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Description: In This Issue: 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards, Holiday Party, and Special Report: "Free From" Growth

ww w. W Vis Glu e it ten bs Ou Fre ite r eR eta ile r.c om Go to edenfoods for info about this advertiser Winter 2015 VOLUME 2 NUMBER 4 Page 8 Page 10 In This Issue 2 Editor s Page 3 In the News 6 Special Report Free From Growth A fresh perspecitive on gluten free and free from. 8 Gluten free for the Holidays Easy and delicious gluten-free foods continue to evolve to be the best gift at holiday parties. 10 Best of Gluten Free Awards Gluten Free Retailer polled its retailer readers on their top-selling gluten-free products to compile its 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards. 14 New Gluten-Free Products 16 Advertiser Index WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 1 EDITOR S PAGE Party On he holiday season is a time for getting together with family and friends to celebrate often over a meal. While these events usually bring joy for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance it can also make them extremely nervous. Because the worry of eating the wrong thing or consuming something that has been crosscontaminated with gluten weighs heavily. While dining at Temple restaurant in Red Bank NJ with a friend who has celiac disease we had a discussion about all of the things that not only people with celiac or a gluten intolerance have to think about in order to remain healthy but also what people who were preparing the food had to remember--whether at a restaurant or in their aunt s kitchen. Members of the Temple staff also weighed in on our conversation. Manager Jennifer noted the importance of asking questions while Temple s owner Victor came out to inform us what the best glutenfree dishes were on the menu and let us know why certain things couldn t be made gluten free. And when we sat down our server Jackie mentioned that the soy sauce left on the table was not gluten free removed it so we wouldn t use it by mistake and replaced it with a gluten-free option. The time and care the staff put into our meal left us full and excited to return again. Having to trust that someone else prepared a celiac s food correctly is not always the easiest 2 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER T thing to do. For example while you may purchase chips and dip that say that they are gluten free on the label if someone inserts a gluten-containing pretzel into the gluten-free dip--it can mean trouble for a person with celiac disease. If dining out with someone who has an issue with gluten confirm that the restaurant not only has a gluten-free menu but that the food is prepared in a separate area and that there is no cross-contamination. If preparing a get together at home make sure that all ingredients are gluten free there is no cross-contamination in the preparation stage and place the gluten-free food away from the gluten-containing food to ensure that people aren t using the same serving pieces. Labeling and giving guests a friendly reminder to be careful is also helpful. Speaking of celebrations in the Winter issue of Gluten Free Retailer (GFR) we present our second annual Best of Gluten Free Awards (see page 10). The Awards represent a random sampling of retailers across the country polled earlier this year. With 18 categories the winners are based on the number of votes in each category. The GFR staff would like to thank the retailers who supported the Best of Gluten Free Awards with their time and input and congratulate all of the winning manufacturers. As this is our final issue of 2015 the editors at GFR would like to wish our readers a very happy holiday season and health and prosperity in the New Year Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Roy Kieffer Sales Manager RoyK Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Shari Barbanel ShariB Assistant Corinne Anderson Editor CorinneA Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Contributing Writers Tricia Ryan Circulation Rosie Brodsky Manager Rosie VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 E-mail info Web Site President Daniel McSweeney DanM Mission Gluten Free Retailer magazine is dedicated to providing information for and about the gluten-free products industry in order to foster growth understanding and education. Gluten Free Retailer is a supplement of Vitamin Retailer that s published by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. Printed in the USA. Gluten Free Retailer Subscription Customer Service Gluten Free Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 IN THE NEWS Deerland Enzymes Authors White Paper for Gluten Testing of Enzyme Supplement Products eorgia-based Deerland Enzymes has released a white paper that addresses testing for gluten proteins in enzyme products entitled The use and limitations of the Competitive ELISA (EnzymeLinked Immunosorbent Assay) to detect proteins used in protease enzyme fermentation applications. The market for gluten-free products continues to grow and along with the clear establishment of this consumer segment comes an increased demand for accurate gluten testing for products claiming to meet the gluten-free standard of 20ppm. As a company with clinically-studied supplements formulated specifically for the digestion of gluten Deerland Enzymes found it prudent to take the lead in determining the most accurate method for testing enzyme supplements for the presence of gluten. The whitepaper authored by Dr. John Deaton Deerland Enzymes vice president of science and technology G outlines the testing method commonly used to detect gluten in consumer products. As a common practice testing laboratories have been using the Competitive ELISA for the analysis of fermented and hydrolyzed products which are declared as gluten free such as beer and soy sauce. While this is a validated method for the detection of gluten after beer fermentation there is no validation for these competitive ELISA tests on products that contain active proteases such as enzyme supplements. In fact Deaton explained the competitive ELISA test is likely to result in a false positive for gluten in ferment- ed or hydrolyzed substances because