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WDM October 2015 Jocelyne F. Lafreni re CPA CA CPSC CICA Management Consultant Author of Hello Marvelous You Executive Coach 1 Speaker President & Chief Executive Officer of JFL International Inc. Women of Distinction Apostle Lorna Scheuer Non-Profit Religious Founder President In Christ Missions International Inc. features WDM 11 Jocelyne F. Lafreni re Management Consultant Author of Hello Marvelous You Executive Coach Speaker President & Chief Executive Officer of JFL International Inc. Ottawa Ontario Canada CPA CA CPSC CICA 19 24 51 Deborah A. Fogel Poet Nazareth PA Jill Karatinos Mental Health Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist - Jill Karatinos M.D. (Solo Practice) Lutz FL Luci McMonagle Education Abundance Success Coach Abundance Success Coach Owner of Learn About Money LLC Phoenix AZ (but available worldwide virtually) 66 Shauna Lane Associate Broker ABR SFR Real Estate - Residential Associate Broker Accredited Buyers Representation and Short Sale Foreclosure Specialist - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty Chesapeake VA Susan Eustis S Market Research Co-Founder President and Chief Executive Officer of WinterGreen Research Lexington MA usan Eustis is the Co-Founder President and CEO of WinterGreen Research where she is the driving and creative force of the company as someone who manages a global team yet is also responsible for writing its market research studies. She began her career in the 1960s selling voting machines writing election law running a union election business and running the first electronic voting machine company. Susan ran the poverty program elections in New York City selling voting machines trained election workers and helped smooth the election process for public and private elections. She also invented the first electronic voting machine. I was quite famous in my earlier career and was profiled in publications including People Magazine and the New York Times. I also gave a lot of interviews and spoke at events. Susan started her current career in 1975 with a consulting business but turned to writing 10 years later when her first husband left her and their two small children. She could no longer travel with her sales job and was forced to raise the children herself as a stay-at-home mom with money earned from the writing. While that was difficult Susan really enjoyed writing. I could work at night after the children went to bed writing and selling the writing in Asia where it was still working hours. I learned how to write fast because I got paid by the word. With her very astute partner Ellen Curtiss Susan focused on writing about anything that had a microprocessor in it so she got to write about the automated process in every industry and follow the development of every aspect of computers. This is an industry I understand very well. All the software and hardware that has evolved in the various applications in telecommunications healthcare energy renewable energy and now drones has been intensely interesting to me. I can see trends about two years ahead of when other people see them. My children say that I would constantly talk about things two years ahead of when they really happened in the real world. Susan wrote the first Internet market research study and was able to turn her insight into a business writing for companies about what was going to happen next. He collects the money pays the taxes organizes the contracting for the distribution network controls the website and manages the day to day operations. The results were sort of self-fulfilling because I could write with clarity and in a compelling manner and people would then put money into those projects and they would really happen. By now I know a lot and it is really fun to write about things that could materialize into real markets. Today Susan uses her ideas and ability to write to make WinterGreen Research a successful company. However her son plays just as important of a role in its success. The market research studies that she writes build a body of work that contributes to the studies that follow. Right now we are working on 18 different studies on robots. Robots represent the next wave of automated process. They are going to take away virtually all of the existing jobs because they are so efficient. Each robot study teaches me things that I can write about in the next robot study. Because I am sort of sad that the robots are taking away jobs I m starting a website WinterGreenCOE with modules called Centers of Excellence that shows where the new jobs are coming from. This site is linked to another of our sites that shows where the new jobs are coming. Our primary business is the industry market research we do that predicts growth in every industry segment. We re building out a jobs forum for new studies every day compelling analysis of business opportunity and market share analysis. The market research studies describe a way for writers to describe different businesses in different regions to show what their market opportunities are by region. We also have rankings of the different leaders in various industry segments and assessments of company strengths and weaknesses. She believes that integrity is the most important aspect of business but she would also like to be remembered as an innovator. Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology. Our business strives to provide customers the most efficient usage of technology by providing descriptions of how to grow a business. Competitive analysis is essential. We feel that by describing how different companies are making a market for themselves we can help everyone in that market segment. It is the granular details that are significant not some synopsis that can be put in a chart. What really makes a difference is how companies express a response to a particular problem and the problems they seek to address with their product set. You can see that a company with a robust product set is a leader and a company with only a couple of products is not as significant. The companies approach markets with a variety of responses. Q How do you run a small global company A I think it is significant to have a global perspective for any endeavor in these days. My brother Steve set up the first group inside IBM in the 1980s that had people from different countries on the same team. Now companies do that all the time but it contributed greatly to IBMs market growth that they were able to do that. Q How do you protect your integrity in a business world that is so corrupt A I am always alert to the need not to take money to put out a number that some company wants put out and then have the number be wrong. This is not a favor to a company because sooner or later it catches up with them. The market research business is rife with competitors who will bow to the desires of the client even when it involves lying but I simply will not do that. This has served me well in business. Q What is it like to go to meetings where you are the only woman there A So many of my close friends and my sister have experienced this throughout their careers. It is difficult beyond any words to go through that as the men are so arrogant and it is so demeaning to be treated that way. You need to come up with ways to hold your head up high and keep going even when someone is picking on you and say things that are nasty. The men who are not like that stand out and become lifelong friends. It is nice to build relationships with people based on respect. Q How do you make a market share analysis that is accurate A This involves doing a lot of interviews and to keep interviewing until the same numbers come from several different places. This way it is possible to get a handle on a market. A lot of research is needed and it is often necessary to sift through several thousand pages in addition to the interviews. Q How do you make a forecast that is accurate A The accurate forecasts depend on understanding all the factors that are likely to impact a market going forward. Technology people and financing are core to building a market and all those pieces need to be in place for a market to grow. In addition there needs to be several credible competitors. One company does not build a market. You need the marketing dollars from several companies to build a market. Also there needs to be integrity among the competitors. If there is one company out there lying about what the products are or how they solve the problem this becomes problematic because potential customers cannot sift through all the information and make a correct judgment. Q How do you get opinion leaders to talk to you A People like to be listened to and talk to people who are responsive to what they just said. It helps to know a lot of people and do a lot of favors. I cut my teeth in the voting industry which was full of politics and there is not money to pay people to do favors for you. It is all trading favors back and forth that makes politics work. Business does not usually work that way. People expect to be paid for what they do so I do a lot of favors for people. They remember that and know me and pay attention when I call. Q What is it like to work with Mostafa el Sayed A He is such a smart man so polite all the time. I am a very close friend of his and love it when he shows me all the awards and trophies he has. He always wears the gold Medal of Honor on his jacket lapel. Mostafa is a teacher par excellence and we talk about a lot of problems in the world and I try to advise him about this and that because he travels so much and knows all the world leaders. Q What is it like to work with Marie Weick A Marie is so talented and smart. She always helped me with my daughter. I would say Susie is having this problem... and Marie would tell me advice that I could give to Susie as she was growing up and she did very well in part because she felt cared about by people who had good advice. Q What is it like to work with Florence Hudson A Florence is a brilliant computer industry strategist very intelligent but when we are together we just talk about life and how to take care of our children and the various people who need us. 5 Women of Distinction Zarin Gillani PhD Life Purpose Coaching Therapy Life Purpose Coach Therapist Excellence in Life Facilitations Round Rock TX 6 Women of Distinction s a child Zarin Gillani grew up wanting to become an attorney. But years later due to unfavorable circumstances she realized that a career in law really wouldn t serve her well for a number of reasons. Reflecting back years later as to why she wanted to work in the legal field to begin with she discovered that she simply desired to help others. By 1990 Zarin had begun her career having chosen a completely different career path as a clinical psychologist. I came to realize that I was a very good listener and was very patient with others Zarin said about some of the reasons why she got into psychology. A Offering personal professional and therapeutic coaching by using Core Energy Coaching techniques along with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment which is such a profound tool for the clients Zarin empowers her clients to think outside the box and inspires the clients to realise that they have unique gifts and that they are more than what they can possibly imagine. When Zarin first meets a client she will offer them a free session by offering coaching that she feels will benefit them the most. Basing her course of action on where the client is in their particular phase of life by asking a few simple yet powerful questions she can quickly identify a coaching strategy that will work for him or her. The difference between therapeutic coaching and life purpose coaching comes down to several key factors. While therapeutic coaching will take someone from dysfunctional to functional life purpose coaching will take someone from functional to optimal. There is a big difference between the two. By asking yourself some simple questions you can determine which course of action is best for you. Do I need to heal my emotional wounds from the past Am I looking for someone to help me because my life is not working due to past childhood present family and relationship issues Do I have some unfinished emotional business from the past Do I react defensively to constructive criticism Do I believe that I have anxiety issues and or depression If you answer yes to three or more of these questions therapeutic coaching is most likely best for you. Do I need help to unblock myself Do I have a goal vision and I need help to stay focused on that goal Do I need help with strategies and or objectives to move from where I am to where I wish to be I am already succeeding at what I am doing however I want to be more successful and I need help to unleash my potentials... Am I stuck and wish to know how to get unstuck If you answer yes to more than three of these questions than you are ready for life purpose coaching. Zarin offers three different packages for clients The Discovery Package is best suited for an individual wanting to discover more about themselves in an effort to come to a decision about a life event or change. If they are looking for empowerment to get out of a rut they are stuck in or if they are looking for inspiration to discover their true calling or purpose of if they have a very short-term goal but need solid accountability this is a good starter package. It includes four sessions with Zarin and unlimited email support for one month. The Inspiration Package is best suited for an individual that is committed to taking their self-awareness to a deeper level in an effort to find new ways to expand their horizons. These sessions will inspire them to want more and to be more than they ever imagined. This package includes 12 sessions with Zarin and unlimited email support for three months. Then I met some young children on the street and I just knew it was my calling. Being able to equip people with the skills and tools they need so that they can be self-sufficient and selfreliant and never have to depend on someone people that could very easily find themselves back on the streets was something that I deeply wanted to pursue. Narrowing in on clinical psychology Zarin knew that she would be able to better serve patients in coping with their emotional physiological and psychological trauma. By 1995 Zarin had already earned her Master of Science in Metaphysics in a UK based University followed by her Doctorate of Education that same year. By 1997 she had completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. More than 25 years later Zarin the clinical psychologist and educational psychologist of more than 10 years recently transitioned into Life Purpose Coaching as a Life Purpose Coach Therapist. Training with the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) of New York Zarin formed her own business Excellence in Life Facilitations in Round Rock Texas. As the Chief Executive Officer of her company Zarin leverages her team so that they can all succeed together in their mission vision and the goals that Zarin envisions. Working hands-on she enables her staff to speak loudly and be assertive within the four walls of the office so that each of them can have a voice in being able to assist in inspiring new ideas and enabling the office to run seamlessly. Zarin says that she is fine with taking a step back and allowing others bring fresh ideas and values to the company especially when it comes to a particular area where she knows they will do a much better job than she could. 7 Women of Distinction Finally The InsPower Package is best suited for an individual that has a solid goal in mind or wants to decide on a certain path. It is for those ready to put a plan in motion to make their rest of their life be the best of their life. If they are committed to working with Zarin for an extended amount of time from the beginning to the end of a goal until a dream becomes reality or to have someone always keeping them on their toes and challenging them than the InsPower Package is for them. Initially as a therapist my focus was to help people pick up the pieces of their life or overcome things that happened in their past that were hindering them in their present. Now as a life coach I assist people by helping them bring their vision to reality and I help facilitate elevated life conditions. Think of me as your bottle opener I release your potential Zarin said. Clinical therapy as Zarin describes is a field that you can only be good at if you work with you heart because of the simple fact that you are working with people. In life coaching the same is true yet you must also sharpen your insight and intuition even further so that you can uplift your client even more than they would have expected. Noting that you can never undermine your clients because they will ultimately be the ones paying the price for your misguidance or oversights Zarin says that for every one negative thought a person must have seven positive ones in order to negate that one negative. And it is her job and responsibility to halt these feelings from occurring in the first place. Zarin also volunteers her time with various community interests of hers. She enjoys empowering women to get mammograms while serving as a spokesperson for Breast Cancer Awareness. She teaches religions education to young adults as well while inspiring them to create a pluralistic society so that everyone can live in a colorful world and be able to appreciate all of the other colors out there. Looking back on her career one of Zarin s biggest difficulties was establishing herself despite being profiled as a colored person which is why she now enjoys educating the younger generation on racism in America. She learnt from her husband Nurdeen in Canada through his experience in the dry cleaning industry that those individuals who might be biased toward her because of their own preconceived notions and ways in which they view the world should and will receive the very same services from her no matter what and it will never change or affect her sessions. Her husband taught her the most important element in the equation too and that is that it does not matter what she looks like but what she can do for a particular individual is and should be her focus and her services have nothing to do with the color of her skin caste creed or religion. Fortunately she has met some amazing people throughout her career as well and they have embraced her for who she is and not what they want her to be. Inspired mostly by her husband their children that followed they are all in her corner rooting for her as her number one cheering squad. They have given her the ability to feel strong in times of weakness and they have supported her in all her professional efforts especially when it comes to her coaching business. As a result Zarin has experienced a great deal of growth skills and wisdom and she has broken ground in new territory all her own. Zarin has lived a life full of compassion. Going out of her way to lend a helping hand to friends and strangers alike she does this without them feeling any obligation to her because she says that is not the true understanding of serving mankind . Her compassion has served her well in both her career as a psychologist and life coach and even more significantly in her personal life as a wife and mother. She gets to enjoy the best of both worlds. Adding the title of grandmother to her resume she gets to learn new things everyday as her littlest ones teach her how to look at others and the world with fresh unbiased eyes. Today researchers say that it is more than seven times. It s almost 20-plus times. Why One of the reasons is that there is so much selfdoubt in individuals and in their own ability that they are always second-guessing themselves and are constantly looking for validation one validation is never satisfactory. Entering into the world of clinical psychology Zarin has made continuous strides in the field. She has dedicated an abundance amount of time and effort through speaking engagements group sessions focus group sessions and by participating with members of a Think Tank to find avenues for empowerment for different genders cultural backgrounds and ages. She now teaches leadership skills to officers of various churches of non-denominational approaches she coaches people from various churches and she volunteers by conducting leadership skills training as well as soft skills training for groups of the Indian Community that migrated from India. She holds a number of different certifications including Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Non-Profit and Volunteer Organizational Success Leadership Trainer Certified Coach Trainer in Leadership Skills Stephen Covey Trainer 7 Healthy Habits and Principle Centered Leadership and Stephen Covey Trainer 8th Habit Finding Your Voice. She is also a Secondary Teacher Educator Program Graduate Professional Teacher Educator Program Graduate and Primary Teacher Educator Program Graduate. 