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WDM November 2015 Anna Deeter M.A. . Speech Education Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer Founder President Speech Teacher - Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko Inc. Public Speaker Author ABA is governed by the scientific approach and the volume of research produced and published yearly concerning the behavior of all organisms especially children s education has been monumental Corrine explained. Spreading this methodology and encouraging the study of ABA is my lifetime goal. Corrine Russell Donley EdD Special Education Early Childhood Assistant Professor Emerita University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh features 4 Anna Deeter M.A. WDM Speech Education Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer Founder President Speech Teacher - Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko Inc. Public Speaker Author N. Palm Beach FL 18 31 Sewing Crafts Proprietress A Stitch in Time Sewing Lounge and School Orofino ID Karen Hunter Oil & Gas (Energy) Officer and Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors - Tanager Energy Inc. Calgary Alberta Canada Sandra Sandy L. (Hill) Marshall 41 Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Conveyor Material Handling President Chief Executive Officer Owner RiteWay Manufacturing Inc. Lester Prairie MN Denise A. Johnson 47 Kena Marie Troupe ER Nursing RN MSN - Staff RN for Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast Miramar Beach FL Anna Deeter M.A. Speech Education Nonprofit Chief Executive Officer Founder President Speech Teacher - Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko Inc. Public Speaker Author N. Palm Beach FL s Founder of Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko Anna Deeter has been devoted to enabling people to change their own lives for the better through her new and innovative approach to speech education. Aside from her role as founder she is also the CEO President and lead Speech Teacher for her company. Her more than 30 years of experience in the field of speechlanguage therapy have allowed Anna to help discover and adopt an extremely efficient way of guiding people in overcoming their speech imperfections specifically so-called speech fluency disorders (stuttering stammering cluttering) to the English language. Unlike most representatives of the conventional industry who tackle a person s speech mistakes with various types of medical treatments or tiring and unnecessary exercises which falsely promise their patients that they will eventually suffer less from their incorrect speech actions at some point in the unknown future Anna explains that it is simply impossible to cure a lack of any skill including speaking. She has found that the only efficient way to solving someone s lack of correct speaking skills is through proper speech education in the Etalon psycho-physical training which provides immediate 100% elimination of all speech mistakes in the present moment. Based on both well-known and newly discovered natural laws of physics and physiology Anna and her mentor Russian scientist Academic Roman Alekseevich Snezhko have revealed the mystery of stuttering as a result of the lack of correct speech skills. Through their work they ve explained every speech action as a physical process of movement and motion control of matter relating the characteristics of speech muscles to those of a physical object. Some of the characteristics for example are mass (tongue) strength (tongue voice) weight balance and equilibrium of force application course of action inertia of motion points of force application etc. The Etalon scientists have discovered and put together a natural set of rules and standards that every normal speaker on the planet follows intuitively. Anna teaches her students to first observe and precisely copy her speaking actions as a model and then begin repeating these same actions in the same correct way as many times as they need in order to begin acting with ease every time they speak. With this method Etalon students become aware that one correct speech action always eliminates all possible speaking mistakes automatically. This Etalon method has proven to be 100% effective for people of all ages and nationalities. A Some of Anna s main responsibilities as the head of her company which is a nonprofit include maintaining communication with her students through social media managing the financial and legal structure of her company and applying for grants that will benefit educational business projects. She is also the nonprofit s bookkeeper head of marketing grant writer and lead organizer and conductor of online conferences with her associates and students. As a speech teacher and instructor for her business Anna teaches three-day intensive classes to students around the world via Skype. In order to help her students and others further educate themselves she writes daily posts on the subjects of speech and stuttering provides progressmonitoring consultations to graduates of her program and creates a number of videos revolving around the success of the Etalon method as it s the first and only definitive solution for the elimination of any speech imperfections. Teaching is my love passion and my life mission. It gives me great pleasure satisfaction and pride to see the results of my enlightening work. Her greatest professional inspiration is the man who played the biggest part in inspiring her program Academic R.A. Snezkho. Based on his scientific findings and his unification of natural science and religious beliefs into a new style of life called StyleEtalonReal Anna was motivated to turn her biggest passion into a new industry. Through StyleEtalonReal Snezhko encourages those seeking enlightenment to change their way of thinking from imaginative to realistic in order to achieve the highest quality of life. Never believe anything until you ve experienced it yourself. Learn and live not the other way around Coming from a family of PhD professors and educators in Russia Anna was inspired by her mother to pursue a career in speech therapy and special education immediately following her graduation from high school in 1976. She attended Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical Institute in Yekaterinburg Russia where she ended up receiving her Master s Degree in Special Education and Speech Therapy in 1981. For those who are interested in becoming speech educators it s important to learn the natural algorithm of correct speaking actions so you can then teach it to people with any speech imperfections. Through her passionate research and hard work Anna has become a pioneer in the brand new industry of speech education. Based on this fact Anna plays a huge role in running Speech Academie Etalon International By R.A. Snezhko. 5 Women of Distinction In 1998 after over 17 years of professional experience as a speech-language therapist servicing public school students with speech difficulties in Russia Anna moved to the United States where she was pushed to attend a number of university courses to further strengthen her knowledge of the English language and advance as a speech-language professional. Through these courses she eventually received the proper certification to begin teaching at schools throughout California in 2003. After a largely successful two-year stint during her last conventional employment in a small California school district Anna was laid off from her position in 2010 which led to her making a life-changing decision. While Anna s experience with the speech education system in the United States had caused her much frustration and disappointment it ultimately led to the creation of her own method of speech education. Despite facing some misunderstanding and opposition from fellow speech professionals and stutterers alike Anna has persevered by proving the efficiency of her program through the number of students who have gone on and continue to go on correcting their speech imperfections with her method of education. Over the years she has also published three books on the subject of speech education including Stuttering Solved Definitive Scientific Solution for Speech Perfection Based on Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by Roman Snezhko and her most recent work Speech is a Skill 100% Reliable Scientific Solution For the Perfection of Speech and Elimination of Stuttering Based On Natural Laws Discovered and Explained by R.A. Snezhko which comes in the form of a textbook. At the moment Anna is also in the process of writing a manualtextbook titled Theory and Practice of Speech Conduct for students with speech challenges to learn from independently or for speech instructors to teach students how to speak correctly from scratch. All of her works explain the importance of the Etalon method and place emphasis on the fact that all speech imperfections in a physically intact human (including stuttering) are simply due to a lack of correct speaking skills and not a type of medical disorder as previously believed. Along with her writings and three-day courses Anna also has YouTube and Vimeo channels with over 100 videos which she fully produces on her own that have been viewed by over 230 000 people. While she spends most of her time answering questions of stutterers and speech professionals who may be interested in learning the Etalon method for the benefits of themselves or their students through social media she also enjoys morning jogs on the beach and swimming in the ocean. I m just a messenger best to introduce the the world in order to for all of us to live on this planet. I do my new Etalon science to make it a better place and prosper together. I would love to be remembered as a pioneer of a new profession SPEECH EDUCATOR 6 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A According to official statistics 1% (70 million people) of today s world population suffers from so-called speech fluency disorders (stuttering stammering cluttering) It is a devastating condition that causes the development of numerous psychological and neurological diseases. It s a very well known fact that today s conventional medical science doesn t have a clear 100% reliable solution for solving this problem. Speech Academie Etalon By R.A. Snezhko offers this solution. Q Why do you call yourself a speech educator teacher instead of a speech therapist A Speech is a skill not a medical condition that requires a cure . No one is born speaking. Each of us had to LEARN to speak when we were young. Those who experience any difficulty in learning to speak would simply need the guidance of a speech teacher not a medical professional (pathologist doctor therapist). Q Why do you oppose the use of words like cure heal and treatment in relation to stuttering A Every word is a program for a certain action. These wordprograms are for dealing with patients with various medical conditions of their physical body - to cure heal or treat illnesses diseases or injuries. Stuttering is a simple lack of correct speech skills which can and should be only taught to a student who simply needs to learn to speak correctly. Q Why do you believe that any breathing exercise is harmful for people who stutter A Breathing is an automatic function of our physical body it doesn t require any conscious attention or special training. Speech is a skill that needs to be learned and performed consciously. Every human can only consciously perform one action at a time. The moment a person attempts to perform such a non-correct speech action as beginning to breathe consciously while expecting his her tongue to produce speech automatically he she inevitably makes a mistake in their speech. The tongue doesn t have an independent brain to move by itself. On its own it can only lay flat in the mouth motionlessly Q Can any type of relaxation exercise such as yoga hypnosis light speech or manual therapy eliminate stuttering A No. Ordinary people never relax before they express their emotions. Expressing emotions in words is a speech skill that anyone can learn and practice in various situations. Q What effect does the Etalon program have on a person s family life relationships career and health A Right after graduation many of our students experience the excitement of their first ever meaningful and lengthy conversations with their loved ones. They make new friends obtain new steady relationships get engaged married and become great parents. They easily go through interviews and obtain jobs of their dreams. They tend to begin making better choices even health-wise. In general Etalon graduates enable themselves to become more rational satisfied healthy and productive members of our society Q Why do people develop stuttering problems A Having a stuttering disorder is a myth. In reality it s simply a lack of correct speaking skills. A person (of any age) who stutters has stopped developing his her speech at some point of his her life (most often in childhood) and never learned to speak correctly because of numerous possible reasons including as a child he she could have been raised among inadequate speakers (family friends classmates etc.) and copied their inadequate speech patterns or (in some cultures) were not allowed encouraged to speak much. Speech skills can also be lost in older age as a result of an injury brain trauma or a prolonged lack of speaking. Any time when a person s memory becomes erased they forget how to move their tongue in order to produce words. Q What is it that you do with your students during the 3-day class How is it different from any conventional speech therapy pathology treatment A I teach my students the same algorithm of correct speech actions that every normally speaking person on the planet follows in order to speak adequately in any language. Most conventional speech professionals teach a stutterer to learn to do something artificial or non-related to correct speech - a crutch for temporary managing of their speech mistakes - to practice something irrational (from the perspective of a normal speaker) and totally irrelevant to the naturally correct speech mechanism (e.g. breathing relaxation fluency shaping) and then drop it and begin to somehow speak correctly in the unknown future. In the Etalon classroom every student learns to perform only natural Etalon (correct) Speech Actions makes instant changes in their own speech behavior and begins producing a 100% correct speech almost instantly - right after they have learned and started to perform the Etalon Speech Actions correctly. Q What is the most significant thing you do to enable a student to change himself and go forward as a new person A The Bible states In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God . The skill of oral self-expression (speech) is a foundation of everything we do in our lives. If we cannot say a word clearly then we cannot clearly perform the action that this word labels. As the Etalon speech teacher I guide every student in his or her independent discovery and learning of the natural algorithm of correctly producing every word. Once they have learned to say the correct spoken word they enable themselves to make rational choices of action not only in their speech but in all other life actions. They enable themselves to live a healthy prosperous and productive life. Q How does your teaching effect a person s life for now and in the future A During the three-day Etalon course every student learns the basics of Etalon speech and life actions. He she changes their own life in the NOW stops acting irrationally in speech begins performing Etalon speech actions - and his her socalled stuttering disappears almost instantly (usually