active proteases degrade the protein of interest in the competitive ELISA interfering with the assay. Perhaps the most notable section of the whitepaper is the introduction of a more appropriate testing method for protease-containing substances which involves deactivating the proteases. In order to test enzyme products for gluten using the competitive ELISA the protease must be deactivated for more accurate results Deaton noted. According to Deaton the same is true for the sandwich ELISA method however the white paper focuses on the competitive method due to the increasing popularity of the use of this test for gluten detection. The full whitepaper is available for download on the company s website at http gluten-testing-of-enzyme-supplement-products . New App Helps Individuals Manage Dietary Restrictions A new nutritional app is set to change the way Americans choose food in grocery stores and restaurants forever. That s because the app InRFood is more concerned with what is in the food consumers choose rather than how many calories it contains. By simply scanning the barcode of a food s packaging or searching for that food on the app a shopper will learn essential information on its sodium and sugar content as well as the food s carbohydrate and calorie scores. And if a shopper is confused which is the healthier of two items to choose from then they can simply consult the free app and it will instantly compare them. The app can check approximately 15 000 ingredients and more than 500 000 products have been added to its barcode scanning section. Diners too can benefit from InRFood since the app has already calculated the nutritional information for thousands of menu items in 600 of America s bestknown restaurants and diners. In fact it contains an encyclopedic knowledge of modern American meal items and snacks--including ethnic private label and gourmet food items. The app will help with a number of health conditions such as diabetes or food allergies said Founder Keval Mehta. If you have food intolerances for instance and you re not sure if a certain food contains something you know you should avoid then you can simply ask the app and it ll tell you. In fact you can store your own playlist of concerns. The founders came up with the idea for the app after becoming frustrated at the lack of complete nutritional information on food packages. It just seemed to be all about the calories said Mehta. The app is all about personalization and food transparency. Food labels tend to be more of a one size fits all solution and yet as humans we all have different dietary requirements. The app works because you use it as an individual. The information for the InRFood app is constantly being updated by researchers dietitians and nutritionists. They are also working with healthy food manufacturers and retailers. In addition to calculating the calories and macronutrients of all foods on the app those same experts have also researched the health benefits providing further useful information for shoppers and diners. Logging capability will be available in a sister app soon. This allows the user to count calories and carbs in addition to the type and amount of ingredients consumed. The free app can be downloaded on Google Play the Apple app store or GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 3 WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM IN THE NEWS GFCP Sponsors 2015 SQF International Conference T he Allergen Control Group Inc. (ACG) owners of the GlutenFree Certification Program (GFCP) recently announced its sponsorship and participation in the upcoming 2015 Safe Quality Food (SQF) International Conference to be held this November 3-5 at the JW Marriott Hotel in Indianapolis IN. Approximately 8 to 10 percent of the North American population is medically diagnosed with either celiac disease or non-gluten sensitivity. Since there is no cure for this condition these consumers must resort to a strict gluten-free diet for life. Paul Valder president of ACG said that informing food retailers and manufacturers about the most effective approach to producing safe reliable gluten-free product claims is key and the 2015 SQF Conference provides an ideal educational platform to do this. As part of the Conference segment Express Learning Bites ACG presented two 30-minute sessions titled Gluten-Free Global Threshold Wars How Safe is Safe on November 4 and 5. Our intent is also to support the many global Certification Bodies in attendance who are approved by ACG to professionally manage the GFCP ISO-based third-party audit and certification process stated Allen Rekunyk vice president of business development at ACG. Globally approved ACG certification bodies include AIB International AsureQuality Ltd. bQb-Cert LLC Bureau de normalization du Qu bec BSI Group ANZ Pty Ltd. Eagle Certification Group Intertek Orion Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety Inc. SAIGlobal Silliker Global Certification Services and SGS. Delegates that attended this year s 2015 SQF Conference and sought to learn more about successfully implementing the GFCP Standard visited the exhibit space located in the Solutions Showcase. For more information visit or 4 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 Nature s Path Plants it Forward With Three Organic Gardens for Good s part of its strong commitment to organic agriculture and desire to empower local communities Nature s Path Foods (Richmond BC Canada) has announce the winners of its sixth annual Gardens for Good grant contest which helps put organic community gardens where they will serve those who need them most. The three non-profit organizations to receive grants are St. Mary s Foundation for Children in Bayside NY Everett Community Growers La Communidad Inc. in Everett MA and Ken Spenser Science Park Urban Gardens at Science World in Vancouver BC Canada. We are honored to support these extremely worthwhile organizations not only are they creating positive change in their communities and providing organic food for those who might not otherwise have access to it but they are also helping to cultivate socially responsible leaders who will bring people together to impact their community said Arran Stephens co-CEO and cofounder of Nature s Path. It