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Description: Fun & Fit Summer Edition. Swimwear provided by Dillards at Pier Park. Athlete Updates ~ Local highschool athlete grads and their college journeys. Fit At Any Age. Fit First Responders.

SouthWalton Destin MVP magazine coming soon June July 2016 3rd Edition 2 MVP Magazine April May 2016 June July 2016 MVP Magazine 3 magazine CONTRIBUTORS HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County Lee McArthur Scott MVP Writer Editor Brent Holtgrewe BSC ATC LAT PES First Choice Physical Therapy JUNE JULY 2016 Issue 3 Dr. Myra Reed Personalized Concierge Doctor Clinton Wallace CEO CW Synergy Fitness Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate Dr. Ethan Kellum Sports Medicine Southern Orthopedics Winston Chester Mosley HS Teacher Author TV Show HostPanhandle Outdoors Carol Whiting Dermatology Specialists Bay County M V P would like to thank the Pier Park location of Dillards for providing swimsuits for our models featured in this summer edition. 4 MVP Magazine June July 2016 INDEX 6 12 Jennifer Watson Publisher Photography 30A Healthy Marketing SUMMER FRUITS HEALTHY POPSICLES 14 17 Article by Dr. Myra Reed DETOXIFICATION Home of Danny and Ashlyn Davis FIRE IT UP SUMMER GRILLING CONTACT US BAYCOUNTYMVP GMAIL.COM 850.832.5650 24 34 38 43 THIS ISSUE S F E AT U R E D FITNESS MODEL FUN AND FIT SUMMER Trainer Tips from Clinton ARE YOU TANK TOP READY FIT AT ANY AGE FIT FIRST RESPONDERS 48 53 68 Brent s Tips for Athletes BEAT THE HEAT Ra c h e l Bin d e r College Updates on a Few Local Athletes ATHLETIC UPDATES Arts Alive Golf Fore Education Miracle League Veterans COMMUNITY PAGES June July 2016 MVP Magazine 5 6 MVP Magazine June July 2016 W atermelons the refreshing summer thirst quenchers that keep us hydrated our skin fresh and our kidneys clean with their high water and electrolyte content. Ninety-one percent water the watermelon packs an impressive array of nutrients Most noted for its Lycopene and l-citrulline the watermelon also has cucurbitacin E vitamin C pantothenic acid vitamin B6 potassium vitamin A and magnesium. Lycopene a well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant is believed to be beneficial to our cardiovascular health as well as our bone health. It has specifically been shown to reduce the risk of stroke. Citrulline is an amino acid that converts to L-arginine by our kidneys and other organ systems. It keeps our blood vessels relaxed and open for blood flow. Arginine is also thought to prevent accumulation of excess fat in our fat cells. Wacky for Watermelon Lee McArthur Scott Eat Fruit Watermelons are great by themselves or with a little salt Or you can chop them up and put them in a fruit salad or vegetable salad They make a wonderful addition to your next smoothie The seeds and rind are also edible The seeds can be roasted with seasonings just like pumpkin seeds In some parts of the world the roasted seeds are ground into a flour and made into a bread. The rind can be placed in the blender with a little lime for a refreshing beverage The rind is sometimes used in stir-fry. The rind and the seeds are also nutrient-rich Watermelons are both a vegetable and fruit. They are related to the cucumber squash cantaloupe and pumpkin because they grow on vines on the ground. They are considered a type of berry called a pepo. When selecting a watermelon look for heaviness a dull top and a hollow bass sound on the thump. Watermelon and Feta Salad with Arugula and Spinach Recipe found on 3 tablespoons extra -virgin olive oil 2 teaspoons white balsamic vinegar teaspoon kosher salt 2 cups arugula 2 cups baby spinach leaves 1 cup thinly sliced red onion 1 cup grape tomatoes halved cup crumbled feta cheese 2 cups bite sized watermelon chunks Whisk the olive oil white balsamic vinegar and salt together in a small bowl set aside. Combine the arugula spinach onions tomatoes in a large salad bowl. Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad mixture toss to coat. Add the feta cheese and watermelon Serve References Model Graysen Gladden June July 2016 MVP Magazine 7 8 MVP Magazine June July 2016 O Passionate for Pineapples Pineapple Salsa Lee McArthur Scott riginating in South America the pineapple is one of the most prized and popular fruits Low in calories the pineapple is packed full of dietary fiber bromelain vitamin A folates thiamin riboflavin pyridoxine and minerals like copper manganese and potassium. Bromelain has been credited with assisting in the digestion of proteins. It is also an anti-inflammatory anti-clotting and anti-cancer enzyme. The delicious summer fruit packing up to 105% of your daily requirement of vitamin C in a cup of fresh chunks is very versatile. Chop one up for an afternoon snack to boost your immune system Or dice it up and put it with chopped shrimp grated ginger olive oil and salt and pepper for a yummy shrimp salad to serve over romaine. Grilled with a maple syrup drizzle and served with yogurt makes a healthy dessert. It goes well with strawberries and kiwi in a fruit salad Or drizzle olive oil on it and grill it for a wonderful accompaniment to Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple can also be found in an assortment of accompaniments like salsa for your grilled fish or guacamole (Try Tate & Jen s Guacamole recipe on pg. 11) Eat Fruit Serve over chicken fish or pork or as a side dish 1 cup finely chopped fresh pineapple cup diced red bell pepper cup diced green bell pepper 1 cup raw or cooked corn kernels 1 (15 ounce) can of black beans drained & rinsed cup chopped onions 2 green chile peppers chopped cup orange juice cup chopped fresh cilantro Cumin salt and pepper to taste In a large bowl toss together pineapple red bell pepper green bell pepper corn black beans onions green chile peppers orange juice and cilantro. Season with cumin salt and pepper to taste. Cover and chill in the refrigerator until serving. References pineapple.html genpage.php tname foodspice&bid 34 Model Hadley Kaeder June July 2016 MVP Magazine 9 10 MVP Magazine June July 2016 R Lee McArthur Scott Awestruck for Avocado Tate & Jen s Guacamole 4 avocados - peeled pitted and mashed 1 lime juiced 1 teaspoon salt 1 2 cup diced onion 4 Tbs. chopped fresh cilantro 2 roma (plum) tomatoes diced 1 Tbs. Worcestershire 1 package of guacamole seasoning mix 1 mango peeled and diced 1 cup pineapple diced In a medium bowl mash together avocados and lime juice. Stir in all remaining ingredients. Refrigerate 1 hour for the best flavor. Serve on sandwiches with chips or vegetables. eferred to as a Culinary Superstar by Bonnie Taub-Dix registered dietitian and author the avocado has so much more to offer than just being tasty. Sometimes called the alligator pear the avocado boosts over 20 vitamins and minerals Although high in fat recent research has found the consumption of avocado to lower the risk of heart disease improve blood levels of LDL and lower levels of oxidative stress in the blood stream based on the high levels of monounsaturated fat. Avocados contain a multitude of phytonutrients including phytosterois carotenoids flavonoids and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols. In addition avocados provide us with pantothenic acid dietary fiber vitamin K copper folate vitamin B6 potassium vitamin E and vitamin C. Don t eat the seed or the skin of this most unusual looking fruit If you do not use the entire avocado at one time store in an air tight container in the refrigerator with a few drops of lemon or vinegar on the exposed silky creamy flesh to prevent browning. Truly a superfood the avocado can be used to garnish Mexican style dishes to serve on top of a variety of soups and bean dishes to add color and depth to vegan dressings to act as a substitute for mayo on sandwiches and dips and to make guacamole (our all time favorite) Eat Fruit References blog may-2016 8-reasons-why-california-avocados-are-a-superfood www.mindbodygreen. com 0-9744 11-fun-facts-about-avocadoes. html mbg Mindbodygreen 11 Fun Facts About Avocados by Nicole Baker www.whfoods. com genpage.php tname foodspice&bid 5 The world s healthiest foods published by The George Mateljan Foundation a notfor-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising. Our mission is to help you eat and cook the healthiest way for optimal health. Model Tori Cowen June July 2016 MVP Magazine 11 on hot SuMMer dayS kidS will love theSe healthy PoPSiCle treatS For their Cooling taSty Flavor . By Strawberry Mango Chia PoPSiCleS 1 1 2 cup Mango pieces fresh or frozen 1 1 2 cups Strawberries fresh or frozen 1 tsp Honey 4 tsp Chia seeds 1 1 4 cup Coconut water e Le M rth cA ur ot Sc t Instructions Puree strawberries (fresh or frozen) with half of the coconut water in a blender or food processor. Taste the mixture and blend in honey to desired sweetness if needed. Stir in 2 tsp of chia seeds. Set aside. Puree mango (fresh or frozen) with the other half of the coconut water in a blender or food processor. Taste the mixture and blend in honey to desired sweetness if needed. Stir in the remaining 2 tsp of chia seeds. Alternately pour each fruit mixture (for a marbled look) into popsicle molds and freeze until set. FreSh Fruit PoPS Fresh mixed berries Coconut Water CoConut-liMe PoPSiCleS 1 can full-fat coconut milk (13- to 15-ounce) 1 1 2 teaspoons lime zest 2 1 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice 1 4 cup pure maple syrup 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract Pinch of sea salt Instructions Drop berries into popsicle molds (smaller pieces will go to the bottom others will have to be gently nudged into the mold using a butter knife or extra popsicle stick). Pour coconut water over the berries to fill the popsicle mold then insert popsicle sticks. Cover and chill for several hours. Allow to sit on counter at room temperature for a few minutes for easy release from the molds. Instructions Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until completely creamy and smooth. Pour the mixture into the mold leaving about 1 4 of room on top. Place stick in the mixture and place in freezer for 4-6 hours. Mo del s G abr iel l e G l adden & A nn a b e l l e B a s s 12 MVP Magazine June July 2016 banana Colada PoPSiCleS 4-5 bananas 2 cans of organic coconut milk teaspoon pure vanilla extract teaspoon salt 1 cup chocolate chips cup coconut flakes Instructions Mix bananas coconut milk vanilla & salt in a blender food processor. Blend until mixed. Toast coconut flakes in a pan over medium heat for about 5 minutes.Pour liquid mixture into popsicle molds top with toasted coconut and freeze for 6 hours. Before eating slowly melt chocolate chips in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water then dip into chocolate and freeze for 5 minutes. CuCuMber Mint PoPSiCleS 4 cucumbers 2 sprigs of fresh mint 1 squeeze of fresh lime juice 3 tablespoons of honey Mix cucumbers in a blender food processor. Strain pureed cucumbers through a strainer. Mince 6-8 mint leaves and blend with strained cucumber juice . Add squeeze of lime juice and honey. Place a mint leaf in each popsicle if desired. Pour in popsicle molds and freeze for 6 hours. Instructions June July 2016 MVP Magazine 13 ification DR. MYRA REED Detoxification is a natural healing process that incorporates resting cleansing and nourishing the body from the inside out. By eliminating toxins then fueling your body with healthy nutrients a planned period of detox can strengthen your body s natural Detox Team and help maintain optimum health. Many health care providers recommend a medical detox plan at least one to two times per year with spring and fall being the ideal approach. You may have heard critics argue the human body is designed with just the right physiological processes necessary to clear the body of impurities and maintain health. Unfortunately for many people lifestyle habits and the environments where we live work eat and play often expose us to toxins that our bodies don t efficiently eliminate. Your Body s Natural Detox Team The toxins you can be exposed to everyday include heavy metals in the food and water supply environmental pollution chemical food additives smoking overuse of alcohol or drugs use overuse of Rx medication prolonged high stress poor quality diet and lifestyle habits frequent colds or chronic illness Your body naturally detoxifies itself via a Detox Team of organs that work synergistically to neutralize and eliminate toxins with the goal of keeping the blood and cells free of impurities. The liver leads the Detox Team by processing toxins for elimination. The supporting detox defense players are the kidneys intestines lungs lymph and skin. When your body s natural Detox Team becomes compromised impurities aren t properly filtered out. This makes it a real challenge for the Detox Team to maintain or restore health and well-being. 