on the very first day) Then each of the students makes a personal decision regarding the level of mastery of their speech (and life) they want to accomplish in the future. They turn themselves into conscious captains of their own lives and can live to the fullest 8 Women of Distinction Erin Conway Co-Founder & Head of School Montessori Cottage Montessori Consultant Fallsington PA E rin Conway s vision was to work with young children and the Montessori education philosophy seemed the perfect fit for her beliefs. Erin was introduced to the Montessori method of teaching in 1991 when she accepted a job as an assistant teacher at a Montessori school in New Jersey. Within less than four years she went from assistant teacher to head teacher. In 2000 she left that school and co-founded Montessori Cottage in Fallsington Pennsylvania. Believing that children who are fortunate enough to have a Montessori educational experience have an unshakable foundation for lifelong learning Erin said My dream is for every child have the option of a Montessori education particularly at the preschool level when development is so rapid. The first five years of a child s life is the most rapid time of brain development more than any other period of time in their lives. It makes one question why we wait until fiveyears-old to formally start a child s education. I feel that the younger a child is when self-confidence and a love of learning is instilled the better the chance for longevity. The Montessori method of education is more than one hundred years old. Maria Montessori the creator of the teaching method was the first female physician in Italy. She made the transition from medicine to education after observing children with cognitive delays in the hospital who were believed to be unteachable. According to Erin Dr. Montessori would not accept the fact that any child was unteachable and so she worked with these children on her own time and eventually created a method of teaching that turned out to be an extremely successful educational venture. Essentially it teaches the senses then the intellect Erin explained about the Montessori way so that looking becomes reading and touching becomes writing and so forth. This method was so successful that in a period of two years some of Dr. Montessori s cognitively challenged children were able to surpass the abilities of typical children. Dr. Montessori wondered if these unfortunate children could do so well with this method how much better could typical children do if they used her methods. Hence the first Montessori school was born. As Head of School Erin s responsibilities at Montessori Cottage include interviewing and touring families handling all of the school s administrative duties including overseeing parent-teacher conferences presenting parent development workshops and negotiating all contracts pertaining to the school. Maintaining good relationships with the existing families she is also the sounding board for her staff. Most importantly she takes time out of her very busy schedule to stay current with child development and professional development and makes sure that their school is up to date on the latest information. The mandatory minimum for professional development in the state of Pennsylvania is six hours. Women of Distinction This year Erin completed more than 50 hours. On average her staff usually has about three times the state minimum of teacher development and Erin believes that this investment sets them apart from all the other area preschools. She also does private consulting for Montessori schools where services range from teacher workshops to implementing Montessori programs. More than academics the Montessori method of teaching fosters compassion and tolerance in children. It also fosters collaboration flexibility independence creativity perseverance problem solving skills critical thinking and helps to develop concentration. These skills are not just for school but for life. While Erin admits that the rewards for teachers certainly do not equate to material in this industry and that Montessori teachers are shamefully underpaid the rewards of being a Montessori teacher is in knowing that you have made a difference in the lives of the children. It is the same approach to what happens in a Montessori classroom. In addition to their training in childhood development Montessori teachers are trained as observers. They are trained to watch for signs of what the child is ready to learn next and then they offer materials that will foster that new skill. Erin explained further that just like it would be absurd to force a child to learn how to walk before they are physically ready we cannot make a child read before they are developmentally ready. There are no grades in a Montessori classroom instead a child works on the activity until they have learned it each child works at their own pace. In a traditional classroom the child has a certain amount of time to learn something they are graded on it and then they move on to the next level. Here each child works at his or her own pace the child is in the same classroom for three years and in that time frame the children learn what they need to at their own pace. Children may have a vague memory of you the teacher but their parents never forget Erin said about the impact her teachers and staff have on families. Over the years I have run into parents whose children have left my school years before and they tell me that the foundation that we gave their child is the reason for their child s current success. We are investing in the future in mankind that is our reward. In a traditional classroom they are expected to move on to the next level despite their level of understanding. They are building on a foundation that is not strong Erin added. Eventually the foundation gets weaker and weaker because they are constantly adding on to information that was not solid to begin with. It really doesn t make sense when you think about it. Montessori makes sense it sets the child up for success. One of the biggest differences in working at a Montessori school versus any other school Erin further explains is that the children in the care of a Montessori school are affected by the type of people the teachers are. Being a Montessori teacher is so much more than simply presenting materials and understanding development. Erin said that Dr. Maria Montessori spoke a lot about the teachers doing selfinventory something Maria called moral alertness which is revealed in tranquility patience charity and humility not in words but in virtues. The Montessori philosophy is misunderstood Erin noted. It has a reputation of being too strict as well as to lenient. The fact is it is neither. The Montessori Method is unique from traditional education in two significant ways. The classrooms are grouped by three year spans rather than by a single age and the children are self-directed. Dr. Montessori believed that children innately know what they are ready to learn when they are ready to learn it. If you think about the day that your child first learned to walk you didn t choose that day because the child was a certain age. You knew it would happen somewhere between nine and 18 months and you waited for the child to show signs that he or she was ready. When they began to show signs you began preparing their environment to foster that new skill. Montessori Cottage is a full affiliate with the American Montessori Society where Erin is also a member herself. Philadelphia was the host city of the Annual American Montessori Society Conference in March 2014. With more than 4 000 attendees from all over the world volunteers from the local Philadelphia Montessori schools including Erin lent a hand in making it such a great success. Erin is also an active member of a Pennsylvania Montessori Heads of School group and the Pennsylvania Montessori Teachers Association. Erin holds a Master s Degree in Education as well as an Infant Toddler American Montessori Certification. Her husband Glenn to whom she has been married for 19 years is a tremendous supporter of her career. They have two children Sarah 18 and Shane 14 both of whom are Montessori students. Erin enjoys her free time with her husband and children as well as her extended family. She also enjoys reading exercising and time at the beach. This is more than a career Erin said with gratitude. This is an industry for the passionate. If it was possible to fully understand the Montessori Method it would take a lifetime. 10 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What is Montessori A It is a philosophy of teaching where the children are grouped by three years. The children learn at their developmental level rather than their age. Children move to the next level when they have mastered their current level not when the calendar says it is time to move on. Q What ages does Montessori serve A Primarily preschool but it starts at infancy and goes through high school. Q Is Montessori good for children with learning disabilities What about gifted children A Montessori is good for all students. Children move through the curriculum at their own pace it doesn t matter where the child is cognitively. Q How are all the children doing different things at different times Is it chaotic A On the contrary Montessori classrooms are usually quite peaceful. The children are self-directed. That is they are choosing what activities to do throughout the day and consequently they become absorbed in their work and they develop great concentration skills. Q If they are choosing their own activities throughout the day how do you ensure a well-rounded education A Children innately know what they are ready to learn when they are ready to learn it. Cognitive development is not much different than physical development. The adult doesn t choose the day that a child learns to crawl or walk the child innately knows. The same goes for cognitive development. You can t make a child hear letter sounds before they are developmentally ready. Q How do you know when a child is ready to learn a new skill A Montessori teachers are trained in child development as well as in observation. We know what signs to look for and when a child shows readiness the teachers will introduce the lesson. Q Where do I find Montessori schools A Montessori schools are all over the world. In fact it is the only teaching method that is on six continents. Be aware though the name Montessori is not registered and schools do use the name without practicing the philosophy. Check to see if the school is affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS) or Association Montessori International (AMI) and make sure that the teachers have a certification from one of those organizations. Q What else should I know about Montessori A The Montessori Method is over 100 years old and it is as or more relevant than ever. Modern research is finally confirming Dr. Maria Montessori s theories from over a century ago. Q How is the Montessori Method more relevant than ever A In education today you hear a lot about 21st century skills. The world is changing so quickly that we are preparing children for jobs that don t even exist yet. To do that we need to give children a broad set of knowledge skills work habits and character traits. Montessori has been doing that for over 100 years. Q What types of skills and character traits are 21st Century Skills A Critical thinking problem solving creativity perseverance self-direction oral and written communication collaboration etc. These are skills that Montessori schools have been fostering in children for over a century. It is no coincidence that some of the greatest innovators of our time (Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin The Sims Creator Will Wright Creator of Wikipedia Jimmy Whales Singer Songwriter Taylor Swift) were all Montessori students. 11 Women of Distinction Where childhood is a journey...not a race Serving Children 13 Months - Kindergarten in the Yardley area Monday 7 30 am 4 30 pm Tuesday 7 30 am 4 30 pm Wednesday 7 30 am 4 30 pm Thursday 7 30 am 4 30 pm Friday 7 30 am 4 30 pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed 9 Old Locust Street Fallsington PA 19054 (215) 295-3125 admin Where childhood is a journey...not a race Serving Children 13 Months - Kindergarten in the Yardley area 9 Old Locust Street Fallsington PA 19054 (215) 295-3125 admin Gloria Layne Bieber Health and Wellness Spiritual Practitioner Intuitive Reader Our Angels Center for Well Being Wellness Counselor Owner Life Portraits International Psychic 14 Calgary Alberta CAN Women of Distinction dvising others to trust in your higher power Gloria Layne Bieber declares that many times we do not see the totality of a situation but rather allow our emotions and ego to dictate how and what we are going to do about certain events. Knowingly changing the form of negative thought and promoting a positive atmosphere links us to higher consciousness. Living by this simple notion and fortunate to have a family and doctor (Dr. Pujara P Bakul) to support her on her latest journey Gloria finally set out to commence intuitive healing and hold workshops of a number of disciplines like meditation channeling Reiki and psychic reading beginning in 2000. It has been a long time coming. A As a Wellness Counselor and Owner of Life Portraits her consultancy business that she formed in 2004 and is also based in Calgary Gloria offers a comprehensive range of spiritual insight and holistic healing. She utilizes electromagnetic fields to balance clients chakras and energy and provides insight to aid people in coping with practical day to day stresses and life s difficulties. Services include aura and chakra imaging Reiki energy balance iconic detox baths color therapy nutrition connecting with guides home parties and private readings and workshops. Most of my young adult life I was able to connect to spirits. I always felt different and had difficulty expressing myself in what I felt and saw in my inner mind s eye Gloria explained about her younger years living in Calgary Alberta Canada. The support of my family gave me the confidence to trust and as a child I was brought up to meditate and attend classes of well-being intuition dream therapy and others similar to those. I went to many teachings and workshops to align my selfesteem and to learn to trust in my abilities and in other people. I feel humbled and privileged to be able to connect to people through my practice Gloria said happily. It is an honor to serve and share information with others. Being empathetic serves for the greater good even though life s experiences can be very hurting at times. I hope that through my work I can help people through those difficult times and help them find their path to better understand themselves and be able to succeed. Explaining further that she desperately needed to live her life in a way that was not surrounded by drama and negativity Gloria set out to understand herself better become more grounded and continue in her journey in a way that enabled self-help towards positive living. To do this she had to leave her previous management career where she had spent 25 of her former years to challenge herself without the security of a weekly paycheck in order to do what she does best. As a Practitioner Intuitive Reader at Our Angels Center For Well Being located in the Calgary area Gloria teaches various workshops for clients including Intuition Dream Interpretation Vision Board Reiki and Meditation. Our Angels Center For Well Being is a multidisciplinary holistic wellness center that offers spiritual and alternative treatments services and products to the public with a focus on teaching clientele the importance of self-healing within the mind body and soul through the use of spiritually-based products and services that promote personal life transformations. She began working for them in 2011. Gloria has had the good fortune to work with numerous retreats in and around Calgary. She has participated in venues like The Women s Show Body Soul Spirt Expo and a number of health shows as well. She was privileged to attend the 2014 Emmy Awards and she also attended the 2015 Oscar Awards in their gifting suites. Gloria has interviewed on television and radio and has published articles in The Rising Women Magazine relating to the holistic industry. Gloria currently works out of Our Angels Center For Well Being located in the Kensington area of Calgary Alberta Canada. She offers spiritual alternative health treatments with a focus on teaching clients the importance of self-healing within the mind body and soul through the use of spiritually based practices that promote personal life transformations. 