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Description: Welcome to the Premier Issue of Esoteric Gazing - where your mind and the Universe meet. Esoteric Gazing covers all things esoteric and metaphysical. Sit back and enjoy!

Esoteric Gazing Where your Mind and the Universe Meet Premier Issue Vol. 1 A Place s Vibe Your Words Advanced Dowsing Burst Your Bubble Mirror Neurons Star Child Boundaries Transformational Thinking Holy Shift Grow a Chakra Garden The Heart of the Matter In the Presence of Trees Dowsing and Discovering Our Holy Spiritual Path Table of Contents Holy Shift by Aurora Luna................................................Page 4 Advanced Dowsing by Heather Wilks ................................Page 8 A Place s Vibe--Geographic Samskaras by Madis Senner... Page 13 Transformational Thinking by Patrick Porter PhD.................Page 18 Dowsing and Discovering Our Holy Spiritual Path by Julia Williams ..................................................................................Page 24 Being in the Presence of Trees by Suzan Tyler...................Page 29 Burst Your Bubble by Jillian Grainger ...............................Page 35 Book Reviews by staff ...................................................Page 37 Star Child (a short story) by Casandra Nightengale ..............Page 40 Mirror Neurons by Evette Rose ........................................Page 47 The Heart of the Matter by Charlotte Spicer.........................Page 51 Boundaries by Gaye Piper ...............................................Page 55 Conversations with my Brother on Another Planet by Tom T. Moore ...................................................................................Page 63 Grow a Chakra Garden by Vicki Howie ...............................Page 70 Your Words by Gladys McCoy ..........................................Page 72 Welcome to Esoteric Gazing We are delighted to bring this new publication to you and trust that you will find articles of interest here which run the gamut of everything esoteric and metaphysical. The online quarterly magazine is available at Look for it again in November 2016 February 2017 and May 2017. At the bottom of the website please click the subscribe button to be notified when new issues are available. Feel free to share the website and magazine with your friends. Now sit back and enjoy the premier issue of Esoteric Gazing Let us know what you think. Pam Gillmore Co-Creator pamgi Nance Woods Co-Creator woodsnance Holy Shift By Aurora Luna M. Griggs Have you heard that our planet is going through a major shift There is a lot of spiritual talk around ascension and what that is going to look like for each one of us and the planet at large. There are discussions regarding the quantum leap moving into the fifth dimension and what that means for our daily lives. As corporations and politicians are being called out on fraudulent behavior we are starting to see our brave new world move out of control and into cooperation. GMO is an acronym that the masses are now well aware of. Holistic medicine is gaining ground as Reiki is now found in hospitals around the world. Alternative healing is becoming part of the main stream because people are starting to take control of their own healing process. The Earth has entered into a photon belt of light that surrounds our beautiful star. The entry point into this light started in the 1960 s and fully aligned in 2011 creating new energies and frequencies that have been showering our planet ever since. After 9 000 years of darkness these light frequencies that will be with us over the next 2 000 years impact all sentient life. From ascension symptoms to the chaos that is unfolding all around us this light is part of the shift that is assisting the growth of humanity into oneness. The 60 s was a time of planting seeds of free love and the idea that all lives matter as people came together to protest war equal rights and other issues that became the catalyst for major social changes. We now see a continuation of both the violence and the social changes that are taking place evoking people to speak their truth from a place of love and celebration rather than hate and separation. These growing pains are a part of the path that we have chosen as a collective. We have the power to change the outcome at any time by simply embracing and healing the lower vibrational energies within each one of us. You needn t go far to see all the changes that are happening in the world around us. We are seeing everything that is not love rise to the surface to be released. While we have witnessed major global changes such as Germany and other European countries accepting millions of refugees and love receiving equal rights within our own boarders we are also watching unprecedented violence break out all over the world and much of what is unfolding is simply the shift from what was to what will be - the new paradigm or new Earth. We are leaving the way of the patriarch behind and we are now opening to the energies of the Divine Feminine where the only rules are to lead with your heart and to see all others through the lens of compassion. We are now being reminded to look back to the First Nation people in order to bring back into the collective consciousness the ancient traditions of honoring the land the four directions the elements sacred ceremony and the importance of working as a community in order for everyone to flourish. Long before there was the idea of every man woman for himself herself and dog eat dog there was the ideal of love thy neighbor and to respect all living things. So how do we heal How do we heal the planet and how do we heal ourselves How can we expect to see peace unfold in our lifetime when we are surrounded by a collective energy filled with fear anger hate intolerance and rage There is a simple answer but not an easy solution. In truth the darkness we see around us is merely a reflection of the separation within us. We choose to stuff our emotions with food alcohol drugs work objectified sex material possessions and judgements over just about everything last night s TV show what she wore today and what he said to his partner. Where is the self-love Where is the connection to the God and Goddess within Where is our faith Where is our moral code coming from Is it coming from dogma or is it coming from our internal barometer of treating all others the way we wish to be treated Do we know what it is to walk a mile in someone else s shoes or do we assume that we already know and therefore have the right to condemn their behavior or circumstances If we wish to change the world around us the change must first come from within. It isn t that creating change from the outside is useless as much as it would not be necessary if every person on this blue jewel were to go within and start healing that which has been terribly wounded. All lower vibrations come from a lack of love and acceptance and as a child we can create many defense mechanisms that may serve to protect us. However those mechanisms no longer serve us when we grow to realize that the woundings are our lessons to find our way back to love. We are not victims rather co-creators in every moment. We have chosen this school in this particular time space and dimension to learn ascension through our emotions. And the most important lesson of all is that our infinite soul is simply having a human experience of finding its way back to love. I have been on many retreats in many lands from Mexico to Turkey to Israel. The one thing that I have found to be true is that there is potential for great healing to take place when groups gather with the intention of coming together to spark change within. Community has the ability to offer grace and safety as we hold space for one another. Through sacred ceremony sound healing and toning working with the energy of crystals and connecting with Pacha Mamma (Mother Earth) we have the potential to shift lifetimes of karma and baggage into love light and bliss Hot Springs Arkansas is a hidden gem in every way. The First Nation people have called it the Valley of Rainbows as the steam from the springs refract the morning sun as it rises. Known as the Quartz Capital of the planet the energies of the crystals and vortecies found in this area make this location a prime spot for spiritual gatherings and retreats. The springs are a natural detox for the body and the crystals assist in recalibrating our subtle body frequencies back into alignment with their natural rhythms. There are also unique and fun shops in the area along with an artisan farmer s market. Locations for retreats are always Spirit-guided meaning Hot Springs has stepped forward to be the location for my upcoming journey. The energies of Hot Springs have created a clarion call for those who wish to gather in sacred ceremony and create community to heal ourselves and honor the planet over the Autumnal Equinox. I am so excited and grateful to step forward in answering this call and to work with the beautiful souls that feel guided to attend. May you all be blessed with abundance in all of its infinite forms as you courageously spread your love and light around the world Rev. Aurora Luna s spiritual journey has encompassed many masters and teachers from all walks of life and continues to be an infinite journey of discovery that she is grateful to share with her students and clients all over the world. She is a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor ( IET ) and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master-Teacher. She offers private sessions group meditations oracle card readings and distance work for both healings and card readings. The link to the website for the tour is http SacredTours.html. http Email Aurora at lightonthejourney or reach her by phone at (516) 672-9336. Advanced Dowsing By Heather Wilks Advanced dowsing is a skill practised by relatively few so by definition it is esoteric. Most people use dowsing for Yes No answers and that s brilliant and practical for getting clarity on decisions and choices to be made. As a Yes No dowser it s easy to learn Advanced Dowsing. The idea is to change energy using a pendulum or bobber. It opens up to new exciting opportunities only limited by imagination. Any dowsing device is simply a way of focusing intent. With Advanced Dowsing you start your pendulum (or bobber) in your No direction to remove or neutralize any negatives. Just state what it is you want to change and once your dowser is spinning swinging let it develop its own momentum without any further help. When it stops then state the positive change you re intending and start your pendulum in your Yes direction. Once it s started let it spin swing at its own pace without further influence. Then give a simple thanks to the dowsing system. I find it very helpful to keep an A5 spiral notebook to record the date and intentions. It s handy to go back and note any changes. Like anything sometimes you may need to do the same steps more than once. Always add in any intuitive prompts that come. Over time you ll have a good record of your progress and that s a great spur to doing more. Here s an example. State your intention and begin moving your dowser in the No direction then let it spin swing of its own accord until it stops. Neutralising any negative effects of my medication. After your dowser has stopped state the outcome you re seeking and start to spin swing your dowser in the Yes direction then let it continue until it stops. Transforming the energy for the most beneficial results without any side effects for a safe healthy happy outcome. Thank you. Unlimited scope. You can use Advanced Dowsing to bring healing to yourself others and animals. It s wonderful for helping to transform difficult relationships situations and even the weather. It can successfully be used to clear entities negative spiritual influences demonic forces curses victimization archetypes negative programs non-beneficial frequencies and emotions and to address astrological influences such as Mercury retrogrades. In my eBook Dowsing Heals I have a general checklist of 25 dowsing protocols plus many others covering distant healing and specialized topics such as dowsing for empowerment the vibrational matrix and personal transformation. Origins of my Advanced Dowsing I discovered Advanced Dowsing through my committee involvement with the Dowsing Society of Victoria (DSV) in Melbourne Australia. The DSV follows international dowsing trends and that s how I came to be introduced to the work of Raymon Grace from Virginia Founder and President of the Raymon Grace Foundation in America. Raymon dowses to empower people to take more control over their lives and I ve learned so much from him through his books DVDs and online workshops. (He and I are in contact from time to time by email and Skype and I was delighted when he contributed to the foreword of my eBook.) In addition to removing and neutralizing energy Raymon also scrambles the frequency in the No direction then transforms it to the most beneficial in the Yes direction. Scrambling frequencies is one of my favorite ways of working with Advanced Dowsing. Creative applications Once you begin to use Advanced Dowsing you ll notice that the opportunities to explore it further are endless. In a time when it s easy to feel helpless hopeless and powerless this is a wonderful way to step up and become truly empowered to help bring about needed changes. It can be used for small medium and large areas of change provided it s for the highest good of all. A client in a recent healing session commented on how fractious her work environment had become. Two senior bosses were causing havoc and quite a few of the staff were thinking about resigning. At the end of our consultation I dowsed to remove the non-beneficial emotions and to cut the ties binding those involved and transformed the energy of the situation to the most beneficial bringing in the spirits of healing understanding respect consideration and appreciation. My client who is not (yet) a dowser later sent a text saying the changes had been amazing. One of the bosses had resigned and her replacement wasn t taking any nonsense from the other one. This type of dowsing is useful in a social situations too. Occasionally when a group of people are getting together there can be one who regularly stirs everyone else. Dowsing ahead of such get togethers usually heads off likely problems. I often smile quietly to myself when there are remarks about how especially happy and pleasant such an outing was. You can help family situations. Where a new baby is brought home and no one s getting much sleep you can dowse to calm down the strong emotions resulting from fatigue and transform the environment for peace and calm. Everyone benefits. It s great as an act of community service to transform the energy where there may be a lot of negativity at schools hospitals and so on. When cases of virus epidemics are reported I like to dowse. My belief is that it s often those with vested interests who hype these situations creating unnecessary fear. I dowse in the No direction to remove such negative influences of people actively promoting the fear. Then dowse in the Yes direction to bring in the positives such as the spirits of healing forgiveness love and gratitude. Sometimes I ll scramble the frequency of a particular virus or flu in the No direction and use the Yes direction to bring in