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Description: In This Issue: Addressing Reproductive Woes, Testing Methods, Stress & Anxiety, and Cold & Flu Remedies November 2016 V Na tur SO ISI T alP U ra RC OU cti EB R tio ne OO ON rM ag K T LIN .co O E m DA So Y ur ce bo ok A VRM Media Publication Go to davinci for info about this advertiser Go to americasfinest for info about this advertiser TABLE OF CONTENTS November 2016 VOLUME 5 NO. 7 18 22 28 FEATURES 14 Stressed Out Caring for patients with long-term stress and anxiety disorders is best accomplished with a comprehensive treatment plan. COLUMNS 4 Editor s Note 28 Supplement Science 8 Practitioner Corner 27 Product Focus Cold & Flu Remedies 18 Testing Innovations So many testing methods are now available to help pinpoint your patient s particular health issue to get him or her back on the track to vibrant health and well-being. Here are some to consider. DEPARTMENTS 11 Health Industry News 30 Practitioner Chat 31 Natural Health Studies 34 Natural Marketplace 35 Media Corner 36 Conferences & Events 36 Advertiser Index 22 Addressing Reproductive Woes A number of factors can cause reproductive issues. Here is how natural practitioners can address them to help their patients. Visit FreeProductInfo for FREE Product Information or Samples from All Natural Practitioner Advertisers FREE Subscription (Print Digital or BOTH) FREE E-newsletter Visit Copyright 2016. Natural Practitioner (ISSN 2331-2580) Volume 5 Number 7 November 2016. Natural Practitioner is published monthly (except for bimonthly January February March April June July and September October) by VRM Media 431 Cranbury Road Suite C East Brunswick NJ 08816 USA Phone (732) 432-9600 Fax (732) 432-9288. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce in whole or in part. Not responsible for unsolicited material. 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All other issues are 10.00 each. 2 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to livon for info about this advertiser EDITOR S NOTE Have a Stress-less Holiday he end of November kicks off the holiday season that lasts until the ball drops in Times Square and everyone celebrates the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. And while the holiday season is filled with an endless array of parties dinners vacations and time spent with family and friends it can also cause many people a lot of stress. Planning and holding various dinners and get-togethers hosting out-of-town family members in your home for an extended period of time all while children are out of school for the holidays makes it easy to understand why some people get anxious at this time of year. And to top it off it is cold and flu season. In Jacob Teitelbaum MD s Practitioner Corner article on stress and anxiety (see page 8) he talked about utilizing the healing arts toolkit instead of relying on just the medical hammer i.e. prescription medication to deal with stress. Dr. Teitelbaum also recommended a number of herbs including valerian passionflower hops theanine and lemon balm because they may help relieve stress. He also touted the benefits of lavender noting that a small drop of lavender oil on the upper lip or having a bouquet of lavender in the room with you can be beneficial. In the Stressed Out feature on page 14 Dr. Adrian Lopresti explained that how we manage stress and anxiety matters. People who engage in regular T relaxation practice (e.g. yoga or meditation) take regular time outs during the day and engage in regular pleasurable and soothing activities are less likely to suffer from anxiety problems he said. Dr. Teitelbaum agreed adding that even regular walks in the sunshine can be helpful. As for me I rely on a number of techniques to de-stress and relax. Heading to the gym for a cardio session really helps. I also found that reading a book listening to music or watching a TV show or movie on my iPad during my workout helps me relax even further. Also meeting with my trainer is great because the only thing I think about during our session is pushing myself and getting through it. And as a lifelong swimmer my mind seems to clear after just a few strokes in the pool. Additionally according to my friend who runs multiple times a week she said that focusing on her form and breathing lifts any stress that she is feeling. When I can t get to the gym I heed Dr. Teitelbaum s advice and go outside to enjoy the fresh air. And when that isn t a possibility I listen to music on my phone--I created a specific playlist with calm relaxing music or I use a meditation app that I downloaded (Headspace and The Mindfulness App are the two I use most often). So when you start to feel a little stressed out over the holidays (or any time for that matter) just take a few minutes to yourself to relax--you deserve it. PUBLISHER DANIEL MCSWEENEY EDITORIAL DIRECTOR DanM ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER RUSS FIELDS RussF ADVERTISING GARY PFAFF SALES MANAGER GaryP EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SHARI BARBANEL ShariB ASSOCIATE EDITOR NICHOLAS SARACENO NicoS CONTRIBUTING EDITOR JANET POVEROMO JanetP ART DIRECTOR ROBERT CERTO PRODUCTION MANAGER RobertC PRODUCTION ASSISTANT BRYAN ZAK GRAPHIC ARTIST BryanZ CIRCULATION MANAGER ROSIE BRODSKY Rosie PHONE FAX E-MAIL WEBSITE PRESIDENT VRM MEDIA 431 Cranbury Road Ste. 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Connect With Us vitaminretailer vitaminretailermagazine company vrm-media vitaminretailermagazine vrm_media 4 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to advancednaturals for info about this advertiser Meet Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board In its search to provide readers with insight and perspective that will help them build and better their practices Natural Practitioner has culled together an Editorial Advisory Board of authoritative practitioners willing to do just that. You will see our Board members present in key editorial as well as each authoring their own column Practitioner Corner throughout the year that highlights their expertise and professional experiences. They will also lend us their perspective on trends and topics that Natural Practitioner will be covering in issues to come. Natural Practitioner s Editorial Advisory Board is comprised of Holly Lucille ND Dr. Holly Lucille is a nationally recognized licensed naturopathic physician lecturer educator and author of Creating and Maintaining Balance A Women s Guide to Safe Natural Hormone Health. Her private practice Healing From Within Healthcare focuses on comprehensive naturopathic medicine and individualized care. Outside of her practice Dr. Lucille holds a position on the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians board of directors and is on the faculty of the Global Medicine Education Foundation. She is the past president of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association where she spearheaded a lobbying effort to have naturopathic doctors licensed in the state of California. A graduate from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Dr. Lucilles commitment to naturopathic medicine has been recognized with the Daphne Blayden Award and more recently the SCNM Legacy Award. Shailinder Sodhi ND Growing up near the Himalayas Dr. Shailinder Sodhi developed an early interest in ayurvedic plants and herbs and received his BAMS (bachelor in ayurvedic medicine and surgery) degree from Dayanand Ayurvedic College in Jalandhar India in 1985. In 1993 he received a naturopathic medicine degree from Bastyr University as well as a degree in diagnostic ultrasound from Bellevue College. Dr. Sodhi practices naturopathic medicine along with his wife Dr. Anju Sodhi and his brother Dr. Virender Sodhi at the Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Bellevue WA which he established in 1989. In addition Dr. Sodhi serves as president of Ayush Herbs Inc. a manufacturer of high-quality ayurvedic herbal formulas is an adjunct faculty member at Bastyr and has been published in several natural health magazines. Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN Amber Lynn Vitale BA LMT CN majored in economics with postgraduate work in medical sciences and additional certifications in bodywork ayurveda and holistic nutrition. Her journey in the healing arts developed richly as she worked for years in practices with integrative physicians acupuncturists chiropractors and nurses. Ultimately she developed an integrated modality of ayurvedic medicine yoga advanced bodywork and integrative nutrition. Vitale uses her 19 years of experience in integrative medical practices to educate on the consumer mindset and to distill these wisdoms into digestible information bytes. In 2014 she joined the Garden of Life team as their Northeast regional educator. Adam Killpartrick DC Dr. Adam Killpartrick earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA. His primary practice focus has been a synergistic blend of NUCCA (upper cervical chiropractic) with Cranial Release Technique for which he has attained lead instructor status. Dr. Killpartrick furthered his education in clinical nutrition functional diagnostics and lifestyle medicine and has since successfully integrated this blend of specialized chiropractic care and functional medicine into his New Hampshire private practice. This practical experience led him to clinical consulting for numerous nutritional supplement companies. He is currently the chief scientific officer for DaVinci Laboratories. Jared M. Skowron ND Dr. Jared M. Skowron is a national expert in natural medicine for children. Author of the best-selling 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child his lifes work is dedicated to the optimal health of children. A faculty member at University of Bridgeport and founder of their Pediatric & Autism Clinic Dr. Skowron has helped thousands of children fulfill their optimal potential. He is vice president of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians and his expertise is in pediatrics autism ADHD and acute and chronic EENT conditions. Jacob Teitelbaum MD A recognized authority on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum is medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers nationally and does phone consultations with CFS fibromyalgia patients worldwide. He is the author of the popular iPhone application Cures A-Z and author of the best-selling book From Fatigued to Fantastic (3rd revised edition Avery Penguin Group) and Pain Free 1-2-3--A Proven Program for Eliminating Chronic Pain Now (McGrawHill). His newest book is Beat Sugar Addiction NOW (Fairwinds Press 2010). Dr. Teitelbaum does frequent media appearances including Good Morning America CNN Fox News Channel the Dr. Oz Show and Oprah & Friends. Isaac Eliaz MD MS LAc Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a recognized expert in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s with a specific focus on cancer immune health detoxification and mind-body medicine. He is a respected formulator clinician researcher author and educator. As part of his commitment to the advancement of integrative medicine Dr. Eliaz partners with leading research institutes and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed papers on innovative therapies for immune enhancement heavy metal toxicity and cancer prevention and treatment. He is founder and medical director of Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center in Santa Rosa CA where he and his team of practitioners pioneer individualized treatments for cancer and chronic illness. 6 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to kyowa for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER A Practical to Treating Guide Stress & Anxiety By Jacob Teitelbaum MD S tress is a funny word. Loaded with the emotional bias of being a bad thing the word stress can be quite deceiving making it harder to handle than it needs to be. So we will offer a new way to look at it--and very effective ways to address it. As the healing arts grows it is important to remember that there are four key domains in healing 1. Biochemistry. This includes herbals nutrition and medications. 2. Structural. Including areas such as manipulation surgery breathing exercise and ergonomics. 3. Biophysics. For example acupuncture chakra work yoga and NAET. 4. Mind-Body-Spirit. Understanding how the body is a metaphor for what is occurring at a deeper level. For most illnesses including anxiety and even cancer complete healing is unlikely to occur unless this is also attended to. You will find that healing occurs best when all four of these areas are addressed. No individual healer is likely to have complete expertise in all of these areas making it important that we learn to network with practitioners in many disciplines. This runs counter to the training many of us have received with different disciplines treating each other as if they were hostile religions (which in fact they often are). As our new health care system evolves and the current one heads to extinction it is good to see CAM practitioners communicating and working together more. So let s look at how a Comprehensive Medicine approach works when addressing anxiety and stress. I will focus predominantly on mind-body and biochemical aspects as these are where my expertise is. Simply check in to see how it feels. If it feels good it is healthy. What is enjoyable can vary markedly from person to person. For example I enjoyed the stress of skydiving while for my wife it would feel awful. A Novel Treatment The key stress antidote Check in to see how things feel. This is so important that I am being purposely redundant. Learn to say no to things that feel bad. Leave your brain out of it. Our brain is the product of our societal and family training. It simply feeds back to us what we were taught that we should do to make others happy. Our feelings on the other hand tap into our own personal authenticity. So choose to focus on and do those things that feel good. Once you ve determined what feels good then your mind can figure out how to make it happen. And yes it is okay to simply choose to focus on what feels good in life without being in constant battle mode against things you don t like. Like food choices at a buffet we don t have to protest for the removal of those foods we don t choose to eat. Simply ignore them and pick those things you like. You will find that the rest Treating Mind Body Issues Stress is not inherently good or bad. In fact stress can be used to force flowers to bloom and this analogy applies to people as well. The problem is when stress becomes chronic and is no longer enjoyable. This then contributes to chronic elevation of the stress hormone cortisol directly triggering anxiety. As the excessive stress becomes chronic cortisol levels then go too low--ironically also triggering anxiety by causing recurrent bouts of low blood sugar. A simple way to tell if stress is healthy 8 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to albion for info about this advertiser PRACTITIONER CORNER will soon stop appearing in your life. This is part of how I suspect free will works. Our focus is like the remote control on our TV. What we focus on keeps showing up on our screen. This is why our constant Wars on... just seem to create more of what we are attacking. Is it truly okay to do what feels good Some will make the argument that Heroin feels good and perhaps also smacking that person who makes me angry over the head with a two-by-four. This is why we add two caveats 1. Don t hurt others 2. Ask yourself How is that working out for me