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Boca Teen Alexa Aronson Hits All the Right Notes Here s Looking At You THE LADIES OF LLSCENE DISH ON SUMMER STYLE YOLO BOATYARD S3 - SUN SURF SAND Incredible food. Unique atmospheres. Amazing locations. The restauranteurs & culinary masterminds behind many of South Florida s hot spots The Restaurant People invite you to experience three of our chic & sophisticated dining venues. Immerse yourself in the energy of downtown Fort Lauderdale at YOLO unwind along the ocean at S3 or experience our newest dynamic transformation BOATYARD. All our restaurants feature innovative cuisine and hand-crafted cocktails in stylishly-relaxed settings. Discover the concepts in The Restaurant People s collection and experience the best of Fort Lauderdale. BOATYARD - 1555 SE 17th Street Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 954.525.7400 YOLO - 333 East Las Olas Boulevard Fort Lauderdale FL 33301 954.523.1000 S3 - 505 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Boulevard Fort Lauderdale FL 33304 954.523.SURF 2 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Great lighting adds more than light. Great lighting illuminates. 7401 W Sample Road Coral Springs FL 33065 954.757.9646 Ask us about 12 months Interest-Free Financing. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 3 Your home is a sanctuary and should be as beautiful as you can imagine. Let California Closets design a custom system just for you and the way you live and help make your dream home a reality with our exclusive materials and exceptional designs. Visit our showroom or call us today to arrange your complimentary design consultation. BOCA R ATO N 302 S. Federal Highway 954.946.2218 4 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM JULY 7 17 FREE RING WITH PURCHASE OF ANY TWO PANDORA RINGS (FREE RING MUST BE OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE) T H E PA N D O R A S T O R E AT THE CORAL SQUARE MALL 9451 W Atlantic Blvd Coral Springs FL 33071 954.341.5888 Near The Food Court THE SEMINOLE HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO 5762 Seminole Way Hollywood FL 33314 954.583.3035 Near Tequila Ranch While supplies last at participating retailers. No substitutions. Ring selection may vary by store. Excludes gift card purchases. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS 28 TWO FASHIONISTAS WEAR IT WELL AT THE RITZ. FEATURES 34 38 STAR TRAINER DAVE RIENZI SHARES HIS FITNESS TIPS. SUMMER STYLE HER TURN SWIMSUIT TO SHINE SHAPE IS ALEXA ARONSON THE NEXT BIG POP STAR ALSO IN LIFESTYLE 8 10 12 14 48 52 56 62 EDITOR S LETTER CULTURAL CALENDAR SHIREEN ON THE SCENE BEAUTY DINING SPOTLIGHT LIVESTYLE LIVE ACCESS LIFESTYLE SCENE ON SITE Photography James Woodley Stylist Jenna DeBrino Hot Pink Style Fashion Lindsey (left)-- Kaftan Hot Pink Style collection and Illesteva sunglasses Eyes on Lincoln Miami Beach. Lilly--Roberto Cavalli kaftan Encore Plus Boca Raton and Illesteva sunglasses Eyes on Lincoln Location The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne Miami This page Alexa Aronson Photography Downtown Photo Fort Lauderdale Stylist Kristen Blake Fashion Cupcakes and Cashmere jacket and Free People dress En Vogue The Shops at Boca Center Location Boca Beach Club ON THE COVER Plenty of Legroom in the sunset capital of florida. BEACHES IN THE USA 2016 BEST ST. PETE BEACH Family Adventure Package Save up to 400 on 4 nights 250 FUNVenture Card or call 866.803.9649 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 7 EDITOR S letter he most daunting part of accepting the group editor position at the fastest-growing publishing company in South Florida wasn t the thought of having to navigate a 25-mile stretch of turnpike to reach my new office although that did cause a few sleepless nights. It was the realization that in an instant I would go from insider to outsider. After a decade in the editor s chair at a publication that served a limited readership in and around Boca Raton after building relationships and building an award-winning reputation in a market I knew almost as well as the dialogue from any scene in The Godfather I would be starting from scratch. My new boundaries at Lifestyle encompassed the entire tri-county region-- with a combined circulation in excess of 100 000 and a readership of more than a half-million. I wouldn t be able to rely on the same sources. I wouldn t know most of the faces at charity galas and chamber functions south of Palm Beach County. And they wouldn t know me. But it didn t take long to understand the power of Lifestyle to connect readers businesses local leaders-- and even a slightly disoriented group editor. During my first few months here I ve had the pleasure of meeting so many people plugged in to our readership areas. You ve welcomed me with kind words. You ve reached out with information about communities from Parkland to Pinecrest. You ve sent me story and profile ideas. Some of you even invited me to lunch and dinner which is the quickest way to any editor s heart. I can t thank you all enough for your hospitality and your insights. The edit and art teams at Lifestyle are in the process of returning the favor. Expect to see significant changes in our upcoming issues--new features that we believe will further engage entertain and if we re doing our jobs right inspire our exclusive audience. In the meantime I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming months--hopefully over lunch. Enjoy the July issue of Lifestyle. T PUBLISHER Michelle Simon GROUP EDITOR Kevin Kaminski DEPUTY EDITOR Elyssa Schwartz ASSISTANT EDITOR Keren Moros COPY EDITOR Jason Davis CREATIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Melanie Geronemus Smit ART DIRECTOR Alexander Hernandez ART DIRECTOR Frank Papandrea ART DIRECTOR Evelyn Robles GRAPHIC DESIGNER Thaddeus Jordan DIRECTOR OF MARKETING & EVENTS Jennifer Barb MARKETING COORDINATOR Estefania Marin CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Leah Moskowitz Mindy Baer Puller Becky Randel Rachel Sobel Michelle F. Solomon CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Linzi Altabet Downtown Photo Fort Lauderdale Evelyn Robles James Woodley ADVERTISING SALES LORI CASTLE lcastle SHARI GLATTER sglatter DEBBY GOLD dgold JILL HOROWITZ jhorowitz STEPHENE HOSEY shosey BONNIE JUDSON bjudson JORDAN KNOWLES jknowles ANNA ROSENTHAL arosenthal CHAIRMAN Gary Press LIFESTYLE MEDIA GROUP 3511 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309 954.377.9470 fax 954.617.9418 2016 Lifestyle Magazines are published by Lifestyle Media Group all rights reserved. Lifestyle Magazine is published monthly. All contents are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without written consent from the publisher. The advertiser is solely responsible for ad content and holds publisher harmless from any error. Kevin Kaminski Group Editor 8 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYD E PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET N RE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO O UM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIG D GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 N GRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH Y V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREP C FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC C DE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLE LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS AN R RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES CIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO CAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY S SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE E RODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE A PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GA ES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEW POINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATE AR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE E UE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL E LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE VANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SW ALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUC ALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET ARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO O UM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIG D GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 N GRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH Y V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREP C FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC C DE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLE LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS AN R RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES CIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO CAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY S SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE E RODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART SILVER STREET PAN DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE A PRIMO SYDNEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC FORRE ART GA ES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALON CHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER LEVINSON JEW OOH LA LA LAS OLAS Eat Drink Shop... See stars on the Boulevard LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 9 c u lt u r a l calendar 8 10 JULY 2016 JUly JULY 1 29 THE BARBIE STORY Old Davie School Historical Museum Davie JULY 7 31 CIRQUE LOIZE CIRKOPOLIS Adrienne Arsht Center Miami JULY 8 CULTURE CLUB Pitbull Broward Center for the Performing Arts Fort Lauderdale JULY 8 MODEST MOUSE & BRAND NEW JULY 17 CHRIS ROBINSON BROTHERHOOD Culture Room Fort Lauderdale Bayfront Park Amphitheater Miami JULY 8 AUG. 14 BROADWAY BOUND Broward Stage Door Theatre Margate JULY 20 SNOOP DOGG WITH WIZ KHALIFA KEVIN GATES & JHEN AIKO Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre West Palm Beach JULY 9 & 10 2016 SEAFOOD FESTIVAL Bergeron Rodeo Grounds Davie Fort Lauderdale Improv JULY 22 COUNTING CROWS & ROB THOMAS Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre 17 JULY 21 24 BILL BELLAMY JULY 22 TED NUGENT WITH JACKYL Modest Mouse The AMP (Pompano Beach Amphitheater) JULY 28 IRON FORK Miami Spice kickoff event AmericanAirlines Arena Miami JULY 29 & 30 