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Description: On the Cover: Local Pro Baseball Player ,Jaye Chapman. Feature stories include: Dancer, Anna-Katerine MVP Sprots Enhancement Tips for Baseball Pitchers Meet Coach Mike Kandler, Gulf Coast State College "Because I Can, I Will" - Karen Smith Fit At Any Age Featuring: Jason and Sam Tuno, Maggie Smith, Matt Lopez, Pamm Chapman, Brian Baber, Tammy Dunaway, Paris Janos, Mary Sittman, and Winston Chester.

magazine HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County South Walton Destin MVP magazine coming soon pages 14-16 Febuary March 2016 1st Edition 1579526742 4.99 USD magazine HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County Graysen Gladden Student Athlete - FSW February March 2016 Issue 1 Publisher Jennifer Watson 30A Healthy Marketing LLC. CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Ethan Kellum Sports Medicine Southern Orthopedics Lee McArthur Scott MVP Writer Photography Jennifer Watson Teresa Tuno Advertising Creative Matt Mckenzie Graphic Design Jennifer Reale Editor Lynn Kandler CONTACT US BAYCOUNTYMVP GMAIL.COM (850) 832-5650 Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate Dr. Myra Smith Personalized Concierge Doctor ALREADY BROKEN THAT NEW YEAR S RESOLUTION TO GET FIT By Jennifer Watson Recommit yourself for the day. Yes the day You can do anything for 24 hours. Today is Monday. We think of Monday as the beginning of a week. The day to start fresh. But you don t need a Monday to begin a fit lifestyle. Any day of the week is a good day to start making healthy choices and to begin an exercise routine. It is natural in the beginning to lose the motivation to keep going after a few days. Research says that it typically takes about 21 days for new activity to become a habit. It won t happen overnight. Persistence and patience are required in the beginning. There is no better time than now to start living Healthy. Be realistic with your goals. The goal that you set for yourself may be to fit into a bikini by summer fit into your favorite jeans lower your cholesterol or run a 5k. Whatever it is define it write it down and revisit it daily. Just be sure it is realistic and you can actually adapt your lifestyle around meeting your goal. It s completely ok to make small changes to your everyday habits and increase the changes gradually. Setting reasonable goals that you can stick to and expanding on those new and better changes will help to make being fit a lifestyle not a New Year s Resolution diet that you give up on eventually. Things like switching from creamer to skim milk in your coffee taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work or slightly cutting down your portion sizes can make a big difference over time. Before you know it you may drop some pounds or reduce your cholesterol by a few points. These are minor changes you ll probably barely notice but they add up to make a healthier you Today is the day for being Awesome. Page 4 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Your Body Keeps An Accurate Journal Regardless Of What You Write Down. Keep a journal. Get a planner and write down your meals as well as the liquids you take in each day. Sometimes seeing it with your own eyes makes you feel a little more accountable for what you put into your body. Record your workouts and see your progress on paper. Not only is this motivating but if you find yourself needing a little extra help and advice from your physician or a trainer this will help them see what you have been doing so they can determine how and what about your diet and exercise needs to be modified. Obsessing over your slip ups will not help. Do the best you can each day and take one day at a time. If you miss a workout have that Starbuck s latte with whip and the toppings or a few drinks after work with friends don t sweat it too much. Just pick those healthy habits back up as soon as you can after getting off track. Do not let the mindset of already blowing your streak result in inhaling a burger and fries and thinking I ll start fresh tomorrow - or Monday . Stepping outside your comfort zone is scary but it s the only place that healthy changes and growth can take place. Your body deserves the best Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 5 What s the deal with gluten fluffier . The problem now is that people s bodies are not able to digest this new form of gluten protein causing intestinal inflammation and malabsorption. And on top of that many more foods have gluten in them that we are not aware of. Since food manufacturers are not required by law to identify all possible sources of gluten on their labels gluten is hidden in most processed foods like soy sauce ready-made soups low fat products and many more. Celiac disease is different than gluten intolerance. Celiac is a true gluten allergy. Both can trigger a leaky gut by irritating the cells and causing the connections between them to open up. This allows larger particles to enter the bloodstream where autoimmune complexes form leading to inflammation in our bodies. Basically you feel bad and are unhealthier. When gluten is removed from your diet your gut starts to heal and you can absorb nutrients and become healthier. -Dr. Myra Reed Why does it seem that all of a sudden everyone is talking about going gluten or wheat free Even restaurants and grocery stores have gluten free labels or sections. Is this another fad diet or is there something to this With the rise of certain GI symptoms abdominal pain or bloating nausea constipation diarrhea and chronic or autoimmune diseases such as skin rashes Hashimoto s thyroiditis joint aches or arthritis headaches weight gain fatigue insomnia neurologic disorders-ADD autism dementia confusion and other chronic diseases People are advised to go gluten free. Why is this For thousands of years people have sustained on grains such as wheat. We were told the benefits of whole grain with the importance of the fiber and nutrients. But in recent years things have really changed. First the invention of the modern steel roller mill replaced the slower old stone methods that used to mash all the good parts of the grain together (proteins vitamins minerals lipids). The new system would separate and grind only one part of the grain into a fine white flour that anyone could afford. It could be shipped and stored for extended periods increasing production and profitability. The reason it keeps for longer periods is due to the stripped nutrients along with additives and preservatives that our bodies are not happy with. Pest problems were eliminated because they wouldn t eat it. Another revolution in the early 60 s was the invention of high yield genetically changed improved semidwarf wheat that would