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WOMEN OF DISTINCTION Rosemarie K. Lanchester CCH CLYL Owner Everything You Wish For Speaker Workshop Leader Holistic Energy Practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist Whitman MA Sandy Duckett NPO Career Guidance Employment Services and Home Energy Programs Chief Executive Officer - We Are HOPE Inc. Rosemarie K. Lanchester CCH CLYL Owner Everything You Wish For Speaker Workshop Leader Holistic Energy Practitioner and Certified Consulting Hypnotist R osemarie K. Lanchester CCH CLYL is a Holistic Speaker Stress and Pain Relief Specialist Emotional Freedom Practitioner Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She provides hope and empowerment to people of all walks of life helping her clients achieve their personal and professional goals easily and safely. She uses her expertise to train clients how to neutralize harmful negative emotions such as anxiety stress sadness guilt and anger which eventually lead to pain held in the body. Lanchester launched her accomplished career after becoming a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1996. In order for her to keep her certification current Lanchester earns CEUs by attending an annual teaching conference held by the National Guild. At one such conference she learned Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT or Tapping . EFT is a self-administered non-invasive practice that allows the brain to neutralize painful memories events and traumas that create energetic blockages in the body. Left unprocessed these events will eventually manifest into pain or illness. Tapping can relieve a number of conditions including headaches insomnia dental pre and post-surgery fears chronic pain heartbreak cravings fear of public speaking anxiety phobias and even help release self-imposed financial blocks. Just about every problem you have can be helped with Tapping. Upon learning this practice Lanchester knew it was the tool she d been searching for not only for her clients but for herself as well. Having suffered childhood trauma she discovered firsthand the powerful effectiveness of Tapping. All she needs is the person s name and connects with them on a soul level to receive their permission by testing her own muscle. She works with powerful angelic realms to accomplish these Clearings. She guarantees results or you don t pay a dime. In addition to Empowerment Coaching Muscle Testing Laughter Yoga and Energy Clearing Lanchester has been offering Tapping services at her practice Everything You Wish For since it opened in April 2009. Rosemarie conducts in person private and phone sessions to people all over the country and accepts all major credit and debit cards for payment. She offers a Senior Discount of 20% as well as a 30 minute complimentary consultation by appointment. The techniques have worked wonders on Lanchester s clients who often tout her abilities to teach them how the body accepts healing once the emotions connected to the event(s) or memories are neutralized. Jennifer Hardy of Long Island New York writes Rosemarie thank you so much for introducing me to Tapping. Your powerful session cured my headache faster than I ever believed was possible when no traditional medication could help me. Better yet I haven t had a headache since learning about Tapping. You have made such a difference in my life. Bless you Mona Saad of Van Nuys California writes My biggest inspiration was through my own personal experience. I would not be alive today were it not for Tapping. It has saved my body mind and soul. My Clearing work has kept me from succumbing to dark energy forces. I feel very fortunate to have found these tools to share. I feel that I am living my life s purpose and have been chosen to give people hope to create a better quality of life. Today Lanchester teaches her clients Self-Hypnosis Emotional Freedom Technique and actual science known as Kinesiology or Muscle Testing which helps to determine the root cause of the disruption in the person s energy field. She holds certifications in an energy measurement technique called Dowsing and uses a method called Yuen to clear people from negative energetic attachments that dramatically shift anger anxiety and other negative feelings and thoughts toward hope and peace. After one session with you I didn t have pain last night or this morning. When my caregiver was giving me my bath for the first time in a long time I didn t scream or cry No one has ever helped me more in such a short period of time than you have Thank You Rosemarie for everything you are doing to help me heal Energy Clearing Renee R from Hanover Massachusetts writes My daughter now 21 suffered from severe anxiety and depression all of her life. As a child we brought her to many doctors and psychiatrists and even paid for private consults with an expert at Children s Hospital. She was diagnosed with different conditions and put on various medicines. Nothing worked. She never got better. She couldn t handle sleepovers was a mess when my husband and I went away had no interest in college because of her fears always very negative and hardly ever happy. After the Energy Clearing Rosemarie provided both my husband and I saw a dramatic change within a couple of days...It was like she was a different person It was like she was freed. She has enrolled in college goes out with friends is making better food choices signed up for a gym and is doing great I know this drastic change is as a result of the Clearing Rosemarie did on her behalf. Rosemarie is a woman with a wonderful gift who just wants to help people. I highly recommend her. 4 Women of Distinction 5 Women of Distinction Physical Disfunction Kathy from Halifax Massachusetts writes I have had a physical condition called Phagophobia for a very long time. This condition causes severe difficulty with swallowing due to my extreme fear of choking. Before my appointment with Rosemarie I had to have all my food liquefied. After just one session with her I went home and had a tuna fish sandwich and salad It was the first solid food I had in 10 years Her work is EXTREMELY POWERFUL on a very deep level. She is a miracle worker Lanchester s goal is to offer unique stress programs to hospitals rehabilitation facilities corporations and businesses that wish to diminish their cost of staff retention lower insurance premiums and help their staff feel appreciated become healthier happier and more productive. These benefits will most definitely improve their bottom line While rewarding Rosemarie admits her career has not come without its challenges. The most difficult aspect of her practice is to encourage people to prioritize themselves and recognize the correlation between unprocessed negative thoughts feelings and emotions and the effects they have on their overall well-being. There are benefits to staying stuck and some people are not open to change even if it for their betterment. Throughout her career Lanchester has worked tirelessly to educate her community about the impressive benefits of these alternative healing techniques. A naturally gifted public speaker she shares her expertise as a lecturer and has taught networking skills on an adult education level through a local Community College. Additionally Rosemarie appears on local radio and television cable shows to shed light on the power of Tapping. She also offers free programs on stress management at her local library and has plans to volunteer at a new wellness center through the Nathan Hale Foundation Plymouth MA in support of our Veteran Community. Please visit for further information on services this organization offers our Veteran Community or to make a donation. 100% of monies donated are given to Veteran Services. A powerful documentary called Operation Emotional Freedom The Answer copyright 2010 by Skywriter Communications www.operation depicts this technique s effectiveness in helping our military members who are suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) In the process Operation Emotional Freedom puts forward The Answer to enabling how dysfunctional lives return to balance and productivity...literally saving lives Business Presentation Matthew Muratore State Representative of Plymouth Massachusetts writes I am the former Administrator of Plymouth Rehabilitation Center of Plymouth MA. Rosemarie offered her presentation skills to this facility providing her expertise with effective ways to process stress and anxiety in the workplace. The presentation was for my upper management team. All who attended felt this of value especially a technique called Tapping that helped us process stress more effectively. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a program of this nature. Yvette Morse Director of Marketing River Bay Club Quincy Massachusetts writes Rosemarie was a guest lecturer at River Bay Club for our Wellness Fair. Her knowledge of the topics discussed was amazing and she really engaged the audience. She is a great speaker presenter who knows how to connect to the audience and get them on board with trying new techniques to handle stress and pain I hope to be an inspiration to many who have lost hope to recognize their own power to heal their bodies and minds and live a life with better quality A proponent of professional networking with those making strides in their specific industries Rosemarie is an active member of several groups including The National Guild of Hypnotists The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology The Plymouth Networking Group a community based organization who supports the senior population of Plymouth MA and South Shore Women s Business Network since 1996. This organization helps support all men and women who are pursuing their professional aspirations. She encourages those desiring to enter into the wellness fields to practice self-healing before attempting to help others as a professional. Frank Callahan former owner of Right at Home Rockland Massachusetts wrote I had Rosemarie do a workshop on stress management for my nursing staff. They came away so impressed that several of them started promoting Rosemarie s techniques at their caregiver support groups relatives and friends. I highly recommend this program 6 Women of Distinction In addition to owning Everything You Wish For Rosemarie has been working as an independent sales executive for the past 26 years. Now in her late sixties Rosemarie continues to operate two successful businesses while being a care giver supporting partner and a mother of two successful professional children living in California. In her limited free time she enjoys live theater photography cooking creative photo album design and taking day bus trips with friends. Above all Rosemarie loves to make people laugh and enjoys sharing her abilities to help others live with their best quality. Q&A Q What do the spots represent A The spots represent the end points of the major energy centers of the body closest to the surface of the skin. Each point represents an organ system that holds a particular emotion(s). Q Why does tapping on these spots change how I feel A Tapping on the spots has a similar effect on the flow of energy throughout the body that acupuncture has. Releasing blockages allows ones energy to flow freely promoting balance and homeostasis thus relieving the symptom. Q How many times should I tap A Results can be achieved with just a few taps per spot. Rule of thumb tap as long as it takes to say a sentence and then move to the next spot. Q Can I tap anywhere on my body A Since there are specific reasons why you are tapping on particular spots one should adhere to the protocol. There are eight main spots. Q What if I miss a spot A This technique is all about intention. Results can be achieved even if you miss a spot. Q What do I say when I tap A Be real. Use your own language. Express how you are feeling. Talk like you would if you were speaking to a good friend. Q Are the results permanent A Most memories have several aspects to them. For example an event or memory may have sadness anger grief resentment or guilt associated with it. If for example the pain in you shoulder lessens but is not eliminated entirely there may be an aspect you have not considered. For best results be as specific as possible. Q When should I seek professional help A It is imperative to seek out a professional to help you process particular traumas. If you don t know what to expect you many not be prepared to process correctly. Results vary depending on your attitude and willingness to let go and trust in your body s ability to heal. Depending on the issue s severity three to six sessions are advisable before maximum results can be achieved. I hope that those who have known me will acknowledge that I always endeavored to make a positive influence upon them. My passion for self-awareness and ability to share my own life lessons has enhanced their lives so that they will continue to do the same for the betterment of mankind. You can reach Rosemarie by calling 781-447-7782 or visiting her website email Rosemarie 7 Women of Distinction Eva Perlman Network Marketing Independent Distributor for Organo Gold Los Angeles CA 8 Women of Distinction E va Perlman was born in Berlin Germany in 1932. However her family soon moved to Paris France where her father found work as a patent attorney. Eva lived in France until she was 24 years old when she met her American husband through a friend. It was love at first sight (literally) and we were married five weeks later. In 1955 Eva became a registered pediatric nurse in Paris France. Later in the 1960s she taught French to kindergarten students while living in Berkeley California. Years later she moved to St. Catharines Ontario Canada and worked as a part-time Ward Clerk at a hospital in nearby Welland before studying to become a certified management accountant. It wasn t until 1974 that Eva would find her true calling in network marketing. In 2013 she began working primarily with Organo Gold as an Independent Distributor. This is the company I will stay with for as long as I live. Organo Gold is primarily a health and wellness company selling coffees and teas that help people get healthier or maintain their health. All of the coffees and teas contain an infinitesimal amount of ganoderma lucidum (or reishi mushroom) which we cannot see taste or smell but it makes every cup alkaline. In China ganoderma is called the herb of longevity and has been used in Chinese medicine for over 2 000 years. Organo grows the certified 100% organic mushroom in the best facility in China. I fell into it by chance when I answered a newspaper ad that asked for a smiling person to help with a rapidly-growing business . It was a cosmetic company similar to Mary Kay in the U.S. I did parties for women giving a facial to the hostess and booking more parties with her guests. Over the next three decades Eva would work in various other positions but network marketing always stayed with her. She has been an independent representative of several networking companies including Melaleuca (for 16 years) SendOutCards and WorldVentures (for almost 9 years). Our products come in sachets each makes one cup. All you do is add five or six ounces of hot water and stir. The sachets fit in your purse or pant pockets and you can take them to restaurants hotels on planes or hiking and camping. Our coffee is so much healthier than regular coffee. It takes 17 cups of water to neutralize the acidity of one cup of regular coffee. But with our coffee you get no jitters crash or acid reflux in fact people with an ulcer can drink our coffee. I am absolutely passionate about our products. We have black caf latte caf mocha hot chocolate green and red tea and more. The gourmet coffees are micro-brewed and work like instant coffee but have not gone through the chemical processes that instant coffee goes through. They are all infused with ganoderma which makes the caffeine and the sugar invisible to the body. I am no longer pre-diabetic and my blood pressure has normalized even though I have been drinking three cups of caf latte (coffee with milk and sugar) every day for the last two and a half years. Ganoderma is just magical. It supports the immune system and helps with many health issues. I always encourage my customers to Google ganoderma health benefits ganoderma arthritis ganoderma insomnia ganoderma diabetes etc. As an Independent Distributor Eva works hard to build a customer base of coffee and tea drinkers who buy from her at retail prices as well as a network of distributors who will buy the products at wholesale and sell them. 9 Women of Distinction 10 Women of Distinction We build residual (or passive) income so the potential to make a good living is limitless