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Description: In This Issue: Righting A Listing Ship: Immune Health Support, Cognitive Health, Sleep Support, and Digestion March April 2016 V Na tur SO ISI T alP U ra RC OU cti EB R tio ne OO ON rM ag K T LIN .co O E m DA So Y ur ce bo ok A VRM Media Publication Go to davinci for info about this advertiser Go to americasfinest for info about this advertiser TABLE OF CONTENTS March April 2016 VOLUME 5 NO. 2 15 FEATURES 15 Cognitive Health Important From Birth and Onwards The population is living longer and patients are turning to preventative measures to maintain cognitive health into their later years. 21 24 COLUMNS 4 Editor s Note 32 Supplement Science 8 Practitioner Corner 30 Product Focus Sleep Support 21 Digesting the Matter A healthy diet paired with the right supplement plan will help to maintain overall digestive integrity. 24 Righting a Listing Ship Immune Health Support Modern lifestyle factors continue to imbalance immune function--here s how to utilize supplements to help your clients patients align immunity for healthy functioning. 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Advertisers assume total responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. No portion of this magazine is intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Printed in U.S.A. Basic annual subscription rate is 50.00. POSTMASTER Send address changes to Natural Practitioner P.O. Box 15246 North Hollywood CA 91615-5246. Subscription Customer Service Natural Practitioner P.O. Box 15246 North Hollywood CA 91615-5246 USA Phone (818) 286-3169 Fax (800) 869-0040 nprcs Back Issues & Single Copies For order information contact (732) 432-9600 or info December issue is 25.00. All other issues are 10.00 each. 2 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to advancednaturals for info about this advertiser EDITOR S NOTE We Are What We Eat ach year the Integrative Healthcare Symposium held in New York City is the first chance the Natural Practitioner (NP) staff has to connect with members of the integrative health care community see interesting new products and innovations and sit in on some wonderful educational sessions. This year was no different. The NP editors attended a number of sessions including The Role of Microbiome Diversity in Health and Disease presented by David Perlmutter MD FACN ABIHM The Allergy Epidemic by Leo Galland MD FACP FACN as well as Food Pain and the Dietary Effects of Inflammation from Hal Blatman MD DAAPM ABIHM among others. We were also not only lucky enough to witness Mark Hyman MD receive the Leadership Award but listened in on his keynote speech entitled The Slippery Science of Fat--The Fat We Eat and the Fat On Our Bodies. E Conference Themes In just about every seminar I attended--which included a wide range of topics--the speakers discussed the importance of gut health and how it is linked to inflammation and the food we eat. During his session Dr. Perlmutter mentioned that what we are putting into our bodies matters because it either nurtures or destroys our gut bacteria while Dr. Hyman said that dietary quality affects fat storage in the body. And during his discussion Dr. Galland talked about the effect food has on allergies. He noted that eating fast food increases the chances of developing allergies and that there is a really strong link between allergies and weight gain. Food is a very powerful medicine Dr. Galland said. Dr. Blatman continued this theme when he discussed nutrition and pain by explaining that food seems to be the common denominator because nutrition underlies every body process. He listed inflammatory foods including sugar wheat potatoes fruit juice and artificial sweeteners. He also called out a certain carbonated beverage by saying that soda is more dangerous than a cigarette. In addition Dr. Blatman offered up the best response I ve heard for patients who aren t following the diet protocols their practitioner sets up for them or the patients who tell their doctor that it s too much of a hassle to eat right. He said Your body has the same tolerance for food that your marriage has for an affair. There is no room for infidelity. We need to be loyal to our bodies. I guess Hippocrates said it best when he said Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. I look forward to seeing many of you at next year s Integrative Healthcare Symposium which will be held on February 22-25 2017. PUBLISHER DANIEL MCSWEENEY EDITORIAL DIRECTOR DanM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER RUSS FIELDS RussF ADVERTISING GARY PFAFF SALES ASSOCIATE GaryP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SHARI BARBANEL ShariB ASSISTANT EDITOR CORINNE ANDERSON CorinneA CONTRIBUTING EDITOR JANET POVEROMO JanetP ART DIRECTOR ROBERT CERTO PRODUCTION MANAGER RobertC PRODUCTION ASSISTANT BRYAN ZAK GRAPHIC ARTIST BryanZ CIRCULATION MANAGER ROSIE BRODSKY Rosie VRM MEDIA 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 PHONE (732) 432-9600 FAX (732) 432-9288 E-MAIL info WEBSITE PRESIDENT DANIEL MCSWEENEY DanM MISSION STATEMENT Natural Practitioner magazine provides alternative complementary and integrative health care professionals information about natural products market trends industry news health research and other content designed to benefit their practices and improve their business results. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Natural Practitioner P.O. Box 15246 North Hollywood CA 91615-5246 USA Phone (818) 286-3169 Fax (800) 869-0040 nprcs Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to carlson for info about this advertiser Meet Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board In its search to provide readers with insight and perspective that will help them build and better their practices Natural Practitioner has culled together an Editorial Advisory Board of authoritative practitioners willing to do just that. You will see our Board members present in key editorial as well as each authoring their own column Practitioner Corner throughout the year that highlights their expertise and professional experiences. They will also lend us their perspective on trends and topics that Natural Practitioner will be covering in issues to come. Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of Holly Lucille ND Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally recognized licensed naturopathic physician lecturer educator and author of Creating and Maintaining Balance A Women s Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health. Her private practice Healing From Within Healthcare focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care. Outside of her practice Dr. Lucille holds a position on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians board of directors and is on the faculty of the Global Medicine Education Foundation. She is the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association where she spearheaded a lobbying effort to have naturopathic doctors licensed in the state of California. A graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Lucilles commitment to naturopathic medicine has been recognized with the Daphne Blayden Award and more recently the SCNM Legacy Award. Shailinder Sodhi ND Growing up near the Himalayas Dr. Shailinder Sodhi developed an early interest in ayurvedic plants and herbs and received his BAMS (bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery) degree from Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar India in 1985. In 1993 he received a naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University as well as a degree in diagnostic ultrasound from Bellevue College. Dr. Sodhi practices naturopathic medicine along with his wife Dr. Anju Sodhi and his brother Dr. Virender Sodhi at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Bellevue WA which he established in 1989. In addition Dr. Sodhi serves as president of Ayush Herbs Inc. a manufacturer of high-quality ayurvedic herbal formulas is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr and has been published in several natural health magazines. Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences and additional certifications in bodywork ayurveda and holistic nutrition. Her journey in the healing arts developed richly as she worked for years in practices with integrative physicians acupuncturists chiropractors and nurses. Ultimately she developed an integrated modality of ayurvedic medicine yoga advanced bodywork and integrative nutrition. Vitale uses her 19 years of experience in integrative medical practices to educate on the consumer mindset and to distill these wisdoms into digestible information bytes. In 2014 she joined the Garden of Life team as their Northeast Regional Educator. Adam Killpartrick DC Dr. Adam Killpartrick earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA. His primary practice focus has been a synergistic blend of NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic) with Cranial Release Technique for which he has attained lead instructor status. Dr. Killpartrick furthered his education in clinical nutrition functional diagnostics and lifestyle medicine and has since successfully integrated this blend of specialized chiropractic care and functional medicine into his New Hampshire private practice. This practical experience led him to clinical consulting for numerous nutritional supplement companies. He is currently the chief scientific officer for DaVinci Laboratories. Jared M. Skowron ND Dr. Jared M. Skowron is a national expert in natural medicine for children. Author of the best-selling 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child his lifes work is dedicated to the optimal health of children. A faculty member at University of Bridgeport and founder of their Pediatric & Autism Clinic Dr. Skowron has helped thousands of children fulfill their optimal potential. He is vice president of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and his expertise is in pediatrics autism ADHD and acute and chronic EENT conditions. Jacob Teitelbaum MD A recognized authority on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers nationally and does phone consultations with CFS fibromyalgia patients worldwide. He is the author of the popular iPhone application Cures A-Z and author of the best-selling book From Fatigued to Fantastic (3rd revised edition Avery Penguin Group) and Pain Free 1-2-3--A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now (McGrawHill). His newest book is Beat Sugar Addiction NOW (Fairwinds Press 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America CNN Fox News Channel the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc A recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s with a specific focus on cancer immune health detoxification and mind-body medicine. He is a respected formulator clinician researcher author and educator. As part of his commitment to the advancement of integrative medicine Dr. Eliaz partners with leading research institutes and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers on innovative therapies for immune enhancement heavy metal toxicity and cancer prevention and treatment. He is founder and medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa CA where he and his team of practitioners pioneer individualized treatments for cancer and chronic illness. 6 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to fairhaven for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER By Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN fter two decades studying and practicing natural alternative integrative medicine I still have long-time friends and family members not to mention complete strangers come out and ask me how I justify making supplement recommendations when supplements are so unregulated. After two decades of hearing this it still triggers me and my eyes go wide in disbelief that my own peers would have the audacity the nerve to suggest that the VMS (vitamin mineral supplement) industry is unregulated. Yep it s a trigger. The best way to desensitize a trigger is to break it down logically. Why would the very people who have watched me fight and grow and become the advocate I am today suggest such a thing It boils down to one thing mass marketing. And marketing has multiple aspects two of which are mega-advertising campaigns and smear campaigns. As Dr. David Permlutter recently remarked in his presentation on February 25 at the 2016 Integrative Health Symposium whenever we see a pharmaceutical advertisement on television that tells us how amazing our life will be once we ask our doctor about such and so medication right when it gets to the part about all the dangers stats and side-effects the commercial A goes into such stunning visuals that all we remember is that we want our life to look like that. But when it comes to newscasts about the riskiness false ingredient claims and dangers of being fooled in the VMS industry accusations are widely broadcast and recants are quietly posted. This feels like the smear part. Take the New York Attorney General s (NYAG) 2015 blast pulling random product off the shelves testing it then hastily broadcasting accusations that these products did not contain the botanicals companies claim to have on the label. Although the products tested were sold in very conventional company stores the American Botanical Council (ABC) and other natural product organizations came to the rescue of these companies by pointing out that an inaccurate form of testing was used.1 We cannot test for botanical ID using only DNA bar coding when a product contains extracts as the extraction process itself degrades the DNA.2 Ultimately some of these stores like GNC proved their innocence but the damage was done. From our side of the fence the NYAG looks pretty foolish and hasty. But believe me we are all still getting questions about the validity of label claims and others are jumping on that bandwagon. The recant was quiet small and understated 3 just like CBC s Marketplace retraction on their accusations about vitamin C and protein products.4 Consumers trust online testing labs for the results they issue when they randomly pull product from stores and rank it for potency label claim accuracy and botanical ID. What they don t realize is that many such organizations accept advertising fees from the companies they test. We must always follow the money trail and I for one am more suspicious of the 14 billion net worth of the family which created OxyContin 5 not even including street sales (as far as I know). The stats show that between 100 000 and 200 000 people die yearly in the U.S. from pharmaceutical side effects or mix ups 6 and it s less than single digits due to dietary supplements.7 Still I completely understand that we all want to get what we are paying for-- what is listed on the label--and nothing additional unless it s free and good for us. So how do we dispel myths created by diversionary insinuating and outright accusatory advertising and news hype Education of course Let s starts with some facts. USP means United States Pharmacopeia whether a fish oil manufacturer advertising on TV an isolated multivitamin label or a pharmaceutical drug uses it. It is a certification of purity 8 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 and standards but it doesn t say anything about health or even efficacy above an uncertified product. Basically USP guarantees the product is laboratory-made through biochemical means. It also means it s not nearly natural anymore. However a lot of our supplements are USP because they are a laboratorymade representation of what our food or our bodies make naturally.8 Botanical ID can be performed by many means. When an herbal or plant material is still in its unprocessed state even some powders and capsules it can be verified by DNA bar coding. But if that raw material has been through extraction by any solvent even hot water it will have to undergo botanical fingerprinting by other means the most recognizable being the forms of Mass Spectrometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Seals of botanical verification have meaning if you know the organization that is testing and that their methods are universally accepted as appropriate and accurate. The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) provides a list for such reference materials.9 This brings me to the point where I want to explain the rigors of testing that many if not most dietary supplements must undergo. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has definitely put regulatory protocols in place. The grace period for compliance is over. Companies with more than 500 full-time employees were required to be compliant in 2008 those between 20500 in 2009 and those under 20 in 2010.10 All dietary supplement manufacturers must establish and adhere to current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) that are approved and enforced by the FDA. Additionally there are numerous organizations such as NSF which can act as third parties to further certify that these standards are being upheld. I liken the third-party certifiers to Kato for Inspector Clouseau solicited paid and welcomed surprise attacks for the purpose of keeping the skills sharp. When a company has NSF or other thirdparty seals on its label you know they voluntarily submitted to two to four more audits yearly than the FDA conducts. A raw material entering the U.S. from an international source must be tested be it fresh produce dried and pulverized powder or extracted liquid period. In many cases with the best companies that raw material was already sample tested before leaving the country of origin. Why would a supplier or exporter risk the costs of shipping and reputation by not ensuring that the raw material is the correct botanical up to nutrient specs free of contamination and also whatever else it claims to be (gluten free vegan kosher dairy free soy free certified organic nonGMO) before leaving the country of origin Upon receipt by an importer and or contract manufacturer in the U.S. raw materials should again be inspected and sample tested for purity potency and botanical ID and they arrive with their papers (COA and verifications) from the international supplier. If the contract manufacturer or the company creating the supplement is a separate entity from the importer the raw material will be sample tested again for potency purity and botanical ID before combining with other ingredients to create a final product. That final product will be sample tested again by lot before assembly into capsules tablets liquids or canisters of powders. The manufacturer will randomly pull assembled and bottled product for final testing and then again the company selling it will often pull random bottles from each lot for analysis. Companies should also be storing a portion of each sample analyzed at each stage in case there is a need for re-test. The paperwork and certifications from every step are filed and stored creating a paper trail and chain of custody. Whew That s a lot Additionally the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has announced it will require all member companies bearing their seal to submit their labels for scrutiny to the NIH (National Institutes of Health) Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) for the dietary Supplement Label Database. They said they could no longer allow companies not following the law to tarnish the industry as a whole.11 Members and the Board of Directors of CRN recently formed a Product Transparency Working Group. The CRN is also working hard with the FDA to clear up RDAs (recommended dietary allowances) and allowable limits for nutrients that come from foods in their natural form versus those that are synthesized in a laboratory. An example is the difference in the body s utilization of dietary folates as compared to isolated folic acid.12 Companies that make products that have additional seals such as GFCO Certified Gluten Free Vegan Action Certified Vegan USDA Certified Organic Non-GMO Project Verified Kosher or Parve Certified Halal SCS Global Services for sustainability Informed Choice for Sport and others voluntarily subject themselves and pay their own fees to be further audited and investigated in a myriad of both overlapping and completely independent ways. All in all if you know what to look for as a practitioner you can be reasonably assured of the quality and truthfulness in labeling of a dietary supplement you wish to recommend to your patient or client. And you can teach them what to look for on their own in stores and online. If we all keep fighting for quality for access to information and for the actual health of our patients rather than perpetuation of a disease state this industry can only get better References 1 videos 2015 02 dna-tests-reliable-for-raw-botanicals-but-notextracts.aspx - _blank. 