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WDM October 2015 Claire Power Murphy Health Education and Nonprofit Director of Self Rejuvenation Center President Director of Claire Power Murphy Foundation 1 Newberry FL Women of Distinction Gifts are in abundance to grow and to share what would be the world if nobody cared Apparently circumstances around the world are changing and that drives the need for us to change as well. The need for more compassion tolerance and the ability to reach out to our neighbors is key. Inderpreet Kaur Kalra Consulting - Business Systems Analyst Nonprofit Organizations - Juvenile Center Immigrant Welcome Center features WDM 12 22 Sonya Fe Art (Painter Illustrator Muralist and Teacher) Visual Artist - Sonya Fe Studios Sacramento CA Health Education and Nonprofit Director of Self Rejuvenation Center President Director of Claire Power Murphy Foundation Newberry FL Healthcare Manage Care Manager II Anthem Inc. AGP Houston TX Claire Power Murphy 35 42 Calandra Alfred-Reeves Consulting - Business Systems Analyst Nonprofit Organizations - Juvenile Center Immigrant Welcome Center Indianapolis IN Psychotherapy - Mental Health Counseling Psychotherapist Takisha A. Booker LPC PLLC in Fayetteville NC Fayetteville NC Inderpreet Kaur Kalra 51 Takisha Anderson Booker Mary Otto Human Resources Chicago IL 4 Women of Distinction M Whatever you are be a good one. ary Otto has been cultivating the basic foundations for a career in human resources since the age of 17 in various supervisory roles where she managed employees processed payroll created and delivered training participated in recruitment efforts and led events in corporate responsibility. By 2007 Mary managed a Pump It Up children s party franchise and was responsible for employee relations recruitment performance management teambuilding and compliance. When she applied as a cashier at Target in 2009 to supplement her income the interviewer immediately saw her ability to do more and pushed Mary through to management level interviews. In 2015 Mary had two major career accomplishments. She was the recipient of the Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in HR (sponsored jointly by SHRM the SHRM Foundation and the HR Certification Institute) awarded annually to support those who want to leverage significant past contributions to the HR management field and plan to continue contributing to the profession by earning a master s degree in HR ( Mary is now working on her Master of Science in Human Resources Management from Lasell College (Newton MA). She was also selected as a 2015 2016 Woman of the Year in Human Resources by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW). Within the business world Mary has found that her strengths in communication and technology have made a substantial contribution to her success. And her Bachelor of Arts in English has prepared her for ongoing effective verbal and written communication that has been helpful in her career by allowing her to create exceptional documentation presentations policies training and internal employee communications. Before I knew it Target hired me as an Executive Team Lead Human Resources and I found my career path in HR. Today Mary is a senior management level Human Resources professional. She develops and implements total rewards and compensation programs for employees drives performance management employee relations and compliance and improves processes to streamline workflows involving employees. Plus she drives equal employment opportunities through the creation implementation and maintenance of affirmative action. Additionally Mary participates in risk management addressing the potential liability of different actions based on employment and safety legislation. Her passion for HR mainly stems from her ability to support businesses most important asset its people. Being in a leadership position in HR allows me to make an impact on the working environment for many. In addition I contribute to the company regularly by maintaining compliance and helping reach best of both worlds solutions that work for the company and its employees. HR is customer service with internal customers whose daily lives can be improved by the efforts of my service. Mary holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification from the HR Certification Institute a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) certification from Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and Cultural Transition certification from Partners in Leadership. She is also a member of SHRM and Human Capital Institute. 5 Women of Distinction An alliance with technology has become absolutely essential in today s business world. As we move to a smaller world with companies becoming more global software and hardware allow for collaboration across time zones and cultures. Advances in technology have impacted all fields and industries including Human Resources. In HR the right tool designed the right way and implemented correctly allows us to doff the identity of administrator focusing instead on our strategic contribution to the organization. With the right technology HR can increase their value by becoming a true business partner creating programs in retention engagement and development. Mary spends most of her free time with her husband Ryan and her newborn son Henry (born March 2015). Mary and Ryan were married in April 2014 and own a house in the far west suburbs of Chicago. We often go to the zoo or a museum visit with my parents or in-laws take road trips and anything else that is a new or fun experience. The rest of her free time is spent enjoying literature film video games genealogy scrapbooking photography traveling history and going to museums the zoo and the arboretum. Mary s goal is to encourage others to reach for success by thriving through in spite of any challenges. Most likely a hundred or maybe even a thousand obstacles will constantly try to hold a person back I am certainly no exception to that. I ve had my share of adversity personally and professionally. I m no stranger to loss heartbreak illness discrimination financial hardship etc. but I hope to show others that it s possible to clear these hurdles and lead the race. There will always be people around to support you and help you reach your goals even if you can t see that they re doing so. Today I m on the path to my career and personal goals. While I m certain that more obstacles lie ahead I have the confidence that I ll find the strength to use them as my next great learning experience. 6 Women of Distinction 7 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What are some assumptions about HR that you would like to clear up A I have heard many of these We have been called evil (one of my favorite blogs is Suzanne Lucas s but there really are motivations for the way things are done. It always makes me a bit sad when I approach an employee and they think it s a termination. I have also been called a paper-pusher. This one infuriates me because I loathe paperwork and focus on innovation process improvement and strategic planning. And the worst is just a pretty face to sell the company . That one is just embarrassing. Q What does HR add to the company A HR has many facets Employment Law Compliance Compensation and Benefits Diversity Employee Relations Risk Management including Safety and Security Ethics Corporate Responsibility Staffing Retention Employee Engagement Talent Management Business Strategy etc. Overall though our role is to provide insight and advice to the business regarding its employees and compliance to employment legislation. Q What kind of career path is there in Human Resources A One of the great things about HR is that there are numerous career paths. Someone who works as a generalist as I have can have a broad knowledge and manage the various bodies of knowledge within HR. Generalists with leadership qualities are often managers directors vice presidents etc. in HR departments. However many HR professionals choose to focus on one facet with great detail and precision. There are full career paths in Employee & Labor Relations Compensation & Benefits Talent Management Talent Acquisition Recruitment Organizational Development Training Communications etc. Some larger companies even have C-level HR officers. Q How do you balance professional and personal success A The two main things that have given me the ability to balance these are the right support system and honesty. My husband supports my career goals and encourages me to be the best version of myself possible. He takes up the extra work with our son when I need to dedicate the necessary time to my career including travel training courses studying etc. He helps by running errands and doing housework. Without him the balance would be impossible. At the same time being honest with the people around me gives me the opportunity for help when I need it. If I am overwhelmed at work or at home I speak up to my boss husband or anyone else who may be able to help me. 8 Women of Distinction Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson President and Chief Executive Ofiicer of Self-Care Restorative Solutions LLC Gahanna OH G rowing up the youngest of six children Theresa Cloud Eagle Nelson and her family lived a very natural life. She knew as a teenager that she wanted to be of service to others so as an adult it was easy for her to continue a holistic way of living and learn how to teach others about it. In 1984 Theresa began attending groups seminars and classes for self-development. She also attended Franklin University and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 1988 making her the first college graduate in her family. From 1984 until 2007 Theresa was heavily involved in the holistic community (as a participant and teaching practitioner) and became licensed and certified in many modalities. Because my practice was always focused on the total well-being of the individual I began teaching on those principles that would motivate and inspire others to live a more responsible healthier and purposeful lifestyle. Ayurvedic aromatherapy became one of her major concentrations as it helps to support those individuals seeking balance in a total way. Thus Theresa founded Divine Essentials in 2003 a line of hand-crafted naturally therapeutic aromatherapy products that nurtured and pampered her clients as they worked toward the desired outcome of a less stressed life. Theresa eventually closed her practice and founded SelfCare Restorative Solutions LLC (Certified Minority Business Enterprise and National Minority Business Company) which encompasses writing speaking coaching and aromatherapy. The brand was slightly revamped recently to target specific professionals who have high levels of stress. With the personal growth and the knowledge I obtained I saw the importance of people reclaiming their personal power and wanted to help in some way. This was also during a time when wholistic therapies were attempting to be understood by mainstream society. As a result Theresa founded created and published an inspirational and wholistic magazine called Pattern Pieces with the mission to build a bridge of understanding between religious ideas acknowledging the similarities not the differences. The magazine featured articles that explained various holistic modalities interviewed leaders and shared details on each major world religion showcased syndicated columns from people such as Dr. Wayne Dyer Louise Hay James Twyman and Nick Bunick and included a children s section calendar directory and various other features. It inspired people such that through word of mouth we expanded distribution to points around the world. I continued producing the magazine until the end 2001. 9 Women of Distinction She even wrote and published the following books The Chakras The Twelve Mind Powers of Man and Revelations for the Healer & Counselor (2003) Tools for Effective Living Guide for a Purpose Filled Life with Action Steps (2011) Nurture Your Soul The Importance of Self-Care for Caregivers with Action Steps (2012) Nurture Your Soul The Importance of Self-Care for the Caregiver Workbook (2014) Think on These Things Affirmations to Keep You Motivated and Balanced (2015) Theresa has been married to her high school sweetheart for 46 years and has two adult children four grandchildren and two grand-dogs. From a holistic perspective I focus on teaching The Soul Success SystemTM to hospice professionals and entrepreneurs for their maximum life success. Their lives are dedicated to positions where highly stressful situations are the norm. Women (particularly) don t take time to care for themselves because they are tending to others. I know of nurses who believe that s what their life is supposed to be constantly ignoring their own needs because it s their job to take care of others. They know what to do but often fail to use what they know to reduce stress. That means we (my clients and I) create a plan of action that will bring the most stress relief and personal satisfaction for the outcomes they desire. My clients have achieved much success as a result of learning to apply the tools I give them to better balance their lives. I love to see people overcome breaking down and breaking through barriers to their desired outcomes. As the sole owner of the company Theresa wears every hat imaginable. She is the president CEO Soul Success StrategistTM author and coach for the ongoing operations office administrator bookkeeper receptionist publisher marketer creator of ideas sales representative etc. Theresa was also part of a team of trailblazers in Central Ohio who organized and presented a Holistic Living Exhibition to the community serving as a volunteer on the committee for seven years. It is now one of the largest holistic expos in the U.S. and held its 26th event this past October. Additionally Theresa has given a number of conferences for caregivers titled Nurture Your Soul Caregivers Conference as well as Self-Care Conferences in Ohio and Pennsylvania. My life has turned out so different and better than I could have imagined particularly being a teenage mother and wife. Understanding and using the power that I hold as a child of the Creator God empowered me to redirect many challenges and keep stress at a minimum. My holistic business wasn t something planned. It just happened and evolved as a part of my experiences. Walking this path has given me the determination power and expertise to successfully share with others because of the benefits I have experienced. When I look back on my life to this point I have achieved so much more than I thought possible. It is so beneficial to embrace your innate abilities with confidence. This enables you to successfully achieve and reach goals you didn t know you wanted. 10 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel your industry is having a hard time being accepted A A few decades ago traditional medicine seemed skeptical of holistic or integrative therapies. But holistic or integrative therapies get to the root of the cause and treat the symptoms. Now our society as a whole has become more comfortable with this industry understanding that both are needed and can work in conjunction depending on the medical issue the individual is facing. Q Why do you feel your business is relevant in today s world A Our society is a me now high stress society that looks at resting or rejuvenating as laziness. Quite the opposite to those in the east. We need to relearn the benefits and the importance of taking care of ourselves in a total way. Q How does one become a Soul Success StrategistTM A This is a title I chose for the niche I created strategize to help people lessen stress increase energy increase mental clarity and enhance physical longevity all working in harmony to create a life that will maximize their soul success. Q What made you get involved with your market A I observed how friends family and others in my environment were not taking care of themselves and it was taking a toll on their physical mental and emotional health. They had excuses for not taking time for themselves not caring about or knowing the dangers of their actions. Q Why do you think people need to reclaim their personal power A We submit to the needs of others out of obligation sympathy enabling etc. with our time energy and emotions. Being able to set healthy boundaries gives a sense of empowerment realizing it s okay to say no. Q How does stress affect the role of hospice professionals and business people A Stress robs a person of their energy and therefore their health. Our clients are always pulling our vitality to them as we freely give of our time and talents. Therefore when one does not know how to refresh their body by re-energizing it that energy depletion begins to express as imbalances in health. Q Why is it important for professionals to take care of themselves A To have the energy and longevity that will enable them to continue doing what they love to do for others realize their innate power and live a less stressed happy and balanced life. Q What is an area of focus in The Soul Success SystemTM A One area that we focus on is the power that our thoughts and words have on manifesting the positive outcomes we desire. This is an extremely important area and people don t realize the intense impact it has on what shows up in their life. Q Why did you decide to write the books you have written A Caregivers are a forgotten segment of the population. Many people don t realize that the activities they are doing have various aspects of caregiving in them. After researching on the available help in the market I found there was very little that bought practical applications into the mix giving not only what to do but how to do it. Q How do your natural products from Divine Essentials fit into your business A My natural products are a divine inspiration to assist in the rejuvenation process for my clients. I wanted the benefits to continue at home after having breakthroughs in the office. The therapeutic aromatherapy products help with the nurturing and pampering process for my clients and customers. 