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Women of Distinction Magazine WDM Gloria Layne Bieber Health and Wellness Spiritual Practitioner Intuitive Reader Our Angels Center for Well Being Wellness Counselor Owner Life Portraits International Psychic 1 Women of Distinction Connie Hertz Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Founder Owner Living In The Glow You must learn to truly love yourself. connie 2 Women of Distinction 5 10 contents... GloriaLayne Bieber 21 AnitaEloise Hawkins 35 MarleneFranke BettyA.Cooper features 13 CynthiaFabian Writing Speaking President ChiefExecutiveOfficer Fabianwriter LLC Somerset NJ 30 VeronicaM.Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Healthcare Naturopath HealthySolutionsandVeronica sKitchen Port Huron MI 37 Berthena BJ Allgood Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnosis CertifiedNeuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Hypnotherapist Emerge Transformational Coaching LLC Jessup MD 39 Fran oiseEverett Coaching Business and Lifestyle Motherhood Money and Mindset Coach Atlanta GA 3 Women of Distinction Women of Distinction Magazine ISSUE Women of Distinction Staff Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF HEAD WRITER EDITOR Holli M. Narvaez Felix Pons WRITER BUSINESSES THRIVE WHEN THEY HAVE PROFESSIONAL VIDEOS TO HELP EXPLAIN WHO THEY ARE & WHAT THEY DO. LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Rachael Raffna Anne Chilar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Diehl SELECTION COMMITTEE Rebecca Valuch Woman of Distinction Published by National Association of Distinguished Professionals 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 4 Women of Distinction GloriaLayneBieber Health and Wellness Spiritual Practitioner Intuitive Reader Our Angels Center for Well Being Wellness Counselor Owner Life Portraits International Psychic 5 Women of Distinction Calgary Alberta CAN dvising others to trust in your higher power Gloria LayneBieberdeclaresthat manytimes wedo notseethetotalityofasituationbutratherallow our emotions and ego to dictate how and what we are going todoaboutcertainevents.Knowinglychangingtheformof negative thought and promoting a positive atmosphere links ustohigherconsciousness.Livingbythissimplenotion and fortunate to have a family and doctor (Dr. Pujara P Bakul) tosupportheronherlatestjourney Gloriafinallysetoutto commenceintuitivehealingandholdworkshopsofanumber of disciplines like meditation channeling Reiki and psychic reading beginningin2000.Ithasbeenalongtimecoming. A As a Wellness Counselor and Owner of Life Portraits herconsultancybusinessthatsheformedin2004and isalsobasedinCalgary Gloriaoffersacomprehensive range of spiritual insight and holistic healing. She utilizes electromagneticfieldstobalanceclients chakrasandenergy and provides insight to aid people in coping with practical day todaystressesandlife sdifficulties.Servicesincludeaura andchakraimaging Reikienergybalance iconicdetoxbaths color therapy nutrition connecting with guides home parties and private readings and workshops. Most of my young adult life I was able to connect to spirits. I always felt different and had difficulty expressing myself in what I felt and saw in my inner mind s eye Gloria explained about her younger years living in Calgary Alberta Canada. The support of my family gave me the confidence to trust and as a child I was brought up to meditate and attend classes of well-being intuition dream therapy and others similar to those. I went to many teachings and workshops to align my selfesteem and to learn to trust in my abilities and in other people. I feel humbled and privileged to be able to connect to people through my practice Gloria said happily. It is an honor to serve and share information with others. Being empathetic serves for the greater good even though life s experiences can be very hurting at times. I hope that through my work I can help people through those difficult times and help them find their path to better understand themselves and be able to succeed. Explaining further that she desperately needed to live her life inawaythatwasnotsurroundedbydramaandnegativity Gloriasetouttounderstandherselfbetter becomemore grounded andcontinueinherjourneyinawaythatenabled self-help towards positive living. To do this she had to leave her previous management career where she had spent 25 of her former years to challenge herself without the security of a weeklypaycheckinordertodowhatshedoesbest. As a Practitioner Intuitive Reader at Our Angels Center For Well Being located in the Calgary area Gloria teaches various workshops for clients including Intuition Dream Interpretation Vision Board Reiki and Meditation. Our Angels Center For Well Being is a multidisciplinary holistic wellness center that offers spiritual and alternative treatments services andproductstothepublicwithafocusonteaching clienteletheimportanceofself-healingwithinthemind body andsoulthroughtheuseofspiritually-basedproductsand services that promote personal life transformations. She beganworkingforthemin2011. Gloria has had the good fortune to work with numerous retreats in and around Calgary. She has participated in venueslikeTheWomen sShow BodySoulSpirtExpo anda numberofhealthshowsaswell.Shewasprivilegedtoattend the2014EmmyAwards andshealsoattendedthe2015 Oscar Awards in their gifting suites. Gloria has interviewed on televisionandradioandhaspublishedarticlesinTheRising Women Magazine relating to the holistic industry. Gloria currently works out of Our Angels Center For Well BeinglocatedintheKensingtonareaofCalgary Alberta Canada. She offers spiritual alternative health treatments with a focus on teaching clients the importance of self-healing withinthemind body andsoulthroughtheuseofspiritually basedpracticesthatpromotepersonallifetransformations. 6 Women of Distinction 7 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What purpose does an aura or chakra have A Auras and chakras are a window into the state of the personality of the inner soul. They provide information about the choices you make at a given point in time and how these decisions fit with your inner truth. When the path you are taking does not align with your inner purpose your auras and chakras will let you know. They are the true indication of balance and inner peace. Q What is an aura A An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies reflecting colors that denote your state of mind body and inner being. Your aura colors are determined by physical mental emotional and spiritual states of being. Without energy we would not exist. The human aura is an energy occurrence within a highly complex system. The aura is the external representation of a creative life force that energizes and sustains our existence. As a functional energy form that envelopes the physical body the aura provides a channel for interacting with other energy sources and dimensions including other human aura systems. Q What is color therapy A Color and light around the chakra centers tell the secret of the body s physical mental emotional and spiritual balance. The different colors represent different frequencies and that represents the health of the body s core energy locations. These are the points in the body that balance thought emotion spirit and other life-affirming dimensions. Q Are there spiritual teachers on the other side A Guides are with us at every step. In essence they try to teach and guide us along our path throughout our life. We try to form a communicative style in order to render one s conscience mind to reach out to our teachers. They give us information through our senses on how to make the best decisions for ourselves at any given point in time. Q Doesone shealthornutritionplayaroleinbalancing A With the body and spirit working together through time and dimensions as a whole we can heal the body through nutrition. Each chakra accounts for its current state respecting both the function it play within the individual where it sits in the body and what nutritional elements it needs to thrive. For example the root chakra is the body s grounding network and it likewise finds nourishment through root vegetables while the body s sacral chakra controlling sex and creativity finds healing through sweet fruits nuts and a select few spices. Q How does one learn to feel energy A Subtle energy is the life force energy field of a living thing that most people cannot see with the naked eye. We all have the ability and use it naturally so that most of the time we do not really think about how we actually do it. Examples include sensing the mood of a friend before they speak walking into a room and feeling that you could cut the air with a knife and knowing that someone is staring at you. Q Canenergybeblocked A Energy feeds and nurtures the soul. When there is a blockage the physical spiritual and mental well-being may be at risk. One of the greatest gifts a healer can offer is to willingly be a conduit of Mother Nature s energy to work with you through your energy blockages. The art if Reiki however is beyond removing blockages. It comes in the skill and knowledge of being able to read the meaning behind a blockage to provide clients with information on what the energy source means. Q Why do people feel anxious A Anxiety is the body s natural response to when you feel threatened or under pressure. One individual may suffer from intense anxiety attacks that strike without warning while another gets panicky at the thought of change. Someone else may struggle with fear or intrusive thoughts. Yet another may live in a constant state of tension. Q Howcanonebecomesilentinthemind A Relaxation meditation and guided imagery is effective in silencing the mind. It sidesteps the logical and analytical centers of the brain. Q What is transcendental meditation A It is a technique that uses a mantra to encourage in a passive attitude. It is the use of a mental device through repetition of sound word chant or prayer that teaches one to be quiet and move away from distracting thoughts. 