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Description: Bay County MVP October/November issue. Emma Rose Fenwick, Macey Sullivan, Fit First Responders ( Nick Stillwagon & Nick Hall) Breast Cancer Awareness & Breast Cancer Survivors, Nutrition tips from James Thompson "JT".

Destin South Walton MVP magazine coming soon Winning The Fight of Her Life... Moment by Moment EmmaRose Fenwick Breast Cancer Awareness & Survivors One In A Million Oct Nov 2016 5th Edition Macey Sullivan s story CONTACT US 850-832-5650 mvpmagazine CONTRIBUTORS October November 2016 Issue 5 Harmony Nagy Director of Marketing Dermatology Solutions Group Dr. Myra Reed Personalized Concierge Doctor Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate George E. Reiss MD FACS Diplomate American Board of Surgery Breast Program Leader at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Jennifer Fenwick Group Leader Applied Research Associates Winston Chester Author TV Show HostPanhandle Outdoors Janette Deathridge MVP SALES Allison Givens MVP SALES 2 MVP August September 2016 Women s health needs change as they age -- and differ from one person to the next. For more than 30 years the Women s Center at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center has been the area s choice for women s services. We give patients access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date specialized care for women of all ages. And when it comes to breast health the Diagnostic Center of Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center offers a full range of imaging options including digital mammography breast MRI and breast ultrasound. women are unique You deserve personalized care. Your health is not one size fits all. Neither are we. In every season of your life we want to walk with you on your journey to total wellness. From prenatal health to menopause management and breast health screenings we re here to help find the best options for your unique needs. 850-747-3600 Find a doctor that s right for you and learn more about our women s services at Get treated like an MVP when you advertise with Pp mvpmagazines 850-832-5650 4 MVP August September 2016 Bay County South Walton Destin INDEX 6 DR. MYRA REED YOGA FOR YOUR PLATE 9 Jennifer Watson MVP Publisher THE TRUTH ABOUT BREAKFAST BY JAMES THOMPSON JT BY HARMONY NAGY BOILED SCRAMBLED OR SUNNYSIDE UP 16 17 20 26 34 DON T LET BREAST CANCER LEAVE ITS MARK BREAST CANCER AWARENESS BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS BY GEORGE E. REISS M.D. FACS Photographer Writer 30A Healthy Marketing LLC. FOUR LOCAL BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS FIGHTERS WINNING THE FIGHT OF HER LIFE JENNIFER FENWICK MOMENT BY MOMENT MACEY SULLIVAN S STORY ONE IN A MILLION MVP Writer Copyright Editor Lee McArthur Scott 38 43 44 49 FIT AT ANY AGE FIT LOCALS TO WIN THE RACE OF LIFE...SLOOOW IT DOWN. BY KAREN SMITH FIT FIRST RESPONDERS NICK STILLWAGON & NICK HALL WILL CRUNCHES GET RID OF MY STUBBORN BELLY FAT BY JAMES THOMPSON JT MVP Writer MVP Nutrition & Fitness Expert Sports Nutritionist - Master Trainer Author - Public Speaker James Thompson J T 50 52 THE TRUTH ABOUT SQUATS BY JAMES THOMPSON JT FEELING BLESSED ROBERT CARROLL AND DR. WADE RINEHART August September 2016 MVP 5 Yoga Mindful Eating to Slow Down and Savor Your Holiday Meal for Your Plate DR. MYRA REED The race is on Your list of cooking cleaning hosting visiting and tackling a holiday shopping list is growing faster than last summer s weeds. Before you know it the table is set and you re serving the holiday meal. This year though is going to be different you re going to sit down and savor the cornucopia of flavors and the good company at your table. 5 WayS 1. Pause & Connect. The art of Mindful Eating with its roots in Zen teachings aims to reconnect you more deeply with the experience of eating and drinking. It s the process of deliberately paying attention to what is happening both within yourself and in your environment during mealtime. When you eat mindfully you are in tune with the aroma taste and texture of food. You become much more aware of your appetite just how hungry are you And you become more sensitive to the feeling of fullness so you ll be less likely to overeat. Mindful eating brings enjoyment back to mealtime. After you give thanks for your meal but before you pick up your fork take a moment to connect with your appetite. How hungry do you feel Of all the glorious food on the table before you what are you truly hungry for What flavors will nourish you and replenish your energy Try not to choose foods out of habit. Fill your plate first with the foods your body is saying it most needs. Then embellish your plate with smaller amounts of those traditional holiday favorites. 2. Clear Digital Distractions. Although it s less likely at holiday time when family and friends gather from near and far it s easy to forget to turn off the digital devices that are such a huge part of our lives. Sure someone will complain about missing a key play in the big game but what s more important Everyone at your table should be in the moment for the meal free of distraction. 6 MVP August September 2016 3. Take Bites Not Gulps. 5. Be a Nonjudgmental Instead of shoveling food into your mouth take smaller bites and focus on chewing and tasting it. Digestion begins with the act of chewing. Salivary enzymes break down food the moment it enters your mouth. Your taste buds awaken to flavors as you chew. Pause between bites to set your utensils down and breathe. Diner. 4. Engage All the Senses. The taste of food is just one way to appreciate it. Throughout your meal notice how food smells and how it looks on the plate. Notice the colors and the textures. Consider the nutrients that the food will provide for you. Appreciate every aspect of eating (and celebrating) the holiday meal. Being a nonjudgmental diner is about paying attention to your needs for nourishment and not the person s next to you. And if you feel yourself on the verge of overindulgence make it a conscious choice. Choose your favorite holiday treat and bring a focused awareness to eating it. Almost certainly you will enjoy and be satisfied by that first and only piece of pie. WWW.DRMYRAREED.COM JT s Pumpkin Pancakes These pancakes make an excellent substitute for a protein bar and have just the right amount of pumpkin flavor without being too overpowering. This recipe yields 3 medium sized pancakes with - 35 Grams of Protein and - 35 Grams of Carbs. Serve with vanilla greek yogurt or sugar free maple syrup for a sweet protein packed treat that you wont feel guilty about enjoying Ingredients 1 Rounded Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder 1 3 Cup Egg whites Cup Pumpkin Puree Cup Quick Oats 2 T Cottage Cheese tsp. Stevia (powdered) tsp. Pumpkin Pie Spice tsp. Ground Cinnamon Toppings Sugar Free Maple Syrup or Vanilla Greek Yogurt Directions In a medium bowl mix all ingredients to make pancake batter. If the batter appears too thin you may add more protein powder or oatmeal to thicken. Heat a non-stick skillet to medium high. Lightly oil with cooking spray butter or olive oil. Do not pour batter onto skillet until the skillet is HOT Pour or scoop batter onto the griddle using approximately cup for each pancake. Flip pancake and brown on each side. Serve with sugar free maple syrup or any other favorite topping Enjoy JT August September 2016 MVP 7 JT s Pumpkin Spice Shake Ingredients 1 Scoop of Whey Vanilla Protein Powder Cup Pumpkin Puree tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice Dash of Cinnamon & Nutmeg 1 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk 5-6 Ice Cubes tsp. Stevia (powdered) Optional but Recommended for consistency 1 4 Cup Cottage Cheese Directions Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high for one minute. Add additional pumpkin spice if desired or almond milk if needed to thin the shake It is my favorite time of year....and NO it s never too early for pumpkin everything Enjoy JT Evolvewith JT Sports Nutritionist Master Trainer Author Public Speaker James Thompson Nutrition & Fitness Expert Office Visits & Online Services Available Weight Loss Concierge Services Preventative Wellness Disease Management Aesthetics and Performance Custom Designed Nutrition & Exercise Programs Now Available for Public Speaking & Private Seminars. It s time to free yourself from the cycle of unhealthy dieting and to view your nutrition differently LEARN THE FACTS Eliminate short-lived results and the disappointment that follows. No more generic advice or cookie-cutter diets no counting calories no starving yourself no adding points and no unrealistic expectations or restrictions... just success 8 MVP August September 2016 Call for a free consultation 850-276-5343 http Connect with Us on Facebook and Instagram Boiled Scrambled or Sunny Side Up The Truth About By James Thompson JT Breakfast. Changing your eating habits may seem like a daunting task...but it s not as difficult as you think. There are a handful of golden rules with regards to nutrition. Eating breakfast is one of the top 5. Ever since we were children someone has been reminding us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For the most part that s true. Over the past 23 years I have heard every excuse you can possibly imagine from I m not hungry to I don t have enough time and I have to be at work early but if it s important enough you ll find a way. you sleep and helps maintain consistent blood sugar levels. I know don t eat after 6 00 pm or you will gain weight overnight Although most people believe this I can promise you quite the opposite is true. By having breakfast each morning and feeding our bodies at consistent and planned increments throughout the day our metabolism swings into high gear and operates at a much higher level because it is never empty or trying to conserve energy for lack of fuel even at night. First and foremost breakfast should be consumed within 30-45 minutes of waking not 30-45-minutes from getting up. Let me clarify for those of you who love to lay in bed and check Instagram or play candy crush for 45 minutes before actually What to eat First make sure that your putting your feet on the floor. When meal is protein dominant and light. It you open your eyes your heart rate breakfast takes only minutes to prepare eggs respirations increase blood flow or egg whites to microwave a should be speeds up and your body starts to consumed within packet of oatmeal grits or cream of wake up. When you wait too long wheat to peel and eat boiled eggs 30-45 minutes your body wants to hold on to fat to eat Greek yogurt or microwave this action is part of a panic response of waking something you prepared the night and will literally set the tone for the before. You can also grab a readyentire day. Eating a meal within 30-45 to-drink protein shake (RTD) which is minutes of waking will help increase your always a better option than skipping breakfast metabolic rate for the entire day which has likely altogether and that takes NO time at all. slowed down to conserve the stored energy AKA FAT. You can blame your own bodies for being In the end the WORST thing you can do is skip the efficient fat-storing units they have become breakfast altogether. in response to your own infrequent inconsistent E at Bre akfast JT habits nutritionally. To further thwart this fatstoring predicament you need to consume a prebedtime protein snack and eliminate the 12 hour For more ideas on what to have for breakfast of fasting. This increases the calories burned while visit our website Cranberry Our Little Tart Friend Lee McArthur Scott There is so much more to the cranberry than just being the famed answer to the dreaded urinary tract infection (UTI). But first