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Description: Bay County MVP issue 6 Features Sheriff Tommy Ford on our front cover. Inside this issue you will also find some great nutrition and fitness tips from JT, Living Fully articles, and sports coverage of Roller Derby ladies and Fulf Coast Volleyball- That is just a small taste! Hope you enjoy this issue as much as TEAM MVP enjoyed putting it together!

DROP THE DOUGHNUTS THERE S A SHERIFF NEW IN TOWN Panama City Roller Derby MILLENNIALS RISING ABOVE THE NET Gulf Coast State College Volleyball Coaches MAINSTREAM WOMEN- EXTREME SPORT Managing Illness By Living Well LIVING FULLY Living Fully THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSCLE Michael McKinney Mike Walker s Off Season Workout TRAIN LIKE THE PROS December January 2017 Issue 6 DON T DRINK (BUT IF YOU DO...) MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 1 mvpmagazines gmail. CONTACT US 850-832-5650 CONTRIBUTORS December January 2017 Issue 6 Harmony Nagy Director of Marketing Dermatology Solutions Group Dr. Myra Reed Personalized Concierge Doctor Karen Smith Owner Beachy Beach Real Estate Ruth Corley MVP Writer Copywrite Editor Community LiasonBay County Sheriffs Office Lee McArthur Scott MVP Writer Winston Chester Author TV Show HostPanhandle Outdoors Jeanette Deatherage MVP SALES Allison Givens MVP SALES Page 2 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Maybe this is a good time to mention... our short wait times For average ER wait times text ER to 23000 or visit Message and data rates may apply. For more info visit MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 3 GET THE TREATMENT FOR YOUR BUSINESS We specialize in providing editorial support for our advertisers while offering educational and entertaining material for our readers... We go the extra mile for our advertisers Choose MVP this year and see the difference for yourself. this year 850-832-5650 Pp MVPmagazines Page 4 MVP Health Sports & Fitness INDEX 6 12 Jennifer Watson Photographer Writer 30A Healthy Marketing LLC. DR. MYRA REED BY JAMES THOMPSON JT BY WINSTON CHESTER CONTACT US 850-832-5650 mvpmagazines gmail. FOOD AND YOU THE BODY- MIND CONNECTION DON T DRINK (BUT IF YOU DO...) 17 18 20 24 30 32 GO FISH MVP Publisher EAT FISH BY LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT BY HARMONY NAGY DYING FOR A TAN BY RUTH CORLEY DROP THE DOUGHNUT THERE S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN THE MAN BEHIND THE MUSCLE MICHAEL MCKINNEY FIT AT ANY AGE FIT LOCALS Lee Ann Swartzentruber MVP Sports Writer Realtor Beachy Beach Real Estate 37 38 40 42 43 48 50 MOVING WITH MOTIVATION BY KAREN SMITH LIVING FULLY MANAGING ILLNESS BY LIVING WELL BY TAMMY DUNAWAY FIT FIRST RESPONDER TIM SMITH PCB FIRE FIT CORRECTIONS DARRELL BYRD TRAIN LIKE THE PROS MIKE WALKER S OFF SEASON WORKOUT BY MIKE WALKER GULF COAST STATE COLLEGE VOLLEYBALL COACHES BY LEE ANN SWARTZENTRUBER ROLLER DERBY BY LEE ANN SWARTZENTRUBER James Thompson J T MVP Nutritionist & Fitness Expert Sports Nutritionist - Master Trainer Author - Public Speaker Evolve With JT MILLENNIALS RISING ABOVE THE NET MAINSTREAM WOMEN- EXTREME SPORT MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 5 The Body-Mind Connection FOOD By Dr. Myra Reed DID YOU KNOW The human brain consumes the largest portion of the total energy that is generated in the human body up to 20%. There s no doubt about it what we eat and how much we eat has a direct impact on our physical health. But did you know that those same choices also influence mood mental alertness memory and emotional well-being Food can act as medicine have a neutral effect or it can be a poison to the body and mind. When food acts as poison it creates inflammation which alters the body s balance of nutrients hormones and neurotransmitters. This directly affects your body s ability to manage and heal from stress or illness. While some body-mind effects are due to naturally occurring nutrient content in food much is due to hidden additives. Page 6 MVP Health Sports & Fitness y & OU Four common culprits that impact body-mind well-being MSG Monosodium glutamate is a flavor enhancer common in packaged and prepared foods. Although the FDA considers MSG generally safe some individuals experience a complex of physical and mental symptoms after eating MSG-containing foods. Symptoms vary but can include headache sweating nausea chest pain heart palpitations and overstimulation of the central nervous system which can lead to alterations in sleep mood and immunity. Caffeine The most socially accepted psychoactive substance in the world caffeine is used to boost alertness enhance performance and even treat apnea in premature infants. Caffeine is frequently added to other foods so be mindful of total consumption. Too much caffeine (500-600 mg daily) interferes with sleep quality which affects energy concentration and memory. Caffeine can aggravate other health conditions cause digestive disturbances and worsen menstrual symptoms and anxiety. Becoming of your food choices why you make them and how you feel mentally and physically after eating is an important first step in understanding your personal bodymind food connection. Keeping a body-mind food journal can help provide a clear picture of how your food choices aware Food Dye Those brightly colored processed and packaged foods come with a rainbow of health risks. Listed on ingredient labels as Blue 2 or Citrus Red food dye has been documented to contain cancer-causing agents (e.g. benzidine). They re also associated with allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children. Dyes are sometimes used to enhance the skin color of fruits and veggies. A number of dyes have been banned from use in foods and cosmetics around the world. Sugars Increased sugar consumption (as much as 30% over the last three decades for American adults) is linked to decreased intake of essential nutrients and associated with obesity diabetes inflammatory disease joint pain and even schizophrenia. Too much dietary sugar can result in blood sugar fluctuations causing mood swings anxiety irritability headaches and increased depression. Sugars that can act as poison include High Fructose Corn Syrup table sugar artificial and natural sweeteners. affect your health. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 7 A gift to us from Christopher Columbus and other Spanish explorers the orange was the cure for scurvy. As such a single medium orange contains 93% of the recommended allowance of Vitamin C (69.69 mg) 3.14 grams of fiber (13% RDA) and only 62 calories. But are all oranges created equally No. Oranges are among the top 20 foods in which pesticide residues are frequently found. If you are using the zest of the orange or are concerned about your pesticide consumption you should eat organic whenever possible. When selecting oranges the bright orange color does not necessarily make it a good orange. As a matter of fact a uniform color on a nonorganic orange may indicate the injection of an artificial dye called Citrus Red Number 2. Oranges can be partially green or have brown on them and be perfectly ripe and tasty. Currently most oranges come from the United States Brazil Mexico Spain China and Israel. Florida and California are the primary producers in the United States. Oranges originated in Southeast Asia. They are a hybrid of the pomelo and mandarin. There are over 600 varieties of oranges worldwide. They fall into two Page 8 MVP Health Sports & Fitness R Ne G OA The Outstanding By Lee McArthur Scott categories sweet and bitter. The sweet oranges are most commonly consumed while the bitter oranges are used to make jam and marmalade. The zest from the bitter orange is used as flavoring for Triple Sec Curacao Grand Marnier and Cointreau. Traditionally the peel flower leaf fruit and fruit juice have been used to make medicine. Caution should be exercised when medicating with Bitter Orange when not under the supervision of a physician. Sweet oranges are wonderful in dressings as well as desserts. They can be used in a multitude of recipes both sweet and savory. Oranges are a great healthy snack when eaten raw. They can be juiced or eaten whole. Or if you are looking for something sweeter blend oranges with soy or greek yogurt honey milk or nondairy milk substitute and ice to make a frothy creamy drink. Use orange segments in your salads for presentation taste and nutrition. Use orange juice to deglaze a pan after saut ing onions and ginger. This makes a yummy sauce for tuna or salmon steaks. Gently simmer sweet potatoes winter squash and orange segments in orange juice. Sprinkle with walnuts before serving. ORANGE 2 bananas peeled and sliced and Coconut Treat 4 oranges peeled and cut into segments 1 2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut 2 TBS sliced toasted almonds Prepare fruit and toss with coconut and almonds. Yummy ORANGE vinaigrette cup orange juice 2 TBSP balsamic vinegar 1 TBSP Dijon-style prepared mustard 2 tsp honey 1 8 tsp cracked black pepper In a small jar with tight-fitting cover combine the orange juice vinegar mustard honey and pepper. Cover and shake well until combined. To store refrigerate for up to one week. Shake well before serving. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 9 SQUASH WinteR the Wacky Evidence of squash has been found in sites in Mexico and Guatemala indicating their presence over 10 000 years ago. Native Americans introduced both Winter and Summer Squash to the early Americans. Squash quickly became a staple in the pilgrim s diet. For pie the pilgrims would hollow out a pumpkin fill it with apples sugar spices and milk then cover with the stem and bake. While Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing oranges to the Americas he was also credited with bringing squash to Europe. Curiously today the largest commercial producers of squash are China Japan Romania Turkey Italy Egypt and Argentina. Members of the Cucurbitaceae family the winter squash comes in many different shapes colors sizes and flavors. They all have hard shells with a mildly sweet flesh that is finely grained in texture surrounding a seed-filled hollow cavity. All winter squash seeds can be roasted at 160-170 degrees for 15-20 minutes for a healthy treat. Add seasoning if desired Common Varieties of Winter Squash BUTTERNUT SQUASH Shaped like a large pear this squash has cream colored skin deep orange colored flesh and a sweet flavor. ACORN SQUASH With harvest-green skin speckled with orange patches and pale yelloworange flesh this squash has a unique flavor that is a combination of sweet nutty and peppery. HUBBARD SQUASH A larger-sized squash that can be dark green grey-blue or orange-red in color. The Hubbard s flavor is less sweet than many other varieties. TURBAN SQUASH Green in color and either speckled or striped this winter squash has an orange-yellow flesh whose taste is reminiscent of hazelnuts. known crops served as both a food source and as a container to Native Americans in both North and South America. By Lee McArthur Scott SQUASH one of the oldest Page 10 MVP Health Sports & Fitness KABOCHA SQUASH A type of Japanese squash that is becoming more and more popular in the U.S. kabocha squash is very sweet in flavor. It has deep-green skin and orange flesh. Nutritionally the winter squash is a low-calorie powerhouse. One cup of cubed winter squash contains only 76 calories. It has 59% of the RDA of vitamin A. The National Institutes of Health tells us that vitamin A is involved in immune function vision reproduction and cellular communication. It is critical for vision. Winter squash also contains vitamin C fiber vitamin B6 manganese copper potassium vitamin B2 pantothenic acid folate vitamin K omega-3 fats magnesium and vitamin B3. Winter squash is also a known source of carotenoid antioxidants. states that carotenoids are a class of phytonutrients found in the cells of a variety of plants. