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Description: On The Cover: Bay County's Top 5 Student Athletes Dancer Story: Elysium McCranie Grow It. Eat It. Live Well. (Calvin Chester) Meet Dr. Myra Reed - What is Functional Medicine? Meet Clinton Wallace- Fire ab tips from Clinton Core strenght tips from Brent Fit At Any Age featuring Rachel Binder, Aaron Thompson, Mandy Williamson, John Barrameda, Jen Mcfatter,Bubba McCants, Patty Smith,Ron Branham, Rita Suellkluck,& Pat Revell. Fit First Responders featuring, James Jones & Calvin Bruce.

magazine HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS SOUTH WALTON DESTIN MVP MAGAZINE COMING SOON Bay County BAY COUNTY TOP 5 April May 2016 2nd Edition pages 36-40 MVP STUDENT ATHLETES magazine HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County Dr. Brannon Chester PT DPT First Choice Physical Therapy Brent Holtgrewe BSC ATC LAT PES First Choice Physical Therapy April May 2016 Issue 2 CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Ethan Kellum Sports Medicine Southern Orthopedics Lee McArthur Scott MVP Writer Tammy Dunaway Patient Engagement Champion Gulf Coast Medical Center Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate Clinton Wallace CEO CW Synergy Fitness Karrie Burkhardt PA-C Dermatology Specialists Dr. Myra Reed Personalized Concierge Doctor Winston Chester Mosley HS Teacher Author TV Show Host Panhandle Outdoors Graysen Gladden Student Athlete - FSW INDEX 5 8 14 Jennifer Watson Publisher 30A Healthy Marketing LLC NUTRACEUTICALS The condition of your skin nails and hair are a reflection of your overall state of health. By Dr. Myra Reed GROW IT EAT IT LIVE WELL. Calvin Cal Chester is a on a mission to fight hunger obesity and diabetes by making landscapes healthy edible and aesthetic By Tammy Dunaway GETTING MY HEALTH BACK Marie Goretsky s journey to find healing through yoga. I developed a desire to help others find healing through yoga. 16 22 24 34 36 IN THE SPOTLIGHT She is a girl with a jazzy spirt and a lyrical heart. Meet Elysium a student at Julie s School of Dance. By Graysen Gladden Alexandria Everhart Graphic Design Everhart Creative FIT TIPS FROM CLITON Fire Ab Routine. Exercises to help train the abdominal muscles for strength tone and endurance. CONTACT US BAYCOUNTYMVP GMAIL.COM (850) 832-5650 FIT AT ANY AGE Fit and Healthy Locals in different age groups. BRENT S TIPS FOR ATHLETES The lower back is the location for some of the most common injuries in sports. BAY COUNTY MVP STUDENT ATHLETES A list of Bay County s top athletes from each school and sport. Meet Bay County s Top 5 MVP Student Athletes. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 3 EAT YOUR BROCCOLI BROCCOLI VS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Look out blood pressure and heart risk here comes Broccoli A potent package of fiber potassium calcium magnesium and vitamin C work to relax and strengthen blood vessels and to improve blood flow. An amino acid Glutamic Acid found in large quantities in broccoli has been linked to lower blood pressure via a study titled Glutamic Acid the Main Dietary Amino Acid and Blood Pressure done by Northwestern University in 2009. A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)in 1999 titled Fruit and Vegetable Intake in Relation to Risk of Ischemic Stroke recognizes broccoli as one of the best foods to protect against a stroke. The best methods of preparation to get the most benefits were identified by the George Mateljan Foundation in The World s healthiest food in March 2016 as lightly steamed or raw. Enjoy the following recipe for a raw use of broccoli Eat your little trees Broccoli Tomato Salad 3 cups Broccoli Florets and stems 1.5 cups Grape Tomatoes 1 can of Black Olives use raw if you can find them 1 8 cup of Olive Oil 3 Little Green Onions sliced. Salt and Pepper to taste Using the c-shaped slicing blade on your food processor slice the Broccoli Tomatoes and Black Olives. Place in a salad bowl with the olive oil and sliced onions. Make certain to add all the liquid from the food processor. This makes your dressing Toss with salt and pepper to taste. This can be eaten straight as a dip for chips melba toast toasted bread or as a topping for your salad. Enjoy 4 MVP Magazine April May 2016 for Healthy Hair Skin and Nails DR. MYRA REED Biotin & the mighty B vitamins. The B-complex (B12 B3 and B6) is vital for hair and skin growth. Biotin also a B vitamin is sometimes used to help reduce or prevent hair loss. Some people do not get enough biotin in their diet resulting in a deficiency. In such cases research has shown taking biotin supplements may help alleviate hair thinning. Biotin-rich foods include peanut butter eggs avocados legumes and bananas. Vitamin D is important for hair follicle cycling especially for individuals who live in northern parts of the United States where sunlight is limited. Salmon mushrooms beef liver and grains are great sources of vitamin D. Zinc is a key mineral for hair growth wound healing healthy skin and immune function. Zinc is found in foods such as red meat oysters lamb turkey pumpkin seeds and chocolate. Horsetail a herb acts as an antibacterial and has a remineralizing effect. It is rich in flavonoids potassium and silicon which are vital to the functioning of rapidly growing tissues such as skin and nails. It also has a key role in the synthesis of collagen. NUTRACEUTICALS T he condition of your skin nails and hair are a reflection of your overall state of health. A variety of factors can affect their condition including genetics exposure to tobacco smoke sun damage medication and drug use and nutritional deficiencies. Eating a wellbalanced diet is the best way to keep the integumentary system-that s your hair nails and skin-healthy. Additionally vitamin supplementation can support the biological processes that maintain the health of the integumentary system. Supplementation can be especially important for helping to tame the symptoms of hypothyroidism which is known to adversely affect the condition of hair skin and nails. Vitamin formulas for healthy hair skin and nails contain many of the same nutrients that your entire body needs for growth and maintenance of cells. Hair skin and nails also respond well to vitamins that support keratin production. Keratin is a protein that is an essential building block for the integumentary system. Vitamins C & E both have many important functions including protecting cells from damage and boosting immunity. Good sources are seeds dark green veggies safflower oil and citrus fruits. Essential fatty acids. Omega-3 and omega-6 fats have been shown to reduce inflammation and support skin and scalp health. You can obtain essential fatty acids from eating coldwater fish such as mackerel salmon sardines anchovies tuna pollock or shrimp. However these fish can contain high levels of heavy metals-that s not a good thing. Limit your intake of these fish to just two or three times a month. If you are averse to eating fish or are vegan a flaxseed oil supplement is a good alternative. Dr. Myra Reed is a Board Certified Physician who specializes in Personalized Functional Medicine. 1814 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach FL 32408 info Tel (850) 249-5414 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 5 GO FISH WINSTON CHESTER T he spring run is on.... music to the ears of local fishermen. Water temps have warmed and cobia mackerel and pompano are coming through in schools. Whether you are fishing from a boat the piers or from the surf your chances of success are excellent this time of year. Cobia fishermen will be right off the shore sight fishing from towers in all sizes of boats. Some will even have step ladders strapped down to small aluminum John boats. Best bait is live eels tossed in front of the strong fighting fish. Pier fishermen will be gazing eastwardly daily and the first one to sight a cobia will shout First cast and has the exclusive right to actually make the first toss. This is a time honored local tradition and these guys use heavy and colorful jigs. Minimum size is 33 inches and the limit is one per day. A lot of pompano are caught from the surf with fishermen using surf rods to make long casts. A two hook rig with a triangle weight usually baited with fresh peeled shrimp is the best way to have a successful outing. Pier fishermen will be sight fishing with small pompano jigs about halfway out on the pier. Minimum size is 11 inches and the limit is 6 per day. Enjoy the waters 6 MVP Magazine April May 2016 EAT FISH LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT The COBIA are coming The COBIA are coming Get those grills fired up We all know that we are supposed to increase our Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Salmon is a great option for doing this. More good news so is Cobia as well as many other Gulf fish Drs. Julia S. Lytle and Thomas F. Lytle at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory found Omega-3 Fatty Acids are not just found in cold water fish but instead they are found in abundance in the fish off our docks Cobia boasts nearly gram per 100 grams of fish Omega-3 Fatty Acids are extremely important to our diets The study goes on to say that balancing the Omega-6 Fatty Acids by the Omega-3 Fatty Acids will greatly reduce inflammation reduce the risks of heart attacks strokes certain cancers and macular degeneration boost the immune system slow the aging process and lower your triglycerides in the blood. Dr. Lytle and Dr. Lytle note that the average American typically consumes up to 20 times more Omega-6 Fatty Acids than Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Reduction of your Omega-6 Fatty Acids is vital. Omega-6 Fatty Acids are found in processed foods deep-fried foods and certain plant oils. Only olive oils and canola oils should be used for salads and cooking. In addition to Gulf fish Omega-3s can be found in dark green leafy vegetables flaxseeds and walnuts. Eat more fish The nutritional benefits of cobia reach beyond the Omega-3s. They are a low fat low cholesterol protein source (.64 grams of fat 40 grams of cholesterol 19 grams of protein serving) that contains Magnesium Potassium Selenium and Niacin. Cobia is a sweet richly flavored meat that lends itself well to being skewered and grilled. Captain s Table located on Beck Avenue serves Cobia grilled with a secret marinade. It is yummy Cobia can also be smoked fried seared or prepared as sushi. Cobia s taste is so yummy that the locals tend to brush with olive oil add lemon pepper and grill. The fish will be white and flake easily when it is done. Currently there are a multitude of Aquaculture Operations in place raising Cobia. We get ours fresh Go FISH CAPTAIN S TABLE 1110 Beck Ave Panama City Phone (850) 767-9933 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 7 GROW IT EAT IT LIVE WELL. TAMMY DUNAWAY C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. alvin Cal Chester is a on a mission to fight hunger obesity and diabetes by making landscapes healthy edible and aesthetic Serving Bay County to 30A his holistic approach to community encompasses not only edible landscaping but principles that guide and challenge every area of life Cal exemplifies his 14 Principles as he serves through education in our school system GreenthumbCalboys Edible Landscaping business and his investment in the candidacy for Panama City Beach Mayor. The problem is the solution Work with nature not against it Observe and