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Description: The official event program for the 2016 edition of the Tall Pines Rally. The race takes place Nov. 25 & 26 in and around Bancroft, Ontario (Canada). The program includes entry lists, maps, schedules, features, driver profiles and much more. All ads are hot-linked to the advertisers' sites. Support the companies that support Canadian motorsports.

Rally of the tall Pines I 3 Detlor Crossing at night is arguably the most sepctacular stage on the Rally of the tall Pines schedule. Photo by andrew snucins WelCome to BanCRoft Rally fans 2016 maRks the 46th ConseCutive Running of the Rally of the tall Pines o By Ian Wright Rally of the Tall Pines Co-ordinator n behalf of maple leaf Rally Club and our sponsors i four rallies in one national four-Wheel-Drive national twoWheel-Drive ontario Regional four-Wheel-Drive and the ontario Regional two-Wheel-Drive. welcome you to the 2016 Rally of the tall Pines in Ban- croft on. We are pleased that the town of Bancroft is our host sponsor again this year. We always enjoy the friendly hospitality and wide range of services that Bancroft has to offer and encourage all our visitors to enjoy the facilities available in town not only during the rally but also during the many other events Bancroft hosts each year. We very much appreciate the support and enthusiasm Bancroft provides to the rally it is a major part of the success of the Rally of the tall Pines. the 2016 event is the 46th consecutive running of the rally and as in previous years we have worked extensively with our partners to bring the competitors a great rally on great roads in a wonderful part of ontario. We have built on our strengths with only slight changes to this year s format. Will we return to the tall Pines tradition of winter roads and summer ditches maybe but only time will tell if that will be the case expect to see great competition on these incredible roads. Besides providing a wide variety of road conditions our route also provides teams with serious technical challenges. Competitors will experience a compact route and schedule over one challenging day. the Rally of the tall Pines is a part of four Rally Championships the Canadian national Rally Championship the north american Rally Championship the ontario Regional Rally Championship and the eastern Canada Rally Championship. it is also get youR tall Pines meRChanDise Be a part of the event with our Rally of the tall Pines merchandise which will be on sale at Rally hQ at the Dungannon Recreation Centre and at both the ironbridge and golton spectator stages. Please stop by and take home a t-shirt toque or hoodie they are all a great value. you can also purchase Rally of the tall Pines merchandise online at We contribute to support Bancroft s tree planting program so there can be more tall Pines in the future and we use compostable products where possible and encourage our suppliers competitors and spectators to do the same. We continue to be grateful to the town of Bancroft the townships of Wollaston limerick and tudor & Cashel the municipality of marmora and lake and the ministry of natural Resources for granting us permission to use their roads. We would also like to thank the Watters family the golton family the tait family m&m esso and l amable Public storage for allowing us the use of their own property for portions of the event and we would like to extend a big thank you to all our sponsors and to the many volunteers who make the Rally of the tall Pines the special event that it has become. 4 I tallPinesRally.Com Rally of the tall Pines I 5 arkadiusz gruszka and navigator maciej sawicki finished sixth in the open class at the 2015 Rally of the tall Pines. Photo by andrew Pyke CanaDian Rally ChamPionshiP guiDe fRom CaR Classes to safety We ve got youR Rally exPeRienCe CoveReD R allying tests competitors to the limits of their abilities. CaR Classes there are numerous classes that accommodate a range of cars and budgets. Rally cars are grouped into categories that separate them during competition. Production Restricts teams to very few modifications which allows competitive low cost competition. Open allows any car with virtually no restrictions. this is where most of the flame-spitting high horsepower monsters compete. Production and open class cars are then placed into 2WD or 4WD categories depending on their drivetrain. Day or night rain or shine (or blizzard) teams face a wide variety of conditions while racing on challenging roads with a route book as their road map. the competitive portions of rallies are special stages run on closed forest roads which competitors must complete as quickly as possible. stages are linked by transit sections where all regular rules of the road are applied. service breaks allow time for rest repairs and meals. Rally teams consist primarily of a driver and a co-driver. the driver has the obvious task to drive fast. the co-driver keeps the team on time and on route in addition to reading the notes during the stages to inform the driver of what lies ahead. the service crew also plays an important role by performing repairs and routine maintenance. Rally cars start out as regular road cars but have extensive modifications to ensure they are safe reliable and fast. Roll cages safety harnesses helmets and flame-retardant suits provide protection for the crew. Beefy suspension systems soak up the bumps and jumps. special tires offer greater traction on gravel and icy roads. Performance-enhancing modifications vary depending on the car s class. Want to get involveD Volunteer organizers are usually looking for people to act as marshals and control workers. no experience is necessary. veteran marshals provide training. volunteering at a rally is a great way to learn the inner workings of the sport. Join a Club there are rally clubs in most Canadian and us cities that organize events for all skill levels and racing budgets. often experienced club members are happy to share advice with newcomers to the rally community. 