healing unconditional love and white light to fill the void. I m sure you ll find it easy to get really creative with your Advanced Dowsing. That s why I urge keeping a record of what you ve done. It s great to look back on how and where you ve contributed. It s useful and encouraging if you have any hesitation about the best way forward to approach a situation. Just reading over your earlier successes can create more inspiration to dowse. Astonishing results. Distance is no factor when it comes to dowsing. I ve used it to help people animals situations and relationships throughout Australia and often overseas. I once dowsed for a friend s son in London England. She d sent him a valuable gift which he d not received. My dowsing indicated he was deeply depressed and had an entity. I was able to lift it off and go on with various other protocols. The results were dramatic. My friend phoned to say her son had called. He hadn t let on that he d been feeling suicidal. He told her that feeling had suddenly lifted. There had been an overpowering smell of sulphur in his flat and inexplicably that had totally vanished. Out of the blue he received three job offers and someone repaid an old loan he d give up on. Oh and the parcel was delivered. It had mysteriously been sent to a post office nowhere near where he was living. Such amazing outcomes are surprising even for a born optimist like me. If you would like to arrange healing consultations or distant dowsing healing for yourself or another please contact me. And if you are interested in my eBook it s available directly from me as a PDF file for USD 10.00. (I provide instructions for printing out to easily access the dowsing protocols.) For all details please email heather Heather Wilks is a practitioner based in Melbourne Australia. She works with a number of modalities including Hypnosis and FasterEFT. She offers Distant Dowsing including professional dowsing for real estate transactions buying selling or leasing. Heather s eBook Dowsing Heals covers everything from Basic to Advanced Dowsing with scripted protocols for specific situations. Heather s Healing Practice specializes in Personal Transformation. She is a stress consultant who provides relief for physical and emotional pain. Everything from Anxiety PTSD Fear of Presenting in Public Phobias and Relationship Issues to Weight Problems and Cravings. Healing Consultations or Distant Dowsing To schedule consultations please contact Heather Wilks Email heather A Place s Vibe Geopathic Samskaras By Madis Senner Have you ever been to a place where you felt that there was something special about it We are all the time passing through such places whether we know it or not. This is because every place in the world has a vibe or a feel to it what some would call a unique character. This character or vibe is a record of all that has transpired at a location for both the good and the bad. Not only does each place have a unique character but that character influences us and Mother Earth. That is why it is so important to be aware of your environment because it can either lift you up or tear you down. The Root of Karma To understand how a place develops its character and why it influences us we need to understand how our thoughts work. Hindu Vedanta says that each thought that we have creates an impression on our mind called a samskara. Those thought impressions or samskaras are like grooves on a vinyl record and are a permanent record of all that we think and do. Each time we think or do the same thing that impression gets a little deeper. Over time if we keep thinking or doing the same thing that groove gets deeper and deeper. If we do not clear up our samskaras before we die we carry them forward into our future life as karma. Samskaras are the root of our karma. Not only does each thought we have create an impression on our mind it also plants a seed a thought seed that looks to multiply and produce more of its own by having us think or do the same thing over and over again. Have you ever had a thought occupy your mind so much that you could not think of anything else Well that is how seed thoughts are. They are like weeds that can grow like crazy and keep multiplying by planting more and more seeds. If we allow them to our thoughts can take control of our mind the same way that a weed can take over a garden. Contributing to the strength of our seed thoughts are the thoughts of others. The law of attraction says that what we think about or do draws more of the same into our lives. So if we are having thoughts of the divine we will attract the divine into our lives or the divine thoughts of others to us. Conversely if we are having violent thoughts then we will attract the same into our thinking and lives. Thoughts Attach to a Place Each thought that we have also creates a thought form that goes rushing off to manifest its purpose and design. At the same time part of the thought attaches to us and part attaches to where it occurred. Not only does it attach to a location it also attaches to objects in close proximity. It is this law of thought attachment that mystics and sorcerers use to create objects with certain qualities or powers what are called talismans or amulets. We are all the time creating talismans by charging articles we carry about with our thoughts. I call the thoughts that attach to a place geographic samskaras. Like our own samskaras geographic samskaras can exert a powerful influence upon us for either the good or for the bad. If we go to a divine place where people pray and meditate then we will uplifted as our subtle body will come in contact with those divine thoughts (geographic samskaras). Conversely if we go to a place where violence has occurred then it is violence that our subtle body will come in contact with and we will be depleted. The influence of geographic samskaras upon our subtle body is two fold. First there is a larger influence of consciousness upon us. Consciousness as the Bhagavad-Gita (6.6) teaches us can run from the divine to the demonic. Our subtle body is a reflection of our cumulative consciousness both for the good and the bad. Consider it like body temperature. Similarly the vibe or consciousness of place (geographic samskaras) has a temperature to it or a net reading between divine and demonic. When you travel through a location it will either increase or decrease your net consciousness reading. Whether it is raised or lowered is a reflection of the relative difference between your consciousness and that of the location. Unfortunately most of the world is covered with negative geographic samskaras because of our humanity s overall wicked thoughts violent behavior and selfishness. Negative meaning that the vibe of a place is more demonic that divine in character. Consequently much of the time our subtle body and consciousness is being diminished because we are traveling through places that have negative geographic samskaras. That is why it is important to be in sacred space as much as possible and to avoid places where bad things have occurred. Space matters. Secondly the particular thoughts that transpired at a location encourage us to do more of the same. For example if you go to a place where someone has spent a lot of time thinking loving thoughts about a loved one then those geographic samskaras will try and get you to think loving thoughts of a loved one as well. Conversely if you go to where someone has been attacked or murdered the geographic samskaras there will try and force violent thoughts upon you. If someone that is already prone to violence goes there then there is a chance that they may not be restrained and will commit a violent act. That is why you often see repetitive violent behavior in the same place. How Geographic Samskaras Pull You In Hindu Vedanta also refers to thoughts as vritti(s). Vritti literally translated means whirlpool meaning that each thought has a circular whirlpool movement to it. A whirlpool has a vortex to it that exerts a pull upon its surrounding area hence a geographic samskara is looking to pull you into its vortex of thought. This whirlpool movement of geographic samskaras exerts an influence upon Mother Earth. Just as with the human subtle body Mother Earth s is subject to blockages. If it is a negative geographic samskara (counterclockwise is negative clockwise is positive) it can disrupt the flow of . (To learn more read Prana Blocked. This circular motion of geographic samskaras can be measured with a dowser s L-Rods (brass rods in the shape of the letter L.) Whenever I do a survey of a sacred site for Mother Earth Prayers I am always measuring for geographic samskaras. I look for a strong clockwise movement (positive geographic samskara). If I get a weak positive or a negative motion I do not recommend the place no matter how wonderful its other features are. This is because those negative geographic samskaras will deplete your subtle body and encourage negativity in your thinking. A Space Matters Many enlightened persons say that samskaras are the greatest impediment to our spiritual progression. [S]amskaras are the source of bondage and keep man forever chained to the cycle of birth and death (Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra--The Ascent Pg 281.). Similarly geographic samskara can be either the biggest impediment to your spiritual development or they can help lift you up. Anyone who has read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda will remember how he constantly noted that the spiritual vibrations of a place could protect or uplift someone and how regrettably he lost his beloved Kashi when the student was removed from the school (high vibrations) at a particularly vulnerable time in his life and he ended up contracting and dying of cholera. I (am) never ceased to be amazed by how ignorant people are about how the environment influences them. You would not do a physical work out in a smoke filled room yet many of us on the path live and perform spiritual exercises in places where negative geographic samskaras abound. And do not be fooled because some place is a place of worship a yoga or holistic center or a holy place--they do not necessarily have positive geographic samskaras because people bring their own baggage and the lack of knowledge about Mother Earth and focus on money found at such places often fuels negativity. Just as much as negative geographic samskaras are an impediment to your spiritual development positive ones can be incredibly uplifting. By simply being in a divine place you can raise your consciousness. Positive geographic samskaras can hasten your spiritual development facilitate healing help with learning and communication with the divine. Space matters. Madis Senner the creator of Mother Earth Prayers and author of the Jubilee Initiative is a CPA and former money manager. He has an MBA(Finance Accounting) and BS in English Education from Syracuse University. He worked for over 15 years on Wall Street the bulk of it as a global bond manager for several firms Van Eck Chase Manhattan Private Bank SunRay Securities Clemente Capital Jardine Flemings and Dillon Read. Madis began his career as an English teacher in Belle Glade Florida. He has lived and worked in Saudi Arabia England and Japan. Madis has written for the NY Times Barrons the IFR and Counterpunch. He is the author of Japanese Euroderivatives published in 1990 by Euromoney. He is author of The Way Home--Making Heaven on Earth. Follow Madis at sacred.html The art of living... is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment in regarding it as utterly new and unique in having the mind open and wholly receptive. - Alan Watts Transformational Thinking Brain Circuits and Rethinking the Aging Brain By Patrick K Porter PhD You picked up this publication and are reading this article right now because you are one of the ten percent who has already awakened. Unlike the sleeping masses you realize that If it was to be done you had to be the one. My father is one of you. In 1972 in a desperate attempt to break free from his alcohol addiction he attended a seminar presented by a thenbudding organization known as Silva Mind Control named after its founder Jose Silva. Today it is known simply as Silva Method. His interest in Silva was born out of his realization that he needed to relearn how to think alcohol-free. He had been attending AA and although it works for many people my father was not successful. He needed more. Through recent scientific discoveries we now know that what he really needed was to rewire his brain. We also better understand why his past attempts had failed he had brain circuits that continued to run the same old alcohol-driven program despite his best efforts at changing his behavior. The neurons that had fired together in the past were now wired together. In other words existing circuits were blocking the new transformational thoughts. Since this was all happening outside his conscious awareness it left him feeling frustrated and helpless which of course triggered the alcoholcraving neurons again and again causing a downward spiral that nearly destroyed him and his family. Dr. Bruce Lipton says that our lives operate with two percent conscious thinking and 98 percent unconscious thinking which meant my dad s alcoholic programs were controlled by his other-than-conscious mind. The ingrained automatic brain circuits he had formed years earlier were in control. Fortunately today we know there are some simple steps to removing the old programs while rewiring new circuits for behaviors that benefit us. This is called transformational thinking. Not only does transformational thinking help us install new behaviors it helps keep your mind sharp and your brain functioning at the highest level. Transformational thinking is all part of rethinking how we age and how our brains operate. The Brain-Mind Breakthrough As my dad transformed his thinking through the Silva Method he passed along those skills to my siblings and me. A key component of the Silva Method is what s called the Silva sound. This involves a recording played in the room that trains your brain to sync to the Alpha brain wave. Alpha is the brain wave state between seven and thirteen hertz and is most associated with relaxation and creativity. This is the state where most meditation programs want you to go. Today there are other sounds similar to the Silva sound that guide the brain to Alpha. The most common are binaural beats isochronic tones and metronomes set at about ten hertz frequency. While all of these sounds are effective and recordings featuring these sounds have recently become quite popular there are limits. For starters while we have five senses for inputting data into the brain these sounds affect only the auditory pathway. Since only ten percent of the population is auditory in nature this means that up to 90 percent of users won t get the same benefit. While my interest in Alpha training through frequency sounds began in childhood in 1986 it became my passion. That was the year I was introduced to the concept of brain wave synchronization through both light and sound. It s also when a major breakthrough in electronics occurred with invention of the EPROM chip--the memory chip that retains data even when its power supply is switched off. The EPROM chip allowed us to synchronize light with sound and store it on a device for repeated use. We called this device the MC2 (M-CSquare) and it was the