interact Catch and store energy Apply regulation Accept feedback Use and value renewable resources Produce NO waste Design with patterns for detail Integrate rather than separate Use small slow solutions Use and value diversity Set edges and value marginals Creatively use and respond to change Cal who was a baseball player at Arnold High School and went on to play in the minor league refers to his food garden as a batting line-up . All of the plants serve a purpose and there is a specific batting order . Some plants are the home run hitters while the others are the bench warmers waiting patiently and cheering on the plants that are producing well at the time. He has a true talent for developing a functional edible yard. The ecology of his edible landscaping provides nutritional support that creates balancing relationships with plants humans and animals. ROSEMARY Cal operates from 3 Beliefs Care for the earth Care for people Set Limits Share Surplus. With luxury and intelligence we can serve the environment with aromatic edible landscaping that is esthetically pleasing delightfully sweet and delicious and redistribute the money we can save at the grocery store and on electricity (with the proper design for shading ) Several restaurants including Gfoley s Firefly and Finns get their supply of fresh fruit greens and herbs like this rosemary plant from Cal s delicious and nutritious yard. 8 MVP Magazine April May 2016 LOQUAT FRUIT 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GROW YOUR OWN FOOD 1. Saves money on your grocery bill (Not having to buy peaches kale strawberries etc.) 2. Makes money from over-production (Farmers markets trade) 3. Self Empowerment Being independent able to grow your own food is so rewarding priceless 4. Health Growing your own food creates an active lifestyle surrounded by ingredients that are great for your health. 5. A guaranteed supply of a variety of Organic Fruit Vegetables Herbs Greens you can t fine buy in stores. 6. Good for the Environment (Not only are you reducing eliminating pesticides water pollution and excessive water usage you are also reducing the overuse of fossil fuels utilized by the Agriculture Industry) 7. Convenient (Saves time money gas water electricity) 8. Great for family kids (If it is more convenient for a kid to eat an apple than buy a snickers bar we can fight obesity ) 9. Little No waster (Pick produce when you need so it doesn t spoil. Compost what does) 10. Cool Factor. (Let s face it you are way more awesome with a garden Plus you can have fresh blueberries in you ICE CREAM ) Cal let me partake of his edible yard and I must say the sweet taste if the loquat fruit was out of this world divine The Loquat tree is a rare fruit tree which flowers in fall or winter and fruits in April to May. The loquat trees fruit is small round orange and sweet. Loquat trees usually grow to 10 but can reach 20 . Loquat trees are very easy evergreens to grow but fruit yield can vary from year especially with extreme temperatures. A basket of Loquat fruit can be picked from a tree beginning in May before the bird s descent upon the delicious fruit as it matures its yellow to orange fruit that ripens in March and April much earlier than most other fruit trees. Some loquat trees will partially self pollinate but all benefit from a second pollinator plant. For your edible landscaping needs call Calvin Chester. PHONE (850) 866-6867 EMAIL Greenthumbcalboys EdibleLandscape April May 2016 MVP Magazine 9 MEET DR. MYRA Board Certification Internal Medicine Medical School Louisiana State University School of Medicine New Orleans 1987 Internship and Residency in Internal Medicine University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston Texas June 1987 June 1990 D r. Reed is one of only Twenty-one Physicians who have been named to Concierge Medicine Today s annual Top Doctors In Concierge Medicine for 2016 a distinction held by less than one percent of doctors across the country each year. She has also locally won Best of Bay and Bays A List numerous times. By offering a combination of traditional and Functional Medicine approaches Dr. Myra Reed dives deeper than the symptoms and looks for the root cause of illness.By taking a more natural approach to treatments she helps her patients reduce their dependency on prescriptions with an emphasis on lifestyle. Dr. Myra s personal and proactive approach to medical care is designed to keep you healthy. I have given great consideration to what my patients experience with healthcare is usually like and I want to change the rushed impersonal nature of medicine. That s why I have structured my practice so that we can return to the more personal care I remember from my childhood with a focus on prevention and total wellbeing. - Dr. Myra Reed 1814 Thomas Drive Panama City Beach FL 32408 Tel (850) 249-5414 Fax (850) 249-5008 info 10 MVP Magazine April May 2016 FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Getting to the Root Cause I DR. MYRA REED chronic diseases. The assessment and education of diet nutrition exercise or activity toxins and stress are all part of the plan. nstead of a Pill for an ill Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease using a science evidence based whole body approach to treating and reversing chronic diseases in the patient. It engages the patient as an active partner with the Functional Medicine doctor in a therapeutic partnership. This term was coined by Dr. Jeffrey Bland 25 years ago due to the rapid rise in chronic diseases in the U.S. Functional Medicine is now a new department at the Cleveland Clinic with Dr. Mark Hyman the director. Presently many medical schools are now incorporating Functional Medicine into their teachings. ...the patient is an active partner with the Functional Medicine doctor Along with more time listening to the patient s story specific questionnaires as well as traditional and more advanced testing is able to assess specific cellular nutrient deficiency dysfunction toxicities allergies immune and energy dysfunction cardiovascular and mental risks hormone imbalances or genetic predispositions. This is essential information in developing a customized comprehensive treatment plan to restore health and vitality. It is personalized customized medicine that uses the original art and science of medicine that has now become lost. Some of the most important factors in gathering information are foundational lifestyle factors sleep exercise nutrition stress relationships genetics. Along with predisposing factors (antecedents) events (triggers) and ongoing processes (mediators). Basically it is gathering a lot of information and then educating the patient on treatment with lifestyle changes mentioned above. Other treatments may include drugs botanical medicines nutritional supplements therapeutic diets detoxification programs and counseling on lifestyle activities or stress-management techniques. Again the patient is an active partner with the Functional Medicine doctor taking a leading role in improving health and vitality along with changing the outcome of disease. ...Functional Medicine reduces these costs by focusing on prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles. The practice of medicine today by most physicians is oriented toward acute care and referral to many specialists to treat a problem. With the high cost of health care and people in much poorer health than before Functional Medicine reduces these costs by focusing on prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles. Functional medicine takes diabetes hypertension heart disease hormone imbalances thyroid issues intestinal issues insomnia anxiety depression weight gain autoimmune and other diseases or symptoms and not only treats them but finds out how to improve them without using only drugs. Unfortunately traditional medical practice does not allow much time spent with a patient. The average visit is 5-7 minutes and only addresses the acute problem. With Functional Medicine more time is spent listening to the patient and looking at genetic environment and lifestyle interactions that affect long-term health and complex April May 2016 MVP Magazine 11 PUTTING THE REINS ON ACNE KARRIE BURKHARDT PA-C Most of us know that acne does more than affect our skin. It can also affect our emotions causing embarrassment and inhibiting social interactions. But acne can be managed with routine home care and professional guidance. It s important to note that advice like Let acne run its course is a myth. Allowing acne to go untreated can lead to self-esteem issues and potentially cause irreversible acne scarring. Acne is a condition that affects the hair follicle and sebaceous gland. When the follicle becomes blocked inflammation follows. Numerous causes contribute to the development of acne including genetics hormones bacteria occlusive cosmetics steroids humidity diets with excess dairy sugar and improper facial care. Acne can occur on the face back and or the chest appearing most commonly in the teenage years but at any point in life as well. Here are some important considerations Improving the condition begins with good care at home. First make sure to wash your face twice daily especially after sports activities or perspiring with a gentle non-abrasive cleanser. Avoid scrubbing. Use your fingertips and apply a gentle moisturizer for dryness. For mild acne look for washes containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. To improve and prevent breakouts on the body wear moisture- wicking clothing use a cleanser that is antimicrobial disinfect any sports gear including caps and do not share personal items. Females commonly try to disguise acne with make-up. Be sure to choose oil-free non-comedogenic products. Less is more Stick to a light powder and avoid layering foundation and concealers. For moderate to severe acne there are several treatments a dermatologist may prescribe. These treatments range from the use of topical retinoids to antibiotics and oral therapy as well. Every person is different and a treatment regimen needs to be tailored specifically to his or her individual acne. Taking good care of your skin will help it to age well and can allow you toavoid social anxiety and unnecessary scarring. Karrie is a nationally certified physician assistant and been with Dermatology Specialists of Florida since 2013. Karrie serves patients in Panama City Panama City Beach and Bonifay Florida. NO W OP EN Let Us Restore Your Hair & Your Confidence The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is now open in Panama City and pleased to introduce the NeoGraft procedure. With the newest clinically proven and precise method of hair transplantation our team will restore your hair providing a natural appearance with minimal discomfort and optimal permanent results. Minimally invasive procedure No linear scar as with other methods Little to no discomfort Quick recovery time Experienced and trained technicians and physicians BEFORE AFTER To schedule a FREE consultation call Monica Rennspies RN BSN 844.994.HAIR 2505 Harrison Avenue Panama City Florida 32405 12 MVP Magazine April May 2016 It s Your Choice. Make It Count. Dr. Wade Rinehart Dr. Brett Frank Dr. Stephen Peaden Dr. Brannon Chester Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here for you. We are the most advanced Physical Therapy clinic in Northwest Florida. That means you get the most up to date state of the art care - to get you BETTER fast. We treat all ranges of orthopedic injuries from professional athletes to work place injuries. We are trusted by many sports teams and businesses because we get you Better faster. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly skilled from spinal manipulation to post surgical rehabilitation but our greatest skill is our personalized professional touch. READY TO GET BETTER.COM Lynn Haven Panama City (850) 248-1600 or Panama City Beach (850) 249-1603 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 13 Are You Ready To Get Better No Referral Needed. If You Are In Pain & Want Help Fast Call Our Doctors Today GETTING MY HEALTH BACK MARIE GORETSKY M y yoga journey began as a quest for better health and well being. I served in the Air Force for nine and a half years. While in the Air Force I had many awesome experiences and opportunities. However my body and mind began to decline. I began suffering from bouts of anger anxiety fear restlessness and insomnia. My body deteriorated as well. I developed a multitude of debilitating diseases including Fibromyalgia Migraines various neuropathies and severe back pain. The massive amounts of pain associated with my physical ailments landed me in the Emergency Room five times in one year and resulted in a prescription for a walker. My physical well-being was spiraling. Through the support of my husband and child I struggled through this very difficult time in my life. My husband began encouraging me via the mantra Healthy mind Healthy body to try yoga. Overwhelming pain trips to the emergency room mental disarray and an uncomfortable dependence on my husband and child to perform basic daily functions led me to follow his advice and begin my venture into yoga as a lifestyle. I started my yoga journey with a YouTube video called Street Yoga . Via social media I found my way to Sadie Nardini Laura Kasperzak and Yogaglo. I began to document my practice with photos which showed my progress. Through the pictures I was able to selfcorrect posture issues. As my practice grew and my body mind began to change I developed a desire to help others find healing through yoga. I began encouraging family and friends. After attending my first Yogafit training I began to formally teach at a studio in Virginia. In 2014 I began to study with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann at the Miami Life Center. While giving me the necessary tools to share the gift of yoga with others this experience also helped in the growth of my Christian I began suffering from bouts of anger anxiety fear restlessness and insomnia. faith. The discipline of the practice made me realize how I was lacking discipline in my own healing my own life and my faith. My yoga practice has led me to better physical health mental health and faith. My goal as a yoga teacher is to help others find healing through yoga for the physical ailments mental ailments and daily life challenges. 14 MVP Magazine April May 2016 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 15 GRAYSEN GLADDEN IN THE SPOTLIGHT S he is a girl with a jazzy spirt and a lyrical heart. She exceeds being ordinary and pushes the boundaries of being extraordinary. She strives for greatness and will not accept anything less. This remarkable young lady is 14-year-old 8th grade Surfside Middle School student Elysium McCranie. Elysium wakes up each day determined to accomplish things other 14-year-olds can not even fathom accomplishing. Peers of Elysium might just think of her as a cheerleader and a girl who does well academically. But she is much more than that. She spends 10-15 hours per week. at the dance studio in which helped her to grow into the beautiful dancer and young lady she is today. She has been dancing at Julie s School of Dance since she was 2 years old. She is already seeing the fruits of her labor at such an early age. She has won countless competitions and awards and has been selected for the prestigious Tremaine Performance Company. Even though much of her time is dedicated to cheerleading and her busy dance training schedule Elysium still manages to fit in studying and homework because she feels excelling in the classroom is a top priority. Q & A WITH ELYSIUM What are some of your dancing accomplishments This is my 2nd year as an Apprentice for the Tremaine Performance Company in Los Angeles California. I have been chosen as an Arts Alive performer twice received several dance scholarships and a high score duo award. What is your favorite form of dance I actually have two types of dance that are my favorite Jazz and Lyrical. I enjoy Jazz because it s fun upbeat and fast paced however I consider myself a Lyrical dancer - it suits me. In Lyrical you try to express the words of the song through movement and display control strength and poise. It s a great dance style to show extensions and form. 16 MVP Magazine April May 2016 What does your training consist of I work 10-15 hours per week at the studio training in all types of dance from ballet to hip hop making sure I am well rounded. As an apprentice with Tremaine my annual contract requires me to attend 5 conventions per year which typically begin on Friday and end on Sunday - except for the Summer Nationals which are 5-6 days. During those weekends I am part of the company and expected to assist in classes full of about 350 girls and boys. I present trophies hand out programs at the entrance doors and have faculty rehearsals that sometimes last until 2 am. At each convention we audition for each 8 count of the faculty show it is never a guarantee to make it in. What is the best part of the travel The best part of travel is getting the opportunity to see so many new places and meet people throughout the country. I ve been from Los Angeles to New York and I would have to say out of all the places I ve traveled New York was the absolute best The SHOPPING was to die for and the food was yummy New York s Broadway shows and all the big city lights were just amazing It truly is a city that never sleeps. What else do you do for fun Along with dance I just this year started cheering for Surfside during the UCA camp in Tallahassee I auditioned and was named an All American and was in the Thanksgiving Day parade in Disney World. What is the most special moment you have experienced in dance The most treasured memory of my entire time of dancing is when my name and photo was put on the Tremaine website for the performance program. It was literally like a fairy tale. My mom and I flew out to Los Angeles when I was 12 years old to audition for the performance company I didn t think I had a chance. I walked into the room with about 200 other dancers ranging in age from 12-19. The dancers were amazing and very intimidating but I sucked it up and gave it my all. With much surprise I became one of the youngest apprentices for Tremaine. What do you want to do when you grow up I haven t really completely decided yet but a few areas that I am interested in are pediatric medicine physical therapy and sports medicine. What college would you like to attend I actually have three schools that I would like to go to Duke is my first choice University of Florida or Florida State University if I decide to go to FSU I will pursue becoming a Golden Girl (Florida State dance team) What are your three best qualities My three best qualities I would have to say are 1. I am sociable and makes friends very easily. 2. I am humble and confident but never cocky. 3. I see criticism as constructive and it helps me grow. Who are your Idols I would have to say is Ms. Julie (Julie s School of Dance) she loves me unconditionally. She has taught me dance since I was in diapers. She has guided me everyday through life. Joe Tremaine is another idol. He is the founder of Tremaine dance and has given me such an amazing opportunity to grow as a performer and person. He always says Dance Training is Life Training and he is oh so right. The last two idols of mine are Derrick Schrader and Keri LaGrand they are the directors of the performance program and push me to be the VERY best that I can be. They are two of the most insanely talented choreographers that I ve ever seen. I literally can t wait for their classes to see what they ve came up with. What inspires you to dance I am inspired to dance for several reasons. It is a great stress reliever. If I ever have any problems or issues I dance to release the tension. Another reason I am inspired to dance is to maintain my personal health and fitness. It s a great workout for every muscle in your body. If you are stretching and warming up properly you can maintain peak personal fitness and strength. Lastly the reason I am inspired to dance is because I feel as though I excel at it. I have worked VERY hard to try to be the best that I can be. When I see something that I can t do I go home and watch videos and try it over and over until I get it. I never give up I feel that dance is what makes me unique from others because each person does it differently but I get to make it my own and tweak the dances to fit me. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 17 DETOURS & BUILD ME UP BUTTERCUP I am POWERFUL. I am STRONG. I am FIT. I am an Athlete. I am fearfully and wonderfully made I will not let detours I will not let setbacks I will not let ANYTHING stand in the way of my success. I will always move FORWARD even if I have to change my direction or my format. Okay so as you know I started back running and I was having so much fun... Well maybe not fun but I was excited and was loving that I was moving in a GREAT direction. I was getting more fit and so excited about the possibilities. I was totally loving my time spent with my running buddy. One thing for sure life has a way of throwing us detours within detours. And here s the test do we stop and turn around and go home or do we find another outlet For me I had to stop running for about a month or so but that did not mean that the workouts stopped. Oh NO What do you get when you say YES to an Iron Man who offers to work out with you The answer is that you do more than you ever imagined that you could do because you have the power of one that has gone before you and teamwork. For one month straight Carrie Ron and I worked out at the gym each day. Some days you could hear groans a little whining... Okay lots of whining but mostly you could hear and see us getting stronger every day. The amazing thing that happened to me was that I started with such a low level of fitness in regards to weight training and that dreaded crossfit stuff. I went from doing a plank for a few seconds to doing a plank for over a minute like a boss Many times our detours are a divine appointment sending us in a direction that we would never have gone. If we are open to it and have faith that God has us right where he wants us we will meet with the most amazing success. If we are just faithful and move forward we will become stronger than we ever imagined. And hopefully like Ron you can reach out and help someone else become stronger. I know you are wondering Where oh where does the Build Me Up Buttercup part come in If you listen to my ipod you will hear the happiest most upbeat old-school music. One of my faves is Build Me Up Buttercup. As I was setting out the other day after not running for a month the wind was at my back and my favorite song came on and I was OFF and running I could not believe how great it felt. I was only able to run a mile but it felt so uplifting and it felt so joyful that I was singing and lifting