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Description: HERLIFE Magazine is a full color publication with the mission of Keeping Women Connected. Each month our magazines are dedicated to the celebration of all that is exceptional in our communities. From the inspirational women we promote to interesting topics such as health, beauty and fashion to what's going on locally in each community, we strive to keep today's women connected to the things they need and want.

KEEPING WOMEN CONNECTED Health Managing role reversal with aging parents Beauty T ravel Gemstones new boost for skin care Small town festivals to visit this year Lauren Whitney KCNC-TV Meteorologist Staff & contacts Editor-In-Chief Linnore Gonzales linnore 303-630-0979 ext. 2 Lianne Martin lianne 303-630-0979 ext. 702 Pam Bourdo pam 303-630-0979 ext. 705 Maryann Downes-Coste maryann 303-349-0568 Editor Art Director Marilyn Isaminger Janet Crouch janet Elana Bell elana Ann E. Butenas Lisa Taranto Butler Rebecca Flansburg Stephanie Fox Linnore Gonzales Marilyn Isaminger Carrie Rowlands Johnson Cindy McDermott Merritt Rethlake Tina V. Savas Catie Watson Jason Hayes Photography KB Digital Designs Lightbox Images Matthew Murphy Phone 303-630-0979 For Advertising call 303-630-0979 Subscriptions are available for 20 (for 12 issues). Please go to or mail a check made out to HERLIFE Magazine to the above address. Sources for all articles can be found online at Managing Editor Account Executive Advertising Art Director Contributing Authors Contributing Photographers To contact HERLIFE Magazine Subscriptions Sources HERLIFE Magazine of Denver is operated locally by Nahesa Productions LLC an independently owned and operated franchisee of HERLIFE Magazine LLC. To reach national headquarters call 913-402-6994. 2016 by HERLIFE Magazine. All rights reserved. Although some parts of this publication may be reproduced and reprinted we require that prior permission be obtained in writing. HERLIFE Magazine is owned by Nahesa Productions LLC and is a free publication distributed locally and is supported by our advertisers. It is available in selected specialty stores doctor and dental offices medical spas hair and nail salons tanning salons public libraries and numerous other high traffic locations. Please call for a location near you or if you would like copies placed at your business. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised. We welcome your ideas articles and feedback. 4 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE CONTENTS 14 6 8 Welcome Health Lauren Whitney KCNC-TV Meteorologist A leap of faith at the right career point took Lauren Whitney KVNC-TV s meteorologist from baseball to weather in Denver. In addition through Girls in Science and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science she s opening the eyes of many young women to the plethora of career choices in the STEM disciplines. Our roundup of top products Editor s Picks 30 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 51 Disney s Beauty and the Beast Trendsetter Finance Home From the publisher Summer security 10 Managing role reversal with aging parents It s strictly for the birds 10 12 18 20 24 26 28 Gemstones New boost for skin care Beauty Changing spaces Real Estate Pets Almond joy yogurt parfaits Olive and pine nut pasta Recipes Keep your pets healthy & happy 36 38 44 D&Y Design Group Fulfilling your creative dreams Spotlight Small town festivals to visit this year Travel Allison & Ian She Said Yes Tie The Knot All about pearls Fine Things Alyssa & Tom Picture Perfect Fun tips and tricks for arranging pictures Home & Design Colorado Women s Hall of Fame ribbon cutting Scene and Be Seen Business etiquette for the global marketplace Working Women Earth Day celebrations in Boulder Scene and Be Seen HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 5 HERLIFE EDITOR S PICKS editor s picks our roundup of top products 1 Fake Bake - Fake Bake works with your natural skin tone to bring out the radiance that s unique to you So whether you re going out dancing all night or basking on a beautiful beach use what celebs use and Fake Bake this spring. Fake Bake uses organic tanning agents without any stains or dyes. By enhancing your skin s own pigments Fake Bake will give you a natural-looking tan that lasts longer. 2 ELEMENT Snacks - ELEMENT snacks provide an opportunity to improve the quality of your diet. ELEMENT Snacks are GMO free gluten free yeast free cholesterol free and BPA free they use no preservatives yeast artificial flavors corn syrup trans fats or milk hormones and are made without preservatives and artificial flavors. The dark chocolate is also certified vegan. 1 3 Zoinx Sunglasses - Each pair of Zoinx Sunglasses includes a zipper pouch and sport strap specifically designed for active lifestyles. The convertible zipper pouch can be clipped into the sport strap or worn on the wrist it s the perfect place to hold your car key a few extra dollars and a sealed emergency info card (included) just in case. The zipper pouch also includes 2 a flotation insert that keeps your sunglasses afloat if your activities take you on the water. 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 4 4 Hynt Beauty SKIN PREP - Hynt Beauty s organic revitalizer helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin in time for the warmer months SKIN PREP SERUM Bioactive Marine Complex is a perfecting powerhouse based in seawater. 5 Made with multiple types of organic algae plant and flower extracts SKIN PREP moisturizes and rewinds the skin with its complex balance of marine extracts and oils keeping the skin looking healthy and flawless. 5 Livionex Dental Gel - Livionex Dental utilizes groundbreaking activated edathamil technology to provide a whole new kind of clean. Brushing with Livionex Dental Gel virtually eliminates hard-to-reach plaque resulting in dramatically cleaner teeth and a significantly cleaner mouth. And a cleaner mouth means a healthier mouth 6 NIxall - Nixall s main ingredient is hypochlorous acid an infection-fighting substance found naturally in the human body and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. This electrochemical reaction reproduced the hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water and paved the way for a new generation of health healing and cleanliness. Nixall First Aid Solution is perfect for the camping or fishing trip designed with the outdoors in mind and helps manage plant rashes bug bites sun and wind burns. 3 6 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 7 HERLIFE WELCOME Reading the fine print Recently I signed up with a bunch of online programs did some online shopping opted-in and checked the box I agree without even reading what I am agreeing to and opting in on. Am I the only one who does this Is there anyone out there who truly reads the fine print on the terms and conditions that you are forced to agree to before you can move forward to the next screen It does not really matter what you are signing up for whether you re opening a Facebook or Instagram account or simply downloading computer software even when paying a bill you get that prompt to check the box showing that you agree to the terms and conditions. So what is it you re really agreeing to Will someone hold me to the agreement in the event I really have a dispute We are told to be careful about the fine print and what it says. Fine print has earned its controversial name because of its deceptive nature. Its purpose is to make the consumers believe that the offer is wonderful. But because the real truth about the ap s p ho to gr ja so n haye p ho to by hy offer is technically available in the smaller print of the advertisement or offer it tends to be overlooked and dismissed and unfortunately in some instances language that can be construed as bait and switch is imbedded into the offer s fine print. I ve seen deceitful fine print language such as a credit card company advertising a 0 percent rate to lure you in only to charge you a rate you probably do not want after your introductory month is done. How about when cell phone companies used to have you sign a contract that automatically renewed if not cancelled within a certain timeframe So you remember reading a travel company ad advertising an attractive 399 for a seven day vacation deal only to discover that the fine print says per person double occupancy We all know too well to be aware of agreeing to the fine print. But did this stop me from clicking the box I agree that allowed my Instagram photos to be out in the cloud forever or made the company I transacted with never responsible for anything Of course not It was easier to just check the box and move on. I ve asked around and have not met someone who really reads the terms and conditions word for word. I even asked a lawyer if I should pay attention and he admitted that he would only read contracts on big deals he is working on but he too doesn t read the fine Stay tuned... Look for the June issue where we feature three-time wrestling World Champion and U.S. Olympic athlete Adeline Gray. print when he does transactions online. Does this make me feel better I do worry about it but I guess not enough to stop me from checking the box when faced with the choice of moving on to get my transaction done or spending the additional time to read. I promise one of these days before I get burned I will actually read what I am agreeing to before I check the box. Whether or not I understand is another story. Linnore Gonzales herlifedenver twitter herlifedenver1 8 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 9 HERLIFE HEALTH care needs. Many children are playing the role of a lifetime providing so much more than grocery shopping appointment transportation and help with financial decisions. Caregiving is taxing often vague in its responsibilities and extremely emotional for everyone involved. Watching our parents lose their independence is one of the most challenging realities we face. For most of us it is difficult to