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Description: Bay County MVP Health,Sports, & Fitness magazine August/September Healthy Healthcare issue. If your looking to advertise in Bay County, Destin, or South Walton - GO MVP!

South Walton Destin MVP magazine coming soon Aug Sept 2016 4th Edition magazine Bay County South Walton Destin HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS If you re looking to advertise your business in Bay County South Walton & Destin CHOOSE MVP MAGAZINE Let us help you grow your business with our affordable rates Free digital magazine is a bonus MVPmagazines I 850-832-5650 Multiple issue discount given to advertise in both Bay County MVP and Destin South Walton MVP 2 MVP August September 2016 Breathtaking walk on the beach Trouble taking a breath Is it an emergency Ongoing symptoms could mean a more serious problem. If you are experiencing recurring symptoms you can rely on our emergency room to be there for you 24 7. Our expert team of emergency trained physicians will diagnose and treat you so you can get back to the beach. magazine CONTRIBUTORS HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS Bay County August September 2016 Issue 4 Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate Brent Holtgrewe BSC ATC LAT PES First Choice Physical Therapy Dr. Myra Reed Personalized Concierge Doctor Clinton Wallace CEO CW Synergy Fitness Tammy Dunaway Patient Engagement Champion Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Ashley Hickel BSRT MBA Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Winston Chester Author TV Show HostPanhandle Outdoors August September 2016 MVP 4 INDEX 14 20 22 DR. MYRA REED REV-UP YOUR METABOLISIM COVER STORY HEALTHY HEALTHCARE LEADER CARLTON ULMER HEALTHY HEALTHYCARE STARTS AT THE TOP CEO S RANDALL HAMILTON AND TONY BENNETT AND THEIR WORKOUTS. A FEW OF BAY COUNTY S PHYSICIANS SHARE HOW THEY MANAGE TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. HEALTHY HEALTHCARE LEADERS Jennifer Watson Publisher Photographer Writer 26 FIT PHYSICIANS 38 THIS ISSUE S FIT AT ANY AGE FOLKS EITHER WORK VOLUNTEER OR HAVE RETIRED FROM HEALTHCARE. FIT AT ANY AGE 44 PANAMA CITY POLICE OFFICER STEPHANIE REVAL FIT FIRST RESPONDER BRENT S TIPS 45 ACL INJURIES FOR ATHLETES THE I BILLION DOLLAR PROBLEM 50 Lee McArthur Scott TAMMY DUNAWAY LIVING FULLY AT EVERY AGE MVP Writer Copyright Editor 52 54 60 62 MEDICINE BALL CIRCUIT CLINTON S FIT TIPS KAREN SMITH CAN WE HAVE OUR CAKE AND BIKINI TOO CONCUSSIONS CONTACT US 850-832-5650 Baycountymvp WHEN IN DOUBT SIT THEM OUT FORMER FOOTBALL PLAYER JAROD MOON August September 2016 MVP 5 LIFE AFTER FOOTBALL Apple Lee McArthur Scott. An tasty. According to there are over 2 500 varieties grown in the United States alone and over 7 500 are grown worldwide. There is a variety for everyone. Throughout history worldwide leaders have developed their own varieties and established orchards everywhere. An American hero Johnny Appleseed is known for spreading the apple tree across the United States. This American pioneer developed apple nurseries throughout the mid-west. Toss a few on your salad or grab one for a delicious simple snack EAT APPLES Apples contain malic acid a chemical used in teeth whitening products which helps dissolve stains. A medium apple contains about 80 calories. Apples contain high levels of boron which increases mental alertness. On average apples contain 4.5 grams of fiber. It takes nearly two servings of Metamucil to get that same amount of fiber. An apple mask cures acne and reduces eye strain when placed on eyelids. An A DAY... True or not Apples contain amazing polyphenols vitamin C and both soluble and insoluble fibers. Don t peel this beloved fruit Apple nutrients are disproportionately present in the skin. So true An apple a day is a good plan. In the apple s amazing polyphenols are discussed. The polyphenols antioxidant benefits include protection from lipid peroxidation which is the primary risk factor for clogging of the arteries. Apple polyphenols reduce the sugar load on the blood stream during digestion of carbohydrates by slowing down the process reducing the glucose absorption rate stimulating the pancreas to put out more insulin and finally stimulating the insulin receptors to latch on to more insulin and increase the flow of sugar out of our bloodstream. Better blood sugar regulation is essential to avoid stressing the body. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of the apple s amazing polyphenols provide anti-asthma benefits and a reduction of the risk for lung cancer. The study of the benefits of apples is very dynamic Future research will certainly be able to shed some explanatory light on this miracle fruit. Aside from being extremely healthy the apple is very 6 MVP August September 2016 1 Apple cored and cut into pieces 2 Tablespoons of Honey Teaspoon of Sage APPLE FACIAL MASK Procedure Chop up the apple in a food processor. Add the honey and sage and then refrigerate for about 10 minutes. Lightly pat the mixture onto the face until the honey feels tacky. Leave it on the skin for 30 minutes and then rinse the face mask off with cool water. 4 Carrots shredded 1 Apple peeled cored and shredded 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice 2 Tablespoons Honey cup Blanched Slivered Almonds Salt and Pepper to taste In a bowl combine the carrots apple lemon juice honey almonds salt and pepper. Toss and chill before serving. APPLE CARROT SALAD August September 2016 MVP 7 Lee McArthur Scott Native to Asia Europe North America Australia Africa and South America blackberries have been employed for medicinal purposes consumed as food and planted in hedgerows to keep out intruders. Their medicinal history includes Blackberry tea to cure dysentery during the civil war. Truces were called for the troops to go blackberrying to ward of the disease. The ancient Greeks believed blackberries were a cure for diseases of the mouth and throat. They also believed it would prevent gout. It was also propagated to be an aphrodisiac by an Arabic physician. Blackberries are also known as Black caps. The blackberry has been confirmed as the most potent fighter of cancer causing free radicals of all berries by the University of Ohio. In addition they are packed full of anthocyanins. Anthocyanin pigments and the associated flavanoids have multiple health benefits. Anthocyanin pigments are difficult to study alone because they are not isolated. They are acting in conjunction with other components in the blackberry. The Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology has identified several positive health benefits from anthocyanins including a remedy for dysentery an antiinflamatory enhancing visual acuity a weight management aid and a cardio vascular disease 8 MVP August September 2016 inhibitor. Anthocyanins are the pigments found in blackberries as well as purple potatoes purple corn black rice and other purple dark plants and fruits. According to nutritiondata. the blackberry is also good source of Vitamin E Folate Magnesium Potassium and Copper and a very good source of Dietary Fiber Vitamin C Vitamin K and Manganese. Growing wildly in the Bay County area they are the source of many childhood treasure hunts resulting in homemade blackberry cobbler for desert So now is the season to find your own blackberry patch Eat Blackberries Peach-Blackberry Compote with Honey Basil Syrup 1 4 cup honey 3 tablespoons dry white wine 3 sprigs fresh basil plus more for garnish 2 2-1 2-inch strips orange zest 3 cups sliced peeled peaches (3-4 medium) 1 cup fresh blackberries 1 tablespoon lemon juice 62 calories There is a measly Healthy INGREDIENTS per cup of blackberries. Blackberry Cobbler FILLING 4 c fresh or frozen blackberries (thaw frozen berries after measurement if using frozen) or other fruit 2 tbsp fresh grated ginger optional c maple syrup or other sweetener TOPPING c extra-virgin coconut oil melted tsp sea salt 1 8 c milk or milk substitute 2 tbsp maple syrup 1 tsp vanilla extract 2 tsp ground cinnamon INSTRUCTIONS 1.Preheat oven to 375F. 2.Mix together the filling ingredients making sure the berries are not completely frozen if you re using frozen berries. Pour into baking dish - I use an 11in circular pie pan. 3.Mix together all topping ingredients well. The topping should be slightly crumbly. 4.Sprinkle topping on top of filling in baking dish. 5.Bake for 20 - 25 minutes. Filling should be bubbling and topping should be slightly golden. 6.Remove the cobbler from the oven and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. 7.Enjoy August September 2016 MVP 9 Sunflower Seeds bright yellow sunflower. beautiful A gift of the The Native American Indian identified many uses for the sunflower. It was cultivated by the Indians as long ago as 3000 BC. Evidence suggests that it was grown in the Arizona and New Mexico regions. The Indians cracked and ate the seed as a snack used the seeds grounded as a flour to make cakes and bread and used a mush like combination of the flour with water to enhance the flavor of various vegetables. They also found the seed had medicinal qualities. The oil from the seeds was used as an ointment for various injuries and for beauty care for the skin and hair. The sunflower was also used to make purple dye for textiles body painting and decorations while the stalks were used in building. During the 1500s the Europeans and then the Russians began growing Sunflowers for their beauty. In the 1800s in response to religious demands to avoid certain oils the sunflower rose in fame again. Consumption of sunflower oil was not considered to be in violation of the rules of Church during lent. By the late 1800s the sunflower was making a comeback in the United States. It began being cultivated for use in poultry feed. The popularity of the sunflower seed today is not based on its use as a poultry feed but rather as part of our daily diets. Whether we are sprinkling the seeds on a salad cooking with the oil baking the seeds into our cookies or snacking on a bag of roasted sunflower seeds at the ballpark sunflowers are certainly a part of our world Not only are the little guys tasty but they are also an excellent source of vitamin E the body s primary fat- osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Sunflower seeds are also a very good source of copper and vitamin B1. Copper is required to manufacture collagen a major structural protein in the body. When copper deficiency becomes severe tissue integrity--particularly bones and blood vessels-- can begin to break down. In addition to its role in energy production vitamin B1 plays a key role in the structure and integrity of the cells of the brain. is also a good source of polyunsaturated fat. Polyunsaturated fats are essential fats. They are required for normal body function and your body does not produce them. They are used to build cell membranes and the covering of nerves. They are used in blood clotting muscle movement and reducing inflammation. Sunflower oil provides 124 calories and 14 grams of fat per 1 tablespoon. According to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services a moderate amount of fat in your diet -- such as 20 to 35 percent of your calories from fat or 44 to 78 grams of fat per day on a 2 000-calorie diet -- can help you maintain a healthy weight while getting the nutrients you need. Used in moderation sunflower oil is a healthy fat. Sunflower oil is also still used for its medicinal purposes to help heal wounds and to treat skin injuries psoriasis and arthritis. It is also frequently used as a massage oil. EAT YOUR SEEDS Sunflower oil soluble antioxidant. Vitamin E s anti-inflammatory characteristics reduce symptoms of asthma August September 2016 MVP 11 Peppers Lee McArthur Scott A local favorite grown in our home soil the hot pepper is so versatile They can be put in everything from salads to breads while also acting as an