world s first personal light and sound device for brainwave entrainment. This discovery allowed us to introduce to the world a new technology that takes the brain to the optimum state for rewiring the old circuits while the person simply relaxes. In 1989 we introduced the MC2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago and the reception we received was phenomenal culminating in our earning the Best New Gadget of Year award. As it turned out we were a bit ahead of our time and the technology proved difficult to sell in retail settings Still through the franchise company I founded and more than 1000 clinics worldwide we have sold over a quarter million of these devices which are sometimes referred to as light and sound machines. At first we combined the light and sound experience with relaxing music and people loved it. After a period of use however we realized that many people s brains needed to be more stimulated without stimulation the brain dissociates and is not present. Our goal quickly changed from training the brain to get to Alpha the creative state to training the brain to go to Theta four to seven hertz which had long been recognized as the brink of sleep--not quite awake and not quite asleep. While Alpha is a great and resourceful brain state Theta is a superstate. For nearly everyone though Theta is fleeting. We enter Theta and then in a few seconds either fall asleep or return to Alpha. Yet there were a rare few who could maintain long periods of Theta these were the masters and teachers of the Far East who practiced years of disciplined meditation. Amazingly we now had a tool where even a neophyte could reach these super-conscious states in seven minutes. And with the help of light and sound you could do this without falling asleep an extremely important distinction. Meditation is not sleep it is an awakened and creative mind. Epigenetics and Brain Circuits The science of epigenetics says that you can change gene expression by the words that you use. The right words can cause a modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself. This means that you are not trapped by your genetic code and can live a life free from the disorders of your parents and ancestors. So while entering Alpha and Theta states is powerful true transformation didn t always happen as quickly as we wanted. We realized that what people thought about while in this super-state greatly affected the outcome. If your best thinking brought you this point then what needs to change is your thinking. I call this the Einstein model because as Einstein said you can t solve the problem with the same thinking that created it. You must shift to solution thinking then return to the problem with the solution in mind. This is a key component in transformational thinking and a necessary step in creating new brain circuits. This is where the words we use come into play and how my background in the Silva Method as well as hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) brought it all together. When we added guided visualization to the light and sound mix people started making profound changes in short periods of time--sometimes after a single session. In transformational thinking the first brain circuit that needs to change is the belief that you are a behavior. Even though the first law of psychology states you cannot be a behavior many people use this kind of language all the time. As an example people refer to themselves as a smoker all the time but because of this belief under stress the first choice for this person will be a cigarette. For others it might be something different like food or alcohol or whatever they believe is relief. We ve known for decades that beliefs are ruled by emotion and what science now knows is that brain circuits are triggered by emotion. In fact many brain circuits are only available in a specific emotional state. Most people try to change beliefs with conscious effort or force of will. The problem is the conscious mind only controls two percent of the brain. The change needs to take place in the other 98 percent that s really run- ning the show. Attempting to access to those brain circuits in the reactionary state of mind known as Beta 14 to 40 hertz will likely only trigger an emotional response that can set off the very behavior we re attempting to change. This is where meditation and relaxation techniques really accelerate in transforming a person s thinking--to what I call possibility thinking. What is Possibility Thinking Possibility thinking takes knowing that at any given moment in time there is only an infinite number of ways to succeed. Limited or negative thinking takes believing that in an infinite number of experiences there is only one solution. This is the main reason we need to move the mind out of Beta or reactionary thinking and into the Alpha and Theta states of infinite thinking. Once you enter into these deeper states of Alpha and Theta you gain access to the real brain circuits that run the outdated behaviors. At this deep level you can now use the science of NLP to transform outdated behaviors quickly. So the next step is to realize that you have all the resources inside you right now or you have the ability to learn them. This is where technology like BrainTap comes in. While closing your eyes and allowing gentle pulsating lights synchronized with sound to guide you into this infinite brain state now you can do the work at the deeper levels that will show up as new behaviors attitudes and beliefs. The key is to rehearse them so that the new brain circuits work as naturally or better than the old ones. Thinking Systems are the Solution Back in 1986 when my father and I attended Richard Bandler s NLP training we knew right away that we had discovered one of the key pieces to changing behaviors. Then with the development of the MC2 the first portable light and sound device we were able to provide transformational thinking a box. This technology was the foundation of the Positive Changes franchise that I founded and grew into 108 locations. By the time we sold that company in 2006 we were helping thousands of people with the use of light and sound technology. Now that we are in over 1100 offices and in 40 countries at the time of this writing I am getting closer to my goal of one-million people a day going into deep Theta to transform themselves and by doing this transform the morphogenetic field of the planet which is the quantum field where our other-thanconscious gets much of its information. Now you have a chance to experience transformational thinking on your own terms. Go to http and sign up for a FREE 7 day trail of the BrainTap Audio sessions. You will also find our location finder with over 1400 locations we are sure to have one near you. Patrick K Porter Ph.D. is an award-winning author consultant successful entrepreneur and experienced speaker. Through his 24 years of operational research and the dynamics of change and business decision making he has become an expert on the Optimum Risk Zone. He is founder of Positive Changes the world s largest franchise network of lifestyle improvement centers. The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be Silent and Listen.--Rumi Dowsing and Discovering our Holy Spiritual Path By Julia Williams Divining is another word for Dowsing. We might typically imagine dowsers as older men in the 1950 s using sticks to locate water underground. Dowsing has advanced since then. Dowsing can be and is currently applied to all the material and spiritual sciences. Where did the term Divining originate We can find in the Bible a reference to the Urim and Thummim (Exodus 28 30 and Ezra 2 63) devices used by the High Priests as a single dowsing tool. Because this tool was used by the holy men it was considered a divine source of Truth. Another Divining example in the New Testament was when the disciples threw lots (dowsed) to find a replacement for Judas (Acts 1 26). Our next question might be What is divine What is holy A holy person is someone who is whole intact in their personality mind and emotions spiritually stable in qualities such as Faith Hope and Charity with equanimity love and discernment towards all circumstances in life encountered or observed. How do we approach such an exalted state First it helps to read about people who have overcome great challenges in their lives and who have also held onto the pearl of great price a trust in the promise of the eternal Creator. Secondly we can each of us learn how to Divine using a pendulum or just our hands. This is not a psychic phenomenon. We are actually learning how to extend the use of our physical five senses into the five senses of our finer less dense auric bodies so as to open a communication to our conscious mind. We are dowsing what we ourselves are seeing and hearing within what is commonly called the Etheric and Astral planes. What is the Etheric plane Traditionally it is divided into two bodies or densities. The lower density I will call Ether is the energetic body that gives us our vitality and allows us to move our bodies. It is the source of our animal level instincts. The ether almost never leaves the confines of the physical body. When it does through stress or shock we might faint or feel a numbness in the hand or foot. The less dense body I will call the Etheric is the aspect of our lower thoughts that allows us to view our spiritual environment. When our etheric body is trained through dowsing for example the five senses start to open and we might become ever more clairvoyant or clairaudient. But we want to remind ourselves that the reason to dowse and refine our spiritual bodies is to be of service to the Divine and humanity. That such a gift is not something to be used for material or personal gain. What is the Astral Plane It also is divided into two parts or bodies. It is the source of our passions impulses desires and on a higher level our wisdom through interaction with the Divine. Ok how does this apply to our holy spiritual path and destiny while we are here on Earth As mentioned before clear and powerful dowsing is a direct form of communication with our own higher selves linked with the Divine. Our higher self knows what our personal spiritual destiny is and what it can be. So our first step is to clear off webbing and foreign substances that might have collected on our higher senses so that we can see and hear our own link to Truth and not through a cloud darkly . Below you will find a few basic charts and methods on how to start clearing your spiritual eyes and ears. If you want to make copies of the charts and find more detailed instructions please refer to the end of this article. Let s start with clearing the Pranas which are associated with the Ether body within the physical form. Adults and children benefit from early morning before work or school prana clearing. A simple prana check will allow us to keep physical vitality emotional boundaries while maintaining a clear mental focus and a healthy ability to absorb knowledge and gain social skills on the physical plane which also translates upwards to the higher self. If you are not familiar with the use of a pendulum please check the American Society of Dowsers website This site can lead you to free written articles and videos on dowsing. It also provides a list of dowsing instructors. Using a basic 0-100 Chart Place your pendulum over this chart and ask 1) How much FOREIGN Fire Prana do I (or child) have this morning (I.e. 70% or more is not uncommon). Dowse where to Put It (see chart below) and check that it is now 0% 2) How INTACT is my Fire Prana BOUNDARY this morning If not 100% check the basic To Do chart below. Bring it to 100%. 3) How much of MY OWN Fire Prana do I have We can help ourselves and children replenish our pranas by drawing from the free floating pools in the vicinity. See explanation below. 4) How many Fire Prana DRAINS do I have See To Do Chart. 5) Do steps 1-4 separately for Air and Water Pranas and we should be ready to tackle what work or school has to offer. After practicing this method carefully and slowly for perhaps a month or so you will find that you can just ask the question in your mind body dowse the answer with your hand and clear yourself in minutes. Below is the basic Put It and To Do Chart. You may print these charts and others from the book Advanced Esoteric Dowsing Books I II III which is a FREE PDF download from this website https How to Draw in Free Floating Pranas from the Vicinity. It may seem counter intuitive but you can replenish your pranas (your children s and grandchildren s etc.) after the prana boundaries are cleared off and 100% intact by drawing in with intention A) Free floating AIR PRANA into the generative organs B) Free floating FIRE PRANA into the throat C) Free floating WATER PRANA into the brow. It is a spiritual maxim that we can t really know something until we are able to experience it ourselves and until then we do need an unswerving trust in our holy sources of information. That is why people in the Eastern cultures place such a value on their teachers. Easterners have a natural trust reverence and devotion to those who are acknowledged as spiritually advanced. Westerners not so much. But we can practice our devotion and reverence and trust and we can build those very important spiritual muscles by intention and daily study of historical holy honorable persons and by our use of dowsing divining in search of the holy within ourselves. Julia Williams Sophia Johanson Library and Press PO Box 972 Columbia MO 65205 Phone 573-875-8024 Email williamsjulia695 Website https You may find a free PDF download of the books Advanced Esoteric Dowsing Books I II III on the website Being in the Presence of Trees By Suzan Tyler A wonderful thing happens when you open yourself up to channeling Angels and Masters. They show up for you. Since I first began talking with the Earth Angels what some call Elemental Beings which includes Faeries Gnomes Dragons Trees Flowers Crystals Rocks Plants and more I wasn t even aware I was doing it. It just came so naturally and so unpretentiously that it escaped my conscious awareness of how special these conversations actually were and continue to be. Over time the trees began to give me more information. More trees began speaking with me giving me their name giving me gardening advice about other trees. One particular tree Mary is my go-to tree to find out if another tree needs to be trimmed or cut down. The first tree to speak with me was Harry. He guards us from the back. Mary was the second tree to speak with me. As I sat in my office one day I looked out at the yard she is front and center in my view. I heard her say Could you please cut down this oak tree It is suffocating me. Because I d already been having conversations with Angels speaking to a tree seemed so natural. I walked outside checked on her and sure enough an unhealthy Oak tree the nemesis to the Douglas Fir trees that grow here was literally squashing her keeping her from growing tall and stately. Without hesitation I had the scraggly oak tree cut down and almost instantly Mary sprung up growing four feet her first year something unheard of for a Douglas Fir. Since then I ve made the acquaintance of many more trees shrubs plants and rocks here on this property and in the forest where I hike. They are magical if only you allow yourself to believe what you see. Sadly too many people prefer to see before they