8 Take heart for everyone is on a journey. Each one of us is working towards a better and brighter future if not for ourselves than for our families children and grandchildren. See the glass half full every time love every human being unconditionally and wear a smile all of the time because it is the best non-surgical facelift there is. Most of all shine wherever you are and with whatever you know so that your brightness will touch others and before you know it there will be a gathering of happy people around you. Be authentic and uphold integrity and everything else will fall into place on its own. 9 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that what you do is important A While the term Life Coach is a new concept the idea of coaching has been around since the beginning of time as we train educate and mold people into a position if you will. Life coaching allows a person to come to their own conclusions about their passions and to recognize their own strength and desire to live the life they really want to live. Q What makes you a GREAT Coach A I coach from the heart. I coach from my core and I see all of the potential in my clients when they don t even see it in themselves Q How does your experience as a therapist make you a better coach A The fact that I can take the individual into their past for just a session or two and bring them back to the current situation at hand allows me to take them from functional to optimal while addressing and resolving whatever may be holding them back and partnering with them to break their limiting beliefs of themselves. Q What keeps your internal fire burning A Having practiced therapy I noticed my clients for the most part did not recognize their own potential. Coaching is a powerful avenue to help clients realize and extract their own greatness My core and my unconditional belief that each human is a spirit first and wants to evolve. Q What keeps you inspired to stay connected with the newest methodologies and strategies for life coaching A I read a lot and am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Q How do you want to see your clients grow as a result of your coaching A I want them to recognize and unleash their potential. It is my sincerest desire to see them put their inner personal power to good use in their daily lives. Q What are the major benefits of e-coaching A These days people are so busy E-Coaching whether it is through email or an online chat offers convenience which is a huge benefit especially for my international clients. Q How do you know a person is a good candidate for coaching A The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) and the Discovery session help me to determine whether a person is ready to be coached in a certain area of their life. The ELI alone would also demonstrate to the client where they feel they need to be coached. It is a powerful tool. It also provides the opportunity to decide if the client and I are compatible and able to establish a solid client-coach relationship in the future. Q Often therapists go to other therapists for stress support. Can a therapist benefit from coaching A Absolutely How I have been in the field for 30-plus years. I know their pain and I understand their language and it can be very stressful. Coaching a therapist to navigate around their stress will bring back the passion and joy that they had when they first began their profession which will transfer to their clients creating a win-win situation for everyone. Q How do you think being a life coach impacts the world beyond your clients A It is a ripple effect ripples always go outward they never go inward. People who are coached go through an incredible mindset change which they will share talk about and emulate and the world experiences that while they interact with such powerful and empowered people. And yes they do impact the world. 10 Women of Distinction Jocelyne F. Lafreni re CPA CA CPSC CICA Management Consultant Author of Hello Marvelous You Executive Coach Speaker President & Chief Executive Officer of JFL International Inc. 11 Ottawa Ontario Canada Women of Distinction s President and CEO of JFL International Inc. Jocelyne F. Lafreni re can be described as a woman of service . She s well-known not only for her business acumen but her passion to empower businesses and individuals to achieve greater success. After earning her Bachelor of Commerce and designations as a Chartered Professional Accountant Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Control Auditor Jocelyne began working at KPMG (one of the largest professional services firms in the world) in 1988 and climbed the corporate ladder to become the first francophone (French-speaking) female partner of their Ottawa office leading their Compliance and International Development Assistance services. With more than 25 years of audit and consulting experience Jocelyne has merged her business and people skills to serve as an advisor to Canadian government departments and agencies United Nations agencies and businesses and non-profit organizations around the world. Her organizational skills dedication hard work and perseverance have all contributed to Jocelyne s success. A Jocelyne has also taught accounting and financial management at the Universit du Qu bec Gatineau Algonquin College and the Building Owners and Managers Association of Ottawa. She s even played an active role in supporting women entrepreneurship as a former President of the Outaouais Chapter of the Quebec Business Women Network. Her investment in youth has been extensive from being a volunteer with Youth Action (an adolescent youth group) to her role as a Board Member of Kids Connection Haiti (Canadian branch) and Save the Children Canada. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti Jocelyne was deeply moved by the tragedy and reached out to the international and Haitian communities to offer support in the reconstruction efforts. She s served several United Nations agencies and nongovernmental organizations in Haiti. Her support of the Haitian community also included being an advisor to several non-profit organizations the Adolescent Girls Network Program and the Orphanage Espoir-Enfants. Providing international development services truly adds a fulfilling dimension to my career one where I can use my skills and expertise to help disadvantaged people around the world achieve success and a better life. This gives me a deep sense of purpose. I m excited each morning for what lies ahead and how I can be of service to others. Throughout her career Jocelyne has actively championed for the empowerment of women and protection of children while supporting education. She s been powerfully drawn to a number of opportunities to volunteer and assist with international development issues. The joy she felt in helping the Haitian community amidst their terrible tragedy led Jocelyne to follow her heart and take a leap of faith in October 2013. After much consideration I left my wellestablished career at KPMG to write Hello Marvelous You (a self-help book) and gain more knowledge on tools and techniques to help people create their best lives. During her transition phase Jocelyne obtained her certification as a Professional Success Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. She enrolled in the threemonth coaching program of the Jack Canfield Group and also trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT - a form of counseling intervention). In 2012 she was a recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her significant contributions to the community in Canada and abroad. 12 Women of Distinction In early 2015 Jocelyne launched JFL Just For You a program that encompasses the following inspiring initiatives as part of her vision to provide people with the resources needed to create a better life for themselves their family and community JFL International Inc. A transformational management consulting coaching and training firm. The firm s unique approach enables enterprises organizations and individuals to achieve their goals and drive higher performance more rapidly. JFL Youthfulness Healthy lifestyle coaching and training to bring more fitness vitality and wellness into your life. JFL Youthfulness provides body mind and soul knowledge to inspire you to make better life choices and uplift you as you journey towards wellness. JFL Peace A movement that engages people worldwide in the peace process and advocacy for human and civil rights less oppressive relations freedom of religion and the protection of religious minorities. The movement champions key humanistic values embracing diversity equality and freedom saying no to bullying engaging in positive communication and helping each other live a better life. JFL Foundation An opportunity to advance the lives of underprivileged people around the world through education and entrepreneurship. To celebrate the spirit of giving the Foundation has added a giving back component to some of its programs under which recipients commit to providing discretionary financial support to advance someone else s dreams of education and entrepreneurship. JFL Just For You TV A bilingual YouTube channel that offers plenty of helpful tips to help you create an inspiring personal and professional life. JFL Just For You Social Media Daily inspirational messages and tips and tricks on Monday Wednesday and Friday on the JFL Just For You Facebook page and on all other trendy social media. In her book Hello Marvelous You Jocelyne empowers readers with insights on how to let the seeds of greatness that are in you flourish for your own fulfillment and the betterment of others. The book is a treasure in which you ll discover the wonders of your manifestation power. You ll learn to create the desires of your heart with positive thoughts a winning strategy focused actions and unwavering faith. You ll find out how to be a success in all areas of your life from relationships health finance career business and recreation to environment and legacy. She s also one of the co-authors of the recently published book The Soul of Success . Her chapter Soul Success Secrets provides insights on how to achieve soul success the greatest form of success. Jocelyne is married to her greatest supporter Yvon Gauthier the Vice-President - Operations of JFL International Inc. and Vice-Chair of the JFL Foundation. With his support and her great knowledge experience and wisdom she now dedicates all of her time to enabling people from all walks of life to make shifts in their lives improve their performance and achieve outstanding results not only in their career or business but also in their personal lives. Her powerful approach is based on proven methods tools and techniques that bring results. Jocelyne genuinely inspires people to be all that they can be with her message of creating an enriched and meaningful life. I hope you have the opportunity to either read or hear it. Looking back I can clearly see how all my past experiences good and bad made me who I am today and led me to create JFL Just For You my gift of love to the world. 13 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Have you always wanted to write a book A When I was 14 years old my parents divorced leaving me with a heart filled with deep sadness so early on I started to question the meaning of life. I looked for an instructional book that could explain what life is all about and how to live a fulfilled life but was unsuccessful in my search after reading several books. Later in life the desire to write such book took place in my heart. Q How did you choose the title of your book Hello Marvelous You A The book explains that you have inner apps to help you create your best life. When all your apps are activated you are the Marvelous You . Realizing ever more fully your Marvelous Nature is your true purpose in life. If your life lacks love respect confidence passion strength and courage it means you have forgotten or are not aware that you are the Marvelous You thus drifting away from your true nature and shifting toward the Powerless You . Q What is the best advice you would give a young woman starting a career A Listen to your inner voice. You are equipped with an inner guidance system for you to become all that you can be. Q Any tips on how to achieve a heartfelt vision with more ease A First be clear on what you want. Second set an action plan by asking yourself the following questions What activities will I do By when How many times will I do them What resources do I need Stay positive as you get into action and assess your progress as you move towards your vision. Celebrate all your successes small and big. Small successes open the door to dream bigger dreams. Q What is the best way to deal with challenges and setbacks as you move in action A Challenges and setbacks should be seen as opportunity for growth. They allow you to learn what works and what doesn t. They move you to be more creative. Embrace them as they are part of becoming all that you can be. Q What do you enjoy most about your international development work A I truly enjoy meeting people from different cultures and ethnicities. Diversity is enriching. I find great pleasure in knowing that I play a role (along with many others) in providing hope and making this world a better place. Q What led you to create JFL Youthfulness A To be great in your career or business you need to be great in caring for yourself. JFL Youthfulness raises awareness on how to better achieve work-life harmony. Q Why did you start the JFL Peace Movement A There is too much deception corruption unlawful behavior bullying threats physical and verbal violence hatred confrontation oppression and terrorism in the world. We need to come together and become JFL Peace Ambassadors. Q When did you know you would set up a foundation A When I was 17 years old I received a merit bursary from a company which allowed me to attend college. I told the President that I would give it back one day. I knew then that one day I would set up a foundation to support other peoples dream of education. In fact a significant portion of the royalties from the book Hello Marvelous You are donated to the JFL Foundation. 14 Women of Distinction Apostle Lorna Scheuer Non-Profit Religious Founder President In Christ Missions International Inc. New York NY Jersey City NJ 15 Pampanga Philippines Women of Distinction B orn in the Philippines Apostle Lorna Scheuer s family worked in the garment industry. As a teenager she would help her family import and export clothing and materials from Europe and South East Asian countries. As interesting as the family business was Lorna knew that it wasn t her calling in life. When Lorna was 17 she began to experience vivid dreams and visions about dressing in a prayer shawl called a Tallit in Jerusalem and doing ambassadorial missions wearing various cultural clothing pieces. In those missions Lorna would help the poor and teach in mission fields to people of various languages and cultures. Much later in life at the age of 40 Lorna s dreams and visions came to fruition when she was called to ministry full-time in 2006. These dreams and visions kept coming back to me and even when I was working in other fields something was driving me toward the fulfillment of those dreams I had long ago as a teenager Lorna explained. I traveled as a fashion consultant between Asia and Europe including Italy and France but I just wasn t happy Lorna recalled. I was burdened with the poor and neglected kids and I wanted to do something about it. I knew deep down inside there was something bigger than myself. So I went back to school for further my studies in education. I have avoided this journey and every time I was not in the path that God had for me there was always a force driving me back toward His calling. When I finally embraced it I felt that it was where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing. Lorna moved to the United States after earning her twoyear business degree in business administration in Manila in 1985. Having the opportunity to pursue higher education in the States she felt chosen and fortunate. Becoming an international student had its challenges but Lorna prayed to the Lord that if He blessed her with knowledge she would give it back to Him and help her people and others all over. As a young girl Lorna s life was full of great challenges. According to her late brother Patrick their grandfather was a land owner and because of the Japanese occupation in the Philippines during World War II he was executed and all of their family s land was confiscated. Her grandfather s family was dispersed and Lorna s mother was nearly raped by that same Japanese soldier. After the war the president made a policy on Agrarian Reform in the Philippines and Lorna s father s family had to start all over again. While her father and her father s brothers served as captains councilors in the town of Pampanga which was two hours north of Manila fighting against rebels and terrorists to bring back the town from its original peace Lorna s older siblings started their own businesses including buying and selling which turned into exporting and importing in Hong Kong and later expanded into store boutiques. When Lorna first arrived in the US her sisters pressed her to study international marketing. Heeding their advice she graduated with her BS in Business and Marketing at Manhattan College in Riverdale New York in 1996. But not long after Lorna decided to move into a different direction altogether. By 2000 Lorna had earned her MA in Educational Psychology with Behavioral Sciences at New York University (NYU) and she began working as a social worker and a vocational counselor. She pursued a second master s degree at NYU this time earning an MA in School Counseling with New York State Certification in 2004. This degree blessed Lorna with the ability to work as a guidance counselor for nearly three years. After two masters in education and counseling I was led to Apostolic and Missionary Leadership Studies and was trained in churches for more than three years of which I received my ordination. In 2002 we planted a church in Asia while I traveled with other leaders of the churches to do missionary work within the United States. God had opened doors afterwards Lorna said. After the training in missions I received the high call to found In Christ Missions both in Asia and in the United States in New York and New Jersey to continue building churches. Founding In Christ Missions in 2007 in the Philippines and 2010 in the US Lorna equips and trains leaders in order to fulfill their divine destinies as the Lord allows Lorna to serve as a guide to them and teach them according to the scriptures. Lorna serves as an Apostle the highest calling in the work of ministry. It is a sovereign call directly from Yeshua of Nazareth not by man. As founder and president she has had the pleasure of visiting other churches both locally and internationally to train leaders and speak in conferences. With this leadership position God has given her the authority with the guidance of the Holy Spirit after their training with mission application to validate and ordain them according to their call within the five-fold ascension gifts given by their Lord Yeshua. 