11 Women of Distinction Sonya Fe Art (Painter Illustrator Muralist and Teacher) Visual Artist - Sonya Fe Studios Sacramento CA 12 Women of Distinction S onya Fe was one of eight children born to a JewishAmerican mother and a Mexican-American father in a memorable East Los Angeles neighborhood known as Dogtown . Her gift as an artist became apparent early in life. One could even say that she was born with a paintbrush in each hand and the ability to draw with either hand as she learned to draw before she could walk and talk. When she was in preschool her mother encouraged her to draw on the cement floors of their home. Sonya created a new drawing in chalk or crayon for family amusement and every night her masterpiece would get mopped clean (much like Picasso on the beach). Her father also took her on outings where she drew trees people buildings and animals. Her formal education later came from Los Angeles City College (LACC) where she began to receive commissions for her artwork from 1970 to 1972 and earned an Associate of Arts degree as well as from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena California where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art. The Art Center taught me technique how to mix colors and how to work as an artist but it did not teach me how to paint. I learned to paint by experimenting with the paint but I wasn t concerned about the final product. My mission was to learn the tools of my craft and how to convey my thoughts and feelings as best I could to express them on each painting. However getting her work out to be seen by galleries and collectors was a challenge at times but Sonya believes that if you enjoy what you do you have to be willing to experience failure. I go back now and wish I could still live there. Sometimes it was predominantly black sometimes Latino. It took turns but I loved it the people were unique. That environment allowed me to develop my art and a sense of humor. She also found great inspiration in Beethoven and Jim Thorpe. Beethoven was deaf but that handicap didn t stop him from creating the world s most beautiful music. And as a Native American Jim Thorpe had many obstacles to overcome in order to become the greatest athlete of his time. Though at times it may be difficult always believe in yourself. After becoming an established artist Sonya published children stories and a drawing book You Can Draw Too for helping students illustrate their own storybooks. She is also the co-founder of Publishing Children s Stories an intervention program integrating literacy art and technology for elementary schools. In 1998 Sonya Fe received the National Artist Award from the California State Senate and her art has enjoyed a considerable amount of popularity in Hispanic-American movement. Every generation has their artists whose paintings capture the history of the times our times has Sonya Fe. The subject matter in her art evolves our culture from the inequities of gender and racial bias to a renaissance of human thought and global community. Sonya s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries all over California across the United States Japan and Mexico for over 30 years. She has an art exhibit Brushes of Fire at the Temporary Gallery in Sacramento CA. Her work can also be found in numerous private and public collections CCR Pounder and Cheech Mar n and Smithsonian Institute. And along with other muralists Sonya Fe was commissioned to assist with the restoration of the Great Wall of Los Angeles. Popular art magazines such as Forbe s Sunstorm Magazine Sacramento Magazine and Sixteen Sixteen Magazine have documented Sonya s artwork. The nature of Sonya s work has always been a biographical depiction of her own life encounters. As an artist she has chosen her subject matter to be the plight of women and children. Sonya used her artist talents to excel in school. At the age of 13 she won her first art scholarship to attend a summer program at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles CA. 14 Women of Distinction I feel there is a need for these to be seen by the public and for all those who have been through hell and back but have no means to express themselves. They will look and breathe a sigh of relief. Gary D. Keller had this to say about her work in Contemporary Chicana Chicano Art Artists Works Culture and Education a two-volume book that covers the artistic production and biographies of nearly 200 individual artists from across the United States as well as Chicano a artists residing in Mexico and elsewhere Looking at the actual canvas one is struck by the unexpected beauty of the paint application itself. Every part of the surface is luminous even the browns and the blacks of the shadows. When the artist facets a form in the tradition of Cezanne or Picasso she is describing not merely planes but also the effect of light on them. Sometimes her form is volumetric and transparent at the same time a technical tour de force which any painter is obliged to respect. The images seem to glow with inner radiance. Indeed the whole picture seems to be a collage of transparent tissues. Fellow Visual Artist David Callahan described Sonya s work as such Her work has also been recognized by the grants and awards she s received over the years 2014 and 2015 Recipient for the Lucile Packard Children Hospital Grant 2006 Recipient of the James Irvine Foundation Fund 2005 California Association for Bilingual Education Artist 2005 California Arts Day Rich Diaz California Arts Council 2004 - 2007 Recipient of the Humboldt Arts Foundation Fund 2002 - 2004 CAC Artist in Residence Hoopa CA 1998 National Artist Award California State Senate Sonya is married to Arturo Vasquez a storyteller who has worked in education and as an author of children s books. Together they founded Children Teaching Children (a literacy program for children) while he was Superintendent for the Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District. They also have a son Dante Cervantes who has worked as an art director for NBCUniversal Mun2 and was a winner of the 2014 PromaxBDA Gold Award. She is an exuberant person with a big personality and has amused television and radio audiences with her quite sense of humor and zest for life. Upon admiring Sonya s paintings one reaches the conclusion that certain truths are held to be self-evident and it is self-evident that she is a gifted artist. I am a prolific artist and at age 63 I m not slowing down. I have a tremendous amount of energy and produce good quality artwork at a fast pace. I will not stop painting until the end of my life. Forgive me for dragging in theory. Tom Wolfe wouldn t like me doing that but I think a good way to understand your work is to say that it proceeds from the interior to the exterior of the subject matter. Regardless of whether one paints from the inside out or the outside in the work must have an exterior life as well as an interior life. Yours does. It s beautiful. It feels authentic and not contrived or self-conscious as if illustrating a theory. I look forward to seeing it. 15 Women of Distinction Arsella M. Burton DHA MBA Consulting Partner Burton Scott Consulting Brooklyn NY U S Air Force Veteran Arsella Burton wants the world to know that no matter what obstacles you are facing in life you as an individual must define them rather than letting them define you. In other words all things are possible even when life is not that kind to you. Arsella is legally blind but she has never lost sight of trying to make the best of every situation and trying her hardest to make an impact on the lives of others. Entering into the healthcare arena in 1995 Arsella later realized it was a field she wanted to remain in for the rest of her career. After meeting Anne Filazzola whom at the time was her director of provider relations Anne believed in Arsella and made her feel that the impossible was always possible. By 2007 Arsella had discovered her niche in managed care. The specifics around this particular type of work fascinated her challenged her and constantly inspired her to want to learn more. Desiring to become a subject matter expert in the areas of Managed Long Term Care Fully Integrated Dual Advantage Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment and Health and Recovery Pans Arsella has come a long way and her enthusiasm for the business continues to reach new heights. Since 2010 Arsella has become Partner of Burton Scott Consulting in Brooklyn New York a company that negotiates Managed Care Contracts Claim Reconciliation Grant Writing and the completion of Certificates of Needs Applications (Providers) and Network Development (Managed Care Organizations). Arsella specifically handles the marketing of new business research of potential grant opportunities and preparation of grants. Meanwhile the activities that help her company function as a whole is the contract negotiation that takes place with each Managed Care Organization and provider by increasing the revenue stream for the clientele and providing residual income for the business. As a woman of color Arsella had a difficult time getting promoted in her specialty of operations. Because it s such a male dominated field being a woman in healthcare requires that you work much harder and have a graduate degree just to get recognition. By staying humble never losing sight of herself and remaining hungry she knows that she ll never lose her edge every again. I always felt that because I was a shining star at a fortune 500 Managed Care Company I d become a manager but I was often passed up for promotions. I later found out I was too comfortable with management and lost my competitive edge Arsella said. As a business owner it s important to stay abreast of your specific industry and to network. As a member of National Contract Management Association National Association of Professional Women and International Women s Association Arsella is ahead of the game. Also a huge advocate for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America a volunteer with New York Road Runners Club Wounded Warriors and Lighthouse community involvement is equally important to her. 16 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Healthcare is the number one concern of most consumers access to care has never been as accessible but yet there is a shortage of primary care providers. This is due to regulatory requirements expense of technology and safe guards as well as negotiating with managed care companies. Most physicians got into health care to serve the patient not to be a business manager. Burton-Scott Consulting takes the burden from the provider and allows them to focus on the health of the patient. Q How does your company help your clients improve quality and lower cost A Our Company looks at our client s policy and procedures and makes recommendations on process flow to increase efficiency productivity and financial stability. We compare Best Practices with current market trends by analyzing our client s long term and short term goals. We utilize customer satisfaction survey to keep the clientele connected to consumers that are served. Q How do you think you can expand your company A We expand our company by networking and marketing in and outside of our niche target market of Skilled Nursing Facilities. We can use platforms like professional recognition as a way to highlight our contributions to Managed Care and the community. Our company has a great deal of good will within the industry and we believe the old adage Much is given much is expected we will continue to teach procedural process of managed care contracting with young eager recruits. Q What are the short- and long-term goals of your business A Burton Scott Consulting short term goal is to have income of over 1million in a year. Long term goal is to be the premier consulting company for skilled nursing home facility in the entire East Coast. Q How do you think you will obtain these goals A Burton Scott is embarking on a marketing blitz targeting all skilled nursing facilities in the tristate area to reach the short term goal. Long term we are putting together a portfolio of all are accomplishments and research health care initiatives in other states. We are familiarizing ourselves with the laws and programming requirements. Q Why would a client seek Burton-Scott s assistance with their managed care needs A Simple answer is that Arsella Burton the founding partner is known in the Managed Care industry as a subject matter expert especially in contract negotiation and health care policy and procedures. It s been said by many clients and colleagues that Burton-Scott Consulting is fair in pricing and will get the job done by any means necessary as long as it is ethical. 