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine was cited as stating that carotenoids have strong cancer-fighting properties. They have anti-inflammatory properties benefit the immune system and are associated with cardiovascular disease prevention in addition to having antioxidant properties. While winter squash does contain starch not all starch is the same. cites studies that have shown that the starch in winter squash has antioxidant anti-inflammatory as well as anti-diabetic and insulin regulating properties. Squash Soup 1 butternut squash peeled and cut into inch pieces 1 large onion chopped 3 medium garlic cloves chopped 1 TBSP chopped fresh ginger 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp curry powder 1 TBS 2 cups veggie broth 6 ounces canned coconut milk 2 TBSP chopped fresh cilantro Salt and white pepper to taste Golden Chop onion and garlic. Allow to rest for 5-10 minutes before using. Peel and cut squash. Heat 1 TBSP broth in a medium soup pot. Saut the onion in the broth over medium heat for about 5 minutes until translucent. Add garlic and ginger and continue to saut for another minute. Add turmeric and curry Squash can be prepared in a multitude of ways. The powder. Mix well. Add squash and broth. Mix. Bring healthiest is peel cut the flesh into 1 inch cubes and to a boil on high heat. Reduce heat to medium low steam for 7 minutes. This can be served in a salad as a side dish with salt and pepper or dressed with olive and simmer uncovered until squash is tender about oil soy sauce ginger and pumpkin seeds. A sweeter 10 minutes. Place in blender and blend with coconut side dish is created by pureeing the steamed cubes milk. Make sure you blend in batches filling blender and adding cinnamon and maple syrup. Cubes of only half full. Start on low speed to prevent hot soup winter squash also make a yummy addition to your from erupting and burning you. Blend until smooth. Thin with a little broth if needed. Season to taste with favorite vegetable soup recipe. salt and pepper. Reheat and add cilantro. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 11 for friends family and lots of good cheer Season Tis The eason. le this s House. y ift of st e Florida e the g Giv y Th awton vided b n Shannon L pro Fashon isha Mathso Ke Frakes Models & Susan Page 12 MVP Health Sports & Fitness (but if you do...) By James Thompson JT DON T DRINK Over my career I ve had countless clients come in on Monday like it s confession time telling me they ve had too many adult beverages over the weekend. Unfortunately drinking is typically followed by alcoholinduced overeating which together cancel out your efforts for the week leaving you wondering WHY aren t I losing Sound familiar Drinking not only makes you hungrier it diminishes your will power and leads to nachos burgers pizza and other late night fast food. If alcohol is your downfall and you simply refuse to cut it to a minimum or quit altogether try putting these tips into action within minutes making you much more likely to begin eating the junk you need to avoid. Consuming lean protein (lean meat protein shakes protein bars Greek yogurt etc.) and good fats (peanut butter mixed nuts avocados flax seed oil) just before you start drinking creates a good buffer because they re digested much slower than carbohydrates and they also fill you up making the junk food less appealing. Understand What You re Drinking Eat Before You Drink Alcohol is going to do its damage regardless. What you want to avoid is the excessive eating that goes with it. When your stomach is empty alcohol is absorbed quickly. This means you ll feel the effects Alcohol is Alcohol. It s not the grapes in the wine the agave in the tequila or the barley and hops in the beer that you need to worry about it s the ALCOHOL. Look at the proof. The percentage of alcohol by volume. If your drink is 150 proof then it s 75% pure grain alcohol. Wine is about 12-15% Beer -5% etc. THAT s what you need to concern yourself with. For example 5% of a 12oz. beer is alcohol. The rest is other . A whiskey soda is no better off in the long run than any other alcoholic drink with the same amount of alcohol in it. The alcohol remains the main issue. Your body doesn t digest alcohol like it does food. 90% of the breaking down of alcohol from a toxic substance to water and carbon dioxide is performed by the liver. The rest is excreted through the lungs (allowing for breath tests) through the kidneys and in your sweat. Alcohol also converts amino acids into fat cells. Alcohol does NOT convert to sugar like some people believe but while your body is ridding itself of the alcohol its ability to metabolize all those carbs sugar and fat you ve just eaten is decreased by about 90% so your body stores what it can as fat. THAT S how alcohol contributes to weight gain. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 13 Down Slow wake up the next day without a splitting headache nausea poor appetite or full of remorse vowing repeatedly that I m never drinking again has its obvious benefits. One of the biggest culprits in alcohol-driven overIf you try to take care of yourself eat healthy and eating is too much too fast. To slow down the rise in exercise consistently consider what alcohol does to your blood alcohol level order a tall glass of water thwart your efforts with every alcoholic drink. Alternate sips and be sure to finish at least 12 ounces of H2O for every alcoholic drink. This strategy will likely cut your total consumption in half. Slows Recovery. Prevent Pointless Munching Plan Your If you re at a bar with free happy hour food or one that constantly serves up honey roasted nuts or pretzels keep them away If it s in front of you you ll mindlessly munch whether you re hungry or not. Hard workouts drain the glycogen stores (carbs stored in the liver and muscles) and leave your muscle tissue in need of repair. Alcohol into your system also stalls the recovery process enormously. High levels of alcohol displace the carbs leaving your stores still 30-50 percent lower than normal up to eight hours later. Increases Meals Body Fat. Alcohol Is an appetite stimulant. And we all know it lowers inhibitions (Stop it ) So if you don t want to find yourself eating junk you wouldn t touch if you were sober prep your food. Bring protein bars ready to drink protein shakes or even scope out restaurants nearby where you can eat relatively healthy so when you re ready to eat you ll already have a plan. When booze is on board your body besides having to deal with the surplus of calories prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol over burning fat and carbs. In fact your body WONT Metabolize ANYTHING efficiently until it burns off the alcohol (to the tune of 7.25 calories per gram by the way). Alcohol also breaks down amino acids and stores them as fat (keep it coming ) and it s more pronounced in the thighs and abdomen. It also increases levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) which further encourages fat storage and muscle catabolism. I Saved the Best One for Last Inhibits DON T DRINK The very best way to prevent alcohol from derailing your progress is to avoid drinking altogether. Agree to be the Designated Driver. Watching others who are inebriated when you re not may be enough of a deterrent on its own in the future While you may feel like it s not as much fun as drinking with everyone I can assure you that being the only one to Page 14 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Sleep. Drinking blows your muscle recovery and performance by sapping your sleep. In a study of 93 men and women researchers found that alcohol decreased sleep duration and increased wakefulness particularly in the second half of the night where deep REM should be taking place. Disrupting the sleep cycle can also reduce your human growth hormone output which builds muscle by as much as 70 percent Depletes Water and Nutrients. Alcohol irritates the stomach lining which can reduce your capacity to absorb nutrients (the reason you have an upset stomach after a few too many). For every gram of alcohol you suck down you pump out 10 milliliters of urine (that s about 9.5 ounces for two beers). As little as 2% dehydration hurts endurance performance and you lose electrolytes with that. For all of you who love to quench your thirst with a cold one remember this you cannot rehydrate yourself with a dehydrating drink. In the end alcohol has ZERO nutritional value and is extremely harmful. If you re going to drink be smart. Keep it minimal. Follow some of the above guidelines to help negate the damage caused by alcohol consumption and try to watch how much junk food you eat when you do drink. Bottoms Up JT Evolvewith JT Sports Nutritionist Master Trainer Author Public Speaker James Thompson Nutrition & Fitness Expert Office Visits & Online Services Available Weight Loss Concierge Services Preventative Wellness Disease Management Aesthetics and Performance Custom Designed Nutrition & Exercise Programs Now Available for Public Speaking & Private Seminars. It s time to free yourself from the cycle of unhealthy dieting and to view your nutrition differently LEARN THE FACTS Eliminate short-lived results and the disappointment that follows. No more generic advice or cookie-cutter diets no counting calories no starving yourself no adding points and no unrealistic expectations or restrictions... just success Call for a free consultation 850-276-5343 http Connect with Us on Facebook and Instagram MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 15 GIVE YOUR Fisherman A Salty POLES HOOKS LURES RIGS BAIT White Royal Boots Rugged Shark Boots Costa Sunglasses Pepper Sunglasses Calcutta Sunglasses Grunden