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Description: Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine

FEBRUARY 2016 MARATHONER HERRON CAMILLE TURNS TO ULTRA RUNNING IN THIS ISSUE - Winter Hydration - 2016 Races in Asia - Sports Authority s Fitness App - My Hip Surgery - Terri Schneider s Dirty Inspirations EDITOR S LETTER ES&F online and want an array of interesting and informative stories. So what is in this issue A lot for sure Welcome to the first issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness Magazine. Over the next year or so we are going to be working with our amazing community of athletes to grow this publication into the next biggest thing With the closing of Marathon & Beyond and The Running Times magazines we hope you will turn to this publication. It makes me sad when magazines need to close but publishers such as myself weigh the costs and benefits of publishing and maintaining the business end of our work on a daily basis - and it s not easy. First of all advertising and subscription revenue are key. Without those two pieces the magazine falls apart and I am in constant angst about the subscription base as well as trying to sell our services to advertisers. Our readership and network is large. We interview the top athletes network on LinkedIn Facebook and through our partner affilitates reaching approximately 200 000 1M potential readers. Further in a global survey we conducted last year readers chose Endurance Sports & Fitness over the other choices let us know they want their content mostly For starters we are introducing a new writer Liz Greenlaw who specializes in nutrition for athletes. Greenlaw is an avid runner herself who logs a lot of miles and is a prolific competitor in the Washington D.C. area. Greenlaw s article is followed by a feature story on Camille Herron our signature athlete and cover model who is an absolute superwoman in the world of marathon and endurance running. With the goal of winnning marathons in all 50 states Herron also took to the trails and has just kicked it up a notch in the endurance running world. For the first time ever I wrote a feature on my recent hip surgery on a request from friends. Through the Moms Run This Town network I found an orthopedist (and trust me I d been to a few) who was finally able to discover that I really did have an injury. While it was unfortunate that I ultimately needed surgery I expect a huge improvement in my running after I am done with the rehab period. This month we also feature six TOUGH endurance races in Asia followed by a great story on Maria Conceicao a world record-holder and social advocate. We also cover a couple of cool products from Sports Authority and Supple and feature Terri Scheider s first book Dirty Inspirations. We wouldn t be Endurance Sports & Fitness without a signature article from Earl Furfine (Not Yet on the Podium). Regards Alix Alix Shutello President and CEO Editor Please subscribe at ShopEnduranceSportsandFitness. com THE MARCH APRIL 2016 WILL BE OUT SOON. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 3 NUTRITION RACE REPORT 6 Hydration in the Winter 3 EDITOR S LETTER By Alix Shutello 20 XTerra - Philippines IN FIRST PERSON 12 My Hip Surgery By Alix Shutello I had no idea there was a problem with my hip. I ve been running for four decades and never had an injury that lasted so long and which literally debilitated me. Sure I could run but not without issues. Finally I found the right doctor who discovered a labral tear I never knew I had. I am excited for the new release of this issue of Endurance Sports & Fitness. NUTRITION 6 Hydration in the Winter By Liz Greenlaw Liz Greenlaw our newest contributor to Endurance Sports & Fitness discusses proper hydration in the winter. RACE REPORT 20 Six of the World s Toughest Races By Charles Epperson If you want to challenge yourself this year check out six INSANE races happening in Asia. FEATURE 8 CAMILLE HERRON MARATHON SUCCESS STORY Interview by Alix Shutello Camille Herron blasted onto the marathon scene and has won race after race around the world. Recently she tried ultra running and found that marathoning was a great precursor to a successful career going beyond 26.2. RACING FOR A CAUSE 24 Racing for Charity Submission by the Maria Cristina Foundation Portuguese-born and Dubai-based humanitarian Maria ENDURANCE RACING MAGAZINE http Twitter AlixShutello EndurRacingMag Pinterest http enduranceracing boards SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Subscribe today at THANK YOU TO OUR ADVERTISERS Russ Lyon Sotheby s International Realty CorioVelo Badwater and The High a movie by Barry Walton 24 28 32 TABLE OF CONTENTS ES&F CONTRIBUTORS ES&F is made possible by the contributions from athletes and seasoned writers who bring their unique ideas expertise and perspectives to the magazine. Earl Furfine Ironman Charles Epperson Race Director Liz Greenlaw Nutritionist and Runner Conceicao has conquered the 777 Challenge in a world-record finish in her relentless dedication to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged children living in the slums. Maria Conceicao World Record Holder PRODUCT AND BOOK REVIEWS 28 Sports Authority s Body Fit System By Alix Shutello Sports Authority has a product line called BodyFit with apps you can download to keep yourself accountable for your training this year. Alix Shutello CEO and Executive Editor of Endurance Racing Magazine 29 Dirty Inspirations Terri Schneider s Dirty Inspirations is a must read for endurance athletes who want a first-hand experience of life on the run. COLUMN NOT YET ON THE PODIUM ON THE COVER CAMILLE HERRON OLYMPIC MARATHONER Camille Herron finishing first at the 50K World Championships. Herron s entre into the endurance racing scene has been nothing less than extremely successful. 30 CEO Single Parent and Endurance Athlete The Art of Being At Peace While Alone By Earl Furfine As with anything in life being single and alone has its benefits and difficulties but I ve learned to navigate the waters to create balance in my life and want others to do the same. ES&F NUTRITION Hydration in the Winter By Liz Greenlaw When the temperatures outside drop and we sweat a little bit less it s easy to forget that dehydration happens just as easily in the winter as it does in the heat of summer. Not drinking enough water can negatively affect our bodies in a number of ways such as exhaustion muscle fatigue cramps headaches and loss of coordination. To make matters worse during the wintertime being dehydrated can also make us more susceptible to winter colds and the flu since water serves the ever-important role of flushing toxins out of our systems. Even if the air temperature outside is low chances are your core body temperature will still increase especially if you re layered up to stay warm. In this case you may sweat just as much as you would when outside in the hotter months and not even realize it And in the event that you don t find yourself as sweaty as usual while training outdoors (for whatever reason) remember that you re still losing water vapor through your mouth as you breathe the cold air in and out. If you re an athlete who takes your workouts indoors during the winter you ll probably find that the room temperature inside isn t very cold so keep in mind that you ll be exercising in conditions similar to those in the warmer months not to mention that most gyms and indoor workout facilities are plagued by very dry air which dehydrates our bodies even more than usual. We endurance athletes need to be on top of their hydration game no matter what season we re in so read on for my Top 5 favorite tips on how to stay hydrated this winter and be the best you can be during this season 1. Drink half of your body weight (pounds) in fluid ounces for example a 140-pound woman should aim to drink 70 ounces of water per day. 2. If the thought of drinking cold water makes you shiver in the winter you can still reap the benefits of H2O by heating it up If your body is craving something warm heat some water up on the stove and drink it that way 3. Do you find the taste of water to be just plain boring no matter if it s hot or cold Cut up some citrus fruit (i.e. lemon lime orange or grapefruit) and squeeze a slice into your water for some flavor. If you re not too keen on the citrus idea another great trick is to throw some berries into plain water to jazz it up. These are easy ways to improve the taste without adding calories (note if you can afford some extra calories or need them during heavy training add a splash of 100% juice to the water for even more flavor). 