is a privilege to work with them and help good things grow from the ground up. According to Nature s Path out of the 120 entries from non-profit organizations making an impact at the local level the three winners listed above rose to the top. The winners were among nine other finalists who earned the most public support by way of online votes and were ultimately select- A ed based on the compelling empowering and inspirational nature in which they described their organic garden project the feasibility to establish and maintain the garden and demonstrated community need of those who stand to benefit from the fruits of their labor. The organizations will each receive a 15 000 cash grant for their community garden project from Nature s Path and technical design and production mentorship for up to one year from Rodale s Organic Life. For more information visit You re Hired Rhythm Superfoods (Austin TX) has announced that Terry Meyer will serve as the new vice president of sales. Meyer brings more than 20 years of sales operations and management experience to Rhythm Superfoods. Meyer has previously worked at brands such as Unilever-Ben and Jerry s Ice Cream Naked Juice where he led the rapid expansion of the brand into double-digit growth Good Health Natural Foods Inc. where he positioned the brand as a leader in innovation with healthier oils and vegetable-based nutrition in salty snacks and Podponics. Go to frey for info about this advertiser WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 5 SPECIAL REPORT A Fresh Perspective on Gluten-Free & Free From BY TRICIA RYAN BA BSC MBA L ast year Americans spent 10.7 trillion shopping and roughly 8 percent of that was on food... Source Mintel 2015 percent being aged 65-plus and longer term this Baby Boomer group is expected to account for upwards of 24 percent of the population. Healthy lifestyle and longevity are key drivers for this group. U.S. Population 318 892 103 (July 2014 est.) Age structure 0-14 years 19.4 percent 15-24 years 13.7 percent 25-54 years 39.9 percent 55-64 years 12.6 percent 65 years and over 14.5 percent With so many aging Baby Boomers seeking longevity and health and Millennial and Generation X families beginning to have children in the home there is a trend to consumers in general equating cleaner labels and products with fewer ingredients as inherently healthier yet research supports that while the majority of Millennials and Generation X consumers are concerned about the Household spending for calendar year 2013. Source BLS 2014 annual expenditure survey. According to Mintel one third of consumers say they spent more on food over the past year compared to the year before. We also know that the population has continued to mature with well over 14 6 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER Source Mintel 2015 However one of the greatest impacts on behavior and purchase decisions of food is the presence of children within the household of Millenials and Generation X. WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 in creating free-from products (particularly those that meet the demand for allergen free) with cleaner ingredient legends. potentially harmful ingredients in food there does appear to be a price threshold beyond which they simply will not buy a food no matter what the benefit claim is. For Boomers Millennials and Generation X balance is an important factor in leading a healthy lifestyle. Source Mintel 2015 Driven by this desire for balance consumers perceive foods with any free-from claim to be both healthier and less processed thereby meeting two of their greatest concerns. Furthermore consumers appear to be equating genetic modification artificial and unhealthy as one and the same. Consumers are also likely to turn away from product labels with unfamiliar ingredients or ingredients perceived as chemically complex or unnatural. The interest in real food appears more motivating even than the incorporation of healthy ingredients particularly among Millennials and households with children. The continuous challenge for manufacturers will be Source Mintel 2015 expected to slow slightly to 19.2 percent annually through 2019 the total sales will reach a whopping 2.34 billion in 2019 a 140 percent increase from 2014. What is Free From and Hartman research How Important Is It demonstrates that up to 62 The interest in a healthier percent of Americans are lifestyle is particularly comSource Hartman 2015 eating gluten-free foods. pelling to consumers of all Twenty-nine percent have identified it ages heeding the advice of health care as an important ingredient that they professionals to eliminate certain ingrediseek out on labels and one in five avoid ents from their diet. The purchase for gluten in their daily diet. food bearing a free-from claim is largely The reason for avoiding gluten is really fueled by an interest in avoiding what is for no reason at all and or the percepregarded as an unnecessary ingredient. tion of gluten free being healthier. This This also means that those foods touting accounts for 61 percent of consumers their healthy value added attributes (i.e. added to the free-from real food trend. added protein fiber omega-3s etc.) do There is no doubt that the many mesnot necessarily equate to healthy natural sages being served up to consumers on and clean or what is described as real the health consequences of poor diet food. have hit their mark. What manufacturers have to do for an encore is yet to be determined as we try to evaluate the shifts in rationale for healthier food selection across a range of ethnicity and age demographics. What we do know is that health issues compel most free-from food purchases now finding the balance between what we add and what we Source Mintel 2015 take away will be the secret for success. The list of free-from claims is extensive and ranges from trans fat-free to allergen-free. Up to 78 percent of Americans are reading labels and selecting based upon how clean a product is. As confusing as the gluten-free trend may seem to the food industry and Source Hartman 2015 the press consumers are equally mystified as they As a brand chamcontinue to figure out how pion and trend to navigate the labyrinth of expert Tricia Ryan facts and fiction. They