we must explore this particular punch from our beloved little tart friend. Traditionally cranberries have been thought to cure UTIs. Various clinical studies appear to have disproven this theory however researchers do believe that regular consumption of cranberries either in the form of juice or capsules has been effective in reducing the frequency of UTIs in patients prone to such. WebMD states that clinical studies are conflicting and more research is needed to definitively prove their value. The latest theory indicates that cranberries contain proanthocyanidins and flavonoids that prevent bacteria from attaching to the cells that line the bladder. According to this line of reasoning has led scientists to begin looking into the possibility of using the cranberry to reduce the incidence of Helicobacter pylori attaching to the stomach lining resulting in an ulcer. goes to say the cranberry packs a powerhouse punch of phytonutrients that provide important anti-inflammatory benefits to the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract. In addition to aiding in the digestive process the cranberries anti-inflammatory properties have been linked to a lowered risk of periodontal disease. In general dietary consumption of the cranberry has been shown to reduce inflammation in the stomach 10 MVP August September 2016 The colon and blood vessel linings of the cardiovascular system. Cranberries lower the LDL-cholesterol and total cholesterol while increasing the HDLcholesterol. notes consumption of the raw cranberry on a regular basis has been shown to lower the frequency of cold and flu symptoms. Finally because the cranberry is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients it has been identified as a food to help prevent cancer. It has been specifically linked to the prevention of breast colon lung and prostate cancer. Historically cranberries were consumed by the American Indians. The Indians cooked and sweetened the berries with honey or maple syrup mmm I think I have heard this story before The berries were also used as a source for red dye. Medicinally they were used to stop the bleeding in wounds and to treat for possible infection. Cranberries have a multitude of uses. Aside from grabbing a handful for the afternoon snack cranberries can be used to replace vinegar or lemon when dressing your green salads. They can be tossed in fruit salads with a little honey. You can use the dried cranberries instead of raisins in breads muffins or cookies. The dried berries are also yummy when added to hot oatmeal barley cold cereal or any granola mixture. Just remember as with most fruits and vegetables to get the most nutritional value eat the whole cranberry and eat it raw with Fresh Blueberries Dried Cranberries and By Ingrid Weithers-Barati Arugula and Sage SALAD RAW FOOD RECIPES Arugula 1 4 cup fresh sage thinly sliced 2-3 thinly sliced red onion rings cut in half and separated 1 4.4 ounce package of fresh blueberries 1 3 cup dried cranberries Sunflower seeds and orange zest optional ORANGE DRESSING 1 tablespoon orange peel zest 1 3 cup orange juice 1 4 cup lemon juice 1 tablespoon thinly sliced fresh sage 1 teaspoon agave or preferred sweetener optional 1 2 teaspoon paprika 1 4 teaspoon each sea salt and fresh ground white pepper or to taste 1 2 cup extra virgin olive oil INSTRUCTIONS The cranberry has a very short season. The fresh ones are available for purchase between Octocranberry is ffiirm. 1. In a large bowl add arugula sage red onion blueberries and dried cranberries. Add about 1 4 cup orange dressing and toss to coat. Divide salad between 4 salad plates or bowls.Top the salad with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds and some orange zest. ber and December. A good quality ORANGE DRESSING 2. Add all ingredient except the olive oil in a small bowl. Whisk together. Then gradually whisk in the olive oil until the mixture has thickened. Use as much as needed to dress a salad or vegetables. Refrigerate the rest in an airtight container up to one week. Bring the dressing to room temperature and whisk before using. EAT CRANBERRIES August September 2016 MVP 11 Sweet Sweet Sweet Lee McArthur Scott POTATO Not a potato at all. A gift from South America and consumed during prehistoric times don t call it a yam this fall Harvested from midAugust through December most of our sweet potatoes come from North Carolina today A member of the Morning Glory family this root vegetable is not in the same family as either the potato or the yam. It is however a good source for antioxidants anti-inflammatory nutrients and blood sugar-related nutrients. While most are familiar with the traditional orange flesh of the sweet potato the sweet potato actually has many varieties. Of the approximate 400 known varieties the flesh can appear as almost white cream yellow orange pink or deep purple. The shape varies from rounded ends to tapered ends. The skin is thin and smooth compared to the thick rough skin of the actual yam. Antioxidants are known for squelching free radicals and reducing your risk of oxidative stress which can lead to accelerated tissue and organ damage. Basically antioxidants are a component in slowing the aging process. They are the answer to correcting the damage we do to our bodies. According to sweet potatoes are one of the best sources of the antioxidant betacarotene even more than green leafy vegetables. Sweet potatoes contain other antioxidants including 12 MVP August September 2016 cyanidins and peonidins which reduce the risk posed by the presence of heavy metal residues in the digestive tract. Another type of antioxidants in the sweet potato originate in the storage proteins of the sweet potato. They are known as sporamins. Sporamins heal the sweet potato from physical damage. These healing qualities are beneficial to our digestive tract. Anthocyanin and other color-related pigments in the sweet potato have been linked to the reduction of unwanted inflammation. The color-related pigments have also been related to the process of facilitating successful blood clotting. Unlike its counterparts this root vegetable actually has blood sugar regulating abilities. lists several other sweet potato benefits including being a good source for Vitamin C magnesium B6 and potassium. Sweet potatoes also contain iron and support a healthy immune system. The sweet potato has many cooking style options. From a nutritional angle favors steaming the sweet potato. Simply slice the potato into inch slices and place in a steamer pot over rapidly boiling water. Steam for 7 minutes and toss with a low fat Mediterranean Dressing made by combining 2 cloves of chopped garlic sea salt and pepper to taste 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons of ground pumpkin seeds and 2 tablespoons fresh chopped rosemary. For a variation on the traditional marshmallow covered casserole this Thanksgiving try Maple Roasted Sweet Potatoes. For a half cup serving size of this recipe there are only 92 calories with 2 grams of fat. Another preparation alternative is the Raw Sweet Potato Salad with Curry Almond Sauce. While the boiled and baked sweet potato contain better nutritional numbers the raw sweet potato is nutritionally sound as well. For the raw foodies and the recipe experimenters in the group it is a yummy alternative way to try EAT SWEET POTATOES MAPLE ROASTED SWEET POTATOES By Kathy Farrell-Kingsley 2 pounds sweet potatoes peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces cup maple syrup 2 tablespoons butter melted 1 tablespoon lemon juice teaspoon salt Freshly ground pepper to taste Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place sweet potatoes in a 9x13 inch glass baking dish. Combine maple syrup melted butter lemon juice salt and pepper in a small bowl. Pour the mixture over the sweet potatoes. Toss to coat. Cover and bake the sweet potatoes for 15 minutes. Uncover stir and cook stirring every 15 minutes until tender and starting to brown 45 to 50 minutes more. ENJOY RAW SWEET POTATO SALAD with Curry Almond Sauce 2 Sweet Potatoes 1 Cup Dried Currants 1 Cup Chopped Walnuts Curry Almond Sauce Cup Almond Butter cup Melted Coconut Oil 6 Teaspoons Curry Powder 2 Teaspoons Cinnamon 2 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar 2 Tablespoons Tamari Make the Curry Almond Sauce by whisking or blending all of the ingredients together. Next peel the sweet potatoes and either spiralize them grate them or use a peeler to make the raw sweet potato noodles. Place the sweet potato noodles in a bowl with the currants and walnuts and massage the sauce into the raw sweet potato salad. SERVE August September 2016 MVP 13 go WINSTON CHESTER Let s go flounder gigging tonight are words that can excite and put a sparkle in a child s eyes. While the excitement of gigging is fun most flounder are caught by hook and line. If there is one word to describe the best trait in a great flounder fisherman it would be patience. They don t hurry their presentation. Flounder are ambush feeders. They will lie flat on the bottom camouflaged under a thin layer of sand then when a bait swims by they will explode out of the sand and inhale it. The best live bait would be a bull minnow and the best artificial would be lead-headed grub bounced slowly along the edges of sandy spots and grass flats. Flounder gigging is an age-old technique of taking flounder at night with a light and a gig. In early years one would wade the shallow bays or push an old wooden boat using a burning pine lighter knot as the light in pursuit of the flat fish. Now light flat bottom skiffs are used with battery-powered The fall run has them leaving the bay and underwater lights that illuminate a large area in front headed out the pass to spawn in the gulf. and to the side of the boat. Young people are excited by all the fish and other night creatures that come to the light. When a flounder is gigged and brought in the boat the excitement increases as the flounder flips and bounces frantically trying to get loose. Fall fishing is excellent for the fine-tasting flounder. Go Fish Winston 14 MVP August September 2016 October begins the migration of the Flounder Adult Flounder leave the bays for the Gulf of Mexico to spawn at depths of 50 to 100 feet. The eggs hatch producing larval fish that swim in the upright position with eyes located on opposite sides of the head. As the fish grows one of the eyes will begin to move towards the other eye. The eye movement will stop when the fish reaches a length of one half inch. The fish will then appear as the traditional flat fish. The migration to the Gulf reverses in the Spring when the flounder return. Flounder can be found throughout St. Andrews Bay. They are nocturnal fish that use the shallow grassy waters for hunting. Flounder is the dieter s dream fish Containing very little fat and no carbohydrates this white fish is over 80 percent water. According to Livestrong.Com an eight ounce serving of cooked flounder contains only 183 calories. The key to consumption for the dieter is in the preparation. Most people prepare flounder with copious amounts of butter or oil. In addition they are frequently served with cream sauces and high calorie crab toppings. Livestrong.Com goes on to point out that flounder is a very lean source of protein. The eight ounce serving of flounder contains over 32 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. While the protein benefits of this fish are high Livestrong.Com advises its readers to note that this fish contains no Vitamin C and low levels of calcium and iron. According to fish protein is a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids. Lysine and Leucine are very abundant in this flat fish. Lysine helps the body absorb calcium. Leucine is a major