4. Balance out coffee and tea Caffeine is a diuretic (which means it causes more water loss through urine) so when you reach for a caffeinated beverage be sure to have an extra glass of water to balance out the dehydrating effect. An even better option is to opt for herbal teas if you want something warm because they are naturally decaffeinated won t dehydrate you and come in a variety of fun flavors LIZ GREENLAW 6 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 NUTRITION ES&F REMEMBER TO HYDRATE NO MATTER WHAT THE TEMPERATURES ARE OUTSIDE - EVEN IN COLD WEATHER YOU WILL DEHYDRATE IF YOU ARE SWEATING. 5. Don t discount your intake of waterbased foods. Whole fruits and vegetables are a natural EVEN IF YOU ARE IN THE OFF-SEASON FOR NOW DRINKING ENOUGH WATER IS STILL A CRUCIAL PART OF THE PUZZLE FOR YOU BECAUSE IT HELPS YOU MAINTAIN A STABLE WEIGHT DURING SHORTER DAYS WHEN WE TEND TO EXERCISE LESS AND EAT MORE. drinking enough water is still a crucial part of the puzzle for you because it helps you maintain a stable weight during shorter days when we tend ABOUT LIZ GREENLAW Liz Greenlaw serves the Northern Virginia and DC communities as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and wellness consultant. In her senior year of high school Liz watched a movie in science class about the fast food industry and the dangers of unhealthy eating and it sparked a curiosity that propelled her into the world of nutrition. In her free time Liz still trains for and competes at a high level in major road races across the country as a member of the local Potomac River Running race team. And while she mostly enjoys the half and full marathon distances she will look for anything that challenges her body mind and spirit. Over the past few years Liz has also learned the importance of cross-training and started taking more spin classes hot yoga and weight training to keep her strong and injury-free on the race scene source of water so they can count broth-based soups are another great option this time of year since they have a warming effect on our bodies during the winter and provide extra liquid hydration. Bonus Fruits veggies and soups all contain valuable vitamins and minerals that will keep your energy up during these dreary months of training If you are currently in a transition period and have a little bit lighter of a training load this time of year this information can still apply Even if you are in the off-season for now to exercise less and eat more. How does this your body is better able to break down fat for energy which helps to keep the extra pounds off. Furthermore a well-hydrated body has better appetite control because when we re dehydrated we often think that we re hungry when we are actually just thirsty. So even when you may not feel like you need more hydration this winter think again Remember to keep the water flowing this season despite the cold temperatures if you want to experience your best health and the best version of yours. towards your daily intake. In addition work By keeping up with your water intake FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 7 ES&F FEATURE By Alix Shutello MARATHONER CAMILLE ing what to expect how I d feel or how hard to push myself. I didn t know what HERRON ultimately moved up to 10th because the first woman tested positive for a steroid). It was a huge disappointment for me. I ve gotten a lot more confident since then ES&F How did you get where you are today HERRON I ve always been athletic and very coordinated. My dad and grandpa Camille Herron is a world-renowned olympiC maratHoner wHo s won maratHons in 20 states. in 2013 Herron tHen 31 ran Her first enduranCe distanCe raCe tHe two oCeans 56k. wHile sHe felt sHe ran too Conservatively sHe ended up plaCing 10tH overall and learned a lot in tHe proCess. sinCe tHen Herron Has taCkled ultra running like sHe Has Her maratHons witH a Competitive edge and a drive for Huge suCCess. ES&F We d like to know how old you ing to overcome plantar fasciitis and just logging a bunch of easy miles. Being between Olympic cycles we thought it was a good time to try to step up in distance. I actually ran too conservatively not know- were when you made that first step to go to ultra distances. What drove you over the edge A life experience Just circumstance HERRON I ran my first ultra in 2013 (age 31) at Two Oceans 56K in Cape Town South Africa competing for the Nedbank Running Club. I was try8 place I was in until towards the end and I worked my way up from 15-20th to 11th (I ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 FEATURE I VE WON 20 MARATHONS (TRYING TO WIN IN ALL 50 STATES) QUALIFIED FOR 3 OLYMPIC MARATHON TRIALS AND COMPETED FOR TEAM USA IN THE MARATHON AT THE 2011 OLYMPIC MARATHON TRIALS. I ALSO RAN A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD FOR THE FASTEST MARATHON IN A SUPERHERO COSTUME (DRESSED AS SPIDERWOMAN 2 48 51). played basketball at Oklahoma State while my Mom was a swimmer golfer bowler they were my athletic inspirations and I have good genes. I grew up as a basketball player was a dancer and tried just about everything. We lived out in the country in Guthrie Okla. so I ran around the wheat fields by our house chasing the wildlife Our basket ball team had to run track for off-season conditioning in the 7th grade. I could go and go and go from the first day I went out for cross country the following fall and that s when I really fell in love with running I won multiple track titles in high school and got athletic and academic scholarships to the University of Tulsa. I only ran briefly in college because I had a bunch of stress fractures got a medical hardship and became a recreational runner. In the meantime I met my husband (Conor) who was a pro runner trying to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials (which he achieved in 2004). I helped him with his running career by driving with him on his long runs and handing him fluids (while I was studying for my hardcore science classes ). One day in 2004 we went running and Conor learned I was running farther than him. He wanted to know how much I was running which was around 70 miles per week just for fun He was shocked and that s when he started coaching me and giving me harder workouts My running career took off from there ES&F So then how did your training take off HERRON I ve averaged over 100 miles per week since November 2006. I m not Continued on next page. ES&F FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 9 ES&F FEATURE About Camille Herron I m married and have a German Shepherd named Hawi (pronounced like Howie). I m not a morning person at all and like to sleep A LOT. I do my shorter runs around lunch time (which is a nice diversion from my sometimes stressful job). Then I do my longer runs in the evening (usually in the dark and kinda late ). I get in about 40-50 miles every weekend and run twice a day. I love to eat as much as I love to run and sleep I m a big time meat eater eat a lot of fat and probably consume around 4000-6000 kcals a day. I generally eat whole natural foods but I love fast food steak and potatoes ice cream and hamburgers and french fries. We re homebrewers and I love whiskey. I ve never missed my monthly period or had hormonal issues. I m very in-tune with making sure I m eating well and generally taking good care of my body. It takes a healthy body to be able to do what I do HERRON WINS THE IAU 50K WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS super fast but I could literally run all day Conor always knew I d become an ultra runner but he wanted me to focus on the marathon. I got my PR down to 2 37 14 (2012). I became a prolific marathoner (sponsored by Marathonguide. com). I ve won 20 marathons (trying to win in all 50 states) qualified for 3 Olympic Marathon Trials and competed for Team USA in the marathon at the 2011 Olympic Marathon Trials. I also ran a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon in a superhero costume (dressed as Spiderwoman. ES&F When did you turn to running ultra marathons HERRON I gave the marathon my all for 8 1 2 years. In 2015 we felt it was time to really commit to the ultra running. I would have never dreamed it would go as well as it has I ve won two National titles (50 miles 100K) two World titles (50K 100K) and surpassed longstanding records set by the legendary Ann Trason. I m truly grateful for what I ve achieved so far and excited about what the future holds Fortunately I have an amazing support system behind me between my husband sponsors friends family and my agents. ES&F Tell us about how your training has changed now that you are ultra running HERRON As I mentioned I ve averaged over 100 miles per week since November 2006. but now I usually