8 Women of Distinction 9 Women of Distinction AnitaEloiseHawkins Franchise Food Entrepreneur Fresh Healthy Cafe Prosper Texas nita Eloise Hawkins is making moves and making hermark bothinindustryandinthelivesofthose who need it most. To Anita the two are intimately connected. A creative visionary and the savvy wife of veteran MajorLeagueBaseballpitcher LaTroyHawkins Anitaisa multi-faceted entrepreneur mentor and philanthropist and istheauthorofagripping soon-to-be-releasednovel The Storm After the Storm. President of Trokar Builders LLC a three-year-old Texas residentialconstructioncompany Anitadidn tstopthere.She establishedLadyEloise LLC whichspecializesinnatural living in2013.Fromthatfoundation shespearheaded her newest venture Fresh Healthy Cafe an international franchiseandgloballeaderinthequick-serve healthyfood industry which challenges its customers to Reinvent how youthinkaboutfastfood. Asthemasterfranchiserforthe Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Anita is opening the premiere restaurantinherhomecityofProsper Texasbyearly2015 andplanstoestablishnineadditionallocationsoverthenext fiveyears. Anita sinterestsinhealthandnutritionhavedeeproots. Her greatest professional inspiration is her grandmother whomsheaffectionatelyreferstoas LadyEloise. Aprolific entrepreneurandnaturalist Eloisefoundedanumberof businessesbetween1932and1955 includingsalons modelingandcharmschools abarberschool andtwo beautyschools oneofwhichwasthefirstblack-owned interracialbeautycollegeinGary Indiana ofwhomAnita recallsasa phenomenalwoman . From the time she was young Anita watched Eloise make her ownfreshjuicesandfoodsrightfromherbackyardgarden. Her extensive talents included creating her own haircare products performingbodycleansesforhercustomers and most importantly preparing healthy natural foods for her loved ones. A Eloise sinfluencehadaprofoundimpactonyoungAnita whowouldlaterfollowinhergrandmother strailblazing footsteps. From an early age she got Anita actively involved in community service dance classes modeling and anything productiveornoteworthy.Infact Anita searliestenterprise wasahairsalonsheinheritedfrom LadyEloise inher teenage years. It is in this same enduring spirit that Fresh Healthy Cafe caterstohealthconsciouscustomerswhocareaboutwhat they eat and how it affects the environment. Extending beyondthestandardbusinessmodel Anita spremiere locationwillbelarger than the usual store so it can offer nutrition classes to its customers and employees. She and her general manager for Fresh Healthy Cafe a licensed nutritionist intend to pass alongthesebenefitsand more to their employees and customers. They have many plans onthedrawingboardto ensure that Fresh Healthy Cafe gives its customers an unforgettableexperience that is refreshing delicious and educational. We just want to help people along the way down to providing practical training and nutritionplans.Wedon twanttohelppeoplechangetheir diet everybodyusesthatword.Wewanttohelpthemmake alifestylechange Anitaadded. For Anita helping people is a high priority. She volunteers regularly in the community especially reaching out to girls in need. Through Young Women Incorporated Anita meets weeklywithagroupof40middle-school-agedgirlsduring the school year giving them guidance on a variety of topics includingpeerpressure boys healthyeatingandhygiene personaletiquette andsoon. Anita also works with Where Are You an organization that provides assistance to individuals and families in repeat homelesssituations andworkswithcharitableorganizations suchasSt.JudeChildren sResearchHospital. She didn t go to the store and buy all that processed stuff she made everything from scratch. 10 I give back because I know what it is to do without. I wasn t poor growing up but I learned what it was to struggle when I became a single parent at 16 years of age and was forced to fend for myself and my newborn child she said. When I see someone in need my heart goes out to that person because I know what it s like. Compassion for the hurting and hopeless also compelled Anita tobeginwritingher upcoming novel The Storm After the Storm the moving story of Aere abeautifulgirl who must weather devastating personal storms asshe journeys through life. Aere sexperiences expose many issues that are all too common today-- tragic situations that girls teenagers and women alike face on adailybasis.This compelling true-to-life storyisamust-read andisplannedforreleaseinearly2015. Anita intimates Storms have waves...they peak calm down and then peak again. From early on in her life Aere experiencesdevastating waves thatthreatentowashaway herwell-being herfamily andevenherfuture.Ibelieveher experiences will speak to countless women young and old andhelpthemtoseethereisalightattheendofthetunnel. What snextforthisdynamicvisionaryandself-made entrepreneur ForAnita theskyisthelimit butfirstand foremost shewantsherfeettostayfirmlyplantedwherethe rubberhitstheroad.Shewantspeopletoknowthatsheis humanandmakesmistakes justlikeanybodyelse.People mightseeherdresseduplikeshethinksshehasitall but she snotperfectbyanymeans she sstillaregularperson. Shehasbeenmarriedfor13years andtheyhavetwo childrenandadognamedDiamond.She sverytransparent. She can relate to people right where they are. OneofthebiggestlessonsAnitahaslearnedinlifeistonot bediscouraged. Evenwhenwearedown sheadvises ...weshouldlearntocelebrate--becauseinreality the downsideistheupside. Shecomparesthistoridinginan elevator itgoesdown butitalwaysgoesbackup.Thisis justpartoflife.Wehavetolearnhowtotakeafewblows taketheupswiththedowns.Weneedtobethankfulfor where we are and keep pressing forward. As for my endeavors I want people to say What is she doing now Where is she going She has been there done that and now she s moving forward to the next thing. I m married to a very accomplished man but I don t want to simply be known as a baseball player s wife. I want my endeavors to stand on their own. Not unlike my husband I want to leave a legacy. I want to encourage and inspire others even young girls to be go-getters and start up their own businesses. 11 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you think Fresh Healthy Cafe is relevant in your market A Texas has the highest number of overweight people in the world so there s a huge need for a healthy option to traditional fast food. People eat unhealthy fast food because it s a quick convenient option. But they aren t thinking about what goes into the foods they are eating. We can still eat healthy foods that are quick and our Fresh Healthy Cafes will help turn the tide. Q What do you feel is one of the most important things an entrepreneurhastodotobuildasuccessfulbusiness A Know your market and keep pressing toward your goals. Do your homework. Refuse to let personal opinions and or setbacks hinder you from achieving your objectives. Q What are your main functions as a master franchiser for Fresh Healthy Cafe A Being a master franchiser takes a lot of work. Since I own the master franchise people who want to open a Fresh Healthy Cafe in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex have to come to me. I d start by helping them with their marketing process securing the best location etc. and then teach them how to make the best presentation for customers coming into the restaurant. We d also come in a couple days a week and provide nutrition classes for customers and employees. Q What steps should prospective Fresh Healthy Cafe franchise partners take to connect with you and get started A They can contact me directly by email or by looking up job and franchise opportunities on our website. Q What general word of advice would you offer to future Fresh Healthy Cafe franchise partners and employees A Know it and live it. The best way to promote our products is to live a healthy lifestyle. You can t promote a product unless you are absolutely living it. Q What sonechallengeyoufacedthat scontributedtoyour overall direction and success A Dealing with health and weight issues the last 13 years have been a journey. It s been tough but I ve learned a lot along the way. I know now that I can successfully manage my pain and still function without having major surgery and without taking medications. Overall my physical issues have helped me to keep my bubble in the middle professionally. They are just bumps in the road I deal with each bump and keep moving forward. Q Whatareyourthoughtsabouttraditionalfastfoodsand howtheyaffectthebody A Most of it is junk and I don t eat it but I do eat red meat. We have our own cows which we slaughter once a year. They are free-range and I know the food they eat is hormone free so I know it s healthy for me and my family. You may not know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods mentally but your body knows the difference physically. Q From your experience with medications what led to your decision to go medicine-free A Because when you are stressed your body stresses. Turning to medicine is just putting a Band-Aid on what s on the surface when the root cause is lying underneath. Medications have side effects not all of them are immediate. We need to change our lifestyle start reading food labels and making different choices. Q Speaking of shifts what was it like for you in the midst of yourbusylifestyle totransitionintowritingabook A I actually didn t have to make a shift because I love to write. I m a natural writer and a firm believer that you don t realize the full scope of what you actually think until you go back and review your thoughts and experiences in retrospect. When you write things down and go back to them it enlightens a lot of situations. I m the type of person who notices little things other people don t really notice. This is how I came up with the life value of finding a reason to smile every day. Q Doyouhaveanyotherenterprisesonthedrawingboard A There are a lot of exciting things in the works. I came up with this approach after getting my general contractor s license several years ago and establishing Trokar Builders LLC so that I could take over completion of our dream home. Trokar has recently closed with D.R. Horton on the 1.52 million sale of 32 lots in the Hawk Ridge neighborhood of my home city of Prosper Texas. And of course I would miss it if I didn t put in a plug for my next book Becoming Lady Eloise. I m excited about writing this great book pulling from the many lessons I have learned from my grandmother s incredible influence experiences and expertise. 12 Women of Distinction CynthiaFabian D Writing Speaking President ChiefExecutiveOfficer Fabianwriter LLC Somerset NJ escribingherselfas theheartbeat ofhersmall business CynthiaFabiancreatedFabianwriter LLCin2012 asawaytofurtherherwritingcareer. Having formerly taught English and English as a Second Language to high school students for ten years Cynthia had the opportunity to write curriculum and lesson plans which onlymadehermoreintriguedbythewritingprocess.After each school day was done she would spend her down time writingforherself.Herwritingssoonbecamemorethanjust ahobby andCynthiafoundherselfheadinginacompletely different direction professionally. Since that time Cynthia has transitioned from a full-time teacher to author and speaker. She goes on writing assignments and speaking engagements all over New York andNewJerseyandwriteschildren sbooksinbetween while also marketing them for sale. She hosts her own websitewheresheblogsoftenonvarioustopicsandprovides informationaboutupcomingevents.Sheisinlovewithher careerandsometimesit shardtobelievethatshe sbeenin businessfortenyearsalready eventhoughtheLLCwasn t officiallyformeduntillastyear. Withherteachingdaysnowlongbehindher Cynthiafocuses allofhertimeonherwritingcareer.Shedoesn teverbelieve insittingstill unlessofcourse she sinwritingmode.She s constantly on the go which in her line of work is considered a prerequisiteifyouwanttothrive. It sabookintendedforallageswithbeginnerand intermediate reading levels as a way to help individuals overcomewhateverobstaclestheymaybeencountering in life. The main character Henry who suffers a stuttering problem isteasedandbulliedbyhissister.Withthehelpofa greatartist Allen Henrylearnshowtobelieveinhimself. In2011 CynthiareleasedOrchestrainOurBrainthrough StrategicBookPublishing whichusesmusicalmetaphors toexplainepilepsy.Orchestra smaincharacter Robert has epilepsy. The plot focuses on the child and how his teacherhelpshimtocopewithhisseizuresbyusingmusical metaphorstodemonstratehowthebrainworkswhilehe s havingone.ThisbookwasinspiredbythefactthatCynthia too has struggled with epilepsy her entire life. She wanted toaddressthetopicsothatchildrenofallageswouldbetter understandtheconditionandnotbeafraidoftheeffectsithas on those with the disorder as well as those witnessing it. Finally Can tandAble Cynthia smostrecentbook which wasreleasedinJuly2012 alsothroughStrategicBook Publishing andisabookforreadersfiveyearsofageand up.Itspeaksoftheever-populartopicofbullyingbyusing metaphorstohelpchildrenunderstandwhatbullyingisand how to stop or prevent it. I never waste time it s too precious. Television doesn t relax me and the news just keeps me up at night. So usually I put on some music and just start working. It is amazing how quickly you can get your work done when you designate time for it. Todate Cynthiahaswrittenfourchildren sbooks.The first whichwaspublishedin2009throughPublishAmerica entitled Those Sweet Nothings is a collection of vignettes depictingdatesgonewrong.It sanassortmentoffunnyand stark interviews that prove that not all dates were