my heart to the heavens and being thankful ever so thankful that detours do not mean stop and that life throws me surprises but I can always grab a friend and turn up the music and keep on heading in a joyful direction. I think we as humans tend to see detours as an excuse to pack up and head home... but I have found that if I just keep on moving I can gain the same sense of satisfaction and wonder of wonders that I am forced to try things I would never have tried before. I was watching The Voice and one of the stories of the contestants was that she was a major athlete destined for a scholarship but when an injury took her out of the game she picked up a guitar. The end or the beginning of her new story is that she is now a contender on The Voice That victory would never have happened for her without that Divine detour. Karen Key Smith 18 MVP Magazine April May 2016 GOT WATER Your body depends on water for survival. Every cell tissue and organ in your body needs water to work correctly. Going without water for too long causes headaches for some people and has been identified as a migraine trigger. The good news is that in a study on the effects of water on headaches participants experienced total relief from their headaches within 30 minutes of drinking water (two cups on average). (1) A good way to help prevent headaches is to stay hydrated throughout the day. And if you ve already been hit with a dehydration-triggered headache you may need significantly more water to help it go away. Suffering from Water Boredom Add A Lemon. Water infused with lemon is sugar-free and free from other artificial ingredients acting as a healthier alternative to coffee tea and other fruit juices. Lemon juice contains potassium magnesium and calcium. These are three important minerals that act as regulators of the electrical impulses that keep our body running. (2)Lemon water acts as a natural diuretic to help flush out toxins in the body. (3) (1)US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health Blau JN. Headache. 2005 Jun 45(6) 757-9(2)United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28(3)US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health April May 2016 MVP Magazine 19 BRAIN AND SPINE LLC American Board Certified Neurology and Neurosurgery Physicians Certified by American Board of Pain Medicine. Tricare Provider & Other Major Insurances Pain Management NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY Brain Injury & Diseases Douglas L. Stringer M.D. FACS Stroke TIA Merle P. Stringer M.D. FACS Epilepsy Headache Spinal Injury & Diseases NEUROLOGY Nerve & Muscles Disorders Karin S. Maddox M.D. EEG NCV EMG & Evoked Potentials 2011 Harrison Avenue Medical & Surgical Treatment Panama City FL 32405 of Neck & Back Pain 850 769-3261 MRI Imaging 20 MVP Magazine April May 2016 Kamel Elzawahry M.D. F.A.C.P. F.A.A.N. Hoda Elzawahry M.D. Khurram Nazir M.D. NEUROLOGY - Suite 201 NEUROSURGERY - Suite 101 Heather Hedstrom M.D. 2202 State Avenue Panama City FL 32405 850 785-0029 Meet Clinton C LINTON G. WALLACE II ( CLINT ) ...he develops and provides client centric training via specifically tailored formats for each individual workout program. for each individual workout program. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as evidenced by one client commenting that the highly effective training techniques are equaled only by his [Clinton G. Wallace II s] unique self-motivation acumen and contagious spirit of encouragement . He also volunteers his time and talents to support the rehabilitation efforts of both the mentally challenged and elderly persons. Clinton s exceptional athletic talents were instantly evident through his participation in AYSO soccer in elementary school. He participated continuously in various team sports throughout college. As a scholar athlete his superb academic performance garnered several honors including star student top performer and acceptance into the Pre-International Baccalaureate (IB) program. His passion for competitive sports activities was equally as successful. He won first place all-star and MVP rankings in gymnastic wrestling football and track throughout his athletic career. Clinton majored in Biology at Tuskegee University in 2001 and is currently pursuing a degree in IT from Colorado Technical University (CTU) with a concentration in database management and security. Clinton is also a performing percussionist and vocalist. Clinton G. Wallace II is the CEO of CW Synergy Fitness LLC a holistic physical fitness consulting service that offers both in person and virtual personal training options including individual coaching group coaching and specialized boot camps. Employing his extensive Information Technology background he creates innovative graphics to engage elementary School students in the physics of fitness. An Operations Research Analyst and Enterprise Visualization modeler by trade he builds comprehensive training programs complete with an associated fitness matrix to establish goals highlight challenges and track progress for government and commercial agencies. Applying this unique skill set in the context of CW Synergy Fitness he develops and provides client centric training via specifically tailored formats C April May 2016 MVP Magazine 21 FIT TIPS FROM CLINTON CL IN TON G . WA L LACE II FIRE AB ROUTINE The following sequences of exercises can be implemented to help train and condition the abdominal muscles for strength tone and endurance. Keep in mind additional muscle fiber recruitment can equate to more calorie expenditure. Sets 1-5 can be repeated three to five times. 1 2 Performing this exercise fully engages the rectus abdominis muscles along proximal and distal ranges. Also increased abdominal stimulus will occur as body is extended in a supine position while legs remain extended with feet hovering above the ground ( 4 inches) in dorsiflexion. A portion of the upper back (near the rhomboids) should also remain slightly above ground. Extending arms in the same plane is optional in this position. The second part of this movement involves contracting the rectus abdominis to draw the body into a quasi-fatal tucked position along the frontal plane. Abdominal muscles should be constricted more intensely in tucked position. Transition from tucked to the initial extended positon should remain smooth by controlling the contrition force of the abdominal muscles Transitioning from extended to tuck then back to extended position equates to 1 repetition (rep). SET 1 5 reps moderate tempo 4 reps slowly 5 reps faster tempo 3 OTC KICK IT UP A N H Preforming 6 scissor kicks in quick succession while in extended position intensifies sensation. Scissor kicks can be performed by maintaining sustained and pulsed contraction with emphasis on the to the distal lower portion of the rectus abdominis muscles while alternating legs in extended position such that the heel of the foot ranges from 2 to 6 inches in fluid concise motion. When performing this exercise it is especially important to focus on engaging the transverse abdominis and oblique muscles (internal and external) when initiating contraction for this movement. Upon initiation twisting sitting up to the right or left occurs about a quarter ways into the movement. At the top of the movement the left elbow should meet the right thigh of the extended leg (or vice versa) and nominally cross or meet in the middle of the sagittal plane of the body. The upper torso should return to the starting position along the same line that it ascended during contraction. The legs can remain in a cycling motion more is gained from the movement if the feet do not rest on the floor during cycling motion. Alternate sitting up to the right returning to starring position and then sitting up to the left and returning to the starting position equates to one repetition (rep). 1 2 SET 2 8 reps moderate tempo 3 22 MVP Magazine April May 2016 This movement conditions the obliques rectus abdominis and erector spinae. While sustaining a level plank alternate bending each leg to the side of the body as the legs move into bent position they should remain along a level plane 2 inches above the floor. A repetition counts once each leg has bent and then returned to starting position. Next the body is positioned in a prone position with arms extended forward then the muscles of the erector spinae (along the back) are contracted to bring the body into a semi-arched position (to tolerance) along the dorsal plane. This movement is sometimes referred to as a superman. For the Superman slowly return to flattened prone position after each sustained contraction (can remain in flattened prone position for a few seconds before next contraction). 1 2 SET 3 12 reps moderate pace (legs alternate) 8 dorsal movements ( Superman ) holding each contraction for 5 seconds 3 1 2 SET 4 4 repetitions moderate pace 8 reps sift body side to side (each shift counts as one) This movement targets the rectus abdominis erector spinae anterior and medial deltoid. It involves transitioning from a plank position (on forearms dorsal side up) to push-up position (hands beneath chest). Alternate sifting body from left to right with arm extended on opposite side (preventing legs and trunk of body from touching the floor). Alternate the arm that initiates leads transition. Alternating from plank to push-up position and then moving right and then left and back to plank position equates to 1 repetition. 3 OTCH KICK IT UP A N Keep in mind additional muscle fiber recruitment can equate to more calorie expenditure. Sets 1-5 can be repeated three to five times. 1 2 Step it up on the 5th set of this routine. This set engages the rectus abdominis transvers abdominis erector spinae anterior and medial deltoid and clavicular pectoral muscles. This set begins from a standing position bending over to touch the floor. Once hands are on the floor walk out with hands to an extended plank position (hands positioned beyond head) this positions is held for 5 seconds. The next movement involves walking back to push-up position (hands positioned below chest) and twisting torso to alternate crossing (the sagittal plan) the right and left knees to the opposite side of the body (crossover mountain-climbers). This set is polished off by turning to side holding body up with one arm (elbow not locked) and tightening up the abdominal core to prevent sagging hold each side 5 seconds. SET 5 Walk out to extended plank position and hold position for 5 seconds Crossover mountain-climbers 8 reps (each cross over counts as one) Hold body in level side-plank position 10 seconds per side 3 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 23 Rachel Binder- 20 Daughter of Darcy and Rose Binder Rachel is a full time student at Gulf Coast State College. Sales Rep. for Bay County MVP Magazine achel R 20 I work out with my personal trainer Jonn Barrameda three days a week. Mondays we work legs and shoulders after a 5 minute warm up on the recumbent bike. Wednesdays we focus on back and core with Friday s being arm day. Once a week I go to the gym and work on core building exercises. My favorite fitness app definitely has to be My Fitness Pal . It is a free app that helps you keep count of your calories through the day. My favorite apparel is Lululemon Nike and Under Armour. I enjoy anything on the water including paddle boarding and wake boarding and I love to go fishing every chance I get with my brother David Binder. Goals dreams success and greatness all start