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WDM Therese Schaffner MA LPC LAC Counseling (substance abuse treatment) March 2016 Michele Malo Health and Wellness Chief Success Officer Wellcome Home LLC Roza Ferdowsmakan Legal Assistant City Attorney IV Office of City Attorney City of Phoenix AZ fter graduating with a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University in 1994 Roza Ferdowsmakan had plans to study international law. Accepted at Villanova University s School of Law in Pennsylvania Roza concentrated her legal studies on international law and international business transactions. Graduating in May 1998 Roza knew what direction she wanted to take but her journey ended up veering her in a very different direction. A Once I completed my law degree I moved back to Scottsdale Arizona to decompress and decide which state bar I was going to take back east to pursue my career in international law Roza explained. But that same summer I applied for an in-house counsel position with Archon Inc. a then top 10 heavy highway builder and interviewed with the company s CEO. I wanted to interview simply to gain interviewing skills. Surprisingly the CEO offered me the position before we said our goodbyes. Accepting the job Roza had to then sit for the Arizona state bar exam and would soon be practicing construction law during Arizona s infrastructure construction boom years. It was a far cry from international law but an in-house position with a salary far beyond what graduating friends from law school were making was too good to pass up moreover it would help her to immediately begin paying off sizeable student loans she had racked up. Five years into that position Roza was contacted by the CEO of a tech start-up in Arizona PatchLink Corporation who asked if she would be interested in interviewing for an in-house position. Roza interviewed and was offered the position. Remaining in position for the next three-anda-half years to help grow this amazing software company internationally setting up business offices and subsidiaries abroad and using her international business transactions background she was saddened to see abrupt and tumultuous changes occur within the company s leadership and management resulting in her seeking to find a more stable environment. Unfortunately her decision to resign her position coincided with the recession and another in-house counsel position became almost impossible to readily find. Thus she looked to the public sector where she hoped to recalibrate and ultimately return to the private sector but the economy didn t change in a significant enough way for a very long time. She accepted a position with the Office of City Attorney for the City of Phoenix where she now serves as a senior level Assistant City Attorney for the City of Phoenix negotiating drafting and advising on all of the City s technology initiatives and agreements. She has been with the City for nine years now. 4 Women of Distinction Roza s role with the City of Phoenix is a combination of advising on transactional commercial matters as well as handling all legal aspects of the City s technology initiatives software agreements and professional technology engagements. She also manages all of the City s intellectual property and licenses City trademarks when appropriate. Q&A Q What aspect of your work do you enjoy most A I love the progressive dynamic aspect of technology law. I enjoy being a part of the team that makes technology initiatives happen within our city landscape. Q How does your background as a writer poet and painter inform your daily work A My enthusiasm for the arts and creative expression in general brings energy and new perspective to my work as an attorney. I definitely enjoy approaching my legal work through a creative solution-oriented lens. Q What career goals have you set for yourself A While the folks at the City of Phoenix are incredibly good people to work with I am seeking to return to a faster pace in the private sector ideally working for a global-minded technology company where I can actively use many of my skills that due to organizational confines have gone untapped at the City. Q What are your strengths as an attorney A My key strength is my writing. Effective communication is critical to good lawyering. My work at the City requires my juggling political business and legal considerations. I m not your typical straight-laced attorney. Life is not one dimensional neither should be a lawyer s perspective. Q You concentrated your legal studies on international law. Can you elaborate A During law studies I concentrated a full year on international law and international business transactions subjects I was naturally drawn to. Born in Tehran Iran and having moved to the US as a child in 1978 I learned early on the value in having an open curious and engaged world view. Growing up my collective friendships resembled a mini United Nations with each person bringing unique attributes and perspective into my life. Q What would be an ideal work setting for you A Ideally I would be part of the leadership team as in-house counsel to a global-minded technology company. Technology excites me whether it s Google Apple or simply a startup with a lot of passion enthusiasm and vision. I find my line of work intellectually colorful and attractive. By and large the public generally experiences attorneys as strictly left-brain individuals who are rule-oriented rigid and argumentative Roza noted. As an individual who is equally left-brain right-brain and collaborative cooperative in tone and style seeking creative win-wins I challenge that perception every day. Roza is a published poet who has been featured in Arizona Attorney Magazine four times over the past eight years three of those times in their creative arts competition for attorneys. Additionally she volunteers as an advisory panelist to technology startups through the Arizona Commerce Authority s Venture-Ready Mentoring Program and sits on the Arizona Technology Council s Startup and Entrepreneurship Committee as well as their Women in the Workforce Committee. 5 Women of Distinction CONTENTS W D M Web Design and Online Marketing Sherald BroughtonRobb 19 Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Margaret E. Broadwell 40 Do you still find it confusing Heres what Myrlande E. Sauveur MBA has to say about the latest trends and resources available on page 54. 13 Health and Wellness Michele Malo Downs Designs Dreams Karen Bowersox tells how she was inspired by her Granddaughter who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome.. Read on page 10. Heather McCarthy 50 Education Marcia Morgan-Payne 53 Real Estate Mental Health & Addiction Olivia Frazier Kerr Find out why staying on top of your Mental Game is so important. Kasia Pilewicz is the Founder and Owner of Psycological Counseling Center and will enlighten you though process on good mental health. Read on page 34. 57 Education Therese Schaffner MA LPC LAC Counseling (substance abuse treatment) Owner - Active Recovery LLC Shreveport LA and Bossier City LA T herese Schaffner (Terri) used her own life experience with drug addiction and education to become a substance abuse treatment counselor and help others overcome their own addictions. I absolutely love what I do. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to guide an addict from complete oblivion to long-term recovery to observe the chrysalis form into something of pure wonder. There are many ups and downs in recovery but because of my own personal experiences with addiction I understand the distress it causes both the user and the family unit. Along with her special blend of life experiences strength and hope that she brings to her style of teaching and counseling Terri earned a Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance in 2010 from Louisiana Tech and had worked previously as a chemical dependency tech in Kansas City MO. After graduation Terri worked at a private residential treatment center in Shreveport LA for two years before it was shut down. I knew that there was a desperate need for more treatment centers and that people were dying while stuck on waiting lists. Working as a drug court counselor also proved to be a challenge for Terri. I soon realized that setting my clients up for failure and creating an atmosphere of fear was NOT what I wanted to do with my own clients in the future. This led her to launch Active Recovery LLC while surviving off her unemployment checks of just 242 per week. I went through all the hoops and hurdles it took to form an organization that accepts Medicaid within nine months but it wasn t until almost a year later that I received my first reimbursement check for 43 Active Recovery offers an intensive outpatient program as well as continued support individual counseling and further education. It is a place where clients are made to feel completely at ease and respected and allows for some mistakes and growth without humiliation and chastisement. The company is constantly flexing and changing with the diverse climate of addiction recovery. Its growth is determined by the success of its branding and because the branding is about hope and change it is a remarkable win-win for everyone involved. Active Recovery is a journey not a destination where progress is applauded over perfection. ( Progress not perfection. ) This has contributed to our overall success because our clients have actually bought into the idea of living in recovery instead of trying to beat the system. My role is to maintain the integrity of our facility by working with staff members and clients who present issues that need my support. I have an open door policy and provide weekly staff meetings to clarify our purpose in this field. I ve also hired an awesome array of amazing staff members who don t require any micromanaging but I still must have the final word on any implementation of changes. Terri employs CBT existential therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy but more than an eclectic blend of psychological theorists she admires the work of anyone who aspires to convey spirituality positive thinking and gratitude into their repertoire. My college instructor Professor Ernie Cowger has been a wonderful inspiration because of how he s conveyed his faith that I could do well and go far. He still calls on me every semester to come speak to his current students about what it takes to do what I do and has always been very appreciative of my openness in giving suggestions and advice to his classes. Having four drug felonies has been an obstacle for Terri s career but she has found ways around that in order to continue helping others. She is now a licensed addiction counselor in the State of Louisiana and the felonies have since been pardoned so she recently received final word from the licensing board to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Last year I stood before the Louisiana Pardon Board and was granted full clemency Everyone told me to give up years ago but now I have the push I needed to overcome all of the naysayers. Terri started a new module of treatment using the Ten Core Concepts of Active Recovery which has been successful so far. I m looking to publish a treatment packet with the Ten Core Concepts to be utilized in other treatment centers. The Ten Core Concepts of Active Recovery include Gratitude Spirituality Honesty Empathy Integrity Communication Respect Initiative Commitment and Responsibility. We go over the definition of each concept and discuss how to incorporate them into daily living. Then each evening our clients write about five things they are grateful for that happened that day in a journal. It s amazing how after just one week they find themselves actively seeking out things to write about that evening and thus a shift in consciousness has begun. I also don t allow our clients to call themselves addicts and alcoholics as if it were a life sentence. If they continue to identify with the problem and focus on these labels they ll never learn to seek solutions. We are solutionfocused using positive energy and mindfulness training. 8 She also started a nonprofit called Active Recovery Foundation Inc. where free interview clothing is provided and career counseling activities are conducted for a re-entry program. So many of our clients have just been released from prison and desperately need to find a job. They have done their time but have to deal with the stigma of having felonies on their records which translates into very low-paying jobs. We would like to change the climate of how society views this but it s definitely an uphill battle. Terri would like for everyone to realize that just because someone has gone down a certain road in their life weighed down with unwise choices does not mean they have to stay there. Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Because of the prevalence of substance abuse and the lack of easy answers our company has tapped into the evolving science behind addiction by offering longer-termed counseling that is solution-focused. The world is beginning to realize that the 12-step model is becoming obsolete with breaking the denial system and dredging up old hurts that only perpetuate the problems. Ours is of dignity and mutual respect using the core concepts guided meditation spirituality and compassion. Q How do you feel about legalizing marijuana A I know firsthand how bogged down the criminal justice system is with non-violent offenders who have marijuana possession charges. I definitely have a problem with adolescents becoming addicted to pot as it leads to motivation issues and decreased brain development. However once past the age of 25 the human brain has developed physically as much as it will so there is less chance of permanent damage. I believe fully that medical marijuana has wonderful benefits and should be explored to the fullest degree. Q What about counselors who have never experienced addictions A I m asked this a lot. Because of my own personal experiences our clients get much more of a relaxed feeling towards me. However because addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue our counselors who aren t prior addicts can be extremely useful and talented in handling the core issues plaguing our clients. Q What are your thoughts on the use of Subutex and Suboxone (brands of buprenorphine) for medically treating opiate addiction A I ve always maintained that treating an addiction with another addiction is counterproductive. In certain cases it may be feasible but doctors today are writing 90-day supplies of Subutex and Suboxone with complete disregard for the horrific propensity for addiction. Any medication with the street value that these particular drugs have is going to be a real problem. One former client went into a local in-patient treatment facility with a crystal meth addiction and left with a Suboxone addiction. I knew someone else who quit methadone cold turkey alone and the methadone clinic she d been going to for 8 years never attempted to properly titrate her off. They weaned her down in three days something that should happen over at least two months The business of methadone clinics is very much exactly that a business that caters to addiction with no regard to recovery. This particular client kept getting phone calls from the clinic telling her she had a credit and could come back any time . This is the kind of therapy that exists for some of those clinics with no counseling or real treatment of any kind. I believe that most people truly want to get better and can with the right guidan Judgmentalism is still very much a benchmark in human nature and each day we need to fight against looking down on people. We need to see each person as an eternal spirit inhabiting a body having a temporary Human experience. The choices we make are part of our soul s journey and hopefully we can learn to see this in others as well. Her ultimate goal is for Active Recovery facilities to be found near every state probation and parole office so there is somewhere that clients can go that offers counseling and guidance. If I can start this in my home state of Louisiana and grow it from there my journey s legacy will be fulfilled. She has been married for over 12 years to a wonderful man who keeps her humble and grounded along with two grown children and two grandchildren who are the loves of her life. I raised both of my children alone and was married for the first time at the age of 40 to my husband. We enjoy motorcycling together and traveling when the opportunity arises. Karen Bowersox Clothing Designer Executive Director - Downs Designs Dreams Mentor OH K aren Bowersox has had a pretty extensive career but the most important job she s ever undertaken is the creation of Downs Designs Dreams (originally Downs Designs ) jeans designed for the unique body shape of a person with Down syndrome. And in 2014 she added another specialty designed line of jeans for men and boys of standard sizes who struggle to manipulate buttons and zippers. This brand is called NBZ Jeans. I have a granddaughter who was born with Down syndrome. As she grew I noticed that her pants and sleeves were always rolled up. When she was four-years-old my daughter challenged me to start a clothing line for people with Down syndrome. I laughed at the thought but continued to research how this could be done. Eventually I called the local design school in Cleveland and asked them for suggestions. They advised that I should hire a designer. So in 2010 I hired a young graduate from their school. Her name is Jillian Jankovsky and we ve been together ever since. Karen started the company at the age of 62. This amazing program is about educating advocating and donating. We reach out to individuals and groups to sponsor one or more pairs of our jeans. Then through their donations we re able to donate several pairs of jeans every Friday. There are three million children in our schools who have disabilities and 20% of the adult population in the United States is disabled so I will never run out of people to donate our jeans to. For Karen this was all initially about her granddaughter but the more she got involved the more she fell in love with the people she met. I began to understand their struggles and challenges with clothes and how grateful they were to find something that actually fit them and addressed so many of their issues. I ve spent the last five years perfecting our sizes and styles of jeans so we re now ready to move to the next level. We ll soon have black and khaki dress pants available. She feels that this will leave a mark on this world because she created something that no one has created before and it affects hundreds of thousands of people. I want to be remembered for this one accomplishment and then pass it on to one of my grandchildren if possible. I m now 67 and most of my friends are retired. I work endless hours every day but I m so passionate about what I m doing I never think of this as work. I would tell anyone who has intense passion for what they re doing to follow their heart and not let anything stand in their way. As the founder of the company and an entrepreneur there isn t anything that Karen can t and won t do for her company. While I have a designer seamstress shipping clerk social media writer and a sales and marketing person I made it a point to learn every aspect of their jobs. I strive for perfection and every pair of jeans that leaves our facility has to be correct. We measure iron and package each pair. Our alterations are amazing and customer service is our highest priority. My staff is loving and caring we all work together as a family to ensure that love goes out with every package. Her strong work ethic comes from her father who preached positive thinking and a never give up attitude. He taught me that something good always comes out of something bad and there is no such word as can t . I ve survived many ups and downs because I always know that things have a way of working out in the end. When I m committed to doing something I ignore negative people and pursue what I believe is right for my business. Once she was able to officially incorporate Downs Designs Dreams as a nonprofit organization in 2015 Karen created their signature program called Adopt-A-JeanTM Friday. 