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Description: In This Issue: New Twists on Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Allergy Relief, and Pet Health

ww w. Vi Bu New ye O ta mi No r s nl i nR w eta L G u n e ile i v i d r.c e e om B uy er sG uid e Go to nahs for info about this advertiser Go to wakunaga for info about this advertiser d o ou ter Pr or p up S f TABLEOFCONTENTS APRIL16 VOLUME 23 NUMBER 4 24 32 44 52 Features 24 Weighty Reminders The desire and or need to slim down remains a significant priority for millions of Americans who increasingly turn to health food retailers to help them succeed. vitaminretailermagazine 32 New Twists on Sports Nutrition Manufacturers are adding surprising ingredients to the mix of high-level clean label sport nutrition products. Visit FreeProductInfo for FREE Product Information orSamples from All Vitamin Retailer Advertisers Also Sign Up for the FREE E-newsletter 44 Human Health Trends Go to the Dogs Pet owners are looking to improve the quality of life for their furry friends by supporting their health needs just like they would their own. Columns 4 19 21 47 Off the Cuff Expo West Wrap-Up Retail Fundamentals Supplement Science 50 51 52 54 Healthy Shopper Product Spotlight Health & Nutrition Natural Medicine Departments 6 8 12 20 56 Hot Sellers Trending Now Industry News Research Update New Products 59 59 59 60 Off the Press Industry Events Advertiser Index Back Talk Copyright 2016. Vitamin Retailer (ISSN 1537-503x & USPS 0019-972) Volume 23 Number 4 April 2016. Vitamin Retailer is published monthly by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed in by-lined articles or advertisements are not necessarily those of Vitamin Retailer or its owners. Publisher is not liable for advertiser product claims or representations. Advertisers assume total responsibility for the contents of their advertisements. Printed in U.S.A. Basic annual subscription rate is 60.00. Periodicals postage paid at New Brunswick NJ 08899 and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER Send all UAA to VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816. NON-POSTAL AND MILITARY FACILITIES send address corrections to Vitamin Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186. Subscription Customer Service Vitamin Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs Back Issues & Single Copies For order information contact (732) 432-9600 or general August issue is 25.00. October issue is 45.00. All other issues are 8.00 each. 2 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to cvc for info about this advertiser OFFTHECUFF Moving Forward and Growing hat a difference a year makes. At this time last year I reported on my trip to Natural Products Expo West for our sister magazine Nutrition Industry Executive. The title of my editor s column was Expo Unrest where I wrote about an underlying anxiety permeating the Expo Engredea show floors due to the news of the New York attorney general herbal supplement debacle. This year though certainly not forgotten it seems that members of the supplement industry are pushing forward confidently and with optimism despite the past news headlines. For example number increases show the strength of the industry Expo West saw 6.9 percent growth and hosted more than 77 000 attendees the largest attendance ever according to the trade show organizers. Also according to Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) supplement sales are forecasted to grow at 5.8 percent per year through 2020--although not as strong as in previous years still impressive figures. NBJ reported that the anticipated growth would be from consumers who are expected to continue to focus on conditions in this order Sleep issues Lack of energy Skin or hair issues Frequent joint soreness Menopause Frequent muscle soreness Others Frequent digestive issues Respiratory issues Blood sugar issues Vision problems In last year s column I noted that my belief in untethered access to good nutritional supplements is unwavering W for several reasons. One of which stems from the outstanding results I experienced from a supplement that helped me with severe pain that several doctors tried to help me with but didn t. So it appears I am not alone in avoiding OTCs or prescription medicines by trying a natural solution to address a specific concern. Though supplements that are condition specific may be the industry s strength let s not forget the value of good multivitamin mineral supplements. Though sales may be slipping slightly for the basic multi Dr. Tieraona Low Dog an internationally recognized expert in the fields of dietary supplements herbal medicine women s health and natural medicine was at Expo West to remind the industry of its importance. She stressed that nutrient deficiencies such as with choline vitamin D and magnesium are common and that the often-heard advice that we ought to meet our nutritional needs from the foods we eat is nearly impossible. In her new book Fortify Your Life Your Guide to Vitamins Minerals and More Low Dog said she believes that nutritional supplements can be an important adjunct to a healthy lifestyle. And that it is time for a broader rational discussion on the topic of supplements that goes beyond the confusing sound bites and outdated fragmented distorted information about vitamins minerals and other important nutrients that the media is bombarding us with today. And no matter what an attorney general may say regarding supplements consumers are still focusing on natural solutions for health and it is up to the industry to help foster the best outcome. Publisher Daniel McSweeney Editorial Director DanM Associate Russ Fields Publisher RussF Advertising Gary Pfaff Sales Associate GaryP Editor-in-Chief Janet Poveromo JanetP Managing Editor Shari Barbanel ShariB Assistant Corinne Anderson Editor CorinneA Art Director Robert Certo Production Manager RobertC Production Assistant Bryan Zak Graphic Designer BryanZ Contributing Writers Courtney Anaya CPT Mark Becker Gene Bruno MS MHS Terry Lemerond Michael T. Murray ND Lisa Schofield Circulation Rosie Brodsky Manager Rosie VRM Media Phone Fax E-mail Website President 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 (732) 432-9600 (732) 432-9288 info Daniel McSweeney DanM information for and about the dietary supplement industry in order to foster industry growth and help preserve the rights of dietary supplement suppliers and retailers. Subscription Customer Service To order a subscription or manage your account please contact us at Vitamin Retailer P.O. Box 15186 North Hollywood CA 91615-5186 USA Phone (818) 286-3168 Fax (800) 869-0040 vrecs Mission Vitamin Retailer magazine Statement is dedicated to providing P.S. Please visit to see photos and videos of VR s Expo West coverage. Connect With Us Back Issues See the Table of Contents page for price and order information. vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser HOTSELLERS Hot Sellers is a monthly what s hot at retail snapshot of six categories of products sold in health food stores across the U.S. by region provided by a Retailer Advisory Board of participating stores. We have had such great results with it (Wyldewood Cellars Elderberry Concentrate) in our own family that we share our story every time someone comes in with similar symptoms. We talk about the elderberry and how we love it ourselves. --Shannon St. Laurent Sales Hills Health Hut NORTHEAST SOUTHEAST NATURAL FOODS GENERAL STORE Toms River NJ VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Multivitamins by Garden of Life SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Curamin Extra Strength by EuroPharma HERBS BOTANTICALS Elderberry Syrup by Gaia FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE All-In-One Nutritional Shake by Vega One PERSONAL CARE Rosehip Seed Oil by Acure Organics & All Essential Oils HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Colloidal Silver GET HEALTHY VITAMINS AND NATURAL FOODS Brooksville & Spring Hill FL VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Every Woman by New Chapter SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Whey Protein by Bluebonnet HERBS BOTANTICALS CuraMed 750 by EuroPharma FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Alkaline Ionized WaterGallons by Get Healthy PERSONAL CARE Andalou line HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Himalayan Salt Lamps MIDWEST CENTRAL CAMPBELL S NUTRITION Urbandale IA VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Raw One for Women by Garden of Life SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT 35 Billion Probiotic by Reliance HERBS BOTANTICALS Oregano Oil by Vitality Works FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Probiotic Drinks by KeVita PERSONAL CARE Pacha Soaps HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Sea Buckthorn Lipbalm by EuroPharma HILL S HEALTH HUT INC. Jefferson City TN VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Life s Fortune Multi Vitamins SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Only Natural Hyaluronic Acid Plus & Hyalogic Synthovial Seven Hyaluronic Acid HERBS BOTANTICALS Ginger Caps by Nature s Way FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Bragg s Apple Cider Vinegar PERSONAL CARE Lavender Essential Oils by Nature s Alchemy HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Wyldewood Cellars by Elderberry Concentrate NORTHWEST WEST MRS. BEESLEY S HEALTHY FOOD Boise ID VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Alive by Nature s Way SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Optima Probiotic by Nature s Way HERBS BOTANTICALS Caralluma Fimbriata by Solaray FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Apple Cider Vinegar by Dynamic Health PERSONAL CARE Squaline by Mayumi HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Curamin by EuroPharma ELITE HEALTH FOODS Culver City CA VITAMIN MINERAL SUPPLEMENT Vitamin D3 1000 mg SPECIALTY SUPPLEMENT Heart Miracle by Century Systems HERBS BOTANTICALS African Moringa FUNCTIONAL FOOD BEVERAGE Bai5 - Sparkling Beverage by Bai PERSONAL CARE Shea Body Butter by BodyButter Lady HOT PRODUCT OF THE MONTH Balanced Essentials by Wellgenix Retailers interested in having their stores featured in Hot Sellers can visit hotsellers. 6 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to nordicnaturals for info about this advertiser TRENDINGNOW Hyaluronic Acid Product Lines Expanding T here are five reasons to use hyaluronic acid 1. clear healthy eyes 2. healthy skin and lips 3. healthy tendons and ligaments 4. healthy hair and scalp and 5. healthy joints and normal mobility. Also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate hyaluronic acid (HA) is a carbohydrate more specifically a mucopolysaccharide occurring naturally throughout the human body. Its function in the body is amongst other things to bind water and to lubricate movable parts of the body such as joints and muscles said Darren Landis product development Hyalogic LLC in Missouri. HA is found in nearly all tissues. In the eyes it serves to make the hydrating gooey gel that keeps our eyes round and healthy. When the gooey gel leaves the eye floaters dry eyes poor vision and retinal concerns can come out Landis shared. But [mostly found] in abundance in the skin eyes and joints said Tim Mount director of education with California-based NeoCell. In the skin HA is a moisture magnet that draws water molecules into the deep layers of the dermis which not only plumps the skin s surface for beauty benefits but also assists with nutrient transport and toxin flushing so skin is healthy and nourished. BY CORINNE ANDERSON care products as an excellent moisturizer. Because HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature with numerous benefits for the human body it can be described as nature s moisturizer Landis said. HA in Skincare A typical side affect of HA is to moisturize the skin and thereby reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So some people mostly women take HA as a functional skincare and anti-aging ingredient in both supplement and topical formulas said Levin. Researchers theorized that the changes in HA within the body could be the cause of the signs of aging according to a 1994 study 1 said Austin Bideaux general manager of White Egret Personal Care UT. These changes included the stagnation of HA in the body. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information HA has a dynamic turnover rate. HA has a halflife of three to five minutes in the blood less than a day in the skin and one to three weeks in the cartilage. As we age less HA is produced and with such a high-turnover rate of usefulness in the body there isn t enough to go around to all the places that require this helpful molecule. HA has many different applications but in regard to skin it was discovered that it could penetrate the outer layer of skin when applied topically.2 In the skin it plumps and hydrates to restore the dermal layer. Taking the raisin back to a grape Landis said. In terms of rehydrating and aiding the health of skin NeoCell offers Glow Matrix Advanced Skin Hydrator which combines the benefits of HA with clinically proven ceramosides that work hand in hand for long lasting skin moisturization said Mount. At White Egret Bideaux said the company finds applying HA topically appears to be a popular choice. From our experience we feel like HA as a supplement seems to be popular. However serums and lotions are becoming popular as well. Our Hyaluronic Day Serum is one of our top products he said. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Supplements for Joint Health In the joints HA gives cushioning to cartilage so people pounding the pavement have a shock absorber. HA and water also make up the fluid found within the joint that reduces friction Mount said. Many people report an HA supplement feels like an oil change he added. With the benefits associated with this little molecule it isn t surprising. Landis agreed. It is the motor oil for the body. We don t drive our cars without engine oil likewise we can t operate our joints without hyaluronic acid. Consumers purchasing HA supplements are generally looking to sup8 VITAMIN RETAILER port their joint synovial fluid which aids in holding moisture in the joint to allow normal weight bearing and flexibility functions said Neil E. Levin CCN DANLA nutrition education manager with Illinois-based NOW Foods. In the joint health category NeoCell offers Blueberry Hyaluronic Acid Liquid Hyaluronic Acid Double Strength capsules and Move Matrix Advanced Joint Hydrator that acts as an all-in-one joint formula. Coming soon from NeoCell is the new Joint Bursts Joint Support Chews. Similar to Beauty Bursts these tropically flavored chews contain turmeric collagen and HA. NOW Foods offers a number of products containing HA including their personal care products NOW Solutions line that contain HA as well as supplements in the form of veg capsules and a vegan-friendly liquid formula. Vegan-formulas are on the rise as well. Offering a vegan option to consumers increases the potential sales base for products. We focus on delivery of non-animal derived vegan-friendly form[s] of HA for our products Landis added. HA s consistency and tissue-friendliness allows it to be beneficial in skin- Go to nowsolutions for info about this advertiser TRENDINGNOW But Bideaux stressed that it is not just women who benefit from using HA topically. Men who have to wash their hands a lot such as mechanics find that using the cream helps prevent their hands from drying out. Also we find that [topical HA] sells very well in dry climates for anyone who battles skin dehydration. tinued. In fact most of the early uses of HA were used with animals. No placebo effect with them if they feel better they will show it. the body making this a potential supplement for a wide range of consumers. An interesting point regarding HA that we found in the research is that the molecular weight--the size of the molecule--plays an important role in where the supplement is delivered either to the skin or joints Mount said. When formulating our products we are careful to include the correct HA based upon the benefits desired--skin hydration or joint lubrication. So whether consumers want to protect their vision plump their skin or cushion their joints there is an HA available for each of them--in many different forms. VR A Molecule for Multiple Applications HA has so many uses it can be overwhelming to keep all the information straight. Hyalogic offers a program to retailers called HA University which provides multiple resources including a booklet quiz and useful in-store material to help educate customers on the benefits of HA. We have recently been converts to the HA for Joints with many employees here taking the product themselves said Chris Seeley co-owner Main Street Market at Tuscany Square Rapid City SD. From eye and skin care to joint and pet health HA is a beneficial molecule that aids in multiple functions of HA for Pets While HA is not a new trend it has become more popular both in products and with customers. Products have expanded past supplements into other options including gummies topical creams drink mixes bath mixes eye health and even into pet health supplements. We have a full line of joint care supplements not just for humans but for your four-legged friends said Landis. Animals respond nicely to HA he con- References 1. Meyer L.J. & Stern R. (1994). Age-dependent Changes of Hyaluronan Applied to the Surface of Intact Skin. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology 102(3) 385-389. 