with a belief. If you want to achieve something you have to believe that you can do it. Once you believe - you are half way there. Always surround yourself with good people that support your goals and push you to do your very best. Aaron Thompson- 22 Son of Ken and Julie Thompson Brother of Alex Thompson Aaron works for Dr. Michael Reed as a Medical Tech. I am not working I can usually be found at the gym (Health Plex). My typical workouts are Monday- Chest TuesdayBack Wednesday- Shoulders Thursday- Legs Friday- Arms My workout essentials include Apple Radio and Soundcloud. I am a graduate of Mosley High School where I played baseball. In fact I played baseball and stayed active for most of my youth so personal fitness has just become a habit. I now enjoy hanging out with friends on the softball fields at Oakland Terrace. I play on Pats Concrete softball team. I also enjoy diving and spearfishing. You can t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets -Arnold Schwarzenegger Aaron 22 24 MVP Magazine April May 2016 Mandy Williamson - 35 On-air personality for Magic Broadcasting II Chubbs& Mandy in the Morning on island 106 6am to 10am I m a proud mother of three beautiful children Bella 12 Aiden 8 and Carter 16 months. I am married to my wonderful husband Eric for 10 years now. I do cardio twice a day 6 days a week and weight training with my amazing trainer TJ Burns three times a week during my lunch break or after work. Right after I had my last child I was on a mission to lose the baby weight and I did just that. It took me a year to do it but I m in the best shape of my life and loving every second of it. andy M 35 One of my favorite quotes comes from my trainer Winners do losers try . The other that I live by everyday is Life begins at the end of your comfort zone . I enjoy paddle boarding kick ball camping and canoeing. Of course love to listen to The Island 106 app for music when I m in the gym but anytime I m doing an intense cardio workout I ll listen to the FIT Radio app. My favorite workout apparel is by Kate Hudson Fabletics Boutique. My Fitness Goals are to maintain everything I ve worked so hard for which just happens to be the hardest part. I stay motivated on the daily by how amazing I feel now. John 39 Jonn Barrameda- 39 Owner of Blacksheep Fitness Trainer at Bodyworks 24 7 CEO Nutritionist and contest Prep Coach My wife Ashley Barrameda and I have a 7 yr. old son Robert Jon Boss Barrameda. I train 4-5 days a week. Cardio is a must for me which Iperform 3-4 times a week utilizing different cardio equipment such as the Stairmaster elliptical or treadmill. My workout essentials I love listening to my Pandora app on my iPhone with my wireless beats headphones while I do cardio or weight train. I have various shoes I wear for different training days. and wear my favorite Jordan apparel. I love playing basketball for more of a fun cardio workout. My wife and I enjoy road trips and spending time with our son. You don t have to have all of the answers you just have to be willing to share what you know. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 25 Jen McFatter-40 My husband Les McFatter and I have been married for 16 years and have two children Rachel 11 and Eli 9 years old. Certified Yoga Instructor RYT 200 Jen 40 I go to Battleship Crossfit 4 days a week and teach yoga there weekly. I also go to SimpleFit Hot yoga 3-4 days a week. I had never lifted weights until BattelshipCrossfit asked me to teach a yoga class and join their workouts. Within a couple visits I was hooked. The combination of the intense crossfit workouts with hot yoga is the perfect combination for me. In addition I love to be outdoors boating paddle boarding or just hanging out with my family and friends. I have run 3 half marathons and multiple 5K s& 10K s. Last year I competed in my first Crossfit competition and this year is my 2nd time competing in the Crossfit Open. I love a wide a variety of music for working out...loud and energizing for crossfit calm and relaxing for yoga. My car will always have my crossfit bag and a yoga mat My main motivation is my family. I have always lived a pretty active & healthy lifestyle but now raising two children I want them to grow up with a mom who believes in being herself and being the best I can be. I feel better about myself at age 40 than I ever have. Every day I wake up I stop to thank God for my health and the life that I have been given. Stop waiting for the next big moment in life slow down and enjoy the one you are in Bubba McCants- 41 Real Estate Realtor Investor Home builder Engaged to Mary McDermott Co-owner of Don and Bubba Properties LLC Don and Bubba Property Management LLC and DonandBubba. com Bubba 41 My fianc Mary and I exercise at Battleship Crossfit five days a week and we run jog three days a week. We met doing crossfit and we have found fitness as a way to spend an extra hour a day with one another. I enjoy challenging myself and have found that working out is a fantastic way to do just that as well as relieve stress and have some social interaction. Running and half marathons have become a new passion. When I am not working or exercising I work with kids and youth at Northstar Church and am involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters Children s Advocacy Center the Military Welcome Center Bay Education Foundation and advocating for organ donation. Physical training is good but training for godliness is much better promising benefits in this life and in the life to come. 1Tim. 4 8 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run but only one gets the prize Run in such a way as to get the prize. 1 Corinthians 9 24 26 MVP Magazine April May 2016 Patty 55 Patty A. Smith- 55 Certified Personal Trainer Naturally Fit by Patty Smith Personal Fitness Trainer Gym Manager for Body Works 24 7 My personal fitness routines vary due to my schedule training clients. I am a Functional Trainer . I cycle interval sprint and practice the concepts of functional training which includes stretching floor work for abs and core bar bells dumbbells and cables to work every part of the body. I focus on form correct posture expanding range of motion slow and controlled movements to create body and muscle awareness and use HITT type training for more explosive moves using fast twitch muscle for cardio work. I ride my bike around the city exploring new routes to keep it interesting. I also have a passion for organic gardening. Long walks on the beach or in our parks are another favorite. I use my NutritionCertificationknowledge to food prep for some of my clients. After many many years of training I have come to the conclusion that being fit is first and for most. What I do for my body now will effect the quality of my life far into the future. Doing it for anyone else never works. Focusing on being a better you on a daily basis gives you a big open door to achieve new goals and find gratitude for how far you have come. Being healthy and fit happens one day at a time choosing the next right thing Ron 54 Ron Branham-54 Karen Branham - Spouse Beachy Beach Real Estate Sales Associate Fitness Buddy App. I mix up my workouts to avoid routine It usually means a couple of days at the gym. My fitness routine includes a couple of days of running or biking varying distances. During warmer months I will add swimming. I sign up for races at various times of the year to keep me motivated or to accomplish a goal. My hobbies are also things that keep me active like scuba diving spear fishing marathons 1 2 marathons triathlons mountain biking and paddle boarding. The biggest key to being successful is to find a group of like minded people to make you accountable and present Workouts seem so much easier when someone else is there to do the workout with you. DO EVERYTHING AS IF YOU COULDNT FAIL April May 2016 MVP Magazine 27 Rita SuellKluck -75 Beachy Beach Real Estate Rita 75 I am a widow with 6 children 10 grands and 9 greats living mostly in NC my home state. One son Michael lives in PCB. I participate in the Seaside Half Marathon each year and have for the past 9 years usually winning my age group. I also do several 5K runs for various causes. I love yoga and want to get back into practice. I race walk almost every day and vary my distance dependent on my work schedule but at least 2 miles per day and 5 miles twice per week. My neighborhood is perfect for walking with little traffic. In warm weather I bicycle 4 miles to the beach then walk the beach to pick up trash. This is so rewarding as I am doing my part to keep our world class beach clean while getting my exercise and experiencing the best views imaginable. If you think positively even when you are experiencing disappointment and never hold a grudge you will be happy. Life is too beautiful to let anything stand in your way. I have had and am still having a wonderful and exciting life. I am thankful every single day. Age is just a number and you are as young as you feel. I feel 60 still Pat Revell- 68 My wife Deborah and I have three sons (Mark Ken and Robbie) and a daughter (Kelli). I retiredfrom Arizona Chemical as a Maintenance Supervisor (Local 229 Pipefitter Welder s Union). I workout daily at Body Works and do floor fitness exercises at home every day as well. I am an avid bike rider and enjoy my weekly 40 mile rides down 30A. Kayaking canoeing fishing in the Gulf and yard work are hobbies that fill up my free time and help keep me feeling young and full of life. My cycling buddy Curtis Murphy and I had our biggest cycling accomplishment recently when we rode the Silver Comet Trail in Atlanta. We rode 102 miles the first day and 75 the next day. We joined The Century Club 100 Miles Day. Pat 68 28 MVP Magazine April May 2016 Everyday that you get up and feel healthy and rested mentally is a day for your body and soul to enjoy any type of movement. A healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work and discipline to achieve but Iwant to experience the best quality of life possible. A man once told me not to waste my youth on getting old. Exercise and nutrition will improve your time on this earth. Always remember to exercise like your life depends on it--Because It Does YOLO April May 2016 MVP Magazine 29 Getting Your T RUN ON he Bay County winter blues and Red Tide are finally gone so it s tempting to throw caution to the wind and get out there and run with intemperance. But take it slow. Not warming up properly or overdoing it can get you sidelined long before that marathon your training for rolls around. Shin Splints are a common problem for runners. They are an overuse injury characterized by general pain in the lower region of the leg between the knee and the ankle. Shin splints injuries are specifically located in the middle to lower thirds of the inside or medial side of the tibia which is the larger of two bones comprising the lower leg. The best thing for shin splints or any overuse injury for that matter is rest and ice. Allowing your body time to heal properly is an ideal way to reduce inflammation and pain. Compression Compression socks or kinesiology tape wrapped directly around the muscle will compress the soft tissue and help reduce pain. Stretching Be sure to always stretch your calves and shins before running and finish with a cool down stretch as well. Not all shoes are created equal. A great running shoe for most people may not be what is ideal for your running style or gait. Have a chiropractor physical therapist or running