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Description: Wrapping Up 2016: From SECA's Executive Director | Where We Are Today: A Final Look

Public Policy Notes S outhe r n E a r ly C hild hood As s o ci a tio n Wrapping Up 2016 From SECA s Executive Director Christmas is a season not only middle class working indiof rejoicing but of reflection. viduals in small rural Winston Churchill states carried as much weight as the larger urban As 2016 draws to a close we not only celebrate the holidays populations on the East and family but take time from and West coasts. our busy lives to slow down and reflect on the events of the past year. This year has been a civics lesson as we spent the year in a contentious and surprising presidential campaign. Recent history can t produce a more clear-cut choice between the two candidates their philosophies and personal histories. We had the establishment candidate with years of public service behind her and the antiestablishment candidate whose credentials were based upon business acumen and personality. The electoral college became a major factor in deciding who would be the next president and it ultimately worked much as it was designed to work. The popular vote was overridden by the electoral vote system and larger populous states were on equal footing with smaller rural states. In 2016 a voting constituency December 2016 Public Policy Notes 2017 will be a year of s inevitable. Coming in 2017 Will we be ready to influIn deference to the ence the debates and busy lives of our the decisions being members during the made holidays we ve decidAs we enter 2017 it s es You cannot escape the ed to provide you sential for us to rememresponsibility of tomor- with a two page ber that nothing is all row by evading it today. hopefully thought good or all bad....there s Abraham Lincoln provoking look at the always some middle Will you be ready to par- year that is ending. ground. With the beginning of ticipate in the dialogue informed with the latest 2017 there will be a Change is the only conwealth of information stant and it can be viewed news and trained to make your case SECA that you ll need to be as an opportunity or a an informed advochallenge. As the dialogue will continue to provide you with the tools that cate. Beginning in begins with the new adyou ll need to advocate January you ll receive ministration effectively and we look information on Are there ways to forward to working with The President make our case that you to ensure that the elect s picks for will resonate with the South s children and cabinet positions new leadership families are represented and Senate confiras the work begins. Can we find new ramation hearings. tionale for investing Winston Churchill. An update on the and supporting our Xplore federal budget causes and priorities Inc 2016. https process as Con Can we as individuals gress debates the quotes authors w take up the mantel to winston_churchill.html 2018 fiscal year. ensure that our voices accessed December 19 2016 Significant policy are heard Abraham Lincoln. shifts as the new Xplore Can SECA become administration Inc 2016. https the voice for South- takes office. ern children as this quotes authors a Stay tuned dialogue begins abraham_lincoln.html accessed December 19 2016. Southern Early Childhood Association 1123 S. University Ste 255 Little Rock AR 72204 Phone 800-305-SECA Fax 501-227-5297 E-mail info How to Use Public Policy Notes If you re interested in advocacy one of the most effective tools that you can have is access to information. This newsletter is provided as a service to locate and share information that we think will be helpful to you in your work at the state level and to keep you updated on what s happening in public policy. You ll find information that Compares your state to other SECA states--how you re doing what issues you have in common what the hot topics are in your states. Brings the national scene to your fingertips and gives you a perspective on how national events might impact you...You ll also receive information about where to find additional information. We hope you ll find it helpful. Children need you to be their voice in your community and state. This monthly newsletter is produced by Glenda Bean SECA Executive Director. SECA strives to provide non-partisan and non-biased information A Voice for Southern Children that is of interest to early childhood educators. Sign up at http public-policy public-policy-notes to receive notice of its availability each month. Where We Are Today A Final Look Before recessing for the holiday break Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the doors to the federal government open and the agencies operating however it s only a temporary fix and will be revisited in early 2017. Budget battles await. President Obama is finishing out his 8 years as President and he and his staff are working to finish business in 2016 prior to the inauguration of the new President. On Monday December 19 2016 the electors met in each state to cast their votes for the next President. In spite of some attempts to sway electors to change their votes Donald Trump was elected by the Electoral College and will assume the presidency in 2017. Congress will ratify the Electoral College vote in January 2017. A new and different world order may emerge in 2017 and America s role in that process is still to be defined by the new administration. We can only hope that the final days of the civil war in Syria are near and that the civilians who have been caught in that horrendous conflict will quickly see the end. What will 2017 bring for the children caught in the middle Terrorism remains a constant and our friends around the world haven t escaped from the opportunistic events such as those in a Christmas market in Germany. We ll continue to face this threat in 2017. The economy appears to be mending and the stock market is going for historic highs. American consumer confidence appears to be on an upward trajectory and we may finally be experiencing the end of the great recession. More jobs better finances for families Let s begin 2017 by honing our skills as advocates and ensuring a voice for children in 2017.