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Description: In This Issue: Investing in Heart Health, Digestive Health, Industry Forecast, and Transparency & Trust

V EX ISIT BO P OT O W US H E AT 1 ST A VRM Media Publication 61 2 January February 2016 Go to sabinsa for info about this advertiser Go to nowpl for info about this advertiser TableofContents Proud Supporter of VOLUME 21 NO. 1 JANUARY FEBRUARY2016 F E A T U R E S 25 Nourish the Gut Nourish the Body As we learn about the inner workings of the digestive system our understanding of its needs become more apparent. 32 Investing in Heart Health The heart health category is poised for substantial growth that is if the dynamic market growing segments and industry prognosticators have any say. 25 A L S O I N S I D E 36 Industry Forecast Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) asked industry leaders their views on the current state of the natural products industry and where they see it headed in 2016. 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All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Go to plt for info about this advertiser FirstWord Change in Elevation think it s fair to say that 2015 was a trying year for the dietary supplement industry. And one that ultimately should lead to more secure and trustworthy business practices. In our yearly industry forecast article (see page 36) industry leaders share their predictions for what s to come--from practical to optimistic--I m grateful for their ideas for improving upon what were the challenges of the past. One such idea which was requested by five industry trade associations last year has come to fruition. In December the dietary supplement industry was pleased to learn of the efforts by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to elevate the regulation of dietary supplements with the creation of the new Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP). The new office previously a division under the Office of Nutrition Labeling and Dietary Supplements comes as the supplement industry has more than quadrupled in the 20 years since the establishment of that first division. And I believe the new office is more than a token gesture. Elevating the program s position will raise the profile of dietary supplements within the agency according to the FDA and will enhance the effectiveness of dietary supplement regulation by allowing ODSP to better compete for government resources and capabilities to regulate this rapidly expanding industry. The agency has also tightened up its enforcement of dietary supplement makers that are breaking the law issuing at least seven warning letters and six recalls over the last couple of months including five letters for companies marketing products containing an undeclared pharmaceutical ingredient picamilon. According to FDA the new ODSP will continue to work with the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research to help remove I from the market products falsely labeled as dietary supplements that contain potentially harmful pharmaceutical agents enforce the dietary supplement good manufacturing practices (GMP) regulation and take action against products that pose risks for consumers or are part of fraudulent economic schemes. The agency also said it s in the process of identifying permanent leadership for ODSP but in the meantime Bob Durkin will continue to serve as acting office director. ODSP s former parent office will now be known as the Office of Nutrition and Food Labeling under the leadership of Doug Balentine who recently joined the FDA. Industry trade associations--the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) the Natural Products Association (NPA) and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA)--congratulated the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) FDA and Congress for supporting this reorganization which will enhance the effectiveness of dietary supplement regulation. This is a long overdue step toward elevating the dietary supplement division within FDA so that it can exercise all the authorities it has to regulate this important industry said Dan Fabricant Ph.D. executive director and CEO of NPA and former director of the Division of Dietary Supplement Programs with the FDA. America s dietary supplement supply is the safest in the world and this will give consumers additional confidence that the natural products they prefer meet their expectations. We strongly support this decision and will continue to work with FDA and other regulatory officials to deliver quality products for the millions of people in the U.S. and around the world. And lastly the staff of Nutrition Industry Executive magazine wishes our readers a prosperous healthy and happy New Year So here s to continued work on improving the supplement industry. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Assistant Editor Corinne Anderson CorinneA Contributing Writers James J. Gormley Greg Paul PhD Lisa Schofield Sid Shastri MS Suzanne Shelton Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Circulation Manager Rosie Brodsky Rosie A PUBLICATION OF VRM MEDIA President Daniel McSweeney VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288 Email info Website VRM Media publishes Nutrition Industry Executive Vitamin Retailer Natural Practitioner and FitnessTrainer magazines. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Nutrition Industry Executive P.O. Box 15026 North Hollywood CA 91615-5026 USA Phone (818) 286-3170 Fax (800) 869-0040 niecs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Go to jiaherb for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific Energized Tried-and-true ingredients may be the safest alternatives for problematic energy products. B Y S HARI B ARBANEL F or many Americans getting enough quality sleep is a luxury that is not often enjoyed. According to the National Sleep Foundation s (NOF) Sleep Health Index 45 percent of Americans say that poor or insufficient sleep affected their daily activities at least once in the past seven days. Further those who are sleeping the recommended number of hours of sleep per night (seven to nine hours for adults) are not getting quality rest. Thirty five percent of Americans reported their sleep quality as poor or only fair. Another 20 percent of Americans reported that they did not wake up feeling refreshed on any of the past seven days. Unfortunately most Americans aren t able to get back into bed until they feel ready for the day. Family job and other responsibilities require us to get up and go no matter how tired we may be. Because of these reasons energy drinks energy shots and other energy products have been the go to for many Americans. According to the National Institute of Health s (NIH) National Center for Complementary 6 Nutrition Industry Executive and Integrative Health next to multivitamins energy drinks are the most popular dietary supplement consumed by American teens and young adults. Males between the ages of 18 and 34 consume the most energy drinks and almost one-third of teens between 12 and 17 drink them regularly. While energy drinks are popular there are growing concerns about their safety. According to NIH between 2007 and 2011 the overall number of energy-drink related visits to emergency rooms doubled. Further the most significant increase (279 percent) was in people that were age 40 and older. In addition many energy drinks contain as much as 25-50 g of simple sugars which may be problematic for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. And while a limited amount of caffeine is okay for the body large amounts of it may cause serious heart and blood vessel problems as well as increase heart rate and blood pressure levels. Research has shown that consumers should be careful about what types and how much they consume when it comes to energy products. One study that was presented at the World Diabetes Congress in December 2015 in Vancouver Canada found that teens that drank a bottle of 5-Hour Energy (which contains no sugar but 208 milligrams of caffeine) experienced a 25 percent increase in both their blood sugar and insulin levels compared to when they drank a decaf version of the same drink. Dr. Jan Hux chief science officer for the Canadian Diabetes Association said that the results are troubling because the subjects blood sugar levels didn t decrease even after their bodies started producing insulin. You think that if the insulin is high the sugars go down Hux said. That suggests that the caffeine is causing the insulin resistance. The body has to make more to achieve the same effect. In another study that was presented in March 2015 at the American College of Cardiology s 64th Annual Scientific Session in San Diego CA Mayo Clinic researchers found that healthy young adults who don t consume caffeine regularly experienced greater rise in resting blood pressure after consumption of a commercially January February 2016 Go to nutragenesis for info about this advertiser ConditionSpecific available energy drink--compared to a placebo drink--thus raising the concern that energy drinks may increase the risk of cardiac events. We know that energy drink consumption is widespread and rising among young people. Concerns about the health safety of energy drinks have been raised. We and others have previously shown that energy drinks increase blood pressure explained lead author Anna Svatikova MD PhD cardiovascular diseases fellow at the Mayo Clinic. Now we are seeing that for those not used to caffeine the concern may be even greater. Consumers should use caution when using energy drinks because they may increase the risk of cardiovascular problems even among young people. safe ingredients and products. Consumers have seen enough bad press on energy products (i.e. Red Bull 5-Hour Energy ephedra) she said. Manufacturers and marketers need to let the consumer know that their ingredients are safe not only because they are quality ingredients but because they are offering safe dosages of those ingredients. According to Dolnick some of the long-standing ingredients for energy products are caffeine taurine yerba mate and B vitamins which she said have served the energy category as long as it has been around. B vitamins are essential for energy metabolism as well as gluconeogenesis (Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate) she explained. The body must have these vitamins to survive. TR Nutritionals most successful ingredients in the energy category include Methylcobalamin Cyanocobalamin and Pyridoxal-5Phosphate. In addition the company does not sell flash-in-the-pan unproven ingredients Dolnick said. Our ingredients have been on the market for so many years that we do not need to prove credibility. B vitamins are premier ingredients to use in an energy product and there is no debate on their function in the human body. Thiamine is essential for energy metabolism. Without it the body cannot produce ATP (energy). Niacin is part of the energy-related pathways. Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (the metabolically active form of riboflavin) is essential for gluconeogenesis. Ensuring that ingredients and finished products do what they are meant to is vital ensuring that they are safe to be used in a finished product is just as important. Manufacturers and marketers need to think about safety above all else Dolnick concluded. They should not jump on some crazy product that is potentially questionable because it is popular for the moment. It is always best to stick with products that have years of support and safety data. NIE Safety Safety Safety When it comes to ingredients for energy consumers want ingredients and products that are effective but not harmful. Deanne Dolnick science director for Georgia-based TR Nutritionals noted that it is incredibly important to make consumers aware of FORMOREINFORMATION TR Nutritionals (404) 935-5761 Go to generexlabs for info about this advertiser 8 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Go to biocell for info about this advertiser IndustryNews DOJ Announces Supplement Sweep--CRN NPA AHPA Express Support n November 17 Ben Mizer principal deputy assistant attorney general for the Civil Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed the government s plan for a sweep of actions targeting unlawful dietary supplement makers and marketers. We are here today to explain the critical steps the federal government is taking to stem the tide of unlawful dietary supplements being sold to consumers nationwide he stated. Mizer also announced the indictment of USPlabs related to widely popular workout and weight-loss supplements including JACK3D OxyElitePro and OxyElitePro New Formula. The company doctored packaging labeling and other paperwork to defraud others about what the product was Mizer said. (USPlabs is not associated with United States Pharmacopeia [USP]) As one defendant put it the stuff is completely 100 percent synthetic Mizer continued. The defendant falsified paperwork to avoid regulatory agencies made misrepresentations to convince wellknown retailers who had concerns about untested synthetic materials to sell their products. The company falsified labeling and marketing materials to convince consumers who prized natural ingredients to buy the products. All of these people regulators retailers and consumers trusted that the defendants were telling the truth about their products Mizer said. O We are here in part to hold USPlabs accountable for its actions. The indictment revealed today charges USPlabs in Texas four of its executives and one of its consultants with a criminal conspiracy to sell toxic substances. As noted this is just one step. Whatever the outcome I am confident that the dedicated men and women from the DOJ and special agents from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and IRS (Internal Revenue Service) criminal investigation who have worked so hard to bring us to this point will ensure that justice is served. The allegations against USPlabs 10 Nutrition Industry Executive should serve as a wake-up call to the supplement industry Mizer continued. The unmistakable message is that the DOJ and its federal partners will be vigilant when it comes to the health and safety of the American public. The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) filed a complaint against Sunrise Nutraceuticals LLC which was also announced on November 17. The Florida-based company claimed that its dietary supplement Elimidrol a proprietary blend of herbs and other compounds alleviates opiate withdrawal symptoms and increases a user s likelihood of overcoming opiate addiction. The company alleged through advertising on its website that Elimidrol was the No. 1 opiate withdrawal supplement and it is the only opiate withdrawal product that is guaranteed to work. The FTC complaint alleges that the Sunrise ads for Elimidrol are unsubstantiated and is seeking a court order providing redress and preventing the company from making claims unless they can be supported by reliable scientific evidence. The FTC also announced two partial settlements against marketers accused of making unsupported claims for weightloss supplements. The cases are part of the law enforcement sweep that are targeting illegal dietary supplement marketing by the FTC DOJ Department of Defense (DOD) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). In May 2014 the FTC brought an action against Health Nutrition Products and related defendants. In its amended complaint the FTC charged Crystal Ewing five other individuals and five companies with making false and misleading health and efficacy claims in direct mail ads and on a website owned by Ewing. In ads for W8-B-Gone CITRISLIM 4 and Quick & Easy diet pills the defendants featured bogus weight-loss experts. Citing fake scientific studies the defendants also deceptively claimed to have clinical proof that consumers would experience a RAPID FAT meltdown diet program that lets them shed five pounds in four days with one pill or up to 20 pounds in 16 days with four pills. According to the FTC s complaint in an action brought in May 2014 Floridabased NPB Advertising Inc. and others capitalized on the green coffee bean diet fad by using false weight-loss claims and fake news websites to market a dietary supplement called Pure Green Coffee. The stipulated court order announced settled the FTC s charges against several companies and individuals involved in the Pure Green Coffee scheme including Nationwide Ventures LLC NPB Advertising Inc. JMD Advertising Inc. Olympic Advertising Inc. Sermo Group LLC Signature Group LLC Paul Pascual Bryan Walsh and relief defendant CPW Funding LLC. The FTC also sent warning letters to 20 companies which have remained unnamed that advertise and sell dietary supplements online for weight loss warning them that Commission staff has reviewed their weight-loss claims and that they could be misleading. The Natural Products Association (NPA) American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN) applauded the actions taken by the Justice Department s Civil Division and it s federal agency partners to protect consumers and punish criminals. We have long called on the government to prosecute illegal activity to the full extent of the law and today s action demonstrates the government s vast power to regulate this industry. We welcome the coordination and collaboration of the other agencies involved and offer to work with them and others to continue educating the public about the benefits of proper dietary supplement usage the NPA stated. These actions should serve as a strong warning to any company selling products in the dietary supplement space that if you re going to engage in illegal activity you re going to pay the price said Steve Mister president and CEO of CRN. We pledge our support to help the government on this important initiative. Mizer accurately identified enforcement and education as the most effective steps that can be taken to mitigate the risk of criminals looking to defraud dietary supplement consumers by selling unlawful products said Michael McGuffin AHPA president. For more information visit January February 2016 Expert Debunks Research Questioning the Safety of Supplements r. Richard Kingston told an audience of almost 50 congressional staffers industry executives and public affairs professionals that research purporting to raise significant questions regarding the safety of dietary supplements often lacks context and appropriate data to draw meaningful conclusions which contributes to the misinterpretations of the new science by the consumer media covering those studies. As a result consumers are misinformed about the safety of these products and misled to believe they are less safe than they actually are. Kingston PharmD spoke at the December 9 Dietary Supplement Caucus briefing and is co-founder and president regulatory and scientific affairs for SafetyCall International clinical professor University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and adjunct professor National Center for Natural Product Research University of Mississippi. Kingston gave examples of studies that have been misrepresented by the consumer media including the October 2015 study in the New England Journal of Medicine that projected more than 23 000 annual dietary supplement-related emergency room (ER) visits. The study had many shortfalls including the fact that not all emergency room visits are created equal in terms of level of severity or seriousness according to Kingston who observed that in almost 90 percent of the heart-related ER visits the patients were discharged from the ER and sent home. He also questioned the accuracy of the report because consumer health products that do not fall under the regulatory definition of dietary supplements were included in the researchers projections for dietary supplements and this was overlooked in the media coverage. If you re going to raise questions regarding the safety of an entire class of products it s important to know what actually is a dietary supplement and what s not said Kingston. The article gave examples of products contained in the analysis which included various drugs dimethyl sulfoxide topical herbal products and snake oil all of which were listed as miscellaneous complementary health products but are products and substances clearly outside of the class of FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulated dietary supplements. Kingston also pointed out that more than 20 percent of ER visits cited in the article involved unsupervised ingestion by children and although a concern sup- D plement ingestions by children often require no treatment and result in no adverse effects despite the child being evaluated in an emergency department. He further noted that among older adults pill-induced swallowing problems led to more than one-third of the ER visits which is something that the industry can help evaluate and address. Another 10 percent of the overall visits were from excessive doses. Even more important Kingston said these ER visits must be considered in the context noting that more than 166 million Americans use dietary supplements so that s a pretty large denominator to consider when evaluating these numbers. The educational event was sponsored by the bipartisan Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus and co-hosted by the leading trade associations representing the dietary supplement industry--the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Natural Products Association (NPA) and the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA). Consumer