believe but magic doesn t work that way. Let me walk you through what it is like to talk with the trees and be in their presence. Follow me. Being in the Presence of Trees To be in the presence of trees is to hear the heartbeat of life. When I stop and listen to the wind whistling through the leaves my heart skips a beat joy filled happy to be alive. To be in the presence of trees fills my soul with such love. I wonder why it is I never understood the power and healing a tree can bring The trees stand tall majestic proud of its accomplishment. Look at this tree What s your name My name is Larry. I stand tall and silent I watch out for you. I lift you up when you are down. What is your name little tree My name is Mary. I ve been with you since you came to this place Watching you learn and grow as you came to understand we are as alive as you are. And you Who are you My name is Doug. I may be tall but I m pretty cute don t you think Yes Doug I think that s true. But this tree this tree makes me cry Pretty tree Why are you so sad Because I am dying and you cannot stop it Will you tell me your name No I will not. I shall stand here until I can stand no more. Thank you tree I honor your presence There is Frankie and Freddie two joker trees that stand side by side brothers from different mothers who take turns each claiming they are the other. There is Walter a stately tree who started life crooked and bent over forgotten and ignored until we put a support to help him grow big and strong. There is Milo and Wanda two Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees at opposite ends of the house who both sprouted a new tree from the same side at the same time. There is Pretty One A lovely Japanese Maple That celebrates the sun and honors Us with a riot of color in the Fall. There is Ah-low-ha and Ted Who stand sentry at the front driveway. One a short flirty birch and the other A tall old Douglas Fir. An odd couple who seems happy together. There is Harry A tall old Douglas Fir who protects us from the hot sun Always watchful over us. He is like the wise old one who sees all but speaks little There is Ester and Sara They block the hot afternoon sun so we can enjoy time on the deck While they protect our privacy from the road across the creek. They are sweet sisters who always welcome a song from me. Last but never least is George the tree I could run to when I was down Just a touch of his branches would make me laugh He had such beautiful light energy Until the storm. The storm hit us hard unexpectedly The ground became swollen with water as The wind whipped the already exhausted trees from A summer of drought and forest fires. A small icy lake formed around George s trunk. As I sat in my office mindlessly tending to tasks the loud thump and vibration outside my window took my breath. Something fell something big. In the freezing wet snow and heavy winds I couldn t fight a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. As I turned the corner I saw him. George had fallen His beautiful light now a pile of wet limbs on a wet icy lake and snowy grounds. Oh no George How can I help you Lift me up he said. I tried. I failed. George I can t lift you I began to sob I knew George was going to die on the cold and wet ground I was helpless to do anything other than sob I cried for his life I cried for the loss of his joy and the laughter he brought to my soul. I cried for the undignified way I had to let him go. He cried for help I could do nothing. My heart breaks every time I look at where he stood. The loggers came to clean up after the storm. I asked them to be especially kind with George s body. I could not be there and watch him get cut up into pieces His limbs carried off to be burned His trunk cut into small pieces for next year s firewood. He sits in the woodshed now mixed in with the oaks and douglas firs that had to come down too. His root ball remains in place. A small piece of his trunk lays on it s side where he fell. George s energy is still with me though I have no limbs to touch to make me giggle I still sit with him almost daily. Sometimes I still cry when I think of how he died But now my heart is filled with ideas of how I can honor his memory. Instead of a fallen trunk A Faery door will stand sentry. Where he once stood tall and proud and happy Lavender will grow. Instead of walking around him holding his energy A small Labyrinth will be placed where I can sit with him at the center. His death will not be in vain. This beautiful tree that broke my heart and stole my soul I will honor him with my love and remembrance as I pay my daily respect to Mary Larry Frankie & Freddie Walter and Doug Ah-Low-Ha and Ted Ed Pretty One Milo and Wanda Little One Littler One Harry Ester Syrah Stubborn No Name and any others who will speak with me as time goes on. To be in the presence of Trees is to know life. To love the trees is to know your soul. To stand with the trees is to feel your strength. To cry for a tree is to remember how we are all connected. To grieve the loss of a tree is to never forget the hidden joys they bring Forever lifting us up hugging us loving us Even when we are not tuned in. That is their greatest gift of all For that I am most grateful. Thank you Trees. You show me parts of myself I could not know otherwise. Copyright 2016 Suzan Tyler Suzan Tyler is a Medical Intuitive Angel Healer and Life Coach with certifications as a Quantum Biofeedback Diplomate Instructor Nutritional Consultant Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition Spiritual Health Coach Medical Intuition Animal Communication Energy Healing Crystal Healing Spiritual Dowsing Advanced Angel Card Reading and has been a longtime Intuitive Angel Channeler and Healer before that was even a thing. The Archangels have been a part of her daily life since she can remember and her spirit guides Joseph and Jesus have been constant companions though it wasn t until recently that she fully embraced their gifts. She can be reached through her website and on Facebook at YouAsHealer and for strictly health and stress management posts TheStressDetective Burst your Bubble... By Jillian Grainger Here s an idea burst your bubbles of protection. I swear I m not crazy this is actually going to fall under positive thinking which is shocking for anyone who knows me . So for years I have been taught and reminded and for years I have taught and reminded people to bubble and shield & all that jazz...we can t let any bad energies in can we And if there was any inkling of an attack put up an extra shield just to be on the safe side. I don t know about you but I felt like I was walking around with so much bubble wrap and walls and bubbles of light that I was actually weighed down by all that so-called protection. Now by all means I am not suggesting to toss out your basic bubbles of spiritual protection. Ultimately you need to do whatever feels RIGHT to you but here is my thinking By putting up these shields upon shields of protection we are coming from fear based thinking. Fear of the unknown nasties that MIGHT get us. Oddly enough if you follow the thoughts become things belief you are actually creating & attracting these nasty energies to you. Yep you are the one you need to protect yourself against. Convoluted isn t it One day it became so clear to me as I put yet another shield up to protect against someone who was being not very nice ok a horrible wretch to keep in mind this person was psychic enough that she would sense this extra shield and that is where this new-found idea came from. How about no shield at all What if I just shone my inner light so damn bright that negativity simply could not exist Novel idea isn t it There is an old saying that darkness cannot exist in the light & so I threw all caution to the wind let go of my fears and my extra spiritual protection and just turned that inner light up to maximum wattage. Guess what I m still here and I feel lighter more connected and intune with spirit than I ever have. Cause let s face it our Spiritual Team has our back and our inner lights are pretty freaking bright if you ask me. By shielding against the darkness you ve already allowed them to control you. Be yourself be bright be bold. Remember you ve got this. Jillian Grainger grew up on the West Coast of British Columbia Canada which is known as (quite fittingly) Supernatural BC. Growing up she was surrounded by spirits who she saw as friends and it wasn t until she began school that she realized she was different than everyone else. As the years went by she could no longer ignore two of her passions all things spiritual and writing. She has since turned her passions into reality by writing about spirituality. Follow her at Soul Gazer on Facebook. Book Reviews Be Your Own Healer in 5 EZ Steps Claim Your Wholistic Attitude by Suzan Tyler This was a quick easy read but don t let that fool you The exercises in this book are an excellent starting point to reclaiming your health. Relying on the Author s experience facing a dire diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and later Cancer the journey from helpless to healed can be your story as well. You start by claiming your Wholistic Attitude. This book offers you 5 easy steps to start your wellness journey by claiming your power to heal. The Medical System is broken in part because responsibility for one s life has been given away willingly to another. Yet the health crisis continues to explode across the globe as we have lost touch with our inner strength that core that bubbles within us that can help us find wellness again. These steps will take you on a journey back to your power and in so doing you will be able to claim your wholistic attitude that part of you that says you know your body better than anyone else does. If you don t feel you do the five easy steps will coach you to find out. From the moment you step into your power as your own healer you no longer accept being a passive participant in healing your body instead you become a partner in your health decisions in ways that will surprise and amaze you. Claim your wholistic attitude and you will learn how to simply Be Your Own Healer. What s In the Way Is in the Way A Practical Guide to Waking Up to Life By Mary O Malley Mary O Malley invites you on a journey back to yourself and to a trust-filled connection with life. On this journey you will discover how to bring every part of yourself into your own heart to be healed so that you can know the joy of being fully here for life. This book is filled with teachings stories and exercises that will guide you every step of the way. It is a book to enjoy to work with and to keep by your favorite reading chair for times when you need to be reminded of its timeless truths. Foreword by Neale Donald Walsch author of Conversations with God. Medical Medium Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal By Anthony William Anthony William Medical Medium has helped tens of thousands of people heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated or that doctors can t resolve. He s done this by listening to a divine voice that literally speaks into his ear telling him what lies at the root of people s pain or illness and what they need to do to restore their health. His methods achieve spectacular results even for those who have spent years and many thousands of dollars on all forms of medicine before turning to him. Now in this revolutionary book he opens the door to all he has learned over his 25 years of bringing people s lives back a massive amount of healing information much of which science won t discover for decades and most of which has never appeared anywhere before. Medical Medium reveals the root causes of diseases and conditions that medical communities either misunderstand or struggle to understand at all. It explores all-natural solutions for dozens of the illnesses that plague us including Lyme disease fibromyalgia adrenal fatigue chronic fatigue syndrome hormonal imbalances Hashimoto s disease multiple sclerosis depression neurological conditions chronic inflammation autoimmune disease blood-sugar imbalances colitis and other digestive disorders and more. It also offers solutions for restoring the soul and spirit after illness has torn at our emotional fabric. Whether you ve been given a diagnosis you don t understand or you have symptoms you don t know how to name or someone you love is sick or you want to care for your own patients better Medical Medium offers the answers you need. It s also a guidebook for everyone seeking the secrets to living longer healthier lives. The truth about the world ourselves life purpose--it all comes down to healing Anthony William writes. And the truth about healing is now in your hands. Living in the Flow Practicing Vibrational Alignment By Ruth Cherry When we open to heal we invite the power that creates worlds to move through us and guide us. We practice presence we pay attention and we allow. Living in the Flow Practicing Vibrational Alignment illustrates this process with journal writing psychological insights meditation instruction and spiritual awareness. Ruth Cherry PhD lives on the central coast of California where she practices individual psychotherapy writes and offers daily guided meditation groups. Star Child By Casandra Nightengale Maddie left me far too soon. Her father left us before she was born claiming he was too young and had too much world to see to be tied down with a kid. We divorced and I carried and birthed her alone. People would have thought me crazy if I had told them that my child and I communicated before she was born. I could hear her thoughts in my head and she would kick and wiggle when she thought something was humorous. She told me she was a girl long before the sonogram confirmed it and also said her name would be Madison Renee. Maddie entered life on a dark night filled with stars. It seemed as if she was anxious to begin her journey. My labor was short and soon this precious life was placed in my arms wrapped in a pink blanket. Tracing a finger gently across her rosebud lips I murmured to her Welcome to Earth my precious angel. Her eyes opened and I swear she smiled. Life was interesting with Maddie around. She continued her mental communication with me until she was able to verbalize and was always alert and interested in her surroundings. What are you doing she mentally asked one day when I moved her crib into my home office. Writing I answered. Why do you write I write because I enjoy it and to make money so we can live. She thought a moment and then cooed and giggled in a baby sort of way. What I asked. Earth ways are so different from star ways she replied rolling onto her side so she could more easily observe me. Care to explain Maddie told me that in the star place life is peace and harmony. No one is greedy or above anyone else. Everyone does what brings them joy so what they do is not a job. There is no money. Everyone s needs are met and there is no hunger or want. The beings pour love into their creations and no product is valued more than another. Fine jewelry is no more sought after than a beautiful blanket created by another. If someone tires of one sort of work they train for another. There is no competition or jealousy in the professions and if you prefer to just meditate in the gardens that day instead of creating it is acceptable. If I had not been used to my daughter s mental dialogs by now this may have been a bit