keep my mileage between 120-130 miles per week as this is my sweet spot I run twice a day every day unless I m tired then I ll do harder workouts twice a week which may or may not be on my long run day. My training philosophy is easy days easy and hard days hard. I run 8- to 9-minute miles on my easy runs. The recovery is very key for being able to train consistently stay healthy recover and ultimately race fast I work full-time as a research assistant at the Univ. of Oklahoma Health Science Center. Basically I m the bone imaging specialist at OUHSC. I have specialized training (from grad school) in what s called bone histomorphometry. Anybody who wants to study bone sends us samples and I do the imaging histology work. I LOVE my job and the people I work with I stand walk I RUN 8- TO 9-MINUTE MILES ON MY EASY RUNS. THE RECOVERY IS KEY FOR BEING ABLE TO TRAIN CONSISTENTLY STAY HEALTHY RECOVER AND ULTIMATELY RACE FAST 10 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 I FEEL LIKE I M BORN TO DO THIS AND IT S MY DESTINY TO ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS WITH THE ULTRA RUNNING I FELT LIKE BILLY ELLIOT DOING BALLET WHEN I RAN MY FIRST 100K LAST SPRING. IT FELT COMPLETELY NATURAL TO ME. IT S REMARKABLE AND I M TRULY GRATEFUL FOR DISCOVERING MY TALENT IT PUTS ME AT EASE KNOWING AND FEELING THAT I M DOING WHAT I WAS MEANT TO DO. about 3-5 miles day on top of the 120-130 miles per week of running ES&F Are you sponsored HERRON I m currently sponsored by and Allegiance Credit Union. I have fantastic medical support from chiropractor Kevin Jones and Physical Therapist Seaton Do. I m very grateful for some of the unique product support from Run4 Bionic Runner (a cross training device) Hyperwear (I have a sweet weight vest and ice vest) and Roll Recovery (massage tool). All of my sponsors have been fantastic to work with I really enjoy the relationships I ve developed with companies and how they want to help me be the best I can be I m also now represented by Ethan Veneklasen of Heard Sports Marketing and Hawi Keflezighi of Hawi Management. I m very grateful for their help and guidance. ES&F It takes a certain mental fortitude to do this sport. What drives you and keeps you sustained during competition HERRON The mental aspect is probably one of my greatest strengths and why I ve transitioned quite well to the ultras. It takes greater mentaI fortitude the longer the distance. I have a Zen-like focus when I race and I m very much in the zone and don t even smile (despite being a smiley person ). I m inspired by the Marathon FEATURE ES&F Monks of Mount Hiei how hard they push themselves (a do-or-die mentality ) how they run for enlightenment about life and the capability of the human will. I m an extremely positive person and am able to keep a fairly level head when I race-you have peaks and valleys in every race and you have to work through them. I m intrinsically focused on my effort and pushing myself as hard as I can. I race by effort not the watch I often think about my training and previous races and how I felt what was going through my head. Thinking about what I ve practiced over and over again puts me at ease Continued on page 19. IT TAKES GREATER MENTAI FORTITUDE THE LONGER THE DISTANCE. I HAVE A ZEN-LIKE FOCUS WHEN I RACE AND I M VERY MUCH IN THE ZONE AND DON T EVEN SMILE (DESPITE BEING A SMILEY PERSON ). I M INSPIRED BY THE MARATHON MONKS OF MOUNT HIEI HOW HARD THEY PUSH THEMSELVES (A DO-OR-DIE MENTALITY ) HOW THEY RUN FOR ENLIGHTENMENT ABOUT LIFE AND THE CAPABILITY OF THE HUMAN WILL. I learned to push myself hard blacking out and run till you drop. from an early age. I will go to the point of ES&F IN FIRST PERSON My Hip Surgery By Alix Shutello By Alix Shutello This is the first time I am writing about myself in a deep and personal way regarding my recent hip surgery to fix a labral tear. Interestingly after I told the story of my journey of how it was even discovered that I needed hip surgery many of my friends said I needed to write about it. I realized that all of us whether we are athletes or not may have issues with our bodies at some point in time during our journey through life and while I am not a trained psychologist or physical therapist I am a runner with over 30 years of personal experience and a certified running coach who has coached people to successful races. I hope that you find this story helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation. AREA WHERE I VE FELT PAIN ALL THESE YEARS The Young Hurdler Turned Cross Country Runner It all started many years ago when I was a young athlete starting out as a hurdler on the Watchung Hills Regional High School track team. I have no idea why or how I fell into doing hurdles but I loved it. I competed in the 100m and 400m hurdles all through high school. In my senior year (1986) I took to distance running and joined the cross country team. I wasn t the best on the team at either of these sports but I finished in the top two-three on my team for all of my events and therefore held a decent status in both track and field and cross country. In college I joined the Syracuse track team. Let s just say that was humbling because I jumped into one of the country s top running programs and found myself struggling. Between issues juggling a poor self-body image bad eating habits and that fact that I really couldn t keep up with the training I eventually dropped out of the program. To get over that failure (at least I thought it was a failure) I decided to train for the Boston Marathon as way to redeem myself. I didn t think much about it I just did it and was proud to complete my first marathon at age 18. After that I ran recreationally and enjoyed the sport for what it was my sanctuary to reduce stress and keep fit. I didn t feel the need to run marathons just shorter races for recreational purposes. I was also a veteran equestrian and competed for the Syracuse equestrian team. I worked off horseback riding lessons by mucking out stalls and cleaning barns. To this day running and riding are two of my favorite sports. Fortunately during all those years of running competitively for high school track and even for the Syracuse track team I never had bad injuries. When I was a senior in high school I probably had what chalked up to tendonitis of my knee but aside from that whenever I went to the doctor for issues concerning pain all they told me was that I didn t have an injury but that my patella was in the wrong place or my femur bones were too long and that I probably shouldn t be running. So I just kept running. The only anomaly I ever noticed about myself was that when I did leg lifts my left leg would click as I lowered it to the floor. It didn t hurt it just clicked and felt weird. 12 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 ERM IN FIRST PERSON ES&F Running into Motherhood It wasn t until I got married that I decided to run my second marathon the San Diego Marathon some 16 years later. I had no problem with training for the race and used a run walk method to train. I ran that marathon two months pregnant and had absolutely no issues except for some tightness in my left hamstring. I ran my first 5k nine months after having my first son. Aside from feeling grossly out of shape I finished the race in under 30 minutes and started building back my fitness. I had my second son three years later and started training for longer races like the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and fell in love with that distance. Through all of my training I was never running crazy distances even though my friends and family assumed I was out there logging 50 miles a week I wasn t. Between work motherhood and my hamstring pain I really had trouble for a number of years finding the right type of balance in my life. Through all of my training and competitions through the years my left hip still clicked when I did leg raises and the top of my left hamstring always seemed to give me issues. In fact I started a blog entitled Tighthams named affectionately after my left hamstring. Little did I know I didn t have a hamstring issue per se....ah what little we training. With my boys out of the baby stage. I felt it was time to start competing more often. I turned my focus to endurance running. My goal was to kick out a few marathons and then try to do a few ultras but my efforts were hampered by pain on my left side when I ran training distances of 16 miles or more and worse I started to experience a bad tightening in my right calf. Those issues would lead down a very long and painful road to discovering I had a major injury which needed surgery. what confident meaning I had my strategy in place but really worried what would happen after 18 miles or so. What hung heavy in the back of my mind was wondering what was going on with my legs. I trained as best I could for MCM but frankly the calf pain on both legs really sucked the mojo from me and this was a big race Continued on page 14. 