2 blogs insiderlaw 2016 02 gnc-adopts-raw-botanical-material-guidelines-in-e.aspx. 3 http article iduskbn0mq17920150330. 4 blogs globalevolutions 2016 01 cbc-s-supplement-story-retractionhighlights-need.aspx. 5 sites alexmorrell 2015 07 01 the-oxycontin-clan-the-14-billion-newcomer-to-forbes2015-list-of-richest-u-s-families 5a13101dc0e2. 6 http blog new-prescriptiondrugs-major-health-risk-few-offsetting-advantages. 7 http sites articles archive 2012 04 23 defend-your-right-to-access-safe-dietarysupplements.aspx. 8 usp-verification-services usp-verified-dietary-supplements. 9 index.php botanical_reference_materials. 10 food guidanceregulation guidancedocumentsregulatoryinformation dietarysupplements ucm238182.htm. 11 http crn-announces-members-will-submit-product-labels-to-ods-label-database utm_content 881ac8be08eb20de97d9249fed1 94ae9&utm_campaign vre-2016-01-18-enews1&utm_source email. 12 http regulation crn-npa-submit-comments-on-fda-s-proposedchanges-to-food-supplement-labels. Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences and additional certifications in bodywork ayurveda and holistic nutrition. Her journey in the healing arts developed richly as she worked for years in practices with integrative physicians acupuncturists chiropractors and nurses. Ultimately she developed an integrated modality of ayurvedic medicine yoga advanced bodywork and integrative nutrition. Vitale uses her 19 years of experience in integrative medical practices to educate on the consumer mindset and to distill these wisdoms into digestible information bytes. In 2014 she joined the Garden of Life team as their Northeast Regional Educator. MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 9 HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS NCCAOM Releases Revised Code of Ethics n an attempt to put patient safety first the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) has released its newly revised The NCCAOM Code of Ethics. The code helps to ensure that nationally certified acupuncturists and Oriental medicine (AOM) practitioners are following the highest standards of ethics and patient safety. NCCAOM is the only organization that provides national certification for acupuncturists and Oriental medicine practitioners said Kory Ward-Cook PhD MT (ASCP) CAE CEO of NCCAOM. While most states require licenses for AOM practitioners the requirements vary greatly from state to state. Ninetyeight percent of states (45 states) base their state licensing exam on NCCAOM s test or require full certification as a prerequisite for their state licensing because they recognize us as the Gold Standard. The NCCAOM Code of Ethics is being released on the heels of tremendous sweeping changes in American health care including the Affordable Care Act emerging new technologies and increasing new research and development discoveries. These changes have lead to greater opportu- I nities for both providers and patients. Within this new health care landscape providers can treat patients more efficiently and effectively in collaborative settings often resulting in improved safer delivery of care. But patients are stuck in a vortex of conflicting and confusing data that is often so overwhelming it leaves them feeling paralyzed--especially at a time when they are sick and not up to sorting through the volume of information floating around the internet said Michael Taromina Esq. co-author of the NCCAOM Code of Ethics and key speaker at the NCCAOM Code of Ethics and Safety Symposium held on January 23 in Orlando FL. According to Taromina the NCCAOM s new Code of Ethics is one way AOM nationally certified practitioners can bridge the information gap between patients and practitioners. Every acupuncturist and Oriental medicine practitioner that is an NCCAOM Diplomate must adhere to NCCAOM s Code of Ethics and that should be comforting to patients said Taromina. When patients seek out a NCCAOM Diplomate they are guaranteed that that practitioner is practicing a rigor- ous code of conduct and has the most up-todate education and training. According to Ward-Cook patients seeking acupuncture treatments can rely on NCCAOM to ensure that certified practitioners have met national standards through a stringent certification process and are free from disciplinary actions. There are more than 17 000 acupuncturists that are both nationally certified and state licensed said Ward-Cook. When you want to find AOM practitioners you can trust go to the NCCAOM website and look for a Diplomate in your area said Ward-Cook. For more information visit HHS and USDA Release New Dietary Guidelines S ecretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Sylvia M. Burwell and the U.S. Department of Agriculture s (USDA) Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack have released updated nutritional guidelines that encourage Americans to adopt a series of science-based recommendations to improve how they eat to reduce obesity and prevent chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes hypertension and heart disease. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans serves to provide the general public as well as policy makers and health professionals with the information they need to help the public make informed choices about their diets at home school work and in their communities. Protecting the health of the American public includes empowering them with the tools they need to make healthy choices in their daily lives said Secretary Burwell. By focusing on small shifts in what we eat and drink eating healthy becomes more manageable. The Dietary Guidelines provide science-based recommendations on food and nutrition so people can make decisions that may help keep their weight under control and prevent chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes hypertension and heart disease. The new edition reflects advancements in scientific understanding about healthy eating choices and health outcomes over a lifetime. This edition recognizes the importance of focusing not on individual nutrients or foods in isolation but on the variety of what people eat and drink--healthy eating patterns as a whole--to bring about lasting improvements in individual and population health. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans is one of many important tools that help to support a healthier next generation of Americans added Secretary Vilsack. The latest edition of the Dietary Guidelines provides individuals with the flexibility to make healthy food choices that are right for them and their families and take advantage of the diversity of products available thanks to America s farmers and ranchers. Based on a review of current scientific evidence on nutrition the 2015 edition includes updated guidance on topics such as added sugars sodium and cholesterol as well as new information on caffeine. For example the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines is the first edition to recommend a quantitative limit to consume less than 10 percent of calories from added sugars. This edition also reaffirms guidance about the core building blocks of a healthy lifestyle that have remained consistent over the past several editions and suggests there is still work to be done to encourage more Americans to follow the recommendations outlined in the Dietary Guidelines. CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) is pleased to see the Guidelines recognition of dietary supplements as having a role to play in achieving optimal nutrition commented Duffy MacKay ND senior vice president scientific and regulatory affairs CRN. We remind consumers that dietary supplements are supplements to not substitutes for a healthy diet. However given the number of under-consumed nutrients in our population dietary supplements are needed to fill in the nutrient gaps. We hope this influential roadmap for nutrition will help bring awareness to the real life need for supplementation. For more information visit 10 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to albion for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS Survey Examines Americans Use and Satisfaction of Homeopathic Medicines A new survey finds that homeopathic medicines are primarily used by a small segment of the U.S. population for common self-limited conditions such as the common cold or back pain. The report published in the American Journal of Public Health also finds that homeopathy users particularly those who also report visiting homeopathic practitioners find the use of these products helpful and that they tend to use a greater variety of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) modalities than do users of supplements and other CIMs. This is the first detailed report on the use of homeopathy in this country. The information provided by this survey is important to regulatory officials at the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) both of which have inquired about the public use and perception of these products said Michelle Dossett MD PhD MPH of the BensonHenry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital lead and corresponding author of the paper. Since most people purchase these products over the counter without physician guidance it is reassuring to see that most use them for non-serious selflimited conditions. The study analyzed data from the National Health Interview Survey which is conducted annually by National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 2012 survey included a number of questions about participants use of CIM and was completed by more than 34 500 adults. The study authors--based at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center where Dr. Dossett was a research fellow at the time of the survey-- divided respondents into four groups THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR ALTERNATIVE & those who used INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS homeopathic products during the preceding 12 months those who used supplements but did not use homeopathy those who used NP s Upcoming other forms of CIM Issue Highlights but not homeopathy or supplements and those who did not 4 15 16 May CAM Innovations ad closing use CIM. The respondents who reported using June Healthy Aging & 6 1 16 ad closing homeopathy were July AANP Show Issue more likely to be white female marOur 2016 Media Planner ried highly educatIs Now Available At ed aged 30 to 44 and live in the west2016-Media-Planner ern U.S. than were CIM users who did Contact One of Our Ad not use homeopathy. They also were more Specialists Today likely to report Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 using other types of CIM except for chi e-Mail RussF ropractic or osteoGary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 pathic manipula e-Mail GaryP tion and to have used several different types of CIM. While two-thirds of the 718 respondents who used homeopathy ranked it among their top three CIM therapies only 140 or 19 percent reported seeing a homeopathic practitioner during the preceding year. One third of homeopathy users-- both those who did and did not consult practitioners--reported using homeopathy to address specific health conditions most commonly head and chest colds. Those who did see a practitioner were significantly more likely to report that homeopathy was very important to maintaining their health and that it had helped their health problem a great deal. We were a bit surprised to see how few homeopathy users reported seeing a practitioner but I don t think that is concerning since most use is for conditions that will resolve on their own and homeopathic medicines are generally very safe said Dr. Dossett who is an instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Our data suggest that the likelihood of people using these products for serious conditions without input from a health care professional is low and data from other groups suggest that most CIM use is in addition to not in place of conventional treatment. While she agreed that the data from this report helps meet the interest of the FDA and FTC for information on the use of homeopathy Dossett added that additional more detailed information on homeopathy users and studies of homeopathic products would provide additional helpful information. For more information visit 12 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to quintron for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS First Accredited Ayurvedic Doctor Program in the U.S. T he California College of Ayurveda (Nevada City CA) has announced a newly developed state-approved Ayurvedic Doctor Program accredited by the National Council on Ayurvedic Education. This is the first time that such a program has been offered in the United States. The Ayurvedic Doctor curriculum provides students with highly advanced course work and hands-on training integrating classical ayurvedic medicine as it has been taught and practiced in India for thousands of years combined with a basic knowledge of Western medicine. California College of Ayurveda spearheaded ayurvedic practitioner training in this country 21 years ago and now we are at the forefront of bringing Ayurvedic Doctors to America through our new Ayurvedic Doctor program said Dr. Marc Halpern founder of the college. This along with our other programs helps ayurveda build the necessary infrastructure in the United States for universal recognition. We are honored to help promote the advancement of this profession increasing the availability and benefits of ayurveda in this country and to be of service to humanity in this way. Established in 1995 the California College of Ayurveda is the oldest state-approved college offering ayurvedic medicine training. The fact that Dr. Halpern has created this program to further the field of ayurvedic education and health care in the United States is right in line with his internationally recognized stature in the field--he s been instrumental in advancing the science in the U.S. for over 20 years said Heidi Wingo school director. The Ayurvedic Doctor program entails 3 100 hours of training. These hours include training in classical ayurvedic principles clinical ayurvedic principles and an overview of Western medicine. Students also complete an 18-month-long internship. The total course work takes three years of full time study to complete although the college also offers distance learning and weekend classes. The college is now accepting applications for new students. Students begin in the Ayurvedic Health Counselor program and can continue on into the Ayurvedic Practitioner program leading up to the Ayurvedic Doctor Program. For more information visit Natural Partners Announces Advisory Board and New Educational Training Center N atural Partners Inc. (Scottsdale AZ) announced the establishment of the Natural Partners Advisory Board and the opening of the new NP Productions Training Center. The Advisory Board and Training Center further elevate Natural Partners educational platform by sharing knowledge and strengthening communication among practitioners patients and brand partners. The development of the Natural Partners Advisory Board and opening of the NP Productions Training Center are key milestones for Natural Partners and additional evidence of our rapid growth said Fran Towey president of Natural Partners. These initiatives allow Natural Partners to engage inspire and enlighten the wellness community with a renewed focus on education. The Advisory Board consists of four industry experts and integrative medicine professionals who will provide guidance on current topics and content that keeps the wellness community up-to-date and well informed. The inaugural members of the Natural Partners Advisory Board are the following Holly Lucille ND RN--Natural Partners Advisory Board Chair passionate practicing ND and nationally acclaimed TV and radio host educator author and lecturer at various health institutions past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association recipient of SCNM Legacy Award and Daphne Blayden Award from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Michelle Simon PhD ND--Focus on women s health preventive medicine and musculoskeletal health president of the Institute for Natural Medicine director for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians director of Naturopathic Physicians Research Institute member of the Washington State Health Technology Assessment Clinical Committee co-director of the Communities in Need Integrated Care Options Project of the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Jared Skowron ND--One of the country s leading experts in natural therapies for children with special needs with an emphasis in pediatric autism