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Description: Welcome to the second issue of Esoteric Gazing. We have interesting articles that will pique your interest on all things esoteric.

Esoteric Gazing November 2016 Volume 1 Number 2 Messages from Mother Earth Psychosomatic Root Causes of Arthritis To Kill a Mockingbird Horoscope Switchwords Healing the Heart 5 Reasons People Don t Use Energy Medicine Spirit Release Ceremony for a Pet Short Story--An Appreciation of Art Welcome to the November issue of Esoteric Gazing For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere it is the time of year when leaves begin to drop and thoughts turn to family gatherings and good food. Our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are witnessing the birth of the new season with greenery. We welcome everyone--no matter where you call home. We have a collection of excellent articles for your perusal in this issue. We are always looking for stimulating information to help you on your journey. As always we welcome your participation if you feel led to submit an article. Thanks again for joining us on the journey You are appreciated. Pam Gillmore pamgi Nance Woods coachnancee 2 Table of Contents Five Reasons People Don t Use Energy Medicine by Anahata......Page 4 Messages from Mother by Mare Cromwell...............................Page 12 Psychosomatic Root Causes of Arthritis by Evette Rose..............Page 22 Life Enhancing Switchwords by Kat Miller ................................Page 27 Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird Horoscope for the Author of America s Iconic Coming of Age Story by Dikki-Jo Mullen .........................Page 33 Spirit Release Ceremony for a Pet by Suzan Tyler .....................Page 40 Healing the Heart by Aurora Luna ..........................................Page 49 An Appreciation of Art A Short Story by Casandra Nightengale.....Page 53 3 5 Reasons People Don t Use Energy Healing By Anahata The awakening is occurring at different times for each person and we are at different levels of awareness and acceptance. Science is catching up and the outdated Newtonian world is perhaps the last to embrace the conscious world we are all a part of. And can you blame them When faced with such changes which shift your entire world and shake all your beliefs to the core most would rather set about disproving all of this new age woo woo stuff than come to grips with the fact that the world is not flat the world is not unfair and we each are solely responsible for our wellbeing on all levels. As our technology advances instead of proving that we live in a materialistic world of separation it is instead mounting evidence in tangible terms that we are all One. That we live in a conscious Universe and are an inextricable part of the whole. That separation lack and suffering are selfimposed illusions and choices. The conscious energy revolution is empowering us to take back our power and boldly step into the next phase of our evolution activating our DNA as we go and further aligning us with our essence which is unconditional love. So why with thousands of years worth of gurus and spiritual sages saying the same thing is it just now coming to be accepted and understood on a large scale We now have the knowing and ability to share information instantly with an unlimited number of people all at once. The powers that be do not have the luxury of controlling the information which is received by the masses. We are living in the prophesied time of awakening which is occurring precisely in Divine timing. You chose to be here for this. We are 4 the ones we ve been waiting for. And it feels so good to be alive to witness this great transition. The support coming in as our vibration rises and allows for more high vibrations to co-exist is quickening the transformation. And don t get me wrong there are a lot of walls which still need to come down but they are crumbling daily. Here are five reasons why Energy Medicine is not used by many despite the mounting evidence that we can heal our energy with our thoughts and do so for others (even across great distances). Societal Beliefs & Programming Epigenetics is proving that we don t just receive DNA markers and coding from our parents and ancestors we receive emotional and mental energies from them as well. As Einstein said the field is the sole governing agency of the particle . Our DNA is not in charge it is taking orders from the field namely the membrane. And the membrane is filled with unlimited possibilities awaiting vibrational ques from your emotions and thoughts. Studies conducted on rats confirm phobias and other fear-based tendencies past down to as many as 7 generations below the rats exposed to any real or perceived threat. The offspring were just given those feelings thoughts and even memories from experiences they didn t even have. We didn t need any inherited junk to further support fear but it was given to us anyways. When we come into this world with a slew of fear-based beliefs and even memories it s easy to see how and why people resonate with other societal beliefs they may or may not have experienced themselves. From zero to seven years of age we are completely open to programming in order to learn as much as we can about this big bad world . The propaganda to invoke fear on all levels is reinforced and transmitted through the Media and social establishments. You can t turn a channel or scroll a page without hearing about just how scary corrupt and little power we have as individuals over the quality of our lives and world. We are all being brainwashed into believing what the Media wants us to believe. Good bad or ugly (but usually bad and ugly) as a way to continue the illusion of power and suppression. 5 Our world is focused on separation versus unity hate versus love and fear versus empowerment. Well at least that s what they want you to believe. While this is changing quickly as we awaken for those sheeple who still believe everything the media or powerful organizations tell them they will not be jumping in line for Energy Medicine anytime soon. Having the power to be healthy wealthy and happy is just too far of a stretch from what they ve been told and certainly doesn t allow the powers that be to monetize or control anything. In fact most don t have their own thoughts surrounding their wellbeing and have given their power away entirely. Which brings us to number two. The second reason why people don t use energy medicine Victim mentality. Victim Mentality When you have given your power away it s hard to understand how you would have anything to do with the reality you find yourself in and you close off the messages your higher self is trying to communicate through them (to steer you in the other direction). You become the victim of a cruel world and succumb to a lifetime of unfulfillment dis-ease hopelessness and regret. Energy medicine couldn t possibly work for you because it would imply you had something to do with your current devastation. For many they d prefer to live in the painful world they ve co-created and remain a victim because the alternative would mean some level of responsibility. And responsibility through the lens of fear involves blame and shame. And so they go on instead blissfully unaware of the great power they have to change their circumstances and live the life they have always wanted. No these types of people will not be getting in line for any type of Energy medicine. Unfortunately the current model of healthcare also supports victim mentality as they have continued to reinforce a materialistic viewpoint of the world in which our bodies are purely physical machines. When they are dysfunctional something is happening to them external of your influence. You have this disease or you have that symptom and the only option is surgery or drugs neither of which fix the reason for your imbalance or even try to address it which further support the belief that your body is malfunctioning on its own. And this is fine for those who haven t awaken 6 they d much prefer to be the victim the alternative means they d have to take on a level of responsibility. Which brings us to the third reason why people don t use Energy Medicine. Too Much Responsibility When Religion and Science divided hundreds of years ago Science began to focus on the physical and left all of the unseen things to Religion. This then lead to further separation and blocks to understanding where we continued to segment the physical into smaller and smaller parts none of which seemed to work as a whole. We began to view the unseen as somehow non-scientific and even something you have to believe in. This lead to a society which has to see to believe and forget about making sense of the 99.99% which makes up our world. Now that Science is proving that ALL is energy and that matter (the mere .001% of all things) is really only vibration perceived by our limited senses we are awakening into a new world where every thought feeling and experience we have dynamically changes our gene expression in both positive and negative ways. Science is backing this up and we are entering the Quantum domain. We are coming to understand that our minds are part of our body and our bodies are reflections of our thoughts and emotions. Those with the most coherence energetically are experiencing optimal flow and bliss. Aligning with unconditional love gets you there. Unfortunately our fear-based patterns and hard-wiring make the leap from having no power to having all the power to affect our lives too hard for some to bear. Your life changes in every way when you take back your power and being creatures of habit often we prefer the old and painful over the new and blissful simply because we fear the unknown which surrounds change. The good news here is that we need not blame or self-loth for our lack of knowing. We did so unconsciously and it took years of being misguided down illusionary paths to get where we willingly went. Our first clue is that it didn t feel good We are built with amazing GPS systems which when we listen are continually steering us towards our best selves and lives and away from our nightmares. If only we would listen. 7 If you are finally ready to awaken take back your power and be grateful that you call the shots and can co-create the life you ve always dreamed of good for you Welcome home. Just don t expect things to shift overnight. Which brings us to the fourth reason why people don t use Energy Medicine. The Results Can Be Subtle While our physical bodies are certainly a reflection of our thought and emotional patterns these patterns took years if not decades to create and enforce. And while you can certainly recover and heal completely in a matter of seconds it is unlikely that your vibrational majority (your energy mix) will allow for such a spontaneous and complete restoration. If we could instantly know without a shadow of a doubt that we are already whole healed and healthy our bodies would shift into that reality instantly. This has been documented many times (much to the chagrin of materialists) and is a focal point of near death experiences (NDE s). Unfortunately for most of us our hard-wired beliefs and energetic patterns of fear take time and effort to clear transmute and rewire and some never reach that point of allowance. With our healthcare system the way it is we go in the Doctor tells us what s wrong by labeling our symptoms as the cause (when they are anything but) writes out a prescription and sends us on our merry way. We are used to popping pills to address this and that and expecting them to work instantly paying no attention to the true causes underlying our disease and dysfunction. The problem with this ideology is that drugs do not fix things they suppress our natural alert system our internal GPS (also known as our symptoms) preventing the messages we need that something isn t aligned with our highest good. This suppression then causes a myriad of other imbalances (as your body tries to get its point across in other ways) which further complicates your body s ability to find homeostasis. Our healthcare system chases symptoms and suppresses them it does not educate or give us the tools needed to stay out of the hospital in the first place. Energy Medicine (that is activating your body s own ability to heal itself through shifting the energy which was causing dis-ease) is not new. In fact if it weren t for the powers that be planting seeds of doubt and lack of belief while refusing to spend money on confirming tests which would prove its effectiveness we d already have a well-established system to 8 maintain our optimal health. But because materialistic science couldn t understand it fully or monetize it it has been labeled quackery and even fraudulent. Why is it that pharmaceutical companies are aggressively perusing patents on naturally occurring medicine with no side-effects Because if they can get away with it they stand to make a lot of money The reality is all healing is self-healing. Pharmaceutical drugs would not work if they didn t fit into receptors you already have in your brain naturally. All this means is that we