key has more than 15 for food industry stakeyears of progresholders is to be able to separate these sive experience in trends from fads and bend culture at the marketing and moment it is changing in order to be communications able to develop innovative products that with a focus on meet the quality criteria (e.g. taste food and consumer packaged goods in appearance perceived health benthe food and beverage industry. She is efits) that consumers seek within a principal at the Gluten-Free Agency the constantly changing world of providing strategic and communication health and wellness. expertise on the gluten-free The gluten-free market continmarket. She also leads the Gluten-Free ues to grow in 2015 earlier this Certification Program in its marketing year Packaged Facts reported that efforts across North America. She has sales of gluten free grew 34 peran MBA in marketing and business and cent in the five years leading up to has completed her internship as a reg2014 when they reached 973 istered dietitian. million. While the growth is GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 7 WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM the Holidays Easy and delicious gluten-free foods continue to evolve to be the best gift at holiday parties. By Janet Poveromo rom November through the New Year holiday parties can be challenging for those with special dietary needs such as celiac disease or gluten intolerance. Especially since the occasions are highlighted by iconic foods cakes pies stuffing and finger foods. Food manufacturers are helping make seasonal entertaining--and sales-- simple for these customers--while seeing to it that many of these offerings are also vegan organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Gluten Free for F New Foods Holiday party hors d oeuvres can be a special challenge for the gluten-free customer--particularly when replacing appetizers that use pastry doughs. Susan Hougui president product development with Geefree LLC in New York said We offer our line of Hotdogs in a Blanket Spanakopita Cheeseburger Bites (new) and of course the pastry dough which the consumer can use to create whatever they desire. New York-based Feel Good Foods offers gluten-free dumplings and egg rolls that are perfect offerings for the holidays. Vanessa Phillips CEO of the company added that these gluten-free 8 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER foods could easily replace foods that contain gluten and are appetizing whether you are gluten free or not. They can be served as pass around hors d oeuvres they are a great snack food and most of all they re delicious. For desserts President Jaden Lane of Organic Matters in Iowa said the company has a line of brownies cookies and caramel corn that is not only gluten free but also vegan organic and nonGMO. Some of the holiday favorites this year are the Vanilla Seasalt Caramel Corn which is made with 100 percent cold pressed coconut oil as well as the delicious Walnut Fudge Brownie. Other holiday treats come from Illinois-based TruSweets which recently launched TruJoy Sweets Peppermint Choco Chews. In addition we ll offer an old favorite TruJoy Sweets Organic Candy Canes said Bert Cohen compa- ny president. Our full line of Surf Sweets that are free of the top 10 allergens will be available as great stocking stuffers. Trends to Follow It should come as no surprise that over the last several years there has been a drastic increase in demand for glutenfree products. Every month our sales increase in both our retail locations as well as online said Lane. However although there s been a surge there still aren t many options in the gluten-free [appetizer] category available at this time added Hougui. That was one of the reasons we decided to pursue this category first. People are missing the savory cooked snack that we all remember before dealing with gluten issues. Geefree is hoping to be able to fill this gap as quickly as possible. TruSweets is also seeing explosive growth in the better-for-you candy market. Consumers are becoming more WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 educated on the harmful effects of artificial ingredients and pesticides and they are also looking for reassurances that the products they buy meet the promises they make Cohen noted. Based on this we see Organic Certification NonGMO Project verification and GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization) certification as key trends. Another huge trend right now is in frozen ethnic foods according to Phillips. People are looking for frozen foods that are full-flavored they don t want manufactures to shy away from including the ingredients you would find in a restaurant. The beauty of frozen foods is that they re convenient. But just because consumers want convenience doesn t mean they want to give up flavor. So the bar has been set higher and companies like Feel Good Foods are working to offer chef-inspired flavorful ethnic foods to give consumers the same taste they would have when eating at a restaurant. importantly in people s lives. Ultimately consumers need to feel confident that product claims are substantiated and that products that carry the claims are indeed safe Cohen noted. In addition consumers want products that taste great. They want to feel like they can serve and share products that are satisfying and fun to eat even though they may be ingredient restricted. Taste Test Gluten free or not when it comes to food taste is obviously a big deal. As a manufacturer it s something that we are always considering said Lane. Making products that are gluten free but also have that nostalgic taste texture is very hard. Not to say it isn t possible The main thing we ve found is to maintain integrity in our products. Sure it would be easy to release and market a subpar product and have great success because it s gluten free. That s not how we operate though and there s a handful of other amazing companies our there doing the same thing. We only release a product once we are 100 per- Gluten-free Challenges One of the obstacles for gluten-free retailers and shoppers is clear There aren t a ton of gluten-free hors d oeuvres available said Phillips. These are things that would traditionally contain gluten. Finding