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Description: Esoteric Gazing - Where Your Mind and the Universe Meet.

Esoteric Gazing March 2017 Volume 1 Number 3 A sk E S ette v ron city i ai aba B ling ne ife L r Fa so Tass Me eoma ncy nch y ssag Cry 2017 e fro S stal mM Dre han C M y -A Un ivers One al Yea r Pred iction s 2017 amin g othe r Native American Medicine Wheel Welcome Welcome to our 3rd issue of Esoteric Gazing Since we are in March 2017 we are a few weeks from the Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) or the Fall Equinox (southern hemisphere). I was thinking of a fun memory learning about the Spring Equinox from my 4th grade teacher. He told us one day a year at a certain time a broom and a raw egg would stand up on its own on the Vernal Equinox. Our homework was to bring a raw egg and broom from home. I remember my Dad packing my egg in a little box with lots of tissue paper around it he probably didn t trust me getting to school without breakage We left the eggs out on the bookshelf for several hours and right before we were to go home we did the experiment. Most brooms stood for 5-10 minutes as I recall and the eggs were standing for the same amount of time. One of the overachiever students brought in the family Polaroid and we took some pictures. Never made it home with the egg....maybe that was the teacher s sly way to get free food for his dinner In the Southern Hemisphere we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. My childhood memories are going outside looking at the Maple and Oak trees turn a beautiful color the air had a freshness smell to it people did fall deep cleaning in their houses and since I lived in the farmland of Kansas we celebrated with fall crops and having festivals. My experiences are from here in the USA the closest I ever got to the Equator was southeastern Venezuela about 8 degrees North. We would love for you to share your favorite or fun memories for the Spring or Autumn Equinox. Enjoy the coming of Spring or the Harvest of Fall however most of all enjoy this 3rd issue of Esoteric Gazing Pam Gillmore & Nance Woods Editors 2 Table of Contents Synchronicity by Lillie Natures Blessings ..............................Page 4 Tasseomancy by Siobhan Johnson .....................................Page 11 Message from Mother by Mare Cromwell .............................Page 16 Sai Baba by Michele Hammerton .......................................Page 22 Crystal Dreaming by Gaye Piper ........................................Page 26 My Life So Far by Cloudwalker ..........................................Page 30 Channeling by Cathryn Silver ............................................Page 33 2017--A Universal One Year Astro-Numerology by Dikki-Jo Mullen ...................................................................................Page 37 Ask Evette by Evette Rose ................................................Page 40 Predictions 2017 by Tom T. Moore .......................................Page 45 Native American Medicine Wheel by Hank Mason ...................Page 58 3 By Lillie Natures Blessings The events that happen in our lives are not random. There is a great Cosmic Intelligence that we are made of which orchestrates everything with precision. Although coincidences happen in life they are not as meaningful as synchronicities. Carl Jung defined Synchronicity as the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. Synchronicities are related to psychic awareness spiritual growth telepathy and manifestation. They are the results of the psychic energy that you have created before with your thoughts feelings or actions. Two types of Synchronicities From my experience there are two main types of synchronicities and for the lack of better term I am going to use the words conscious and unconscious. 1. UnConscious -the ones you don t know where they come from they catch you by surprise 2. Conscious the ones that you manifest consciously 4 The difference between the two is that in conscious synchronicities you are aware of your thoughts your feelings and actions where in the unconscious ones you are not aware of your thoughts feelings and actions. So which one is better Well they are different and I like them both. The one that we create unconsciously is more spontaneous it can surprise us and can lead us to question what thoughts behaviors or actions created that particular synchronicity And the one that is consciously created reinforces the fact that we do a great job by aligning with the Source giving us power of mastering own minds and spirit. What do they both have in common An opened mind and heart. You recognized them when you believe in them. Let me give you two examples of synchronicities for both unconscious and conscious. Conscious Synchronicity On our month long trip to Thailand my husband and I spent 4 days on a live aboard scuba diving trip to Similan Islands Andaman Sea. One morning as we were heading to the dive site I said a prayer asking the sea for permission to have a magical time underwater perhaps see something spectacular or have a great encounter. Every time I visit a sacred site I usually make an offering. This time I was guided to gift the sea with a heart orgone pendant a gift from my heart to the heart of the sea and its inhabitants. The moment the heart pendant disappeared into the water I psychically heard watch out for large marine life . 5 So I went on the first dive without any expectation but a positive attitude and big smile on my face. The dive like any other dive in the Andaman Sea was beautiful. However on this dive I got cold and there was a strong current underwater that made me fin harder so the breathing was harder. Suddenly out of nowhere I see a big creature flying towards us underwater. It was a manta ray. Mantas are graceful intelligent creatures I like to call them angels of the sea. Once she made her presence everything became completely still the current has stopped completely I was breathing effortlessly I was just floating with no movement whatsoever. It seemed like everything froze in time and space. It was absolute magic. All I could see and feel was the manta ray. 6 We had an encounter for about 4 -5 minutes which was profound and we exchanged energy and information. I felt that she needed some healing energy so I kept sending her energy. Later I found out from a dive guide that the manta had a fishing net stuck in her mouth. No wonder she was asking for healing energy. Although I couldn t help her at physical level we both helped each other by exchanging healing energy. Unconscious Synchronicity Solar Eclipse in Pisces The same day I had the encounter with manta Ray there was a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Pisces where the Piscean Energy was activated. So what was the Synchronicity When we booked this trip (about 2 months in advance) we had no idea that there will be a New Moon and Pisces Solar Eclipse while we were on the boat. Eclipses are known to be stirring and surfacing stuff that needs to be changed. If you are familiar with my work you know that I send out Healing Moon Transmissions for Full Moons and New Moons. So I was a little upset for not being able to send out a moon transmission 7 but then realized wait a minute I will be sending the Moon Transmission from Underwater It is not a coincidence I am a Pisces myself Pisces is a water element the Solar Eclipse is in Pisces we are in the Pisces month so Pisces energy everywhere Sending the moon transmission from underwater was way cool unique experience Why are Synchronicities Important Synchronicities are simply confirmations that we are on the right path. They remind us that there is a high awareness a spiritual awareness a higher intelligence and we have the ability to align with it in order to fulfill our soul purpose. Synchronicities teach us powerful lessons if we pay attention to them. They teach us what to change or adjust and reinforce that we are on the right path on our evolution and life purpose. They help us make decisions in life. They are great personal development tools. They give access to insight from the world of the unseen help us solve puzzles of the mind and give us answers creating ahaaa moments ... How to increase synchronicities Synchronicities will increase once you have decided to grow. If you are on an evolutionary path you will see synchronicities telepathic communication extraordinary manifestation and magic happen at an increase rate. It requires work on your awareness being more aware of your thoughts feelings and actions. Watch your behaviors. Notice what you don t like and work on adjusting. If you want more synchronicities in your life then believe in them. Feel them intensely in your spirit... as the Secret is to be Consciously Aware. Create a spiritual practice 8 Meditate that includes sitting quietly meditative walks in the nature spending time with yourself anything that takes the mind out of the linear thinking. Prayer is a powerful tool for manifesting synchronicities. One important thing is to not get caught up in the idea that you must have them. Synchronicities appear when you least expect them. That s because we let go of the idea of wanting. This is detachment. Be happy When you re happy chemicals are activated synchronicities abound Work on expanding your Consciousness. Consciousness is about individual experience and Awareness. So if you want to grow or raise your consciousness go out explore and experience and focus on being aware. I think traveling is the fastest way to expand consciousness. My husband and I LOVE to travel see mysterious places on Earth. That has a tremendous impact on growing our consciousness to new levels. Now traveling with awareness with a humble attitude of not expecting anything makes it even more powerful and fascinating. So Go out and explore. Nature will bring synchronicities to you Align and harmonize your internal world of thoughts and feelings with what happens outside of you and you will notice more and more synchronicities. Once we reboot the entire thinking system and awaken to the reality that we are spiritual beings then we can recognize synchronicities. The more love harmony and unity we put into this beautiful Universe which is alive the more synchronistic our life becomes. PASSION is what many people are missing in their lives. Lilly Nature Blessings is passionate to see people transform their lives expand and learn about their spiritual essence. Helping connect with the inner psychic makes life a MIRACLE. For many years she helped to empower thousands of people to get in touch with their 9 inner psychic spirit in order to heal grow play expand succeed and open their true psychic spiritual nature. Follow Lilly at http 10 What is Tasseomancy By Siobhan Johnson Tasseomancy is the art of telling the future by interpreting the symbols left in the sediments of various drinks. It can also be called tasseology or tasseography. The most common form of tasseomancy in the West is tea leaf reading in Eastern Europe and the Middle East it s coffee reading. You can also study the sediments of wine the patterns of creamer in coffee hot chocolate grounds - basically any liquid or mix of liquids that will leave some form of sediment. Tasseomancy can also refer to using the pattern of molten wax to tell the future but that is also known more properly as Carromancy . The -mancy suffix means divination . It s basically a scientific or proper word to refer to various fortune telling methods. For example cartomancy is playing cards or Tarot cards cleromancy refers to throwing lots or dice carromancy is the method of pouring hot wax into water. 11 Tasseomancy is best employed for mundane matters - jobs businesses romance and friendship. It s a tool that s been historically employed by common folk for common means. History of Tea Leaf Reading Tea Leaf reading become popular in the West in the 1700s when common folk could get access to tea to drink. Before that it was much too expensive for most people to use. Tea leaf reading has long been associated with the Romany but its precise origins are unclear. The traditional method of tea leaf reading was almost certainly compiled and passed down by the Romany before it was disseminated into popular culture as the Romany moved and settled into different places in Europe. From there it did pass on into the States but it never gained ground quite like it did in the UK and Western Europe. At the time the States was developing its own branches of magic - from what we now call Traditional American Witchcraft to Hoodoo and Rootwork and the many and varied traditions and practices of the Native Americans. Despite its large presence in Western Pop Culture tea leaf reading has become a dying art. It s still practised by some forms of British Traditional Witchcraft and still passed down in some Romany families but to find someone who does it as their divinatory method of first or even second choice is quite rare. This is a shame as it is a convenient method of divination easy to learn and requires nothing except tools you ll already have in your kitchen cupboard How to Give a Tea Leaf Reading 12 You ll need A plain white cup A saucer Loose tea Usual method of making a cup of tea Make a cup of tea as usual but don t strain out the leaves. You can add sugar or milk to taste. Drink the tea. When you get to the last third or so drink the tea with your question in mind. Leaving a last mouthful of so in the cup swirl the cup clockwise three times whilst thinking of your question. Turn the cup upside down into the saucer and leave for a minute or so. Now you can read the leaves Ensure the handle of the cup faces left. Anything near the handle is the recent past anything further right is the near future. How to Read Intuitively There are two ways to do tasseomancy - the traditional way which you can find described in many books or the intuitive way. Reading intuitively is simply looking for pictures or symbols in the tea and then deciding what they mean based on your own personal set of symbols or pictures. We all have one - though it s mostly unconscious. Some of our dictionary will depend on the culture we are part of - a mainly Christian nation will read a snake as a symbol of temptation or trickery. Someone versed in more Celtic mythologies will see it as a symbol of wisdom. Or you may well see it as both and decide which it represents by looking at the relation of the snake to the other events in the cup. 13 Intuitive reading is a good skill to pick up because then you can use just about anything to divine with - tea coffee wine soil sand paperclips - if you have your own personal set of symbols to look for you ll be able to interpret them wherever they appear. Developing this skill is easier than you think - you ve been doing it all your life The human brain excels in this kind of pattern recognition and metaphorical work. When you first begin this work keep a notebook with you every time you do a reading. Note down the symbols you saw in detail. What we they How big were they in relation to each other Where in the cup were they What were they doing Were they relating in anyway For example was there a girl and a tree OR a girl stood under a tree Beside the symbols note down what you took the symbols to mean. In the tree example I would interpret a girl stood under a tree as a desire to need shelter but feeling childish or weak for doing so despite the overwhelming feelings of anxiety causing them to need such shelter. Then note down WHY you thought that. In this example I would note that a tree can be shelter or protection this being built upon by the figure under a tree. Instead of a full grown adult (who the reading is for) it s a child. Children can mean playfulness but the relationship between the child and the tree is one of protection. To see oneself as a child is a message that the self is feeling particularly scared or in need of comfort. Working in this way you ll be able to build up your own dictionary of symbols. You can physically create such a dictionary if you like but the best thing about intuition is that it s all in your head. Taking notes is simply a way of recording the process of this way of thinking so that you know how it works. Some people are naturally intuitive and can skip the note taking. 