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Description: In This Issue: So Convenient!, Gluten-free Supplements, and Special Report: Retailing Gluten-free Deli & Prepared Meals

V EX ISIT BO P U OT O S H EA AT 5 ST 12 1 Go to edenfoods for info about this advertiser Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser Fall 2015 VOLUME 2 NUMBER 3 Page 6 Page 9 In This Issue 3 Editor s Page 4 In the News 6 So Convenient Gluten-free convenience soups and entr es are easy sales for grateful customers. 9 Gluten-free Supplements Sourcing nutritional supplements for Gluten-free customers. 12 Special Report Safe and Gluten Free at Your Deli or Prepared Food Counter Retailers with deli lunch counters or prepared foods sections are required to have specialized training and knowledge to keep gluten-free ingredients safe from packaging to plate. 14 New Gluten-Free Products 16 Advertiser Index 2 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 EDITOR S PAGE Mainstream Surge Causes Confusion hen I tell people that I follow a glutenfree diet I often get a laundry list of questions Do you have celiac disease No but I am gluten intolerant. Don t you miss bread No they do make gluten-free bread. I have also become the go-to girl for information regarding all things gluten free and have guided a few friends who have decided to transition to a gluten-free diet. One friend who wanted to test the gluten-free waters recently asked me for some advice and wanted to know what I ate on a day-to-day basis. I sent over a number of recipes for gluten-free dishes including an easy chicken and rice dish that has been a hit for everyone I have made it for whether they followed a gluten-free diet or not. Much to my surprise she was shocked to know that rice was gluten free. And when I informed her that potatoes were also ok to eat she practically fell out of her chair. While gluten-free diets are becoming more popular there are hordes of people who still don t know what is and is not safe to eat. According to a recent survey conducted by NSF International (see page 4) while 90 percent of the Americans surveyed have heard of gluten more than half (54 percent) either defined it incorrectly or didn t know what it was. The survey also found that consumers could not identify which products contained gluten. For instance 47 percent thought that rice contained gluten while 34 percent were not aware that potatoes were gluten free. It seems that my friend is not alone on being confused here. Because gluten is often used as a binder many times it is hidden FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM W in items such as salad dressings and spices or flavorings. In this case 58 percent of respondents were not aware that salad dressing often contains gluten while 75 percent didn t realize that gluten could be found in spices flavorings. The survey suggested a need for education and a clearer way to identify gluten-free foods. According to the recent report from Innova Market Insights (see page 4) that need is growing more by the day. Interest in free-from foods continues to rise globally and gluten free is leading the way. Products positioned on a glutenfree platform accounted for 10 percent of total global food and drink launches in the 12 months that ended in April 2015 rising to more than 18 percent in the U.S. Gluten intolerance is no longer the only reason for buying glutenfree foods said Lu Ann Williams director of innovation at Innova Market Insights. Issues such as overall well-being digestive health weight management and nutritional value are often deemed to be equally if not more important by consumers. With more labeling of gluten-free foods and the growing availability of a range of high quality products with a good sensory profile the sector seems set to take further advantage of the huge potential market for this type of product. For retailers that are assisting their customers that want or need to transition to a gluten-free diet education is key. Offering literature on the Do s and Don ts of going gluten free or holding seminars to fill in any knowledge gaps and clear up confusion can be greatly beneficial. For those of us with celiac disease or a gluten intolerance or sensitivity--trial and error is not really an option. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Roy Kieffer Sales Manager RoyK Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Shari Barbanel ShariB Assistant Corinne Anderson Editor CorinneA Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Contributing Writers Jennifer North Lisa Schofield Cara Waters Circulation Rosie Brodsky Manager Rosie VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 E-mail info Web Site President Daniel McSweeney DanM Mission Gluten Free Retailer magazine is dedicated to providing information for and about the gluten-free products industry in order to foster growth understanding and education. Gluten Free Retailer is a supplement of Vitamin Retailer that s published by Vitamin Retailer Magazine Inc. 431 Cranbury Road East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. Printed in the USA. Gluten Free Retailer Subscription Customer Service Gluten Free Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 3 IN THE NEWS NSF International Survey Finds Need for More Gluten-free Education ccording to consumer reports Americans are expected to spend upwards of 15 billion a year by 2016 on gluten-free foods a trend supported by the nearly 18 million Americans who report having a gluten sensitivity. However many consumers don t understand which foods (ingredients dietary supplements spices and condiments) contain gluten and how to correctly identify gluten-free food when shopping and eating out. According to a recent consumer survey conducted by NSF International more than half of consumers (54 percent) define gluten incorrectly or are just not sure what it is. One out of five survey respondents A define it as either a protein found in all carbohydrates or simply as wheat. Additionally a quarter of consumers (26 percent) mistakenly believe products that are wheat free are also gluten free incorrectly identifying rice (47 percent) and potatoes (34 percent) as containing gluten and not realizing the problematic protein can be found in spices flavoring (75 percent) and dietary supplements (62 percent). The survey suggests a need for education and a clearer way to identify gluten-free food and ingredients for Americans that desire a gluten-free diet. This knowledge gap on where gluten is found can become problematic for those looking to buy gluten free. According to NSF International the best way for consumers to determine if a product is truly gluten free is through a third party gluten-free verification which is represented as a seal or mark on packaged goods such as NSF s. For more information visit consumerresources health-and-safetytips gluten-free-consumer. Gluten Free Leads Free From Surge into the Mainstream nterest in free-from foods is continuing to rise globally led by the growing availability of gluten-free lines in particular. Products positioned on a gluten-free platform accounted for 10 percent of total global food and drinks launches recorded by Innova Market Insights in the 12 months to the end of April 2015 rising to more than 18 percent in the U.S. This is partly due to improved labeling regulations reported Lu Ann Williams director of innovation at Innova Market Insights but also to rising awareness