component of muscle protein. Trainers must have this. Because of the delicate white meat this fish should not be placed directly on the grill. However it is quite yummy cooked in Packets. Another preparation technique is to place a small amount of olive oil in a deep skillet with a fish eat LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT couple of cups of fresh raw veggies of your choice. Toss in the olive oil over heat for a few minutes until the color brightens. Lay the cleaned flounder filet on top of the veggies. Pour white wine into the skillet until it is halfway full. Season the filets with garlic lemon pepper and salt to taste. Make a loose fitting tent of aluminum foil over L skillet. M C A R high U R theE E Cook on mediumT Huntil the fish is flaky.The SCOT T broth is delicious (Thanks Chef Kevin ) Flounder Packets 6 flounder fillets salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 6 large pieces aluminum foil 1 medium zucchini (about 1 2 pound sliced into thin rounds) 2 small carrots sliced into thin rounds 1 medium red bell pepper seeded and diced small (about 1 cup) 1 large onion thinly sliced 3 4 cup dry white wine 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 lemon thinly sliced 1 3 cup finely chopped fresh parsley leaves 3 cups brown rice cooked (1 cup dry rice) 3 tablespoons chopped fresh chives This recipe can be used with one large flounder as well. The vegetables can also be changed up according to your preference. Garlic is a nice additionll DIRECTIONS Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F. or fire up the grill. These are yummy cooked on a charcoal grill Season the fish fillets with the salt and pepper. Place 1 fish fillet at the center of each piece of foil. Evenly distribute the zucchini carrot bell pepper and shallots among the 4 packets. Drizzle each fillet with 2 tablespoons of the wine and 1 2 tablespoons of the oil. Top each fillet with 3 lemon slices. Close the packets leaving a little room to allow the fish to steam. Transfer the packets to a baking sheet. Bake for 15 minutes or until fish is flaky. Place parsley into the cooked rice. Divide the rice evenly onto 4 serving plates. Remove the fish packets from the oven and carefully open them. Remove the lemon slices. Serve the fish topped with the vegetables and juices over the rice and garnish with fresh chives. August September 2016 MVP 15 Don t Let Breast Cancer Leave Its Mark BY HARMONY NAGY Having cancer is often one of the most stressful experiences in a person s life. And unfortunately cancer has a way of reaching out and touching everyone. You probably know someone who is battling cancer right now. It could even be you. Did you know that in the United States one in five people will develop skin cancer in their lifetime and one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer Most people know that early detection is essential in the fight against cancer. What a lot of people may not be aware of is that some cancer treatments actually include radiotherapy skin markings or in laymen terms tattoos. Tattooing is a common practice for radiation treatments for breast cancer During the month of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month a local dermatology group is offering complimentary radiation tattoo removal using FDA approved PicoWay the Gold Standard in laser tattoo removal. Unlike traditional lasers PicoWay delivers energy to the targeted ink in ultra-short pulses. The pulses are actually measured in picoseconds which amounts to one trillionth of a second. These pulses shatter the tattoo into very tiny particles which are easily eliminated by the body s natural processes. The PicoWay laser emits less heat energy than traditional lasers providing a safer more comfortable treatment for ALL skin types with fewer side effects. Dermatology Specialists of Florida Aqua Medical Spa is offering free tattoo removal during the month of October for breast cancer survivors wishing to have their radiation tattoos removed. Call 850.877.231.DERM (3376) to learn more or schedule your appointment. patients. The tattoos are needed to ensure that radiation therapy is given in the exact same spot during each treatment session. The tattoos a vital step in the treatment plan are either worn like a badge of honor or hidden as a painful reminder of their days in treatment. Research has found that the permanent tattoos more often than not remind breast cancer patients of their disease for years after treatment. Fortunately for those survivors who are eager to rid themselves of the tattoos remaining from their radiation treatment there are options. One popular option is laser treatment. Laser treatment sports a high success rate of 90% of the lesions treated had good to complete clearance. Tatoo Removal DERMATOLOGYSPECIALISTS OF FLORIDA & AQUA MEDICAL SPAS 2505 Harrison Avenue Panama City FL Appointments Available October 10th - 21st 3089 Gulf Breeze Pkwy Gulf Breeze FL Appointments Available October 24th - 31st 1474 Market Street Tallahassee FL Appointments Available October 1st - 7th Free 16 MVP August September 2016 Breast Cancer awareness George E. Reiss MD FACS So why all the focus on breast cancer deaths especially in those less than 50 years old is attributed to increased screening increased awareness and better treatment. There are over 2.8 million breast cancer survivors. Ninety percent of breast cancer patients live more than five years. Given the prevalence of breast cancer screening is ESSENTIAL. A breast cancer detected early is generally easily treated. It has been clearly shown that early detection improves survival and lessens the need for additional treatments. Treatments also have become more sophisticated and more individualized to the patient s disease. So what are the screening guidelines for breast cancer There have been changes to the guidelines over the past couple years. Previous guidelines included a monthly breast self-examination. There are benefits to self-examination but there are recognized limitations as well. A clinical breast exam should be part of a periodic health exam preferably yearly. August September 2016 MVP 17 Breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring in women. The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer in a woman living to 80 is 1 in 8. That s 12% There are approximately 246 000 cases of invasive breast cancer each year as well as 61 000 cases of noninvasive breast cancer. Forty thousand people die of breast cancer annually. But there is good news The incidence of breast cancer has decreased over the past decade. This is believed to be related to a decrease in hormone replacement therapy. The decrease in breast cancer Mammography has been the keystone to breast cancer screenings. Younger women typically have denser breasts and this results in the higher false positive rate of mammograms in the 40-49-year-old age group. Based on comprehensive analysis of multiple studies women of the age 40-44 should be given the choice of screening mammography. In the 45-54-year-old age group a yearly mammogram is recommended. After age 55 a mammogram should be obtained every one to two years. After age 70-75 mammogram should be obtained every two years as long as the woman is in good health and expected to live greater than 10 years. These recommendations are for patients who have no increased risk of breast cancer. Ladies with intermediate risk (15% lifetime risk) of breast cancer based on family history and other risk factors should undergo annual mammography beginning at age 40. Those at higher risk (20-25% lifetime risk) may require earlier mammography as well as other modalities such as MRI for screening. Determination of risk is based on family history and personal medical history. A highly trained physician specializing in breast disease is best suited to help you determine your lifetime risk. Family history is important. One should have some knowledge of one s genetic background. Women with a strong family history can be tested for a variety of genetic mutations which are known to increase the risk of breast cancer. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer. It is important to know your BMI (body mass index). Not only does obesity increase the risk of breast cancer but obesity increases risk of recurrence (30%) and the risk of dying (50%). Diet is also important in risk as increased sugar intake has been linked to breast tumors. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle also increase the risk. Hormone replacement therapy can increase the quality of life for women going through menopause. However there are risks which include blood clots and stroke. Combination hormonal therapy (estrogen and progesterone) has been shown to increase the risk of breast cancer. This risk decreases after the medications have been discontinued for five years. Taking estrogen alone (typically women who have had a hysterectomy) has not been demonstrated to cause an increased risk for breast cancer. Prolonged estrogen exposure (in women that have early onset of menstrual cycles late menopause and have not given birth) translates to an increased risk. In general it is recommended that women take the lowest dose of hormone replacement therapy that works for them for the shortest period of time. Other conditions that increase risk for breast cancer include radiation to the chest for lymphoma or other conditions. Altered immune status (steroids or immunosuppression) increases the risk. Diethylstillbestrol (DES) a synthetic form of estrogen has also been shown to increase the risk. There are occupational hazards that increase the risk and include radiation and chemical exposure. Contaminated well water may also increase the risk of breast cancer. So what are the risk factors So what can one do Reducing your risk is achieved by avoiding obesity eating a balanced diet and exercising routinely. These interventions reduce the risk for many other diseases as well. They also improve one s health and well-being overall. More specific medical interventions for those with high risk include the medicines tamoxifen and raloxifene. This is in addition to heightened surveillance. Those with the highest risk generally those with a genetic mutation such as BRCA 1 or 2 may consider prophylactic mastectomy. October is breast cancer awareness month. It is a reminder to all women to consider their own breast health. It is important to discuss with your physician steps you can take to minimize risk of breast cancer and to be proactive in screening with exams and mammography. Ladies with physical findings or abnormal mammograms should consult with a surgeon who specializes in diseases of the breast regarding further evaluation. Further evaluation may consist of additional imaging studies such as ultrasound or MRI or needle aspiration or biopsy. Seldom is an open surgical biopsy required for diagnosis. Diagnosis determines further work up and treatment. George E. Reiss MD FACS Diplomate American Board of Surgery Member of American Society of Breast Surgeons Certified in Breast Ultrasound Ultrasound Guided Biopsy & Stereotactic Biopsy Breast Program Leader at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center August September 2016 MVP 19 Catching it early was a blessing to me Rebecca Hall Cary 56 Wife of Jim Cary. Mother to Jacob Brad Jamie and Barrett. EMPLOYMENT PHYSICIANS DIAGNOSIS SALES SPECIALIST WITH ASTRAZENECA PHARMACEUTICALS DR. LUBIN DR. REISS AND DR. MOCKLER MULTI-FOCAL STAGE 1 LEFT BREAST AGE AT DIAGNOSIS 51 YEARS OF AGE Being active has always been very important to Rebecca. For the past 12 years she walked 3-4 miles 5-6 days per week with the same group of friends. After her diagnosis she exchanged one of her walking days with yoga spinning and swimming. 