safe hors d oeuvres at a party could pose a challenge. That s why Feel Good Foods fits such an important niche. However finding these products should get easier soon said Lane. Gluten-free options are more and more available in all forms as time goes on he noted. The hardest part we ve experienced eating a gluten-free diet is finding gluten-free options that are not only affordable but are also non-GMO and organic. A lot of companies are gluten free but they also use unhealthy GMO or artificial ingredients. To us it seems to defeat the purpose of making a gluten-free product if it s going to negatively impact your health in another way. Since there aren t too many choices another issue is that eating the same things becomes boring very fast noted Hougui. That experience becomes a reminder of all the foods they can t eat just making life that much harder. I ll never forget when we exhibited at our first Expo and we had a woman try the hotdogs in a blanket. She actually started crying and said it s been 15 years since I ve had this kind of food. We knew then Geefree would be able to really have a place in the gluten-free world and more cent sure it cannot be improved upon texture flavor wise. At TruSweets Cohen noted that it s important for manufacturers to test their products with consumers adding that that the company tests its products with many different consumers not just consumers on a gluten-free diet. In addition offering gluten-free options today is not enough said Phillips adding that the product needs to be held to the same caliber as foods with gluten. She noted that Feel Good Foods co-founder Tryg Siverson is a trained chef who has worked alongside some of the best chefs in New York. Every dish we bring to the public have foods he would personally eat. We like to say Feel Good Foods is Made By A Chef Approved By A Celiac she said. But taste can be tricky said Hougui. It is subjective so really in my opinion the creator of the recipes needs to have an advanced palate and also know what flavors people crave. Then the food has to go through production without losing any (Continued on page 12) Healthy Allergy-friendly Dessert T reats and desserts aren t off-limits when you re aiming for a healthy diet this festive season. Customers just have to choose carefully. Element Snacks offers all-natural dessert products that the whole family will enjoy and are available in dark chocolate milk chocolate strawberry yogurt and vanilla orange. Element achieves the ultimate balance between health and taste. Element Snacks are GMO- gluten- yeast- cholesterol- and BPA free use no corn syrup trans-fats or milk hormones and are made without preservatives or artificial flavors. The dark chocolate is also certified vegan and Non-GMO Project verified. For a classic Italian dessert that s perfect for the holidays Element Snacks offers their allergy-friendly version of panna cotta Instructions 1. Place coconut milk vanilla and sugar in saucepan 2. Heat until warm (not too hot) and add the gelatin 3. Take off the heat and mix until the gelatin is dissolved 4. Divide the warm milk in a few ramekins with the diameter similar to an Element rice cake for a large size or a small shot glass for a mini size. 5. Refrigerate until hard at least 4-5 hours 6. Release the panna cotta by dropping the bottom of the ramekins in warm water for 1-2 minutes then place a rice cake on top and turn upside down 7. Top with blueberries or raspberries and almonds or pistachios Ingredients 1 can full fat coconut milk cup sugar or maple syrup 1 package (1 4-oz.) gelatin powder preferably organic 1 pinch vanilla powder or teaspoon vanilla extract GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 9 WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards F or the second time Gluten Free Retailer (GFR) polled its retailer readers on their top-selling gluten-free products to compile its 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards. After all who is better qualified to determine the industry s best-selling products than the people who sell them The 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards represent a random sampling of retailers across the country polled earlier this year. With 18 categories the winners are based on the number of votes in each category. GFR would like to thank the retailers who supported the Best of Gluten Free Awards with their time and input and congratulate all the winning manufacturers. Product descriptions are provided by the manufacturers and do not reflect the viewpoint of GFR. Supplement Redd Remedies Throat Drops Redd Remedies Throat Drops are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) gluten free vegetarian contain pure essential oils and come in three delicious flavors Sweet Lemon Cherry and Cool Mint. Redd Remedies natural menthol vapors from pure essential oils of eucalyptus rosemary ravintsara spike lavender and pine give a full-spectrum menthol experience plus soothing herbs holy basil horehound mullein ginger and sage extracts provide further soothing effects. Safe for everyday use Redd Remedies Throat Drops are an important part of Redd s sinus product suite which includes Adult Sinus SinuZyme Children s Sinus Sinus Support Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser Lung Care and Lung Care Aromatherapy Travel Diffuser. Bread Roll Rudi s Multigrain Bread Rudi s Multigrain Bread s new recipe now boasts 7 g of filling fiber per slice. It has the soft and hearty goodness that you love along with all-natural ingredients making it perfect for sandwiches and cooking. Rudi s Multigrain Bread is hearty healthy gluten free and blissful. Rudi s bread is made with stuff you can pronounce and ingredients you recognize. Cake Pastry Udi s Gluten Free Muffins Whether it s breakfast snack-onthe-go or dessert Udi s has a muffin for every occasion. Available in several varieties (Blueberry Harvest Crunch Lemon Streusel Double Chocolate and Double Vanilla) with the great taste for which Udi s is known. Udi s muffins will satisfy all your cravings Beverage Reed s Culture Club Kombucha Reed s raw organic Kombucha uses the finest oolong and yerba mate teas and proprietary culture to create a delicious beverage of healthful beneficial enzymes probiotics and