14 MVP Magazine June July 2016 D e tox i n g Bo o s t s Yo u r H e alth Following a detox program suited to your personal needs supports the body s natural cleansing process and boosts your health in many ways Allows digestive organs to rest Stimulates the liver to process toxins more efficiently Promotes movement of bowels Improves circulation Enhances sweating which facilitates release of impurities Restores vital nutrients and energy to the body Without enough water toxins will not be sufficiently flushed from the body. Aim to drink at least 2 quarts of water per day with lemon lime during a detox. Look for a brush with soft natural bristles. Begin with light gentle brushing over the skin (don t make the skin red). Always brush towards the heart. Shower immediately after to rinse off exfoliated skin. Therapeutic use of water also supports detoxification. A steam or sauna can accelerate the release of toxins. Hydrotherapy provides support to the muscles and promotes relaxation. Mineral bath salts also help release toxins. Exercise facilitates digestion circulation metabolism and hormone balancing. During a detox decrease the intensity of your usual exercise routine but do break a moderate sweat. Get outdoors for fresh air and natural sunlight. Good exercise options are easy hiking dancing walking yoga or tai chi. For your mind and body to fully assimilate the benefits of detoxing you need good quality sleep. Plan your least stimulating activities (reading meditation Epsom salt bathing) for right before bed. HYDRATE DRY BRUSH YOUR SKIN THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU DETOX Before you begin a detox prepare mentally and physically. Read up on your specific detox program foods to eat or avoid and supplements needed. Plan your dates a few weeks in advance. Inform the people closest to you about the time you ve set aside to take care of yourself. Clear your schedule of routine obligations that may create stress. GET WET SWEAT IT OUT-GENTLY. Some people experience headaches during the first few days of their detox due to sugar and caffeine withdrawal. You may want to gradually decrease the intake of these substances one week prior to detoxification to minimize discomfort. The detox medical food powder is designed to assist your body in this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. DECREASE CAFFEINE INTAKE. REST. June July 2016 MVP Magazine 15 HOW to detox Many people think of detoxing as fruit and vegetable juice fasts or herbal tea cleanses. But these alone can cause muscle wasting and increased fatigue. In order to detox properly the body needs macronutrients such as quality protein and carbohydrates plus specific micronutrients-vitamins minerals and herbs that provide targeted nutritional and liver support. Functional medical providers are a great source for these high quality products and raw materials. Functional medicine uses herbal and nutritional supplements such as burdock milk thistle dandelion omega fish oils and vitamins C and B to protect and support the body s Detox Team especially the liver. They also have antioxidant effects that benefit the whole body. If you are pregnant nursing or diagnosed with certain conditions such as diabetes you need to be under the care of a physician to begin a detox plan. In general it s important to work with your doctor to select a program that matches your health needs. This detox program will enhance the body s natural metabolic detoxification process provide adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities and support energy metabolism and overall well-being. Talk to your physician about the proper support and ways to safely detox. Cucumber Lemon Water C ucumber Lemon Water is an immunity boosting anti-inflammatory drink that will fill you up flush your system and help you feel better. Drinking Cucumber Lemon Water on a regular basis helps keep your body clean and you feeling great Simple to make and easy to store make a pitcher today and begin on your path to feeling and looking fresh In a large pitcher add of a lemon sliced thinly and of a cucumber sliced thinly then ice and water. Marinate in the refrigerator for an hour then serve To spice it up a bit you can add mint or strawberries to your Cucumber Lemon Water You can also add rosemary and basil to plain cucumber water for an Herbinfused Cucumber Water Have fun with it Resources The following as cited in Pizzorno Joseph E. (2013). Textbook of Natural Medicine. St. Louis MO Elsevier. Jones D.S. Quinn S et al. Functional Medicine (chapter 2) 10 14-15 Lyon M. Functional Toxicology (chapter 53) 483-484.Bland J.S. Barrager E. Reedy R.G. et al. A medical food-supplemented detoxification program in the management of chronic health problems. Altern Ther Health Med. (1995) 1 62-71.Cline J.C. Nutritional Aspects of Detoxification in Clinical Practice. Altern Ther Health & Med. (2015) May-Jun 21(3) p 54-62. PMID 26026145. http pubmed 26026145 Wheelter L. Detox for Life The Three Crucial Steps of the Detox Program. Natural Accessed on January 11 2016. http 025899_detox_body_toxins.html Jade K. Liver Detox Tea as Part of Your DIY New Year s Detox Cleanse. Natural Health Advisory Institute Online. Updated 1 1 2015. Accessed on January 11 2016. http daily natural-health-101 liver-detox-tea-as-part-of-your-diy-new-years-detox-cleanse Lucille Holly. Do You Have a Toxic Workplace American Association of Naturopathic Physicians website. Accessed on January 11 2016. http article_content.asp article 777 Riordan Clinic. Detox Cleansing to Remove Body Toxins. Accessed on January 10 2016. Jockers D. Dry Brushing to Detoxify Your Body. Natural Accessed on January 11 2016. http www.naturalnews. com 040615_dry_brushing_lymphatic_system_detox.html Dempster John. Top Five Daily Detox Tips that Work Huffington Post. Accessed on January 6 2016. http dr-john-dempster detox-tips_b_6089736.html Zeratsky K. Do Detox Diets Offer Any Health Benefits Mayo Clinic Online. Last updated March 2015. Accessed on January 11 2016. http healthy-lifestyle nutrition-and-healthy-eating expert-answers detox-diets faq-20058040 Fire It Up Lee McArthur Scott A clean grill is a good grill Most would agree with this. The confusion lies in the methodology grill brush versus abrasive pads versus spray on cleaners versus rocks. The methodology used is individual to the type of grill you maintain as well as your preference. Recently negative information has floated out on the internet about the use of grill brushes. Brushes were found to have lost their bristles during the cleaning process. The bristles would subsequently find their way into the digestive track of unsuspecting people causing illness. In response to this problem Weber.Com published a grill brush safety checklist. Inspect for worn down or clogged up bristles Inspect grill brush head for splits or warp Perform a safety check on the bristles by pulling gently on them with pliers Use a brush with a long handle and stainless steel bristles If the bristles fail any of the first three tests you should discard the brush and purchase another one. The grill brush needs to be a high quality item. Enjoy your summer grilling and stay healthy June July 2016 MVP Magazine 17 Charcoal or Gas Every expert has an opinion but there really are some good reasons to use one or the other. Here are a few key points to consider when making your selection Controlling your heat is easier with a gas grill Gas grills do not add flavor to your food Gas grills are easier to clean and more convenient Gas grills usually have a rotisserie kit Gas grills are better for quick cooking like a filet of fish Charcoal with its smoky flavor works better for cooking meat slowly Most gas grills have temperature limitations When searing you need lots of heat The debate continues. Cooking more delicate meats vegetables and fruits are best done on a gas grill. However if you are able to master the 2-zone set-up for grilling on a charcoal grill the delicate meats vegetables and fruits can be easily grilled on charcoal. 2-zone set-up on a gas grill is very simple. The 2-zone set-up allows the chef to cook using direct and indirect heat. Different foods react differently to different levels of heat. Fats render at one temperature while water evaporates at another. Sugars caramelize at a different temperature than collagens melt. The end result sought by the chef determines how much heat is needed. Creating 2-zones with your charcoal grill is achieved by moving the hot white coals to one side of the grill prior to installing the racks. A good thermometer is needed to confirm that the indirect heat zone is 225 degrees. To locate hot spots on your grill you can toast a loaf of sliced bread on your grill. This will give you a good working knowledge of where the heat can be found whether you are using the 2-zone method or not. Creating 2-zones on a gas grill is as simple as turning off the flames on one side. You will need to work with this to establish the correct temperature. Remember to get a good thermometer to manage your temperatures. Once you have established your direct and indirect zones you are ready to start cooking Charcoal versus gas comes down to a personal decision. Ideally your backyard has both 18 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Basics of Food Safety CLEAN Wash hands and surfaces often including your grill SEPARATE Do not cross-contaminate Keep different foods separate COOK Cook to the safe internal temperature Beef pork veal and lamb 1450 F All poultry 165F CHILL Keep cold foods cold Refrigerate unused portions immediately Marinate meats in the refrigerator When marinating meats if some of the marinade is to be used as a sauce on the cooked food reserve a portion of the marinade before putting raw meat and poultry in it. However if the marinade used on raw meat or poultry is to be reused make sure to let it come to a boil first to destroy any harmful bacteria. Home of Danny & Ashly n Davis June July 2016 MVP Magazine 19 Ballerinas for GENERATIONS Celebrating 30 years of dance I knew from a very young age I wanted to teach dance as a career. Through God s Blessing and my passion for dance I was able to devote my life to working with children and helping them reach their personal goals. I did not grow up as the most popular kid on the playground. Dance was my escape. At dance I dove into an art that taught me the value of hard work team building skills discipline self confidence poise grace and etiquette. Sharing the lessons and skills of dance with students gives me great pleasure. My mother Margaret E. Lilleston (Miss Peggy) and I co-founded Julie s School of Dance in 1986. She has always believed together we could create a great studio. My mother was not a dancer but she studied business and worked in political offices in Indiana our home state. My father was the dancer and entertainer. In World War II he was in a band that entertained the troops 20 MVP Magazine June July 2016 T he very first day we opened for registration Cherry Warren walked in to register her daughter Crystal. She was due to have another ballerina Chelsea very soon. From that moment on they have been a part of the Julie s School of Dance family. It is an amazing feeling to teach my second generation of students. I remember their parents at that age and smile from a happy memory I am so blessed to hold. I am so grateful to have shared the study of dance with Cherry Crystal and Chelsea and now another generation of their family Kennedy & Alivia. I feel honored to be teaching them. Also I love watching Crystal and Chelsea being wonderful moms and Cherry being an amazing grandma. I am a grandma. I must say it is truly GRAND T eaching dance can range from recreational dance to professional dance. Sometime we are a part of a student s life for 15 years or more. We may get to see them in their 1st recital 1st competition learn to drive graduate from high school go to college get married and then if we are really blessed we get to teach their kids. In talking to a class one day I said something about work. One student quickly spoke up and said Mrs. Julie where do you work I said Well sweetie I work here. She said You get paid to do this To that I said Yes I know. I can t believe it sometimes myself. Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. I am so blessed to be able to watch a student reach a goal they themselves did not know they could achieve to see their confidence build to watch their skills improve and to give them the tools to push the barriers down to keep moving forward. I look forward to each new generation g Keep on dancin n sk i J u li e K ra w c z y June July 2016 MVP Magazine 21 GO FISH here are two seasons for the recreational fishermen. One is the state season which sets regulations for the first nine miles. The other is the federal season which sets regulations for fishing beyond nine miles. This year the federal season is simple although hard to swallow. Limited to NINE days red snapper fishing in federal waters is permitted between June 1 and June 9. The state season allows considerably more fishing time The state season opens on weekends in May. On May 28 the season runs continuously through July 10. It will then reopen on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays in September and October. This gives a 78-day state season in Gulf waters. WINSTON CHESTER The Red Snapper.... a hundred years ago it was called the money fish . Today it is still called that. The Red Snapper acquired the title from the early fishermen who came from Alabama and Georgia down to the coast in pursuit of the strong fighting fish with a beautiful red color that glistened vividly as it emerged from water. They took home tubs full of the money fish . Today their grandchildren come down in pursuit of this fish. Although they can still catch a lot of them tighter regulations prohibit them from taking quite as many home. T The legal size for red snapper is 16 inches minimum and the daily limit is two per fisherman. Whether you go on a private boat a charter boat or a local head boat you are bound to enjoy catching the money fish of The Emerald Coast. Go Fish 22 MVP Magazine June July 2016 KINSLE Y FAULKE NBE RRY EAT FISH LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT Refreshing Ceviche Summer time is here Warm weather calls for cool light meals Ceviche is the answer Although ceviche can be made with any assortment of fresh seafood fresh red snapper makes a perfect ceviche There are no absolute right or wrong recipes. Some like hot some don t The basic recipe calls for lime juice lemon juice tomatoes onions peppers and cilantro. Some add jalapenos avocado cucumber mango tomato sauce corn cooked sweet potato fruit grapefruit or coconut milk. It is time to create your own favorite Ceviche s history lies in the fish preservation techniques of the Incas. This technique of preserving fish in fruit juice salt and peppers was later enhanced by the Spanish Conquerors with the addition of limes The acid from the lime juice cooks the fish by altering the structure of the proteins. Simply prep the raw fish by trimming it into thin bite size pieces. Place it in a container that will allow all the fish to be completely covered by the citrus juices. A good rule of thumb to insure the fish is properly cured and tender to eat is the ratio of cup lime or lemon juice to 1 pound of fish. Allow the fish to marinate in the acidic citrus juices for at least 20 minutes before serving. The marinating time varies according to how raw like you want your fish seafood to be. After the fish fruit and veggies are gone the Tiger s Milk (leche de tigre) remains Splash in a little vodka for a treat Red Snapper Ceviche 2 pounds of fresh red snapper cut into bite sized deboned pieces. cup lime juice (fresh squeezed is better) cup lemon juice (fresh squeezed is better) cup finely diced red onion 1 cup chopped seeded tomatoes 1 seeded and finely diced serrano chili 2 teaspoons of salt Dash of ground oregano Dash of tobacco Cilantro Avocado Tortilla chips Place the fish onion tomatoes chili salt tobacco and oregano in a casserole dish. Cover with lime and lemon juice. Place in refrigerator for at least an hour stirring frequently to insure that all the fish gets exposed to the acidic juices. Serve with cilantro avocado and tortilla chips June July 2016 MVP Magazine 23 Fitness plus Summer equals Fun The sun is shining the weather is warm and it is bikini time Successful workouts are filled with activities that you love Find a new sport explore a new trail or find a new workout buddy Variety will keep you interested and playing Today s trendy fitness opportunities from paddle board yoga to freediving can certainly provide everyone with a fun and fit summer buddy find a n ow go ome fu N find s and 24 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Model Rachel Binder WAT E R A E R O B I C S W ater aerobics may be one of the best all-around exercise programs for everyone A type of resistance training that requires the participant to be in at least waist deep water. The deep water aerobics requires the participant to be suspended in water where the feet cannot touch the bottom. Deep water aerobics while providing a highresistant work out causes less stress on the back hips knees and ankles. Increasing muscle strength building endurance increasing flexibility burning calories and reducing blood pressure while qualifying as a low-impact exercise water aerobics is a cool comfortable activity. As summer temperatures soar the fitness buff is always looking for a way to get some exercise and have some fun. Water aerobics may certainly be your answer. Water aerobics will add variety to anyone s work out but it is especially beneficial to the recovering athlete or the older athlete. Water Aerobic Classes can be found at Gulf Coast State College Frank Brown Park and Gulf Swim and Wellness Inc. June July 2016 MVP Magazine 25 K I T E B O A R D I N G Linda Mangun H aving grown up in the Florida panhandle Linda Mangun knew she loved the water. Her athleticism and love for the ocean was the perfect segway into kiteboarding. Linda has always been very active. She played volleyball and basketball in high school until she tore her ACL. After returning from the University of South Alabama with her degree in Occupational Therapy she played beach volleyball. She began kiteboarding in 2006 after seeing the kiteboarding on Okaloosa Island. Kiteboarding caught her attention the moment she saw the colorful canopy in the sky and the kiter on the water creating a large spray as he flew across the surface. When she saw him leave the water for a lofty jump then gently land and continue speeding along the surfline she knew she had to try it. Living in Panama City Beach Linda finds the wind blowing many days This beautiful area lends itself well to this exhilarating sport. There is a great local group of kiters who are always on the beach to share the stoke and a cold drink after a salty session. There are a few shops (Emerald Coast Kiteboarding XL Kites Liquid Surf and Sail and Kittyhawk Kites to name a few) with multiple groups of riders along the Gulf Coast. The retailers offer lessons gear and all the information needed for those who want to know where to ride and local rules regulations. Lessons are definitely a must as the sport can be dangerous if proper techniques and safety precautions are not utilized. There is something magical about being propelled at high rates of speed by a completely invisible force catching air 20-30 feet in the air dragging my fingertips down the face of an emerald wave and seeing dolphins and manta rays as the sun sets on a warm windy session. If it s blowin I m goin 26 MVP Magazine June July 2016 W ater skiing is power sport. It was always said that if you haven t been skiing recently you are going to get reacquainted with a few muscle groups you forgot you had. Despite these archaic thoughts you can prep yourself for water skiing. Your training program should include aerobic endurance conditioning and strength training. Skiing requires upper body core and lower body strength. Pull-ups dips and latissimus dorsi pulldown exercises will increase the strength of your upper body to give you the control and the grip on the ski rope. Planks and side planks will develop the strength needed to stabilize your entire body for the weight shifts required to direct the ski or skis. Lunges and squats with dumbbells are perfect for increasing your leg and butt strength. With the fresh water lakes and all the bayous attached to St. Andrews Bay Bay County is the home of many accomplished skiers. WAT E R S K I I N G Rusty Johnson (55) is a well-known local that grew up skiing the lakes of Bay County. Rusty and his buddies could be found on Lake Merial Deerpoint Lake and Crystal Lake. Despite the boat traffic and swimmers they set-up the first slalom course in Crystal Lake. While Rusty competed as a younger man today he uses water skiing as fun and fitness. Still traveling at speeds up to 70 miles per hour Rusty cuts and sprays his way through the six bouy run on his private ski lake at least three times a week. Strategy mental toughness and strength are the recipe for a successful run. Get on that Ski this summer and Hang-on R hns sty Jo u on June July 2016 MVP Magazine 27 H PA D D L E B O A R D Y O G A as boredom set in with your exercise plan Here comes Paddle Board Yoga A combination of the meditative qualities of water and an intense core work out will make paddle board yoga an exciting part of your summer fitness plan. Fresh air sunshine and the sound of waves lapping on your board are a total bonus to this activity In an article titled 38 Health Benefits of Yoga the Yoga Journal lists a multitude of physical and mental benefits of yoga including improved flexibility developed muscle strength improved posture enhanced bone health increased blood flow and boosted immune system. An April 2014 article from World of Psychology titled Water s Psychological Benefits stated that research has found minerals in the sea that reduce stress improve alertness and concentration diminish depression and increases one s overall sense of well-being. President John F. Kennedy identified with the mystique of the ocean in his quote. All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean and therefore we have salt in our blood in our sweat in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea whether it is to sail or to watch it we are going back from whence we came. The psychological benefits of water combined with the physical and mental benefits of yoga are phenomenal. Paddle Board Yoga classes are available through One Heart Yoga located in the Old Historic St. Andrews District. The yogis hit the bay from Oaks by The Bay Park in Historical St. Andrews located at the end of Beck Avenue on their paddle boards. Contact One Heart Yoga at (850) 890-1597 to get on board for the next yoga session on the bay One Heart Y Instructors oga 28 MVP Magazine June July 2016 K evin Jones has built something special in Panama City Beach. Twenty plus years ago during offseason training from soccer Kevin discovered volleyball. Kevin spent the next ten years playing on the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) qualifying tour throughout the United States and Mexico. Most recently he competed on the NVL (National Volleyball League) and EVP (Extreme Volleyball Professionals) Tours winning the EVP Pro Tour in Panama City Beach in 2009. In addition to his successful career as a player Kevin developed a victorious career as a coach. In Maui he started the Ka anapali Beach Volleyball Club that continues today. His passion for coaching has produced multiple professionals with impressive accomplishments. In 2009 he brought his coaching talents to Panama City Beach and started the Panama City Beach Sand Volleyball Club. This club trains more than 40 children provides after school clinics and competes in local tournaments throughout the spring and summer. The club has produced athletes that are currently participating in NCAA Beach Volleyball programs and athletes that are involved with feeder teams for the National and Olympic teams. For a self-proclaimed beach bum Kevin has certainly accomplished a lot in the sport of Beach Volleyball. He continues to push his athletes to be the best they can be using a positive coaching approach. His love for the game is