11 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why didn t your granddaughter s clothes fit her like other kids A People with Down syndrome have a different body shape. They have short femurs and humerus bones making their arms and legs much shorter. Often they have small slanting shoulders thicker necks and large rounder bellies. They often have difficulty with fine motor skills that make buttons and zippers difficult to use. Weight is often a problem due to thyroid issues or medications. Q Why are Downs Designs Jeans different A Downs Designs jeans address their unique body differences. The jeans taper properly at the knee. They have no button zipper or tag. The denim is soft and stretchy and every pair is hemmed to order. Our jeans fit appropriately and are made for easy dressing if fine motor skills are challenging. Q What made you start another line of jeans A I started researching how many men struggle with buttons and zippers and saw another group of people who could really use our stylish pull-on jeans. Conditions such as arthritis Parkinson s disease cerebral palsy or stroke victims can make buttons and zippers difficult to manipulate. What about our wounded and disabled veterans Many come home with missing hands or arms and are surely struggling with buttons and zippers. Then with autism on the rise there was yet another reason to make boys pull-on jeans. The latest statistics for autism is one out of 68 births and boys outnumber girls five to one. Style has been forgotten in adaptive wear and I want to change that. Q Why are NBZ Jeans different A NBZ Jeans are standard men s and boy s size jeans that are made of soft stretchy denim. There is no button zipper or tag. They have a full elastic waistband belt loops a mock fly and are well-tolerated by most who have clothing sensitivities. Women can easily find stretchy pull on jeans but for men it s nearly impossible. Therefore I haven t made jeans for women of standard size. Q How did you start your company if you didn t know anything about the industry A My designer Jillian and I learned together and gained knowledge and experience by the act of doing Sure we made a few mistakes along the way but then we learned from them. Q How did you find a factory in China A Once I realized that I couldn t afford to have the jeans made in the United States someone gave me a great tip. They told me about a website called Alibaba that pairs people who want something manufactured with manufacturers all over the world. I went online and found a small factory in China that seemed to understand what I was trying to do. So Jillian and I flew to China met with the factory representative toured the factory and gave them our first order. I now go to China about three times a year and work personally with the factory to prepare every order. To help with communication while I m there I took on another enormous challenge. I started to learn Chinese I found a school online in China and have three to five classes per week on Skype. I ve been studying for almost 4 years. At age 67 it s a tough language to learn but I find it helpful when traveling alone to the factory. Even though it s still very difficult to understand them at least I have some grasp of the language. Q What plans do you have for the future A By mid-2016 we ll have black and khaki pants available in all our styles for both brands. The black pants will be a nice dressy slack while the khaki will be made of a more casual and heavier fabric. Khaki is needed for schools and jobs so the fabric needs to be more durable. Jeans are not always appropriate so the addition of these two lines will fulfill the need for all occasions. We re excited about our future and hope to add more clothing options for our Down syndrome customers including coats shirts and blouses. And who knows what else we ll make in the years to come Q How did you obtain financing A I did whatever I had to do to keep the business going. I was so committed and driven to reach my goals and didn t let anything get in my way. Q Why did you file for a nonprofit status A As a nonprofit we can do more to advocate and educate the public and hopefully bring more awareness to the fashion industry as well. People don t realize the clothing challenges faced by millions of people. We ve made it our mission to change that and make a difference. We re also able to donate to needy families through donations from others. 100% of our donations go to support our Adopt-A-JeanTM program. 12 Women of Distinction Michele Malo Health and Wellness Chief Success Officer Wellcome Home LLC Arlington Heights IL M ichele Malo spent 18 years in the foodservice industry working in the marketing departments of many of the big food manufacturers in Chicago such as Kraft Kellogg s and Barilla. However as her career continued to grow so did her weight. In her free time she enjoys working out as a member of two running clubs and training for a weightlifting competition with her trainer Scott at Z Fit Sport. I love doing races and did 30 events in 2015. Not because I love running or I m so good at it. In fact if you could read the bubbles in my head as I m running in a race you would laugh and the words are not appropriate for publication. I m also not fast and am always in the back of the pack. The moral of the story is how much joy and inspiration I get from my fellow back of the packers . I m so inspired by them as we re out there braving the elements and supporting each other with the YES I CAN mantra. She also loves sports. I ve played softball for over 35 years and am a die-hard Cubs fan. I die a little more every year waiting on a World Series win. Michele would love to be remembered as someone who brought happiness joy and functional fitness back to people who thought it was not possible. At my peak I topped the scales at 310 pounds. My back and joints were not able to support my weight. I would wake up in the morning and throw my back out just getting out of bed. I was also pre-diabetic and hypertensive. I ended up having gastric bypass surgery to save my life at 28-years-old. I lost 150 lbs which would be great if I had kept it off. Unfortunately Michele let the surgery do all the work and her diet and sporadic exercise were no match for a soaring career in the food industry that took her all over the world. Fast forward about eight years and I m over 225 pounds with all the illnesses associated with excessive weight coming back. It was then that I decided to help others with the story of my struggle and get myself back on track at the same time. She talked to her husband James about leaving her high level corporate position to become a personal trainer. He told me that when we were taking our vows he never said I needed to be a Chief Marketing Officer he only agreed to grow old with me but with my current pattern that was a vow I may not be able to keep. So in 2011 at 38-years-old and about 60 pounds overweight I went to personal training school. Today Michele is the owner trainer marketer public speaker and networker for Wellcome Home LLC. I want folks to look at me and say If she can do it why can t I I want the YES I CAN mantra to become second nature. You can run you just need to start walking first. Get to the start line and before you know it you ve just finished something you never thought you can do. All you have to do is try. I m a small business owner doing what needs to be done. My specialty is that I m a listener. I listen to my clients and offer empathy and support to give them the encouragement to make them successful. Most of her clients go to her because they have taken care of everyone else for so long that they are not comfortable with themselves anymore. They are looking for motivation and to put life back into their lives. When I see small breakthroughs and their confidence returning nothing gives me more joy. I ll continue doing this as long as I can keep inspiring them and keep them saying YES I CAN I love helping women get the sparkle back in their eyes. Michele is a contributing author to Courageous Women Overcoming Mediocrity (Amazon http fPrb7a) and to Chicagoland s Susan G. Komen marathon newsletter. 14 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel the fitness industry is relevant in today s world A As we have more and more demands placed on our time and lives people are finding they need to keep active in order to handle the outside stress they deal with on a daily basis. As we age the more functionally mobile and healthy we are the more likely we re able to do the things that bring joy and happiness into our lives. Fitness professionals provide the hope knowledge and motivation to keep their clients on track to fulfilling their goals. Q What makes Wellcome Home Fitness different A I try and work with the whole person. Since I ve been extremely overweight I can relate not only to the physical struggles but the mental ones as well. My goal is to make clients feel as comfortable as possible and to lay out goals and small changes to make them feel like they can do this. I m a motivator and nurturer by nature and that s how I approach every single client. I m here to help be your rock and show you the possibilities. We re in it together. Q What is better watching your diet or exercise A Of course my answer is that both are important and it all depends on your goals. If you re a weight loss client diet is 80% of your battle. But once you introduce exercise and begin to exchange fat for lean muscle mass your body s metabolic rate speeds up and helps you lose weight faster. You always want to fuel your body with the most nutritious foods possible. Q How do I make sense of all the food options A Again not an easy answer but here are some easy tips. Shop the perimeter of the store as most of the natural items will be there (fruits veggies etc.). Looking at the label is critical. If it has more than three or four ingredients try to avoid it. If you can t pronounce an ingredient you probably shouldn t eat it. The first three to four ingredients are generally what are mostly in that product. Be careful here as there are dozens of ways to label sugar. Q With so many diets out there how do I find the one that is right for me A I hate diets and anything that excludes any of the four food groups. For example the Paleo diet is getting a lot of attention. I do tend to err on a protein and vegetable heavy lifestyle but I m also a weight lifter and tend to disagree with any regiment that takes out whole food groups. Carbohydrates especially grain-based ones get a really bad rap but they fuel your body especially if you re into endurance sports. Choose ones that are true whole grains and if you re trying to lose weight limit your consumption and eat them earlier in the day so your body has a chance to use that fuel and not store it at the end of the day. I have a certification in nutrition to help guide you but if you re really looking for a deep dive find a great registered dietician. Q What do you want us to remember about your wellness philosophy A I may have a much different view on this than most other wellness professionals but no one is wrong. It s just finding what resonates with you and your goals. I believe you have to want to do something. I nor anyone else can take your journey. I believe life is about joy so you need to find what brings you joy. In terms of exercise if you hate it you won t stick with it. If you hate running don t do it but if you love to dance shake it. The idea is just to move more. If you love a certain food eat it but not all the time unless they re veggies. Make some small adjustments you can live with and then if you plateau make a few more. If you constantly deprive yourself you ll eventually fall off the wagon. The key is to stop letting fear drive your decisions. Life is about believing in your abilities. Take on the YES I CAN mantra and I promise you that if you get to the start line you can finish upright and smiling. 15 Women of Distinction Rochele Marie Lawson RN AHP CMS Health and Wellness Holistic Health and Well-being President and Founder of The Health Healing & Wellness Company Tracy CA 16 Women of Distinction W hile Rochele Marie Lawson went to nursing school and earned a Master of Science in Ayurvedic Medicine (also known as Ayurveda) a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and various certifications she didn t stay on the traditional path that most nurses do. Instead she chose to become an entrepreneur. Today Rochele is the owner of two companies one in the telecommunications construction sector and one in the health and wellness sector. Telecommunications was the first business I started because I couldn t find a job in Silicon Valley s engineering field. Therefore I decided to start my own business in this growing sector. However just as my husband and I were starting the company I had recently completed nursing school and was hired as a registered nurse working in the emergency room at night. I guess it was my destiny to discover two things I loved around the same time. She is also the Founder and President of The Health Healing & Wellness Company where she ensures that all clients are given the attention guidance support and feedback to assist them with achieving their health and wellness goals using holistic methods. Holistic health and wellness is built on the principles of keeping the mind body and spirit balanced healthy and well. It treats these as part of the whole well-being of the individual. This is achieved by using natural remedies and therapies such as herbs spices food meditation exercise lifestyle changes oils and other natural treatment modalities. Rochele gives personal attention to each client as well as continual education and training. It s rewarding to see someone go from being unhealthy and feeling like crap to obtaining well-being and feeling fabulous. In addition this mother of two serves on the board of directors for the Sutter Tracy Hospital Foundation the Holistic Chamber of Commerce - East Bay Chapter and Nursing Scholarship Committee for Sutter Tracy Hospital. I m passionate about showing people how they can be healthy and well and how they can do it holistically and naturally with success when they know what works for them. I wasn t always healthy and well but when I discovered how to transform my state of well-being from funky to fabulous naturally and holistically I knew that I had to increase my knowledge and understanding of this beautiful and natural science in order to share this wisdom. 17 Women of Distinction Q&A Q As the founder and owner of two businesses one that has existed for 25 years and the other for eight what would you say is the key to your success A Staying focused and having the desire to persevere no matter what challenge(s) are placed in my path to success are very important. These are two of the eight principles for the keys to success that I use in all aspects of my life whether its business or my health and well-being. I ve successfully managed to stay free of illness for over 25 years all while raising my children running a business or two and giving back to my community. Q Over the years there have been a lot of changes and advancements in technology. How have those changes affected your businesses A The changes have been beneficial for both businesses. They allowed both businesses to grow and be a service to the population in more ways at the same time. We live in the information age and when we are able to deliver and receive information in a more efficient and rapid manner we re able to take care of the needs of clients with less delay and more accuracy. This is one of the keys to success in today s business culture. Q Where does the concept of holistic health and well-being originate A The modality that I studied Ayurveda originated in India somewhere between 5 000 and 7 000 years ago. It s believed that the concept of holistic treatment of the body spread throughout the continent of Asia and then gradually around the world. One of the principles of Ayurveda is the prevention of illness and disease by using food herbs oils spices detoxification and body therapies to keep the mind and the body balanced. Q How is holistic medicine different than Western medicine A Holistic medicine is different in that it treats the body with natural remedies and is focused on the mind body and spirit. Ayurveda in particular views each individual as unique and therefore each person s path to well-being is his or her own unique journey. Your plan of well-being or care therefore is unique to you. Western medicine is more focused on the treatment of signs and symptoms of illness and disease. There are no unique plans of care and it is more diseasefocused than preventative. However many medical facilities are beginning to focus more on preventative medicine and integrative medicine that includes holistic medical modalities like Ayurveda or Chinese traditional medicine. Ayurveda and other holistic medicinal modalities are a bit more focused on eliminating the cause of the illness or disease. When you eliminate the illness you eliminate its signs and symptoms. Q Let s go back to you having two businesses. With all that you do how do you maintain your health and well-being A Because my life can get quite busy at times it s imperative that I maintain optimal health and well-being which is what I do. I know that my well-being is the greatest asset I have and have been using the wisdom and goodness of holistic health to remain free of illness and disease for a long time. I practice what I preach. In fact I m living proof that the wisdom and science of holistic health works is sustainable and can be done by anyone when they know what to do. Q As an entrepreneur you know how important the wellbeing of your employees is to your bottom line. What is something that you would share with an employer regarding this A Invest in the well-being of your employees by providing them portals to improving their well-being such as access to onsite wellness assessments stress management classes cold and flu prevention classes yoga classes weight management classes BioScan assessments and nutrition classes. These are services that my company offers and I love to help increase a company s bottom line by showing them how they can generate higher earnings improve employee morale and increase productivity by incorporating an employee wellness program. Q You mentioned earlier that you use eight keys to success that have helped you achieve your business goals. What are some of the other keys to success that you use A Having a purpose or a plan acquiring accurate knowledge about the subject using the cooperation of others selfcontrol creative vision and budgeting time and money. I ve applied these keys to success to just about everything I do in life from my health and well-being to my businesses. Q Any other words of wisdom that you would like to share about being an entrepreneur and taking care of your health and well-being A Yes without your health and well-being you can t achieve the success in life that you want to achieve. Make your well-being a priority because it s truly the greatest asset you have. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed so why not set yourself to enjoy each moment by being as healthy and well as you possibly can be. When you do this the doors to success open up and your choices become unlimited. If you need help with this I m extending an offer to you to connect with me right now so that I can show you how to feel fabulous fit and well. 18 Women of Distinction Sherald BroughtonRobb Nonprofit Arlington Tx S When we re children we take things for granted in life and really don t understand the meaning of caring and sharing. It s a lesson we only learn through experience and the grace of God. herald Broughton-Robb was born raised and currently resides in Arlington Texas. There she has also earned a college degree in Legal and Business studies from the University of Arlington Texas in 1994. Sherald has a vast experience having worked in the Law Enforcement Legal and Government environments for over thirty years however she had a passion for giving back to others and started working with local nonprofit organizations in 2000. I didn t have a lot growing up I had to see my mother work hard to make sure that my three siblings and I had enough food to eat and clothes to wear. As I got older I understood how important it is to not take things for granted and to always remember that regardless of your situation there s someone else that s in a worse situation so you must be kind and see what you can do to help. The Women s Shelter of Arlington was where Sherald got her start in the nonprofit field she started and planned a gala to benefit the shelter. In 2001 Sherald helped to support nine different 501c organizations including having a well known wholesaler donate 1 000 formal dresses that were then donated to two different high schools and given to young girls who couldn t afford prom dresses. In the following year she supported five more nonprofits including the Salvation Army Family Life Center which housed over 1 600 single parents and legally married couples assisted with referral services and focused on families that were in transition from being homeless to starting back with the basic needs and developing the skills with coping with every day necessities. During our first four major galas back in 2000 the Mayor of the City of Arlington Texas attended and supported all of them then in 2002 he presented me a Proclamation to the City of Arlington to proclaim May 11 2012 as Caring and Sharing Day. Even today Sherald is still giving back to others through inspirational writing of poems with the power of healing guidance encouragement understanding forgiveness love trust and believing in oneself. God stepped in and guided me all the way he opened so many doors such as the hotel to host the event radio interviews newspaper coverage and more. Many doors were shut in my face so it was extremely overwhelming how well everything came together perfectly in such a short time frame. I m planting healthy seeds to ensure positive growth productive lives and strong communities. My vision is big but the small efforts of great professional leaders cultivate and enrich the soils for the new ground in our communities and will globally blossom from what we ve planted. 19 Women of Distinction Ana M. Avalos Commercial Landscape Maintenance Contractor President - Colorful Impression Landscapes Inc 2 locations in Santa Rosa and Napa (Northern California) I chose what I like from each one and have made the best of it. I speak English and Spanish fluently. It s important for me that my daughter appreciates and respects our culture as well. I d like for my daughter and other women to see that you can change patterns. If you were born in poverty you have the tools needed to improve your life. Her own mother Ana Gloria is Ana s greatest inspiration and role model professionally and as a mother. She raised three daughters as a single parent and regularly had two jobs when I was young. There was a time when we went to work with her to clean houses on Saturdays just so we could spend more time with her. I saw her struggle financially throughout my childhood. Since then my mind was set on becoming successful. My childhood was tough and maturity started much earlier for me. Being responsible for myself and two sisters trained me to get things done. I developed decisionmaking skills that have been a great help in my career. I m thankful to have a strong mother who taught me that anything is possible and that regardless of any obstacles I m capable of being successful. I m grateful and have shared with her the fruits of my success. Ana s journey to success continued with a passion in landscaping that grew while she was in college. During this time I worked at a local nursery where I became familiar with the local plant selection. I was approached by individuals who needed help designing their gardens. This provided great experience and confirmed I was passionate about the career path I d chosen. She went on to earn an Associate of Arts in Landscape Design from Santa Rosa Junior College in 2004. However just before graduating Ana had interviewed with a landscape management company and started working as an entry-level maintenance crew member. A na M. Avalos was born in Guatemala but raised in California from the age of eight. For her growing up in two cultures was an amazing experience. Being bilingual I interacted with staff from every department in the company. I learned a lot and moved into a management position where I got to work in the sales and HR departments. Ana stayed with that company for three years until 2007 when with the support and encouragement of her husband Pablo they decided to start their own landscape management company. It was a hard decision as I was successful in my career at the time but it was the best decision I ve ever made. It s fulfilling to improve the appearance of an area with a renovation project. I love the feedback of happy clients and their residents when we start managing a property. As a company we re united on the quality of service we provide to our clients. As President of Colorful Impression Landscapes Inc. Ana is responsible for acquiring licenses permits certifications etc. And in addition to managing office operations she is the primary contact with clients and follows through to make sure that the company meets and exceeds their expectations. I create landscape designs to beautify the properties and reduce water consumption. I also help develop specific maintenance programs for the properties we manage. Pablo and I make a great team. He s our operations manager and supervises the maintenance and irrigation crews. He also supports the company by helping with design projects and other important tasks. Ana and Pablo have now been married for 10 years and their daughter Gissel is 4-years-old. Her immediate family doesn t live too far away just the way Ana likes it. Being connected to my family is very important and having them close to share in my success is a blessing. 20 Women of Distinction Q&A Q How has the drought in California affected your business A California has been in a drought for years. We ve helped our customers save water and money by actively reporting and performing irrigation repairs. Many of our clients have taken advantage of water agency rebates to reduce turf square footage. We ve also completed many renovation projects. Our clients are very happy saving water and beautifying their landscapes. Q Why is follow-up so important in your business A The most shared compliment is our quick response to client requests. We work hard to follow through as fast as possible to our client s needs especially when it s irrigationrelated. We ve trained our employees to listen to our clients when they re on site. Details can be sorted out later but when possible we try to take care of any concern immediately. Q Why have you implemented rejuvenation pruning so strongly A Rejuvenation pruning is a seldom used technique. It requires special training for maintenance crews to identify which plants will take this type of pruning. Many experienced landscapers prefer to use hedge trimmers as the only tool. However we believe in rejuvenating as this enhances and adds fresh and colorful plants to our clients landscapes. This technique also reduces the number of times a plant needs to be trimmed which allows the crew to work on other details around the properties. Q Why is it important to have equipment in excellent condition A We have state-of-the-art equipment for our employees. With the level of excellence we ve set for our clients great employees will not be able to produce great results with mediocre equipment. Q What has helped you grow your business the most A Building great business relationships is an important goal we set for our company from the beginning. And building trust is a major focus for our company that has led to growing in volume with clients we ve done business with for many years. Their continued business is the best testimony of their appreciation for our service. Q What is the most rewarding aspect of your business A Landscape renovations is my favorite part of landscaping. The response from our clients to this aspect of our business has been amazing. The benefit of starting young in this business is that we ve changed the standard hedge look to natural. We have more experience in native plants and new high tech irrigation controllers. Q What additional value do your clients get by working with your company A I ve created newsletters with information on important landscape topics such as Pruning Techniques Water Management Soil Types Lawn Aeration etc. Expanding our client s knowledge of our industry increases and improves communication. 21 Women of Distinction Andrea M. Cathey fter graduating in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Maine at Fort Kent and obtaining her Registered Nurse (RN) license Andrea M. Cathey spent two years working in the emergency room before becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner to further her career. Rodan Fields Skin Care Consultant Skin Care Rodan Fields Skin Care Consultant EC (Executive Consultant) Currently expanding all the over the United States and recently launched in Canada. A Andrea is currently in the role of Executive Consultant with Rodan Fields. This consists of sharing and educating people on the products and anti-aging line created by the same doctors who created Proactive to treat many common skin conditions like rosacea acne blemishes scarring sun damage wrinkles lines etc. I love what I do. Helping to fix people has always been an innate desire of mine. Consulting others on skin care has been an amazing extension of this. Considering that Andrea had little extraneous support she has done very well for herself. I realized at 18 that I better start working toward my future because I was the only one who was going to take care of me. No matter what situation you re in you can do the same. It just takes some risk and hard work. Andrea can t wait to see what her daughter will contribute to the world. I wanted to be more involved in direct patient care and advocacy. I also enjoy the holistic approach to patient care and try to make the patient as comfortable and active as possible. During this time Andrea met her current husband an emergency room physician while working as a per diem RN and studying for a master s degree. In 2014 they were married and had their first child Aria. However in order to raise her daughter Andrea knew she needed a job that wouldn t keep them apart every day. Five months after Aria was born Andrea was given the opportunity through a good childhood friend to become a Skin Care Consultant for Rodan Fields. I couldn t have been more thrilled with the opportunity to not only continue being successful but to help others succeed as well. I ve always been a goal driven person but after having my baby I was so torn with wanting to spend as much time as possible with her and being able to do what I love helping others and reaching goals. I want Aria to know that she can do whatever she sets her mind to the sky is the limit. I want her to appreciate what hard work and determination can get you in life. I m not just talking about money but fulfillment and personal growth. That s what we re here for to grow and evolve. 22 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Rodan Fields is growing at an exponential rate and is currently the fourth fasting growing skin care business. Q How much time do you have to put into the business A You can put as much or as little time in as you like. It all depends on your goals and what you want to accomplish. You can easily become one of the top earners within a year if you so desire. There are girls on my team who have been at this about a year longer than I have some being among the top earners. Q What kind of support will you get A I ll say that this was the most pleasantly surprising thing for me. You get a lot of support and camaraderie in this business. It s in everyone s best interest for you to be successful. I can promise that you ll get the best support. You won t be left hanging and wondering Why did I sign on for this or What should I do Q Is the sign-on expensive A The sign-on is affordable and there are a few different options. It s a small investment to make for such an innovative company. Q How is this different from any other networking company out there A First the products speak for themselves. It s not sales-y when you share some great advice with your friends you re giving them a gift At this point Rodan Fields only has 100 000 consultants so now is the time to jump on. It s definitely a new company with tons of potential. Q Can you do this business if you already have a full-time job or is it just for stay-at-home moms A This business can be worked around a full-time job. In fact one girl on my team works full-time in the financial world in New York City and does this when she has time around her job. After only a year she s a Level IV working her way to becoming a top earner. The top earners are making around six figures per month Q Is there really a big market for anti-aging skin care A Yes Everyone has skin and we are all aging every day. Rodan Fields is a much cheaper alternative than going to the dermatologist. It took me 30 years to find a product that actually worked. Q What made you decide to join A My skin was in serious need of repair after having my little girl so I tried the products. I tried the reverse line for sun damage and was hooked I knew these products were top-ofthe-line and I saw the huge potential in this business. I knew I couldn t pass it up. Q Why is it so important to join now A Timing is everything. This is a ground floor opportunity. As a consultant you ll benefit from the anticipated explosive growth and success of the company. Take control of your financial future now Q Is this going to be bigger than the Proactive brand A Absolutely Think about the fact that over 100 million people in the U.S. suffer from sun damage. The clinically proven results for the Reverse Regimen Rodan Fields solution to sun damage offers a huge consumer market to take advantage of. The minimal start-up cost and highly competitive compensation plan offers you unlimited earning potential for your career and life goals. 23 Women of Distinction Connie Clawson Real Estate Owner Agent - Re Max Prestige of Idaho Falls Idaho Falls ID 24 Women of Distinction s Owner and Real Estate Agent at Re Max Prestige of Idaho Falls Connie Clawson is dedicated to serving all of her clients to the best of her ability and finds happiness in witnessing them achieve their dreams. Though she had been interested in real estate for quite some time Connie didn t find time to pursue a career in the industry until 2003 once all of her children were in school full-time. After initially planning to try it out for just a year she became hooked and eventually opened up her own Re Max establishment in Idaho Falls. I m a self-motivated person and I like challenges. I became addicted to helping people achieve their goals and this profession has given me the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life. I have found and maintained cherished friendships throughout my career that wouldn t have existed otherwise. Sure there are ups and downs like anything in life but I remember the ups and it makes everything worth it In her role of Owner of Re Max Prestige of Idaho Falls Connie runs an office of independent agents and is available to help the agents in her office at any time if need be. While agents determine their own amount of success Connie does her best to motivate her co-workers by showing them the fun side of real estate and encourages them to achieve as much success as possible. Connie states that her main professional inspirations are Dave and Gail Linegar the founders of Re Max International. Their ability to overcome any obstacles in their path while continuing to remain dedicated and enthusiastic has motivated Connie to always be at her best with her work and maintain a positive attitude. This profession is extremely rewarding. It s not easy but I have found that anything that is really worth something in life comes after hard work and dedication in doing the right thing. Expect nothing that you don t earn Be happy to work and be happy in the day to day responsibilities that allow you to work and be successful. Always smile and be as happy as you can even if you don t feel like it Aside from her work in real estate Connie works alongside her husband on a large wheat and potato farm in Southeast Idaho. In her leisure Connie enjoys spending time with her family attending cultural and religious events volunteering within her community and playing various instruments. She is currently serving as concert mistress in the Firth Community Symphony and participates in about 8-10 concerts per year. Connie is also involved with her local Civitan Club a civic club which mainly fundraises and helps with the Special Olympics but does a lot of work with underprivileged children in the Shop with a Cop program. Things work out if you always do the right thing. Never think that you are owed anything. Treat everyone the way you want to be treated Learn how to work hard to deserve all of the blessings God gives you. A Q&A Q Why is being a realtor considered a professional career A A realtor is a licensed professional who has had to complete state and national testing. A realtor must also meet requirements in order to obtain and maintain a license and continue working as a licensed real estate agent. Q Why is being a licensed real estate agent important A It s important because licensed real estate agents have to maintain and keep current on all of the state and national laws which is a great benefit to buyers and sellers. They are also required to know the fundamentals of property rights and taxes and real estate law in order to better serve the consumer. Q What makes a licensed realtor different from any other person wanting to help you buy or sell a property A A licensed realtor is held to a high standard of ethics -- honest and fair dealings disclosure of latent defects fair housing rules and regulations. A licensed realtor is someone you should be able to trust explicitly. Q Do realtors discriminate A Realtors CAN NOT discriminate against race color religion familial status age physical disabilities etc. They will lose their license if found doing so. Q Do realtors work during specific hours A Our hours are 24 7 depending on the needs of our clients. Answering a phone call is one of the most important parts of being a realtor. When our clients have questions or concerns we need to be accessible to them at all times. Q Do realtors need to be technologically advanced A Yes there are many tools we have available to us that help us market properties. The internet is a perfect example of how the consumer stays in touch with current market trends. Social media is another way that is extremely important in the real estate market. Real estate agents must be on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide their clients with the best and most up-to-date information. 