have access to producing the chemicals we need to balance just as we have the ability to throw our bodies out of balance in times of prolonged stress and fear-based vibration. I would venture to say when pharmaceutical drugs do work it has little to do with the actual drug and more to do with what the person thinks the drug will do and therefore commands their brain to orchestrate chemically. The cats out of the bag so to speak. While Energy Medicine is only as strong and fast as you allow it works. In our age of information technology Pandora s box has been opened and for those of us who are awake we can t be fooled into going back again. Our freedom is invoking a strong desire to liberate others from their self-imposed chains of illusion. The fifth reason people don t use energy medicine They think they don t know how. 9 They Don t Know How While they d love for you to scoff and confirm your false beliefs about Energy Medicine not working at all the fact is it works holistically on all layers which for most of us takes time to be reflected in the physical layer. So remember it took you more than a day to develop your issue and it may take you longer than a moment to fully align with the healthy you. Thankfully there are many techniques to support you in feeling better as you realign into optimization. The shift away from dis-ease and into wholeness can be a sweet one and gratitude will speed you along into aligning with the reality you want to experience before it has manifested. Don t worry you have all the answers already inside on how to unlock and release that which isn t serving you and a Universe of assisting frequencies to elevate and transform you into a higher reality. You do not have to be enlightened or floating on a cloud to embody health and realize your power. You just have to be willing to remember. Our bodies are already programmed to seek homeostasis and we use energy and the information found within that energy to activate healing responses. Just as a new mother has no idea how to physically create and grow a baby the baby grows (under the right circumstances) and in general comes out just fine. A miracle in fact. The extent to which our bodies are programmed with Divine intelligence is mind-blowing and aweinspiring. The only requirement to activating our Divine birthright and diving into the Quantum world where we have direct control over our realities is allowance backed by intention. You are a powerful co-creator and can set up many blocks to accessing your Divine intelligence. Unfortunately this usually just confirms the false beliefs you once thought and can even be proof that Energy Medicine doesn t work for you. Just remember if you believe or don t believe you are correct. But through aligning with the essence of those things which already exist in harmony and coherence (namely nature) you can support yourself in returning to the memory of wholeness. Nature is already in a state of balance. It is not judgmental or stressed out it is not focused on lack separation or fear. It is cradled in a natural flow and in direct entrainment with the 10 Universe. This is why so many find comfort in nature. Another way to access this state is to go straight to your own Source Point. Through meditation and mindfulness you can rejoin all of creation and step into the Quantum field of unlimited possibilities. A Universe where you are a frequency alchemist quite capable of conscious co-creation and evolution. New energy modalities such as the one I have been tasked to deliver are emerging to answer the collective call for assistance. I call them Anahata Codes. They are Assisting Frequencies for holistic health and ascension support. Divine numeric sequences which when delivered through consciousness intention and the heart chakra provide the 7 Tools of Restoration reflect release rewire replenish resonate rejoice and reunite. You can download the thousands of Assisting Frequencies which are programmed to upgrade your exquisite DNA and activate healing responses for free at However you choose or don t choose to implement the cutting edge tools available in the form of Energy Medicine at least now you ll have a better understanding of why people don t use Energy Medicine and why they do After a series of personal losses Anahata surrendered to the flow of the Universe and straight into the arms of God and the path He has set for her. Divine Interventions lead her to become a Certified Emotion Code practitioner. Her love of the healing abilities of crystals then lead her to ask for guidance which she received as a Divine Download. God spoke to her and shared details of Assisting Frequencies which we all have access to because we are connected to all. Anahata now teaches the wisdom and codes she s been given to facilitate holistic healing and ascension support. She teaches online Anahata Mastery Courses facilitates 21 Day Transformative Journeys and shares many free resources (including the codes themselves) on her website and She selects a limited number of one-on-one clients where she uses The Emotion Code Anahata Codes Regeneration Healing and Blueprint Activation techniques as well as vibration recipes to facilitate a person s own ability to heal themselves. Anahata is Sanskrit for unstruck the eternal inner om and she aspires to help people return to their Source Point (inner resonation of love joy and compassion fully aligned with Source and wholeness). 11 Messages from Mother By Mare Cromwell Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother it was overwhelming me that I was communicating directly with Earth Mother and I was reluctant to be public about this then. So that book was written in the context of a young woman named Sarah meeting Mother in the forest. Yes... I Mare am Sarah. Enjoy the story... ) It was a beautiful clear Saturday in April. Sarah an attractive red-haired woman in her early thirties was out for a long hike at a large mountain park in Virginia that day. She was feeling rather distraught. Her boyfriend had told her the night before that he wanted his freedom to take off and travel the country. Her life felt dismal and she needed to be in the woods. Sarah s heart was aching from her boyfriend s surprise announcement. On top of that she d been barely able to handle watching the news for the past few months. All the killings fighting in the Middle East droughts and floods--it was all so overwhelming. The familiar tentacles of depression were starting to take hold. She hoped that a brisk hike on one of the longer mountain trails in the park would help boost her mood. Being out in nature always helped Sarah feel more balanced and happier. There was something about the ambiance of wild spaces that healed her. On this particular early spring day the forest was still and there were no other hikers. Just being out in the fresh mountain air and moving her muscles was helping to shift Sarah s perspectives about her life. Daniel had been feeling restless for months. She did want him to be happy. If he felt called to hit the road and be an adventurer she wanted to give him her full 12 blessings. Maybe it would be a good thing for her to be single for a while too. The hiking gave her space to muse yet her heart still hurt. Sarah loved hiking. She started to daydream about how fantastic it would be if someone hired her to hike. What bliss that would be. She loved being a pre-school teacher but she d rather be outside in the mountains all day. Oh the mountains she could climb the great leg muscles she d develop. Her mind strayed from noticing the trees and bushes along the trail to pondering the jobs she could find that would issue biweekly checks for hiking all the trails she d ever want to hike. Maybe she could even get paid for articles about her hikes. She loved to write too. As Sarah was daydreaming she came around a bend in the trail and suddenly stopped. To her shock a roundish older woman who looked like someone from the Middle Ages stood in front of her. The woman was average height and dressed in long rather dirty dark layers of skirts made of a heavy coarse material Sarah had never seen before. Her gray hair was pulled back from her beautifully weathered wide face and a full buxom chest filled out the whitish splotched peasant shirt she wore. Sarah guessed that this strange person must be in her mid-fifties. She stared at the woman. The woman gazed back at Sarah with the most gentle and compassionate eyes Sarah had ever seen. This woman felt so ... so familiar Sarah thought to herself though she knew she had never met her before. Yet there was such a warm feeling to her. Instantaneously Sarah felt at ease around her which was highly unusual since Sarah generally felt very nervous around strangers. Well aren t you even going to say hello The woman finally said in a deep husky tone with a strange sounding accent Sarah could not quite make out. Her voice startled Sarah. Oh Sorry ... So rude of me I ... well ... I really did not know what to say to you. You ... well you seem so different as if you re not from this world and maybe I was dreaming and you really don t exist. I have been really stressed out and ... 13 Oh I exist all right. I definitely exist. Yep. In more ways than you realize the woman interrupted Sarah. Who are you Sarah blurted out. Then it struck her that her blunt question was a very insensitive way to speak to an elder. Oh honey well ... who I am is a long story. A very long story. But I ll give you the short version. This may seem rather a shock to you but I m the Mother of this planet. I m Earth Mother. Some call me Gaia. Some call me just plain Mother. In the Andes many two-leggeds call me Pachamama. I have different names from culture to culture and language to language. As she was talking Mother watched Sarah s jaw drop lower and lower. Yes I know it is hard for you to believe that I m Earth Mother and that I m talking with you. This is not an everyday occurrence. I know this. You can come over here and pinch me if you want. I am real she added. Ah that s okay... Sarah said shaking her head. How can a person just go up and pinch Earth Mother--if this really was Earth Mother This was all too weird. Part of Sarah wanted to turn around and run. This was stretching her comfort zone beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Yet she was amazed at how safe and at ease she felt around this woman this so-called Earth Mother in the funny-looking clothing. She could not turn and run. She was transfixed by this woman s presence. Sarah reached her right hand down to her thigh and pinched it through her pants to ensure she was not dreaming. She definitely felt the pain. This definitely was happening. Honey I know this is way out of the ordinary. Believe me I know this. It is extremely rare for me to appear to a two-legged. But I ve been waiting for you. I know your boyfriend broke up with you last night. Yes I know his name is Daniel and you really care about him. And your heart hurts so much right now. I know you ve been fighting off depression and you d rather be paid to hike mountain trails more than anything else Mother said. 14 Dumbfounded Sarah wondered how this woman knew all of this about her. Maybe this actually was Earth Mother Still nothing from her childhood Presbyterian church had taught her anything about meeting an older woman on a trail who claimed to be The Mother of the whole planet. On the other hand she had been reading more about Native American spirituality in the past few years. Black Elk Speaks The Wind is My Mother and some of Hyemeyohsts Storm s and Jamie Sams books were doggyeared and piled by her bed at her apartment this very day. She had started to embrace the concept of an Earth Mother who was the planet s consciousness. But one that showed up on the trail as an older woman dressed in funny-looking clothes was stretching it Mother continued You have a beautiful heart and I know how much you care about the environment and how much sorrow you experience with all the hard news that your culture broadcasts about what is going on around the world. Your papers and televisions don t cover most of the worst of it. Fukushima. The US Navy testing terribly painful sonar waves in the ocean that are killing dolphins and injuring whales. The toxins spewing into the ground and groundwater and on and on. I know how you have been feeling so overwhelmed by all of this. Believe me I m not happy about any of it either. Sarah looked at the ground and nodded sadly. What this woman was sharing was all true. Sarah I know this is a stretch for you to believe that you are talking with me Earth Mother. But I need your help. I ve been watching you for a while and I know you are the two-legged who can do this. I know you ve been signing the environmental petitions and going to the marches and doing other things like many of the others who love me. I know you ve been feeling such love for me. You can help me directly. You can get my message out to the world share my thoughts about all of these things and more. I need a two-legged to do it and you re a good writer and I like you a lot. Mother gave Sarah a warm smile as she said these things. Sarah listened to Mother s request