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Description: CHOIS Connection is a Christian publication published by Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State. Its goal is to encourage Christian homeschoolers and provide resources to homeschool families.

the Connection a magazine for idaho home educators e-newsletter provides encouragement support and fresh ideas Summer 2016 4 NAMPA TRAIN DEPOT MUSEUM th in the railroad fieldtrip series Building Vocabulary in the Early Years Create a Summer Bootcamp for Your Teen GET A LIFE Middle School Roadschool Style to o s not gister it re l ate to r the fo n ua l 1 8th a n ol eschoion hom v ent con SubScribe Today 1 YEAR 10 Name Street Box City State Zip Code Phone Mail this form and checks to CHOIS P.O. Box 45062 Boise ID 83711 Email or go to to subscribe online IN EVERY CHOIS does not want financial hardship to keep anyone from being connected so please accept a complimentary subscription if you are unable to pay. CHOIS exists to inspire Idaho parents to educate their children at home to promote parent-led family-funded relationship-based home education and to preserve homeschool freedoms. We are a non-profit organization committed to encouraging homeschooling families. The CHOIS Connection a quarterly magazine seeks to provide encouragement and help for Idaho homeschooling families. ISSUE 5 6 26 27 FROM THE EDITOR JOY IN THE JOURNEY Free Cheese STAYING THE COURSE A TAle oF Two Desks ICHE BULLETIN BOARD ................................. WEBSITE Please visit us at LIKE US A faithful community where we share our days with you. CHOIS FOLLOW US Get on-the-go homeschool updates and see what we are up to. CHOIS PIN US Check out our boards on the things many homeschool moms love. CHOIS WAYS YOU CAN HELP Spread the word about CHOIS to family and friends. Like us on Facebook and encourage your friends to Like us too. Collect Box Tops for Education for CHOIS. Donate to the CHOIS Silent Auction. Join us in our effort to connect the whole state. Check out the website for volunteer needs. Pray for the CHOIS Board of Directors and volunteers we really need it 2 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 the issue INSIDE SUMMER 2016 Connection a magazin e for idaho hom e educators ON THE 8 12 COVER A SOLID FOUNDATION MiDDle sChool roADsChool sTyle HOMESCHOOL ENRICHMENT GeT A l iFe CreATe A suMMer BooTCAMp For your Teen PARENTING e-newsleTTer inserT BRIGHT BEGINNINGS BuilDinG VoCABulAry in The e Arly yeArs FAMILY FUN FIELDTRIPS nAMpA TrAin DepoT MuseuM 16 22 29 SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 3 8 Reasons iDEAS NEW FRIENDS 18th annual YOU DON T WANT TO MISS homeschool convention CURRICULUM ENTHUSIASM FABULOUS DEALS June 3rd & 4th MeetIng new frIendS wHO SHare yOur paSSIOn abOut HOMe eduCatIOn 1 2 4 6 8 7 3 5 dOn t MISS tHe largeSt exHIbIt Hall CHOIS HaS ever HOSted experIenCIng SOMe Of Our 42 unIque wOrkSHOpS and SpeakerS SnappIng up SOMe fabulOuS dealS at tHe free uSed CurrICuluM Sale HearIng yOur entHuSIaStIC teen SHare abOut tHeIr day partICIpatIng In HIgH StakeS bIddIng at tHe ClOSe Of anOtHer aMazIng SIlent auCtIOn dOn t MISS tH SeeIng tHe entHuSIaStIC faCeS Of Our yOung entrepreneurS beIng bleSSed by Our 165 MeMber CHIldren S preSentatIOn at tHe COnCluSIOn Of tHe COnventIOn 4 4 CHOIS COnneCtIOn CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 PUBLISHER CHOIS EDITOR Linda Patchin MAGAZINE LAYOUT & DESIGN Diana Childress Copyright 2014 by Christian Homeschoolers Of Idaho State. CHOIS Connection is published quarterly by Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State. 2014 CHOIS Connection. All rights reserved. No material may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the publisher. CHOIS is solely responsible for its content. DISCLAIMER The articles contained in this publication have been prepared for and are intended to provide information that may be useful to Idaho home educators. The reader must evaluate this information in light of the unique circumstances of any particular situation and must determine independently the applicability of this information thereto. COLUMNISTS The views of guest columnists do not necessarily reflect the views of CHOIS. SUBSCRIPTION Subscribe by mail (see page 25) or online at http www.chois. org chois-connection subscribe ADDRESS PO Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711. Phone (208) 866-5773 WEBSITE ADVERTISING Rates are available upon request by email at advertising chois. org or by calling (208) 866-5773. CHOIS reserves the right to refuse without explanation any advertisement it deems unsuitable. Moving Please send your new address to info so that you can stay Connected Letter from the Homeschool Friends EDITOR Isn t it wonderful to enjoy the sunshine and green grass again I hope you have many opportunities to enjoy this season with your family. In this issue of the CHOIS Connection Magazine we are rolling out the red carpet to announce that CHOIS has developed an email newsletter so that you can begin receiving inspiring and encouraging news once a week throughout the school year. We will continue publishing the CHOIS Connection magazine that we hope you love but we are very excited for this incredible opportunity to share news in a timelier format. In this issue of the magazine we have profiled some examples of the type of articles that appear each week in our e-newsletter and we also announce events and opportunities that we are not able to share in the magazine. If you would like to begin receiving this newsletter in your inbox please sign up from the website at http e-newsletter-sign-up . If you lose this link you can find it by clicking on the resources button on our main menu and then selecting e-newsletter subscription. As always we keep our lists completely private and will not share your information with anyone. Ever. Once you have subscribed be sure to check your spam folder to make sure that our e-newsletter isn t being misdirected. We hope to see you all at the convention on June 2-4. We will begin each day at the Brandt Center at 707 Fern Street in Nampa Idaho. We hope to post an informational video on the website that will direct you to the workshops and shopping that are dispersed around campus this year. Have a wonderful summer and may God bless you with every good gift Warmly Linda Patchin SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 5 JOY IN THE JOURNEY by Linda Patchin Free B eing a stay-at-home parent is an adventure that rewards the whole family. We know this. Our influence will be felt upon future generations. Our greatest contribution to the world may be someone we raise. These are inspiring words but they don t help us pay the bills. We all know that the biggest cost to raising children ourselves is the loss of an income. We may be saving the average expense of day care currently 7 000 annually but we do so while losing an income. Most of us have reconciled ourselves to this. We understand that our contribution to our family transcends finance. We provide the heart of our home. Who can put a price on this kind of love and sacrifice But suppose that we could. Imagine if some wellintentioned legislator offered tax-funded universal day care for all the children in our state. Could those who choose not to outsource their parenting get a piece of this government cheese Our generous legislator determines that yes by golly we may. He says that we can have a debit card loaded with 5 000 to spend raising our child and the state will pocket the extra 2 000 that they would have paid a day care center. Win win. He s going to call us Parent Providers. Are you doing the math Those extra dollars could be life changing. Before you rush out to take advantage of an offer that sounds too good to be true let me share a horrendous little secret with you... There iS alwayS free cheeSe in a mouSeTrap As an intentional full-time parent we re used to our freedom. We are in charge of discipline naps feeding schedules media usage etc. It s a lot of work but we don t mind because we love our children. We want the best for them. What is our freedom worth to us We know that the government doesn t (or shouldn t ) give away money without accountability. Where will we draw the line How much incentive will it take for us to trade freedom for freebies We can have 5 000 per child as long as we agree to evaluation of our child by an outside entity. Protocols have been established to address the failures of Parent Providers who are not measuring up to the government standard. Are we ready to meet someone else s expectations for our child We can have 5 000 per child but we would first have to enroll them in a public day care for 100 days. It will be okay. They ll only be