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Description: HERLIFE Magazine is a full color publication with the mission of Keeping Women Connected. Each month our magazines are dedicated to the celebration of all that is exceptional in our communities. From the inspirational women we promote to interesting topics such as health, beauty and fashion to what's going on locally in each community, we strive to keep today's women connected to the things they need and want.

KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED HEALTH Breast Cancer Decreasing Risk Through Lifestyle Choices MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE Make Your Home a Hit on Halloween FINANCE Preparing for Higher Education 529 College Savings Plan Debbie Fitzgerald and Regan Petersen Partners at Fitzgerald Petersen Communications HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 3 HERLIFE CONTENTS staff & contacts Editor-In-Chief Linnore Gonzales linnore 303-630-0979 ext. 2 Lianne Martin lianne 303-630-0979 ext. 702 Pam Bourdo pam 303-630-0979 ext. 705 Marilyn Isaminger Janet Crouch janet Elana Bell elana Ann E. Butenas Lisa Taranto Butler Hope E. Ferguson Melissa Haines Lavin Marilyn Isaminger Carrie Rowlands Johnson Katie Koonce Linda R. Price Merritt Rethlake Tina V. Savas Rock Sosias Jason Hayes Photography KB Digital Designs Lightbox Images Steve Peterson Photography Deric Swanson 9337 Commerce Center Street C-2 Highlands Ranch CO 80129 Phone 303-630-0979 For Advertising call 303-630-0979 Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. Sources for all articles can be found online at Managing Editor Account Executive Editor Art Director Advertising Art Director Contributing Authors Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine Subscriptions Sources HERLIFE Magazine of Denver is operated locally by Nahesa Productions LLC an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2015 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by Nahesa Productions LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM features 12 10 28 20 42 06 Welcome From the Publisher 08 Beauty All Clear Help For Your Skin 10 Health Breast Cancer Decreasing Risk Through Lifestyle Choices 12 Inspirations Debbie Fitzgerald and Regan Petersen of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications 16 Recipes Baked Rice With Sausage and Broccoli Bruschetta Scones 18 Wine Restaurant Wine List Survival 20 Mother s Perspective Make Your Home a Hit on Halloween 22 Fine Things Designer Footwear for Fall 24 Finance Preparing for Higher Education 529 College Savings Plan 26 Ask the Expert Spotlight on Carbohyydrates and Sodium 28 Real Estate Buying a House Do Your Homework 30 Home Live Large in Your Small Space 32 Home & Design Color Palettes for Fall 34 Pets Shelled Wonders Turtles and Tortoises 36 Trendsetter The Hateful Eight 42 Travel So Many Islands So Little Time 44 She Said Yes Janine & Thomas 46 Tie The Knott Christina & Mack 48 Scene And Be Seen Urban Nights Fashion Show 50 Scene And Be Seen Venus de Miles Ride HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 HERLIFE WELCOME living in the present P eople call me the Queen of Multi-tasking and I bet you that I am not the only one around who can stake a claim to this title. It has become the new normal to be doing one thing while doing and engaging in another task. Women especially are guilty of multitasking to the point that we are proud that we are able to do it. But is this really something we should be proud of In our modern world it has become so easy to lose awareness of the present moment as we juggle everything in our lives from work and home to finances and other daily demands. Have you ever started eating your an empty plate When was the last time you just sat down and ate tasted and savored your lunch without doing anything else but eat Did you ever get to your destination only to realize that you remember nothing about the journey It is a busy world. You fold the laundry while keeping one eye trained to watch your kids and the other eye on the television. You plan your day while listening to the radio or putting makeup on. These are just examples of mindlessness or doing everything in an automatic pilot mode. In the rush to accomplish necessary tasks we find ourselves losing our connection with the present missing out on what we are doing and how we are feeling. I was watching a Sunday news program one weekend and came across a feature about being mindful. The program host defined mindfulness as a way of paying attention to and seeing clearly whatever is happening in our lives. Mindful people learn to pay attention on purpose in the present moment and do so non-judgmentally. It got me thinking that we are becoming more and more not present in our lives. It is so easy to fail to notice the good things about our lives. We fail to hear what our bodies are telling us. It is very easy to poison ourselves with destructive selfcriticisms. Our minds are easily distracted always examining past events and trying to anticipate what the future holds. The five-minute TV segment about mindfulness made me see the benefits of being mindful. Mindfulness helps us recognize slow down or stop automatic habitual reactions. When you learn to be mindful you will see situations more clearly become more creative respond more effectively Li n n o re G o n z a l e s to complex or hard situations and achieve balance and resilience at work or at home. I may never be an expert in being mindful. I may never learn to meditate and really slow down. However I can pause during the day and enjoy breathing. I can try to focus on one thing and truly be aware of the present and how I feel. I can work on waking up in the morning and being okay to just lie there and be thankful for another day without going through my to-do list before I even get out of bed As with all new skills the more we practice mindfulness the easier it becomes and the better we will be in being fully in the present moment. p h o to by j a so n h aye s p h o to gra p hy lunch taken a few bites then suddenly noticed that all you had left was stay tuned... 6 Look for the November issue where we feature Peg Bradley-Doppes Denver University s Athletic Director. herlifedenver twitter herlifedenver1 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 HERLIFE BEAUTY all clear help for your skin by h o p e e . f e rg u so n M brighten skin. any women from puberty to early middle age are plagued with acne. As blemishes heal they can leave behind scarring caused by hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmen- acidic exfoliation. I typically select products with alpha-hydroxy acids such as Derma E Overnight Peel which evens pigmentation and diminishes age spots. Salicylic acids are helpful for acne-prone skin and products such as the Aveeno Clear Complexion facial care line formulated with moisture-rich soy are specifically designed for blemishprone skin. Some products in this collection also contain salicylic acid and work to clear and prevent blemishes. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Kaleroy Papantoniou a clinical instructor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center who specializes in all areas of medical dermatology for adults and children explains that treatment for acne must change depending on one s skin color and type. Acne treatment should be tailored in patients with darker skin types to optimize treatment outcomes. Unfortunately these patients tend to heal with hyperpigmentation or dark spots very easily even if they are not picking or disturb- ing the breakouts and this can be very stubborn to treat. Luckily many of the topical medications we use to treat acne work to help with evening out skin tone and can expedite the fading of old skin discolorations from acne lesions. We want to avoid using scrubs and aggressive exfoliation in these skin types as well as these can sometimes worsen the discoloration and lead to further inflammation. Acne and hyperpigmentation are the most common skincare concerns for women said Dr. Joel Schlessinger a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon president emeritus of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and president of LovelySkin. com. There are always new treatments hitting the shelves that promise to improve blemishes and uneven skin tone. So how do you know which products will really work with your skin tone Dr. Schlessinger recommends products for acne that are formulated with salicylic acid such tation can also be the result of melasma a darkening of the skin due to hormonal changes at pregnancy and menopause. Acne is caused by biological factors such as genetics and hormones causing oil-producing glands to become overactive resulting in dead cells and bacteria building up beneath the skin s surface. Effective treatments frequently require prescription medications over-the-counter products also may be used to clear acne and Women with darker skin in particular can have issues with acne and hyperpigmentation because their skin is easily prone to scarring. For example when I an African-American woman want to exfoliate I make sure not to choose scrubs or abrasive materials but concentrate on 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM The addition of a lightening agent with hydroquinone is sometimes used if necessary and a series of chemical peels with salicylic acid can really help to decrease the treatment time and provide more dramatic satisfying results. as LovelySkin s Luxe Clarifying Gel Cleanser that helps eliminate blemishes with 2 percent salicylic acid and exfoliates skin with 2 percent glycolic acid. Its gentle formula also reduces irritation and inflammation without leaving skin feeling dry or tight. With continued use the cleanser promises to fight acne and unclog pores for clearer healthier-looking skin. Using innovative stem cell technology NuGene NuLight Light & Bright Gel works to reduce the appearance of dark spots and excess pigmentation without the harsh ingredients found in some other brightening products. It works by breaking down excess melanin in the skin and reducing future melanin production. With regular use this treatment also helps improve overall skin radiance giving the complexion a more youthful glow according to Dr. Schlessinger. When asked for her view of the gold standard in treating these conditions Dr. Papantoniou said Gradual and controlled is the key to the treatment of acne especially in darker skin types. The use of a gentle acne cleanser containing salicylic acid 2 percent with or without glycolic acid 5 to 10 percent can often help treat both the acne and the discoloration and because of the gentle exfoliation they will allow for topical acne creams to work better when applied. The topical prescription formulas with ingredients such as retinoic acid or azelaic acid also help to even out the skin tone and can work on the most stubborn of discol- ored complexions. A combination with a morning cream or gel for bacterial and anti-inflammatory control is also recommended for all skin colors and types. For moderate to severe inflammatory acne your dermatologist may want to treat with an oral antibiotic as well Dr. Papantoniou said. The addition of a lightening agent with hydroquinone is sometimes used if necessary and a series of chemical peels with salicylic acid can really help to decrease the treatment time and provide more dramatic satisfying results. For the most stubborn cases a fractionated laser treatment may be helpful as well. I would encourage patients to seek out treatment because there are so many ways to prevent and treat acne and hyperpigmentation. So ladies do not despair. There is a dizzying array of products and procedures that are easily found in your drug store spa dermatologist s office or online. I have already decided to pick up my AHA overnight peel right away. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 HERLIFE HEALTH decreasing risk through lifestyle choices by l i sa ta ra n to b u tl e r breast cancer W henever we hear the words risk factor our response is typically not positive especially when we re talking about breast cancer or any other disease for that matter. But what is a risk factor cancer a healthy goal would be to lessen the impact those factors have on us. While some risk factors such as a person s gender age or race can t be changed others are personal choices smoking drinking the foods we eat. Some factors influence risk more than others such as genetics while others such as aging and modifying behaviors can change over time. Of course breast cancer risk factors don t tell us everything but most experts agree that they are very important. So what do we do about the things that we CAN change Lifestyle Choices Make a Difference When it comes to cancer and just about everything else the choices we make have a profound effect on the rest of our lives. Much research shows that women who make healthy lifestyle choices lower their risk of developing invasive breast cancer regardless of whether they have a family history of the disease. Exercise There s no way around it. We need to exercise. Regular exercise helps reduce breast cancer risk. And the American Cancer Society recommends that women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer exercise regularly (about five hours per week) to improve their quality of life and physical fitness. In addition women who exercise regularly after being diagnosed with breast cancer may improve their chances of survival. Body Weight Overweight and obese women those who have a Body Mass Index over 25 have a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women who maintain a healthy weight especially after menopause. For women who have had breast cancer in the past being overweight can increase the risk of recurrence. This is mainly because fat cells make estrogen. Additional fat cells produce more estrogen and estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers develop and grow. Alcohol Drinking alcohol is linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer and the more alcohol consumed the more the risk increases. Anything that increases our chance of developing cancer is called a cancer risk factor. Since risk factors affect our chances of getting breast 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Women who have two to five drinks per day have about one and a half times the risk of women who don t drink alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is also known to increase the risk of developing several other types of cancer. Birth Control Babies and Breastfeeding Taking oral contraceptives can increase the likelihood of getting cancer slightly more than never taking birth control. The risk seems to go back to normal over time once the pills are stopped. Having children later in life may also have an effect on a woman s chance of breast cancer. Women who have their first child after age 30 or have no children have a slightly higher breast cancer risk than women who started families earlier. Along the same lines studies suggest that breastfeeding may lower a woman s chances of getting breast cancer especially if done for longer periods of time. Hormone Therapy For many years women have been taking estrogen and progesterone often called combined hormone replacement therapy to relieve some of the symptoms of menopause. In 2002 the long-term Women s Health Initiative study of more than 27 000 women showed an increased risk of breast cancer and other diseases from HRT. However the risk seems to go back to normal over time once the hormones are stopped. Dense Breast Tissue Research has shown that dense breasts can be six times more likely to develop cancer and can also make it more difficult to detect breast cancer on a mammogram. Along with lifestyle options many doctors recommend additional screening for women with dense breasts. Assess Your Risk Other risk factors also play a role in development of breast cancer but many are controversial unclear or unfounded. Knowing your risk and how it can affect you is a great head start. At the website women can use an online tool to help them assess their risk level by reviewing their health family history and lifestyle choices. Here women can learn more about their risk and seek recommendations for actions they can take to reduce it. And while in general we re focusing on women s risks please remember that men can develop breast cancer as well. Age high estrogen levels Klinefelter syndrome a strong family history of breast cancer or genetic alterations and radiation exposure are factors for men. Know Your Body Although we can t change some risk factors knowing and taking action on those that we can change is important. By being aware of our body and our life we are paving the way to survival of this dreadful disease. Why leave it up to chance HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS Building Relationships with Creativity and Trust wr it t en by ann e . b u te n a s p h o to s by l i g h tb o x i m a ge s Debbie Fitzgerald and Regan Petersen of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications M ost of us can readily accept the idea of soul mates and growth so they can provide unparalleled service to their clients. And while each clearly boasts a noteworthy professional resume they would much rather sing the praises of the other making it abundantly clear that for each of these outstanding ladies kindness and compassion are genuine instincts. I feel like this is where my heart is smiled Debbie whose warm and welcoming demeanor immediately puts anyone at ease. With nearly two decades of media and public relations experience complemented by a background in broadcast journalism Debbie is a true force with which to be reckoned. This longtime Coloradoan began her career reporting on KHOW s Tom Martino Troubleshooter show which led to a production assistant stint at KCNC CBS4 in Denver. After almost two years in the KCNC newsroom she transitioned to a reporting position for the CBS affiliate in Boise Idaho. She eventually circled back to her hometown working initially at Webb Public Relations and later assuming the role of vice president and director of The Broadcast Media Group at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide where she honed her skills for six years working in conjunction with high-profile clients such as Xerox General Motors Qwest and Coca-Cola. While working at Webb PR Debbie met Regan with whom she developed an instant connection. Regan was immediately taken not only with Debbie s friendly and engaging demeanor but also with her keen insight and ability to act as a teacher trusted advisor and confidant. Deb was there prior to me and she actually interviewed me for the within a committed personal relationship but after meeting Debbie Fitzgerald and Regan Petersen partners at Fitzgerald Petersen Communications I am convinced there is such a thing as business soul mates. Together Debbie and Regan form a strong alliance that has been built upon years of shared passions visions goals and dreams. With their combined experience skills and knowledge this innovative engaging and detail-oriented public relations firm offers the expertise one would expect of a big name firm while simultaneously providing a genuine personal touch and extreme attention to details needed to successfully develop strategic marketing and communications programs that meet each client s needs. Celebrating their tenth anniversary Fitzgerald Petersen Communications has been a successful driving force behind every client they represent taking each one to full throttle when it comes to reaping significant gains in terms of media visibility through effective unique and exciting PR campaigns. An integral part of this firm s success points directly to the relationship between Debbie and Regan. They are truly each other s biggest fans and have proven that to take a business relationship to the next level there has to be a strong dynamic of give and take give credit where it is due and take the blame when necessary. They continually honor their strengths and will always strive for perfection 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM D D Debbie Fitzgerald Fitzgerald Petersen Communications Regan Petersen Fitzgerald Petersen Communications F itzgerald Petersen Communications notable job noted Regan who indicated it was her first job out of college outside of a brief internship with the ESPN XGames. When I first met her I knew she was exactly like I wanted to be. She taught me so much and was a true guide and mentor to me. During their time together at both PR agencies they realized how much in common they shared in terms of their ideas passion and interest in the world of public relations. Within 18 months of their initial meeting both ladies transitioned to jobs at Ogilvy PR furthering strengthening their respective skill sets and developing a cohesive team effort between the two of them. Regan was appointed Vice President for the agency s Consumer Entertainment Healthcare and Technology clients managing media and analyst relations accounting strategy and planning for both national and local clients. Debbie and Regan were an integral part of the firm s growth yet both began to feel the tug to move on to something else. After consulting with agencies in Denver including Ogilvy PR and GroundFloor Media Debbie and Regan trusted their instincts and decided to take that proverbial leap of faith and establish their own public relations agency and were grateful to do so with full support from their employer. We learned so much from these world class agencies and they were so supportive of our desire to go out on our own said Regan. Both firms still refer us business and we re so grateful for that. Striving for a healthy work-life balance this decision seemed like the perfect idea. It would allow them to pursue their passions while still keeping achievements include being McDonald s Denver Co-op PR agency of record increasing the restaurant s national visibility by 250 percent over a nine-year time span. The firm was instrumental in securing featured coverage for the Clyfford Still Museum next door to the Denver Art Museum from ground breaking to completion of the museum in late 2011 marked by several gala celebrations and media coverage in nearly every media outlet across the region and in the most well-respected national publications. Fitzgerald Petersen just completed the summer with incredible results for the 2015 Biennial of the Americas and Cirque du Soleil s KURIOS under the iconic blue and yellow tent in Pepsi Center s parking lot. 