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Description: Articles, resources, events, and news for Virginia homeschoolers, published by the Home Educators Association of Virginia.

THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 1 Lana s story Heel injury Member for fourteen years Echocardiogram Go to Lana We re going to give up on this concept of insurance and trust God and His people Yeah of course That s a no-brainer For more than twenty years Samaritan Ministries members have been sharing one another s medical needs without using health insurance through a Biblical model of community among believers. Samaritan members share directly with each other and do not share in abortions and other unbiblical practices. Come see what our members are saying and start your own Samaritan story today at More than 57 000 families (over 188 000 individuals) Sharing over 15 million in medical needs each month The monthly share has never exceeded 405 for a family of any size 888.268.4377 samaritanministries samaritanmin As of February 2016 Biblical community applied to health care 2 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 HEAV BOARD & STAFF HEAV Board of Directors Anne Miller President Williamsburg Patrick Ryan Vice President Purcellville Jennifer French Treasurer Williamsburg Linda Linder Secretary Manassas Rick Boyer Board Member Rustburg Cherrie Moore Board Member Virginia Beach Stephanie Konicki Board Member Midlothian Advisory Board Lauren Bell Virginia Beach Yvonne Bunn Murfreesboro Maureen Bittner Winchester Kevin & Katrina Hoeft Goochland Craig Konicki Midlothian Al Linder Manassas Joseph & Tiffani Miller Newport News HEAV Staff Anne Miller Executive Director Yvonne Bunn Director of Homeschool Support & Government Affairs Lauren Bell Convention Director Kevin Hoeft Director of Development & Public Policy Helen Wright Finance & Administration Manager Ann Miranda Office Manager Lora Howard Assistant Office Manager Morgan Langowski Receptionist Angela Palomo Transcript Editor Publications Team Maureen Bittner Director of Publications & Marketing Mary Kay Smith Magazine Editor editor Melissa Barnes Editor Kathleen Lansing Advertising Director advertising Robin Stephens Director of Event Sponsorships Kathleen Dillie Update Manager Karen Sweeney Update Content Editor update Linda Mesibov Update Editor Arielle Potter Copy Editor & Above-the-Fold Writer Maya Barnes Update Layout Laurie Sitterding Editor Michael Grice Webmaster Alyssa Mulhearn Web-Content Editor Mary Musick Writer Linda Mesibov HTML Coder Susannah Miller Graphic Designer Amanda Schwatz Graphic Designer Sandra Modersohn Social Media Manager Kelly Pedone Communications Coordinator Karen Coon Convention Publications Coordinator Sarah Dillie Marketing Assistance SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Home Educators Association of Virginia 2100 W. Laburnum Avenue Suite 108A Richmond Virginia 23227 Fax 804-278-9202 E-mail office Phone 804-278-9200 or Web For fastest service send your former and new addresses. Check your mailing label to see if you are a member if not join today The purpose of the Virginia Home Educator is to provide information resources and encouragement to Virginia homeschool parents. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect those of the Home Educators Association of Virginia. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version unless otherwise noted. The Virginia Home Educator is sent quarterly to Virginia s homeschooling families without charge. To receive a free subscription sign up at To inquire about advertising or submitting an article please contact HEAV at PO Box 6745 Richmond Virginia 23230-0745 or e-mail us at advertising or editor HEAV reserves the right to edit for style and space or to refuse any submission deemed inappropriate for our publication. Permission is granted to reprint any news items from this magazine providing proper credit is given all other material is copyrighted. For reprint permission please contact the editor at editor 2016 Home Educators Association of Virginia SUBMISSION DEADLINES Summer 2016 (Issue 2)--March 15 ER Fall 2016 (Issue 3)--June 15 REGIST Winter 20167 (Issue 4)--September 15 G Spring 2017 (Issue 1)--December 15 EAV.OR WWW.H 10 14 18 FEATURES 10 Impacting Our Culture Doug Bartsch DEPARTMENTS 5 7 8 From the Editor Mary Kay Smith 14 Impacting the World Through Dance Lindsey Smith 16 Bloom Where You Are Planted Chad & Angela Burns Freedom Watch From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn 18 Mom s Attitude and the Culture of the Home Melissa Barnes 22 Coming to Virginia 22 Classified Ads 21 A Living Sacrifice Aaron Kamakawiwoole 2016 VIRGINIA HOMESCHOOL CONVENTION June 9 10 & 11 VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR Kendrick THE ODAY More info on Pages 12-13 T Alex war room & Facing the Giants Shaun Alexander WWW.HEAV.ORG 3 Seattle Seahawks Engaging EXPERIENCES in Increasing andKNOWLEDGE WISDOM At God s Big WORLD WORLDkids and WORLDteen we re excited to enter the second year of partnering with you to promote learning adventure and truth in the lives of your children Our desire is for preschoolers elementary-age children and young teenagers to sharpen their skills and grow in their faith by engaging with our content as we look forward to the start of the new school year. For more information or to get God s Big WORLD WORLDkids or WORLDteen visit children 4 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 I recently saw a procrastination flow chart that I thought was pretty funny. The top box says Do Something Right Now. An arrow from that points down to the bottom box which has just one word No. And there the flow ends. Though I laugh at the sign I do not want it to reflect me. I am quite sure that people who are out to change their world are not procrastinators. If you want to influence the culture around you you don t slack off you don t allow distractions and you don t complain. Nehemiah is a good example. Why he wanted to know should he come down from rebuilding the Jerusalem wall to spend time with people who didn t even wish him well Why should we Joseph is another example. In fact I can t think of anyone I admire more. To do the best job he could in every circumstance in spite of those circumstances--his very own brothers selling him into slavery being given an unjust jail sentence being forgotten by the very man he helped--is remarkable admirable almost unfathomable and a sure way for the people around him to know that God was with him. Not only did Joseph affect the Egyptian culture but he also saved the Israelite culture by refusing to hold a grudge. Both of those men were slaves who did their jobs well became noticed for doing their jobs well developed relationships because they did their jobs well and rose to prominence because they did their jobs well. Now it s our turn. What will our story be What will our children s stories be We don t have to be in the national spotlight in order to influence the culture our gifts don t have to be leadership or organization--we just have to work hard with excellence and with a good attitude right where we are. We have to reflect God. When we do that His glory radiates out and the culture sits up and takes notice. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 5 classical Christian liberal arts 47 10 1 VISIT States represented in current enrollment 91 73 % of students receive scholarships Student Faculty ratio Great Books read in the core curriculum Patrick Henry college PHC.EDU FOR YOUR FREE HIGH SCHOOL RESOURCE GUIDE A camp where students think deeply JUNE 26TH --JULY 30TH INTRO TO STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE ADVANCED STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE WRITING BOOT CAMP SPEECH CAMP SONNETS SINGING & STAGE WORLDVIEW CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MOOT COURT LEADERSHIP & VOCATION PHC.EDU PHCTEENCAMPS.ORG SAVE 75.00 REGISTER BEFORE 4 1 16 6 R E AC H H I G H THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 G R OW D E E P HOMESCHOOLERS PROTECTED FROM FEDERAL REGULATIONS The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) known to most as No Child Left Behind must be reauthorized every six years. The newest 2015 version is now called The Every Student Succeeds Act. Due to the work of HSLDA language remains in the 2015 version that protects homeschools as well as private schools that do not accept federal funds from any federal control. In 1996 HEAV worked with HSLDA in the battle against H.R. 6. The 1996 version of the ESEA required every teacher including homeschool teachers to be certified in the subject and grade they taught. The Capitol switchboard was shut down from more than one-million calls opposing the bill and H.R. 6 was soundly defeated The 2001 reauthorization included protective language for homeschools and some private schools. This language remains in the new 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act. HAMPTON POLICY IMPROVEMENT After more than a year and many attempts through letters and phone calls to correct Hampton City Schools homeschool policy officials have made some positive revisions on their homeschool website. Two items of concern have recently changed--one regarding the Notice of Intent (NOI) form and the other regarding religious exemption (RE). NOI Change On the Hampton NOI form signatures are no longer required to be signed under oath and in the presence of a notary public. However the form still includes inaccuracies parents are applying for an exemption in order to homeschool instead of notifying that they are complying with the homeschool law the school board not the division superintendent gives approval a birth date is required and they state that their form must be completed in order to be considered. These areas of concern go beyond the requirements of 22.1-254.1. Religious Exemption Addition The Hampton religious exemption (RE) form now includes an additional question Is the pupil s religious training complete to the extent that you the parent consider the pupil to be self-governing on matters related to religious faith and practice If the parent replies no meaning the child s training is not complete and you do not consider him self-governing on matters of religious faith and practice you are not required to provide any additional religious information. This new question is in keeping with the RE statute 22.1-254(B)(1). While this addresses a major concern there are other questions that request information beyond the law Their instructions indicate the parent must use Hampton City Schools RE form although the law does not require use of any particular form they require a notarized signature though it is not required in the statute and each year religious exemption must be renewed on their renewal form or it will not be considered although this is NOT required in the law. Policy Concerns HEAV remains concerned that Hampton City Schools homeschool policy goes beyond the parameters of the home instruction and religious exemption statutes. Their questions and terminology continue to create confusion even for veteran homeschooling parents. HEAV cannot recommend the Hampton City Schools forms. Any NOI form or hand-written letter of notification should be accepted by a superintendent s office if it shows compliance with the homeschool law. A personal letter expressing a family s genuine religious convictions should be accepted since the law does not require the use of a specific form. While HEAV is glad to report some positive changes in Hampton we cannot overemphasize the importance of parents understanding the law. Knowing our rights as parents is foundational in maintaining our homeschool and religious freedoms. Little encroachments on our homeschool freedoms may seem like small inconveniences but if unchecked these inconveniences will add up to more oversight and additional restrictions for ALL homeschoolers. Know the law Do not be intimidated--stand for homeschool freedoms And call HEAV if there is a problem. Want to know what your school board is discussing about homeschooling Become a school board monitor Contact Katrina Hoeft HEAV s director of leadership support for more information at supportgroups ave on Yource S mp ExperiFeni Ca irst T Bring a First a regular cam ur friend for you & yo Camp Eagle in Fincastle VA utilizes a Bible 30 offweek p a regu lar cam per p wee Time Cam 30 of me Ca f mper k based program in an exciting action-packed environment to provide campers ages 8 - 18 with a phenomenal camping experience. Register online today or (540) 366-2431 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 7 From the Director of Homeschool Support Yvonne Bunn A s homeschool parents we are busy--teaching our children and taking care of the demands of everyday life--and it s easy to think we have little impact on the world around us. But we have been given a window of opportunity to impact the world We have chosen to be with our children during their most formative years. Because we re with them we have the opportunity to train them in a biblical worldview--a worldview that can change our culture. WHAT IS WORLDVIEW Worldview is the lens through which we view the world. If we have a Christian worldview it means living by principles taught in the Bible and making decisions based on what Scripture teaches. It becomes the basis of our understanding of right and wrong and the foundation of moral opinions that guide us in making everyday decisions. Worldview affects what we believe about God marriage children politics finances and education. HOW IS WORLDVIEW DEVELOPED Everyone has a worldview whether we recognize it or not but the question is How did we get it The first to impart worldview is the family. Through relationships instruction discipline habits and example children begin to form their own belief system and values. According to the Bible God established the family--not the village or the government--to pass on beliefs and values. As children grow and begin to mature education becomes central in the development of a worldview. And it is important to understand that education is NOT neutral. Curriculum is not neutral and neither are those who provide instruction. Teachers professors and even homeschool parents teach from their own worldview. Beliefs about God the meaning of life the purpose of man and right and wrong are infused in instruction. Without even thinking about it worldview naturally comes out in the way subjects are taught. HOW CAN WE IMPART A WORLDVIEW Homeschooling parents have the opportunity to share our worldview by choosing curricula that is consistent with our beliefs. We have the freedom to share our values and impart moral instruction without government oversight. We can openly share the principles upon which our faith is based. This is why true independent parent-directed homeschooling is so important in today s culture. We can weigh every subject with worldview in mind--from English math and science to art and music. We--not a textbook committee or school board--have the opportunity to choose curriculum that is consistent with our beliefs. Don t choose a curriculum because the lesson plans are already done for you or because someone recommended it. Make sure the curriculum is consistent with your beliefs and values. Even if we delegate some of our children s instruction it s critical 8 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 that we are involved in their education. Don t assume co-op teachers share your values and beliefs--make sure they do Although we can intentionally teach worldview through curriculum most often it is taught by example--by everyday living. Along with actions and attitudes it s shared by everyday discussions around the dinner table. By LIVING a Biblical worldview we are training our children to think biblically. As they naturally learn to reason and discuss important issues we are equipping them not only to see the world through a different lens but to engage the culture. HOW CAN WE IMPACT THE CULTURE Homeschoolers may be a small educational group but American sociologist Robert Belair at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton University says We should not underestimate the significance of the small group of people...The quality of a whole culture may be changed when two percent of its people have a new vision. That s an astounding statement considering homeschoolers now comprise about two percent of the school-age population Along with how and what we teach we can also set an example of civic involvement. As parents we can engage our culture by confidently and respectfully standing for our values in public forums. We can take our children with us to school board meetings. We can support candidates who share our views. We can post on social media forums and write letters to newspaper editors. We can demonstrate what it means to take a stand for our beliefs and values in order to make a difference in our culture. We have a unique opportunity to invest in the lives of our children. They are the future of our nation. They are the next doctors judges chemists mechanics teachers programmers factory workers business owners and policy makers. Their worldview can change our nation. Jesus calls us to be salt and light--that means engaging the culture not hiding our light within the wall of our homes. Homeschoolers CAN influence the world around us By teaching our children today we are building hope for tomorrow THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 9 OUR CULTURE DOUG BARTSCH A merica s best days are before us If you ve been keeping up with the news reports you may wonder if you and I live in the same country. Terrorist acts changing definitions of marriage and family racial tensions and many other issues face our great country. Yet I firmly believe that behind every problem lies an undiscovered opportunity. The opportunity is for Christian homeschoolers to apply biblical training to impact our culture. Historically many in the homeschool community chose homeschooling to protect their children from the influences of a declining and increasingly immoral culture. Yet the Bible is very clear Matthew 28 18-20 says And Jesus came and spoke to them saying All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age. Amen (NKJV). Many of us live with a healthy tension between the clear biblical mandate to go and a deep desire to protect our children from the harmful influences of culture. However often the focus is more on protecting and less on impacting the culture around us. This is often because we view the two as mutually exclusive. What if there was a third way-- preparing our children to impact their world. I had the privilege of growing up in a local church that believed in impacting the world. During the 130 years the church existed I m told approximately 300 pastors missionaries teachers and college professors were raised up from that small rural church. In that church I had the privilege of putting my faith and trust in Jesus at the age of seven. One of the first things they told me to do was to tell someone about Him. 10 At the age of eight I had the opportunity to lead a neighbor boy to Jesus. One day while riding the school bus to school I shared John 3 16 with him from my Gideon pocket New Testament and he gave his life to Jesus. The desire to impact the world around me was a gift that church deposited in me. It included a belief that I did not have to be eighteen or all grown up to impact my world. Your children are smart and talented and have amazing