impossible to miss and his passion for guiding is what makes him a great coach and motivator. For more information on the local beach volleyball scene go to B E AC H V O L L E Y B A L L Competition can help uncover our weaknesses and lead us to a path of self-discovery. For our true enemies are but ourselves HUO YUANJ IA 10yr old student Rylee Warren June July 2016 MVP Magazine 29 F FREEDIVING reediving is the silent exploration of the sea. It is not limited to seeing exactly how many seconds you can hold your breath. Passively exploring the underwater without the burdens of heavy gear is magical and mermaidisque. Freediving can be done for the sheer enjoyment of it or it can be done on a competitive level. Thomas Gilmore a local freedive instructor recently traveled to the Cayman Islands and competed in a Performance Freediving International Competition. Thomas set an American record for the US Men s Dynamic No Fins category at 153 meters. Thomas has been freediving since 2012. He enjoys traveling and exploring the sea with his daughter. Both became certified with Performance Freediving International (PFI). Later Thomas became an instructor. Thomas trains and instructs at the Aquatic Center at Frank Brown Park. Although this water sport may intrigue you it is not safe to do without using proper techniques. Not only should you be trained but you should always dive with a trained partner as well. Shallow Water Blackout is the enemy of freedivers. This is the result of oxygen levels in the brain and carbon dioxide(CO2) in the body getting too low. When your CO2 levels get too low the brain can not signal the body to surface. In essence the swimmer faints underwater and drowns Freediving and PFI changed my life. The culture of competitive Freediving is closely associated with Yoga meditation and Zen. Freediving for me is a way to find your inner being and then to bring back your better self to the surface to share with friends family and the community. For those who would rather explore the waters with a tank Diver s Den offers classes to become certified as well as diving charters and supplies. Dive In This Summer 30 MVP Magazine June July 2016 June July 2016 MVP Magazine 31 SUNS OUT GUNS OUT... to beat the heat we find ourselves having to dress differently. ARE YOU TANK TOP READY C L I N TO N G . WA L L AC E I I ( CLINT ) The hot summer days are here and in order If you re not comfortable with your body summertime can be a little challenging when it comes to your wardrobe choices. Here are some tips for you to help get your arms tank top ready. June July 2016 MVP Magazine 33 Fit Tips From Clinton Alternating Bicep Curls 1 2 For ladies wanting to one up those arms a little while increasing strength This exercise offers optimum toning and strengthening conditioning as the resistance band encourages steady flexion of the biceps during the pulling and releasing portions of the movement. Triceps are also impacted by stabilization during this movement as the heads of the triceps lengthen and shorten during controlled flexion and extension of the biceps. Set X 4-5 8 reps alternating arms (each rep counts as one) 3-4 reps simultaneous arm movement 8 reps alternating arms Side note For best result with exercises involving resistance bands it is important that the individual control the band and not let the band control them. Bench Dips This exercise accentuates the triceps. Concentrating on contraction at the top of this movement can further enhance desired results. Shoulders experience some conditioning with this exercise as well. Set X 4-5 5 reps moderate tempo 3 reps very slow tempo 5-8 reps faster tempo 1 34 MVP Magazine June July 2016 2 Fitness model Leah Lau Side Lateral Raises Bring on the shoulder and arm intensity with this movement. With special emphasis on control start the movement and focus on the shoulder. This specifically targets the side medial region of the shoulders. Set X 4 5 repetitions full range 5 repetitions top range (all the way up way down then back up again) 5-8 repetitions Side note 1 2 Bringing hands to the rear with palms facing forward at about a 45 angle targets more rear posterior deltoids and bringing hands to front with palms facing down at a shoulder width apart targets more front anterior deltoid. For you guys who are looking to positively impact musculature and sculpt your arms Weighted Pull Ups This exercise is a multifaceted warm-up conditioning and toning movement. The back arms abdominals and shoulders are especially targeted as various sets of this movement are accomplished. Set X 4-6 5 reps moderate tempo (hold 5 seconds at top of movement on 5th rep and slowly descend) 5-8 reps moderate temps 1 2 June July 2016 MVP Magazine 35 Triceps Extensions When training the triceps each respective head is impacted in some capacity. The extent to which a particular region of the triceps is impacted can vary depending on the anatomical positioning of oneself in relation to the exercise being executed. Set X 4 4 repetitions 3 second hold half way (a b 90 at elbow joints) 4-6 repetitions 1 2 Plate-Curls Prepare for forearm and bicep euphoria with this exercise. Neutrally gripping the plates with this exercise can stimulate a vast amount of muscle fiber recruitment in the forearms. Set X 4 4 repetitions 3 second hold half way (a b 90 at elbow joints) 4-6 repetitions 1 2 Fitness Trainer Clinton Wallace CEO of CW Synergy Fitness LLC. 850-532-9695 36 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Get your Message out with Professional Quality Our results speak Volumes Newsletters Advertisements Targeted mailings Saturated mailings 850.678.5444 113 S John Sims Pkwy volumeprint Publishing Services Political Campaigns Every Door Direct Mail Jamie Hale 26 Daughter of James and Julie Hale. Jamie works full time as a Sports Anchor for WECP-TV and a Sports Reporter for WJHG-TV A graduate of Arnold High School Jamie was on the varsity cheer squad the cheer competition team the track team and the weightlifting team. Jamie continued her cheerleading career at the University of Southern Mississippi for four years. During this time she trained in tumbling conditioning weightlifting and cardio. She completed her studies at Florida State University in Panama City Florida with a degree in Broadcasting & Journalism. In her career Jamie is able to build on her love for team sports. She continues to work out at The Rock Pile in Panama City Beach. She also enjoys running. Everything happens for a reason Her faith in God gives her the strength to face life s challenges. Hayden Johnson 24 Hayden works in Low Observable F-22 Maintenance at Tyndall Air Force Base. Raised in Shreveport Louisiana Hayden played baseball throughout his high school career. He continues to work out at the Health and Wellness Center as well as at the gym at Tyndall Air Force Base. He currently is doing a non-typical routine where his work out split is not based on days of the week but rather it is based on a healthy respect for recovery. Utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training Hayden is able to do short intense workouts to improve athletic capacity and condition. Stay consistent. Begin each day with the intention to beat the person you were yesterday. 38 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Angel Mayorga 39 Father of three daughters. Angel works full time as an Educator at New Horizons Learning Center Angel s current workout routine is five days a week in the gym and resting on the weekends. Frequently he will add in an outdoor boot camp with his partner Sabrina Parker and a group of friends. He works different muscle groups on different days of the week. He currently works his chest on Monday legs on Tuesday arms on Wednesday shoulders on Thursday and back on Friday. He works his abs at the end of every session unless too sore. He believes in listening to his body and respecting recovery time. Angel has competed in the National Physique Committee Men s Physique Shows placing in four of the competitions. While he enjoys doing this he is currently taking some time off to let his body heal from the strict dieting and workouts involved in preparation for these competitions. Angel has enjoyed exercising and working out his entire life. During his youth he was very involved in Boxing and Martial Arts. See it... Achieve it Be limitless Sabrina Parker 36 Mother to two amazing children and a puppy. Sabrina works full time as a Children s Medical Case Manager for Life Management Center in Panama City. Sabrina grew up in Apalachicola where she participated in volleyball softball cheerleading and dance during high school. Sabrina continued her educational career at University of Florida where she received her Bachelor Degree. Sabrina began her competition bodybuilding journey in 2014 at the age of 35. Her first show was the NPC Panhandle Showdown in Pensacola Florida where she placed 3rd in Novice Bikini. Later in 2014 she competed and took 2nd in the Bikini Open in both the Maxfit Classic and the Flex Fest. In 2015 she competed and placed 1st in the Panhandle Showdown Riptide Classic and Paradise Coast Classic. Currently Sabrina trains primarily at the Wellness and Fitness Center. She also enjoys working out outdoors when the weather permits including beach workouts park workouts and bike rides up the coast on 30A. Y are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis. ou June July 2016 MVP Magazine 39 Celia Bush 42 Wife of Brian Bush mother of two. Celia works full time as a realtor with ERA Neubauer Real Estate Inc. A life-long resident of Bay County Celia has always led an active life. Seeking to develop muscles in her lower body she hired Tim McClain with McClain Fitness as her personal trainer in November 2015. After working with him for a few months she enrolled in her first NPC Bikini Competition. She competed in the 2016 NPC Riptide Classic in May 2016 on Panama City Beach Florida. Currently her work out includes High Intensity Interval Training a stair master and heavy weights. She has trained at the Wellness and Fitness Center for the past 10 years. To achieve something you have never had before you must do something you have never done before. Chris Blount 45 Father to Tobi (11). Chris works as a Personal Trainer with CPB Athletics and Fitness at The Wellness and Fitness Center. Although Chris was on the track team soccer team and wrestling team at Bay High School throughout his high school years the biggest influence on his lifelong commitment to fitness was his judo instructor Jerry Winston. Coach Winston developed his judo students using weight lifting and standard exercises. Coach Winston s influence on endurance skills has carried into my adult life. Chris workouts 4 to 5 times a week with his girlfriend Ashley. Their workouts consist of upper body on one day then alternating the next day to focus on lower body. Our workouts vary. Nothing is set in stone and I hate more than anything getting stuck on the same workout routine or rep range. Muscle confusion is the key Just ask any of my clients we never do the same exact workout twice. Pick up heavy things and then put them back down over and over forever and ever amen. 40 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Brian Sterrett 53 Husband of Jennifer Sterrett father to Brooke and step-father to Samantha. Brian is a Real Estate Agent with Counts Real Estate Group. Brian s hobbies include triathlons marathons swimming and paddle boarding. He has completed multiple marathons and Ironman Triathlons with many top-five finishes and a couple of first place overall finishes. In May 2016 Brian was notified that he has qualified for the Olympic-Distance race at the 2016 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. Brian qualified for this prestigious triathlon because he finished in the top 10% at the recent Sandestin Triathlon. The USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championships race is the nation s premier amateur Olympic-distance event with top athletes from all 50 states forming on of the most prestigious age-group fields in the sport. The top 18 finishers from each age group will automatically qualify to represent Team USA at the 2017 International Triathlon Union (ITU) Age Group World Championships in Rotterdam Netherlands. Brian currently trains for 20 25 hours per week. He runs 35-45 miles bikes 200 300 miles and swims 2000-3000 meters each week. Running is a fun hobby. In 2016 I plan to finish the Ironman Florida in under ten hours. Monique Griffin 51 Mother of one daughter Danielle. Monique works fulltime as a teacher for Walton District Schools. At Mosley High School Monique ran track and cross country. Today Monique maintains a very active lifestyle. Monique enjoys running 2-3 miles on the beach after work. Her home based daily workout includes ballet-barre exercises hand weights and a fitness ball. She loves the outdoors. On weekends she enjoys taking long bike rides hiking on nature trails at our state parks and gardening in her garden. Her key to staying fit and feeling good lies in this active lifestyle. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and writing. Most recently she incorporated both into a travel blog titled My key to happiness is to live each day to its fullest as if it was your last day. June July 2016 MVP Magazine 41 James Hale 60 Married to Julie Hale. Father to Jared (Mariah) and Jamie Hale Grandfather to Leighton Belle Hale. James works full time as a Sports Radio Host with Omni Broadcasting. Coach Hale began his athletic career playing varsity high school football at Lanier High School and Carver High School in Montgomery Alabama. He received a football scholarship from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg MS (1976-1980) where he played outside linebacker. He received a degree from USM in Coaching and Administration with a minor in Physical Education. Coach Hale came to Bay County in 2000 as the Head Coach for the football program at Arnold High School. He coached at Arnold for 13 years achieving an 80-52 record. Coach Hale s accolades include being named Coach of the Year 11 times by various organizations and multiple divisions. He was also named the 2012 ESPN Under-Armour All-Star Football Game Guest Coach. Coach Hale continues to work out five days a week at The Rock Pile in Panama City Beach Florida. He concentrates on his upper body on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays he focuses on his lower body. If you never give up and quit you will become a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. Coach Paul Bear Bryant Maxine Wade 70 Wife of Don Wade Mother to Denise and Wendy Grandmother to Amanda Derek and Kelly. Maxine is retired from Deere & Company where she was a Project Manager. Working out has been a priority for Maxine throughout her life. In high school she participated on the AAU Synchronized Swimming team where she won multiple awards. She also participated in multiple baton competitions. In college she began playing tennis and running regularly. Her tennis took her to multiple USTA Team Competitions where her team won local and district level competitions. She continued tennis into the senior division where her senior teams won at the local district and regional levels. During her tennis years Maxine continued to run. She entered and won many 10K s over the years. While in her 60 s she ran her first half marathon. For years she continued to run the half marathon with her granddaughter and nieces. Maxine works out at The Fitness Junky where she concentrates on weight lifting and cardio class. At age 70 my advice to you would be to N EV ER think it is too late or you are too old to work out and stay fit. Challenge yourself to exercise your body and mind at every age. As an example I weight lift with my 21 year old granddaughter Kelly. We are very comparable in strength. For mental activity at age 62 I graduated with a doctorate degree in Business Administration. So you can do it --- stay active and live a quality life. es ent Includ R Central Receptionist Housekeeping Service 3000 Square Feet of Common Area Lobby Restrooms All Utilities Power HVAC Gas Water Sewage Daily Trash Collection Copy Fax and Scan Machine Sonitrol Security System 24 7 Access Board Room Kitchen Plenty of Parking 850-784-2754 433 Harrison Ave. Downtown Panama City I help safe drivers SAVE 45% or more. Driving defensively and avoiding accidents can save you serious money. And savings for driving safely is just the beginning. I ll help you find all the discounts you deserve. Call me to start saving today. Pam Johnson Agency 850-784-9501 2555 Huntcliff Ln. Panama City pamjohnson DISCOUNT PERCENTAGES VARY BY STATE include discounts for having multiple Allstate policies products and are subject to terms and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. Northbrook IL. 2016 Allstate Insurance Co. June July 2016 MVP Magazine 43 166701 Meet Nate Pennington 33 Firefighter Bay County Fire Department Born in Pensacola Florida Nate lives in Panama City with his wife Jesse and daughters Lilly Layla and Lenora. Nate works out at the Fusion Fitness Center the station and his garage gym. He incorporates resistance training isolating all the major muscle groups for strength. He also utilizes the high intensity interval training for both cardiovascular conditioning and health. A firefighter s job involves life and death. Being physically fit allows the firefighter to perform his job easier and safer for himself his crew and ultimately the citizens. After college I wanted a career that I could take pride in. To be able to look back after my retirement and know that I helped people and made a difference. The fire service gives me a sense of meaning and purpose that I have never experienced with any other job. Begin with the end in mind. 44 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Meet David Jernigan 36 Captain City of Panama City Fire Department Born in Cape Girardeau Missouri David lives in Panama City with his wife Erin Jernigan. David works out at Battleship Crossfit three times a week. He does more traditional weight training at the fire station. At least once a week he goes on a 3 to 4 mile run. David truly enjoys working out with and learning from his wife. She keeps him motivated. It is so important that the firefighters stay in shape because they are tasked with wearing 60 pounds of gear in a high stress environment. Without a consistent fitness plan it would be impossible to perform at a high level for extended periods of time. It is amazing the feeling you get when you see the look on a young kid s face as they climb into the fire truck for the first time or when you hear the sincere gratitude in the voice of someone that you tried to help. Our job requires us to see people on their worst day but the great thing is that our sole purpose is to try and make that day better. Whether you think you can or you think you can t-you re right. Henry Ford June July 2016 MVP Magazine 45 46 MVP Magazine June July 2016 KAREN SMITH SMART. BRAVE. STRONG. I bought some cute jammies for my grandkids. I know it s weird but I am funny about what designs and words are on the jammies. For instance I will not buy shirts that say things like Trouble Trouble-Maker or anything with a negative tone. I will however gravitate every time to shirts that say things such as Awesome or Happy. The latest ones I just bought say Many times the voices in our heads are not good ones and certainly not ones that we want to gravitate to. I have found in life that if I want something whether it be more of the good things or prosperity or fitness - those are the very things I have to concentrate on. Funny how we humans are. We try and try to lose weight and we focus on all the fat all the rolls and all the wrinkles. So what happens The very things we do not want grow in us and ON US. Lately I decided to stop focusing at all on the weight and just focus on the task at hand the joy in the doing and the enthusiasm that I feel when I am out and moving. The strangest thing happened when I stopped worrying about the weight. As the worry left the weight went with it. Remember when I started I told you that I weighed about 141 or so. Well now I am weighing in at a svelte (positive claiming) 135.8 Yippee It has been proven that the things we say to ourselves and the things we keep in our heads and hearts end up being the very thing we become. I don t know about you but I want to be SMART. BRAVE. STRONG. I want to keep running while I can and keep praising while I can. Now go get you some cute running clothes and some happy tunes and hit the road Hope to see you there with a bounce in your step and a song in your heart SMART. BRAVE. STRONG. Now that is a message I want them to hear and that is exactly how I feel each time I lace up my shoes and hit the road. I love that all I need to run is some adorable shoes a cute little outfit and some happy tunes Well I guess you could do it without these things but why oh why would you Running for me is one-part exercise and a bigger part spiritual. Each time I am running and pumping my arms something happens to my level of gratitude and praise It goes UP Way way UP I find myself thanking God for everything and praising God for the earth that I am running on the sights that I am seeing and yes the adorable little outfits and the happy tunes. THERE IS JUST NO WAY POSSIBLE TO RUN AND NOT HAVE A GOOD FEELING INSIDE A HAPPY JOYFUL THANKFUL HEART. SMART. BRAVE. STRONG. BEAT THE HEAT B R E N T H O LT G R E W E W ith spring time coming to an end summer vacation is right around the corner. Most people are focused on how exactly to spend the next couple months soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather. Hopefully if you are an athlete at the top of your priority list for the summer is how you are going to prepare for the upcoming season. Summer training is a key component for all athletes whether you play a fall winter or spring sport. This is the time when you can truly focus on becoming bigger faster and stronger than you were the year before. There are thousands of camps around the country in addition to school sanctioned workouts personal training or good old fashion blood sweat and tears working out in the backyard by yourself. No matter what route you are going to take you have to deal with the heat. Heat is the great equalizer and can shut down even the best athletes in the world if they do not prepare for and adapt to it. The heat and humidity are a part of daily life in the Florida summertime with most people going through their daily routines without much thought about either of them. However especially in sports the two are a deadly combination that will sneak up on you before you know it. Dehydration exertional heat exhaustion and exertional heat stroke are all encompassed under the term heat illness. Up until 2001 these conditions were widely thought to only affect the elderly weak or sick. Coaches believed that water breaks and rest during workouts practice and sporting events created weakness. Cramping diminished performance and or excessive fatigue were thought to be signs of weakness until the death of Kory Stringer. When Kory Stringer an elite NFL football player for the Minnesota Vikings lost his life to this silent killer the athletic world s view on heat illness quickly changed. Since that day in August of 2001 the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) in conjunction with the Kory Stringer Institute (KSI) have made it their priority to research educate and prevent this deadly condition. Based upon statistics from the CDC and research conducted by the NATA and KSI an average of 9000 athletes annually suffer and are removed from play due to heat illness leading to the deaths of almost 10 athletes every year. The death rate from heat stroke places it in the top three leading causes of sudden deaths in athletes. These statistics are not meant to scare athletes from going out and participating in sports during the hottest months of the year but rather inform them of how serious a little dehydration can become. There are always risks involved with playing a sport. Some are unforeseen and uncontrollable but a vast majority can easily be prevented and or treated if recognized immediately. Specifically when dealing 48 MVP Magazine June July 2016 with exertional heat stroke the statistics listed above could easily be eliminated in the future if proper prevention methods are taken and in the case of an emergency proper emergency protocols have been established. Exertional heat stroke has a 100% survival rate when recognized and treated immediately. So what now As an athlete treatment is not an option but rather PREVENTION PREVENTION PREVENTION. Going into the hottest months of the year it is essential for athletes to understand what their