6 I tallPinesRally.Com safety 101 since performance rallies normally take place on forest roads in wilderness areas persons attending the Rally of the tall Pines do so entirely at their own risk. that being said viewing the sport of rallying can become an interesting adventure in itself. We suggest that you prepare as if you were going for a walk in the woods. take warm clothing and footwear a camera a watch food and a flashlight. By observing the noted precautions your day at the Rally of the tall Pines should be both memorable and enjoyable. the rally competitors will be travelling over a wide geographical area throughout the day. the high-speed timed stages are held on closed forest access roads. the rally organizers have set up specific spectator viewing areas along the rally route. our spectator areas are among some of the best in north america and are the prime places to catch all of the action. Please remember that the spectator areas are on private property so please listen to the marshals do not start campfires or litter and help us to respect the landowners so that we may return in future years. food vendors will be on-site at the spectator areas and will be providing hot food and beverages. Rally merchandise will also be on sale at the spectator areas. if you wish to purchase anything please bring cash as debit and credit are typically not accepted. keep in mind that all local authorities and the ontario Provincial Police are very familiar with the route of the rally. Play it safe stick to the posted speeds and drive safely also note that no fires or camping are permitted at any of the spectator areas. DRones the liability insurance policy for the Rally of the tall Pines Bancroft on does not include coverage for the use of drones. therefore use of such devices and all other unmanned aircraft of any kind are strictly prohibited along any of the routes used by the rally unless previously authorized in writing by the organizers. Past event-Winning teams yeaR 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 City Bramalea orillia orillia orillia orillia orillia Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Bancroft Bancroft Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Peterb. Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft Bancroft RallyhQ City Centre Cdn. legion sundial Rest. sundial Rest. sundial Rest. sundial Rest. Rockhaven Rockhaven Rockhaven Rockhaven Byer s motors Byer s motors Branscombe Branscombe Branscombe Rockhaven holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn holiday inn the sword Pentecostal Pentecostal legion legion legion Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon CooRDinatoR g. mcCallum g. mcCallum g. mcCallum J. Carr f. Baker f. Baker f. Baker f. Baker C. Castledine D. samoyloff R. Wood R. Wood R. Wood R. Wood D. Castledine R. Wood R. Wood R. Wood l. flint l. flint D. Castledine k. thompson k. thompson D. Paisley f. Baker l. flint l. flint D. Castledine D. Castledine D. Castledine D. Castledine k. townsend k. townsend k. townsend R. hepburn R. hepburn D. Castledine m. koch m. koch m. koch i. Wright i. Wright i. Wright i. Wright i. Wright WinneRs medwell manson vanier vanier vanier vanier Perusse Bellefleur Buffum vicki heinonen Burgess heinonen Burgess Perusse Bellefleur heinonen Burgess millen franchi heinonen Burgess Black Burgess anderson Jackson Bendle amershi Bendle amershi luttenberger macDonald CaR Datsun Datsun Datsun fiat Porsche Renault toyota fiat toyota Datsun toyota Datsun toyota toyota toyota nissan audi vW vW vW volvo audi audi audi audi audi audi audi audi subaru subaru subaru mitsub. hyundai hyundai hyundai hyundai Buffum grimshaw o neil headland o neil headland o neil headland Jolles maxwell sprongl sprongl Choiniere Becker sprongl sprongl sprongl latreille sprongl Bellefleur sprongl sprongl sprongl sprongl sprongl sprongl mcgeer Williams mcgeer Williams mcgeer Williams sprongl maxwell l estage napert Buffum Richard l estage Richard l estage Richard Richard ockwell Richard ockwell l estage Richard urlichich Brady Richard ockwell martin Johnson l estage ockwell vincent vincent safety tiPs Do not camp at any of the spectator areas. spectator areas are monitored by the oPP. Do not stand too close to any of the roads. Do not block escape routes. Rally cars may need the runoff room and emergency vehicles need to have fast access to the road in case of an emergency. never stand on the outside of corners. never stand in areas marked with red prohibited area tape. stay behind all yellow caution tape and safety fences. they re there for a reason. never cross the stage road. try to keep behind something solid such as a large tree and leave room to move quickly. keep children under close supervision and dogs must be on a leash at all times. Please listen to the marshals instructions. november weather in the Bancroft area can change very quickly. Be prepared for sun rain snow and cold. Bring chairs and sun block depending on the weather. 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 subaru subaru mitsub. subaru subaru subaru mitsub. subaru Rally of the tall Pines I 7 staRt oRDeR entRy list Start 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Car 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 22 23 24 25 26 29 30 31 32 33 34 37 38 Event natl natl Both natl natl natl Both Both Both natl natl Both natl natl Both Both Both Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Reg Both Reg Reg Driver antoine l estage travis Pastrana Christopher martin maxime labrie Boris Djordjevic Brandon semenuk David nickel arek Bialobrzeski simon vincent Wim van der Poel agatino fortunato ian topping Justin Bayliff Jason Bailey ian Crerar David lamarre Robert mcneil Philippe Benoit Zoltan kovacs Bryce Baker laurens Wit gary sutherland Peter macDonald michael ketchum Conor malone lindsay Webster Paul Cary Jim stevens sergei grishin mathieu ayotte Co-Driver Darren garrod Robbie Durant Brian Johnson anick Barrette tBa John hall Chris kremer grzegorz Dorman hubert gaudreau Bryan lord Brandon liang Rachelle kaltak Christine Bayliff shayne Peterson emily atkins vincent aze trudel Patrick Wieler maxime fortin-gagnon guy Boudreau Derek vincent Jonathan Cox kylee Davis ferdinand trauttmansdorff savanna kovacs Ralph Blauel glen Webster Bruce leonard Jeff hagan Jack swayze tom mcCabe aCCuRate on novemBeR 9 2016. foR uPDates visit Rally hQ on novemBeR 25-26 Vehicle 2015 subaru WRx sti 2016 subaru