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM a steady finger on the pulse of their family life. With six children between the two of them it was important for each woman to have some sense of family stability while simultaneously embracing their love of public relations. While they give one another the complete freedom to be themselves they also act in complete synchronicity with one another as if they share the same thought processes at nearly every turn. We trust each other implicitly noted Regan. And we often joke that we share the same brain. We work long and hard hours but it has worked out well for us. It s nice to know we have each other s back. We love to brainstorm and think through how we can make a successful program for our clients. Employing their close and personal ties and years of strong business relationships with national and regional media Fitzgerald Petersen confidently delivers the best media visibility possible for their clients. Every project they approach is met with senior experience flexibility a sense of urgency and complete respect for financial sensitivity toward the client. The team is completely hands on throughout each engagement and works with passion and enthusiasm. A significant contributing factor to the successful engagements of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications is its focus on basic yet essential principles from which the firm refuses to waver. We stay true to our principles said Debbie. We are committed to being truthful ethical kind and pleasant. We want media representatives in all of Colorado s newsrooms to say That was a great story and they were so darned pleasant to work with too. This firm has raving fans by which to prove that sentiment too. The team at Fitzgerald Petersen has an outstanding grasp of how to work with a newsroom to develop compelling stories for television and in turn drive promotion for an event said Tim Wieland News Director at News4 KCNC CBS. Away from the PR spotlight Debbie and Regan enjoy many interests some similar and some that take them in different directions. Both love to travel and also appreciate the time they can invest into their respective families and kids activities. However their passion for their work is always close at hand and to that end they focus on true public relations which is ultimately building relationships. A big piece of PR is the experience of cultivating relationships with media outlets explained Debbie. We are still continuing to learn and grow so that we can understand and know what the next big thing is for our clients. Regan emphatically agrees. It is important to us to get the professional education we need so we can offer the best to our clients. We get so excited about the partnerships we develop she smiled. Fortunately they are operating a business in a city conducive to numerous PR opportunities. We are thrilled to work in the booming Denver market smiled Debbie. We are super excited about the future of Fitzgerald Petersen Communications. It is no wonder Debbie and Regan feel blessed by what they do. Excitement is always the order of the day and no two days are alike for this fun-loving and adventurous team that enjoys coloring outside the lines in terms of creative expression and communication prowess. They look forward to the next decade of stellar results for their clients. (You have been warned elephants running the last leg of a marathon is not out of the question ) One day we could be up at 6 45 in the morning taking clowns to a media outlet and the next we may be accompanying a McDonald s executive to an interview said Debbie. But one thing is for certain we hit the ground running with joy each day. HLM For more information on Fitzgerald Petersen Communications go online at or call 303332-3896. Debbie We stay true to our principles said Debbie. We are committed to being truthful ethical kind and pleasant. We want media representatives in all of Colorado s newsrooms to say That was a great story and they were so darned pleasant to work with too. Regan We trust each other implicitly noted Regan. And we often joke that we share the same brain. We work long and hard hours but it has worked out well for us. It s nice to know we have each other s back. We love to brainstorm and think through how we can make a successful program for our clients. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 HERLIFE RECIPES baked rice with sausage and broccoli Serves 4 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 30 minutes ingredients 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 8 ounces Italian sausage casings removed broken into pieces 1 medium sweet onion finely diced 3 cloves garlic minced Salt and pepper 1 cups Arborio rice cup dry white wine 2 cups low sodium chicken broth 1 head of broccoli (about 6 ounces) cut into 2-inch florets directions Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Heat oil in a large heavy ovenproof skillet over medium-high heat. Cook sausage stirring often breaking up the pieces until no pink remains about 3 minutes. Stir in onion and garlic cook until translucent about 3 more minutes. Season with a dash of salt and pepper. Stir in rice to coat then add the wine bring to a boil. Cook until rice has absorbed almost all of the liquid about 1 minute. Add broth bring to a boil. Transfer skillet to the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Sprinkle the broccoli over the top and bake for another 10 minutes until rice absorbs most of the liquid. Remove from the oven careful handle will be hot and stir. Cover and let stand 10 more minutes. Taste and add more salt if necessary. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM bruschetta scones Makes 8 Prep time 20 minutes Cook time 15 minutes ingredients cup almond milk (or whole milk) 1 3 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 cup spinach leaves finely chopped 3 large basil leaves chopped cup sun-dried tomatoes chopped cup green olives chopped 3 tablespoons crumbled feta cheese 2 tablespoons pine nuts 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder teaspoon salt directions Preheat oven to 425 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a medium bowl whisk together the milk olive oil spinach tomatoes olives cheese and pine nuts. In a large bowl combine the flour baking powder and salt. Make a well in the center and add the milk mixture with your fingers or a fork combine until moistened and just incorporated (do not over mix ). Turn out dough onto a lightly floured surface and pat into a 1-inch thick rectangle. With a sharp knife cut the rectangle on the diagonal into 8 pieces. Place scones on prepared baking sheet and bake 15 minutes until golden. Cool slightly before serving. HLM recipes and p hot ogr ap hy by ver y c ulinar y.c om HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE WINE restaurant wine list survival by m e l i ssa h a i n e s l av i n takes place before you ve selected your entr e let alone the appetizer. Navigating the wine list can be daunting even for most experienced wine lovers. Asking your server about special wine flights or wine pairings is one way to get started as well as asking them what their current favorite might be. This brings your server into your wine and food experience as a tour guide for your evening. Bubbles Whites Reds Blends Beers Cocktails Most wine lists appear in this order. Wines in each category appear by vintage varietal and then wine region or appellation. Bubbles sparkling wines or champagnes usually appear first as the restaurant likely has only a few selections. Additionally sparkling wines are a great palate cleanser and excellent pairing with most appetizers or small plates. Interesting First Impressions As you review the left side of the wine list keep in mind where your favorites generally come from and you ll minimize surprises. Example California s Lodi Zinfandel has an award-winning profile of a dark spicy fruit-forward wine whereas Italian Zinfandel (not Primitivo) may be a more dry and lighter version of the same winegrape. If you begin with what you know the wine selection process is a bit easier. For example since award-win- Y 18 ning Pinot Noir requires cool cozy fog and warm offerings. Spanish restaurants may carry Albari o or Malbec wines Dolcetto or Chianti may be on the wine list at Italian restaurants. Wine that complements the region of food is one of the easiest ways to select a wine winner. By the glass or the bottle the array of selections on the wine list can seem like you re required to make huge decisions. Is it better to select a glass for 8 or do you commit to the entire 28 bottle serving four to six This often daytime temperatures with loamy soil you would not likely select a Pinot Noir from Colorado. Wine grapes thrive in their ideal settings. Some varietals that are food friendly overall such as Zinfandel Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc grow in several regions throughout the world. Referencing the classic varietals and their favorite growing conditions can help you select wines you haven t yet tried. This is part of the adventure in wine sampling wines by the glass you might not ordi- ou ve waited all week to try the newest bistro in town and you re looking forward to your wine and food experience. As you re seated the questions begin Would you like water Any appetizers while you peruse our menu Would you like to know our specials So many decisions Before your arrival you may have learned what type of cuisine is featured at this restaurant and that could provide hints to the wine HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Asking your server about special wine flights or wine pairings is one way to get started as well as asking them what their current favorite might be. This brings your server into your wine and food experience as a tour guide for your evening. narily