alternative remedy. Hot peppers provide us with so many amazing benefits. The chili jalapeno habernero and cayenne peppers all contain capsaicin. This is the heat It kills cancer cells reduces inflammation produces fat oxidation helps with gastric relief prevents sinus infections and provides relief for psoriasis. Most of the capsaicin is found in the fleshy part of the pepper surrounding the seeds. Vitamin C which is essential in tissue repair immune system enhancement circulation and brain and mood function is also found in large amounts in hot peppers. Vitamins B6 which helps with blood production nervous system health and hormone function and B2 which is believed to help reduce migraine headaches assist in enzyme and energy function and acts as a strong antioxidant are both found in hot peppers. Hot Peppers are also a good source of Vitamin A which helps red blood cell formation immune system function vision health and growth and development. Traces of vitamin E in hot peppers directly impact the skin in a positive manner. Hot peppers are also associated with clearer lungs cooler body temperatures and ramping up the metabolism. Precautions should be taken when handling peppers. Always wash your hands after touching them. Not all skin is created equal and not all skin handles the touch of a hot pepper the same. 12 MVP August September 2016 So Many so little time. Hot peppers are consumed with many foods but nothing compares to fresh raw oysters with a splash of Southern Hot Pepper Vinegar Eat Peppers IngRedients Hot Pepper Vinegar Homemade Southern Any variety of hot peppers White vinegar 1 Tsp. of course salt per 3 cups of vinegar Glass jars with plastic stoppers Long thin stick that will fit into neck of jar. Wash and dry the peppers. Slicing the peppers will increase the heat of the vinegar Use the chopstick to push peppers in to the jars. Boil the vinegar and the salt for 2-3 minutes. Let cool. After filling jars carefully pour the vinegar into the jars. After vinegar is completely cool put tops on the vinegar and store in the refrigerator unless jars are steralized. Enjoy A Healthy Review J E N N I F E R WAT SON If you re a slightly spicy food fan you will love the Kickin Chicken dish at Sharp Kitchen I went in for the first time last week to my friend Tracey Sharp s adorable new take and bake restaurant in the 23rd street Home Depot shopping center. She wanted to advertise and thought her healthy menu items would be a great fit for Bay County MVP magazine. Well of course I had to go be the taste tester (such an awful job I know). Many of the items on her menu are low-fat have little to no carbohydrates and high in protein Did I mention delicious Well yes delicious In particular the Kickin Chicken dish has about 275 calories 4 grams of carbohydrates and a whopping 38 grams of protein per serving I would highly recommend stopping by and enjoying a healthy delicious lunch (Free Wi-Fi) or swinging by after a long day of work and taking home a great meal for your family November 12 2016 Bay Point Meadows Golf Course Tee Time 8 30 AM Bay High Baseball Tee off F OTS O IZES L PR GREAT GATHER A TEAM & SUPPORT BAY HIGH BASEBALL OUT ON THE GREEEN For more information call Lee McArthur Scott at 850-819-7833 or email leemcarthurscott Restaurant Take & Bake Catering Curbside Service After Hours Events Free Wi-fi unch ily Lals Da peci S Healthy Meals & Girls Night Salsa 850-640-3620 Located in the Home Depot Shopping Center August September 2016 MVP 13 401 East 23rd. Street Suite G Rev-Up Your Metabolism DR. MYRA REED It is not unusual to blame your shrink-resistant waistline on a slow metabolism. But that s not usually the culprit keeping you from reaching your ideal weight. W HAT I S M E TA B O L I S M metabolism are extremely complex. There are no definitive theories. Yet many people have lost and maintained a tremendous amount of weight despite their family history. Many health experts agree Your genes are not your fate. Chances are your slow metabolism has more to do with your diet and the type of exercise you are (or are not) doing on a regular basis. If your exercise routine builds lean muscle that helps rev-up your metabolism. Muscle tissue requires more energy to maintain than fat tissue. This is why people with leaner bodies (a higher muscle to fat ratio) have a higher BMR. (Those are the folks who eat carrot cake that doesn t go right to their hips.) BU I L D A 2 4 - HOU R FAT BU R N ING BODY Metabolism is your body s method of converting calories from the food you eat into energy needed to power all the physiological processes that keep you alive and kicking 24 7. The minimum amount of energy your body needs to keep you going is called Base Metabolic Rate (BMR). Calories in food--protein fat and carbohydrates--fuel your BMR. Each of us requires a unique daily number of calories to maintain BMR so we can breathe grow think sleep digest food and filter waste. Age and lifestyle are significant factors in calculating BMR. If you sit more than you move each day your BMR is lower and your daily calorie needs are lower too. Losing or gaining weight is about energy balance (calories taken in calories burned off ). Take in more calories than your body needs for maintaining BMR (or take in more calories than you use for physical activity) and you will gain weight. IT S IN MY GENES The first key to revving-up metabolism is eating a whole foods diet lean protein high quality grains plant-based fats and oils fresh organic veggies and some fruits and drinking lots of water. To really turn-up the heat on your metabolism and your waistline you ll want to try the musclebuilding never boring workouts listed below. These workouts help your body generate a postexercise burn that can rev up your metabolism for 2 24 hours after you finish a workout. Factors that determine the afterburn effect include your current fitness level and body composition the intensity and duration of exercise and type of exercise performed. Your genes (and hormones) play a role in metabolism because they can influence the potential you have to grow muscles (how dense and how big) and how your body stores fat. However genetic and hormonal mechanisms in 14 MVP August September 2016 Just remember our bodies are designed to adapt beginners to elite athletes both have to change-up their routine every few weeks to continue to see progress. CIRCUIT TRAINING BODY PUMP Circut Training exercises all the major muscle groups in one workout (30-45 minutes). It may include body-weight movements machines dumbbells and exercise bands. Exercises are performed for 8-12 reps 1-3 sets of each. H I G H - I N T E N S I T Y I N T E R VA L TRAINING(HIIT) The Body Pump class usually involves moderate to high intensity resistance training with a barbell and varied weights. During this 60 minute class the participant will execute about 800 repetitions of various exercises with relatively low weights. Previous weight or exercise training is not necessary. It is reported to burn about 5601000 calories per class as well as increase muscular strength endurance and efficiency in movements or muscle activation. Studies show the group most likely to try it is sedentary women. M E T A B O L I C C O N D I T I O N I N G Metabolic Conditioning routines are highly intense and designed to engage different physiological energy pathways in the body. These workouts typicalThe High-Intensity Interval Training workouts ly use a suspension exercise system (e.g. TRX) but alternate bouts of physical effort with a rest (or can be integrated into other fitness activities. It s best lower intensity) period for set times (e.g. 40 secto have a metabolic exercise routine designed and onds max 15 seconds lower effort). HIIT principles supervised by an experienced exercise specialist who can be integrated into a variety of exercise roucan appropriately alter the intensity reps sets and tines including walk run swim weight training rest intervals. and group classes. Research shows an increase in calorie burn for up to 24-hours post exercise. C R O S S F I T Often done as a group activity Crossfit this involves a variety of functional movements that engage the whole body at a relatively high intensity. The routines involve running rowing squatting and other exercises that support the way your body moves on a daily basis. The aim is to generate maximal power in as little time as possible to get stronger and fitter. WWW.DRMYRAREED.COM August September 2016 MVP 15 Go Fish WINSTON CHESTER Throughout the panhandle anglers are taking advantage of it. Traditionalists catch them fishing structures with a heavy weight 60 lb. test line with a 24-inch fluorocarbon leader and a circle hook. Circle hooks are a fish hook which is sharply curved back in a circular shape. The fish is usually hooked on the lips at the corner of its mouth when using a circle hook. This decreases mortality rates of released fish. Do not try to set the hook when using a circle hook because this will result in the hook being pulled out of the fish altogether. The fish takes the baited hook and swallows it. As the line is reeled in the hook catches the corner of the mouth. Fishing with deep water skirted jigs with scented plastic tails has also been successful. It requires a technique known as vertical jigging. When fishing for bottom fish on a structure you drop the line in the water let it settle bounce it a few times let it settle and repeat. When fishing for amberjack or other fish that swim throughout the water you reel your line a little after each bouncing. Spanishflytv. com shows the deep water jig with the plastic tail The grouper bite is on on its saltwater tacklebox series. White and silver jigs seem to be the jigs of choice. Some grouper can be caught near shore in 40 ft. of water providing there is a good structure. Most large grouper come from deeper waters using live bait hooks. Although actual numbers are down both charter boats and private boats are having a good summer. Now go out and get some grouper ieve Bel ta Got rters Cha 4 hour- 2 day trips Gotta Believe Charters 1-6 passengers Treasure Island Marina Panama City Beach Coolers Allowed Contact Captain Robinette or Robbie Robinette Tackle Bait Licenses & Ice Supplied To Get Out On the Water All Credit Cards Accepted 234-9409 877-FLA-BOAT Gift Certificates Available 16 MVP August September 2016 Fishing on your mind Eat Fish LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT gray in color the adults live on rocky bottoms reefs and drop-off walls in water over 60 feet deep. The younger groupers live inshore around seagrass beds mangrove forests and hard-bottom communities. Interestingly enough all groupers are born as females but later can become male. They live in small groups containing one male and three to fifteen females. When the male dies the largest female will change sex to become the male. Groupers live up to fifty years. LEE The coveted Grouper is in season Brownish M C A R T H U R SCOT T ant s estaur R Table Plate tain s Cap ouper ed Gr Grill The favorite among chefs grouper has a sweet flakey plump white meat with a mild fish flavor that appeases many pallets. This very versatile and lean fish can be grilled baked broiled poached fried steamed or eaten raw. Grouper is a wonderful source of protein which is necessary for the body to repair its damaged parts and build new tissue. One cooked fillet contains 240 calories and 50 grams of protein. Grouper is a great source of vitamin D iron magnesium B-complex vitamins zinc and vitamin A according to According to when purchasing fresh grouper look for a firm fish. If whole it should have a shiny surface with tightly adhering scales gills that deep red or pink and a clean shiny belly cavity with no cuts or protruding bones. The meat should be firm and translucent-looking with no discoloration. If you are not familiar with prepping the grouper and you are not planning on cooking it whole