Doing this people will find their anxiety is often coming from their choosing what they think they should do over what feels good (i.e. doing what others want instead of what is authentic to them). Notice if you are constantly feeling I should do this or I should do that. This is euphemistically called Shoulding on yourself. I invite you to change that toxic behavior. If hyperventilation is present the person will usually have buried feelings that are bubbling to surface during periods of relative calm. Counseling to help them learn to feel their feelings helps over time. Also as panic attacks often leave people feeling like they are going to die understanding that the symptoms are not dangerous helps. Simply telling them may not be enough to reassure them though. They can confirm hyperventilation is the cause by breathing rapidly for up to 30-60 seconds and seeing how it amplifies their symptoms. Unfortunately this can also precipitate a full blown panic attack so they need to be forewarned and pick a safe time and place to do this test My e-book Three Steps to Happiness-- Healing Through Joy can guide people through the mind-body healing process. Also optimize nutrient status especially magnesium and B vitamins. Instead of blood testing which is of questionable value here I simply recommend (for most people-- whether or not they have anxiety) a high potency multi powder called the Daily Energy Enfusion (by Integrative Therapeutics). With this one drink replaces well over 35 pills optimizing levels of most nutrients. Also have the person decrease sugar and caffeine intake to see if this helps. Herbals can also be very helpful. For example there is a unique extract which can be as effective as Xanax but is very safe. This special extract stimulates one of the most abundant neuroreceptors in the body the cannabinoid receptors. Many of you may recognize this as the marijuana receptor and in fact many people use cannabis to selfmedicate for their anxiety. But what if they could get the benefits without the sedation and side effects The good news is that now they can. Recent research showed that a special extract of the roots of the narrow leafed coneflower (Echinacea angustifoliae) was more effective than the tranquilizer Librium with none of the side effects. It also worked quickly with effects building with continued use. This is not the same component used for immune enhancement and isn t found at needed levels in standard echinacea. It is available though as AnxioCalm (by EuroPharma--20 mg per tablet). Let s look at a few studies of this unique extract. A study published in the March 2012 issue of Phytotherapy Research included 33 volunteers. All experienced anxiety assessed using the validated State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). The extract decreased STAI scores within three days an effect that remained stable for the duration of the treatment (seven days) and for the two weeks that followed treatment. There were no dropouts and no side effects. Another study looked at higher dosages (40 mg 2x day) in a multi-center placebocontrolled double-blind Phase II study involving 26 volunteers diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Over a three-week period the number of severely anxious patients (HADS-A scores larger than 11) decreased from 11 to zero. So I begin with two tablets of AnxioCalm two times per day for severe anxiety. After three weeks the dose can often be dropped to one 20 mg tablet twice a day. It can also simply be used as needed and serves as an excellent sleep aid. Other helpful herbals include valerian passion flower hops theanine and lemon balm. These can be found in a combination called the Revitalizing Sleep Formula which helps anxiety during the day and sleep at night. I personally use both AnxioCalm and the Revitalizing Sleep Formula at night to ensure eight to nine hours of deep sleep. The smell of lavender oil is also calming and a small drop on the upper lip or even having a lavender bouquet in one s room can be helpful. Structural and Biophysics Simply going for regular walks in the sunshine and doing yoga tai chi and meditation can be very helpful. A technique called centering can help people feel that they are in the calm eye of the cyclone when panic attacks hit. In addition it is helpful to explore a technique called Butyko breathing which can be very helpful for anxiety and hyperventilation. For PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder) or old emotional traumas a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can give near miraculous benefits in as little as 20 minutes (see It may seem odd but try it and you ll be amazed. Releasing old traumas through a simple trembling technique is also helpful and the person can do it on their own. It is easy and simple instructions can be found in the book Waking the Tiger. By having the entire healing arts toolkit available and not just the medical hammer anxiety can now be effectively treated Jacob Teitelbaum MD director of the Practitioners Alliance Network is one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the world. He is the author of the bestselling From Fatigued to Fantastic Pain Free 1 2 3 Beat Sugar Addiction Now Real Cause Real Cure The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction and the popular free smartphone app Cures A-Z. He is the lead author of four studies on effective treatment for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and a study on effective treatment of autism using NAET. Dr. Teitelbaum appears often as a guest on news and talk shows nationwide including Good Morning America The Dr. Oz Show Oprah & Friends CNN and FoxNewsHealth. Learn more at Balance the Biochemistry Begin with ruling out and treating overt issues including 1. Overactive thyroid. Consider this if their Free T4 is even in the upper 20th percentile of the normal range. 2. Low progesterone (women). Progesterone is like our body s natural valium. Consider this if anxiety is worse around menses and ovulation. 3. Low testosterone (men). Consider if testosterone levels are in the lower quarter of the normal range. 4. Adrenal fatigue. Caused by drops in blood sugar. A key tip off Irritability and anxiety that triggers sugar cravings and improves after eating. 10 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS CRN Urges Doctors to Have Open Informed Dialogue on Supplement Usage n response to an opinion piece by Pieter A. Cohen MD titled The Supplement Paradox published On October 11 2016 in JAMA 1 the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) issued the following statement Statement by Steve Mister president and CEO CRN More than two-thirds of American adults take dietary supplements for a variety of health reasons and according to CRN s annual consumer survey on dietary supplements they consistently cite doctors as their No. 1 source for trusted information on supplements. We absolutely agree with Dr. Cohen that doctors--in fact all health care practitioners--should be discussing supplement use with their patients. As consumers are demonstrating an increasing interest in integrative health they also are seeking a more proactive role in managing their own health and looking for ways to stay well. Physicians must maintain open minds when discussing supplements and consider all the available evidence surrounding the benefits and risks of supplement use. Cherry-picking research dismissing patients actual experiences with supplements and relying solely on randomized controlled trials as the only acceptable validation for benefits all alienate their patients and overlook the robust body of evidence for supplement usage. In addition the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) provides a balance that gives the government ample authority to review safety data for new ingredients before they arrive in the market and to remove unsafe products from the market while still allowing consumer access to the wide variety of products they seek. Doctors can actively help FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) implement and enforce the law by reporting suspected adverse events objectively evaluating products their patients use and notifying the agency of illegal ones. Given that dietary supplement usage is growing in the United States and research demonstrates that supplement users are more likely than non-users to engage in healthy habits--including visiting their doctors--we would hope that health care practitioners would take their patients interest in supplements seriously. Physicians should not only discuss potential interactions but also potential nutrient depletions that result from some medications. Physicians should recognize that food comes first but supplements can complement the American diet. The multivitamin serves to fill in the nutrient gaps that government research repeatedly demon- I strates exist as well as provide critical levels of folic acid and iodine for women of childbearing age. Physicians should consider that products ranging from glucosamine chondroitin protein and echinacea to omega-3s and probiotics provide consumers with real-life benefits (even if the actual research is mixed) and do so in safer ways than some of the other non-supplement options on the market. We urge physicians to find ways to foster trust between themselves and their patients when it comes to counseling on dietary supplements. For more information visit Reference 1 Cohen P. The Supplement Paradox. JAMA. 2016 316(14) 1453-1454. UA Health Sciences Receives 1 Million Gift to Support Integrative Medicine hicago IL-area philanthropist Jolita Leonas-Arzbaecher has made a 1 million gift to advance the work of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (UA) Health Sciences. Andrew Weil MD is director of the UA Center for Integrative Medicine where he also holds the Lovell-Jones Endowed Chair in Integrative Rheumatology and is a clinical professor of medicine at the UA College of Medicine Tucson. A long-time advocate for integrative medicine Leonas-Arzbaecher is passionate about Dr. Weil s vision and has followed the work of the UA Center for Integrative Medicine for many years. Dr. Weil has been the singular driving force in integrative medicine helping to move integrative health into everyday life. I am thrilled to know that this gift can have a profound impact on the health of people in communities around the country she said. Dr. Weil and his colleagues at the Center for Integrative Medicine make wonderful contributions to the mission of the University and Health Sciences and they have helped improve the health and wellbeing of Arizonans and people around the world added UA President Ann Weaver Hart. I am so very grateful for Jolita Leonas-Arzbaecher s generous support and the impact her gift will have in research education and clinical care. The most gratifying way for LeonasArzbaecher to highlight reaching a milestone birthday in good health was to make a gift through her charitable foundation. Coupled with her earlier bequest to the University of Arizona her support through the JKL Endowment Fund for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine will have a significant impact on integrative medicine education and innovation for years to come. Donors such as Leonas-Arzbaecher who C give unrestricted gifts provide essential funding to move the UA Center for Integrative Medicine forward and ensure that the organization has the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Leadership development is critically important to the successful incorporation of integrative medicine into mainstream medicine. This gift to the Center will grow our faculty development efforts support innovation and significantly advance the education of medical professionals said Victoria Maizes MD executive director of the Center. This gift puts the UA closer to its goal of raising 1.5 billion during Arizona NOW. This comprehensive fundraising campaign distinguished by its unprecedented scope and focus on improving the prospects and enriching the lives of the people of Arizona and the world has nearly reached its goal 18 months ahead of schedule. For more information visit Essential Formulas Incorporated (EFI) the sole U.S. distributor of Dr. Iichiroh Ohhira s probiotic formulations announced the appointment of William J. Schoor from executive vice presiWilliam J. dent to president. Based Schoor at the company s Dallas TX headquarters Schoor will be responsible for leading EFI s daily operations. You re Hired NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 11 HEALTH INDUSTRY NEWS DEA Postpones Ban on Kratom O n August 31 2016 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published in the Federal Register a notice of intent to temporarily place mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are the main psychoactive constituents of the plant Mitragyna speciosa also referred to as kratom into schedule I pursuant to the temporary scheduling provisions of the Controlled Substances Act. Since publishing that notice DEA has received numerous comments from members of the public challenging the scheduling action and requesting that the agency con- sider those comments and accompanying information before taking further action. In addition DEA will receive from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a scientific and medical evaluation and scheduling recommendation for these substances which DEA previously requested. Kratom is not an opiate. There is no basis for the hysteria that the DEA has tried but failed to stir up said Susan Ash director of the American Kratom Association. There is simply no good reason to make felons out of three to five million Americans. These are good people who are exercising their right as adults to use a legal product. There is just no justification for criminalizing their voluntary behavior that harms no one. DEA is therefore taking the following actions it withdrew the August 31 2016 notice of intent and is soliciting comments from the public regarding the scheduling of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine under the Controlled Substances Act. The comment period will be open until December 1 2016. For more information visit or http Bastyr University Announces Nutrition and Culinary Arts Major for Fall 2017 astyr University has announced the expansion of its degree offerings at its San Diego CA campus to include a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Culinary Arts two-year completion program to begin in the fall of 2017. Currently offered at Bastyr s Washington campus the culinary program fuses scientifically based curriculum with a holistic approach to health and nutrition. Internationally recognized as a pioneer in natural medicine Bastyr University emphasizes the connection between mind body spirit and nature in all of its programs. The culinary program is no exception as it aims to incorporate natural B health practices into the next generation of therapeutic chefs nutrition consultants food and health writers food product developers menu developers and more. The new degree program integrates nutrition science with the culinary arts for a unique specialized program said University President Charles Mac Powell PhD. We have a wide base of faculty on board--registered dietitians nutritionists and established chefs--who will share their expertise through hands-on informative coursework and mentorship. The San Diego campus is fully equipped with resources for degree candidates including a whole-food nutrition kitchen and herbal and culinary gardens. These unique facilities support a curriculum focused on the healing aspects