16 Women of Distinction 17 Women of Distinction As a woman apostle it is a challenge Lorna said about the complexities of being a woman of higher calling. By the time I was 40-years-old God called me to this high calling and it affected my entire life giving up my old dreams of getting the luxuries in life. It felt like I was stripped of all the material things that I am supposed to have including friends and it felt like being alone in the wilderness where no one is around to help you except God. It requires a spiritual revelation and the journeys that you are encountering are definitely not for everyone. With the ministry growing on its own and the mission s work expanding globally Lorna is busy completing three books and one manual for the Leadership Training with Holy Spirit applications and Messianic Studies. Her team is also writing their own books according to their God-given gift including children s books and one in particular written about Elijah called One is a Majority with God. Lorna continues to offer different facets of her non-profit organization s work to promote good works in society. They also have volunteer services and counseling services for the young ones. In addition to leadership training for the work of ministry they also network with schools and other churches within the communities and partnerships are taking places both locally and internationally. Lorna became an ordained minister in Asia in 2007 followed by Apostolic Office Ordination in the US in 2011. Currently studying Biblical Hebrew at Hebrew University of Jerusalem she utilizes her little free time studying the Word of God or the bible. She writes lessons writes to pastors and counsel leaders encourages others and works to restructure and establish other churches. Lorna also prays a lot and seeks the Lord s will with each new season. Married Lorna s last name Scheuer is a Jewish name that her husband inherited. Embracing both backgrounds when she was united with him it led Lorna to understand the beauty of the Messianic Age of the Kingdom of Christ and the Jewishness of Yeshua of Nazareth. Together she and her husband share a son David who is now 13-years-old and growing up all too fast. I am a simple woman and yet complicated in so many ways because of my calling Lorna said. But the truth is I am only embracing my high calling and trying to re-examine my spirit my mind and my heart. If I am loving God first and following by loving other humankind like myself I am upholding the Holy Spirit fruits or nine graces which are love peace joy kindness goodness gentleness faithfulness long suffering and self-control. If God wants to use me as His Vessel of Glory than I am representing a powerful and glorious God. And if God wants me to go to places so that He may be glorified I shall do so and obey. A Jewish Rabbi once told me that I have a Jewish soul and that perhaps I may even carry the bloodline one of the 10 lost tribes because of my interest in learning the Torah and Biblical Hebrew Lorna confessed whose own family history consists of Indo-Chinese-Malayan with a Spaniard bloodline from Spain from her grandmother. There were some other explanations by other Rabbis about the uniqueness of my family background and having a Jewish soul that the Spirit of our Lord rested in me when I was young. Of course we all know that Yeshua of Nazareth was a true Jew after all. 18 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why is this ministry vital for the leaders of the religious community A It is vital for the religious leaders because you are representing God and its light into the world. Our world today consists of religious fanatics and yet their mission is supposed to do good unto all (human kindness). God is love and yet killing and violence exists because of their religions. Q How can a woman apostle be chosen by God A The only thing I can think of is maybe there are men out there who were called by God as well and yet there aren t enough responses for this type of call. Maybe God wants to prove himself that His word is true. Q Did you ever think that your story would be known A The truth is growing up I was shy and now in the ministry the more I hide the more God exposes me. Q How can your service be different from other ministries A The vision of the ministry itself is very different from others due to its focus on Messianic Studies and opening the eyes of the religious communities mainly Jews and Christians in resolving their issues for their restoration as prophesied in the bible. Q What is your ministry goal five years from now A Our goal is to teach and disciple leaders and uphold God s presence in our lives. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will be praying that we will move forward according to its mandate globally. Q What inspire you to do this work A My inspiration is actually to Glorify God and His love to be manifested to every person that we touch through this ministry helping and caring for others since we are all connected and created by God. Q What would be your advice to a woman in this generation A My advice would be that if you feel that God has a place for you pray and ask Him to reveal it because serving God is the highest fulfillment a man or a woman can receive. Q With all the knowledge nowadays do you feel that you may be opposing a lot of views A Science is only an avenue to knowledge but true knowledge also goes along with wisdom and understanding. It can only be good for us if the knowledge is used to benefit mankind. Q What is your main concern for this generation A My main concern is that people seem okay doing pretty much anything they want to do even if wickedness is the fruit of it. Yeshua said You shall know them by their fruit . Q What exactly are you promoting in this field A We are promoting the salvation through Yeshua of Nazareth and His teachings along with the apostles promoting to know God first and His love light and life or all mankind. 19 Women of Distinction Deborah A. Fogel Poet Nazareth PA I t only took one Robert Frost poem in the fourth grade for Deborah A. Fogel to fall in love with poetry. She first started writing her own poetry as a hobby in 1972 after graduating from high school but it soon became much more. There were many great professional inspirations in Deborah s life such poets like Maya Angelou Walt Whitman and Lord Byron. However first and foremost is Robert Frost. Deborah feels that his style is beautiful and written in a way that anyone can understand and actually picture in their mind what his poetry is about understanding the beauty of life. Only you know who you are and what is best for you. Learn to listen to your inner self and always smile. A smile is a gift that you can give to yourself and to everyone else you smile at. In her free time Deborah enjoys long walks in Henry s Woods (part of Jacobsburg State Park in her town of Nazareth PA) photographing nature and antiquing in quaint shops. Deborah also listens to all types of music from oldies to Enya to rock to country to classical. She s even a great fan of movies from the silent era of the past to anything from the present. Writing poetry for me is an expression of my inner most thoughts and feelings and I hope the person who is reading my poetry will feel better in their sense of well-being knowing that in reading my words I do understand the search for one s identity. In 1985 Deborah entered one of her poems in the World of Poetry Society s contest and won the Golden Poet award. Deborah has since won several awards for her poetry and has been published in several books and catalogs over the years. Her poetry has allowed Deborah to share her life experiences in a creative way. Each choice she made in life has been a learning experience. To watch an excellent movie on a big screen in the theatre is a self-indulgent treat for me. Deborah lives her life by these mottos (1) With walks in nature you become renewed within your soul. (2) Find a place inside where there is joy and the joy will burn out the pain. - Joseph Campbell (3) The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. At the time of this writing Deborah s husband Bruce Fogel is fighting end stage cancer and receiving hospice care at home for his health needs. Even though I had a rough road in life I still stay positive on hope faith and love. Deborah s feel good advice for others is to be true to yourself. We re trying to get as much quality time in as possible while being grateful for our children grandchildren and for the time we spent in our lives together in marriage. Being a wife mother and grandmother gave me the ability as a woman to learn to know my inner self as a beautiful woman of knowledge inside and out. 20 Women of Distinction Deborah would like to be remembered as a woman with a loving and kind heart who had a silent inner strength and courage to overcome all of life s challenges. Her favorite poem The Woods of My Past embodies this very legacy I walk the woods of my past Searching for hopes of my tomorrow. My memories hold on to my childhood Knowing that this treasure is no more. I walk with the decisions I had made in my life. Of the thoughts of things that I did was right Of the thoughts of things that I did was wrong Knowing that it is because of these decisions is where I am today. I walk the path of reminiscence With the feelings of loneliness I had of a love gone wrong With the feelings of happiness I have of a love gone right Knowing that one cannot live without learning what love is. I walk looking up now to see the green leaves in trees. I start to listen to the robins sing their songs of today. I see the glistening rays of light amongst the wooded shade Knowing now I would not want to have lived my life any other way. I walk now in a beautiful sunlit meadow Contented from walking the woods of my past Looking forward of my tomorrows to come Knowing now every memory is a treasure to cherish - Deborah A. Fogel 21 Women of Distinction Kathleen Coffey P.Eng PMP Full Discipline Engineering Firm Fit for Purpose TM EPCM Design (Engineering Procurement and Construction Management) Managing Director - Sentio Engineering 22 Calgary Alberta Canada Women of Distinction K athleen Coffey is the Managing Director and Principal Owner of Sentio Engineering but she feels her biggest role is to demonstrate and uphold the company s corporate culture. It s important that everyone understands our expectations. I want everyone to embrace that we provide the highest quality services possible in the industry and that we are going to exceed everyone s expectations. Our culture is to work collaboratively as a team and ensure a safe and respectful working environment for everyone. No one is going to get thrown under the bus because we re all responsible and accountable for our job functions. In order for the company to function at its highest capacity I provide mentoring on technical issues and proper project management skills as well as encourage appropriate communication. Kathleen s career began after she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Calgary in 1987. (She would later earn a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Project Management Institute in 2009.) The first company she worked for was Norcen Energy Corporation. She also worked several summers as a student field operator for Alberta Energy Company. The summer experience helped Kathleen secure her first full-time position with Norcen where she supervised drilling rigs. Kathleen went on to Production and then landed in Design and Construction which is where she spent the majority of her career. She went on to become a partner in an Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) firm where she stayed for 16 years. One of her clients encouraged innovation which brought about many changes to improve heavy oil processing. Pressurized heavy oil treatment had never done before nor had condensate injection for infill blending. We were involved in the design of the world s largest inclined free water knockout and put heat exchangers typically used in the food processing industry into heavy oil service which was a first. We also built a Free Water Knock Out from a vessel that had been used as a butane bullet. Plus we were creative in lowering costs and delivery times for our client by using technology from other industries. Our team was highly productive communicated very well and we had fun coming to work and delivering great results. Kathleen is a member of APEGA APEGBC and PEGS (Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists) for Alberta British Columbia and Saskatchewan as well as PMI (Project Management Institute). Kathleen is also involved with Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Corporation - WEST (CETAC-WEST) an innovation and new technologies group with an environmental focus. Kathleen spends her free time with her family. I m an involved and active Dance Mom to my girls. I take Pilates and yoga to try to keep in shape. 23 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why did you start your company A I had been a partner in an engineering firm for 16 years and then went to work for a producer. While working for the producing company I couldn t find an engineering firm that was aligned with what I needed. I wanted to create a firm that had the client s best interest at heart. I wanted to bring together a group of highly respected individuals all working together to create the best designs for the lowest costs. Q How is your company different than other engineering firms A My goal is to create a safe environment for people to work in and provide innovative solutions for difficult projects. There are currently 50 people working at the company most of which have over 25 years of experience and we also have a few select young engineers designers who we have chosen to mentor. Our number one priority is to deliver a high quality design. We re also working on building long-term relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual respect. We would prefer repeat business so we get to know and anticipate our clients requirements and become integrated into their team. Another unique aspect of our company is that it is owned and managed by a woman. As far as I know I m the only female running an EPCM firm in Calgary of this size and experience. I m hoping I can influence other young women to believe that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and have the support from your family and a great team. Q What are your biggest challenges A Some producing companies are hiring young engineers as project managers and not providing adequate training. These young people have too many responsibilities and no training or mentors to provide guidance. We are attempting to teach these young people how to work more effectively. Q What do you enjoy most about running your own business A I enjoy working within a high-performing team. I also like the fact that we are sought after to solve environmental problems. I believe we re making a difference for our children s future. Q Have you won any awards A I have won an award from Total E&P for Environmental and Safety Stewardship. Recently my company has won an award for Excellence in Safety from a Health and Safety Company. Q How has the low price of oil affected your business A The competition is very high given the reduced capital being spent. It s very important to run the business as efficiently as possible. We ve also diversified and branched out into the food industry. Q How big do you want the company to grow A We would like to remain a small company no more than 80 people to ensure we can keep the culture we have sought to create. We want people to come to work and have fun. We ve only hired people we know and have worked with well in the past. You need to have fun at work and keep a proper home work balance so you can go home at the end of the day and still have energy to enjoy your family. 24 Women of Distinction Jill Karatinos Mental Health Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist - Jill Karatinos M.D. (Solo Practice) Lutz FL 25 Women of Distinction J ill Karatinos is Board Certified in General Psychiatry and in the subspecialty of Neuropsychiatry and currently operates an outpatient clinic in Lutz Florida. However the road for this wife and mother of one began while working as a physiologist for the Office of Naval Research for two years after earning her Master of Science in Physiology at University of Florida in 1967. She then attended medical school from 1971 to 1975 at the University of Maryland s College of Medicine and did an internal medicine internship at South Baltimore General (now Harbor General) from 1975 to 1976. After passing her licensing exam Jill went into general practice for 16 years in Bowie Maryland and co-founded a county women s medical association in Prince George s County Maryland which ran from 1985 to about 1990 called the PGWMA (Prince George s Women s Medical Association). In 1992 at the age of 49 Jill entered a residency in psychiatry at Sheppard Pratt Health Systems in Baltimore Maryland that lasted until 1995 when she and her husband (Nick) moved to Florida. There she worked for 15 months at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital before finally opening her private practice in 1996. Jill has since worked solo and has special interests in manic depression couples therapy women s issues psychopharmacology head injury and syndromes where medical and psychiatric problems overlap. Her special area of focus is in managing medications for both general medical and psychiatric problems and she belongs to the American Psychiatric Association the American Neuropsychiatric Association and the Neuroscience Education Institute of Dr. Stephen Stahl. She was also a consultant to a company called Charter (doing hospital and nursing home consultations from 1997 to 1998) a multispecialty medical group processing accident cases from 1997 to 2003 and a residential brain injury facility in Bradenton FL from 2003 to 2007. She s also served as an expert witness in some court cases on brain injury. Jill has even co-authored four papers with other doctors listed on her website s curriculum vitae. Most recently she s written and self-published a book called The Role of the Autonomic Nervous System in Psychiatry where she describes her core concepts of patient care in 18 case reports of patients with multiple medical and psychiatric diagnoses. It also presents some clinical research that I ve done on the autonomic nervous system. Learn more about the book here http www.jillkaratinosmd. com books For the past five years Jill has been on the 50th reunion committee of her college The College of Wooster in Wooster Ohio where she and her husband have endowed a scholarship in neuroscience with a preference for women. Q&A Q What is the status of women in medicine today A Although the number of women in medicine has increased to 50% in some fields there are very few women who hold positions of power in medical hierarchies. Those who do are often reluctant to take a different position from their male peers. Q What do women need to succeed today in medicine A They need female and ethical male mentors and a support group of their female peers. Q Why is it difficult to self-publish a book and get others to read it A Unless you re associated with a university or research group your work experience and education seem to be ignored. It hasn t been recognized that there is a great need for people working in the field with everyday patients to share their views of diagnosis and treatment. Q How does a book on clinical treatment of real patients differ from a textbook or research paper A A research paper is often funded by a company determined to make money off of positive results which sometimes gives rise to the suppression of negative results. Furthermore the patients involved are allowed to have only one problem unlike what is encountered in real life. Textbooks are written at a level that can only be understood by people in that field. Q Why have you written a book on the autonomic nervous system A Because only some neurologists and cardiologists are aware of the important role it plays in a number of symptoms and pathologic conditions. Q What is the role of most psychiatrists today A Unfortunately most psychiatrists today spend 10 minutes a patient evaluating and prescribing medications. This way they see large numbers of patients but do not know the patients very well. Psychologists social workers and mental health counselors do all or most of the psychotherapy which was an important part of my education at Sheppard Pratt. Q What else do you see as something to be improved in psychiatric care A Being aware of the overlap of psychiatric conditions with many medical problems and neurologic problems. Q How and why is your practice different A I have a strong background in general medicine (16 years of general practice) and interest in research from getting a Master of Science in Physiology (medical physiology). Therefore I approach most patients with a holistic psychiatry in which I take into account many diagnoses from medicine. I also read research in complementary alternative medicine. Q What are the drawbacks of such a practice as yours A I keep my practice small so that I can spend much more time with patients doing psychotherapy and investigating problems which have not been adequately treated elsewhere. Consequently my income is also limited. Q Do you think the average person can understand the autonomic nervous system A The patients in the book understand it because they have symptoms that were overlooked until the autonomic nervous system was explained and addressed. I have a teaching video on my website that will give some insight. Dr. Jill Karatinos with sisters Susan Sally and first edition of book. 27 Women of Distinction Trest Loving Consulting Global Business Development Founder Chief Executive Officer Simple Innovations Business Coaching Hannacroix NY 28 Women of Distinction T ucked away on over five acres of land in upstate New York with a pond and plenty of fresh air Trest Loving and her husband Scott Wooster now find harmony in living a more simpler life. The retired Senior Chief Petty Officer who spent 26 years in the US Navy and is noted as the most senior Equal Opportunity Advisor Diversity Officer in the Department of the Navy worked in six different countries and had equal opportunity and diversity inclusion policy responsibility for over 80 000 sailors and civilians across the globe. Spending 