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Description: In This Issue: Sense & Sensitivity, Quality Company Profiles, Thyroid & Adrenal Health, and Blood Sugar Support/Metabolic Syndrome August 2016 V Na tur SO ISI T alP U ra RC OU cti EB R tio ne OO ON rM ag K T LIN .co O E m DA So Y ur ce bo ok A VRM Media Publication Go to davinci for info about this advertiser Go to americasfinest for info about this advertiser TABLE OF CONTENTS August 2016 VOLUME 5 NO. 5 20 26 54 FEATURES 20 Sense and Sensitivity Food sensitivities and allergies are abounding in modern society. COLUMNS 4 Editor s Note 54 Supplement Science 8 Practitioner Corner 49 Product Focus Thyroid Adrenal Health 26 Managing Blood Sugar Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome An integrative approach is the best method for successfully treating patients with blood sugar disorders and metabolic syndrome. DEPARTMENTS 12 Health Industry News 52 Practitioner Chat 58 Natural Health Studies 61 Natural Marketplace 62 Media Corner 63 Conferences & Events 64 Advertiser Index 30 2016 Company Profiles The 2016 Company Profiles provide an overview of the companies that offer dietary supplements and natural products for you to provide your patients. Visit FreeProductInfo for FREE Product Information or Samples from All Natural Practitioner Advertisers FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) FREE E-newsletter Visit Copyright 2016. Natural Practitioner (ISSN 2331-2580) Volume 5 Number 5 August 2016. Natural Practitioner is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February March April June July and September October) by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. 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All other issues are 10.00 each. 2 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to emerson for info about this advertiser EDITOR S NOTE Writing a Healthy Path orking for VRM Media and writing for the company publications have had a profound effect on my life as well as my health. You see after working here about a year I started to feel sick and tired all the time. Everything I ate made me feel like I was being stabbed in the stomach I could hear my hips click when I walked up a flight of stairs and no matter how much I slept I was constantly tired sluggish and looked like I needed a week s worth of rest. I knew something was wrong with me but the physician I was seeing at the time just told me to cut out soda and I would be fine. So I did ... but I still wasn t. There were a number of other things that came together that began the journey to reclaim my health. First through researching and writing feature articles and columns for our publications I started to spot my symptoms. Then randomly my mother informed me that my father s doctor tested him for celiac disease. While he tested negative for celiac disease he was told that he had a celiac gene. That made me wonder if I had celiac disease and didn t know it. I found a new doctor who actually listened to my concerns ordered a number of tests and sent me to other specialists to figure out my health issues. After many doctor visits and what seemed like a mountain of tests--I was told I had hypothyroidism and non-celiac gluten sensitivity. My gastroenterologist also W informed me that I was intolerant to dairy (probably because of issues with gluten). Looking back it is ironic because every time my stomach was upset I would eat toast or saltine crackers to settle it which (unknowingly) only made it worse. I lived in constant fear of consuming anything that wasn t identified as plain or bland because of the effect it would have on my GI tract. And eating foods that contained gluten didn t just affect my stomach--my entire body was inflamed. In the feature on food allergies and intolerances (see page 20) Robert Kachko ND LAc of InnerSource Health in New York noted that systemic inflammation plays a role in creating sensitivities intolerances or allergies to foods. When the body is systemically inflamed the immune system plays a vital role in that inflammation and thus becomes more responsive to all things it comes into contact with that is foreign. This sets the stage for allergic over-activity even in response to things that have not been allergenic typically in the past he explained. Today I am following a gluten-free diet and my thyroid levels are back to normal. I visit my doctors on a regular basis and they communicate with each other so that we are all on the same page. Every day I thank not only my doctors for helping me get healthy again but everyone in the natural health industry I have met and interviewed who helped guide me back onto the right path. PUBLISHER DANIEL MCSWEENEY EDITORIAL DIRECTOR DanM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER RUSS FIELDS RussF ADVERTISING GARY PFAFF SALES MANAGER GaryP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SHARI BARBANEL ShariB ASSOCIATE EDITOR NICHOLAS SARACENO NicoS ASSISTANT EDITOR CORINNE ANDERSON CONTRIBUTING EDITOR JANET POVEROMO JanetP ART DIRECTOR ROBERT CERTO PRODUCTION MANAGER RobertC PRODUCTION ASSISTANT BRYAN ZAK GRAPHIC ARTIST BryanZ CIRCULATION MANAGER ROSIE BRODSKY Rosie PHONE FAX E-MAIL WEBSITE PRESIDENT VRM MEDIA 431 Cranbury Road Ste. 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Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser Meet Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board In its search to provide readers with insight and perspective that will help them build and better their practices Natural Practitioner has culled together an Editorial Advisory Board of authoritative practitioners willing to do just that. You will see our Board members present in key editorial as well as each authoring their own column Practitioner Corner throughout the year that highlights their expertise and professional experiences. They will also lend us their perspective on trends and topics that Natural Practitioner will be covering in issues to come. Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of Holly Lucille ND Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally recognized licensed naturopathic physician lecturer educator and author of Creating and Maintaining Balance A Women s Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health. Her private practice Healing From Within Healthcare focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care. Outside of her practice Dr. Lucille holds a position on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians board of directors and is on the faculty of the Global Medicine Education Foundation. She is the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association where she spearheaded a lobbying effort to have naturopathic doctors licensed in the state of California. A graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Lucilles commitment to naturopathic medicine has been recognized with the Daphne Blayden Award and more recently the SCNM Legacy Award. Shailinder Sodhi ND Growing up near the Himalayas Dr. Shailinder Sodhi developed an early interest in ayurvedic plants and herbs and received his BAMS (bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery) degree from Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar India in 1985. In 1993 he received a naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University as well as a degree in diagnostic ultrasound from Bellevue College. Dr. Sodhi practices naturopathic medicine along with his wife Dr. Anju Sodhi and his brother Dr. Virender Sodhi at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Bellevue WA which he established in 1989. In addition Dr. Sodhi serves as president of Ayush Herbs Inc. a manufacturer of high-quality ayurvedic herbal formulas is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr and has been published in several natural health magazines. Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences and additional certifications in bodywork ayurveda and holistic nutrition. Her journey in the healing arts developed richly as she worked for years in practices with integrative physicians acupuncturists chiropractors and nurses. Ultimately she developed an integrated modality of ayurvedic medicine yoga advanced bodywork and integrative nutrition. Vitale uses her 19 years of experience in integrative medical practices to educate on the consumer mindset and to distill these wisdoms into digestible information bytes. In 2014 she joined the Garden of Life team as their Northeast regional educator. Adam Killpartrick DC Dr. Adam Killpartrick earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA. His primary practice focus has been a synergistic blend of NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic) with Cranial Release Technique for which he has attained lead instructor status. Dr. Killpartrick furthered his education in clinical nutrition functional diagnostics and lifestyle medicine and has since successfully integrated this blend of specialized chiropractic care and functional medicine into his New Hampshire private practice. This practical experience led him to clinical consulting for numerous nutritional supplement companies. He is currently the chief scientific officer for DaVinci Laboratories. Jared M. Skowron ND Dr. Jared M. Skowron is a national expert in natural medicine for children. Author of the best-selling 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child his lifes work is dedicated to the optimal health of children. A faculty member at University of Bridgeport and founder of their Pediatric & Autism Clinic Dr. Skowron has helped thousands of children fulfill their optimal potential. He is vice president of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and his expertise is in pediatrics autism ADHD and acute and chronic EENT conditions. Jacob Teitelbaum MD A recognized authority on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers nationally and does phone consultations with CFS fibromyalgia patients worldwide. He is the author of the popular iPhone application Cures A-Z and author of the best-selling book From Fatigued to Fantastic (3rd revised edition Avery Penguin Group) and Pain Free 1-2-3--A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now (McGrawHill). His newest book is Beat Sugar Addiction NOW (Fairwinds Press 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America CNN Fox News Channel the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s with a specific focus on cancer immune health detoxification and mind-body medicine. He is a respected formulator clinician researcher author and educator. As part of his commitment to the advancement of integrative medicine Dr. Eliaz partners with leading research institutes and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers on innovative therapies for immune enhancement heavy metal toxicity and cancer prevention and treatment. He is founder and medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa CA where he and his team of practitioners pioneer individualized treatments for cancer and chronic illness. 6 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to daiwa for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER The Evolution of Anti-Aging Telomeres mitochondria and the new aging biomarker. By Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc Medicine P owered by advances in genomic science and backed by extensive funding researchers say they ll soon be able to extend life well beyond 120 years. While exciting these technologies--mainly pharmaceutical drugs--are still a long way from serving as accessible solutions to add years to our lives and life to our years. Still cutting-edge research continues to shed light on some of the complex biological mechanisms involved in the aging process such as genetic expression mitochondrial function and many others. More importantly these findings are being translated into practical natural solutions we can apply today to increase longevity vitality and overall health and in many cases reverse some of the most common signs of aging. One exciting area in this field is the study of epigenetics which demonstrates how gene activity can be altered depending on specific influences such as diet exercise toxin exposure even our mental processes. Of course epigenetics is not a new field of study. For example approximately 20 years ago researchers started to notice that turning certain genes on or off in C. elegans worms could extend their lifespan. More importantly the worms were healthier. C. elegans is one model organism for humans because we share some of the same genes however controlling these genes in humans is obviously not as simple. Researchers have found that caloric restriction can help organisms live longer and healthier. Caloric restriction in humans is difficult especially when there are other health challenges but there may be some alternatives with similar effects. One of the genes associated with aging is SIRT1 and caloric restriction appears to favorably modulate its activity to protect the body during times when food is scarce. The compound resveratrol is also shown to interact with SIRT1 to delay aging.1 Melatonin is also shown to activate SIRT1 and research shows melatonin and resveratrol may work synergistically together.2 The Telomere Debate Research into telomere function has also added to our understanding of the aging process. Telomeres are short DNA sequences found at the end of each chromosome which help protect our genetic material. However with cell division telomeres get shorter reducing their ability to preserve zichromosomes. In time telomeres fail chromosomes degrade and cells can no longer divide leading to cell death. Telomeres provide interesting insights into aging. If we can preserve them we could extend longevity and improve health. An enzyme called telomerase rebuilds telomeres so there s a lot of interest in compounds that naturally activate telomerase. However the jury is still out. Some experts are concerned that too much telomerase might boost cancer growth so researchers are also investigating telomerase inhibitors to fight cancer. On the other hand there is some data that suggests protecting telomere function offers significant health and longevity benefits. Fascinating research shows that regular meditation practice is linked to healthier telomeres.3 Other research shows that eating nutrient-dense whole foods can support healthy telomeres. Conversely emotional 8 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to albion for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER stress certain processed foods and body burden of environmental toxins has been associated with shorter telomeres. There is also evidence that curcumin resveratrol and other botanical compounds may selectively support healthy telomere behavior. One interesting argument suggests that compounds like curcumin resveratrol and others are beneficial in part because they help fight cancer by helping to regulate the telomere activity of malignant cells.4 5 cells to aggregate disseminate throughout the circulatory system evade immune surveillance and establish themselves at distant sites. It is also involved in angiogenesis.8-12 Galectin-3 is now recognized as a predictive biomarker and therapeutic target for heart disease as well as cancer and numerous pro-inflammatory conditions. It is easily measured with a galectin-3 serum assay covered by most insurance for cardiovascular screening. urinary and GI (gastrointestinal) tracts.16 Mindful meditation and other mind-body practices like yoga Tai Chi and Qi Gong are also important and have been shown to favorably modulate gene expression and offer remarkable benefits across numerous areas of health. In addition to the tangible results on our mental and physical wellbeing the compelling anti-aging data that s been demonstrated in recent years serves as another motivating factor. Any form of healthy stress relief is a critical element in preventing the inflammatory cascade that leads to premature aging. Even gratitude has been shown to produce favorable genetic expression. Aging can be a very general term relating to the condition of our physical mental and emotional systems and for decades we ve known that a nutritious diet exercise and stress relief foster health and longevity. But now that we understand more about how our complex cellular and genetic mechanisms relate to aging we can develop strategies to optimize these factors. Specific foods nutrients and lifestyle practices can help address not only genetic and mitochondrial health but overall wellness and longevity. And when used together with in-practice treatments like clinical detoxification acupuncture and other therapies we can encourage synergistic anti-aging benefits in our patients and help address some of today s most critical health concerns. For a full list of references visit Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc is a recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s with a specific focus on cancer immune health detoxification and mind-body medicine. He is a respected formulator clinician researcher author and educator. As part of his commitment to the advancement of integrative medicine Dr. Eliaz partners with leading research institutes and has co-authored numerous peerreviewed papers on innovative therapies for immune enhancement heavy metal toxicity and cancer prevention and treatment. He is founder and medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa CA where he and his team of practitioners pioneer individualized treatments for cancer and chronic illness. Mitochondrial Support Another strategy to deal with stressed telomeres and aging in general is to actively support mitochondria. There are a number of natural ways to boost mitochondrial function and help combat aging. Addressing factors such as free radical oxidation toxic body burden nutritional deficiency sedentary lifestyle and other problems can all support healthy mitochondria. Of course certain nutrients and botanical agents can also promote healthy mitochondrial activity. For example coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) helps mitochondria make ATP. Similar to CoQ10 PQQ (pyrroloquinoline) is another nutrient that can help mitochondria produce ATP while also increasing the number of mitochondria. PQQ is available as a supplement and found in significant quantity in foods such as natto parsley and green tea. Certain medicinal mushrooms particularly cordyceps and reishi are also excellent for mitochondrial health. Aerobic interval exercise supports mitochondria as does a nutrient-dense low glycemic diet. There is also evidence that curcumin resveratrol and other botanical compounds may selectively support healthy telomere behavior. Within this extensive body of data researchers have consistently shown that the natural compound modified citrus pectin (MCP) can successfully bind to galectin-3 and block--even reverse--its harmful effects in heart disease kidney disease cancer and more.13-15 Derived from citrus pectin MCP is a highly absorbable and bioactive form of pectin that is now recognized as the mostresearched galectin-3 inhibitor. In order for the MCP to be effective against elevated galectin-3 research shows that it must have a molecular weight between 5-15 kDa and low degree of esterification. MCP is also clinically proven to safely remove heavy metals from the circulation as well as provide active support for immune health.16 17 Galectin-3 The New Aging Biomarker A rapidly expanding body of data points to elevated circulating galectin-3 as a chief culprit in the advancement of life-threatening illnesses from heart disease to diabetes to the formation proliferation and metastasis of cancer. In 2011 a 10-year galectin-3 allcause mortality study involving almost 8 000 people was presented at a European conference demonstrating that elevated serum galectin-3 increased all-cause mortality three-fold in the general population.6 A 2016 cohort study showed that lower levels of galectin-3 are associated with healthy aging.7 Elevated circulating galectin-3 is seen as a chief culprit in the advancement of lifethreatening illnesses because of its role in driving chronic inflammation and fibrosis leading to organ failure as well as numerous chronic degenerative conditions. It also plays significant roles in the formation proliferation and metastasis of cancer acting as a sticky surface molecule which allows cancer Building an Anti-Aging Foundation Research shows that keeping galectin-3 levels within a healthy range promoting mitochondrial health and encouraging favorable genetic expression can work to help optimize cellular function and encourage healthy aging. Specifically there are a number of practices we can apply to support this foundation. Detoxification is critical starting with diet. For those with high body burden of toxic metals I recommend a formula of modified citrus pectin and sodium alginate. This combination has been clinically shown to remove heavy metals such as lead mercury and arsenic by trapping these toxic metals in the circulation and excreting them through the 10 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to scandinavian for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS UA Health Sciences and Banner Health Receive Funding for PMI Cohort Program T he University of Arizona (UA) Health Sciences and Banner Health have been awarded a 4 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to participate in the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program which aims to enroll one million or more U.S. participants to improve prevention and treatment of disease based on individual differences in lifestyle environment and genetics. The award totals 43.3 million over five years and is the largest National Institutes of Health (NIH) peer-reviewed grant in Arizona history. The UA Health Sciences and Banner Health will make significant contributions to the diversity of enrolled participants in the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program (PMI CP). The inclusion of American Indian Alaska Native and Hispanic Latino participants will provide greater insights to disease prevention and treatment making these advances available to traditionally underserved populations regardless of race ethnicity or geography. Our state and the diversity of the population we serve are unique and we are committed to participating in this initiative to make it a huge success said Joe G.N. Skip Garcia MD UA senior vice president for health sciences the Dr. Merlin K. DuVal professor of medicine and an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine. With the leadership team we have assembled we have the expertise in all relevant areas to fill the needs of the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program--from large clinical studies to drug discovery to genetic and genomic science to informatics and data analytics. Through our partnership with Banner Health in this initiative we will be extending that expertise statewide and throughout the region advancing precision health research and clinical care toward improving the health of Arizona and beyond. The UA-Banner PMI CP is part of a network of regional Healthcare Provider Organizations (HPOs) participating in this landmark longitudinal effort to understand the factors contributing to individual health and disease. HPOs will engage their patients in the PMI Cohort Program build research protocols and plans enroll interested individuals and collect essential health data and biological specimens with privacy and security safeguards. The data will serve as a rich scientific resource for precision medicine research. The UA-Banner Health partnership which facilitated the establishment of a statewide regional enrollment center further demonstrates the impact of the strategic alignment. Through this historic 30-year UA-Banner Health academic affiliation agreement the strength and agility of the leadership team is transforming health and establishing a new paradigm for precision medicine. Funding of the UA-Banner PMI CP also will spur the creation of new health care jobs in Arizona including clinical trials recruitment specialists health care information technology data analysts and programmers. The PMI Cohort Program is one of the most ambitious research projects in history and will set the foundation for new ways to engage people in research. PMI volunteers will contribute a wide range of health environment and lifestyle information. The UA-Banner PMI CP will recruit 150 000 participants in the Southwest region Alaska and Wyoming over five years. Using the data from the PMI Cohort Program researchers across the country will study a wide range of questions about health and disease including ways to significantly reduce health disparities and improve health. The partnership between UA and Banner provides a unique opportunity to rapidly advance the goals of the PMI Cohort Program to engage participants to contribute their health data toward improving health outcomes fuel the development of new treatments for disease and catalyze a new era of data-based and more precise preventive care and medical treatment options. For more information visit http or Research Confirms Efficacy of Functional Medicine research team including Daniel J. Kalish DC founder of the Kalish Institute (Oakland CA) and Susanne M. Cutshall APRN CNS DNP and Larry R. Bergstrom MD currently practicing at Mayo Clinic (Rochester MN) released a study around functional medicine. The study shows a variety of stress fatigue and quality of life measures can be improved through functional medicine a growing field utilizing lab-based supplement programs including lifestyle and nutritional counseling. The 28-week study assessed the effectiveness of a specific functional medicine approach for improving stress energy fatigue digestive issues and quality of life in middle-aged women exposed to high-stress work environments. This method known as the Kalish Method and taught exclusively through the Kalish Institute provides a systems approach to chronic illness addressing the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms and restoring three key body systems hormones digestion and detoxification. The Kalish Institute has been offering training in functional medicine for over 10 years and we re pleased this study confirmed our approach is effective in treating key health issues that affect so many people on a daily basis including stress and fatigue said A Dr. Kalish. As the first research study to test this type of holistic approach we re hopeful these positive results will open doors for future studies of this kind and continue to boost the adoption of functional medicine practices. In this study 21 women ages 30 to 55 received a functional medicine treatment consisting of lifestyle interventions protocols to treat HPA-axis dysfunction and various gut infections. The analysis showed A 38 percent average decrease in fatigue which was measured through a Profiles of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire A 27 percent average decrease in stress calculated through the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) An increase in vitality by an average of 39 percent calculated through the SF-36 quality of life questionnaire A 22 percent average decrease in confusion measured through a POMS questionnaire Reduction in H. pylori infections which can be associated with chronic inflammation and digestive symptoms The study which was completed in April 2015 has been published in the May 2016 issue of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. For more information visit 12 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to sanjevani for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS NCNM Becomes National University of Natural Medicine he National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) has announced that it is changing the name