and ADHD (attention deficit hyeractivity disorder) best-selling author of 100 Natural Remedies for Your Child cofounder of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians founder of the Pediatric and Autism Clinic at University of Bridgeport advisory board member of Autism Hope Alliance and Natural Practitioner. Helene Wechsler MD--Specialization in Family Medicine in a concierge model practice previously co-founder and medical director of Scottsdale Holistic Medical Group a multidisciplinary group offering conventional and alternative medicine inspiration for the creation of Natural Partners member of the Natural Partners Board of Directors. I am thrilled to be in partnership with Natural Partners said Dr. Lucille. Not only are they highly innovative in technology and delivering high-quality education their enthusiasm for world wellness and their we are all in this together culture are infectious. It is very rewarding to be a part of this Advisory Board that is passionate about patient wellness clinical excellence and providing a unique educational experience to both practitioners and patients. As part of Natural Partners continued growth the 3 000-square-foot NP Productions Training Center is an expansion of the Natural Partners Scottsdale campus. The Training Center serves as an added value to practitioners and brand partners offering a venue with cutting-edge technology to be used for internal training educational seminars and innovative video platforms. In time the Training Center will be open to the public for wellness seminars and conferences. For more information visit 14 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 The population is living longer and patients are turning to preventative measures to maintain cognitive health into their later years. By Corinne Anderson O ne of the greatest achievements of the 20th century was the dramatic increase in the lifespan of the human race said Shaheen Majeed marketing director of New Jersey-based Sabinsa Santura (America s Finest Inc. s [AFI] parent company). While babies born in the early 1900s often didn t live past the age of 50 today the life expectancy in developed countries is in the range of 81 to 84. But as the Baby Boomers come of age they realize that living longer means more years coping with age related challenges. As we age both mind and body still experience declines. Because of this Baby Boomers have shifted their focus to maintaining physical and cognitive abilities as they continue to age and outlive the generations before them. We all want to stay mentally sharp and as we age our memory begins to fail us. Aging causes our brains to change both vascularly and in volume said Kathy Birkner CRNA PhD president and CEO of Pain & Stress Center Products (PSC) in Texas. According to the American Psychological Association (APA) as people age their memory changes. The brain reaches its maximum size in a person s early twenties. It slowly declines in volume and overtime blood flow also decreases. Semantic memory the ability to recall concepts and general facts that are not related to specific experiences continue to improve for many adults APA said. Procedural memory which is the memory of how to do things (ex. tell time) stays the same as most people age. However there are some types of memory declines that are common in the aging population including information processing learning something new multitasking and episodic memory which is the collection of past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place (dissimilar to the semantic memory). For people nearing or over age 65 such memory lapses [losing keys misplacing an item forgetting someone s name] can be frightening. They wonder if they have Alzheimer s disease or another type of dementia APA said. The good news is that Alzheimer s disease is not a normal part of aging. Mental status testing works to evaluate memory problem solving and other thinking critical thinking skills. Tests can give the practitioner an overall sense of whether a person is aware of symptoms knows the date time where they are can remember short lists of words do simple calculations and follow instructions. According to the Alzheimer s Association mini-mental state exam used to test a range of everyday mental skills and the mini-cog test where they are asked to remember and later repeat names of three common objects and draw a face on a clock (with all 12 numbers in the correct places) and a specified time are the most commonly utilized. Mood assessments can also be good tools in diagnosis. The doctor can evaluate a patient s sense of well-being to detect depression or other mood disorders that can cause memory problems loss of interest in life and other symptoms that can overlap with dementia APA said. Fewer than one in five people age 65-plus and less than half of people aged 85-plus have the disease [Alzheimer s] APA continued. In adults over 60 years of age the prevalence is approximately 6 percent with about half of MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 15 these being diagnosed with Alzheimer s said Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum creator of the free iPhone app Cures A-Z and a member of Natural Practitioner s editorial advisory board. Unfortunately most physicians are not aware of the research showing that 30 to 50 percent of people diagnosed with Alzheimer s turn out on autopsy to never had Alzheimer s disease. This means they had other causes of their illness which despite quite likely having been treatable were often simply missed Dr. Teitelbaum explained. When Should Cognitive Health Be a Health Focus Studies show that a gradual reduction of memory and processing power starts in our mid-20s said Kathy McIntee vice president of New Yorkbased Patient One. Denise Park PhD director of research for the Center of Vital Longevity Distinguished University Chair in Behavioral and Brain Sciences Regents Research Scholar at UT (University of Texas) Dallas explains that even though their cognitive abilities are decreasing at the same rate of those in their 60s and 70s because they have more capital than they need younger adults in their 20s and 30s simply do not notice their loss. According to Birkner people should start thinking about supplementation for cognitive health in their 40s. Supplementing helps keep the brain supplied with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Drugs are not the answers as we were not born with drugs in our bodies. Amino acids vitamins and minerals are what constitute our biochemistry she continued. She believes that amino acids and omega-3s are the way to go. On the other hand Mark J. Kaylor founder of Radiant Health Project consulting with New Jersey-based Mushroom Wisdom believes there is no time like the present. Alzheimer s and dementia usually develop over a period of decades. It is not a condition that you catch or come down with quickly in the vast majority of cases. Since cognitive decline primarily develops over such long periods of time the focus is best placed on what patients are doing now. Alzheimer s disease is definitely a condition where the cure lies in prevention Kaylor continued. Over the last few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people under 50 that have a rapidly growing interest in cognitive health noted Dr. Chris Leatherman chief sales officer for Texas-based Onnit Labs LLC. There seem to be a couple of major reasons behind this shift in the demographics. One reason seems to be the increasing competitive natures of life. Competition in the workplace to be the most productive profitable and positioning for promotions seems to have become an epidemic of sorts Dr. Leatherman said. Second is due to the attention more and more people have put on achieving and maintain the best health possible. Our society s awareness has expanded to realize that health is about more than just physical health. It is now common practice to focus on mental and spiritual health knowing that there must be a balance in the health triad to be truly healthy. Students at younger and younger ages are also looking for new options for improving memory and recall with the goal of improving grades and test scores Kaylor noted. Unfortunately you see an increasing use of pharmaceuticals within this category as well he added. In the last handful of years we have Go to rainforest for info about this advertiser seen numerous products introduced into the sports category designed to improve focus and intensity. Dr. Leatherman revealed that Onnit Labs LLC research and clinical trials have shown that cognitive enhancement improvement can occur in healthy young adults not just the aging population. To achieve and maintain optimum mental health he believes that it s never too early to start thinking and acting on keeping your brain health. We know even toddlers benefit from essential fatty acids when it comes to cognitive development. I think a real focus should begin in middle school or high school at the latest in terms of addressing cognitive function Dr. Leatherman said. In addition children whose diets do not supply sufficient essential fatty acids may also benefit from supplementation. Increasing evidence indicated that fatty acid deficiencies or imbalances contribute to childhood neurodevelopment disorders McIntee said. Today s diet commonly lacks sufficient omega-3s many children are deficient in EPA and DHA the two most studied essential fatty acids in fish oil. These vital nutrients are important building blocks of child development and play key roles in every aspect of health including brain and eye function. Omega-3s particularly high in EPA and DHA ratios have been studied for their role in healthy neuro and emotional development behavioral improvement cardiovascular function respiration and joint flexibility McIntee explained. In addition women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant seeking support for fetal neural development are also patients who may be seeking cognitive health support products. The role of omega-3s in developing and maintaining cognitive health is a lifelong pursuit said Ahmed Daak MD MSc PhD clinical research director and medical director Floridabased Ocean Blue Professional. From before birth DHA supplementation plays a vital role in the development of brain health for the baby. Fats make up about 60 percent of the human brain with DHA being the primary structural component of brain tissue. The EFSA Scientific Panel recommends that pregnant and nursing women should consume 200 mg of DHA in addition to their healthy diet of omega-3 consumption to ensure the healthy development of the baby s brain and eyes. Ocean Blue offers Ocean Blue Optimal Health Prenatal DHA which contains 250 mg of purified DHA for this purpose. All Ocean Blue products contain pharmaceutical grade fish oil that maintains the highest standards of purity (88 percent) and concentration. According to Dr. Daak most oils only contain 30 percent pure omega-3 per capsule the rest being fish fats and fillers. Additionally each product contains a proprietary concentration and ratio of EPA DHA. 16 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser Unique to Ocean Blue products is the addition of pharmaceutical grade d-limonene a naturally occurring orange oil that neutralizes the fish taste and odor and eliminates fish burps that lead to discontinuation Dr. Daak said. What s Available Omega-3s Ocean Blue offers four different products for cognitive health. Ocean Blue Professional Omega-2 2100 (OPB2100) is an all natural product containing 1050 mg of omega-3 in each 1 200 mg soft gel. With the ratio of 2.25 1 EPA DHA each soft gel takes the place of three to five of the standard fish oil doses Dr. Daak revealed. Ocean Blue Minicaps Omega-3 is formulated similarly to the OPB2100 in 1 3 size and volume. With 350 mg of omega-3 per capsule and natural vanilla flavor this minicap is ideal for older and younger patients who cannot tolerate swallowing larger capsules. Utilizing the same formulation as the Ocean Blue Minicaps Ocean Blue also makes Ocean Blue Minicaps Omega-3 D3. Low vitamin D blood levels are associated with a higher risk of cognitive impairment--with multiple studies showing lower test scores poor decision making and cognitive impairment when vitamin D levels are low Dr. Daak revealed. Patient One s NeuroOne is a supplement targeted toward aging adults experiencing memory problems forgetfulness and mental fogginess as well as younger adults who want to support healthy cognition and students who are seeking support for focus concentration and recall McIntee said. The company also has Patient One SHARPkids Omegas which will launch April 2016. This particular product supplies highly purified and concentrated omega-3 fatty acids as triglycerides and in an easy-to-take liquid form. According to McIntee it is formulated with an evidence-backed four-to-one ratio of EPA to DHA. Higher doses of EPA within essential fatty acid supplements were significantly associated with increased efficacy in treating ADHD (attention deficit hyper activity disorder) symptoms.1 And Patient One Q-Folate which supports accepted scientific recommended nutrient requirements during pregnancy. Amino Acids Alpha BRAIN by Onnit Labs LLC and Alpha BRAIN Instant are compromised of 12 wellresearched earth-grown nutrients amino acids and vitamin B6 and contain no stimulants or caffeine Dr. Leatherman revealed. The success lies in the skillful combination of earth-grown ingredients that support functional areas of cognitive health in a balanced yet potent combination. Focused primarily on support acetylcholine synthesis Alpha BRAIN has multiple ingredients targeting many facets of overall cognitive health and performance. These ingredients include ac11--Cat s Claw Extract Alpha GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) Huperzia Serrata and Bacopa Monniera. Alpha GPC is a phospholipid derivative Warning Signs of Alzheimer s he Alzheimer s Association provides many resources for people dealing with dementia and Alzheimer s disease. One particular resource is a 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer s list on its webpage. Each person may experience one or more of these symptoms in varying degrees and should consult their physician if they experience any of them. 1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life 2. Challenges in planning or solving problems 3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home at work or at leisure 4. Confusion with time or place 5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships 6. New problems with words in speaking or writing 7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to T retrace steps 8. Decreased or poor judgment 9. Withdrawal from work or social activities 10. Changes in mood and personality The website also offers a pdf document that those concerned with their cognitive health can fill out and bring with them to doctor s appointments. Keep in mind that there are normal typical age-related changes that could be confused for a more serious condition by worried patients. For example memory loss that disrupts daily life is one of the most common signs in the list--however occasionally forgetting names or appointments but remembering them later is a sign of typical age-related changes. For more information on the signs and exemptions of Alzheimer s visit 10signs found concentrated in important brain cell membranes. Unlike less expensive forms of choline bitrartate Alpha GPC has been shown to be well absorbed easily crossing the blood-brain barrier Dr. Leatherman said. Huperzia Serrata is the second part of Alpha BRAIN s two-pronged strategy to help increase resources of the vital neurotransmitters. An extract from a plant in the clubmoss family (Huperzia serrata) Huperzine A is a naturally derived acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitor. AchE is responsible for the breakdown of acetylcholine. By effectively inhibiting AchE more acetylcholine is made available Dr. Leatherman explained. In an independent study efficacy has been shown in a range of 200-400 mcg daily and safety has been demonstrated in trials up to five weeks and 600 mcg daily. On a subjective note it continues to be reported by customers who take Alpha BRAIN and Alpha BRAIN Instant that some people notice a difference in as soon as one dose. Alpha BRAIN comes in capsule form while Alpha BRAIN Instant comes in a powder zip stick form that can easily be added to water. Key ingredients in PSC Products Brain Link Formula are the amino acids that create neurotransmitters in addition to the vitamins that help activate the amino acids. Brain Link is a powder that can be dissolved in juice which helps provide maximum uptake and absorption of the aminos and other vitamins. Amino acids such as glutamine support focus and concentration GABA calms so you feel less nervous Birkner said. Tyrosine provides the dopamine pathway--dopa and norepinephrine. 