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THE PLAY S HIS THING Michael McKeever the most acclaimed playwright in South Florida theater debuts his 25th original work LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 1 VISIONARY LIFESTYLE An oceanfront address on the sands of South Florida between Miami and Palm Beach. 2 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM LEGENDARY SERVICE Introducing Four Seasons Hotel and Residences Fort Lauderdale where luxury and legendary Four Seasons service combine to create a custom lifestyle unlike any other on the beach. Rising on the oceanfront this modern landmark with striking interiors by Tara Bernerd features 83 Residences priced from 995 000. PLEASE VISIT FORT525RESIDENCES.COM OR CONTACT THE BEACHFRONT PENTHOUSE GALLERY AT 1.954.363.0000 Broker participation welcome. Oral representation cannot be relied upon as correctly stating the representation of Developer. For correct representation make reference to the documents re-quired by section 718.503 Florida Statutes to be furnished by the Developer to Buyer or Lessee. Plans features and amenities subject to change without notice. All illustrations and plans are artist conceptual renderings and are subject to change without notice. This advertisement does not constitute an offer in the states of NY and NJ or any jurisdiction where prior registration or other qualification is required. Fort Partners is not the project developer. The project is being developed by MW Lauderdale LP a Delaware Limited Partnership which has a limited right to use the trademarked names and logos of Fort Partners pursuant to a licensing and marketing agreement with Fort Partners. Four Seasons Private Residences Fort Lauderdale are not owned developed or sold by Four Seasons Hotels Limited or its affiliates (Four Seasons). The developer MW Lauderdale LP a Delaware Limited Partnership uses the Four Seasons trademarks and trade names under a license from Four Seasons Hotels Limited. The marks FOUR SEASONS FOUR SEASONS HOTELS AND RESORTS any combination thereof and the Tree design are registered trademarks of Four Seasons Hotels Limited in Canada and U.S.A. and of Four Seasons Hotels (Barbados) Ltd elsewhere. Fort Realty LLC is responsible for the sales of Four Seasons Private Residences Fort Lauderdale. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 3 CORAL SPRINGS APPLIANCE CENTER INC. Custom Appliance Planning Since 1969 PERSONALIZE YOUR KITCHEN WITH ONE-TWO-FREE Coral Springs Appliance Center is redefining the meaning of custom appliance planning. From premier ranges and ovens to refrigerators sinks and more. Our innovative showroom offers builders designers and remodelers the finest in custom kitchen appliances from first line appliance manufacturers. Professional certified installations. SAVE UP TO 6 097 WITH ONE-TWO-FREE. ONE-TWO-FREE TM Our popular program is bigger than ever. Buy any range - or any cooktop and any wall oven - and we ll give you a FREE dishwasher. 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Federal Highway 954.946.2218 LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 5 Found my Find your bliss. Let us guide you to the per fect lighting that complements your style completes your home and leads you to your bliss. Get started at Capitol Lighting. T H E E Q U I N OX E C O L L E C T I O N B O C A R AT O N FORT LAUDERDALE PA L M B E A C H G A R D E N S STUART WELLINGTON 6 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM SUPERIOR LOCATION. LARGER RESIDENCES. STARTING AT 1.2 MILLION. ARTIST CONCEPTUAL RENDERING. DEVELOPER MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ONLY 95 BEACHFRONT RESIDENCES OVER 80% SOLD NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION 2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms and 4 Bedrooms Available 954.514. 9749 ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503 FLORIDA STATUTES TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 7 An absolute must visit OOOOO - Scott A The Jet Runway Cafe is such a unique experience The food is absolutely amazing with a great variety to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. Watching planes take off and land just outside the window kept the kids (and parents) entertained the entire time Every restaurant should have its own runway... - Scott A 5540 NW 21st Terrace Ft. Lauderdale 954.958.9900 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 LMGFL.COM LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 9 TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES MICHAEL MCKEEVER ONE OF THE GIANTS OF SOUTH FLORIDA THEATER EMBARKS ON ANOTHER PROLIFIC SEASON. TAKE A BOW 34 ON THE EVE OF HER HARD ROCK APPEARANCE SARAH SILVERMAN DISHES ON THE CONVENTION-- AND A NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE. WHAT I DID THIS SUMMER 40 ALSO IN LIFESTYLE 12 16 18 20 21 EDITOR S LETTER CULTURAL CALENDAR THE SPLURGE SUPER SUB BAR TALK FULL MOON FUN TOP OF THE BLOG 22 24 50 52 56 AT PLAY REILLY SMITH THE FIND CHIC PARKING DINING WHAT S COOKING LIFESTYLE LIVE SCENE ON SITE ON THE COVER Photography Downtown Photo Fort Lauderdale Location Outside the Carnival Studio Theater at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts Miami ( This page Michael McKeever at the Ziff Ballet Opera House Arsht Center 10 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM N SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING F ALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HO A GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER O NG LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF ST MAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DA UES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS S RICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NEC ARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OP RUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER OFFICE BUILDING LEVINSON JEWELERS NE ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTI AH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTUR E CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEES RY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS S E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER OFFICE BUILDING LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EU H PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG N SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING F ALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HO A GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER O NG LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF ST MAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DA UES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS S RICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NEC ARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OP RUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER OFFICE BUILDING LEVINSON JEWELERS NE ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTI AH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTUR E CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEES RY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS S E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER OFFICE BUILDING LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EU H PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG N SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DANIELS ANTIQUES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS SOLES AMERICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING F ALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NECTAR B-SQUARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HO A GRAN FORNO PRONTO OPTICAL SPECTRUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER O NG LEVINSON JEWELERS NEEDLEPOINT ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF ST MAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE BAR SHOP 603 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FINE ART BIG CITY TAVERN SILVER STREET PANE DOLCI DA UES TRESOR RARE ELEKTRIK BOUTIQUE DEBORAH JAMES JOHNNY V LAS OLAS FINE ART 701 STORE PRIMO SYDBEY B CAF DE PARIS S RICAN SOCIAL CHEESE CULTURE LA BONNE CREPE GRILL REPUBLIC OFFICE BUILDING FORRE ART GALLERY ARCHIVES SWEET NEC ARE BURGER ECHO SALONCHEESCAKE FACTORY HAVANA REPUBLIC CIGARS RIVERSIDE HOTEL ANAMA GRAN FORNO PRONTO OP RUM YOGURT UR WAY ANNE FRANCIS SWIMLAND E & J GALLERY DAZZLES ZOLA KELLER OFFICE BUILDING LEVINSON JEWELERS NE ORIGINALS WYLAND GALLERY CAFFE EUROPA FRESH PRODUCE NEW RIVER GALLERY LF STORE HOFFMAN S CHOCOLATES VINO WINE OOH LA LA LAS OLAS Eat Drink Shop... GET on the Boulevard LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 11 EDITOR S letter Opening this October The first time I met Michael McKeever he was raising a martini glass and channeling the spirit of Leo Bloom alongside husband Stuart Meltzer who was holding his own as Max Bialystock. The two had been kind enough to play dress up re-enacting a scene from The Producers as part of a photo shoot I had helped to orchestrate at another magazine. The same thought that crossed my mind that day did so again last month when the renowned actor playwright first walked into the Ziff Ballet Opera House at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami for our Lifestyle cover shoot. Why does he look so effortlessly debonair in a tuxedo-- while I look like the emcee at a small-town beauty pageant My failings in black tie aside what I came to learn about McKeever--beyond his ability to make a dashing James Bond-like entrance--is that he s a genuine South Florida treasure someone whose talent continues to entertain educate and inspire. This month one of the seminal figures in tri-county theater history will debut his 25th original work After at the Arsht s Carnival Studio Theater. He s also traveling back and forth to New York in preparation for the off-Broadway premiere in 2017 of his 24th play Daniel s Husband a thought-provoking story about gay marriage in America that could very well become McKeever s first Broadway show. As a writer what s happening in the world can t help but have an impact on your work McKeever says. I m constantly being inspired and enraged by things that are happening on CNN on a nightly basis. You use that and you apply it to your art. It s a little indulgent to think that your play is going to change the world but if you can change a point of view--or make someone think about something that they hadn t considered two hours before the show--then to me that s a little victory. You have enough of those little victories and perhaps you make a small impact. Join us this month in celebrating McKeever and the other individuals featured in Lifestyle who do make an impact by challenging our perspectives with their spirit and creativity. Enjoy the October issue. 