Slickers Waders Mojo Shirts & Hats Bimini Bay Shirts Salt Life Shirts & Hats Costa Shirts & Hats Aftco Shirts & Shorts Guy Harvey T-Shirts Girly Girl T-Shirts Old Guys Rule T-Shirt Fathom T-Shirts Buff Face Masks Sperry Top Sider Shoes Yeti Shirts & Hats ht tp ho w e up es kl ac llt Experience .ne ply Thison s Sea t 850-785-8548 3100 WEST HIGHWAY 98 PANAMA CITY Get Billy Stevenson Financially RICP Fit Henry Hooks WMS Retirement Income Certified Professional Branch Manager Vice President Investments Page 16 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Wealth Management Specialist Vice President Investments 2420 Jenks Ave. Suite B Panama City Fl. 32405 Member SIPC www.Raymond hs 850-747-3003 go One joy of being in the Florida panhandle during winter months is the overlooked availability of great fishing. Combine this with a decrease in the number of tourists and the fact that many local outdoorsmen are in the woods pursuing game and you re in for a big treat. Several different fish can be caught during this time. One is the speckled trout. There is a high population of trout in our bay system and they have habits and tendencies that are usually predictable. For example during cold weather speckled trout group up in certain areas typically in deep holes creek mouths or up in a creek. However keep one thing in mind they won t stay in the same place for long. One December a few years ago I took one of my ball players trout fishing after school in North Bay. Though Sam and I only had a couple of hours of daylight to fish we did well on frozen shrimp. I even remember the number we caught because it equaled the number of counties WINSTON CHESTER PANHANDLE OUTDOORS in Florida sixty-seven. Sam couldn t wait to get home and tell his dad about our success. Sam s dad promptly called me and wanted me to take him fishing the next day. I did and we struck out Same time same location same bait. But those trout had moved. Another fish that is active in the winter is the tasty sheepshead. They can be caught on a small hook with a piece of shrimp. They love to hang out around pilings. Keep in mind the fact that in cold weather fish are more lethargic and will be slower to respond to a bait. My best best tip for winter fishing is to slow down the presentation. Take the time to enjoy the great outdoors on some of these mild and beautiful midwinter days and appreciate the vibrant world God has blessed us with. Gregory Gladden and trout caught in East Bay MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 17 Not only will sheepshead help you meet your dietary goals it is a delicious fish that can be easily grilled baked steamed or broiled. LEE MCARTHUR SCOTT Hanging close to the piers and the jetties the toothy Sheepshead will enjoy an easy meal at the tip of a hook during our colder months well timed for a healthy Happy New Year brunch. Sheepshead can be found in warmer brackish waters during the winter. They migrate back to deeper waters offshore in late winter and early spring for spawning. These fish have a low tolerance for periods of low oxygen like red tide. They feed on blue crab oysters clams crustaceans and small fish. Sheepshead sport a white flesh with a mild flavor not unlike a grouper for cooking purposes. Cleaning a sheepshead may be difficult due to its heavy scales and strong fin spines but it is worth it. A filet of Sheepshead weighing 6 ounces contains 234 calories 3 grams of fat and 48 grams of protein. It contains 428 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids which amounts to almost half of the American Heart Association recommendations. Of note the same filet of Sheepshead contains 95.4 mcg of the mineral Selenium. This is over 100% of the daily recommended allowance. Selenium is vital to your health and weight. states this mineral helps insure that your thyroid stays healthy and produces the hormones necessary to maintain an optimal metabolism and energy level. The filet also contains 651 mg of Phosphorus (65% RDA) and 952 mg of Potassium (27% RDA). Organicfacts.Net identifies a multitude of reasons these two minerals are vital for good health. Phosphorus is necessary to maintain strong bones and teeth effective digestion clean kidneys energy levels muscle strength high levels of brain function the balance of hormones necessary for reproduction and the repair process in cells. The benefits of potassium include stroke prevention and blood sugar stabilization. Potassium also normalizes blood pressure strengthens bones supports the health of muscles stimulates cell growth and provides metabolic energy. Sheepshead will help meet your dietary goals for good health and wellbeing. Not only will sheepshead help you meet your dietary goals it is a delicious fish that can be easily grilled baked steamed or broiled. Simple seasonings like salt pepper lemon and olive oil highlight the delicate flavor of this grouper-like fish. Baked Sheepshead on Hoppin John makes a very special New Year s Day brunch. This recipe is the perfect complement to a healthy lifestyle. Start the new year right from a nutritional standpoint enjoy local fare and fulfill the long standing southern tradition of eating black-eyed peas for good fortune and luck in the upcoming year. While pillaging the food reserves of the Confederate soldiers the Union soldiers saw no benefits in stealing the black-eyed peas that were thought to be animal food. The Confederates survived the winter on this staple. Subsequently peas became symbolic of luck and fortune. fish eat Page 18 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Black-eyed peas contain less than 100 calories and a gram of fat per cup serving. They contain approximately 6.7 grams of protein and another 239 mg of potassium. Black eyed peas have become a tradition on New Year s Day since the Civil War. While pillaging the food reserves of the Confederate soldiers the Union soldiers saw no benefits in stealing the black-eyed peas that were thought to be animal food. The Confederates survived the winter on this staple. Subsequently peas became symbolic of luck and fortune. Tori Avey s Yummy Hoppin John 2 cups dried black-eyed peas 8 ounces sliced mushrooms 3 TBSP olive oil 4 carrots peeled and chopped 2 celery stalks chopped 1 onion chopped 1 tsp crushed garlic 1 can diced fire roasted tomatoes 1 tsp smoke paprika tsp turmeric tsp cayenne 1 8 tsp chili powder 2 cups veggie stock 6 cups prepared rice Salt to taste Fresh basil sprigs to garnish Eat your Black-Eyed Peas and Sheepshead Baked Sheepshead on Hoppin John (Derived from a Coastal Living recipe) 8 sheepshead filets (6 ounces each) teaspoon salt teaspoon freshly ground pepper 1 cup olive oil 1 TBSP grated lemon rind cup fresh lemon juice 2 TBSP chopped fresh parsley 1 TBSP minced shallots 1 TBSP chopped fresh chives tsp pepper Hoppin John Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper. Whisk the olive oil lemon rind lemon juice parsley shallots chives and pepper. Drizzle no more than 2 tablespoons of lemon herb oil on filets. Bake at 400 degrees for approximately 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Serve over Hoppin John and garnish with a sprig of basil Enjoy Happy New Year Soak peas overnight drain rinse and set aside. Heat 2 TBSP of olive oil on high until it just begins to smoke. Add the mushrooms in a single layer. Let them sear undisturbed for 2-3 minutes. Then stir continuously for another 1-2 minutes until mushrooms are golden throughout. Reduce heat to medium. Add carrots celery onion and remaining 1 TBSP of olive oil. Cook for about 7-10 minutes until veggies are soft and translucent. Add garlic and cook for an additional minute. Add tomatoes paprika turmeric cayenne chili powder veggie stock and peas to the pan. Stir to blend. Bring mixture to a simmer over medium heat then cover and cook for 25-30 minutes until the beans are just tender. Avoid overcooking or they will get mushy. Remove the lid and continue to cook until the liquid has reduced by half. Season with salt to taste. Mix with prepared rice and serve with sheepshead. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 19 Dying for a Tan SAFE TAN THE TRUTH IS THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A minutes in a tanning bed really do The truth is tanning beds emit up to fifteen times more UV radiation than the sun making them far riskier than sun exposure. The World Health Organization has determined that UV rays from tanning beds cause cancer. In fact researchers estimate that indoor tanning may cause upwards of 400 000 cases of skin cancer in the United States each year. More people develop skin cancer from tanning beds than develop lung cancer from smoking. HARMONY NAGY Now that it is officially winter you may be tempted to add some color to your skin by spending some time in an indoor tanning bed. After all how much damage could twenty People who use a tanning bed before the age of 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75% Indoor tanning equipment which includes all artificial light sources including beds lamps bulbs booths etc. emits UVA and UVB radiation. Ultra Violet A (UVA) rays are the cause of visible signs of aging such as wrinkles hyperpigmentation (sun spots) and loss of elasticity. More importantly UVA rays penetrate deeper to the dermal-epidermal junction of the skin where they can damage your cells DNA causing abnormal cells to begin to grow that can cause melanoma. Tanning beds also emit Ultra Violet B (UVB) which penetrate the upper layers of the skin known as the epidermis. Evidence from multiple studies has shown that exposure to UV radiation from indoor tanning devices is associated with an increased risk of melanoma and nonmelanoma skin cancer including squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma. Page 20 MVP Health Sports & Fitness I m sure you have heard the phrase healthy glow to describe tanning. There is actually nothing healthy about it. The increase in skin pigment called melanin causes the tan color change in your skin and is a sign of damage. Your body normally makes a melanin to protect the deeper layers of your skin. When your skin is exposed to UV radiation it increases the production of melanin to try to protect your skin from further damage. Plain and simple there is no such thing as a safe tan. If you are unable to resist the urge to look tan the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using a light pink blush for pale skin tones or a deeper blush or bronzer for darker skin tones. This brightens your complexion and gives a radiant glow. You can also try a sunless self-tanner. Be sure to also use sunscreen with SPF 30 as most self-tanners do not provide any sun protection. For your healthiest skin avoid sun tanning and UV indoor tanning altogether use a broad-spectrum (UVA UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day