5-HTP is the precursor to serotonin the calming uplifting feeling in control neurotransmitter. Additionally all of the 22 amino acids are present in Brain Link to support the brain and body. This product is for all ages and is one of the most neuro-nutrient complex available Birkner said. PSC also makes Super Balanced Complex (SBNC) which is a super complex of amino acids in capsule form. It contains 13 amino acids to facilitate absorption to aid in proper brain function. Mushrooms Mushroom Wisdom recently developed a product for cognitive support particularly the aging brain. It is derived from Lion s Mane called Amyloban 3399. Amyloban is a concentrated extract of the Lion s Mane mushroom standardizing two constituents hericenones and amyloban Kaylor said. A growing body of research in vitro as well as in vivo supports both of these ingredients. The hericenones have been shown to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor a naturally occurring 18 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 compound that has exhibited promise in supporting the health of an aging brain. Amyloban is a fatty acid constituent that research shows provides a synergistic action with the hericenones by protecting the brain against damage. What makes Amyloban 3399 stand out amongst other products is that it standardizes and concentrates the compounds backed by clinical research Kaylor explained. The majority of Lion s Mane mushroom products in the marketplace are either simply ground-up mushroom or mycelium which have bioavailability issues or they are hot water extracts which will not pull out these active compounds. On a final note Mushroom Wisdom has done a number of studies with this exact same product with precisely the same ingredients and is committed to ongoing research efforts to explore its intriguing and promising actions and applications. According to Kaylor there is also promising research in the use of other medicinal mushrooms to support brain health the Maitake DFraction best known for its immune related actions has been shown in research to be an effective neuro-protective compound. Curcumin One of the most important mechanisms of curcumin which has been cited for anti-depressive activity is anti-inflammatory activity. Further curcumin has also been known to inhibit the monoamine oxidase and improve levels of serotonin and dopamine in brain tissue Majeed shared from Phytotherapy Research 2014. For prevention of Alzheimer s (for example those with positive history) the most critical supplements would be a special highly absorbed form of curcumin 750 mg called CuraPro by EuroMedica said Dr. Teitelbaum. For this it is critical to use this brand as most others are very poorly absorbed. For example it would take as many as 300-500 turmeric pills or seven to 10 pills of pure curcumin to get the same effect as one pill of the CuraPro. Curcumin is found in Indian food such as curries. The prevalence of Alzheimer s is 70 percent lower in India and this has been traced back to being associated with the curcumin turmeric in the food. In addition it is important to get a high potency multivitamin that includes 1 000 units of vitamin D and 400 g of folic acid (including 5MTHF form for those who have methylation issues). I use the Daily Energy Enfusion by Integrative Therapeutics Dr. Teitelbaum shared. I use these in anyone with a family history of Alzheimer s or in anyone showing signs of dementia. The CuraPro has the added benefit of treating hidden depression being more effective than antidepressants in head-on studies. Curcumin C3 Complex by AFI (Santura) is a standardized extract from turmeric root curcuma longa) with a unique composition of curcuminoids (curcumin demethoxycurcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin). It has been scientifically shown to be a powerful antioxidant preventing formation of free radicals and neutralizing already-formed free radicals. Curcumin C3 Complex is known as a bioprotectant due to its dual activity of prevention and intervention of free radicals which play an important role in cognitive decline Majeed said. Other actives in this product include bacopin a standardized triterpene glycosides (bacosides) extract BioPerine a natural extract from black pepper fruit which improves the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients and L-DOPA (Levodopa) which is extracted from Mucuna pruriens or velvet bean seeds. DOPA is the precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine which itself is the precursor of neurotransmitters nor-epinephrine and epinephrine. DOPA is consumed to generate dopamine supporting healthy mood and mental alertness. A preliminary clinical trial using C3 Complex was conducted at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) as a randomized double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial for 24 weeks with an open labeled trial extension for 24 weeks Majeed shared. The average age of subjects was 73.5. The results though preliminary at this stage showed that curcumin was generally Go to emerson for info about this advertiser MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 19 2. Infections Clear all infections including candida 3. Nutritional support 4. Drugs Get people off any unneeded medications. By optimizing the treatments discussed above practitioners can better serve their patients. Also by being aware that many if not most people diagnosed with Alzheimer s don t actually have it and may have treatable underlying conditions that can be effectively addressed with the MIND Protocol Dr. Teitelbaum said. well tolerated and was found to be safe (Ringman et al Alzheimer s Research and Therapy 2012). MIND Protocol Two key treatements that have existed in the mainstream include Aricept and Namenda. Unfortunately the main benefits of these treatments are that they are very profitable. Sadly they are not effective at increasing cognitive function but simply have a minimal effect of slowing progression Dr. Teitelbaum said. A natural approach practitioners can focus on to maintain or improve cognitive health is called the MIND Protocol. Dr. Teitelbaum shared this model MIND working as an anagram for the steps necessary in it. 1. Metabolism Optimize hormonal function In addition to their website Sabinsa also shares the science with consumers on social media platforms and via education programs the company hosts such as Sabinsa on Wheels. Final Thoughts Aging adults students children and even women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant seek cognitive supplementation to support growing and aging brains. Our society tends to eat fat foods and do not obtain the proper balance of nutrients they need to stay healthy. Eventually the negligence of health catches up to a person Birkner said. People need to be more aware of their health including supplementing to meet [the] body s needs since our food lacks many nutrients or has pesticide contamination. The body has a use it or lose it approach to efficiency. So if you don t use your mind you may lose it Dr. Teitelbaum concluded. Practitioner Resources Practitioners are focused on the health and wellbeing of their patients doing extensive research into products they recommend and keeping their eyes out for new ones. Busy practitioners looking for studies and research related information on products they offer their patients can find some companies to be helpful in providing easy access to documents of interest online. Patient One has an educational library available to all practitioners who have a Patient One account. It includes research studies related to the ingredients used in their formulas. Onnit Labs LLC also makes their studies available to practitioners on their website as well as paper copies that are available to practitioners upon request. 1 pmc articles pmc3625948 & effects of an open-label pilot study with high-dose epa dha concetrates on plasma phospholipids and behavior in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Paul H. Scorgi Edward M. Hallowell Heather L. Hutchins and Barry Sears. Children whose diets do not supply sufficient essential fatty acids may also benefit from supplementation. The prevalence of Alzheimer s is 70 percent lower in India and this has been traced back to being associated with the curcumin turmeric in the food. Fats make up about 60 percent of the human brain with DHA being the primary structural component of brain tissue. The brain reaches its maximum size in people s early twenties. It slowly declines in volume and overtime blood flow also decreases. Thirty to 50 percent of people diagnosed with Alzheimer s turn out on autopsy to never had Alzheimer s disease. Resource Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to mitomedical for info about this advertiser America s Finest Inc. (Santura) Mushroom Wisdom Inc. Ocean Blue Professionals Onnit Labs LLC Pain & Stress Center Products (PSC) Patient One 20 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 A healthy diet paired with the right supplement plan will help to maintain overall digestive integrity. By Courtney Anaya CPT L ocated between the esophagus and small intestine the stomach has three responsibilities storing food breaking down the food with gastric juices and then passing it along to the small intestine. The process seems simple yet digestive issues are a common denominator for most people. According to the American Nutrition Association close to 70 million Americans suffer from some type of stomach related issue heart burn acid reflux irritable bowl syndrome (IBS) constipation diarrhea and gastro esophageal reflex disorder (GERD). These digestive disorders provide frustration and discomfort which can cripple an individual s lifestyle. Bringing these digestive disorders to the forefront it s important to understand that digestive health goes beyond the stomach-- entailing the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract which is considered the food processor for the body. The GI tract encompasses the mouth to the anus salivary glands esophagus liver gallbladder pancreas the small intestine the large intestine and rectum. While the GI tract is the body s food processor it s also crucial to note that the tract reacts to the food that s being passed through which can trigger the annoyances mentioned before. The blame-game for the disturbances is various factors. If one is not eating enough fiber not getting enough exercise having excess alcohol intake overindulging at meals having a change in your routine or consuming too many dairy products pregnancy stress aging or taking certain medications can also impact the digestive tract but these are only a few culprits. Each individual is different and may react to various lifestyle factors said Dorothy Nugent registered dietitian and licensed dietitian-nutritionist. But before resulting in a positive or negative way the GI tract first breaks down food through mechanical methods like chewing followed by a swarm of multifaceted chemical processes which ranges from the saliva to colon bacteria. And the food that s being passed through will either be nutritious or poisonous to the body. These poisons can be food additives pesticides GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and anything else that will warrant a negative GI response. Proving this the journal Nature published a study where it was found that popular emulsifiers present in processed foods could change the gut s bacteria makeup and cause intestinal inflammation. These emulsifiers are carboxymethycellulose and polysorbate-80. With that said Nugent advised that it s very important to adhere to a healthy balanced diet especially one that is free of processed foods. The GI tract is also a sensory organ the American Journal Physiology called it the largest vulnerable surface that faces the MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 21 external environment. Simply put the gut has a mind of its own thanks to the enteric nervous system (ENS). This intrinsic nervous system is responsible for the GI tract s physiological condition immune response detecting nutrients motility microvascular circulation intestinal barrier function and epithelial secretion of fluids ions and bioactive peptides according to the Current Gastroenterol Reports. With its seamlessly multiple defense barriers digestive issues can happen and when it does the ENS will respond in the forms of vomit diarrhea inflammation and pain. rich diet ultimately reducing colon damage and intestinal inflammation. In addition to the it s anti-inflammatory benefits fiber also has a prebiotic connection because oligosaccharides act as soluble fiber. Prebiotics are defined as nondigestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon thus improving host health as said by the journal Nutrients. Based on that definition every prebiotic is a fiber but not every fiber is a prebiotic. The Fiber Fill You are what you eat. It s been said and proved through studies several times that consuming a diet rich in processed foods will not only induce weight gain but also GI-related issues. The reason the GI tract is exposed to toxins and it s working harder to identify those toxins and break them down. Also most processed foods are made with simple sugars that can increase inflammation inhibit the immune system and decrease a person s overall mood. De-junking the diet of these items will simply create a happy GI system. Bryant Shu president of New York-based LIFE Nutrition recommended to manage eating habits. The strategy is simple avoid processed foods add fiber rich foods and consume lean protein and healthy fats. Even more so Shu said A fiber-rich diet helps food move through the digestive tract and avoid problems. For starters fiber comes in two forms soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber can dissolve in water and turns into a gel-like substance within the stomach this new formation is responsible for slowing down the rate at which food moves from your stomach to the small intestine. It s present in oatmeal beans lentils and fruit. Insoluble fiber does the complete opposite passing straight through the GI tract to support regular bowl movements. Anything wheat whole grain legumes and vegetables will contain this form. Ultimately both forms can neutralize inflammation in the intestinal microbe. A review published by Advances in Nutrition indicated that antiinflammatory activity was seen in a fiber- For a fiber to fall in the prebiotic category it must be absorbed by the upper GI and counterattack stomach acid fermented by the intestine s microflora and trigger the growth of intestinal bacteria. The most common prebiotics are inulin fructooligossacharides (FOS) and galactooligosaccharides (GOS) and they re found naturally in onions garlic milk bananas wheat oats artichokes asparagus leeks and chicory. By including these foods into a daily diet prebiotics will modify the gut flora by increasing the original amount bifidobacteria and lactobacilli which are also known as the good bacteria. Increasing the good bacteria in the gut has been associated with alleviating symptoms of IBS and other chronic digestive issues. Verifying that Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology found that prebiotics do alleviate IBS symptoms like flatulence and bloating. The Pros of Probiotics With prebiotics there s also probiotics which are live bacteria that support the function of the intestine s lining and act as a barrier against dangerous toxins. They ultimately work to reduce the number of bad bacteria in the gut replace the body s good bacteria and create equilibrium between the good versus the bad. And the good bac- teria can be found naturally in the intestines bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are the two most common. Each strain has been seen to promote proper digestion boost the immune system and block harmful bacteria. Interestingly enough the GI tract contains 70 percent of the body s immune system making the intestinal immune system responsible for creating more antibodies than the rest of the body. However a poor immune system can trigger chronic digestive issues. The Journal Neurogastroenterol Motility published a review that found two keys linking the body s immune activation and IBS. The first key was discovered in patients who developed IBS symptoms and they had an episode of acute infectious gastroenteritis. Since their immune system was negatively impacted inflammation was more apparent. The second key was that there was a higher prevalence of IBS-like symptoms in patients with IBD in remission. IBD is inflammatory bowel disease where the entire GI is inflamed including colitis and Chron s disease. Incorporating probiotic-rich foods-- fermented milk kefir Greek yogurt kim chi and sauerkraut--into a healthy balanced diet can help boost the gut s immune integrity to ultimately prevent those issues mentioned. As for general gut health probiotics can help strengthen the overall digestive process. Specifically lactobacilli create lactic acid which is a by-product of its fermentation process. This acid improves the release of digestive juices and enzymes from the stomach as well as increasing the absorption of nutrients. The other strain bifidobacteria is densely populated in the large intestine or colon. And it too produces lactic acid to breakdown carbohydrates fat and protein during digestion so that nutrients are more readily absorbed. However this strain of good bacteria decreases with age. Another benefit of probiotics is that they can ease excessive gas and bloating by balancing out the GI tract s pH. An acidic environment is warranted so that bad bacteria can t take hold. To ensure these benefits from probiotics are achieved sometimes the right supplementation plan is needed even when a healthy diet is adhered. LIFE Nutrition provides Advanced Probiotics 150 and Kids Probiotics. LIFE Nutrition uses only the purest quality sources in product formulas that are combined with the latest nutrition science. Every product complies with NSF cGMPs (current good manufacturing practices) to meet standards like purity and strength and all products are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) gluten free and contains no artificial flavors and syn- 22 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 thetic preservatives. Advanced Probiotics 150 has at least 15 billion live cells at the time of use and it contains eight different strains that help restore natural balance in the GI tract. Prebiotics (fructo oligosacchrides) are also present in the product to help stimulate the growth of probiotics. Kids Probiotics contains six billion live cells at the time of use with six different strains to support kids natural defense system and reduce occasional digestive distress. It also contains the prebiotic inulin which helps with the growth of probiotics. The FEMS Immuno Med Microbiol published a study on seven different probiotic strains in which two of them are found in Advanced Probiotics 150. It was seen that these strains significantly supported the immune system. Ease the Discomfort Feeling bloated and having abdominal discomfort and constipation can debilitate a person s day and can be embarrassing. That s where Atrantil comes in to ease these symptoms without a prescription. Texas-based gastroenterologist Dr. Kenneth Brown developed KBS Research after seeing several patients frustrated with the lack of treatment methods for digestive problems. This ultimately allowed for the formation of Atrantil a nutraceutical that has been more than 88 percent effective on patients who suffer from bloating constipation and stomach discomfort. Atrantil is not a probiotic or antibiotic it s unique molecular combination fights problem bacteria at its source. The product contains three natural ingredients M. balsamea wild extract quebracho extract and conker tree extract. M. balsamea wild extract first slows movement in the small bowl to allow for quebracho extract to create an environment that s not suitable for methane-producing archaebacteria. Conker tree extract ultimately blocks methane production by killing off bad bacteria and binding to the reductase enzyme. Ultimately these three ingredients work together to eliminate methane-archaebacteria so that the small bowel can return to a sterile condition. Another company to be aware of is Germany-based Hevert Pharmaceuticals LLC an independent family-run company that was started in 1956 by Dorothea and Emil Hevert. The company was led by Dr. Wolfgang Hevert and is run today by Marcus and Mathias Hevert. The success has been due to homeopathic remedies that contain several