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre JULY 31 PITBULL WITH PRINCE ROYCE & FARRUKO BB&T Center 31 Count Memories & Dolphins with the SUNSET DOLPHIN EXCURSION STAY 2 NIGHTS AND GET THE 3RD NIGHT FREE A COMPLIMENTARY SUNSET DOLPHIN CRUISE FOR UP TO 4 PEOPLE WITH ADVENTURES IN PARADISE. Discover the magic of Sanibel Island at Sundial Beach Resort & Spa Your Sundial vacation includes one mile of shell-strewn beachfront kayaks paddleboards bicycles HydroGrid tennis courts restaurants and fully equipped low-rise condominium style accommodations Sundial is the Plus Reserve your vacation at and mention SUNS2. This promotion is available June 1st through September 30th 2016. Based on availability. Blackout dates may apply. Offer may not be combined with other offer or discounts. VOTED BEST FULL SERVICE RESORT FOR THREE YEARS IN A ROW For more information please visit 1451 Middle Gulf Drive Sanibel Island FL 33957 (239) 472-4151 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 11 F L O R I D A find SHIREENe on the scen By Deco Drive Anchor Shireen Sandoval HIDDEN GEM When I first stepped through the gates of The Little Farm House it was hard to believe that I was still in the Magic City (more specifically on the outskirts of Little Haiti along Miami s Little River). This enchanting tropical oasis with its lush foliage main house six cabins boathouse and myriad farm animals is one of the most unique event spaces I ve ever seen. Social gatherings weddings showers parties television and movie shoots--they do it all here. While the place has made a name for itself on a national fashion level (hosting photo shoots for British Vogue H&M and Urban Outfitters) its owner Gabriella von Rosen wants locals to revel in all it has to offer as well. Wardrobe provided by the Tanya-Marie Collection. Read the full blog at 12 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM s your What ise rad pa 2016 FOOTBALL HOME SCHEDULE Experience our first-rate family-friendly tailgate party before each exciting FAU football game at the Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center conveniently located across the street from FAU Stadium SOUTHERN ILLINOIS 09.03 09.24 BALL STATE CHARLOTTE 10.08 WESTERN KENTUCKY 10.29 11.12 UTEP OLD DOMINION 11.19 CALL 1.866.FAU.OWLS OR VISIT FAUSPORTS.COM TO PURCHASE GAME TICKETS. PREMIER SEATING INCLUDING SUITES AND LOGES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE. Everyone is invited to attend the indoor outdoor festivities and MEMBERS of the FAU Alumni Association receive COMPLIMENTARY ADMISSION to the pre-game tailgate Delicious catered tailgate fare and nonalcoholic drinks included with admission Alcoholic beverages available for purchase Hottest NCAA match-ups broadcast on big screen TVs Music entertainment and family-friendly environment Cool clean and comfortable facilities Doors open two hours before kickoff MEMBERS get in FREE Show your alumni card or purchase a membership at the door. Non-members 20 Ages 3 to 12 10 Ages 2 and under Free FAU Alumni Association membership is open to everyone Join today at joinnow. For more information contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 1.888.FAU.ALUM (328.2586) or alumni.affairs LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 13 BEAUTY MARC JACOBS GLOW STICK GLISTENING ILLUMINATOR Whether you re touching up at a pool party or getting ready for a night out this portable and easyto-use highlighter stick (in a universal shade) offers the perfect summer glow. Apply it with the Marc Jacobs Shape Contour and Blush Brush or use your nose and cupid s bow. 44 Sephora PATRIOTIC SPIRIT BY LEAH MOSKOWITZ Beat the July heat with summer finds in red white and (kind of) blue. BEAUTYBLENDER RED CARPET If you re not already a fan of this cultclassic beauty tool be sure to check out this limited-edition red cosmetic sponge that will quickly become the favorite item in your makeup bag. Apply anything from primer foundation and concealer to powder and cream blush 20 Sephora OPI I AM WHAT I AMETHYST For a different spin on a patriotic manicure opt for this light blue lilac shade from the brand s SoftShades Pastels 2016 collection. I love that it s more neutral than bright cobalt and will look great with a tan 7 10 Amazon Target and Ulta LANC ME JUICY SHAKERS lips like a balm while delivering a touch of color. Shake the bottle like a cocktail shaker to mix the nourishing oils with the pigment then apply with the soft cushion applicator for a non-sticky shine. Bonus They smell and taste delish Current favorites include Cherry Symphony (pictured) Meli Melon and Mangoes Wild. 21 department stores Lifestyle s beauty columnist and blogger of Live Love Lipstick Leah Moskowitz is devoted to bringing you what s new and hot. Visit or follow Leah on Instagram leah.moskowitz for additional tips and tricks 14 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM THERE S ONLY ONE PLACE TO EXPERIENCE SOUTH FLORIDA There is only one North of Hillsboro Blvd directly on the ocean Deerfield Beach 954.428.2539 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 15 An Elective MRI CT or PET Can quite possibly save your life. No exercise Required Vip Preventive Medicine is the single most important decision you can make to save your life. ULTIMATE FULL BODY SCREENING FULL-BODY MRI DNA analysis predictive pathology report full blood analysis and physician consultation. ULTIMATE CARDIAC SCREENING Find heart disease before its too late. The most powerfule scan and analysis by a board-certified cardiologist. ULTIMATE PROSTATE SCREENING Attention men with elevated PSA levels Non-invasive MRI exam may help you avoid a painful needle biopsy 3T MRI 128 Slice PET CT 4D Ultrasound For These Elective Scans Call Now 954-315-1600 Robert Kagan M.D. Medical Director and MRI Pioneer GE 3.0 Tesla The World s Most Advanced MRI GE 128 Slice PET CT Most Advanced PET CT Ivan Ayala M.D. Cardiologist 3122 East Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33308 Tel 954-315-1600 info A DIVISION OF MRI SCAN & IMAGING CENTER 16 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM ALL-INCLUSIVE DEAL 7-NIGHT CRUISES TO THE CARIBBEAN FROM GET IT ALL 798 PP DON T JUST GET MORE GET IT ALL ALL-INCLUSIVE 7-NIGHT CRUISES TO THE CARIBBEAN ABOARD MSC DIVINA Cruise planning just got easier with MSC Cruises. Get ready to experience the ultimate cruise vacation visiting stunning destinations like Jamaica Puerto Rico and The Bahamas. YOUR ALL-INCLUSIVE CRUISE INCLUDES UNLIMITED DRINKS - Cocktails beer wine coffee soft drinks & more ( 315 value) WIFI - Enjoy the Internet Surfer Package ( 33 value) TOUR EXCURSION - Receive a Shipboard Credit which can be used for a tour ( 40 - 75 value) KIDS SAIL FREE - Kids 12 & Under Sail FREE on select sailings C ALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT OR MSC CRUISES AT 844-296-6647 A N D V I S I T All-Inclusive Rates include More-For-Less Classic Unlimited Drinks Surfer WiFi Package 40 Shore Excursion Credit (max 160 per stateroom) for Categories I1-B2 for all stateroom guests. For Categories B3 - YC3 price includes for 1st and 2nd guest only Surfer WiFi Package and 75 Shore Excursion Credit (Max 150 per stateroom). Tour Excursions must be booked on board to redeem the included Shore Excursion credit. MSC Voyagers Club and Cargo Employee discount is applicable. A discount of up to 10% (not combinable with MSC Voyagers Club discount) is also applicable to active and retired U.S. and Canadian military civil service and interline personnel and their spouses dependent children parents and parents-in-law. Qualifying guests must present an I.D. badge from their respective organization at time of booking. Government taxes and fees for all guests are additional. MSC Cruises reserves the right to pass on any fuel surcharge without notice to all guests. Ask for Best Rates or Best Rates All-Inclusive when booking. This is a limited time LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 offer. Ship s registry Panama. 17 SCOTT LEASER MARC BROTMAN Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney DUNIA IBRAHIM JOSEPH NUSBAUM CERTIFIED CIRCUIT CIVIL MEDIATOR LET OUR TEAM WORK FOR YOU IT COSTS NOTHING TO HIRE US CAR CRASH FALLS WRONGFUL DEATH MEDICAL MALPRACTICE NURSING HOME NEGLIGENCE 137 West Royal Palm Road Boca Raton FL 33432 (561) 417-5656 Marc The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertising. Before you decide ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. 18 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM SUMMER ENTERTAINING WITH A SILVER LINING From dusk to dawn Silver Lining Catering can turn any day into a night your guests will never forget. Make your event the coolest day of the summer. Inquire further to learn more about our specialty services. P 954-917-1020 ext. 314 SLEventCatering LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 19 SECOND SHOWROOM NOW OPEN KITCHENS BATHS REMODELING AND DESIGN SERVICES PLUMBING FIXTURES FLOORING TILE CABINETRY DECORATIVE HARDWARE APPLIANCES LIGHTING OUTDOOR KITCHENS HOME ACCESSORIES Visit our brand new 10 000-square-foot Design Center located in the Downtown Oakland Park Culinary Arts District. Design Center 3484 NE 12th Ave. Oakland Park 954.556.3751 Kitchen & Bath Showroom 616 W Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 954.564.1611 20 Licensed and Insured General Contractor Lic. Number 85CGC1225CX JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Elevate your experience. Play your favorite Las Vegas style slots enjoy the thrill of live Blackjack indulge at the world-class NYY Steak and live it up at Legends Lounge. LIVE THE GOOD LIFE. Must be at least 21 years old to play Slots and Table Games or to receive Player s Club benefits. Must be 18 or older to play Live Poker. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem please call 1.888.ADMIT.IT. LMGFL. OM LMGFL COM LMGFL COM LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 MGFL. L JULY 20 JULY 201 2016 01 21 21 MOUTHGUARD Dental Health & Beauty offers the latest advancements in Preventative Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry. Call us today to schedule your new look. Dr. Cleydes Dougherty Dr. Maria Semprun 954.575.0880 5481 University Dr. Suite 103 Coral Springs FL 33067 22 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Go to the best. CODE Life2 70 years. FOR ASSISTANCE CALL 800.NEW.ROOF (639.7663) WWW.LATITE.COM LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 23 24 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM The Volume Lexus Dealer In The World Since 1992 1 S TA R S PA N G L E D S A L U T E T O L U X U RY 2016 LEXUS IS 200t F SPORT 2016 LEXUS ES 350 REVOLUTIONIZING THE WAY YOU BUY LUXURY SAMPLE ROAD WEST OF THE TURNPIKE 1 80 0 NEW LEXUS JMLEXUS .COM LMGFL.COM LMGFL.COM LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 M MG L.COM COM O JU Y 201 JULY 201 2016 25 25 THE BENEFITS OF SUMMER MEMBERSHIP. A Summer Resort Membership at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Pompano Beach Resort & Spa offers the ultimate in oceanfront amenities. Pamper yourself at SiSpa. Cool off in one of our outdoor pools. Work up a sweat in the oceanview fitness center or unwind with a yoga class overlooking the beach. Sample delicious seafood and American cuisine at McCoy s Oceanfront or relax on the pool deck with a frosty concoction. It s all here waiting for you. SUMMER MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES Access to Resort Pools Jacuzzi Loungers & Sundeck 20% discount on spa treatments & services in SiSpa Pompano Beach 20% discount on food & beverage in McCoy s Oceanfront Access to the Oceanfront Fitness Center Complimentary access to scheduled Fitness Classes (i.e. Yoga) Complimentary valet parking Access to Resort s Concierge to assist with local dining and excursions 50% Discount on Kid s Club SUMMER MEMBERSHIP PRICING No Initiation Fee 100 Adult Month 75 Child Month Minimum three consecutive months Guest Passes available for 35 Guest Day TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP OR TO JOIN PLEASE CALL JACQUEE THOMPSON SPA MANAGER AT 954.944.9529. FORT LAUDERDALE MARRIOTT POMPANO BEACH RESORT & SPA 1200 NORTH OCEAN BLVD. POMPANO BEACH FL 954.782.0100 POMPANOM AR R IO T T . C O M SiSpa Pompano discount is on regular priced treatments services excludes retail. Complimentary valet parking is for one vehicle up to 5 hours daily certain holiday & special event date restrictions apply. Kids club is valid for Children 4-12 reservations required. Summer Resort Memberships must be paid in full 3 consecutive month minimum. Summer Resort Memberships are limited and offer is based on availability. Valid 6.1.16 - 10.31.16. Child rate is valid for children 15 & under when joining with at least one other adult Member. Maximum 2 guests visit member guest passes not extended July 4th weekend. 2016 Marriott International Inc. JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM 26 A MORE BEAUTIFUL You Dear Dr. Messa & Staff I just wanted to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to you all My surgery was nothing short of a real pleasure Your kindness compassion and professionalism is greatly appreciated. After only a short two weeks I love my results Dr. Messa you are truly an outstanding physician and I thank you as a proud patient God bless J.M. patient testimonial Don t let your double chin be the single thing you see We now have the new Coolsculpting mini-applicator to reduce fat under the chin and contour the neck. Charles A. Messa III M.D. F.A.C.S. 954.659.7760 2823 Executive Park Drive Member Se Habla Espa ol Financing Available Credit Cards Accepted The Patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay cancel payment or be reimbursed for any other service examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement or the free discounted fee or reduced fee service examination or treatment. Accredited Operating Facility AAAASF Model The Mark of Distinction In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 27 28 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM sunny side up The fashionistas at LLScene raise a glass to summer s hottest styles PHOTOGRAPHY BY JAMES WOODLEY SHOT ON LOCATION AT THE RITZ-CARLTON KEY BISCAYNE MIAMI Lindsey AYRA Swimwear top Showroom 305 Miami Christian Dior sunglasses Eyes On Lincoln Miami Beach and Calypso pants Encore Plus Boca Raton. Lilly Sequin jacket Hot Pink Style collection Marc Le Bihan skirt Deborah James Fort Lauderdale and Christian Dior sunglasses Eyes on Lincoln Sequin trends aren t just for the holidays. More and more we are seeing sequins implemented into summer wardrobes. Don t be afraid to pair light sequins with a matching color or complementary fabric. --Lindsey LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 29 Sea sweater Deborah James and AYRA Swimwear swimsuit Showroom 305 Once reserved for conservative beachgoers one-piece swimsuits have made a comeback. Welcome this summer trend by experimenting with multiple styles and a complementary cover-up or pantsuit. --Lindsey 30 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM PilyQ cover-up Bloomingdale s Town Center at Boca Raton Embracing your curves is so important when it comes to beachwear. Find a bathing suit or cover-up that falls and hugs in all the right places. Fringes and tribal prints can do wonders for your --Lilly LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 31 Lindsey Escada dress Bal Harbour Shops and Report Signature shoes Macy s Town Center at Boca Raton. Lilly Robert Rodriguez jumpsuit Encore Plus and Alice Olivia shoes Bloomingdale s Black and white fashion never goes out of style. A backless black jumpsuit your typical on-the-town options. White showcases your tan and when featuring a high slit lends a discernible sexiness to your summer look. --Lilly 32 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM About LLScene Best friends Lindsey Swing and Lilly Robbins keep their faithful readers in the know when it comes to the hottest style and lifestyle happenings in South Florida thanks to LLScene the duo s popular blog website ( for the 20- and 30-something crowd. In addition to their fashion insights Lindsey (a newlywed with a passion for Florida State football) and Lilly (a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader) help businesses with branding opportunities event planning and much more. The Ritz Turns 15 Adriana Degreas skirt Encore Plus AYRA Swimwear top Showroom 305 Michael Kors shoes Macy s and hat Deborah James Beach vacations require quick simple wardrobe changes at a moment s notice. Turn heads by pairing your beachwear with a matching maxi or headpiece. A pop of color or animal print will only enhance the trend. --Lindsey In honor of the property s 15th anniversary The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne Miami (455 Grand Bay Drive) is rolling out a host of specials and events starting July 1--from spa exclusives to celebration dinners with renowned chef Michelle Bernstein. Call 305.365.4500 or visit ritzcarlton. com keybiscayne for details. Crew credits Stylist Jenna DeBrino Hot Pink Style Assistant stylist Amanda Miller Hot Pink Style Hair makeup Hot Pink Style Art direction Melanie Geronemus Smit and Evelyn Robles LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 33 Cupcakes and Cashmere leather dress En Vogue The Shops at Boca Center Boca Raton 34 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Boca teen Alexa Aronson bursts onto the pop scene with one of the feel-good songs of the summer BY KEVIN KAMINSKI PHOTOS BY DOWNTOWN PHOTO FORT LAUDERDALE STAR ON THE HORIZON LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 35 ears begin to well in Emily Aronson s eyes the second she s asked about the musical journey on which her oldest child Alexa is about to embark. Part of the emotion the Boca Raton resident confesses is the maternal concern for a daughter still too young to take the wheel without a licensed adult driver in the front passenger seat. The rest of the emotion goes without saying It s the unmistakable pride that comes from seeing an aspiring 15-yearold vocalist shoot for the stars--and land in the Dogg house. I just want her dreams to come true Emily says wiping the tears from her cheeks. If the events of the past few months are any indication Alexa Aronson is well on her way. While the rest of her classmates await their sophomore year at North Broward Preparatory School--the same high school that produced pop sensation Ariana Grande--Alexa is gearing up for her Las Vegas debut in October (the taking vocal lessons [at age 11]. I got better and that directed me down a different path. I felt like my voice was mature enough to record and put out music. Buoyed by the positive feedback she received after posting YouTube covers of songs by the likes of Grande one of her vocal influences (along with the soulful Etta James) Alexa focused on taking her career to the next level. With the help and support of her parents (Alexa s father is Jeff Aronson CEO of Titan Fighting Championship) she managed to catch the ear of Brian Esposito CEO of BT Entertainment. The moment I heard Alexa s beautiful and unique voice I knew she had a bright future ahead of her says Esposito who in turn introduced her to the company s founder Bryan Todd. The renowned producer songwriter-- who has worked with Ruben Studdard Jordin Sparks and Rascal Flatts--not only signed Alexa he co-wrote Music Feels Better I always wanted this but I never thought it would happen so fast. It s like the best dream ever. month she turns 16). That performance the details of which had yet to be announced at press time is certain to include Music Feels Better the catchy dance club single featuring Snoop Dogg that put her on the Billboard chart this spring. Just how did a polite fashion-savvy Boca teen whose stage credits prior to this year included sleep-away camp shows manage to collaborate with the rapper actor who brought hip-hop into the mainstream back in 1993 with the multiplatinum album Doggystyle Though everything this summer seems to be moving at warp speed Alexa will tell you that she s been working toward this moment for as long as she can remember. I always wanted to be a pop star says Alexa who has two younger brothers. I used to put on these shows for my grandparents I d dress up do my hair put on lots of makeup get all glammed up--and blast the music. It was so much fun. But I started thinking seriously about it after and enlisted Snoop Dogg to give the song a freewheeling infusion of hip-hop along with some celebrity cachet. The strategy worked. Upon its release this spring the single spent six weeks steadily climbing the Billboard chart for Dance Club Songs peaking at No. 16 in early June. Plans are in the works for Alexa to record a remix of Music Feels Better with Snoop and rapper Fat Joe. Alexa is a great young talent she has an amazing tone to her voice and with the right songs her potential is limitless Todd says. With Vegas on the horizon and a support staff now helping Alexa with everything from wardrobe to stage presence Emily understands that her daughter is growing up fast. My biggest concern is her being 15 and suddenly being in this adult world she says. But she s also very mature for her age she s handling this so well. I ve been taught from a young age to be true to who I am Alexa says. Even if I become successful I ll never change. 