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Description: SmartTouch Interactive's first webinar of the year is a 2017 NAHB International Builders' Show Encore Presentation, presented by Dave Miles and Robert Cowes.

The Webinar Will Begin Shortly Which Worked Best Creative Elements That Generated More Leads Meet Your Speakers Robert Cowes SmartTouch Dave Miles Milesbrand What It s About This encore 2017 NAHB International Builder s Show presentation will uncover the creative elements in digital marketing that generate the most leads. Throughout the presentation you ll be presented with various A and B digital marketing pieces. We ll then reveal the winning creative and share the principles behind why one is more effective than the other. What It s About Marketing platforms discussed include websites landing pages email campaigns and banner ads. If you are a new home marketer who wants to increase the responsiveness of your digital marketing program you ve come to the right webinar What You ll Learn Understand the design elements and call to actions that drive engagement and lead capture on websites. Identify the elements that impact how well an email campaign drives response from new home buyers. Learn which landing pages convert online traffic to leads. Determine which design elements impact the responsiveness of banner ads. LEAD GENERATION FUNNEL AWARENESS PREFERENCE ACTION LEADS MOBILE DISPLAY ADS LANDING PAGES KPI s Conversions KPIs Impression Delivery Click Volume Tablet Smart Phone RETARGETING EMAIL KPI Open Rate CTR Time On Site KPI s Site Analytics Visit Quality Metrics DESKTOP DISPLAY ADS KPIs Impressions CTR WEBSITE KPI s Time On Site Bounce Rate Conversions GOOGLE TEXT ADS KPIs CTR DIGITAL RADIO KPIs Sessions FACEBOOK ADVERTISING KPIs Conversions 2017 Milesbrand Landing Page Lokal Homes A 1st Variant Image Image B 2nd Variant Winner B 2nd Variant View Conversion Rate .55% 6% A B 1st Variant 2nd Variant The 2nd outperformed the 1st by 990%. Email The Lakes at Centerra Image Image A Short B Long Winner Tie View Click Through Rate 3.11% 3.15% A B Prospecting Short Prospecting Long 60 000 Prospecting Direct Marketing Email Rich Media vs. Smartphone BackCountry A Rich Media B Smartphone Banner Ads Winner A Rich Media A KPIs September Rich Media B Smartphone 0.81% CTR October November 1.35% CTR 3.16% CTR 5.72% CTR 1.06% CTR 1.06% CTR Landing Page vs. Microsite Fontanella Del Mar A Landing Page B Microsite Winner A Landing Page A KPIs (Adwords) Landing Page B Microsite Leads CPL 233 34.85 92 83.12 Retargeting vs. Dynamic Retargeting True Homes A Retargeting B Dynamic Retargeting Winner B Dynamic Retargeting KPIs CTR .15% A Retargeting .31% B Dynamic Retargeting Conversio n Rate Time on Site Bounce Rate Pages Session 2.6% 0 11 82.69% 1.29% 13.89% 1 30 59.38% 1.84% Google Text Ads Buffington Homes Ad A New South Austin Houses Downtown Living From 200k. Modern 1500 to 2300 Sqft House w Amenities SouthAustin Ad B New South Austin Houses Modern Home Community From 200k. Downtown Living In Two Story Homes. SouthAustin New South Austin Houses Modern Home Community From 200k. Downtown Living In Two Story Homes. SouthAustin Winner Ad B A B Ad B 194 KPIs Clicks Ad A 171 CTR 4.23% 6.04% Digital Radio Performance A Crystal Valley B Southshore Digital Radio Performance A Crystal Valley B Southshore Digital Radio Performance A Crystal Valley B Southshore Winner A Crystal Valley Sessions Pages Sessio n 1.24 1.45 Session Duration 0 36 0 29 A B Crystal Valley SouthShore 8 309 6 385 Website The Lakes at Centerra A Old B New Winner A Old Site A KPIs Avg Session Duration 4 25 Old Site 2 24 B New Site Pages Per Session Bounce Rate 5.82 20.05% 2.65 50.00% Conversion Rate .81 .012 Facebook Lead Ad vs. Like Ad Crystal Valley A Lead Ad B Like Ad Winner B Like Ad A Lead Ad September October November Leads 2 5 1 Leads Cost Per Lead 100.00 49.99 249.99 Cost Per Lead B Like Ad September October November 181 63 169 1.38 1.59 1.54 Google Banners Great Gulf A Black Background B White Background Winner TIE A KPIs Clicks CPC Black Background 153 1.66 170 1.59 B White Background CTR Leads CPL 0.24% 10 25.42 0.23% 12 22.48 Landing Page A B Testing Stepping Stone Landing Page A Landing Page B Winner Landing Page A A KPIs Sessions Bounce Rate Form Fills Landing Page A 212 84% 18 257 55.64% 3 B Landing Page B Form Fill Rate 8.49% 1.17% Facebook Sponsored Posts The Lakes at Centerra A Lifestyle B Product Winner B Product A KPIs Clicks 12 264 Lifestyle 9 830 B Product CTR CPC Leads CPL 1.73% 0.22 17 157.94 3.11% 0.27 16 167.85 Eblasts Stepping Stone A May Subject line New Ranch Home with Finished Basement in Parker B February Subject line Modern Ranch Style Homes Available Soon Winner B February Eblast Subject Line Open Rate CTR Total Clicks 944 Time on Site 2 17 A B Pages Viewe d 2.92 May Eblast February Eblast New Ranch Home with Finished Basement in Parker Modern Ranch Style Homes Available Soon 17.08% 1.89% 18.00% 2.91% 1 456 3 04 3.56 Mobile Landing Page Boyd Homes A Mobile Responsive B Mobile Responsive Optimized Mobile Landing Page Boyd Homes A Mobile Responsive Mobile Landing Page Boyd Homes B Mobile Dedicated Winner B Mobile Dedicated A KPIs Clicks Mobile Responsive 1 022 1 407 B Mobile Dedicated CTR Avg Position 1.37% 1.5 4.50% 2 Leads CPL Conversion Rate 11 240.86 1.08% 54 58.83 3.84% Banner Ads Product vs. Amenity BackCountry A Product B Amenity Winner TIE A Product Ads Impressions Clicks CTR 39 0.06% September 67 638 32 0.06% October 52 518 18 0.08% November 23 866 B Amenity Ads Impressions Clicks CTR 34 September 62 093 0.05% 20 October 48 729 0.04% 37 November 47 317 0.08% Landing Page & Form Johnson Ranch A Original B Updated Full Landing Pages Winner B A KPIs Original Landing Page B Updated Landing Page Form Submissions Time Spent on Page (mm ss) 1 4 48 14 11 22 Facebook Ad vs. Display Banner Ads Southshore A Facebook Ad B Display Banner Ads Winner A Facebook Ad Form Fills A B Facebook Banner Ads 91 75 Q&A Speaker Contact Information Robert Cowes President Co-Founder SmartTouch Interactive Austin TX 512.659.6863 Dave Miles President Brand Strategist Milesbrand Denver CO 720.259.0480 dave