and realized that part of her great sadness and depression was because she did feel so powerless with all of the 15 terrible environmental trends. She d been filling out every petition that came into her email inbox and giving small checks to some environmental and socially progressive groups but didn t feel she was making much of a difference. Maybe she could truly help in other ways. Maybe this really was Earth Mother. This woman was not any ordinary woman that was certain. For one she was psychic. Plus her clothes were too different. And there was that weird accent she had. But what was most convincing was that Mother oozed love. A warm cozy love that felt so kind and compassionate. The aroma of roses wafted around her even though there were no rose bushes anywhere around on that trail. Sarah just noticed that too. All of a sudden Sarah had an overwhelming desire to go up and be hugged by Mother. Honey you can hug me if you want Mother said. Sarah dropped her daypack and stumbled forward into Mother s arms. Mother took her in and held her close. Sarah gradually let herself relax into Mother s chest and felt her heart begin to release what felt like a cloudburst of pain and sorrow. The tears swelled and before she knew it she was sobbing into Mother s chest and Mother was caressing her head and her gently. That s okay honey you just go ahead and cry. Just let it out. I know your heart has been carrying so much. Your beautiful heart ... Mother said. Sarah had no idea she harbored so much sadness and sorrow. She cried and cried and cried as Mother held her until finally there were no more tears to come out just a few heaving sighs. Mother loosened her arms but held onto Sarah s hands as Sarah stepped back from her. Mother looked her in the eyes and said softly I love you so much. You are one of my daughters. Mother put her right hand on the heart space between Sarah s breasts and held it there for a few moments. As she did this Sarah felt a gentle warmth come into her chest move into her torso from where Mother s hand was resting and then out to her arms and legs. Mother smiled and removed her hand and stepped back from Sarah. 16 Sarah stood there for several moments feeling a little woozy. The energy Mother had given her seemed to wash her spirit body gently as it moved through her physical body. She felt lighter and more positive than she could ever remember. Whoa. Thank you. That was intense ... I had no idea I had that much sorrow in me. It feels as if you ... this is hard to put into words. You ... healed my heart Sarah said. Yes honey I did. I can heal all sorts of things. My work really is to heal. There is so much healing needed these days. So much ... Mother sighed. You really are Earth Mother Sarah said. Yes sweetie I really am Mother gave Sarah a deep smile that was so beautiful it sent another energy wave through Sarah that made her feel more joyful than she d ever been in her life. It was as if she were glowing. Wow. You re amazing Sarah said. Honey I m just Earth Mother. A rather tired Earth Mother for that matter. Yeah I bet that s true. Sarah paused for a few moments. How could she say no to this invitation from Earth Mother This really must be her. It would be beyond words to work with her. She wanted to pinch herself again to be certain she wasn t dreaming. But it was real. This was definitely happening. Okay Sarah finally said. I d like to help. I d love to help. As a matter of fact I m not sure if I want to go back to my lonely apartment and my job at all. Can t I just stay here with you Mother shook her head and said Oh honey I m afraid that won t work. You have your life to live in your two-legged world. And I need you to be in that world to share my messages. I am only here in front of you right now looking like an older woman so you and I can meet today. We can certainly meet again and again which I hope we will. And I ll be in this human 17 body all those times in the future for our meetings. But most of the time I m not in a human body. I m the wind the birds the trees the rivers the volcanoes the ocean ... ah yes the ocean. I can be found in all of those parts of the Earth and more. That s just how I am. Earth Mother hugged Sarah one more time. But you and I can meet often where we ll sit down even have some tea and I ll give you some messages I d really love you to share with the rest of the world. I would really love to be able to do that with you. And you can have more hugs. I might even tell some bad jokes too. You wouldn t believe some of the ones I hear. I hope you don t mind bad jokes Mother laughed. Okay said Sarah smiling. I m definitely up for it. But how am I going to do all of that How will I get your messages out to the world I ve never published anything not even a small poem. Oh good I was so hoping that you d say Yes Don t worry about the details right now though. I ll guide you. Now I d like to show you where we ll meet. It s a sacred grove near here. Come on I ll show you Mother said. Mother turned around and tromped off into some thick trees beyond the trail. She was remarkably limber and fast considering her heavy skirts and round body. Sarah practically had to run to keep up with her. They bushwhacked about a quarter of a mile into the woods and Sarah was spent and pulling branches out of her hair by the time they got to the edge of a beautiful open glade surrounded by oak trees. As soon as Sarah saw the glade she completely forgot the branches in her hair and raw scratches on her arms where she d been thwacked by the underbrush. Its magnificence took her breath away. Along with some thin grasses there were wildflowers she had never seen before and she had been a student of the area s wildflowers since her teens. The glade was a perfect oval about sixty feet across and forty feet wide. The towering oaks around it kept it shaded even in the center where there was a hand-hewn wooden chair and small bench with a low table between them. Yes this is quite lovely isn t it said Mother. 18 Sarah nodded her head as she soaked up the beauty of the grove. Mother then led her into the center and said This is where we ll meet. We ll have the most delightful time together. I m so looking forward to this. Oh and don t worry the chairs are quite comfortable to sit in Mother winked. Sarah nodded as she continued to absorb the intimate beauty of the glade. It had a quality to it she had never experienced before a serene vibrancy of joy it seemed. There were so many different types of birds flitting around in the branches of the oaks singing so joyfully. There were some bird species new to Sarah there also. It was all so remarkable and magical. Mother interrupted her gazing around the glade. Sarah I d love to meet weekly so we can sit down and have some good long visits. There is so much I want to share in these messages. Yes I think I can do that Sarah responded. She knew she d rearrange anything in her life to have these meetings with Mother and quietly prayed no funerals or any other emergency would arise. Don t worry it will all work out for you to make our discussions here Mother said. One more thing I m going to give you this stone to help you know this did really happen and we shall meet again. I know it may be hard for you to believe we ve just met after we part this afternoon. As she was saying this she reached down into the folds of her outer skirt and pulled out a beautiful blue stone that almost matched Sarah s eyes. Gosh that s really stunning Sarah said as she took the stone and looked at it more carefully. Okay now put that in your pocket and off you go. I ve got things I need to tend to elsewhere. Do you see that little gray squirrel at your feet He ll guide you back to the trail so you can get on home Mother said in a hurried tone. Sarah put the stone in her pants pocket and looked down to see a squirrel she hadn t noticed before with a distinct white tuft at the end of his tail. The 19 squirrel caught her glance and immediately started bounding off to the edge of the grove where they had entered. But wait Mother How will I know what time And suppose the weather is bad Sarah asked anxiously watching the squirrel take off. Don t worry Sarah watch the stone. It will turn a different shade of blue in your apartment when I m calling you to meet. It will be midday. And no fears about the weather. It will all work out. Oh and this grove exists only for you and me. No one else can find this sacred space. So you won t be able to bring anyone here if you wanted to. One more thing Mr. Tufts will greet you at the trail to guide you in every time we meet. Now run along. Mr. Tufts is waiting. With that Mother turned and briskly walked to the other side of the glade and vanished. Again Sarah had to run through the thick trees dodging branches this time to keep up with Mr. Tufts. He led her back to the trail and then turned around and gave Sarah a quick piercing look that took Sarah aback. She had no idea that squirrels could be that intense. Then Mr. Tufts quickly disappeared into the thick brush in another direction. Sarah sat down on a log about ten feet down the trail toward the direction of her car and pulled her water bottle out of her daypack. After taking a long swig she pulled out her cell phone and was stunned to see that only five minutes had passed since the last time she looked at it just before meeting Mother. How could that be She began to ponder all the things that had just happened to her that seemed beyond any logic or answer. She pulled out the blue stone from her pocket and studied it. It was a deep blue with tiny striations of gray in it. She had never seen anything like it and suspected that no scientist had either. The stone was warm from being in her pocket and had a heavy solidness to it. She held it to her heart and felt a faint ripple of Mother s energy again. As she put the stone back in her pocket she made the commitment to carry it with her everywhere she went. It would be like having Mother s love with her at all times. 20 After some water and nuts Sarah decided to head back down the trail to go home. She did not feel the need to hike anymore. Her mind was swimming with the day s events. Was it really just five minutes Had she just experienced a time warp Her fingers kept being drawn to play with the blue stone in her pocket as she forced herself to accept that the meeting on the trail did just happen. She had met Earth Mother and was going to be seeing her again often. Mother said that she d know when to come back next Saturday just by watching the stone. Sarah wondered what color it would turn and how it would be able to change colors. And how did Mother have the ability to take on a human body like that The questions bounced around in her head as her sneakers pounded the downhill trail. In spite of the slew of questions in her brain Sarah felt more at peace and happier than she ever remembered. She also knew she could never tell anyone about what happened that afternoon. They d think she d gone bonkers. Whatever she wrote up to publish was all going to be labeled fiction. Of this she was certain. With a background in environmental work Mare Cromwell was a National Park Service Ranger in the Grand Canyon and Alaska in her early twenties and later received her Masters in Natural Resources (University of Michigan) which evolved into international environmental work in the 1990s. Then she shifted into leading workshops about environmental sustainability on the corporate level on a part-time basis. Mare s first book is called If I gave you God s phone number.... Searching for Spirituality in America. So it s easy to conclude that she s open to the concept of communicating with the spiritual realms the realms of the mystics. Follow Mare at https http 21 We are pleased to introduce a new feature--Ask Evette Rose. Each issue Evette will answer questions regarding your health. Plus there will be a link for you to watch videos on her site that are just for our readers If you have an issue that you d like for Evette to address please email us and we ll get the question to Evette. Her book is available for purchase as well. Simply follow this link and make your purchase. Evette is also doing an interview on each topic that she covers. Watch her videos at 22 Psychosomatic Root Causes of Arthritis By Evette Rose Welcome to Ask Evette Rose. Todays topic is the Psychosomatic Root Causes of Arthritis and what makes this article even more special is that I had the privilege of interviewing a man how healed himself from this severe and almost permanent debilitating ailment. Arthritis is not just a condition that affects the elderly this is a condition that can surface in any one and at any age Another important aspect to Arthritis is that s not a just a singular ailment. Arthritis is actually just an informal way of referring to joint pain joint disease inflammation and stiffness in the joints. Common joint symptoms include swelling pain stiffness and decreased range of motion. Symptoms may come and go. They can be mild moderate or extremely pain and severe. From what I have learned so far is that there are more than 100 different types of Arthritis and related conditions. What ever