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Description: The 2015-2016 Presidential Debate Schedule | Primary Election Dates | Advocacy Resources from SECA | News to Note

Public Policy Notes S outhe r n E a r ly C hild hood As s o ci a tio n The SEC Primary It s Not Football Although most of us know the SEC (Southeastern Conference) as a prominent sports conference the term SEC primary has been introduced to explain a significant move in Republican politics. Brian Kemp the 27th Secretary of State in Georgia is the architect of the SEC primary designed to allow the South to play a significant role in the selection of the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election by bundling the region s primaries into one date early in the process. With a field of 18 presidential candidates the move may have a significant impact on the selection of the Republican nominee and could usher in a conservative candidate that reflects the South s current political climate. lection of a candidate they are getting far less attention these days as the potential outcome of the SEC primary is debated. (The Republican National Committee allows states to vote in caucuses or primaries as early as March 1 after the first four.) August 2015 Public Policy Notes states an early indicator of the importance that Inside this issue may be placed on the SEC primary. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas a conservative and Tea Party favorite has just completed a 20 stop week long bus tour throughout Southern states. Dubbed the The 2015-2016 Presidential Debate Schedule Primary Election Dates Advocacy Resources from SECA News to Note 2 3 Eight (8) states have moved their primary dates to March 1st. Alabama Arkansas Georgia North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee Texas and Virginia will all hold primaries on March 1 2016 according to information available on the website Election Central. These primaries will result in the awarding of 471 delegates whereas primaries in the first four states in February 2016 will yield only 133 delegates. (Source Eyeing March GOP Hopefuls Flood the South Wall Street Journal 8 25 15) Additionally delegates in these early priAlthough we re used to maries can be awarded prohearing about the first four portionately avoiding a states to hold primaries winner takes all scenario. (Iowa New Hampshire This new strategy has led to Nevada and South Carolina) the appearance of presidenand their impact on the se- tial candidates in Southern 3 4 Cruz Country Tour with the tour bus sporting a sign that it makes right turns only the week long trip took him from South Carolina to Oklahoma. He has just named Chris McDaniel the conservative who almost unseated incumbent Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran as his campaign chair in that state a reflection of his antiestablishment stance. We re anticipating that during the next few months you ll have the opportunity to meet more of the Republican candidates in your state. What s the Schedule On pages 2 & 3 of this newsletter you ll find schedules for the following Scheduled candidate debates for both Republicans and Democrats Republican primaries in your state Democratic primaries in your state The 2015-2016 Presidential Debates debate by stating that he would not support the other candidates on the stage if they were selected as the Republican nominee. Some notable candidates from the South did not make it into the prime time debate. Former governors Rick Perry (TX) and Jim Gilmore (VA) and current Governor Bobby Jindal (LA) participated in the forum. According to some of these candidates have likened participating in the forum to being at the kiddie table. Following is the schedule for the remainder of the Republican debate series. September 16 2015 Ronald The first Democratic candidate debate will take place at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas on October 13 2015. Other dates that were announced for the debates include November 14 2015 Des Moines The Top 10 Photo retrieved from IA December 19 2015 Manchester Fox News and the Ohio Republican Party ushered in the first of a series of nine debates (with the possibility of three additional forums) on August 6 2015. With a field of 18 candidates the debates were divided into two groups. NH January 17 2016 Charleston SC February March 2016 Miami FL February March 2016 Wiscon- The top 10 candidates in the polls were given spots in the prime time debate. Those candidates were Donald Trump Jeb Bush Scott Walker Mike Huckabee Ben Carson Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Rand Paul Chris Christie and John Kasich. The other candidates who did not poll in the top 10 participated in a forum that was held earlier that evening. Those candidates included Rick Perry Rick Santorum Bobby Jindal Carly Fiorina Lindsey Graham George Pataki and Jim Gilmore. sin Various media will broadcast debates by both parties including CNN CBS ABC NBC Univision Telemundo and PBS. Please check to determine if these dates change or to determine when debates that are not yet scheduled will happen. Click here to find a list of dates that is updated regularly. According to Larry Sabato of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia primary debates pre-date the advent of televised debates. The first modern Republican debate was held in 1948 and the first modern Democratic debate was held in 1956. Dr. Sabato states that these primaries can do two things Reagan Foundation and Library in Simi Valley CA. October 28 2015 Boulder CO November 2015 Wisconsin December 15 2015 Nevada January 2016 Iowa February 6 2016 New Hamp- shire February 13 2016 South Caro- lina February 26 2016 Houston TX Two debates forums are pending for March 2016 and a date and location have not been set for a conservative media debate. On August 6th the Democratic Party announced its schedule for six sanctioned debates