of gluten intolerance in the diet and the development of more mainstream and good-tasting glutenfree products across a whole range of food and drinks sectors. Key areas for activity in recent years have been in bakery and cereal products and snack foods largely because of rising demand for alternatives to the relatively high number of gluten-containing lines in these sectors or because of the availability of alternative gluten-free ingredients. The cereal products market encompassing breakfast cereals and cereal bars is relatively well set up to cater to the gluten-free trend with numerous non-gluten cereal options already available. As a result of this and the relatively concentrated nature of the market it is perhaps not surprising that the share of gluten-free launches in the I cereals market is much higher than the average of the food and drinks market as a whole at 21 percent rising to an amazing 43 percent in the U.S. Interestingly despite being one of the product categories most strongly associated with wheat and thus gluten the bakery products sector has a slightly lower than average share of glutenfree launches recorded at 9 percent perhaps partly reflecting the diversity of the sector and the high levels of new product activity overall. The actual number of gluten-free bakery launches has nonetheless risen consistently in recent years. Cookies account for the largest number of gluten-free bakery launches with more than 40 percent equivalent to 8 percent of total biscuit introductions while bread has less than 16 percent of gluten-free bakery launches but this is equivalent to 9 percent of total bread introductions. The snacks market is also seeing a relatively high proportion of launches featuring gluten-free claims averaging 13 percent globally but rising to more than 42 percent in the U.S. In terms of product and market development the snacks market benefits particularly from the fact that many basic snacks ingredients such as potatoes corn soy and nuts are naturally gluten free so it is a claim that is relatively easy to achieve in many instances. Ingredients used to replace wheat or other cereals and offer a gluten-free formulation over the past few years have included lentils black beans navy beans cassava brown rice nuts sweet potatoes and a wide variety of other vegetables. Many other areas of the food and drinks market are also seeing rising levels of interest in gluten-free reformulations or even in just emphasizing the gluten-free nature of existing lines. Gluten intolerance is no longer the only reason for buying gluten-free foods noted Williams. Issues such as overall well-being digestive health weight management and nutritional value often deemed to be equally if not more important by consumers. With more labeling of gluten-free foods and the growing availability of a range of high quality products with a good sensory profile the sector seems set to take further advantage of the huge potential market for this type of product. For more information visit WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 4 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER Boulder Brands Realigns Organizational Structure B oulder Brands Inc. (Boulder CO) recently announced that the company has restructured its organization to better align functional teams improve the company s operational effectiveness and deliver improved and consistent results. These initiatives include the integration of Boulder Brands sales marketing and innovation functions to activate consumer-driven marketing programs and drive sustainable profitable growth. Boulder Brands also announced a series of executive officer and management changes in connection with the organizational realignment. In total the company has reduced its salaried headcount by approximately 15 percent. The company anticipates deploying the bulk of the cost savings associated with these changes against enhanced marketing activities expected to help drive velocities of core products. This strategic alignment is an important first step toward implementing meaningful change across Boulder Brands said Jim Leighton interim CEO. Through this right-sizing of our organization we are creating a more streamlined and integrated platform that will reduce administrative costs and allow us to focus our spending priorities towards innovative consumer marketing programs. Our objective is to more effectively introduce our brands to a broader base of consumers and better support these brands as distribution gains continue. The Board and manage- ment team are confident these actions will create value for shareholders by better focusing on operational initiatives that will deliver improved sustainable results. The combined sales marketing and innovation function will be led by Phil Anson who has been appointed chief commercial officer. Anson previously served as the company s chief innovation officer and will continue to report to Leighton. As founder of EVOL Phil has unique expertise around the development branding marketing and distribution of food products that are highly complementary to Boulder Brands objectives Leighton said. For more information visit Tio Gazpacho Expands Distribution Of Chilled Bottled Gazpacho T io Gazpacho a Miami FL-based line of all organic gluten-free chilled gazpacho in a bottle available in blended natural ingredients has announced its expanded distribution with United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI). Benefiting from the American penchant for taking native foods and adding a uniquely red-white-and-blue spin the brand is in a position to take advantage of its customers growing affluence and evolving tastes. Tio Gazpacho comes in three flavors thus far gazpacho cl sico (vineripened tomato green pepper and cucumber) gazpacho verde (kale spinach avocado and mint) and gazpacho de sol (yellow tomato yellow pepper and carrot). The chilled soups are organic vegetarian vegan gluten dairy and soy free and are also free of chemicals preservatives colors flavors and additives. Through UNFI s Speed to Market Program Tio Gazpacho products can now be found at 62 additional stores. This program which guarantees shelf placement in participating retailers for 90 days will enlarge the brand s national footprint in key markets within the northeast including Maine New Hampshire Vermont Rhode Island and Delaware. Furthermore this expansion increases Tio s existing presence in New York New Jersey Connecticut Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our rapid growth since we launched Tio Gazpacho a little over a year ago has been driven by consumer demand leading to increased velocity and distribution growth within leading and local food retailers explained Austin Allan founder and totally important officer (TIO). We are seeing significant repeat purchase by health-conscious consumers who consistently tout Tio s functional benefits and delicious low calorie taste as reasons for making Tio Gazpacho their preferred meal on-the-go option. For more information visit You re Hired The Allergen Control Group (ACG Ambler PA) owner of the GlutenFree Certification Program (GFCP) has announced the addition of Allen Rekunyk to the team in the role of vice president business development. Working from the head office Rekunyk will help grow the number of gluten-free brands who are permitted to display the GFCP trademarks on their company s gluten-free product packaging. FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 