16 years in the private sector helping clients improve their business and become leaders in their field Trest has also helped countless Navy officials transition to civilian life at some of the world s largest organizations. Founding Simple Innovations Business Coaching in Hannacroix New York Trest works to help small and large businesses find success on a much larger scale. Her expertise offer clients the opportunity to explore diversity and inclusion strategies which she is very familiar with to allow their businesses to continuously grow and reach higher levels of success. So what exactly is a diversity and inclusion strategy Simply put it is the method of managing workplace diversity to recognize and appreciate how people within an organization differ and how they can best work together. While diversity covers characteristics and experiences of a person within a workplace inclusion is the process of managing workplace diversity in people in order to foster an environment of cooperation and trust to better contribute to an organization. It s important to be strong and not allow anyone to hold you back from doing the right thing. Making a phenomenal global organization requires brutal honesty yet a strong easy personality so he she can effectively work with all personality types Trest explained. I have personally been discounted underestimated sabotaged and sexually assaulted. However all of those things boosted my courage honed my personality and gave me the appropriate push to become the most sought after global business architect out there. Southwest Airlines was just one of the many global organizations that Trest has consulted for in the past. When it comes to collaborating with industry leaders and innovators in order to get clients the best quality outcomes Trest is confident in her work and what she brings to the table. As Founder and CEO of her organization Trest does it all from developing her programs and processes to doing the actual training education workshops and more. Delivering her material based on the needs of each individual client s business needs desires and goals Trest offers three types of Going Global packages. Deciding which package is best depends on the size of her client s business and its reach. Package one is the Global System Basic Trest s most basic system that is perfect for companies that are starting in the global market. Package two is the Global System Next which includes everything from the basic package but more material is added to make it appropriate for businesses operating internationally or across borders. Package three Global System Premier includes all the material in the first two packages plus virtual team success new productivity measures and much more. Simple Innovations Business Coaching also offers general business coaching. Trest will examine the client s organization as a whole and provide services that are targeted at employee solutions to facilitate the improvement of company-wide morale and drive productivity and profits. Authoring her first book in 2013 titled Global Dimensions The Super 7 of Global Success Trest wrote the book to offer assistance to CEOs and business owners in finding phenomenal global success. The book is available in paperback on Previously Trest was honored to help write and develop the Department of the Navy s first diversity policy and program. Trest became a Certified Equal Opportunity Advisor Diversity Officer in 1998 through Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute graduated from Management Institute as number two in a class of 100 where she also earned a Distinguished Speaker Award and later earned a BS in International Business Magna Cum Laude from Strayer University in 2008. I would not be where I am today if it weren t for two particular individuals Trest noted. First Christopher Penton who put me into positions where I developed tough leadership empathy and skills on how to effectively communicate with CEOs vice-presidents directors and many more senior executives. Also Dee Mewbourne who trusted me with major sensitive recommendations and decisions and supported me in the same. Without Dee I would have shied away from difficult challenging almost impossible situations that would later mold me into the dynamic skillful and talented diversity inclusion and equal opportunity expert I am today. They both saw in me ambition assertiveness insight and many other attributes required of an industry leader. Trest has never been known to be on the sidelines. Perhaps that is why she is so successful in leading others in their goals. Just five miles away when an airplane struck the Pentagon on 9 11 Trest was quickly put in charge of tracking and assigning casualty assistance for Navy casualties inside the Pentagon. Working two-and-a-half days straight without going home to rest she came across three friends of hers whom were killed in the attacks that day. Still she pushed through and continued working. She worked for three weeks straight putting in 18-20 hours a day. This event is what continues to make Trest work hard every day and appreciate the many opportunities that the world still has to offer her. Settling in at the end of a long day Trest will find time to study the Bible listen to contemporary Christian music a rhythm that really allows her to worship God exercise and spend time enjoying the tranquility of the nature all around her. Taking this much needed time for herself allows her to get immersed in her work during the week and still be able to wind down during her days off. 29 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What is one thing an organization can work on to be successful in their global market A Agility. The global market requires change in at least thought products services processes and procedures and business strategy. Only an agile organization can change core items without detriment. Q When did you know that what you are doing was your destiny A The first time I sat across from a racist in a room where we sat about one foot apart and we ended up talking for about two-and-a-half hours. That was the most powerful special conversation of my life and I knew I had impacted his life in a major way. It changed the way I thought about race and what it really meant to me. Q What does a business owner or CEO do to ensure a successful global executive team A Home team advantage nationals in primary roles is a huge advantage on a successful global executive team. Foreign nationals from the headquarters is necessary to ensure brand continuity. However the nationals know their market much better and must make key product service decisions. Q How is your Navy experience relevant to a global organization A The Navy is the most truly diverse organizations in the world. I worked with and for senior civilians and in global environments which made for complicated relationships yet I successfully managed them. Q Why is there still racism sexism and new phobias like Islamphobia A How people are socialized or raised has been and will continue to be the same. We learn how to see the world and those in it and we learn this during our formative years. It takes something major to change values beliefs and cultural norms but it can and has happened. Q What is one statement people make that they think is positive A I don t see color. That says you don t see me as who I am a proud black American female. Everybody deserves to be seen totally. We all see color so acknowledge them as they are the same as you would want to be seen. 30 Women of Distinction Dr. Anita Harlow Educational Services President Harlow Enterprise Inc. McLean VA 31 Women of Distinction M aking the decision to study Speech-Language and Pathology in college Dr. Anita Harlow earned her BS degree in 1993 at the University of Nevada-Reno. Two years later she had earned her second degree an MS in Audiology and Speech and Hearing Sciences at Purdue University. That same year Anita began her career as an English as a Second Language Consultant. It was the first step to transitioning into entrepreneurship as the Founder of her own online educational consulting company Harlow Enterprise Inc. (HEI) which is based in McLean Virginia. The success of Anita s online business stems from inspirational stories she has read about others who followed their dreams of becoming successful unique business owners. Celebrating the success of others really gave her the push she needed to move her in the right direction professionally. Striving to become the best she can be in the business Anita says that it is so important that you believe in yourself strive to be an expert in your chosen field and continually challenge yourself to study and stay at the forefront of industry specific topics. In Anita s line of work it only makes sense to be a lifelong learner so that she can impart on others the education experience and knowledge that she brings to the table. I absolutely love teaching. Developing coursework that makes learning exciting and enjoyable for the learner is so rewarding. Although building a company is a journey that is accompanied with many highs and lows the journey has only made me stronger. Q&A Q Where do you feel education in the K-12 sector is headed A I feel technology is the predominant tool that will influence and shape the K-12 education sector. Q What types of changes do you feel will occur in K-12 education A I feel we will see more students receiving their education from home as online learning gains popularity and acceptance as an equal model of education when compared to face-to-face instruction. Q Do you think this is beneficial to students to receive an education through online coursework at home A I think this would be beneficial to some students. The home setting is unique to each student. What works for one student may not work for another but this would be a valuable option for parents student and the K-12 school system to have. Q What problems do see arising from students choosing online coursework during their K-12 school years instead of traditional face-to-face instruction within the school setting A If students choose to spend the majority of their time at home completing online coursework they will need to supplement their social interaction. Learning social skills and developing rapport with peers occurs through peer interaction. Students will need to obtain these experiences through organized activities such as clubs and sports. As Founder and President of HEI Anita is responsible for managing and marketing the company s services. By developing an overall vision of these services Anita focuses on providing the highest quality of online customized service to clients. All of HEI s programs are customized convenient research based motivating innovative and timely so as to meet the many needs of her clients. Their online training programs are convenient and created so that clients can log on to their computers or mobile devices to gain instant access. They can implement learning activities anywhere and after the completion of the assigned quizzes they will receive a Certificate of Completion. HEI prides in helping employers build their workforce through a comprehensive world-class professional development training that truly works for their employees. HEI also offers amazing K-12 teacher professional development training services that help teachers challenge their students in a whole new way. Education paired with technology is a vehicle with the ability to move humanity toward greater understanding and achievement. It affords each mind the ability to realize their full potential. Anita became certified in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults in 1995 through the University of Cambridge program in New York City. She then became certified in Gifted and Talented Education in 2012 from University of California San Diego. In 2013 she earned her Speech-Language Pathology Clinical Doctorate Degree at Nova Southeastern University. 32 Women of Distinction Ana E. Molina Real Estate Broker Associate at Real Estate e Broker Burlingame CA 33 Women of Distinction na E. Molina was born in El Salvador and immigrated to the United States fleeing from the violence of a civil war. When Ana first arrived she didn t speak English but still worked as a babysitter and then as a nursing assistant. Years later she worked as a paralegal at a law office but found herself working too many hours and didn t have a lot of free time to study. A When she s away from the office (or not working with clients offsite) Ana loves to do volunteer work as a chaplain who visits hospitals to pray for sick people and as a counselor for victims of domestic violence. My hope is that people will have a better life because of my advice or something I did for them. Ana has been married for 37 years to Ricardo A. Molina who s also a real estate agent. We work as a team and I owe 50% of my success to him. Together they had two kids. Samantha Molina is 34 years old and has a Master in Health Administration. And their son Ricardo A. Molina Jr. died at age 26 from lung cancer. It was something really tragic but God gave me the strength to overcome this painful event in my life and since then I celebrate every day that I live and do not take life for granted. Ana is a very spiritual person and believes that God helps her succeed and rewards her for her efforts and suffering. However she also knows from personal experience that you can be whatever you want to be if you are willing to work hard and be persistent and tenacious in order to fulfill your dreams. As an immigrant and as a woman I had to work twice as hard to be successful. One day I saw an ad in a magazine for a real estate school and thought that this profession would a good fit for me so I started my career in 1990. Today Ana is a Broker Associate at Real Estate e Broker where she s responsible for assisting clients with property sales and listings coordinating and attending property closings and creating personal marketing campaigns. Skills People oriented Customer service oriented Expert closer Excellent teamwork Works well independently Marketing Notary public She is a highly motivated individual who enjoys working with people. I mostly work with referrals because one of my main goals is to provide excellent customer service to build a client s trust. However Ana didn t always have referrals and has had to compete for clients in a highly competitive industry. I ve worked as an independent contractor affiliated with local and regional brokerage firms where you have to spend your own money to attract and service clients. Ana once wrote an informative booklet in Spanish for First Time Buyers. It was helpful for many people. 34 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do people need a real estate agent A Real estate agents provide better access to the market (which is easier and more convenient for clients) and can clearly understand and negotiate contracts. Q Why do people have to set goals A Goals are aspirations you have about the future whether personal or for business. They re a driving force for an individual. Q What are the characteristics of a good real estate agent A Good agents have knowledge of the market trends and latest topics in real estate. They also have honesty and integrity. (Professional reputation is crucial for a successful real estate career.) Q What skills should people look out for when choosing a real estate agent A You ll want someone who understands the local housing market and is a hard-working and tenacious individual who can easily solve problems. Q What is a market trend A This is the tendency of a financial market to move in particular directions over time. Q What is a fiduciary duty for real estate agents A This is a legal duty to act solely in the interest of the party you re representing. Parties owing this duty are called fiduciaries. The individuals to whom they owe a duty are called principals. Q Why is good customer service important in real estate A Good customer service attracts and retains clients for a long time. I d had clients who bought four or five houses refer me to a lot of clients. You need to be willing to go the extra mile for the client. Q What is a buyer s market A This is an economic situation where houses are plentiful and buyers can get them at a very low price such is the case when there are a lot of houses in the market and not many buyers. Q What is a seller s market A This is an economic situation where houses are scarce and sellers can get high prices for their houses. There is more demand and less supply. 35 Women of Distinction Ann Reichardt Publishing Literary Author Middleton WI 36 Women of Distinction fter a 35-year long career as a registered nurse Ann Reichardt made the decision in 2006 to write her very first book. However she was no stranger to the world of publishing having seen her drawings and poetry included in children s books previously. However this divorced mother of two decided to go in a completely different direction with her writing. As an author Ann delves into the human psyche regarding relationships as a young girl and now as an older mature adult reentering the world of love and romance. Her tales of midlife selfdiscovery after the dissolution of a long-term marriage are all chronicled in the book The Dance Card - Looking for Love after Divorce . A Throughout her entire life Ann has been an extremely positive and productive individual. Having lived through the tumultuous years of the 1960s she fought hard to become a significant woman in this ever-evolving and male-dominated world. I wrote my book to give people inspiration to go out there and break those barriers to find someone again. Sometimes after divorce we don t allow ourselves to do that and we re afraid to be hurt again. We don t want to online date because of fear of being hurt. Or we ask ourselves What do I have to gain There s a lot to gain in terms of enjoying every moment of your existing life rather than sitting home and being lonely. I was offered challenges that only created success in all areas of my life from childhood as one of nine siblings to the future pressures of a young girl facing the male competition in the professional area of life and beyond to adulthood motherhood and failures that go along with the struggles we all must face with marriage and a growing family and death of so many loved ones. Ann feels that we can all learn from our experiences as well as teach others how to manage healthy results in life love and relationships. In life we are faced with obstacles that may seem unimaginable at the time. But we are not alone. Q&A Q Why did you decide to write the book A After my 30-year marriage ended in divorce I was devastated and thrown into the single world. Being a couples society I challenged the notion of what dating was like in an online era midlife. Q What is your advice for dating after divorce A Finish your grieving process. Do not jump into a relationship too soon after divorce. (Self-esteem is low and decision making is not at its best.) Q What are some of the mistakes people make when trying to date again A Most people go in with unrealistic expectations when looking for a long term partner. Many men and women do not want a long-term relationship because they carry the wounds from their past forward and do not want to start all over again. Recognize what it is you re looking for and be selective. Understand who you are and what it is you want first and if the person you choose meets the requirements necessary to make a successful match whether it involves personality looks interests educational backgrounds religious beliefs values etc. Q Why did you turn to online dating A Online dating a 2.4 billion dollar industry and that says volumes about the numbers of lonely singles out there. It maximizes our efforts in finding someone appropriate to be with so we have a much larger pool to select from. It also allows women (in particular) to be much more selective and free to make the first move. In the middle age we are more open and less sexually repressed. Q What are some of the challenges of online dating A With technology comes a detached form of communicating. Texting is popular and an easy way to misinterpret what is written. It becomes a meaningless form of communication without the commitment. Q What are the challenges of being a couple again A The obstacles of aging and the needs of others to care may require more work. Are we up to those challenges with someone new Blended families create a whole new dynamic. The many personalities we have to include in our new lives may challenge new partners to the core. Are we willing to accept more individuals into our already established lives Q What are your individual beliefs about traditional roles A As a middle-aged man or woman our paths may be ever-evolving and break away from past patterns such as comparing the new relationship with our former spouses. Are we looking for similar traits and personalities because that s what we re used to Do we pattern our current relationships with our parents or make a conscious effort to not follow their paths Values Asking questions such as these become important in finding someone that will fit within the framework of our lives. Q What did you discover when dating for the first time after being in a committed monogamous relationship for so long A It was humiliating daunting and an affront to my selfesteem but also exciting and an antidote to loneliness. I discovered that we jump into relationships too fast too soon just to boost that self-esteem. It becomes a rebound choice and not the best of selections. Q How did the community react to you after knowing you as the wife of someone A I describe my new life as being a leper no longer recognized as significant and without the partner I had been with for so many years. This is an important aspect of redefining oneself after such a change. It becomes a discouraging task but necessary in becoming an individual and a significant person in my own light. Q Would you recommend online dating to others in a similar situation A Yes simply because there are few options out there. As I stated in my book Gone are the days of being set up by a friend or meeting in a local market or dancing at those recreational halls where we would hold Dance Cards with names of ballroom dancers on them. Accompanying each dance would be a new man to dance with in hopes of making a connection. Those dance cards are now replaced by profiles from online dating sites. This is the new age of virtual dating. 