solve the world hunger. It is a distant relative to the wheat used even 40 years ago. Glutens were also increased to make products Page 6 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Superfoods A Few Add kale into your next smoothie for a nutritional boost. KALE is a dark leafy green is packed full of QUINOA is one of the world s most fiber and vitamins. Just like quinoa kale is considered a superfood because it s so nutritionally dense. Before we get to all the benefits let me briefly explain what kale is. Kale is a popular vegetable that can be green or purple in color and have a smooth or curly shape with a fibrous stem. It is a member of the cabbage family and related to vegetables like broccoli cauliflower collard greens and brussels sprouts. Given the incredibly low calorie content kale is among the most nutrient dense foods in existence. Eating more kale is a great way to dramatically increase the total nutrient content of your diet. (3) Make a green smoothie. Toss a handful of raw kale (ribs removed) into your next smoothie for a nutritional boost. popular superfoods. It is loaded with protein fiber and minerals but doesn t contain any gluten. Quinoa is a grain crop that is grown for its edible seeds. It is pronounced KEEN-wah. It is basically a seed which is prepared and eaten similarly to a grain. With 8 grams of quality protein per cup of cooked quinoa it is an excellent plant-based protein source for vegetarians and vegans. Being high in protein can both increase metabolism and reduce appetite significantly (1). The high amount of fiber should also help to increase feelings of fullness making us eat fewer calories overall (2). Kale Cranberry Quinoa Salad YIELD 4-6 Servings SALAD INGREDIENTS Toss all ingredients together until combined. 2 cups of kale (discard rib cut leaves into small pieces) 2 cups cooked quinoa 1 cup dried cranberries 2 3 cup chopped pecans toasted Orange vinaigrette (see below) ORANGE VINAIGRETTE Whisk all ingredients together until combined. 1 4 cup freshly-squeezed orange juice 1 4 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar pinch of salt and pepper References (1) Department of Human Biology Nutrim and Wageningen Centre of Food Sciences Maastricht University P O Box 616 6200 MD Maastricht The Netherlands. (2) Department of Food Science and Nutrition University of Minnesota St. Paul Minnesota USA (3) United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 7 By Dr. Myra Reed It may not smell like a lily but Garlic (Allium sativum) is an edible bulb from the lily family. Fondly known to herbalists as the stinking rose for centuries there has been many traditional medicine uses for Garlic including treatment of skin conditions immune support antimicrobial and to reduce risk for cancer and heart disease. In fact Garlic is one of the most widely studied herbal supplements for its beneficial effects on the heart. Garlic Good for Your Heart The amount of active compounds supplied by garlic supplements can vary because allicin is very sensitive to things such as air and heat. For example aging garlic to reduce its odor also reduces the allicin present and compromises the effectiveness of the product. Generally safe for most adults taking a garlic supplement can cause heartburn upset stomach an allergic reaction and breath and body odor (common with raw garlic). Garlic should not be taken by persons who are preparing for surgery or who have bleeding disorders because it can impair the body s ability to form blood clots. Garlic contains several vitamins and minerals that support heart health including vitamin B6 vitamin C manganese and selenium. But it s the chemicals that give garlic its pungent odor that scientists believe are the source of the herb s heart health-promoting effects. Garlic is rich in the allicin alliin and ajoene antioxidant compounds that help reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease. Studies on garlic and the cardiovascular system typically use garlic powder oil or aged extracts. To date the effects of garlic on the heart that are supported by science include Slows the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) Reduces blood pressure Reduces triglycerides and therefore lowers total cholesterol Resources World s Healthiest Foods Garlic. http genpage.php tname foodspice&dbid 60 National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health. Garlic. https health garlic ataglance.htm Medline Plus. Herbs and Supplements Garlic. (Includes information on garlic interactions with other drugs) https medlineplus druginfo natural 300.html Karagodin VP Sobenin IA Orekhov AN. Antiatherosclerotic and Cardioprotective Effects of Time-Released Garlic Powder Pills. Curr Pharm Des. 2015 Nov 12. Available from http 136921 article Seki T. and Hosono T. Prevention of Cardiovascula Page 36 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 a ten-year-old with quiet feet and loud dreams. By Graysen Gladden When asked what her dreams were she replied in a way most ten year olds would not... Anna-Katherine s dream is to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis for her cousin Megan and also a cure for Down Syndrome for her cousin Samuel. Megan Hutchison diagnosed at age 2 with Cystic Fibrosis is an inspiration of faith and hope to everyone says Anna. Anna Katherine s favorite style of dance is Ballet. Anna says dancing makes her feel like she is flying and she loves it. DANCE ACCOMPLISHMENTS Julie s School of Dance for 7 years Julie s School of Dance competition team for 4 years Miami City Ballet Intensive 2014 American Ballet Theater New York summer Intensive 2015 The Florida Ballet Jacksonville-Nutcracker 2014- Bonbon Community Nutcracker Jacksonville 2015-Bonbon Junior Overall Solo High Score at Tremaine Top 12 Youth American Grand Prix Arts Alive Dancer for Bay Education Foundation ANNA-KATHERINE ANSWERS What s your favorite school subject Language Arts If you could dance anywhere where would it be New York What are your other hobbies besides dance Reading Piano Girl Scouts art games American girl dolls. If you could perform for anyone who would it be My grandmother Liz in heaven Anna-Katherine is a 5th grader at Patronis Elementary. She is daughter of Tommy and Sarah Risalvato. Sister of Thomas and Rhett Risalvato. Page 8 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 magazine HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County Bay County MVP Magazine and our Scholarship Sponsors Magic Broadcasting and First Choice Physical Therapy are proud to announce the first annual Top 5 Bay County MVP Student Athlete s Scholarship Award. Be sure to pick up the next issue to see all of the nominees and who will be selected as Bay County s TOP 5 MVP Student Athletes. For advertising in Bay