meant to be.Shedeclareschemistryastheprimecomponentofavery successfulorverymiserableendingtoadate. Hersecondbook publishedin2010throughStrategic PublishingCompany SecondHandArt featuresthelifeofan artist that works in a recycled medium. I write books to try to help others. Inside me is the desire to show others how to embrace English and love of reading just as I had always done. I love what I do. 13 Women of Distinction As a writer it is crucial for Cynthia to set realistic goals. Of allthefieldsoutthere writingrequiresyoutotargetinon yourgoals makesuretheyarerealistic andalsobevery organizedinnotonlyyourthoughtprocess butalsohow youlayitalloutonpapertobesuccessful.Shebelievesin staying consistent making six months goals creating tasks foryourself andstickingwiththosetasks becausethose tasks will constantly change. Rather than wasting time Cynthia values the importance of making time to market herself and her work. Cynthia also served as an adjunct professor while she was a full-time school teacher. She taught Basic Skills and ESL for fiveyearsatQueensboroCommunityCollege Kingsborough CommunityCollege andStatenIslandCollege.She salso heldvariouspositionsasawriter copywriter publication writer proofreader assistanteditor andeditorwithfirms likeWorkingWomanMagazine AlertPublishingCompany Healson Communications and ACE Community Technology which spanned the course of ten years. The former teacher has also proudly written numerous op-ed piecesforvariouspublications includingNewYorkNewsday. Shehasbeeninvolvedinconsultingprojectsdatingback to 1986 that included work with Prestwick House Princeton Review andWNET-Channel13.Sheisalwaysavailable to write as a ghost writer for other authors too which she admits isaninterestingwaytokeepherskillssharp .She s written lesson plans for Channel 13 Online ( andhasbroadcastedliveonoverfiftyradiostations todate asarelationshipexpert.Inshort thereisn tmuchCynthia hasn tdoneinrespecttoherwork. Whenshethinksabouttheimportanceofmentoring one friend BarbaraRudel comestomind andshehappenstobe a grief worker speaker and writer. Something Cynthia values inherisherabilitytoworkwithothersinordertogetpast their negative mental state. As a relationships expert and motivational speaker Cynthia can relate in that she speaks with others that are going through various types of pitfalls and everyday issues in regard to their relationships. Cynthia spentsometimeatalocallibrarytakingaboutherfirstbook whichwasarelationshipbook.ThoseSweetNothingsgave hertheopportunitytoreachouttoothersbetweentheages of twenty to eighty in which they asked her for advice on how to solve their personal relationship issues. Although Cynthia isn tacounsellor shewasabletotalktotheattendeesand helpthemfindnewromance. WhenCynthiaisn twriting eitherforherselforsomeone else andwhenshe snotoutinthefieldmarketingherbooks speaking or giving relationship advice she tutors students fromagesfivetotwenty-one privately inEnglishand English as a Second Language. She provides supplemental individualized instruction in reading writing study skills phonics and related areas. She tutors in parts of New Jersey andallthroughoutthefiveboroughsofthecity. BorninCaliforniabutraisedinNewYorkCity Cynthia attendedQueensCollegewheresheearnedherBachelor s DegreeinEnglishWriting.ShefollowedupwithaMaster s DegreeinTESOLatSt.John sUniversity alsolocatedin Queens NewYork.SheisamemberwithUnitedFederation of Teachers American Federation of Teachers and the International Association of Speakers Bureaus which is a non-for-profittrademembershiporganizationfoundedin1986 andismadeupofspeakers bureaus lectureagencies and speaker management companies located around the world. She also likes to get involved with her local community when shehasthetime.She svolunteeredatherlocalsoupkitchen bystockingtheshelveswithfood whichshefoundtobea veryhumblingandrewardingexperience.Shealsodonates cannedgoodstothekitchenonaregularbasisandtoseveral othercharitableorganizationsclosetoherheart. One of her favorite things to do though is speak to the childrenandadultsatarealibraries.Topicsofdiscussion include TakingPrideinOneself Don tDisMyAbility AntiBullying Workshops How to Have a Relationship After Sixty and Love It Having fun at Any Stage in Your Life and more. At the end of the day though it is up to Cynthia to make thebestofhercareer thedirectionshe staken andwhat s she sbroughttothetable.Sheplanstocontinuewriting andpublishingchildren sbooks butevenmoreimportantly it smoreaboutinspiringotherstopursuetheirhopesand dreams.It sateacher swayofthinking andnomatterhow farshehasstrayedfromtheclassroom she llalwaysbea teacher at heart. 14 Women of Distinction IngridBoyd Real Estate Real Estate Consultant Nest Seekers International New York NY W ithanexpertiseinbothhospitalitymanagement and marketing Ingrid Boyd transitioned seamlesslyintorealestatein2010.Through thesuggestionofafriend Ingridbecamearealestate consultant loving the potentials and almost limitless advantages that came along with a real estate career. Asarealestateconsultant Ingriddoesbothresidentialand commercialrentalsandsales domesticallyandabroad. Herjobistoeducateclientsandlearnasmuchabouttheir preferencessothatshecanhelpthemfindandsecurethe bestmatchavailable presentvaluableandfeasibleoptions and ultimately makeherclients dreamsareality. Ingrid is extremely loyal to her clients. She strives to give themthebestoptions willgiveherhonestopinion and when she gives her clients her word they can take it to the bank.Sheisaprofessionalandverygoodatwhatshedoes working to exceed expectations and deliver what her clients expect and then some. Real estate thrives on popularity and integrity and I do my best to spread both. I try to be patient honest and most importantly driven. I have aligned myself with successful leaders in the real estate industry and learned the skills I need to become successful and disciplined. Ingrid currently works at Nest Seekers International in New YorkCity.TheagencydoesnotsolelydealinNewYork but hasofficesinBeverlyHills EastHampton Southampton Bridgehampton Water Mill Metropolitan New York as well as Miami Florida. Nest Seekers has entrenched itself in thethickoftheHamptonsrealestatemarketandthefirmis certainlyontherise alreadyknownasoneofManhattan s most elite. Furthermore NestSeekershasinternationalaffiliatesin Europe Asia Latin America and the Middle East. By expandingtheirnetworkgloballyratherthanlimitingthefield domestically this real estate company has created immense exposure for all property listings in effect allowing for prospectivebuyersinanycountrytoexpressinterest which canonlybenefittheirclients. Nest Seekers is featured on the BRAVO TV program Million DollarListings.Theteamofbrokersandprofessionalsfrom thefirmarefeaturedthroughoutthedifferentseasonsandthe exposurehasgreatlyimprovedtheshow sratingsandavery positive image of the agency as well. Each of my clients deserves the same treatment no matter the size of the deal Ingrid said about treating each client fairly. I only have one reputation so I need to steward it well. NewYorkisauniquemarketandinventoryisverylimited. Ingridestablishesgoalsandboundarieswitheachclientto avoidwastinghertimeaswellasherclient s.Timeisone ofthemostvaluableassetsinthisindustry.Ingridhasseen first-handdealsthatweremadeorbrokeninamatterofhours or even minutes. The real estate market does not wait for anyone itisfirstcome firstserve. In2005IngridgraduatedfromExcelsiorCommunityCollege inJamaicawithanAssociate sDegreeinTourism Hospitality and Entertainment Management. Several years later she migratedtoNewYorkandcompletedherBachelor sDegree in Hospitality Management at Monroe College in New Rochelle NY. She graduated cum laude and was an Honor Award recipient for Superior Academic Performance. 15 Women of Distinction Involved with several organizations in her local community some pertain to real estate such as the Real Estate Board ofNewYorkandManhattanChamberofCommerce. Acknowledging that involvement in any organization will benefitIngrid scareerthroughnetworking sheisalsoa memberoftheMid-ManhattanBranchoftheNAACPand the Reel Sisters Society of New York City. Ingrid also tries to volunteer at least twice monthly for programs such as NYCACTSO High School Enrichment Program BBCN Bronx BethanyChurchoftheNazarene andtheCysticFibrosis Foundation. Asahumanitarian Ingridbelievesthateverylifeisunique and therefore valuable.Aprimarygoalistocontributetothe positivechangeinthedifferentcommunitiessheisaffiliated with.Havingagreaterpassionforyouths shetriestobea partofthingsthatinspirethemtobelievethattheskyisnot thelimit thereisabeyond. Whilemostofhertimeisfilledwithbuildinghercareer Ingrid does enjoy sports meditating and occasionally entertaining. She is a great emcee. As an avid reader and someone who likes watching great movies and documentaries Ingrid pulls professionalinspirationfromthosewhohavegonebeforeher thatweredefiantlysuccessful. Q&A Q Whatdoyoulikemostlyaboutyourjob A I like being right on the money. After my client has described what they are looking for and I offer options when they become elated I m happy. Q WhichisyourfavoriteManhattanneighborhood A I find each community to be so unique. I like working in the West Village but for living I think I d choose the Upper Eastside. Q Why do you like the West Village A It is relatively small very dynamic and always alive. People are always out and engaged in some pleasant activity. Q Why do you like the Upper Eastside A It has everything more space and less distractions. It comes very close to a residential community all around. Q Whatisthebiggestmistakeout-of-townersmakewhen they migrate to New York City A New York City is unique in every way. They assume that real estate in New York is the same as what they are used to. Q Whatisthebiggestproblemwithrenters A For residential it is having a guarantor. For commercial it is key money or having extra security deposit. Q Whatisyourbestadviceforyourclients A Be prepared. Have all of your necessary documents ready to secure your ability to take it off the market. Q What kind of documents must you have A Generally a photo ID proof of income and security of funds. Each landlord varies but these are the basics. Q What documents should a sales client have ready A Cash is King. But if they require financing get a preapproval from their bank or lending institution. Inventory is limited and sellers don t entertain unpreparedness. Q WhatdoyouenjoymostabouttheCity A No two days are ever alike. There is always something new happening somewhere so you won t ever get bored. I haven t yet fulfilled all my goals Ingrid notes. I may lose a couple of times before I get there but I never quit Ingridcomesfromabigfamily.Shehasanextremelylarge extendedfamilywhoaremostlystilllivinginJamaica butshe does have some family in Europe Canada and the United States as well. 16 Women of Distinction ConnieHertz Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Founder Owner Living In The Glow St. Paul MN 17 Women of Distinction H elpingothersfrom beingstuck andunable to move forward in their lives to giving them a blueprinttocreatetheirdreamswithmanageable steps isthereasonwhyConnieHertzdecidedtobecome acertifiedcoachandthefounderofLivingIntheGlowin January2014.Afterleavingasuccessfulcareerasan oncology nurse Connie wanted to continue helping people ithasbeenoneofthemostsignificantvaluesinlifeand wasn treadytostopsimplybecauseshedecidedtoleavethe healthcarefieldbehindher. Thoroughlyenjoyingtheprocessofwitnessingherclients transformations taking place after they complete her courses Conniebreaksdownthenecessarystepsitwilltakeforeach ofthemtogetoutoftheirrutandbackontracktolivingalife they love. Her program helps each of them achieve this goal andsheenjoysbeingapartofthisamazingtransformation process. Mindset is key to transformation. OneofConnie scoachingsessions calledM.O.V.E4Ways of Getting Unstuck and Living the Life That You Love is key toherclients breakthroughs.Givingpeoplehopethroughher variousprograms sheispassionateabouttheimportanceof taking the time and money to invest in oneself to grow and learnandisproudtobeabletooffertheseservicestoclients. ConnieishostingaGLOWKauaiRetreatOctober7-14 2015 ontheislandofKauai whereshewillbeteachinginparadise theLawsOfTheUniverse.Gotoherwebsitetolearnmore www.conniehertz.comTherearelimitedspotsavailable. I went through some difficult times in my life with my former husband s drug addiction and then his leaving me for someone else in 2001. I found strength through my adversities and as a coach I can help others to help themselves specifically women who are going through transitions such as divorce empty nest syndrome aging and other difficult life changes that come along. 