organic acids that detoxify energize and balance with nutrition your body craves. Candy Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears Lightly sugared and bursting with fresh fruit flavors including Cherry Grapefruit Grape Lemon Strawberry and Orange Surf Sweets Organic Fruity Bears are made with organic sweeteners organic fruit juice and include 100 percent of vitamin C per serving so you can feel great about your choice Surf Sweets are also made without artificial colors and flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified certified gluten free free from the 10 most common allergens (dairy casein eggs peanuts tree nuts wheat soy fish shellfish sesame and sulfites) are made in a nut-free facility and are also vegan. Breakfast Food Pamela s Baking and Pancake Mix Pamela s Baking & Pancake Mix not only makes delicious pancakes but bakes up everything from sweet muffins to savory pizza crusts. Made with quality ingredients and free of artificial additives this mix is a pantry staple for its versatility and ease of use. Frozen Meal Entr e Feel Good Foods Chicken Dumplings Cookie Tate s Bake Shop Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies Feel Good Foods uses free range all-natuA Tate s Bake Shop s signature the Chocolate ral chicken in its Chicken Dumplings. The Chip Cookies are thin crisp cookies that simchicken filling is packed with flavors of ply melt-in-your-mouth. Baked with rice flour cilantro garlic and ginger. Great as an Tate s Gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookies are appetizer Feel Good Foods Chicken Dumplings also make a manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility that processgreat meal es milk eggs soy and tree nuts. 10 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards Cracker Blue Diamond Almond Nut-Thins About Almond Nut Thins 130 calories for 16 crackers No added wheat gluten 3 grams of protein No cholesterol No saturated fat Low sodium The Nutritious Delicious Cracker Snack Blue Diamond Growers Co-op is 100 percent committed to customers health. The company s 3 200 grower members have been producing the finest quality almonds from the rich fertile valleys of California since 1910. Irresistible Snacking Nut Thins are a unique crispy and crunchy cracker loaded with delicious and nutritious almonds. They are the only crackers made with nuts and baked to perfection. Smart Eating Enjoy Nut Thins with your favorite cheeses dips and p t s or all by themselves as a tasty good-for-you snack. With 16 crackers per serving you can grab more than a handful Pasta Tinkyada Organic Brown Rice Pasta The top seller of Tinkyada s organic line is Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti. Tinkyada has been serving the gluten-free market since 1997. The company controls the entire production process from grinding of the rice to packaging and specializes in manufacturing pastas made from rice. Tinkyada does not make pastas or food from any other grain and is always aiming to be the best gluten-free and organic pasta for delivering Pasta-JOY to all--with good texture and taste. Pizza Amy s Cheese Pizza Rice Crust Amy s Gluten Free Rice Crust Cheese Pizza made with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce on a tender organic rice crust will surprise and delight those who do not tolerate wheat and anyone looking for a unique tasty treat. Chips Pretzels Glutino Pretzels Delicious gluten-free pretzel twists free of wheat gluten milk and casein Glutino pretzels are available in sticks twists sesame rings pretzel chips and honey mustard varieties in addition to chocolate covered and yogurt covered too Loved by fans of all ages they re a delicious snack lunch side dish or ingredient in sweet and savory dishes. Soup Amy s Organic Cream of Tomato Soup Made from organic sun-ripened tomatoes Amy s Organic Cream of Tomato Soup is slowly simmered to bring out the tomato s natural sweetness. Nutrition Bars KIND Bar Caramel Almond & Sea Salt A seemingly indulgent blend of savory seasalt and sweet caramel melted over crunchy almonds KIND Caramel Almond & Sea Salt bars are a delightfully low-sugar healthy snack that only tastes like dessert. Whether you re at the gym at the office or on-the-go you can do the KIND thing for your body and your taste buds. Side Dish Pereg Quinoa Side Dishes Pereg Natural Foods all-natural non-GMO verified and delicious quinoa mixes are pre-seasoned with vegetables herbs and spices. These blends are just as healthy as they are quick and easy to prepare--simply combine with water and boil for 15 minutes. Packaged Mix (flours baking mixes) Bob s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour is a blend of garbanzo bean flour potato starch whole grain white sorghum flour tapioca flour and fava bean flour. It s just the thing for those sensitive to gluten. The Gluten Free All-Purpose Baking Flour can replace wheat flour in a variety of recipes with the addition of xanthan gum or guar gum. One serving of 34 grams contains 3.5 grams of whole grains and 10 percent of the recommended daily serving of fiber. This flour can be made into delicious homemade baked goods such as cakes cookies breads and breakfast items such as muffins pancakes and waffles. Tips for use and a recipe for scrumptious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies are on the label. WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM Cosmetic HBA derma e Skin Hair and Nail Oil This all-in-one body treatment absorbs easily to provide anti-aging moisture and restore your natural glow from head-totoe. Composed of 100 percent pure plant oils (organic argan jojoba and kukui oil) this light nutrient-rich beauty oil replenishes moisture for anti-aging skin benefits. Silky moisture helps fortify hair boosting shine softness and taming frizz. Deeply conditions dry brittle nails and cuticles. Absorbs easily and penetrates deeply. derma e Skin Hair and Nail Oil is 100 percent vegan cruelty- paraben- sulfate- mineral oil- lanolin- glutenand GMO-free. GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 11 2015 Best of Gluten Free Awards Condiment Tessemae s Green Goddess Dressing Bow down to Green Goddess. Liven up your greens with Tessemae s Green Goddess dressing a modern twist on the classic