County MVP or South Walton Destin MVP contact us Baycountymvp Pam MEET I love yoga. It has changed my life completely. Pam Colvin (59) the new owner of One Heart Yoga located in Historical St. Andrews is a living testament to the incredible benefits of Yoga Pam s love for the existing instructors and her long standing dream of owning her personal studio resulted in her purchase of One Heart Yoga. Yoga has long been recognized for its ability to relax and relieve stress. In more recent times the list of benefits has been increased. The American Osteopathic Association has identified the benefits to be increased flexibility increased muscle strength and tone improved respiration energy and vitality maintaining a balanced metabolism weight reduction cardio and circulatory health improved athletic performance and protection from injury. Dr. Mike Colvin Pam s husband a local chiropractor believes that the marriage between chiropractic care and yoga is very successful. Once the spine has been properly aligned through manipulation yoga can strengthen the surrounding muscle tissue that supports the manipulation thereby increasing the probability of a successful treatment. He cautions the readers to visit a chiropractor Page 10 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 for an evaluation prior to beginning yoga if you are currently experiencing back pain to protect against an injury. Prior to owning One Heart Yoga Pam was a massage therapist working for her husband Dr. Mike Colvin a local chiropractor. Pam is offering one free beginners yoga class at One Heart Yoga for anyone wanting to experience the benefits of yoga for themselves. You can call the studio or check the schedule on the website for a class schedule. (850) 832-3202 http (850) 784-7800 http Because I Can I Will The Misadventures of a Not-So-Running Runner First of all I am the least likely person to be writing about running so maybe I am the best person for the job and we can all have fun with it. Before I get way into this and tell you the truth (Yes even my real weight) I want to share the single most secret I know that will help in your running and in your life People are drawn to a person with laughter in his heart. The world belongs to the enthusiastic. For people will follow them anywhere. - Andy Andrews I am so grateful that I have started back running even if it is a slow start. The glorious thing is that I am faster than I am while sitting on the sofa. Every time I start back running I always wonder Why oh why did I ever quit I guess having foot surgery was a valid excuse but I bailed on running long before that. I let my work life and responsibilities convince me that this time for me was just not in the cards. I am beyond grateful that I am making the time for it now. With every step I take I thank God for the ability to move and I think about other people who would love to be moving but cannot. SO WHILE I CAN I WILL While I can I will be thankful for all of it the rubbing together of thighs the cramps the heavy breathing - all of which are signs that I am living breathing and moving. How great is that Just like most things in life it helps to have a support system So I want to thank Karen Gordon Branham for not minding that I am just a slightly Page 12 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 faster than a dead stop. It helps to have someone that keeps you accountable and to push you a little more. Right now we are training for a 10k and I will update you on our progress. Today please just skip over this part so I am not embarrassed... I used to be very fit and at a good weight and kind of cute. Right now I am (4 10 ) under-tall and weigh in at 143 pounds. Putting on shoes and pulling on those dreaded spanx is an Olympic event right Alzheimer s Alliance now. But with God s help and determination I will keep on running and keep on being thankful BECAUSE I CAN I look forward to sharing our mis-adventures with you. My heart is light so I hope my weight will also be light soon I pray that if you CAN move MOVE If you can JUMP then JUMP And by all means move through this great earth with Enthusiasm and Praise Dementia including Alzheimer s disease is the 6th leading cause for death for those ages 65 and older. Alzheimer s is an incurable progressive loss of brain cells. In the beginning it targets memory and speech and as time goes on the symptoms become wider ranging and debilitating. The Bay County Alzheimer s Alliance is proud to announce our 11th annual fund raising event Monte Carlo Night . Our goal is to raise money to help serve as a resource center for those suffering from Alzheimer s disease and their families friends and caregivers. Why do we campaign We do it because over 5 million Americans have Alzheimer s and other forms of dementia. One in eight people age 65 and older has dementia. Nearly one in two ages 85 and older has dementia including Alzheimer s. We sponsor the Sheriff s department Gatekeeper program and provide GPS bracelets to patients enabling them to stay home. We have a support group that meets monthly and is open to the public at no charge. We hope that you choose to support the Bay County Alzheimer s Alliance. If you have any questions please contact us (850) 276-2646. Cheryl Brown President Bay County Alzheimer s Alliance BAY COUNTY Jaye Chapman considers himself a normal dude . After spending a day with Jaye it is obvious that he is exactly that. However Jaye is a normal dude whose athletic talent is not so normal . Jaye roamed the same halls of Mosley High School and was late for the same class because of the same vending machine line as every other Dolphin student. What sets Jaye apart from the other Mosley Dolphins is his strong determination never give up attitude and his amazing athletic talent. Chapman had every intention of playing baseball for the University of Alabama until he received a life changing Page 14 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 offer the summer after graduating from Mosley in 2005. The Atlanta Braves organization drafted Jaye in the 16th round offering him draft and follow status which sent him to Chipola State College for one year to better prepare him to enter professional baseball in 2006. Like any other athlete Jaye had his ups and downs. He was moved from league to league while playing for the Braves organization. After making the 40 man roster for the Braves Jaye was traded to the Chicago Cubs where he made his first major league debut in 2012. Jaye says that day was one of the best days of his life. After having two hip surgeries in 2013 Jaye was out for the rest of that year and half of the 2014 season. Jaye claimed that it was terrible timing since he had just began a run at the big leagues. Traded once more Jaye is