safety is of great importance to the dietary supplement industry and the industry stands in support of FDA taking enforcement action against misbranded and adulterated products. Although the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) gives FDA authority to take such action against illegal products and the companies that manufacture and distribute them the agency lacks the resources to fully enforce the law assessed Kingston. Thus he supports additional resources for FDA to enforce the existing laws and the industry s efforts to help educate the public to be vigilant about the supplement products they take saying Anything [the industry] can do to help educate people to follow the label instructions increases safety. For more information visit or Go to herballyyours for info about this advertiser Nutrition Industry Executive 11 January February 2016 IndustryNews Lipogen Builds Phospholipids R&D Center ipogen Ltd. (Haifa Israel) is expanding its production facilities and building a new phospholipids research and development center in response to rapid 50 percent jump in sales of brain and stress health solutions in Q1-Q3 2015. Lipogen invested 2.6 million (U.S.) in building two additional production lines for PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and Phosphatidic Acid (PA). The company also added 10 000 square feet to its facilities to double production capabilities for PS and PA. Upgrades include automated controlled processing to reduce production costs through improved production traceability and implementing new safety methods allowing Lipogen to produce its allnatural non-GMO (genetically modified organism) solvent-free ingredients in accordance with the highest industry standards. Increasing demand for our brain health and stress management ingredients pushed us to establish a new growth strategy for our PS and PA product line said David Rutenberg CEO of Lipogen. The phospholipids market is expanding from traditional brain function support to new brain health concepts including stress management L cortisol control ADHD mitigation sports nutrition and more. Lipogen continues to research and develop new cognitive and stress management solutions based on proprietary technology and enzymatic process. The advanced wellequipped phospholipids R&D center was designed to support product development and product research at Lipogen facilities. The company has appointed Abraham Rutenberg as vice president and R&D manager. In addition Lipogen expanded its headquarters appointing Ariel Gordon as vice president business development manager to develop new segments and markets for Lipogen s leading brands. I m excited to welcome Abraham Rutenberg and Ariel Gordon to our team said Rutenberg. They will lead Lipogen to the next level via high-impact growth--not only in the dietary supplements industry but also in the food beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Lipogen is committed to producing pure high-quality products with minimal damage to the environment. For more information visit NPA Calls for R&D Tax Credit Permanence and Reforms T he Natural Products Association (NPA) recently sent a letter to the chairmen and ranking members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee requesting the tax credit for research and development (R&D) be made permanent. Additionally NPA requested meaningful reforms to the R&D in order to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. Making the R&D tax credit permanent would provide the industry with the resources and capital it needs to manufacture more safe affordable and reliable supplements for consumers said Dan Fabricant CEO and executive director of NPA. This would represent a major victory for the millions of Americans who take supplements each and every day. We strongly urge Congress to make these incentives permanent before adjourning for the year. NPA member companies large and small make important investments in scientific research to create new products and improve the efficacy of existing products NPA said in its letter to the committee chairmen. These investments improve the health and well being of all Americans on a daily basis. The R&D tax credit provides critical financial support to these efforts. In the letter NPA also asked Congress to make reforms to make the credit more effective. NPA recommends that Congress increase the rate of the Alternative Simplified Credit (ASC) credit to 20 percent NPA said. This important reform will both improve the effectiveness of the credit make the credit more competitive with R&D credits offered in other countries and significantly simplify and improve the ability of companies to take advantage of the credit. The full letter can be viewed here app_themes npa docs press pressreleases npa letter to finance and wm on rd tax credit.pdf. Go to hsus for info about this advertiser 12 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 FDA Website Clarifies Language of Legal Supplements vs. Illegal Drug-spiked Products T he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently updated language on several pages of its website to more accurately describe illegal drug-spiked products and to remove references to these as dietary supplements after the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) requested the changes. FDA usually uses terms such as marketed as dietary supplements or masquerading as dietary supplements when describing products found by the agency to contain undeclared drugs drug analogs or other illegal ingredients. This is in line with a March 2011 public statement by FDA s Deputy Director for Policy and Analysis Mike Levy who said These products are masquerading as dietary supplements--they may look like dietary supplements but they are not legal dietary supplements. The recent changes made by FDA were to two webpages that were inconsistent with this standard language. For example the title on a Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) webpage was changed from Tainted Supplements CDER to Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements CDER. Similarly FDA s Medication Health Fraud page was updated to replace the term Tainted Dietary Supplements with the more accurate Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements. Several links on this page were also updated in a similar manner. The regulated dietary supplement industry greatly appreciates FDA s efforts to provide consistency and help reduce confusion between illegal drug-spiked products and lawfully marketed dietary supplements said AHPA President Michael McGuffin. Far too often supplement industry critics and the media inaccurately represent these illegal misbranded drugs as dietary supplements causing confusion among consumers and policymakers. Hopefully FDA s clarification will result in more accuracy from these voices. For more information visit or Go to apl for info about this advertiser January February 2016 Nutrition Industry Executive 13 IndustryNews Acquisition Expands DDW s Coloring Food Solutions entucky-based DDW The Color House recently acquired the KleurCraft portfolio of coloring foods custom formulations and related technology from SVZ International B.V. The accord enables DDW--a global manufacturer of natural colors caramel colors and burnt sugars--to expand in the thriving ingredient segment of coloring foods. The acquisition strengthens DDW s solutions across multiple hues for customers. Coloring foods are produced from K fruits vegetables and edible plants without the use of selective extraction and have no E-number requirement in the European Union. A sourcing agreement will align SVZ s expertise in agronomy fruit and vegetable cultivation and juice processing with DDW s color proficiency applications competence and sales channels. The addition builds on DDW s global supply capability and broadens the range of both simple and custom color solutions for customers said Ted Nixon chairman and CEO of DDW Inc. Opening a natural color manufacturing site in Ireland back in April also speaks to continued momentum as we celebrate our company s 150-year anniversary. For more information visit Deerland Enzymes Announces Scholarship and Research Fund eerland Enzymes (Kennesaw GA) has announced the establishment of the Deerland Enzymes Opportunity Scholarship and Research Support fund in partnership with Kennesaw State University (KSU) in Georgia. Deerland Enzymes established these funds with the local university in order to provide financial support to deserving and qualified students in the College of Science and Mathematics. The company has committed to contribute to these programs over the course of three years. Each year 70 percent of the funds will be awarded as a scholarship to a student enrolled full or part-time as a biology or biochemistry major. The remaining 30 percent will be available each year for pressing research needs in the College of Science and Mathematics. Scholarship programs and research funds such as these are leading to new discoveries in biomedical sciences biotechnology and developmental biology said Gayle Jones development director of the College of Science and Mathematics at Kennesaw State University. We are excited to have Deerland Enzymes as a partner in educating our students and opening opportunities for research and development with them. The creation of these programs with KSU is a natural extension of the longstanding relationship we ve shared with the university through clinical and laboratory based research said Dr. John Deaton vice president of technology at Deerland Enzymes. For more information visit D ChromaDex and ALI Announce Identity Test for Glandular Related Ingredients hromaDex Corp. (Irvine CA) and American Laboratories Inc. (ALI Omaha NE) has announced the release of a Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) based identification method for the positive identification of desiccated bovine and porcine glandular tissues used in nutritional product formulations. ChromaDex has developed a FT-NIR algorithm and clusterbased analysis model under its ComplyID program to individually identify eighteen bovine and porcine glands provided by ALI. The ComplyID model has the ability to find unique spectral differences with each of the 18 glandular materials for proper identification and verification of glandular material. ChromaDex s ComplyID program is designed to help dietary supplement companies meet the minimum identity testing requirements under the FDA s Dietary Supplement Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) Rule FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) 21 CFR Part 111. Frank Jaksch Jr. CEO and co-founder of ChromaDex commented Compliance with the FDA 21 CFR part 111 the Dietary Supplement cGMPs continues to be a critical issue for the industry. Staying in compliance is an ongoing effort for all companies because interpretation and enforcement continues to evolve. Many companies have been surprised to find that their initial quality systems are no longer adequate in today s regulatory climate. We are pleased to collaborate with ALI to provide the industry with an identity test for glandular related ingredients. For more information visit or C Correction In NIE s November December 2015 issue BASF s headquarters was listed incorrectly. The company s headquarters is located in Florham Park NJ. January February 2016 14 Nutrition Industry Executive BI Nutraceuticals Relocates to New SoCal Offices alifornia-based BI Nutraceuticals recently relocated its marketing accounting and customer service departments to the company s new Rancho Dominguez offices a mile from the current Long Beach facility. Contact information including phone numbers and email addresses will C remain the same. The updated address information is as follows BI Nutraceuticals 2384 E. Pacifica Pl. Rancho Dominguez CA 902206214 For more information visit HP Ingredients (Bradenton position Heiden will be FL) has announced that Blake responsible for customer Halversen joined the team as service planning account executive responsiimport export and domestic ble for both sales and custransportation inventory tomer service. In his role management and overall Blake Halversen will be delivering logistics for Chemi Nutra s Halversen presentations performing family of proprietary speone-on-one sales and service meetcialty ingredient products. ings and will assist in marketing and Genesis Today (Austin TX) promotions as well as educational announced that Jeff Brucker has endeavors for brand marketers. been appointed vice president of Kemin (Des Moines IA) has added marketing. Brucker brings more than three new members to its recently 10 years of marketing expertise to developed protein-focused sales his new position. team. Travis Krause has been named Salah D. Kivlighn PhD has protein business manager a newly assumed the role of senior vice created position. John Wallace and president strategic marketing and Doug Mitchell have joined Kemin as program operations (SMPO) with technical sales managers for the United States Pharmacopeial upper Midwest and Convention (USP). Kivlighn Southeast regions of North reports to USP s Chief America respectively. Executive Officer Ronald T. Bilcare Research Inc. Piervincenzi and is a mem(Delaware City DE) a manuber of the organization s facturers of blister packaging executive team. solutions has hired Anna Sabinsa Corporation (East Ahmed Khan Frolova-Levi as vice president Windsor NJ) has promoted of sales and marketing. In Ahmed Khan to the position this role Frolova-Levi will of national sales manager-- develop and oversee growth USA effective January 1 strategies for Bilcare in North 2016. In his new position America leading the sales Khan will be responsible and marketing team. for overseeing sales Anna Chemi Nutra (Austin TX) Frolova-Levi throughout the U.S. as announced that Cassandra well as ensuring customer Heiden has joined the company as satisfaction and deepening client supply chain manager. In this new relationships. January February 2016 You reHired Go to ayushherbs Nutrition Industry Executive 15 IngredientNews NIH and ChromaDex Agreement to Study Effects of ChromaDex s NIAGEN hromaDex Corp. (Irvine CA) has announced a Materials Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (MCRADA) with the National Institute on Aging (NIA) as part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Under the terms of the MCRADA NIA will use ChromaDex s NIAGEN nicotinamide riboside (NR) to further investigate the effects of NR on wild type and DNA repair deficient mouse models. Specifically NIA will study effects of supplementation with NIAGEN NR on Cocayne syndrome (CS) and Ataxia Telangiectasia. NIA will also test whether NIAGEN rescues dysfunctional mitochondrial phenotype in csbdeficient C. elegans. C We are excited to continue and expand our R&D collaboration with the NIH for our NIAGEN NR said Frank Jaksch CEO and founder of ChromaDex. Based on the very encouraging results of the first NIH study of NR in CS mouse models we are pleased to expand the study with the NIH to both further study NR for CS as well as other possible therapeutic indications for NR including the neurodegenerative disease ataxia telangiectasia. ChromaDex s NIAGEN is the first and only commercially available form of NR and is supported by five patents issued and several pending with patents rights acquired from Dartmouth College Cornell University and Washington University. Published research has shown that NR is perhaps the most effective precursor to boost the co-enzyme NAD in the cell. NAD is arguably the most important cellular co-factor for improvement of mitochondrial performance and energy. In recent years NAD has also been shown to participate as an extracellular signaling molecule in cell-to-cell communication. NAD is essential in supporting healthy cellular metabolism including the efficient conversion of blood glucose into energy. For more information visit or Probi Launches New Probiotic weden-based Probi is launching a new probiotic iron absorption product called Probi FerroSorb. The product will be available through partners worldwide and the first market launch is planned for the beginning of 2016 the company said. The product has also been nominated to the Food Ingredients Europe Innovation Awards 2015 in the Best Functional Innovation category. We are very proud to have been nominated for this award it is a proof that our R&D can bring new innovative products to the market addressing a widespread unmet medical need. said Gun-Britt Fransson director of research and development. Probi FerroSorb offers a new approach for probiotic consumer products both within functional food and consumer health care segments. Probi is already very successful with Probi Digestis and Probi Defendum our gastro and immune platforms. We are now very proud to launch the new probiotic platform Probi FerroSorb targeting iron deficiency in a unique way. This will create an opportunity for continuous growth for the probiotic category said Linda Neckmar director of marketing and sales consumer health care. Probi FerroSorb formulated into a capsule is a combination of the clinically documented lactic acid bacteria LP299V vitamin C folic acid and a carefully balanced amount of iron. It is a supplement for preventive use targeting women of childbearing age at risk of iron deficiency. One capsule daily with the main meal will help to meet iron requirements while leaving a minimal amount of unabsorbed iron in the intestines. Probi FerroSorb solves iron deficiency in a completely new way by increasing the uptake--not only the intake the company said. For more information visit S Barry Callebaut Signs Licensing Agreement With Naturex he Barry Callebaut Group (Zurich Switzerland) recently signed a licensing agreement with the France-based Naturex Group. In April 2015 the European Commission approved the extension of Barry Callebaut s existing health claim on cocoa flavanols from cocoa powders to cocoa flavanols from cocoa extracts (Regulation (E.U.) 2015 539). The group obtained the right to use the health claim that cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels which contributes to normal blood flow for food supplements applications fitting into delivery forms such as capsules and tablets containing high-flavanol cocoa extracts. For a period of five years until April 2020 Barry Callebaut is licensing its approved 13.5 EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) health claim on cocoa flavanols for cocoa extract products to Naturex. As licensee Naturex is permitted to apply this proprietary health claim to its food supplement solutions and its B2B clients will be also allowed to duplicate it on their marketed end products. This open innovation partnership with Barry Callebaut is a great opportunity to bring to the food supplement market a pure and natural breakthrough ingredient with a unique 13.5 EFSA claim for the next five years said Olivier Rigaud CEO of Naturex. It will help us strengthen our global leader position in the phytoactives segment one of the four key categories highlighted in our Bright2020 strategic plan with endless applications that will help our customers to reduce time to market fitting perfectly with consumer expectations. For more information visit or T 16 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Natreon s Capros Shown to Have Protective Effects ew Jersey-based Natreon s Capros a clinically studied and standardized aqueous extract of Phyllanthus emblica has been shown to preserve cardiac tissue during ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats according to a study just published in The Journal of Physiology and Biochemistry. Capros is a FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) GRAS (generally recognized as safe) approved non-GMO N (genetically modified organism) vegetarian ingredient derived from the edible fruits of Phyllanthus emblica. Previous randomized double blind placebo-controlled studies with Capros treatment have shown significant benefits for cardiovascular health. These studies showed significant improvements in endothelial function by increasing production of nitric oxide by more than 50 percent. A significant decrease in the inflam- mation biomarker hs-CRP by more than 50 percent was noted in these studies. In addition triglyceride levels decreased LDL decreased and HDL increased in patients treated with Capros. Capros is a super antioxidant that is water soluble and stable thus it is an ideal product for addition into hot and cold beverages and functional foods. For more information visit Cargill Received EFSA for Use of Erythritol argill (Minneapolis MN) announced that FEMA granted the company GRAS (generally recognized as safe) status for its branded ingredient Zerose erythritol to be used as a flavor in non-alcoholic beverages in both the U.S. and Mexico the company said. It has been labeled as a natural flavor in the ingredient deck and its maximum inclusion level was established as 1.25 percent. Cargill also announced that in March 2015 they received the positive EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) opinion and final approval for use of erythritol as a flavor enhancer in energy-reduced or with no added sugars flavored drinks under the food additives Regulation. This approval was helped by submission of an extensive dossier that included a three-year clinical digestive tolerance study of Zerose erythritol in young children. For more information visit KD Pharma Achieves IFOS Raw Material Certification D Pharma announced its IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) certification