perspective you had on Arthritis is so much more than what we seem to generally actually know about this condition. However for the person suffering from this painful ailment will know all to well the impact stress and emotional physical psychological and physical challenges it can bring with it. Now let s look at the psychosomatic patterns behind this condition If you are challenged by this condition then you may be very rigid in your life or relationships tightly controlling your emotions. You draw your power and strength from being stubborn. Stubbornness served you very well during childhood and I know that you know what I mean it s not that you were a difficult person it was your way of just keeping a safe emotional barrier around you due to conflict and stress in your life and external environment. You are often reluctant to ask for support. Your pride keeps you from leaning on others which you think of as a weakness. You have been fending for yourself for a long time. 23 You can also be very self-critical and self-destructive and this often relates to the way you allowed people to treat you which often becomes an internalized experience and feeling that you ultimately start to express yourself towards yourself. You might also feel restricted in your circumstances and don t seem to feel that you can speak your mind. This leaves you feeling bitter toward the people you feel controlled and silenced by. You rely on your venomous tongue to be heard otherwise you feel that people don t listen or respect your boundaries. You may feel that you are missing out on your goals and dreams as you were molded into becoming a servant and responsibility carrier for others. You find it challenging to watch people walk all over you yet you often fail to take responsibility for poor personal boundaries I will go into this aspect more in just a few minutes. There is a part of you that needs to believe it is someone else s fault you suffered and struggled so much (this is also often related to a maternal grandmother s patterns that is now surfacing in your life through genetic predisposition). It is very important to learn how to take your power back without needing to use anger and resentment to establish independence and worthiness. You feel robbed of opportunities to speak up and be listened to. You have done enough for others and now it is time for your goals. You cared for others out of obligation making you feel taken advantage of and rigid. Your body is now telling you to stop this one-way cycle and start looking after your own needs. What are you still searching for Why are you not getting it The answers to these questions need to be addressed and dealt with. You cannot change the past you can only change how you feel about it thereby changing the outcome of your future to have a more positive impact and ripple effect. And often when you look back on life you see a loveless life--one filled with loss missed opportunities being pushed around or depression. You didn t feel accepted during childhood. Your mistakes were not tolerated so now the tables have turned and you do not tolerate other people s mistakes and weaknesses. Your anger has been suppressed for such a long time that it has become explosive and draining at the same time. 24 An important key point to explore is womb stages. You may not have had enough space to move around in the womb area. This may be due to lack of space or just not moving enough. You may have stayed still for long periods of time in one position. This could have caused different parts of your body to feel stuck stagnant or in a painful and uncomfortable position. This could result in physical and soft tissue tension and stress in the body. If you didn t have enough space to move around in the womb then ask How did that make me feel The answer you find here would often be similar to the issues that surface when you are experiencing arthritic symptoms (or when it started the first time). It is important to find the association with the pain. Pain is often suppressed anger feeling out of control or resentful. The answer that you are searching for should not be a superficial answer. Explore further. Now let s also look at points that you can start to explore and ask yourself to understand the reason why this medical condition is challenging you so much. My personal opinion after having worked with many people worldwide on this ailment I realized that this condition often surfaces to show and help a person to learn and recognize where their boundaries also explained in the Metaphysical Anatomy language as emotional limits thresholds are. That they are also not responsible for being the buffer between two or more people who are in conflict. They tend to be the peacekeepers but believe me there is so much more to a person s life than being a gate keeper and peacekeeper because this pattern will backfire. The peacekeeping tactic will eventually transform into anger as we all have our emotional thresholds in life. This condition is showing a person to live their life according to their own rules wishes and agenda and to not be dictated and manipulated by someone else s mood swings agenda and expectations of them. This person has become to rigid in their life which has unconsciously started to serve them as a boundary between them and other people. There is often also resistance to letting go of old anger as this has also become a barrier and way of setting boundaries in ones life. It s easy to say no when you are really angry whereas it s more challenging when you are in a good state of mind. Anger often starts to serve a person as a protection barrier however anger also feeds weak areas in the physical body which results in tension and ultimately pain. 25 My message You are here to live your life and not to fulfill someone else s failed dreams. Learn how to establish and exercise healthy boundaries. I will be launching a boundaries online course healing training module that will greatly help you in this area on my website Stay tuned On a very positive note and change of agenda I have an extra special message that I would like to share with you I have had the privilege of meeting a young man who healed himself of arthritis and his message was so powerful that it pulled every heart string that I had and I had the opportunity to interview him and ask him about his life and healing journey The interview can be found on Enjoy As an Author Life Coach Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the co-founder of the personal development company Rapid Personal Transformation and founder of Metaphysical Anatomy. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 38 countries and helped more than 6000 people worldwide. Her website is 26 Life Enhancing Switchwords By Kat Miller In 1963 James T. Mangan wrote The Secret of Perfect Living introducing the world to the concept of Switchwords a way of accessing the subconscious other than conscious mind to simplify and ENHANCE life experiences. Mangan introduced Switchwords presenting them in FULL capital letters and I CONTINUE WITH this presentation. Many Switchwords are presented in the paragraphs of this article. A FULL listing of currently defined Switchwords is available at http How Switchwords Work Switchwords TAKE advantage of the part of our minds where learning and experiences are filed away to BRING to US whatever we want in life. Have you ever paid ATTENTION to all the different ways you HOLD a tea cup or coffee mug If it is very FULL you may HOLD the handle WITH your thumb stabilizing ON top...automatically no thought about it. If it is very hot you HOLD only onto the handle...again automatically. You CHANGE how you HOLD the cup according to the situation and rarely even think about what you are doing. Long ago you learned the best ways to HOLD that cup for each situation and NOW without a single thought you just DO it. This is the part of the mind Switchwords talk to giving instructions for what it is you want then allowing you to automatically draw the experiences to you. Switchwords talk to the other than conscious mind the bigger knowing part of you. Switchwords convey a message by giving the other than conscious mind an experience to look up in its vast resources of experience and then BRING a NEW related experience to you. 27 This is the part of the mind Switchwords talk to giving instructions for what it is you want then allowing you to automatically draw the experiences to you. Switchwords talk to the other than conscious mind the bigger knowing part of you. Switchwords convey a message by giving the other than conscious mind an experience to look up in its vast resources of experience and then BRING a NEW related experience to you. As you live your life day-to-day minute-by-minute your other than conscious mind is filing away all of your experiences ON every level 24 7. Before you GO shopping you may check your bank BALANCE to see how much money you have available (COUNT the money). Once you are at the store you probably calculate in your mind approximately how much money you are spending (COUNT the money) to BE sure you stay within your budget. When you check out the cashier will tally how much the groceries cost (COUNT the money) and you probably watch the process tallying the amount being spent (COUNT the money). Once the tally is completed if you pay WITH cash you COUNT the money and GIVE it to the cashier who then will COUNT the money while putting it in the cash register then COUNT the change owed to you while pulling it out of the register turn and COUNT the money while giving it to you. You probably will COUNT the money while the cashier does and may COUNT the money one more time as you PUT it away. 28 Generally all interactions with money involve counting thus COUNT is your Switchword for making money. How to TAKE Advantage of Switchwords to ENHANCE Your Life Simply set your intention for what it is you want then say the Switchword to BEGIN to BRING it to you. It s as simple as that. You can make it more complex if you CHOOSE You can repeat Switchwords many times. You can write Switchwords on a piece of paper. You can build a Switchphrase by stringing several Switchwords TOGETHER into a nonsensical sentence. You can write them on a glass of water to place their energy into the water and drink it. You can place them inside a circle to CREATE an Energy Circle and broadcast them to a space or a specific person place or thing. Things that May Prevent Switchwords from Working When we are in a negative state of mind we often block manifestation of the things we want. CHANGE your focus from lack of what you want to knowing it is ON its way. Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish a positive focus from a negative focus. Some may think that I want to avoid illness is a positive focus. However a close look at the wording shows the focus to BE illness. An intention of maintaining wellness may BE a better focus. When we notice that things are not going as we would like we tend to push what we want further away as again we are looking a lack (of manifestation). If you can t think about what you want without feeling lack then focus on something else. Turn ON some MUSIC GO for a walk Do something you enjoy anything that helps KEEP you in a positive-feeling space for a period of time. Right after invoking Switchwords is a great time to DO something that stretches a good feeling as this helps WITH faster manifestation. 