and examine your skin head-to-toe every month. It is also important to see a board-certified dermatologist every year for a professional skin exam. You can call 850.233.3376 or visit to make an appointment with one of our highly-skilled board-certified providers. Stats from MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 21 Exectutive Office Space For Rent Rent Housekeeping e s Service Includ 3000 Square Feet of Common Area Lobby Restrooms All Utilities Power HVAC Daily Trash Central Receptionist Collection Water Sewage GAS Copy Fax and Scan Machine Sonitrol Security System 24 7 Access Board Room Kitchen Parking 850-784-2540 433 Harrison Ave. Downtown Panama City Page 22 MVP Health Sports & Fitness MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 23 Drop the Doughnuts There s a Sheriff in Town By Ruth Corley New There s a new sheriff in Bay County and his name is Tommy Ford. a successful fitness program than he had realized. He began to seek guidance in the areas of nutrition The problem was as it is for many that Sheriff Ford learning the importance of starting the day with loves good food and hates the phrase portion a good breakfast adding lean protein to his diet control . For a man that defines his favorite night and eating small meals more frequently. He was out as good food at a great restaurant with my wife surprised to learn he wasn t eating enough and that and friends the home-cooked goodies at the office to lose fat and build muscle he needed to increase every day proved too tempting to resist. Ford also the amount of quality fuel going into his body. realized that when he got home after work in the Losing weight wasn t just a matter of eating less and evenings he looked to food to help him de-stress increasing exercise. from the responsibilities of his position. In October of 2013 when he logged one hundred running miles for the month he decided he wanted So in early 2013 Sheriff Ford returned to running a to compete in the Gulf Coast Triathlon. He began fitness and weight-loss strategy he had used before with regular success. He began to lose some weight to add swimming and bicycling to his workout program. By May of 2014 Ford weighed a trim 172 but also realized that diet played a greater part of Page 24 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Ford served at the Bay County Sheriff s Office for six years as Major prior to becoming Sheriff under the example of then-Sheriff Frank McKeithen. During Ford s first year he began to realize the responsibilities and stresses of the new job had resurrected an old foe. He had battled with his weight at different times in his life but this time the problem was a little different. After a year at the BCSO he realized he had gained a pound a month and the scale was pushing 235 pounds. pounds. He reached his goal that year and more completing both the Gulf Coast Triathlon and the Lake Logan Half Iron Man in the mountains of North Carolina. for in-depth training during additional weekly workouts on the Workout Field. The Field is open to any employee who desires to do their own fitness training program as well. his employees. He often ends emails to them with the admonition to Take care of yourself and each other. This concern was the driving force behind his desire to motivate others and share the key points of fitness and health with the deputies and corrections officers at the Bay County Sheriff s Office a mandate shared by then-Sheriff Frank McKeithen. That was when another deputy at the BCSO introduced Ford and McKeithen to Dr. Ed Naggiar. Dr. Ed Naggiar is a former Navy Seal Commander. He holds a PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology with expertise in performance under stress in extreme conditions. His business now is Mission Based Resilience Training. Naggiar provides programs to organizations with employees functioning in high-stress conditions to strengthen not just the physical body but also to promote mental and spiritual resilience for men and women. The course teaches nutrition stress management and the importance of setting a plan to prioritize personal goals and the path to achieving them thus reducing anxiety. Accepting the fact that there are situations that are beyond one s control is also helpful in stress and anxiety reduction. To date there have been five courses of Mission Based Resilience Training taught at the Bay County Sheriff s Office. With the full support of then-Sheriff Frank McKeithen Ford directed the construction of a Workout Field behind the BCSO. The Workout Field consists of a quarter-mile track obstacle course and CrossFit-style stations. Once an employee completes Naggiar s Mission Based Resilience Training they have the option to continue to meet with Naggiar by the words of his favorite quote Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge. This motto comes to no surprise to Sheriff Ford strives to live Featured TEAM TOMMY supporters nephew TJ Preston daughter Jessica Ford and mother Dawn Ford. The Workout Room within the main building of the BCSO was given a facelift and additional machines added to the room. The Workout Room is available to employees every day of the week. But Sheriff Ford knew there was still more to do to help other law enforcement officers battle their own problems with weight and fitness. The problem is so prevalent in law enforcement it has become a stereotype. Could there be more reasons than just a lack of portion control for the weight problems those in law enforcement battle the longer they stay in the business The answer came at the end of 2014. Tommy Ford attended the FBI Leadership Academy at the end of 2014. While there he did a report on a book he read called Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement. He learned MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 25 Because of the nature of the job deputies must be constantly vigilant and aware of the potential dangers around them. This state of hypervigilance helps them perform well on the job but once the deputy gets home he or she comes down from that state in an emotional and physical crash . This daily ride on the emotional rollercoaster and resulting crash means the deputy wants--needs--to relax de-stress and usually that means doing nothing but sitting in a chair avoiding conversation watching TV and eating. This causes a lack of fitness weight gain and often problems at home with relationships. The law enforcement professional becomes trapped in a vicious cycle. available to those who felt they could benefit from the help. Ford has brought in local nutritionist and fitness expert James JT Thompson of Evolve With JT. Thompson who has worked on the television program The Biggest Loser and has trained Olympic-level athletes currently works out of Dr. Roman Nation s office in Lynn Haven and Panama City Beach. Thompson has conducted several one hour sessions for employees on nutrition establishing a workout plan and tips for surviving the temptations of holiday eating without wrecking diet and fitness goals. Sheriff Ford after a race holds up his JIC bracelet given to all BCSO staff by previous Sheriff Frank McKeithen. It s meaning Remember I love you Just In Case I never see you again. Now the sheriff Ford continues to look to the future. One program he contemplates re-implementing is the Fitness Incentive the Bay County Sheriff s Office used to offer employees. Under this plan any employee that maintains good fitness and can perform a pre-determined list of age and sex appropriate basic fitness goals will receive a financial reward. While Sheriff Ford works hard to offer fitness opportunities to the employees in his care he is also a realist. He feels it is important to serve as an example but he knows it is up to the men and women in the BCSO family to make the personal decision to take advantage of the opportunities offered to them. Ford strives to look for ways to encourage employees and remains positive about the choices his people will make in their journey towards physical mental and spiritual health. Sheriff Ford finally had the last puzzle piece in hand. He shared with then-Sheriff McKeithen what he had learned about the reasons for many of the health problems that plague law enforcement officers. With this realization came a shared determination to help employees beat the odds and live productive lives with healthy bodies and relationships. While Ed Naggiar s Mission Based Resilience Training programs and the creation of the Workout Field was a great start there wass till much to do. Ford and McKeithen worked together to implement Wellness and Health Screenings for employees to receive information about their current state of health and direction on steps to take to prevent future illnesses. Also an employee assistance program with counseling and additional services was made Page 26 MVP Health Sports & Fitness We continue to look for new and innovative ideas Ford says. Our goal is to take care of the men and women that keep Bay County safe. Meet StacyParsons Nurse Skin Care Specialist Dream Day Spa owner Stacy Parsons is a member of the Bay Point Women s Club and a charter member of the Emerald Coast Rotary Club. She opened Dream Day Spa seven years ago in hopes to provide medical skin care in a spa setting at a fraction of the cost. She has years of training and experience working closely with a plastic surgeon and medical aesthetician. Stacy specializes in anti-aging treatments such as microdermabrasion anti-aging peels LED light therapy ultra sonic facial lightning treatments and teeth whitening. PAMPER YOUR LOVED ONE THIS Anti-Aging Microdermabrasions Peels Skin Tightening Treatments Photo Facials LED Light Therapy Clinical Anti-Aging Skin Care Mobile Teeth Whitening Detox Treatments Body Wraps Spa Parties Christmas T Purchase 75.00 in gift certificates for services listed above and receive an additional 25 gift certificate Licensed Massage Therapists also available for on site and off site massage appointments. Services are performed on the same day as the consultation so there is no need to wait 2 weeks or longer for your appointment. VOTED 1 DAY SPA IN BAY COUNTY FOR FOUR YEARS RUNNING (850) 249-3270 www.DreamDaySpaPCB.COM MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 27 Page 28 MVP Health Sports & Fitness MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 29 The Man Behind The Muscle Michael McKinney Michael Carlton McKinney is a Panama City native with a passion for fitness a commitment to sharing that passion with others and a desire to improve opportunities for athletes in and around his hometown. Michael began as a bodybuilder with fitness partner Tim Gardner. Their success led them to open Gold s Gyms in Panama City and Panama City Beach from 2001 to 2014 training thousands of athletes during that