2. Brown T.J. Alcorn D. & Fraser J.R. (1999). Absorption of Hyaluronan Applied to the Surface of Intact Skin. The Journal of Investugative Dermatology 113(5) 740-746. Go to reddremedies for info about this advertiser 10 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to essentialformulas for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Got News Send news press releases to Editor Vitamin Retailer 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 JanetP Senate Declines Advancement of DARK Act n March 16 the Senate voted to defeat the Deny Americans the Right to Know (DARK) Act introduced by Senator Pat Roberts (RKS). Gary Ruskin co-director of the U.S. Right to Know stated The Senate vote is a victory for consumers and everyone who wants the right to know what s in our food. The bill would have prevented states from requiring companies to label GMO (genetically modified organism) foods. In addition it would have also stopped the pending laws in states that will require this type of labeling to go into affect. The Roberts measure backed by the food industry shows the contempt of O our nation s large food companies for their own customers who overwhelmingly support labeling of genetically engineered food said Ruskin. According to EcoWatch Many Senators properly noted that this bill fails to solve the problem it claims to fix. Instead by blocking state laws from going into effect and replacing them with voluntary measures and impractical alternatives to labeling it would have ensured that big food processing companies and the biotechnology industry continue to profit by misleading consumers. The industry campaign for the DARK Act will only accelerate consumer distrust of large food companies and their processed food. In other words the bill s proponents will reap what they have sown Ruskin continued. EcoWatch stated that nine out of 10 Americans want GMO foods to be labeled. The majority of Americans support labeling for GMOs and will hold their elected officials accountable if they vote to strip away transparency about how their food is produced. We urge the Senate to continue to reject bills that would block state labeling laws EcoWatch concluded. For more information visit or FDA Sees New Leadership NPA Responds Products. He also oversaw the Office of obert M. Califf MD MACC has Special Medical Programs and provided been confirmed as the new U.S. direction for cross-cutting clinical Food and Drug Administration s scientific and regulatory (FDA) commissioner of food initiatives including precision and drugs. As the top official of medicine combination products the FDA Califf is committed to orphan drugs pediatric strengthening programs and therapeutics and the advisory policies that enable the agency committee system. to carry out its mission to Prior to joining the FDA Califf protect and promote the public was a professor of medicine and health the FDA said. ROBERT CALIFF vice chancellor for clinical and Dr. Califf has demonstrated translational research at Duke a long and deep commitment University. He also served as director of to advancing the public health throughout his distinguished career as a the Duke Translational Medicine Institute and founding director of the physician researcher and leader in the Duke Clinical Research Institute. fields of science and medicine The Natural Products Association Stephen Ostroff acting FDA (NPA) sent a letter to Califf commissioner said in a statement. He understands well the critical role that the congratulating him on the appointment FDA plays in responding to the changes and requesting a meeting. In the letter NPA asked Califf what his in our society while protecting and plans are to use all of the legal tools at promoting the health of the public across the many areas we regulate--and his disposal to enforce the laws and regulations related to the supplement I am confident that our public health industry. The NPA asked if he would be and scientific contributions will further grow under his exceptional leadership. collaborating with Department of Justice (DOJ) to take up misdemeanor cases to Previously Califf served as the FDA s deter unscrupulous companies selling deputy commissioner for medical adulterated or mislabeled. The products and tobacco from February organization also asked if he would be 2015 until his appointment as working to identify dietary ingredients commissioner in February 2016. In that found to be unsafe and remove them capacity he provided executive from the marketplace. leadership to the Center for Drug NPA expressed some concerns over Evaluation and Research the Center for comments made by Califf and asked him Biologics Evaluation and Research the to clarify them. We would also like to Center for Devices and Radiological express concerns regarding some of your Health and the Center for Tobacco R past comments suggesting that the same standard in which pharmaceutical drugs are tested be applied to supplements said Daniel Fabricant PhD CEO and executive director of NPA. For more information visit SIBU s New Look S IBU Sea Berry Therapy (Midvale UT) has introduced a new look for 2016. We re excited because it is more than just a new package that looks pretty on the shelf (though it really does). It s a whole new way of looking at problematic skin the company said. Many of the most impassioned testimonials SIBU receives are from customers celebrating SIBU Sea Berry Therapy products ability to help alleviate the symptoms of problematic skin ailments such as eczema acne and rosacea. We are the rescue for problematic skin the company stated. For more information call (800) 710-SIBU or visit 12 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to naturalfactors for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS NPA Seeks to Improve Supplement Access for HSAs & FSAs Congratulates Acting Director of ODSP he Natural Products Association (NPA) announced that its grassroots network sent more than 1 000 letters of support to Congress for legislation that would allow American consumers to use Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) dollars on nutritional and dietary supplements. This is a common sense move to help consumers live healthier and more balanced lives and that s why our members are mobilizing to support it said Daniel Fabricant PhD CEO and executive director of NPA. NPA is once again demonstrating its power to act on behalf of consumers through its national grassroots network. Our organization has led the charge and was instrumental in ensuring the introduction of this T important legislation for consumers of natural products and we look forward to working with Congress to ensure its passage. In other news NPA congratulated Steven Tave on his new role as acting director of the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP) at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Tave takes the place of Dr. Robert Durkin who has been the acting director since May 2015. The dietary supplement industry is growing at a rapid rate and it is critical that ODSP utilizes all resources at its disposal to increase enforcement against deliberate criminal activity and protect consumers said Fabricant. NPA commends Robert Durkin for his leadership during his time as the acting director. The NPA will be reaching out to Tave to request a meeting and to discuss how the newly elevated ODSP plans to Increase enforcement of adulterated products masquerading as dietary supplements Punish companies with bad GMPs (good manufacturing practices) Request a timetable for implementing an enforcement strategy of dietary ingredients covered under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the anticipated arrival of the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) final draft guidance. For more information visit New CEO Announced for Twinlab winlab Consolidated Holdings Inc. (St. Petersburg FL) announced the appointment of Naomi Whittel as its new CEO effective immediately. Tom Tolworthy who previously held the position of president and CEO has moved on from the company to pursue other ventures according to the company. Tolworthy took the helm of Twinlab in 2011 following a bankruptcy in 2003 that the company had yet to fully recover from. Twinlab Consolidated Holdings was the company created to acquire the assets of Twinlab when a management buyout began in 2014 started by Tolworthy. The buyout was designed to bring new life into the brand and create new opportunities for the company through the expansion of distribution channels and increased manufacturing capacity the company said in an interview with Drug Store News in 2014. Our Board sincerely thanks Tom for his leadership and the many contributions he made on behalf of our Company for the past several years said David Van Andel chairman of the board of directors. We are thrilled to be starting a new chapter with Naomi who joined us following our acquisition of Organic Holdings LLC last T October. The Board believes Naomi is the right person to execute the vision for Twinlab and build a best in class business over the long-term. We have a strong team great brands and a growing customer platform. All of us at Twinlab are focused on strengthening our relationships with all our constituents. Whittel added I m very excited for the upcoming year as we have significant opportunities ahead of us. Our combined product offering has never been stronger and we have well-established and longstanding customer relationships in place. We also have great people and one of my primary goals is to better leverage our resources to drive sales and provide best-in-class products for the end-consumer. Twinlab maintains partnerships with some of the great retailers in this industry and we intend to maximize these relationships while driving innovation. Whittel was CEO and founder of Organic Holdings. She started the company with a goal of becoming an innovator in the health and wellness field by providing best-inclass first-to-market nutritional supplements made with sciencebased ingredients. For more information visit New Name for Mushroom Matrix he California-based brand known as Mushroom Matrix has unveiled a new name and look at Natural Products Expo West Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition. Designed to elevate the mind body and spirit Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition utilizes the power of 10 remarkable healing species of mushrooms in single species powders and powder blends to give people the powerful benefits of mushrooms. Om made its initial appearance at Fresh Ideas at Expo West in the company of teen chef Jack Witherspoon. Witherspoon who recently appeared on Food Network s Chopped Junior in January 2016 is a three-time Leukemia survivor author of Twist It Up (his chef catchphrase) and has cooked with Jay Leno Bonnie Hunt Rachael Ray and Queen Latifah. Chef Jack Witherspoon is the perfect person to help us introduce Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition. We were ready to twist it up and further connect our consumers to the mushroom powder lifestyle said Sandra Carter founder of Om. We are proud to be heading in a new direction with Om and increase the awareness of the power of mushrooms. Om said it plans to emphasize the pure whole-food earthy organic nature of medicinal mushrooms for use in everyday life. For more information visit T 14 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to scandinavian for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Congressman Ribble Visits Nature s Way Headquarters C ongressman Reid Ribble (R-WI) recently visited the headquarters of Nature s Way in Green Bay WI. Mike Devereux president and CEO of Nature s Way along with members of the Natural Products Association (NPA) welcomed the Congressman and his staff. Representatives from Nature s Way and Mike Kelley NPA s director of government relations led Ribble on an educational tour of the facility. Throughout his visit the Congressman and his staff were briefed on good manufacturing practices (GMPs) quality controls and Nature s Way s steps to lead the industry in all areas of safety and compliance. NPA would like to thank Congressman Ribble for taking the time to visit with us and see how Nature s Way is among the best in the industry when it comes to providing consumers with safe and effective natural products said Daniel Fabricant PhD CEO and executive director of NPA. We find it very effective anytime a lawmaker gets to see firsthand how the industry is safely regulated. NPA looks forward to working with Congressman Ribble for the remainder of his term to ensure that consumers continue to have access to high quality safe supplements and natural products. Nature s Way s 120 000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility is certified to produce dietary supplements natural products over the counter and homeopathic drugs. The facility also serves as a worldwide distribution center. For more information visit or NeoCell Donates to Vitamin Angels C alifornia-based NeoCell wrapped up its fall campaign to raise money for Vitamin Angels with a 60 000 donation to the nonprofit charity. Each fall NeoCell makes a 25-cent donation to Vitamin Angels for each product it ships from October through December. The five-year partnership has now raised enough money to help more than 1.5 million children. A simple 25-cent donation is enough for Vitamin Angels to provide critically needed vitamins to a mother or child for an entire year. The NeoCell campaign isn t just about raising money but also about raising awareness of the worldwide issue of malnutrition according to the company. To promote Vitamin Angels during the fall campaign and encourage others to donate NeoCell utilized its GivingIsBeautiful hashtag on social media. It s remarkable to think that this partnership has been able to have a positive impact on a million and a half mothers and children around the world said Jessica Mulligan NeoCell vice president of sales and marketing. We hope that others join us in supporting Vitamin Angels and the amazing work that the organization does. For more information visit or AlternaVites Partners With Nationwide Distributors ew York-based Rich Vitamins LLC makers of alternaVites announced key partnerships with two new distributors for their line of vitamins and minerals alternaVites Kids. The company will work with Palko Services and KeHe Distributors which provides the opportunity to deliver alternaVites to more than 32 000 stores nationwide. Palko Services a nationwide distributor of finer health products is based in Indianapolis IN. KeHE Distributors a national leader in the distribution of natural and organic products is based in Illinois. Our goal with alternaVites has always been to create products that make it easier for kids to take their daily vitamins and to help ensure that parents feel good about what is and what isn t in the formula. However to reach that goal we have to make sure our products are available nationwide said Hallie Rich founder and CEO of Rich Vitamins LLC. By partnering with distributors who are passionate about providing new innovative convenient and smart natural products and who have access to the finest health and wellness stores across the country we are thrilled to be furthering these objectives by working with Palko Services and KeHE Distributors. For more information visit or N Klean Athlete Partners With Cycling Team K lean Athlete based in Pennsylvania and Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling Team recently announced a new partnership to provide NSF Certified for Sport nutritional supplements to the team s riders for the duration of the 2016 season. The Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling team is a professional (under 23 years) development team for the next generation of world-class cyclists founded by Belgian cycling champion 16 VITAMIN RETAILER Axel Merckx. As the official nutritional supplement brand of Axeon Hagens Berman Cycling Team Klean Athlete will support the team s commitment to clean sport by helping athletes fuel and fortify a solid nutritional foundation to more consistently perform at their best while avoiding unsafe or banned substances. Our program has always upheld a commitment to safe and fair sport and we are pleased to align with Klean Athlete as we seek to continue to educate our development team on how to safely compete at their best possible level said Merckx who serves as Axeon s general manager. We develop talented young athletes into champions and proper safe nutrition is an essential element of our training regimen. For more information call (855) 255-5326 or visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to goodhealthnaturally for info about this advertiser INDUSTRYNEWS Herbalist & Alchemist Recertified as B Corporation ew Jersey-based Herbalist & Alchemist (H&A) announced it has again been certified as a B Corporation confirming the herbal products company s high standards of social and environmental performance transparency and accountability. H&A has been a certified B Corporation since 2010. The standards and practices required for becoming certified as a B Corporation were built into Herbalist & Alchemist from the beginning making products that are beneficial for people in a way that is good for the earth said Herbalist & Alchemist CEO Beth Lambert. The B Corporation assessment is very demanding requiring N extensive documentation to prove you run your business the way you say you do. It s a lot like cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) compliance in that way. B Corporations certified as meeting rigorous standards by B Lab are those that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The standards incorporating verified social and environmental performance transparency and accountability are comprehensive and transparent. They measure a company s impact on all of its stakeholders. Unlike traditional corporations Certified B Corporations are legally able to consider the impact of their decisions on employees suppliers community consumers and environment in addition to their shareholders. We are particularly proud of our commitment to using local suppliers first which drives a lot of our purchases Lambert added. If the herbs we need in the quality we demand are not locally grown we look elsewhere in the U.S. The amount of plant material we buy from abroad is now very small. For more information call (908) 689-9020 or visit Redd Remedies Launches New Website I llinois-based Redd Remedies an all-natural developer of awardwinning health and wellness supplements and products announced the launch of its new enhanced website With expanded navigation options a mobile-friendly responsive design and enhanced shopping features Redd Remedies now provides its customers with more shopping options and an even more secure checkout process. We are very pleased to offer visitors to a very modern state-of-the-art shopping experience said CEO and Founder Dan Chapman. With educational notes from our award-winning formulator to auto-ship options to an easy-to-use mobile friendly experience we set out to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Additional features of the new website include a Notes from the Formulator segment enhanced checkout features and security free shipping on orders over 75 navigation by product categories and individual products as well as an auto-ship and subscription options. Our goal is to provide our customers not only the bestformulated highest quality and effective nutritional supplements in the industry but a very enjoyable website as well Chapman said. For more information visit Herb Pharm & Dr. Aviva Romm Create New Initiative regon-based Herb Pharm LLC and Aviva Romm MD announced a new initiative to collaborate on innovative natural health programs and products. Expanding upon their association since 2014 they will be partnering to empower and educate women to take control of the health and wellbeing of themselves and their family. I m partnering with Herb Pharm for simple reasons said Romm. Their product quality is second-to-none and they value purpose more than profits. My family has been using Herb Pharm products for decades--they don t just O say their values come first they mean it. Aviva s background as a herbalist and Yale-trained MD brings a unique perspective to product formulation said David Bunting director of botanical affairs at Herb Pharm. Her energy and passion are contagious and we re excited that these collaborations will empower many more people to take charge of their well-being. The co-developed programs and products will be announced through the course of 2016. For more information visit or You re Hired California-based Navitas Naturals has announced that Peter Hartman has been hired as the vice president of sales. Hartman has worked as a sales executive in the natural products industry for the last 10 years. Most recently he was the U.S. sales director for Vega a plant-based nutrition company. 