29 Switchwords often inspire US to step out of our normal routine. When you use Switchwords and you GET an impulse to DO something different DO it This often is the other than conscious mind prompting you to CHANGE your normal routine to ALLOW manifestation. Sometimes we GET so focused ON how we expect manifestation to take place we don t notice it trying to come to US. Pay ATTENTION to NEW experiences coming your way. EMBRACE them CHANGE your routine to ALLOW manifestation. Switchwords are powerful poignant words an AMAZING tool to HELP you CHANGE your life and GET what you want to FLOW your way. Examples of a Few Helpful Switchwords for Daily Use Switchwords can be helpful in all areas of your life. Over the last several years we have compiled a Switchwords Database with applications for about everything you can imagine from finding a PERFECT job to helping excel in school to selling property improving family and LOVE relationships improving fertility and attaining pregnancy fixing household appliances clearing debt and other negative focuses restoring and maintaining wellness improving concentration and focus...the list goes ON and ON. The Switchwords Database available on subscription to Blue Iris Learning Center also lists well over 1 000 Switchword Success Stories. Below are a few popular Switchword applications When you are looking for a lost object or trying to find a solution to a problem REACH. If it feels like it has been wrongfully taken from you RESTORE-REACH. When your mind is chattering and chastising you for having lost it QUIETREACH. When you ve looked everywhere haven t found it and wish to have it just appear CRYSTAL-REACH. Use any combination of these Switchwords that applies to your situation 30 even all QUIET-RESTORE-CRYSTAL-REACH. For organization and flowing easily through your day DivineORDER For smooth travel quickly getting to where you are going HALFWAY To end procrastination and complete tasks DONE These Switchwords can be combined into a Switchphrase DivineORDER -HALFWAY-DONE. To improve your relationship with yourself TOGETHER-DIVINE. To improve interpersonal relationships DIVINE-TOGETHER. These two phrases can be combined as prefixes to additional Switchwords for specific desires related to relationship Family support DIVINE-TOGETHER-STRUCTURE-TOUCH. Forge friendships DIVINE-TOGETHER-CIRCULATE-CREAM. Improve communication with others DIVINE-TOGETHER-ACTBETWEEN. Increase love and tolerance of yourself TOGETHER-DIVINE-EMERALDLOVE-BE. Increase self-esteem and confidence TOGETHER-DIVINE-ANCHORCRYSTAL-HORSE . For a colorful conscious life RAINBOW To feel joy DANCE To feel magnificent JEWEL To be in peace and wellness unaffected by ridicule and negative or contrary energy BE Combine Switchwords into Switchphrases as you wish to CREATE unique PERSONAL Switchphrases PERFECT for you. 31 You may wish to check out the following links for more information Blue Iris Learning Center - http Current Switchwords List - http Switchwords Database (available with most Blue Iris Learning Center subscriptions) - http switchwords Kat Miller founder of Blue Iris Learning Center at http has created as a place to share learn grow and BE. Blue Iris Learning Center has many articles supporting Switchwords Healing Cards energy vials Kat has created and many additional healing techniques. Blue Iris Learning Center is dynamic and ever-growing rich with life and healing information. Blue Iris Learning Center includes a Forum where members can discuss innumerable topics and learn from each other. Kat encourages people to post questions comments and experiences on the Forum so we can all learn TOGETHER. 32 Harper Lee To Kill a Mockingbird Horoscope For The Author of America s Iconic Coming of Age Story By Dikki-Jo Mullen When you have a hit like that you can t go anywhere but down author Harper Lee would often joke when asked why she never wrote again after the 1960 publication of To Kill a Mocking Bird . One commentator compared this hiatus to what would have happened if Mark Twain had written only Huckleberry Finn or Shakespeare penned only MacBeth . The theme of To Kill A Mocking Bird revolves around race relations and injustice in the American South a topic which touched the pulse of the public consciousness deeply enough to win Harper Lee a Pulitzer Prize in 1961. The following year her book became an Oscar winning classic film starring Gregory Peck. Eventually Harper Lee would go on to be appointed to the National Council for The Arts by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1966 at the peak of the Civil Rights movement. Later she was awarded the Medal of Freedom (the Nation s highest civilian honor) by President George W. Bush. In 2015 at age 89 Lee was greeted at The White House yet again by President Barack Obama. This was after at long last she did release her second novel Go Set A Watchman which is believed to be either a prequel or first draft of her iconic first book. Nelle Harper Lee was born on April 28 1926 at 5 25 pm in Monroeville Alabama. Her ascendant at 25 degrees of Libra is within orb of a conjunction with Spica the most fortunate fixed star in the heavens. She did enjoy a charmed life in many ways. Her net worth at the time of her death 33 in the early morning hours of February 19 2016 in Monroeville Alabama is estimated to be about 35 million dollars. The Libra ascendant the sign of The Scales is often prominent in the horoscopes of those who champion the cause of justice. Her Sun at 7 degrees of Taurus and Chiron at 28 degrees of Aries form an out of sign conjunction in her 7th house. This further emphasizes a focus on the law and exploring the balance of interactions between people. She first studied law then abandoned it deciding instead that journalism was her real love. Harper Lee as she preferred to called throughout her life was born at the Full Moon with the Moon and Saturn conjunct in Scorpio in her 1st house. This reveals a serious and intense personality with a tendency to cherish her privacy. The Full Moon personality is always very responsive to the environment and tends to drive projects forward to conclusions. As a young college student at Huntington College The University of Alabama and later at Oxford University in England Harper shunned parties and fashion preferring to wear plain clothing and dedicate her efforts to study. Her Scorpio Moon is in mutual reception with Pluto in Cancer in her 9th house. Pluto also conjoins the North Moon Node. This astrological pattern shows an affinity for the travel industry as well as excelling in academics. She worked for a time during the 1950 s as a reservation agent for Eastern Airlines. Eventually she quit that job to become an impoverished writer in New York City. Living in a cold water flat with cast off furniture she attracted the help of friends who supported her for a year while she wrote. She also collaborated with another prominent Southern writer and childhood friend Truman Capote. Harper Lee s Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius points to her eclectic connections with and the key support of helpful associates. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction which has been called the presidents aspect tends to bring a memorable personality and an ability to impact others. The Aquarius planets square her natal Saturn reveals great ambition and energy. Mars and Jupiter are in her 4th house accenting the lasting ties to childhood home and parents. Throughout her life she divided her time between New York City where she could live a private and anonymous life style and home town Monroeville Alabama. The strong 4th house conjunction and prominent Moon describe how her writing drew inspiration from her childhood. Harper Lee was the youngest of four children of a prominent local lawyer Amasa Coleman Lee and homemaker Frances Cunningham Finch. The names and initials of her beloved parents are reflected in one of her main characters attorney Attiu34 cus Finch a hint that To Kill A Mockingbird and recent second novel Go Set A Watchman are both actually autobiographical. Her Jupiter is accidentally exalted in the 4th house pointing to the supportive influence of her childhood home and parentage. Uranus in the 4th shows the progressive and humanitarian values learned in her early home life. Neptune in Leo in her 10th house forms an angular T- square with the Scorpio and Aquarius placements. This powerful Neptune placement propelled Harper Lee to an elusive yet flamboyant celebrity and prominence. Neptune traditionally is linked with justice for minorities and the disadvantaged the theme of Harper Lee s books. The empty leg of this strong angular fixed sign T- square is directed toward the natal 7th house again emphasizing justice social issues and relationships. Neptune forms a wide orb but mutually applying trine with her Mercury the writers planet in Aries showing the originality sensitivity and intuition expressed in her writing. Her subject matter is argumentative with much of the pioneer and revolutionary spirit typical of natal Mercury in Aries. Harper Lee s 2nd house of earned income is ruled by Pluto. The source and accumulation of her considerable wealth can be seen in the 9th house placement of her natal Pluto which forms a grand trine in water signs with her Venus-Uranus Conjunction in Pisces and her Moon-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. Her Taurus Sun which is in an applying sextile aspect to natal Pluto further underscores her ability to acquire and guard financial assets. The Venus-Uranus conjunction in the 5th house of romance also brings speculation about her romantic inclinations. She never married and always refused to answer any questions about personal relationships. The strong Uranus might indicate that a desire for freedom plays a role in her independent life style. Taurus and Pisces placements often show an appreciation for music. As a student Harper sang in the school Glee Club as an adult she is said to have had a preference for 18th Century music. Aside from her family cats were also her constant companions and great love. The strong natal water sign influence as well as Mercury in her 6th house can describe the deep affection for small animals. Sentimental Cancer spans much of her 9th house with the Moon there by mutual reception with Pluto. This points to another important interest Harper Lee was reputed to enjoy the history and literature of the 19th Century. 35 The various transits and progressions to Harper Lee s natal chart are intriguing in the way they reflect the stages in her career and accomplishments. As a young teen Uranus in Taurus transited her Sun showing unexpected influences and challenges generated by people and situations she encountered. This transit peaked in 1940 early 41 when she was about 14. Saturn in Taurus at that time also opposed its natal place. From 1944-49 when she pursued her higher education and changed goals transit Neptune in early Libra was oppose her natal Mercury. This coincided with the dissolving and refocusing of her interest away from law and toward journalism. During this time transit Saturn affected her 9th house showing her efforts with academic work including overseas travel to study in England. She struggled with poverty during the early 1950 s when Pluto ruler of her 2nd house transited Leo. This activated her 10th house of career and challenging angular natal T-square. Her Saturn return in Scorpio in 1955 seems to have been an especially bleak and challenging time. The Saturn return activated her natal Saturn-Moon conjunction an aspect with the potential for depression and sadness. Her father suddenly became ill and passed away an tragic event which had a tremendous emotional impact on Harper. In 1957 a first submission of To Kill A Mocking Bird was rejected with the criticism that it read like a collection of short stories. At that time Saturn was transiting Sagittarius trine to both her natal Mercury in Aries and Neptune in Leo. Determined Taurus-like Harper rewrote the manuscript. While this was happening transit Jupiter in Scorpio conjoined her natal Saturn. Often a transit of Jupiter to conjoin natal Saturn (or vice versa) will indicate the start of an important career opportunity. The rewrite was completed by 1960. At that time Uranus was in Leo again activating Harper s natal fire sign placements. Success was instantaneous by the end of the year when transit Jupiter in Capricorn was trine her natal Sun in Taurus. In 1961 she won The Pulitzer Prize when Jupiter entered Aquarius. The Jupiter transit was both trine her Libra ascendant and conjunct to her natal Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. By 1962 her novel was translated into at least 36 ten languages and developed into a screen play when it won an Oscar. Neptune was transiting Scorpio activating her natal grand trine in water signs while transit Uranus in Leo was conjunct her Neptune in her 10th house of fame and fortune. During the 1960 s Harper Lee began to shun publicity. At the time of her 1966 appointment by President Johnson to the National Council for the Arts transit Uranus was in Virgo oppose its natal place in Pisces. This opposition which typically occurs during the early 40 s or so can mark a break with established situations jobs or relationships. Harper began to become more and more reclusive. She came into the public eye only occasionally when the importance of her book was acknowledged. On April 29 2014 just a day from Harper s 88th birthday there was a solar eclipse conjunct her natal Sun. At that time transit Uranus in Aries was separating from a conjunction to her natal Mercury. This foreshadowed some changes in the status quo. It is possible that fueled by current news coverage of racial situations again Harper Lee began to prepare her second manuscript for publication then. On July 14 2015 following weeks of speculation worldwide attention was again focused on Harper Lee. Her new book Go Set A Watchman was released. Once again she explored the themes of Southern life and race relations. Was the timing linked to the growing racial tensions around the United States Or did Harper who appeared erudite and well for her 89 years sense that it was now or never and that her own time of passing was near On July 14 2015 the transiting Sun Mercury and Mars were in Cancer activating her five natal water sign placements in her 9th house. The eclipses in the spring of 2015 further reflected the surprises and changes in Harper s life. The solar eclipse on March 20 2015 at 29 degrees of Pisces was close to her natal Uranus at 27 and not very far from her natal Venus at 21 degrees of Pisces. The lunar eclipse at 14 degrees of Libra on April 4 2015 was accompanied by a stellium of Aries transits (with the Sun Uranus and Mercury) all forming powerful cardinal sign aspects to her natal Mercury in Aries. In true Uranian fashion the excitement generated by the new book