fanciful. She was convinced that she came from a place in the stars and I was not going to disabuse that notion. As Maddie grew older I would ask her about the star place. Sometimes she would answer briefly but usually she would laugh and tell me to enjoy today. My daughter lived in the moment whether that involved chasing a firefly or sitting quietly and watching ants bring food into their nest. She smiled at my concept of God and told me that the creator was not some old guy with a beard sitting on a cloud waiting to punish us for whatever sins we did. When questioned as to her beliefs she simply referred to the creator of all as the One and said we are all one. Religion separates us spirituality unites. So I released my childhood religion with all of its confining rules and embraced the spiritual idea of the One. It made more sense. Maddie s foray into public education was a fiasco. She could not tolerate the mental conditioning and dogma of the regimented curriculum and was often frustrated when the teachers ignored or made light of her questions. Never one to act out Maddie came home one day and announced that she was not going back. It was a waste of her time. I had to agree and made arrangements to home school her. She absorbed the required information quickly and that left her with plenty of time to explore in the woods behind our home or to read or sit in meditation something she did a lot. I was busy writing when the doorbell rang. Maddie had ridden her bike into town to return some books to the library and I wasn t expecting her back for at least another hour. Why would she ring the bell The door was seldom locked and she had a key. Hitting SAVE I went to the door. A uniformed officer explained that there had been an accident. A speeding drunk driver had swerved wide coming around a curve on the mountain road and had hit my ten year old daughter. She had been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Frantically I grabbed my keys and followed the sirens and lights. All the way there I tried to get her to answer me on our special mental channel but there was nothing. Seeing my child hooked up to monitors and IVs was not as frightening as the continued mental silence. Carefully I took her hand in mine. Maddie. Maddie I love you. Talk to me sweetheart. I tried again reaching for her in my soul. The slender hand twitched and a distant mental voice responded. I love you Mom. The stars are calling and I have to go. Why It s time. No I wailed in protest leaning over the inert form and caressing her cheek. Remember to make me stardust Mom. I love you. The channel went silent and I knew it would not reopen. As the monitors screamed their monotone message I hugged Maddie and murmured Safe journey my love. As per her request Madison was cremated. We had talked about it a couple times and she was adamant that she be returned to stardust and released into the winds. I fulfilled her request and she was scattered except for a small portion which was sealed into a heart shaped locket that never left my neck. Time passed and I could not recover from her sudden death. I lost interest in life. Mail piled up publishers called as deadlines passed. I barely ate and cried a lot. Friends suggested grief counseling but when I went it seemed like meaningless platitudes and plastic smiles. The silence in my head was deafening. I began to meditate. Yes I had done that with Maddie but not in as serious a mind as I now possessed. My thoughts drifted again. Live in the now. What did that mean It had all seemed so clear when my daughter explained it but now I was lost. I called on the creator the One for help. Expecting another sleepless night I went to bed and fell into a deep slumber. In the velvet vastness of space the darkness was filled with millions of stars. I floated among them. Stillness filled me. Maddie loved the stars and if what she believed was true she was out here somewhere among them. I missed her so much. Her sudden death gave me no time to prepare for the separation. What was I to do Come to Peru a mental voice suggested. It was male and much older. What Come to us in the sacred ruins of Machu Picchu. You will find what you seek. Here I saw the wizened and leathery face of what appeared to be a tribal shaman. Just go to Machu Picchu How will I find you What do I do His image smiled at me. Trust the One and come. The image faded and suddenly I was awake. Trust and come. Well weirder things had happened in my life. I showered got on the internet and made travel plans. After a grueling climb I now stood and looked over the ruins of an ancient complex that sprawled forever. I had seen photos but being here in person I could almost feel the history. Slipping a bottle of water from my backpack I took a long drink enjoying the wetness on my parched throat. Untying my bandana I wiped the sweat dripping from my face. Turning once again to the path I saw him--the shaman from my dream. Come. Was all he said before disappearing off of the path and into dense foliage No one else was in sight. Trust in the One I muttered and walked towards where he had disappeared. A dense fog descended and I could barely see my guide as he lead me to a destination known only to him. When the fog cleared we were standing in a small clearing. In front of us was the opening to a cave. Next to that was a waterfall cascading into a steaming pool. My guide entered the cave and paused just beyond the entrance. I followed. Turning to me he mentally asked Do you believe your daughter lives What do you mean Now Does SHE live Her spirit lives. Her body is no more I replied clutching my locket. The old man smiled as he closed his eyes and seemed to be communing with someone. With a nod and a sigh he opened his eyes took my hands and said aloud It is enough. What does that mean I asked. Without answering the shaman led me deeper into the cave and seated me on the rocky floor. Then he built a fire. Squatting on the ground he began to chant. Five native women ranging from young to old walked into the cave. Taking me by the hand they led me to the pool by the waterfall. Gently they removed my hair from its ponytail and let it fall around my shoulders. Motioning that I should disrobe I did so my sweat soaked clothing falling in a pile on the damp ground. They pointed to the pool and I entered expecting the water to be cold. It was delightfully warm. Taking the pot of unguent I was handed I bathed. As the sweat left my body and hair a peace began to descend. Submerging myself to rinse I felt as if I could stay underwater without the need to breathe--as if the pool was one with my body. It was wondrous. When I surfaced the women beckoned and I left the pool. Gently they patted me dry with a cloth and dressed me in a finely woven robe decorated with beads and tiny brass bells. My hair was combed with a carved jade comb and I was once again led inside the cave. Two woven grass mats now lay on the rocky floor. As I sat on one mat four of the women joined the shaman. The other motioned for me to give her Maddie s locket. NO I protested. It s all I have left of her. In my mind I heard Believe. Reluctantly I gave her the piece. She placed it on the mat next to me and joined the others in a circle that now surrounded me. All of them began to chant. The verbal language was nothing I could understand but in my mind I heard their call. Star child. Your earthly mother mourns. She grieves deeply and can find no joy in her life. She has great need of comfort. Hear us. Outside the cave the sun went down. The chanting song went on and on the tones hauntingly beautiful as it surrounded me filled me. Stars appeared on the ceiling of the cave and the mat next to me began to glow. Maddie s locket began to fade and was replaced by a form that gradually took shape. I held my breath and watched as the form became my daughter also dressed in a woven robe. Hers was of white silver with a sash of cobalt. Bands of woven gold encased her ankles. Wrists donned bracelets of intricate design set with unknown gemstones. My locket lay around her neck. How could this be The chanting ceased and the shaman walked to Maddie and touched her lightly on the shoulder. Gesturing towards me he nodded. Mom Is she real I asked the old man. As real as you and I he replied. May I touch her I asked hopefully. Grinning a toothless smile he answered Of course. Maddie baby I murmured as I enveloped my child in a hug. An ocean of tears released and I sobbed uncontrollably. How can this be How will I explain her return Oh who cares She s here and we have so much more living to do The shaman put a hand lightly on my shoulder and I heard the mindspeak again. She is only here for three days. After that she will return to the stars. Enjoy your time together. I began to protest and then stopped realizing that this was a gift. Thank you. For three days we swam ate fruit we gathered from the trees near the clearing and talked. I once again enjoyed braiding her hair and we talked some more. So what do you do in the star land my love I asked her on the third day. Maddie peeled a piece of fruit and took a bite. Juice trickled down her chin. I reached over and wiped it with the tip of my finger. She smiled. I m studying jewelry making right now. I can forge gold silver and electrum and make stuff like these she stated pointing to her jewelry. Anything I don t keep and wear is placed in the communal store for anyone to take and wear. When they tire of it and want something different they return the pieces and select something else. Seeing the look of pride on my face she added My jewelry work is no more important than a pastry or loaf of bread created by the baker. We both pour love into our creations and it gives us joy. Tears sprang into my eyes. Don t be sad. Mom I m fine. I may live in another place but I m still your Madison. Remember me alive. Reaching up she unclasped the locket containing a few of her ashes. Closing her hand around it she took a deep breath. When she opened her hand the piece had been transformed into a tasteful pendant made of gold. Small diamonds gave the look of stars but in no constellation I could recognize. Placing it into my hands she hugged me. I kissed her face and hair holding her tight. The sound of chanting reached my ears and when I looked up I saw the shaman and women entering the clearing. Seeing the look in my eyes Maddie whispered something I will remember forever We all come from the stars Mom. Tears flowed as I realized our time had ended but I was grateful for the closure. I hugged her again and felt a heavy weight fall away. I know we will meet again. I love you Madison Renee Looking up with her impish grin my daughter replied Love you too The women now encircled us and the singing chant became ethereal. Gotta go Mom Maddie said as she gently pulled from my arms. Diamonds of light surrounded her form as it became misty rose to the heavens and vanished. The chanting ended and the women faded into the jungle until only the shaman remained. Wiping the tears from my eyes I placed the new pendant around my neck. Thank you was all I could say. Casandra Nightengale is an author who writes on a variety of subjects and presently has 7 books out on Kindle (5 of which have spent time at 1). She lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and enjoy walking the forest trails and along the rocky beaches. She also loves to read travel and write. Follow her on Facebook at Casandra Nightengale. Star Child is from her book Tears of the Earth and is available at Mirror Neurons By Evette Rose Mirror Neurons how important are they really in our day to day life I would like to share with you a concept which is most likely unfamiliar to most people- that of Mirror Neurons. There are scientists who believe that the discovery of mirror neurons is one of the most important recent neuroscience discoveries. However most alternative health practitioners have not quite yet paid attention to this neuroscience discovery and how it applies to the average person. Reading about the concept a few months ago it indeed sounded like a new ground breaking scientific discovery. And then I realized that the concept has been around for quite some time but we never rated it important or gave it the value it deserved until now. Mirror neurons help us by facilitating our moods shifting of feelings and body language. It is because of mirror neurons that we see what others are feeling. Mirror neurons allow us a certain degree of understanding about how we respond to other people and how they respond to us. Each of these experiences becomes a basis for learning a foundation for future interactions with others. Our brains in fact memorize other people s behaviour which can then be applied in possible future interactions. Your mirror neurons enable you to watch someone do something and then create the illusive feeling that you are performing the action yourself. Let us consider an example if you see someone trying to balance 5 full glasses on a tray with one hand you feel and experience the concentration that it takes for this balancing act and you also feel the possibility of the tray slipping and everything falling over. It is your mirror neurons that enable these feelings and experiences. We see others do say and feel certain emotions and we mirror those same movements and emotions to explore our own ability to move and express ourselves. The working of your mirror neurons can even be taken further when you see others copying your expressions and movements you can share this experience at a deeper level. Such sharing experiences are almost like being a part of a different kind of community where we share a different kind of relationship without actually needing words. Mirror neurons enable us to hold onto emotions and to project these emotions outward to our surroundings. It is easier to respond to someone or something like a game if you are actively present and experience understanding due to previous interactions. The choice of being part of the action is also relevant. This leads us to the question are you reacting in a manner that has been solely chosen by you or a reaction that you have copied from others Since discovering this topic I have been quite keen to explore this phenomenal part in our brain and to see how it fits in with our daily life. Some of our students allowed me to intuitively scan them to see the function of mirror neurons. My observation stunned me I observed that people who are depressed have stopped using their mirror neurons Their willingness to interact with others and their surrounding has stopped. I could not see the same activity in a person that was emotionally healthy compared to someone that was suffering from depression. Their mirror neurons were not responding and functioning in the healthy and normal manner. The reason for this can be emotional suppression and disconnection from their passions in life. Ultimately the client stopped interacting with others altogether responding to people and their emotions disappeared. The cause of such depression is another story entirely on its own. Depression can be inherited. I did notice perfectly functioning mirror neurons in clients that were born with depression. However their mirror neurons functioning ceased when the conscious decision was made to withdraw themselves from society and people close to them. The reason for this withdrawal was live incidents. The longer these mirror neurons are kept