1950s couture gown Iradj Moini shell earrings necklace & bracelet 3332 NE 33rd Street Ft. Lauderdale . 954.616.8633 10% discount with this ad Photo Elana Schulman. Makeup Orlando Barsallo. Hair Alex Gorak. Stylist Laurie Davis. Model April Francis. Kevin Kaminski Group Editor THE MOST EXCLUSIVE PLACE IN SOUTH FLORIDA IS THE MSC YACHT CLUB. As one of South Florida s best kept secrets we welcome you to experience the ultimate in privacy exclusivity and luxury aboard the stunning MSC Divina culinary creations inspired by the Mediterranean to 24 7 complimentary beverage service expect to experience high quality all-inclusive personalized service Priority check-in and check-out 24-Hour butler and concierge service Private pool sundeck bar and lounge Private restaurant and gourmet cuisine Exquisite suites with lavish rich d cor including the gorgeous Sophia Loren Suite designed by the diva herself CR UISE FROM MIAMI TO THE CARIBBEAN IN THE MOST AFFORDABLE LUXURY CALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT or 844-296-6645 a n d V i s i t SHIPS REGISTRY PANAMA. PUBLISHER Michelle Simon GROUP EDITOR Kevin Kaminski ASSISTANT EDITOR Alyssa Fisher ASSISTANT EDITOR Keren Moros COPY EDITOR Jason Davis CREATIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Melanie Geronemus Smit ART DIRECTOR Alexander Hernandez ART DIRECTOR Frank Papandrea ART DIRECTOR Evelyn Robles GRAPHIC DESIGNER Thaddeus Jordan DIRECTOR OF MARKETING & EVENTS Jennifer Barb MARKETING COORDINATOR Estefania Marin CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Leah Moskowitz Becky Randel Rachel Sobel Michelle F. Solomon John Thomason CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Linzi Altabet Susan Buzzi Downtown Photo Fort Lauderdale Evelyn Robles ADVERTISING SALES LORI CASTLE lcastle GEORGETTE EVANS gevans SHARI GLATTER sglatter DEBBY GOLD dgold SUE GOLDSTEIN sgoldstein JORDAN KNOWLES jknowles ANNA ROSENTHAL arosenthal CHAIRMAN Gary Press SOUTHERN HAS COME TO CORAL SPRINGS Collegiate Saturdays NFL Sundays 1 Wing Night 1 per wing excludes all drums & flats (bar seating only) 11 30 am - 6 pm 8 Sliders & 3 Domestic beers (bar seating only) 4 -10 pm LIFESTYLE MEDIA GROUP 3511 W. Commercial Blvd. Suite 200 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309 954.377.9470 fax 954.617.9418 2016 Lifestyle Magazines are published by Lifestyle Media Group all rights reserved. Lifestyle Magazine is published monthly. All contents are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without written consent from the publisher. The advertiser is solely responsible for ad content and holds publisher harmless from any error. Open For Lunch & Dinner Live Entertainment Every Fri & Sat Specials Every Day 6240 Coral Ridge Dr. 100 Coral Springs Fl. 33076 954.510.1099 14 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM c u lt u r a l calendar OCTOBER THE ART OF THE FUGUE Adele ZOMBIE PROM WHEN Oct. 6 WHERE Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall Boca Raton WHEN Oct. 20 WHERE The Fieldhouse at Old School Square Delray Beach OKTOBERFEST WHEN Oct. 7 9 & 14 16 WHERE The American German Club of the Palm Beaches Lake Worth SYMPHONIC BAND OF THE PALM BEACHES WHEN Oct. 22 WHERE Duncan Theatre Lake Worth EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL WHEN Oct. 7 & 8 WHERE Arts Garage Delray Beach THE MYSTERY OF LOVE AND SEX WHEN Oct. 7 30 WHERE Crest Theatre at Old School Square Delray Beach FEELIN GROOVY DEERFIELD BEACH THE SOUND OF FALL FESTIVAL SIMON AND WHEN Oct. 15 GARFUNKEL WHERE Pioneer Park WHEN Oct. 13 WHERE Delray Beach Playhouse Deerfield Beach THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES WHEN Oct. 23 WHERE Boca Black Box Center for the Arts THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA WHEN Oct. 14 Nov. 13 WHERE Palm Beach Dramaworks West Palm Beach MORIKAMI MUSEUM LANTERN FESTIVAL WHEN Oct. 15 WHERE Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens DASHTOBERFEST WHEN Oct. 23 WHERE Great Lawn West Palm Beach THE SENSUOUS SENATOR WHEN Oct. 8 23 WHERE Delray Beach Playhouse WALK TO END ALZHEIMER S WHEN Oct. 8 WHERE CityPlace West Palm Beach ABOVE THE FOLD NEW EXPRESSIONS IN ORIGAMI WHEN Oct. 14 Jan. 29 WHERE Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Delray Beach SYMPHONIC BAND OF THE PALM BEACHES WHEN Oct. 15 WHERE Eissey Campus Theatre Lake Worth HAUNTED PIRATE FEST AND MERMAID SPLASH WHEN Oct. 26 WHERE Ocean Avenue Boynton Beach ADELE WHEN Oct. 25 & 26 WHERE AmericanAirlines Arena Miami LOOK MA I M DANCIN WHEN Oct. 17 20 & 24 27 WHERE Delray Beach Playhouse LYNN CONCERTO COMPETITION WHEN Oct. 9 WHERE Amarnick-Goldstein Concert Hall Boca Raton I DREAMED I DATED DINAH SHORE WHEN Oct.. 14 WHERE Delray Beach Playhouse LET S VISIT LONDON THE MUSICAL WHEN Oct. 26 WHERE Crest Theatre at Old School Square REASONS TO BE PRETTY WHEN Oct. 20 30 WHERE Lake Worth Playhouse THEY RE PLAYING OUR SONG WHEN Oct. 13 Nov. 6 WHERE The Wick Theatre Boca Raton GHALEB WHEN Oct. 15 WHERE Boca Black Box Center for the Arts 16 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM 561.336.8079 tessa SOUTH FLORIDA NEW YORK LOS ANGELES LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 17 T H E splurge Yellow Submarine BY MICHELLE F. SOLOMON A must-have water toy--the world s lightest personal sub--allows superyacht owners to explore new depths The lowdown If the 250-footer isn t impressive enough for the superyacht set how about the ability to go 1 650 feet below the surface Triton Submarines in Vero Beach is one of the country s leading manufacturers of personal submersibles especially ones designed exclusively for yacht-based deployment. The details Triton has introduced its 1650 3 LP billed as the world s lightest personal submarine (at 8 800 pounds and less than 6 feet tall). It carries a pilot and two passengers and features Triton s trademark acrylic sphere which juts from the top and bottom of the vehicle giving passengers a sweeping view. No need to cut an underwater adventure short--the 1650 3 LP can stay submerged for up to 12 hours. To give owners the most from their water toy the price tag includes training for the owner and yacht crew. Crew members also learn how to coordinate dive excursions so budding Cousteaus can explore ocean depths. Cabins are climate- and temperature-controlled and an integrated sound system can provide the perfect soundtrack. For those who want their submarine to be as comfortable as their boat Triton is looking to offer luxury interiors. For a really one-of-a-kind vehicle exteriors may be customized already one owner has ordered one in camouflage Triton says. The price Anyone with 3.3 million can now reach new lows. Contact 772.770.1995 Up close The Triton 1650 3 LP will be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Nov. 3 7 at the Broward County Convention Center. THE THE RESIDENCES JUST RELEASED NOW U N D ER W CO NS TRUCTION LUXURY HAS ARRIVED IN POMPANO BEACH Sabbia Beach is poised to deliver a signature take on refined oceanfront living on Pompano Beach just as the city goes through a renaissance centered around the Pompano Beach Pier and Atlantic Boulevard. Contemporary luxury has found its way to Pompano Beach. Now is your chance to claim it for yourself. This offering is subject to errors omissions prior sale change of price or withdrawal without notice and not intended to solicit currently listed property. This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of offers to buy condominium units in states where such offer or solicitation cannot be made. Prices plans and specifications are subject to change without notice. Void in states where prohibited. Additional restrictions may apply. Artist s conceptual rendering. ORAL REPRESENTATION CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503 FLORIDA STATUTES TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. ON T HE O CE AN OF T HE O CE AN Starting from the 900s 954.781.9700 Sabbia Beach Sales Gallery 723 North Ocean Boulevard Pompano Beach Developed by Architecture by Interior Design by Exclusive Sales and Marketing by LMG L.CO LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 C CO OCTOB OB 19 B A R talk BEAUTY & THE FEAST HOSTS A WICKED PRE-HALLOWEEN EVENT During the past 15 years studies by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Germany and other havens of research have roundly debunked myths surrounding humans and the full moon (think sleep deprivation epileptic seizures and a spike in emergency room visits). Though nothing about the social experiment that Beauty & The Feast Bar Kitchen is conducting Oct. 14 will land in a scientific journal it sure sounds like way more fun than anything the folks in the lab coats are doing. The restaurant inside The Atlantic Hotel & Spa (601 N. Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.) is throwing a Full Moon Party a pre-Halloween bash on the resort s fifth-floor oceanfront terrace that includes a special three-course meal and all kinds of howling-good entertainment. The Halloween-inspired menu which culminates in a salted caramel apple Snickers cake for dessert features a choice of three entr es charred octopus with squid ink and sweet pea risotto topped with poached egg blackened Thai chicken with fingerling potatoes and charred hanger steak with sweet potato and feta cream sauce. The festivities begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are 39.95 a person guests can make reservations at Not to be outdone by the kitchen the mixologists at Beauty & The Feast have come up with a spirit-filled treat of their own for the occasion--the aptly named Wicked Spice. --KEVIN KAMINSKI Howl at the Moon 2 ounces RumChata cream liqueur 1 ounce vanilla vodka 3 4 ounce pumpkin-spiced liqueur Preparation Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass or serve on the rocks. Garnish with a cinnamon stick. 20 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM PHOTO BY EVELYN ROBLES WICKED SPICE TOP OF THE BLOG BY RACHEL SOBEL BLOGGER OF WHINEANDCHEEZITS.COM FRIGHT NIGHT h Halloween. It s that special day of the year when children everywhere dress up like their favorite superhero or Disney princess--and then knock on neighborhood doors begging for more and more and more sugar. You watch your child navigate through an unending sea of Elsas to get to the front of the line at the house that hands out the really good full-sized candy bars. Your stress level rises a little each time you see your child who has a peanut allergy holding a Reese s Peanut Butter Cup. The night is filled with squealing and pure joy as your kids revel in being allowed to stay up a little later and eat a Hershey bar for dinner. You get your obligatory pictures up on Facebook to document another successful Halloween (because did it even happen if it s not on social media ) and you come home and pilfer some candy from that plastic jack-o -lantern for yourself. I A mean you at least deserve that for running to every Target in Palm Beach County to get your child that Pokemon costume. Some neighborhoods are definitely more into Halloween than others but the good news is that Boca and Delray have a ton of options packed with fun for your little ghouls and goblins. There s always Town Center at Boca Raton which offers not only candy from participating stores but also air conditioning-- important because it s still a balmy 90 degrees in October. ( mall town-center-at-boca-raton news-and-events) Bedner s Farm Fresh Market in Delray Beach (and Boynton Beach) goes all out for Halloween. We re talking face painting bounce houses petting zoos and much more. ( events) Delray Marketplace usually offers a fun trick-or-treating event. Plus the fact you re surrounded by a slew of restaurants means you can pop in for a non-candy bite if you need a break. ( Don t forget to check event calendars for spots such as Mizner Park Sugar Sand Park and the YMCA for their Halloween events. Have a happy and safe Halloween--and consider pouring yourself a glass of wine because the face paint and hair glitter that took you five minutes to apply takes hours (and sometimes days) to remove. THE DIFFERENCE IS ALL-INCLUSIVE LUXURY RIVER CRUISES FLY FREE ROUND TRIP UP TO 495 UP TO AIR ON BALCONY SUITES Call Seize the Seas at 1-844-322-3456 or Email info LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 21 A t play Let The Games Begin The Florida Panthers kick off the 2016-17 regular season with a pair of home games at the BB&T Center--Oct. 13 against the New Jersey Devils and Oct. 15 against the Detroit Red Wings. All fans will receive a miniature Atlantic Division champion banner on opening night and a Jarom r J gr bobblehead on the 15th. Call 954.835.7825 or visit floridapanthers. com ticketcentral for information on full and partial ticket packages single-game suites and other options. 22 22 OC OB OCTOBE 201 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM CT 20 LM FL CO MGFL.COM L. OM Here to Stay L Reilly Smith finds an NHL home with the Florida Panthers ittle about the childhood of Florida Panthers right winger Reilly Smith runs contrary to the stereotype of a Canadian family with three boys. Yes they were all in skates shortly after bidding adieu to diapers. And yes they lived and breathed hockey--but as the youngest brother Smith at least had options when it came to his puck pursuits. I started skating at age 3 my brothers were already playing hockey at 4 says Smith who grew up in Toronto. My dad gave me a choice If I wanted to play hockey at 4 it was my decision if I wanted to play at 5 it was his. So I decided to take that year off [at age 4] he quips. I had some other things I needed to take care of before I laced up the skates for good. The delay of game did nothing to stunt his hockey growth. Two decades later the 25-year-old is living the life of Reilly here in South Florida. Fresh off a 25-goal season in his first year with the Panthers--and a teamhigh eight points during the squad s first-round playoff series loss to the New York Islanders--Smith signed a five-year contract extension worth a reported 25 million. It was one of several offseason moves that have Florida fans itching for this month s start to the 2016-17 National Hockey League campaign. It feels like we re building something here Smith says of a franchise that hasn t made consecutive playoff appearances since 1996 and 97. The same can be said for Smith who is finally planting some NHL roots after being shipped around early in his career. The 6-foot 185-pounder played briefly with the Dallas Stars coming out of Miami (Ohio) University before being traded to the Boston Bruins in 2013. Two years later the Bruins dealt Smith to the Panthers. It s nice to find a home hopefully I can spend the entire contract here says Smith whose brother Brendan plays defense for the Detroit Red Wings. (His oldest brother Rory is a defenseman in the National Lacrosse League). Our fan base is building and we have a lot of really good pieces on this team. We can do something special. Smith spoke more about his hockey journey with Lifestyle Did you get a sense of how much last season meant to the fans given the franchise s history Absolutely especially because of all the rats being thrown on the ice. I know that s something that started [during the 1996 season] when the team had its Stanley Cup run. It s a little quirky--and the first couple of times honestly I wasn t really expecting it--but it s nice to see that there s so much passion. We had some success last year but we re obviously looking for more this year. How long does a series loss like last year s to the Islanders stay with you It s extremely frustrating. You play 82 games in a regular season to get to a point like that you give yourself homeice advantage and then you lose a series that you feel you should have won. It was probably a month or two before I started thinking about hockey again you want to take some time to free everything from your brain. But it s a challenge. On a personal level you had a breakout season last year. Why do you think everything came together for you with the Panthers I was fortunate to be put in a great situation. I was playing with outstanding linemen and I was given ice time that exceeded my own expectations. When the team as a whole is firing on all cylinders it s easy to pick up on that momentum. Last year was a great stepping-stone for me personally but I m setting the bar higher. Do you compare notes about teams and players with your brother during the offseason--the way that Peyton and Eli Manning used to do We do talk and reminisce about the past season it s definitely not on the level of Peyton and Eli. But that s what s great about having an older brother in the league. He s a great sounding board and I m fortunate to have that. Did your brothers go easy on you when you were kids We played a lot of hockey--there were lots of games in the basement. ... And yes I was the punching bag for sure. If you have a chance to slam Brendan into the boards when florida plays detroit are you doing it--or do you pull back We ve gone after each other a little bit over the years. We have a great relationship but once the puck drops there s not much love lost. Is any of that payback for those games in the basement Absolutely. He has a lot to make up for. --KEVIN KAMINSKI T H E find Paris Comes to Sawgrass Sawgrass Mills has expanded its menu of international fashion outlets with the opening of two renowned French retailers. Sandro Paris and Maje Paris which debuted in September raise the style bar with upmarket ready-to-wear collections for women as well as Sandro s Homme collection for men. This marks the first Florida-based outlets for the brands and only the third in North America (to go with stores in Cabazon California and Central Valley New York). Sandro the brainchild of Evelyne Chetrite features trendy-casual modern pieces along with accessories handbags and shoes. Maje plays off founder Judith Milgrom s love of chic bohemian and feminine style with edgier designs bold prints and luxury detailing. For Your Parking Pleasure SAWGRASS MILLS UNVEILS A PRIME SPACE THAT COMES WITH POTENTIAL HOLIDAY PERKS BY KEVIN KAMINSKI I t s no secret that the search for a good parking spot at Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise can turn into one of Nicolas Cage s National Treasure plots depending on the day and time. So with the holidays just around the corner the debut of a 1 700-space parking garage outside The Colonnade Outlets couldn t come at a better time. But the good news doesn t end there for shoppers at the largest outlet mall in the United States. As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sawgrass has partnered with Susan G. Komen and the Simon More Than Pink program to create a contest connected to a signature parking spot that brings the bling--and then some. Local artist Jonathan Stein has designed The Haute Spot the crown jewel of parking spaces featuring a mural with more than 100 000 Swarovski crystals. Between now and early November Florida residents may submit online entries for a chance to reserve the Haute Spot during one of the 14 busiest shopping days of the year-- g ys Thanksgiving Black Friday and the 12 days before Christmas. Winners chosen