currently a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers and will be reporting to Arizona for spring training in 2016. When I asked Jaye what advice he would give any upcoming player he replied control the controllable . Playing professionally numerous things were out of Jaye s hands such as who he played for and when he pitched. Jaye says one of the best things he has learned throughout his career is knowing what he can control and what he cannot. As a college softball player I related to Jaye in several ways. Listening to Jaye tell me shyly about his strange superstitions made me giggle. Just like almost every athlete we all have our own superstitions and traditions. However meeting someone with weirder superstitions than mine was rather surprising. I have been known to listen to music with a slower tempo because I seem as if I am trying to solve world peace during the game. Jaye also being self-amped and a high-strung person listens to Closer by Kings of Leon to relax him when he takes the mound. Of course superstitious athletes might have our favorite game socks gloves and underwear but Jaye takes his superstitions to the next level. Jaye gets dressed and ready for the game the same way every time. When something feels out of whack Jaye will take all his clothes off and start his morning routine over again. Not only does Jaye relate to other athletes and our superstitious ways but like every other Mosley Dolphin who had a certain teacher (Mr. Hair) Jaye also has his chemistry class stories. All former students of Mr. Hair know his chemistry class is tough but his class rules are even tougher. Jaye was that guy that always pushed the boundaries and showed no mercy to Mr. Hair s stern No Eating in the Classroom rule. Jaye waited in line at the vending machine and sprinted to class with his cherry pop tart in hand to no avail. Mr. Hair also showed no mercy and demanded he leave the class room immediately. Not being able to persuade Mr. Hair to let him finish his snack Jaye stood strong with his toes right on the crack of the doorway enjoying his afternoon treat thinking he was finally going to show Mr. Hair who was boss. Just as quickly as Jaye sprinted to class with his pop tart Mr. Hair slammed the door in Jaye s face even faster As a Major League pitcher Jaye could receive his medical care and training anywhere he wishes. However Jaye chooses to train and receive care from the same physicians that many Bay County athletes use. When asked if anyone one Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 15 person or coach that has influenced him he named proudly First Choice Physical Therapy s MVP performance enhancement specialist and athletic trainer Brent Holtgrewe Coach Todd Harless Coach Mike Kandler Coach Doug Lee and his former coach at Chipola Coach Jeff Johnson. Jaye speaks very highly of all the help these mentors have given and continue to give him. Jaye will not do a workout without Brent s knowledge and approval. Jaye has the utmost faith and trust in Brent and thinks of him like a brother. As a matter of fact if Jaye is not spending time with his parents Joel and Jan Chapman and his brother Joel (Chap) a Panama City fireman he can be found working out with Brent or throwing bullpens at Mosley at The Dugout or at Gulf Coast State College baseball field. Join me in wishing the best of luck to this not so normal normal dude as he starts his season with the Milwaukee Brewers. Jaye Chapman is proof that not all nice guys finish last Pictures to right Jaye Chapman working out with MVP Trainer Brent Holtgrewe MEET Brent Holtgrewe is the Director of Sports Medicine at First Choice Physical Therapy and MVP Sports Enhancement. He is a 2005 graduate of Central Methodist University in Fayette Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Chemistry and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Biology. He is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer from St. Louis Missouri with extensive knowledge and training in orthopedic assessment sport specific injuries and rehabilitation and sports enhancement training. Brent has spent his 11-year career in the orthopedic and sports rehabilitation fields specializing in sports medicine and the development and implementation of sports enhancement programs for middle school high school collegiate and professional athletes. In addition to his education Brent draws on his personal experience as an athlete when helping others. To this day he is a Missouri state high school record holder for football and a former high school and collegiate All-American. While studying and working at the collegiate and professional level he was able to develop his strength and conditioning expertise and specialize in speed agility and plyometrics across all spectrums of athletics. His experience and time tested training methods have made MVP sports enhancement one of the most sought after performance enhancement programs in Northwest Florida. Many college scholarships and professional contracts have come about because of Brent s knowledge training and dedication. On a daily basis Brent can be found in clinic in the morning and early afternoon developing and directing rehabilitation protocols for his patients. In the afternoon his time is spent on the field training athletes from all backgrounds with one goal in mind to become the best athlete possible.The rest Page 18 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 of his time is spent covering sporting events coaching and volunteering. Aside from spending countless hours in the clinic and on the field Brent enjoys a team of his own at home. He is married to his high school sweetheart Sandy also from St. Louis and has six children ranging from 2 to 8 years old. Satisfaction is the death of desire is one of Brent s favorite quotes to use with his athletes. He wants them to understand that in sports and life you can never become satisfied with where you are if you ever want to truly reach your full potential. It is the desire that keeps us fighting through blood sweat and tears to reach that next level and obtain the unobtainable. He pushes them to their limits breaking down physical and mental walls standing in the way of athletic success. His ultimate goal is to help athletes find out how bad they want it and how hard they are willing to push themselves to achieve it. TAKE YOUR SPORT TO THE NEXT LEVEL WWW.READYTOGETBETTER.COM TIPS from MVP SPORTS ENHANCEMENT EXPERT Brent Holtgrewe Keeping a safe pitch count is important to the health of a pitcher s arm. Equally as important is ensuring proper throwing mechanics maintaining range of motion and mobility working on strength and endurance and performing a proper warm-up. Pitchers believe that throwing will strengthen the shoulder