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TAB THE TAB HERE LAW HERE BY DANIELLA CASSERES BY AUTHOR NAME HERE Cyber Security Is your credit union safe When it comes to the safety of your credit union members personal information online this year is going to be more tightly regulated and enforced than ever before. Read on to find out the various state and agency reforms that may impact your CU s cybersecurity measures in 2016. F or years regulators have required credit unions to maintain the security of consumer non-public personal information. In 2016 it appears that information security specifically cyber security will be at the top of regulators legislative and enforcement agendas. As virtual networks become more important to business growth so does the need to protect information shared through those networks. Regulatory focus on cyber security is evident from various state and agency reforms that have either recently taken place or are imminent. Wyoming for example recently updated its information security laws to amend its definition of personally identifiable information. The state also changed its security breach notification requirements. Other states including California and New York have launched cybersecurity initiatives to propose and implement new legislation. The New York Department of Financial Services issued a letter in November 2015 inviting feedback from federal agencies including the National Credit Union Administration to develop comprehensive financial industry cybersecurity regulations. New York s letter included a list of proposed standards that would require financial institutions to maintain cybersecurity policies and procedures require minimum contract terms with third-party service providers concerning cyber security designate a qualified chief information 38 C R E D I T U N I O N B U S I N E S S security officer conduct cybersecurity audits and vulnerability assessments and implement specific notification guidelines to report security breaches. The increased emphasis on cyber security for financial institutions highlights the need for strong thirdparty vendor due diligence which is already required by federal regulators such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Third-party vendors that have access to a company s information technology systems or a consumer s non-public personal information pose a great risk if they have weak security systems or controls in place. Freddie Mac recognized this thirdparty-provider risk by amending its guidance. Effective F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 6 C U B U S I N E S S . C O M THE LAW May 2016 the mortgage corporation will now require its sellers servicers to ensure that third-party providers and outsourced vendors meet information security requirements. As agencies ramp up their cybersecurity legislation and exam procedures we can expect additional enforcement. Credit unions should ensure that they are adequately implementing and updating any policies and internal controls to ensure that non-public consumer information is safely maintained. Every credit union should monitor information security in connection with its information safeguards policies and should maintain and test its business continuity and disaster relief plans. In addition due diligence at the onset of third-party vendor relationships and regular monitoring will be essential to complying with existing and forthcoming new regulatory requirements. As we begin 2016 an examination of current cybersecurity policies and procedures should be a priority for credit unions. Daniella Casseres legal practice focuses on laws and regulations governing mortgage lenders mortgage brokers financial institutions and consumer finance companies. She regularly advises clients on state and federal compliance laws and regulations including fair lending advertising licensing privacy TILA RESPA FHA FCRA and BSA requirements. millennials A generation marked by increased use of social media and digital technologies. Would this ad matter to the generation that can make or break a brand within a few keystrokes These digital natives are the current prime target for credit unions everywhere and PSCU has the social media tools and insights you need to reach them in a way that s relevant. The leading CUSO for 30 years we know a thing or two about embracing change and having conversations that matter. 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