a little bit sick from all of the garbage that they will be exposed to. We can have 5 000 per child as long as we agree to raise them in a secular environment. We might be able to slip in 6 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 OnneCtIOn an occasional prayer Bible verse or Christian storybook but we should feel a little guilty since we did agree to this rule when we took the money. Our evaluator might even turn a blind eye to our little indiscretion. Wink wink. Do you suppose that there might be people out there who would take the 5 000 as a Parent Provider and not really intend to parent their child After all it is a nice financial inducement. They can play the odds that their evaluator can be fooled at least for a while. And don t forget all they have to do to get a pay raise is have another baby Some may feel justified in taking their 5 000 per child allowance because they pay their fair share of taxes and it s about time they got something back for it. Watch the shell game closely as they pay higher taxes to pay for universal day care in exchange for a little allowance back. It might be hard to look childless elderly and single neighbors in the eye who also pay their fair share of taxes now higher to pay for our piece of cheese. Never mind that we benefit daily by driving on tax-funded roads while receiving police and fire protection and so forth. Never mind that the money the state saves by paying a Parent Provider wasn t previously being spent which will result in tax hikes for everyone. My imagination has run pretty wild hasn t it In our state at least we aren t seeing many calls for universal day care so what is my point Some states have passed legislation that would provide financial benefit to homeschool parents. These bills go by many different names and are a bit different in every state but they all offer an exchange of money for freedom. The legislators who put such bills forward seem to genuinely care about home education but they do not understand the high value we place on our freedom. Private home education will be sacrificed to pay the heavy price of incentivizing school choice. They craft ambiguous language which does not define terms like educational expense and allowable use. They leave the responsibility for determining eligibility to an elected office holder who could use the position tyrannically or who might be replaced in the next election by someone with an even more tyrannical disposition. They allow far too much wiggle-room for fraud. eduCatIOn SavIngS aCCOuntS (eSa) and eduCatIOn SCHOlarSHIp aCCOuntS are nOtHIng MOre tHan reCyCled vOuCHer planS. For example in Arizona one opt-in mother used her child s educational allowance to pay for a high definition television and an abortion. She was indicted on suspicion of misusing her sons taxpayer-funded Empowerment Scholarship Account as Arizona s voucher program is called. She s an example of one who got caught using these accounts fraudulently. There are many more. We all know that it doesn t cost 5 000 to homeschool a child. Can we think of ways to spend this money that are not wasteful It can t be used to pay our mortgage or to put food on our table. It can t be used to pay ourselves for teaching our own child or even the neighbor s child. It can t pay for most extracurricular activities. It can t be saved until college. Why would anyone want to involve private home educators in such nonsense Homeschool freedom will be collateral damage in the quest to acquire the holy grail of school choice. Education Savings Accounts (ESA) and Education Scholarship Accounts are nothing more than recycled voucher plans. When every parent has the option of spending government money on a private education the cost of a private education will rise significantly. These schools don t have the infrastructure in place to suddenly receive thousands upon thousands of new students so they will need to raise their fees. My biggest concern however is the effect that ESA s will have upon homeschool freedom in our state. Positive public opinion will quickly shift when education taxes increase and stories of opt-in fraud hit the news. It will be nearly impossible for the general public to distinguish private home education from publicly-funded ESA recipients. Our good reputation will suffer as a result. I urge freedom-loving homeschool parents to look this gift horse in the mouth. This updated voucher program may promise a few dollars but at what cost When Idaho home educators are offered free cheese we should recognize that it is being presented on a gilded mousetrap. Please don t bite the bait I cannot bear the sound of a snapping mousetrap. LINDA PATCHIN is the mother of four homeschool graduates. She helped to found CHOIS in 1998 and continues to work hard to support and encourage home education. She will be presenting workshops at conventions in Idaho Utah and Arizona this year. HOw MuCH InCentIve wIll It take fOr uS tO trade freedOM fOr freebIeS SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 7 A SOLID FOUNDATION by Tiffany Turner Fite Middle school Roadschool style I m Tiffany. Along with my husband Ben our 13 and 14-years-old boys and our boxer dog we are wrapping up middle school -- American road trip style While towing a 27 travel trailer we have lived and learned on the road since June 2014. Our family has always had the travel bug but typical of most Americans our travel was limited to a week or two per year and occasional long weekends. Thus any time off from our corporate jobs and public school was spent exploring near and far We were looking for a new lifestyle but weren t quite sure what we were searching for. We had lived in a lovely suburban western Washington town for seven years and had good jobs. The lifestyle was expensive though housing commute competitive sports etc. We craved a less expensive simpler lifestyle that allowed for more family experiences. Homeschooling was the catalyst to start thinking differently about all aspects of our family life. Boldly we opted to sell our home and all possessions take a career pause and travel. After the quick house sale we rented a home saved money planned our resignations and decided on a travel plan. First we explored international travel via a 36 month leave from our jobs. Although the cultural immersion was appealingly high we would ultimately return to the lifestyle we were hoping to change. We also had to consider our beloved dog Jack. Rehoming him or even asking someone to care for him for six months felt like too much. Eventually our research uncovered thousands of families traveling the country via RV This was it Our answer Big families. Little families. Young families. Multi generational families. Families traveling for work. Families traveling for education. Families Why did We do it three reasons Ben and I are fond of saying We wanted to attend middle school with our boys. After they completed 4th and 5th grades in public school we decided on home education. The public middle school did not appeal to our family at all. Instead we joined a coop and loved the flexibility of learning and schedule. For the first time we were learning alongside our boys and we wanted to expand that experience. 8 8 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 traveling to find a new state to settle. Families traveling as therapy. Families traveling to save money. Families traveling to spend time. Families traveling for a year. Families traveling with no end date. Thousands of families. Thousands of brains to pick Resources galore. This was good. Because we had never slept in an RV owned an RV or towed anything We found a very helpful community online and have since met hundreds of those folks on the road. Two years of researching purging and saving money ended with us on the road. Since we were taking a career pause our comfort zone was to have enough savings for one year of travel emergency funds and reserves in the bank to resettle in a new place. We were open to the possibility of staying on the road longer if we loved it and could afford it. HOW BEAUTIFUL Floral desig n A floral design company for weddings and events Contact Emily about your upcoming wedding or event to develop your vision and put shape to your floral ideas. Emily Patchin DESIGNER our three priMary travel goals 1. education Learn to love learning. Learn through experiences. Learn at a comfortable pace. Learn about our country. Learn together. 