for the right person. Network marketing is a difficult business because there are no constraints or deadlines. You have to discipline yourself get out of your comfort zone and accept rejection with a smile. That s why many network marketers never make much money they have no patience or perseverance and they quit three feet from the gold . But by the same token their ability to earn as much as they set out to earn is limitless. One of the greatest challenges that Eva has faced in this business is the need to not take rejection personally. Last year I attended a two-day seminar in Orange County at the Success Academy called The Entrepreneur Revolution . I believe in learning always. Eva has written a memoir that chronicles all that she has seen and experienced throughout her life. I don t think I have contributed anything tangible to the world but I believe in doing the best I can and being the best person I can be at all times. I help people who value their health keep it or get healthier and am looking for people who still have unfulfilled dreams and believe that there is more in life than what they have. After her husband passed away prematurely of leukemia at the age of 55 in 1988 Eva moved to California to be closer to her eldest daughter. People may reject my coffee they do not reject ME. Perseverance and persistence in the face of rejection are imperative. A certain degree of humility is necessary as well. Many people are unsuccessful in this industry because they lack patience and humility the discipline to follow the system and teachability. They also prejudge people. We never know what goes on in someone s mind we cannot decide for them if they are too rich too poor or too smart too dumb. You must always get up dust yourself off and start again after you fall. The biggest lesson I ve learned is to NEVER QUIT Quitters never win and winners never quit. Eva is also involved with the March of the Living an annual trip to Poland and Israel for high school seniors. My three children are all in their fifties now smart healthy and holding good jobs. Each has two children who are all in their twenties. They too are all working and happy. My eldest granddaughter who lives with her husband in Jerusalem is expecting her first child (my first great-grandchild) in March 2016 (which got me back into knitting). I have so much to be thankful for I accompany the students each year as one of several survivors of World War II in Europe. We tell our individual stories of survival to the students visit several concentration camps in Poland and march out of Auschwitz on Holocaust Day with 10 000 people from all over the world. Additionally she is invited (and always willing) to speak to students in schools about her story. At the age of 83 Eva is continuously on the move and hungry to learn new things each day. She is a member of a number of organizations and groups including the California Association of Holocaust Child Survivors and multiple networking groups. Eva also attends various conventions and other events held by Organo Gold. 11 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you do network marketing (or multilevel marketing) A Because I want to be my own boss without having to clock in and out of work every day and I want to make more money than a regular but limited paycheck provides. If I work hard for a boss I work for his business and he takes credit for what I do. I want to work for myself and not need to account for my activities to anyone but myself. Q Isn t multilevel marketing a scam or a pyramid A No if it were a scam I wouldn t do it. Besides the company would have been shut down long ago for doing something illegal. There are thousands of companies doing direct sales and using a multilevel marketing plan. Q How were you introduced to Organo Gold A I was invited to go meet the highest income earner in network marketing in the world. I knew that if you want to become successful you have to be with successful people. So I went not knowing what this person did but just to meet him. Before I knew it I was blown away by this man and his business. Even though I wasn t a coffee drinker I signed up. I ve become a devotee of the caf latte (with milk and sugar) 3 cups per day and my blood sugar has normalized. I was pre-diabetic I no longer am. My blood pressure which was too high for comfort has come down and is normal now. Q Why is coffee such a good business A Everyone is getting into coffee because it makes sense. 80% of the world drinks coffee and the profit margin of coffee is astronomical. That s why McDonald s now has the affordable McCaf and Burger King has the iced mocha . Their revenue has gone up considerably because they make more money with coffee than with hamburgers. Dunkin Donuts changed its logo worldwide to a coffee cup and many Subways are now open around the clock because there is more profit in coffee than in a sandwich. This business is international. Anyone in the 50 countries where Organo is now selling can go to my website sign up right there and build their business on my team in their country. Q What makes your particular coffee better A Our coffee is alkaline and packed with nutrients by the ganoderma lucidum which we infuse into every cup. People who can no longer drink coffee because it gives them acid reflux jitters or a crash afterwards or people who have an ulcer can drink our coffee. Our products are delicious our compensation plan is better than any other and our management team is made up of three energetic men of vision and integrity. Q Where does your coffee come from A Some of it comes from Malaysia some from Jamaica (Blue Mountain coffee). Q Who figured out this ganoderma benefit A Our founder Mr. Bernard Chua a Chinese man from the Philippines did ten years of research on ganoderma and decided to put the health into the habit so that people who don t like to buy supplements can get them in what they drink daily anyway. Of course we also have the capsules but there are so many supplements out there that the market can become quite confusing. Drink your coffee or tea or hot chocolate three times a day by just adding hot water and you have a gourmet drink with health built in. You may forget to take your vitamins but you won t forget your coffee Q When was Organo Gold founded A It was founded in 2008 became a marketing company in 2010 and has been growing very fast because the price is reasonable and the coffee is delicious and good for you. Q Do you like it A You bet I love it. The products are superb the compensation plan is wonderful and the management is second to none. Besides everyone drinks coffee. What is there not to like I don t have to explain what coffee is and never have to convince someone to drink coffee. Q When do you hope to have your manuscript published A I hope to publish it sometime this year. I have many people waiting for it and am working hard with my editor to finalize the format of the book. Q Are you going on the March of the Living again A Yes I m planning to go in May again for the sixth time and can hardly wait. It s always an exciting and meaningful trip. I m volunteering for the Builders of Jewish Education (BJE) that organizes these trips. Besides I will also get to meet my new great-granddaughter-to-be in Israel. Q Anything else A At various stages of my life I ve lived in France England Africa (Uganda) Switzerland Israel Canada and now in the United States for the past 27 years. 12 Women of Distinction The best things in life aren t things. Dr. Ann Marlow Riedling PhD in Theology EdD in Educational Administration Education Library and Information Science Educational Technology Educational Administration and Distance Learning Associate Professor (Retired) and 5-Time Fulbright Scholar and Specialist Louisville KY W We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill hile these words have provided great inspiration for Dr. Ann Marlow Riedling her greatest inspiration in life has been her father. Her Fulbright Specialist opportunities were conducted in Islamabad Lahore and Rawalpindi Pakistan. During that time she was asked to take a group of students to Ireland for a month to study abroad. Ann also took another group of college students to Israel and Turkey for a month-long educational experience. Over the years she has conducted many workshops and lectures and completed other invitations requests in the United States Philippines Belgium Germany Israel China Japan and other countries. He was behind me (and pushing me forward) every step of the way telling me to never ever give up to do what helps others and do it with a large smile on my face. He was well-traveled and an extremely giving caring and bright man. Although he passed away in 1999 his words will always remain with me. Ann began her career in 1973 as an elementary school teacher after graduating from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She later completed her Master of Education in Library Science and Educational Technology at the University of Georgia in 1974. This led to work with the Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA) in northern Georgia as a roaming technologist in a 14-county area. She later moved to Louisville KY where she worked as an Instructional Educational Design Specialist for the University of Louisville and then as Director of Circulation at the New Albany Public Library in Indiana. This opened the door to a 9-year career as a high school librarian at New Albany High School. During this time Ann also had the opportunity to teach in China at Fuzhou. Those experiences motivated Ann to obtain her Doctorate in Educational Administration and Distance Learning from the University of Louisville in 1996. Upon completing her degree Ann worked as an assistant associate professor and Department Chair of Library and Information Science (LIS) at Spalding University in Louisville. However she soon realized that she loved teaching remotely when working later as an online professor at Mansfield University (PA) San Jose State University (San Jose CA) University of South Florida (Tampa FL) and numerous other schools. Ann retired in 2013 to pursue volunteer and educational interests in a wide variety of fields continuing with her Fulbright Scholarships Specialist Grants and writing. This and her other travels became her purpose in life helping the uneducated and working in foreign countries. I love meeting other people and hope to continue working in a variety of countries Today Ann speaks to local groups about her experiences and spreads the word that most people in other nations are kind generous and giving. Regardless of their culture background religion thoughts and beliefs etc. most people are good souls and deserve the chance to receive love happiness and knowledge. I feel that the media tends to distort things focusing primarily on the bad . Via lectures workshops visiting schools and universities and numerous other avenues I help as many people as possible. I ship books to deserving countries and they are always so appreciative. I train librarians teachers faculty and administration regarding new techniques in teaching and technology as well as online learning. These knowledge-hungry people absorb every word and thank me many times over for sharing my knowledge and expertise. She has had the privilege of authoring publishing 15 textbooks two trade books and numerous articles and case studies. I want to share my experiences and appreciate all that I have been given as well as inspire others. Hopefully the textbooks I ve written have been educational and my trade books have given a different perspective to all who read them. Ann has also received numerous honors and awards from around the world. However she believes that success has nothing to do with what you can gain in life or accomplished for yourself it s about what you do for others (paraphrased from actor Danny Thomas). My first Fulbright was in 1999. I taught at the University of Bahrain (Kingdom of Bahrain) Queen Arwa University (Yemen) and in Egypt as an archives librarian. 14 Women of Distinction Don t give up. Love and help others. Care too much. Live life to the fullest and be the very best you can be. Do what you want to do and get the most satisfaction. Stay true to yourself and keep pushing and pushing to reach the goals or opportunities you wish or desire. She is married to Russ Riedling and has one daughter Marlow (adopted from Korea). Russ is retired and Marlow is an attorney in Louisville KY. When she s not spending time with them Ann volunteers her free time at a variety of places (hospice hospitals churches and more). She also enjoys weaving on a loom and has been a participant in many art shows. Weaving is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Ann believes that life is what you choose it to be. I have had a long hard road but finally achieved what is near and dear to my heart. As explained by Robert F. Kennedy Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. An unknown author also said Life isn t measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. And finally I believe in Ralph Waldo Emerson s words Dream as if you ll live forever love as if you will die today. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Learn through failures gain confidence through mistakes. Believe me I have had many of both but the key is to keep on going and never give up on your goals and yourself. Q&A Q How do you deal with failure A Respect it as a learning situation. Q Why visit many other countries A Because more can be learned in one week by experiencing a different culture than in a lifetime of reading. Q Why teach technology A It is a must in all cultures and societies. This is our means of communicating and sharing. Q Why teach information literacy A Because we have a plethora of information but lack in the knowledge to evaluate and appropriately use this wealth of information. Knowledge is power. Q Why does the instructor want me to use a wide variety of resources A Because Google is NOT the answer to everything and could be invalid unauthentic and biased. Try using subject directories and the invisible web as well and don t forget more traditional avenues such as books newspapers periodicals etc. Q How do you learn to get along with other people from other countries A Smile care and love appreciate the blessing of this experience. Q Why didn t you remain a K-12 librarian rather than get your doctorate A Because I wanted opportunities to touch even more people and to have the excitement of helping others throughout the world. Q Do you have any regrets A I wish I could have can do more to help. Q What are your plans for the future A To help others by volunteering and to hopefully travel to learn other cultures and share my knowledge and expertise. 