 37-to-31 vote. This time the amended and improved bill was passed by a solid 56-to-12 vote. A few days later the bill was approved by Governor Otter. The Victors Circle This long journey began when six home schooling parents were jailed in 1985 for their belief that they had the right to teach their children at home in Idaho free from state direction. Now in 2015 Idaho has broader home school liberties stronger parental rights and a better working relationship with the Department of Health and Welfare than any other stateintheunion.Youwillfindthefull story illustrated on the Idaho Home School History Display at the CHOIS Convention. Let us take none of this for granted. Make no mistake each step in the journey is a gift from God in more ways than we can imagine. But without your vigilance emails and prayers these victories would never have been gained. And without your continuing vigilant prayers and emails they can just as easily and as quickly be lost. See Cyber Tsunami page 18 for federal Parental Rights jeopardy __________________________ Barry Peters is an attorney in private practice with offices in Eagle Idaho and is one of the legal advisors for both ICHE and CHOIS. His law practice focuses on the areas of wills trusts probate and real estate contracts. 26 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 HOW BEAUTIFUL Floral desig n A floral design company for weddings and events Contact Emily about your upcoming wedding or event to develop your vision and put shape to your floral ideas. Emily Patchin DESIGNER Emily 208.921.4593 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 27 Discover Idaho Discovering Idaho through Educational Vacation Adventures he word vacation has it s beginnings in an Old French word meaning freedom or release from an activity or occupation. Vacation by definition is a relaxing break from the regular routine of work and study. Laziness and lack of learning however do not necessarily produce relaxation. It is entirely possible to experience relaxation and freedom from the everyday routine while including active learning during your vacation. A vacation is the perfect opportunity for your family to be refreshed through educational adventures. Do not underestimate the value of an educational adventure. A week of vacation learning can be worth a whole school year of bookwork in certain subject areas. When learning captures students hearts it creates powerful memories that are foundational in changing attitudes and behaviors for a lifetime. Engaging young minds with hands on education draws students into the adventure and allows them to fully invest in the learning experience. It capitalizes on the learners interests and willingness to act on their learning. Home school families have the opportunity to repeatedly expand their children s character and educational horizons with an affordable adventure vacation. If the very thought of adding another vacation detail to your to do list fills you with dread take a deep breath and begin relaxing now Turning an ordinary vacation into enduring knowledge does not necessitate months of planning or added expense though it does require a bit of creativity. Infusing your family by Connie Seward T recreation time with education requires only a minimum of extra planning and little or no added expenses. Packaged adventure trips that cost a fortune are available but your family can achieve the same spectacular results effectively and efficientlywithmuchlessexpense. A vacation is the perfect opportunity to learn through adventure. Your family adventure learning will make the perfect vacation souvenir a lasting memento that cannot be lost or broken and never goes out of style. This year as you plan your vacation challenge your family to mix fun and relaxation with educational moments to create a memorable Idaho learning adventure. Helpful Tips For an Amazing Educational Adventure themed learning adventure and structure the vacation around the theme. Native Americans mining and early settlers are a few examples of Idaho adventure themes. Exciting educational components can also be found in agricultural or sports themes such as ranching fishing and backpacking. Choosing a themed location such as the Owyhee Desert Craters of the Moon National Monument Oregon Trail or Lewis and Clark Trail is another way of planning an educational vacation. 28 CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 There are numerous learning vacation ideas to choose from. This is a great opportunity to be creative and think outside the box keeping in mind your children s ages interests and abilities. A simple way of planning is to select the date and destination for an ordinary family vacation while being careful to include planned educational opportunities. Any standard vacation such as a trip to the mountains or lake visiting relatives or even an entertainment venue such as Silver Wood Theme Park in Athol Idaho can be turned into a fabulous learning adventure. Geology botany bird identification outdoor survival or any number of interesting subjects can be experienced on a camping trip. Engineering robotics and economics are a few of the learning subjects associated with the entertainment industry. A visit to relatives might include family history or a study of local architecture art and history. Another way to plan is to select a Choose the Vacation Venue Opportunities for subject based experiences and research will whet your student s appetite for the exciting vacation days ahead. Immerse your children in every aspect of pre-vacation preparation. Math skills can be honed through budgeting for the vacation and clocking travel time and distance. Map reading cooking preparations and writing a grocery and packing list enhance both reading and math skills. Strengthen your student s initiative by giving them the task of researching and ordering free learning tools. Students can access the online public library book search feature that includes shipping books