14 Some people are built more logically and need to practice putting the brain into this sort of state. Note-taking will help you with that Common Symbols Here are some common symbols that you might see in your cup and the traditional way of interpreting them. Tree - Stability Acorn - Growth Cat - Luck Snake - Treachery Wisdom Egg - New beginnings Boat or plane - Travel Flying Birds - Changes Storms - Difficult and emotional changes Heart - Romance Broken Hearts - Break-up or infidelity Mirror - Confidence or secret Book - Learning or school Shoes - Small changes Cross Crossroads - Choices Dog - Friend or loyalty Siobhan Johnson is an MBS writer and professional witch. She lives in Greater Manchester UK and spends too much time looking at music theory and video of cats on YouTube. Her blog is She is currently compiling a Tarot reading course but you can get personalised readings at 15 Please Love Your Mother. That s me Mother Earth By Mare Cromwell Mother Sarah it s so great to see you back here again. I see Mr. Tufts brought you in off the trail all safe and sound. You have some branches in your hair. But no worries. They look good on you. Sarah Thanks Mother. Yeah Mr. Tufts can really fly through all that underbrush considering how tiny his legs are. I was so excited to see him there on the trail waiting for me just now. Plus the stone turned the most stunning shade of blue-green earlier back at my apartment. Almost an ocean teal shade with dark blue around the edges. I was watching it all morning to see if or when it would turn and it did I m so excited to be here Mother Yes yes I promised you that it would. Good good. Well I brought us some tea and some ugli fruit cookies. Sarah Ugli fruit Mother Yes they are kind of like an orange but uglier. And don t ask me 16 if I made the cookies. I have my ways you know The next thing you ll be asking me is whether I have a kitchen I cook in. I can t give away all of my secrets. Can t do that. As they were talking Mother pulled out a basket at the base of her bench and proceeded to unpack a beautiful English tea set of bone china along with a matching plate of cookies with a dusted maple sugar coating. She poured each of them a cup of tea and served the cookies. Then she passed out beautifully embroidered pressed napkins. Sarah watched in amazement. Mother So let s get started. The first message I d like you to transcribe Please learn to love your Mother. Me your Earth Mother. I give you all a planet full of love. That s what all this evolution is love in action. All these trees and the food you eat and the air you breathe it s earthy-love in action. I give all of this to you and love you all so much. But it is not until you give your love back to me that our relationship can grow. I don t just mean putting a bumper sticker about loving me on your boxes on wheels. I like those and all that. But I mean really love me. Really feel your love for me. I would like a relationship with each and every one of you. I would. How do you give your love back to me One of the best ways is to offer blessings to me. You can offer tobacco at the base of a tree that calls to you. Anywhere. Tobacco has such magical properties. I love tobacco. The good tobacco hopefully grown organically--you know without all that toxic stuff that I did not create. Or pour some honey on the ground. Or milk. Any kind of offering. You can do this while saying prayers to me. Thanking me. Or the trees. Even the mosquitoes out there biting you. You can thank them too. Just kidding. I know you two-leggeds don t like the mosquitoes so much. Oh well. So it goes. Native peoples put out spirit plates full of food when they have big feasts. This shows their love for me their giving back. Just an example. 17 Another way is to burn a little smudge in the morning. Oh you probably don t know what smudge is. Well there are certain herbs that my beautiful two-leggeds who remember the old ways burn. You can just burn ceremonial white sage or add cedar to it and other herbs too. This is a wonderful way to send prayers and bless your home or apartment. Burning smudge brings in such lovely peaceful energy into your space. As you re burning the smudge it is even more powerful to call out to me and the Great Mystery and tell us that you love us. If you don t know what smudging is ask a friend and they ll tell you. Burning some ceremonial sage is a good place to start. I know some two-leggeds use what are called smudge sticks too. You can even set up an altar to me. Nothing fancy is needed. Maybe some stones and some animal figurines. That s all you need. You can light the smudge over the altar and pray to me and the Great Mystery Creator there. If you want to get fancy you can put some type of image of the Sacred Feminine or something like that on your altar. I like that. If you really want to express your love to me and be serious about it well then it gets more complicated since your culture insists on being so disconnected from me while still living right here on me. A very big step is to wean yourself from those things that you ve broken my soil or skin and dug into my rock layers or bones to get. Those things you call fossil fuels uranium and heavy metals. Many of you know about this weaning need. But gosh darn it not all of you have discovered this wisdom. Some of you mostly two-legged males who wear those funny suits with the tight things around the neck just have not gotten it yet. But you will--in time you will. Hmmm ... I know many of you who are clear about this weaning need have been marching and trying to get through to those two-leggeds with the tight things around their necks. I want you to forgive yourselves for the fact that you are still using these fossil fuels etc. The sound of all of your guilt for driving a car or eating food that was not grown in your backyard or whatever is not a pleasant song to me. The last thing I want is for you to be walking around beating yourself up with a bunch of guilt in your bel18 lies for something you were born into. It was not your decision to start drilling just a wink of time ago. That was someone else who has already died and he had a good talking to after he passed over. Oh yeah. His soul knows better now. So please forgive yourselves okay Now back to the ways that you can love me. Yes there are all of those things that you ve created. What do you call them Oh right chemical compounds. Some of you with very creative minds have concocted these compounds and they keep on hanging around in my soil and floating all over the world in my air and the water. I m not sure what you were thinking. It s a violation of one of my laws for something a two-legged concocts to stick around and around and around. A little aside. One of the things I absolutely love about the Great Mystery s universe is this thing called entropy. The Creator is so brilliant. This entropy it s about how everything is always breaking down and scattering out. It s the reason that you need to keep on dusting. Entropy has scattered that dust all over just as it makes bubbles of soap go all over the place into the air. Entropy has helped me so much with evolution. But your chemical compounds are going all over the place too thanks to entropy. I don t like this. Some of these chemicals of yours are extremely tiny and they ve been traveling through the air and in the waters and darn it they re making my frogs sick I did not create frogs to be born with extra legs. And my poor fish Some of them are being born both male and female and this was not my design plan. Many of you two-leggeds are having a hard time making babies too. Or getting disastrously sick. You wonder why Others of these bunches of chemical compounds are bigger. The stuff you call plastic They are messing up my beaches my swamps everywhere. My turtles are getting sick eating the plastic waste and on and on. So ugly. And they re killing some of my babies. Nets floating around in the ocean are trapping my whales and dolphins. You re messing things up and I really wish you would get some common sense and stop making those things. There are wiser ways you know. 19 Don t you know one of my laws is nothing lasts forever except elements and atoms Everything goes back to my skin or bones and is used again and again. Almost every single thing is food for something else at some point in time. But somehow most of you did not learn this. I know some of your chemicals do eventually fall apart and break down but that is only after they ve messed a lot of things up. I think I need to set up my own school to teach you how to take care of this world of mine. It will be called Mother s School. But no I suppose I ve already created that and it is called Earth. You are all living and breathing it and supposed to be getting the lessons right now. Unfortunately your grades are not very good. At least for most of you. And some of you are getting very bad grades. Especially those male twoleggeds who sit at those desks inside so far away from my beautiful soil and make decisions about digging into my skin and bones for your socalled fossil fuels. I have some words for those two-leggeds but I m going to not say them here. Nope. But again please don t go to that guilt place. That s really not helpful for you or me. Your culture just started out with some bad ideas not too long ago and then something called greed came in and you all are living with the ... well the ripple effect from those bad ideas. I hope that s a good way to put it. Okay. Another way to love me is to go plant trees. Plant more trees. I love my trees Talk to them as you plant them. Baby them. They are baby trees. Make sure that they are well watered and the soil is good. Check on them. These are young living beings who need TLC. They need to be loved over time just as you do. You know I really like this sustainability thing some of you are talking about. That is a wonderful way to love me But you know it was going on long before you all ever existed and was far beyond your two-leggeds ideas of sustainability. It was and still is a planetary dance of life and energy and celebration. It s been a wondrous web for a long long time. Oh a delicious magical amazing web of my insects and flowers and trees and four-leggeds. All my beautiful four-leggeds ... and six-leggeds and 20 finned ones and winged ones. The list is so so long. Oh there are so many ways to love me. It is hard for me to list all the ways in one message. The key is you can just start doing something today. I guess the most important thing is to realize I am Sacred. I am part of the Great Mystery just as you are too. But I am your Mother here and my whole planet is about as Sacred as you can get. You can pray to me as well as offering prayers to the Great Mystery Creator. I especially love it when you talk with me. All of you. I hear your prayers too. Really I do. And many of you are learning to do this. This makes my heart sing. Okay gotta run. Sarah you re the best. I love you so much. Maybe next time I ll bring a joke. That would be fun Oh and why don t you think of a question to ask me for our next meeting too okay I love all of you This article is from a book written by Gaia Communicator Mare Cromwell called Messages from Mother.... Earth Mother which was released at the end of October 2012. You can read all of the Messages here or purchase the printed book independently. It is also available as a Kindle ebook and at other internet venues and can be ordered from any bookstore in the USA Australia Great Britain and other international sites. The Great Mother Bible is now also available as an ebook and hard copy on Amazon and other ebook venues. Join Mare and others for the next 1000 Goddesses Gathering on June 24 2017 in Washington DC at the Washington Mall. For more information on the event please go to . 