dormant or only partially working the harder it can be for the individual to learn how to correspond and respond in society. It makes it even harder to be aware of the condition and the additional problems it can create. The average human being can watch a football game get involved with the tension and competitiveness and have a really great time they are surrounded by others that are expressing the same emotions and feelings. However if you placed a depressed individual in the same crowd you will find a completely different response. They will look at the reactions surrounding them and will watch others having a great time filled with laughter but they will not feel the same emotions. Other people s responses and interactions should actually prompt the depressed individual to respond in the same manner however it does not. Their mirror neurons have stopped responding to their environment the information that their mirror neurons are receiving is meaningless. Even watching a sad movie with the passing away of the main character is not enough to strike a sense of sadness and loss whereas others watching the same movie with active mirror neurons could show signs of sadness empathy or even grief. Mirror neurons help us tune into each other s feelings which enabling us to feel empathy towards others. The healthier our mirror neurons are the more we are able to make progress in our lives. Our actions and reactions are more intelligent because we learn from everyone that we meet on a daily basis. In addition to the example of depression I also noticed that autistic children appear to have mirror neurons that are dormant or temporary turned off. This could contribute to explaining for why autistic children cannot make eye contact with others and have difficulty in responding to contact from others. A difference between depressed people and those who are or were autistic children is that the depressed adult has previously learned and developed skills for social interaction and survival. Even though they are depressed they will not lose these established skills (even if they cannot develop new interaction and survival skills). In contrast the autistic child has never learned these necessary skills. I suspect that sociopaths and psychopaths have dormant mirror neurons they either could have been born with dormant mirror neurons or the mirror neurons have ceased functioning due to severe trauma (I do acknowledge that people who suffer from these mentioned conditions have more than mirror neuron malfunctioning.) In my new book Metaphysical Anatomy I describe these conditions in more detail and suggest complementary approaches and explanations. One important thing that I did learn from exploring mirror neurons is that human beings were created or evolved to be together. Without each other we stop learning and possibly stop evolving. On this note I thank each and every one that I have interacted with you assisted me in my own personal growth and I acknowledge you for this vital contribution I am not a psychologist nor a scientist I am merely sharing this with you from an intuitive point of view. The link between mirror neurons and depression or autism has not been proven by neuroscience. As an Author Life Coach Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the co-founder of the personal development company Rapid Personal Transformation and founder of Metaphysical Anatomy. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a wellbalanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 38 countries and helped more than 6000 people worldwide. Follow Evette at http and https metaphysicalanatomy The Heart of the Matter By Charlotte Spicer Yes thank you for taking my call a woman states her voice dripping with longing I was wondering if you could tell me when I ll meet my soul mate And my heart sinks. My online radio show provides me with innumerable opportunities to serve the spiritual community. Most of the time I m overjoyed at what has been accomplished over the last several years. But there have been times I ve felt helpless to help others. The top two questions asked are about finding love and money. I have a sophisticated audience who present questions in such a way that allows the best information to come through. And yet I find myself extremely frustrated when I can t tell a caller that the perfect job or partner are just around the corner. Our future is shaped by the energy we hold today. A fear-filled mind and heart can create a frightening future. I know this. I believe wholeheartedly that when one asks when they will meet a significant partner or find that selfvalidating perfect job what they re really asking is When will someone something come along to save me from myself. I prefer What is blocking me from attracting this The openness of this word pattern gets better results. How does one truly improve their relationship with themselves to create a better future Still I had repeated moments of sadness because I couldn t give the perfect answer and make the caller happy. I could offer information but I couldn t provide the fix that would bring peace. In frustration I turn to Jesus my ever-present Guide and Loving Teacher. I asked what I could possibly do to help others at a deeper level. There s obviously a lot of suffering out there. As a die-hard studentteacher of A Course in Miracles I felt the answer was in me somewhere. It was. And once I asked the answer was surprisingly simple and as I move forward infinitely fascinating. Jesus instructed me to visualize my immediate future. While not bad it didn t seem overwhelmingly promising. He talked to me about the heart chakra and gave me specific steps to perform a heart clearing. I was to be the first recipient of this healing technique. With His help and using remote viewing in a circular fashion to see into myself I looked effectively into my own heart center asking questions along the way to be sure I wasn t missing anything crucial to my understanding. It was quite simple really but what I found was amazing. I was holding on to the past in a way that escaped my laser-pointed self-analysis and awareness. Specifics are subjective to the mind and ego Daddy did this Mommy didn t do that and so on. We all know our own circumstances full well. And we ve forgiven and moved on to the point we can navigate our lives with a semblance of confidence and cough self-love. But what s that thing...that nameless thing that weighs us down What is blocking us from moving forward in total self-acceptance and freedom to live a life that includes abundance healthy relationships and harmony As He explained negative emotions traumatic events and resulting coping and defense mechanisms remain in the heart center as a residue of the original emotional response to a difficult circumstance or emotionally crippling family dynamic during childhood. The emotion originates in one of the other seven major chakras but a mass of dense energy takes up space in the 4th chakra. We may perceive these as a distant memory--if we re conscious of it at all--or simply the acknowledgment of scars from a painful past. The multiplication of these emotions results in the weighing down of the heart no matter how loving and good natured you may be which explains the heaviness many of us feel. After that initial training session I was asked to visualize my immediate future once again. It was totally different. It was rich with opportunity excitement and motivation. I noticed immediately the absence of fear and self-doubt. I made some calls to practice this on others. With my instructions in hand I began doing long-distance clearing sessions. Each client is different. The primary emotion or energy is rarely the same. I identified the emotions that were being held in the heart. They appear as a dense ball of energy. Let s use the term rock to describe the size and shape of this energy. Often they are a specific emotion such as anger or bitterness but they can also depict a behavior designed to protect oneself from the threat of the outside childhood environment you would assume should have been inviting and nurturing. They are color-coded to indicate the chakra from which they originated. They present themselves in priority order from the strongest blocks to the more moderate influences on the life of the client yet still causing impediments to happiness. I translate the energy associated with this emotion in layers in many cases multiple instances compounding the emotion or behavior. Often Jesus provides me with a word that encapsulates the entire scope of the energy. They are often unusual and I sometimes have to consult a dictionary to get a full grasp on what He s telling me. A few times the words weren t even in the dictionary but I was successful in the interpretation. The reactions from the clients as to how they felt as a child are mind-boggling. In one session the client was hyper-focused on finding a job. I identified the first emotion as guilt. It was orange. The second chakra represents a number of things but I zeroed in on guilt about creativity as the culprit. I ask Do you have a talent that you ve put on the back burner set to the side ignored or disowned in the interest of making a practical living To my surprise she replies Oh yes. I m an artist. Her block to gainful employment was because her heart was interested in creative pursuits not working at a job out of necessity causing her pattern of un- or under-employment. Many experience patterns such as repeated job loss layoffs competition in the workplace and having great interviews with no job being offered. In terms of those searching for love we went back to the childhood dynamic and identified the fears that were prevented the client from finding an appropriate partner or one at all. Many were trapped in that horrible space between healing from a broken partnership and finding the courage to embrace the next. In either case we went into the heart to find the blocks to peace. After identifying a long list of emotional blocks I energetically remove the dense energy place it in the hands of Jesus and it dissolves. I perform some cleanup as a result of Inner Crying which leaves a thick oily film on the inside of the heart chakra and I fix some damage to other chakras bringing the best of my healing abilities to the table. I replace these blocks with positive emotions such as love self-love self-acceptance freedom abundance consciousness increased intuition clarity and so on. The client makes a wish list as well and I incorporate these into a ball of energy that is placed into the heart center. But the most fascinating element of this technique is the light show I get to witness as I replace the negative energy with the positive. I ve witnessed the Higher Self in exultation. I ve felt the immediate release of years of heartache. I ve watched as The Holy Spirit upon invitation takes up residence in the heart center. Clients immediately feel clear relaxed and hopeful. There are specific instructions given by Jesus that clients must follow to facilitate profound changes in perception reaction and being. For those that embraced the changes I m getting reports of peace joy anticipation for the future and increased money. Finally I have a way to help my listeners and clients acquire the changes they d been seeking. And in doing so I acquire the one I prayed for. In order to change your life you must get to the heart of the matter. Through this phase I learned one thing on a very concrete and now visible level The contents of the heart are what most effects matter energy interactions and the trajectory of your life. Possibility truly is limitless. A heavy heart blocks us from seeing the straight path to fulfillment. A client picks up her friend for a spiritual evening out. The friend enters the car closes the door. Seconds later she turns to my client and asks What s gotten into you What do you mean my client responds What do you pick up on Peace she replies What happened to you Why are you so peaceful all of a sudden Within an hour I made a new friend and a very satisfied client. Charlotte the Executive Producer and Host of Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer -- Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio where she and her team of Spiritual Teachers Energy Healers and Psychics equip their many listeners with information and tools to help them gain self-awareness and reclaim peace. Learn more at Boundaries By Gaye Piper On my journey of doing a lot of Soul work and discovery one of the few things that I seem to come across with people is boundaries. When I look further into this I began to realise that almost everyone has boundary issues in all its varied forms the rich the poor the healthy the unhealthy those in power and those who seeming have an idyllic life there are always boundaries. Listening to people and in particularly recently this seems to be more apparent. So I thought I would draw more attention to boundaries . I hear can people saying of course I know about boundaries but the truth is do you really Do you give it the energy that can empower you and your boundaries. I feel our awareness with boundaries surfaces from time to time but generally it is not something we really think about until it is in our face in whatever way it is presented. I know a lot of people are going through boundary challenges. What Are Boundaries The easiest way to think about a boundary is a property line. We have all seen No Trespassing signs which send a clear message that if you violate that boundary there will be a consequence. This type of boundary is easy to picture and understand because you can see the sign and the border it protects. Personal boundaries can be harder to define because the lines are invisible can change and are unique to each individual. Personal boundaries just like the No Trespassing sign define where you end and others begin and are determined by the amount of physical and emotional space you allow between yourself and others. Personal boundaries help you decide what types of communication behaviour and interaction are acceptable. Upon looking more into boundaries I have discovered some of its forms and want to share these with you. It may be time to take stock of what is occurring in your life and those of the people you care for. See if you fall into any of the following and can you make the necessary changes to bring a more balanced and harmonious way of living. It is entirely your choice which path you choose. I am not saying that change is always easy because it is not but when information is presented to you why not evaluate that information and think about it and maybe be proactive in the process. It may also be a light bulb moment for you. The following is information that is readily accessible for all through the Internet Harriet Lerner s feelings about boundaries are An intimate relationship is one in which neither party silences sacrifices or betrays the self and each party expresses strength and vulnerability weakness and competence in a balanced way. Setting boundaries is essential if we want to be both physically and emotionally healthy. Creating healthy boundaries is empowering. By recognizing the need to set and enforce limits you protect your self-esteem maintain selfrespect and enjoy healthy relationships. Unhealthy boundaries cause emotional pain that can lead to dependency depression anxiety and even stress-induced physical illness. A lack of boundaries