it is best to purchase pre-cut filets. Grouper cooks quickly so be careful not to overcook it. If you need a quick grouper fix you can head to Captain s Table in the heart of the Historic District of St. Andrews for a yummy grilled grouper plate There are a multitude of other options at this local favorite. Don t forget to check out their pepper sauce as well Captain s Table 1110 Beck Ave. 767-9933 Dr. McArthur s Arkansas Grouper 4 pounds of grouper cut into one inch thickness pieces steaks Cavenders Greek Seasoning Salt and Pepper Olive Oil Heat grill on high. Place deboned grouper pieces into a ziplock bag with Olive Oil and Cavenders salt and pepper. Shake to coat. Place directly on grill or in fish basket depending on size of pieces. Reduce grill heat to low or indirect. Cook for 7 minutes on each side. Allowing the olive oil to create a slight crust in places is very desirable however guard against overcooking and drying out the meat. You can add more cavenders as the fish cooks if desired. Serve on a salad of your choice with balsamic dressing. In a pinch this can be baked in the oven at 400 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes. August September 2016 MVP 17 ISH EAT F I like Shrimp A true Bubba Gump fan I like them sauteed grilled boiled broiled steamed ceviched stewed smoked fried by themselves or cooked into fabulous dishes of all sorts I buy them off the boats in the bay the boats at the marina at the fish market at restaurants and even in the grocery stores. Shrimp shrimp shrimp I like Gulf Shrimp Bay Shrimp Rock Shrimp and even the flash frozen farm raised shrimp According to foodtimeline. org archaeologists believe that humans have been eating shrimp since prehistoric times. During excavations they found middens deposits of shells and bones left by early civilizations. The earliest hunter-gathers took advantage of every available food resource. So people like you and I were most certainly eating Shrimp Of the locally caught shrimp the most popular are Gulf and Bay (hoppers) shrimp. Jimmy Brechtel at Tarpon Dock Seafood in downtown Panama City identified the differences in Gulf and Bay Shrimp. The hoppers are by far a sweeter more flavorful shrimp. They are a brown shrimp with a dark spot on the tail. The Hoppers flavor should be savored by boiling or steaming. The Gulf shrimp are a cleaner larger shrimp with a much lighter vein unless it is roe season. They are not quite as flavorful however they are great for butterflying frying or stuffing. The Hoppers have a distinct season driven by water temperature. They are at their largest and most plentiful during the warmer months. Now is the time During the off season the hopper may only be as large as a popcorn shrimp. The Gulf shrimp also react to water temperature. They can be found from 2 miles offshore to 8 miles offshore. They move around the Gulf depending on the barometric pressure and the temperature. All shrimp have 18 MVP August September 2016 LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT bladders that react to the barometric pressure. When they are uncomfortable (during severe barometric pressure changes) they will relocate. When the pressure changes adjust to normal the shrimp will return. From a nutritional standpoint shrimp pack a big punch Containing three unique antioxidants astaxanthin selenium and copper with 25 grams of protein per 4 ounces and only 7 calories per shrimp the shrimp is a power house food. Astaxanthin is believed to provide antioxidant support to both the nervous system and musculoskeletal system as well as to decrease the risk of colon cancer and certain diabetes-related problems. Selenium is necessary to the function of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase (GPO). A selenium deficiency has been found to increase our risk of lung function problems of heart failure and of problems associated with type 2 diabetes. It has also been associated with a compromised cognitive function and depression. Copper is a component in the regulation of oxygen metabolism and prevention of oxidative stress. The protein found in shrimp is broken down to peptides which stimulate the release of the hormone cholecystokinin from the cells that line our intestinal tract. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of satiety or a feeling of fullness. Thus consumption of shrimp on a regular basis will decrease our risk of obesity. Overall the shrimp is an awesome asset to your diet The most popular shrimp recipe is your basic shrimp boil It is all in the water... lots of old bay lemon slices yellow onion slices a bunch of thyme and olive oil Another healthy favorite is Zucchini Noodle Shrimp Scampi. This is a healthy version of the basic shrimp scampi EAT SHRIMP Zucchini Noodle SHRIMP SCAMPI INGREDIENTS 1 1 2 pounds zucchini 1 3 cup olive oil 1 shallot minced 2 cloves garlic minced 1 2 cup white wine 1 2 lemon juiced 1 pound large shrimp peeled and deveined salt and ground black pepper to taste 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley or to taste 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese or to taste (optional) DIRECTIONS Make zucchini noodles using a spiralizer or julienne peeler. Heat olive oil over medium heat. Add shallot cook and stir until tender 4 to 5 minutes. Add minced garlic cook until golden about 2 minutes. Stir in wine and lemon juice cook until sauce is reduced by almost half about 3 minutes. Add shrimp salt and black pepper. Cook until shrimp turn pink 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer shrimp to serving plate. Stir zucchini noodles into skillet. Season with salt and black pepper. Cook until noodles are tender 4 to 6 minutes. Return shrimp to the skillet. Stir in parsley and Parmesan cheese before serving. August September 2016 MVP 19 On October 8 Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carlton Ulmer will participate in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona Hawaii. He will be competing and helping to make a difference in the fight against Crohn s disease and ulcerative colitis. Carlton has been competing in triathlons since 1997 (the days of the speedos). By 2015 he had completed eight IRONMAN triathlons. To help you with the math that is an incredible 1 124.96 total miles of biking swimming and running. How does a husband father of three children and CEO of a hospital have the time to train for something like this It is hard work and dedication no doubt. He starts each day by 4 30 a.m. and puts in a one to two hours of training swimming in his lap pool riding his bike or running in his neighborhood. As the race gets closer he trains longer and he swims in open water to help him prepare for the event better. He says it is more of a mind game than anything else. The hardest part is base building says Carlton. Base building is working slow and steady over a period of time so that you are not sidelined due to an injury. IRONMAN is a journey that allows you to experience many mental and physical challenges throughout the training schedule and on race day. I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people along the way whose goals are to complete IRONMAN for various reasons to include the fight against Crohn s and Colitis. For the 2014 IRONMAN Chattanooga LEADERS 20 MVP August September 2016 I decided to participate in Team Challenge. It was a great opportunity to fundraise with a group of over 200 individuals. I sported my orange Team Challenge race kit despite my allegiance to the red and black Georgia Bulldogs. Being a part of Team Challenge has given me the opportunity to become more educated and aware of the signs and symptoms of this hidden disease. When I attended our Team Challenge breakfast in Chattanooga I met many inspiring athletes who were suffering through the symptoms and surgeries that accompany Crohn s and Colitis. Our Team raised over 1.33 million in the 2014 IRONMAN Chattanooga. Simply incredible Carlton has had his own experiences with Irritable Bowel symptoms during the last five years. Coupled with a family history of colon cancer he was scared to have a colonoscopy. Some symptoms made it difficult to train and even embarrassing at work. Enough is enough This past year he had both his upper endoscopy and colonoscopy completed. He was happy to hear that he had no polyps or signs of colitis. However he did need to begin on some medications modify his diet and reduce his stress (good luck with that one) to prevent or minimize the flare-ups that he had been experiencing. Carlton says As part of Team Challenge this year I have set a personal goal to raise 25 000 towards research for the Crohn s & Colitis Foundation. To race (and I use that word loosely) in the IRONMAN World Championship will be a big undertaking and a lifelong dream. Your donations will not only motivate me to the finish but they will help us get closer to the cure. 2.4-mile Swim Everyone needs an outlet and this is mine. My team here at work and my wife would tell you I am easier to get along with when I m training. Training starts my day off right. I take care of myself and that allows me to be able to take care of others. Faith family and work it is important for me to keep my focus. Carlton 26.22-mile Run 112-mile Bike About Crohn s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Crohn s disease and ulcerative colitis are both major categories of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). IBD affects an estimated 1.6 million Americans. These chronic diseases run in families. Crohn s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract and may impact any part from the mouth to the anus. Ulcerative colitis is a chronic inflammatory condition limited to the colon. The Mission of the Crohn s & Colitis Foundation of America is To cure and prevent Crohn s disease and ulcerative colitis through research and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases through education and support. If you would like to help show your support for Carlton and to help raise money for those who suffer with Crohn s & Colitis please visit his Go Fund Me Page and help him meet his goal http online. goto carlton August September 2016 MVP 21 Randal Hamilton (44) and Tony Bennett (54) are local leaders in healthcare that are setting the pace for their employees in physical fitness. Randal and Tony have been working out with Greg Schechterman the personal trainer at the Fitness Junky at 5 00am three times a week for the better part of 6 years. Their dedication and drive shows through in their activities in the gym as well as in their careers. Tony is the CEO of Healthsouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital and Randal is the CEO of Select Specialty Hospital Panama City. A look into the minds of these two competitive successful healthcare leaders shows a commitment to physical fitness bonded into their lives by a strong friendship. LEADERS Why do you like training with Greg Tony Greg focuses on the entire body and his goal is to make you strong and functional in your daily life. We do something different every day so it is never boring. Randal I like having a workout planned so I don t have to try and determine what to do. I use to hate going to the gym and felt like I was doing the same exercises every week. Now I show up and do whatever workout Greg has planned for the day. Greg consistently comes up with new exercises so it s not monotonous. It s also great to have a trainer push you to work harder and do more than you would on your own. Why do you work out together Tony There are a few reasons. It s cheaper because Greg charges less if there is more than one person. It s more social and therefore more fun especially with Randal who is quite the comedian. Then there is the competitive aspect ... we are constantly trying to outdo one another. Randal I think having someone else to hold you accountable drives the consistency. I think we are both competitive by nature so it s good to have a friend that challenges you to push yourself. 