time. Michael and Tim eventually began training elite teams of competitive athletes and judging state and national level competitions. Presently they judge IfBB Pro s. With their well-rounded experience preparing competition-level athletes and judging competitions the two realized the need for professionally conducted shows in Northwest Florida. Three years ago they made this dream a reality and began promoting shows as McKinney Fitness and Tim Gardner Productions in the Panama City Beach South Walton County area. The goal was to start with three to four well-run shows in the district to draw top quality athletes from the southeastern United States. To accomplish this the shows had to start on time run smoothly present first class awards and take place in desirable venues. This dream supported with a lot of hard work became a reality as Michael and his partner have conducted eight successful shows designed not only to bring quality competition to this region but to demonstrate to the athletes how much they are appreciated. Page 30 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Husband of Kristy McKinney and father to Kylie and Kathryn-Annette. Michael s wife Kristy helps lead posing clinics and passes along advice to competitors through her own personal experiences competing. Michael and Kristy McKinney My husband has been a fitness addict since the day I met him. That was more than twenty-four years ago. He loves fitness. He is passionate about it. He believes in it and has never strayed from a fit lifestyle. This is what makes him so good at what he does-- he lives it. And he prides himself in passing along this knowledge and experience to others to help them achieve their own personal fitness goals. Michael has advice for athletes in training. I would suggest athletes pick a coach to help them with their goals. Many are nothing more than novice athletes themselves Michael cautions. These trainers lack the depth of knowledge and years of experience needed to be a successful coach that will yield a consistent positive outcome with clients time after time. But even with a well-seasoned coach the quality of commitment on the part of the athlete determines most of the outcome. Make sure that you fully understand the commitment it takes to compete successfully Michael says. And if you buy in embrace it 100% until show day. SAVE THE DATE 2017 SHOWS Riptide Classic National Qualifier May 13 PCB FL Renegade Classic National Qualifier Swole Fest competition 2016 in Destin Florida on November 5th. April 30 PCB or Tallahassee Paradise Coast National Qualifier If you think lifting weights is dangerous try being weak. Being weak is dangerous. - Bret Co ntreras September 30 PCB FL November 11 Destin FL Swole Fest - National Qualifier IFBB bikini Pro - Bay County s Angela Evans Perkins took 2nd place in Open Class A (5 4ft & under) and 3rd place in Novice Figure Swole Fest competition 2016 in Destin Florida on November 5th. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 31 TAYLOR MARSHALL 24 Son of Jeff and Paula Marshall brother to Troy Marshall Baseball player for Mosley High School as a three-year varsity player and at Enterprise State Community College. Taylor s fitness routine is Power Bodybuilding. He also trains in CrossFit performing at the competitive level and is determined to stay fit for life. Taylor turns to hunting fishing and golf to relax and listens to rap country and rock music. His list of must-haves stem from an appreciation of the important things in life that money can t buy great family great friends great influences a positive attitude a hardworking mindset and reaching short-term goals that lead to the accomplishment of long-term goals. He is motivated to never settle for average and strives always to push himself beyond where he is today. Work hard and stay humble. BROOKE WILKE 22 Daughter of Brian and Beth Wilke sister of Bethany Crossley Therapy Tech at First Choice Physical Therapy and HealthSouth Brooke graduated from Florida State with a Bachelors in Science in Exercise Physiology and has a strong background in the benefits of healthy eating and working out regularly. Her love of health and fitness began in high school where she participated in varsity soccer and softball at Mosley High School. Her fitness routine incudes running and body light weight circuits. She tries to keep her workouts under forty minutes with the least number of breaks possible. She believes it is more productive than lifting a lot of heavy weights. Brooke also enjoys many outdoor activities like kayaking fishing hunting and hiking. Brooke is dedicated to giving back to the community and volunteers with Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center to help teach CPR. She is also involved at Hiland Park Baptist Church and participates in many church functions. Brooke s main motivation for working out is staying healthy. Her fitness goals do not Be still and know that I am God. I will be solely have to do with appearance but most exalted among the nations I will be exalted importantly feeling good. Weight is just a in the earth Psalm 46 10 number says Brooke and if she feels healthy she s happy. Her plan is to go to graduate school next fall and get her doctorate in Physical Therapy. She would MVP Health Sports & Fitness love to settle right here in Panama City. Page 32 Son to Karen and Rhett Brother to one sister Uncle to two nephews Parent to Noles--yes like the Seminoles--a black Labrador retriever A licensed physical therapist employed at Kindred at Home doing sales and marketing Chad Daniels played baseball throughout his childhood and high school. Currently his fitness routine includes CrossFit three to four times a week and a commitment to healthy eating habits. His fitness goals are overall health and feeling good about himself. He believes that since we are given but one body it is key to take good care of it. But his goals are not primarily centered around physical appearance but also mental well-being. Chad s mental therapy comes from being on the water. He enjoys boating fishing diving and spearfishing. He maintains an overall active lifestyle by camping hiking bicycling playing baseball and football and spending time taking furbaby Noles to the park. A guitar player Chad is passionate about all genres of music. To him music is good for the soul. He believes that music is what feelings sound like. Chad also believes in the importance of both God and family in his life. But he is not without a sense of humor. I feel having God in my life is a must Chad says and then smiles. Also more bacon. Bacon is also a must. Chad believes everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for everyone. CHAD DANIELS 33 MONA PATEL 38 Wife to Samir Mother to twins Shaan and Deven (age 7) and twins Kalan and Sayan (age 4) Optometrist with Emerald Coast Optometry at Pearle Vision Mona Patel does not strive for perfection but pushes to do better than the day before. Her body is capable of achieving what her mind believes she can become stronger every day. Mona began her lifestyle of fitness in high school while participating in track. Today she lifts weights four times a week engages in high intensity interval training (HIIT) two to three times a week and stretches daily. For recreation Mona likes to spend time biking and running on the weekends participating in 10ks 15ks half-marathons and Physique competitions. Her four boys are her motivation. If giving up crosses her mind Mona remembers they are Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your watching her. Training has become her stress relief. soul on fire. Once you become fearless I am a better mom and wife when I give myself an you become limitless. hour every day to better myself and work towards my fitness goals Mona says. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 33 REGGIE JOHNS 46 Father of Avery and Parker Owner of Book That Condo and Portfolio Real Estate and Management Group Inc Reggie s desire to stay fit began early as a member of his high school track team and as an Army Infantryman. During his time in the military he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003-2004 as Chief of Staff of the Office of Human Rights and Transitional Justice and Deputy Senior Advisor to Iraq s Ministry of Human Rights. As a former NCAA basketball referee keeping fit was a must to meet the challenges of the job. Reggie still maintains a passion for officiating but his time is limited due to the two businesses he owns and manages. But fitness remains a priority. Reggie now trains four to five days a week at CrossFit 3086. He finds that CrossFit allows him to focus on a healthy balance of strength flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. With the support of the CrossFit 3016 trainer Reggie regularly achieves new fitness goals. He is currently training for the Gulf Coast Florida Tough Mudder 10-Mile Mud Run in April 2017. Other activities Reggie enjoys are kayaking stand-up paddle boarding fishing and basketball. Reggie also manages to find time to give back to the community by serving on the Board of Directors for Big Bend Community Based Care Inc. Reggie s motivation is his faith and trust in God for wisdom and direction daily. He hopes others see him as one who places others before himself. Trust in the LORD with all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways thy paths. Proverbs 3 5-6 acknowledge him and he shall direct PATRICIA NOVAKOSKI 47 Wife to Steven Mother to Seth Nico and Thomas Registered nurse at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center and certified Lymphedema Therapist former Emergency Room Nurse Her devotion to personal fitness was evident in college when Patricia was on the weightlifting dive and swim teams. She is a National Physique Committee (NPC) National level competitor in the Figure division and formerly rated in the NASKA (North America Sport Karate Association) circuit as the number one ranked female fighter in the Nation style Kenpo karate a sponsored Athlete with Fitness Model FM Nutrition and a DT4EMS self-defense instructor for healthcare professionals. Skateboarding surfing and paddle boarding fill her recreational time and Patricia has set a goal for herself to maintain the most youthful physique possible in the healthiest manner. The changes she sees in her body from her fitness routine continue to motivate her as well as the ability to participate in and enjoy multiple activities with her young children. She is committed through her work as a personal trainer and diet consultant as well as in her daily life to demonstrating kindness to everyone she meets no matter their shape or size. It is doubly hard to get physically fit and build self-esteem Patricia believes without the simple touch of kindness by others. Patricia also