adequately. However this thinking is flawed and leads to injury down the road. Without focused strengthening and stretching of the primary stabilizers specifically the posterior musculature of the shoulder and scapula the athlete will not be able to effectively decelerate the arm--resulting in poor throwing mechanics loss of ROM and injury. Below are the core shoulder exercises you can perform to prevent injury from occurring and keep you on the mound. These exercises work well for any overhead throwing hitting athlete such as softball and volleyball players. These exercises focus specifically on maintaining mobility and ROM throughout the shoulders as well as strengthening the posterior musculature. EXTERNAL ROTATION Stand sideways with the attached elastic on the opposite side from the shoulder you are strengthening. Place towel glove etc. between elbow and body to help isolation. Grasp elastic in hand elbow bent to 90. Rotate arm outward and return. Slowly return to start position and repeat. EXTENSION Stand facing the exercise band. Grasp the band out in front at about 45 degrees of shoulder flexion. Keeping your elbow straight pull the band back into shoulder extension just past your hip. (Do not lean forward to get more shoulder extension.) Slowly return to start position and repeat. EXTERNAL ROTATION AT 90 DEGREES Stand facing the exercise band. Keeping your elbow bent at 90 degrees and at shoulder level. Rotate your hand back into a throwing position just past your ear. Slowly return to start position and repeat. D2 FLEXION Attach the elastic band at ankle height Stand sideways with the arm crossed over the body grasping the band at the opposite hip with the palm facing in and thumb down Raise the arm up and diagonally across the body to a 45 degree angle between the shoulder and head. Slowly return back to the starting point Make sure not to rotate the body. SCAPULAR RETRACTION (ROWS) Stand facing the exercise band. Start with your arms straight and your shoulder blades forward. Move your arms back while bending your elbows and pinching your shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position. Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 19 DOORWAY STRETCH Stand at doorway with forearms on door frame elbows bent at 90 degrees at or above shoulder height. Keep back straight and step forward with one leg until a stretch is felt across chest and in front of shoulders. Hold for 1 minute and repeat 3 times. SLEEPER STRETCH Lie on your side. Position the arm you are lying on at a 90 degree angle to your body with your elbow bent at 90 degrees. Rest your chin on your shoulder to help isolate the posterior capsule Using the other arm gently push the forearm of the shoulder you are laying on downward. Hold for 1 minute and repeat 3 times. MVP Sports Enhancement - Lynn Haven 2300 Jenks Ave (850) 248-1600 MEET Ethan Dr. Ethan L. Kellum earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson Tennessee. He received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine in Memphis. In 2013 Dr. Kellum completed a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Medical College of Georgia. In 2014 he completed a fellowship in sports medicine shoulder surgery and advanced arthroscopy at New England Baptist Hospital and Boston Children s Hospital in Boston Massachusetts where he served as assistant team physician for the NBA s Boston Celtics and for both Harvard and Tufts University Athletics. Dr. Kellum is a member of the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. He also has authored and co-authored several peer reviewed orthopedic surgery articles and book chapters. He is married to Angela Kellum and they have six boys. Sports Medicine Shoulder Surgery and Advanced Arthroscopy Specialist Page 20 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Today s little league star will not be tomorrow s MAJOR LEAGUER... By Ethan Kellum M.D. As a young surgeon I heard this saying at a For players and parents a preseason physical is meeting several years ago and since that time key Although most youngsters are the perfect it has stuck with me. The more I see young picture of health there are some medical players with overuse syndrome the more I see problems that can only be detected with a the wisdom in this saying. more thorough exam. Stretching At the turn of the New Year warming up cooling down before and as spring fast approaches and after practice will help prolong America s favorite past time will play and prevent injuries. soon be upon us As we move Lastly one of the main areas to forward in this season there focus on to keep overuse injury are a few pearls of wisdom as to a minimum in baseball deals coaches athletes and parents we with throwing and pitching. Most can take with us. overuse injuries in baseball are by An ounce of prevention Ethan Kellum M.D. far due to excessive number or By is worth a pound of curepitches types of pitches thrown For coaches you should have a (see chart below) and little rest Pitch Count Limits working knowledge of first aid from playing the sport. Finally the be able to recognize common biggest way to prevent overuse By Ethan Kellum M.D. proper injuries and know injuries to have the player Max. Max. Age treatment for them. One important aspect is to rest when hurt and not to play the sport Pitches Game Pitches Week know where the cardiac defibrillator is50 located competitively year round. 8 75 Pitch Count Limits - 10 and how to use it. Have a plan11 - 12 75 for emergency 100 situations and ability to have players seen for 13 - 14 75 125 Have a great and safe season Max. Max. more major injuries. Communication between Age 2Ethan Kellum MD games week Pitches Game doctors is Pitches Week coaches athletes parents and 15 - 16 90 very Former Assistant Team Physician Boston Celtics 17 - promoting 2Attending Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeon games week 8 - 10 50 75 important to managing issues. Also18 105 Southern Orthopedic Specialist safe play 11 - 12 75 and knowledge of the rules of the 100 game will13 - a long way. go 14 75 125 Ages for learning types of pitches By Ethan Kellum M.D. 15 - 16 90 2 games week 2 games Fastball week 8 Change-up 10 Curveball 14 Ages for learning types of pitches Knuckleball 15 Slider 16 Fastball 8 Forkball 16 Change-up 10 Splitter 16 Curveball 14 Screwball 17 Knuckleball 15 Slider 16 Forkball 16 17 - 18 105 AGES FOR LEARNING TYPES OF PITCHES PITCH COUNT LIMITS Pitch Count Limits Max. Pitches Game 50 75 75 90 105 Age 8 - 10 11 - 12 13 - 14 15 - 16 17 - 18 Max. Pitches Week 75 100 125 2 games week 2 games week Ages for learning types of pitches Mike Mike Kandler is now in his 11th year of coaching at Gulf Coast State College. While at Gulf Coast Coach Kandler has coached five