22 MVP August September 2016 What is your motivation Tony Staying fit and functional is the key to fighting back the aging process. I am more fit and functional now than I was in my 30 s. Do you encourage fitness for your employees and what initiatives do you take Tony HealthSouth as its name might suggest is very health conscious and provides incentives to be healthy through discounts on health insurance as well as opportunities to earn rewards for healthy choices. The company sponsors education and campaigns to promote fitness and wellness. We also offer free gym memberships to our full-time employees and the only requirement is that they utilize the services. If they are not attending on a regular basis we cancel their membership. We also offer healthy food choices in our cafe and post the Weight Watcher Points on the menu. Randal My faith and my family Without faith in Jesus Christ I would not be where I am today. I have been blessed with far more than I deserve. Sharon and I have 2 grandsons and another on the way. I want to play an active role in their lives as they grow up Doing fun activities like camping hunting fishing etc. What other forms of exercise do you do Tony Mostly just running. I have participated (notice I did not say compete) in a number of triathlons including IRONMAN Florida in 2010. Randal Yes health and wellness tips can frequently be seen on our company portal and throughout our company newsletters. Our employees also have the opportunity to work out at a local gym at a special discounted rate. Many of our employees pursue physical fitness and wellness through a variety of activities. It is not uncommon to overhear our employees discussing running techniques the gyms they ve visited or various workouts they have tried. I enjoy being able to contribute to these conversations by sharing the things I have learned during workouts with Greg. Randal I run 2-3 times a week. Were you an athlete in high school or college Tony I played baseball and football in grade school and high school and played rugby in College until injuring my knee. Randal Not really I liked football and played in Pop Warner Leagues growing up but only played my freshman year of high school. Do you think it is important to be in shape for your positions in healthcare and why Tony I feel like it is important to be in shape regardless of your occupation. We see in our hospital the effects of poor fitness and poor lifestyle choices on many of our patients. Most chronic and acute diseases can be prevented or at least postponed to later years through better lifestyle choices and physical fitness. Face Everything and Rise The choice is yours.... has two meanings.... Forget Everything and Run Or F.E.A.R. Randal Most definitely Healthcare in general is a demanding field both physically and mentally. Keeping up with the continuous changes that occur in the healthcare field requires a high level of effort and stamina. A sound body is good for a sound mind. August September 2016 MVP 23 Future FIT physicians Third and fourth year medical students from the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) began training at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center in July. Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center is one of 21 core clinical sites for ACOM. Bay County MVP magazine met several of them on their first day in Panama City. We asked them what they do to stay healthy and fit and why they feel it is important as they venture into the field of medicine to live a healthy lifestyle. Quanecia Beasley Birmingham AL Quanecia feels it is very important to have balance in her life. She balances the stress of medical school with a healthy lifestyle of running hiking and eating healthy. Travis Eubanks Calvin Davis Newton IA Calvin better known as Cal enjoys going to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes regularly. The HIIT classes have a great mix of core weights and cardio exercises. He believes working out is essential for coping with stress. New Smyrna Beach FL Growing up in Florida Travis has always been tempted by the allure of outdoor sports. He has used surfing as a great full body workout and a fun way to relieve stress. He believes that staying fit and healthy is important because it improves your energy and overall attitude. John Berquist Coon Rapids MN In medical school John work out 5-6 days a week. He enjoys running biking rollerblading playing soccer and lifting weights. For John exerscise provides a mental relief more than anything - especially with all the stressors that come with the rigorous medical curriculum. He looks forward to taking his runs and soccer games to the beach this year. 24 MVP August September 2016 Ali Ghadiri Chesapeake VA The main ways Ali stays healthy while in medical school are soccer and weightlifting. Ali believes there is generally a strong correlation between a person s mental and physical health. Following that line of thought he stated it is especially important that healthcare professionals safeguard both their physical and mental health needs. David Mann Chesapeake VA David tries to stay healthy by finding any excuse to get outdoors He loves cycling running and playing soccer. He maintains a healthy diet with lots of veggies and fruits. He strives to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. He believes that mind body and spirit are all intrinsically linked. Heather Pate Northport AL Teaching her patients good health habits is very important to Heather. She strives to be a good example. Heather loves to jog outside or go to the gym and work with weights. She always tries to make time for her workouts because she truly enjoys physical activities. She believes being physically healthy improves your mental health as well. Matthew Nordike Kansas City MO Matthew likes to lift weights do cardio routines and stay active with his three children. He believes there is a direct correlation between our diet and activity and our level of function. It can be a simple change in mood or actual symptoms and discomfort. Your diet and fitness levels directly impact your present well-being and can potentially prevent long-term health problems. August September 2016 MVP 25 Randy Buttram DMD Buttram Orthodontics Husband to Angie Wood Buttram Father to Emily and Ellie FIT physicians 26 MVP August September 2016 Dr. Buttram came to Panama City 26 years ago after studying dentistry at University of Florida doing a residency at University Hospital in Jacksonville Florida and specializing in Orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. Today Dr. Buttram maintains a busy orthodontics practice in Panama City and enjoys staying physically fit. During his off time Dr. Buttram chooses an active lifestyle. Dr. Buttram surfs on his paddleboard lifts weights golfs with his wife and rides his bicycles with his daughters. During high school Dr. Buttram played football soccer and baseball. He continued playing football on a scholarship in college for Harding University. Staying fit not only paid for his college degree but he believes that it greatly contributes to a better quality of life. Good Fitness allows me to give each one of my patients my best August September 2016 MVP 27 Sam Combs MD Southern Orthopedic Specialists PA Husband to Laurie Fraser Combs Father to Jason and Audrey Grandfather to Annabella Laurie Schmidt due on October 9 2016 FIT physicians 28 MVP August September 2016 At the age of 73 Dr. Combs stays active and feels good. Physically fit and quick-minded the founding partner of Southern Orthopedic Specialists continues to work full time as a practicing orthopedic surgeon as well as pursue hobbies like bill fishing for sailfish and marlin and afternoon water ski runs. When asked how... his answer is simple... staying physically fit Dr. Combs workout regime includes working out with his wife on a weight machine at his home daily walks and water skiing. Both he and his wife can be found skiing Watson Bayou and Fresh Water Bayou in the late afternoons. A healthy body helps you keep a healthy mind August September 2016 MVP 29 Michael Stickler MD Dermatology Specialists of Florida Husband to Johnna Stickler Father to Noah Christian and Silas FIT physicians 30 MVP August September 2016 After completing his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University Dr. Stickler attended medical school at West Virginia University. He went to the University of Florida Shands Hospital to complete his residency in Dermatology. Upon his arrival in Panama City 10 years ago Dr. Stickler began working with Dermatology Specialists of Florida. Dr. Stickler has always been extremely active. At Hollidaysburg High School he played on the football team the basketball team and track and field team. Today in addition to weight training twice a week Dr. Stickler enjoys playing tennis walking and stand up paddle boarding with his family. Generally he schedules 30 - 60 minutes of fitness each day. Daily fitness helps focus your mind at work and allows you to sleep more restfully at night August September 2016 MVP 31 Bud Shuler MD Vascular Associates LLC Husband to Dr. Maggie Shuler Father to two daughters FIT physicians 32 MVP August September 2016 Born in Del Rio Texas Dr. Shuler has lived in Panama City Florida for 13 years. He completed medical school at Emory University and his residency and internship at Georgia Baptist Medical Center. He has also completed fellowships in Laparoscopic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania and in Vascular Surgery at the Atlanta Medical Center. Dr. Shuler enjoys biking playing Frisbee playing basketball kayaking paddle boarding and running with his family. Most recently they have begun competing in local 5Ks and various Disney runs. This recent surge in physical fitness in his family was started by his wife and has spread through multiple generations. Running has brought the Shuler family closer together and it has created amazing memories while doing a competitive and challenging activity as a family. This fall Dr. Shuler will run with his youngest in her first 10K and his wife and their eldest will compete in their first half marathon. Dr. Shuler encourages goal setting but most importantly he encourages people to find a team of friends or family for accountability and momentum Walk run visit a gym or ride a bike with a friend. Be Accountable and get moving Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. Calvin Coolidge August September 2016 MVP 33 Patrick Kelley MD Plastic Surgery Center PA Husband to Brandi Leigh Kelley Father to Shawn Brian Kevin Terry Patrick & Kaitlyn FIT physicians 34 MVP August September 2016 Board certified and fellowship trained Dr. Kelley is a well-known and loved plastic surgeon in Panama City. Although very active prior to his 40s Dr. Kelley did not actually workout. After rehabbing himself through two serious horse related injuries and a shoulder surgery he follows a more formal workout schedule including lifting weights 4-5 times per week. Dr. Kelley and his wife Brandi are avid equestrians. She participates in stadium jumping and cross-country while Dr. Kelley is into dressage. Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness August September 2016 MVP 35 Coast Pediatric & General Surgery Husband to Lori Taylor Father to Olivia Grace and Emma Michael Taylor MDGulf FIT physicians 36 MVP August September 2016 Dr. Taylor is an accomplished fellowship trained pediatric general surgeon practicing in Panama City Florida for the last 11 years who has enjoyed being physically fit his entire life. After playing football basketball and track in high school Dr. Taylor maintains his fitness by working out in a gym 6-7 days per week swimming 1-2 days per week and playing basketball 1-2 days per week. With his wife and daughters Dr. Taylor enjoys swimming walking and generally playing outdoors. Dr. Taylor s favorite fitness gadget is the Garmin Vivoactive a GPS Smartwatch that uses heart rate data to provide calories burned information as well as quantifying the intensity of your fitness activity. It chronicles your fitness. Patients that are fit are easier to operate on and typically recover faster and have less complications August September 2016 MVP 37 KIEL KNIGHT 25 Son of Stephen and Tanis Knight. Kiel works as a Mohs Technician for Dr.Stickler at Dermatology Specialists of Florida. Kiel grew up active playing baseball into his early teens. Subsequently Kiel developed a runner s lifestyle. More recently longtime friend and Coach Mike McAuliffe introduced him to weightlifting and CrossFit. What started as a fun alternative to running became a life changer on how he trained and how he managed his nutrition. Kiel currently trains 5-6 days a week at Emerald Coast CrossFit swims regularly and runs 3 times a week. free time no such thing as down time. All you No such thing as spare time no such thing as got is life time. Go. Henry Rollins ERIN WYNN 25 Wife of Michael A. Wynn Mother of two fur-babies Harmon (Cove Cat) & Major (Golden Retriever). Erin works full time as the Human Resources Coordinator for Select Specialty Hospital Panama City. Although she is a Nashville TN native Erin has proudly called Panama City home for the past three years. Before moving to Panama City Erin earned degrees in Human Resource Management and Supply Chain Logistics from the University of Tennessee. Her husband s legal practice brought them to Panama City where her running journey began. What started out as mile-long jogs with her dog to learn her way around her new neighborhood turned into 10-mile runs through every part of the Cove downtown Panama City and St. Andrews. She ran her first half-marathon in Apalachicola and has since enjoyed traveling around the south to participate in half-marathons. Erin is working with the local community and school systems to utilize running as a way to facilitate physical and social wellness in elementary and middle school girls. If the weather isn t conducive for an outdoor run Erin cross-trains with various forms of weight-lifting and cardio at Panama City Health Club and Spa. You do not need to have a certain body time to call yourself a runner. All type fancy shoes or a sub-4hr marathon you need is the desire to run and on the the discipline to get out there and run anyway. inevitable days when the desire is lacking 36 MVP August September 2016 JEREMY FARMER 39 Son of Norma Boyet. Jeremy works as a Charge Nurse with Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital. Jeremy maintains his physical fitness at the Wellness and Fitness Center. A graduate of A. Crawford Mosley High School Jeremy was on the varsity weightlifting team. He completed an associates degree in nursing from Chipola College. In the past Jeremy played roller hockey and swam to stay in shape. Today Jeremy lifts weights and does basic cardio regularly. just focus on the goals you have established. The gym is a good place to clear your mind and ASHLEY HICKEL 39 Wife to Tad mother to Cole (13) and Max (11 months). Ashley works full time as the Director of Cardiovascular Services at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. Ashley has been an athlete since childhood. She played basketball played softball ran track and cheered in high school. She was introduced to CrossFit in October of 2014. It has since become her newest workout love affair. When she attended an event at Emerald Coast CrossFit (ECCF) to raise awareness for breast cancer she became hooked. CrossFit is not just exercise. It goes beyond the physical training to include new friends new family and new lessons. The coaches at ECCF are inspiring athletes. Ashley feels that maintaining an active lifestyle as well as eating a clean well-balanced diet is vital to staying fit and maintaining full lifestyle. She is passionate about heart health and the prevention of cardiac disease. She feels exercise is extremely important not only to heart health but mind health as well. Control what you can and be an example for healthy living look good. Unknown out of their way to make each other A team is a group of people who go August September 2016 MVP 39 RACHAEL BURNETSKY 44 Wife to Paul and mother of Jack and Jacob. Rachael is employed at Emerald Shores Health & Rehabilitation and Brookdale Senior Living as a nurse practitioner. Subsequent to receiving her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts Rachael received her commission in the Air National Guard in 1998 and served eight years. While working and raising her young family Rachael continued her education and graduated with her Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of South Alabama in 2008. . An active lifestyle has always been part of Rachael s plan. She played volleyball in both high school and college. She continued her active lifestyle after marriage to a Marine firefighter. They are raising two extremely athletic sons. Life isn t about finding s Rachael s home-based workout routine includes a variety about creating yourself of cardio core strength training yoga zumba walking and biking. While not exactly strenuous Rachael enjoys gardening as it provides relaxation and another excuse to get out of the house. KURT ROBINSON 42 Clinical Consultant with TearScience Previously worked at The Eye Center of N Florida for 18 years as their lead technician assisting with patient eye exams and surgical needs. Kurt started playing organized sports as a youth. In high school he became more serious excelling on the tennis team and the beach volleyball team. While growing up Kurt was known as being a little heavy. During his senior year he made up his mind to make a change. With dieting and aggressive exercise he was able to lose 50 plus pounds in 4 months. He has never looked back. Today his healthy lifestyle includes eating well free weight exercises resistance training cycling golfing beach volleyball swimming and yard work. Kurt finds it very satisfying that he can still get out with today s youth young adults and compete. He continues to play competitive 2-man beach volleyball. 40 MVP August September 2016 CLARK STREAM 51 Husband of Angel and Father to Alexandria Mackenzie and Madison. Clark works as a Physician Assistant at Vascular Associates the Artery and Vein Experts. Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin Clark wrestled in high school won state at 119 lbs and attended college at University of Wisconsin on a wrestling scholarship. After college Clark served in the United States Air Force. He began to run distance at that time and completed the Los Angeles Marathon. He enjoyed using extreme distance hiking and mountain climbing to prepare for the marathon. Through the years Clark has enjoyed aerobics racquetball cardio and weights. Four years ago Clark was introduced to his latest passion bow hunting. He completed the FWC Bow Hunter Safety Course and redirected his work outs. He found that year around practice was needed. Several physical factors are involved in holding the bow steady strength endurance proper shooting form back tension breathing and relaxation. Resistance training with dumbbells helps improve form and using a pull up sit up bar helps keep the core limber. Walking for miles in the woods in preparation of the upcoming deer season helps keep the legs strong. Genesis 27 3--Now therefore take I pray thee thy weapons thy quiver and thy bow and go out to the field and take some venison CHYSPA ROSS 59 Daughter of Joan Wilson (age 93) and Mother to Patrick. Chyspa is a Sales Representative for Woodmen Life. Chyspa s healthy habits came from her childhood. Her mother was the original health food nut. She baked whole grain breads from scratch and made their own yogurt. She always broiled or baked and never fried. In addition to her healthy diet Chyspa played on the tennis team in both middle school and high school. At the age of 20 Chyspa was hired by a major airline. She was required weigh-in before the first trip of every month. Her job required her to maintain the healthy eating habits and exercise regime despite traveling. Chyspa continues her life style to this day. She enjoys biking and walking in her neighborhood and fitness classes at Fitness Junky. August September 2016 MVP 41 MARTHA STEPHENS 64 Wife to Bobby and mother to Aaron. Retired school teacher. After retirement Martha continues to keep busy as an assistant wedding coordinator at Seaside a Volunteer with Community Breakfast Meals on Wheels S.P.O.T. team and Gulf Coast Medical Center information desk and a self-employed rental property manager. To maintain the energy level required for her busy life Martha enjoys walking canoeing horseback riding biking and doing group activities with her SPOT team. Martha lives by a strong code. She requires herself to always do at least one nice thing for someone else everyday. Volunteering is her passion. any good thing I can do for any fellow being therefore there be any kindness I can show or I expect to pass through life but once. If again. let me do it now.... As I shall not pass this way JOE EDGECOMBE 67 Father of Lisa Joe Tyler and Christopher and grandfather to 9 grandchildren. Retired Respiratory Therapist Director of Respiratory Care and Pulmonary Function Therapist from Gulf Coast Medical Center. While performing an exercise physiology test 31 years ago it was determined that he had health issues that were not obvious. A life changing decision was made. Joe started running cycling and participating in triathlons. He competed in the inaugural Florida Ironman competition. This morphed into 29 consecutive Gulf Coast Triathlons 4 Boston Marathons 50K s (31 miles) runs starting at age 55 several 50 Mile runs and even a 100K (62 miles) run at the age of 62. He is very active as the President of the Panhandle Runner s Club and the Draggin Tail Runner s Club. He loves to get new people interested in running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He is now focusing on longer distance trail runs that take place around the country. His running goal is to complete a 100 mile trail run in the near future. up or give in Age is just a number always striving to improve. Never give interests keeps one motivated and great people of all ages with similar I find that surrounding yourself with 42 MVP August September 2016 Get Back IN THE GAME As part of a national leader in rehabilitation HealthSouth Emerald Coast Rehabilitation Hospital offers advanced technologies and individualized treatment programs to promote independence and help patients get back in the swing of things. Our patients receive one-on-one personalized care for a variety of conditions including Amputee Brain injury Hip fracture Multiple sclerosis Parkinson s disease Spinal cord injury Stroke Call for more information and get the higher level of care you need. 1847 Florida Avenue Panama City FL 32405 850 914-8600 2016 HealthSouth Corporation 1235778 FIT FIRST RESPONDER Meet Stephanie Reval 24 Police Officer Panama City Police Department Born in Bristol Connecticut Stephanie relocated to Panama City in May 2015 and began working with the Panama City Police Department. Stephanie received her Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State College in Jacksonville. She is currently working on her Bachelor s degree in Law Enforcement Operations at Florida State University Panama City Campus. In addition to her academic and career successes Stephanie has recently started competing in the NPC Bikini Competitions. In April 2016 she placed 3rd in Open Class B and 6th in Novice. She plans to compete again in October in Panama City Beach. 