has been short lived though. Perhaps Harper had been wise in not trying to expand upon her initial success after all. Harper Lee passed away peacefully in her sleep during the early morning hours of February 19 2016 at an assisted living facility in her home37 town of Monroeville. At the time of her death transit Mars was at 23 degrees of Scorpio exactly conjunct her natal Saturn the Moon was in Cancer and transit Neptune was sextile her natal Sun. The aspects suggest a time of completion honoring an intriguing life well lived. Data Birth Data Table Tropical Placidus Houses Nelle Harper Lee Born on April 28 1926 at 5 25 pm CST in Monroeville Alabama 31N31 40 87W19 29 Sun 07 Taurus 54 7th house Moon 19 Scorpio 33 1st house Full Moon Mercury 10 Aries 59 6th house Venus 21 Pisces 57 5th house Mars 26 Aquarius 34 4th house Jupiter 23 Aquarius 39 4th house Saturn 23 Scorpio 54 1st house (retrograde) Uranus 27 Pisces 44 5th house Neptune 21 Leo 59 10th house (retrograde) Pluto 12 Cancer 47- 9th house Chiron 28 Aries 29 7th house N. Moon Node (true node) 18 Cancer 57 9th house Ascendant (rising sign) is 25 Libra 47 Internationally noted astrologer and spiritual counselor Dikki Jo Mullen has authored numerous published articles. Currently Dikki Jo s features and detailed astrology forecasts appear in The Witches Almanac and Dell Horoscope publications available in fine book stores everywhere. She is the author of seven books including Koo Hollie and the Corn Goddess Chronicle a metaphysical allegory and adventure story which doubles as a text book about astrology ghost hunting and much more. Dikki-Jo writes under a number of nom de plumes including Esther Neumeier Elaine Neumeier Esther Elayne Mother Ollmann Grania Ling Dana N. Ms. Luna Sunshine Laurie Bell Koo Templeton Catie Saltmarsh Kathryn Mueller Leslie Ford Sue Leroy Marina the Gypsy and Marina Bryony. Please e -mail Dikki-Jo at skymaiden for full details about personal readings and group presentations or phone her at 407-895-1522. Her website is https 38 39 Spiritual Release of a Pet By Suzan Tyler In March 2001 it was a typical cold windy day. Earlier I had taken my dog Buddy for a walk around the neighborhood. As we turned a corner we came face to face with a Calico Cat. It was not a cat I d seen around here before. She was not afraid of Buddy in fact she sauntered right up to him sniffed his nose as he checked her out she turned her butt to him so he could get a good sniff and then she walked over to me for a pet. She had complete confidence. Go home pretty kitty. It s way too cold for you to be out by yourself. She looked at me raised her tail turned and walked off into one of the new homes under construction. That night it started snowing hard a blizzard of a storm dumping a foot on us in an hour s time. Looking out at the park across the street buried in white an owl screeched from somewhere in the pines. Suddenly there was a cry at the door. Buddy jumped up from his slumber and I reached the door at the same time. Listening again we heard it the sound of a baby crying loudly. What in the world I opened the front door and in ran the Calico cat from earlier in the day. She was caked in ice shivering cold. Buddy inspected her remembered her from earlier in the day turned and went back to bed. I scooped her up ran her under some warm water to melt the ice on her fur and wrapped her in a towel. She purred and snuggled in. Put that thing outside My husband a non-cat lover was adamant I send her back out into the snow storm. We have no way to take care of a cat. Where will it go to the bathroom What will it eat 40 We will figure something out look at her she s frozen I can t put her back outside. She has no where to go I was in tears but I knew he had a point. At that time of night there would be nothing open to get her some food or litter and I wouldn t drive in that storm anyway. We had never tested our greyhound to be cat safe what if he ate her during the night Just put it outside. It will find its way home. I didn t agree otherwise how did she find us Did she follow our scent from our walk earlier Surely the snow and all the other neighbors walking their dogs would have covered that up by now I thought. I had to decide if it was more important to fight for her or keep the peace in my home with a staunch cat hater who for no other reason was taught as a child that cats smother children and were not to be trusted ever. I didn t say it made sense it just was what it was. Now dry and warm I held her to my heart kissed her cheek and told her Now go find your home I let my tears drip down onto her head as I bent over and put her back outside in the blowing snow. My heart was breaking for this sweet little thing. She protested with a cry. I closed the door on her and sobbed to myself. As I walked to the side table to grab a tissue I saw her sitting at the sliding glass door off the patio. She had jumped the fence crying to come back in. I looked at my husband and said Well there you have it. She has found her home. He was not happy. Buddy seemed to care less. I was ecstatic. I made arrangements with a neighbor who had cats to keep her in her garage overnight until I could search for her owner the next day. Door to door I went Buddy in tow cat in hand asking strangers if she was their cat. No one claimed her though many said they have been leaving food out for her over the past several weeks and one left a blanket on their porch for her. The Animal Shelter had no missing cat reports that matched her she had no microchip. She was mine. She picked me. My husband would have to adjust. I named her Callie. The Vet said she was around 2 years old. Soon however my joy soon wore off. 41 That cat was the biggest pain in the ass I ve ever met. She was demanding and being a Calico she was very vocal.........I understood now why she was homeless. Nonetheless I loved her with all my heart. That cat was the biggest pain in the ass I ve ever met. She was demanding and being a Calico she was very vocal. She had zero tolerance for anything other than what she wanted when she wanted it and there would be no peace until she got her way. I understood now why she was homeless. Nonetheless I loved her with all my heart. We would have conversations with each other and I had no trouble understanding exactly what she was saying. Soon I taught her how to point with her eyes to what she wanted. She taught me how to understand her many cries. This one meant she was hungry. That one mad. This one meant she wanted to be held another meant she was just being ornery. Turn the water faucet on for me to drink fresh running water was coupled with a head nod towards the kitchen sink. Take me outside for some fresh air was her running through the house screaming at the top of her lungs until I scooped her up to take her out to the grass. Her language was diverse and easily understood. At least by me. Occasionally a visitor would be surprised to hear her cry Momma when she wanted me or to hear her argue with me when she wanted something I was not wiling to provide. She very clearly could say No and she had one voice that was clearly meant to say I don t care if she lost an argument with me. An animal that has a bond across space and time with you one that knows your soul is thought to be a Familiar. While popular belief links Familiars to cats it could be any animal reptile or bird even one who has passed over. If you ve ever had a strong connection with a pet or a type of 42 animal you ve experienced a Familiar. I ve had dogs who have preceded her with similar traits and I ve had other cats in the house with Callie who brought other spiritual tools to help me as Familiars. Callie inspired hubby to start liking cats he soon got over his illogical fears although Callie was not one to easily forgive him for forcing her back out into the cold. Over the next 17 years Callie would push every single button I had. She could put me on the edge of my very last nerve or open my heart so big I thought it might burst with so much love. If I was ill she would lay on me or next to me purring and sending healing vibrations to me to feel better if no other reason than to get me up faster to take care of her needs. I was not under any delusion that she saw me as much more than her slave. Any cat lover can relate. Multiply that times ten and you have a good understanding of life with Callie. At Christmas 2015 I could see how much she had aged. She needed pet steps to reach the counter to her food and water. She no longer could make it to the potty box so we put one in every room. Even then she d reach the box and use the floor in front of it feeling like she was close enough. She had the cat version of Alzheimers she would stand in the middle of the room and scream at the top of her lungs or wake up from a nap and scream. Because I understood her voice I knew she was crying Where am I Where am I over and over again until she could hear my voice or I could reach her and hold her. Then she d curl up and go back to sleep. A trip to the vet stressed her out horribly but I needed to make sure she was not in pain. One problem with being an Intuitive Healer is your feelings for the person or animal you are reading can interfere with the information you see. I could not get my love and concern for her out of my way so that I could get a clear reading on her. I needed to have outside information to get clear what she needed. I asked a Shaman trained friend of mine who is highly intuitive to scan Callie for me. She agreed with what I was seeing. She was aging physically and mentally. I knew it was a matter of time before I would lose her. Slowly over time after that Christmas she was taken over by dark forces. 43 Her body was weak and slowly she began to exhibit strange behavior. She would growl. I thought at first she was simply angry but soon the growling became more menacing. She would stand outside my bedroom door and growl in the middle of the night. There was no sleep for us for the last several months of her life. Still I was not connecting the dots to anything dark because I am surrounded by Angels and Ascended Masters the need to protect myself or her from that was so automatic it was not even on my radar. I was blinded by her bad behavior without seeing what I would so easily be able to see had she not been a part of me. Suddenly the growling took on an entirely different meaning. How could I be so blind This is what dark forces do. Trick you into letting it grow stronger while it slowly slithers into every aspect of your life until you don t notice or understand why you are so angry all the time. A frigging demon had taken over my cat and now I was pissed off. (insert photo with red eyes) How did I know this Quite simply it showed itself. This one night I was too tired to clean up the kitchen after dinner. I had a cast iron fry pan that I put Kosher Salt into with intention of cleaning it up in the morning. My husband looked at the fry pan when he got up and called me over. He saw a shape that was disturbing. I looked at it and yes indeed it was a demon. See for yourself. 44 This was the dark force that had attached to her and now it was taunting me. As a light worker I was absolutely livid. How DARE it But that is what darkness does. I don t want you to be afraid if you encounter a dark force. I want you to be empowered by the light. Because YOU are the one who attracted the dark force. Yes it is true. Had you not been already vibrating in white light the dark forces would not dare show themselves to you they prefer to stay in the background sabotaging your thoughts killing your dreams and holding you back through fear. When you stand in light however dark forces have to work harder to get you to fall for their crap. In order to do that sometimes they show themselves. If you are intuitive you can feel it see it hear it or just know it in your soul. This is not the same thing as being fearful which will feel anxious scary make you nervous or angry. No as soon as you draw in the light you will simply be pissed off that it dares show its face to you. Someone who was not aware of their light might not have noticed the face looking back at them. I checked in with my Intuitive Eyes asked my Angels and they confirmed this demonic energy was in the cat. I asked my husband to assist me in transmuting this demonic energy. I gave him my rattle and I grabbed my white sage and sea salt and we started in my most sacred of spaces my office. To cleanse a space you want to have smoke salt sound and intention. Quickly we worked through each room of the house as I saged each corner sprinkled sea salt to seal my intention and block any negative energy from re-entering while my husband followed behind with the rattle shaking it after every affirmation I made to move the dark force to where I wanted it. I commanded it to leave the cat as I stood over her saging her body and sprinkling salt on her bed corners then we ended up at the stove where it showed itself. I could feel the dark energy as a dense oppressive force that was pushing back on me. I commanded it to leave the cat and the home and property and be transmuted by the light or face total destruction