at random m Nov. 4 will receive a 250 shopping spree VIP butler service while shopping and lunch for two at Sawgrass Mills. During October meanwhile Sawgrass is giving customers who make a 10 donation to Susan G. Komen a voucher for 25 percent off one item at more than 100 of its some 350 retailers. To enter visit hautespot. Stein an and artist Jonath Adrienne Bosh Spot dedication at the Haute 24 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM BUILDING HOMES FROM BOCA RATON LIGHTHOUSE POINT FORT LAUDERDALE AND EVERYWHERE IN BETWEEN Coming Soon 3155 NE 31st Ave. CONTEMPORARY COASTAL OR TRADITIONAL DESIGN BUILD RENOVATE Family Owned & Operated in Lighthouse Point since 1958 Free Consultation We Buy Waterfront Homes 4628 North Federal Hwy. Lighthouse Point FL 33064 954.933.3697 LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 25 Is Your Roof Hurricane Ready Latite Roofing...ready when you are Call Latite for all your repair and re-roofing needs. Latite is the largest roofing company in South Florida and has been serving residents and businesses for over 70 years. Ask for rate code Life3 to receive 10% off any repair or 300 off re-roofing. Southeast Florida Corporate Headquarters 2280 W. Copans Rd. Pompano Beach FL 33069 800.NEW.ROOF (639.7663) WWW.LATITE.COM 26 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM CCC 1326510 TAPAS... PIZZA... PASTA... PERFECT 16950 Jog Rd. Delray Beach 561.381.0037 FORT LAUDERDALE CORAL SPRINGS WESTON 4215 N. Federal Hwy. 954.561.7300 5920 Coral Ridge Dr. 954.344.1233 1370 Weston Rd. 954.306.0037 LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 27 CHOOSE FROM OVER 1 400 NEW LEXUS VEHICLES. CATCH A GREAT DEAL TODAY AT JM LEXUS . 2016 LEXUS GS F JARVIS LANDRY WIDE RECEIVER SAMPLE ROAD WEST OF THE TURNPIKE 1 800 NEW LEXUS JMLEXUS.COM 30 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM We Are Proud To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Now.... Two amazing showrooms to serve you. KITCHENS BATHS REMODELING & DESIGN SERVICES PLUMBING FIXTURES FLOORING TILE CABINETRY DECORATIVE HARDWARE APPLIANCES LIGHTING OUTDOOR KITCHENS HOME ACCESSORIES Allied Design Center & Gourmet Appliances 3484 NE 12th Ave. Downtown Oakland Park - Culinary Arts District 954.556.3751 Allied Kitchen & Bath Showroom 616 W Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 954.564.1611 www.alliedkitchenandba Licenced and Insured General Contractor Lic. Number 85CGC1225CX LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 31 Marc Brotman Board Certified in Civil Trial Law Martindale Hubbell s Highest Rating Acknowledged as a SuperLawyer 34 years of trial experience A GOOD SETTLEMENT IS NO ACCIDENT Call US at 561.417.5656 137 West Royal Palm Road Boca Raton FL 33432 (561) 417-5656 Marc ATTORNEYS We have paid millions of dollars to referring attorneys. Call me at (561) 417-5656. The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertising. Before you decide ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience. 34 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM TAKE A BOW With the debut of his 25th play Michael McKeever adds to his growing legend as South Florida s most acclaimed playwright BY JOHN THOMASON PHOTOGRAPHY BY DOWNTOWNPHOTO FORT LAUDERDALE SHOT ON LOCATION AT THE ADRIENNE ARSHT CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 35 I 36 n May 2015 theatergoers could hardly visit a South Florida stage without seeing a production tied to Michael McKeever. In midMay the theater company he co-founded Zoetic Stage opened Harold Pinter s Betrayal at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami which with a set designed by McKeever became the best-selling play in the company s history. The same week McKeever began an acting run in The Book Club Play an ensemble comedy- drama at Actors Playhouse in Coral Gables. And later in the month his 24th original play Daniel s Husband opened at Island City Stage in Fort Lauderdale. A year later the play took home three statuettes at the annual Carbonell Awards which spotlight excellence in South Florida theater in a live ceremony co-produced by--you guessed it--McKeever. It must not be easy being the busiest man in South Florida s show business but he makes it look like it is. Where others might juggle commitments and inevitably drop a few of them McKeever tackles each writing acting and design job separately with a sniper s focus not letting other projects enter the bubble until he s done. He seems uniquely immune to pressure whether it s to meet his cascading deadlines or to perennially top his own work--a reputation that peaked with Daniel s Husband a work of communal humor and heartbreaking dramatic richness that will enjoy its off-Broadway premiere in 2017. OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM On any given day I ve got three ideas that are on a conveyer belt in the back of my head. that one sucks well it sucks. You make the play as good as you can and move on to the next job. McKeever 54 shares a Davie home with his husband Zoetic Stage artistic director Stuart Meltzer and their manic Boston terrier China. The black-and-white checkerboard flooring reflects McKeever s lively personality. Framed playbills from his 20 years of South Florida premieres hang on the walls and his eight Carbonell awards (seven for writing one for acting) sit on bookshelves. As always McKeever s plate is full starting with the October opening at the Arsht Center of his next world premiere After in which he also stars. His second premiere this season Finding Mona Lisa opens in 2017. More loom down the pike including Red White Black and Blue a provocative thriller about a presidential assassination that he unveiled at a reading earlier this year at Florida Atlantic University. On any given day I ve got three ideas that are on a conveyer belt in the back of my head he says. I ll sit on the patio on Sunday morning with the New York Times and just skim. Maybe I ll read about something that s happening in South Africa and it ll put a little spark back there. McKeever who grew up in a middle-class Italian household in North Miami Beach began his playwriting career with the same objective as most budding scribblers to write what he knew. An advertising and design graduate from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale McKeever worked as a graphic designer for WSVN-Channel 7 and then as an art director for Ventures a Miami film production studio where he designed commercials. When the studio suffered an exodus of writers McKeever jumped in to fill the role and found he had a knack for realistic dialogue. At 30 he quit the job to WHAT S NEXT Expect two McKeever world premieres this season After (Oct. 27 Nov. 13 at Carnival Studio Theater inside the Arsht Center 1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami 305.949.6722) explores the unexpectedly uplifting fallout of a Newtown-style national tragedy by following the lives of two grieving families a year after the massacre. Finding Mona Lisa (July 12 Aug. 13 at Actors Playhouse 280 Miracle Mile Coral Gables 305.444.9293) is a series of playlets whose main character is the painting of the title--from the moment of its creation to its cameo installation at the Louvre. McKeever outside the Carnival Studio Theater. Opening spread Inside the Ziff Ballet Opera House I use Michael Jackson as my reference McKeever says. I read this in Rolling Stone and it stayed with me all these years When Thriller came out and sold 10 million copies he pasted that number on his bathroom mirror. And he saw it every morning when he woke up and said I have to top 10 million. Can you imagine My take is really basic. It s always been the same You finish one project you move on to the next one. If that one s getting picked up here and there that s wonderful And if pursue playwriting. The first play he wrote That Sound You Hear was inspired by a tumultuous breakup with a girlfriend which coincided with the landfall of Hurricane Andrew. Miami s New Theatre picked it up in 1996. He quickly rose to prominence as one of the region s most producible playwrights winning five Carbonells for best new work from 1998 to 2008 mostly on the strength of deftly written comedies. One of those comedies a frothy historical farce called Suite Surrender would become his most successful work to date earning some 800 productions worldwide from community theaters to colleges and high schools. McKeever is quick to point out however that critics panned its world premiere at the former Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton. He s proud of his earlier work but knew he still had artistic corners to turn. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 37 Michael always had a talent for writing great dialogue and great scenes but his upbeat personality caused his early plays to be almost Pollyanna-like says Joseph Adler artistic director of GableStage. He tended to tie things up neatly and eschewed ambiguity leaving the audience feeling good about themselves. His plays have matured enormously over the years--culminating with a masterful play like Daniel s Husband. McKeever sees 2011 s Stuff at the Caldwell as his first major turning point. An ambitious biographical play about the lives of the Collier Brothers--the country s first hoarders circa 1929--the play still had a lot of the grace that I liked putting in there but at the same time there was some real emotion and real soul-searching he says. Clark Gable Slept Here which Zoetic produced in 2014 was his next career touchstone. A coffin-black satire on Hollywood artifice the play addressed the closeted homosexuality that still exists in the movie business. For the first time I wrote a comedy that wasn t based on setting up runs--one two three and now the laugh he says. I wanted to tell a great story and make a statement with the story. And the last step was Daniel s Husband which is where I took so much of myself and threw it onstage without even thinking about it. Premiering almost concurrently with the Supreme Court s landmark ruling on marriage equality the play explores the issue through the microcosm of a gay couple--one who rejects the traditions of marriage and the other who vehemently wants to wed because we can now. When a tragedy bisects the play it shifts the skeptic s perspective. The play speaks to the humanity in all of us says Antonio Amadeo who starred in the premiere. Life is short and unpredictable. We should cherish the people we love and we should fight for the rights of everyone to be able to live their lives with dignity and equality. I will forever be grateful to Michael for letting me bring that character to life. Its effect on me was profound. McKeever s acting has matured concurrently with his writing. Last year he earned a Carbonell nod for his sensitive performance in Picnic at Palm Beach Dramaworks. Two years earlier he took best-actor gold for his role in the Holocaust drama The Timekeepers at Island City Stage in which he was cast against type as a downbeat homophobic horologist fixing the watches of Jewish victims in a Nazi labor camp. Before that directors cast him mostly in what he calls witty charming put-him-in-a-tuxedo parts. In other words they told him to play himself and there are worse crosses to bear. Besides being a great actor he s such a sweet man says Amadeo who shared a stage with McKeever this year in GableStage s It s Only a Play. People that talented aren t always a joy to work with but he is and the backstage experience is full of laughter and camaraderie. He is that guy--multi-talented funny kind intelligent-- and he can do like 300 pushups. Ugh ... annoying isn t it Or at Thinking Cap Theater of the Mind Tired of another Neil Simon comedy or 1960s produce the region s best and headiest fare. Zoetic Stage at the Arsht Center Address 1300 Biscayne Blvd. Miami The buzz Co-founded by South Florida theater luminaries including Michael McKeever Stuart Meltzer and playwright Chris Demos-Brown Zoetic specializes in world premieres by its local company members which then experience fruitful lives beyond the region. On the strengths of Meltzer s revisionist direction the company also has presented bold new takes on classic musicals and dramas including unforgettable renditions of Stephen Sondheim s Passion and Assassins. Contact 305.949.6722 Slow Burn Theatre Company Address Broward Center for the Performing Arts 201 SW Fifth Ave. Fort Lauderdale The buzz Slow Burn s co-artistic directors Patrick Fitzwater and Matthew Korinko are attracted to the ugly ducklings of the musical theater world the flawed labors of love misunderstood classics and difficult niche shows that could use their 38 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM Heathers at Slow Burn heartfelt tune-ups. Broadway may have dismissed them but Slow Burn s fervent takes on musicals such as Carrie High Fidelity and Heathers proves why they ve managed to reel in the youngest audiences of any regional company. Contact 954.462.0222 Thinking Cap Theatre at the Vanguard Address 1501 S. Andrews Ave. Fort Lauderdale The buzz Nicole Stodard founder of this scrappy and experimental company produces dramas for audiences eager to expand their horizons. Living up to its name Thinking Cap s selections require audience engagement often confounding and confronting attendees as much as pleasing them. Lately this has meant rare South Florida productions of Or a gender-bending modern Restoration comedy and A Map of Virtue a serendipitous romantic comedy that before you know it transforms into a backwoods abduction thriller. Contact 813.220.1546 seasons this was the intimate venue to produce such big-ticket Tony winners nominees as Venus in Fur Red and Mothers and Sons. Contact 305.445.1119 Theatre at Arts Garage Address 180 NE First St. Delray Beach The buzz Ever since the 2015 hiring of longtime South Florida theater professionals Keith Garsson and Genie Croft as co-artistic directors this tiny collective housed in a downtown Delray parking garage has amassed a reputation as the region s sexiest company. The titillating psychodrama Sex With Strangers the disturbingly kinky Smoke and the salacious biographical musical The Devil s Music The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith took audiences to the brink of their comfort level. Expect the trend to continue in the 2016-17 season with The Mystery of Love and Sex opening Oct. 7. Contact 561.450.6357 GableStage Address 1200 Anastasia Ave. Coral Gables The buzz Perennially cited as one of South Florida s finest theater companies GableStage is the place to see immaculately acted and designed productions of the hottest fresh-from-Broadway titles in the glamorous confines of Gables Biltmore Hotel. Over the past few The Royale at GableStage LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 39 What I Did Comedian Sarah Silverman dishes on her moment in the political spotlight-- and her harrowing week in the ICU BY KEVIN KAMINSKI It should have come as no surprise that Sarah Silverman would steal the show at the Democratic National Convention. The Emmy Award-winning comedian has been dropping jaws for nearly 25 years with confrontational no-holds-barred comedy all delivered with a pitchperfect mix of sarcasm and sweetness. But for all the buzz generated by her offthe-cuff comment at the podium this July in Philadelphia--when the ardent Bernie Sanders supporter told the vocal Bernie or Bust contingent You re being ridiculous --the real lifealtering experience for Silverman happened less than a month earlier. On the eve of her Oct. 15 appearance at Hard Rock Live--her Boca-based father and stepmom along with 10 000 of their friends will be at the show--the 45-year-old actress writer and acclaimed stand-up talks to Lifestyle about the convention as well as the illness this summer that nearly killed her. 40 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM you had emergency surgery in july. What is epiglottitis It was an abscess at the top of my epiglottis [blocking] my windpipe. I had a sore throat I can t even believe I went to the doctor. He looks at it and goes Oh you re going to the emergency room right now. He performed surgery that night. It was risky like I may not have made it. The abscess is filled with toxic poison basically so not even a drop could go down my throat. It was really scary for my loved ones but I was on drugs so I wasn t as scared. What was the scene like inside the arena that night The crowd at that point was quite fired up. It was total chaos. To a degree it represents people to another degree the people on the floor of conventions tend to be a bit fringe. Yes there are people who represent every state and that s great. It s also people with big Styrofoam hats covered with pins. The Bernie or Bust people are not the majority of people inspired by Bernie Sanders. So due to the medication you were out of it for about five days They couldn t put me to sleep completely because my blood pressure is too low. So I was just kind of awake and on drugs. They also had to [restrain me] when you have a breathing tube and you re conscious--and you re on drugs and don t understand what is happening--you try to pull it out. So they had to tie my hands down. My first thought was that I d been captured by ISIS. My sister would [calm me down and say] Sweetie When did you realize that You re being ridiculous had become as big as it became I guess when I saw how the internet blew up. It s funny I spend a few solid days on the speech and then my five minutes has to be cut to two. And then I finish and the set-up for Paul Simon s musicians isn t ready so the stage manager goes Stretch You know it s not like I had everything I cut out [from the original speech] at the tip of my fingers. There are always going to be people mad at someone who speaks out in any way. I m not for everyone I m the first one to tell you that. I speak what I believe. you re OK. You had surgery. I d fall asleep wake up feel [the restraints]--and the whole thing would repeat again. It was traumatic but the doctors saved my life. Is there a risk of this happening again It would be really insane if it ever happened again. It was a perfect storm of random bacteria. Looking back I feel it was somewhere between St. Louis and Kansas City I was on tour and flying every day. There are a lot of germs that you walk through and touch. I don t want to scare people into thinking they re going to die from a sore throat. It was just a rare odd thing that happened. And then I just reacted in the moment to the crowd. Grown people screaming at each other. I don t know what they were holding on to. The fundamentalists of any sect whether political or religious tend to be extreme. I don t know what their long game was. Why wouldn t they vote for Hillary for Bernie s sake For the continuation of this movement Bernie is amazing. I would have loved to have him as president. But I don t feel a loss. I just wish I could have seen him in a cross-party debate. The people who change the world are almost never the president. After the incident you wrote on Facebook about the paralyzing realization and the motivating revelation that nothing matters. What did you mean Life is precious but there s nothing you can do about it. It can make you paralyzed or it can make you totally free or fearless. I waver between the two. SARAH SILVERMAN LIVE When Oct. 15 8 p.m. Where Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino What Expect an evening of original material from Silverman whose career is as hot as ever. In addition to her renowned stand-up work she continues to impress as an actress including last year s lead role in the drama I Smile Back and her recurring character on Showtime s Masters of Sex. She can be seen in 2017 with Naomi Watts in The Book of Henry. Contact Visit or call 800.745.3000 for ticket information You still had your comedy chops though. Didn t you draw a picture of a penis for one of your nurses Yes I was drawing [them]. I have no memory of it. Zero. Not that it s the highest form of comedy. But I like it. By the time you got to the Democratic Convention were you still feeling weak That was three weeks out of the ICU. I mean I clean up well I had a pound of makeup on and I pulled it together. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 41 Surviving Breast Cancer From diagnosis and beyond a roadmap for life. roadmap that will guide them through the next several years. This outlines standard screenings follow-up care for physician visits as well as necessary lab work. In addition the program educates patients about the possible long-term effects of their treatments identifying signs and symptoms to be aware of and how to seek help if they occur. This provides survivors the opportunity to think about how they want to live going forward. Being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through the rigorous treatment is a life-changing experience explains Joylene Sutton-Aransevia ARNP . Many patients adopt a new lifestyle and look forward with a better outlook on life. Our program helps patients reconstruct rebuild and redeem their lives. Just as Cleveland Clinic s approach to the treatment of cancer includes a multidisciplinary team method the survivorship care team is also comprised of physicians nurse practitioners social workers nutritionists and other support groups. By providing a comprehensive overview plan the Survivorship Care Program guides patients as they continue their journey along the pathway to wellness looking forward to life as a survivor. PATIENT-CENTERED FEATURES AND AMENITIES Cleveland Clinic Florida s Maroone Cancer Center includes an on-site lab satellite and infusion pharmacy a patient resource center a wig and healing studio as well as special facilities for pain management physical and occupational therapy and diagnostics. Support services include complimentary wigs to cancer patients Thomas Samuel MD Breast Oncologist Joylene Sutton-Aransevia ARNP Nurse Practitioner You are cancer free. These are words that not only bring a wave of relief but also the desire to get back to life as you knew it before breast cancer. But as a breast cancer survivor you still need to think about your long-term health and well being. Cleveland Clinic Florida s Survivorship Care Program offers the much-needed ongoing support along with a roadmap to your future. Whether you have just completed treatment or are a long-term survivor under the direction of breast oncologist Thomas Samuel MD and Joylene Sutton-Aransevia ARNP the Survivorship Care Program offers the support you need to become empowered and take charge of your life going forward. First a treatment plan summary is provided so patients can see the journey they have traveled to beat breast cancer explains Dr. Samuel. Then we add a American Cancer Society One team rallying against breast cancer. For a consultation call 866.213.5789 or for more information please visit A world-class oncologist. Three super nurses. A hilarious sister. An adorable beagle. This is my One team rallying against breast cancer. Same-day y 866.213.5789 appointments An Elective MRI CT or PET Can quite possibly save your life. No exercise Required Vip Preventive Medicine is the single most important decision you can make to save your life. ULTIMATE FULL BODY SCREENING FULL-BODY MRI DNA analysis predictive pathology report full blood analysis and physician consultation. ULTIMATE CARDIAC SCREENING Find heart disease before its too late. The most powerfule scan and analysis by a board-certified cardiologist. ULTIMATE PROSTATE SCREENING Attention men with elevated PSA levels Non-invasive MRI exam may help you avoid a painful needle biopsy 3T MRI 128 Slice PET CT 4D Ultrasound For These Elective Scans Call Now 954-315-1600 Robert Kagan M.D. Medical Director and MRI Pioneer GE 3.0 Tesla The World s Most Advanced MRI GE 128 Slice PET CT Most Advanced PET CT Ivan Ayala M.D. Cardiologist 3122 East Commercial Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL 33308 Tel 954-315-1600 info A DIVISION OF MRI SCAN & IMAGING CENTER LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 43 44 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM Delray Beach 561.495.7272 PK3 grade 12 Pre-Professional Programs (Pre-Med and Pre-Law) Robotics Stanford University Math Program Heritage Science Research Institute SAT Prep Award-Winning Fine Arts Program 60 Student Clubs American Heritage School s mission is to graduate students who are prepared in mind body and spirit to meet the requirements of the colleges of their choice. To this end American Heritage School strives to offer a challenging and well-rounded college preparatory curriculum beginning in PK3 through grade 12 as well as superior programs in the arts and athletics that provide opportunities for leadership character building and lifelong learning. In our Lower School we offer advanced courses including the Stanford University math program for accelerated math students in 4th through 6th grades. The core curriculum is supplemented with into all students daily schedules. In our Upper School writing and critical-thinking skills are increasingly important and 95 honors courses and 22 Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available. We believe all students should also develop a strong sense of social responsibility so we offer a variety of student-run clubs and organizations at all grade levels. Each year students attend prestigious competitions. Some of the recent achievements of our students are No. 1 private school in Palm Beach County for National Merit Scholars No. 1 school in Palm Beach County for U.S. Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalists 1 AHS senior selected to be a 2016 U.S. Presidential Scholar from Florida 16.2 million in college scholarships offered to the Class of 2016 87 percent passing rate on all College Board Advanced Placement exams No. 1 high school in Palm Beach County in math competition No. 2 private school in the U.S. in national math competition No. 1 private school in Palm Beach County at the Science Fair and National History Day Championship for 2 consecutive years No. 1 Mock Trial team in Palm Beach County and Top 2 Moot Court teams in Florida 1st Class distinction for newspaper from National Scholastic Press Assn Gold Medal from Columbia Scholastic Press Association for student television network No. 1 in the U.S. at National Dance 30 Superior ratings in vocal band orchestra guitar and ensemble competitions AISF MSA-CESS NCPSA Ai SACS NACAC SACAC College Board OPEN HOUSE Oct. 22 Delray Campus 10 a.m. Plantation Campus 12 45 p.m. The students at American Heritage School are uniquely prepared to be leaders of the 21st century who embody knowledge integrity and compassion. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 45 ACADEMY Coral Springs Parkland Phone 954.752.7571 Fax 954.752.1963 MIAMI Miami Phone 305.271.9771 Fax 305.271.7078 Suite 49 Miami Phone 305.456.9578 Fax 305.456.9579 Phone 561.642.3100 Fax 561.969.1950 pginer Atlantis Academy was established in 1976 for students from Kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond of diverse abilities who are struggling in their current school environment. Atlantis Academy emphasizes the importance of close parent teacher student relationships for to-teacher ratio and experienced caring and nurturing staff help foster students At Atlantis Academy the student as an individual is our primary concern. Personalization in curriculum academic expectations and age-appropriate socialization is the foundation of our program. Atlantis Academy offers a program that allows students to discover their strengths their own unique learning styles and the methods and technologies that work for them. We believe that small class sizes and a close-knit campus allow for personal attention and help develop each student. Atlantis Academy serves students on the Autism Spectrum ADHD and other Learning Differences. Atlantis Academy s Living Independently with Fundamental Experiences (LIFE) Day Program teaches young adults over the age of 18 with varying abilities the skills to live more independently at home and in the workplace. This comprehensive program is conducted in a safe and nurturing environment where staff focus on teaching basic skills like selfadvocacy and determination general planning and proper hygiene in order help students learn to be independent. L.I.F.E. students receive the support they need in order to create meaningful friendships peer relationships and a social network. Students also gain work experience through a transition to work program with job and volunteer experiences within our community. Our New location in Coral Springs is 2016-17 Academic School Year. Call for a personalized tour of our campus. Carla Nichols Donna Bussiere SACS CASI CONTACT Patricia Giner Director of Education & Community Outreach At Atlantis Academy the student as an individual is our primary concern. 