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Description: In this issue of The Outpost Magazine: Winter Sports such as snowboarding, Snowshoe Hiking, Getting into Shape, Krista Schlyer Explores National Parks, Conservation, Rabbit Hunting, Chukar Season, Drones, Fishing Tips, Recipes, Music and much more!

WINTER SPORTS CHUKAR SEASON GETTING IN SHAPE FISHING TIPS DRONES CONSERVATION KRISTA SCHLYER GEAR MUSIC RECIPES WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 1 ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE 2 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM http 5MveCGisXgg 3 WIN FREE HUNTS AND GEAR 30 off first purchase of 100 at 10% off most products at Qualified to win FREE Hunts and Gear 12 months of The Outpost Magazine An Outpost Hat An Outpost Sticker JOIN TODAY CLICK HERE 4 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM FOR JUST 29.95 YOU GET MORE THAN 100 WORTH OF FREE STUFF TABLE OF CONTENTS RECIPES 52 RABBIT HUNTING 60 52 SHADES OF ADVENTURE 21 90 24 CHUKAR HUNTING 105 13 BETTER TASTING FISH SNOWSHOE HIKES 16 ALABAMA SNAPPER DRONES BRISTOL BAY MINING BREAKING DOWN NEW LAKES GEORGIA WOMEN WORKSHOP GEAR 51 65 68 70 88 O NEILL OUTSIDE THE OUTPOST MUSIC 76 100 DARCIZZLE OFFSHORE 103 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 102 LEGAL 109 PHOTO OF THE MONTH 117 THE BACKWOODS 5 FEATURE STORIES NATIONAL PARKS There was a time when Krista Schlyer was so sad she could not get out of bed. The man she loved had recently died after a long illness and at the very young age of 28 she was paralyzed with grief. Escaping from this overwhelming despair proved to be the motivation for Krista to sell everything she owned buy a used station wagon load it up with a friend and her dog and find her sanity in the wildest places in America. PAGE 26 GILSON SNOWBOARD We ve all seen that social network meme of the daredevil at the top of the snow-covered mountain. It s a STEEP drop and it goes on forever. The headline is Hey hold my beer and watch this While we don t advise you take this approach this winter if you feel the need for speed you might enjoy being Nick Gilson for a few days. He is the founder and CEO of Gilson Snowboards and part of his job involves screaming down the mountainside on cushion of snow. PAGE 32 GETTING INTO SHAPE Many generations ago the hunters of the tribe were lean and mean. This is because they were constantly on the move foraging for game to feed everyone else. They could eat hearty meals of red meat or fish nuts and berries and never become fat because their job required constant physical activity. They could walk or run for hours carrying weapons big enough to kill skin and process a buffalo and never feel it the next morning. PAGE 42 6 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Always love your recipes. Just wish I had more time to hunt to put more meat on the table. Maybe have some recipes without wild game from time to time. Susan Little Rock AR Just read the magazine on Facebook. Looks great. Vanessa Dallas TX Your magazine is so much more than just hunting and fishing. I love it Keep up the good work. Loved all the stuff in the gift guide this year. Never can have too much gear. Keep up the great work in 2016. Jeff Franklin TN I really like what you guys do but would also love to see it in print. Any possibility that you will have a print version Nice job as always. Frank Boise ID My first time getting the magazine after signing up for your club. 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The Outpost Media Group LLC 770-675-7200 9 EDITORS LETTER As we kick off 2016 the world is a crazy and dangerous place. Wildly gyrating stock markets terrorists hundreds of thousands of immigrants fleeing horrible conditions and self-serving politicians are just a few of the challenges we all face in the coming year. With all of these chaotic forces at play it s nice to know some things stay consistent. For example Dog will never forget what they think is an injustice to them and they will always get even. Period. Take it to the bank. Next case. I have a 4-year old pointer named Sunny who is the poster child for the above statement. We rescued her from the SPCA and I hope someday she will help me find downed doves and sniff out coveys of quail. Unfortunately I ve done a bad job of training her. About the only thing she sniffs out are my socks shoes valuable documents and pencils (she loves to chew them into tiny bits) Recently Sunny has built a little fort under my bed. Whenever there are loud thunderstorms or howling winds she high-tails it to her fort and we have an unwritten agreement (she s still learning to read) that when she s in the fort I can t bother her. This is cool until she grabs a newspaper or sock and runs to her fort to munch on it. The first couple of times she tried this trick I reached into the fort to grab the purloined item and got a vicious bite on the hand from my adorable little pup. She was clearly offended that I would not follow our predetermined fort protocol. I just wanted the sock back. Being a college-educated man I figured out a plan. When Sunny steals something and heads for the fort I put on some heavy leather gloves I use for cleaning brush at our farm and I reach into the fort like some crazy Noodler going after a catfish. She bites the glove and I just sing You re not hurting me...tra la la Problem solved. Until... 10 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM I have another strong suspicion about this New Year you re going to enjoy this issue of the Outpost. We have news you can use about winter sports including an interview with the founder of Gilson Snowboards and snowshoe hare hunting. We have updates on Chukar season salmon fishing in Bristol Bay Alaska and getting yourself into shape Plus a fascinating interview with awardwinning outdoor photographer Krista Schlyer about her new book. Let us know what you think. We answer every email especially those with tips on training head-strong pups. Later Art Young Editor The Outpost email me at And Twitter One of the gloves went missing. I immediately went to the fort to see if Sunny might have borrowed it. When I looked glove was in sight. I looked throughout the house with no success. The glove had vanished without a trace. Having one glove pretty much defeats the purpose of the gloves concept. A few days later when I went to fill the bird-feeder in the back corner of the backyard I found what was left of a well-chewed glove partially covered by dirt and leaves. When I came back in Sunny was nowhere to be found. I had a strong suspicion where she was holed up and sure enough she was there in the fort. When I called her name she nonchalantly looked back at me as if to say What s your problem dude I m minding my own bidness under here and know nothing. Now leave me alone. I m in my fort. DOGS WILL ALWAYS GET EVEN. art OutpostArt THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WHAT S ONLINE THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THE OUTPOST RADIO THE OUTPOST ON-DEMAND PODCAST WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 11 12 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM FOR BETTER TASTE KILL FISH QUICKLY AND HUMANELY Do fish have feelings Do they suffer when they are killed No one really knows the answers to these deep philosophical questions but even if you re not exactly a navelgazer you may have wondered why fresh fish taste better than those from a fish farm. Scientists have discovered that a quick kill can make fish taste better and last longer. In a recent study published in the journal Food Chemistry researchers determined that how rainbow trout is killed can determine their flavor and length of shelf-life. This study might make you think twice about farm-raised fish and the manner in which they are harvested for your table. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 13 THE OUTPOST FISHING THE STUDY The researchers experimented with two groups of farm-raised trout. One group was killed with blows to the head while the other died from air asphyxiation a common method of slaughter still used by many fish farms where trout are left in open air until they die. Asphyxiation is often considered an inhumane method of killing fish. Researchers then observed the breakdown of chemicals in the two groups including omega-3 fatty acids. The breakdown of fatty acids produced byproducts that sped up rancidity and worsened flavor. Scientists recorded the start of the deterioration process in the asphyxiated group after just 75 days in a freezer. Asphyxiated fillets showed a slight rancid off-flavor by the 105th day of frozen storage and significant rancidity by the 135th day. Instead a slight rancid odor was not detected for the whole storage period in the fillets from the percussion group stated the study. Four food chemical specialists were asked to gauge the fishiness of the trout. Chemical tests were also run on the fish but all it required was a nose to tell that the asphyxiated group was already putrid by the end of the study. Scientists attributed the rapid decay to stress during the slaughter process. The study only confirms what anglers have already known for many years. Ethical fishermen prefer percussive stunning spiking or any other method that kills the fish instantly. Methods that kill fish slowly are sometimes tempting because they do not require active participation but may cause suffering to the fish. 14 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM FISHING TRIP GIVE AWAYS EVERY FRIDAY FOR ONLY 29.95 PLUS S H OUTPOST MEMBERS ARE ENTERED TO WIN THIS ACTIONPACKED FISHING ADVENTURE. A 6 NIGHT 5 DAY TRIP ON LAKE GOGEBIC AND LAKE SUPERIOR. SPECIES INCLUDE NORTHERN PIKE WALLEYE PERCH CRAPPIE SMALLMOUTH BASS AND MORE. DAILY LIMITS ARE PLENTIFUL. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 15 ALABAMA SENATOR TAKES ACTION TO ADDRESS GULF RED SNAPPER FISHERY MISMANAGEMENT The U.S. Congressional Omnibus Appropriations bill includes several actions important to recreational fishing championed by Senate Appropriations Committee Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.). The bill includes a number of provisions that attempt to address the ongoing Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishery mismanagement that has resulted in an abbreviated ten-day season for private sector recreational anglers. 16 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM In a press release announcing the appropriations bill several sport fishing organizations voiced support for the Senator s long-standing support for scientifically determined redfish policy. The sportfishing industry particularly in the Gulf of Mexico region is grateful to Sen. Shelby for his leadership in addressing several key flaws in current Gulf red snapper management said Scott Gudes vice president for Government Affairs at the American Sportfishing Association (ASA). The Senator clearly understands the issues we are dealing with that are limiting anglers ability to get out on the water and fish which has a direct negative impact on recreational fishing dependent businesses. Fishermen and businesses across the Gulf of Mexico depend on a robust red snapper fishery and the federal government s mismanagement is standing in the way said Shelby. That is why I included funding and reforms in this year s omnibus appropriations bill to tackle these challenges head-on. I believe that my provisions will provide much-needed relief to anglers across the Gulf and I will continue to fight for common-sense proposals that will allow for a longer more robust red snapper season. Provisions in this bill mark significant progress in addressing insufficient data collection as well as the tendency of the federal government to ignore fisheries data submitted by universities states and other stakeholders continued Gudes. The legislation the Senator has championed will expand management responsibilities of the states which are much better equipped to manage this fishery by pushing state fishery management boundaries for Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana out to nine miles. THE DETAILS OF THE BILL There are several important aspects of this bill which sport anglers will appreciate It provides 5 million for independent stock assessments for Gulf of Mexico reef fish including red snapper. It directs NOAA Fisheries to count fish on artificial reefs and offshore energy infrastructure and incorporate those counts into future stock assessments and management decisions. It urges NOAA and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council to provide an increased allocation of Gulf red snapper to private sector recreational anglers should the allowable catch of red snapper increase. This would help address the historically inequitable allocation of this fishery which has limited recreational fishing opportunities and associated economic impacts. It provides up to 5 million for the NOAA National Sea Grant Program to support a red snapper reward tagging study in the Gulf of Mexico. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 THE OUTPOST FISHING It increases the role of state fisheries managers in Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana by expanding state waters from three to nine miles. The language Sen. Shelby championed in the appropriations bill is a solid step forward said Mike Leonard ASA s Ocean Resource Policy director By improving data collection expanding state authority and urging a reexamination of how this fishery is allocated Sen. Shelby s language will begin to address the broken system for managing Gulf red snapper. The recreational fishing industry and our partners will continue to work with Congress to provide remedies that will allow for reasonable access to this public resource while ensuring it is conserved for the enjoyment of future generations concluded Leonard. 18 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF They re all waiting for you at our website WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM GO AHEAD. CAST A LINE AND REEL THEM IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 19 20 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM PROPOSED LEGISLATION WHICH WOULD ERASE MINING RESTRICTIONS ALASKA HAS BRISTOL BAY IN THE NEWS AGAIN Alaska Native American tribes commercial fishermen business owners and sportsmen expressed their deep disappointment at a bill introduced in early December 2015 in the U.S. House of Representatives. They say the bill threatens Alaska s greatest salmon fishery and its tens of thousands of jobs by erasing from the federal Clean Water Act important provisions for wetlands protection. H.R. 4149 introduced by a Congressman from South Carolina Representative Tom Rice (RS.C.) ignores a broad cross section of Alaska Natives fishermen hunters and anglers and business owners as well as more than one million Americans who have asked the federal government for immediate Clean Water Act protection for Bristol Bay. The fact that this U.S. Representative lives nowhere near this legendary salmon fishery was not lost on the interested parties in Alaska. According to a press release from the conservation outdoor sports and commercial fishing organizations in Alaska The ill-conceived Bill proposes to eliminate an original section of the Clean Water Act known as Section 404(c) that enables the Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate development proposals like the Pebble Mine to determine whether such project would pose unacceptable adverse impact on one or more of various resources including fisheries wildlife or recreational areas. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 21 THE OUTPOST CONSERVATION THE BILL THREATENS A WAY OF LIFE IN ALASKA It s frustrating that outside lawmakers who have never set foot in Bristol Bay are dictating the choices for our Region s future. This Bill threatens our culture and way of life said Alannah Hurley Executive Director of United Tribes of Bristol Bay. H.R. 4149 directly attacks the section of the Clean Water Act that Bristol Bay Tribes asked to be applied to protect our salmon and region from the impacts of mines like Pebble. Despite the fact that more than 60 percent of Alaskans are opposed to the Pebble Mine we continue to see bad bills like this popping up. It indicates that lawmakers are listening more to foreign mining companies instead of Americans who depend on the wild sockeye salmon of Bristol Bay said Nelli Williams Director of Trout Unlimited s Alaska Program. Representative Rice should reconsider his sponsorship of this legislation which has the potential inflict damage on so many Americans. 