21 Sai Baba By Michele Hammerson Warning This article may cause deep soul searching and provide unexpected answers to some of humanity s age old questions Who am I Why am I here Where am I going This article is not an attempt to persuade anyone of anything but just an open perspective of what I have found to be the Truth for me. Raised as a Catholic I was taught that God is everywhere (Omnipresent) knows all things (Omniscient) and can do all things (Omnipotent). As I grew into adulthood I wondered how such a God could have only one religion or belief that It honored. Soon after this mental inquisitiveness I heard a priest say from the pulpit Do you really think God is going to send all the good Buddhists and good people from other religions to Hell That was comforting but due to my upbringing I could never imagine anyone else in human form being God other than Jesus. Through life experiences and disheartened by so called followers of my God I knew it was time to look at other belief systems. I looked into everything else from Evangelical Christianity to Rastafarianism Hinduism etc. This research helped me to realize that all beliefs have one thing in common Love. Love is the basis for all religions and all faiths and cultures 22 have good things to share. There is unity in diversity. I learned that no matter what path we choose is right for us we are all heading towards the same goal of oneness with our God. And if we believe the simple premise that God is everywhere then we are really all a part of God so oneness with all is the goal for humanity. One of my pet peeves with spiritual practices be it through organized religions or other spiritual teachers was there was always a money exchange to say the least. From the small bits of offerings collected in the pews to the hundreds of thousands demanded by some cults asking for money was the common thread. In my late 40 s I was given a video of Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttiparthi India. That initial video was not impressive to me at all. In subtitles I was reading simple truths that I learned as a young child God is Love Love is God. Nothing new. Given a second video I was impressed by the fanfare that was taking place at Baba s 70th birthday. There were thousands of people present from all over the world bands playing flowers galore and world dignitaries that came to pay homage to this man. But what really got me intrigued was the deep spiritual discourse that Baba delivered to the crowd. This was the kind of spirituality I had been looking for. Baba s teachings hit the nail on the head for me and speaks to my soul. Throughout the thousands of discourses he spoke his words and deeds rang true and I knew that I already knew innately this was It Born Nov. 23 1926 Sai Baba announced to the world His Divinity at the tender age of 14. With each passing year the crowds grew an organization was started an ongoing spiritual magazine was produced schools hospitals water projects and service projects were carried out to serve the poor and needy. For the next seventy years He demonstrated how we are to live happily and treat each other. All of this was done without asking for a single donation Love All Serve All Help Ever Hurt Never Be Good See Good Do Good. This is Baba s message to us all. No other person corporation or government in human history has ever accomplished as much for mankind as Sathya Sai Baba. We are all blessed to be on earth at the same time as this Avatar man 23 God. He has demonstrated His Divinity throughout the years with countless miracles (Omnipotence) knowledge of everything (Omnicience) and reports of him showing up to save his devotees all over the world (Omnipresence). So let s get back to the age-old questions. Who am I Baba says that divinity is our true nature. Although Baba avoided publicity as much as possible a reporter once asked Him Do you say that you are God And Baba answered Yes But so are you Only I know it and you don t . Why am I here Baba says that service to man is service to God. We are here to love and serve each other in whatever capacity we can. When we help others without the ego wanting recognition we are truly at our best. Hands that serve are holier than lips that pray. Baba Where am I going It would make perfect sense that if we come from God that we are going to God. Where else would we go if we are created from the source of all From the Source and to the Source that is the ultimate journey we are all on. My concept of Heaven was one of many happy soul beings in a beautiful eternity. But I realize now that Oneness is the Divine encompassing all. Dualism disappears and when the separateness is gone all are one. I went to India to see Sai Baba twice before he left his body. You can rest assured he is ever closer now instantaneously answering the call of earnest seekers. His miracles continue to flow and his mission is being carried out by millions of ardent devotees and volunteers. Here are two excerpts from Baba s discourses For each person there is a code of conduct laid down in the ancient scriptures according to age and status the profession adopted the stage of spiritual attainment reached the goal of life accepted etc. Do not carp at the behaviour of others or at the efforts they make to get consolation and courage amidst the turmoils of life for the path that one has chosen the Name and the Form of God he prefers Also do not give up your code Of duties and take up that recommended for some one else. 23-11-1968 Shri Sathya Sai I have come to light the lamp of Love in your hearts to see that it shines 24 day by day with added luster. I have not come on behalf of any exclusive religion. I have not come on a mission of publicity for a sect or creed or cause nor have I come to collect followers for a doctrine. I have no plan to attract disciples or devotees into my fold or any fold. I have come to tell you of this unitary faith this spiritual principle this path of Love this virtue of Love this duty of Love this obligation of Love. 4 July 1968 Baba Some of the best books I ve read about Sai Baba are Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet and The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist by Dr. Samuel Sandweiss. Dr. John Hislop has also written many books on Sai Baba through his first hand experiences. For more information about Sai Baba His discourses the hospitals schools service projects etc. please see the official website Michele Hammerton is always happy to share her knowledge of frankincense and myrrh for educational purposes. She is local to the central Florida area and is happy to speak with your church or civic group. Reach her at 407-948-9873. 25 Shamanic Healing in the 21st Century The Power of Crystal Dreaming By Gaye Piper A brief outline of a Crystal Dreaming journey with my client Maree. After facilitating Maree through the start of her Crystal Dreaming journey she becomes very agitated and starts to struggle. What are you perceiving I asked. I can t move. I am tied down and there are people watching me through windows. I guide her through this and ask her to tell me more about what she is seeing sensing or feeling . I am scared. My hands arms legs and feet are all tied to a bed. Letting her know she is safe and protected she settles into the dreaming and I encourage her to become more aware of the situation and the environment around her and allow the memory to open up more to her. People are staring at me through the windows. There are windows nearly all around. I am in a large room. Bound to a bed. I can t move. There is someone standing beside me. I ask her some of the standard questions starting with Do you sense you are male or female I am a male. I am black. Maree continues to tell me that she is a black American male in the 1930s 26 who is being put to death for murder and the people watching are the observers and his mother. His mother is crying and putting her hands on the glass. Maree went into more details of the murder he committed and knows that this outcome is what is deserved and he is having a great deal of remorse. Through further facilitation he asks forgiveness from those he has hurt and this is given and then he needs to forgive himself which at first is difficult to do but eventually forgives himself. Maree did not want to go through the finality of this death and so we were able to proceed a bit after the death. After death Maree can see sense and feel what is left behind and we then journey to a place where she is feeling peaceful and a calm and peaceful ending to her Crystal Dreaming journey is achieved. So what is Crystal Dreaming Crystal Dreaming is a technique which utilises the power of crystals and shamanic journeying to allow clients to heal subconscious trauma and access superconscious states of awareness. Crystal Teacher and Practitioner Gaye Piper has humbly and delicately honed the methodology making it close to foolproof in its efficacy. Supported by this guided experiential process clients are able to recall through heightened perception the source of destructive soul patterns which unconsciously influence their life. Through simple stepwise healing a journeying is performed and deep energetic shifts are effected and therein have a knock on result into the physical world and the current time space reality. Clients experience profound inner transformation and have great insights into ingrained behavioural patterns or illness that they may have tried long and hard to alleviate without success. Since the transmutation is instantaneous physical life confirmation of the changes may be observed immediately following the session. 27 Deep seated fears inhibitions and recurrent injuries can also be retraced to their origin and healed through time. Clients report a heightened sense of clarity after the sessions and most have a fuller understanding of themselves as flowing from Divine Source and interconnected to all of Creation. They grow in unconditional love forgiveness compassion towards themselves and others and feel more congruent with the deeper parts of themselves. Shamanic journeying allows one to perceive the non-physical as well as the world of form. In other words the client is in an altered state and allows the journey to open up like a movie in the mind but still being aware of the physical world. In particular the Crystal Dreaming technique allows individuals an opportunity to experientially understand in a safe environment that they are supported in their healing journey. This bypasses a great deal of suffering and frees clients to live a more fulfilling life . The laying on of stones is an ancient Healing Art practiced by the Mayans Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. New Age philosophy acknowledges the truth of the inter-connectedness of all things the reality of the Spirit world and the existence of beings in other realities. It perceives the illusion of linear time and space and the truth of our infinite beings. Crystal quartz is silicon dioxide the most common mineral compound on Earth is also found in small quantities throughout our body hence the affinity or resonance between our own molecular structure and crystals. When crystals are placed on the body the healing process is stimulated from within. By placing crystals around the crown creating a particular pattern or mandala it is possible to focus Divine Energy opening the pineal gland and triggering the shift in consciousness of your client into an altered state. After clearing negative energy and self-healing it is possible to experience a profound state of oneness and bliss. These advanced techniques enable you to guide your client to a fully conscious reconnection with the never ending now in which our higher selves 28 exist in a state of constant bliss. You may recall ancient past life abilities clear Karma open clairvoyance clairsentience and clairaudience during your session. Crystal Dreaming will bring clarity of purpose to your client by activating their Divine mission blueprint or life plan. Crystal Dreaming frequently leads to a full embodiment of past life skills and a blissful reconnection with the Divine. Crystal Dreaming workshops and sessions are available in Australia and America. Visit for all updates on workshops and practitioners Gaye Piper is a Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner of the therapy Crystal Dreaming She is an Wholistic Practitioner Soulologist and International Author from Canberra Australia and is the Founder and Director of Synergy I. Gaye is dedicated to bringing the energies of the Spirit the Soul and the Physical Dimensions into working together for a healthy happy and peaceful lifestyle. She is a Master of Meditation and Healing with a deep understanding of the situations causing physical mental emotional and spiritual ill health. Visit Gaye s website at or Facebook at Synergy I & Gaye Piper and be a part of her spiritual journey. 29 My Life So Far By Elaine & Cloudwalker I was born so far back in the Ozarks we had to import sunshine. I clearly remember being 2 yrs. old looking down at my feet and a voice shouted in my head Where am I and what am I doing in this body I would look around and think You humans . I did not include myself in that term. I was reading by the age of three much to the consternation of the backwoods fundamentalists around me. When I started to school the others were learning their alphabet and numbers. I was reading Mark Twain and working algebra. I had always been aware of other versions of myself and didn t know other people weren t aware of other versions of themselves. By the time I was in the 5th grade I had read Webster s Dictionary and the World Book Encyclopedia. I HAD TO KNOW I couldn t get enough Saying I was a voracious reader didn t even begin to describe it. By the time I got into college I realized that all these versions of myself of which I was aware must have a central core . I started looking for contact with that core. I met and had a short telepathic exchange with one of my future versions. (There is no past or future but that s a whole different lecture.) That gave a whole new meaning to the phrase Talking to myself. I begin to meet more versions of myself but still no contact with my core being. I am also a voracious researcher. I spend almost all my waking moments researching investigating reading writing experimenting and experiencing. That s how I ve lived my life since I was a child. I was researching the writings of indigenous people I had a lecture on that coming 30 up at the Port Angeles Library in February and I found the Aboriginee Oracle Cards. There are no accidents . That led me to an investigation of Tarot Cards and contact with Cloudwalker. I continued along this line because contact wasn t enough. I wanted communication It was similar to a liver wanting communication with the brain. I am now in communication with Cloudwalker and through it many of my other versions. I was watching a version of myself write a book I have written many as Elaine and realized I had that book - The Book of the Damned. I wrote and published that book in 1919 as Charles Fort. The writing is more formal because it s 100 years old. But it is definitely full of my sarcasm and keen insight. ... I m also writing an article Once Upon a Time where I recount All That Is making the decision to make copies of itself to send out into the original cyber space and what those copies- all beings- have done since we left. Here is an introduction to Once Upon a Time Once upon a time there was a sentient computer. (All That Is) It wanted to know what it was capable of so it made exact copies of itself and sent them out into the original cyber space with the one mandate have experiences and sent back the data. Many of those original copies are still noncorporal. BUT some experimented and found out that if you slow down light it gives the ILLUSION of being physical. They played with their games for a while and then decided to play IN their games. It was an exciting time A body pattern had to be invented oxygen lungs breathing had to be invented and all the other body functions The copies played with these bodies and populated the multiverse. Then the local contractor builder in this area of the Milky Way had an idea that no one in the multiverse or noncorporal realms had ever had. To use ignorance as a tool for learning The builder would put a shell around a planet and anyone entering the planet through the shell would forget who he she it are. They would forget that this is all a hologram At first as with anything new people weren t really interested. They had their own civilization games going and felt they didn t need ignorance . 