2011 was a year of surgeries including a mastectomy reconstruction removal of reconstruction due to infection and finally reconstruction again. Five years later she feels great She is more focused on being healthy. She is eating better continuing to exercise and more importantly getting timely mammograms. 20 MVP August September 2016 Family and faith in this experience with an Christ brought me through appreciation for every day that we are given. I value my relationship with family and experience friends much more after this Teresa Griffin 56 Wife of Dennis Griffin. Mother to Leslie Klinck and Lee Griffin. Grandmother to Raelyn Klinck Jackson Klinck and Griffin Klinck. EMPLOYMENT PHYSICIANS DIAGNOSIS OFFICE MANAGER AT CARR RIGGS AND INGRAM DR. REISS AND DR. MOCKLER MULTI-FOCAL STAGE 1 RIGHT BREAST AGE AT DIAGNOSIS 53 YEARS OF AGE Teresa has been walking a distance of 4 miles at least 4 days a week with a group of friends for the past 12 years. After her breast cancer diagnosis she was weak. Her friends stood by her side throughout her recovery. She is very thankful for their friendship. Encouragement from her friends and yoga with Danielle Masters helped her regained her strength. She and her husband recently began exploring the many bike trails in Bay County on their new bicycles. Teresa is so thankful that her cancer was caught early and her recovery is over. August September 2016 MVP 21 We experience things along life s journey that remind us of our purpose and value that remind us of the brevity of life and opens us up to opportunities for blessings and to be that thing was breast cancer. For every moment of fear and and peace through my faith I am grateful a blessing to others. For me recently uncertainty I found reassurance family and friends. For this Tracy McGlon 42 Wife of Denny McGlon. Mother to Anna McGlon. EMPLOYMENT PHYSICIANS DIAGNOSIS VICE PRESIDENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES AT GULF COAST REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER DR. MAHMOOD AND DR. WILSON INVASIVE DUCTAL CARCINOMA TRIPLE NEGATIVE AGE AT DIAGNOSIS 42 YEARS OF AGE Prior to Tracy s diagnosis she enjoyed exercising with her husband. They walked regularly and did P90X in their home. Tracy is looking forward to resuming all activities in the near future. She has found great comfort in her faith family and friends throughout this journey in her life. Breast CancerFighter 22 MVP August September 2016 I am grateful for every day of the 10 years I have diagnosis Each day is a gift been blessed to live since my Renata Harris 54 EMPLOYMENT PHYSICIANS DIAGNOSIS Wife of Frank Harris. Mother to Brad Michael Nicholas Christina and Joey. Grandmother to CJ Harris. COMMERCIAL LINES AGENT AT HUTT INSURANCE AGENCY DR. NUNNERY AND DR. WILSON DUCTAL CARCINOMA IN SITU AGE AT DIAGNOSIS 43 YEARS OF AGE Surprisingly with no family history of breast cancer her first mammogram resulted in a diagnosis of breast cancer. The diagnosis was quickly followed by six operations including a mastectomy and reconstruction which spread over ten months. Her journey was a surgical one. She is celebrating her 10-year survivorship this year. She would like to invite everyone to join her in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk scheduled for October 29 2016. August September 2016 MVP 23 Rent s c l u d e Central Receptionist In 3000 Square Feet of Common Area Lobby Restrooms All Utilities Power HVAC GAS Copy Fax and Scan Machine Sonitrol Security System 24 7 Access Board Room Kitchen Plenty of Parking Housekeeping Service 850-784-2540 433 Harrison Ave. Downtown Panama City Daily Trash Collection Water Sewage 24 MVP August September 2016 August September 2016 MVP 25 Fight of Winning the life by Jennifer Fenwick 26 MVP August September 2016 her Moment by Moment It happens in moments. The moment you realize something is wrong. In the fall of 2015 our seventeen year old daughter Emma became too ill to continue attending school church and her other activities. She had been steadily losing weight and experiencing abdominal pain whenever she tried to eat. Night sweats debilitating muscle spasms in her lower back itching and unexplained fevers accompanied the weight loss. Our initial doctor visits referred us to a gastroenterologist for further testing. The colonoscopy came back normal. However the hepatobiliary (HIDA) scan revealed that Emma s gall bladder was not functioning and needed to be removed. Our initial reaction was one of immense relief. This would be a fairly easy surgery with minimal recovery time. Our hope was that Emma would very quickly return to her regular health and energy. After the surgery her struggle continued. Her weight loss continued and the pain she was experiencing in her back continued to worsen. She was often bedridden. Many tests over several months and her doctors were still puzzled with the cause of her illness. In February we were given an emergency referral to Shands Children s Hospital in Gainesville FL. Emma was admitted immediately and underwent extensive testing by a team of pediatric specialists including oncologists infectious disease doctors and rheumatologists. Her oncologist Dr. William Slayton was the physician who ultimately discovered the Reed-Sternberg cells in her lungs following the bronchoscopy he ordered. Reed-Sternberg cells are most generally associated with Hodgkin s disease (lymphoma). With this information in hand Dr. Slayton was able to convince the surgeons to perform a biopsy on the lymph nodes in Emma s neck and the bone marrow of her lower back. Following the biopsies Emma received a full body positron emission tomography Hodgkin s Lymphoma a cancer that affects about 1 out of 300 000 children. The moment the doctors tell you your child has cancer. I will never forget that moment the moment Dr. Slayton came into the room where John (my husband) Emma and I were sitting. Dr. Slayton an upbeat man with a larger than life personality told us he had both bad and good news. The bad news he said Emma you have cancer. The good news it s a highly treatable cancer with a fairly high recovery rate. He went on to explain the Hodgkin s diagnosis the treatment and the prognosis. I was thankful John was there as I m not sure I was processing anything that was being discussed. I just kept looking at my daughter and hearing she has cancer over and over again in my mind. Recently John and I had witnessed his sister and her husband lose their thirty-three year old daughter our niece Cassy to breast cancer. We had also just lost John s sister Monica to brain cancer the previous spring. For our family cancer was a very bad painful thing. I could feel my heart beating and the sting of the tears that I wanted to shed but wouldn t because I didn t want to scare Emma. So I sat. I nodded when appropriate and let John handle all the questions. When Dr. Slayton left I turned to Emma. Normally introspective this moment was no different. She didn t want to talk. She wasn t crying or angry. She was quiet. She was processing. For John the reaction to the words your child has cancer was quite different from mine. We have all heard the phrase God has a plan he explained But it s not exactly comforting when you have to say it to yourself. As a father you are always ready to protect your children you guide them let them stumble a bit to toughen the skin but when it s serious you don t hesitate to step up that s what us parents do but this is Cancer . The word rolls in like a Tsunami from all directions. The false sense of your own control is immediately washed away by the fear of being helpless. I had faced helplessness before and have experienced fully the power of faith and trust. August September 2016 MVP 27 Emma was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin s Lymphoma a cancer that affects about 1 out of 300 000 children. (PET) scan to check for the presence of disease in her body. On March 7 after eighteen days of tests scans and surgeries Emma was diagnosed with stage 4 I don t consider myself religious but can say with confidence with all comprehensible explanations exhausted I have witnessed Jesus Christ step up for me. But now this ... this is as real as it gets. This was Emma s walk of faith. It was time. I had no choice but to let go and trust. Mom will you come crochet with me That s the first thing Emma said when we were alone. I looked at John who simply nodded. We crocheted for over an hour watching the TV and not saying much. Finally Emma put down her work and turned to us. In that short amount of time we had been quietly working Emma had been thinking going over everything in her mind in her usual quiet way. The moment your seventeen year old daughter chooses to face her challenge with dignity and grace. I was disappointed Emma explained because the doctors had ruled cancer out several times before. I was scared but also relieved that it was the more curable of the two lymphomas. I was ready to start treatment. The following day Emma underwent surgery to insert her port and she began her first round of chemo that evening. I knew I couldn t change the outcome Emma said or that chemo was something that wasn t going to be easy but was necessary. I wanted to get it over with. Plus I knew the quicker we started and the faster things got thrown at me the less time I would have to stop and really think about it. Her sister Nichole nine years her senior and her boyfriend Trey more like a brother to Emma since he and Nichole began dating when Emma was seven arrived later that evening. Emma was grateful they were there because of the close bond the three of them share. They call themselves the three musketeers. They are more than siblings they re 28 MVP August September 2016 a team and the best of friends. Nichole (Colby as Emma calls her) and Trey were a constant source of comfort and support throughout the entire journey for Emma John and I. They made sure they were in Gainesville for every chemo treatment and as often as possible during the duration of her treatment. We wanted to help her escape Nichole explained or at least to positively distract her from what was happening in reality all around her. She and Trey would often take Emma on long car rides through the canopy of trees around Shands while jamming and singing at the top of their lungs. They also played guitar and board games into the wee hours of the morning as Emma was receiving her chemo. One of their favorite things to do was sit in the gazebo at Rob and Emily s listening to the rain or the night crickets. Those moments helped Emma get into a good mindset for an upcoming chemo treatment or hospital visit. It s like we were in our own world like a tether to the light not stopping for one second to let the darkness catch up. encapsulated When Emma lost her hair Nichole cut hers short and Trey shaved his head too. The pictures of the three of them together in the hospital still make me smile. Nichole who works in the medical field began keeping copious notes regarding Emma s condition and treatments. She became one of her sister s strongest advocates. which is what I needed. I needed them to remain positive and strong to keep me positive. The moments you witness small miracles from ordinary people who go out of their way to be extraordinary sources of comfort and strength. The doctors and nursing staff at Shands were world class in their treatment of our daughter. They were compassionate and sympathetic caregivers. Emma grew very close to her nurses. The bond between patient and caregiver was further strengthened by Emma s positive energy and outlook. Oftentimes she could be found in her wheelchair hooked up to her drip at the nurse s station playing her guitar or ukulele and singing with the staff. She grew