5 thank God every day for the natural health stores around here said Candice Rossi of Millstone NJ a 49-year-old working wife mother of two boys and sufferer of gluten intolerance. She explained that only about four years ago after years of worsening gutrelated symptoms of bloating gas fatigue and more a blood test found that she had an intolerance to gluten in her diet. I m a typical busy mom she continued and at first it was distressing to find out that I had to overhaul my entire diet to feel better. I learned about gluten and then headed to the local Whole Foods and found out that eating gluten free from breakfast through midnight snacks was easy Because here s the thing--if this happened to me about 10 years ago I would have very little choices and I would have had to spend time I didn t have making my meals from scratch. And yes Rossi is feeling quite prime thank you. Steven Hoffman managing director of Compass Natural LLC in Colorado observed that gluten-free (GF) foods have successfully traversed the bridge from fad into trend-- and now today more than a I trend it is weaving itself into the mainstream as more products become available and GF consumers who may not all be celiac or gluten intolerant perceive gluten free as healthy. Certainly we have seen exponential growth in gluten-free products from new entries and longtime GF brands such as the refreshed Glutino which was a category leader back when it was still a very small special diet category. Restaurants too are increasingly offering gluten free menu items along with vegetarian items in order to serve these evolving dietary needs. Similar to Rossi in 2002 19-year-old Vanessa Phillips of New York NY was diagnosed with celiac disease. Phillips found no gluten-free options available. Her dilemma what to eat when her favorite foods (such as Asian dishes) were now off limits. After college (and still desperately craving Chinese food) Phillips began working in the restaurant industry where she met her future husband and business partner Chef Tryg Siverson. The two began experimenting with recipes to create tasty gluten-free alternatives that became popular at their restaurant in Manhattan s Chelsea Market. As restaurateurs rather than food scientists the couple created their gluten-free Asian Dumplings wrapped in plain Ziploc bags for their customers. A Whole Foods Market North Atlantic regional buyer tried it--resulting in a successful test run in 27 locations and a national rollout sparking a line extension under the brand Feel Good Foods-- whose tagline proclaims Made by a Chef Approved by a Celiac. Substantiating the point that glutenfree convenience entr es are now coming into their own Phillips explained No one was doing frozen gluten-free dumplings or egg rolls so we felt it was a great niche and a way to make an impact on the market. And ethnic foods are a big trend in frozen foods. It is the combination of consumer activism and medical issues that have driven interest in gluten-free convenience entr es asserted Robert Atallah founder and CEO of CedarLane in California. At a certain point it becomes the right thing to belong to and companies don t want to be left behind. There is a definite need for gluten-free foods. It has much more merit than for example the trendy low WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 6 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER carb or Atkins diet that was so popular a few years ago. At a certain period of time the majority of items at the shelves in the grocery store became low carb. Meanwhile Atallah pointed out glutenfree ingredients were available all along but they were not as sought after until the demand grew. In years past medically checking for food allergies was a lengthy process so many individuals weren t always diagnosed with celiac or gluten intolerance. Today a simple blood test can clarify if these exist. This fact has led to a sharp incline of people who must avoid gluten in foods and correspondingly a swift rise in launches of gluten-free foods notably frozen heat-and-eat meals that save people considerable time in lunch or dinner prep. Laura Kuykendall vice president of Boulder Brands in Colorado maker of the Udi s brand observed that one of the biggest areas of growth for Udi s has been in the frozen category with products such as frozen pizzas single-serve and familystyle meals. Gluten-free consumers are excited to have the convenience of these products because for so long they had to make all their meals from scratch she emphasized. Specific to the frozen category we saw a decline in sales of conventional frozen entr es as consumers expressed a strong desire for organic and natural options with real ingredients-- ones they can pronounce and recognize. Udi s responded by sourcing premium ingredients like fire-roasted tomatoes kale lean white chicken and hearty vegetables for our meals. Today frozen pizza and entr es are the most popular Udi s products behind our signature gluten-free bread. For those who are in the mood for gluten-free Mexican CedarLane s newest gluten-free frozen entr e said Atallah is Quinoa & Vegetable Enchiladas. These two enchiladas are packed with quinoa black beans Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese as well as roasted Anaheim peppers tomatillos corn bell peppers onions mushrooms yellow squash black olives and zucchini--all topped with a delicious Poblano Crema sauce. CedarLane s line of frozen Omelettes Frittatas and Tamales are all gluten free as well as CedarLane s frozen Three Layer Enchilada Pie Garden Vegetable Enchiladas Roasted Chile Relleno and Eggplant Parmesan. This tasty line includes Quinoa & Vegetable Enchiladas Spinach and Mushroom Egg White Omelette Uncured Turkey Bacon Vegetable Cheese Egg White Omelette Garden Vegetable & Mozzarella Egg White Omelette Green Chile Cheese & Ranchero Sauce Egg White Omelette Roasted Chile & Cheese Egg White Frittata Spinach & Roasted Tomato Egg White Frittata Three Layer Enchilada Pie Garden Vegetable Enchiladas Roasted Chile Relleno Eggplant Parmesan Chile & Cheese Tamales Spinach & Feta Cheese Tamales Sweet Corn Tamales as well as Roasted Vegetable Tamales. Feel Good Foods now provides glutenfree Vegetable Fried Brown Rice Broad Noodles with Chicken and Chinese Broccoli General Tso s Chicken Mongolian Beef with Asparagus and Scallions and Stir-Fry Chicken and Vegetables. New from Horizon Organic is GlutenFree Macaroni & White Cheddar Cheese. According to the company its gluten-free pasta tastes great and brings the cheesiness kids (and adults) crave. Horizon Organic s Gluten-Free Macaroni & White Cheddar Cheese is made with organic pasta from a blend of rice lentil corn flour and real Horizon organic cheese. More products are available for your customers but that doesn t mean you Bring on the Soup he weather is beginning to turn darkness is descending earlier and nights and days are cooling down. This is the time when people begin to seek heartier fare. Soups are now being sought after whether as a side a pre-dinner delight or as the main course. Gluten-free soups are delicious and available in a wider variety than ever before. And of course retailers can indeed begin pitching the soup to nuts meal plans for the whole family Here are a few options for retailers to carry in their stores Laurie s Kitchen Naturally Laurie s Cheddar Broccoli Soup is rich cheddar cheese combined with a hint of blue cheese creating a