2. relationships Bolster our family unit through shared experiences. Allow our boys to go through adolescence safely with us by their sides learning and supporting their development. We also aimed to strengthen relationships with extended family and friends by spending time and visiting on the road. Emily 208.921.4593 3. Future Uncover our next chapter. What was to be next for our family hoW has it gone 1. education On the road it has been naturally occurring occasionally forced and often scheduled. Sounds like many other homeschoolers who are finding their rhythm right Roadschooling offers unlimited opportunities for learning it s Ben and I getting out of the way to let it happen without being structured at all times (still working on it ) while still maintaining some structure (in math and writing primarily.) Roadschooling has allowed us to leverage museums of art science space history natural history and civil rights national parks and monuments presidential libraries factory tours history science and current event podcasts historical fiction living history events cultural and community celebrations local cuisines volunteerism and people. Personal finance economics and business have been learned through the boys budgeting and tracking of our spending along with a business they started and have run since hitting the road. Government and civics have naturally occurred by following the presidential campaigns closely with talk radio newspaper and online articles and speeches and debates allowing for rich discussions. Although we aren t sure how the boys knowledge lines up with their peers we are comfortable and confident they are on track. We engaged in standardized testing (by choice) through Classical Conversations and are satisfied with the results. This choice was driven by our desire for a check in not by any requirement. SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 9 A SOLID FOUNDATION 2. relationships People connections have been such a blessing to our life and to learning on the road We have met many people at campgrounds often retired professionals eager to share their knowledge with our boys. We have also met people at national and state parks visitors and rangers eager to share their passion for the area. Visits with relatives and friends in various states offered opportunities to learn about our heritage their heritage and their area of the country. immerse ourselves in a new community where we can continue our journey of learning to learn building relationships and strengthening our future. Two years of RV travel was a solid amount for us. We had initially planned on one year but extended to two by taking on three temporary workcamp jobs and seeing as much as we could in that time. We won t stop traveling. There is so much left to see and do It s an amazing country and amazing world so many rich opportunities to learn There is more to this story Please contact me if you would like to know about our journey the reality of living in 200 sf roadschooling destinations roadschooling tools traveling groups and resources finances our boys thoughts on the journey etc. I love to answer questions and provide guidance fiteinertia 3. Future As for our next chapter June 2016 will find us settling into Boise Idaho. Boise offers us the next lifestyle we crave an affordable urban college town where we can live wholly in 1000 sq. ft. which will probably feel like a mansion Boise offers simplicity education opportunity and adventure. Traveling the country allowed us clarity in what we want figuratively and literally in a new space. We are so excited about the next chapter and are ready to Eventually our research uncovered thousands of families traveling the country via RV This was it Our answer To benefit from roadschooling one does not need to travel full time. Vacations short and extended offer TIFFANY TURNER FITE is a wife of 19 years. Mom of teen boys. Human to a boxer dog. Travel fiend. Fan of April Fools Day. Former corporate leadership development consultant. Current curator of family stories. Living and traveling the USA in a 27 box. 10% Discount on Wills & Trusts for CHOIS & ICHE Members Call 939-2600 now for your Free Initial Consultation 10 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 Learn more at Something very special happens when Homeschooling Families gather together as a community H C ho ol om e s c t ion n v en o od be to G glory the June 3 -4 2016 Visit the website for more information and to register online. N N U B R A NDT CENT ER NAMPA I DA HO SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 11 HOMESCHOOL ENRICHMENT by Amy Vassar Get a Life Create a Summer Bootcamp for Your Teen ready for life after high school. This summer consider developing a life after high school boot camp to help your student prepare for college or a future career. First sit down with your teen and brainstorm the kinds of skills needed to be successful in their next step as well as some tasks that may be useful to start working on now. Next make a list of weekly priorities for each week throughout the summer. I would recommend trying to plan for no more than 5-10 hours per week so they (and you) don t get bogged down. S ummer is a time full of opportunities for homeschool families. In my family we generally take summers off while others school year-round and enjoy the flexibility of being able to take shorter breaks throughout the year. Either way summer is a perfect time to switch things up and try something new. With younger children the focus may be on sports and games or the summer reading program at your library but our high school students are ready to take on more responsibility and get You can make this activity even more interesting by doing it as a group with several of your student s peers. This also gives you a larger pool of parents to offer feedback on the work they complete. Another possibility would be to enlist the help of people who have specific expertise in some of the projects you are undertaking. If you have friends or family who have experience with interviewing human resources or evaluating written work they could offer some invaluable feedback on the work your student produces. 12 12 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 Following is an outline you could use as a template for your summer boot camp making substitutions if any of the following suggestions is not applicable or valuable for your student s goals. C.K. QUADE LAW PLLC ESTATE PLANNING ELDER LAW DISABILITY LAW Compassion Knowledge Quality in practice Heather L. Conder Heather and her husband John live in Meridian and currently homeschool two of their four children. Week 1 MAKE A 5-YEAR PLAN. Don t worry about the right or wrong way to do this. Just write a 5-year plan with as much or as little detail as you choose to include. This will get you thinking about the future and the steps needed to achieve your goals. Week 2 WRITE A RESUME. This week focus on general resume writing. This is useful for both college and work preparation. Include all work experience extra-curricular activities and especially volunteer work. In the education section briefly state the years of high school and middle school. You can also include any unique projects or classes that are worth noting. Keep the format clean and simple. This can be adapted later to use for employment and college applications. Week 3 PRACTICE FILLING OUT JOB APPLICATIONS. If you haven t previously applied for a job it can be useful to know the kinds of information and questions required for job applications. Find copies of application forms preferably for a couple different kinds of jobs and fill them out. Remember to shred the applications later to protect your personal information Full spectrum estate planning such as Special Needs Trusts Supplemental Needs Trusts Guardianships and Conservatorships and Powers of Attorney is our main focus. We assist people with developmental disabilities and the elderly as well as providing legal planning to their families caretakers and other advocates. Other services we provide Affirmative Life Planning Wills Codicils and Restatements Living Will Social Security Disability Miller Trusts Elder Abuse Family Trusts Probate ESTP Updates Checkups 600 E. Riverpark Lane Suite 215 Boise Idaho 83706 208.367.0723 Week 4 PRACTICE WRITING A COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY. A number of websites including The Common App and The Princeton Review offer sample college application essay prompts. Choose one to practice. This week write and proofread your essay. Next week you can continue the writing process by seeking feedback. Week 5 REVISE THE COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAY. This week the essay writing project continues with feedback and revision. Request feedback from at least two other people. Ask for specific feedback with questions like How could my response better reflect my personality In what areas should I add depth to my response What sections need to be clarified Where could my