strives for a balanced life by staying involved in her community. She is a member of the Order Sons of Italy and a local artist for the Covenant Hospice Mask Parade Gala. Page 34 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Take care of your body. It s the only place you have to live. Jim Rohn Father to Kristen Corey and Colin Grandfather to Kenleigh Son of June and Jerry Works as an Anesthesia Tech at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center Growing up as a native of Panama City Phillip Wiggins has always been very active especially on our beautiful beaches skim boarding windsurfing. and running two miles on the beach in the early mornings. Philip enjoys traveling to colder climates in the winter to do a bit of snowboarding. During high school he played basketball and tennis but credits his participation in the martial arts to keeping him in tune with himself and his surroundings. Eating right is a large part of staying healthy for Philip. For the past six years five days a week he drinks a smoothie of veggies fruit and protein. Philip s fitness routine consists of P90X four to five times a week mornings or evenings depending on his work schedule. He varies his routine often incorporating other exercises with the P90X. Surrounding yourself with good friends happiness and a positive attitude is also key to a healthy life style. PHILLIP WIGGINS 53 Mother to Natalie Jacob Angela and Steven. Currently works for congressman-elect Neal Dunn Tina Sain began to exercise with the goal of not only getting into shape but she hoped it would help her work through a difficult time in life. Not only did her commitment to a lifestyle of healthy exercise meet her fitness goals but it has become an essential part of her life helping her meet new people and gain confidence in herself. She credits exercise for changing her life in multiple positive ways and tries to encourage everyone to make the decision and do it. I used to be the person who said that I would never run Tina says. Now I need to run I have never felt better in my life. Tina works out at Bodyworks Gym four to five days a week--more if she can. She runs at least three miles and lifts every time she goes. She has just started running 5ks and enjoys gardening. With her resulting boost in energy she enjoys going out with friends to discover new places to eat. She lists good friends and good wine as her must-haves in life. You never realize how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. TINA SAIN 55 Tina s fitness goals are to stay strong healthy and happy. She remains determined to continue to push herself to see how much more she can accomplish. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 35 Husband to Vickie Father to five children Retired Officer United States Air Force Owner Marty Martin Karate--Karate Training Center MARTY MARTIN 60 PLUS Marty Martin and his wife Vickie smile when asked how many children they have raised. Besides their own five they have raised hundreds of children through their martial arts business. We have young men and women who now work at the karate center who literally grew up there Marty says. We have children who are the grandchildren of people who started their karate journey with us. In high school Marty swam on the Janzen International Swim Team and participated innumerous karate tournaments throughout the state of California. Later he went on to be Captain of United States Air Force Karate Team assistant coach of the United States Karate Team head coach of the Gun Fighters National Karate sponsored by Pizza Hut and head coach of the Thunderbirds National Karate Team. Marty Martin is the founder of K2 Kardio Kickboxing The Workout with a Punch. Do today what others won t so tomorrow This combines the punching and kicking challenges of box- you can do what others can t. ing and bag training with body weight toning weight lifting and plyometrics. In 2008 Marty was inducted into both the Sport Karate Hall of Fame and the Battle of Atlanta Officials Hall of Fame. His goals remain the same stay fit and lead from the front. His motivation is to be the example for others to follow. CHERYL BROWN 70 Wife to Ron Mother to Chad Sharon Joanne Tamsin and Rebecca Grandmother to eleven grandchildren Retired--former senior sales account executive with Gentiva (now Kindred at Home) and the hospice division of Emerald Coast Hospice Before Cheryl Brown was sixteen years old she had already lived in many different countries around the world. Born in England she spent most of her growing-up years in Africa. Because her husband is a commercial pilot she continues to travel the world. Her commitment to fitness makes this active lifestyle possible. Cheryl stays fit gardening walking bike riding and looking after her eleven grandchildren the youngest of which is just seven months old. Cheryl also believes in community involvement volunteering for organizations like the Bay County Alzheimer Alliance the Bay County Chamber of Commerce the American Heart Association and for United Cerebral Palsy. Cheryl believes the secret to achieving her fitness goal of healthy productive longevity is challenging herself mentally as well as physically. She reads books for mental stimulation and Page 36 MVP Health Sports & Fitness credits her grandchildren as her greatest motivating force Cheryl desires to see all her grandchildren grown and productive. Being defeated is only a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. An obstacle is often a stepping stone. MOVING ation otiv M With Karen Smith M any years ago as I went about my day I would notice different people and I would say a quick prayer for them. For example if I saw a mother I would pray Lord bless her and give her patience and energy to be a good mom. If I saw a young man or young lady I would ask God to bless their future and to keep them from harm and the wrong crowd. When I saw someone with sadness in their eyes I would ask God to send them peace for whatever was disturbing them. I still do this. Recently I discovered an awesome author River Jordan who has ties to friends of ours in the Panhandle. The title of her book is Praying for Strangers. As I read it I was amazed to discover she took my method of spontaneous prayer to a deeper level and spoke with people and then prayed for them. This ministry has been a lifelong journey for her. I encourage you to read her book. You will be blessed. In conjunction with this gratitude attitude I do what I call a Gratitude Walk or a Thankful Walk. With each step I name something for which I am grateful and I find I have the most boundless energy and spunk. If you see me out on a walk sporting a big smile I am most likely doing my Thankful Walk. Thanking God for all the gifts all the joys and all the wonderful people in my life. I make sure that I thank Him for my feet that can move my heart that beats and my lungs that help me breath. By the end of my walk I may not be the most physically fit but I have gained in spiritual strength. Everything in us begins with a thought and that thought grows into a movement and that movement grows into a purpose. As I write I can t wait to put on my shoes or jump on my bike for a invigorating time of appreciation for the blessings in my life. During this time of traditional thankfulness I pray for love kindness and peace to all who are reading this today. I pray that you are deep into finding your divine purpose on this sweet planet. I pray that you experience robust health and energy to move about and enjoy this beautiful community we live in. I pray that you overflow with love from others and towards others and that if I meet you one day on the street you will have a big smile for me. Karen Smith MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 37 living Fully Managing Illness by Living Well By Tammy Teresa Dunaway The tumor is back. Words no one ever wants to hear. In 2011 I underwent endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery to remove a benign pituitary macro adenoma. The onset of symptoms diagnosis and year of recovery from surgery was an experience that left me a better person. One who appreciates wellness treasures relationships and is committed to living fully--much more than the former little-girl version of myself that naively and gleefully skipped through life. Naivety is now replaced by acceptance glee interchanged with joy and skipping exchanged for stillness in the peaceful certainty that each moment is a sweet gift. So here I go again. This time armed with insight to manage symptoms as well as a heightened sensitivity to live fully in every moment. Even laying down for a nap I appreciate the quietness of the room fresh sheets a movie I ve seen many times that s like a lullaby... drifting off to sleep. This time even more I am listening to people looking in their eyes receiving and giving hugs--touching their arm their hand--letting them know I see them. And care. Appreciating the beauty of trees listening to birdsong cradling my cat when she wants it and how she wants it (only cat folks know cat rules ) watching squirrels tease my beloved dogs into their favorite game of chase--oh what simple joys This time I will continue to run even if I must modify the distance so I can run again the next day or the next. Continue to lift weights conditioning my muscles maybe fewer pounds with more reps--or not. Hiking Hike Bike Dance Run Walk Move-- JUST MOVE Page 38 MVP Health Sports & Fitness My solution manage my body s illness through a full appreciation and commitment to what I CAN do achieve and participate in. I will continually remind those around me through my actions even as I receive their concern like salve on a burn--that I remain the whole of me not the part that is called tumor illness or disease. Creek Florida Trail--Econfina Two Penny Bridge econfina http ft oh yes hiking And kayaking with my best gal pal. The sun on the shimmering water fresh air and meaningful conversation topped off with a yummy treat and a cold beverage. Forever memories. When the time comes to walk more and run less that will be okay too--I ll find the joy in each step. Adjustments will be made to modify movement to accommodate the symptoms but managing the illness to live well is my mantra Not a Label Not the Diagnosis How does one do that Where does it begin By knowing discovering and embracing what makes you shine Live every moment fully attuned to every nuance of life. The places and songs that remind you of your childhood the fragrance that brings you pleasure. Savor the delectable--the salty sweet or spicy the incredible flavors of the meal with the dessert Feel the caress of the wind soak in the warm sun gaze at the stars on a velvet sky observe with intention what marvels surround you. Touch. All living beings need touch. Hold your Mama s hand. Kiss your Daddy s forehead. Hug your children and grandchildren. Hold them. Say hello to strangers. Smile. Know me for what makes me shine my love for God people animals nature movement-- life When given a diagnosis that would be defined as a chronic illness there is a definitive beginning but no end. For instance a typical surgery has a beginning and an outcome leading to closure. The commonality is in the beginning process that leads to diagnosis and a treatment plan. Oftentimes the cyclical part of a chronic illness drains a person s reservoir of hope taps out financial resources and can be alienating because of the varying limits placed on one s ability to participate in happenings. Be Real It s Okay Fueled by prayers mantras encouragement positive thinking and a grateful heart I remain grounded. This is my reality. And although I m committed to managing the best I can--one step at a time--I know there will be great days ahead as well as difficult moments that will try my resolve. As for relationships that s the part that makes everything the good and the bad so much better Community family friends through sickness and in health we will see each other through. Live every moment fully alive. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 39 FIT FIRST RESPONDER Meet Lt. Tim Smith Panama City Beach Fire Department When Tim Smith became a firefighter and paramedic with Panama City Beach Fire and Rescue he was continuing a forty-year tradition in his family. His father had been a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician on Long Island New York for four decades. Smith himself volunteered for several years in his hometown of Long Island New York prior to joining the United States Air Force. He served from 1999 to 2003 and moved to Panama City in 2004. He was hired by Panama City Beach in 2006 just prior to finishing Gulf Coast Fire Academy. Lt. Smith age 36 works out at the Rock Pile and at the fire station throughout the week to stay fit. His focus is on intense cardio and weight training. He also maintains a landscaping business during his off time and that strenuous work helps keep him fit as well. He also finds working out gives him the energy to take care of his two-year-old daughter Aleena Marie. Page 40 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Tim Smith thrives on the camaraderie teamwork and sense of family found in the firefighter community. The fire service mirrors the military in many aspects Smith says. And that is what I sought after following my separation from the service. Tim Smith feels that the day he was hired to work as a firefighter was the day he won the lottery. We... are forever indebted to the department and the community we serve. When they need help they call us. But when we need help all we have is each other. That s why we stay fit MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 41 Darrell Byrd Darrell Byrd is a corrections officer with the Bay County Jail but he is also a family man. Married to Helena Byrd is father to a blended family of six Alexander Ricardo Courtney Alexis Daiquan and Malcolm. And a grandfather to six grandchildren. Both his job and family keep him busy but Byrd has learned that taking some time for himself to work out regularly and follow a smart dietary plan will help him excel on the job and keep up with his children and grandchildren. Byrd has been in corrections for twenty-one years eight of those with the Bay County Jail. When he met nutritionist fitness expert and founder of Evolve with JT James JT Thompson in May of 2016 he believes it changed the course of his life. He showed me how to improve my physical workout and provided a tailored dietary plan. He convinced me that you can be fit even in your forties. FIT CORRECTIONS Darrell now works out in the gym provided for employees at the Bay County Jail five days a week using the fitness plan mapped out for him by JT and follows the dietary plan. He is very happy with the resulting increase in energy and confidence both in his personal life and professionally. When you re a correctional officer your safety can be directly tied into your fitness. Page 42 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Get Faster. Get Stronger. Get Tougher. Get Better. Get Athletic. Mike Walker Fitness Athletic Training Take your game to the next level 850-248-3499 Private & small group Personal training 806 West Hwy. 390 Lynn Haven Our Fitness team Focuses on helping you be the best you can be with Mike Walker s Off-Season Training Guide The key to success in any off-season training is to have a strategic plan of action. Yes any training program is better than no program at all. But if you want to reach your true athletic potential you need to have a specific regimen designed to maximize performance while minimizing deficiencies. The winter months are a great time for athletes to start an off-season workout program and prepare for the next sports season. Unfortunately many athletes don t have the resources to hire a professional sports trainer to guide their program development. I am about to change that and help you have your best year ever. Let s get started by identifying the general physical skills of any great athlete. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 43 TRAIN LIKE THE PROS 10 GENERAL PHYSICAL SKILLS 1. Cardiovascular respiratory endurance The ability of body systems to gather process and deliver oxygen. All sports training programs should incorporate the 2. Stamina The ability of body systems to process deliver store and utilize energy. 3. Strength The ability of a muscular unit or combination of muscular units to apply force. The ability to maximize the range of motion at a given joint. The ability of a muscle or combination of muscles to apply maximum force in minimum time. 4. Flexibility 5. Power 6. Speed The ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement. The ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement. 7. Coordination 8. 9. Agility The ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another. Balance The ability to control the placement of the body s center of gravity in relation to its support base. The ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity. 10. Accuracy Featured Althletes Page 44 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Mosley High School Senior Football & Baseball Player Payton Calhoun. Mosley Graduate & Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Player Jaye Chapman. Now that you ve identified the skills involved let s go to work on how to incorporate all of them into an organized routine. Don t forget the primary objective of off-season training is to improve overall sports performance. In order to develop all of the necessary skills we need to organize off-season weeks into phased objectives. This is a structured way to avoid focusing on conflicting training goals. Basic 3-Phase Resistance Training Schedule 1. Strength Phase (Weeks 1-4) Moderate intensity (80-90% of the 1RM) and moderate-high volume (3-5 sets of 4-8 repetitions) Focus on increasing overall muscular strength stamina and durability. Monday AM Monday PM Tuesday AM Tuesday PM - Resistance Training-Push Muscles heavy weight 3 sets 4-6 reps - Speed Agility (Anaerobic sprint mechanics ladder & cone drills) - Resistance Training-Pull Muscles moderate weight 3 sets 6-8 reps - Endurance Stamina (Aerobic rowing running swimming biking etc...) - Active Recovery Day (walk jog stretch or recreational activity) 2. Power Phase (Weeks 5-8) High intensity (85-95% of the 1RM) and lowmoderate volume (3-5 sets of 2-5 repetitions) Focus on increasing absolute strength power and explosiveness. Wednesday Thursday AM - Resistance Training-Push Muscles moderate weight 3 sets 6-8 reps Thursday PM - Speed Agility (Anaerobic sprint mechanics ladder & cone drills) Friday AM Friday PM - Resistance Training-Pull Muscles heavy weight 3 sets 4-6 reps - Endurance Stamina (Aerobic rowing running swimming biking etc...) - Active Recovery Day (walk jog stretch or recreational activity) - Rest Day 3. Competition Phase (Weeks 9-12) Moderate intensity (80-85% of the 1RM) and low volume (2-3 sets of 6-8 repetitions) Reintroduce sports skills and focus on maintaining levels of strength power and speed. Fine tune your skills get in shape and maintain your strength. Finally let s take a look at what all of this looks like as a weekly training schedule. Chances are you don t have all day to hang around the gym and sports parks. So I suggest you plan on arranging your daily workout routine into time specific objectives. Be sure to include dynamic warm-ups with every workout which should include short periods of flexibility coordination balance and accuracy practices. Below is a sample of some of a strength phase athlete s daily weekly workout routines. Saturday Sunday Continue basic training schedule and adjust volume throughout 3-Phase training cycle. There you have it. I want you to work harder than anyone else this off-season. Train smart to ensure you get better stronger and faster at your sport. Before you know it the season will be upon us and you will be a stand-out to all the coaches r Walke Mike MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 45 Congratulations Stephanie In the August September issue of Bay County MVP we featured Fit First Responder Stephanie Reval. She had just started training for the NPC Paradise Coast Championships which were held in Panama City Beach on October 22nd. Stephanie took 2nd place in Bikini Open Class B FIT FIRST RESPONDER UPDATE Page 46 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Lee Ann Swartzentruber is a Realtor for Beachy Beach Real Estate serving customers in Bay and Walton counties. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Mississippi State University. Over the last twenty-eight years Lee Ann achieved professional success in sales marketing and public relations. She s worked in the medical arena pharmaceutical industry health wellness field college recruitment and the private sector as a small business entrepreneur. Lee Ann s strength is her ability to connect with people from all walks of life and she credits that trait for sustaining her professional and personal endeavors. Lee Ann considers her selection as a speaker at four statewide conferences for the American Academy of Pediatrics a highlight of her career. Ann Lee Ann is also an avid sports fan. She believes as the daughter of a successful coach her exposure to athletics prepared her to be driven competitive and equipped with the will to be the best. In her household winning was the rule not the exception. From childhood to adulthood she participated in multiple sports dance and cheer. She was appointed Captain of the MSU Pom Squad and selected as an instructor for Universal Dance Company. For nearly ten years she contracted to coach numerous dance teams and cheer squads. meet Lee After years of vacationing in the panhandle of Florida Lee Ann fulfilled a lifelong dream and moved to Florida from Mississippi with her husband and son in 2007. Since relocating she has become a community contributor for three area magazines and a local newspaper in Bay County recently focusing on writing about her favorite pastime sports. You can find her blog at Lee Ann is a perfect addition to our staff as the Sports Writer for MVP Sports Health & Fitness Magazines. MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 47 RISING ABOVE THE NET Lee Ann Swartzentruber If you pay attention to the news media it s likely you will hear frequent references to Millenials also known as Generation Me. By definition Millenials are people born in the early 1980s to the early 2000s and have been characterized by their lack of work ethic sense of entitlement and a narcissistic outlook. In recent years you can add to the list a dependence on electronic devices social media and selfies galore. The generation has also been referred to as Trophy Kids growing up in an era where everyone received an award just for participating. Do you remember when trophy ceremonies were only for the winners To say that times have changed is an understatement but as with any stereotype not everyone fits the label placed upon them. Two young volleyball coaches at Gulf Coast State College are disproving the theory that young people don t have discipline motivation or aspirations for achievement. MILLENIALS Page 48 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Earlier this year Kristian Robertson and Lauren Corbin former volleyball players found themselves leading a team of women only a few years younger than themselves. Any new career is challenging but when you transition from being on one side of the net as Lauren age 22 completed the staff as the assistant coach. The 2013 Mosley High School graduate played on a volleyball scholarship at Columbus State University in Columbus GA before returning to Panama City to further her education at GCSC. Lauren explains It s an advantage to be close in age because the girls can come to us with anything. We re more relatable being young. But it can be hard to set boundaries of respect since we re their coaches and not one of their girlfriends. Outside Hitter Jenna Erwin freshman from Middleburg FL is happy with the young new coaching staff and feels that they care about the players and want the best for them. Jenna finished third in the state for kills per set. Niceville High School graduate Tessa Morken Libero for the team is a sophomore and has played volleyball since age 10. She had three different coaches in high school so she didn t have a problem adjusting to the change. Both players along with sophomore Jordan Rayburn were named to the All Conference team this year. Sophomore Delia Morin also made the state leader board as fifth in FL for assists per set. The team finished 13-18 in 2015. This year the young coaching duo im-proved the Commodore s record to 19-8 after losing a close contest in the Panhandle Conference championship against Pensacola State College. The two teams play a series of best three out of five matches and this was the first time since 2009 that it went to a game five. Next year three additional teams will be added to the conference. When I asked both coaches what they disliked about their jobs they admitted it was losing and the players shared the same sentiment. These Millenials didn t say anything about deserving a trophy or a blue ribbon for barely missing the championship title. While they were all disappointed to not come out on top the coaches were proud of the commitment and effort their team exhibited and have high hopes for the future of the GCSC volleyball program. a player to the other side of the net as a coach it s a whole new ballgame. Coaching involves more than sports. A coach is a parent psychologist mentor and a friend yet not a best friend. Kristian age 24 played volleyball at Bay High School and after graduating in 2010 she played for the Gulf Coast State College Commodores. After earning her Associate of Arts degree in 2012 she coached as an assistant at Arnold High School and also for a local club league. In 2014 she was hired as the GCSC Assistant Volleyball Coach but in June of this year the head coach resigned and Kristian was promoted. It s completely different on the other side. I m involved with things I never saw as a player like all the planning and late hours that go into coaching. As an assistant you make a closer bond with the players. As a head coach you have to be a lot tougher on the girls shares Kristian. Congradulations Kristian and Lauren on a great season MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 49 MAINSTREAM Women - Sport By Lee Ann Swartzentruber EXTREME Most of us nurture a desire to belong to and participate in an activity besides the daily grind of our jobs and beyond our roles at home. A local group of women have chosen an outlet most would consider outside the norm and more intense than any mainstream hobby. Members of the Sugar Sands Roller Dolls (SSRD) derby team are engineers CEO s active duty military stay-at-home moms and resort directors just to name a few of their day jobs. When they skate in bouts they transform into players with names like Orville WreckNBlocker Wyatt Riot Sharon Sabotage Slammy Winchester Impassable Girl and Eve of DisTraction. Roller Derby was born during the Great Depression in the 1930 s when Leo Seltzer a film publicist saw an opportunity to hire the unemployed to participate in cash prize contests the public could attend. By the 1940 s millions of spectators across the country were watching roller derby which was at that time a form of exaggerated theatrics and orchestrated hits. In the 1970 s derby transitioned towards athleticism versus entertainment retaining an element of show business with skaters donning scantily clad clothing including fish net stockings. Over the last ten years derby has experienced a resurgence enjoying increased popularity as the women wearing authentic athletic uniforms concentrate on strategy instead of staging. Photos By Doug Dobos Photography Page 50 MVP Health Sports & Fitness Toni Shields (aka Orville WreckNBlocker) is a thirtyyear-old Chemical Engineer and the SSRD Head Coach. She was first introduced to derby in college. I went to a bout my senior year and after graduation I moved to New York and looked up a team went to a practice and fell in love with the sport and have been playing since said Shields. As with any contact sport roller derby is not without physical sacrifices. Kelly Wyatt (aka Wyatt Riot) age thirty-two has experienced multiple injuries like concussions a torn rotator cuff hurt knees bumps bruises and has spent time in the hospital. After ten years of skating Wyatt retired from the sport playing her last bout in October. In the future I may do some coaching or training. It s been such a huge part of my life and I ve made many life long friends because of it. It s just taken a toll on my body and I need a break. Derby still flaunts an element of unique pizazz with driving music grand player introductions and play-by-play commentary. Veteran emcee William Showtime Blanton is a 911 dispatcher in Tallahassee by day but travels throughout Florida announcing bouts during his off-time. Blanton shares What s great about the sport is the sense of belonging and watching skaters evolve over the years. SSRD Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist at My Massage Clinic Lee Thompson became involved with derby in 2008. I enjoy watching new skaters progress from barely being able to stand on skates to playing in their first bout. He also expressed the desire for more community support and the need for the team to have a place to call home for weekly practices and bouts. The team has lost their place to practice and has been using parking lots. Fortunately Skater s Choice recently agreed to allow SSRD to use their facility after hours. Resourceful team members tape off their own track and fans bring folding chairs to watch. Those that choose to sit in the curves are cautioned that this area referred to as suicide seating is for attendees eighteen and over and is where most of the action Derby fans love will occur. It s not for the faint of heart. For anyone considering Roller Derby previous experience isn t a prerequisite. I played multiple sports growing up but hadn t been on skates in twenty years when I was introduced to derby last year said Jennifer Dobos age thirty-five a pet groomer. I was concerned about getting hurt or being intimidated but everyone welcomed and encouraged me. The people I ve met through derby have been amazing. For more info email sugarsandsrollerdolls MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 51 Page 52 MVP Health Sports & Fitness MVP & Community Partners Giving Back The Bay County Thanksgiving Program successfully completed another year of feeding local school children and their families. A special thanks to Magic Broadcasting Arizona Chemical Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union WJHG TV Gulf Asphalt the Panama City Fire Department and the Mosley student athletes who came out to volunteer. Magic Broadcasting and MVP will be visiting Parker Elementary (the winning school) for a celebration in the month of December as well as taking pizza to Ms. Morgan s class at Oakland Terrace for being the winning class Congradulations Kids Beachy Beach and Arthur Rutenberg Homes celebrated the grand opening of the new Plantation at College Point by throwing a Great American Tailgating Party . Raffle items helped raise money for a local high school scholarship program that Beachy Beach has started for one lucky senior who excels in community service It looks like Lee Ann s (MVP Sports Writer) team is Mississippi State Go check out this beautiful development in Lynn Haven MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 53 A New Year A New Smile Dr. Buttram provides quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly and comfortable environment to patients of all ages. Invisalign and Invisalign teen Complimentary consultation Braces for children and adults A ordable nancing J. RANDAL BUTTRAM DMD Accepts and bills most insurance CALL TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION 850-785-5500 2929 Highway 77 Panama City FL 32405 Page 54 MVP Health Sports & Fitness MVP Health Sports & Fitness Page 55 Model Home Now Open 1198 Eisenhower Circle located at College Point in Lynn Haven Open 7 Days a Week Karen Smith 850.527.5651 The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us. WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY & YOU Page 56 MVP Health Sports & Fitness