15 Women of Distinction Claudia Moreno Williams HR and Management Consulting Founder and President - The Human Zone LLC Harrisburg PA C laudia Moreno Williams began practicing labor and employment law in 2003. For 12 years she served as a strategic advisor and counselor for management corporate clients in order for them to make informed employment-related decisions while walking the tightrope of employment laws (e.g. Title VII ADA FMLA GINA ADEA wage and hour wrongful discharge and unemployment compensation laws). Clients also sought her counseling and advice with regard to traditional labor matters (e.g. grievances arbitrations unfair labor practices collective bargaining contract administration and strategic planning). Most recently Claudia served as Associate General Counsel - Global HR & Litigation for The Hershey Company (aka Hershey s) an 8 billion global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company. I led the law department s labor and employment legal team to support the global needs of the human resources organization. I also led the law department s litigation team with responsibility for managing the company s global litigation portfolio. I worked closely with the Chief Human Resources Officer and other HR leaders providing support and advice on organizational HR initiatives goals processes procedures and enterprise risk management. I also provided guidance and information to the company s seniormost leaders corporate board of directors and various committees. Prior to joining The Hershey Company Claudia worked as a private practice attorney and had achieved the position of Equity Partner at her former firm Rhoads & Sinon LLP. While working as an attorney she served as an Adjunct Professor for The Pennsylvania State University teaching Labor-Management Relations to MPA candidates at the Harrisburg campus. Claudia received the Pennsylvania Bar Association 2015 Special Achievement Award in recognition of her pro bono commitment to veterans and first responders was named as one of the Central Penn Business Journal s 25 Women of Influence and was selected for inclusion in the 2008 2010 2011 and 2012 issues of Philadelphia Magazine s Pennsylvania Super Lawyers Rising Stars Editions. However Claudia is most proud of her time serving as an Advisory Board Member for The Salvation Army - Capital Region and Co-Chair of The Salvation Army Shoe Strut (www. Claudia used her aforementioned (and other) career experiences to establish The Human Zone in 2015. The Human Zone provides strategic HR-based support aimed at building better leaders and an engaged workforce reducing enterprise risk and helping organizations manage through tough times. I focus on people management which is more than just performance management. Great people make companies great. I work to ensure my clients maximize their opportunities in hiring onboarding retention development training performance management succession planning and voluntary involuntary separation. As Founder President and sole employee of the company Claudia has formed strategic relationships with other consultants to ensure that her clients have access to a wide range of tools and experience as needed. I love helping my clients solve problems. A true advisor doesn t tell a client what to do. She helps her clients see all of the possibilities and potential outcomes so the client can make the most informed decision possible. And by seeing a situation through to the end I m able to see the impact my work has on my clients and they re able to see the value in what I bring to the table. She has been married to her best friend and biggest supporter for 12 years. My husband is the happiest attorney I ve ever met. He practices in the areas of commercial and civil litigation construction law and general business corporate law and has a niche practice in landlord-tenant law. They have two very different and very loveable daughters (ages 11 and 9). Our daughters love to swim golf go skiing play basketball and guitar and just be all-around goofy girls In my free time you ll find me teaching them how to golf or ski. Claudia wants to be remembered for her purpose. She wants people to say that she helped them keep their jobs. I help build better people management processes shape better leaders and improve communication among employees. By doing so businesses their employees and the communities in which they both reside and work win. I also want my daughters to know that I worked hard to be independent and self-sufficient pursued my dreams and helped people along the way. After four years of the Shoe Strut we ve given away over 1 400 pair of shoes to local children in need and have made significant contributions to improve the lives of the 22 000 people that The Salvation Army - Capital Region serves each year. 17 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What makes you a qualified HR Consultant and Coach A At first glance people may wonder what I can bring to the table with my background as an attorney but don t be too quick to judge. As an attorney especially with my practice areas of labor employment and litigation I ve spent my career coaching business leaders on how to handle difficult situations how to have difficult conversations and how to walk a tightrope of laws while understanding risk and achieving business results. My unique background lends itself to higher-level strategic HR support. Q How would you approach a business in growth mode that needs a plan for its organizational structure and development A When we have a business that s growing (and growing quickly) we tend to create new boxes on our organization charts and simply work to fill in the boxes to get the work done. I would first want to work with leaders to understand their business strategy. Do they have a strategic plan Do they have a clear mission We then need to assess the business needs (overall and by department). We need to develop a structure to enable the business to deliver results. Quickly hiring people might not be the answer. It might flatten the organization too much or fail to strategically plan for leadership growth and development. We can develop a structure and plan to meet both short-term and long-term business needs and objectives. From there we look at the people and determine where we have the people with skills we need and where we might need to hire externally to fill gaps. No two businesses are the same so it s important that we tailor the structure to meet the individual business needs rather than having a cookie-cutter approach to talent planning. Q What is your price structure Do you have set fees for the work you provide A Cost of services depends on the nature of the service. I find that clients need and want predictable billing structures. I m able to utilize flat fee and monthly retainer pricing structures which enables my clients to plan and budget appropriately. Q Should businesses train their employees and management on workplace expectations discrimination harassment etc. If so how often should this training occur A Yes it s important to train management and staff annually and to be sure to look at handbooks and policies annually as well. Workplace sensitivity training (e.g. discrimination harassment and retaliation) is important not only to serve as a defense in a potential lawsuit but also to help build inclusive and diverse cultures that are respectful of individual differences and to embrace those differences as a driving force of business success. It s also really important to deliver leadership skills training with courses geared to the development stage of the participants. For example a program geared toward emerging leaders will have different components than a program geared to seasoned leaders. Q Being the one and only employee of your business how can you service multiple clients and what is your plan for growth A Yes I am the only employee of The Human Zone but I ve already formed relationships with other consultants I know trust and with whom I have worked over the years. Together we have a great opportunity to service a wide market. Plus I plan to grow my business over the next five years to meet my clients needs. I don t take on work that I can t deliver. Client service has always been my top priority and one of my greatest strengths. Q What is your biggest challenge over the next year A My biggest challenge is getting out there in a marketplace that can be saturated with HR and management consultants and demonstrating that I have a unique background and capability. Word-of-mouth is a very strong marketing component and I ve already seen the results Q Are you limited geographically A No I travel all over the country to provide the support my clients need and I utilize available technology to connect and minimize costs whenever possible. 18 Women of Distinction Donna Muller Artist and Aspiring Author Bushnell FL D onna Muller is an artist known best for the portraits of pets or people and murals (indoors and outdoors) she creates but she is also an aspiring author with three books to be released in the near future. She has been in the business of selling her art for 38 years but started painting and drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil way before computers could be found in every home and back when selling artwork wasn t profitable unless you already had a name or connections. This made things difficult for Donna. While getting your name out there can be a challenge to some one of Donna s biggest challenges was overcoming two fires. One was when I was 14 and my stepmother made me watch as she burned all of my artwork and supplies. The other was a tragic house fire that took everything we owned including all of my brushes canvas paints sketchbooks and most important the completed show I had spent years putting together. However out of this disaster came a pure love affair with pen and ink. With no supplies brushes or money I made pens out of feathers and learned which flowers to crush for ink the most beautiful writing and drawing pens I ve ever used. My customers love them as well. As previously mentioned Donna is also an aspiring author with three books pending. My art wasn t profitable so it had to be put on hold. I couldn t get my first husband to understand that with a little money put back into my business he wouldn t need to work so hard. It was also a time when women were expected to raise their children and hold down a job if necessary so I did. My sketch book went everywhere with me. If I had 15 minutes in a doctor s office I sketched. I also painted at night. Donna works in oils acrylics watercolors pen and ink and colored pencil pastels. She also loves to mix these mediums for various effects. I hunt for materials all the time to paint on or paint with. As a sole proprietor I do everything art framing packing shipping printing and finding suppliers. She admits that it was her stubbornness that got her into the business of selling art. I had painted my first ship and it wasn t for sale. However it was Christmas and I knew I could always paint another one so I sold it to a friend. My babies needed toys and mama needed brushes Even though she has a high school education people always ask Donna about where she went to art school or if she had studied overseas. I don t have an art degree just a good old-fashioned eye for what I like and what I think looks good. Why should it be any more difficult than if you like it great If you don t fine move on. Either way I m good. When the established art world wouldn t look twice at my art it didn t diminish its value to me one bit. I didn t let their rejections and harsh reviews harm my outlook on my ability. They couldn t see what I saw. I care about the people who sincerely love my art. I ve never advertised it s all been word of mouth. However I m working on a website to showcase my art which should be up and running soon. One is the story of my survival how I managed to survive 28 years of physical and emotional abuse and still work take care of my children and house and still find time for art. The second book is about two southern sisters overcoming bad marriages a funny how to book with some delicious recipes. And the third book is an incredible true story about Vietnam. She even volunteers to help kids in her free time. It s all about the kids. I get a lot of joy from finding a bunch of eager children at the park who want a free art lesson. Additionally as a survivor Donna speaks wherever she can about domestic violence. We need to enlighten everyone about how domestic violence affects so many people. I try to get law enforcement at every level to understand that a husband can and does rape his wife when she says no. The law doesn t seem to take this seriously but it is serious. It needs to change. Women need to take their power back. I refuse to be called a victim anymore and am a member of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) proud to be spreading their message of NO MORE . She believes in never giving up on yourself because (as a woman) you re important and you do matter. Never give up on yourself. Life has tried to knock me on my butt so many times but I kept getting back up. My little business has been held back pushed aside underfunded ignored burned but still managed to hang on. I believed in it and always maintained integrity and quality. I m passionate about each and every piece I produce and put a piece of me into each piece. Her husband (Wayne) is a veteran of the Vietnam War as a U.S. Marine and a double Purple Heart recipient. The Purple Heart is awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces who are wounded by an instrument of war in the hands of the enemy (and posthumously to the next of kin in the name of those who are killed in action or die of wounds received in action). He truly is my hero. Donna also has two children from her first marriage. Her daughter (Heather) lives in Tampa FL with her husband (Steve) her son (Devon) and Steve s daughter (Anabel). And Donna s son (Quentin) lives in Adamsville FL with his wife (Rachael). They have two children Jada and Dylan. Besides her family her legacy is her art. I ve worked hard to perfect my art and pray that I become an inspiration for my grandkids or others. Hopefully people will think that if I could do it so could they. However in the end the thing most important to Donna is that no one can own her mind. That s where freedom starts. As much as the ones trying to hurt me tried to control me they could never break me. I m here to tell any woman who is still in a bad situation that it s time to say no NO MORE. 21 Women of Distinction Nanci Jo Cooch-Schaefer Paraprofessional in the education industry. Special Education at Hempfield High School Landisville PA W hile living in Houston TX in 1983 Nanci Jo Cooch-Schaefer began working with children who had learning disabilities at the elementary school level. In the three years that followed she learned patience understanding and how to interact with each child and their various different disabilities. In 1986 Nanci moved backed to her hometown of Lancaster PA and was hired at Hempfield High School to work in the Math department and assist students who could not grasp simple math concepts. They were usually at a loss on how to begin writing their papers and would put off doing them until they were almost due. I would throw out ideas to them show them how to choose a thesis and talk them through the process. I made it fun for them and they knew I was there to help them if and when needed. Here she recalls one student who made her job very rewarding He was a senior football player and had just finished his term paper when the computer crashed and his paper was lost. Weeks of hard work disappeared in a flash. Since term papers were required for graduation at the time he wasn t sure if he would be getting his diploma. However I remembered most of the paper so I went home that night and retyped it. The next morning I saw him in the hallway with his friends and handed him his paper. He cried and I got a big thank you . That s what my job was about helping students who just needed a boost to get started. Nanci has since retired and enjoys spending time with her husband Carl daughter Amber and granddaughter Kyleigh. She still hears from former students who like to share their accomplishments and pictures of their families. My plan was to only work for a year but as the year went by I saw such a change in the students abilities and knew I was making a difference in their lives. After two years I was offered a paraprofessional job in the Special Education department so my one year turned into 20 Nanci learned that each child with a disability has the potential to be or do whatever they want in life so she wanted to share in their accomplishments. She helped students with homework reading writing essays and would assist them with writing term papers their senior year. 23 Q&A Q Why is it important to have paraprofessionals working in the education system A Some students need one-on-one assistance from the teacher. Unfortunately some teachers have 20 to 25 students in their classroom and it is difficult to ignore the class load to help one student. That is when a paraprofessional is needed. Our job is to work in the classroom with the teacher or in other areas of the school when needed. I ve worked in the school office with typing and answering telephones. I ve also worked in the cafeteria and hallways as a monitor. The job has a variety of duties so each day might be a new adventure. Q What was your most challenging assignment A I began working with a student when he entered high school as a ninth grader. He was a non-reader and from grades 9 to 12 I read every test exam and book to him. Because of his inability to read he had the ability to memorize and store answers in his head until he needed to use them. He always amazed me with his stored knowledge and his grades in all classes were outstanding. After graduation he attended a vocational school and became a plumber. How did he become successful in his career as a plumber It was his ability to memorize and store information. Q I enjoy reading about famous people throughout history and learning about events that made our country what is it today. Do you think it is important to pass this information on to our kids A Yes children should be aware of the events and people who helped develop our country. Remember the Alamo taught us what people are willing to do for freedom. The sinking of the Titanic was a disaster that took so many lives and should never be forgotten. Legends like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone were pioneers who paved the path for others looking for a new way