of its KD-P r line of omega-3 concentrates. All products tested through the Nutrasource IFOS program have received five-star ratings for safety purity and quality which are the highest ratings possible for omega-3 oils can achieve. KD Pharma has always prided itself in the exceptional quality and purity of its omega-3 concentrates said Christine Krumbholz director of KD Pharma quality assurance and regulatory affairs. The IFOS five-star rating clearly demonstrates this commitment to our clients and consumers. IFOS ensures that products are produced in approved certified manufacturing facilities and are registered according to the requisite authorities. The Nutrasource program also makes sure that analytical methods used meet the IFOS standard of testing and certifies compliance of the products tested to IFOS raw material program requirements. For more information visit C K MSC Certified Pharma Marine Launches CodMarine Oil in North America orway-based Pharma Marine AS producer of fish oils and omega-3 concepts and Healthy Directions a direct-to-consumer nutritional supplement retailer and wholly-owned subsidiary of Helen of Troy Limited have launched the sustainably sourced supplement Dr. Williams CodMarine Oil for the first time in North America. The N omega-3 sources in the oil product are fully traceable to sustainable and well-managed Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries. We are proud to introduce our sustainably sourced CodMarine product to the U.S. market and help consumers to make a difference and contribute to the health of the world s oceans Leif Kjetil Gjendemsjo owner of Pharma Marine said. The blue MSC ecolabel on each bottle provides assurance that there is complete traceability of CodMarine fish oil to sustainable and well-managed fisheries. For more information visit or January February 2016 Nutrition Industry Executive 17 IngredientNews Spirulina Extract Color Additive T he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed the effective date of September 22 2015 for the final rule that amended regulations to expand the permitted use of spirulina extract as a color additive to include use in coating formulations applied to dietary supplement and drug tablets and capsules. FDA also amended the color additive regulations to add 73.1530 spirulina extract (21 CFR 73.1530) to provide for the safe use of spirulina extract as a color additive in coating formulations applied to drug tablets and capsules. FDA gave interested persons until September 21 2015 to file objections or requests for a hearing and received no objections or requests for a hearing on the final rule. Therefore the effective date of the final rule that published in the Federal Register of August 21 2015 is confirmed. Subjects in 21 CFR Part 73 include color additives cosmetics drugs foods and medical devices. For more information visit or Glanbia Nutritionals Partners With MGP Ingredients alifornia-based Glanbia Nutritionals an innovator in value-added protein and grain ingredient solutions and premier precision nutrient premix service provider announced the addition a new plant based protein alternative within its HarvestPro plant protein line. HarvestPro Wheat Protein 85 is comprised of wheat protein developed and produced by MGP Ingredients (Atchison KS) and offers a water-dispersible and lightly hydrolyzed what protein with a favorable flavor profile the company said. The ingredient contains double the glutamine levels and increased proline levels compared to soy and whey protein isolates. Offered in both an agglomerated and non-agglomerated form through Glanbia HarvestPro Wheat Protein is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) non-GMO (genetically modified organism) halal and kosher compliant. The addition of this proprietary specialty wheat protein from MGP to Glanbia s HarvestPro plant protein portfolio provides customers with the ability to formulate a good tasting vegan plant-based protein alternative for a growing health-conscious market where consumers are choosing food and drinks high in protein while they maintain a diet low in meat said Ram Nimmagudda PhD. director of business development for Glanbia Nutritionals. For more information visit C Go to comar for info about this advertiser 18 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Frutarom Introduces Incaberrix Formulations rutarom Health BU (North Bergen NJ) launched its new Incaberrix superberry ingredient formulations for confectionary products at FI Europe Paris France December 1. Incaberrix is an all-natural ingredient sourced from Inca golden berries the ancient Andean physalis fruit (Physalis peruviana). It combines superfruit health benefits with an exotic sweet and sour flavor. Incaberrix is particularly rich in Bcomplex vitamins protein and minerals. It also is high in vitamin C and carotenoids. This potent nutrient adds health benefits combined with a fun and an exotic touch and has piqued the curiosity of confectionary and beverage companies in the past four months the company said. Unique prototypes were sampled at the Frutarom Health booth at FI Europe including gummies with natural mixed berry flavor and natural colors from Frutarom Peru. F throughout shelf life is one of the main issues the food industry faces when using natural ingredients explained Capelle. Formulation challenges can involve stability to pH light and temperature as well as oxidative degradation and interactions with other ingredients. Frutarom has overcome these problems using its patented EFLA HyperPure technology and also has improved the raw material selection. The company now obtains extracts with much higher solubility increasing versatility and flavor and enhancing clean label application. For more information visit Incaberrix is an exciting natural ingredient said Yannick Capelle product manager for Frutarom Health. We see a rapidly growing interest from the market not only from beverage producers but also from food supplement and confectionary companies seeking new natural ingredients rich in phytonutrients. Incaberrix meets the increasing demand for natural ingredients specifically for natural sources of minerals and vitamins. According to new global product launch activity tracked by Innova Market Insights the use of superfruit flavors in confectionery increased by 13 percent from 2013 to 2014. In the confectionery category superfruit flavors were most prevalent in sugar confectionery (22.5 percent) gummies jellies (19.7 percent) hard candy (17.6 percent) and chocolate blocks (16.8 percent). Stability during processing and January February 2016 Go to igy for info about this advertiser Nutrition Industry Executive 19 IngredientNews Lesaffre Human Care Introduces Newly Organic-certifed Nutritional Yeast rance-based Lesaffre Human Care announced that it presented the newest addition to its portfolio of nutritional yeasts at FI in Paris France Lynside NUTRI ORGANIC. The company also recently obtained Organic FRBIO-1 certification from Ecocert for this product. Lynside NUTRI is a range of primarygrown inactive dried yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) also known as nutritional yeasts and manufactured in Western Europe. The superfoods are an excellent source of non-animal protein containing essential and non-essential amino acids perfect for vegan friendly diets the company said. Lynside NUTRI is also a reliable source of B vitamins dietary fibers and minerals (K P Zn etc.) making it a nutritional F partner for both consumer groups with special needs and those who have a desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. The protein content is close to 50 percent complemented by the B vitamin complex. Lynside NUTRI is fit for both athletes and elderly. It can be used as a source of naturally occurring vitamin B9 by pregnant women and the presence of B2 B3 and B8 as well as zinc makes it a great ingredient for nails hair and skincare the company shared. Lynside NUTRI ORGANIC is available in two forms flakes which can be used for cooking sprinkled on food and can be directly packaged in boxes or in powder form which can be used alone or in combination with other ingredients for applications such as function foods and dietary supplements. We see great opportunities in the market for organic ingredients and are very pleased to introduce this organiccertified variation of our conventional nutritional yeast said Sandrine Cuisenier head of global marketing and communication Lesaffre Human Care. The benefits of nutritional yeasts are well known and they have been used by consumers for decades but Lynside NUTRI ORGANIC can be considered as a new organic superfood. For more information visit Tianjin Plant Produces Fibersol hina-based Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. marked the opening of a plant to produce Fibersol soluble dietary fiber. Fibersol marketed and sold through a joint venture between Illinois-based Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and Matustanti enables food and beverage manufacturers to increase the fiber content of their products without impacting flavor color or viscosity. With the global market for soluble dietary fiber growing at an annual rate of 13 percent the Tianjin plant s production capacity of 15 000 metric tons per year will help address food industry customers increasing demand the company said. For more information visit or Herbakraft Launches MAG ew Jersey-based Herbakraft has launched 98 percent pure Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate (MAG)--a natural non-caloric sweetener used widely as functional and active ingredient in baked foods beverages pharmaceuticals nutraceuticals cosmetics chewing gum dairy products flavors enhancing personal and oral care products and seasonings. HerbaKraft s MAG is a pure derivative of glycyrrhetinic acid extracted from the roots of Glyccyrrhiza glabra (licorice) at the company s production facility in India. MAG is standardized for 98-102 percent of glycyrrhetinic acid a significantly higher purity without any strong aftertaste. MAG is water extracted soluble in low acidity conditions and heat stable making it an ideal natural non-caloric substitute for sugar in diverse applications the company said. For more information call (732) 463-1000 or visit C N New Protein Ingredients From AIDP A IDP (City of Industry CA) unveiled three new protein ingredients at SupplySide West in Las Vegas NV Sacha Inchi Protein Hemprotein and Wheatein a glutenfree wheat protein. Sacha Inchi also known as Inca nut or Inca peanut is a superfood plant native to Peru. The seeds oil can be extracted for dietary supplements with high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and protein. Hemprotein is a new ingredient made from hemp seed. While Wheatein a gluten-free 80 percent hydrolyzed wheat protein that features a white color and bland flavor with a slight sweetness is ideal for commercial baked goods as well as bars and pasta. Plant-based proteins continue to be in strong demand driving more innovation to keep improving things like taste texture and functionality said Alan Rillorta director of protein and branded ingredient sales. AIDP is committed to innovation as the demand grows so that we are a one stop shop for manufacturers who are looking for the highest quality most cutting edge and widest variety of plant proteins on the market. For more information visit 20 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 ICQAConferenceWrapUp Ubiquinol Takes Lead Role at International CoQ10 Conference By Sid Shastri MS Product Development Manager Kaneka Nutrients I t is a privilege for the natural products industry to enjoy the benefits of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association (ICQA). The academic nonprofit organization founded in 1997 features a roster of elite scientists from around the world dedicated to basic and applied research on the biomedical aspects of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). It is awe inspiring considering these individuals have spent decades studying a molecular entity that generates more than 300 million in sales and is estimated to be the third most popular product in our industry. In the past the venue for the biennial event had been in Los Angeles CA London England Kobe Japan and Brussels Belgium. This symposium took place in the historic northern Italian city of Bologna. The multidisciplinary symposium focused on the impact of CoQ10 on cardiovascular disease mitochondrial disease and bioenergetics bioenergetics of aging gene regulation and other clinical applications such as glaucoma amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and chronic fatigue. Perhaps the most telling trend at this year s symposium was the dominant number of presentations focused on ubiquinol exceeding by double that of ubiquinone the conventional oxidized form of CoQ10. Listed here are a few clinical pearls from the 86 presentations at the conference. Statin Cardiomyopathy The Invisible Pandemic Given the prevalence of statin therapies an intriguing and relevant presentation was lead by a team of cardiologists (Dr. Peter Langsjoen Alena Langsjoen MSc and Dr. Jens Langsjoen) entitled Statin Cardiomyopathy The Invisible Pandemic. The Langsjoen researchers have been instrumental in demonstrating the efficacy of ubiquinol for congestive heart failure patients that were not responding to ubiquinone.1 Over several decades at their Texas cardiology clinic the Langsjoen clinicians revealed they have uncovered that statin side effects are far more common in clinical cardiology than have been recorded in pharmaceutical trials.2 However the side effect of eminent concern is congestive heart failure induced by statin usage also known as statin cardiomyopathy (SCM). According to the researchers we are in the midst of a congestive heart failure epidemic with approximately 4.8 million Americans afflicted and an estimated 400 000 new cases of congestive heart failure per year. To assess the role of CoQ10 in SCM the researchers initiated a multi-year observational (cohort) clinical trial. Inclusion in the study was based on subjects that experienced heart failure (as measured by the New York Heart Association classification system) after taking statins. The key intervention of the study was subjects who stopped statin therapy and initiated CoQ10 supplementation. The majority of the 133 subjects supplemented with ubiquinol the average amount consumed was 300 mg daily. In addition to physical exams echocar- diograms and blood testing of CoQ10 values there was measurement of symptoms potentially attributable to statins. Grading symptoms was based on an internal scoring system of zero (no symptoms) to three (severe symptoms). The majority of the SCM subjects (87 percent) had heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) whereas a minority of the SCM subjects (13 percent) exhibited heart failure with a reduced ejection fraction. All SCM subjects had diastolic dysfunction at the beginning of the observation period. The results of the study demonstrated that ubiquinol provided significant improvement across the board 300 mg of (predominantly) ubiquinol per day raised total blood CoQ10 values from 1.2 mcg mL to 6.1 mcg mL of plasma (p 0.001) all statin-attributable symptoms (fatigue myalgia muscle weakness memory loss and peripheral neuropathy) improved significantly (p 0.0001) the diastolic dysfunction improved by an average grade of 1 (from 1.7 down to 0.8 p 0.0001) of which 52 patients had complete normalization of diastolic function.3 Also on average the NYHA congestive heart failure class improved by 1 class (p 0.001). According to the authors these results demonstrate that CoQ10 especially the ubiquinol form may play a protective role against SCM. In between all of the p values nestled in the modesty of scientific discussion Nutrition Industry Executive 21 January February 2016 ICQAConferenceWrapUp this intervention represented lifechanging improvements for some participants. The ubiquinol partitioned into the aqueous fraction of the chyme significantly more than ubiquinone. The scientists then took the aqueous fractions and added them to the Caco-2 cells which are human large intestine cells that functionally resemble enterocytes to examine uptake and transepithelial transport. The Caco-2 cells soaked up ubiquinol 2.3 times greater than ubiquinone and transepithelial transport across the cell was 3.4 times higher for ubiquinol.6 There are also enzymes--specifically glutathione reductase and thioredoxin reductase--that can affect absorption of CoQ10 (via a process of reduction the addition of hydrogen to the molecule). It was demonstrated that low glutathione and glutathione reductase concentrations in the Caco-2 cell resulted in diminished uptake of ubiquinone and ubiquinol. Similarly a reduction in thioredoxin reductase concentration resulted in diminished uptake of ubiquinol but not ubiquinone into the Caco-2 cell. This enzyme portion of the study demonstrated that a reduced intracellular environment is important for the uptake of CoQ10 into the body. All of this ongoing research into CoQ10 underscores the bright future ahead for this nutrient. For that we offer our appreciation to the members and scientists of the ICQA. NIE Bioavailability in Bologna Ubiquinol s significantly higher bioavailability has been repeatedly confirmed in experimental and clinical studies.4 5 At the symposium researchers from Ohio State University provided some insight into mechanisms for the absorption disparity in a presentation aptly titled Why is the bioavailability of ubiquinol greater than that of ubiquinone The researchers utilized an in vitro digestion model coupled to Caco-2 cells to help clarify specific mechanistic aspects of absorption. The researchers utilized an experimental model that simulated gastrointestinal digestion (in vitro) in conjunction with cells that resemble mature intestinal absorptive cells (Caco-2 cells). The scientists solubilized ubiquinol and ubiquinone into a food format (yogurt) which was then exposed to conditions of simulated gastric and small intestine digestion. References 1 Langsjoen P and Langsjoen A. Supplemental ubiquinol in the treatment of heart failure five-year experience. 6th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association Brussels Belgium. May 27-30th 2010. 2 Langsjoen P and Langsjoen A. Adverse consequences of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors in clinical cardiology and their response to supplemental CoQ10. 4th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association Los Angeles California. April 14-17 2005. 3 Langsjoen P et al. Statin cardiomyopathy the invisible pandemic. 8th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association Bologna Italy. October 811th 2015. 4 Hosoe K et al. Study on safety and bioavailability of ubiquinol (Kaneka QH) after single and 4-week multiple oral administration to healthy volunteers. Regul. Toxicol. Pharm. 2007 47 19-28. 5 Evans M et al. A randomized double-blind trial on the bioavailability of two CoQ10 formulations. J. Funct. Food 2009 1 65-73. 6 Failla M et al. Why is the bioavailability of ubiquinol greater than that of ubiquinone. 