of food. With diverse course offerings ranging from Therapeutic Cooking to Ecological Aspects of Nutrition students will master both scientific and culinary skills thus graduating with a solid foundation for an array of career options ahead. For more information visit Homeopathic Manufacturers Honor Senator Barbara Ann Mikulski S enator Barbara Ann Mikulski (D-Md.) recently received a Legislative Excellence Award from the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP) the U.S. trade association for the manufacturers of homeopathic medicines. Presented during a special ceremony at the association s biannual conference in Baltimore MD the prestigious award recognizes the senator s support of policies that safeguard homeopathic manufacturers and medicines as well as Americans right to choose complementary health care. The longest-serving woman in the history of the U.S. Congress as well as a member of the Subcommittees on Children and Families and Primary Health and Aging the senator has been a proponent and supporter of homeopathic medicines throughout her long career. Among other contributions she has worked with Senate colleagues to promote funding for alternative medicines and has sought to require insurance companies to cover state-licensed alternative medicine providers. In 2013 the senator sponsored a resolution that designated the second week of October as Naturopathic Medicine Week recognizing the value of naturopathic medicine in providing safe effective and affordable health care. Senator Mikulski is only the second recipient of AAHP s Legislative Excellence Award which was first bestowed upon Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) in 2013. Given the senator s long-standing congressional support of homeopathy AAHP s decision to recognize her with this award was not difficult said Mark Land AAHP president. Our members and the industry as a whole have benefited from her enduring commitment to advocating for homeopathy and health care choice. I applaud your dedication to be a driving force of health care and health related service wrote Senator Mikulski in a letter that was read to the AAHP membership by her representative. As you continue to meet the ever growing demands of healthcare in the 21st century you are also continuing to promote the excellence of homeopathic medicine through education and outreach. In addition to honoring the senator AAHP members who attended the meeting addressed the state of the homeopathic industry networked and discussed strategies for moving the association forward in its mission to promote excellence in the practice of homeopathic pharmacy manufacturing marketing and distribution. The conference took place on September 23 2016 in conjunction with Natural Products Expo East. For more information about visit 12 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to natreon for info about this advertiser Caring for patients with long-term stress and anxiety disorders is best accomplished with a comprehensive treatment plan. By Karen Morse MPH O ccasional bouts of stress and anxiety are normal. But anxiety disorders go beyond short periods of worry or fear remaining present in the everyday lives of patients and possibly worsening over time. People with anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and social anxiety disorders have feelings and reactions that interfere with life often effecting relationships and work performance. According to the National Institute of Mental Health anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States affecting 40 million Americans ages 18 and older and just under 23 percent of those cases are considered severe. Though anxiety disorders are treatable only about one third of those affected receive treatment. Stress and anxiety problems can be caused by an array of psychological biological social and lifestyle factors said Dr. Adrian Lopresti a clinical psychologist at Murdoch University in Perth Australia. He further explained that lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition lack of physical activity alco- hol and drug use along with bad quality of sleep can negatively impact brain chemistry leading to symptoms of stress and anxiety. People with anxiety problems often have exaggerated beliefs and thoughts associated with harm and safety Dr. Lopresti continued. What we do to manage stress and anxiety matters. People who engage in regular relaxation practice (e.g. yoga or meditation) take regular time outs during the day and engage in regular pleasurable and soothing activities are less likely to suffer from anxiety problems Dr. Lopresti stated. Jacob Teitelbaum MD medical director at the Practitioners Alliance Network agreed and added that even regular walks in the sunshine can be helpful. A comprehensive medical approach including these practices coupled with proper supplementation and structural treatments Dr. Teitelbaum shared is the best way for practitioners to help their patients who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety. Approaches to Treatment Stress and anxiety disorders are treatable and most people who seek professional care can be helped. Treatment must be individualized and may be complicated or take longer if patients suffer from multiple mental health disorders or other conditions which is why treatment must be tailored specifically for each individual. I think that practitioners are uniquely positioned to help their patients said Cheryl Myers chief of education and scientific affairs at Wisconsin-based EuroMedica supplement supplier to health care professionals. They have an excellent sense of the whole health of the person in question [and] can recommend a number of ways to deal with anxiety. For instance cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help a person work through their responses to every day occurrences that seem to set off anxiety. And talk therapy for those with more serious conditions like GAD is essential. Then there are other lifestyle factors such as avoiding excessive amounts of caffeine and alcohol as well as getting enough sleep. These benefit everyone and are especially helpful for those who combat stress and anxiety. 14 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Medical websites will tell you that stress and anxiety are highly treatable but the treatment is usually with one or more of the 84 anti-anxiety drugs with harmful side-effects that do not make them a viable option said Carolyn Dean MD ND medical advisory board member of the Nutritional Magnesium Association. Because medicine has no cure for stress and anxiety natural stress and anxiety remedies are more relevant than ever. Magnesium a vital mineral nutrient known as the anti-stress mineral is perhaps one of the most important natural stress and anxiety remedies because of its effectiveness record of safe use and availability she continued. Dr. Dean explained that magnesium is a potent anti-inflammatory mineral which eliminates brain irritation that can bring on behavioral changes such as stress and anxiety and that magnesium also helps make energy in the brain that is vital for mental health. Magnesium is involved in hundreds of enzyme reactions in the body the most important enzyme reaction involves the creation of energy by activating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) the fundamental energy storage molecule of the body she said. A magnesium deficiency can magnify stress because serotonin the feel good brain chemical that is boosted artificially by some medications depends on magnesium for its production and function. The No. 1 selling magnesium supplement in the natural products industry is Natural Calm from Texas-based Natural Vitality according to the company. The organic vegan and gluten-free powdered formula easily mixes into any drink to provide a dose of ionic magnesium citrate which is created from a highly absorbable proprietary blend of citric acid and magnesium carbonate. A good daily multivitamin is also important to recommend to patients according to Dr. Teitelbaum making sure that it contains at least 50 milligrams of each of the B vitamins. Myers also emphasized that the omega-3s peptides and phospholipids from fish are unbeatable for stress and anxiety. Omega-3s with phospholipids and peptides help maintain the structure of brain cells and keep neurons firing properly she explained. Most people don t get enough of these nutrients in their diets so I think supplementation is definitely in order. EurOmega-3 from EuroMedica offers a balance of omega-3s phospholipids and peptides in a single tablet or capsule. Peptides reduce anxiety and phospholipids provide strong brain support on their own said Myers. And while taking a fish oil supplement has become common the sources of some fish oils are questionable which could lead to negative effects on the brain. The brain needs phospholipids and DHA to develop properly and age well because these fats help protect the brain and the way it functions. She pointed to an in-vitro study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry where researchers pre-treated neuronal cells with DHA from the same phospholipid-bound omega-3 source found in EurOmega-3 for 48 hours before exposing these cells to oligomers that are known to cause the brain cell damage associated with Alzheimer s disease. The study found that DHA pretreatment greatly increased neuronal survival and reduced damage which lead the researchers to conclude that The researchers that such neuroprotective effects could be of major interest in the prevention of Alzheimer s and other neurodegenerative diseases. The process for EurOmega-3 also makes it a concentrated supplement requiring just one per day said Myers. It is practically a multiple for cognitive health. This is why I think it has an advantage over other forms of omega-3s. Unless you re eating fresh salmon at least three times a week every week I don t think you can get a more intensively focused brain-friendly form of omega-3s. Herbal Ingredients Ashwagandha also referred to as Withania somnifera or Indian ginseng is a powerful adaptogenic herb used in ayurvedic medicine to increase the body s resilience to stress. According to Myers studies have shown ashwagandha both reduces corticosterone hormone levels and increases antioxidant activity resulting in less of a fight or flight feeling and more of a sense of calm. Rhodiola rosea is another adaptogen that has a long history of use. The species-specific compounds in the plant have both stress-reducing and energizing effects. Randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies have found rhodiola effective at symptoms of stress including stress-related fatigue. Curcumin the active ingredient from the spice turmeric is also known to help with anxiety. Results from a 2014 study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders showed that curcumin reduced overall symptoms of depression functioning as an anxiolytic as well when used for more than eight weeks. In a press release lead study author Dr. Lopresti stated that the positive antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects of curcumin were likely due to its ability to normalize specific physiological pathways. He also believed in curcumin s ability to increase levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin while lowering stress hormones like cortisol. Rebel Herbs located in Indiana offers an ashwagandha powder that can be added to smoothies water or sprinkled on food. The company also carries a variety of capsules containing ashwagandha and other potent herbal ingredients including Imunade. In addition to ashwagandha root extract Imunade (available in 30- and 60ct.) contains turmeric and other herbal extracts concentrated by a powerful technology that combines CO2 extracts with hydrophilic extracts delivered in a vegetarian capsule form. Rebel Herbs also offers Turmeric capsules a supplement containing curcuminoides and turmerones as well as piperine or black pepper extract which may have some anti-depressant activity. EuroMedica combines both ashwaganda and Rhodiola rosea in Adaptra a capsule-based supplement that helps maximize energy while relieving stress and promoting healthy adrenal function. Another herbal ingredient effective at reducing stress is a special extract of Echinacea angustifoliae which Dr. Teitelbaum shared was more effective than the tranquilizer Librium according to recent research. A 2012 study published in Phytotherapy Research showed that this unique extract reduced subjects State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) scores within just three days and remained stable for the duration of the treatment period and the two weeks following treatment. Another study using Echinacea angustifoliae on subjects diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder found that the number patients who were considered severely anxious dropped from 11 to zero over a three-week time frame. This particular echinacea extract is available in AnxioCalm a product from Wisconsin-based Europharma s Terry Naturally brand. The fast-acting tablets provide relief from anxiety stress and nervous symptoms without causing drowsiness. These natural options can normalize several hormones that influence stress and NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 15 anxiety said Dr. Lopresti. They can lower the stress hormone cortisol. Moodlifting and calming neurotransmitters such as GABA serotonin and dopamine can also be increased by these herbs and nutrients. Research over the last decade has confirmed that mental health problems are also associated with excess inflammation and oxidative stress. Herbs and nutrients are especially important here as they are generally potent anti-inflammatories and antioxidants. said Merville. Some of us become agitated when others are more inhibited. The symptoms are also very different from one individual to the other. One will have difficulty breathing with a lump in the throat the other will have digestive problems and another will have trouble falling asleep. There are homeopathic medicines adapted to each of these cases. Merville further explained that the homeopathic approach to treating stress tension and insomnia is to understand the symptoms in order to correct an imbalance. Rather than knocking you out a homeopathic formula will help you restore balance to your body s own responses to stress with low risk of side effects. cause of the patients stress and anxiety. Myers agreed. Not everyone responds to the same treatment plan so understanding the best course for each person based on their health history and abilities is key. I believe that keeping current on nutritional elements to mental health and anxiety makes a big difference--as well as being open to a patient s initiative in finding healthy ways to work with the condition. Resources Chandrasekhar K. Kapoor J. & Anishetty S. (2012). A prospective randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study of safety and efficacy of a high-concentration full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha root in reducing stress and anxiety in adults. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine 34(3) 255. Darbinyan V. Kteyan A. Panossian A. Gabrielian E. Wikman G. & Wagner H. (2000). Rhodiola rosea in stress induced fatigue--a double blind cross-over study of a standardized extract SHR-5 with a repeated low-dose regimen on the mental performance of healthy physicians during night duty. Phytomedicine 7(5) 365-371. Florent S. MalaplateArmand C. Youssef I. Kriem B. Koziel V. Escany M. C. ... & Pillot T. (2006). Docosahexaenoic acid prevents neuronal apoptosis induced by soluble amyloid oligomers. Journal of Neurochemistry 96(2) 385-395. Lopresti A. L. Maes M. Maker G. L. Hood S. D. & Drummond P. D. (2014). Curcumin for the treatment of major depression a randomised double-blind placebo controlled study. Journal of Affective Disorders 167 368-375. Cranial Electrotherapy Another option for practitioners to consider as firstline therapy or adjunct treatment is cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES). Daniel Kirsch PhD DAAPM FAIS chairman of Texas-based Electromedical Products International Inc. manufacturer of a CES device called Alpha-Stim said not all physiological processes are chemical. In fact there s a lot more electrical and electrochemical activities going on everywhere regulating everything in the body. Dr. Kirsch explained that Alpha-Stim works by injecting a wide range of biofrequencies into the brain and body between the electrodes. Ligands such as drugs or nutritional supplements that vibrate at the same frequencies as the neuronal receptors activate the receptors in a group of nerves in proximity. The challenge is to balance the neuronal clusters so the brain and body can maintain or achieve health. Most pills augment or replace chemical messengers. Alpha-Stim both increases or decreases brain functions as necessary to rebalance a certain patient population. The Alpha-Stim device is cleared by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) for licensed health care professionals treating anxiety and depression. Homeopathic Medicines Homeopathic medicines are highly diluted plants animals and minerals that relieve the same symptoms they cause at full strength explained Christophe Merville DPharm director of education and pharmacy development at Boiron USA in Pennsylvania. For example a micro-dose of a coffee bean may be given to help with symptoms of nervousness. Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 200 years and the safety profile is excellent. They are known to be safe when taken along with conventional medications herbal remedies and other supplements and are often recommended to complement other therapies. Boiron s Sedalia is a proprietary blend of six homeopathic medicines used to treat stress symptoms. The active ingredients in this product include Aconitum napellus for restlessness and agitation belladonna for hypersensitivity to stress Calendula officinalis for relief of nervous fatigue Chelidonium majus to relieve digestive symptoms due to stress Jequirity for feelings of uneasiness and Viburnum opulus for nervousness and restless sleep. Homeopathy takes into consideration the different ways people react to stress Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help people work through their responses to common anxiety triggers. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea are adaptogenic herbs commonly used to relieve stress. Homeopathic medicines help restore balance to the body s own responses to stress. Relaxation practices good quality sleep exercise and good nutrition all help manage symptoms of stress and anxiety. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Patient Support Given our stress-inducing lifestyles stress and anxiety problems are only likely to rise said Dr. Lopresti. His advice for practitioners Listen to your patient. Hear his or her story to work out ways that you can best treat the specific Anxiety Disorders Assocation of America Boiron Electromedical Products International Inc. EuroMedica EuroPharma Natural Vitality Rebel Herbs 16 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to emerson for info about this advertiser So many testing methods are now available to help pinpoint your patient s particular health issue to get him or her back on the track to vibrant health and well-being. Here are some to consider. By Lisa Schofield T he majority of people are dealing with any number of health issues and if they are indeed in general good health they can frequently feel off or encounter new conditions that are generated such as depression psoriasis digestive issues more frequent colds etc. And in today s modern world of frenetic lifestyles nobody wants to be sidelined by issues or have to take forced time outs. And compounding the ability to hone in on the cause of the issue is the individual s unique manner of expression of his her symptoms which can vary dramatically from another who has the same issue. But this is where the growing number of more sophisticated testing protocols come in. Quite a few are so sensitive they add to accuracy that helps you create a more exacting protocol to regain that healthy balance. It seems our modern day environment and lifestyle contributes heavily to almost every clinical presentation I see whether that be fatigue hormone imbalances autoimmune issues etcetera observed Holly Lucille ND. She related that selecting and utilizing a testing method is based on the clinical case and the individual she goes way beyond reference range testing preferring instead to use functional medicine testing and environmental medicine testing along with genetic testing which she asserted yields her many more answers. I tend to use Genova Diagnostics for their vast variety of tests and Labrix for other options she said. For example she elaborated if she has a patient with cardiovascular issues and his her homocystiene is high she prefers to ensure the individual doesn t have an MTHFR variant which would decrease the body s ability to methlylate and process folic acid. This is the same with depression and fatigue. With autoimmune issues I am keen on getting to the root because the immune system is mostly in the gut so I like to do a microbiome assessment sIgA and other markers like calprotectin if there is any deep digestive issues. With hormone-related issues I like to assess estrogen metabolism through the liver. With more difficult patients I will do a large panel assessing antioxidant and nutrient status and detoxification markers along with heavy metals. A unique perspective is offered by Jacob Teitelbaum MD who said that there are very few testing protocols he likes to use as he doesn t find many of them to be adequately reliable. However he stressed they do offer an important piece of data but this information must be interpreted in the context of the person s history signs and symptoms. Sadly most physicians have utterly lost faith in their skills in the art of medicine hoping instead that seeing a lab result printed in black and white will give them absolute assurance. It does but often gives them complete assurance while they are following a false trail. Because of this Dr. Teitelbaum emphasized it is important that practitioners research and review the lab testing they use. Testing Innovations Many newer testing protocol companies are founded upon compelling new health research increasing overall sophistication for today s natural practitioners. Currently Colorado-based DNA Connexions provides four tests that address different but increasingly common health issues. These are Full View Assay to test oral samples for bacteria viruses fungi and parasites Lyme Panel a direct test targeting Borrelia burgdorferi (the causative agent of 18 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to probioticsinternational for info about this advertiser Panel tests for 88 bacteria viruses fungi and parasites from a variety of oral samples with intent to detect which microbes might be targeted for therapy. Those who have developed inexplicable illnesses may find the source to be poor dental work said Dr. Douglas. We recommend the Full View panel for patients who have root canals implants and or cavitations which are infections in the jawbone where teeth have been extracted. The resulting toxins can negatively affect the body and the cause can be difficult Lyme disease) and 10 common tick borne to pinpoint. co-infectors Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) Although the CDC (Centers for Disease Genotyping determining which genotype of Control and Prevention) says that each year the ApoE gene is expressed in an individual approximately 300 000 people are diagnosed and which is linked to Alzheimer s choleswith Lyme disease in the United States we terol levels and other health issues and believe this is a gross underreporting as there gluten intolerance sensitivity discerning the HLA-DQ gene markers most frequently are limitations on data collection and not found in celiac disease. every case is submitted to the CDC said Dr. According to Leslie Douglas PhD lead Douglas. Sometimes Western Blot or ELISA researcher laboratory manager the compatests are inconclusive and there isn t a ny s founder Dr. Hal Huggins was a leading tremendous amount of credible information pioneer in identifying and treating medical available to the general public and those who problems caused by harmful dental procemay be wondering if what they are feeling dures. Research has revealed that standard can indeed be Lyme disease he noted. dental practices such as root canals have As Lyme is a multi-tissue multi-organ been linked to many unexplained health and multi-system disease it is difficult to issues and DNA Connexions was created to diagnose. Symptoms mimic other diseases discern which microbes are found in samples and is often passed over as a possible cause from root canals cavitations implants and he observed. While there are several tests other oral samples. The company s Full View available DNA Connexions he asserted is the only one to test for Borrelia burgdorferi and 10 additional THE GO TO RESOURCE FOR ALTERNATIVE tick-borne co-infec& INTEGRATIVE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS tions and the test targets the presence of the organism in the submitted sample rather than the patient immune response to the infection. We are able to NP s Upcoming Issue Highlights provide positive tests that have otherwise January 12 22 16 Cardiovascular Health been reported as ad closing February IHS Show Issue negative by other means he said. March 3 6 17 Immune Support Another growing ad closing April Cognitive Health concern is gluten. More and more people are identifying as Our 2017 Media Planner being gluten sensitive Is Available At thanks largely to mass media tion efforts. They will 2017-Media-Planner often visit natural practitioners to Contact One of Our ascertain where along the glutenAd Specialists Today problem line they lie. Russ Fields at 732-432-9600 ext. 102 Gluten intolerance e-Mail RussF and celiac disease are Gary Pfaff at 732-432-9600 ext. 103 more commonly e-Mail GaryP detected as individu- als are experiencing some level of intolerance said Dr. Douglas. Our assay looks at the gene responsible for processing gluten which is 95 percent predictive for gluten intolerance and or sensitivity and also for celiac disease. Another more universal condition that causes many visits stems from aging according to Yessica Fernandez-Cruz sales and marketing director Life Length Madrid Spain. She observed that populations in every country are increasing in the number and proportion of older people. This is going to be one of the most significant social transformations of the 21st century with implications for nearly all sectors of society she asserted. For example she provided the population of Americans age 65 and older is expected to double in the next 25 years due to increased life expectancy. The number of people aged 80 years or over is expected to increase from 14 percent in 2015 to more than 20 percent in 2050. The anticipated growth in the aging population will result in an expected 25 percent rise in health care costs by 2030. According to data from World Population Prospects the 2015 Revision (United Nations 2015) the number of older persons--those aged 60 years or over--has increased substantially in recent years in most countries and regions and that growth is projected to accelerate in the coming decades. Between 2015 and 2030 the number of people in the world aged 60 years or over is projected to grow by 56 percent from 901 million to 1.4 billion. The health of the aging population can be preserved and chronic diseases can be reduced she stated. Telomere measurement provides information about an individual s aging process and is a crucial biomarker that serves as a key tool in preventive medicine so we can take preventive measures to postpone aging and thus the onset of age-related diseases. Unhealthy cholesterol profiles and Alzheimer s disease are two age-related conditions numerous people are extremely concerned about developing and want to prevent the risk. The ApoE gene in humans codes for a protein that helps maintain normal levels of cholesterol mercury removal and has also been linked to an increased risk of late-onset Alzheimer s disease. DNA Connexions Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) Genotyping tests for all the genotypes possible noted Dr. Douglas. How They Work New advances in science have made it possible for individuals to gain information about their unique genetic makeup--and there is a growing trend of consumers seeking to understand their personalized genetic code said Ed Coffey director of operations for Massachusetts-based ORIG3N. LIFEPROFILE 20 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 allows individuals and their practitioners to learn how their genes impact specific aspects of their bodies and their health he explained. With our FUEL individuals can learn exactly how their genes affect their nutritional tendencies weight and overall health. FUEL tests 24 genes related to nutrition. The assessment report will provide insights on how one s body responds to various nutritional and weight categories. It also includes statistics on how the individual compares to the general population he described. All results are based upon peer-reviewed scientific literature and include references to the original research Coffey added. FUEL builds off of ORIG3N s LIFEPROFILE series which includes personal genetic testing kits AURA FITCODE and SUPERHERO. Each test is performed via a simple cheek swab from which DNA is extracted for genetic analysis using industry-standard instrumentation according to Coffey which can be mailed to its lab. Results take a few weeks. We test genes related to processing seven vitamins a deficiency in any may cause multiple symptoms he explained. We test seven genes relating to hunger and weight gain covering such attributes as feeling full appetite control food reward and sweet tooth. We test seven genes relating to food sensitivities for such things as lactose caffeine alcohol and bitter foods. And we test three genes relating to cholesterol levels. DNA Connexions provides comprehensive kits for all of its accepted sampling methods including instructions all necessary sampling equipment and a box to ship the collected sample to the company according to Dr. Douglas. All of DNA Connexions tests utilize PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in which specific genes are targeted and amplified to detectable amounts. The primers we use to target these genes are highly specific and accuracy is confirmed by DNA Sequence data and the NCBI Genbank B.L.A.S.T. database. Each report lists what was found in the sam- ple along with applicable information for that test. The practitioner is the able to made decisions about further treatment or therapy. Life Length said Fernandez-Cruz offers a unique test that measures the percentage of critically short telomeres (the telomeres that have become so short that normal cellular division is impaired) Which allows us with great precision to estimate the degree of telomere shortening of a given individual. There is solid genetic evidence that telomere length and in particular the abundance of critically short telomeres (those telomeres which represent a persistent damage to the cell) are relevant for aging and the development of age-associated diseases. In contrast other habits (exercise meditation nutritional supplements) have been shown to improve telomere maintenance with age. The kits are used to achieve three objectives for your clients patients Fernandez-Cruz pointed out 1. To provide people with an excellent indicator of their overall general health status as reflected through their percentage of short telomeres and ultimately becoming a test routinely performed in every check-up. 2. To provide an estimation of an individual s biological age through the interpretation of the percentage of short telomeres found in their blood as the best surrogate for the overall organism. 