31 Then some thought it over and decided that they would learn more if they played in the game without their memories. Many agreed to that. BUT how to wake up when the game was over Questions for Elaine and Cloudwalker Email them at voicesechoes Elaine is an Earth School geologist biologist with many books articles talks and youtube videos available. 32 h C ne an ng li By Ca thr ine Si lve r Channeling--a mysterious word that brings glee to some and terror to others . . . so what exactly is channeling In short channeling is a translation of multidimensional messages from home and is available to everyone. If you are in human form then you have experienced that sudden spark of intuition that thought that pops into your head which you had no way to know almost from nowhere. Your unique idea or song lyric music chord poem or solution you hear . Perhaps for you it is the ability to suddenly generate an image visualization or see the answer to a problem you have been wrestling with. These and more are all channeled and come via your pineal gland or what I like to call your own personalized wifi translated into thoughts and words. It can be as easy as an intuitive message to a Mother about her baby--a knowing and answer about his or her welfare we often refer to as love and we know just what to do. It is an alliance and a continuity between you and you--a connection to home whatever that means to you. For if we are eternal and forever with no beginning and no end then we are always plugged in and that comes with us as part of our original equipment we re born with this. For some of us access is easy. For others our filters beliefs and blocks are in the way to receiving clear messages. And for some this form of communication is too far out of their box with 33 no scientific rational to support their left brain intellectual beliefs they disregard the unknowable as bunk. I have heard some utter that it is against their religion. Really Did you know even the pope has a chair in which he channels They call it ex cathedra. All scriptures were channeled from the divine source to humans and then written down. The messages from spirit which have traditionally been spoken to us over the millennia have come as signs symbols and metaphors so these messages might be more understandable. We sometimes forgot they have never stopped. God doesn t change we do. I was introduced to channeling in 2004 by the guy who was highlighting my hair. He had been to a meeting with his neighbor the month before he explained as I sat in his chair getting my hair cut and highlighted. I was compelled by an inner longing and desire I had to be at the next meeting Weeks later I sat in a meeting at the Pompano Civic Center with the Dying to Live Again Foundation where I watched as Sally Baldwin began to channel. This was a new experience for me and one I would embrace as real but I had never witnessed anything this esoteric or unfamiliar. I kept trying to figure out what and how this transmission of fluid words and sentences of astute answers and information could be so forthcoming. Honestly I thought no one could have memorized such a long discourse. There were no papers on the table where she sat. When she announced to the audience if anyone has any question--please just yell them out -- and she picked up her pendulum again and continued that brought even more curiosity and a desire to learn more. The answers on varied topics asked by the small audience that evening were insightful and given in such a loving tone that there was only fascination and intrigue. One woman asked a personal question about her friend Betty. The answer was not particularly sad--for me they were just words but the huge tears that rolled down this woman s face touched her core and at an emotional depth I had not yet witnessed before. No one else was moved in such a way that evening. Those words were touching and personal with great meaning for her. Thirteen years later after my channeling course the channeling support group still meets to support each other in my home. We give lessons and teach newcomers to channel as needed. 34 When I pick up my pendulum it is a signal for me that I am willing and ready to receive--in a more formal declaration--tapping in on a conscious level to an answer I am seeking or astute insight for someone who is questioning something in their life. This article will open up a whole new perspective for someone in the audience. It is something that many are aware and yet are not. Channeling is also empowering and helps to place the responsibility on ourselves--with keen awareness that we are in charge of our lives. Our choices matter. The responsibility lies deep within our hearts--that we know the truth beyond our conscious reasoning. You are ready. Humanity is ready for more. Humanity is growing up. Spirit moves in a slow and steady state--but there is always the reaching for truth. The love of the divine cannot be hidden. Hold these thoughts. Sit in silence. Search for love. For each beginning begins with your free choice. When you ask for help. Help will come. Cosmic law states that it is you that must come to us--not the other way. We hear you. Do you hear us Feel us for a moment as the energy you create with your intention begins to envelope your being. A tingling perhaps A warmth of an invisible blanket of love that shakes your intellect as you feel its softness A buzzing or light feeling in your head A sudden comprehension that you are not alone. Because you aren t. You are never alone. And as you open yourself up to the wondrous possibility of who you are and begin to accept your divinity inside--the gloriousness of God The One Source or All That Is will begin to change with the Universal Truth of Love that surrounds everything and everybody. And so it is. -CS The secret is to simply step away--placing your ego and intellect aside and circumventing the intellects desire to analyze your message. True channeled messages are never fearful or filled with negativity. What they are however are messages of love compassion inspiration and encouragement. One day I know channeling meetings will be a thing of the past--messages will be received all at once by everyone. I guess we will all be tuned in enough to receive the memo from the cosmic channel . In the meantime this is a way for us to receive answers from our higher-self guides guardians and unseen messengers who are with us always. 35 There is one universal truth--all souls want to spiritually connect with everyone and to connect with everyone to be with God (within). When one is with God one is with the greatest love support excitement and humor that can exist for any soul anywhere. This is the universal truth that all souls understand when they go to the OTHERSIDE. In Remembrance Always Sally Baldwin Co-founder Dying to Live Again Foundation Cathrine Silver HC AADP BA is a Board Certified holistic counselor with a practice in Lauderdale by the Sea FL. She is the author of the new book Riding the Light Beam How Any Woman Can Find the Hero Inside available at She can be contacted via email at cathysilverhealth For more information visit 36 2017 - A Universal One Year Astro-Numerology By Dikki-Jo Mullen Calendars and numbers naturally go together. The numbers of the days months and years help to orient us. Numbers are essential to sanity and happiness they help us find our way amid the chaos. There is something so comforting about numbers. Astrology and numerology have gone hand in hand at least since the time of Pythagoras in the 6th Century BC. Number codes are prominent in many spiritual texts including The Bible. A wonderful way to begin to understand number patterns is to consider the Universal Year. 2017 is 2 0 1 7 10. 1 0 1. So 2017 is a one Universal Year. The one year is ruled by the Sun. It is about a fresh start. Originality courage independence are the keynotes. Strong opinions action dignity self employment adventure changes daring improving upon the status quo experimenting are favored. There can be new knowledge presented by the astronomy world concerning the Sun in our solar system. Flame lilac copper and apricot are some favorable colors for wardrobe home d cor and meditation candles this year. Crystals to wear or carry include yellow diamonds sun stone topaz citrine and amber. Also the metal gold Music associated with 1 to select includes bright cheerful music ... the big band sound and horns such as trumpets. Think Herb Alpert. Health wise the heart and circulatory system and back can be a focus for many people this year. Borage and Chamomile are favorable medicinal teas to enhance well being. Foods to have in one s diet this year are raisin oranges honey dates season with bay leaves. 37 What does this number one year of 2017 hold for you To determine your own personal year number add your month and day of birth to one then keep adding the numbers together until just one single digit remains. This is an example for Hillary born on October 26. 10 (for October) 26 1 (for 2017) 37 and 3 7 10. 1 0 1. So the year of 2017 shows a personal one year a time of new horizons leadership changes and growth. The Sun s position in her horoscope will be accented. All of the qualities of this Universal One Year will especially manifest for Hillary Clinton. There is some variety in the astrological rulerships of the nine numbers but here are the ones I prefer to use. One will leadership vitality independence beginnings (Sun) Two sensitive partners emotions receptive (Moon) Three expansion creative diplomatic sociable (Jupiter) Four structured boundaries limitations physical grounded (Saturn) Five dual communicates restless adventure witty clever (Mercury) Six domestic loyal concerned artistic refined cultured (Venus) Seven intellectual mysterious mystical reserved occultism (Uranus) Eight tenacious materialist accomplished powerful upward mobility (Neptune also Jupiter) Nine universal endings humane broad scope spiritual reflective (Mars also Pluto) 38 Live in Harmony With Your Numbers Finish up things in your personal nine year begin projects afresh in a one year. Marry or try creative projects in a two or six year. Work hard in a four or eight year. Take risks in a three year try study and multi-tasking in a five year. Meditate and contemplate enjoy peace and privacy in your personal seven year. Think back upon important years in your own life. Check the numerology of the years you recall. To look ahead using numerology remember that the months of January and October of each year give a foreshadowing of the times to come in the next year. Events in January and October of 2016 for example will foreshadow the whole of 2017. Internationally noted astrologer and spiritual counselor Dikki Jo Mullen has authored numerous published articles. Currently Dikki Jo s features and detailed astrology forecasts appear in The Witches Almanac and Dell Horoscope publications available in fine book stores everywhere. She is the author of seven books including Koo Hollie and the Corn Goddess Chronicle a metaphysical allegory and adventure story which doubles as a text book about astrology ghost hunting and much more. Dikki-Jo writes under a number of nom de plumes including Esther Neumeier Elaine Neumeier Esther Elayne Mother Ollmann Grania Ling Dana N. Ms. Luna Sunshine Laurie Bell Koo Templeton Catie Saltmarsh Kathryn Mueller Leslie Ford Sue Leroy Marina the Gypsy and Marina Bryony. Please e -mail Dikki-Jo at skymaiden for full details about personal readings and group presentations or phone her at 407-895-1522. Her website is https 39 We are pleased to continue our feature--Ask Evette Rose. Each issue Evette will answer questions regarding your health. Plus there will be a link for you to watch videos on her site that are just for our readers If you have an issue that you d like for Evette to address please email us and we ll get the question to Evette. Her book is available for purchase as well. Simply follow this link and make your purchase. Evette is also doing an interview on each topic that she covers. Watch her videos at 40 Psychosomatic Root Causes of High Cholesterol By Evette Rose Welcome to Ask Evette Rose. Todays topic is the Psychosomatic Root Causes of High Cholesterol. Let s start by defining what Cholesterol. It is a type of lipid (fat) produced by liver in the body. The cholesterol is an essential part of the normal functioning of the body. Cholesterol is actually necessary for your health and the health of the body. All cells are surrounded by lipid layers that actually include cholesterol. For many people the abnormally high level of cholesterol causes health problems such as atherosclerosis heart attack and strokes. Now a common question that clients and students ask me is that why do some people develop high cholesterol who does have a bad diet in this case why others who also have a bad diet do not develop high cholesterol Well in reality the person who also had a bad diet and do