8th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association Bologna Italy. October 8-11th 2015. Go to mackflavor for info about this advertiser 22 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 AssociationNews Organic & Natural to Host Inaugural National Conference he Organic & Natural Health Association (Organic & Natural) will host its first national conference January 26-27 2016 at the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village in Florida. The inaugural conference will provide opportunities to network engage in mission-focused activities and enjoy the natural and lush surroundings of the chosen resort destination. Organic & Natural s board meeting will take place on Tuesday January 26 followed by cocktails and a hosted dinner. On the second day of the retreat members will breakout for morning business sessions. Topics will include execution of the Organic & Natural research agenda (including tax and legal issues related to research) a pres- T entation by Organic & Natural s new lab partner Health Research Institute a discussion on the association s definition of natural and an update on legislative and regulatory activity. Attendees will participate in outside excursions during the afternoon on the more than 400 miles of navigable waterways. Spouses and guests of members are welcome. Formed a year ago Organic & Natural is dedicated to creating and promoting transparent business practices that safeguard access to organic and natural food products and services. The nonprofit trade association whose founding board members include Todd Harrison partner at Venable LLP Joe Sandler partner of the Sandler Reiff Lamb Rosenstein & Birkenstock PC and Charles Brown national counsel for Consumers for Dental Choice founder and president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry and former attorney general of West Virginia have been actively working on initiatives to improve the integrity of the natural products industry while creating support from leading industry companies. Our leadership and membership is comprised of first-rate companies and consumer organizations that understand we have to put the integrity of the industry first as part of a long-term strategy said Karen Howard CEO and executive director of Organic & Natural. It s the only way we will ultimately win consumer trust and loyalty. For more information visit GOED CRN Publish Oxidation White Paper n ongoing efforts to educate the industry and consumers about the issue of oxidation and omega-3s GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega- 3s) and CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) have coauthored a white paper entitled Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils An Overview. The white paper was written to help improve industry knowledge about oxidation testing protocols and potential issues with oxidized oils. For example one of the key points highlighted in the paper is the confusion over the p-anisidine test which is a commonly used test for secondary oxidation. The problem is this test is not applicable for many omega-3 products I such as flavored products or those with natural color like krill oil resulting in the product being inaccurately classified as oxidized. The white paper also covers Background information and an oxidation overview Health effects of oxidized omega-3 products How to measure oxidation and analytical test methods Market research on consumer attitudes toward oxidized products We ve seen increased attention on the oxidation area and there s a lot of confusion out there said Adam Ismail GOED executive director. We re reassured that 90-plus percent of the prod- ucts analyzed pass GOED s strict standards for oxidation but it s a message that needs to get out to consumers. We re pleased to see that such a high percentage of companies are following the methods and limits to prevent oxidation as laid out in the GOED Voluntary Monograph first established by CRN nearly 15 years ago added Duffy MacKay ND CRN s senior vice president scientific and regulatory affairs. It was important for us to partner with GOED on this paper to help clarify areas where confusion still exists. For more information visit or Conventions&Meetings Natural & Organic Products Asia I n August Natural & Organic Products Asia (NOPA) achieved new records for both increased visitor attendance and expanded exhibitor floor. NOPA serves as a platform for all things organic and natural covering the Pan-Asia market according to the organization. At NOPA 2015 more than 1 000 brands and products were represented by more than 50 nations attracting a grand total of 6 211 visitors during the three-day show. Compared to 2014 NOPA expand- ed its exhibitor profile by 70 percent having more than 200 exhibitor booths now. NOPA put high emphasis on including a worldwide profile for its exhibitor profile. One feature the international pavilions provided special focus on select popular nations for natural and organic products. The biggest profile belonged to Thailand which had products on display in more than a dozen booths. In addition there were also Sapporo Japan Russia and Taiwan pavilions present offering the best and healthiest in their respective natural and organic products. NOPA will return again from August 31 to September 2 2016 to celebrate its third year. For more information visit Nutrition Industry Executive 23 January February 2016 ScienceUpdate Vitamin D May Improve Exercise Performance and Lower Heart Disease Risk aking vitamin D supplements can improve exercise performance and lower the risk of heart disease according to the findings of a preliminary study presented at the Society for Endocrinology annual conference in Edinburgh Scotland. Previous studies suggest that vitamin D can block the action of enzyme 11HSD1 which is needed to make the stress hormone cortisol. High levels of cortisol may raise blood pressure by restricting arteries narrowing blood vessels and stimulating the kidneys to retain water. As vitamin D may reduce circulating levels of cortisol it could theoretically improve exercise performance and lower cardiovascular risk factors. In this study researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh gave 13 healthy adults matched by age and weight 50 g of vitamin D per day or a placebo over a period of two weeks. Adults supplementing with vitamin D had lower blood pressure compared to T those given a placebo as well as having lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their urine. A fitness test found that the group taking vitamin D could cycle 6.5 km in 20 minutes compared to just 5 km at the start of the experiment. Despite cycling 30 percent further in the same time the group taking vitamin D supplements also showed lower signs of physical exertion. Approximately 10 million people in England may have low vitamin D levels. On average one in 10 adults has low levels of vitamin D in summer com- pared to two in five in winter. Because people with darker skin are less efficient at using sunlight to make vitamin D up to three out of four adults with dark skin are deficient in winter. Our pilot study suggests that taking vitamin D supplements can improve fitness levels and lower cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure said Dr. Raquel Revuelta Iniesta co-author of the study. Our next step is to perform a larger clinical trial for a longer period of time in both healthy individuals and large groups of athletes such as cyclists or long-distance runners. Vitamin D deficiency is a silent syndrome linked to insulin resistance diabetes rheumatoid arthritis and a higher risk for certain cancers said Dr. Emad Al-Dujaili lead author of the study. Our study adds to the body of evidence showing the importance of tackling this widespread problem. For more information visit Obese People Need More Vitamin E But Get Less recent study suggests that obese people with metabolic syndrome face an unexpected quandary when it comes to vitamin E--they need more than normal levels of the vitamin because their weight and other problems are causing increased oxidative stress but those same problems actually cause their effective use of vitamin E to be reduced. As a result experts in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University (OSU) say that a huge number of Americans may be chronically deficient in vitamin E which could compound the wide range of diseases known to be associated with metabolic syndrome including heart disease diabetes Alzheimer s disease and cancer. Vitamin E is associated with lipids or the fats found in the blood but it s mostly just a micronutrient that s going along for the ride said Maret Traber a professor in the College of Public Health and Human Science at OSU and a principal investigator in the Linus Pauling Institute. What we found was that tissues of obese people are rejecting intake of some of these lipids because they already have enough fat. A In the process they also reject the associated vitamin E. So even though the tissues are facing serious oxidative stress the delivery of vitamin E to them is being impaired and they are not getting enough of this important micronutrient. Fat generates oxidants that increase metabolic stress Traber said. Vitamin E along with vitamin C and some other antioxidants are natural dietary defenses against this problem. However millions of Americans-- more than 92 percent by some measures--eat a diet deficient in vitamin E often about half the desired amount. It s found at highest levels in some foods such as nuts seeds and olive oil. Another concern is that when people try to lose weight often the first thing they do is limit their fat intake Traber said. This may make sense if you are trying to reduce calories but fat is the most common source of vitamin E in our diets so that approach to weight loss can sometimes actually worsen a nutrient deficiency. A reasonable approach Traber said would be to try to eat a balanced and healthy diet even if attempting to lose weight while also taking a daily multivitamin that includes 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E which is 15 milligrams per day. It s also important to eat some food containing at least a little fat when taking a supplement because otherwise this fat-soluble vitamin--in the form found in most dietary supplements--will not be well absorbed. In the study researchers made their findings with a double-blind study of adults some of whom were healthy and others with metabolic syndrome. The authors concluded that its findings support higher dietary requirements of vitamin E for adults with metabolic syndrome. For more information visit 24 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 One of the most challenging issues with combination The products is being able to include therapeutic levels of key ingredients while The keeping the daily serving of tablets or capsules to a minimum -- Marci van der Muelen National Sales Manager Nordic Naturals Gut Nourish Body particular enzyme (lactase) leaving them unable to fully digest the lactose commonly found in milk and dairy products said Maria Pavlidou head of communications for region HNH EMEA DSM Nutritional Products Human Nutrition and Health division Switzerland. Again the food industry has stepped in and lactose-free options of milk yogurt and ice cream are more accessible than ever. However gluten and lactose aren t the full story Pavlidou said. A range of other products from wheat to different additives and preservatives are accused of being the cause of digestive complaints. She said she believes that the future is likely to hold other commonly eaten foods as the cause of their common gut problems such as bouts of constipation indigestion gas and stomachaches. The good news is that there are ingredients that aid in relieving digestive discomfort bloating gas etc. These include pre- and probiotics fibers digestive enzymes and even plant extracts. Nutrition Industry Executive 25 Nourish As we learn about the inner workings of the digestive system our understanding of its needs become more apparent. By Corinne Anderson hile there are serious digestive health concerns out there many do not last long according to the Office on Women s Health U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Everyone has digestive problems from time to time--an upset stomach gas heartburn constipation or diarrhea. Many digestive problems may be uncomfortable or embarrassing but they are not serious and don t last long. Others can be controlled with simple changes in the diet. But sometimes even common digestive symptoms can be signs of a more serious problem said a publication entitled Digestive Health. Consumers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated about their food and nutritional choices said Jon Peters president of New Jersey-based BENEO Inc. They expect their diets to contribute to overall wellness and they expect products that are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and clean label. According to consumer research com- W missioned by BENEO in the U.S. benefits such as overall well being as well as digestive health rank high when it comes to purchase decisions 73 percent and 71 percent respectively Peters revealed. Crummy in Your Tummy In recent years gluten has been under fire for being the enemy of a healthy and happy digestive system. According to Beyond Celiac (National Foundation for Celiac Awareness [NFCA]) an organization founded in 2003 as the first patient advocacy group dedicated to improving access to gluten-free food (the only treatment for celiac) and help drive diagnoses the celiac disease diagnosis rate may reach 50-60 percent by 2019. The food industry responded glutenfree sales reached more than 2.6 billion by the end of 2010 and were expected to exceed 5 billion in 2015. But gluten is not the only source of digestive distress of course. Research has revealed that some people have low levels of a January February 2016 Nourish The The Gut Nourish Body Pre- and Probiotics Prebiotics are one of the newest ingredients in the digestive health market said Ainslee Crum CEO of IgY Nutrition in Oklahoma. Prebiotics are gaining more traction in the digestive health category as research shows the benefits gained by combining probiotics and prebiotics in the gut. When prebiotics and probiotics are combined they form a symbiotic because they contain live bacteria and the fuel they need to thrive since prebiotics act as food for probiotics according to the Mayo Clinic. As knowledge of the human internal microbiome grows so does our ability to positively affect and balance that biome. The flora in our guts is crucial to immune system health Crum said. Prebiotics are non-digestible food ingredients that benefit consumers by selectively stimulating the growth of desired beneficial bacteria in the colon. This improves the balance of the digestive microbiome and in turn an individual s health Crum explained. Prebiotics also reduce the adherence of pathogenic bacteria in the gut reducing strain on the immune system. In a paper titled Probiotics a role in the treatment of intestinal infection and inflammation by Dr. E. Isolauri department of paediatrics and P.V. Kirjavainen and S. Salminen department of biochemistry and food chemistry all at the University of Turku Finland in the online journal Gut described how inflammation and infection are frequently accompanied by imbalance in the intestinal microflora. The paper stated A strong inflammatory response may then be mounted to microfloral bacteria leading to perpetuation of the inflammation and gut barrier dysfunction. Probiotic bacteria may counteract the inflammatory process by stabilizing the gut microbial environment and the intestine s permeability barrier and by enhancing the degradation of enteral antigens and altering their immunogenicity. Pre- and probiotics are closely related to gut health and there is new research being released every day on the benefits and effects agreed Michael Bush 26 Nutrition Industry Executive senior vice president of Ohio-based Ganeden. For example Ganeden s patented strain GanedenBC30 has been shown in more than 20 studies to support gut health through mechanisms such as gut pH lowering bacteriocin production and helping provide an environment that is conductive to the growth of other native gut bacteria. However Bush continued the newest and most recent studies show that GanedenBC30 supports protein utilization and digestive health in seniors. In addition to creating combinations other innovations stemming from the world of probiotics include new delivery forms such as oro-dispersible sticks or water-soluble solutions. -- Feuz B reng re marketing group manager Lallemand Health Solutions Underrated Organ by Giulia Enders made it to the bestsellers shelf. [It] is a sign that consumers are growing interest and gaining [an] understanding of the complexity of our gut s function B reng re continued. Lallemand Health Solutions developed the first probiotic preparation (Probio Stick) clinically documented to alleviate both psychological and physiological symptoms of stress according to B reng re. This is an innovative solution to address the modern lifestyle of active stressed people in search of natural holistic approach[es]. The digestive health market today is dominated by prebiotics and probiotics but we can also find enzymes and some botanical extracts that claim a health benefit of this segment said Sandrine Cuisenier marketing manager for France-based Lesaffre Human Care. Digestive Enzymes Digestive enzymes are normally produced in the pancreas and small intestine and break down food into nutrients so the body can absorb them. People who look to use digestive enzymes usually have indigestion with gas and bloating said Mike Smith vice president of Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies based in California. They commonly have been dissatisfied with antacids and or so called proton pump inhibitor drugs. Digestive enzymes dominate the category according to Smith. Unlike most dietary supplements digestive enzymes produce results you can actually feel. There is no denying relief of digestive discomfort gas or bloating. Digestive enzymes are specific to certain problems The trend in digestive health products continues toward condition specific enzyme blends versus general digestive blends. Most notably products for dairy intolerance gluten sensitivity and overall gastro intestinal (GI) health Smith continued. According to Smith microbial source enzymes are dominating. They are manufactured by fermentation of fungal or bacterial organisms by two main fermentation techniques submerged fermentation and surface or semi-solid fermentation. Specialty Enzymes performs both techniques to produce many different enzymes from amylase to xylanase. The most common enzymes produced include proteases that break down protein amylases which break down starch lipases that break down fat and lactase which breaks down milk. Another enzyme source are true plant enzymes which are extracts such as Product Use Consumers are moving away from taking another pill or changing their dietary habits. Instead they are asking for convenient great-tasting foods and beverages that fit their daily lifestyle and provide them with complete nutrition. Due to the functional nature of preand probiotics they naturally align well with cereals breads and other high fiber foods and are suited for a wide variety of formulations Crum said. They can be put into beverages as well as powder gum or liquid supplements. In addition to creating combinations other innovations stemming from the world of probiotics include new delivery forms such as oro-dispersible sticks or water-soluble solutions said Feuz B reng re marketing group manager Lallemand Health Solutions Canada. In terms of effects and approach exciting innovations come from the field of brain gut axis communication the role of the gut sometimes called the second brain in our well-being and emotional equilibrium is increasingly documented. B reng re said that the topic of the brain-gut communication axis is quickly gaining momentum in the general public along with being increasingly understood by scientists. The 2015 book Gut The Inside Story of Our Body s Most January February 2016 Go to specialtyenzymes for info about this advertiser Nourish The The Gut Nourish Body bromelain an extract from the stem of pineapple and papain an extract from the latex of immature papaya. Supplementing with ginger may help address some of the immediate concerns of digestive problems including nausea bloating gas and discomfort. Ginger has been a cornerstone for digestive health as well as for other digestive conditions including motion sickness nausea and vomiting said Lynda M. Doyle MS Human Nutrition vice president of global marketing for OmniActive Health Technologies. Multiple studies have reviewed ginger s ability to reduce nausea and even morning sickness (in the first trimester). It is used to reduce severity of seasickness and reduces nausea just as effectively as B6 and the antiemetic drug dimenhydriante Doyle continued. Gingever a ginger extract from OmniActive is a first-to-market opportunity as a branded high-potency ginger extract Doyle said. Gingever was developed with an emphasis on purity potency and batch-to-batch consistency. Our supercritical CO2 extraction process produces a ginger extract with little damage or denaturing and without the use of harsh extraction solvents Doyle said. The third enzyme source after microbial and true plant is animal and is predominately from the stomach and pancreas of the pig. These enzymes include pancreatin trypsin chymotrypsin and pepsin. The demand for enzymes derived from plant and microbial sources have led to the somewhat decline of animal sourced enzymes Smith said. Smith also revealed that there are not many well-controlled double-blind clinical studies on digestive enzymes. [The] studies that exist tend to be anecdotal. Not that they are without value. The reality is that it is difficult to demonstrate the effect of enzymes within the gastrointestinal system without significant invasive techniques. There are some in vitro mechanisms to demonstrate digestion and an example includes the TNO Nutrition & Food Research (TIM-1). According to the TNO Trikelion website The TIM systems accurately simulate the dynamic physio28 Nutrition Industry Executive logical processes and conditions within the GI tract such as transit body temperature peristaltic movements pH gastric and intestinal enzymes and bile salts. The TIM-1 system represent[s] the GI tract from the stomach through small intestine while TIM-2 mimics the colon. The GI conditions in human healthy adults are simulated but these can be adapted to simulate a wide range of target populations such as infants and patients with impaired gastrointestinal conditions or to simulate the GI physiology of animals such as dogs and pigs. Cuisenier agreed noting that digestive health clinical studies are hard to perform and difficult to obtain significant results. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) for example display[s] a substantial placebo effect. She also revealed that the health benefits of certain products are numerous and becomes challenging to target just one of them. Our studies on IBS are among the best in the dietary supplement industry Cuisenier said. The studies were performed on 600 volunteers and demonstrated significant results on intestinal pain which alters the quality of life of people with IBS. Results of these studies were published in peer-review journals and led Health Canada to grant their product ibSium a health claim this summer. Lesaffre Health Care also received positive results from a large consumer study conducted by family doctors on more than 1 160 volunteers. Fiber BENEO s inulin-type fructans (inulin and oligofructose) are produced from chicory root via a gentle water extraction method versus some other fibers that require a chemical process (acid heat and enzymatic processes catalyzing condensation of glucose) to synthesize the ingredient from glucose syrup Peters explained. Chicory root fibers are proven prebiotics Peters said. One of the ways chicory root fibers contribute to wellbeing resilience and health is by promoting regular and balanced digestive systems. Various studies have shown that inulin stimulates bowel movements in a mild and natural manner it also received a positive opinion for a proprietary health claim earlier this year by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The EFSA s decision was based on six human intervention studies that consistently proved that consumption of inulin increases stool frequency without triggering diarrhea. This is due to inulin resisting digestion in the small intestine while being fully fermented in the large intestine. For those consumers who have difficulties in consuming enough fiber (the so called fiber gap between the recommended amount of fiber intake and the actual intake) prebiotic fibers such as inulin and oligofructose help them achieve the recommended intake Peters said. In the future the focus will be more about digestive wellness as consumers increasingly understand the close link between digestive health regularity and well being. Also consumers very closely link fibers with beneficial effects on the digestive system. One in three consumers are consuming fibers to improve regularity and thus their digestion Peters shared. In a consumer interview commissioned by BENEO and conducted by Health Focus International 67 percent of 1 000 people found high in natural fiber as a very appealing fiber claim for food and beverage products. BENEO sees a clear trend for more natural and non-GMO products Peters said. According to U.S. consumer research 47 percent of respondents are actively seeking natural fibers and 45 percent consider non-GMO products as better. With so many consumers looking for natural and more healthful products cross-functional foods are becoming more important for manufacturers. A breakfast burrito with probiotics that not only fills you up but also provides a daily dose of probiotics fiber and protein or a probiotic fortified juice which in one bottle provides a few servings of fruit fiber and their daily dose of probiotics are trends where we have seen tremendous growth Bush said. January February 2016 Go to deerland for info about this advertiser other harmful things making their way into the stomach. By specifically targeting 26 pathogenic bacterial strains commonly encountered by humans IgY Max by IgY Nutrition acts as a prebiotic helping the body eliminate only the The harmful bacteria while leaving the good microbes intact with reduced competition and more space to flourish. The beneficial microbes can then perform their natural functions aiding in digesWhat s Available tion supplying nutrients and vitamins DSM recently launched a new health and supporting the immune system. benefit platform Improve Your IgY Max is made from hyperimmune Digestion which according to the egg powder with no active chemicals. company provides a unique range of IgY Max contains antibodies that exclusolutions for creating customized prodsively target pathogens Crum said. ucts to support different requirements The ingredient supports the digestive for digestive health. The platform tract lining promotes proper microbial extends to a comprehensive portfolio adhesion supports immune system that features enzymes Tolerase L and health supports the body s natural Tolerase G for processing lactose and defenses and promotes proper cytokine gluten a selection of nutraceutical balance according to the company. ingredients such as pre- and probiotics IgY Max also contains naturally and OatWell dietary fibers from oat occurring cytokine-inhibitory factors that beta-glucan that have been proven to limit the excessive inflammation that benefit a healthy gut intestinal immunity leads to gastrointestinal discomfort and bowel function as well as vitamins Crum continued. A B2 C D E biotin niacin nutritional In addition to its platform DSM also lipids and DSM s Fabuless patented oiloffers Fortitech Premixes service which in-water emulsion. delivers precise blends of the desired Immunity is important when it comes functional ingredients in one single effito the gut with pathogenic bacteria and cient homogenous premix Pavlidou said. Ganeden s GanedenBC30 THE NUTRITION INDUSTRY S which supports immune health and NEWS & INFORMATION RESOURCE digestive health can be formulated into any product that is frozen baked extruded or processed. NIE s Upcoming Traditionally probiotics have been Issue Highlights delivered in yogurt or supplement 2016 NIE Supplier 2 5 16 March form but with this ad closing Sourcebook introduction this probiotic can be Ingredient Marketplace 3 22 16 introduced into a April ad closing Show Issue larger sect of the food and beverage Our 2016 Media Planner industry Bush said. It can also be Is Now Available At included in sports nutrition and even companion animal 2016-Media-Planner products with the exception of UHT Contact One of Our or shelf stable bevAd Specialists Today erages. Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 or Lesaffre Human e-Mail RussF Health Care offers Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 or two flagship ingree-Mail GaryP dients to the diges- Nourish The Gut Nourish Body tive health market. Lynside Pro SCB is a living yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. boulardii. The boulardii strain is already used in more than 100 countries. It has more than 75 clinical studies proving efficacy in helping to restore balanced gut flora promoting normal bowel function in adults and children and protecting the gut against travelrelated and antibiotic associated GIdistress. ibSium also by Lesaffre contains a patented registered strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCMI-3856. It has demonstrated a significant effect in improving abdominal discomfort in individuals with IBS through clinical and consumer studies and because of that obtained a health claim from Canadian authorities Cuisenier said. BENEO s inulin and oligofructose as a soluble fiber with a mild sweetness can be applied into various applications Peters said. Chicory root fiber can be used in pasta baked goods dairy products and cereals. It can also be used in ice cream mousses chocolate and confectionary. In addition BENEO s long-chain inulin can be used for fat reduction in several food products Peters revealed. In this way chicory root fibers reduce calories but add fiber and contribute not only to digestive health but also to weight management. What to Keep in Mind There are a lot of options regarding digestive health and the biggest challenge is to provide clarity for consumers suffering from information overload Pavlidou said. The internet and media are awash with information about digestion--from scientific studies to fad diets based on nothing more than the flimsiest understanding of how the complex human gastrointestinal tract works and everything in between. Add to this the fact that there has never been more pressure to lead a healthy lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet to match and it s easy to imagine that consumers are starting to feel overwhelmed. Meanwhile there are books and apps aplenty offering to help people find the best diet to meet their needs Pavlidou explained. Manufacturers should opt for functional ingredients that have a similar behavior in the food matrix including taste and texture while being natural and helping to replace over-represented ingredients and unwanted additives Peters said. Pavlidou said manufacturers that are developing new products that offer digestive benefits have two challenges. The first is to make sure their product 30 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 offers the specific digestive benefits consumers want and second getting their messages across in a sea of conflicting advice and information to clearly communicate the digestive benefits of their brands directly to consumers. People in charge of procurement have to be specifically careful about stability when purchasing living microorganisms as these represent a key success factor. They need to control stability in both the ingredient offered as well as the finished product Cuisenier said. When it comes to enzymes a common confusion for manufacturers and formulators is a lack of understanding how enzymes are measured Smith said. Unlike other dietary supplements enzyme weight is less important than enzyme activity. That is the enzyme s ability to hydrolyze (digest) a substrate. An enzyme can have significantly different activities at the same mg weight Smith said. For example Smith noted that a protease can have an activity of 1 000 HUT g and it can also have up to 800 000 HUT g. What that means is 800 000 HUT g protease can break down 800 times more protein than the 1 000 HUT g protease at the same weight. Incidentally the HUT assay is a way of measuring or standardizing the activity of a fungal protease enzyme Smith explained. Further enzymes are very substrate specific. Protease enzymes only digest proteins it does nothing to fat or carbohydrates. Lipase only digests fats amylase only digests starch and so on. tive studies and research that establishes the benefits of the products. Looking ahead digestive health is important to overall health. We all understand the role the gut plays in breaking down nutrients but it is widely unknown that the digestive system is also ground zero for many of the body s essential functions Bush concluded. NIE FORMOREINFORMATION Extra Extra Visit to read about the Gut-ona-Chip model study. BENEO Inc. (973) 867-2140 DSM 31 45 578 8111 Ganeden (440) 229-5200 IgY Nutrition (405) 242-5381 Lallemand Health Solutions 33 5 62 74 55 08 Lesaffre Human Care OminActive Health Technologies (866) 588-3629 Specialty Enzymes & Biotechnologies (909) 613-1660 TNO Triskelion BV 33 88 8662800 Potential Challenges in Digestive Health Crum revealed other challenges that she thinks manufacturers encounter in the category of digestive health exclusively. The first is the regulatory frame. She noted that companies are struggling to conduct research that doesn t cross the line between function claims and drug claims. One of the biggest issues with current research from a regulatory standpoint is the difficulty of showing a result in already healthy subjects. The second challenge is defining what it means to have a healthy digestive system. There are many unknowns in identifying all the benefits of a healthy functioning gut. And finally Crum said the saturation of probiotics in the market is a steep challenge. There are many different strains and most consumers lack the time and inclination to educate themselves about the differences. The best way to overcome these obstacles is to have objecJanuary February 2016 Go to nutraceutix for info about this advertiser Nutrition Industry Executive 31 The heart health category is poised for substantial growth--that is if the dynamic market growing segments and industry prognosticators have any say. By James J. Gormley C ardiovascular disease also called heart disease encompasses a range of conditions that affect your heart and include blood vessel diseases such as coronary artery disease heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias) and heart defects we re born with (congenital heart defects). Cardiovascular disease typically refers to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack chest pain (angina) or stroke. Other heart conditions such as those which affect the heart s muscle valves or rhythm are also considered forms of heart disease. It is known that many forms of heart disease can be avoided with healthy lifestyle choices. Globally there are 17.3 million deaths a year linked to cardiovascular disease according to the World Health Organization. In the U.S. about 610 000 people die of heart disease every year with coronary heart disease (CHD) the most common type taking the lives of over 370 000 people annually. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at least 200 000 deaths from heart disease and stroke each year can be prevented if Americans adopted healthier habits relating to high blood pressure diabetes tobacco use physical inactivity obesity and unhealthy diets. 32 Nutrition Industry Executive For consumers who wish to adopt a heart-healthier diet a critical part of that approach should include thoughtful dietary supplementation with high-quality research-backed products. The Market For consumers to find reputable highquality products however is becoming more of a challenge as the cardiovascular health category becomes more crowded. The heart health market is saturated with common heart health products such as fish oil omega-3s coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) garlic red yeast rice extracts phytosterols--there is a lack of product differentiation noted Bryan See regional product manager of New Jersey-based ingredient supplier ExcelVite. Karen E. Todd RD senior director of global brand marketing for New Yorkbased ingredient maker Kyowa Hakko USA agreed adding that The largest challenge in the heart-health category is the number of competitors. A common observation among experts NIE contacted for this article is that manufacturers and marketers hands are largely tied by the regulatory strictures placed on them with structure-function claim language and other labeling requirements. Our industry is limited in what can be written on a label--if a marketer or manufacturer has a heart health product the only thing that they can write on the label is that the product supports heart health said Deanne Dolnick science director for Georgia-based TR Nutritionals an ingredient supplier. Sterols for example have been approved for a cholesterol-lowering claim and to my knowledge there are no other ingredients where this claim can be made. Dolnick noted that this makes it very difficult for consumers. Aparna Kalidindi PharmD sales and marketing manager for New Jerseybased ingredient supplier Natreon agreed noting that the primary market challenge for any condition-specific ingredient or product are the limitations on what you can say about it in order to properly market it to the consumer. Consumer confusion at retail is a problem shared by many in the industry. If a consumer walks into a store and they are looking for a product to help them lower cholesterol they re not going to find what they re looking for by reading the labels--if they have done their homework and they know that research has been conducted on many products where excellent results have been achieved then they do not have to be concerned about the label Dolnick added. They just need to find a brand that they trust. Regulatory restrictions on inflamma- January February 2016 tion-related claims are a market challenge identified by industry stakeholders as especially problematic since inflammation is the underlying cause of many heart conditions. In a marketing sense the challenge is that the market is crowded with heart health products that have different modes of action which can be complex for the consumer to understand observed Dan Lifton president of New York-based Maypro s Proprietary Branded Ingredients Group. It is also challenging that many consumers do not start to proactively think about heart-health supplements until they ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol in which case many physicians introduce them to pharmaceutical drugs immediately. The challenge added Lifton is to catch borderline consumers who are not ready to use prescription drugs for treatment and for whom we need to focus on promoting heart health in order to fend off potential problems. Andrew Shea director of marketing for Texas-based ingredient company Kaneka Nutrients sees the challenge at the nexus of regulatory scrutiny supply chain integrity and quality. Supplement companies are doing business in a marketplace that is subject to increasing scrutiny by regulators and policymakers--at the same time consumers are increasingly asking questions about where raw material is sourced and how it is manufactured observed Shea. Quality safety and efficacy have never been more important. Taking a page out of Deanne Dolnick s playbook Shea added that It takes a considerable amount of time and money to build a trusted brand but just one problem in your supply chain can immediately destroy all that brand value. The Segments Fruits and Super Fruits We ve heard a lot of buzz about super fruits over the last few years much of it deserved in terms of the range of benefits including cardiovascular that fruits and super fruits convey including acai goji and pomegranate although there are others which also come with some serious research creds. Bergamot (Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau) is a citrus plant that grows almost exclusively in the narrow coastal region of Calabria in southern Italy. Bergamot juice was traditionally recognized by the local population as a remedy for supporting what we would today call heart health. Annie Eng chief executive officer of Bradenton Florida-based ingredient supplier HP Ingredients shared with NIE details on patented bergamot extract Bergamonte. Bergamonte contains bioactive compounds of extract of the juice and albedo of Citrus bergamia Risso standardized to over 30 percent polyphenolic flavonoids consisting of naringin neohesperidin neoeriocitrin 1 percent melitidine and 2 percent brutelidine. According to Eng these flavonoids are clinically proven to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels healthy blood glucose levels and increase HDL-cholesterol. Bergamonte s mechanism of action is threefold noted Eng. It inhibits HMGCoA reductase inhibits phosphodiesterases PDEs and activates AMPK (5 adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase). Nutrition Industry Executive 33 January February 2016 In a study from 2011 in the journal Fitoterapia 237 patients with hyperlipidemia hypercholesterolemia mixed dyslipidemia or metabolic syndrome took either a placebo or Bergamonte in 500 mg or 1 000 mg doses per day for one month. By the end of the study total cholesterol in the 500 mg Bergamonte group was lowered by 20.69 percent and by 26.53 percent in the 1 000 mg group compared to an increase of 0.14 percent in the placebo group. High-density lipoprotein (HDL or good cholesterol) was beneficially boosted by nearly 30 percent in the 500 mg Bergamonte group and by 40 percent in the 1 000 mg group while only by 1.2 percent in the placebo group. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL or bad cholesterol) was decreased by 24 percent in the 500 mg Bergamonte group and by 36 percent in the 1 000 mg group and only 1.1 percent in the placebo group. Triglycerides decreased in the 500 mg Bergamonte group by 30 percent and by 38.8 percent in the 1 000 mg group compared to an increase of 0.1 percent in the placebo group. Other research showed similar results including an unpublished human clinical trial that involved 192 individuals who consumed 100 mg of Bergamonte for 30 days. The participants total cholesterol was reduced by 35.72 percent their HDL improved by 56.05 percent their LDL decreased by 41.95 percent and their triglycerides were lowered by 38.31 percent at the study s end. HP Ingredients also offers Maqui Superberry which is described by Eng as the highest known antioxidant super fruit containing high concentration of polyphenols and anthocyanins. Our Maqui Superberry is wild-harvested by the Mapuche Indians in a certified organic native forest in Chile said Eng. Maqui Superberry is said to assist in promoting heart health through fighting unhealthy inflammation and inhibiting copper-induced LDL oxidation and is back by published research including a study from 2011 which showed that maqui berry juice is strongly anti-inflammatory against nuclear factor kappa-B (NFB) and also reduces COX-2 expression an enzyme involved in inflammation. Although the FDA prohibits marketing directly to disease states it is important that research continues to reveal 34 Nutrition Industry Executive how an herb or vitamin can affect in this case cardiovascular status in those consumers who may have a need for additional support for healthier systemic functioning added Eng. Red palm fruit is another example of a fruit that packs a cardio and innovation punch. New Jersey-based ingredient supplier ExcelVite has developed a portfolio of products that contain naturally occurring mixtures of tocotrienols and tocopherols extracted from red palm fruit. According to ExcelVite s Regional Product Manager Bryan See Specifically in the areas of cholesterol health brain health and liver health full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex but not single form (d-alpha) tocopherol demonstrated beneficial effects. He pointed to research that compared EVNol SupraBio with alpha-tocopherol. Participants who received 500 mg daily of EVNol SupraBio for four weeks had significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels compared to baseline (Ajuluchukwu JN et al.). Interestingly EVNol naturally contains plant squalene phytosterols mixed carotenoids and CoQ10 that are naturally extracted together with the tocotrienols and tocopherols in a unique full-spectrum process. Our validated process is an advanced multi-stage molecular distillation extraction process that operates in a range of operation parameters in order to ensure that the natural palm phytonutrient profile is being maintained in our products added See. This extraction process employs high pressure and low temperature and it allows ExcelVite to extract a natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex (EVNol) a mixed carotene complex (EVTene) and a phytosterol complex (EVRol). Unlike other tocotrienol producers we produce our full-spectrum tocotrienol complex from virgin crude palm oil via molecular distillation noted See. We specify the minimum and maximum level of individual tocotrienol isoform (alpha beta gamma and delta) as well as minimum and maximum level of alpha-tocopherol in our product specifications. EVNol SupraBio has a patented selfemulsifying delivery system one specifically developed to provide consistent and enhanced oral absorption of each individual tocotrienol isoform. The SupraBio system is formulated with a mixture of oil and food emulsifiers at what is said to be an optimum ratio and through a homogenization process selfemulsifies in the gastrointestinal tract facilitating absorption. This novel delivery system results in a rapid and consistent absorption of tocotrienols independent of dietary fat or food intake added See. Our next entry in the cardio-friendly fruit segment is Phyllanthus emblica. According to Natreon s Aparna Kalidindi Capros is a super antioxidant and an excellent cardiovascular product one which is all natural and derived from the edible fruits of P. emblica. It is manufactured by spray drying the juice extracted from freshly harvested fruits that have been washed in purified water. Maximum yield of the bioactives and consistent quality are ensured by selecting a specific chemotype of the plant and harvesting the fruits at a certain age noted Kalidindi. Cardiovascular claims on Capros are supported by eight randomized double blind placebo-controlled clinical studies some of which are published in peerreviewed journals. Maypro s Lifton pointed to two hearthealthy fruit-derived ingredients Oligonol and Careless. Oligonol a powerful antioxidant extract from lychee fruit and green tea works to improve cardiovascular health a number of ways--first by increasing levels of nitric oxide to dilate blood vessel and improve blood flow Oligonol also reduces levels of cytokines that cause inflammation and fights inflammatory oxidation of free radicals said Lifton. The question of why we age has puzzled experts for centuries Lifton observed. Recently however scientists have become aware of certain switches --namely SIRT1 and AMPK--that control a host of biological systems including metabolism and cardiovascular health which tend to lose efficiency as the body ages. Careless a proprietary mango extract has been shown to keep these switches running properly. January February 2016 Marine Oils Laval Quebec-based supplier Neptune Technologies and Bioressources helped develop the krill oil category and offers a new Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) formula geared to heart-health called NKO Beat. The company added CoQ10 to its NKO formula to make NKO Beat after research showed CoQ10 bioavailability increased by as much as 25 times in combination compared to CoQ10 alone. For NKO Beat focusing on cardiovascular health we decided on CoQ10 as the main added ingredient as it is lipidsoluble it has strong scientific evidence and the daily dose is compatible with NKO explained Michael Di Cicco technical support specialist for Neptune Technologies. Alongside CoQ10 NKO Beat also provides high potency Vitamin B12 and folic acid which both help support red blood cell and vascular health. In a 2004 clinical study looking at the cardiovascular benefits of NKO it was observed that individuals who consumed NKO had better lipid management (lower LDL cholesterol higher HDL cholesterol) versus the placebo group. There has been extensive research on CoQ10 s role in heart health. The idea of mixing the two ingredients came to us by recognizing that CoQ10 is fat-soluble thus the combination of the two might increase the bioavailability of CoQ10 in the body compared to its powder or tablet versions added Di Cicco. This was confirmed by several studies as well as our own in vitro study using our new NKO formulations that showed the same positive results. NKO Beat allows the following claims supporting heart health helping maintain cholesterol levels already in the normal range and supporting healthy heart muscle noted Di Cicco. Norway-based supplier Aker BioMarine AS offers Superba Krill oil that is extracted exclusively from Euphausia superba an Antarctic krill species rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Superba Krill is backed by a growing evidence base said Aker BioMarine s Marketing Director Becky Wright. In fact the majority of clinical trials conducted on krill during the last several years have featured Superba Krill. Aker BioMarine sponsored the largest human study on krill that investigated the effects of Superba Krill on blood lipids in subjects with borderline high or high triglyceride levels explained Wright. Three hundred subjects participated in this randomized double-blind placebocontrolled multi-center U.S. study. The five treatment groups included a placebo group (olive oil) as well as four groups taking 0.5 1 2 and 4 grams of krill oil daily. Research found that Superba Krill has the ability to lower triglycerides without raising LDL in those who have borderlinehigh or high triglyceride levels noted Wright unlike what was found in some fish oil trials where LDL was raised. Still in the marine segment AstaReal Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industries that is based in New Jersey offers several extracts of astaxanthin oil derived from the freshwater micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialis is offered in a variety of grades to match specific product forms and applications for the nutritional food and personal care industries. All forms of AstaReal natural astaxanthin have been used in the over 100 clinical studies we have conducted said Janice Brown technical sales support for AstaReal. Heart health is among the areas studied. The company s natural algae astaxanthin production facility is based in Moses Lake Washington. Other research-backed cardio-supportive ingredients abound. One example is Pantesin Pantethine from Kyowa Hakko USA which has its Americas sales office in New York. Pantesin is a pure and highly absorbable form of pantethine (an active form of vitamin B5) that provides safe and comprehensive support for healthy blood lipids said Kyowa Hakko s Karen Todd. Pantesin works at the cellular level enhancing enzyme and metabolic activity to help maintain balanced cholesterol levels. The company carries two forms of Pantesin--a form suitable for soft gels called Pantesin LQ80 and HF55 designed for tablets and capsules. In addition to Pantesin we also manufacture the amino acids arginine and citrulline that also support heart health by increasing blood flow and nitric oxide production added Todd. We have a patent on the combination of arginine and citrulline that supports a rapid increase in blood arginine levels-- recently we filed a patent application for the combination of citrulline with our Setria glutathione that will sustain blood arginine levels and increase nitric oxide production. Kaneka Nutrients focuses more on vitamin formulations. According to Andrew Shea Kaneka manufactures both Kaneka Q10 and Kaneka Ubiquinol--both are high-quality heart-healthy forms of CoQ10 although most of our customers purchase the more advanced ubiquinol form of CoQ10. Kaneka is the only manufacturer of yeast-fermented naturally derived CoQ10 which is bio-identical to endogenously produced CoQ10. Kaneka Q10 is supported by more than 30 years of manufacturing safety toxicological and clinical studies added Shea. Please note that the main studies Kaneka uses to support its structure function claims are human studies demonstrating the health benefits of CoQ10 and ubiquinol in addressing oxidative stress and other conditions that can impact the performance of the heart. Cardio Segment Take Heart The experts we spoke to believe that there is real reason for optimism in the cardio-health market for ingredients and finished products. Heart-healthy ingredients have the potential to reach more than 3 billion by 2020 said Aker BioMarine s Becky Wright. Innovation in the heart-health category will push forward with new delivery formats and combination products and we intend to be there to ride this wave well into the future. Natreon s Aparna Kalidindi is hopeful as well. The next year and the near future look bright for heart-healthy ingredients that are backed by sound science and solid clinical evidence Kalidindi predicted. Maypro s Lifton said he sees the convergence of disease and aging as opening the door for continued growth. Given the high incidence of heart disease the aging population and the continued diet and lifestyle challenges facing Americans and people all over the world we believe that this market will continue to grow dynamically said Lifton. NIE Extra Extra Visit for more information on heart-health ingredients. FORMOREINFORMATION Aker BioMarine (206) 855-6736 AstaReal Inc. (609) 386-3030 ExcelVite (732) 906-1901 HP Ingredients (877) 437-2234 Kaneka Nutrients (866) 888-1723 Kyowa Hakko USA (800) 596-9252 or (212) 319-5353 Maypro Industries (914) 251-0701 Natreon (732) 296-1080 Neptune Technologies (888) 664-9166 or (450) 687-2262 TR Nutritionals (404) 935-5761 Nutrition Industry Executive 35 January February 2016 By Janet Poveromo The participants are Dr. Daniel Fabricant CEO & Executive Director Natural Products Association Washington DC (202) 223-0101 Marcia S. Moll Marketing Director Dietary Supplements & Herbal Medicines U.S. Pharmacopeia Rockville MD (301) 881-0666 George Pontiakos President & CEO BI Nutraceuticals Rancho Dominguez CA (310) 669-2100 Elan M. Sudberg CEO Alkemist Labs Costa Mesa CA (714) 754-4372 Ivan Wasserman Partner Advertising Marketing and Media Division Manatt Phelps & Phillips Washington DC (202) 585-6500 36 Nutrition Industry Executive W ith dietary supplement scrutiny at an all-time high will the industry unite in its efforts to ensure consumer confidence and provide safe healthy products Where are the best opportunities for lucrative products moving forward Nutrition Industry Executive (NIE) asked industry leaders their views on the current state of the natural products industry and where they see it headed in 2016. NIE Topping the biggest challenges facing the natural products industry in 2015 were actions by New York and other state attorneys general (AG). What changes do you predict the industry will see in response Fabricant Federal action will be more limited given the Presidential election but there is always a chance for some legislative or regulatory activity. Instead the industry will likely see more state action than they have ever seen before. Moll Additional actions by state governments may be likely as evidenced by the recent action by the state attorney general from Oregon. Stakeholders the industry and regulators may exhibit a renewed focus on the quality of dietary supplements. Pontiakos The industry has already seen a response due to the actions by the NYAG several manufacturers are now requiring DNA tests on all ingredients. Since manufacturers are legally responsible for the safety of their products their supplier requirements will become much stricter. This will result in smaller supplier bases as those without the infrastructure to support the new requirements are discovered. However this will not be a quick transition but rather a gradual one starting with the handful of manufacturers currently implementing stricter requirements. Sudberg New technology has entered the dietary supplement industry and is being forced upon us quickly. The labs will have to take that on and it s a fairly complicated business to bring a new technology to the point where it s fit for purpose. Transparency has been a theme that won t be going away either due to the increased scrutiny by regulators media and now consumers as a result. As a whole the industry s quality will improve. Wasserman I think it is safe to say that the natural products industry and dietary supplements in particular will continue to be the focus of state AGs and other regulators in the coming year perhaps based more on claims and manufacturing quality than on January February 2016 ingredient identity issues as alleged by New York. NIE Along with AGs there are other issues that impact the industry--FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) defining natural Bayer vs. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling etc. What do you see affecting the industry most Moll The primary issue confronting the industry today is the marketing of products purporting to be dietary supplements that are adulterated with illegal drugs. Many manufacturers that are committed to quality will need to proactively address and advocate for measures that can help identify and prevent the marketing of contaminated products such as the USP Verification Program. Pontiakos All of the above will have a positive impact on the industry I believe as of right now FSMA will affect the industry the most since it is a tangible piece of regulation with its passing in September unlike the others. Although defining natural the Bayer vs. FTC ruling and GMO labeling are in the forefront of discussion they do not require any actions or at least for now. Sudberg FSMA will certainly affect many things moving forward. FSMA includes among other things the requirement that businesses manufacturing packing processing or holding human food identify hazards that may impact food safety and implement controls to prevent them. In particular dietary supplement ingredient suppliers will be impacted by this far more than they were by DSHEA-mandated GMPs. The Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) and the Certification of Third Party Auditors Program aspect in particular will become a big deal given that more than half of dietary supplement ingredients are sourced from foreign countries. Wasserman Certainly FSMA and supplement GMPs will have the most significant impact that the public will not see or be aware of. Compliance does not make the news only noncompliance does. The biggest thing that would impact the public would be if any states pass GMO labeling laws that are not pre-empted. While FDA s attempt to define natural could ultimately have a huge impact on the industry I do not see that happening next year. NIE Will there be industry unity to address safety and consumer concerns Fabricant NPA will certainly work to look at legislative means if needed to enhance consumer confidence. More importantly we ll work with other industry groups--such as NPA s program with UL--to give consumers more confidence. It is a large and diverse industry so unity is always a worthwhile but difficult goal. I do think you will see efforts by trade associations to take various measures to address safety and consumer concerns and perhaps stave off additional regulation. -- Ivan Wasserman Partner Advertising Marketing and Media Division Manatt Phelps and Phillips Moll It will take a concerted effort from all interested stakeholders including the FDA Department of Justice other regulatory agencies industry trade associations retailers and consumers to help accomplish this task. USP offers the Dietary Supplement Verification Program to help consumers chose supplements with the confidence that what s on the label is in the bottle and it contains no harmful levels of contaminants. Pontiakos Yes there has been [unity] for quite some time now with trade associations such as American Botanical Council (ABC) and American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). There has never been so much discussion about supplements as there is now from not only industry professionals but also consumers encouraging even more so a concerted effort from those in the industry. As with any industry unscrupulous companies that are not concerned with consumer safety exist. However as time progresses so does our industry to a more qualityfocused marketplace as market forces weed out those unscrupulous companies. Bottom line management is responsible for the marquee and success of their company great companies do not allow exposures in their supply chain. Sudberg No. Industry unity isn t scheduled for another few years after another few more massive scandals and FDA involvement with an extra shot of class-action lawsuits unfortunately. Wasserman Unity is a big word. It is a large and diverse industry so unity is always a worthwhile but difficult goal. I do think you will see efforts by trade associations to take various measures to address safety and consumer concerns and perhaps stave off additional regulation. NIE What trends and consumer demands should product manufacturers be prepared to meet in 2016 Fabricant Consumers are more interested in transparency now than ever. Companies will need to find more creative ways to promote their processes for quality [and] integrity of their supply chain for sourcing ingredients and on which they are basing their claims. Moll Transparency is a trend that will continue. Consumers are generally becoming more aware of what they ingest and as such are interested in how products are manufactured and the ingredients they contain. Pontiakos The market trend of clean label is still going strong and some predict it may go beyond to clear label. Clear label goes a step further than short recognizable ingredient lists it is identifying the origin of the ingredients including if it is ethically and sustainably sourced. As the amount of consumers reading product labels increases so does the demand for transparency more and more consumers are now seeking out whole food supplements organic supplements and other third-party certified supplements. Manufacturers on their end are starting to show transparency through their packaging and even the actual delivery format to those positioned closer to food such as beverages and gummies. Nutrition Industry Executive 37 January February 2016 Sudberg Consumer demands will soon include third-party assurance that what is on the label is in the package. Third-party seals of approval will gain interest and in my view UL has the best chance to make that worthwhile to the consumers. Wasserman I don t see an abatement in demand for products based on what they do not contain--gluten animal products artificial anything soy etc. Some categories such as probiotics seem to be hot and getting hotter. NIE How do you advise manufacturers as they look to explore new products and opportunities going forward Fabricant First and foremost what is your community is the question we ask our members. When we see NPA members involved in our committees discussing this topic--like ComPLI-- you get a good feel for what trends are going to stay and those that are not going to last as people are well versed in what s going on scientifically. Now more than ever the science is driving the industry--which is great news. Moll It is important that dietary supplements be made with the highest quality and best science. We are in a position to offer these resources to manufacturers as USP develops public standards for dietary supplements. Pontiakos Price point is a good indication as to the quality of the product as well as the supplier. If you are getting product significantly less than the market value you need to ask yourself why. Vendor surveillance and testing comes at a price but a price that is much lower than a product recall class-action lawsuit or the AG coming after you. The best way to get to know your supplier is to visit their facility-- see their capabilities equipment and personnel in person. Sudberg 1. Get a good lawyer. 2. Hire really smart people internally or find a great lab to do method development on the product itself and then again on the final product mixed with the other ingredients. 3. Put your marketing team in check by understanding the limitations allowed for the dietary supplement industry. 