3. To contribute to the growing concept of personalized medicine by allowing practitioners to provide care that is based on their patients aging process warranting closer care of individuals who are biologically older than their chronological age and possibly reducing the number of other tests and costs for people who are biologically younger she explained. Fernandez-Cruz added that telomere measurement is the new tool for understanding a person s aging process thus potentially lowering risk for the development of age-related diseases. If telomeres are very short we know we are looking at a patient at risk and we need to do a deeper screening to see what dis- eases he she is at higher risk of contracting to make the corresponding interventions she described. Other tests for consideration include Salica testing from Diagnos Techs GPL-Tox a new test for toxic organic chemical exposure and GPL-SNP1000 a genetic test to find alterations in the genetic code in the nine key pathways from The Great Plains Laboratory advanced urinary hormone testing from Physicians Lab IT inflammation testing from Cleveland HeartLab and food inflammation testing (Delayed Food Sensitivity) from KBMO Diagnostics. Data is amazing expressed Dr. Lucille. Natural practitioners can usually get folks on the road to healing with dietary and lifestyle interventions but testing especially when someone isn t responding to therapies is a must. I always say if you start to scratch your head and what usually works isn t don t guess test Research has revealed that standard dental practices such as root canals have been linked to many unexplained health issues. CDC says that each year approximately 300 000 people are diagnosed with Lyme disease in the United States but there may be many more. Lyme is a multi-tissue multiorgan and multi-system disease it is difficult to diagnose. Symptoms mimic other diseases and is often passed over as a possible cause. Gluten intolerance and celiac disease are more commonly detected as individuals are experiencing some level of intolerance. Populations in every country are increasing in the number and proportion of older people. The number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to double in the next 25 years due to increased life expectancy. Telomere measurement provides information about an individual s aging process and is a crucial biomarker that serves as a key tool in preventive medicine. New advances in science have made it possible for individuals to gain information about their unique genetic makeup. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Go to rainforest for info about this advertiser DNA Connexions Life Length ORIG3N NATURAL PRACTITIONER NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM 21 By Shari Barbanel I t is said that having a child is one of the most wonderful gifts in the world. While that may be true sometimes the path to welcoming said child into the world may be a difficult one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 6 percent of married women 15-44 years of age in the U.S. are unable to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sex and about 12 percent of women ages 1544 in the U.S. have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. There are a number of reasons that it may be difficult to conceive a child. Washingtonbased Ayush Herbs Inc. s Priya Walia ND MS noted that a number of things may cause infertility in women. Most cases of female infertility are caused by problems with ovu- lation. Without ovulation there are no eggs to be fertilized she explained. Other problems may include Irregular or absent menstrual periods Stress Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS the most common cause of female infertility) Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI another cause of ovulation problems) Less common causes of fertility problems in women include Blocked fallopian tubes due to pelvic inflammatory disease endometriosis or surgery for an ectopic pregnancy Physical problems with the uterus Uterine fibroids Hypothyroidism Dr. Walia added that there is an increased risk for infertility among women with Age Smoking Excessive alcohol use Stress Poor diet Athletic training Being over- or underweight Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) Health problems that cause hormonal changes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and primary ovarian insufficiency Heather Nangle director of marketing for Nevada-based Hyperbiotics added that nearly 78 percent of the population choose to delay having a child for the following reasons 34 percent are focusing on career or education 22 percent are undecided about 22 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 having children and 22 percent believe they can t afford it financially. And according to the CDC the most common causes of infertility for men include Varicoceles a condition in which the veins on a man s testicles are large and cause them to overheat. The heat may affect the number or shape of the sperm. Medical conditions or exposures such as diabetes cystic fibrosis trauma infection testicular failure or treatment with chemotherapy or radiation. Unhealthy habits such as heavy alcohol use testosterone supplementation smoking anabolic steroid use or illicit drug use. Environmental toxins including exposure to pesticides and lead. Further a CDC study analyzed data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and found that 7.5 percent (approximately 3.3 4.7 million men) of all sexually experienced men younger than age 45 reported seeing a fertility doctor during their lifetime. Of men who sought help 18 percent were diagnosed with a male-related infertility problem including sperm or semen problems (14 percent) and varicocele (6 percent). to reproduce after the third-generation while cats who were fed on raw meat and raw dairy products were perfectly healthy he said. Our reproductive health is certainly affected by our diet the less raw foods and the more processed foods we consume the more reproductive problems we seem to have just like Pottenger s cats. Hormonal Imbalances When trying to have a child a woman s hormones may be out of whack. Dr. Walia explained that regulating the body s natural hormonal rhythm via lifestyle shifts healthy sleep patterns etc. are very important. Generally we take a look at hormonal levels for shifts to help bring the woman back into balance so her body can do the rest of the work on its own Dr. Walia said. Gina Besteman RPh director of compounding and dispensing for Wisconsinbased Women s International Pharmacy agreed explaining that the thyroid plays an important role in both fertility and maintaining pregnancy. Thyroid disorders are a well-documented cause of infertility and miscarriage. Pregnancy places a higher demand on the thyroid and maintenance doses of thyroid medication established prior to pregnancy sometimes need to be increased during pregnancy she explained. [The] thyroid can be a concern postnatally as well. According to the American Thyroid Association postpartum thyroiditis (an inflammation of the thyroid gland that may occur after the delivery of the baby) affects 5 to 70 percent of women. Careful monitoring of thyroid function is important before during and after pregnancy. Ayush Herbs Inc. offers a number of products that help support the body of a woman who is trying to get pregnant including Sitawari Female Support Shilajeet Mumiyo and YoungFem Hormonal Support. Sitawari (or Shaatavari as it is known traditionally) is considered to be a main rejuvenating and endocrine supporting herb for overall female health and vitality in ayurvedic tradition. The reputed adaptogenic effects of Sitawari may be attributed to concentrations of saponins that are very similar to those found in the more commonly known ashwagandha according to the company. Ayurvedic tradition also uses Sitawari to support the gastrointestinal tract for its aphrodisiac effects and for general circulatory system support. Shilajeet Mumiyo is also known as mineral pitch found in the Himalayan region of India. It has at least 85 minerals in ionic form and has been used traditionally for genitourinary and immune support as well as for its aphrodisiac properties. Shilajeet Mumiyo contains an array of bio-available minerals from this ancient remedy for endocrine system support. YoungFem is an herbal preparation for young women who are seeking relief from common symptoms associated with PMS (premenstrual syndrome). It has Saraca indica which is an excellent source of tannins catechin and naturally occurring iron Centella asiatica which promotes healthy blood circulation supports collagen tissue and is considered in ayurveda to support cognition by providing nutrients to the brain and the nervous system and aloe vera which in addition to its traditional uses in liver and digestive support also provides relief for common symptoms associated with PMS and supports female health. Symplocos racemosa sustains the uterus and promotes urinary health and Bamboo manna also contains silica which supports female reproductive health and provides relief for common symptoms associated with PMS. YoungFem also contains measured amounts of pyridoxal-5-phosphate a form of vitamin B6 which has been shown to help with relieving common PMS symptoms. Gut Health The health of the gut goes far beyond the digestive tract. In fact 70 percent of the immune system resides in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. According to Nangle research continues to show the fundamental role that the microbiome plays in overall health including reproductive and postpartum health. We believe in an integrated whole-body approach to women s wellness that begins with the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut environment she continued. Whether a woman is actively trying to conceive or journeying through pregnancy and postpartum an abundance of targeted probiotic strains helps to fortify the immune system promote a healthy mental and emotional function balance and regulate hormones and support healthy digestion and regularity. Hyperbiotics features various of probiotic formulas that are beneficial to women preand postpartum including PRO-Women PRO-15 and PRO-Moms. PRO-Women contains 5 billion CFU of the six targeted strains (L. plantarum L. fermentum L. acidophilus L. reuteri L. rhamnosus and B. bifidum) specifically chosen for the benefit they provide to women including promoting the balance of yeast aiding weight loss improving digestion and regularity and reducing bloating. The formula includes cranberry extract and naturally occurring D-mannose to promote healthy urinary function. PRO-15 includes 15 proven probiotic strains (from the genera Lactobacillus Addressing the Issues As noted above there are a number of issues that may have a hand in why it may be difficult to conceive or carry a child to term. Emotional issues nutritional deficiencies hormonal imbalances poor gut health and toxicity can all have an effect on reproductive health. Emotional Issues The mind is a powerful thing and some studies show that the mind body connection may have a powerful effect on how the body functions depending on how good a person s emotional health is. Bradley Nelson DC explained that the subconscious mind needs to be in alignment with the reproductive process. When we experience intense negative emotions the energy of those emotions may become trapped in the body in the form of a discrete area of emotional frequency he said. Nutritional Deficiencies Dr. Nelson added that once emotional issues have been addressed he focuses his attention to nutritional deficiencies. He explained that the most common nutritional deficiencies in his experience include vitamin E calcium magnesium B vitamins and manganese. Our modern Western diet is not conducive to reproduction. In a landmark study Dr. Francis Marion Pottenger Jr. showed that cats who were fed a diet of cooked food and pasteurized milk entirely lost the ability NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 23 immune response of mother and child support healthy glucose levels increase regularity promote proper nutrient absorption support more balanced mental function and produce natural folate. Toxicity While working on your emotional wellbeing correcting nutritional deficiencies hormonal imbalances and gut health isn t enough to think about--environmental toxins can come into play. And unless you live in a bubble or a biodome it is practically impossible for a person to completely avoid them. Toxicity is the accumulation and buildup of toxins or toxic materials in the bodily tissues. For the most part toxicity is a relatively new phenomenon Dr. Nelson explained. Most toxins were introduced into our environment and subsequently into our bodies around the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. This problem continues to increase as the health of planet earth declines. Toxicity is now a worldwide problem and unfortunately there aren t many places you can go on the earth where you don t find some kind of toxins. It s my experience that toxicity will also interfere with reproduction and is one of the less-recog- nized reasons for sterility. Fortunately the human body is very willing to detoxify itself if the right conditions are created to allow detoxification to occur. Postpartum Issues After the baby is born the mother may face additional struggles post-portum according to Ayush s Dr. Walia some of the problems that women face after birth and delivery include emotional problems (postpartum depression) breastfeeding issues a lack of sleep ensuring adequate nutrition as well as recovering from birth. Dr. Nelson added the issues of a hormonal imbalance relationship stresses anxiety and delays in the body s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy state. Hyperbiotics Nangle also noted that probiotics are quite beneficial post-birth. Postpartum recovery can consist of fluctuating hormones healing wounds sore muscles and constant shifts in microbial composition as the body s biology changes to support the new life outside the womb she said. Targeted probiotic strains help regulate hormonal balance and ensure there is proper communication with the brain along the vagus nerve (the gut-brain axis) so women can feel more balance and experience a joyful journey in the days weeks and months after Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus) to effectively counter the indiscriminate effects of today s broad spectrum antibiotics--all wrapped up in a tiny easy-to-swallow pearl. It supports wellness from the foundational level aiding in digestion helping absorb the nutrients from food and vitamins strengthening the