17 Women of Distinction Kathleen Ann Sternas PhD RN Nursing Education - Community Health Nursing Associate Professor - Seton Hall University College of Nursing South Orange NJ 18 Women of Distinction F or the last 39 years Kathleen Ann Sternas has maintained a strong enthusiasm for nursing. Nursing is a great career because it prepares and teaches you how to care for others at different stages of life. For example in pediatric nursing you learn about the normal growth and development of children as well as common health problems of children which will help you care for your own children. Each day brings new challenges and experiences. It s very rewarding to care for patients clients and help them to return to health or aim for optimal health and well-being. As a nursing professor at Seton Hall University Kathleen teaches theory and clinical nursing courses and does scholarship which includes conducting research writing scholarly papers and giving papers at professional local national and international conferences in her areas of expertise. She mentors undergraduate and graduate students on their scholarship independent study projects and dissertation research and also serves on committees in the college university and the community. This led to a Master of Science in Nursing with a focus on community health nursing and adult health nursing from Pennsylvania State University in 1980. Here she learned skills for how to assess the needs problems and strengths of communities develop implement and evaluate interventions to meet community needs and address public health problems like violence substance abuse homelessness disasters and care for high risk and vulnerable populations. Kathleen also learned about the importance of partnerships and teamwork in preventing and managing community problems and how to access resources to help community members. Through this educational experience I discovered my love for community health nursing and nursing research. She went on to study for her Ph.D. at Case Western Reserve University. During her doctoral studies Kathleen worked as a research assistant and developed a passion for nursing research and teaching through experiences with her professors and mentors. One of my mentors Dr. Joyce Fitzpatrick encouraged me to apply for a National Research Service Award Nurse Fellowship Public Health Service grant. Through her guidance I received the fellowship for my doctoral studies and completed my PhD in Nursing Science in 1984. Dr. Sternas has been a nurse educator at several esteemed universities including University of Wisconsin Madison WI Rutgers - The State University of New Jersey Newark NJ Georgetown University Washington D.C and Seton Hall University South Orange NJ. Gaining new knowledge has motivated Kathleen to remain in the field of nursing. There are so many options in the field of nursing making it possible for you to work in different areas of nursing with some additional education or training. You can work in a variety of settings like hospitals home care schools rehabilitation centers prisons physicians offices nursing homes or in different specialties like medical-surgical nursing critical care emergency room nursing pediatric nursing maternal-child nursing adult nursing gerontological nursing psychiatric nursing travel nursing and community health nursing. After you achieve your Bachelor of Science in Nursing you can study for an advanced practice degree in nursing such as a Master of Science in Nursing Administration or a nurse practitioner degree in pediatric nursing women s health adult health geriatric health or psychiatric nursing. If you have a degree in another field you can become a nurse through a second degree program like the Clinical Nurse Leader program. You can pursue other advanced degrees like a DNP (Doctorate in Nursing Practice) an Ed.D. (Doctorate in Nursing Education) or a Ph.D. (Doctorate in Nursing Science). You will gain knowledge and skills to care for people who are ill learn how to promote health and prevent disease teach and do nursing research. I enjoy teaching both the art and the science of nursing. It s an honor to be a faculty member at Seton Hall University and have opportunities to share with students what I ve learned throughout my career. Seton Hall University prides itself in producing global servant leaders and promotes study abroad experiences for students. Kathleen has had leadership in creating and implementing urban and rural study abroad community health nursing experiences with colleagues. I ve traveled four times with nursing students to the Philippines to mentor students and new faculty who participate in this study abroad experience. Another study abroad community health nursing experience to the Philippines has been scheduled for 2016 where my colleague and I will mentor undergraduate nursing students. New health care experiences and travel to an additional island Palawan have been arranged as well. Kathleen earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1976. As a new graduate she was ambitious and wanted to explore all types of nursing. I started off working as a medical-surgical nurse at a hospital and accepted opportunities on my days off to work as a substitute school nurse camp nurse (which trained children for the Olympics) and home care nurse. As a medical-surgical nurse I mentored senior students doing clinical on my unit and realized then that I love to teach. 19 Women of Distinction My mentors have instilled in me a passion for teaching scholarship and service. I find intense satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with nursing students teaching them the skills and lessons I ve learned and contributing to producing excellent future nurses. I also learn from my students which improves my teaching. Contributions that Kathleen has made to the field of nursing include numerous papers and scholarly presentations related to her teaching and research on conjugal bereavement women and breast cancer community partnerships service learning and teenage pregnancy prevention. She has also received grants for her research and community service projects and presented her research at national and international nursing and research conferences. In addition Kathleen has provided consultation in her areas of expertise and received honors and awards for her teaching research and service. She is currently working on a project with the New Community Corporation (NCC) staff to develop a social media page to raise funds for socialization and health education programs at New Community for older adults disabled persons and persons with dementia Alzheimer s disease. The page will be linked to the New Community website http Participants who have attended the medical day care program (some for 15 years) are looking forward to being together again through attending these programs. In her free time Kathleen enjoys her pets gardening cooking singing and visiting the beautiful New Jersey seashore. She also provides care to her mother (a dialysis patient) and her disabled brother. God has been good to me as I have a family of caregivers who help care for my mother and brother during the week when I m at the University. She is married to Lars a cancer researcher who s made a significant impact on improving the quality of life of cancer patients through his team research endeavors. Lars is always an inspiration and a guiding light in all matters. Kathleen would like to be known for instilling in nursing students the knowledge skills and desire to care for the poor and less fortunate in inner cities and rural communities. Never stop learning take on challenges and opportunities and always help and serve others in need. 20 Women of Distinction Who is Burton & Scott Consulting and How can we help you Burton & Scott Consulting is a Healthcare Consulting Firm Services Offered Certificate of Needs Application submissions Contract Negotiation Analysis and Modeling Grant Writing Lecturers on health-care policy and trends Marketing and recruitment of new business Payment Recovery Arbitration Practice Management Provider Credentialing Service 31 Cambridge Place Garden Suite Brooklyn NY 11238 BurtonScottConsulting (877) 570- 4415 21 Women of Distinction Claire Power Murphy Health Education and Nonprofit Director of Self Rejuvenation Center President Director of Claire Power Murphy Foundation Newberry FL fter a 34-year long career as a teacher with the New York City Department of Education Claire Power Murphy wrote her semi-autobiographical multi award-winning book Preserved to Serve while recovering from a diagnosis of dementia. This led to the establishment of the Self Rejuvenation Center Inc. in 2008. The Self Rejuvenation Center creates an unparalleled opportuniuty for advancement and provides unprecedented possibilities for elevating the quality of one s life. Participants are empowered to access freedom and harmony in health while having available ongoing support as they improve each year using a vital natural lifestyle. A By balancing blood chemistry naturally it s possible to reach your highest potential Our mission is to share the benefits of cellular regeneration through the principles of my book The 8 Laws of Health balanced nutrition exercise water sunshine temperance air rest and trust in God. When this simple delicious lifestyle is correctly implemented all of the laws fall into place naturally 22 Women of Distinction Through self rejuvenation Claire has helped many overcome disease and flourish in the confidence of knowing how to help themselves thereby having the opportunity to improve for the rest of their lives. She offers this hope and possibility to all who have suffered with health problems been improperly diagnosed been told that there is no known cure for their condition and or have a limited time to live. Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A People are getting sicker at younger ages healthcare is becoming more costly and there are simple proven solutions for our health and well-being. Q Is it possible to eliminate disease A It s absolutely possible not only to prevent disease but also to keep improving every year. Such a statement is irrefutably proven in Preserved to Serve . Q What is the solution to the superbugs scare A When one s blood chemistry is basic it s impossible to get a disease because the virus will settle on a more fertile soil. Q Why is mental illness increasing A People s blood chemistry is out of balance. The blood nourishes all parts of the body including the brain. Q Why do we need to know moral and natural laws A If we don t know the directions for the best use of our bodies we will malfunction. Once we know the laws then we may choose to follow them Such is the mission of The Claire Power Murphy Foundation. Q Where can the greatest difference in life be made A The greatest difference can be made in infancy. In the first year of life it s possible to set a course for a healthier future. The Self Rejuvenation Center offers just such a guide. I was highly inspired by a woman who overcame cancer. Her credentials include a Sixth Year Certificate in Administration and Supervision from Richmond College (1974 - now part of City University of New York) a Master of Science in Elementary Education - 1966) and a Bachelor of Arts from Hunter College (now part of City University of New York - 1963). She was also certified in Grief Therapy Hydrotherapy and Home Remedies by NAD Health Ministries in 2004. Claire also authored the book Towards the 144 000 which is part of The Restoration Trilogy along with her two other books Preserved to Serve and The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes In Preserved to Serve Claire shares how she raised her children away from the symptoms of cerebral palsy hyperactivity and retardation to a point where her daughter graduated from LaGuardia High School with a scholarship in Engineering and Physics and earned a brown belt in karate. Towards the 144 000 shows the spiritual implications of a high-level natural lifestyle. And The 8 Laws of Health with Recipes offers practical guidance (as referenced earlier). She s also President Director of the Claire Power Murphy Foundation an independent non-governmental organization that provides support to organizations that offer education guidance and promotion of natural and moral laws. Its Board of Directors believes that the best way to achieve these goals is to promote an essence of collaboration and vision among local national and international communities. In our experience such activities help build common bonds of understanding enhance excellence and enable people to improve their lives and reinforce their fulfillment in society. Claire enjoys visiting nursing homes playing the piano reading and swimming in her free time. And she s always willing to help others and serve as an example of how one can improve their life each year. Your current state does not have to determine your future. 23 Women of Distinction Mary Tirb M Education Pre School Teacher Palmetto Bay FL ary Tirb started working in 12th grade. She worked for a family of five contributing to the housework cooking and laundry. After she graduated Mary worked at the Ann Arbor Bank as a bookkeeper for four years. I got married in 1958 and we drove to Miami Florida where my husband Francis worked for National Airlines as a mechanic. In the following years Mary and her husband started a family while moving around the country following Francis career as a flight mechanic and engineer. In 1963 Mary and her family moved back to Miami and became permanently stationed in the familiar area where they still reside to this day. In the1970 s Mary and her family began attending Christ Congregational Church (CCC) where they remain active members. Shortly after becoming members of the church Mary began volunteering with the Pre-Kindergarten class. It was an instant match for her. I loved what I was doing and loved working with children. From 1982 until 1999 Mary s role at CCC s Pre-Kindergarten School was that of a teacher. Her favorite thing to do with her students was arts and crafts. My inspirations for our craft time were the children and how they enjoyed it so much. While working at CCC Mary also worked the afternoon shift for American Bankers until she and her family got resituated after Hurricane Andrew in1992. With American Bankers I got to work more with babies which was such a delight As someone who has spent a lot of time with children Mary knows that future teachers need certain qualities in order to be successful in this profession. The first quality is a love for the children and a want for them to succeed and grow. The second main quality Mary believes all teachers should have is a profound focus especially when it comes to particularly young pupils. Although Mary believes she never had to face any specific challenges she knows that others might perceive the tasks of a Pre-School teacher as such. I just did what I was taught I did what the director ask me to do and everything else fell into place. Respect Mary knows is one of the greatest lessons that any professional must learn. She believes that respect leads to being helpful to others. In her career Mary learned that to be respectful 24 to her coworkers and her students. When Tiger Woods was beginning to appear as a golfer I volunteered at Doral Rider for a couple years then my husband took over. We worked the 15th hole for several years. I got autographs of many of the golfers and gave it to my husband for his birthday. Apart from being a Pre-School teacher Mary has held a variety of positions. She has worked for the Red Cross at Coral Reef Hospital as a Sunday School Teacher as the Secretary for the PTA at Southwood Elementary School and as a Chairperson for CCC Women s Group the church at which she also taught. Working as a volunteer in the church office singing in the choir and that of wife and mother have all attributed to my career as a teacher. A fond memory Mary holds to this day is when she wrote a Christmas poem that the children recited while dressed as elves for a pageant at CCC. Mary also recalls that when she first became a teacher at CCC s Pre-Kindergarten School it was a private school. However as time went on the church became more involved with the surrounding community and developed a Board. This consisted of teachers a member of the church and a mother of one of the children from the school. After retiring in 1999 Mary spent the next few years traveling to Europe and going on cruises. Since Mary and her husband have retired they try to go back to their hometown once a year during the Annual Fall Festival. They also spend time some time each year in North Carolina at their time-share in Banner Elk. Now however Mary enjoys her time by furthering her own education. Taking organ lessons ceramics courses swimming and art classes all attribute to my education but really they are just fun hobbies Amongst her hobbies Mary also enjoys sewing embroidering reading watching music awards and beauty pageants and comedy during any quiet time. Her favorite TV show is I Love Lucy. I would like to be remembered for being a Christian having completed my goals and being a kind person who has served God. Women of Distinction Megan Eastham Health Fitness Fitness Specialist Owner 2XCELL Fitness Tampa Bay FL 25 Women of Distinction T o keep up with the former athlete inside of her after graduating from high school Megan Eastham joined a local gym while attending business classes at Pasco Hernando Community College. Before she knew it she was offered a job selling memberships. Coincidentally Megan was just completing a human and anatomy course to complete her associate s degree and was becoming fascinated with how the body worked and how complex it was. Accepting the position she decided she would pursue her Bachelor s in Exercise Science next and work toward a career in health and fitness. While working toward her BA at the University of South Florida Megan became a Certified Personal Trainer a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and became certified in Exercise in Medicine. She remained at the gym as a sales professional for nearly three years worked as a certified personal trainer for a year and spent time working for another gym as well. She also worked for herself as an independent contractor traveling to other gyms clients homes and businesses. Completing her degree in 2015 Megan has since opened the doors to 2XCELL Fitness in Tampa Bay. Megan s biggest responsibility as Owner Fitness Specialist of her fitness studio is in building relationships with people. Constantly engaged she talks with individuals and other business owners to build a network and connect with clientele. The more people she is able to reach out to the more she can assist others reach their goals while meeting her own as well. Overseeing the financial aspect of the business she also handles the advertising management and coaching of clients. With about a dozen fitness businesses within 10 miles of her location she has to set herself apart from the rest. Competing in the National Physique Committee Figure Competition several years ago Megan had to maintain a tight grip on her diet mind and daily routine. Planning to compete again in the future she hopes that all of her efforts pay off by motivating others to exercise regularly and eat healthy. At 24 this wife mother and business owner doesn t let any obstacles stand in her way and she hopes to be a shining example of what living a happy healthy lifestyle is all about. I strongly believe that exercise is the best medicine. It can cure just about anything. I feel that if I can reach out to as many people as I can and motivate and educate them on the importance of health and exercise I can make a difference Megan said about her fitness center and what motivates her. 2XCELL Fitness is a dynamic personal training studio where Megan s team are all highly qualified experienced trainers. Whether it s an athlete needing better performance a mom looking to lose that baby weight or just someone trying to improve their health or fitness level 2XCELL promises success. They use the latest scientific research the most unique and innovative training skills and provide education to all of the fitness family. They offer one-on-one private training sessions small group training boot camps and group exercise classes like Yoga and Hip Hop Fitness. 