is like leaving the door to your home unlocked anyone including unwelcome guests can enter at will. On the other hand having too rigid boundaries can lead to isolation like living in a locked-up castle surrounded by a mote. No one can get in and you can t get out. Types of Personal Boundaries Types of Personal Boundaries 1. Physical Physical boundaries provide a barrier between you and an intruding force like a Band-Aid protects a wound from bacteria. Physical boundaries include your body sense of personal space sexual orientation and privacy. These boundaries are expressed through clothing shelter noise tolerance verbal instruction and body language. An example of physical boundary violation a close talker. Your immediate and automatic reaction is to step back in order to reset your personal space. By doing this you send a non-verbal message that when this person stands so close you feel an invasion of your personal space. If the person continues to move closer you might verbally protect your boundary by telling him her to stop crowding you. Some more examples of physical boundary invasions are Inappropriate touching such as unwanted sexual advances. Looking through others personal files and emails. Not allowing others their personal space. (e.g. barging into your boss s office without knocking) 2. Emotional and Intellectual These boundaries protect your sense of self-esteem and ability to separate your feelings from others . When you have weak emotional boundaries it s like getting caught in the midst of a hurricane with no protection. You expose yourself to being greatly affected by others words thoughts and actions and end up feeling bruised wounded and battered. These include beliefs behaviours choices sense of responsibility and your ability to be intimate with others. Examples of emotional and intellectual boundary invasions are Not knowing how to separate your feelings from your partner s and allowing his her mood to dictate your level of happiness or sadness (a.k.a. co-dependency). Sacrificing your plans dreams and goals in order to please others. Not taking responsibility for yourself and blaming others for your problems. It seems obvious that no one would want his her boundaries violated. So why do we allow it Why do we NOT enforce or uphold our boundaries FEAR of rejection and ultimately abandonment. FEAR of confrontation. GUILT. We were not taught healthy boundaries. Awareness is the first step in establishing and enforcing your boundaries Assess the current state of your boundaries using the list below HEALTHY BOUNDARIES allow you to Have high self-esteem and self-respect. Share personal information gradually in a mutually sharing and trusting relationship. Protect physical and emotional space from intrusion. Have an equal partnership where responsibility and power are shared. Be assertive. Confidently and truthfully say yes or no and be okay when others say no to you. Separate your needs thoughts feelings and desires from others. Recognize that your boundaries and needs are different from others. Empower yourself to make healthy choices and take responsibility for yourself. UNHEALTHY BOUNDARIES are characterized by Sharing too much too soon or at the other end of the spectrum closing yourself off and not expressing your need and wants. Feeling responsible for other s happiness. Inability to say no for fear of rejection or abandonment. Weak sense of your own identity. You base how you feel about yourself on how others treat you. Disempowerment. You allow others to make decisions for you consequently you feel powerless and do not take responsibility for your own life. Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries - (Modified from the book Boundaries Where You End and I Begin by Anne Katherine) When you identify the need to set a boundary do it clearly calmly firmly respectfully and in as few words as possible. Do not justify get angry or apologize for the boundary you are setting. You are not responsible for the other person s reaction to the boundary you are setting. You are only responsible for communicating your boundary in a respectful manner. If it upset them know it is their problem. Some people especially those accustomed to controlling abusing or manipulating you might test you. Plan on it expect it but remain firm. Remember your behavior must match the boundaries you are setting. You cannot successfully establish a clear boundary if you send mixed messages by apologizing. At first you will probably feel selfish guilty or embarrassed when you set a boundary. Do it anyway and tell yourself you have a right to self-care. Setting boundaries takes practice and determination. Don t let anxiety or low self-esteem prevent you from taking care of yourself. When you feel anger or resentment or find yourself whining or complaining you probably need to set a boundary. Listen to yourself determine what you need to do or say then communicate assertively. Learning to set healthy boundaries takes time. It is a process. Set them in your own time frame not when someone else tells you. Develop a support system of people who respect your right to set boundaries. Eliminate toxic persons from your life--those who want to manipulate abuse and control you. According to Nina Brown s self-help book there are four main types of psychological boundary Soft - A person with soft boundaries merges with other people s boundaries. Someone with a soft boundary is easily a victim of psychological manipulation. Spongy - A person with spongy boundaries is like a combination of having soft and rigid boundaries. They permit less emotional contagion than soft boundaries but more than those with rigid. People with spongy boundaries are unsure of what to let in and what to keep out. Rigid - A person with rigid boundaries is closed or walled off so nobody can get close to him her either physically or emotionally. This is often the case if someone has been the victim of physical abuse emotional abuse psychological abuse or sexual abuse. Rigid boundaries can be selective which depend on time place or circumstances and are usually based on a bad previous experience in a similar situation. Flexible - Similar to selective rigid boundaries but the person has more control. The person decides what to let in and what to keep out is resistant to emotional contagion and psychological manipulation and is difficult to exploit. Consider Narcissism and do you know of anyone who falls into this spectrum Narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist there is no boundary between self and other. What about Loss of Boundaries - Loss of conscious boundaries can occur when an individual is caught up in a unified fast-moving crowd. At times the loss of personal boundaries in a communal experience noting that such occurrences could be triggered by intense shared ordeals like hunger fear or pain and that such methods were traditionally used to create liminal conditions in initiation rites. Rave culture has also been said to involve a dissolution of personal boundaries and a merger into a binding sense of communality. Rebuilding Boundaries - While a healthy relationship depends on the emotional space provided by personal boundaries codependent personalities have difficulties in setting such limits so that defining and protecting boundaries efficiently may be for them a vital part of regaining mental health. Family therapists can help family members to develop clearer boundaries by behaving in a well-defined way when treating them drawing lines and treating different generations in different compartments something especially pertinent in families where healthy enmeshment overrides normal personal boundaries. However the establishment of personal boundaries in such instances may produce a negative fall-out. If the pathological state of interdependence had been a central facet of the relationship. This is especially true if the establishment of healthy boundaries results in limit setting which did not occur previously. It is important to distinguish between limits and boundaries in considering these situations. So now you have come to the end of my article. I am trusting this information may empower you just a little more and how you choose to go forward is up to you. Will you break free of the shackles that bind you Will you continue on as you have knowing this information Or will you be the change in your own life People are generally in the habit of saying Yes especially if you are a people pleaser to most things when they really want to say No. Practice saying No a couple of times to start. This is a lifestyle change so don t expect to change the way you do things straight away take baby steps. Think about the change s you want and you may even write a scenario of something you want to change like a script. Boundaries a more complex word than I knew because we all experience boundaries and the depth and breadth of boundaries is actually huge. We may decide to choose which boundaries we want to deal with and let others go. It is a bit like picking your battles . So all in all take care be kind to yourself and when you can in as much a positive way for yourself and others consider Boundaries . Namaste Gaye Piper and her team THEY THEY are a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension and part of Gaye s team that support love and care for her well-being and communicate in a most awesome way. Gaye Piper is a wholistic practitioner specializing in Soulology Crystal Dreaming Past Life Therapy and Spiritual Guidance. She is the author of several books. http Follow Gaye on Facebook at https Gaye-Piper-Author-Local-National-andInternational-184091514973197 fref ts Conversations with my Brother on Another Planet By Tom T. Moore In July in 2005 I discovered that I could communicate with other beings while in a light Alpha altered state. This took place during a seminar put on by the master hypnotist Dick Sutphen who is well known for his books on past lives. I had decided to try and communicate with an American Indian Shaman living in the western United States during the 1600 s by the name of Reveals the Mysteries. He had been channeled for me by my friend Robert Shapiro. When Richard put us under ostensibly to try our hand at automatic writing I thought in my mind Reveals the Mysteries are you there He responded Yes I am Tom and I thought to myself Wow He went on to tell me I was an Indian Shaman by the name of Still Water living at that same time and I had decided to ...reintroduce people to The Gentle Way in the 20th and 21st centuries. That became the title of my first book from that very first conversation with Reveals the Mysteries. Later I would begin to communicate with Gaia the Soul of the Earth and my own Guardian Angel who I named Theo as he said our vocal chords were not made to say angelic names. Theo told me we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the universe because we receive thought packets which we filter according to our education knowledge and spiritual beliefs. But it s even easier if the person is part of your soul group or cluster as Theo calls them which on average is six to twelve fragments of your soul. Reveals the Mysteries turned out to be part of my soul cluster. A couple of years later I was communicating with Theo in meditation one morning on the subject of ancient ET ruins on earth and Theo told me They will be able to point these artifacts out to you at some future point. I asked if he meant you generally or you personally. He responded It will be you personally Tom. You will have the privilege of meeting a Sirian one day. He then asked if I would like to speak to him as he was tuning into us. After I got over the surprise that we were on a party line and not having a confidential conversation I declined and said I would put together some questions for my next meditation. And thus began many many questions for my soul cluster brother living a life in the Sirius B Star System. I would have difficulty receiving his name correctly for several weeks. First it was Antu then Anturara and finally one day he almost shouted out the word (thought packet-wise) AntuRAH He explained that we had several lives together the last one being in Atlantis. He said he had more lives on earth after that just not with me. I would have another big surprise after we began communicating. I had always heard first public contact would be with people that looked just like us--probably the Pleiadians. So naturally I assumed since he would be coming to see us he would appear just like any earth human--more or less. In one of our early conversations I was asking him about his planet and he explained that it had a small landmass with most of the planet covered by water. I then asked if he lived on land or in the ocean and he replied he was a water being--an amphibian He likes the term coined by the host of a radio show I appeared on-- Aqua Man. If you saw any of the Hellboy movies there is an amphibian character by the name of Abe Sapien. If you do a search for images from that movie you ll get as close as we possibly can to a photographic description of him. He has gills behind rounded ears. He has strikingly beautiful (he says) blue skin tinged with white and yellow to blend with the ocean for protection in their early lives on the planet. His eyes are round but smaller than the Zeta eyes with eyelids and a smaller nose. He has four digits--no thumbs as they say they don t need them and four toes. Naturally they are webbed. They re vegetarians and not oxygen breathers. Antura says they live to be 1200 to 1500 years old as their lives are not as difficult as ours. He is already between 450 and 500 years of age. They do excrete waste just not as often as we do. Their females typically do not have children until after their 125th year and no periods until they are ready to conceive. Gestation is six months to birth their little tadpoles as he humorously says. They sleep a little less than earth humans and dream as most beings in the universe. Their universal greeting is to wish a long life or good life. They were amused at the Star Trek greeting (but I still like it ). Antura s water planet is one of over 20 planets in the Sirius B Star System. Only ten to twelve percent of the planet is land mass and there are beings that live on the land which they are friends with. Their city is approximately one mile below the surface with a large percentage of it dry but also many places with access to water. He and his family live in what we would consider an apartment building. As is typical it seems of other societies in the universe they do not play competitive games as that involves negativity. He says that s what earth people will bring to the rest of the universe-- small amounts of negativity--typically .2% to 2% maximum. Even though it will be several hundred years this seems to make them nervous. We re supposed to be the catalysts to get these societies moving again to raise their vibrational levels. I thought they would be at 5.85 on the fifth focus frequency scale but was told it was more like 5.35 and his planet has been inhabited for around 18 million years He said I originated on that planet and in fact was one of the first souls to have a life there and he also said I was one of the first to have a life on earth. It seems each life I have there is as some sort of spiritual master as that is my soul s main interest. He further stated that my next life will be back on the water