of the school to National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) effective immediately. The name change honors the 60-year-old medical school s heritage and reflects the addition of undergraduate degree completion programs to its growing roster of doctorate and master s-level degree programs. The university founded in Portland OR in 1956 is known as the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in North America a living link to the naturopaths of the early 20th century who pioneered a practice of medicine that nearly disappeared in the mid 1950s and today enjoys a growing resurgence and popular acceptance. In February 2015 the school received accreditation approval from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities T to offer two new bachelor degree completion programs a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. The first cohort of undergrads will begin classes in September 2016. The institution subsequently received permission to formally change its name to reflect its university status from the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission. NUNM President David J. Schleich PhD noted that the new undergrad programs were designed to integrate a curriculum of health sciences or nutrition with natural sciences and social sciences. We are one of the very few schools in the country to offer such innovative undergraduate programs. These programs will open the doors to a growing base of students who are interested in learning more about the health sciences fields Schleich said. This is the second time the institution has changed its name since it was founded as the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. In 2000 the college shed its single-degree status as a naturopathic medical school when the College of Classical Chinese Medicine was granted accreditation approval for its first degree program the Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. In 2006 NCNM s name changed to the National College of Natural Medicine to reflect both educational offerings. In the intervening years the school has grown beyond the scope of its two flagship schools of medicine. Since 2007 new programming has resulted in a 25 percent growth Go to ayushherbs in student enrollment with 635 students enrolled in 2015-2016. NUNM s School of Research & Graduate Studies for example has seen remarkable growth in the past five years it now offers four distinct graduate degrees in addition to being home to NUNM s respected Helfgott Research Institute which has received a number of NIH-funded research grants for evidencebased research in natural medicine including two awards in 2015 for more than 3 million. The school s success coincides with NUNM President David J. Schleich s tenure who joined Natural College of Natural Medicine in 2007 after serving as president and CEO of Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Schleich noted that while natural medicine may have its detractors clinics like its health center at Lair Hill a stateapproved top-tier Patient-Centered Primary Care Home illustrate natural medicine s capacity for patient-driven health care and the natural medicine profession s growing sophistication both as healthcare providers and higher educational leaders. The political and health landscape in this decade is urgent and complex he observed. We are building for longevity-- for our students and alumni. NUNM will allow us to do just that. Dr. Schleich said NCNM has had a special history in the formation of natural medicine in North America and it is preparing for an equally unique future as NUNM. He noted that despite the Great Recession of 2008 We kept going. If we slip into complacency going forward we ll miss building a very different future. For more information visit or 14 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to seroyal for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS Homeopathic Association Works With FDA to Educate Manufacturers T he American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) latest educational webinar illustrates the homeopathic industry fostering a relationship with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure the highest quality of safe medicines to retailers consumers and health practitioners across the U.S. Per the request of AAHP the agency provided staff to present updates on its Compliance Policy for homeopathic products directly to the industry s manufacturers distributors and marketers. Brad Pace acting director of the FDA Compliance Office s Division of Nonprescription Drugs and Health Fraud presented best manufacturing and labeling practices to AAHP members and other industry leaders on May 24 2016. During the webinar Pace communicated that homeopathic products are legally marketed in the United States when they contain active ingredients that are prepared homeopathically and labeled properly. He noted homeopathic products are no exception to the agency s concern with over-the-counter drugs in any class that are marketed inappropriately for serious conditions. At AAHP we strive to provide our members with educational resources and tools for complying with changing regulations and ultimately for manufacturing their products with the utmost excellence said Mark Land AAHP president. Our recent collaboration with the U.S. FDA is just one way that the association is providing such critical information. AAHP s 2016 webinar series kicked off in March with a session on new and expanded labeling guidelines published in the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS)--the federally-recognized compendium for homeopathic starting ingredients and manufacturing. Moderated by Eric Foxman member of the HPCUS Board of Trustees and chair of the HPCUS Council on Pharmacy the webinar closely examined the new guidelines and gave homeopathic manufacturers in attendance tips for optimizing their product labels. AAHP provides a number of other educational resources including monthly newslet- ters articles position statements and conferences that allow members to engage with policymakers and other key industry stakeholders. AAHP s next webinar is slated for mid summer with a discussion of good manufacturing compliance (GMP) issues led by another representative from the FDA. Other topics to be covered throughout the series include an in-depth look at consistent and reliable documentation for homeopathic product manufacturers and a follow-up webinar on compliant labeling regulations. The webinars are open to all and AAHP members receive discounted registration. For more information and directions for registration email info For more information visit Former Spa to Become Wisdom Healing Qigong Center T he Chi Center announced the purchase of Vista Clara Ranch Spa Resort in Santa Fe NM. The 79-acre resort called One of the World s Top Ten U.S. Spas (Celebrated Living Magazine 2003) will be transformed into The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong opening in October 2016. This will be a unique environment for connection to inner wisdom and healing. People will come from around the world--there is nothing quite like it in North America said Master Mingtong Gu founder of the Chi Center in Petaluma CA. With views of New Mexico s landscape the new Chi Center in Santa Fe will be dedicated to the practice and teaching of Wisdom Healing Qigong. Based on the ancient practices of 19 Qigong traditions Wisdom Healing Qigong (WHQ) was developed in China in the 1980s by Dr. Ming Pang a doctor trained in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. Master Mingtong Gu studied with Dr. Pang at the medicine-less hospital and brought his teachings to the United States. WHQ integrates East West mind body and science spiritual teachings for better happiness and health. The Chi Center will celebrate the grand opening on October 1 with a ceremony free event and group healing session. The intention of WHQ is to heal ourselves and our world--to realize human potential through the conscious evolution of mind and body resulting in harmony self-realization integration and awakening through a sustainable practice. New online courses will be available in the fall to coincide with the opening enabling the WHQ teachings to reach a worldwide audience. For more information visit santafe. 16 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to quintron for info about this advertiser HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS Nestl Health Science Launches estl Health Science recently announced the launch of a comprehensive online resource offering information and printable guides about FODMAPs and a low FODMAP diet. The website has been developed to support both the consumer seeking more information about a low FODMAP diet and the health care professional looking to build knowledge and practice tools. FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides disaccharides monosaccharides and polyols. Gastroenterology researchers at Monash University in Australia coined the FODMAP acronym in 2005 to classify specific types of short-chain carbohydrates that can be poorly absorbed in the small intestine. It is the poor absorption of these food components that may trigger symptoms including abdominal pain bloating constipation and or diarrhea and excessive gas in people with digestive sensitivities. FODMAPs are commonly found in a wide variety of ordinary foods such as wheat bread beans yogurt milk apples onions garlic cashews mushrooms honey and more. N was developed by Nestl Health Science a company focused on advancing the role of nutrition in the management of health. The site includes Information on FODMAPs and foods that contain them Animated visuals of FODMAPs in the body Tools that can help a person identify if this diet is right for him or her and if so how to get started Research summaries highlighting the efficacy of a low FODMAP diet Recipes and guidance for following a low FODMAP diet both at home and away Tips for finding a FODMAP knowledgeable registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) Knowledge of FODMAPs and the role they can play in digestive discomfort is a key step in helping people with digestive sensitivities lead a better quality of life. That is why we have launched explained Barbara McCartney regional business head for the Nestl Health Science Consumer Care Business in North America. The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders estimates that 10 to 15 percent of Americans are affected by food-related digestive discomfort including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). For many the exact cause of their digestive discomfort may go undiagnosed. Helping people identify and eliminate specific FODMAP triggers gives people freedom from the anxiety that digestive discomfort brings about. Being able to eat and enjoy food again without symptoms afterward gives them a digestive peace of mind explained FODMAP and IBS expert Kate Scarlata RDN LDN author of The Well Balanced FODMAPer. Clinical evidence supports a low FODMAP diet approach as first-line therapy for people with IBS. Although the list of potential food triggers may at first seem extensive a credentialed nutrition FODMAP expert can customize a plan that minimizes food eliminations and maximizes nutritional value and provides tools and resources that can help support dietary compliance. Emerson Ecologics Brings Industry Leaders & Sen. Shaheen Together E merson Ecologics (Manchester NH) President and CEO Adam Carr and members of the New Hampshire Natural Products Trail joined Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) at the University of New Hampshire Organic Dairy Farm to discuss the economic benefits of the state s natural products and integrative health industry. As we all know New Hampshire and the nation are becoming increasingly health conscious said Sen. Shaheen. That focus is driving demand for natural foods products and integrative medicine which now account for more than 1 billion in revenue and support thousands of jobs in the Granite State. The University of New Hampshire Organic Dairy Research Farm and other members of the Natural Products Trail are doing great work to encourage these industries and I look forward to working with them to foster their continued success and growth in New Hampshire. The natural products and integrative health industry represents more than 300 New Hampshire companies delivering more than 1 billion in annual revenues and employing nearly 7 000 residents in retail distribution manufacturing and agricultural work. Further the natural products industry in New Hampshire continues to grow at an impressive annual rate of between 8 and 9 percent. An increasing number of consumers and health care providers are turning to natural products and supplements for a more proactive and balanced approach to wellness. At the New Hampshire Natural Products Trail we are proud to contribute not only to the health of our state s residents but also to the health of our state s economy. We had a great discussion today on the economic impact that the natural products industry has in our region and how we can continue to grow and create more jobs for New Hampshire residents said Carr. Emerson Ecologics brought together the NH Natural Products Trail as part of its ongoing effort to support integrative health care practitioners and to provide a forum for discussion about natural health sustainability wellness and integrative health products. Officials representing companies from New Hampshire s Natural Products Trail joined Carr and Sen. Shaheen for a roundtable discussion and a tour of the University of New Hampshire Organic Dairy Farm. Participants included Jaclyn Chasse ND vice president of scientific & regulatory affairs of Emerson Ecologics Dean Jon M. Wraith College of Life Sciences and Agriculture at the University of New Hampshire Robert Craven CEO of FoodState Bill Whyte CEO of Badger Christine Doherty ND principal Balance Point Natural Medicine and Heather Tallman Ruhm MD principal Balance Point Natural Medicine. For more information visit 18 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to newhope for info about this advertiser Food sensitivities and allergies are abounding in modern society. By Lisa Schofield W e all need to eat to live. But sometimes eating something can be deadly at worst or annoying at the least. A 2013 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared that between 1997 and 2011 food allergies in children increased by 50 percent. The number of individuals experiencing food allergies and sensitivities is undeniably growing according to Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE Although FARE asserts that as of yet there s no clear reason why this is the case several compelling theories abound that may certainly help practitioners to assess more accurately and provide more customized solutions. Dr. Frank King founder and president King Bio of North Carolina believes that food issues have risen because all allergies have been on the rise. Allergies are cumulative they snowball. I see one major cause toxicities. Dr. King elaborated that more than 80 000 man-made chemicals and other elements (such as electromagnetic and radio frequencies) wreak havoc in the human body making it much more vulnerable to developing specific food intolerances and reactions. Many of these chemicals have indirect influence on food intolerances. Research has demonstrated that some of these common chemicals are hormone disruptors and immune suppressants pointed out Christopher Hobbs PhD director of integrative science at Rainbow Light in California. Hormones such as estrogen alter the activity of neurotransmitters and immune processes. Hobbs added that airborne irritants (and in many allergens) such as pollen dust mold spores and car exhaust can activate immune responses resulting in hay fever or chronic allergic rhinitis. He clarified Many of the same immune triggers and messengers that are activated after exposure to air pollutants such as IgE are also associated with food allergies. Food issues said Dr. King are exacerbated in those who eat a nutrient and fiber-depleted diet ingesting instead high sugars and carbs creating an internal atmosphere friendly to candida overgrowth. Candida releases its own mycotoxins and can cause leaky gut which then allows further toxins and anti-nutrients to course throughout the body. Hobbs agreed Processing and cooking proteins can change their chemical structure 20 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 becoming more likely to trigger an immune response since our immune system recognizes them as foreign. Key to all this is that approximately 60 percent of human immune tissue resides in the gut where it constantly monitors ingested foods for pathogens or foreign and possibly toxic chemicals. Therefore impaired digestion from lack of fiber and beneficial phytochemicals may also lead to food sensitivities. Additives and preservatives can certainly create intolerances. For example said Robert Kachko ND LAc of InnerSource Health New York people of all ages are beginning to react negatively to added hormones and elevated casein content of conventional dairy products. We see this very often in children who are hyperactive or suffer from chronic ear infections eczema asthma etc. in addition to allergies. Some of the most common food additives which can serve as allergens include sulfites aspartame parabens tartrazine benzoates nitrates nitrites and BHT BHA. Jonny Bowden PhD CNS (aka The Nutrition Myth Buster) said he believes that food issues have a two-fold cause first being GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in foods such as corn and soy which are increasing in widespread availability as they are included in numerous packed and processed food products. These products he said have never been in the human diet and contain novel compounds that our bodies don t recognize and treat like foreign invaders. This causes widespread inflammation and can over time cause a general weakening of the gut wall (also known as leaky gut). When our normal gut integrity is disrupted like that it s like doing aerobics classes with a hairline fracture in your tibia--even normal movements are likely to cause injury because you have a weakened system. The second he sees is gluten or wheat in general but he observed many say that these have been around for years so why now The wheat typically consumed in modern times bears little resemblance to the wheat of yore. Today s wheat is a kind of mutant wheat called dwarf wheat and as Dr. Davis pointed out in his book Wheat Belly it is a very different grain than what was consumed say 100 years ago. Dr. Kachko also pointed to systemic inflammation as playing a role in creating sensitivities intolerances or allergies to foods. When the body is systemically inflamed the immune system plays a vital role in that inflammation and thus becomes more responsive to all things they come into contact with that are foreign to their bodies. This sets the stage for allergic over-activity even in response to things that have not been allergenic typically in the past he explained. Add to all this the population s gradual constitutional weakening due to all these toxic stressors and more and you have a perfect storm contributing to the increase of allergies and sensitivities emphasized Dr. King. Sadly each generation becomes more susceptible to toxins allergies and sensitivities ... unless the tide is turned by using homeopathic medicine proactively. Support Solutions Dr. Kachko recommended the following protocol to successfully provide support for clients patients with food issues eliminate allergens repair immune tolerance mechanisms reduce immune hyperactivity reduce inflammation repair gut mucosa and rein- troduce proper gut flora. Supplements he likes to recommend include vitamin C quercetin hesperidin methyl chalcone stinging nettle NAC and butterbur. Meanwhile he observed studies are underway to determine if oral sublingual or epicutaneous immunotherapy is safe and effective for food allergies with some promising results. Dr. Bowden s protocol is also multiphased. First he ensures the client patient starts eating an anti-inflammatory diet-- such as apples onions tons of fish and fish oil a high amount of vegetables fruits and beans and a ton of fiber. Nearly no one gets enough fiber these days and a fiber supplement--like SunFiber--is a wise addition to a daily shake. SunFiber is mostly soluble fiber which is precisely the kind that gut bacteria feed on he recommended. Testing Testing I ndividuals feel symptoms of intolerances from foods a bit differently and this is further distinguished by perceptions of symptoms. Some folks may not really feel the bloat while others say it practically knocks them down and out. You can of course perform an oral test-- quizzing your client patient about symptoms when they occur how intense (1 to 10 scale) and what he or she may have already tried and to what result. But there are interesting and easy tests to help you more precisely identify potential causes of food intolerances sensitivities and allergies. Robert Kachko ND LAc of InnerSource Health New York advised to consider inflammatory marker assessment liver and detox pathway genetics and intestinal flora assessment. The Health Food Intolerance test from Nevada-based bioSell Solutions has been developed to help people determine the foods that may be the root cause of their discomfort. According to Gini Bourner marketing director elimination diets have been utilized since 1926 but this protocol takes time to yield the identification of the problem foods. And although many people are aware of the obvious trigger foods many are not aware of the hidden trigger ingredients. We do not recommend making changes to the diet before taking the test Bourner asserted. The purpose of the test is to determine the foods currently being consumed that may be triggering symptoms. We provide four different food panels to suit the budget and diet of the client patient. She explained that the Health Food Intolerance test provides quantitative results that are categorized into three different groups Normal (green) Borderline (yellow) and Reactive (red). The antibody reactivity associated with each food can be compared to allow the practitioner to devise an optimal dietary regime based on food antibody level. Many patients may be overwhelmed trying to eliminate a number of foods therefore the foods with the highest result can be eliminated and the others rotated she suggested. When the foods are re-introduced into the diet we recommend re-introducing the foods one at a time starting with the food with the lowest reactivity up to food with the highest last. The Health Food Intolerance test according to Bourner uses a new state-of-the-art immunoassay based on microarray technology to detect food-specific IgG antibodies. Purified food extracts are printed onto nitrocellulose pads on a glass microscope slide together with calibration standards and controls. A blood sample provided by the patient is diluted and dispensed onto each printed microarray. Food IgG antibodies if present bind to the food extracts. The bound food IgG antibodies are subsequently detected through the use of other immunoassay reagents that generate a green color in the presence of the food IgG antibodies. The density of this green color is measured using a high-resolution scanner. The results generated by the scanner are then calibrated against the standards using special reporting software to give quantitative results. This software then produces a tailor-made printout of the final food IgG antibody result for each food on the requested food panel. AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 21 Two products Dr. Bowden also likes to recommend in these cases are Colon and Bowel Probiotic and the BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support both by Terry Naturally. Colon and Bowel Probiotic he said features a really good blend of active cultures such as lactobacillus plantarum lactobacillus rhamnosus and bifidobacterium bifidum and it s non-dairy based so good for people with diet sensitivities. Plus it is guaranteed to contain 20 billion live active bacteria at the time of purchase. BosMed Intestinal Bowel Support is the second must have in Dr. Bowden s food sensitivity banishing toolbox. He pointed out that in a couple of clinical studies comparing boswellia to drugs like mesalazine boswellia was just as effective as the drug without the potential for side effects. Finally he recommends prebiotics notably Oligo30 which contains a broad spectrum of fibers that the gut bacteria feed on such as FOS (fructooligosaccharides) resistant starch and GOS (galactooligosaccharides). Quercetin and vitamin C along with vitamins B5 B6 magnesium bromelain licorice and peppermint oil are featured in Rainbow Light s seasonal Allergy Rescue. Since many Food Allergy Intolerance & Sensitivity What s the Difference By Dr. Chad Larson T he terms food allergy food intolerance and food sensitivity are often bandied about and used interchangeably. But there are indeed differences between each term each is its own health issue that varies and necessitates different treatments. Yes symptoms can sometimes seem similar however what s actually occurring in the body can be often vastly different and identifying those complex internal processes is the key to effective treatment. Here are the descriptions of each. enzymes that break down particular foods. The most recognized is lactose intolerance for example which is caused by the body s inability to produce sufficient amounts of lactase. Symptoms of food intolerance are wide and varied and are therefore often difficult to diagnose. However food intolerances do not involve IgE antibodies or the immune system so testing is an effective way to rule this out. Food Sensitivity (combination) Food sensitivity is perhaps the most complicated of these three classifications as it combines many of the nebulous non-immunologic symptoms of food intolerances with the complex immune responses that are typical of food allergies (characterized by delayed IgG and IgA immune responses rather than the faster IgE variety). Testing for food sensitivity is especially important because while symptoms can be less severe or obvious than those of food allergies the possibility of long-term damage is a real danger. Celiac disease is a prime example. When individuals with celiac disease eat gluten their immune systems attack the small intestine which after time damages the sensitive intestinal tissue. If left untreated celiac disease can lead to the development of other autoimmune disorders. As a natural practitioner naturopath you can assuredly be pivotal in discerning which issue is prominent and taking a long-term approach to success. Chad Larson NMD DC CCN CSCS is an advisor and consultant on Clinical Consulting Team for Cyrex Laboratories. Food Allergy (immune response) A food allergy is a reaction caused by the immune system s response to a certain food. When the immune system recognizes this food as an invader it creates Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies to fight the allergen thereby releasing chemicals such as histamines. The resulting inflammation can create symptoms ranging from itches and rashes to stomach pain and respiratory issues. In the most severe cases these reactions are immediate and can be life-threatening. Research estimates that up to 15 percent of Americans suffer from food allergies. Food Intolerance (digestive difficulty) Food intolerance is characterized by difficulty in digesting certain foods. While this can be caused by varying factors (eg. poor diet or reactions to food additives) there are some individuals who lack sufficient of the mechanisms are similar between food allergies and respiratory allergies this product is worth trying for people with food allergies to reduce