38 Women of Distinction Christine Chown Art Painting Independent Visual Artist Uxbridge Ontario S tudying visual arts as a commercial art student in school Christine Chown graduated and began working in graphic arts for three years only to go back to school and take up nursing. Becoming a Registered Nurse in 1966 Christine worked at Clarke Institute of Psychiatry in Toronto as a nurse specializing in psychiatry before ultimately getting married and focusing on motherhood. Never letting go of her passion she continued to draw and paint throughout the years sharpening her skills by attending various art clubs participating in workshops and practicing. By the mid 1980 s Christine was back in the art scene again coordinating the estate of a well-known Canadian Native Artist. She arranged for appraisals photography insurance conservation and storage of his artwork. Working in this capacity for six years she never gave up on her desire to create her own original pieces again. Christine continued to paint and began to show her works which are now being displayed at two Ontario commercial galleries. As an independent visual artist Christine creates images photographs and records them and frames them if required. Making them ready for display in art shows and galleries she also keeps records so that she can account for each of them. Studying with master artists in Canada the United States and Europe has provide me with new directions Christine said about her work. Having recently studied with two artists who encourage this direction Christine is also being mentored by another artist who critiques her work and keeps her on her toes. Learning from others work is important but it is equally important for her to do her own work and find her own path as an artist in order to be unique. Art associations have proven quite inspirational for Christine as well. She has been involved in Studio Tour Celebration of the Arts and Don Valley Art Club for years now and enjoys learning and interacting with others with similar interests. She seeks to do the best quality work that she can and is always curious about all things and people that she encounters along the way. Until three years ago I painted in a traditional representational manner. But throughout the years I was intrigued by the power of images and mark-making by artists such as Motherwell Kline and Marca-Relli. And so I have shifted to painting non-objective images. I ve learned that you must believe in yourself know that your work is worthy and that it is to share. Don t wait for perfection. Make and take opportunities to show your creations to others. As you progress your skills and ways will mature and be more satisfying to you. I hope that what I create will enhance the quality of our surroundings and that people are reminded of the beauty of our world through my artwork Christine said whose paintings are mostly inspired by nature. Q&A Q Why are the arts absolutely necessary in our schools A It has been proven that participation in the Arts increases a person s ability to think creatively and that it increases greater success in all subjects. As technology becomes more prevalent in our world the arts serve to create balance. The book The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell is a recommended reading. Q What should be done when a child or beginner paints outside the lines or paints the barn blue A The individual should be encouraged to express images as they wish. Some barns ARE blue Art History has many examples of ignoring boundaries. Q What kind of learning is encouraged in visual art (and music and drama) A It is necessary to reduce linear left-brain thinking processes. This means to shift to the kind of thinking which is outside the box (right-brain) to see in shapes and textures to fit them together in a unique new way and to imagine previously unseen possibilities. The book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards is recommended. Q Where is there evidence around us that visual arts are a necessary part of our world A I would say that ALL man-made objects have their inception with an IDEA which becomes a design on paper or computer. Examples to consider are billboards cars fashions toys wallpaper and even your kitchen sink. Q What materials can a child adult be given to begin to experiment and express ideas A All materials can be used such as paper fabric crayons pencils paints clay wood and recyclable materials. Frank Owen Gehry a world-renowned architect recounts that his grandmother provided him with inspiration. She gave him a carpenter s off-cut wood pieces when he was a young child. Of course he began designing and building then. Q What can be done and where can one go to nourish creativity A Creativity is nourished by a lively curiosity about all things around us. Experiences such as traveling visiting museums and galleries taking in community events and even visiting the Zoo and Legoland can fire the imagination. Q How can creativity be fostered in the workplace for adults A Activities in workplaces can be scheduled outside of the business day. Relaxation and new ideas have blossomed through workshops geared to creating playing making music participating in choirs and drama and doing Yoga. Television could be more useful by highlighting the arts in programming. 40 Women of Distinction Elisabeth E. Johnson Event Planning - Weddings Parties etc. Event Planner Elisabeth s Exquisite Events Richmond TX s someone who has always organized events and parties for friends and family it was only natural for Elisabeth E. Johnson to become a full-time event planner in 2009. A In her free time Elisabeth likes to help mentor young girls in the greater Houston and surrounding areas as well as donate items to the Star of Hope (a homeless shelter in Houston). While working for Texas Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and former Houston mayor Bill White he would always tell me that if you can do something for free and enjoy doing it you ve found your true calling in life. I can definitely say that event planning is one of my many passions in life. This inspired Elisabeth to start her own business Elisabeth s Exquisite Events where she does it all including the event planning and the majority of the marketing advertising and social media. Hard work dedication and passion have allowed her to continue doing what she truly enjoys. Elisabeth recently authored WAKE UP A Despairing Cry to the Black Community a book she s been working on since 2011 (coming fall 2015). I love making what I call blessing bags to hand out to the homeless while I m in my car. They contain essential items that everyone needs on a daily basis like toothpaste deodorant socks feminine hygiene products etc. that we may take for granted. In one of his speeches Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that he didn t want to be known for the many awards he received the schools he attended the organizations that he was a part of etc. He simply wanted to be known for serving others. That s my goal as well. Awards are awesome and being recognized is great but when people see me I want them to see a person who always gave back to her community educated her constituents and empowered whoever crossed her path. 41 Women of Distinction Q&A Q How do I know if I need an event planner A If you are feeling overwhelmed with all the details of planning your event a planner can remove a lot of that stress so you can enjoy the event itself. Q What if I only need you on the day of my event A If you have done all the planning for your event then you should contact an event planner to help coordinate your special day. Q What is the best time to select an event planner A I ll answer that question with a question How long do you want to stress over planning your event The answer to that will usually let you know the urgency in which you should hire a planner. I usually state the minute you think of an event or get ideas about it is when you need to find a planner for all your needs. Q I have a small budget. Can I still hire an event planner A Most definitely Just like when you go to an exquisite restaurant or even to a fast food restaurant and they have different priced items on their menus there are planners to fit your needs and budget. Q D cor is extremely important to us for our event. Would you be able to help us design and create that special look we want A Absolutely Having the right d cor changes the entire feel of an event. A great event planner will help you create ideas and concepts to enhance and accentuate your d cor. Q I m having my event at a hotel that already has a coordinator why do I need to hire a completely separate event planner A Great question Coordinators at hotels are absolutely amazing however a good event planner wants to make sure that clients know in advance exactly what their role is for their event. Hotel coordinators are there to answer your questions about the policies of the venue assist you with menu choices and process your paperwork that s it. Many times the venue coordinator is not even present on the day of your big event or they leave early which can be extremely frustrating and annoying especially if a big problem arises Q Why does an event planner need to know what my budget is from the beginning A Usually they ask at the beginning in order to serve you the best. The coordinating is based upon their time expertise and the time of their staff. Your budget will tell them immediately how many vendors will be involved and how much time their client will need for their assistance. Q What do I need to be successful in event planning A Because you ll be working closely with a variety of people strong communication and interpersonal skills are crucial. Events are often organized during evenings and weekends so you must have the flexibility in your schedule to be able to work long non-standard hours. Another great skill to have is the ability to work under pressure perform multiple tasks simultaneously confidently solve problems as they arise and make decisions on the run. Q Do I have to go through your vendors if I hire you as my planner designer A Absolutely not Many planners have their own list of vendors because they have an awesome relationship with them but you don t necessarily need to hire the vendors off their preferred list if you don t want to. A good planner should be flexible in working with any vendor that s tailored to making your special day come true. Q My mom or a family friend is going to help plan my event. Why do I need to hire a professional A On the day of your event the last thing you want your parents and family friends doing is running around setting up your d cor and ordering all vendors (if you have any) to set up. I think it would only be fair to have them celebrate this special day with you no matter what is 42 Women of Distinction Gina Van Luven Health and Nutrition Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YOUnique Nutrition and Healthy Habits Academy Park City UT 43 Women of Distinction s Founder and Chief Executive Officer of YOUnique Nutrition and Healthy Habits Academy Gina Van Luven has been assisting people with their health goals since 2005. Be the change you wish to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi With a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix (2005) and a Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (2008) she is board certified as a Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and understands many different healing modalities. A In doing so Gina left her corporate career as a project manager for a leading Fortune 100 company and set out to help improve the health and well-being of as many people as possible. She is thankful for the friend who planted the seeds for her transformation (without even knowing it) and her mother (who introduced her to acupuncture). Without these two incredible women she may have never started this journey. My passion is to help people create healthier happier lives by empowering them to realize their potential and take action toward achieving their goals. When Gina first founded her company she did everything herself but now has a small team of people to help her and is able to focus more on health coaching and creating products and services that can support individuals in their journey to better health and well-being. True wellness is a multi-faceted dynamic quality that includes your diet lifestyle environment relationships career spirituality physical activity and self-esteem. Her own journey began in 2001 when her youngest son (at age 3) attacked his teacher a result of his acute ADHD and aggressive tendencies. After many tears I immersed myself into research and discovered that his diet played a huge role in his behavior. By changing almost everything we were eating my son was almost completely normal in just a few weeks. While I was working on helping him I realized I was also helping myself. I had a myriad of health issues and a cabinet full of medications that were never going to solve the real problem my body wasn t functioning properly. Between the diet change and acupuncture I slowly got off all my medications and almost completely recovered from everything that ailed me asthma (gone in three months) allergies eczema acid reflux arthritis tendonitis IBS constipation chronic PMS and irregular periods migraines and chronic fatigue. After experiencing my own healing and seeing a change in my son I became passionate about empowering others to take control of their own health and well-being. 44 Women of Distinction Having gone through my own transformation I now receive great enjoyment from witnessing the transformation of others. Watching as they go from sick unhappy and exhausted to healthy happy and full of life is the most incredible experience. I am honored to be part of the healing journey of so many individuals. Gina has since authored the book I d Rather Scrub Toilets Than Cook Tips to Getting In and Out of the Kitchen Quickly and created the self-paced programs Golden Goals Strategies for Success 5-Step Total Body Detoxification Program Candida-B-Gone and Flu-B-Gone . Today she is focusing her efforts on motivational speaking and increasing her repertoire of self-help products. Much of Gina s adult life has been spent volunteering for her local church Junior Achievement and Girl Scouts as well as serving on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Women Business Owners Toastmasters and EarthWell. Gina also enjoys hiking and mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter. But her greatest joy comes from spending time with family and friends. I ve been married to my wonderful husband since 1994 and have three nearly grown children and an awesome dog. I am so blessed Gina has seen and done a lot in her life but feels she still has so much more to learn. Q&A Q Your official title is Certified Holistic Health Coach . What does that mean A The word holistic refers to the whole person being mind body and soul. A Holistic Health Coach works with individuals to learn what food and lifestyle choices are best for them and incorporate healthier changes into their life that become lifelong habits. Q How is this different from a Nutritionist or Registered Dietician A Nutritionists and Registered Dieticians typically focus on diet only and are not generally trained to help the individual uncover emotional barriers that may be keeping them stuck in dis-ease. They also typically treat everyone the same. If you have diabetes (for example) you will receive the same plan as everyone else with diabetes. A Health Coach will work with you as an individual and help you uncover the underlying cause of the diabetes and find a diet and lifestyle that works best for you and helps you feel balanced and nourished. A Health Coach will also serve as a patient advocate and help you build your health team. Q What are the benefits of working with a Health Coach A There are many benefits to working with a Health Coach. Note that no doctor or practitioner can heal you. However a Health Coach can help provide you with the tools your body needs to heal itself. Once your body is in healing mode symptoms that you have previously experienced may disappear. You may become more balanced which may bring you more joy peace patience natural energy mental clarity and overall well-being. Q Which types of people do you work with A I work mostly with people who have one or more health issues. I ve worked with individuals who have diabetes weight issues cravings addictions cancer auto-immune anxiety depression ADD ADHD digestive issues (IBS colitis acid reflux ulcers etc.) skin issues like eczema or acne and hormone-related issues. Q Have you ever had a client you couldn t help A Never. Individuals who reach out to me are ready to make changes. As long as the individual is willing to learn I can help them. I will never stop learning and growing as a human being. I want to inspire others to continue to learn and grow as well. You don t know what you don t know This concept intrigues me and makes me hungry for knowledge and continued education. She would like to be remembered as someone who touched as many lives as she possibly could and for helping others create more joy abundance and well-being. I ve enjoyed my life while contributing to the positive evolution of the human race. 45 Women of Distinction Irene Gowins-Sowells Non-Profit Homicide Survivors Founder Chief Executive Officer The Keyz Organization Atlanta GA M aking the decision to act on that little voice in her head and that feeling in her heart to reach out and help others Irene Gowins-Sowells established The Keyz Organization in Atlanta Georgia providing a place where homicide survivors would feel comfortable being themselves. It s been a long journey for Irene to get her non-profit where it needs to be and there s still so much to do but she s on track. Irene explains that once you find yourself as part of a group like this it s for life because recovery is something you learn to live with daily that you never truly get over. Irene is currently working on her first docu-series with Producer and Director Keith Ward. She s also a motivational speaker and has written several romance books. She s been included in numerous anthologies one of which is an award winner where all the proceeds are donated to help fight hunger. She participated in All The Lonely People a story of struggle living without a husband. Irene has also developed a relationship with Parents Of Murdered Children and she s been invited to the 29th National POMC Conference where she ll be leading a workshop called Raising Grieving Children While You re Grieving something she is very familiar with. She s also kept an ongoing relationship with Safe Horizon. Although she has never remarried Irene loves the company of her three grown sons and their families. Her youngest Devin just completed his first two years of college and is now attending the University of Kentucky pursuing his doctorate in dietetics. Middle son Michael is a graduate of Ashford University with a degree in business management who is now back in school studying criminal law. He s also a father to Irene s beautiful grandson. Michael and his family live in Tennessee. Irene s eldest Shamel is also a hardworking dedicated father who lives in Carlisle Pennsylvania. Becoming a single father to his two young daughters he suffered his own tragedy when their mother was killed in a car crash. Shamel has since met a wonderful woman and together they share four amazing children. The Keyz Organization became an idea of mine a few years after my husband was murdered in July 2000 Irene recalled. My boys and I went to a place called Safe Horizon in Brooklyn New York to receive counseling and other resources. Keyz has become a passion of mine since I lost my husband. I ve tried to get a little bit of my life back every day but the journey to survive a tragedy literally takes one day at a time sometimes one breath at a time one second one minute one hour. As the heart and soul of her organization since 2011 Founder and CEO Irene has worked tirelessly to serve as a lifeline to others using her own experiences to connect with them. Raising three young boys ages 17 12 and 5 when she became a widow Irene has been able to shed light and compassion on those enduring the same struggle. Being a homicide survivor is part of a family unit that you do not want to be a part of. Q&A Q What does being a homicide survivor consist of A Anyone who s lost a loved one to murder is a survivor. A mom who s lost a child a wife husband who s lost a spouse a sister brother who s lost a sibling a child who s lost a parent or a friend who s lost a friend. Q Why did you have to leave the city with your children to go to a new place A Every corner of New York reminds me of him and caused a lot of pain. In order for me to move forward with my healing process I felt it was better to leave New York. Q What would you say to someone who feels they can t go on by themselves A You Can Breathe You Can Stand You Can Hold On. That s my company s motto. Yes there will be difficult days there are so many emotions involved sadness anger confusion and depression. Q How did you survive the murder of your husband A There s no easy way this journey is extremely difficult and overwhelming however I made it and continue to do so because the tragic death of a loved one due to murder isn t something you get over and it s something you learn to live with. Q What has given you the most peace over the years as it pertains to your every day A Knowing that my husband would be proud of the boys and I especially with The Keyz Organization being in honor of his memory. Q If someone finds themselves in this position what is their first step A Call your nearest Victim Service Organization. After you ve done what s expected after the funeral when everyone s gone home that s when you ll need us (Victim Services) the most. Q How will your company make a difference A When you have someone who s been through what you re going through who won t judge you based on the way you grieve or how long it makes a difference. Q What are some of the questions someone would ask of your organization A The first question most survivors ask is What type of services do we supply We supply grief counseling financial support and other resources as needed. If there s something we can t provide or if you re not in our community I take the time to contact my fellow Victim Services. 