language be more straightforward Use this feedback to improve the depth and clarity of your response. SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 13 Summer boot camp outline continued from previous page. Week 6 PRACTICE AN EMPLOYMENT INTERVIEW. Other possible assignments would be completing a time log finding a calendar day planner or other organizational system that works well for your personality opening a bank account familiarizing yourself with car and home loan applications making a plan for purchasing certain tools equipment if they plan to pursue a trade that would require them and practicing filling out tax paperwork. As with the college application essay there are websites like Monster that provide an array of sample questions that a job applicant may encounter. Ask a friend or parent to choose 5-8 of these questions so you can respond to them (without having seen them previously). It may be helpful to record the mock interview and review it later for the purpose of identifying areas of improvement. Week 7 SEARCH FOR SCHOLARSHIPS. There are scholarship directory books you can get at the library but the internet is probably the best place to start. You can use websites like Fastweb and Peterson s to start looking for scholarships that you may qualify for. This search will help you become familiar with the kinds of things that may make you eligible for scholarships and with the requirements for those scholarships. In addition to the web search you should also check for scholarships that may be available through local banks parents places of employment and other places that may have a smaller pool of eligible applicants. develOpIng a tHIS SuMMer COnSIder lIfe after HIgH SCHOOl bOOt CaMp tO Help yOur Student prepare fOr COllege Or a future Career. Week 8 WORK ON YOUR SOCIAL PROFILE. You may consider wrapping up the boot camp with a debrief either as a conversation or a writing assignment. You could ask about what your teen learned how it changed the way they think about work money or college and what they may do differently in the future a result of what they learned. Another good option to wrap everything up would be to create a digital and or print portfolio of the material they completed during each week of the boot camp. If you do not already have one create an email address that is suitable to put on job and college applications. Consider a combination of names and initials with numbers as needed if your name is taken. Next look at any social media profiles you have (Facebook Google Instagram etc.) Look at the public view of your profiles and remove or change the privacy settings on anything that may not reflect well on you as a potential employee or student. Week 9 CREATE A BUDGET. Based either on your current income or your anticipated income if you get a job you re interested in write a budget for yourself. Include regular expenses (car insurance cell phone etc.) savings necessities and fun expenses. If your income varies month to month for any reason consider a budget that includes certain ranges (for example if you make 200-250 in a week you will put 50 in savings and use 20 for fun 150-200 in a week would mean 30 for savings and 15 for fun etc.) Week 10 WRITE A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. Write a letter of recommendation recommending yourself for a college scholarship or job as though it is written by a different person. This will require you to think in a different way about your own values and the personal characteristics that will make you stand out from other candidates. AMY VASSAR is a native of both Idaho and homeschooling She lives in Nampa with her husband and four children. She also teaches Spanish at a local community college which gives her unique insight into how to help prepare our homeschooled students for education beyond high school. 14 14 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 15 A Whole Lot of Encouragement CHOIS understands the importance of encouragement support and fresh ideas for homeschooling parents. As always we are here to help you succeed in your education goals. First of all we believe that it vital to receive the annual boost that comes from attending the CHOIS Convention. We work hard to bring inspiring speakers and helpful vendors. Probably the best part of the convention though is the interaction that occurs between parents as they offer encouragement to one another during the event. It s so good to get out of our home maybe even out of our comfort zone. only to discover that there are hundreds of amazing Idaho homeschool parents to meet at the convention. Join us Four times a year we have an opportunity to come to you. We like to think of the CHOIS Connection Magazine as a private little tea party between friends. This is our chance to meet you where you live and bring a loving cup of lifegiving refreshment. Hopefully you have learned to savor each article in a quiet restful moment even if you have to lock yourself into the bathroom Get the magazine delivered to your door by signing up at http chois-connection subscribe You can also read archived issues on the website or read back issues at your public library. Once a week you have a chance to open up your email inbox and find a note of encouragement from CHOIS. We love our blogging team These Idahoans love to share from their storehouse of knowledge as well as their loving hearts. The following pages are examples of blog posts that have been sent through the CHOIS e-newsletter recently. Please meet our blogging team Elise Hooper Niccole Perrine Abigail Prigge Mary Colwell Heidi Forney Jesse Webb and Shauna Webb. We are always looking for more bloggers too so email us at info chois. org if you are interested in joining the team. As well as blogs our e-newsletter offers information that is more time-sensitive than our quarterly magazine can provide. If we need to get information out to you quickly we will do so through the e-newsletter. All you have to do to sign up for the e-newsletter is visit the website and sign up. Then if you don t receive one at the beginning of each week please check your spam folders just in case it might be going there. Here is the link for signing up http chois. org e-newsletter-sign-up Finally if you would like to have some daily inspiration and communication CHOIS has some Facebook pages that might interest you. One is our CHOIS organization page. This is where we daily post items of encouragement and help. We also have a group page where we invite our friends to post items of interest questions events or whatever else they might like to talk about. The group page is called Homeschooling Idaho. Our organization page is found by typing Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State in the search field. We hope you enjoy the following pages which are representative of the blog posts in our e-newsletter. 16 16 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 make exercise one of those things Start your day with a boost of energy a sense of accomplishment and the upper hand on improving your overall health. I ve found the best way to get time for exercising without myself or my kids feeling frustrated is usually to involve my children in a fun way. Here are some ideas that have worked for me through different stages of parenthood Get your kids some workout clothes and exercise together. Please be mindful of the differences in their endurance and strength this isn t really intended to get your 3-year-old in shape or make him her develop unhealthy body images but to encourage them to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Hire your kids as your coach cheerleader. Let them instruct you in some moves each day get them a whistle timers pom-poms etc. and enlist them to keep you accountable (e.g. Every day at 7 am you get your coaching equipment and let me know it s time to exercise. ). Find a new activity game or two that your kids will enjoy and only allow them to play with it when you are exercising. Continue reading this article at the-art-of-exercising-with-kids THE ART OF EXERCISING WITH KIDS By Jessi Webb As a homeschooling mom of three busy boys I know how difficult it can be to get anything done let alone make time for exercise. But may I encourage you not to make this your excuse There are things in life we simply have to accomplish in a day and one way or another we manage to get them done (when was the last time you went without dinner ). So why not JESSI WEBB and her husband Steve homeschool their three boys in Meridian Idaho. Jessi is the creative force behind life. unlabeled. a lifestyle blog where she shares simple whole-food plant-based recipes and healthy-living tips with anyone looking for a way to impact their health from