grasp the fact that the people who steered us through our childhood are the very people we end up caring for later in life. Although we may be strong decision makers when it comes to our children caring for and making choices for our elderly parents is confusing traumatic and even resented at times. Managing role reversal with aging parents Leslie is a 54-year-old wife and mother of three. Two years ago her mother fell and broke her hip. Since then Leslie s once very independent 84-year-old mom requires help with daily tasks personal hygiene and just getting around. So where do we begin with this often unavoidable role reversal Get informed Learn about your parent s illness or disability. You ll be more effective as a caregiver and you will feel less anxiety about the choices you are making. Encourage independence You don t have to do everything for your loved one. Allow your parent to safely complete tasks administer their own personal care and make decisions as much as possible. Reach out to other caregivers Getting support from others in the same boat is beneficial and comforting. It helps to know there are others who are dealing with what you are going through. Trust your gut You know your parent better than anyone so rely on your instincts. While you can t disregard advice from doctors and specialists make decisions with you and your parent s years of experience in mind. l i sa t a r anto butler I n an instant Leslie went from being a daughter living in another city to acting as a caregiver for her mother. Allowing the obligations to her own family to waver Leslie now spends much of her time caring for her mother. And although the two are fairly close Leslie was met with some immediate backlash from the woman who had always been the guide in her own life. The tables have been turned and the situation is stressful to say the least. The number of people taking care of an aging parent has skyrocketed over the last several years. Approximately ten million adult children over the age of 50 are caring for a loved one feeding bathing dressing and providing personal 10 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Set limits Only you know how much time and effort you can give to your parent s situation. Be truthful about how much time you actually can devote to them. Set clear limits and communicate those limits to doctors family members and other people involved. Lay it on the line If you haven t already had the uncomfortable conversation it is now time to talk. Know in advance what your parent wants regarding the legal power and responsibility to make decisions for them. If you don t know the ins and outs of a power of attorney a living will or a healthcare proxy ask a few trusted family members who have been in your situation before or find an eldercare expert or attorney to help. Ask for help Caring for an aging parent can take more than one person especially if you don t live close in proximity. Asking for help from family members friends church community and even neighbors on occasion is necessary so you don t burn out which can hinder your ability to provide care. Depending on a family s financial limitations getting professional help may be an option. Before seeking help make sure you understand your parent s needs. Note all the caregiving tasks necessary and then determine what activities you can do as well as the ones you will need help completing. ALTHOUGH WE MAY BE strong decision makers when it comes to our children caring for and making choices for our elderly parents is confusing traumatic and even resented at times. So where do we begin with this often unavoidable role reversal Home sweet home Most seniors would like to live independently in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible even if circumstances regarding their health have changed. Some companies offer home evaluations that provide suggestions for home modifications repairs in-home care and other needs to be addressed so the senior can stay in their home longer. Often caregivers are relieved to get a professional s opinion on changes that may need to be addressed in the home. No matter how you look at it caregiving is demanding but you don t have to be overwhelmed by the responsibilities. And despite its challenges a newfound role reversal can also be rewarding. There are a lot of things caregivers can do to make the process easier and more pleasurable for themselves as well as for the person they are helping. Caring for someone you love may be beneficial for both of you and connect you together in a whole new way. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 11 HERLIFE BEAUTY vibration and healing energy working with each individual s body chemistry. Aquamarine is said to assist with digestive eye and teeth problems citrine with hearing difficulties digestive ailments sleep problems and pain and inflammation management. Amber is touted for treating stress and headaches and promoting self-expression. Moonstone is believed to help the user achieve balance alleviate anxiety depression and insomnia and promote creativity. The luminous pearl is said to balance the entire body create positive happy feelings within the wearer treat ailing digestive systems and skin disorders such as rosacea and achieve a glowing complexion. Lionesse is one of the best-known producers of gemstone skin care with five luxurious lines of extravagant serums creams and masks that are touted to deliver transformational results. The Diamond Collection rings up at 4 000 for three fabulous products. As diamonds are the hardest gems they re used in skincare to exfoliate and strengthen. Infused with real diamond powder this line promises to calm skin diminish the look of wrinkles and restore luster to achieve young fresh-looking skin. The Amber Collection promises to preserve your natural beauty address skincare concerns around the eye and remove impurities from the face. The Black Onyx Collection promises to reduce the signs of aging while nourishing the skin. Other collections variously promise to illuminate tired fatigued skin calm and smooth the skin or bring harmony and restores balance to by c ar r i e row lands johnson skin that seeks rejuvenation. While the most expensive gemstone skin care products are the most exclusive there are a variety of additional products to experiment with. Knesko markets a Diamond Radiance Eye Mask. La Mer has a face and body exfoliator infused with diamond dust. The Body Shop makes a garnet exfoliator. Sjal Skincare incorporates precious minerals and gemstones such as blue sapphire ruby tourmaline and citrine to boost cellular energy microcirculation and clarity. Gemstone Organic offers a line of hydrating mists that claim to boost the medicinal properties of each plant and increase the healing potential of your skin. These Gemstones new boost for skin care Marilyn Monroe said it best when she uttered the now famous words Diamonds are a girl s best friend. Fabulous sparkling pretty gems do more than fill the jewelry box however. T hroughout the ages gemstones have been used for their mystical and healing properties rose quartz for heartache garnet to energize amethyst to bring courage strength and peace. Many people hang stones around their neck as part of a spiritual practice. Gems are thought to create a protective field around the body and promote change to both mental and physical conditions. Over the past few years these precious minerals have also been incorporated into luxe indulgent skin care rituals. Every crystal is said by those who believe in their therapeutic properties to possess a different 12 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM gem juices contain small crystals inside every bottle. Other lines include the Artemis Woman s Healing Gems line which includes creams scrubs and polishes and comes in gemstone crystal varieties including amethyst tourmaline rose quartz topaz and clear quartz. How are gemstones infused into skincare creams and elixers Sara Clement one of the founders of Gemstone Organic describes their process as soaking the gemstones in water for a period of time using crystal grids to transfer the properties into the water. Wild Medicine encapsulates cleansing crystals and gemstones in their soaps along with organic ingredients beneficial essential oils and exfoliants. Crystals such as fluorite calcite and quartz are embedded in a vegan glycerin soap base with essential oils such as tea tree eucalyptus orange pine and even coffee the various combinations impart the healing properties of both the crystals and the oils to the skin. THE LUMINOUS PEARL is said to balance the entire body create positive happy feelings within the wearer treat ailing digestive systems and skin disorders such as rosacea and achieve a glowing complexion. Users heap praise on many gemstone skincare products and manufacturers and reviewers say that using products containing gemstones gives you both the remineralization benefits and also the energetic benefit. All matter on the planet has an energy. Gemstones vibrate at a higher frequency which means when we apply those high frequency vibrations to our skin we absorb some of that positive energy. Skin care experts and manufacturers say because the gemstones help to work on microcirculation and clarity they naturally give the skin a glow or luminosity. If you can afford to splurge you will enjoy an indulgent skincare experience with high-quality infusions of skin pampering ingredients. If not opt for one of the less expensive lines realizing they may not be as pure and will most likely contain a different concentration of gemstone dust but should still have some of the benefits. In addition to gemstones many products contain organic extracts glycerin hyaluronic acid and additional compounds commonly included in skincare products. Always check the list of ingredients to determine if the product could cause an allergic reaction when applied to your skin. For those who are willing to try a new trend that s been used in folk medicine for ages gemstone skin care just might be a way to restore the mystical fountain of youth we all so desperately seek. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 13 HERLIFE INSPIRATIONS Lauren Whitney Watching the Force of Mother Nature wr it t en by ann e . b u te n a s p h o to s by l i g h tb o x i m a ge s W hen it comes to forecasting the local weather here in Denver two words come to mind Lau- Lauren realized she would quickly have to overcome any anxieties about being in the public eye. When you are on camera in front of nearly 40 000 people you get over the fear quickly she laughed. Her first job in television news was with KKCO in Grand Junction Colorado where she was the morning anchor and the weather person. Lauren refers to this particular job as her first real job. I told myself I had to do it now she recalled. The weather aspect of it somewhat intimidated me as it involved more than just going outside and reporting that yes it is sunny. It was during her four years at KKCO that she intensely developed her weather forecasting skills. My last 18 months at the station my focus was only on the weather she noted. I also knew that as a career person in a smaller market it was time for me to move on. Inspired by a friend to apply for an opening at KCNC in late summer of 2011 Lauren hesitated at first but then took the plunge. Within six weeks of her applica- ren Whitney. As a meteorologist for KCNCTV (CBS4) in Denver Lauren is the perfect person for the job basically because she is just so cool and she is far from a fair weather fan of her career her passions and her city. While perhaps she didn t forecast such an amazing career for herself when she was first considering what to do with her life it seems that most everywhere she goes she brings a lot of sunshine to others. Naturally intelligent and driven Lauren often had to learn her craft by the seat of her pants but there is something dynamic engaging and appealing about her presence that makes watching her deliver her forecasts just plain fun. Born in Minnesota but raised in Phoenix Arizona Lauren graduated from Arizona State University in 2007. She honed her skills in the media world with a collegiate internship working in the public relations department for the Major League Baseball Team the Arizona Diamondbacks. That was a great opportunity and such I love Denver so much. I truly care about this city and have invested myself here. It s a great and giving community. Lauren Whitney Meteorologist for KCNC-TV (CBS4) in Denver a fun time she recalled. I met several sports broadcasters and baseball legends and by my second year I was an in-game host. Being thrown into the spotlight at such a relatively young age while she was admittedly green behind the ears was intimidating initially but tion she landed the job and to this day she marvels over how she could have possibly stood out among the other applicants. I look back at some of those old tapes of myself and just scratch my head she jokingly confessed in her natural self-effacing manner. 14 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 15 Girls and Science a new initiative that brought more than 11 000 young girls and their families and teachers to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (c) DMNS Chris Schneider However confident in her skill set and in her ability to learn quickly she knew she was always up to the challenge. I knew I had to fake it til I made it she smiled. I tried hard and put my nervousness to good use. Because of that experience I feel I can take on most anything now. In order to grow within the field of meteorology Lauren has been working on her B.S. degree in Operational Meteorology through online classes at Mississippi State University and is set to complete her studies this month. In addition to her weather forecasts Lauren also presents all of the stories about the local art museums. (Perhaps this helps her paint a good picture for the daily weather ) While forecasting the weather can produce some rather frustrating days Lauren is continually motivated by its inherent beauty. I have always loved Mother Nature she reflected. It is such a controlling force. I enjoy watching storms actually as they are so beautiful. Even when I was a kid I found weather phenomena to be so fascinating. I have since learned that so much happens to make a thunderstorm and it s more beautiful than you would imagine. Yes Lauren has received some complaints over the years about her weather forecasting not so much in her skill set or delivery but in her actual forecasts. This is not an exact science she cautioned. You can t get a good forecast more than three or four days out. Mother Natural is powerful and we can only give our best estimate. Now that Lauren has truly made a name for herself in the Denver market she is putting that celebrity to good use and has recently become the face of a highly popular event called Girls and Science a new initiative that brought more than 11 000 young girls and their families and teachers to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in March. At this event numerous women with careers in the sciences were on hand to meet with these young girls to encourage them to be the voices of the next generation of leaders within the STEM (science technology engineering and math) arenas. Because of its success other CBS-owned stations in the country are planning to adopt this program in their specific markets. As a positive female role model in a science trade Lauren could not be happier about the outcome of this event. This is a way we can show girls that they can be what they want to be. They can still be girls but also succeed in the sciences she expressed. We let them know it is okay to like makeup and look nice but at the same time they can also pursue careers in the sciences. Lauren also enjoys giving back to the community in many other ways and has been a part of the Junior League for four years and currently serves on its Holiday Mart committee. I enjoy doing things outside of my career she said. It s fun to be involved and to pursue amazing goals while helping others. It s important to me to be active within my community and giving back in whatever ways I can. When not caught up in all things weather-related Lauren loves to be outdoors whether that means doing a bit of snowboarding or strapping on some hiking boots and hitting some local trails. She also enjoys losing herself in the pages of a good suspense novel and is inclined to read most anything on the best sellers list if anything just to be a part of the conversation. Vacation time is a must as well and among her go-to destinations is anyplace that allows her to soak up the sun and dig her toes into the sand. I love the beach she smiled and lately admits to dreaming of Hawaii. And while Phoenix is where her family resides and will always have a part of her heart she has grown to love her new hometown with just as much passion. I love Denver so much emphasized Lauren. I truly care about this city and have invested myself here. It s a great and giving community. HLM To learn more about Lauren and the rest of the KCNC-TV team go online at 16 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM This is a way we can show girls that they can be what they want to be. They can still be girls but also succeed in the sciences Lauren expressed. We let them know it is okay to like makeup and look nice but at the same time they can also pursue careers in the sciences. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 17 HERLIFE RECIPES Almond joy yogurt parfaits Serves 1 Prep time 5 minutes ingredients 1 container (5 ounce) vanilla bean yogurt 1 tablespoon chopped roasted almonds 1 tablespoon mini chocolate chips 1 tablespoons toasted coconut flakes directions Spoon half of the yogurt into the bottom of a small tumbler. Sprinkle half of each of the almonds chocolate chips and coconut flakes on top. Repeat layering once with the remaining ingredients. Serve cold and enjoy HLM recipes a nd p hot ogr ap hy by b elly Olive and pine nut pasta Serves 2-3 Prep time 10 minutes Cook time 10 minutes ingredients 2 cups dried rotini pasta cup black olives finely diced cup pimento-stuffed green olives finely diced cup pine nuts cup finely chopped fresh parsley teaspoon red pepper flakes or to taste cup garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil cup freshly grated parmesan plus more for garnish directions Bring a large pot of water to a boil cook pasta until al dente. In the meantime finely chop the olives. Transfer to a large bowl along with the pine nuts parsley and red-pepper flakes stir in oil until combined. Drain pasta and add it to the olive mixture. Toss with the parmesan to combine well. Serve in bowls with a little more sprinkling of parmesan on top if desired. HLM recipes a nd p hot ogr ap hy by b elly 18 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM WINE HERLIFE SPOTLIGHT D&Y DESIGN GROUP FULFILLING YOUR CREATIVE DREAMS by a n n butenas photogr ap hs by lig ht b ox im ages A re you thinking about doing a little design or d cor update in your home but you re uncertain where to begin Then it s time to consult the experts at D&Y Design Group (as the new Decor and You). Now in its 13th year of business this leading design firm continues to gain considerable velocity as it brings to clients a cornucopia of exciting d cor design and remodeling options. NEW NAME SAME EXPERTISE Owned by Linnore Gonzales this award-winning full-service interior design firm delivers exciting and beautiful interiors that accurately reflect your personality and style while simultaneously meeting your needs and making your budget happy. With an exclusive line of products management resources and inspiring ideas for both residential and commercial customers D&Y Design Group employs seven full-time designers including two senior designers who have been with the firm for a decade and will work with clients throughout the Denver metro area. At its new location in Centennial Colorado D&Y Design Group has direct access