and DVD s directly to your local library free of charge. A large stack of age appropriate books covering the subject matter will prepare their minds and instill enthusiasm. Your students can also access the World Wide Web for a variety of free online articles activities and resources related to the chosen subjects. Collaborate on Preparation and Research Turn your vacation into an exciting adventure by exploring the destination environment and investigating your theme in a variety of ways suitable to your family s interests and abilities. Include lively dialogues that spark Exploring your Educational Adventure Destination Once you have settled on your vacation destination you will need to identify the subjects to be studied. One or more subject areas can easily be researched prior to the vacation and experienced during your adventure. If you have chosen a themed location or adventure you have your subject in hand. If you have chosen to enhance a regular vacation you can center your research on subject areas needing review from the previous year or subjects that will be studied during the upcoming school year. Identify the Educational Exploration Subjects inquiry numerous first hand experiences and engaging presentations. Look for enjoyable opportunities that motivate and challenge your eager students to show initiative through problem solving and innovation. Capture learning by drawing and journaling about discoveries and by recording significant finds with digital pictures and videos. Promote awareness appreciation and knowledge by collecting specimens related to the study topic. Depending on your theme you might walk the Oregon Trail sleep in a tepee pan for gold gather geodes bird feathers or flowers draw a picture of the wildlife take a picture of the architecture or video fish leaping from the water to catchflies.Anyexplorationthatimmerses your students in the environment will solidify their learning. If your destination offers themed learning tools for purchase such aspuzzles coloringbooks oridentification guides they will also enhance learning. To keep learning fresh choose from a variety of mediums for a presentation after the vacation. The dinner hour or a special vacation presentation night is a great way to showcase your learning adventure. Students can use their digital pictures to create a power-point presentation or a video can be edited for watching. Journals and essays can be read aloud. Artwork scientificnotations andspecimenscanbe shared. Presenting Artifacts and Acquired Knowledge after the Vacation points DVDs journals and essays or field specimens. Spend ample time dialoging about information gained during your past adventure. Planned art projects that turn your specimen collections into gifts or decorations will also solidify learning. Any learning games books or other themed supplies you purchased during your trip will be a delightful enhancement to your daily school routine. Connie Seward and husband Quentin home schooled their children through high school in Boise. Together they continue to enjoy discovering Idaho through educational vacations. Their latest family adventure was to Hell s Canyon where they enjoyed studying the amazing geology from a young earth perspective. PHOTOS Suzy Ketterling As your school year progresses integrate what was learned on vacation by reviewing or preparing your presentation materials whether those be power Sync the Vacation Learning with your Daily School Curriculum Adventure Learning Supplies Ring bound 3x5 cards- Costing less than two dollars these cards come in white or multi-colors. One side is blank for drawing the subject while the other is lined for recording observations. Store one for each child along with a pencil in a clear plastic bag in the car year round. Drawing Pencil Set and Sketch Pad- Quality Art in Garden City Idaho give a very nice home-school discount and items can be ordered online. Colored Pencils-One set shared amongst the family can be stored in a tin to protect their delicate tips. Zip-Lock Bag s or clear hard-sided containers-Keep the car stocked with at least one per student for collecting specimens. Journals- Curriculum Cottage in Meridian Idaho carries an excellent 8x10 grade school journal with a blank drawing page along side each wide lined page. Flower Press Binoculars Identification Guides- Save money and borrow from the library if you wish. Idaho Highway Historical Marker Guide- by Idaho Transportation Department Roadside History of Idaho- by Betty Derig Idaho Place Names- by Lalia Phipps Boone Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 29 WEBSITES online interactive publications newslet ers R E I D ADVERTISING Logos graphicAGE design a graphic design firm SIGN COLLATERAL Harvey Breaux 208-573-1157 25 Hartman Boise ID 83704 harvey web design PRINTMEDIA Just launched MAGAZINES editorial design Art Direction ADVERTISING a small-business website owned by a homeschool family social WEBSITES ColleCt NelsoN laNdscape MaiNteNaNce Erik Nelson owner 208-871-6216 Box tops CHOIS can redeem General Mills Box Tops for Education. We can earn up to 20 000 per year for our organization. Ask your extended family and neighbors to collect them for you as well Thank you for your help northwestlandscape Services include mowing edging trimming spring fall clean-up fertilzation weed control prevention tree pruning trimming and tractor services including mowing and discing. email sr phone 208.659.8408 Oh Taste And See Recitals Neil And Susanne Buckley 559-4660 Graduation Showers Weddings Milestones A Homeschool Family CHOIS COnneCtIOn Summer 2015 30 (208) 965-9125 Summer 2015 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 31 christian Homeschoolers of idaho state P.o. Box 45062 Boise idaho 83711 Please let us know if your address has changed or if you wish to no longer receivetheCHOISConnectionmagazine.Sendupdatestoinfo 17TH ANNUAL HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION it S not too late regiSter todaY