body is telling them the signs of heat illness and most importantly what can they do to prevent heat illness. First and foremost is hydration. You cannot be active without drinking regularly before during and after an activity. Thirst and urine color (see next page) are the best indicators dehydration has set in. It has been shown that at rest thirst occurs with about 1% body weight loss but during activity it usually comes once 2% or more body weight loss has occurred. With this statistic in mind athletes need to monitor how much is going in versus how much is coming out. Weighing yourself is the easiest way to determine if you are drinking enough. More than 2% body weight loss after a activity has been proven to result in loss of performance levels due to dehydration. If not replenished prior to the next activity this number can exponentially escalate resulting in exertional heat stroke. One must drink 1L of fluids per 2.2 lbs. lost during activity until body weight has returned to approximately 1% of pre-activity weight. On top of body weight another way to determine level of dehydration is to look at the color of their urine. It is very simple the darker the urine the more dehydrated. In whatever way you monitor dehydration once the signs start to occur you have to replace fluid loss. The best fluid replacement is with sports drinks (preferably watered down to cut the sugar content in most commercial drinks) due to the higher electrolyte content instead of water. Pedialyte is another great source for a highly concentrated electrolyte drink. Signs of Dehydration Thirst Dark colored urine Dry sticky mouth Fatigue Dry skin Headache Dizziness Rapid heartbeat breathing Sunken eyes Low blood pressure June July 2016 MVP Magazine 49 In addition to hydration and fluid replacement heat acclimation is the next best way to ensure your body is able to withstand the heat and humidity. During the hottest months of the year athletes should not be afraid to go outside in the heat of the day and exercise. It is actually encouraged as long as it is controlled and done the right way. Working out in the early morning and late afternoon while recovering in the air conditioning during the day is great but is not going to prepare your for a practice or game in the heat of the day. It has been shown that it takes 10-14 days of acclimation to occur. Athletes need to regularly expose themselves to the elements in which they are going to be practicing and playing. It is best to start with low intensity workouts in minimal light weight clothing progressing to higher intensities in full equipment as tolerated over the course of two weeks. Heat acclimation in this manner is preferably done in an environment that you can control at your own pace and not on the first day of practice in August. When all is said and done use this summer to prepare for the upcoming season with the goal of going into the season better than when you left. It doesn t matter if you are flying around the country playing in tournaments going to camps working out or practicing. Remember... heat illness is a real thing dehydration is not a sign of weakness and a little bit of prevention and preparation can go a long way. Do not become sidelined and let all the hard work over the summer go down the drain because you didn t Think to Drink . URINE COLOR CHART 1654 E. 5th Street Panama City info (850) 747-4999 Panama City s Only DRY BOAT STORAGE FACILITY 50 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Jamie Knows Sports Ever since I was little I knew I was destined to have a microphone in my hand. Since the day I was born I was constantly around sports a football field to be exact. My father was a head high school football coach in Florida for 30 years and my mother was a head cheerleading coach. Our backyard was basically a football field. We would spend our days watching my dad s practices and playing with all the equipment. I took on the job of handing out fresh water and popsicles to players. During that time I would hold an air microphone up to the players and do a fake interview. Fast forward to my college days at the University of Southern Mississippi I was able to combine my two passions cheering and majoring in broadcast communications. Now I am a sports reporter at WJHG NewsChannel 7 and a sports anchor for our new CBS sister station WECP Local 18 News. Being able to cover Bay County and other area sports is a joy. There is nothing like stepping out on a field or in a gym and seeing an athlete s faces spark up. To be able to share an athlete s story is a blessing. I enjoy spotlighting the gifts and talents of the people in our community We live in one of the best communities with some of the best student athletes. I am very excited about my future with Bay County MVP magazine. This is an awesome opportunity to provide more detailed reporting on a subject that I know and love. I am honored to be your Bay County Sports Girl THE COACH HALE SHOW with Ed Strickland Tune in 9-11 Mondays through Fridays 93.5 FM in Panama City 97.1 FM in Pensacola 100.3 FM in Destin & For t Walton Beach Listen to local Panhandle regional & national sports 850-502-8888 June July 2016 MVP Magazine 51 DR. ETHAN KELLUM SUMMERTIME SAFETY It is summertime The warm weather is here and the children are out of school. Entertainment is the name of the game. Not all entertainment comes without a cost. A trip to the emergency room will certainly ruin a summer day and quite possibly the rest of the summer. While accidents happen it is important to note that you can do certain things to reduce your children s risk of injury. Here are a few basics as outlined on Parents.Com to help keep your children safe this summer 1. Trampolines are responsible for 92 000 emergency room visits per year. These visits involve fractures spinal injuries and serious head injuries. If do allow your children to play on a trampoline supervision is the name of the game. Restricting the use of the trampoline to one child at a time will greatly reduce your risks. Most of the injuries on trampolines are associated with multiple jumpers simultaneously. 2. Playgrounds can also be extremely dangerous when children are not properly supervised. A large percentage of the accidents result when the equipment is either used inappropriately or by a non-age appropriate child. Again supervision is the answer to reducing your risks. 3. Properly install and use child car seats. Car seats are critical in protecting your children in the event of an accident. In January 2015 Florida passed the following laws regarding the use of car seats 4. Use your seatbelts. They work. They will save your life. Florida law requires seatbelt usage for the driver of the vehicle any front seat passenger of any age and all passengers under the age of 18 regardless of where they are sitting. 5. Supervise your children around water. Drowning is the second leading cause of injury-related deaths in children. Supervise them watch them and hire lifeguards. Do not leave this to chance. 6. Make sure your windows are safe and balcony doors are secure. Children do not have a good understanding of heights and fear. Vacations are filled with high-rise and mid-rise condominiums with balconies. Secure the doors. Use child-safety window guards. Travel with them. This is a simple solution for a very costly problem. 7. Sometimes we leave our children alone at our homes during the summer. Make arrangements for their meals. Avoid allowing them to cook. Burns are a leading cause of accidental death in the home. Supervise your children in the kitchen. 8. To minimize the risk of choking avoid feeding your small children hot dogs whole grapes hard candy popcorn nuts raw carrots or apple chunks. By making sure that all food is cut into smallenough pieces you will reduce your risks dramatically. Also take a class in pediatric CPR. Summer can be a time of laughter and fun when the right precautions are taken and children are supervised. fe Enjoy and be sa Dr. Kellum a. Children 5 years old or younger must be secured in a federally approved child restraint system. b. Children 3 years old and younger must use a separate carseat or the vehicle s built-in child seat. c. Children 4 through 5 years must sit in either a separate car seat a built in child seat or a seat belt depending on the child s height and weight. d. Children 6 through 17 years old must in a seatbelt. 52 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Sarah Robertson 2015 Graduate of Arnold High School Liberty University Softball Studying Biomedical Science Accomplishments Set a new program record with 16 conference wins this season. First 30 win season since 2011. Led Big South Conference with 11 shutouts. Selected to the Big South Conference All Freshman Team Played Started in all 59 games Finalist for the Play of the Year Award for the Flamespys Deans List Volunteer for Campus Ministry Plans After Graduation After graduation I plan to attend medical school to become an Ophthalmologist and hope to own my own practice. What have you missed most about home 1. My Family Being away I didn t realize how much my family helped me and how much I depended on them. Whether it was homework doing laundry cleaning my room working out or just a long talk and getting that much needed hug after a tough day it made me appreciate them so much more. 2. Tank my Goldendoodle He is the most awesome dog ever He always makes my day better 3. My bed Campus housing is nice but there is nothing like my own bed What advice do you have for current high school athletes What are your plans for the summer Spending and enjoying time with my family and friends. Taking 2 on-line courses to get ahead Resting the first few weeks and then doing work. Team trainers assign us workouts specific to our positions and hitting so daily conditioning weight training along with field and cage work I plan on also doing some cross training on my own as well as swimming and biking. - Manage your time wisely. You will be surprised just how little time you will have to not only sleep and eat but to study as well. Every second of every day will be filled with schedules that you have to balance. It s hard but staying on top of them is the most important part of being a successful student athlete. -Keep your body healthy. This is important for not only sports but school as well. Eating good and plenty of sleep will help focus and also prevent injuries. With classes homework training and practices your body will be pushed like it never has before so take care of it with lots of sleep and healthy food. - Don t overload on classes during season Take an online course if you can because when the team travels you will be missing lectures. If you do have lectures make friends with someone in there so that you can get notes and won t get behind or miss important information on tests -Always remember you represent your school on and off the field so be smart in the choices you make it could make or break you. -Ask for help when you need it and communicate with your professors Not only do they love it but they are there to help us and it just might make the difference in a grade -Pray every day God hears it. -College goes by fast...CHERISH IT AND ENJOY IT. Y team is your new family and although it changes every our year you will make lifetime friends and memories Photo Credit Liberty University Athletics June July 2016 MVP Magazine 53 Dondrell Harris 2013 Graduate of Rutherford High School Troy State University Football Studying Computer Science Accomplishments Student Athlete of the week 3 times Made 10 tackles in the New Mexico State game What have you missed most about home 1. Family- my family means everything to me and I don t really get to see them that much. 2. Friends- my best friends that I have grown up with. 3. Panama City - The people in Panama City are amazing and I will never be tired of being in Panama City. What are your plans for the summer My plans for the summer are to come home relax and visit family and friends. I will also work out with my old teammate and best friend Dallas Davis at our alma mater Rutherford High School. What advice do you have for current high school athletes I would tell high school athletes to learn how to manage your time wisely learn how to study while you re in high school and never let anyone tell you that you can t do something. Photo Credit Troy Athletics 54 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Dondrayas Harris 2013 Graduate of Rutherford High School Southern University College and A&M Baton Rouge LA Baseball Studying Interdisciplinary Studies Accomplishments Offensive player for Southern two weeks in a row Defensive player of the week once Won SWAC player of the week two weeks straight (Southwestern Athletic Conference) What have you missed most about home 1. My family and friends. 