2011 A Stellar Year turns to DNF In 2011 I had a stellar year. I ran some great races. I had a personal record (PR) at the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler (1 27 39) a PR at the Falmouth Road Race (sub 1-hour) as well as a PR at the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon (1 56). In fact things were so good I decided that I should run the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) I trained diligently but experienced pain in both of my calves where they d tighten up to the point where I d have to stop and walk. It was a hot summer (aren t all Virginia summers hot ) and I figured I was dehydrated. Again just like lst year the pain would start when I d run longer than 16 miles. The fits and starts with my running hampered my efforts to get in he distance training in that I needed to be successful at the marathon. Despite the issues I had I went into the MCM someME BEFORE SYSTEM FAILURE AT MILE 18. DON T LET THE SMILE FOOL YOU. I WAS HURTING BAD know about ...THINGS WERE SO GOOD I DECIDED I SHOULD RUN THE MARATON. I our own bodies. In 2010 I ramped up my distance TRAINED DILIGENTLY BUT STARTED HAVING COMPLICATIONS WITH MY CALVES WHERE THEY D TIGHETEN UP TO THE POINT WHERE I D HAVE TO STOP AND WALK. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 13 ES&F IN FIRST PERSON ERM 14 Continued from page 13. I had talked up to everyone. My sister came in from New Jersey to support me. My whole family and long-time running partner Christine Erbacher were waiting for me at mile 18. Christine was poised and ready to run miles 18-26 with me and I was amped up despite the physical issues I was having. I had my whole race planned out in my head and planned to hit certain milestones. I was ready....until I wasn t. Unfortunately as you might guess the MCM was a disaster. My body failed me at 13.5 miles. My goal was to run the first part of the marathon in 2 hours or under. After I completed 10 miles I started to feel fatigue in my calves. Christine who was following my pace online noticed a big drop-off after mile 12 when I wasn t keeping my 9 30 pace and knew there was something wrong. I tried to eat my way through the pain worried that I was dehydrated. When that didn t work I didn t panic but I had to start talking to myself about the pain and how I was going to work through it. I doubted my decision to run a marathon in shorts when it was 32 degrees andthought that maybe my calves were cold. However I d run other shorter races (like the Cherry Blossom 10-miler) in freezing temperatures in running shorts and was just fine so I trusted my decision - that is until I started to hurt. er violently when I stopped to stretch my calves. When I passed my family at mile 18 I was preparing to change my race plan. I was so embarrassed everyone was there waiting for me and here I came looking like I wanted to cry. Christine joined me and about a half mile later I had to stop. I couldn t stand up but sitting made me cold. Poor Christine was helpless because there was nothing she could do at this point except stand by and watch me go through the mental anguish of pulling out of the race. God love her she stood with me while I tried to regain my composure but in freezing temperatures a sweating human body at rest wearing only a t-shirt and shorts will start to go hypothermic almost instantly. I pulled the rip cord and just walked off the racecourse disgusted and in tons of pain. To add insult to injury Christine didn t get her training run in and my family stood in the cold for nothing. Teaching Moment When pain sets in earlier than you expect it to it can wreak havoc on your mental game. I was prepared to walk during the marathon if I needed to as part of my race plan but only after 20 miles if my pain was really bad I certainly didn t expect that I d fall apart earlier than that. By mile 16 both of my calves seized up so badly that it felt like my calf muscles were torn from the bone. Unfortunately because it was so cold I started to shiv- I HAD MY WHOLE RACE PLANNED OUT IN MY HEAD AND PLANNED TO HIT CERTAIN MILESTONES. I WAS READY.... UNTIL I WASNT. MY SISTER AMY AND I BEFORE THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 2012 Success on the Trails and Tears on the Sand I took some time off after the MCM to heal and figure out what to do with myself and over the winter I started training again. In June 2014 I completed my first trail race The EX2 Off-Road 10k. It was a hell of a hilly race and all I wanted to do was break 60 minutes. Not only did I do that (my time was 58 28) but I came in the top four women in my age group and actually made the podium (and then of course I got mad that I didn t really apply myself and thought I could have done better ) I attribute the success I had at the EX2 to a speed training program I joined with the Potomac River Running Store FRANKLY ALTHOUGH I WAS ABSOLUTELY DYING IN PAIN I RAN A 2 05 DESPITE ALL THE ISSUES I WAS HAVING AND THE FACT THAT I PULLED UP AND STOPPED AT MILE 9 AND ALLOWED MYSELF ONE MINUTE TO GIVE MY FEET A BREAK FROM THE PAIN. There is no proof that this was the day I tore my labrum but let s just say after that fateful afternoon things got progressively worse. My Falmouth race was okay but slower (I was trying to run the race every year) because I could not kick it in during the finish. I was signed up for the Gulf Beach Half Marathon in Milford Conn. on September 25 2012. Training for the half proved difficult like it had for the MCM. While I could run up to 10 miles with no issues it was beyond that where I would have complications. Pain in my calves would start and soon I d seize up and would need to stop and walk but I went to Milford motivated because I was running with my friend Barb Murillo a very strong endurance runner. After 7 or 8 miles I started to feel pain and at my regular 10-mile threshold I started year earlier. I was starting to slow down and couldn t figure out why so I went back to the drawing board took some time off and started training again. 2013 A Pseudo Year Off In 2013 I ran some decent races as long as they were less than 10 miles all of which ended fine but with a lot of muscle tightening in my calves and feet. I even went to the doctor to have my plantar fascia looked at since by now Continued on page 16. in Burke Lake Va. and my coach Kelly Kavanaugh. Unfortunately we were all so dedicated to the class I joined our sprint session at 4 p.m. the day of the EX2 10k. All I can tell you is that I overdid it. Something popped along the back of my left side (obviously not my hamstring or I would not have been able to run at all) and after that afternoon I had to slow things down for a few weeks just to make sure I didn t force my training for my next Falmouth Road Race in August. falling apart and pulled back. The race was painful and difficult. I crossed the finish line in tears due to pain in my calves. My time was a disappointing 2 08 53 over 12 minutes slower than my race at the Wilson Bridge Half Marathon a THE NORTH FACE CHALLENGE 10K FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE ERM 15 IN FIRST PERSON ES&F ES&F IN FIRST PERSON DR. DAVIS TOLD ME ATHLETES TEAR THEIR LABRAL CARTILAGE ALL THE TIME. IN FACT WHILE SOMETIMES OUR SPORTS IS A LARGE FACTOR IN CAUSING THE TEAR THAT MAY NOT HAVE BEEN THE CASE FOR ME. I PROBABLY TORE IT MANY YEARS AGO JUST FROM DAILY USE. EXERCISE MADE IT WORSE THROUGH TIME BUT THE BODY IS AN AMAZING THING. IT ADJUSTS ITSELF AND IN THE PROCESS OF THAT ADJUSTMENT OUR FORM CHANGES. Continued from page 15. issues with my feet were more chronic than with my calves. That proved to be a useless endeavor. The orthopedist didn t send me to PT and I decided to go on my own. The cool thing about The Jackson Clinics here in Northern Virginia is that that they were able to analyze my running form. From there we learned my form was good but they noticed some weakness on my left side which wasn t surprising. We worked on some basic exercises for my hips and calves. I did them felt stronger and went back out there and tried to be more balanced in my approach to running and strength training. I really considered dropping from the race but Rohoboth is extremely expensive so I took a couple of weeks off before the race and decided to power through. Frankly although I was absolutely dying in pain I ran pretty well. My time was 2 05 but I pulled up