the inside out. When she s not busy with schooling or blogging she enjoys adventures with her boys serving on the worship team at church and learning new things. Sign-up for the CHOIS e-newsletter today I pause in the hallway. In a moment my children are going to rise from their slumber smiles on their faces as always. It isn t their fault that I am running behind. Their sweet sleep has not prepared them for Barking General Mama and I cannot bear to think of the evening when I will sneak into their room for sleepy kisses and then feel the regret washing over me at what they ve been through...It s not too late. I close my eyes taking time for that prayer right now. Father help me to turn this day around. Help me to let go of my expectations and re-prioritize my day. I don t want it to be stolen by one who would rejoice in the smattering of broken hearts I will leave in my irritated rushing wake. And together He and I we begin taking back the day. A quick load of laundry begun. I can keep it going all day. My favorite granola bar suffices for a quick breakfast. I ll eat an early snack when the children have theirs. Deodorant a comb through my hair and a touch of chapstick. I feel refreshed already A favorite hymn escapes my lips as I open the blinds and see first light touching my beloved mountains. This is still the day [I am speaking words of truth my heart will catch up.] And when sleepy feet stumble from bedrooms and night is rubbed from heavy eyes the first thing they see is a smiling Mama her arms open in a good morning hug. Many moments during the day feel a little like that one piece of chocolate that throws one off their diet. Well that s it. The whole day is ruined- I may as well eat everything in sight But in those moments I refuse to believe the day is ruined... Continue reading this article at as-long-as-it-is-called-today AS LONG AS IT IS CALLED TODAY by Elise Hooper My weary eyes blink rapidly as if to shake loose the sleep that clings to them. I read the clock and blink again. Seven Does that say seven And I leap from the bed. In a panic I dress forgoing the shower I so desperately need. Scooping up laundry my mind races. What should I do first I wanted to have several loads of laundry finished already No time to exercise no time to sit and linger in the Word I ll pray while I make breakfast... Rats. I ll have to play catch-up all day. How I weary of my days being stolen. How I weary of letting them be stolen as if I am without Help. And I feel the day slipping away...Or is it ELISE HOOPER is a homeschool graduate and a minister s wife. Together they worship with and care for two communities in Midvale and Weiser Idaho and homeschool their five children. When she has a little time to spare she loves to write sew and find new ways to make their sweet little parsonage a place of warm hospitality. SuMMer 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 17 SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 17 a family that serves. We were already at the point where we would have to consider our calendar carefully. We were perfectly comfortable saying no to new things. We hated the idea of backing out on any established plans. It was obvious that a ten hour block of service wouldn t fit. As I pondered the problem before me I was surprised to find that the answer was right in front of my face. before we have dessert with our Small Group Meal Prep Let s bring an extra serving of our supper for a friend who has to hurry from ballet to troop night tonight Laundry You know the church nursery has a lot of soiled linens. Let s wash em. Bonus my 7 year old can now do laundry. My twin 5 year olds can now fold burp rags. Writing Let s time to thank our Sunday School teacher. Can you use your best handwriting Reading Aunt Sharon has the flu Let s Skype and you can read to her from your Science book. The list went on. There were opportunities to love everywhere we went... Continue reading this article at a-lifestyle-of-service NICCOLE PERRINE moved to Idaho from Alaska in 2011. In her natural habitat she is seen having adventures with her husband and homeschooling her four children. In her spare time she enjoys working with the youth at Meridian First Baptist Church brainstorming new ways to love others as the Service Project Coordinator for American Heritage Girls Troop ID2911 and plotting her first novel alongside legitimate authors in Idahope Christian Writers Group. TIME AND CHANCE CULTIVATING A LIFESTYLE OF SERVICE By Niccole Perrine I was sitting at the table with our family calendar. Steam rose from my coffee. The bitter aroma brought a sweet calm to my heart. The kids were playing outside enjoying a mild winter afternoon. Homeschooling. Church. Troop nights. Violin. Bible study. The list went on and our schedule for the month seemed to take on it s own high-maintenance personality as I penned each event. I glanced over the final product. Booked. Not yet overbooked. We had made a family resolution to love others better this year. How in the world was that going to fit into our calendar We had rules. There absolutely needed to be balance. Our family seriously values our commitments. We find it important to stay fit (spiritually mentally and physically) yet we wanted to challenge ourselves to be It was simple. Instead of adding more to our schedule... we could use our schedule to find ways to serve. Service doesn t have to be spectacular. If we open our eyes where we are we can find several ways to incorporate loving others into our schedule. No big changes necessary. All we have to do is think of our scheduled activities as opportunities to love. Chores Taking out the trash Take the neighbor s as well. Raking leaves or shoveling snow Do the same for your neighbor. Supermarket Help unload someone s groceries for them. Cake Decorating Let s bring that cake to the weekly meeting. Violin I bet our friends would love to hear your music Would you like to play a song also feeling the coolness. Because this is the same kid who firmly believed writing wasn t important. In his opinion it was pure torture for a strapping young man such as himself to accomplish his copy work. As I asked him questions about his budding plot and characters (think dragons cabins attacks) I realized again what a gift creative writing can be. 5. He is obtaining storytelling experience (priceless communication skills) 6. He is gaining incentive to read other stories (oh the adventures that await) 7. He is learning that writing isn t all bad (maybe one day writing those history paragraphs will be fun ) I don t know how long this venture is going to last but he s still sprawled out on my floor . . . periodically asking me to spell things for him. Excuse me as I spell the word viking for him. I can tell it s going to be a good story. ABIGAIL PRIGGE is a freelance writer and homeschool grad from the enchanting Idaho s Treasure Valley. She is the founder of A Time 2 Write where she blogs and coaches writing. She enjoys making cards quoting Jane Austen studying God s Word playing volleyball skiing at Bogus Basin and coffee dates. WHEN A TEN YEAR OLD WANTS TO WRITE A BOOK by Abigail Prigge When your 10-year-old brother sails into your bedroom with a fresh notebook and declares Abi I want to write a book that s when you know you have achieved a new level of coolness as a big sister. And from a teacher s perspective I m 18 18 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 When a 10-year-old wants to write a book ... 