not develop high cholesterol actually often develops another type of medical ailment that is caused by the bad diet. Now what sets these two people apart The answer is actually simple. Genetic predisposition s. The person who is more sensitive to high cholesterol will also have a family history and ancestral history or perhaps high fatty unhealthy diets which means that their body is more sensitive to fatty foods compared to the person who is less sensitive to it as they had a healthier diet history in their ancestry. Now let s look at the psychosomatic patterns behind this condition Diet plays a very big role in this ailment however emotional stress is a great contributor as well and should never ever be excluded when ANY medical condition or emotional or psychological disorder is explored. Now let s just quickly look at what I said earlier about the medical explanation for high cholesterol lipid (fat) that is produced by liver in the body. Now according my Metaphysical Anatomy language and interpretation fat 41 is a protection barrier that also absorbs toxins to protect the body from absorbing it and it also it holds fat reserves for the body. In this case fat represents an emotional protection barrier. Now the lipid fat is produced by the liver and the liver represents anger resentment and emotional boundaries that are not being expressed in a healthy way. Now high cholesterol also affects the heart and can cause a stroke which would be a secondary cause of the root cause which in this case is high cholesterol. In the Metaphysical Anatomy language once again that tells me that this person had a very challenging time in establishing their identity and safe place and space within their household while growing up. Their privacy was perhaps not respected and they didn t have healthy opportunities to practice and establish what their boundaries were. Communication was extremely challenging for them as well. If anything communication conflict disruption and stress to them. Because cholesterol is also found in the blood confirms once again that there is a lot of stress associated with communication for the person who has this condition. In Metaphysical Anatomy amongst many other points blood represents a big aspect of verbal communication. Now the communication is often expressed in a passive aggressive manner and the driver and motivator of the communication is suppressed anger due to boundary failures from the past. But wait there is more And I acknowledge that you might think that many people have these emotional issues however for people with this condition these issues are much more dominant than other emotional issues. This person also seems to block love and joy from flowing into their life and this could be due to a fear of rejection. Communicating ones needs or truth to others has not been the easiest task. These people also may have found themselves in situations in the past when they expressed any dislike in either a person or situation that they were often subjected to punishment. Now bitterness and anxiety often go hand in hand with people that suffer from high cholesterol as well as they have a tendency to overreact in confrontational circumstances that cause them to feel attacked (either verbally or physically). This is a result of pent up anger and frustration that causes them to feel overwhelmed and oversensitive to confrontation as they feel challenged to communicate themselves in a way that will carry and hold their true message. This often stems from a childhood where either parent could not control their emotions and would exaggerate their feelings when provoked. A parent may have over shared their 42 stress marriage problems or responsibilities with this person during their childhood. People with this ailment often express themselves in a way that is pleasing to others and they may feel the need to insulate themselves protecting themselves from a harsh environment. This person might also often fear that others will not be there for them when they need support and they tend to have a martyr persona. Receiving support is challenging for them as it always came at an emotional price. You have made an association with receiving support love attention and comfort with guilt shame and feeling Points that you can start to explore and ask yourself to understand the reason why this medical condition is challenging you so much Now there is also self sabotaging aspect to this. Because high cholesterol can be brought on by bad diets. Why are you sabotaging your health It can also be due to smoking (I will be making a video about the psychosomatic root causes of smoking soon). It begs the question what will happen if you were fully healthy What will change in your life that you do not want to change right now That will help you to find the self sabotaging block. My message Look at suppressed anger. Where in your life have you suppressed your anger and why What is the benefit of suppressing this anger Who and what do you feel you need to emotionally protect yourself from Who communicated to you in a harsh way that was either upsetting or even emotionally traumatizing Learn how to speak your truth without needing anger and fear to power through and deliver your opinion and emotional needs. You are a strong individual and no one has the right to challenge your emotional and physical safety and disrupt your peace. The biggest lesson here is to finally learn and fully understand that you are in control of your life. You are not that little child who can bossed around or suppressed and controlled in any way shape of form. It is now time to embrace your body your health and your emotional needs. Listen to what your body needs. Ultimately your body is here to serve you. Your 43 body is your vehicle in life and its purpose is to help you to fulfill your purpose. You can also watch the Ask Evette and until next time. Rose videos at As an Author Life Coach Trauma Release Practitioner and Personal Development Teacher Evette Rose strives to support people in their healing journeys. She is the co-founder of the personal development company Rapid Personal Transformation and founder of Metaphysical Anatomy. Evette is best known for her work in helping people to resolve trauma from their past and freeing them to live successful and fulfilling lives. Evette s work is drawn from personal experience moving from a difficult past into a well-balanced life and career. She has traveled around the world twice and taught personal developments seminars in more than 38 countries and helped more than 6000 people worldwide. Her website is Join Evette for her Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 & 2 22nd - 26th April 2017 Los Angeles California Follow exciting updates about research and new seminars hosted and designed by Evette Rose on Facebook & YouTube Channel 44 Predictions 2017 By Tom T. Moore For those of you who might not be aware I m a self-trained telepath. We all are telepaths as we all have the Pineal Gland in the back of our heads. It s been known in metaphysical circles as the third eye and seat of the soul but so far scientists have only discovered that it produces melatonin. Any time you think about calling someone and they say I was just thinking about you those are telepathic messages along with twins completing each other s sentences and people who have been married a long time each claiming to have thought to say something first. People from all over the world submit questions for me to ask Gaia and my own Guardian Angel whom I named Theo. He says that humans cannot pronounce angelic names so humorously he said I 45 could call him Tom Dick or Harry but Tom might be a little difficult in your meditations. Below is what I ve been told will occur in 2017 to the best of my reception. Here is the weather for 2017. The highest probability is that we will have a more severe winter. Below is the breakdown for North America from Gaia 1. The Pacific Northwest Yes Tom lots of rain as you might suppose and is normal for them. But the interior will see higher snow totals than normal and it will be colder not only in the interior but on the coastal cities all the way up into Canada and down to Northern California. You might say it is too much of a good thing. 2. Southern California As I stated before their drought will continue well into next year--in fact the whole year Tom and their fire season will easily be the same intensity as 2016 as I continue to burn off the old growth to prepare for new growth. So warm to hot and dry. 3. The Desert Southwest Yes another fairly dry year but not quite the same as Southern California. They will have an almost normal monsoonal season but I am also renewing their forests so expect their fire season to be almost equal that of California s. There will be fires in areas that have not seen fires in some time. 4. The Northern Plains Quite cold at times but the people who live there expect that and are able to cope with the cold but there will be more precipitation. 46 5. Southern Plains The Southern Plaines will see colder weather than normal as storms barrel down from the north. Expect times where there will be accumulations of snow much higher and more voluminous than normal. 6. Southeast and Florida Colder than normal again Tom as the cold fronts dip as far as Miami. They need to prepare to save their winter crops as this will be an unusual winter for them and by that I mean colder than normal. That includes the Gulf Coast. 7. North Central Great Lakes Their winter will be especially brutal at times Tom as this winter will have wild swings in conditions with more Arctic fronts coming down while the ones from the Pacific come across almost at the same time. They will have an especially long winter as I will introduce them to times to come. 8. Eastern Great Lakes Almost the same as the central part of the country as the storms this winter proceed to cover them up with a blanket of white. 9. Atlantic Coast Stormy and cold but with more rain. This will be an active winter for them too. 10. New York and New England More of the same. The storms will sweep across the East and yes up from the South. I can assure you Tom that this winter will be a memorable one for 47 residents as the storms will be larger due to the change in climate allowing me and I should say the souls that assist me in creating larger storms with storm surges. What is the probability of that happening At over 90% at the present time. Take that to the bank you can say Tom. I should add in here that Gaia says she raised the ocean levels of the world two inches in 2015 here in 2016 she says she s raising the levels eight inches and in 2017 twelve-point-five inches. She says she wants people to move away from the coasts and is giving fair warning. CANADA Gaia what is the highest probability for Canada s weather west to east this winter We partially covered this under the heading of the Pacific Northwest so from Vancouver up the coast yes they will receive copious amounts of rain but they will also have periods of extreme cold as I drop more weather systems out of the Arctic so even Vancouver will see snow again this winter. As you go east snow will pile up more than normal in the mountains and then across Canada. Yes this country sees a lot of snow in the winter which is why their populations are more to the south but just as the United States will have more weather systems this winter those weather systems will form in the Arctic and race down to the south. And again this will stretch all the way to their East Coast where they will have systems also coming from the south as well as from the west and north. The residents are advised to stock up on food and extra wood and other forms of heat for this winter. 48 MINI ICE AGE Going further out Gaia says we will have a mini-ice-age in the next 10 years for the western Great Lakes including Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin and as far east as Chicago. It will be a combination of cold storms and the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano whose ash clouds will prevent the sun from shinning and therefore will prevent the melting of snow in the spring and summer. TORNADOES What is the highest probability for the number of tornadoes North America will experience in 2017 below average average or above average Somewhat above due to the active weather systems which will be spawned. Just as in 2016 there will be places that will experience tornadoes that have rarely if ever experienced them before. Of course your readers can request Gentle Rains as you do for their own individual areas. And this applies to all weather systems. It is part of your learning curve shall we call it that you can control the weather but the majority of people do not or cannot imagine having any control over the weather just by requesting MBOs or BPs. EUROPE S WINTER Colder and more snow than has been the case along with flooding in the southern sections but Europe along with North America will experience more extreme times of weather as you know I move the systems Eastward across the Atlantic where the warmer-than-normal ocean temperature will allow the storms to regain strength as they approach first Ireland then the UK and finally pushing across Europe. This will be the case for both Western Europe and Eastern Europe along with cold weather extending to the south. The change in climate allows me to grow these storms or intensify them. Eventually humans--your scientists--will learn how to control storms just as 49 the Atlanteans did thousands of years ago. AUSTRALIA More or less normal. There will be more rain than normal causing flooding in some sections of the country prone to flood. It will be hot again in their summertime--hotter than normal. HURRICANES FOR 2017 Gaia what is the highest probability for one or more hurricanes to strike North America during 2017 The highest probability at this time would be over 90% as it will be a more active hurricane season than you will experience in 2016 keeping in mind at this time you still have more than a month of the potential for more hurricanes. What is the highest probability for a hurricane striking the Gulf Coast again Quite high Tom--more than 75%--and as you saw this year in Louisiana I don t always need the winds to cause flooding. Highest probability for a hurricane striking the East Coast You can be assured that will occur in 2017 and I might add more than one. There will be more flooding for lower coastal areas as I continue to raise the ocean levels. Why haven t the scientists or oceanographers mentioned the raising of ocean levels yet They don t wish to cause panic as they check and recheck their figures. There is pressure from above not to alarm people but there will come a time soon when these reports will come to light. 