15 Women of Distinction 16 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What purpose does an aura or chakra have A Auras and chakras are a window into the state of the personality of the inner soul. They provide information about the choices you make at a given point in time and how these decisions fit with your inner truth. When the path you are taking does not align with your inner purpose your auras and chakras will let you know. They are the true indication of balance and inner peace. Q What is an aura A An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies reflecting colors that denote your state of mind body and inner being. Your aura colors are determined by physical mental emotional and spiritual states of being. Without energy we would not exist. The human aura is an energy occurrence within a highly complex system. The aura is the external representation of a creative life force that energizes and sustains our existence. As a functional energy form that envelopes the physical body the aura provides a channel for interacting with other energy sources and dimensions including other human aura systems. Q What is color therapy A Color and light around the chakra centers tell the secret of the body s physical mental emotional and spiritual balance. The different colors represent different frequencies and that represents the health of the body s core energy locations. These are the points in the body that balance thought emotion spirit and other life-affirming dimensions. Q Are there spiritual teachers on the other side A Guides are with us at every step. In essence they try to teach and guide us along our path throughout our life. We try to form a communicative style in order to render one s conscience mind to reach out to our teachers. They give us information through our senses on how to make the best decisions for ourselves at any given point in time. Q Does one s health or nutrition play a role in balancing A With the body and spirit working together through time and dimensions as a whole we can heal the body through nutrition. Each chakra accounts for its current state respecting both the function it play within the individual where it sits in the body and what nutritional elements it needs to thrive. For example the root chakra is the body s grounding network and it likewise finds nourishment through root vegetables while the body s sacral chakra controlling sex and creativity finds healing through sweet fruits nuts and a select few spices. Q How does one learn to feel energy A Subtle energy is the life force energy field of a living thing that most people cannot see with the naked eye. We all have the ability and use it naturally so that most of the time we do not really think about how we actually do it. Examples include sensing the mood of a friend before they speak walking into a room and feeling that you could cut the air with a knife and knowing that someone is staring at you. Q Can energy be blocked A Energy feeds and nurtures the soul. When there is a blockage the physical spiritual and mental well-being may be at risk. One of the greatest gifts a healer can offer is to willingly be a conduit of Mother Nature s energy to work with you through your energy blockages. The art if Reiki however is beyond removing blockages. It comes in the skill and knowledge of being able to read the meaning behind a blockage to provide clients with information on what the energy source means. Q Why do people feel anxious A Anxiety is the body s natural response to when you feel threatened or under pressure. One individual may suffer from intense anxiety attacks that strike without warning while another gets panicky at the thought of change. Someone else may struggle with fear or intrusive thoughts. Yet another may live in a constant state of tension. Q How can one become silent in the mind A Relaxation meditation and guided imagery is effective in silencing the mind. It sidesteps the logical and analytical centers of the brain. Q What is transcendental meditation A It is a technique that uses a mantra to encourage in a passive attitude. It is the use of a mental device through repetition of sound word chant or prayer that teaches one to be quiet and move away from distracting thoughts. 17 Women of Distinction Karen Hunter Sewing Crafts Proprietress A Stitch in Time Sewing Lounge and School 18 Orofino ID Women of Distinction person who says she does not like to follow the norm and prefers to stand out from the crowd Karen Hunter takes pride in crafting beautiful things as the Owner and Creator of A Stitch in Time Sewing Lounge and School a sewing and crafts store in Orofino Idaho. Discovering the art of sewing in her home economics class in high school along with several sewing projects during her time volunteering with 4-H Karen has been honing her craft since 1979. A Being brave and thinking outside my comfort box has been the essence of my business Karen admits. When it comes to business it s always a good idea to try something new that no one else is doing. It may not be available in your community so you can be the first. I am always pleasantly surprised when I find other people who like my ideas it keeps me going. My mother and grandmother sewed for basic needs like mending and my mother made clothes for my sister and I when we were young Karen said. My grandmother even taught me to crochet. When I create something now it is a way for me to continue their memories. Living in a small community in Idaho of approximately 3 000 people people do not typically stray far from home. But Karen has found a great big world outside of Idaho and that it is absolutely beautiful. Using her experiences in travel she has been able to learn and discover new things like material and techniques and bring them back home with her to share. She enjoys teaching and sharing her experiences with those that can appreciate the quality handiwork from our heritage and those of other countries thus preserving a piece of history by recreating something new. And what better way to do it but within the four walls of her business Constantly looking for inspiration and ideas for herself in other businesses crafters and by way of the internet Karen takes advantage of one of the great perks of owning a crafting store shopping She always keeps in mind what marketing practices work for other people and she has a great ability when it comes to sifting through garments and other items at thrift shops and swap meets and finding things that have some sort of hidden potential. Being able to transform them into new and exciting pieces however takes a special talent all her own. This form of searching is what Karen identifies as upcycling or recycling and she believes it is a wonderful sustainable business tactic that benefits her as a business owner as it allows for better profitability and it affords her the opportunity to be more environmentally and economically conscience. Karen has had experience working with the public for as long as she can remember so customer service has always come second nature to her. She has worked for big box retail stores like The Home Depot Staples and Macy s to small chain stores like Joann Fabrics. She has also worked in hospitals doctors offices and lawyers offices. The value of learning good customer service serves as her bread and butter as the owner of her own shop so when it comes to the customer she will do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable and eager about their next visit. A big fan of a woman by the name of Martha Campbell Pullen PhD from Huntsville Alabama Karen discovered a lot about her business style by reading up on her in books. Martha developed a huge business following with sewing techniques that she developed to recreate French heirloom sewing. Meeting her at the Sew Expo in Puyallup Washington in 2008 Karen became hooked on her ideas and level of creativity. In fact she was the one who really taught Karen how to think outside the box. Although Karen was making clothing for herself and her daughter and dabbled a bit in quilts at the time she never truly blossomed in the art of sewing until she took Martha s licensed teaching certification training. It has changed the way she thinks about how to teach make money and most of all make her customers happy. Finding her biggest strengths by first believing in herself Karen knows that no one is going to hold your hand and lead the way to your own achievements. Although she has been encouraged along the way by both friends and family alike and her accomplishments have been recognized which certainly keeps her going every day she still must keep her head on straight and remember that she must fight for herself her business and all that she believes in if she wants to be successful in life and work. If we do not keep these skills going they will die out. So many people will rely on what they can buy at the store Karen said about preserving and reviving older pieces by way of her business. And should there be no more stores those people will be absolutely lost. A Stitch in Time Sewing Lounge and School is a very new and unique concept. In addition to offering sewing classes in garment construction and design the lounge aspect offers the opportunity for customers from larger communities who might not have enough room in their homes to come in relax meet other people with similar interests and be able to cut their fabric work on their projects and feel just as comfortable in the lounge as they would feel at home. It is also a place where support encouragement and inspiration flourish. My biggest challenge has been a lack of selfconfidence Karen said about her innermost feelings. But God has given me a special gift and purpose that only I can fulfill. Karen s self-esteem issues were the result of a bad marriage and divorce. But knowing just how talented she really is she must continue to remind herself that she is worth it. Growing up in a town with a lot of retirees and young families her advanced degrees have actually hindered her in her job search over the years. She has been told she was overqualified for many of the positions she s applied for so she always had to go above and beyond the competition to improve upon herself to achieve her own goals and dreams. By creating her own path and opening up the doors to A Stitch in Time Sewing Lounge she has been able to prove just how capable she is. A great way to create a name for yourself in your local community when it comes to business is by being present and active and Karen knows this first hand. She tries to get involved with various organizations and projects to demonstrate her versatility and to give back. Recently she took over the local Cinderella Project in town. The project is a closet of evening gowns and prom dresses at her school for women and young ladies who live locally from which to borrow them for events like prom the Junior Miss program or any other social gathering that requires formal attire. Women donate gently used dresses at the store that they have previously invested in and only wore once or twice. It is another fantastic way to upcycle and reuse something that Karen is very much a fan of. She also plans on using these dresses in future classes on redesigning. Karen volunteers as a 4-H leader and is in the beginning phases of starting a Swap Meet on weekends. Karen also enjoys spending some of her free time on personal development which she said is a fancy way of saying that I am constantly learning . When she watches television she likes to watch shows like The History Channel or the news programs. Never taking her personal time for granted Karen is a survivor of not only divorce but three separate battles with cancer. The times she has gone through have made her stronger and much more resourceful. Single with four grown children and three grandchildren now her daughter is a registered nurse and all three of her sons are active duty military men. Karen earned her Bachelor s Degree in Paralegal Studies from Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston Idaho in 2008 and her MBA in International Business from American Intercontinental University in Illinois in 2010. She is now working toward her Master s Degree in Paralegal Studies at The George Washington University in Washington DC and a Master Sewing and Design Professional Certification through the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. I want people to remember me as an overcomer. I am the person who was dealt a bad hand of cards and was able to turn things around. I am making something of my life by pulling up my boot straps and making my future happen Karen said happily. 