All-Americans and 15 players that have signed professional baseball contracts. Having coached over 70 players who have been drafted including big-leaguers David Herndon Will Smith Bob Wickman Tim Spooneybarger and Terrance Gore Coach Kandler is no stranger recognizing and developing bigtime talent. How do you feel about your team this season Looking forward to a great season with some talented players. We have a shot to be pretty good. Several of our players are local boys. Current Gulf Coast sophomore Nick Nelson has signed with the University of Florida and Bowen McGuffin has signed with Auburn for next year. Do you have any local boys joining the team next year Local kids joining the Gulf Coast program next year will include our first Bozeman player Alec Aleywine (Pitcher FB) Jacquez Koonce From Rutherford (outfield) and JT Duncan from Bay High (SS Utility). By Jennifer Watson After spending some time with Coach Kandler I quickly realized his depth of wisdom when it comes to recruiting players and helping move players on to the next level in baseball. He offered some great advice for not only student athletes of all sports but for parents and even pros. Page 22 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Other than being a good athlete what else do you look at in a player Many students wait until their junior or senior year to start focusing on their grades. That is definitely the wrong approach. What you do starting day one of your freshman year stays with you. It is really hard to get caught back up if you slacked in the early years. If an athlete is a rock solid super star with average grades we can always find tutors to assist them with their education but it sure helps if they are a good student. I as well as most coaches put great emphasis on education and character. If you re good in the classroom you are much more attractive as a recruit. Having good character is the biggest part of being good at anything. What is your advice on playing more than one sport While in your early teens have fun and play as many sports as you possibly can. Being diverse develops you athletically. Once you get into your later years of high school select your favorite sport and give it your all -developing your skills for that particular sport. If you are a good athlete you will be a better baseball player. Work on strength training like climbing robes pushups and climbing trees when you re young. About the age of puberty you should start in the weight room with some strength training as well as speed and agility drills. What is your advice on social media Golden rule- don t ever post anything that would embarrass yourself your team or your family. If it is fun positive or informative then post away. The college has a social media policy for athletes. Most coaches myself included actually have private accounts and do check out potential recruits and current player s social media. I have reconsidered players due to their inappropriateness and misuse of social media. It all goes back to character. What role does a player s appearance play in recruiting I grew up in the 70 s so I try to go with the flow as much as possible. Long hair on guys was just a fashion fad and it still comes and goes today. I try to look past the long hair and even tattoos without being too judgmental. A sloppy appearance on the other hand is not good for anyone. In the words of Herb Brooks I m not looking for the best players I am looking for the right ones . What advice do you have for parents of athletes Like most coaches at this level I do not like to see what we call helicopter parents . I notice when parents hand kids Gatorades carry out their bat bags and coach from the sidelines. I understand loving your kids but you are not doing them any favors. Don t get me started on the Black Hawk helicopter parents. Those are the ones that just cause complete destruction. If they feel their kid is not getting enough playing time they move them on and off teams have them switching schools and take down anyone in their way. This takes away some of the most important life lessons that sports have to offer teamwork and commitment. They take this team sport and make it all about one individual person their kid. Not everyone can be a Mickey Mantle and someone has to do the dirty work. Parents should be proud of their kids for being on the team and realize that not everyone can make the papers but that doesn t mean that their position on the team is not important. Athletic success does not equal happiness. Parents need to realize the positive aspects of their kids just being part of a team and help their kids to feel important. What advice do you have for pro athletes and future pro athletes We have had so many pro baseball players come from our local community that young athletes may not realize the actuality of just how few baseball players make it to the pro level. Not to be a dream killer but the number low. There are also additional challenges for those few athletes who do make it to stay healthy enough to remain at that level. I would suggest getting the education you need and getting a good financial planner that you can trust because it doesn t last forever. Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 23 It s Your Choice. Make It Count. Dr. Wade Rinehart Dr. Brett Frank Dr. Stephen Peaden Dr. Brannon Chester Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here for you. We are the most advanced Physical Therapy clinic in Northwest Florida. That means you get the most up to date state of the art care - to get you BETTER fast. We treat all ranges of orthopedic injuries from professional athletes to work place injuries. We are trusted by many sports teams and businesses because we get you Better faster. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly skilled from spinal manipulation to post surgical rehabilitation but our greatest skill is our personalized professional touch. READY TO GET BETTER.COM Lynn Haven Panama City (850) 248-1600 or Panama City Beach (850) 249-1603 Are You Ready To Get Better No Referral Needed. If You Are In Pain & Want Help Fast Call Our Doctors Today HOPE FOR HAIR LOSS Advanced Restoration Method and Technology Come to Panama City Many of us don t give a second thought to how quickly our hair grows until we notice it s looking a bit shaggy and decide it s time for a trim. Others regularly schedule trips to the barber or salon to maintain a desired appearance or style. But just as our hair continually grows it also sheds. Barely noticeable as we shampoo brush and comb the average person sheds 50 to 100 hairs per day. However if we begin to notice an increased rate and amount of shedding hair -- more hair on our pillow in the shower or on the hairbrush -- it can be concerning. Temporary