46 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM DONNA ACADEMY 9701 Donna Klein Boulevard 561.852.3310 K-12 Dual general and Judaic studies curriculum infused with the principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Science-TechnologyEngineering-Arts-Math (S.T.E.A.M)-based learning for grades K-12 featuring a stateof-the-art Makerspace and video studio. Liberal arts college preparatory course of study to interdisciplinary education. In grades 9-12 students are exposed to an academically challenging program rich in Honors Advanced Placement and academic elective courses. Athletics A member of the FHSAA DKJA offers 22 competitive teams for Middle and High School sports and two dance teams. Fine Visual and Performing Arts Program that includes a string orchestra a drama program a visual arts studio and a ceramics lab. SACS FCIS and FKC Donna Klein Jewish Academy educates 21st century learners based on these principles through its acclaimed dual Judaic and general studies curriculum infused with real-world leadership opportunities in a hands-on experiential environment. DKJA is the only K-12 Jewish day school in the country recognized as a FranklinCovey Leader in Me School. In 2015 DKJA was honored as the only Jewish Day School in the world to be selected as a Leader in Me LIGHTHOUSE SCHOOL--a leadership model for educational institutions. This prestigious designation demonstrates DKJA s exemplary commitment to instilling in students the leadership principles synthesized in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. As an internationally renowned Jewish day school Judaic studies are an integral part of learning and all streams of Judaism are embraced at DKJA. Israel education is an important component of learning for students of all ages schoolwide. Science Technology Engineering the Arts and Math (STEAM) programming engages students in grades K-12. DKJA prepares today s students to be tomorrow s leaders ensuring their success in the world s top colleges and universities and in their professional careers. At DKJA students learn and grow through the school s state-of-the-art Claire & Emanuel G. Rosenblatt Technology Program K-12. This year DKJA introduced a new state-of-the-art Makerspace and Video Studio where innovative learning allows students to embrace creativity coding robotics and principles of inquirybased challenges. Even the youngest learners are taught the fundamentals of the relationship between science technology engineering and math classrooms. As they progress through Lower School and continue to Middle School students partnership with the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education (CIJE). Signature programs include E2K Mathematics and Science and CIJE-TECH for Middle and High School students. At the High School level CIJE-TECH is a discovery-focused interactive curriculum with a year each of A robust arts program brings together the role of personal expression through music drama visual arts and ceramics. Graduates of Claire and Emanuel G. Rosenblatt High School at DKJA have earned the designation of AP Scholar by the College Board for their exceptional achievement on the college level AP Exams. Recognition and awards from the National Merit Scholarship Program an academic competition based on the Preliminary SAT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test have proudly been earned by Rosenblatt High School students. Donna Klein Jewish Academy prepares 21st century leaders and learners and instills the principles of Jewish living learning and academic achievement in its students. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 47 561.416.9737 Early Childhood (Age 3) Grade 12 Makerspace for creativity innovation and entrepreneurship Courses in Robotics Scalable Game Design Mobile Apps Cybersecurity and Coding Programs to foster real-world learning and application of skills Innovation Program focusing on high level learning within student passions Emphasis on character development and service learning Nationally recognized arts program with classes offered in visual arts music dance and performing arts Top-ranked athletics program with offerings for students of all ages Personalized college counseling program Florida Council of Independent Schools Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Southern Association of Independent Schools AdvancEd Florida Kindergarten Council Grandview Preparatory School is a small diverse community nestled off of Spanish River Boulevard in Boca Raton less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. Since its founding in 1997 Grandview has been at the forefront of innovative learning with a strong history of collaboration with the community and educational leaders. Today Grandview continues to carve out a niche in the educational world as a community committed to providing to master the powerfully adaptive tools of their time and second the ethical compass to recognize the values that should remain constant. Trends come and go but values are timeless. A Grandview education is personalized to empower students to imagine create and innovate within the context of global citizenship. The campus boasts high-tech and low-tech lab spaces for creation and innovation studios for dance art and music classroom spaces organized to facilitate project-based and collaborative learning gymnasium and aquatic facilities and outdoor spaces designed to extend the learning taking place in the classrooms. Programming at Grandview fosters creativity community service and academic success. Grandview offers unique student-centered programs meant to inspire learners a safe nurturing and challenging program for Early Childhood and Lower School students an emphasis on character development and service a nationally recognized arts program with classes offered in visual and performing arts a top-ranked athletic program boasting the area s best coaches and a personalized college counseling program with graduates accepted to top-tier colleges and universities nationwide. At a time when most schools are focused on test scores and imparting established content a Grandview education seeks to equip each student with a powerful processor a compassionate spirit and a of a constantly changing future. Grandview is more than a school It s a community. SAINT 561.210.2000 Dr. Jim Byer Pre K-12 Day and boarding program College preparatory curriculum offerings including Honors Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. Grade 9-12 Boarding program welcomes students from throughout the United States and overseas. OPEN HOUSE DATES Lower School Open House on Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. Lower School Prospective Parent Night for Grades Pre-K and K on Jan. 10 2017 at 7 p.m. Middle and Upper School Open House on Nov. 19 at 10 a.m. A great education celebrates each child embraces the support of family delivers outstanding programs and fosters meaningful relationships between students and teachers. To achieve that ideal a school begins with a solid and well-articulated mission. At Saint Andrew s School our mission is to develop every child in mind body and spirit. Our goal is to develop creative thinkers. We believe that to be successful in school as well as in life children must develop skills that allow them to work with others bring individual perspectives to a challenge and have a comprehensive and global understanding of historical and current issues. To achieve this we provide an innovative international curriculum and offer a global student immersion program. Our philosophy is that children need a balanced approach to education. We believe that arts athletics extra-curricular offerings service wellness and spirituality are complementary and supportive companions to our academic program. In addition to our robust academic offerings we have 67 sports teams weekly chapel services international exchanges 25 performing arts groups compulsory service and numerous activities such as robotics and video production. Our expectation is a school community environment based on our founding principle of honor above all. We believe in developing character and expect our students parents and staff to demonstrate honor in the areas of academics sportsmanship and decorum on or off our campus. Our teachers and our families love Saint Andrew s School and take great pride in the accomplishments of our students. For over 50 years we have provided an outstanding education for day and boarding students from around the world. We invite you to join our family and experience how a strong mission can develop a child s mind body and spirit. Visit our website at or contact us at 561.210.2000. 83 percent of the Class of 2016 was accepted to a college that is ranked Most Competitive or Highly Competitive of American Colleges. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 49 D I N I N G what s cooking Put a Fork In It THE LITTLE CHALET DELIVERS ROBUST EURO-STYLE FONDUE--BY WAY OF BRAZIL--TO ITS SOUTH FLORIDA CUSTOMERS STORY BY KEVIN KAMINSKI PHOTOS BY EVELYN ROBLES I Owner Ricky Marcellini t s been 37 years since Ricky Marcellini s father opened a piano bar in Belo Horizonte Brazil next door to the eclectic store owned by Ricky s mother that sold furniture pots pans frames and other home goods. Initially the piano bar didn t serve food. As the story goes customers pointed to the fondue pots that were part of the decor and urged Ricky s father to start putting them to better use. Before long the national dish of Switzerland was all the rage in Brazil thanks to The Little Chalet which turned fondue into a culinary art form in Belo Horizonte and S o Paulo. By 1997 the next generation of Marcellinis (Ricky and his brother) had taken over the family business--but the beloved restaurant wasn t done conquering new lands. Anxious to move his family (wife Carol and daughter Nina) out of the hectic urban scene in S o Paulo and to the United States Ricky began scouting places in South Florida to open The Little Chalet. He settled on Boca Raton for its upscale audience as well as its proximity to Miami (he travels to Brazil for one week each month to help oversee the family s restaurants nightclubs and catering business). More than that Ricky saw an opportunity to create a different kind of dining experience. What I notice in the States is that after dinner the server wants you to move on and go home he says. Here we want you to stay and enjoy the night. We re seeing guests stay two three hours at a table. And for good reason. The first stateside Little Chalet (485 S. Federal Highway 561.325.8000 is drawing raves for its cozy whimsical Old World ambience--Ricky s mother handled the interior decorating--the charms of its staff the sweet sounds of its piano player and a menu of appetizers pastas and entr es that celebrates the flavors of Europe (think French mussels Italian chipotle chicken sausage risotto Swiss filet mignon filled with prosciutto and Catupiry cheese). Then of course there s the fondue--three cheese offerings which many diners count as their appetizer a