purchase untasted at your retailer. What a great way to try new varietals new winemakers or both Wallet Palate When you choose a wine only for the price point on the right side of the menu you re likely to enjoy your selection if you keep some principles in mind. This applies to the bottle price also. A bottle of wine may be 18 to 100 at the restaurant why is this The restaurant may have wine distributors that bring select labels the owner may purchase case volume directly from a winery. Many costs factor into the price of that wine. Generally restaurant bottle pricing is at least double or triple the hard cost and wine bottles may net four to six servings. Maximizing each pour is essential. Once a bottle is opened wine interacts with oxygen and changes by the minute. The per-glass price is set to cover the restaurant s costs of the wine bottle in case it needs to be discarded. The owner ultimately wants to sell the bottle to reduce this chance of spoilage and the need to properly store opened wine bottles. For this reason sparkling wines are usually sold in splits rather than the bottle once a sparkling wine has been opened the rate of losing its effervescence increases. BYO Favorite Take your own select bottle although corkage fees may be charged. Restaurants invest in specific licenses to permit alcohol for their guests enjoyment. Alcoholic Beverage Control grants these licenses specific to a state and county. Restaurant staff will usually open and serve your bottle of wine for a reasonable fee. Offer the owner a taste of the wine you brought or perhaps share why this particular bottle of wine has a fun story or special memory. If the restaurant waives your corkage fee by all means add the fee to the tip instead. It s great wine karma HLM SHOW YOUR RESTAURANT WINE ETIQUETTE BY Calling ahead or asking the server right away about corkage fees Confirming it s the bottle you ordered or brought when it s shown to you Sipping and confirming the wine is to your satisfaction before sharing with guests Asking the server to test the wine if you believe it to be off or corked. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 19 HERLIFE MOTHER S PERSPECTIVE make your home a hit on halloween by k a ti e ko o n c e L 20 ooking for easy ways to make your house a neighborhood hit this Halloween night If you re tired of sitting by the door with a candy bowl mix it up this year and impress children from around we make children dance. Yeah that s right dance. Stay with me here for a second and it will make sense. The neighborhood where my family lived had quite a few children who were very young so instead of decorating our house with cobwebs and spiders my parents instead set up a disco ball strobe light and a stereo that blared music hits from the 70s. Our annual disco Halloween has become a huge hit among parents and trick-or-treaters alike who love to boogie for candy. Of course even those who refuse to dance are welcome to the treats but performing a task as simple as dancing telling a joke or doing a few jumping jacks in order to earn that Reese s is much more satisfy- ing than simply ringing the doorbell and reciting trick or treat for the 25th time. Hanging a pi ata from your porch or a tree branch in your yard is another fun way to interact with trick-or-treaters that is easy and sure to make your house a hit. Load the pi ata with candy and other small goodies. When trick-ortreaters come to your house invite them to try to break the pi ata using a broom handle whiffle ball bat or stick. You can decide whether or not to blindfold them but either way give each child one chance to break the pi ata and then allow them to pick a treat from a candy bowl. As the night progresses the pi ata will continue to become more damaged. When it is finally bro- the block with these fun ways to hand out Halloween treats. Make It Fun Too often trick-or-treating is repetitive and sometimes boring for school-age children. Make the middle and elementary school kids feel as if they have earned their goodies by requesting that they do something in order to pick their candy. For example as a tradition at my house HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Hanging a pi ata from your porch or a tree branch in your yard is another fun way to interact with trick-or-treaters that is easy and sure to make your house a hit. ken open allow all of the children at your house at the time to split the treats inside of it. Warning this may cause repeat trick-or-treaters. Make It Scary If you are looking for something a little scarier this Halloween try this next idea to make a low-maintenance candy bowl on the front porch more fun. Put the bowl on a side table next to a mannequin or other spooky figure. Place the fake ghoul s arm into the bowl but instead of putting the fake hand into it as well use your own hand. Hide behind the figure and when trick-or-treaters come to pick out their treats grab their hands for a good trick. This is perfect for giving older school-age children a little scare. Use the element of surprise in another way to frighten older kids. Advance disclaimer this is best for more mature trick-or-treaters who are less likely to become too frightened from the surprise. Make your yard and house look as spooky as possible. There are numerous ways to have fun with this. Drape cobwebs around the porch and on bushes play a spooky soundtrack behind a mist machine add other creepy figures and decorations to set the mood. Then find an accomplice to help you execute the scare. If you have older children who feel they are too old to trick-or-treat they are perfect for this role. Have them hide near the walkway to the front door while remaining out of sight. Trick-ortreaters will already be cautious walking through the scary yard so help to calm their nerves while letting them pick their candy. As they turn to leave or while they are at the door have your partner in crime jump out to scare them. Make It Easy Finally if you would prefer to have a more low-maintenance Halloween while still ensuring the children have fun create a trunk or treat. Leave your car in an accessible central place in your driveway or yard with its trunk open. Fill the trunk with goodies. Use poster board to create teeth or fangs that will hang from the top of the trunk. Make a large tongue from a red plastic tablecloth and place it so it hangs out from the bottom of the truck. This will transform your trunk into a huge open mouth that children must reach into to grab their treats. Get creative with the mouth to make it look like a vampire or monster for a fun and very easy way to distribute candy. Make Halloween fun this year for trick-or-treaters and your family by changing up the way you hand out candy. Try one of these suggestions or create your own Who knows you might just begin a new Halloween tradition this year. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 HERLIFE FINE THINGS designer footwear for fall by l i n d a r. p ri c e F Boots 22 all shoes are a combination of heavy-duty shoes for the changing weather and sleek elegant styles for the office and nights out. Everyone needs a basic wardrobe of shoes to meet these different occasions. Among the different styles you need are boots the basic black pump sandals flats and sneakers. But who wants to especially boots at the 2015 fall fashion shows. Etro showed a beautiful pair of knee-high patchwork boots in different tones of honey-colored snakeskin while Emilio Pucci fashioned a pair of short boots in different colors (white blue and burgundy snakeskin) trimmed with a wraparound cord of burgundy leather. Burberry took a different approach to patchwork. Their knee-high boots were freestyle patches of suede leather in different colors (beige and red patches) on a background of neutral dull blue suede. Dress boots worn with a sleek outfit were highly popular. Calvin Klein Marc Jacobs Altuzarra and Tom Ford all showed beautiful knee-high dress boots in dark fashion-neutral colors. Some of the boots had the trending limit herself to only five pairs of shoes Not me. Every woman needs both heavy-duty boots for the snow and ice and the sleek fashion styles to go with a pair of jeans or a dress for a sophisticated look. Patchwork was a major trend in different shoes and HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM This year the designers used metals for the shoe. Salvatore Ferragamo combined gold metal with black leather in a sandal with an ankle strap and a stiletto heel on a one-inch platform base. stacked heel while others kept the stiletto heel. Versace fashioned a beautiful thigh-high boot in lime green with a transparent acrylic heel. Emilio Pucci covered a midnight blue suede boot with gold-embroidered astrological signs and a stacked gold heel. However Christian Dior stunned with an over-the-knee sleek red leather boot that took no prisoners. It simply slayed the competition. Another trend was the incomparable riding boot for day. Flat-heeled equestrian boots look sleek. You can wear your pants or jeans inside of them for a well-put-together look. Contrasting the heavy boot with a long flowing skirt is a clever way to look chic. Pumps and Sandals The stacked heel is in again for dress pumps and sandals. Jil Sander created a lovely black suede three-inch sandal with a contrasting toe of black patent leather. The heel is stacked wood tones and the counter a warm honey. One of my favorite sandals was by Salvatore Ferragamo crafted of different skins (for example crocodile ostrich and snakeskin) in complementary shades of brown. Fur Many designers including Ferragamo Gucci and Fendi used fur to cover the foot or line their shoes for fall. The look s questionable to me some of the designs looked like you were wearing your cat. I can see you stepping on the fur from one shoe and pitching head forward. A neater look was presented by Dolce & Gabbana. Their red-heeled pump was trimmed stylishly in red fur. Even so this is a trend you can skip. Color Contrast Designers used color contrasts to highlight their newest shoes boots in particular. The basic boot is in one color and another color is used for contrast. Designers kept the contrasts to neutrals. Fendi used black and burgundy while Tom Ford chose black and beige. Jil Sander used dusty blue with burgundy and honey and a chic black-and-white combination that stood out. Sander also used a contrasting counter on many of her shoes. Metals This year the designers used metals for the shoe. Salvatore Ferragamo combined gold metal with black leather in a sandal with an ankle strap and a stiletto heel on a one-inch platform base. He also combined gold and silver metals in an ankle-strapped sandal with a novel heel. The open toe box is of black leather. Both are unusual yet attractive designs. Prada combined gold metal and dove in the upper shoe with a dovecolored stacked heel. Men s Wear Designers favored black patent leather and plain black leather to create a wide variety of clunky menswear shoes for fall. Some of these oxfords and lace-ups have thicker soles than others. There is a wide range of grommets ties tassels kiltie tassels wing tips and top stitching. Mary Janes Marc Jacobs presented a charming pair of black leather sandals with ankle straps and an extra-large stacked heel. Donna Karan combined grey suede and smooth leather with a wide ankle strap and curved heel for one of the better-looking Mary Janes. Prada used gold straps across the instep on an icy blue Mary Jane for a classy look. To get the most out of your shoe wardrobe go for the classic styles and leave the unusual trends (fur for example) to others. Leather shoes for fall are expensive. The upside is that with good care they will last for several seasons. When you simply can t resist the fashion statement shoe try a classic black navy or grey. These colors never go out of style and can be worn with most of your classic and trendy outfits. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 23 HERLIFE FINANCE 529 college savings plan by m ar ily n is am inger preparing for higher education S uzanne was accepted to the prestigious four-year college of her choice and her academic prowess landed her a 50 percent tuition and roomand-board scholarship. Her parents Any U.S. citizen or resident alien 18 years of age or older can open a 529 account. The individual who purchases the plan is the custodian and she designates one beneficiary per plan usually the student who will benefit from it. The custodian makes contributions which are not tax deductible for federal tax purposes (although some states allow a deduction) but all earnings accumulate tax free and withdrawals are also tax free when used for qualified educational expenses at any qualified college or university in any state. The custodian may contribute up to five years of the allowable annual gift tax exclusion currently 14 000 she retains control of the account and may change the beneficiary or roll the funds into another plan without penalty. There are no income limits for either the custodian or the beneficiary. The IRS states that contributions cannot exceed the amount needed to provide for the qualified education expenses of the beneficiary yet the rising costs of college and post-grad education make this a nebulous statement. A state s prepaid tuition plan differs from a 529 plan in that it typically requires the custodian or student to be a resident of the state. It allows a parent to purchase future tuition at today s rates and most states guarantee that the funds in a prepaid plan will keep up with rising tuition costs. The student is restricted to qualified institutions within the state and frequently the withdrawals are limited to payment of tuition and fees not room and board or other expenses. Multiple Advantages A student can have multiple accounts set up for her a parent or grandparent can also set up more than one account and can even set one up for their own educational expenses. And the custodian is not restricted to plan investments in their state of residence. It can pay big dividends to investigate earnings and costs of plans in other states as it s a competitive market. were ecstatic the scholarship in itself was a major accomplishment but with it they knew Suzanne s college experience and quite possible her grad school costs would be fully funded. That s because both Suzanne s parents and grandparents had done their due diligence they had investigated and invested in 529 college savings plans named for the section of the tax code that created them. Incentives for Saving Congress created these plans legally named qualified tuition programs in 1996 and all 50 states have established them. There are two basic types prepaid tuition plans and savings plans each state s program is somewhat unique. 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM The maximum tax-free withdrawal for most parents and students will be 100 percent of the beneficiary s qualified higher education expenses in the year of the withdrawal tuition room and board fees books supplies computer equipment minus 4 000 which is directed toward the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Withdrawals from a 529 plan are not counted as income in financial aid formulas so this money has a smaller impact on the financial aid for which the student is eligible. Assets inside the plan are assessed at 5.64 percent of their value whereas other assets owned by the student are assessed at 20 percent in the formulas. When and How to Use the Earnings The maximum tax-free withdrawal for most parents and students will be 100 percent of the beneficiary s qualified higher education expenses in the year of the withdrawal tuition room and board fees books supplies computer equipment minus 4 000 which is directed toward the American Opportunity Tax Credit. Based on its formula this credit is worth up to 2 500 in federal tax savings. The 4 000 adjustment must be made to prevent creating a non-qualified distribution from the plan. Take the withdrawal in the calendar year in which the qualified expenses are incurred at any point during the year but review the expense versus withdrawal numbers to make sure the withdrawal for each year is maximized. Also it s advisable to verify your individual situation with your tax professional to minimize any penalties you might incur with timing and withdrawal amounts. Signing Up The first step is to learn about the 529 plans offered in your state of residence to maximize any available state tax deduction through the directory of plans at This website tracks costs and performance of more than 100 plans available in all states plus other information such as asset allocation. Opening an account can be accomplished online with regular deductions made from your checking or savings like payroll deductions or you might be more comfortable working with your personal financial advisor. Remember that you are making investment choices and these should be compatible with your own comfort level with risk. Most 529 savings plans are invested in large widely held mutual funds managed by established companies such as TIAA-CREF BlackRock Vanguard and many others. An investment in education is one of the most important steps we can take. Why burden yourself or your child with student loan debt Avoid it by starting your 529 plan today. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE ASK THE EXPERT 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM carbohydrates and sodium wr it t en by r oc k so si a s p h o to s by l i g h tb o x i m a ge s spotlight on Q To Carb or not to Carb A Yes to carbs It s more about the timing and the type of carb you are eating. In referencing the glycemic index or GI there are some carbs titled as bad however these carbs can in fact be considered good or even great depending on when they are consumed. So it is in fact all about timing of when not what carb you are eating. be for this meal. Remember as we just learned above fat in the protein will slow down the carbs even further from hitting the blood stream lessening the insulin spike which is a positive thing. Q. How important is sodium A Most of us in the world have titled sodium as the evil mineral. For some with medical conditions such as high blood pressure they must adhere to the doctor s orders. For others who exercise frequently and insist on getting the most out of nutrition you can t go wrong with adding a little more of this mineral. Everything happens with sodium in the body and on the contrary nothing will happen without it. The makers of popular recovery sports drinks knew this. Many people thought it was the sugar in the product that was the most important ingredient for recovery well it s not. They use the sugar to mask the taste of the sodium. If you are working out multiple times per day and feeling a little sluggish try to add a little more sodium to get the legs back underneath yourself. What started in 2009 as one meal for one client has quickly grown into much more than just that. It s not uncommon to hear reference of FitFoods4U as The Meal Coach experts. FitFoods4U was founded by a nationally ranked bodybuilder and personal trainer Rick Sosias. Along the way Rick has brought on key team players such as top-of-the-world IFBB figure athlete Heather Mae Sosias formerly French who also happens to be his wife. The resource network of experts in the fields of exercise science professional basketball strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess and registered dietitian of Kore Plus Karrie Bach bring tremendous impact to the FitFoods4U overall approach. Having all the added team resources makes FitFoods4U a desired go-to place when seeking health-conscious ready-made meals and meal packages. FitFoods4U has also had the privilege and pleasure of helping individuals families athletes and Colorado professional sports teams whether at home or away with healthy eats. For more information visit or call 720-583-0643. HLM Q So then what about the timing A Here are a couple of scenarios to help you figure out when it s a good time to eat the so-called bad carbs and when it s okay to eat good carbs at so-called not-so-good times. Bad Carbs Good Timing You just worked out and you re starving. At this point your muscles are even hungrier than you are. They are in desperation mode to receive the proper nutrients to help fuel the recovery process so needless to say a protein source is needed. Protein powder is best. Opt for powder over food at this point as this has readily available amino acids to speed the process. So here s the answer to which carb you should choose. Conventional wisdom would say to stay away from sugars so go for oatmeal or wheat bread. In actuality this is the time to reach for that sugary bad carb such as candy. Yes I said it. Candy Although there are healthier choices such as Gatorade chocolate milk bagels white bread and even sports products such as Karbolyn or a waxy maize carb delivery system. Items super low in fat or with no fat at all are desired. Fat will slow down the recovery process. Good Carbs Bad Timing It s about 8 00 p.m. and you have missed a meal or two during the day. Now you re starving and you know that a high protein shake and a salad won t fill you up. First your choice of protein should have some healthy fats in it such as salmon or even a lean red meat if you opt for chicken you can add a serving of almonds. Now which carbs do you choose Oatmeal sweet potato yam and brown rice are good selections. Of course quantity is the key here. You should consume half of what your normal carb intake would Fitfoods4U founder Rick Sosias and wife Heather Sosias have both worked years in perfecting the delicate art of living a healthy balanced lifestyle. As professional business owners athletes and parents they understand what it means to have easy access to a healthy bite to eat. We feel that time is the most valuable asset we have right next to our health. It s such a great feeling knowing that we can be a part of something greater in this life ... by operating Fitfoods4U we feel that it s helping others with their time energy and overall health-conscious lifestyle. From our family to you and yours we hope you enjoy. -- Fitfoods4U Rick & Heather Sosias HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE REAL ESTATE do your homework by ti n a v. sava s buying a house the money but if you ask the right questions and do some research you could potentially save yourself years of trouble both financially and emotionally. 