25 Women of Distinction Constance Colon-Jones Communications Independent Consultant - CCJ Communications Simpsonville SC T hrough her work as an Independent Consultant for CCJ Communications Constance Colon-Jones takes pride in her ability to help businesses evolve through communications. Constance has been in the communications industry since the mid-1960s and continues to utilize her skills to aid companies in their growth with confidence building and professional training. Throughout her many years in the industry Constance has released numerous publications on the importance of communications in the business world. Regarding her education Constance has earned a number of degrees including a B.S. and an Ed.D. in communications studies. She feels that proper education and flexibility are extremely necessary in order to succeed in the communications industry. Constance has picked up many beneficial and rewarding lessons from lifelong role models and mentors leading to several important professional career choices. Despite facing some challenges in the changing of her industry over the years she has managed to persevere and find much success with her business. In her free time Constance enjoys volunteering with multiple local regional and international organizations and contributes to many nonprofit organizations. She also likes reading writing golfing traveling and participating in ministry. Constance also shares her professional experience with others as a member of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Kappa Delta Pi the Association for American University Women and her local regional Chamber of Commerce. I have a well-rounded persona. In New Jersey in 1979 I was sworn in as commissioner and executive council seat on the Commission on the Status of Women. I ve always worked to represent women and our endeavors. I have also participated in college university accredited women s studies faculty researching and teaching coursework. The legacy I d like to leave behind is one of reaching a full life circle a totality within a balanced life leading to the hereafter. 26 Women of Distinction Q&A Q How do today s communicative roles fit into the worldwide professional arena A Communications is the key role within worldwide assessment and development. It is critical and determines evaluational outcome. My business s communicative outreach is proposed via all represented components. Q What are the key factors within communications that lead to success A Addressing the big communicative picture is seen as universal. Its many aspects fit into a joined and balanced puzzle design. Q What specific communication roles are required within a successful outcome A Interpersonal and interactive communicative representation are most effective. These polished aspects lay the groundwork for a solid communications base. Q What are the key components to effective communications A Listening speaking reading and writing are some of the most effective ways to communicate. A world system targets upon each given arena. Q How does listening fit into a company s enterprise A The active listening aspect is gainful within the what to do which to do how to do and when to do aspects. Given that a company s employees are required professional experience beyond the job description they should also seek and lock in communicative skills for a successful outcome. Q What other communicative key component is sought after to reach the pinnacle of business success A Speaking and presenting models are of the utmost importance. Controlled factors within voicing is taught and should be all inclusive. Presentation skills within visual and auditory communications are again key. Q Is reading to writing a key factor in a company s success A Reading to writing interpretive stages are again another critical component to business success. These specific genres must be controlled and polished as they are relevant to professional representation. I have taught within the college university accredited coursework areas as well as published articles on the matter on websites and in books. Q Is computer technology a must in today s business world A The worldwide computer technological advancements and undertaking with secured measures as shown in computer science and engineering programs exhibit rapidfire exchanges converting into nanosecond to nanosecond minute to minute and hour to hour refined output. I have degrees in scientific programming and continued computer application courses and workshop certificates. Q Do the radio and television media lead to successful business enterprise A Radio and television media contact announcements must be seen as viable option and component to business success. Radio stations and television interviews propose advertising and marketing representation. Q Does hard print copy also remain a viable option that s relevant to outcome success A Newspapers magazine and periodicals all remain solid in the contact arena. 27 Women of Distinction Dr. Elaine Golden UPF U.N. United Nations Teacher and Counselor Director and Pastor of FRITECH (Flowing River International Teaching and Equipping Center) Pleasant Valley CT D Shalom shalom nothing missing nothing broken into anyone s life who wants peace. r. Elaine Golden is the Director and Pastor for Flowing River International Teaching and Equipping Center (FRITECH) where she teaches the word of God to allow people to use their gifts and talents in order to fulfill their own destiny. When people start to realize that they can achieve small goals it gives them the confidence to excel in overcoming greater challenges. Dr. Golden worked in the public school system for almost eight years in New York as a special education teacher and an interpreter tutor for the deaf. When she moved to Connecticut she worked at the American School for the Deaf (ASD) in West Hartford as a substitute teacher in Barkhamsted at the elementary school as a substitute teacher and at Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted as a full-time interpreter tutor. Her life changed in 1991 when she was touched by the hand of God with His love and great mercy. While pursing the presence of God Dr. Golden began to minister as an evangelist and began full-time ministry in 1994. She started home groups for those who did not know Christ. The Lord brought about a major breakthrough in her life that actually became the catalyst for FRITECH. Through all the abuse she suffered as a child God moved healed and delivered her to salvation. I knew that if Jesus could set me free He could set anyone free. God heals the brokenhearted through His Word which is living and active by the revelation power of the Holy Spirit. Today as Director and Pastor of FRITECH Dr. Golden operates 24 7 through that very revelation and has great compassion for those who have been abused in any way or abandoned with a strong desire to see them healed and set free. I let them know that they are created for a purpose that no matter what their past is there is a better future. For example if they haven t completed high school I help them earn their GED. Or if they ve never worked I do a mock interview for them to have confidence when they go for a job. Such examples show the love of God. We are wired for love. She also works hard with her team to identify the specific personal gifts that belong to each member of the ministry. I was healed from abuse of all kinds. He made me realize that I have worth and that I could use my past traumas to help others realize that they too are valuable. 28 Women of Distinction Once we have established what those gifts and callings within a person are we transition them to an area of ministry where they can be most effective in contributing to the vision of FRITECH. We minister to parents whose children are patients at a children s hospital. We also minister in several other areas including helping the elderly purchasing groceries for families who need them and ministering to prison inmates through Kairos International. Over the years Dr. Golden has enjoyed some incredible and inspirational milestones September 15 1998 She was ordained as a pastor through Preach Unto them Jesus (Oklahoma City OK). June 5 2005 Pastor Elaine received her Doctorate through Dominion Seminary (Brooklyn NY) as a teacher of the Old and New Testament expounding in the history and culture of God s Word to life officially becoming Dr. Elaine Golden . August 8 2005 She was ordained as an apostle by Bishop James Williams of Dominion Seminary (Brooklyn NY). December 4 2009 Dr. Golden was appointed as her Excellency Ambassador for Peace (UPF) to the United Nations. The UN heard of her humanitarian work in India with Pastor Abraham Kuchipudi building and restoring the home for the orphans after the tsunami. The UN also knew of the work she accomplished within her community and in other countries (i.e. Africa India Pakistan Mexico Ethiopia and Philippines). Additionally her TV show Power for Freedom has aired in Connecticut since 1999 but her TV teachings have traveled all over the USA and internationally in India Africa Ethiopia the Philippines and other nations. Dr. Golden even wrote a book on prayer and has held many seminars where she teaches prayer and healing through the Word of God. She has been referred to by many as the mother to the motherless . Q&A Q Why did you start this type of ministry and equipping center A When I was a child I was abused sexually by my uncle grandfather and cousin. This went on for many years. I hated my life and no longer wanted to live so I attempted suicide at the age of five by trying to drown myself in a pool. However someone saw me and pulled me out. I wasn t happy they saved me. (I now wish I could tell them how grateful I am.) When I was ten I tried to kill myself again by taking several aspirin. That only ended up getting me very sick for a few days. (My parents thought I had the flu.) And when I was 14 again I made another attempt to no avail... It is now clear to me that God had a plan and purpose for my life. I walked in fear and distrust for many years but when the Lord stepped into my life things became to change ever so slowly. Once I understood that his love was kind and not abusive I wanted to help others as well. Q Have you ever had your life threatened during your travels throughout the USA and internationally A Yes more than once. I ve had a gun to my head but sensed protection as I remained calm through the attack and am here to talk about it. I was once pushed out of a car with many injuries to prevent me from speaking about the Trinity of God. And in India our passports were taken away for a time due to upheaval during the tsunami. There are more incidents which I will discuss in my next book. Q Do you ever get tired A Yes yet somehow strength rises up within me. When I know there s something that needs to be done I just do it. I think about tired later (after the job gets done). While in Mexico we went up many mountains with food and clothes for the area people. It was a long haul but it got done. And in India it was around the clock service. Our team maybe got about three hours of sleep per night and we were there for 15 days. Yes ministry can be hard at times but I don t see myself doing anything else. Wherever I go I end up being called Mom. My heart is to see each person know that they are loved have worth and that there is a destiny better than they could ve ever imagined. There is success in each of us and I love finding one s destiny and bringing it to fruition the success that God wants them to have. 29 Women of Distinction Ingrid Ilona Hendrickson RN Healthcare (In-Home Nursing Services) Pediatric Registered Nurse for Total Care Inc. Kennewick WA 30 Women of Distinction W ith a caring compassionate heart and love for helping others Ingrid Ilona Hendrickson took a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) class as a senior in high school. After graduating in 2003 at age 17 she started working as a nursing assistant caring for the elderly. While working Ingrid took full-time nursing courses and even played field hockey for the NCAA. For the past 12 years Ingrid has worked as a CNA with the elderly in nursing homes skilled care facilities and in their homes in New Hampshire and later in Washington. Today while pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing from Western Governors University Washington Ingrid works for Total Care a family owned and operated home health agency that has served communities throughout Washington for over 27 years. She performs all nursing tasks for patients and is also there to support their families. Ingrid s advice for anyone looking to work in the field of nursing is to make sure you learn how to take care of yourself first. Q&A Q What is special about your company A Total Care is family owned. I love how I m able to work with my patients and family in the comfort of their home. It is the best way to practice patient centered care and you become an integral part of their family. Q What opportunities does your company offer A I have been able to go to Seattle Children s Hospital to train with nurses and meet my patients and family before the patient goes home. It is a great way to integrate a new patient into our company and prepare them for discharge into our care. Q What values do you practice that pertains to the success of your company A When I signed on to work for Total Care I emphasized to my supervisors that I truly believed in loyalty to my company. At times we struggle with staffing but I always show up to my shifts and pick up extra hours when I can. I am honest work with integrity treat my patients with respect and always strive to maintain a positive attitude with a smile. Nurses need to be strong so they can care for their patients don t let yourself get burned out. We are the backbone of healthcare prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to care for patients and families during life altering events. Also don t let one experience change your mind. If you truly love to care for people compassion is what will keep you coming back to work every day. Additionally due to her own experiences Ingrid plans to start an advocacy center for teens who have survived traumatic life experiences. I am the product of a broken childhood. At the age of five I decided that I was going to be a nurse when I grew up. I had several setbacks that challenged me tremendously during my journey through nursing school and was at the point where I felt like I wanted to give up. However I believe that failure is a part of success and even though I failed I never stopped believing in my capabilities or lost sight of my goals. I persevered with relentless determination for myself and (most importantly) for my little boy. Ingrid wants to leave a legacy that inspires women from all walks of life. We all have a story that molds us into who we are and we all go through tough times but that doesn t define us. You can achieve your dreams. Don t let fear in. Trust your inner voice. Be bold be strong and never give up If you have passion for something you will keep going. 31 Women of Distinction Janine Rose Dolley Health and Wellness Certified Wellness Coach Holistic Life Coach and Stress Management Specialist Founder Chief Executive Officer Wellness Coach and Essential Oil Wellness Advocate - The Eden Reboot doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate Bonita Springs FL I I want to inspire people for someone to look at me and say BECAUSE OF YOU I DIDN T GIVE UP . n the 1960s convenience foods became the newest and greatest thing to give homemakers the freedom to put a quick dinner on the table. Unfortunately the food and information that people were fed back then was not healthy as Janine Rose Dolley learned the hard way. I learned to use margarine because it was better than butter. The more cheese on something the more I liked it. Baked potatoes were always loaded and pasta was a staple. I ate a lot of home baked cookies filled with chocolate chips and brown sugar. I hated vegetables. Jell-O (loaded with sugar) was a favorite and I loved sugary drinks. When Janine was young she remained skinny so assumed she was fine. Years later Janine married had kids and brought them up on hot dogs chips and Happy Meals. All the while she suffered from migraines and depression and she and her friends got heavier. We just thought it was inevitable that it occurred with age. We had kids and no time and... a million excuses. We also loved our loaded nachos. However Janine did not like what she saw in the mirror. I was 250 pounds and my triglycerides were over 700 a number that shocked my doctor. I tried all the diets. Some would work for a while and I would lose weight but then it would come back. Although I suffered with IBS and had my gallbladder removed it didn t occur to me that my eating habits and dieting were depriving my body of much needed nutrients and wreaking havoc on my digestion and health. And in 2011 at the age of 51 Janine s world was turned upside down. 32 Women of Distinction Two days before Christmas I was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple-negative breast cancer. My oncologist told me my survival rate was much lower than if I had hormone positive cancer and with 13 lymph nodes involved she didn t hold out much hope. However surgery chemotherapy and radiation might help. I was told to eat whatever I could keep down and not to take any supplements as they might interfere with the chemo. In total shock scared out of my wits and too terrified to even consider other options I went through the surgery chemo and radiation the process nearly killed me. However during treatment despite her oncologists dire warnings that if she did anything but take the drugs prescribed she would surely die Janine researched ways of helping her body through the treatments and found many alternatives and things that would help. My doctor told me to eat pudding and Jell-O and drink nutritional supplement drinks all nutritionally empty and full of sugar which feeds the cancer. My research told me to start eating REAL unprocessed food and suggested many dietary changes and supplements that would strengthen my immune system and help my body heal. Janine knew then that she had to get this information to others. She wanted her journey to help and inspire those facing chronic health issues. At 55 years of age Janine has been free of cancer for over four years (as of this writing) at optimal weight and off all but one medication. She is healthier than she has ever been in her life energetic happy strong and very positive of her outlook for the future. If I can help and inspire just one other person it makes going through the cancer and related struggles worth every moment. I actually feel blessed to have had the experience as it opened up this avenue for me. I think many are desperate to make a change but they don t know where to start or what that really means. I believe we re all responsible for our own health but so much mixed information is out there that no one knows what to believe. Many people feel that change is just too difficult but I want to show them that it is possible to make healthy changes BEFORE they end up with a life threatening illness. Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A There is so much chronic illness today primarily due to the standard American diet that most of us eat. There is also a lot of conflicting information. People get overwhelmed by that much information so my role as a health coach is to cut through the confusion and help others reach optimal wellness. Q So do you work to cure people A NO I can t cure anyone. The body itself has an innate inborn ability to heal if given the right tools. What I CAN do is help others find what works for them to get their body functioning as well as it can for them so it can heal itself and be strong (inside and out) which will help prevent and heal chronic issues. Q Looking back at your cancer what are the most important things you want people to know A Cancer is NOT an automatic death sentence. There are many many options from standard allopathic care (i.e. surgery chemo and radiation) to a myriad of unique natural solutions. The threat of cancer or other chronic illness is minimized by adjusting your diet and lifestyle before you end up with a diagnosis. If already diagnosed there are many things that one can to do help their body heal. Q How is your health now A It s not perfect although close but it s not about perfection. It s about achieving the optimal health for each individual we re all unique. Q It sounds like a lot of work. Do you only focus on your health A No but I m passionate about it and have experienced what can happen when we ignore our health. Being optimally healthy is a matter of changing one thing at a time. It doesn t happen overnight which is a great reason to have a health coach who can help you make those changes keep you accountable and walk with you. You can learn more about Janine s ways to achieve optimal health at http 33 Women of Distinction Mental Health and Addiction Owner Psychotherapist - Psychological Counseling Center Deerfield IL 34 Kasia Pilewicz LCPC CADC Women of Distinction T hrough her work as a Psychotherapist at Psychological Counseling Center Kasia Pilewicz remains dedicated to helping those who struggle with mental breakdowns unhappiness fears and an inability to make certain life decisions. She is committed to working with people who may need to discover their inner strengths heal from suffering and make positive changes to their lives with therapy. Kasia who is also the founder and owner of Psychological Counseling Center has given herself the goal of creating a safe place for people in her community so they can always seek assistance when they are in crisis. Her organization provides a therapeutic environment for individuals couples and families in need of counseling and clinical psychology. Kasia is experienced in assessing and treating issues such as addiction depression trauma and anxiety. She also assists individuals who are dealing with life challenges such as divorce death loss major transitions and adjustments. She is currently in the process of creating a support group for people going through a divorce. This is my second career which I started in my thirties. I know that being a therapist is my purpose in life my lifelong passion and joy. Working with people and their problems can be challenging. A therapist needs to set up appropriate boundaries and develop a balance between work and life. It is important to maintain good self-care. I learned how to recoup within few minutes at the end of a difficult day by focusing on my inner silence laughing with my children talking to my husband walking my dog and being in the moment. This is my recipe for happiness. Though she first discovered her passion for psychology as a teenager she didn t pursue a career in the field until she arrived to the United States with her family in 2003. Upon her arrival to America she returned to school where she had to overcome the language barrier while receiving intensive professional training in English. She also began volunteering at a community health clinic where she translated for Polish patients. In 2009 Kasia received an M.A. degree in Counseling Psychology from Adler School of Professional Psychology. She is a Certified AODA Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois and is currently enrolled in a General Psychology doctorate program at Walden University where she is expected to graduate in 2016. Kasia s greatest inspiration in her work has been Dr. Irvin Yalom who inspired her to always continue growing and improving as a mental health professional. Based on his work she developed her philosophy that mental health problems are caused by one s struggles throughout their whole life. In her therapy she focuses on patients perceptions of life events ways of dealing with outside pressure and attachment to important people from childhood in order to find healthy defenses against psychological suffering. She believes that therapy is the most effective treatment for mental health problems. You need to really love this job to be successful. It requires a lot of self-discipline openness to learning new things a nonjudgmental attitude and patience. My patients always say that they know when a mental health professional truly cares and I believe it. I believe it because I know that they have an inner sensitivity that allows them to feel that. They will seek your help when they recognize that you are there for them. Aside from running her organization Kasia is involved with the Deerfield Bannockburn Riverwoods Chamber of Commerce the Positive Psychology Network and the South Carolina Adlerian Society. She also writes weekly articles on psychology for Chicago s Polish Daily News and continues to do rigorous research on the integration of positive psychology into clinical practice. Always be yourself and accept your unique qualities because you can contribute a lot to your community. It s never too late to fulfill your dreams. In her leisure Kasia loves to spend time with her family and enjoy nature by camping. One of her dreams is to own an RV and travel though out the United States. Follow your passion and set your mind toward achieving your goals. Whenever you put in the effort to pursue your dreams it always pays back. Self-determination is a key for a success. 35 Women of Distinction Kelli Czaykowsky Charity Refugees Co-Founder and President - F.R.E.E. (Friends of Refugees providing Education and Empowerment) Clarkston GA K No matter what you accomplish in life you can never truly be happy until you ve helped others. elli Czaykowsky found her calling in 2010 when she heard about a group of refugee children that were pleading for a Christian education because the school they were currently at had gangs drugs and violence. What has kept me in my career for so long are the kids and their smiles knowing that they have so many needs and that I can be their voice. There s so much that can be done to help people who are essentially starting their lives all over again or starting from nothing. So many people need a voice to get their needs heard and met. She was greatly inspired by Sharon McKee of McKee Foods Corporation for high level of achievement and ability to relate to all types of people. Sharon has a strong business sense but also maintains a warm personality and a very benevolent attitude. Her kind gracious and honorable nature also makes her such an inspiration to me. Kelli really feels for the burdens of others. In allowing herself to act on those feelings she has been able to accomplish so much more than she ever imagined was possible. Five years ago I didn t even know what a refugee was. Now I m currently sponsoring 53 refugee children through a 501c organization She feels that while some people need more help than others it s serving others that allows us to truly make a difference in this world. We are all in this world together. What these children really wanted was a safe environment to study and learn. That s when I started thinking about forming a nonprofit organization. As Co-Founder and President of Friends of Refugees providing Education and Empowerment (better known as F.R.E.E.) Kelli is now responsible for 53 refugee children. She coordinates events services training and funding for the organization so that the children and parents can receive the assistance they need in order to prepare themselves for self-sufficiency. Services include speaking at events to raise awareness of refugees needs in the community raising funds for scholarship money so the children can receive a Christian education getting medical assistance to the refugees finding donors for money clothing and other items as needed for the families making lunches daily and distributing them to the children at school for those who need them and providing job training for parents and ESL training for all refugees. 36 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Do you have to have any experience to start a 501c organization A Not really but what you definitely need is passion and the determination to succeed. Q Do you ever feel overwhelmed A Yes actually there are days I do feel that way. What a person needs to understand is that in our society there will always be things that need your help but you can only do so much each day. Pacing yourself helps keep everything in line and helps you stay focused on the work to be done. Q What is the best advice you can give to someone starting out A The best advice I can give to someone starting out is to create your organization independently of others. We started out underneath a mother organization and it caused a lot of problems and confusion especially for donors who wanted to give money and lend their support to our causes. Q What would you say is mandatory in running a charity A Balance is essential in order to succeed. Balancing the issues at work helps keep you balanced in other areas of your life including your home family education and personal time. Q What is one of the biggest challenges you face in making a charity successful A One of the biggest challenges is getting your charity noticed out there in the world and creating awareness of the needs you have for your charity. People will be unaware of your actual cause so they ll be hesitant to make donations. You really need to create a great awareness of your charity before you can start to really expect a sustainable foundation of support and donations. Q What is one of the greatest accomplishments in running a 501c organization A That would be the expressions we see on the faces of the refugees we help. To look and see the graciousness they show after just helping and reaching out to them is priceless and something that money can t buy Q How has F.R.E.E. been able to show progress in the last five years A We started off helping only 12 refugee students with money for their education. Five years later we are helping 53 refugee children with tuition assistance. Some have already graduated high school. Q What is one of your own personal accomplishments within your charity A One of our refugee girls had developed a blood disorder while living in the refugee camps. Her mother was not aware of the proper treatment for her daughter. F.R.E.E. helped arranged the medical assistance to get her disorder diagnosed and assisted with transportation for the many appointments she needed in order to receive her treatment. Today she is on her way to a great life. Q What would be something you would say to someone who feels a calling to help others A I would say that you have to believe in yourself because there are people out there depending on you and in need of your help right now. You may not think there s much you can do to help but the help you give can certainly help change someone s life forever. Q If someone wanted to start and run a nonprofit organization but had zero knowledge on the subject would you recommend hiring a tax advisor or is the paperwork simple enough to handle on one s own A Yes I would definitely hire a tax advisor when starting a nonprofit. The tax advisor s fee is well worth the money given the problems that could arise if the paperwork isn t completed or filed properly. You definitely want a tax professional s help when it comes to setting up your organization. 37 Women of Distinction Louann Cranford BS LMT ACMT CLP Healthcare - Massage Therapy Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lypossage Practitioner - Caring Touch Myotherapy Duncanville TX W Massage is so much more than a feel good rub . Pamper yourself with a customized massage. You deserve it Massage is a serious business for me. I choose continuing education courses in order to further my knowledge and hopefully be a valuable resource to my clients. If a client in stress and pain trusts me enough to put my hands on them to help alleviate that pain and stress I want to be the best massage therapist possible. Her advanced education includes training in the following modalities Orthopedic Sports Massage (200 hours) Lypossage (Certified Practitioner) Myofascial Release Myoskeletal Alignment Migraine Management Reflexology Prenatal Pregnancy Lymphatic Drain Detox Massage Arthrossage (medical massage for arthritis that helps ease joint discomfort and degeneration caused from all forms of arthritis especially osteo and rheumatoid) hile Louann Cranford has a Bachelor of Science in Business Education (Tarleton State University) and worked as a high school business teacher for six years before entering the business world as an executive assistant her life was changed forever (but not in a bad way) after being involved in a car accident. Massage was part of her rehabilitation which opened Louann up to a whole new career after her therapist encouraged her to become a therapist herself due to her tenacity and personality . In order to pursue this new career path Louann enrolled in the Skilled Touch Program of Wellness Skills Inc. (Fort Worth TX) and graduated in December 1998 with honors. She later received her massage therapy license in June 1999 from the Texas Department of State Health Services and also became a certified member (ACMT) of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). Today Louann provides her services at the Duncanville Electrolysis and Laser Center located at 122 West Center Street in Duncanville TX. I love helping people feel better and educating them about how the body works as well as how they can contribute to their own well-being. She strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism and proficiency which allows her clients to receive the best possible care. Her strong belief in continuing education has resulted in extensive advanced training that she believes assists her clients to live life to the fullest and furthers her quest of being the best possible therapist. 38 Energy Modalities Always believe in yourself and your education. Since massage therapy is a hands-on industry much of the continuing education is also handson. Learn from the best in the industry and then trust your hands to tell you what your client needs. Louann s experience in a variety of industries gives her extensive knowledge of the multiple positions used to perform tasks in the workplace. This knowledge enhances her ability to envision various muscle movements and reactions that may lead to stresses strains sprains and tension. The ability to identify repetitive muscle movements assists her in finding the proper ways to help clients overcome the restrictions that cause pain. For this her technique instructor nicknamed her Magic Hands a name that some of her clients have adopted as well. Many people look at massage as a luxury item. Therefore it s often the first thing cut from the budget when money is tight. However more and more people are becoming aware of the medical benefits of massage and that it can help keep them healthy in so many ways. Experts estimate that upwards of 90% of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster internally and externally than high stress. Massage is an effective tool for managing stress which translates into Decreased anxiety Enhanced sleep quality Greater energy Improved concentration Increased circulation Reduced fatigue It can also help specifically address a number of health issues and can Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion Assist with shorter easier labor for expectant mothers and shorten maternity hospital stays Ease medication dependence Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow the body s natural defense system Exercise and stretch weak tight or atrophied muscles Help athletes of any level prepare for and recover from strenuous workouts Increase joint flexibility Lessen depression and anxiety Promote tissue regeneration reducing scar tissue and stretch marks Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs improving circulation Reduce post-surgery adhesions and swelling Reduce spasms and cramping Relax and soften injured tired and overused muscles Release endorphins amino acids that work as the body s natural painkiller Relieve migraine pain Louann gives back to communities by participating in a wide variety of city events. She is also a partner with Hands for Heroes a national organization of healthcare providers who donate their time and services monthly to help veterans. She has three brothers and two sisters who have given her seven nieces nephews and nine great-nieces nephews. Louann and her siblings were all born in Texas and are proud sixth-generation Texans. Our ancestry has been authenticated and our family has been designated as one of the Texas First Families . Louann always welcomes new clients and looks forward to assisting you in being able to live pain-free. As such she would like to be remembered as a knowledgeable person who was always interested and willing to become vested in helping her clients live a better life through the use of massage. 