4. Join a trade association if you haven t already so you are helping to fund the people whose efforts keep the industry viable. Wasserman As a regulatory attorney I always advise companies to get me (or someone like me) involved as early in the process as possible. I have seen so much time wasted by companies on products that turn out to be non-starters from a regulatory perspective. Just asking a regulatory attorney for a simple signal like a green yellow or red light on a possible new product may not be that expensive and may save companies from considerable wasted investments in time and resources. NIE Go to amerilab for info about this advertiser 38 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Research&Development Putting the in Functional FUN People love to eat tasty foods and they demand healthy convenience foods. Here are some ingredients that deliver both experiences. By Lisa Schofield s any trade media editor will attest their inboxes serve as caches of exciting new launch releases. Over time these releases show distinctive trends. For example healthy foods used to tout what they were without (eg saturated fats cholesterol GMOs [genetically modified organisms]) then what specific needs they serve (vegan vegetarian gluten sensitive). Now more releases are emanating from boutique manufacturers that are showing a more aggressive health valueadded proposition. For instance California-based Flamous Brands offers new snack chips that are not only suitable for vegans and for those with gluten issues they feature herbs vitamins protein fiber and 10 times more antioxidants than green tea or vegetable juice according to the company. Even large mass-market brands such as McCormick spices began to heavily advertise the antioxidant capacity in many of its culinary herbs. No matter the size of your food line there are several factors that are important to your R&D team to consider when formulating with new ingredients. Hartley Pond vice president of techni- A cal sales for Illinois-based Futureceuticals observed that R&D teams are looking for whole foods nutrition that translates into label appeal. Our ability to rely on our extensive historical manufacturing data provides more than enough basis for formulators to claim provides three servings of vegetables or provides four servings of fruits and vegetables on their labels Pond said. This is what consumers are looking for and having this data supports these claims. Futureceuticals provides whole food organic ingredients for a variety of foods and natural gum replacements for RTM beverages such as its patented TRIM line of beverage-ready grains which Pond said helps reduce the ingredient panel substantially and substitute natural clean-label often gluten-free options. In the functional food and beverage product marketplace compliance is very important pointed out Chase Hagerman brand director of Texas-based Chemi Nutra. It is more important now than ever to make sure your health product is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the functional foods industry he advised. Compliance he noted influences research and development at the very basic level that ingredients are approved for use in the health industry as illustrated very recently with the FDA s (U.S. Food and Drug Administration s) announcement that the ingredient picamilon does not meet the statutory definition of a dietary supplement. Jennifer Gu PhD vice president of R&D AIDP Inc. California agrees that regulatory compliance is one of several important characteristics that functionalfood ingredients must have. Other factors she said include GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified well-documented safety and efficacy good stability and easy to work with during processing (such as heat and acid) and in trend with consumer needs and desires. It should exhibit palatable texture and consistency in the finished product whether it s an energy bar a beverage or other edible item Gu elaborated. Pond added that Futureceuticals advises functional food formulators to create products that connect with the consumer trends of whole food serving equivalencies and maybe have another targeted health consideration as well. For instance Futureceuticals patented FruiteX-B calcium fructoborate is also useful for supNutrition Industry Executive 39 January February 2016 Research&Development porting joint health and its Organic Coffeeberry coffee caffeine will suit the folks seeking to enhance daily energy while still providing the three servings of fruits and vegetables. One food category that seems to be exploding is that of yogurt as the correlation between yogurt and probiotics is top of mind for consumers Michael Bush senior vice president of Ohio-based Ganeden noted that with probiotic-fortified functional foods the biggest consideration beyond the obvious of safety and efficacy is choosing a probiotic strain resilient enough to survive the manufacturing processes involved the shelf life of the product and consumption of the product. R&D teams can be assured that Ganeden s probiotic food and beverage ingredient GanedenBC30 will not change the taste or texture profile of the product and is as simple to formulate with as any other dry powder its naturally occurring layer of organic material (spore) protects the genetic core of the bacteria he explained. potential for growth excitement and consumer buy-in. Innovations will be in delivery format predicted Hagerman. The functional food space is dominated by beverage products mostly because production of food products with added function is much trickier than beverages. So a company can really stand out in the market with a functional food product. Pond meanwhile observed a strong shift in the food industry into increased and targeted functionality in foods and also a shift in the supplement industry toward the same. All indications are that bars and proteins are going to continue to be strong across all demographics and even into the mainstream. Clean-label non-GMO and whole foods are absolutely essential to any formulator as well as organic. These trends are solid and will continue for the foreseeable future. Some examples of innovations with GanedenBC30 Bush provided include hot tea with probiotics functional probiotic microwavable breakfast burrito fresh cold-pressed juices with probiotics microwavable high protein probiotic muffins fresh fruit probiotic fruit snacks and probiotic baking mixes. Gu has noticed four areas she believes will be highly welcome to new functional foods. One is digestive health which she noted will also be including prebiotics. The second is plant-based foods and proteins (eg organic rice protein organic pea protein and hemp protein) as many consumers are turning away from ingesting animal proteins for health purposes. With the fast development of plantbased proteins the improvement of their quality and taste profile more and more food and drinks are adding plant based protein instead of animal-based protein for healthy and green images. This is attributed to health and wellness trends and concerns as well as environmental concerns she commented. The third and fourth areas are somewhat related--beauty-from-within foods and beverages and anti-aging foods and beverages both appealing to middle aged and Baby Boomers who want to retain youthful vitality. Mitch Skop senior director of new product development for New Jerseybased Pharmachem Laboratories has pointed to the fact that more and more people are prepping healthier meals at home and using packaged functional food products that have value-added health attributes. Trends and Innovations There are several varied areas of opportunities where emerging trends show Ingredient Considerations DietSpice from Pharmachem is a line of culinary herb packets each featuring Phase 2 Carb Controller. The company according to Skop subjected the product to third-party sensory evaluations by the Tragon Corp. Testing found that the ingredient does not affect the taste or texture of foods in which it was added including baked goods. This evaluation was significant as it shows that Phase 2 is a food-friendly material viable in a wide range of packaged and prepared foods and therefore with the ability to open up a whole new carb-conscious food sector Skop described. As a functional seasoning DietSpice provides numerous flexible packaging options from individual stickpacks--to boxes of assorted flavors--to actually incorporating it into frozen foods. Each stickpack contains 1000 mg of Phase 2 a dosage shown in studies to reduce starch absorption and aid in weight loss. A placebo-controlled 12-week study published in the journal Obesity showed that from as early as week four subjects who took the supplement lost significantly more weight than their placebo counterparts. The same trend was observed in the body fat mass measurements the 40 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Phase 2 group showed a significantly more marked reduction compared with the placebo group at weeks four eight and 12. The authors concluded that the body weight reduction stemmed from loss of fat mass not muscle mass. A 2010 meta-analysis conducted by J. Udani et al concluded that in totality studies performed with Phase 2 on people who were overweight or obese indicate that it reduces the rate of absorption of carbohydrates thereby reducing the GI of foods. The evidence also indicated that Phase 2 promoted weight loss when taken concurrently with meals containing carbohydrates. Futureceuticals Terasante Whole Food Plant Proteins offer a standardized source of 20 percent protein and its Coffeeberry Energy natural coffee caffeine delivers natural coffee energy Pond noted that the latter is distinguished from other sources of natural caffeine due to its unique contents of phytonutrients found in the whole coffee fruit. For functional food product formulation we uniquely offer bits of in-house manufactured fruit and vegetable pieces and powders that take advantage of freeze drying the absolute best drying technology for functional food ingredients he emphasized. Further he expounded since the shift of protein into the mainstream Futureceuticals TRIM line of beverageready grains provide a natural texture flavor and mouth-feel solution. He added that Futureceuticals exclusively licenses the USDA patented Trim process that transforms ordinary grains into a material that provides smooth creamy texture to off-tasting protein beverages. This same methodology works for bars shots and functional foods. AIDP also offers plant-based proteins for a wide variety of functional food products. Gu noted that its rice protein (RisaPro) and pea proteins (PeasiPro) can provide formulators with a variety of taste profiles and grades. She reported that AIDP has recently reformulated both the rice and pea proteins for a smoother texture and more pleasing mouth feel. Chemi Nutra offers two functional food ingredients SerinAid PhosphatidylSerine (PS) and AlphaSize Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (AGPC). SerinAid PS was granted two FDA health claims indicating that it may reduce the risk of congitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly according to Hagerman as it assists proteins that manage membrane functions involved in transmission of molecular messages from cell to cell helps nutrients enter into cells and helps harmful stress-related Gu explained that AIDP offers PreticX a GRAS-approved prebiotic that effecwaste products to exit the cells. Alphatively activates Bifidobacterium for digesGlyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) tive health benefits in food and beverincreases the immediate formation of ages that need heat and acid stability. acetylcholine which is the cell s primary PreticX is a new prebiotic ingredient neurotransmitter chemical which also with clinical data linking it to improved provides cognitive function support as it healthy microflora and better biomarkers assists in transmission of impulses from neuron to neuron and in all brain-based for diabetics and pre-diabetics Gru offered. It requires a low efficacious cognitive operations. dose and is highly stable easy to use Both said Hagerman are well-suited and slightly sweet. for functional food products. Alpha-GPC Of course this innovative industry is flavorless completely water soluble always has new ingredients brewing and both thermo and pH stable. ready for inclusion into a scrumptious Formulators can add a full dose to less variety of convenience foods that prothan an ounce of water and it will disapvide not only a satisfying experience but pear within a couple minutes the conthe health benefits--targeted and oversumer won t taste it or see it. AlphaSize all--that consumers are demanding with A-GPC has undergone full GRAS notifiincreasing fervor. NIE cation acceptance with FDA (GRN 000419). SerinAid PS is also GRAS. While it FORMOREINFORMATION isn t water soluble like A-GPC it can still AIDP Inc. (866) 262-6699 be successfully utilized in functional Chemi Nutra (512) 823-2500 foods and beverages Hagerman Futureceuticals (888) 452-6853 assured. In fact since it is a phospho Ganeden (440) 229-5200 lipid it can replace other emulsifiers like Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. soy lecithin (which are often found in (800) 526-0609 chocolates to hold the oils together). In fact a number of customers use SerinAid PS in their functional chocolate products. The health benefits of GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086) said Bush have been illustrated in published peerreviewed papers. As such for foods and beverages typical claims and inclusion levels are supports immune health at 500 million CFUs per day and supports digestive health and supports protein utilization at 1 billion CFUs per day. He stated Beyond inclusion in shelf-stable beverages and products that have been processed to be sterile GanedenBC30 can be formulated into virtually any product that is baked frozen extruded or Go to somalabs processed. Nutrition Industry Executive 41 January February 2016 MarketingInnovations Building Trust Through Transparency By Suzanne Shelton The Shelton Group e have a running joke here at The Shelton Group about using the title Strategically Disrupting the Transparency-Synergy Paradigm Authentically. Indeed transparency has officially entered overused buzzword territory and often means as little as all those other buzzwords. But we re still highlighting it in the work we do for our clients because they are all engaged in building and maintaining the trust of their customers. Being authentically transparent particularly about your quality programs is essential to earning and keeping the trust of your customers. Why don t people believe buzzwords once they ve become ubiquitous I think it s because when everyone starts using them it s inevitable that much of the time it s just hot air and there is nothing real behind them. In the 80s they would have called it hype. A more timeless term is B.S. To say you re transparent without being genuine is missing the point and will eventually backfire because people sense inauthenticity and don t take kindly to being played for fools. The secret is to demonstrate authentic transparency not just say you are transparent. Transparency must be coupled with actual best practices to be effective long term. To be effectively and authentically transparent you have to document and demonstrate it. Effective transparency is about being genuine and telling the story about what makes your company genuine. Gimmicky tactics or empty proclamations about transparency and quality will never convince smart cus- W tomers but they do run the risk of causing people to doubt the genuineness of your brand and products. Showcasing Transparency Of course if your business practices can t stand up to scrutiny the whole transparency thing isn t the right approach for you. Things have changed an awful lot though and these days nothing stays hidden forever. If the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn t find it some attorneys general or class action law firm will. So this is a really good time to start thinking about what you would not want the world to see and start cleaning that up. Testing labs cost less than lawyers. Quality ingredients cost less than a crisis PR firm. And being regulated as dietary supplements costs less than being regulated like pharmaceuticals. Transparency that showcases best practices is an incredibly effective sales tool and solidifies trust and loyalty. There are many marketing tools you can use to tell your story many of which we ve described in our November December Marketing Innovation article so we ll focus a bit more on public relations here. When people who don t have a lot of experience with public relations think about it they assume 1) press releases get written and sent out and then 2) reporters write about your company or products. While sometimes that works it s a lot more complicated than that from knowing when a news release is not the right tactic to having the relationships and skill to create the visibility you want. There is a lot more opportunity for editorial visibility than just when you have news to announce and that s actually the most valuable kind. Reaching out to editorial contacts to help make connections and elevate the company s viewpoint in the media and among other companies in the industry will pay off much more than a randomly distributed press release. For an ingredient company one of the most frequent opportunities is to become a resource for the trade magazines for condition-specific articles which is one of the most common kinds of editorial content they produce. If you are a company that has clinical trials on your products be transparent about them. Companies that don t fund science or whose products researchers don t view as being an ingredient 1) can get in the amounts they need and 2) trust in terms of quality can only provide information to writers that is pretty generic. Your information carries a lot more weight when there are published clinicals on your products. Let s say your company has invested a boatload of money in your in-house testing labs. This is probably an ongoing project so a news release isn t the best way to illustrate your stellar testing chops and how the company supports high-quality products. Public relations and marketing tactics telling your story should have the same messages and reinforce each other. A few tactics to consider include Interviews with reporters writing about quality assurance and product testing making 42 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 your top people responsible for this available for interviews. Inviting editors and reporters to tour the facility which is hugely effective and well worth the investment to pay their expenses. Suggesting editors plan articles that highlight specific aspects of testing and quality assurance or offer to provide a bylined article. Submit a proposal to speak at industry trade shows. It s become harder to get a speaking slot at industry trade shows than it used to be but come up with an applicable topic that would draw people and think of other possible speakers to broaden the appeal. A well-produced video tour on your website that you also share via social media. (Don t do this if your lab isn t impressive. Seriously that s just embarrassing.) An infographic describing the process and tying it back to regulatory compliance. (Never miss an opportunity to talk about how the industry is regulated.) Then keep doing these things. Over time your company s commitment to testing to ensure quality becomes well known and editors and reporters will think of you when they are looking for experts because you have shown your quality not just said you have it. Taking the Lead If your company is a boutique manufacturer you are more likely to have some supply issues that the larger companies don t have. If you are producing smaller amounts of products you can be and probably are a lot more particular about the quality of raw materials and more likely to produce products when the materials are in season. And this sometimes means out of stocks. Transparency about how you source ingredients and why you are out of stock will actually encourage customer loyalty. Put it on your website in your newsletter annually and in the email you send out when you have a product back in stock. If you don t explain to your customers it may look like you are inept when actually it s a side effect of the reason they chose you to begin with. One of our clients is a testing lab that decided back in February 2015 when concerns about herbal product testing became headline news that companies needed to start being transparent about their testing labs. It was common practice for companies not to reveal what third-party labs they sent products to for testing. But if a reputable lab is doing your testing what is there to hide That point was made over and over in interviews and in articles under the CEO s byline. Several of their clients began identifying their testing labs by name on their websites and I d bet the farm we will see more of that in the New Year. This lab also decided that with vastly increased focus on product testing it would be valuable for manufacturers to understand why some tests fail what they need to do to get results efficiently and other technical aspects of a process that was previously viewed as this mysterious thing that happened behind the scenes. In the last 12 months we worked with them on more than two dozen bylined articles and over a dozen additional interviews in industry trade publications all focused on bringing transparency to product testing. Companies that are walking the talk are often thought leaders who are involved in the bigger discussion in the industry. When you are visibly demonstrating best practices having a seat at the table of industry leadership gives you the opportunity to advocate for a level playing field and influence industry policies. The way to have that kind of influence is active involvement in trade associations. While just being a member to say you re a member is better than not supporting the organizations that benefit us all joining committees interacting with leadership and staff and participating in events all help improve the industry and your business outlook as a result. The industry is changing more rapidly than ever between state AGs class action attorneys Congressional committees mainstream media and regulatory agencies there is more pressure to change than we ve experienced since GMPs (good manufacturing practices) became required. The scrutiny is massive. Being a genuine honest company that does things the right way is your ticket to thriving in the future. No secret potions no strategies to be hashed out other than being a real decent company that does things correctly and produces products that its owners employees can be proud of. Doing the right thing interestingly is the path to success in an industry quickly trying to figure out how to elevate the good players and rid itself of the bad. NIE The Shelton Group is a boutique public relations and marketing agency working exclusively