potential to impact their and in the future. So how can we align our homes and families to prepare children to impact their culture Let s look at two ideas. STRIVE TO INSTILL A HEART TO REACH THE WORLD FOR JESUS Arrows are meant to be sent on an assignment beyond the quiver. Psalm 127 5 says Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them [children] They shall not be ashamed But shall speak with their enemies in the gate (NKJV). Arrows are to accomplish some God-given purpose. This translation of the verse goes on to say that our children will speak with their enemies in the gate. In other words they will go out interact and even influence those who do not like their beliefs and values. So how can parents prepare their children for this assignment One way is to put them in settings that will challenge their thinking beliefs and view of the world. Do this when they are of an age when you can be there to teach and help them process. This is not a one-time event but a series of engagements that allow them to be stretched and to discover their own learning. In our family we strive to instill a heart to reach the world for Jesus. I have had the opportunity to go on nearly twenty mission trips to different cultures around the world and I had the privilege of taking both of my children with me before they were sixteen. It impacted their hearts and perspective and shaped who they are today. My daughter even took a three-week trip to Africa at the age of seventeen and then led two teams to Mexico the following two years. Mission trips are a great opportunity to instill a mindset to impact the world. However let s not stop with Christian service We must prepare our children to not only articulate and live their faith in Christ we must enable them to connect relationally with people who do not share their worldview and beliefs. In my experience people are very similar They want to be loved. They want to be valued. They have wounds and hurts that only Jesus can heal. As we teach our children to engage the culture it is not about fighting the culture wars. Instead teach them to love the person and connect in a way that at some point can lead to a spiritual conversation. Too often we view engaging the culture as correcting the culture. While there is a place for that in systemic areas on a personal level we should not try to clean the fish before it is caught. Encourage your children to think about how they can impact the part of the society they have a heart to reach. It could be the arts business politics entertainment film technology or something else. While they THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 are young target their experience to the areas that interest them. Ask them questions that will help them grapple with the hard work of impacting the culture. Model for them how to care about individuals while impacting a larger group in society. LEAD YOUR CHILDREN TO DISCOVER THEIR WHY A mentor of mine taught me that anything is possible if we know why we are doing it. If that why is strong enough it can overcome many obstacles. Some people are motivated by serving others by seeing spiritual life transformation others by impacting national policy. Help your children to find a why that complements the simple command of Jesus to go. Finding their why is a process that will come from the values you live before them conversations in that journey learning from experience and hopefully the working of the Holy Spirit. I did not push my daughter to go on mission trips. It was something God did in her life. In fact when she first mentioned going to Africa with a team of people I did not know I was very hesitant. However she was living out part of God s purpose for her life It stretched her and stretched us. The process of finding their why will give children the strength and perseverance to overcome the inevitable opposition. Now more than ever our world needs young people raised in biblical truth to go outside the comfort zones of themselves and their parents. Parents if we will trust God and prepare our children God can use them in amazing ways--quite possibly in ways that will turn the hearts of millions to Jesus. Let s impact our culture with His love Doug Bartsch is a pastor leadership coach community leader and experienced homeschool dad. Doug and his wife Kim homeschooled their children to impact the culture. 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Musicians compete for prizes in piano instrumental and vocal categories. Prizes will be awarded to the first- second- and third-place winners in each category. INTRODUCTORY HOW-TO-BEGIN SESSIONS THURSDAY JUNE 9 n Introduction to Homeschooling n How to Begin What BUNN You Really Need to Know n Know the Law Notifying & Testing Requirements Sharon Jeffus Joy Moore High School Writing Clinic Middle school Writing Art Camp with Sharon Jeffus Excellent information and hands-on experi- Clinic Don t Swallow the Pizza Create a beautiful finished landscape and a ence by the humorousVIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 Whole A Piece-by-Piece Approach sculpture with terracotta clay. 12 THE and engaging founder of WriteAtHome Brian Wasko. to Writing by Matthew Stephens Got a highschooler Join Joy Moore & Jean Burke for three high school workshops. nTranscripts & Preparing for College nHomeschool High School nThe New SAT H o m e E d u c at o r s A s s o c i at i o n o f V i r g i n i a Features n Used n Shark n Art n Photography Team Curriculum Sale Dissection Camp n Writing Clinics n Teen Program n Prayer Stations n Young Entrepreneurs n 150 Workshops n 390 Booths Alex Kendrick Mike Farris Shaun Alexander Sherri Seligson Apologia Joel Salatin n Marine Biology & What the nFamily Fiefdoms Oceans Have to Say About n10 Threads of Evolution Success for n When You Have a Child Who Starting a Farm Is Not Driven n From Mis-organization to Miss Organization n Why Teaching Science Is a Critical Part of Education n The Apprentice Getting High School Credit for Internships Polyface Farm Sue Becker Kathy Kuhl James R. Glenn College Plus Chad Burns Beyond the mask The Bread Beckers Learn Differentl y n The Truth About Wheat n Eating for Excellence n Not By Bread Alone n Hospitality n Encouraging Your Child n Helping Teens Overcome Learning Challenges n When Math Doesn t Come Easily n When Handwriting & Spelling Don t Come Easily It s All Online n Homeschooling Look online at for schedules registration a Child with exhibitors speaker bios workshop descriptions hotels ChilLearning dren s Program info and more. Find downloadable fliers and Challenges promotional materials to share with friends neighbors MOPs and church family. MORE GREAT SPEAKERS... Get What You Need for Your Family Find practical support for every stage of life--from preschool to high school to college and beyond--and relevant information on teaching family life struggling learners getting organized time management and MUCH more. Curriculum Doctors Expanded June 10 & 11 2016 TOM CLARK nJUDI MUNDAY RUTH COOPER nSONYA SCHAFFER LESLI RICHARDSON nSARAH OLBRIS PATRICK NURRE nMARK LANGOWSKI RICK & MARILYN BOYER nAND MORE NEW The HEAV convention is a life-changing experience for many. Whether you re just beginning or a veteran homeschooler bring the family and be challenged enROBOTICS couraged equipped and inspired CAMP to make a lasting difference in IT S BACK ALL THREE DAYS your home. And remember FREE SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE to let others know about Avoid traffic Park at the Diamond Stadium and ride this once-a-year in comfort straight to the convention door. Also visit local museums during selected hours. Visit THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR homeschool WWW.HEAV.ORG for more information event Discover the world of computers and robotics as you create and operate your own machines The Potential to Change Your Life 13 THE WORLD THROUGH DANCE LINDSEY SMITH I watched The Nutcracker for the first time when I was three years old and was instantly enthralled. I wanted to learn how to do something so beautiful and when my parents saw that my interest continued they put me in ballet classes the summer I was four. From then on I was hooked. Dancing on pointe the first time was the only glitch. I was absolutely thrilled to put on my first pair of pointe shoes but when I came out of that first class I said to my mom I don t think I can be a ballerina after all. It hurts Thankfully that was only a one-day setback. I danced all the way through elementary school high school and college (not realizing until my junior year in high school that I needed to pursue dance full-time) and I dance now as a professional ballerina. What if my parents had said to me No you can t do that. Art isn t useful or meaningful--especially for a Christian But they didn t because they knew it wasn t true. Dance can be a wonderful expression of Christian joy (think of Miriam and King David) and a great tool for witnessing. I m so glad my parents understood that and if you have children with an artistic bent realize that their impact in the world can be just as great as those who are in ministry politics business or anything else. God does not give us useless gifts. DANCE FOR MINISTRY Dance has allowed me to travel to some amazing places for ministry opportunities. My first experience was on a mission trip to Peru while I was in high school. I was cast in the role of Mary to portray the Gospel in an outreach play. I danced on the streets of Lima finding a depth of fulfillment in dancing that I had never before experienced. I also danced in Zambia and Japan as part of other mission trips. At college I majored in ballet but I also danced in and choreographed for the Mercyhurst Liturgical Dance Ensemble. We performed in local churches and nursing homes and participated in Project Dance events in Times Square in New York City and across from the Opera House in Sydney Australia. Project Dance is an international movement that brings dancers together all over the world for training and performance opportunities to impact and inspire the culture through artistic integrity. After I graduated I moved to Kansas to dance for a professional 14 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 Christian company and have since joined another Christian ballet company in the area. I have had incredible opportunities to impact the culture through dance. DANCE FOR IMPACT AND HOPE Dancing with St rling Dance Theater based in Olathe Kansas provided one opportunity. St rling performs an original narrative ballet about the Underground Railroad of the Civil War. Now celebrating its ninth year St rling s ballet brings together people from all races and backgrounds to perform and experience hope through a powerful story of historical slavery and the people who rose to fight it. According to Jeremiah Enna executive director of St rling The vision for Underground began in the year 2000 as a positive approach to addressing growing divisiveness in our culture over race. The cast includes sixty professional and amateur artists from an extremely diverse group of backgrounds neighborhoods and perspectives. The result of this project is multi-faceted deep relationships across socio-economic and cultural divides dialogue and listening that has brought understanding and active community and a shared passion to work together. The show has positively impacted the community drawing attention from people such as Kansas City s mayor an author of documentaries about slavery the director of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Ohio and even LeVar Burton. The most compelling story St rling has heard about the performance was that the descendants of a former slave family and the descendants of their former owners came to the show together for healing and hope. DANCE FOR MEANING Meanwhile in Kansas City Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre which I have just joined has been performing its own version of The Nutcracker for the last seventeen years. The re-imagined classic that tells the true meaning of Christmas is called The Mystery of Christmas. The idea for this production was created in Nashville in 1987. Artistic director Liz Dimmel was driving to see her daughter perform in The Nutcracker when she asked her husband Wouldn t it be great if there was a version of The Nutcracker that actually told the Christmas story Ten years later her vision was realized. Instead of traveling to the Land of Snow to be welcomed by dancing snowflakes Clara s dream journey takes her to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus birth. She sees angels a bright star and the Holy Spirit who dramatically dance the Christmas story. Clara s dream includes dances from many places including Russia Germany Saudi Arabia Africa China and Americasymbolizing all the people of the world proclaiming the birth of Christ. This version of the well-known ballet has become a classic in its own right with sold-out shows every year. As Christians we have a unique position and opportunity in our culture to create art that is meaningful hopeful and life-changing. There are many professional Christian dance companies in the United States as well as around the world that impact the larger culture through their art. God can use you in any occupation to impact the people in your workplace and in the culture around you. EXCELLENCE There is a key factor to impacting your culture no matter what field you are in--excellence. Culture responds to people who work hard and do things well. There is plenty of biblical support for pursing excellence. Colossians 3 23-24 says Whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for men knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward (ESV). And 1 Corinthians 9 24-25 says Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one receives the prize So run that you may obtain it. Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath but we an imperishable (ESV). HOMESCHOOLING PROVIDES OPPORTUNITY The good news about pursuing excellence in whatever field your children are interested in is that homeschooling provides the best opportunity for that. You can tailor classes to fit your children seek out apprenticeships and provide extra training. You can teach your kids to have an attitude of hard work and perseverance and to give honor to God. Being homeschooled also provided me with the flexibility in my schedule to attend classes and rehearsals (and extra classes and extra rehearsals) that I would not have had if I had gone to a conventional school. God gives each of us abilities and dreams. My gift is dance. As I have pursued excellence in my gift God has used it to make an impact. When we give our gifts back to God He takes them and uses us in ways and places we could never have imagined. Lindsey M. Smith holds a B.A. in dance from Mercyhurst University. She has performed with Ravel Dance Company Lake Erie Ballet Anazao Dance Communitas and St rling Dance Theater. Currently she dances with Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre is the artistic director of VidaDance a new professional dance company she founded and she teaches dance at Johnson County Community College. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 15 B loom where you are planted. We hear this phrase from church pulpits self-help bestsellers and even coffee mugs. We hear it everywhere but how much have we thought about it and how does it help us follow Christ and use the gifts He has given us Comparing our life to that of a flower blooming means for us to not only be content in our current situation but also to maximize the opportunity God has placed in front of us whatever that situation may be. We are called to nothing less as followers of Christ. The metaphor speaks of being planted--and this is the part that gets under my skin a bit because I think that image implies an inability to move. But I don t want to look at this metaphor for the Christian life as about being comfortable but about embracing the journey and the calling that God brings us into. So let s consider the broader idea of planted as referring to where we happen to be on our journey of faith with Christ. As we follow Jesus God calls us to journey with Him and to bear fruit contentedly in our lives. JOURNEY What does it mean to embrace the journey the trials and the joys of following Jesus Well first journey means we are going somewhere. If you are alive even if it doesn t feel like your life is moving it most certainly is. We are all going somewhere. The word journey speaks of the path itself (the daily transformation of Christ working in us) and where the path leads to (our direction in life). The Christian life is not a destination it is a monumentally painful pathway of change for our hearts. God leads us into situations on this path where we have to grow or die because He loves us too much to leave us as our broken lost selves. Lewis puts it this way in Mere Christianity Though our feelings come and go His love for us does not. It is not wearied by our sins or our indifference and WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED CHAD & ANGELA BURNS C O M MIT T ED TO EXCELLENCE Liberty s pre-law program equips students with a solid foundation in writing logic public speaking and more to help them succeed in law school. Students receive unparalleled skills training and graduate practice-ready - July 2015 Virginia Bar -- 93.3% pass rate Virginia first-time test takers as defined by the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners LawAdmissions (434) 592-5300 HEAV 16 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 therefore it is quite relentless in its determination that we shall be cured of those sins at whatever cost to us.... Our path s direction is revealed by the things we are hoping for and working toward in this life. In Hebrews we see people of faith who have their hearts as well as the direction of their lives aimed at God. Hebrews 11 10 says of Abraham For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations whose designer and builder is God (ESV). If Jesus has captured our hearts with His love then that love will also have a distinct impact on our feet. No longer are we walking toward our own city we are walking toward His city. No longer are we seeking to build our own kingdom here on earth we are building His kingdom as He uses us in the here and now. BEARING FRUIT CONTENTEDLY Sometimes in the here and now we can t see how God is working. For all the talk about journey there are times when God places us in a situation or position where it feels like we can t utilize our gifts well. It is in these moments that we ask What does it mean to be content where God has called me right now To use my gifts in a place where I don t see Him working Toward the end of my graduate education I found myself in this place of struggle. Over a period of time to my surprise I discovered that while I was trained as an engineer God was calling me into the field of filmmaking. I had invested five years into getting a Ph.D. and had one year left but it had become clear to me that God was leading me into film. I was struggling to finish my thesis and I was overlooked for publication on a paper I thought was important for graduation. I was deeply discouraged and ready to throw in the towel. God used the encouragement of my fianc e (now wife) Angela to encourage me to finish well in the place God had me even if my heart was no longer there. It was a tough season but today even though I still don t understand for sure why God had me