36 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Free People denim jacket and Love & Lemons dress En Vogue The Shops at Boca Center Stylist Kristen Blake Makeup hair Melanie Della Rosa and Stevie Gavin Peter Coppola Salon Boca Raton Location Boca Beach Club Lauriann Stepp s Clutterologist Consignment boutique in Fort Lauderdale offers an array of luxury fashion selections. fit for summer BY BECKY RANDEL PHOTOGRAPHY BY EVELYN ROBLES GET INTO SWIMSUIT SHAPE WITH TIPS FROM STAR TRAINER DAVE RIENZI D ave Rienzi is responsible for some of South Florida s hottest bodies including the strong fat-free physique of Dwayne The Rock Johnson (check out recent pictures of him filming Baywatch in Miami for proof). In 2014 after years of working privately with his clients Rienzi opened Rienzi Strength & Conditioning (705 Shotgun Road Sunrise which he says brings together the industry s best fitness specialists with individuals who are serious about change and getting the most out of their workouts. The elite staff works privately with the likes of NFL athletes celebrities and professional wrestlers--in addition to The Rock who Rienzi has been training since 2011. Rienzi explains that he s had to create a host of unique exercises for Johnson due to his diverse film slate. He continuously modifies his physique for roles Rienzi says. As a result his training protocol is constantly changing and requires great attention to detail. Naturally the two have become very close. We consider ourselves brothers he adds. Fortunately you don t have to star in a Fast & Furious sequel to benefit from Rienzi s expertise. The workout guru who s also a professional bodybuilder offers five tips to help you tighten up for swimsuit season-- including the much-buzzed-about stomach vacuum technique. DAVE S TOP FIVE LIST 1) Fasted Cardio Cardio training first thing in the morning--on an empty stomach--is an excellent way to burn fat. In a fasted state your body will utilize stored fat as its primary fuel source. Intensity is key. Keep your heart rate between 130 and 140 beats per minute. 2) Train your transverse abdominals The deepest of the abdominal muscles lies below the rectus abdominis. The key to activate the TVA is to perform the stomach vacuum Lie on your back with your knees bent and tuck your hips slightly. Blow all of the air out of your lower abdomen pull your belly button as far as you can and hold it. Take shallow breaths and end the set when you can no longer hold the contraction. Perform three sets each workout starting with a 20-second interval per set the goal ultimately is to reach a 60-second hold period. 3) Time your rest periods This is a simple way to increase the efficiency of your workout. For compound movements (squats deadlifts pressing) keep the rest period between 60 and 90 seconds. For isolation movements single-joint movements (curls kickbacks lateral raises) keep rest periods between 30 and 45 seconds. 4) Add in plyometric movements Plyometric movements are explosive exercises that require maximal muscle fiber recruitment and power output. This elevates your heart rate and burns more calories. Add one to two plyometric exercises to each workout. Try box jumps and lunge jumps on lower-body days and medicine ball overhead slams and medicine ball chest passes against a wall on upper-body days. Perform three sets with 10 to 15 reps of each. 5) Get eccentric and stimulate new muscle growth The eccentric phase of the repetition (or negative) is the portion of the rep where the muscle lengthens. To start implementing this technique focus on controlling the weight slowly on the way down. This may require you to decrease the weight you normally use. It s a highly effective technique that will fatigue the muscle more with significantly lighter weight. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 39 40 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Getting to the Bottom of Your Digestive Troubles Anyone who has suffered digestive problems knows that symptoms can range from mild to severe pain and bloating to diarrhea or constipation none of which Ronnie Pimentel MD sounds like much fun. But in truth a lot more could actually be going on. It s because some issues can lead to more serious chronic illnesses if left untreated. Your digestive system is a complex and extensive part of the body. It starts at your mouth down your esophagus to your stomach small intestine colon rectum and ends at your anus. It s responsible for helping your body absorb essential nutrients and then getting rid of the waste which are very important functions. So if you continue to suffer from digestive disturbances it s probably time to make an appointment with your doctor. Not only will you be more comfortable once you ve gotten to the source of the issue more importantly early diagnosis and treatment can reduce damage to your esophagus and GI tract. Today gastroenterologists are using advanced technology that make diagnosis and treatment of digestive disorders much more palatable. For example endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is an important tool that allows doctors to see your internal organs very clearly. EUS provides very high resolution images because it does not have to go through barriers such as skin and bone as compared to surface ultrasound. According to Cleveland Clinic Florida gastroenterologist Ronnie Pimentel MD the EUS procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting and usually takes close to 45 minutes. He adds that patients do not experience discomfort during the procedure and are able to go home the same day. EUS is very useful in helping physicians evaluate cancers or other tumors of the stomach esophagus pancreas colon liver gall bladder digestive tract and rectum as well as to plan the most effective treatment strategies. It can even provide good images of smaller masses that may not be detected using other technology. And preliminary results are available immediately allowing for timely staging and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. In fact in the past 5 years EUS has become utilized more and more in this capacity. How EUS works EUS is much like a regular endoscopy procedure in that a probe is inserted down the esophagus and into the stomach. The difference however is that the probe s tip has an ultrasound camera on it that provides a very clear view of the stomach and nearby organs. By getting so close to the organs EUS allows doctors to take a biopsy through the stomach wall by removing a small amount of tissue for testing. Getting a biopsy this way is more comfortable for patients than a traditional needle biopsy through the skin and more critical is the fact that it reduces the risk of seeding or spreading the tumor through the skin or to other parts of the body. Dr. Pimentel states that another important use for EUS is to perform nerve blocks for severe pain in cancer patients. We also can future radiation treatments so that they target only the tumor not the healthy tissue around it. In addition EUS is sometimes used to help pain that doctors have been unable to explain. For more information or to schedule an appointment call toll-free 855.324.8153 or visit A new chapter in cancer care is here. Maroone Cancer Center has the inside story on advanced cancer care. 855.324.8153 cancercare Cleveland Clinic offers same-day appointments. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 41 SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E DR. RENAN BUITRAGO D.D.S. PROSTHODONTIST 2232 N. University Drive Suite B Coral Springs 33071 954.997.5147 E D U C A T I O N Graduate Residency Program In Prosthodontics New York - Presbyterian Queens Hospital and Weill Medical College Of Cornell University Queens NY Doctor Of Dental Surgery NYU College of Dentistry New York NY One Year International Advanced Study Program in Prosthodontics NYU College Of Dentistry New York NY General Dentist Bogota Colombia P R O F E S S I O N A L M E M B E R S H I P S American College of Prosthodontists Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontists International Congress of Oral Implantologists American Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry Florida Dental Association AWARDS Long Island Academy of Odontology Award Why did you choose Southeast Florida to open your solo practice. Aren t there plenty of dentists here already In the summer of 2015 Dr. Renan Buitrago or Dr. B as he is better known by his patients and colleagues relocated to Florida with the idea of demonstrated outstanding talent and skills that allowed him the honor and privilege to teach and mentor in both the pre-doctoral and graduate clinics and preclinics. Dr. Buitrago graduated at the top of his class and was awarded the Dr. Harry senior dental student demonstrating and quick decision that happened from one moment to the next but for Dr. Buitrago this has been a dream of his for a long time coming. Dr. Buitrago is a New York prosthodontist with an international dual dental degree. He achieved country of Colombia in 2001 where he moved to New York City and completed a one-year international advanced study program in prosthodontists at New York University in 2005. Having made the decision to pursue a dental career in the United States he then attained his second dental degree at NYU in May 2008. During his time at NYU Dr. B was highly trained by internationally recognized leading dentists who till this day are his mentors and dear friends. Dr. Buitrago theory along with the Long Island Academy of Ondontology Award presented to the senior dental student during the four years of study. Driven to be the best at his craft especially in restorative procedures esthetics and implant dentistry Dr. Buitrago completed a three-year postgraduate program in prosthodontics