particularly close to a few of her nurses who would often come in during their off hours to watch movies with her paint her nails or just hang out for a while. They brought so much light and love every time they entered the room. The students from the University of Florida who volunteer in an organization called Streetlight were also a big part of Emma s stay at Shands. The group whose motto is bringing the light from the street into the lives of hospitalized adolescents spends countless hours at Shands visiting patients playing video games watching movies and participating in music and art activities with them and their families. Emma spent a lot of time with the volunteers often going to their lounge area and jamming with them. The hospital also has an arts and music program with very talented musicians volunteering hours of their time visiting patients and playing and singing with them. Emma looked forward to their visits and always had her guitar ready so she could play and sing along. John and I were amazed by their vocal and musical talents but more so by their selfless giving and the smile they always put on our daughter s face. Of the experience Emma explained I had seen and heard stories about charitable people giving their time to children s hospitals and children with cancer. It honestly didn t even feel real that I was one of those kids. A lot of the time I felt like they shouldn t be wasting their time on me and instead they should be with the other kids in the hospital. However it August September 2016 MVP 29 The moments you witness your child to face rise up her challenge with a absolute faith in her Heavenly Father. strength that comes from her After talking with us and Dr. Slayton Emma chose to participate in an experimental drug study that would potentially help her as well as further the likelihood of a complete recovery for future children affected by this and similar cancers. For those of us who know Emma this choice came as no surprise. It was simply another testament to her faith and her willingness to be an instrument for God s glory. The blind study was administered throughout her chemotherapy treatment however neither Emma us nor her doctors knew if she actually received the experimental drug or the normal course of treatment. Emma would eventually undergo five rounds of very aggressive chemo. Not surprising to her dad and I Emma took it all in stride maintaining a positive attitude high spirits even when she was physically at her lowest point and trusting in God every step of the way. Like I said before Emma stated I knew I would have to go through treatment and that it wasn t going to be easy. So instead of making it harder by having a negative attitude I kept a good outlook and a positive attitude. I also had to be strong for my family. I knew that if I was down they would be too. Or if I was positive they would also be positive nice seeing new faces come through the door. The musicians were amazing. They were so talented and reminded me that music was a distraction I ve used for years before my diagnosis. It was the perfect way to pass the time connect with other people and keep my mind off things while enjoying myself. We were very fortunate to have family in Gainesville. Our nephew Rob and his wife Emily opened their home to us even going so far as to provide Emma with her own room. We are forever grateful for their sacrifice. Emily cooked many meals for us often bringing them to the hospital. An artist and craft lover she always made sure Emma had paints and art projects to occupy her time. She even brought board games to the hospital and played with the kids late into the night even though she often had to be at work the next day. We were so very blessed to have both she and Rob and will never forget their My work family at Applied Research Associates Inc. made sure I had time to concentrate on my daughter kindness. and my family. My colleagues stepped in and picked Many of our family and friends made the drive to up my work load handled my projects sent cards Gainesville just to spend a few hours with Emma. and letters donated funds to Emma s account and Emma was placed on countless prayer lists and she even sent me daily texts and emails to remind me received care packages from people she knew as well that they were praying for us and were there if we as complete strangers who had heard about her story needed anything. I can t tell you how much that and wanted to reach out to her in some way. All the meant to me. cards letters donations to her GoFundMe account gift baskets and comic books (Emma is a collector) brought The moments you celebrate each time your a smile to her face and so much joy. Her room at Rob daughter opens her eyes each time she smiles each and Emily s was filled to the brim with the posters time the doctors bring positive news. banners cards pictures and comic books she received. A childhood friend of Emma s Taylor Phagan who she met when she attended the after school program at Girl s Inc. remembered Emma s love of all things Harry Potter. Taylor organized a community fundraiser for Emma s GoFundMe account with a Harry Potter theme. When I heard about Emma s illness Phagan said I remembered our mutual love of Harry Potter and I wanted to do something to help her. It all just kinda grew from there. The event Emma goes to Hogwarts was held at Girl s Inc. on Saturday May 14 2016. The first three Harry Potter movies were shown on a large projection screen there was Harry Potter themed concessions activities and raffles with prizes. The Let s Raise Our Wands to End Cancer themed event raised over 1 200.00 for Emma s fund. One of the best moments I remember came after Emma s first stay at Shands. She had been at Shands for almost three weeks. Her best friend since grade school Callie Smith contacted me and told me that she and her mom were going to surprise Emma by driving to Gainesville that weekend. We wanted it to be a surprise so I told Emma she would be getting a special delivery on Friday evening. Emma just assumed it was another package. Nichole and Trey were already there. Callie texted me when they arrived so I could let them in without alerting Emma. We snuck down the hallway to Emma s room I opened the door and told Emma her special delivery had arrived. It was such a sweet moment when Callie stepped out from behind me. She and Emma both burst into tears and held on to each other for the longest time. We were all crying at that point. 30 MVP August September 2016 Following her second round of chemo Emma underwent another PET scan to determine how she was responding to the treatment and to determine if radiation would also be needed. After the scan Dr. Slayton called us in to an office so he could pull the results up on the computer. He was brimming with excitement so we knew something good was about to happen. He pulled up Emma s original scans first and we could plainly see the extent of the disease throughout her body. Then he pulled up the second newest scans and what we saw absolutely floored us. I ve rarely seen results like this He exclaimed It s like looking at an entirely different person. Emma you re a rock star The new scans were virtually clean the difference between the two sets was miraculous From that moment on Dr. Slayton referred to Em as his Rockstar not only for the music they shared and loved but because she had responded so well to the treatment. I will never forget that moment the absolute joy I felt for my daughter and the grateful heart I had for all the people who had worked so hard to care for her and get her to that point. In June after her final round of chemo and follow-up scans Emma was proclaimed cancer free. Although she will be closely monitored throughout the coming year and must return to Shands periodically for tests and breathing treatments she has since resumed a fairly normal life. She began her senior year at Bay High in August and is adjusting well to life at home. Mr. Brian Bullock Assistant Principle and Mrs. Emily Messer Emma s guidance counselor at Bay were instrumental in Emma being able to graduate with her class in 2017 though she missed almost her entire junior year of high school. The support our family received from the Bay High community as a whole was tremendous Mr. Bullock and Mrs. Messer reached out to me through email on a regular basis and were quick to reassure John and I that they would work with us and Emma to make sure she would have an extraordinary senior year. We are forever grateful for their support and care of our daughter and their willingness to work with her on every level. Again it was those countless miracles we witnessed on an almost daily basis that provided the strength and comfort we needed to see us through. It was a constant reminder of how important the little things are when you re faced with what feels like insurmountable odds. It s in those moments you know there is a story much greater than you that needs to be told. This story is really Emma s. She was at the heart of it all. It was her courage and strength that inspired so many. Her willingness to embrace this trial she had been given and to trust in God to see her through that ultimately lead to her recovery. I asked each member of our family starting with Emma to describe the journey in their own words. Gratitude was at the heart of every story. For Emma the experience has taught her to be more grateful for life itself. I ve learned to be grateful for the hard times she said because without them the good times wouldn t be as good. I ve learned more about myself about who I am. I ve learned how to cook because I watched countless hours of Food Network (she says smiling). I ve learned that even in the toughest of times you can make great memories. I ve also learned that tough times bring out both the best and sometimes the worst in people. And I ve learned that the way you think can change not only your experience but also those around you. If you re positive it affects others in a positive way. Most importantly though I ve learned that worrying is pointless because you aren t in control. I ve learned August September 2016 MVP 31 to trust God in all things no matter the outcome. I am grateful for all the support from friends and family explained John. But nothing affected me more than the willingness of new clients to wait for my return to conduct business with my company or the complete strangers who called me to say I heard of your situation and just wanted you to know I m praying for your family. It seems like today in our society the focus is on what separates us what makes us different from each other. The truth is we are not that different at all. In the five months we spent in and out of the hospital I witnessed people of all backgrounds conduct random acts of compassion. I watched as strangers shared in each other s joy and sometimes in each other s grief. I sit here today and ponder the idea that the beauty of faith is its power to overcome fear and that the beauty of love is its capacity to strengthen our faith in each other. It is these little things that make the biggest differences. I am grateful for all the little things. The bond that holds us together was inevitably going to get stronger Nichole explained of the experience. This whole thing just made that happen faster. Watching someone so close to you go through something so heavy on their own brought on a lot of feelings of helplessness which only made every moment between us all the laughs and all the tears much more genuine. There is so much to learn in comforting someone and in helping to ease their pain. In those moments the joy and gratitude runs so deep within your heart. I look at my little sister and see the strength I wish I had. I don t know if I