26 Women of Distinction Rosalind E. Cazares Restaurant - Southern Cooking Florist - Balloons flowers gifts & novelties (Retail) Specialty Book Periodical & Music Store Bibles Books & Gospel Music (Retail) Religious Nonprofit Church and Choir Owner of - Mama s Plantation Restaurant - Rozie s Balloons & Flowers - Mama s Gospel Records Tapes & CDs - Mama s Temple Pentecostal Church & Choir Salt Lake City UT R osalind E. Cazares owns four businesses in the Salt Lake City (Utah) area through the guidance of her late mother Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby (Mama). Rosalind helped Mama with her work but didn t want to take all her money. However her husband s contracting work didn t pay until a job was finished and they needed food on the table. So the first of these businesses Rozie s Balloons Flowers and Vocal Lessons was founded in 1989 with an investment from Mama. Seeing the toll that the two businesses and directing the choir was having on me Mama asked me to choose between the shop and the vocal lessons so I chose to keep my shop and trained the choir members full-time. After Mama passed Rosalind later took over TLC Gospel Records and Tapes in Salt Lake City and renamed it Mama s Gospel Records Tapes & CDs. In the 1970s Mama founded a restaurant in Salt Lake City called The Southern Plantation (later legally changed to Mama s Plantation Restaurant). Rosalind worked as a hostess with her two sisters Debbie and Pam. When Mama passed Rosalind inherited the restaurant. As owner I chose to carry on Mama s legacy following in her entrepreneurial footsteps. Mark is manager of the restaurant. He s also a licensed general contractor in Indiana and Utah and is remodeling the restaurant at its new location. Mama asked me about the store. I told her it consisted of novelties toys and gifts. She told me Now you know you have to have flowers along with the balloons. It was named after the nickname Rozie that Mama gave me. Both sides of my business the flower and balloon shop as well as the vocal lessons were very successful I m a voice coach and had 300 students. The original business was based in Indianapolis near Mama s second church (Faith Temple Pentecostal Church II). It wasn t until 1992 that Rosalind and her husband (Mark) moved back to Salt Lake City so she could direct Mama s choir. The business was relocated to Mama s mini mall and reopened as Rozie s Balloons & Flowers. 27 Women of Distinction This 4 star rated (according to Talk of the Town ) restaurant s menu is Mama s original recipes of Southern-style BBQ ribs catfish chicken black-eyed peas cornbread greens candied yams mac & cheese and Rozie s famous sweet potato pies. Mama made biscuits from scratch that melted in your mouth. Your foot would be patting eating her cooking. We might not cook as good as Mama cooked but we re sure doing a good job trying Rosalind recalls her fondest memory of working with Mama at the restaurant I was working the morning shift when two Ku Klux Klansmen sat down to eat. They were large men with big broad shoulders. After they ate one of them came to the counter to pay for their food and asked Who owns this business . I told him my mother Dr. Rosemary Redmon Cosby (better known as Mama). He said he wanted to speak to her. I said to Mama This man wants to speak to you. I was shaking in my shoes and didn t have a chance to tell her it was the Ku Klux Klan. So Mama stepped through the swinging doors of the kitchen (named Slave Quarters) with a scarf wrapped around her head with a star at the front of the scarf around her forehead and her white uniform with little bitty black polka dots and white shoes (the same as the picture of Mama that I have over my counter). The man had a toothpick in his mouth and was smacking his lips. Mama came out with this big beautiful smile put her hands in her pockets and said We aim to please May I help you sir The man just melted and said I don t see anything wrong here. We can go now. Mama said Have a nice day They d had Mama s Redeye gravy and Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes salad biscuits and iced tea. They cleaned their plates and loved the food. I was so proud of my mother. She handled them so well I said Even the Ku Klux Klan love her. Mama won the Ku Klux Klan We aim to please That s where I got my motto from. Mama s Plantation Restaurant is being remodeled and will be opening soon at 3579 South Main Street Salt Lake City Utah 84115. Lastly Rosalind is a co-founder (with Mama) and heir of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Churches & Choirs I and II. However she legally changed their name to Mama s Temple Pentecostal Church & Choir. Pastors Rosalind and Elder Mark are CoPastors of the church continuing Mama s great legacy. Rosalind has directed over 250 voices in Faith Temple Church Choir I (now named Mama s Temple Church Choir in Salt Lake City) the 17-voice chorale the 40-voice ensemble and the Southern Comforts Group. She also established and directed the 75-voice Faith Temple Pentecostal Choir II in Indianapolis. She even patented a song called Praise Ye the Lord that she and Mama created. My success as Minister of Music comes from the special sound that God gave me in my ear through a dream. Mama chose me and asked me to be choir directress of her choir in the early 1980s. Mama s choir began in 1961 as Mama and her four children traveled throughout Utah at the request of Churches in Ogden Salt Lake City and Provo to sing for them. Rosalind and Mark keep Mama s beautiful legacy alive through Mama s Temple Pentecostal Church & Choir floats as a tribute to the ones Mama created. Each year since Mama s passing in 1997 we ve entered Choir singing floats (originated by Mama in 1993) in the Salt Lake Days of 47 Parade each July 24th in memory of Mama s great legacy. We have won the Top Performers Award for the past two years in the Midvale Harvest Days Parade that takes place in August. We re also in the Cedar City and Centerville Parades. 28 Women of Distinction Shantel Lipp Heavy Civil Construction Industry President Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association Saskatchewan Canada S hantel Lipp spent many years working within the municipal government sector In Saskatchewan Canada both directly and indirectly. For much of her tenure she worked for the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association which inevitably allowed her to form long lasting relationships with members from all levels of government both foreign and domestic. In 2008 a professional recruiter contacted Shantel. The recruiter was looking for someone with a background in government lobbying board governance and association management. It s important we are constantly staying in front of government so that they never lose sight of the importance of the industry. Currently Shantel is the only woman in Canada who is leading a heavy civil construction association. Despite being the minority of her colleagues they all treat Shantel with the utmost class and respect. It just goes to show that even when working in a male dominated industry you can be judged on your ability and not gender. One of the biggest challenges Shantel has had to face was getting her Board of Directors to embrace change. As critical as heavy construction industry is to Saskatchewan Shantel realized that there hadn t been much change in how the association does business. Once she was able to get the board to embrace the change they began to see the association s membership increase while also gaining the government s ear. One of the most interesting comments I ve heard since I came on board was I knew we needed to hire a woman to get this place running properly again. This comment inspired a level of confidence in Shantel to work on implementing even more changes within the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association. The economy in Saskatchewan is so dependent on a strong infrastructure network that our tag line is If the earth moved it was us. Our profile presence and impact shows that we have a major influence on the province s economic success. Shantel is the President of the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association. Most of her time and energy is focused on lobbying government at all levels on the importance of continued investment in infrastructure. The heavy construction sector in Saskatchewan is a multi-billion dollar industry responsible for 7% of the government s Gross Domestic Product. That number is substantial given the size of the industry in Saskatchewan. 29 Women of Distinction Since she began working with the association more women have become interested in Saskatchewan s heavy construction than ever before. These women now hold positions that are more than just stereotypical flag girls. As women we re born communicators. In the last four years since we implemented some of these communication strategies we ve been able to leverage the profile presence and impact of the association. One of our members has an entire road crew made up of women he swears that they are the best crew and that they do the best work out of all the crews that they run. They ve got that attention to detail and they seem to be able to put out a better product. Shantel knows that the influx of female workers is great for the employment issues surrounding her industry. With more roads per capita than any other province in Canada and having one of the strongest economies in the country new construction projects in the private industry are clamoring to feel the earth move Shantel believes the heavy construction industry is just beginning. To tap into under-represented populations is just one part of her overall strategic plan as President. Shantel has noticed an evolution within the association her members are becoming more engaged she sees that they re calling the association directly they are showing up at the office and asking for the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association s assistance. I think they re really starting to recognize the fact that we re here to serve them and that we re doing it well. Score one for the little woman who thinks big. It s not one specific group I think one of the things that we need to overcome is the historical stereotype of what this industry is. I ve talked to a lot of kids who are considering careers in the trades but they still have the perception that it s a minimum wage job and that it s not a career. The notion that women can excel in this industry is something Shantel believes should be highlighted more. She knows that many women may feel intimidated by the fact that it s heavy labor long hours and not an industry that s seen as being female friendly. Shantel thinks that if more young girls knew there were actual road crews made up of all women the industry would be more enticing. For a woman who may want to seek a career in heavy construction industry Shantel s message is simple. This is a very rewarding industry to work within. Laborers are involved in major projects that continue to make an impact years after the construction has been completed. If you want to make an impact and be judged on your ability and not gender this is a great industry to work in. While I had never looked at a career in heavy construction before I took on this position now it s hard to imagine not working within the industry. As a very project management oriented industry it speaks to what a lot of women do best. Shantel also believes that it comes down to a woman s ability to manage multiple projects at the same time. Shantel Lipp The Little Lady that Thinks Big By Gail Jansen-Kesslar 8 FOR SASKATCHEWAN WOMEN ISSUE 12 NOVEMBER 2012 30 Women of Distinction Susan McNeely MS BSN CST Higher Education Surgical Technology Surgical Technology Faculty School of Health Sciences Milwaukee Area Technical College 31 Milwaukee WI Women of Distinction C ompleting nursing school in 1974 Susan McNeely MS BSN CST began working the graveyard shift on the surgical floor of a hospital. On her very first day on the job she was asked by one of the doctors if she would be interested in observing some of his cases. Eager to join him Susan found every aspect of the OR interesting and she was instantly hooked. Fast forward to present day Susan is a Surgical Technology Faculty with Milwaukee Area Technical School in their School of Health Sciences in Wisconsin. Responsible for training students in the laboratory classroom lectures and in clinical settings it s important that the students are proficient in every aspect of surgical skills. The basic skills and textbook knowledge must be safely applied in direct patient cases and it is Susan s job to facilitate this in the surgical suite. Q&A Q Why do you feel that healthcare education is important in today s world A There is a shortage of healthcare workers as the baby boomers begin retirement. Other fields of work are more inviting with better hours and more pay. As we see the effects of Obamacare the role of the doctor will be more supervision and hands-on care will be done by workers with lower educational degrees. Q What do you think two year colleges offer that a four year college can t A Its affordability and shorter time from entry to degree to workplace. A four year college isn t the right fit for everyone and the two year is an effective alternative that offers potential transfer credits to a four year school. Q Why is online education accessibility important to the current student population A I believe that classrooms will be obsolete in the future. Those who disagree are the same people who didn t see computers in the operating room and distant robotic procedures commonly used today. All healthcare workers use computers for continuing education and if this isn t utilized in the educational setting you are not in the current century. Q How do your career achievements help you be a better educational provider A I believe that being involved at a local and national level with the program you teach shows your dedication to the profession. Students follow by example and if they are given the opportunity to learn the importance of knowing the goals of the organization they will understand and be ready for future changes. An added benefit is sharing job experiences at conferences with former classmates and networking with fellow CST s. As a program site visitor I have the opportunity to see other learning institutions and meet fellow surgical technology faculty. This experience has expanded my understanding of the curriculum. Q Why is Board Certification important for your program A Surgical technologists need to be recognized as the professionals they are and certification is a method to measure knowledge competencies. AST uses our student results as a basis for our continued accreditation. Before certification there were no records kept and if a surgical tech was released from a job for theft drug use or incompetence the next employer had no way to check. Currently there are still healthcare facilities nationally that do not respect the profession to mandate certification. Q How do you envision the future educational needs for surgical technology students A Surgical technology is growing vastly and the employment opportunities are expanding. This is the result of cutting edge technology. Continuing education is a must to stay current in the field and students can never stop learning. What I did in the operating room 40 years ago does not meet the standards of care today and I am convinced that what we do today will be obsolete in 20 years. Teaching has changed drastically over the years Susan said about her 20 plus years of teaching experience. It s not enough to be an expert in your field but imparting the patient outcomes is equally important. The general skills have evolved to specialties in larger clinical sites instrumentation and surgical equipment is constantly changing and you must stay attuned and never stop learning. Surgical technologists play an integral part in the surgeon s ability to do his her procedure and the knowledge of these procedures must be ingrained for the student to have the necessary equipment ready and to anticipate the surgeon s needs. And while surgical technology students must sit for the certification exam as part of an accredited program through the Association of Surgical Technology Susan says it supports and regulates the direction of the field. A lobbyist for the cause Susan spoke with elected representatives in Wisconsin when Madison made national news and educated them on the importance of trained personnel on all surgical procedures. A former board member and current treasurer with the Wisconsin State Assembly of Surgical Technology Susan participated at their 2015 national convention in San Antonio as a delegate speaking at the instructor s forum and sharing her methods for clinical students. In 2014 Susan was also named Clinical Educator of the Year by the AST National Convention an award given to one recipient annually. This award still brings tears to my eyes Susan said because I know I ve positively touched current and former students. What a blessing to have a career that never stops giving. Married for 30 years this past June 2015 Susan s husband is an anesthesiologist. Sharing similar interests they also share two beautiful daughters Sarah and Shannon. 