at mile 9 allowed myself one minute to give my feet a break from the pain. I knew my middle miles were slow but after I took my break I averaged an 8 46 pace for the last five miles. After the race I had a masseuse work on my feet. She said she honestly didn t know how I ran considering how tight my plantar fascia were. 2015 Devices of Torture Salt Pills and More Pain In the winter of 2015 I took another 6 weeks off to build core strength and endurance through cross training. In the spring of 2015 I prepped like hell for the summer training season. I did a lot of yoga and added spin classes to my cross training routine. My running was strong but when I really started to kick up the miles the pain came back again. I ran a local 10-mile trail race and had difficulties at mile 8 with calf pain and tightness in my feet. Same old thing I was disappointed about the pain but decided I was fit enough 2014 Rest then Training Doesn t Work In 2014 I started off strong in the spring and ran a PR at The North Face Endurance Challenge 10k in June. However as I trained through the summer I (again) was hampered by my calf AND plantar fascia issues. TRAINING RUN WHILE COVERING THE CAPE FEAR 50K AND 50-MILER My performance at Falmouth in August was terrible. I shook it off and concentrated on my next race the Rohoboth Half Marathon in December. Training for half marathons is relatively easy for me but on one chilly November evening Christine and I went out for a long run. We were moving along so well until at mile 8 my feet just cramped up. The pain was unbelievable and I stopped to walk. Christine ran ahead and finished her 13 miles. I choked out 10 or so before calling in a ride to get me home. 16 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 IN FIRST PERSON ES&F to train for a marathon again. I joined the Potomac River Running Distance Training program to prepare myself. I started off the training program well. I didn t have any calf pain until my first 14-mile training run. I appoached my coach Taneen Carvell and she thought that dehydration might be contributing to the calf issues - especially since my pain subsided after I ran. I incorporated salt pills into my training and I also started rolling out on what I call my devices of torture (foam rollers). Nothing hurts more than rolling out on a studded roller. I had rollers for my feet and my legs and used them to make sure I was improving circulation and loosening my tight calf muscles. l Nothing seemed to work and it seemed my dreams of completing a marathon . were fading. One week my 16-mile month later. Then if I ran the marathon well I was going to train for the JFK 50k and see if I could move myself beyond the marathon. Things would not work out that way. I went to Yellowstone very nervous about being in pain but I was super mentallly prepared. Despite the 6 200foot elevation I ran a very solid race and was thrilled at my performance at elevation in excrutiating pain. I ran despite my pain and picked people off one by one until I was about as far ahead of the pack as I could go. I will admit the end of the race was difficult for two reasons First my time was a lot slower than predicted but the race was literally 13.1 miles uphill at elevation so I tried to cut myself some slack. However within minutes after I finished the race I couldn t even stand up. My calves were screaming in pain to the point where I had to sit down. The masseuse at that race said my calves were pulsating and she wasn t sure what to do. Being the stubborn oaf that I am I was still training for the Baltimore Marathon and needed to run another 5 miles to complete an 18-mile training run but there was no way I could run anymore. Instead after my pain subsided I hiked 5 miles later that day in Grand Teton National Park. I reported my race experience to Coach Taneen and decided not to run the Continued on page 18. ...I NEEDED TO RUN ANOTHER 5 MILES TO COMPETE AN 18-MILE TRAINING RUN....AFTER MY PAIN SUBSIDED I HIKED 5 MILES LATER THAT DAY IN GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK. training run hurt like living hell. The next week I d run 15 miles with no pain at all. The week after that 16 miles hurt again and so on and so forth. It didn t matter if I ran fast or slow or what doses of water salt calories I fed myself. The results were the same and the more I ramped up the quicker my issues went from acute to chronic. My left upper hamstring was hurting more but at least my other issues seemed to be at bay - unless of course I ran more than 13 or 14 miles. I designed my training program so that I would run the Yellowstone Half Marathon in September 2015 as a fast training run for the Baltimore Marathon a FALMOUTH ROAD RACE 2013 FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 17 ES&F IN FIRST PERSON Continued from page 17. Baltimore Marathon. I changed my race entry and ran the Baltimore Half Marathon a month later. By the time I toed the line for the Baltimore Half I decided to see an orthopedist. I couldn t run like this any longer. Like every other race I ran strong until mile 8 or 9 before pain set in. The last 5miles of the Baltimore Half were depressing. I wanted to get the race over with instead of savor the experience. I finished went home and found some help. to 10ks. Endurance running would be out of the picture forever for running with compartment syndrome and pushing it is dangerous and could create long-term health issues. So when I started the Baltimore Half I knew this would be my last race for a while and that I owed it to myself to find help. I was referred to Dr. Lonnie Davis. Dr. Davis who s run a marathon or two has seen many of the runners in our area. I went to him and explained what happened during the Yellowstone Half. He agreed I might have compartment synthat there was something wrong with my hip. I was shocked. My hip Dr. Davis told me athletes tear their labral cartilage all the time. In fact while sometimes our sports is a large factor in causing the tear that may not have been the case for me. I probably tore it many years ago just from daily use. Exercise made it worse through time but the body is an amazing thing. It adjusts itself and in the process of that adjustment our running form changes. Dr. Davis suspected that my running form changed to take the pressure off my hip so I relied more on my calves to do more of the work when I ran. My calves (and feet) could take the pounding for only so long which explains why they fatigued after a point causing me great pain and tightness. To prove this theory I needed an MRI. LABRAL TEAR EXMPLE Finally Some Answers to Long-Term Problems I ran the Yellowstone Half Marathon extremely nervous I d fail there. Lisa Smith-Batchen the famous endurance athlete who is the race director for the Yellowstone races wondered if I had compartment syndrome since my pain would subside within an hour or two after I stopped running. I read up on compartment syndrome and wasn t pleased. If I had compartment syndrome there were surgical procedures I could do but there was no way I d ever get surgery to fix this type of problem I d just need to accept it and relegate myself THE DOWNTIME THE DOCdrome but asked TOR SAID WOULD BE THREE me to go to PT to MONTHS MANDATORY 12 do some strength WEEKS OF REHAB ONLY training on my hips. NO TRAINING NO RUNNING When I told him NO HARD IMPACT PERIOD. about the upper hamstring issue he wanted me to take a couple of weeks off do some strength training and come back in a month. I did just that. I shortened my runs to just 3 miles and did the PT dutifully. In late November Dr. Davis felt that I didn t have compartment syndrome. He asked to me to a couple of simple tests and concluded The Surgery Labral hip surgery is an outpatient procedure where through orthoscopic surgery labral tears are fixed. In my case they needed to repair a tear near the bottom of the hip cradle. The tear there made me compensate roll forward and put pressure on my calves to save my hip from pain. 18 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 IN FIRST PERSON ES&F An MRI and a Decision Dr. Davis reported in the follow-up exam to my MRI that I had a very severe labral tear as well other small tears in my left hip. I was so relieved to hear this. Finally somebody found an injury which was contribuing to my other acute running issues. All the calf-tightening and pain I experienced when running long distances came from adjustments my body made to take pressure off the tear. As a result I was unaware that I was asking my calves to do all the work. I asked him Can you fix this He said surgery was the best option to fix the tear but that there were no guarantees that the