47 Women of Distinction Julia W. Parks CFP ChFC CLU Financial Services Regional Vice President District Manager of South and Western Carolinas Branch of AXA Advisors U.S. Columbia SC 48 Women of Distinction J ulia W. Parks was the first and only Asian female Financial Advisor ever promoted by AXA Advisors in South Carolina to Regional Vice President and she is now in charge of the branch office that services the Greater Columbia South Carolina area. Julia joined AXA in January 2003 after graduating from the University of South Carolina s International MBA program. At the end of her second year in business (2004) Julia was ranked as one of the top five advisors in client acquisition of the southeast region and qualified for AXA s annual Elite Leaders Forum. Her business only soared from there. Julia s current office was built in the 1940s and is one of AXA s oldest branch offices. I was looking for a career with a Fortune 500 company in Finance and was chosen by the branch manager in Columbia SC at the time after several interviews and tests. As a financial advisor Julia started out in the K-12 school systems in the Columbia area enrolling teachers employees into AXA s 403(b) retirement plan a plan similar to a 401(k) but provided for educators. Making a difference in people s lives is rewarding and satisfying. The desire to do better and do more with endless opportunities and possibilities are the ultimate inspiration and will keep me in my career for as long as possible. She has received countless thank you calls notes cards and e-mails. One of the e-mails from a high school music teacher read Thank you for encouraging me to make the deductions and investments along with the Long Term Care Insurance with AXA. I feel very secure (and thankful) about my retirement and I must admit that I wouldn t be in such a solid position with retirement rapidly approaching in the near future without your sound and persistent advice. I still plan on teaching for another two years but I m sure the years will pass much more smoothly knowing that my retirement income is on solid ground thanks to you. Your knowledge and expertise in financial planning is really phenomenal. Thank you for taking care of me as you have. The rich history of this office is often a great reminder that a lot of good work has been done for several generations and that we have a strong responsibility to preserve it and keep it growing. As Regional Vice President Julia recruits trains and develops new advisors for her branch and helps to maintain and develop the local marketplace for AXA. She is also the local messenger for the AXA foundation of philanthropic activities and services. Julia has been a qualified member of the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) a worldwide industry premier leading organization in financial service for the past seven years and is also a member of the Make-A-Wish foundation. She believes that the financial services sector is one of the few where the brightest and best can shine through dedication and determination as it is 100% performance based. My success is proof of that and hopefully it will open a door for many incredibly talented people to look this way and forever live a rewarding and satisfying life. 49 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you think a personal financial advisor is still necessary for people s finances in this rapidly changing digital world A The computer will never be able to replace the human touch. Personal financial planning needs a very personal understanding of a very personal situation with very personal solutions. Q How do you feel when people say that financial advisors are expensive A If you think it s expensive to hire a professional wait until you hire an amateur. Q Do you think that rapidly advancing technologies evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services A From crypto-currencies to big data to peer-to-peer lending fintech innovations have captured the attention and imagination of customers investors and incumbents. However the nature and extent of the impact that these innovations will have on the financial services sector remains unclear. Q How will an ever more connected world impact the value delivered by insurance providers A Expansion of the telematics insurance models through connected devices and platforms will create channels for insurers to better understand their customers and engage more closely with them. Q What is your thought on the argument that financial services are in danger of becoming a commodity due to the disruption of traditional value networks and business models as well as lack of trust from the millennial generation A The sharing economy is already reshaping the industry through P2P (peer-to-peer) lending social payments crowdfunding and P2P insurance. But if we look at what is going on in other industries and the rest of society the implications are far more extensive. Q How do you address customer service where financial events in our recent history including the crisis in 2008 have led people to lose faith in the industry as a whole and trust is at an all-time low A Customer centricity has never been more important. In order to attract and retain customers in today s environment financial services organizations need to challenge traditional approaches and fundamentally change their existing operating models. Q How can the financial services industry keep pace with consumer demand A It is clear that financial services organizations need to move quickly to innovate and give their customers something extra and those who don t realize this will most likely get left behind. Q What is the 1 trend that s shaping the financial services sector A Overall the financial services sector is now ready to pick up pace in pursuit of growth. Q What implications does this trend have for talent acquisition A The financial services sector needs an injection of people with a strong customer-centric mindset. We ve noted an increasing demand for candidates who are able to quickly develop a great sense of what customers are really thinking and experiencing and anticipate their needs instead of bombard them with product offerings. Q What do clients want from a financial advisor A Clients are looking for someone with integrity who s amiable competent and accessible. 50 Women of Distinction Kathleen Finkle Human Services Founder and Executive Director of H.E.L.P.S. Ministry Outreach Jacksonville IL T He whose gift is practical service let him give himself to serving. - Romans 12 7 his has been Kathleen Finkle s credo for over 40 years as someone who s devoted her entire life and career to helping others. As Executive Director for H.E.L.P.S. Kathleen is responsible for all daily operations trainings and basic accounting and on September 29 1991 she was formally trained licensed and ordained by Bishop Eddie L. Warren Apostle P. Anthony Kemp and Pastor Gary Wallace as a Minister. She grew up in Chicago Illinois in Robert Taylor Homes the largest projects in the world at the time. While she wouldn t change a thing about her childhood Kathleen lost two of her brothers to the juvenile justice system at the ages of 9 and 11. So since the age of 15 she s been working with and advocating for youth and inmates in the justice system and has always strived to be the voice of the voiceless. Kathleen was led to Jesus Christ through the Seventh Day Pastor and World Missionary Reverend Kromminga and born again in 1979 when she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. One year later she founded Helping to Edify the Lord s People through Service commonly known as H.E.L.P.S. Ministry Outreach a volunteer outreach effort that works with other social service agencies and area churches to accommodate the needs of individuals and families who would otherwise have fallen between the cracks of state federal and other in-place agencies. I am a Disciple of Christ one who tries to set a good example for others. Kathleen is also a Certified Paralegal of more than 15 years and is close to earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Hannibal-LaGrange University in Hannibal Missouri. She has even been recognized over the years with numerous awards and accolades for her work with H.E.L.P.S. Additionally Kathleen has served on the Quincy Board of Education and Illinois Department of Human Services Advisory Board. And she s currently a member in good standing with the Grace United Methodist Church and serves on the Board of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church of America. Kathleen has been married to Leslie D. Finkle II for 34 years and is a mother of three grandmother of 14 and greatgrandmother of 11. Her life works are in dedication to her Lord and Savior. We ve provided intensive counseling to families and individuals through the Department of Children and Family Services and the Department of Human Services as well as pre-martial individual and group counseling through the Department of Corrections. 51 It has been with God s grace and mercy that all good things rendered to my fellow man will in some way bring glory to the name of God. Q&A Q What inspires you to do the work you do within your community A I have been called forth by God almighty and believe that my sole purpose here on earth is to be of service to those in need. Q Where is your heart within the community A My heart is with God s people the poor the needy and the ones without a voice. Q Where do you see yourself in 5 or even 10 more years A I plan on completing my education in criminal justice and always being here where the need is great... I am H.E.L.P.S. Q What has been your greatest achievement A To have been able to see my children grown their children grown and still be here in my right mind and grateful for God s grace upon us all. Q How did H.E.L.P.S. get its start A In our humble beginnings my husband s own income provided food for hundreds of needy people. He even built the pantry shelves as we served the people directly out of our home for several years. It wasn t until 1987 that Father Reverend Garrett Clanton of St. John s Episcopal Church invited H.E.L.P.S. to come and reside in his building at 701 Hampshire Street in Quincy Illinois where we stayed for seven years. Q How is H.E.L.P.S. different from so many other agencies Do you duplicate services A Our agency is different because we do so many different things and are not limited to state and local rules and regulations. We are a multi-faceted agency that has the ability to mentor educate and be hands-on assuring quality when it comes to our services. We teach preach and advocate. We can also do our very own life skills and programs for community issues and various tasks that may assist with anyone s issues. Q How does H.E.L.P.S. obtain funding and keep up with dayto-day functions A Our mission statement says it all Where there s a will there s a way . We keep our doors open and are totally manned by volunteers. Our funding comes from our community United Way grants area churches community partners schools and friends. Q Where do you see the ministry focusing on in the next few years to better improve your funding A The Governor of Illinois is interested in bringing financial management into the classroom for teens to help them learn how to budget themselves and avoid getting into debt (especially credit card debt) like many Americans have. I m hoping to get involved in these efforts to provide these courses to the high schools. H.E.L.P.S. offers these courses now through our Life Skills consumer concept program so it would be a perfect match for these youth of today as well as helping to fund the ministry in turn for providing the services. Q Do you network and communicate with other local agencies about the services you provided or vice versa A Absolutely and we assure you that we do not duplicate services. We are available at times when other agencies are not so we have some different guidelines. Q What else would you do if you had more funding A We would love to have an on-site shelter with a community garden youth center and medical substation. 52 Women of Distinction Luci McMonagle Education Abundance Success Coach Abundance Success Coach Owner of Learn About Money LLC Phoenix AZ (but available worldwide virtually) 53 Women of Distinction L uci McMonagle has a passion to train others on how to manifest money in their lives with ease and grace. After 20 plus years of creating various streams of wealth she started Learn About Money LLC to teach others the secrets of money and wealth creation. I love working with women who are ready to double and triple their income and willing to do what it takes to smash their financial glass ceiling because I believe that creating a synergy of wealth will change this entire world for the better in ways we can only imagine. With honor value and integrity we can create a movement to enhance not only our own lives but the lives of others. Luci began her career in 2010 as a trainer for the FDIC SBA Money Smart Financial Literacy program and the FDIC SBA Money Smart for Small Business program. She was also a volunteer for teaching others about credit and credit reporting through Money Management International. I ve always valued education and began to educate myself on internet and online businesses. I combined the 20 years of experience I had in business ownership and co-ownership with my education training and spiritual practices to expand my career into Business and Lifestyle Coaching in 2014 focusing on women who wish to double their income by educating them on money mindset training and the timeless principles of successful business and lifestyle education. She is a Rising Star Member of Your Own University (Y.O.U.) belongs to the Holistic Business Alliance Femfessionals an Associate Member of Women s Speakers Association and a lifelong member of Phi Theta Kappa s Honor Society. Luci was also recognized as a VIP Woman of the Year (2015) by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). 54 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A People today are realizing the impact and help that a coach can truly have on their life and business. It bridges the gap between formal education and training to learning how to be more successful than others in a faster time frame. Q How does your coaching differ from other business coaches A I coach a person s lifestyle and business from a holistic standpoint and we address the spiritual and mental aspects as well as the business foundations and systems that are necessary for creating a successful business and lifestyle. Q How can coaching help others A Coaching helps others design their business to create a lifestyle. It starts with creating a solid foundation of mindset training and creating a blueprint of success for them to reach for their goals and desires. Q What is your greatest accomplishment to date A I would have to say that my greatest accomplishment was the ability to overcome the adversity of coming from an impoverished single family home to becoming a successful business woman. Q What is the advantage that individuals will have by having a virtual coach A The main advantage is that the individual is able to connect and engage with a coach that s suited specifically to their particular needs without having to leave their home. This saves time and expense while still having the high quality of using video phone and email to stay in touch with one another. Q What type of results can an individual expect by working with you A Results vary depending on the client s particular needs and their starting point. In general individuals can expect to have a heightened awareness to their intuition learn how to make better business decisions cultivate a millionaire mindset and double their income. Q What are the benefits of working with a business coach compared to a life coach A The benefits of working with a business coach are that its primary focus is on the individual s business and how to create a more successful one. A life coach focuses on the individual s personal life and is helpful for self-perception image and creating a life they desire. Q What services do you offer your clients A I have several different programs. My most popular one is my 90 Days to Profits program designed for service-based entrepreneurs with a focus on creating a business success mindset discovering their ideal client profile marketing and becoming visible. I also have a free Wealthy Wednesday blog and radio show to provide others with value tips and suggestions for their success. Q Are there individuals that you will not work with A Yes I have a guideline for the type of individuals I m willing to work with because I ensure that my expertise matches their particular needs. My expertise is not in the realms of product creation or manufacturing so I would not work with these individuals as I truly believe that my success comes from my clients being successful. Q How can an individual discover if your services are for them A I m very passionate about helping others and have a free gift for you at You can also find out more about me and view my weekly blog. Plus I have a weekly radio show that has incredible guests from around the world. 