32 Women of Distinction Abbe Silverberg Sparks W Marketing Communications Event Production Public Relations Founder Chief Executive Officer - Abbe Sparks Media Group New York NY ith more than two decades of experience in the marketing communications industry Abbe Silverberg Sparks has developed a reputation as a media relations and social media dynamo who gains top attention for her clients through her company Abbe Sparks Media Group. Abbe first started her career as a public relations assistant at Warner Communications and later served as a publicist for Showtime and Viacom where she developed a love for her craft. Moving to the agency side she worked on awareness and cause campaigns for McDonald s and The National Restaurant Association before branching out on her own as a public relations consultant and eventually launching her own company. Today she ignites the sparks for the entertainment nonprofit technology and luxury sectors raising visibility for her clients and their causes. As Founder and CEO of Abbe Sparks Media Group she plays an integral part in all of her company s endeavors ensuring her clients gain top notch service with maximum results. The word no is not in my vocabulary and I will do whatever it takes to find a winning solution to attain their goals and achieve success. Philanthropically Abbe served on the board of directors as President of the Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem at Highland Park Hospital helping the nonprofit raise significant funding for the hospital s healthcare initiatives. I want to be known as an agent of change. I hope to have a positive impact on the world by helping causes that I strongly care about including the environment anti-bullying Alzheimer s disease and cancer. Abbe has also found much success as a weekly blog writer for RFPalooza (http abbes-sparks) posting an entry every Wednesday. In her leisure Abbe enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family especially her two college-age children. An avid lover of the performing arts she enjoys going to see theatre dance and music performances. She also loves to exercise and volunteers for a number of causes when time allows her to do so. The best advice I can offer to someone just starting out in public relations is to network and maintain your relationships throughout your career. You never know if the person you meet today will become the CEO of tomorrow. I was given this advice early on in my career and I ve since adapted it as my ethical code. Along the way it has enabled me to gain new business and valuable contacts. Whether she s providing leadership in the development of business strategies or choosing the right partners to team up with on a project Abbe always gives her all to satisfy her clients to the fullest and maintains a strong relationship with all of her contacts. Readers should know that I m an eternal optimist who is driven by a passion for my clients and their projects. Every day is a challenge. It s about how you handle and overcome these obstacles no matter how big or small that separates you from the pack and breeds success. 33 Women of Distinction Allison Marie Bowers RDH L Non-Profit Registered Dental Hygienist Dental Assistant Clinic Assistant Rehoboth Life Care Ministries Volunteer Dental Clinic Warner Robins GA ike so many teens after high school Allison Marie Bowers didn t have a clue what direction she wanted to take. The only thing she did know was that she liked to make people smile. Ironically after seeing an ad posted in her local newspaper for a dental assisting course she was intrigued so she enrolled and began the 10-week course. After learning the basics Allison was approached by her current Executive Director of Rehoboth Baptist Association Yesmin Wilson along with Clinical Director Terry Horn about the possibility of helping those in the community achieve a better smile but Allison wanted more. She enrolled in college and eventually graduated from Central Georgia Technical College with an AAS in Dental Hygiene becoming licensed by the Georgia Board of Dentistry in 2014. Terry took me under her wing and molded me into the clinician I am today Allison said humbly. Before her I was ignorant to how huge of an impact dental health can make on a person s life. She fueled my fire to be the best I could be. Recently Allison participated in a huge two-day free dental service event in Perry Georgia presented by the Georgia Mission of Mercy. With approximately 2 000 attendees from all walks of life they received free dental services at no cost. It was a most rewarding experience for Allison. As a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association Allison entered into an essay contest through her local chapter and was awarded a scholarship and a position as Student Liaison. Representing her chapter she keeps constant contact between the two campuses of Central Georgia Technical College and the classes of dental hygiene students informing them of new upcoming events and providing first-hand accounts of the dental hygiene program. Allison is outgoing and full of life. A dedicated child of God she loves mentoring dental hygiene students reading material related to the dental field listening to Christian music and spending good times with family and friends sharing laughs and of course smiling. These days I do what I love making smiles healthy Allison said happily even on the toughest days. I wake up each day knowing that God has blessed me with another chance to touch the lives of His children through my education. Attaining several hygiene positions at general practice and pediatric dental offices close to home Allison works as a fill-in for permanent employees who are out sick or on vacation. These positions have made her a more well-rounded clinician in the specialties of dentistry and Allison s made some fantastic contacts and friends during the process. Now volunteering with Yesmin and Terry at Rehoboth Life Care Ministries Volunteer Dental Clinic a day s work involves cleaning the floors and bathrooms stocking dental units with supplies sterilizing instruments maintaining equipment taking diagnostic radiographs assisting volunteer dentists chair side or with patient information documenting procedures cleaning teeth educating clients about oral and nutritional health and preparing the clinic for the next day. 34 Women of Distinction Calandra Alfred-Reeves Healthcare Manage Care Manager II Anthem Inc. AGP Houston TX F ully engaged in a career that she finds extremely rewarding both monetarily and emotionally Calandra Alfred-Reeves always knew that she would someday become a nurse. Entering into college she went full speed ahead never hesitant for a second that it wasn t the right path for her. Graduating from nursing school in 2000 Calandra immediately began working as a graduate nurse for the University of Texas remaining with them for another 12 years. In 2012 she moved into manage care and she has loved every second of it. Nothing comes easy but if you put in the work and stay positive positive results will come to you. By working on your attitude your attitude will determine your altitude Calandra added about how she has gone about being successful in her tenured career in healthcare and what has worked for her. During Calandra s career at the University of Texas she held numerous roles including Registered Nurse Nurse Preceptor Educator Utilization Review Nurse for the Performance Improvement Department and Director of Admission Patient Services. She also taught as an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Phoenix for eight years. Active as a member of The American Association of Managed Care Nurses and National Association of Professional Women Calandra sponsors local community health and wellness fairs annually for the Houston and surrounding area. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nursing from Prairie View A&M University a Master of Business Administration from Letourneau University and is certified in Manage Care Nursing through the American Board of Manage Care Nursing. As important as Calandra s work is to her her family is even more so. Married to Dezra for the past eight years he is a wonderful man who works in the oil and gas industry. Her parents Isaac and Earnestine were married for 55 years until her mother s recent passing in August 2015. Calandra also has a brother Felix and a sister Angela who are both married and very dear to her. Her in-laws are more like siblings to her and she loves them all. Calandra loves were she is in both her personal and professional life. There is never a dull moment as a nurse. Nursing has so many different areas of which to work in each offering a very unique work environment Calandra said about the huge opportunity and variety that the nursing profession has to offer. As a Manager II with Anthem Inc. AGP Calandra is responsible for managing nurse case managers within six service delivery areas across the state of Texas while her team is in charge of managing members experiencing complex or catastrophic illness injury and or specialty illnesses such as diabetes HIV transplants and behavioral health conditions to ensure cost effective and efficient utilization of health services. Hard working and committed Calandra believes that follow through is a very important asset to possess especially in her line of work. She also believes communication is key. Learning to effectively communicate in any relationship she says whether it be professional or personal is critical in the success of that relationship. Likewise listening is equally important. 35 Women of Distinction Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic Ph.D. D Higher Education Chair Department of Sociology and Geography Shepherd University Shepherdstown WV r. Chiquita Howard-Bostic was first employed as an executive director of Housing and Human Services for two years in Buffalo NY. In 2006 she extended her role in service as a lecturer of Sociology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She taught five undergraduate courses both traditional and online and initiated a research agenda in the areas of social inequality gender and ethnic relations. Her pedagogical style and advisement strategies were further developed as the Content Specialist of Social Sciences at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College (BRCTC). The non-traditional student population and the demand for unique learning strategies in the classroom and local community has inspired me to better serve these students. Dr. Howard-Bostic is well known for her commitment to student counseling and community service. She has led 16 Girl Scouts for four years hosted multicultural events and supported service-learning projects assisting impoverished groups. These new quality education options in service and distance learning help nontraditional students determine their abilities and interests. My passion to teach and learn is a reflective process that involves listening to students reflecting in the classroom and an ability to transform and extend knowledge. Earning college degrees and certifications in sociology criminal justice women s studies race and social policy urban planning legal studies and English Dr. Howard-Bostic s knowledge and enthusiasm in diverse areas of expertise have encouraged involvement as a professor administrator researcher grant writer women s rights advocate board member and transformational community leader. Dr. Howard-Bostic serves as Chair of the Department of Sociology and Geography and Assistant Professor of Sociology at Shepherd University. She coordinates the internship advises students teaches courses manages the curriculum and academic schedule and monitors student affairs in sociology criminal justice geography and anthropology. She presents research at professional conferences and writes grants to support innovative scholarship. Also Dr. Howard-Bostic has presented research at Harvard University two international forums at Oxford University and other prestigious forums around the US and abroad. Her current research and journal publications have advanced the study of transformational leadership online teaching pedagogy cross-cultural motivations for aggression and intimate partner violence. I plan to establish a research foundation providing opportunities for students to conduct and present multicultural research. My goal is to bring people of different cultural backgrounds and traditions together to promote advocacy cultural inclusion and mutual respect. By embracing America s veterans as students and thinking critically about learning practices that offer extensive student support my strategies have increased retention for veterans part-time students students with school-aged dependents and single parents enrolled in my courses. During a five-year tenure at BRCTC Dr. Howard-Bostic also served as the Director of Assessment and the multicultural club coordinator. These positions created a foundation for endeavors at Shepherd University where she received the 2015 Outstanding Teacher Award and Storer College Award 36 for her commitment to teaching and social justice. Women of Distinction Diamond Price Clinical Psychology Government Relations Student of Psychology El Paso TX W hile working for the local government assisting veterans with their disability and unemployability exams Diamond Price remains focused while pursuing a career in an entirely different field. Fascinated with the brain she began her journey in education as a biology major her goal was to become a neurosurgeon. Accepted to Central America Health Science University for medical school Diamond began working in patient care as a medical assistant. However it was during this time that she realized that psychology was her true calling not neurosurgery. Changing her major she completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and began working on an MS in Clinical Psychology with a dual specialization in Clinical Counseling and Applied Research. But the secret to being happy is to believe in yourself and accept yourself as you are. Diamond has spent 20 years as a medical assistant in various fields including plastic surgery orthopedics internal medicine infectious diseases podiatry neurosurgery dialysis and mental health and has spent time in government relations as a consultant for a local engineering firm. Now fully committed to mental health she is an active member of American Psychological Association Psychology Club and American GI (Greater El Paso Chapter). She is also a member of American Medical Technologist American Football Coaches Wives Club and Texas Boxing Commission is a Committee Member for Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans of El Paso a Committee Member for the Vote Yes for Kids Campaign a Leadership Committee Member for El Paso Grassroots a Texas Volunteer Deputy Register and a local and regional Science Fair Judge. Aspiring to someday form a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder center where she can provide better healthcare for those in need Diamond plans to use her government relation contacts to fulfill this dream of hers. In the meantime she is focused on completing her degree and becoming more acclimated in her field. The mother of five Diamond also has five siblings all of whom reside in El Paso. Her father and stepmother also live in El Paso and she has three stepbrothers from their marriage. Unfortunately her mother has since passed. As a result of patient care I now want to invest my life in helping others. The passion I have for patient care is where I find my motivation. By pursuing my PsyD program in neuropsychology I hope to acquire more knowledge and be able to lead support and mentor colleagues someday Diamond said about her hopes for the coming years. Incredibly motivated by her family in particular her children and her father Diamond has overcome many obstacles including being raised by a single father and becoming a teen mother. She has learned to stay focused to trust in others and how to turn a mess into a message. In order to pass on beliefs and values you have to be able to live them conscientiously she added. Many of our sources of fear anxiety and frustration come from thinking about our past and thinking about what will happen in the future. 