homeopathically prepared active substances. Hevert s Gastrointestinal Relief is consisted of proven homeopathic active substances Bismuth subnitricum 6x carbo vegetabilis 3x ipecacuanha 6x magnesia phosphorica 3x and nux vomica 6x. The ingredients work synergistically to provide relief from a nervous stomach by reducing pressure pain and cramps in the upper abdomen and to decrease excessive gas. Gastrointestinal Relief also normalizes gastric function and ultimately calms the GI system. The product is meant for adults and children over the age of 12. tive health supplements in the U.S. was 1.9 billion which shows a 11.9 percent increase over 2013 and it s expected to have a double-digit growth over the next five years. The need for a supplementation plan has increased due to eating habits antibiotic use and processed foods. With that said digestive supplement companies will have to find ways to improve supplement products in terms of effectiveness and durability. Traditional treatments to aid an upset stomach have been to take medication or laxatives however these methods are not long-term solutions and can cause further damage to the body. Therefore it s important for individuals to look for products that contain natural ingredients like Gastrointestinal Relief Atrantil and LIFE Nutrition s probiotics. For a right supplementation plan to be effective it should be practiced with a balanced diet that supports overall GI health. Lastly practitioners should play an important role in guiding patients to chose what products work for them. References pmc articles PMC3705355 . Dietary Emulsifiers Impact the Mouse Gut Microbiota Promoting Colitis and Metabolic Syndrome. (2015). Retrieved March 01 2016 from nature journal v519 n7541 full nature 14232.html. Enteric Nervous System in the Small Intestine Pathophysiology and Clinical Implications. (n.d.). Retrieved March 01 2016 from pmc articles PMC3752592. Furness J. (1999). Nutrient tasting and signaling mechanisms in the gut. II. The intestine as a sensory organ Neural endocrine and immune responses. American Journal Physiology. Retrieved March 01 2016 from pubmed 10564096. The Interplay Between Fiber and the Intestinal Microbiome in the Inflammatory Response1 2. (n.d.). Retrieved March 01 2016 from http content 4 1 16.full. Seventy percent of the immune system is located in the GI tract. Not every fiber is a prebiotic but every prebiotic is a fiber. The enteric nervous system is the brain for the GI system. The immune system can influence digestive issues like IBS. Seventy million Americans battle some type of digestive disorder. State of the Market The digestive category of supplements is one of the fastest growing sectors where digestive wellness made the list of top global trends for 2015 according to New Nutrition Business. Shu said The 2014 sales for diges- Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Atrantil (214) 984-3724 x703 Hevert Pharmaceuticals LLC (541) 344-4980 LIFE Nutrition NATURAL PRACTITIONER MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM 23 eality TV competition (talent) shows often reward each episode s challenge winners with the phrase You have immunity and cannot be eliminated next round. The judges are unquestioningly linking immunity with safety. It s a relevant phrase as when immunity is functioning optimally there is a higher degree of health safety. When the immune system is challenged it results in the individual feeling as though he or she is a ship listing to one side not quite capsizing (unsafe) but unable to progress fully forward. Insidiously a sporadic or stressed immune system results in a host of mild to moderate annoying physical and mental distressors yet if left unattended increases risk of disease onset. And unlike a condition such as being overweight having osteoarthritis etc. an immune R Modern lifestyle factors continue to unbalance immune function--here s how to utilize supplements to help your clients patients align immunity for healthy functioning. By Lisa Schofield insufficiency is not as clearly presenting or prominently considered. For Amy Rothenberg ND president of the Massachusetts Society of Naturopathic Doctors and Clinician at Naturopathic HealthCare Connecticut the most prevalent immune-related conditions she encounters among her clients are allergies asthma eczema and chronic infections as well as autoimmune ailments like rheumatoid arthritis lupus and iritis. Although he rarely sees cases of acute illness Adam Killpartrick DC CNS Private Practice New Hampshire and chief science officer at DaVinci Labs in Vermont noted If I have patients who tend toward illness during the year I craft a customized proactive plan for them that aims to address their specific needs. If someone usually suffers from some influenza-like symptoms every year I look at increasing D levels monolaurin and an optimized delivery system of vitamin C such as the liposomal delivery. If they tend to suffer from upper respiratory issues I tend to recommend curcumin NAC and bromelain. But for anyone who presents with immune stress he emphasized there are internal and external factors to consider when looking at conditions and management. The internal component relates to the strength and integrity of our immune system. He addresses support by recommending supplements for probiotic balance overall digestive function and nutrient intake as well as specific phenolic compounds to provide immune support. Externally I look at exposure to microbial and environmental challenges and reactive foods (specific foods that cause an immune reaction) Dr. Killpartrick said. In her practice Dr. Rothenberg evaluates the individual and when immune compromise seems present she first starts with tools 24 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 that address diet and exercise addressing the leaky gut and stress reduction stress management. After that we recommend supplements based on individualizing health assessment factors. To encourage healthy immune response I think about fish oils probiotics and astragalus. Dr. Rothenberg is a big believer in fortifying the gut with probiotics to empower the immune system and Natalie Lamb technical advisor for Bio-Kult Probiotics Protexin of the United Kingdom agreed. She explained A healthy immune system is primed to provide a defense mechanism against invading pathogens and their toxic by-products that could otherwise cause infection. Up to 70 percent of immune cells are located in the gut and heavily influenced by the gut microflora. The rationale for the use of probiotics to improve the function of the immune system is supported by their potential to influence and stabilize the composition of the gut microflora enhance resistance to potential pathogens and modulate immune function parameters. Lamb added that probiotics have shown positive influences on immune challenges from the common cold to more serious allergic diseases (eczema asthma food allergies) and inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD Crohn s and ulcerative colitis). Not surprisingly she asserted alterations in intestinal microbiota have been detected in individuals experiencing these conditions. Dr. Killpartrick believes that general support provided by a multivitamin is key in broad range support of the immune system and that the preferable multi should include biologically active forms of B vitamins and the absorbable forms of minerals. Direct immune system support in terms of specific nutrients include vitamins C and D zinc probiotics and compounds such as beta glucan (preferably from Saccharomyces cerevisiae) monolaurin olive leaf extract and arabinogalactan he detailed. Incidentally these additional compounds are used by many people with autoimmune issues without exacerbating symptoms as they all exhibit immunomodulatory capabilities. Overuse of antibiotics is an under-recognized threat to immune wellness too. Over 80 percent of upper respiratory infections are viral stated Sarath Malepati MD medical director of California-based PPC Group and creator of EZC Pak. However the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reports that U.S. prescribers dole out 258 million antibiotic prescriptions for a population of 310 million Americans annually in the outpatient setting alone. That works out to over eight antibiotics being written for every 10 Americans. Further anywhere from 46 to 86 percent of antibiotics prescribed for upper respiratory infections do not meet clinical criteria for an antibiotic--a WebMD survey noted that up to 95 percent of U.S. providers admit to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. In my own practice the number of cases of C. diff colitis has risen dramatically Dr. Malepati related. This is an unnecessary and increasingly aggressive complication driven in large part by inappropriate antibiotic prescribing practices. Anywhere from 46 to 86 percent of antibiotics prescribed for upper respiratory infections do not meet clinical criteria for an antibiotic--a WebMD survey noted that up to 95 percent of U.S. providers admit to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. Supplements to Consider Beyond the basic tried-and-true there are quite a few innovative dietary supplements with compelling research to consider for your patients clients. American BioSciences New York-based American BioSciences ImmPower PRO is a practitioner only supplement that contains the fermented mushroom extract Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) in a microencapsulated form intended to increase adherence to Peyer s Patches in the gut according to David Wales president. AHCC has been the subject of more than 50 articles in medical journals that show it supports NK (natural killer) cell activity which in turn helps support the function of other white blood cells. AHCC acts on Peyer s Patches concentrations of dendritic cells that activate NK cells. NK cells provide a cytotoxic function they are white blood cells that identify and kill non-self cells. NK cells also provide a regulatory function helping to coordinate the interaction of other elements of the immune system and with the nervous and endocrine systems. NK cell activity declines with age and in response to emotional and physical stress and injury. Low NK cell activity is associated with more frequent and severe infectious and non- infectious diseases and people with low NK cell activity tend to have fatigue anxiety and depression. Studies with ImmPower s ingredient show improvement in NK cell activity which provides health benefits in the context of many serious health challenges and the every day and seasonal health challenges also. In addition American BioSciences has focused intensively on research manufacture and sales of Fermented Wheat Germ Extract (FWGE) since 2004. The research on this ingredient is extensive Wales asserted. More than 40 articles have been published describing hundreds of studies with FWGE in cell lines in animals and in clinical trials showing improvement in cell metabolic regulation and in regulation of immune system activity and improvement in a broad range of health challenges. Research shows that FWGE supports oxidative glucose metabolism and inhibits non-oxidative metabolism in transformed cells and supports regulation of Th1 Th2 cytokine balance. Av Ultra is FWGE in an instant drink mix form that provides 5.5 g of FWGE the same quantity as used in clinical trials. In tandem Metatrol PRO is a dietary supplement that contains FWGE-SC a highly concentrated and gluten-free FWGE. Two Metatrol capsules providing 41 mg of FWGE-SC is bioequivalent with each 5.5 gram Av Ultra packet. American BioSciences products are available to practitioners through Emerson Ecologics Natural Partners and other distributors. Boiron USA Christophe Merville DPharm director of education and pharmacy development at Boiron USA Pennsylvania recommends two best-selling homeopathic medicines for clients and patients with both early symptoms and acute symptoms Oscillococcinum and Coldcalm. Oscillococcinum is meant to be taken at the first sign of symptoms to nip symptoms in the bud. The clinical studies show that Oscillococcinum shortens both the severity and duration of flu symptoms. The latest published study found that when patients took Oscillococcinum within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms nearly 63 percent showed clear improvement or complete resolutions within 48 hours. That s why practitioner clients and patients need to travel with Oscillococcinum and be stocked up to be able to take quick action against crucial early symptoms he said. Meanwhile Merville added There are some people who actually choose to wait until they feel sick enough to use heavier and sedating medications designed to mask full blown symptoms. Some homeopathic medicines are designed MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 25 Enzyme deficiencies may in part explain why some individuals seem to be more challenged in addressing immune system to treat full-blown symptoms too. For example Boiron s Coldcalm contains a blend of homeopathic medicines for three phases of a cold the onset established and resolution phases. Enzyme Science Proteases (proteolytic enzymes) are the most well studied enzyme according to Amy Pereira national educator for Florida-based Enzyme Science. This is primarily because many health challenges involve an absence overabundance deficiency or misshaping of protein--and proteases are used in vivo to assist the immune system in the breakdown or alteration of proteins that have been tagged for removal. Research validates that orallyingested exogenous proteases are able to enter the bloodstream in active and intact form and bind to endogenous immune system components known as alpha II macroglobulin (a2M) plasma proteins. Together the a2M-protease complexes are known to address proteinbased challenges in the blood. Aging often causes a decline in enzyme production of enzymes. Enzyme Science offers several enzyme formulas designed to fortify the immune system with the catalytic abilities. Enzyme Defense Pro provides the powerful proteolytic support of serratiopeptidase mucolase catalase and a protease thera-blend along with vitamin D3 and lysine to assist the immune system in its protective role. Telomere Pro contains no proteases yet provides a number of immune supportive ingredients such as astragalus vitamin D broccoli seed extract and rhodiola which also double as telomerase enzyme activators and may serve to ultimately protect cells of not only the immune system but of all bodily systems. Pereira emphasized that our bodies create and use proteases to naturally support the immune system although production slows with age. Enzyme deficiencies may in part explain why some individuals seem to be more challenged in addressing immune system issues and maintaining wellness. PPC Group EZC Pak from California-based PPC Group is a physician-formulated five-day tapered immune support supplement pack designed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for upper respiratory infections. issues and maintaining wellness. --Amy Pereira National Educator Enzyme Science He summarized how the key ingredients in the formula work to build and sustain healthy immunity. Echinacea has been shown to stimulate T-cell activity as well as IL-10 antiviral immune response. Zinc is an essential trace metal with a wide range of critical functions in the human body. These include fundamental biological processes such as metabolism gene expression and enzyme function. As such zinc is involved in virtually every aspect of the immune system s function. Vitamin C has been shown to modulate the activity of several types of immune cells involved in clearing viruses and bacteria it also increases production of IL-1 TNF- IFN- all of which are involved in stimulating immune response to pathogens. According to Dr. Malepati the most convincing data on echinacea use is for the species Echinacea purpurea and science supports its use within the first 48 hours. EZC Pak is one of the very few products that utilizes whole herb certified organic Echinacea purpurea he noted. EZC Pak also utilizes the most bioavailable form of zinc zinc acetate which has the strongest level of data supporting its use. The most positive data on the subject suggests that zinc acetate supplementation initiated within the first 24 hours can decrease the duration and reduce the severity of illness. Dosage in supportive studies has ranged from 50-100 mg daily generally over a five-day period. Progressive Labs Kyl Smith DC director of education of the Texas-based company explained that Glucans are highly conserved carbohydrates and represent a group of chemically heterogeneous polysaccharides with immune enhancing properties. Maitake glucans (-glucan rich polysaccharides fractions) are among the most studied and substantiated glucans in science. MaitakeGold 404 (available to practitioners as Maitake Blend) a patented clinically tested extract of Maitake mushroom fruit body provides highly effective all natural immune support due to its patented extraction process which increases the concentration of immune-enhancing bioactives. Maitake is known as a host defense potentiator activating and enhancing the actions of macrophages and other immune cells which are vital to an optimally functioning immune system. Maitake beta-glucan bioactives bind to receptors on human immune cells such as macrophages neutrophils T cells and NK cells resulting in their multiplication and increased activity. Both pre-clinical research and human clinical trials have confirmed these immune enhancing properties of Maitake as well as the underlying beta-glucan receptor binding mechanism. Maitake is also recognized as an important cellular protection enhancer. Years of rigorous scientific research at some of the world s most prestigious institutions have proven that MaitakeGold 404 is the most therapeutically bioactive Maitake extract yet developed for enhanced immune support even at relatively small doses stated Dr. Smith. Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Research Center found that MaitakeGold 404 enhanced several indicators of healthy immune function in a multi-phase U.S. Government-funded human clinical trial. Research at the University of Louisville also showed that MaitakeGold 404 provides a high level of immune support particularly in phagocytosis. MaitakeGold 404 may be taken daily much like a multivitamin. This is important because year-round immune support is critical for optimum health and wellness. The chances of getting run-down and sick are not just seasonal events but can happen at any time during the year due to our bodies exposure to stress environmental irritants and poor nutrition as well as close proximity to others who may be sick such as at work in the classroom or on public transportation. In contrast other natural immune products such as echinacea can only be taken for short periods. 