22 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM More than one million Americans weighed in to support the EPA s proposed Section 404(c) protections for Bristol Bay during last year s open comment period on the proposal. We hope our leaders prioritize Alaskan jobs and the clear desires of their constituents to protect this region and not support legislation that is out of touch with what is important to Americans said Melanie Brown a Bristol Bay commercial fisherman. According to the parties involved in this dispute the sustainable fishery in Bristol Bay provides 14 000 jobs and an economy valued at 1.5 billion per year. In February of 2014 the EPA released a peer-reviewed scientific report showing that the proposed Pebble mine could threaten the resource that sustains the thriving economy of this region. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 23 BECOMING AN OUTDOORS WOMAN A SPECIAL WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN IN GEORGIA 24 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM By now you may have seen the YouTube phenomenon of Aretha Franklin singing Carol King s classic song Natural Woman at the Kennedy Center. She brought down the house and if you haven t seen it Google it. You won t be sorry. Aside from being a Natural Woman women in the state of Georgia will be getting a chance to Become an Outdoors-Woman on February 19 21. This is when a very popular workshop series produced by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources provides a practical introduction to a wide variety of outdoor recreational skills and activities. According to a release from the state agency This new BOW workshop will visit the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge the Land of the Trembling Earth for a unique opportunity to fish boat learn advanced hunter education skills while being introduced to the habitat and resource management of the natural historical and cultural resources of one of Georgia s seven natural wonders. Activities will include hunter education night fishing a tour of Billy s Island and more. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman or BOW is an educational program offering handson workshops to women of all ages and physical ability levels. The program aims to break down barriers to female participation in outdoor activities by providing a safe and supportive learning environment. Workshops are led by outdoor professionals and introduce women to a variety of activities balanced between hunting and shooting fishing and boating and non-harvest sports like canoeing camping and tree-climbing. Sessions range in intensity from leisurely to rugged (strenuous). Although classes are designed with beginners and those with little to no experience in mind more seasoned participants will benefit from the opportunity to hone their skills and try out new activities. All participants will receive enough instruction to pursue their outdoor interests further when the workshop is complete. Participants will stay at the Suwanee River Eco Lodge part of Stephen Foster State Park. The cost per program attendee is 475. For more information visit BOW or call (770) 784-3059. Georgia Wildlife Resources Division 2070 U.S. Hwy. 278 SE Social Circle GA 30025 ___________________________________ Source URL http node 4065 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 25 Ruminations on Love Nature National Parks and Nonsense 26 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway Willie Nelson WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 27 There was a time when Krista Schlyer was so sad she could not get out of bed. The man she loved had recently died after a long illness and at the very young age of 28 she was paralyzed with grief. Escaping from this overwhelming despair proved to be the motivation for Krista to sell everything she owned buy a used station wagon load it up with a friend and her dog and find her sanity in the wildest places in America. This would have been another private exercise in dealing with the stages of grief except for one factor Krista Schlyer is an award-winning conservation photographer and a gifted writer and as such has the tools to communicate her journey to redemption. The result is a memoir that on any given page is hysterically funny emotionally draining and as powerful as a punch to the solar plexus. Almost Anywhere is the book that resulted from Krista s journey to relearn what happiness is and she shared some of these experiences in a recent Outpost interview. The Outpost what made you sell almost everything you owned pack up a used station wagon and go out to see the American wilderness Krista Schlyer I was stuck I guess. I had been through really the worst year of my life and just didn t know how to keep going in the life that I d been living. And so it was desperation I guess just trying to find a way to move forward. I had always loved national parks and wild places but for some reason at that moment I just felt that I needed to go to those places. Who came along on this trip It was myself and my best friend at the time who was working for a National Parks Magazine. He would spend his days writing about national parks - all these beautiful places - but pretty much sitting at a desk in doing that. And he had experienced the same loss that I had including some of his own. We lost his best friend who was my partner at the time. He had also lost family members in that same time period. He really needed to make an escape the same way I did not so much an escape really but a journey to some place different than where we were. So he was sort of my main companion on that journey and then the other main companion was my dog Maggie a little CorgiDachshund mix. 28 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM And they were perfect foils for you I might add. Yeah there s a lot of trouble you can get into when you re living in a car for a year [chuckles]. Someone noted in a review of the book that you measured the sharpness of loss against the hugeness of life. Could you have done this without doing a road trip No I don t think so. I think there s something really unique about wandering aimlessly and especially wandering aimlessly to places that are wild places. You just see these profound beautiful places and it s the same kind of healing that I don t think you can do in the four walls of a cubical or an office building. So many times we experienced loss and we forced ourselves to remain a part of this world but that doesn t really allow for the kind healing that we need. For myself I wouldn t be the person that I am today if I hadn t made that desperate decision to take off and just wander for a while. What is the significance of the title Almost Anywhere If you re going on a journey typically you have a specific place you want to go and get to but in this case really that wasn t the case. We knew we wanted to go to national parks and wild places but it was really this vague idea and so we set out on the road with a direction and that was east. The first direction was east but there was no set location of where we were going to be. We were going to wander until we feel like we didn t need to wander anymore. We wanted to just be able to look out on the horizon and say Yeah we can just go anywhere. There are some places in the book where I talked about some of the places we were not wanting to go and that s why the almost anywhere comes in because there were certain places that we definitely avoided. Some of the places are kind of contrary to the idea of naturalness and wildness. I love national parks and state parks and was living vicariously as you traveled through them. Which of these stops had the most effect on your mental and emotional redemption Can you pick one or two or three or five or did they all affect you I think every place had its own effect and we went places for everywhere from two hours to six days so every place had its own sort of impact and its own lesson. However I think some of the most profound impacts were in places that either were very wild and remote or places that had been severely impacted by human activity. A couple of places that stand out would be the Everglades in Florida. That national park is such an amazing unique beautiful place but it also has this really tragic history about what has happened to that location because of resource use in urban areas in Florida. That made a really big impact on me and it was early on in the trip so it sort of probably framed in some ways my experiences of places later on. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 29 I think I would say it represents the idea of giving your mind some space to understand what you re going through because every grief that anybody experiences is personal. 30 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM But some of the other big ones I think are probably Big Bend National Park which is in Texas along the border of the U.S. and Mexico. And that I think is one of the most remote national parks in the country. It s so quiet and just such an incredible place to think and get lost. I d never been there never even heard of it before we went there so that was a really big one. And maybe a couple of other ones would be Yellowstone because I had heard so much about this place all throughout my life but had never been there. It was just so far beyond the expectation of anything that I had imagined. A final one would be Olympic National Park which I haven t been back since that trip but it s one of the places that I really want to go back to because it s such a unique incredible location with these temperate rainforests and coastal beaches and all the way up to mountains and really just a phenomenal location. This is a great book to give to anyone but it s especially appropriate for someone who s gone through what you ve gone through experiencing the grief of losing a loved one. You re a gifted writer. What would you say in the card to someone experiencing these waves of grief What would you tell them as to why you re giving them this book I think I would say it represents the idea of giving your mind some space to understand what you re going through because every grief that anybody experiences is personal. There are some ways that nobody else could really understand it the same way that you do. But there s also something universal about it and I would hope that the book would offer people who are going through something like that a way to heal vicariously by visiting these places with me and maybe to conceive of some ways that they could find adventures and journeys of their own to get to the place that they need to be. This book reminds a lot of people including me of a book that came out a couple of years ago called Wild and it became a great movie. Are you fielding requests for movie producers about Almost Anywhere I have not yet but I have a lot of people say that they think that it would make a really good screenplay. Who would you like to play you in the movie [laughter] That is a tough question. I ll have to think about that one [laughing] It s been noted by many smart people that humor is the best therapy for getting through what you ve been through and what a lot of other people have gone through including myself. You ve proven this with I think the funniest and heartfelt book of the year. Bravo. Thank you. When I first started writing the book I was keeping a journal as I was travelling. I kept a journal of pretty much everything but when I started writing the book I wasn t really including all of those sort of ridiculous humorous moments. I think I just wasn t ready to do that. As the years went on (I worked on this book for about 15 years) I found I was more and more able to see those moments and convey them to people. So I m really glad that if you feel I came across. Almost Anywhere Ruminations on Love Nature National Parks and Nonsense is a beautifully written memoir by writer photographer Krista Schlyer and it is available at your local bookstores or You can follow Krista via her website at http or on Facebook at https krista.schlyer To listen to the complete interview with Krista Schlyer click here http pod_popup1603.html for The Outpost OnDemand podcast. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 31 Feel the Need for Speed Grab a Gilson Snowboard and Let s Go 32 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 33 We ve all seen that social network meme of the daredevil at the top of the snow-covered mountain. It s a STEEP drop and it goes on forever. The headline is Hey hold my beer and watch this While we don t advise you take this approach this winter if you feel the need for speed you might enjoy being Nick Gilson for a few days. He is the founder and CEO of Gilson Snowboards and part of his job involves screaming down the mountainside on cushion of snow. Winter is the time of year that snowboarders live for and it has become the fastest growing and challenging of outdoor sports. From his factory in Pennsylvania Nick took a few minutes for a phone conversation with The Outpost to talk about what got him involved in this sport. NICK GILSON Well I have a little bit of an atypical story. As a kid I wanted to learn to surf and had been looking at surfers out in the water for many years but had not been able to get a surfboard myself. At 14 years old I got a piece of foam and some fiberglass and using this great tool called the Internet I taught myself how to make a surfboard before I d ever been out on one. I then taught myself to surf that coming spring. Fast forward many many years I ve been thinking about board designs sort of going about the rest of my life making boards here and there. It really developed into a very much a passion of mine. I found myself after college as a middle school science teacher where I had the kids doing their own very much hands-on learning type projects sort of to practice what we re preaching. The other science teacher there Austin Rider and I decided that we were going to have a project of our own to show the kids we weren t just making them do work without us doing work. We decided to pull up this old project that I had on the backburner of a three-dimensional based snowboard which was essentially borrowing fluid dynamics concepts from airplanes and cars and boats and trying to apply them to the snow. We certainly failed many times but because we had those kids and our students watchful eyes we picked ourselves up from the boot straps and after many failures ultimately landed on a design. Our earliest of generations that was actually outperforming the standard snowboard in many regards. What started as a teacher project really did accidentally evolve into a company 34 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The Outpost Amazing. What a great story. How did you decide to get in to starting your own company Did it just feel like an entrepreneurial strike What was it That s a great question. If I look back and really analyze what had happened there it s kind of funny. We had developed a board that was quantitatively testing substantially faster than the standard snowboard. It was accelerating 26% faster than the normal snowboard. At that stage we realized Hey man we ve got the green lights here. Let s go get some qualitative feedback and test this thing out. It was that piece of data that really gave us the confidence to forge ahead. Being total science nerds we needed that numerical thing to hold on to. The reason I say that is because nobody really cares about the fact that our snowboards accelerate faster It s all about how much more fun they are to ride [laughter]. We started out that way but then ultimately ended up designing and manufacturing a product that does accelerate faster but because of the soft edge in many ways it s really just more playful. Without giving away trade secrets what is it about the Gilson board that makes them so much faster If you look at a normal snowboard it s just flat right across the bottom. All of our snowboards are three-dimensionally curved. You ll notice that airplanes are not flat cars are not flat and the hulls of boats are certainly not flat. These are all objects that are moving through some fluids whether it s air or water and we figured H2O liquid is fairly similar to H2O solid in terms of physical principles so we made some relatively obvious jumps between the two built to study. Now at this stage we look at these shapes and fluid dynamics renderings and all these sort of stuff. But at the time we were just doing it empirically building it and riding it and seeing how it felt. We realized that by manipulating the basic shape we could drastically change how it performed on the mountain which really did introduce this new variable of design. So you went out and found somebody - you found athletes to test the designs -or did you do the testing yourself Yes definitely the first test subjects were ourselves and our first prototype trip was a total failure. I remember Austin describing this board as like trying to ride canoes down the mountain. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 35 During the second trip where we looked at each other and really felt like we might be on to something new qualities that are there. This board felt different to ride. I managed to get on the phone with a product liability lawyer from a vacuum cleaner company of all places who helped me to draft a skate park waiver to be a demo waiver. I remember that first day. We could not have gotten more than ten people on these boards out in Colorado some very small number long before the LLC long before any patterns or anything like that. These people all rode the board and said Wow I ve never felt like that on snow before. There wasn t like this aha moment but there was enough there to grab on to and feel like we really were on to something. It wasn t for another full year or so that we released the first commercial model. At that stage is when we really started to look at the stuff very closely from a seriously scientific standpoint in an effort to make these boards as good as they possibly can be. 36 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Fabulous. Were you teaching while all this was going on How were you making a living when you were testing it I think for the first six months or so of testing we were classroom teachers doing this project with our students with real no intention of building a company. After that point when we decided to really go full on and develop a company we moved to central Pennsylvania where we lived in a cabin in the woods with no running water no electricity and we started to build our first manufacturing facility - really a shock back then - out of a stable [chuckles]. We had a CNC robot right next to donkeys and horses. It was really quite the odd juxtaposition. Nick you see a lot of old farts like me skiing but you don t see too many oldsters snowboarding. Is this because it s too challenging or we get more and more chicken or wiser as we get older What is it about young people and snowboarding Why don t old people snowboard much You know what that s actually a topic that we ve been taking around over the dinner table over here quite a bit lately. The real answer to that is that the sport is very young so the early adapters who moved away from skiing and towards snowboarding right in the infancy of the sport were in their late teens. And so now fast forward 30-ish years the oldest snowboarders are-- I d say the median are about 50 and we ll send some folks who boards who are up into their mid-60s. But the vast majority of these folks are now in their 40s. The older generation is in their 40s and 50s. One thing that s neat about this is that these were the counter-culture kids. This is a new sport and we saw the snowboarding industry really thrive on that for many many years. This whole very fast growing sport is a juxtaposition to skiing. But now we re seeing these counter-culture kids really having kids and the messaging needs to be different. It s a young sport but it s really going through its first wave of maturation and there s this demand for more intelligent products for broader messaging that reaches people who are not just young kids strutting in the park. While we absolutely think people who can do a triple back flip and land in a parking lot are super cool we also think adults who are out there with their kids snowboarding for the weekend are also cool. That s relatively new messaging in our industry. So I think that you can expect to see over the next 10 to 20 years the age demographic shifting upwards or at least the average. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 37 Who are the best snowboarders out there now The Olympic athletes - look at the US men s and women s Olympic teams there are really some impressive athletes there. There are also some amazing athletes coming out of the European Alps but the most typical name is Shaun White. You ll hear about him all the time. He really did some impressive things along with Burton for our industry in making the sport mainstream. There s this new chapter opening up in snowboarding now. As the sport matures and if he was on the other stages of his career he s created this opportunity for new up-and-comers to make a big stance. Is snowboarding a permanent part of the Olympics Yes it is. That s great. So you re going to continue to have world class athletes pushing the limit on the boards. Absolutely. Oh my goodness it s amazing what these kids do. They re like high-flying gymnasts flying 60 feet in the air and 120 feet down the hill and completing some of the most complex maneuvers known to man as they do it. It s really amazing. Not me I m out carving on the weekend with my friends and family [laughter]. I m 27 and the rest of benefit ratio for me is already telling me that I should probably mature and grow up from the more dangerous moves 38 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM How can somebody check out a Gilson Board I know you offer tours to come to your factory but if someone want to check-out the Gilson Board where would they go to do that The first place to definitely go is our website which is www.Gilsonboards. com. On that website there are two things. There s certainly the ABOUT section which goes into more detail about the technology then there s also a button there that says TOUR and that gives our full winter tour schedule. A lot of people will say that with this new- age company but they were really doing it in the old fashioned way the way that our grandparents would have started a company. What I mean by that is that each winter we pack up an Airstream trailer - we re partnered with Airstream trailers and Ram trucks - and we travel 17 000 miles around the country doing free demos at over 15 mountain resorts. People can come and check out a Gilson board for free and go take it for the whole day have a blast and all we look forward to is you come back down with a big smile on your face. It really is a good time for us to connect with our community and it informs the next wave of design. But more importantly it stokes the whole team up. There s really nothing more rewarding than hearing from all of those happy people Nick Gilson while certainly a new breed of entrepreneur is very much grounded on an old-school foundation of science product craftsmanship and realizing the benefit of excellent word of mouth marketing. If you would like to get more information on Gilson Snowboards click on the company website at If you like to hear the complete interview with Nick just click here http pod_popup1602.html for the Outpost OnDeman interview. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 39 Hey Where Did That Gut Come From Tips on getting YOU your family and even your dog back in shape 40 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 41 Many generations ago the hunters of the tribe were lean and mean. This is because they were constantly on the move foraging for game to feed everyone else. They could eat hearty meals of red meat or fish nuts and berries and never become fat because their job required constant physical activity. They could walk or run for hours carrying weapons big enough to kill skin and process a buffalo and never feel it the next morning. THOSE DAYS ARE LONG GONE. Since laptops have replaced hunting bows for most of us and we don t get to hunt or fish except on the weekend or other rare occasions the stress of climbing mountains or over rough terrain repeatedly shouldering guns or casting lines often results in pain. Plus this is made even worse if a sedentary lifestyle adds 30 or 40 extra pounds on the outdoor sportsperson s gut. January and February are traditionally the time when many well-meaning people resolve to lose weight and get in better shape. This is a boon to the companies that own workout facilities because many of these out-of-shape folks decide to sign up for a gym membership purchase some very hip exercise togs and after a furious spurt decide this workout stuff is boring and by the first day of March they re done. 42 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Even if you don t believe in the power of making New Year s resolutions now is a good time for outdoor sportsmen to explore ways to get in better shape and find ways to eliminate the joint and muscle pain that results from the repetitive actions of hunting fishing hiking and lifting. It s not that complicated. It just requires some motivation. LOSING WEIGHT IT S PHYSICS Losing weight is simple. All you have to do is burn more calories than you consume. If you want to eat foods with high carbohydrates sugar or transfats (such as burgers and fries) then eat all you want. Just make sure you get enough physical activity to burn these often empty calories. This basic law of physics is made more complicated by the fact that no one has the extra time or interest in exercise and almost nobody wants to follow some cockamamie diet. As a result we have the unhealthiest most overweight population in history. Just look around your office airport or any public place. You ll see a lot of red-faced pudgy or downright fat people everywhere. Young kids are getting Type II diabetes that will affect them for the rest of their life because they are chronically obese. Kids tend watch their parents and learn many bad habits. Young and middle-aged adults are experiencing heart attacks diabetes joint failures and a wide range of other physical problems and diseases because as a society we re fat and getting fatter. Ironically the same evolutionary forces that encouraged the earliest humans to eat massive quantities of food for fear that they might not eat again for days is killing current day Homo sapiens. This difference is we eat like we might not see food for a few days but we don t chase wild game for miles on foot You may not be fat. At least you may tell yourself that you re not fat. However if some of the fun of your hunting fishing hiking skiing or just being outside is causing you to be exhausted or in pain it might be time to take a couple of easy steps to fix this. EAT BETTER So long as you burn same amount of calories that you consume you re good in terms of having a healthy weight. Unfortunately unless you re a professional athlete you re not going to burn nearly enough calories to meet this goal. So you need to make a little effort to cut back on the empty (i.e. those that don t do anything for your muscles but make you fat) calories. There s a certain irony in the situation of someone who is an outdoor sports enthusiast who loves to chase after wild game and probably has a whole freezer full of the most healthy meat and fish being overweight. We asked Jordan Miller founder of the outdoor sports fitness website Run2Gun ( to suggest a healthy meal A healthy meal should include the 3 macro-nutrients WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 43 THE OUTPOST GETTING IN SHAPE carbohydrates protein and fats he notes. As hunters and outdoorsman we all love our protein and why not Venison and fish are two extremely lean protein options. Meaning there is not much fat within the meat. This will enable you to cook your meat in healthy olive coconut oil. Throw in some sweet potato fries and broccoli for your carbohydrates and you will table-satisfied he said. So eat what you kill and be conscious of including healthy vegetables. You don t have to give up fried chicken or cold beer to be healthy. Just consume these in moderation. There are some foods and beverages that you might want to cut way back on or eliminate from your diet completely. Here are a few Soft drinks including energy drinks Cookies candy and sweets Fast food (anything fried in a big vat of transfats) MOVE IT Most people don t exercise because it s boring and they d rather be doing something more interesting. Plus they think that fitness programs are put together by people like that attractive but mean trainer on the Biggest Loser. It s not necessary to commit hours every day to get into hunting and fishing shape. However some moderate exercise where you actually breathe faster and increase the oxygen intake is required. When Miller was asked what mindset a hunter or angler should get into in order to benefit from a fitness program. He said Become an active outdoorsman by stepping back and remembering why you love being part of the outdoors. This will encourage a continued effort of motivation to stay active in the sport you love. Whether that be hiking backpacking jogging or weight training learn to develop a self- awareness of enjoyment within the time spent doing these activities. In other words have fun. If it s not fun you won t do 44 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM it for long. There are lots of ways to get the old pulse rate up. The easiest way is to combine walking and jogging or jogging and harder running in an interval training program. If you include your hunting dog (s) and or kids and spouses in this program everybody can lose some weight and get higher energy levels. Interval training sounds complicated but it isn t. The idea is to keep moving for about 40 minutes to an hour and while you re moving supercharge this activity with 30 seconds of higher energy exercise. Here s how it can work. Say you haven t done any exercise since you were in the army about a hundred years ago. Start off by walking. Find an area with few cars or cyclists and walk at a regular rate for 3 minutes. Then without stopping pick up the pace and jog for 30 seconds. At the end of this 30-second jog don t stop to catch your breath (this is the key to this interval training) just continue walking for 3 minutes then shift to the 30-second jog. Continue this routine of walking jogging for 40 minutes to an hour every other day or about 4 times a week. After a couple of weeks you may be able to start the interval training by slowly jogging for 3-minutes and as before without stopping kick it up a little and try running as hard as you can for only 30-seconds. At the end of this harder run don t stop just slow down to catch your breath with the jog for 3 to 5 minutes. At the end of this jogging period kick it up again for 30-seconds. Do this for 40 minutes to an hour 3 or 4 days a week and you will very likely see your weight dropping and your energy level increasing. While walking and jogging is still pretty boring if you include the dog kids or spouse you will have buddies to keep your motivation higher. I know from personal experience that this interval training works. Without changing my diet and using this approach I lost 10 pounds in about 2 months and kept if off. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 45 WHEN THE PAIN IS MORE SERIOUS If excess weight is reduced and there is still pain in the back hips legs and shoulders after a day in the field this may be a harbinger of more serious problems. As our bodies age injuries that occurred even as early as childhood and were not seen as serious at the time can result in osteoarthritis in knee hips and shoulder joints. Injuries to the discs that cushion the spinal column can cause excruciating back pain. These conditions can only be diagnosed and fixed by an orthopedic specialist. We asked Dr. Michael Duffy Orthopedic surgeon at Texas Back Institute ( of Plano Texas what are the most common injuries and diseases for people who enjoy outdoor sports such as hunting fishing and hiking. We see slip and fall injuries that are the result of walking over irregular ground injuries that occur from pushing vehicles out of the mud and falling out of deer blinds frequently Dr. Cable noted. These cause milder ankle knee and back sprains mostly but occasionally severe sprains cruciate tears meniscal tears herniated discs and fractures. HOW CAN THIS PAIN BE ELIMINATED Routine safety procedures such as wearing good hiking boots walking carefully over uneven ground and slowly if you can t see because of the underbrush testing ladders and branches before climbing testing loads before lifting and using good body mechanics will go a long way in preventing these painful injuries he added. EXERCISES AND EQUIPMENT TO PREVENT PAIN Repetitive actions that occur with upland bird hunting casting a fishing lure or hiking a mountain trail can wreak havoc on the muscles joints and back in a body of any age. If there has been a traumatic injury such as a fall or disease such as osteoarthritis this is made even worse. Given the sophistication of highly calibrated exercise equipment and the innovative physical therapy techniques are there any suggestions that will help an outdoorsman strengthen the muscles in the back and upper body and the hips knees and legs 46 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Dr. Duffy said Sedentary work settings combined with meal heavy overcommitted lifestyles leave little time for the physical activity previous generations engaged in daily. The body is made to move and lack of movement is the root of many health problems including musculoskeletal pain. The answer is not found in sophisticated equipment or the latest innovative program. The answer is as simple as engaging in an active lifestyle where movement based activities are a daily occurrence. If you are preparing for an outdoor trip consider the physical work required and prepare ahead of time by actually doing some of those activities. YOU DON T HAVE TO LIVE WITH PAIN For anyone who lives for the opportunity to be in the field or on the water pursuing wild game a little pain is a small price to pay for the experience of the chase. However if that annoying little pain becomes chronic even macho outdoor sportsmen need to take positive actions to alleviate it. This may mean modifying a junk food diet or increasing exercise to shed some extra pounds that put pressure on the joints and muscles. It might also mean seeing an orthopedic specialist to treat or replace an injured or damaged joint. In any case getting to hunt fish hike or ski without pain will be worth it. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 47 THE OUTPOST GETTING IN SHAPE CANINE CALISTHENICS KEEPING YOUR HUNTING DOG IN SHAPE Many veterinarians have been warning pet-owners of the growing trend toward obesity among dogs. The book Chow Hounds notes that pets gain weight and experience weight-related diseases such as heart problems for the same reasons that human do too many carbs and calories and not enough exercise. In 2009 a poll of the membership of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention made up of animal clinics and about 1 000 veterinarians found that 45 percent of the dogs in their care were overweight or obese. Obesity was defined as weighing 30 percent above their ideal weight. AREN T HUNTING DOGS HEALTHIER Watching a well-trained hunting dog in their prime work a quail or pheasant field or retrieve a downed duck or goose from a semi-frozen pond is a thing of beauty. It s hard to imagine that these high-energy type-A animals could get out of shape. However it happens more often than not. Here s why. Hunting season is about 3 to 4 months in length. This leaves 8 9 months of off-season rest and very little recreation for dogs. Most hunting dogs become a part of the family and this means spending a lot of time curled up on the couch watching Jim and Eva Shockey sneak up on some unsuspecting monster buck and snagging a few table scraps that the toddler in the family casually tosses on the floor. Since there is no doves or ducks to retrieve there is little or no aerobic exercise to keep the dog lean these hard-charging canine athletes get fat. As with humans there are only two ways to keep a dog in shape diet and exercise. How does one determine if a dog is overweight and out of shape Vets suggest this approach If after putting your hands on the dog if it is impossible to feel the ribs or spinal vertebrae because of a thick layer of fat the dog is overweight and is not ready for any strenuous exercise including and especially chasing after wild game. On the other hand if the ribs and vertebrae are obvious to the eye the dog might have a parasitic infection and need immediate attention. If it is easy to feel the ribs and vertebrae the dog is probably in good condition. PROPER FEEDING OF A HUNTING DOG It is a well-accepted practice to refrain from feeding a dog prior to hunting or before off-season exercising. A full stomach can stress a dog and result in irritation of the digestive tract. It is also wellknown that dogs need more food and even fats during the hunting season. However even though the dog will continue to want these high-fat meals they should be reduced when the season ends. Veterinarians suggest that hunting dogs should be fed once a day in the late afternoon or evening but not within 12 hours of a hunt or vigorous exercise. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia is a recurring problem among even the fittest hunting dogs. Many trainers will bring along high-calorie snacks to keep up their dog s blood sugar level. 48 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Dogs that are suffering from hypoglycemia can have symptoms of staggering disorientation and they can even experience seizures. Old-school hunters suggest putting a little corn syrup ( Kayro ) on the gums of a dog that seems to be having problems with low blood sugar. There are many low-fat healthy dog foods available at any grocery store and hunters are urged to consult their vets for the best food mixture for their specific breed. Unfortunately there is no easy way to bring an obese dog back to his optimal hunting weight. However eliminating table scraps and special treats from his diet is an important first step. An overweight dog can be prime candidate for fatal diseases such as diabetes anal gland disease cardiovascular overload osteoarthritis and respiratory problems. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 49 TRAINING CAMP FOR FIDO While the middle of winter seems like a long way from the dog days of summer they will be here before you know it. Most hunting dogs need six to eight weeks of pre-season training in order to get into hunting shape. Dog trainers and vets suggest that that these training sessions start slowly no more than 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and the evening. Glance at the calendar and note opening day then work back eight weeks. That should be the opening day of dog training camp. It ll be hot and miserable but that s part of the charm of having a great hunting dog. After this exercise you will have a new appreciation for term dog days of summer 50 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The type of hunting dog will determine the type of workout. Retrievers are similar to sprinters on a track team. They need muscle training to be able to quickly pursue the game and the rush back usually through thickets or vegetation-clogged water. Upland pointers and flushing breeds don t need as much muscle power but rather need cardio-vascular conditioning to build stamina. Building muscle strength for retrievers can be accomplished by keeping a leash on the dog with some tension and encouraging him to pull the trainer along a road or path. Muscle strength for both retrievers and pointers and flushing dogs can be built with lots of off-season swimming and accompanying the owner on jogs. The most important aspect of exercise training is to continue to give praise to the animal for accomplishing the challenges of the workout while avoiding the giving of high-calorie treats. The dog s nails should also be clipped regularly to avoid potential tearing and their pads should be regularly checked to make sure that they are not damaged. Additional off-season roadwork will help to toughen these paw pads. OTHER ADVANTAGES Training a hunting dog during the off-season is highly beneficial to both the dog and the owner because a healthy bond can be built between the two. Come hunting season the well-conditioned dog will be in good health and ready to take on the rigors of pursuing wild game. In addition to the endurance that is built in the off-season this training will result in an enhancement of command responses. There are few things more powerful than the bond between a hunter and his dog and the best time to build this is with off-season training. MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR Encouraging every member of the family including kids dogs wives husbands grandpas and grandmas to get and stay in shape is a life-extending if not lifesaving goal for 2016. If you fish or hunt you probably have a freezer full of healthy food. Eat that instead of the junk food. If you need some tips on making this wild game delicious check out the recipes in the Outpost every month. Get a regularly scheduled fitness program in place. Walk run or bike every day and take along every member of the family on these treks. Bundle up and go scout your hunting lease or property. If you have snow get out there and do some crosscountry skiing. Get everyone involved in a hunt for whitetail sheds. The options are endless. So what are you waiting for WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 51 THE OUTPOST RECIPES BISON ON THE RISE CAJUN BUFFALO BURGERS INGREDIENTS 1 pound ground Buffalo 4 tablespoons Cajun Injector Garlic Creole 2 tablespoons Italian bread crumbs 1 egg sprinkle Cajun Shake to taste Mix together and make into patties and fry in Canola oil until desired doneness. Serve with potato chips and green onion dip. Green Onion Dip or Tartar Sauce 2 bunches green onions (green tops only) coarsely chopped 2 large garlic cloves 1 cups mayonnaise cup sour cream 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoons hot sauce Combine green onions garlic mayonnaise sour cream lemon juice salt and hot sauce in a food processor or blender process or blend until smooth. Cover and chill 30 minutes. Makes 2 cups. 52 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM BUFFALO MEATLOAF INGREDIENTS DIRECTIONS 2 teaspoons bacon grease or oil 1 onion any size 1 green pepper or pimento 1 clove garlic (minced) pound ground Buffalo pound ground pork cup uncooked oatmeal cup catsup cup wheat germ 1 3 cup powdered milk 3 tablespoons parsley teaspoon ground pepper 3 teaspoons salt 3 or 4 bacon strips paprika a stalk of celery and a carrot if you wish pinch of thyme and basil sprinkle liberally with Cajun Shake In an iron skillet in a spoon or two of bacon grease or other oil or grease saut lightly a chopped onion a chopped green pepper or pimento and minced garlic. Put this in a mixing bowl. Add ground Buffalo and pork wheat germ powdered milk parsley catsup oatmeal pepper salt thyme and basil. Mix thoroughly. Grease a bread baking pan. Pack with the mixture. Cover with the bacon strips. Bake in 350 degrees oven for 40 minutes or insert a thermometer before baking and bake until center is 185 degrees. For variation you can add chopped celery or chopped carrot. Sprinkle with paprika before cooking. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 53 FISH CHOWDER https watch v 4XaSh-m8Fco INGREDIENTS 1 cup vegetable oil 2 cups diced onion 1 cup diced green pepper 2 cups diced carrots 1 cup diced celery 4 tablespoons chicken bouillon 1 tablespoon oregano 1 tablespoon garlic 1 teaspoon sage 1 teaspoon thyme 5 drops tabasco 1 16oz tomato sauce 1 16oz tomato puree 7 cups water 1 lbs. boneless fish broken up into small pieces INSTRUCTIONS Set EGG for direct cooking with convEGGtor at 350 F 177 C. Grill fish on EGG. Saut vegetables in a Dutch oven until tender. Add remaining ingredients except fish and bring to a boil. Simmer for 20-25 minutes. Add grilled fish. Simmer for an additional 35 minutes. 54 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ING COMBO AYS A WINN ALW PARTIES & Made with 100% Real Cheese AUTHENTIC MEXICAN RESTAURANT STYLE 1.00 COUPON CLICK HERE VEC TOR B U T TON S. COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 55 56 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HOW ABOUT A WALK ON THE WHITE SIDE MICHIGAN S BEAUTIFUL LUDINGTON STATE PARK OFFER FREE SNOWSHOE HIKES IN FEBRUARY If you live in Michigan and love a brisk walk in the great outdoors here s a great deal for you. According to a press release from the Michigan State Parks Families and friends are invited to get outdoors this winter and take part in free snowshoe walks and lantern-lit ski and snowshoe events at Ludington State Park on Saturdays during January and February. Daylight snowshoe walks will be offered at 2 p.m. Feb. 6 and 13. Moonlight snowshoe walks will be offered at 6 p.m. on Feb. 13. Park staff members will guide participants through a 1.5-hour hike while highlighting the park s natural and historic resources and venturing through the snow-covered sand dunes. A GREAT WAY TO BURN SOME CALORIES Snowshoeing is easy and can be done by anyone who is able to walk. One hour of moderate walking in snowshoes can burn up to 750 calories and the sport is one of the safest winter activities said Alan Wernette Ludington State Park interpreter. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 57 Participants are advised to dress warmly wear fitted winter walking shoes or boots and bring a flashlight if attending the moonlight walk. Hikes will begin at the park s warming shelter located next to the parking lot at the end of State Highway M-116. The park has 45 pairs of snowshoes to loan out on a first-come first-served basis. Loaner snowshoes fit visitors ages 10 and up. Reservations are not required. LANTERN-LIT SKI AND SNOWSHOE EVENTS Free lantern-lit ski and snowshoe events will be offered 6-8 p.m. on Feb. 6. Visitors can bring their cross-country skis and or snowshoes to ski or walk a lighted groomed trail through the park s snow-covered forested sand dunes. The lighted trail begins at the park s warming shelter located next to the parking lot at the end of State Highway M-116. The park has 40 pairs of snowshoes to loan out on a first-come first-served basis. The park has no cross-country skis to loan out. No reservations will be accepted. Park staff members will be on hand to help visitors get started. Participants are advised to dress warmly in layers. A campfire will be available along the trail where visitors can warm themselves and enjoy a hot beverage while talking with park employees. Ludington State Park offers several miles of groomed cross-country ski trails for beginners through experts. Winter camping is allowed in the Cedar and Jack-Pine campgrounds. Three heated mini-cabins also are available for rent. Snowshoe hikes and cross-country ski events are taking place this winter at many state parks across Michigan. To learn more visit gogetoutdoors. For more information about these programs contact Alan Wernette at wernettea or 231-843-9261 and to check camping availabilities and make reservations visit or call 1-800-44PARKS (1-800-447-2757). https MSXtzVjNpSw 58 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 59 SOMETIME YOU JUST NEED TO TAKE OFF ON A WILD HARE Be vewy vewy quiet I m hunting wabbits Elmer J. Fudd 60 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The states of Idaho and Michigan are known for their whitetail deer elk or grizzly bears. However in the late winter when the hunting seasons for these majestic animals is over many hunters will get out their cross-country skis and small caliber rifles to hunt the wild hare. Many of these hunters bring along a canine buddy which was bred to hunt these wascally wabbits the beagle According to a press release from the Idaho Fish and Game agency members of the order Lagomorpha in Idaho include rabbits and hares in one family and picas in another. In the case of the Leporidae family Idaho has the color-shifting Snowshoe hare and both the black-tailed and white-tailed jackrabbits (Actually they are hares not rabbits ) and then both the cottontail rabbit and the pygmy rabbit. When it comes to hunting these lagomorphs it is important to know what you are looking at before you pull the trigger noted a spokesman for the agency. The tiny pygmy rabbit is a protected species and can never be hunted. The easiest way to tell the difference from it cousin the cottontail is that it lacks the telltale cottontail. Gee I hope it didn t hurt too much when I killed you Mister Wabbit. For any of the other species that can be taken in Idaho it is required to have a valid hunting license There are season and bag limits for cottontail and snowshoe hares. Cottontail season runs to the end of February with a daily bag limit of 8 and a possession limit of 24. Snowshoe hare runs until the end of March and has the same limits as cottontail. This means that they must be taken and consumed not left to waste. JUST DON T FORGET YOUR BEAGLE Hunters are urged to wear gloves when processing these animals to prevent possible transmission of tularemia. Jackrabbits in Idaho fall under the different classification of predatory wildlife and may be taken year round and in any numbers using any weapon legal in the state. Jackrabbit carcasses do not need to be taken from the field. Given a recent resurgence in jackrabbit populations some hunters have expressed interest in using a spotlight at night to hunt. In Idaho no permit is required when hunting jackrabbits at night using a spotlight on private land but a special permit is required when hunting on public land. In the Idaho Falls area only a relatively small portion of the desert west of town is legally open to those who have a permit. Spotlighting permits are available from regional offices and come with maps and specific regulations that must be followed. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 61 62 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM I hope you can hewp me mister game warden. I ve been towd I can shoot wabbits mongooses pigeons dirty skunks and ducks. Can you teww me what season it weawwy is In the Great Lake state of Michigan the season for hunting rabbits runs from September 15 to March 31. Most avid rabbit hunters in Michigan wait until December or later to really kick in the season. According to wildlife experts in the state depending on how you re chasing them a rabbit gun is usually a shotgun or a .22 LR. For shotguns go with a 20 gauge or smaller. Another option is a .17 HMR which has proven to be an extremely accurate caliber and great for hunting rabbits. There are two species of rabbits in Michigan. The most common is the cottontail. According to state wildlife experts the population of cottontails throughout the state is pretty strong and steady. In the winter they can be found near food sources and especially around brush piles which they use for cover. Less common is the snowshoe hare. A bigger bunny snowshoes change colors in the winter from brown to white and tend to be found closer to open fields. Most hunters say that snowshoe numbers are down dramatically especially in the Lower Peninsula. It is the color change that is credited with the decline. Less snow in the southern part of the state causes the hares to stick out to predators. Michigan is one of the most scenic states as proven by many recent awards and national polls. Rabbit hunting is the perfect excuse to get outside on a brisk winter day and enjoy the splendor that is the Great Lake State. There s over eight million acres of public land in Michigan and most of it is open to hunting. According to the Michigan state wildlife agency forestry operations and natural management have left lots of brush piles and thick cover for rabbits to flourish and for rabbit hunting to as well. Add to that the vast agricultural side of Michigan that helps add to the rabbit s food source and you ve got a recipe for a strong population for hunters in every part of the state. Come on Wover boy. Wet s go hunting. Beagles aren t the only dog that will hunt rabbits but they were bred for it and it is just a ton of fun to be on the hunt with one notes a Michigan press release. They have short compact bodies that are perfect for getting into the thick brush and cover that rabbits use and they have one of the best noses in the business for sniffing them out. You just have to be careful--once a beagle gets on the trail of a bunny he s not going to give it up. You ve got to be quick to keep up. If you re not careful the second part of the hunt can be hunting to find your dog Michigan is one of the most scenic states as proven by many recent awards and national polls. Rabbit hunting is the perfect excuse to get outside on a brisk winter day and enjoy the splendor that is the Great Lake State. There s over eight million acres of public land in Michigan and most of it is open to hunting. According to the Michigan state wildlife agency forestry operations and natural management have left lots of brush piles and thick cover for rabbits to flourish and for rabbit hunting to as well. Add to that the vast agricultural side of Michigan that helps add to the rabbit s food source and you ve got a recipe for a strong population for hunters in every part of the state. And speaking of recipes...don t forget what great eating rabbit is WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 63 64 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ALL RECREATIONAL DRONES MUST BE REGISTERED ASAP Did Santa bring you a drone for Christmas Well the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced in mid-December that all hobby and recreational operators of remote-controlled aircraft or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) must be registered within 30 days according to a press release from the agency charged with regulating airspace in the United States. The issue of this registration of remote-controlled aircraft commonly known as drones has been controversial with both owners and opponents of these vehicles which have become very popular with outdoor enthusiasts particularly photographers. The Feds have probably been getting a lot of strongly-worded mail from both sides. A FLYING MENACE According to the release Critics of the growing popularity of drones say that the small aerial vehicles when equipped with cameras violate personal privacy and present a public hazard. Some officials say that drones also interfere with air traffic--there have been some cases of the aerial vehicles getting in the way of firefighters combating forest fires. Additionally wildlife agencies are also concerned about animal rights advocates harassing hunters with drones and poachers using the aircraft for an added advantage. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 65 Make no mistake unmanned aircraft enthusiast are aviators and with that title comes a great deal of responsibility US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said. Registration gives us an opportunity to work with these users to operate their unmanned aircraft safely. I m excited to welcome these new aviators into the culture of safety and responsibility that defines American innovation. A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON THE GREAT OUTDOORS These remote-controlled aircraft are also becoming extremely popular with filmmakers nature photographers shooting enthusiasts and businesses. Videographers especially value the small agile craft for their versatility and mobility while businesses such as Amazon have considered using drones to make home deliveries. The FAA notes that it R C helicopters the same ones found in many toy stores as UAS vehicles as well. Fundamentally R C vehicles and the aircraft commonly considered more dronelike such as quadcopters operate using the same methods. Under the new rule all remote-controlled aircraft between 0.55 pounds to 55 pounds must be registered with the FAA. The registration process will include a web application which will query the owner for their name home address and email address. A Certificate of Aircraft Registration will then be generated upon the completion of the application and the drone owner will be issued a unique identification number for their use. That identification number then must be marked clearly on their remote-controlled vehicles. Owners only have to go through the process once and can use the same identification number for each of their aircraft. The registration is valid for three years. We expect hundreds of thousands of model unmanned aircraft will be purchased this holiday season said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta. Registration gives us the opportunity to educate these new airspace users before they fly so they know the airspace rules and understand they are accountable to the public for flying responsibly. 66 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 67 FALL IS A COOL BREAKING DOWN A NEW LAKE TIME CATCH BIG LUNKERS By Ryan Lovelace People who are just starting out in tournament fishing often ask me How do you break down a new lake . My answer applies to anyone going to a new lake. Whenever I have to travel to a lake I have never seen before or I have little previous knowledge about the first thing I do is pull up Google Earth on my computer. Next I consider the time of year and weather patterns for the past two weeks. I then pick a hand full of areas that I believe should match up with the time of year current weather conditions and what I believe the fish will be doing. I can get a fair idea of what the fish are doing by this. EACH LAKE HAS DIFFERENCES Every lake has certain subtle differences in the patterns that fish follow or just exactly how fish relate to a particular cover. This is where local knowledge of a lake plays big in the tournament world. You can get online or review magazines and read fishing reports. However these are most often very vague and may not even be accurate at all. So what is a guy to do I find it very helpful to Google search videos of tournaments on the lake in question within or about the same time of year you plan on going. You are not looking for a honey hole But rather you are seeing some very valuable information. For example what colors on that lake are most people using Are there lot of people fishing offshore on ledges or humps or are they fishing shoreline structures. The combination of these things would be a start the rest is putting in time and let the fish tell you what they want. Good luck fishing those new lakes Ryan Lovelace is a high school biology teacher and professional bass fisherman. To ask him questions about fishing email him at info 68 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 69 R NEW MOULTRIE A-10 AND A-10I GAME CAMS TP O U O The all-new A-10TM and A-10iTM take everything Moultrie owners loved about the best-selling A-5 and make it better--and smaller Featuring 10 MP image resolution and either iNVISIBLE (A-10i) or Long-Range (A-10) IR flash these cameras are equipped to take high-quality images both day and night. With a newly redesigned super-small case and a fast trigger speed of less than 1 second the allnew A-10 and A-10i combine reliability and high-end performance with the kind of easy-to-use features that have made Moultrie the No. 1 selling brand of game cameras. HIGHLIGHTED A-10 AND A-10I FEATURES 10 MP image resolution Less than 1-second trigger speed 50-foot flash range 16 000 images on 8 AA batteries A-10i iNVISIBLE 940nm IR LED flash technology A-10 Long-Range 850nm IR LED flash technology VGA video Moultrie Mobile compatible The suggested retail prices are 99.99 A-10i and 79.99 A-10. For more information about the A-10 A-10i or any other Moultrie products contact Glenn Walker at glenn or visit 70 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM ST Every hunter knows that you can NEVER have too many game cameras. Moultrie Products LLC the leader in game camera design and innovation introduces two new high-quality game cameras for hunters and game managers who want high-end performance without the high-end price tag. G EA O U O TP ST G EA R NEW AMMO BOX FROM PLANO THE 1812 MAGNUM Hunters and target shooters the world over have used Plano s venerable 1312 1712 and 1612 Field Ammo boxes for a decade. These low-cost molded-plastic ammo cans are durable won t rust and provide a practical and economical means of storing and transporting ammunition. Their blue-collar versatility and low cost has made them a favorite vessel for all manner of shooting accessories. New for 2016 Plano announces the addition of the 1812 Magnum Field Ammo Box to their honest and hard-working line of Ammo Cans. Forty-percent larger than Plano s Model 1612 previously the largest available the new amplysized 1812 Magnum Can comes with two removable dividers that section out three equally-sized cavernous compartments super handy for separating rounds of different calibers or sizes. A removable drop-in storage tray rides beneath the lid and over the can s main compartment for fast access to tools and accessories. Finally a latched quick-access storage compartment is molded right into the can s lid for immediate access to remaining small items. As with all Plano Field Ammo Boxes the 1812 Magnum is dressed with stout no-nonsense hardware. A brass bail latch secures the goods without fail while a heavy-duty molded handle holds up to the weight generated by heaps of magnum rounds. PLANO 1812 FIELD AMMO BOX (MODEL 181206) Magnum Size Exterior Dimension 17 Lx10.38 Wx13 H Top Lift Out Tray Two Internal Dividers Top Quick Access Storage in Lid Brass Bail Latch Heavy Duty Handle The suggested retail price is 24.99 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 71 R U 72 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM O TP O TraditionsTM Rifle Stock Pack is designed to help hunters and shooters carry key accessory items securely on their rifle whether traveling to the field or the range. The Rifle Stock Pack fits TraditionsTM break action guns TrackerTM PA PelletTM DeerhunterTM CrackshotTM and most conventional butt stocked muzzleloader and centerfire rifles. Known for their accurate innovative and dependable firearms TraditionsTM has been providing quality firearms for the past 30 years. TraditionsTM offers blackpowder rifles and pistols cartridge rifles and revolvers blank pistols Build-It-Yourself rifle and pistol kits and cannons as well as a full line of accessories and optics. It has a large zippered angled compartment for easy opening and the fully adjustable 3-strap system allows for a custom fit. The padded cheek piece ensures comfort when shouldering or shooting your rifle. Inside the Traditions Rifle Stock Pack are two loops that hold two powder or bullet tubes. This pack is great for carrying extra ammo and accessories with you conveniently and securely The suggested retail price is 24.95. For more information on TraditionsTM Performance Firearms please visit their website at ST TRADITIONS PERFORMANCE FIREARMS INTRODUCES RIFLE STOCK PACK G EA O U O TP ST G EA R SCENT-FREE BUG SPRAY NOW AVAILABLE Tick bites can kill you. That s why it s so important to use a strong repellent. Lethal Scent Elimination a leading provider of effective and powerful odor eliminating products has created and produced a product that big game hunters have been waiting on for years scent-free bug and tick repellent. Lethal Bug and Tick Repellent was developed by the same in-house chemists who have spent the last 30 years researching and developing some of the most effective household scent eliminating products on the market today. This unscented