WRx sti 1993 subaru impreza 2002 subaru WRx 2009 mitsubishi evo x 2016 subaru 2016 subaru Crosstrek 2006 subaru impreza 1994 subaru impreza 2003 mitsubishi evolution 8 2016 subaru sti 2015 subaru BRZ 2009 mitsubishi evo x 2012 ford fiesta R2 1982 Porsche 911 2007 subaru WRx sti 2004 mitsubishi lancer 2004 mini Cooper 2003 mitsubishi lancer es 1991 eagle talon tsi 2002 subaru WRx 2000 ford focus 2007 subaru WRx sti 1993 mazda 323 1985 mitsubishi starion 1995 subaru impreza 1995 Plymouth neon 2004 suzuki swift 2000 subaru impreza 1998 vW golf Class open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD open 4WD Prod 4WD Prod 4WD open 2WD open 2WD Prod 4WD open 2WD open 2WD open 2WD Prod 4WD Prod 4WD open 2WD Prod 4WD Prod 2WD open 2WD open 4WD Prod 2WD Prod 2WD open 4WD open 2WD 8 I tallPinesRally.Com sPeCtatoR sCheDule satuRDay novemBeR 26 2016 10 I tallPinesRally.Com maxime l lead the op 12 I tallPinesRally.Com Photos by andrew R By Dean Campbell CRC ALLYE PERCE-NEIGE the last few Rally rules. With the heavy favourite out of the running the fight for victory was a who s who of the top eastern Canadian teams. Carr struggled with problems and dropped down the order while maxime and Robert labrie catapulted from fifth to first overall. Jean-sebastien Besner and yvan Joyal were also in the mix along with simon and eric losier and andr and Ren leblanc. Challenging conditions meant that the gaps between teams varied through the afternoon and into the evening. the father and son labrie team proved that they had both the experience and comfort on the studded tires to edge out the rest building a lead through the later stages of the rally. By the time the pair reached the final time control they had achieved a winning margin of nearly two minutes. the result was especially sweet as Robert may be retiring from the codriver s seat. it s been a great day for us said maxime at the podium celebration. We are really happy to be first overall. i m especially happy for my father he s been rallying since 1998. he s 72 now so we ll see if he wants to do any more. With the studs it feels a bit more like driving on mud. it s a bit more familiar a feeling. But you also have to change the setup of the car especially the differentials to get the most grip from the new tires. Besner and Joyal showed the pace and consistency that helped the pair earn the 2015 Quebec Rally Championship and slotted into a very secure second place result. Rounding out the podium were simon and eric losier. from the outset simon had said that the team were primarily out to have fun. their podium finish came as much from their relaxed attitude to the event as anything else. in the two-wheel-drive class things were equally unpredictable. simon Dub and eric lachance entered the event as the favourites but a rare mistake early in the event forced the team to retire with a broken half shaft. once repairs were made in service the team were able to restart with heavy time penalties. however Rally of the tall Pines I 13 years of the Canadian Rally Championship have been spectacular if pre- dictable. spectacular for the higher and higher bars set by antoine l estage in almost any measure possible and predictable because l estage has been on this trajectory for a long time. in teaming with subaru Canada l estage earned his eighth Canadian Rally Championship a record he set by breaking his own previous record of seven. on the face of it one could be forgiven for thinking that the 2016 season might go much the same way but at the opening round of the series unusual things transpired. the talk of the service park at the 2016 Rallye Perceneige was that teams are now permitted to use street studded tires in national competition. While new at the national level Quebec Championship drivers have already been able to run studs and that experience quickly showed at Perce-neige. at the start l estage was one of the few drivers not to choose studded tires instead selecting tractionized ice tires. for any lesser driver the choice could have been catastrophic but l estage set an early lead albeit not with as wide a margin as is usual. in pre-event testing the subaru team found that the studs only offered marginal improvements in grip and would tear out when the car would slide through a corner. l estage s confidence in tractionized tires made the choice easy. however teams with experience on the studs adapted their driving style to suit the different capabilities of the tires and found themselves within striking distance of l estage. karel Carr and samuel Joyal even won two stages outright. as it turned out the difference in pace may not have solely been down to tires. l estage and co-driver Darren garrod were forced to retire with engine problems partway through the day. the issues were severe enough that the team were unable to make repairs and restart the event under the super labrie (left) and Jan Zedril (above) currently pen and 2WD class drivers championships. w Pyke (main) PCPhotography (labrie) and andrew snucins (Zedril) his Pacific forest Rally win in october moved subaru Rally team Canada s antoine l estage to within a point of the title lead. Photo by andrew Pyke the time lost was too much to rebound into a winning position despite an incredibly hard charge. the lead in class appeared to belong to nicolas laverdi re and vincent trudel but a mistake late in the rally cost not just time but positions with the team tumbling down to third in class. Winning the two-wheel-drive division were graham Bruce and martin Burnley in a 1968 Porsche 911. the team opted to stick with tractionized ice tires as they hadn t been able to test on studs ahead of the rally. the careful pace meant that while the team were not out winning stages they also avoided the mistakes that proved costly for their rivals. this is our first time here and only our second winter rally with this car said Bruce. We had no expectations and just wanted to see how we could do. it would be interesting to do more testing on studs and see what the best solution will be for this car. if simon Dub could pull this off finish within 30 seconds of us with 20 minutes of penalties it shows how much work we as a team have to do to get faster. 