20 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What makes your business relevant at this time A In the 21st century so much education and focus is on technology. The basic skills in life are being forgotten. The majority of garments purchased by today s consumers are mass produced in overseas factories on assembly lines. Such garments are produced in the millions and are all identical. If a person does not want to look like everyone else in the crowd his or her shopping choices are very limited. By providing sewing classes in garment construction and design the average person can create a wardrobe that sets him or her apart from the crowds while maintaining the high quality that has been lost over time. Q Is your business sustainable A Sewing skills are the basis of my business. These skills can be taught to men women children teens seniors and disabled persons. Creativity will be encouraged while keeping budget and effect in mind. Garments from secondhand stores can be redesigned to create new items more appealing than the parts. By teaching classes more people will benefit than by one person doing custom sewing who has a limited space and time to work from. Q What age groups will you cater to A There are many quilt and fabric stores who cater to a specific slice of the crafting market. There needs to be more places for people who want to learn skills of a larger variety. Beginning sewing can be taught to children as young as four or five and to all ages. Special adaptations can be incorporated in the teaching programs for disabled persons. The business will focus on encouraging the gift of creativity in fashion design with programs similar to Project Runway and Masquerade events. Student teachers and interns will be given the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge in the crafting business industry. Q What is the bottom line motivator for you A My bottom-line motivator is to educate and encourage. The old Chinese proverb says that if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime. The bible verse Proverbs 22 6 says Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. What that means to me is that each person is valuable and teachable. Someone told me recently that You don t know what you don t know. That barrier is easy to bring down by finding out what you do not know and incorporating it into your everyday schedules. Q Will you be doing any conferences on Women Entrepreneurs in business A I have some experience in public speaking and would be honored to speak to groups on my thoughts and plans for starting and running a business as a single woman. Q From where do you get your inspiration A My inspiration comes from the wonderful artists around the world in the crafting industry like Martha Pullen from Huntsville Alabama and Jenny Haskins from Castle Hill New South Wales Australia. They have opened up a world of design and creativity to the regular people outside of New York City and Paris. People who live on Main Street USA can recreate the fabulous garments that are featured on the catwalks in Milan and Paris. Q What is in the future plans for your business A The sewing lounge concept has become very popular in large communities. I plan on franchising the idea in order to share my vision through like-minded people throughout the US and beyond. The basic concept is that it is better to give a hand up than a hand out. I think this idea is fundamental to the successful future of our society to become self-sufficient and resourceful in the changing world of technology and globalization. Q What is the theme of the business A The name A Stitch in Time is a metaphor for proper planning and sustainability. If you take an extra step in the beginning whatever you do will last longer. I like the Steampunk movement because it incorporates the Victorian era of Old London and the futuristic gadgets of HG Wells and Jules Verne. What it means to me is the foundation in our history from which we have learned and the promise the future holds for those who are prepared and resourceful. The sewing lounge idea was created for people who live in larger communities who may not have room in their own apartments for sewing tasks such as cutting out fabric or tying quilts. Other purposes of the sewing lounge are to provide a place for creative support inspiration from others and a safe place to learn and express ideas. Q Will you be teaching any classes yourself and what kind A I am a licensed heirloom sewing teacher through the Martha Pullen Company. It is my favorite form of embellishments and design. I plan on teaching classes in heirloom sewing techniques for garments and quilts. I will have a variety of teachers to teach a large choice of classes in all areas. I will also involve the students from the local universities textile program to work as interns. Q Will you continue your education in the field A I like to say that I am a lifelong learner. I will continue my education by taking more certification classes from the Martha Pullen Company and from the Association of Sewing and Design Professionals. They both offer classes and training that I can bring back and share with my students and associates. This form of networking will broaden my knowledge and influence in the crafting and sewing world. 22 Women of Distinction Rebecca Theodore Media Communication Independent Journalist Professional Writer and Public Speaker 23 NY New York Women of Distinction R ebecca Theodore is a syndicated columnist based in Washington DC and has built a reputation for strong social and political writing. She writes on trending topics of national security politics and human rights. Her work has appeared in the LA Times the Nation of Change the Associated Press and the Baltimore Post among others. As an award-winning public speaker Rebecca successfully paneled the Harvard Caribbean Law School Conference of 2011 and was the keynote speaker for the Peaceful Caribbean Conference 2012 and Women in Leadership conference 2010. In combining her liberal arts education with politics public administration and journalism she has mastered the art of speech writing thus translating complex economic political and policy issues into a clear message for the general public. Rebecca always knew that writing and public speaking were God-given talents. Growing up in her native Dominica she was one of the best English students in her local primary school. She recalls the times when she was laughed to scorn by peers in her little church after memorizing a script called The Mission Story and delivering it with confidence before a packed audience. But little did she know she was building her confidence to speak before large audiences. Although sometimes she felt defeated from the constant criticisms and rebuke that were continually being lashed out at her she somehow knew deep within that she would use her writing and public speaking skills to rise to prominence. Finally in 2002 at York University in Toronto Ontario Canada Rebecca decided to become a writer and public speaker after receiving much praise and admiration from professors on the depth of her writing and eloquence and fluency in speaking. She has even co-authored an anthology of the political social and economic life in Haiti published as the Caribbean Writer . I m one of those distinct women who find certain strength in boldness. The personal power within me has helped me define success my way. I don t follow the crowd. However I always admired Christian Amanpour a female journalist but more and more I find myself gravitating to Sarah Palin. Regardless of the legacy that Sarah Palin will write on the slate of history I think she will always be regarded as a fearless woman who stood up for herself and that in itself is a great inspiration for me. She also found her voice through writing. In striving to be the voice of the voiceless and bringing attention to issues that are overlooked or underrepresented Rebecca has become the tireless advocate for women s rights globally. By taking the role of keynote speaker at women s conferences and summits she s able to raise awareness of the marginalization problems that women are facing globally and implement ways to raise awareness of these problems. I think the most professional challenge is being looked upon as an outsider. Maybe if I was perceived otherwise I wouldn t have been so persistent in my efforts to get my message to a wider spectrum. Women have always been on the side of the less valued and that really stirred the challenge within me to seek solutions. And in the process I found out that it was not a singular thing. These were the actions that contributed to my success. Rebecca grew up in a family of nine children as the middle child. I had to fight to break loose to define who I was and which direction I wanted to take. People refer to me as a force of nature but I had to work very hard to achieve this power. I believe that personal power is harder to achieve because you have to believe in yourself. It s hard to protect your personal power from others because people always think you have a chip on your shoulder or you have a bigger than life attitude. But I don t think I have to play it safe with anyone where excellence is concerned. I make my own rules and play my own games. And in the end I m the winner because I always play to win. In her free time Rebecca volunteers for a literacy program at a women s ministry and serves as a minister to the elderly in a nursing home. She also enjoys reading fishing and yoga. She has one daughter Chrissy Theodore who is currently finishing her degree in public policy and governance at Ryerson University in Toronto Ontario Canada. Chrissy is my world and the wind beneath my wings. Rebecca wants to be remembered as someone who ran the race and won. She fought the good fight and gracefully reached the finished line. I believe that the task of professional writer public speaker and journalist provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with ethnic and diverse audiences from all walks of life. The world is full of people who have a good story to tell hence why she aspired to be the best at telling her story. While the thirst for leadership literary cohesiveness and the love of challenging difficult tasks keeps her firmly glued to her career Rebecca loves the task of diffusing problems through writing opinion editorial pieces for numerous publications. As long as the world turns and there are trending topics of interest I ll continue to write and speak. Although she has to find her own market and negotiate her own fee as an independent journalist professional writer and public speaker Rebecca chooses who she wants to work for and what she wants to write about. However writing on trending topics on national security politics and human rights gives leading publications an edge in publicity as they all capitalize on her publicity with a large readership.She is the author of the book Escape Artiste . Rebecca is also an articulate pro-Israel activist and has held notable debates on Israel s right to exist in the Middle East. 25 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Does the business of journalism synthesize or aggregate information A The world leaders in news are making too much noise on a single topic. They get the audience distracted instead of registering interest. It would be better if they stop turning the media into a circus. The only reward for some viewers is to become copy cats to what they have seen and heard. Q What does the business of journalism need to stop doing A We are living in a post-industrialized age and public service journalism is open to investigation by all and anyone. They need to tell the truth because people make up their own stories and mask it as truth. Q What does public speaking mean to me A Public speaking gives a fierce purpose and builds my confidence and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Q What story are you most proud of writing about A I am most proud of writing about the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Q What qualities should writers share with the world A Words are a writer s most cherished asset and they should know how to use them. Q How would you describe yourself as a writer A Writing helps me express my feelings. As a writer I love writing about my feelings curiosity and all of the questions in my mind. Even though all of my questions are not answered writing helps me calm myself and make me a satisfied and complete person. Q What are the most important things that writing and public speaking have taught me A Writing and public speaking help me see the world in a new way. There are always new discoveries. Q What advice would you give to aspiring writers A You must always learn to exercise your conscience. Q Who is your favorite writer A George Elliot. Q Why do journalists feel that it is important to ask tough questions A Journalists are like servers. They wait on the audience. The audience on the other hand wants to be informed. They must grill the interviewees for their own answers. Q Why do journalists like to repeat the whole story in the middle of an interview A It helps find the truth. Maybe you can ask me to repeat my story again. 26 Women of Distinction Corrine Russell Donley EdD Special Education Early Childhood Assistant Professor Emerita University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 27 Oshkosh WI Women of Distinction C orrine Russell Donley EdD who is best known for her very rewarding career as a qualified applied behavior analyst and educator with expertise in the education of caretakers for infants toddlers youth and adults with developmental disabilities and or emotional disturbance retired from her teaching profession in 2002 with the Department of Special Education University of WisconsinOshkosh while also upholding her own private practice as behavioral consultant for nearly 18 years. Working in her latest role as the university s coordinator of assessment the University called upon Corrine to facilitate the development of the assessment of student learning with the deans and chairs of all the departments under the direction of the vice-chancellor. Corrine had the ability to utilize the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) a relatively new area of research and practice that is misunderstood by many because they find it difficult to accept. Despite those misconceived perceptions Corrine found it very effective in implementing the assessment program. Corrine s educational contributions over the years have included everything from regular to special education classroom instruction to parenting education higher education educational leadership and finally therapeutic instruction in homes schools workshops and group homes. During her undergraduate studies at Ohio State University Corrine traveled to the state of Maine to work as a nurses aide in the state institution with the American Friends Service Committee over a summer. She was chosen to help build a stone bamboo and handcrafted tile building with the World Council of Churches for five weeks in Greece the following summer. Most of her clients toward the end of her career were violent adults with autism or cognitive deficits that were successfully transferred from institutions to community settings with the modern educational approach in treatments called ABA. Moderating the speed of change is the lesson she still must learn however because change that is instituted too quickly will unfortunately not be effective. This she says is a valuable lesson for any behavior analyst. For all those that follow her lead in the study of ABA she believes in the importance of undergraduates not waiting too long after receiving their degree to pursue their master s degree in ABA. A professional background in psychology education business administration animal training social services or human services are all examples of the many areas that are applicable to this discipline. According to Corrine ABA is related to all areas of life and the number of behavior analysts is growing. When Corrine first entered into her teaching career in 1961 she taught children with cognitive disabilities at what was then called The Little Carpenter School which was located in Point Pleasant New Jersey. It was one of the first public school classes for trainable children in the United States because New Jersey legislature had the foresight to pass a law that every child regardless of disability was to attend a public school Corrine said about the state law at that time. Sophisticated positive developments in the field of special education have challenged me for over 50 years and have motivated me to remain in teaching. In 1960 those of us who had studied the few instructional courses available really had few clues as to what methods were effective. Our students were guinea pigs their progress and my frustration often showed it. ABA is governed by the scientific approach and the volume of research produced and published yearly concerning the behavior of all organisms especially children s education has been monumental Corrine explained. Spreading this methodology and encouraging the study of ABA is my lifetime goal. Unfortunately Corrine s work in ABA ended abruptly when she was forced to retire following emergency surgery to repair a dissected aorta. But her hope is that this area of study will continue to live through others with the same amount of passion and zest she has for the practice. Although she admits she has found that people in general do not appreciate change even when the product is successful. 