specialist check out your shoes if your having shin splints. Switching out your shoes may be an easy fix. 30 MVP Magazine April May 2016 FIT FIRST RESPONDERS Meet James (Bones) Jones- 33 Panama City Beach Police Police Officer MMA fighter James and his wife Staci together have five children Makenzi Haley Tyrin Jazlin and Alexis. He and his family moved to Panama City Beach in August 2014 from Cleburne Texas. James weight trains at Workout anytime 3-4 days a week. He also trains MMA at Carlos Cummings Sambo. James fought MuayThia and JuJit Su in Texas with a record of 4-0. He trained under Vesna Chan and Burt McDonald. In his free time he enjoys bike riding running swimming fishing and spending time with his family. He is a member and usher at Light House Church in Panama City Beach. Inspiring words I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4 13 3 e Jam3 s 3 April May 2016 MVP Magazine 31 FIT FIRST RESPONDERS Meet Calvin Bruce - 35 Fire Engineer City of Panama City Fire Department Calvin and his wife Amber have two kids (Calvin J. Bruce and Jeleicia Bruce). Calvin plays basketball in his free time and has a daily fitness plan that consists of 100 Sit-Ups (Morning Afternoon Evening) 100 Jumping Jacks (Morning Afternoon Evening) 100 Tire Slams (Afternoon) and 25 Pull- Ups (Afternoon).He completes a routine stretch before every workout and then finishes with 25 minutes on the treadmill. When working out he listens to CTFletcher Motivational Speaker audio tracks or some of his music like System of a Down Flyleaf or Linkin Park. Being a firefighter for the City of Panama City is a wonderful career and being physically able to perform my job is imperative. As a firefighter I push myself above and beyond the requirements to give the City of Panama City my very best. Increasing my knowledge in firefighting operations as well as my strength flexibility and agility continues to put me in a state of readiness and motivates me to stay in shape. Inspiring words Take time out for yourself and create a workout just for you that you can add on to each week. You will see and feel your life change for the better in no time. -Enjoy your journey. Calvin 35 32 MVP Magazine April May 2016 FUNDAMENTALS ARE FUNDAMENTAL ETHAN KELLUM MD During my sports medicine shoulder and advanced arthroscopy fellowship in Boston MA I had the privilege to observe and take care of some of the best athletes in the country and quite frankly the world. I was especially amazed at the no look passes of former Celtic Rajon Rando. It was so well orchestrated that I feel certain that but for the preplanned plays his teammates would not have been aware that a pass was coming their way. treat us like babies at soccer practice. All we do is work on drills and then just play a game for only 10 mins I can not remember exactly what I said to him that night but I am sure I encouraged him to listen to his coaches and try to have a better attitude about being treated like a baby . Fast forward a year from that conversation in a small South Georgia town I observed the fruits of Ethan Luca s being treated like a baby labors. He was playing soccer and not just the we are all in a herd kind of soccer but he was actually passing dribbling (I did not know you could actually dribble a soccer ball more on that at another writing) and defending. It dawned on me at that very moment that fundamentals are fundamental to all sports. Unknown to Ethan at the time the prior year s baby drills were actually making him a better soccer player. Studying any famous athlete Stephen Curry Venus Williams Mike Trout or Lionel Messi you realize they are all fundamentally sound in their respective sport. All of these athletes started somewhere with the basics The no look pass only comes after handling the ball over and over again until it is second nature. Fundamentals are most important in sports from youth leagues to high school. The deep three pointer the 70 yard run and the crushing home run will come if we do first things first. Teaching fundamentals are critical to building consistency good habits and making sports fun. What makes a good player great and excel at his her sport and life for that matter Fundamentals of course Let us emphasize the basics and fundamentals for a better athlete. Have a great and safe season During that year I observed a fantastic 6 yr old athlete named Ethan Luca Kellum (I m Ethan LaSha). I try not to be bias about my children when it comes to athletics. I just try to encourage and coach at home. One day Ethan Luca came home from soccer practice in Weston Ma a small town outside of Boston in which we lived. On this particular day Ethan Luca was furious. I asked him What has you so upset Ethan Luca exclaimed They Former Assistant Team Physician Boston Celtics Attending Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgeon Southern Orthopedic Specialist Teaching Kids the fundamentals when it comes to sports and quite frankly everything in life - April May 2016 MVP Magazine 33 Brent s Tips s Enhancement Expert Brent Holtgrewe MVP Sport ypically when one thinks of common injuries in softball and baseball the first thing that comes to mind are shoulder and elbow injuries from labral tears and impingement of the rotator cuff to ulnar collateral tears resulting in the ever famous Tommy John surgery. Baseball softball players and coaches put a lot of time and effort into protecting the shoulder and elbow through stretching and strengthening. An effective arm health program is an integral part of any throwing athlete s goal of maintaining a strong healthy arm capable of withstanding the demands and forces placed upon it. However with all the focus going towards the arm and shoulder a key component of the body is forgotten resulting in poor performance and injuries that are easily preventable. R AT H L E T E S FO T For many years core strengthening has been the hot term used to describe the exercises necessary to protect the lower back from injury. The thought process behind traditional core strengthening is focused strengthening of the abdominal and lumbar musculature to stabilize the lumbar spine. Exercises such as planks crunches sit-ups bridging and abdominal bracing are some of the key exercises when it comes to traditional core strengthening . While all of these exercises and many others are great as part of a general conditioning program they alone will not protect the athlete from injury to the lower back nor enable the athlete to effectively obtain his or her full explosive potential. There has to be a shift in the traditional core strengthening paradigm by broadening the focus to include the hips. The hips specifically the gluteal musculature are the true power house of the body generating strength and power to create the explosion in which all athletes strive to attain. Traditional core strengthening exercises focus more on the stability of the lumbar spine and do not incorporate the elusive hip hinge . Hip hinging is now the focus for all athletic performance and training. This is the athlete s ability to move the hips independently from the lower back. Think of trying to swing a bat without any movement occurring at your wrist. You may be able to put a ball into play but there will be no pop or drive off the bat simply due to limited motion and speed. The same thing happens with a weak limited or nonexistent hip hinge. The inability to hip hinge results in a significant loss of strength and power coming from the lower body forcing the lower back to work harder. The increased load on the lower back to produce power through an unstable base will ultimately end with injury. So if crunches and planks alone are not the answer to protecting the low back from injury what else needs to be done You have to learn how to hip hinge so as to fully activate the glutes to drive power through the lower back. By performing one simple test you can see if you are or are not effectively hip hinging. This test can be done The lower back is the location for some of the most common injuries in sports. In a throwing athlete the lower back is comparable to the drive shaft in a car. Through torque it allows the transfer of explosive power and energy from the lower body through the upper body into the ball. It is important to know that the lower back does not produce explosive power but only allows a smooth transfer of power to the upper extremities. For this reason alone injury typically occurs not specifically due to weakness within the low back but rather starts from the inability unhinge your hips from the lower back while maintaining a stable spine. very easily by standing close to a wall and squatting down as far as you can without falling backwards or letting your knees touch the wall. Success or Failure Many athletes are initially unsuccessful when performing this test. Fortunately there is a solution. Correctly performing the following exercises are key to an efficient hip hinge 34 MVP Magazine April May 2016 activation of the glutes and maintaining hip flexibility. These exercises can easily and should be incorporated into any athlete s daily training regimen preferably in a warm-up prior to activity. By broadening the narrow focus of traditional core strengthening to include hip hinging and gluteal activation exercises you will effectively maximize your training protect your lower back from injury and get your glutes firing on all cylinders. Hip Flexor Stretch 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Kneel down on one knee Shift the hips forward slowly keeping the back straight A stretch should be felt in the front of the hip on which you are kneeling Progress by placing a small box under foot of trailing leg. PVC pipes can be used maintain balance and control while sinking into a deeper stretch Standing Hamstring Stretch 1. 2. 3. 4. Stand with one leg propped up on an elevated surface (20 inch -) in front of you With your knee slightly bent back straight and leaning forward slightly sit your hips back A good stretch should be felt in the middle of the muscle not behind the knee. If felt behind the knee bend your knee a little more and focus on sitting back with your hips. Doorway Hamstring Stretch 1. 2. 3. Lie on your back in a open doorway with one leg raised straight against the wall and the other through the door Slide your butt towards the doorway until a stretch is felt If the stretch goes away slide closer into a deeper stretch. Clams 1. 2. 3. Lie on your side with knees bent at 90 degrees and the band around the thighs just above knees Keep heels together and lift the knee upward Stop just before you feel your body rotate backwards and return to the starting position Preform 1 set of 30-50 repetitions lying on each side 1 2 4. Donkey Kicks 1. 2. 3. Position yourself on all fours placing your hands directly under your shoulders and knee straight below the hips Keeping your knee bent lift one leg up behind you until it is in line with your body Focus on a full glute contraction at the top and keeping the lumbar spine stable throughout the entire motion Perform 3 sets 10-15 on each leg 1 2 4. Single leg Bridge 1. 2. Lie flat on your back with one knee bent at 90 degrees and the other straight out even with the thigh of the bent knee Raises your hips up until they are even with the bent knee creating a straight line from your shoulders through the hips to the knee Drive through the heel of the leg that is bent and activate your glutes at the top of the bridge. Perform 3 sets 10-15 on each leg 1 2 3. 