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM A house is one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make. That s why it s important to do it right. Whether you ve hired a Realtor or have decided to go it alone do your homework before signing on the dotted line. Anyone can buy a house even a teenager if they have Create a Budget Assuming you have a budget for life s everyday expenses such as utilities cable and Internet you need to create another one to include the potential costs of homeownership mortgage payment (principal and interest) maintenance and repairs property insurance and property taxes. Buying a house requires a large amount of cash up front to cover closing costs and a down payment which ranges from 3 percent for a government loan from the Federal Housing Administration to 20 percent for a conventional loan. That s a lot of cash. Be sure you can handle the outlay. Moreover you need to have enough cash in reserve for emergencies such as an accident or job loss. And don t forget the deposits required to set up various accounts and utilities. Take note that when you re buying a condo or town home it s necessary to factor in the homeowners association fees and any special assessments. If you re young you may not mind if your house is a fixer-upper. And if credit is an issue that may be what you can afford. But keep in mind that repairs and home improvements still require money so prioritize your projects within your budget. Consider making a commitment to live in your new house for at least five years. Most of your early mortgage payments will be applied to the interest portion of the payment anyway so not much equity will build. Why not make your house work for you instead of the lender Find Your House It s a good idea to get pre-approved by a lender to determine how much house you can afford which in turn will point you in the right direction. Now you can begin the process with a Realtor or on your own. If you are single it may not make sense to buy a five-bedroom house with a pool but don t ignore the possibility that you may fall in love get married and have a family and be stuck in a down market trying to upgrade to a larger house If you re an animal lover a condo or a townhouse may not make too much sense. Once you find your dream home in the perfect neighborhood on the perfect street and preferably close to your job your due diligence begins. Study the house at different times during the day. Drive by in the morning swing by around mid-afternoon and at night. This will give you impressions to consider. Is there a dog barking incessantly when a car drives by Do you hear loud music next door to the house Is the street too busy for your taste Inquire about the neighbors especially if you have children. Will there be any children to play with nearby If you feel comfortable with your surroundings move to the next phase. Making the Offer Your offer and contract should let the seller know that you are serious but also firm about the condition of the house. Hire a home inspector to do a thorough inspection of the house. Items will include electrical plumbing air conditioning heating appliances structural integrity safety issues windows roof basement drainage and other items. Stand firm in your negotiations regarding issues your inspector finds. The seller knows unsatisfactory items will need to be addressed whether it s with you or with another buyer. Most lenders will require a systems clear before disbursing your loan. Remember to get a termite inspection as well. Typically the seller will furnish the inspection and may also transfer their current bond to you upon the sale. Hire a home inspector to do a thorough inspection of the house. Items will include electrical plumbing air conditioning heating appliances structural integrity safety issues windows roof basement drainage and other items. Your appraisal will come next. It s usually paid for by the buyer at closing and is performed after the inspection to give you and your lender the satisfaction that your house is worth the money you are ready to pay. If the appraisal comes back with a lower figure than you have offered you have some choices. Walk away from the deal or ask the seller to come down on their price. Some lenders will give you the privilege of going ahead with the sale but keep in mind that you may not be able to insure the house for the total amount you pay. Chances are if you have gotten this far your new house is close to reality and will close soon. Remember to celebrate Buying a house remains an American ideal. It s certainly worth a pat on your back when you cross your new threshold. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE HOME live large in your small space by m e r ri tt re th l a ke S 30 mall-space living doesn t mean you need to scrimp on style or furniture. Instead it s about keeping modern and functional solutions in mind when it comes to decorating a space with less square footage. Whether you re just starting out in your first apartment or downsizing to a modern minimized house tom investing in built-ins or a small renovation could save you money (and headaches ) in the long run by creating a lasting solution that works instead of looking for a quick fix every few months. If a built-in or larger structure isn t an option wall shelving can be an equally successful solution. Shelves can be placed strategically on your walls climbing upward to save space. Place canisters or other organizational items on shelves to keep things such as letters bills and magazines off the counter. Shelves are also a great place for plants adding greenery to the room without taking up table space. Dark paint colors or busy wallpaper can make a space feel smaller and more constricting than it actually is. To diffuse this feeling opt for lighter tones that you can carry through the whole space instead of making a clear color division between rooms. This will help make the space appear larger now that the kids are grown up and gone there are a few tricks to maximize and make the most of your smaller space. Think vertically When you don t have the space to go around go up instead. Tall bookshelves or cabinets give you the storage space you need without taking up your elbow room. High-reaching furniture pieces will draw eyes upward and also help create visual interest in your space. Choosing to commit to a floor-to-ceiling solution is a great opportunity for you to go cusHERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Artwork that features vertical lines is also a great addition to a small space especially if you re dealing with low ceilings. Hang the pieces above eye-level to create the illusion of higher ceilings. and the consistency among light colors creates a calm balance throughout. It also reflects light more easily brightening your room even more. Adding mirrors to your walls will bring in light too. Mirrors are a relatively inexpensive way to create the illusion of more space while simultaneously acting as a beautiful accent. Using a reflective material such as glass is also a smart substitution for any wood or steel. A coffee table with a glass top for example keeps a room looking more open than a solid wood table. Downsizing or living in a smaller space also asks you to be a bit of a curator and editor. Because there s less room to work with consider becoming extra particular in the accessories and pieces you choose to display and have in your home. This is a great opportunity for you to determine which items matter to you most. It s also a chance to get creative with your displays. If you have a large collection of items consider snapping a few photos and creating either a gallery wall or collage instead of finding room for individual items. A key tip tiny space doesn t always call for tiny furniture. A mid-size sectional could be a better scale for your room rather than a sofa and an accent chair even if they have smaller footprints. Think about how you re going to use the room. Is it easier to have one larger piece of furniture or multiple smaller pieces that you ll have to maneuver around When decorating any space make sure you spend some time with it before making any big decisions or purchases. It will help you understand how you use the room and what pieces will be best suited for it. And in doing this you may find a particular room is multi-purposeful. Tossing any visual barriers to the wayside can improve the layout of your space. Hanging your television on a wall instead of placing it in a bulky media cabinet or entertainment unit for example is an easy way to declutter that area of your space. And other times adapting to less square footage isn t about giving up entire furniture pieces but simply choosing a different version. You can still get the king-size bed but maybe not the tall headboard. The island in your kitchen may have to be a more standard shape instead of an all-encompassing U-shape. The dinner table you choose might have to double as the breakfast spot or be functional enough to host more formal meal gatherings. Other general recommendations include avoiding bold patterns or overly obtrusive furniture. The design and scale of certain furniture pieces can be overwhelming in smaller spaces. Solid colors are best for larger pieces but let bright hues and personality come to life with artwork and throw pillows or blankets. Artwork that features vertical lines is also a great addition to a small space especially if you re dealing with low ceilings. Hang the pieces above eye-level to create the illusion of higher ceilings. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 31 HERLIFE HOME AND DESIGN color palettes for fall As fall quickly approaches many of us get the urge to start fresh with rich warm cozy color combinations. Embrace the impulse to decorate and discover your perfect autumn hues. To help you get started let s explore seven of our favorite fall color palettes Go Natural If colorful hues are not high on your list this fall don t fret a natural color palette can create a cozy shelter. Consider grouping warm-toned wood furnishings with natural textiles in rich neutral colors. Incorporate a range of colors from creams to dark rich browns. Classic Red Yellow and Orange Red yellow and orange reference the changing color of leaves and has always been a classic fall color palette. And there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics. This analogous color scheme creates a calm and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for autumn. It is serenely harmonious and yet still colorful and interesting. You can even add in shades of brown for another soothing layer. Cordial Copper Oh the warmth of copper. This beautiful finish is very welcoming during the autumn months. For some people copper can appear too refined even sterile. Consider accent paint colors in an ashen finish to offset the metallic vibe. Chalkboard paint is perhaps the easiest way to get the look. And today chalkboard paint Linnore Gonzales is also the owner of a full service decorating company Decor & You. Decor & You furnishes and refines residential and commercial interiors. Our designers have the power to simplify how people achieve comfort style and value in their homes and businesses. It s an ambitious goal and Decor & You delivers it right to your door photo provided by jason hayes photography 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM comes in a wide variety of colors. However black accents against copper are purely magnetic. The Shades of Green Olive and Pear You can find green in many different tones and they almost all can be worked into a fall color palette. But here are two of our favorite pairs Olive green and rich red a beautiful color complement that does not scream Christmas but rather warmth and splendor. Pear green and dark walnut these two colors create a soft palette. If you have attractive dark wood floors already then adding some pear green accents is easy. If not select a fine walnut-stained table or chairs. Simply Pumpkin Pumpkin orange hues set a cheerful mood and there are many ways to use these shades with colors but we really love them paired with neutrals. Try orange with beige to create a cozy feeling. Or orange accents against deep browns and creams. If you select a deeper orange tone try it against weathered gray for a soft effect. Try the pumpkin-neutral palette in the kitchen. Try flooring countertops and cabinets in your favorite neutral hues and then use pumpkin for your accent piece such as the backsplash. Updating the backsplash is a rather small kitchen investment and in orange it can create a clean modern warm and inviting space all at once. Red and Gold Red is simply that color. It attracts attention and makes people enthusiastic while chasing away their blues. A very versatile and easy-to-use color red works comfortably with a wide range of styles. You will find it in contemporary family rooms traditional sitting rooms and even the kitchen where it is said red stimulates the appetite. When finding a partner color for red nothing quite says elegant and fabulous like gold. It s a classic and multifaceted look. Try gold chairs surrounding a red tablescape or a gold embellished glass-topped coffee table against a rich red sofa. If gold is too much for your taste try low-contrasting tans and browns. It creates a comfortable atmosphere inviting relaxation as it tones down the red s energizing feature. Try it in a reading nook or even in a bedroom. HLM Amethyst to Plum Purple is a beautiful fall color that adds a little energy to the mix. Consider hints of amethyst against coffee and vanilla-inspired neutrals. Try translucent accent pieces in amethyst if you need to tone down the vigor. Plum is more of a smoky purple that pairs well with warmth. Consider having a little fun with it and add a strong jeweled-toned color such as candy red or even pink. This will create a seriously lively autumn space. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 HERLIFE PETS turtles and tortoises by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r shelled wonders T hey re those cute little swimmers that are so appealing to children perhaps a Red Ear Slider turtle or a Red Footed tortoise that you ve seen in the pet stores. ence is in habitat and diet. Most turtles spend much of their time in the water whether fresh or salt have webbed feet and are omnivores. In cold weather they burrow into the mud where they re inactive until spring. Tortoises are land dwellers have round stumpy feet and are herbivores. In hot dry habitats tortoises dig burrows where they will go when the sun s heat is excessive. They re members of the order Chelonia hence the name chelonians. Habitat Both can grow into larger turtles and tortoises which requires that the expectant owner take note of the anticipated adult size and the area it will need. Turtles may need both an aquatic and terrestrial environment and tortoises generally need a significant amount of space in a habitat that s suited for them. Enthusiasts advise not allowing them to roam in your home which may not be temperature controlled or secure. In particular dogs can be antagonistic to turtles attacking and chewing appendages and even shells. Turtles require at least a 29-gallon or larger glass aquarium with a screen top proper lighting and heating. They re messy eaters and produce a lot of waste so the filtration system must be geared to handle it. Scheduled cleaning is a must. Tortoises need an enclosure that s 40 gallons or larger with a screen top heating ventilation and a rocky or wooded spot for a hiding area. They require a temperate and either moderately humid or arid environment depending on the species. Maintaining the correct conditions calls for thermometers at both ends of the enclosure plus a hygrometer to measure the humidity. Diet and Veterinary Care All turtles and tortoises need fresh food and some need large quantities of it. Each species has a varied requirement of food sources and some have a very specific list of foods that are only available in their home range. Make sure you have access to a veterinarian who has additional training in reptile and amphibian medicine before you select your turtle or tortoise. They re known as herp veterinarians for Bringing one into your home as a pet sounds like a great idea it would live win an enclosure and just require turtle food right Think again. Before making the decision to purchase or adopt one of these fascinating chelonians please do your research for your own well-being and that of your pet. What s the Difference Turtles and tortoises are both reptiles have scales and are cold-blooded. The primary differ- 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM the specialty in herpetology they can provide information about dietary needs and other conditions the pet requires. Specialized veterinary care can come with a high price tag be sure you can afford one of these delicate creatures. Health Concerns It s safe to assume that a turtle or tortoise you bring into the house will carry the ubiquitous salmonella bacteria which can cause serious illness in humans. The risk of transmission can be reduced by thorough hand washing with soap and water after handling the animals or anything that touches them. House them away from dining and food preparation areas. Children under 12 should always have adult supervision. Finding Your Turtle or Tortoise It s illegal for pet stores in the U.S. to sell any turtle smaller than four inches. As with any animal look for one that is active and has clear eyes. Swollen eyes and a runny nose are indicators that the animal is sick. The larger stores offer excellent information about the required habitats behaviors and diets of their animals on their websites so you can be prepared to make a fully informed choice. Don t remove a chelonian from the wild as tempting as it might be. Most are legally protected species so don t be part of the process of their further decline. In addition there s always the possibility of introducing bacteria or disease into your home environment. Turtles may need both an aquatic and terrestrial environment and tortoises generally need a significant amount of space in a habitat that s suited for them. Enthusiasts advise not allowing them to roam in your home which may not be temperature controlled or secure. Rescue groups specialize in re-homing tortoises and turtles their experts can match you with the correct species and provide education about its needs. For example the Mid-Atlantic Turtle and Tortoise Society emphasizes that adopting a turtle can be rewarding and fun with the right preparations. Their process requires that an adopter submit an application on approval a photo of the proposed housing is required plus a veterinarian reference. Applicants also sign an adoption contract agreeing to humane care abidance of laws and ordinances and agreeing not to sell trade release or give away the animal without written permission from the Society. Other groups such as American Tortoise Rescue in Malibu California offer permanent sanctuary to abandoned lost and special needs tortoises. If you take the plunge know that it s often a lifetime commitment. Turtles and tortoises can live 50 to 100 years or longer so your children and grandchildren may be caring for one of the world s oldest creatures for years to come. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER The latest film by Academy Award-winning director Quentin Tarantino The Hateful Eight was shot on location at the Schmid Family Ranch near Telluride Colorado. HATEFUL photos by andrew cooper 2015 the weinstein company. all rights reserved. THE EIGHT In The Hateful Eight set six or eight or twelve years after the Civil War a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming landscape. The passengers bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and his fugitive Daisy Domergue (Jennifer Jason Leigh) race toward the town of Red Rock where Ruth known in these parts as The Hangman will bring Domergue to justice. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 Along the road they encounter two strangers Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) a black former Union soldier turned infamous bounty hunter and Chris Mannix (Walton Goggins) a Southern renegade who claims to be the town s new sheriff. Losing their lead on the blizzard Ruth Domergue Warren and Mannix seek refuge at Minnie s Haberdashery a stagecoach stopover on a mountain pass. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 When they arrive at Minnie s they are greeted not by the proprietor but by four unfamiliar faces. Bob (Demian Bichir) who s taking care of Minnie s while she s visiting her mother is holed up with Oswaldo Mobray (Tim Roth) the hangman of Red Rock cow-puncher Joe Gage (Michael Madsen) and Confederate General Sanford Smithers (Bruce Dern). As the storm overtakes the mountainside stopover our eight travelers come to learn they may not make it to Red Rock after all... HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE TRAVEL so many islands so little time by c a r ri e row l a n d s j o h n so n T 42 he evening air blankets me with its reliable island warmth. I glance over the top of my paperback and gaze at the breathtaking sight that is the sun dipping below the horizon. I reach down the serene beach the crystal clear turquoise blue waters lapping at our feet. Such is life on the island of Majorca (Mallorca) where we are staying. Vacationing on an island holds the promise of a vacation like no other. Refreshing tranquil waters bright clear skies white sandy beaches balmy temperatures and radiating sunshine provide conditions perfect enough to tempt tourists into basking on a towel the whole day long. But many islands offer so much more than comfy beach chairs colorful umbrellas and tasty fruit drinks. Majorca Balearic Islands The island of Majorca is located just off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands an autonomous region of Spain. With its Mediterra- and scrape up a handful of the soft pure white sand flinging it playfully and watching it dance across my partner s chest fully intending to wake him and head out together for a walk along HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Nature lovers will enjoy St. John of which two-thirds is a national park. Camping hiking and breathtaking views are all readily available. It s also home to the world-renowned beaches Cinnamon Bay Salt Pond Bay and Trunk Bay. nean climate and beautiful seaside location it is a popular destination for vacationers from all over the world and has provided inspiration for creative greats such as Agatha Christie French writer George Sand and Polish composer and pianist Frederic Chopin. Tourism is the largest source of revenue for this island. Even the members of the Spanish royal family spend their summer holiday in Majorca where the Marivent Palace is located. While the beaches are alluring as we found out first hand don t be afraid to dive right in to this historical city center first set foot upon farther back than 100 BCE. The architecture is historic grand and much of it immaculately preserved such as Bellver castle a Gothic-style fortress built in the 14th century for King James II of Majorca and one of the only circular castles in Europe. Next head to the capital city of Palma for inviting shopping. While there pick up a few strands of the popular Majorca pearls. Veer off the main streets and into the tiny alleyways weaving in and out of the city and check out a few of the many boutiques and specialty shops. Before your trip you ll want to transfer your dollars to Euros the currency on this Spanish island. Though many Majorcans speak Spanish Majorca s own language is Catalan. Take note drinking water is precious and scarce here. Fiji With its white sandy beaches soft coral reefs and year-round tropical climate Fiji is a popular destination for both romantic and family vacations. Fiji is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean made up of a cluster of more than 332 islands. If you like it hot avoid Fiji from May through October as the average temperature during this cool season is a lovely 72 degrees. In addition to scuba diving and sunbathing check out a few of the other tourist attractions such as the Botanical Gardens of Thursten in Suva Sigatoka Sand Dunes and Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. You may want to brush up on Fijian as it is the major language though many Fijians also speak English. You ll want to ask your bank about exchanging your American dollars for Fijian dollars. U.S. Virgin Islands For an island experience that doesn t require an unfamiliar currency or language consider the U.S. Virgin Islands where the U.S. dollar is the official currency and English is the main language. Located in the Eastern Caribbean the average temperatures range from 77 degrees in the winter to 83 degrees during summer. Choose from one of the three U.S. Virgin Islands depending on what HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 sort of character and activities interest you. In St. Croix the historic towns of Frederiksted and Christiansted feature quaint shops charming pastel buildings and refreshing cultural diversity. Horseback riding near 18thcentury sugar mills and golf are also popular. Nature lovers will enjoy St. John of which two-thirds is a national park. Camping hiking and breathtaking views are all readily available. It s also home to the world-renowned beaches Cinnamon Bay Salt Pond Bay and Trunk Bay. St. Thomas is the most visited port in the Caribbean boasting one of the most beautiful harbors in the world. This island is full of energy and offers elegant dining exciting nightlife duty-free shopping and submarine rides. You re in for an experience if you rent a car in the Virgin Islands as motor vehicles are driven on the left side of the road. Whether you travel near or far a vacation on the islands is bound to be a rejuvenating relaxing vacation that tickles all of your senses. HLM HERLIFE SHE SAID YES 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM & Thomas by marilyn isaminger photographs by kb digital designs Janine Janine Muir and Thomas Lindeman first met eight years ago through Janine s older sister Elizabeth. They encountered each other only once until Elizabeth got engaged to Thomas best friend John in 2013. Janine was the maid of honor and Thomas was a groomsman at their wedding. Janine and Thomas clicked and fell in love as they spent more and more time together. Janine 26 is a human resources professional Thomas 28 works in IT. Both love to travel and are very family oriented. Thomas proposed to Janine overlooking Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins Colorado. It had just stopped raining and the sun came out so everything seemed to sparkle. Janine and Thomas signed their marriage license at a steakhouse in downtown Denver in the company of their parents siblings and close friends before they traveled to Italy to say their vows. On May 5 2015 they were married in a small church on Lake Como Italy where the two could share their vows in an intimate moment. After their ceremony they went on their honeymoon in Florence and Rome. The blissful couple celebrated their recent marriage with family and friends at a reception on June 12 at Windsong Estate Event Center in Fort Collins. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE TIE THE KNOT Christina andMack by marilyn isaminger photographs by kb digital designs F riendships are one of the sustaining forces of life and Highlands Ranch Colorado. Christina was attended by Maid of Honor Larisa Barber and bridesmaids Briana Barber Kaily Benenati Paige Bryant Erica Griffin and Maebh McGonagle. Standing with Mack were groomsmen Tony Belviso Seth Cathey Ryan Forrest Kyle MacDonald and Steve Orban. Saber bearers were Cobb Brandon Andrew Chinlund Sean Gent Robert Neal Andrew Verriotto and Jackson Wehmeyer The bride resplendent in a strapless gown with lacetrimmed train carried a ribbon-wrapped bouquet of cream roses and hydrangeas. She wore an exquisite long veil that was adorned with a lace inlay from her mother s wedding gown adding a special memory for the bride and her mother. Mack is a pilot in the United States Air Force so we did the traditional Saber Arch at the conclusion of our ceremony smiled Christina. Walking through it as 1st Lt. and Mrs. Griffin was my favorite part of the entire day Christina and Mack are awaiting completion of Mack s pilot training to take their honeymoon. Meanwhile they re seeking the perfect destination for their eagerly anticipated trip.HLM frequently the means through which future relationships are forged. Christina and Mark Griffin are blessed to have had a dear friend in both of their lives. Mack and I met through our mutual friend Paige Christina reveals. Mack went to high school with her and I met her in college at Ole Miss. Paige introduced us while I was visiting her home town of Amarillo Texas. Mack proposed to Christina on June 5 2014 while they were on vacation with his family in Fort Walton Beach Florida. We went for a walk on the beach before dinner on our last night there she smiles. We were almost back to the condo when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him It was perfect My favorite part however was that Mack asked my Dad for permission beforehand. Because we didn t live in the same state he made a special trip to Colorado for a quick visit. Totally unbeknown to me the purpose was to ask my Dad for my hand in marriage. Our engagement was something I will never forget The blissful couple tied the knot on June 6 2015 in a traditional ceremony at Cherry Hills Community Church in 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Businesses That Shared in the Love Hair Styling Erin Ferris Makeup Artist Danica Jardien Bridal Gown Anna B Bridal Boutique Bridesmaids Gowns Weddington Way Photography Katie Brewer KB Digital Designs Florist A Design Resource DJ Tony London dj Maestro Caterer A Perfect Bite Catering Cake Cookie Ramirez Ceremony Venue Cherry Hills Community Church Reception Venue The Manor House HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 HERLIFE SCENE AND BE SEEN T 48 Urban Nights Fashion Show and Urban Peak fundraiser he Joseph Family Foundation and Infiniti of Denver presented the third annual Urban Nights fashion show and fundraiser benefiting Urban Peak on Saturday Aug. 22. The event showcased Colorado s hottest designers and retailers a live and silent auction and pre- and after-parties at Mile High Station. HLM ph o t o s p rovided by s teve p et er s on p hot ogr ap hy HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 HERLIFE SCENE AND BE SEEN S Former Pro Cyclist and Author Leah Goldstein Supports Venus de Miles Ride ince 2008 more than 14 000 women have participated in Venus de Miles. This unique fundraising event just for women brings together thousands of active women in the celebration of sisterhood and community to raise money for Greenhouse Scholars. Internationally renowned athlete World Champion Kickboxer Race Across America Winner Israeli Secret Police Officer Krav Maga Commando Trainer Record-Breaking Professional Cyclist and glass ceiling crusher Leah Goldstein attended this year s event in Longmont Colorado in support of this exceptional cause. Goldstein provided safety videos for the riders and was available for the signing of her new book No Limits released on June 1 2015. Learn more about Leah and pick up a copy of her memoir on her website HLM p h o to s p rov i d e d by d e ri c sw a n so n 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM