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Description: Sneak Peek of the January 2017 issue of Pilcrow & Dagger!

Pilcrow & Dagger January 2017 volume 3 No. 1 ISSN 2378-3125 (Print) ISSN 2378-3133 (Online) Editor LeeAnn Rhoden Subscription Services Subscriptions orders can be made at subscriptions or by mail Pilcrow & Dagger PO Box 2261 Evans GA 30809 Include your address with all inquiries allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Editor A. Marie Silver Graphic Artists Sue Hymel Sarah Smith Advisory Board Christopher L. Silver Mack Rhoden Advertising Information Direct all advertising questions for Pilcrow & Dagger to info or download the Media Kit about advertising Featured Authors Elena Botts Maryah Converse Jonathan Ferrini Jay Frankston Philip Harrison Scott Merrow Toti OBrien Owen O Sullivan Roger Schumacher Julian Tirhma Letters & Correspondence Please send all letters correspondence and feedback to info or Pilcrow & Dagger PO Box 2261 Evans GA 30809 Special Features Interview with Ally McCormick Cover Art Photo by Gerd Altman Courtesy of Printed By Create Space Editors Note For many of us 2016 was a year filled with happiness heartache and surprises (both disappointing and happy). It was year of opportunities and setbacks. We celebrated with many of our writing friends who became published for the very first time. We commiserated with our friends who lost jobs or promotions. A. Marie and her husband were surprised by an unexpectedbut-happy pregnancy. America was surprised at the outcome of the election. Many of us were heartbroken to hear that some of our favorite celebrities fictional personas passed away. LeeAnn and her family were devastated by the sudden loss of her father a wonderful person and friend and to whom this issue is dedicated. For those of us who left 2016 wishing for different outcomes in their life we hope our very first issue of 2017 the Do Over will bring hope and solace. If there is something about the previous year you wish you could do over we hope you ll use your writing talents to give yourself a second chance and a new beginning. Write the ending you wanted. Make a different decision (Do Over). Get up the courage to tell that special person how you feel (Still Life). Flirt dangerously (What Never Happened with Ahmed). Embrace this new year with hope love and optimism. Let 2017 be your year A. Marie and LeeAnn Editors Themes for 2017 January The Do-Over February March Armageddon April Dirty Little Secrets May June Three Wishes July Conspiracy Theories August September That s Gonna Leave a Mark October What Lies Beneath November December The Box Themes are subject to change. Keep watch. Table of Contents Short Stories The Four Friends Escort Agency By Jonathan Ferrini Page..............................................................7 Doll By Roger Schumacher Page............................................................33 Do Over By Scott Merrow Page............................................................46 Nonfiction What Never Happened with Ahmed By Maryha Converse Page............................................................17 Still Life By Toti OBrien Page............................................................42 Featured Artist Elena Botts Page............................................................40 Table of Contents Poetry The Poppy Field Dream By Owen O Sullivan Page............................................................16 There s More To Life By Philip Harrison Page............................................................25 God Kissed Me By Jay Frankston Page............................................................41 Semi-Precious By Julian Tirhma Page............................................................45 Special Feature Her Road from War An Interview with Ally McCormick Page............................................................27 Miscellany Miscellany (mis-uh-ley-nee) n. 1. a miscellaneous collection or group of various or somewhat unrelated items. 2. a miscellaneous collection of literary compositions or pieces by several authors dealing with various topics assembled in a volume or book. Miscellany is a feature in our magazine. It offers a miscellany of tidbits and whatnot that you ll find interesting. Don t miss out . Issue Release Dates January 16 2017 March 2 2017 April 17 2017 June 1 2017 July 17 2017 August 31 2017 October 16 2017 November 30 2017 Be sure to get every issue Subscribe today at subscriptions The Four Friends Escort Agency By Jonathan Ferrini Wendy had everything a girl could want in life a wardrobe of designer labels and shoes expensive townhouse in a fashionable neighborhood and expense account to wine and dine her clients. However Wendy was lonely and her life felt incomplete because she wanted a husband and children. Even in a city the size of Los Angeles it was difficult for Wendy to find a man who met her intellectual physical financial and romantic criteria. Wendy was thirty and knew that her desire to have a family was becoming elusive. Jonathan Ferrini s story The Four Friends Escort Agency is a story about a serendipitous meeting of four women who become fast friends and choose to change their lives.. To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. Do Over By Scott Merrow In a basement room of a college fraternity house an initiation rite was about to commence. The room was dimly lit a few eerie flickering candles scattered here and there provided the only illumination. The effect was gloomy and unnerving. A dozen or so college freshmen sat cross-legged on the floor dressed only in their undershorts their heads shaved bald. They whispered nervously among themselves awaiting whatever was to befall them and imagining the worst. Scott Merrow s story Do Over is a mind-bending story about what could happen if you choose poorly. To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. Ally McCormick Ally McCormick is a Kiwi farm girl with big dreams. In her youth a psychic told her that she would one day be famous and achieve her innermost desire. Now in her mid-40s Ally has been debating whether to ask for her money back but in the meantime she has been working hard to get her first novel published. She began her working life as a secretary moved into newsprint publishing and after raising her family has turned to copywriting for a public relations firm. A mahjong aficionado Ally loves card and board games which led to her most unconventional career move--a stint as a roulette croupier. She lived for a time in England and then Australia and when her two daughters were small she lived aboard a blue water cruising yacht. Having escaped rural New Zealand life several times she always finds herself returning to the start line the place where her heart really sings and where her writing muse can flex. Ally McCormick Talks about Her Road from War Ally McCormick self-published her debut novel in November 2016. Her Road from War is the tragic story of a woman s desperate attempt to escape Singapore during the Japanese invasion and the challenges she faced after. P&D Her Road from War is based on a true story. Whose story is this Ally At its core this is my mother s birth story as told to me by my grandmother. I have fictionalised it in the style of Roman a clef in order to protect my mother s half-siblings and my mother who all still struggle with my grandmother s choices. P&D What inspired you to tell your mother s story Ally There are plenty of novels and memoirs about life in Japanese prisoner of war camps and many are written from a female viewpoint. But there aren t any major works that I m aware of that feature the trials of those who actually successfully evacuated from the Far East after the Fall of Singapore. From the moment I heard the facts I felt it was a tale worth telling. It s essentially a tale of a disastrous love triangle. I feel strongly that none of the three were truly at fault. I guess what I really wanted to do was to illustrate how life isn t black and white how sometimes hurtful choices have to be made and how my grandmother spent her life feeling guilty for something that she ought not to have. To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. Submissions We Accept Fiction Non-fiction Creative Non-fiction Mainstream Horror Humor Fantasy Science Fiction Young Adult Themes Pilcrow & Dagger is a thematic literary magazine. Be sure to check the theme before making a submission for publication. January 2017 The Do-Over February March 2017 Armaggedon April 2017 Dirty Little Secrets themes This month s interview is Ally McCormick. Who will be next Hmmm... Don t miss out. Get your subscription today. We Don t Accept Stream-of-Consciousness Fan Fiction Erotica Children s Literature Anything overly religious or political submissions Be sure to check the guideline specifics for proper formatting and delivery. We accept submissions from around the globe. If your submission is selected for publication you will be notified 2-4 weeks prior to publication. We do not notify you if your piece was not selected. We accept simultaneous and multiple submissions and if published we hold nonexclusive rights to your work. Although we are thematic we are open to and accept ALL submissions. Elena Botts grew up in the DC area lived briefly in Berlin and Johannesburg and currently studies at Bard College. She s been published in fifty literary magazines over the past few years. She is the winner of four poetry contests including Word Works Young Poets . Her poetry has been exhibited at the Greater Reston Art Center and at Arterie Fine Art Gallery. Check out her poetry books we ll beachcomb for their broken bones (Red Ochre Press 2014) a little luminescence (Allbook-Books 2011) and the reason for rain (Coffeetown Press 2015). Her visual art has won her several awards. Go to to see her latest artwork. Elena Botts - Doll By Roger Schumacher The guitar strings bent in protest against the emotional fingers working them. The small club filled with sparse blues music playing against the murky atmosphere of discontent. Strained eyes moved from the stage to all points of the room. That s when his beady ones found me. My hand slid under my long coat toward the thirty eight holstered at my waist as the other one grasped the glass containing my drink. I d seen his type before big stocky and confident. I felt the sleaze of his stare slide over me like grease covering a well done hamburger. I knew what he wanted sooner or later they all ended up here looking for me. In each issue of Pilcrow & Dagger one story is chosen to be read as a podcast. In this issue we chose Doll by Roger Schumacher. Roger s story is a fantastic look at what could have been. To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. To listen go to podcasts. What Never Happened with Ahmed By Maryha Converse I met Ahmed through his niece. She was my student in the Peace Corps when I did something that Jordanian teachers in my community had apparently never done. I called on students who had not raised their hands. Eslam was one of the first I called on and she was completely unprepared. Teachers and other students called her unteachable but I had been a special education substitute almost daily for months before I came to Jordan. I don t believe in unteachable students. Maryha Converse s nonfiction story is a lovely vignette of life in Jordan and an accidental meeting that could have become something more if only.... To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. Still Life By Toti OBrien I realized I had a picture of him taken thirty-five years earlier. Buried in an album I never opened removed from memory. Clearly it wasn t important--but suddenly it came to mind. I resisted fishing it out fidgeting with my mental representation reluctant to match it with reality. The snapshot was taken from the back he was bent in a rather clumsy pose. He wore a white shirt and a hat. Shaded by the brim his face showed a bit as he looked behind his shoulder. He was on a boat I recall surrounded by the green of the river the trees. On a boat going away. Toti Obrien s nonfiction story Still Life is a poignant story of friendships that passed in the night. Opportunities missed but not missed until it was too late. To read more go to subscriptions. Order a single issue or annual subscription print or digital. Don t miss out on the poetry A number of works guaranteed to entertain Owen O Sullivan P O E T R Y Jay Frankston Philip Harrison Julian Tirhma Author Information Elena Botts Website http Maryha Converse Website http Jay Frankston Email wlp Philip Harrison Website Owen O Sullivan Email owenosullivanhip Roger Schumacher Facebook http RLSchumacher12 Julian Tirhma Websites https saramithra https sara-anika-mithra Ally McCormick Website http Facebook https allysauthorpage fref ts Twitter AllyMcCormickNZ This information can also be found on http Listen to the Podcast podcasts Produced by A. Marie Silver If you want to see more from this Sneak Peek Order a subscription Print or Digital http subscriptions You can also order single issues In Print or Digital http subscriptions