packed with flavorful herbs fresh lemon juice and a little magic. Green Goddess Dressing is dairy- gluten- and sugar-free as well as vegan. CONGRATULATIONS to Anna Skitfun Vig s Health Food in Lewiston ID Anna was selected at random to win an iPod Shuffle 2GB for participating in the Best of Gluten Free Awards the Holidays (Continued from page 9) of the attributes. It s very difficult but can be done. Gluten Free for In-store Holidays Mastering gluten-free sales and merchandising may take some trial and error. According to Phillips gluten-free products do very well when they are in the natural section of the store and labeled as such. Having a shelf tag under the products that reads gluten free also helps market the products. Lane noted that the stores with the most success are marketing their glutenfree options in a dedicated section of an aisle. People have trouble finding gluten-free products when they re all mixed together with regular products If they are going to be mixed together having shelf talkers tags indicating which products are gluten free really helps them stick out to the consumer. But candy is oftentimes an impulse purchase. It s important for retailers to merchandise candy in a way that makes it easily available in store especially during the candy holidays (Halloween Christmas Valentine s Day and Easter). In addition we feel it s important for retailers to call out their better-for-you candy either by putting it into a set within a set or clustering it with signage. Of course demos are another option said Hougui as well as educating the staff everyone should try a sample so when they are asked questions they can speak from experience. GFR ForMoreInformation Element Snacks Feel Good Foods (718) 499-2242 Geefree (845) 323-8749 Organic Matters (641) 451-7477 TruSweets (224) 676-1070 12 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS 1995 Branch Out and Join VRM Media s 20 Y ars Celebratingellence e of Exc 2015 Spring (GF Bonus) 1 28 16 ad closing Natural Products Expo West Issue Our 2016 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2016-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP NEW GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS Cherry Vanilla Pecan Granola BRATTLEBORO VT--True North Granola released a new certified gluten-free granola bar made with rolled oats pepita seeds sunflower seeds pecan pieces and halves Montmorency cherry infused with apple juice raw coconut chips brown sugar golden flax seeds pure maple syrup expeller-pressed canola oil pure vanilla extract cinnamon sea salt and cloves. A 12oz. bag retails for 9.25 but other sizes are also available 2.9-oz. snack-pack and 3- 5- and 10-lb. bulk bags. The company aims to use the highest-quality natural or organic ingredients and Vermont-made when possible. For more information call (802) 272-0798 or visit Peppermint Treats WHEELING IL--TruJoy Sweets has released two new candies Organic Candy Canes and Organic Peppermint Choco Chews. The organic candy canes are an all-natural peppermint flavor sweetened and colored with organic apple juice organic black currant and organic black carrot juice. They are also peanut free and come in packages of 10 candy canes (MSRP 3.99). The Organic Peppermint Choco Chews are a mix of dark chocolate and peppermint. They come in an 8-oz. package with an MSRP of 6.79. Both products are Non-GMO Project Verified gluten free vegan and kosher. For more information call (224) 676-1070 or visit Gourmet Ketchup HILLSBORO OR--Inglehoffer Gourmet is a natural extension of the Inglehoffer brand which includes nearly 40 mustards horseradish tartar and cocktail sauces as well as other specialty condiments. The Inglehoffer Gourmet Ketchup offers a rich tomato flavor. It is made with all-natural ingredients and is certified gluten free. Each 10-oz. squeeze bottle has a MSRP of 3.59. For more information call (503) 646-8138 or visit Quinoa Pops Cereal CLIFTON NJ--Pereg s Quinoa Pops Cereal is made from whole grain quinoa that is popped under high pressure and a bit of heat. Each one-half cup serving contains less than 8 g of sugar 100 calories 1 g of fat 1 g of dietary fiber and 1 g of protein. It is GMO- and gluten free and available in vanilla strawberry chocolate and original (MSRP 5.99 2.46-oz. box). According to the company the original flavor is sugar free. For more information call (718) 261-6767 or visit Kinder Love Sea Snacks LOS ANGELES CA--SeaSnax is an original vegan glutenfree non-GMO Project Verified seaweed snack that is lightly roasted using organic seaweed 100 percent organic extra virgin olive oil and just a pinch of sea salt. The new flavors include lime barbecue and jalapeno joining the original flavors of classic roasted onion chipotle and wasabi. There are no artificial colors flavors or preservatives and it comes in an .18-oz. bag (MSRP 3.99). For more information call (310) 882-5503 or visit LYNDEN WA--Salus Haus released a new vegetarian liquid vitamin formula that does not need to be broken down by the body before the active ingredients can be released and absorbed like a tablet or chewable multivitamin. This gluten-free product provides enhanced bone support since the formula is iron free to ensure maximum absorption of calcium and contains essential nutrients to help build strong bones the company stated. Kinder Love is made with grape apple apricot pineapple passionfruit and lemon juice. It is free of additives preservatives lead pesticide residue and radiation. It is dairy- lactose- alcohol- GMOand gluten free. Kinder Love is also packaged in environmentally friendly 8.5-oz. glass bottles (MSRP 24.49). For more information call (800) 436-6697 or visit Primal Jerky CHARLESTON SC--The New Primal makes inspired adventure products with recognizable ingredients like they company s new jerky. The three flavors are Grass-Fed Beef Jerky Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Jerky and FreeRange Turkey Jerky. All The New Primal meat snacks are gluten free non-GMO hormone- antibiotic- and soy free Paleo friendly and made from 100 percent free-range grass-fed beef and turkey. The jerky flavors come in 2-oz. packs (MSRP 7.59). For more information call (866) 723-1386 or visit 14 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 