and will include a much smaller field of declared candidates including Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Martin O Malley Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee. The general consensus among the media pundits is that no one won the debates however candidates were provided with the opportunity to make their policy positions known and to articulate their campaign platforms. Most analysts felt that Carly Fiorina distinguished herself and gained some ground in the forum. Donald Trump enlivened the Republican crowd at the Public Policy Notes Primary debates can move the (poll) numbers and change a front runner into someone at the back of the pack. Primary debates can produce memorable moments that influence a voter s view of a candidate. Click here to read the article. Do You Know When Your 2016 Primary is Scheduled We ve spent a lot of time in this newsletter talking about the potential impact of primary dates particularly for the Republican Party. We wanted to give you the latest information available about those primary dates so that you can begin to plan advocacy efforts around the election cycle. Kentucky March 5 2016 (Caucus) Louisiana March 5 2016 Mississippi March 8 2016 North Carolina March 1 2016 Oklahoma March 1 2016 South Carolina February 1 2016 Tennessee March 1 2016 Texas March 1 2016 Virginia March 1 2016 West Virginia May 10 2016 Georgia March 1 2016 Kentucky May 17 2016 Louisiana March 5 2016 Mississippi March 8 2016 North Carolina March 1 2016 Oklahoma March 1 2016 South Carolina February 27 2016 Tennessee March 1 2016 Texas March 1 2016 Virginia March 1 2016 West Virginia May 10 2016 Some of these dates are still fluid so you will need to confirm them as the date draws closer. Click here to enter a website that posts the dates for both Republican and Democratic political activities including convention and Executive Committee meeting dates. Republican Primaries Alabama March 1 2016 Arkansas March 1 2016 Florida March 15 2016 Georgia March 1 2016 Democratic Primaries Alabama March 1 2016 Arkansas March 1 2016 Florida March 15 2016 Advocacy & Candidates What You Need to Know During the 2014 Congressional campaigns we developed a publication Campaign 2014 Educating the Candidates that was a piece of our Just Ask Us campaign. Although it referred to the 2014 campaign the information contained in the publication is still relevant and will apply to 2016. In this publication you ll find information about what you can and cannot do in interactions with a candidate. It includes information on Awards and recognitions for candidates Hosting events IRS regulations concerning political activities and non-profits Because your organization operates as a 501(c)(3) under the IRS code there are restrictions placed on what you can do in relationship to candidates for office. Volume 8 Issue 8 Candidate forums Candidate questionnaires Personal campaigning We ve also produced several other publications such as Connecting the Dots An Advocacy Resource and Using the Internet to Advocate for Children. Click here to find the three resources we ve highlighted and many others that can assist you in your advocacy efforts on behalf of children. Page 3 Southern Early Childhood Association 1123 S. University Ste 255 Little Rock AR 72204 Phone 800-305-SECA Fax 501-227-5297 E-mail info How to Use Public Policy Notes If you re interested in advocacy one of the most effective tools that you can have is access to information. This newsletter is provided as a service to locate and share information that we think will be helpful to you in your work at the state level and to keep you updated on what s happening in public policy. You ll find information that Compares your state to other SECA states--how you re doing what issues you have in common what the hot topics are in your states. Brings the national scene to your fingertips and gives you a perspective on how national events might impact you...You ll also receive information about where to find additional information. We hope you ll find it helpful. Children need you to be their voice in your community and state. This monthly newsletter is produced by Glenda Bean SECA Executive Director. SECA strives to provide non-partisan and non-biased information A Voice for Southern Children that is of interest to early childhood educators. Sign up at http policy_newsletter_sign.php to receive notice of its availability each month. News to Note NAEYC Releases New Advocacy Resource Vote resource. Click here for their new resources on electoral advocacy. University of Florida Researcher Receives Grant to Investigate Call to Action a new advocacy resource has been released by NAEYC along with a variety of resources that support political activities during an election cycle including a Get Out the bilities in Florida and Tennessee school districts and examine and compare two variations of the Tools for Teachers intervention. New Report on the Cost Benefits of Social Emotional Learning The Center for Benefit-Cost Studies of Education at Teachers College Columbia University has released a new report The Economic Value of Social and Emotional Learning. The researchers combed through existing research and found that for every dollar that schools spend on six commonly utilized social-emotional learning programs (4R s Life Skills Training Positive Action Responsive Classroom Second Step and Social-Emotional Skills Learning) an average of 11 worth of benefits was returned to society. Tools for Teachers Dr. Patricia Snyder director of the Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Florida will lead a four-year randomized controlled efficacy trial focused on an embedded instruction intervention through a grant from the National Center for Education Research U.S. Department of Education. The study will be conducted with 324 children in 108 preschool classrooms that include children with or at-risk of disa-