creamy base with broccoli and a hint of onion. Requires 2 cups of water for easy preparation. Namaste Foods Noodle Soup Mix Gluten Free Chicken (1.5-oz.) is a tasty vegan non-GMO and gluten-free soup that can be taken to the office just add hot water and indulge. Pacific Foods Organic Soup Creamy Butternut Squash is perfect for the autumn this hearty soup is lightly T Selections As ethnic fare continues to rise in demand gluten-free brand manufacturers are more than fulfilling demand for your aisles. Respondents yum-worthy meals range from Italian to Mexican Asian and more. Udi s offers a versatile cache of easy-toenjoy gluten-free Italian entr es. New are Family-Style Bakeable Meals (Mac & Cheese Vegetable Lasagna and Lasagna with Meat Sauce) and two Skillet Meals (Three Cheese Ravioli and Sweet Potato Ravioli) joining Ziti & Meatballs Chicken Parm Penne Chicken Penne Alfredo and Chicken Florentine. Udi s also has had brisk sales of its Single-Serve Meals-- Penne & Cheese Penne & Cheese with Bacon Broccoli & Kale Lasagna Ziti & Meatballs Chicken Puttanesca Sweet Potato Ravioli and Chicken Florentine. FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM sweetened with organic evaporated cane juice and a touch of sea salt. Dr. McDougall s Black Bean All Natural Soup is a complete vegan protein source blending the flavors of black beans roasted vegetables brown rice and seasonings into a delicious hearty soup. It tastes fabulous and provides complete protein essential amino acids. StoreHouse Foods Gluten Free Soup Creamy Potato Cheddar is a hearty and nutritious soup with potatoes cheddar cheese and green onions. A pouch to plate cuisine the soup is an instant meal--just simply add boiling water. Edward & Sons Organic Instant Soup Mix Miso-Cup is a vegan soyfood boasting a rich satisfying flavor that easily replaces meat or poultry as the foundation for soups stews or gravies. It is a natural source of isoflavones and totally free from cholesterol and trans fat. GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 7 automatically have more square footage to accommodate as the gluten-free audience will continue to seek out these foods to keep themselves healthy the challenge comes in selection. Hoffman said The issue is gluten free may not necessarily mean healthy and minimally processed. Some gluten-free products are little more than potato or tapioca starch. Those gluten-free products that can make a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) claim or that may also be affordably organic or that feature whole grain nutrition would be attractive to me as a retailer. Udi s said Kuykendall has a community of more than 1.4 million friends. We are able to activate this loyal and passionate fan base to launch new products and support retail partners. In fact Whole Foods recently sold out of our gluten-free frozen pizza without traditional advertising or in- store signage. Instead we used social media channels to announce the new offering and drove consumers to specific store locations to purchase. Attalah noted that CedarLane engages in line drive promotions on the shelves and supports its gluten-free products through a national media relation campaign while also engaging in supportive social media activity including coupons. Horizon Organic offers an integrative experience on its website called the Mac-N-Ator a trove of tasty and diverse recipes all featuring the product submitted by mommy and health bloggers. More expansive is the recipe selection found on Feel Good Foods website from smoothies to entr es and more. A great suggestion (if your store has a kitchen) is to make some of these for sampling while providing recipe cards to potentially build sales at the checkout counter. Additionally said Hoffman manufacturers assist in pulling in customers by calling out GLUTEN FREE in big letters across their packaging and retailers are merchandising these products in special sets within categories. Calling out their selection of gluten-free products with in store signage and shelf talkers and also advertising this variety in newsletters fliers social media and ads can help differentiate natural products retailers from mainstream supermarkets--which may be selling more organic but are still slow to pick up on the gluten-free trend. Because gluten free is necessary for many and desired by many more going wide and deep with gluten-free entr es is a move that should see swift turnover and increased sales. Bon app tit GFR ForMoreInformation Boulder Brands CedarLane Natural Foods Dr. McDougall s Right Foods Edward & Son s Feel Good Foods http Horizion Organic Laurie s Kitchen http Namaste Foods LLC Pacific Foods StoreHouse Foods Go to frey for info about this advertiser 8 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 Gluten-Free Supplements Sourcing Nutritional Supplements for Gluten-free Customers By Cara Waters any people who follow a glutenfree diet which for some is a lifetime requirement benefit from vitamins and supplements to address common related nutritional deficiencies. But how can gluten-sensitive customers determine if a nutritional or dietary supplement is gluten free Many supplement manufacturers have traditionally used gluten as a protein source or binder and it may be listed or hidden in the inert or inactive ingredients on a product label. The FDA s (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) gluten-free food labeling ruling which came into effect in August 2014 states that foods must meet a defined standard for gluten content. This standard allows for any packaged food or dietary supplement with less than 20 ppm gluten to be labeled as gluten-free. Foods may also be labeled gluten free if it is inherently gluten free without gluten-containing grain derived from a grain that has not been processed to remove gluten or derived from gluten-containing grains that have been processed to remove gluten where the gluten remaining is less than 20 ppm. These rules apply to all imported products as well as cross-contact situations where the 20 ppm limit M remains in effect. However this FDA ruling promotes a voluntary use of labeling and it is not a legal requirement. Manufacturers are not required to test for gluten presence in their products although some serving the gluten-free market are increasingly using third party testing and certification companies which often target less than 10 ppm and down to as little as 5 ppm quantities of gluten. On top of this reality products that were released to market prior to the regulation coming into effect may still be on the shelves and the presence or absence of gluten unknown. So what is a customer searching for gluten-free supplements to do The good news is that many supplement manufacturers have already been addressing this market s needs when formulating their products and the numbers are growing. The gluten-free supplement market is approximately 15 billion in sales and represents about 13 percent of all supplements said Nancy Smithers owner of Nova Scotia Organics in Canada. As consumers continue to eat gluten-free the trend will continue to spread therefore leading the industry to expand. Bigger brands will have more options for gluten free. How to Determine if Gluten is in it The biggest challenge facing consumers searching for gluten-free products is if the product is truly gluten free said Stacey Littlefield lead product formulator for Illinois-based Redd Remedies. As this group well knows