4. Sit backs 1. 2. Kneel on both knees shoulder width apart Place your hands on your head and keeping the lumbar spine stable sit your hips back onto your heels Your chest should stay upright and over your knees through the entire exercises. Return to the top focusing staying up right and activating your glutes. Perform 3 sets 10-15 1 2 3. 4. 5. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 35 BAY COUNTY MVP STUDENT ATHLETES NOMINEES CHARACTER TEAMWORK E ENDURANCE RUTHERFORD FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING BOYS WEIGHT LIFTING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS GOLF GIRLS GOLF GIRLS TENNIS GIRLS TRACK & FIELD BOYS BASKETBALL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER JJ WILLIS Brandon Hill Abigail Barron Zabella Thompson Ashley Foster Wesley Dickey Leona-Ann Delacruz Wade Bailey Mary Elizabeth Walters Sana Malik Madison Fish Lorenzo Ferrell Corey Pilson Dalton Nolin Zabella Thompson FOCUS VISION ach high school coach and Athletic Director was asked to nominate their Top MVP Athlete per sport to create this list of Bay County Top MVP Athletes. A committee selected the area s Top 5 Bay County Student Athletes from this list. Each of the five stellar athletes will receive a 500 college scholarship from Bay County MVP Magazine and our sponsors. Congratulations to all of the nominees and best wishes for our Top Five and other senior athletes as they head off to play at the next level. Thank you to the sponsors of the first annual Bay County Top 5 MVP Student Athletic Scholarships. BOZEMAN FOOTBALL BASEBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER WRESTLING Zach McLawhorn Alec Aleywine Kelsey Corbin Alexis Rudd Micheala Purple Christian Byrd Shelby Suggs Alex Flowers Baily Bates Ryan Kruger THANK YOU A special thanks to all of our sponsors 36 MVP Magazine April May 2016 NORTH BAY HAVEN FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS GOLF GIRLS GOLF BOYS SWIM GIRLS SWIM GIRLS TENNIS BOYS TRACK AND FIELD GIRLS TRACK & FIELD BOYS BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER WRESTLING Nathan Remick Josh Adams Victoria Garcia Cassidi Grant Alexis Rudd Madison Hamilton Jay Lynch Annika Johnson Davis Holdcraft Reagan Swindler Emmie Haas Tahj Cobb Jordyn Wobser David Jones Jordyn Wobser Andrew Matson Amy Carinhas Ryan Kruger BAY FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING BOYS WEIGHT LIFTING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS GOLF GIRLS GOLF BOYS SWIM GIRLS SWIM BOYS TENNIS GIRLS TENNIS BOYS TRACK AND FIELD GIRLS TRACK & FIELD BOYS BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER WRESTLING Daryl Wislon John Thomas Duncan Sierra Kennedy Hannah Lewis Chandler Haligas Johnathan Echols Rebekah Carter Mathew Bruhn Mariah Deaton Bradford Young Alexis Hall Bryce Bauer Tara McCormick Damius Johnson Camille Mcclain Cody Johnson Kiara Patillo Sanques Herd Kyleigh Koch Noah Mesi Mackenzie Rine Jordan May ARNOLD FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING BOYS WEIGHT LIFTING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS GOLF GIRLS GOLF BOYS SWIM GIRLS SWIM BOYS TENNIS GIRLS TENNIS BOYS TRACK AND FIELD GIRLS TRACK & FIELD BOYS BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER WRESTLING Cody Sanders Trevor Kilcrease Emily Sowell Eden Hawes Madison Rodrigues Michael Moore Alexus Barry-Moeschl Gavin Livingston Cameron Fish Chad McGuire Hannah Retherford David Dietrich Denna Bhula & Dooniya Ben Hamilton Jaslin Sansom-Jones Damani Flanigain Jaslin Sansom-Jones Trevor Berry & Tyler Berry Michaela Ashley Marco Tomic Camryn Means Richie McClanahan MOSLEY FOOTBALL BASEBALL SOFTBALL VOLLEYBALL CHEERLEADING BOYS WEIGHT LIFTING GIRLS WEIGHTLIGTING BOYS GOLF GIRLS GOLF BOYS SWIM GIRLS SWIM BOYS TENNIS GIRLS TENNIS BOYS TRACK AND FIELD GIRLS TRACK & FIELD BOYS BASKETBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL BOYS CROSS COUNTRY GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS SOCCER GIRLS SOCCER WRESTLING Colton Wall Garrett Breland Laney Haynes Kiana Yangson Hannah Reese Moseley Ezra Gray Daeja Williamson Ryland Spizter Katie Daniels Laim Alexander Amelia Talkington Brandon Wachtfeitl Emily Whittlock Ezra Gray Eri France Brien Polter J Nyiah Daniel Ethan Mines Amy Jones James Lovett Jordan Lewis Dalton Childs PMS 485C April May 2016 MVP Magazine 37 CHRISTIAN BYRD Christian s character speaks well beyond any basketball achievement of his. He has set a standard for any future Bozeman athlete that desires success. Since coaching him at Bozeman as a 7th grader he has improved athletically each year to meet the coach s expectations as well as his own. I am very proud of what he has accomplished and he will always remain apart of the Buck family as he moves on to continue his basketball career. ---Mike Memmen (Athletic Director) I am blessed to have been a part of the Bozeman basketball team. I love my school teachers coaches teammates and friends. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to play for and with such great people. I am still in the recruiting process and not sure where I will be next year but I am thankful for my time here at Bozeman and for everything I have learned. - Christian THE STATS Basketball Player Senior at Dean Bozeman High School Christian is the son of Billy and Renee Byrd. High School Basketball Career Highlights 4-year Varsity Letterman 3-year Varsity Starter 2-year Captain Schools all-time leader in points and rebounds First 1 000-point scorer in school history 1329 Career points 647 Career rebounds News Herald Player of the week First Team All-Bay County Select 80 All-Star All-Star Classic Participant 2x Team MVP Career Single Game points (33) Career Single Game rebounds (19) Actively involved in the recruiting process 4.0 Winter sports GPA Award 300 Community Service hours BAY COUNTY TOP 5 38 MVP Magazine April May 2016 CASSIDI GANT Being a Campus Cicerone leader Cassidi has been a strong spokesperson for North Bay Haven and recognized by senate and state representative leaders on her volleyball skills and the many issues she has spoken before those leaders concerning all charter schools. Cassidi is not only strong on the court but strong in the classroom with a GPA of 3.4. Cassidi s successes in the classroom and on the volleyball court have led her to have wonderful opportunities that have enabled her to be recruited by several colleges and universities. She has verbally committed to Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi and will sign a scholarship in April. Cassidi will be the first overall athlete at North Bay Haven Charter School to sign a Division one scholarship. I am sad to leave my teammates and feel as a chunk of me will be missing when I go off to college. I will be my team s biggest cheerleader and cannot wait to come back as an alumnus. This sport of volleyball has given me the ability to do amazing things. I would like to thank my parents for instilling in me a strong work ethic the ability to set goals the passion for playing my sport and God for the knowledge to follow through which guides me every day. I would like to thank my coach for working with me and believing in me that I could play this game on so many levels. - Cassidi Cassidi is a wonderful person and a very talented volleyball player. I expect her to do well in college. I can t wait to see her play on the next level. We are however going to miss her skills and leadership. - Coach Ansley ( Head Volleyball Coach NBH) Cassidi Gant is a young lady full of school spirit has a passion for the sport of volleyball and displays a good work ethic in the classroom. I have watched her grow up with a volleyball in her hand everywhere she went on campus. And now that love and many hours in the gym have paid off as she will sign a scholarship to play volleyball at Jackson State in Mississippi in April. - Debbie Funkhouser (Athletic Director NBH) Cassidi would one day like to pursue a career in sports medicine. BAY COUNTY TOP 5 Volleyball Player THE STATS Senior at North Bay Haven Charter High School Daughter of Cas and Desiree Gant 5 10 OH MB High School Volleyball Career Highlights A three year varsity volleyball starter for North Bay Haven Buccaneers. Has led her team to two district titles and Regional quarterfinals. First North Bay Haven volleyball player to enter the 500 club for kills. Lead her team for two years in kills and blocks. Two time 1st Team All-County. 3 time recipient of the News Herald s Player of The Week. 8 time Max Preps Player of The Week. Selected All-Tournament. FHSAA ranked 47 in all positions in class 4A. 3 year starter on National Club AAU Volleyball team. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 39 CODY SAUNDERS Cody worked over 175 community service hours during his four years at Arnold. Cody Saunders exemplifies the term student-athlete. It is true that Cody excelled on the football field however the dedication he displays in the classroom sets him apart from most. Because of his determination to succeed Cody will thrive at the collegiate level. Rick Green (Athletic Director Arnold HS) Cody Saunders has been a true pleasure for our entire coaching staff to coach. While at Arnold he has set a new standard of great leadership competitiveness and performance. He is a quality young man with a piercing focus and vision on doing what it takes to be a success. Josh Wright (Head Football Coach Arnold HS) BAY COUNTY TOP 5 I simply LOVE playing football and feel that it has made me the person I am both on and off of the field. All of my coaches throughout my life have had a great influence on me as an athlete and an individual building my character and my skills. Coach Rager and Coach Darwin mean the world to me. Coach Darwin played the role of football coach and life coach in my time with him. That is more important in a young athlete s life than you can even imagine. Coach Rager gave everything a purpose and showed me how to put an emphasis on everything I did. He helped build my confidence and was my biggest role model through high school. There are not enough words that can describe my love and appreciation for my parents- my two best friends and fans Thanks mom and dad for always being there for me Football Player Arnold High School- Early enrolled at West Virginia University. High School GPA- 3.35 Son of Lance and Lisa Saunders THE STATS High School Football Career Highlights Three-year starter for coach Josh Wright at Arnold High Florida All-State Class 5A Honorable Mention (2015) Finished high school career with 4 753 passing yards completing 345-of-601 passes with 37 touchdowns Also rushed for 2 230 yards on 345 carries with 24 touchdowns Completed 165-of-259 passes for 2 005 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2015 Rushed for 1 003 yards on 165 carries with 13 touchdowns Had one game with more than 300 yards passing four games with more than 200 yards passing and six games with more than 100 yards rushing Rushed for 163 yards and two touchdowns in the season-opener against Florida State University HS (8 28) Went 20-of-25 for 301 passing yards and one touchdown while also rushing for 182 yards and four touchdowns against Fort Walton Beach HS (9 4) Threw for 273 yards three touchdowns on 18-of-28 passing against Milton HS (11 6) Starting quarterback in the 2015 FACA North South Florida All-Star Game All-Panhandle Honorable Mention (2014) Four-star recruit according to ESPN Three-star recruit according to Scout and 247sports No. 16 quarterback