periods of excessive shedding known as telogen effluvium are common in people who have experienced high stress events or physiological changes. As your circumstances change and your body adjusts normal hair growth resumes usually regaining its fullness within 6 to 9 months. Shedding is different than hair loss. Hair loss occurs when something prevents the hair from growing. Until the cause is determined and can be treated hair loss will continue. The most common causes of hair loss are Heredity Immune system imbalance Side effect of some drugs or medical treatments Emotional condition that compels the patient to pull out their hair The use of harsh hair products or aggressive styling methods If you believe your hair loss may be the result of a drug or medical treatment it is best to seek the advice of your primary care physician. An examination by a dermatologist is best to determine other causes that may require and respond to treatment. Page 30 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 NO W HOPE FOR HAIR LOSS OP EN CONT D For patients who may not respond completely or at all to prescribed treatments there is still hope. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are now using advanced minimally invasive transplant procedures to restore hair that has been lost resulting in receding hairlines balding or thinning. Board-certified dermatologists Dr. Jon Ward and Dr. Michael Stickler have brought an advanced FDA-approved and highly successful method of hair transplantation to our area. The physicians have opened The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center in Panama City Florida using the NeoGraft device for Follicular-Unit Extraction or FUE. With precise technician-guided automation select hair follicles are taken from areas of the patient s head where regular growth has not been inhibited. The follicular grafts are prepared and then transplanted at the precise angle and depth in the balding or thinning areas resulting in restoration within 6 to 9 months. The benefits of this procedure are Minimally invasive no general anesthesia is needed No linear scar as with strip methods of transplant Little to no discomfort Procedure takes only a few hours Quick recovery time Natural permanent results Experienced and trained technicians and physicians For more information about the FUE method and NeoGraft visit or schedule a free consultation with the physician and nurse navigator at The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center call Monica Rennspies RN BSN at 844-994HAIR(4247). The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is located at 2505 Harrison Avenue. www. Let Us Restore Your Hair & Your Confidence The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is now open in Panama City and pleased to introduce the NeoGraft procedure. With the newest clinically proven and precise method of hair transplantation our team will restore your hair providing a natural appearance with minimal discomfort and optimal permanent results. Minimally invasive procedure No linear scar as with other methods Little to no discomfort Quick recovery time Experienced and trained technicians and physicians BEFORE AFTER To schedule a FREE consultation call Monica Rennspies RN BSN 844.994.HAIR 2505 Harrison Avenue Panama City Florida 32405 By David Barron I have coached Abbigail since she was three A college scholarship to play softball at the next level is the beginning of a new and exciting journey for a young lady. Especially for one young lady that has dreamed of it her entire life. As her senior season begins my time being her coach comes to an end. My daughter Abbigail Barron has signed to play softball at Faulkner University in Montgomery Alabama. This has been her passion and dream for years. Not once did she waiver. Our family has done everything possible to help her reach this goal. Thousands of dollars have been spent for fundraising items camps and tournament fees. All in hopes that one day Abbigail would be recruited. So imagine how excited we became that Coach Wynn decided to give her that opportunity to play in college. For me however this was a bitter sweet moment and time for some reflection. yeas old. We began in recreational ball progressed to travel ball and lastly high school. Our softball journey has taken us from the t-ball fields of Callaway to the ASA 18A Nationals in Montgomery and South Carolina. I think we have played at every major complex in the southeast.There are just too many places to list them all. We have seen a lot of country and put many miles on our car all in the name of softball. Over the years the teams have changed players have come and gone and yet the one true constant has been Abbigail and myself. I have coached her in every game she has ever played. Not too many dads can say that. I have watched her go from a tiny little red headed kid playing in the dirt to an accomplished young woman that happens to be a pretty good softball player. On the field she has become the ultimate The Healing Power of Oxygen I couldn t be more grateful to be able to get back in the game that fast - Sean Maddox Mosley High School football player Sean Maddox was feeling healthy and stronger than ever for his senior year of sports. Sean his family teammates and coaches were all disappointed when he received a grade 3 tear of his MCL while at practice in the middle of football season. The typical rehab protocol for this type of injury is approximately 6-8 weeks of rest and usually competitor. Always the smallest and the coach s kid she had to fight incredibly hard to succeed. Not only did she have to earn the respect of her team mates but also prove to their parents she earned her spot on the field. She has been named to All State and All County three times. Each year it was for a different position on the field. In addition to her success on the field Abbigail was also named to the All State Academic and All County Academic Teams for the past three years. I never realized how her determination to succeed on the field would trickle over into other parts of her life. The final question is was it worth it Was it worth all the money time and sacrifice Absolutely and I can say that without a single doubt. Watching the flood of tears roll down her face and the sheer joy erupt all over her face as Coach Wynn asked her to come to Faulkner and play. I would not change a thing. All of the bad and all of the good were completely worth it to see that happiness as she achieved her dream. Softball has taught my entire family some life long lessons. It has given us the opportunity to meet some interesting people and provided us with some ever lasting memories. Plus it helped me produce one outstanding young lady. One that I am very proud to