55 Women of Distinction Rose Constantino PhD JD RN FAAN FACFE Nursing Education Research Pro Bono Family Law Associate Professor University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing Department of Health and Community Systems 56 Pittsburgh PA Women of Distinction B orn in the Philippines Rose Constantino wanted to pursue a career in healthcare. Attending Philippine Union College (now Adventist University of the Philippines) in Manilla she studied nursing graduating in 1962 with a BSN. Three years later with her late husband Abraham A. Constantino Jr. MD she made the courageous decision to move to Baltimore Maryland in the US to teach psychiatric mental health nursing. Although challenging to be on her own in a new country by the time she entered the MN program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing she was raising three boys had a faculty position and was attending graduate school. Completing her master s in 1971 Rose was ready to continue a very rewarding half century career in healthcare education. My family s support and guidance is what has kept me in my diverse career for such a long time Rose said who went on to earn her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979 and her Juris Doctor from Duquesne University in 1984. My education and experience enabled and motivated me to share my knowledge and philosophy through teaching research and practice. Combining her healthcare background with her legal expertise and training in forensic nursing Rose has been an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing since 1983 teaching a course called NUR 2820 Principles and Practice of Forensic Nursing and Legal Nurse Consulting a hybrid (onsite and online) course. This course provides knowledge in areas of the law the process of a lawsuit and ethical legal and social issues related to forensic nursing. To better serve the University she is also active by volunteering with various committees and related community organizations and foundations. In 2013 Rose published a book with two of her colleagues Dr. Patricia Crane and Dr. Susan Young called Forensic Nursing Evidence-Based Principles and Practices. Serving as the book s senior editor she also co-authored the first three chapters and authored chapter four entitled The Anatomy and Physiology of a Lawsuit for the Forensic Nurse . Rose continues to disseminate the contents of her book in both her lectures and presentations. Elected as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing in 1992 Rose is also a member of the Fellow Selection Committee and a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners where she s had the pleasure of participating in planning and presenting at conferences and seminars in forensic examination and is Board Certified in Forensic Examination. Currently in the process of writing her first fictional book Rose was married for almost 50 years to Abraham A. Constantino Jr. MD who has since passed away. They had three sons together Charles Kenneth who passed away on May 5 2015 and Abraham III. My late husband and son Kenneth continue to inspire me professionally and personally because they taught me by example that love respect and transparency are the cornerstones of life Rose added. Q&A Q Why do you feel nursing is relevant in today s global society A As society becomes more and more dependent on technology nurses are leading out globally in a paradigm shift to define and understand health. In global paradigm shift health is defined as being well agile and resilient physically emotionally spiritually behaviorally socially and economically not only in the absence of disease but also in the presence of chronic illness. Nurses are champions in integrating mental health care social justice and health equity as they care for patients with acute and chronic diseases survivors of human-made and natural disasters and violence prevention and are present 24 7 as the first line of care in hospitals and emergency settings. Q How does the book on forensic nursing that you edited influence the design and pedagogy as you develop courses A This book was designed to provide an overview of how the intersection of nursing law and ethics are translated into nursing practice. Approaches and methods of forensic nursing practice are discussed as an umbrella nursing specialty including but not limited to screening cases analyzing health professional malpractice cases performing medical records review and risk management and preparing to testify as an expert witness. Content on areas and sources of the law process of a lawsuit and ethical legal and sociocultural issues (ELSI) related to forensic nursing are presented. Q How did you integrate your knowledge and experience in mental health nursing and the law in your courses in forensic nursing and research on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) A My early legal work representing women in court as they seek Protection from Abuse (PFA) encouraged me my colleagues and students to explore the multifaceted consequences of IPV and found women in abusive relationships reported more negative life experiences higher levels of depression and tested lower T-cell function than non-abused women. I continue to collaborate with other researchers in the US Jordan Canada and the Philippines to evaluate the physical stresses that render women in IPV vulnerable to diseases. Q Have you and your research team integrated the use of technology such as email text messaging mobile and wearable devices for health promotion and illness prevention A We subsequently leveraged technology in delivering intervention to women in IPV as disseminated in the following articles Comparing online with face-to-face HELPP intervention in women experiencing IPV Exploring the feasibility of text messaging intervention in IPV Assessing the readability and usability of online H-E-L-P intervention for IPV survivors and Exploring the feasibility of email-mediated interaction in survivors of IPV. 57 Ann Hunter Art Photography Artist The-Artist Photographer Clear Image Photography Author Payson AZ M oving from the Midwest to Phoenix Arizona for a fresh start in life Ann Hunter had no idea what was in store for her. Hoping to do great things she ended up in a debilitating car accident three months after she made the big move that took three years to fully recover from. Taking some advice from an old friend to use her time wisely to discover herself he suggested drawing. She hopes to publish these stories in a book format someday. Ann is known for creating the Our Kids & Community Arts Project in 2010 with a focus on art as a tool of self-discovery for kids of all ages. Utilizing this creative program she s also a part-time art instructor as needed at a local after-school program. From 2011-12 Ann served as the Arizona Won Bass Pro Fishing Circuit Photographer. Following online art groups and contributing to community events whenever she can getting involved locally is something Ann hopes will keep art at the forefront of people s minds. I had no formal training in art so I was quite surprised when this exercise was suggested to me. So I finally decided to give it a try and it was this choice that has led me to where I am today. All this time later Ann is the Creator and Owner of her own art business The-Artist in Payson Arizona. Beginning a new and exciting career as an artist in 2000 Ann has come to really appreciate the art form in its many facets as well as herself. Inspired mostly by nature she has put together an amazing portfolio over the years. In 2007 after working in three major mediums she made the decision to center in on photography and Clear Image Photography was born. Offering her photography services to local non-profit organizations she records their public events with the goal of keeping an active history for them. She also does private work for clients and serves as the Cover Art Photographer for The Local Pages Phone Book Company in Salt Lake City Utah. As the sole owner of her business Ann handles the creative aspect marketing advertising development of client relationships and most importantly the delivery of quality professional products for clients. Ann also writes a blog of short inspirational stories on about the many people she s met and how those experiences have helped her expand her horizons as an artist and as a person. I want to help people realize the importance of the creative process in their daily lives. As an artist I want to be involved in building the quality of our daily lives and lay a foundation for our world s future. This self-taught artist has little free time to herself. Spending as much time as possible exploring the land and all the beauty it has to offer Ann s mind is always on the beauty of her surroundings. Residing happily in a house full of animals plants and a partner who loves her for her lively personality Ann is right where she belongs. 58 Women of Distinction Beverly R. George Information Technology Managed Services and Support Engagement Lead Monsanto Managed Services Strategic Staffing Solutions Creve Coeur MO 59 Women of Distinction E ntering into the military in 1987 Beverly R. George tested high to qualify for the Air Force Specialty Code 491XX which means information technology . Starting at the base level in information technology (IT) at the Base Level Data Processing Center on Scott Air Force Base in Illinois Beverly processed leave and earnings statements monitored card punch reader machines and report printing and distribution. Entering into the civilian workforce in 1993 she became an IT consultant for eight years and as a supervisor service desk desktop support person with Federal Reserve Bank for another seven years before jumping on board with her current employer Strategic Staffing Solutions Monsanto Corporation in Creve Coeur Missouri as an Engagement Lead for Managed Services. It s important that you take yourself to work every day so that others will respect who you are and not what role you play in the organization. You should desire to be respected and trusted more than liked. Know your audience pick your battles and partner with those that will help you win. Growth is not a result of doing what you re told but a reward for taking the risk to expand your thinking and willingness to try new things that remove you from your comfort zone. My strong faith in God and the support of my family and friends serve as the foundation to my growth. I encourage those that I lead to believe in themselves. I love being part of a group that creates innovative strategies to meet IT objectives. I am also an advocate of coaching and professional development so I enjoy watching people grow and progress professionally. In Beverly s role she leads the Monsanto Corporation Managed Service organization for North America Services desk and support desktop support services MAC support specialized IT support for engineering hardware inventory management as well as IT customer advocacy. Relying on great listening skills while maintaining integrity Beverly celebrates every small victory and takes pride in a job well done. Learning much of these skills during her time served in the US Air Force she gained discipline a willingness to take risks respect of the process to benefit the whole and learned the true meaning of partnership to reach a common objective. As a member of the Help Desk Institute and American Management Association Beverly holds CompTia A Security HDI ITIL v2 v3 Unix Microsoft and Solaris certifications. Born and raised in the Bronx New York Beverly was raised by both her parents Booker (now deceased) and Kay George. A mother of one Beverly s amazing son Donte Rashaan Jones is a junior in college with both academic and athletic scholarships at Central Methodist University. 60 Women of Distinction Charlee Hamilton Harris Writing Publishing Literary Works of Fiction Author Self-Employed Anniston AL B orn in the south Charlee Hamilton Harris was a military wife for many years. Forced to switch jobs every few years from running a restaurant to power washing trucks operating a Florida base teaching fine arts to the Boys and Girls Club and concluding her career as a VicePresident in the consumer finance industry Charlee became very well rounded. As long as she did honest work she never felt that any job was ever beneath her. An avid writer all her life it wasn t until 2013 after Charlee graduated from Grand Canyon University and participated in an online writing course did she begin to take the profession seriously. Now with two books currently under contract with a publisher and a third her autobiography on a bid list that she is writing with a friend of hers Charlee is well on her way to becoming a recognized author. Patience is a virtue Charlee said about this business. Absolution is being published through Aurelia Sands and Deer Hawk Publications in the Winter of 2017. Her second book Anju is about a young Mormon woman who finds herself at odds with her own culture versus the Comanche. Anju is set to be released in February of 2016 by Robin Tidewell of Rocking Horse Publications. Holding an AS in Fine Arts from Gadsden State and a BA in English Literature from Grand Canyon University Charlee is a former member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society where she earned an award for an essay she wrote called Man s Road to Suicide in 1994. She also previously wrote for a local newspaper reading and critiquing books by established and new authors in The Anniston Star and had various stories and essays of hers written in the Gadsden State Jr. College publication of Anastasia. Spending much of her time at home writing on the computer Charlee finds the drive she needs to get up and write no matter how she is feeling that particular day. Lucky to have her husband Dennis by her side she ll also find time to get caught up on the mail do some cooking and taking her service dog Kia for a nice walk. Charlee suffers from a seizure disorder and Kia is there to warn her when one is about to come on. A mother of two sons and a wonderful step-son who all live and work out west Charlee is a grandmother of 10 with one great-grandchild. Close to her family brother and sisters are her heroes and she is a stronger woman to have them in her life. A denial from one publisher doesn t necessarily mean a denial from another one. I was denied but I sent my book to another publisher who loved it. But once contracted you are at their mercy. It sometimes takes a year or two to see the finished product. You never know what is on the other side of the door. Charlee s first book North to Absolution is a story based in 1877 in Louisiana about a search by two people s quest of their misgiven ideals of honor. 61 Women of Distinction Julie Carson Healthcare Fincastle VA J ulie Carson s love for helping others made her a perfect fit for the healthcare field where she has spent the last 21 years of her career with over 11 years of progressive leadership and management experience. She got her start in 1994 as a Registered Nurse in the Critical Care Unit at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital (Roanoke VA) after earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Radford University (Radford VA). Julie later advanced both academically and clinically moving into various leadership roles. Julie has donated her time and money to her local rescue mission women s abuse home and soup kitchen. She is also a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) where she has served as a mentor and attended committee meetings to grow the participation within the community. As a mentor for ACHE I ve been able to mold other people s leadership. She proudly plays an active role in the American Heart Association s heart walk as well. These activities are so important for me to help others give back to my community and raise money for heart research. Julie is a very driven and goal-oriented person who knows what she wants and pursues it with passion. And while Julie admits that balancing her personal and professional life can be hard nothing can keep her away from what inspires her the most her children. It was hard work but well worth it when I know I m able to take the suffering away and put a smile on someone s face. Today with an added Master in Healthcare Management (Bellevue University - Bellevue NE) and Doctorate in Healthcare Administration (California Intercontinental University - Diamond Bar CA) under her belt Julie is the Director of Cardiovascular Services at the Lutheran Medical Center (Wheatridge CO). She is responsible for improving the process for patient safety and developing a progressive functional and efficient program. Julie also deals with the operational and business aspects of cardiovascular care. She is well-respected by superiors and peers for her professionalism commitment to excellence and for being a role model to others. In 2012 Julie developed an accredited echocardiology and cardiac program. She also published her dissertation on how childhood obesity impacts early heart disease. I m married and have two great children. My daughter Hannah is 12 and my son Cory is 15. They give me vision and keep me motivated. Her ideal legacy would be to have done something impactful for healthcare like developing a new cardiovascular state-ofthe-art program unlike any other. Anything in life is possible if you believe you can do it. I created two groups one with diet and exercise management and one with just diet and used CT scanning to see what changes in lesion disease were seen. The diet and exercise group did better. 62 Women of Distinction Lisa Meisels RDN CLT CHLC Holistic Life Coaching President Chief Executive Officer Femanna 63 Raymond CA Women of Distinction G rowing up in a healthy home Lisa Meisels s family grew fruits and vegetables in their own backyard. Her mother s love of cooking and inquisition into alternative healing led Lisa down a similar path later in life. Becoming a registered dietitian in 1991 Lisa worked for 10 years in a large teaching hospital before doing consulting work with post-acute care facilities. Enjoying the teamwork she experienced she became recognized by her peers as an expert in her field. Now consulting on the administrative side of the nutrition service departments training managers staff and new dietitians and working with dietetic and food service interns Lisa says that teaching training and mentoring makes my heart sing . Throughout my tenure in the field I noticed such a difference in each of my patient s cognitive and functional abilities Lisa explained. Conceiving the idea and philosophy of Femanna in 2012 Lisa now helps women live from their core get physical relief enjoy a love life love their self have fun feel supported enjoy life and be able to share their story with the world to help others. Helping women get their lives back the culture of Femanna is uplifting inviting and empowering. The women who contact Femanna are looking for solutions to feel better and enjoy life again. Following a holistic approach a combination of science-based approaches and complimentary therapies are used to work with the whole person and create a long lasting transformation. By developing individualized goals Femanna works with clients at their convenience. Femanna specializes in individual and group programs. Customized programs are also available. Lisa is a Registered Dietician Nutritionist. She holds certifications in Holistic Life Coaching and LEAP Therapy is an expert in food and weight management is certified in the Law of Attraction and is a Reiki practitioner. She s taught weight loss programs for companies taught college courses and has been highlighted in cookbooks local newspapers and newsletters and Blog-Talk Radio. Lisa s also a member of numerous organizations including Academies of Nutrition and Dietetics and Integrative and Functional Nutritionists. I found from their interviews which has since been backed by research that their health and quality of life outcomes had a direct correlation to their mindset and lifestyle choices. Those who maintained an active lifestyle ate wholesome food and had a positive attitude towards change thrived. Some of my patients wish they had done more with their life some were bitter toward others and some were peacefully content. Although that population is near and dear to my heart I wanted to share what I discovered from the elderly with others. That s when Femanna was born. Founding Femanna as President and CEO Lisa s focusing her energy on inspiring and supporting women who have digestive and pain issues to get health so they can have the energy they need to feel beautiful both inside and out and do what they really want to do in life. Essentially she is helping others choose a life that they truly enjoy. 