26 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Go to probioticsinternational for info about this advertiser Protexin (Bio-Kult) It s no secret said Lamb that probiotics figure prominently in immune health and many studies show that different probiotic strains may differ in their effects this then gives reason to support the use of a multi-strain product. Our Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-strain formula is a unique probiotic with 14 strains of beneficial bacteria. The gut microbiota is of crucial importance to the correct development of an infant s immune system. Our Bio-Kult Infantis is a scientifically developed advanced probiotic formula for babies toddlers and young children. Each sachet contains seven strains of live bacteria preplex prebiotic (FOS and gum acacia) high in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3 to contribute to the normal function of the immune system she explained. The live bacterial strains used within the Bio-Kult product ranges have undergone extensive research she underscored. A 2012 study revealed that there was significant antimicrobial activity of all 14 strains due to a reduction in pH (the probiotics produced acid). The study also showed the strains are not hemolytic and they have good cell adhesion properties exerting the ability to colonize temporarily in the gut to exclude unwanted pathogens. Despite concern that probiotic strains will inhibit each other one study on Bio-Kult found that in many cases it was more effective at inhibiting pathogens than its component species when tested at equal concentrations of biomass. Two further studies showed the Bacillus subtilis PXN 21 contained in the Bio-Kult Advanced to show good colonization ability to stimulate the innate immune system and to attenuate the effect of Clostridium difficile infection in a murine model. Pereira added A number of successful clinical trials have also been conducted using some of the strains contained within the Bio-Kult product range which clearly demonstrate their beneficial effects on the immune system. Namely significantly decreasing intestinal inflammation in cystic fibrosis reducing symptoms of eczema and improving recovery from acute diarrhea and neonatal pneumonia. Vital Nutrients Vital Nutrients said Beth Baldwin-Lien ND director of medical affairs and educationof the Connecticut-based company approaches immune health in a multi-targeted synergistic blend of Western and Chinese botanicals with complementary actions. Berry Well Immune Support is a concentrated botanical extract formula containing elderberry extract. According to Baldwin-Lien studies have shown that the properties of elderberry extract and arabinogalactan maintain healthy immune function and promote well-being. The larch arabinogalactan found in Berry Well is a prebiotic thought to support immune activity by increasing the release of normal immune compounds she said. Berry Well contains pineapple powder and xylitol and it mixes easily in water and juice. ViraCon is a combination of immuneenhancing herbal extracts that help to increase cytokine production in the body. Additionally Baldwin-Lien pointed out ViraCon helps support and maintain normal respiratory function and energy. Herbal Biotic is Vital Nutrients blend of immune enhancing herbs bioflavonoids zinc and vitamins A and C all known for their roles in supporting normal immune function. The herbs and bioflavonoids provide high levels of antioxidant activity and support the body s natural defenses. This synergistic formula also promotes upper respiratory and sinus health. In addition some of the herbs such as echinacea in Herbal Biotic may promote healthy immune function and aid in healthy antibody production. There are quite a few effective ways to right that listing ship of immune imbalance. Up to 70 percent of immune cells are located in the gut and heavily influenced by the gut microflora. Probiotics have shown positive influences on immune challenges from the common cold to more serious allergic diseases (eczema asthma food allergies) and inflammatory conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD Crohn s and ulcerative colitis). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that U.S. prescribers dole out 258 million antibiotic prescriptions for a population of 310 million Americans annually in the outpatient setting alone. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to ppc for info about this advertiser American BioSciences (888) 884-7770 Boiron USA (800) 264-7661 Enzymedica (888) 918-1118 PPC Group (310) 749-8730 Progressive Labs (800) 527-9512 Protexin 44 (0) 1460 243230 Vital Nutrients (860) 638-3675 28 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 PRACTITIONER CHAT WITH SHARI BARBANEL W Chanchal Cabrera MSc FNIMH (RH)AHG Website ith almost 30 years of clinical practice Chanchal Cabrera MSc FNIMH (RH)AHG a medical herbalist nutritionist and aromatherapist has presented more than 60 papers at conferences and symposiums since 1991 in the U.S. Canada U.K. Australia and New Zealand. She has a master of science degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Wales. Cabrera is a Fellow of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (U.K.) a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild and holds the faculty chair in Botanical Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster Canada. levels at the cell level to help individual cells in the body release toxins at the liver level to stimulate detoxification pathways and at the bowel level to encourage elimination. Q A What should people do to detox How often should they do it Our world is a polluted place and many of the toxins we re exposed to are fat soluble so they store in our bodies. Any one of them may be safe but cumulatively over time they burden the liver and stress the body s detoxification capacity until we all need to do some detox. In holistic health care detoxification and clean eating are popular strategies to purge our bodies of the chemicals pesticides heavy metals environmental toxins as well as drugs alcohol processed foods and added sugars that are so prevalent and harmful today. Q A Why is detoxification so important to the body We created a detox product potent enough for practitioners like myself to use with clients yet safe enough for consumers to buy OTC (over-the-counter) and use periodically as the need arises. For most people who have limited time and space to integrate the ingredients this formula is like a convenient multivitamin that supports the body s own detoxification processes but does not force it. Q A that s even used in industrial applications to clean up toxic sites where there s been a significant exposure to pesticides heavy metals even radiation. As the product s name suggests the prime ingredient is another natural substance foodgrade bentonite clay. The clay is not digested but passes through the gastrointestinal tract where it binds to toxins--including pesticides herbicides heavy metals and aflatoxin--and removes them from the body through the stool. The formula also relies on broccoli sprout powder in a super concentrated form to regulate enzymes in the liver that support detoxification pathways. The formula includes a combination of herbs such as burdock yellow dock and stinging nettle which have traditionally been used to cleanse the blood as well as gently stimulate the bowels to ensure healthy elimination so the toxins leave the body. What ingredients did you utilize for the detox formula you developed Why did you choose them Q A Please discuss your collaboration with Yerba Prima. When I surveyed the market to gauge the effectiveness of existing detox remedies I noticed that the majority focused on either elimination through the bowel or detoxification through the liver but did not achieve a complete coordinated detoxification. What we ve made in the Yerba Prima detox formula is very safe pure and concentrated so it s not something you could readily make at home. We sought a more complete detox approach than most products on the market. We wanted the formulation to work on a number of different When you re detoxifying your body you don t want to take in herbs or ingredients that aren t clean and pure. So making sure there are no pesticides chemical residues heavy metals and such on the herbs is vital. The synergy of the herbs and natural substances is vital. The whole formula is intended to draw toxins out of tissues and get them into the blood then the liver then out of the body. When you have toxins stored in fat tissue and release them via detox or fasting they must be efficiently processed and then eliminated to avoid recirculating them in the body. In formulating the recently released detox product in capsule form called Yerba Prima s Bentonite Herbal Detox I relied on chlorella to pull toxins out of storage in the body on a cellular level. Chlorella a single-celled blue-green algae has a unique molecular structure that allows it to bond to toxins and carry them out of the body. The product uses broken cell wall chlorella the only kind that is active in the body. Chlorella is an interesting natural substance Q A Are there any detox techniques you recommend My new detox formulation used in the Yerba Prima s Bentonite Herbal Detox is only one part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a good clean diet exercise and perhaps other detox techniques such as saunas or dry skin brushing. It s important to note that this detox formula is not a magic bullet that entitles you to eat junk take a pill and then everything is fine. It s part of a strategy for reducing the toxic burden on your body but it s also up to you to stop adding to it. Most people don t realize that if you re treated with chemotherapy you re also going to get anti-virals antibiotics anti-inflammatories and painkillers. But those are hard on the liver so I wanted to detoxify and support the body to create an optimal healing environment. Q A Is there anything else you would like to add MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 29 PRODUCT FOCUS Sometimes the Right Pillow is Not Enough S leep is a necessary and often welcome part of life especially since people spend almost one-third of their life asleep. But not everyone has an easy time completing this essential task. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NOF) 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by chronic sleep disorders and intermittent sleep problems. These problems can negatively affect health alertness and even safety. And the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that drowsy driving claims more than 1 500 lives and causes at least 10 000 motor vehicle crashes every year. Recent polls conducted by the NOF found that nearly seven out of 10 Americans say they experience frequent sleep problems. Further the NOF said that stimulants like coffee energy drinks alarm clocks and other lights including light from electronics interfere with the natural sleep wake cycle or circadian rhythm. By Corinne Anderson Stress is a major factor in sleep and during her talk at the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York in February Aviva Romm MD CPM discussed fatigue and the effects of stress. Patients even worry about the inability to fall asleep thus creating it even harder for them to relax and fall asleep she explained. Inability to get the necessary amount of sleep the body needs can lead to sleep deprivation. This can then lead to higher risk of other chronic health problems like high blood pressure heart disease stroke among others. According to Harvard Medical School people with hypertension who experience one night without enough sleep can cause elevated blood pressure throughout the next day. Harvard Medical School also said that while long-term sleep deprivation is associated with long-term health issues other studies have indicated that sleeping more than nine hours is also associated with poor health. Sleep needs vary across ages and even lifestyles. Some individuals can operate effectively on less sleep than others and vice versa. According to the Mayo Clinic there are some appropriate guidelines to follow in terms of sleep duration. Infants and toddlers are recommended to have approximately nine to 10 hours of sleep a night plus three more hours of naps. School age children are recommended to have nine to 11 hours and adult recommendation falls between seven to eight hours of sleep. Once diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders occur patients see an improvement in memory decrease in sleepiness and a decrease in safety risk. Below is a selection of products that can be utilized to aid patients in getting quality rest. Quietude Quietude by Boiron temporarily relieves occasional sleeplessness or restless sleep. Available in a box of 60 pleasant-tasting quickdissolving tablets (suggested price 10.60) Quietude does not cause grogginess or a risk of dependency. It does not interact with other medications and it is not contraindicated with pre-existing conditions. Recommended for everyone ages 12 and up Quietude helps calm an overactive mind. If you ve had a particularly exciting day--whether from good or bad news--prepare for bed by taking Quietude once in the early evening and then again at bedtime. These uses have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. ProOmega 2000 ProOmega 2000 by Nordic Naturals (suggested price 49.95 60 ct.) contains 2 000 mg of EPA DHA per serving. The product utilizes the company s exclusive new breakthrough omega-3 fish oil which is 80 percent concentrated and more than 90 percent triglyceride form for superior potency and absorbability. This powerful concentrate offers more omegas in fewer soft gels for unmatched support for the brain heart immune system and more. It surpasses American Heart Association recommended doses for heart health. The natural lemon flavor also ensures compliance. It does not contain gluten milk derivatives or artificial colors or flavors. For more information call (800) 662-2544 or visit For more information call (888) 264-7668 or visit Serenade Herbal Vapors Emulating the ayurvedic therapy Dhum Pan (smoking of therapeutic herbs) Rebel Herbs Serenade is a combination of CO2 extracted herbs in a modern vapor pen which heats these herbal extracts to a temperature below combustion. This delivers the essence of the herbs to the lungs (skipping digestion) without the polycyclic hydrocarbons produced by smoking. This calming formula for relaxation and sleep is comprised of CO2 extracts of herbs that are recognized as safe for daily use by ayurveda and the delivery system is very fast. The kit with a battery and charger is 95 and refills are 30. The ingredients are flaxseed valerian wallichi nutmeg celastrus paniculatus bacopa monnieri leaf cyperus rotundus and goto kola. For more information call (812) 762-4400 or visit 30 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Bio-Active Iron Iron deficiency symptoms can include sleep disorders muscle cramps and secondary RLS (restless leg syndrome). Traditional iron formulas have many side effects and recent studies found that the iron salts in these formulas may actually impede iron absorption. Bio-Active Iron by Nutrexin USA is naturally fermented with microorganisms in an organic two-month process resulting in a more bioavailable iron product with a higher absorption level. This plant-based formula includes iron-rich stinging nettle amla ginger and dates plus tumeric laurel leaf and supports a healthy metabolism and inflammatory response. Each 120-capsule bottle has a suggested price of 56.99 and offers a two-month supply. It is very well tolerated with no side effects the company said. For more information call (888) 245-7223 or visit Calm Response Calm Response by INNATE Response is made with a calming botanical blend including skullcap bacopa and passionflower. It has the adaptogenic support of ashwagandha and amino acid L-theanine which supports relaxation. Each 60-tablet bottle has a suggested price of 36.96. For more information call (800) 634-6342 or visit Sleep Link Sleep Link by Pain & Stress Center Products is a unique formula that contains inhibitory amino acid herbs and cofactors to tell the brain to rest. Sleep Link contains GABA glutamine L-theanine ashwagandha passion flower melatonin 5-HTP as well as vitamins C and B6. The inhibitory amino acids of GABA glutamine 5-HTP and L-theanine direct the brain to quiet down while helping to maintain a normal sleep pattern. The herbs ashwagandha and passion flower reduce circulating cortisol and calm the stressed brain. Melatonin balances circadian rhythm and produces a deep restful sleep the company said. Each 60-capsule bottle has a suggested price of 24.95. For more information call (800) 669-2256 or visit Sleep Well OHM Pharma Inc. has released improved homeopathic SLEEP Well formula a synergetic combination of HPUS approved homeopathic remedies that assists your body in getting a healthy night rest allowing you to wake up without being sluggish. SLEEP Well quiets the restless mind and nightmares safely and naturally with no side effects. Product is prepared with non-GMO (genetically modified organism) kosher certified cane alcohol and vegetable glycerin. The product is also free of corn gluten and allergens and is safe for both children and adults. SLEEP Well comes in a 2-oz. spray bottle for a suggested price 24.50 and is sold exclusively to health care practitioners. For more information call (940) 325-4797 or visit SleepBlend and Sleep Tonic Vitanica s SleepBlend is a comprehensive sleep support formula promoting the health of the circadian rhythm and the sleep mechanisms. Melatonin and 5-HTP are working together in this effort while supportive botanicals valarien passionflower and hops along with specific nutrients related to sleep issues offer support in a non-addictive way. Calcium and magnesium offer gentle musculoskeletal support and research indicated nutrients offer added support vitamins B6 B12 and a small amount of B2. Safe to use as needed during travel or hormone related sleep issues or longer term with adrenal fatigue related sleep issues. SleepBlend comes in either a 60-capsule (suggested price 21.90) or a 15-capsule (suggested price 8.50) bottle. Sleep Tonic is an easy-to-use tincture blend featuring therapeutic levels of sleep supportive herbs taking advantage of research showing where a blend of botanicals to support sleep is more effective than a single herb. Valerian passion flower and lemon balm are combined with raspberry natural flavor and a touch of stevia in a BPA-free squeezable plastic bottle making this easy for patients to be