could ve risen up so beautifully and faced the challenges with the lion s heart she did. I am so grateful I got to witness her strength and beauty. But more than all that I am so very grateful we got to bring her home. Trey marveled After far too many negative experiences with these horrible afflictions affecting loved ones it was truly a miracle to witness someone so close to me have a near perfect positive reaction to all stages of treatment. Just being by Emma s side with Nichole and the family during each and every treatment cycle taught us something new about each other and about ourselves. I have a new found 32 MVP August September 2016 respect for Emma and her family and I am so very grateful for the life we share. As a mother this journey with my child changed me forever. I know my husband agrees. For me I prayed harder than I ever have before. I grasped each moment and held it close to my heart because I knew I d never be the same. My life was boiled down to the most basic things my child her fight her needs her triumphs. I sat on the sidelines witnessing the sheer grace and strength of the beautiful soul God entrusted me with from the moment of her birth. I realized early on that I had to give her over to Him knowing that whatever happened His will His plan was in play. That s not to say I didn t have moments of doubt moments where I broke down moments in which I struggled. But every time I witnessed Emma rise up and face each challenge with a strength and dignity that surpassed anything I had ever imagined I was reminded to be grateful grateful for each small miracle. It s was in those moments I realized that though I d have willingly taken Emma s burden as my own that God chose her to move through this challenge for a reason. That He provided her with abundant strength and grace and wisdom beyond her years. That no matter the outcome every moment in her presence was a gift. In that moment when the doctors tell told us she was cancer free....that was the moment my heart overflowed with gratitude. It was also the moment I think I finally breathed again. Bay County Thanksgiving ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Bay County Thanksgiving Assistance Program (BCTAP) has been helping over 400 plus local school children and their families cope with the increased costs of Thanksgiving for over 30 years. Under the direction of a coordinator BCTAP collects food sorts and distributes to needy families throughout the school district. The original founder of BCTAP was my father Greg Boggs who was the business manager for the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union 366 (PSLU). Many other local unions including International Chemical Workers Union (ICWU) supported this project. ICWU continues to play a crucial role in this project. I began overseeing the Bay County Thanksgiving Program after my dad s retirement 11 years ago. Community volunteers collect the food donations from schools and various local businesses. The donations are staged at the Panama City Fire Department and sorted. They are bagged according to the size of the recipient s family and taken back to the appropriate school for the families to collect. Needy families are identified by the guidance counselors or other administrators from the local schools. The event kicks off during the first few weeks of October with the schools starting their canned food drives. Magic Broadcasting has a school party for the school that brings in the most non-perishable items. You can help by sending in non-perishable food items or monetary donations Monetary donations can be made at any Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union location. Happy Thanksgiving Bay County Jennifer Watson IONS FOR ROP OFF LLOCATIONS FOR DDROP OFF OCAT ms Non-Perishable ititems Non-Perishable e Panama City Bay County Schools Panama City Bay Br ing You In Can r sK ids The Pittman Firm P.A. County Schools office & Fitness Magazines MVP Health Sports & Fitness Magazines office MVP Health Sports owntown) 433 Harrison Ave (D 433 Harrison Ave (Downtown) l Therapy First Choice Physica Therapy First Choice Physical 2300 Jenks Ave 2300 Jenks Ave Lynn Haven Lynn Haven 7106 Laird Street Magic Broadcasting 7106 Laird Street Magic Broadcasting Suite 102 PCB Suite 102 PCB 30A Healthy Marketing The Price Law Firm August September 2016 MVP 33 oe N M eet Macey Sullivan the daughter of Michael and Tish Sullivan. A one in a million smile matched with the one in a million chance of developing Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomylitis (CRMO). Macey a local girl has been struggling with this disease since she became symptomatic at five years of age. CRMO is an inherited autoinflammatory disease the causes the bones to develop lesions inflammation and pain. While predominately a 34 MVP August September 2016 CRMO is an inherited autoinflammatory disease that causes the bones to develop lesions inflammation and pain. IN A MILLION childhood disease in females adults have also been diagnosed with it. A bone biopsy is used to make a diagnosis after the MRI has Macey and eighty-year old pediatrician Dr. Heldrich from Johns Hopkins in ruled out other Baltimore Maryland. possible causes. The prognosis on this disease varies greatly. Some patients suffer rare flare ups while others live in a state of constant discomfort. For some this disease subsides as the patient enters adulthood. Currently Macey experiences debilitating flareups approximately 50% of the time. The family is grateful for the times with minimal pain. Macey has Saving Up a Spoonful of Energy some ability to prepare for major events in her life through medication and rest. She calls it saving up a spoonful of energy for when it is needed. This past spring her boyfriend Scott Fester capitalized on her spoonful of energy saying with a clever Promposal to his Senior Prom at Mosley High School. Scott understands physical challenges as well. He has Type 1 Diabetes currently being managed with an insulin pump. August September 2016 MVP 35 Macey and her mom after getting her port out in September of 2016 Her Christian faith has kept her positive throughout her journey including a vast array of medications infusions surgeries and hospitalizations. If you passed Macey on the street you would notice her one in a million smile but you would never believe she was the one in million diagnosis for CRMO. Her positive attitude exudes through her twinkling eyes. Through the homebound program offered by Bay District Schools Macey was recently able to complete the requirements for her high school diploma. Currently she is working at Grace Presbyterian Church teaching two year olds and helps with Kids Connection at Hiland Park Baptist Church. In the Spring she plans to attend Gulf Coast State College. Through all of this the smiling young lady awaits a cure to this very enervating disease. If you are seeking more information on CRMO or you are looking for assistance in dealing with CRMO the Autoinflammatory Alliance ( is dedicated to promoting awareness proper diagnosis proper treatment and improved care for patients with autoinflammatory diseases including CRMO. Bay High Baseball Dr. Buttram provides quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment to patients of all ages Bay County s only Invisalign Premier Provider offering Invisalign and Invisalign teen Complimentary consultation Braces for children and adults Affordable financing J. RANDAL BUTTRAM DMD Tee off November 12 2016 Bay Point Meadows Golf Course Tee Time 8 30 AM F OTS O IZES L PR GREAT GATHER A TEAM & SUPPORT BAY HIGH BASEBALL OUT ON THE GREEEN For more information call Lee McArthur Scott at 850-819-7833 or email leemcarthurscott Accepts and bills most insurance CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 850-785-5500 2929 Highway 77 Panama City FL 32405 36 MVP August September 2016 August September 2016 MVP 37 TYLER RISH 23 Son to CR Rish and the late Shona Halley Rish Cardiac Registered Nurse at Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Tyler maintains his workout regime by hitting the gym at least three days a week playing tennis for cardio and golf once a week with his father. He loves listening to hip hop music loudly through headphones for inspiration. Comfortable headphones comfortable shoes and good company are a must have in his book Having recently lost his mother he uses her commitment to fitness as his inspiration. He strives to continue to make her proud in everything he does. struggle for You can have whatever you are willing to CHRISTINA HARRIS 24 Daughter of Frank and Renata Harris Insurance Agent at Broward Hall Agency Christina loves sunset walks in St. Andrews with her pup. Striving for a good balance between working out and diet has been a life long struggle for her. Currently she does crossfit 4 to 5 days per week at Mirror Image CrossFit. She also enjoys running with her pup on the alternate days. Her bucket list includes running a half marathon Christina seeks to be healthy happy and feel good about herself On the days that she struggles with finding motivation she reminds herself of what she felt like when she was not healthy and happy with her body image. This gets her off the couch In addition to working out she participates in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in October. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor Come out and join her mother s team ERIN WYNN 25 Wife of Michael A. Wynn Mother of two fur-babies Harmon (Cove Cat) & Major (Golden Retriever). 38 MVP August September 2016 Husband to Amanda Father to Corban and Carsen Coach and Personal Trainer with Mike Walker Fitness Mike Walker lives fitness His fitness routine includes weightlifting running biking swimming Crossfit powerlifting Strongman and gymnastics. His recreational activities include football baseball surfing cycling ultimate Frisbee running swimming Crossfit competitions and beach volleyball. When not working out or working Mike volunteers at the local elementary schools middle schools and high schools providing sports performance coaching training for running and educating training students in weight-loss weight-lifting Strongman and Crossfit principles. Mike surrounds himself with good people positive attitudes sunshine and salt water for inspiration. He strives to maintain the ten components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance stamina strength flexibility power speed coordination agility balance and accuracy) while also enjoying life. His motivation comes from his need to honor GOD with his abilities demonstrate a healthy lifestyle to his family and help others in the community to do more than they ever thought possible. MIKE WALKER 35 Our time here is short pursue today like there is no tomorrow Smile more laugh often meet a stranger sing out loud dance like no one is watching and help others every chance you get. The only limitations on your life are your own NATALIE ANN RYAN 30 Daughter of Michael & Melissa Ryan Realtor Property Manager at Century 21 Ryan Realty Natalie enjoys resistance training at her Pulse class hosted by Sequence Fitness 4 or 5 times a week. In addition she does her cardio workouts outside three days a week. She enjoys bicycling and jogging. She also does yoga once or twice a week at 23rd Street Yoga or Sequence Fitness. She plays softball golf and tennis. She also enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding. She is training to do the Run through Paradise half marathon in December. This is a qualifier race for the Boston Marathon. Her motivation is her pursuit of a healthy mind and body from dieting and exercising. Everyone has to start somewhere so let your mind overcome matter and have you will not look back. do something that you