finish the degree I m thankful that I did. God was doing things in my life and shaping me. When the journey leads us in ways we would not have imagined we rest in God s wisdom and love for us. I think the way to contentment lies not in controlling the details of our affairs but in knowing that these details work together for our good and His glory--that He is in the details. He calls our hearts to rest in contentment because we trust in His love and care for us. PASSING ON THIS IDEA How do we teach our children to bloom where they are planted The first thing my parents did was allow me to bloom the way God made me to be. They made a point never to pressure me to be someone else but to embrace my uniqueness. When I was interested in engineering they took me on field trips to science centers and factories as a kid and to national laboratories as a young adult. Later when the Lord began leading me toward film my parents continued to support me and my siblings by opening up their home and property to our endeavors and even modestly investing in our films when they became for-profit ventures. I was asked recently how we can guide our children into using their gifts where God has placed them. My kids are young so I feel a bit unqualified to answer this question but I think the best thing I can do is to follow God where He has called me and pray that the Lord will use my weak example to encourage my kids to do the same. Dr. Chad Burns is a director known for Beyond the Mask and Pendragon Sword of His Father. He will be speaking this year at the HEAV convention Come and hear his workshops on producing and directing a full feature film. THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 17 CULTURE OF THE HOME MELISSA BARNES AND THE S ometimes a world of truth can be found in the lyrics to a country song. Tracy Byrd croons When mama ain t happy ain t nobody happy in her song When Mama Ain t Happy. Byrd sings. People joke. But down deep every mother knows the truth beneath that saying. And the burden that often accompanies it. Lately I have struggled with this more than I care to admit. I succumbed to a persistent case of bronchitis in the fall that lingered for weeks. I was exhausted and had no energy to do even the necessary household tasks. I watched helplessly as my house and homeschool deteriorated into one giant mess. And to make matters worse no matter how hard I fought it my devotional time quickly turned into an unplanned morning naptime leaving me spiritually dry. My attitude stank. I felt defeated and overwhelmed and rather than rallying I pretty much gave up. The effects on my family were dramatic. Negative behaviors increased attitudes soured schoolwork was neglected. The mess got messier--which didn t even seem possible The result for me GUILT. The entire culture of my home had gone south and it was my fault. I confess. I am still digging out of this. I write this article not as an expert in the solution but as an expert in the problem. Experiencing this phenomenon however has left me questioning how things could be different. As moms are we supposed to be so spiritually strong emotionally stable and physically healthy that we can always influence our family s culture for good I say No way Moms struggle enough with guilt over the number and magnitude of things and people we influence on a daily basis. So I propose a different goal. Sure I want to be as spiritually strong emotionally stable and physically healthy as I possibly can but as a fallen creature in a fallen world I will never sustain any of those things indefinitely. I will do more service to my family if I can teach them resilience. We will often encounter people who are struggling in some area to 18 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 the point that it spills over into the environment--bosses spouses children extended family...even cashiers at grocery stores. Instead of taking on the negativity around us what if we could teach our families to counter those negative influences by seeing them as an opportunity for grace. MODEL GRACE How do we do this First by teaching. When we are exposed to someone whose attitude is poisoning the environment around them we can respond with grace pray for the person and talk about the process of doing that with our children so they see it as a conscious decision requiring deliberate action. SPEAK THE TRUTH Second we can have a strategy for when we feel our own attitudes going south. Sometimes just speaking out truth can dissipate the negativity. Darkness cannot co-exist with light. Find some Scriptures like the ones below to memorize or keep accessible or even post around the home to call out when you need them Do everything without complaining or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life. (Philippians 3 14-15 NIV) A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (Proverbs 17 22) ASK OUR FAMILIES TO HELP And finally we need to teach our children and husbands to deal with our humanity. We are broken sinful people. All of us. Even mothers. As Paul writes I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do but what I hate I do...I know that nothing good lives in me that is in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good but I cannot carry it out. (Romans 7 15 17-18 NIV) Rather than adopting our negative attitudes our families need to learn to pray for us extend grace to us forgive us and even love us in the midst of our messier days. Initially we may have to ask this of them but eventually they will react more naturally. No doubt it will serve our children well to learn not to let the attitudes of those around them--even their mom s--drag them down. In 1865 William Ross Wallace wrote the following poem What Rules the World They say a man is mighty He governs land and sea He wields a mighty scepter O er lesser powers that be But a mightier power and stronger Man from his throne has hurled For the hand that rocks the cradle Is the hand that rules the world. Mothers have influential power in numerous ways. Only through constant dependence on Christ can we hope to yield that power positively. Our call is clear. Be cheerful no matter what pray all the time thank God no matter what happens. This is the way God wants you who belong to Christ Jesus to live. (1 Thessalonians 5 16-18 The Message) We will fail. But the burden of protecting the culture of our home does not have to fall entirely on us. While we work to adjust our attitude and correct ourselves by seeking God and His peace and perspective on our