14 I tallPinesRally.Com ROCKY MOUNTAIN RALLY an unusual Dnf for antoine l estage and subaru Rally team Canada at the first round of the championship the Rallye Perce-neige meant the team walked away with a solitary point in the championship standings. however the team rebounded winning the Rocky mountain Rally and taking a maximum 22 points to catapult up to second place in the drivers standings. the result in february meant that three Quebec teams were in the hunt for the championship after the first round. two of those three - Joel levac with co-driver stephanie lewis and maxime labrie this time co-driven by his wife annick Barrette - trucked west to see what they could do to retain their positions in the standings. also back in action was the Quebec-based team of alex Beland and lyne murphy. each of the Quebec teams faced the challenge of racing on roads that were either totally or partially unfamiliar. Compared to their western rivals matching the pace on a first year set of notes was a challenge. Wim van der Poel and Boris Djordjevic each capitalized on their experience on western roads to earn strong results and move into the championship hunt in third and fourth respectively. Djordjevic and van der Poel are also both expecting to contest the entire championship. While they have ground to make up on the leaders it s still early in the year. it was maxime labrie that benefitted most in the early season. Winning at Perce-neige gave him 22 points the maximum and the championship lead. although mechanical problems and the unfamiliar roads slowed down labrie at Rocky he still clawed in another 12 points to keep the title lead with 34 points ahead of l estage s 23. Jean-sebastien Besner opted not to come west but still holds a tie in the standings for fourth place with Djordjevic. graham Bruce and martin Burnley have capitalized in the two-wheel-drive class winning at the Rallye Perce-neige and placing well enough at Rocky to claim first in the standings with 34 points. Back after a five year absence the Zedril brothers won the class at Rocky taking top points and appearing second in the standings. Defending two-wheel-drive champion simon Dub is down in fourth place and will have his work cut out for him at the eastern events. Bruce and Burnley will be coming to all the national events this year so defending the title will be a big challenge for the Quebec driver. ..... RALLYE BAIES DES CHALEURS Joel levac and stephanie lewis earned their second career Canadian Rally Championship victory taking top honours at the 2016 Rallye Baie des Chaleurs in new Richmond QC. the team took over the lead early on the first day and charged through the remainder of the competition in first place. the whole team worked very hard so we could be successful here said levac. even though we had a good lead the conditions made this a really challenging event. the grip was really inconsistent and in some places the roads were very slippery. We had to balance our speed with how tricky the roads were. the team is especially happy with the result following last month s Rocky mountain Rally. the pair crashed out of the event and had only a few weeks to make repairs in order to compete in new Richmond. for brothers andr and Ren leblanc the rally was a dream come true. the pair lives in new Richmond and despite having run the event many times before they had never finished so high. With a well-built car and local knowledge the team finished second overall their first podium finish at a national rally. the team is also the first local team to finish on the podium in recent memory. When the pair was called to the podium celebration the crowd cheered for their hometown heroes. maxime labrie was consistently fast to finish third overall and retain his lead in the championship. Co-driven by his wife anick Barrette the pair overcame the difficult conditions and despite problems of their own secured a strong result. long-time Canadian rally favourite antoine l estage suffered a frustrating start to the event. on stage 2 he and co-driver Darren garrod rolled the car off the road. although subaru Rally team Canada was able to make repairs and restart later in the event they were assessed 30 minutes in restart penalties dropping well out of contention. setting a blistering pace and winning stages the team charged hard in an attempt to get into the topten to earn championship points but finished 15th overall. simon Dub and aaron Crescenti won the two-wheel-drive class in commanding fashion by a margin of nearly four minutes. however the result did not come easy. Dub had been very busy making repairs to the car before arriving in new Richmond and was clearly tired throughout the competition. it was a lot of work to be ready to be here said Dub . But the car is a tank and the team made things go well for us. We didn t have any problems once we got here so it s great to be able to win the event. second in 2WD went to Dave Wallingford and leanne Junnila. Wallingford is new to rally and 2016 is his first year. he also has limited experience with notes but has shown pace. third place in 2WD went to another local team mathieu leblanc and alex-samuel litalien-leblanc. the two moved into a podium position on the first day of racing and were able to hold off their rivals to keep the podium position. ..... RALLY DEFI marc Bourassa and Daniel Paquette beat out the field to win their first-ever national rally event. the pair came into the 2016 Rallye D fi the fourth round of the Canadian Rally Championship with relatively few expectations and the sole aim to have fun. starting the day in third place the team were hopeful to hang on to the podium position. however other teams began to crack under the pressure of being at the front of a national rally while Bourassa and Paquette stayed cool. i just wanted to have fun and enjoy my time said Bourassa. i ve been racing for many years and have had good results but never a podium result. the last two years we ve had lots of mechanical problems as we developed the new car. finally it s paid off and we had everything run well. the car was strong and fast so i m very happy. a series of unusual events resulted in an unexpected first day. andr and Ren leblanc led the standings after the first day with a margin of 