18 Women of Distinction Connie is the sole owner of Living In The Glow which is basedintheTwinCitiesofMinneapolis St.Paul Minnesota where she lives. She coaches people all over the world via Skype. She networks often to share her signature speech and findpeoplethatareagoodfittoworktogetherinbettering themselves through lifestyle wellness and dream coaching. Connectingwithothersandbuildingsolidrelationshipswith thosewhosharesimilarvaluesissomethingshebelievesin and is also something she sees her clients strive for as well. Conniehasco-authoredanAmazonBestSellerin10different categories called Succeeding In Spite Of Everything. She hasbeeninterviewedontheSoaringFurtherRadioShow DivineGoddessRadio theCliquePodcastforherworkin coaching andhashadanarticlepublishedinIAmEnough Magazine entitled Can You Look in the Mirror and Say I Love You .Sheenjoyswritingherweeklyinspirationalblog which canbefoundonherwebsite BorninToledo Ohio Connieisthesecondoffivechildren. Married at age 26 she has two children son Adam and daughterAbby.Adamismarried andtheyhavealittlegirl andanewbabyduethisfall.Abbyisnowworkingandliving inKauai Hawaii.Connieisinawonderfulrelationshipwith herpartner Hale andtheyhavebeentogetherfor11years. Theyhavebeenspendingagreatdealoftimeremodeling theirhomeinMinneapolis.Theybothenjoytraveling. Connielovesspendingtimewithherfamily aswellasbeing in the company of great friends. She also enjoys learning exercising reading cooking and singing. I have several messages to share with others out in the world Conniesaidfinally andit smyhonortosharethem. BecomingvulnerableissomethingthatIhavefoundIneed inordertobeabletogetoutthereandgivemysignature speech giving those in the room the tools needed to live with morejoyintheirownlives. You must learn to truly love yourself. As I have learned to love me I have more compassion and love for others as a result. Creating daily personal practices to support your growth and spirituality is essential. Being consistent also allows for a healthier calmer loving centered and successful life. Being happy in life has everything to do with taking care ofherself.Exercisingregularly beingconsciousabout healthyfoodchoices takingbeneficialsupplements meditating regularly and reading and writing in a gratitude journal are some of those key components in taking care of herself.TheseelementshavecontributedtoConniebeing abletolivemostofherpresentmomentsinlove joy and appreciation whilealsobeingabletopayitforwardtoher clients especially women. Women as she says play a role inhelpingotherwomendoandbewhotheyweremeanttobe hereonearth. Helpingotherwomenisaverypowerfuland uplifting aspect of her coaching. Graduating with a nursing degree from Northwest Ohio School of Practical Nursing in 1974 Connie spent seven years as an anoncology nurse. She volunteered at Ball HospitalinMuncie Indianapushingtheir LaughterCart downtheaislesandhandingoutfunnymoviesandbooksto illpatientstohelpbrightentheirday.It sbeenproven she says that laughter strengthens the immune system. She also volunteered at a local soup kitchen in Minneapolis Minnesota called House of Charity alongside some of her familymembers chairedSt.PaulAl-Anonforthreeyears volunteered for many years in the St. Paul Al-Anon Intergroup office workedinretailfornearlysixyears partneredwithNu SkinEnterprisesasanindependentdistributorfor10years andformedEssentiallyYouthfulLLCin2009.Becoming certifiedincoachingthroughtheInternationalCoaching Federation Connie attended Dream University and graduated inJanuary2012 whereshelaidthefoundationasthefounder and owner of Living In The Glow. In her downtime she serves as one of eight individuals on the Platinum Advisory Committee of eWomen Network at an international level is amemberofWomeninNetworkingintheTwinCities just wonthe2015WINConnectorAwardandisatrainedCircle Group Facilitator for Awesome Women where she hosts small circles in her home. Connie is also now hosting monthly Women In The Glow Circles as well. 19 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel loving yourself is at the core of living a life you love A It all begins with how we feel about ourselves. The more love we have for ourselves the easier it is to be patient and kind to others and the more joyful we are in our present moments the more we have in our lives. Q Doyousometimesgetstuckinyourlifeandfinditdifficult to move forward A It s natural for human beings to go through up and down times in our lives but if we have guidance to move out of the down times more quickly and learn the lessons from these times it s easier for us to celebrate the accomplishments or up times in our lives. Q Doyoufindithardtoliveinyourpresentmomentsinlove joy and appreciation A Many people would like the key to living more of their present moments in love joy and appreciation. What I have found is that it is easier to do this by stopping looking around and focusing on the things that you appreciate. I teach people to go on a Rampage of Appreciation Doing this truly works for myself and for others. Q Woulditbehelpfultohaveaformulatogetunstuckmore quicklywhenyouaren tsurehowtomoveforward A Most people have found that my M.O.V.E formula is simple and really is a key to getting unstuck. Q Whywoulddevelopinghealthy dailypersonalpracticesbe beneficialforyourlife A When people are consistent with healthy daily personal practices it sets them up to feel better each day physically emotionally mentally and spiritually. Q Doyoustilldreamaboutwhatyouwouldlikeinyourlife A Yes I have many things I still dream about Some people have stopped dreaming of the things they would like to have in their lives. Through my program I help people learn how to dream again and actually have a blueprint to achieve any dream they have. Q Isittruethattakingownershiporresponsibilityforyourself and your life are vital to living the life you love A By taking ownership or responsibility for what you do or don t have in your life you are able to remove blame making you free to focus on what you do want to have and what you would like changed. Q Do you talk to someone when you have something going oninyourlife likewhenyou restuck ordoyoukeepitall inside A Studies show that verbalizing what is going in your life with someone you trust and someone who supports you helps you to move through whatever is going on faster. Q Doyoubelievethathavingconnectionstospirituality whateveritisyoubelieve helpsyoutoliveahappier more joyful life A Studies have also shown that those with regular spiritual practices are individuals who are calmer more loving and kind and are living a more joyful life. Q Doyouthinkhavingaclearblueprinttofollowwouldbe helpful in working on achieving a dream A Experts have proven that the people who have a clear simple blueprint to follow to achieve a dream are more apt to achieve them. In my program I give a very clear simple blueprint of how to achieve a dream that is truly important to them. 20 Women of Distinction MarleneFranke Fashion ChiefDesignOfficer MarleneAtelier Chicago IL 21 Women of Distinction T hepassiontocraftimpeccablymadecustom garmentshasbeeninMarleneFranke ssoulsince the age of seven when her mother would take her to a weekly sewing group in New Jersey to create suits and dresses together. While she saw it as an activity she loved shewonderedifitwouldbepracticalasacareerchoice. As a result a series of events after college led Marlene to the accountingfield whereshewouldrunasuccessfulpractice for many years. Yet for all the positive strides she had made inthisarena Marlenecouldn tignorethefeelinginsideher thatsomethingwasmissingfromhercareer shejustwasn t happy. She decided to sell the practice creating a crossroads in her life unlike anything she had ever known. Whileponderinghernextcareermove Marlenefilledher transitionperiodbydesigningawardrobeofsuitswithvintage patternsfromthe1950 sand60sthatshehadcollectedover the years. And then something amazing happened. Womeninherbusinessnetworkshehadknownoverthe yearsbeganaskingher Wheredidyoubuythatfabulous suit and HowcanIgetoneformyself WhenMarlene told them she had actually made the suits her friends and associates were shocked. They implored her to start her own businessmakingsuchcustomfittedsuitsforwomen.Fresh fromleavingonebusinessasanentrepreneur Marlene questionedifshewasreadytojumpbackintobusiness ownership. Still theinquiriesgrewmorefrequent.Assheresearchedthe market to discover if there was truly an opportunity to create customsuitsforwomen Marlenecouldn tbelievewhatshe found tailorsacrosstheboardweremakingmen sstyle suits for women Where were the classic feminine designs Wasanybodywillingtolistentotoday scontemporarywoman and create designs just for her Marlene wondered. Incredibly nobodywasfillingthatrole.This combinedwith consistentrequestsforhersuits wasallthejustification Marleneneededtostartherbusiness.Evenmore encouraging a chance encounter in the elevator of a downtown Chicago advertising agency led to the introduction to her master tailor Gidal. Finally onSeptember20 2012 withover350peoplein attendance the Marlene Atelier line was launched. Marleneisinvolvedinboththedesignandbusiness development of the company. Marlene Atelier focuses on developing intensely personal relationships with its clients. Her clients include high-level female corporate executives wholeadincrediblybusyliveswhooftendemandthekind ofdeeplypersonalattentiontheysimplycan tfindanywhere else.Marlene sprivateshowingexperienceaccommodates thebestofbothworlds onethatisflexiblefortheclient s schedule while still making them feel as though they are theonlypersonintheroomwhomatters becausetheyare. These showings along with the relationships Marlene forms with her clients help her create customized one of a kind creations. It brings me more joy that I can express in words to create a garment for a woman that makes her look and feel empowered and beautiful. Each client holds a special place in my heart not because of what I have given them but what they have given me the opportunity to create something beautiful. Two historical women have played a role in the development ofMarlene sphilosophyinbothherpersonalandprofessional life Gabrielle(CoCo)ChanelandQueenElizabethI.Like them Marlenebelievesincommittingdeeplytoherbusiness. Beingbold thinkinglong-term andfollowingherheart s desire are what helped her succeed thus far. Marlene sits on the Professional Advisory Committee for the ChicagoFoundationforWomen.Sheisalsoontheboard forAlmostHomeKids whereaportionofMarleneAtelier proceeds are donated to further their efforts. The Illinoisbasednon-profit smissionistoprovidetransitionalcareina home-like setting to children with highly complicated health needs training for their families and respite care. MarriedtoherhusbandJeffrey Marleneandheandreside in Chicago. She has a close relationship with her father who lives in Indianapolis and her sister and her family who live in Orlando Florida. I believe that all the combined experiences I have had in my career and in my life have lead me to this moment. Everything I do reflects a legacy that my mother started so many years ago and a passion that I had all but forgotten. I know I will do this for the rest of my life and I plan on dying with a needle and thread in my hands. 