2. My mother s cooking. 3. Barberitos Southwestern Grille What are your plans for the summer I am back home in Panama City this summer I will continue to train all summer long. I usually go to the Dugout which is an indoor hitting facility ran by Kevin Tolar and Kyle Nichols in Lynn Haven. I will also work out with Fitness Trainer Mike Walker. What advice do you have for current high school athletes The advice that I would give a high school student athlete is to make sure you stay on top of your grades. When being recruited college scouts look to see if one is able to manage their grades and play a sport at the same time. Keeping up with your grades in high school also preps your study skills for college and helps you become more responsible. Photo Credit Southern University College and A&M Athletics June July 2016 MVP Magazine 55 Gregory Gladden 2013 Graduate of Mosley High School Freshman Year- Marion Military Institute Sophomore Year- Gulf Coast State College Junior Year- Shorter University Rome Ga. Baseball Studying Criminal Justice What have you missed most about home 1. My dog Bonnie. 2. Fishing... I miss going out fishing with my granddad Greg. 3. Food always being ready to eat or going out to eat with my family. What are your plans for the summer I will remain in Rome Ga. for most of the summer because I am taking a summer class and catching bullpen for the Rome Braves. When they have away games I plan on sneaking back home for a few days to see my family and get in a little fishing. What was the most exciting thing about college Making new relationships. I have developed some great friendships with people from all over the country. What advice do you have for current high school athletes Never give up on your dreams. I have put my catchers gear up a few times thinking I was done but luckily I have been able to keep playing. It ends way too soon and as long as you can and enjoy it. Try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to your school work. Seek out good mentors and role models... Coach Harless and the Shores Family have given me great advice and encouragement throughout high school and college. 56 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Photo Credit Linda Trombino Busscher Jill Johnson 2014 Graduate of Mosley High School University of Southern Mississippi Softball Studying Exercise Science with a minor in Biology Plans After Graduation Accomplishments I plan on attending Physician s Assistant school with a specialty in dermatology. Hopefully I will get a job working with a dermatology group in Florida upon graduating. My softball team has the highest average GPA of all teams at Southern Miss. I m a pitcher so stats are very important to me. I have improved my ERA every year. This year I have the lowest ERA on the team for our conference season and the 4th lowest ERA in the Conference USA. I made the Dean s List maintaining a 3.5 GPA and hope to keep improving this number as well. What have you missed most about home 1. The convenience of seeing my family whenever I want. 2. I miss the area of Bay County and Florida- the scenery beach lakes and weather. 3. HOME COOKED meals What are your plans for the summer I ll be attending one summer session of college to stay ahead. I plan to shadow a P.A. on campus. Then I ll be spending a lot of time trying to visit all my family. I hope to spend lots of time at the lake and the beach. I am flying to Arizona to spend some time with my roommate and her family. I will also be traveling with them to Mexico. I will continue working with my pitching coach Bob Thayer and working out with the guys at The Dugout on my hitting. In addition I will be doing the specialized workouts provided by our team trainer three days a week. I plan to run do strength training and stretch every day. I will probably get my best friend Graysen to join me. We like to run on the beach. What advice do you have for current high school athletes Take as many dual enrolled classes as you can so you can have a lighter load. Keep your grades up because academic scholarships are easier to get than athletic scholarships. And though you may be the best in high school when you get to college you are a little fish in a big pond. So be ready to work hard to get back to being the best. Photo Credit Terrell Weil Photography What was the most exciting thing about college Since I m an athlete the most exciting thing to me is the atmosphere of all the team sports. It is so exciting to play in front of packed out stadiums. I also love the comradery of all the players working toward one goal. The fans are very involved here. They get to know us personally They cook for us and leave us notes of encouragement. I think that s great 58 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Selena Estrada 2013 Graduate of Mosley High School University of Southern Mississippi Softball Studying Exercise Science Plans After Graduation I would like to attend Physical Therapy School after graduating. Accomplishments As a team 2013 USM upset 21 Nationally Ranked University of South Alabama 2016 Qualified for C-USA tournament. First time since 2013. As a freshman in 2014 finished 7th on the team in Batting Average and finished in the top 5 for Slugging Percentage What have you missed most about home 1. My family and friends. 2. My Cat Simba . 3. The beach. What are your plans for the summer I plan to shadow the Physical Therapists at First Choice. When I am not shadowing I will be working out with Brent (MVP Sports Enhancement Program). I will also be helping my dad coach a 12U travel ball team. What advice do you have for current high school athletes Learn to be able to study and do homework anywhere ignoring all distractions. Have fun with your sport while you are in high school. Talk to college athletes in your sport. Get advice from them on how to prepare for college sports both mentally and physically. What was the most exciting thing about college Being on my own and having to do everything myself as a young adult. It s also exciting to experience the college student life going to the football games and hanging out with the other sports teams. I enjoy traveling to different Universities with my softball team and meeting new people from all over who are attending college at USM. What did you dislike the most about college life I disliked all the studying that you have to do to maintain a 3.0 or above. Photo Credit Terrell Weil Photography June July 2016 MVP Magazine 59 Nathaniel Dixon 2014 Graduate of Mosley High School Freshman Year- Boston College Football Sophomore Year- East Mississippi Community College Basketball Will be attending University of Tennessee Chattanooga for Junior year with 3 years of eligibility left to play basketball. Football Basketball Studying Business Administration Accomplishments Our EMCC basketball team completed the season with a 26-8 record. We qualified for regional games state games and the national tournament. As a team EMCC won our conference. I led the team in steaIs and was second on the team in scoring and assists. I averaged 13 points per game. I qualified for the All-Newcomer Team All-Freshman Team and All-Defensive Team. What have you missed most about home 1. I miss time spent with family and friends. I miss the close bonds that I have formed in my hometown. No matter where you go. . . there really is no place like home. 2. I miss home cooking The smell of mom s Italian beef in a crock pot or my dad s mean bbq ribs brings a smile to my face and a longing for home 3. The beach The World s Most Beautiful Beaches call me home every chance I get What are your plans for the summer I will continue with my off-season training plan until June 28th. I will begin my summer working with my past AAU basketball coach. After enrolling in the University of Tennessee Chattanooga I will continue conditioning with my new coaches and teammates. I have been offered a scholarship to play basketball with UTC. On a personal note I plan to research my birth parents and family with the hope of meeting them in the near future. What was the most exciting thing about college The most exciting thing about college are the bonds you make with your teammates and close friends. You don t really have anyone but yourself when you first leave home. Once I settled in and got comfortable I made some of the best friendships I have ever had. They become your family away from home. I must add that playing football in the Pinstripe bowl as a freshman at Boston College was a pretty amazing experience. Photo Credit of East Mississippi Community College Athletics What advice do you have for current high school athletes My advice to high school athletes would be to just ENJOY the moment Push hard go strong give it your all. . .but at the end of the day it is just a game. Do not let your sport define you. Develop who you are and don t be so hard on yourself that you forget to ENJOY the game It is amazing the things you can do when you really have fun doing them Michael Duderstat 2013 Graduate of Mosley High School Auburn University Swimming Studying Information Systems Management What are your plans for the summer College Accomplishments for Sports or Academics As a team Auburn Swim and Dive has placed top ten in the country at the NCAA championship meet all 3 years as well as being SEC runner-up twice. Individually I have won 2 SEC championship titles and been on three SEC champion relays. I have been named to the all SEC team all three years as well as the All SEC Academic Team twice. In all three years I have been named All-American 9 times. This summer I will stay in Auburn to train in preparation for the Olympic Trials that will take place at the end of June. What advice do you have for current high school athletes For any high school student athletes my advice would be to enjoy what you are doing and work hard at it. You really only have a short amount of time to enjoy playing your sport so have fun with it but don t forget the hard work you must put in to get better. What have you missed most about home 1. Definitely my family. While college is an awesome experience I rarely get a chance to go home so my family is definitely the most missed. 2. Hanging with all my friends. Luckily we still stay in touch and hangout occasionally but they surely made home memorable. 3. The beach. Being in Auburn has made me realize how lucky I was to grow up so close to the water. Photo Credit Auburn Athletics June July 2016 MVP Magazine 61 Dallas Davis Accomplishments 2014 Graduate of Rutherford High School University of South Alabama Football Studying Sports Management As a team my true freshman year we made it to our first bowl game in the school s history. One special achievement for me is that I will be starting this coming up season as a Redshirt Sophomore. What have you missed most about home 1. My family. 2. My friends. 