33.7 seconds over the second placed team of David nickel and Chris kremer. marc Bourassa and Daniel PaRally of the tall Pines I 15 subaru has a commanding 25-point lead over long-time rally rival mitsubishi in the manufacturers Championship. Photo by andrew Pyke quette sat in third place a minute back of the leaders. nickel arrived at D fi with a new car built on the subaru Crosstrek platform. the team spent a lot of time testing and tuning the performance of the car and the effort paid off. Bourassa is a local favourite but has had mixed fortunes at rallies in the past. up to that point the team had been performing well though they had a close call on the st. emile stage when they spun and slid off the road and between two trees. aside from lost time the off had no consequences. this trio of teams were able to stay clean and fast through the first five stages of the rally while championship regulars struggled with technical problems. antoine l estage and Darren garrod of the subaru Rally team Canada were leading the event until transmission problems sidelined the car on the third stage of the rally. a damaged input shaft left the car with no gears and while the team would restart for day 2 it would be 16 I tallPinesRally.Com with a large restart time penalty. maxime labrie and anik Barette came into the event with labrie leading the drivers championship standings. however the team suffered mechanical problems early in the event and retired. Boris Djordjevic and John hall had problems but managed to struggle through every stage though well off the pace in last place after day 1. Chris greenhouse and Brian Johnson led the 2WD class on day 1 without having to take any major chances. a few small issues cropped up but nothing like the difficulties the team had at the Rallye Baie des Chaleurs two months previously. last rally it felt like we broke everything in the car said greenhouse. so far there are a couple of things alignment issues and something loose on the exhaust but that s it. Jan and Jody Zedril looked fast in their efforts to keep up with the american team. however the car driven by the brothers from manitoba couldn t match the power of greenhouse s car and the Zedrils were unable to challenge for the class lead. Delays early in the rally forced organizers to shorten the only service of the day as well as cancel the final special stage of the day cutting the total stages from six to five. Day 2 proved to be as unpredictable as the first. With the main teams out of contention at the start of the day a new crop of teams began to battle for the top positions. after a good performance on day 1 andr and Ren leblanc pushed too hard early on the saturday stages and crashed out. the crash sent a ripple effect throughout the entire rally. some teams felt that the stage should be cancelled while others wanted it to count in the final result. ultimately the decision came at the end of the rally after rally officials debated the situation and determined the stage would be cancelled and not counted in the final results. simon and eric losier took second place in the overall standings the reward for a calm drive all weekend. however the team faced many challenges during the event in order to keep their car functioning properly. the crew did everything they could to minimize the problems and keep the duo running. third place went to simon vincent and hubert gaudreau who had traded times throughout the event with Wim van der Poel and Bryan lord. vincent is aiming for the novice driver s title this year and the podium finish will do a lot to help his chances at the award. While the all-wheel-drive cars struggled with reliability issues the 2WD field had no such difficulties. from start to finish greenhouse and Johnson dominated the class putting down the significant power of their sRt4 and taking advantage of the car s handling on the wide and fast roads during day 2. Jan and Jody Zedril made the most of their equipment but were at a significant power deficit and were unable to match greenhouse s speed. Despite pushing at the limit of their ability the Zedrils finished the event with a car that looked no worse for wear than when it started. Dave Wallingford and leanne Junnila rounded out the 2WD podium with a third place finish. Wallingford got his start in rallying last year at a rally school where he first drove a standard transmission car and has excelled to the point of being in contention for the 2WD north american Rally Cup title. frustrations continued for the subaru Rally team Canada duo of l estage and garrod. after a mechanical problem forced the team out on the first day they restarted on day 2 this time with the goal of climbing back up the order in an attempt to score more championship points. however it was not to be for the team as they finished 14th overall. PACIFIC FOREST RALLY subaru Rally team Canada s antoine l estage and Darren garrod made big gains at the Pacific forest Rally winning the event and getting their championship bid back on track after a tough first half of the season. from start to finish the pair dominated the field at the rally held in merritt BC winning every stage on their way to overall victory. this victory was really important for the whole team said l estage. We had some challenges earlier this year but now we are in a good position in the championship. the work s not done we still have two events to go but i know the Rally of the tall Pines really well and with Big White on the calendar i really like snow rallies so that will be a good event. l estage has finished every edition of PfR he has started 12 in total and has won the rally nine times. Challenges over the first four events in the season have kept l estage and garrod out of the top spot in the standings. now the pair sit second overall out of first place by just one point. Boris Djordjevic finished second overall co-driven by Cameron tunstall claiming key points in their own efforts in the championship. the team faced a big mechanical challenge on day 1 when a water hose came loose and the team had to use their drinking water to limp the car to service. By day 2 their fortunes had changed and the car performed flawlessly allowing the team to finish second on every stage and