non-greasy quick-drying repellent is effective for up to eight hours and works well as part of the Lethal System or separately either way the scent-free repellent is the first on the market and undoubtedly will be the leader in the category in the future. Since September Lethal has given the Bug and Tick Repellent to a few key dealers and the Lethal Pro-Staff to not only test in the field but in retail as well. Results were outstanding with sell-through numbers at 100% and feedback from the pro-staff supported the test results with the product being more effective than DEET. The scent elimination category is obviously one of the most saturated categories within the hunting industry said Steve Davison President and CEO of Clean Control Corporation Parent Company of Lethal. We had to find and develop a product that made us stand out and be just as effective as all of our other products. I believe we hit a homerun with the Bug and Tick Repellent and foresee the product being used by not only hunters but everyone who commonly uses bug sprays and repellents. Lethal s core product the Field Spray and Activator separates itself form the competition. Created by chemists and field tested by professionals Lethal Field Spray contain the latest in human scent elimination technology. The spray has a separate concentrated activator that charges the product with odor eliminating bonding agents. A permanent binding effect takes place. No other scent elimination company is providing this technology at present. For More Information on this scentless bug and tick repellent visit the company websites at info Or call 800.841.3904 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 73 THE NEW OUTPOST RADIO IS LAUNCHED Radio for the Great Outdoors The Outpost Radio. At any given time on this unique station you can hear Stevie Ray Vaughan followed by Blackberry Smoke followed by George Jones. While all of this is going on you can be given a chance to listen to podcasts that feature tips on hunting whitetail deer or catching crappie in the Atchafalaya Basin or learning why blue quail would rather run than fly. In the words of more than one recently converted Outpost Radio fanatic I ve never heard anything like this station. Exactly. This combination of music and outdoor sports information presented 24 7 available wherever you are worldwide on your mobile device has never been offered. Until now. If you can do without the little girl pop stars and auto-tuned crap that passes for country and rock and roll these days you might want to try The Outpost Radio. If you want to know the weather wherever you re sitting in a duck blind it s here. If you re on the way to hunt pheasant or fish for walleye and you d like to know if anybody s seeing any this might be your new favorite radio station. The stories in The Outpost Magazine are about the simple joys of living an authentic life. This includes outdoor sports such as fishing hunting camping hiking and biking. It involves good food and strong drink and it also includes music from every genre that sportsmen and sportswomen enjoy. Unfortunately most of the music you hear on traditional (terrestrial) radio is so sanitized analyzed and peroxized that the tunes and words are cotton candy for the brain. Plus most of the outdoor sports radio programs come on the stations between 3 and 4 am. That s a little too early for most of us. It is for this reason that we joined some friends who are experts in the radio business and launched The Outpost Radio. We re calling it Radio for the great outdoors and that s more than just a catchy phrase. A typical radio station would never play the diversity of songs you ll hear on 74 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM Photo Credit Kyle Stapleton MISS AN THEY RE WAITING FOR YOU AT ISSUE THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 10 THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https watch v OZecrdaapzc THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 10 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 75 30A SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL HIGH TIDE FOR TALENT THE OUTPOST CELEBRATES THE PEOPLE WHO WRITE THE SONGS The biggest problem with the 30A Songwriters Festival is that you can t be in two places at once. The 7th annual festival was held last month in venues along the scenic Highway 30A in Florida s South Walton County. Over 25 venues scattered along the Gulf Coast played host this year and each one spent three full days of back to back performances by some of the top songwriters of yesterday and today. The 30A Songwriters Festival is well known in the music world as a destination for singers and songwriters to get together to share stories laughs and songs varying in styles from country blues folk soul and Americana. The festivals gives a rare chance for music lovers to get up close and personal with artist who have written hundreds of chart topping songs to the ones that may never get radio play yet have phenomenal melodies that captivate the listeners. Most venues also create a unique experience of being a Listening Room and ask the patrons to please keep quiet during performance. 76 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The 30A Songwriters Festival production team transforms amphitheaters town halls restaurants theaters bars and covered patios into unique music venues ranging in capacity from 75 to 400 indoors and 4 000 outdoors. Hopes and dreams become reality at the 30A Songwriters Festival says Russell Carter coproducer Festival Chair. YOU MAY NOT KNOW THE NAMES BUT YOU KNOW THE SONGS Most people recognize the names Kenny Chesney Keith Urban or Carrie Underwood. However the 30A Festival gives you a chance to meet the people behind the songs. For a brief moment you get to take a glimpse at how the writer may have been inspired to write the song. Guys like Brett James who you may not have ever heard of yet has written 24 chart topping singles such as Jesus Take the Wheel or When BRETT JAMES the Sun Goes Down is one of these phenomenal talents. James current single Gonna Know We Were Here performed by Jason Aldean hung at the 2 spot on the charts. One more notch would have garnered James his 25th 1 hit record that he has written. James is merely one example of the multitude of amazing writers that joined the festival this year. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 77 https Vz2DWDRPFL4 Ani DiFranco Emerson Hart (Tonic) Kristian Bush (Sugarland) Shawn Mullins Jay Farrar (from Son Volt) Peter Holsapple (the dB s) Drew Holcomb Cracker (unplugged) Jeffrey Steele Parker Millsap Dan Bern Steve Poltz Hayes Carll Charlie Mars Grant-Lee Phillips Bob Schneider David Ryan Harris (John Mayer band) David Hodges (Evanescence) Bobby Bare Jr. Chris Stills Jim Lauderdale Callaghan Kris Delmhorst Kristy Lee BettySoo Randall Bramblett Griffin House Jennifer Knapp were just some of the writers that performed during the long weekend festival. Singer Songwriter Jackson Browne was the headliner and has penned some of the most popular music titles of the last three decades. He was also inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 along with the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007. Browne performed flawlessly for over an hour and half while fans enjoyed his solo act as he performed with just a guitar and piano. 78 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM SHAWN MULLINS BONNIE BISHOP TY HERNDON JD SOUTHER FAREWELL ANGELINA WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 79 Fans were delighted to hear their old favorites such as The Pretender and Running on Empty along with some of his new work that involved a tune he had performed for the first time on stage in an effort to help a music school in Haiti. However missing from the set was one of his most prominent songs Stay. The audience waited in anticipation as he returned for a second encore and assume it was on the way only to be left wanting. One song that did stand out to be timely just before the death of Browne s friend and co-writer Glenn Fry was his solo rendition of Take it Easy made famous by the Eagles. Some other notable performers on Saturday were Jeffery Steele who has written songs for everyone from The Oak Ridge Boys Tim McGraw Rascall Flatts to Keith Urban. Steele primed the audience on Saturday for Jackson Browne along with song writing legend JD Souther who also worked with Glenn Fry and The Eagles on songs such as New Kid in Town. Shawn Mullins put on a incredible solo set as well as played around town over the weekend with his full band. LADIES TOOK THE DAY Sunday on the main stage though may have been the surprise of the weekend as it was ladies day at Grand Boulevard. Wine Women & Song featuring the uber-talented Suzy Bogguss Matraca Berg and Gretchen Peters just seemed to be having fun while they brought out another amazing talent Deanna Carter to sing her hit Strawberry Wine. WINE WOMEN & SONG 80 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM SHOVELS & ROPE Shovels and Rope came on next to warm up the crowd for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. The married duo filled the air with sounds of a full band yet there were just the two of them on stage. At times Michael Trent would playing the drums and keyboards at the same time while Cary Ann Hearst would work on the guitar and harmonica all at the while both belted out haunting yet spot on harmonies. You may read all about Shovels and Rope in the last issue of The Outpost Magazine here http ebook ebook id 10086906%23 0 80 But the weekend stealing performance came from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. There seem to be some reluctance from the audience as Potter walked on stage. Perhaps they were thinking Could she be as good as Jackson Browne from the previous day Or maybe the seemingly older crowd didn t know her music. Regardless they were in for a treat. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 81 GRACE POTTER 82 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM https Na3NzdO_MO8 With most of the artist simply performing with acoustic guitars or a lone piano Grace Potter introduced 30A to her full band and after a few songs finally got them all on their feet dancing. She also brought Deanna Carter and Matraca Berg out on stage to perform a song that they had written You and Tequila. Potter recorded the duet with Kenny Chesney and described it as a lifechanging moment. The festival was capped off with a party at Pandora s that touted performances from the funk soul band Gurufish then the bluegrass stylings of Old Salt Union and finally a full Purple Rain jam session with Cooper Carter & The Royal Senders. Net proceeds from the 30A SONGWRITERS FESTIVAL benefit the CAA and help it to fulfill its mission to support the arts throughout Walton County. Florida. For more information on next year s event click on OLD SALT UNION WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 83 84 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM PULL UP A BAR STOOL AND LISTEN TO SOME COLD BEER CONVERSATION GEORGE STRAIT HAS ANOTHER BLOCKBUSTER COLLECTION OF CLASSIC COUNTRY TUNES If you keep track of such things the latest George Strait album Cold Beer Conversation is his 29th While not all have been blockbusters his millions of enthusiastic fans will argue for hours about which of his songs are the best country tunes EVER recorded. According to Billboard and other recording industry publications in more than 30 years of recording all of which have been spent with MCA Records George Strait has garnered 60 No. 1 songs on all country charts and has more No. 1 hits than any other artist in any genre. His 44 Billboard magazine country No. 1 s are a record four more than Conway Twitty s total that includes several duets with Loretta Lynn. Strait is also the first artist in the history of Billboard magazine to have at least one single enter the Top 10 of a Billboard chart for 30 consecutive years starting in 1981 when his debut single Unwound peaked at No. 6 on the Hot Country Singles chart. All of his Top 10 singles have been on that chart. Strait has sold more than 68 million albums in the United States and his certifications from the RIAA include 13 multiplatinum 33 platinum and 38 gold albums. Not bad for a country boy from Pearsall Texas. DOES THIS MEAN THERE S ANOTHER FAREWELL TOUR TO LOOK FORWARD TO Strait recorded Cold Beer Conversation after his record- breaking Farewell Tour and as usual enlisted the help of the best writers and performers in Nashville for the effort. And why not He s King George and anyone who has ever written a song would dearly love to have him cut their tunes. Because of that smooth down-to-earth style Strait has never met a musical hook he couldn t grab and make it his own. On this latest effort Strait co-produced the new album with Chuck Ainley for George Strait Productions and drew from some of the top songwriters in Nashville for the 13 tracks including Bill Anderson Jamey Johnson Brandy Clark Shane McAnally and Tom Shapiro. He and his son Bubba also co-wrote some of the new songs including Let It Go It Takes All Kinds and Everything I See. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 85 https watch v Rt322YpXB9M LISTENING TO COLD BEER CONVERSATION He wrote the first track on the album It was Love and this is vintage George Strait. It has an everyman story in its lyrics classic counhttps watch v KqqFbuXdGdU&list PLQ5CvMC4vDH2sSasLfMgchffz6Slb687h&index 3 try tune great harmony and a big payoff in the Other standouts especially if you re fond of the chorus. This is the type of song that no matter whiskey wordplay that often shows up in George how many variations he may have sung before Strait songs include Stop and Drink and Cheapit defines the essence of the performer. er Than a Shrink. George the balladeer excels on tracks such as Even When I Can t Feel It and I The first (of no doubt many) single on the alWish You Well. bum is the title cut Cold Beer Conversation is already taken over your local country radio WHAT YOU HEAR IS WHAT YOU EXPECT station with airplay. Again because of the great storyline in the lyric and his understated Aw George Strait has made a living (a very GOOD livShucks delivery this is the type of Strait song ing) doing what he does every night on every rethat is almost irresistible. cord. In a time of Bro Country and Country Rap what you hear on Cold Beer Conversation is an artSince his early days playing honky-tonks like ist at the top of his game telling iconic stories. the Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos Texas smack dab in the middle of the state s There are no gimmicks no flavor-of-the-week musiHill Country George Strait has been known for cal arrangements and no hip-hop hoopla. It s pretty his pledge of allegiance to the Lone Star State. much straight ahead country music and if that s your His native son chops were well-earned and he thang you will play this record until the grooves wear out. 86 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM celebrates these with another new tune called Take me to Texas. Just like his Amarillo By Morning became the most covered by bar bands in Texas this one will likely show up on the playlists of any band playing in the state. RADIO FOR THE GREAT OUTDOORS The Outpost Radio is the first radio station dedicated to hunting fishing and the great outdoors. You can hear us on your smartphone desktop or tablet...just about anywhere. The Outpost Radio is a mix of great music and information that celebrates the outdoors Give us a listen. Click on The Outpost logo below to listen now WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 87 PAYBACK The beginning of the year is a great time to set goals and objectives and maybe offer some recommendations. This time I d like to offer a brief and recent experience and to make one of those recommendations. What brought this to mind was a little visit once with some young boys and girls at the local middle school in Georgia. Actually it was fishing club. Yes a fishing club at a middle school. Interesting huh All the youngsters had to make an effort to be present before regular classes began since our