3. Being on the boat. What are your plans for the summer I will be training with quarterback coach David Morris and working out with my team. I will also take a few summer classes. What was the most exciting thing about college The most exciting thing that has happened in my career was probably throwing my first collegiate touchdown pass against the University of Nebraska. What did you dislike the most about college life The only thing I dislike is having to take finals. What advice do you have for current high school athletes To all the high school student athletes out there... Keep working hard at everything you do. Strive to be the best athlete you can possibly be by doing extra work. This will put you above and beyond your competition. And Lastly Stay focused with your school work. It is easy to lose focus with all of the college distractions. Best of luck to you Photo Credit University of South Alabama Athletics 62 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Andrew Deramo III 2014 Graduate of Mosley High School University of Central Florida Baseball Studying Communications Accomplishments As a team we won the Jr. College National Championship last year. Individually no special achievements yet. I just feel special that I can get an education and play baseball at University of Central Florida. I remember playing baseball at RL Turner with my friends and we would always talk about playing college and pro baseball. What have you missed most about home 1. Family 2. Beach 3. Friends What are your plans for the summer I will take 10 days off to visit my family and friends. Then I am off to Wisconsin to play summer ball in the Northwoods League. My pitching coach is ex MLB pitcher John Halama. I am looking forward to working with him and picking his brain and my Junior year at University of Central Florida. What was the most exciting thing about college I enjoy being on my own as well as visiting schools and ballparks with my teammates. What did you dislike the most about college life I did not like studying. What advice do you have for current high school athletes My advice would be to find a school where you can play. Although going to a Big D1 school is appealing the purpose of going to school is to play and get an education. If you don t play it will be hard to improve and advance your skills and game experience. Photo Credit University of Central Florida Athletics June July 2016 MVP Magazine 63 Stevie-Marie Mullins 2015 Graduate of Mosley High School Samford University Soccer Studying Biology Pre-Dental Plans After Graduation After graduation I plan to attend Dental school to become an Orthodontist and one day own my own practice. Accomplishments As a team - SOCON regular season Champs. We broke the school record for the most number of minutes without having a goal scored on us. Inducted into the Freshman Honor Society Alpha Lambda Delta. Deans List Pre Dental Student Association Volunteer at Exceptional Foundation Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre Health Society Reign Student Worship What have you missed most about home 1. FOOD FOOD FOOD I miss having a stocked fridge and home cooked meals 2. My dogs- they love me unconditionally and you don t always get that from people at college 3. My living room couch- I took for granted simple nights on the couch watching my favorite TV shows with my family. I miss that time with them What are your plans for the summer I plan on spending time at home with my family working out to stay in shape for next fall working at my internships and working for my parents I will be training with Brent Holtgrewe at MVP Sports Enhancement to enhance my speed and agility. I will lift on my own using my Samford Workout packet as well as extra fitness on my own. I am also playing indoor with some of my old teammates. My sister and I are going to try Kickboxing and Yoga harder than it has ever been before. So don t stay up to late Get your studies done early and try to get in bed at a decent hour. I sound like an old woman but that is how you feel if you don t get adequate rest Remember you are a STUDENT athlete. Your work ethic in the classroom is as important as what it is on the field. Pick a college you would love even if you didn t play a sport there. Time flies. The fact my Freshman year of college is over is just crazy. Make sure to cherish every moment you have with your teammates on and off the field. As a Student Athlete you are in the spotlight. Many people look up to you so act right Keep your social media clean and make good choices Future coaches and schools keep track of those kinds of things. You wouldn t want one silly picture to determine your future. What advice do you have for current high school athletes Learn how to time manage. Balancing college academics and sports is sometimes a challenge but if you stay focused on what you have to get done you will have no problem. VALUE SLEEP. Get in a good habit of getting rest At the college level your body mentally and physically is pushed 64 MVP Magazine June July 2016 Tyler Chatman 2013 Graduate of Rutherford High School 1 year at Pensacola State College 2 years completed at Alabama A&M University Baseball Studying Sports Management with an Emphasis on Marketing Accomplishments AAMU Deans List (2015-2016) Apart of the team that set the record for most wins in A&M history (2015) Went entire junior year with a 0.00 ERA (15 appearances) What have you missed most about home 1. Family & friends 2. The beach and the atmosphere of being in Florida 3. Coram s heavenly hash What are your plans for the summer Once the SWAC tournament in New Orleans is over I plan to fly to California to play baseball with the SF Seals Baseball Club a collegiate wood bat summer team based out of San Francisco where we will travel all over California Colorado and Canada to play other wood bat collegiate baseball clubs. What advice do you have for current high school athletes The best advice I could give to current high school athletes is to stay focused and relentless in your pursuit in being a college baseball player. That means you have to set yourself apart from the pack and do the extra things that require you to become better than everyone. Whether that is staying after practice for more reps or staying after school for tutoring both are extremely essential to a college scout or coach Photo Credit Alabama A&M University Athletics June July 2016 MVP Magazine 65 NO W OP EN HEALTHY SKIN IS ALWAYS A WIN CAROL WHITING D E R M ATO L OG Y S P E C I A L I S T S O F F L O R I D A Let Us Restore Your Hair & Your Confidence The Hair Transplant and Restoration Center is now open in Panama City and pleased to introduce the NeoGraft procedure. With the newest clinically proven and precise method of hair transplantation our team will restore your hair providing a natural appearance with minimal discomfort and optimal permanent results. Minimally invasive procedure No linear scar as with other methods Little to no discomfort Quick recovery time Experienced and trained technicians and physicians BEFORE AFTER Those of us who love outdoor sports and recreation understand that sunscreen is important equipment. But with the overwhelming selection of lotions sprays and other products which sunscreen is our best choice And what do we really need to know to best protect our skin Here are some important guidelines from Dermatology Specialists of Florida READ THE LABEL 1. Broad-Spectrum. Screens both harmful UVA and UVB rays. 2. SPF 30. Choose a Sun Protection Factor of 30. SPF 15 is good for daily wear with minimal outdoor exposure but SPF 30 is best. 3. Water-Resistant. Sweat and watersports can quickly breakdown some lotions. 4. Check the Expiration Date. Yes sunscreen expires and loses its strength. APPLY CORRECTLY 5. Apply liberally and often to all exposed skin. Don t forget your lips ears eyelids neck top of your feet. Get help with your back. Thinning Hair Apply to your scalp or wear a hat. 6. Re-apply at least every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating. 7. Lotions can be more effective than sprays especially if applying outdoors. THINK ABOUT IT 8. Every blistering sunburn increases your risk of getting skin cancer. 9. It s not the heat. It s the light. Unprotected skin burns on cloudy and breezy days too. 10. It is best to seek shade when the sun is brightest between 10AM and 2PM. 11. Most people become sunburned because they did not use enough sunscreen reapply it after being in the water or used a product prior to it s expiration. 12. Your eyes need protection too. Wear sunglasses. 13. An annual skin cancer screening with a board-certified dermatologist and regular self-exams at home will help you maintain your healthiest skin. To learn more visit or or call 850-233-DERM(3376). To schedule a FREE consultation call Monica Rennspies RN BSN 844.994.HAIR 2505 Harrison Avenue Panama City Florida 32405 June July 2016 MVP Magazine 67 ARTS ALIVE ATHLETIC SHOWCASE Dancers are the athletes of God. Albert Einstein Spark Company Dancers Toni s Dance Workshop rts Alive is the Bay Education Foundation s charity event which shines a spotlight on the arts in Bay District Schools and raises funds for classroom grants and Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program Featuring performing artists from Bay District Schools Arts Alive is a very popular event but we are pretty sure no one thinks of it as an athletic event. Yet patrons attending this year s program were entertained by some amazing athletes in the form of three fabulous solo dancers. Elysium McRanie featured in the last issue of MVP was the very definition of grace strength and agility as she performed Flight . Katelyn Turney entertained with her Spanish Rose dance from Bye Bye Birdie. Sarah Downing a fourth grader from Patronis Elementary School exhibited skills expected from far older and more experienced dancers. She delighted the crowd. Spark Company housed at Tonie s Dance Workshop showcased both the group and duets as ten members performed a highly imaginative and beautiful dance to a special arrangement of It s a Small World. Spark Company consists of ten middle school students from four schools. A Elysium McRaine Arts Alive is held annually at Edgewater Beach Resort and features a visual arts gallery a reception a silent auction a dinner live auction and a variety show. For more information about auditions or the event visit or call (850)767-4111. Katelyn Turney Sarah Downing 68 MVP Magazine June July 2016 A military deployment like no other took place in April on Panama City Beach... nearly 40 veterans from the Chester Sims Veterans Nursing Home loaded their gear raced across town and stormed the open field... of the Miracle League that is. Their gear included wheelchairs and walkers and their transport was a plush tour bus with police escort... and they took to the field to play a game of baseball The Emerald Coast Rotary Club in conjunction with the City of Panama City Beach hosted the 10th Miracle League Veterans Game at Frank Brown Park where they rolled out the green carpet and gave them the full VIP treatment The veterans were greeted by a flag line of supporters including the Warrior Watch Riders Soldiers Angels Arnold High School JROTC and men and women from our local Air Force and Naval facilities. Many of the volunteers served as buddies to help the veterans around the bases and field. It is great to see our younger generations paying their respects to the generations before them says game founder Dave Johnson who as the Voice of the Miracle League plays music and calls the game. Dave went on to say We are all there to give our thanks to these American Heroes for their service and to let them know they are not forgotten. Of all the things I have done in my life creating this event is the one thing I am proudest of. One of the players even stated I have not felt proud to be a veteran in a very long time but I did today. This game marked a special milestone as the 10th Miracle League Veterans Game The Miracle League Veterans Game is a semi-annual event with a Spring Training game in April the Fall Classic in November as a celebration of Veterans Day. The next game is tentatively scheduled for 10am on November 16 2016. Batter Up For more information Dave Johnson Founding President 850 234-2311 Johnson.dave June July 2016 MVP Magazine 69 Golf Fore Education-2016 The Bay Education Foundation is happy to announce the Century 21 Commander Realty Golf FORE Education Tournament. It will be held on August 27 2016 at the beautiful Panama Country Club in Lynn Haven. For the seventh year this tournament will raise money for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program for promising students who need financial assistance to attend college. Tournament chairman and Bay Education Foundation president Leon Walters encourages local golfers to sign up early. Golf FORE Education features two great hole-in-one prizes 10 000 on 7 and a new car on 17. The tournament begins with a 5 000 putting contest at 8 15 followed by a shotgun start at 8 30. In addition to a great morning on the green golfers will receive breakfast gift bags and photographs. An awards luncheon will follow tournament play with prizes going to the top four teams. To sign up as a sponsor or player for Golf FORE Education go to or call 767-4111. Sponsorship opportunities range from 500 to 3 000. 70 MVP Magazine June July 2016 SURGERY IS NOT YOUR ONLY OPTION... A Unique NEW Treatment Combination Comes To Bay County With VISIT READYTOGETBETTER.COM OXYGEN STEM CELLS PHYSICAL THERAPY.