solidify their podium finish. third place was earned by Derik nelson and adam newell in their turbocharged subaru BRZ. though the car is just rearwheel-drive nelson s car does not have a restrictor on the turbo and comes in underweight for the top two-wheel-drive class. the two-wheel-drive field at the rally was quite deep at the start of the event. as conditions took their toll teams with a balance of speed and caution found themselves moving up in the order. tanveer Deen and michael szewczyk had started to develop a reputation for crashing out of rallies in the past. We came here with a different approach said Deen who finished fifth overall. We re trying to be more conservative in order to get more seat-time. once we were within shooting distance of first place we pushed hard to make up the time. although Deen and szewczyk edged out Jan and Jody Zedril in the final stages it was the Zedril brothers who had set the pace in two-wheel-drive for most of the event. as other teams ran into problems the Zedrils leaned on years of experience to breed both speed and consistency. though they lost time in the final stages they still held a comfortable second place. Jason Bailey and shayne Peterson showed impressive speed in their first event in a fiesta R2. however a technical error resulted in heavy penalties for the team knocking them out of first in class by the end of the first day of competition. Rally of the tall Pines I 17 S 18 I T Story by Dean Campbell he final round of the 2015 canadian Rally championship schedule the Rally of the Tall Pines is known for technical roads and often unpredictable and difficult conditions. Heading into the 2015 edition rains were followed by freezing temperatures that The favourites coming into the event were Antoine l estage and Alan ockwell. threatened to turn many of the roads into icy and slippery forest stages. The pair have raced for Subaru Rally Team canada and brought the team the driver co-driver and manufacturer titles after winning the Rocky mountain Rally just four weeks prior to Tall Pines. The pair has had many successes at Tall Pines winning as teammates for the first time in 2014. The rest of the field was also full of fast drivers including 2013 rally winners chris martin and Brian Johnson Grand master Sylvain Vincent co-driven by his son Simon and rising star Jeremy Norris with co-driver Jeff Hagan. on the morning of the rally roads were mostly dry and despite sub-zero temperatures soft enough that most teams opted to run gravel tires rather than winter tires. in icy conditions gravel tires have much less grip but with tougher sidewalls they hold up better against punctures when compared to cold-weather tires. The expected results were quickly precluded when l estage and ockwell struggled with mechanical problems in their car. Blue smoke puffing from the exhaust signalled engine failure and the pair were sidelined after just two stages. With the 2015 champions out of the picture a tight battle began for victory. martin and Vincent were clearly the fastest though both drove in a calm and clean style. Trading stage times throughout the event the two were starting to separate themselves from the rest of the field. Brandon Semenuk and John Hall found their pace and quickly moved into the hunt for a podium position. Semenuk is a world champion freeride mountain biker but has been driving rally cars at western canadian events for the last few years. Though he did not have the familiarity and experience on the Tall Pines roads Semenuk was careful not to put a foot wrong all day while still maintaining a fast pace. As the day wore on the battle between Vincent and martin continued and it looked as if the two would take the fight all the way to the finish. Unfortunately a flat tire forced martin and Johnson to slow down and even though the team proceeded with care the flat tire damaged the brakes making it unsafe to continue.. meanwhile in two-wheel-drive Simon Dub and eric lachance were on their way to victory but Dub had struggled many times to finish Tall Pines in the past. Technical problems have often struck down the driver while he has been leading the class at previous editions. While 2015 seemed to offer a change of pace with relatively few problems on the demanding roads Dub himself had problems feeling sick over the last three stages. Driving at night over blind crests can be a challenge for any rallyist not just to have the conviction to attack the stage but also in keeping nausea at bay. Dub kept his composure and he and lachance won their class in dominant fashion. ylvain Vincent and navigator Simon Vincent (main) winners of the 2015 Rally of the Tall Pines and Jeremy Norris and navigator Jeff Hagan (below) who finished third overall. Photos by Andrew Pyke (main) and Andrew Snucins (podium and Norris) it s been a hard day especially the last three stages because i was starting to feel sick said Dub . i ve won the two-wheel-drive championship again and finished sixth overall so i am incredibly happy. it s been an incredible season and the whole RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 19 team has been really supportive all year. Dub and lachance were followed up by martin Walter and ferdinand Trauttmansdorff. The pair finished second and announced that after ten years of competition they would be stepping back from the sport. Simon is a solid driver so we focussed on staying on the road said Walter who had problems of his own after trying to dodge rocks pulled into the road by cars running further up the order. We know he has problems here and our best bet was to put our knowledge of the event to our advantage. Simon had a great drive and we re happy to share the podium with him. Third in two-wheel-drive went to Robert mcNeil and Patrick Wieler. Despite being well back in the overall classification the pair finished the challenging rally just outside of the top ten in 11th place. With martin and Johnson out of the event with a flat tire the Vincents benefitted by holding a greater margin over second place of Semenuk and Hall. meanwhile Norris and Hagan had struggled with boost problems during the midpoint of the rally falling well down the order. With the issues fixed the team was on a tear driving