39 Women of Distinction Margaret E. Broadwell Entrepreneurship Retail Government President Owner Jewels By Margaret LLC Co- Owner Leather-Wraps President Owner Variety Venues LLC. Morrisville NC F ormer Mayor and Council Member of Morrisville North Carolina Margaret E. Broadwell served 14 years as a local elected official ending her service in 2013. After marrying her husband in 1982 they moved from Cary North Carolina where she spent her childhood to the small town of Morrisville in 1984. Encouraged by her father-in-law who had previously served on the Town Council and believing very much in the saying that you should bloom where you are planted Margaret accepted the challenge to seek public office. In 1984 the same year she became a licensed Realtor Morrisville had a population of less than 300 and the town lacked many necessary services and programs needed to support a growing community. Margaret was the second female ever to serve on the Council and later became the first female Mayor ever in Morrisville. I have a genuine desire to serve and provide for the public good Margaret said noting that the town boasts more than 23 000 residents today. I believe that our citizens deserve a high quality of life and by having participated as an elected official it gave me the authority to adopt policies to protect their properties their families and their work opportunities. There is never a dull moment in local government and it s very rewarding in and of itself when you feel the love of your community. Although Margaret is not presently an elected official she is rarely idol. She serves on the North Carolina State Executive Committee of the Democratic Party. Most of her efforts today however are focused on two of her businesses Leather-Wraps and Jewels By Margaret both of which have dedicated websites. Both products have a uniqueness to them and Margaret is delighted to be able to offer them to the public. Leather-Wraps are Artisan crafted ladies leather shawls that are created by local women in Ecuador. Margaret and her business partner purchase directly from the original designers and import them to the United States to be sold both wholesale and retail online and at tradeshows and other vendor events. These elegant and unique pieces offer some of Ecuador s richest heritage and have even been featured in Vogue magazine Paris edition in April 2013. Through her business Jewels By Margaret Margaret designs and creates one of a kind necklace sets using mostly real gemstone and natural materials from the earth such as jade amber turquoise pearls and other interesting finds. Necklaces come in single and double strand styles with matching earrings. I first became fascinated with jewelry making after watching the home shopping channels on television Margaret said about what initially piqued her interest in jewelry design. Creativity has always been a talent of mine and this craft seemed to fit like a glove. I absolutely love making jewelry and I hope others will love my work just as much. As with any business Margaret understands the importance of marketing strategies in order to maintaining longevity. Educating herself on the many tools that social media has to offer she is learning how to be competitive and reach her target markets for both companies. Because they are both solely online businesses she knows that a well-planned and executed online presence is critical. With plans to write her first book about her life experiences in Morrisville over the past 30 years Margaret hopes to inspire and educate readers on what it takes to be an honest public servant and hard worker who genuinely strived to produce a better quality of life for the many families in her community. I commend anyone who wants to participate in their community Margaret said. Volunteering on Town City advisory boards and committees provides invaluable knowledge of how local governments work but one must be well versed in the issues of the day and it takes a lot of commitment. An only child who was raised by two loving parents who came from meager beginnings but worked hard Margaret was taught that anything in life is possible and that she could achieve anything if she put her mind to it. My mother set a shining example for me all her life and was my greatest supporter and teacher until her passing in 2003 Margaret said humbly. In her early life in England she faced the depression a dysfunctional home life and World War II. At five foot two inches tall she enlisted in the English Army at the age of 18 before meeting my father a US Army soldier. They married at the end of the war. Later becoming a naturalized US citizen so that she could vote her life s example has served me well. She was a lady of faith determination and principle who never wavered from her commitment to make our world a better place for everyone. Margaret believes that life is all about attitude and faith in a higher power. Married 33 years to her husband Jerry who works in the food industry together they share two grown children. Son Jarrett is a shop manager for an automotive company and daughter Shannan works for a large automobile dealership. They both live nearby in Cary North Carolina Margaret s former hometown. Margaret is a current member of The Woman s Club of Raleigh where she serves on their Fundraising Committee. The organization is dedicated to raising money for community projects and services. She is also a former Board Member and current Advisory Board member of the Kaleidoscope Charter High School. Once approved by the North Carolina Board of Education Kaleidoscope will be the first public high school ever in Morrisville. The school plans to focus on core curriculum and specialize in arts and technology. Margaret is also known for starting the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce and co-founding the Morrisville Rotary Club. Most recently she has received The Tier of Excellence Award by Oxford Who s Who. Jewels By Margaret Fashion forward elegance created unique to itself and designed For Only You . Leather-Wraps Wrap yourself in luxury and set yourself apart from the ordinary wearing these native Artisan crafted leather shawls from Ecuador. We thank you for supporting children s education in Ecuador by your purchase. Margaret E. Broadwell (919) 802-2168 contact Margaret E. Broadwell (919) 802-2168 margaretbroadwell Women of Distinction 42 Meagan Leturno Service Medical Billing Owner Medi-Bill LLC Eugene OR fter her son Colton was born Meagan Leturno became a stay at home mom looking for extra income to help out her family. So in 2006 Meagan started Medi-Bill LLC where she was able to work from home at night while her family slept and she used their dining room as her office desk. A As the Owner and Operator of Medi-Bill LLC Meagan s main role is in fact billing. However because she also serves as the manager of her company Meagan is also responsible for human resources invoicing clients pricing provider relations A P A R supplies ordering work flow monitoring all on top of the actual medical billing. I ve been inspired by being able to help provide for my family and show my kids that they can be anything they want to be but they have to put in the time and effort to do so even when it might get hard. Motivation and support from my friends and family have kept Meagan working hard on her company. With the support of her husband Chris Meagan isn t sure she would have made it this far. I grew up a small town girl and started the company when I was very young. I never went through the party years. Looking back now I m glad that I made the decision to stick with it and work hard. I only now know that I wasn t missing out on anything that would have helped my future. Starting a company and having kids at the same time was a bit hectic at times but I wouldn t change a thing. 43 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What would you have changed about past decisions A I think about this all the time. Honestly I don t think I would change a thing. Every business decision I made taught me something to help me in the future. You just have to make the decisions to the best of your ability. Q How do you define success A To me success is waking up in the morning happy with who you are and what you do. It s not about how much money you make or how many people know who you are. If you feel good about yourself and have pride in what you do every day you are successful. Q If you could pursue any other career what would it be A Oh boy I would love to be a million different things It s really hard to choose one. If I had to pick I would probably in this moment say working at my kid s school. My kids go to Crow Applegate Lorane Elementary School in Crow Oregon. I would love to be a school librarian there. Q How does Medi-Bill get most of its business A Most of our business comes from word of mouth from providers. If your current clients speak highly of the services they receive other providers trust that. We also get inquiries through our website. Q Can you provide billing services to states other than Oregon A We sure can. With all the technology and network capabilities we can provide billing anywhere really. Q Do you want your daughters to follow in your footsteps A I want them to follow in my footsteps in the aspect of pursuing a career that they love and to work as hard as they can to be successful at it and to be able to stand on their own two feet and be happy. They have different career interests at this point. My 8 year old is entertaining owning her own coffee stand or her own line of make up. My other daughter would like to be a doctor of some sort. Whatever they choose I will be behind them 100%. Q Would you encourage others to pursue being self-employed too A As with anything in life there are pro s and con s to being self-employed. There is a lot of responsibility with being self-employed and its 24 7. My husband and I are both self employed and we have faced some struggles throughout the years. Looking back now we are glad that we did it. It will teach you a lot about yourself. If you find something that you love and can make a career out of it go for it. Don t regret not doing it later in life. Q What steps would you recommend someone take before starting their own medical billing company A I would recommend working as an in house biller at a practice and figure out what provider types you like working with. Gain as much knowledge as you can before taking the leap. Q Do you think medical billing is a job for anyone or does it require a certain personality A It does require a certain personality. You have to be good with numbers fluent in medical terminology insurance plans able to multi task and speak to all patient types. You work with many types of providers patients and various people daily and have to be well versed in many policies. You learn something new every day in medical billing. It can certainly be stressful at times. Q What are your hobbies A At this point in my life my hobbies are anything that involves my family. I love volunteering for their school and sports organizations. We are also a racing family so we make time to race our truck at the Woodburn Drag strip in Woodburn Oregon and the drag bikes in Albany Oregon during race season. 44 Women of Distinction Patty McNulty P Real Estate Owner Broker Notary - McNulty Realtors Norwood MA atty McNulty s interest in architecture and home design led to her getting a real estate license in 1997. She has stayed in this business for 19 years because of the success she has received from it as well as the personal satisfaction of helping so many people along the way. It s been rewarding to me on so many levels. Her strong work ethic is something that she attributes to her parents. They were two of the hardest working people I knew. Both were Irish immigrants who came to the U.S. with a dream of making a life and appreciating the opportunities they had here. They never let anything stop them. While they may have had a lack of education and material possessions they never lacked the ability to work hard. Today as the owner of McNulty Realtors Patty oversees all daily activity amongst her agents and makes herself readily available to them at any time to handle questions or potential roadblocks that may arise in their transactions. If you work with my Company you re getting some of the finest Realtors in the business. They work extremely hard and put in very long hours because of the care they have for their clients. Each member of my team takes great pride in their level of expertise and the job they do it s about so much more than a paycheck to them. I would like to think we set the bar pretty high with our moral and ethical beliefs on how to treat people and do business. Patty has been asked to consider teaching real estate but for right now she would rather focus on running a successful company. We ll see what the future holds but I don t think I could serve my clients well if I were to start teaching. My sole focus is my company and the people it serves. However I ll always share any knowledge I have with my agents. 45 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What sets your office apart from all the other real estate offices A My office works with clients through every step of the transaction. We don t operate like many other offices in respect to taking a listing and then just putting the house on a lock box for every agent in the world to just come and go. We show up to every showing appointment so we have full knowledge of activity and feedback. My agents pay attention to detail and because of this they avoid many problems from occurring. Q What would you like to see change in your industry A I would like to see Realtors be more hands on. It s bothersome to see some people in the industry put such little effort into the job. They just seem to do it for the paycheck but I think it s about so much more than that. You re helping people with the biggest purchase of their life and helping provide them with a place that they will create all their memories from. I really take great pride in my work. Q After so many years in the industry do you still set goals for yourself A Yes I challenge myself daily I ve made lists my whole life of what I want to accomplish and set goals in every area of my life. Most are attainable but it s the ones that seem like they are not that stretch me. I m an optimist by nature so nothing seems impossible to me. Q How important is technology to your industry A Technology is the heart of our industry If you don t keep up you ll quickly be left behind. It s a part of the job that s forever changing and I think it keeps you sharp because you never seem to learn or conquer it all. Most homebuyers are searching the internet long before you meet them so they ve done their homework to a degree. You have to keep up in order to be valuable to both buyers and sellers. Q Do you find managing so many different agents difficult A No I m so appreciative of the agents I have. They re very knowledgeable in what they do and beyond that are very ethical in what they do. They make things easy for me. I get a sense very quickly when I hire an agent on what their morals and beliefs are. I have agents that I consider my friends and I choose my friends wisely. I m very grateful to have them all. Q What other areas of your business should we know about A I m an Authorized Distributor of Pro-Fab Modular Homes and have put up dozens and dozens of homes for people that are custom designed to their way of living. The product is top notch and clients are involved in the design process so they are creating exactly the home they want. They could search a lifetime for homes that are on the market and never find the exact one they pictured in their mind so we create it. I designed my own Pro-Fab Home which my family and I have lived in for the past 10 years and am completely happy with the product and truly endorse it. Q Does your family support the amount of time you dedicate to your business A I hit the jackpot when it comes to family. They ve supported everything I ve ever done whether I was successful at it or not. My husband has nothing to do with the business which I think makes things easier because I have someone to talk to when days are long and hard. My son is also a Real Estate Broker so he understands the day-to-day of the operation. He just got married to a wonderful girl so they will be very knowledgeable in buying their own home soon. Q Is there a saying or quote that has any special meaning to you in business A Yes... Never Forget A Humble Beginning. I think as a society we re all busy looking forward without ever taking the time to look back. Remembering where we started and how far we ve come is rewarding to me. You have to reflect on the good and the bad to appreciate things. Most importantly you have to realize that no matter how far you ve come there s so much road still ahead to travel bumps and all. Just follow your dreams and enjoy the journey 46 Women of Distinction Sharon M. Hayes Freelance Marketing Art Writing President President President St. Louis MO multi-faceted visionary leader who boasts strategic positioning into every company and project she has ever been fortunate enough to work with Sharon M. Hayes is the President of several business ventures. Beginning her career in the 1980 s as a Graphic Designer for a local promotional advertising and marketing agency followed by advancements across several different agencies over the years she has paved the way to success in various markets. The former Executive Creative Director developed a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies like Kellogg s Coca-Cola and Hasbro formed Mosaic Marketing Inc. as Co-Founder in the 1990 s and eventually created and marketed her own line of fine art. Shortly thereafter Sharon exhibited at the New York Art Expo and Hayes Fine Arts one of her current businesses was picked up by a California company that went worldwide via Bed Bath & Beyond and several art gallery shops like Deck the Walls. Her artwork which is most known for her faces that share eyes can be found on her websites. In 2015 went live and each month she runs a special price on reproductions of one painting selected from her art gallery. Maintaining her title as a Freelance Marketing Creative throughout her entire career Sharon specializes in working with new and existing companies products and services from concept through production as well as the introduction to the consumer sales and trade arena via traditional and digital means. Sharon works with companies that include everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 s and she treats each and every client as if they are her top priority. A Never allowing her ego to get in the way especially during the negotiation stage of any project Sharon has always been humble when it comes to business. In fact she stresses the importance of taking courses that will keep individuals on track such as psychology being able to take constructive criticism listening well and doing one s research which is key to any solid project. I am passionate about my creative and strategic work and I am always sensitive to meeting a client s objectives deadlines and budget constraints Sharon said honestly. I think my past book of clients speak for themselves. While doing freelance work for a company called Elwell and Associates Inc. Sharon invented the Care Necessities Pac a co-pack envelope of coupons to be handed out nationwide via day care centers intended for young mothers to create brand loyalty at an early age. The product was such a great success that The Clorox Company who originally sponsored it eventually bought it out. In 2008 Sharon gathered a handful of investors and created a children s entertainment web world of books online games songs and plush toys of each of the characters. Curlee CoolTM is a never-ending storyline about a yellow jazz cat who uses his imagination and creativity to get into outer space where he then discovers many new worlds and new friends she added noting that the business is now up for sale. (Any interested parties should contact Sharon s business broker Joe Cezmarko at Link 314.402.0568.) Sharon s imagination and drive to create something from nothing sprinkle it with love sweat and tears and watch it grow as she so delicately explained is one of the most amazing feelings. I create and escort a product to the marketing launch pad and assist with business and marketing plans by adding the necessary creative dazzle Sharon noted. I am currently working for Modern Litho as a lead in new business development. Modern Litho is a midwestern multi-service quality printing company with clients nationwide. 