50 EARTHQUAKES Gaia what is the highest probability during 2017 for 7.0 or larger quakes in 1. North America Quite low at this time Tom--less than 10%. 2. Japan They will have a number of quakes but none in the 7.0 or higher category but certainly a number below that intensity. Gaia has previously said that when Japan has an 8.0 magnitude earthquake near where they experienced the 9.0 quake followed closely by a smaller but still destructive tsunami the North American west coast will shortly thereafter experience a number of highly destructive earthquakes. Therefore it appears that North America is safe for another year. 3. Asia Yes they will have several shall we say with a couple quite devastating to the local population. 4. Europe Yes a couple is the highest probability. Would that include Italy No although they will experience one above 6.0. 5. New Zealand What is the probability for New Zealand to experience an earthquake higher than 7.5 in 2017 Actually very high Tom. You might say things are heating up there 51 again and the 7.1 they [recently] experienced is the start of several of that intensity or higher for 2017. Pressure has been building and they can expect a year of more than one above 7.1 and yes even above the 7.5 you mentioned. Will these be shallower than the 7.1 No about the same depth but they will still be quite strong and somewhat destructive. Any tsunamis created Yes one. A smaller version shall we call it of the one that struck Japan. So a word of warning to those who read this in New Zealand. Do not tarry on the coast should you experience a large earthquake this year. Head for the hills is quite appropriate advice. Will the large earthquake affect the North or South Island Yes the South island will again experience the greatest movement Tom. Is the highest probability of the largest quake again occurring near Christchurch or farther to the south or north That area is in the bullseye you could say. As there will be a tsunami created it will be a little off shore. How large a tsunami Let s say over ten feet Tom but less than fifteen feet. It will not be in the class of the one that struck Japan but will be destructive. 6. Australia No major earthquakes this year just your typical rumbles shall we call them. 52 Theo how long will it be before fire and quake resistant homes are consistently built That is many years away Tom. They will slowly be introduced in those parts of the country with those dangers. Some people have to learn the hard way. TERRORIST ATTACKS & GUN LAWS Theo what is the highest probability for multi-victim terrorist attacks in the USA Very small at this time Tom. Not to say a lone wolf type attack might take place but your authorities are getting better at ferreting out any planned attacks. Those type attacks are done by those who are mentally unstable and you will have those as long as you make it easy to obtain these attack rifles. Speaking of that how long will it be before we see the laws tightened even just a little bit on gun ownership The highest probability I know you will ask will be late in 2017 to the first quarter of 2018. It will not be what is needed but is a step in the right direction. What about terrorist attacks in Europe There will be several although those will be somewhat limited in scope. Again governments are now spending money to locate these terrorists and stop them but there are soul contracts here at play therefore yes these will make the worldwide news again this year. That is the highest probability at this time. Again your readers can say a benevolent prayer that is more powerful than they realize Tom. What about the United Kingdom Yes one or two there but again I emphasize there are resources be53 ing directed at stopping these before they occur. Here is a BP (Benevolent Prayer) that I encourage you to say out loud I ask any and all beings to assist law enforcement agencies in stopping terrorist attacks before they occur and to bring peace to the world faster than we can hope for or expect thank you WORLD ECONOMY & GOVENMENTS Theo what is the highest probability for the world economy in 2017 It will be a typical year of highs and lows Tom. The conspiracy theorists keep attaching themselves to the lowest probability of a world war and a collapse of the world economy but that is not going to happen. We have told you several times in the past that you will never destroy yourselves in another world war. You are past that possible scenario. Theo what is the highest probability of Bashar-al-Assad remaining in power by the end of 2017 Actually low at this time Tom. It would be less than 25%. Events will force him to make the decision to step down. This is not a sure thing and we would tell you to check back with us every few months as soul contracts are at play here to see if the probabilities continue to increase for him to be forced out. What is the highest probability of Turkey s government remaining in power Quite high at this time Tom--over 80 to 90 percent. What is the highest probability of ISIS expanding or contracting Their control of territory in Syria and Iraq will continue to decrease in 2017. They will not be completely removed--that is wishful thinking. But their organization will continue to be weakened as more of their 54 leaders are targeted by drones and aircraft. True people will step in to replace them but not with the same skill set shall we call it to lead. Gaia what is the highest probability for North Korea in 2017 Yes Tom I regret to inform you all that North Korea will continue on its present path for this next year. The leader is like a spoiled child that loves taunting other children in the play yard. But do not be concerned regarding their nuclear devices. There are those that are watching over North Korea and they will never be allowed to use these devices on anyone else. He is simply doing this to prove his manhood or leadership and all those having lives there are all on soul contracts to live in a country under a dictator. His time to be removed will come sooner than later and the highest probability is that North and South Korea will finally be combined again. That is several years away but not too far I wish to emphasize. Theo what is the highest probability of the most interesting actions taken by Russia and China in 2017 Their desire for increasing control in Ukraine has not abated. The Russian speaking part of the country still wants to join Russia so that will remain in the news in 2017 along with the Disclosure previously covered. [More on that below] And China still has plans for having more control over the South China Sea. What about Russia hacking into the U.S. systems That will continue unstopped until adequate resources are brought to bear to stop and turn these attacks back on Russia and we can include China as they are quite active too. China also still wants to take over Hong Kong and they will make some inroads there but at the same time their control over China itself is lessening with the increase in the middle class and upper class in their country demanding more rights. 55 DISCLOSURE I mentioned earlier that I learned the hard way about probabilities. In 2008 I started communicating with my brother on another planet named Antura that Theo introduced me to. He s part of my soul cluster and is having a life back on his water planet in the Sirius B Star System after 800 lives on Earth mostly as an explorer. I asked him hundreds of questions which became the basis of my book FIRST CONTACT Conversations with an ET. I was told that the Russians would be the first to disclose their government meetings with ETs in 2013. Of course that did not happen. I did not understand probabilities enough to ask. I kept asking Antura when the Russians would disclose and being an up personality he kept saying it was going to be soon. Finally I started asking Theo what the highest probability would be for the Russian disclosure in the next six months. Each time I would ask it would be less than 10%. Finally in July of this year Theo said Low for the next six months Tom but as you were told before the probabilities do rise during 2017 for this to occur and it could be earlier as compared to later. In the next 12 months the probability will rise to well over 50%. Let s say for your purposes a conservative number would be 60%. Ask again in a few months and we shall see if events will conspire to push the recalcitrant Russians to open their records for the world to see. When they do you understand it will be piecemeal but enough to open the flood gates shall we say. Whatever 2017 holds for us you can make it better by requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBOs) and asking Benevolent Prayers (BPs) for others. 56 Tom T. Moore is an author and speaker. His books include THE GENTLE WAY series plus FIRST CONTACT Conversations with an ET and ATLANTIS & LEMURIA The Lost Continents Revealed. He was voted Best Self-Help Author for the past three years by the readers of a health magazine. He is a telepath and answers questions sent to him from all over the world in his weekly newsletter which can be subscribed to at Watch for more predictions in the next issue 57 Native American Medicine Wheel & Crystal Totems By Hank Mason of Crystal Vaults Are you seeking a new beginning in your spiritual quest Perhaps a clear quartz crystal a Native American totem for the Earth Renewal Moon would be helpful. Or are you seeking the freedom to find your own path A blue crystal totem such as an azurite from the Air Elemental Butterfly Clan might help. Maybe you need a Spirit Guide Wabun Spirit Keeper of the East Wind may help. You may not be familiar with the rich spiritual traditions and beliefs of the Native Americans but these traditions and beliefs can bring a new spirit to your life. Read on... you might find what you are seeking. In this Guide you can work through the entire medicine wheel. You will find instructions that discuss every element of a medicine wheel. 58 You can also use the handy Birthday chart to find the elements of the Medicine Wheel that pertain to people born at certain times of the year. The Medicine Wheel may well be a valuable tool for you or a family member as you deal with the myriad of issues modern life seems to be throwing at all of us. We often find that getting in touch with our past can help in aiding our present and future. We believe the Native American Medicine Wheel is one of the best ways to achieve this. There are many Native American tribes each with its own spiritual beliefs and customs. Although each has its own culture all of them share a common deep appreciation and genuine reverence for Mother Earth and the Creator otherwise known as the Great Spirit. They all share a belief that all nature is to be respected - the land trees animals rocks and resources that make up our home this Earth. We can all learn a great deal from them as we seek to live in harmony with our own natures and the nature of this earth. Native American spirituality is an extensive and rich cultural treasure developed over many centuries and one in which the Native Americans take great pride. Many of their teachings and practices are rightfully restricted to their tribal members. This is only right. One area of the Native American culture that we believe needs to be shared now more than ever is their reverence for the Earth we all need to preserve. While each tribe s practices and beliefs are theirs alone their concept of the Medicine Wheel we find resonates with those of other cultures many of which have traditions of spiritual circles. It seems the stone circle is a somewhat universal symbol of the relationship of the physical and spiritual world across cultures. Such monuments have been constructed in many parts of the world throughout history for many different reasons. From Atlit Yam in Israel to Stonehenge they have been an integral part of the beliefs of many of us. Perhaps the Native Amercian Medicine Wheel with its similarity to other culture s icons can help all of us be better people and better stewards of this planet. We have found it to be so 59 for ourselves. We believe learning about the Native American Medicine Wheel can help those of us in other cultures appreciate the important values of the Native Americans. We cannot teach those values but we can at least provide a visual aid to help in understanding them. We offer the crystal Medicine Wheel as only that a way for everyone to begin to appreciate and respect the beliefs of a different culture. This guide and the Wheel it presents is taken from the writings of Sun Bear who died in 1992 and according to Wikapedia was a sacred teacher of Ojibwe (Anishinabe) descent. While we are aware of the objections to his approaches in the 1980s to sharing the traditions of his tribe with outsiders we have found that his writings provide a Medicine Wheel that has been public knowledge for a quarter century. As you explore this Guide and use the Medicine Wheel you may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the opportunities they bring you to form new relationships have more energy and to develop characteristics you desire. It will certainly bring you a deeper appreciation of the Native American culture and a deeper understanding of your role in preserving this Earth upon which we all depend for life itself. In using this Medicine Wheel or one of your own devising take time to appreciate the wisdom and deep spirituality of the Native Americans culture. There are no right answers in spirituality. Each person family tribe culture and nation finds its own way. You may find the Medicine Wheel as helpful to finding your way to spirituality as we have. 60 The Native American Medicine Wheel The Medicine Wheel representing the many cycles of life is an ancient symbol that has been used by Native Americans for thousands of years. The circle is representative of life s never ending cycle (birth death rebirth) and each stone or spoke placement in the wheel focuses on a different aspect of living. The Wheel is a ceremonial center an astronomical laboratory like Stonehenge