compliant further encouraging good sleep hygiene. Sleep Tonic comes in a 4-oz. bottle for a suggested price of 27.90. For more information call (503) 692-5085 or visit FibroSleep FibroSleep by ProHealth Inc. is an allnatural herbal sleep aid specially formulated for fibromyalgia sufferers. Just two capsules contains ziziphus spinosa valerian passion flower corydalis lemon balm (90 mg) ginger (70 mg) peppermint (50 mg) hops (50 mg) ZMA (100 mg) magnesium taurinate (100 mg) GABA (100 mg) melatonin (3 mg) 5-HTP (50 mg) and L-theanine (100 mg). These all-natural ingredients offer amino acid support digestion support and ingredients to calm nerves and muscles. Each serving size is two capsules. FirboSleep comes in a 60- and 120-ct. bottles for a suggested price of 32.49 and 59.49 respectively. Suggested use take one to four capsules one hour before bed or as advised by a health care practitioner. For more information call (800) 366-6056 or visit MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 31 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE Borage Oil Fish Oil A Beneficial Combination By Gene Bruno MS MHS Huntington College of Health Sciences amma-linolenic acid (GLA) eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanaeoic acid (DHA) are arguably the most well-known and widely used fatty acid supplements. GLA is a conditionally essential omega-6 fatty acid found in some plant seed oils such as borage evening primrose and hemp oils while EPA DHA are omega-3 fatty acids commonly found in fish krill and algal oils. Here I will address the value of these fatty acids and potential advantages of their joint use. G The Value of These Fatty Acids GLA s value is that in the body it can be converted into a prostaglandin known as PGE1 which has anti-inflammatory antithrombotic (i.e. reducing blood clot formation) anti-proliferative (i.e. inhibits growth of tumor cells) and lipid-lowering properties while also enhancing smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilation.1 The benefits of EPA DHA are too numerous to be discussed here in any detail but include reducing the risk of atherosclerosis increasing good HDL cholesterol decreasing high blood pressure reducing inflammation in such disorders as rheumatoid arthritis asthma colitis Crohn s disease and lupus--and reducing the symptoms of other disorders including angina migraine headaches psoriasis and tinnitus.2 While each of these fatty acids offer a range of benefits some overlapping there is good reason to consider concurrent supplementation with GLA and EPA DHA--especially when considering the problematic pathway of GLA. The Problematic Pathway of GLA The problem is that GLA s valuable properties may not end up being expressed for two reasons both of which have to do with metabolic conversion processes. First while GLA is not common in our food supply the body is capable of converting linoleic acid (LA)--one of the most commonly occurring essential fatty acids-- into GLA. However the enzyme (delta-6- desaturase) that converts LA into GLA is hindered by numerous factors including aging nutrient deficiency trans-fatty acids hydrogenated oils smoking and excessive alcohol consumption and gastritis.3 In fact research has shown that individuals with gastritis had significantly lower GLA levels than individuals without gastritis.4 The second problem is that GLA has to be converted into dihomo-gammalinolenic acid (DGLA) before it can then be converted into PGE1 and provide all of its valuable properties. The issue is that DGLA can then go down two different pathways. One of those is being converted to PGE1 which is good. The other is that DGLA can be converted into arachidonic acid (AA) which in turn can be converted into PGE2--an inflammatory prostaglandin that has the opposite effect of PGE1. Another possibility is that it can be converted to both PGE1 and PGE2 in which case it will have beneficial and detrimental effects at the same time. 32 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Solution to the Two Problems The first problem is easily solved by using a borage or evening primrose oil supplement which already provides GLA without the metabolic requirement of first converting it from LA. There is also a way to solve the second problem and mitigate the ultimate conversion of GLA to AA and subsequently to PGE2 use omega-3 fatty acid rich fish oils at the same time as taking a GLA supplement. In a clinical study 5 42 healthy adults took 1.5 g day of GLA which increased plasma levels of AA--not a good thing. However 250 mg or 1 g of EPA included along with the GLA prevented the increase in plasma AA concentrations. In another clinical study 6 adult subjects took 3.0 g day of GLA and EPA. The results were that EPA levels were significantly increased as were DGLA levels--but AA levels did not increase. The researchers concluded This study revealed that a GLA and EPA supplement combination may be utilized to reduce the synthesis of pro-inflammatory AA metabolites and importantly not induce potentially harm- ful increases in serum AA levels. Similar results were seen in other research.7 In addition to mitigating the potential formation of inflammatory PGE2 there are other specific situations which may benefit from the concurrent use of GLA and EPA DHA. These include asthma metabolic syndrome diabetes acne cognitive development cystic fibrosis high triglycerides high blood pressure and osteoporosis. low- and high-dose treatments between week 2 and week 4 (p 0.01). Similar studies in asthma patients also demonstrated that low and high dose treatments with these fatty acids reduced leukotriene synthesis9 and improved patient perceived quality of life and asthma management as evidenced by reduced asthma symptoms.10 Metabolic Syndrome Diabetes Fifty-nine subjects with early-stage type-2 diabetes or metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) participated in an eight-week randomized single-blind parallel intervention study11 where they received either corn oil (CO) a GLA-rich borage oil with echium oil (BO) or an EPA DHA-rich fish oil (FO). The results were as follows Participants in the CO group showed no improvements whereas supplementation with BO significantly lowered total and LDL cholesterol levels while supplementation with FO reduced serum triglycerides hemoglobin A1c (a marker for long-term glucose control) and increased HDL-cholesterol. Researchers concluded that shortterm dietary supplementation with BO Asthma Leukotrienes are additional inflammatory mediators which are produced by the oxidation of AA. Inhibiting leukotriene synthesis is also an effective means to help treat asthma. In a randomized prospective double-blind placebo-controlled parallel group trial 8 patients with mildto-moderate asthma were treated with 0.75 g GLA 0.5 g EPA (low dose) 1.13 g GLA 0.75 g EPA (high dose) or placebo daily. The results were that leukotriene synthesis decreased (p 0.05) and selfreported asthma status and bronchodilator use improved in subjects consuming Go to diamond for info about this advertiser MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 33 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE and FO improved biomarkers associated with type-2 diabetes metabolic syndrome. Acne In a 10-week randomized controlled parallel dietary intervention study 12 45 participants with mild to moderate acne received either omega-3 fatty acids as 2 g EPA and DHA borage oil containing 400 mg GLA or a control (placebo). The results were that omega-3 fatty acids and borage oil supplementation both significantly decreased inflammatory and noninflammatory acne lesions. No severe adverse effect was reported. This study showed for the first time that omega-3 fatty acids and GLA were effective adjuvant treatments for acne patients. one-year period improved pulmonary status inflammatory and anthropometric parameters in adults with CF. Osteoporosis A pilot study17 was set up to test the interactions between calcium and GLA EPA in humans. Sixty-five women (mean age 79.5) with a low calcium diet were randomly assigned to GLA EPA or coconut oil placebo capsules. All subjects also received 600 mg day calcium as calcium carbonate. Results showed that over the first 18 months lumbar spine density remained the same in the treatment group but decreased 3.2 percent in the placebo group. Femoral bone density increased 1.3 percent in the treatment group but decreased 2.1 percent in the placebo group. During the second period of 18 months with all patients now on active treatment lumbar spine density increased 3.1 percent in patients who remained on active treatment and 2.3 percent in patients who switched from placebo to active treatment femoral BMD in the latter group showed an increase of 4.7 percent. This pilot controlled study suggests that GLA and EPA have beneficial effects on bone in this group of elderly patients and that they are safe to administer for prolonged periods of time. GLA and EPA have beneficial effects on bone in this group of elderly patients and that they are safe to administer for prolonged periods of time. Cognitive Development In a randomized placebo-controlled trial 13 409 children (aged 3-13) were given a supplement with 750 mg DHA plus EPA and 60 mg GLA school day or a placebo for 20 school weeks. The results were that children using the supplement showed improvements in non-verbal cognitive development compared with the placebo with strongest effects in 7-12 year olds (p 0.008). The placebo group showed significant within-group improvements after switching to treatment (p 0.001). High Triglycerides To determine the effects of different levels of GLA supplementation together with EPA plus DHA or EPA plus DHA alone on triglyceride levels a 28-day study15 was conducted with 31 women assigned to one of four supplement groups 4 g EPA DHA (4 0 control group) 4 g EPA DHA plus 1 g GLA (4 1) 4 g EPA DHA plus 2 g GLA (4 2) or 4 g EPA DHA plus 4 g GLA (4 4) daily for 28 days. The results were that triglyceride levels were significantly lower on day 28 than on day 0 in the 4 g EPA DHA group the 4 g EPA DHA plus 1 g GLA group and the 4 g EPA DHA plus 2 g GLA group. LDL cholesterol decreased significantly (by 11.3 percent) in the 4 g EPA DHA plus 2 g GLA group. The researchers concluded that 4 g EPA DHA and 2 g GLA favorably altered blood lipid and fatty acid profiles in healthy women and was estimated to have a 43 percent reduction in the 10-year risk of myocardial infarction. Conclusion The concurrent use of GLA with EPA DHA is well advised to help reduce the potential conversion of GLA to AA and ultimately to the inflammatory prostaglandin PGE2. Furthermore the combination of GLA and EPA DHA may offer a range of additional benefits as discussed in this article. For a full list of references visit Cystic Fibrosis Chronic inflammation plays a major role in lung deterioration in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and anti-inflammatory strategies have beneficial effects. To study14 the changes seen after a one-year course of low-dose dietary supplements with a mixture of fatty acids in 17 adult patients with CF in chronic inflammation pulmonary status (lung function respiratory exacerbations and antibiotic consumption) quality of life and anthropometric parameters subjects received 324 mg of EPA 216 mg of DHA 480 mg of LA and 258 mg of GLA daily. Results were that at the end of the treatment period TNF alpha levels and other inflammatory markers fell significantly and spirometry (a breath measure test of lung function) improved significantly. Annual respiratory exacerbations and days of antibiotic treatment also fell significantly. Furthermore fat-free mass and hand grip dynamometry improved significantly. These results led the researchers to conclude that low-dose supplements of EPA DHA and GLA over a High Blood Pressure A two-year randomized placebo-controlled trial16 was conducted to determine the cardiovascular benefits associated with GLA and EPA supplementation or placebo in 75 men and women with lower-limb atherosclerosis (i.e. stable intermittent claudication). The results were that systolic blood pressure was significantly lower after two years (150 mmHg compared with 161.8 mmHg 0.05) and there was a reduction in non-fatal coronary events in the fatty acid group (10 percent compared with 15 percent P 0.05). Gene Bruno MS MHS the dean of academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences is a nutritionist herbalist writer and educator. For more than 30 years he has educated and trained natural product retailers and health care professionals has researched and formulated natural products for dozens of dietary supplement companies and has written articles on nutrition herbal medicine nutraceuticals and integrative health issues for trade consumer magazines and peerreviewed publications. He can be reached at gbruno 34 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 NATURAL MARKETPLACE NATURAL MARKETPLACE PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO THE NATURAL HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. ALL STATEMENTS CLAIMS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. NATURAL PRACTITIONER DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN NATURAL MARKETPLACE OR ATTEMPT TO CORROBORATE ANY CLAIMS MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER. 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After the sample is collected they will then ship the sample in a specially designed case to the state-ofthe-art sperm banking facilities at Cleveland Clinic s Andrology Center in Cleveland Ohio where their sperm will be cryopreserved (frozen) for as long as they desire. With the purchase of the NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit customers will also receive a thorough semen analysis to check the quality of their sperm. For more information call (800) 367-2837 or visit For more information call (888) 737-6925 or visit brands genestrabrands. (Continued on page 40) NATURAL PRACTITIONER MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM 35 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Plant Hormone May Play Vital Role in Blood Sugar Control Diabetes Management treatment for managing blood sugar levels might be as close as the local health food store suggests a new research report published in The FASEB Journal. Specifically scientists from Italy have found that when the plant and mammal hormone abscisic acid is taken in low doses glycemia in both rats and humans is reduced. This suggests that by reducing the chronic stimulation by hyperglycemia of -cells to the release of insulin chronic low-dose abscisic acid administration may prolong the survival and function of these cells. These results warrant further studies aimed at developing new pharmacologic approaches to diabetes prevention and or treatment said Mirko Magnone PhD a researcher involved in the work from the department of experimental medicine at the University of Genova School of A Medicine in Italy. Scientists examined the presence of abscisic acid in plants and fruits and explored the effect of abscisic acid-rich vegetable extracts on glycemia in rats and in humans. Synthetic abscisic acid an abscisic acid-rich fruit extract or placebos were administered to rats together with an oral glucose load. Then glycemia and insulinemia profiles were compared. Then a fruit extract or placebo was administered to human volunteers together with an oral glucose load or with a standard breakfast and lunch. Glucose and insulin levels were then compared with and without abscisic acid. Glycemia and insulinemia profiles from the human oral glucose tolerance tests were also compared with those from 12 normal subjects undergoing a standard oral glucose tolerance test. Mom always said eat your veggies and now science backs up this advice said Gerald Weissmann MD editor-inchief of The FASEB Journal. High blood sugar levels predict the later consequences of diabetes and while this hormone may not be a cure for diabetes it should prove very useful in helping to control progression of the disease. (Source The FASEB Journal-- December 2015) Taking Vitamin D May Benefit People With MS aking a high dose of vitamin D3 is safe for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and may help regulate the body s hyperactive immune response according to a pilot study published by Johns Hopkins physicians in the online issue of Neurology. Low levels of vitamin D in the blood are tied to an increased risk of developing MS. People who have MS and low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have greater disability and more disease activity. For the study 40 people with relapsing-remitting MS received either 10 400 international units or 800 international units of vitamin D3 supplements per day for six months. Patients with severe vitamin D deficiency were not included in the study. The current recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3 is 600 international units. Blood tests at the start of the study and again at three and six months measured the amount of vitamin D in the blood and the response in the immune system s T cells which play T a key role in MS. While researchers are still determining the optimal level of vitamin D in the blood for people with MS a suggested range of 40 to 60 nanograms per milliliter (ng ml) has been proposed as a target. Participants taking the high dose of vitamin D reached levels within the proposed target whereas the group taking the low dose did not reach the target. Side effects from the vitamin supplements were minor and were not different between the people taking the high dose and the people taking the low dose. One person in each group relapsed. The people taking the high dose had a reduction in the percentage of inflammatory T cells related to MS severity specifically IL-17 CD4 and CD161 CD4 cells. When the increase in vitamin D levels in the blood over base line levels was greater than 18 ng ml every additional 5 ng ml increase in vitamin D led to a 1 percent decrease in the percentage of IL-17 CD4 T cells in the blood. The people taking the low dose did not have any noticeable changes in the percentages of their T cell subsets. We hope that these changes in inflammatory T cell responses translate to a reduced severity of disease said study author Peter Calabresi MD director of the Johns Hopkins Multiple Sclerosis Center and professor neurology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Other clinical trials are underway to determine if that is the case. (Source Neurology--December 2015) 36 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 Inflammation Can Fan the Flames of Depression hronic inflammation in the bloodstream can fan the flames of depression much like throwing gasoline on a fire according to a new paper from researchers at Rice and Ohio State Universities. The study reviewed 200 existing papers on depression and inflammation. The authors found that in addition to being linked to numerous physical health issues including cancer and diabetes systemic inflammation is linked to mental health issues such as depression. Among patients suffering from clinical depression concentrations of two inflammatory markers CRP and IL-6 were elevated by up to 50 percent. According to Christopher Fagundes assistant professor of psychology and coauthor of the paper chronic inflammation is most common in individuals who have experienced stress in their lives including lower socio-economic status or those who experienced abuse or neglect as children. C Other contributing factors are a high-fat diet and high body mass index. Previous research shows that individuals who have socio-economic issues or had problems in their early lives are already at higher risk for mental issues because of these stresses in their lives Fagundes said. As a result they often experience a higher occurrence of chronic inflammation which we have linked to depression. He said that it is normal for humans to have an inflammatory response--such as redness--to an area of the body that is injured. This is your immune system working to kill that pathogen which is a good thing Fagundes said. However many individuals exhibit persistent systemic inflammation which we re finding is really the root of all physical and mental diseases. Stress as well as poor diet and bad health behaviors enhances inflammation. Fagundes noted that a strong support system early in life is critical in helping individuals learn to deal with stress later in life. The study also found that depression caused by chronic inflammation is resistant to traditional therapy methods but can be treated with activities such as yoga meditation and exercise. Fagundes hopes the study will shed light on the dangers of bodily inflammation and the steps that can be taken to overcome this health issue. (Source American Journal of Psychiatry--November 2015) Higher Risk of Leukemia Linked to Low Sunlight Vitamin D E pidemiologists at University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine report that persons residing at higher latitudes with lower sunlight ultraviolet B (UVB) exposure and greater prevalence of vitamin D deficiency are at least two times at greater risk of developing leukemia than equatorial populations. The findings were published in an online issue of PLOS One. These results suggest that much of the burden of leukemia worldwide is due to the epidemic of vitamin D deficiency we are experiencing in winter in populations distant from the equator said Cedric Garland DrPH adjunct professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health and member of Moores Cancer Center at UCSD Health. People who live in areas with low solar ultraviolet B exposure tend to have low levels of vitamin D metabolites in their blood Garland said. These low levels place them at high risk of certain cancers including leukemia. Few foods are natural sources of vita- min D which is more abundantly produced when ultraviolet radiation from sunlight strikes the skin and triggers synthesis. According to the American Cancer Society 54 270 cases and 24 450 deaths from leukemia occur in the United States alone each year. There is no known way to prevent most types of leukemia though some types may be prevented by avoiding high doses of ionizing radiation exposure to the chemical benzene smoking and certain types of chemotherapy. The UCSD study analyzed age-adjusted incidence rates of leukemia in 172 countries from GLOBOCAN an international agency for research on cancer that is part of the World Health Organization comparing that information with cloud cover data from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project. The study follows similar investigations by Garland and colleagues of other cancers including breast colon pancreas bladder and multiple myeloma. In each study they found that reduced UVB radiation exposure and lower vitamin D levels were associated with higher risks of cancer. Leukemia rates were highest in countries relatively closer to the poles such as Australia New Zealand Chile Ireland Canada and the United States. They were lowest in countries closer to the equator such as Bolivia Samoa Madagascar and Nigeria. These studies do not necessarily provide final evidence said Garland but they have been helpful in the past in identifying associations that have helped minimize cancer risk. (Source PLOS One--December 2015) MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 37 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Liver Recovery Difficult Even With Improved Diet--But Faster if Sugar Intake is Low iver damage caused by the typical Western diet --one high in fat sugar and cholesterol that s common in developed countries such as the United States--may be difficult to reverse even if diet is generally improved a new study shows. The research published in PLOS One by scientists from Oregon State University (OSU) found that a diet with reduced fat and cholesterol helped but did not fully resolve liver damage that had already been done--damage that in turn can lead to more serious health problems such as cirrhosis or even cancer. This study done with laboratory animals showed that diets low in fat and cholesterol could in fact aid with weight loss improved metabolism and health. But even then if the diet was still high in sugar there was much less liver recovery the scientists concluded. The findings are significant scientists say because liver problems such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease are surging in the U.S. affecting 10-35 percent of adults and an increasing number of children. The incidence of this problem can reach more than 60 percent in obese and type-2 diabetic populations. Many people eating a common American diet are developing extensive hepatic fibrosis or scarring of their liver which can reduce its capacity to function and sometimes lead to L cancer said Donald Jump a professor in the OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences principal investigator with the Linus Pauling Institute and corresponding author on this research. There s a lot of interest in finding ways to help the liver recover from this damage but this research suggests that diets lower in fat and cholesterol even if they help you lose weight are not enough Jump said. For more significant liver recovery the intake of sugar has to come down probably along with other improvements in diet and exercise. The issues are both serious and complex the researchers said. Everyone recognizes this is a serious problem said Kelli Lytle an OSU doctoral candidate and lead author on this study. We re trying to find out if some of the types of dietary manipulation that people use such as weight loss based on a low fat diet will help address it. However a common concern is that many low-fat food products have higher levels of sugar to help make them taste better. Weight loss does appear to help address some of the problems associated with the Western diet the research shows. But according to this study a diet with continued high levels of sugar will significantly slow recovery of liver damage that has already been done. Complications related to liver inflammation scarring and damage are projected to be the leading cause of liver transplants by 2020 the researchers noted in their study. Such scarring was once thought to be irreversible but more recent research has shown it can be at least partially reversed with optimal diet and when the stimulus for liver injury is removed. In this report scientists studied two groups of laboratory mice that had been fed a Western diet and then switched to different healthier diets low in fat and cholesterol. Both of the improved diets caused health improvements and weight loss. But one group that was fed a diet still fairly high in sugar--an amount of sugar comparable to the Western diet--had significantly higher levels of inflammation oxidative stress and liver fibrosis. More research is still needed to determine whether a comprehensive diet program weight maintenance exercise and targeted drug therapies can fully resolve liver fibrosis the study concluded. (Source PLOS One--January 2016) B12 Deficiency a Concern for Long-Term Care high proportion of older adults entering long-term care homes in Ontario Canada are B12 deficient with more developing deficiencies over the course of their first year in residence according to research from the University of Waterloo. There is a connection between B12 deficiency and several serious health conditions. Researchers found that almost 14 percent of study participants were B12 deficient at the time of admission to a long-term care home while another 38 percent had only slightly better levels. Over the course of one year an additional 4 percent developed B12 deficiencies. However those receiving supplements had better B12 levels. The study conducted in partnership with the Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging (RIA) and published in Applied Physiology Nutrition and A Metabolism suggests a simple yearly blood test could be the key to eliminating B12 deficiencies among elderly living in long-term care homes. In Ontario there is currently no systematic screening system to identify B12 deficiencies among long-term care residents--at the time of admission or afterwards. The negative effects of a B12 deficiency are considerable said Heather Keller a professor of kinesiology at Waterloo and Schlegel Research Chair in Nutrition and Aging. This is of particular importance in the context of our aging population with more Canadians requiring long-term care. Untreated B12 deficiency will eventually lead to anemia and neurologic complications such as unsteady gait and paralysis. Low levels of the vitamin have been found to be associated with depression and dementia increased confusion lethargy and even osteoporosis. In spending time in long-term care homes you often see depression and loneliness. This is why we need to do everything in our power to enhance quality of life and quality of care in this setting said Kaylen Pfisterer lead author on the paper and assistant research coordinator at the RIA. Screening for B12 deficiency is a first step to targeting B12 treatment to those who may benefit most. A blood test would allow health care practitioners to screen for a B12 deficiency among new residents and if performed annually monitor vitamin levels throughout the resident s time in long-term care improving overall health and well-being. (Source Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism--January 2016) 38 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM MARCH APRIL 2016 MEDIACORNER The New Chinese Medicine Handbook An Innovative Guide to Integrating Eastern Wisdom with Western Practice for Modern Healing Author Misha Ruth Cohen Pages 367 Price 24.99 Publisher Fair Winds Press Contact (978) 282-3502 New Chinese medicine is an integrative approach combining traditional healing practices with modern medicine. Chinese medicine looks at the mind body and spirit not just one isolated part of the body and offers treatments based on the understanding of the whole being. This book is designed to help you take control of your healing process and maintain and restore wholeness and harmony in all aspects of life. The author Misha Ruth Cohen a practitioner lecturer leader and mentor in the field of Chinese medicine offers comprehensive healing plans on a wide range of ailments clinical studies definitions and resources for readers. Cohen s book shows how you can make the best use of Chinese traditional medicine in the Western world. Chinese medicine theory and practice--in conjunction with Western medicine and joined with various modalities--is the essence of new Chinese medicine Cohen wrote. Her book covers treatments from gynecological issues to cancer acupuncture and massage as well as meditation and finding qualified practitioners. myCircadianClock A majority of calories are consumed after 6 p.m. according to data collected from more than 150 participants of a mobile research app over three weeks. In addition to cutting out bad habits it is hypothesized by scientist at the Salk Institute that a timed feeding schedule could prevent metabolic jetlag. Through this app and subsequent research project myCircadianClock helps individuals keep track of daily times of eating sleeping and taking medications or supplements. Researchers will then study how it influences health and wellbeing. The app also provides personalized insights into how these daily patterns relate to your body weight which is subjective to wellbeing. This app tracks everything you eat from a handful of chips to a glass of water logs sleep and activity exercise allows you to log health records (weight blood glucose blood pressure) provides insights into your circadian clock (after 10 days of collecting data) and survey questions will periodically ask about general health sleep quality and how you feel about your own overall quality of life. Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to participate in this study. For more information visit http CONFERENCES AND EVENTS March 21-23 2016 Nutrition & Health Conference Denver CO The University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (UACIM) opened registration for the 2016 Nutrition & Health Conference. The conference brings together internationally recognized researchers clinicians educators and chefs to explore good nutrition and health. This year s speakers include Loren Cordain PhD founder of the Paleo Diet movement Kathie Swift MS RDN LDN FAND a nationally recognized speaker and education director for Food as Medicine Walter Willett MD DrPH Harvard School of Public Health and author of Eat Drink and Be Healthy Peter Green MD director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and Andrew Weil MD director of UACIM and integrative medicine pioneer. Chef Rebecca Katz MS designed menus that provide satisfying meals with solid nutrition so attendees can get the most out of their conference experience. Open to health care professionals with an interest in preventive medicine and healthful living the conference offers up to 19.75 units of continuing education credit through CMEsolutions. For more information visit April 8-10 Southwest Conference in Botanical Medicine Tempe AZ The Southwest Conference in Botanical Medicine offers a wide variety of presentations from clinical classes to medicine making and desert herb walks. The weekend includes education and inspiration in the blooming desert. Registration includes all lectures. Friday events meals and lodging are extra. Registration is open. For more information visit April 15-17 60th Annual North West Naturopathic Physicians Convention (NWNPC) Portland OR The NWNPC celebrates the 60th annual convention with its Diamond Jubilee. The theme this year focuses on Food as Medicine a tenet of naturopathic philosophy with keynote speakers Tieraona Low Dog MD and Satya Ambrose LAc ND. Along with social events and entertainment students will be able to participate in the annual speaking competition in the scholarship series for 5 000 in scholarship money. For more information visit April 21-26 NANP s 11th Annual Conference & Expo Long Beach CA The National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) 2016 Annual Conference (Theme Changing Tides Holistic Nutrition in Today s Healthcare) provides comprehensive educational programming and networking opportunities for nutrition professionals. Over the course of the conference attendees will trade ideas with peers and learn from today s foremost leaders and experts. They will have the opportunity to evaluate current best practices all while building a powerful community of colleagues business partners and friends. This year s 12 breakout sessions two general sessions and numerous networking events promise to develop career knowledge provide new ideas and boost bottom lines. Essential topics such as new information regarding functional genomics the future of our industry numerous disease specific protocols and much more will be explored. For more information visit MARCH APRIL 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 39 CONFERENCES AND EVENTS May 12-14 Institute for Functional Medicine s Annual International Conference (IFM) San Diego CA IFM s 2016 Annual International Conference presents strategies to transform recent scientific findings on the benefits of sleep restoration fitness and movement into actionable prescriptions for health. Learn the skills and science behind new technological tools and clinical innovations that can help patients sleep better relax and increase their activity levels. This year IFM s Annual International Conference is all about how to collaborate with patients to help them see the value in these important lifestyle changes and implement them sustainably. For more information visit May 13-15 17th International Conference on Ayurveda and Foods Pittsburgh PA This conference is open to all integrative health professionals dietitians nutritionists naturopathic doctors chiropractors holistic nurse practitioners ayurvedic and yoga practitioners herbalists massage therapists as well as the general public. Held at the Indian Community Center it offers keynote presentations like Ayurvedic Nutrition Made Simple by Paul Dugliss MD Explore Your Hunger The Story Behind Your Body s Craving for Food by John Immel BS Nutrition Specifics in the Panchakarma in the U.S. by Lina Thakar BAMS among others. For more information visit NATURAL MARKETPLACE (Continued from page 35) Fibro Soothe CARPINTERIA CA--Fibro Soothe by ProHealth is a specialized formulation of herbs and other nutrients designed to help support a healthy inflammation response while also addressing joint and muscle discomfort. This combination of nutrients is specially formulated to help support cartilage and joint function. Fibro Soothe ( 32.49 90 ct.) contains boswellia serrata wokvel Turmeric Longvida DL-phenylalanine ginger devils claw ashwagandha bromelain papain and turmeric powder. Wholesale pricing is available. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (800) 366-6056 or visit ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER Advanced Naturals Albion Laboratories Inc. America s Finest Inc. Carlson Laboratories Inc. DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont Diamond Herpanacine of PA Inc. Emerson Ecologics Fairhaven Health LLC Kyowa Hakko USA Mitomedical LLC Natural Partners PPC Pharmaceuticals Probiotics Intl. Ltd. (Bio-Kult) Protocol for Life QuinTron Instrument Company Rainforest Natural Products Inc. 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