18 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 EXPOWESTWRAPUP 36 Expo West th Sees More Growth Vega holds a plank contest at its booth. he 36th annual Natural Products Expo West & Engredea the world s largest natural organic and healthy products event experienced another record-setting year with 6.9 percent growth playing host to more than 77 000 attendees. The event brought together an inspired community of industry members and more than 3 000 exhibiting companies including more than 600 first-time exhibitors. The show held March 9 to 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California is produced by the recently re-branded New Hope Network. For the second year in a row the event s exhibit space was expanded to encompass the entire Anaheim Convention Center campus. In addition to traditional exhibit halls new exhibitors showcased hot products at the Hilton Hotel Anaheim. Denise Day marketing director at Boulder CO-based Bhakti Chai said T Vitamin Retailer congratulates Bluebonnet on the company s 25th anniversary. APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM We are so excited to be here at Expo West to launch our new line. This event has been the perfect timing right ahead of our summertime new product launch when we will have even wider distribution for new items with many of the retailers we met with right here in Anaheim. The NEXT Forecast 2016 projects strong growth for the natural products industry. U.S. consumer sales of natural organic and healthy products are forecasted to expand 64 percent from 153B in 2013 to 252B by 2019 including growth of 9 percent per year driven in part by new and emerging brands. Natural Products Expo West serves as a launching pad for innovation from entrepreneurial brands to more established companies looking to keep up with shifts in consumer demand said Carlotta Mast executive director of Content and Insights New Hope Network. Evolving shopper tastes and values have positioned the natural products industry as a major force in what products end up on shelves from natural stores to more conventional supermarkets. The education program offered keynote presentations from Sam Kass former White House personal chef Erik Weihenmayer author adventurer and activist and Martha Rogers (Continued on page 22) Seen at the show. VITAMIN RETAILER 19 RESEARCHUPDATE PPIs May be Associated With Increased Risk of Dementia he use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) the popular medications used to treat gastroesophageal reflux and peptic ulcers may be associated with an increased risk of dementia in a study using data from a large German health insurer according to an article published online by JAMA Neurology. The use of PPIs has increased among older patients and PPIs are among the most frequently used classes of drugs. Britta Haenisch PhD of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (Bonn Germany) and coauthors examined the association between the use of PPIs and the risk of dementia using data from 2004 to 2011 on inpatient and outpatient diagnoses and drug prescriptions. Regular PPI use was at least one PPI prescription in each quarter of an 18-month interval. T The study population included 218 493 individuals 75 or older before 144 814 individuals were excluded leaving 73 679 individuals included in the final analysis. The authors identified 29 510 patients who developed dementia during the study period. Regular users of PPIs (2 950 patients mostly female and average age nearly 84) had a 44 percent increased risk of dementia compared with those (70 729 patients mostly female and average age 83) not receiving PPI medication according to the results. Limitations to the study include the authors only being able to integrate some other risk factors for dementia into the analysis from the data. The present study can only provide a statistical association between PPI use and risk of dementia the researchers said. The possible under- lying causal biological mechanism has to be explored in future studies. To evaluate and establish direct cause and effect relationships between PPI use and incident dementia in the elderly randomized prospective clinical trials are needed. For more information visit Vitamin D-rich Foods During Pregnancy May Reduce Allergy Risk in Children igher intake of foods containing vitamin D during pregnancy--but not supplemental vitamin D intake--was associated with reduced risk of development of allergies in children according to a study led by an investigator from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York NY) and published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. H The research team conducted a prospective study of 1 248 mothers and their children in the United States over time from the first trimester of pregnancy until the children reached about 7 years old. They found that higher intake of food-based vitamin D (equivalent to the amount of vitamin D in an 8-oz. serving of milk per day) during pregnancy was associated with 20 percent less hay fever at school age. There was no risk reduction linked to vitamin D intake by supplement. Expectant mothers have questions about what they should eat during pregnancy and our study shows that it s important to consider the source of nutrients in a mother s diet said Supinda Bunyavanich MD MPH assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics Department of Genetics and Genomic Sciences and The Mindich Child Health and Development Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Foods that contain vitamin D include fish eggs dairy products mushrooms and cereals. Vitamin D modulates the immune system and its potential role in asthma and allergy has been of interest. Many prior studies have examined vitamin D and allergy outcomes at single points in time but this study comprehensively assessed vitamin D levels at multiple points (during pregnancy at birth and at school age) and by different methods (food frequency questionnaire and tests of serum 25(OH)D levels in both the mothers and school-age children). This study may influence nutritional counseling and recommendations to expectant moms to include vitamin D-rich foods in their diets said Bunyavanich. The National Institutes of Health supported this research. Collaborating institutions included Harvard Medical School Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Brigham and Women s Hospital and University of Virginia Health System. For more information visit WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 20 VITAMIN RETAILER RETAILFUNDAMENTALS By Terry Lemerond f you ve ever thought of opening your own health food store you are probably the type of person who enjoys helping people every day and wants to be your own boss. But according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics only about 50 percent of new businesses are still viable five years later. It takes setting goals careful planning and a lot of passion to make any business successful. I ve had experience in opening stores and starting supplement businesses and I ve loved it. So I d like to offer some thoughts about what you need to do to create a successful enterprise and turn your dream into a reality. 1. Do Your Homework Make sure you find out some basic information what other stores are in town What is their product selection like Their hours Their level of service Just because there may other businesses in your community doesn t mean you can t start one there too but you ll want to make it your own and offer something genuinely unique and exciting. For starters you should always carry a product line that you can I really believe in and stand behind. You absolutely do not have to stock the same items as your competition and especially not the same products a customer can find in any big box store that have very low margins anyway. Remember you re in this business to help people not to sell bottles of pills. 2. Be Involved Reaching out to your community is one of the best ways to set the tone of your new business. There are always many needs in a town of any size and by helping promote other local craftspeople organic farms non-profit organizations and just the well-being of the town you call home is wonderful way to become known for embracing the people who help enrich your life and your work. 3. Have Passion Owning any business is more than a job. It has to be a passion. That passion will carry though in the enthusiasm that you pass along to your staff and your customers. When you meet someone who truly loves what they do the feeling is contagious. You want them to do well and you feel better for having been around them. If there s a vibe to your store let it be that passion and care for others. It will make the difference between success and failure. 4. Have Faith and Set Goals Where do you want this business to be in five years in 10 years 20 years Make it your mission to write down those goals to make them more concrete. Seeing them written down each day--and keeping them in mind--will help make them happen. I truly believe that if you do this things will happen in your life connections will occur--that will help you make this dream a reality. 5. Have Enough Money on Hand for Two Years This means financial resources extensive enough to cover everything from inventory to advertising. It sounds like a lot of money and it is. But that s because you have to be prepared for unforeseen situations and opportunities that demand access to capital. Have a very solid understanding with your bank or financial institution--and this is before you ever break ground on a store or hang up a sign in a remodeled space. VITAMIN RETAILER 21 APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM RETAILFUNDAMENTALS 6. Find the Right Location It doesn t have to be the most visible one. While location is an important thing it s not the only thing. Yes getting real estate on a high-traffic avenue is great but don t spend all of your money only to become house poor regarding the other aspects of your business. In fact saving money on the initial cost of the location may free up more money for advertising hiring and other critical factors that help turn your store into a true destination without worrying too much about where your building is in relation to Main Street. 7. Hire the Right People and Pay Them What They re Worth Your staff is the face of your store. You need to spend time and money assembling the best possible team that you can. Make sure that they have a passion for natural health and helping others too. Some may have their own specialized areas of interest that they excel in--maybe creating amazing store displays are one of their talents or organizing store events or connecting with customers during a healthy recipes night at your business. The important thing is to hire excellent people and pay them well. If you want minimum effort and minimum interest in the future of your business pay them minimum wage. Otherwise it is your job to hire the right people mentor them well and pay them what they re worth. 8. Don t Focus on Your Bottom Line or the Top Line and the Rest Will Take Care of Itself Focus on all the services on what needs to be done between the top line and the bottom line. That means love and serve your customers and your staff. We don t make money we earn money. The only people that make money work in a mint. The money we earn is due to the service we provide. If we are not making the money we want we need to up our service to increase our value. If you want to earn more give more service. Doing all this the money will follow. 9. Make Your Store a Destination There are a lot of ways to do that. Hold special events such as book readings and live music. Team up with other local producers and be open to sharing space with others--maybe soap makers local crafters massage therapists and any small independent business people in the community who can t afford their own separate space. This makes your store even more interesting. Aside from that because you ve trained your staff well they ll be able to respond with confidence to your customers and help make your store a trusted resource in the community. Building excitement into your store promotions having great guest speakers connecting with other local businesses and becoming the first choice for customers will create its own momentum and help your store be a destination. 10. Always Remember--Your Customer Signs Your Check It is absolutely crucial that you never allow complacency to enter into your mindset regarding your customers. You are never too busy to drop everything and talk to your customers. Not just wait on your customers but talk to your customers. Listen to them they are the best focus group you could have. After talking to them they will inspire you to bring in new products or delete products that are not moving. Your customers are the best source of knowledge on how to meet their needs and wants. They are the reason you are there. Making them feel welcome and truly helping them live the best life they can is really your highest goal. Every person who walks into your store needs to be greeted genuinely and your staff which you ve hired wisely and helped train needs to have that in mind at all times. You ve got to be willing to drop whatever else you re doing and be there for them. Your customer doesn t care if your delivery truck was late if your guest speaker for the evening cancelled or if your assistant manager called in sick. Your customer s experience needs to be as seamless as possible whether you are experiencing a perfect day or not. Many people dream of opening their own health food store. I have been fortunate to turn that dream into a reality and I know you can too. But keeping a few simple but critical things in mind can mean the difference between following your calling to help others or feeling like calling it quits. So by all means go out there and achieve your goal and open that store. Just be sure to build it on a truly solid foundation. VR A highly regarded leader in the natural products industry Terry Lemerond is founder and president of EuroPharma Inc. He also founded Enzymatic Therapy Inc. and PhytoPharmica Inc. and is currently co-owner of the Terry Naturally Health Food Store in Green Bay WI which recently won its sixth consecutive consumer choice award as Best of the Bay. With more than 40 years in the natural products industry Lemerond has researched and developed more than 400 nutritional and botanical formulations that continue to be top-selling products in the market. Lemerond shares his wealth of experience and knowledge in health and nutrition through his educational programs including the Terry Talks Nutrition website newsletters podcasts webinars and personal speaking engagements. He is the author of two books Seven Keys to Vibrant Health and the recently updated Seven Keys to Unlimited Personal Achievement. EXPOWESTWRAPUP (Continued from page 19) acclaimed author and business strategist. The official Natural Products Expo West Best of West Press Award went to Suja Organic Crushed Raspberry Probiotic Water. Runners-up include Vega Sport Performance Protein Chocolate and Justin s Maple Almond Butter with Pretzels Pack. The winner of the NEXT Accelerator Natural Products Business School Pitch 22 VITAMIN RETAILER Slam was Veggie Fries. Next up for Natural Products Expo is the East Coast event at the Baltimore Convention Center September 21 to 24 in Baltimore MD. Natural Products Expo West 2017 is scheduled to take place March 8 to 12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Visit for videos and other coverage of Natural Products Expo West. Mike Shirota (L) Donna Noonan and VR s Russ Fields celebrate Mushroom Wisdom s 25th Anniversary. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Weighty Reminders The desire and or need to slim down remains a significant priority for millions of Americans who increasingly turn to health food retailers to help them succeed. By Lisa Schofield here is only one category of dietary supplements that address both health and vanity. The weight loss supplement industry has seen a substantial increase in popularity and revenues over the past few decades with the general public becoming more aware of their importance. According to nutritional industry statistics (Statista 2016) popular weight loss brands are reporting revenues in the high millions of U.S. dollars. There is a great demand for weight control supplements because of the growing obesity epidemic observed Jennifer Bradley Weinhardt BS MS research & development specialist Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation in Texas. Not only has obesity become a global public health problem which affects millions of people worldwide it is also an extremely costly public health issue. T Currently more than one-third (approximately 35 percent or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese Weinhardt noted. New information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014 showed that there are no states in the U.S. with a less than 20 percent prevalence of obesity 23 states had a prevalence equal to or greater than 25 percent and three states had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or greater. From 2009 to 2012 the prevalence of obesity among children aged 2 to 5 years was 10.2 percent 17.9 percent among children aged 6 11 and 19.4 percent among adolescents aged 12 to 19. This new information portrays a health care system that is continuing to be weighed down with those secondary complications associated with obesity such as type 2 diabetes hypertension hypercholesterolemia and more Weinhardt stated. And natural health retailers are witnessing growth in this sector as well. Sheryl Eaglewoman wellness manager Mountain Valley Foods in Montana noted that The demand for and the awareness of the availability of healthy weight control supplements is huge With the American diet being mostly nutrient poor and full of empty calories the number of people with an unhealthy weight is staggering. In fact even here in northwest Montana an area with a large number of sport enthusiasts hikers and skiers the number of people with unhealthy weight levels still outnumbers those within normal weight levels. Add in the amount of misleading advertising claims as well as the sale of stimulants and harsh laxatives as a way to lose weight one can see that the need for education and awareness on how to balance diet and eating habits as well as lifestyle changes is enormous. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM MAY 2014 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 24 VITAMIN RETAILER Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1994-2014 Nick Bitz ND chief scientific officer at Youtheory in California observed that the category is struggling right now but said that healthy weight management will always remain a priority for millions of health-conscious Americans. He pointed to the void that Dr. Oz has left in the category (no more Dr. Oz effect ) where retailers and consumers are seeking what s next (after Garcinia cambogia green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones). The need is still there and so the challenge is to create the demand for supplement solutions Bitz said. Protein and fiber supplements have stepped in to fill the void in the weight management category. There seems to be a back-to-basics mentality that is driving the decision-making right now. Why Are We So Fat New research on rats may have illuminated why people binge eat and give in to cravings. According to a press release (March 16 2016) researchers at the University of Missouri (MU) recently discovered the chemical circuits and mechanisms in the brain that separate food consumption from cravings. Understanding non-homeostatic eating--eating that is driven more by palatability habit and food cues--and how it works in the brain may help neuroscientists determine how to control cravings maintain healthier weights and promote healthier lifestyles. Non-homeostatic eating can be thought of as eating dessert after you ve eaten an entire meal said Kyle Parker investigator in the MU Bond Life Sciences Center. I may know that I m not hungry but this dessert is delicious so I m going to eat it anyway. We re looking at what neural circuitry is involved in driving that behavior. In the study the researchers found that rats with activated nucleus accumbens showed increased dopamine neuron activity which is associated with motivated approach behavior. The team also found that the state of the basolateral amygdala had no effect on dopamine signaling levels. However in the hypothalamus Parker saw elevated levels of orexin-A a molecule associated with appetite only in rats with activated basolateral amygdala. We showed that what could be blocking the consumption behavior is this block of the orexin behavior Parker said. Additionally the results reinforced the theory that dopamine is APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM involved in the craving phase while orexin-A is involved in the consumption phase. The results reinforced the idea that dopamine is involved in the approach--or the craving phase--and orexin-A in the consumption he said. In the viewpoint of Vladimir Badmaev MD PhD CEO of American Medical Holdings of New York maker of FB3 in supplement and beverage forms the reason why so many Americans are losing the battle with obesity may be as simple as the lack of distinction between the cause of obesity and the risk factors that increase the likelihood of developing overweight or obese conditions. The calorie-dense Western-type diet super-sizing meals overeating snacking and sedentary life style qualify as the risk-factors. However a common cause of obesity may not completely be due to diets consumed but in the mechanism that directly and actively promotes obesity. Each of us has a natural protective metabolic mechanism against obesity which can be overwhelmed when the body is frequently barraged by foods notably the nutrient-deficient convenience and snack foods Badmaev explained. When we arrive at that turn-around point the body can respond with misguided pathological mechanisms which in time become the cause of obesity and or type 2 diabetes mellitus. One such mechanism is due to excess dietary fatty acids that activate the endocannabinoid system (ECS) gradually incapacitate hepatocytes (liver cells) and compromise one of the major functions of the liver--oxidation and utilization of fat for energy. A liver burdened with accumulated fat clinically is referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Weinhardt believes that the typical American s modern fast-paced lifestyle is driving the demand for weight control supplements. She blamed the increased need and desire for convenience which makes purchasing and consuming pre-prepared foods fast foods and take-out or eating snack foods instead of meals the norm. These types of foods are detrimental not only to our waistline but also to our health she emphasized. In fact poor diet along with obesity and physical inactivity are the leading contributors to health issues such as cancer diabetes and heart disease according to the Academy of Nutrition and naturalfactors VITAMIN RETAILER 25 Go to herbatint for info about this advertiser Weighty Reminders Dietetics. Americans today don t have time to prepare healthy meals between work soccer practice and family events. As a result consumers are seeking lifestyle changes to help with weight management. These lifestyle changes include improving diet eating in moderation exercising and supplementing with healthy weight-management products. At her store Eaglewoman observed that many of her customers seek to slim down to avoid further loss of health and to avoid further increased risk of disease. Others tell her they want to feel less uncomfortable during their daily work and chores while some desire to be more active. Still others want to be able to fit in their clothing continue to appeal to their mates or to look good for the dating scene she said. Another reason is that many people are still in the dark about carbohydrate consumption. Results of a recent survey of 1 200 Americans sponsored by the New Jersey manufacturer of Phase 2 Carb Controller (available through Natrol Source Naturals NOW Foods Nature s Way and others) conducted by polling company Customer Experience Partners discovered that American consumers don t consider excessive starch consumption as the primary weight gain culprit. When asked how likely various types of foods were to contribute to weight gain sugars and fats received the highest percentage of responses with starches coming in third. In addition while respondents felt starches only represented 23 percent of their daily diet the survey showed many consumers may be eating more starchy foods than they realized with 83 percent indicating they consumed a starchy food like bread within the most recent 48-hour period 65 percent APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM snacked on crackers chips or pretzels and nearly 60 percent ate potatoes in some form. Of everything we eat highly refined and rapidly digestible starchy carbohydrates produce the most insulin said David Foreman retired pharmacist author and radio host of The Herbal Pharmacist. This insulin puts fat cells into storage overdrive promoting weight gain. These motivations are wide and quite individualized--and when combined with the fearsome stats create significant opportunities for retailers. Product Rationales In today s product launch environment brand manufacturers are much keener to exhaustively research effective mechanisms of action to provide desired results for weight loss claims. Badmaev explained that American Medical Holdings s FB3 composition addresses a critical emerging target in dietary intervention to normalize body fat and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The endocannabinoid system is controlled by one of the oldest structures in the brain the limbic system which regulates most basic functions commanding one s daily life. The ECS regulates metabolic functions satiety and energy homeostasis and also regulates mood memory and pain sensation. A high-fat diet stimulates the ECS which results in accelerated buildup of body fat this creates a vicious cycle. Therefore he asserted normalizing the overactive ECS preventing excess fat intake and body fat accumulation may prevent metabolic deterioration and obesity. Arguably the stimulation of the ECS starts with excess dietary fatty acids that gradually incapacitate hepatocytes (liver cells) and compromise one of the major functions of the liver which is oxidation and utilization of fat for energy. A liver burdened with accumulated fat can be compared to a vacuum cleaner clogged with excess dirt. As a result nutritional fat is deposited throughout the body leading to a characteristic central or abdominal obesity pattern Badmaev said. naturalfactors VITAMIN RETAILER 27 Weighty Reminders Based on a 2015 peer-review published study Coleus forskohlii Salacia reticulata and Sesamum indicum (FB3) supply a safe effective and synergistic method preventing excess body fat by limiting gastrointestinal dietary fat absorption. Another 2015 published clinical study on FB3 s component Coleus forskohlii indicates that it may improve insulin sensitivity in obese individuals which regulates lipid metabolism in the body. These clinical studies also show FB3 led to diminished food cravings and caloric intake. This proprietary dietary supplement when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle may prevent excess body fat buildup by interfering with absorption of excess dietary fat unabsorbed dietary fat is ultimately eliminated from the body. The promise of FB3 is not in an immediate weight loss but in a gradual deactivation--but not inhibition--of the endocannabinoid system leading to improvement of metabolic functions and fatty acids oxidation putting the organism on the path to gradual regaining healthy body composition and loss of body fat and body weight Badmaev noted. Tipping the Scales There are a great many cases of individuals who attempt to do the right thing--eat a sensible diet and exercise replacing sodas with water etc.--but to no real avail. Stubborn cases can certainly be supported by specific supplements. Adding a nutritional supplement such as Bluebonnet s Skinny Garcinia Vegetable Capsules that supplies the body with the right nutrients for healthy weight management can be beneficial said Weinhardt. Skinny Garcinia contains Super CitriMax rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA). This ingredient supports healthy levels of serotonin in the brain that helps to not only curb the appetite but also to promote a sense of well-being. HCA inhibits ATP-citrate lyase which may reduce cellular fat production by decreasing fatty acid synthesis from glucose. APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM The formula also contains chromium picolinate an essential nutrient required for normal sugar and fat metabolism. It works primarily by augmenting the action of insulin promoting healthy glucose uptake by cells. If insulin is not as effective as normal glucose remains in the bloodstream and is eventually stored in adipose tissue adding to one s girth. L-carnitine (an amino acid and B vitamin derivative) is included said Weinhardt because it is essential for the production of energy from fat. The production of energy from fat requires that fatty acids be transported from the cytosol of the cell into the mitochondria for beta-oxidation she explained. The mitochondrion is part of the cell which is commonly referred to as the powerhouse since this is where the energy (ATP) is ultimately produced. Beta-oxidation is the process of fatty acid breakdown or fat burning. Although fatty acids need to enter the mitochondria for beta-oxidation the fatty acids themselves are unable to penetrate the inner mitochondrial membrane. L-carnitine is essential in transporting long chain fatty acids across the mitochondrial membrane for subsequent fat breakdown and energy production. Further Skinny Garcinia includes the B vitamin derivatives choline and inositol which enhance the mitochondria s longevity so it will be able to maintain its production of ATP. Humans use approximately 40 kilograms of ATP a day therefore its presence is essential especially for those who are dieting she pointed out. L-methionine a sulphur-containing amino acid is a catalyst for choline and inositol to work effectively together by enhancing the body s capacity to burn stored fatty acids for energy. Also included are the electrolytes potassium and magnesium that may help offset electrolyte imbalances that may occur during a weightloss program that incorporates routine exercise. According to Bitz there s a significant movement in the natural channel toward food as medicine the place where food and supplements intersect ... which elevates food beyond its nutritional value into specific targeted health benefits endpoints. This is combined by the movement for products to have clinical support. At Youtheory we therefore created a product that is food-like as citrus fruits are well-known naturalfactors VITAMIN RETAILER 29 THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR HEALTH AND NATURAL PRODUCT RETAILERS LIKE US ON VR s Upcoming Issue Highlights June July August 5 3 16 ad closing 6 7 16 ad closing 7 4 16 ad closing Annual Vity Awards Issue Product Sales Training for Retailers 2016 Retailer of the Year Our 2016 Media Planner Is Available At 2016-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP Weighty Reminders and universally loved and backed by human clinicals. Supporting healthy weight loss for a significant sector of the population also means supporting related health areas such as cholesterol and blood sugar management. Himalaya USA offers LeanCare which the company described as a synergistic formula designed to support people with modest excess weight. It is clinically shown to support cholesterol levels already within the normal range as well as supports overall blood sugar balance already within the normal range which can help reduce sugar cravings and occasional overeating. LeanCare supports the endocrine system and the thyroid gland while its combination of garcinia gymnema fenugreek and guggul promote normal metabolic function. Creative Bioscience of Utah provides a vast array of targeted nutritional supplements to support healthy weight loss and simultaneous energy utilization. According to the company s website its Meratrim 1234 was shown in two randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical studies to be safe and effective for weight management. Meratrim is a combination of Sphaeranthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana. Research data shows that Meratrim may help people reach their weight-management goals in as little as two weeks. The studies also showed that participants receiving Meratrim instead of the placebo steadily experienced better weight loss over an eightweek period. Creative Bioscience s 1234 Diet Drops contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that are clinically supported to promote fat metabolism and provide essential nutrition. Based on scientific research the goal of 1234 Diet Drops is to burn fat and then maintain ideal body weight. According to the website Dieters choose a calorie plan to fit their situation. Customers have testified that following the 1234 Diet Protocol helps them slim down with more energy less APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM hunger and fewer cravings. Typically people will do either a 23-day or 44day cycle which has been clinically recommended. 1234 Diet Drops is meant for people of adult age. Weight loss is easy if you know your body type asserted Dr. Cass Ingram author of The Body Shape Diet. The type or hormone type determines your metabolism what you should eat what you shouldn t eat and what supplements you should take he said. For example a customer who is a thyroid type--slow metabolism--will pack on the pounds when he or she eats starch or wheat. This customer will lose weight by eating protein. It s better for customers to understand their metabolisms and adapt their diets accordingly. Two super foods that do assist weight loss are red palm oil and yacon syrup preferably raw Ingram added. Illinois-based North American Herb & Spice s Yac-o-Power PLUS is a raw concentrate (33 1) of organic Peruvian yacon root. According to the company it is a source of prebiotic inulin and includes the plant-based probiotic complex Ecologic 500 which supports a healthy digestive tract as a food for the good bacteria. Yac-o-Power PLUS is fortified with organic yellow maca and wild camu camu. While sweet and flavorful Yac n is low in calories because it contains high levels of oligofructose (inulin) a form of sugar that is not metabolized readily by the human body. VR Extra Extra Visit to learn about promotional ideas for weight management and read an interview with Dawn Lerman MA CHHC LCAT AADP author of My Fat Dad A Memoir of Food Love and Family with Recipes. i For More Information American Medical Holdings Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp. (281) 240-3332 Creative Bioscience (877) 744-1224 Himalaya USA (800) 869-4640 North American Herb & Spice (800) 243-5242 Youtheory (714) 361-4660 naturalfactors VITAMIN RETAILER 31 Manufacturers are adding surprising ingredients to the mix of high-level clean label sport nutrition products. By Corinne Anderson ports nutrition has been a category dominated by products meant for the serious athlete. However in recent years the category has shifted from exclusively serving the serious athlete to category growth driven by recreational athletes looking to improve their overall fitness performance and endurance said S bastien Bornet vice president global sales and marketing at Horphag Research in New Jersey. Overall consumers are striving for better health--increased activity proper nutrition recovery methods and most importantly clean-label products. There s a push for all-natural performance improvement solutions said Matt Herzog president of Indianabased Beet Performer. We have tried to pivot into a more health conscious sports nutrition selection. 32 VITAMIN RETAILER S Staying away from GMO (genetically modified organism) ingredients artificial sweeteners and artificial colors. We are stocking more grass-fed dairy and plant-based sports nutrition products said Travis Lemon manager herbalist at Healthy Life Market Barboursville WV. In addition to focusing on clean-label and healthful products manufacturers are looking at other non-traditional ingredients to add to the mix. New in Sport Drinks According to BusinessWire Transparency Market Research released a report Sports Nutrition Market--Global Industry Analysis Size Share Growth Trends and Forecast 20132019 which stated that the sports nutrition market is expected to grow to 37.7 billion by 2019 with a push from the sports drink segment. Popular mainstream sports nutrition brands contain electrolytes sugars and carbohydrates needed to help aid the body in recovery from intense workouts. However more consumers are looking for products that are nonGMO natural and free from artificial flavors and colorings. In response in 2013 Jody Levy and Harlan Berger focused their energies on a shared interest sustainability and healthier consumer beverages. The result A new hydrating brand and category said Jeff Rubenstein chief marketing officer for WTRMLN WTR in New York. WTRMLN WTR is a cold-pressed watermelon juice. It is made with two ingredients fresh watermelon and organic lemon. Each hand selected hand skinned melon is cold-pressed using the rind and flesh treated with a short innovative nutrient preserving process and refrigerated until consumed in BPA-free plastic bottles Rubenstein said. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM MAY 2014 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1994-2014 Go to naturalfactors for info about this advertiser Watermelon contains thiamin riboflavin niacin vitamin B6 folate pantothenic acid magnesium phosphorus potassium zinc copper manganese selenium choline lycopene and betaine. According to the National Watermelon Promotion Board watermelon contains more lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Lycopene is believed to have antioxidant benefits according to WebMD. Despite being a great source of the above nutrients watermelon is made up of 92 percent water. WTRMLN WTR is the natural alternative to your typical commercial sports drink. Its taste is not only appealing but also provides a nutritional source of energy to keep you active Rubenstein said. WTRMLN WTR is nature s low-calorie lowcarb and fat-free rehydration source with its ability to replenish lost electrolytes (that we lose in sweat) with just the right amount of carbohydrate to quickly satisfy your energy needs. It s especially rich in potassium and contains additional essential electrolyte minerals (i.e. magnesium and calcium) amino acids and vitamins. Watermelon rinds are also rich in citrulline a precursor to the amino acid arginine which aids in blood vessel health. In short Rubenstein continued WTRMLN WTR watermelon juice is hydrating provides adequate amounts of potassium and carbohydrates with the added bonus of easing muscle soreness. Trace Minerals Research (TMR) Utah also has products that aid in muscle cramp avoidance. NO Muscle Cramps is a complex containing pure essential electrolytes such as potassium sodium magnesium chloride and sulfate that muscles need to stay properly hydrated. ENDURE is a balanced pure electrolyte concentrate that also contains the important electrolytes that help these essential electrolytes during and after exercise for improved performance and reduced muscle cramps the company said. TMR offers the TMRFIT CLEAN SERIES line which includes a preand post-workout formula drink mix Liquid Zinc Magnesium Aspartate with ConcenTrace and the TMRFIT Protein Bar (peanut butter with goji berries). The TMRFIT Pre-Workout formula is formulated to help athletes prepare mind and muscles for intense training and performance with nutrients like BCAA s creatine B vitamins and natural caffeine while TMRFIT Post-Workout aids muscle growth and recovery after intense training and reduces post-workout fatigue. Our purpose with our sports nutrition products is to reach the athlete who wants a clean product said Dr. Darrin Go to hyalogic for info about this advertiser 34 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to mushroomwisdom for info about this advertiser Starkey TMR s director of education. The TMRFIT CLEAN SERIES is nonGMO and contains no artificial sweeteners colors or flavors. I believe we are beginning to see a shift in the market as athletes are becoming increasingly more aware of the ingredients in their supplements Starkey added. More and more athletes at all levels of competition are turning to products that provide them with clean formulations without breaking the bank. TMR has been in the nutritional industry for more than 40 years but only in the last four years has the company entered into the sports nutrition market. I think the sports nutrition market is a Goliath. The opportunity with a niche product has the potential to change the landscape of a company Starkey said. Can t Beet Them Athletes are always on the hunt for new products that can give them a boost whether it is to make their training more effective or to provide an added boost on race day. As more and more studies showed the performance-enhancing benefits of beet juice many athletes have been interested in adding it to their training regimen but there was no way for athletes to get all natural beet juice in a convenient portable way Herzog said. So last year we launched Beet Performer 100 percent juice in a convenient shelf stable can. Scientific studies show beet juice can boost endurance up to 16 percent and lower blood pressure up to 7 percent Herzog revealed. Beet juice through its natural nitric oxide increases stamina and stimulates strength by increasing oxygen delivery during endurance sports. Consequently beet juice helps athletes go harder faster and longer. Beet Performer comes in two flavors Beet Juice with B12 and Beet Performer with Passion Fruit Juice. We have seen large growth in the number of people who want to improve their performance in a natural way. In the case of beet juice not only do professional athletes benefit but studies show casual athletes actually see the most noticeable improvements. Beets and watermelon aren t the only foods being utilized for their dual purposes. The Pickle Juice Company specifically formulated its line of Pickle Juice products for the dual purpose of relieving muscle cramps while also serving as a hydration aid for athletes said Filip Keuppens director of sales and marketing for the Texas-based The Pickle Juice Company. The company s 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport is natural with no artificial ingredients it is easy to throw in a gym bag and contains 10 times more electrolytes than the average sports drink. Muscle cramping is prevalent in many sports and it has only been since 2010 that we have learned that the issue is neurological in nature rather than physiological Keuppens continued. Our new approach to sports drinks allows athletes to benefit from the neural inhibitor qualities that stop and prevent cramps as well as electrolyte replenishment without consuming any artificial ingredients or stimulants like caffeine or sugars. The Pickle Juice Company has conducted in-house research to maximize WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to frey for info about this advertiser 36 VITAMIN RETAILER Go to akerbiomarine for info about this advertiser efficacy through using clean purified ingredients and optimizing minimum dosage recommendations to increase speed of recovery Keuppens said. A study from the Department of Health Nutrition and Exercise Science at North Dakota State University found that athletes who drank the brine noticed their muscle cramps were gone within 85 seconds--about 37 percent faster than the water drinkers and 45 percent faster than those who didn t drink anything at all. Sodium has gotten a bad reputation amongst electrolytes Keuppens explained even though many studies indicate that sodium is essential for retaining fluids and promoting hydration. By understanding the functional cause of pickle brine The Pickle Juice compa- ny was able to develop a product that maximizes the functional traits of the brine while eliminating any non-essential additives Keuppens concluded. The report states that factors such as rising health awareness broadening consumer base rising number of fitness centers and health clubs and increasing urbanization are largely driving the sports nutrition market BusinessWire said. With an increase in activity its no wonder people are looking for more healthful sports nutrition options. And the search is not limited to age. Those in their 20s and 30s seem to have more time to dedicate to fitness activities Lemon said. The older clientele seem to usually be looking for recovery and healthy inflammation response-based products. While age groups are searching for different forms of sports nutrition the category in general is on the rise. The category is continuing to trend in a forward direction with industry sales projected between 7 to 9 billion over the next five years said Mark Troutman marketing manager Amino VITAL Ajinomoto North America Inc. Wellness & Sports Nutrition Division NC. Fermented and Plant Based Amino VITAL was originally launched in the U.S. in 2000 under its parent company Ajinomoto. Ajinomoto has been recognized as a global leader in amino acid research and development for more than 100 years. According to Troutman athletes were already familiar with the training benefits of protein but amino acid supplementation was not yet mainstream. We recognized that athletes could benefit tremendously in terms of performance and overall wellness through amino acid utilization based on many decades of research as an excellent alternative to protein supplements. Elite level athletes were the first to really understand amino acids and embrace its many performance-related benefits. After a while weekend warriors and casual athletes began catching on too particularly among Baby Boomers that are more physically active. The Amino VITAL brand has been revamped since 2000 and in January 2016 re-launched with improved formulations packaging flavors and nutritional benefits. Amino VITAL products all contain 38 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Go to innerarmour for info about this advertiser pharmaceutical-grade fermented plant-based amino acids which are the purest available to the consumer Troutman shared. Depending on the specific amino acid benefits range from increased muscular energy stamina and recovery to supporting healthy blood pressure and immune support. Extracted amino acids can be sourced using human hair or even bird feathers which negatively impacts the purity and quality. Amino VITAL products contain plant-based amino acids that are manufactured using a patented fermentation technology to produce the absolute purest highest quality product. Collagen Chews While recovery proteins hydrating drinks and amino acids are common sports nutrition categories athletes need to think about their connective tissue health too like ligaments and tendons. As we all know it doesn t matter how strong a person s muscles are if they have a connective tissue injury they re sitting on the couch and out of the game said Timothy Mount CN CCMH director of education for NeoCell in California. Collagen is the only protein that supports joints and we wanted to offer a product that supports both muscular recovery and connective tissue Mount explained. Our Collagen Sport product contains high doses of whey collagen BCAAs glutamine and a full multivitamin for a comprehensive protein shake. Why collagen It helps support rapid injury recovery and helps reduce the risk of injury by keeping connective tissue strong and healthy. Ligaments and tendons are made of more than 86 percent collagen so in 40 VITAMIN RETAILER essence a twisted ankle is actually a collagen injury Mount said. NeoCell also offers Collagen2 Joint Complex that targets cartilage support for common issues like runner s knee or a back issue. The all-in-one formula contains type 2 collagen (the kind found in cartilage) glucosamine chondroitin and hyaluronic acid (HA). In addition to Collagen2 Joint Complex NeoCell has two new releases into the joint sport nutrition category Joint Bursts Joint Support Soft Chews which contain collagen for joint structure HA for joint hydration and turmeric for antioxidant protection and support of a healthy inflammatory response and Move Matrix Advanced Joint Hydrator a potent high-dose formula for joint hydration mobility and a healthy inflammatory response. A 24-week study on the use of collagen hydrolysate as a dietary supplement in athletes (with activity related joint pain) found that there were implications for the use of collagen hydrolysate to support joint health and possibly reduce the risk of joint deterioration in a high-risk group ... the results suggest that athletes consuming collagen hydrolysate can reduce parameters (such as pain) that have a negative impact on athletic performance.1 Prevention is at the forefront of consumer minds. While preventing injury is never guaranteed athletes are turning to supplementation to strengthen their bodies now in anticipation of potential injury later. This goes for both the serious and recreational athletes today. French Tree Bark These everyday athletes are drawn to evidence-based products that leverage natural ingredients and support their overConcerns in Sports French maritime all wellbeing. For those who Nutrition pine tree bark. exercise recreationally as well With the growing demand of as serious athletes taking antioxidants high-quality products it is always a can help promote muscle recovery concern that companies with just profit improve fitness levels and reduce the in mind may release lower quality risk of muscle damage Bornet said. products Rubenstein said. He warned The earliest research conductthat making sure the claims match ed by Horphag Research on what s in the bottle is essential. Pycnogenol a patented super Athletes of all types spend a tremenantioxidant extract from the bark dous amount of time and effort to mold of the French maritime pine tree and shape their bodies yet put ingrediwas published in 1999. This ents back into their body that aren t research indicated a significant healthy for them Starkey added. increase of endurance in athletes. Many of these athletes have impeccaPycnogenol is known to combat ble diets (counting down to their free radicals and reduce oxidative macros) and then take supplements that damage as well as maintain a are loaded with chemicals and artificial WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 healthy blood circulation improve blood flow and strengthen blood vessels by increasing the body s natural supply of nitric acid Bornet shared. Over the last 40 years more than 340 scientific studies have been published. Multiple studies have been conducted on the antioxidant proving its effectiveness in improving overall fitness levels increasing endurance reducing oxidative stress and recovery time--getting you back in the gym faster. More importantly none of the participants experienced counter-indications Bornet said. A study published in December 2013 in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found Pycnogenol to increase energy alleviate cramping and muscular pain and enhance sports endurance and performance. It also plays a role in sports by improving blood flow to muscles and post-exercise recovery. A 2006 study revealed that it significantly reduces muscular pain and cramps in athletes and healthy normal individuals. As this category continues to grow among recreational and everyday athletes we anticipate consumers will continue to look for products like natural antioxidants that are proven safe and effective for multiple applications that not only benefit both their athletic performance but their overall wellness Bornet said adding that education is key for consumers to understand how the product in question works. Because the world is an Internet driven beast consumers are immediately moving toward the web for information on what is and is not good for them. Manufacturers and retailers need to work together in order to make sure what they are finding online is the truth. Go to horphag for info about this advertiser sports nutrition and joint health be displayed together to cross promote complementary products. For example Collagen Sport and Move Matrix would make a perfect combination. A retailer can emphasize injury prevention with joint health supplements Mount said. Coupons placement deals and demos are also offered through NeoCell. ingredients. It makes no sense The market is extremely competitive and there are many companies that are in the industry doing good work. Conversely there s also no shortage of less than reputable companies attempting to gain market share with products that may be seen as questionable which is of some concern Troutman said. More gimmick than substance in many cases. product discovery Keuppens said. Future of the Category In June 2014 Transparency Market Research posted an article titled Global Sports Nutrition Market Players See Opportunities in Burgeoning Sector of Sports Food. The article reported that sports drinks were holding the largest market share but the idea of sports food looked promising. Within the global sports nutrition market sports drinks occupied the largest market share in 2014. However there is another segment that presents several growth opportunities--sports food. The segment of sports food is currently growing at a very healthy pace and there is much scope for innovation and new product development within this segment. Globally the sports food segment will benefit from heightened health awareness levels and a change in lifestyle the article stated. According to Lemon the sports nutrition market is still expanding in new directions. Customers are paying more attention to where the ingredients are sourced and what is not added like artificial sweeteners and hormones. Customers are also looking for more plant-based sports nutrition products. If new product launches at Natural Products Expo West in March are any indication Lemon is correct--there is a strong trend of plant-based proteins. From drinks to foods sports nutrition is indeed expanding but one thing is for certain customers are looking for simple clean and healthy labels on their chosen sports nutrition products. VR If a consumer visits a retail store looking for supplementation advice many times the consumer will go with the retailer s recommendations. Ultimately it s the retailer that wields a high level of influence with the end user. -- Mark Troutman Amino Vital The flavored products like Joint Bursts make excellent passive demos and we are happy to send kits out to retailers upon request Mount shared. Amino VITAL utilizes a number of support strategies Troutman noted including printed literature periodic promotions with retailers and samples. The company is also planning an above-the-line marketing approach by developing an event calendar that will feature Amino VITAL as a nutritional product sponsor at various running cycling triathlon and golf events throughout the U.S. In addition to participating in these events we will be supporting our retail business partners by driving end users to them as where to buy destination locations through direct consumer contact at events our website as well as targeted social media engagement Troutman said. The Pickle Juice Company has a similar strategy they refer to as product discovery. The goal of this practice is to provide samples of its product to a person in an environment in which they will immediately realize the benefits and thus understand the functionality without need for detailed explanation. We actively seek out promotional opportunities and events in and around our customer s trade areas to aid in the Retailer Support If a consumer visits a retail store looking for supplementation advice many times the consumer will go with the retailer s recommendations Troutman said. Ultimately it s the retailer that wields a high level of influence with the end user. Therefore retailers should be knowledgeable about every product in their store. In order to support that manufacturers offer different creative and informative techniques to make purchasing and selling that much easier for both consumer and retailer. Brochures really come in handy when suggesting a new product Lemon said. According to Rubenstein WTRMLN WTR retailers would be wise to place the product available in multiple areas. By having our cold-pressed liquid love [WTRMLN WTR] at various points of distribution [it] ensures more visibility and profit. Being that our brand is from the source retailers have the opportunity to merchandise WTRMLN WTR in the produce section as well as any other cold-facing display or coolers they have throughout the store. Creative disruptive displays such as floor stencils are some strategic marketing tools that retailers are offered through WTRMLN WTR along with coolers and displays. Product samples are also common particularly amongst TMRFIT CLEAN SERIES products and NO Muscle Cramps by TMR. In terms of sales items such as free shaker cups seem to encourage customers to buy products as well Lemon added. NeoCell s Mount suggested that 42 VITAMIN RETAILER Reference 1 Curr Med Res Opin. 2008 May 24(5) 1485-96. Clark KL Sebastianelli W Flechsenhar KR Aukermann DF Meza F Millard RL Deitch JR Sherbondy PS Albert A. Extra Extra Visit for videos on sports nutrition tips. i For More Information Amino VITAL (Ajinomoto North America Inc.) (201) 292-3200 Beet Performer (888) 524-6882 Horphag Research 43 (0)22 710 26 26 The Pickle Juice Company (977) 755-0289 NeoCell (949) 699-1626 Trace Minerals Research (800) 624-7145 WTRMLN WTR (212) 905-2393 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Branch Out and Join VRM Media s FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP Human Health Trends Go to the Dogs By Courtney Anaya CPT et humanization it s providing our four-legged friends with the quality care that we would provide for ourselves. It s the reason why pet supplement companies and stores have become mainstream. The idea behind it you re taking supplements for greater health so your pet should too. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) close to 65 percent of U.S. households own a pet--42.9 million Americans owning cats and 54.5 million owning dogs. And it s expected that number will grow more than two percent yearly. That number of household pets appropriately translates into the 60.69 billion that was spent on pets in 2015 estimated by APPA. The categories that encompass that total are supplies OTC medicine food vet care live animal purchases and pet services like grooming and boarding. So it s a clear indication that pet owners value the comfort and health of Fido and are more than willing to go beyond the basics. Derek J. Archambault the director of marketing P for pet and retail of Vermont-based Pet Naturals of Vermont validated More and more pet owners are gravitating toward natural products and are more willing to treat their pets to all-natural and organic pet foods and supplements. That s even with a recovering economy and throw-away incomes. Coinciding within the all-natural and organic pet products and supplements pet owners are simply becoming more educated about the downside associated with traditional manufacturing and farming practices. Jane M. Bond coowner of California-based Eco Dog Care said The source of ingredients and materials used in their food treats and other supplies remains top of mind for many. The made in China label makes the educated consumer very wary. And the proliferation of social media coverage of pet deaths and illnesses associated with poor quality products has made for many more educated consumers. In order for our furry friends to live a quality life pet products should be free of harmful toxins. Skin conditions gastrointestinal (GI) issues arthritis anxiety and stress and dental disease are the big players impacting the health among dogs and cats. Archambault continued Urinary tract problems and endocrine disorders such as pancreatitis and hyperthyroid are also conditions commonly affecting the health of cats. With all that said finding a pet supplement and or food targeting those common health problems is a priority for owners. The Seal of Approval In order to ultimately obtain an organic all-natural pet product the following areas are constant characteristics efficacy safety quality and reasonable cost. Archambault emphasized that a team of veterinarians nutritionists and food scientists develop pet formulas for Pet Naturals of Vermont. We only use ingredients with validated standards of purity and excellence and perform final product texting. These products are formulated according to Association of American Feed Control Official (AAFCO) standards WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM MAY 2014 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 44 VITAMIN RETAILER Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence 1994-2014 and Pet Naturals of Vermont is cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) certified. Their dietary pet supplements are manufactured in accordance with the GMP determined by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Another supplement company that just recently entered the booming pet market in 2015 is Illinois-based NOW Foods. They enlisted Barbara Royal DVM CVA a renowned Midwestern veterinarian and pioneering expert in holistic animal care. Regina Flight pet brand manager of the Illonois-based company said of Royal Through her clinical practice she utilizes the latest research and conducts clinical studies to confirm the safety and effectiveness of product formulas. These formulas also follow a strict and full GMP-compliant quality manufacturing process involving comprehensive product testing for identity potency and purity. Along with GMP products are made in compliance with the FDA and the NOW Pets line is certified by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). This organization works together with the FDA and committed manufacturers of animal health supplements to improve the quality of animal health products said Flight. Dr. Frank King founded North Carolina-based King Bio along the premises of pure water-based homeopathic medicines soon evolving into the Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals line. King Bio is a FDA-registered homeopathic pharmaceutical company where the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) acknowledges all of the ingredients. All products are created in accordance with cGMPs. Ann Buchman vice president of marketing added Dr. King uses a contemporary homeopathy approach by including multiple potencies of those ingredients to secure broad spectrum results. Nine Lives and Counting To ensure more doggy days and cat s lives pet supplement companies are working to target the various areas of health ranging from the joints to the GI tract. Pet Naturals of Vermont offers more than 20 products for cats and dogs in several categories hip and joint multivitamin skin and coat and flea and tick. Recently they released Daily Probiotic for Dogs. The reasoning behind the probiotic is that there s been an increased need for GI-specific products--more so for dogs. This GI-boosting supplement is made with the probiotic GanedenBC30 APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM a specialized strain of bacteria. The chew Relaxant is made with valerian and tryptophan which are the precursors to also features prebiotics in the form of melatonin. Melatonin is a pro-sleep horquality fiber to promote regularity. mone. During the creation of Dogs can also get excited very these products NOW Pets easily triggered from envitook into consideration ronmental stressors such how difficult it can be as fireworks or thunder. for owners to give pets That s why Pet Naturals a supplement. That s of Vermont s top-sellwhy these items are ing product is in tasty chewables or Calming which is a powder to be formulated to reduce applied directly to those outside strestheir food said sors and it can be Flight. taken daily. Another is Dr. King s Natural Pet top-selling product Pet Pharmaceuticals also proNaturals Hairball. This duces pet health products breakthrough feline formula that cater to both parties cats and helps to manage hairball formation dogs. The line includes four items for by supporting skin coat and digestive cats and eight for dogs and address the health said Archambault. And the bonus of all three products is that they re most common ailments for both including skin and itch issues anxiety and in bite-sized chews. Archambault explained that bite-sized chews are high- stress digestive upsets weight and more said Buchman. What s also ly palatable and often preferred by pet unique about this line of pet products is owners and they meet Pet Naturals 90 that they are presented in a taste-free percent palatability requirement. pure water base. Again it s evident that For products that don t just cater to Fido NOW Pets offers eight products for the pet owner was considered during product development. You no longer both cats and dogs. The NOW Pets line offers Joint Support Urinary Support G.I. Support Omega-3 Weight Management Immune Support Lysine Powder and Pet Relaxant. Joint Support is made with glucosamine MSM hyaluronic acid and natural botanicals to better prevent wear and tear of the tissues. To prevent urinary tract infections Urinary Support is composed of cranberry corn silk and other natural botanicals. Dogs and cats can gain weight like humans that s why Weight Management is made with carnitine so that macronutrients can be readily metabolized. Lastly to prevent cats and dogs from getting the crazies Pet Go to americanlaboratories VITAMIN RETAILER 45 Human Health Trends Go to the Dogs have to force or trick your pet into taking its medicine explained King. Another company to take note of in regard to how owners dispense supplements is Missouri-based Hyalogic. Hyalogic is a leader in the use of hyaluronic acid in the product Synthovial Seven a human joint health supplement. Darren Landis company owner said When developing products we look at giving the animal owners options. The reason besides that not every animal is the same is that some prefer a liquidbase supplement to a flavored tablet. Of their animal line Hyalogic offers Complete Joint Care Tablet Complete Joint Care Liquid and Advanced Joint Care Tablet--all of which contain hyaluronic acid. Research has shown when the liquid product is taken orally it is the most effective option. Joint support supplements are also offered to horses. eco-friendly and eco-smart products. The company started out in 2010 and has been recently certified as a Green American Business. Their product line includes Simply Clean Simply Fresh Start Green Kit and Go Gift Box. Simply Clean is toxin-free shampoo and Simply Fresh is the grooming spray. Soon (within the next three to six months) Eco Dog Care will be offering a toxin-free ear cleanser called Simply Gentle along with a new shampoo called Soothe. Bond said these products are meant for addressing the concerns of dog owners whose pups experience reactions to environmental allergens such as mold spores dust and pollution. Non-GMO (genetically modified organism) vegan and organic materials are used in all products as much as possible. The products are considered ecosmart because they contain a proprietary blend of essential oils that delivers a pleasant fragrance while providing functional value. Bond explained We infuse our products with natural pest repellents like geranium lemongrass peppermint and cedar wood oils. And our soap-free shampoo has argan oil jojoba to provide rich moisture to skin and coat. While Eco Dog Care s focus has solely been on dogs they are currently looking at studies with their products on cats. Well Kept Well Groomed If we keep ourselves well groomed then our pets should be too. It s sound reasoning. Eco Dog Care is a company that supplies our pets grooming needs with Supporting Retailer Sales In order for companies to succeed retailer sales must be driven. And in order to drive those sales support must come from within the company. With that said it s important for companies to create that support system by providing the necessary education materials through the means of press releases social media strategy or simply word of mouth. Eco Dog Care covers the basics through several mechanisms such as identifying local retailers on their where to buy page on their site They also actively promote independent retailers through their social media channels including Facebook Twitter and Instagram posts. Another aspect of Eco Dog Care is that they provide a local service offering cage-free care self-wash and grooming--a fine example of the importance of local businesses strengthening communities. Even though they may be new to the pet market NOW Foods has a long track record of supporting retailer customers. We offer marketing materials a variety of education opportunities and a dedicated website ( to access information on our pet line said Flight. On the company website links to its social platforms can also be found including Facebook Twitter YouTube Instagram and Pinterest. Taking a slightly different approach than Eco Dog Care and NOW Pets Hyalogic offers training and samples for staff to use on their own pets. There s also consumer samples and in-store marketing support literature. Overall retailer sales will continue to grow because ultimately pet owners are investigating natural health options for their animal companions. A happy pet makes a happy owner. VR Reference articles 4264-appa-unveilsnational-pet-market-opportunity-study-at-global-pet-expo. Extra Extra Visit to learn about pet ownership and demographics. i For More Information Dr. King s Natural Pet Pharmaceuticals (800) 543-3245 Eco Dog Care Hyalogic (866) 318-8484 NOW Pets (888) 669-3663 Pet Naturals of Vermont (888) 340-1995 46 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE Nutraceuticals for Allergies By Gene Bruno MS MHS Professor of Nutraceutical Sciences Huntington College of Health Sciences lthough generally not life-threatening allergies can ruin a perfectly good day and make you miserable. An allergy is an overreaction of the immune system to a substance called an antigen which is foreign to the body but otherwise harmless1 (e.g. pollen from grasses and flowers etc.). In an allergic individual the harmless antigen becomes an allergen a substance that initiates an allergic reaction. The term allergy is of Greek origin and means abnormal response. Allergic rhinitis affects up to 30 percent of the population worldwide.2 In the United States about 7.5 percent or 17.6 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever in the past 12 months.3 Likewise one in 12 people (about 25 million or 8 percent of the U.S. population) has asthma--that s up from one in 14 people only a few years earlier.4 Comparatively one in 10 children have asthma.5 Allergic disease including asthma is the fifth leading chronic dis- A ease in the U.S. in people of all ages. It is the third most common chronic disease in children under 18 years old.6 Both conventional medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) offer various treatments for allergies. This article will focus on CAM treatments--specifically nutraceuticals. Before reviewing those treatments however let s first take a look at what s going on with the immune system whose overreaction causes the allergic reactions in the first instance. The Immune System and Allergies The body s immune defenses may be grouped into two broad areas nonspecific and specific. These defenses provide you with your immunity your ability to overcome the effects of certain harmful microorganisms (e.g. bacteria viruses). Non-specific defenses include certain mechanical and chemical factors in the skin and mucous membranes of the body (such as in the lungs) which are involved in combating the initial attempt of a microbe to invade. The specific defenses involve the production of antibodies by certain organs of the immune system including the thymus gland bone marrow the spleen lymph nodes and the lymphatic system in general.7 8 Special white blood cells called macrophages are part of the non-specific immune defenses. Macrophages are not found in the bloodstream but at locations where body organs interface with the environment or the bloodstream for example in the lungs spleen bone marrow and liver. Macrophages have special jobs including identifying foreign invaders (such as pollen or bacteria) and helping to determine if they are good guys or bad guys. If the macrophages decide the foreign invader is a harmful microbe then they may devour it. If the macrophages wrongly identify harmless antigens as bad guys then they set in VITAMIN RETAILER 47 APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE motion inflammatory processes including the activation of mast cells.9 Mast cells are found in tissues and their contents (e.g. histamines leukotrienes) along with those of basophils (mast cells counterparts in the blood) are responsible for the symptoms of allergy. Although this is a very simplified explanation and the allergic process involves other immune cells and activities for our purposes this should provide sufficient background so that we can proceed into the discussion of CAM treatments for allergies. which point it was discontinued. Only when it was discontinued did immune activity begin to decline and even then is still remained elevated above normal for a few days.15 Furthermore other research (as well as a history of traditional use) support the effectiveness of echinacea when used for extended periods of time.11 ders.22 Research on bronchial obstruction has shown that constituents of picrorhiza prevented allergen- and platelet-activating factor-induced bronchial obstruction when given to guinea pigs and other research shows that picrorhiza inhibited histamine release.23 When given to mice and rats picrorhiza extract resulted in a decrease in mast cell activity.24 It is interesting to note that picrorhiza has also been shown to have immunomodulating properties 25 26 which may be another mechanism by which it is beneficial for allergies. Quercetin Quercetin is a plant flavonoid with antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties.16 In fact flavonoids like quercetin have some of the most well-documented evidence published to date of natural compounds with regard to inhibitory action on mast cells and allergic symptoms 17 and quercetin is thought to be the most effective antihistaminic and antiallergic flavonoid.18 In a Japanese study of mast cells from nasal mucosa of individuals with perennial allergic rhinitis quercetin significantly inhibited histamine release. Quercetin s effect was almost twice that of the drug sodium cromoglycate at the same concentration.19 Quercetin acts by inhibiting the release of histamine and other inflammatory molecules from mast cells.14 Echinacea Echinacea is an herb most popularly associated with treating or preventing the common cold and or other respiratory infections.10 However a review of scientific literature published between 1980 and 2003 revealed that echinacea is one of the most common herbs used to treat upper respiratory tract allergies. These applications make sense considering the fact that echinacea has been shown to promote innate immune response.11 As a matter of fact among the many pharmacological properties reported macrophage activation has been demonstrated most convincingly.12 It is this property of acting on non-specific immunity that suggests a positive role for echinacea in modulating immune function in allergies 13 and offers support to echinacea s widespread use for this purpose. Specifically the concept is that if macrophages can do a better job at correctly identifying harmless antigenic substances (such as pollens) as being harmless rather than identifying them as foreign invaders (allergens) then the whole allergic process may be staved off in the first instance. At this point is should be noted that there is a popular misconception that echinacea should only be used for a limited period of time since it will cease its effectiveness otherwise. This misconception was based upon misinterpretations of a specific study on echinacea which demonstrated decreased immune activity after about 10 days.14 However if the study is carefully read it is clear that the echinacea was only administered for five days after 48 VITAMIN RETAILER Scutellaria Scutellaria baicalensis or baikal scullcap is an herb used in combinations in traditional Chinese medicine to treat allergies and has been documented in research as such to treat allergic rhinitis.27 In in-vitro or test tube research anti-allergy actions have been documented with scutellaria.28 In addition scutellaria has been shown to have an immunomodulating effect on certain cells in allergic individuals.29 Anti-allergenic components of scutellaria have been shown to inhibit the release of inflammatory leukotrienes.30 Components of scutellaria have also been shown to reduce allergic contractions in the lungs of sensitized animals.20 Stinging Nettles In a double-blind randomized study of 98 individuals with allergic rhinitis 300 mg of freeze dried stinging nettles was rated higher than placebo by a significant degree in reducing allergic symptoms after taking it for one week. Among the subjects 58 percent rated it moderately or highly effective and 48 percent indicated it was equally or more effective than previously used medicines.20 21 At least 600 mg daily is recommended. Butterbur As an extract the herb butterbur has been shown to be clinically efficient in the treatment of allergic rhinitis (hay fever).31 Research has demonstrated that butterbur is effective in reducing allergic symptoms as well as significantly reducing histamine and leukotrienes levels after only five days of use.32 As a matter of fact the clinical efficacy of butterbur extract was compared with an established antihistamine drug (cetirizine) in a double-blind study33 to evaluate its effectiveness in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. The results were that the butterbur was equally as effective as the drug for this purpose but without the sedative effects of the antihistamine. Picrorhiza Picrorhiza kurroa is a well-known herb in the ayurvedic (i.e. East Indian) system of medicine used traditionally to treat disorders of the liver and upper respiratory tract as well as other disor- Conclusion If you re bothered by allergies but aren t sure to what extent you might WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 want to get professionally evaluated and tested by an allergist. In addition the use of any or all of the aforementioned natural substances may help to provide you with significant relief from your allergic symptoms. VR References 1 Silbernag S Lang F. Color Atlas of Pathophysiology. Stuttgart Thieme 2000 52. 2 Pawankar R Canonica GW Holgate ST Lockey RF. WAO White Book on Allergy. Milwaukee WI World Allergy Organization 2011. 