a place to pray a place to meditate a connection to nature and a focus for enabling connections with all creation. In the words of Sun Bear found in his book Dancing with the Wheel Medicine Wheels are energy vortices springboards that will allow you to link up with all the energies in the universe. In Compass of the Heart Loren Cruden tells us that there is no one traditional medicine wheel and 61 many tribes do not use a circle of stones to honor the spirits of the cardinal directions. She does point out however that most spiritual paths do honor the four directions (sometimes six - counting Earth and Sky) and the medicine wheel is a good way to name and use the orientation of the circle in a spiritual quest. The Medicine Wheel is as Sun Bear observed a powerful energy vortex when constructed that brings the energy focus many of us can use in our lives. When you have constructed a Medicine Wheel you will find that you are constantly moving around the wheel to find the energies your life needs at a given time. Each part of the Wheel brings different mixes and balances of energy. The crystals and stones will often seem to glow with pulsing energy that leaps around the Wheel in the areas that you need it most. We suggest you start with understanding the Creator and Inner Circle elements and then work outward. The journey will be rewarding and most certainly enlightening. Below you will find information on constructing and using your Medicine Wheel. We trust you will find this guide as useful in your journey to spiritual enlightenment as we and many others around the world have. Setting Up Your Medicine Wheel 62 Here we will teach you how to construct and use one wheel in particular the Medicine Wheel of Sun Bear which has evolved to attract a worldwide following. However do not become overly focused on his vision and teachings. The Medicine Wheel you make must be yours. The symbols and crystals used must be meaningful to you. We will show you some ideas but mold and shape them to your own spirit and needs. The Medicine Wheel of Sun Bear is a Native American compass of energies essentially a circle bisected horizontally and vertically to divide the circle into four equal parts. The dividing lines are oriented to the four cardinal directions of North South East and West. No it does not give you directions to a physical place though it does assist your needs of guidance. In the Native Americans language most times medicine means power. Another way to look at a Medicine Wheel is as a power wheel. The power it brings to us is highly spiritual. The structure of our Medicine Wheel consists of thirty-six very different and powerful crystals and stones that form a Center an Inner Circle an Outer Circle and four Spirit Paths that connect the Center to the two circles. The Center The Center is where the crystal representing the Great Spirit is placed. This is because the Great Spirit also known as the Creator created everything and is the source of all life. 63 The Inner Circle The Inner Circle is composed of seven crystals which are the foundation of physical life since they hold the fundamentals of building life. Within the Inner Circle of seven stones are stones representing the Earth Mother Father Sky Grandmother Moon and the Four Tribes. These are not physical tribes like the Apache or the Iroquois but rather the Tribes of the Turtle the Frog the Thunderbird and the Butterfly. These tribes represent the four Elements Earth represented by the Turtle Clan Water represented by the Frog Clan Air represented by the Butterfly Clan and Fire represented by the Thunderbird Clan. Each of these Clans brings a special energy. We will explore how each of them may contribute to your spiritual life and growth as we progress through this guide. So our Medicine Wheel has the Creator surrounded by his physical creations the sun the earth and the moon along with the elements that are the foundation of those creations earth water air and fire. Inner Circle The Creator Earth Mother Father Sun Grandmother Moon The Earth Sun and Moon The inner circle of the Medicine Wheel immediately surrounds the Creator Stone. It has seven stones. The first three stones give life and vision to the Creation for us Father Sun Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon. 64 Earth Mother The Earth Mother Stone is the first one placed in the Center Circle. It is placed just after the Creator Stone. Algonquian legend says Beneath the clouds lives the Earth-Mother from whom is derived the Water of Life who at her bosom feeds plants animals and human Father Sun Father Sun is the source of all life and energy on this planet with its stone being a geode. Just as our energy starts deep within the sun then expands outward a geode has its beauty in the interior and when opened reveals its inner beauty to all. Grandmother Moon Grandmother Moon is ruled by the element of Water. She makes the tides. She is the queen of the night and night active animals of the world. The Creator The dynamic Universe depicted by our Medicine Wheel has an order that is based on fundamental relationships between the basic forms that are derived from the primary form the point. In its singularity and in its sacred creation this point brings forth everything that exists in the wheel representing all of creation. 65 The Four Clans On the Medicine Wheel we have positions for the four clans the Butterfly Clan The Frog Clan the Thunderbird Clan and the Turtle Clan. These are Elemental Clans - associated with the elements of Air Water Fire and Earth. The Elemental Clan into which you are born (see Birth Totem Chart) represents which element (Fire Water Air Earth) that you relate to share characteristics with and have a personal responsibility for. Clans in this respect are not to be confused with Tribal Clans such as family groups. Turtle Clan If you were born between the Harvest Moon (Aug 23 to Sep 22) the Frogs Return Moon (April 20 to May 20) or the Earth Renewal Moon (Dec 22 to Jan 19) you are a member of the Turtle Clan and ruled by the element of Earth. The Turtle Clan the Clan of Earth is filled with stable practical and grounded people with an appreciation of the Earth and its elemental energy. Frog Clan If you were born between the Big Winds Moon (Feb 19 to Mar 20) the Strong Sun Moon (Jun 21 to Jul 22) or the Freeze Up Moon (Oct 24 to Nov 21) you are a member of the Frog Clan and ruled by the element of Water. 66 The Frog Clan people have a special closeness to Grandmother Moon and often use Moonstone and white colored stones as Totems to show their affection. Thunderbird Clan If you were born between the Budding Trees Moon (Mar 21 to Apr 19) the Ripe Berries Moon (Jul 23 to Aug 22) or the Long Snows Moon (Nov 22 to Dec 21) you are a member of the Thunderbird Clan and ruled by the element of Fire. Some members of the Thunderbird Clan seem to be people of paradox. At one moment they are warm and helpful but they can suddenly turn into a dominating hyperactive individual. Butterfly Clan If you were born between the Rest and Cleansing Moon (Jan 20 to Feb 28) the Corn planting Moon (May 21 to June 20) or the Ducks Fly Moon (Sep 23rd and Oct 23rd) you are a member of the Butterfly Clan and ruled by the element of Air. The Butterfly Clan the Clan of the Air Element is composed of people that live in the moment exploring wandering and looking for what is new. The Outer Circle The Medicine Wheel also consists of an Outer Circle. The Outer Circle first contains four anchor stones that represent the Spirit Keepers of the cardinal directions Kabibonokka the Spirit of the North Wabun the Spirit Keeper of the East Shawnodese the Spirit Keeper of the South and Mud67 jekeewis the Spirit Keeper of the West. Each of these Spirit Keepers have an energy and spirit you may well need in your life. These four stones of the Spirit Keepers divide the Outer Circle into four quadrants into which twelve stones representing the twelve moons of a year are placed. Each of the twelve moons is represented by a stone or crystal which aids in bringing the energy and spirit of that time of the year and that phase of spiritual life to you. We will explore each of these moons in this guide to allow you to choose the right energy that you need in your life. The Outer Circle is also the circle of the spirit world just as the Inner Circle is the circle of the physical world. The Winds The winds were personified in Native American lore and names were given to represent their character for each cardinal direction. Mudjeekeewis is the Spirit Keeper of the west wind father of all the winds. The other winds and their representative keepers are Wabun the Spirit Keeper of the east wind Kabibonokka the Spirit Keeper of the north wind and Shawnodese the Spirit Keeper of the south wind. While the personification is steeped in lore it remains that the winds themselves the actual movement of energy and air the changes in weather and destiny they portent are powerful elements sometimes beyond role. Each wind is represented on the wheel by its designated Spirit Keeper. While you will find pages for both the wind and the Spirit Keeper keep in mind that they are both presented on the Medicine Wheel as one. The Spirit Guides of the Winds Kabibonokka Wabun Shawnodese Mudjekeewis 68 The Native American Spirit Keepers Shawnodese in the South Wabun in the East Mudjekeewis in the West and Kabibonokka in the North each guard the spirit of a season. These are both the seasons of the year and the seasons of your life. From the Book of Revelations to ancient Native Americans the four spirits of the winds have been invoked to bring us the power of the four directions the four times and the seasons of the year and of our lives. Kabibonokka (North Wind) When you need the fierce warrior spirit call upon Kabibonokka. Do so using your white crystals. There will be times in your life when you need strength and power and you can call upon Kabibonokka to aid you. Kabibonokka the Spirit Keeper of the North guards the Spirit of Winter and those born under the winter moons the Earth Renewal Moon (Dec 22 to Jan 19) the Rest and Cleansing Moon (Jan 20 to Feb 18) and the Big Winds Moon (Feb 19 to Mar 20). Wabun (East Wind) Wabun brings energy and spirit to new beginnings and renewal. He aids in exploration to brighten the mind and gain knowledge because Wabun teaches us there are always new discoveries to learn from whether mundane or spiritual. Wabun the Spirit Keeper of the East guards the Spirit of Spring and watches over those born under its spring moons Budding Trees Moon (Mar 21 to Apr 19) the Frogs Return Moon (Apr 20 to May 20) and the Corn Planting Moon (May 21 to Jun 20). Shawnodese (South Wind) With love often comes heartbreak. You can turn to Shawnodese to guard your spirit for life and love as you journey the wheel of life. He will guide you to healing your heart and teach you to place trust in people again. 69 Shawnodese the Spirit Keeper of the South guards the Spirit of Summer and watches over those born under its summer moons Strong Sun Moon (Jun 21 to Jul 22) the Ripe Berry Moon (Jul 23 to Aug 22) and the Harvest Moon (Aug 23 to Sept 22). Mudjekeewis (West Wind) Mudjekeewis is the Chief of the Spirit Keepers the other three Wabun of the east Shawondese of the south and Kabibonokka of the north are his sons. Call on Mudjekeewis bear-like strength to see you through your challenging times in life. Not only will he aid you in fulfilling your purpose but he will let you realize this is the time in life to relax. Mudjekeewis the Spirit Keeper of the West guards the Spirit of Autumn and watches over those born under its fall moons the Ducks Fly Moon (Sept 23 to Oct 23) the Freeze Up Moon (Oct 24 to Nov 21) and the Long Snows Moon (Nov 22 to Dec 21). The Winds All Native American tribes regarded the winds as the power of the spirits of the four cardinal points and many represent them in bird form. Navajos say there are white swans at each point. Many tribes from Algonquins to Peruvians believed storms were caused by the struggles of the four giants that ruled the winds. Many of the legends of their origin and descent are connected with the winds. 70 North Wind The North Wind brings us the reflection of poetry dreams and remembrances. North is the direction of night wisdom and actualization of intentions. It is the direction of the embodiment of the spirit. It is the gateway to what is coming next. East Wind The East wind brings us the growing warmth of uncompromised and unspoiled joy and hope. It brings us trust innocence and the simple joy experienced by children. The East wind teaches us to see things in a new light. It teaches us that we too can begin again just as each day begins anew. South Wind The South Wind brings us the great warmth of awareness intelligence and accomplishment. It teaches us to enjoy our part in creation that we too can climb high into the sky and achieve our dreams and aspirations. West Wind The West Wind brings us the mature satisfaction of a life well lived and yet with more to come. It brings us the pleasures of adulthood career and family. West is the direction of twilight reflection introspection and the inward awareness of acceptance of that which has occurred. 71 The Moons There are twelve moons that border the outside circle of our medicine wheel.The moon circles the earth twelve times a year and like the Wheel of Life and other representations of the cyclic nature of our Universe and our lives in it the Medicine Wheel marks the passages of time in the year and in our individual lifetimes. What is important to understand is that each moon is also a passage in your life and you move from moon to moon as you grow and mature. Each brings a spirit and energies to a part of your life. You must not stagnate in one moon but progress around the Medicine Wheel gaining the strength wisdom power and knowledge of each moon. The moons mark the stepping stones around the wheel making it a moon calendar . You can easily know under which moon you were born and you can easily know which moon we are currently experiencing. 