in the name of Jesus Christ. This is not a religious command but a right given to us to do in his name. I commanded the Authority to transmute this demon to the light in his name. As I opened the patio door to push the smoke out I felt the demon transmute into light and leave. Instantly the cat calmed down. She stopped growling and the remaining two weeks of her life were lived in peace and calm. 45 I knew however that the time was here to let her go. I spoke with her spirit and asked her to consider just falling asleep and not waking up but being true to her ornery self she simply said no. She was going to force me to decide for her. She was at least 19 years old and she was in physical pain. She made it clear to me she was ready. I arranged for the vet to come to us but I knew I could not simply allow her to be put to sleep. No she deserved to have a Spiritual Release and I knew just where I would do it. In my front yard I have my sacred circle. It is a magickal spot where the Angels and Spirit first came to me and where I have had many incredible experiences of healing intuitive upgrades and visits from other planes. Without asking the Vet I simply told her that I would be performing ceremony to release Callie s soul. The vet was most willing to be a part of it. I called my neighbor to come over to help me hold space because I did not feel I would be emotionally strong enough to do it on my own. My husband was there to witness her passing. I sat on the grass and snuggled with Callie on my lap. Laying out crystals I was called to use for her ceremony I called in the Four Directions and the Archangels that assist them. Archangel Ariel to the East who comes in on the wind Element of Air. Facing South Archangel Michael Element of Fire who comes in with the Sun. Facing West Archangel Gabriel Element of Water who heals emotions and facing North Archangel Uriel Element of Earth who keeps us grounded. I asked Archangel Ariel protector of wildlife and nature to come in and carry Callie s soul over the rainbow bridge to get her safely to the other side. We all felt the gentle breeze as Archangel Ariel arrived to carry Callie up with her. I gave the vet the go ahead to administer the lethal dose that would stop Callie s heart. I knew she was already gone. My sweet little Angelina Bambina (my nickname for her) who drove me crazy every chance she could was resting in the arms of the Angels now. Of that I had absolute faith. My heart was broken I was inconsolable but I was also happy that I was able to give her a fitting farewell to thank her for being my Familiar and for loving me no matter what just as I loved her. One week to the date later I was in the yard puttering with the dogs when a huge dragonfly about 4 inches long flew in front of me. It hovered 46 for a few moments. I called out to Callie. It flew around my head and as it left I heard the song Memory from the theatre show Cats. It is about an old cat who remembers what it is like to feel young again. Callie was letting me know she was fine. The dragonfly dipped in front of me as if it was taking a bow and then it disappeared. To create your own Spirit Release Ceremony for your beloved pet I would suggest you prepare in advance the tools you want to use such as White Sage to cleanse the air and your pet and represent the element of Fire a feather to fan the sage and represent the Angels and Air Element a bowl of water or a spray bottle to represent the cleansing of emotions and the element of water and sit on the ground to connect to the Earth element and keep you grounded during the release. If you have a special place where you hold energy well like I have my Sacred Circle in my yard you may have a quiet spot in your home or outdoors. Crystals are helpful if you like to use them. Your intention is really all that is needed but I find ceremony adds to the healing of your heart and facilitates for you a confirmation of the soul release in a more concrete manner. Nothing is required but your connection to Spirit and Intention. When you are done and you complete your ceremony or intention make sure to reground yourself and call your energy back into yourself. The emotional pain of saying goodbye can leave a gap in your energy field if you don t. This is one reason I asked my neighbor to come hold space for me. Do what feels right but take steps to ensure you are coming back through a clean and clear filter returning only your energy back into your body mind and spirit. 47 Unfortunately our pets do not live as long as we do. If you have any pet who has already passed you can still do a release ceremony for them but I would caution you do one at a time with a few days spaced in between if there is more than one. Allow the transition time to be a peaceful loving experience. If you do not feel you can perform the ceremony on your own any Intuitive Healer can assist you in person or over the phone. I ve been called more and more lately to assist spirit release for pets and loved ones. Neither time nor space will interfere with your loving release. Suzan Tyler is a Medical Intuitive Angel Healer and Life Coach with certifications as a Quantum Biofeedback Diplomate Instructor Nutritional Consultant Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition Spiritual Health Coach Medical Intuition Animal Communication Energy Healing Crystal Healing Spiritual Dowsing Advanced Angel Card Reading and has been a longtime Intuitive Angel Channeler and Healer before that was even a thing. The Archangels have been a part of her daily life since she can remember and her spirit guides Joseph and Jesus have been constant companions though it wasn t until recently that she fully embraced their gifts. She can be reached through her website and on Facebook at YouAsHealer and for strictly health and stress management posts https TheWholisticAttitude . 48 Healing the Heart Defining our own blueprint By Aurora Luna Healing the heart is a magical component of being human in this day and age however from the get-go we have the odds stacked pretty high against being able to make that happen without the assistance of modern medicine. . . or at least that is what we have been led to believe right I mean who do you know that is above the age of 45 that is not on meds for blood pressure cholesterol heart conditions etc. We are a society fixated on breast cancer awareness (which is important) however cardiovascular disease claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Perhaps if we were to focus on the fact that emotions cause disease in the first place and that the heart s molecular structure holds the memories of all of our past traumas grief disappointments heartaches and losses we might realize that there are tools we could be using to heal these emotions rather than choosing the prescription bottle and ignoring that these emotions exist. I know that we come from a culture that absolutely insists that these conditions are hereditary. I wish I could agree with that entirely however I am in awareness that we can and do heal ourselves. I comprehend that our thoughts our words and our feelings create the world that we live in. With that said it is possible to overcome and move past the diseases and illnesses of our lineages. We are way more powerful than we believe ourselves to be or have been led to believe that we are. Not only are we told that medicine is the only fix for our ailments from the minute we begin our life path we are bombarded with information that blueprints or programs what the human experience of love is supposed to look like. All we have to do is turn on the TV watch a movie or read a romance novel and the story while varied in some aspects mostly ends up 49 the same. . .two people meet fall in love and live happily ever after. So why is it that when we look around at the divorce rate and the amount of couples in therapy all we see are how people are going into relationships expecting happiness and finding out that they aren t happy Is it because they married the wrong person Well perhaps but I am going to venture that there is more to it than that. By using the model that someone else is going to be the reason that we feel joy automatically creates a recipe for disaster because the love we are seeking is outside of ourselves. All of these old paradigm energetics regarding interpersonal relationships and the relationship that one has with one s self have been grossly misdirected for eons. And the root cause to what this issue stems from is that we are disconnected from the aspect of the self that is the unconditional love that we are. We are taught that God Source the Universe is something that resides outside of us rather than understanding that the Source that created us is also within us all. We are never shown how to fill our own cup with that love so that we can be interdependent in relationships. We are not encouraged to put our needs first - that would be considered selfish even though by making ourselves a priority we have more to give others. We are not encouraged to simply love who we are the way we are. We are guided to find a partner who validates that for us. We are not shown that relationships are meant to be two independent people coming together to complement one another. We are shown that love is conditional. If I do this for you then I can win your love and if I don t then you will take that love away. Every relationship that we have with other people is a mirror or healing lesson around where we are on our path of self-love. It s pretty fantastic to figure that one out because that means that if we want to have harmony with others if we want to feel blissful joy all we have to do is connect with ourselves in a loving way. That connection is not just with God or Source. . . though I feel that relationships is also Divinely important. Instead it is about that relationship with that Source energy that is the spark of the Divine nature that WE are. The heart medicine we are so desperately seeking from the outside of us is actually always connected to us. We simply need to learn how to connect with it. It is actually a remembering. Love is what we are created from. It is always there. It is never apart from us or 50 outside of us. Self-love and our connection to all that is is one and the same. The road to healing through this medicine of the heart is not found in a pill. It is not discovered in meeting the perfect partner. It can only be found within us. It is not religion well for some it can be but it s more about the spiritual aspect of that relationship between the self and the Universe Creator Source God. Whatever name this energy needs to be given the energy cares not. Some see God as the feminine and others masculine. However you define it for you it is in choosing this connection and anchoring the love of this connection into the heart center that offers each one of us unlimited opportunities and potential to change everything within our lives. When we choose this connection we release anxiety fear and anger and then we are able to replace these feelings with gratitude love peace and harmony. It is simple but not easy right Well that all depends. There are so many tools available to us to work with that can shift our hearts overnight. The important thing to understand is that no one can do it for us. We must be willing to do it for ourselves. I work in the healing arts but I am never the healer. My clients are. I am merely a conduit for energy and information. I can share spiritual practices that may assist one on their path. . .but I can t do the work for anyone. We each have this power within ourselves. As we move forward into this golden age of change the message is loud and clear. Heal that which needs to be seen and integrated so that we can hold and share the love that we are with each and every being we encounter. We are all being asked to hold a level of compassion that has only been held in the past by the ascended masters. In this life we are the masters ascending. We are remembering who we are and just what it is that we are capable of. We are limitless potential and when we accept that the levels of love that we are capable of experiencing and sharing with others will shift this planet into the peace love and harmony that we are longing to see reflected all around us. Thank you for your courageous path of bringing the light and love to Mother Gaia and all beings in this time and space to impart change. Many blessings and so much love Aurora 51 Rev. Aurora Luna s spiritual journey has encompassed many masters and teachers from all walks of life and continues to be an infinite journey of discovery that she is grateful to share with her students and clients all over the world. She is a Minister in the Order of Melchizedek an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor ( IET ) and a Usui Tibetan Reiki Master-Teacher. She offers private sessions group meditations oracle card readings and distance work for both healings and card readings. The link to the website for the tour is http SacredTours.html. http Email Aurora at lightonthejourney or reach her by phone at (516) 672-9336. 