64 Women of Distinction Melissa C. Jones RN BSN Specialty Pharmacy Home Infusion President Chief Executive Officer and Director of Nurses at Halocare Specialty Therapeutics Denham Springs LA 65 Women of Distinction M elissa graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and completed the critical care course and IV certification soon after at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge LA. She has been a registered nurse for over 20 years working in the specialty pharmacy industry and focusing on people with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders for the past 10 years. Since Halocare Specialty Therapeutics is still relatively small Melissa functions in many capacities such as CEO President and Director of Nurses. Other than just the day-to-day management I still actively educate and infuse patients with their medications in their homes. Knowing that I can make someone s life better each day even just a little bit helps. I m also very involved in the sales and marketing of our company s services to local physician specialists. In her free time Melissa loves to play with or train her dogs. I worked for a while on training several of my dogs to compete in agility. My little one has his Canine Good Citizenship certification but didn t quite make his Therapy Dog certification because he just couldn t ignore a plate of sausage Working with dogs really makes you adjust the way you think about some things because dogs just don t rationalize the way humans do. I would like people to remember me as someone who cared. If I can make one client s day better by minimizing their pain or preventing an injury by teaching them or even by administering their medication then I have done my job. I only want to be able to lay my head on my pillow each night knowing I have done my best that day. Melissa C. Jones RN BSN After I finished school I immediately went to work in critical and step down critical care at a hospital. I eventually moved to home health care progressing from field nurse to administration and management. Those experiences led to pediatric and adult case management at various insurance companies and hospitals and then to my career with the home infusion industry where I worked doing patient care and marketing. She has since broken away from working for other people knowing she could do an even better job by doing it herself. I have a son with hemophilia and living with the challenges associated with it I believe gives me better insight and greater compassion in understanding and assisting others who live or care for someone with a special need or medical disability. I have even been involved with the local Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation for about 19 years. I volunteer at different events and also serve on their kids camp committee as the medical chair. I also sponsor a zoo event each year where kids with bleeding disorders in the area stay overnight at the zoo away from their parents. It s a great event where they get to be with other kids with the same medical issues and just have fun. 66 Women of Distinction Mikaya Heart Spiritual Counseling Writing Spiritual Mentor Author Self-Employed San Francisco CA ttending York University in England in the 1970 s Mikaya Heart was focusing on a career in biology. But after taking a course in ecology she discovered that we as humans are damaging our planet so she dropped out to pursue organic farming instead. At a time when very few people knew what ecology was Mikaya soon took a seven-month course in agricultural mechanics and began getting into various political and educational activities. Becoming a radical feminist who had just come out as a lesbian she had no interest in supporting the status quo. Instead she wanted to change the world and the injustices she saw around her. In 1982 I moved to the United States and ran an organic market garden in northern California Mikaya said. A In 1999 she wrote a book called With Sun in her Eyes The True Story of Maria Raindancer a Shamanic Practitioner and a Psychic Reader. The book answers many of the questions people want to ask psychics. By 2000 Mikaya experienced a series of awakenings so she sold her house most of her belongings and began traveling spending much of the next few years alone in remote places in nature. Seven years later she felt a calling to come back into the world as a teacher. Working as a Spiritual Mentor Mikaya helps others to develop a broader understanding of the nature of reality counsels individuals designs and leads ceremonies and leads shamanic journeys. She also does energy clearings on houses and individuals. She occasionally leads workshops such as Being in Brilliance which is about being fully who you are. She continues to write books does book readings hosts a weekly radio on Journey into the Light and frequently guest hosts on other radio shows. My views tend to be very radical and I ve often met with levels of cynicism and prejudice from others Mikaya admits. I have to tune into the people I meet divining what they can hear from me and what approach to take in talking about my work. But it s the only kind of work that really makes sense to me. It s also tremendously rewarding when my clients give me such wonderful feedback and gratitude. Mikaya is based in northern California but travels and works all over the country. I was the first person in the US to raise organic free-range hogs commercially and I did that for five years. Then I lived in a more secluded area built my own house out of recycled lumber and worked installing solar systems developing springs cutting firewood and working with other essential materials for rural living. I also began studying various forms of spirituality. Mikaya began practicing ceremonies in the Wiccan tradition in the early 1980 s before studying Angeles Arrien s Four-Fold Way which included shamanic journeying. She then began leading shamanic journeys herself. In the 1990 s she met Dayana Jon a visionary and medium for a group of beings in non-physical form called AMAG with whom she has studied ever since. 67 Women of Distinction Rosemary McKinley Publishing Writing Poet Writer Rosemary McKinley Southold NY R osemary McKinley had plans to continue teaching well into her 60 s. She enjoyed the work and she loved working with children. At one point her mother fell sick to cancer and Rosemary wanted to be by her side. Working around her teaching schedule to tend to her mom she was left wondering how she really wanted to spend her days. She questioned what she was waiting for and how much time she had left to do something differently with her life. Making plans to retire from education and become a writer full-time Rosemary was ready for the challenge. Rosemary has two books published about North Fork and she is currently working on a third about a whaler in the 1800 s. 101 Glimpses of the North Fork and Islands was published in 2009 by History Press and The Wampum Exchange which was published in 2012 is available on and at She has also had two chapters in an anthology on Writing After Retirement and several of her stories articles and poems have also been published over the years. In February 2015 Rosemary had a book signing at the Suffolk County Historical Society where she spoke on the topic of Native Americans on Long Island. A docent for the Southold Historical Society s Step Back in Time program Rosemary has spoken about the history of Southold in costume at the Children s Museum on the East End East Hampton Library Bethpage Library Southold Library Center for Creative Retirement Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum and Downs Farm Preserve. She is also involved with Maureen s Haven an organization that feeds the homeless in the winter months. Graduating from Ladycliff College with a BS with Honors Rosemary also earned her New York State Teaching Certificate in Secondary Social Studies as well as a New York State Elementary Teaching Certificate. Married for 44 years Rosemary and her husband have two children one of which is a graphic artist and global manager and the other is a credit card services manager. They also have four beautiful grandchildren. While I was still a teacher I had attended Columbia University Writing Institute to become a better writing teacher. Little did I know that I d be bitten by the writing bug and want to become an author 10 years later. I went from the top of my game as a seasoned teacher to a fledging writer who nothing of the profession. It was humbling challenging and downright unnerving. Desiring to become a published author Rosemary took a few writing courses and subscribed to Poets & Writers to locate places to submit her work. Receiving dozens of rejections when she finally started submitting her books she kept at it. Locating several free writers newsletters that did much of the work finding places for submissions and offering advice on everything from basic writing skills to marketing and promotional tips Rosemary finally began getting acceptances. Some were paid and some weren t but she was finally being published. 68 Women of Distinction Shauna Lane Associate Broker ABR SFR Real Estate - Residential Associate Broker Accredited Buyers Representation and Short Sale Foreclosure Specialist - Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty 69 Chesapeake VA Women of Distinction fter an unpleasant experience purchasing her home in 2007 Shauna Lane wanted to gain more knowledge about the home buying process. This knowledge led her to the decision of becoming an Associate Broker Accredited Buyers Representative and Short Sale Foreclosure Specialist with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty. A However it hasn t always been easy for Shauna. Balancing family work and school while earning her broker s license was a huge challenge she recalls but Shauna learned how to prioritize her work schedule and communicate better to her clients when she needs time for her family. Initially it was hard for her to say no but she now has a deeper connection with her clients and they respect and understand that time with family is essential. Shauna was greatly inspired by her Managing Broker Tanya Monroe and admires the impact she has on the people she encounters. Tanya has helped her become a better person inside and out something that she s very proud of. Her best advice for anyone starting out in Real Estate is to avoid pressuring people or pushing too hard for a sale. It s always best to do what s in their best interest and listen to them as Shauna believes that when you give them what they want they ll give you what you want. There are no short cuts to success. Lay one brick at a time to build a strong foundation. She now enjoys helping people move forward in their lives by assisting them with buying and selling real estate. To see the look on my clients faces when they become homeowners is priceless Shauna says. Shauna approaches her business as a Trusted Advisor (not as a typical salesperson) guiding and educating her clients versus pressuring them. It s more than just helping them find and buy a house. Her process ensures that buyers will experience what Shauna calls a Successful Purchase . The first step involves making sure that buyers obtain the home of their choice on their time schedule. Next is ensuring a smooth transaction with the fewest problems. And the third and most important step is obtaining their ideal home at the best purchase price. Shauna is affiliated with a company known for its high standard of honesty and integrity one that believes in always putting the client first. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Towne Realty operates in the Hampton Roads area of Southeast Virginia and has offices serving Chesapeake Virginia Beach Norfolk Portsmouth Suffolk Hampton Newport News Smithfield Williamsburg Isle of Wright Yorktown and Franklin. Shauna specializes in Residential Real Estate Foreclosures Short Sales First Time Homebuyers Military Relocation Luxury Homes New Construction and Investor Portfolios. She has been successful at helping buyers and sellers make good decisions in any Real Estate Market. Doing what I love makes it easy Shauna admits. As one of the Top 100 agents out of 3 500 nationally she s an outstanding example of success. Shauna likes to mentor other agents and give them advice on the tools to become successful in their own careers. 70 Women of Distinction Doris Amdur Pet Healthcare Founder Principal United Pet Care LLC Phoenix AZ F ormerly working in the medical and dental arena as a Director of Marketing Doris Amdur found herself working for a company that was being sold. Involved with raising breeding and showing Great Danes at the time Doris chatted with her veterinarian who spoke about how the pet industry could really benefit by a program that would allow pet owners to save money on the escalating costs of veterinary care. After much research I founded United Pet Care LLC (UPC) in early 1996 Doris said. As Founder and Principal Doris manages all company negotiations and influences all decisions. She provides medical dental and 401K to all of her employees and the organization contributes to many rescues that need assistance. Now with two locations one in Phoenix Arizona and one in Laguna Woods California UPC was voted as one of the Best Places to Work out of 40 companies in 2014. Doris and her team are making great strides in this relatively new concept of pet healthcare. Employers and pet owners had never heard of a pet healthcare program with reduced fees at vet offices before Doris explained when she entered into this business. Our wonderful staff is extremely devoted to the program and the care of our community s pets. Our pets are totally dependent on us to care for them and we at UPC are devoted to their needs. Dedicated to making pet healthcare pawsible UPC helps pet owners ensure long and healthy lives for their clients pets by providing an affordable pet healthcare membership program. Understanding that healthcare programs for pets are needed in today s economic environment UPC offers a more affordable comprehensive and easy-to-use solution to pet insurance by connecting pet owners with reliable veterinarians. They also offer savings on discounts for pet care products and service providers. UPC programs are offered to pet owners through credit unions associations school districts and over 5 000 employers plus individual pet owners. Employers are offering the UPC pet healthcare program to their employees as a voluntary employee benefit through payroll deduction. Member benefits include guaranteed savings of 20-50% covers sick care preventative care and accidents choice of programs to fit your needs no claim forms no deductibles all pets are eligible (no exclusions due to age pre-existing or breedspecific conditions) savings on in-network specialists and a member discount club to save on services and pet products. Educating the employees and the public was tough for us at first. True pet insurance had been around for many years but a membership program with no barriers to care was unheard of. Claim forms deductibles age restrictions and pre-existing conditions were the norm until UPC entered the market. Inventing the concept of United Pet Care was never done before and many friends and family members said no way but we succeeded. An allied member of Arizona Veterinary Association Doris is also a member of Society of Human Resource Management and supports many pet rescue organizations. Married with four children and seven grandchildren her one daughter oversees the California office and the other is the VP of the Arizona office. 71 Women of Distinction Suzanne Fladell Healthcare Marketing Sales Leader at Cherry Laurel Independent Retirement Community Tallahassee FL B eing raised by her grandparents gave Suzanne Fladell a deep appreciation for the geriatric population and a desire to work in the medical field. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people and am inspired by those I know who genuinely care about others. When she s not working Suzanne loves spending time with her son and daughter. My daughter Heather is in college hoping to pursue a degree in equine therapy or marketing and my son Austin started college this month working towards a degree as an EMT paramedic firefighter. Both live in Tallahassee Florida our hometown. She enjoys art and writing in her free time as well. When she graduated from Thomasville Technical Institute s nursing program in 1993 with the Garrett Gaines Scholarship for Academic Excellence and joined the medical community computerized documentation charting systems were not being used yet. I laugh when I think back and see how far things have come simply with computerization After 22 years of working with senior citizens as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) at a skilled nursing facility and 16 years as a clinical liaison Suzanne joined Holiday Retirement in 2015 as a Sales Leader at Cherry Laurel Independent Retirement Community (Tallahassee FL). She does community outreach and provides assistance within the community for tours and marketing events. There s a special feeling of kinship at a Holiday community that you won t experience anywhere else. It s a combination of joyful neighbors embracing life friendly staff that goes out of their way to make each day great and a comfortable environment that makes you feel this is right where you belong. I m passionate about meeting with each patient and building a rapport with them at a difficult time. I also love getting to know the community and representing the services we offer. The bottom line is always the patient and them getting the very best care possible for improved quality of life. Suzanne believes that in healthcare marketing you are not simply selling a product or service but rather attributing to the betterment of one s current situation. I have a kiln in my home and a passion for fused and stained glass. I also have worked as a contributing writer for Etsy. Suzanne s involvement with the Alzheimer s Association and American Cancer Society is in line with her goal of leaving this world a better place than she found it. I want to help solve problems not be part of the chaos. 72 Women of Distinction Teana T. Woolcock Philanthropy Nonprofit - Education Founder - Love Unlimited Foundation Inc. Miami FL T eana T. Woolcock started traveling with her church every summer to do missionary trips in other countries when she was 16-years-old. Teana has also learned that you must have a team who believes in your mission and is willing to work as hard as you. But above all character is everything so always choose people whom you admire and respect. She s hoping to get her children s book published and a charity merchandise line out sometime next year. I was blessed at an early age to travel and experience life in a third world country. Being exposed to how others live and realizing the blessings you have early on helps build a well-rounded individual and shapes character. You develop compassion and gratitude some of the most important attributes for a person to have. Teana founded Love Unlimited as a 501c3 nonprofit in 2011 and is also the Director of the LOVE U Camp that s held in Jamaica for underprivileged children each summer. She networks as much as possible make calls and emails to reach out to potential donors and organizes the camp activities and schedule. Teana also sends out personalized thank you letters with small Love Unlimited items to show appreciation that make donors feel the love she shares. Her inspiration comes from the children she helps each summer with school supplies and scholarships. Proceeds from both of these projects would benefit the foundation and also give donors another way to feel connected to the kids they help. This past May she was involved in Career Day at Howard Drive Elementary School in Miami. It was awesome to share what I do with the children. They were excited and wanted to help the kids in Jamaica and the PTA staff expressed their willingness to help as well. I look forward to partnering with more schools in the area. Teana has found something she truly loves and doesn t do it for money or status. She hopes to leave a legacy of love and be remembered as someone who always inspired and motivated others to reach their highest potential. They are the future and often teach me more than I can learn from any book or speaker. Although they don t hold degrees yet they re officially the best source on how to make the organization work in their best interest. However this line of work isn t easy and there can be a high level of rejection. There have been days when I ve sent out over 200 correspondences to potential donors and not received one reply back but the charity is still standing. There will always be a NO but that s only fuel to get me to my YES. Never give up because something hard. The greatest achievements are those that require more commitment and patience. Put God first pray as hard as you work and work as hard as you pray. If one child says that they were inspired to be successful because of my charity work that s enough. 73 Women of Distinction ISSUE 17 Women of Distinction Team WDM Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Holli M. Narvaez EDITOR HEAD WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Felix Pons Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Rachael Raffna Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Diehl SELECTION COMMITTEE Rebecca Valuch Women of Distinction 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 Dr. Anita Harlow Educational Services President Harlow Enterprise Inc. Jill Karatinos Mental Health Psychiatrist and Neuropsychiatrist - Jill Karatinos M.D. (Solo Practice)