nationally according to ESPN Also offered by South Florida 40 MVP Magazine April May 2016 J.T. DUNCAN JT is a genuinely all around good person. He works hard in the classroom and on the field. He is the kind of young man that a dad would not mind his daughter dating. He has a good sense of humor and is well respected by his team mates coaches and peers alike. He has such passion for the game of baseball and plays the game at that same level. He is a large part of the reason that Bay is having such a good year this year and was a major contributor to the playoff team last year. He comes from a great family who love and support him and he exemplifies the type of student who is Hall of Fame worthy here at Bay High. I have no doubt that he will go on to do great things with his life and be a great husband and father. I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished here in his four years as a Tornado and we will miss him in the hallways. Fortunately for us he will be furthering the first part of his baseball career right here at Gulf Coast State College where we can continue to watch him grow and help that program to continue to be one of the best in the state. Thanks JT and best of luck to you - Coach Vern Barth (Athletic Director Bay HS) JT has been my leader for 4 years. He started at shortstop as an under-sized Freshman and has matured into an amazing young man. He is a special player who has a huge ceiling on and off the field. Gulf Coast is getting a steal by signing JT. - Coach I am so grateful to God for the many blessings and opportunities that he has given me. I would also like to thank my family for always trusting and supporting me in all of my decisions that I have made through my life. My family coaches and teammates mean everything to me and without them I would not be where I am today Thanks you JT BAY COUNTY TOP 5 Baseball Player Senior Bay High School Son of Mike and Jennie Duncan Brother of Abby and Emily Duncan Current leader in Florida 5A for SBs Gulf Coast State College Commit Community and Academics High School Baseball Career Highlights Four-year letterman and starting Shortstop for Bay High Two-time Offensive Player of theYear at Bay High Led almost every major offensive category as a sophomore and a junior at Bay Team Captain Member of NextLevel s 18U 2015 Florida State Championship and World Series Championship team 2015 Perfect Game Underclass All-American Honorable Mention 2015 1st Team All-County Baseball Top 20 Batting Average in Florida 5A 2015 Led District in doubles 2015 Over 50 stolen bases at Bay Cambridge University AICE Honors Program 3.7 GPA National Honor Society Student Government Beta Club Key Club - Secretary Bay High Hall of Fame Bay High Homecoming King Over 200 hours of volunteer service Member Bay County Chamber of Commerce Junior Leadership Bay. Successfully led effort to reinstate Drivers Education in Bay County. Volunteer Miracle League Volunteer Boys and Girls Club Christmas Tree Sale Volunteer PC Rescue Mission THE STATS April May 2016 MVP Magazine 41 KIANA YANGSON Her physique is the only thing small about her. Kiana Yangson is a competitive passionate three-sport senior athlete form Mosley whopushes the limits with everything she does to include academics. She is a member of the MAPPS Advanced Placement program and has a 3.8 GPA. She received MAPPS Honors andMHS Athletic Academic Excellence Award for 4.0 GPA during Volleyball season. Kiana also plays an active role in her school through clubs such as SGA Fellowship Christian Athletics Grid Iron Girls and Pep Club.Rounding out her senior year she was namedMHS Hall of Fame Top 10 and Homecoming Top 10. She has put in over 100 volunteer hours tutoring a middle school student with academic studies and participated in numerous health and wellness activities that required volunteers. opportunity to spend my high school career as a Mosley Lady Dolphin. Be it on the court or on the field it s more than just winning it s becoming family with those who have the same goals as you. Its school pride and priceless memories with my teammates that I ll keep in my heart. My gratitude goes to my coaches and Mosley supporters but most important to my parents for their constant and endless sacrifices allowing me to make my own path to my future. I love you Mom & Dad. - Kiana I have had the pleasure of coaching Kiana Yangson for the last 6 years. It is an honor for me to have coached such an amazing young lady that has excelled not just on the court but also in the classroom. Full of heart Kiana has always been eager to learn whatever was asked of her. Kiana is the true definition of what playing with heart means. I am so very proud that she has accepted a full athletic scholarship to play at the University of Auburn Montgomery in the fall. -Michelle Mask (Head Volleyball Coach Mosley HS) BAY COUNTY TOP 5 Kiana received an academic athletic scholarship to play volleyball at Auburn University Montgomery(AUM) for fall of 2016. Being a part of a team is a privilege and I am most grateful for having the Volleyball Basketball Softball Senior Mosley High School 3-Lettered Varsity Athlete Volleyball Basketball Softball Daughter of Durand and Karen Yangson 2013 Digs 313 Ranked 1 in 5A-1 for Target Serve Receives in 2013 2014 2015 2015 Target S R - 430 2014 Target S R - 452 2013 Target S R - 389 District Champs 2014 County Champs 2014 MVP of County Tournament 2014 Elite Eight 2013 2014 Scored the only run in the Regional semi-final (2013) Current batting average .414 High School Career Highlights VOLLEYBALL Lady Dolphins 2012 - 2016 Position Libero Personal Achievements Varsity Starter 2013 - 2016 All County Team 2013 2014 2015 MHS Principal Award MHS Athletic Academic Excellence Award for 4.0 GPA MHS Hall of Fame Career Record for Digs - 1271 MHS Hall of Fame Career Record for Target S R - 1102 MHS 1000 Club for Digs MHS 1000 Club for Target S R Ranked 1 in 5A-1 for Digs in 2013 2014 2015 2015 Digs 354 2014 Digs - 435 BASKETBALL Lady Dolphins 2012 - 2016 Position Shooting Guard Point Guard 2015 16 Team Achievements County Champs District Champs Sweet 16 Varsity Starter - all four years All County Team - all four years Totals Points 725 Assists 242 Steals 212 Third highest career 3-pointers made at Mosley 131 CLUB TRAVEL VOLLEYBALL Multiple gold silver bronze medals in countless club tournaments in FL AL GA TX MS 2016 (current) Bay United Elite Volleyball Bay County FL 2015 West Florida Waves Pensacola FL Ranked top 6% in Nation. Regional champs Went to Nationals 2012-2014 Gulf Coast Hurricanes Panama City FL THE STATS SAND BEACH VOLLEYBALL Multiple gold silver bronze medals in various sand volleyball tournaments since 2013 in FL and MS. 1st Place Gulf Coast Region USA Beach Series 1st place EVP Tour Tournament - Panama City Beach SOFTBALL Lady Dolphins 2012 2016 (currently active) Position Shortstop Varsity 2013 2014 2016 All County Team 2014 42 MVP Magazine April May 2016 PREPARING FOR BATTLE... Brannon Chester DPT- Doctor of Physical Therapy First Choice Physical Therapy A s an athlete we are taught to prepare for each game as a battle against the opposition and to do whatever it takes to come out victorious. Day in and day out we prepare for game day. We strive to equip ourselves for whatever the competition has to throw at us. Coaches prepare their players for every scenario imaginable to give the player the edge to perform without hesitation under pressure. Growing up playing sports I have been able to apply many of the lessons learned in sports to real life adult situations. We have all face battles in our careers through family relationships or from other types of relationships. Life has thrown everyone an unexpected curve ball at some point. Just like an experienced athlete we must arm ourselves with the proper training and preparation that allows us to face the competition head on so that we may come out victorious. Taking a page out of the ultimate playbook the Holy Bible God refers to facing a daily battle. He states the only way to come out with a victory is to prepare with His armor. In the book of Ephesians 6 12 God defines our battle For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (NIV) God teaches us how to fight with spiritual warfare and how to arm ourselves with the proper armor. In versus 13-17 it reads Therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything to stand. 14Stand firm then with the belt of truth buckled around your waist with the breastplate of righteousness in place 15and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16In addition to all this take up your shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. Trophies and championships come and go with each new season. The only trophy worth saving and fighting a life time for is the personal relationship that we have with Jesus Christ. We see to stand victorious with our sword raised high in the air knowing that we have won the game and will spend eternity with our Heavenly Father. God Bless. April May 2016 MVP Magazine 43 STRIDES FOR SCHOLARS 5K and Fun Run Mosley High School Running Team (From left to right) Ethan Mines Tyson Marlowe Jared Sylvester Erin France Savannah Suggs Ella Swigler and Brad Breeden. T he Thrivent Financial Strides for Scholars 5K and Fun Run sponsored by the Bay Education Foundation was held on February 27 2016 on a picturesque route through St. Andrew. Over 500 people registered for the event and 337 crossed the finish line. This is our sixth year said Juan Andrada Bay Education Foundation secretary who is also the chairman and sponsor of this event. We were so happy with the enthusiasm of the participants and the enthusiasm of the supporters. It was a great day Opening ceremonies featured the Presentation of the Colors by the Mosley JROTC and the National Anthem by Ruby Tilghman. Everitt teacher and DJ Phil Flashback Phil Armbruster got the crowd pumped up and ready to run. Following the race an awards brunch was held at the school board offices on Balboa Avenue. First second and third place awards were presented in age categories from 9 and under to 75 and over. The overall winner was Ehan Mines from Mosley High School with a run time of 16 19. Representing Rutherford Amy Burton and Laurie Jenkins In addition to these awards two special awards are given each year. The school with the most registrants is honored with a trophy and a special classroom grant each year. Northside Elementary School has dominated this event every year and this year was no different. Mosley High School won the Superintendent s Silver Shoe Award a rotating trophy that goes to the school that has the three fastest runners. We are grateful for the support we get from everyone said Leon Walters President of the Bay Education Foundation. We ll be able to buy two additional scholarships for our Take Stock in Children program with the proceeds. Overall Winner (From left to right) Bay Education Foundation President Leon Walters Mosley High School Runner Ethan Mines and Event Chair JaunAndreda with Thrivent Financial Next year s Strides for Scholars event is planned for February 25 2017. 44 MVP Magazine April May 2016 Are You Ready To Get Better Better Physical Therapy. Better Training. Better Recovery. READY TO GET BETTER.COM LET OUR MVPS HELP YOUR MVP FIRST CHOICE PHYSICAL THERAPY (850) 248-1600 HYPERBARIC CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE (850) 502-2015 MVP SPORTS ENHANCEMENT April May 2016 MVP Magazine 45 (850) 303-2600 46 MVP Magazine April May 2016