have call me dad aka coach. Go Gett em Red Love Dad and Barron on) Abbie vid Barr ach Da dad (Co her a straight leg brace to allow for the tear to repair itself. For Sean this just wasn t an option for his senior year. Like many Bay County athletes he called upon the local Sports Medicine Physical Therapists at First Choice Physical Therapy. Dr. Wade Rinehart owner of First Choice as well as Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence decided to put Sean in the hyperbaric chamber to speed up his recovery time. Sean received 6 high pressure dives in the chamber and the ultrasounds before and after the treatments confirmed the accelerated healing of his knee. His tear went from a 1.8 cm tear to a .5 tear and he was back on the field in ten days. Sean finished out the football season without re-injuring his leg or suffering further damage to his leg. He is healthy strong and is starting his senior year of baseball thanks to the professionals and treatment at Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence. Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Page 5 Sa ve the Date We will publish upcoming fundraising dates tournaments season opening dates races summer camps tryouts auditions and competitions for sports teams of all ages...JUST SEND US THE DETAILS. We will also gladly publish information for health related seminars health fairs and fundraisers beneeting health and wellness. I help safe drivers SAVE 45% or more. Driving defensively and avoiding accidents can save you serious money. And savings for driving safely is just the beginning. I ll help you find all the discounts you deserve. Call me to start saving today. SEND US THE DETAILS BAYCOUNTYMVP GMAIL.COM The Bay County Alzheimer s Alliance - 11th annual fund raising event Monte Carlo Night February 20th. For more information (850) 276-2646 STRIDES FOR SCHOLARS 5K Walk-Run and Fun-RunFebruary 27th Register through Bay Education Foundation- Events or Pam Johnson Agency 850-784-9501 2555 Huntcliff Ln. Panama City pamjohnson Seaside Half Marathon- February 28th Register at http Mosley Baseball Golf Tournament- March 12th. Sunny Hills Golf Course. For more information (850) 527-1355 Free Yoga Beginner Class -One Heart Yoga - Historical St. Andrews. Call for class schedule. (850) 832-3202 Tough Mudder Gulf Coast- Milton Florida April 9th-10th Register at 166701 DISCOUNT PERCENTAGES VARY BY STATE include discounts for having multiple Allstate policies products and are subject to terms and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. Northbrook IL. 2016 Allstate Insurance Co. Iron Man Panama City November 5th. Register at Page 35 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Head Coach Roonie Scovel and Assistant Coach Grover Hicks reached their 500th Gulf Coast State College career win this season with the win over Tallahassee Community College. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS DURING THEIR EIGHTEEN YEARS AT GULF COAST STATE COLLEGE 500 career wins Overall record of 500 wins and 70 losses winning percentage of 88% Three National Championships 2003 2008 2010 Eight State Championships 1998 1999 2000 2002 2003 2004 2008 2010 Thirteen Conference Championships 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Seventeen NJCAA All-Americans I want to thank Coach Scovel and Coach Hicks for their loyalty and dedication to Gulf Coast State College our community and most importantly for changing the lives of countless student athletes during the past eighteen years. -- Gregg Wolfe Athletic Director VISIT WWW.GCATHLETICS.COM FOR ALL GULF COAST STATE COLLEGE SPORTS UPDATES. TALK OF THE TOWN NIKE PHENOM IS HERE Congratulations to Coach Scott Hemond for becoming the Nike Phenom Representative for the State of Florida Bay County has placed several players on this very select tournament team ranging in age from 8 -18. Kevin Tolar serves as a coach and is the backbone of the Panama City based teams. Mosley Girls Basketball Took Home The District Title Congratulations to the Ladies North Bay Haven weightlifting team. In only their second year competing NBH produced the following girls that moved on to Regionals Olivia Taylor Angeles Rodriguez Daniela Miranda Sydney Colvin Yelena Nielson Faith Rodriguez Madison Hamilton Mia Cornelius Sklyar Stokes Out of these 9 girls Olivia Taylor and Madison Hamilton move on to state competition on Feb 6 in Kissimmee FL. Bay United Elite Volleyball Results for the Pounders Open Tournament GREAT JOB LADIES Good Luck ladies Gulf Coast Baseball is off to a good start. Sophomore Bowen McGuffin hit a lead off homerun at the opening game of the season for Gulf Coast Baseball 16 National (Black) - 1st Place Overall (16s division) 13 National (Black) - 2nd Place Overall (13s division) 15 National (Black) - 1st Place Silver Bracket (15s division) 13 Regional (Silver) - 2nd Place Silver Bracket (13s division) North Bay Haven Girls Soccer made history by advancing to the FHSAA Regional Finals Way to go Lady Bucks After working in healthcare marketing for over fifteen years and raising a few of my own Bay County student athletes I decided to put together this new and unique magazine. The purpose of Bay County MVP is to highlight athletes of all ages and provide readers with valuable health and wellness information. Bay County produces some amazingly talented athletes. One thing the magazine will do this year and hopefully be able to continue in years to come is to award scholarships to five of Bay County s top MVP Student Athletes. Thank You from the publisher We are very fortunate to have state-of-the-art health care in our community and Bay County is exploding with fitness and wellness resources that you may not even be aware of. I hope that as this magazine grows our readers are able to gather knowledge to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Whether you are an athlete already a fitness junkie or just beginning on your journey to healthy living I hope that you will enjoy Bay County MVP Magazine. Thank you to all of the advertisers for their support and encouragement as I put this first issue together. I look forward to building this magazine with you Best wishes to my oldest two kids in college Gregory and Graysen Gladden with their upcoming baseball and softball seasons. I sure miss not being at the Mosley or Niceville fields and being able to catch all of the games Thank you Bay County Jennifer Watson Page 38 Bay County MVP Magazine February March 2016 Are You Ready To Get Better Better Physical Therapy. Better Training. Better Recovery. READY TO GET BETTER.COM LET OUR MVPS HELP YOUR MVP FIRST CHOICE PHYSICAL THERAPY (850) 248-1600 HYPERBARIC CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE (850) 502-2015 MVP SPORTS ENHANCEMENT (850) 303-2600