1. He is practicing his spelling (shh don t tell him) 2. He is improving his handwriting score ) 3. He is using his imagination (watch it soar) 4. He is enjoying himself (hey it s not school ) That s when the beauty and flexibility of homeschooling really comes into play. Depending on the ages of your children you can choose to do a variety of things. Here are a few things that made school on the run possible for our family CHECKLISTS Older siblings with the maturity to stay home alone and the ability to study and learn independently could use a spreadsheet that shows expected work. I checked what was complete and what still needed to be finished when I got home from our crazy medical days and they could feel a sense of accomplishment. AUDIO BOOKS With younger children there are all kinds of tools you can use in the car or at appointments. Audio books from the library can bring history fiction adventure into travel time and something to talk about while driving when the story is done. There are lots of online resources for free audio stories (and more) as well. EDUCATIONAL SONGS Music is a wonderful mnemonic device and perfect for school on the run. You can find music that covers various bible math and history facts the Christian Book and Amazon. If you have an MP3 player your children can listen to music or audio books in the doctors office and in the car. LAP BOOKS Don t be afraid to bring books workbooks safety scissors paper glue sticks things that the kids can use safely to do their work on the run into the waiting room or doctor s office... Continue reading this article at homeschooling-on-the-run HEIDI FORNEY has homeschooled her three boys for over 24 years in both California and Idaho. Her youngest son has complex needs both medical and on the autistic spectrum. He recently graduated participating in the CHOIS graduation ceremony. When she is not caring for her son she spends her free time volunteering with medical support groups and traveling with her family. WHEN SPECIAL NEEDS REQUIRE HOMESCHOOLING ON THE RUN by Heidi Forney When your child has special needs there are extra gifts that come along with your specially-gifted child. Gifts like multiple doctor appointments occupational speech or physical therapy counseling and meetings with various specialists who can provide other services or equipment for your child s benefit. Sometimes it might feel like you spend more time out and about or in the car than you do at home from payday and still have a lovely piece of meat left but hardly any fresh veggies.) It rates higher on the gourmet-ish taste than actual production and I m OK with that EASY HOLIDAY PORK ROAST INGREDIENTS 1 3-4 lb. pork shoulder roast Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dehydrated Chopped Onion Granulated Garlic Herb Seasoning Rosemary Salt Pepper Carrots celery or onions (if desired) DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350. Line a 9 x 13 glass baking dish with heavy duty aluminum foil. Scatter baby carrots celery or onions on foil to serve as an aromatic meat rack. (You can use them in dinner too if you like. Ours ended up a little on the unappetizing side...) Place your beautiful roast fat side up. As this roasts you ll get a lovely caramelized crust as well as it selfbasting the rest of your roast. Drizzle with EVOO and sprinkle evenly over the top the dehydrated onion flakes granulated garlic herb seasoning of choice (I use Kirkland Organic No-Salt Seasoning) rosemary sea salt and cracked black pepper. Roast according to this chart for your size of roast. Test meat with thermometer. I waited until it read 162-163 when I pulled it out. After resting it climbed to a solid 165 internal temperature and it was delicious tender and juicy Serve this succulent roast along with the roasted vegetables and a fresh salad. Or you could serve as I did with mashed fauxtatoes (cooked mashed cauliflower butter splash of milk of choice or chicken broth salt pepper in Trim Healthy Mamastyle) and stuffing for a second side dish option. It was such a blessing to be able to spend 5 minutes or less of prep on this roast throw together the side dishes and still sit down to a roasty-toasty dinner with our family at the end of a busy snowy day EASY HOLIDAY PORK ROAST By Shauna Webb This time of year is so full of bombarding busyness and frantic fun. We love all the special things that go with the holidays... and yet ...Guess what next Tuesday is NOTHING For the first time in I-don t-evenremember-how-long there is NOTHING planned outside of my home I am soo-o looking forward to that day on my calendar Happy tears y all. Happy tears. Sometimes I rely on my crockpot a little too much. (Yes I did dare utter those words ) I love the convenience of a crockpot (or two) but sometimes there is just no substitute for the luxurious feeling of an oven-crisped slice of roast beast. This is a fairly simple low-maintenance fewingredient recipe that is busy-mama hungry-hubby and kid approved (Also it works out well when you re a step away Shauna Webb lives in Nampa ID with her husband Casey (an OR nurse) and their four Little Women. You can join Shauna as she embarks on a pilgrimage to transform her life from the inside out seeks to be a faithful keeper of home and hearth for the glory of God (while keepin it real ) at Mosaic Motherhood. SuMMer 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 19 SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 19 But I ll let you in on a little secret something I find ALWAYS helps my day go more smoothly. The answer Spending time in the Word of God. I know you ve heard that before but it really is true. Reading the Bible improves my whole day. A bonus to fitting this in My kids get to see that the most important item of the day should always come first. And in the long run modeling that for them is perhaps the best thing I can do for their education anyway So there you have it the one thing that saves me time and more often than not my sanity. Take it from another busy homeschool mom devotional time really is time well spent. Happy home-educating y all THE MOST IMPORTANT 15 MINUTES OF MY HOMESCHOOL DAY by Mary Colwell Homeschooling housekeeping cooking... It s hard to keep it all balanced as a home-educating parent isn t it I don t know about you but most of the time this homemaking homeschooling thing is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Some days are easier than other but it s never as simple as I wish it were. I understand how hard it can be to find the time I really do. But you know what If having my devotions ends up causing my day to go better then ultimately I am saving time by fitting it in. Do always I find time for a pictureperfect hour filled with worship and scripture reading Nope almost never if I m honest. But I can fit in 15 minutes of study and prayer while my kids are busy with breakfast. If I have my Bible and my coffee first everything else about the day just works out better. MARY COLWELL is a second-generation Idaho homeschool mom of two and wife to her wonderful husband Jason also a homeschool graduate. When she is not homeschooling their children cooking or gardening Mary enjoys reading and making their house a home. She is also blessed to be able to serve in the ministries of hospitality and music at their local church. 20 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 21 BRIGHT BEGINNINGS Building Vocabulary by Copper Webb in the Early Years The more words you know the more clearly and powerfully you will think. - Willfred Funk Recent studies observed early childhood classrooms to determine the amount of conversation between teachers and preschool students. Their findings indicate that teachers produced on average 80% of all of the talking across various activities including reading aloud. Of the limited amount of talk that children produced less than 2% was comprised of children expressing their ideas. 6 Research has also shown that early childhood teachers spend an average of only five minutes per day explicitly developing oral language and vocabulary skills. 7 So go ahead and give each other a fist bump mom and dad. By homeschooling you re giving your precious child around-the-clock access to the ideal form of vocabulary development. D id you know that the highest rate of vocabulary development happens during the preschool years 1 (Those of you with four-year-olds who are only silent when sleeping are now rolling your eyes at my obvious statement but hang with me. I ve got important research to share.) Did you know that children with rich vocabularies have an enormous education advantage Numerous studies have found a high correlation between a preschooler s language skills and future reading competence not only in early elementary but in high school as well. 2 Vocabulary in the preschool years is also implicated in children s later math and science performance. 3 In fact people with larger vocabularies have higher IQ s. 4 Now before you start to stress over your child s current vocabulary I have wonderful news for you a child s vocabulary is best built through having purposeful conversation with adults. 5 Yes mom and dad YOU are the secret formula to success not a modern preschool facility. Vocabulary words are the building blocks of the internal learning structure. - Ruby Payne 22 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 To help you be intentional with your conversation here are some simple ways to ACCELERATE YOUR CHILD S VOCABULARY READ ALOUD Children s books contain 50% more rare words than prime-time television or even college students conversations. 