gluten hides and turns up in surprising places. From medicinal mushrooms to probiotics gluten has infiltrated many many different ingredients. It is up to the individual manufacturers to verify their label claims. There is still issue with complete disclosure of ingredients on supplements added Rachel Mitchell owner of Ausmerica LLC in Utah. Many supplements that appear to be gluten free contain ingredients that do contain gluten. In 2009 around 25 percent of supplements were found to be unsuitable for glutenfree consumers. Why would gluten be present in a supplement Smithers explained Gluten would be found in supplements because it is very high in protein with a four ounce serving of seitan which contains 50 percent of the recommended daily intake of protein. Gluten is also low in fat and high in iron with iron levels depending on how you re eating gluten. Many companies that use gluten in their supplements use it as a GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 9 FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM Gluten-Free Supplements Sourcing Nutritional Supplements for Gluten-free Customers All Beauty launched a year and a half ago. We did not want to leave out the gluten-free community and wanted to make sure as we try to change the beauty conversation and get people to think about beauty from within that it would be a product everyone can enjoy and benefit from stated Varlet. All of our ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and our manufacturer bottler is approved by the FDA. We only have ingredients that are gluten free. Redd Remedies has been manufacturing gluten-free supplements since we launched our first product in 2006 said Littlefield. Having roots in health food retail we recognized the growing needs of individuals with gluten sensitivities or intolerances in the dietary supplement category especially within conditionspecific supplements. While there were many foundational products such as multivitamins in a gluten-free format we felt that more could be offered for those looking for products to address specific health needs. Redd Remedies offers a diverse line of condition-specific supplements ranging from sinus and respiratory health to joint health bone health and pain and throat relief. Products for children include Children s Sinus Support Throat & Bronchial Syrups Lung Care and UT Soothe. Additional gluten-free products available are Pain T4 which targets joints muscles stress and the brain for advanced pain relief Throat Drops which use pure essential oils and natural flavors and Adult Sinus (also available in a chewable children s version) which targets sinus cavities immune balance and digestive balance. With regards to Redd Remedies manufacturing practices for gluten-free products Littlefield stated The regulatory and compliance issues that surround glutenfree supplements are intertwined with current cGMP guidelines set forth by FDA. In creating quality products that live up to our gluten-free claims we utilize strict testing protocols on both raw materials and finished products to verify that our products are indeed gluten-free. The specifications of each raw material we use are verified prior to manufacturing and essentially re-verified at the finished-product stage to insure the products we provide are gluten-free. Nova Scotia Organics addresses the specific nutritional needs of those with celiac disease in some of their gluten-free WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 binding agent to glue together the other ingredients so retailers need to be cautious when labeling and promoting supplements. Checking the labels is very important said Smithers. According to the Gluten Intolerance Group gluten can be found in natural and herbal supplements as added grains grain grasses or ingredients derived from grains often used in inactive ingredients as binders and fillers. Commonly used terms for grain-based fillers in vitamin supplements include wheat germ food glaze food starch maltodextrin MSG hydrolyzed vegetable protein textured plant protein artificial flavors and colors natural flavors and dextrin. Knowledge is power confirmed Mitchell. Many gluten-free consumers are unaware that supplements may contain gluten. It would be great to have a glutenfree sticker or marking system on glutenfree supplements on the shelves she suggested. Look for products from GMP (good manufacturing practice) manufacturers that have gluten-free (GF) certification Mitchell advised. What Gluten-free Supplements are Available Gluten-free supplements have been on the market for at least 10 years and new manufacturers have launched new glutenfree nutritional products within the last two years. Mitchell s company Ausmerica has been manufacturing gluten-free supplements for 18 months. Its KidzShake and KidzSprinkles products are designed specifically for the nutritional requirements of children ages 2-18. For Mitchell this venture is personal. My husband and two out of my four children have celiac disease. It is very important for me to produce supplements that are suitable for them. I also wanted to develop products that would support and maintain gut health as this is a common concern in the general population due to toxin exposure food production stress and environmental triggers she related. To ensure gluten-free products Mitchell said We have a 100 percent gluten-free manufacturing facility with regular third party testing to make sure our ingredients are all safe. We source all of our ingredi10 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER ents from quality producers with strict quality control measures. Our products will be officially certified gluten free in August. The KidzShake nutritional shake has organic grass fed New Zealand whey base that is an excellent source of protein in quantities appropriate to support the growth and development of children. In addition to being gluten free it is lactose- and casein free. It also contains multivitamin probiotic digestive enzyme and some omega-3s which support gut health and immune function. KidzSprinkles offers an alternative to gummy vitamins which can be sugary and contain artificial colors flavors and GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients. It is a flavorless sprinkle that can be added to any food and is an awesome way for supplementing your children without all the extra added sugar--which they simply don t need Mitchell said. All Beauty LLC is another relative newcomer to the gluten-free supplement market. Its product All Beauty Water is specifically formulated to help nourish and hydrate skin so it s all about beauty from within emphasized Camille Varlet CEO and founder of New York-based company. Each bottle has two glasses of water in it eight skin vitamins and seven additional skin nutrients. It has no sugar calories artificial sweeteners preservatives or flavors. products. Those with celiac disease lack certain vitamins minerals and fiber in their diet. Specifically those who follow a gluten-free diet lack vitamin B6 vitamin B12 vitamin D calcium iron thiamin riboflavin niacin and folic acid. Many of our supplements are able to nourish those who lack these essential pieces of an everyday diet such as Bone and Joint Support vitamin D3 and vitamin B complex products said Smithers. All of Nova Scotia Organics products are gluten free except for the pro- and prebiotic powder and chewables Smithers said. A few of the gluten-free supplements