of life. Singer Elvis Presley changed the sound of music and started the Rock & Roll era. And actor John Wayne proved that tough rugged men can be big teddy bears. These milestones changed our country and the way many people lived. We must continue to pass this history on to each generation. Q Why should students be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities A I was co-advisor for the school s yearbook for many years. I chose my staff from students who needed to have a feeling of worth in the school. By being involved they felt important and their confidence reached a higher level because of their participation in a school function. Q What would you like to see in every child A I would like for every child to be healthy free of anxiety and living a happy life full of love happiness and understanding from those around them. Q What is your fondest memory of a student who has become successful in his career A My fondest memory is of a young man with autism who taught himself to play piano and write music. Today he gives piano concerts and plays the music he s written. I ve attended his concerts and am always in awe of his performances. Q As a paraprofessional you meet students from all walks of life with different abilities and disabilities. Why should we never judge these children based on their performance in the classroom A Some students have a difficult time in school because of different situations in their lives. Some must work after and even before school to help support their families and others are watching siblings while parents work. We are not aware of what goes on in their lives after the school day ends so when a student arrives at school without their homework or they are tired and unresponsive do not judge them as a bad student only judge them as a young person carrying a heavy weight on their shoulders. Q Why are changes in the school system necessary A Schools need to accommodate the different types of students entering the education system. Children today are much more advanced because of technology. They begin learning on computers at a young age and when they reach school age schools must be prepared to teach at higher levels. I ve seen changes taking place over the years and schools making the effort to further strengthen the education of the children. Q Technology is a major part of our lives today. What are the benefits and how do they affect children A Today s technology is not only changing the world we live in but also the children growing up in it. At three-years-old they are already learning science math and history through the use of computers. It isn t uncommon for many young children to have cell phones so they can communicate with parents during the day. We all benefit from modern technology but children are entering school with a wide range of knowledge before their education even begins. Q What do students have to look forward to after graduation A Some will attend college or go to a vocational school while others will join the workforce or enter the military. Regardless of which path they decide to take their teachers know they have prepared them to become productive members of society. How they elect to do this will be their choice. 24 Women of Distinction Sabrina R. Prince Pharmaceutical Healthcare Advertising Senior Vice President Account Group Supervisor at Neon Advertising New York NY 25 Women of Distinction background in neuroscience and behavior combined with a curious mind and interpersonal skills led Sabrina R. Prince to perform laboratory research at Cornell University Medical College s Neurobiology department and co-authored papers1 that studied the changes in structural morphology of the hippocampal region in the brain following induced seizures. From there she worked for another few years setting up a clinical research program at a private psychiatric hospital in Queens NY. A While this was intellectually stimulating I needed more human contact. It was during this time that Sabrina realized how much she enjoyed the marketing aspect of the job educating area hospitals and communities about the clinical trial program that had launched. This led her into the world of pharmaceutical advertising. Sabrina was a first-generation immigrant of Caribbean parents and the first in her immediate family to go to college. I love the dynamic and creative nature of my work. I m always wrestling with new brand challenges digging to understand customer insights about what motivates a physician or patient to action and keeping my ear to the ground on any innovations that may apply. The physical environment and culture of my agency epitomizes an open curious mind and buzzes with ideas. It can be a rush some days just entering the front doors Always open to opportunities to share her experiences she discussed her career on Thrive Talk (http www.thrivev. com) in an episode called Sabrina Prince How to Go from Neuroscience to Advertising found at https D8mSWUECkDU. Outside of work Sabrina serves as one of the four Deacons at the First Reformed Church of Jamaica where she manages the collection and calculation of church donations accompanies the Pastor and Elders on visiting the sick and coordinates charitable events. Despite an amazing career and work for her church Sabrina s view of herself is as a regular person who has received the grace and kindness of others was prepared and enthusiastic when presented with an opportunity and tries to bring the best version of herself to work and personal relationships. I ve been blessed to have the opportunity to model myself after many professors colleagues and mentors along my career path but my greatest inspiration came from my parents Jane and Winston. The sacrifices they made to cultivate and support me and my siblings are immeasurable. They taught me how to be courageous in the face of fear to dream of and pursue the things I can t see yet and to believe in my own self-worth. It s the type of foundation that everyone should have. Today Sabrina is a Senior Vice President (SVP) at Neon Advertising. She is part of a team responsible for ensuring the maintenance and growth of existing client relationships partnering with pharmaceutical heads of marketing to solve unique brand challenges and bringing to bear the most innovative creative solutions that will meet their needs. In addition to contributing to the fiscal growth and viability of the agency her role includes the management and mentorship of junior team members and active participation in activities that inspire a vibrant and cohesive agency culture. Have you ever met that kind of person who after you ve left an interaction with them you realize that you have a little bit more pep in your step That you didn t realize it but you were smiling That your brain felt all tingly because you unlocked a small corridor of thinking and connection that was blocked before That your perspective on EVERYTHING has shifted in a positive way I m living my life to be that person. 1 Journal of Comparative Neurology 386 46-59 (1997) by Milner TA Wiley RG Kurucz OS Prince SR and Pierce JP Selective changes in hippocampal neuropeptide Y neurons following removal of the cholinergic septal inputs. Journal of Neuroscience Research 386 46-59 (1997) by Milner TA and Prince SR Parvalbumin immunoreactive neurons in the rat septal complex have substantial glial coverage and receive few direct contacts from catecholimanergic terminals. 26 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Where did you grow up A My parents are from an island nation called Saint Vincent and the Grenadines but I spent my childhood in Tortola British Virgin Islands before moving the United States. Q What books are on your bedside table A I still keep it old school. I like the feel of paper and dogearing pages. (It also rests my eyes from staring at a screen all day.) I ve just started Montaro Caine a novel by Sidney Poitier about a high-powered CEO who finds himself in possession of a mysterious coin that changes his life. Q Are there any industry books you would recommend that have helped you in your career A I know that it gets mixed reviews by some but I really enjoyed Sheryl Sandberg s Lean In . I think women are historically taught to avoid uncomfortable situations and confrontations but the best way to get past an issue is to go through it to lean in. Also The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni was a very helpful book for me during my early days as a manager. I highly recommend it. Q As someone who works in advertising in New York City do you wear black to work every day A No I actually love vibrant colors but that being said all black sure makes it easier to get dressed in the morning Q What is it like being a woman in the ad industry Is it still an all-boys club A Great question More than any other advertising is an industry that values diversity. This certainly varies from agency to agency but one of the things I value about working at Neon and FCB Company is how much they encourage a culture of inclusion. Dana Maiman the President CEO of FCB Health is one of the most impressive and brilliant people I ve ever encountered. What clients want and agencies need are people who are going to innovate grow and retain business gender should never be a factor. Q Do you have any go to tools for reducing stress A After a week of talking presenting managing and basically using all modes of communication I typically carve out a day in the weekend (usually Saturday) when I try to stay in silence. I speak to my friends and family in the morning and then put my phone on silent. I like just being not doing and giving my brain time to unwind. Wine happens. Workouts happen. Cooking happens. Q How do spend your days off A Well assuming that I m not catching up on much needed sleep I m probably strolling the streets of New York taking in the energy of the city being inspired by the beauty of the mundane and ending the evening at a trendy restaurant sampling their new menu with a full-bodied red wine or perfect Manhattan. Q What was your last travel destination A I went to the Trenton train station but you probably meant leisure travel. I have a big trip to Argentina planned. It will be my third time back and I plan on doing a hike of one of the glaciers in Patagonia. Me encanta Argentina Q What s your sign A Leo yep I m the queen of the jungle Q Star Trek or Star Wars A Yikes this is a hard one but I m going to have to go with all forms of Star Trek Kirk Picard Deep Space Nine Voyager and Enterprise nerd 27 Women of Distinction s VP of Finance at Augmedix Harisimran Kaur Khalsa oversees the financial and accounting operations of the company acting as a strategist catalyst steward and operator in order to provide strategic partnership of the finance function with the office of the CEO. Harisimran who developed a passion for accounting and finance as a high school senior in 1998 received her BS in Business majoring in Accounting from the University of Arizona in 2003. She then went on to earn her MBA with honors from Thunderbird School of Global Management in 2009 and became a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Arizona in 2010. Before landing her current job as VP of Finance at Augmedix in 2014 Harisimran gained experience working as an Associate and Senior Associate at Khalsa McBrearty Accountancy from 2004-08 a Senior Associate and Manager at Ernst & Young from 2009-13 and the VP of Finance at Worldbridge Global from 2012-14. I live for challenges and startup finance is never without a new challenge every time you turn the corner. I love the idea of being able to understand every piece of the puzzle then put the puzzle together as a symbiotic whole. The art of how we piece together the puzzle is what creates value to a company. Doing a task well creates a limited value but organizing people and processes in the right way can bring an exponential value. Aside from her work at Augmedix Harisimran serves as Treasurer and Finance Chair on the board of the Miri Piri Academy a nonprofit school. She is also a regular participant in community networking events through finance organizations. A Harisimran Kaur Khalsa Healthcare Technology & Support Vice-President of Finance - Augmedix Inc. San Francisco CA I m just an ordinary woman full of all the same emotions and struggles as any other person. Where we go in our lives is all about facing one challenge at a time both personally and professionally. In her leisure Harisimran enjoys reading running working out meditating and volunteering at her local temple. She is also a licensed Kundalini Yoga Instructor and is licensed in Superhealth which is a form of drug-free drug rehabilitation. I would like to be known as someone who helped others. I hope to help others enough before I leave this world to leave such a legacy. 28 Women of Distinction Q&A Q Why do you feel that your business is relevant in today s world A Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology. Our business provides the doctor-end-user with critical usage of technology to enable doctor s circumvention of the labor-intense E.H.R. systems. Q What is your best advice for women who are seeking to break through the glass ceiling A I was recently at a women s professional luncheon where this issue was addressed. One attendee said We as women are our own worst enemies. If a job description calls for 10 qualifications and we have 7 we do not apply meanwhile a fellow male will. We need to have confidence in ourselves and that will make an impact on how others perceive us. I could not agree more that we need to have confidence. More and more we hear about Executive Presence being the key to the C-suite door. Nobody can articulately describe what this is but everyone knows when someone has it -- confidence being a major contributor. Q How do you stay motivated A I stay motivated through constant learning. Those who work around me see that I devote 2-3 hours each week for professional learning programs (webinars etc). I also read professional literature during my commutes. Knowing what others are doing helps us maintain a mentality of constant improvement and self-observational critique. Q What are your future goals A I hope to achieve a CFO position particularly at either my own organization or a fast-growing organization with IPO within reach. In my role I hope to making meaningful impact and lead companies to success. Q What are the practices that lead to success A Success starts with how we get up in the morning. Eating breakfast going for a run etc are what help us feel ready for the day and ready to meet the day s challenges head on. Leaders are those who can maintain their calm through the storm. Q What is the best way to avoid career pitfalls A Here is my advice to avoid career tragedies 1) properly plan then constantly revise the plan when there are new facts and circumstances 2) recruit a mentor then seek advice 3) recruit the best talent you can find to fill your team as your success depends on their success and 4) know your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your team then assess these against the needs of your organization. Q What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness A My greatest strength is my passion and drive -- it is what has gotten me to where I am today. My greatest weakness is that I tend to over-estimate and over-expect from the performance of myself and my teams. I have had to adjust both from those I report to and those who report to me. This is still an ongoing process. I can often disappoint myself when I do not meet my own expectations. Q What do you see as the next big thing for Augmedix A We as a company are committed to improving the human experience in healthcare. We are especially intrigued by wearables and what efficiencies they may bring. As such the possibilities are endless. Q How has your role at Augmedix evolved How does your career at Augmedix differ from your prior professional experiences A When I first began at Augmedix we had a headcount of 25 persons -- which has grown to 500 . I was tasked with building the finance and accounting team and processes from the ground up -- which was a struggle at first but I am pleased to say we are now a well-oiled piece of machinery Augmedix is the 2nd startup I have worked for but the first that has experienced Silicon Valley-type growth. I love the fast pace. Q I see you wear a turban what does this mean to you and have you experienced any professional difficulties from dressing slightly outside the norm A My turban is an article of clothing worn by persons of the Sikh faith though more commonly seen on men. I find that it is not so much what you wear but how you wear it that makes all the difference. For those of faiths that require different articles of clothing just wear it proudly and others will most likely be accepting. 