have never done before. Once you see the results then the courage to start now. Start today and run with it Be courageous and August September 2016 MVP 39 RACHAEL BURNETSKY MARIE COWEN 44 44 Mother to Spencer Taylor and Emilee MC Style Hair Salon While Maria maintains a very busy schedule between her salon responsibilities and her duties as an assistant volleyball coach for Volley for Christ she is still able to find time for her fitness routine. Her routine includes incline walking running weight training core strength training and stretching daily. She loves running on the bridge and the beach. She is currently training for a half marathon scheduled in December. Her motivation to always strive to be her best rests in her children. She feels as though you either let age impair you or you fight it and enhance your life. Thompson you anything you have not worked for JT much time you have invested and will not give You can t cheat the grind. It knows how the rest. Rich Dotti You do what you want and make excuses for STEVE NEWSOM 49 Firefighter EMT with Walton County Striving for a healthy active lifestyle this Northstar Church member and Bay County resident does light weight training and advanced cardio as part of his regular fitness routine. Steve volunteers with the Annual Mask Gala for Covenant Care. Covenant Care provides funding for Hospice Care Home Care Palliative Care and Alzheimer s Care. He also volunteers through Northstar. He recently went to Kiu Kenya on a mission trip. He is an avid traveler and explorer. He loves whitewater rafting hiking in the mountains and horseback riding. His recent travels include San Francisco Yosemite National Park Seattle Alaska Victoria BC Grand Teton National Park Prague and Rome. Steve strives to live a healthy and active lifestyle. He believes we are built to move His motivation is to be where he was physically 7 years ago. His job as a first responder acts as a constant motivator. you don t It is pretty simple either you do it or 40 MVP August September 2016 Full time faculty Florida State University in Panama City Fl Mike uses a very comprehensive approach to training. He combines strength and endurance exercises with stretch balance diet sleep and daily dance practice. Mike enjoys ballroom dancing at Dance Life Dance Studio in Panama City. He plans to compete on the national level within three years. In addition he has competed and placed in the 2015 NPC Panama City Championships the Tallahassee Natural Winter Classic and the Masters Men s Physique. Recently Mike has taken a vice president s role in Dancing for Hope Healing and Health Inc. D4HHH is a newly formed non-profit that is working to support the research-based Dance for PD program to help people with Parkinson s and other neurological movement disorders. I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence Two roads diverged in a that has made all the difference. Robert Frost wood and I I took the one less traveled by And MIKE WALLACE 56 JAN AKER 50 Wife of Dr. Anthony Aker Mother of Ashton Wellborn and Andrew Aker Pharmacist with Walmart Jan s fitness routine includes doing crossfit twice a week playing tennis daily and doing pilates daily. She regularly competes in tennis matches throughout the panhandle. Jan s fitness goals are to be strong stay healthy and remain flexible. She believes an individual must do cardio weights and some sort of flexible activity every week if not every day. Your body needs different exercises for bone strength endurance and mind to body development. Her father is her motivation. He had her in the gym at the age of 15 years old and she has not stopped since. He is 84 and still bikes 3 to 4 hours a day. In addition he still walks lifts weights and does the elliptical. You are never too old to learn something New and better yourself. Don t accept being stagnant in life August September 2016 MVP 41 DEDEE HIGBY 76 Mother of Cliff Mark and Chris Grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren Artist Dedee was a stay at home mom and community volunteer. For over 25 years she was deeply involved with the Science and Discovery Center (formerly the Jr. Museum) painting murals and backdrops for the museum exhibits as well as anything else needed. At the age of 40 she began walking three times a week and attending Jazzercise. Later she joined the Wellness Center and began enjoying aerobics nautilus machines and yoga classes. Flexibility balance strength and inner peace are the great benefits of practicing yoga. Her goal is to stay as strong as possible so that she can keep painting and see her grandchildren grow up Stay Positive and Keep Moving DANNY C. ROGERS 67 Husband to Becky Rogers Father to Erin Tranum Grandfather to Cole and Anslee Retired from Advantage Sales and Marketing Danny is a member of First United Methodist Church of Panama City and a member of Hammerdown Multisports. He does charity rides in various cities throughout the Florida panhandle and Alabama. After playing college baseball at Lurleen B. Wallace Jr. College in Andalusia Alabama Danny remained committed to fitness. Today he works out predominately on his bicycle. He rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the cove. He does 28.5 miles in the morning and an additional 20 miles in the afternoon. On Saturdays he rides 50-100 miles. He tries to average 500 to 600 per month. During inclement weather he rides his Lemond spin bike. In addition to biking Danny enjoys kayaking. 6000-7000 miles a year Maintain a healthy mind & body.... Ride 42 MVP August September 2016 To Win the By Karen Smith Race of Life... SLOOOOW it down. on the table and was in quiet meditation for that entire time. I laid still and allowed the prayerful healing time to consume me. As I felt the calm and the healing energy I just smiled and thought I got this I know what to do. Now I just have to do it. Today when I get finished with my day (which I intend to end before 9 00 tonight) I am going to take a walk on our beautiful beach. I am not breathing well yet but I believe with each step I take and each breath of the salt air there will be healing. Funny thing about exercise is that when we don t feel like it doing it we need it the most. We just have to match the pace to where we are. So I cannot run right now but I can sure walk until I get there. This is my declaration with you all as my witnesses Starting today I am taking charge going back to basics and taking care of the most important thing I have - my health. Without it I cannot do the good that God put me here to do. So in the meantime deep breathes healing thoughts and slow walks until I am running again. O kay confession time I have been sick as a dead mule for many many many months. I have had countless friends tell me to slow down take care of yourself sleep more than 3 hours a night eat right don t work 80 hours a week yada yada yada. I rolled my eyes and kept plodding along. I am superhuman and the rules don t apply to me. Well it turns out I am NOT superhuman and the darn rules do apply to me. When I used to play golf my golf coach would say if you are screwing up go back to the basics. Get your grip and stance right and your body will follow. That got me thinking... Perhaps there are some basics to health that I am ignoring. I admit that I am a workaholic to the greatest degree and I love all that I do for my charity-work and my work-work. I don t know how to give any of that up. However I do know there are some things that I can do to help myself. Perhaps in sharing I can help all of us. When I was my healthiest I did a few specific things. I started each day in prayer and meditation wrote affirmations ate healthy and exercised. For some reason I have pushed all those things aside so that I could fit more work in Last night I participated in a reiki session for an hour and a half - you read that right - I laid there Karen August September 2016 MVP 43 FIT FIRST RESPONDER Nick Stillwagon 33 Driver Engineer I Panama City Fire Department 44 MVP August September 2016 The life and job of a first responder means life and death for the citizens or ourselves so being able to perform at peak performance is crucial. prior Major League ball player with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization Nick Stillwagon pursues fitness with a strong commitment. Playing college baseball at North Carolina State and Faulkner University fostered the team brotherhood mentality. Combine this with two prior generations of firefighters in his family Nick was destined to be a fire fighter. Nick currently works as a driver engineer for Panama City Fire Department. His commitment to staying in shape is fed by his need to be the best firefighter he can be. He currently works out regularly at Phoenix Performance Fitness Gym. When his drive starts to fade he asks himself Would I want me showing up to save me if I was hurt or in trouble Nick has been working with Panama City Fire Department for five years. He is married to Terrie and they have a beautiful daughter Lilliana. A August September 2016 MVP 45 FIT FIRST RESPONDER Nick Hall 33 K9 Sheriff s Deputy I Bay County SheriFF S Office 46 MVP August September 2016 thirteen-year veteran of the Bay County Sheriff s Office Nick was born and raised in Panama City. He attended Panama City Christian where he lettered in football basketball baseball track and golf. He was an All Conference Athlete in football and basketball. He received an All County Honorable Mention for football. Nick plays softball twice a week basketball once a week and works out at the Sheriff s office gym with his wife and buddies Kevin and Chad five days a week. He follows the Jim Stoppani Workout Plan. He also rotates in the daily workout provided by Ed Naggiar from Human Performance Consulting. He has implemented a meal plan that was designed for him by John Barrameda. Nick enjoys being a first responder in the K9 Unit at Bay County Sheriff s Office because he gets to help people solve problems while working with his best friend K9 Lycan give back to his hometown in a positive way and work within the camaraderie and fellowship of his coworkers. He truly enjoys the strong ties between his coworkers. Staying in shape is important to Nick because in his line of work he believes everyday there is an inherent risk that you could be fighting for your life chasing a suspect on foot or having to physically save someone s life such as performing CPR or pulling them from a vehicle. Being in good physical health prepares him to be able to physically and mentally deal with these situations effectively. As a K9 handler he must be able to keep up with his K9. A This is my hometown and I am honored to have the opportunity to keep it safe. Nick is wearing pink to honor of his grandmother Ina Shirah who lives in Wewahitchka and was diagnosed last year with breast cancer. (She won her fight and is doing well ) August September 2016 MVP 47 GOT PAIN. More than one quarter of Americans (26%) age 20 years & over report that they have had a problem with pain of any sort that persisted for more than 24 hours in duration. National Center for Health Statistics Report 2006 Special Feature on Pain I had broken my tailbone last year and went to another Physical Therapy facility I did not get better so I came to First Choice Physical Therapy. After 2 weeks I could feel better mobility. My hip and leg has not hurt since I started my physical therapy at First Choice. The staff is WONDERFUL Thank you all. - Jean McElvey Call Us Today... 