formulated for different ages and populations includes our Children s Chewable Vitamin C Pre and Post Natal Multivitamins and Minerals and Age Defense Formula she added. immune function and balance vitamin B12 (95 percent of patients with gluten sensitivity are deficient in B12) and a bowel regulator. Mitchell said that Ausmerica seeks to provide a complete all-in-one solution for our gluten-free customers. A complete disclosure of ingredient lists and third party testing are emerging trends retailers can expect from manufacturers. Soy nuts and eggs are other ingredients they are avoiding using in their facility. Varlet of All Beauty predicts a trend towards better tasting products in the market. Products are evolving and the market will no longer have to give up great taste for their health diet choices she said. Clean-label products and free-from products are the latest trends for both foods and dietary supplements shared Littlefield. Retailers can expect more variety and a larger volume of gluten-free products as this category keeps growing. Additional products manufacturers are trying to eliminate are dairy soy and other common food allergens in addition to GMO-ingredients. comes to knowing quality companies that perform their due diligence when it comes to label claims and quality and those that do not. She recommended they should stick with those companies that have proven quality records and those companies that have openly taken the appropriate actions when issues in the supply chain have occurred. GFR ForMoreInformation All Beauty LLC (914) 214-7449 Ausmerica LLC (435) 612-0607 Nova Scotia Organics (902) 440-5928 Redd Remedies (888) 453-5058 When sourcing ingredients for glutenfree products Smithers explained The difference between sourcing for glutenfree vs. regular supplements is that glutenfree suppliers must state that they do not manufacture ingredients in a facility which handles wheat etc. The Need for Better Labeling Practices To accommodate the gluten-free community said Smithers clear labeling on their products warning consumers of the ingredients used in a product would be helpful. When information is translated better to a consumer they are more likely to stick with that product. Providing trustworthy information will benefit both the consumer and the retailer. Varlet suggested that retailers have signs shelf talkers marks or sticker tags that help consumers identify products that are gluten free. Littlefield acknowledged that health-food retailers are generally pretty savvy when it THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT RETAILERS Emerging Market Trends Retailers can expect the gluten-free lifestyle to continue to grow therefore making supplement manufacturers more conscious of what is going on in their products Smithers reported. She pointed to other ingredients to be careful of in supplements such as chemicals. The biggest allergens are pesticides herbicides and chemicals. These three allergens can cause headaches eye irritation dizziness nausea and shouldn t be in food. This is why Nova Scotia Organics produces only certified organic supplements. We believe that these chemicals are a contributing factor in many health issues. Mitchell thinks that there will be more supplements that address the complete nutritional needs of those living a gluten free lifestyle. She pointed to The Gluten Free Society s list of Important Supplements Recommended for a Speedy Healing Process including a high quality multivitamin a comprehensive digestive formula a strong probiotic a supplement containing immune factors to help restore FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GFR s Upcoming Issue Highlights Winter 10 5 15 ad closing Best Gluten-free Product Awards Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 11 SPECIAL REPORT Safe and Gluten Free at Your Deli or Prepared Food Counter BY JENNIFER NORTH VICE PRESIDENT NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CELIAC AWARNESS A s many as 30 percent of American adults are looking to reduce or eliminate gluten from their diets. It can be difficult to separate gluten-free fact from fiction and myths about the perceived benefits of gluten-free foods abound. No a gluten-free brownie is not healthier than a gluten-containing one. Yes increasing the amount of naturally gluten-free fruits vegetables and lean protein in one s diet probably will make a difference in health energy and overall well-being. As a store owner or manager you can play an important role in setting the facts straight and helping those who need the gluten-free diet most-- those with celiac disease gluten sensitivity and a wheat allergy--live better longer. People with gluten-related disorders have differing needs and if you are going to market to the growing number of diagnosed individuals following a gluten-free diet out of medical necessity it is vital that you understand the many nuances of the gluten-free diet. 12 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER Now that we have a federal regulation spelling out the requirements for gluten-free labeling the responsibility for safety in packaged foods sits with the manufacturer. But if you have a deli lunch counter or prepared foods section you will require specialized training and knowledge to keep gluten-free ingredients safe from package to plate. I want to keep my family safe noted Jennifer Raison whose spouse has celiac disease a serious genetic autoimmune disorder. When I order cheeses at the deli counter I worry about the cutter gloves and the counter itself. I know there is gluten-free deli products but I worry about cross-contact when the staff are getting them for me especially at busy times. Sourcing gluten-free ingredients is the first step in preparing any glutenfree dish. Gluten-free flours and grains are especially high risk for coming into contact with wheat grain in the field during transport milling or packaging. They must be labeled gluten-free in order to be safe for someone with celi- ac disease or gluten sensitivity. An estimated 70 percent of commercially grown oats contain an unsafe level of wheat kernels. And the millet supply may not be much better. Once you have confirmed that your ingredients are gluten-free you will need to understand how to properly store segregate prepare and deliver your prepared meals. Some cookware can be used for both gluten-free and gluten-containing food preparation if carefully cleaned and sanitized in between uses. Other items like colanders and toasters must be dedicated for gluten-free use. Slicers can be cleaned but it may not be feasible to do so effectively with customers waiting in line for their orders. Special areas of concern in the retail setting are condiments which can be easy to overlook. Regular breadcrumbs can spread to gluten-free bread if you are double-dipping knives in mayo or spreading butter. Even this small amount of gluten cross-contact is enough to cause an autoimmune reaction in someone with celiac disease. WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 This type of exposure could put them at risk for long-term health consequences like cancer. It may sound daunting but there are many tricks and tools that can save time and help to make your operations easier and more efficient. The uses of color-coded kitchenware and squeeze bottles are great options that minimize mistakes. If you have an established glutenfree customer base training and protocols will be