circumstances our families can extend grace forgiveness and unconditional love rather than succumbing to negativity. And instead of fulfilling Tracy Byrd s country song prediction that she can make July as cold as December we can equip our families to share the burden of influencing the culture of our home when our attitudes threaten to destroy it. Melissa Barnes loves writing and editing for HEAV and serving as a course developer for HSLDA Academy. Her oldest of eight will graduate from college this spring and her youngest are twin twoyear-olds. She enjoys playing games and watching movies with family traveling to debate competitions with her older children and reading or visiting with friends at her local Starbucks. CAT 6 Complete Battery or Survey 35 Grades 4-12 40 Grades K-3 Optional 5 Practice Exercise (K-8) with tests only Add 5 US postage any size order or 10 Priority NOW LOWER PRICES Other tests available priced from 25 Questions Email and we ll get you answers right away. Order online directly from our website. No web access Call and we ll mail you our brochure and order form. orders voice messaging 800-723-3057 We d LOVE for you to LIKE us on Facebook PO Box 250 Kill Devil Hills NC 27948-0250 2016 SUMMER CAMPS 2 COR 4 18 Find lots more information pictures and watch our camp video at our website GREAT REPUTATION SINCE 1961 Christ-centered environment Age-appropriate interactive Bible and mission studies daily Co-ed camps for ages 6-17 Sailing ropes course sports water sports climbing wall and much more Well-trained Christian staff Weekend Family Camp programs for Mothers and Daughters and Fathers and Sons are a fantastic get-away and bonding experience for families Camp Piankatank is owned and operated by the Baptist General Association of Virginia. Camp Piankatank consists of approximately 90 natural acres of beauty located on the pristine Piankatank River in Hartfield Virginia (just a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay). THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 19 20 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR SPRING 2016 AARON KAMAKAWIWOOLE A s we see turmoil and pain all around us nations at war shootings in public places people turning to pleasures and desires and officials trying to making it hard for us to homeschool our children the natural response is to wonder Lord why do You delay in returning Why don t You come in power and redeem us Why can t we simply live in peace Why is not a new question. Since the days of the Flood (and probably earlier than that) God s faithful Remnant have been awaiting the day when the Lord would return to set all things right. We have endured the persecution of oppressive governments hostile rivals and natural disasters for centuries and one central quality has always been the bedrock of God s people. FAITHFULNESS This quality is not political power though many of God s people have held positions of national leadership. This quality is not specific to leading a company possessing great wealth or having a positive reputation in the local community but it is the staple trait of the greatest in God s Kingdom from the highest king to the lowliest peasant across the ages. That trait is faithfulness. The faithful Christian we learn in Hebrews 11 was able to accomplish things both great and small simply by trusting in his Maker to sustain him. She was able to conquer enemy forces because her God was greater than whatever trial she faced that day no matter how daunting. Or he was able to face the mouths of lions be chased into caves and face persecution because he loved the Lord enough to be known as His no matter what the cost. And the world is a different place--a better place--because of it. We are encouraged that in the midst of anger that targets Christians or the trials in homeschool communities (just look at the reports in HEAV s Freedom Watch and in HSLDA s magazine ) people are coming to know the Lord and to see His power displayed through those who faithfully live for Him. All across the world and in our country we are seeing people radically changed because of the simple acts of faithfulness displayed by God s people. In a world where everything is relative a person living as a sacrifice to God is compelling. This form of faith does not require us to do great valiant things. It comes in simple quiet ways like choosing to train our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord at home instead of relying on an established secular system--even though it is often harder financially to do that. It comes in moments of crises when our children watch to see how we handle frustration and disappointment. And it comes in those still moments that no one save our Lord sees that are shaping us for work that He has prepared for us and for our children. STRENGTH IN OUR CALLING So let the challenges of 2016 come and let them find us faithful. Faithful in loving our children. Faithful in devotion to our spouses. Faithful in loving our neighbors. And faithful in praying for our government leaders and others who desperately need His love. For faithfulness is what we were made to do and how we will make an impact around us. Like the Lord we are living as light in the world amidst great darkness. I have decided to follow Jesus no turning back says the old hymn. Such a simple statement and yet so important. May God give us strength in all of our callings--be it our homeschool politics sports corporate America the arts or the care of the earth that God has given us--to faithfully serve him in 2016. And may He find us worthy of His Name as we draw others to Him through the simple everyday life of a living sacrifice. Aaron grew up in Honolulu Hawaii where he was homeschooled from the time he learned to sleep through the night until he graduated from high school. He received his degree from Patrick Henry College where he now works as a counselor with their admissions team. He loves reading playing with his nephews and nieces doing anything involving a power drill and enjoying the four seasons we have in Virginia. t ool bou h sch ll a hig na ear ing for g and L pin nn st pla rd kee & po s. s o rec script option l n tra schoo h hig oo Sch igh ts A H ltan LD HS Consu l Start your FREE mini-course today THRIVE2016 THE VIRGINIA HOME EDUCATOR WWW.HEAV.ORG 21 JOIN HEAV TODAY Want to advertise here HEAV members receive a free ad Check your mailing label to find if you are a member and when your membership expires. FREE CONSULTATION. 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