to reputable vendors in the industry providing clients a vast range of furnishing options and choices in a host of styles and at all price points. No matter the size or scope of your project the trusted experts at D&Y Design Group can work with you to create what you desire at a price you can afford. We offer full interior design service to paint consultation and everything in between stated Linnore. We can complete large projects or deliver la carte services. No job is too big or too small. COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING When consulting with D&Y Design Group clients receive a personalized D cor Plan specifically tailored to their style budget and time frame. This company understands that your time is valuable and endeavors to make each project efficient cost-effective and fun while ensuring complete satisfaction with the end result. Among its many services D&Y Design Group provides window treatments office space design personalized D cor Plan and even a designer 20 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM kitchen in less than three weeks. With its recent acquisition of a Three Week Kitchens franchise the firm now stands at the ready to update your current kitchen or to completely transform it and provide the kitchen of your dreams. people buy products and select design styles has changed and the Internet has subsequently provided a means by which to efficiently initiate a project. Technology has changed the way people do business expressed Linnore. More and more people are going online to select products and get ideas. With our virtual design service we can create a space online for the client to see and from there decisions can be made. This service is perfect for those who don t necessarily need a professional designer but could use a bit of advice and coaching to achieve that USING BEST TECHNOLOGY PRACTICES Another exciting option recently introduced is a virtual design service. With appreciable advancements in technology the manner through which HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 21 custom designed space. Essentially clients answer questions that allow us to understand what they want to achieve in a particular room. We then assist in determining the style and feel for the room creating a personalized plan based on their input digital photos and measurements of the room and exterior photos of the home said Linnore. process smiled Linnore. We want our clients to fully enjoy the process and we include them in it every step of the way. We give them what they want but fully explain to them why we do things the way we do. Again we set expectations clearly. For example if we choose a particular fabric we don t choose it just because it looks pretty we choose it also for its functionality. MAKING IT FUN The designers at D&Y Design Group can work with you on something as simple as decorating a room with accessories to giving new inspiration to your entire home. We design with our clients needs in mind stated Linnore. We truly listen to them without imposing our own personal styles and tastes. Our job is to produce something that reflects what they like Linnore Gonzales owner of D&Y Design Group MAKING NEW LOOKS AFFORDABLE One of the largest hurdles for most people when it comes to working with a design firm is price. It may seem overwhelming from a financial perspective to even consider consulting a design expert. However D&Y Design Group understands those anxieties and will work closely with clients to put them at ease and work directly in line with their specific budgets. We are very clear and up front about everything right from the start emphasized Linnore. HLM For more information on D&Y Design Group visit their showroom at 2101 East Arapahoe Road 102 Centennial Colorado go online at or call 303-346-2593. and need. We pride ourselves on listening fully and giving our clients exactly what they want while at the same time ensuring the end result is functional and of the right design. Communication is key to the success of this design firm and to that end Linnore and her team set expectations from the start ensuring the customers know exactly what to expect without surprises. Design should be an enjoyable 22 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFE FINE THINGS common and a diver typically needs to open hundreds of oysters or mussels to discover a single pearl. This all changed when Kokichi Mikimoto the son of a Japanese noodle maker began to farm pearls by introducing a piece of tissue into an oyster shell. Soon Mikimoto was able to produce perfectly round cultured pearls on demand. Over a period of decades Mikimoto and other Japanese companies made cultured pearls affordable and available throughout the world. A pearl s value The value of a pearl is determined first by its origin with natural pearls being rarer and more expensive than cultured pearls. Besides origin there are several quality factors that determine a pearl s value size shape luster surface quality and color. In terms of size and shape the larger and rounder the better. High luster which is the amount of light a pearl reflects increases the value of a pearl. Surface quality which refers to the lack of scratches abrasions and irregularities that mar the appearance of the pearl also plays a part in determining value. Current fashion dictates which pearl colors by c at i e w ats on are most in demand. Both natural and cultured pearls come in a wide range of hues from white cream and pastel to cool shades of blue violet and black. In addition to a base color some of the most valuable pearls have a translucent overtone or iridescent shimmer that adds to the gem s value and allure. Pearl strand choices The birth of a pearl In order to understand the difference between natural and cultured pearls let s start with the birth of a pearl. In the natural environment pearl formation begins when a particle of organic material wedges into the shell of a mollusk. This irritant causes the mollusk to secrete layers of mineral covered by a strong iridescent material called nacre. Mollusks that can form pearls include pearl oysters in the sea and pearl mussels in freshwater. Natural pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are rarely perfectly round. Before the 1900s all pearls were found in the wild by pearl divers. Natural pearls are not 24 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Caring for your pearls Although pearls are composed of minerals they are a bit more fragile than other Like color the length of a strand of pearls is a personal choice that is often influenced by fashion. The shortest lengths are choker (16 inches) and princess (18 inches). These two length are frequently combined to create a youthful casual look. Longer strand lengths including matinee (22 to 24 inches) and opera (30 to 32 inches) make a more formal and dramatic statement. These longer strands are more versatile since they can be worn long or doubled or tripled around the neck. All about pearls Compared to flashy stones such as diamonds rubies and emeralds pearls are often considered to be the understated gem. This was not always the case throughout history. From ancient Greece and India to medieval Europe natural pearls were so highly valued for their beauty and rarity that only the nobility and wealthy citizens could afford them. I t wasn t until cultured pearls were introduced in the 20th century that pearl jewelry became available to a much wider segment of the popu- lation. Today the pearl is the birthstone for the month of June and the gemstone for the third and thirtieth wedding anniversaries testimony to the gem s universal appeal. gemstones. Cosmetics perfume and hairspray can dull a pearl s luster so always put on pearls after applying makeup and styling your hair. After wearing wipe pearls with a clean soft cloth to remove body oil and perspiration. Since pearls are subject to scratching they should be stored separately in a lined jewelry box or soft pouch. Storing pearls for long periods of time in an airtight container can lead to dehydration brittleness and cracking. This is why most jewelers recommend wearing pearls and exposing them to fresh air and natural humidity as often as possible. Just don t wear them in a hot tub or swimming pool or while doing housework since some common household chemicals and cleaning products including chlorine and ammonia can damage pearls. A strand of pearls should be taken to a jeweler for restringing if signs of wear are detected. Be sure to ask the jeweler to knot the string between each pearl in order to keep the pearls from rubbing against each other. The knots will also help avoid losing pearls should the string break. If you have a pearl necklace with multiple strands most jewelers will recommend restringing all strands at the same time regardless of wear. If treated with care by following these tips a strand of high-quality pearls will last a lifetime and can be handed down from one generation to the next. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 25 HERLIFE HOME AND DESIGN Picture Perfect by lin n o re go n z a l e s Fun tips and tricks for arranging pictures A stunning display of pictures is something many people envision in their homes. Making that vision a reality turns out to be a far more difficult task one that can easily result in a wall filled with empty misplaced nail holes. Indeed there is an art and science to arranging pictures. Use these tips to create pleasing picture arrangements and get creative with your overall d cor along the way. 26 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM frames or simply trace the size of your pictures on paper and use the painter s tape to tack them to the wall until you settle on an arrangement. Feeling especially whimsical Use painter s tape to create the actual frames for holding your photos postcards and pictures. Get Off the Wall Walls aren t the only places for pictures. Propping artwork against a piece of furniture creates an interesting place for the eye to go. Have a series of bookshelves with nothing topping them Prop up your favorite art prints or photographs and intermix other accessories to create a storytelling display. And don t neglect the unexpected places for pictures hang artwork in front of a bookcase on the face of a shelf or prop smaller pieces on the back of a shelf. wrong size image in the wrong place. A too-small piece above an extra-large sofa will create a funhouse look (and not in a good way). But one extra-large piece can be a stunning statement in an entryway. Picture-hanging is about making and breaking rules you just have to test both methods until you find the one that suits your d cor and style. Put Like with Like A powerful display of art can come from unifying features all close-up nature photographs in the same size using the same matting in the same frames will certainly be impressive. But even one constant element will help unify a look such as all black frames even if the subject matter is varied or the pictures are haphazardly gathered on one wall or scattered throughout a room. Give Corners Some Love It s easy to overlook the corners of your rooms or simply stuff them with plants or a chair that has no other place. Fill up empty corner space with a pleasing gallery display of mini photos (think your fave Instagram prints in 3 x 3 ). Or even enhance edges with cool corner frames. Get the Gallery Look If you re not into symmetry and similarity you can achieve the art gallery look by arranging unlike art in asymmetrical patterns. The trick is to keep the images hung very closely together or even dare to overlap them for a more casual feel. Include more than just framed art as well such as plates shells or even miniature shelves hold- From the Floor Up Don t be afraid to test out different designs for your artwork or photographs on the floor before you hang them up. Mix and match your arrangements and take pictures of each one with your smartphone. This can help you feel freer about the display you re creating and not be fearful of testing out an unusual print or unexpected object that you might otherwise have nixed if you only allowed yourself to work on the wall itself. HLM Make Use of Painter s Tape Painter s tape has uses beyond protecting molding trim and ceilings when you re wielding a paint brush. This versatile tape lets you play with picture arrangements before putting permanent holes in the wall. Mimic the sizes of your existing ing small sculptures. Position the most prominent piece at eye level and work your way out. Tipping the Scale One of the biggest mistakes people make when hanging art or photographs is putting the Linnore Gonzales is also the owner of a full service decorating company D&Y Design Group . D&Y Design Group furnishes and refines residential and commercial interiors. Our designers have the power to simplify how people achieve comfort style and value in their homes and businesses. It s an ambitious goal and D&Y Design Group delivers it right to your door photo provided by jason hayes photography HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 27 HERLIFE WORKING WOMEN Business etiquette for the global marketplace The phrase business etiquette may sound incredibly formal but it really just refers to rules for appropriate behavior among members of a given profession. In the past good manners and common sense may have been all the business etiquette you needed but in today s global marketplace good business etiquette can entail more than simply minding your manners. attitudes about how to convey information. Some countries value detailed communication while others may expect the context for information to be inferred. Another level of complexity is introduced when different languages are involved. When one of the parties in a business conversation is using a non-native language subtle shadings of meanby c a t i e w ats on ing may be lost. Be prepared to simplify your word choices when you feel you re misunderstood and don t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don t understand what s being said. Remember that business associates from other countries may not be familiar with American slang and pop cultural references so leave them out to avoid confusion. When it comes to face-to-face meetings there are thousands of different rules of etiquette around the world. Keep things simple by homing in on the information you need to conduct your business. Travel books and websites are a good place to start since they contain a wealth of information about specific countries and regions. You should also check out the country-specific information I n the global marketplace you may find yourself exchanging email participating in conference calls and meeting face-to-face with co-workers and customers whose customs are quite different from your own. It s important to learn as much as you can about the cultures you encounter through your business. Having insight into a country s cultural dynamics will help you understand why your international business contacts behave the way they do. It can also help guide your own behavior so that it makes sense to those in other countries. The majority of global business is conducted through email and other forms of digital communication and is affected by different cultural 28 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM AS THE GLOBAL ECONOMY continues to expand so will the need for respect for cultural differences. The success or failure of a business venture or collaboration may depend on the participants ability to respect each other s diversity and create a relationship of trust. pages on the U.S. State Department s website. Items to note include customary business attire and expected behavior during business meetings. For example if you search for global business etiquette on you ll learn that a positive attitude is favored by Japanese business people and a detailed agenda is expected in advance of any business meeting in Japan. If you re a woman travelling abroad for business be sure to pay special attention to gender roles in other countries. Making a mistake in this area can be costly to your business especially in countries where attitudes about women s behavior are tied to religious beliefs. For example in general men in Arab countries typically do not want to shake hands or have other physical contact with women in Western attire while in India shaking hands is the only physical contact expected between men and women in a business setting. Most other countries are not as casual or comfortable as we Americans are when it comes to business attire. Even if you work in an industry such as technology where casual clothing is the norm this may not be the prevailing custom in the country you re visiting. If this is the case clothing that is too informal may be interpreted as showing a lack of respect or professionalism. Avoid making a negative first impression by choosing conservative outfits when traveling internationally for business or hosting international clients or co-workers. Your best bet according to USA Today is a high-quality dress or suit in a solid color with minimal accessories. The rules of business dining etiquette can be especially tricky when you re traveling abroad. The consumption of alcoholic beverages during a business meal may or may not be acceptable so follow your host s lead. If drinking alcohol is customary limit yourself to one drink. Even if you aren t familiar with the food items you re served demonstrate courtesy by trying everything on your plate (unless you have dietary restrictions for medical reasons). When it comes to mealtime topics of conversation discussing business is considered rude in some countries and perfectly acceptable in others. If in doubt allow your hosts to lead the conversation. As the global economy continues to expand so will the need for respect for cultural differences. The success or failure of a business venture or collaboration may depend on the participants ability to respect each other s diversity and create a relationship of trust. Experts suggest these three simple rules for global business etiquette 1) show respect toward people you meet 2) think before you speak and 3) stay current on the business etiquette cultural sensitivities and relevant history of countries where you plan to do business. A final tip taking time to establish rapport with your global business contacts is the best way to create successful long-term working relationships. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 29 HERLIFE TRENDSETTER Beauty NETWORKS presents Disney s Beauty and the Beast the smash hit Broadway musical when it returns to Denver June 7 through 12 2016 Based on the Academy Award-winning animated feature film this eye-popping spectacle has won the hearts of more than 35 million people worldwide. This classic musical love story is filled with unforgettable characters lavish sets and costumes and dazzling production numbers including Be Our Guest and the beloved title song. Experience the romance and enchantment of Disney s Beauty and the Beast at The Buell Theatre 30 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM and the Beast Starring Sam Hartley as the Beast and Brooke Quintana as Belle in Disney s Beauty and the Beast. p hot os by mat t hew mur p hy Christiaan Smith-Kotlarek as Gaston and Matt DaSilva as Lefou in Disney s Beauty and the Beast. 32 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Brooke Quintana as Belle and the cast of Disney s Beauty and the Beast. The Enchanted Objects of Disney s Beauty and the Beast. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 33 Brooke Quintana as Belle and Sam Hartley as the Beast in Disney s Beauty and the Beast. 