22 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Where do you get the inspiration for your suit designs A My designs are inspired by the fashions of the 50s and 60s. I was tired of seeing such masculine suits for women and wanted to bring back the soft feminine lines of that time period. Q Do you tailor your own suits A No. I have a third generation European tailor Gidal who is so amazingly talented. He does all the cutting and tailoring by hand. Q How long does the process of getting a custom suit take A Because each suit is made specifically for each client it takes about six to eight weeks. Q What is a private showing A This is a one-on-one consultative meeting with our client. We help her select the design fabric colors lining and buttons and then take over 20 different measurements. Q What happens after the private showing A We order all the material and once received my master tailor and I have a design meeting to discuss how the suit will be constructed. Then he makes his initial cut and bastes (large loose sticking) the suit together. We are then ready for the first fitting with the client. Q Howmanyfittingsdoesitusuallytake A Usually two. We want to make sure that the suit not only fits perfectly but is flattering to our client s figure. Q Wheredoyougetyourfabric A We are very particular about the quality of fabric we offer our clients. The majority of it is imported from England Italy and France. Q We noticed that all your suits are shown with skirts. Do you make pants A Yes. If a woman prefers pants we can customize any design that she would like. Q Doyouhaveaboutiquewhereyoursuitsaredisplayed A No. Gidal and I work out of our Atelier (workshop) which is located in the Gold Coast in Chicago. Q Willyoubeexpandingthelinetootherofferings A Yes. This spring summer we will be introducing a series of silk charmeuse blouses and next year we are looking to expand the line further to include capes and coats. These will be offered in standard sizes and available for purchase on our website. 23 Women of Distinction MissySueMastel CPA Telecommunications Billing Fraud and Risk Management Principal Forensic Auditor and Owner Mass-Tel Communications 24 San Francisco CA Women of Distinction W omen can get on a path of math and science in the most circuitous way. Missy Sue Mastel hadalwaysbeeninterestedinjusticeandfair play andwasoftentheonemediatinggamesandconflicts amongherchildhoodpeers.Bythe1990 s asastudentat Georgetown University Missy recognized a serious dearth of accountabilityandjusticeincorporationsandthegovernment soauditingseemedlikeagreatfieldtoexplorehow companies governments and people conducted themselves. Evolution in telecom happens all the time and it is the needs of customers that drives much of that change. Eventually something revolutionary will happen that will change the wayacompanydoes orshoulddo business.Missyhas restructured and redesigned telecom infrastructure for a wide varietyofclients fromFortune20companiestobowling alleys cookie companies and micro-lending institutions. She hasalsoassistedstatesindevelopingrobustandwelcoming telecom programs for other state agencies and their citizens. After four years of auditing with KPMG in San Francisco California and Perth Australia I founded Mass-Tel Communications in 1996. My focus is creating the best practices in auditing and accountability for organizations that use telecommunications services and products. ThevisionMissyhadforhercompanyinthebeginningwas tocreateasenseofaccountabilityamongfirms telecom and datacarrierswhosemainbusinessobjectivewaspercentage ofmarketsharesothatcustomerservice billingaccuracy andcustomers needswouldn tfallbythewayside.By showing the savvy CFO or telecom manager that they could hiresomeonelikeherselfwithoutsideexpertise she dbethe one to pay attention to the details and get a healthy dose of financialjusticeforthem. Sharing this vision of justice with her clients has altered thewaythatbusinessesviewtheirvendorrelationships distinguishingcorecompetencyinITfrombestpracticesin organizationanddesign.Missyalsobegansharingvision withheremployees askingthemtoembracenotonlythekind ofconfidencetheycouldprovidetoclients butalsowhatthe companycoulddoforitsbelieversandlocalcommunity. Without forensics and fraud controls people may think they are cutting corners for the good of their shareholders not recognizing the detriment to another stakeholder group Missy said about the importance of forensics auditing. In telecommunications in particular market share is such a compelling metric that authenticity and accuracy gets marginalized. It isn t easy to be a rules enforcer but companies are grateful for people who can approach such a job with compassion and humility. A different perspective can be useful to find errors or better ways for companies to tackle their issues. Missywasinvitedtowritetheseminalbookon telecommunicationsauditing TelecomAudit publishedby McGraw-Hill andbelievesithascontributedtohersuccess bygettinghernameoutthereandintroducingaccountability inthefieldofIT.Italsosolidifiedtheirofferingandhelped create the program that has saved organizations and citizens millions of dollars. Having graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor sinAccountingandInternationalManagementin justthree-and-a-halfyears MissythenearnedaMaster sin Theology.Sheandherhusbandhavetwochildrenandshare themottothatsays Ifyoucanenvisionit wecandoit .She enjoysplayingelectricguitarinherfamilybandandhasapet pigLuna whowouldbethebesttopicforachildren sbook if she ever retires to do it. Governments and firms change CIOs regularly bringing in new philosophies and structural ideas. This is innovation and it s fantastic. But making those work Deciding to move a company to the cloud or between carriers requires not just a vision but a best-practices execution with an eye on the resources of the company. Governments and firms change CIOs all the time bringing in new philosophies and structural ideas. This is innovation and it s fantastic. But making those work Deciding to move a company to the cloud or between carriers requires not just a vision but a best-practices execution with an eye on the resources of the company. 25 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Many people would say that telecom connectivity is a commodity with no growth. Why do you still do it A Telecommunications reinvents itself all the time. Just look at Google glass. Very smart people invent new devices incorporate new technologies and then other people like myself show businesses how to use them to their advantage. Q Whatisthemostexcitingthingyou veseenrecently A The most exciting thing I ve seen recently are new industries and the faces of the people who lead them. Communication is at the heart of every organization it is like the nervous system and these new companies are building synergy in their companies by being creative with their communication. Q HowdoyoufeelaboutGoogle A Google is great but innovation is happening everywhere. Google just mass produces it. So even a small company can put two great minds together by using connections and create something bigger and better than they had before. Q Isitunusualtobeawomanintelecom A There are plenty of women in telecom but I admit they do not make much of a splash. I think women overall are challenged to operate and innovate just like men but are judged poorly when they are not supportive and nurturing in their roles. It s a tough place to be but I know some women who can do it well. Q Doyoubalancethedichotomybetweeninnovationand nuturing A Telecom is exciting and innovative and consulting really offers me an opportunity to be a thought leader while still supporting and nurturing my clients and staff. But making a splash is really about writing and teaching for me. Q Whathaveyouwritteninyourfield A Actually I have written quite a few articles and done a fair bit of speaking and lecturing over the years. Some people think that Telecom Audit was my first book but I actually wrote one in college on Women and Theological Practice. I m finishing another text on Cloud decision management really honing in on forensics of the cloud a word that is still too sexy for people to be paying much attention to the costs and opportunity costs. Q Isithardtofindthetimetowrite consultandlivealife too A I believe that if you find interesting projects and really invest yourself in the moment whatever it is that you are doing you stop worrying about the past or the future and that time almost expands. Thus you keep doing things you really love doing and time never runs out. Q What advice do you have for young people entering the workforce A Pay close attention to the socio-economic gap between the upper and lower classes. It will be the game changer for your generation. Every job functions as a redistributor of wealth and getting your arms around who you really make money for will determine your success or failure. Q Do you have any other advice A Don t try to choose a career choose work you love. Choose work that doesn t feel like work. If you start every sentence with Everyone knows that... consider the demographic and statistical analysis. If you cringe when you read typos consider editing. Try to be who you are and get paid for it you will relish the opportunities to learn and truly enjoy your successes. Q WherewillMass-TelCommunicationsbeinthefuture A Right here. The larger the large companies grow the harder it is for them to get to the edge of their universe. Consultants give corporations a highway to the edge to see best practices in the marketplace and how to get there. As long as companies sell connectivity Mass-Tel will be there to keep things fair and just. Q WherewillMass-TelCommunicationsbeinthefuture A Right here. The larger the large companies grow the harder it is for them to get to the edge of their universe. Consultants give corporations a highway to the edge to see best practices in the marketplace and how to get there. As long as companies sell connectivity Mass-Tel will be there to keep things fair and just. 26 Women of Distinction NancyD. (Hollandersky)Butler Motivational Speaking National Professional Speaker Award-Winning Author BusinessCoach AboveAllElse SuccessinLifeandBusiness 27 Waterford CT Women of Distinction F or 25 years Nancy D. (Hollandersky) Butler worked intentlytobuildanassetmanagementandfinancial planning practice from scratch. Beginning in 1981 Nancytookhercompanyfromzeroto 200millioninassets undermanagementbeforesellingthebusinessin2007. Thatsameyearsheswitchedgearsandbecameabusiness coachandfranchiseconsultant foundingAboveAllElse Success in Life and Business in Waterford Connecticut as awayofpayingitforwardandpassingonherexpertiseshe s developedoverthecourseofherveryprofitableandvery successfulcareerinfinance. Asanational professionalspeaker businesscoach and author Nancyhelpsbusinessesandindividualsimprove performanceandbuildsuccesswhileleavingaudiences energized educated andexcitedabouttheirfuture.She helpsbusinessesdoabetterjobfortheirclients whilealso improvingtheirbottomline andaidsindividualsinlivingmore successful fulfillinglivesandrealizingtheirdreams. Ethics is number one to me always. I believe the old saying of do unto others as you want others to do unto you is wrong. Instead I believe it should be do unto others as they want to be done to Nancy explains. Just because you like it a certain way doesn t mean the other person does. Nancyalsohassomeofherownsayingsthatshebelieves