8 Snuggle up on the couch with your little one and share a book or twelve. As you go about your day incorporate vocabulary from your read aloud into your conversation. If you have babies or toddlers look for touch and feel books at your local library. The extra sensory step helps solidify new vocabulary into tiny brains. Some of my favorite books for toddlers are in the series That s Not My... by Usborne. These books have textured patches so that little ones can experience the meaning of new words. In That s Not My Fox tiny hands can explore smooth backs furry ears rough noses and fuzzy paws on foxes. Expose Your Child to New Words in a Meaningful Context One of the easiest ways to introduce new words in meaningful context is through narration. Invite your child to join you in an activity and simply explain what you re doing. Whether you re at home in the car or even at the grocery store your interpretation of the surrounding world will build your child s vocabulary. For example bring a safety stool into the kitchen and have your preschooler help you make dinner. You ll be surprised at how many rare words you ll have the opportunity to use. Consider the dynamic language involved in dicing an onion I m going to dice this onion with a chef s knife. First I ll cut off the ends and then you can help me peel away the skin. Do you notice all the layers in the onion Now I will chop the onion. See The onion is now diced into tiny square pieces. The next step is to put the diced onion into the skillet and saute it by stirring frequently until the pieces are translucent. Do you notice how the onion pieces are not solid white anymore and you can almost see through them That s what translucent means. What a great vocabulary lesson that your child can hear see touch smell and taste ASK OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS An open-ended question is one that requires more than a one-word response. Instead of asking Did you have fun at the park promote a response that uses extended vocabulary by saying Tell me your two favorite things that you did at the park today I learned a great technique from one of our local librarians. After observing her at work I ve adjusted how I respond to my children when they come running to show me a picture they painted or a Lego creation or some foreign object found under their bed. Now instead of saying Wow that s so cool I say Wow Can you tell me about it This simple questions provides children with the needed opportunity to practice talking. These ideas for open-ended questions include Explain why... Can you describe what... I wonder why... Can you tell me why you feel that way What else can you say about... SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 23 PLAY GAMES Go on a treasure hunt. Take a walk around your neighborhood and hunt for things that are one specific color. When your preschooler points and says That s orange you ll have the perfect opportunity to name the orange thing. play i Spy. You know the game You say I spy with my little eye something that is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. The blank is filled with any adjective and it s up to your child to figure out what you spied. In the next round you switch roles and your child gets to spy something. f ind Silly rhymeS . Start with a familiar word like dog and see how many rhyming words you and your child can recall. You ll get to explain that a hog is another word for a pig or that a bog is an area of really wet ground. Your preschooler will likely create some new words like shrog or manog and that s great. Laugh with your child at the silly words and ask what they think a shrog might be. S ing SongS . Songs are a simple and fun way to learn new words that might not otherwise fit into typical conversation. Adding hand motions and exaggerated facial expressions help provide meaning to unfamiliar words. USE SYNONYMS Between the ages of two and three children have learned a solid common vocabulary and are ready to learn more difficult words. Make a point to intentionally use synonyms for common words when conversing with your child. Instead of using the word tired use exhausted or weary . Instead of the word mad use frustrated or irritated . Learning track EARLY at the 2016 CHOIS Convention Check out the PRESCHOOL COPPER WEBB is a wife to Mike and a momma to four in a row. A second-generation Idaho homeschooler she lives and educates in Meridian. Copper occasionally blogs with a toddler on her lap at WWW.EARLYLEARNINGHOME.COM SOURCES 1 George Farkas and Kurt Beron The Detailed Age Trajectory of Oral Vocabulary Knowledge Differences by Class and Race Social Science Research 33 (2004) 464 497. 2 Eileen T. Rodriguez and Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda Trajectories of the Home Learning Environment across the First 5 Years Associations with Children s Vocabulary and Literacy Skills at Prekindergarten Child Development 82 (2011) 1058 1075. 3 Hindman Skibbe Miller & Zimmerman 2010 Lopez Gallimore Garnier & Reese 2007 4 Bell Lassiter Matthews & Hutchinson 2001 Hodapp and Gerken 1999 5 Barbara A. Wasik & Charlene Iannone-Campbell Developing Vocabulary through Purposeful and Strategic Conversation The Reading Teacher Vol. 66 Issue 2 pp. 321 332 2012 6 Dickinson et al. 2011 Dickinson & Tabors 2001 Dickinson Watson & Farran 2008 7 Beck & McKeown 2007 Biemiller 2001 Cunningham et al. 2009 Juel Biancarosa Coker & Deffes 2003 8 Duursma E. M. Augstyn & B. Zucherman Reading Aloud to Children The Evidence DIGITAL FORMAT Harvey Breaux 208-573-1157 25 Hartman Boise ID 83704 harvey 24 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 ConnectionConnectionConnection Winter 2015 Winter 2015 Winter 2015 FAMILY Discipleship part 2 FAMILY Discipleship part 2 FAMILY Discipleship part 2 A MOMENT for MUSIC SINGING to LEARN A MOMENT for MUSIC SINGING to LEARN A MOMENT for MUSIC SINGING to LEARN F & Easy ast CROCK POT recipes for Busy for the Weary Homeschool Mom HOPE Homeschool Families F & Easy ast CROCK POT recipes for Busy ast for the WearyF & Easy CROCK POT Busy Homeschool Mom Homeschool recipes for HOPE for the Weary Homeschool Mom HOPE Families Now get the same great magazine on your tablet & mobile devices --- FREE --Visit Homeschool Families SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 25 STAYING THE COURSE by Res Peters TWO DESKS Johnny s desk sits in the little red schoolhouse. He is in the fourth grade. Johnny s parents are married and his mother works outside of the home. Johnny has one sibling and he watches three or more hours of television per day. Both of his parents are high school graduates. Johnny s teacher is credentialed and Johnny performs on grade level. The state determines where what and how Johnny is taught. This year 26 26 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 A TALE OF Johnny s desk will cost the taxpayers 7 400. Bobby s desk is his kitchen table. He is in the fourth grade. Bobby s parents are married and his mother is a fulltime homemaker. Bobby has two siblings and he watches one hour or less of television per day. Both of his parents are college graduates. Neither of Bobby s parents are credentialed and Bobby performs on the 84th percentile two grade levels above Johnny. Bobby s parents determine what and how Bobby is taught. This year Bobby s desk will cost his family 600. Johnny and Bobby s parents pay their taxes. Johnny and Bobby s grandparents pay their taxes. Over half of Idaho s taxes pay for the desks in Johnny s little red schoolhouse. And every year Johnny s teacher tells us it isn t enough to school Johnny. But Bobby s parents do one more thing. Bobby s parents keep everyone s taxes from increasing even more because Bobby s desk is not in the little red schoolhouse. There is no little red schoolhouse full of empty desks waiting for Bobby. And if Bobby and all of the Bobby s showed up at the little red school house another little red school house would need to be built and filled with desks. Then Johnny and Bobby s parents and grandparents would pay even higher taxes. Instead Bobby s parents spend 600 to teach Bobby at home and with higher performance. Bobby s parents pay for his desk. And every year Bobby s parents tell him We have more than enough Bobby. In fact if we had to we could school for less. And in addition to the millions of dollars that the Bobby s save the state each year Bobby and his parents live happily ever after teaching Bobby at the kitchen table the priceless reward of unrestricted freedom. However it is not uncommon to hear home educators lament that they are doubly taxed in paying for Bobby s empty desk. Yet they are paying the same taxes as their fellow Idaho citizens...retired persons those without children and those with children enrolled in private schools. There is no double tax and there are no empty desks awaiting the Bobby s to enroll. Similarly everyone pays taxes for the fire department to service an anticipated number of fires. If Bobby s house and all of the other Bobbys houses had fires everyone s taxes would increase to pay for those unanticipated services. Home educators have exercised their