filet mignon-only entr e and the requisite to-die-for chocolate dessert fondue. An ongoing favorite however is the aptly named Royal Chalet a fondue for two that features cubes of filet mignon slices of chicken breast and tiger shrimp--ready to be speared and bathed in a pot of piping-hot red wine consomm and then dipped into one of seven made-from-scratch sauces. Ricky shares some of the secrets of this popular dish. 50 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM 1. The staples We seaso e son mignon with herbs and we pre-cook the chicken and don t want to mix shrimp with on t n their meat so instead this dish e ea opened here we had pork eh chicken and meat but the ut h t customers didn t want pork. k 2 n the p We 2. In the pot We use a red wine w wi broth with herb to cook t e th with erbs o cook the h temperature will reach [17 degrees ure w eac [176 egr c 17 gr Fahrenheit] ... The shrimp and it]. The shr ] e shrim chicken cook for three minutes the e inutes e n es s restauran use sirloin we only use rants se e 5. Mix and match a 3. Trial and error We tried Trial and error We t ed r ro We W Me ot a Merlot and Pinot Noir for the wine t o oi fo the w i e broth be re s t ng n C be net bro h before settling on Cabernet e en Sauvignon. The cabernet grape is vi no o r e a e s much stronger and stands up to the heat the pinot turned to water h ne when the alcohol burned off. 4. Palate preferences A few a sauces are strictly for our American r m customers the blue cheese and the t horseradish cream are too strong for Brazilians. Also all of our sauces r Brazi i at this restaurant are heavier. In es Brazil customers prefer more of a a liquid consistency here guests like q ik a thicker creamier sauce. who what wear Sarah Regensdorf Jenna Katz Tatiana Rendon Goldberger Scott Goldberger owner of Town Real Estate is director of clinical business pediatric hospitalist at Joe principal at Kaufman Rossin wearing an Alice Olivia skirt operations for Memorial DiMaggio Children s Hospital & Co. is wearing a Saks Fifth Avenue Collection suit Johnston is wearing a Topshop jumpsuit Cardiac and Vascular Institute is BCBG heels and a Jennifer Haley handbag. Charles David shoes a BCBG Max wearing an Aqua dress Christian & Murphy shoes a Salvatore Azria belt and a Gucci handbag. Louboutin heels a BCBG belt and Ferragamo belt and an English a Stella McCartney handbag. Justin Greenbaum broker at Town Real Estate is wearing a Hugo Boss suit and Cole Haan shoes. 52 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM FRIDAY NIGHT FLIGHTS IMPACT YOUNG AMBASSADORS RECENTLY HOSTED FRIDAY NIGHT FLIGHTS FOR JOE DIMAGGIO CHILDREN S HOSPITAL FOUNDATION AND MEMORIAL FOUNDATION. GUESTS WATCHED JETS AT FORT LAUDERDALE EXECUTIVE AIRPORT WHILE ENJOYING WINE-FLIGHT TASTINGS AND BITES (COURTESY OF SILVER LINING INFLIGHT CATERING AND JET RUNWAY CAF ) A SILENT AUCTION AND LIVE MUSIC. THE NET PROCEEDS OF 25 000 BENEFIT PATIENTS AND FAMILIES TREATED AT MEMORIAL AND JOE DIMAGGIO. Mateo Martinez Angelique Martinez Mike Linder Kristi Klotz Jill Moss pediatric hospitalist for Pediatric owner of Mind & Mobility Home founding and managing partner is wearing a Fifteen Twenty Health Agency is wearing a of the Casso Macy Law Group P.A. Catering and Jet Runway Caf is Hospitalists of South Florida is blouse Alice Olivia pants Kenneth Cole suit Hugo Boss wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna wearing an Everly romper Aldo Prada shoes a Cartier watch and is wearing a Herve Leger dress shoes and a Salvatore heels and jewelry by David jacket and pants shirt and shoes and Jimmy Choo heels. an Yves Saint Laurent handbag. Ferragamo belt. Yurman and Alex and Ani. by Gucci. LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 53 Photos by Linzi Altabet NEWS & EVENTS OCTOBER2016 A C C E S S L I F E S T Y L E SIGNATURE GRAND GHOUL Signature Grand in Davie will be transformed into a haunted mansion Oct. 24 as former Miami Dolphins wide receiver O.J. McDuffie emcees the 15th annual Grand Ghoul celebration benefiting 2-1-1 Broward. Guests are encouraged to put their dancing shoes on and come decked out in stylish costumes for a night of fun entertainment and spine-chilling surprises inside the 100 000-square-foot facility (6900 W. State Road 84). The evening gives attendees the opportunity to mix and mingle with NFL alumni local celebrities and other South Florida notables. At the open bar guests will be able to sip on specialty cocktails fresh from the witch s cauldron. Guests will also indulge in Signature Grand s gourmet buffet with elaborate Halloween-themed food stations. The costume contest will be based on creativity fear factor and originality--with prizes for first second and third place. 2-1-1 Broward is a live 24-hour comprehensive helpline providing all people with crisis health and human services support and connecting them to resources in our community. Tickets are 100 per person 150 for two tickets. Active Club 2-1-1 Member tickets are 75 per person. VIP tickets are 125 per person. All tickets include open bar dancing gourmet buffet costume contest and more VIP ticket holders will enjoy an exclusively spooky area with VIP bar entertainment specialty drinks and other surprises. To register visit 54 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM A MORE BEAUTIFUL You A portion of the proceeds of all products sold in October will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as we honor our loved ones who have been affected by breast cancer. Dr. Messa You made me look and feel beautiful I cannot thank you enough. J.B. patient testimonial Charles A. Messa III M.D. F.A.C.S. The American Board of Surgery The American Board of Plastic Surgery Member 954.659.7760 2823 Executive Park Drive Se Habla Espa ol Financing Available Credit Cards Accepted The Patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay cancel payment or be reimbursed for any other service examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement or the free discounted fee or reduced fee service examination or treatment. Accredited Operating Facility AAAASF Model LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 The Mark of Distinction In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery 55 S C E N E on site DONNA KLEIN ANNUAL MEETING Where Boca Raton What Donna Klein Jewish Academy Palm Beach County s only K-12 Jewish Community Day School celebrated another successful academic year with an evening that featured an awards ceremony as well as the installation of the 2016-17 board of trustees. Among the honorees were Anat Jatwes the recipient of DKJA s Grinspoon Teacher of Excellence Award. Talia Klein with Elie and Ximena Levy Stephanie Englander and Anat Jatwes Matthew C. Levin Marla Weiss Egers and Jeffrey L. Klein Where Fort Lauderdale What Jewish Federation of Broward County celebrated the opening of its east Fort with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) hosted by Riva. Eighty local Jewish residents business professionals and rabbis were able to network meet their neighbors--and preview hors d oeuvres and wine. Fran Eppy and Carey & Ellen Fischer Larry & Claire Behar and Marcos Levy JEWISH FEDERATION OPENING Mark Grant Josh Donner and Lital Pendler Mark Grant Bradley Deckelbaum and Alona Geysman Rabbi Chaim Slavaticki Paul Rosen and Sasha Ezquerra 56 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM ESTABLISHED IN 1956 ESTABLISHED IN 1960 BELIEVE IN YOUR FAITH BELIEVE IN YOUR CHILDREN ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS STREAM AND LEGO ROBOTICS HYDROPONICS & AEROPONICS PLANT GROWTH TECHNOLOGY TECH CLUB DIGITAL CLASS MATH 24 GAMES CLUB FAMILY SCIENCE LAB NIGHTS SPANISH IN ALL GRADES SPANISH FOR HERITAGE SPEAKERS SPANISH FRENCH & AND ITALIAN CLUBS BALLET IRISH STEP DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY HIP HOP MAXSCHOLAR ONLINE READING DRAMA CHESS CLUB BAND VIOLIN BOOK CLUBS ENEWSLETTER GRAPHIC DESIGN YOUTH TOASTMASTERS DEBATE COMPUTER CODING FIELD TRIPS ARTEOLOGY AND CRAFTS PAINTERS PALETTE CREATIVE CULINARY CLUB FASHION DESIGN STUDY & ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS VIDEO TELEVISION PRODUCTION 3D PRINTING U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION BLUE RIBBON SCHOOL OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE DATES Wednesday November 9 2016 8 15am 10 30am Tuesday January 31 2017 8 15am 10 30am 19 Valedictorians or Salutatorians have been St. Joan of Arc School Alumni at local high schools in the past 10 years reaffirming that St. Joan of Arc is a foundation for the future High academic standards Christ-centered community of faith Emphasis on social justice and service Technology skills essential in the 21st Century 30 clubs including academics sports and fine arts 1 1 Digital learning environment 1st 8th Grade with take home iPads in middle school SJA SPORTS TEAMS TRAVEL FLAG FOOTBALL GR. 7-8 INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL GR. SOCCER GR. BOYS TEAMS 5-8 BASKETBALL GR. 5-8 CROSS COUNTRY GR. 4-8 BASEBALL GR. 6-8 TENNIS GR. 5-8 GOLF GR. 5-8 VOLLEYBALL GR. 5-8 State-of-the-art Sports Arena Brand new all-weather Gazebo with lunch service Extended care available daily in a safe and secure campus Fully accredited with state-certified staff Pre-Kindergarten 3 8th Grade Pre-Kindergarten 4 tuition discount available Accepting Step Up for Students scholarship participants 5-8 5-8 CHEERLEADING GR. 5-8 FLAG FOOTBALL GR. 5-8 SOCCER GR. 5-8 CROSS COUNTRY GR. 4-8 SOFTBALL GR. 5-8 TENNIS GR. 5-8 GOLF GR. 5-8 BASKETBALL GR. GIRLS TEAMS FOR INFORMATION PLEASE CALL MRS. DEBORA BRADLEY 561.392.7974 INFO_SCHOOL STJOAN.ORG 501 SW 3RD AVENUE BOCA RATON FL 33432 ONE MILE EAST OF I-95 IN SOUTH BOCA RATON LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 57 58 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM LMGFL.COM OCTOBER 2016 59 THERE S ONLY ONE PLACE TO EXPERIENCE SOUTH FLORIDA There is only one North of Hillsboro Blvd directly on the ocean Deerfield Beach 954.428.2539 60 OCTOBER 2016 LMGFL.COM