28 Women of Distinction Corrine began her career in the Point Pleasant school systems followed by 22 years teaching in the Howell Township New Jersey Public Schools. She then worked as a supervisor for a short time at Margaret Chapman School in Yonkers New York while pursuing her doctorate in ABA at Teacher s College at Columbia University in New York City. Accepting her first position in higher education as an assistant professor of special education at Georgian Court College in Lakewood New Jersey Corrine remained in this role for two years. She then took on the role of behavior analyst parent trainer for children with disabilities at Fred S. Keller Preschool in Yonkers New York. Finally in 1992 Corrine began working for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Beginning as an assistant professor for the Department of Special Education she then became a lecturer for the university before entering into her final role as university coordinator of assessment until retirement. Throughout her career Corrine has published numerous papers in educational journals including the The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. Initiating the formation of the Wisconsin Association for Behavior Analysis (WisABA) a chapter of the Association for Behavior Analysis International in 2002 Corrine is proud of the manner in which younger behavior analysts have carried the tradition and successful work to grow the practice within the state. WisABA membership has multiplied meetings are held in various areas in the large state of Wisconsin their yearly conference is well attended and Board Certified Behavior Analysts become licensed regularly as a result. In addition the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee supports the graduate discipline through the Corrine Russell Donley Fellowship for Behavior Analysis. Corrine is also actively involved with other organizations that have supported her in both her teaching and consulting career as well as networking endeavors. These include membership with the National Association of Distinguished Professionals National Association of Professional Women as well as Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Women s Honorary Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity Mortarboard Senior Women s Honorary Council for Exception Children and Kappa Delta Pi and was designated as a Keller Fellow at Teachers College of Columbia University. She has also been recognized by Who s Who in American Women Continental Who s Who and Cambridge Who s Who and was the recipient of a Teacher of the Year Award by The Arc of Monmouth County in 1981-82. Graduating in 1958 with a Bachelor s Degree in Music from Ohio State University Corrine followed up man years later with a Master s Degree in Music Education with a minor in Special Education from Trenton State College in 1981. Continuing in her education she earned herself a second Master s Degree in Special Education in 1989 followed by an EdD in Behavior Analysis with a minor in Special Education in 1990 both of which were received at Teachers College of Columbia University. Now residing in Ohio with her daughter and her family ever since the surgery Corrine reflects back on the many wonderful years that she lived in Oshkosh. One of her favorite and most memorable experiences was when she restored her Victorian home there. It was a very personally rewarding time in her life. As an elder at the First Presbyterian Church of Oshkosh church is a big part of Corrine s life now. She has studied piano choral directing voice and violin all at different points in her life and she has a great interest in music mostly classical. Previously married for 32 years Corrine has four children nine grandsons and one granddaughter as well as four great-grandchildren. Having spent her married years in New Jersey followed by more than 20 years in Wisconsin it is good to be back in Ohio again enjoying her days with her daughter and extended family. My goal in my later years has been to cultivate positive generous close relationships with as many family members colleagues and friends as possible because I believe those connections are the most important aspects of life Corrine said reflecting back on life s many blessings. Rather than collecting objects now I seem to be giving away the artifacts and things I love to people I care about or those who really need them. 29 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) A A system for the improvement of behavior that focuses on observable measurable socially significant behaviors studied with objective scientific procedures. Q What does scientific mean A In science the results of experimentation can be used to predict behavior under the same circumstances because the experimenter uses objective observation and seeks the simplest explanation for the behavior. Q What is the difference between typical education and ABA A Behavior Analyst Teachers do not expect that their hunches or that other s tales of effective instruction will necessarily produce learning. They test their ideas by manipulating the variables and measuring their students responses over time. Q Why haven t we heard of this kind of education before A The science is relatively new people are resistant to change the implementation requires work the number of teachers using the technology is still small and some people feel that only children with disabilities are those that need special education. Q Why do teachers who use ABA talk about behaviors instead of subjects or grades A Learning a new academic skill is the improvement of a behavior that the child did not perform well before or he did not know before. Q Are there other professionals who use this technology A The field of professionals studying and using the discipline is growing quickly social work sports instruction parent training business management animal training and psychology among others. Q Why is this system important to the future of the world A I feel that this field will stimulate faster more creative learning for all children with various abilities who will then solve many of the earth s dilemmas. Effective education is a major need in much of the world especially in the US. Q What types of technology are used in ABA A Research constantly requires the newest technologies for measuring behaviors. Prior to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI s) people could not measure brain waves. Now we can see the effects of the environment on the brain we can measure the effects of instruction on it. This is important for treating autism. Q If I wanted to get help from a behavior analyst where would I look A The Association for Behavior Analysis International website ( is a power house of information. I would suggest that you contact a behavior analyst first who would be listed in your state on the website. Q If I wanted to be a behavior analyst where would I inquire A A link to these A-accredited programs and other information about certification are on the website Ohio State University City University New York Teachers College Columbia University University of Cincinnati University of Kansas University of Nevada Reno West Virginia University Western Michigan University CSU Los Angeles FSU Panama City Florida Tech Simmons College Southern Illinois University St Cloud State University of Houston Clear Lake University of Maryland Baltimore County University of North Texas University of South Florida Jacksonville State University McNeese State University Western New England University University of Wisconsin Milwaukee University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Caldwell University UNMC and OAUCAS. Corrine credits her colleagues Cooper J. O. Heron T. E. Heward W. L. (1987). Applied Behavior Analysis. Columbus Merrill for the answers to these questions however they re not quotes.) 30 Women of Distinction Sandra Sandy L. (Hill) Marshall Oil & Gas (Energy) Officer and Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors - Tanager Energy Inc. 31 Women of Distinction Calgary Alberta Canada I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me . Philippians 4 13 Sandra Sandy L. (Hill) Marshall is the Officer and Corporate Secretary to the Board of Directors at Tanager Energy in Calgary Alberta Canada. She focuses on providing the Board of Directors with ethical company practices effective shareholder communication timely disclosure and strong board administration. Sandy gives very high attention to professional detail with her extensive expertise in the energy field as well as her outstanding leadership abilities thus increasing focus on good company practices effective shareholder communications efficiency dedication new business development operations management timely disclosure and effective board administration as well as improving corporate communications with both registered and beneficial owners. This also entails the following processes Actively representing member interests to government stock exchanges and regulators. Streamlining and standardizing industry requirements. Identifying and implementing cost reductions and operation efficiencies. Facilitating discussion and communication among its members. As an accomplished executive in the oil and gas energy industry with well over two decades of diverse professional experience Sandy considers herself blessed to have the opportunity to come to work every day to a job that she loves and allows her entrepreneurial spirit to be practiced. She routinely demonstrates the excitement passion vision goal orientation dedication and diligence necessary for the Board of Directors to reach their potential. As a result she has earned recognition in the prestigious network of prominent professionals. Sandy has also earned numerous other awards and distinctions over the years. However she considers her most important accolade to be that she is a person of integrity before God. At times God will be the only witness to my righteous behavior. Sometimes God is the only one who understands my motives. Sometimes I will do all I know God has asked me to do only to face ridicule from others. At such times all I can do is maintain my integrity trusting that God always keeps His eyes on me. God looks favorably upon those who walk with integrity doing what they know is right regardless of how others perceive their actions. Your vindication should not be in the eyes of others. It should be in the knowledge that God keeps you in His sight. If you have this confidence it will be enough to sustain you. 32 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A The oil and gas industry will always be relevant whether it s today or in the future. With collaborative actions and innovations of most of the big oil companies and environmental agencies working together the energy industry has made great strides in decreasing our carbon footprint. The energy industry is very concerned about greenhouse gas emissions land and water and will continue to place these as priority areas. The regulatory agencies (AER) are also on board and regulating what is being done in all areas of the industry making sure that it is living up to the standards that are set before them. One of the companies actively engaged in the environmental protection of the oil and gas industry is COSIA (Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance). COSIA is an alliance of oil sands producers focused on accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance in Canada s oil sands through collaborative actions and innovations. COSIA is comprised of 14 members who represent almost 90% of the oil sands production in Canada. They share experience and intellectual property with other member companies. Through the sharing of innovation and application of these technologies members accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement. (http about-cosia members) Oil companies whether national or international are the central driving force in the oil industry right across the supply chain from exploration and production through processing and transportation all the way to marketing sales and distribution. Strong partnerships between the public and private sector are to be encouraged especially given the challenges that the oil industry is facing. Oil companies must continually seek to develop new technologies (for example) to enhance recovery from mature oil fields as well as look to the oil sands in Northern Alberta. The energy industry is currently facing a challenge with raising costs and the retirement of its workers. Everyone is well aware of the rising cost of oil and gas. With the gas and oil prices in North America we have to find other avenues where we can become more self-sufficient rather than being so dependent on OPEC. We do have the means to accomplish this. There will always be a continual demand for oil and the cost bbl (cost per barrel) is only going to rise. The environmentalists and the oil industry are facing challenges but with each working together the industry can become stronger and more acceptable to both sides. We have a great responsibility to our children and future generations to make this work. Q What do you do to stay on top of the latest developments that are coming your way A I am continually researching and reading all the business magazines I have subscribed to along with articles on the Internet to keep the company abreast of what they should be aware of. I review articles put out by law firms for the latest security issues that pertain to the energy industry. Q What policies or practices have you put in place for your Board to follow A I ve put in place the following policies and practices Code of business ethics which is given to each employee to read and sign Whistleblower policy Onboarding and offboarding policy Keeping the Board abreast of cybersecurity issues and the evolving role of the Board Strategy and risk assessment Implementing Board evaluations twice a year Brought forth a gender diversity policy within the workplace The Board s role in emerging risks Corporate responsibility strategy The Company s enhanced corporate governance rules Shareholder feedback Latest in finance rules and regulations Director and officer liability insurance Q How do you make sure that everyone s computers have the latest software on them to prevent cybersecurity A I arrange with our IT group to not only thoroughly check everyone s computers at the office but to also go to their homes and make sure that their security is up to date and that they have the latest security software. Q How do you keep your Board informed of the latest securities information A I attend all courses offered by the CSCS TSX IIROC NCAD SCCE and as many webinars as possible that are pertinent in enabling the Board to succeed and stay up on the latest events. 