47 Women of Distinction The mother of one Sharon s son is 21-years-old and is a military police officer with the US Army branch of the Missouri National Guard. He has been a police explorer for the past six years is currently in college and will be attending the Police Academy soon. Raised in a family with eight siblings Sharon s mother was a stay-at-home mom while her father worked as an auto mechanic and on-air radio musician. They are just as influential in her life as they were all those years ago. Spending free time blowing off some steam Sharon loves a good tennis match playing racquetball and golf. She loves to travel paint write poetry and take in a good movie to give her mind a mini vacation. Life is truly what you make of it she said. Life also truly makes you but you can shape it to your benefit. I ve had some of my most challenging personal life changes happen over the past 10 years but I m the epitome of an optimist. Fortunately my art and poetry is an outlet for me. I love all people and believe we are all one. I hope this is what people see when they look at my works of art. An Artist Dream by Sharon M. Hayes 2004 Down beneath thy heart and soul Lies that which self cannot control Desires fire when in the night Can make the darkness turn to light And from beneath the glow takes hold It wells and swells till mind is full Of colors oh so bold and bright It gives mind s eye creative sight Now that which eye takes into air Brushed on thy canvas once lay bare Thoughts made whole and truths are told By lines and shapes and colors bold Set out the dry upon a shelf Heart soul and spirit of thy self Caught at glance by passers by The colors dance and capture eyes Much deeper than the eyes it flirts An artist s spirit takes new birth And lives among the canvas sold Which speaks to thee both young and old Relations form when dream is hung Felt differently by everyone It s desires cry to soul and heart Which turns a painting into art. 48 Women of Distinction Chassity T. Heard BSCLS MHA Healthcare Quality Improvement Coordinator UT Health Science Center-Houston Houston TX I As a child science was my favorite subject and as I got older I started to learn how science related to the human body and our health. Health Science inspired me to become a healthcare professional so I can make a difference in the health care industry. n August of 2010 Chassity T. Heard BSCLS MHA got her start in the healthcare industry as a medical technologist with a specialty in Flow Cytometry. In January 2015 she started working as a Quality Improvement Coordinator in clinical research. Chassity wants to encourage other professionals starting off in their careers. She believes that individuals should continue to educate themselves by taking classes their institution offers or going back to school to receive a degree because she knows the healthcare industry is constantly changing. Healthcare gives you an opportunity to grow and you should take advantage of it. Whenever she gets free time Chassity volunteers at her church The Church at Bethel s Family. She also serves as the leader for the single mother s ministry called M.O.M.S. Den or Mothers On a Mission to Succeed a ministry that helps young adult mothers develop their relationship with God encourage each other and navigate their way to success with the help of God. Chassity also likes to dance at church. There she teaches dance including both lyrical and modern dance. Her goal is to go on mission trips with her church to help underdeveloped countries with improving their healthcare systems. I love being in the healthcare industry. I continue to learn grow and develop as a career woman. As a quality improvement coordinator Chassity assists in the development and implementation of strategic action quality improvement and risk management plans. She identifies potential weaknesses and provides senior management with an analysis of outcomes. For Chassity the main challenge she has faced in her career was overcoming the once impossible. I love to help others that s why I m in the healthcare field and volunteer at my church. I want to help others carry out the legacy of servitude. We must be of service to others because you ll never know when you ll need someone to be of service to you. Sometimes people want to keep you in a box and they get comfortable with where you are in your career. I believe in myself and challenge myself to think outside of the box which has contributed to my success thus far. 49 Women of Distinction Heather McCarthy Education Co-founder of Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books Oak Lawn IL H eather McCarthy aspires to spread a message of acceptance awareness and kindness. As the cofounder of Someone Special Uniquely Personalize Books she is accomplishing just that. Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books teaches children at a very young age about differences and accepting them. Heather was inspired to launch the company by her daughter Maya who was born with a rare metabolic condition called Propionic Acidemia. When she was ready to go to school I wanted her to have a way to explain her condition to her teacher and classmates so she could be safe and healthy in school Heather said. We created her a picture book and it was a huge success. Unlike other personalized books Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books are unique in the amount of personalizing the parent or customer is allowed. After inserting the child s name birthdate and uploading a personal picture customers can add in the child s hobbies and interests and the name of their condition and syndrome. The last page is left blank for the parent to write anything they would like including special accommodations instructions surgeries or more about the hobbies or interests. So far the company has published 12 books that can be personalized for children with Autism Cerebral Palsy Diabetes Down Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Epilepsy food allergies hearing impairment neurological and muscular disorders speech impairments vision impairments or physical disabilities. They also have a personalized book for children without disabilities who want to learn about acceptance and friendships. Customers go to choose a book and begin the personalization process. Heather s philosophy is that everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect. In the future her company will be working on personalized social stories and books to support children s Individual Education Plans. Heather and her business partner are currently working closely with a variety of school districts providing personalized books for both their special needs students and for their regular education students. Hospitals social workers counselors and support groups have all reached out to the company for personalized books for the communities they serve. Each month Heather s company selects a different charity organization classroom or child to sponsor. With their donation children are getting medical devices financial assistance or much needed resources. We want people to know we are more than a book company Heather said. We are a support system a resource and an advocate for all children. 50 Women of Distinction Dr. Janet Marie Miller-Selitto Higher Education Adjunct English Professor Orlando FL D r. Janet M. Miller-Selitto began her career in education more than 20 years ago. Her passion for writing and teaching students lead her to excel in her profession. But Janet didn t always dream of being an English professor. Janet had a remarkable military career before going into the field of higher education. She is a member of the last cycle of the Women s Army Corp before Congress disbanded the Corp and integrated the army to include women in 1976. After leaving the military she graduated with a Bachelors of Liberal Arts degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Potsdam University in 1987. While she was there she performed an internship in St. Lawrence County Juvenile Probation. I would have to say my greatest inspiration are those students who come back a year or two later and say they are in the position of writing poetry or editing or writing for a magazine or became an associate dean because of me she said. I have always told my students if I can earn a graduate degree so can they. I m dyslexic with a bit of ADHD but I manage to get past it. Janet is the recipient of Covington s Who s Who Executive of the year for 2015. She has been a textbook reviewer for three textbook companies in her years of teaching including EAP and literature textbooks and was elected by her peers to serve on the faculty senate as adjunct representative at Seminole State College. When she is not working Janet enjoys traveling reading and spending time with her two married sons and six grandchildren. She is also active in her church where she supports the community outreach program. I began my career as a teacher aid and substitute teacher in Orange County Public school system in 1987 when I moved to Florida from upstate New York and couldn t get past the interview process in the state parole system Janet recalled. The principal who hired me knew me as a concerned parent observed me substitute teaching and strongly encouraged me to go to graduate school for my masters degree. In 1992 Janet did just that. She received her Master s of Science in English Education from Nova University. She went on to receive a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education from Nova Southeastern University in 2008. In conjunction with completing a doctorate degree Janet finished a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in 2003 from the University of Central Florida. Today Janet is an accomplished adjunct English Professor for Seminole State College of Florida in Sanford Florida Valencia College in Orlando Florida and ITT-Tech at Lake Mary Florida. My list of achievements has surprised even me Janet said. I come from a very negative background but have risen above all that to see God s amazing hand. I love teaching and learning from my students. 51 Women of Distinction Linda Glover R.N. F.C.N. Nonprofit Nursing Linda Glover Christian Foundation Home and School Liberia West Africa W My passion for my industry comes from the love of the interaction with my patients and to help them move toward healthy living. It s the celebration with patients small steps toward recovering and healing. hen Linda Glover was in high school she was a member of the Future Nurse s Club. During that time she volunteered at the children s hospital once a week rolled bandages for the cancer society and performed assignments at a tuberculosis hospital. All of my memories are that I wanted to be a nurse. Linda attended nursing school in 1971 and three years later became a registered nurse. Throughout her tenure as a nurse Linda has served as a teacher and educator in multiple capacities. She has also served as the Planning and Coordinator of Teaching and Training of Community Health Workers Mobile Villages and Rural Clinics and Health Care Teaching and Clinics in Ghana Liberia Benin Uganda Kenya Nigeria Tanzania Zambia Honduras and Mexico. Due to my husbands employment we had to move many times over the years. I stayed open to learning new pathways in my career. Now Linda works with the Linda Glover Christian Foundation Home and School as a coordinator doing stateside planning. She is essentially a consultant that works with the goal setting on the Africa side of the foundation. Linda believes that for those starting off in the nursing and teaching industry it is important to have a mentor. However the mentor needs to be someone who cares about their patients and clients so that the mentee can be inspired and readily transitioned from academia to the professional world. When Linda was first starting in the industry as a public health nurse her mentor was the late Dr. Patti Dodson who was a pediatrician. At that time I directed all the clinics and did the hands on practice. She was there by my side when I walked through the building or when I was on the phone. She was my mentor in the most excellent way. Throughout her professional journey Linda s husband has been supportive the whole way. Together they have three children twelve grandchildren fourteen great grandchildren and have been foster parents to eight other children. In her free time she enjoys family activities traveling flower gardening cooking walking and exercising. I truly believe in giving back to the world as I have been given much. The goal setting is very important for the organization to function at its highest capacity. 52 Women of Distinction Marcia Morgan-Payne Real Estate Real Estate Agent Specialist Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties Marietta GA S ettling in Marietta Georgia in 1999 with her singer musician husband after meeting each other in London England Jamaican born Marcia MorganPayne is now enjoying the many rewards of working as a Real Estate Agent for Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties. Arriving in Georgia to a brand new world new country and new life with her husband was a big adjustment but her career has given her a sense of stability making her more and more grounded with each new day. Real estate is a very competitive business and Marcia has worked hard to make a name for herself. Getting to know the market and the area she works in networking and selecting a niche market have been instrumental to her success. Honesty has also been key clients need to feel comfortable with their agent and be assured that all of their needs are being met. A member of National Association of Realtors Georgia Association of Realtors and Cobb Association of Realtors Marcia is also active with Make-A-Wish Foundation Hosea Feed the Hungry Hands On Atlanta and The Sunshine Kids. She also volunteers for Must Ministries Food Bank and Habitat for Humanity. Marcia earned a Bachelor of Technology in Interior Architecture from Kent University for Art and Design in England in 1993. Once relocating to the US however she realized that she d have to go back to school to learn the American way including terms terminology measurement systems and things of that nature in order to continue in her career. In England interior architecture design is very different from interior decorating. This is what helped her to ultimately decide to transition to the next best thing real estate. In 2000 she became a Licensed Georgia Real Estate Agent through Barney Fletcher Real Estate Institute. Married since February 1990 to Ricky Payne from Washington DC Ricky no longer does tours anymore but concentrates on music production and mentoring local youth in music. Marcia also has a son Martin from a previous marriage who lives just 10 minutes away and does property investing and property management for a living. I m grateful to have a very supportive husband especially through lean times Marcia said happily. I ve kept in touch with some wonderful clients over the years people I ve met along the way that I ve built personal relationships with. I m always there for my clients and they know they can always call on me for help with questions or for advice. Being an independent contractor allows for flexibility in Marcia s day to day schedule. Working hand in hand with clients Marcia guides them throughout the entire process keeping them informed while working with lenders dealing with contracts and other aspects of the transaction and making sure that everything goes smoothly before getting them to the closing table. This business can be very stressful and emotional no two transactions are ever the same. It s an emotional business Marcia admitted. You can t take things personal in this business and I try not to beat myself up or lose sleep over stressful situations. 53 Women of Distinction Myrlande E. Sauveur MBA Online Marketing Online Marketing Consultant Multiple Award-Winning & Bestselling Author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul. MJS Marketing Consulting Women of Distinction Stamford CT 54 W hile in graduate school earning her MBA Myrlande E. Sauveur was working as an online marketing consultant with her own business and performing pro bono work for nonprofit organizations. In 2010 I realized that there was a need for my services in the Haitian Community so I started my own online marketing consulting company which now expands beyond the Haitian community. Ms. Sauveur is the founder of MJS Marketing Consulting an online marketing consulting firm that focuses on customized result-oriented internet marketing solutions. Within her company Ms. Sauveur identifies issues customizes marketing plans forms unique solutions based on the client s problems presents findings makes recommendations to clients implements recommendations and ensures that the client receives all the necessary assistance to carry it out. The joy of knowing that I am helping my clients increase their bottom line while keeping their marketing cost low has been my motivation. Also Ms. Sauveur serves as the marketing and communication director for International Women of H.O.P.E (IWOH) and is the co-founder of Dorcas Foundation a non-profit organization that focuses on helping Haitian college students and women in the community. The biggest lesson I have learned is that you must know where your audience is learn how to provide value to them and the best way of doing so. However whenever she s not working with any of her organizations she spends her time collecting exotic Gemstones spending time with her friends and going shopping. I believe in living life each day to its fullness because life is too short. I believe in compassion kindness and I believe in doing what s right no matter what. I want to live a life of service God created us with a gift and it s our job to use that gift to help others and make a positive difference in the world. 