ringstrueinbusiness too like Itmeansmorewhenyouget thereifyouhadtoworkforit Effectivetimemanagement canbringyousuccessinbusinessandlackofitcanbreak you and It sprogressthatmatters notperfection . Speakingasatrueleaderinherfield Nancyhasalwaysput herbestfootforwardinrelationtobusiness.Whilegoing goingthroughadivorcewithnoincomeandonly 2 000 tohername shequicklybecamemotivatedtofigureouta new life plan for herself and her children. Failure was not an option for Nancy. Her children are what initially gave her the drivetobuildasuccessfulbusiness andonceshegotstarted andwasabletowitnesswhatadifferenceshewasmakingin peoples lives herinspirationsoared. SomeofthesecretstoNancy ssuccessalsorelyinaffiliations thatkeephersharpandup-to-dateinherfield.Sheisan activememberofNationalSpeakersAssociation Financial PlanningAssociation ConnecticutAuthorsandPublishers Association ChamberofCommerceofEasternConnecticut National Association of Professional Women South Eastern ConnecticutWomen sNetwork andEstateandTaxPlanning Council of Eastern Connecticut. By participating with various groups Nancyisalsoabletomeetandnetworkwithallsorts ofprofessionalswithvariedinterestsandbackgrounds. Nancykeepsapersonalbucketlistwhenitcomestolife too becauseitcannotalwaysbeaboutwork.Althoughitmeans she may sometimes have to push hard to make some of them happen she also realizes that they are the things that will invigorate her and make her feel even more alive. Her daring ways have already taken her down deep in the South African waters in a shark cage and petting and laying down with a fully grown Cheetah. She has parasailed swam with stingrays and dolphins rode on a camel in Egypt in a hot air balloonhighupinthesky andevensailedonaplanewith noengine.She shopingtolearntoflyanairplaneandtravel more andshelovestodophotography scrapbooking make specialty cakes sew and care for her precious grandchildren Taylor and Chase. Nancy is a mother to two daughters Tammie and Heather and step-mother to son Jeff. I enjoy helping others reach greater levels of personal and business success that they have not yet been able to achieve. I have worked with people from a wide variety of industries and of all ages. The difference I have been able to make in their lives and their businesses is extremely rewarding. AsownerofAboveAllElse SuccessinLifeandBusiness Nancyoverseestypicaldaytodayresponsibilities such asmanagingthefinancialsandmarketing inadditionto conductingspeakingengagementsandservingasabusiness coach.Shehasalsowrittentwobooksandhashadmany articlespublishedinherfieldofexpertise.In2012she authoredherfirstbookAboveAllElse SuccessinLifeand Business.In2013 shewonafirstplaceawardforhershort story titledWhatanInspiration.In2014sheauthoredher secondbook ARealtor sGuidetoGreaterSuccess. Nancy also teaches for Cape School as a continuing educationinstructorforfinancialandinsuranceprofessionals. She sbeenteachingforthematmultiplelocationsin Connecticutsince2008.Assomeonewhohadtolearn everythingabouttheindustryfromthegroundupwithno previousknowledgeinthefieldorhowtorunabusiness efficientlyandeffectively ithasbeenarealtreatforhertobe abletobeontheoppositeend.Itisimportanttohertopass ontheknowledgeshehasacquiredoverthelast31years to helpothersbesuccessful. Certainthatthebestwaytogetstartedinbusinessisby developingagreatbusinessplanthatyoucanfollowandhold yourselfaccountableto Nancysaysit simportanttotake calculated risks whenever an opportunity arises. She says to thinkbig workhard andalwaysputethicsfirstifyouwantto thrive. I believe in living life to the fullest. I d rather try something and find that I don t like it than have passed up an opportunity. Life is short and I want to experience as much as I can. 28 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Whydoyoufeelthatyourbusinessisimportant A For many people both life and business has become very busy and complex. I help individuals and businesses achieve their business and personal goals efficiently and effectively. Q Canyoutellusalittleaboutsomeofthetopicsyouspeak onforbusinesses A There are many challenges businesses have in common regardless of the industry they are in. I speak to a wide variety of businesses on topics I have developed and then further customize for their specific industry. Some topics include anchoring your clients to you how to be the company of choice time management an effective system to be sure it all gets done thinking outside the box taking your business to the next level your vision for the future personal and business a plan to get you there systems to better serve your clients and maintain an ethical and efficient business balancing life and business successfully and many more. Q Are there any industries that you specialize in A I have worked with a wide variety of industries either as a speaker for their meetings conferences or other events as well as for group and individual coaching. I also have special programs for realtors and real estate managers florists and financial professionals. Q Canyoutellusalittleaboutsomeofthetopicsyouspeak on for individuals A I speak to groups of all ages with a goal of helping them live more fulfilling happy and successful lives. Some topics include what success is and how to obtain it things you can do while your mind is sharp to help you maintain your independence longer as you age how to overcome adversity and have a successful life how to thrive as a single parent family with little or no financial support ways to make resources last stretching your retirement savings money management good habits from the start and many more. Q Aretherespecificgroupsyoufocuson A I have experience expertise and background in many areas and can inspire motivate and help people from all walks of life. I have spoken to senior groups college students authors teens inspired at risk youth and many others. Q Whatdoyouenjoymostaboutyourworkasanational speaker A I love providing excitement and enthusiasm to many people for their personal and business lives. I enjoy helping them determine what success is to them and then helping them to achieve it. It feels great to see the difference I make in a business and the quality of a person s life. Q Whatpromptedyoutowriteyourfirstbook A I never considered myself a writer. Because of my unique extremely challenging but successful background many people told me I should write a book about my life. After several years of being asked I decided to write the book. I found the process to be much more time consuming and difficult than I thought it would be. I am proud of the finished product and how it may inspire others to greater levels of happiness and success. Q Whattipwouldyouliketosharewithstart-upbusiness owners A The old saying If you keep doing what you ve always done you will keep getting what you ve always gotten is true in business. You must continually change to grow. If you do not update upgrade and make continual improvements to the service you provide your customers or clients and the way you run your business your competition will and you can be left behind. Q Otherthanthetwobooksyouwrote haveyouhadother workpublished A Yes. I have been quoted in Money Magazine USA Today The Day Women s Day and many other publications both in print and online. I also won first place for my short story What an Inspiration presented to me by The Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association in 2013. Q Can you tell us some of the companies organizations or governmententitiesyouhavebeenaspeakerfor A I have been a speaker for the US Navy The US Coast Guard Dow Chemical North East Utilities Pfizer Inc. General Dynamics Ameriprise Financial Services The Special Event (TSE) in Phoenix Arizona Northeast Floral Expo State of Connecticut Park and Recreation Association Western Mass Business Expo Connecticut Association of Senior Center Personnel Trinity Real Estate Management Company in Boston Chamber of Commerce of SE Connecticut Connecticut Business Expo in Hartford several radio and television shows and many more. 29 Women of Distinction VeronicaM.Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Healthcare Naturopath HealthySolutionsandVeronica sKitchen 30 Port Huron MI Women of Distinction N aturopath Veronica M. Donnelly CNHP CNC ND started her career after her children were grown. She was always interested in healthy living and she knows and teaches that good health is certainly a journey. Veronica also says to add regular chiropractic care. Chiropractors use hands-on spinal manipulation and other alternativetreatments.Theproperalignmentofthebody s musculoskeletalstructure particularlythespine willenable thebodytohealitselfwithoutsurgeryormedication. Beingacertifiediridologist Veronicaseestheeyesas windows intothebody sstateofhealth.Iridology is an alternative medicinetechniquethatclaimsthatpatterns colors and other characteristics of the iriscanbeexamined todetermineinformationaboutapatient ssystemic health. Practitionersmatchtheirobservationstoiris charts. The chart divides the iris into zones that correspond to specificpartsofthehumanbody.Veronicaalsosuggests ColonTherapy becausedeathbeginsinthecolon.Their nationalwebsiteishttp www.i-act.organdtheycanalsobe reached at 210-366-2888. Andfinally thelastandmostimportantthingVeronica recommends is to have faith in God. Self-employed Veronica goes to seminars to stay informed. It simportantthatshebeagoodexampletofamilyand friendsandtriestobefriendly helpful andpositivewhen working with others. While some are much more pessimistic andnegativethanothers Veronicadoesherbesttoexplain thatitisourownresponsibilitytogethealthyandthat everyoneneedstoworktobelessdependentonmedication and other drugs. Veronica holds monthly meetings at her local health food store. She also does food demonstrations featuring a variety ofhealthyrecipes atherhousethroughanotherbusiness shestarted calledVeronica sKitchen.Sherecentlybecame a consultant to Thrive Shelf Life and plans on sharing this throughherVeronica sKitchenwebsite aswell.Sheisalsoa certifiedfoodhandlerfortheHealthDepartment. As a stay-at-home-mom while her children were young Veronicadidn tstarthercareerinnaturopathuntil1990. Under the guidance of Dr. Shasky ND a good friend who happenstobehernearly90-year-oldsister shewentback to school. She attended Trinity College of Natural Health becomingaCertifiedNaturalHealthProfessionalin1998.In 2004sheearnedherDoctorateofNaturopathicMedicine. Finally in2007 shebecamecertifiediniridology. Crossword puzzles and challenging computer games such as Words with Friends are some of the things Veronica enjoys doingonherdowntime.Shehelpsservebreakfastforthe needy every Sunday at a local church which is the highlight ofherweek.She salsoapasthealthandtemperance leader at her church and used to volunteer as a driver for the American Cancer Society. Healthy living has changed my life. I like teaching people how to get well and stay well and love seeing positive results in others. Veronica teaches that we are all Mind Body and Soul or Holistic. When one is out the other two suffer which is why weneedtotreatthewholebody.Thereareseveraldifferent ways that Veronica suggests to do this. First itisimportanttoknowyourbloodtype O A B orAB. This encourages people to eat certain foods and avoid others basedontheirbloodtype.Itisalsobelievedthatyourblood typealsodeterminesyoursusceptibilitytocertainillnesses and how you should exercise. Second Veronica stresses the importance of water consumption.Ourbodiesaremadeupof70%water soif youtakeyourbodyweightanddividethatnumberinhalf that showmuchwateryoushouldbedrinkingperday.For example ifyouweight150pounds youneedtodrink7.5 eight ounce glasses of water. My suggestion when it comes to drinking water is to drink one eight ounce glass of lemon water first thing in the morning using organic lemons or organic juice and steam distilled water. And please please don t use tap water. Wait five minutes or so and drink a second eight ounce glass followed by four ounce glasses throughout the day. At first you will urinate quite often but as your body adjusts to the water intake it will get better. It is also important to know if you are allergic to anything. Allergiesareanabnormalresponseoftheimmunesystem. People who have allergies have an immune system that reactstoausuallyharmlesssubstanceintheenvironmentor asubstancebeingdigested.Veronicasuggestskeepinga food journal to help track what you eat. Muscle Testing is another holistic practice that Veronica recommends to do. Muscle testing is a noninvasive way of evaluatingthebody simbalancesandassessingitsneeds. Itinvolvestestingthebody sresponseswhenapplying slight pressure to a large muscle to provide information on energyblockages thefunctioningoftheorgans nutritional deficiencies andfoodsensitivities amongotherthings. 