33 Women of Distinction Q Company Survival 101 by Daniel Burns What is he stating that companies need to do and how does this apply for your company A According to Daniel Today it is all about transformation. This means you can t go backwards and you can t stand still. You can t rest on your laurels and you can t keep doing what you ve always done even if you do your best to keep doing it better. The only way for a company to survive let alone thrive is to continuously reinvent and redefine itself. As an oil and gas company we continually have to redefine what we re doing especially when we re out in the field working on a well. You definitely can t stand still or rest on your laurels. You are forever trying new techniques. There s always a service company out there who has come up with a new procedure that you can try. (I would suggest that if you have the time read Company Survival 101 You Must Continually Reinvent and Redefine .) Q Board composition executive pay and corporate strategy are among the issues directors will face in 2015. How do you propose to handle this A Mark Rogers CEO of online boardroom community states Increasingly companies are realizing that although they may have a very talented group of directors around the boardroom table they may not necessarily be the right directors to confront the growing challenges in a global economy. What Mark says is true which is why it s important that you evaluate your Board members and give each a Board evaluation process questionnaire to complete on a regular basis after which they all sit down and review where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This enables the Board to focus on the areas where there needs to be change. The directors have to be willing to listen to change and want what s best for the company. If that means stepping down to allow someone with fresh ideas to come aboard then they have to be willing to do so. Q Does your company have a succession plan in place A In his book Succession Planning Reasons Why Companies Often Fail written by Noel Trichy a professor at the University of Michigan and long-time researcher on succession Trichy discusses the importance of continuity of leadership and developing a pipeline of future leaders who are willing and able to take up leadership positions within an organization. He suggests that it s important to have a pipeline already established that s agreeable to everyone involved. The succession plan must be tailored to fit the needs of the company. If your company hasn t thought about having a plan in place then it should. One never knows what may happen and your company could be left with no one at the helm to lead it. Q In the latest issue of Financier Magazine they state In these litigious days a thorough awareness of the risk and liability issues faced by directors & officers (D&Os) is a prerequisite for businesses intent on surviving the considerable pitfalls that exist within the corporate world. As a direct result of the 2008 global financial crisis the risks faced by D&Os have grown exponentially and new exposures arising from compliance discrimination tax bribery and antitrust rules have taken root amid the fiduciary responsibilities board members have to investors and company constituents. How is your company dealing with these issues A Tanager Energy Inc. has taken steps to increase its D&Os awareness of their responsibilities to their investors. Tanager is paying strict attention to ensure that each Board member is made aware of their responsibilities and that they are being followed. This is being done by a continual assessment of what is required of each director and making sure that none of the aforementioned situations arise within the company. Q Where do you see compliance and ethics in your company A Compliance and ethics are especially critical for oil and gas companies such as Tanager Energy Inc. Over the last three years Tanager has completed several acquisitions each one demanding extensive due diligence to ensure there are no outstanding or pending lawsuits or other issues that may have adverse impact on the company in the future. That in itself is a formidable task for a company s compliance department. Rigorous compliance starts with Tanager s Board of Directors which are extremely supportive of the compliance program. The CEO and President John E. Squarek always tells people to do the right thing a message that s disseminated throughout the organization. The most important aspect in compliance is the culture of the company and that people take it seriously. That culture is evident in the Company s Code of Conduct entitled We Are Responsible which lists three core values (integrity respect and responsibility) and emphasizes open communication among employees and recognition of individual contributions as well as treating the company s reputation as each consultant s employee s own. The President s business update and newsletter on our website is another example of Tanager s culture of compliance. It reminds consultants employees of their individual and collective responsibility for compliance. 34 Women of Distinction Barbara Bates Sedoric Estate and Legacy Planning Internet business that applies to Estate Planning Financial Planning Hospice and Palliative Care Senior Living and Retirement Communities President and Founder of LastingMatters 35 Women of Distinction New Castle NH W e need to ensure that our next of kin are prepared and understand what we want should we become incapacitated or die. These arrangements can and should go beyond legal documents like wills estate plans and medical directives. They should include instructions about belongings social media family traditions and other issues of importance. I d like to change the way we have conversations about and plan for what happens in a practical and pragmatic way. It doesn t need to be morbid or morose. Making such a plan now is an easy and profound gift to those who care about you and can help minimize conflict and upset during a time of tremendous emotion. My legacy is helping your loved ones find what will matter most when it is needed most. Barbara Bates Sedoric is the President and Founder of LastingMatters and Author of The LastingMatters Organizer launched in May 2014. (http Barbara is responsible for all daily business operations and transactions speaking engagements bookkeeping accounting an active blog and future business development. Her strong organizational skills and acute attention to details combined with her passion for helping any adult plan ahead has allowed Barbara to successfully gain widespread media attention and garnered interest from many industries including financial legal healthcare and senior care and living services and corporations. Her training and experience as a paralegal and the personal experience from her mother s sudden death in 2006 inspired Barbara to help others plan for the inevitable in a practical and pragmatic way. (More on this in the Q & A section.) Barbara is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Connecticut College and currently lives in Rye New Hampshire with her family. Deliberately preparing for the end of life (or an incapacitation) is one of the kindest things you can do for your family your friends and yourself. While having a conversation about these events may be difficult actually making the plan doesn t need to be. Planning ahead is the greatest gift a person can give and receive when it matters most. It is with these ideas in mind that Barbara created The LastingMatters Organizer which helps individuals at any age comprehensively communicate and document their wishes. Barbara launched LastingMatters and The LastingMatters Organizer in May 2014 after three years of extensive research hundreds of interviews and a lengthy writing and design process. For more information please visit http www. Barbara comes from four generations of financial advisors and is married to a nationally recognized wealth manager Thomas Sedoric. (http I m inspired by observing first-hand the hard work dedication and long term care that Tom has provided his clients in the past three decades of serving them as they plan for all of life s transitions. I ve witnessed his compassion for and deep relationship and understanding of his clients and their families. I m also inspired by my father Bruce Bates (84) who along with Tom has helped hundreds of families as a wealth manager. Both motivated me to combine my experience as an estates and trusts paralegal with my organizational and planning skills to create a comprehensive guide and resource to help any adult at any age plan for the inevitable. My story is compelling and I ve created a comprehensive solution for a significant problem (the lack of information) that s unique and beneficial to all adults. She got to where she is now when her career as an Estates and Trusts Paralegal at the Boston law firm of Foley Hoag & Eliot ended after seven years when she had her first child. Subsequently she remarried (celebrating 22 years in October) and had her youngest child at age 40. Barbara remained involved in the legal field as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) representing children in abuse cases. Q&A Q Tell us about LastingMatters and why it was started. A I launched LastingMatters to help people communicate their personal wishes and plans should they become incapacitated or die. Trained as an estates and trusts paralegal I was inspired to act following the sudden death of my mother. We were unprepared for her death. I founded LastingMatters to help provide an easier more personal and practical way to help anyone tackle communicating about this inherently difficult and often avoided topic. The Organizer was designed to help anyone at any age reduce the costs time stress and the family pressure associated with the incapacitation or death of a loved one. Q Why do we need The LastingMatters Organizer A Death is inevitable and incapacitation is possible. Regardless these are difficult subjects to discuss or address in any straightforward manner. We live longer than we ve ever lived before but typically remain stuck avoiding these topics and certainly don t plan for them as we should. The LastingMatters Organizer is designed to take the complexity out of planning and documenting personal information and wishes about everything ranging from family heirlooms and traditions to your social media profiles and photos. Completing the Organizer will greatly reduce the costs guesswork and stress your loved ones will experience with these life-altering events. Q What are some websites that list LastingMatters as a resource A Some of these websites include National Healthcare Decisions Day - The Conversation Project (Landing Page) - www. Life Matters Media - Maria Shriver http Home Instead Senior Care - A Place for Mom - Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket Foundation - www. Q What words of inspiration can you give for the future A Any age is the right age to make sure your wishes are known to those who care about you most. Carpe diem The LastingMatters Organizer is a priceless gift for those you love and those you will leave behind. It is where loved ones will find what matters most. Q Who is The LastingMatters Organizer designed for A The LastingMatters Organizer was developed for all adults. Whether 30 or 80 you are the person the Organizer was designed for. An easy-to-use resource the Organizer is also designed for your adult children your spouse parents clients and employees and can be a gift that provides true peace of mind. It is a place to consider document and store information that ll be incredibly useful for your loved ones should you die or become incapacitated. Q What kind of feedback have you received since your launch in May 2014 A The feedback has been amazing. We were named a mustread book by New Hampshire Public Radio last summer and public response overall has been very positive. Very impressive Comprehensive Brilliant. You beat me to it Read the In the News and Read the Reviews section of my website for more. Financial advisors and estate planners are using the Organizer to deepen their relationships with multigenerational clients. Boomers and their aging parents use the Organizer as a guide and resource for engaging in conversations and planning about the issues that lay ahead. This is a tool that facilitates one of the most meaningful conversations people could ever have. Keith Sabella a 55-year-old college professor and father of two initially thought his wife was being morbid when she came home with The LastingMatters Organizer . But we walked through the process together and there were so many things we hadn t talked about that needed discussion he said. I can t believe how much I found out about her life and what she wants and doesn t want. What a surprise that talking about these things could make us feel much more alive Q Tell us about two of your A-HA moments. A (1) When Maria Shriver introduced me as an Architect of Change on her website http architects page 2 (2) When I officially launched my company and The LastingMatters Organizer at Water Street Bookstore in Exeter NH speaking in public to a crowd for the very first time about why LastingMatters actually matters. I recognized the power of my story and the value of the product was the result of my passion to help others avoid the chaos that erupts after the death of a loved one. Q What are some articles we should read about you and LastingMatters A Learn more about Barbara Bates Sedoric and LastingMatters here Maria Shriver Why Even Healthy People Should Keep Their Affairs in Order New Hampshire Public Radio Must Read Book Summer 2014 Maria Shriver Losing My Mother Inspired Me to Help Others New Hampshire Public Radio The Death Show Fox News Connecticut Helping Families Cope With Death and Loss 37 Women of Distinction Carol E. Parrish Harra Religious Congregation Bishop of Chapel of Christ Sophia Tahlequah OK 38 Women of Distinction C arol E. Parrish Harra is the Bishop of Chapel of Christ Sophia. She has 44 years of experience and has served as Academic Dean on the staff of Sancta Sophia Seminary for 30 years and ordained many. Carol now serves in a small chapel teaching four six-week classes a year and presents workshops in various cities throughout the U.S. She s also had the pleasure for years of taking students on tours to one to three countries a year to study various world religions. To apply our spirituality is most necessary religion is responsible for numerous hatreds and wars because each person thinks their way is the right way. Each person should spend time writing their own Ten Commandments. Carol also lives by these simple truths ethical principles that create a peaceful life. One learns to walk by walking you learn to love by loving. We are taught we can love only one person at a time. This isn t true we know we already love more than one at most any time we love many. Healing is a state of balance harmony rest and creativity. Healing happens as we prepare this desired state of harmony within ourselves and our environment. Behind emotions lay feelings. Calm the emotions and you ll discover how you truly feel. Behind intellectualizing lie your true thoughts. Each day look for your challenge your blessing and a chance to do service (help another). We are to see the other as a reflection of ourselves and are challenged by the thoughts and feelings of others to discover ourselves. The feminine in each is loving nourishing gentle and the protector. The masculine in each is wise bold willful and the defender. Both are needed to be in balance. We are especially designed to build a higher consciousness in all areas of our lives. The world needs the contributions of wise ones for the world to be abundantly healthy. It takes time to learn all children are our children all parents are our parents. I had the opportunity to help in developing a small campus in the foothills of the Ozarks where we average 700 visitors students or seekers a year to be introduced to the concept of the Interfaith Christian Approach. I particularly enjoy working in small groups of sincere questers. Her journey began in 1958 when a near death experience prompted her desire to serve in some kind of spiritual approach. Since my family was Roman Catholic becoming a priest was out of the question at that time. I had a business background working for a bank and an estate planning company but that wasn t what I desired. So at age 30 I prepared to become a protestant minister. And in 1971 at age 36 Carol was ordained and entered the ministry. It was the right step at the right time. Much of Carol s earlier work was in the area of Death and Dying and she had a chance to meet Elizabeth Kubler-Ross Raymond Moody and Kenneth Ring. I was one of the early members of International Academy of Near Death Studies. Since that time I ve trained others in dealing with experiences of the light hospice served as Chaplains at two hospitals and introduced many to the topic of Death and Dying Studies. My career is one of assisting others in their time of need and this manifests in dozens of ways. Carol believes that sincerity of purpose must lead the way for those who seek to serve humanity. This type of statement must be taken truthfully not just as a line of type. I don t take on a cause or a project if I don t feel I can give it my all. I belief whatever our beliefs we are to be a living example. Additionally she believes that there can be no peace in the world until we learn to communicate our feelings and respect our neighbors. 