symptoms he suggested. Most Rainbow Light products contain a digestive-enhancing blend containing highquality ginger juice powder digestive enzymes and in some cases probiotics that also serve to reduce the possibility of food allergies he added. King Bio has formulated 33 homeopathic medicines in its practitioner-only line that specifically address the causes of a large number of allergic and toxic reactions. In more than 40 years of working with patients and 25 years of teaching CEU courses Dr. King asserted he has devised simple ways for practitioners to discern and discover which remedies will help their patients. Because this area is so complex I teach how to go through the products quickly muscle testing along what I call Allergy Alley and Toxicity Trail. These products address everything from animal hair and dander allergies to nuts and seeds to heavy metal toxicity and outdoor air pollution he described. Studies have shown that taking a homeopathic preparation of an allergen for example can help the body safely overcome the reaction. Homeopathic detox formulas from King Bio are formulated to release the poisons from the body and then prevent them from building back up. For example King Bio s Heavy Metal Detox formula contains 26 ingredients. Some of those ingredients address toxic effects of aluminum arsenic cadmium lead and mercury. In addition to multiple ingredients for broad-spectrum relief we also use multiple potencies including the rare LM series in our practitioner-only line explained Dr. King. This combination approach is called contemporary homeopathy and he asserted he has found it profoundly effective by allowing the body s energy to resonate with the exact combination it needs to correct the problem. It s like cracking the code on a combination safe--and contemporary homeopathic medicine allows the body to shed toxins (and then to recognize them in the future and keep them out) in a way that nothing else can. That s why I see contemporary homeopathic medicine as the planet s greatest hope for safely combating allergies and toxicities. There are several supplements that help ease or smooth out symptoms of erratic food sensitivities. According to Dr. Hobbs ginger has been used for at least 2 000 years as a warming digestive aid that increases blood flow to the intestines increases bile flow and stimulates the production of other digestive enzymes 22 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to probioticsinternational for info about this advertiser plus it also contains protein-digesting enzymes. He explained that many food sensitivities intolerances and even allergies can occur due to the inability of the digestive tract to completely break down proteins and other constituents leading to larger and more immunologically reactive macro-molecules. Quercetin is a common ingredient in many Rainbow Light formulas particularly Allergy Rescue created to help reduce the symptoms of seasonal and air-borne allergies. Quercetin has been shown to suppress mast cell activation a mechanism directly involved in allergic reactions to foods such as shellfish and dairy (milk and eggs). Additionally Dr. Hobbs noted enzymes such as papain and bromelain have been utilized traditionally for centuries to help enhance digestion and assimilation reducing the possibility of unpleasant reactions to particular foods. According to Maday Labrador Floridabased Enzymedica s vice president of education the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases clarifies that food intol- erances involve the inability to produce the enzymes or sufficient amounts of the enzymes necessary to digest particular foods. Reducing or eliminating those trigger foods is often the first step to managing food intolerance--should those foods be easily and quickly identified. However dietary changes combined with enzyme supplementation may certainly address the discomfort and provide complete digestive support. Enzymes that are commonly used Labrador pointed out include the enzyme lactase for lactose intolerance. Specific proteases including DPP-IV target gluten and casein while alpha-galactosidase provides digestive support for beans and vegetables. Commonly with one intolerance comes another Labrador stated. Enzymedica s Enzyme Science Intolerance Complex contains significant activity of the enzymes lactase DPP-IV cellulase xylanase alphagalactosidase and additional enzymes in a single capsule. Use of a broad-spectrum enzyme blend formulated for multiple food intolerances may help reduce food component particle size and lessen discomforts related to foods which contain lactose gluten casein phenols beans grains and fibrous vegetables. The process of identifying the trigger foods trying to eliminate them through significant dietary changes and creating a protocol for the client patient to follow is not a quick solution. But it does have lasting outstanding results in dramatically improved well-being. And doesn t this make sense Between 1997 and 2011 food allergies in children increased by 50 percent. More than 80 000 man-made chemicals and other elements (such as electromagnetic and radio frequencies) may make the body more vulnerable to developing specific food intolerances and reactions. Many of the same immune triggers and messengers that are activated after exposure to air pollutants such as IgE are also associated with food allergies. Some of the most common food additives which can serve as allergens include sulfites aspartame parabens tartrazine benzoates nitrates nitrites and BHT BHA. Studies are being conducted to determine if oral sublingual or epicutaneous immunotherapy are safe and effective for food allergies. Studies have shown that taking a homeopathic preparation of an allergen for example can help the body safely overcome the reaction. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION bioSell Solutions Enzymedica Enzyme Science King Bio Rainbow Light 24 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 THE GO-TO RESOURCE FOR ALTERNATIVE & INTEGRATIVE HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS NP s Upcoming Issue Highlights September 9 16 16 ad closing October November 10 18 16 ad closing Children s Health Stress & Anxiety Our 2016 Media Planner Is Available At 2016-Media-Planner Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP Managing Blood Sugar Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome An integrative approach is the best method for successfully treating patients with blood sugar disorders and metabolic syndrome. By Karen Morse B lood sugar fluctuations can happen to anyone with symptoms such as nausea extreme hunger and trembling happening as a result of blood sugar dropping due to something as common as a missed meal. Diabetes a life-threatening disease and probably the most well-known blood sugar disorder affects more than 29 million Americans while an additional 86 million Americans are considered to have prediabetes according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). Each year 1.4 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed in the U.S. and in 2010 diabetes remained listed as the seventh leading cause of death in America. Another serious health condition related to blood sugar that affects approximately 34 percent of American adults is metabolic syndrome which is diagnosed with three out of the following five symptoms--high blood sugar low high density lipoprotein (HDL) high triglyceride levels high blood pressure and obesity or large waist circumference are present. Prevalence for metabolic syndrome is also on the rise globally. A study published in a 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) estimated that overall prevalence of metabolic syndrome increased from 32.9 percent to 34.7 percent from 2003-2004 to 2011-2012 and from 2003 to 2012 prevalence was higher in women than in men. When the study authors looked at prevalence by race the group most affected were Hispanics followed by non-Hispanic whites and then African-Americans. With regard to age close to 47 percent of people surveyed in the study were baby boomers-- 60 years of age or older. Cheri Calbom MS CN author of The Juice Lady s Sugar Knockout attributed the rise of blood sugar disorders and metabolic syndrome to diet. Sugar intake has increased to about 20 teaspoons per day she stated. The liver simply can t handle that much sugar. When you overload the liver with sugar you set yourself up for a metabolic disorder. Jacob Teitelbaum MD medical director at the Practitioners Alliance Network agreed and pointed out that the average American diet consists of approximately 140 pounds of added sugar each year turning people into sugar addicts. Dr. Teitelbaum expressed that there are four major types of sugar addiction. He published a book on the phenomenon The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction which explains how to address each type. Other major factors Dr. Teitelbaum believed to contribute to rising rates of metabolic syndrome include lifestyle choices such as decreased exercise and avoidance of sunshine as well as inadequate testosterone levels in males. Additional lifestyle factors which could give rise to symptoms causing metabolic syndrome include too much stress and lack of sleep. Shailinder Sodhi BAMS ND president of Washington-based Ayush Herbs Inc. and Dr. Priya Walia the company s naturopathic 26 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 and ayurvedic research consultant shared that stress reduction techniques such as meditation and breathing practices should also be considered in a natural treatment approach to effectively address the mental emotional and physical level of well-being. They also suggested an appropriate practice for good sleep hygiene which includes winding down for one to two hours before going to bed incorporating practices such as journaling meditation and breathing practices. For meditation patients should sit in a quiet comfortable location. Focus on the breath and let thoughts pass as they arise the doctors shared. Treatment Approaches Dr. Teitelbaum stressed that an integrative approach is necessary to effectively reverse metabolic syndrome including changes to diet adequate hormonal support nutritional and herbal support changes to lifestyle and in some cases use of prescription medications such as metformin. Treating the sugar addiction that occurs as a result of the excessive amount of added sugar in the average diet is key. Calborn concurred adding that sugar should represent no more than 10 percent of a person s diet. Read labels she cautioned. Sugar is added to many packaged and pre-made foods. We need to be more conscious of where it s sneaking into our foods today such as marinara sauce yogurt peanut butter bread salad dressing fruit juice dried fruit (coating) and breakfast cereal. Being mindful of your food intake goes beyond counting calories said Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc founder and lead formulator at Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas in California. For people with concerns about diabetes metabolic syndrome or weight it s critical to emphasize foods that are low on the glycemic index. Good choices include high-fiber vegetables whole grains and legumes and many nuts. Healthy fats such as olive and coconut oil improve feelings of fullness and help to avoid the reach for high carb sweet and salty foods. Hormonal support was also highlighted in Dr. Teitelbaum s recommended treatment approach. This includes ensuring testosterone levels in both women and men are within normal ranges. If low thyroid is a problem this should also be addressed. Additionally researchers have discovered that low levels of adropin a hormone scientists believe places an important role in regulating glucose levels may be associated with obesity and thus pose a risk for metabolic syndrome. Further studies are needed to learn more about adropin but researchers are hopeful that use of this hormone in the future will be a benefit to people who suffer from diabetes and other blood sugar disorders. Nutritional and herbal support are a third focus of treatment for those living with metabolic syndrome. Naheed Ali MD PhD author of Living with Metabolic Syndrome agreed. Foods such as salmon vegetables legumes and fruit are strongly encouraged because they are not processed so they are easier to digest process and increase metabolic activity he explained. In addition he noted that herbal supplements are effective for regulating glucose and lipid metabolism as well as improving cardiac health and other symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome. A study was performed in 2011 about how consumers choose their supplements and 55 percent of them answered that they go with their doctors recommendations he said. A fourth area where fundamental change must occur in order to improve symptoms of metabolic syndrome is lifestyle. Practitioners and research scientists agree that Americans are not getting enough exercise and many spend little-to-no time outdoors. The ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous aerobic activity five times per week in addition to two sessions of strength training. While many people have been scared off from spending time in the sun due to increased skin cancer risk moderate exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light does have its benefits. A 2014 study published in the ADA s journal Diabetes found that UV light slowed weight gain in overfed mice due to the skin s release of nitric oxide. These observations further indicate that the amounts of nitric oxide released from the skin may have beneficial effects not only on heart and blood vessels but also on the way our body regulates metabolism stated study author Dr. Martin Feelisch professor of experimental medicine and integrative biology at the University of Southampton. Lastly if necessary practitioners should consider treatment with reliable prescription drugs such as metformin which is well-known for its ability to control blood sugar in patients who have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. blood sugar disorders and metabolic syndrome. Research has shown that certain minerals and other compounds including chromium have been effective. Chromium Chromium is an essential mineral that can affect how insulin helps the body regulate its blood sugar levels. Low levels of chromium can increase blood sugar cholesterol and triglycerides increasing a person s risk for chronic illnesses such as heart disease diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Food sources of chromium include brewer s yeast broccoli and whole grains such as barley and oats. New York-based Patient One Medinutritionals offers GC Factors a combination of natural compounds that support healthy glucose and insulin metabolism and promote healthy blood sugar levels. A key ingredient in this supplement is ChromeMate a niacinbound chromium complex that research has shown effective for blood sugar control lipid modification and maintaining a healthy body weight. In a randomized double-blind placebocontrolled trial researchers found that ChromeMate significantly lowered fasting blood sugar levels while the placebo had no effect. Another study which looked at the effects of chromium and exercise on obese female subjects found that women who took ChromeMate in combination with an exercise regimen experienced significant weight loss as well as a lowered insulin response when oral glucose was administered. Another main ingredient in this proprietary blend is Cinnulin PF a cinnamon-based extract that has demonstrated the ability to reduce risk factors associated with both diabetes and heart disease in clinical research studies. Clinical trials with human subjects have shown cinnamon s ability to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and keep blood pressure levels in check. Patient One Medinutritionals formulas are both gluten free and non-GMO (genetically modified organism). Herbal Remedies Taking supplements such as ginseng spirulina and maca root are effective for lowering blood pressure improving metabolism and improving diabetes Dr. Ali shared. Ginseng is a Chinese herb that is concentrated into a tablet. It is effective for regulating glucose and lipid metabolism which allows patients to manage their weight in a positive way. He explained that spirulina contains the pigment Supplementation When combined with the right diet proper dietary supplementation can be especially beneficial for people who are suffering from AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 27 Managing Blood Sugar Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome phycocyanin which helps lowers blood pressure. Maca root is a root that has been converted into a tablet to help improve heart health and the effects of diabetes and other manifestations of metabolic syndrome. Calbom recommended another plantbased supplement berberine for its ability to help balance blood sugar. In its hydrochloride form [berberine] has been used to treat diabetes and cardiovascular dysfunction. It works on the insulin receptor increasing the cell s glucose consumption. It also is helpful for the cardiovascular system lipids and liver. Berberine lowers elevated liver enzymes and is very good for diabetics with liver problems. Dr. Teitelbaum seconded berberine as an effective way to treat patients with metabolic syndrome. Three hundred to 500 mg [of berberine] three times a day at the start of each meal was shown to be as effective as metformin for decreasing blood sugars and also lowers cholesterol he stated. A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial published in the journal Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders in 2013 found a remission of metabolic syndrome in the group who received berberine with decreases in waist circumference systolic blood pressure triglycerides and total insulin secretion. Ayush Herbs offers BioGymnema an ayurvedic herbal blend that helps maintain blood sugar and insulin levels already within a normal range as well as supporting the pancreas. The blend of herbs includes gymnema sylvestre that is known for supporting a healthy blood sugar as well as for energy metabolism for urinary kidney and digestive support as well as a general antioxidant. Pterocarpus marsupium ocimum sanctum momordica charantia and azadirachta indica help maintain blood sugar and insulin levels already within a normal range as well as supporting the pancreas. Advanced Glucose Support from Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas is an integrative formula that combines botanical extracts and medicinal mushrooms drawn from traditional Chinese ayurvedic and naturopathic medicine with essential minerals and other compounds. It works via multiple mechanisms and includes the following Gymnema sylvestre Promotes insulin release hypolipidemic and hypoglycemic activity helps maintain healthy blood pressure and supports a healthy weight. Cinnamomum cassia Supports against formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGE) and promotes glucose tolerance. Trigonella foenum For antioxidant benefits as well as helping maintain glucose control and promoting insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake in peripheral tissue. Emblica officinalis For antioxidant benefits maintaining glucose tolerance and healthy triglycerides levels. Ocimum sanctum For antioxidant benefits as well as hypolipidemic and immunesupporting effects. Syzygium jambolanum For antioxidant benefits as well as to delay starch to sugar conversion. Several other ingredients are included in the complex that are known to improve blood sugar disorders and metabolic syndrome including alpha lipoic acid (ALA) taurine and zinc. Supporting Patients For the practitioner education is critical to helping patients. In today s society people are trying to refrain from taking medications that may not be necessary especially if there are holistic options said Dr. Ali. The best way for practitioners to tend to their patients is to educate themselves as to what natural approaches their patients can take before dietary and vitamin supplements are discussed. It s important to work with companies like Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas that provide educational resources for both patients and practitioners including research patient guides and protocol information Dr. Eliaz explained. These resources can allow practitioners to make informed choices and help their patients understand the benefits of specific products and how to use them. References Butler A. A. Tam C. S. Stanhope K. L. Wolfe B. M. Ali M. R. O Keeffe M. ... & Havel P. J. (2012). Low circulating adropin concentrations with obesity and aging correlate with risk factors for metabolic disease and increase after gastric bypass surgery in humans. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (10) 3783-3791. Geldenhuys S. Hart P. H. Endersby R. Jacoby P. Feelisch M. Weller R. B. ... & Gorman S. (2014). Ultraviolet radiation suppresses obesity and symptoms of metabolic syndrome independently of vitamin D in mice fed a high-fat diet. Diabetes 63 (11) 3759-3769. Rizvi S. I. & Mishra N. (2013). Traditional Indian medicines used for the management of diabetes mellitus. Journal of Diabetes Research 2013. According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) more than 29 million Americans have diabetes while an additional 86 million Americans are considered prediabetic. Approximately 34 percent of American adults have metabolic syndrome and the prevalence is on the rise globally according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Forty-seven percent of the global population diagnosed with metabolic syndrome is over the age of 60. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Ayush Herbs Inc. Clinical Synergy Professional Formulas Patient One MediNutritionals 28 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 2016 Company Profiles W ould you like insight on the companies offering dietary supplements and natural products for you to provide your patients Interested in knowing about the extensive quality assurance measures they put in place and precise formulation techniques Looking for insight on the testing services available to you or the origins of proven branded ingredients Then look no further than the Natural Practitioner s 2016 Company Profiles. Each company in this special section has provided insight to their beginnings their products special services and quality control methods as well as contact information and key executives in an effort to more quickly connect with our readers. Natural Practitioner s Company Profiles section serves as a vital reference tool representing a strong crosssection of the companies servicing the practitioner market. 30 NATURAL PRACTITIONER Following is an index of companies participating in this year s Company Profiles section Albion .......................................................................31 America s Finest Inc. ...............................................32 Bio-Kult ....................................................................33 Daiwa Health Development ...................................34 DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont...........................35 Emerson Ecologics ...................................................36 healthycell.................................................................45 House of Sanjevani ..................................................37 Hyalogic....................................................................46 Kyowa Hakko USA...................................................38 Natural Partners.......................................................39 New Hope Network .................................................40 Protocol for Life Balance .........................................41 Quintron Instrument Company Inc. .....................42 RLC Labs ..................................................................43 Scandinavian Formulas Inc. ...................................44 Vitanica.....................................................................47 Women s International Pharmacy...........................48 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Albion 2016 Company Profiles Human Nutrition Division 101 No. Main St. Clearfield UT 84015 Phone (800) 222-0733 (801) 773-4631 Fax (801) 773-4633 Email tjohnson Website Investing in Science to Help the Industry Stay Strong B alchem is a supplier of Albion Minerals highly effective nutritional mineral forms that can be easily absorbed by the human body. These special organic molecules are known as mineral amino acid chelates they are used in nutraceutical supplements and food fortification to provide complete organic mineral nutrition giving consumers the greatest chance to absorb minerals for their best biological advantage. Company History A degreed pharmacist and biochemist Harvey H. Ashmead PhD started Albion. Dr. Ashmead began to research how minerals were absorbed and used in the body in order to make mineral-based products more palatable. His interest in mineral research led him to Mead Johnson then to Pfizer and finally to his decision to open a company dedicated to safe effective easily tolerated mineral products--Albion. Under Dr. Ashmead s leadership the newly formed company s involvement in mineral research grew. In the 70s and 80s Albion opened an in-house laboratory and developed an extensive network of relationships with researchers from universities around the globe. As researchers came to know the Albion name they associated it with minerals whose quality and performance was consistent and they sought it out almost exclusively. As researchers came to know the Albion name they associated it with minerals whose quality and performance was consistent and they sought it out almost exclusively. Contract spray drying studies (in animals and humans) 85 human clinical trials and 125 peerreviewed published studies. Albion research findings have guided the use of mineral supplements for human health by governmental educational and business interests. Quality Assurance Albion pioneered the use of fast-fourier transforming infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) as a validation technique of mineral chelates. This technology measures the bond energy between the ligand and mineral to ensure full and proper chelation. Albion remains the only mineral company that can guarantee each batch of mineral bisglycinate chelates have the molecular signature indicating that chelation has actually occurred. Core Products Ferrochel (Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate) TRAACS (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) Calcium Magnesium Iron Copper Manganese Molybdenum Zinc Vanadium Chromium DimaCal (DiCalcium Malate) DiMagnesium Malate CCM (Calcium Citrate Malate) Calci-K Complex (Calcium Potassium Phosphate Citrate) Creatine MagnaPower (Magnesium Creatine Chelate) Future Goals Albion will continue to increase its leadership in the future of mineral forms and delivery systems as evidenced by the expansion of the company s staff of R&D scientists investment in research and the addition of a new in-house cell biology lab. Albion sets itself apart by investing in science to help the industry stay strong. R&D Efforts Clinical Substantiation The results of past and ongoing studies conducted by Albion scientists and studies conducted by renowned third-party institutions using Albion minerals have resulted in data from approximately 200 scientific Services Customized mineral blends Contract mineral chelate manufacturing Key Executives Todd Johnson Director of Marketing Rick Harnish Sales Manager East Coast Theresa Seaquist Sales Manager West Coast AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 31 America s Finest Inc. 2016 Company Profiles 20 Lake Dr. East Windsor NJ 08520 Phone (732) 985-9899 Toll Free (800) 350-3305 Fax (732) 985-9851 Email info Website Year Founded 1992 Blending Herbal Traditions Current Scientific Research and Manufacturing Methods merica s Finest Inc. (AFI) was formed in 1992 to provide herbal and nutritional formulas that blend the rich herbal traditions of ancient cultures with the latest in current scientific research and manufacturing methods. This allows the company to provide the finest natural health care supplements to compliment a total wellness lifestyle. Where on the one hand modern health care has showed dramatic results through its emphasis on science and research ayurveda (which means the science of life ) on the other hand has shown for several thousand years that through herbal and nutritional supplements human beings can maintain or restore the body s balance for optimum wellness. At AFI the company combines the knowledge from modern health care and ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India and the oldest formal health care system in the world. Ayurveda has influenced ancient medical practices in Tibet China and even those found in Europe. Sidha yet another medical modality has been influenced by ayurveda. This system is based on the use of practical knowledge to manage health in such a way that it prevents disease prolongs and improves the quality of life. Science and tradition should not be adversarial but mutually supportive assuring the consistency and efficacy of time-tested solutions to optimum health. At AFI the company provides the best of both worlds with safe innovative and beneficial approaches to personal health care. AFI products are a new class of dietary supplements designed for a modern approach to the traditional quest for optimum health. A team of researchers pharmacists and medical practitioners are involved in the formulation of this new family of products which combines science and tradition--science for proven results and tradition for optimizing health and quality of life. The company also provides training manuals which give product information formulation and ingredients. A Key Market Areas Adaptogen Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant Bioavailability enhancer Blood sugar support Body weight and composition Brain and memory health Digestive health Healthy aging Healthy heart support Immune support Joint support Probiotics Sports nutrition Women s health ice next day shipping the company caters to health food stores and doctors offices. AFI uses certified products and proprietary quality ingredients from Sabinsa Corporation. What s New For joint health a unique bi-layer tablet concept approach has been adapted at AFI to bring ingredients with different synergies together. NiLitis-SR represents this approach by uniquely combining Curcumin C3 Complex (curcuma longa) Boswellin (Boswellia serrata) and ginger together. This patented combination has a clinical study showing increased walking distance for patients. AFI has taken the next big step in curcumin supplements by offering the most absorbed metabolite tetrahydrocurcumin in the form of C3 Reduct tablets. Gone are the days of orange powder dust these white C3 Reduct tablets offer the benefits of curcumin and retain all the principle activities of curcumin in a white easy-to-swallow tablet. AKBBA is one of the strongest natural boswellic fractions that is reported to be mainly responsible for the health benefits of the Boswellia serrata extract. AFI s latest SKU AKBBA MAX combines two proprietary natural extracts from the gum resin of Boswellia serrata (Indian frankincense) AKBBA and Boswellin PS provide boswellic acids and natural polysaccharides from Boswellia serrata co-formulated with BioPerine a natural bioavailability enhancer from black pepper fruit. Major Products Service Offerings Best sellers include AFI s Curcuminoids C3 Capsules and Tablets HGH Dopa 400 ForsLean NiLitis SR and Boswellin & Curcuminoids. AFI s coleus forskholi product for building lean body mass Forslean is a branded ingredient from Sabinsa patented for increasing lean body mass while decreasing body fat. If customers are looking for the finest turmeric product on the market they can turn to AFI s Super Curcumin product. It has 1 000 mg of patented curcumin extract called Curcumin C3 Complex combined with 5 mg of BioPerine the only patented black pepper extract on the market for gut absorption. This product exemplifies how consumers should be taking curcumin extracts as it is natural and clinically validated. Services Online ordering customer serv- Key Personnel Barbara Cotton Manager 32 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Bio-Kult 2016 Company Profiles Manufactured by Probiotics International Ltd (Protexin) Lopen Head Somerset U.K. TA13 5JH Email info Website Protexin Science and Nature in Balance Available from Emerson Ecologics Natural Partners and NutTriVene With ongoing commitment to research and its own cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) accredited manufacturing facility Protexin is one of the U.K. s supplement industry s most established and trusted companies when it comes to gut health. As a business Protexin invests a The company is also seeing rapid large amount into research workdemand from the U.S. market as more and ing closely with leading universimore practitioners are discovering their ties hospitals and research centers portfolio of products and are impressed by around the world on a range of their extensive research. ongoing research programs. As a company Protexin s belief is that Recent research has been carried nature is an ideal source of effective health confirming the effectiveness of Bio-Kult care solutions and that applied Infantis a product designed research and understanding can especially for babies and chilharness these solutions to the dren. The study looked at the benefit of both humans and effects of probiotics on childanimals. hood constipation. The random That s why all products that ized controlled double-blind carry the Protexin name are clinical trial published in the developed under our guiding International Journal of philosophy--science and nature Pediatrics concluded that there in balance commented Janine was evidence that the sevenJanine Barlow Barlow technical and new prodstrain probiotic mixture used can uct development manager. help to improve stool frequency stool conProtexin has a purpose built state-of sistency abdominal pain and fecal incontithe-art facility in Somerset U.K. affording nence in children with chronic constipation. it complete control over its production. In a different randomized controlled Furthermore it actually produces its own trial published in the Journal of Paediatrics strains of bacteria which can be identified and Child Health the seven bacterial by the PXN (Protexin) number written by strains within Bio-Kult Infantis were shown to significantly improve symptoms in infants suffering with colic. The researchers added that the study supports the case for larger trials to see whether probiotics can prevent infant colic. Protexin s investment in research is significant both in terms of finances but also time it is a long process from setting up the study design then working with the clinical research organizations then going through ethics and then the actual study. It is a long and detailed process--it s a big commitment for us but we believe it is important to put a lot of resources into clinical trials Barlow said. the strain name. So we know exactly what goes into our products Barlow said adding We manufacture to pharmaceutical MHRA cGMP standards so all our customers around the world can be confident that our products are the highest quality. with the sector and it supports practitioners in a variety of ways. We have fantastic relationships with all the practitioners we work with and our team of practitioners in house are always on hand to chat through our products or latest research with any practitioner who is keen to learn more Barlow explained. In terms of why practitioners value and recommend Protexin s products to their clients we produce quality products and the research we conduct is really robust she added. Being cGMP accredited also means we adhere to pharmaceutical standards she said adding What we say on the pack is actually in the product to the end of the shelf life and that is important. But why are practitioners such an important part of the business Practitioners are the people who have the ability to spread the word and to educate and their recommendation carries a lot of weight behind it Barlow commented. Research Investment Brand Portfolio The Bio-Kult line-up of products has grown in recent years and as well as the original 14-strain live bacteria product there is also Bio-Kult Cand a a live bacteria supplement with added grapefruit seed extract and garlic. When taken daily it can help strengthen the body s natural defenses against candida. Bio-Kult Pro-Cyan contains cranberry extract two specifically selected live bacteria strains and vitamin A which contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of mucous membranes that can be found lining the urinary tract. The newest addition to the range is Bio-Kult Infantis an advanced multi-strain formula for babies and young children. Protexin has won the Queen s Award for International Trade in 2011 and again in 2016. It has also been awarded a two-star rating award from Best Companies which is considered outstanding. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. A Practitioner Brand Protexin is a company closely aligned with practitioners--there is a strong synergy AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 33 Daiwa Health Development 2016 Company Profiles 1411 W. 190th St. Ste. 375 Gardena CA 90248 Phone (877) 4-DHD MED (877) 434-3638 Email info Website Developing Further Avenues of Health-related Products aiwa Health Development Inc. (DHD) is the U.S. subsidiary of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. The parent company based in Tokyo Japan has become a leading research and manufacturing company. Striving to create new value in the field of bioscience Daiwa focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of nutraceuticals functional foods and cosmetics. Founded in 1990 Daiwa Pharmaceutical provides products and distribution to 27 countries. While respecting the laws of nature DHD applies the latest scientific methods to prove the value and safety of natural materials and attaches great importance to traditional health care wisdom and practices. This open-minded approach has positioned Daiwa to develop further avenues of health-related products in a wide range of market segments. Daiwa draws on its core commitments to research product innovation and total quality management. In addition DHD is guided by its corporate mission to improve the health and well-being of mankind. DHD believes that the true happiness we seek comes when each one of us can enjoy a healthy active life. Such happiness is achieved through the good health of our fellow human beings as part of the natural environment in which we live as well as nature itself. A core nutraceutical from DHD is Rice Bran Arabinoxylan Compound (RBAC) formerly known as Biobran MGN-3. RBAC is a unique immune modulator derived from rice bran. Biobran MGN-3 has become the gold standard immune product worldwide for people with seriously compromised immune systems as well as those who are healthy but interested in maintaining immune health. RBAC is sold in the U.S. to doctors and other health care professionals under the brand name of BRM4. It is a dietary supplement for strengthening the immune response. DHD specializes in identifying and developing science-based innovative unique natural ingredients and compounds specifically formulated to promote optimal health and healing. DHD exclu- D sively provides the following natural products BRM4 BRM4 is a dietary supplement derived from rice bran modified with an enzyme from Shiitake mushroom extract. The active ingredient is rice bran arabinoxylan compound (RBAC). The active ingredient in BRM4 is shown in extensive scientific research to strengthen the immune system by increasing the activity and the count of the white blood cells the most important element of the immune response. Scientific studies confirm that RBAC will elevate the activity of the natural killer (NK) cells and will increase the count of the B T and helper cells as well as the macrophage and cytokines. BRM4 is also shown to be an immune modulator and will not over-stimulate the immune system. BRM4 s active ingredient is further proven to be safe non-toxic and will not interact with prescription medications. Visit or contact DHD info for scientific research studies and other literature. Maintain normal blood circulation by sustaining a balance between blood clot formation and blood clot dissolution Lesson blood clot complications caused by unhealthy lifestyle prolonged travel and occupations requiring standing for long periods of time Promote optimal heart health Daiwa Krill Oil Daiwa Krill Oil is a super antioxidant composed of pure oil derived from Antarctic krill. Krill are plentiful tiny bright pink shrimp-like crustaceans. Krill oil is the only marine oil that includes a combination of three key substances the human body needs to function properly omega-3 essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA) phospholipids (an important component of the cell membranes) and antioxidants including astaxanthin (a potent carotenoid that gives krill its redorange color). Krill oil provides the body s best source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. It is rich in phospholipid EPA and DHA providing greater bio-availability superior to fish and flax oils. Krill oil also delivers the fatty acids omegas 6 and 9 as well as vitamins A and E. Daiwa Krill are harvested responsibly. Daiwa Krill Oil benefits Superior source of DHA and EPA omega-3s Greater bio-availability than fish oil Promotes heart joint and brain health Source of astaxanthin powerful antioxidant Relives discomfort from PMS Eases the transition into menopause No fishy aftertaste These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Plasmanex1 New from DHD Plasmanex1 is a break through cutting edge dietary supplement providing the innovative unique active ingredient bacillopeptidase F proprietary blend (BFPB). BFPB is a natural blood coagulation modulator derived from an isolated enzyme in natto but with much greater efficacy than natto kinase. This science-based nutrient is a natural soy enzyme extracted by using a patented fermentation production process. Scientific research has shown that BFPB in Plasmanex1 can Support healthy blood circulation Reduce the cold and numbing in extremities especially important in winter months 34 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont 20 New England Dr. Ste. 10 Essex Junction VT 05452 Phone (802) 878-5508 Website 2016 Company Profiles DaVinci Benefits Strength on Experience For more than 40 years DaVinci Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research product development and innovation from its home state of Vermont. The company s dedication to higher integrity and insistence on superior quality are a reflection of Vermont values. DaVinci is a family-owned and managed company and is always willing to assist you in any way possible on matters relating to nutrition. Every day DaVinci continues to set new standards for quality and product innovation so it can keep you as healthy and informed as possible. Clemson University College of Sciences Clemson SC University of Vermont Burlington VT DaVinci Benefits Line Stand Alone Solutions ... For The Conditions You See The Most. DaVinci developed its Benefits Line based on an acute challenge doctors practitioners and patients were facing on a daily basis--the challenge of complexity. When faced with too many choices too many combinations of products and too many solutions to a problem compliance suffers. Less Complexity. More Compliance. Make supplementation protocols a simple task by creating a streamlined family of essential evidence-based formulations that target specific physiological systems. The Benefits Line simplifies the patient regimen. Instead of taking two or three products a patient can now take one simple supplement designed to deliver more. The end result is a concise line of standalone formulas designed to drive compliance-- the Benefits Line. Educational Support to Drive Compliance. One of the other challenges doctors and practitioners face is educating clients about the supplements they re taking. As part of DaVinci s Benefits Line the company developed a Protocol Guide and Supplement Overview sheet to help patients and doctors make informed decisions and understand their pathways to health. Informed patients are compliant patients. Only the Essentials. Only What You Need. This is truly an essentials only line of clinically relevant products that provides your practice with a simple system for quality nutritional support that you and your patients can trust. This streamlined family of formulations was designed by clinicians for clinicians. Each formula contains highly specified ingredients at clinically relevant dosages without any fillers or extras. Strength in Nature Raw materials used in DaVinci products are as natural as possible and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings preservatives colors sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on our labels. Each lot of tablets or capsules is carefully assayed to be sure they meet our product specifications. These assays are available upon request. Strength in Integrity DaVinci is one of the few companies to offer you truth in labeling. The company knows you re honest with your patients so it ll be honest with you. Pledging total truth in labeling means DaVinci s family of products contain only the purest and most potent ingredients guaranteed. Instead of taking two or three products a patient can now take one simple supplement designed to deliver more. PhD Nutritional Biochemist. DaVinci supports research being done at the following institutions University of Southern California Medical School Los Angeles CA Medical University of South Carolina Charleston SC Institute for Child Behavior Research San Diego CA San Diego State University San Diego CA Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights KY Southern Florida Medical School Tampa FL University of Bridgeport Bridgeport CT Strength in Research DaVinci s research focuses on the complex relationships that exist among nutrients and the latest advancements in nutrition therapies to develop and produce some of the most significant products available to holistic practitioners. DaVinci Laboratories extensive research into the exciting properties of N NDimethylglycine (DMG) has been unparalleled. The company has been awarded four patents for DMG s beneficial effect in the areas of immune response and cell support. DaVinci s Research and Development Department is under the direction of a AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 35 Emerson Ecologics 2016 Company Profiles 1230 Elm St. Ste. 301 Manchester NH 03101 Phone (603) 657-2259 Fax (603) 656-9797 Email cs Website Empowering Integrative Practitioner Success For More Than 30 Years ince being founded in 1980 Emerson Ecologics has been providing practitioners the most convenient way to select and purchase the broadest selection of nearly 300 brands of professional-quality nutritional supplements vitamins prescription medications and natural health products. Emerson Ecologics is also widely recognized for its innovative Emerson Quality Program (EQP) winning the 2016 Nutrition Business Journal Award for management achievement. Emerson Ecologics remains committed to helping integrative practitioners succeed in all areas--both as healers and business owners. Emerson Ecologics service standards Broadest selection of nearly 300 highquality brands Convenience with one point of customer support contact Bicoastal distribution with two-day guaranteed delivery Same prices as buying direct from a manufacturer Above cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) standards and rigorous review of all new brands Free support and product consultations from our medical education team In addition to being the distribution partner that Emerson Ecologics is widely recognized for Emerson is also dedicated to supporting practitioner success to an expanded range of education and services all created based on customer feedback for where integrative practitioners would like additional support. Learn more at Emerson Ecologics Education & Services that Support Practitioner Success S Since being founded in 1980 Emerson Ecologics has been providing practitioners the most convenient way to select and purchase the broadest selection of nearly 300 brands of professional-quality nutritional supplements vitamins prescription medications and natural health products. launched a new best-in-class online patient dispensary called wellevate. This easy-to-use platform will help integrative practitioners simplify their practice to free up precious time for what counts while helping patients feel better and stay healthy. Practitioners who use an online patient dispensary have grown their supplement business by 80 percent or more while creating a passive stream of revenue for their practice. Practitioners can create their account today to start taking advantage of this great benefit as well as Improved patient outcomes and adherence Streamlined operational efficiency and time savings Convenient access to Emerson Ecologics broad range of trusted brands Create an account and learn more at or by calling (855) WELLEVATE. IGNITE Education that Empowers wellevate New Online Patient Dispensary This year Emerson Ecologics also With integrative medicine set to emerge as the primary form of health care in our country the opportunity for practitioners to reach patients has never been greater--but having both the clinical and business expertise to run and grow a successful practice can be a challenge. Through IGNITE Emerson Ecologics is excited to provide actionable education that gives integrative practitioners the skills and knowledge to overcome challenges to achieve greater success and fulfillment. Together we can continue to push integrative medicine to the forefront of health care Visit for more information and to register for this year s IGNITE Conference The Business of Better Medicine. 36 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 House of Sanjevani 2016 Company Profiles Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center 9001 Holly Ave. Albuquerque NM 87122 Phone (505) 821-6300 Fax (505) 828-3773 Email products Website Rejuvenate Yourself ouse of Sanjevani is an Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center that focuses on providing lifestyle products with emphasis on integrative medicine bringing unique ingredients that are safe natural and clinically effective. The word Sanjevani is a Sanskrit word which means rejuvenation or the herb that brings one back to life. For more than 16 years Sunil Pai MD a nationally recognized expert in integrative medicine visionary and creator of Sanjevani has consulted for various nutraceuticals companies in R&D formulating new natural products. To his disappointment he discovered that most of the products available in the marketplace were not up to par in potency or purity. It became obvious that many nutraceutical companies were placing profits over efficacy. As a result Dr. Pai decided to develop his own lifestyle products in line with his expectations and values. Over the past eight years Dr. Pai has developed integrative medicine protocols and lifestyle products and acts as a consultant on how to implement these natural products and therapies into holistic health centers and medical practices. From publishing in scientific journals to speaking at national health conferences Dr. Pai challenges the industry to develop and manufacture clinically effective products by using patented scientifically tested ingredients at clinical doses rather than micro-dosing and using third party data often found in advertising. Many practitioners successes are limited by the unavailability of efficacious products because most products are driven by sales and profits versus clinical outcomes. Dr. Pai believes in never compromising on efficacy or quality no matter the price. Using a farm to bench top to bedside approach has led Sanjevani to become a leader in specialty focused formulations of products such as Bosmeric-SR Sanjevani s flagship natural anti-inflammatory. H Bosmeric-SR is a unique eight-hour sustained release formulation of patented allnatural ingredients that deliver superior absorption with fast acting effects within 20 minutes. The synergistic combination of the highest doses of Curcumin C3 Complex Boswellin PS ginger extract (20 percent gingerols) and bioperine in a unique Bi-Layered Technology Delivery System provides both water-soluble and lipid-soluble components that boost its specific actions and ensures maximum potency at the time of ingestion unlike capsulated products that degrade with similar ingredients over time. Bosmeric-SR provides enhanced absorption and clinical efficacy. Bosmeric-SR is for all inflammatory -itis conditions such as arthritis gastritis colitis etc. Bosmeric-SR is non-GMO (genetically modified organism) gluten free non-irradiated wild crafted and vegan. The benefits of this formulation and comparisons to other products on the market are described in the recently published book An Inflammation Nation The Definitive 10-Step Guide on Preventing and Treating All Diseases through Diet Lifestyle and the Use of Natural Anti-Inflammatories. Sanjevani products have been developed in conjunction with Dr. Pai s integrative medicine protocols for supporting a variety of health conditions such as chronic inflammatory conditions immune disorders and cancer. In addition wellness formulations are also available to help maintain optimum health. Other flagship products include Sanjevani Glucan 300 a unique-patented beta-glucan derived from saccharomyces cerevisiae with a minimum of 83 percent Beta-1 3D Glucan content and no harmful contaminants. Published studies show that Sanjevani Glucan 300 has been tested against 40-plus beta-glucan products on the market and has been shown to have the highest active immune response. Other mainstay products include Sanjevani MultiVitamins providing full spectrum vitamins and minerals Sanjevani Bone Formula Plus Ipriflavone for optimum bone density support Sanjevani Immune Formula for supporting specific NK cell functioning and Sanjevani Complete Probiotic Formulas which are full spectrum acid stable and potency guaranteed at time of ingestion. House of Sanjevani is developing a health platform to help assist holistic practitioners and customers improving their experience by educating about the benefits of natural products through videos webinars and other training modules. Teaching health providers and customers alike how to distinguish differences in potency and purity of ingredients sourcing and manufacturing of those ingredients and specific protocols on usage is key to a successful practice and outcomes for our customers. One of the favorite quotes at House of Sanjevani that inspires the staff to provide a higher standard of health care and quality of natural products is by Sir Francis Bacon-- If we are to achieve things never before accomplished we must employ methods never before attempted. All House of Sanjevani products are manufactured in state-of-the-art cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) facilities with additional NSF NABL kosher halal and non-GMO and non-irradiated ingredients. All products are vegan unless specified. House of Sanjevani products are sold to licensed health care practitioners. Its complete range of products spans the