29 Women of Distinction Irina I. Agoulnik PhD Biomedical Research Management Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer Burlington MA B orn in Kazakhstan Irina I Agoulnik PhD married moved to Russia followed her husband to Germany before finally settling in the US. Like most women she surrounded herself with Irina came to this country with the idea that it was the land of opportunities . Fortunate to meet great people that taught her how to make something of herself she also applied her strong and diverse scientific background she earned in the Soviet Union while earning her Master s in Physics and PhD in Biology to her projects here in the States. After entering the US Irina began her career as a researcher in 1993. She worked for five years in the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University the highlight of her academic career. By 1998 she was working in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for Millennium Pharmaceutics Inc. in Cambridge Massachusetts. Recruited as a Scientist Irina then became the company s Group Leader. She later gained employment with Center for Applied Cancer Sciences Dana Farber Cancer Institute as a Scientific Project Manager for Brigham and Women s Hospital as Scientific Project Manager and Director of Operations then for PanGenX as a Senior Director of Operations. Two years ago in 2014 Irina co-founded Vesti Intelligence Corp. in Burlington Massachusetts as President and CEO. Their mission is to accelerate decision-making processes and boost innovation and productivity in drug development clinical trials and therapies selection by offering a resourceful high-tech IT platform with first-rate biomedical intelligence and information management tools. They offer expertise in data aggregation reporting dashboards and analytics which can uncover actionable items for research or for business improvements leading to revenue opportunities. Their Technology Platform helps to unlock the hidden value of the collected data by extracting the right meaning from the data and by channeling it to critical research and business functions which in turn may lead to the client s company revenue growth brand leadership and an ultimate competitive advantage. 30 Women of Distinction Healthcare is a universal matter. Every person on the planet deserves to get the best possible treatment for their ailments. To be a part of this system and knowing that you can make small but positive impact is gratifying Irina said. If the product of my company can make a positive impact on biomedical research innovation and optimization resulted in faster drug development or faster growth of new successful companies than that would be simply amazing. Q&A Q Why is biomedical research important nowadays A Biomedical research is linked directly to the healthcare its quality and efficacy. By improving biomedical research we accelerate advancements in healthcare for a healthy longevity of future generations. Q How does your company contribute to the progress in biomedical research A Our Company provides BigData solutions for biomedical research with focus on drug development. First product CaptoMe supports consolidation of institutional knowledge much needed cross-functional collaborations and preservation of institutional intellectual resources. While working with biomedical metadata organizations will be able to use quantifiable metrics for research management across disciplines and align their research and management efforts in distributed teams (local nationwide and global). These business benefits are coming along with a familiar workflow every researcher uses on daily basis (Has this been studied before Is it clinically relevant Is it considered as a drug target Who else is interested in this target ) and more importantly it allows them to start their research with a big picture. This tool truly changes the paradigm of the online biomedical research and associated business. Q What are the challenges and motivation that you meet as CEO A Knowledge of the competitive market and understanding of users needs are the most important factors in making the business successful. The process for Research and Development (R&D) of new medicines is constantly growing in difficulty and length (Phrma report 2015). It takes over 10 years on average for a new drug to complete the journey from its initial discovery to the marketplace. The average R&D cost for each successful drug is estimated to be 51.2 billion while the overall probability of clinical success is estimated to be less than 12%. There is a clear need in optimizing and compressing the entire process of drug discovery and development. This is the challenge and the motivation by itself. We trust that our tool will mitigate the risk of drug discovery failure on early R&D stages by providing nimble and most comprehensive yet highly specific information per each search project. Our challenge is the one of the game changer the challenge of change the change of mindset and research process. As CEO Irina oversees and contributes to daily operations product development planning financial diligence and customer satisfaction. She s also responsible for strategic planning and execution identification and engagement of talented strategic advisors and the overall success of the company. An active member of American Association for the Advancement of Science and Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology Irina s also the President of the Merrimack Valley s local chapter of National Association of Professional Women. Recently she became a member of the Client Advisory Board at Ameriprise Financial. Remarried Irina has been with her husband for 25 years they share two children between them. Their extended family lives all across the US in Massachusetts Florida Virginia and California and in Russia. 31 Women of Distinction Janet Skinner Photography Architectural and Real Estate Owner Ashley Studios Poughquag NY 32 Women of Distinction J anet Skinner can t remember not having a camera and she still has her first Brownie. Both of her parents were artistically talented and she grew up in an atmosphere of creativity. After graduating from high school Janet worked her way through a few different areas of photography before specializing in the current genre of Architecture and Real Estate over twelve years ago. Although she was never formally trained Janet realized early on that experience is the best teacher in her profession. For those budding photographers who are looking the break into the field Janet offers the advice to Keep striving to improve. Consider yourself an artist and study other artists work. There are a lot of average photographers out there but only a few really good ones. Stay true to your own style and have a eye for perfection. Technology Janet believes has taken what once was a career for a few and changed into anyone with a digital camera that charges a fee are considered professional . This has been one of the biggest professional obstacles Janet and her photographer colleagues have faced. Janet is a member of The Association of Independent Architectural Photographer (AIAP) and an Accredited business member with Better Business Bureau. When she s not completely booked up Janet enjoys golf spending time in Brooklyn with her daughter Ashley and playing with her four Italian Greyhounds. Few professions allow people to enter into such a state of focus during their job performance and for me photography is just that. I am so totally focused while shooting that nothing else exits. Janet owns what she describes as a Boutique Studio Ashley Studios in Poughquag NY. During her busy season spring through fall Janet is booked up weeks in advance. A certified master in Photoshop Janet is also able to enhance her photos to make her work look exactly how she wants it too. She attributes her skills in Photoshop to her artistic past of drawing and painting with watercolor. Beautiful lighting with perfect staging and design to create images that her clients are wowed by inspire Janet. She is a self-described perfectionist. 33 Women of Distinction T hrough her work as Founder and Life Leadership Coach at Guiding Light Coaching Monica Griffith remains dedicated to inspiring people to reach their fullest potential and live their best lives possible. Monica founded Guiding Light Coaching in 2008 while working for Nationwide Insurance where she was employed as a Supervisor and Director from 1995 until her retirement in 2015. Since her retirement from the insurance industry Monica has been able to focus all of her time on coaching and leading others to success. In 2000 Monica received her AA in Liberal Arts from American River College. She then earned her BA in Social Science in 2002 and her MA in Organizational Leadership in 2003 both from Chapman University. Monica received certification as an ACC (Accredited Certified Coach) from the Academy for Coaching Excellence in 2010 and as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) from the International Coach Federation in 2014. We are all on the playing field in the game of Life -- and it is never too late to play a new game. I have played the games of school and corporate for a very long time. I could have stayed in my corporate leadership game for another 6-8 years. Instead I decided to play a new game one that brings me an opportunity to meet new people learn and practice new skills score new goals and savor sweet success. The transition from what I knew where I was comfortable and safe has been terrifyingly exciting . I am beyond thrilled with my choice and I encourage those reading who may be questioning starting a new game to come out and play with me -- it s pretty exciting on the playing field Monica contributed to the book Discover Your Inner Strength in 2009 explaining how important it is for one to take control of their own life s journey in the chapter titled Discovery Comes With Action . While working for Nationwide she created and implemented a program called Coaching Champions Coast-to-Coast which was designed to provide leaders and potential leaders the experience of executive level coaching. Monica is also a member and Mentor Coach of the International Coach Federation. In her free time Monica enjoys scrapbooking reading writing playing with her cats and cheering for the San Francisco Giants and Denver Broncos. She also likes to spend time with members of her large family when possible and looks forward to their annual family reunions every summer. Monica J.Griffith MAOL PCC Life and Leadership Coach Guiding Light Coaching Colorado Springs CO I would like to be the drop in the lives of people I touch that inspires them to take action in achieving a goal or dream creating the ripple of inspiration that spreads to all others each person may encounter. 34 Women of Distinction Q&A Q What is the difference between Counseling Consulting and Coaching A Counselors work with clients to heal and recover they analyze people to find out why they are the way they are. Consultants are hired for their expertise they give advice and provide answers. Coaches work with clients to develop clarity about where the client is going and create action plans to achieve goals Coaches are trained to ask effective questions that will help you discover your own answers. Coaching is forward-moving and future-focused. Specifically life coaching helps you get from where you are in your life now to where you want to go while leadership coaching is focused on your soft skills as a leader. Q How will we as client and coach work together WDM Q What is your coaching philosophy Q What does success look like and who gets to decide A It is your life your leadership you decide what your goal is and when you have reached it. Sometimes though we fail to celebrate the small sweet steps of success along the way. Often people feel they have failed when in reality they are just not yet at the end Your coach will remind you (and give you tools to continue) to celebrate the authentic actions that move you closer to your goal. Each step forward is a success. A Coaching is a partnership and we will build that relationship and create a contract of confidentiality and commitment. We will meet each week or two (normally via phone) and together we will explore what is important to you based on your values goals and dreams. We will establish clarity and focus in your journey and create small sweet authentic actions that you will take with ease. As you encounter obstacles I will share tools that will support you to move forward. We will celebrate your success along the way to living the life you ll love to live. A I believe that each of us are the experts in our own lives that we have the wisdom and power within us to make our life be what we want it to be. I also believe we are sometimes our own worst enemy -- allowing that which holds us back to get in our way of living the life we d love to live. Our coaching relationship is a partnership a process of inquiry a collection of tools a commitment to shifting from what has been to what could be. In coaching with me you will reconnect with your voice of wisdom to explore dream discover and create those powerful moments of choice out of which lasting change grows. Q What do you do on an ongoing basis to strengthen your skills as a coach A As an ICF accredited coach I am required to earn CCE (continuing coaching education) credits through accredited coaching programs to maintain my credential. I continue to attend various coaching and leadership seminars and training. I also work closely with other coaching and leadership professionals to gather feedback and support in my leadership and coaching work. Q What do you consider your greatest strength as a leader and as a coach A My greatest strengths are my standards of integrity -- my code of ethics -- the code that drives my life. It is important for me to be grounded in my values and standards and know this is where every decision every relationship and every situation stems from. 35 Women of Distinction Barbara F. Loushay Pet Sitting Services Owner Pals for Paws Founder Creator Sebring FL J uggling two businesses at the same time Barbara F. Loushay loves them equally although they are very very different. While sitting at her desk one day at school in her down time her mind had wandered and before she knew it she had made the necessary phone calls to become licensed by the county to form a company called Pals for Paws. The very next day she was insured and bonded and was venturing into entrepreneurship as the owner of a private pet sitting company. It was 2006. Giving Barbara some pointers she eventually formed her own website nine months later to promote herself. The rest is history. At Barbara creates itineraries for clients before sending them to her land operator with WorldStrides International Discovery. Day-to-day programs are then created and hotels and restaurants are booked for clients. Barbara even travels to some of these destinations in the event of emergencies. Fluent in four languages she knows these countries well and how their varied systems work. Barbara has a big heart and it shows. She is a member of NAAPS a national pet sitting organization and is a proud member of the ASPCA. She was once part of an international peace protest against cruelty to animals in Spain where she was televised to speak in English and French. Today Spain boasts a very large humane society and is a counterpart to the ASPCA. She is very active and doesn t believe in resting and waiting for her next meal. She believes that learning and experiencing people of other cultures can help us as a society to be more understanding and accepting of our differences. She knows she has several purposes in life some of which she has realized and some she is not yet aware of. She loves tending to her yard and her flowers enjoys the serenity at the beach likes to swim exercise read books and of course travel. The idea of Pals for Paws is to enable clients to rest assured that their pets would never suffer psychological problems or illness they might receive while being boarded in kennels Barbara said. I go to each of my client s homes where their pets are kept in a safe and known environment not to disrupt their normal lifestyle. My fees are very low my work is more of a community service than anything else. A retired teacher of more than 40 years Barbara had experience organizing more than 40 trips for students and adults during her career. While studying for her MBA in International Business she was hired by a Spanish company in Madrid to direct its international office where she was responsible for their housing education and travel