44 MVP August September 2016 Stephanie works out with her father Craig at Sequence Fitness located in Panama City Beach FL. He is her coach trainer and motivator. Stephanie believes good physical fitness makes her a better police officer because it increases strength and flexibility reduces recovery time from illness and injury and improves endurance. Most importantly good physical fitness is necessary for the safety of all the officers. A dream doesn t become reality through magic it takes sweat determination and hard work. Colin Powell ACL BRENT S TIPS FOR ATHLETES Injuries THE 1 BILLION DOLLAR PROBLEM acceleration and explosion through the strength and speed of muscle contraction. Additionally and most importantly when discussing ACL injury prevention the lower kinetic chain stabilizes decelerates and absorbs energy. Studies have shown that approximately 75% of all ACL injuries are noncontact injuries occurring during a deceleration moment such as stopping and cutting pivoting or landing from a jump. Injury occurs when there is a slight hesitation within the kinetic chain placing all the deceleration force on the ACL instead of the musculature resulting in injury. This hesitation in the lower kinetic chain response time is typically associated with weaknessand or fatigue. Additionally environmental factors playing surface and even gender can also play a role in leading to an ACL injury. It has been shown that female athletes are up to 8 times more likely to rupture their ACLs than their male counterparts. So what now ACL injury prevention programs are now being incorporated in normal training routines across the world in many collegiate and professional venues. However prevention can and should start much earlier especially for female athletes. The ACL injury prevention paradigm begins with cross training and limiting sport specialization at an early age. Every sport requires its own specific set of skills and strength. By cross training and being a multisport athlete especially at a younger age allows for balanced development of the musculature throughout the lower kinetic chain. This balance is a August September 2016 MVP 45 Over the past 15 years participation in athletics has grown exponentially. With this growth kids are beginning sports at younger ages with sport specialization occurring younger and younger. Athletes are at the highest risk in history for injury especially catastrophic injury resulting in surgery and a significant loss of playing time. According to the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine second to the ankle the knee is the most commonly injured joint in athletes. Over 60% of all knee injuries sustained are ACL injuries with over 250 000 ACL injuries occurring annually making it the highest cause for surgery in the athletic populis. An estimated 1 billion dollars is spent annually on ACL surgery rehabilitation and bracing. Education and prevention of ACL injuries are quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in the orthopedic and sports medicine world. So how does one strengthen or protect the ACL from injury Understanding the function of the ACL is neccessary to completely comprehend the ACL injury prevention paradigm. The ACL is one of four major ligaments within the the knee tasked with providing rotational stability throughout the knee as well as preventing anterior translation(forward movement) of the tibia on the femur. However the ACL is not strong enough by itself to withstand and stabilize the knee through the forces placed upon it during practice and competition. There is a network of musculature throughout the lower leg referred to as the lower kinetic chain. When functioning correctly the lower kinetic chain creates key component in preventing ACL injuries. Balance comes from athletes playing sports by season instead of year round. The strength and neuromuscular control benefits that come with playing by season greatly outweigh the the skill benefits gained from playing one sport year round. Think of it like this two-three months off from a sport is much better than surgery and being sidelined for a year. What are you gaining vs. what are you putting at risk In addition to being a multisport athlete there are a handful of exercises that should be incorporated into normal training workout routines especially with females. You cannot specifically strengthen the ACL but you can strengthen and develop the chain that provides support and stability during activity. SINGLE LEG BRIDGE Lay flat on your back with one leg bent at 90 degrees and the other leg straight in the air even with the bent leg s thigh. Raise your butt with the bent leg up so that your entire body is flat. Be sure to press through the heel of the bent leg and not the toes. Focus on glute contraction at the top with a 2 second pause. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps with each leg. Below you can find the key exercises that athletes do not need to overlook. PLANK Lay Flat on your stomach. Raise your body off the ground with only your toes and forearms in contact with the ground. Contract the abdominal musculature and the glutes. Keep your back flat not allowing your butt to stick up in the air or sag to the ground. Begin the 30sec holds with a 30sec rest progressing to 1 min holds with a 30 second rest. Perform 5 sets. RDL Stand on one leg. Proceed to bend over while keeping your leg straight and kicking your opposite leg back. The back leg should also remain straight. Reach down with the opposite hand as far as you can while still maintaining a straight leg then return to the top with a good glute contraction at the top. Focus on hinging from the hip and allowing your body to rotate around the hip. Your lower back should stay straight and your hips should stay level throughout the movement. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each leg. Add weight in the opposite hand as reps become easier but only if form can be maintained. 46 MVP August September 2016 CLAMS Lay on your side with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your feet in line with your back. Keep your feet together and separate your knees to the point where you feel your hips wanting to rotate back. Use a band for resistance and perform 1 set of 50 on each leg. DON T GET SIDELINED GET BETTER DOUBLE AND SINGLE LEG SQUAT JUMPS Both are performed with the same techniques. Start in a squatted position with your knees bent about 45 degrees and your arms back. Quickly jump up extending your arms up and driving your hips through. Land softly and in the same position you started. The key to these exercises is not the acceleration up but rather the deceleration down or landing. Focus on landing soft and hinging your hips back keeping your chest up back flat and knees and feet in line. The most important part is knee position. You do not want your knees to cave inside of your feet on both the jump up and the landing. This is a very weak position and a sign of glute weakness. Perform 3 sets of 10 on both legs starting with single leg squat jumps and then 3 sets of 10 of double leg squat jumps. Selena Estrada & Brent Holtgrewe BSC ATC LAT PES While running in for a shallow ball in the outfield last fall I hyperextended my knee tearing my ACL and partially tearing my left meniscus. I had complete reconstruction surgery and spent the next six months in the recovery process. I have trained with Brent three times a week preparing for the upcoming season. Many of the drills and exercises I have done for years are geared towards injury prevention. While there is no 100% preventable injury the exercises and training I did before my injury are what helped me have such a fast recovery time. I was able to return to jogging about 2 months after surgery and was able to make a full return to play in the spring within 6 months of surgery. I am 100% confident the training and hard work I put in before the injury are the only reasons I was able to step back onto the field this past spring. Whether you are an elite athlete or just a weekend warrior all of these exercises are important not only to prevent injury but to make your body strong and help the healing and recovery process if an injury does occur. Selena Estrada Mosley High School graduate USM softball player August September 2016 MVP 47 It s Your Choice. Make It Count. Dr. Wade Rinehart Dr. Brett Frank Dr. Brannon Chester Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are here for you. We are the most advanced Physical Therapy clinic in Northwest Florida. That means you get the most up to date state of the art care - to get you BETTER fast. We treat all ranges of orthopedic injuries from professional athletes to work place injuries. We are trusted by many sports teams and businesses because we get you Better faster. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly skilled from spinal manipulation to post surgical rehabilitation but our greatest skill is our personalized professional touch. READY TO GET BETTER.COM Lynn Haven Panama City (850) 248-1600 or Panama City Beach (850) 249-1603 Are You Ready To Get Better No Referral Needed. If You Are In Pain & Want Help Fast Call Our Doctors Today August September 2016 MVP 49 FULLY Tammy T. Dunaway Living at Every Age Health Sports and Fitness are labels that could easily describe most of my life. Each decade I ve found joy challenges and accomplishments in all three areas. Most of my professional life has been directly connected to Wellness Now I ve entered my 50 s (52 to be exact ) and have maintained a good level of fitness survived some health issues and continue to find joy in being active. I ve mentored coached cheered and encouraged many friends and strangers alike to find at least one thing they enjoy that allows their body to move Movement nurtures our bodies by helping our hearts pump blood and oxygen to our muscles. It activates the flow of our lymphatic system--which filters and removes our waste products and helps our autoimmune system thrive Now let s talk endorphins Yes movement awakens those happy hormones. These hormones signal our brains to transmit electrical signals through our nervous system that decrease our perception of pain and increase our ability to have a positive and energized approach to life This leads us to LIVING FULLY at every age Let s celebrate and embrace being ALIVE We need to quit taking time for granted. We need to maximize our capabilities. We need to push to the outer limits of our boundaries 50 MVP August September 2016 Live Fully BRAIN AND SPINE LLC American Board Certified Neurology and Neurosurgery Physicians Certified by American Board of Pain Medicine. Tricare Provider & Other Major Insurances Pain Management Brain Injury & Diseases Stroke TIA Epilepsy Headache Spinal Injury & Diseases Nerve & Muscles Disorders EEG NCV EMG & Evoked Potentials Medical & Surgical Treatment of Neck & Back Pain MRI Imaging NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY Douglas L. Stringer M.D. FACS Merle P. Stringer M.D. FACS Kamel Elzawahry M.D. F.A.C.P. F.A.A.N. Hoda Elzawahry M.D. Khurram Nazir M.D. David Sinclair M.D. NEUROLOGY - Suite 201 Karin S. Maddox M.D. NEUROLOGY NEUROSURGERY - Suite 101 Heather Hedstrom M.D. 2011 Harrison Avenue Panama City FL 32405 2202 State Avenue Panama City FL 32405 850 769-3261 850 785-0029 August September 2016 MVP 51 FIT TIPS Medicine Ball Circuit M edicine balls can be used in anything from traditional exercise routines to extreme sports conditioning. The versatility of a medicine ball allows you to perform many exercises with a single ball. You can kick up your standard exercises a notch by adding a medicine ball to your routine. From Clinton Uneven Medicine Ball Push-Ups 1. Start in a push up position. 2. Roll the ball under your left hand so that one hand is on the medicine ball and the other is on the floor. 