at New York Hospital Queens part of Cornell Univesity in 2011. After practicing dentistry for over 10 years in Colombia New York New Buitrago chose to open his brand new Springs Florida answers Because there is always room for a good one. The most exciting part of opening my own solo practice is building long lasting relationships with my patients and dedicating more time to the kind of dentistry I love to do. 42 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E GEORGE M. SUAREZ M.D. FACS BOARD-CERTIFIED UROLOGIST 9195 SUNSET DRIVE SUITE 110 MIAMI 33173 305.595.0199 HIFUMEDICALEXPERT.COM E D U C A T I O N Northwestern University Chicago Illinois - General Surgery Training Tulane University School of Medicine New Orleans Louisiana - Urology Residency and Fellowship AWARDS Miami Herald 2016 Healthcare Visionary Award American Urology Association Montague Boyd Award for Excellence in Research 2014 Endorsed by the National Football League Alumni Association for having successfully treated a number of members who have had prostate cancer L O C A T I O N International HIFU Centers 9195 Sunset Drive Suite 110 Miami 33173 George M. Suarez M.D. FACS is a pioneer of a newly FDA-approved prostate cancer treatment called HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). It is a precise targeted noninvasive therapy for prostate cancer that uses ultrasound energy to heat and destroy targeted areas of tissue without damage to surrounding tissue. This outpatient procedure allows patients to return home the same day and decreases the rate of prostate cancer recurrence by 95 percent for as long diminished risk of side effects such as impotence and incontinence when compared to other traditional treatments. With HIFU there is no surgery chemotherapy or radiation needed. Dr. Suarez is by far considered the world-wide leading expert in HIFU having performed over 2 000 HIFU treatments--more than any other doctor in the world--with over 15 years experience. He helped to design in North America in addition to other HIFU facilities throughout the world including his primary practice in Miami. Dr. Suarez is credited with performing with resounding success. While other physicians throughout the United States are just starting to embrace HIFU as a revolutionary new procedure for prostate cancer Dr. Suarez has successfully trained several hundred physicians throughout the world in the use of this breakthrough treatment. Proving that experience yields the best results Dr. Suarez is line of treatment for prostate cancer patients but also as a salvage therapy for prostate cancer recurrence after failed radiation or cryotherapy treatment helping patients obtain a cure rather than palliative treatment. Dr. Suarez has a 98 percent success rate in treating and curing prostate cancer with HIFU. Every prostate cancer is unique. So is our experience to treat them. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 43 SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E miVIP SURGERY CENTERS 954.644.4955 MIVIPSURGERY.COM SPECIALTIES Bariatrics General Surgery Gastroenterology Gynecology Orthopedics Spine Surgery Cardiology Pain Management ENT Urology Plastic Surgery coming soon CLINIC LOCATIONS Hollywood 3475 Sheridan Street Suite 101 33021 Miami 11801 SW 90th St. Suite 203 33186 Coming soon Heron Bay Parkland Coral Springs 5830 Coral Ridge Drive Suite 160 33076 Coming soon Palm Beach Gardens 11030 RCA Center Drive St. 3004 33410 miVIP Surgery Centers the national leader in minimally invasive outpatient surgery the home of oBand Medical Group the leaders in bariatric weight loss surgery. Standing out with stateof-the-art precision robotic surgery in an outpatient surgery center with world-class surgeons and one-stop convenience for all of your medical clearances. One of the only surgery centers in the state of Florida with single and multi-site robotic systems miVIP offers the advanced da Vinci technology recognized as the leader in robotic surgery. Our robotic equipment paired with our skilled surgeons and highresolution 3-D imaging systems ensures greater accuracy and reduction of tissue damage for our patients. We understand that planning for surgery can be a stressful time. To ease that stress we offer a one stop convenience for all pre-operative and post-operative medical needs in addition to complimentary town car transportation for patients when necessary. Also in order to ensure proper continuity of care we offer a wide range of specialties including bariatrics general surgery gastroenterology gynecology spine surgery orthopedics cardiology pain management ENT and urology. Plastic surgery coming soon. You don t need to spend days in the hospital recovering. At miVIP Surgery Centers our outpatient surgery will have you home the same day and back to normal functioning within days of your operation. If you are looking for a premier outpatient robotic surgical center look no further than miVIP Surgery Centers. SURGERY CENTERS Miami 11801 SW 90th Street Suite 202 33186 Coming soon Palm Beach Gardens 11030 RCA Center Drive 33410 We are national leaders in minimally invasive outpatient surgery with superior results. The best of both worlds. The precision of robotic surgery performed in a world class outpatient surgery centers. SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E BRAD P. GLICK DO MPH FAOCD BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGIST & DERMATOLOGIC SURGEON GLICK SKIN INSTITUTE SOUTH FLORIDA SKIN & LASER CENTERS SKIN & CANCER ASSOCIATES 3275 N. STATE RD. 7 (JUST N. OF NORTHWEST MEDICAL CENTER) MARGATE 954.974.3664 1447 MEDICAL PARK BLVD. SUITE 107 WELLINGTON 561.798.3494 dermatologist and dermatologic Margate and Wellington Florida. Dr. Glick specializes in medical surgical and cosmetic dermatology and has been in practice for 20 years performing a balance of dermatologic surgical and cosmetic procedures including skin cancer eermatologic surgery Mohs surgery hair and nail Botox and laser surgery. Dr. Glick offers aesthetic procedures combined with specially formulated skin care products for use as part of a physician supervised skin care regimen. Dr. Glick is a diplomate of the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology American Osteopathic Board of Family Practice and National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. He has held staff positions at University of Florida College of Medicine Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine Northwest Medical Center Coral Springs Medical Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Glick was the director of Dermatology Residency Training at Wellington Regional Medical Center for 13 years. Dr. Glick is currently assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University. Dr. Glick has been the author of numerous publications including journal articles and textbook chapters. Dr. Glick serves on the speaker bureaus for Abbvie Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Glick has received numerous honors during his career and is the past president of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD) president of the Foundation for Osteopathic Dermatology (FOD) and past president of the Broward County Dermatologic Society. Dr. Glick is an extremely compassionate and dedicated physician who constantly strives to go above and beyond for his patients by providing the most comprehensive dermatologic care available. In order to better serve the needs of his growing practice Dr. Glick and Associates will soon be expanding. Watch for details on the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art facility E D U C A T I O N B.A. Degree in Chemistry Emory University Master s Degree in Public Health - Emory University School of Public Health Medical D.O. Degree with Honors - Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine AWARDS Fellow of Distinction Highest Honor of the AOCD (2014) Vitals MD Most Compassionate Physician (2013) Who s Who in Health Care and Medicine (2000) Great effort from great motives is the happy life. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 45 SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E CHARLES A. MESSA III MD FACS BOARD-CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON 2823 EXECUTIVE PARK DRIVE WESTON 33331 954.659.7760 E D U C A T I O N Undergraduate education at LaSalle University magna cum laude graduate and Rhodes Scholar nominee Doctor of Medicine degree from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Resident and general surgery training at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center. C E R T I F I C A T I O N S American Board of Surgery The American Board of Plastic Surgery L O C A T I O N Charles A. Messa III 2823 Executive Park Drive Weston 33331 954.659.7760 Charles A. Messa III M.D. F.A.C.S. is a who has devoted his career to helping patients look and feel better. He has specialized in cosmetic plastic surgery for over 20 years. During that time he has become well known as a devoted physician who offers outstanding individualized patient care earning him patient choice awards and compassionate physician awards for numerous years. As a recognized expert in the cosmetic enhancement of face breast and body Dr. Messa has received the Black Diamond award from Allergan Medical and chairman status with Medicis and Mentor Corporation. These awards honor distinguished leaders in cosmetic surgery for demonstrating expertise and excellence through a high volume of aesthetic product procedures. The and the American Board of Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Messa has extensive specialized training cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Messa has served as a consultant for Allergan Medical Breast Aesthetics because of his recognized excellence in aesthetic breast surgery and has been distinguished as one of America s Top Plastic Surgeons since 2002 by the Consumer s Research Council of America. He has achieved Expert Injector recognition from documented experience and ability Dr. Messa and his experienced staff at the Weston Cosmetic Surgery Center provide only the highest quality services and products coupled with compassionate attentive expert care. Dr. Messa focuses on each patient s individual concerns and works tirelessly to ensure their safety. He is committed to every patient s utmost satisfaction and he provides the highest quality of patient care to achieve each person s individual appearance goals. demonstrates their commitment to innovation excellence and the highest level of patient care. Dr. Messa completed his plastic surgery residency at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Medical the American Board of Plastic Surgery I treat each patient as if they were a member of my family. 