programs and interviewed students for qualification. This combination of experience led Barbara to form YoungAtHeartVoyages. com. After a friend of hers had visited her she told Barbara that she was an inspiration and that she needed to inspire other women her age to do what they love. 36 Women of Distinction Bethcodishene Laidlow Health & Wellness Cosmetology and Retail (Jewelry) Entrepreneur Consultant Healthcare Practitioner Cosmetologist Business is Bethcodishene Laidlow s Diamonds & Soul with Jewelry by Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry & Volunteer at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital. Philadelphia PA 37 Women of Distinction fter Bethcodishene Beth Laidlow graduated from Gordon Phillips Beauty Academy and spent a few years working in the cosmetology industry she decided to attend the National Massage Therapy Institute she also accomplished in receiving her certifications for Sports Muskoskeletal Pre-natal Infants and Geriatrics Massage. Beth then enrolled with the Women s Opportunities Resource Center (W.O.R.C.) for business classes focused on entrepreneurships and starting businesses. Now Beth has established multiple positions and titles she has also joined the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Brand as a Consultant in 2015. A As the owner of Bethcodishene Laidlow s Diamonds & Soul business she sells the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry acquires and generates sales and sign-ups gives advice on jewelry attire and books events with artists upcoming local talent jazz entertainers and public radio hosts. Beth also serves as a Healthcare Practitioner four times a week when she volunteers at Mercy Philadelphia Hospital in the Emergency Room Department Trauma Unit. There she performs a multitude of tasks throughout all aspects of the department. Beth helps people promptly get registered and assists with transporting patients back and forth from the emergency rooms all around the hospital and beyond. She also helps people who are unable to read or write by assisting them in filling out their registration forms. Sometimes Beth will help security open security doors when their occupied with other tasks helps patients to the bathroom retrieves and delivers patients warm blankets works with Emergency Response when a patient is unable to register or is in need of immediate medical attention and contacts housekeeping when there is an environmental hazard. I love to help a person to relieve their stress and to look fabulous at the same time I love to help remove their stress and doubts and to help them build confidence and momentum. Within the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry Brand Beth serves as a consultant. She works to acquire sales and generate sign-ups gives advice on jewelry attire based on occasion and books events. I have been told that I am worthless by people who meant a lot to me. I have been told that I am a loser that I m boring all because I want to make it in life all because I m not loud and wild with no morals values or discretion. I ve been told that I am not going make it at what I do and work so hard for. I had to take a step and look at myself in the mirror and say great job Bethcodishene you ve accomplished a lot for yourself. I love you keep adjusting and just keep going All of Beth s life experiences have helped her get to this point today. As a married woman with four children and two grandchildren Beth s obstacles began before she was even born. However as she came to find out her experiences through the complex adversities she faced have congealed and made her a stronger person than she could have ever dreamed of. I want to leave an air of empowerment confidence faith and love. I want women to empower each other. 38 Women of Distinction Cara Forlizzi Psychology Mental Health Mental Health Specialist McLean Hospital Belmont MA I developed a strong interest in psychology after taking a general psychology class in high school. However I was discouraged from studying psychology in college after hearing that psychology majors don t make enough money in their careers. fter graduating high school in 2010 Cara Forlizzi enrolled in the nursing program at Curry College in Milton MA. As a requirement she took a Psychology 101 course and fell in love with the subject all over again. Understanding the material and assignments seemed to come naturally to me which was unlike any other subject I had studied. But in the back of my mind I was still convinced that a career in psychology would not make enough money. By the end of her freshmen year of college Cara decided that nursing was not her passion and she transferred to Emmanuel College in Boston MA to pursue business management. While attending Emmanuel College Cara made friends with other students that were studying psychology. That s when she finally realized that she couldn t ignore her interest and passion for psychology. Midway through her sophomore year of college Cara declared Psychology as her major with a concentration in counseling and health. She transferred one final time to the University of Massachusetts Boston to continue her studies and save some money by commuting to a state school. As the psychology courses were advancing so were my interests. I enjoyed the challenges that came with each course as well as the content. My favorite part is learning about research and how it helps us better understand the human brain human behavior and mental illness. In March 2015 Cara began her career working at McLean Hospital in Belmont MA as a Mental Health Specialist during her final semester of her senior year at UMass Boston. She graduated from Umass Boston in May 2015 with a BA in Psychology. A Being able to apply the hard work and knowledge to the clinical field was an amazing experience for me. After just one day of working on the acute bipolar schizophrenia inpatient unit I knew that I made the right decision in pursuing psychology. Over the summer Cara worked on the inpatient units at a Psychiatric Hospital at Rolling Hills Hospital in Franklin TN. Now Cara is back at McLean Hospital working as a Mental Health Specialist on the inpatient bipolar schizophrenia unit. As a Mental Health Specialist Cara s role is to provide direct patient care under the direction of a nurse. She ensures the patients safety and makes sure that their needs are met while she observes and records their behaviors. Cara knows how important it is to establish therapeutic relationships with the patients while maintaining professional boundaries. Trained in Crisis Prevention Intervention Cara also utilizes non-verbal and verbal techniques to de-escalate crisis situations. I want to progress the field and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. I hope to help increase society s knowledge and understanding of mental health. I plan to write books and speak about mental illness and achieve a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I also plan to contribute to the field of psychology through research. 39 Women of Distinction Eileen Pheland Writing Public Speaking Founder President - Smile & Gratitude Charity Foundation Inc. Author Fountain Valley CA 40 Women of Distinction gifted self-publicist Eileen Pheland is an American speaker and author who is well known for her practical easy-to-understand messages. Aside from her work as an author and speaker she is also the Founder and President of Smile & Gratitude Charity Foundation Inc. Eileen uses her talents as an author and speaker to encourage and guide homeless people. She uses her book The Brighter Side of Homelessness as a springboard to introduce the world of homelessness as a positive lifechanging experience that can provide spiritual enhancement for reinforced inner strength and spiritual enlightenment. A Never give up no matter what happens in your life. Count your blessings things can always be worse. It s also important to be grateful and learn to enjoy whatever comes your way. Eileen has been in videos from Hope Center of Christ and The Connor Bubble and has also been a guest speaker on several radio shows. Following the release of her book in 2012 she was featured in the Orange County Register. She was also interviewed by in 2013 and has seen her book reviewed by www.NotBornYesterday. com and the Examiner both in 2014. In 2015 Eileen was published in the 69th edition of Marquis Who s Who in America and the 32nd edition of Who s Who in the World. If you want to help a homeless person give them a smile. Buy them a nice hot meal give them a gift card or some money. You can even book them a room in a motel or hotel for a night. Eileen is no stranger to calamity adversity crises and dilemmas of many kinds. She has survived both homelessness and criminal stalker cases that made headlines around the world while also overcoming many other challenges and obstacles with faith hope and love inspired by her best friend Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As an entrepreneur and humanitarian Eileen is an example of how the power of God can change anyone s life Let go and let God. He works everything out. Let Jesus be your all and all your best friend. Keep learning and growing spiritually with faith hope love and happiness. I m a true Christian who is happy hopeful confident grateful and blessed with the Holy Spirit s connection. In her leisure Eileen enjoys reading writing walking and singing. Most of all she loves to attend and present Bible studies at her local church using her book as a way to help others transform their lives. I d like to be remembered as someone who always helped others to be happier more spiritual more hopeful and peaceful. I want to help others change their lives for the better. 41 Women of Distinction Jennifer S. Castro LTL Freight Industry Terminal Manager of major freight company Oxnard CA T hrough her work as a Terminal Manager of a major freight company Jennifer Castro is set on making a difference in the world by making sure that all items are properly delivered to their destinations all over the country. In 2001 Jennifer began looking for a career that would involve making a positive impact on the world in some way. While she never imagined that her opportunity would come in the form of taking a position in the freight industry she has now gathered more than a decade of experience in the industry. Being a female in a male-dominated industry has been challenging as there are a different set of circumstances and hurdles that one must skillfully negotiate through but the best opportunities to grow come from the times that we are truly challenged. Jennifer has received extensive OSHA training BIT Compliance training Women s Economic Ventures SelfEmployment training and Safety Compliance and Workforce Safety training as well as Storm Water Compliance Certification and Six Sigma Lean Professional Development Certification. She is also a Certified Mediator for the State of California a Certified Loan Signing Agent Notary Public a Change Management Specialist and has participated in Landmark Forum and Advanced Course programs. In her limited amount of free time Jennifer enjoys volunteering with a number of different organizations specifically ones that contribute to the well-being of the elderly. Some advice I would offer to someone looking to hold a managing position is to get to know your employees. Many of them have been doing the job for a long time and you can learn a lot from them. Also participative leadership is essential to personal success. As a terminal manager Jennifer manages and trains clerical staff provides customer service is responsible for the scheduling of manpower and manages a union workforce of truck drivers while ensuring that all drivers are compliant with safety guidelines. Regarding her education Jennifer received an AA degree from Orange Coast College where she made the Dean s List and became a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in 2004. She is now currently earning her BS degree in Healthcare Business Administration from Ashford University where she also earned a spot on the Dean s List and has become a member of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society and the Golden Key International Honor Society. I want to be able to say that I ve been able to positively contribute to a person s growth or a company s success in some way while maintaining my integrity and a standard of excellence. 42 Women of Distinction Jennifer Peters Marketing & Advertising in the Pharmaceutical Industry Account Supervisor - Razorfish Health Philadelphia PA 43 Women of Distinction T hrough her work as an Account Supervisor at Razorfish Health Jennifer Peters gets to do what she loves for a living while helping pharmaceutical clients with their marketing needs. She embraces change chases opportunities and approaches every new challenge with a positive spirit. Jennifer is resilient curious and strong. When she s not hard at work helping clients meet their marketing goals she is hard at play running marathons and conquering obstacle course races. Where does she get all of that energy It s simple -- she loves what she does. Marketing has been her passion since high school when she joined DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America). Through DECA she learned the basics of marketing and participated in regional state and national competitions. Following high school Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with concentrations in Spanish and International Business from The College of New Jersey. She has never stopped learning. Educate yourself constantly she says. Learn as much as you can from your co-workers industry leaders and online publications. There s so much information out there and taking the time to stay on top of the changing landscape is critical because technology is changing on a daily basis. Jennifer cites her early days selling copiers for Canon as life changing and empowering. The job presented unique challenges every day yet she remained relentless and fully focused on meeting her goals. She credits the experience to providing a foundation for her success. In her current position at Razorfish Health Jennifer works directly with client brand teams the company s internal agency team and partner agencies in the development and management of digital advertising marketing and medical communications campaigns for major pharmaceutical companies and brands. It s true what that say about change. It is the only constant in life she says. When things are difficult they will eventually change for the better and when things are going well that won t last forever either. Keep moving forward during the difficult times and stop and take a moment to enjoy the good times. Throughout her career Jennifer has been a professional member of the American Marketing Association. She previously served as both vice president and president of her school s collegiate chapter of the AMA. Jennifer is the mother of three children an avid runner and a passionate marketing professional. I m just a regular person with big dreams she says. I had a normal childhood worked hard in high school to save money to buy my first car and put myself through college while waitressing. I started my career with absolutely no money in the bank living in a loft efficiency apartment in Philadelphia on a salary that could barely keep the lights on. I ve worked hard in my life to get where I am and it s something anyone can do if they want to put forth the effort. 44 Women of Distinction Jessica Thompson -Baeza Journalism Content Specialist - Better Homes LLC Relationship Lifestyle Contributor for Story Chick NJ J essica Thompson has always had a passion for writing and knew from a young age that she wanted to do something in this field because it was her best subject in school. Her first internship was in 2011 with an online jewelry company called Shop LoHo . I was so happy to be doing this and to have so much of my work published on their website. Today Jessica is a content specialist for Better Homes LLC and StoryChick Magazine. As a journalist I take much pride in my work and the journey has been awesome so far It s been amazing because I ve had the opportunity to meet and interview some really incredible people with amazing talents. I ve interviewed models singers and comedians She also started blogging for TV personality Jamie Otis (best known from The Bachelor and Married at First Sight) and is happy to announce that she is in the midst of writing her first book. The first of many books I hope If all goes as planned everything should be finished by next year. It s going to be sort of a modern-day real life Sex and the City . I have a huge personality and really think this book is going to capture that. Everything in the book is going to be real and honest but also very humorous. Jessica is a hard worker who believes that if you set your mind to something it can happen and she never takes no for an answer. 