850-248-1600 48 MVP August September 2016 HAD PAIN. Will crunches get rid of my stubborn belly fat By James Thompson JT Short answer No (Sorry) Unfortunately it s impossible to remove body fat from any one specific area (known as spot reducing) by any one strength training exercise. The term SPOT REDUCING has been and will continue to be the unicorn of fitness and weight loss. Like the fabled unicorn it will never exist. Simply stated you can force your body to metabolize body fat for fuel but you can t tell it where to take it from. Lunges crunches squats and any other strength training exercise are great for muscle tone strength flexibility injury prevention etc. Unfortunately they have absolutely zero [direct] bearing on fat loss. I will elaborate on this in a discussion about genetics and BMR at another time. For example you could do 1 000 crunches a day (not recommended) and it would not help your stomach lose body fat. It will tone your muscles underneath but it will not help you see them. As I ve said for years Abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Body fat loss (from anywhere on or in our bodies) is the result of metabolized fuel for energy . So fat loss comes back to nutrition and cardiovascular exercise. Let s be clear strength training is equally if not MORE important overall. It plays an essential ongoing role in keeping fat off. In fact the better muscle-to-fat ratio you have the higher your metabolic rate is all the time. This translates to the more fuel aka fat your body uses for basic daily function... even while you sit at your desk reading the latest copy of MVP magazine. MORE MUSCLE LESS BODY FAT. MORE MUSCLE INCREASED ABILITY TO STAY LEANER NUTRITION & CARDIO LOWER BODY FAT NUTRITION & CARDIO LETS YOU SEE YOUR RESULTS August September 2016 MVP 49 50 MVP August September 2016 The DEEP TRUTHut abo this position is the most common recommended stopping point of a squat Therefore this would be the absolute worst place you could stop and reverse the motion especially under load. If flexibility allows heels staying planted and torso not flexing forward past 45 degrees a full squat where you lower yourself all the way to the ground is far safer on the knees than the traditional half squat (there are always exceptions such as persons with any specific medical or physical limitation). Think about this for a minute the joint angle of a typical leg extension machine which most people do without any hesitation and consider safe starts at - 90 degrees and completely relaxes. This makes a full squat much safer than even a leg extension. I have been repeating this for - 20 years and although there are many more people today who squat to depth I still get the occasional Squatting deep is bad for your knees and your back comment. When questioned no one ever seems to get beyond a trainer told me . Done properly with proper weight It s not just for athletes or people who are built a certain way it s for everyone. Squats. By James Thompson JT Squatting deep allows you to recruit your Glutes and hamstrings at the bottom of the movement. This allows you to balance out the forward pulling motion of your quadriceps. This balance of motion is necessary to maintain knee health. Ignore what the others are saying. To squat properly is to squat deep. PERIOD. We ve all heard it before if you squat below parallel you ll destroy your knees your kneecap will pop off like a champagne cork and the explosions from your knees will have everyone in the gym ducking for cover... Liar-Liar skinny legs on fire If you want great leg development along with strong knees and hips and a set of glutes that will turn heads then learn to squat and make it a consistent part of your leg routine. Overall it is the best leg development exercise ever conceived. You d be hard pressed to find anyone with a great set of legs who doesn t squat...that alone should be proof enough. Still want more evidence OK let s get a little more technical. The knee has four main protective ligaments that keep the femur from displacing on the tibia (ACL PCL MCL LCL). These four ligaments are most effective during full extension and full flexion. Full extension would be when you are standing full flexion would be when there is no daylight between your hamstring and your calf (yes butt to the floor). When the knee is at 90 degrees of flexion (the halfway point) these four ligaments are almost completely lax and cannot exert much of a protective force at the knee. Unfortunately SQUAT People JT DIE MYTH DIE As always consult your medical professional to determine your ability and health before beginning any new exercise program and have a qualified professional trainer assist you with proper form. August September 2016 MVP 51 Meet Robert Carroll This just goes without saying Life is Stressful and Busy. This too goes without saying. It is also a given but a frequently overlooked fact that children of all ages need time and attention from their parents. We the parents need to reduce our stress and live higher quality lives. We need to get-up from behind our desks out from under the florescent lights and breath. The perfect fix for all these needs is to have some fun with our children. In the article Importance of Family Time on Kids Mental Health and Adjustment To Life found on Dr. Gail Fernandez addresses the multifold importance of a parent spending interactive time with their child. She identifies five key benefits for the child when both parties are fully engaged in an activity together. Our Children are a Blessing. Robert Carroll 43 Civil Engineer McNeil Carroll Engineering Chairman of the Board Bay County Chamber of Commerce Candidate for Bay County Commissioner District 2 Husband to Sharon Father to Mia (12) and Gigi (8) Robert has spent the last six years bonding with his daughters at various soccer fields. Both girls are extremely athletic and competitive. They love soccer He has coached his daughter s teams for years. He watched both girls grow and develop their skills on the field and off. He also plays soccer for a men s league locally. Not only has Robert enjoyed the benefits of being involved in his daughters lives but the daughters are also grateful for their father s involvement in their lives MIA To me spending time with my dad is one of the 1. The child has the opportunity to model the parent s most important things in my life. He taught me about behavior. soccer. He taught me to never quit be a good sport try 2. The parent can identify the child s strength and your best and have fun GIGI Daddy has made me more confident in soccer. It has made me stronger and tougher My friends and I love 3. The child has a chance to voice their thoughts and having him for a coach We have all gotten so close as a feelings. team. I love my daddy weaknesses to guide them. 4. The parent and child develop a stronger bond. 5. The child feels important and loved. Bay County MVP has had the pleasure of meeting two Panama City fathers who have managed to combine these needs for an outstanding outcome. Both fathers are extremely grateful for the relationships they have developed with their daughters. While fostering SHARON It is great that each of us has our special time strong healthy relationships with their daughters with them. Although we all lead very busy lives the both maintain successful professional careers. most important thing to us is family. 52 MVP August September 2016 The Carroll family thrives on having special time together sit down dinners Sunday Church and ritual grocery shopping trips in addition to the soccer based activities. The family is active at Holy Nativity Episcopal Church. While Robert enjoys the soccer field with his daughters Sharon shares a common interest in music and the performing arts with Mia and Gigi. Blessed Robert Carroll with Mia & Gigi August September 2016 MVP 53 feeling Blessed 54 MVP August September 2016 feeling Wade Rinehart with Makaela & Marla Meet Wade Rinehart 42 Doctor of Physical Therapy First Choice Physical Therapy and Hyperbaric Centers of Excellence Husband to Alicia Rinehart Father to Makaela (14) and Marla (13) Wade has found common ground with his daughters through their mutual love of music. Their home is filled with pianos guitars ukuleles mandolins violins cajons drums etc. Even as infants they sat in Wade s lap while he played the piano or guitar. He is able to transcend the typical father daughter relationship with the musical bond. Frequently the girls and their father are joined in song by Alicia s beautiful voice. As Director of Music of the Wreck a student outreach program of Emerald Coast Fellowship Church Wade continues to enjoy music with his daughters and their friends. Wade s daughters are very grateful for their family and church. Makaela I am very thankful to be able to share my love for music with my father my little sister and my youth group. But behind all the stage lights and guitars we are simply a family who is dedicated to praising God with our heart mind and soul. I can truly say that it is such a blessing to be able to praise God with the ones you love. MARLA I am thankful to be able to sing and perform music for Jesus and to spread his word as a family through our church band. The Rinehart family lives and prays together. They praise God through their music. Citing Proverbs 22 6 Start children off on the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Wade and Alicia believe in actively raising their daughters in their church. WADE Besides my wife my girls are the most important thing to me. There is something special between daddies and daughters and being able to sing and share music with them is very special to me. I am so grateful to God every day for all of his goodness to me and my family. I have a heart of thanksgiving because I live Proverbs 23 6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever. The blessing of family is celebrated by both of these families. These fathers have extended the extra effort to bond with their daughters in a very special way. Taking no day for granted postponing no opportunity to further enhance this relationship both fathers strive to go beyond the basics of parenting. August September 2016 MVP 55 Ride For Ray September 8 2016 Ray Wishart was a long time Mosley teacher who was loved by so many in the community. Wishart passed away Monday August 22nd after his bike collided with a semi truck. In light of his death local club Hammer Down Multisport decided to host the event Ride For Ray hoping to start a conversation about biking safety and sharing the roads. Members of the group say Florida leads the nation in bicycling deaths. They want drivers to take precautions to help prevent biking tragedies. Friends and old co-workers of Mr. Wishart Deena Pate and Karen Johnson were out selling pink Wish t-shirts and bracelets. Off The Wall Print Shop supplied the shirts at a great rate which allowed them to sell the shirts for five dollars. They have sold well over 1 800 shirts so far to students locals and alumni from all over the country. The money raised went into the Wish Trust account in which Ms. Wishart will decide where to donate the money. The pink shirt is in honor of his wife Ms. Diane Wishart who is a breast cancer survivor. 56 MVP August September 2016 Golf FORE EDUCATION The Bay Education Foundation hosted the Century 21 Commander Realty Golf FORE Education Tournament in late August of this year at the Panama Country Club in Lynn Haven. For the seventh year this tournament raised money for the Take Stock in Children Scholarship Program for promising students who need financial assistance to attend college. This year s event brought in 28 000. or call 767-4111. August September 2016 MVP 57 58 MVP August September 2016 DON T LET SUMMER INJURIES BECOME WINTER PAINS. CALL TODAY 850.248.1600 NO REFERRAL NEEDED Model Home Now Open 1198 Eisenhower Circle located at College Point in Lynn Haven Open 7 Days a Week Karen Smith 850.527.5651 The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY & YOU