72 Earth Renewal If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th then you were born under the Earth Renewal Moon. This moon also known as the Snow Goose Moon begins at the beginning of the solar year on the Winter Equinox. It is the first moon of Kabibonokka the Spirit Keeper of the North and it begins as the sun once again journeys back from the south. This moon teaches us to be adaptable and to always remember there is a time to begin again and not to despair of that which has come and gone before. Many people born under the Earth Renewal Moon tend to be overprotective especially over their loved ones. They absolutely love having company that share similar characteristics. They find it easier to make connections and friendships that last longer. Rest and Cleansing If you were born between January 20th and February 18th then you were born under the Rest and Cleansing Moon. Its animal totem is the friendly and cute Otter. It is a moon with the energy of the North Wind and the spirit of the Butterfly Clan bringing the spirit and energy of the element of Air. The Rest and Cleansing Moon is one to help you with recharging your batteries and with cleansing away the past troubles and difficulties that are still nagging at your happiness and wellbeing. During the Rest and Cleansing Moon is the time period you should embrace your inner child and explore your imagination. Big Winds If you were born between February 19th and March 20th then you were born under the Big Winds Moon. The Big Winds Moon is the third moon under the spirit of Kabibonokka the Spirit Keeper of the North. It is also a time of the Frog Clan of the Water Element and a time for Turquoise and turquoise colored crystals. 73 The Big Winds Moon is the moon of natural medicine developing sensitivity seeking spirituality and learning to express true feelings. It is a time to again become grounded in your life. It is a time to recognize both your place in the natural world and your deep spirituality. Budding Trees If you were born between March 21st and April 19th then you were born under the Budding Trees Moon. The Budding Trees Moon starts at the real beginning of the year the Vernal Equinox. The stone for this moon is the opal. From the opal of this moon we learn to temper our fire energy. The moon teaches the lessons of new growth and the eternal cycle of life. Do you feel you need the strength of the Hawk Stay under his moon and use his strength. To bring the spirit of the new growth of the Budding Trees Moon and the keen hunting ability of the hawk into your life meditate and carry your opal with you. Frogs Return If you were born between April 20th and May 20th then you were born under the Frogs Return Moon. This is the second moon cared for by Wabun the East Spirit Keeper with help from the Golden Eagle. This is the time of mid-spring as the earth is rapidly coming alive again. It is a time when your life and spirit should also be coming alive again. Native American teachings find that during this moon is the perfect time to detox your mind and body and renew your spirit since spring will soon be springing into action. Although detoxing is no easy task and requires a lot of your time and energy your Spirit Guide the Beaver dedicated and strong-willed will aid your efforts. 74 Corn Planting If you were born between May 21st and June 20th then you were born under the Corn Planting Moon. The Spirit Keeper of the Corn Planting Moon is Wabun the Spirit Keeper of the East Wind. The Animal totem is the Deer (some use the Elk). The time is one of the Butterfly Clan bringing the spirit of the element of Air. The crystal totem of this moon is the Moss Agate and all green and white crystals and stones. Should you have been born under this moon like your animal totem the Deer you are a gracious creature with a great balance. Your mind has a habit of staying attuned to your environment. You automatically notice when something is out of place. Use the spirit of the Deer to keep you cautious without fleeing situations unnecessarily. Strong Sun If you were born between June 21st and July 22nd then you were born under the Strong Sun Moon. The Strong Sun Moon receives help from Shawnodese the Spirit Keeper of the South Coyote the south wind guardian and lastly the Frog Clan. The Spirit of the Woodpecker will help you face the truth and understand that happiness is a gift only you can bestow upon yourself. Woodpeckers absolutely have to have security and feel entirely safe. They are extremely cautious of their environment so they tend to be overly sensitive. The Woodpecker will help you to use your head at times instead of only following your heart. Ripe Berry If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd then you were born under the Ripe Berry Moon. Your guardians are Salmon - your Animal Spirit Guide Shawnodese - the South Wind Spirit Keeper Coyote the South Wind Animal Spirit Guide and lastly the Thunderbird Clan. Your time of birth is most auspicious in the natural world. 75 People born under this moon are natural motivators that are driven by the need to create. They best interpret things through artistic perceptions especially music art and poetry. Your lesson as a child of the Salmon Moon is to use your mood and emotion to your advantage. Harvest If you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd then you were born under the Harvest Moon. Your guardians include your totem animal the great and mighty Bear Shawnodese - the South Wind Spirit Keeper Coyote - the South Wind Animal Spirit Guide and lastly the Turtle Clan Bears are individuals with a heart of gold that allows them to freely share within their circle of friends and family. Be aware that people born under this moon have a tendency to resist change they retreat to their homes so they can feel secured once more. Utilize the Bear s Spirit as a voice of reason and learn to embrace change. Ducks Fly If you were born between September 23rd and October 23rd then you were born under the Ducks Fly Moon. Your Animal Totem for this moon is the Raven. The spirit of the Raven is about rebirth recovery renewal recycling and certainly reflection and healing. The Native Americans believe that the Raven begins its life as an elegant white bird but turns black when they make sacrifices. If you find yourself misunderstood take strength from the misunderstood Raven. Freeze Up If you were born between October 24th and November 21st then you were born under the Freeze Up Moon. You share a special spark with the Snake your Spirit Animal Guide and receive guidance from Mudjekeewis the Spirit Keeper of the West and the Frog Clan. 76 Enjoy yourself while you make new discoveries and understand some things you have been confused about. Just remember to keep an open mind and soul to allow your energies to flow. Long Snows If you were born between November 22nd and December 21st then you were born under the Long Snows Moon. The Animal Totem for this moon is the Elk. You are protected by Mudjekeewis the Spirit Keeper of the West and his Spirit Animal Guide the Elk. The Elk only appears to you when he feels that you need an eye opener. Now sometimes you are not going to like what the Elk has to tell you but be fair since he is usually sending you a warning. The Paths 77 The Outer Circle of the Spirit Guides of the Winds and the twelve stones of the yearly moons are connected to the Inner Circle by four paths called Spirit Paths. Each of the Spirit Paths is built of three stones that connect the physical world to the spirit world. These twelve stones represent the characteristics we need to develop and to connect our physical existence to our spiritual growth. They allow us to move outward to encompass the spirit world we seek. These twelve characteristics are Cleansing Renewal Purity Clarity Wisdom Illumination Growth Trust Love Experience Introspection Strength Again each of these characteristics and their representative stones or crystals will be explored here. Everyone can find ways to improve their spirituality and the Spirit Path stones bring the energy of the Medicine Wheel to our efforts. Path Stones On the Native American Medicine Wheel there are four spirit paths. Each leads from a Spirit Keeper to the sacred center space of the wheel where true spiritual enlightenment is found. The path from the North is the path of physical health and healing the path from the East is the path of a sound mind and healing the mind the path from the South is path of healthy emotions and emotional healing and the path from the West is the path of the spirit and spiritual healing. 78 Spirit Path of the North Healing the Body The Path of Physical Growth and Healing extends into the inner circle and to the Creator stone from the North. The journey is aided by the spirit keeper of the North Kabibonokka his animal totem the White Buffalo and by the spirit of the North Wind. The journey has three stones the Cleansing Stone the Renewal Stone and the Purity Stone. Each of these stones will help you on your journey around the medicine wheel as you seek to develop a healthy physical life. Spirit Path of the East Healing the Mind The Path of Mental Growth and Healing extends into the inner circle and to the Creator stone from the East. The journey is aided by the spirit keeper of the East Wabun his animal totem the Golden Eagle and by the spirit of the East Wind. The journey has three stones the Clarity Stone the Wisdom Stone and Illumination Stone. Each of these stones will help you on your journey around the medicine wheel as you seek to develop a healthy mental attitude and mindset. Spirit Path of the South Healing the Heart The Path of Emotional Growth and Healing extends into the inner circle and to the Creator stone from the South. The journey is aided by the spirit keeper of the South Shawnodese his animal totem the Coyote or Cougar and by the spirit of the South Wind. The journey has three stones the Growth Stone the Trust Stone and the Love Stone. Each of these stones will help you on your journey around the medicine wheel as you seek to develop a healthy emotional life. 79 Spirit Path of the West Healing the Spirit The Path of Spiritual Growth and Healing extends into the inner circle and to the Creator stone from the West. The journey is aided by the spirit keeper of the West Mudjekeewis his animal totem the Bear and by the spirit of the West Wind. The journey has three stones the Experience Stone the Introspection Stone and the Strength Stone. Each of these stones will help you on your journey around the medicine wheel as you seek to develop a healthy mind and body. Building and Using a Crystal Medicine Wheel Building a medicine wheel is a personal experience. There are as many designs as there are people. Most are circles and most have a totem or representative of each of the four directions arranged around the circle. From there the opportunities are wide open. Location and Size Medicine wheels are sometimes built big enough to walk around in. Some are built with animal totems others with plant totems. Some have a few totems some have many. In this guide we offer a crystal stone medicine wheel. It is small enough to set up anywhere. It is based on the visions of Sun Bear. We know you may well want to start with this one but follow your own visions. Substitute stones designs and totems as seems appropriate to you and your life. There are no right or wrong ways to build a personal medicine wheel. It is a depiction of your life so build it your way. Here are some guidelines that might help in the beginning. Put the wheel in an area that is readily accessible but not one that might be subjected to being disturbed. You want to be able to use it but not have it be a distraction to other activities. Put it in a sacred space. 80 You do not need a large wheel. Ours is about 18 inches in diameter. It is large enough to be useful but not so large as to be unwieldly. Choosing the Stones and Crystals The number of crystals and stones you will need will vary with the design. If you are building a simple one then as few as five stones will work. If you want to build an advanced complete wheel the Medicine Wheel can take up to 40 stones. It can be difficult to collect all the stones for a full wheel. Use what you have. While we do offer a complete set of stones for this purpose you can use others that you have collected. The power of the wheel is not dependent on having all the right crystals. Rather its power is much stronger than that. Do clean and cleanse your Medicine Wheel stones. Keep them from sources of negativity when the wheel is not assembled. Treat them with respect as they symbolize elements of your life. Placing and building the wheel Once you have drawn the wheel design and it can be on anything including the ground place the stones from the Creator Stone outward. Each stone should be carefully placed after a short blessing and offering to the spirit. Once you have placed all the stones and crystals say a final blessing of your wheel. It is ready for use. Walking the Wheel Using the wheel will involve a bit of research and study. You will usually start by focusing on the stone that represents the moon under which you were born. Focus your attention on that stone and reflect (or read about) its spirit. Think about the lessons of its totem. Absorb them once again. Next a bit of a harder task identify where you are on the Wheel. You can do this by focusing on each stone in turn on the wheel or focus where you mind s eye is drawn. Identify the stone and reflect on its meaning spirit and lessons. Identify its totem animals and the lessons they teach. If you are not familiar with each stone review the guide until one stone jumps out at you as the issue you are facing. Focus on that stone and its spirit. 81 Meditate keeping that stone in mind. Let your mind wander to the power of the crystal and the lessons you want from the animal spirit totem. Take from the wheel the energy and spirit you need for the day and your growth. More Resources We can offer several excellent sources for learning to use your Medicine Wheel. Kelly Callahan s excellent The Path of the Medicine Wheel is a small volume packed with simple to follow advice. Sun Bear s Dancing with the Wheel is the seminal volume we have used the most. Compass of the Heart by Loren Gruden is a lovely work on embodying Medicine Wheel teachings. Medicine Wheels by Roy Wilson is also a wonderful resource that is highly recommended. These volumes offer a wide variety of ceremonies prayers and methods for gaining the most from your medicine wheel. We encourage you to gain the wisdom offered by the authors. Your Medicine Wheel will bring you the life you seek if you take a bit of time to learn how to bring its medicine to your life. 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