little meeting was early. They sat there wide eyed and interested and given the chance they shared their fishing and hunting stories with the invited guest me. I could certainly wax on and on and usually do about the lessons we shared them with me me with them however what broke my heart was a few little guys and girls that had no story to tell. You see they had no parent that knew how to or would take them afield and they wanted to do so badly. It s possible that they were children of a single mom. Could be. 88 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM By O Neill Williams IT S A HEARTBREAKER They came to hear the tall tales to try and witness the feeling of being in the wild to touch the outdoor badge of honor. They sat in silence and when called upon to participate they could only say that they had joined the club so that someone would take them fishing. Only one step removed and almost as sad was several who so enthusiastically wove their story only to admit that they d been fishing only once in their lives. It s a heartbreaker. All children need something on which to hang their hat so to speak. Everyone can t be the football quarterback track team sprinter or even the homecoming queen but everyone can be so much more than average with what s to learn in the outdoors. SOME OF US HAVE BEEN LUCKY I was fortunate. I had maternal grandparents who took me to the old places of their youth in the Georgia Mountains. Without televisions and computers to while away the hours we roamed the rolling streams and reservoirs my grandfather helped build and usually caught that night s dinner. My paternal Grandfather was a preacher in Walton County. On Sunny Spring days we d accept the kind invitations of members of his congregation to fish the farm ponds and hunt the wild rabbits in brown fallow fields. I had found my callings. My friends and I grew up in the mid - 50s in a time when a couple of 12-year olds were safer being alone out roaming the woods scaring up whatever we could find than today s youngsters. Those were peaceful times. Throughout the summer s lazy days and before ninth-grade football practice began we located a neighborhood pond or two to drown some crickets or red-wigglers attempted to take a squirrel with a BB gun which we never accomplished or simply investigated what lived under the rocks in the local streams. Little boys and girls don t do that now they re on Facebook. I remember hearing my mother s voice O Neillaaaaalllllllll it s supper time and my adventure of that day would end knowing there was tomorrow and more to learn outside those doors. IT S PAYBACK TIME I wish all of you could have been in that classroom that day to see the faces so empty but wanting to know about wild places and the wild things that live there. If you choose to help with their quest for knowledge and experience it doesn t have to be for a Whitetail a Quail or a 10-pound largemouth simply the beautiful sight of hole in the water where the float was few moments ago the rings left as a two inch punkin-seed bream dragged it under. If all this rings the alarm bell for you it s time you answered it. Watching a young girl or boy learn to appreciate the outdoors is your payback for all the pleasures you ve harvested. It s also your payback and obligation. NOW GO Commit to a schedule during 2016 to taking a child fishing or hunting. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 89 52 SHADES OF ADVENTURE By Jason Martin 90 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM photo Travis Wade So the weight is one thing but another factor is that I have started to get winded while walking up a flight of stairs. Climbing into that tree stand this deer season was a heck of a lot tougher. Heading out into the field for a turkey hunt with all my gear gets me breathing heavily. Lastly I ll share a bit of more personal information with you. I lost my father this past summer to heart disease. He was only 72. He could have had another 20 years perhaps. I am the youngest of three boys in my family. A few years ago my middle brother dropped dead on the spot of a heart attack at age 46...the same age I am now. So the goal is drop at least 30 pounds and to get my fat butt into some type of shape so that I can still enjoy being in the great outdoors. But going to the gym to run on a treadmill bores me to tears. I don t mind pushing some weights around but as my doctor told me at my last physical You can have the biggest arms in the world but if you don t work out that heart muscle it won t do you any good. That was directly after he said Wow look at that gut Nice bed side manner doc. But perhaps that s what I needed to hear. With the goal of dropping some pounds and still enjoying Life in the Great Outdoors I thought it might be fun to add something a bit more exciting than just visiting my local gym plus I wanted some accountability. YOU are my accountability. I know. Luck you right From this point forward I will be journaling 52 hikes adventures hunts fishing trips or whatever I can find to do that month that might entertain you while at the same time get my rear end moving. It is my hope that you might be able to enjoy one of these as well or perhaps this will motivate someone to do the same. LET S GET STARTED One of my favorite things to do is to take a long hike in the woods that has a scenic ending destination. I love the mountains but I also live in the capital of the South Atlanta. Living in a city of over five million people you might think that finding hikes or adventures close by would be a bit challenging. Here is where I want to prove that you can find nature wherever you may be. Three of my four outings for this edition have been within the metro-Atlanta area and one of those was almost right in the city. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 91 Although I have helped publish The Outpost Magazine since the inception I have typically left the writing to the experts. But for the next twelve months you are stuck with me as I am going to be journaling my experiences for 2016 here in our magazine. Before we dive in to this let me take a moment to share a bit about what I am looking to accomplish. THE GOAL Like most of the U.S. with the New Year came those pesky resolutions. I am not much of one to do resolutions because I realize that after a week or two or possibly a month if I am lucky most likely I will go back to my old ways. What s the number one new year s resolution To lose weight of course. I am no different. I say this just about every year. I am going to lose weight and start going to the gym more...ok who am I kidding...I will START to go to the gym. But this year is a little different. Just like some of you reading this I have added some pounds over the years. I am now 46 years old and heavier than I have been my entire life. Stress eating and lack of anything that might resemble exercise has added an extra 15 pounds this year putting me clearly overweight by about 30-40 lbs. KENNESAW MOUNTAIN NATIONAL BATTLEFIELD PARK I chose to do my first hike in a familiar setting. This is a hike that my wife and I have done numerous times because it is close a moderate hike but also gives a fantastic view at the top where you can overlook the city as well as seeing all the way to Stone Mountain on the other side of Atlanta. Kennesaw Mountain has over 2 900 acres and 18 miles of trails in the park and preserves the last stronghold of the Civil War battle before Sherman marched into Atlanta and burned it to the ground in the summer of 1864. There are still cannons at the top of the mountain that remind us of the history that took place over 150 years ago. Thousands of lives were lost on this mountain in a bloody 14-day battle. For the history buffs you can watch a brief film in the visitor center. 92 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM There are several hiking trails within the park. For my first big hike we chose to do the Burnt Hickory Loop which includes Little Kennesaw Mountain as well. This takes you through open fields at first then meanders through the woods and eventually elevates you to the summit of Little Kennesaw Mountain. At the top you will find a row of cannons that always seems to bring reverence of the lives lost in the grueling battle. However the views are exceptional. What goes up must come down as you decline Little Kennesaw and then back up heading to the top of Kennesaw Mountain. Round trip this hike is about 6-8 miles depending on whether or not you take any of the side trails. There are many other hikes at the park the most popular being the trail or road straight up to the top. Kennesaw Mountain is one of my favorite hikes as it is less than 20 minutes from my house challenging yet gives spectacular views. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 93 94 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 95 SAWNEE MOUNTAIN INDIAN SEAT Our next stop took us up about 40 miles north of Atlanta. The Indian Seat trail takes you over and around the sheer face of Sawnee Mountain. The peak opens up to some unbelievably breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains where you can see for miles. The trail is a four miles to top and back although there are a total of five miles of trails at the mountain. 96 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM The history of the Sawnee Mountain dates back to the local Native American Cherokee and Creek tribes. During the 1800 s the mountain saw miners searching for gold. The mountain got the name Indian Seat based on the granite carved seat depressions in the summit. The hike is moderate in difficulty but the view is most certainly worth it. Sunsets on the summit offer spectacular photo opportunities. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 97 IN THE CITY HIKE THE CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER WEST PALISADES TRAIL One of the difficulties living in a major metropolitan area is finding nature amongst the concrete jungle. Atlanta however does offer some great nature trails right in the heart of the city. In the words of Alan Jackson Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee The trails around the river help to give the city a great natural resource of hiking fishing and delivers the metro area its drinking water as well. We will dig deeper into this in later issues of The Outpost Magazine when we feature the River Keeper Project. The Chattahoochee River flows from Appalachian Mountains starting around Helen Georgia running through Atlanta and ending at the Florida Georgia line dumping into Lake Seminole. There are many trails that wind around the city along the river but on the hike we chose to check out was the West Palisades trail. This is an easy to moderate hike that offers hikers and bikers vast wildlife to see as well as a view of a stretch of the Chattahoochee that is filled with whitewater rapids as parts of the trail run along the river. The trail loop is about 4 miles with slightly varying elevations along with a rocky bluff overlook. Part of what I was looking to accomplish with this goal of 52 adventures was to find new places that I was not aware of. This little gem is one of those. It was amazing to feel like we were in the middle of nowhere yet surrounded by over five million people. This is a trail that I will revisit frequently. 98 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 99 HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG AT THE BEACH My last hike for January was at the beach. No climbing mountains or walk in the woods for this one. I had the opportunity recently to go to the 30A Songwriters Festival for the weekend (see feature article in this month s issue). If you aren t familiar with 30A it is a stretch of road that ambles along the coast of Florida between Destin and Panama City. It is the epitome of small town beach life with several communities along the way. With over 15 different beaches it is often hard to tell where one ends and another begins. They have also restricted high rises which affords great views and not as many tourist. However what once was a nice secret beach front is now grown to have national notoriety with travelers from all over the world visiting. The other great thing about this area is that it is relatively close to Atlanta. A quick five hour drive makes it easy to do a long weekend trip or even just a weekend get-away. With only a couple days there we had limited beach time especially with all the shows that we were slated to see. Although we did manage to squeeze in three longs walks. The walks ranged from 3-5 miles each while we explored some different areas that we were not familiar with. The unique thing about walking on the beach in January is that you are almost the only ones there. At one point we could only see two other people way up ahead of us. As well there was one section of beach that was state park and the dunes were being protected so we had a good mile or so along the beach with no houses. It is an awesome feeling to not be able to see buildings or other humans as you get some much needed exercise. I have 48 more to go before the end of the year. I would love suggestions. If you have a great hike or adventure that is easily accessible from Atlanta let me know. Send me an email at jason Hopefully this will motivate you to get out there and get moving as well. Till next month. Happy Trails 100 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM HAVE YOU MISSED ANY ISSUES OF THE OUTPOST MAGAZINE THEY ARE ALL RIGHT HERE COME ON IN WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 101 Editor s Note Like it or not we have become a very litigious society. This continues even when we re out in the wilderness relaxing. We re proud to begin a new feature which we hope will make you think and save you some grief and money. These columns while not intended to replace the advice of a lawyer are written by an avid outdoorsman who just happens to be a very smart lawyer - Randy Hall. DON T FORGET THE LLC Fall and winter are my favorite times of year. Everything that I love happens from September to January. College football cool air colorful trees the World Series Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas and last but not least hunting season. I look forward to spending time with my hunting buddies that I have not seen since camp broke last year. Our camp started with seven childhood friends who shared a common interest in using the outdoors to keep in touch and doing what we love. I have seen their kids born and graduate college. BB guns to high powered rifles. Gameboys to laptops. When it was just us everything went well. We made loose agreements and for the most part they were followed. However nothing good ever lasts. One of our standing members would bring one of his teenaged son s friends. Another his brother in law and another some business acquaintance to impress. Now don t be deceived. I love to teach what little I know about hunting. And I love to socialize and share the outdoors with anyone. That is anyone that knows the ropes or is willing to listen and follow the rules. The fact is I would rather see the excitement of a hunter s first buck kill more than killing the deer myself. By Randy Hall - Attorney at Law Otherwise hunting with strangers troubles me. And I despise hunting with newbees unless I have some element of control over them i.e. they trust in my threats that safety and game management rules will be followed. You can spot a newbee a mile away. They have new camo new rifle new boots and a pocket full of gadgets they don t need. There is a standing joke in our camp do you have a photo of a deer in your front pocket The problem is that you never know how some inexperienced woodsman is going to act or when they may choose to pull the trigger out of pure excitement. We have lost long standing members and friends over this very issue. MONEY WELL-SPENT Three years ago our club (and I say club loosely because it was basically seven good friends who pooled our money for a lease) finally followed my advice. We formed a limited liability company (LLC) to hold our lease and control the operations of our deer and duck camp. Any good local attorney can do this for less than 1000.00. While it sounds expensive it is money well spent. 