well worth it since these customers become loyal to establishments that serve them safely. They will bring new customers to your door through social media and provide positive word-of-mouth marketing. The gluten-free marketplace has seen such an expansion in recent years it s plain good business sense for delis and other prepared food providers to know how to safely deliver gluten-free foods to their customers--especially those who have celiac disease or other medical necessity for it noted Paul Antico Founder and CEO of AllergyEats the largest national online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants. According to Antico foodservice establishments that are properly trained in how to safely accommodate the celiac disease and gluten-free community often see a sales increase on the order of 8 to 10 percent. The profit increase is even greater he added. What kinds of resources exist to help you develop your protocols and train your staff The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) offers a convenient online training program called GREAT Kitchens. This comprehensive five-module program delivers everything from providing an understanding of the gluten-free marketplace to confirming that your ingredients are gluten-free to menu development operational processes and customer communication. The program costs only 100 for a manager and that includes an extensive training manual that you can download and keep in your kitchen. There are likely local resources that can help as well. Rachel Begun MS RDN gluten-free expert and NFCA Scientific Medical Advisory Council Member noted Just like doctors registered dietitians (RD) tend to specialize and we rely on one another for referrals. To find a RD knowledgeable in celiac disease and the gluten-free FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM If you can verify your ingredients place prominent signage stating that you use gluten-free ingredients in a shared prep space. This will let your customers make an educated decision about whether to purchase prepared items in your store. lifestyle ask your in-house supermarket RD to recommend a gluten-free expert. If you don t have an in-house RD contact a local celiac disease support group as they have a pulse on local experts. Professional organizations such as the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists may be able to help you identify a registered dietitian or qualified nutritionist with whom you can consult. And don t forget about your customers. If they have celiac disease and are managing it appropriately they are probably following these protocols at home. If you have no deli counter but you demo gluten-free products you ll need to understand some basics. Gluten-free customers are used to paying a premium for their food. They like to sample new items to make sure that they taste good and have an appealing texture. Safe protocols and procedures need to be followed when providing gluten-free samples in your stores. If you have operational weaknesses that preclude you from keeping glutenfree food safe how should you communicate appropriately to those looking for gluten-free choices The answer is simple As thoroughly and honestly as possible. Disclaimers with overly legalistic language are easy to overlook in the retail environment which can be sensory overload for some. If you can verify your ingredients place prominent signage stating that you use gluten-free ingredients in a shared prep space. This will let your customers make an educated decision about whether to purchase prepared items in your store. If you do prepare gluten-free foods in a shared prep space use caution. Don t bait and switch your customers by marketing gluten-free options just to have someone arrive hungry and leave with only a Kind bar and a bad impression. If you are unable to provide a clean safe gluten-free meal at your deli lunch counter or prepared foods section you can make your customers happy by providing high quality frozen meals or dried soups with a dedicated gluten-free microwave. Luckily there are a lot of choices from pizza to burritos to lasagna. Your customers will appreciate that you acknowledge the severity of their condition and that you are taking steps to keep them safe. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) advances widespread understanding of celiac disease as a serious genetic autoimmune condition and works to secure early diagnosis and effective management. NFCA empowers the community to live life to the fullest and serve as a leading and trusted resource that inspires hope accelerates innovation and forges pathways to a cure. The GREAT Kitchens Program of NFCA is an online multimedia course for chefs foodservice managers and waitstaff. Included with the program are tools to educate front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house staff on safe gluten-free food handling. A special offer for readers of GlutenFree Retailer magazine Take 20 percent off this convenient flexible and affordable training with the code 20%GFRetailer15 until December 31 2015 at To purchase multiple training course for your team contact NFCA Director of GREAT Kitchens Beckee Moreland at beckee or (267) 419-2105. GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 13 NEW GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS Coconut Dream LAKE SUCCESS NY--The DREAM Brand recently launched a line of Coconut Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt (MSRP 1.59-1.79 6-oz.) to join its popular Almond Dream Non-Dairy Yogurt line. Coconut Dream NonDairy Yogurt line was created in consideration of customers with food sensitivities but it is so delicious that dairy lovers eat it also. DREAM NonDairy Yogurts are made from real almonds and coconuts. Both lines are vegan and are free of gluten lactose and soy so fans with dietary restrictions can enjoy. It s a great non-dairy alternative because it s also made with nonGMO ingredients and is low in sodium. For more information call (800) 434-4246 or visit Mac & Cheese BROOMFIELD CO--This new USDA-certified organic gluten-free mac & cheese is made with real Horizon organic cheese and pasta using flour made from a unique blend of organic lentils rice and corn. A delicious go-to gluten-free dinner option this mac & cheese is a good source of protein and calcium and is available in a Macaroni & White Cheddar Cheese variety. Horizon Organic Gluten-Free Mac retails for 2.99 for a 6-oz. box. For more information call (888) 494-3020 or visit Cookies & Cream D lites CHARLOTTE NC--NoGii Cookies & Cr me Dream D lites (MSRP 22.50) are bite sized bursts of protein with 9 g of protein. Individually wrapped inside of an 18-ct. bag these delicious certified gluten-free morsels are only 130 calories and are ideal for quick on-the-go snacking. Made with premium high-quality ingredients the D Lites contain absolutely no high fructose corn syrup sugar alcohols trans fats or hydrogenated oils. D Lite s are also available in Chocolate Carmel Bliss with 7 g of protein and 120 calories. For more information visit Food Colors BEND OR--ColorKitchen s new line of decorative food colors (MSRP 2.99 2 grams) introduces the most vibrant colors available on the market containing no artificial dyes. ColorKitchen s pure pigments sourced from plants come in fun and easy-to-use color packets. Each packet provides enough color for icing a dozen cookies and more. They can also be used for glazes frosting macaroons cakes cupcakes and other baked goods. For more information call (510) 227-6174 or visit Bold Shades SAN DIEGO CA--The OmegaLabs USA Summer 2015 line of nail lacquers (MSRP 7 .44-fl.