34 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 35 HERLIFE FINANCE Summer security Ahh summer. It s America s favorite playtime. It s also a time to check with your insurance agent to be sure you are covered for unexpected mishaps while boating skiing swimming in your backyard pool or taking your vintage motorcycle for a trip to the mountains. every year to get an umbrella policy but if you re sued that coverage gives you peace of mind. Also be sure to check with your agent about installing safety features such as locks and automatic fences to bring down your premium cost. In addition we learn as children that water by t i n a v. savas and electricity don t mix. As a matter of course when preparing your pool for the summer season it s a good idea to have the electrical components tested for safety. If it s an older pool consider replacing the lighting with modern lights that adhere to current safety standards. This is not a do-it-yourself task either always have a licensed electrician perform repairs or changes to electrical equipment. Keep an eye out for lights that may be flickering or performing erratically this is a sign of damage that may send electricity into the water. Shut the pool down if anything seems amiss rather than take a risk. Keep power cords electrical devices that use extension cords such as fans or sound equipment or cords that might be damaged at least five feet away from a water source even a S wimming pools may not be covered by your regular homeowners insurance policy and in some cases the coverage may simply not be enough. Some policies exclude pools altogether. Pools increase your liability risk because you have a greater risk of being sued and paying someone s medical bills if they are injured or worse on your property. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission almost 400 children under the age of 15 drown each year in pools and spas. Ask your agent if you can get additional liability coverage for your pool. You may want to go further and secure an umbrella policy that increases your coverage beyond your homeowners policy. It costs a few hundred dollars more 36 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM ACCORDING TO THE U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission almost 400 children under the age of 15 drown each year in pools and spas. Ask your agent if you can get additional liability coverage for your pool. potential splash. And it seems like common sense but always supervise children or someone who may be intoxicated. Be watchful for swimmers who may be twitching or unresponsive this may be a sign the pool is electrified. Have a plan in place to rescue the person it should include turning off the power having swimmers get out of the water without touching metal and calling 911. All these precautions help manage your risk and keep your agent happy. If you own a boat check your coverage carefully. Large and fast boats may need a special policy. Jet skis may need a separate marine policy too. Your premiums may depend on your boating prowess the type of boat you own and where you will use it. For example a boat in California is likely to cost more in coverage because of the increased storm and theft risks. Motorcycles are usually required to have liability coverage for both property damage and bodily injury they may cause to others in an accident. Be sure to check with your agent if your coverage protects passengers on your motorcycle. Many things are taken into consideration to arrive at your premium such as if you ve had a prior accident ride in the city or are under the age of 25. You may be able to get a discount if you take a safe driving course own more than one bike or belong to a motorcycle club. Plus owning your own home can get you discounts. If you decide to leave your vehicle at home and rent a car van or motor home know what your auto insurance covers before you sign the rental company s policy. The insurance sold at the rental counter usually includes liability coverage for lawsuits personal accident insurance for medical or ambulance needs and personal effects coverage for theft of your items in the car. But you may not need all of that coverage. Your auto policy and your credit card agreement may provide car rental coverage too. Just ask the clerk what will happen if the rental is damaged. Will you have to pay up front for repairs and wait for reimbursement or will your insurance company cover the costs immediately If you are planning to take the vehicle across the country s border check into the insurance requirements and carry your proof of insurance at all times. Insurance requirements vary with vacation home rentals depending on the length of stay. If you are planning to rent another person s home for your vacation talk to your agent about whether your home insurance covers damages where you re renting. Booking through an online website may offer you property damage coverage as part of the process. All said summer is a time to enjoy vacations. Checking in with your insurance agent will go a long way to making it the best summer ever. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 37 HERLIFE HOME But construction time and years have not diminished Harriet s love for nature s winged creatures. When you re developing a landscape or adapting your environment to attract birds you must include the three things that birds need most and those are food water and shelter Harriet specifies. There are hundreds of ways to do this. Identify your local native and also migrating species and then you just supply them what they want Food sources can be natural supplied by native plants shrubs and grasses that provide berries and seeds as flowers and pods mature. You can tell what a bird eats by the shape of its beak. A cone-shaped bill is for cracking seeds and is found on cardinals finches grosbeaks and sparrows. The slender pointed beak of the warbler family is used for picking insects off foliage. The strong tapered beak of the woodpecker of course chisels into trees for insects and to create nesting spots. Sunflower seeds or chips millet and thistle seeds are some that create her bird buffet set on various platforms and in feeders with openings of sizes appropriate to the seed diameter. She sets out waterplumped golden raisins for the orioles. That s extreme feeding so is providing live and frozen meal worms for my bluebirds. But I have never seen a bird that doesn t love suet Harriet laughs. She visits the local grocer s butcher regularly to collect the fat scraps from trimmed meat. The butcher is tickled to help he grinds the scraps up and gives me free a three- or four-pound plastic bag full. I form it into balls and set it out the hawks particularly love it. She also creates a magic mix consisting of creamy peanut butter lard by ma r i lyn is aminger or bacon grease any kind of syrup and enough plain white corn meal to make soft balls that are pressed into wide shallow holes drilled into an old branch. It provides nutrition and energy and the birds devour it. Cover is essential to provide nesting places favorite roosting spots and habitat to hide from predators. Trees both deciduous and evergreen and again native species are favorable. Boxes or containers can be provided that are It s strictly for the birds It s a drizzly day as I sit in the kitchen of Harriet Wright looking through the picture window at a landscape that s alive with birds. If you had been here this morning you would have seen our pair of redshouldered hawks she beams. W hen I was six years old I sat at this same table as we baked cookies and Harriet then of course Mrs. Wright my neighbor a founder and past president of the local Audubon Society chapter opened my eyes to the myriad species of ornithological wonders populating her semi-rural seven acres. Before suburban sprawl affected the neighborhood more than 100 acres were literally teeming with wildlife. 38 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Cooking for the Birds YOU CAN TELL WHAT a bird eats by the shape of its beak. A cone-shaped bill is for cracking seeds and is found on cardinals finches grosbeaks and sparrows. adapted to the native and perhaps migratory species in your environment. Bluebird boxes are among my favorite they can t peck a hole in a tree like a woodpecker. The bluebird needs a deep box with a one-and-a-half-inch opening it s important to be able to clean out the box after the babies fledge because the mother bird wants a clean box. Other larger species may require a box up to 18 inches deep. Water is the third necessity. Since it s raining today all sorts of plant saucers bird baths and depressions in the yard are full. There s an old two-inch thick concrete bird bath on the ground next to a resin bird bath on a pedestal. The base to the concrete basin crumbled years ago but it s never frozen because it s too thick she informs me. You can find any size or shape of bird bath at the specialty stores but it s important to keep it full and clean. Some climates are prone to mosquito infestations so that s another reason especially now with the Zika threat to keep the bird baths and water sources clean and refreshed. I notice an orange extension cord running across the patio into the grass and inquire about it. Harriet grins widely. That s our heater It s running to the two big bird baths. It s so important to keep the water from freezing since they need it all year in any climate. There are solar heaters on the market but this is a simple immersion heater an alternative is a specialty bird bath with the heating element built into the bowl. There s never been a time that I didn t find joy in birds and nature Harriet affirms. I hope you ll find ways to share that pleasure also HLM Harriet s special recipe for Bird Pudding contains great nutrition and is irresistible to birds of all species. 