31 Women of Distinction Through prayer and her faith in God Veronica made a positive difference in the corner of her world. She loves Jesus herfaithintheTriuneGod andtheBible.She believesthatbyhelpingothersshewillbehelped too. Twokeythoughtsshetriestolivebyare 1)It snicetobe importantbutit smoreimportanttobenice and2)People don tcarewhatyousayordobuthowyoumakethemfeel. Veronicaandherhighschoolsweethearthusbandhave beenmarriedfor59years.Theyhavesevenwonderful children seven precious grandchildren and four sweet greatgrandchildren.Fouroftheirchildrenliveoutofstatebutthey love traveling to visit them. Several of them are in the health field too soVeronicaishappythatherlegacywillliveon. I love life and people have a strong set of Christian values and a sense of humor. I am a loyal and faithful friend. The caption under my high school picture was Cheerleader and leader of good cheer. 32 Women of Distinction AngelaL.Perri Healthcare Education Services President ChiefExecutiveOfficer PERRI SOLUTIONS LLC Huntersville NC ngelaL.Perrihasbeenworkingexclusivelyinthe healthcare industry since 1997 primarily focusing onhealthbenefitsforthepublicsector.Workingto improvethehealthcaresystemonbehalfoftheelderlyand thepoorhasbeenherlife spassionandasthepresidentand CEOofPERRISOLUTIONS LLC sheisabletoadvocatefor full care continuum service delivery across the country. A Women she says have historically shielded away from technologyroles butbelievesitischangingandwascertainly critical to her long-term success in the industry. Inspiredbyhergrandmotherwhosufferedaheartattack that resulted in open heart surgery Angela got involved in hercaredecisions.Workingtocoordinatebetweendoctors specialists home health attendants nurses physical therapists and others she was left feeling overwhelmed even for someone who worked in healthcare herself. She was also appalled at the lack of coordination communication any focus on her grandmother instead of just her condition and lack of support. Angela wanted more than anything tomakethesystembetterforherGramandeveryonelike her. Dedicating her entire career to her dear grandmother thematriarchofherfamily Angelaisfightingtomakethings better. I ve seen how fragmented services are how confusing it is and how ineffective it can be if a person s practitioners are not talking to one another and it s an ongoing struggle to bring all physicians pharmacists caregivers and others together for just one person. AngelaholdsaBAandMBAandisacertifiedSixSigma Foundingherorganizationin2014 whichislocatedin BlackBeltinbothprocessimprovementanddesign Charlotte North Carolina so that she and her team could disciplines. A person of faith she is a Special Olympics work independently within healthcare Angela serves as a coachandHabitatforHumanityvolunteer.Sheloves visionary leader and trainer. Primarily focusing on Medicaid horsebackriding playinggolf andboatingonLakeNorman. Medicare SCHIP foster care and at-risk youth she has Shealsowritesforherownpersonalandprofessionalblog. experienceworkinginnearly30statesandhaspromoted HerparentsandextendedfamilyallliveinClarksburg West changesinhealthcarepolicyonbehavioralhealthin Virginia where she grew up. Washington DC.Shehasalsobeensuccessfulinbeingable tobalancefiscal financialaspects dataneeds technology and good clinical practice recommendations rather than 33 Women of Distinction focusing solely on service. Q&A Q What kinds of consulting services can you do A While PERRI SOLUTIONS LLC focuses in healthcare primarily our goal is always to create efficiencies. As a Six Sigma Black Belt I specialize in process improvement and design integrity which can be applied to any business or organization. We are also experts at creating strategic business plans marketing and leadership or sales trainings. Q What or who do you work with as a client A PERRI SOLUTIONS LLC works with state agencies covering Medicaid Medicare Juvenile Justice SCHIP MediCal the Marketplace state and county governments state and county boards of education health plans hospital systems provider groups technology companies small and mid-sized businesses. Q Itfeelslikethehealthcaresystemisbroken whatcanIdo if I or someone I love gets chronically ill A Despite all the rhetoric the Affordable Care Act has been the work of several US presidents who have each been working to affect positive change by improving technology requiring higher quality standards and transparency around medical errors. So that s the good news The most important thing to know if you or someone you love becomes seriously ill is that you can get help but it takes work. You have to educate yourself about the condition and work together with your doctors to get better. There s a lot of paperwork involved and often healthcare professionals do their individual part but no one is looking at the whole picture. That s what you must do and remember it s important to ask a lot of questions. Don t be afraid. You and your loved ones have a right to know and be informed. The other thing to note is that the sooner you get care the better Early detection and treatment can save your life. Q Why is the cost of healthcare always going up A The US is one of the strongest at developing new innovative technologies drugs and treatments. Research and development of these tools is expensive. Just like any business it costs money to update anything and healthcare is in a continual state of development and updates. Additionally because of the high level of fragmentation (doctors not talking to one another duplication of services like X-rays etc.) there s a lot of time and money wasted which also gets expensive. This again is why it is important for every person to advocate for themselves and do little things like taking your X-rays from one doctor to another to help the doctors out and lower costs. That s a simple example for a very complex question. Q How do I pick a health plan A Most health plans are mandated by your state and the federal government to cover certain benefits (Medicaid Medicare) however individual employer plans may be much more limited in the hopes of lowering costs. I recommend choosing a health plan based on the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket for doctor or specialist visits whether or not your (current) prescription drugs are included and affordable and how much you ll have to pay if you have to go into the hospital. Once I find the best one or two of those then I look at other things like dental or vision coverage mental health (going to a therapist) or other services I may need like chiropractic care or maternity. Look at each of those things by making a list and comparing. Shop around 34 Women of Distinction BettyA.Cooper Entertainment Writing Author Goldsboro NC 35 Women of Distinction ctress model singer and writer Betty A. Cooper hasbeenperfectingtheentertainmentindustryfor years.Whilemanyinthefielddosoforthelove of the arts or the money or the fame Betty only seeks one thing topositivelyinfluenceothersintheirlives. After graduating high school in 1981 in Clayton North Carolina Bettysuccessfullycompletedatelevisionandfilm courseattheJohnCasablancaSchoolforModelingand TalentManagementinCary NorthCarolina.It sbeenmore than thirty years now and she still has that same passion as ever. Bettyhaswritteneightbookstodate.Thefirstsixbooks arebasedonBetty snegativeexperiencesasachildand whatshehashadtogothroughasanadulttoheal.Thefirst bookisThroughLife sStormThereisStillHopeandVictory VolumeI II andIII.Itisthestoryoftenabusedchildrenand thelifeofBettyandhowshecametobewhosheistoday. Thenextbook TheHealingHandsofJesus tellsthestory oftheearlyperiodofBetty slifeandhowsheovercame many challenges through her faith in God. Their Lives Were Unexpectedly Turned Around Parts I and II involves two wealthyblackfamiliesinNorthCarolina.Ittellshowevents shape them and how their lives entwine over the years. In thislovestory thefamily slivesbecomeunexpectedlyturned around. She salsoco-writtentwobookswithThomasCook Kelly and the Tin Man and The Final Call of the Traveling Soldier. KellyandtheTinManfollowsthestoryofalittlegirlandher imaginaryfriendwhohelpsherthoughlife sjourneys.The FinalCalloftheTravelingSoldierincludestoriesofBetty s father Clayton and aunt Donna Mae. Having received Clayton sblessings BettyandThomaswrotethisbook which speaksofoneboy sdesiretoseepeopletreatedfairlyand equally inNorthCarolinaduringthe1930 sand1940 s. Betty sdesiretogetintowritingbeganasayoungchild although nothing really came of it until later in life. Her experiences have given her the opportunity to explore her talentsbystayingfocusedandneverlosingsightofher dream. A When Betty has new ideas she is fortunate enough to have manygreatsoundingboards.Herpastor TimothyL.Dutch and her co-author Thomas Cook along with her sons daughter-in-law and grandchildren have given Betty worthy advice and counsel. If writing is your dream never lose sight of what you need to do and stay focused. No matter what obstacles you encounter or negativity you face hold onto your dream. For Betty to stay focused and on course she attends Eastern FreeWillBaptistChurchonaregularbasis.Shemakesa conscience effort to rid her life of negativity and people who purposelytryandknockheroffcourse.Bettyhasaquiet place to write as well making it easier to concentrate. Betty visits area churches prisons and various organizations totalkaboutherstrugglesandhowsheovercamethem. Shedoesbooksigningsandpassesoutbusinesscardsto promote herself. She also leans on her co-author Thomas Cook agreatdealtohelpherwithhercomputerandpublicity work. Alsogreatlyinfluencedbyherfamily mostimportantlyher grandmotherEmmaJaneMcKeyandhertwosons Rodrick JenkinsandLamontLynn Bettycontinuesthefighttonotonly besuccessfulinherwritings buttoalsogethermessageout. Married for twenty-seven years to Ronnie Cooper together they own Cooper Masonry founded in 1998 in Clayton North Carolina. They are proud grandparents to four girls and two boysandtheylovespendingtimewiththeirfamily.Betty loves to cook and is delighted when her family enjoys a meal together. She also volunteers during her free time with the Boys&GirlsClubofAmericaandSocialServicesAngel Tree who provides gifts for foster children and children in the Adolescent Parenting Program. Betty is a compassionate person. She loves meeting new friends and sharing her life story with them. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She loves people. Mostimportantly shelovesbeingapositiveinfluenceon young people and she tries to do so often. Being the oldest daughter my brothers would sometimes share secrets with me But things took a turn for the worst and they turned on me. I began to write in the hopes to tell my story. Althoughshedoesn tdivulgeexactlywhathappenedtoher asayoungchild Bettyhasbeenwritingtomakesureher story gets to the masses. Along the way she realized just how much she truly enjoyed writing and that she actually had atalentforit.Anddespiteherbeingtoldbymanythatshe wasn tsmartenoughortalentedenoughtowrite itmotivated her even more. My goal is to leave the world a better place. If can prevent just one person from experiencing some of what I had to I feel as if I have accomplished that goal. 36 Women of Distinction Berthena BJ Allgood Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnosis CertifiedNeuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Hypnotherapist Emerge Transformational Coaching LLC Jessup MD T he United States Navy served as a platform for Berthena BJ Allgood s transition to a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) Hypnotherapist andLifeCoach.ItallbeganwhenshejoinedtheUnitedStates NavyasaReligiousProgramSpecialist(Chaplain sAssistant) in1988.Duringher20yearsofactiveduty shewasamentor toherfellowsoldiers. Iabsolutelylovedit . AfterretiringfromtheNavy BJ spassionforhelpingpeoplefind solutionstoeverydayproblemsledhertotheFleetandFamily Support Center at the Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center in Silver Spring MD where she found joy in helping military personnel transition from the military lifestyle to civilian life. BJ facilitated career development events and seminars for resume writing job searching interview techniques conflict resolution andteambuilding.Shealsoprovidednewmember orientation to officers and enlisted staff while coordinating theannualjobfairforhospitalstaff(bothmilitaryandcivilian). Additionally BJ managed the five day transition assistance seminar for those preparing for retirement from active duty. However thatwasn tenoughforBJ. Averyclosefriendtold me that I would make a great Life Coach. I knew people were verycomfortablewithme.Theyopenedupandsharedthemost intimate details of their life. And while I had never considered coaching itturnsoutthat swhatIhadbeendoingintheNavy anditwasnatural notforced.Myfriendwasontosomething. SoherjourneytobecomeaCertifiedLifeCoachbegan... BJ went on the internet did her research and discovered BennettStellarUniversity whereshereceivedhercertification July 2013. After completing the training I knew I wanted to do more than work with people individually. I realized that I wantedtoempowerandmotivategroupsofpeople. Sofrom there BJ began seeking opportunities to provide seminars to universities military installations and hospitals civilian hospitals andlocalchurches.Herfocushadbeenontransition and how to maintain a positive mindset in the face of adversity 37 and failure. She has since founded and become sole owner of Emerge Transformational Coaching LLC. BJ customizes coaching and seminars to meet the needs of the individual and group using a powerful combination of techniques to optimize the receptivenesstonewbehaviorsandideasandbringpositive successful thoughts and actions to the forefront of the mind. The techniques she employs with her contagious positive attitude and openness are naturally drug-free empowering powerful and effective. Andwhenshe snotworking she sstillworking.BJisinvolved in several non-profit organizations and ministries. One is the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) an exclusive network for like-minded women to come together andexchangeideasbothprofessionallyandsociallyontopics such as business career development family philanthropy and economic and political issues. Among other organizations she also volunteers at Sarah s House which provides safe shelter daily meals and personal professional casework support for those in need. I genuinely care about the well-being of others. I meet people where they are with unconditional love and acceptance. I am the way I am because of my own life experiences. I am very grateful that I can relate and empathize with people on a human level. Women of Distinction DoritM.Dormayer Vacation Home Management and Rentals Owner Manager - Top Florida Properties Fort Myers FL fter Dorit M. Dormayer got her degree in home economics she worked at Disney World s EPCOT Center in Orlando FL as an international exchange student to serve as a Cultural Representative for Germany. When the program ended she went back to Germany and worked in the travel and real estate industries. At Disney she metherfuturehusband(Mario) whoshedidn tseeagainuntil they bumped into each other four years later at the airport in D sseldorf Germany. Five years later they moved back to Florida and took over a property management and rental companyinFortMyerscalled TopFlorida . A AndMarioisresponsiblefortherealtyaspectsofTopFlorida suchasprovidingunparalleledservicesforbuyersorsellersof realestate businessopportunities orcommercialtransactions. Mario proudly looks back on decades of experience and expertise. Of course Top Florida is a small team so he is also responsible for many aspects of the property management and vacation rental operation. Together theyhavea10-yearoldsonnamedPhillipandadog (blacklabmix)namedConnor. ConnorisourGreeterandChiefofSecurityattheoffice. Inherfreetime Doritlikestoread(anddiscussbookswithher bookclub) travel scubadive rideherbike gocamping and entertain. Top Florida offers hand-picked vacation properties for guests and unparalleled real estate services that address their needs goals and market conditions. We provide property managers who offer friendly personal service and ensure that guests are happy. Because in the age of social media it only takes a few negative guest reviews to ruin a property s good reputation forever. Dorit is responsible and oversees most parts of the property management and vacation rental aspects of Top Florida and does most of the booking. Her professionalism and can-do attitude always earn her top marks by guests and customers.Andevenifit snotright shewilltryaboutalmost anything to make it right for you. I throw a mean Halloween party for my friends and a (fabulous) Christmas party for our subcontractors and in town homeowners. It s just another way to show them our appreciation. I love helping our renters find the right house for their vacation and seeing them again year after year. And our guests see that as some have been with us for 14 seasons now and I am very thankful for that. When you go the extra mile people will appreciate it and come back. 38 Women of Distinction Fran oise Everett Coaching Business and Lifestyle Motherhood Money and Mindset Coach Atlanta GA T aking a completely different approach Fran oise Everettwantedtodesignherlifestylefirstand thenbuildherbusinessaroundit.Realizingthat shecouldblendhercorporatebackgroundwithherhealing experience she ended up pursuing a career in coaching. Atfirst Fran oise was focused on helping mothers with consciousparenting butslowlyherworkevolvedintohelping entrepreneurial mothers with conscious parenting and successfulbusinessbuilding. For the past two years Fran oisehasbeenbuildingon this concept. As the founder of her primary role is success coaching. She also handles the marketing and sales connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs and putting systems into place to grow thebusiness.Hersmallteamisalwayslookingaheadto implement the next component of their strategy to success and she is enjoying every part of the process. The secret to Fran oise ssuccessincludesstudyingthe mastersinthetransformationalworldand believeitornot gettingacoach becauseyoucannotbeagoodcoachwithout firsthavingoneofyourown.Eachpersonwillhaveaunique approach and it takes time to develop that. When hers clicked it was clear motherhood money and mindset. Believe it or not there is overlap in successfully raising your children and successfully building your business. There is a foundation that is at the core of doing both successfully. The art of enrollment vision contribution and serving is amazing. What I love most in coaching entrepreneurial moms is helping them find the balance and the boundaries to thrive in both business and motherhood. It s fulfilling to mentor a client to succeed on her own terms by her own design. Priortostartinghercoachingbusiness Fran oise spent twelve years at The Boston Consulting Group where she grewtremendouslyonbothapersonalandprofessional level. But after just one year into motherhood after adopting a babygirlinChina shewasreadytoleaveallthatbehindand pursue other dreams. She took up yoga healing and martial arts. Then she entered the world of network marketing opening up the entrepreneurial world to her. With the help of a few mentors and deep vision work begantotakeshape. AsafoundingmemberofWomen sProsperityNetworkin Atlanta Fran oise also speaks at engagements on the topic AskforWhatYouWant GuiltFree andGetIt .Sheholdsa BSfromBabsonCollegeandanMSfromSimmonsCollege. Fran oise has worked with women in the US Europe and Australia. Surprisingly most women she speaks with feel guilty for so much of their everyday life and she is amazed thatitissoembeddedinthefabricoftheirlives.Yet she feels that women are strong and resilient and that with decision determination and courage each can go a long way creating a path to a life on her own terms. IfIcandoit anywomancanabsolutelydoit too shesaid. 39 Women of Distinction Dr.TesStout Executive Personal Coach Consultant Human Resources Executive Owner of Change Technology LLC Bonita Springs FL B eforefindingacareerthatwouldultimatelysatisfyher Dr.TessStouthadbeenworkinginsmalladvertising agencies. However she wanted to find something thatwouldprovidebetterbenefitsforherfamily. ThelossofTes oldestson(John)tosuicidemotivatedherto pursue her PhD in Clinical Hypnosis. I had exhausted all traditional avenues (psychiatrists counseling medication etc.)formysurvivingchildren. Her free time has been focused on continued learning and perfecting the techniques she uses as a coach and in her business.Shealsoenjoysreading music andherfamily. I started an entry-level position at Allied-Signal Aerospace as a Recruiter and loved Human Resources (HR) so I went back to school to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1988. Tes continued to learn and grow to pursue her Master of Science in Organizational Development. I also made it a point to work in all areas of Human Resources so I could be a well-rounded HR Consultant and coach to business leaders. I have been very fortunate to work with clientsseekingguidancetoachievetheirgoalsandobjectives. TheyallowmetodotheworkIlovetodo.Ihavealsobeen fortunate to be a student of Dr. Matt James President of AdvancedNeuro-Dynamics. Tes is single and has three children. John is in heaven Michael lives in Phoenix AZ (recovering extremely well from a motorcycle accident) and her daughter (Tara) lives in Colorado. I am currently seeking the opportunity to work as a coach for children at risk in Naples FL. This has not yet materialized but it s something I would like to do for my community. I have made a contact with a former Sheriff in Florida and hope to make this happen soon. Tes strongly believes in the value of education and wants to leave this world knowing that she has assisted others in achieving their goals and provided direction on their path of choice. Go get the degrees. Education provides insights to you that you may never have considered and guides you to other individuals who have similar goals. And most of all it opens yourthinkingtosomanypossibilities.Knowwhoyouareand beimpeccablewithyourwordtoyourselfandothers. Tara is a wonderful mother and a full-time student graduating in March of 2015 with her Bachelor of Science in Management. She has two beautiful children Brayden and Ava. They all continue to be my inspiration. 40 Women of Distinction VeronicaM.Donnelly CNHP CNC ND Healthcare Naturopath HealthySolutionsandVeronica sKitchen Port Huron MI DoritM.Dormayer Vacation Home Management and Rentals Owner Manager - Top Florida Properties