52 An Appreciation of Art By Casandra Nightengale This was the third afternoon in a row that I had noticed the old man. Well it wasn t really afternoon--more like early evening just before the museum closed. Usually he just shuffled toward the main entrance with the rest of the patrons when closing was announced. Today however he had detoured into a side gallery. I didn t think too much about him. My feet hurt from standing on twoinch pumps all day and my body longed for the comfort of the faded blue jeans that awaited me in my small apartment. It had been a long day and my throat was almost hoarse from repeating my standardized monologue again and again. I felt like a scratched CD and judging from the bored expressions of the tourists I was just about as interesting as one. Oh well it was a job and I really needed a steady summer job if I planned to return to art school in the fall. I felt lucky to have landed this museum tour guide position--that is until I d spent a few days trapped into pantyhose and uncomfortable squeezed into a straight skirt plain blouse and jacket. Ouch Sneakers sandals or bare feet combined with jeans and a pullover are more my style but I guess I ll survive. Stifling a yawn I watched the last of the patrons leaving my section and thought of the old man again. He seemed harmless enough and the security guards would surely find and escort him to the door. So why did I have this feeling of responsibility He wasn t even with my tour group In fact he never seemed to be with any tour group. He was always alone always a little apart from the rest. Maybe he couldn t afford a guided tour. Maybe he liked being alone. Maybe he was an eccentric millionaire. Maybe...oh quit it I chided myself. I have a habit of letting my imagination run at times. 53 It was getting dark both inside and outside the museum. The sun was going down and night security was starting to shut off the lights. I waited a few more minutes to see if the old man would reappear. Quitting time Ms. Masters smiled one of the night watchmen. Your work s done and mine is just starting. Right Sam I agreed stifling another yawn. You be careful going home OK Looks like it s gonna storm. I will Sam I replied warmed by his concern. The old man had not reappeared. Say Sam Yes m You didn t happen to see an elderly gentleman in the East Gallery did you I haven t seen him come out yet. I ll check for you. Now scat before that storm breaks Yes sir I replied with a mock salute before turning on swollen feet. Ow Epsom salts lady. Nice and hot he called after me. Right Sam G night I called over my shoulder. After clocking out and changing into some more sensible shoes I shouldered my handbag left the museum and headed for the corner praying the bus would be just a touch late. My luck held. Sprinting the last few painful yards I swung inside the mammoth vehicle and paid my fare. The bus pulled out into traffic before I could manage to work my way to my favorite seat in the back corner. Sam s predictions for the weather proved to be accurate. We hadn t gone more than two blocks before the downpour began. Settling into the seat to endure the jerky stop-start ride my thoughts returned to the old man and I began a mental sketch. My drawing things 54 were at home but I could spend this time setting his characteristics in my mind. My sketching teacher had said You can t draw what you can t see. I guess she was right. I d even heard of an art school whose models posed on one floor and whose students painted two floors above them. All those trips up and down stairs promoted optic retention I guess. My eyes closed as I leaned back into the worn upholstery. Yes I could see him I was surprised at the details I remembered---the soft folds of his weathered face the tiny crinkles at the corners of deep brown eyes. The man may be a senior citizen but the eyes were much younger. They seemed so alive so wise. His lips were thin as was his silvery hair that was neatly combed and lightly touched with pomade. My mind traveled over his somewhat outdated threadbare suit and settled upon his hands so slender with long narrow fingers that wrapped almost majestically around the handle of his cane. Details filled in one after another and I was busily deciding between charcoal and pastels when I was jarred from my reverie by a loud clap of thunder--and the realization that this was my stop. Gathering my belongings I sidestepped to the door glared at the elements and made a mad dash for the drab brownstone apartment building. The lady from 204 was coming out and held the door open clucking like an old hen as I murmured a hasty thanks and dripped past her and up the stairs to my three room abode. After replacing the many safety locks I began to shed sodden clothing on my way to a hot shower. Never a super housekeeper I vowed to pick them up later. When later arrived however I was curled up on a piece of ancient sectional furniture sketchpad in hand transferring my mental image to paper. By bedtime I was fairly satisfied with the results and was filled with resolve to spend tomorrow my day off sketching in the museum. And that is what I did Dressed in jeans sneakers and a sleeveless top my long dark hair pulled into a loose knot at the base of my neck I prowled the corridors sketching here observing there trying to store impressions of the various artists and sculptors. 55 I had just entered the East Gallery and had seated myself on one of the padded benches when a tour entered. Not wishing to be conspicuous I bent over a sketch I d done of the statue of a bronze eagle. The people moved on and I was finally alone. Flipping to a clean page I began to draw. I must have been homesick for the sketch was of my parents simple home in the country over a thousand miles from here. Our Cocker Spaniel Muffin was flopped on the front porch muzzle on paws one ear dangling over the step. You re quite good for a beginner came a soft voice from behind me. Startled I shut the sketchpad and whirled around. It was the old man. I didn t mean to be so jumpy I apologized but I thought I was alone. That s understandable. Solitude seems to summon the Muses he replied with a smile. May I he asked gesturing to my bench. Blushing I sheepishly nodded gathered my things and put them on the floor by my feet. He seated himself with a sigh. I love this place but walking tires a body out at my age. Do you come here often I ventured. Every day I can. Art is such a balm to the soul an escape from reality. At times it can even become a reality of its own. You work here don t you I nodded. Art student I nodded again not trusting myself to speak. Would you indulge an old man with a peek at your work He smiled as I handed the sketchpad to him. For the next few moments he studied my work and I studied his expressions almost fearful of hearing his conclusions. His brow furrowed thoughtfully when he finally spoke. 56 Your basic technique is correct almost too correct. It needs more feeling more life. May I he asked reaching for my pencil. I handed it to him and watched as his slender fingers magically skimmed the page. A line here a shadow there and my eagle was suddenly alive Finally he stopped and handed the pad back to me. I swallowed hard. Guess I still have a lot to learn. You make it seem so easy How do you do it He chuckled softly and ran a hand lightly over his hair. I guess when you re as old as I am you ve had lots of practice time. What is really needed however is the ability to see--not just look at but truly SEE your subject. He paused and looked me squarely in the face. Would you walk with an old man Perhaps I can show you what I mean. I couldn t say no and so we were soon strolling through the various galleries. Seeing the masterpieces through the eyes of my elderly companion was like being reborn. Through him I began to feel the soul of the artists as they created. Time passed quickly. Before I realized it the announcement for closing time was being made. Conditioned by my work routine I started for the front door. His hand on my arm caused me to turn. You go ahead young lady. I ll sit here and catch my breath a bit before they shoo me out. I ll wait with you if you d like Sir I offered. Sir makes me feel too old young lady. My friends call me Artie. He smiled and winked. And mine call me Jeanette I replied. Will I see you again Probably if the weather s cool. I can t take the heat any more. I ve learned so much today and actually had fun doing it. You re a great teacher 57 Oh go on You don t need to say that. But I mean it. Really I know you do and it does my heart good to know an old man is still needed. He patted my arm and smiled. Now you d better hurry. A nice girl like you shouldn t be out alone after dark. So it was that our friendship began. I met with Artie on several afternoons during the summer. Not only did my artistic ability blossom but I also developed a love for the museum and the treasures housed there. Even my memorized monologue lost its scratched CD quality and I was able to convey some of what I had come to feel to the people as I guided them through the endless maze of galleries. During the tours I would sometimes catch a glimpse of my elderly mentor--usually in the East Gallery usually later in the afternoons on cooler rainy days. He would smile and nod from his bench as we filed past. As summer reached an end I suddenly realized how little I knew about Artie. He had persuaded me to talk about myself and had shared his love and knowledge of the museum pieces but whenever conversation had turned to him he had managed to turn it to something else. I did notice however that his favorite place was in the East Gallery. Most of the pieces there were by a little known but greatly talented artist--S. A. Burch. In an effort to have something in common with Artie I had tried to find more information about the artist but mostly drew a blank. The little gift shop booklets were even on back order. I put it from my mind and concentrated instead on finishing the pastel sketch of my friend that I planned to give to him before I returned to college next week. I was almost afraid Artie wouldn t be in the museum today. It had been hot and humid and I had not seen him for three days. This morning however had dawned cooler and rainy so I now prowled the East Gallery hoping he would appear. It was only a half hour now until closing and I had almost given up all hope when a soft voice commented You look like a caged lioness. I turned and there he stood just like I had first seen him almost three months ago. 58 I was afraid you weren t coming I blurted. What And miss saying farewell to a cherished pupil and good friend he replied in mock horror. I...I d like you to have this Artie I stammered holding out a cardboard mailing tube. One of yours I hope he commented as he sat down and removed the sketch. His smile broadened as he unrolled the paper. Do you like it I asked hopefully. Yes he almost whispered. I like it very much. Artie hastened to wipe away a tear that threatened to fall onto the pastels. Reaching into his coat pocket he withdrew a thin book and handed it to me. I believe you were looking for something on the East Gallery artist. Almost reverently I took the book and thanked him. Our special moment was interrupted by the announcement of closing time. Artie replaced the sketch in the tube. Goodbye Jeanette. Someday your work will hang in this museum. Nice dream but I still have a lot to learn. Oh I have a feeling you ll do quite well he replied with a wink. The security guards were dimming the lights. Is someone picking you up I asked. I hated to leave him just sitting there so alone. Don t worry about me. You d better go before this storm gets worse. Really I ll be fine I kissed him lightly on the cheek and left before my tears could overflow. Later in my usual bus seat I fumbled in my purse for the book Artie had given to me. This was not a gift shop paperback but an old tome its leather cover worn smooth the pages yellowed. Turning to the title page I 59 glanced at the print The Works of Steven Arthur Burch. Steven Arthur Could it be I skimmed the brief biography that followed. Steven Arthur Burch had died in 1922. Well so much for that theory. Settling deeper into the cracked seat I lost myself in enjoyment of reproductions of the beautiful paintings now hanging in the museum. I hardly noticed the storm as the bus lurched from stop to stop. As I turned to the final page however thunder pealed deafeningly and my heart skipped a beat. There on the last page was a photo of the artist taken right before his death. I stared openmouthed at the fine silvery hair the threadbare suit the slender hands on the cane and the merry eyes--so young and yet so wise. Casandra Nightengale is an author who writes on a variety of subjects and presently has 7 books out on Kindle (5 of which have spent time at 1). She lives on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington and enjoy walking the forest trails and along the rocky beaches. She also loves to read travel and write. Follow her on Facebook at Casandra Nightengale. An Appreciation of Art is from her book Awakenings and is available at 60 Thanks for reading Esoteric Gazing Until next time we wish you easy trails and happy days. 61