46 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM SPECIAL MARKETING FEATURE W H O S W H O I N H E A L T H C A R E ROBERT P. NORTON MD BOARD CERTIFIED ORTHOPAEDIC SPINE SURGEON FLORIDA SPINE SPECIALISTS 670 GLADES ROAD SUITE 200 BOCA RATON 33431 5162 LINTON BLVD SUITE 203 DELRAY BEACH 33484 561.495.9511 ROBERTNORTONMD.COM FLORIDASPINESPECIALISTS.COM E D U C A T I O N College Rutgers University Magna Cum Laude Medical College Magna Cum Laude Alpha Omega Alpha Residency University of Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Administrative Chief Resident Fellowship New York University Spine Surgery C R E D E N T I A L S Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine Vice-Chief Department of Orthopaedics Boca Raton Regional Hospital Surgical Management Committee of West Boca Medical Center S P E C I A L I Z A T I O N Minimally invasive spine surgery complex spinal deformity scoliosis revision spine surgery cervical and lumbar spine disease total disc replacement kyphoplasty treatment of compression fractures sports-related spine injuries and spinal tumors Robert Norton M.D. is board orthopaedic and neurosurgical spine surgery. Skilled in the most advanced surgical techniques and emerging technologies Dr. Norton together with his multidisciplinary specialist partners at Florida Spine Specialists are providing top-quality diagnosis and treatment options to patients suffering with spinal disorders. Dr. Norton offers expertise in all aspects of spine care. He specializes in options such as epidural and facet injections and kyphoplasty (cement) treatment of compression fractures and the most demanding complex surgical techniques required for complex spinal deformity and scoliosis. Dr. Norton also has a special interest in minimally invasive spine surgery to facilitate patient recovery. Dr. Norton recognizes the importance of education and compassion when treating his patients. He takes time to explain spine conditions and management plans and approaches each patient as an individual. He recognizes the impact on quality of life that spine disease can have and works with his partners to help them return to their active lifestyles as quickly as possible. Throughout his career Dr. Norton has had a strong interest in academic medicine and has been actively involved in teaching and research. He is an associate professor at the Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine and travels across the country to lecture on spine disease and treatment. He has authored more than 50 articles book chapters and abstracts and has presented his research at both national and international conferences. Dr. Norton is also a consultant with several spinal implant companies where he offers expertise in designing new and cutting-edge technology. Patients of Dr. Norton praise his skill and heartfelt bedside manner. They to see them through the initial stages of diagnosis and management to the surgery and post-operative period. By combining his exceptional training with his passion for teaching and a genuine concern for the well-being of his patients Dr. Norton is achieving his goal of providing exceptional spine care to the South Florida community. I treat every patient as if they were a family member. D I N I N G spotlight Linguine alle vongole Made in Italy A lifelong friendship unfolds at Cena in Delray Beach STORY BY ELYSSA SCHWARTZ PHOTOS BY ANDREA M T Childhood friends Antonio Montella and Luca Casarella grew up in a small neighborhood in Avellino Italy. They played soccer they rode scooters and they ate pasta--lots of pasta. Their passion for food and adventure led them around the world before opportunity knocked in Delray Beach where for more than seven months the two have been serving up authentic Italian cuisine at Cena Modern Italian. I was the only one cooking he was just eating says Montella the restaurant s executive chef. But then I taught him to make some pasta. These days the pasta dishes for which Montella has become known are only part of the story at Cena. While the chef cooks up Italian favorites such as gnocchi with fired-fresh plum tomatoes or homemade ravioli in wild 48 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Cena s indoor bar area Caprese di Bufala Tony Joseph and Luca Casarella asparagus r moulade Casarella often waits on tables--even though he s the restaurant s manager. It s hard to get [that kind of] chemistry in this business there are so many personalities and egos says Tony Joseph general manager and part owner. I ve only known them a short time but since the first day our relationship [has been] pretty unique. Montella and Casarella moved to Florida around the same time a little more than a decade ago and actually worked together at another Delray restaurant for several years. It was the warm climate and the opportunity to have a better life that attracted Casarella. It was a bonus that Antonio was here he says. [Antonio] went to school in Italy his skill set stands apart from most since he was brought up in the country where all this came from Joseph says adding that most of Cena s ingredients (including the porcini mushrooms a highly regarded delicacy in Avellino) are imported from Italy. When asked about menu highlights Joseph points to the Tartare di Tonno appetizer a tower of sushi-quality tuna with flavorful garnishes and spicy plantain chips. The perfect follow up-- and Joseph s favorite offering--is the Fagottini al Tartufo a homemade pasta filled with truffles and served in a buttersage cream sauce. Another popular dish is the Risotto con Gorgonzola and Porcini with truffle emulsion. Montella recommends the smoked salmon which he describes as a modern spin on the traditional Italian dish served with penne pasta and green peas in a ros cream sauce. Like Casarella Joseph enjoys being on the floor with Cena s faithful customers. It s unlikely that you ll get through your meal without engaging with his friendly banter--which very well could result in an unexpected treat. If I see you re having a good time-- especially if it s your first time--I ll throw the dessert in complimentary Joseph says divulging that Cena s homemade tiramisu is the best on the planet (it s a secret recipe). He also likes to send patrons home with a little piece of Cena. A fan of Italian tunes and the sounds of Frank Sinatra Joseph handpicks the music that plays throughout the restaurant and enjoys surprising guests with his homemade CDs. It puts the icing on the cake after their dining experience he says. It s clear that Joseph Montella and Casarella share a passion for their work dedicating nearly 14 hours a day to the restaurant. Casarella says that it s the sense of working with my family that he enjoys most about managing Cena. Everyone at Cena from the kitchen team to the wait staff encourages diners to join that family sip on a glass of wine and savor a plate of the restaurant s ongoing house special the fresh branzino. Salute famiglia Cena Modern Italian 9 SE Seventh Ave. Delray Beach 561.330.1237 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 49 LIFESTYLE ADVICE SPECIAL MARKETING SECTION YOU HAVE 5 000 FACEBOOK LIKES NOW WHAT TURN FANS INTO CLIENTS & BUYERS Imagine you re developing a luxury condominium own a clothing boutique are an attorney in a preeminent law firm and you ve built a Facebook page with thousands of likes or a Twitter or Instagram feed with thousands of followers. Congratulations Now what Countless companies have social media accounts that have amassed hundreds even thousands of fans followers friends and likes. The question is how can you capitalize on that audience Think of yourself as a publisher or author and your followers are your readers. Not unlike the New York Times or even this magazine you re reading Facebook Twitter and other social media services are publications that reach an audience of subscribers eager for your content. Now nurture that relationship. Sure you want them to buy your luxury product or service. But you first want them to come to think of you as a trusted resource about your industry the community and their connection with your brand. In that way content can be almost anything relevant to your company product community and especially your subscribers lives. Whether handling it yourself or turning to a social media marketing firm specialized in turning fans into customers consider posting Breaking and interesting news. Don t just sell to your subscribers. Become a source of trusted news and information important enough for them to read and share on their own social media. If you re an attorney post links to articles you ve read that are relevant to your practice area. If you re a realtor or developer post reports about interesting events happening around the address the number of all cash sales and profiles of your buyers. Conversation starters. Social media isn t really like a newspaper or this magazine a one-way street where you write and subscribers read. Your Facebook or Twitter accounts are two-way avenues that give you a unique opportunity to engage with your audience. Ask questions relevant to your product or practice. When people respond reply in kind. Keep the conversation going. JULIE TALENFELD President Boardroom Communications Fort Lauderdale 33322 954.370.8999 1776 N. Pine Island Road Suite 320 Product updates launches or sales. Of course don t miss the chance to toot your own horn. If you re promoting a new beachfront hotel share relevant news about major milestones such as pouring the foundation topping off the building teaming up with a great brand flag. Retailers can share news of trunk and fashion shows celebs wearing the same amazing brands. Once you have thousands even hundreds of likes fans or followers stay relevant in their lives and in their minds. Become an indispensable resource for them and you ll see your social media subscribers grow -- along with your business. 