39 Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Our society is becoming more socially concerned and dependent on modern technology. As this happens we re causing more individuals to drop through the cracks for many unresolved issues poverty lack of education gender issues etc. An aid to resolving many of these issues would be to better train this group that has so many needs. As wealthy as our society has become we should strive to provide a more efficient usage of technology. Technology could solve a number of major ills that our society with an increasing number of dysfunctional individuals needs to resolve. Q All classes of humanity are suffering immensely these days. We don t know how to bring healing to the fears anger blaming and alienation that permeates human lives in all these areas. How can the right use of technology assist us A Technology requires several components that don t exist in the disenfranchised community. It takes effort interest hope and freedom from suffering to engage the lost . (The term lost is used in the church world as non-religious or non-spiritual.) The lost are really the walking dead those awaiting today s fate which will only bring greater suffering. Hope is an ideology within the survival consciousness that inspires one to believe a situation can improve. Many of the poorest individuals do not have hope. Q What part can technology play in freeing ones from suffering in this disenfranchised segment while they are bombarded with distorted rumors or false truths of others equally confused individuals and a distrust of one s own judgment A These are lost to the bulk of society and so are their energy intelligence and personal creativity. This group hides their abilities from the system of our society so it suffers as well society in general therefore suffers loss. We must first admit we have a poor caste in our society or we cannot integrate them. Material goals are distorted because these without much education and little training don t pursue long range goals. Feeling excluded and inferior these don t have much access to technology because it requires some stability to acquire equipment and to pursue training planning etc. We must find tools for help them gain stability. Q How did you get drawn into the grief ministry A Having experienced a near death experience at age 24 and it being exceptionally beautiful and profound I naturally reached out to those fearful of death or caught up in grief and agony. I responded by trying to lessen their pain. My own experience of a presence of love exposed me to a dimension on life I didn t know before. I wanted to share this peace and freedom from fear with others who seemed trapped in their own pain. Ministry provided me the way. Q Welfare efforts are beginnings without the use of much technology. Can we build on the free cell phone plan that has begun and gradually bring other technology into the hands of the poor or others it could assist A The effort that s begun to provide cell phones without or limited charge is a beginning. Even those who are not part of this group are watching. The providers have admitted the need exists although often politicized. The free television set might be next local TV stations could reach others. Information dilutes rumors fears untruths and suspicions of authority. Fear of authorities runs high in this group due to bad experiences or rumors of such. Likewise with difficult histories many of these people don t trust either the government or their own judgment. Early childhood services remain the most helpful but this will need almost one-to-one nurturing present workers cannot nearly meet the need. We could utilize teenagers who love technology. Why not utilize this young group by forming tech groups similar to Peace Corps who can work with overlooked children and broken families The teenager can earn some money and be used to reach folks that society has difficulty reaching. Young people seek employment and need it for many reasons. They can reach the disenfranchised more easily. They can be trained to use and show off their cell phones and other devices. They can be used to break through the hopeless of those who are younger and tempted by distrust and alienation. We can pay minimum wage to help them and those they serve. Q Where would the technology come from A Corporations could and would provide technology for nonprofit youth programs such as scouts churches civic organizations led by young adults etc. They could be organized to work under social service organizations. Churches both help and perpetuate the problem at times by requiring people to follow a denominational line. New organizations for youth and young adults would not be as inclined as adults these younger groups are attracted to technology and are still at the age of questioning social norms. Technology allows access to many new thoughts which is needed to awaken freedom and curiosity in those who have rebelled from social norms. Dropouts could be reached more easily by these younger groups and the younger groups used properly would avoid dropping out etc. 40 Women of Distinction Denise A. Johnson Manufacturing Metal Fabrication Conveyor Material Handling President Chief Executive Officer Owner RiteWay Manufacturing Inc. 41 Lester Prairie MN Women of Distinction D enise A. Johnson formed her own business in 2002 RiteWay Bookkeeping and More LLC a spinoff name after her father s successful business RiteWay Mechanical Installations Inc. While running her own bookkeeping business Denise also worked an additional 20 hours per week for her father. Within just one year her dad asked her to consider taking over his manufacturing company someday in the future so that the family business could live on. Giving it much thought and consideration Denise relocated her family from Twin Cities Minnesota to Lester Prairie a distance of approximately 60 miles which turned out the be the best decision she had ever made. Founded in 1999 RiteWay Manufacturing Inc. began as an installer and manufacturer of conveyor systems for the package handling industry. They ve since diversified themselves and are now able to provide a full-range of manufacturing solutions such as engineering assembly welding fabrication and finishing. Through customer value high-quality design and manufacturing RiteWay serves customers in a number of different industries including package handling sorting devices and more. Denise is an active member Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association United States Women s Chamber of Commerce and M.O.V.E. LLC which she holds a special place in her heart for as it is a local school run by Dunwoody that provides quick training in the welding and machining fields. Just this year in May 2015 she earned a Diploma in Business Management through South Central College. Prior to owning her own businesses Denise worked as an office manager for Elite Construction Services Outdoor Environment Inc. and Lorentz Lubricant Inc. Married since July 2005 to her best friend Bruce who owns his own business as a tree service provider they share a blended family with four children. Brenda Judice works at RiteWay as an administrative assistant and has two sons of her own Tyler 5 and Bryce 2. Stephanie Kellner attends the College of St. Benedicts as a freshman pursuing a double major in business management and accounting. She also enjoys working at RiteWay during breaks and summers. Kraig Kellner is in Howard Lake Waverly Winsted High School as a sophomore who works part-time as a laborer part-time for RiteWay. Finally Jamie Johnson Denise s step-son is a successful realtor who works for Pulte Group in Las Vegas Nevada. My dad and I spent 10-12 hours a day together seven days a week for eight years Denise said about the wonderful working relationship she shared with her father. But after a battle with cancer he passed away on October 25 2010. Seven days later the bank came in and wanted to foreclose on his business. On November 23 I filed for Chapter 11 Protection. After two long years and 67 bankers and investors I was able to buy the company in a 363 Auction as my own under STAFF Manufacturing LLC dba RiteWay Manufacturing Inc. STAFF stands for Strength Through America Family & Faith. I love what we do and couldn t image doing anything else. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy was one of the most difficult challenges Denise has ever had to face. On top of losing a parent a boss and a best friend she couldn t image losing the one thing that bonded her father and she together which was the business. But she did it and she is so proud of what she has overcome. A business dominated by males Denise has found a very strong voice and personality within herself who face adversity but has never given up. Her father would have been so very proud of her today as she continues to move the business forward in a positive direction following in the same ethics and values that he cared so much about. As the President CEO and Owner of RiteWay Manufacturing Denise oversees strategic planning sales human resources and much more. Beginning her career with the organization when there were just three employees she has learned through trial and error how to do all of the positions that make the business successful today. She loves employing people and sharing her knowledge with them. She also loves every aspect of what RiteWay represents. Taking a piece of steel and manipulating it into a finished product is simply amazing Denise added about the essence of the business. It amazes me that we provide conveyor systems all over the US that send our packages to customers and that we are capable of providing a special service to FedEx Ground called the Phoenix Program. Faith and character are more important to me than money and material things Denise said putting life into perspective. My number one priority is spending time with my family. What you see is what you get. I love to have fun and be around positive people with a good sense of humor. You can t live life with any regrets because you never know when your time will end. Enjoying nature in her down time Denise finds tranquility in both fishing and hunting. She also enjoys reading especially self-help books to improve herself and the way she does business. Living by the well-known bible verse Philippians 4 13 that says I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength Denise believes that God does not give you more than you can handle and if you lean on Him He will lead you down the path that he has for you. Denise looks forward to many more successful years in the manufacturing and metal fabrication business while she continues to make her father proud and she owes it all to him. 42 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is significant A We manufacture conveyor systems for the parcel handling world and without our industry you would not be able to use the internet to order online as there would be no way to deliver the packages. We take pride in knowing that our company helps deliver packages every day to every part of the country. Q What s the most important personal attribute a person needs to succeed in this profession A Drive and Motivation. If you have drive and motivation you can do anything you set out to do and be successful. Q If you had to do it all over again would you choose the same profession and field A Yes. There have been a lot of difficult times over the year and there will continue to be but I wouldn t trade it for the world. I was able to spend a lot of time with my dad and be with him every day and we were good together. We really complimented each other and I plan to continue his legacy. Q Who is the most influential person in your life professionally A I would have to say both my dad and my husband. They both have brought out the best in me. They helped me see that I could do anything that I wanted to and they both supported me through all of it. Q How did you come up with the name RiteWay Manufacturing Inc. A My dad did a lot of installations and building and he was tired of people doing everything the wrong way hence RiteWay . Q Did your father s business ethics rub off on you A Very much so. My father was an amazing business owner. He had so much integrity and cared so much about his employees customers and vendors which is so important. He never took distributions from the company he put every penny that he made right back into the business to make it a better place. He was the most honest man I ever knew and people had a lot of respect for him. I try my absolute best to honor both his name and the reputation he built in RiteWay. Q Any words of wisdom when it comes to owning your own business A It s not easy and when things get hard you need to keep your faith and push through. Q An advice from one boss to another A When you are seen as a boss most people tend to overlook that you are also a normal person. It s important that my employees also get to know me outside of work so that they don t miss out on who I am as a person. Q Do you have any down time from work as a business owner If so how do you unwind A Yes and we love going to Mexico. When we are down in the Caribbean nothing but relaxation exists. Q What opinions do you wish you could change about the manufacturing industry A That manufacturing is dirty or that you can t make money in this field. Also the fact that parents push their kids to get a four-year college degree because some kids are not meant to go to college yet they can still provide a good life for themselves and their family by working in the manufacturing business. 