37 Women of Distinction Diedre Suits Nursing Nurse Practitioner at Cleveland Pediatrics and Skyridge Medical Center Cleveland TN D If you follow your dreams they ll grow and change as you evolve. And with hard work there is nothing you can t accomplish. iedre Suits is living proof of this because from a very young age she knew that she wanted to be a nurse so she did everything possible to make that happen. After earning a Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis as Family Nurse Practitioner and licensure as an Advanced Practice Nurse from Southern Adventist University (Collegedale TN) in 2011 Diedre finally became a Nurse Practitioner. I now feel like I m exactly where I should be in the workplace. I absolutely love taking care of patients She currently works at Cleveland Pediatrics and Skyridge Medical Center in the Emergency Department providing care and educating patients families and staff. However her road wasn t an easy one as she first had to earn a GED after dropping out of high school her junior year. Diedre was soon married and had two small children to take care of while working at a local factory. But she took advantage of the company s savings plan and with help from her parents she had enough money to enroll in nursing school nine years later and went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and licensure as a Registered Nurse from the University of Tennessee (Chattanooga TN) in 1996. Diedre immediately started working in the intensive care unit (ICU) at her local hospital and loved it. From there she was offered a job in the office of a local gastroenterologist and worked in the hospital on-call to help with emergency gastrointestinal (GI) tract and pulmonary procedures. However after six years in the office she was drawn back to the hospital and ICU setting where she took a management position at one of the local hospitals as the ICU director. It was then that Diedre started considering hospital administration as a career so she enrolled at Tusculum College (Greenville TN) to get advanced business and leadership training and earned a Master of Arts in Organizational Management in 2006. I was then promoted to Assistant Chief Nursing Officer and did administrative work for a couple of years but felt I was missing so much at the bedside. So when the opportunity to manage my local emergency department became available I began to embrace the role of Family Nurse Practitioner and was off once again to further my education. 38 I try to provide a high quality of care using only the resources necessary to take care of as many patients in the community as I can each day. I do ongoing continuing education to keep up with changes in the industry to make sure that my care is not only appropriate but is the best possible care that the patient can receive. Diedre loves what she does and wakes up each morning ready to face the day. While some days and situations are sad and difficult if given the chance she wouldn t change anything about her life. Women of Distinction Fawzia Reza Ed.D. Education Chief Academic Officer & Academic Dean - American City University Adjunct Faculty - Southwestern College Adjunct Faculty - University of Roehampton Los Angeles CA D r. Fawzia Reza serves as Chief Academic Officer and Academic Dean at American City University. She also holds Adjunct Faculty appointments at Southwestern College in the United States and the University of Roehampton in the United Kingdom. Her primary expertise is in Early Childhood Education (ECE) with an emphasis on multicultural education. She has a Montessori diploma from AMI and has conducted extensive research on the benefits of Montessori schools during her Masters and Doctoral studies. Fawzia s doctoral curriculum in Educational Leadership also allow her to set policy and practices for higher education. Educators should never stop learning. Many students who graduate with a degree never go back to school however professional development is very important particularly in this field It s always necessary to keep upto-date on the latest trends and challenges in education. Fawzia currently teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in ECE at Southwestern College and the University of Roehampton. In the midst of these commitments she is in the process of achieving another dream by publishing her first book The Effects of the September 11 Terrorist Attack on Pakistani-American Parental Involvement in U.S. School with Lexington Books. The focus of her book is on the challenges faced by the Pakistani-American community following the 9 11 terrorist attack. She has also published a chapter with her doctoral advisor in Reconceptualizing Literacy in the New Age of Multiculturalism and Pluralism by Information Age Publishing. Fawzia regularly publishes articles and research studies in her field and presents workshops to help sharpen her skills as an educator while also helping parents and teachers understand current and developing trends in Early Childhood Education. I hope to influence education policy and improve the education system for minority and marginalized students and their families. As a teacher my desire it to always make learning fun and enjoyable for young children so they re motivated to continue with their education into college and beyond. Following her arrival to the United States from Pakistan in 1989 Fawzia continued her dream to go forward with her education while raising two beautiful girls Tania and Sonia with the support and encouragement from her husband Ali. Though she had already received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Karachi she pursued an Associate s degree in Liberal Arts from Foothill DeAnza Community College in 2000 a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from the California State University in Dominguez Hills in 2007 a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education in 2009 and finally a Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2013 both from the California State University in Long Beach. While writing her doctoral thesis Fawzia was also awarded a fellowship by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation for a separate research study on the recently launched Transitional Kindergarten program in California. The biggest lesson I have learned is to never give up on your dreams. In her free time Fawzia enjoys traveling around the world with her loving family walking biking and painting. 39 Women of Distinction Dr. Gail L.Berman-Martin Food & Beverage Founder Chief Executive Officer of Femme Forte LLC Fall River MA 40 Women of Distinction D It s supposed to be hard. If it wasn t hard everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great A League of Their Own (1992) r. Gail L. Berman-Martin spent her entire professional career at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMD) counseling mentoring and inspiring students to pursue and achieve their career goals. After earning a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling from Bridgewater State University in 1976 Dr. BermanMartin was hired as a career counselor life skills educator in a federally-funded employment and training program before working as Career Counselor at UMD in 1978 where she continued to develop her counseling and administrative skills. She was also Union President Educational Services Unit Local 1895 at UMD from 1988 to 1993 and was responsible for starting the Office of Community Service & Volunteerism. Then after completing a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration at the University of Massachusetts Boston in 1999 she was promoted to Director of Career Services. In 2007 Dr. Berman-Martin was in a near fatal car accident and learned a very important lesson Live each day in a positive way. So as Dr. Berman-Martin began approaching retirement age she started considering her own goals and passions and began researching a new challenge How can women stay healthier and stronger before the onset of menopause and beyond As we age bone density decreases as calcium is depleted. I was personally affected by this issue while caring for my mother who suffered from a severe case of osteoporosis and many fractures. Subsequently I was also diagnosed with the same bone disease. After researching osteoporosis I discovered that 80% of women 50 years of age and over are diagnosed with either osteoporosis or osteopenia (precursor to osteoporosis) Back then doctors prescribed 1 000 mg of calcium in hard to swallow pills (horse pills) or by annual injections of a prescription drug that causes painful side effects for many women. My mission was clear To create a delicious calcium-fortified beverage that women would love to drink Femme Forte Femme Forte means strong woman in French. Femme Forte LLC became a reality in January 2015 after outsourcing a juice producing co-packer a supplement company to supply calcium and other minerals and a formulation company to create the right blend of juices and supplements that provide the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of calcium and other essential nutrients in one delicious juice cocktail that women will enjoy and that helps to keep them healthy and strong. Femme Forte comes in three flavors all consisting of a very rich antioxidant juice with black currant as the base then blended with either blueberry cranberry or raspberry juice. She owns all the trademarks beverage formulas secret recipes and rights to Femme Forte LLC. In addition Dr. Berman-Martin has been selected as a top finalist in the 2015 CWE Woman-Owned Business Challenge. She is truly someone who helps women live longer and stay stronger . Dr. Berman-Martin is married to Steven Martin and has one stepson Corey Martin. She loves the theatre and performing arts and has served as the President of New Bedford Festival Theatre for the past ten years. 41 Women of Distinction Inderpreet Kaur Kalra Consulting - Business Systems Analyst Nonprofit Organizations - Juvenile Center Immigrant Welcome Center Indianapolis IN I ndia native Inderpreet Kaur Kalra grew up with big hopes and dreams. Upon earning her BBA from Guru Nanak Khalsa College Mumbai University in 2003 she began working for Prudential Insurance in India in the financial service sector analyzing policies and mortgage risks customer retention strategies and bringing newer projects from overseas from Reading UK to Mumbai. Inderpreet loved every minute of it from analyzing business gaps to making the business process more efficient to successfully running a project. Within two years she had completed her Master s in Commerce from Mumbai University and she was ready to tackle the world. Along the way she learned the importance of honesty hard work how to trust herself keep an open mind being held accountable and that failure is just as important as success. In 2008 Inderpreet began working for Bentley University in Massachusetts in their Information and Process Management department and then in their Center for Marketing and Technology as an intern while pursuing her MBA in Finance and Information Technology there. After receiving my MBA I wanted to get into consulting before I went full-time with any company Inderpreet said who is now consulting with Liberty Mutual. I strongly believe consulting provides a well-rounded experience we all look for. The sheer excitement working in different demographics with different clients and learning different cultures helps people grow leaps and bounds in not only understanding how to deal with situations but also alter the pace or way in which a situation is handled. Over the course of her career Inderpreet served as a senior business systems analyst and has performed many roles including system design business process analysis built new prototypes and blueprints for new requirements and enhanced current system features. She s managed the scope and budgets for projects built mitigation backup plans and worked with system architects to build good enterprisewide system solutions. A spiritual woman Inderpreet is always looking for opportunities to give back because it keeps her grounded and provides her with direction and vision. Currently she is running a program for children in different units at the Juvenile Center of Marion County in Indianapolis Indiana which involves teaching them self-confidence trust and self-empowerment. She also analyzes real life situations with them and teaches them how to handle them. Inderpreet also works with immigrants and refugees at the Immigrant Welcome Center of Indiana assisting them in getting them settled in the state. She works with the community to better understand problems and issues they face and guides resolves and connects resources that can help. Previously she s worked with the ARC of Massachusetts My Own Business Inc. and Child Rights and Youth. Guided toward a path into management by her father Inderpreet wants to encourage others who have an analytical mind and like to perform root cause analysis find solutions and better ways to join the business analysis world. She hopes to connect with women around the world via social media (forums blogs websites etc.) to be able to build an online network community who can share experiences and exchange ideas. Inderpreet believes it takes the whole village to raise a child and similarly see a change in the world. I hope to contribute in my own way by letting women I meet feel empowered Inderpreet further added. If we come together as a community we can help the women of today and the children of tomorrow. 42 Women of Distinction Kathleen Earthrowl Fine Art Owner Principal Artist Sensory Art by Kathleen Earthrowl Kingwood TX D efined as a process that evolves from within and drives the creation of a work of art Sensory Art is a form that Kathleen Earthrowl has been perfecting her entire life. It requires one to listen to one s self and one s sensory images within which will trigger the artist to paint from their inner sensory being. Applying it to all art forms it s an internal experience. My sensory artistic process began when I was a little girl singing and dancing by myself but improvising and loving how that felt Kathleen remembers. I went on to study voice and modern dance and become a singer and choreographer but I didn t practice visual art until I discovered that I could paint. That was over 20 years ago. When that happened I knew I had found my true love in a career that felt like my destiny. Kathleen taught elementary music education in New York City at the Walden School early on in her career. She also served as an Assistant Professor of Modern Dance at Northern Illinois University for six years followed by Assistant Professor of Music Education at Fitchburg State College for three years. Earning her Doctorate in Arts and Psychology at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst she graduated in 1979 (she previously earned her BA in Music at Bennington College and her MA in Music at Columbia University). Relocating to Houston Texas Kathleen taught modern dance at the University of Houston developed a small improvisatory dance company with medical students studying at Baylor College of Medicine then acquired a position at St. Joseph s Hospital where she did movement therapy with psychiatric patients. This led her to acquire her license to practice as a therapist in Houston and later in Kingwood where she developed the Kingwood Therapy Center. Once she started painting she slowly lessened her load at her practice and now does part-time supervision for up-and-coming therapists who need to gather hours or achieve their licenses. Many people say that Kathleen s paintings give them a peaceful feeling inside. Many say they feel like they can jump right into the painting. They love the colors Kathleen s sense of color. They are amazing works of art. Kathleen s career as a visual artist began more than two decades ago and grew out of her business as a psychotherapist licensed marriage and family therapist and professional counselor. Connecting art with psychology a therapist helps an individual to trust their inner being and express how that relates to their personal experience in life similar to practicing sensory art. As the Owner and Principal Artist of Sensory Art Kathleen paints out of her home studio offers workshops and oneon-one instruction. But her main efforts are put into her paintings which are often inspired by nature and landscape involving water and the natural untouched state of the earth. 