FreshKids HUME VA--FreshKids has released two new products to its line Clean & Simple Popcorn and White Cheddar Puffs. Clean & Simple Popcorn is airpopped and lightly tossed with expeller-pressed sunflower oil and sea salt. Each 4-oz. bag has a suggested retail price of 2.99. White Cheddar Puffs are puffs of corn and rice dusted with white cheddar cheese and comes in a 4-oz. bag (MSRP 3.99). Both products are gluten free non-GMO and made in a nut-free facility. The White Cheddar Puffs are kosher dairy while the Clean & Simple Popcorn is kosher. For more information call (844) 377-4537 or visit GLUTEN-FREE & ALLERGY-FRIENDLY BONUS Upcoming 2016 Bonus Section Highlights March 1 28 16 ad closing Holiday Snacks MINNEAPOLIS MN--Live Better Brands has released its holiday line of tortilla chips. Each 5.5-oz. bag is certified gluten free and has a suggested retail price of 3.99. They come in four flavors Oh My Sweet Punkin Cranberry (limited edition) dried cranberries dot each chip baked into a base of savory pumpkin sprouted flax seed and quinoa with a little bit of sea salt Oh Snap Ginger Snap (limited edition) crystallized ginger pieces are baked in with a blend of sprouted flax seed chia seed and quinoa with a hint of molasses and warm spices. Ginger-Kissed Sweet Potato made with sweet potato sprouted flax seed and quinoa infused with ginger and Everything Nice Apple Cinnamon Spice (limited edition) made with real apples and sprouted flax seed quinoa and chia seed with molasses and spices. For more information call (651) 789-1275 or visit State of the Industry June 5 3 16 ad closing Gluten and Food Allergy Myths and Facts Sept. 8 4 16 ad closing Reading Labels on Gluten-free & Allergy Friendly Products Nov. 10 4 16 ad closing Helping Customers Set Up a Gluten-free Friendly Kitchen Instant Oatmeal EAST HARTFORD CT--Made with gluten-free oats chia flax amaranth and quinoa Bakery On Main introduced a new variety pack to its lineup of Instant Oatmeal. The new variety pack features two bags each of Maple Multigrain Muffin Strawberry Shortcake and Apple Pie. Each single serve packet is 1.75-oz. The entire line is gluten free Non-GMO Project Verified free of trans fat cholesterol dairy casein artificial flavors and preservatives low in sodium and saturated fat made in the U.S. and OU Kosher. The MSRP for the 10.5-oz. box is 5.99. Other flavors sold separately include Blueberry Scone Carrot Cake and Traditional. For more information call (860) 895-6622 or visit WINTER 2015 WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM Our 2016 Media Planner Is Now Available At 2016-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or e-Mail GaryP GLUTEN FREE RETAILER 15 NEW GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS Falafel Chips DUARTE CA--The World s First Falafel Chip is a unique recipe of more than 21 herbs vegetables spices and legumes. According to the company Flamous the chips are a good source of protein and fiber and are extremely rich in antioxidants. They are 100 percent USDA organic non-GMO verified and are certified gluten free vegan and kosher. The company spiced up their chips with its newest flavor Spicy Falafel Chips which have the same ingredients certifications and nutritional value with the addition of heat from the cayenne pepper. Each bag is 8-oz. with a suggested retail price of 5.99. For more information call (626) 551-3201 or visit Protein Snacks LOS ANGELES CA--The newest additions to the thinkThin protein bars are thinkThin Protein Bites and thinkThin Protein Nut Bites. Both products are gluten free non-GMO and come in 4.5-oz. pouches (MSRP 5.49) in a pack of three or a pack of six. thinkThin Protein Bites are available in three flavors Salted Caramel Peanut Butter and Chocolate Almond Brownie. Each serving has 10 g of protein 5 g of fiber and less than 200 calories. thinkThin Protein Nut Bites are available in two flavors White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate. The bites are full of almonds peanuts and pumpkin seeds with 9 g of protein 3 g of fiber and are less than 200 calories. For more information call (866) 988-4465 or visit Darcy s Delish ANN ARBOR MI--Among Friends LLC has released its eighth baking mix with Callebaut chocolate chips. Made with oat flour and packed with fiber and protein this is a new take on an American Classic. This baking mix is handcrafted easy to prepare and offers both taste and nutrition the company stated. The mix is offered in a 12-oz. bag for a suggested retail price of 5.99 and is made with non-GMO ingredients. For more information call (651) 789-1275 or visit Artisan Baker Bread LYNDHURST NJ--Sch r has introduced a new style of Artisan Baker loaves. Crafted in Europe by master bakers ingredients include agave syrup buckwheat sunflower seeds and ancient grains. The loaves are 100 percent gluten free and are available in two flavors Artisan Baker White Bread and Artisan Baker Multigrain Bread. Each 14.1-oz. loaf has a suggested retail price of 5.49. For more information call (201) 3558470 or visit Handmade Caramels KELLOGG MN--Annie B s Popcorn and Caramels has released its Handmade Chocolate Caramel Collection made with real cocoa. The flavors include Chocolate Caramel Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate Raspberry Caramel. These new flavors have a deeper chocolate flavor that closely resembles dark chocolate. The company uses natural locally sourced ingredients and offers a completely gluten-free product line. The caramels are slow cooked in copper kettles through small-batch cooking. The chocolate caramels are available in 120-ct. cases (MSRP 59.99) 10piece bags or boxes (MSRP 5.00) and 16-piece boxes (MSRP 8.00). Annie B s also features a 45 assorted caramel tin which includes 15 pieces of each of the chocolate flavors for 30.00. For more information call (800) 328-5598 or visit ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER PAGE PHONE WEB Eden Foods Essential Formulas Frey Vineyards Living Now 16 GLUTEN FREE RETAILER C2 C3 5 C4 (888) 424-3336 (972) 255-3918 (800) 760-3739 (888) 669-3663 edenfoods essentialformulas frey livingnow WWW.GLUTENFREERETAILER.COM WINTER 2015 Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser Go to livingnow for info about this advertiser