45 You should never get discouraged when people tell you no . It s important to have a tough mindset because something that you might think is great might not be great to others. I ve been told numerous times that my work isn t good enough but that only makes me want to try harder and succeed however I can. When you first start out as a journalist or freelance writer you need to have a ton of work to back up how great you are because if you don t have exactly what they re looking for they move along to the next candidate. When I finally started working for StoryChick I was overwhelmed with happiness to finally write about things that I wanted to write about. She has learned to always stay positive and humble because the moment you let a little negativity get in your way it can ruin you. It took me quite some time to get to where I m at today and it s not even close to where I want to be but when you work hard and stay focused on the end game good things will always come your way 2015 has definitely been my year I landed my dream job and married my high school sweetheart. I cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring Women of Distinction Karen Anne Rainey Author Poet Writer Illustrator Founder President - Sisters Giving Back (S.G.B.) Temple Hill MD E ver since her teenage years Karen Rainey has been extremely passionate about writing. After graduating from high school in the early 80s she attended The University of the District of Columbia in Washington D.C. and took English Composition courses which helped her improve her writing skills and motivated her to write more. Between 2001 and 2011 she began writing and illustrating a series of poetic children s books which are yet to be published but are expected to hit the market very soon. Following her work on her children s book series Karen self-published a collection of her poems in a book titled The Eyes of a Poet in 2011 which is available for purchase on and Karen is also an Administrative Assistant for a consulting firm in Rockville Maryland. Most recently S.G.B. participated in the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K walk in Washington D.C. on October 18 2015. The biggest lesson I have learned is not to give up. You might get tired and frustrated but don t give up. Also believe in yourself. Always believe that you can and will do it. I seriously believe that if you have the passion inside of you to do something or dream of doing something -- whether it s to go back to school or to become a writer a singer or a teacher or whatever it might be -- go for it. Don t give up on your dreams. Some of Karen s biggest professional inspirations have been Nikki Giovanni Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey who inspired her to be confident and to believe in herself. In her free time Karen volunteers for Organizing for Action which is an organization of millions of Americans who fight for lasting positive change in the United States. She is also a single mother to wonderful son who is serving in the U.S. Army Reserve and will be attending college soon. I m a poet author writer and illustrator who has a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ and who enjoys helping others especially the youth as I want to help steer them in the right direction. I feel that the youth of today need more people to be positive role models and need people to help show them the way. I simply love poetry and I love to write. To me poetry is the expression of the soul. I look at poetry knowing the eyes are the gateway to the soul. So I see it as the eyes see a bird in a tree for example. But the soul sees and knows how the bird is feeling in the tree by how the bird is singing. So the soul sees and feels and expresses it in deeper thought. Aside from her writing Karen is the Founder and President of a social club called Sisters Giving Back (S.G.B.) which sponsors and participates in charity events that benefit the elderly children and the community as a whole. Sisters Giving Back also creates and sells clothing that can be purchased online at http stores SistersGiving-Back-SGB with all proceeds going to a number of charity organizations. 46 Women of Distinction Kelly Ann Green Clergy Ordained Minister Conference speaker Teacher Writer Grain Valley Missouri K elly Ann Green spent twenty-five years in her initial career of healthcare as a paramedic for an ambulance service and in private practice nursing. Looking towards the future Kelly would love to lead a mission group to somewhere such as Haiti or El Salvador to help serve people in need. One day The Lord spoke to my heart and said You have spent all these years caring for people s physical health. I am now calling you to care for their spiritual health. I was blown away as full time ministry has always been the desire of my heart so this was an answer to prayer. So in 2005 Kelly became involved in the ministry and has been for the past ten years. In that relatively short period of time Kelly became an ordained minister a teacher writer public speaker and founded Since joining the ministry in 2005 I face defining moments on the daily basis. We need to sometimes be still and listen for direction from The Lord. Defining moments include any time that our decisions will define our image. Now Kelly s role within my ministry is as a leader and teacher to the women who she ministers to. Kelly teaches series messages speaks at conferences and women s retreats. Kelly is also active in community outreach programs to serve the homeless and low-income families. I want to let people know that I m no different than them. I come from some dysfunction and hard times in life what I like to tell people is that your past should be a point of reference not a place of residence. Don t look back move forward. Whenever she has down time Kelly loves to go junking or antiquing and restore or refurbish timeless pieces of history. She s also an avid reader and writer who is currently working on her first book Breaking the Cycle of Generational Curses. Kelly wants to be known for her service to others that she always lent a hand wherever needed empowered others to reach their goals and equipped them for any challenge that comes their way. The greatest satisfaction for me is seeing lives changed addictions broken relationships restored and seeing people overcome insurmountable odds through His grace. What keeps me going in the calling on my life is the true passion for caring for people and especially empowering women embracing them engaging them and equipping them for service in ministry. 47 Women of Distinction Leuvenia HinesCraighead Education Chief Executive Officer Founder of Craighead Learning Center Temple Hills Maryland I My passion for learning and teaching others is why I have maintained this educational enthusiasm. n 1968 during her freshman year of college Leuvenia Hines-Craighead began volunteering hours at mother s successful home childcare service. In the afternoon after her morning classes at Virginia Commonwealth University Leuvenia would make her way to the care center to help her mom and inevitably herself. As Founder and CEO of L Craighead Learning Center Leuvenia is constantly researching methods that will enhance the instructional methods for improving achievement networking with other professionals and assist in the search for funding that would provide for more innovative programs equipment and staffing. Teaching came natural to me as I observed the manner in which my mom managed her facility in a firm yet patient demeanor as she motivated students to learn. Leuvenia recalls that in third grade when her teacher became her role model she had a vision that one day she would have her own school. Her own institute for learning she knew would eventually come to fruition a place that would incorporate the Arts as well as the Academics. I consider myself a lifelong learner who is constantly searching for innovative strategies that would inspire and motivate learners of all ages. Opportunities for achievement are broadened while at the same time their Godgiven gifts and talents are encouraged and polished. Year after year Leuvenia feels her passion about her career rejuvenated by the enthusiasm and thirst for learning by so many of the lives she has impacted. She also attributes her family as a catalyst in the continuance of her profession. I always have my eye on the prize and on this side of my life as I quickly approach 66 years old I will not lose sight of my goal. That goal is to touch as many lives as I can and encourage them to discover their purpose in life and know that there is always someone who will support that purpose. Five years ago I got the brainstorm for starting Grandma s Summer Camp . This is a program that I run during the summer months to assist my own Grandchildren in polishing their academic skills as well as other fun projects fieldtrips and rehearsals. 48 Women of Distinction Liliana Green Psychology School Psychologist San Diego CA M eeting her soon-to-be husband while visiting her sister in Arizona Liliana Green married Bill who was in the US Army at the time just six months after dating. They moved to New York where he was originally from twenty-four years later and are still happily married. They recently relocated to San Diego California where Bill now serves as COO for NextLevel Internet. Having raised two wonderful kids together Tiffany is 20-years-old and is attending Quinnipiac University and William 17-years-old and is a senior at Mount Carmel High School in San Diego. I have to admit in the beginning I was overwhelmed starting a new career at that stage of my life after being at home for so long seem terrifying but I found helping families and children to be very fulfilling Liliana said especially those families who don t speak English and or do not know what resources are out there for their children. As a School Psychologist Liliana s role has been to assist parents and children succeed academically socially and emotionally. As a parent of a special needs child she has been able to offer compassion and empathy. She understands the challenges parents face in meeting their child s developmental needs and she has been able to offer support that many others simply cannot. Having worked for three years in her field in New York at Inspire Liliana worked with children between ages two and five from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds with a variety of disabilities. Although she is not currently working at the moment due to her family s relocation she is using the time to become certified to practice in the state of California. Lillian recently became a Board Member for SANDCASPSan Diego County Association of School Psychologists. She is also a member of National Association of School Psychologists California Association of School Psychologists and Delta Mu Delta International Society in Business. My career began with the birth of my son who has Down Syndrome Liliana said. After coming to terms with our son s diagnosis I was compelled to learn all I could in order to provide our child with the best possible life. A stay-at-home-mom for 4 years Liliana started volunteering as a parent advocate assisting families while learning about what resources there were for her son. As someone of Hispanic heritage (being born and raised in Panama) she knew she could assist many families in the community by becoming a School Psychologist. She previously had her associate s degree and soon after began pursuing her fouryear degree graduating with her Bachelor s in Business Management with a Minor in Psychology in 2003. A few years later she completed her MS in School Psychology and in 2010 Liliana earned an Advanced Certification in School Psychology. Balancing home life and college while raising her son Liliana assisted her daughter in understanding why her brother required a lot more attention. In time Liliana also learned how to maintain balance between the attention her son required my daughter s well-being and her family in general. 49 Women of Distinction Mai Kazakos-Resh MEd Legal Holistic Estate Elder Care Special Needs Attorneys Director of Operations Mall Malisow & Cooney PC Farmington Hills MI U pon the completion of graduate school in 1980 Mai Kazakos-Resh relocated to Athens Greece to teach. After returning to the United States she landed the role of Director of Education working in the non-profit sector before eventually becoming a Software Consultant and Director of Education for a PC enterprise. She was then recruited by EDS where her career skyrocketed with domestic and international accounts supporting GM. Leaving EDS after 15 years of great work Mai joined Cranbrook Educational Community a unique Pre-K-12 private academic institution science museum and graduate art academy. As a Consultant Mai worked her way up to IT Director which later transitioned into the role of Chief Technology Officer. But after her position was eliminated in 2009 Mai took the much needed time to reflect on where she had been and where she had wanted to go with her career. Coming to realize that she loved operations much more than IT it became clear. Taking time off in 2013 Mai did some consulting work before becoming the current Director of Operations for Mall Malisow & Cooney PC in Farmington Hills Michigan. Thoroughly enjoying her role as Director of Operations a senior level position within the firm Mai oversees all areas of operations including IT human resources finance strategic planning new initiatives marketing and advertising and anything else that is required to keep the organization on track. Seizing every opportunity that has come her way Mai does not measure success by what she has accomplished but more on the success of others she has mentored along the way adding I truly derive much satisfaction by helping others find the gem they are and helping them to polish it to its maximum shine. Mai has been written about in multiple professional publications for her work and she is active with the National Association of Professional Women and the Michigan Council of Women in Technology. While much of her free time is spent with family and friends she also spends a lot of time taking her registered therapy dog on visits something she is very passionate about. Mai s previous dog was also a member of Therapy Dogs Incorporated as well as a local organization called Dr. Paws for over 12 years and she is glad to be able to continue the experience with her new pup. It is an incredibly rewarding experience all around. Operations regardless of the industry is a fascinating ever stimulating and changing world Mai said. You are forced to constantly broaden and deepen your knowledge. Learning new tools processes approaches and methods are mandatory in avoiding stagnation and I professionally and personally thrive on variety and opportunity of which operations has a plethora. After being told of an opening for a chief operating officer position at Goodman Acker PC law firm by a colleague of hers Mai applied and got the position. A year later she began working for a different law firm overseeing the managing partner s five entities including his law firm two non-profits and two for-profit organizations. 