in the dietary supplements and natural products industry since 1990. Suzanne Shelton has provided public relations services to both international and domestic dietary supplement and natural products manufacturers suppliers and associations. Nutrition Industry Executive 43 January February 2016 FunctionalFoods By Greg Paul PhD C onsumers are increasingly focused on the healthfulness of their food. While taste and price perennially top the list for consumers in choosing a food or beverage 71 percent of consumers are interested in the healthfulness of a product an increase of 10 percent from 2012 to 2014 and a 15 percent jump since 2010. Weight management is of particular interest to consumers with four out of five Americans trying to lose or maintain their weight.1 The combination of consumers searching for more healthful food choices and looking to lose or maintain weight offers a robust opportunity for manufacturers of functional foods particularly those containing protein. Consumer interest in protein remains strong--three quarters of U.S. consumers believe that protein is part of a balanced diet can enhance recovery from exercise and can help people feel full. In addition 50 percent of U.S. consumers are trying to consume a certain amount or as much protein as possible.2 And that number rises to 55 percent when focusing on millennials 3 the 83 million-plus 18-to-34year-olds that represent more than one quarter of the nation s population a group that exceeds the size of the Baby Boomer generation.4 The consumer focus on protein also dovetails with changing eating patterns. Snacking has increased 47 percent since 2010 with today s consumer being more prone to consume snacks in between the traditional breakfast lunch and dinner. Quick snacks in the mid-morning or midafternoon or pre-and-post workout have driven the snack category in general and the functional food space in particular. This multiple time-per-day interest in snacks 44 Nutrition Industry Executive also bodes well for protein as many consumers believe it s important to consume a protein source throughout the day with the highest time periods being mid-morning (74 percent) mid-afternoon (76 percent) and late evening (82 percent).5 Growth Areas for Protein Products Due to its popularity and wide range of benefits protein can be found in nearly every food category including beverages snacks breakfast and nutrition bars cereals baked goods and meat dairy alternatives. While sports nutrition and weight management have represented the traditional protein categories recently we have seen an interest in incorporating protein into refrigerated smoothies novel snack formats innovative breakfast foods and beverages and in increasing the protein content of non-dairy milk alternatives. The functional food category is expected to expand 25 percent by 2017 with the biggest gains expected in the U.S.6 We have seen an increased demand for healthier snacks particularly new proteinbased bars and beverages. We have also found that the Millennial generation in particular is more open to try new foods or beverages especially those with health or wellness benefits. This demographic is continually in search of snacks that combine health convenience and portability. In the bar category high-protein ingredients combined with whole-food ingredients such as nuts seeds and grains are popular resulting in healthful products with great taste texture feel and eye appeal. Today s consumer due to their active busy lifestyle is also interested in functional beverages. Growth in functional beverages is outpacing carbonated and other high-sugar empty calorie beverages that are actually showing negative growth. Consumers are looking for functional beverages to satisfy a variety of needs--hydration refreshment and nutrition. Oftentimes beverages are the perfect meal-on-the-run serving as the bridge between lunch and dinner. Beverages also offer manufacturers a versatile format for providing nutritional and functional benefits offering consumers a variety of textural and sensory experiences. Another area for potential growth is the energy protein supplement category. It encompasses a much wider cross section of health and wellness consumers with sales moving beyond the niche store into more conventional retail channels. Mainstreaming or the proliferation of sports nutrition product consumption by more mainstream consumers as opposed to hardcore athletes has had a profound impact on the sports nutrition market. It has sustained market growth rates in excess of 10 percent globally for nearly a decade and shows no signs of slowing down. In the dry blended beverage category DuPont Nutrition & Health (Copenhagen Denmark) recently introduced DuPont Dansico SUPRO XT 221D isolated soy protein an ingredient which disperses completely in water in just nine seconds. Consumer complaints about lumps and hard to stir in are commonly heard in the dry blended beverage industry. This product innovation offers the potential to create a much better sensory experience for the consumer. In sensory studies consumers rated this formula significantly higher in flavor dispersibility mouthfeel and overall liking. According to Euromonitor the global January February 2016 market for Protein Supplement Powders will reach 2.7 billion in 2015 up 11.3 percent compared to 2014. An even larger segment of the market--sports nutrition protein powders--is expected to grow to 7.7 billion up 10.4 percent compared to 2014. Blends Manufacturers have many options when it comes to choosing proteins for high protein beverages including both dairy and plant-based proteins. Their protein choice is influenced by a range of factors--the target consumer and product positioning as well as the economics of the product its nutritional content and functionality. We are seeing increasing interest in blending proteins particularly dairy and soy proteins in order to achieve high protein levels in beverages. Blending dairy and soy proteins offers multiple advantages for manufacturers. Nutritionally it has been shown that blends of dairy and soy proteins are more effective than individual protein sources in building muscle mass by extending the time post-exercise when muscle building can occur. Manufacturers can also drive better formula economics by blending DuPont Danisco Soy Protein and dairy proteins than through utilizing dairy proteins alone. Soy protein offering supply and price stability is an effective tool in developing a protein strategy that reduces reliance on animal-based proteins and minimizes the business risks associated with the price and supply challenges that they represent. Soy protein is also environmentally sustainable requiring less land energy and natural resources to produce. Finally from a sensory standpoint in high protein beverages blends of dairy and soy proteins result in better hedonic performance (improved consumer liking) than beverages based on singular protein sources. Finding the Right Formula In addition to expansion into new applications we have also seen the inclusion level of protein increasing. For example a sports nutrition product in the past may have delivered 15-20 grams of protein but with today s technology one can find products with 30 grams of protein or more per serving. That is a testament not only to the consumer demand for protein but also the technology that enables the higher protein content while still delivering on the sensory attributes expected by consumers. The formulation challenges when adding significant levels of protein to a product include product stability and potential flavor texture attribute changes during shelf life. For instance in beverages with a longer shelf life (up to one year) it is critical that the product maintains its consumer appeal over that entire time span. Over time viscosity can change ingredients can settle and other unintended issues can arise. To minimize this impact it is important to utilize the proper analytical tools and testing assays to help predict all potential ingredient interactions and identify potential instabilities early in the development process. Manufacturers will also want to consider a range of proteins to optimize their product. It is essential to batch and process it properly which requires careful consideration to a range of functional characteristics of protein such as texture viscosity solubility dispersibility density mouthfeel and flavor impact. Additionally it is important to identify the best stabilizer system sequestrants and pH especially when dealing with beverages containing blends of different types of proteins. Effective stabilization can be difficult but achievable through emphasis of the right hydrocolloids and emulsifiers along with optimized batching procedures and processes. It is critical to identify the ideal protein to use as many formulation modifications can be made to yield the final product. With these considerations in mind manufacturers can identify the right blend for their product that will meet consumer expectations for taste and performance. The evolving eating habits of consumers the demand for healthier food options and the need for convenience and portability are all positive signs for the future growth of the functional food category. Combined with new innovations in developing high protein foods manufacturers have greater flexibility than ever before to develop new and differentiated products for a consumer hungry to try new foods and beverages. NIE References 1 International Food Information Council Foundation 2014 Food & Health Survey n 1 005. 2 International Food Information Council Foundation 2014 Food & Health Survey n 1 005. 3 An In-Depth Look at Consumer Views on Protein & Carbohydrates Health Focus International 2014. 4 U.S. Census Bureau Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers and Are Far More Diverse Census Bureau Reports 6 25 15. 5 An In-Depth Look at Consumer Views on Protein & Carbohydrates Health Focus International 2014. 6 Future Directions for the Global Functional Foods Market Leatherhead Food Research 2014. Greg Paul PhD MBA is the marketing director for global consumer segments at DuPont Nutrition & Health the premier supplier of food ingredients. He is responsible for developing marketing programs that link identified consumer needs in sports nutrition weight management healthy aging and family child nutrition with the nutritional and health benefits associated with DuPont s food and dietary supplement ingredients. January February 2016 Nutrition Industry Executive 45 EngredeaBoothPreview March 9-13 2016 Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA The following companies advertising in this issue have submitted information describing their plans for Engredea--product launches show specials and special services are all included below. Booth numbers are provided with each listing to encourage in-person meetings to learn more. BioCell Technology LLC--Booth 2045 BioCell Technology (Newport Beach CA) is in the business of researching developing branding and distributing innovative science-based raw material ingredients that have applications in health and beauty. The company s patented ingredient BioCell Collagen helps you stay younger looking and more active. BioCell Collagen has been clinically shown to support skin and joint collagens (type I II and III) reduce skin dryness by up to 76 percent reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as promote joint comfort and mobility. For more information call (714) 632-1231 or visit Sabinsa Corporation--Booth 713 Sabinsa (East Windsor NJ) dives clinically deeper with its patented and award-winning Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient now in soluble format for the beverage industry and beyond known as uC3 Clear. The company s room temperature stable probiotic LactoSpore creates wonders in the functional food space as well as being stable for beverages and dietary supplement use. The latest in eye-care management and memory support will also be introduced. Discover ingredients that are backed by research science and patents. For more information call (732) 777-1111 or visit Biova LLC--Booth 668 At Engredea Biova (Olathe KS) will present its water-soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients which offer formulators multiple delivery systems for expanded product lines and greater market potential. Learn more about BiovaDerm for human skincare--reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles BiovaPlex for animal health--promotes activity healthier skin and coat BiovaFlex for joint health--research proven fast five-day and range of motion (ROM) results plus offers the only 88 percent protein standard For more information call (877) 682-2673 or visit The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)-- Booth 472 USP (Rockville MD) sets standards for the identity strength quality and purity of medicines dietary supplements and food ingredients. USP s Dietary Supplements Compendium (DSC) published in 2015 is a comprehensive two-volume set featuring suitable scientifically based specifications for dietary supplement manufacturers. Visit USP s booth for information on The New USP GMP Facility Audit Program for Dietary Supplements and Ingredients USP Dietary Supplement and Ingredient Verification Programs and how to collaborate in the development of compendial standards. For more information call (800) 227-8772 or visit Deerland Enzymes--Booth 432 Join Deerland Enzymes (Kennesaw GA) at Engredea to learn more about Deerland s exciting advances in probiotic manufacturing with a look at the company s new state-ofthe-art manufacturing facility. While you re there sample some gourmet chocolates fortified with the DE111 probiotic Deerland s strain of Bacillus subtilis clinically studied for safety and efficacy. Deerland Enzymes is a leading specialty formulator and contract manufacturer of enzyme- and probiotic-based dietary supplements. For more information call (800) 697-8179 or visit 46 Nutrition Industry Executive January February 2016 Equipment&Packaging Vigilistics Introduces InspectionPro California-based Vigilistics Inc. has introduced InspectionPro a simple affordable inspection management solution designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers the company said. With Vigilistics new InspectionPro application quality managers and inspectors can use a PC tablet or smartphone to manage pre-op inspections capture the entire pre-op inspection process electronically and securely with reporting and analytics that can help drive continuous improvement as well as automatically creates and stores FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-validated records for audit and compliance. For more information call (949) 233-7588 or visit Douglas Stratum Palletizers The employee-owners of Minnesota-based Douglas Machine Inc. have launched the Stratum line of Robotic Palletizers. Systems dispense and convey pallets manage case delivery place slip and tier sheets and utilize robotics to palletize cases. Designed to be integrated with Douglas packing equipment Stratum palletizers complete the packaging process from start to finish. For more information call (320) 763-6587 or visit Advertiser Index Amerilab Technologies Inc. Avanti Polar Lipids Ayush Herbs BioCell Technology LLC Biova LLC Comar LLC Deerland Enzymes Generex Labs Herbally Yours HSU s Ginseng Enterprises Inc. IgY Nutrition LLC Jiaherb Inc. Mack Flavor Ingredients Inc. Now Foods PL Nutraceutix Inc. Nutragenesis Icon Group PLT Health Solutions Inc. Sabinsa Corporation Soma Labs Inc. Specialty Enzymes & Biochem United States Pharmaceopea 38 13 15 9 C3 18 29 8 11 12 19 5 22 1 31 7 3 C2 41 27 C4 (866) 445-6468 (800) 227-0651 (800) 925-1371 (714) 632-1231 (877) 682-2673 (856) 507-5402 (770) 919-8907 (239) 592-7255 (480) 892-8220 (800) 388-3818 (888) 998-3763 (888) 542-4372 (951) 683-6245 (800) 999-8069 (425) 883-9518 (802) 257-5345 (973) 984-0900 (732) 7 7 7 - 1 1 1 1 (732) 271-3444 (909) 613-1660 (301) 230-6361 amerilab apl ayushherbs biocell biova comar deerland generexlabs herballyyours hsus igy jiaherb mackflavor nowpl nutraceutix nutragenesis plt sabinsa somalabs specialtyenzymes usp Industry Events February 2-4 GOED Exchange 2016 Ritz Carlton Abama Tenerife Canary Islands (800) 746-1413 February 9-11 West Pack Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA (310) 445-4200 February 22 Food Ingredient Expo (FIX) Portland OR oregonsectionift March 9-13 Engredea at Natural Products Expo West Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA (303) 998-9329 April 27-29 Ingredient Marketplace Orlando World Center Marriott Orlando FL May 10-12 VitaFoods 2016 Geneva Palexpo Geneva Switzerland January February 2016 Nutrition Industry Executive 47 SupplieroftheMonth Michele Fite Global Business Leader Health Division DuPont Chestnut Run Plaza 974 Centre Rd. Wilmington DE 19805 Website DuPont Nutrition & Health combines in-depth knowledge of food and nutrition with current research and expert science to deliver value to the food beverage and dietary supplement industries. The company is an innovative solver drawing on deep consumer insights and a broad product portfolio to help its customers turn challenges into high-value business opportunities. As Global Business Leader Health Division for DuPont Nutrition & Health Michele Fite heads the health division for DuPont Nutrition & Health a 3.6 billion division. Under her leadership this division drives toward significant growth of nutritional ingredients including protein probiotics cultures diagnostics and food protection across the global food industry. Fite is a board member of the American Heart Association St. Louis Global Child Nutrition Foundation and the United Way St. Louis. NIE Thomas Reuters named Dupont a 2015 Top Global Innovator. What does recognition like this mean for the company Fite Thomson Reuters has named DuPont a 2015 Top Global Innovator marking the fifth consecutive year the company has been named to the prestigious list. DuPont s sciencebased innovation creates real-world solutions drives growth for the company and its shareholders and solves some of the world s greatest challenges. We are honored to be included on the Top 100 Global Innovator list as it recognizes the impact that our innovations are having on the global marketplace. In 2014 DuPont recorded about 9 billion in sales overall from new products and applications launched between 2011 and 2014. The same year DuPont scientists and engineers published some 300 articles in scientific journals and DuPont had more than 3 000 technology agreements with companies and universities. NIE Dupont recently announced the winners of the 2015 Knowledge Awards. Why has Dupont instituted this award and who have been some of the notable winners Fite The Knowledge Award program was established as part of DuPont s commitment to nurturing the future of innovation in the food industry. While DuPont employs some of the brightest minds in the industry we recognize that the future 48 Nutrition Industry Executive of our industry will rely heavily on the next generation of innovators. The Knowledge Award program takes our commitment to fostering the future of food and beverage innovation beyond the walls of our company to the next generation of innovators at leading university food science programs across the country. Through the Knowledge Award young food science students are given the opportunity to apply their growing knowledge and skills and exercise their creativity within the structures of real-world considerations such as economic viability market trends and dynamics regulatory requirements and more--helping to bridge the gap between the classroom theory and the marketplace reality. Students are encouraged to be innovative and develop a unique food or beverage concept with real-world hurdles in mind. The program was established in 2003 and has seen many extraordinary innovations since its inception. Winners of each year as well as additional information about the program can be viewed at the following aboutdupont grants-awards knowledgeaward . NIE Can you explain the Food And Fitness Continuum How does this affect manufacturers and consumers Fite The Food and Fitness Continuum is a tool to help manufacturers understand the needs of three unique consumer groups that have evolved in recent years. With lines blurring between sports nutrition and weight management DuPont Nutrition & Health conducted extensive consumer research to better understand consumers in these markets. The insights gathered in this research led to the development of the Food and Fitness Continuum which is made up of three consumer segments Personal Record Performers-- Peak performers seeking foods that help them beat their best performance. Enlightened Actives--Informed healthy consumers who strive for better fitness by eating health foods that support their active lifestyle. Motivated Strugglers-- Consumers who struggle with their weight and lack the knowledge and commitment to improve their health and well being. These consumer segments have gained traction as growing evidence demonstrates the need to combine physical activity with nutritious food choices to maintain a healthy quality of life. Consumers are increasingly seeking nutritious solutions that support their sports and fitness goals. The Food and Fitness Continuum helps manufacturers unlock untapped opportunities by better understanding their consumers and their needs. Extra Extra Visit to read the rest of the interview. January February 2016 Go to biova for info about this advertiser Go to usp for info about this advertiser