immune system reducing temporary inflammation associated with exercise increasing energy levels supporting brain function and mental clarity and promoting optimal body weight. Lastly PRO-Moms contains 5 billion CFU of six targeted probiotic strains (B. infantis L. acidophilus L. fermentum L. plantarum L. reuteri and L. rhamnosus) for expecting and nursing women. PRO-Moms helps seed the digestive tract birth canal and breast milk with beneficial bacteria to promote optimal Go to womensinternational for info about this advertiser 24 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Go to fairhaven for info about this advertiser pregnancy. As well a plethora of beneficial bacteria in a mother s gut directly supports and strengthens immune function helping mothers feel their best and ensuring they can pass on the benefits of a healthy microbial system to their child through birth skin-toskin contact and breast milk. Offering Support Often those trying to conceive do a lot of research and will read anything that will help them understand the issue that they are facing and what they can do to be proactive. This is where manufacturers can step up and help their practitioner partners. For instance Hyperbiotics works closely with practitioners and provides them with all relevant helpful and appropriate information on its products. We are happy to provide practi- tioners with an abundance of merchandising support Nangle said. We provide attractive acrylic display racks professional product literature and posters free patient sample bottles goody bag inserts--as well as the ongoing support of our Practitioner Partnership team of experts. Practitioners also want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to help their patients this includes giving them products that actually do what is claimed on the bottle. Awareness and education of the supplements makes a big difference and impacts the future of the market said Dr. Walia. Effectiveness of the supplements matters more to practitioners as well--the more knowledge and effectiveness the better the supplement will do. As for practitioners supporting their patients throughout this process which is often tedious and emotional Dr. Walia recommended that practitioners should not only be open and have a good rapport with patients but they should educate them as well. Approximately half of the women who have experienced issues with infertility report that their doctor never discussed this subject with them Nangle concluded. While it can be a sensitive topic to discuss practitioners need to find ways to take a more whole-body approach to treatment and to initiate these conversations with their patients. According to the CDC approximately 6 percent of married women 15-44 years of age in the U.S. are unable to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sex. About 12 percent of women ages 15-44 in the U.S. have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term. A CDC study analyzed data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth and found that 7.5 percent of all sexually experienced men younger than age 45 reported seeing a fertility doctor during their lifetime. Healthy Take Aways FOR MORE INFORMATION Ayush Herbs Inc. Bradley Nelson DC (435) 656-4923 Hyperbiotics Women s International Pharmacy Go to diamond for info about this advertiser 26 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 PRODUCT FOCUS Combatting Cold & Flu eing right in the heart of the fall season a portion of the population will come down with some form of an illness whether it be allergies a cold or more severely the flu. Not to worry though. In terms of protecting against the flu the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that B By Nicholas Saraceno patients 6 months and older get the flu vaccine by the end of October each year although doing so later on is also acceptable. Of course verify if a patient is allergic to eggs as depending on the situation he or she may react differently to the shot. Besides vaccines manufacturers offer a wide selection of medications that can help combat various cold and flu symptoms ranging from oral sprays to vitamins. Below is an assortment of relevant products that medical professionals can recommend to their patients. EZC Pak EZC Pak by California-based PPC Group is a five-day tapered immune support supplement composed of certified organic Echinacea purpurea zinc and vitamin C designed as a clinical and educational tool to address inappropriate antibiotic prescribing practices during cold and flu season. Per a WebMD study 95 percent of U.S. prescribers admit to writing antibiotics when unclear of their necessity. The No. 1 cited reason patient expectation. EZC Pak and its related suite of clinical tools support the provider and patient to make good decisions about their health. The five-day design also provides a clinical safety valve to ensure patients are re-evaluated as needed. EZC Pak was formulated and designed by Sarath Malepati MD a Los Angelesbased general surgeon and former faculty member at Georgetown University School of Medicine and health care policy fellow at the National Institute for Health Care Management. Dr. Malepati s research focuses on how flaws in the delivery of health care contribute to patient disease. Without changes to antibiotic use death from drug-resistant infections is expected to surpass cancer by 2050 (U.K. NHS Study). EZC Pak is a national partner of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Get Smart About Antibiotics Program. It has a suggested price of 19.99. For more information call (310) 991-3015 or visit Safe Care Rx Dr. King s SafeCareRx Colds & Flu by North Carolina-based King Bio (for licensed practitioners only) is an advanced contemporary homeopathic medicine that causes no known negative side effects no medical contraindications and no drug interactions that may be used one to two times per day prophylactically during infectious seasons. Dr. King s contemporary approach combines 22 HPUS ingredients including Anas barbariae echinacea Influenzinum and zinc each in an average of seven high potencies for broadspectrum relief from fever chills achiness congestion and coughs. Free of common allergens such as lactose alcohol and sugar found in most homeopathic products Dr. King s comprehensive formula has a taste-free pure water base and is easy-to-use oral spray dosing with a suggested price of 26. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (recognized by the FDA) For more information call (866) 298-2740 or visit Detox Kit The healthy function of the primary excretory pathways is critical to the function of innate defense system and detoxification processes. Hevert Detox Kit from Colorado-based Hevert Pharmaceuticals includes four combination homeopathic medicines designed to support the function of the primary excretory pathways specifically the lymphatic hepatic gastrointestinal and urinary tract systems. Each one of the Hevert Detox Kit medicines is a combination of low potencies between TM and 8X designed to support drainage and organotropic detoxification function related to the natural processes. Recommending the homeopathic Hevert Detox Kit is a gentle way to support the natural detoxification mechanisms for optimal drainage detoxification and elimination. The 4x 1.7-fl.-oz. kit is available for a practitioner price of 39.99 and a retail price of 56.99. For more information call (855) 387-6466 or visit Bio-Kult Probiotic Multi-Strain The immune system can be compromised during the winter months and whilst health problems such as colds coughs and infections are active all year round your customers can be more vulnerable to them in winter. One way to help customers Survive Winter naturally this year supporting the body s natural immunity to prevent initial infection and reduce the need for antibiotics is with regular consumption of a probiotic supplement with multiple strains. BioKult by Protexin Inc. in Florida is a scientifically developed advanced multi-strain formula containing 14 live probiotic bacterial cultures proven to survive the high acidity of the stomach. It is offered in sizes of 60 and 120 capsules starting at 25.50. For more information call (786) 310-7233 or visit (Continued on page 35) NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 27 SUPPLEMENTSCIENCE & the Role of DHEA By Gene Bruno MS MHS Huntington College of Health Sciences HEA (dehydroepiandrosterone or dehydroepiandrostenedione) is a prohormone produced in the adrenal glands and testes. As a prohormone it can be converted into testosterone and or estrogens in various peripheral target tissues throughout the body.1 However plasma DHEA decreases about 80 percent between ages 25 and 75 years.2 This is determined by measuring the blood marker for measuring DHEA called DHEA-S. Sexual Health Men s D 40 and if their sexual function isn t what it used to be. Consider the following research on DHEA supplementation. DHEA Supplementation in Older Men and Women In a double-blind placebo-controlled study 8 280 healthy men and women (60 79 years old) were given 50 mg DHEA or placebo daily for a year. The results were that supplementation reestablished young concentrations of DHEA-S and modestly increased testosterone and estradiol levels. The authors concluded that 50 mg day DHEA administration over one year normalized some effects of aging but does not create supermen superwomen (doping). In another six-month study 9 18 men and women (aged 72-74 years) received 50 mg DHEA daily while another 18 men and women of similar age served as a control group. The results were that bone mineral density (BMD) of the total body and lumbar spine increased (P 0.05) fat mass decreased (P 0.01) and fat-free mass increased (P 0. 05) in response to DHEA replacement. DHEA replacement DHEA Supplementation in Men With ED A study6 was conducted on 85 patients with ED caused by hypertension diabetes and neurological disorders or from unknown causes. All of the men received 50 mg DHEA daily for six months. Results showed that DHEA treatment was associated with statistically significantly improvement in scores relating to frequency of penetration and maintenance of erections after penetration. In another study 7 this time one that was double-blind randomized and placebo-controlled 40 ED patients were treated with 50 mg DHEA or a placebo daily for six months. The results were DHEA treatment was associated with higher sexual health scores including the ability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. Low Levels of DHEA May Lead to Impaired Sexual Function DHEA-S levels were found to be significantly lower in the men with aging male symptoms (e.g. decrease in sexual desire libido) and in men with sexual dysfunction in a study3 involving 348 male patients. Furthermore in other studies4 5 serum levels of DHEA-S in patients with erectile dysfunction (ED) were lower than in healthy volunteers. All of this suggests that it may be worthwhile for men to consider supplementation with DHEA if they are over 28 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 also resulted in a significant increase (P 0.05) of about 46 percent in total serum testosterone concentrations in the men and about 114 percent in the women. References 1 Labrie F Luu-The V B langer A Lin SX Simard J Pelletier G Labrie C. Is dehydroepiandrosterone a hormone J Endocrinol. 2005 187 169 196. 2 Weiss EP Villareal DT Fontana L Han D-H and Holloszy JO. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) replacement decreases insulin resistance and lowers inflammatory cytokines in aging humans. Aging. 2011 3 533 542. 3 Basar MM Aydin G Mert HC Keles I Caglayan O Orkun S Batislam E. Relationship between serum sex steroids and Aging Male Symptoms score and International Index of Erectile Function. Urology. 2005 66 597 601. 4 Reiter WJ Pycha A Schatzl G Klingler HC M rk I Auterith A and Marberger M Serum dehydro epiandrosterone sulfate concentrations in men with erectile dysfunction. Urology. 2000 55(5) 755 758. 5 Vakina TN Shutov AM Shalina SV Zinov eva EG Kiselev IP. Dehydroepiandrosterone and sexual function in men with chronic prostatitis. Urologiia. 2003 1 49 52. 6 Reiter WJ Schatzl G M rk I Zeiner A Pycha A Marberger M. Dehydroepiandrosterone in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in patients with different organic etiologies. Urol Res. 2001 29 278 281. 7 Reiter WJ Pycha A Schatzl G Pokorny A Gruber DM Huber JC Marberger M. Dehydroepiandrosterone in the treatment of erectile dysfunction A prospective double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study. Urology. 1999 53 590 594. 8 Baulieu EE Thomas G Legrain S et al. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) DHEA sulfate and aging Contribution of the DHEAge Study to a sociobiomedical issue. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2000 97 4279 4284. 9 Villareal DT Holloszy JO Kohrt WM. Effects of Adverse Reactions The advantage of DHEA over other androgenic compounds is that it is converted into testosterone or estrogens only in the specific target tissues limiting the action of the sex steroids to those tissues and leaving other tissues unaffected--thereby minimizing the potential side effects observed with other types of androgens or estrogens.10 Furthermore when DHEA was taken for one year at 50 mg day 11 no potentially harmful accumulation of DHEA-S and active steroids or other harmful consequences were seen. DHEA replacement on bone mineral density and body composition in elderly women and men. Clin Endocrinol (Oxf). 2000 53 561 568. 10 Labrie F Luu-The V Labrie C B langer A Simard J Lin SX Pelletier G. Endocrine and intra crine sources of androgens in women Inhibition of breast cancer and other roles of androgens and their precursor dehydroepiandrosterone. Endocr Rev. 2003 24 152 182. 11 Baulieu EE Thomas G Legrain S et al. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) DHEA sulfate and aging Contribution of the DHEAge Study to a sociobiomedical issue. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 2000 97 4279 4284. Conclusion As a prohormone supplementation with DHEA appears to be relatively safe and effective. Nevertheless there is value in assessing blood serum DHEA-S levels for individuals planning to use DHEA regularly. This is particularly important in populations younger than 40 years of age who are more likely to have naturally higher levels of DHEA. Gene Bruno MS MHS the dean of academics for Huntington College of Health Sciences is a nutritionist herbalist writer and educator. For more than 30 years he has educated and trained natural product retailers and health care professionals has researched and formulated natural products for dozens of dietary supplement companies and has written articles on nutrition herbal medicine nutraceuticals and integrative health issues for trade consumer magazines and peerreviewed publications. He can be reached at gbruno NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 29 PRACTITIONER CHAT WITH SHARI BARBANEL M A Murray Grossan MD ENT-otolaryngologist Phone (310) 275-8738 E-mail drgrossan Website urray Grossan MD is a board-certified otolaryngologist and head and neck surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles CA. Well known for his innovations in sinus and allergy therapy Dr. Grossan is the founder of Hydro Med Inc. that markets his Hydro Pulse nasal-sinus irrigator which Time magazine called the Invention of the Year in 2000. He discovered the HydroPulse as a natural treatment for allergy and sinus problems for pilots and divers who are not permitted to take antibiotics while on duty. Dr. Grossan has talked about his whole body approach for resolving allergy and sinus conditions on radio and television and in peer-reviewed medical journals and other publications. Here he discusses The Whole Body Approach to Allergy and Sinus Health his seventh and most recent book. What was your motivation behind writing The Whole Body Approach to Allergy and Sinus Health It is evident that a single pill is not sufficient for allergy sinus relief. It is essential to treat the whole patient reduce stress improve immune system better sleep--include the brain to aid the therapy. Q A Q A Why do some people develop allergies In some cases the mother and father have asthma and then the child inherits a sensitivity. For others it is a matter of failing to develop proper immune responses. For example children brought up on antibiotics every time they sneeze have a much higher incidence of asthma. [This can also include] children who have failed to normally develop good immune responses for example the child never ate from the floor didn t have a dog etc. have a higher incidence of allergies. If you withhold antibiotics when the child has a simple cold you allow that child to develop normal immunity. It is most important to understand that allergy is all about arithmetic. Here are the factors that add up for allergy Pollen Fatigue Stress Cleaning sprays Dust Perfume odors Bedroom dust Auto diesel fumes When the arithmetic of above factors is a 10 then one has allergy symptoms. For example on days when pollen is a two and if you add perfumed lipstick--a three bedroom dust a three lack of sleep a three this would total 11 which would result in allergy symptoms. On the days the pollen is a two if you don t wear perfumed lipstick then you won t have allergy symptoms. Another factor in allergy is that during allergy season your thermostat is crooked. Instead of warming up normally with temperature changes you sneeze and hack. This does warm your body but it can start a cascade that can last all day. Therefore the temperature change of a warm bed to a cold floor often starts a cascade of sneezing and hacking you avoid this with breakfast in bed--hot tea with a cookie or toast before you get out of bed. gy Your local paper may have a pollen calendar or go to and observe your symptoms as per the pollen count. Know where to go for allergy relief usually the higher elevations are best and so is the seashore. Never get chilled--always carry a jacket for in and out of air conditioning. Hot tea is good iced drinks make allergy worse. When allergy is bad avoid fresh foods eat only cooked things or canned. Breakfast in bed for allergy hot tea before getting out of bed--can be a thermos or a plug-in. Allergy does not cause sinus disease. But at the end of a bad allergy the nasal cilia that move bacteria out of the nose are exhausted the bacteria remain in place and multiply. Tea lemon and honey humming and pulsed irrigation are all done to restore good cilia movement. What are some common concerns regarding children and the health of their sinuses Children can develop serious sinus disease. The disease from the sinus drains to the back of the throat into the adenoids. It also drains into the tonsils and causes tonsil infection. Sinus disease can also be a trigger for bronchitis and asthma. The best treatment is Proetz Sinus Irrigation. Here the child is laid across a parent s lap with head extended backward so that the chin and the ear are in a straight line perpendicular to the floor. The other parent fills both nostrils with saline then suctions out the saline from the right A Keep an allergy diary. Every time you eat raw fish do you get an aller- Stress floods the body with the wrong chemicals and makes any condition worse especially allergy. Poor sleep causes fatigue. When the body is fatigued it has less energy for the allergy task. What are some tips that you can offer practitioners to share with their patients regarding allergies and how to approach them Q A Q How can stress and sleep (or a lack of it) affect a person s allergies Q A Q What can people do to help control their allergy symptoms (Continued on page 33) 30 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Chemical Exposure Linked to Lower Vitamin D Levels xposure to bisphenol A (BPA) and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may reduce levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream according to a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. The study is the first to find an association between EDC exposure and vitamin D levels in a large group of U.S. adults. EDCs are chemicals or mixtures of chemicals that can cause adverse health effects by interfering with hormones in the body. The Society s Scientific Statement on EDCs examined more than 1 300 studies that found links between chemical exposure and health problems including infertility obesity diabetes neurological problems and hormonerelated cancers. Nearly every person on the planet is exposed to BPA and another class of endocrine-disrupting chemicals called phthalates so the possibility that these chemicals may even slightly reduce vitamin D levels has widespread implications for public health said the study s first author Lauren Johns MPH a PhD candidate at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Vitamin D plays a broad role in maintaining bone and muscle health. In addition low vita- E min D levels have been implicated in outcomes of numerous conditions such as cardiovascular disease diabetes and cancer. EDCs are found in everyday products and throughout the environment. There are more than 85 000 manufactured chemicals of which thousands may be EDCs. BPA a known EDC is often found in plastics and other consumer products. Another group of chemicals linked to hormone disruption phthalates are found in personal care products such as cosmetics children s products food packaging and medical tubing. The study examined data from 4 667 adults who participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) between 2005 and 2010. The participants provided blood samples so their vitamin D levels could be measured. To measure EDC exposure the participants had their urine analyzed for substances left behind after the body metabolized phthalates and BPA. The study found people who were exposed to larger amounts of phthalates were more likely to have low levels of vitamin D in the bloodstream than the participants who were exposed to smaller amounts of the EDCs. The link was strongest in women. There also was an association between exposure to higher levels of BPA and reduced vitamin D levels in women although the relationship was not statistically significant in men. More research is needed into why an association exists but it is possible that EDCs alter the active form of vitamin D in the body through some of the same mechanisms that they use to impact similar reproductive and thyroid hormones said Professor John D. Meeker MS ScD senior author of the study. Confirmatory studies are needed to show whether this association exists in other populations. (Source Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism-- September 2016) Certain Alternative Therapies May Help Patients With Bowel Disorders new review looks at the evidence behind the effectiveness of complementary or alternative therapies--including probiotics prebiotics synbiotics fiber and herbal medicinal products--for the treatment of bowel disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) functional constipation and ulcerative colitis. The review s authors note that most available studies are biased by several drawbacks however probiotics synbiotics psyllium and some herbal medicinal products (primarily peppermint oil) seem to be effective in ameliorating IBS symptoms. Synbiotics and fiber seem to be beneficial in patients with functional A constipation and the non-pathogenic strain Nissle 1917 of Escherichia coli may be effective in maintaining remission in patients with ulcerative colitis. Patients with common functional bowel disorders such as chronic idiopathic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome who cannot find benefit or have adverse effects with the use of traditional drug therapies or do not want to use them should be told that alternative medicines are available that may be effective said Dr. Diego Curro lead author of the British Journal of Pharmacology study. Also patients with mild clinical forms of ulcerative colitis should be informed that they might use with cau- tion an alternative probiotic treatment to prevent relapse. (Source British Journal of Pharmacology--October 2016) NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 31 NATURAL HEALTH STUDIES Vitamin E May Prevent Pneumonia in Nonsmoking Elderly Men dministration of 50 mg per day of vitamin E decreased the risk of pneumonia in elderly male smokers by 72 percent after they quit smoking according to a paper published in Clinical Interventions in Aging. Dr. Harri Hemil University of Helsinki Finland studied whether vitamin E supplementation might influence the risk of community-acquired pneumonia. He analyzed the data of the randomized trial (AlphaTocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention [ATBC] Study) which was conducted in Finland between 1985-1993 and included male smokers aged from 50 to 69 years. The age when the participant had started to smoke significantly modified the effect of vitamin E on pneumonia. Vitamin E decreased the risk of pneumonia by 35 percent in 7 469 participants who had started smoking at a later age at 21 years or older whereas the vitamin had no apparent effect on pneumonia for those who had started to smoke at a younger age. Among the 7 469 participants who start- A ed to smoke at a later age vitamin E supplementation reduced the incidence of pneumonia by 69 percent in a subgroup of 2 216 light smokers who exercised in their leisure time. In this subgroup vitamin E prevented pneumonia in 12.9 percent of the participants by the time they reached the age of 74 years which corresponds to one in eight getting a benefit from the vitamin. The vitamin did not have a significant effect on participants who smoked heavily or had not been exercising. One-third of the 7 469 participants quit smoking for a period and 27 of them got pneumonia. These 27 cases of pneumonia can be used to estimate the effect of vitamin E on currently nonsmoking males. The incidence of pneumonia was 72 percent lower in the vitamin E participants who had quit smoking and this benefit from vitamin E was also seen among those who smoked heavily or did not exercise. Although the evidence of benefit from vitamin E against community-acquired pneumonia in elderly males is strong in this analysis the overall findings about vitamin E have been complex. Furthermore the participants of the ATBC Study had mostly been born in the 1920s and 1930s and lived through the World War II years. Thus even though the 72 percent decrease in pneumonia risk with vitamin E in ATBC participants who quit smoking may be a real effect it should not be generalized to current elderly males in Western countries. Further research on vitamin E in nonsmoking elderly males is warranted Hemil stated. (Source Clinical Interventions in Aging--October 2016) Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Reduce Risk of ADHD Symptoms in Child hildren of mothers who took vitamin D during pregnancy with resultant high levels of the vitamin in the umbilical blood have fewer symptoms of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at the age of 2.5 years. These were the findings in a new study from the Odense Child Cohort just published in The Australia & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. And for every 10 nmol L increase in the vitamin D concentration in umbilical blood the risk of a being among the 10 percent highest score on the ADHD symptom scale fell by 11 percent explained one of the study s initiators Professor Niels Bilenberg. In the study 1 233 children from Odense Municipality were monitored. Vitamin D was measured in umbilical blood and mothers completed the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL) when their child was 2 to 5 years old. The CBCL questionnaire can be used to identify early symptoms of ADHD even though an ADHD diagnosis C cannot be made at that age. And the trend was clear those mothers who had taken vitamin D and had a vitamin D level (25 OHD) in their umbilical blood over 25 nmol L had children with lower ADHD scores continued Bilenberg. This was after we had corrected for other factors that could explain the link such as the mother s age smoking alcohol obesity education number of children psychiatric disease in the parents child s sex age and seasonal variation. The link between vitamin D and early ADHD symptoms has not been described before and has therefore attracted attention. We were very surprised that the link was so clear said two of the study s other authors medical students Jens Bull Aaby and Mats Mossin as there was no previous awareness that this link could be identified at such an early age. It s impossible to say with which children will develop ADHD later on but it will be interesting to further follow up those children who were at the highest end versus the normal range of the ADHD scale. The study offers no explanation as to how vitamin D can protect against ADHD but other studies have shown that vitamin D plays an important role in the early development of the brain. We had an idea about it said Aaby but we cannot say with certainty that vitamin D protects against early symptoms of ADHD. Our study only indicates that there is a link that we cannot explain in any other way. (Source Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry--September 2016) 32 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 Does Meditation Keep the Emotional Brain in Check editation can help tame your emotions even if you re not a mindful person suggests a new study from Michigan State University (MSU). Reporting in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience psychology researchers recorded the brain activity of people looking at disturbing pictures immediately after meditating for the first time. These participants were able to tame their negative emotions just as well as participants who were naturally mindful. Our findings not only demonstrate that meditation improves emotional health but that people can acquire these benefits regardless of their natural ability to be mindful said Yanli Lin an MSU graduate student and lead investigator of the study. It just takes some practice. Mindfulness a moment-by-moment awareness of one s thoughts feelings and sensations has gained worldwide popularity as a way to promote health and well-being. But what if someone isn t naturally mindful Can they become so simply by trying to make mindfulness a state of mind Or perhaps through a more focused deliberate effort like meditation The study conducted in Jason Moser s M Clinical Psychophysiology Lab attempted to find out. Researchers assessed 68 participants for mindfulness using a scientifically validated survey. The participants were then randomly assigned to engage in an 18minute audio guided meditation or listen to a control presentation of how to learn a new language before viewing negative pictures (such as a bloody corpse) while their brain activity was recorded. The participants who meditated--they had varying levels of natural mindfulness--showed similar levels of emotion regulatory brain activity as people with high levels of natural mindfulness. In other words their emotional brains recovered quickly after viewing the troubling