spectrum--blood sugar support bone support cardiovascular support detoxification support enzymes probiotics immune support inflammatory support mood support neurologic support male and female health and multiple vitamin formulas. To learn more about Bosmeric-SR please visit and sign up for educational webinars or email products Key Executive Sunil Pai MD Owner & Formulator AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 37 Kyowa Hakko USA 2016 Company Profiles New York Office 600 Third Ave. 19th Floor New York NY 10016 Phone (800) 596-9252 Email info Website Commitment to Research Innovation and Quality K yowa Hakko USA Inc. is the North American sales office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO. LTD a world leader in the research and manufacturing of high-quality ingredients for use in dietary supplements functional foods and beverages. For more than 60 years Kyowa has maintained a constant commitment to research innovation and quality. Key products include Setria Setria is a clinically studied form of glutathione that when taken orally has been shown to replenish the body s reserves which may be depleted as a result of poor lifestyle choices stress or natural aging. Called the master antioxidant glutathione helps protect cells in the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. Setria Glutathione is manufactured through a patented fermentation. It is patent pending for increasing natural killer (NK) cell activity and is pure vegetarian and allergen-free. A recently published study on Setria Glutathione in the European Journal of Nutrition in May 2014 shows for the first time that daily consumption of glutathione is effective at increasing glutathione blood levels. This long-term randomized double-blinded placebo-controlled study puts to rest the longstanding debate on the efficacy of oral glutathione. The study performed on 54 healthy adults (mean age of 46 years) showed that blood levels of glutathione increased after one three and six months vs. baseline at doses of both 250 mg day and 1 000 mg day. At six months mean blood glutathione levels along with various immune markers were shown to have increased 30-35 percent in the high-dose group and 17-29 percent in the low dose. NK cytotoxicity increased two fold in the highdose group versus placebo at three months. A reduction in oxidative stress in both glutathione dose groups was indicated by decreases in the oxidized to reduced glutathione ratio in whole blood. Glutathione levels were shown to return to baseline after a one-month washout period. For more information visit Cognizin Cognizin is a proprietary form of citicoline a potent brain-health nutrient. Cognizin has CPT-II compared to the placebo group. Specifically individuals in the two Cognizin citicoline supplemented groups made fewer errors when responding to non-target stimuli. For more information visit Sustamine Sustamine L-alanyl-L-glutamine is an excellent choice for use in clinical nutrition because it does not have the problems of poor stability and low solubility that are associated with free-glutamine. Glutamine begins to degrade when mixed with liquids but Sustamine is a unique dipeptide form of glutamine that s been designed for maximum stability. This means that patients will get the amount listed on the label when they add it to water or their favorite beverage. Sustamine is also tasteless colorless odorless and dissolves completely in hot or cold liquids--so there is no gritty texture. It is also pure vegetarian and allergen-free. For more information visit Pantesin Pantesin is a branded form of Pantethine a derivative of vitamin B5 that helps the body maintain a healthy cholesterol ratio. Pantesin is the only pantethine backed by 35-plus years of research. With numerous studies supporting Pantesin s effectiveness in high-risk subjects current research (2011 Rumberger) shows that it is also effective for low to medium risk individuals. This positions Pantesin as a smart addition to a heart health program for anyone concerned with maintaining healthy blood lipid levels. L-citrulline L-citrulline is an amino acid that has been found to play an important role in nitric oxide (NO) metabolism and regulation. Lcitrulline is converted to L-arginine in the body leading to increases in both L-arginine and NO. Increased production of NO promotes vascular dilation which helps support normal oxygen and blood circulation throughout the body. As a result interest in this nutrient is emerging in various applications for improving health and wellness in the areas of vascular health muscle protein synthesis ammonia elimination and immune function. Sustamine L-alanylL-glutamine is an excellent choice for use in clinical nutrition because it does not have the problems of poor stability and low solubility that are associated with free-glutamine. been tested in numerous clinical trials to support mental energy focus attention and recall. Developed using a patented fermentation process Cognizin is a pure allergen-free GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient that s stable and effective. Key studies on Cognizin include a 2008 study on healthy middle-aged adults (2008 Silveri). Researchers using the latest brain scanning technology at the Harvard-associated Brain Imaging Center at McLean Hospital observed increases in brain activity among people who had taken 500 mg Cognizin for six weeks--particularly when they performed tasks that required sustained attention or memory. The study reported that Cognizin speeds up the formation of brain membranes by 26 percent and restores brain energy by 14 percent. In another study on middle-aged women (2012 McGlade) researchers at the Brain Institute at the University of Utah found that 250 mg of Cognizin improved attentional focus and inhibition. Women receiving either the low or high dose of Cognizin citicoline produced fewer commission errors on the 38 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Natural Partners 2016 Company Profiles 8445 E. Hartford Dr. Scottsdale AZ 85255 Phone (888) 633-7620 Fax (800) 862-1261 Email info Websites Natural Partners A Trusted Distributor for Practitioners N atural Partners Inc. is a resource for practitioners who strive to improve patient wellness by providing education and professional-grade products to health care practitioners and their patients. For more than 21 years Natural Partners has researched trusted brands and welcomed them into their portfolio currently offering more than 14 000 premium products from hundreds of high-quality manufacturers. Natural Partners is comprised of passionate and committed people who work with thousands of health care practitioners every week to help them maintain an efficient seamless ordering system that ensures their patients get the supplements they need when they need them in a way that they love. Natural Partners was established in 1995 when founder Tye Smith discovered that welcoming wellness often requires the support of foundational and condition-specific supplements. Integrated health care practitioners are so busy caring for their patients that they often do not have time to manage the logistics of ordering and managing inventory of their own supplement dispensary. If they have to choose between caring for a patient and providing products they choose the patient. That s when Smith offered Let us handle that. You focus on your patients and your practice. The Natural Partners team has fostered long-lasting relationships (some decades long ) with manufacturers that align with Natural Partners values of high quality. Many brands are distributed exclusively through Natural Partners such as Thorne Research BioCeuticals NeuroScience Enzyme Science and many more. In addition to exclusive brands the Natural Partners portfolio features more than 180 premier brands such as Pure Encapsulations Vital Nutrients and Designs for Health. Through these strong partnerships Natural Partners has become a trusted distributor for practitioners across the U.S. Though it has made waves as a leader in the industry there is more to Natural Partners than just supplying professionalgrade products. Natural Partners commitment to unparalleled customer service building lasting relationships with leading brands to support practitioners and their patients and being an educational resource for the wellness community has helped shape the way they do business. Natural Partners listens to practitioners and strives to find solutions to meet their needs. The company is proud to provide additional services to their valued customers that help make embracing world wellness more convenient and more fun. The visionary leadership of the company s executive team focuses its attention on creating more convenient services for the wellness community. The leadership team includes Tye Smith Founder Fran Towey President and CEO Tim Engvall Chief Operations Officer Derek Lurth Chief Financial Officer Dianna Smith Chief Relationship Officer Steve Clark Vice President of Information Technology Joyce Ito Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Leeta Radcliff Vice President of Talent and Culture Charles Stredney Director of Quality A new service by Natural Partners is NP Script a free online patient dispensary that has revolutionized patient compliance for integrative medicine practitioners. Practitioners can extend their care beyond the bounds of their office by ensuring their patients are supplied with supplements that align with their treatment protocols. Under the connected care of a licensed health care practitioner patients can easily log in to their doctor s personalized storefront and order supplements under their recommended treatment plan as well as access thousands of products that cater to their wellness needs. Practitioners can send personalized recommendations directly to their patients with E-scripting and invite them to shop those products in their online dispensary. Plus physicians can utilize NP Script to market to their patients with customized communication tools. Through this service they can use templates to send email blasts to their database making engagement with their patients even easier. In early 2016 the Natural Partners Advisory Board was established. The Advisory Board consists of four industry experts and integrative medicine professionals who provide guidance on current educational topics and trends. The Natural Partners Advisory Board consists of Holly Lucille ND RN--Natural Partners Advisory Board Chair passionate practicing ND and nationally acclaimed TV and radio host. Michelle Simon PhD ND--Practicing ND with a focus on women s health preventive medicine and musculoskeletal health. Jared Skowron ND--One of the country s leading experts in natural therapies for children with special needs with an emphasis in pediatric autism and ADHD. Helene Wechsler MD--Specializing in Family Medicine in a concierge model practice and the inspiration for the creation of Natural Partners. With the help of the Natural Partners Advisory Board the Natural Partners educational blog has been further elevated as a resource for practitioners to learn about current industry news as well as discover content that is easily shareable to their patients. Natural Partners knows that caring for patients takes a tribe and the team of Natty Ps is here to help practitioners so they can more readily help their patients. Join Natural Partners in the quest to welcome world wellness AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 39 New Hope Network 2016 Company Profiles 1401 Pearl St. Boulder CO 80302 Phone (303) 939-8440 Fax (303) 998-9020 Website At the Forefront of the Healthy Lifestyle Products Industry he New Hope Network is at the forefront of the healthy lifestyle products industry. With solutions for the complete supply chain from manufacturers retailers distributors service providers and ingredient suppliers the network offers a robust portfolio of content events data research and consultative services. Through its mission to grow healthy markets the New Hope Network helps businesses identify the people products partnerships and trends that create opportunities to grow businesses and bring more health to people. The New Hope Network brands include Natural Products Expos (West and East) Engredea NEXT Natural Foods Merchandiser (NFM) Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) NBJ Summit Delicious Living and Esca Bona. T Natural Products Expos (West and East) Natural Products Expos continue to be the leading trade shows in the natural organic and healthy products industry attracting more than 25 000 industry professionals and 1 900 exhibits to the Baltimore Convention Center in September and 77 000 industry professionals and 3 000 exhibits to the Anaheim Convention Center in March. Rated in the top 200 trade shows in the U.S. by Trade Show News Network Natural Products Expos continue to help attendees reach their business goals by providing solutions from supply to shelf. Visit and Top reasons attendees come to Natural Products Expo See new products and developments Keep up-to-date with trends See specific company(s) or products Increase awareness of industry Network with colleagues and vendors Engredea (co-located with Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim) is the only trade show in the global nutrition industry that brings innovation to the show floor year after year. Engredea brings you innovative ingredients cutting-edge technology training and research to better position your brand s product in the global nutrition industry. Visit Through its mission to grow healthy markets the New Hope Network helps businesses identify the people products partnerships and trends that create opportunities to grow businesses and bring more health to people. for more information. Before during and after Natural Products Expo visit for the latest trends operational tactics products and consumer concerns to give you the insight you need to grow your business. Not a subscriber Visit subscribe to get all the latest news in your inbox. New Hope Network s NEXT Innovation Solutions help manufacturers retailers suppliers distributors and investors identify hot product trends--well in advance of launch--by leveraging 40 years of expertise with natural products start-ups and providing proprietary pre-shelf data market intelligence custom research and insider insights. Visit Natural Retail Today (brought to you by Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine) is your daily dose of the news product and trend data and business intelligence you need to do better retailing. Join the industry s largest collection of retailers brokers and distributors and stay in-the-know with natural product reviews industry analysis consumer trends and news from Natural Products Expo. retailsubscribe. Hosted by NBJ and New Hope Network The NBJ Summit convenes at the St. Regis Hotel Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point CA every June. The 2016 event celebrated 19 years of thought leadership as the premier event for progressive nutrition industry CEOs investors and thought leaders. It provides unparalleled education and a tremendous venue to establish strategic relationships and grow the future of the industry. Visit for more information. For more than 30 years Delicious Living has been a trusted voice in the natural living community helping consumers connect with their local natural products stores and the responsible companies that make healthy living achievable sustainable and fun. Visit for more information. What is Esca Bona It s Latin for Good Food. New Hope Network is gathering good food s renegades challenging them to help us overcome the monumental challenges we face in building a good food future for all. This is two-plus days packed with hands-on interaction deep discussion and forward-looking action. Hear from the trailblazers in a different way while working alongside them to rethink out-dated solutions. This is not a sit-and-get event. It s a do-and-show that is located in Austin TX in October. Visit for more information. 40 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Protocol For Life Balance 2016 Company Profiles 244 Knollwood Dr. Ste. 300 Bloomingdale IL 60108 Phone (877) 776-8610 Fax (855) 833-9012 Email sales Website Naturokinetics The Cornerstone of Quality Standards A t Protocol for Life Balance the company recognizes the pressures of an ever-changing patient care environment and apply these considerations in its development of relevant and reliable products and services. From common dispensary products like is broad range of vitamin D3 to condition-specific proprietary formulations Protocol for Life Balance s portfolio spans more than 150 different products that are developed with the highest quality standards and value-priced at an average savings of 25 percent compared to leading professional brands. All of the company s products are exclusively available through licensed health care professionals and are supported with a diligently enforced minimum advertised pricing policy. From common dispensary products like its broad range of vitamin D3 to conditionspecific proprietary formulations Protocol for Life Balance s portfolio spans more than 150 different products that are developed with the highest quality standards and value-priced at an average savings of 25 percent compared to leading professional brands. All of the company s products are exclusively available through licensed health care professionals and are supported with a diligently enforced minimum advertised pricing policy. dation for the formulation and validation of all Protocol for Life Balance products. The Naturokinetics process offers a compilation of scientific data that details how nutrients and natural substances are absorbed distributed metabolized by and eliminated from the body. Based on the same scientific principles as pharmacokinetics Naturokinetics is customized for natural products that are non-drug non-synthetic and most of which are already part of a normal healthy metabolism in the human body. The principles that form the body of knowledge referred to as Naturokinetics are L-A-D-M-E (see chart below). Protocol for Life Balance invites you to contact the company to learn more about how it can complement your practice and offer cost-effective relevant solutions to empower your patients to lead healthy happy lives. For more details please visit or call toll-free at (877) 776-8610. Protocol for Life Balance s technical support team offers a range of free health and wellness support services for you and your patients. Comprised of qualified experienced nutritionists the technical team is available via phone and e-mail Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The company s proprietary Naturokinetics process is the cornerstone of its quality standards and acts as a foun- AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 41 QuinTron Instrument Company Inc. 2208 S. 38th St. Milwaukee WI 53215 Phone (800) 542-4448 (414) 645-4222 Fax (414) 645-3484 Email customerservice Website 2016 Company Profiles Take the Guesswork Out of Gas Work stablished in 1962 QuinTron Instrument Company a familyowned business manufactured gas chromatographs (GC) for respiratory gas analysis in the pulmonary field. A gastroenterologist approached QuinTron in the 1970s seeking analysis of trace concentrations of hydrogen which led the company to manufacture GCs specifically for breath tests in 1978. In 1981 QuinTron introduced its first analyzer for this special application and from that time forward it became dedicated to this special field and developed multiple lines of analyzers and accessories that are marketed around the world. Breath testing with QuinTron s analyzers and patented collection devices provides economic and safe alternatives compared to more invasive procedures such as blood tests biopsies and or obtaining aspirate for culturing. E Driven by Research Guided by Science Breath tests were first used as an indicator that complex sugars were not broken down and absorbed in the small intestine during the digestion of foods. Hydrogen (H2) was measured in the breath after administering a dose of the sugar to be studied. The widest application of the test was for lactose intolerance. The hydrogen breath-test (often referred to as the HBT or BHT) replaced a blood test which was based on the absence of a blood glucose response following lactose ingestion. The blood test is not as reliable as the breath hydrogen test since it produces a greater proportion of false-negative and false-positive tests. When the reliability and simplicity of the breath-H2 test was demonstrated with lactose it was soon applied to other complex sugars like fructose (from fruits) maltose (from some starches) and sucrose (common table sugar which is rarely absorbed). It has also been used to indicate that some people are unusually sensitive to sorbitol an artificial sweetener used in dietetic candy sugar-free chewing gum and other dietetic foods. Quality Assurance Initially trace gases were analyzed only for hydrogen. As studies indicated that methane (CH4) was also an important intestinal gas to be considered QuinTron developed analyzers that measure breath samples for both hydrogen and methane. The addition of methane measurement provides practitioners with the most comprehensive information to help treat their patients with carbohydrate malabsorption and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). practitioners prefer to have a QuinTron BreathTracker on-site which allows them to have immediate information to best treat their patients. Other practitioners elect to participate in a kit program that allows them to dispense breath test kits to their patients which permits the patients to easily collect their own samples at home or work. The samples are then submitted to a facility where analysis is performed. Most Common Tests Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Lactose Intolerance Fructose Intolerance Sucrose Intolerance Xylose Intolernace Practice Options Practitioners have a choice in how to provide breath testing to their patients. Some 42 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 RLC Labs 2016 Company Profiles 29455 N. Cave Creek Ste. 118-629 Cave Creek AZ 85331 Phone (877) 797-7997 Fax (480) 513.8952 Website Pioneering in Endocrine Treatment Dedicated to natural and comprehensive hypothyroid treatment for more than 75 years. History The company now known as RLC Labs began life in 1932 under the name Western Research Laboratories. It was founded by Dr. William McClymonds who built a strong foundation establishing Naturally Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) Westhroid as a principal treatment for hypothyroidism and establishing the importance and benefits of natural (thyroid) hormone for proper metabolic cycle. Since 2006 RLC Labs has continued to provide its signature prescription thyroid medications Nature-Throid Westhroid and WP-Thyroid as well as professional dietary supplements for synergistic endocrine health a-Drenal and i-Throid. Hypothyroidism An underactive thyroid has plagued individuals for centuries. However increase in negative environmental stasis are resulting in more hormone disruptors being introduced into our bodies now more than ever. The environmental factors can include increasing pollutants and toxins such as halide chemicals (e.g. chlorine fluorine and bromine) hormone disrupting chemicals (e.g. BPA in plastic) heavy metals (e.g. mercury lead arsenic) and lack of wholesome foods (e.g. processed contaminated and genetically modified). inactive T4 hormone and the active T3 (thyronine) hormone. The very factors that may cause hypothyroidism in the first place may also influence the conversion of the inactive T4 to active T3. Without the active T3 hormone patients may not be receiving the relief from symptoms of hypothyroidism. Although NDT is a natural ingredient it currently falls under the federal monograph of Thyroid USP (United States Pharmacopeia). Under Thyroid USP the desiccated thyroid gland is derived from pigs and specific levels of T3 and T4 are carefully monitored and tested to ensure consistency and reliability from batch to batch (the exact same requirements for the prescription synthetic thyroid medications). This is the primary difference between Thyroid USP medication and dietary supplements containing desiccated thyroid glands. Prescription Thyroid USP guarantees potency consistency and efficacy levels of thyroid hormones established by the USP and enforced through the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). The dietary supplement version of NDT may use desiccated thyroid gland (typically from cows or sheep) but under current federal law cannot disclose any amount of thyroid hormones that may be present. As such companies are not testing for its presence and there is no standardization of these very important hormones that are essential for proper hypothyroid treatment. The main ingredient in a-Drenal is desiccated adrenal gland. The same philosophy remains on this product as our thyroid in providing glandular therapy for sources of naturally occurring hormones. In addition to the glandular therapy there are various adaptogenic herbs such as cordyceps ginseng rhodiola along with pantothenic acid (B5) to aid in combating adrenal fatigue. The role of i-Throid is to offer iodine and iodide in a capsule versus the traditional Lugol s liquid solution. Lugol s relies on the presence of both iodine and iodide to offer full therapy of iodide and iodine (to combat the bombardment of the other negative halides and for support of healthy tissues). To address Lugol s shortcoming in not being able to precisely measure dosage the company created iThroid in a solid capsule form. These synergistic therapeutic protocols offer physicians a complete and effective approach in managing their patients endocrine health. Quality and Licensure Nature-Throid Westhroid and WP-Thyroid are prescription medications that have been in the marketplace for decades and continue to offer the same quality consistency and potency without any recalls that may have plagued other prescription thyroid medications. Both a-Drenal and i-Throid are formulated using the highest quality ingredients at their clinically effective therapeutic dosage levels. These scientifically driven formulas are unique and have set the standards for like kind-formulas since their introduction. RLC Labs possesses two Arizona State Board of Pharmacy Licenses (one in manufacturing) one DEA Manufacturing License as well as being an FDA registered cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) manufacturing facility. Proven Hypothyroid Treatment The traditional treatment for hypothyroidism has been the use of naturally desiccated thyroid with historical use dating back to over a century. However since the 1960s this has been replaced by synthetic hormone (mainly the inactive T4 levothyroxine) which is now established as the conventional therapy. More recently though the use of levothyroxine has fallen out in favor and natural approaches using NDT are increasing. This is mainly due to NDT containing both the Complete Endocrine Care In addition to the focus on underactive thyroid numerous holistic physicians also have taken great care to identify and address the needs of the adrenal gland. Patients suffering from adrenal fatigue live day to day with debilitating symptoms similar in profile to hypothyroidism. In recognition of this RLC Labs introduced two dietary supplements a-Drenal and i-Throid that were designed to offer independent but complementary support to the existing principal hypothyroid treatment. AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 43 Scandinavian Formulas Inc. 2016 Company Profiles 140 E. Church St. Sellersville PA 18960 Phone (215) 453-2507 Fax (215) 453-2508 Website High-quality Products & Innovative Solutions S candinavian Formulas