43 Women of Distinction Victoria Rose Marotta Nonprofit - Cancer Awareness Research and Funding Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Victoria Rose Fund 44 Aston PA Women of Distinction T his is the story of a woman who has used a negative life experience as a platform to create hope and inspire others. Most who go through something so detrimental at such a young age wish they could erase what happened to them. But for Victoria Rose Marotta it was the complete opposite. While no one actually wants it having cancer has brought such a powerful positive outlook to her life. In 2010 Victoria was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (brain cancer) at age 21. Medulloblastoma is a pediatric malignant primary brain tumor originating in the part of the brain towards the back and the bottom on the floor of the skull. While she was in the hospital for almost four months her brother (Mike Marotta) started the Victoria Rose Fund (VRF). As Victoria slowly recovered and went into remission in 2011 she took over as Founder and CEO and began to pursue all aspects of nonprofit organization work. Today Victoria does it all and manages all operations of the VRF including public relations marketing sales and social media. She plans and sponsors various events to raise money as financial relief to local families in need and also raises awareness of all forms of cancer through website management and social media. However Victoria believes that her most important role is to try to inspire all cancer patients by giving advice compassion and support through several mediums. I know it may sound clich but live your life to the fullest each day. I ve learned that tomorrow is not guaranteed. My strong advice for others is to live not just live but make a difference and make a mark on this world while you can. Help others pray a lot and always find something positive that motivates you in life. Lastly and most importantly never lose sight of your dreams and NEVER GIVE UP. Danny Thomas (actor comedian producer) never forgot his dreams and never forgot his promise to St. Jude. In the 1950s he and his wife (with help from others) raised funds to build his dream St. Jude Children s Research Hospital. This inspired me to never lose sight of my own dreams. Victoria likes painting in her free time and donating what she paints to charities and benefits events. Working out also serves as a release of any type of post-cancer stress or negative thoughts. And she enjoys volunteering as another way to give back to her community as well as music and going to concerts. Music is a way to the soul. Certain music can hit me on a spiritual level and has a very strong connection with me. She cherishes every moment with those who supported her and never left her side through everything. Going through something so serious at such a young age has matured Victoria and made her a stronger woman today than she ever was. It also inspired her to motivate and help others going through cancer. The feeling of helping someone else is really indescribable. Knowing that I along with my followers and annual donors can possibly change just one person s life makes everything I do here worth it. The biggest lesson that Victoria has learned through her battle with cancer is that you should always be grateful for what you have and to not take anything for granite. I want to leave an everlasting legacy on the world and want people to remember me as a strong caring loving religious powerful fighter and entrepreneur. 45 Q&A Q What drives this nonprofit A This nonprofit would never be able to run without our followers and donors. They have a strong dedicated and loyal relationship with the organization. Q How important do you think CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is for a business A I think that CSR is absolutely essential for a business to thrive. It can be used as a marketing tool to gain ethos with the consumer or future consumer. Emotional benefits are endless and almost vital in this day and age. Q How does this nonprofit help society A I think the VRF helps society by creating awareness and a lifesaving mission to finish the fight against cancer. The work we do has a local impact on the community helping society in many ways. Q How do you market this organization A I market the VRF with a concept called the Four Ps of Marketing which are product place price and promotion. In this case the product is our fundraising efforts and benefits the place is the local town the price is how much people donate and the promotion is all of the promotions it takes to run this nonprofit with a social media presence. Q How much does social media help or not help with your organization s success A It helps immensely. By using many media devices we can stimulate our specific message using Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn and Google . By using the hashtags VRF NoOneFightsAlone CancerAwareness and PayItForward consistently with my posts I m able to create a very clear message. It s just another way to endorse and validate the overall image of the VRF. Q How long do you see yourself managing this fund A I honestly would like to do this for the rest of my life. If all goes well I will work my hardest to keep this fund running until the day I die. I know that it will always be in my heart to help give back through this forum. Q How do you choose who the VRF Annual event is going to be dedicated to A Friends or family usually know someone who knows someone who is going through cancer and battling this horrible detrimental disease. Unfortunately it is nowadays becoming very common that you know someone who has or had cancer in society. I also find people suffering through connections on social media sites and real life interactions (at events the gym college etc.). Q If you could take back going through brain cancer would you Why or why not A To be honest I went through a lot of pain and trials and tribulations to get where I am today but I would never take it back (even if I could). I know I am the person I am today because of being diagnosed with cancer at age 21. Q What specific moment as Founder of the VRF stands out to you the most A I would have to say in September 2014 when my fund raised over 20 000 for a local six-month old diagnosed with the same exact cancer I had (medulloblastoma). It was honestly one of the best moments in my life to give that check to her parents. Hugging them made everything we did beyond worth it. Q If you could dedicate this entire fund nonprofit to someone who would it be and why A I dedicate this entire fund to a very special boy I met during radiation treatments Christian Thomas Clopp. He suffered from brain cancer as well and we rang our cancer bell together after months of treatment. He has inspired me more than he could ever know. (The full story is on my website www. In loving memory of Christian Thomas Clopp. 46 Women of Distinction Kena Marie Troupe ER Nursing RN MSN - Staff RN for Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast 47 Miramar Beach FL Women of Distinction K ena Marie Troupe graduated from nursing school at age 20 and started working as an RN (registered nurse) in the Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) in 1990. Twenty-three years later she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) at age 44. Kena now has a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and is back in school (as of June 2015) studying to become a family practice nurse practitioner around her work schedule. Go all the way Don t ever stop learning or let anyone tell you that you can t do it. I chose to be a nurse after having a severely premature infant at the age of 18 as a single mom. I had already considered a career in nursing but the amazing nurses in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) at Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola FL helped me make my official career choice. Kena now works as a staff RN and relief team leader in the Emergency Department at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast. She also serves as a preceptor for newly hired nurses in the department and is a member of the Critical Care committee for the hospital. Additionally she strives to help the hospital function at its highest capacity by providing exceptional care to her patients and their families while keeping cost containment in the forefront. As mentioned earlier Kena gave birth to a severely premature infant. This was her son Blake who she considers her greatest professional inspiration. Blake was born in 1988 at 26 weeks gestation (or 14 weeks early). At birth he was on a ventilator to help him breath had a chest tube in both lungs and had a central intravenous line in his belly button to receive the medications and nutrition he needed to stay alive. Blake survived against all odds and against all of the doctors reports. Two weeks later he suffered two brain injuries and had to have heart surgery the following week. At age eight Blake was diagnosed with autism but Kena didn t allow that to be an excuse for him to be anything other than the exceptional young man he is today someone who works with the youth at his church. Not only did the survival of my son cement my choice to pursue a nursing career it is a daily reminder of the good that I do for others on a daily basis. I also have a daughter Brette (19) who is a beautiful and intelligent young lady. Kena believes there is no goal too big and no dream too small that can t be obtained no matter what your past or present circumstances are and is also a firm believer in second chances. God gives them to us on a daily basis so we owe it to each other to do the same. If Kena had significant impact on at least one person in her lifetime then she feels she s made a difference. Sacred Heart is owned by Ascension Health which is both the largest Catholic and nonprofit healthcare organization in the US. In order to continuously to provide the level of care we currently offer it s up to each individual to do their part for cost containment. I take being able to provide appropriate care to those in need very seriously because I (myself) have been a recipient of the generosity of the Sacred Heart Health System as a young mom. She s always had a passion for helping others and loves being able to help those who are vulnerable and sick. My 1st grade teacher told my mother during a parent-teacher meeting that I needed to be a nurse because I always migrated toward those in my class who needed help and who had less fortunate circumstances than my own. 48 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A I believe that advanced practice nurses (nurse practitioners) are going to be the preferred healthcare providers of the future. With the current changes in healthcare and the new health care reform and because more new physicians are migrating away from general practice into specialty areas there are not going to be enough general practice physicians to meet the demands of all the newly insured Americans. Nurse practitioners are going to fill that gap. Evidence shows that with the advanced training received the care provided by nurse practitioners is as good as the care provided by general practice physicians. Q Do you feel that all registered nurses need to be bachelor s prepared A The short answer is no. If you look at the curriculum for BSN programs around the country the majority of the classes required are not direct care based. The clinical skills that RNs rely upon to provide quality patient care are learned in the skills labs and at the bedside the Associate degree RN programs provide the clinical residencies and skill sets needed for the safe appropriate and quality care that nurses are currently providing to their patients. Q How do you feel about the current state of health care reform A Although I feel that having adequate health insurance is a must for everyone I also think that having health insurance is a privilege not a right. The average American with health insurance coverage prior to the health care reform worked to pay for that insurance. The new plans offered by the health care reform while affordable do not work for everyone. For example in the area where I reside there are a plethora of plans to choose from but a limited amount of providers who accept the plans and those who do accept the plans are seeing their full capacity of patients leaving them unable to accept new patients. Q What is your position on allowing nurse practitioners to have full prescriptive authority A Currently there are only four states where nurse practitioners do NOT have full prescriptive authority meaning that they cannot write a prescription for pain medication for their patients (Alabama Florida Hawaii and Missouri). I believe that for nurse practitioners to be able to provide effective care for patients presenting with any disease state that may be treated within their scope of practice full prescriptive authority is needed. Q How do working full time going to school and raising a toddler affect your life A I am raising my granddaughter Adalynn who is 21-monthsold. She is the joy and sunshine in my life. My life is so busy with full-time work in a busy ER and full-time school but it is definitely worth it. I don t want to look back on my life and wish I had done this or that differently. I don t want to have a dream and not do everything I can to fulfill it. We only have one life so we need to fill it with purpose. Q Do you come from a family of college graduates A No I m actually a second-generation college graduate. My father (a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant) is the first generation and holds two master s degrees one in business and one in education. My brother (a Navy officer retiring in November 2015) is also a college graduate with a Bachelor in Sociology (and also a Nuclear Power Engineer for the Navy). They were able to utilize the GI Bill to finish school. I believe that anyone can go to college no matter what their financial or intellectual status may be. There are so many programs available to help people both financially and academically. Q Why do you think you have been successful in your endeavors with your career and education A I don t take NO for an answer. I set a goal and work until I achieve that goal. It s called momentum. Once you set yourself in motion you can t stop you can t make excuses and you can t slow down. Sometimes it feels like I m running a marathon but it s one that I am winning. I also tend to be a bit of a perfectionist with my coursework. I don t give myself permission to be lax or to produce anything less than what is required. I graduated from both my BSN and MSN programs with a 3.8 GPA and knowing that I can do it motivates me. Q Do you think that the US should do away with LPN LVN programs A Absolutely not LPN LVNs are a vital resource that RNs and physicians cannot live without. They are highly utilized in medical offices and nursing homes across the United States. LPN LVNs can be utilized to their full capacity in these areas as more and more acute care hospitals are employing only RNs due to the increase in patient acuity levels. Many nursing programs around the country offer bridge programs that give the LPN LVN the opportunity to become RNs in as little as one year by taking their training into consideration. Q What are your thoughts on a national nursing license A I think that a national nursing license is in the future for American RNs. We have to attend schools with curriculum set through national standards and we take a national licensing examination so why not allow nurses to work in any state without having to go through the red tape and lengthy waiting times of applying for a new license. Q What are your employment plans after completing your nurse practitioner program A I would like to work in an emergency room. I love the pace and the variety of patient complaints that we see. I have been approached by a physician about being a practitioner in a nurse run clinic in the local area that focuses not only on a patient s medical needs but that treats the patient holistically using alternative treatments like acupuncture. I have also considered teaching in a nursing program or working in a clinic directed toward providing medical care for the underserved and uninsured. I believe that more of these types clinics are needed especially in rural areas. 49 Women of Distinction ISSUE Women of Distinction Team WDM Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Holli M. Narvaez EDITOR HEAD WRITER LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN Felix Pons Jill Mongonia EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Rachael Aspen Anne Silar SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Kimberly Diehl SELECTION COMMITTEE Rebecca Valuch To Donate Please Visit 51 Women of Distinction Victoria Rose Marotta Nonprofit - Cancer Awareness Research and Funding Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Victoria Rose Fund Aston PA