50 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM LIFESTYLE ADVICE SPECIAL MARKETING SECTION MINIMIZE RISK TO MAXIMIZE BUSINESS POTENTIAL Risky Business takes on a new meaning to the entrepreneur who excitedly opens the doors real or virtual for business on that first day and awaits customers. As any entrepreneur knows one can work hard create a good product and maintain good business relationships -- do everything right -- and still some future events are beyond one s control. Planning for success requires taking a hard look at where the business is vulnerable. The likelihoods vary with age but during your income producing years you are nearly twice as likely to become disabled as you are to die before reaching age 65.1 A sound risk management plan s purpose is to lessen the impact of a disability on your business. What are your options There is coverage to protect human capital and coverage to protect your ability to do business. The specific types of insurance you need will depend upon the type of business protect your employees can also help you to create a competitive benefits package. While most states require companies to carry workers compensation to cover the cost of work-related injuries it s important to keep in mind that less than 5 percent of long-term disabilities are work related. The other 95 percent are not meaning Workmen s Compensation doesn t cover them.2 Valuable disability income protection can be provided for employees through group disability income insurance individual disability income insurance or a combination of the two. The right risk management plan must also evolve to protect your business through all its phases of growth. Keep in mind that there are as many additional types of insurance coverage as there are unique business needs. That s where an experienced financial professional can help you focus on your current and future business risks M. KEVIN LAWHON Managing Partner with Northwestern Mutual based in Fort Lauderdale 500 E. Broward Blvd. Suite 2000 Fort Lauderdale 33394 Phone 954.717.5718 kevin.lawhon 1. Society of Actuaries Individual Disablity Experience Committee 1999 Preliminary Table most recent update Society of Actuaries 2001 Valuation Basic Table most recent update.. 2. Disability Statistics Council for Disability Awareness March 2013. Article prepared by Northwestern Mutual with the cooperation of M Kevin Lawhon. M Kevin Lawhon is a Financial Representative with Northwestern Mutual the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) Milwaukee Wisconsin and its subsidiaries. Financial Representative is an agent of NM based in Ft Lauderdale FL. To contact M Kevin Lawhon please call (954) 735-9000 e-mail at kevin.lawhon or visit the Website at you have and how you conduct that business. The challenge is to find the right combination of policies that provide protection without duplicating coverage. As your company grows and you add employees it becomes increasingly important to protect your human capital. Quality employees are vital to the success of your business. Offering disability income insurance to to select the right types and amounts of coverage to meet your ongoing needs. Partnering with a financial professional gives you the benefit of another expert keeping a watchful eye on the growth of your business. By lessening the effect of serious potential business problems with a sound risk management plan you protect and enhance your potential for business success. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 51 who what wear Adolfo N ez del Prado sales executive for ONE Sotheby s International Realty is wearing a Ralph Lauren suit Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and Holden tie. Joseph Kavana CEO of K Group Holdings Inc. is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit Bally shoes and Cartier watch. Sasha Ezquerra regional director of sales for ONE sales executive for ONE Sotheby s contract administrator at Metropica is wearing a Topshop Sotheby s International Realty is International Realty is wearing dress Steve Madden heels and a wearing a BCBG dress and Saint an Oscar de la Renta blazer and pants Bulgari shirt and Salvatore Laurent heels. Marks & Spencer watch. Ferragamo shoes. 52 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM A NEW WAY OF LIFE LIFESTYLE MEDIA GROUP AND METROPICA HOSTED A PRIVATE VIP EVENT AT THE SUNRISE-BASED SALES OFFICE FOR THE 65ACRE MASTER PLANNED COMMUNITY THAT PROMISES TO CHANGE THE FACE OF WEST BROWARD COUNTY. GUESTS ENJOYED COCKTAILS LIGHT BITES AND VEHICLES FROM RICK CASE AUTO GROUP WHILE LEARNING ABOUT METROPICA WHICH WILL Leopoldo Ortega Jose Manuel Pyco Sabrina Hart Beatriz Martinez-Prillaman Rafael Del Monte sales executive for ONE Sotheby s sales executive for ONE Sotheby s broker associate for VG Luxury managing broker for ONE real estate agent for Brickell Properties is wearing a Hugo International Realty is wearing International Realty is wearing Realty Group is wearing a Brioni Sotheby s International Realty is wearing a BCBG blouse Prada a dress by Guess Steve Madden a Vince Camuto suit Perry Ellis Boss suit Banana Republic shirt jacket Stefano Ricci shirt and and Clarks shoes. shirt Hugo Boss shoes and heels and a Movado watch. skirt and Tory Burch heels. slacks Herm s belt and Salvatore Herm s tie. Ferragamo shoes. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 53 Photos by Linzi Altabet who what wear Jonathan DeLuca chairman of the Broward Heart Ball is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna suit and Prada shoes. Kavita Channe Keith Jones Ashley Jones broadcaster and host of morning news anchor for weekend news anchor for WSVN-TV is wearing a Prada NBC 6 is wearing a Hugo VIP Television is wearing a dress Chanel handbag and Boss suit Brooks Brothers Danielle Borg & VaVaVoom Collaboration gown tie and Giorgio Armani Bottero heels and pieces by shoes. J.R. Dunn Jewelers. Mike Linder Heather Tansley owner of Silver Lining licensed practical nurse is wearing a Calvin Klein gown Kelly & Katie heels Runway Caf is wearing a and Anne Klein jewelry all suit shoes and tie by Gucci. from Saks Fifth Avenue. 54 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM HEART OF THE MATTER COMMUNITY INFLUENCERS GATHERED AT THE RITZ-CARLTON FORT LAUDERDALE FOR THE ANNUAL BROWARD HEART BALL. THE PRESTIGIOUS BLACK-TIE GALA RAISED MORE THAN 1 MILLION FOR THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. JONATHAN DELUCA SERVED AS CHAIR LEGACY SPONSORS INCLUDED ONE BEAT CPR PATRIOT NATIONAL INC. AND THE MARIANO FOUNDATION. Kenneth Herskowitz Elena Herskowitz ophthalmologist at Bascom chief of cardiac surgery at Broward Health Medical Palmer Eye Institute at Center is wearing an Plantation is wearing a St. John gown and Prada heels Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo from Neiman Marcus and and Prada shoes both from Neiman Marcus. a Judith Leiber clutch from Saks Fifth Avenue. Kim Pham founder and CEO of Blissberry is wearing a Michael Costello gown Valentino heels and accessories from King Jewelers. Jimmy Klotz Maureen Canada CEO of FMSbonds is commissioner at Broward Health is wearing a Halston wearing a David August tuxedo Salvatore Heritage gown from Saks Fifth Avenue and Michael Ferragamo shoes and Harry Winston watch. Kors heels. Kristi Klotz founding and managing partner of the Casso Macy Law Group P.A. is wearing a Carmen Marc Valvo gown Christian Louboutin heels and Louis Vuitton clutch. LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 55 Photos by Linzi Altabet NEWS & EVENTS JULY 2016 A C C E S S L I F E S T Y L E PARAMOUNT SELLS TWO PENTHOUSES The area s first luxury residential condominium project in over a decade PARAMOUNT Fort Lauderdale Beach recently sold two of the project s four penthouses. Each sold for more than 4.5 million (and over 1 200 per square foot). PARAMOUNT s prime location and unbeatable amenities already have resulted in more than 150 million in sales (the property is 80 percent sold). For additional information visit or call 954.514.7492 for a private showing. The sales gallery is located at 3020 NE 32nd Ave. Suite 117. From left Mike Linder and Mitch Amsterdam SILVER LINING TOPS NATIONAL SURVEY Congratulations to Silver Lining Inflight Catering which placed twice in the category Best Catering for Aviation by Region during the recent Pro Pilot Magazine PRASE survey. Silver Lining topped the survey for services to the Miami area and placed second in services to the Palm Beach area. This is Silver Lining s fourth consecutive year earning this recognition. Overall rankings result from scores based on quality of service value for price dependability and customer satisfaction. MOTHER S DAY CONTEST From left Christopher Hermens Kara Yohan Sandra Hermens Tasha Yohan and Karina Hermens Sandra Hermens had a Mother s Day to remember thanks to Daoud s Fine Jewelry Lifestyle Media Group and her daughter s social media prowess. Hermens daughter Kara Yohan entered our My Mom Rocks Facebook Contest for the chance to win her mom a pair of 14-karat white gold diamond cluster earrings--valued at 1 000--courtesy of Daoud s (2473 E. Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale). To enter contestants uploaded a photo of mom and included the caption My Mom is my ROCK because ... Yohan s caption read My mom is my rock because she is the bread winner the bread baker and bread everything--classy & crazy. Make sure to like us on Facebook ( LifestyleMediaGroup) for more chances to win giveaways and contests 56 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Photo by Evelyn Robles LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 57 WINNER 2015 VOYAGES TO ANTIQUITY BEST FOR ENRICHMENT AWARDS IRELAND PORTUGAL ICELAND British Isles MOROCCO ITALY SPAIN GREECE FRANCE & MORE 350 Aegean Odyssey Award-Winning Cruises Include For more information contact us today 1-844-322-3456 info Fla. Seller of Travel Ref. No. ST40355 58 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM SUMMER CAMP WEEKLY SCHEDULED CAMP STARTS NOW THROUGH AUGUST 12 2016 Horseback riding Outdoor fun Arts & Crafts Teen Leadership Barn Management Horsemanship 6670 NW 82nd Ter. Parkland FL 33067 954.757.1119 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 59 At we re experts at connecting people and businesses to the financial solutions they need to get ahead. ATTENTION Real Estate Professionals Mortgage Loan Officers Tax Preparers Financial Advisors... Turnkey Business-in-a-Box Financial Solutions for Your Business. Credit Correction Student Loan Consolidation Credit Card Debt Help Tax Resolution Loan Resources Financial Tools 60 Visit today or call 800-810-0989 for additional information. JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Model Year-End Sale Elegant Sedans Sporty Coupes Breathtaking Convertibles all with Italian style and race-inspired performance unlike anything from Germany. Quattroporte And now at Rick Case Maserati is more affordable than you ever imagined during our Model Year-End Sale. Plus get exclusive Rick Case Advantages. GranTurismo Convertible Ghibli from 599 mo 2016 Ghibli Leases start at 599 per month plus tax 36 months - 5 000 miles per year MSRP of 73 725. Closed end lease with tier 1 approved credit. Total Cash due at signing is 6 990 which includes registration dealer fees tag. Excess mileage 0.30 per mile. Must take delivery by midnight July 31 2016. While supplies last. GranTurismo Coupe Introducing the Maserati of SUVs The All-New 2017 Maserati Levante Maserati s SUV had to be good. Thankfully for the storied Italian brand it is. - Automobile Magazine July 2016 Maserati didn t need to build an SUV this accomplished. Some real engineering work took place. Motor o or Turns out the Levantes great. - Motor Trend Magazine July 2016 Levante s Coming this Summer Stop by and order yours today On I-75 at 3500 Weston Road 855-286-9728 LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 Rick Case Maserati 61 S C E N E on site Where Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood What More than 600 people gathered for the fourth annual Salah Foundation Broward Health Ball presented by Sunshine Health. The event raised nearly 800 000 for the network s hospitals as Salah Foundation s 10 million challenge grant which will go toward renovating and expanding the children s hospital at Broward Health. BROWARD HEALTH BALL Alice Taylor and Kathleen and Robert Deniken Doug Ford Alissa Stefanacci Dennis Stefanacci Pauline Grant and Joel Gustafson Caption Taiko drummers Noreen Salah Burpee and Bill Burpee Lorraine Thomas and Ernesto Cepero Where Gale sales center Las Olas Boulevard What The developer and sales team from Gale Residences Fort Lauderdale Beach hosted a lunch and learn for some 50 luxury real estate agents. After a short presentation at the sales center guests boarded a Van Dutch boat that cruised to the Boatyard restaurant for lunch. Newgard Development Group is developing the GALE RESIDENCES LUNCHEON Alejandro Sucre Carolina Erlandsen and Dayna Susterman Jennifer Santana BJ MartinezPrillaman and Sasha Ezquerra Ana Severson BJ Martinez-Prillaman Rebecca Border and Meryl Koslow Caption Nicolas DeSantis and Valerie Garazi Juan Pedro San Martin and Joshua Dotoli 62 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Welcome to the Family Established 1926 Willow Creek Margate 340 000 3 BD 2 BA Pool and Beautiful water views Carol Muir 954-629-3769 Cocopalms Coconut Creek 292 000 Beautiful 2 story 3 BD 2.5 BA Private fenced in backyard Scott Stiepleman 954-695-2760 Glenwood Coral Springs 369 100 Amazing 3BD 2BA Duplex Great investment opportunity Ruth Celi 954-253-8795 Pine Tree Estates Parkland 599 000 Charming 4 BD 2.5 BA 2 story home 1.09 acre estate with pool Marta and Neil DuPree 954-752-1986 Heron Bay Parkland 800 000 5 BD 3 BA 1 3 Acre estate w water views Marta & Neil DuPree 954.752.1986 Kensington Coral Springs 324 900 Spacious 3 BD 2.5 BA 2 story home. With beautiful volume ceilings. Marta & Neil DuPree 954.752.1986 Welcome our New Associates Mark Sadek District Sales Manager Coral Springs Parkland 2920 N. University Drive Coral Springs Florida 33065 MarkSadek AD16022601PR Sydonie Neysmith Liz Coronel Silvana Name Manuel Rojas Maria SalimName Santos Name Interested in a career in Real Estate LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 Call 954.905.1 183 63 S C E N E on site Where Chima Brazilian Steahouse Fort Lauderdale What As part of Mental Health Awareness month Guardian Behavioral Health Foundation of Fort Lauderdale held an event to help combat the stigma associated with people who suffer from mental health disorders. The organization raised more than 2 500 for those in critical need of treatment. PARTY FOR A PURPOSE Joseph Kadis Bryan Rush Marianna Seiler and Jack Seiler Allison Seriani and Mark Corbett Allison Seriani and Mara Slevinksi Jennifer Barb and Kevin Kaminski Ashlee Halbe and Kellie Keitel 64 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM Hap Pomerantz P.A 954.341.4444 Broker - Vice President The Keyes Company Realtors Over 35 years experience Over 2 800 satis ed Clients Relocation Specialist Degrees in Real Estate and Finance - Florida State University 52 Homes Sold in 2015 With my 35 years experience I understand that Northwest Broward is more than a place to live. That s why I treat each client as an individual. My detailed understanding and superior knowledge of the marketplace allows me to bring more to the table when working with either buyers or with sellers. MEADOW RUN WEST 584 800 WOW GREAT BUY ON THIS 5 BEDROOM PLUS OFFICE WITH 4 FULL BATHS AND A 3 CAR GARAGE ON A PRIME TIME CUL-DE-SAC .38 ACRE WATERFRONT LOT OVER 3 000 SQ. FT. OF LIVING AREA 42 KITCHEN CABINETS W GRANITE COUNTERS & TUMBLED MARBLE BACKSPLASH NEUTRAL 17 STONE TILE THROUGHOUT SPACIOUS MASTER SUITE FABULOUS SUNSETS TREASURE ISLAND 528 800 WOW AMAZING CUSTOM BUILT 4 BR DEN WITH OVER 3 600 SQ. FT. LIVING AREA ON .39 ACRE FENCED WATERFRONT CUL-DE-SAC LOT IMPACT WINDOWS & ACCORDIONS BEAUTIFUL GRANITE KITCHEN REMODELED MASTER SUITE WITH SATURNIA FLOORS REMODELED BATHS WITH HIGH END GRANITE AND FIXTURES INCREDIBLE POOL PATIO AREA WITH NEW CORAL STONE DECK AND SPECTACULAR LIGHTING 5 HARDWOOD PLANK FLOORS AND MORE PINE RIDGE 424 800 WOW ABSOLUTELY MOVE-IN CONDITION ON THIS EXTREMELY SPACIOUS 4 BEDROOM 2 BATH POOL HOME WITH OVER 2 800 SQ. FT. LIVING AREA ON QUIET INTERIOR LOT TRUE PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP BY ORIGINAL OWNERS NEW ROOF 2004 NEW 5 TON A C 2016 ACCORDION SHUTTERS WONDERFUL POOL PATIO AREA HAP SAYS HURRY ON THIS ONE Tel 954.341.4444 Fax 954.854.3344 E-mail Hap LMGFL.COM MY HARD W WORK PAYS OFF... FOR YOU JULY 2016 65 66 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM WITH OUR PROPRIETARY MULTI AWARD-WINNING RESULTS 1 OFFICE IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STA CE STATES FOR SCULPTRA AESTHETIC TREAT ATES S TRA AESTHET TREATMENTS A S MASTERS OF THE ULTIMATE NATURAL LOOKING AGELESS TRANSFORMATIONS. TM TERS L LOOKING G G TRANSFORMATION 1 Injectors of A Worlds Top Aesthetic Dermatologist Award by Leading Physicians of the World DR. SORO S PATIENT BEFORE DR. SORO S PATIENT AFTER NONSURGICAL TREATMENT ERASE 20 YEARS IN ONE FAST SESSION IN OUR WORLD CLASS STATE-OF-THE-ART 17 PATIENT ROOM 7000 SQ FT FACILITY PRECISE-SCULPT Masterfully using Sculptra to stimulate your skin to create it s own collagen contour your facial structure with results that can last for years. SM NEOGRAFT Undetectable hair transplants- automated pain free no linear scar and no sutures for men and women. Hair transplant favorite of celebrities. STEM-SCALP For men and woman experiencing thinning hair non-surgical No Downtime stimulates dormant hair follicles to regrow new hair using your own stem cells stimulated by your PRP (platelet-rich plasma.) SM FRAX-SCULPT Sculptra is expertly infused topically during our 1 treatment CO2 fractional laser treatment for optimized collagen production superior natural-looking lifts and glowing baby skin. Results can last for years Master Dermatologist performed skin resurfacing. tightening and lifting on your face extremities and body. Utilizing a individually customized for you combination of three different cosmetic devices from our huge arsenal of skin tightening devices including Micro-Focused Ultrasound Radio frequency and magnetic pulsed field energies to achieve your optimal enhancement. SM GET LIFTED SMOur proprietary nonsurgical combination therapy that offers you skin HD-SCULPT Radiesse is popular with clients of any age who would like supermodel cheekbones a more chiseled look or just more clearly defined features. SM STEM-SKIN For your aging or sun-damaged neck d collet Using the power of your own stem cells to rejuvenate your skin. SM NEW FDA Approved LUNCH-TIME Ultra Light fractional laser skin renewal treatment. Excellent results fast pain-free and No Downtime CLEAR & BRILLIANT TM SMART-FACELIFTS SM & SMART-NECKLIFTS STEM-SCULPT 1 Treatment Non-Surgical CO2 Fractional Laser FaceLift with topically infused PRP to stimulate your own stem cells. The ultimate age reversing laserskin renewal. SM Minimally invasive local Anesthesia and Plastic Surgeon performed. Internal Thermi TightRF and laser assisted. SM CELLFINA TM NEW FDA Approved for long-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite COOLSCULPTING _ DUALSCULPTING SM in the buttocks and thighs and any area in 1 treatment. 96% patient satisfaction with their treatment results at the two-year mark. Long Term Proven Results That Last Treating you simultaneously with 2 new top-of-the-line gold standard systems Twice the non invasive fat elimination gone for good in half the time RESTFUL-LYFT SM Glowing baby skin with our newest signature treatment filler technique. COOLSCULPTING NECK SM NOW FDA Approved. For non-surgical long term fat revision and erasure on the neck. Easy Lunch-Time Treatment REJUVA-LIFTSM Immediate volumizing results that will last up to two years. CELLULI-SCULPT Our proprietary non-surgical fast & effective treatment to improve the appearance of Cellulite The customized correct dilution and amount of Sculptra Aesthetic is masterfully injected into each cellulite dimple divot and area of concern to stimulate your body to produce its own collagen filling in the concave areas of skin for a long-lasting smoother flatter you. ULTHERAPY 1 session non-surgical ultrasound treatment for face neck and brow lifts. KYBELLA TM NEW FDA approved KYBELLA injectable melting revising your chin & neck fat. NEW HYDRA BRILLIANT SM Lunchtime Multistep serum infusing microdermabrasion & UltraLight fractional laser for gorgeous dewey glowing poreless & even skintoned skin. Performing All Your Injectable and High End Laser Treatments DR. LUIS SORO & DR. SHINO BAY AGUILERA BOARD CERTIFIED DERMATOLOGISTS DERMATOLOGIC SURGEONS MASTER COSMETIC DERMATOLOGISTS & FAAD w w w.Shin o B ayD er m . co m LMGFL.COM JULY 2016 67 68 JULY 2016 LMGFL.COM