photos essentially keeping their negative emotions in check. In addition some of the participants were instructed to look at the gruesome photos mindfully (be in a mindful state of mind) while others received no such instruction. Interestingly the people who viewed the photos mindfully showed no better ability to keep their negative emotions in check. This suggests that for non-meditators the emotional benefits of mindfulness might be better achieved through meditation rather than forcing it as a state of mind said Moser MSU associate professor of clinical psychology and co-author of the study. If you re a naturally mindful person and you re walking around very aware of things you re good to go. You shed your emotions quickly Moser said. If you re not naturally mindful then meditating can make you look like a person who walks around with a lot of mindfulness. But for people who are not naturally mindful and have never meditated forcing oneself to be mindful in the moment doesn t work. You d be better off meditating for 20 minutes. (Source Frontiers in Human Neuroscience--September 2016) PRACTITIONER CHAT (Continued from page 30) side with a bulb syringe but keeps filling the left side. When the right side seems clear refill both sides and suction the left nostril while refilling the right side. If the child is 5 or older a much more pleasant method is to use the Hydro Pulse nasal sinus irrigator. Both methods are based on flow of saline past a narrow opening which creates a suction. In Proetz the flow of saline is done by the suction bulb. With Hydro Pulse the flow of saline is from the pulsed stream. In both methods the sinus pus is displaced by the saline solution. asthma. Even if the allergy is seasonal i.e. local oak--you will still need to dust proof or get desensitized to dust because allergy is arithmetic. The worst information about allergies is that the child will outgrow it. Not true you want that child to be completely free of symptoms. When an adult suddenly develops allergy look for a low thyroid level. When we see a patient who is not responding to allergy therapy we always check for thyroid level. Since sleep is so important what is best Do not eat three hours before bedtime and follow a strict routine Remove makeup Dental care Toilet Eye drops Skin cream When a strict five-step routine is followed this sets the sleep clock and gives the best output of natural melatonin. This is very important for people who travel time zones. Since stress is so important the best therapy is counted breathing inhale count four and exhale count six. The exact time is of no importance. What is important is that the exhale is longer than the inhale and that the brain is doing the counting. When you count this way your brain is not thinking of anything stressful. If you do this for one minute every hour over a period of five weeks your stress level is usually lowered significantly. Medication enhancement you want to bring the brain into the healing. Whatever pill or therapy you are using visualize the medication being effective. No matter what causes the headache a shower massage to the neck helps. Run the shower hard to the back of the neck. Gently turn to look behind you side to side four minutes. This removes toxins from the neck. It also trains the blood vessels not to be as twitchy and irritable. If the child has eczema is sensitive to foods and then develops seasonal allergies it is best to get the child skin-tested and desensitized because that child can develop Q A Is there anything else you would like to add NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 33 NATURAL MARKETPLACE NATURAL MARKETPLACE PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS AVAILABLE TO THE NATURAL HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY. ALL STATEMENTS CLAIMS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION ARE PROVIDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. NATURAL PRACTITIONER DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY PRODUCTS INCLUDED IN NATURAL MARKETPLACE OR ATTEMPT TO CORROBORATE ANY CLAIMS MADE BY THE MANUFACTURER. To have a new product included in Natural Marketplace please send a press release and photograph to Natural Practitioner by email to ShariB Cortisol Manager and Vasophil GREEN BAY WI-- Integrative Therapeutics has introduced two new products to its line Cortisol Manager and Vasophil. Cortisol often referred to as the stress hormone is produced by the adrenal cortex in response to signals from the hypothalamus and pituitary gland as part of the HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis). Because of its central role as a first responder and its capability to modulate multiple critical physiological functions cortisol is often seen as the bridge between stress and its health consequences. Cortisol Manager has been formulated with stress-reducing ingredients and botanicals to promote relaxation help alleviate fatigue and support healthy cortisol levels. It features ashwagandha L-theanine phosphatidylserine magnolia and epimedium. It is available in containers of 30 (suggested price of 24.40) and 90 tablets (contact the company for pricing). Vasophil is designed to support nitric oxide (NO) production and healthy peripheral circulation. This drink mix contains 3 grams of free-form arginine and 3 grams of free-form citrulline. Arginine is a semi-essential amino acid involved in many biochemical pathways in the human body. Arginine is perhaps best known as a biochemical precursor to NO. Citrulline acts as an arginine precursor for NO synthesis1 and plays an important part in NO metabolism and regulation.2 In combination these amino acids support efficient NO synthesis for healthy cardiovascular function vasodilation and blood flow. As with other amino acids the effective dose range for arginine and citrulline is 3 grams or more of each. Thirty sachets of drink mix have a suggested retail price of 57. 1. Appleton J. Altern Med Rev 2002 7(6) 512 22. 2. Pichard C Sudre P Karsegard V et al. Swiss HIV Cohort Study. AIDS 1998 12 53 63. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Alpha Lipoic Acid FARMINGDALE NY--Patient One Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) by MediNutritionals Research LLC supplies 200 mg of this fat- and water-soluble nutrient with antioxidant activity that provides protection both inside and outside the cell. ALA can be made in the body but production declines with age. This versatile nutrient has been shown to support vascular and connective tissue health protect cell structures support the nervous system help maintain healthy liver function and maintain cholesterol and blood glucose levels within normal ranges. ALA has the ability to regenerate and extend the biochemical lifetime of other antioxidants such as vitamins C and E as well as glutathione and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). ALA supports healthy aging helping to neutralize free radicals before they can cause damage to the elastin and collagen in the skin that can be linked to signs of aging and wrinkles. ALA also provides support for athletes by producing energy in muscles and directing calories into energy production. Ninety capsules (90-day serving) are available for a suggested price of 12.50 (professional) and 25 (patient). For more information call (877) 723-0777 or visit SafeBudz NEW CITY NY--SafeBudz are earphones that eliminate 100 percent of the harmful radiation emanating from cell phones that goes to the brain according to the company. Unlike regular earphones or Bluetooth headsets that still carry harmful RF waves to the head SafeBudz block it all. How does it work Their innovative design moves the speaker further away from the brain making it completely safe for sustained use. Plus the patented Intellitube sound delivery system produces a live high-fidelity experience that s natural balanced and with superior sound quality. SafeBudz are ergonomically shaped for all day comfort and come in mono (suggested price of 39.95) and stereo models (suggested price of 49.95). For more information call (845) 521-6130 or visit For more information call (800) 931-1709 or visit 34 NATURAL PRACTITIONER WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NOVEMBER 2016 MEDIACORNER Doctor Say What Part 1 & 2 Author Larry Altshuler MD Pages 488 680 Price 16.95 19.95 Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Contact Janet Shapiro (856) 489-8654 x320 Doctor Say What is a two-part book by Larry Altshuler MD. Drawing from his experience and expertise in preventive alternative and conventional medical therapies Dr. Altshuler guides American health care consumers through the dysfunctions of the system to help them obtain the best possible care from medical professionals. Part 1 An Insider s Scoop to Getting the Best Medical Care explains how the U.S. health care system works and how both the practice and business of medicine impacts individual health care. The second book Part 2 The Guides What Works and What Doesn t--Step-by-Step Integrative Treatments for Over 90 Medical Conditions is a guide informing patients about the most effective therapies for more than 90 medical conditions. Prevention is the Cure Author Dr. Fred Sancilio Pages 239 Price 19.95 Publisher Morgan James Contact Alex Scancilio alexm Prevention is the Cure was written to provide readers with a clear understanding of how we become ill and what we can do to avoid the catastrophe that results from it. As a research scientist with more than 40 years of experience dealing with medicine it is obvious to me why most people become sick Dr. Sancilio said. Getting people to realize that most illnesses are preventable is the subject of this work and the goal of this book. In the book discover the four primary causes of illnesses and how to avoid them learn the 10 commandments of longevity the secret habits of centenarians and how to remain youthful into old age. The Juice Lady s Sugar Knockout Author Cherie Calbom MS CN Pages 256 Price 17.99 Publisher Siloam Contact Brittany Thomas (727) 443-7115 One in three adults will develop diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yet there is a lot of confusion over the subject of sugar sweeteners. In Sugar Knockout author Cherie Calbom MS CN also known as The Juice Lady provides information regarding problems with artificial sweeteners how to make healthy juices smoothies and more and the effects fructose has on the liver. This 30-day guide helps to lower your sugar intake and achieve better health. The Diabetic and the Dietician Author Dr. Ellen Albertson PhD MS RDN CD & Michael Albertson Pages 142 Price 14.95 Publisher Alexandria Press Contact Rachel Sykes cooktwo Michael Albertson was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and his wife Ellen Albertson PhD MS RDN CD noticed that there was no support for how a wife could help her spouse with the disease. The two decided to write a book detailing how to rewire your brains for weight loss clear up carb confusion (simple vs complex) food label literacy sexual dysfunction how to survive the Five Stages of Diabetic Grief and much more. The book also includes a complete two-week diabetes-defeating meal plan with delicious easy recipes so good he won t even notice they re healthy. PRODUCT FOCUS (Continued from page 27) Oscillococcinum 30 Dose Named the No. 1 recommended homeopathic flu medicine by Pharmacy Times U.S. News & World Report Oscillococcinum by Pennsylvania-based Boiron reduces the duration and severity of flu along with flu-like symptoms such as body aches headaches fever chills and fatigue. Unlike other over-thecounter medications it is non-drowsy and has no known drug interactions. Oscillococcinum can be taken by patients 2 years of age and older. The sweet-tasting kid-friendly pellets dissolve quickly under the tongue--no water chewing or swallowing is required. Oscillococcinum is available in a 30-dose box (for an average price of 31.04) which is expected to last a family of four throughout the flu season. These Uses have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. For more information call (800) 264-7661 or visit NOVEMBER 2016 WWW.NATURALPRACTITIONERMAG.COM NATURAL PRACTITIONER 35 CONFERENCES AND EVENTS December 2-4 Dr. Roizen s Preventive and Integrative Medicine Conference Las Vegas NV This year s focus for Dr. Roizen s Preventive and Integrative Medicine Conference is SMA s Helping You Prevent Treat and Reverse Chronic Disease for the Family Men s Health Women s Health and for Kids and Aging Parents Too The conference will focus on discussing the most recent data analyzing its impact and assessing its best use in clinical practices. Key topics include aging issues impact of the immune system use of shared medical appointments preventing and treating chronic conditions use of energy medicine and plant-based diets. For more information visit December 3-4 OANP 21st Annual Conference Prescribing Pearls & Pitfalls Portland OR OANP (Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians) will offer up to 10 hours of pharmacy CE and two hours of ethics CE. Any of these not needed as requirements can be used as general CE. Any CE obtained in December but not needed for license renewal in that year may be carried over to the next year s renewal (for NDs only). The schedule includes multiple speakers including keynote Paul Stamets D Sc along with a vendor fair and evening receptions. Registration is open until December 4. For more information visit December 9-11 The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Las Vegas NV Anti-Aging Medicine is a personalized treatment model that inspires a partnership between patient and practitioner. The World Congress will offer unique clinical approaches that promote disease prevention and lifestyle management and will provide access to unparalleled content ground-breaking research knowledgeable speakers and valuable resources that enable today s health practitioners for sustained success and growth. Practitioners can earn a possible three full days of CME credits will have exposure to more than 350 exhibitors network and attend workshops and lectures with leading expert speakers. Keynote speakers for the 2016 A4M are David Ludwig MD PhD leading nutrition and obesity research and physician David Agus MD pioneer in biomedical research and one of the world s leading cancer doctors and Michael Greger MD author and founder of In addition other speakers will cover topics like lifestyle factors immune health brain health functional neurology hormonal health and more during the conference. For more information call (561) 997-0112 or visit February 22-25 Integrative Healthcare Symposium New York NY This clinically relevant evidence-based medical conference program is designed to educate inspire and engage integrative practitioners and those interested in learning more about alternative and complementary approaches to heath care. Speakers at this year s event include Robert Rountree MD coauthor of five books on Integrative and Nutritional Medicine and medical editor for a national periodical Deborah McElligott DNP ANP-BC AHN-BC HWNC-BC CDE and Adult and Holistic Nurse Practitioner and many more. For more information visit annual-conference. ADVERTISER INDEX ADVERTISER Advanced Naturals Albion Laboratories Inc. America s Finest Inc. DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont Diamond Herpanacine of PA Inc. Emerson Ecologics Fairhaven Health LLC Kyowa Hakko USA LivOn Laboratories Natreon Inc. Natural Partners Probiotics International Ltd. Protocol for Life Rainforest Natural Products Inc. 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