50 Women of Distinction Melina Sheran Ladron de Guevara and Lily Flores Beauty Supplies Owner Founder Lash Factor Sherman Oaks California 51 Women of Distinction F riends since meeting in college over 15 years ago Melina Sheran Ladron de Guevara and Lily Flores long wanted to start a business and grow their fortunes together. But it wasn t until each moved to Los Angeles California from their childhood home of Lomas de la Hacienda a suburb of Mexico City that their aspirations started taking shape. The two began to create and build a business plan in November 2009 and a year later their shared dream became a reality as they opened their own beauty salon Lash Factor Inc. along Ventura Boulevard in the city s affluent community of Sherman Oaks. We always had a dream of opening a business in the United States when we were in our home country of Mexico. So with much enthusiasm and determination we started to research the beauty industry and what areas were in need of being revitalized says Melina. Through our search we discovered that there was a need and demand for eyelash extensions. Melina and Lily quickly grew into business partners not only passionate about their business as and the lash industry as a whole but innovators in a marketplace where maintaining product quality has been an ongoing challenge. Realizing finding quality products was an industry-wide problem Melina and Lily have sought to set Lash Factor Inc. apart from the competition by establishing their own line of eyelash products that are helping to revolutionize the field. The two women currently use the products that bear their business name in their salon while the line including lash extensions adhesive remover cleaners and primers are also available for purchase. The latest addition to the Lash Factor Inc. line is a lash conditioner that helps eyelashes grow fuller and longer. By having our own line on the market we can ensure that the same level of quality we use is being used by others in the market says Melina who like Lily is involved in every aspect of the business. Along with being an eyelash technician she is in charge of marketing and finding new unique ways to expand their brand and connect with customers. Great at customer service Melina takes pride in treating everyone as family keeping the customers happy and the business growing. Lily is also an eyelash technician and when not focusing on appointments she is busy doing all the accounting and books for Lash Factor Inc. She also helps to keep the salon well organized and running at it s best while supervising all online orders to ensure the quality of their products and service customers remains the best. When looking at the different products for eyelash extensions we searched for a consistent level of quality that we couldn t find explains Lily. We strive to continue moving forward and innovating with new and unique technologies that allow us to keep our salon up to date with the latest trends and technology. We have been great friends and love to keep busy outside of the salon. We are both mothers and love to include our daughters in everything we do Lily says. Once a week we try to get together and move to a different atmosphere that isn t work. Sometimes we take part in charities and giveaways with our girls and some days we like to plan mini getaways to allow us time to recharge our batteries relax and return to work full of energy and new light. 52 Women of Distinction Sandy Duckett Q&A Q Why do you feel your program Be Smart about Education is relevant in today s world A College debt in our country has reached 1.2 trillion and is hindering the ability for people to start their lives. We all know education is important in order to be successful but at what cost This program helps individuals make smart decisions about education and how to be more employable upon graduation. Q Why do you think this topic is not being addressed on the national level A It was addressed at the Federal level in 2010 but not in a good way. The Federal Government took over student loans in 2010 and it is part of the health care bill. It removed community banks and lenders which help advice students on bowering. This is a growing problem that will not go away without legislative change and educational reform. Q Why has college debt gotten so out of hand A First competition has increased among colleges for students and tuition dollars for profit educational institutions have entered the marketplace over production of graduates with like skills and there are not enough sustainable jobs in the U.S. Another factor is poor career choices by students who change their major and cannot apply earned credits to the new degree. Q What can improve the educational system What else can be done to reduce the cost of education A Better preparation and career guidance should be provided to students prior to making career decisions. A college education is one of the most important decisions one will make in their lifetime. College should help left people up but college debt is hindering their success. My personal goal is to help others make informed educational decisions so they can invest in their future. Too many people are coming out of college with significant debt. This program works One student stated You really opened my eyes to things I never thought about before thank you for sharing this important information. Be Smart about Education helps individuals make better educated decisions which in turn will strengthen families and improve the economy. NPO Career Guidance Employment Services and Home Energy Programs Chief Executive Officer - We Are HOPE Inc. Sturgeon Bay WI I believe we all have a purpose in life and my goal is to create change not only for the present but for future generations. S andy Duckett began her career in management as the owner and operator of her first business in 1987. Since that time she has worked in the fields of business economics and education. Now Sandy serves as the CEO of We Are HOPE Inc. a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help others prosper and excel by providing support in the area of employment energy conservation and home improvement. As the CEO Sandy works to identify problems and create solutions. Although her tasks and functions vary on the daily basis her ultimate goal is to improve the organization to better serve the clients. For Sandy the most important project she has underway is educating people on career choice through the program Be Smart about Education. In the following interview Sandy further discusses We Are HOPE Inc. the Be Smart about Education program and the economy at large 53 Women of Distinction Sandy Rozelman Healthcare Author & Health Coach specializing in Chronic Pain Management Cleveland OH I I discovered that even chronic pain has a silver lining. It has afforded me the opportunity to research learn and then share what I have found to be helpful on my journey of managing my pain. I have turned my pain and disability into a place of healing for others and myself. n 2001 Sandy Rozelman had to stop working as an administrative assistant due to her chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. While searching for ways to manage her pain Sandy began to gain control of her life and in 2010 she realized her calling to start a Pain Support Group so she and others could share what they ve learned during their challenges with chronic pain. Sandy is also affiliated with the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA) and the U.S. Pain Foundation. Sandy has written and published five books four humorous and her latest book entitled Chronic Pain Doesn t Have To Hurt Shift Your Perception of Pain . Her books featuring humorous stories and jokes include You re Gonna Laugh Who Said Jews Aren t Funny Politics Is A Joke and You re Gonna Laugh Your Tail Off . When I realized that there might be alternative ways to manage the pain of Fibromyalgia outside of the mainstream medical field I began my journey. Laughter was the first aspect I discovered that helped to relieve my pain. And if laughter could ease my pain there had to be other ways as well. So I began to search. Through laughter and many other lifestyle changes outlined in her book Chronic Pain Doesn t Have To Hurt Sandy has learned how to manage pain and stress so it does not take control of her life. I understand that I cannot heal anyone. Rather I view my role as helping others to discover their own healing power within themselves. I merely show them how to fix their thinking about their pain so that their pain has a chance to fix itself. I feel energized by helping others to make positive changes in their lives by developing trusting connections with them. I realize that everyone has the ability to access this knowledge within and I see my role as empowering them to see their potential. I believe coaching others helps them become aware of the inner blocks that keep them from being able to heal themselves. It allows them to focus on healing their body mind and spirit by making positive changes in their lives. We just need to learn how to get out of our own way. Not only do I share my own proven methods in managing my pain but my own insights from years of living with chronic pain. Pain management is simply a shift in perception When we are able to take something that was once causing inner conflict and find a way to see it in a different light we can begin to heal. 54 Women of Distinction Tamara V.MitchellDavis MBA Education District Business Partnership Coordinator - Hartford Public Schools Hartford CT T hrough her work as a District Business Partnership Coordinator for Hartford Public Schools Tamara Mitchell-Davis gets to demonstrate her lifelong love for education by empowering students with access to internship opportunities. Having worked in the Hartford Public School System since 2011 Tamara s current role has provided her with the opportunity to implement and manage the district s high school internship program which mainly targets juniors. In addition to recruiting and enrolling students into the program for internship opportunities she continuously facilitates collaboration between businesses community based organizations and other Hartford Public School Partners to ensure program goals are met and exceeded. Regarding her own education Tamara received an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Capital Community College in 2004 and earned both a B.S. in Business Management and an MBA degree from the University of Phoenix in 2006 and 2008 respectively. She also received a Project Management Certificate from the University of New Haven in 2014 and 085 School Business Administrator Certificate from the State of Connecticut in 2015. She participated in and completed the Connecticut Community College System Minority Fellow program and thereafter became an Adjunct Business Professor at a local community college. I absolutely love what I do. Having the opportunity to work with high school juniors and seniors and give them an opportunity to experience real work is so meaningful to me. Education has always been a priority for me so the work that I do is a bonus. It s a passion that was instilled in me from a young age by my mother. Her motivation stems from her daughters Tameria and MiKayla. After her youngest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2014 Tamara became involved in fundraising and other activities to raise awareness. She also volunteers her time doing community service work such as aiding in the fight against breast cancer and homelessness as well as tutoring and mentoring. I m a product of the environment in which I now work. I grew up in what some people would call a bad area and can identify with the students and the struggles they face. I was raised by a single mother who instilled the right values and a strong belief system which has groomed me to become the woman I am today. Despite a number of struggles I was the first person in my immediate family to graduate college even staying the course to earn my MBA. In her leisure Tamara enjoys reading traveling spending time with her husband Joseph their children and close friends. One of her pastime hobbies is watching comedies on television specifically reruns of her favorite show Martin. She is also a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and a member of a local school advisory board. I share my accomplishments mistakes and struggles through mentoring in hopes that it can help others along their journey as I truly believe that education is extremely important. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Each one teach one 55 Women of Distinction Toni Busuttil Education Director of Student Development for Fusion Academy Morristown NJ T I ve always had a penchant for writing and I got started as an advertising copywriter in 1984. I m very fortunate to always have had a love for writing and an interest in applying those skills in my professional life. oni Busuttil began in her career as a retail copywriter. By 2002 she was an international communications manager. In 2013 she decided to change careers and began tutoring students in English who were not native speakers by volunteering as a Literacy Tutor for NJLiteracy. Less than a year later Toni took a job at Fusion Academy teaching Creative Writing Language Arts and English. Now she serves as the Director of Student Development. Allow yourself some time to really contemplate your core likes and dislikes before you start your career. Be sure you ll be happy and find intrinsic value in your work otherwise you will become stuck in a job rather than living a dream. Throughout her career Toni has experienced glass ceilings which she now attributes to her successes. Tenacity and perseverance Toni knows are one s closest friends when one feels they have been passed over for promotions. Toni has held a plethora of positions in different fields throughout her career. She has worked as a Copywriter Copy Chief Creative Director Marketing Specialist Freelance Photographer and News Writer Freelance Writer Teacher and Mentor. In her free time Toni has developed a new love of singing and now sings at parties and local gatherings. She enjoys cooking entertaining and spending time with her family and friends. Toni has also spent some time establishing her YouTube channel. Toni wants to be remembered as loving kind and someone who inspired fun-times for those around her. She wants to be a role model and mentor to her nieces and nephews and be known as someone who was smart enough to adventure and try new things while being wise enough to be true to herself. I have had my share of hiccups in life and I ve learned to look at those times as growth and learning opportunities. If I can spread love and joy in this world while earning a living and being the best version of me I can be then I am indeed living the dream Be genuine be yourself. Don t sweat the small stuff. Stop worrying about what others think if you exude confidence clarity and honesty you will go far so long as you are willing to continue to learn and evolve. 56 Women of Distinction E ntering the healthcare field after first working as a sheet metal worker in 1988 Vivian Cortez was hired to work at South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. Trained as a Phlebotomist she started as a Tech 1 working her way up to Teamleader Supervisor Tech 4. By 2000 she decided that she wanted to make a career change but wished to remain in healthcare. Entering into the EMS arena she landed a role at Meditrans Ambulance Service where the owner paid for her schooling to become an Emergency Medical Technician. Vivian Rose Cortez Healthcare Emergency Medical Technician US Safety Services San Antonio TX The deep meaningful service I provide to people and being able to meet their needs gives me a great sense of pride and joy Vivian said about what she now does for a living. I have a great deal of compassion for others and I have a lot to offer them. Leaving Meditrans in 2012 Vivian was taken on board with US Safety Services in San Antonio Texas. Managing patients healthcare needs and providing treatment in a friendly safe manner she works different events at The Alamodome HEB Warehouse Convention Center and is responsible for completing documentation and ensuring that all guidelines are met as required by the Texas Department of Health. Although the EMS field is still dominated by men by approximately 72% Vivian doesn t allow it to intimidate her. She works just as hard if not harder lifting patients onto stretchers no matter how much they weight cleaning up blood and bodily fluids (which requires a strong stomach) as well as a number of other routine tasks. But it s what she loves and she wouldn t have it any other way. One the other hand one of greatest benefits of being in the EMS field are the work schedules. Most companies have employees on one 24-hour shift and one 16-hour shift with five days off. Vivian was one of 11 children. Her mother worked as a licensed vocational nurse and was very much involved. Vivian took Tap Ballet Mexican and Flamingo dancing lessons from the age of 2-16 took piano and acrobat lessons and was on her school s Drill Team. In 1973 she was crowned Miss Latin America of San Antonio. Her mom came to live with her at the age of 86 with severe Alzheimer s Disease it was a 24-hour job for Vivian. She passed away in March 2015 at age 89. During that last year one of Vivian s sisters who had been going through Stage 4 Liver Cancer also came to live with her until it took her life at age 56. A mother herself Vivian although proudly divorced has six amazing children ranging in ages from 33 to 27 and eight beautiful grandchildren. I love my family. I also love to cook Vivian said smiling. I want my loved ones family and friends to know they can always come over to my home. I ll fill their bellies with food and put love in their hearts. 57 Women of Distinction Women of Distinction Team WDM Jennifer Hardy EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Holli M. 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