102 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE BENEFITS OF THESE AGREEMENTS ARE MULTI-FACETED. First an LLC provides a liability shield. An LLC is basically a cheap insurance policy for innocent members. In no way does it shield an individual member or not that acts in some negligent manner to cause injury to another. But it does insulate the other members who were not involved. Certainly any assets owned by the LLC would be subject to forfeiture for liability. However the personal assets of innocent bystanders are protected. The assets of the negligent perpetrator are never protected. Second an LLC provides leadership. Every LLC must have an operating agreement ( OA ) that is signed by its members. An OA is basically the constitution for the members. Such agreements typically elect or appoint a managing member that acts like the president. The president then takes care of issues such as posting improvements utilities lease payments and conducting our annual meeting. He has the proverbial checkbook with pre-approved spending limits. And yes we have our own bank account. Our managing member serves a two year term. Elections are held. Almost everyone has served a term as president. He can also resign and he can be impeached by a majority vote. He has only a tie breaker vote on issues. But he has the final say so over disputes that arise over any issue in the field. Third an LLC provides attendance rules. Every OA should have a guest policy. For example we have a no guest policy on opening weekend. Attendance is strictly limited to members and their immediate family members. NO EXCEPTIONS. Furthermore it limits not only the number of guests per day but also the number of annual guests. That is a member may bring not more than a total of 7 guests all season long. This is a part of our game management strategy. It was adopted to deal with a salesman that brought a guest every day of the season. Those of us who could only come on weekends soon came to find that our deer herd and duck hole had been shot to hell in the first week of season by non-paying guests. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 103 Fourth an LLC provides hold harmless provisions. Every member must sign an agreement that he is 100 percent responsible for his guest and their actions. He further agrees to hold all others harmless from any claims made by a guest for any type of loss. Further he agrees to have his guest sign in when he arrives. That sign in sheet is an affirmation by the guest written by me of course that limits the members and the LLC from liability for personal injury. The guest essentially assumes the liability for any injury he receives or causes. No surprises no embarrassments. Fifth an LLC can limit or expand its membership. The older I get the less tolerance I have for many things. I suppose I am becoming one of those cantankerous old farts I made fun of as kid. The reality is however that not everyone gets along. And everyone has their own ideas about the ultimate camp experience. I don t go to watch pirated pornography drink to excess or play cards all night. Nor do I go to escape my wife and family. I go to hunt and have a good time socializing with long-time friends who share my interest in the outdoors. Every OA should contain provisions that allows for new members to be approved by the majority of its members. Likewise it should require a courting period before a vote is cast. Similarly an OA should limit the total number of members and provide for joining fees if applicable. Our joining fee is more in the nature of a purchase of the new member s fair share of the value of our improvements. Sixth an LLC can provide for member assessments. Originally our camp had no shelter. It was tents and small trailers. We later built a small cabin with a dining room. Over the years the building has expanded to sleep 12 comfortably. We all loosely paid for these improvements. But we lost members over the years who either could not pay or refused to pay. Every OA should provide a mechanism whereby improvements are chosen and approved by a majority vote. The vote is binding on all members whether they can afford it or not. Over the years we have made exception for those who provided labor in place of their assessments. Seventh an LLC provides game management strategy. Seven years ago Arkansas (where we hunt) adopted a three point rule. That is no buck may be killed unless he has three points on one side all of 104 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM which must be longer than three inches. Our club already had a four point rule in place for the previous five years. Similarly no spikes of any kind shall be killed unless they are old and mutant. Mutant rack deer may be killed. However like spikes they must be seen by more than one member and three must agree that the animal is to be taken. We predetermine the number of does to be taken and actually draw lots if there are number problems. Over the years the bucks keep getting bigger and bigger due to our management strategy. If any member or his guest violates the rule he his hunting privilege is lost for the year. If any member willfully violates a bag limit poaches or other safety-regulation he is automatically expelled. Seventh an LLC keeps members informed. Each year after all seasons are closed we hold an annual meeting. It is a family affair where we share the spoils of our past season with a meal. Issues on the table are the following the past season success improvements for next year designated work days assessments proposed constitutional amendments and other issues that improve our camp experience. We have an email string among all of us. We keep minutes and publish the same to any member who is absent. Our annual meeting has come to be one of the highlights of our year. Perhaps this sounds like you have to work to hunt. It is work. But it is worth it. Our camp s physical structure has vastly improved. We limit our individual and collective responsibility for the ill-advised acts (I prefer the word stupidity ) of others. The number of annual kills have increased as has the quality of the kills. And most importantly we have the newbees under control. As I said no surprises no embarrassments. If you have questions or comments don t hesitate to email me at randy Happy Hunting and Fishing. CHUKAR HUNTING GREAT WINTER SPORT IN UTAH If you re looking for that partridge in a pear tree you have until February 15 to get him in your game bag. Even though the snow is flying and most people are skiing in the beautiful state of Utah bird hunters are still chasing chukar in the state. Actually wildlife experts note that falling snow is great news for chukar hunters. Once snow starts to fall chukars--which roam over a larger area during the warmer months--concentrate in smaller areas. That makes it easier to find the birds Utah habitat experts say. THEY LIVE IN THE DRY AREA OF THE STATE According to a press release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources chukar partridge live in some of Utah s driest areas. That s another reason why they re a great bird to hunt in the winter. You won t have to worry as much about getting your vehicle stuck in snow or hiking through deep snow like you might while participating in other hunts. Colder weather also makes hiking less strenuous. And rattlesnakes are hibernating now so you don t have to be concerned about them either. In my opinion says Jason Robinson upland game coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources winter is the best time of the year to hunt chukars. Robinson says another advantage to hunting chukar in the winter--or anytime during the season--is the tasty meal the birds provide. Chukar are the best-tasting game bird in Utah he says. WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 105 106 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM This winter should be one of the best winters ever to get out and hunt chukars in Utah. Hunting success this season has been well above average. Hunters are reporting great success this season Robinson says. They re seeing more coveys and larger coveys of birds. FINDING THE RIGHT SPOT Before hiking up a hill to find chukars you can save yourself time and energy by getting familiar with the landscape in which they live. Robinson says chukars need three things Cliffs for roosting shrubby cover near the cliffs and seeds and grasses to eat. He notes that in Utah this habitat is usually found just below ridgelines at about 4 000 to 6 000 feet in elevation. And the habitat you ll find chukars in is steep-- very steep. To make the most of your energy supply Robinson suggests hiking up to a ridgeline and then walking along the ridgeline and then down from the ridge. Chukars run uphill to escape hunters. And they flush downhill when spooked. For these reasons getting above the birds will give you a big advantage. There can be a lot of walking involved he says but it s a great way to stay in shape through the winter. Robinson suggests waiting until midmorning before heading out. Giving the sun time to soften and melt the snow can make it easier to navigate steep chukar habitat. When the ground is frozen he says hunting chukars can be like trying to walk on a Slip N Slide. There is an advantage to being out at first light though. The birds feed mostly in the early morning Robinson says. If you listen closely they ll often tip you off to their location. Robinson says chukars live in coveys that typically number between five to 30 birds. When the covey is feeding he says it always posts a sentry. The sentry sits on a rock that provides it with a good view of the surrounding area. If the bird sees you it will call out to alert the other birds. There s a flip side to that though the sentry s calling will alert you that a covey of chukars is in the area. FOCUS ON THEIR FOOD During the early part of the season chukar spent a lot of time hiding from migrating raptors. Now that these predators have moved elsewhere the birds are free to spend more time finding seeds and grasses to eat. Unlike many upland game birds chukars are not restricted to pockets of habitat that have stands of trees in them so their habitat is expansive. In the winter though snow reduces the amount of area in which the birds can find food. Robinson says in the winter you should look for chukar on south-facing slopes. The snow on slopes that face south melts faster. That lets some grasses green up for the chukars to eat. That s one of the big advantages to hunting chukars in the winter Robinson says. Because the north-facing slopes have snow on them the snow essentially cuts in half the areas where you ll find chukars. THE RIGHT GEAR To hunt chukars you have to hike up steep slopes. Make sure the boots you re wearing provide good traction and ankle support. Robinson also suggests wearing your clothes in layers. Wearing layers will allow you to remove a layer if you get hot while hiking. Then if your hike brings you to a cold and windy ridgeline you can put that layer on again. Shots at chukars often come at fairly long ranges. Robinson suggests using a 12- to 28-gauge shotgun with a modified choke shooting shot shells loaded with 4 or 5 shot. Bringing a trained hunting dog with you can also be a great idea. Trained dogs will help you locate the chukars. And they can retrieve the birds you shoot. That will save you from having to hike down steep slopes to find birds on your own Robinson says. Utah is truly a great place for winter sports. Combining a ski trip with a chukar hunt is a great combination. Plus nothing tastes better after a day of downhill skiing than a freshly harvested and grilled chukar More information about where to find chukars is available in the 2015 2016 Utah Upland Game and Turkey Guidebook. You can get the free guidebook at guidebooks WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 107 108 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM photo credit Kyle Stapleton Franklin OH THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 30 PHOTO OF THE MONTH WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 109 110 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE OTHER FALL TRADITION For 39 years we have been keeping the Bird Hunting tradition alive by producing lasting memories at the Plantation. Explosive coveys outstanding dog work and up-scale accommodations are available just one hour east of Atlanta. Season runs Oct. 1- March 31 Come just once and you will be a customer for life 1161 Blackwell Rd Newborn GA 30056 (706) 557-0407 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 111 What one has not experienced one will never understand in print. Isadora Duncan P.O. Box 983 Reitz 9810 Free State Province South Africa Matt 27(0) 72 540 0057 Jacklyne 27(0) 82 091 5903 Fax 27(0) 86 538 3660 info likhulusafaris 112 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM WWW.GEORGIAALLIGATORHUNTING.COM (229) 251-9929 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 113 MICHIGAN U.P. GROUSE HUNTS & FISHING TRIPS These action-packed hunting & fishing trips are conducted in the game rich Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our Cast & Blast Lodge. We hunt on over a million acres of premier grouse habitat - recognized by many as the top grouse hunting destination in North America Both grouse and woodcock are plentiful in the surrounding aspen-filled forests. Fishing takes place on Lake Superior and Lake Gogebic the largest inland lake in Michigan. Lake Gogebic encompasses 13 380 acres with 38 miles of beautiful shoreline and boasts more state angler awards than any other lake in the Upper Peninsula. Species on Lake Gogebic include Northern Pike Walleye Perch and Smallmouth Bass. On Lake Superior the prized Lake Trout is the most abundant species and will be the primary species we will pursue. Coho Salmon is the next most abundant Rainbow Trout Brown Trout Chinook Salmon and Lake Herring are occasionally caught. CAST AND BLAST GROUSE HUNT AND FISHING PACKAGE 1750 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1500 per person). 5 full days of hunting and fishing - your choice. Hunters are welcome to bring their dogs with them or hire a guide. Upgrade to a fully guided trip for an additional 1000.00 per Group (includes dog handler trained pointers and fishing guide). MICHIGAN COMBO FISHING PACKAGE 1575 per person (parties of 4 or more only 1250 per person). 4 full days of semi-guided fishing on Lake Gogebic and then 1 day on a Lake Superior Charter Boat chasing Lake Trout and Salmon. Trip can be upgraded to fully guided for 200 per day INCLUDED IN ALL TRIPS Lodging in our resort which consists of 7 completely furnished cabins overlooking Lake Gogebic. All trips start with check in on Saturday afternoon and end with checkout on Friday morning. Each day starts with a continental breakfast a lunch at the lodge and a home style dinner each evening. 114 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 17 Crestliner Boats equipped with 90 HP motors. The closest airport is Duluth MN (2 hours from the camp). Corporate groups and family reunions welcome we can accommodate up to 30 people. Additional Activities o 4 public golf courses are located within a 30-45 minute drive from the resort o The Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino is located in Watersmeet MI approxiately 40 miles from the resort HTTP CASTANDBLASTLODGES.COM PHONE (724)290-9338 WWW.GUNDOGBROKER.COM WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 115 KAPRIVER OUTFITTERS PETER AND TERRY MARTIN 10 Erie Street Kapuskasing Ontario P5N 2C6 705-335-3163 Peter Martin pwmartin Kapriver Retrievers & Outfitters specializing in winter Timberwolf hunts Waterfowl & Bear Combo hunts as well as excellent Grouse Hunts over pointing dogs. We also train and sell started retrievers and pointing dogs. http index.html 116 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM THE BACK WOODS Do you have a funny hunting or fishing picture Do you have a joke that everyone should hear Email them to art WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM 117 118 WWW.THEOUTPOSTLIFE.COM