43 Women of Distinction Lisa PrevostBivens Construction Healthcare Concrete Mixer Driver Burks Concrete and Materials Certified Nurses Aide Santa Fe TX T hirty-five years ago Lisa Prevost-Bivens began working in the very rewarding field of healthcare. Eventually she began to experiment with different fields getting a taste of what other professions have to offer. Three years ago Lisa decided that she wanted to venture down an entirely new road literally with plans of becoming a truck driver. Starting out as a Bus Driver for Durham School she then applied for her Class B license. In addition to working out in the field Lisa must also manager her spent in the office setting up jobs for each day and loading the trucks what they call batching orders of concrete . Lisa plans to become a certified medical assistant in the near future. And while she still plans on working in healthcare Lisa absolutely loves being a professional driver. Working toward her Class A license now the skies the limit. There is a certain thrill in knowing that she will be able to drive any type of trailer and travel all over the world driving. Becoming a Certified Nurse s Aide through the Health Initiatives Learning Center of Galveston Texas Lisa then earned her Food Hander s certification through Food Safety Educators LLC. She also holds a Forklift Certification through OSHA and maintains her Class B Driver s License. Although Lisa admits that she is not perfect she says that she will never stop trying to improve herself through knowledge and skills. A wife mother grandmother and friend to many Lisa s family is originally from Louisiana and England and Scotland. A widow for about five years now she loves the good company of friends and family more than ever before. She has four daughters and several grandchildren. Family is everything to her. No matter what you do in life it s important to always learn something new. It can start out as a hobby but can be transformed into a goal if you so desire Lisa said about moving into an entirely new type of career. Believing in yourself and remembering that you can do anything will take you far. You can t let anyone tell you what you can t do. If you want it enough you can make it happen. As a Concrete Mixer Driver with Burks Concrete and Materials driving one of their vehicles is much more complicated than driving a school bus. She must be able to drive and maneuver into and out of tight spots drive well in reverse (something you cannot do on a school bus) and know how the concrete should look what type of slump she is working with and know how to measure yardage. 44 Women of Distinction Louisa Williams Healthcare Education Histotechnician II Cobre Biospecimen Pathology Core Lab Stephenson Cancer Center OU Health Science Center Oklahoma City OK W orking for a multi-functionary institution with PhD s in research and more specific cancer research practicing MD s in their specific areas of cancer research and graduate students in their studies for their PhD defense Louisa Williams is a Histotechnician II who works in the Cobre Biospecimen Pathology Core Lab at the OU Health Science Center Stephenson Cancer Center in Oklahoma City Oklahoma. Transitioning into this new career Louisa has always loved the sense of accomplishment from working in the lab adding I hope what little that I do will someday help mankind in the capacity of treating and preventing disease like cancer and seeking a cure for future mankind. One of Louisa s biggest achievements of being a histologist was actually becoming one. Working toward her histology certificate or ASCP was very taxing. She would wake every Wednesday morning for 14 months go to work at 5am then drive 130 miles each way to attend the histology consortium for four hours before getting back home at midnight. Studying and learning all that she could while having a family it was one of the best decisions she could have made professionally. She later became VP President and Educational Coordinator for Oklahoma Society of Histotechnology. Louisa married at 17 had her first child at 20 and became a single mother by the age of 25. With no help from their father she put herself through college and made something of herself. Diagnosed with colon cancer in 2008 she was fortunate to be able to bring her portable chemo pump with her to work. So when the opportunity presented itself for her to join the cancer center research team Louisa accepted without hesitation. Now with the cancer gone the mother of three grown daughters and five grandchildren is living life to the fullest finding humor in every day laughs often and always has a smile on her face. I was first exposed to pathology when I was doing my medical technology internship while attending college working toward my degree. Many years later returning to work in the hospital laboratory I was reintroduced to pathology. I felt a passion for that division of the laboratory it was a natural fit for me and I strongly desired to learn the profession. Earning her BS in Education at Northeastern Oklahoma State University Louisa took continuing education courses and became licensed to teach K-12. Teaching middle and high school science and adult GED courses she also served as the VP of the Crowder Oklahoma Pubic School Board for some time. Switching gears completely Louisa became a Histologist for McAlester Regional Integris Baptist then Dean McGee Eye Institute before becoming the only Histologist working at the Cobre laboratory. Taking tissue samples through a series of steps of processing embedding sectioning and staining of various tissue specimens Louisa produces the highest quality of slides needed for interpretation. Her years of experience have taught her how to not only work with different tissues 45 but how each organ is treated. Women of Distinction Marie Blest Healthcare Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction Owner Instructor - Heartcare CPR Instruction LLC Wilmington DE At the young age of 14-years-old Marie began working in the medical field as a Nurse s Aide in a nursing home setting. Over the years she has also gained experience working in a number of different medical positions such as a Dialysis Technician a Phlebotomist and a Medical Assistant Instructor which has helped her advance in her current career. She had also owned a company called Guardian Angels which offered respite care. A s Owner and Instructor at Heartcare CPR Instruction Marie Blest provides others with the skills needed to possibly save a life. Marie s greatest inspiration has always been her mother. Shortly after becoming an instructor Marie was forced to perform CPR in an attempt to save her mother s life. Though her mother is now sadly deceased Marie still feels her spirit with her in every class she teaches. Her work as a CPR Instructor has seen Marie become involved with several organizations including the American Heart Association the National Safety Council the American Heart Stroke Committee and the Professional Women s Business Network. The biggest lesson I ve learned is to have a good outlook on what you want yourself and your company to become. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your mission and remember to remain focused on the task at hand. When she s not working Marie enjoys spending time with her family. She has been married to her loving husband Keith Blest for 26 years and they have one son named Paul. Her younger sister MaryAnn also works as a CPR Instructor with Heartcare CPR Instructions. I would like to leave the legacy of knowing that maybe at least one life was saved by one of my former CPR students. I hope my passion shows in every class I teach. I want people to know that they can be the difference between life and death. I want my students to be confident in knowing that they can perform optimal CPR after they leave my class. I m dedicated to helping others learn how to save a life and I want to teach others that they can make a difference. Helping others is my main motivation in this business. I have always felt that it s everyone s responsibility to help others whenever they can. In 2010 Marie was inspired to begin a career in CPR Instruction and eventually formed her own company Heartcare CPR Instruction in 2011 after becoming a certified CPR Instructor with the American Heart Association the National Safety Council and the American Red Cross. From marketing to management Marie handles all of the major responsibilities as owner of her business. She also works as an instructor and teaches both civilians and medical personnel the proper way to administer CPR to a person in need. Decide what your personal goal will be. Make a game plan and hold on to your dreams tightly. Believe in what you re doing and market your plan. Don t give up. 46 Women of Distinction Dr. Maureen M. GouveiaWhitehead Education Founder Executive Director MMGW Christian Academy Inc. Orlando FL ttending college in the UK Dr. Maureen M. Gouveia-Whitehead always played a significant role in education. Accepted to Bedford College of Higher Education in England she graduated with her teaching certificate in 1979 and was offered a full-time position soon thereafter. Earning her tenure at Homerton House Secondary School as a Lead Teacher Maureen remained for eight years before becoming the Head of the Business Studies Department for Pimlico High School and later as a Lecturer II and Program Supervisor at Croydon College. A Courses include Ministry Gift Assessment Five Fold Ministry courses and arts courses such as Music Voice Training Dance and Poetry Writing. Skill Development Courses are also offered in English Practical Math Finance Banking ESL and Technology. Overseeing daily operations of her school Maureen chairs board meetings prepares curricula and assists with student recruitment and fundraising events. She is presently hiring volunteer instructors as well as other staff members for teaching courses. With over 30 years of experience in education and administration Maureen wanted to create a school that would proactively instill the importance of living in communities that boasts ethics integrity and most importantly God s will. Honored to serve as an ambassador for Capella University Maureen is involved in empowering and referring prospective students. She s also a member of convocation for the University of London. In 2008 she authored a book entitled Morvet s Memoirs God s Divine Intervention and Protection and in 2013 she authored The Investigation of Faculty Training Needs for Instructing Adult Nonstandard English Speakers. Maureen has her teaching certification from Bedford College of Higher Education a BA in Sociology with honors from North London University an MA in Educational Administration from the University of London and a PhD with distinction in Leadership for Higher Education from Capella University. Married for 15 years to a wonderful man Maureen has two adult step-children and grandchildren. I ve always wanted to see others succeed and I ve enjoyed doing my part in making it happen. As a leader and lifelong learner I m always excited about the changes education brings Maureen said. Moving back to the US Maureen became an Adjunct Instructor for Florida Metropolitan University in 1997 before taking a position as a General Education Professor with ITT Technical Institute. She then became Director of Education for Galiano Career Academy Director of Education for Centura Institute and finally Faculty Member for Southern Technical College. During her time with ITT Maureen also founded MMGW Inc. (as President and Owner) a publishing services company that specializes in typing and formatting services for original books cards verses for all occasions flyers and educational learning materials. Still in business today she s since founded her own school for adult learners MMGW Christian Academy Inc. MMGW Christian Academy is a non-profit corporation that provides both ministry and community education services. Located in Orlando Florida their mission is to assist students in developing ministry gifts refreshing and enhancing their various skills through programs that will produce confidence knowledge understanding and encouragement for work in the community. 47 Women of Distinction Dr. Pheobe T. Kimble Non-Profit Ministry for Women President Chief Executive Officer Women of Vision Inc. Shreveport LA n interdenominational ministry designed to educate encourage and motivate women in leadership roles as well as help raise the standards of all women who have fallen on hard times Women of Vision Inc. was founded by President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Pheobe T. Kimble in Shreveport Louisiana in 2006. Continuously inspired to do good work by her amazing husband Dr. Bernard Kimble her children Darius Anthony and LaToya and of course the Women of Vision Pheobe works tirelessly on what she refers to as the battlefield to make a difference for those who are enduring struggles in life and are reaching out for a hand to help. A Previously Pheobe ministered to the women and children of the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission offering empowerment workshop sessions to women providing apparel for job interviews as well as basic necessities and even bus passes to ease the burden of daily life and help them get back on track. The ministry and the work that I do means everything to me Pheobe said humbly. Knowing that we all have fallen down in life at one time or another we at Women of Vision Inc. are here to give those women a hand up not a hand out. To all the women who are constantly on my side to encourage and help me and our organization to move forward improving the conditions all around us I am most grateful. My advice for others is to keep God at the forefront of their lives at all times Pheobe noted. Nothing in this life belongs to us. Always be willing to help those who are in need and always be kind and loving toward one another. With God all things are possible without Him is pure failure. Having God at the center of Pheobe s life she is able to share her wisdom and strength doing God s work as only she knows how. Blessed to work alongside her husband who is also the Founder and CEO of Olive Branch Ministries Inc. and Bernard Kimble Ministries he brings an abundance of experience to the table in support of the organization. Pheobe holds a BA in Early Childhood Education from Grambling State University a Master s in Christian Counseling and a PhD in Psychology and Christian Counseling both from Louisiana Baptist University. The mother of three both of her sons are ministers of the Gospel. Pheobe is also the proud grandmother to three sweet little girls and three blessed boys. The entire family lives in Shreveport. In addition to the day-to-day responsibilities of running her non-profit Pheobe co-hosts a leadership conference annually with her husband Bernard the Co-Founder of Women of Vision Inc. at the Shreveport Convention Center to help empower ministries and their leaders. She also hosts empowerment luncheons in town. Pheobe is involved with her local community s health wellness fair backpack and school supplies giveaway and yearly college tours. The First Lady of Mount Olive Baptist Church in Shreveport where Bernard is Senior Pastor Pheobe serves as the Administrator of Joy Camp a summer enrichment program for children sponsored by Olive Branch Ministries. 