right to the very limit through the rest of the day in an effort to claw back positions in the overall standings. With the sun setting comfort 20 I with driving at night meant having faith in notes and the co-driver making the calls. Norris put his trust in Hagan and the pair clawed back all the way to third place at the finish. i ve had so many highs and lows today said Norris at the finish. Things were great this morning when we were third overall but then we had boost problems and lost a lot of time. Recovering from that and climbing back up the order it s been an amazing day. meanwhile Semenuk held on to second place through the treacherous night stages. The performance was especially impressive considering that Semenuk was driving the rally car of Josh Shewchuck a western regional competitor who agreed to rent the car to Semenuk for Tall Pines. At the finish aside from some minor scuffs the car was in excellent shape. This has been a crazy rally said Semenuk. Thirteen hours long the most stages i have done in a day and the last two sets of stages were some of the craziest i have ever driven. They had so many jumps and hidden corners behind crests. John obviously did a great job because we made it to the end of the rally and finished second place. He s done this rally five times so his experience helped us out a ton. Perhaps the most special story at the rally was victory by the Simon Dub and navigator eric lachance (main) won the 2WD class at the 2015 Tall Pines. Antoine l estage (top) failed to finish the 2015 event but won the overall Drivers championship. last year s runners-up Brandon Semenuk and navigator John Hall (above). Photos by Andrew Pyke (main) and Andrew Snucins (l estage and Semenuk) Vincent father and son team. Sylvain had returned to competition a few years ago in an effort to earn more lifetime points and improve his ranking from master to Grand master status. With that achieved Sylvain has competed with his son Simon and occasionally his wife Dominique cyr calling the notes. Despite his long and successful career Sylvain had never won a national rally instead earning points from an incredible collection of podium finishes. it happened so many times that we were close finishing second but i never had a victory said Vincent. i ve always said that this rally is the toughest rally. for me it is very physically demanding but i really like the roads so it balances out. But after a rally like this you re exhausted. on the 31 km stage i really wanted to push so that i could hold off the other drivers. We had great battles through the day and it was really great to experience that for my first win. following the rally Sylvain revealed he planned to retire from the sport effective immediately a decision he d made before arriving at the rally. He remains involved in the sport and coaches his son Simon who took over driving duties. Simon had occasionally driven in the past but his focus now is putting more time and effort into developing his rally skills. RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 21 BANcRofT A PlAce foR All SeASoNS NoRTH HASTiNGS iS oNe of THe moST PicTUReSqUe AReAS iN oNTARio i By Mayor C Bernice Jenkins Town of Bancroft t is our pleasure to once again host and sponsor the Rally of and streams. The madawaska River provides over 90 km of uninterrupted waterways for serious paddlers and white water rafters plus quieter routes for novices. conroy s marsh is teeming with various species of waterfowl fish and fauna. There are many charming restaurants shops artists studios and galleries throughout the area. The Bancroft Village Playhouse was once the town hall. The old Railway Station has been restored to its former glory with a spectacular mineral museum. it is the home of the Bancroft & District chamber of commerce and Visitor information centre. enjoy fishing We have some of the best ice fishing around. Thousands of kilometres of mapped and groomed trails cater to the hiker ATV or snowmobile enthusiast. There are a couple of good downhill skiing and snowboarding facilities a natural luge hill sled dog racing an indoor skateboard facility and lots of cross-country trails too. The Visitor information centre at the Bancroft & District chamber of commerce provides maps and guides for trails and natural wonders like waterfalls chutes wildlife and more. There are a series of driving routes that cover over 500 km of scenic roads in addition to guides on many of the area s ghost towns beaches events and attractions. in the summer the Bancroft & District chamber of commerce hosts mineral collecting field trips led by professional geologists. on the four days before the civic Holiday monday in August Bancroft hosts canada s largest gem and mineral show the Rockhound Gemboree. This year marks the 53rd annual edition of the event and there are a variety of interesting activities planned including gold panning and workshops on taking raw minerals and transforming them into exquisite pieces known as the lapidary arts. The Rockhound Gemboree is a great opportunity to shop for something unique and special too. Whatever your interests visit us at the Bancroft & District chamber of commerce Visitor centre. We can help steer you in the right direction the Tall Pines. We are excited to welcome all participants and enthusiasts to Bancroft. We encourage you to visit Bancroft s unique shops restaurants museums art galleries and natural wonders. Allow us the opportunity to make you feel welcome in our beautiful town. Be sure to come back in order to experience Bancroft in every season. Take advantage of our wonderful trails all year long and add our many exciting events to your calendar. most importantly we hope that you have a safe and enjoyable stay in Bancroft for the 2016 Rally of the Tall Pines and we look forward to your next visit The scenic view from Hawk Watch at eagle s Nest in Bancroft oN. BANcRofT cHAmBeR of commeRce The Rally of the Tall Pines is a rally unlike any other in North America. Since 1997 it has called Bancroft home. The combination of Bancroft and the canadian Rally championship is a perfect pairing featuring 200 km of stages carved out of some gnarly landscape left by an ancient mountain range called the Grenville. Beneath