1 cup lard 1 cup crunchy peanut butter 1 cup flour 2 cups quick-cooking oatmeal 2 cups plain white cornmeal Melt lard and peanut butter together mix in the dry ingredients. It will be thick spread in a standard baking pan and refrigerate. Cut into brownie-sized squares place on a platform feeder or in wire cage and watch the birds flock HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 39 HERLIFE REAL ESTATE Changing spaces Moving is a big change in one s life it s an event that can have happy connections or be filled with upset and worry. Even if the move is for positive reasons such as a new home or a better job it can also be one of the most stressful and overwhelming times in a family s life. in having the equivalent of a moving roadmap for reference. By following a specific timeline and by identifying pressing tasks on a week-by-week basis movers can avoid most surprise developments and panicky uh-oh moments when imby re becca flansburg portant tasks get missed or overlooked. The rule of thumb is to begin your planningto-move project six to eight weeks before the actual day. In that time you can begin by making a master list of all of the loose ends that need to be resolved before the move. Many people start this process by cataloguing their belongings and taking a hard look at all that they own. This is also the perfect time to do a little down-sizing in the form of determining what you don t want to have to move and what is no longer necessary in your life. The items that are not coming with you can be sold beforehand donated or thrown away to reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be moved. M oving from a place of familiarity to a brand-new setting can be particularly upsetting for the youngest members of families as well. Parents and individual movers alike can take steps to prepare for their move and reduce stress and anxiety at the same time. Focusing on a specific moving timeline seems to work wonders for keeping all participants on track and on task. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to take months to prepare for a move to a new community state or even country. But those who have the advantage of time appreciate the value 40 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM When your moving adventure hits the two- to three-week mark your THE RULE OF THUMB is to begin your planning-tomove project six to eight weeks before the actual day. In that time you can begin by making a master list of all of the loose ends that need to be resolved before the move. Around week four or five is the time to intensify your packing efforts. Chances are that by now you have a firm grasp on what items are truly making the move with you so the next logical step is to formally begin to box and pack up your belongings. What you pack your items in and how you pack said items is a huge determining factor in whether your precious items will make it to their new destination intact. When assembling and sealing up your packing boxes invest in good quality box sealing tape such as Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape to avoid box-bottom blowouts at inopportune times. After breakables are wrapped in cushioned bubble wrap all seams of the box need to be securely taped at least twice for added strength. Another tip that will not only save your back but help your items arrive safely is to not overload boxes. As an extra precaution pack heavy items in smaller boxes to avoid back strain and cardboard failure. boxes should all be packed marked and placed in a secure area for the movers to find. This is also a good time to make sure your own vehicle is in tip-top shape especially if a lengthy drive to your new home is in order. During these final weeks last-minute details such as confirming facts with the moving company gathering medical documents returning library books and coordinating information with your children s new and old schools need to happen. Moving week will be a flurry of activity and anticipation and also a time when the final push to pack and clean happens. Now is a great time to enlist the help and support of friends and family to help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. If there are children involved take the time to explain the moving process to help them understand what to expect during the final leg of your moving journey. Helping them know and understand what s next will also work to calm fears and even generate excitement at the prospect of a new adventure. Once they are onboard they will not only find comfort in the new situation they can be a helpful part of the process. Moving away from the familiarity and comfort of a cherished home can be stressful for adults and children alike. But taking the time to organize and orchestrate your move will help to keep the overall mood positive and spirits high. Children take cues from adults when it comes to coping with new life changes so if Mom and Dad remain upbeat and positive they will be as well. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 41 HERLIFE PETS Keep your pets healthy & happy According to the American Pet Products Association nearly 100 million families share their homes with domesticated animals including 55 million homes with dogs 43 million with cats and another 50 million with unusual pets such as guinea pigs rabbits birds fish and reptiles. Six of ten Americans own at least one pet. from whole grains vitamin-rich oils and essential vitamins and minerals. To keep your dog trim pay attention to portion control and keep treats to a minimum. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a food if your pet requires a special diet. Cats are strict carnivores and require a very by st e phanie fox different diet than dogs. Their food should have high amounts of digestible protein and fat. Cats do better eating canned food rather than dry food which often has high levels of carbohydrates and the wrong type of proteins. If for some reason feeding dry kibble is the only option supplement it with some canned food. Schedule regular veterinarian visits Pets like people need annual health exams. A veterinarian will check your pet s heart lungs ears teeth eyes and skin to make sure there are no outstanding health problems. They may Feed your pet high-quality food Check the labels of commercial food to find the healthiest mix available. For dogs that means high levels of animal-based protein. Meat byproducts which include organ meats such as hearts livers kidney and connective tissue despite what many people think are not only acceptable but are highly nutritious. Look for kibble with high fiber 42 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM recommend ways to prevent parasites that can carry or cause serious diseases and a vaccination protocol. For dogs beyond the puppy stage recommended vaccines can include protection from rabies canine influenza and kennel cough. For cats this means vaccines against rabies feline distemper and feline herpes viruses. And don t forget small pets. They need vet checks too. I n the last decade the attitude toward pets has evolved as well. Most people 95.6 percent now consider their pet to be a member of the fam- ily up 10 percent from only 10 years ago. Then Americans spent a mere 39 billion to care for their animals. Now that amount has risen to 61 billion and includes food and vet care toys clothes and birthday gifts. People clearly love their animals. So what can pet owners um sorry pet parents do to make sure their animal companion leads a healthy and happy life PETS LIKE PEOPLE need annual health exams. A veterinarian will check your pet s heart lungs ears teeth eyes and skin to make sure there are no outstanding health problems. Everybody needs exercise Dogs need regular exercise and most dogs will jump at the chance. Depending on the size age and breed of dog a walk around the block twice a day may be enough. Other dogs need much more from a romp in the park to a run with their owner or an afternoon of chasing a Frisbee. Some cats require more incentive to work out. Many cats love the laser pointer game. Move your cat s food from the floor to the counter and back making a game out of jumping. Cat toys cat trees and scratching posts encourage movement too. Cats need only a total of about 10 to 20 minutes a day of activity so there s very little excuse for the owner to have an unfit cat. Spay or neuter your pet Beyond the social advantages of preventing unwanted litters spaying and neutering has direct health advantages including the chance of a longer and healthier life. Early spaying of female dogs and cats can protect them from breast cancer and uterine cancer or infections. Neutering male dogs and cats lessens the risk of prostate problems and testicular cancer. There are behavioral advantages too including removing the breeding instinct male territory marking the heat cycle and in cats the elimination of female yowling and the male inclination to roam. Pay attention to dental health According to the American Veterinary Dental Society 80 percent of dogs and cats older than three years show signs of oral disease. Tooth and gum problems have been linked to loss of teeth and oral cancer as well as heart and kidney disease. Good dental health can lengthen the life of a dog or cat up to five years. Bad breath in pets is not normal and may be indicative of a serious problem. Vets recommend giving dogs edible dental chews or hard chew toys to help reduce tartar. Cats too can chew on hard raw or slightly cooked bones (no pork chicken or fish bones). You can also brush your dog s or cat s teeth toothpaste comes in flavors such as chicken to make cleaning easier. If you can t find a way to clean your pet s teeth a vet can do it for you. One more thing invest in a microchip Even the most closely watched dogs or cats can escape from a secure home or yard. Lost pets can end up at best adopted by someone else and at worst at a high-kill facility. A microchip will let everyone know that you are waiting ready to bring your four-legged family member home. HLM HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 43 HERLIFE TRAVEL Small town festivals to visit this year Not every town festival is satisfied with corn dogs and barn animals. While some carnivals livestock barns and fair foods can start to feel monotonous there are festivals scattered throughout the United States that pair town pride with everything from hot air balloon rides to hollerin contests to an annual running of llamas. Each part of the country has something unique to offer and will have