Inc. with headquarters in Sellersville PA is divided into three divisions Chemicals & Ingredients Division Consumer Products Division Bulk Soft Gels Tablets and Capsules Division The company s mission is to supply high quality products and innovative solutions with an exceptional level of customer service. For more than 25 years Scandinavian Formulas has consistently offered the finest quality ingredients to the nutritional food pharmaceutical cosmetic and pet care industries as well as chemicals to various industrial markets. As the company s customers requirements are constantly changing it continues to strive to meet their expectations. Scandinavian Formulas has been manufacturing and supplying the highest quality nutraceutical and medical device products which address many common health and physical issues. More recently Scandinavian Formulas supplies finished bulk products in the form of soft gels tablets and capsules to the nutritional supplement industry. Consumer Products Division Scandinavian Formulas Inc. is committed to helping people live a natural and healthy lifestyle providing top-quality nutritional and OTC products that are available in fine health food stores pharmacies clinics and doctors offices throughout the world. Catherine Peklak formerly president of Scandinavian Naturals Inc. (1990-2001) formed Scandinavian Formulas in 2001 focusing not only on the manufacture and supply of fine nutritional products in 2005 introduced SalivaSure a saliva stimulating lozenge to address dry mouth due to chemo and radiation therapy various medications and medical conditions. Scandinavian Formulas nutritional and OTC products are manufactured under strict GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions with regular quality audits being conducted. Its manufacturing facility tests all ingredients conducts inprocessing testing and finished product testing. Finished products undergo a final analytical testing to ensure activity levels and purity. SalivaSure a saliva stimulating lozenge registered as an OTC product. Good Breath formulated with sunflower seed oil and parsley seed oil to address bad breath from the inside out. LaBeaute a tablet formulated to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. STRIX a tablet formulated with bilberry fruit powder and fruit extract for healthy eyes Nozovent an anti-snoring device Scandinavian Formulas Shark Liver Oil a soft gel containing shark liver oil to boost the immune system. Scandinavian Formulas products address many common health and physical issues with the highest quality ingredients and carefully developed formulations. When health is at stake there can be no compromise--its valued customers expect only the best. Chemicals & Ingredients Division Scandinavian Formulas Chemicals & Ingredients Division is a privately held member of the global chemical market specializing in the sales and marketing of fine and specialty chemicals intermediates and botanicals. The company represents many foreign and domestic producers with a wide variety of capabilities in custom manufacturing for our chemical and ingredients customers. Scandinavian Formulas global sourcing capabilities enable it to meet and anticipate the needs of its customers and to offer purity consistency and reliability to the company s products. Scandinavian Formulas has the ability to provide flexible shipping worldwide in a timely manner. The company concentrates its efforts in the specialty markets where personalized service and catering to our customer s individual requirements and needs are expected. Scandinavian Formulas ambition is to provide quality products and services to the various industries it serves including Biotechnology (Life Sciences) Diagnostic Health Foods Natural Medicines Food Feed Pharmaceuticals Sports Nutrition Veterinary Cosmetics Personal Care Scandinavian Formulas extensive product line offers a full range of items including but not limited to Amino acids Nutritional ingredients Lubricants Organic products Minerals Herbal products Oils Chemicals Hydrocarbons Extracts Marine oils Botanicals Scandinavian Formulas customers experience Easy ordering Quick delivery Product knowledge Friendly service Product availability Proven reliability Bulk Soft Gels Tablets & Capsules Division Scandinavian Formulas provides the nutritional supplement industry with finished products-- capsules tablets and soft gels. Each of these products is made using the finest raw materials the most advanced manufacturing processes and the strictest of quality controls. All products are manufactured in the United States under quality control experts at ultra-sophisticated facilities conveniently located throughout the country. Product consistency is assured through the use of the finest quality raw materials and rigorous product testing before during and after manufacturing. Scandinavian Formulas has a solid reputation for outstanding customer service from initial inquiry and order placement to final shipment and delivery. When health is at stake there can be no compromises. 44 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 healthycell 2016 Company Profiles 87 Valley Rd. Montclair NJ 07042 Phone (800) 975-9606 Fax (973) 440-9368 Email support Website Dedicated to Cellular Health A ging is the chronic condition of declining cellular health we all experience over time caused by specific cellular processes such as inflammation oxidation glycation and DNA damage. Aging is also the single biggest risk factor in virtually all diseases. The healthycell company is dedicated to cellular health creating products to help improve and maintain the health of the smallest fundamental building blocks of the body. healthy you can make the body healthy. From that point forward he studied cell health which led him to start what was then called the anti-aging movement with the co-founding of the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) writing the first textbook for physicians on antiaging. In 2002 the first multi-nutrient system for cell health was created and the most recent generation is now called healthycell pro. History Forty years ago as a young surgeon in residency training Dr. Vincent Giampapa was frustrated with the way sick people were treated at the hospital patching up their symptoms but doing nothing to fix the underlying cause. Cutting into his first patients he examined the inside of what made us what made us healthy or sick--tissues made of cells. This lead him to a profound epiphany--that all life is made of cells ... every tissue and every organ so if you can make cells Products healthycell pro is the only multi-nutrient system for cell health with independently tested ingredients absorption and experiential impact. It replaces the obsolete multivitamin as a foundation for your supplement program to build on with other supplements based on patient-specific conditions. doctors nutritionists and dietitians to formulate products yielding a multi-perspective analysis of every ingredient every ingredient synergy and every ingredient source. In addition healthycell has each product produced in its GMP (good manufacturing practice)certified U.S. facility independently screened to verify 1. The labeled ingredients exist in the product 2. The stated quantity of ingredients is accurate 3. No contaminants exist in the product such as heavy metals pesticides residual solvents microbiological contaminants or banned performance-enhancing agents R & D Efforts Clinical Substantiation healthycell funds independent clinical studies to assess product safety bioavailability and effect on cell health. These studies are made available to healthycell s partner health care professionals. Quality Assurances healthycell utilizes a consensus of the best medical Go to healthycell for info about this advertiser AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 45 Hyalogic LLC 2016 Company Profiles 610 N.W. Platte Valley Dr. Riverside MO 64150 Phone (866) 318-8484 Fax (913) 422-9396 Email info Website Logical Solutions Using Hyaluronic Acid T he success of hyaluronic acid in developing Hyalogic s human joint product has been phenomenal and helped establish us as one of the leaders in the field of nutritional supplements. Hyaluronic acid is a versatile molecule that can help many parts of the body. By the time you reach age 50 your body is producing about half the amount of hyaluronic acid it did when you were younger. This decline is a major reason your joints are more likely to give you problems as you age. It s also one reason why your skin begins to wrinkle and sag. Hyalogic s Mission To improve extend and enhance human and animal lives through the development of innovative safe healthful and effective products. Hyalogic is committed to your success and offers Extensive training programs for your staff including seminars and in-store demonstrations Customer service and trained account managers Technical support hotline (866) 3188484 Comprehensive website with product images advertising and sales materials available for download Demand generation programs to drive store traffic Local and national advertising Access to innovative new products Sample programs and displays Employee purchase program Top Products Some of Hyalogic s most popular products include Synthovial 7 Liquid Oral Hyaluronic Acid--earned Healthy Living People s Choice Award 2012 Episilk Pure Hyaluronic Acid Skin Serum--earned Better Nutrition Best of Natural Beauty Award 2012 Hylavsion--a comprehensive eye support nutrient with hyaluronic acid Hylarub--a moisturizing and soothing joint and muscle cream with hyaluronic acid Hyaflex--a liquid oral hyaluronic acid for dogs and cats Dr. John s Toothpaste formulated with HA and Xylitol to support healthy gums Episilk Facial Scrub--a gentle moisturizing facial scrub with hyaluronic acid and exfo-amber. Go to hyalogic for info about this advertiser 46 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Vitanica 2016 Company Profiles P.O. Box 1299 Tualatin OR 97062 Phone (800) 572-4712 Fax (503) 692-5685 Email info Website Providing Women Effective & Affordable Natural Health Products itanica is an Oregon owned and operated company near Portland. It was started in 1995 by Dr. Tori Hudson and her business partner Doug Stapf with a dream of helping more women more of the time by providing effective and affordable natural health products. When the company was started Dr. Hudson had 10 years of clinical experience to draw on. She wanted to create an exceptionally high quality nutritional herbal product line that is affordable reliable and specific for women s issues and to make these products more available to her clinical patients and for other practitioners to use with their patients. Vitanica products address topics affecting women directly as in the gynecology specific areas of pregnancy menstrual cycle and menopause topics affecting women more so than men as in health support for sleep adrenal glands gastrointestinal urinary tract emotional and calming and topics affecting women differently than men as in cardiovascular support. Dr. Hudson develops all Vitanica formulas utilizing three aspects her ongoing clinical experience her avid research reviews and her knowledge utilization of the timehonored tradition of natural medicine in women s health care. Vitanica products are manufactured with the utmost care and a focus on purity and potency. All raw materials are tested not only for cleanliness but also for accuracy only the highest quality ingredients go into Vitanica products. For any given formula if an ingredient doesn t meet the company s standards it won t go into production. Vitanica would rather be out of stock than produce a subpar formula. The company s loyal supporters both professionals and patients appreciate and rely on the consistent quality for which Vitanica is known. The products are made without binders fillers preservatives artificial colors or flavorings. The entire line is 100 percent vegetarian suitable. Dr. Hudson is a naturopathic physician specializing in women s health care for more than 31 years. She is the medical director at her Northwest Portland clinic A Woman s Time. She is also a clinical professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland at S.W. College of Natural Medicine in V Arizona and at Bastyr University in Washington. She has devoted her life to research education and her clinical work in the interest of helping women to better health. Dr. Hudson also does numerous lectures nationwide at professional conferences. Her book Women s Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine now in its second edition is regarded as a primary reference for women s health care and alternative medicine. Go to vitanica for info about this advertiser AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 47 Women s International Pharmacy 2016 Company Profiles 2 Marsh Ct. Madison WI 53718 12012 N. 111th Ave. Youngtown AZ 85363 Phone (800) 279-5708 Fax (800) 279-8011 Email info Website Specializing in Custom Compound Bioidentical Hormone Prescriptions A s an experienced health care provider you understand patients do not present with a one size fits all list of symptoms. Women s International Pharmacy s (WIP) goal is to help you meet your patients unique needs. For more than 30 years WIP has specialized in custom compounded bioidentical hormone prescriptions for men and women. As a compounding pharmacy WIP formulates combinations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients as prescribed by a health care practitioner into specific dosage forms such as capsules creams gels lozenges suppositories and other forms. Benefits of working with a compounding pharmacy include Health care practitioners can prescribe medication specific to their patient s individual needs instead of only having access to standardized commercially available dosages strengths and forms. Patients may be less likely to experience side effects if their prescriptions can be tailored to their specific needs. Health care practitioners can more easily fine-tune or modify the dose or prescription as an individual s needs change or match an individual s preferences and absorption needs. Compounded prescriptions can be customized to different formulations that may be easier to administer. For example if a patient has difficulty swallowing pills the compounding pharmacist may be able to formulate the medication as a cream or gel. Multiple prescriptions can be combined into a single dosage form for convenience and to ensure better patient compliance. Preservative-free or allergen-free prescriptions can be compounded for sensitive patients. Flavoring can be added to make drops and lozenges more palatable if desired. Compounding pharmacies (and pharmacists) adhere to standards and regulations set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia and State Boards of Pharmacy for quality assurance and accuracy. WIP is meticulous in meeting the industry s highest quality standards of compounded medications. WIP is proud to have earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board s (PCAB) Seal of Accreditation for meeting and or exceeding national quality standards. PCAB Accreditation is an additional voluntary step to ensure the compounding pharmacy profession s most rigorous review and inspection measures are met. Whether you are a practitioner or patient you can be assured WIP is here for you and we respect your choice to use compounded medications. Give WIP a call it has been expecting you Go to womensinternational for info about this advertiser 48 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 PRODUCT FOCUS A Spectrum of Support for Thyroid and Adrenal Health O n a daily basis a variety of stressors can send signals to the adrenal glands to produce hormones. A range of physical and mental demands such as job stress family and financial responsibilities lack of sleep and emotional distress triggers the adrenals to release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. However according to Jacob Teitelbaum MD and Bill Gottlieb CHC in their book Real Cause Real Cure the body isn t built to endure the excessive everyday stress of modern life. It was built to flee from a sabertoothed tiger and then chill out for a couple of weeks the two wrote. So after hours and days weeks months and years of constant stress the adrenal cortex is literally exhausted. The authors call this adrenal burnout or By Janet Poveromo adrenal exhaustion which usually has one or more of the following symptoms tiredness all the time intense irritability especially when hungry and maybe all the time frequent infections allergies achiness dizziness when standing crashing from stress (feeling overwhelmed) and chronic health problems. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola s website thyroid function is intimately tied to adrenal function which is affected by how one handles stress. Increased adrenaline and cortisol levels and elevated cortisol have a negative impact on thyroid function. Thyroid hormone levels drop during stressful times which is actually when the body needs it the most Dr. Mercola wrote. Adrenaline and cortisol produced by the adrenal glands from chronic stress interfere with thyroid hormones causing a whole gamut of health-related issues such as obesity high blood pressure high cholesterol and or unstable blood sugar levels. Adrenal exhaustion is often found alongside thyroid disease. Dr. Mercola also pointed out that environmental toxins place extra stress on the body. Pollutants such as petrochemicals organochlorines pesticides and chemical food additives negatively affect thyroid function. Some supplements available to support thyroid and adrenal health are listed here Thyroid Care Wisconsin-based Euromedica s Thyroid Care was developed for suboptimal thyroid function which often presents with symptoms such as fatigue depression weight gain memory issues hair loss low fertility and susceptibility to illnesses. Physiological levels of iodine have decreased more than 50 percent in the last 30 years due in part to overwhelming iodine competitors in the diet and environment including bromine bromide chlorine and fluoride. Thyroid Care provides three different forms of iodine for a broader spectrum of support--molecular iodine sodium iodide and potassium iodide. The supplement also provides L-tyrosine an amino acid required along with iodine for creation of thyroid hormones. The suggested price for 60 capsules is 21.95. For more information call (866) 842-7256 or visit Endocrine Complete Pennsylvania-based Douglas Laboratories Endocrine Complete offers a combination of vitamins minerals nutrients and phyto-therapeutic compounds specifically formulated to support endogenous hormone production including pituitary adrenal insulin and gonadal endocrine function. The phytocrine proprietary herbal blend in this formula including ashwaghanda rhodiola panax ginseng Rehmannia glutinosa and Bupleurum falcatum supports the HPA axis by contributing to the release and modulation of adrenocorticotropic hormone production from the pituitary gland which helps maintain healthy adrenal function cortisol levels and stress response. As a hormone specific multinutrient this formulation can be used as a foundation of hormone health with any of the hormone specific formulations manufactured by Douglas Labs. The suggested price is 48 for a 120-capsule bottle. For more information call (800) 245-4440 or visit Adrenal Energy by ProHealth California-based ProHealth s Adrenal Energy formula contains natural components that help support the body against stress including vitamin C (250 mg) vitamin B-5 (50 mg) licorice root (250 mg) L-tyrosine (250 mg) eleuthero root (200 mg) DHEA (10 mg) pregnenolone (50 mg) and CoQ10 (30 mg). Adrenal Energy helps support the body against stress and also boosts energy levels. The capsules are free of egg starch yeast wheat gluten soy corn preservatives artificial colors flavors and fragrance. The suggested price for 120 capsules is 25.49. For more information call (800) 366-6056 or visit Thyro-M Washington-based Ayush s ThyroM is an herbal mineral and amino acid (tyrosine) preparation for thyroid support. Thyro-M contains Commiphora mukul Bauhinia tomentosa Withania somnifera Bacopa monnieri and other herbs that synergistically balance and rejuvenate the thyroid. In addition Thryo-M contains iodine and tyrosine which are essential for the thyroid. These ingredients create a well-balanced formula for thyroid imbalances. The suggested price is 26 for 60 caplets. For more information call (800) 925-1371 or visit AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 49 PRODUCT FOCUS Natural Thyroid Medications Both Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid by Arizona-based RLC Labs are natural T4 and T3 hormone replacement medications that utilize Thyroid USP. NatureThroid is the classic solution for hypothyroid treatment. WP Thyroid with fewer inactive ingredients is now available for patients that require a purer formula. Both medications are hypoallergenic and deliver consistent hormone replacement. Nature-Throid contains hypoallergenic inactive ingredients T4 T3 natural thyroid replacement hormones and is available in 13 strengths. WP Thyroid contains inulin (from chicory root) and medium chain triglycerides (from coconut). It also contains T4 T3 natural thyroid replacement hormones and is available in eight strengths. For more information call (877) 797-7997 or visit Ortho Thyroid Illinois-based Protocol for Life Balance s Ortho Thyroid has been formulated to support thyroid and hormonal activities which are needed to support brain function and energy production. With L-tyrosine and iodine constituent elements of thyroid hormones combined with specific B vitamins zinc selenium and other trace minerals such as cofactors this formula represents a comprehensive nutritional supplement for the support of healthy thyroid function. Guggul and ashwagandha have also been included to complete this formula. As a precursor for the synthesis of thyroxin melanin and catecholamines L-tyrosine has clinically demonstrated its ability to support normal catecholamine-enabled reactions to environmental stress including mood state cognitive function and fatigue. The suggested price for 90 Vcaps is 20. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (877) 776-8610 or visit Super Adrenal Stress Formula Dr. Wilson s Original Formulations by Arizona-based ICA Health offers Super Adrenal Stress Formula with minerals and vitamins for energy stress and adrenal support. Formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson the product is made for people experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue. Super Adrenal Stress Formula contains vitamins and minerals essential to energy and adrenal hormone production in optimal bioavailable forms and ratios for adrenal utilization. The formulation contains sufficient amounts of each nutrient for effective support during stress and adrenal fatigue and its synergistic combination enhances the efficacy of individual nutrients. The product promotes stress resilience and proper adrenal function and is one of four products in Dr. Wilson s Adrenal Fatigue Quartet. Its unique integrated sustained release caplet promotes gradual absorption and full utilization. The suggested price for 90 caplets is 38.95 and the price for 150 caplets is 51.95. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (888) ADRENAL ((888) 237-3625) or visit 50 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Go to rlclabs for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CHAT WITH SHARI BARBANEL S Sunil Pai MD House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center 9001 Holly Ave. Albuquerque NM 87122 Phone (505) 821-6300 (877) 654-2676 Fax (505) 828-3773 Email wellness unil Pai MD is board certified in holistic integrative medicine. He is a deacon of the House of Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center located in Albuquerque NM an integrated auxiliary of the Priory of Santa Fe. Dr. Pai specializes in custom formulations of dietary supplements including vitamins minerals ayurvedic herbs medical foods and homeopathics using safe clinically effective ingredients. He has been a consultant to various nutraceutical companies as well as functional medicine testing companies. Over the past 14 years Dr. Pai has studied the processing of raw materials from farm to manufacturing and from the bench top research to clinical studies. His interest in the benefits of natural therapies led to the development of House of Sanjevani nutraceutical products. Dr. Pai consults with integrative clinics in the U.S. Mexico Costa Rica Panama Thailand India and China on teaching his integrative cancer supportive protocols. He is also currently working on establishing a Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health and Lifestyle Center in Costa Rica for education products and services. Dr. Pai s recently released book An Inflammation Nation which includes a forward by Dr. Andrew Weil describes the health benefits of plant-based diets and the use of natural antiinflammatories for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and cancer. follow to help them take back their health through dietary and lifestyle changes and the use of natural therapies. From my experience if someone follows the 10 steps outlined in the book most if not all of their health problems will be significantly improved if not reversed. Along with some guidance from their natural practitioner most could achieve optimum health. And if a new patient has read my book their consult with me will be so much more meaningful and productive for both of us. Why is inflammation the common link to all diseases and what are some of the triggers Almost every single disease has an inflammatory component. Some conditions ignite inflammatory processes and some continue the progression from an acute problem to a chronic disease. Inflammation in simple terms can be defined as fire or flame and scientifically as itis. Thus any word that has itis at the end of it means inflammation to that area. For example arthritis is inflammation of the joints colitis is inflammation of the colon sinusitis is inflammation of the sinus dermatitis is inflammation of the skin etc. There are now 200 different itis conditions. However almost every one of these conditions is treated separately by different specialist doctors. Each specialist giving specific treatments that only provide symptomatic relief but never dig deep enough to get to the underlying cause of why they have the dysfunction imbalance or disease to begin with. The majority of triggers that cause inflammation are dietary related followed by environmental triggers such chemicals pollutants infections injuries smoking alcohol and stress. In your book you cover 10 Steps to Optimum Health & Longevity. Please discuss the steps. The 10 steps are basically a program that if followed will lead the reader to optimum health--as a preventive measure or as a return to health from any chronic inflammatory disease. The book is written for both health care providers and consumers. The steps I have outlined are easy to follow with examples along with simple scientific explanations. For those who want further information there are more than 700 references to the scientific studies and investigative reports that one can refer to if needed. The book provides each of the 10 steps in detail and each chapter could actually be an entire book on its subject. I wanted to show how all these factors contribute to health and why I haven t just provided a magic bullet like so many other books on fad diets and the latest health crazes [claim to]. I will briefly describe them. Step 1 Eating an Organic Non-GMO Plant-based Anti-inflammatory Diet. This is the most important aspect. Putting the right type of fuel in the body is the foundation for health. I explain all the