Bancroft s surface are hidden treasures of fossils metamorphic specimens semi-precious gems and gold. yes gold. The very gold that started ontario s gold rush in the 1860s. North Hastings enjoys the highest water-to-land ratio in ontario. like other recreational areas there are countless lakes rivers 22 I RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 23 24 I RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 25 ToRoNToToBANcRofT Take Hwy 401 eastbound to Hwy 35 115. Allow 3 to 3.5 hours to reach Bancroft from Hwy 35 115 and Hwy 401 depending on the weather conditions. follow Hwy 35 115 north from Hwy 401 towards Peterborough. Turn right onto Hwy 7 east (towards ottawa). Turn left onto Hwy 28 north. follow Hwy 28 north and continue north through Burleigh falls Woodview and Apsley. follow Hwy 28 directly into the town of Bancroft. once in Bancroft refer to the map located in this program for specific locations. oTTAWA ToBANcRofT Take Hwy 17 west out of ottawa towards Renfrew. Turn left on Hwy 132 west then take Hwy 41 to Denbigh. Turn left onto Hwy 28 West towards Bancroft. follow Hwy 28 into the town of Bancroft. once in Bancroft refer to the map located in this program for specific locations. 26 I RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 27 28 I RAlly of THe TAll PiNeS I 29 Turn left into the Golton area and follow the parking marshals directions. GPS co-ordinates for this Golton location are N 45 02.453 W 077 49.794 This year we will be charging 5.00 per car for parking at each of the iron Bridge and Golton spectator areas. monies raised at both locations will be used to support local causes. We would like to thank both the Watters and Golton families for allowing us to do this. follow the maps in this guide to see the spectator areas. The land owners (The Golton family) have generously allowed us to use their property for parking. 2013 Rally of the Tall Pines-winning driver chris martin. Photo by Andrew Pyke Please respect the land owner s property. Do not litter camp on their property and do not set fires. See the Golton Spectator Area detail map for safe areas to spectate from and follow all the marshal s instructions. iRoN BRiDGe fRom RAlly Hq Allow at least 15-20 minutes to travel to the iron Bridge Spectator Area. from Rally Hq (GPS co-ordinates N 45 00.877 W 077 47.177) turn right onto Hwy 62 Northbound. Travel 7.5 km north until you meet Hwy 28 in Bancroft. At the junction of Hwy 28 and Hwy 62 tee right to follow Hwy 28 eastbound. Travel straight ahead through the traffic signals and continue out of town along Hwy 28 approximately 6.2 km then turn right (south) onto Bronson Road. Travel approximately 1.3 km until you come to the junction with Watters Dr. on the right. Turn onto Watters Dr. and follow the parking marshals directions. GPS co-ordinates for this iron Bridge location are N 45 03.272 W 077 47.336 This year we will be charging 5.00 per car for parking at each of the iron Bridge and Golton spectator areas. monies raised at both locations will be used to support local causes. We would like to thank both the Watters and Golton families for allowing us to do this. follow the maps in this guide to get to the Spectator Areas. The land owners (The Watters family) have generously allowed us to use their property for parking. Please respect the land owner s property. Do not litter camp on their property and do not set fires. See the iron Bridge Spectator Area detail map for safe areas to spectate from and follow all the marshals instructions. GolToN fRom RAlly Hq Allow at least 10-15 minutes to travel to the Golton Spectator Area. from Rally Hq (GPS co-ordinates N 45 00.877 W 077 47.177) turn right onto Hwy 62 northbound. Travel 4.2 km north and pass by quarry Road on your right. Travel just 0.3 km past quarry Road and you will come to the spectator area entrance to Golton. if you get as far as the gas pumps at the esso gas station you have gone too far. Turn right into the Golton area and follow the parking marshals directions. GPS co-ordinates for this Golton location are N 45 02.453 W 077 49.794 This year we will be charging 5.00 per car for parking at each of the iron Bridge and Golton spectator areas. monies raised at both locations will be used to support local causes. We would like to thank both the Watters and Golton families for allowing us to do this. follow the maps in this guide to see the spectator areas. The land owners (The Golton family) have generously allowed us to use their property for parking. Please respect the land owner s property. Do not litter camp on their property and do not set fires. See the Golton Spectator Area detail map for safe areas to spectate from and follow all the marshals instructions. DeTloR cRoSSiNG fRom RAlly Hq Allow at least 10-15 minutes to travel to the Detlor Spectator Area. from Rally Hq (GPS co-ordinates N 45 00.873 W 077 47.171) turn left onto Hwy 62 southbound. Travel 0.4 km and turn left (east) onto Detlor Rd. Travel 4.8 km along Detlor Rd. where the spectator area will be at the junction with landon Rd. you likely will need to park along the side of the road before you can get to this intersection and then walk. follow the parking marshals directions. GPS co-ordinates for this Detlor crossing are N 45 02.018 W 077 44.187. follow the maps in this guide to see the spectator areas. Please respect the local land owner s property. Do not litter camp on their property and do not set fires. See the Detlor crossing Spectator Area detail map for safe areas to spectate from and follow all the marshals instructions. GolToN fRom iRoN BRiDGe Allow at least 15-20 minutes to travel to the Golton Spectator Area. from the iron Bridge parking area (GPS co-ordinates N 45 03.272 W 077 47.336) go back to Bronson Road and head north away from the barricades for the stage road. in about 1.3 km you should reach the junction with Hwy 28 tee left and head west towards Bancroft. follow Hwy 28 westbound approximately 6.2 km into Bancroft Go straight ahead through the traffic signals then turn left onto Hwy 62 southbound. Travel 2.8 km where you will see an esso gas station on the right (west) side of Hwy 62. Just after it there will be the spectator area entrance on the left (east) side of the highway. 30 I