3. Lower your chest toward the ground then push yourself back up. 4. Repeat this movement in 3 sets of 10 repetitions on each side. Try this medicine ball circuit performing each set of once and then repeat the circut three times. Once your comfortable with those exercises add the ball to your normal fitness routine. Medicine Ball Squats Don t just squat Give your arms and shoulders a good workout also by adding a medicine ball. 1. Start with your feet shoulder width apart holding the medicine ball in front of you at chest level. 2. Place your weight into your heels and bend down until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. 3. Make sure your knees do not extend past your toes as this could lead to injury. 4. Return to starting position. 5. Repeat this movement in 3 sets of 15 repetitions. 52 MVP August September 2016 Single Arm Medicine Ball Sit-Up To Stand 1. Start by lying on your back with knees straight and ball overhead in 1 hand. 2. Come to sitting position keeping hand straight above head as you sit up. 3. Use opposite hand ( do not lock elbow) to assist for stabilization. 4. Bring knees in and plant feet lean into the support arm and come to a stance. 5. Keep hand above head at all times. 6. Slowly reverse coming to a squat and then lower to a seated and then lying flat position. 7. Repeat 12 times to equal 1 set. Each repetition is a step towards progress Clinton Wallace III August September 2016 MVP 53 Can we Have our Cake and I sure hate to be the bearer of bad news as you know happiness and joy and all things lovely especially my cake - are my thing It turns out with years of hands-on or might I say mouth-on research I think the answer is a resounding NO... for the most part. I know that there are some of you who are naturally-skinny folks that have never even pondered this question but I think many of us have tried this for years. We have all heard the adage You can t out-train a bad diet. I have found that all my exercise and all my sweat and all my consistency does not take the place of eating correctly. For me it is 54 MVP August September 2016 Bikini Too By KAREN SMITH especially in the area of the sweet tooth and unfortunately moderation and sugar do not live in the same domain. By all means DON T stop exercising Its health benefits are endless as well as the emotional uplift that it brings. A countless number of books on weight loss have been published throughout the years. None of those books were a help to me. I have found that the only thing that works is good ole common sense and actually doing what we already know and what those hundreds of books say. I think we want a quick way an easy way a sugar-filled way but that is not to be. I have preached and lamented to all who would hear about the importance of what we feed our minds. To have a prosperous and blessed life we cannot listen to junk read junk or talk junk. The same is true for our bodies. What we digest in our thought life and our nutritional life really does matter and it matters a lot. Prevention Magazine has many things to say about the negative impacts of sugar such as fatty liver prediabetes and many other health maladies. It also addresses the addictive nature of sugar which I have experienced firsthand. I am not a moderate kind of gal. I stand before you confessing that I am a sugar addict. I am trying to get a hold of it. My motto has to be Let go of that cake and let God. Makes You Feel Sugar Famished. When I read about the impacts of sugar on our bodies Much like street drugs sugar triggers the release and minds I know the sugar addiction is something of chemicals that set off the brain s pleasure center. that I need to overcome. Overcoming the addiction People develop a tolerance for sugar much in the will allow me to gain more in fitness and a lot less of same manner as they do for street drugs. They need the adipose tissue that I am lugging around. more sugar for a feel-good fix. Sugar addiction can be seen in rat studies. After a binge on the sweet Experts say that going to work out and being fit at your stuff the rats would experience chattering teeth favorite gym is a good remedy for those sugar blues. Thanks to Rock Pile and their new management for tremors shakes and anxiety when it s taken away. allowing us to have fun in our quest to find out Can When you embark on a sugar-free journey it takes we have our Cake and Bikini too at least a week to feel a little better. I have done it before and I can do it again. Living with type 2 diabetes can throw off your body s ability to properly detect leptin hormones. Leptin s job is to say I m full Now stop eating Fructose also appears to play badly with leptin. Hopefully next time I see you I will be sipping some herbal tea and reading a great book on the beach in my bikini Karen August September 2016 MVP 55 I help safe drivers SAVE 45% or more. Driving defensively and avoiding accidents can save you serious money. And savings for driving safely is just the beginning. I ll help you find all the discounts you deserve. Call me to start saving today. Pam Johnson Agency 850-784-9501 2555 Huntcliff Ln. Panama City pamjohnson DISCOUNT PERCENTAGES VARY BY STATE include discounts for having multiple Allstate policies products and are subject to terms and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. Northbrook IL. 2016 Allstate Insurance Co. es ent Includ R Central Receptionist Housekeeping Service 3000 Square Feet of Common Area Lobby Restrooms All Utilities Power HVAC Gas Water Sewage Daily Trash Collection Copy Fax and Scan Machine Sonitrol Security System 24 7 Access Board Room Kitchen Plenty of Parking 850-784-2540 56 MVP August September 2016 433 Harrison Ave. Downtown Panama City 166701 August September 2016 MVP 57 ALLISON BROOKE GIVENS TO THE BAY COUNTY SALES & MARKETING TEAM Growing up I was not super involved in sports. I developed a love for fitness after high school. Adjusting my diet is the hardest part for me but I have come a long way from where I started which ultimately is the goal to living out a healthy lifestyle. Currently I am training at Mike Walker Fitness in Lynn Haven with the support (and sometimes even pushing) of Karli Davis. With a schedule as hectic as mine I have found the optimal time for me to work out is late at night. In other words when you re getting ready for bed I m getting ready to workout. My ideal workout is one that targets abs and legs. When given the choice I will always choose a run with a view over a treadmill. I accredit this to being born and raised along the world s most beautiful beaches. Allison HEALTH SPORTS FITNESS WELCOMES BAY COUNTY MVP Allison Givens (22) FSU graduate is the newest employee of Bay County MVP Magazine. She is also the part time marketing director for Buttram Orthodontics. Allison was a graduate of Mosley High School where she was heavily involved in numerous clubs served as the SGA President and was a NHS Scholar. We are happy to have her as a part of our MVP team If your looking to take your business to the next level Go MVP Dance Teacher of The Y ear Congratulations to Julie Krawczynski owner director instructor of Julie s School of Dance who was presented the Teacher of The Year Award at the Tremaine Dance Formal Gala Awards in July. Dancers and celeberties from all over the world to include Chita Rivera Florence Henderson and Paula Abdul were in attendance for this special celebration. This is the 35th year of Tremaine Dance Conventions and Competitions. Joe Tremaine is a legend in the dance world known for his dancing choreography and cinematography. This is a huge honor and we are so proud of you Ms. Julie 58 MVP August September 2016 August September 2016 MVP 59 Concussions That is the mantra of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). The emphasis is clear Concussions can be defined symptoms can be listed and rules can be made but the bottom line is... when in doubt sit them out. Full recovery from a concussion is the only sensible option. Failing to allow a person to fully recover from a concussion puts them at a greater risk for a more damaging second concussion. Multiple traumatic incidents lead to mild cognitive impairments chronic traumatic encephalopathy and more extensive post-concussive syndrome. A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury that interferes with normal function of the brain. These injuries can occur when the brain is rocked back and forth or twisted inside the skull. It can be caused by a physical blow to the head or a whiplash like injury. Younger athletes are more affected by concussions. The FHSAA originally believed that a player had to lose consciousness to have a concussion. Less than 5% of players will lose consciousness. These guidelines have been changed. Parents and coaches are expected to be aware of the signs symptoms and behaviors. If the suspicion of a concussion exists the participant is to be immediately removed from all physical activity pending clearance by an appropriate health-care professional (AHCP). When in Doubt Sit Them OUT LEE MCARTHUR SC OT T Symptoms Reported by Participant Headaches or pressure in head Nausea or vomiting Balance problems or dizziness Double or blurry vision Sensitivity to light Sensitivity to noise Feeling sluggish hazy foggy or groggy Appears dazed or stunned Moves clumsily Answers questions slowly Loses consciousness Shows mood behavior or personality changes Can t recall events prior to hit or fall Signs Observed By Coaching Staff At the Safety in College Football Summit held in Atlanta Georgie on January 22-23 2014 the NCAA with the College Athletic Trainers Society addressed the problems associated with concussion diagnosis and the need for proper management including an appropriate return to play and return to learn schedule. They defined a concussion as a change in brain function following a force to the head which may be accompanied by temporary loss of consciousness. It is identified in awake individuals with measures of neurologic and cognitive dysfunction. The difficulties associated with diagnosing concussions were outlined. They include the need for testing which is not available on the fields. The clinical effects are often subtle. The symptoms are not specific to concussions. The symptoms experienced by the participant may be immediate or they may be delayed. Some of the symptoms may clear immediately creating the faulty logic that it was not really a concussion. The student athlete may not be honest about symptoms to avoid being pulled. The summit sought to address as many of these issues as possible with their guidelines which recognize the need for education a pre-participation assess- 60 MVP August September 2016 ment a method for recognition by the coaches trainers and athletes and a post-concussion management plan. The post-concussion management plan established specific guidelines for returning to play. An athlete must remain symptom free through a progression of physical activity ending in a return to play with full medical clearance. If symptoms appear or scores on the clinical cognitive measures decline the athlete will be returned to the prior level of activity until he she is able to progress symptom free. In addition to the FHSAA and the NCAA the CDC has also published Concussion Management Guidelines titled HEADS UP. The CDC website provides short free online courses and handouts for recreational coaches. Dr. Merle Stringer of The Brain and Spine Center of Panama City notes that about 10% of his practice is devoted to concussions from recreational activities including car accidents. He advises patients to go to the emergency room if there is any loss of consciousness. In the event of a head injury that does not involve a loss of consciousness the patient can be watched at home for any change of personality level of consciousness trouble hearing dizziness nausea and vomiting or any other change in the person. If such a change occurs or the caregivers are concerned they should go to the emergency room. If the patient returns to full activity prematurely and re-injures the concussion there is a notable increase in the risk of dementia with age. The bottom