55 Women of Distinction Stacey Costanzo Real Estate Realtor Keller Williams Realty Manchester CT G rowing up Stacey Costanzo fell in love with real estate. She had family who were realtors and Stacey would always listen to their stories which were always very interesting. So in 2007 while raising her children Stacey went into the real estate industry. Even though I had small children I knew I wanted to devote a lot of time to the trade. And now I love what I do. To me it doesn t feel like work. Stacey views her career as a blessing. She wakes up every morning excited to meet new people and make their dreams come to fruition. As a fulltime realtor Stacey is involved with nearly all of the ins and outs of the industry. She works with sellers buyers and investors and helps people avoid foreclosure by offering short sale. I like to have my hand in all aspects of my field so I can confidently provide excellent service. However Stacey wasn t always successful in her endeavors. She started off as a transactional agent living paycheck to paycheck with zero guidance from anyone in the industry. Honesty I started out a mess. I struggled to put food on the table and I prayed the lights would be on when I got home. But I used my failures as stepping stones to grow. It wasn t until Stacey transferred to Keller Williams in June 2014 that she was offered any sort of training. That is when she began to succeed. Keller Williams offered Stacey training daily coaching and learning the model. The culture at Keller Williams she knows comes from people contributing at all times. And recently Stacey was offered a position on her company s Associate Leadership Council so she too will have the chance to contribute. I have been knocked down seven times and gotten up eight. I want to set a good example for my children to show them you can always prevail. I ve overcome obstacles hardships and difficulties thanks to that self-taught persistence. During any free time she gets Stacey spends it with her family. As a very family oriented mother she enjoys taking day trips with her children. Together they frequent the zoo aquarium amusement parks and the beach. We also have Family Dinner Night every Monday where we all sit down together discuss the week behind us and play a game called High Low where you say the best and worst part of your day. It keeps us all together and on the same page which is extremely important to me. Stacey wants to enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that she has led a meaningful purpose filled life. She also wants to know she s left a thriving business that will continue to provide for her family. My three children are my world. I love the success I have achieved with their love and support. I m a very happy person. After all I have been through I am finally content with my life. 56 Women of Distinction Olivia Frazier Kerr T Education Business Professor Coordinator of Business Office Systems and Support Program - El Centro College Dallas TX hrough her work as a Professor and Coordinator of the Business Office Systems and Support Program at El Centro College Olivia Frazier Kerr shares her passion for business with her students and provides them with the proper knowledge to succeed in the industry. Olivia who has over 22 years of experience in the business field and has been teaching since 2002 entered her current full-time positions at El Centro College in 2008. In her role she has applied innovation in the program by converting the typical classroom to a twenty-first century real-world learning experience. She has also established an award that gives learners options in their credentials as virtual assistants and invites business executives in the Dallas business community to become part of the program s advisory committee in order to share current trends in the business industry and apply them in the classroom. I love making a difference in the lives of learners who are hungry for knowledge. The field of education is a rewarding and fitting profession for me. Regarding her education Olivia received a BA from Bishop College in 1978 and an MBA in Strategic Leadership from Amber University in 2000. She also participated in graduate studies at Northcentral University in 2009. Olivia s biggest professional inspirations have been her mentors in both the education and business industries. She is also inspired by her students many of which are honor students when she watches them walk across the stage to receive their degree every spring. Keep your eyes on the prize and never give up My mother who was an administrative professional and my mentor always advised me to have a plan and stick to it. In order to become a business professor one must gain as much experience in the workplace as possible. When you have put over 10-20 years in the workplace it will be time to share those experiences in the classroom. Keep in close contact with your professional mentor(s) for advice. Surround yourself around people who are positive professional and smarter than you so that you will become like-minded like those professionals and succeed in life. Convert your classes into a business. You will see positive learning results from your students and they will be prepared to handle today s workplace. Olivia is currently a member of the International Association of Administrative Professionals the International Business Education Association and the National Business Education Association and the International Virtual Assistants Association. In 2014 Olivia was recognized in Who s Who Publisher s Roster of Top Female Executives in honor of Outstanding Professional Excellence and Dedication. At El Centro College she was a recipient of the Distance Education s Quality Matters Circle of Excellence award in 2015. In her leisure Olivia enjoys spending time with her family and her pug Cheech reading traveling music attending cultural events and line dancing. She is also very active with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and regularly volunteers in the Dallas arts district. I genuinely care about people and like to share as much information as I can to help others grow because it is very rewarding to me as an educator. I m also a humanitarian which is my calling in life and I am here to serve others. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 57 Women of Distinction Sandy Noel Norwood Human Services and Mental Health Family Advocate Life Coach and CCSE panel member Bronx New York F or Sandy Noel Norwood advocacy is not a career but a way of life. Inspired by watching her mother care for her community Sandy has felt a calling to help others since she was a toddler. In February 2013 after taking a break from part-time jobs and school to be with her daughter Sandy began a new career as a family advocate. Though the decision is difficult for anyone who is trying to start something new whether it is a new business a new job a new degree family support goes such a long way to help reach your goals she said. Today Sandy is a member of the Citywide Council on Special Education. The opportunity has opened doors not only for her but for the parents she reaches as a family advocate with Brightside Academy of New York. She also participates in monthly autism awareness workshops held at Bronx Lebanon Hospital and is planning to author several books of poetry that can express the feelings of anyone who might be feeling a little unsure. And that is not all. As a people person I sometimes stick myself in sticky situations thinking that I am helping for example never try to break up a domestic dispute if you do not know the people involved said Sandy. As a professor once warned me of my issues with boundaries how can you not want to save a child who needs help How can I not give advice to a woman who might not know what to do Throughout her life Sandy has landed various jobs and held a vast spectrum of titles. Growing up with siblings in the white-collar way of life through determination of elderly Haitian parents who lived blue collar all day Sandy worked in many fields. I am an open field as a very good friend once stated said Sandy a lifelong artist and poet. The jobs that I have had only defined the money I made at the time. Most of the things I remember are the people and their stories. Everyone is going through something I just wish that there was a way I could write about them all. Under the guidance of her brother Max Noel MD and mentor Dr. Gloria Brown LCSW Sandy learned about both mental health and counseling and perseverance to achieve her goals. I want to open counseling centers instead of all of these fast food spots she said. No more fast food. Let us flourish our street corners with brain food. Special thank you to my husband of one month (partner for almost 12 years) for pushing me to do this article with Women of Distinction his belief in me has taught me that the only one holding me back is me. I love him to death. Thank you Brian. Love Sandy. 58 Women of Distinction Shane McGarrett Creative Writing Memoir Author Malibu Hills CA uthor Shane McGarrett s professional writing career started during the summer of 2008 when a young twenty-four year old woman colleague with one seemingly innocent question asked Shane to share with her something her generation should know. I thought about it for a while Shane explains then decided to tell her the story of my four years in the military the story that is now my first book and also a story I never told a soul until then. When Shane began writing Out of Service she had no experience as an author. The biggest challenge Shane recalls was knowing I had a story to tell but not having the ability to put it to paper. I spent hours in workshops writer s conferences and critique groups to just be able to form a complete sentence with a noun and verb. Then I had to make that sentence come to life. Fortunately for Shane there was always a group of writers mostly women close at hand that provided the inspiration for her to finish her book. A Five years after that fateful question from her colleague Shane finished penning Out of Service. The memoir begins the day Shane joins the United States Air Force on June 20 1975. Only seventeen years old she starts her first day of basic training at Lackland AFB San Antonio Texas. After serving four years as the first woman jet engine mechanic during the height of the women s movement she continued to work in commercial aerospace for 13 more years. She graduated with a B.A. in Theatre from California State University Long Beach then decided to continue her education and earned an Associate s Degree in Drafting and Design. As an author Shane pays more attention to the people around her from all walks of life listening to their stories and acknowledging how time plays such an important role in those stories. If it weren t for the writers that I surrounded myself with I probably would have never completed my book. Shane said. Today Shane belongs to the Redwood Writers Club where she strives to be a reasonable voice for women s rights and hopes to help others start their writing careers. Once I learned how to write I was able to help others in the way they helped me she said. Be bold in your desires to deliver a message that will touch the heart and souls of those who need your wisdom Shane said. Have compassion toward your passion and never give up. 59 Women of Distinction Christina Bomengo Advertising and Social Media - Content Marketing and Social Media Analytics Campaign Coordinator - Staten Island Media Group Staten Island NY C When you have a bad day a really really bad day try and treat the world better than it treated you. Patrick Stump hristina Bomengo would like to be remembered as someone who lived by those words. I greatly enjoyed this position and loved educating the public about fire safety via social media. She believes that social media is a powerful medium to make use of. Under my control the many social accounts under the Foundation s umbrella flourished. In September 2015 after a year of trying to put my freelance days behind me and obtain a steady 9-5 I was hired as the Campaign Coordinator for the Staten Island Media Group. I had previously interned as a college student with its affiliate the Staten Island Advance (in the editorial section). I m really enjoying this new learning experience and love facing each day s new challenge. As a Campaign Coordinator Christina ensures that all campaigns are pacing towards their goals evenly without falling flat and addresses any changes that need to be made along the way. She also supplies advertisers with metrics so they can see the concrete impact of their campaigns whether it be more traffic to their website or an increase in sales due to print ad campaigns. Sales representatives receive similar metrics so they can advise their advertisers on any optimization changes that need to be made. While she is very young in comparison to most of her industry peers she shouldn t be underestimated. Christina is a force to be reckoned with and will succeed at anything she puts her mind to. However it s more important for her family and friends to remember the love and joy they received from her as well as her positive outlook on life. However bad days seem far and few between for her. After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University - College at Florham in May 2014 Christina s internship experience helped her get hired at New York University (NYU). I can t stress enough how important internships can be they can make all the difference when you re just entering the workforce. Internships make you stand out against other prospective employees. There s nothing like having real life experiences to draw from when trying to impress employers. Her first internship was at the Child & Family Policy Center at NYU where as a high school student she worked as a research assistant. After college this internship helped land her a position at the same institution creating a website and social media campaign for playLab NYU that was being developed by her former mentor. From there Christina had the opportunity to recreate a website for Insights Intervention another lab within NYU. Later in November 2014 Christina was hired as a freelance Social Media Coordinator for the New York Fire Department Foundation. 60 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why is digital marketing so important A Digital marketing is important for the growth relevance and revenue of any business. Your constant goal as a business owner or organization leader is to get your name out there and get people to pay attention to you. If everyone s noses are constantly stuck in their phones why aren t you hitting them smack in the face with your ads It s incredibly easy and affordable to develop and maintain your web presence and get noticed with digital ads. There are hundreds of ways to interact with the specific audience you want to reach with audience targeting tools that will drive business and web traffic to you resulting in an increase in sales or awareness. Q What are the challenges of being so young in comparison to others in your field A Fortunately coworkers have always treated me equally and with respect always valuing my opinion and never secondguessing my intelligence. The personal challenge I face is that I always feel I need to prove myself to others in the field. I never want people to look at me and think You wouldn t know this because you re so young and inexperienced. While I am young I m always learning and absorbing. I m definitely not inexperienced. Someone will always be better than me and I may not have all the answers but I m capable of learning quickly and working out issues on my own. Q What would you say to the older crowd who does not see the importance of digital marketing and social media A Part of my job is educating clients on the importance of connecting with millennials and keeping up with the times and ways to do this. I present them with the cold hard facts. Facebook has 968 million daily active users 500 million tweets are sent per day and 43% of all searches are done on mobile phones via various search engines. It s not hard to see why if a business or organization isn t on social media has a mobilefriendly website comes up in the top results on Google or Bing or isn t advertising online that no one will know about their products or services. Digitally savvy businesses have a competitive advantage. Q Where do you see your industry in five years A It s hard to say because we are constantly searching for the next big thing and better more advanced ways to stay connected. I would imagine that one day most likely in my lifetime there will be glasses with phones in them and ways to communicate and send ads holographically. We never know when the next product or service will come out that will change the scope of our digital world or how we live our daily lives but we always adjust as a population. The businesses that do not adjust or take advantage of these new technological advances will fall short and become irrelevant. Q How important is it for a business or organization to be digitally and socially engaged A It s extremely important because people are always searching online for new products and services and if your business isn t being advertised digitally or you re seriously lacking in the social media department consumers and potential customers will be less likely to trust you. Nowadays people are less likely to trust businesses who lack a Facebook page (or have an inactive one) or ones that have a website they can t view correctly on their mobile phone. In order to stay relevant in a digital world you have to have some digital best practices. If you can t figure it out or keep up with it yourself outsource it. There are plenty of companies that can be hired to serve your ads to your targeted audience and keep up with your social media accounts. 61 Women of Distinction WDM Women of Distinction Team Marissa Bacchi EDITOR-IN-CHIEF DIRECTOR OF CLIENT RELATIONS LAYOUT GRAPHIC DESIGN EDITORIAL COORDINATOR ISSUE 28 SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE SELECTION COMMITTEE Anne Silar Jennifer Hardy Jill Mongonia Donna Davis Helene Kaye Simone Goodall EDITOR Kimberly Diehl Ronni Gates Holli M. Narvaez HEAD WRITER Rebecca Valuch Felix Pons WRITER Cyndi Murray Women of Distinction 560 Broadhollow Road Ste. 310 Melville NY 11747 Phone (631) 465-9024 Fax (631) 465-9035 Massage is so much more than a feel good rub . Pamper yourself with a customized massage. You deserve it Louann Cranford BS LMT ACMT CLP Healthcare - Massage Therapy Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Lypossage Practitioner - Caring Touch Myotherapy 63 Women of Distinction Dr. Elaine Golden UPF U.N. United Nations Teacher and Counselor Director and Pastor of FRITECH (Flowing River International Teaching and Equipping Center)