tear would heal properly or if the tear was really bad that there wouldn t be long-term complications if I started to ramp up again but for most athletes fixing a labral tear is a routine thing which enables us to resume competition. The downtime the doctor said would be three months mandatory 12 weeks of rehab only no training no running no hard impact period. I asked what would happen if I didn t choose the surgery. He advised that there was a possibility of having complications with arthritis and of course continued pain in the years to come. I decided on the surgery at the appointment. Two weeks later I had the procedure done and have been in recovery for six weeks now. It s been challenging for me to not exercise because I am so active and it will be difficult for me to start training again literally one mile at a time but three months is a small price to pay for building myself back up again and hopefully making a comeback stronger than ever before and more importantly willing to go any distance that I choose. Camille Herron Continued from page 11. I recall as a kid being told by Dad how they practiced in college for 6-plus hours without water. Thinking this is what I had to do to get better as a 7-year-old I was out there in the middle of July practicing all day in the heat to the point of extreme exhaustion and blacking out. Then I d run inside for some apples with peanut butter drink a Coke and then run back out and keep practicing. I was a different sort of kid for sure and these sort of experiences have definitely shaped how hard I m willing to push myself now as an ultrarunner. I ve also had people doubt me throughout my life along with people who have always believed in me. I m fueled by both the negative and the positive I want to win over and over and over again to prove any doubters wrong and do it for the people who have always believed in me I feel like I m born to do this and it s my destiny to achieve great things with the ultra running I felt like Billy Elliot doing ballet when I ran my first 100K last spring. It felt completely natural to me. It s remarkable and I m truly grateful for discovering my talent It puts me at ease knowing and feeling that I m doing what I was meant to do. I learned to hurt and push myself HARD from an early age. I will go to the point of blacking out and run til you drop . I m wired this way I m fueled by the doubters and also the people who believe in me. Alix Shutello is the CEO and Publisher of Endurance Sports & Fitness. SUBSCRIBE TO ES&F ME TWO DAYS POST OP FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 19 ES&F 2016 RACES oughest T x of the Si es in Asia ance Rac Endur If you are anything like me racing is really just an excuse to see the world. Whether you are a runner triathlete or endurance race enthusiast this is a list for those who seek to test their limits in the most exotic race destinations scattered throughout Asia. Set your sights high and race one or more of these events in 2016. I guarantee the memories will last well beyond the initial suffering. By Charles Epperson 1 GENGHIS KHAN ADVENTURE FESTIVAL (MOUNTAIN BIKE STAGE RACE & GRASSLAND EXTREME MARATHON) July 1-3 2016 CHina s inner mongolia autonomous region (XilinHot) Celebrating the 10th anniversary this year the Genghis Khan Mountain Biking Adventure consists of a three-day stage race that covers more than 200 km on the rolling grasslands of Inner Mongolia. The course includes hardpacked single track jeep trails and lush vibrant green grasslands that go for as far as the eye can see. Be prepared though the last few years has seen an emergence of Chinese and Mongolian National Team road cyclists converge on the grasslands to mix it up in the multi-day event . If you prefer running the race includes a marathon half marathon and 11 km contests that travel along the same well-groomed grassland trails. However the pinnacle of this adventure is the crown jewel known as the King of the Grassland (KOG) competition which encompasses the trail marathon and all three of the MTB stage races over the course of three days. In recent years less than 50 percent of all competitors have been able to finish the KOG classification (a testament to how tough the event is). 2 IRONMAN 70.3 ASIA-PACIFIC CHAMPIONSHIPS august 7 2016 Cebu pHilippines Be part of a world-class event as Ironman Philippines hosts the 2016 Iron- 20 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 GHENGIS KHAN - RUNNING OPTION 2016 RACES ES&F TAIWAN KOM man 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championships. It is very Kona-esk. If you want to race Kona do this race the heat the wind the atmosphere of the crowd. This race is the crown jewel of Asia according to Geoff Meyer CEO World Triathlon Corporation. As one of the most professional event management teams in the industry Sunrise Events continues to branch out and deliver phenomenal race experiences throughout southeast Asia. The popularity of the sport and this venue in particular has led to the race reaching capacity (2 500 slots) within an hour of opening registration the last two years. With a vibrant triathlon scene emerging in the Philippines Cebu is a perfect fit to host the Ironman 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship. We intend to stage our best event yet which will coincide with our five-year anniversary in Cebu and our eighth year in partnership with Ironman said Wilfred Fred Steven Uytengsu Jr. president and chairman of Sunrise Events. However arrive prepared to do battle with more than just the distance and competition. August in the Philippines is hot by anyone s standard and this race has a reputation to deliver a knockout punch midway into the run. You were warned If you miss the opportunity to secure a slot in Cebu then seriously consider racing Ironman Vietnam held in Danang. Home to an array of cultural attractions and within a short drive to three UNESCO World Heritage sites it might be a little less competitive but it will be an equally amazing adventure in its own right. Alternate races Ironman 70.3 Vietnam (May 10) or Century Tuna 70.3 Subic PI (March 6) With back-to-back races on Saturday and Sunday day one is reserved for the hardcore off-road triathletes with Sprint and Championship caliber distances offered. Taking full advantage of Langkawi s dense and tropical landscape both the run and triathlon are highlighted by steep climbs and uneven descents that can break even the most seasoned athletes. If the 400m of climbing on the first 8 km were not enough course architect Dave Spence insisted on tacking on an off-canter 4 km beach run before finishing the event on the white sands at the Berajay Resort. XTERRA Philippines is a race that gets better each year. The race organization and venue rival none so it remains a staple event for many professional off-road triathletes looking to start their annual campaigns. Alternate races XTERRA Philippines Albay Philippines (Feb. 7) 3 XTERRA MALAYASIA may 7-8 2016 langkawi malaysia The XTERRA brand carries a mystique and reputation of delivering a tough and challenging course across the triathlon and trail running communities. XTERRA Malaysia rises to the top as one of the most brutal yet exotic race venues in the Asia Pacific circuit. After a number of years of hosting this event on the mainland of Malaysia race director Sean Chee relocated the race to Langkawi in 2015. Chee secured the rights to host the prestigious XTERRA Asian Tour Series Championships that draws some of the world s best off-road triathletes to Langkawi each May. 4 BORNEO TMBT ULTRA TRAIL RUN (TMBT) oCtober 29 2016 sabaH borneo The TMBT is advertised as an extreme outdoor ultra trail marathon catering to Continued on page 22. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 21 ES&F 2016 RACES Continued from page 21. the experienced seasoned trail runners wishing to participate in the 50 km or 100 km (distances). In 2015 the TMBT combined with the Borneo Ultra Trail Marathon to maximize resources to provide athletes an unparalleled experience. Hui Mathews a Kuala Lumpur-based ultra runner and founder of the athletic apparel brand ash be nimble offered this assessment The TMBT is a rite of passage for most Malaysian ultra runners. The course is a good mix of technical single trail jungle river crossings and crazy climbs mixed among some village roads. The majority of the race takes place on the base and Mount Kinabalu towards the southern side of Mount Kinabalu and then leads runners to the southeastern side to the Bundu Tuhan Valley to finish in the village of Kundasang. With more than 6 000 meters of elevation gain the race had an attrition rate nearing 30 percent for the 100 km event. This past June Mount Kinabalu was the site of a devastating earthquake but race directors remained vigilant and worked hard to ensure the 2015 race was contested on schedule. to some of the great European cycling races it has drawn international attention from professional and recreational cycling enthusiasts alike. The KOM Challenge starts at sea level in the coastal town of Qixingtan. As riders are required to ride the first 18 km neutral the real race begins as the road snakes through the beautiful Taroko Gorge to the peak of HeHuan taking the cyclist from sea level up to 3 275 meters or nearly 11 000 feet at the finish. The race is famous for being so long a continual ascent that lasts for 87 kilometers (total race distance is 105 km). It is arguably one of the hardest single-day cycling 5 TAIWAN KOM CHALLENGE end of oCtober or early november 2016 QiXingtan taiwan The Taiwan KOM Challenge has emerged as the headline event of the Taiwan Cycling Festival held each November. With over 70 percent of Taiwan defined as mountainous it is no wonder that race organizers sought out the tallest mountain accessible by road to host this legendary climb. Although the race is young (5th year) in comparison 22 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 VIETNAM 2016 RACES races in Asia if not the entire world. The climb culminates with a final torturous 8 km ascent with an average 17 percent gradient magnified by the thin air it has a reputation to leave even the most conditioned rider a bit disoriented. The 2015 edition started over 400 riders from 32 countries that offered the best climbers a shot at the 75 000 prize purse. An equally tough race is contested each December in Saipan. The Hell of the Marianas (HOM) covers just over 100 km with ascents totaling over 5 000 feet. While riders of the Taiwan KOM Challenge must be prepared for the altitude it is the heat and humidity that pose the biggest threats to HOM competitors. Alternate race The 10th Annual Hell of the Marianas (HOM) Saipan Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (Dec.) ES&F 6 FUJI MOUNTAIN RACE neXt raCe tbd fuJiyosHida Japan As the Japanese say A wise man climbs Fuji once and a fool twice. It has yet to be determined where running to the summit falls in terms of measuring one s sanity. It is hard to find a more iconic destination than Mount Fuji. The Fuji Mountain Race is widely considered to be one of Asia s toughest running events in a country that is infatuated with running. The city of Fujiyoshida serves as the epicenter of this event and plays host to over 3 000 competitors annually. The 69th Annual Fuji Mountain Race offers runners two distances a 21 km summit course and the shorter 15 km version that concludes at the 5th Station. Not so different from Japan s train schedule the Fuji Mountain Race follows a strict adherence to time limits and checkpoints runners are forced to abandon and return down the mountain if any are missed. But for those who make it to the peak they ll be rewarded with majestic views who rival none. This is a test for those that appreciate climbing as the race gains over 3 000 meters en route to Mount Fuji s summit. The race is capped and typically accepts applications during a three-day window each March. If you are unable to secure a slot in the Fuji Mountain Race the Fujiyoshida Fire Festival Road Race is the ideal alternative. The competition is fierce and the course even more so. The Fire Festival that marks an end to the climbing season on Mount Fuji is an amazing cultural celebration that should not be missed. Alternate race Fujiyoshida Fire Festival 5 10 & 21 km races (end of August) VIETNAM VIETNAM FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE XTERRA PHILIPPINES 23 ES&F RACING FOR A CAUSE Portuguese Charity Founder Makes History With Three New World Records MARIA CONCEICAO 777 Challenge Conquered In December 2015 Portuguese-born and Dubai-based humanitarian Maria Conceicao conquered the 777 Challenge in a world-record finish in her relentless dedication to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged children living in the slums. The 777 Challenge was the first endurance adventure of its kind that required running seven official marathons over seven continents in seven consecutive days. The event kicked off on February 8 in Australia followed by consecutive legs that took place in the UAE France Tunisia the USA and Chile. The race hit a snag on its last stage as several attempts to fly to Antarctica were aborted due to bad weather and low visibility. After being stranded in Chile for four days the team finally got the clearance to fly to Antarctica on February 18 to complete the race. It was an epic finish nonetheless for Maria who created history by officially becoming the fastest woman to complete an official marathon in each continent. The previous Guinness World Record was 48 days as opposed to the mere 11 days it took Maria. The previous record for the fastest woman to complete a marathon and an ultra marathon on each continent was 1 year and 180 days. Maria completed her marathons and ultra marathons within a year. These latest achievements take Maria s record-breaking tally to a total of 6 all achieved within 11 months. Founder of the Maria Cristina Foundation the iron-willed Maria pushes her own physical limits to raise awareness and funds for underprivileged children living in the slums of Dhaka Bangladesh. Exhaustion body pain and jet lag aside Maria said I am still finding it hard to believe that I have completed the challenge in 11 days. I am not a fast runner but I was so determined that nothing would have stopped me from finishing this challenge. Although I trained hard for months to complete the challenge I do feel very lucky even to just get through. Maybe it is destiny All I know is that my commit- THE 777 CHALLENGE WAS THE FIRST ENDURANCE ADVENTURE OF ITS KIND THAT REQUIRED RUNNING 7 OFFICIAL MARATHONS OVER 7 CONTINENTS IN 7 CONSECUTIVE DAYS. THE EVENT KICKED OFF ON FEBRUARY 8 IN AUSTRALIA FOLLOWED BY CONSECUTIVE LEGS THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE UAE FRANCE 24 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 ment to help others gives me power to see the challenges through. I ran to secure the future of my 200 children. Our foundation is consistently strong with purpose and vision but we struggle financially. This will always be the toughest challenge. I hope that my adoptive mother Maria Cristina Matos da Cunha would be proud. Maria was joined by two other Dubai-based expats Rosa Areosa and Saul Keens and Lorena Puica from the UK all supporters of the foundation. Alltogether the group endeavoured to promote the foundation s cause to help children in the slums of Dhaka Bangladesh get a quality education that would lay the foundation for a rewarding career path and help them and their families break the cycle of poverty. I have to be honest there were many tears and difficulties during the challenge. My feet were swollen from all the running and flying and my heart is still aching for the 168 children we haven t been able to reregister in the new academic year of 2016. I was hoping to create a media buzz with a success story of fundraising by completing the 777 Challenge. Me alone finishing this challenge will not make it successful it is only when people come forward and donate that will ultimately make this gruelling challenge worthwhile. I am so thankful to Nabil Dalle for sponsoring me to take part in this event Imran Ahmed and Full Potential UK for sponsoring parts of my training. Thank you to Sports in Life Dubai who provided all my running kit and sports nutrition during the training and the challenge and thank you to Right Bite for supplying my meals during 777 training. Conceicao a woman with an incredible life-story herself has recently published her autobiography which also tells the story of Maria Cristina Foundation. All proceeds from the book go towards the education of the children living in the slums of Dhaka Bangladesh. Copies can be purchased by making a donation on the charity s website and informing the administration of your address to send the book to. For donations updates and more about the Maria Cristina Foundation please visit or www. MariaCristinaFoundation. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE ERM 25 RACE REPORT ES&F ES&F RACE REPORT About Maria Conceicao Maria is a Portuguese national raised from an early age by her Angolan adoptive mother Maria Cristina who welcomed her as a member of her own family. Maria was educated in Portugal before joining a UAE-based airline as a flight attendant a job which took her to the slums of Dhaka and changed her life. About Maria Cristina Foundation MCF was established by Maria in 2005 to give the slum children of Dhaka the same opportunities to escape poverty through education that she herself had had. The Foundation provides financial support school fees books uniforms school transport medical dental and housing expenses to over 200 impoverished children and their families in Dhaka before helping them find further education and full-time gainful employment internationally. For more information please contact Hiba Al Hafidh Lorena Fajardo Tarabut PR Mob 971 56 1151755 971 55 5276519 Email hiba lorena 26 FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE ERM 27 RACE REPORT ES&F PRODUCT REVIEW Cool ProductsBecoming an Ultra BodyFit by Sports Authority By Alix Shutello Sports Authority has done something kinda cool. They ve developed a bunch of products for folks who are interested in doing their own personal training. Each exercise is a video showing you exactly what to do. Go to the app store and download the BodyFIT App. What s cool about it is that there are three categories for 1. Muscle Activation Exercises to get your muscles ready for exercise 2. Train Kick-butt exercises to get your blood flowing perfect to do pre or post workout. Also if you are in an off day this is a great compliment to your running swimming biking or rowing. 3. Recover Those perfect exercises to help stretch after your workout. Supple Looking for a new supplement to help with joint lubrication Try Supple. Supple is a joint relief supplement that improves mobility flexibility and comfort for damaged and painful joints. It is an alternative to joint pain capsules or topical products and comes in a pleasant-tasting Peach Mango flavoured drink. My friend Bill used this product when his knees were acting up. Like many of us the meniscus in our knees wears down over time causing pain and soreness. Bill started taking this product daily and after two weeks he reported no pain. Others reported similar results. You can read more about the product at Consumer Health POSITIVE ASPECTS ABOUT SUPPLE - Supple uses the optimal amounts of Glucosamine and Chondroitin - The Supple formula ingredients are listed - The formula is all natural - There are several customer testimonials - It is safe and has no harmful side effects - The Glucosamine is not derived from shellfish - The formula contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals 28 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 BOOK REVIEW ES&F Book ReviewUltra Runner Dirty Inspirations Lessons From the Trenches of Extreme Endurance Sports was published January 26 2016. The book is described as part philosophical journey part spiritual awakening and part riveting drama. This book is big adventure combined with big travel--all with an introspective twist--connecting this book to your audience would be a perfect fit. Visit I M OVER-THE-MOON EXCITED TO SHARE THIS COLLECTION OF ADVENTURE TRAVEL STORIES BIRTHED FROM MY LIFE OF RACING AND ADVENTURING AROUND THE WORLD. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 29 ES&F COMMENTARY CEO SINGLE PARENT AND ENDURANCE ATHLETE THE ART OF BEING AT PEACE WHEN ALONE By Earl Furfine There consistently are clear parallels in my work social and racing life. None was more clear to me than this past month when after driving 20-hours roundtrip for a 20 hour visit in Michigan I came down with a nagging cold and then the killer of all coughs. Nothing makes you feel more alone than being sick as a dog and not having anyone to take care of you. Of course if I called any number of friends I am sure they would have dropped what they were doing to give a hand assuming I even had the strength to find and dial the phone (last check was downstairs on the couch and I am not). The point is that being alone and having challenges are a way of life for me not isolated incidents. Nothing I think prepares me more for this than my Ironman training. Being single definitely has its advantages. I train pretty much when I want I travel when I want I eat sleep drink socialize when I want. I have seen at every Ironman I have participated in or attended a sign that says If you are still married you did not train hard enough . I love that sign. Not for what it implies but for what it stands. The commitment of an individual to something that is important and the need for 30 the commitment of everyone around them to that cause. That all being said it is impossible to segregate the long periods alone on the race (and in the training for that matter). Ironman racing is about preparation and self-sufficiency. Sure the race organizers are the best in the world at race support with food drink directions etc. I however rely on my own food drink and preparation. I don t normally use the same sustenance provided (I am a fan of Infinite although have no issue with the Ironman Perform) and like non-Gooey food on the bike. I try to pack as much of that on me on the bike as I can without adding too much weight and of course pack a couple of great special needs bags. For the long periods on the bike and run when I am alone I draw on the complete isolation of my training. I swim alone I primarily bike alone and I run alone. Truth be told I do have a good buddy that joins me on some the shorter runs and will pound the last 5 miles of my longer runs but as a rule I am alone 90 percent of the time. Even when I am biking with a group my level of fitness is rarely of those I am with and I end up at the back bringing up the rear grinding up the hills normally singing a song to myself. At the risk of being ridiculed for the remainder of my racing life I found that Shake it off by Taylor Swift has a good cadence for climbing and a peppy tune. Ok bring your best abuse to a 53-year-old man humming Swiftie whil he climbs I can take it. Needless to say while I am used to being alone. As the CEO of a software company I can frequently feel the same way. I have a great team that I trust but ultimately the hard decisions come from me. More than once I have differed from the team and have made the tough lonely call. That being alone feeling can be as unnerving as knowing you are at mile 80 with 32 miles to go. All you can do is push through and BEING SINGLE DEFINITELY HAS ITS ADVANTAGES. I TRAIN PRETTY MUCH WHEN I WANT I TRAVEL WHEN I WANT I EAT SLEEP DRINK SOCIALIZE WHEN I WANT. I HAVE SEEN AT EVERY IRONMAN I HAVE PARTICIPATED IN OR ATTENDED A SIGN THAT SAYS IF YOU ARE STILL MARRIED YOU DID NOT TRAIN HARD ENOUGH . I LOVE THAT SIGN. NOT FOR WHAT IT IMPLIES BUT FOR WHAT IT STANDS. Continued on page 31. ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE FEBRUARY 2016 COMMENTARY ES&F Continued from page 30. hope the faith in your training (education and fitness respectively) can get you to where you want to be as well as having a contingency plan if you see you ve made a tactical error. Being an executive an endurance athlete and in my case a single fellow all involve some fairly long stretches of being alone. I embrace my alone time and find that I get more time to think out problems or challenges most. Humming Taylor Swift did not at all help get through a blizzard and 3 days locked up at home sick but when a friend brought by some chicken soup on the last day a friendly face was all I needed. Place them strategically on your race the mileage (all puns intended) you will get will be immeasurable. I am Not yet on the Podium. GODZONE ANNOUNCEs MERRELL APPAREL SPONSORSHIP FOR 2016 Leading international outdoor brand Merrell has signed on as the exclusive apparel and footwear sponsor for New Zealand s premier adventure race GODZone. The innovative outdoor lifestyle footwear and clothing brand is synonymous with inspiring people to enjoy being outside everyday. GODZone Race Director Warren Bates says the sponsorship deal aligns perfectly with the principles of the event. The 2016 GODZone has attracted 280 competitors from around the globe to the event in Tasman running from the April 2-9 2016. Merrell will provide apparel for each competitor and over 70 volunteers and GODZone management team members. To see the latest Merrell collections go online to http merrell. collections merrell-in-new-zealand Run Through Everything like It s Nothing. 2015 Wolverine Outdoors Inc. FEBRUARY 2016 ENDURANCE SPORTS & FITNESS MAGAZINE 31 Every athlete has his or her specific goals and reasons for racing in whatever event he or she chooses but overall most would agree that the journey to the finish line is what resonates in most athletes minds. To push one s body and soul to the outer limits of our capabilities SPIRIT MOTIVATION DRIVE PHOTO CREDIT RON JONES