freedom to educate Bobby at home. They have opted to invest their time and resources into Bobby rather than placing him under the jurisdiction of the public school. The school then has no right to tell Bobby what books to use the shape of his table or what to eat for lunch. In return his parents are free to see that Bobby is instructed by whatever means they choose. Bobby must be taught...period. This choice is similar to that of the person who chooses to purchase a book instead of borrowing it from the public library. Rather than using state property and complying with the rightful policies governing that property that person has determined to own the property himself. As the owner of his book the individual rightfully controls the use of his book just as the state rightfully controls the use of its book. And the state is accountable to its citizens for its stewardship of that book which was purchased with their tax money. Freedom for the individual lies in his ownership of the book based upon its purchase with his own money. It has been suggested that vouchers and tax credits are analogous to requiring someone else to provide the funds for that individual to purchase his book. Eventually with that purchase there rightfully comes an accountability requirement for its use. It hardly seems worth trading Bobby s freedom for the price of a book. RES PETERS is the State Testing Director for the Idaho Coalition of Home Educators and her children own all of their books. ICHE Bulletin Board may 1 2016 TeST reSulTS mailed loST in The mail Contact registrations may 1 - auguST 1 2016 TeSTing regiSTraTion open ICHE TESTING IS NOT ALIGNED WITH COMMON CORE regiSTer Online Mail-in download form Offered at 19 regions throughout Idaho Closes midnight August 1 honor STudenTS & cordS Qualifying scores earn Who s Who nomination 5th - 12th grade Summa Cum Laude Scholars designation 9th 12th grade Follow us on Facebook Idaho State Homeschool IdahoCoalitionOfHomeEducators Graduation honor cords Follow us on Facebook IdahoCoalitionOfHomeEducators SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 27 28 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 THE 4TH ARTICLE IN THE RAILROAD FIELDTRIP SERIES FUN FAMILY FIELDTRIPS by Connie Seward NAMPA Train DepoT MUSEUM Construction began in 1902 and the new depot opened in September of 1903. It served as Nampa s train depot until the Union Pacific depot on the north side of the tracks was completed in the latter part of 1925. This building then served as offices for the Union Pacific. The Union Pacific Railroad eventually donated the depot building to the Canyon County Historical Society. It was partially restored and converted into a museum by the Canyon County Historical Society and dedicated July 3 1976 . 2 The Canyon County Historical Museum is located in the picturesque Oregon Short Line Depot in downtown Nampa. This beautiful 110-year-old Nampa icon showcases exhibits on Nampa railroad history rodeo life antique dolls rare mustache cups and much more. 2 A model train layout as well as a mining town layout can be seen. A lighted replica of the Dewey Palace along with an original chandelier and other artifacts from the actual hotel owned by railroad investor Colonel W. Dewey are on display. Visitors can listen to a 1915 phonograph designed by Thomas Edison or step into the original ticket office where they can operate a telegraph key at the telegraph desk. Exhibits are changed throughout the year making the past come alive. Tour guides are available daily to take visitors on a journey in time. Through special group and general tours museum docents are able to educate visitors about the way Canyon County residents lived played worked and functioned as a society. 2 While there are many old railroad depots that have been turned into museums there are few if any that rival the beautiful Baroque revival architecture of the Nampa Train Depot Museum. -Idaho Travel Things To Do Blog In 1883 the landscape of what was to become Canyon County was changed forever when the Oregon Short Line Railway (a subsidiary of the Union Pacific) made its way from Granger Wyoming to Huntington Oregon. The sagebrush-covered ground was cleared and leveled so tracks could be laid providing an opportunity for safer travel for eastern emigrants. Towns sprung up about every 10 to 15 miles along the tracks. Nampa is one such town. A wood frame structure was brought from King Hill to serve as the first passenger depot in 1887. A total of four main rail lines eventually ran through Nampa making it a very important and busy railroad town. By 1900 ten passenger trains a day were coming through Nampa and a larger train station was needed. 1 Through various exhibits which are changed throughout the year we are able to make the past alive for our visitors. -Canyon County Historical Society SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 29 FUN FAMILY FIELDTRIPS The original Station Office is now full of railroad items. Try out the telegraph or view one of the two working train sets and see if you can find the miniature animals lookouts and other fascinating features in the display. -Idaho Travel Things To Do Blog Special tours are by appointment only. To ensure adequate staffing groups of up to 8 require at least one-week notice. Groups over 8 require a minimum of two weeks notice. Group fees are the same as the regular listed individual pricing. Families are welcome to use the extensive historical archives for personal research. These archives include Canyon County photos newspaper clippings books and etc. Researchers are asked to schedule an appointment so that adequate staff is available to assist them in their search. Mail and email inquiries are also welcome. The first hour of assisted research is free and 20.00 per hour is charged thereafter. There are additional costs for copies large documents scanned images or enlargements. The Nampa Train Depot Museum gift shop offers an array of unique items including historical books by area authors numerous railroad items Idaho cookbooks gifts apparel and much more. Be sure to check out their special line of clothing featuring the Nampa Train Depot. Also housed in the Nampa Train Depot Museum is the Canyon County Historical Society. The society s mission is to help investigate and preserve for future generations any kind of historical records documents sites buildings articles and artifacts pertaining to Canyon County history. The society also works to bring together those people interested in this history and to promote better understanding of our state nation and American heritage. Rotary Park is adjacent to the museum and exhibits 20th century train cars. One of the most exciting train cars is a 1942 Union Pacific caboose. This rare train car is one of only 34 remaining today and is currently undergoing extensive restoration. CONNIE SEWARD and husband Quentin home schooled their children through high school in the Treasure Valley. Their family continues to enjoy discovering Idaho together. An old railroad key passed down by a great uncle who worked as a Union Pacific train engineer during the mid 1900 s rests on their mantle as a reminder of a bygone era. References 1. 2. 3. 30 30 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn SuMMer 2016 SPECIAL EVENTS The 6th annual Depotfest is a celebration held to raise funds for the renovation of the depot will take place on August 6th and 7th 2016. Current restoration projects needing funds include restrooms and weather proofing of the baggage room to be used as a library. Admission to the museum is free and live music food vendors crafts and antique cars will be on site. One of the most popular drawings for families is Operation Lifesaver Street Train which gives free rides through downtown while educating the public on train and railroad crossing safety. MUSEUM HOURS AND ENTRANCE FEES Thursday-Saturday 10 am 3pm faMIly 1 year MeMberSHIp - 35.00 (includes quarterly newsletter 10% discount on Museum Shop purchases discount on field trips and other Society activities right to vote and be elected to the Board of Directors and free entrance to both the Nampa and Caldwell historical museums. Age 5 & under Free Youth 6-12 years - 1.00 Teens 13-18 years - 2.00 Adults - 3.00 Seniors 65 years - 2.00 Family of up to 4 - 7.00 CONTACT INFORMATION The Nampa Train Depot Museum & Historical Society Office 1200 Front Street PO Box 595 Nampa Idaho 83651 Phone 208-467-7611 Email info Website SUMMER 2016 CHOIS COnneCtIOn 31 Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State P.O. Box 45062 Boise Idaho 83711 Please let us know if your mailing address has changed or if you no longer wish to receive the CHOIS Connection Magazine. Send updates to info