different types of fad diets from Paleo Aktins keto low-carb high-fat etc. with evidence-based data to demonstrate why a whole-foods plant-based diet is the best. I also describe the difference between GMO (genetically Q A As one of the first formally trained integrative medicine physicians in the U.S more than 16 years ago I spent my career exploring thousands of patients diets lifestyles environments and mental states to uncover that the underlying piece that makes all health conditions worse is an inflammatory component. Thus investigating those triggers eliminating them and providing the natural anti-inflammatory Bosmeric-SR to reduce inflammation in their lives soon became a successful pathway of not only preventing and treating diseases but also reversing them. The book reflects the information included in my initial integrative medicine consultation and I wanted to make this information available to as many people as possible. Many people may not have access to an integrative medicine MD like myself so I wanted to provide a guide for people to Q A What was your motivation behind writing An Inflammation Nation Q A 52 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 modified organism) and non-GMO organic and conventional foods along with teaching the differences in each category whether animal or plant including how it is being grown and processed for our consumption. Many people will be amazed that the food industry is not as transparent as they think and regulations for their protection are not as strong as they should be. There is an entire section on the benefits of omega-3s explaining in detail the differences in potency purity manufacturing and label claims. Step 2 Testing What is Triggering Inflammatory Responses in Your Body. This step is key to finding out what foods trigger inflammatory reactions in the body specific to each individual. As a specialist in this area I educate the reader on types of testing and which methods are more accurate as well as giving guidance on natural treatment options to help desensitize the individual safely and effectively. Step 3 Detoxification--Clearing the Toxins. This naturally occurs by following the first two steps along with some natural products that I discuss in the book. I also recommend Pancharkarma a specialty detoxification program that we offer at Sanjevani. Step 4 Avoid Smoking. Seems selfexplanatory but we have an increase in smoking again with young people especially with e-cigarettes. I provide the data to explain why even this healthier cigarette is still very harmful. Smoking is the second most preventable lifestyle change we can make to prevent cancer the first being diet related. Step 5 Avoid NSAIDs--The Unknown Dangers. This is my soapbox subject that I preach daily. This chapter will shock the reader as I provide the full data on how NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatories-- i.e. acetaminophen ibuprofen naproxen celecoxib etc.) are one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. By understanding what a black box warning is in detail and the lifethreatening side effects along with legal risks health care providers and consumers will be very cautious to recommend or use any of these products again. Step 6 Decrease Inflammation Through the Use of Bosmeric-SR. In my clinical experience Bosmeric-SR is the best natural antiinflammatory available that I believe every person should be taking daily. I will describe this in more detail later. Step 7 Increase Immune System Functioning. Along with reducing inflammation through diet and lifestyle changes and taking Bosmeric-SR strengthening the immune system is key to assisting the body to be able to fight disease and repair from it. I recommend how to take vitamin D3 and what levels are best. In addition other immuno-modulators such as our Sanjevani Glucan 300 will provide the most potent response compared to other beta-glucans on the market. Finally using Sanjevani Complete Probiotics will help strengthen the immune system by improving the gut microbiome. Step 8 Maintain Healthy Glucose Levels and Avoid Excess Sugar and Salt. This is a major problem in the U.S. I describe not only the current problem but also our history with sugar. In addition I provide detailed studies on the link of sugar to a variety of health conditions--diabetes heart disease behavioral and learning disorders and the metabolic link to cancer growth. Step 9 Stress Reduction Through Meditation and Yoga. We all live with excess sympathetic stimulation (fight or flight responses) through our stressful lifestyle both with physical mental and emotional stressors. In fact the cover image on my book is a great representation of what is happening to the entire country on all levels--environmentally socially and politically. The key to reduce all this inflammation is in the first eight steps but if one learns to develop a yoga and meditation practice it can be used as a medicine in itself. Many people think yoga is exercise and mediation is only settling the mind but I provide a whole list of clinical benefits with scientific evidence as well as tips on the financial savings one can gain utilizing such simple lifestyle practices. I also dispel many of the myths that people may have about yoga and mediation. Step 10 Love Happiness Social Relationships Faith and Spiritual Practices. All you need is love said John Lennon and there is much truth to that statement. Healing is not only from the foods you eat the supplements you take or the place you live but comes from the love in your heart and the community around you. Developing a positive attitude living in the present helping those less fortunate and developing community are key factors to optimum health. At House of Sanjevani we encourage our patients to utilize whichever faith religion or belief system as an integral part of their healing. We have found that when this vital component is combined into the overall program wonderful and amazing outcomes can occur. How much of an impact do the foods we eat have on the body What should we be eating and what should we avoid The foods we are eating are the building blocks of our health or disease. Currently the standard American diet (SAD) is the major culprit for the reason there is so much disease in this country. We now rank 46 out of 48 industrial nations on our outcomes of all diseases A through Z. Our diet is full of high amounts of animal proteins sugars salts unhealthy fats which not only lead to inflammatory processes but also make us addicted to fast processed and convenient foods. People have forgotten how to cook real fresh and live foods and instead microwave meals or eat out regularly. The processing and contamination of our foods along with conventional and GMO farming is extremely harmful to our health increasing inflammation that triggers cholesterol that sticks inside our arteries increases cancer diabetes and causes all itis conditions to worsen. How these dangers are occurring in each food group both animal and plant is detailed in my book. We must be eating an organic non-GMO plant based diet with whole fresh live foods and stop eating the SAD. Q A At our center Sanjevani Integrative Medicine Health & Lifestyle Center we specialize in the original detoxification program from ancient India called Panchakarma. Panchakarma is usually done at the change of seasons with the supervision of a qualified ayurvedic practitioner or doctor. Detoxification of any kind is not recommended when one is in a debilitated state or poor health. Detoxification is part of an overall cleansing of the mind body and spirit. There are many preparations to help build up the body before and after to prevent depletion. Most detox products on the market or health center programs are limited to a colon cleanse product or program but Panchakarma is an actual ayurvedic medical specialty. Q A When how and why should we detox Extra Extra Visit to read the rest of the interview. AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 53 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE By Gene Bruno MS MHS Huntington College of Health Sciences urcumin the primary active constituent found in turmeric is responsible for the plant s yellow color and for providing most of its medicinal qualities1 2--and like vitamin D curcumin is one of those nutraceuticals for which research suggests a broad range of potential benefits. Likewise turmeric has been used as a traditional remedy in Chinese and Indian ayurvedic medicine for more than 2 000 years 3 and the authors of a textbook on bioactive foods indicate that the use of turmeric in Indian folk medicine is one of a veritable panacea apparently efficacious for conditions that we would nowadays classify in the realm of infectious inflammatory metabolic and immunological diseases. 4 Also like vitamin D new research on curcumin is being published with great frequency. This article will review the human clinical research on C curcumin that was published in 2015. Specifically this includes research on dental health psoriasis thalassemia (an inherited blood disorder) PMS exercise-related soreness damage diabetes anxiety depression and colitis. Dental Health The Australian Dental Journal5 published a study comparing the anti-inflammatory effects of topically applied curcumin to those of chlorhexidine and chlorhexidinemetronidazole (germicidal gels) on experimental gingivitis in 60 subjects. Each gel was applied twice daily for 10 minutes for 29 days. By measuring inflammatory markers results showed that the anti-inflammatory effects of topical curcumin were similar to chlorhexidine-metronidazole but superior to chlorhexidine. Since white spot lesions are common during orthodontic treatment the journal Lasers in Medical Science 6 published a randomized study to evaluate the antimicrobial anti-inflammatory effect of curcuminphotodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy (curcumin) and chlorhexidine varnish on the plaque accumulation and gingival bleeding in 45 adolescents undergoing orthodontic treatment. The subjects were placed into three groups chlorhexidine varnish 2 percent placebo varnish and curcumin. After four weeks both chlorhexidine and curcumin of treatment resulted in a significant reduction in gingival bleeding (P 0.05). Psoriasis BioMed Research International7 published a 12-week randomized double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial that assessed the effectiveness of a topical steroid and 54 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 bioavailable oral curcumin (Meriva 2 g day) or the steroid alone and in 63 patients with mild-to-moderate psoriasis. While results showed that both groups achieved a significant reduction in psoriasis severity the reduction was greater in patients treated with both topical steroids and oral curcumin. Moreover a serum marker of inflammation (IL-22) was significantly reduced in patients treated with oral curcumin. The European Journal of Dermatology8 published another randomized doubleblind placebo-controlled clinical trial to investigate the safety and efficacy of oral curcumin together with real visible light phototherapy or simulated visible light phototherapy in 22 patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Results demonstrated that all patients included in the curcumin real visible light phototherapy improved to the extent all moderate or severe plaques were eliminated (p 0.01). Lesions showed a response in 81 percent of the real visible light phototherapy patients compared to only 30 percent of the simulated visible light phototherapy patients. sule) for seven days before menstruation and for three days after menstruation for three successive cycles and they recorded severity of the symptoms by daily record questionnaire. Results showed that after three consecutive cycles treatment with curcumin the total severity of PMS score had reduced by a significant 58.39 percent while in the placebo the reduction was only 13.63 percent. -thalassemia an inherited blood disorder that reduces the production of hemoglobin has been reported to have various responses to antioxidant treatment. sus placebo on muscle damage inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) in 17 untrained exercising men. The constituents of the curcumin used were bisdemethoxycurcumin 29 mg demethoxycurcumin 62.7 mg and curcumin 964 with total curcuminoids 1 060 mg per tablet. At 24 and 48 hours post-exercise curcumin supplementation resulted in moderate to large reductions in pain during single-leg squat gluteal stretch and squat jump as well as small reductions in creatine kinase activity. A small increase in single-leg jump performance was associated with the pain reduction. Diabetes Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes13 published a study examining the potential effects of supplementation with 500 mg day of curcumin on the progression of diabetic kidney disease for 15 to 30 days. The results were that curcumin supplementation markedly reduced the excretion of urinary micro-albumin (a marker of kidney damage) without any negative effect on blood glucose levels. Curcumin also reduced plasma MDA levels (a market of oxidative stress) and lipopolysaccharide (an inflammatory activator) while increasing IB (an inhibitory protein on inflammatory signaling). In addition curcumin helped upregulate several friendly gut bacteria important for maintaining gut barrier integrity and function. Thalassemia -thalassemia an inherited blood disorder that reduces the production of hemoglobin has been reported to have various responses to antioxidant treatment. Hemoglobin E (HbE) is the most common form of -thalassemia in Southeast. Asia Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity9 published a study comparing an antioxidant cocktail of N-acetylcysteine deferiprone (an iron chelator) and either curcumin or vitamin E in 60 patients with -thalassemia hemoglobin E. Patients were classified as responders if they showed improvements in markers in iron load and oxidative stress. Results showed that responders in both groups had significantly decreased iron load and oxidative stress and significantly increased antioxidant capacity and hemoglobin concentration. The maximum increase (P 0.01) in hemoglobin concentration was 11 percent at month four in curcumin group responders and 10 percent at month 10 in vitamin E group responders. Exercise Related Soreness Damage A study published by the European Journal of Applied Physiology investigated the effect of supplementation with curcumin (Theracurmin) or placebo on muscle damage after eccentric exercise in 14 untrained young men. Subjects performed 50 maximal isokinetic eccentric contractions of the elbow flexors with one arm and the same exercise with the other arm four weeks later and received 150 mg of curcumin before and 12 hours after each eccentric exercise bout in a randomized crossover design. Results showed that subjects using curcumin recovered faster than those using the placebo (four days post-exercise -31 13 percent vs. -15 15 percent) and peak serum creatine kinase (a measure of muscle damage) was 77.35 percent less compared to placebo (P 0.05). Similarly the European Journal of Applied Physiology12 published a doubleblind randomized-controlled crossover trial to examine the effects of oral curcumin supplementation (2.5 g twice daily) ver- Anxiety & Depression The Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine14 published a 30-day double blind crossover trial investigating the effects of curcumin (1 g day) or placebo on the frequency of symptoms of anxiety and depression with 30 obese subjects. Severity of anxiety and depression was assessed at baseline and at weeks four six and 10 of the trial using the Beck Anxiety Inventory and Beck Depression Inventory (scientifically validated assessment questionnaires). Results showed that anxiety scores were significantly reduced following curcumin therapy (P 0.03). However curcumin supplementation did not exert any significant impact on depression. Although curcumin failed to exhibit benefits for depression in the aforementioned study an eight-week randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study published in European Neuropsychopharmacology15 demonstrated different results. In this study 50 patients with major depressive disorders were treated with PMS Complementary Therapies in Medicine10 published a double-blind placebo-controlled study which evaluated the effects of placebo or curcumin on the severity of PMS symptoms in 70 women. Participants received two capsules daily (100 mg cap- AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 55 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE curcumin (BCM-95 500 mg twice daily) or placebo. The Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology was used for assessing depressive symptoms and an analysis of salivary urinary and blood biomarkers were also collected. The results showed that compared to placebo changes in key biomarkers (e.g. leptin and endothelin-1) in curcumin-treated individuals was associated with greater reductions in depression scores after eight weeks of treatment. Conclusion Curcumin is a well-researched nutraceutical with multiple applications to human health. The research published in 2015 is really just the tip of the iceberg where curcumin is concerned and lends support to its value in dental health psoriasis thalassemia PMS exercise-related soreness damage diabetes anxiety depression and colitis. Colitis Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology16 published a multicenter randomized placebo-controlled double-blind study to investigate curcumin s efficacy in inducing remission in 50 patients with active mildto-moderate ulcerative colitis (UC) who were already being treated with the UC medication mesalamine. Patients were randomly assigned to groups who were given curcumin capsules (3 g day) or an identical placebo for one month. Results showed that 14 patients (53.8 percent) receiving curcumin achieved clinical remission at week four compared with none of the patients receiving placebo (P 0.01). Additionally clinical response (defined as a reduction of 3 points in the Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index) was achieved by 17 patients (65.3 percent) in the curcumin group vs. 3 patients (12.5 percent) in the placebo group (P 0.001). References 1 Chattopadhyay I Biswas K Bandyopadhyay U Banerjee RK. Turmeric and curcumin Biological actions and medicinal applications. Current Science. 2004 87(1) 44-53. 2 Curcuma longa (turmeric). Monograph. Altern Med Rev 2001 6 Suppl S62-6. 3 Curcuma longa (turmeric). Monograph. Altern Med Rev 2001 6 Suppl S62-6. 4 Togni S Appendino G. Curcumin and Joint Health From Traditional Knowledge to Clinical Validation. In Watson RR Preedy VR (eds.) Bioactive Food as Dietary Interventions for Arthritis and Related Inflammatory Diseases. San Diego Academic Press 2013 67-81. 5 Pulikkotil SJ Nath S. Effects of curcumin on crevicular levels of IL-1 and CCL28 in experimental gingivitis. Aust Dent J. 2015 Sep 60(3) 317-27. 6 Paschoal MA Moura CM Jeremias F Souza JF Bagnato VS Giusti JS Santos-Pinto L. Longitudinal effect of curcumin-photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy in adolescents during fixed orthodontic treatment a single-blind randomized clinical trial study. Lasers Med Sci. 2015 Nov 30(8) 2059-65. 7 Antiga E Bonciolini V Volpi W Del Bianco E Caproni M. Oral Curcumin (Meriva) Is Effective as an Adjuvant Treatment and Is Able to Reduce IL-22 Serum Levels in Patients with Psoriasis Vulgaris. Biomed Res Int. 2015 2015 283634. 8 Carrion-Gutierrez M Ramirez-Bosca A Navarro-Lopez V Martinez-Andres A As n-Llorca M Bernd A Horga de la Parte JF. Effects of Curcuma extract and visible light on adults with plaque psoriasis. Eur J Dermatol. 2015 MayJun 25(3) 240-6. 9 Yanpanitch OU Hatairaktham S Charoensakdi R Panichkul N Fucharoen S Srichairatanakool S Siritanaratkul N Kalpravidh RW. Treatment of Thalassemia Hemoglobin E with Antioxidant Cocktails Results in Decreased Oxidative Stress Increased Hemoglobin Concentration and Improvement of the Hypercoagulable State. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2015 2015 537954. 10 Khayat S Fanaei H Kheirkhah M Moghadam ZB Kasaeian A Javadimehr M. Curcumin attenuates severity of premenstrual syndrome symptoms A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial. Complement Ther Med. 2015 Jun 23(3) 318-24. 11 Tanabe Y Maeda S Akazawa N Zempo-Miyaki A Choi Y Ra SG Imaizumi A Otsuka Y Nosaka K. Attenuation of indirect markers of eccentric exerciseinduced muscle damage by curcumin. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2015 Sep 115(9) 1949-57. 12 Nicol LM Rowlands DS Fazakerly R Kellett J. Curcumin supplementation likely attenuates delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Eur J Appl Physiol. 2015 Aug 115(8) 1769-77. 13 Yang H Xu W Zhou Z Liu J Li X Chen L Weng J Yu Z. Curcumin attenuates urinary excretion of albumin in type II diabetic patients with enhancing nuclear factor erythroid-derived 2-like 2 (Nrf2) system and repressing inflammatory signaling efficacies. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 2015 Jun 123(6) 360-7. 14 Esmaily H Sahebkar A Iranshahi M Ganjali S Mohammadi A Ferns G Ghayour-Mobarhan M. An investigation of the effects of curcumin on anxiety and depression in obese individuals A randomized controlled trial. Chin J Integr Med. 2015 May 21(5) 332-8. 15 Lopresti AL Maes M Meddens MJ Maker GL Arnoldussen E Drummond PD. Curcumin and major depression a randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial investigating the potential of peripheral biomarkers to predict treatment response and antidepressant mechanisms of change. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2015 Jan 25(1) 38-50. 16 Lang A Salomon N Wu JC et al. Curcumin in Combination With Mesalamine Induces Remission in Patients With Mild-to-Moderate Ulcerative Colitis in a Randomized Controlled Trial. Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2015 Aug 13(8) 1444-9.e1. Gene Bruno MS MHS the dean of academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences is a nutritionist herbalist writer and educator. For more than 30 years he has educated and trained natural product retailers and health care professionals has researched and formulated natural products for dozens of dietary supplement companies and has written articles on nutrition herbal medicine nutraceuticals and integrative health issues for trade consumer magazines and peerreviewed publications. He can be reached at gbruno 56 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 Branch Out and Join VRM Media s FAMILY OF PUBLICATIONS Contact One of Our Ad Specialists Today Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 e-Mail RussF Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 e-Mail GaryP NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Proper Maternal Folate Level May Reduce Child Obesity Risk roper maternal folate levels during pregnancy may protect children from a future risk of obesity especially those born to obese mothers according to a study led by researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health. The study published online in JAMA Pediatrics was funded by NIH s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). Obesity in children and adults is a serious health issue in the U.S. contributing to such conditions as heart disease stroke and type 2 diabetes. During pregnancy maternal obesity also increases the risk for a range of pregnancy complications such as stillbirth birth defects and preterm birth. Furthermore babies born to obese mothers have long-term health risks including a higher risk of obesity in childhood. Folate an essential B vitamin reduces the fetus risk for neural tube defects which are malformations affecting the brain spine and spinal cord. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that women of childbearing age take 400 micrograms of folic acid (a synthetic form of folate) daily to reduce their children s risk for neural tube defects. However the role of maternal folate levels on a P child s future obesity risk was not known especially among those born to mothers who are obese during pregnancy. In their study the researchers investigated the health outcomes of mothers and children (ranging from 2- to 9-years-old) in the Boston Birth Cohort a predominately low-income minority population with a high prevalence of maternal and child obesity. The study team analyzed health records from more than 1 500 mother-child pairs including information that was collected before during and after pregnancy. To gauge a mother s folate level during pregnancy the researchers measured folate from stored plasma samples that were collected two to three days after delivery. The study team found a wide range of maternal folate levels but observed an Lshaped relationship between maternal folate levels and child obesity. In other words the lowest levels of folate correlated with the highest risk of child obesity. When folate levels reached approximately 20 nm L which is within the normal range for adults further increases in folate levels did not confer additional benefits indicating a threshold or ceiling effect. According to the researchers this threshold is higher than the standard cutoff for diagnosing folate deficiency (less than 10 nm L). Obese mothers in the study tended to have lower folate levels than normal weight mothers. However when the researchers examined obese mothers only they found that children of obese mothers with adequate folate levels (at least 20 nm L) had a 43 percent lower risk of obesity compared to children of obese mothers with lower folate (less than 20 nm L). The children in the latter group had higher body mass index-for-age z-scores (BMI-z)--a measure of body fat in children. According to the authors establishing an optimal rather than minimal folate concentration may be beneficial for women planning a pregnancy especially obese women. (Source JAMA Pediatrics--June 2016) Some Plant-based Therapies Associated With Modest Improvement in Menopausal Symptoms A n analysis of more than 60 studies suggests that some plant-based therapies are associated with modest reductions in the frequency of hot flashes and vaginal dryness but no significant reduction in night sweats according to a study appearing in JAMA. Medical treatments for symptoms associated with menopause are available including hormone replacement therapy. However given the potentially negative health consequences of hormone replacement therapy on cardiovascular health and breast cancer 40 percent to 50 percent of women in Western countries choose to use complementary therapies including plant-based therapies. A broad range of plant-based therapies may improve menopausal symptoms. These therapies include the oral use of phytoestrogens such as dietary soy isoflavones and soy extracts herbal remedies such as red clover and black cohosh and Chinese and other medicinal herbs. Although associations of these therapies with menopausal symptoms have been evaluated in randomized trials most of these studies were limited by sample size a short follow-up period suboptimal quality and inconsistent findings. Taulant Muka MD PhD of Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam the Netherlands and colleagues in collaboration with the University of Cambridge conducted a review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials that assessed plant-based therapies and the presence of hot flashes night sweats and vaginal dryness. The researchers identified 62 studies (6 653 women) that met criteria for inclusion in the analysis. Use of phytoestrogens was associated with a decrease in the number of daily hot flashes and vaginal dryness score between the treatment groups but not in the number of night sweats. Individual phytoestrogen interventions such as dietary and supplemental soy isoflavones were associated with improvement in daily hot flashes and vaginal dryness score. Several herbal remedies but not Chinese medicinal herbs were associated with an overall decrease in the frequency of vasomotor symptoms. There was substantial variation among the available studies in terms of scientific rigor and quality. Because of general suboptimal quality and the heterogeneous nature of the current evidence further rigorous studies are needed to determine the association of plant-based and natural therapies with menopausal health the authors wrote. (Source JAMA--June 2016) 58 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 For Women Healthy Diets May Help With Mobility When Aging I n a large study conducted by Brigham and Women s Hospital (BWH) researchers found an association between women who maintain a healthy diet and a reduction in the risk of developing impaired physical function as they age. The findings are published in the Journal of Nutrition. Little research has been done on how diet impacts physical function later in life. We study the connection between diet and many other aspects of health but we don t know much about diet and mobility said Francine Grodstein ScD senior author of the study and a researcher in the Channing Division of Network Medicine at BWH. We wanted to look at diet patterns and try to learn how our overall diet impacts our physical function as we get older. Researchers examined the association between the Alternative Healthy Eating Index a measure of diet quality with reports of impairment in physical function among 54 762 women involved in the Nurses Health Study. Physical function was measured by a commonly used standard instrument every four years from 1992 to 2008 and diet was measured by food frequency questionnaires which were administered approximately every four years beginning in 1980. The data indicate that women who maintained a healthier diet were less likely to develop physical impairments compared to women whose diets were not as healthy. They also found a higher intake of vegetables and fruits a lower intake of sugarsweetened beverages trans-fats and sodium and a moderate alcohol intake were each significantly associated with reduced rates of physical impairment. Among individual foods the strongest relations were found for increased intakes of oranges orange juice apples and pears romaine or leaf lettuce and walnuts. However researchers noted specific foods generally had weaker associations than the overall score which indicates that overall diet quality is more important than individual foods. We think a lot about chronic diseases cancer heart disease and tend not to think of physical function. Physical function is crucial as you age it includes being able to get yourself dressed walk around the block and could impact your ability to live independently said Kaitlin Hagan ScD MPH first author and a postdoctoral fellow at BWH. Future research is needed to better understand dietary and lifestyle factors that influence physical function. (Source Journal of Nutrition--July 2016) Acupressure Reduced Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors A cupressure helped reduce persistent fatigue in women who had been treated for breast cancer a new study finds. Fatigue is one of the most common longterm effects of breast cancer treatment. About one-third of women experience moderate to severe fatigue up to 10 years after their treatment ends. The study published in JAMA Oncology found that acupressure reduced fatigue by 27 percent to 34 percent over six weeks. Two-thirds of women who did relaxing acupressure a certain type of the healing method achieved normal fatigue levels. Fatigue is an underappreciated symptom across a lot of chronic diseases especially cancer. It has a significant impact on quality of life. Acupressure is easy to learn and patients can do it themselves said study author Suzanna Zick ND MPH associate research professor of family medicine at the University of Michigan. In the study the researchers tested two types of acupressure relaxing acupressure which is traditionally used to treat insomnia and stimulating acupressure which is used to increase energy. The two techniques differ by which points on the body are stimulated. Researchers recruited 424 breast cancer survivors from the Michigan Tumor Registry. Participants were randomized to relaxing acupressure stimulating acupressure or usual care which includes typical sleep-management techniques. The women were taught how to find and stimulate the acupressure points so that they could perform it at home once per day for six weeks. At the end of the trial both acupressure treatments resulted in significant sustained improvements in fatigue. But only relaxing acupressure also improved measures of sleep quality such as disrupted sleep and overall quality of life. Previous studies suggest acupuncture might help curb fatigue. But acupuncture is often not covered by insurance plus it requires people go to a practitioner once or twice a week for at least six weeks. Acupressure on the other hand proved in this study to be easy to learn and it can be done at home. Study participants had 15 minutes of training and were able to accurately locate the correct acupressure points and apply the right amount of pressure. Some women reported minor bruising at the acupressure sites. About 12 percent of the participants discontinued the study because they felt it was too time-intensive. Given the brief training required to learn acupressure this intervention could be a low-cost option for treating fatigue Dr. Zick said. The researchers are developing a mobile application to teach acupressure. They will also investigate why acupressure impacts fatigue and whether it is also effective for patients in active treatment and with cancers other than breast. (Source JAMA Oncology--July 2016) AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 59 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Most Siblings of Food Allergic Kids Do Not Have Food Allergy F amilies with a child who has food allergy often wonder if a younger sibling should be screened before introducing potentially allergenic foods. According to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology in practice this approach may be unwarranted given the high rate of false-positive test results and low risk of food allergy in siblings. Our data suggests that the risk of food allergy in siblings of an affected child is only minimally higher than in the general population said lead author Ruchi Gupta MD MPH pediatrician and researcher at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children s Hospital of Chicago (Illinois) and associate professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. We also observed that testing might show sensitization to peanuts in a child who has never had peanuts for example but that might not mean that eating a peanut will provoke allergic symptoms in that child. The study found that the majority (53 percent) of siblings of food allergic children showed food sensitization with testing but did not experience food allergy symptoms. An additional one-third of siblings tested negative and had no allergic reactions to food while only 13.6 percent of siblings had a true food allergy. Our findings help support the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases practice guidelines to not screen siblings before the child s initial exposure to a food said Dr. Gupta. Routine screening without a history of allergic food reactions might lead to unnecessary food avoidance in kids who can actually tolerate that food which impacts quality of life and nutrition. Food avoidance also increases the risk of developing an allergy to that food. A total of 1 120 children participated in the study including food allergic kids and their biological siblings. Food allergy status was determined by applying a set of stringent clinical criteria to data gathered from a questionnaire-based interview as well as results of specific IgE blood test and skin prick testing. (Source The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology In Practice--July 2016) Changes Uncovered in Gut Bacteria of Patients With MS connection between the bacteria living in the gut and immunological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS) have long been suspected but for the first time researchers have detected clear evidence of changes that tie the two together. Investigators from Brigham and Women s Hospital (BWH) have found that people with MS have different patterns of gut microorganisms than those of their healthy counterparts. In addition patients receiving treatment for MS have different patterns than untreated patients. The new research supports recent studies linking immunological disorders to the gut microbiome and may have implications for pursuing new therapies for MS. Our findings raise the possibility that by affecting the gut microbiome one could come up with treatments for MS--treatments that affect the microbiome and in A turn the immune response said Howard L. Weiner MD director of the Partners MS Center and co-director of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Disease at Brigham Women s Hospital. There are a number of ways that the microbiome could play a role in MS and this opens up a whole new world of looking at the disease in a way that it s never been looked at before. Dr. Weiner and colleagues conducted their investigations using data and samples from subjects who are part of the CLIMB (Comprehensive Longitudinal Investigation of Multiple Sclerosis) study at Brigham and Women s Hospital. The team analyzed stool samples from 60 people with MS and 43 control subjects performing gene sequencing to detect differences in the microbial communities of the subjects. Samples from MS patients contained higher levels of certain bacterial species-- including Methanobrevibacter and Akkermansia--and lower levels of others-- such as Butyricimonas--when compared to healthy samples. Other studies have found that several of these microorganisms may drive inflammation or are associated with autoimmunity. Importantly the team also found that microbial changes in the gut correlated with changes in the activity of genes that play a role in the immune system. The team also collected breath samples from subjects finding that as a result of increased levels of Methanobrevibacter patients with MS had higher levels of methane in their breath samples. The researchers also investigated the gut microbe communities of untreated MS patients finding that MS disease-modifying therapy appeared to normalize the gut microbiomes of MS patients. The researchers note that further study will be required to determine the exact role that these microbes may be playing in the progression of disease and whether or not modifying the microbiome may be helpful in treating MS. They plan to continue to explore the connection between the gut and the immune system in a larger group of patients and follow changes over time to better understand disease progression and interventions. This work provides a window into how the gut can affect the immune system which can then affect the brain said Dr. Weiner who is also a professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School. Characterizing the gut microbiome in those with MS may provide new opportunities to diagnose MS and point us toward new interventions to help prevent disease development in those who are at risk. (Source Nature Communications--June 2016) 60 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 NATURAL MARKETPLACE NATURAL MARKETPLACE PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO THE NATURAL HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. ALL STATEMENTS CLAIMS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. NATURAL PRACTITIONER DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN NATURAL MARKETPLACE OR ATTEMPT TO CORROBORATE ANY CLAIMS MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER. To have a new product included in Natural Marketplace please send a press release and photograph to Natural Practitioner by email to ShariB Black is White Toothpaste CINCINNATI OH--Black is White Toothpaste by Curaden AG in Switzerland is an all-natural whitening toothpaste that is carbon based. There is no SLS or bleaching agents and it has very low abrasion. A 90 mL tube of the activated carbon has a suggested price of 30- 40. Black is White is safe trendy and effective the company stated. For more information call (513) 871-9200 or visit Citrus Salts OGDEN UT--White Egret Personal Care announced the addition of Citrus Bath Crystals and Pharmaceutical Grade Citrus Epsom Salts to its line of bath crystals and Epsom salts. Both are made in the U.S. and blended with certified organic orange and lemon essential oils to provide an uplifting and revitalizing experience. Pharmaceutical Grade Citrus Epsom Salt (suggested price 13.03 16-oz. jar and 21.44. 30-oz. jar) is non-GMO kosher certified and can be used to soothe aches remove odors and soften rough skin. Citrus Bath Crystals (suggested price 12 12-oz. jar) have the same scent blended with sea minerals from Utah s ancient inland sea the Great Salt Lake. It includes more than 72 ionic sea minerals such as magnesium calcium and zinc to help soften and rejuvenate damaged and dry skin in addition to being non-GMO. For more information call (800) 309-3277 or visit Theracurmin HP & Pure Omega HP GREEN BAY WI--Integrative Therapeutics introduced Pure Omega HP and Theracurmin HP to its line. Pure Omega HP is primarily sourced from anchovies some sardines and small amounts of mackerel found off Peru and Northern Chile. To maintain purity and quality the company uses a proprietary green tea preservation system using a proprietary blend of catechins unique to Pure Omega products which provides protection against ocidation and ensures product stability. Available in a 120-ct. soft gel bottle the suggested price is 45.00. Theracurmin HP is a preparation of turmeric that utilizes patented natural colloidal dispersion technology to enhance the bioavailability and increase curcumin levels in the blood. Unlike other forms of curcumin Theracurmin (suggested price 53.00 60-ct.) is water-dispersible which means it dissolves quickly and maintains solubility over time thereby improving curcumin s overall absorption. It is also available in a 120-ct. bottle. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Novahue Menopause ORANGE NJ--The bioactive ingredients in NovaHue Menopause were selected specifically for their ability to manage vasomotor instability while simultaneously supporting overall bone and breast health. NovaHue Menopause contains tomato-derived lycopene natural lycopene packed with potent nutrients and has been shown to support and help maintain bone health slow-release Genistein (SR) highly-concentrated Sophora japonica (Japanese pagoda tree) extract standardized at 98 percent genistein which has demonstrated an ability to both prevent bone loss and reduce vasomotor symptoms vitamin D an effective serving of this common vitamin supports calcium absorption. NovaHue Menopause (suggested price 40 30-ct. soft gel) supports a wide range of symptoms including those that often cause the most discomfort hot flashes night sweats occasional sleep disturbances and modulation in bone density. It also delivers targeted estrogenic activity and provides healthy hormone management. For more information call (844) 668-2483 or visit For more information call (800) 931-1709 or visit Mteryti & Mteryti Folic 5 ROSEMONT PA--Duchesnay announced new products Mteryti (suggested price 59 30-day supply) and Mteryti Folic 5 (suggested price 64 30-day supply). Mteryti contains 17 vitamins and minerals including 1.1 mg of folic acid for use two to three months prior to conception throughout pregnancy and during the postnatal period. Mteryti Folic 5 contains 17 vitamins and minerals including 5 mg of folic acid for use two to three months prior to pregnancy until 10-12 weeks of gestation. After 10-12 weeks of gestation patients should stop taking Mteryti Folic 5 and continue their supplement use with Mteryti. The unique two-tablet formulation (morning tablet evening tablet) is designed to help optimize iron calcium and folic acid absorption . The smaller-sized tablets may be easier to swallow especially for women that are experiencing nausea and vomiting or have difficulty taking large tablets. Mteryti Mteryti Folic 5 may also help reduce gastrointestinal discomforts typically associated with multivitamin multimineral supplements. Both are suitable for women with food constraints Lactose gluten and tartrazine free kosher kosher for Passover and halal certified. Mteryti and Mteryti Folic 5 are recommended for use under the supervision of a physician or health care professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. For more information call (888) 559-2188 or visit AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 61 NATURAL MARKETPLACE MuscleCare & Cartilage Comfort FARMINGDALE NY--Patient One MediNutritionals added MuscleCare and Cartilage Comfort to its product line. MuscleCare supplies key electrolytes for maintaining healthy muscle contractile function along with soothing botanical extracts of valerian root white willow bark and passion flower to ease occasional muscle tension. The formula provides effective support to help reduce painful nighttime leg muscle cramps minor muscle cramps or overworked muscles associated with athletic activity and overall muscle tension. MuscleCare is available in a 90-capsule 45-day serving for a suggested price of 17.90. Cartilage Comfort provides a synergistic combination of clinically proven ingredients to help strengthen and support the maintenance and natural repair processes of healthy connective tissue. This formula supplies UC-II an undenatured Type II collagen complex MSM (as OpticMSM) and Meriva Turmeric to promote joint health and comfort in a convenient one capsule per day dose. Available in a 30-ct. and 60-ct. size with a suggested price of 35.50 and 67.90. For more information call (631) 390-9669 or visit MEDIACORNER Hazing Aging How Capillary Endothelia Control Inflammation and Aging Author Robert Buckingham MD FACP Pages 345 Price 23.95 Publisher iUniverse Contact or (317) 275-2057 According to the National Council on Aging approximately 92 percent of older adults have at least one chronic disease. Physician Robert Buckingham believes this number can be significantly lowered through the understanding of a group of cells that line the body s blood vessels called the vascular endothelium. Hazing Aging explores how maintaining the health of these cells through basic lifestyle changes can reverse effects of aging and prolong American lifespans. Topics addressed include identifying essential foods and vitamins mitigating chemical additions and the importance of capillary cells among other things. The Whole Health Diet A Transformational Approach to Weight Loss Author Mark Mincolla PhD Pages 288 Price 16.95 Publisher Jeremy P. Tarcher Penguin Contact (863) 603-3407 Nearly one third of Americans take up dieting every year but according to The Food Addiction Institute diets only have a 10 to 30 percent success rate. Dr. Mark Mincolla a natural health care practitioner claims that this high failure rate is due to a flawed approach to dieting and focuses only on physical changes not the root causes our emotional mental and spiritual needs. The Whole Health Diet teaches readers how to tackle emotional eating develop and maintain their own personalized energy-calibrated nutrition plan and how to electromagnetically test themselves for metabolic food intolerances. Through this book readers will obtain insights into the why of overeating powerful affirmations for simple mindset shifts holistic clear and transformational steps to take toward weight loss and delicious recipes. Recover Immune & Gut Health through Diet for Autoimmunity Author Darshi N. Shah MSc INHC CNT Pages 164 Price 33.99 Publisher Author House Contact Jason Schwarting-- jschwarting To combat the increasing number of autoimmune disorders author and board-certified nutritional therapist and health coach Darshi Shah adapted a healing diet of plant-based foods free of common trigger ingredients such as gluten dairy and refined sugar. The R.I.G.H.T Diet is the first plant-based vegetarian diet designed to help manage autoimmunity and Shah shares more than 50 of these original recipes in her new cookbook. There are so many people who can benefit from simply taking a closer look at what they re putting into their bodies Shah said. Even if you aren t suffering from an autoimmune condition simplifying the food you eat can have a drastic impact on your life. myHEALTHware SOAPware an electronic health record (EHR) recently introduced myHEALTHware the complete solution to patient care coordination. myHEALTHware provides tools and resources needed to view patient data connect with health care professionals coordinate with internal and external team members communicate with other software users and much more and serves as a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) allowing users to connect and share files with other providers via the open-standard HIPPA-compliant Direct Protocol regardless of which EHR they use. In short myHEALTHcare is a state-of-the-art tool that combines the best of social networking plus 20 years of medical software know-how resulting in a robust feature-rich platform that delivers maximum privacy security and ease-of-use. For more information visit 62 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM AUGUST 2016 CONFERENCES AND EVENTS September 15-17 ACAM 2016 Fall Conference Tucson AZ The American College for Advancement in Medicine s (ACAM) Fall conference will include workshops CME lectures and case studies networking opportunities and featured events. Speakers include Mark Waldman Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc Dana Cohen MD Laszlo Boros MD and Stephen Sinatra MD FACC FACN among others. The conference will take place in conjunction with the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD). The idea behind this collaboration is that the only solution to address the alarming rise of chronic disease is to do so with collaborative care designed for the individual. For more information call (800) 532-3688 or visit September 16-18 14th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference Hilton Head Island SC The annual International Restorative Medicine Conference will focus on teaching specific protocols including dosing treatment plans indications contraindications lifestyle and dietary changes and use of supplements. Conference topics include advanced botanical medicine medicinal mushroom use in oncology botanical medicine protocols for treating infections and herb nutrient and drug interactions T3 and thyroid certification hormone monitoring and treatment protocols for women s health and GI detox and cardiovascular topics including IV Meyer s cocktail protocol inflammation and Parkinson s and Alzheimer s disease mold exposure protocols among others. For more information call (866) 962-2276 or visit aarm2016 . September 17-18 The Nova Scotia Naturopathic Conference Nova Scotia Canada The Nova Scotia Naturopathic Conference is the premier annual naturopathic conference in Atlantic Canada taking place over two days. The conference is dedicated to improving patient care by providing a high-caliber continuing education opportunity to naturopathic and medical doctors as well as offering a tradeshow for the conference s sponsors. In addition to the conference a cocktail hour is available for participants speakers and sponsors to mix and mingle. The 2016 conference will be held September 17-- 18 at the Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel. For more information visit September 29 - October 2 The 7th Annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference Washington D.C. Integrative Medicine for Mental Health (IMMH) supports a whole body approach utilizing multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences to help patients obtain mental wellness. Practical applications and effective protocols will be presented that can be easily applied in a clinical setting. The concepts and guidelines offered at this conference can dramatically improve the quality of life of your patients and increase your scope of practice. Speakers for 2016 include James Greenblatt MD Andrea Gruszecki ND Trudy Scott CN Jay Lombard DO William Shaw PhD among others. Attendance to this conference qualifies you to join the IMMH Clinician Registry making you accessible to potential patients. For more information visit October 25-29 8th Annual Mind Body Medicine CME Conference Lenox MA According to The American Meditation Institute (AMI) founder Leonard Perlmutter AMI Meditation techniques that can relieve and prevent physician burnout will be taught at the 8th Annual Mind Body Medicine CME conference at the Cranwell Resort and Spa. Entitled The Heart and Science of Yoga the training is accredited through the Albany Medical College Office of Continuing Education. Upon completion of the conference participants will able to Develop equanimity discrimination will power creativity and energy through daily practice of AMI meditation and diaphragmatic breathing incorporate long term strategies for healthy lifestyle choices using yoga psychology demonstrate knowledge of the principles of both ayurveda and epigenomics identify yogic practices to transform trauma and increase resilience recognize the physiological benefits of easy-gentle yoga help themselves and their patients reduce conditioned habits of negative thinking and other symptoms of burnout through the healing power of mantra science utilize food as medicine to maximize wellbeing use chakra psychology to diagnose and treat disease and recognize how meditation changes the neural pathways in the brain. Presenters include Mark Pettus MD director of medical education and population health at Berkshire Health Systems Susan Lord MD faculty member and holistic health consultant for Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Prashant Kaushik MD board-certified rheumatologist and many more. Registration is open. For more information call (518) 674-8714 or visit December 9-11 The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Las Vegas NV Anti-Aging Medicine is a personalized treatment model that inspires a partnership between patient and practitioner. The World Congress will offer unique clinical approaches that promote disease prevention and lifestyle management and will provide access to unparalleled content ground-breaking research knowledgeable speakers and valuable resources that enable today s health practitioners for sustained success and growth. Practitioners can earn a possible three full-days of CME credits will have exposure to over 350 exhibitors network and attend workshops and lectures with leading expert speakers. Keynote speakers for the 2016 A4M are David Ludwig MD PhD leading nutrition and obesity research and physician David Agus MD pioneer in biomedical research and one of the world s leading cancer doctors and Michael Greger MD author and founder of In addition other speakers will cover topics like lifestyle factors immune health brain health functional neurology hormonal health and more during the conference. For more information call (561) 997-0112 or visit AUGUST 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 63 ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER Albion Laboratories Inc. America s Finest Inc. Ayush Herbs Daiwa Health Development DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont Emerson Ecologics healthycell House of Sanjevani Hyalogic Kyowa Hakko USA Natural Partners New Hope Natural Media Probiotics International Ltd. 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