line is go to the emergency room if there is any concern at all. When a concussion results in a traumatic brain injury Second Chance of Northwest Florida a United Way organization supports survivors and their families by providing an adult day program. When the brain is injured the consequences are emotional physical and functional. This program offers art music yoga classes social and life skills development nutrition meal planning and cooking pre-vocational skills training public educational sessions memory and concentration activities computer training group outing events recreational therapy family support services and covered dish caregiver support group. The activities are all designed to help facilitate recovery in a warm loving environment. John Cupp the Executive Director maintains his office in a room filled with pool tables computers exercise equipment drums and a television for watching music videos. The walls are covered with art produced by the members during their days at the facility. The atmosphere is judgment free safe healthy and fun. Funding for Second Chance comes from donations fund raising and grants. The next fund raising opportunity is the 2016 Second Chance Golf Tournament which will be held on Friday September 16 2016 at the Hombre Golf Club at noon. For more information regarding sponsorships or to register a player or team contact Sherl Morden at (850) 769-7779. Second Chance is a place of recovery. If you or someone you know may benefit from these services or you are interested in volunteering please contact John Cupp at (850) 769 7779. Concussion Facts CDC estimates reveal that 1.6 million to 3.8 million concussions occur each year 5-10% of athletes will experience a concussion in any given sport season Football is the most common sport with concussion risk for males. Soccer is the most common sport with concussion risk for females. 78% of concussions occur during games Females are twice as likely to sustain a concussion as males Headache (85%) and Dizziness (70-80%) are the most commonly reported symptoms immediately following concussions for injured athletes Estimated 47% of athletes do not report feeling any symptoms after a concussive blow A professional football player will receive an estimated 900 to 1500 blows to the head during a season Impact speed of a professional boxers punch 20mph Impact speed of a football player tackling a stationary player 25mph Impact speed of a soccer ball being headed by a player 70mph Most cases of traumatic brain injury are concussions At least 25% of concussion sufferers fail to get assessed by medical personnel. In the US athletes suffer from roughly 300 000 concussions every year. resources facts 11-facts-about-concussions August September 2016 MVP 61 Local Bay County resident Jarad Moon is no stranger to athletics or pain. A third generation major level football player Moon recounts a childhood spent watching his father Conrad an Atlanta and University of Georgia standout regularly hobble and wince. You simply can t spend your years running into the best athletes in the country on purpose without paying for it at some point. As an All-American Football Center for Bay High school in 1996 Moon was considered one of the top offensive line recruits in the country. He elected to continue his football career at FSU as a Seminole and finished primarily due to injury with the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte in 2001. I was able to play a lot of football at FSU see a lot of things people just don t get to see and do a lot of things people just don t get to do. Moon says reaching the NFL was beyond his expectations. FOOTBALL Another aspect of Jarad s athletic career beyond his expectations was the degree in which his injuries would influence his future. He recalls suffering four concussions throughout his football days with none receiving quite the level of attention as his last. As a senior at FSU I took a knee to the temple and got my bell rung pretty good. Attention was just beginning to be seriously given to concussions 62 MVP August September 2016 LifeAfter at that time. Moon recalls a battery of tests and evaluations he underwent before being allowed to continue competition with the team. The NCAA was beginning phase one enrollment into a large prospective long-term national study in order to evaluate the lasting effects caused by concussion during athletic competition. I forgot I was involved in the study until this past winter when I got a call from an enrolling physician with UNC Medical School. He asked me to consent to enrollment into phase two. With as much press as there is now on concussions Jarad sites chronic pain as a much greater problem. there are a number of excellent pain management neurological spine and orthopedic surgeons in Bay County. Therapy options are awsome as well. When asked to reflect on whether the experience was worth it Moon does not hesitate to answer Abso-stinkin-lutely A couple of years ago a CBS sports writer interviewed Jarad a number of times for an injury piece in his book titled The System The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football a New York Times Best Seller. He couldn t understand why I would knowingly choose injury and playing with pain. Pushing the pen is really no different than pushing people. Moon told him Sacrifice is inevitable. Very rarely do you get the chance to choose to be great. I ve been the most highly recruited athlete in my county s history had my jersey retired played in four National Championships snapped the ball to a Heisman Trophy winner planted my feet in NFL grass have been acknowledged with numerous awards at different levels and have been blessed with the best growth and development experiences imaginable. Four vertebra seems like a simple trade. Chronic pain affects over 100 million people each year in the U.S. alone making it more prevalent than diabetes heart disease and cancer combined. My noodle (brain) is not my issue it s my neck and my back. Jarad has spent the last 15 years in various areas of pharmaceutical and surgical sales but says his most recent position as a spinal-neuro stimulation territory manager is the most rewarding. I feel I am better qualified to understand these patients (chronic pain) than anyone else because I am these patients. I deal with my back issues every day and grew up watching my dad deal with his. Now I get to help others gain relief from theirs. According to Jarad No matter the field if given the choice to be great always choose great. August September 2016 MVP 63 BE THE ENERGY Heart Opening Yoga You Want To ATTRACT. Besides giving you a good stretch these poses amp-up the central nurvous system and increase your energy level. Try these four heart-opening stretches to also give yourself a sence of harmony and unconditional love. CourtneySnyder Yoga Instructor One Heart Yoga Studios Fish Pose Variance Fish Pose Variance Full Wheel 64 MVP August September 2016 Wild Thing Ashley Hickel BSRT MBA Women s awareness of heart disease has increased greatly however recent studies continue to show more education needs to be done. The fact is heart disease is the number one killer of women. Heart disease causes one out of every three deaths. This is approximately one woman every minute Heart disease accounts for more female deaths each year than all forms of cancers combined. The challenge is heart disease does not affect all women the same and the warning signs for women are different than for men. To address these staggering facts and numbers Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center and Gulf Coast Cardiology have created HerHeart an inspiring new program that encourages women to gain awareness and get involved in their own heart health. disease. Developing healthy habits early can have lifelong rewards. Once heart disease becomes a possibility knowing risk factors as well as the signs and symptoms of heart disease is vital. Someone clutching the chest is what most of us would think a heart attack looks like but a woman s symptoms can be much more subtle. Jaw pain lightheadedness back pain and shortness of breath are some of the harder to recognize symptoms presenting to women with heart disease. Women are also more likely to attribute signs and symptoms of early heart attacks to other things like heartburn or the flu. Trust your intuition and don t ever discount a strong feeling that something is just not right. HerHeart is Proactive HerHeart empowers women to take control to help prevent and fight heart disease. Knowing your risk factors is key to prevention. Some risk factors cannot be changed or controlled such as age or family history. Therefore all modifiable risk factors must be managed and controlled. Smoking increases the risk of heart disease and stroke two to four times. Women who smoke have a 25 percent higher risk of developing heart disease compared to men who smoke. Smoking shaves approximately 14 years off of your life. It damages every tissue and organ in your body. A poor diet obesity diabetes cholesterol and high blood pressure raise your risk for heart disease. Prevention can cut your risk and keep heart disease out of your life. HerHeart is Special HerHeart is special because it is created BY women FOR women. Leading the HerHeart Program are Ajay Labroo MD Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist Don Davis MD Board Certified in General Cardiology Echocardiology and Nuclear Cardiology Francis Le MD Board Certified Electrophysiologist and Interventional Cardiologist and Laurie Boehm PA-C. All four providers are with Gulf Coast Cardiology and share a passion for educating women about heart health. Gulf Coast Cardiology provides the highest quality specialized and individualized care to prevent and fight heart disease. Take Action Take control of your health and know your numbers. Learning your personal health numbers including but not limited to blood pressure cholesterol blood sugar and body mass index could help save your life. HerHeart is Smart The American Heart Association has worked diligently to increase women s awareness of heart Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center & Gulf Coast Cardiology Work Together to Save Lives. To schedule an appointment with a HerHeart physician call (850) 872-3939 and set up a heart risk screening. To learn more about the HerHeart program or for details about our next event call (850) 747-3600 or visit us at service cardiovascular. August September 2016 MVP 65 FOOTBALL DOWN-UNDER teenage boy who loves playing football wouldn t dream of playing in a beautiful country like Australia for a week of so and having a few vacation days in Hawaii For 2015 Bozeman graduate Zach McLawhorn it was not only a passion and a dream but this summer it became a reality. Zach was invited to represent Florida in the Australian Down Under Sports Tournament as a wide receiver. Zach s senior year as a Bozeman Buck included such awards as All-American Honors 1st Team All-County 1st Team 1A--All-County 3 wide receiver in the state of Florida and several other achievements. Zach loved being a Buck and playing high school football. Zach s plans are to study sports medicine. His school decision was not finalized at press time. What There is always that bitter sweet day when senior athletes graduate. For those that are not going on to be a college atheletes it is even more difficult but for Zach he has a summer down-under that will never be forgotten The opportunity to play football with guys from all over the world in Australia was a dream come true. I enjoyed meeting many new friends during this experience. I would like to think my family and the community for helping me raise the money to make this dream come true. 66 MVP August September 2016 SURGERY IS NOT YOUR ONLY OPTION... A Unique NEW Treatment Combination Comes To Bay County With VISIT READYTOGETBETTER.COM OXYGEN STEM CELLS PHYSICAL THERAPY.