3 Schiller JS Lucas JW Ward BW Peregoy JA. Summary health statistics for U.S. adults National Health Interview Survey 2010. National Center for Health Statistics. Vital Health Stat. 2012 10(252) 208 pgs. 4 American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. Asthma Facts. Retrieved January 22 2016 from about-the-aaaai newsroom asthmastatistics.aspx. 5 Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics. America s Children in Brief Key National Indicators of Well-Being 2012. Washington DC U.S. Government Printing Office. Retrieved January 22 2016 from pdf ac2012 ac_12.pdf. 6 American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology. Allergy Facts. Retrieved January 22 2016 from http news facts-statistics allergies. 7 Tortora G Anagnostakos N. Principles of Anatomy and Physiology. New York Harper & Row 1981 540-49. 8 Curtis H. Biology. New York Worth Publishers 1983 746-61. 9 Silbernag S Lang F. Color Atlas of Pathophysiology. Stuttgart Thieme 2000 42-48. 10 Bielory L. Complementary and alternative interventions in asthma allergy and immunology. Annals of allergy asthma & immunology 2004 93(2 Suppl 1) S4554. 11 Bauer R Hoheisel O Stuhlfauth I Wolf H. Extract of the Echinacea purpurea herb an allopathic phytoimmunostimulant. Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift 1999 149(8-10) 185-9 12 Barrett B. Medicinal properties of Echinacea A critical review. Phytomedicine 2003 10(1) 66-86. 13 Mills S Bone K. Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy. Edinburgh Churchill Livingston 2000 354. 14 Jurcic K Melchart D Holzmann M Martin P et al. Zwei Probandenstudien zur Stimulierung der Granulozyten-phagozytose durch Echinacea-Extrakthaltige Pr parate. Z Phytother 1989 10(2) 67-70. 15 Bone K. Echinacea When Should It Be Used Alt Med Rev 1997 2(6) 451-458. 16 Quercetin. Healthnotes Online 2004. Delicious Living New Hope Natural Media. Accessed November 22 2004 from healthnotes healthnotes.cfm ContentID 2904007. 17 Theoharides T.C. Bielory L. Mast cells and mast cell mediators as targets of dietary supplements. Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology 2004 93(2 SUPPL 1) S24-S34. 18 Rygwelski JM. Allergic rhinitis A sampling of complementary therapies. Clinics in Family Practice 2002 4(4) 791-815. 19 Otsuka H Inaba M Fujikura T Kunitomo M. Histochemical and functional characteristics of metachromic cells in the nasal epithelium in allergic rhinitis studies of nasal scrapings and their dispersed cells. J Allergy Clin Immunol 1995 96 528-536. 20 Mittman P. Randomized double-blind study of freeze-dried Urtica dioica in the treatment of allergic rhinitis. Planta Med 1990 56(1) 44-7. 21 Brinker F. Botanical Research Summaries 1989. APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM Eclectic Dispensatory of Botanical Therapeutics Portland Oregon pp. 4-36. 22 Picrorhiza kurroa. Monograph. Alternative medicine review 2001 6(3) 319-21 23 Dorsch W Wagner H. New antiasthmatic drugs from traditional medicine Int Arch Allergy Appl Immunol 1991 94 262-265. 24 Baruah CC Gupta PP Nath A et al. Anti-allergic and anti-anaphylactic activity of picroliv a standardised iridoid glycoside fraction of Picrorhiza kurroa. Pharmacol Res 1998 38 487-492. 25 Labadie RP van der Nat JM Simons JM et al. An ethnopharmacognostic approach to the search for immunomodulators of plant origin. Planta medica 1989 55(4) 339-48. 26 Gulati K Ray A Debnath PK Bhattacharya SK. Immunomodulatory Indian medicinal plants. Journal of Natural Remedies 2002 2(2) 121-131. 27 Bone K. Clinical Appliations of Ayurvedic and Chinse Herbs. Warwick Queensland Phytotherapy Press 2000 75-9. 28 Newall CA Anderson LA Phillipson JD. Herbal Medicines A Guide for Health-Care Professionals. London Pharmaceutical Press 1996 239-40. 29 Lee H-B Oh JW Chung YH Choi Y Shin IC Lee JS. Immunomodulator effects of herbal Scutellaria baicalensis extract on cytokine production by Der p I-specific CD4 cells in atopic individuals. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2000 105(1 part 2) S151. 30 Homma M Minami M Taniguchi C Oka K Morita S Niitsuma T Hayashi T. Inhibitory effects of lignans and flavonoids in Saiboku-To a herbal medicine for bronchial asthma on the release of leukotrienes from human polymorphonuclear leukocytes. Planta Medica 2000 66(1) 88-91. 31 Brattstrom A. A newly developed extract (Ze 339) from butterbur (Petasites hybridus L.) is clinically efficient in allergic rhinitis (hay fever). Phytomedicine 2003 10 (Suppl 4) 50-2. 32 Thome OAR Schapowal A Heinisch IVWM Wiesmann UN Simon H-U. Anti-inflammatory activity of an extract of Petasites hybridus in allergic rhinitis. International immunopharmacology 2002 2(7) 9971006. 33 Schapowal A. Randomised controlled trial of butterbur and cetirizine for treating seasonal allergic rhinitis. BMJ (Clinical research ed.) 2002 324(7348) 144-6. Gene Bruno MS MHS the dean of academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences is a nutritionist herbalist writer and educator. For more than 30 years he has educated and trained natural product retailers and health care professionals has researched and formulated natural products for dozens of dietary supplement companies and has written articles on nutrition herbal medicine nutraceuticals and integrative health issues for trade consumer magazines and peerreviewed publications. He can be reached at gbruno VITAMIN RETAILER 49 HEALTHYSHOPPER Understanding Creatine B Y S H A R I B A R B A N E L Retailers Healthy Shopper has been designed to help you educate customers about dietary supplements. Attach your store s business card here and photocopy for your customers. Beyond Muscle Mass In addition to helping build muscle mass studies show that creatine may offer other benefits including helping to improve working memory and general intelligence. According to a 2003 study conducted by scientists at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University in Australia researchers found that taking creatine can give a significant boost to both working memory and general intelligence. In the study the scientists monitored the effect of creatine supplementation on 45 young adult vegetarian subjects in a double-blind Healthy Shopper is reprinted with permission from Vitamin Retailer magazine and is provided for educational purposes only by your local retailer. No part of this article is intended as medical advice. Always consult your health care provider for any medical problems. 50 VITAMIN RETAILER WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 Answers 1.) b 2.) d 3.) a 4.) b 5.) c n acid produced in the liver kidneys and pancreas creatine supplies energy to muscle cells. The liver kidneys and pancreas produce creatine from three amino acids--arginine glycine and methionine. Most of the creatine the human body produces is stored in the muscles to support the skeleton. Foods such as fish and lean meat naturally contain creatine including tuna salmon cod herring pork and red meats. Creatine is converted into adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) which the body uses as the major energy source for high-intensity short-duration exercise such as strength weight training. While creatine is most likely know for its use by some gym goers and body builders research has found that it may also help enhance strength in older adults. A study published in 2007 in PLoS One observed 19 men and 20 women who were 65 years or older and took part in a six-month program of regular resistance exercise training. In the randomized double-blind trial some participants were given a daily supplement of creatine and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA a naturally occurring fatty acid) while others were given a placebo. All participants took part in the same exercise program. The exercise training resulted in improvements of functional ability and strength in all participants but those taking the creatine and CLA showed even greater gains in muscle endurance an increase in fat-free mass and a decrease in the percentage of body fat. A placebo-controlled experiment. The study Test Your Knowledge of Creatine showed that increased creatine intake results 1.) Creatine is produced in the ______ kidney and in improved brain funcpancreas. tion similar to effects a.) Spleen b.) Liver shown previously in c.) Gallbladder d.) None of the above muscle and heart. These findings 2.) Creatine is produced from which amino acid(s) underline a dynamic a.) Methionine b.) Glycine and significant role of c.) Arginine d.) All of the above brain energy capacity in influencing brain 3.) A 2007 published in PLoS One involved 19 men and performance said Dr. 20 women who were 65 years or older and took part in a six-month Caroline Rae who led program of regular resistance exercise training found that those the research. taking the creatine and CLA showed a(n) ______ in fat-free mass. Increasing the energy available for computaa.) Increase b.) Decrease tion increases the c.) No change d.) None of the above power of the brain and this is reflected directly 4.) A 2003 study conducted by scientists at the University of Sydney in improved general and Macquarie University in Australia found that taking creatine ability. did not give a significant boost to both working memory and generAdditional research al intelligence found that creatine a.) True b.) False might also be beneficial for women who are 5.) In a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry in battling major depres2012 researchers reported that women with MDD who augmented sion. In the proof-oftheir daily antidepressant with _____ grams of creatine responded concept study which twice as fast and experienced remission of the illness at twice the was published in the rate of women who took the antidepressant alone. American Journal of Psychiatry in 2012 a.) 0.5 grams b.) 15 grams researchers from three c.) 5 grams d.) None of the above South Korean universities and the University of Utah reported that women with major sionals should also be consulted before depressive disorder (MDD) who augmenttaking creatine because of possible side ed their daily antidepressant with 5 grams effects or interactions with other medicaof creatine responded twice as fast and tions. UMCC recommends that people with experienced remission of the illness at kidney disease high blood pressure or liver twice the rate of women who took the antidisease should not take creatine. In addidepressant alone. tion noted that creatine increases the flow of water into your muscles leading to the undesirable side effect Precautions of water retention. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMCC) creatine supplements are not recommended for children References or teens and that a doctor should be sulted about dosage. Health care PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT The Best Alternative n the old days to dispense solid not powdery medicines pills (officially small round balls as opposed to flat tablets) were made from some inactive base e.g. arabic gum mixed with the active constituents--usually powders and sometimes a liquid. After thoroughly mixing and rotating it into a thin roll the preparation was cut into pieces and then formed into round pills. I B Y J A N E T P O V E R O M O Today true pills are difficult to find and tablets and capsules rule the dietary supplements industry but other systems are also favored. From water-soluble powders topical sprays vegetable capsules to chews marketers are finding new ways to draw consumer interest while delivering a unique and efficacious dose. For those customers unwilling or unable to take pills or for those who are suffering from pill fatigue an alternative delivery may provide the best option. Below is a selection of supplements available that highlight a form of delivery that goes beyond the traditional. Optimized Curcumin Longvida SD California-based Verdure Sciences Inc. offers Optimized Curcumin Longvida SD by ProHealth created due to the high demand for a highly bioavailable form of curcumin. Longvida SD (solution dispersible) was developed in collaboration with UCLA utilizing the patent pending SCLP Technology to offer an optimized curcumin that is 65 times more bioavailable than regular curcumin. Optimized Curcumin Longvida SD is a watersoluble powder which is tasteless and odorless and is great for use in beverages shakes and smoothies. The MSRP for 50 grams is 45.99. Wholesale pricing is also available. For more information call (800) 366-6056 or visit 5-HTP 100 mg Vegetable Capsules EarthSweet Texas-based Bluebonnet Nutrition has launched new sleep support formulas for those affected by occasional sleeplessness. Each formula is wholesomely crafted and contains scientifically substantiated safe and effective potencies to help promote a restful sleep. One of the new products is 5-HTP 100 mg Vegetable Capsules which contains 5-hydroxytryptophan and is carefully extracted from the seed of the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. The MSRP for 60 vegetable capsules is 16.95. All are non-GMO (genetically modified organism) kosher certified vegan and free of most allergens. So sleep tight and good night For more information call (800) 580-8866 or visit Instavit New to the United States from the U.K. Instavit a line of oral spray vitamins and supplements for daily use is a smarter alternative to traditional pill supplements according to the company. Leveraging the fast delivery purity and portability possible with oral spray technology Instavit puts an end to bulky bad-tasting and hard-to-swallow supplements of yesterday. Free from unnecessary fillers and binders Instavit s diverse product line is made in the U.S. using only the highest quality vitamins and minerals. Both made by doctors and used by doctors Instavit introduces a fresh effective and medically backed approach to energy sleep and health supplements. Varieties include Instant Energy Vitamin D Vitamin B12 Sweet Dreams Daily Health and Immune Strength. The MSRP is 14.99 (28 servings) or 6.99 (10 servings). For more information call (888) 450-0369 or visit Magnesium Topical Spray Illinois-based NOW Solutions Magnesium Topical Spray is a pure highly concentrated topical magnesium chloride solution sourced from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands. This easily applied and non-greasy spray is non-irritating and ultra-pure according to the company. Approximately four sprays equal 66 mg of elemental magnesium. Spray two to five times onto your skin and massage the area. Magnesium Topical Spray may feel slightly oily after application but it is not an oil and will absorb quickly. Users may see white residue form around the applied areas this is just leftover salt that can be wiped off. For a foot soak add 1 to 2 oz. to warm water and soak feet for 20 to 30 minutes. The MSRP is 9.49. For more information call (888) 669-3663 or visit NeoCell Joint Bursts NeoCell (Irvine CA) Joint Bursts are the newest edition to NeoCell s line of soft nutracosmetic and nutraceutical chews. NeoCell Joint Bursts combine collagen type 2 turmeric and hyaluronic acid to help maintain healthy joints and manage joint aches and pains. These soft collagen chews come in a tropical tang flavor and are all natural according to the company. Joint Bursts follow the path of NeoCell s successful Beauty Bursts and Biotin Bursts. The MSRP for a carton of 30 chews is 19.99. For more information call (949) 699-1626 or visit (Continued on page 53) APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM VITAMIN RETAILER 51 HEALTHANDNUTRITION Nitric Oxide Boost Retailers say yes to NO boosters and their mass appeal. By Mark Becker hen it comes to nitric oxide (NO) I consider myself an expert. But I have a unique perspective. For more than three decades I have raced more than 300 endurance events including more than 150 triathlons of Olympic distance or longer 103 marathons and numerous other events including ultra marathons and rough water swims from Alcatraz to the mainland. Truth be told I have experienced the benefits of a wide range of nitric oxide boosters. These formulas are something to behold. Interestingly nitric oxide products provide benefits to not only athletes but to young and old alike. Moreover these products can be beneficial for not only those that take these great products but retailers as well. That said why do I espouse about nitric oxide the way I do Over the past three decades I have bolstered my The W knowledge on the science behind nitric oxide and it is compelling to say the least. Much of this article will deal with what I have learned over the years and how retailers can help their customers address what consumers often perceive as a chronic lack of energy. In a nutshell NO is a gas naturally found in the body. Its function is to help the 50 trillion cells in the body communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body. NO is required for key physiological body functions. It is useful in treating a variety of health challenges including insomnia obesity diabetes and libido. It is because of these benefits that NO boosters have profound mass appeal which if strategically merchandised will create new profit centers for retailers. Depending on the requirement NO can act as a hormone a neurotransmitter and an intracellular messenger. People who exercise regularly or perform rigorous physical activities need a higher amount of NO as it allows for increased blood flow. Signs of NO deficiency include extreme fatigue and physical weakness. NO has the following benefits including but not limited to the following Increases endurance and strength Reduces inflammation Improves sleep quality Regulates blood pressure and increases blood flow to the sexual organs by dilating arteries Enhances memory by transmitting information between nerve cells in the brain Assists the immune system at fighting off harmful bacteria The desire to increase NO in the body has almost become an obsession for athletes of all kinds. NO booster WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 52 VITAMIN RETAILER sections are growing in health food stores and these formulas are becoming increasingly innovative. Athletes and exercise enthusiasts take NO supplements to support increased blood flow and oxygen to the skeletal muscle for increased performance. Furthermore NO also facilitates the removal of exercise-induced lactic acid build-up which reduces fatigue and recovery time. In fact a wide range of demographics including seniors is using these products now because of their extreme efficacy. Retailers are stocking an increased number of NO products. Many contain the following nutrients which are often part of comprehensive NO formulas Arginine A semi-essential amino acid that is a precursor to NO. Increasing dietary intake of arginine from food and supplements increases production of NO. Taking arginine supplements improves blood pressure and blood flow and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease. Scientists at the Scientific Institute of San Raffaele in Milan Italy evaluated the effects of arginine supplementation on non-diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease. According to this research published in Metabolism Clinical and Experimental it was determined that arginine supplements increase NO production reduce inflammation and improve cardiovascular function. Citrulline An amino acid produced by the body as a byproduct of synthesizing another amino acid arginine. This is made possible by nitric oxide synthases or NOS a class of enzymes that synthesize nitric oxide from L-arginine a form of arginine. The relationship between citrulline and NO impact the body in a variety of ways including heart health and male sexual function. Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine (GPLC) Consists of a molecular bonded form of propionyl-L-carnitine and one of the carnitine precursor amino acids glycine. It is marketed as GlycoCarn through Sigma-tau HealthScience. Two recent studies have demonstrated an increase in blood levels of NO with oral GPLC intake at a daily dosage of 4.5 grams (Bloomer et al. 2007 in press). These findings agree with other recent work using PLC exclusively (Lofreddo et al. 2007) which demonstrated an increase in blood nitric oxide in response to 6 grams per day of PLC given via intravenous infusion. Pycnogenol An extract of French maritime pine tree bark it contains the natural antioxidants anthocyanin which improves results when taking L-arginine. Pycnogenol has recently been isolated as an anti-hypertension aid. Containing bioflavonoids including catechin and taxifolin Pycnogenol is easily one of the best ways to increase NO. These bioflavonoids cause the release of NO from endothelial cells resulting in relaxed wide blood vessels. Not only is Pycnogenol an anti-hypertensive but it is also used as a sports supplement. According to a Japanese study participants who used pycnogenol prior to aerobic exercise had better blood flow than those who took the placebo. NO supplementation can help anyone but it is especially beneficial for people over the age of 40. People under 40 are in their prime physical years. Their muscles cells and tissues are quick and efficient at releasing and producing NO to carry out different bodily processes. NO boosters are not crucial for this demographic. Retailers need to understand this in an effort to maximize sales in key demographics. Nonetheless when I was doing endurance events in my prime physical years I would take NO boosters intrarace and would feel a noticeable difference in my energy and endurance. It was truly remarkable. NO boosters have been and will always be great for anyone who takes them. And they are even better for the retailers who understand their immense benefits and sell them accordingly. These products are clinically validated showing efficacy and truly deliver. The only pressing question for retailers is how to create enough shelf space in their stores for all these great products. VR References Metabolism Clinical and Experimental Oral LArginine Supplementation Improves Endothelial Function and Ameliorates Insulin Sensitivity and Inflammation in Cardiopathic Nondiabetic Patients after an Aortocoronary Bypass Pietro Lucotto et al. September 2009 Bloomer RJ Smith WA Fisher-Wellman KH. Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine increases plasma nitrate nitrite in resistance-trained men. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2007 4(1) 22. Bloomer RJ Tschume LC Smith WA Glycine propionyl-L-carnitine modulates lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide in human subjects. Int J Vitam Nutr Res In Press. Loffredo L Marcoccia A Pignatelli P Andreozzi P Borgia MC Cangemi R Chiarotti F Violi F Oxidativestress-mediated arterial dysfunction in patients with peripheral arterial disease. Eur Heart J 2007 28(5) 608612. Mark Becker is an account manager for Vivion a raw materials distributor based in Vernon CA. He has worked as a natural products sales and marketing executive for 15 years. Becker has written more than 300 articles and has hosted or been a guest on more than 500 radio shows. He obtained a bachelor s in journalism from Long Beach State University and did his master s work in communications at Cal State Fullerton. For almost 30 years he has participated in numerous endurance events including more than 150 triathlons of Olympic distance or longer 102 marathons and numerous other events including ultramarathons and rough water swims from Alcatraz to the mainland. He has relied on a comprehensive dietary supplement and homeopathic regimen to support his athletic professional and personal endeavors. Follow Mark Becker on Facebook at marklbecker and on twitter at becker_mark. For more information visit or PRODUCTSPOTLIGHT (Continued from page 51) Probiotic Gummies KIDS With 1.5 billion live cultures Nordic Naturals (Watsonville CA) new Probiotic Gummies KIDS combines prebiotic fiber with Bacillus coagulans a potent probiotic that survives and thrives in the digestive tract. This comprehensive formula helps to rebalance intestinal flora and support digestive health in children two years and older. With a yummy merry berry punch flavor this gummy also supports immune system function and optimal nutrient absorption. It does not require refrigeration and is free from artificial colors flavors sweeteners and preservatives. Certified gluten free the MSRP for a 60-ct. bottle is 19.95 For more information call (831) 724-6200 or visit APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM VITAMIN RETAILER 53 NATURALMEDICINE with Dr. Michael Murray Astaxanthin Vibrancy B Y M ICHAEL T. M URRAY ND T here are more than 400 different members of the carotene family of pigments in nature. Historically the potency of a carotene in improving human health was based on its ability to be converted to vitamin A. For example beta-carotene the pigment that makes carrots orange has the highest vitamin A value and was long thought of as being the most important carotene. However it is now known that some of the most important carotenes to human health are not converted to vitamin A at all. The crowned king of all of the non-vitamin A carotenes is astaxanthin. It is given this title because of its unique benefits and actions in promoting health and protecting against cellular damage especially in the brain and vascular system. salmon lobster shrimp krill and other sea life the intense red pigmentation results in these animals having red or pink flesh or outer shells. Astaxanthin is absolutely essential to the survival of these organisms. For example astaxanthin is required by microalgae to protect itself from damage produced during photosynthesis. It is also known that young salmon die or do not develop properly without sufficient intake of astaxanthin in their diet. The astaxanthin also provides some protection for some animals by making them less visible in deep water where the red segment of the wavelength spectrum of visible light does not penetrate. The red pigment also plays a role in mating and spawning behavior. Where is Astaxanthin Found in Nature Astaxanthin is a vibrantly deep red carotene pigment found predominantly in marine life. A form of microalgae known as Haematococcus pluvialis is the richest source. When it is consumed by 54 VITAMIN RETAILER How is Astaxanthin Produced Although astaxanthin is found in salmon herring roe or krill oil supplements the amounts in these sources are much lower than those provided from extracts of H. pluvialis. For example the level of astaxanthin naturally occurring in a capsule of fish or krill oil is in the range of 100 mcg (0.1 mg). That amount is not much compared to the 4 to 12 mg per capsule found in most astaxanthin supplements derived from H. pluvialis. To produce natural astaxanthin the best products use closed systems rather than outdoor ponds. The closed system may be in the form of large tanks or special glass tubing to grow H. pluvialis under ideal conditions that enhance astaxanthin production and prevent environmental contamination. The astaxanthin is then released from the thick cell wall of the algae through special processing and then concentrated through extraction techniques. There are other sources of astaxanthin on the market but these forms are produced from either chemical synthesis or produced from genetically modified yeast (Phaffia rhodozyma). These synthetic forms are often fed to salmon in fish farms to give them red flesh but this form of astaxanthin is not quite the same as natural astaxanthin as it has been shown to be more then 20 times weaker WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL 2016 as an antioxidant than the natural form. How Does Astaxanthin Work It is a bit clich to refer to various natural compounds as antioxidants. Yes astaxanthin has antioxidant activity and definitely help prevents the oxidative damage that contributes to conditions such as aging insulin resistance cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer s disease. And yes so do many other natural antioxidants. But astaxanthin is a bit different as an antioxidant and exerts some additional benefits to protect cells. First in regard to general antioxidant effects in protecting cell membranes astaxanthin is more than 65 times stronger than vitamin C 50 times more powerful than beta-carotene and 10 times more powerful than vitamin E. Second one of the unique aspects of astaxanthin relates to its size and how it fits into cell membranes. It is considerably larger longer than other popular carotenes. Its size and physical form allows it to be incorporated into cell membranes where it is able to span the entire thickness of the cell membrane. This allows astaxanthin to not only protect the inner and outer cell membrane from oxidative damage but also to stabilize the cell membranes. Astaxanthin also exerts some specific anti-inflammatory effects that make it quite useful in protecting brain and vascular cells from damage. Since astaxanthin effectively protects the membrane system of mitochondria (the energy compartment of cells) it can help boost cellular energy production. What Can Astaxanthin Do More than 50 clinical and experimental studies have shown astaxanthin to be potentially helpful in the following conditions Cardiovascular Health. Protects vascular lining promotes improved blood flow and protects LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidized (damaged). Eye Health. Protects against eye fatigue helps improve visual acuity and depth perception and increases blood flow to eye tissues. Brain Health. Helps protect against aging and helps improve mental function. Sports Related Activities. Promotes muscle endurance and protects against muscle damage. Diabetes insulin-resistance and the metabolic syndrome. Helps improve antioxidant status and protect against vascular damage. Skin Health. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles improves skin elasticity protects APRIL 2016 WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM against sun damage and prevents age spots and hyperpigmentation. Immune health. Protects against damage to immune cells. One of the real special attributes of astaxanthin is its ability to cross the blood-brain and blood-retinal barrier to protect both the brain and eyes. This effect is quite unusual for carotenes. For example popular carotenes like betacarotene and lycopene do not cross either barrier. This effect of astaxanthin indicates that it may be particularly helpful in improving brain and eye health as well as protecting the brain against Alzheimer s disease macular degeneration and other degenerative brain and eye disorders. Of course it has other benefits as well but my feelings are that this ability to cross into the brain and retina are what makes it really special. Another interesting effect of astaxanthin is on red blood cells. Because red blood cells (RBCs) are more susceptible to being damaged by oxidative attack as we age this can lead to impaired delivery of oxygen to our tissues. Astaxanthin s effects on cell membranes may be especially important in RBCs. In a 2011 double-blind clinical trial 32 healthy subjects ages 50-69 years (n 30) were assigned to receive astaxanthin (at 6 mg day or 12 mg day) or a placebo for 12 weeks. Both dosage levels of astaxanthin reduced oxidative damage to RBCs with no greater effect seen with the higher dosage level. The significance of this improvement may be profound especially when combined with another 2011 that found astaxanthin (6 mg per day for a 10day period) was able to significantly improve blood flow (rheology). The reasons these effects are profound is that improving the delivery of oxygen throughout the body may produce a myriad of positive effects. to 12 mg daily. What are the Side Effects and Drug Interactions of Astaxanthin There are no known side effects or drug interactions at recommended dosage levels. VR References Ambati RR Phang SM Ravi S Aswathanarayana RG. Astaxanthin sources extraction stability biological activities and its commercial applications--a review. Mar Drugs. 2014 Jan 7 12(1) 128-52. Fassett RG Coombes JS. Astaxanthin in cardiovascular health and disease. Molecules. 2012 Feb 20 17(2) 203048. Kidd P. Astaxanthin cell membrane nutrient with diverse clinical benefits and anti-aging potential. Altern Med Rev. 2011 Dec 16(4) 355-64. Michael T. Murray ND is widely regarded as one of the world s leading authorities on natural medicine. He is a graduate former faculty member and serves on the Board of Regents of Bastyr University in Seattle WA. The author of more than 30 books on health nutrition Murray is also director of product development and education for Natural Factors Nutritional Products. For more information visit What is the Dosage of Astaxanthin The dosage range for astaxanthin is 4 VITAMIN RETAILER 55 NEWPRODUCTS VR s New Products section is a FREE service to industry members. Send new product press releases and photos to Janet Poveromo Vitamin Retailer 431 Cranbury Road Ste. C East Brunswick NJ 08816 or email to JanetP Skinny Garcinia SUGARLAND TX--Bluebonnet Nutrition added Skinny Garcinia vegetable capsules to its healthy weight-management supplement line. This unique kosher-certified formula is not only non-GMO (genetically modified organism) and free of most allergens (soy gluten milk) but also includes the right combination of nutrients at scientifically substantiated potencies. 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Chapters are dedicated to making sense of health reporting deciphering fact from fiction reading a supplement label and working with a doctor who might not be adequately informed about these topics. The book also includes charts and specific guidelines for creating a personalized health plan. Author Tieraona Low Dog MD Pages 335 Price 26 Publisher National Geographic Books Contact erin.gardner Eating Clean In Eating Clean author Amie Valpone shows readers how to choose a path that will get their bodies working for them not against them. This author s goal is to detox the body fight inflammation and ultimately reset the body. The book includes a 21-day detox plan that will help aid to remove toxic triggers tell readers how to detox their food and their life how to travel eat out and entertain while eating clean provides 200 vegetarian and vegan recipes and more. Author Amie Valpone Foreword by Mark Hyman MD Pages 400 Price 25 Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Contact (800) 225-3362 ADVERTISERINDEX ADVERTISER Aker BioMarine Antarctic US American Laboratories Inc. Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp. Continental Vitamin Company Essential Formulas Essential Formulas Frey Vineyards Good Health Naturally USA Herbatint Bioforce Horphag Research Trading Ltd. Hyalogic Inner Armour Mushroom Wisdom Natural Factors Natural Factors Natural Factors Natural Factors Natural Factors Natural Factors Nordic Naturals North American Herb & Spice NOW Foods Pets NOW Foods (Personal Care) Redd Remedies Scandinavian Formulas Inc. Wakunaga of America Co. Ltd. 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Email Bob Phone (801) 542-7500 x108 THIS MONTH Bob King joined SIBU health and beauty company in September of 2014 bringing his vast background in the health and dietary supplement industry to the company s home court. Throughout his 25-year career he founded Natural Products Sourcing Group and served A.M. Todd Botanical Therapeutics in a presidential and CEO capacity manufacturing the proprietary herbal blend for Airborne during its startup and rise to success. His education includes a bachelor s degree in biochemistry and a master s degree in business administration. Here he discusses SIBU s women s co-ops and a recent trip to India. operate their own businesses. SIBU built three separate processing plants and created an avenue for women to augment their family income by collecting ripe sea berries during the short four- to five-week harvest season each fall. The women are paid weekly for their work. For the past decade many of these village women earn enough money during the harvest to sustain their families for the coming year. You spent time last fall in India during the harvest. Why did you travel there 1. To ensure that our plant SOPs were being adhered to. 2. Evaluate soil conditions and review the 2015 internal audits of our chemical and biological laboratories and super-critical CO2 facilities. 3. Oversee the beginning of the harvest and thank our loyal workforce for their labors. The local people consider themselves a part of the SIBU family as many of them have harvested berries for us since 2004. SIBU continues to strengthen that family bond. 4. To make further financial investments as our business continues to grow there. Question Answer Please describe SIBU s coops. What are their benefits After evaluating different geographical areas where sea buckthorn grows throughout the world SIBU founders discovered that the heartiest sea berries grew in two valleys of the Himalayas at 12 000 feet above sea level. Both valleys are rich with apricots and sea buckthorn. Industry is quite limited there and many women work at home taking care of their children their small gardens and livestock while their husbands usually work outside the home. We evaluated the local and national laws regarding restrictions on the ownership of land and employment of its people. While counterintuitive to Western economics we determined that the best way to work with the government and the local villagers was to help them set up their own coops and give them the freedom to 60 VITAMIN RETAILER Question Answer Question What were the highlights of the trip Spending time with the local people--I am ever amazed by the goodness and simplicity of the villagers of northern India. In general they are family motivated people who concern themselves with the necessities of life and their spiritual lives. They are generally not financially motivated and prefer to live simpler lives full of love for their families and their neighbors. Traversing the Himilayas--While I live in the Rocky Mountains I stand in awe of the Himalayan ascents from base to peak. Driving on motorized roads at over 18 000 feet above sea level with no guardrails and enormous drop-offs is always exhilarating. The vistas are as indescribable as they are remote. Amazed at the nutritional benefits of the little orange berries--For 30 years I have watched the natural products arena grow. Many products around the world have excellent nutritional and medicinal values to human beings and have made their way into the mainstream of the natural products industry. Sea berries grow in the harshest environment imaginable. The wind rain heat cold intense UV rays and other challenges produce a berry loaded with nearly 200 bioactive compounds. From skin hair and nails nutrition to cardiovascular and metabolic properties to incredible mucous membrane stimulation properties the sea berry has been a staple of Tibetan medicine. On this trip I witnessed numerous Amchi medicine doctors still using parts of the SIBU Yidian (Tibetan medicinal scriptures dating back to 700 AD) to prescribe the berries for a variety of human ailments. It is always interesting to see them prepare these medicinal formulations for their patients. Question What are the plans for the company Answer Answer Our mission continues to be to provide the therapeutic benefits of the Himalayan sea berry in combination with other ingredients from nature to human beings seeking relief from problematic skin and a desire for more beautiful looking skin. Research continues on using other therapeutic oils in combination with sea buckthorn and apricot. Each new product will be in concert with our motto Therapy inspires beauty and beauty inspires life. WWW.VITAMINRETAILER.COM APRIL. 2016 Go to nowfoods for info about this advertiser Go to bluebonnet for info about this advertiser