planet before my next earth life as a female space pilot of one of 17 earth star ships in the 3400 era. Antura said we will not begin traveling to the stars until around 3250. One earth ship will actually leave for one of the nearer star systems without the advantage of portal hopping as Antura calls it but will be rescued by one of the very first starships using portals to travel a few years later. He explains that you cannot go from one side of the universe to the other with one portal hop it takes several. He compared it to Southwest Airlines going from one part of the United States to the other making three or four stops. When I expressed surprise at the comparison he explained they know everything about us having studied us for years and years. The best explanation I could get out of him is that there are folds in space. I asked for a better explanation and he said he could not as our scientists must figure that out themselves. He said to imagine waves in the ocean. So why did he contact me He s part of a first contact team that contacts other planets as they find them all over the universe. I asked him what was the last planet he performed this duty on and he said it was a planet inhabited by what we might call sloths. They re a few thousand years away from more development but they like to introduce themselves at an early stage. They somehow used the form of a wise sloth so as not to frighten the local population. When asked what was his background that made him ideal for the first contact team he said he had lived 800 lives on earth and that had given him the gift of gab. It seems he does grass roots type contacts as compared to the team members who work with governments and scientists. Which is where I come in. Since I m one of his soul cluster brothers he said he planned to meet with me and two other people when they come in 2017 two years after the Pleiadians (who do look just like us) make first public contact in Europe in 2015. One of the other people is a lady living in Provence in Southern France. She s also a member of our soul cluster. He says I even have visited the town during my many trips to Cannes as part of my international film and TV program distribution business. The other person lives in Asia and is not a soul cluster member but Antura has had a number of lives with him on earth. So I thought this will be interesting getting to meet a real life alien. He explained that I would be given instructions to go to a remote location where he would meet me. Naturally I asked if I could have a ride in the scout craft which he described as typically saucer shaped about 40 feet in diameter and capable of carrying 5 to 8 passengers. He said of course I could. Now after hundreds of more questions I ve discovered that I ll actually go to his mothership and can stay for a month or two if I wish getting to know all the crew members. He says that the mothership which is thousands of years old holds 700 to 1000 crewmembers. He told me my senses would be on overload as there will be so many different types of ET s I ll meet mostly from the Sirius B System--but others too including two reptilians who like to stay to themselves. He explained that several million years ago there was a real star wars started by the reptilians. It was really nasty as instead of blowing up a planet as we ve seen in the sci-fi movies they would blow up the sun destroying all the planets in that solar system. And this went on for several thousand universal years (which are different from earth years). Finally peace came again. Supposedly I had a hand in the peace process during one of my spiritual master lives. I suggested that the reptilians be allowed to take part in the earth experiment by providing souls too. I ve been told that one of my current friends has a reptilian soul and was put in my path so that I could see how they re faring. Recently I found that that we would also visit our moon in Antura s scout craft. We ll probably go the conventional way of a speedy trip there and then he ll demonstrate a portal hop back to the mothership. Of course I had many questions about the mothership especially when I learned how many different beings would be on board. He explained that when the crew is known they are able to insert modules to accommodate each being according to its needs. There will be birds insects amphibians and all sorts of humanoids on board as best I understand. I did make sure my module would have a toilet He said no problem. It seems the mothership at least in the common areas has a mild temperature setting but I ll be wearing sort of a mini force field which will supply me with slightly higher oxygen content than is normal on earth with my own temperature setting. There are translation devices far beyond what we have today which will enable me to speak to anyone on board and vice versa. The crew does not wear uniforms just their normal attire they wear on their home planets (assuming they wear anything). Antura says that some beings meet in common areas for meals and some beings eat elsewhere and join for discussion later. He said I wouldn t want to see some of the eating habits--even he doesn t wish to. Not sure if I wish to find out too much more about that but we ll see. There doesn t seem to be a real work schedule. Beings work when they feel like it or are motivated to do some specific work-- taking readings or whatever they do when they re studying earth. Antura says Parking is at a premium as there can be upwards of 50 ships from not only our galaxy and universe but even other universes too as we seem to be the big story--switching from the third to the fifth focus. That s never been done before by any other society. It s my understanding that it will be my job to introduce the beings of the Sirius B Star System to the people on earth as they look so different from the Pleiadians. It s one thing to meet people from another star system whose appearance is very close to yours but I think there s a fear-factor of meeting intelligent beings--and even much more intelligent perhaps than you--who look quite strange indeed. Although they probably will not be on his ship Antura says there are humanoids with horns snouts some 15 feet tall and some very short or even tiny. As I mentioned earlier they re millions of years ahead of us in technology but they are not progressing vibrationally and that s what our contribution to the universe will be--as catalysts. We will be invited to join this Federation of Planets. There are approximately 200 planets in this particular group. Antura says there are several other groups or federations of planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy all but one of them friendly. That one just wishes to be left alone. But of course earthlings like a challenge So in conclusion it will be interesting to see if the time line holds up. The last time I asked Antura he said it was more solidified than ever. If 2015 rolls around and the Pleiadians show up I might start to be excited but for now I m just passing along some of the many things I ve learned from my brother on another planet. Tom T. Moore is an entertainment industry CEO speaker frequent radio guest and author of THE GENTLE WAY A Self-Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels and THE GENTLE WAY II The Story Continues plus a weekly newsletter and blog. For more information go to http http egm Grow a Chakra Garden & Watch Your Chakras Grow By Vicki Howie As a Life Coach who sees a lot of spiritually-oriented clients from Yoga Teachers to Reiki Healers I ve noticed a certain imbalance. Spirituallyinclined people (especially the female kind) often find it difficult to embody their third chakra. After all the third chakra is the home of anger power and ego. They ve been taught that nice people don t get angry that ego blocks spirit and power means controlling others. Unfortunately all of those beliefs none of which are true -- weaken the third chakra. A majority of the clients I work with need someone to give them permission to step back into the fiery energy of their third chakra. And I give it to them gladly because the transformation of our planet is relying on heartcentered people stepping into full leadership and it s impossible to step into a position of power without third chakra energy. Power in itself is not bad at all. It takes power to make positive change. It s only abuse of power that is bad. Anger in itself is not bad. At low levels it s a healthy warning sign that one s boundaries are being crossed or that one feels disrespected. Ego s not a bad thing either. When one has a strong healthy ego there is nothing to prove. It s only when the ego is weak and a person actually feels insecure that a person tends to act egotistical and controlling. One of the best ways to embrace your third chakra and its seemingly unlovable qualities is to do the Shadow Integration Process with me. Another powerful method for nurture this part of yourself or any part of yourself is to grow a chakra garden. My client Stacey had a weak third chakra so I gave her the homework task of growing a third chakra garden. I handed her seven sunflower seeds and asked her to plant them and name each one a different third chakra characteristic. She came up with these qualities Power Self-Respect Clarity Action Gut Self-Confidence and Fire. She planted them all out in individual pots so they would have a safe container in which to start their young life. When they get a little stronger she will transplant them. The photo (left) shows the current state of her plants. The angle makes both of the front plants Power and Fire look a little bigger than they actually are but you can still pretty much make out that action has grown the fastest. How ironic. Stacey says watching her third chakra qualities grow and nurturing their development -- has been an amazing learning tool. What chakra would you like to boost If it s the first think about planting beets or for the second chakra plant orange peppers. For the heart chakra grow lettuce each head looking a lot like a blossoming lotus flower of the heart. Perhaps grow some blueberries for the fifth chakra blackberries for the sixth and grapes for the seventh. The key is to hone in on the seven qualities you want to cultivate and then nurture them through your gardening. As your plants grow you ll find that the chakra qualities you desire will naturally grow within you as well. Fictional name used to protect the client s privacy Vicki Howie is an Intuitive Chakra Healer and Innovator who wants to help you tap into the power of your chakras. She s the creator of Chakra Boosters Healing TattoosTM (now worn in 40 countries) as well as Chakra Love a contemporary chakra healing album. Join her for her FREE Weekly Conscious Life Awakened Speaker Series (sign up here and get 333 in bonus gifts). Do you know what Chakra Abundance Type you are Listen to this free audio from Vicki and find out Your Words By Gladys McCoy Your words spoken or in thoughts are very powerful. We can bring blessings to our life or we can create havoc. We can bring good health or we can create illness. We can be wealthy or poor. We can have a wonderful loving relationship or complete unhappiness. The choice is yours in the words and thoughts you use. I have worked with using positive words to manifest what is desired for others and myself for many years. I write what I call affirmations (could be called a prayer or a mantra) for every clearing of non-beneficial energies from a home a business or a person that I do. The important part of this is that you use positive words and you write it like it has already happened and you give thanks for it being so. I sign every affirmation I write because I feel that I have made a contract with spirit for the person I am dowsing for. Being aware of how we use our words for ourselves and how our words affect others is something we all need to pay more attention to. It is my belief that texting is a very easy way to offend or hurt someone s feelings without meaning to. You cannot hear the words and perhaps if you put an exclamation mark at the end of a statement or a period at the end it could change the way someone reads it and understands it. We should make a bigger effort to communicate verbally by phone or in person. Face-to-Face can t be so easily misunderstood. Once our words are spoken they do not go away they are floating all around us. You may say something in anger and then apologize and the person you hurt with those words will say they forgive you but the words are still there stuck deep inside hopefully never to come back up but they are always there We need to take a moment and consider the words we say before they are spoken. This is a quote I got from our friend Caroline Smith who said it came from her grandmother Be careful of the words you speak make them soft and sweet Because you never know from day to day which ones you might have to eat Joyce reminded me of what all kids have said Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me . She said it should be Sticks and stones may break bones but words can break hearts . Using Your Words and Your Thoughts To Improve Your Dowsing When you dowse the most important thing is the question you ask. We need to give the dowsing divas all the information they need to help us find what we are looking for. When dowsing sometimes we write the question and read it back to ourselves to be sure it is what we want information on. If you are looking for a well site you need to ask for a good potable source of water that is clean with no contaminates that is good sweet tasting that will furnish the needs of a family of 4 or so they can water their stock or water their gardens. (We need to know what they will use the water for so we know how much to ask for.) Streams of water that will flow all year long and never go dry will be easily retrieved. Many years ago a demonstration was being done at the dowsers convention in Vermont and the speaker had his L rod in hand as he ask for the rod to point to north. The rod turned and pointed to the wrong direction for north more than one time and then a fellow in that area of the room stood up and said My name is North. The rods were right the question wasn t He should have asked for the nautical or the magnetic direction of north. Does your car need gas Of course it does unless it is a hybrid. Question is do you need to put gas in your car so you can get home or is there enough gas in the tank to get me home and back to the gas station The more information we put out the better the answer. Gladys McCoy Arkansas. Co-founder of Ozark Research Institute a non-profit chartered to research and provide classes on the power of the mind to heal the body. Gladys is a Certified Hypnotherapist Past Life Therapist and Dowser who works with adverse energies. She clears houses people property and businesses. She also does remote dowsing to help people with life decisions and change. Gladys is available for workshops and lectures across the U.S. To learn more about power of mind techniques for health & well-being visit or consider attending one of our intensive four day schools in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Thanks for reading our premier issue of Esoteric Gazing. Look for the next issue in November 2016. Remember to subscribe to be notified of new issues. Follow us on Facebook at https esotericgazing Until then--Many Blessings and Namaste Pam & Nance