48 Women of Distinction Renee Denise Fowler Hornbuckle Personal Professional and Spiritual Development President Founder Women Of Influence Inc. Destiny Empowerment Enterprises Inc. Life Goes On Foundation Rachel s House Transitional Living Facility Arlington TX My love and passion is to empower people and transform lives. As I transitioned out of my corporate career to be a fulltime mom initially I felt empty. As I reevaluated my life I felt I chose a fulfilling path but now I know that my new life choose me. Renee has always been drawn to helping people solving problems and assisting them in reaching their potential. She decided to treat her new life like a corporation and began a new venture of becoming an author businesswoman motivational speaker pastor and advocate. All these professions have one thing in common they help people shape or mold their lives to better reach their given potential. Through her passion for empowerment Renee is set on inspiring others to make a transformation in their lives in order to get the corresponding results desired. Up until 2005 I thought I was living the American dream. Great success and equipped and prepared for anything. Successful marriage thriving ministry fruitful relationships and lucrative business. However a scandal concerning Renee s ex-husband changed her and her children s lives traumatically. Her family congregation and community were paralyzed with the scandal which was followed with shame suffering and sorrow along with the spiraling loss of finances relationships and possessions. 49 A fter leaving corporate America in 1993 Renee Denise Fowler Hornbuckle felt that something more was waiting. I found myself humiliated embarrassed stripped of all dignity only left with unanswered questions and the barebones of a shattered life and ministry. I m here today because I had to make a choice as to either rise above my crisis or collapse into it. I chose to rise Renee and her children who she raised on her own took a profound lesson away from these tribulations. They realized that if they could make it through that terrible time they could make it through anything. Now she is even more determined to share with others that they too can live a fulfilled life no matter their life situation. The power of a woman is endless. She must love and know herself remain confident of who she is pull from her inner strength discover what she is called to do and do it with excellence Though Renee is a self-proclaimed workaholic she does enjoy her time away from work. A fan of food art and culture she frequents eateries museums the opera theatre and jazz performances. However Renee s greatest joy is the time she gets to spend with her children Matthew Rachel and Jordan and her granddaughter Kiersten. Contact Renee Denise Fowler Hornbuckle (817) 855-4910 http reneehornbuckle Women of Distinction Dr. Stacy Haynes Mental Health Counseling Chief Executive Officer - Little Hands Family Services Turnersville NJ I believe that counseling allows us to help those who are sometimes in need of healing. fter earning her Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology from Liberty University in 1997 Dr. Stacy Haynes worked in a residential facility for girls and then as a clinical supervisor a therapist for children in foster care and as a therapist for several agencies. She also taught as an adjunct faculty for Rowan at Gloucester County College for 10 years and Liberty University Online for three years. Stacy earned her Master of Arts (MA) in Counseling Psychology from Bowie State University in 2003. A As a representative of her field Dr. Stacy is part of the Board Chair for CGS Family Partnership and is a Member of the American Counseling Association. If you re thinking about becoming a counselor or psychologist Dr. Stacy has the following advice Be mindful that counseling is a night job as well. Many individuals are working and children are in school. You have to be flexible with your work hours and make yourself available to clients. I ve gained success by staying focused on helping people any way I can. Dr. Stacy has been married for 10 years to Paul Haynes and has two children. She serves as the Women s Ministry Director at Gloucester County Community Church and serves in Celebration Station. Her faith and family have contributed to her success. My husband and children are my biggest fans and encourage me to continue to share what we experience with others. Dr. Stacy would love to be remembered for teaching parents to have peace in their homes and for families to return to what s really important in life each other. My father has always been behind me pushing me into the field of counseling. He felt that helping others for a living was the best career choice anyone could make. In 2008 Stacy went on to open her own agency Little Hands Family Services where she works with about 20 families a week in outpatient therapy as a counseling psychologist. She also oversees master level clinicians and supervises interns. Additionally she is the clinical oversight for the agency and focuses on providing her staff with evidence-based treatment approaches through the continuing education courses she teaches. In 2012 she became Dr. Stacy when she earned her Doctor of Education (EdD) in Counseling Psychology. She now hosts the weekly radio show Parenting Tips 2 Go w Dr. Stacy on that provides resources for parents dealing with mental health challenges in their homes. I love the idea of helping families and children heal from mental health issues. She even wrote a book on parenting called Powerful Peaceful Parenting Guiding Children Changing Lives which has won two awards The 2015 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award and the 2015 International Book Finalist Award. 50 I spend a lot of time speaking with families about who we are in relationship to one another not just what we do as a family. Every interaction with our family is important. Women of Distinction Takisha Anderson Booker Psychotherapy - Mental Health Counseling Psychotherapist Takisha A. Booker LPC PLLC in Fayetteville NC Fayetteville NC s an undergraduate student working at Fayetteville State University s counseling center Takisha Anderson Booker recognized the importance of mental health and identified that the negative stigma attached to therapy kept some of her peers from seeking help and she wanted to do something about it. In order to do so Takisha earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Fayetteville State University in 2002 followed by a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University. Her first position was an internship as an elementary school counselor in Fort Hood Texas (a U.S. military post). A Takisha is also currently working with an author on a book that will provide information about PTSD. She has also contributed to her community by offering therapy services on a sliding fee scale to accommodate clients with limited resources. I am very dedicated to my independent practice and to the mental health field overall. Ultimately I plan to expand knowledge of this field through my pending book and by lecturing after I obtain my Ph.D. in psychology. Throughout the course of her career Takisha has been an active member of the American Counseling Association Fayetteville Young Professionals and Psi Chi (a psychological honor society). Her advice for anyone entering the counseling industry (or any area of psychology) is to make sure that you are genuinely interested in helping others versus personal gain. My job at the time was to assist militaryconnected children with various challenges associated with the military lifestyle. Once the school year ended Takisha transitioned into marital counseling at the Chaplin Training Center in Fort Hood where she provided counseling to military couples to help them overcome marital obstacles. As a military spouse frequent relocation made it difficult for Takisha to concentrate on a specialty. Stability is important but hard to achieve with the frequent moves. However this allowed me to gain experience in working with various individuals and cultures. She later expanded into substance abuse counseling in Davenport Iowa and intensive in-home child therapy and multisystemic therapy (MST) before going into private practice in Fayetteville North Carolina. As an independent contractor my primary role is to perform psychological evaluations and a variety of therapy services for several populations within my community. My clientele includes individuals couples and families struggling with bipolar disorder depression self-harming behaviors anxiety post51 traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and military challenges. Everyone has battles and will need help at some point. I feel it is important for people to understand how critical it is to offer assistance in times of need. In her free time Takisha enjoys spending time with her family traveling shopping and volunteering to help the youth in her community. She has been married to her husband for 15 years and has two daughters. Both of our daughters are students. Our oldest just started high school and our youngest daughter is entering the fifth grade. My greatest inspiration is my family who inspire me to be successful in every way. Women of Distinction Thomasine V. Sturdivant Ministry Christian Counseling Mentoring Elder - Faith United Ministries Mentor Author Washington DC Metropolitan Area F or as long as she can remember Thomasine Sturdivant has always believed in aiding others through the power of God. As Elder of Faith United Ministries she serves God and all those who come to her in search of help through teaching prayer counseling and encouragement. Thomasine has almost 20 years of experience in the field of ministry as she was officially licensed as a gospel preacher in 1996. She later answered the call to become an intercessor in 2008 and was ordained as an Elder in June 2014. Aside from her work with Faith United Ministries Thomasine works as a Mentor for the Prison Ministry Christian Mentoring and Transition program and volunteers at a number of places including local churches and shelters. I want to be known as someone who helped in the uniting and healing of women. The world has made it seem like women cannot get along but we can and we can overcome our hurts together. Thomasine s biggest inspiration in her life aside from God has been her mother who instilled the importance of faith and selflessness in her since birth. Another one of the main driving forces behind Thomasine s work is her passion to help fellow women overcome their hurt as she aims to aid them in bettering their lives. God changed my perception of life. I now see life as a perpetual classroom where I m learning to embrace each lesson taught. I see life as a gift to be unwrapped daily layer by layer in an effort to live and not merely exist. My hope is that someone reading this article is inspired to live life the way we were created to its fullest. In 2007 Thomasine received a Bachelor s degree in Management from Potomac College. She then continued her ministry studies and received a Master of Theological Studies degree from the National Bible College and Seminary in 2010. Life is dull if not shared with others so I believe in loving and cultivating relationships. I know life is short so I strive to forgive quickly. As a lover of writing and literature since childhood Thomasine achieved one of her biggest dreams of becoming an author after publishing her first book titled God Never Says Oops through Next Century Publishing in May 2015. Whether you re interested in starting out in ministry or becoming an author remember to have no fear and recognize your calling. Be patient as well things will happen when the time is right. 52 Life is like a book that is constantly being written. There are chapters of romance comedy action adventure and a lot of mystery. I ve learned that as long as God continues to write and edit my story it will turn out the way it s supposed to. Make sure you know who s writing your story In her free time she enjoys reading writing studying and participating in charitable events such as cancer walks. Thomasine would also like to eventually return to college and pursue a degree in psychology. Women of Distinction Virginia McCullough Writing Editing Publishing Sole Owner Self-Employed Green Bay WI lthough she later moved around the country a great deal with her own family Virginia McCullough attended Loyola University and Northeastern Illinois University in her hometown of Chicago during the 1960 s and 70 s. She didn t learn much about writing or the writing business in college even though she highly valued her liberal arts education. Learning to write outside of school Virginia used her innate curiosity and passion to guide her. I began my writing career in 1973 when I moved with my family to an island off the coast of Maine Virginia explained. I broke into magazine writing with articles about sailing and cruising family living women s issues and children s literature. In 1987 back in my hometown of Chicago I began publishing and co-authoring books on healthcare topics. I soon became a ghostwriter editor for doctors therapists business leaders professional speakers and others. I ve written over 100 books for my co-authors and clients including 12 titles for Alan R. Hirsch MD a neurologistpsychiatrist and developer of Sensa the popular weight loss program. The Oxygen Revolution with Paul Harch MD and Write Your Book Now with Lynda McDaniel are two of Virginia s coauthored books. Labeling herself a generalist Virginia knows a little bit about many things and regardless of topics she allows her creativity to lead the way. Virginia believes that half the credit for her successful business is her ability to adapt and expand and the other half stems from her passion for being her own boss. Working with clients who want or need to write books to advance their careers promote their business or fulfill their dream of being a writer Virginia becomes an accountability partner productivity creativity coach brainstorming partner and editor. A She also produces proposals when clients wish to publish conventionally and refers clients to companies that offer production services for those publishing independently. Conventional publishing is tighter than ever before Virginia noted but on the other hand independent publishing is exploding. We re in a revolutionary time the gatekeepers no longer control who gets into the marketplace so flexibility is critical. Noting early on that only a part of her income comes from book sales Virginia quickly learned to expand what it really meant to work in this business. Making the transition from writing articles ghosting and editing to also consulting and speaking was the best decision she ever made. Today as a coach too Virginia offers a lifetime of skill and experience to aspiring writers. Much of Virginia s free time is spent fulfilling her role as President of the Wisconsin Romance Writers a chapter of The Romance Writers of America. After spending decades focusing on writing non-fiction she is now steeped in writing award-winning novels including her recent release The Jacks of Her Heart and her most popular book to date Amber Light. Virginia says she has enough story ideas to carry her through the next 20 years. 53 Women of Distinction ISSUE 20 Women of Distinction Team WDM Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Holli M. Narvaez EDITOR HEAD WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Felix Pons Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Rachael Aspen Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Diehl SELECTION COMMITTEE Rebecca Valuch Women of Distinction 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 Marie Blest Healthcare Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Instruction Owner Instructor - Heartcare CPR Instruction LLC Mission Statement I am a dedicated healthcare professional interested in serving our community because I experienced a family CPR emergency. This had a major impact on my life and I felt the best way to give back to our community was to ensure that we train as many people as possible in CPR and First Aid. If you need CPR certification or any of our other life saving courses you can count on Heartcare CPR Instruction to be professional courteous and friendly. Let us teach you how to help save a life. (302) 482-1524 heartcarecprde Kathleen Earthrowl Fine Art Owner Principal Artist Sensory Art by Kathleen Earthrowl 56 Women of Distinction