-oz. bottle) reflect the temperature change--encouraging the inclusion of brighter bolder shades which closely matches all 10 spring Pantone tones from Aquamarine to Glacier Gray. OmegaLabs USA nail lacquers are free of DBP toluene formaldehyde formaldehyde resin and camphor. For more information visit Fruit Snacks ALLENDALE NJ--Go Organically Fruit Snacks (MSRP 3.99 for 8 8-oz. pouches) are USDA-certified organic fruit snacks made with real fruit pur es and real fruit juices. Available in three natural fruit flavor assortments including Fruit Medley Mixed Berry and Tropical. In addition Go Organically Fruit Snacks are glutenand GMO-free and contain no preservatives. Each serving contains 100 percent of the daily recommended value of vitamin C contains an excellent source of vitamins A and E and are only 70 calories per pouch. Go Organically Fruit Snacks are made with natural flavors and colors from natural sources. For more information call (800) 369-7391 or visit Vegan Bacon Bits FAIRFIELD IA--Organic Matters signature vegan bacon is full of heart healthy fats loaded with great flavor soy free and best of all piggy free You can add this amazing product to any meal from an avocado wrap to zucchini chowder and everything in between. This bacon embodies all flavors from sweet and salty to smoky and savory. (MSRP 4.29 2.5-oz.). A family owned and operated healthy snack food business Organic Matters creates all organic vegan and gluten-free products including cookies caramel corn and brownies. For more information call (641) 451-7477 or visit Tasty Snacks KENT WA--Gluten free and non-GMO Free for All Kitchen crackers from PARTNERS are made with cassava flour and five ancient grains. The savory snack crackers (MSRP 5.69 5-oz.)--available in Olive Oil & Sea Salt Roasted Garlic & Rosemary and Olive Oil & Herb--are great for party appetizers snacks or part of a full meal and complement everything from traditional cheeses and soups to the most exotic dips and spreads. Gluten Free Brownie Thins (MSRP 5.29 4-oz.)--available in Double Chocolate--are made with Dutch cocoa and are so crispy crunchy and delectable that you won t believe they re gluten free. For more information call (800) 632-7477 or visit 14 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 Super Lights NEW YORK NY--This new line of fully functional thirst-quenchers is designed to support a positive inflammation response with 7 g of the brand s proprietary Hawaiian Oana Turmeric and only 40 calories per bottle. Temple Turmeric Super Lights (MSRP 3.99 12-oz. bottle) are made for heightened refreshment with organic ingredients like strawberries tart lemons and fiery ginger a symphonic adaptogen that helps maximize the bioavailability of curcumin the active component in turmeric. Furthermore Temple Turmeric s proprietary Hawaiian Oana Turmeric has more than 4.5 times the amount of curcumin as the world s predominant supply Indian Yellow Turmeric. Each bottle is organic high-pressure processed (HPP) BPA free and Non-GMO Project Verified. Temple Turmeric Super Lights are available in Hibiscus Berry-Ade Lemon Ginger Ade and Strawberry Lemon Ade flavors. For more information visit http Daily Fiber ASHLAND OR--Yerba Prima s newly reformulated sugar- and gluten-free Orange Flavor Daily Fiber Formula (MSRP 12.99 12-oz.) uses natural stevia not high-calorie sugar-based fructose as a sweetener. Unlike other sugar substitutes stevia is extracted from the leaf of a plant long used as a drink sweetener in Asia. Yerba Prima s new formulation cuts 70 percent of the calories and provides 60 percent more servings (48 instead of 30) at the same price. Unlike typical clear fiber products that mostly support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon Yerba Prima s Orange Flavor Daily Fiber Formula contains a full range of five fiber types (cellulose hemicellulose pectin gums and lignin) in both essential soluble and insoluble fiber. This can help improve digestion regularity colon health weight maintenance and blood sugar regulation. For more information call (800) 488-4339 or visit Ginger Rescue MARINA CA--The Ginger People Group offers Ginger Rescue drug-free chewable ginger tablets with ginger actives to help promote digestive health relieve motion sickness and ease gas and indigestion. Available in two varieties--Strong for adults and Mighty Mango for kids Ginger Rescue retails for 5.99 for a 24-tablet pack. For more information call (800) 551-5284 ext. 225 or visit FALL 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 15 NEW GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS Fruit Chews WHEELING IL--TruJoy Sweets new Seasonal Fruit Chews (MSRP 6.79 10oz. bag) are an organic version of the popular fruit-flavored chews available in Cherry Lemon Orange and Strawberry. Based on the success of the individual bags Organic Fruit Chews are new this year in larger seasonal package of about 50 chews that are perfect for sharing in Halloween candy bowls at work or at home. They are made with organic ingredients and all free of artificial colors and flavors. They are also corn syrup free Non-GMO project verified gluten free vegan and kosher. For more information call (224) 676-1070 or visit WOWBUTTER STAFFA ON CANADA--WOWBUTTER (MSRP 3.77 1.1 lb jar) is a peanut- and tree nut-free spread that has the same great taste texture and aroma as peanut butter but with even better nutrition. It is a complete protein source containing all nine essential amino acids that are necessary for building and maintaining muscle mass. It is made using all non-GMO ingredients and is naturally high in omega-3 essential oils which are proven beneficial for good health. In addition WOWBUTTER also has a significant array of major nutrients such as vitamin E calcium folic acid and fiber. For more information call (519) 345-0111 or visit SuperSeedz NORTH HAVEN CT--SuperSeedz offers no-shell gourmet pumpkin seeds. The newest flavor Maple Sugar & Sea Salt offers 7 g of plant-based protein 2 mg of iron and 2 mg of zinc in just one-quarter cup. All varieties are non-GMO verified cholesterol- and trans-fat free allergen friendly (gluten peanut tree nut egg dairy fish and shellfish free and include soy-free ingredients). Maple Sugar & Sea Salt joins the brand s eight other existing flavors--Really Naked Sea Salt Cinnamon & Sugar Coco Joe Tomato Italiano Curious Curry Somewhat Spicy and Super Spicy. SuperSeedz retail for 1.49-1.99 for a 1-oz. packet and 4.49-4.99 for a 5-oz. packet. For more information call (203) 407-0546 or visit ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER PAGE PHONE WEB Eden Foods Essential Formulas Frey Vineyards Living Now C2 1 8 C4 (888) 424-3336 (972) 255-3918 (800) 760-3739 (888) 669-3663 edenfoods essentialformulas frey livingnow 16 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM FALL 2015 FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc Branch Out and Join VRM Media s 1995 2015 GFR s Upcoming Issue Highlights Winter 10 5 15 ad closing Best Gluten-free Product Awards Our 2015 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2015-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Roy Kieffer at 719-358-9838 e-Mail RoyK Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP Go to livingnow for info about this advertiser