you begging to take a cross-country road trip to get to them all. long celebration begins May 7 2016. Make sure to pick up tulip bulbs while you re there Tulip Time recommends Nelis Dutch Village Veldheer Tulip Garden and Windmill Island Gardens. Join the people of Fort Wayne Indiana on September 17 and 18 to celebrate the 42nd annual Johnny Appleseed Festival. This festival offers a historically authentic recreation of the time of by me r r itt rethlake Johnny Appleseed for a fun educational day filled he Tulip Time festival in Holland Michigan has been on and off since it began in 1929 but today the celebration draws with all sorts of attractions. Traders storytellers and more show you how early American pioneers lived while you snack on freshly made caramel corn or old-fashioned chicken and dumplings. Plus the Johnny Appleseed Festival is home to more than 100 craft booths so you can get your fix of handmade soaps candies satchels and other home goods. We can always count on Wisconsin to offer up some less-than-typical summer festivals. Taking a break from the cheese and the beer will bring you to Hammond Wisconsin near the St. Croix T around 500 000 people from around the world to revel in the natural beauty of more than four million tulips. With a nod to the city s Dutch heritage this festival is also known for three distinctive parades including the Volksparade with parade participants dressed in Dutch costumes the Muziekparade where parade-goers can enjoy music dancing and floats and the largest children s parade in the state the Kinderparade. The week- 44 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM River for a fluffy one-of-a-kind experience The Running of the Llamas. The second weekend of every September the streets of Hammond come alive with llama-themed games and activities until the real event begins. The main street is blocked off to make way for 12 llamas and their handlers all vying for the prize of a lifetime a bucket full of fresh vegetables of course. This year marks its 20th event celebration. That s a lot of llamas. Travel to Quechee Vermont for the longest continuously running Hot Air Balloon Festival in New England. Nestled in luscious green foothills the festival also boasts more than 60 craft artisans and vendors along with children s activities plus a wine and beer garden. Book either a tethered or ascension balloon ride for the 37th annual event over Father s Day Weekend. A tethered ride gives you a sweet taste of flying as you float about 50 feet in the air while connected to a rope while the full ascension ride lets you gracefully soar over the entire festival and surrounding areas for 30 to 40 minutes. In the meantime take a virtual balloon ride on the festival s website. Further down the East Coast you ll find a hollerin good time in Spivey s Corner North Carolina. Home to fewer than 100 people Spivey s Corner exponentially increases its population for a weekend in June with 5 000 to 10 000 gathering around for the National Hollerin Contest. But don t let the name fool you. The contest looks for more than just a mere scream or long-winded lungs. These contestants voices are more like musical instruments that actually pay tribute to the town s history it began in 1969 when the co-founders and participants of the festival wanted to stage a revival of the lost hollerin art. Now the festival includes a barbecue and live music on top of the hollerin . Looking for a getaway in November Head to Apalachicola Florida for one of the oldest maritime events the Florida Seafood Festival where fresh fish is just the beginning. Enjoy delicious food from the sea and catch the highly competitive oyster shucking and oyster eating contests. And once you ve had your fill of beachy delicacies check out the carnival parade fireworks or musical entertainment. The aptly named named Grapevine is in the country s fifth-largest wineproducing state-Texas-and it has an entire celebration to remind you. In its 30th year GrapeFest draws everyone from children to those well beyond the drinking age limit to experience the wide world of grapes. Grapestomp is one of the most popular events during the four-day festival where two fast-footed people pair up to stomp 18 pounds of grapes for two minutes. There is a grand finale on Sunday to declare the grape stomping champion and receive the Purple Foot Award. We wouldn t expect it any other way. Cheers HLM TRAVEL TO QUECHEE Vermont for the longest continuously running Hot Air Balloon Festival in New England. Nestled in luscious green foothills the festival also boasts more than 60 craft artisans and vendors along with children s activities plus a wine and beer garden. HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 45 HERLIFE SHE SAID YES 46 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM allison Proposal August 29 2015 wri t ten by marilyn is aminger Ian & p hot ogr ap hy by k b d ig i ta l d e si g n s HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 47 c upid s cyber arrows hit their mark for Allison Chaput and Ian Kerr when they met Allison 32 is an assistant nurse manager Ian 36 works as an outbound on an online dating website. sales representative. Ian chose one of the most beautiful places in Colorado for his proposal on August 29 2015. We went hiking at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs on a pretty summer day smiles Allison. We took a rest break under a large shade tree and that s when he proposed. I said Yes Allison and Ian have set the date of their wedding for October 1 2016. We re planning a traditional Catholic wedding at a church in Evergreen Colorado Allison notes. We will each have five attendants. Then the reception will be at the Ameristar in Blackhawk Colorado with a rustic theme with plum and peach colors. We re very excited to have our wedding in the fall in the Rocky Mountains with the beautiful fall colors. HLM HERLIFE TIE THE KNOT ALYSSA TOM w ri tte n by m a ri l y n i sa m i n ge r p h o to gra p hy by k b d i g i t a l de s i gn s Alyssa and Tom Martinez met through a mutual friend who thought they might hit it off and the impression was correct The sparks flew and ignited Tom planned a surprise for his proposal to Alyssa. They planned a trip to Lake Powell with friends to celebrate Tom s 31st birthday. On the first night that everyone was there June 23 Tom made carnitas for dinner for everyone and insisted on giving a toast Alyssa smiles. He thanked everyone for coming to celebrate with him then looked at me and said Alyssa What you don t know is that I didn t want to come here for my birthday I wanted to come here to ask you to marry me. He was on one knee as I was crying and said Of course The blissful couple tied the knot on June 27 2015. Alyssa s Matron of Honor was her twin sister Ashley Steven. Bridesmaids were Kelsy Elissa Jessica Suzanne and Sophie. Andy Martinez Tom s brother stood with him as Best Man groomsmen were Jordan Taylor Jerry Nick Jeff Brad Mitch and Kurt. Alyssa s niece Sara was the flower girl and her nephew Maddox was ring bearer. Alyssa and Tom personalized the wedding service and reception in memorable ways. My cousin Aubrey sang A Thousand Years as I walked down the aisle Alyssa reminisces. Tom and I did a wine ceremony combining a red wine and a white wine to symbolize joining our two lives. As Tom is a fire fighter my father surprised us with an ice sculpture of a fire truck And our wedding cake wasn t traditional we had a Spring Fling cake from The Market and everyone loved it. A special table we had was a MIA POW Remembrance Table. Tom served in the Marine Corps for five years and mentioned having this table just days before the wedding. My mother put it together at the last minute and it was very special to have it at our wedding for all of the men and women who serve our country and don t make it home. Alyssa and Tom honeymooned in the Dominican Republic and celebrated Tom s birthday at the same time having the time of their lives. We did a dune buggy excursion which was incredible. We swam in a pure-water cave snorkeled and swam with sharks and sting rays HLM 48 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Businesses that shared in the love bridal gown The Green Bride hair styling Stephanie Ellis and Tiffany Raines makeup Cassandra Garza photographer KB Digital Designs florist Fleur Decor caterer Hearts Desire Catering cake The Market venue The Cable Center University of Denver HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM 49 HERLIFE SCENE AND BE SEEN Colorado Women s Hall of Fame Ribbon Cutting T he Colorado Women s Hall of Fame and the Denver Public Library are celebrating the lives and stories of 152 Hall of Fame inductees at a four-month exhibit and event series that continues through June 30 2016. On March 29 the Hall sponsored an Opening Reception that featured Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and a Women in Higher Education event that honored all the female college and university presidents in Colorado. A panel at the higher education event included Colorado Women s Hall of Fame inductee Ceal Barry and two college presidents. Many Hall inductees were able to attend including engineer Jill Tietjen and former State Senator Polly Baca shown chatting with Mayor Hancock. The exhibit is open during library hours seven days a week at the Denver Public Library Main Branch Seventh floor 10 West 14th Avenue Parkway. To learn more about the Colorado Women s Hall of Fame or to register for the upcoming DPL events in May and June visit HLM pho t o s p rovided by jay weis e 50 HERLIFEMAGAZINE.COM Earth Day Celebrations in Boulder O n April 1 several events took place in Boulder to celebrate Earth Day. Laurie Dameron presented her program What Can I Do Spaceship Earth which focuses on conserving water and electricity. The Whistle Stop F.I.L.M. Festival presented the film Cordially Georgia O Keefe and musicians Cindy Brandle and Jen Archer entertained with songs about the environment. 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